The Incomparable

236: Lived Long and Prospered


  the in tom parental number 236 februari [TS]

  2015 welcome back everybody to the [TS]

  incomparable i'm your host Jason L this [TS]

  is something that we didn't plan but we [TS]

  record this on Friday februari 27 2015 [TS]

  and woke up this morning or just as I [TS]

  was sitting down to work this morning to [TS]

  the news that Leonard Nimoy mr. Spock to [TS]

  us all passed away today and you know it [TS]

  took some time to process it and thought [TS]

  maybe we could get some people together [TS]

  and talk about him a little bit for a [TS]

  special episode of the podcast and so [TS]

  that is what you're listening to now [TS]

  joining me to talk about it are my my [TS]

  pals they're here with me now David [TS]

  Laura hello i am I gotta say this is not [TS]

  the way to bank episodes and get a hit [TS]

  on episodes but we can do you know it [TS]

  definitely was worth talking about your [TS]

  cat rummaging through things now my cat [TS]

  is ribbon cup caper [TS]

  oh that's he's nesting he's nesting [TS]

  ruiner of podcast the cats see lots of [TS]

  p'kat just is kind enough to just poop [TS]

  in the room that you singing quietly [TS]

  also also with us [TS]

  indian taco hi Andy I have a cat free [TS]

  silence that is sometimes like a close [TS]

  to him [TS]

  that's interesting I I Lord is the sound [TS]

  of no cats playing very soon always it's [TS]

  actually it's not so much i have no cats [TS]

  i have cat and no cat in opposite hands [TS]

  at the same time one of them is dead and [TS]

  is alive [TS]

  yea indeed and also of course we're [TS]

  talking about things really start Trek [TS]

  Scott McNulty has has has pulled himself [TS]

  out of his sickbed to join us hi Scott [TS]

  well I wish it was a better topic kind [TS]

  of a happier topic i should say but I'm [TS]

  happy to be here so you know I don't [TS]

  obviously we don't have a really really [TS]

  plan here i am maybe a good place to [TS]

  start would beat it for for everybody to [TS]

  talk about what [TS]

  you know what mr. Spock or Leonard Nimoy [TS]

  or both meant to them i think that i [TS]

  think that might be a nice way to to [TS]

  remember him at least it's a start i'll [TS]

  point out just going first my I can't [TS]

  remember i said this in previous pockets [TS]

  i can't remember life before Star Trek [TS]

  and I was thinking about today I can't [TS]

  remember life before knowing Star Trek [TS]

  like you know like every episode cold I [TS]

  I remember I can't remember seeing a [TS]

  star trek episode and thinking oh I [TS]

  don't know what happens in this one I [TS]

  just have no memory of that this is it [TS]

  was a fundamental part of my my [TS]

  childhood and obviously mr. Spock was a [TS]

  huge part of that and it's uh so on on [TS]

  that level yeah it part of this is me [TS]

  thinking back to my childhood and and [TS]

  losing a person who was a very important [TS]

  part of it because that was just it [TS]

  affected me so much to have a dead star [TS]

  trek and Kirk and Spock McCoy were just [TS]

  they were friends they were they were [TS]

  people I looked up to there were people [TS]

  I model myself after on the on the [TS]

  playground right i mean it pretty pretty [TS]

  dramatic and then through the years [TS]

  through the the Star Trek films when I [TS]

  was a teenager and you know through his [TS]

  appearances in various things even as [TS]

  recently as a couple years ago just [TS]

  somebody that I I thought we could talk [TS]

  about this a little more later I got [TS]

  handled the fact that he was going to be [TS]

  he had a great luck of being attached to [TS]

  this amazing character and as an actor I [TS]

  think the misfortune in a way of being [TS]

  attached to such as an indelible [TS]

  character and yet I think he wore it [TS]

  well and embraced the fact that he was [TS]

  going to be associated with this [TS]

  character and of all the characters to [TS]

  be associated with pretty good one so [TS]

  but definitely I'm definitely an [TS]

  emotional moment this morning in hearing [TS]

  I mean we heard that he had been taken [TS]

  to the hospital and and not a lot more [TS]

  after that my thought that's you know [TS]

  that's and I've been there I've been my [TS]

  father was a born the same year is [TS]

  Leonard Nimoy only a couple months [TS]

  earlier and had COPD just like Leonard [TS]

  Nimoy and that that earlier this week [TS]

  when we heard the story that he had been [TS]

  taking the hospital I had that moment of [TS]

  like I this I know what's going to [TS]

  happen [TS]

  I that I've been in that place where his [TS]

  family was and so still very sad to [TS]

  receive the news [TS]

  Scott what about you with you what's [TS]

  your what's your story of how you [TS]

  discovered in and and and interacted [TS]

  with monday morning mr. Spock out well I [TS]

  i think he was around before i [TS]

  discovered him but uh huh well not a [TS]

  talent scout with the time machine [TS]

  clearly and using this tool kit Lenny [TS]

  from Boston he's going places you go and [TS]

  places kid it's easier that don't ask [TS]

  any questions [TS]

  well I've been just like you I think [TS]

  Jason we've talked about this before i [TS]

  also don't remember a time in my life [TS]

  where I wasn't a Star Trek fan and I was [TS]

  asking my mom about this couple weeks [TS]

  ago and she said well you're always [TS]

  watching Star Trek I don't know when you [TS]

  started but she wasn't a Star Trek fan [TS]

  so I think it was just you know in [TS]

  syndication forever probably on channel [TS]

  11 in New York and I would watch it over [TS]

  and over again and of course I mean you [TS]

  know Spock is kirk and spock right they [TS]

  have this great friendship Spock plays [TS]

  this kind of outsider that probably [TS]

  appeals to many people move fine and [TS]

  affiliation with startrack I can paint [TS]

  with a broad broad but brush and say [TS]

  that maybe some of the fans of structure [TS]

  our little nerdy and maybe feel slightly [TS]

  outcast especially in you know grammar [TS]

  school and and that kind of thing and [TS]

  you find this character Spock who has a [TS]

  you know he isn't unlike everybody else [TS]

  in the bridge but he is still respected [TS]

  and get this job done and so I mean it i [TS]

  think that that is part of the reason [TS]

  that Spock so popular [TS]

  and and why he appealed to me so much I [TS]

  don't know if Spock is my my favorite [TS]

  certain character but certainly he's [TS]

  near the top [TS]

  Andy about you I wasn't as a kid I [TS]

  wasn't a huge Star Trek fan but I was [TS]

  definitely a spark fan if that makes [TS]

  sense it was whenever I was watching [TS]

  that show it was always to see Leonard [TS]

  Nimoy seen Senate and I think it's [TS]

  because of its later in life when you're [TS]

  an adult you have a little bit of a [TS]

  wider awareness of how TV and how movies [TS]

  work you really appreciate why your [TS]

  attention is drawn to Nimoy because [TS]

  you've got that you've got the [TS]

  triumvirate of Spock McCoy and kirk and [TS]

  Kirk is being that is being Shatner and [TS]

  microrna has fortunes or injury and [TS]

  white dress and Spock is the button [TS]

  who's quiet and they have to do they [TS]

  have to build his levels up but always [TS]

  pause a little bit he will react [TS]

  sometimes not by saying anything but [TS]

  simply giving a glancing an eyebrow [TS]

  eyebrow because that's all you need to [TS]

  do sometimes and he really was for me [TS]

  like the anchor that entire show and [TS]

  everything that else has been said is I [TS]

  was completely because you're sort of [TS]

  gravity you sort of gravitate toward [TS]

  these people you identify the the one in [TS]

  any group that is not like all the [TS]

  others and the ones who can not only is [TS]

  it doesn't have to pretend to be like [TS]

  the rest i can even openly say I will [TS]

  never understand you people ever [TS]

  there's a i wish i wish i could [TS]

  understand why you behave the way you do [TS]

  I don't and but I'm still going to work [TS]

  with you i'm still going to call you my [TS]

  friends but let's acknowledge that [TS]

  there's that there's there's there's [TS]

  parts of these puzzles that I will never [TS]

  ever figure out and here's somebody on [TS]

  TV aleve roll into on TV say that [TS]

  explicitly for a lot of for a lot of [TS]

  people who are fans of Star Trek myself [TS]

  included really that you really can [TS]

  gravitate towards that character David [TS]

  whereby you [TS]

  yeah i'm right with the I can't remember [TS]

  a time before ya before Star Trek you [TS]

  know I had the action figures when I was [TS]

  three or four whatever and that i would [TS]

  i would make up my own stories with the [TS]

  enterprise playset and I made up my own [TS]

  it came with cards [TS]

  for the viewscreen right you had three [TS]

  cards with two pictures one on each side [TS]

  and you can hang them up on the view [TS]

  screen and make your adventures I would [TS]

  make my own cards so I had 30 cause I'm [TS]

  all these adventures and you know that [TS]

  was that's that's the earliest i can [TS]

  remember making original stories you [TS]

  know I mean I came to New i was going to [TS]

  be a writer [TS]

  anyway but that when i think back you [TS]

  know what's the earliest thing I [TS]

  remember writing that was it and I read [TS]

  a really really good piece today by [TS]

  Jamie weinman from Maclean's magazine in [TS]

  canada and he said that there was just [TS]

  something about Spock and something [TS]

  about what Nimoy imbued spoke with that [TS]

  wasn't on the page it wasn't in [TS]

  Roddenberry's original version you know [TS]

  it wasn't this red-skinned Martian with [TS]

  a hot temper like the original concept [TS]

  or or you know and and really any of the [TS]

  original pilot right by the women and [TS]

  women and there's just something about [TS]

  whatever it was that he brought to the [TS]

  character and and made it his own that [TS]

  we on the outside wanted to write [TS]

  fanfiction we wanted to to uncover the [TS]

  rest of his story we wanted him and Kirk [TS]

  to be more than just friends perhaps [TS]

  depending on the fedex and writers don't [TS]

  want that and you know I can't think of [TS]

  a mean you can you can look back it [TS]

  famous teams right you know the Lone [TS]

  Ranger and Tonto and Holmes and Watson [TS]

  but i cannot always really equal the way [TS]

  Kirk and Spock are and they don't always [TS]

  have a third like McCoy I was always [TS]

  thought of them as as as the three right [TS]

  I can't quite it's the balance isn't [TS]

  right without any one of those three and [TS]

  but but there's just something about [TS]

  them that inspired this kind of [TS]

  outpouring of fan fiction and this you [TS]

  know the letter-writing campaigns and [TS]

  the conventions in the syndication and [TS]

  and imagine the serendipity of that you [TS]

  know if if they had cast martin landau [TS]

  as Spock he would have been really good [TS]

  sure cuz he's Martin Landau what would [TS]

  have been the same women who've you know [TS]

  there's just something about the alchemy [TS]

  of those three actors in those three [TS]

  roles that sparked something and we all [TS]

  wanted to tell stories with them so I i [TS]

  just read the volume one of these are [TS]

  the voyages which I know Scott is red [TS]

  but i have not read i do you buy here [TS]

  Scott has it and you should read it and [TS]

  because it's good i've bought it now [TS]

  mark Cushman's book that is again I [TS]

  hesitated to read these books because I [TS]

  thought that they would be you know sort [TS]

  of fannish like behind the scenes of [TS]

  crazy things that happened on Star Trek [TS]

  and they're not these are I think these [TS]

  are gonna end up being the source [TS]

  material like these are well-researched [TS]

  history with is it history books about [TS]

  star trek with lots of great tidbits but [TS]

  it really is not it is unflinching about [TS]

  the details and it is absolutely true [TS]

  that Spock was a character that started [TS]

  as a sketch by Gene Roddenberry this [TS]

  half Martian Redskin character that [TS]

  ended up being for various reasons [TS]

  including just the way that color played [TS]

  on black and white TVs ended up having [TS]

  the complexion that he had and having [TS]

  that in a collaboration between [TS]

  Roddenberry and Leonard Nimoy and [TS]

  Leonard Nimoy and the various directors [TS]

  like that the spotting neck pinch came [TS]

  and I believable the Vulcan hand salute [TS]

  came from expediency while shooting [TS]

  scenes they were at endlessly behind and [TS]

  stand leonard nimoy said I don't need to [TS]

  punch this guy don't think pot Spock [TS]

  would punch him he would just like to a [TS]

  little alien thing and they invented the [TS]

  famous Spock neck pinch from that and [TS]

  then Dorothy Fontana who is a fantastic [TS]

  star of these books because you you [TS]

  discovered what what the fortitude she [TS]

  must have had to go from being thought [TS]

  of as gene roddenberry secretary to [TS]

  essentially being the best writer on the [TS]

  series and the responsible for so much [TS]

  of it you know she she invented lots of [TS]

  Vulcan stuff too so this character built [TS]

  over time but what's also fascinating [TS]

  that's a very spot word fascinating is [TS]

  that it was clear from the very [TS]

  beginning [TS]

  and you know there's a lot of stories [TS]

  about some NBC executives and get rid of [TS]

  the guy with the years but the executive [TS]

  who worked with Desilu on the first [TS]

  season of of of star trek from the start [TS]

  was saying oh you got it you got to give [TS]

  me more spot to use a line from a doctor [TS]

  who episode give me more spot because it [TS]

  was just clear that this character was [TS]

  different and interesting and I think [TS]

  David that dynamic of the eventually the [TS]

  trio because they they went through [TS]

  several episodes before they they [TS]

  brought in deforest kelley that that was [TS]

  the thing that made this character made [TS]

  the show work was like Spock Spock added [TS]

  something to a traditional action hero [TS]

  and maybe his traditional sort of [TS]

  confidant that was not something we had [TS]

  seen before and it really was the magic [TS]

  that made that thing work [TS]

  oh yeah and and very few things have [TS]

  been able to duplicate that even just [TS]

  the the template of it you know I i was [TS]

  thinking about the man from uncle [TS]

  earlier today and thinking about you [TS]

  know okay here again is here your [TS]

  conflict between the American spy in the [TS]

  Russian spy and they they butt heads [TS]

  sometimes but they're they're a team and [TS]

  they work together and and they're [TS]

  probably gonna draw that out more in the [TS]

  new movie based on the trailer but it's [TS]

  still not quite the same you you never [TS]

  saw Napoleon solo and Illya Kuryakin [TS]

  argue about tactics and argue about [TS]

  morality the way you saw Kirk and Spock [TS]

  you didn't see that in in light action [TS]

  shows in the sixties and i remember when [TS]

  i when i started paying attention meet [TS]

  again I always you know i'm just like [TS]

  you i had the the there's never been a [TS]

  time where I went [TS]

  hey I don't know this episode right [TS]

  except with the animated show maybe and [TS]

  even then it's more that I've forgotten [TS]

  them instead of seeing them over and [TS]

  over again every year but i remember [TS]

  when i started paying attention to [TS]

  things like credits and writing credits [TS]

  and cast credits and and being very [TS]

  confused that the first season DeForest [TS]

  Kelley isn't in the opening credits [TS]

  right it's just shatter Nimoy and that [TS]

  just seemed wrong [TS]

  so yeah they're the it's amazing how [TS]

  that came together a triumvirate I mean [TS]

  you could argue i mean some of some of [TS]

  this is is that time for it was was the [TS]

  magic the magic sauce the secret sauce [TS]

  and and even in DJ movies you can see [TS]

  with different actors like boy that is a [TS]

  powerful set of characters and having [TS]

  them the way they complement and [TS]

  critique one another is really powerful [TS]

  great regardless of who's playing them [TS]

  but you know that doesn't give enough [TS]

  credit to the fact that Spock as we have [TS]

  as we see him is a product of leonard [TS]

  nimoy and Dorothy Fontana and Gene [TS]

  Roddenberry and gene kuhn and a bunch of [TS]

  other people who made the original Star [TS]

  Trek um I wanted to talk a little bit [TS]

  about how the other reasons why we why [TS]

  why do we find Spock so iconic because [TS]

  this is one of those things that this is [TS]

  a show that's been that Air 249 almost [TS]

  coming up 50 49 years ago and I'm to [TS]

  this day I in some ways even with all [TS]

  the series of the past in the meantime [TS]

  of startrack mr. Spock there's just [TS]

  something about mr. Spock that that Star [TS]

  Trek is mr. Spock in some ways like if [TS]

  you had to boil it down to one thing it [TS]

  would be a picture mr. Spock probably [TS]

  from a mock time giving the Vulcan hand [TS]

  gesture that would kind of be the [TS]

  boiling down of star trek to one thing [TS]

  why is that Scott you know why why why [TS]

  does it come back to Spock [TS]

  well i think a lot of credit goes to let [TS]

  Nimoy and his performance but also if [TS]

  you think about it Spock has a lot of [TS]

  catch phrases and things that are easy [TS]

  to replicate right you can do a little [TS]

  the hand sign you can say live long and [TS]

  prosper a pass and you have a [TS]

  fascinating interests of the eyebrow [TS]

  lift right so there's a lot of ideas and [TS]

  I learned to do that because i wanted to [TS]

  do that like mr. spot [TS]

  see there you know I think that's part [TS]

  of me that's not the only reason I think [TS]

  that's part of what makes the character [TS]

  so attractive if you want to pretend try [TS]

  to pretend that you are someone on the [TS]

  enterprise [TS]

  I guess you could like punch someone and [TS]

  pretend you're camping with the OEM [TS]

  together [TS]

  and hit him in the back do that back [TS]

  exactly where you live long and prosper [TS]

  right reasons Scottish accent but that's [TS]

  hard it is hard so yeah I mean yeah I [TS]

  think I think that's true he is I think [TS]

  that's why when I say why is spike Spock [TS]

  so iconic that is one of the reasons [TS]

  right is that he has things he says and [TS]

  that nobody else says he's got the ears [TS]

  and he's got the raised eyebrow and all [TS]

  of these things that that were this [TS]

  collaboration from all those people [TS]

  it is also interesting and Scott since [TS]

  you take these voyages every week with [TS]

  random track every star trek show I feel [TS]

  like has a spot like like that was the [TS]

  one thing that that was very clear is [TS]

  say what you will about the feature the [TS]

  the future star trek series every single [TS]

  one of them has at least one spot figure [TS]

  you can't have a star trek without an [TS]

  outsider who is intrigued by the human [TS]

  condition [TS]

  you can't write because that lets the [TS]

  writers you know kind of telegraph [TS]

  things about the human condition and [TS]

  makes an easy hook for them to you know [TS]

  have a character react to the wacky [TS]

  things these humans are doing what I my [TS]

  theory about why Spock indoors where I [TS]

  mean data and odo and warfare wonderful [TS]

  and I love them too but you know when to [TS]

  call when Tuvok and seven behind all the [TS]

  other spot care is further out but LOL [TS]

  the other Vulcans are just doing their [TS]

  just rights back [TS]

  yeah that's right that's right but it [TS]

  but yeah it's sort of like we don't have [TS]

  androids we don't have Klingons we don't [TS]

  have shapeshifters but except for the [TS]

  ears spot could pass for human right [TS]

  right we know people like Spock [TS]

  yeah he's really know people like data [TS]

  and at o2 but they look to alien to us [TS]

  but spock he just puts on a stocking cap [TS]

  and and if anyone notices they go oh it [TS]

  was a race parent or a headband made [TS]

  from ripping off part of a robe in Star [TS]

  Trek for which is also hard to do [TS]

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  comparable let's also not forget that [TS]

  the show gave Spock the dignity of [TS]

  private identity that data has spent [TS]

  almost the entire series say i don't [TS]

  want to be an android I want to be a [TS]

  human not going to put myself in danger [TS]

  and willing to destabilize myself [TS]

  because I must must must be more human [TS]

  as opposed to just being Who I am and [TS]

  there's just something so powerful and [TS]

  so [TS]

  I want to say mesmerizing but once it [TS]

  that so magnetic about the person who is [TS]

  clearly very confident who they are very [TS]

  pleased with who they are willing to is [TS]

  willing to participate in a world that [TS]

  don't belong in but i don't have to be [TS]

  anything other than a volcom I'll of [TS]

  data but data story is one of somebody [TS]

  who wants to assimilate yes not in the [TS]

  board way i should say we're talking [TS]

  about Star Trek but but Spock Spock [TS]

  doesn't want to do that right Spock and [TS]

  I know that he's been a a source of of [TS]

  of pride and and somebody that people [TS]

  have looked to as a as a as an important [TS]

  figure because he's an outsider but also [TS]

  spoke is proud of who he is and although [TS]

  it's problematic and he has this great [TS]

  tension between his humanity and his [TS]

  Vulcan pneus Spock is not trying to be [TS]

  human i mean sometimes trying to be [TS]

  Vulcan which is interesting from the [TS]

  perspective of of us humans that he's [TS]

  trying to reject the parts of him who r [TS]

  us but that's a very different [TS]

  combination of traits than something [TS]

  like data who really desperately is so [TS]

  eager to please to be I'm gonna good Joe [TS]

  Piscopo to teach me how to tell jokes [TS]

  and Spock you know spot does we want to [TS]

  see and be human and he does not want to [TS]

  do it and I I think that's part of the [TS]

  magic of it right there there's that [TS]

  tension that we want to see him break we [TS]

  we love that moment in this side of [TS]

  paradise where he's laughing he's [TS]

  laughing that's not spot yeah but it is [TS]

  Spock right [TS]

  the other thing is almost all of them [TS]

  except for Spock they're all justifying [TS]

  their existence we're trying to figure [TS]

  out who they are right [TS]

  oh doesn't know where he comes from at [TS]

  the bit at the beginning of deep space [TS]

  nine right data has to prove that he's [TS]

  worth that that he's not just a robot is [TS]

  a court case and back and in the course [TS]

  of sites and president of you know seven [TS]

  of nine has to reclaim her humanity and [TS]

  and discover who she was and recover [TS]

  those memories where spot knows who he [TS]

  is and that's just who he is and you [TS]

  have to deal with it but he still has [TS]

  that struggle of [TS]

  if his human half and his woman that [TS]

  right and yeah like I was saying he's [TS]

  gonna projected his human half and he's [TS]

  much like Worf right Worf raised by [TS]

  humans and then he his reaction is I'm [TS]

  going to be super Klingon of and [TS]

  embossed germs and yea right assist yeah [TS]

  that started with Spock being you know [TS]

  I'm half human but i'm going to be a [TS]

  super volcano going to be the most [TS]

  Vulcan Vulcan that you can Vulcan [TS]

  because i'm gonna show these people i [TS]

  was reading am Star Trek fan club scan [TS]

  that somebody put it put post on Twitter [TS]

  day that was written by a girl who is a [TS]

  red eye black parent a white parent and [TS]

  was saying you know I feel like I [TS]

  understand [TS]

  Spock's the xbox situation and on one [TS]

  level again this is the one of the great [TS]

  appeals of Spock is that he is an [TS]

  outsider and if you feel outside of [TS]

  society in anyway whether it's because [TS]

  you're a geek kind of person or whether [TS]

  because it's something much more [TS]

  complicated and difficult than that in [TS]

  you know late sixties America especially [TS]

  but you know forever [TS]

  this is this is a character who can [TS]

  appeal to you but what really struck me [TS]

  about is the way he described and this [TS]

  is just Leonard Nimoy sort of with his [TS]

  own internal backstory about what [TS]

  motivates Spock saying that when Spock [TS]

  was a child you know growing up on [TS]

  Vulcan hehe dealt with those same issues [TS]

  and I thought that was fascinating [TS]

  because those those scenes are in JJ [TS]

  Abrams Star Trek we see young spock [TS]

  being really brutally mistreated by [TS]

  other Vulcans because he's not a real [TS]

  Vulcan and that has led me to a greater [TS]

  appreciation of that character actually [TS]

  but I was shocked to find that it's all [TS]

  there in Leonard Nimoy's assumptions [TS]

  about who Spock is in the sixties that [TS]

  he was horribly treated by the other [TS]

  Vulcans when he was a kid and then it's [TS]

  and then to see it writ large in the JJ [TS]

  movie really made me appreciate that I [TS]

  think that JJ Abrams Star Trek goes [TS]

  along it it i mean that's a movie about [TS]

  Spock that isn't the smoke is that you [TS]

  could argue that Zachary Quinto Spock in [TS]

  that structure movie is the main [TS]

  character and if you throw in Leonard [TS]

  Nimoy on top of it it's really a movie [TS]

  about Spock and how [TS]

  you know finding Kirk helps set him on [TS]

  the right course and but it does a lot [TS]

  for Spock character which i think is [TS]

  unexpected [TS]

  I didn't expect well and and some of [TS]

  that is in the yesteryear Animated [TS]

  episode by DC from santa ana which you [TS]

  know is this box childhood and again [TS]

  mockery and wanting to run away and [TS]

  which is a wonderful I mean there are [TS]

  some good episodes of the animated show [TS]

  that's the only 1i would put up with the [TS]

  rest and I think everybody with would [TS]

  say that that's like will count [TS]

  Scott you can you can put that one in [TS]

  your spreadsheet friend req just out i [TS]

  will do it now [TS]

  no I don't stick to the rolling plains [TS]

  yeah slippery sits good slippery's um [TS]

  let's see what else did I want to talk [TS]

  about and we should talk about what we [TS]

  talked about the the original series a [TS]

  lot i'd like to talk a little bit about [TS]

  the the movies it's a obviously Clemens [TS]

  had a fraught relationship I think he [TS]

  came to terms with it after a long time [TS]

  but of course obviously in the seventies [TS]

  he wrote I'm not Spock he tried to [TS]

  distance himself from the part my [TS]

  understanding is that he was he refused [TS]

  to be in the phase two series they were [TS]

  going to do in the seventies and the guy [TS]

  who the Vulcan who dies in the horrible [TS]

  transporter accident Star Trek the [TS]

  motion picture is essentially the [TS]

  character that would have been the spock [TS]

  replacement if that had been a series [TS]

  but since it was a movie and Leonard [TS]

  Nimoy agreed to be in it then they wrote [TS]

  Spock back into it but you know and then [TS]

  he told him to kill him and star trek to [TS]

  which is funny because then he obviously [TS]

  thought better of it after surgery to [TS]

  was so good but it does lead to some of [TS]

  the most amazing i mean if we didn't [TS]

  appreciate Spock from the original [TS]

  series i think we would appreciate Spock [TS]

  from Star Trek to he is the captain of [TS]

  the enterprise he gives up his seat he [TS]

  makes the supreme sacrifice at the end [TS]

  the movie in order to save the crew and [TS]

  in doing so yeah he's serving Captain [TS]

  Kirk's character arc of being sort of [TS]

  accepting of his own mortality but it at [TS]

  that that movie i mean i remember [TS]

  sobbing in the movie uncontrollably in [TS]

  the movie theater when I saw Star Trek [TS]

  I've never done that in any movie ever [TS]

  other than now [TS]

  1m so that lends to the legend I think [TS]

  too that the search for 24 all the fact [TS]

  that supposed to be about Kirk accepting [TS]

  mortality it is it is also you know it [TS]

  is Spock and Spock giving into it [TS]

  well they're so intertwined yeah you [TS]

  know everything that I i saw a couple [TS]

  people mentioned this earlier and yeah [TS]

  arguably i would say yeah it that scene [TS]

  that that for you know just the last 15 [TS]

  minutes of that is maybe the best acting [TS]

  certainly Shatner but maybe even in way [TS]

  ever did I mean it's just beautiful and [TS]

  a big part of that is the richness and [TS]

  depth of of the history of the [TS]

  characters right I I had I would have to [TS]

  but I i enjoyed that seen what I like [TS]

  more though and in terms of good the [TS]

  best spot quick acted scenes I've [TS]

  actually has kept going to the Abrams [TS]

  reboot where you have Spock there's [TS]

  nothing really dramatic about it seems [TS]

  like if you're playing a death scene you [TS]

  know that you got a whole lot of protein [TS]

  to work with you know that you can [TS]

  really it's a fat pitch right down the [TS]

  middle it's going over the outside the [TS]

  stadium all if you want to swing it that [TS]

  way [TS]

  this is scenes though in the reboot I [TS]

  just love the scene of an elderly [TS]

  elderly elderly Spock giving advice to [TS]

  himself as a young person's in innocence [TS]

  and saying that really the most of the [TS]

  most valuable things that I had my [TS]

  entire life was my friendship with this [TS]

  man called Kirk and I would like for you [TS]

  to pursue to see if you can have a [TS]

  friendship that will be as valuable to [TS]

  you as mine was to me because at this [TS]

  point learning way is elderly and he is [TS]

  probably in a position where he is [TS]

  spending more time looking backwards [TS]

  then looking forward and maybe in a I [TS]

  don't know if he was channeling anything [TS]

  of himself in that role but it was so [TS]

  authentic that if you could give [TS]

  yourself a piece of advice but at age 23 [TS]

  24 25 [TS]

  what would you pick and i think most [TS]

  people would say that you're going to [TS]

  meet a woman in three or four years and [TS]

  her name is Debbie and she's going to [TS]

  change your entire life and whenever [TS]

  you're going through whatever hardship [TS]

  that you're going to face you realize [TS]

  that you don't have a great life because [TS]

  of [TS]

  this person then it was such a simple [TS]

  delivery of simple lines and that's what [TS]

  a great actor don't know how he couldn't [TS]

  channel himself he you know the scene [TS]

  where in the snow cave where he meets [TS]

  Chris Pine leonard nimoy from the [TS]

  perspective of what 45 years after he [TS]

  was in Star Trek or after he started in [TS]

  Star Trek and 40 years after he finished [TS]

  startrack Islam is talking to a 28 year [TS]

  old actor who is playing james t kirk [TS]

  how can you [TS]

  I mean how can you not channel the idea [TS]

  that I mean he was old Spock right he's [TS]

  like literally hi i am I come from your [TS]

  future and let me tell you being young [TS]

  captain kirk and dealing with young mr. [TS]

  Spock is pretty great but it is it is i [TS]

  said this earlier it is one of the [TS]

  really surprising things in that movie [TS]

  that makes me like that first JJ Abrams [TS]

  movie so much is that it is it is mr. [TS]

  Spock is not a is not a gimmick old mr. [TS]

  Spock is not a gimmick in the movie he [TS]

  is the thing that causes the movie to [TS]

  exist and they have the split timelines [TS]

  and all that but it's not he's not just [TS]

  in it as a it so easily be added as a [TS]

  plot device and a wing and he's not he [TS]

  is set like you said Andy he's setting [TS]

  those characters on a course and it is [TS]

  yes it is Leonard Nimoy blessing this [TS]

  new generation of Star Trek actors but [TS]

  it is also old mr. Spock saying trust me [TS]

  you guys are going to go places and it [TS]

  is you know and then he you know invents [TS]

  the crazy transporter whatever and [TS]

  teaches got to do that meets the plot [TS]

  moving along to do but it is it is way [TS]

  more in fact somebody on Twitter today [TS]

  said I I'm hoping that they will that [TS]

  they can service the classic Star Wars [TS]

  actors as well as they treated Spock [TS]

  when they bring them back for episode 7 [TS]

  because it's you know JJ Abrams it's the [TS]

  same thing you're taking these iconic [TS]

  actors and bringing them into a place [TS]

  where they're not acting with their own [TS]

  young selves presumably don't think [TS]

  there's a time-travel paradox and Star [TS]

  Wars Episode 7 but is still [TS]

  the idea that you treat those actors and [TS]

  their iconic parts with with respect and [TS]

  they're not just in there to wave at you [TS]

  and then move out of the way but they're [TS]

  there to do something important and that [TS]

  that was I think the greatest gift that [TS]

  we got with that JJ Abrams Star Trek [TS]

  movie was that spot was not window [TS]

  dressing he was really important and [TS]

  they gave Leonard Nimoy something [TS]

  powerful to do and he did it [TS]

  yeah I can into darkness he's a plot [TS]

  device [TS]

  yeah although it is I it is it's on the [TS]

  spot it is very funny it's literally [TS]

  like most young mr. Spock is speaking to [TS]

  the end he's like can you get the old [TS]

  spot on the radio because i want to i [TS]

  need to ask mr. 42 and but but it's just [TS]

  yeah it's a that those are great i agree [TS]

  with you Andy [TS]

  those are great Spock moment i love the [TS]

  pain that when he watches Vulcan get [TS]

  destroyed [TS]

  you know from his perspective like this [TS]

  shouldn't be happening I can't believe [TS]

  this is happening and that's the reason [TS]

  your old destroys Vulcan in that movie [TS]

  is because he wants to make mr. Spock [TS]

  watch basically on and he's the ne ne he [TS]

  gets to express his emotions to chris [TS]

  pine and say I am emotionally [TS]

  compromised i just saw my planet die and [TS]

  and you know that then registers with [TS]

  Zachary Quinto but but Leonard Nimoy [TS]

  already feels it that Zachary Quinto has [TS]

  to have it pulled to the surface by [TS]

  chris pine but learning way as Spock he [TS]

  it's all there on the surface and that's [TS]

  a really powerful scene that that that [TS]

  that is some of the best Spock I thought [TS]

  I always thought unification in the next [TS]

  generation was essentially gonna be the [TS]

  last we ever solve linear Moyes Spock I [TS]

  think that's the last thing he'd shot he [TS]

  shot that after Star Trek six and i was [TS]

  very happy that but that there was [TS]

  something more cuz unification not that [TS]

  good [TS]

  can we say that the nude it's not [TS]

  because it's no it's not that good it's [TS]

  got one of these days you're gonna have [TS]

  to do like a two-hour episode of random [TS]

  track about unification know my name [TS]

  doesn't come up with that one [TS]

  I'll pencil you in but by the Romulans [TS]

  have great shoulder pads we know that [TS]

  either other famous Spock seems that our [TS]

  favorites boxes you want to talk about [TS]

  great moments in mr. spa [TS]

  well if we're sticking with the movies i [TS]

  have a big soft spots for star trek for [TS]

  and having you know Spock a mind-meld [TS]

  with whale had you know not [TS]

  understanding uh he's like a happy she's [TS]

  very confused because he just got real [TS]

  he just got resurrected so he's a little [TS]

  bit goofy it started waters off into the [TS]

  bushes yeah it's his way to the way will [TS]

  double the mass on you and all the rest [TS]

  yes yes no no yes metaphor yes no yes i [TS]

  like italian and so do you [TS]

  yes yes i love the end of a mark time [TS]

  where he realizes that Korea still alive [TS]

  I mean all of a mark x beautiful but [TS]

  just that moment of GM smile okay so I'm [TS]

  gonna I'm gonna want it back so a mock [TS]

  time I want maybe my favorite scene in [TS]

  all the original series is the scene [TS]

  right before that which is where and [TS]

  this is everyone looking at me a starter [TS]

  everybody post that picture i have it on [TS]

  a magnet on my refrigerator of him with [TS]

  the with the Vulcan hand gesture with [TS]

  the kind of like spinal tap Stonehenge a [TS]

  styrofoam rock behind them from the [TS]

  Cyclorama set that they that they were [TS]

  on that's that's the battlefield of [TS]

  mounts too late you [TS]

  yeah sure it is although it yeah watch [TS]

  the remastered versions they do these [TS]

  crazy like CGI Vulcan landscape is not [TS]

  its creator with little cgi people it's [TS]

  amazing but anyway that scene is so [TS]

  tragic and yeah it's reverse these terms [TS]

  at kirks not dead but everybody doesn't [TS]

  know everybody who watches that it's [TS]

  like a look at mr. Spock getting a [TS]

  little live long and prosper he this is [TS]

  the wherewhere to power says live long [TS]

  and prosper and he says I have killed my [TS]

  captain and my friend I shall do neither [TS]

  it is like ripping his heart out it is [TS]

  the it is the tragic low point of mr. [TS]

  Spock he is his life is over but he's [TS]

  giving the hand gesture and it's such a [TS]

  powerful scene immediately followed by [TS]

  him doing the big grin while McCoy and [TS]

  Chapel it's like that comedy routine [TS]

  were like but wait what wait what wait [TS]

  he's like no doctor I must resign [TS]

  immediately but wait spike no I must do [TS]

  it right now and william shatner comes [TS]

  up behind him because he was gonna do [TS]

  he's a super powerful Vulcan he could [TS]

  chop you in half if you take me by [TS]

  surprise we are we gonna give you crap [TS]

  they're not gonna hear about it i love i [TS]

  love i love both those scenes those are [TS]

  two of the best that an emotional [TS]

  reaction Spock I'm just simply going to [TS]

  start with is not lost a qualified [TS]

  officer you're capable officer I was [TS]

  thinking I i think there's not one month [TS]

  out of my life ever since the first time [TS]

  I saw that as a kid I have not just [TS]

  spontaneously thought of that exchange I [TS]

  i can even tell you the last time it [TS]

  happened was four or five nights ago and [TS]

  i was in the parking lot of a grocery [TS]

  store about to like drive back home and [TS]

  for some reason my thought process we're [TS]

  going here there and everywhere and just [TS]

  I just think of that line readings thing [TS]

  i have killed by captain friend [TS]

  clearly I show dunno yeah whoo out why a [TS]

  TJ I can see the quiver in his voice i [TS]

  can see that he is just numb with grief [TS]

  and remorse and shocked at what he's [TS]

  done and it's all done on this really [TS]

  terrible deci Lucette that just it's [TS]

  it's it's like it's like packaging [TS]

  material and try to be should be heard [TS]

  like three other than that it's like Oh [TS]

  what I'm going to achieve with this this [TS]

  was that I get out I never I never [TS]

  became a really like involved fan of [TS]

  Star Trek but that was this not just [TS]

  this episode not just the scene but that [TS]

  was the line that said forever more [TS]

  this is a worthy worthy show and at some [TS]

  point I'm going to enjoy watching us [TS]

  yeah another another one of those scenes [TS]

  that I love that again is a huge seen a [TS]

  huge moment is when when Edith Keeler [TS]

  dies [TS]

  oh right because he's the one who's like [TS]

  wait and then but Curtis like no aah [TS]

  and maybe that's not what Harlan Ellison [TS]

  wanted but it worked right where they [TS]

  want you have to get what the character [TS]

  better captain kirk has to hold McCoy [TS]

  back there right even though spot can [TS]

  totally do it and that would be fine too [TS]

  because it needs to be that moment where [TS]

  where Kirk makes the it will that moment [TS]

  of I could've saved her and he just says [TS]

  he knows doctor he knows if I bet and [TS]

  and just the whole you know once one [TS]

  spot realizes what's going on with [TS]

  the gym through that whole episode just [TS]

  again that that's a huge moment in their [TS]

  relationship right well there to the [TS]

  stranded in the past together and [TS]

  they're they're like having to get [TS]

  dogged jobs and Spock Spock keeps a [TS]

  captain kirk goes to work Spock stays [TS]

  back at home when kevin has ham radio [TS]

  when Captain Kirk it's homey nags [TS]

  Captain Kirk about how he does not have [TS]

  enough money to get a sufficient [TS]

  quantity of platinum and is using stone [TS]

  stone knives and bearskins to try and [TS]

  get the tricorder to work just hilarious [TS]

  that says that you're funny Spock funny [TS]

  Spock is also also really good that the [TS]

  driest go bone dry right where where [TS]

  he's needles dr. McCoy because we all [TS]

  remember dr. McCoy gas pocket [TS]

  green-blooded off right roar but [TS]

  green-blooded hope God but then you know [TS]

  then Spock turns and just raises an [TS]

  eyebrow like whoa okay I just so so [TS]

  powerful think about the the lengths he [TS]

  went two for Christopher Pike you know [TS]

  it's not easy [TS]

  Kirk is not the only captain his head [TS]

  right tense relationship with her [TS]

  it's just that's the one we got to see [TS]

  right now in the menagerie in the [TS]

  menagerie we see Spock steal the [TS]

  enterprise and basically he's the [TS]

  villain mad for a long time of YS bak [TS]

  doing mr. and that he's doing it for for [TS]

  uh for loyalty to his former captain [TS]

  which I think Kirk's like all right well [TS]

  I get that you know it's good to be [TS]

  loyal to your captain I approve [TS]

  I like to i'd like to read the [TS]

  newsletter on that that's a higher and [TS]

  of course we have the mirror universe [TS]

  actually evil spot here it's is he [TS]

  actually for Scott though [TS]

  well no but he probably the best [TS]

  character the less the least evil cat in [TS]

  the mirror mariano he's reasonable right [TS]

  get Kurt gives him the pitch like you [TS]

  could overthrow this thing you can take [TS]

  this whole place over I will consider it [TS]

  he says but the the spot with the beard [TS]

  to also defining the classic your evil [TS]

  duplicate as a beard [TS]

  how many exceptional okay yeah yeah yeah [TS]

  I know Spock is the that the one of the [TS]

  nice things about that the circle right [TS]

  one of the nice things about that [TS]

  episode right is that everybody else is [TS]

  just kind of monstrous and then you like [TS]

  what what's gonna happen to Spock [TS]

  and the answer is actually its spark [TS]

  righties because a goatee but still spot [TS]

  yeah well social pressure made him grow [TS]

  the goatee [TS]

  it's true so Leonard Nimoy obviously [TS]

  before before he was in Star Trek he was [TS]

  not only was in the twilight zone [TS]

  episode a bunch of other TV he was doing [TS]

  somewhat experimental theater in LA and [TS]

  and fairly well regarded at that and [TS]

  then after being mr. Spock you know he [TS]

  was a guest star in an episode of TJ [TS]

  hooker he was the narrator of of in [TS]

  search of colombo l columbus as soon as [TS]

  starter again did he went down the hall [TS]

  to mission is lose mission to Mission [TS]

  Possible right where again his sidekick [TS]

  to a guy named jim yeah that's that's [TS]

  weird [TS]

  that's really weird but I so what I [TS]

  wanted to get at is a little bit we [TS]

  could talk a little bit about the the [TS]

  challenges of an actor in an indelible [TS]

  role I i talked about this a little bit [TS]

  earlier on a TV talk machine with Tim [TS]

  Goodman but I wanted to bring it up here [TS]

  too which is I think he he made his [TS]

  peace with it and and the greatest thing [TS]

  you could do is an actor on one level is [TS]

  to have this role of a lifetime right [TS]

  but as a working actor who needs to [TS]

  support oneself having a role of a [TS]

  lifetime when you're 30 is 425 is is I'm [TS]

  pretty difficult if you've got the rest [TS]

  of your career to live it down even if [TS]

  it was the role of a lifetime and I [TS]

  think it's um I think it says a lot [TS]

  about Leonard Nimoy as person that in [TS]

  the end I feel like he really accepted [TS]

  the good of of having of having that [TS]

  Parton and of having mr. Spock in his [TS]

  life but it definitely seems to like a [TS]

  rough ride i mean in addition to I am [TS]

  NOT Spock I I'm use that what is it [TS]

  James Blish wrote the novel spot must [TS]

  die [TS]

  yeah there's like was not three feet [TS]

  away a lot of aggression and mr. Spock [TS]

  in New yeah for people in the seventies [TS]

  and then they kill them all and it's you [TS]

  know it's funny cuz [TS]

  you you again you have that sort of [TS]

  dissolute casting thing of Mark Lando [TS]

  and Leonard Nimoy mark land on Leonard [TS]

  Nimoy and martin landau was almost Spock [TS]

  and then when martin landau left Mission [TS]

  Impossible suddenly it's Leonard Nimoy [TS]

  playing the the guy who puts on the [TS]

  masks and he's different in every [TS]

  episode and he doesn't actually have a [TS]

  character that's part of why he left the [TS]

  shows that there was no character for [TS]

  him he was always someone else but you [TS]

  know part of it was he wanted to show [TS]

  the versatility and what's what's always [TS]

  been interesting to me is that martin [TS]

  landau really does kind of sink into all [TS]

  these things that he does in the first [TS]

  three years of mission impossible and [TS]

  every time you see Leonard Nimoy in [TS]

  costume [TS]

  he's good but he's still clearly leonard [TS]

  nimoy which is really kind of weird and [TS]

  again you know maybe it's that spot is [TS]

  coming out I don't know I've seen him in [TS]

  lots of other things since then [TS]

  obviously he did a one-man show about [TS]

  Vincent van Gogh where he played his [TS]

  brother Theo and he he actually wrote [TS]

  the play and it's fantastic it's a [TS]

  lovely night of theater and there's a [TS]

  recording of it that you can order at [TS]

  amazon i think and and you know he's not [TS]

  at all spot in that he's very clearly [TS]

  Theo van Gogh so you know hehe could do [TS]

  it suicide maybe he wasn't ready [TS]

  the two years after Star Trek maybe he [TS]

  was still wet behind the ears so to [TS]

  speak but as the seventies and eighties [TS]

  went on he he he was able to do more [TS]

  things and and you know he might not [TS]

  have been able to do the van Gogh thing [TS]

  if it hadn't been for the cushion of [TS]

  having star trek to support him and to [TS]

  have the the money from Star Trek and [TS]

  have the fans from Star Trek command C [TS]

  because like a here's here's our guy and [TS]

  he's doing something else and this is [TS]

  really good show to it is this strange [TS]

  it's a fascinating thing we can the cult [TS]

  being being such a grabbing a role like [TS]

  this and then also being stuck with a [TS]

  role like this it's just it is an [TS]

  amazing combination of things that you [TS]

  know he ended up writing I am Spock and [TS]

  embracing it but he had so much else any [TS]

  day any turned it turned his artistica [TS]

  energy toward photography and other [TS]

  things like that I i think you know it [TS]

  is interesting that he probably he was [TS]

  never mr. Spock he probably would have [TS]

  had a much [TS]

  more varied career as an actor but yeah [TS]

  you know instead he got to be mr. Spock [TS]

  and you know bottom a house in Bel Air [TS]

  and I i think yeah you know he i think [TS]

  you did ok but i really enjoyed that JJ [TS]

  Abrams and company since they knew him [TS]

  from working on Star Trek the the 2009 [TS]

  version put them in fringe as one of his [TS]

  very different as one of his put ya is a [TS]

  somewhat evil somewhat misunderstood may [TS]

  be mad scientist sort of thing but uh I [TS]

  thought that was actually I thought he [TS]

  did a really great job in fringe and I [TS]

  loved the fact that it was a character [TS]

  that you haven't you you've only heard [TS]

  about four years and then you know he [TS]

  emerges and it's not anymore and you're [TS]

  like what [TS]

  and it's a it's a really wonderful [TS]

  moment and apple he had he had already [TS]

  basically quote-unquote retired from [TS]

  acting and and then here he is on fringe [TS]

  and and it was a lot of fun to see him [TS]

  do something else and it was one of [TS]

  those moments look are you know he could [TS]

  have been in lots of other things before [TS]

  that but there was always sort of you [TS]

  know was mr. Spock away [TS]

  I don't know and and it was an evil [TS]

  mirror universe [TS]

  yes well then come on with usually [TS]

  Israel in Colombia was very very much [TS]

  mr. Spock where the entire the entire [TS]

  episode he is he also uses he doesn't [TS]

  quite use the voice but he's always the [TS]

  person who's speaking through tented [TS]

  fingers on the other side of the table [TS]

  he is the murderer but he doesn't let [TS]

  his emotions get to him as where faculty [TS]

  and colombo is absolutely baffled until [TS]

  the very very end recalls wait a minute [TS]

  that one time when the doctor freaked [TS]

  out and assaulted me [TS]

  he must have been doing that to cover up [TS]

  something and that's when he actually [TS]

  mailed them so it's a very spot like [TS]

  roll when he's always explaining very [TS]

  rationally don't you understand colombo [TS]

  this is what must have happened right [TS]

  he's he's always trying to do that that [TS]

  that actually is one of my favorite [TS]

  colombo moments where the as they're [TS]

  carrying away the murder weapon which is [TS]

  a tire iron i think in columbus hang on [TS]

  any kind of looks at it for a second [TS]

  he takes a hard-boiled egg out of his [TS]

  pocket and cracks against the thing is [TS]

  ok yeah keep going but that but that was [TS]

  that that was it was a lot so many [TS]

  really great moments from that's from [TS]

  that episode one of them is one of the [TS]

  most intense moments between Colombo and [TS]

  any other actor in the entire series [TS]

  yeah because he's trees is the way the [TS]

  colombo works on suspects is working on [TS]

  their emotions and trying to like [TS]

  rattling a little bit he finally gets [TS]

  this guy who is absolutely impossible to [TS]

  rattle because he's just being stored [TS]

  throughout the entire thing and then you [TS]

  add this other thing where it's not just [TS]

  this one murder that he's investigating [TS]

  he has discovered that Leonard Nimoy's [TS]

  character has intentionally botched a [TS]

  surgery that happened a week ago so that [TS]

  this guy is going to die in a few days [TS]

  and we'll look like it was just like a [TS]

  heart attack is now he has to make sure [TS]

  that this doctor is going to bring that [TS]

  patient back in and fix it so after he [TS]

  tries every single trick he can possibly [TS]

  think of to like get this guy so scared [TS]

  for you have bad but I better fix this [TS]

  and prevent find an excuse [TS]

  columbus finally like this patient just [TS]

  nods and then pick up a wider picture [TS]

  and then slams it on the desk in front [TS]

  of Nimoy and says drops the entire like [TS]

  oh I'm just a dumb rumpled detective [TS]

  since and look if in fact that guy dies [TS]

  there's gonna have to be an autopsy [TS]

  you know that's gonna happen and I'm [TS]

  gonna be there watching you every step [TS]

  of the way doctor and then he scheduled [TS]

  surgery again being stoic and being very [TS]

  very spot like it was very few people i [TS]

  think would really have actors could [TS]

  have stood up to that kind of [TS]

  performance and still no flinch i'm [TS]

  gonna i'm just going to simply logically [TS]

  realize that ok he is indeed right-field [TS]

  there's no if if this guy dies their [TS]

  effects and I have to do this right now [TS]

  like oh goodness he's such an anchor and [TS]

  every scene that he's and I can't think [TS]

  of anything post star trek ever saw him [TS]

  and where he was just not the guy you [TS]

  wanted to pay attention to even when he [TS]

  was just sitting quietly of a bind [TS]

  tented fingers and observing that one [TS]

  and that TJ hooker episode I mean not a [TS]

  good show a fat white ball shape moment [TS]

  for variable this is this a charity our [TS]

  hearing a comfortable [TS]

  Adrian's admit that some of the best [TS]

  butt's getting across the hood of a car [TS]

  I've seen any 80 series i'll stand by [TS]

  the of the two series that had a lock [TS]

  layer was in simultaneously on ABC in [TS]

  the eighties that was one of them [TS]

  that was one of them it is the series [TS]

  that gave us the phrase your life isn't [TS]

  worth Bologna on a stick so you know you [TS]

  ever had to let the music not that good [TS]

  once i guess i have to act out the [TS]

  correct in that environment just like [TS]

  bigger the star from scenery is Neelu [TS]

  that guy should get a special lemme but [TS]

  but the episode and i remember watching [TS]

  it when it aired where you Leonard Nimoy [TS]

  is guesting on TJ Hooker and and he gets [TS]

  he gets to be the emotional one he gets [TS]

  to be this father who's who wants [TS]

  vengeance for whatever happened to his [TS]

  daughter and he actually calls often and [TS]

  dex hooker at one point which is great [TS]

  but again you know you can't take your [TS]

  eyes off him [TS]

  that's who you want to see the story [TS]

  about you don't care about TJ hooker who [TS]

  then goes running along the wall and [TS]

  jumps on the school bus as you do [TS]

  he was also the voice of Galvatron and [TS]

  the Transformers believe yes [TS]

  yeah which I enjoyed immensely as a kid [TS]

  yeah Orson Welles was in the [TS]

  Transformers movies that was his legs [TS]

  and he was on the cross [TS]

  yeah the Giants of of acting in [TS]

  transformers cartoon that so that's a [TS]

  punchline actually that's the punchline [TS]

  from searching for isn't it [TS]

  the odd the Giants the collective killed [TS]

  Robin role in Jax's and yeah [TS]

  oh so i have a i just wanted to mention [TS]

  nobody made pseudo-scientific claptrap [TS]

  sound more realistic in the seventies [TS]

  than one anymore as the narrator of in [TS]

  search of oh I learned so much I have [TS]

  freewill about the Easter Island statues [TS]

  and the chupacabra I don't know whether [TS]

  it's your comp represent probably then [TS]

  but it made it but mr. Spock was [TS]

  explaining to me and therefore it was [TS]

  totally true it had to be science right [TS]

  because mr. spot was talking about UFOs [TS]

  and and the theory of Atlantis and you [TS]

  know ESP well and and it's funny there [TS]

  if you look at the the list of all the [TS]

  episodes for in surgery you know again [TS]

  see the Loch Ness monster Bigfoot all [TS]

  the things that were hip in the [TS]

  seventies right and there's one episode [TS]

  in search of Vincent van Gogh and [TS]

  apparently he agreed to do the series as [TS]

  long as he could do one episode where he [TS]

  went overseas needed and that's where [TS]

  did all the research for the vincent van [TS]

  gogh play was doing the episode 4 in [TS]

  search of and it's it's bizarre because [TS]

  it's not at all I can you know there's [TS]

  nothing weird Supernatural about Vincent [TS]

  but ok whatever but you know it worked [TS]

  it paid the bills but and and I i [TS]

  remember when i first discovered [TS]

  jonathan coulton and you know I'm and [TS]

  I'm listening to all the songs going to [TS]

  call me and i love this guy and getting [TS]

  to under the pines and the first time [TS]

  through i guess was the first verse I'm [TS]

  going what the hell is this song about [TS]

  and then I realized it's a song from the [TS]

  point of view of leonard nimoy to [TS]

  Bigfoot and it that just blew my mind [TS]

  that not only the concept that anyone [TS]

  would think of writing a song from [TS]

  Leonard Nimoy Bigfoot well who wouldn't [TS]

  it's obvious [TS]

  ok alright so I i used to listen to the [TS]

  golden throats album better if he turns [TS]

  out not only not only loosen sky with [TS]

  diamonds from william shatner but if i [TS]

  had a hammer and too soon by hand so I [TS]

  any in that these are the voyages book [TS]

  they make it clear that basically they [TS]

  were merchandising anything in it [TS]

  everything they could that first year [TS]

  because they didn't know with this was [TS]

  gonna last and made the end up some [TS]

  record company said yeah we want to do a [TS]

  star trek album ended up being like mr. [TS]

  Spock's music from space for something [TS]

  like that music from no man which I [TS]

  ionno really a ballad of bilbo baggins [TS]

  is haunting yeah i'lli'll unfortunately [TS]

  yeah yeah I remember that from dr. [TS]

  Demento mhm yeah ideological double [TS]

  barrel carburetors great place but you [TS]

  never can find a parking space [TS]

  highly illogical and you have a memory [TS]

  of this i know the damn warrant does of [TS]

  the him introducing like the science [TS]

  show at the planetarium or something in [TS]

  Boston [TS]

  yes yes hate whatever that is is entered [TS]

  the the planetarium museum of science [TS]

  right had this beaut this is this is [TS]

  Boston and it was this huge huge tour of [TS]

  the entire of the entire city including [TS]

  the the I don't remember his dialogue as [TS]

  much as I remember this is a before I [TS]

  max they also had multiple projectors [TS]

  behind the screen the planetarium it was [TS]

  like just a huge like cinerama style [TS]

  movie and I just really basically is a [TS]

  high-speed film you drive all the way [TS]

  through boston into the coast and then [TS]

  you get 12 lobster boats all look place [TS]

  people want to see a lot of stuff on the [TS]

  lobster man shoves it shoves a lobster [TS]

  right into the camera and it's surrounds [TS]

  you with its claws but yeah I mean [TS]

  little Moyes narration talk about the [TS]

  history and here the district's it must [TS]

  have been a little bit painful though [TS]

  because there is not a West End of [TS]

  Boston there used to be but then it was [TS]

  torn down and like urban renewal in the [TS]

  fifties and that is of course that was [TS]

  his hometown that's where he was born [TS]

  that's where he took his acting lessons [TS]

  this is where he did his family raised [TS]

  them and so he had to give this long [TS]

  long tours had have the Boston Boston's [TS]

  North End is filled the folk to the [TS]

  south end with a visit then [TS]

  well with the east end well that's the [TS]

  harbor well we're okay and can talk [TS]

  about the Western because that's where [TS]

  the elevator the elevator highway is [TS]

  well isn't that isn't thanks for [TS]

  downloading it isn't this here's a test [TS]

  of the new army theater sound system who [TS]

  would put the ball in the bomb [TS]

  shabam shove all who put the ram in the [TS]

  rap a lab adding dog but yeah that's [TS]

  with its there's actually there's [TS]

  actually live discussion about where is [TS]

  that film now because they the museum of [TS]

  science has not released it there's some [TS]

  bootleg film of people who just managed [TS]

  to sneak some sort of video camera [TS]

  because the tourists were there so [TS]

  people did like shoot video of those [TS]

  before you know the recording industry [TS]

  was like militant it's yeah it's a big [TS]

  piece of estonia the well i have a [TS]

  hammer [TS]

  and i have a bell and i'm going to ring [TS]

  it all over this lab you gotta love that [TS]

  actually that you gotta love the [TS]

  shameless tie-ins and he was happy to [TS]

  provide military or absolutely and read [TS]

  into that what else what else do you [TS]

  guys want to talk about on this on the [TS]

  subject I i I've run out of my notes of [TS]

  the various things that i wanted to talk [TS]

  about that we can go anywhere you want [TS]

  with us [TS]

  there's a show that was a movie it was [TS]

  like as a pilot from the early seventies [TS]

  called baffled [TS]

  I think where he is a racecar driver who [TS]

  developed psychic powers and then the [TS]

  series was going to be amusing a psychic [TS]

  powers to help save people every week [TS]

  and it sounds ridiculous but it's not [TS]

  bad huh [TS]

  but of course the reason it's not bad [TS]

  anymore anymore at the wikipedia page [TS]

  says that holds eight pilot for a [TS]

  television series the story is part of [TS]

  the occult detective sub-genre well i [TS]

  called ya jack i guess what is that how [TS]

  big is that sub-genre that's like a [TS]

  parent apparently there were some but [TS]

  yeah it's it's not bad i mean you know [TS]

  early seventies a cold crime drama but [TS]

  that's weird it's it's funny used to pop [TS]

  up every now and then on on the the [TS]

  independent stations when I was younger [TS]

  and yeah if you come across it and it's [TS]

  probably on youtube at this point i [TS]

  guess we should mention that he also [TS]

  directed three men and a baby in [TS]

  addition to start your career and star [TS]

  trek for which is the highest grossing [TS]

  film of 1987 [TS]

  yep and spend funny about love with Gene [TS]

  Wilder also also it is contribution to [TS]

  the simpsons hit anyone who started the [TS]

  monorail yes [TS]

  talk about a cherry on the top of an [TS]

  already big cherry on top of a career [TS]

  the cosmic dance goes as himself in [TS]

  March vs. the monorail was fantastic [TS]

  my work here is done you didn't do [TS]

  anything did not haha [TS]

  yeah I like that uh I like that he he [TS]

  became friendly with Zachary Quinto [TS]

  actually while they're working on Star [TS]

  Trek I thought that was Zachary Quinto a [TS]

  nice post today about his friend Leonard [TS]

  that I you know that that's gonna be [TS]

  weird when we talked about like acting [TS]

  against chris pine but it's gonna be [TS]

  weird right to be like yeah you're Spock [TS]

  now I me I know when we talked about the [TS]

  original or know the the JJ Abrams [TS]

  reboot movies we talked about the idea [TS]

  of trying to transform these characters [TS]

  into not one actor one character but [TS]

  into you know I think JJ Abrams said [TS]

  think of it like Shakespeare that you [TS]

  know you got these parts the classic [TS]

  parts now you're doing them but if you [TS]

  want anymore that had to be very strange [TS]

  to see somebody else trying to be mr. [TS]

  Spock for the first time and yet you [TS]

  know it sounds like they actually bonded [TS]

  over being mr. Spock and having to put [TS]

  on those years we've seen that that car [TS]

  and they did they did a wacky superbowl [TS]

  commercial I couldn't tell you what card [TS]

  was for now without his vote to your [TS]

  mercedes-benz or volkswagen but you know [TS]

  as a foreign car but it's delightful in [TS]

  the long version of the ads is hilarious [TS]

  the two of them are great together [TS]

  that's a good one i'm gonna i'm looking [TS]

  it up now audi yeah you know that was in [TS]

  my head I was the animals audi but I [TS]

  couldn't remember for sure it was a good [TS]

  and because was effective and it was a [TS]

  bad as it wasn't yeah [TS]

  as are all the best and we must have [TS]

  been weird too because you know Chris [TS]

  Pine uh is kind of has the spirit of [TS]

  Captain Kirk doesn't look like William [TS]

  Shatner all that right exactly [TS]

  Shatner all that right exactly [TS]

  quinto is like a dead ringer for four [TS]

  spot a young leonard nimoy young pretty [TS]

  much yeah yeah that must have had an [TS]

  extra added awareness weirdness I meant [TS]

  well you know you can I have one of [TS]

  those situations i read today said you [TS]

  know 50 50 years in the business [TS]

  basically 50 60 60 years in the business [TS]

  I mean depends on where you can't but a [TS]

  long long career embraced this character [TS]

  was loved and you know it's an iconic [TS]

  role you know I i just got I kind of [TS]

  can't think of a better life led then [TS]

  then Leonard Nimoy's hehe came to terms [TS]

  with being part of this cult phenomenon [TS]

  and this character that was iconic he [TS]

  was able to do his art do his [TS]

  photography got to still do some acting [TS]

  when he wanted to I don't know III as as [TS]

  lives go you gotta you gotta say he he [TS]

  did right he didn't heat people like him [TS]

  they liked working with him they you [TS]

  know it's a he seems to have gotten a [TS]

  gotten pretty high score on this thing [TS]

  as far as i can tell i can't remember [TS]

  who it was i saw tweeting earlier but [TS]

  someone said that you know as an artist [TS]

  as a person if you measure a person's [TS]

  life by how much enjoy they brought to [TS]

  how many people his is going to be hard [TS]

  to top [TS]

  yeah you know Jim Henson yeah right you [TS]

  know but but it's there's a certain [TS]

  rarefied group why the people who met [TS]

  him you know you felt touched by him [TS]

  yeah will Wheaton had a beautiful post [TS]

  today where he said I didn't get to know [TS]

  him he was on the show after i left i [TS]

  never really got to know him as a person [TS]

  but from everything I've heard everybody [TS]

  that I know that I'm very close with [TS]

  loved him and then he was he was as [TS]

  wonderful as I always hoped he would be [TS]

  when I was a little kid watching Star [TS]

  Trek I loved his persona on Twitter the [TS]

  last few years he was a great tweeter of [TS]

  you know and every like everything was [TS]

  like a one liner and it all ended [TS]

  without [TS]

  lopl AP live long and prosper but he was [TS]

  he would he did a lot of things like [TS]

  listen grandpa [TS]

  ok let's move on to your grandfather I'm [TS]

  your see if you don't have a grandparent [TS]

  i'll be your grandparent [TS]

  yeah 3 or 4 years ago was like anyone [TS]

  here who wants to make me an honorary [TS]

  grandpa go ahead down here I'm here you [TS]

  know his final tweet is when is just a [TS]

  beautiful thought that no he wins that [TS]

  nobody's ever gonna send a better final [TS]

  tweet ever [TS]

  yeah I I showed it to the [TS]

  thirteen-year-old today and and hit me [TS]

  just sort of teared up four seconds like [TS]

  watching breath of God again like and [TS]

  and you know he you know he he wasn't [TS]

  really reacting and then it should be [TS]

  like oh wow yeah because you know he's [TS]

  13 he isn't thinking about things like [TS]

  that and he doesn't he doesn't need to [TS]

  his final tweet was a life is like a [TS]

  garden perfect moments can be had but [TS]

  not preserved except in memory [TS]

  live long and prosper and he did and he [TS]

  did not know it's very sad but at the [TS]

  same time I'm like I said light life [TS]

  well-lived it's hard you don't want you [TS]

  don't let them go and it said that [TS]

  they're gone but boy it is so much [TS]

  better to to have that Colonel of what a [TS]

  great life this person lived and how [TS]

  many people they touched and you know [TS]

  when i say it can be easily come across [TS]

  as fast i when i say something like you [TS]

  you know that's pretty high score in [TS]

  life but you know that that's my point [TS]

  is that that we should all live long [TS]

  lives and touches many people and seemed [TS]

  to be at such peace and ease with their [TS]

  life as Leonard Nimoy was that is that I [TS]

  you could not ask for much more than [TS]

  that I think I mean he'll he'll live on [TS]

  as as you know as people write more fan [TS]

  fiction and more things you know like [TS]

  Holmes and Watson you're right because [TS]

  it's holmes and watson there there [TS]

  wasn't a definitive thing to begin with [TS]

  it was it all came from the stories but [TS]

  with this i mean even even with things [TS]

  that are adapted like Harry Potter yeah [TS]

  okay there's a lot of harry potter [TS]

  fanfiction but you're still starting [TS]

  from the books where is in this Yuri [TS]

  only when you're writing when you're [TS]

  creating a story with these characters [TS]

  you're hearing Shatner and Emily yeah [TS]

  you know it's you just can't and as good [TS]

  as the the new movies are you still hear [TS]

  it [TS]

  well I mean like I said Zachary Quinto [TS]

  is doing Spock right but Spock is [TS]

  Leonard Nimoy Spock is a couple was a [TS]

  collaborative creation of Leonard Nimoy [TS]

  and writers and producers and a lot of [TS]

  it was Leonard Nimoy so you know but [TS]

  bigger bigger than that even like I you [TS]

  we would balance that the character [TS]

  Spock had a lot of parents with a lot of [TS]

  contributions but the way that that that [TS]

  character was implemented on screen was [TS]

  one percent Nimoy and then if you just [TS]

  think forward that every single actor in [TS]

  every single star trek movie or TV show [TS]

  that is ever played a Vulcan is doing a [TS]

  leonard nimoy for or and out i mean you [TS]

  could argue or an outsider figure all we [TS]

  were there always is one there are they [TS]

  are mr. Spock is hanging over them right [TS]

  mr. spot is the one that just will not [TS]

  lie i want to give him credit for for [TS]

  the the way that Vulcans are the poster [TS]

  art real he owns vaccine you see there's [TS]

  something there's something there's no [TS]

  one person that invented here's here's [TS]

  what Klingon sound like and here's how [TS]

  they behave and there are so many other [TS]

  series and franchises you'll see well [TS]

  i'm a member i'm a member of the booboo [TS]

  race but hey I'm I'm the energetic one [TS]

  that kind of talks like Paul in but our [TS]

  McGruff one who kind of talks like this [TS]

  he created a template that was so sturdy [TS]

  that was like nope this is how you [TS]

  define a Vulcan if you do not see if you [TS]

  don't make the same choice that he made [TS]

  choices that can be applied generation [TS]

  after generation in scene after scene [TS]

  character character they still work [TS]

  I don't I i'm not saying that he was the [TS]

  greatest actor who ever lived that's [TS]

  such a stupid thing to say about any [TS]

  suppurative but i don't think you'll [TS]

  find an achievement that is more [TS]

  impressive than that great i I my [TS]

  impression is I'm impressed because not [TS]

  only is it all the physical but so many [TS]

  other aspects of his personality that [TS]

  you could normally ascribe to well that [TS]

  was the way the character was written [TS]

  a lot of that came from him too so in [TS]

  addition to all the physicality there [TS]

  are a lot of other points to but you're [TS]

  absolutely right i'm sure that if you're [TS]

  Tim or us or with jolene blalock you you [TS]

  sat down with mr. Spock with to learn [TS]

  how to be a Vulcan right blood since it [TS]

  did its always amused me how you know [TS]

  you look at all the different alien [TS]

  races and Klingons are Klingons and the [TS]

  new in Dorian's are in Dorian's and [TS]

  there's not really i mean certainly with [TS]

  Andorians there's not that much defining [TS]

  them except blue and in 10 a right and [TS]

  had weird for outfits and with all the [TS]

  Vulcans I mean yes you you still get [TS]

  mark leonard and you still get jolene [TS]

  blalock and you still get some rest and [TS]

  their personalities are still there but [TS]

  the vab it'sit's exactly its there's [TS]

  dishes this essence of Spock to all of [TS]

  them that comes through that wouldn't be [TS]

  there if it hadn't been rendered morning [TS]

  before we go what I have one more story [TS]

  to tell which is you know mr. Spock is [TS]

  the Vulcan hand gesture and yet it's [TS]

  become to recommend or or represent [TS]

  Trekkies and trekkers and whatever else [TS]

  beats are transported called Star Trek [TS]

  fans let's call him that I like that so [TS]

  I was on a cruise in hawaii in like 2003 [TS]

  i want to say 2002 was the wisdom the [TS]

  mac cruise but it was also the same [TS]

  cruise ship was a star trek crews and [TS]

  the luau that they did the day than the [TS]

  night before that the ship took off was [TS]

  that took off its not a spaceship its [TS]

  sailed away quite a crew with a 17 rise [TS]

  of the season space career at the UH the [TS]

  so it's like in Hawaii and uh and and he [TS]

  was better Ludacris yeah um and so the [TS]

  luau beforehand was all the Star Trek [TS]

  people and all the the the computer [TS]

  people and it was him a cruise and a [TS]

  pearl crew there's a whole like think [TS]

  lots of nerds were there are various [TS]

  kinds and the thing that one thing that [TS]

  impressed me the most actually was that [TS]

  George Takei was there and when they [TS]

  introduced him at the low he stood up [TS]

  and he had the huge George Takei smile [TS]

  and gave the Vulcan hand signal and part [TS]

  of me was like wow that is really a [TS]

  symbol of of being a Star Trek fan [TS]

  and then the other party was like mr. [TS]

  Sulu is not a Vulcan and does not do [TS]

  people in the hand symbol [TS]

  excuse me mr 2kay but i think i pointed [TS]

  out the next morning he did not take [TS]

  that fortunately we're in the hot tub so [TS]

  we're both very right about two years [TS]

  ago they do the the TEDx Broadway which [TS]

  is all that theater and Broadway now [TS]

  whatever and two years ago I I got to go [TS]

  and George Takei was one of the speakers [TS]

  and he gets up and he talks about this [TS]

  is Japanese internment camps show that [TS]

  he wants to bring Broadway and he [TS]

  finally is and but he ends it you know [TS]

  that there's a little bit of PowerPoint [TS]

  but there's not much but the very last [TS]

  thing all of a sudden there's the [TS]

  enterprise and he just starts into these [TS]

  are the voyages of the Starship [TS]

  Enterprise and you could tell the the [TS]

  trek fans in the audience because they [TS]

  all started mouthing it along with him [TS]

  yeah he doesn't have the simple and then [TS]

  do like a whole bunch of us raise our [TS]

  hands and I look over at the the friend [TS]

  i went with and and he's doing because I [TS]

  could hear him and I just looked at him [TS]

  and he looked at me said aren't you [TS]

  doing i said i'm doing it silently in my [TS]

  head haha shut up you also you know when [TS]

  I was something I i wanted to mention i [TS]

  forgot to mention it is I'm i talk about [TS]

  a journey of a leonard nimoy took from [TS]

  rejection to acceptance of Spock and and [TS]

  really kind of having it be thinking of [TS]

  the good things that brought him and and [TS]

  just accepting that that he and Spock [TS]

  we're going to be inseparable and that [TS]

  was okay and in fact that was good [TS]

  so in galaxy quest dr. Lazarus it's it [TS]

  is Leonard Nimoy's story in fast-forward [TS]

  because essentially the alan rickman [TS]

  character Alexander Dane he is a [TS]

  classically trained actor likely anymore [TS]

  was a stage actor and he gets in the [TS]

  silly TV show and now everybody is [TS]

  spouting philosophy to him and he [TS]

  rejects it and he thinks it's ridiculous [TS]

  and by the end he has that touching [TS]

  moment with a with the thermium who dies [TS]

  and and says that you know I've lived my [TS]

  life yet by your teachings and i would [TS]

  this is an important philosophy to me [TS]

  and he has that memory says this is [TS]

  really important to people and make [TS]

  and it matters in their lives and that [TS]

  means I matter in their lives and I have [TS]

  to respect that and that and he turns at [TS]

  that moment and it really it really [TS]

  changes that character type of the of [TS]

  the actor playing the park to understand [TS]

  how much it meant and i always see that [TS]

  as being the letter anymore journey in a [TS]

  in a compressed time frame and it is my [TS]

  favorite thing in galaxy quest is that [TS]

  is that scene where he realizes over the [TS]

  dying alien that this silly thing that [TS]

  he's been disparaging really matters to [TS]

  people it really is part of the immense [TS]

  burden that Nimoy and the rest of those [TS]

  like a line characters have that even if [TS]

  they have come to peace with the show [TS]

  even if they truly love this show [TS]

  they can never fully appreciate that [TS]

  every time they have 30 seconds with a [TS]

  fan that can be such a momentous time [TS]

  for that person they have no idea there [TS]

  are people who were going to kill [TS]

  themselves that found the strength to [TS]

  move forward because a while but what if [TS]

  I were the star trek universe with my [TS]

  character do what would Spock do what [TS]

  would overlook McCoy do that the this [TS]

  fandom can have good aspects to it and [TS]

  bad aspects to it but there's some [TS]

  people who have very unfortunate who [TS]

  that is the thing that they cling to the [TS]

  gives them that tether to reality [TS]

  despite the fact that it's fiction and [TS]

  that burden that these actors have to [TS]

  know that I can I don't care how tired I [TS]

  am I have to give this person a smile [TS]

  after shake their hand when i get a [TS]

  letter from somebody i might be getting [TS]

  a letter that is just absolutely [TS]

  shocking and pushed me this horrible [TS]

  position of i have a choice a or choice [TS]

  be either one of them will cause a [TS]

  reparable harm to this person if I screw [TS]

  it up [TS]

  I cannot imagine a nearby and maybe some [TS]

  of us have in this position because we [TS]

  write so much for so many things [TS]

  sometimes you'll get an email from [TS]

  somebody or a letter from somebody that [TS]

  refers to something that you've even [TS]

  completely forgot you said that you know [TS]

  that really came with the absolute right [TS]

  time and it really helped me out a lot [TS]

  and I'm like I had no idea that these [TS]

  around with a casual gesture that I [TS]

  could even have that kind of power to do [TS]

  that for millions and millions of people [TS]

  i do not understand what [TS]

  That Bird must have been like for that [TS]

  man one especially I you know you always [TS]

  hear the stories of Martin Luther King [TS]

  encouraged and she'll locals to stay on [TS]

  the show and be an example but how many [TS]

  people haven't said that about Spock [TS]

  right i know a lot of of people who use [TS]

  and you know what I was an outsider or I [TS]

  was an outcast or I was a different [TS]

  ethnicity in in the school I went to [TS]

  and.and spot gave me the strength to be [TS]

  there to be the smart person off to the [TS]

  side i could be cerebral in you know or [TS]

  you like wilwheaton was saying in his in [TS]

  his post when when they played on the [TS]

  playground he would he would eventually [TS]

  talk the kids into playing Star Trek and [TS]

  they didn't always want to and and but [TS]

  he didn't want to be kirky always wanted [TS]

  to be Spock because he could be the [TS]

  cerebral weird kid that he was normally [TS]

  right now and and you don't hear about [TS]

  that because you know who even thinks [TS]

  about that who would think to say that [TS]

  is a I identified with spot because of [TS]

  this and this was a powerful thing for [TS]

  TV in 1967 it's a little bit of our [TS]

  cultural history it's a little bit of [TS]

  our childhood and yeah I don't know what [TS]

  else to say I think he lived a great [TS]

  life and left a great legacy and we'll [TS]

  miss him and we will always have mr. [TS]

  Spock I would like to thank my guests [TS]

  for taking some time to talk to me about [TS]

  this this iconic character in this life [TS]

  well-led David lower thank you for being [TS]

  here thank you as always and Enoch oh [TS]

  thanks so much for joining us tonight [TS]

  young ND at some point you're going to [TS]

  ask an intern at mac user how to try to [TS]

  do HTML [TS]

  this will start a relationship that will [TS]

  be very fruitful to both of you for the [TS]

  rest of our lives and i encourage you to [TS]

  pursue it a little message to young Andy [TS]

  and Scott melty thank you thank you for [TS]

  having me on you you can go back to your [TS]

  random track now where you will tear up [TS]

  a little bit perhaps the next time you [TS]

  get a classic series episode that's [TS]

  right i'm thinking of doing a special [TS]

  random traveling is non-random that [TS]

  would be great [TS]

  yeah that would be awesome although it [TS]

  break all formats and all the random [TS]

  track listings be like once got doing [TS]

  this madman but I think you've got [TS]

  righteous what just just shave your [TS]

  beard goatee for the purpose of work [TS]

  it's a mirrors got rid of a specific [TS]

  that's right i like it in the mirror [TS]

  universe it's all chosen ahead of time [TS]

  as two hosts and one of them must kill [TS]

  the other by the end of the fun yes kill [TS]

  us both spot put them in the agony booth [TS]

  thanks to everybody out there for [TS]

  listening to this special episode of the [TS]

  uncomfortable we will be back next week [TS]

  with a regular episode that probably [TS]

  will be about Star Wars so set your set [TS]

  your phasers on stun and your glass [TS]

  shatters too full [TS]

  that's right I'll of Babylon 5 what you [TS]

  look like a panda in a session [TS]

  ceremonial dagger I think he carried [TS]

  that off thats wearing right now and [TS]

  nothing else [TS]

  oh my i guess i'll say it [TS]

  live long and prosper we'll see you next [TS]

  time [TS]

  space the final frontier [TS]

  these are the voyages of the Starship [TS]

  Enterprise [TS]

  your ongoing mission to explore strange [TS]

  new worlds to seek out new life-forms [TS]

  and new civilizations to boldly go where [TS]

  no one has gone [TS]

  stargate sg-1 the science fiction TV [TS]

  series its finite universe the original [TS]

  tron the 1989 film The Wizard starring [TS]

  Fred Savage last action hero [TS]

  Tosh but I read everything I could get [TS]

  my hands on on from analysis to backlash [TS]

  and eventually I was like you know why [TS]

  don't i just read it i love to show a [TS]

  lot and I feel like it's not even in the [TS]

  conversation and when it comes up it's [TS]

  just people don't even want to bring it [TS]

  up so you buried the lead that Fred [TS]

  Savage [TS]

  but but I really think a lot of it came [TS]

  from the fact that kids starting this [TS]

  move it rode on the coattails of we're [TS]

  going to see this movie that you see [TS]

  super mario brothers 30 really audiences [TS]

  did not like it they thought it was [TS]

  weird it to this day only has I think a [TS]

  star and a half on netflix this was [TS]

  actually very difficult for me I nearly [TS]

  took a taylor swift's new album 1989 no [TS]

  no now I have to go out and find [TS]

  somebody who loves it right i mean [TS]

  that's what you hear but you know why [TS]

  don't you ask a woman about them for [TS]

  real you know if it so hang on let's [TS]

  rewind a minute here because we have [TS]

  gotten quite in-depth quite quickly and [TS]

  and I realized that he hates you too for [TS]

  the same reason that I hated the rolling [TS]

  stones by any objective measure the [TS]

  wizard is not a great movie it's not [TS]

  even a good movie it's barely competent [TS]

  if you want to look at this as a [TS]

  commedia dell'arte style presentation of [TS]

  tropes it succeeds admirably pepper and [TS]

  then they called him and they said well [TS]

  you know you're cheaper than a linear [TS]

  committee will you do it [TS]

  that is crazy i hadn't i didn't know [TS]

  that all these that's wonderful really [TS]

  amazing they put they put bowling balls [TS]

  they were falling balls in in a video [TS]

  game and put it in a bowling alley [TS]

  because that makes it fun is underrated [TS]

  all this and more starting monday [TS]

  marriage second on the meantime purple [TS]

  network [TS]