Developing Perspective

Developing a New Perspective


00:00:00   Hello.

00:00:02   This is not developing perspective, or at least not in the way that you may have expected.

00:00:07   My name is still David Smith, but today I instead am doing a quick episode to announce

00:00:13   something that I'm extraordinarily excited about.

00:00:16   I am delighted to say that I'm starting a new podcast discussing my experiences and

00:00:22   perspectives on development.

00:00:24   It's called Under the Radar, and it's going to be on the Find Real AFM network.

00:00:29   And rather than just being myself kind of monologuing into my closet by myself, I'm

00:00:34   delighted to say that it's going to be co-hosted with Marco Arment.

00:00:40   Back in the day when I first started doing podcasting, one of the things that really

00:00:44   got me into it was back in 2010, there's a little podcast called Build and Analyze with

00:00:51   Marco Arment and Dan Benjamin.

00:00:54   And I wasn't particularly familiar with either of them and their work before I started listening

00:00:58   into this podcast, but it seemed relevant to my work.

00:01:00   Marco was a mobile app developer,

00:01:02   or at least starting to be, and it just drew me in.

00:01:07   And I remember distinctly sitting down every week,

00:01:11   I listened live in the chat rooms, adjusted titles.

00:01:14   It was one of the things that,

00:01:15   one of the highlights of my week each week

00:01:18   was listening to Build and Analyze.

00:01:20   And in many ways, it was the show that got me

00:01:24   into podcasting in the first place,

00:01:26   that seeing the impact that Build and Analyze

00:01:29   had had on my own career,

00:01:32   and the ability for me to learn from Marco's mistakes,

00:01:35   learn from his successes,

00:01:37   to see and share and to appreciate what he was doing

00:01:40   in sharing his experience made me want to start podcasting.

00:01:43   And so, back in July of 2011, I did that.

00:01:48   I started doing Developing Perspective

00:01:50   and have fairly consistently been able to do it ever since

00:01:53   for just shy of four and a half years.

00:01:56   It's something that I'm very proud of.

00:01:59   And developing perspective is probably one of the most

00:02:03   important to me outputs of my work

00:02:05   in the last four and a half years.

00:02:07   It's something that I really,

00:02:11   it's a funny thing to describe,

00:02:13   but I'm so glad that I have to be able to look back

00:02:16   and refer to, that it captures my work

00:02:18   and what I was thinking and what I was doing

00:02:20   in a way that is hard to recreate.

00:02:23   But it's time, I think, to embark on something new.

00:02:27   And that's where this idea for starting a new podcast

00:02:29   and to start one with Marco came from.

00:02:32   It's to try and find a different way,

00:02:36   to find a way to more richly

00:02:38   and deeply share my experiences.

00:02:40   The thing that I've always most struggled with

00:02:43   with developing perspective

00:02:44   is that because it's just one voice,

00:02:46   because it's just me sitting down for 15 minutes

00:02:49   and pouring out my thoughts, there's no back and forth.

00:02:52   There's no dialogue.

00:02:53   There's nothing forcing me to go deeper

00:02:58   and to challenge the assumptions I'm making

00:03:00   and to have kind of a rich discussion,

00:03:02   to have kind of that experience

00:03:04   where you start off thinking one thing

00:03:06   and someone asks you a few probing questions

00:03:08   and you can end up in a much better place.

00:03:10   It's something that I wish I would have had

00:03:13   in developing perspective.

00:03:15   And now I'm so delighted to finally have,

00:03:17   find the right venue, find the right opportunity to do that.

00:03:21   So we're starting a new podcast, Marco and I.

00:03:23   It's called Under the Radar.

00:03:24   It'll be on relay FM, like I said.

00:03:26   It'll never be longer than 30 minutes.

00:03:28   So if you like the shorter, more focused version

00:03:30   that you've probably gotten used to

00:03:32   on Developing Perspective, it still has that going for it.

00:03:34   And we're just gonna talk about being,

00:03:37   what it's like being a developer today.

00:03:38   In many ways, if you liked building an analyze

00:03:41   back in the day, or you've been enjoying

00:03:42   Developing Perspective, I'm sure you'll find it

00:03:45   good, useful, engaging.

00:03:47   We're gonna be discussing many of the same things,

00:03:49   what it's like to be a developer,

00:03:50   the challenges we face, the opportunities we see,

00:03:52   the lessons we've learned.

00:03:53   As we're going through projects and developing them,

00:03:55   I'm sure we'll discuss them.

00:03:57   And it's just trying to capture what it is

00:03:59   to be a developer in these days.

00:04:01   And probably, you know, with an emphasis

00:04:02   on being an independent app developer,

00:04:04   the thing that we both are and that we share,

00:04:07   and the difficulties and challenges

00:04:09   that come from being that are kind of,

00:04:11   in many ways, a unique thing.

00:04:12   So I'd encourage you to subscribe.

00:04:15   There's gonna be a bunch of links in the show notes,

00:04:16   And I really hope that you enjoy the show

00:04:20   and can find a way to fit it into your podcasting playlist.

00:04:25   And as I wrap this up though,

00:04:28   I just wanted to say how grateful I am

00:04:29   for everybody who supported Developing Perspective

00:04:32   over the last four and a half years.

00:04:33   It's became something that I never imagined

00:04:35   when I started off that it could ever be.

00:04:38   I started off just me,

00:04:39   and if you go back and listen to episode one,

00:04:41   it's me with a Logitech USB headset that I had for gaming,

00:04:46   just talking at my desk and the quality is kind of terrible.

00:04:50   The way I spoke was kind of terrible,

00:04:52   but that was the start of something

00:04:54   that has been a very important part in my life,

00:04:58   both professionally and personally.

00:04:59   I've met a lot of people through podcasting.

00:05:01   I've had a lot of opportunities open up to me as a result

00:05:05   of sharing my experiences.

00:05:06   And I'm very grateful for that.

00:05:07   And that is in many ways possible

00:05:09   just because of listeners like you

00:05:11   who have supported me in it,

00:05:12   who have encouraged me to continue doing it

00:05:15   and there have been times when I didn't want to do it for whatever reason,

00:05:19   you know, that there is nothing more motivating than someone saying,

00:05:21   "Oh, I really miss your show. When's the next episode?"

00:05:23   And I wanted to say thank you for that.

00:05:26   Anyway, I hope you enjoy the new show.

00:05:28   Like I said, I think you really will if you liked this one.

00:05:30   And, you know, on to better and new things.

00:05:34   Let's get started.