557: The Phone-Box Lottery


00:00:00   I have to ask a favor. You aren't allowed to make me laugh tonight because this is one of those days where like it was ab day for the workout.

00:00:08   You know a little while ago, I'm like, "Man, what did I eat? My stomach hurts." Like, "Oh, that's right."

00:00:14   So this is one of those days. So we have to, okay, so

00:00:18   Casey you aren't allowed to talk about food. John you aren't allowed to talk about anything.

00:00:26   I can't. I'm not supposed to laugh. Is there anything depressing that we could talk about to keep you from being happy and laughing?

00:00:31   Let's talk about Middle Eastern politics. That'll do it.

00:00:33   I don't know how to handle this, right? Because I don't think that any of the three of us want to ignore it

00:00:41   because that's not really right and

00:00:43   I'm kind of proud of how the three of us treat these sorts of really terrible things.

00:00:48   I'm proud that we stand up for what we believe is right.

00:00:51   But I don't know what the right answer is and what to say that's not going to upset somebody. Not saying things is upsetting people.

00:00:58   I can understand that. Saying things is probably going to upset potentially even more people and I don't want to upset people.

00:01:05   It's really complicated for me

00:01:07   because of my

00:01:10   heritage and background. So my dad grew up Jewish, full stop.

00:01:14   He, his grandfather was a rabbi.

00:01:19   His brother, their whole family is Jewish. My mom is Catholic and because of that

00:01:24   I was raised feeling guilty about everything, but otherwise not much of anything.

00:01:28   But that being said, it's an odd thing for me because even though I don't feel

00:01:33   terribly religiously Jewish and we recognize some holidays and we're probably terrible Jews.

00:01:39   My immediate family is in, well both my parents and my brothers and myself, but also, you know, Aaron and me and the kids.

00:01:47   We recognize some of the bigger holidays, but I don't feel terribly religiously Jewish and I, and I, one could make an argument.

00:01:54   I'm an imposter. But I do feel

00:01:57   to some degree

00:02:00   ethnically Jewish and I hope that's not offensive because I don't mean it that way at all.

00:02:04   But I feel like that's a part of my heritage.

00:02:06   Whether or not I

00:02:08   embrace the religious side of things and to see what happened in the Middle East.

00:02:15   It hurts. Like even as someone who is pretty well removed from it by any definition, it hurts.

00:02:21   It doesn't feel good. And to know that more Jews were killed on a single day than any day since the Holocaust, like that's

00:02:28   that's not cool. I don't care what your particular opinions are about Israel, about Palestine, about Palestinians, about Israelis.

00:02:35   Murdering innocent civilians, particularly children,

00:02:39   that ain't okay. It's just not okay. We can have, well, I don't know if I'm capable of it,

00:02:45   but one could have a nuanced conversation about the politics in the Middle East, about how we got to where we are today.

00:02:51   But I think it's important to note that anti-Semitism from everything I've seen, not personally thankfully,

00:02:59   but everything I've seen is that it seems to be on the rise and that's not good. And

00:03:02   I don't care who it is.

00:03:04   Murdering and kidnapping and doing terrible things to civilians, particularly children, is

00:03:13   unequivocally not okay. There is no justification for that in my mind. There's just none.

00:03:17   There's just none. And I wanted to say that, and I think we to a degree wanted to say that, and I don't know if either

00:03:25   of you guys have, maybe Marco you might have something to add too, but I just want to make it plain that

00:03:28   this is uncomfortable for me and for us because we know that there's so much that we don't know.

00:03:33   But we wanted to acknowledge that this is messed up and it ain't right. And

00:03:38   there's a lot more messed up things that will be happening that are also not right. It stinks. It just really stinks that here in

00:03:44   the year 2023, this is still going on with anyone. Like I feel like humans should be better than this,

00:03:50   but we're just not and it sucks. And I don't know what else to say other than I feel so bad for everyone involved and it sucks.

00:03:57   That's honestly, I think you put it really well and you've actually said a lot of what I wanted to say.

00:04:02   So I'll be short. You know, I don't have a lot of, I don't have any personal connections.

00:04:06   I am not, I don't have any heritage in the region. I am no longer religious, but I was brought up Catholic and

00:04:13   besides having a ton of Jewish friends, because I've always grown up in, I grew up mostly in Jewish neighborhoods,

00:04:19   almost all of my ex-Gore friends happen to be Jewish. You know, look, I have a type.

00:04:23   But you know, it doesn't affect me, you know personally in that way, but

00:04:30   and largely, I mean, geez, I don't know anything about Middle Eastern politics.

00:04:35   Except that it's very complicated and very messy and there's no simple solutions.

00:04:39   And so I don't think it's a good idea for me to comment on the politics side, because I don't have any idea

00:04:45   what I'm talking about in that area. At first, like right after this happened, you know,

00:04:49   we could have talked about this on last week's show,

00:04:51   but I kind of viewed it as like, I didn't want to do more harm than good by talking about Middle Eastern politics.

00:04:56   I don't know anything about it, but you don't have to talk about the politics of the region to talk about

00:05:02   the actions of a terrorist group against civilians, you know.

00:05:06   I was afraid to talk about the politics, but I'm not afraid to talk about that. You know, in the past, the

00:05:11   positions we've advocated for on the show at various, whenever various issues came up, black rights, trans rights, women's rights,

00:05:19   the arguments we've made back then

00:05:21   at, you know, various issues of the day, were mostly boiling down to

00:05:25   equal rights and basic safety, no matter who you are.

00:05:30   And I think it's perfectly consistent and valid to argue for that, and

00:05:34   therefore, I don't believe it's ever

00:05:37   justifiable to mass murder civilians.

00:05:40   From that point of view, the Hamas attacks in Israel were definitely terrorist acts that intentionally murdered civilians, and

00:05:47   that is never justifiable.

00:05:49   And I think it's perfectly valid to consider that separately from your opinion on Israel or its actions in this area.

00:05:56   The actions of a state or a terrorist group don't represent the entire population.

00:06:02   And so the politics are very complicated, but the human rights angle, I think, is not complicated.

00:06:07   Murdering civilians is always wrong. That's my hot take. Murdering civilians is always wrong. Like, I don't, that to me is,

00:06:14   is pretty, is not that arguable, to be honest. I don't consider that complicated of a thought.

00:06:20   And there's a lot of

00:06:22   very good reasons for a lot of people around the world to be angry or scared or very deeply saddened by all of this. And so

00:06:29   my heart goes out to anyone affected by this, and I will always condemn the murdering of civilians,

00:06:36   no matter who's doing it. Whether it's us, whether it's our fringe terrorist groups that we have in the US, like white Christian nationalists, or whether it's

00:06:43   across the world, murdering civilians is never justifiable.

00:06:48   Yeah, I couldn't agree more.

00:06:50   Very briefly, Casey Neistat, who is a very popular YouTuber that you may or may not enjoy or may or may not be familiar with.

00:06:55   His

00:06:57   almost nine minute video on this, which was a few days ago as we record, I thought was, was just perfect and worth watching.

00:07:04   And if memory serves, Casey, that Casey grew up,

00:07:07   who grew up religiously Jewish and also ethnically Jewish in the same way I was describing. And so it hits home

00:07:14   stronger for him than it did for me.

00:07:17   But I think it's a really good video and a really good encapsulation of kind of how I feel, too,

00:07:21   if I'm allowed to glob on to what he had said. We're trying, we're learning, we're doing our best. And

00:07:26   yeah, I guess the only thing that the three of us can do

00:07:30   from here is to just try to do a regular show and try to put a smile on your face.

00:07:34   But not make Marco laugh, because that's a step too far. Step too far.

00:07:38   Not today.

00:07:39   All right, so we

00:07:41   hopefully will turn that frown upside down and tell you, well, if you're American, if you're frowning in British,

00:07:46   I don't know what to tell you. But if you're American, we're gonna turn that frown upside down. And

00:07:49   we have a new member special that we released a few hours ago. We are recording this, this that you're listening to now.

00:07:54   We're recording on Monday nights. So if all the fun things happen

00:07:57   Tuesday or Wednesday or what have you, then our bad. It's just we had a little bit of a scheduling change for this week. So

00:08:04   when Nintendo inevitably gets bought by Apple tomorrow, our apologies. But nevertheless,

00:08:10   we released today on Monday a new member special,

00:08:14   which Jon brought to Marco and I and told us basically nothing about what we were about to discuss before we recorded.

00:08:21   Jon, I will leave it up to you because whatever I choose will be wrong.

00:08:24   How much would you like to reveal about the member special that we just released?

00:08:28   I mean, whoever

00:08:30   posted that on Mastodon already revealed a lot about it.

00:08:33   But so the title is ATP Diamond Dogs, which is a reference to the Ted Lasso show.

00:08:38   I'm not sure if we explained that on the show. But anyway, we did not.

00:08:41   Google for Ted Lasso Diamond Dogs and you will find an explanation. Maybe we'll put a link in the show if you remember.

00:08:46   Colon because that's the way that the specials work. It's some phrase colon and then a title.

00:08:52   So ATP Diamond Dogs colon talk me out of it. And the topic I was bringing was

00:08:57   something that I was thinking about

00:08:59   that I was wanted Marco and Casey to talk me out of doing. I think the the post on Mastodon said it was a project.

00:09:06   I won't reveal more than that, but it was some project

00:09:08   I was considering embarking on and it seemed to me to not be a great idea.

00:09:12   So I said Marco and Casey talked me out of it.

00:09:14   But really what I wanted to do was like let's weigh the pros and cons of this approach or of this project.

00:09:19   Should I do it? Should I not do it?

00:09:21   And even if you don't care about the project or whether or not I do it,

00:09:25   I because I'll spoil that the product is somewhat relevant to the show. All right, so it's not just like a house painting project.

00:09:32   I thought it would be interesting to

00:09:36   have people with some experience in the area that I'm considering diving into to talk about the pros and cons just to sort of

00:09:42   see how we think about making decisions and sort of map out the space. So there you have it ATP Diamond Dogs.

00:09:48   Will this be the one and only episode of Diamond Dogs or will we have other instances where one of us wants advice from the others?

00:09:54   We'll see. It's really good. I would look our member specials. There's a lot of winners among them.

00:10:01   I will happily toot our horn in that direction.

00:10:04   This one is particularly good. And so you should really check this out.

00:10:08   Yeah, I had a lot of fun with it. It took me by surprise.

00:10:11   I didn't know where we were going with it obviously, but I did have a lot of fun with it.

00:10:14   All right, let's do some follow-up and we actually got some interesting follow-up from Will Keefer

00:10:20   who is the CTO from Rewind AI which is the company that does the live streams.

00:10:26   And Will wrote in to say I'm the CTO at Rewind AI and more importantly an avid listener to ATP and the expanded ATP universe for

00:10:33   at least eight years. Well, thank you Will.

00:10:35   I appreciate how even your discussion of the Rewind pendant was in episode 556.

00:10:39   It is a terrifying yet likely future for technology and you can count me in as a skeptic.

00:10:45   However, I'm hoping that we can develop it in a way to establish proper privacy baselines and expectations for the entire class of product.

00:10:52   The same goes for Mac, iOS and Windows apps forever private. For example, when we launch backup or sync

00:10:57   it will be fully end-to-end encrypted forever.

00:10:59   No employers or governments should ever have access and this is even more important as what we capture extends beyond your personal Mac or iPhone.

00:11:05   That's a pretty good answer.

00:11:07   It is. I mean, I'm first of all, I'm glad to hear that

00:11:11   somebody responsible for one of the products that we talked about and criticized wrote in in a way that was

00:11:17   very constructive and not like making us feel terrible for having said anything bad about it.

00:11:23   Yeah, that's that's that's good because things have gone in the direction sometimes.

00:11:29   But you know, I think it's good that

00:11:31   you know important people like Will at Rewind have their heads in the right place and for terms of privacy and everything.

00:11:38   I think the concerns remain about the the possibility of this product and

00:11:44   this technology whether whether they do it or not,

00:11:47   you know largely what you know when we talk about this kind of stuff,

00:11:50   we we try to generalize it because it's not quite really just about what if this particular company does a product that does these things.

00:11:58   But it there's a larger issue of like well now that it's possible to make this kind of technology

00:12:04   reasonably practically and reasonably easily and reasonably affordably if there's some line that Rewind AI chooses not to cross,

00:12:13   someone else will cross it. Some product will come out that does this thing that you know,

00:12:18   even if they choose not to. The specific actions of this one particular company I think are less relevant than

00:12:25   the ideas in general like wow now that you know that consumer tech is so capable and so cheap and we have these new AI

00:12:32   capabilities that are becoming so

00:12:35   accessible and again and cheap and widely available.

00:12:37   What's going to be possible in the world? What products will exist not just if Rewind makes it

00:12:43   but if some random company with a name full of vowels and Amazon sells it to you for

00:12:47   $35 like that, you know, if they don't do it someone else will basically and what does the world look like

00:12:54   once that becomes commonplace.

00:12:56   Couldn't agree more.

00:12:57   I just thought it was real nice that because they sent this email and I replied and said I just I assumed that you don't want

00:13:02   me to say any of the stuff that you wrote in this email on the show and he said no you can say anything on the

00:13:08   show. So I thought that was really nice.

00:13:09   Alright, Alexander Afright's listening to Casey segment on 80% charge limit setting.

00:13:14   I think you might have misunderstood this battery setting. The intention is not to simply stop charging at 80% and leaving you with a less charged

00:13:20   phone. The intention is to stop charging at 80% till an hour or so before you take the phone off the charger then top it

00:13:25   off to 100%. As setting text says the quote iPhone learns from your daily charging routine quote

00:13:30   I have this setting on I change charge my phone every night

00:13:33   It is always 100% when I take it off the charger in the morning

00:13:36   so I don't think I did a particularly good job explaining what I was talking about if this is

00:13:41   one of the emails that we got in because that is the that is one of the three options that is on the iPhone's 15 and

00:13:49   That is what do they call that? It's like optimized battery charging. Yeah, that's been around for a few years

00:13:54   And please everyone stop writing in just give us a second to finish this thought. Yep. Now with the iPhone's 15

00:14:00   There's optimized battery charging which is what we just spoke about

00:14:04   there's none which is you know, always charged to 100% anytime you're on the charger and

00:14:08   This new thing that I was describing last episode

00:14:11   Which is which is referred to in the settings as 80% limits and so reading from an Apple support document

00:14:17   With iPhone 15 models you can choose between optimized battery charging 80% limit and none when you choose 80% limit

00:14:22   Your iPhone will charge up to about 80% and then stop charging

00:14:24   If the battery charge level gets down to 75% charging will resume until your battery charge level reaches about 80% again

00:14:31   With the 80% limit enabled your iPhone will occasionally charge to 100% to maintain accurate battery state of charge estimates

00:14:37   This is what I was talking about. So it's a hard stop with asterisk a hard stop at 80%

00:14:44   That's what I was playing with for a few days. And if I wasn't such a ball of stress

00:14:48   I think I would have stuck with it

00:14:49   But that is what I'm talking about

00:14:51   Now what I've fallen back to and what my phone is currently on is is what we've had for a few years now this optimized

00:14:56   Battery charging where it kind of hovers at 80% overnight

00:14:58   Until just before it things you're gonna wake up and start messing with your phone again

00:15:02   Then it'll crank it all the way up to 100%

00:15:04   However, Scott Martin Scott Martindale wrote in with a very very justified complaint, which I share Scott writes

00:15:12   There's no quick way to tell the phone please charge for 100% justice once

00:15:16   You have to disable the feature entirely and then remember to turn it back on

00:15:19   100% charge seems like a full tank of gas in a car

00:15:22   It stays on full or 100% for longer than you expect when the phone is at 80%

00:15:27   I feel like it immediately goes down goes below 80%

00:15:29   I completely agree with both the things Scott said

00:15:31   One of the nice things about on the Mac is when you have the battery dingus and the menu bar

00:15:36   It says, you know charging on hold rarely used on battery and my battery is currently sitting at 80%

00:15:42   But there's a nice menu bar or a menu item right there charge to full now

00:15:47   And I'll give you one guess what that does what I kind of want

00:15:51   I don't know where they would put it to be honest with you, but I kind of want that

00:15:53   Somewhere I guess would have to be buried in the battery settings, but I want that for my phone maybe control center

00:16:00   Maybe that's actually not a bad point. But one way or another I

00:16:03   Agree with Scott that I wish that was there but I apologize for the confusion

00:16:07   I if I had done a better job explaining it last episode

00:16:10   I guess we wouldn't gotten some of these emails. So my bad

00:16:12   What is the 80% limit an iPhone 15 only feature everything?

00:16:15   I've heard isn't like the iPhone 15 have so much more battery life than the 14s that the only they can handle this feature

00:16:20   It seems like a really weird kind of model differentiation thing

00:16:24   Like I can't choose to only charge my iPhone 14 pro to 80%

00:16:28   I don't quite get that one. I hope they fix that in an update. Yeah, I don't get it either

00:16:33   Speaking of optimized charging watch OS 10 is now embracing the same thing

00:16:38   So this is again from a different Apple knowledge base document

00:16:42   Optimized charge limit learns from your daily usage to determine when to charge to an optimized limit and when to allow full charge

00:16:47   Optimized charge limit is on by default when you set up your Apple watch and then Mark Wichens wrote in this feature builds on the existing

00:16:54   Optimized charging feature found on the Apple watch and most other Apple devices

00:16:57   Now though if the watch notices that you typically only use say 30% of the battery capacity on the daily basis

00:17:02   But still charged every night instead of charging to 100% it might stop short at say 70% instead

00:17:07   This is actually so this is I believe the ultra had this since the beginning last year

00:17:12   But this this now came to the the non ultra watches

00:17:16   I think this makes a lot more sense on the Apple watch because the Apple watch I think

00:17:20   Gets upgraded a lot less often than phones

00:17:23   That's just a hunch based on what I see in the real world

00:17:27   it could be totally wrong and of course not everyone has an Apple watch, but I think the the

00:17:31   Lifecycle of an Apple watch for most people tends to be I'm going to keep this thing until either

00:17:37   You know it breaks or more likely until the battery no longer holds a useful charge

00:17:42   That seems to be what kills Apple watches for people is like the battery no longer holds you because like most people are not

00:17:47   Super jumping on the idea of like I need to I need an Apple watch with a faster processor like or you know

00:17:54   Whatever, you know, there's no camera there. There's a lot fewer upgrade drivers for the Apple watch

00:17:58   So it seems to be more about does it still work for me?

00:18:01   And one of the biggest manufacturers is does the battery make it through the day?

00:18:04   For Apple to add a feature that should theoretically help

00:18:07   Long-term Apple watch battery health and help the Apple watch have a longer useful life for a lot of its customers

00:18:13   It's pretty cool

00:18:14   If that's the reason they did this and it probably is first of all

00:18:17   It's a very unselfish by them in the sense that it's kind of the opposite of planned obsolescence

00:18:21   It's like I guess planned extension

00:18:24   lessons

00:18:26   This is a pretty cool thing if if that's gonna be the outcome of Apple watches lasting longer out in the field

00:18:31   and and so the way the way I would view this probably working out for people is

00:18:36   They leave it on the default for the first few years

00:18:39   Once the battery has degraded to the point where it's not super useful at 80%

00:18:45   They can then just turn the setting off and charge to 100% from that point forward and get a bit more time out of it

00:18:51   Before it can all make it through the day. So that's a pretty cool feature and and

00:18:56   For the you know, the handful of power users who actually need a larger part of the battery

00:19:00   You know from the beginning like for instance if using it for sleep tracking

00:19:03   It might be inconvenient to limit it to 80% for that use depending on how and when you charge it

00:19:08   But for most people who are not using it for sleep tracking and just wearing it during the day

00:19:12   This is a cool feature on the phone side of it. I I think it's far less likely to be used

00:19:19   I think a lot more people and that's probably why the phone version is not on by default

00:19:24   Because I think they know that that first of all, you know

00:19:27   Again, they run the risk of causing a scandal if they oh your phone only has 80% of battery life by default

00:19:32   You could go into secret setting Apple doesn't want you to know about to get the girl your whole battery like, you know

00:19:36   You can see that going badly on the phone

00:19:38   But also I think people are less likely to give up the day-to-day capacity on their phones

00:19:45   I think they always want all of it on the phone because they actually often use it

00:19:50   We are sponsored this week by hatch and the hatch restore - look if you are still using an alarm clock

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00:20:23   I've just been using my phone for years as my alarm clock

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00:21:52   All right, let's enter the photos section of the follow-up and

00:21:59   We have a fair bit of follow-up. That was very interesting useful with regard to I think was an ask ATP from last week

00:22:06   how do I back up photos from an iOS device and so we got a

00:22:10   Smattering of different pieces of follow-up about that Jonathan Freese writes a paid flicker account

00:22:15   They still exist a paid flicker account can be used to back up all the photos from an iPad or iPhone using the flicker app

00:22:20   I've used this approach as a backup solution for years

00:22:22   Dan Lithio writes photo sync and actually a lot of people wrote about photo sync photo sync

00:22:28   Even if you only have space up the space optimized version on the iPad photo sync will download the full quality original and then back

00:22:34   It up wherever you want for live photos

00:22:36   It will back up both the photo in the video which can be read and combined by Mac photo app

00:22:40   Should you need to restore and it works with many different storage backends both local and cloud Samba Dropbox Samba Samba?

00:22:47   I don't know network chairs Dropbox s3 back please be - and I think even USB drives etc

00:22:52   And then Dan continued Google Photos

00:22:55   Even if you only have the space optimized version on the iPad Google Photos will force the original download and then upload that to Google

00:23:00   I'm guessing the reason that you guys shot down Google Photos and wouldn't be thrilled about photo sync either is that they don't back up your

00:23:06   Photo library metadata. However with iCloud is the main backup for everything

00:23:09   I would say that some people wouldn't mind a backup of the raw pics without meta metadata or edits if that's all they could get

00:23:14   Renee Fouquet writes I probably pronounce it wrong. I'm sorry

00:23:18   Anyway, Renee writes Synology photos has an iOS app that automatically backs up photo and video originals in the background

00:23:24   You need to open the app from time to time to re-enable the background processing

00:23:26   But that's only every few weeks or so and it reminds you with the local notification. It works very reliably for me

00:23:31   I've really wanted to dabble with Synology photos

00:23:35   But I feel like my photo solution as convoluted and ridiculous as it is is working for me

00:23:40   And so I have no real dire need or reason to mess with it

00:23:44   But I've really thought about it and I've heard mostly good things

00:23:47   Ping Liu writes

00:23:49   I'm using iCloud OneDrive photo backup in Google Photos to back up all my photos from the iPhone and iPads to the different services simultaneously

00:23:56   And Pete Spree, excuse me, Pete's speech himes in the OneDrive family plan allows up to six users to have one terabyte each

00:24:04   For a total of six terabytes, even if you don't have four kids

00:24:07   You can create six accounts linked them together via shared folders that allow users to read and write to the additional account space

00:24:12   Casey will be interested in this additional hack

00:24:15   you can use the Synology cloud sync package to back up your NAS to all of these accounts and

00:24:19   As well as simultaneously allowing all six user accounts to be synced with whatever

00:24:23   Synology shares you have to take advantage of all the storage. The six terabytes of iCloud

00:24:28   Excuse me, of cloud storage is $100 per year from Costco and you get Office 365 for all the users as part of the package

00:24:34   I think it's the best deal going when compared to Amazon Google or iCloud Drive space and then finally Chris Kiyafi

00:24:39   I think that's how it's pronounced writes Amazon Prime comes with photo backup. It's included with Prime

00:24:45   So while it's not free many people already have access like you said in the show

00:24:48   It's far from a great solution though

00:24:49   First the initial upload is painful even for moderate photo libraries since it needs to first download the full-size image from iCloud

00:24:54   Before it sends it to Amazon second

00:24:56   It doesn't really run in the background

00:24:57   So I had to create a one action shortcut to launch the Amazon photo app every few days and then finally might be cheaper or easier

00:25:03   Option for those of us without a Mac. Oh, and I'm sorry one more thing

00:25:07   Several people wrote in about Dropbox for iOS has a photo upload feature as well

00:25:11   Yeah, these are all backup solutions that are trying to work within the constraints of iPad iOS devices to

00:25:17   Push to cloud backups essentially a cloud backup

00:25:21   That's not iCloud and there's more of a backup than a live thing

00:25:24   So a lot of these services like you're just gonna take the photos and chuck them into this bucket and it's not connected to your

00:25:28   iCloud library, so if that gets hosed you still have these backups

00:25:31   So it is an additional backup, but it's also an additional cloud backup and all these little

00:25:35   shenanigans you have to go through

00:25:37   Oh

00:25:37   don't make sure it's

00:25:38   You launch every once in a while to make sure it's running and of course if it's downloading photos in the background and then pushing

00:25:43   Them up to the cloud. It's potentially burning your battery while it does that

00:25:46   I think these are all better than nothing and reasonable options

00:25:51   but like

00:25:51   well

00:25:52   like we're talking about last show where we were saying that we thought Macs should have

00:25:54   iCloud backup like the phones do and we thought phones should have time machine like the Mac does and

00:25:59   Time machine is kind of a different more of an old-school kind of thing where it's like

00:26:03   You know, obviously you wouldn't connect the hard drive to your phone or maybe you would in the USB C days. But anyway

00:26:08   It's like a batch process

00:26:10   We're like I'm going to run time machine backup now and it's going to backup stuff

00:26:14   Over some fast connection either a local network or a wire to something that is in my house right now

00:26:20   And there's a place for all of these in your own personal backup vortex. You should have cloud backups

00:26:25   You should have local backups. You should have backups that happen transparently in the background that you don't have to think about

00:26:30   You should have backups that run periodically in or more heavyweight and I think in this discussion

00:26:36   We've learned is that both the Mac and the iPhone and the iPad?

00:26:38   Have holes in there in what Apple provides for backups

00:26:44   If you have both of them if you buy everything from Apple

00:26:47   You can use the Mac to help backup stuff obviously because once you get your iCloud photo library onto your Mac

00:26:52   Then you can use all the Mac backup solutions

00:26:55   And do a time machine backup if your local photo library or whatever

00:26:58   And then cloud backups are probably available pretty well in both of them

00:27:02   But of course cloud backup in the Mac is not it built in like it is in the phone

00:27:05   But yeah, the original question was what if I don't have Mac?

00:27:07   What if I just have the phone and if you just have one of these platforms, so not the other

00:27:11   That's when you really start to see the hole

00:27:12   So I'm glad there are parties that are fighting the good fight and trying to find a solution to this

00:27:16   But I feel like I mean, I guess photosync is the one that maybe does USB drives

00:27:20   Maybe with the advent of USB C

00:27:21   There'll be more of this but if like most of the the the path of the resistance on the phone and the iPad is

00:27:26   cloud backups and even that there is some resistance because you have to essentially

00:27:29   Make sure that you're running somehow and force download the full quality one because you probably don't have the originals being downloaded onto your phone

00:27:36   all the time and then force upload them and then get rid of the cloud one and it's just I

00:27:40   Feel for the people writing these apps, but they're out there if you want to give them a try

00:27:44   All right

00:27:45   And then continuing in the photos section of the world an anonymous person wrote in with regard to photos

00:27:50   Remembering the crop aspect ratios that drives John nuts in Mac OS 14.1 the beta

00:27:56   This anonymous person writes photos will only remember whether you selected freeform or original last

00:28:01   All other aspect ratios are ignored since photos never wants to change the crop aspect ratio when you enter the cropped tool on

00:28:07   Unadjusted photos also photos does store the specific apps aspect ratio applied to each photo

00:28:13   For every adjusted photo photo stores a crop rectangle and a crop aspect ratio when selecting freeform

00:28:19   It stores zero zero as an aspect ratio

00:28:21   Additionally photos now stores a user default indicating whether the user prefers a locked aspect ratio original or not

00:28:26   That value is only changed when the user either clicks on original or freeform and nothing else

00:28:30   Yeah, this is clarifying

00:28:33   Before when I heard about the this feature on the last episode

00:28:36   I thought oh that means it's just every time I crop something to something else like now the next photo

00:28:40   I view is going to be viewed like crop to square because the last photo I did was square

00:28:44   But I'm happy to hear that it doesn't do that

00:28:45   It just looks at freeform and original ignores all the other ones, which is great

00:28:48   it's also nice to hear that they're already storing the selected aspect ratio for photos with the

00:28:54   Clever zero zero programmer hack as the aspect ratio for freeform

00:28:58   What a still a probably a more thorough implementation of this would be to have an actual preference

00:29:04   In preferences that says hey when you come upon a photo that you've never selected an aspect ratio for what do you want me to?

00:29:09   pick

00:29:11   They don't have that there

00:29:12   In fact, there are no editing specific preferences in photos so I can understand what them maybe not wanting to

00:29:17   Go through all the trouble of saying we're gonna have a new breed of preference in photos

00:29:21   Have you ever looked at by the way the Mac photos? I keep saying preferences the settings in the Mac photos app

00:29:26   There's not a lot there for an application. That's so big and so important very sparse preferences

00:29:31   It is not one of those applications like mine that has a million preferences for every possible setting it is not a

00:29:36   power user type

00:29:38   preference slash setting screen

00:29:40   But yeah, if you don't want to go that far if you don't have a setting for that

00:29:44   Doing it this way, which is essentially like having that setting but having it be invisible and having that setting get set

00:29:49   Every time you hit freeform original. I think this will work out just fine for me, and I probably won't have any more complaints

00:29:56   But we'll see once it actually ships. I'm not gonna run the beta

00:29:58   All right John. Tell me about your issues with Chrome other than the fact that it's Chrome

00:30:03   This was last week was talking about getting Docker image up and running to do dev work on the ATP CMS

00:30:09   And that was all swell except Chrome kept throwing this network

00:30:14   Error error network changed error

00:30:16   and I couldn't figure what it was until I realized it was only there when I was running Docker and

00:30:21   So I did look more into this because it was basically making it so that I couldn't do

00:30:26   ATP CMS development work in Chrome and by the way

00:30:30   I like to do the over in Chrome because I like the chrome dev tools a little bit better

00:30:33   Or maybe I'm just used to them more

00:30:35   But anyway, that's was my go-to is to use the chrome dev tools to have them open while I'm doing stuff

00:30:40   But it became untenable because it was like 50% of the HTTP requests sent from the browser would

00:30:45   Die with failure because of error network changed

00:30:48   So I started googling and googling was one of those depressing you know search sequences

00:30:55   We were like oh

00:30:55   I'm not the only one who has this problem and it's super old and I was finding the bug reports bug reports against chromium or whatever

00:31:02   Like the whatever the open source project is that underlies the engine where this error is taking place

00:31:06   You could find reports starting in 2019

00:31:10   for network change when docware is running cool and

00:31:13   So the first one was open in June 17th, and it was closed as a won't fixed in July of 2019

00:31:19   And then November 15th one was filed and that was closed as won't fix on December 1st, 2021

00:31:24   Speaking of 2021 more different. These are all new reports March 29th of 2021 that was closed as won't fix on September 28th

00:31:33   September 29th another one was filed that one is still open, but this is a depressing series

00:31:39   I read through all these threads like why are they being closed won't fix I?

00:31:42   Still don't have a good answer to that like the browser the people who do the browser engine is saying

00:31:47   Well the network did change and so this is legitimate error and the people who are filing the bug saying

00:31:52   I'm just trying to use your web browser, and I happen to be running Docker

00:31:56   And it becomes useless like you can't use the web browser to browse the web like if you if you are

00:32:01   Maybe you wouldn't notice this if you don't know the dev tools

00:32:03   But if you open up the network pan the dev tools and just do literally anything in Chrome

00:32:07   It just fills with red air network change your net like those requests fail, right?

00:32:12   I mean it made me very impressed with how like robust Gmail is

00:32:15   Because with like 50% of the requests failing Gmail is just like battling its way through you get that little yellow banner at the top

00:32:20   And it says you can click to rethrive it didn't break the app

00:32:23   I just made it you know very slow and terrible, but many other applications. Just totally break because if they

00:32:28   Can't run HTTP request it like oh the networks gone. I don't know what's going on

00:32:32   Here's the thing about this bug

00:32:35   Other web browsers work fine

00:32:37   Right if you were on Safari when Docker is running you'd never get these errors is a chrome specific thing and the theory

00:32:44   I don't know about the internals here, but the theory that is put forward and a lot of these bug reports is

00:32:48   Chrome notices that

00:32:51   Something relating to the network for this computer has changed and the argument of the people in the bug reports is yeah

00:32:57   But if the thing that changed is totally irrelevant to Chrome like it's some networking thing that Docker is using that has no relation to any

00:33:04   of the

00:33:05   Connections that Chrome has why does it care? Why doesn't it just keep using its connections? They're fine all its connections

00:33:11   They're fine. Dockers not messing with Chrome's connections. You can make HTTP requests on any port that you are there

00:33:16   Everything's fine, but Chrome says something about the networking change nope

00:33:19   kill everything and

00:33:22   And for years they've been since 2019. They've just been closing these bugs as won't fix

00:33:27   No, this is working as design network change. We kill everything and I feel I again

00:33:31   I don't know the details, but I feel like the strongest argument is this doesn't happen with other web browsers

00:33:35   So I feel like it shouldn't happen with Chrome

00:33:37   So that was disappointing I had to switch my web dev to Safari and their dev tools have gotten better over the year so

00:33:43   I'm just not quite used to them

00:33:45   So anyway

00:33:45   I

00:33:46   Switched a Safari and then Gavin Harris would and to say that he swapped away from Docker desktop on the Mac to use orb stack

00:33:53   Orbstack.dev. He says it works great for me

00:33:57   And it has the added benefit of be able to run a Linux VM and their motto on their website is "Orbstack is the

00:34:02   fast light easy way to run Docker containers and Linux"

00:34:04   It I mean it does run Linux VMs if that's something you want

00:34:08   It's not what I want, but it basically it kind of a drop-in replacement for Docker desktop on the Mac

00:34:12   Like you can just run Docker containers just as is in them

00:34:16   It is another thing that runs Docker and I had high hopes that this would solve my problems

00:34:21   It's a native Mac app instead of like Electron app like Docker is and you know, there's nothing to install

00:34:26   It's just a little app thing

00:34:27   But it does

00:34:28   First of all, it asks you if you want to import all your images and containers and stuff from Docker

00:34:32   Which I did and that worked but I'm like, hmm now

00:34:35   You're now you're kind of like I had to look at what this thing was installing it like

00:34:39   installs a new like socket for the Docker networking thing installs that wants to install a new privilege helper and

00:34:44   Anyway, I tried it. It didn't solve the problem Chrome still flips out over there network change to things when you're running orb stack

00:34:51   So I uninstalled it. I think it's also you can get to pay for a prescription at some point

00:34:54   Anyway, if you're looking for some fun way to run Linux VMs and Docker orb stack is very cool

00:34:59   And it's probably preferable to using the default Docker desktop

00:35:03   But I just went back to Docker desktop just because you know, it didn't solve my problem and I'm used to Docker desktop. So

00:35:09   I don't know. I mean, I don't this is not a bug that I care about that much because you know

00:35:14   Whatever I've just used Safari, but the bad thing is when I'm running Docker not only cannot do development work in Chrome

00:35:21   I can't do anything in Chrome like Chrome is basically just dead right and the only way to

00:35:25   Undedify it is to quit Docker like to quit the Docker engine

00:35:31   So please if there are any Chrome or chromium devs looking at this

00:35:34   I have high ups that that one issue opened in September 29th of 2020

00:35:38   I still marked as available and open please someone find that and don't close it as won't fix like all the other ones but

00:35:45   This just seems like again if every other web browser works in Chrome doesn't I think this is a Chrome problem?

00:35:52   For what it's worth John if you recall I was having some

00:35:55   Issues where my docker containers on my Mac mini were failing after a long time

00:36:00   Especially after heavy network use and that's when somebody a listener had suggested Colima

00:36:04   which is what's like a not a portmanteau, but it's

00:36:08   Something about like containers for Linux on the Mac Co Li ma or something like that. This is all command line stuff

00:36:17   There's no fancy, you know, gooey thing like orb stack has but it might be worth trying

00:36:22   I suspect that you will run into the exact same problem as you were with orb stack and with regular docker desktop

00:36:27   But you could give that a shot put a link in the show notes just in case yeah

00:36:31   And by the way, I did try all the links in the show

00:36:33   It's these issues that a trial the suggestions there was all sorts of suggestions how you can change the configuration of the the docker engine

00:36:39   Some people are saying oh it's ero ero is advertising this ipv6 thing and doing it over and over again and screwing everything up

00:36:46   And some people said you should disable ipv6 entirely. I tried all these things first of all

00:36:51   I looked at my arrow config and realize I had always had ipv6 off in my euro config

00:36:54   So I tried with it on and tried with it off, but I'd always had that off

00:36:57   I also have the thread radio thing off on my euros

00:36:59   I don't know when I did that but I agree with past me

00:37:02   I did try switching them and it didn't make a difference

00:37:06   Then I turned ipv6 off on all my network interfaces on my Mac didn't make a difference

00:37:11   I tried the like there's a bunch of config things and these things about

00:37:15   Setting fixed cyber addresses for ipv6 or turning ipv6 off in the docker engine

00:37:20   Tried all those things none of them worked. So I mean I again

00:37:24   I don't know what docker is doing to change the network, but nothing I have tried has stopped it

00:37:29   So yeah, and I don't I don't have much faith that kolima would help considering orb stack didn't but agreed

00:37:34   But you know if you wanted to try yet another thing you could yeah, no, just use Safari

00:37:40   All right, we had a bunch of feedback with regard to air pods Pro as hearing protection including I've only started

00:37:48   Upgrade this week, but Jason apparently had a similar

00:37:52   Idea and went to a concert recently and had a lot of the same experiences that Marco did

00:37:58   So we'll put a link to upgrade in the show notes

00:38:01   But anyways Wes wrote in I was also curious and tried my air pods pro to monster truck rally at the beginning of the year

00:38:08   Noise cancelling could not handle it. It just filled my ears with static. I switched quickly over to earplugs. That was kind of funny

00:38:15   Then somebody sent us a link to noisy world org which has all sorts of reviews about noise cancelling

00:38:22   things and dinguses and whatnot and

00:38:24   There's a whole post about air pods pro for hearing protection there. And then finally Samuel Levine writes. I'm a doctor. I am a

00:38:34   Neurologist neurotologist. Yeah, I think I there a neurotologist who has some expertise in concerts and hearing loss

00:38:39   I studied this problem of loud concerts without going into the whole science thing

00:38:43   We found that the start and the end of the concert is the loudest and most damaging to hearing

00:38:46   The type of music didn't really matter

00:38:48   We tried a couple of different concerts the position in the hall made no difference active noise

00:38:52   Cancellation really does what it says it really reduces the noise before it hits the eardrum

00:38:55   We tested a couple of different earplugs which helped out but did not

00:38:58   Eliminate really loud sounds your lack of ringing is a sign of how well it worked ringing is a sign of hearing loss

00:39:04   Immediately after the concert you're seeing seeing temporary threshold changes attending more concerts

00:39:08   We'll convert it to permanent a quick rule of thumb is that you're hearing at 8 kilohertz is roughly your age

00:39:14   If you get old enough you lose appreciation of music, which sounds friggin terrible. But yeah, that's the reality

00:39:20   This this was very good to hear because you know

00:39:22   like well

00:39:23   I was I was very careful last time to say like look I

00:39:25   Used air pods pro as earplugs at a concert and it seemed to work and it seemed to not hurt my ears and everything else

00:39:33   But I said like, you know, I'm not a doctor

00:39:35   I don't know for sure and so it was good to hear from actual doctors and actual people who know what they're talking about that

00:39:40   Basically confirms that yes active noise cancellation

00:39:44   When it cancels out that noise from reaching your ear that does physically prevent it from harming the ear now

00:39:51   It doesn't attenuate all frequencies evenly

00:39:54   You know if you're like operating a jackhammer or working like next to a giant machine all day like it's some kind of like

00:39:59   You know industrial or professional setting where you are constantly needing real hearing protection all the time

00:40:05   Or maybe if you go to a concert every weekend or you run concerts for a living or you are a musician for a living

00:40:11   And you're always on stage like in in situations like that where you are always in very loud environments

00:40:16   You should get something that's purpose-built for that like that

00:40:20   You should not be using your air pods pro for your only hearing protection in that kind of situation

00:40:23   But so far the feedback seems to indicate that if you are an occasional concert goer like me and you want

00:40:29   Easy hearing protection that also lets you hear the music very very well

00:40:33   using the air pods pro

00:40:36   Seemed to work really well and there seems to be no major downsides except that you know as mentioned last time

00:40:41   It is a little bit weird and how it processes the sound sometimes and it's a little bit non-ideal

00:40:46   But it's still way better than all the concert ear plugs that I tried

00:40:50   So pretty cool to hear that the the protection it offers while it is not massive protection. It is real protection

00:40:58   Yeah, yeah

00:40:59   we also got a really long email from someone who worked in a symphony orchestra who plays in a symphony orchestra and

00:41:04   Apparently wearing earplugs in a symphony orchestra is a thing for all the musicians because it is very loud there at various points

00:41:10   and

00:41:12   He was also using air pods but with foam tips and his big

00:41:16   Suggestion one of his big suggestions in a very long email then unfortunately we couldn't find a way to summarize here

00:41:21   was that the fit of the thing that goes into your ear is

00:41:25   Really important to the noise blocking and so if you want to use

00:41:30   AirPods Pro in a more serious capacity like you know, you're going to for your job

00:41:34   You're going to be in a symphony orchestra and it's super loud

00:41:36   Don't use the default things you can both get the better foam ones and also those ones where they make a mold of your ear canal

00:41:43   So they're custom fit just for you. That's the road. You should be traveling down if you are chronically going to be in a very loud environment

00:41:49   We are brought to you this episode by

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00:43:47   All right

00:43:51   So let me remind you like I said earlier that we are recording this on the evening of Monday October 16

00:43:56   And depending on what rumors you are listening to

00:43:59   Everything in the world is going to change in the next couple of days. So or nothing at all. Who knows nothing at all

00:44:07   Yeah, who really knows but one of us I think it was John had a pretty good idea. I think that

00:44:13   we could sit here and try to predict what will happen but

00:44:17   What if we talked about instead what do we think should happen and I think John it was you who wrote

00:44:25   What hardware needs to be updated? So John since this is your topic?

00:44:29   How do you want to quarterback this?

00:44:30   Yeah, so the rumor is partly because the rumor mill is such a mess for

00:44:34   October very often there's an October event and you get stuff that's not the phone or the watch because those happen in September

00:44:42   Very often it's max stuff and we're interested in that or sometimes it's iPad stuff

00:44:46   but this year just the rumors are just so either they're inconsistent where they're flopping back and forth or

00:44:52   They're sad where they're saying. Hey all the stuff that you were looking forward to. Yeah, none of that stuff is happening

00:44:57   So it's all pushed off into 2024 and you know, if we look back at the timelines for these things

00:45:03   I think we all kind of expected that the plain old m3 would be in something by now

00:45:08   So it seems like I mean again, you can't sell the schedule slipped. We don't know the schedule

00:45:13   We just hear rumors the rumored schedule slipped

00:45:15   There was rumors that the m3 would be out by now in something and it's not and so, you know

00:45:21   We all want to see the m3 and we figured the plain old unadorned non pro non max non ultra one would be the first one

00:45:27   To come out and there's lots of machines that it could get it

00:45:30   But you know the rumors all the rumors have been like yeah, no just that's gonna be like spring next year or whatever

00:45:36   So anyway, whether or not there is an October event whether or not new iPads and a new Apple pencil are announced tomorrow as we record

00:45:43   This we don't know but I thought it was worth thinking about

00:45:45   Is there Apple hardware that's like long in the tooth?

00:45:49   That really needs to be updated whether or not it gets the m3 or not or any hardware phones

00:45:53   Obviously phones don't need to be updated iPads or whatever like what what should be up there. Why like why have an October event at?

00:45:59   All is there anything that Apple should update before the holiday season so that they have let's say less embarrassing products on the shelves

00:46:06   To sell to people for the holidays

00:46:08   You know, there are certain things in the Mac that we can point to like the iMac is weirdly old right now

00:46:13   but but I think one of the ways to look at this is what still has an m1 and

00:46:19   Of course the the iMac is one of those things but one of the more glaring things to me is basically

00:46:26   The entire iPad lineup is a little bit stale heading into the holiday season

00:46:32   And that's weird because iPads are very often given as holiday gifts or at least asked for as holiday gifts. And so

00:46:40   It's a little bit unusual and and non-ideal to be heading into the holiday season with an iPad lineup. That is

00:46:49   Somewhat aging and not that interesting on the high end the iPad Pro

00:46:54   Has been updated, you know somewhat recently

00:46:58   I believe it was what earlier this year when it got the m2

00:47:01   It got the at the Mac of the Mac Pro new label from the beginning of this show new iPad Pro

00:47:06   It's very few changes since 2018 on the iPad pros

00:47:12   You know, they've they've upgraded the guts. I made a couple of little tweaks here and there but for the most part

00:47:18   It hasn't had many changes since 2018

00:47:20   So the iPad Pro is a little bit boring in its design and basic physical characteristics because those haven't changed in a while

00:47:27   But the guts are decent the iPad air. I feel like is kind of a weird

00:47:33   Lost product. So the iPad air still has the m1

00:47:38   Which at the time they gave it the m1 seemed it was actually a pretty big upgrade

00:47:42   Like the iPad air like stepping up to get the m1 was like wow

00:47:45   That's kind of overpowered for that product and it remains very powerful

00:47:48   I mean the m1 and m2 really aren't that different from each other but it is weird that it's that's only the m1 still and that's

00:47:54   You know, it's gonna it's gonna slowly get outdated, you know, I wouldn't feel great buying a brand new

00:48:00   M1 powered iPad today, you know in in late 2023 when I know that the m3s are on the horizon

00:48:06   I don't know. I think I think I would like for the iPads. I know the m1 is older but like I feel like

00:48:11   That's especially for the non Pro iPads and m1 and an iPad

00:48:15   It has the advantage of being less power-hungry than the m2 and I think it has plenty of power

00:48:20   For an iPad like I feel like the main the main problem with the iPad line

00:48:25   things that need to be updated is

00:48:28   It's because they updated the lower end iPad to have like we move the where the FaceTime another FaceTime camera move where the uh,

00:48:34   Did they just move the the pencil attachment point?

00:48:38   Well, the base model iPad that it was updated to basically have the modern shape like before this latest update to the base model

00:48:44   I had it had it still had the home button. So the new iPad has the new screen shape

00:48:49   It supports the magnetic pencil. I think right. I was got the camera on the landscape side, right? Uh, yeah

00:48:55   Oh, no, it does not support the magnetic pencil

00:48:58   Yeah

00:48:58   like they gave they gave a

00:48:59   revision in where the guts are where the external features are on the iPad to basically make it seem like more of a landscape device and

00:49:06   It only happened to the low-end one and not to the pro and the pro got like a new guts

00:49:11   But everything is moved around so it's the iPad line is in this uncomfortable situation where there's clearly new thinking about how to arrange stuff

00:49:18   Externally and internally on an iPad but that new thinking has not spread to the entire line

00:49:23   And so I don't think it's the m1 that is holding back the iPad line and making it seems like it needs to be updated

00:49:29   it's the new thinking about how iPads work, but

00:49:34   You know the pros like I don't think they desperately need to be updated because the m2 is fine

00:49:39   And they just got updated semi recently so I wouldn't put them on a list of hey

00:49:43   This is Apple really needs to update this because it's embarrassing. They're selling an m2 iPad Pro. We're just anticipating it

00:49:48   We all want it especially since OLED is rumored for it or whatever

00:49:51   So that's a next year type product and for any iPad that still has an m1. I think that's fine

00:49:56   It's the ones that have like I don't have like an a14. I think the mini has the a14 or something

00:50:00   It's the ones that have an a something chip that is a low number they could go up by one or two

00:50:05   Those are the rumors by the way that like maybe by the time you're hearing this they've already announced new

00:50:09   a15 or a16 iPads or whatever and that is a fine update for the holiday season

00:50:15   but I don't expect them to come with a

00:50:17   Rejiggering of the internals and to allow for the Apple pencil in a different way and all that, you know

00:50:22   they if they if they find a way to deal with the magnetically attached Apple pencil and the camera in the new position if

00:50:29   That comes to a non iPad Pro first and the iPad Pro is the last model to get it

00:50:34   That's gonna be kind of weird. But yeah, the iPad is in an uncomfortable place, but I

00:50:38   Don't think that part of the the product line is desperate for an update at this point

00:50:45   No, I think you're right that it's more about the the inconsistencies within the iPad lineup

00:50:50   That you know because they've been updated because I've had your updated fairly infrequently each individual model

00:50:57   I'm saying that they did real somewhat infrequently and they've had these different ideas of you know

00:51:02   first of all, of course different pencil shapes and charging methods and then you know USB C or not and you know

00:51:08   Whether it's touch ID where whether there's a home button or the touch ID side button whether there's face ID

00:51:12   And now as you mentioned like whether the front camera is on the the long side or the short side

00:51:17   They've been evolving a lot of this stuff over time

00:51:19   But because the iPad upgrade cycle is not super super fast. A lot of this stuff is

00:51:25   Still transitional across the line

00:51:27   And so there's there's all these ways that if you want to know like well

00:51:30   How how does the iPad work or what accessory is compatible with the iPad?

00:51:33   The answer is really complicated and it should be much simpler than it is

00:51:38   So I what I'm looking forward to is it seems like the hardware that has been updated most recently has

00:51:44   Generally like had its head in the right place. So I'd like to see that, you know go across the line more but

00:51:51   Again, that might take a little while and I think it forms a very confusing lineup for people, you know

00:51:56   when when you look at you know, first of all, it's hard to compare the iPads performance wise because

00:52:00   like the the the base iPad uses the

00:52:04   A14 the iPad mini which is smaller but more expensive uses the a15 then the iPad air uses the m1 and the iPad produces the

00:52:12   M2 like they they cross chip entire chip families with different naming conventions and different like

00:52:18   They've crossed that whole thing within what is ostensibly one product lineup the iPad lineup

00:52:24   And then the capabilities are so weirdly different between them all and and there's all these little asterisks on you know

00:52:30   Which one you buy then? Well that will that will mean X Y & Z and it seems fairly confusing. I'm even as a person who

00:52:37   You know follows this stuff as a big part of my living

00:52:40   If I wasn't looking at the Apple compare page and you ask me like what ship does the iPad mini have?

00:52:46   Like I would I would have no idea and I owned one and I would have no like it was it's a it's a very

00:52:52   Strange lineup and there's all these all these weird little inconsistencies. And so I hope

00:52:56   Over the next cycle of updates whenever that happens

00:52:59   I hope they start ironing them out

00:53:00   But all that is to say heading into the holiday season unless the iPad lineup changes, which is rumored to either

00:53:06   Change significantly or not at all in like 12 hours. So we'll see but

00:53:11   Hopefully heading into the holiday season. I hope there is some kind of fresh new change to the iPad lineup

00:53:16   So far the rumor is that it's going to at least have a new pencil maybe if that pans out that sounds good, baby

00:53:22   But that doesn't sound like a big thing. That sounds like a small thing. So we'll see

00:53:26   You know not knowing what chip your iPads having it is more towards my argument that it doesn't actually matter

00:53:32   if as long as the chip is fast enough like that that

00:53:34   iPads are not particularly demanding even for things like games

00:53:37   Like I think most iPad games are tuned to be able to run on the inexpensive iPads because so many more of them sell

00:53:43   I don't think that's the where these things need to be pulled up there. There's still like there's still that one

00:53:48   That's the only old design with the home button

00:53:50   But I think part of the rumors for the new pencil are

00:53:52   Related to the same thing with the thing with the home button is lighting versus USB C, right?

00:53:57   Obviously everything in Apple's line we all presume is going to shed lightning and go to USB C

00:54:04   So if there is a new Apple pencil, you know that the the new iPad with the new arrangement of stuff still has the lightning

00:54:10   Apple pencil, right because it doesn't have the magnetic attachment

00:54:13   Is there a USB C equivalent of that kind of pencil or do they never ship one like that?

00:54:19   Do they finally get rid of the last iPad for the home button or does it just keep going with the home button and lightning?

00:54:25   For longer until it gets replaced by a new design model

00:54:28   It is iPad ish season and we all want the updated iPad pro with the OLED screen is that's the fanciest most expensive one

00:54:36   But yeah, the whole rest of the line is still kind of you know, so I I don't think I think iPads can get away with

00:54:44   a lot of older stuff

00:54:46   in a ways that other products can't but

00:54:48   We would like to see some revision here, but for an October event

00:54:52   I mean the reason we're talking about it all is because every other thing that we're gonna get to in a little bit all the rumors

00:54:57   Are saying yeah, you're not getting any of that. So if we're just looking well, I guess they could fix some iPad stuff

00:55:02   But anyway, let's move on to the the Mac line

00:55:05   Do you mention the M1 iMac earlier?

00:55:07   That's super old. I don't think the M1 is the problem on that computer line

00:55:11   I think it's the RAM compliments right because again, I think I think the M1 I talked about this on one of our recent member specials

00:55:18   I think the M1 is still phenomenal chip for max

00:55:21   It just needs to be adequately supported by everything else and the M1 iMac has a really nice screen beautiful industrial design

00:55:29   It's a fun computer. I think everything about it's great except for SSD size and RAM, right?

00:55:35   and those are things that Apple doesn't like to

00:55:37   You know move up as time marches on to our satisfaction. We're not demanding the highest end of everything

00:55:45   It's a very inexpensive computer

00:55:47   But it does need to keep up with the times and so as the M1 iMac ages the things that age about it

00:55:53   The worst are the costs of the SSD options and the costs of the RAM sizes and how much RAM it comes with by default

00:55:59   That stuff ages the M1 I think is still fine

00:56:01   If someone could get an M1 iMac and feel like I need more performance now they're just gonna use it to

00:56:05   To that you can do everything on an M1

00:56:07   Like I was gonna say you use the browse the web and read email. No, you can use Photoshop in the M1

00:56:11   It's fine. Like it's the M1 is not the problem. The M1 is phenomenal

00:56:15   It's still I think my favorite M chip just because the M2 is better but also hotter and I feel like lots of for lots of

00:56:23   Computers, that's the wrong trade-off and for this iMac not that I wouldn't love to see an M3 version

00:56:28   We all would but the M1 is not the problem with that computer

00:56:31   So I think of all the computers that Apple has

00:56:33   The M1 iMac is the one that most needs to be updated but not in the way that Apple is probably gonna update it if

00:56:38   They put an M2 in the new iMac

00:56:42   But keep the pricing for the SSD and RAM and keep the RAM limits all exactly the same

00:56:46   They haven't updated that computer

00:56:48   No one's saying no one's saying I can't I need the M2 in this thing. Just give you know

00:56:52   They want more SSD space for less money and they want more RAM for less money

00:56:57   And those are things that add to the longevity of a machine

00:57:00   It's not like I gotta wait an extra 25 seconds for some batch job to finish because I have an M1 instead of an M2

00:57:06   Yeah, that's fair. And I think ultimately, you know, the the M1 iMac

00:57:11   It was it's a huge success design wise but market wise. I think this is this still remains a

00:57:19   Relatively low profile product like I don't think this is making headlines

00:57:24   Any more past its its cool launch with all the cool colors and everything like I think

00:57:29   And this has been true for a while Apple sells a decent number of low-end iMacs, but to fairly

00:57:35   Undemanding customers typically like they're usually buying it for the form factor and the look

00:57:41   And not necessarily having cutting-edge hardware or high-end specs

00:57:45   That's why I think it's okay for this line to be one of those ones that skips

00:57:48   It's gonna go M1 then M3 then M5 like that's perfectly adequate

00:57:52   You know

00:57:53   Like that's you don't need to be that one doesn't need to be updated every single year and people like but just when you do

00:57:58   Update it. I mean again, I don't like obviously they're gonna make an M3 version of that eventually, right?

00:58:03   And that will be great and they should I hope yeah eventually not not

00:58:06   But

00:58:09   When they go to update them on whatever schedule they think, you know

00:58:12   What kind of update schedule is justifiable given the low sales volume of the time?

00:58:16   I because it every two years is every three years whatever it is when they do that update

00:58:20   Don't just keep the RAM and SSD space the same because that really that that's the thing that hurts

00:58:25   People who want to buy inexpensive computers the most they shouldn't be so terribly punished

00:58:29   For buying the low-end model to be constantly running out of space to constantly pressing up

00:58:35   But yeah

00:58:36   like isn't this a fault like 8 gigs of RAM or something on that and I know everyone have all has all these fantasy notions about

00:58:41   How the the you know, the ARM CPUs Lee need less RAM or whatever. It's just that's not really a thing

00:58:46   They're just very fast and good and have fastest. Yeah, right, but just

00:58:49   you got you got to keep up you got to keep up with the pace of

00:58:54   Change in the industry every few years like I'm not saying every year like two three four years past

00:59:00   Reconsider reconsider how much it costs to get you know, a 512 gig SSD or one terabyte

00:59:07   Can you imagine a consumer product with a one terabyte SSD like a five hundred dollar PlayStation 5? Come on people

00:59:13   Apple really needs to get on the ball. This is one of the things that hurts their line though, so

00:59:20   Should they update the m1 iMac? Yes, they should and if they if they kept the m1

00:59:25   But just doubled the RAM and SSD for the same price. I would say that's a perfectly good update for the holiday season

00:59:31   Mmm, I see. I don't I don't think I agree with you and

00:59:33   All right, I'm trying to say like seven sentences all at the same time. So I agree with you that in actuality

00:59:40   The m1 is more than sufficient

00:59:42   I I 100% agree with you

00:59:44   But if I'm a consumer and I was gonna say you're from a normal person, but even as me

00:59:50   Even as Casey I think it would be hard for me to

00:59:53   Willingly buy a machine that has a you know, one and a half to two year old CPU like you know

01:00:01   That that means something new is imminent and I'm not I'm just not gonna want to do that

01:00:06   Especially if I'm you know

01:00:08   Spending the kind of money that a computer costs the longer the older these these main processors are

01:00:16   The less likely I am to want to buy one and I think that's true for regular people, too

01:00:21   If they spend even a modicum of time researching I think that they would say the same thing

01:00:26   I don't know. I mean they buy these iPads with these ancient phone chips in them

01:00:29   They don't care like I feel like the m1 iMac is at that point. They like the colors. They don't really care what I

01:00:35   Agree that you know, obviously we all on this program think yeah, it should have an m3

01:00:40   I just it's time like I think every every other year

01:00:43   Is it a reasonable cycle for that machine or something? But I don't know like that's a good question

01:00:47   But certainly people don't shop for iPads that way you see people buying iPads if you even try to tell them what's inside it

01:00:52   They do not care right? That's just how much does it cost?

01:00:55   How big is the screen can I get a case on it that will my kid won't break?

01:00:58   like it's only when you get into the tech nerds stuff and I

01:01:01   That people start even asking what the processor is now Macs are different than iPads and I agree with that and maybe people can

01:01:07   Look at an M and see a number and understand that higher is better

01:01:10   But I think the big convincer would be if you're an Apple store sit down in front of a computer and use it like there's nothing

01:01:15   You can do with that in an Apple store

01:01:17   That's gonna make someone who wants to buy that computer make it seem like it seems slow

01:01:20   And again, it should upgrade to an M for your may hell if you want to go m1 to m4 skip 4

01:01:25   I don't care what your cadence is pick a cadence that is justified by the things that you sell

01:01:30   But when you do that update do it for real and if we want to be really greedy

01:01:34   We'd say hey while you're selling that m1 model for whatever number of years

01:01:38   Until you decide to do the revision

01:01:40   Imagine during that span that you actually upgraded the base RAM and storage prices

01:01:45   Imagine that that's so unheard of for Apple, but I think the place where they should do that is the low end

01:01:52   That's what we complain about all the time because we you know

01:01:54   They're starting so much money for this 8 terabyte SSD you want to buy or whatever

01:01:58   but the low end is where it hurts the most we see it for everybody used to get phones with too little storage right or

01:02:03   Someone fills up their computer and they have no idea what to do

01:02:06   And it's like in the answer of these things are like well buy a new computer or learn how to boot from an external drive

01:02:11   Or like it's just it's so complicated. So I really feel like this is the weakest part of the Mac line

01:02:16   My and I'm gonna look at the other parts of the Mac line. Things are looking great the laptops

01:02:22   Do any of us have any complaints about the laptops going into the holiday season? I don't know. No, the laptop line is great

01:02:30   I mean, you know the the we're all like, you know hoping for cool m3 updates soon

01:02:34   But we don't like it's there. We're not really like overdue for them yet. Like it's still fine

01:02:39   Yeah, like like if someone you knew got one of the existing ones, would you be like, oh no, you made a mistake

01:02:43   Don't buy that their new ones are coming out. No way. We would say they're great. You got a great computer

01:02:47   Yep, I agree one one area that I think is is

01:02:51   Kind of specialized but really really needs to be updated

01:02:55   the air pods max

01:02:57   Mmm, that's true. I forgot that those exist. They're gonna be updated right alongside the big home pod. Yeah

01:03:03   No, I will look I think the air pods max

01:03:05   First of all, even though there's a lot of problems with that product. I think their owners seem to like them a lot

01:03:11   certainly TIFF likes hers and I know a lot of people who like theirs and

01:03:14   Also, they I would guess they have probably sold way more air pods maxes than they ever sold first-gen home pods

01:03:21   but

01:03:22   The air pods max if you look at how they compare to the recent air pods Pro

01:03:28   Like so they the air pods max have the h1 chip like the old like the original air pods the air pods pro

01:03:34   And I have the h2 and that gives them a few

01:03:36   Different advantages like some of the more advanced processing modes and things like that that that the the air pods max don't have

01:03:42   And the air pods max also have I would say a number of significant design flaws

01:03:49   We all make fun of how terrible that weird case is for them the the whole like, you know

01:03:55   The case and charging situation is really bad. They're also still lightning ports to charge and and do anything else with so

01:04:01   You know, I would love to see an air pods max update that starts to address

01:04:05   not only the need to move to USB C and

01:04:08   Hopefully an update to the h2 chip, but maybe some of the other design issues that that they had

01:04:14   so for instance, they're way too heavy and

01:04:16   They use way too much metal that's itself contributing to them being way too heavy and the the case is terrible

01:04:24   They don't fold they're terrible for travel

01:04:27   Like there's there's just so many reasons why that product it had a lot of own goals and they were unnecessary

01:04:33   So I would love to see a version 2 of the air pods max that

01:04:37   That updates it to the modern tech and hopefully tackle some of its design problems

01:04:42   Yeah

01:04:43   I mentioned the home big home pod because that also was like a first product of its kind had a lot of problems and Apple

01:04:50   Did not seem interested in updating it for a very long time

01:04:54   And I hope that doesn't happen to the max because you know, it's like hey good first try

01:04:59   I can't wait to see your second try and it's like alright

01:05:01   Maybe we'll just sell this thing for a few more years than discontinuity. They come up with a new one

01:05:05   I don't know. What's the plan?

01:05:07   It seems like they should have already had a second revision by now, but I would put that on the list of

01:05:11   Things that have a lightning port that shouldn't anymore. All right, it's a big long line of those

01:05:16   It's not a reason to update them and it's not saying oh you shouldn't buy one now or in a transition period I get it

01:05:21   but but yeah, the air pods max is a good choice because

01:05:24   How long it's been it's it's more than a year. I think two years ago

01:05:28   It was that was a member that was also released shortly before the holiday season and it was very difficult to get them

01:05:33   Because they sold out very quickly that because it's a great holiday gift if if it's a good product

01:05:39   Yeah, and but that that is a product where if somebody bought air pods max today, I might be like, oh no

01:05:45   You should have waited because they are they're getting outdated. Well, I mean that's kind of like buying an Apple monitor now

01:05:50   It's like well, yeah, it is outdated, but we really have no idea when they're ever gonna make another one

01:05:54   So sure why not roll the dice?

01:05:56   I mean look we haven't mentioned the studio display

01:05:59   but like I mean we have something in the notes about a competitor that we probably won't get to today, but

01:06:03   The studio display like whenever you buy an Apple monitor, it's like this is not cost-competitive

01:06:08   but it but in the case of retina resolution large monitors a it may be your only reasonable game in town and be

01:06:14   Don't worry about them replacing it because yeah, they will eventually but chances are good

01:06:19   It's not gonna be this year or the next year. So just buy it right and someone's gonna be unlucky

01:06:23   Someone's gonna lose the lottery. They're gonna be like I they said just buy it. So I bought it and then new one came out

01:06:26   Next month. Yeah, it's gonna happen

01:06:27   But like look at the cadence between Apple revising its monitors over many many many years the gaps are long

01:06:35   They maybe they shouldn't be but again, like there's some cost to develop these products

01:06:41   And Apple tends not to do the thing where they like revise the panels within them

01:06:46   They don't like seem to like to do the thing that so many other technology companies do

01:06:50   Even in more, you know cutthroat lower margin businesses or maybe because they're cutthroat large businesses

01:06:55   Revising it like oh, there's a new better panel available for our televisions. Of course next year

01:07:00   We're gonna put in the new better panel

01:07:01   Why wouldn't we and Apple be like now we're gonna if Apple sold TV

01:07:04   They'd be like, yeah, we're gonna sell this TV for four more years and then we'll put it in a much better panel

01:07:08   But during those four years, we won't drop the price and it'll be a four-year-old panel and every other TV will be better than us

01:07:13   maybe that's why Apple didn't make a TV, but it just

01:07:16   It is it boggles my mind that they'll just sell the same monitor for the same price for so long

01:07:21   And you know the the monitor world moves on

01:07:25   By the real-time follow-up the AirPods max are three years old not not two. Oh my

01:07:30   So you're not getting an XTR update for the holiday season then?

01:07:34   I mean who knows when that's gonna happen?

01:07:36   Like that feels like the higher end of the things are the the longer it is between updates

01:07:41   Which is not really the way it should work

01:07:44   I

01:07:46   Would even say like the XDR I would not

01:07:48   Assume that it ever gets an update it might I hope it does but it wouldn't surprise me if it never did

01:07:55   They just thought they just stopped selling a monitor or they sell like a bigger one or something

01:07:58   I don't I mean, I don't know how successful a product has been like I love mine

01:08:02   I wouldn't give it up for the world and but I

01:08:05   I don't know how many other people are buying this thing

01:08:09   I think it's margins are typical Apple margins the volumes are low, but the margins are oh, they're they're very healthy

01:08:15   The margins are very healthy. I know and so it's low volume, but the margins I feel like justify

01:08:19   I mean, this is the problem with all of their high-end products is like

01:08:22   Can Apple you know get motivated?

01:08:26   He can Apple get out of the bed in the morning for something that sells less than a hodgillion

01:08:30   You know hobbies and it's like well, do you want to be in this market at all?

01:08:33   I mean the current Mac Pro is not encouraging in that area

01:08:37   So, I don't know, you know, we're not even talking about when when nothing's gonna be revised for the m3 ultra

01:08:42   But I run speaking of the m3 though

01:08:43   All the rumors and I again I don't keep track of what the exact cadences are

01:08:47   But all the rumors before were like, oh by this point

01:08:50   We'll be getting the plane m3 and then in spring we get the m3 prone and 3 max and then you know after that we get

01:08:55   The ultra and like the the sort of expected cadence of how things come out

01:08:59   But with the m3 by all accounts, you know again, maybe you're listening to this it already happened and we're you know, we're wrong

01:09:06   But anyway by all accounts that people don't expect any m3 stuff this year by the rumors, right?

01:09:11   But I feel like they should be here by now

01:09:14   And the fact that they're not makes me worry

01:09:16   What's the deal with what's the deal that we know the three nanometer processes here?

01:09:20   It's they're selling it on the phone or whatever. But is there is there some problem with the m3?

01:09:24   Did the schedule slip for some reason?

01:09:27   Does that mean that the you know shit this way are they gonna ship something with m3 pro and m3 max before?

01:09:34   Our plane old m3 that seems like ridiculous to me, but I'm just wondering what their schedules are

01:09:38   My guess is that you know, the the m3 almost certainly needs three nanometer production

01:09:44   it's and it's you know,

01:09:46   it's a bigger chip than the phone versions and then the m3 pro and max and ultra are even bigger versions of that and

01:09:51   My guess is they intentionally scheduled the m3 to be

01:09:55   Next year not this fall so that they could get so they could reserve all that three nanometer

01:10:01   capacity for the iPhone pros the for this year and

01:10:04   So my guess is it was always planned for next year and then furthermore

01:10:08   There's the vision Pro now this affects a lot of you know

01:10:12   What we were just talking about in terms of like, you know excitement holidayness things that the you know

01:10:17   Vision Pro is they keep saying it's still on track to be launched quote early next year and that's five nanometer m2

01:10:23   Not m3, correct. So I I can't see them

01:10:28   Announcing that as an m2 product if it's going to launch

01:10:31   after nice cool m3 products

01:10:35   Like I think we're we're what's going to happen is they're going to launch the vision Pro with its m2 chip

01:10:42   Before any m3 products are released and I don't think they're holding back the m3 products to make the vision Pro look good

01:10:49   I think it was always planned that way

01:10:50   I don't think they care about the comparison across those lines. And also I think the vision Pro has so many

01:10:56   difficulties and getting to market that it's just gonna slip and end up going past them anyway, like I

01:11:00   Know everyone thinks the m3

01:11:04   Pro and you know, like the pro and max laptops are gonna come, you know early next year

01:11:10   sometime like they're

01:11:11   Basically the time that we expected them to come and those are sort of the important products

01:11:15   And by the way, I think by that point

01:11:16   I don't know the details this but I think by that point TSMC would be on to like the new

01:11:21   Three nanometer revision like m3 B or something instead of m3e. I can't keep track of these things

01:11:26   But yeah the other one

01:11:27   Yeah, the better one and that would make sense if you're gonna make a bigger chip you want the bet the one that has better

01:11:32   yields

01:11:33   If that is still on track

01:11:34   I still I still have trouble figuring out when they're the plain old m3 products are going to arrive

01:11:39   right because

01:11:40   They're you know

01:11:41   if they're not coming now and

01:11:43   Are they gonna come at the same time as the m3 pro max ones or are they going to come in the spring and the m3?

01:11:48   Pro max ones are pushed out later in the year

01:11:50   Like, you know, we're getting off track of like Apple October event one needs to be updated

01:11:54   It's clear that a lot of times don't need to be updated again. They're all they're they're great

01:11:58   They're the CPUs that are in them their features their prices the compliments of RAM SSD space everything about them is fine

01:12:05   They don't have lightning ports. Like they do not need to be updated

01:12:07   but

01:12:09   It would be an it would be exciting if in an October event

01:12:12   We got m3 something and all the rumors being so strongly against us having it

01:12:18   It's just you know, maybe kind of a kind of a sad event

01:12:21   Not that I don't care about revised iPads, but especially if it's a rise that as we discussed that they're revised in a way

01:12:27   That doesn't clarify and unify the line which we don't expect it to they're just gonna be

01:12:33   You know, it's good that they have updates spec bump internals

01:12:36   It's good that they're not as old as they used to be prices are probably about the same. That's fine

01:12:39   But it is not

01:12:42   Satisfying and the only the only rumor of anything new that I've heard is the Apple pencil 3 and honestly, I'm not

01:12:49   Excited about that. I'm not excited about magnetic tips. I'm not excited about if it was lightning versus USB C

01:12:55   changeover, I just I

01:12:58   Don't know so it's not you know

01:13:00   It's hard to talk about this because again, we're recording on Monday and by the time you hear this

01:13:04   Maybe the event already happened, you know what it was but going into it. I'm not very excited. I

01:13:08   Am curious to see if they you know, if there is a new Apple pencil

01:13:12   I think that actually could be interesting

01:13:15   In the sense no, it wouldn't be something that I'm going to use every day because I hardly ever use the one I have because I

01:13:20   Can't draw but it's the kind of product that I look at and I see a lot of uses for other people including in my own

01:13:25   Household and both both the other members of my household use Apple pencils

01:13:28   regularly, so

01:13:31   What is a third gen Apple pencil? Maybe maybe it can possibly work with future?

01:13:35   Large iPhones, you know, who knows maybe have maybe they change the way it charges to be more compatible

01:13:42   Maybe they change some of the other physical aspects of it. Maybe they add like an eraser, you know, who knows like there's so many different

01:13:48   Things, you know

01:13:49   Maybe they put a button on the side finally for the love of God instead of having this weird tap gestures that you always accidentally click

01:13:54   Like it's there. There are lots of ways that product could be improved. That's actually interesting

01:14:00   Yeah, so you're you're casting about for an Apple pencil, which is at least slightly likely to happen

01:14:05   Meanwhile, I'm looking at the displays page on Apple's website and I just keep thinking to myself, you know

01:14:12   What would be really cool is a high refresh rate studio display. I would love that. It's not gonna happen

01:14:18   Yeah, well at least not not soon

01:14:20   Why would the studio display get higher fresh rate before the XDR because it's got fewer pixels to refresh quicker

01:14:26   No, that's not and more people buy it. I mean that more people buy it

01:14:30   Why are you so grumpy? What don't tell me why I'm wrong. No, I mean some first of all, like

01:14:36   As people have pointed out and this is this is kind of silly

01:14:40   But if you look at what Apple's done and make some sense, they called it promotion and I know it's not pro with the space

01:14:45   It's promotion squished together right is capital P

01:14:48   Yeah, right, but it does have pro in the name and that's kind of like it's it's being withheld from the non pro phones

01:14:55   which at this point I mean it

01:14:58   Eventually, look if they keep calling it pro like are they gonna say a non pro iPhone is never gonna have a 120 Hertz screen

01:15:04   I think that it's inevitable

01:15:06   It will have to just eventually it will have to so they will have to break this rule and this quote unquote unwritten rule

01:15:11   Like it has pro in the name all it goes on pro products, but high refresh rate

01:15:16   Like that makes things more expensive you to take advantage of it

01:15:21   You need a powerful GPU that is capable of displaying something that you'd want to see besides the UI

01:15:25   It's something higher than 60 frames per second. I

01:15:28   Don't I don't see that going to the studio first

01:15:31   The studio doesn't even have real HDR yet for crying out loud and you think it's gonna go promotion

01:15:36   I mean, you're right technically that they could put promotion on it easier than they can put HDR like as in for less money

01:15:42   But it would be such a weird a weird sort of counter to their market segmentation

01:15:48   Essentially like that the pro things have these features the non pro things don't and that's the way it works

01:15:52   I would much rather see a

01:15:54   studio display that remains 60 Hertz press HDR because as far as I'm concerned for the people who buy that monitor and

01:16:01   HDR is gonna be more beneficial because they can see all the pictures they take on their iPhones on their big Mac screen the way

01:16:07   They're supposed to be seen in HDR just like they see them on their phone screen

01:16:11   and who needs 120 Hertz like Oh scrolling is smoother in a way that only a few nerds can tell or

01:16:17   Can you find a game that can even?

01:16:19   Render it more than 60 frames a second that you care about that runs on your Mac. Did you have a studio display attached to?

01:16:25   So yeah, but anyway, it's all moot point because the studio display is not gonna be updated for another starter clocks four years

01:16:30   Let's say I don't know

01:16:32   Remember the rumors when it was like as soon as Casey bought it. They were gonna update it for

01:16:35   HDR with the mini LED that didn't happen. I was so excited because hey, it's a new world Apple's releasing monitors

01:16:42   Maybe they won't do it like they used to maybe they will revise this but so far

01:16:45   They seem to be on the old Apple monitor update track, which is very slow

01:16:50   Yeah, I don't know. I just think I I agree with you that HDR would also be great

01:16:54   I'm not as convinced about your segmentation theory, but I mean porque no los dos

01:17:00   Give me HDR in fast refresh rate. Why not baby? I'll take both. It's not gonna happen and there at least not anytime soon

01:17:06   But I'll take both

01:17:08   What else is there anything else you need to talk about it? Do we have that covered?

01:17:11   Are we good now because watch is new phones are new. We talked about iPad Mac vision Pro ain't out yet

01:17:17   the home pod

01:17:20   I don't know what they would do to the Apple TV other than it wasn't it actually updated fairly recently

01:17:26   Yeah, it was a few months ago. Yeah, I know you can just keep putting a bigger and faster SOC in it

01:17:31   So people can play better games on their remote as a controller. I don't know like

01:17:34   and the home pod mini is

01:17:38   Slightly old but it's not old enough like it's still fine

01:17:42   And then they're not gonna update it to anything. They actually that anything people actually want. Yeah, I'm kind of down on that

01:17:49   I'm kind of living the sonos lifestyle now. I'm kind of down on my home pod. So when are we talking about that?

01:17:53   I want to talk about it eventually

01:17:56   We have one more one more interesting topic for today that I thought was just

01:18:00   Strange and hilarious and it's going around the internet as of this Monday

01:18:04   And that is a mark Gurman had a rumor

01:18:07   Title, this is Apple ready system to load up latest software onto an open iPhones here. It is according from Gurman

01:18:14   Apple is planning a new system for its retail stores that will update the software on iPhones prior to sale

01:18:20   The company has developed a proprietary pad like device that the store can place boxes of iPhones on top of the system can then wirelessly

01:18:28   Turn on the phone update its software and then power it back down all without the phone's packaging ever being opened

01:18:34   The company aims to begin rolling us out to its stores before the end of the year. So

01:18:38   At first I saw this and I was like, this is a joke, right?

01:18:42   Like we all know we all know the problem that you get a phone you take it out of the box

01:18:46   And the first thing you need to do is run a software at that because it was manufactured two weeks ago or whatever

01:18:50   And there's been an update since then

01:18:51   In fact, we've had situations where a new iPhone comes out and everyone's like before you even try to transfer

01:18:55   There's this year right before you even try to transfer data from your old phone

01:18:58   Make sure you update the OS like it'll prompt you to do it and do it

01:19:01   Right, because if you don't the transfer could fail blah blah blah, right?

01:19:04   This is always the problem with Harbor

01:19:06   You have to put back has to put an operating system on all these phones put them in boxes seal them up and you know

01:19:12   During that time they get sealed up and they're being sent to you

01:19:17   New versions the operating system come out maybe critical fixes come out

01:19:20   And so they're you know, I understand why Apple wants this

01:19:22   The thing I immediately thought of before considering the silliness of this whole thing is like Apple's

01:19:28   Move from air to sea instead of shipping things by plane which puts a lot of more carbon in the atmosphere

01:19:35   They want to ship things by boat which is much more efficient in terms of carbon per phone shipped boats are way slower

01:19:42   Which means you have to have even more lead time

01:19:46   So instead of making them in a week before I'm putting whatever the OS is a week before now

01:19:50   You got to put the OS that's on them two weeks three weeks four weeks a month

01:19:54   That really hurts Apple's lead times on when the operating system needs to be done

01:19:59   unless when the box arrive in the Apple Store

01:20:03   You can put each one in turn on top of a magic pad

01:20:07   It will turn on the iPhone inside the box and update the OS and then turn it off now

01:20:14   the obvious problem is

01:20:16   The OS update doesn't want to run on phones if your battery is too low. It'll be like, sorry

01:20:21   I can't run this OS update. You better plug in your phone. What is it 50% charge that it demands?

01:20:26   There's things so yeah when you get a phone out of a box, it doesn't have a hundred percent charge

01:20:30   It usually has more than 50 and presumably they'll be do the smart thing and say hey if you put this box this phone on

01:20:37   top of this box

01:20:38   this magic pad and

01:20:40   It wakes up the phone and determines that it has, you know, 49% charge it were refused to update it

01:20:46   But if that's the case, what's the point of this system?

01:20:49   You're either gonna make sure all the phones are updated or you're only gonna make sure the lucky phones are updated

01:20:54   The ones that happen to retain enough charge on their journey across the sea they can be updated

01:20:59   So when you get a phone you never know what you're gonna get into you open

01:21:02   It wasn't one of the lucky ones that was able to be updated

01:21:04   Never mind

01:21:05   If something goes wrong with the process or it goes into like a boot loop inside the box or whatever and you open up this

01:21:10   Box and you get a weird software DOA bricked phone because they hosed it by putting on top of a little magic pad at the Apple

01:21:16   stores

01:21:16   I'm not sure this is the right solution to this problem, but it is very neat sounding

01:21:20   I had the same thought of like the the power question like are they going to somehow power the phones?

01:21:26   Just put a little hole in the side of the box and you can shove a key

01:21:29   Yeah, I mean the key charging is the thing and I know it's not supposed to be the range that we're talking about here

01:21:36   But yeah, that's you put the put the iPhone really close to the bottom of the box

01:21:40   Maybe this is the it's the air power thing or whatever. What was called the plate thing? Yeah coming back around

01:21:45   I mean if remember it wasn't there there was that that startup for like I forget what it was called p-cell wasn't it?

01:21:52   Yeah power power over air. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, like I don't think that ever went anywhere

01:21:57   but you know

01:21:59   I think there we have a significant problem of powering and and so

01:22:02   You know John what you were saying was basically assuming that they probably wouldn't be able to power it

01:22:07   And that's my first thought is like if they can't power the phone

01:22:09   Is this really going to work and then second of all how long does it does this take?

01:22:14   For each box to take its turn on top of the pad, right?

01:22:18   Right and like just do the stores have the time and the and like to handle the volume of phones

01:22:24   They're selling to put every phone through this process like 40 minute

01:22:28   Like how long does it take to do a no us update like 30 minutes sometimes?

01:22:30   I mean the smaller ones take less. Yeah, it's not super fast and what like are they just going to

01:22:37   Like image some of the or you know stick some of the phones for this process and maybe have to bypass it for others

01:22:41   Like I don't know and then how do you keep I guess you keep track of which ones because you'd put them on it

01:22:45   Like you can do to be clear you can't there are ways to deliver power to a phone even when it's in the middle of

01:22:49   The box but a lot of them involve potential heat. Yeah, right

01:22:52   Like it's again, you're like do you really want to be messing with a phone that's in a box at all?

01:22:57   I could just I almost feel like the hole in the box that you can plug them in is actually the better

01:23:03   It's just it's straightforward and then you don't have to worry about power but wow

01:23:07   So so weird like this is and maybe this has nothing to do with the boats

01:23:11   But this is such a weird problem to be tackling and in such a weird way

01:23:15   And in a way that just seems like it couldn't possibly really really solve the problem

01:23:20   It can make it better but but in exchange for having this weird phone box lot

01:23:24   I guess the phone box lottery already exists because the ones in the factories now

01:23:27   We're getting a new version of the US versus the ones that shipped in the original thing

01:23:30   so I maybe that's not as bad as I think it is, but

01:23:33   But what a weird thing to even think about doing

01:23:36   Well, I think if you're if you if this is something that you want to do

01:23:39   I think it's possible to do it correctly and and well

01:23:43   I think you would have to have power delivery and that could be achieved if you redesign the packaging

01:23:49   To put the phone's charging cable charging coil near the bottom of the box

01:23:54   But that's kind of a strange packaging design then I mean like there's other things like you'd have to like

01:23:59   You know lift the cable off the front or whatever

01:24:01   I mean you could have a thing plugged into it. You could have like a little thing plugged into it

01:24:05   Like it's kind of like the the Xbox elite controller when you put it in its case

01:24:08   It has a little has like a little hole for the point

01:24:10   Like you could have a thing plugged into the USB C port like a little ribbon thing. That's just for packaging

01:24:15   It's not a real thing that

01:24:16   That goes down to the bottom of the box and has like an inductive coil in the cardboard or something

01:24:21   I just if you just put the phone upside down like put

01:24:23   put put the phone upside down in the box so that you open it up you see the Apple logo inside of the screen and

01:24:27   Then put it really close to the lid and then you could put the box upside down

01:24:31   I mean you don't want to close the lid though for breakability reasons, right? Like you do want it?

01:24:36   Yeah, well, it's the back. It's pretty sturdy. I

01:24:38   Don't know

01:24:41   This is a very convoluted, you know thought process to try to solve this problem

01:24:44   But it's like how how big of a problem is this and does it deserve this?

01:24:48   Really convoluted solution that and I don't know how the retail staff is gonna deal with this

01:24:54   Like it just seems like a very cumbersome process even if the pad is fully automated to have to put every single phone

01:25:00   That's gonna be sold to customers through this process. I don't know that sounds like that sounds difficult

01:25:05   I don't know. I agree with everything you guys are saying but to play the role of contrarian

01:25:10   I think we talked about on the show

01:25:13   I don't remember if I just told you guys privately but when I went to return the fine woven case on like

01:25:18   Wednesday or something like that

01:25:20   Or no, no, I was at the Apple store for some other reason. I came over was it the Odo's to pick up the case

01:25:25   That's what it was. I pick up picked up the case on Wednesday

01:25:28   The film was coming out two days later and I was making conversation with the with the salesperson and I asked oh, you know

01:25:34   When do you get all the phones in today arrived like, you know Thursday night or whatever and he was like no

01:25:38   They're here now on Wednesday. And so if that's a normal thing that gives you two additional days, you know

01:25:44   If they came in sometime like midday Wednesday or whatever

01:25:47   They could spend all afternoon and all evening Wednesday and all day Thursday and all you know overnight Friday

01:25:53   Getting all these phones ready to hand to customers again. I'm not trying to say that you guys are wrong. I'm saying it is possible

01:25:58   Also, how does how does the watch work?

01:26:01   Like is the is everything flash during manufacturing or do they have something like this?

01:26:06   Before it goes in the box

01:26:08   Does it happen after it's in the box because I got to imagine they've got they've got to have already conquered this

01:26:13   For the watch potentially right by the way real-time follow-up

01:26:16   I just I just checked an unboxing video modern iPhones already shipped face down in the box

01:26:20   So they actually are the back of the iPhone where the charging cable is is actually already close to the top edge of the box

01:26:26   Mmm, that's interesting. Yeah

01:26:29   I mean obviously they'll get it close just for the for the data transfer and the waking up like it has

01:26:33   So obviously some signaling has to happen through the thing

01:26:35   I just wonder if it's close enough for power without a lot of potential for heat

01:26:39   I mean, I guess they could have you know a huge fleet of these pads

01:26:42   And so you're doing many of them in parallel and you just have people rotating the boxes every time something beeps

01:26:47   like you can come up with solutions to this but it's it's I mean

01:26:50   I had to think it had to be in service of the the boat shipment thing because why would you go through all this trouble?

01:26:56   And maybe it's just like it's not feasible to hit the September date with boats

01:26:59   If you're not willing to ship the phones from the factory

01:27:02   With an OS that you essentially know isn't fine on maybe they really will say look

01:27:07   Either you successfully update it by putting it on the little pad or you don't sell it

01:27:11   Right because they'll ship and you know, whatever the beta is

01:27:13   They're like, I don't know what they would ship with but I don't think they've sold it for the phone

01:27:16   That's your question or for the watch. That's your question Casey. I think it's the same deal

01:27:20   They put whatever OS they have at the time on the watches

01:27:22   And if you buy a watch that's been sitting in the back of an Apple store for ages

01:27:25   It's got some ancient version of watch OS on it

01:27:27   It almost seems like I mean we're not at this point now

01:27:29   But like in some future they could ship them with essentially nothing and they would all just like boot and do internet recovery the first

01:27:34   Time they boot up so they don't even come with an OS, you know what I mean?

01:27:37   But I think people would find that tremendously frustrating given how long it takes would take to do that, you know

01:27:43   But at this point it's almost like that it's like yeah, it comes out of the box with an OS but

01:27:48   It demands to be updated as soon as you open the box now

01:27:52   I suppose if it's not like a problem like it was for the 15th where I wouldn't do it could fail during data transfer

01:27:58   Yeah, you could say yeah. Yeah, I'll update you later

01:28:00   Just you know transfer my data and then you know

01:28:03   You get prompted that night to to update or it updates overnight in the phone

01:28:07   like I think that's something that people are normally useful used to but I

01:28:11   Don't if they really if these if they really want to give themselves more breathing room when shipping the phones

01:28:18   Whether it's for a boat trip or not

01:28:20   Just you know just to have more breathing room so they can you know work on the software up until the very last minute. I

01:28:26   Think they'd have to say that like

01:28:29   Yeah, we're gonna update them all like don't sell it unless you can put it on this little pad and it confirms

01:28:33   It's got like whatever the minimum OS is where we say you can sell the phone

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01:29:50   Let's do some ask ATP

01:29:52   And we're gonna start with Luke ask with who writes if you could choose any three fixed focal lengths in your phone

01:29:59   Which would you choose would you go for maximum range at the expense of doing a lot of digital zooming in between steps or a?

01:30:04   closer trio for maximum quality with the photos you take the most often and a follow-up question if Apple introduced a fourth lens to the

01:30:11   Ultra pro max phone next year. What do you think they would choose for me? This is really tough to choose just three

01:30:18   Because I adore the 5x on my fancy new oversized phone

01:30:22   But there are definitely occasions where I want something more than one and something less than five

01:30:27   I feel like if I had to pick I would probably choose one three and five

01:30:33   But I'm not at all confident about my answer here and I bet you after listening to you, too

01:30:38   I'll probably change my mind. Wait one one three and five. Yeah, why not? Because I want to get no wide point

01:30:43   No, no point five

01:30:44   I don't you know if I if I only get three, I don't think so if I get four absolutely

01:30:48   But I don't use the ultra wide the head often. I don't think and but maybe I'm maybe I'm lying to myself

01:30:55   I don't know. Tell me what what is the right answer Marco? I had a really hard time with this honestly

01:31:00   In the in the past when when the 2x didn't have a great solution

01:31:06   I would have said that should be one of them

01:31:09   But now I feel like the the the using of the middle of the 1x sensor as the 2x lens

01:31:14   Has pretty decent quality given that's what it's doing and it has better quality than the real 2x lens has ever had

01:31:20   So I think they're satisfying that okay for now. So I think I'm gonna go with the boring answer and say I

01:31:27   Would probably choose the three focal lengths that your phone already has not mine. My phone has you know, the the 0.5 1 & 3

01:31:36   And I I find the three to be both, you know, two zoomed in to be optically good

01:31:43   In the sense that the phone can't give it a good sensor at that zoomed in level

01:31:48   But not zoomed in enough for for long reach, you know, at least the 5x lens that you have

01:31:53   While it has the same like, you know sensor size and optical

01:31:57   Challenges that the 3x has it at least gives you more reach

01:32:00   So it makes it a little more useful from a functional level

01:32:03   and and I I you know a lot of people like there was there's a great episode of Mac power users Tyler Stallman was on it and

01:32:10   He's a really great photographer and he was talking all about the lenses and one point that he brought up

01:32:14   Is that you know from a photographer's point of view the 120 millimeter equivalent?

01:32:21   5x lens compared to like the like 77 ish millimeter equivalent of the 3x

01:32:26   The 3x lens is actually it's close to 85 millimeters

01:32:30   Which is a much more commonly used focal length by photographers for things like portraits. Whereas 120

01:32:37   It's is much more zoomed in than most photographers use for most creative needs

01:32:42   It's a bit that that becomes, you know, much more like telephoto use, you know long reach stuff

01:32:46   I I mentioned that I personally love shooting on 135 millimeter primes, but that's fairly unusual

01:32:52   most photographers they go to 85 for that and for the same things I was using 135 for I think a lot of

01:32:59   Photographers would say add an 85, you know, that's like you have a you know one

01:33:04   The 85 would be like, you know a 3.5 or whatever and then maybe something longer if you want

01:33:10   but I actually really like 135 millimeter perspective and I I've had 85 before

01:33:17   Back in my camera days and I never used them like I would try it here and there

01:33:21   I was never that happy with it and I so I use them very infrequently

01:33:25   So I'm weird in the sense that I actually want the lenses that Apple just delivered for your phone

01:33:30   But I want them in a phone the size of mine now the follow-up question if they added a fourth lens

01:33:35   Next year to the ultra or pro. What do you think they would choose?

01:33:39   That's of course different from what I would choose

01:33:42   But I think what Apple would choose

01:33:45   It depends on

01:33:48   What they can fit but it wouldn't surprise me if instead of having like on the big phone

01:33:55   If they instead of having point five one and five

01:33:58   Maybe they do something like point five one three and six

01:34:03   You put something in the middle and push the telephoto a little bit further out

01:34:07   They do for what do you think they would choose for us?

01:34:11   I don't think they're in before but if they did they they're gonna do point five one one and three Oh

01:34:15   for video capture for

01:34:18   Two to one X cameras for vision Pro stuff like yeah catches on in any way

01:34:24   Having two of the best cameras that are equal cameras to do vision pro capture

01:34:28   I mean, it's vision pro fizzles then and they do that. It would be a mistake, but

01:34:32   Right now I think that is the most obvious choice for two because they're really cutting it fine to say like oh well

01:34:38   You know, I wanted a different folk like people already I feel like are overwhelmed with I mean, you don't see it

01:34:42   You just see like in the camera app

01:34:43   You just pick what you want

01:34:44   but like

01:34:45   There's more than enough camera lenses to give people the range that they want especially with the advent of the 5x and the fact that people

01:34:50   Don't care about the fact that it's a digital zoom a lot of the time if you pinch way too much

01:34:54   I see my kids do it all the time. They don't know what digital zoom is. They don't care

01:34:58   They just pinch until the picture shows what they want. Oh, yeah, it's like no one gets just it's an oil painting

01:35:03   Like it's just I don't know what sensor is using but I know none of the cameras can zoom at this range

01:35:08   So I just take the picture. They don't care

01:35:10   I have never seen a non nerd out in the world

01:35:14   Use any of the preset focal length buttons in the bottom of the camera app

01:35:18   They always just pinch to zoom wherever they want and that's it and that's fine until you're pinching way past the limit of any of the

01:35:24   Lenses on even like on Casey's thing. Oh, they don't care. It's 20x. It's fine. I want it to be 20x

01:35:29   I can see my kid on stage. Like is that your kid or is that like five blobs of color? No, no one cares except us

01:35:34   Yep, can confirm but we do care for yeah for my three fixed focal length

01:35:41   So we'll hack this question a little bit and say I would just like 0.5 1 & 3

01:35:45   But I want the 3x to be like a huge number of megapixels so I can crop it down to like 6x

01:35:50   And it doesn't look like garbage because that is didn't specify within given sensor technology or within the current sensor sizes

01:35:55   Just give me a huge number a number of pixels on a sensor in a 3x because I don't the thing about the 5x is

01:36:02   I like the 3x kind of you know, I don't want to be that zoomed in all the time

01:36:05   It's the same thing you were talking about Casey were like that's a big jump from the 1 from the 1/2 to the 5

01:36:11   That's why I want a 3 with enough pixels that I can crop down to 5 or 6

01:36:15   if that's not possible, I would just still do 0.5 1 & 3 and the reason I keep pushing for the 0.5 is

01:36:21   There are situations where there's no alternative

01:36:25   To that like in particular like if you're trying to take a picture of an interior space

01:36:29   Not that you're a realtor or whatever, but like even just like I was moving my son into his dorm room

01:36:33   It's a little dorm room and you want to show like here's what Alex's dorm room looks like

01:36:37   It's like a picture over to whatever

01:36:38   0.5, you know you're back into a corner you put it on 0.5. You can see all the stuff, right?

01:36:43   Yeah, any kind of interior thing or any kind of like fun landscape thing? It's the same like I don't love the 0.5 camera

01:36:50   It's not great, but it's just like the 3x like sometimes if you just have a 5 and a 1

01:36:55   There's nothing you can do to get that 3 or the 0.5. So I want to span the range like yeah

01:36:59   It's not gonna look great

01:37:00   But I got the 0.5 I can get that shot now even though it's not great and the 3 lets me get that shot without

01:37:06   You know having to like zoom in on the 1x before I can jump to the 5 so that's a boring answer

01:37:11   But it's yeah, it's the it's the lenses I've got on my phone right now

01:37:14   I just want the 3x one to have so many more megapixels that I can crop it down to get the equivalent of a 5x

01:37:19   Or 6x. I know talking in these X's is silly because you know Marco was talking in millimeters like actual camera things

01:37:25   but like when I think of my phone I think of it in terms of

01:37:28   0.5 1 2 3 or whatever because that's the language that Apple uses with its things and because honestly the focal lengths

01:37:36   Like I don't have any intuition about them because the sensors are so small

01:37:40   right that the someone sent us like the table of like

01:37:43   What is the full frame equivalent of the light gathering ability at various focal lengths and it's it's like off the charts like I think

01:37:49   it was like a 3x and the lens was like

01:37:51   F21 equivalent or something. It's just like these numbers don't make any sense in real camera parlance

01:37:58   So I'm sticking with the the 0.5 1x 3x. Yeah, I think it's I always think back to the distinction

01:38:04   I talked about recently the distinction between

01:38:07   You know, I'm using my iPhone camera to take a great picture

01:38:10   Versus I'm using my iPhone camera for some kind of function like, you know, like a functional need like, you know

01:38:16   I want to remember what where I'm parked

01:38:18   So let me get snap a picture of the sign and the lot that says or I'm gonna picture of a receipt or something up

01:38:23   Close. Yeah, like there's so many there's so many times that I'm using the iPhone camera

01:38:27   For some some kind of functional need not some kind of artistic or memory capture need

01:38:33   And in those it those are the times when I use things like the 3x to zoom in to see oh

01:38:38   I'm in parking zone

01:38:39   You know 3 blue or I use the 0.5 X to so I can say look here's the room and you know

01:38:44   What's that? Like there there are so many times like that where?

01:38:46   The the optical quality is not super important

01:38:51   But what's important is trying to capture some kind of information or or see some kind of information

01:38:56   And so isn't the point isn't the point five the only macro one as well. There's no switches to for macro

01:39:00   Yes, it can focus the closest. Yeah, I mean and macro people use I use of that all the time all the time

01:39:05   I reach my phone around the back of an appliance take a picture with the flash so I can see what the stupid serial number

01:39:10   Is 0.5 because I'm gonna be a centimeter from it like that is a functional need. Yeah, exactly like that

01:39:15   Have having close focus ability is

01:39:17   Extremely useful on a phone camera. So that's why like as much as like, you know, try trying to capture

01:39:23   Like artistically pleasing pictures at super wide focal lengths is difficult

01:39:29   It's not like and and optically that sensor is not great

01:39:32   but

01:39:34   That is a very functionally useful camera

01:39:38   The 0.5 is very functionally useful

01:39:40   So I don't want to give it up even though I never use it for like artistic reasons

01:39:44   But the one X is you know, where where I'm taking most my pictures and it looks pretty good most of the time etc

01:39:51   etc, so I looked I mean honestly I would rather have it like if I had to if they gave me like a certain number of

01:39:58   You know, I guess square square millimeters of sensor size to spend whoever I wanted

01:40:03   I would put it all in the 1x sensor like leave the 0.5 where it is

01:40:07   It's fine and then put any any other possible camera expansion you're willing to do

01:40:12   Make the 1x sensor bigger and better that I'd rather have that than almost anything else

01:40:17   Nick writes

01:40:19   Is there any way to add music to the music app on iOS without a Mac or PC or buying it via iTunes?

01:40:24   For example with new computer access at all. I don't listen enough to justify monthly fees for Spotify or Apple music

01:40:30   If not, is there an app that can do this?

01:40:31   I don't know what it is with all you people in refusing to buy computers these days

01:40:35   I know I I don't have any freaking clue. I've got nothing

01:40:40   Yeah

01:40:40   I do wonder we talk about this all the time that the iPhone or the iPad is like the primary only computer for so many

01:40:45   People it's just you know people I know this is a show for people who are quote unquote into computers and we think of that

01:40:49   Being Macs or you know, the windows will have been being PCs

01:40:53   But I do wonder you know, just I think most people just get by with their phone and it's it's true if they're you know

01:40:59   someone writing this in knows that it used to be possible like if they had or Mac or PC there are ways to do it

01:41:05   Because there's some app that you can run on your Mac or your PC that you can transfer

01:41:08   mp3 files onto your phone and listen to them for like but what if I don't have our Mac a PC?

01:41:12   What do I do then?

01:41:14   It's probably this question that says I want to add music to the music app as in the Apple music app

01:41:19   I'm sure there are third-party music playing apps that let you do this

01:41:23   like maybe they even use the camera connection kit where you just plug in a thing and like put an SD card and read your

01:41:28   mp3s off of it like

01:41:30   You could do that

01:41:31   But the music app Apple's music app like essentially how do you get the things into your quote unquote?

01:41:35   iTunes library within a mat without a Mac or a PC

01:41:38   There are ways to do it

01:41:41   the only one I got to the point where I was

01:41:44   Going to try like I started walking through the process was using garage band believe it or not because apparently you can put something

01:41:50   You can put something at iCloud Drive and then garage band can pull it from iCloud Drive

01:41:57   And then garage band can send it to your iTunes lot your quote-unquote iTunes library

01:42:02   That makes me think there's got to be is that a public API the garage man

01:42:07   There's got to be some way to get things

01:42:09   Like but it just it seems so weird that there would be no way at all to this and the reason I put this

01:42:14   You know think this is relevant to what we're talking about is we just got done talking about

01:42:17   Hey, I've got an iPad and I want to back up my photos

01:42:19   Besides just doing iCloud thing. What can I use for that?

01:42:23   So I guess right in if you know a way to do this

01:42:27   Is there a third-party app that can jam things into your quote unquote iTunes library?

01:42:31   The question and I know people are gonna say just use this third-party app that has nothing to do with Apple's music app

01:42:36   But that's not what the question asks. And if the answer to this is like garage band or nothing. That's not a great answer

01:42:42   also

01:42:43   So what Nick says in this question is I don't listen enough to justify monthly fees for Spotify or Apple music

01:42:50   That kind of sounds to me like Nick wouldn't have iTunes match either

01:42:54   Apple music includes iTunes match and I choose match was that feature a million years ago where you could basically sync your Apple

01:43:02   Sync your iTunes music library with files that you uploaded between different devices that you owned at that point max

01:43:09   This is before iPhones even existed. I think or at least it was around that time. No, I think it was during iPhone time

01:43:16   But anyway, so this would require iTunes match

01:43:19   I would or that or the equivalent functionality in Apple music because you're what you're asking is somehow add files

01:43:25   I guess if you're if you're adding it from your phone

01:43:28   Do you want it to be available in the music app on your phone? So maybe it wouldn't count as a different device

01:43:33   But I don't know regardless. The answer is basically no

01:43:35   Yeah, I mean there's always the garage band approach and you can google for it. It's it's Byzantine though

01:43:40   I would never try to do it for

01:43:42   You know large volumes of music you basically have to make a new garage band track and pull a thing into it as like an

01:43:47   Instrument or a loop or something is the one and only track and then it's it's ridiculous

01:43:51   I gave up before I accomplish it, but I do believe that it is possible

01:43:55   iTunes match over some discussion about this recently. I recently unsubscribed from iTunes match which I had been subscribed to out of fear for ages

01:44:02   Yeah

01:44:02   No

01:44:02   I'm also an app subscriber and I unsubscribe to it and they're like everything went fine. Nothing bad happened

01:44:08   but apparently what this means is that

01:44:11   If you were to read download a song from your library on another device

01:44:15   If you had iTunes match and that song was something you like ripped from a CD and put into your library

01:44:20   If you subscribe to iTunes match when you read download that on another device like saying I don't have it on this device

01:44:26   But I know I uploaded to my max music library and I subscribe to iTunes match

01:44:30   So here I am on this other computer or this other device. I should be able to download that that particular file

01:44:35   If you subscribe to iTunes match you get a DRM free if you don't subscribe to iTunes match when you download that file you get

01:44:41   a DRM copy and the whole thing with iTunes match is what they're saying is we will match your songs like

01:44:47   What you just want is like, how about I just put a bunch of mp3s in a folder and you sync them everywhere Apple

01:44:51   And I can play them. How about that and Apple says no what Apple says is okay

01:44:55   You ripped a bunch of mp3s from CDs back in the 90s, right and you put them in your iTunes library

01:45:00   What we'll do is we'll analyze those mp3s

01:45:03   Figure out what song we think it is and then put a little bit in your database entry that says

01:45:09   Okay, this person has this song by this artist because we saw they had an mp3 over here

01:45:13   And so when they're on another machine and they ask us hey, can I get that song that I wrote for my CD?

01:45:18   We're not gonna take the file from their Mac and upload it to the cloud and download it. No, no

01:45:23   No, we're gonna do is look for our little record and says yeah

01:45:26   We saw your mp3 and we think it's this song by this artist if you're an iTunes match subscriber

01:45:31   Here's a DRM free copy of it

01:45:32   If you're not here's an Apple music DRM and covered copy of it and you're like, but I've got a DRM free mp3 over there

01:45:37   Why don't you just give me that one? I ripped out at 128 kilobits per second in 1994

01:45:42   Yes, you give me that file and Apple again says no. So I think this is like a weird system. That's a

01:45:48   You know has weird historical baggage behind it the fact that it's called a match the whole idea is they are matching your mp3s

01:45:55   With what song they think it is and deciding what version to give to you

01:45:58   I don't regret unsubscribing around doing this match, but I just match of all the Apple services. It was a bargain

01:46:03   It was $25 for an entire year and what essentially gave you was the illusion of you know

01:46:08   A folder that syncs filled with your music again. There's got to be third-party music apps

01:46:13   They're just like I don't know or anything or care anything about Apple and iTunes

01:46:16   You just give me a bunch of mp3s and I'll sync them everywhere and you could you could do that yourself with Dropbox or whatever

01:46:21   I guess you could just play them from the Dropbox interface like, you know

01:46:24   You can fashion yourself your own third-party music playing application out of one of these many cloud sync services, but Apple music is

01:46:31   very encumbered by historical baggage and weirdness and I think

01:46:36   Part of the result of that is the answer to next question is at least we don't know a good way to do it. Yeah

01:46:41   Rock Ripley writes

01:46:43   I just got a Synology and was working on making the Synology available when away from home for you know, basically via the internet

01:46:49   Well, there's more than one way to do this

01:46:51   It seems as though you get the fastest connection if you log into the Synology through either a VPN report

01:46:55   Forwarding the internet seems to prefer the VPN especially open VPN for security reasons

01:47:00   Can someone explain why this is so it's it looks like many Synology services only require HTTPS on port 5001

01:47:06   And I can only gain access after logging in with my credentials

01:47:09   So it seems conservatively I could get access to many services by making one or only a few ports available and by using an encrypted

01:47:15   Connection similarly a VPN requires an encrypted connection and logging credentials

01:47:19   So I would want to be more secure than the other is that the nature of the encryption the fact that practically many ports need

01:47:24   To be forwarded make port forwarding workable or something else

01:47:26   the way I look at this is

01:47:30   The safest approach is to not let anything

01:47:34   Poke into your network until you've already passed some sort of credential check

01:47:40   So in order to get onto the network that you know remotely it and this is by some VPN

01:47:46   I don't personally use open VPN, but you know, that's fine

01:47:48   Then you first in order to get on the network you need to authenticate and then yeah

01:47:52   It's a second layer of authentication get into the Synology. I

01:47:55   Don't personally think that's necessary, but I think that is probably the rightest answer for me

01:48:02   I port forward a couple of selective ports when appropriate and

01:48:06   Turn on a lot of the Synology's protections for like, you know

01:48:09   Oh, I'm gonna try 17,000 logins and hope that it doesn't you lock me out or whatever the case may be

01:48:15   I don't know John you probably have a stronger feeling and or answer about this

01:48:21   What is your recommendation or how would you like to explain it? Yeah, I don't have a strong feeling about it

01:48:25   If I had to do it, I would probably do the VPN approach

01:48:29   Maybe it's just all those years in corporate America getting me used to the idea of signing into a VPN

01:48:33   It just seems like a natural thing to do to protect the network

01:48:35   And even though as you noted once you're on that network

01:48:38   There are still many more layers of password

01:48:40   But I personally choose to do is not expose my Synology to the internet. So that solves that problem sort of

01:48:46   but yeah, like it, you know my

01:48:49   all of our home network security is

01:48:52   Probably not as good as it should be just because doing that type of stuff is a pain and if you're not even if you

01:48:57   Are a network administrator by trade, but even if you're not it's just like you just want it

01:49:01   You just want to not have to think about it

01:49:03   You just want to buy reasonably secure stuff and my strategy is like just don't expose anything to the internet if you can possibly help

01:49:08   it

01:49:08   And you know if you can get away with that then you know, don't worry about it

01:49:14   But if I had to do it, yeah, I would go with VPN

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01:50:10   NT Marco Armin

01:50:13   SIR AC

01:50:16   USA Syracuse

01:50:18   It's accidental

01:50:20   I

01:50:31   Have a very small mini thing. That's not even really a topic. It's more of a sentence. I have noticed

01:50:37   For whatever it's worth the Apple watch series 9. I

01:50:42   Miss my titanium, but one thing I do not miss is

01:50:47   Times during a workout with previous Apple watches where I looked down and check my heart rate and it would just be dimmed out because it

01:50:53   Just wouldn't read for a little while

01:50:55   Yeah, that's very frustrating the Apple watch series 9 and ultra 2

01:51:00   One of the features they they very briefly breezed past in their direction is they both with with their new neural engine capabilities

01:51:08   with the s9

01:51:10   They've upgraded the heart monitoring sensor as well the heart rate monitoring sensor to use some kind of ml

01:51:17   To figure out your heart rate better and I have noticed for whatever it's worth so far in my workouts using the series 9

01:51:24   Every single time I glanced out the watch to see my heart rate. It's there and it's updating pretty frequently. That's nice

01:51:31   so I think that actually is I mean, I think they kind of underplayed the the importance of that if I'm if I'm right about this, but

01:51:38   That's it seems like a pretty big upgrade that it seems like it is tracking my heart rate very

01:51:45   Significantly better than the old ones did and this is the same size watch with the same strap at the same hole

01:51:51   So like, you know, it's not it isn't like it's a tighter fit or anything

01:51:54   Like it's it's the big watch with the but the sport strap on the third hole like it

01:51:59   This is what I owe I've used this for a long time now. I've had the same the same results

01:52:04   You know with with previous Apple watches

01:52:07   It was the same like it would work a lot of the time

01:52:09   But a lot of times you look down and you'd see that great out heart rate. The new one seems

01:52:15   significantly improved in that area, so

01:52:17   While I do very much miss my titanium. That is a pretty cool upgrade that I think no one really is talking about

01:52:24   All right, we actually get to bed at a reasonable time tonight

01:52:30   Fire on all cylinders. Yeah. Yeah, but not not you though, cuz you know how many cylinders no. Oh my god

01:52:36   It's so good. It was in his brakes

01:52:39   My my one thing I've been doing recently in the Rivian is so part of the beach is closed because of

01:52:46   Various erosion problems that have happened and it's like it's too narrow to drive on so I have to drive on the the like interior

01:52:53   Sand road for more of the trip now. It's basically a driving through a nature preserve but with occasional houses and

01:53:00   One thing I have discovered and I absolutely love it is because it's electric and therefore it's basically silent

01:53:07   Oh, there's an asterisk on that but it's basically silent

01:53:10   What I've been doing when I've been driving through that kind of like sandy nature preserve area is just rolling the windows down

01:53:15   Turning off the music and turning off the H back. So it's just

01:53:19   nothing and just

01:53:22   Quietly like silently gliding through and because I'm on soft sand. There's only not any tire noise

01:53:27   So the only noise I hear is like the little tiny

01:53:33   Wooshing noise that the car has to make to comply with like pedestrian safety standards. I was gonna say like that

01:53:38   All these cars make some kind of noise so you don't run over pedestrians

01:53:41   Yeah, so it's so it has a very slight whooshing noise

01:53:44   But it's I gotta say Rivian's version of it is is pretty

01:53:48   Tasteful and I mean I would say difficult to notice which I know might be going against its purpose

01:53:53   But you know it is a very tastefully done. It's like I've heard. Yeah everything the Rivian is nature sounds right?

01:53:59   It's like birds chirping and stuff like that is it making those because I was gonna say I enjoy listening to the birds

01:54:04   Not for not for the enough for the idle sound

01:54:07   But like like when you unlock it and stuff like that isn't that all like nature sounds

01:54:11   Um I don't think there's a lot. It doesn't make a lot of sounds at all which is good frankly

01:54:15   Uh, you know I don't want my cars to make a lot of sounds, but but yeah anyway

01:54:19   I've loved just like hearing the birds and the crickets and the sand and like the waves like oh my god

01:54:25   It is it is delightful

01:54:28   Silence the car and just creep through this wonderful sand you know environment

01:54:32   It like brightens my day every time it's so it's so nice

01:54:36   It's it's like this little joy that you know I would never have expected

01:54:40   You know with this change to electric cars, but it just it happened just so happens like

01:54:45   What a cool thing. I'm really enjoying this. I just told Tiff today like I'm I'm so happy with this vehicle

01:54:51   I hope it stays good. That's my only concern now is like what's gonna break

01:54:56   What are you gonna ruin by software updates you worried about that or you worry about stuff breaking?

01:55:00   Well, did you see what uh what Steven put in slack actually just a hour so good

01:55:05   They're actually they they literally just did a software update like I I told my car to do it right before the show it popped

01:55:11   up I'll see tomorrow how it is but

01:55:14   You know they're changing a whole bunch of various things around but so far I?

01:55:18   Have found their UI to be pretty good. It's not perfect. I still want carplay for navigation and music

01:55:26   But their UI overall is pretty good. I'm pretty happy with it so far

01:55:32   They have they have earned my trust that they won't screw it up too badly simply because of the design. They've shown so far

01:55:39   We'll see over time. I mean look I originally said I enjoyed Tesla's UI for a while, too

01:55:45   And then over time they got new designers in there and ruined it

01:55:49   So we'll see you know hopefully that that same thing won't happen to Rivian, but so far. I'm

01:55:56   So enjoying this vehicle

01:55:58   Is one of the sounds as you silently glide through the in road trail the sounds of bushes?

01:56:04   Scraping their branches against the side of your paint job a little bit. Yeah sometimes

01:56:07   So wide you know sound or splashing myself through a giant deep puddle because you know it's very very bumpy

01:56:15   Yeah, do you get to like I mean I was gonna say maybe you get to sneak up on animals more

01:56:19   But I imagine the little electronic whooshing is probably scaring them away

01:56:22   Oh, no the only animals that that are nearby that that are irrelevant or dear. They're on Friday

01:56:27   Oh, yes, like I literally I drove right past a giant buck today like it was maybe eight feet away from the cars

01:56:33   I crept by and it just looked at me like what the hell am I doing there?

01:56:37   It's gonna screw more things to screw up your paint job and bring those antlers over. Yeah, I

01:56:41   Just hear the the electronic speaking of whooshing sounds so there's the external whooshing sound to protect

01:56:48   pedestrians and stuff, but there's also of course the internal sounds that every car plays on the speaker - or not every car

01:56:54   But the sportier cars play to make you feel like you're doing something sporty obviously the internal combustion noise that we talked about for ages

01:57:00   But like the some electric cars do it as well and some there are some cars that choose to try to make an internal combustion

01:57:07   Noise which is weird

01:57:08   But a lot of them also they come up with some sort of electronic sci-fi noise that they decide is

01:57:13   exciting sounding for when you're accelerating and the the most interesting one I heard recently was the

01:57:18   The Corvette E-Ray, which is c8 Corvette with the this regular v8, but then on the front axle

01:57:25   It's got an electric motor that is completely independent and totally not attached to the rear of the car in any way whatsoever

01:57:30   Except for through computers, which is fun and that's got a skinny little tiny battery in the center tunnel

01:57:35   Anyway, when you accelerate in that thing, obviously, it's got the actual v8 noise big loud engine

01:57:41   Then I think it also has artificial v8 noise because why wouldn't it and then it has the sci-fi noise

01:57:48   That it ramps up as you go faster

01:57:50   By the time you're going fast, it's the sci-fi noise like dominates the actual v8 noise. It's so weird. It's very Star Trek II

01:57:58   It definitely looks fun in YouTube videos, but as the some of the reviews said like it's fun the first few days

01:58:03   But it gets tiring. I don't know if you could turn it off

01:58:05   they didn't say that you could but

01:58:07   I'm not looking forward to the day when I have to worry about the sounds that my cars artificially making

01:58:12   In the hopes that I will be excited by them

01:58:15   Not look forward to that at all. That's right for you and me if we decide to stick with burning dead dinosaurs

01:58:22   apparently the only people will be able to get a car from him is Porsche because they're saying

01:58:27   until we electrify we're keeping the manuals and

01:58:29   I don't believe anything any of these car companies say

01:58:32   Because the people who say it

01:58:34   Get fired or leave and the new people come and that's the problem remember when I was uh, the the CEO Ferrari said

01:58:39   We'll make an SUV over my dead body. Ah, then they fired him. They got a new CEO and I made an SUV

01:58:45   Yep, so

01:58:47   Yeah, Porsche will do that until they won't yeah, it's not a stick shift like honestly, it's this like at this point

01:58:53   I don't even think it's safe for me to buy internal combustion combustion engine because

01:58:56   Start stop I cannot I cannot handle start stop

01:59:00   It's really annoying a lot of cars let you disable it

01:59:03   But then they re-enable it every time you start the car kind of like the I think they have to timeline and threads

01:59:07   Probably but like some of them have like an easy way to defeat it of like putting a jumper on a fuse or doing some

01:59:12   secret code or whatever but like I don't want to have to look to see is it possible to have this car with the start-stop thing

01:59:18   Like permanently disabled or is it possibly even buy one without it anymore?

01:59:21   Like same thing with like the rev lockouts like it's not a big deal

01:59:25   But like all the usual videos of like no, I got a fancy new car

01:59:29   I listen to my engine rev room room, you know that type of thing

01:59:32   All of them have soft limiters on them that say hey when you're sitting idle and the car is like not moving

01:59:37   You can't go higher than 3,000 rpm. Why emissions testing?

01:59:41   It's like everything is about you know

01:59:43   Do something that makes the car worse so we can fake like the car is better than it is within these tests. The car is

01:59:50   Not as good as it says but like all if we don't let you rev it more than 3,000

01:59:54   Then the idle emissions will never be above it's just so dumb. So depressing. I just want a straightforward machine

02:00:00   There's there's an easy solution here. I mean the electronic ones make a weird electronic noise

02:00:06   I would want an electric car. Obviously I understand the pedestrian safety. That's got to be you know, make the noise on the outside

02:00:10   I get that and hopefully would be pleasing noise not annoying one, but inside the car. I don't want to hear anything

02:00:15   Like and the problem is the sound the actual sound of electric cars is not

02:00:19   Particularly pleasing so you kind of got to try to block it all out like the actual sound of like electric engine wine

02:00:26   Not our official like the real sound. Oh, I like it

02:00:29   It's not a great noise because it sounds like like in the same way that like, you know

02:00:33   A gas gas engine sounds are not pleasing at first when it looked the very first time you ever hear a gas engine sound

02:00:40   It just sounds like, you know a long fart

02:00:44   but the reason why you find it pleasing to have like a big engine sound after a while is because you associate that sound with

02:00:52   Performance and and the going and that that's not just it

02:00:56   There is there are pleasing engine internal combustion sounds mostly probably because they sound like animal noises and then animal noises

02:01:02   They sound like animal gas noises, but but like not all of them

02:01:05   No

02:01:06   But I'm saying like you associate you come to associate those sounds with the the speed and the performance that you like

02:01:12   Well, what once you drive electric you come to associate the electric motor sounds with speed and performance

02:01:20   And so those sound good to you once you are used to them being a positive thing

02:01:23   I mean, I thought I'm not gonna I'm not against them. I don't think they sound bad

02:01:27   I just find them because mostly because the higher pitch I think it's what it comes down to right

02:01:31   you know what I mean like higher pitch noises can be more annoying and

02:01:33   Unlike internal combustion engines where there's so much work done to especially back in the olden days before

02:01:40   catalytic converters and emissions testing or whatever to try to tune the noise that you hear when you're sitting inside the car to be the

02:01:49   Most pleasing to you lots of cars had things where they would have various

02:01:52   Baffles and stuff that they open and close into the cabin of the car

02:01:56   So that it sounds better inside the car because you're right lots of there are lots of noises that don't sound good in internal combustion

02:02:01   engines, but they would tune them to say let's let in the good sounds at the right point in the you know

02:02:07   the the whole emissions and think like so they come into the cabin to sound good or even just

02:02:12   But put as being put it in a big induction scoop over the hood of the car

02:02:15   So that's right behind your head or whatever

02:02:17   But I'm not sure there are a lot of good sounds to funnel into the cabin from electric motors. There are just

02:02:23   the sort of high-pitched wind of electric motors that there's not a lot of nuance and there are there is a lot of like

02:02:30   There are bad sounds that you want to funnel out, but I'm not sure how much you can make it good

02:02:34   It seems like every car maker has decided for both these kinds of engines

02:02:37   Whatever it sounded makes for real. We don't want any of that

02:02:40   We will we'll just get a sound designer to make up some BS

02:02:45   Whether it's a BS internal combustion engine or a BS sci-fi

02:02:48   Spaceship noise and we want you to hear that and to the degree that we can totally damp the actual sound our car is making

02:02:54   We'll do that

02:02:56   If only we could all drive slowly on sand then we wouldn't have tire noise either

02:02:59   It is really well

02:03:02   I I would love I don't know how realistic or legal this would be or even if it's a good idea

02:03:07   But I would love if the vehicle is in off-road mode if it didn't make the sound I

02:03:13   Think that's kind of reasonable, but I don't know. That's just that's just a random thought. Oh, you're run over people in the woods, too

02:03:19   Like I yeah, I'm sure there's some compliance reason why they can't do that

02:03:23   Yeah

02:03:23   Although you could find whatever fuse it is or some secret code that you enter into the infotainment system that turns off the external sound

02:03:29   Making you a yellow killing machine

02:03:31   [door closes]

02:03:33   [BLANK_AUDIO]