The Talk Show

93: ‘Toner-Perfect Design’, With Craig Hockenberry


  it'll be an interesting conversation Yeah Yeahs week we were just totally [TS]

  broken gas and about everything I you know it's funny I'm not totally guessing [TS]

  it it is it is easily maybe the thing I wrote about iPhone screen sizes John [TS]

  Marion thing I've ever read like it's not totally out of the blue but it's [TS]

  absolutely positively not informed by a single person who's actually seen or [TS]

  touched a new iPhone right but but but talk to some people who claim to talk to [TS]

  people so it's it's not you know the big one the big one and one and we can I [TS]

  know I think will do the job [TS]

  traded some of these things everybody but the one that to me is weird is this [TS]

  idea of a 750 by 13:30 for iPhone because if that's the pixel count you [TS]

  divide by two to get the points and it they're both odd numbers 375 by its 667 [TS]

  yeah and that's a little weird not quite as weird as a phone that had odd pixels [TS]

  but I points is a little bit weird but it is the one you're thinking for the [TS]

  four point seven inch display that's their 1 1334 by 7:15 as I hear very well [TS]

  you know people who are out there probably not numbers even numbers it all [TS]

  programming is like binary its powers of two on and you know everything is nicely [TS]

  you know you can do a division by two pages shifting binary digit you know one [TS]

  place to the right everything is just kinda really nice when it's something [TS]

  awesome power of to start talking about a three it's like and it's just in some [TS]

  ways it's a lawyer but Rory I mean a factor of two the factors of two is our [TS]

  magic numbers are even talking to join us about that he's actually gotten that [TS]

  down with the Minecraft plane because everything minecraft is so pics only [TS]

  eight and 16 and 32 are numbers that keep coming up in Minecraft and sort of [TS]

  it was an interesting conversation but you know you're gonna find out as you [TS]

  get more and more video games and stuff that those are those powers of to keep [TS]

  doubling our magic numbers but even so even just avoiding the powers of two [TS]

  things it it's just a little weird because you can always split screen in [TS]

  half and half two equal halves but if you have an odd number now you can't [TS]

  write that really is the root of the problem right it's like and how do you [TS]

  send her something at that point right is you know what's happened 667 you know [TS]

  what do you do with that extra point five of the pixel [TS]

  right and its point five of those point five point and you know it's a little [TS]

  bit arbitrary because if you have an even number of points you can always [TS]

  center even sized object but you couldn't enter an object object now it's [TS]

  the other way around [TS]

  now you can take an odd sized object and put that on pixel right in the middle of [TS]

  the screen [TS]

  so it's you know but it we're used to making things even even size width yeah [TS]

  well to me if this if this goes down like you think it's going to go down [TS]

  it's really the end of thinking about pixels yes I don't really take away the [TS]

  end you kind of see him that if you read between the lines he always got to read [TS]

  between the lines between with the BBC presentations right because they're [TS]

  telling you stuff that's going to happen in the fall but they can't say it's [TS]

  going to happen in the fall [TS]

  yeah and there's all this thing about you know compact versus regular trade [TS]

  it's it's the date lads yeah the display glass display case yes display classes [TS]

  with your basically saying you know sometimes you're going to display on a [TS]

  larger described screen sometimes good display in a more compact screen right [TS]

  and you're gonna do you gonna create layouts for those two different [TS]

  scenarios now what are the number of points in those two well you got the [TS]

  iPad and iPhone 5 right now as examples of the the two cases but but there were [TS]

  a couple of sessions in WBC including the state of the union as I like to call [TS]

  the technicals keener daddy keynote on the keynote [TS]

  I wouldn't say whether they're both good but the but the one where we all like [TS]

  yeah it's like a meal in reverse is because we get our dessert in the [TS]

  morning [TS]

  get the meat nourishment in the afternoon but that's a great analogy [TS]

  actually yeah yeah we're all still a little dizzy Wright exactly what you're [TS]

  going to get the sugar rush go on and it's right there actually are putting [TS]

  code up on the screen but even in the technical cannot even in the state of [TS]

  the union there is a little bit where they immediately just was awkwardly [TS]

  phrased as to why in the world would they provide this for us unless there [TS]

  are new size devices coming out but there's no way in hell they were gonna [TS]

  say anything about the size devices but it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever [TS]

  that they would add this to the STK otherwise and then in the session and [TS]

  I've been talking about this week section 216 adaptive layouts adaptive [TS]

  layouts in I in Apple's parlance is exactly exactly analogous but it's the [TS]

  same basic idea as responsive web design right where you have one web page that [TS]

  scales and perhaps dramatic ways to look good on a phone on a tablet on a 30 inch [TS]

  display like maybe when you know a lot of responsive websites when you show up [TS]

  on the phone they get rid of all things they get rid of like menus for all sorts [TS]

  of side bars and stuff like that and just show the text or they might move it [TS]

  to the bottom they might move like sidebar material to the bottom well [TS]

  that's what adaptively out and I like where you don't effectively redesign for [TS]

  this phone [TS]

  redesigned for this phone redesign through the horizontal iPad redesigned [TS]

  for the vertical I plan [TS]

  you just said these constraints and say you know in a dynamic traction if it's [TS]

  between this and this laid out like this and if it gets smaller in the nest you [TS]

  can just hide this control which the technology that underlies all got a lot [TS]

  of parallels with CSS which is ya responsive web design yeah it's that was [TS]

  you know that was the first thing I am learning about lot of other way I was [TS]

  like ok this is a lot like CSS it's it's a very different take on the [TS]

  implementation is very different than than CSS but it's solving the same [TS]

  problem yeah don't know what size screen is gonna be deal with it it's a very a [TS]

  polite thing to do to attack the same problem that CSS addresses into to say [TS]

  we don't like effectively they're saying we don't like CSI and there's lots not [TS]

  to like about syria says there's a reason why there are so many things like [TS]

  that are front and Cecilia says yeah the CSS is very general solution right and [TS]

  this is a pretty specific problem we're dealing with violence right now I can [TS]

  see why they did that in the to the closest they came to to just come on [TS]

  hitting us over the head with it is that in the end I don't think this is Andy [TS]

  aid very unclear what is indeed are not anymore but the fact I mean there's all [TS]

  sorts of places the video that talked about what you're about to talk about [TS]

  his is not yeah and it's not you don't have to have an NDA to to watch these [TS]

  videos anymore I Sumeru you talking about the fact you can dial in the [TS]

  numbers that you want to the right when you do when you build and run your app [TS]

  in Xcode you used to be able to choose between a device if you have an actual [TS]

  physical iPad or iPhone plugged-in you can you know you can pick it [TS]

  craig's iPhone you run this on Craigs iPhone [TS]

  in India would build forearm and Xcode copied over and it launches right on [TS]

  your actual iPhone and if you're running the simulator you have to pick between [TS]

  actual virtual iPad ipad2 their iPad Retina I find iPhone 5 [TS]

  added to this year resizable iPad and resizable iPhone and at the bottom of [TS]

  those in the simulator you get to pick up many pixels wide the devices right [TS]

  and how how high it is in like in the demo they picked Africa 600 by eight [TS]

  hundred or something like that I don't know something that you know you sit [TS]

  there and watch his video why would they allow this [TS]

  yea again that's the reading between the lines like okay there's there's going to [TS]

  be some display size that is not 320 by 6:40 or 3:25 68 yeah yeah yeah so you [TS]

  know to be honest it doesn't really matter [TS]

  the thing I'm coming to the conclusion on coming Tues like ok we're thinking [TS]

  about this really in points it really is and that's that my only reservation hear [TS]

  those odd numbered points like how do you put that in half [TS]

  that's really does affect us that I think people like you know said is [TS]

  really a pain in the ass and Paula Dada tap but yeah and you know that's kind of [TS]

  where this this there was a conversation this weekend and you know it's like well [TS]

  okay that's why I said you know this is the end of us you know doing pixel [TS]

  perfect designs and then your comment about the you know how this like the [TS]

  retina MacBook Pro right you know you can have whatever scaling factor you [TS]

  want right under behind the scenes the retina MacBook Pro always works at two x [TS]

  it lays out of frame bumper to X-ray you read renders your images that you know [TS]

  two times their normal size but it may not display them to talk to size it made [TS]

  waving at one point six others 5 I think there's five options if you have anybody [TS]

  who hasn't seen a retina MacBook Pro [TS]

  may be very confusing and it was when I first heard about it two years ago when [TS]

  I first read them [TS]

  max came out it sounded to me like wow those other four settings are gonna look [TS]

  awful and it just have it is by default your retina MacBook Pro shows up with [TS]

  there's five settings the one in the middle is I called best and it's the one [TS]

  where everything is rendered in exactly two acts because you have to axe you [TS]

  actually have two extra pixels on the display and everything is rendered at [TS]

  that size is pixels and then there's two more size options in each direction [TS]

  bigger and smaller where you go smaller everything on screen gets smaller and [TS]

  you effectively get him virtually bigger display more again as they pixels are [TS]

  they points are points I guess you call them more points in the display and in [TS]

  other words like your eyes are great you have good eyes and you would like to see [TS]

  more content [TS]

  rendered smaller you have two steps like small and really small and then in the [TS]

  opposite direction you can go big and really big and it deserves everything up [TS]

  a little bit and I can see it a little bit special if I take my glasses off and [TS]

  get real close to the screen but typical viewing distance from a mat rehna [TS]

  MacBook Pro I actually don't see it actually turned out it works really well [TS]

  yeah our eyes are old enough that it's like okay yeah I was talking about that [TS]

  a couple of weeks ago on the show my eyes 41 or whatever the hell I am and [TS]

  some hidden that it knows those limits but I don't know I actually think I take [TS]

  my glasses off and get real close to something I can still see if I get a [TS]

  pretty sharp and i got really close to a random pretty effective yeah I've been [TS]

  working on some stuff for somebody and doing right now I don't have a MacBook [TS]

  Pro with Retina display but I do have a 30 inch display that I can put into a [TS]

  retro mode with some developer tools instead of having 2560 by 1600 pixels I [TS]

  think it is basically a half that number so I get a it renders and retina on the [TS]

  30 inch display so I basically got like a 15 inch display yeah thirty years of [TS]

  physical space and it's huge but it's really readable I don't have any problem [TS]

  seeing it and I can look at United visual pixels it's really good for [TS]

  testing but you know that's that's an extreme case you know somebody had a [TS]

  vision problem you know that thirty inches of real estate displaying a [TS]

  fifteen-inch image would be awesome yeah but am with you no txt rendered as well [TS]

  as it could be at the actual size that it might have been a big there's no big [TS]

  jackie's all over the place it doesn't look anything like when not updated [TS]

  iPhone apps running on the original iPhone four you know everybody remembers [TS]

  that they look terrible everybody I mean you have to be you know maybe like [TS]

  borderline legally blind not to be able to notice wow that looks pretty fuzzy [TS]

  it's not like that at all like once the pixels get small enough you can start [TS]

  playing games like that and I do think that's what it is so it's you know if if [TS]

  this number come up with that I've heard haven't didn't pull it out there but I [TS]

  did you know I can't can't say bet on it but if it's 1334 by 7:50 and his point [TS]

  sizes are odd what's what's weird about it is that there's a to our user [TS]

  interface programmer mines are much more obvious number right next door just add [TS]

  two pixels in each dimension and one of them is divisible by 16 33613 36 1336 [TS]

  just had two pixels is divisible by 8 evenly and 752 is divisible not just by [TS]

  April by 16 which is what the visibility by 16 is what a lot of people just [TS]

  expect in a display and it's only two pixels which is at 326 pixels per inch [TS]

  11 over one hundred and sixty-three of an inch so it's not it's still 4.7 inch [TS]

  display it's literally one less than 110 inch difference in physical size so why [TS]

  would they do that I don't know I have no idea but the the the the little [TS]

  whispers word on the street are 1334 by 7:50 I don't know maybe that's just an [TS]

  estimate maybe it's wrong and you know those shows up on stage in the Tech [TS]

  Specs come up and it says 13 36% 52 I don't know [TS]

  that was close enough to 750 where the word that came out and was restored [TS]

  around with was off by low they don't they don't talk about pixels in tech [TS]

  specs now they do they give you the exact dimensions it in tech specs they [TS]

  don't talk about RAM they never tell you the RAM and they don't tell you [TS]

  clock speeds processors thing but they definitely don't take it that way but [TS]

  they do tell you if you look at the Tech Specs now they did tell you that ok I [TS]

  remember having a problem figuring out what the actual dimensions where for [TS]

  screening one point but I think they do it because they I think they do it [TS]

  because they want to brag about the pixels per inch and tell you the [TS]

  diagonal and so they give you know you can just divide right there and you can [TS]

  get away with that said that the diagonal size is actually interesting [TS]

  thing to do think what my wife and I were talking about what we're going to [TS]

  talk about on this podcast what we're having dinner and she's like what is [TS]

  your point seven inch display was a 5.5 inch displayed like and it there's a [TS]

  real simple thing you can do you know a ruler that's got 5.5 inches on it and [TS]

  put it diagonally across your screen and you know go out to 5.5 PC aspect ratios [TS]

  gonna stay the same as your your iPhone 5 that I gotta change so you can just [TS]

  draw a line under 5.5 and and get an idea of how big that screen is and it's [TS]

  it's hefty right and then and this is more fuel for the is the 5.5 inch [TS]

  display going to behave like an iPad or going to behave like I thought let's [TS]

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  casper sleep that comes / talk show right like you were saying there's a [TS]

  great great question and that WWDC session raises point about it is is this [TS]

  especially the 5.5 is this Friday if it you know and if it ships this year I do [TS]

  that I i'm MoMA I would say I'm 99% sure there's a 5.5 inches from coming is it [TS]

  coming september ninth that I don't know you know could be something you know who [TS]

  knows maybe there'll be a special event February or something [TS]

  but i i do think it's coming and when it does is it gonna have like an iPhone [TS]

  layout wise or more like an iPad and so for example in that section 216 they set [TS]

  up the adaptive layout constraints such that when you rotate the phone to [TS]

  landscape that it works like an iPad and so if you have it was a good list of [TS]

  messages and you tap it it showed it you know one third of the screen was for the [TS]

  list and the other two thirds shows what you have selected right it stays on [TS]

  screen as opposed to the entire you know to navigation to view controllers want [TS]

  on screen at once as opposed to the iPhone where it always only one at a [TS]

  time it really is from somebody who's who's fifty four-year-old right I don't [TS]

  necessarily want a smaller version of the iPad I want a larger version of the [TS]

  iPhone right somebody something they can give you know give me more space bigger [TS]

  text to read the stuff that I have a trip to be honest is there something on [TS]

  the iPhone though have trouble reading the script too small [TS]

  the flip side of that you know somebody who is you know their twenties you know [TS]

  they spend a lot of time looking a YouTube video you know they've got [TS]

  Facebook or other social networks right now they do all sorts of stuff on their [TS]

  phone they got great eyes they're going to want that phone to work more like an [TS]

  iPad right yeah tiny little far does it load content on the screen so that's why [TS]

  I say you know pixels don't really matter anymore right it's like this I [TS]

  see Apple telling us you know give up the idea of of pixels and start thinking [TS]

  about areas and trust that everything's gonna look sharp yeah it's it's [TS]

  interesting one of the first things I did when I got an iPhone right his [TS]

  second one understand what that magic 44 pixel number was all about and i [TS]

  actually got a ruler out but my finger against that rule or and my fingertip [TS]

  covered about a quarter of an edge if you take the 44 pics you know forty four [TS]

  pixels divided by what was at 163 was originally 162 or 163 163 [TS]

  it works out to be about a quarter of an inch too little bit bigger and a little [TS]

  tiny little bit bigger than a quarter of an inch but you know that's the size [TS]

  your fingertip right and you know as we go to these different size displays the [TS]

  number of pixels of change but our fingertips haven't changed we still you [TS]

  know i still touch a piece of glass and it's about a quarter of a tank so let's [TS]

  keep the controls that size yeah something has to eat I don't know maybe [TS]

  I wasn't clear enough in the piece I wrote over the weekend but [TS]

  something has to stay the same and in in I think what's been confusing and even [TS]

  to me it caught me off guard for the first couple of years a lot of things [TS]

  stay the same as new iOS devices came out it wasn't just one or two factors [TS]

  that stayed the same lot stayed the same and when they first went right now it [TS]

  went they increase the resolution in such an easy-to-understand way the [TS]

  screen size was exactly the same they just put four pixels in their response [TS]

  were previously there's only been one and it made us I think it would mean [TS]

  definitely and I still has given the people who heard who seem to be doubting [TS]

  my predictions there's still a lot of people out there who think they're gonna [TS]

  stay and keep it that way you know that the only reasonable way to go up they [TS]

  think is 1704 by 960 which is exactly three times the pixels but if they did [TS]

  that and increase the size of the phone to four point seven and 5.5 they would [TS]

  be changing the size of the points right and they would be changing the size of [TS]

  those top targets and I don't think they're going to do that I think that [TS]

  that is not gonna happen right well and it could I think they could make them a [TS]

  little bigger I do that I think on the 5.5 they are going to make a little [TS]

  bigger but I think that to make it so that you get more content on the screen [TS]

  ones at a reasonable sized the point is that they're going to more or less keep [TS]

  centered so if you have a 44 by 44 tap target like a tab control at the bottom [TS]

  of the screen to switch between you know your mentions or your you know your main [TS]

  timeline in a Twitter client or something like that [TS]

  that forty-four by forty four-point target is gonna be roughly the same size [TS]

  on all devices no matter which you know from from 484 inch iPhones to 9.7 inch [TS]

  iPads or you know perhaps a 12 inch iPad but that forty-four by forty four-point [TS]

  target is going to be mostly the same and some of those devices are gonna have [TS]

  four hundred and sixty pixels per inch some 326 pixels per inch [TS]

  there's old ones you know they're still on iPad first generation iPad Mini's out [TS]

  there with a hundred and sixty-three percent but the point is more or less [TS]

  the same size and that forty-four by 44 tap target button is something you can [TS]

  count on as a designer and when you start messing with that i mean [TS]

  everybody's come across a web page where the links on that page they don't have a [TS]

  responsive design on the web page right so like the next button on that web [TS]

  pages this tiny little target and you know you you try to get your finger to [TS]

  get right over that and you like you hit the some other or some other controller [TS]

  they pretend it's so frustrating it's not just that they're small but that [TS]

  there's they're small and yours too right next to exactly like a paging [TS]

  control right you know you trying to do you want to go to page to page three [TS]

  yeah yes we're at the web designer well you know if they start school [TS]

  the size of the stab targets we're gonna be swearing at it every iOS developer in [TS]

  every Apple developers just gonna be the they're not going to screw with that [TS]

  it'll be in maybe you know slightly different like you say you know maybe [TS]

  you know 5% different plus or minus but it's not going to change significantly [TS]

  ever since they were first rumors images Valens that there would be future [TS]

  iPhones with significantly bigger screens not just the four point of it [TS]

  stay with the same aspect ratio is that wasn't really a change in size when they [TS]

  went 2 for it was more about changing the aspect ratio and they kept the with [TS]

  exactly the same 600 320 point [TS]

  its 640 pixels they just added one dimension to change the aspect ratio [TS]

  ever since there's been talk of a bigger iPhone I've always just started with the [TS]

  question of war what's the problem they're trying to solve is it showing [TS]

  more content like more texts per page or is it about zooming it up and making the [TS]

  text that is on the page bigger you know and and there's different you know to [TS]

  totally you know and it is largely age base two totally different reasons to go [TS]

  each way where if you're younger and you want to use your phone as more of your [TS]

  personal more and more like it's your main personal computer you want more you [TS]

  want you want to show moral ones and if you're older you want bigger text and so [TS]

  you can see it I think that by putting a lot more pixels on the screen [TS]

  going to three acts and having something like 20 2008 by 12:42 which is my guess [TS]

  thereby therefore it's going to be mostly about showing more content that's [TS]

  a 68% increase in area you know multiply the number of visible visible points on [TS]

  screen pixels but point by 1.68 as a lot more [TS]

  and it's a scaling factor of 6 percent so it's a little over six percent bigger [TS]

  but I think that what they'll be able to do to make other people who want [TS]

  everything just one big text happy as I think that they don't know I i mean [TS]

  there's nothing will certainly nothing like this in the Iowa 8 basis but and [TS]

  maybe it won't even be in Iowa State maybe we'll have to wait right was nine [TS]

  or something but they could add something like the retina MacBook Pro [TS]

  scaling factor where you you treat the 5.5 inch phone as a two X device instead [TS]

  of a three X device and all of the apps already have a two acts layout and it [TS]

  just scales up and it's it's even simpler than that right it's it's like [TS]

  they're there is that regular size or compact size that they talk about it [TS]

  section 216 and you know you you can say okay I want my 5.5 edge iPhone to act [TS]

  like its compact or no no no I wanted to actually more like regular and the code [TS]

  that's written well for the new you know size classes works correctly right you [TS]

  get oh also miss behave like an iPad or all of a sudden this behaves like and I [TS]

  thought given that display size that physical display size that you're [TS]

  working with ya so I think it it it it there are two sets of people and they [TS]

  it's all about content and some of them one more some of them want bigger and [TS]

  some of them want some kind of mix between the two [TS]

  yeah and I think Apple to the brilliant thing with that retina MacBook Pro right [TS]

  yeah handles a lot of different situations from the software developers [TS]

  point of view it's pretty simple right you just you your rendering into a [TS]

  framebuffer that's twice as big as it used to be [TS]

  and those pixels make it to the screen however they make them their way to the [TS]

  screen [TS]

  yeah things interesting in discovered recently in Xcode data is the ability to [TS]

  specify images specifically you know graphics and software as doctors to [TS]

  specify your image as say for example PDF file what's interesting there is [TS]

  that that's always been problematic in the past because you know you take a [TS]

  saying the iOS 6 world right you take a richly rendered button gradients shadows [TS]

  and things like that and you take the PDF for that and its number one it's [TS]

  pretty complex PDF file right it contains gradients shadows and all sorts [TS]

  of stuff and then you scale it down to any kind of size and it just it never [TS]

  looks great [TS]

  unless it's really big that looks awesome but now with Iowa 70 since I was [TS]

  7 all the graphics applications are really just you know stroke lines right [TS]

  really simple right arrow is just you know two lines a 90 degree angle rotated [TS]

  45 degrees right it's it's you know and it literally is that death house [TS]

  described in the PDF file right you know this line is so many points along you [TS]

  know those from this point to this point this point to this point [TS]

  done yeah and that reminds you of various two-point Craig and it brings me [TS]

  back to something that I remember now well I suspected it might have had [TS]

  something file and remember but last year in June [TS]

  when I first saw west 71 it was you know here's the big reveal was talking to [TS]

  somebody that can say you know what I was told was from someone who had a hand [TS]

  in the design and there was something to the effect of well we know some of the [TS]

  stuff that's coming and that informed some of our decisions and I can tell you [TS]

  about it now but you know that played that you know part of this is not just [TS]

  about what it looks like now which we think looks great and we really are [TS]

  proud of it but part of it is about what's coming in the future and I do [TS]

  think that that's part of it that this is clearly it's the iOS 7 style is [TS]

  clearly more scalable yeah it malleable its whole resolution independence thing [TS]

  is what I really wanted that's the old term but it really is that 10.4 10.5 [TS]

  always problematic because you know I was not an easy thing to scale [TS]

  revolution wise had all sorts of gradients and shadows and all this and [TS]

  now that we're in trouble and it's a lot easier [TS]

  yeah the old-time the original era was everybody knew that ultimately about [TS]

  higher resolution displays getting more pixels per inch displays but we didn't [TS]

  we didn't have this ratner terminology and it's not so much that read his magic [TS]

  word you know it's it's it's an arbitrary marketing term and there's a [TS]

  basic the basic idea that at the distance at which you know the pixel [TS]

  isn't discernible from your eyes long as it's typical viewing distance the neck [TS]

  counters ratner third there's definitely some scientific merit [TS]

  but what wound up happening know is that it's sort of a binary [TS]

  Apple display whether it's a Mac or iOS devices either right now or not and for [TS]

  those of us who care about the details we can't tell yet this one this one like [TS]

  the first time you saw my phone it was dub is our man even with the MacBook [TS]

  Pros though the first one was the 15 inch right the 15 inch MacBook Pro ship [TS]

  first and it was like it wasn't quite double the pixels you know I think you [TS]

  could fake it with that killing tractor that we had to make it double the [TS]

  resolution but the actual at the native resolution everything was a little bit [TS]

  bigger because it wasn't didn't quite get to double the pixels but you could [TS]

  just tell us Angela Delli right wow this is something unlike anything I've ever [TS]

  seen before at this level [TS]

  look like real funds I think back in the original era and it wasn't just us on [TS]

  the outside Apple had this there was never wasn't quite so they didn't [TS]

  foresee doing it as like this binary switch it was gonna be this continuum [TS]

  where every maybe every couple years we get a couple more pixels per inch and [TS]

  that if we had retina are not read the resolution independent asset we wouldn't [TS]

  have to keep retrying everything but it didn't work out that way ever really [TS]

  yeah we never really accepted version of Mac OS 10 that was resolution [TS]

  independent it was a chicken it was a chicken and egg problem right it's like [TS]

  developers I'm gonna do [TS]

  resolution independent graphics until they got a resolution independence green [TS]

  apples not gonna lose irate listener [TS]

  green until their apps that run resolution to independently except panic [TS]

  cable just like their heroes I forget which one of their absence I don't have [TS]

  it was coda one point our something there were there were panic apps from [TS]

  2006 or 2007 maybe even earlier that we are resolution independent PDF assets [TS]

  for everything and they did they went to extraordinary lengths to do that and [TS]

  cable was the guy I remember going to like the old WWDC sessions I mean like [TS]

  seriously probably close to 10 years ago [TS]

  mean cable sasser hanging out in the back and just giddy as they were talking [TS]

  about resolution independent cause we both like we're thinking next year we [TS]

  don't know the word right now but we thought we were gonna get super high DPI [TS]

  max is here and we were like just getting this crazy they're like there's [TS]

  no way they'd be putting this in WBC this year if they weren't coming take [TS]

  let's start saving our money and cables oh yeah you know it it's all come to [TS]

  come to fruition now and there's my the red flag for me is the fact that they're [TS]

  using a robotic enjoy the system 100 definitely no doubt about it that it's [TS]

  OK on on retina display but you see Helvetica Neue I read I just play and [TS]

  it's like ok you know the highest DL's the ones all look ok there it's a little [TS]

  little muddy display and apples making the flags and ok this is the way we were [TS]

  going forward [TS]

  and it's clear that that way forward is everything [TS]

  not not just I've said this before but not just in hindsight having used the [TS]

  MacBook Pros now for a while but I've always thought I mean I mean having used [TS]

  I'm sorry I told using yosemite on the MacBook Pro for the last couple months [TS]

  in particular not just because ever since the retina MacBook Pros shipped I [TS]

  thought that the Aqua interface looked a little weird I thought the display is [TS]

  look beautiful and I thought everything about the new I looked a little weird [TS]

  looks fake it always looked to me like a fake version of Mac OS that somebody [TS]

  made for Marvel superhero movie 2008 look really cool big screen like they [TS]

  faked it and you know I love Lucida Grande I still love it but it looked a [TS]

  little janky to my eye [TS]

  yeah because you know I guess there's a reason why you don't see that fun used [TS]

  in print or sell it you very seldom see Lucida Grande in print because it just [TS]

  isn't you know it was designed to look good with chunky pixels and it did a [TS]

  great job of it i mean it look great on you know nan Ren the displays look [TS]

  better than none [TS]

  served a job for over a decade fantastically but then once it went [TS]

  redness looked weird because it just not just as a great friend and [TS]

  high-resolution yeah you know the people were complaining about being a humanist [TS]

  far [TS]

  and you know I think I can get that as far as you know content is concerned [TS]

  like maybe your content in your app should be displayed and some other kind [TS]

  of flawed but you know menu bar and dialog boxes and stuff like that it's [TS]

  really no different than roadsides right navigation right it did you know and [TS]

  Helvetica excels you just go out in public you know you get on the New York [TS]

  City subway and noticed the hell that occurs all over the place it's good at [TS]

  doing that [TS]

  think that Apple moving to that as a system for something that you know that [TS]

  lets us navigator out a good thing as it comes back to another thing I wanna make [TS]

  about print design and UI design but yeah when I follow up [TS]

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  get on right away use that code and you get free shipping so my thanks to work [TS]

  with Parker go by coat check math classes so print design I wanted to make [TS]

  this point you remind me of talking about the funds I that's the world I [TS]

  came from coming out of college in the nineties I knew QuarkXPress and I did [TS]

  print design and I you know knew how to do exactly but it wasn't down to what's [TS]

  the equivalent of the pixel which would be the dot of toner right we have a 600 [TS]

  dpi laser printer we didn't we didn't you know there's no way in court or [TS]

  Illustrator or something like that to do a lot of toner perfect design right and [TS]

  yes 600 dpi laser printers higher than his DPS were talking about but if it's [TS]

  right that we have a 461 pixel per inch phone coming up that's actually in the [TS]

  ballpark right where you really shouldn't be caring about the pixels and [TS]

  that if you specify if you just tell the OS give me that you know I want to draw [TS]

  half the screen black half white [TS]

  if the black calf is actually one pixel larger than the white house that looks [TS]

  like half-and-half exactly there's no reason you shouldn't be worried about [TS]

  that you should just say right it would be just the same way that in court [TS]

  express if I made an eight and a half by eleven sheet of paper and I just drew a [TS]

  line at the halfway mark on the ruler I don't know when it comes out on the [TS]

  piece of paper whether it's actually a half to the dot it's it's closer [TS]

  actually actually probably what would happen if you have an even number even [TS]

  number of black pixels 82% great XO go and then all-white I mean just had a [TS]

  yearly thing there is to make it smooth and look nice but I don't think we're [TS]

  supposed to worry about that yeah exactly that that is kind of take away [TS]

  from me is that it's like you know just give it up you know it's the design is [TS]

  how you gonna stroke these elements are you going to say you know how are they [TS]

  balance between each other it's you know you think about design and higher [TS]

  leveled and ok it's 10 pixels of padding you know fifteen pixels of content [TS]

  another 10 pixels of padding you know you got 25 pixels and it's not about [TS]

  getting sloppy or not caring it's about carrying out its slightly higher level [TS]

  right right here about it at the level of points and percentages but don't [TS]

  don't worry about it at the pixel level but I think that's you know the [TS]

  responses web designs [TS]

  you know the whole thing that Ethan market is champion is that you know [TS]

  think about things in percentages right i 100% on my page wit to show this [TS]

  paragraph know I really want fifty percent of like how many pixels that he [TS]

  ok now somewhere out there are good friends [TS]

  many of your colleagues who are pixel desire icon designers sure and you know [TS]

  what they have not have not been dealing with pixels for years I really now [TS]

  that's why I want to have you on the show it's again you gotta think about [TS]

  things at a higher level i mean i think they're probably correct me when they [TS]

  hear this but I believe they work in Illustrator at 2048 2048 pixels that's [TS]

  where they start off and they scale it down to whatever pixel size you know the [TS]

  client requests but they're working at some ridiculously large size you know [TS]

  then they're thinking about how things balance out in that large canvas you [TS]

  know what the final rendering size is really just an implementation detail [TS]

  just something that you know it's like okay they need it [TS]

  512 by 512 on they also need a 256 great will render doubt that size there are [TS]

  mean and mean it used to be that you would go into like something like rozet [TS]

  it right and click a pixel said you know say what color you want to add another [TS]

  pixel and to be fair that there there is some of that still if you take that 2048 [TS]

  2048 images in Illustrator put it into Photoshop and render down at 16 by 16 [TS]

  and it's got some texture something on it you gonna have to clean up that text [TS]

  right at the top of the scale down nicely and you know they do that [TS]

  still that is there some pics of clean up there [TS]

  r but to be honest that's less unless something with a client even needs right [TS]

  people to work at that size anymore you know we've moved on from that [TS]

  yeah I go back to my you know my days of print designer and you know it sucks [TS]

  when somebody would give you their logo and if you know you have filed or [TS]

  something and not even if it was you know if it was really low res you have [TS]

  to go back to committee you gotta give me something better but even if its high [TS]

  res kinda stunk because you knew there was an upper limit just give it to me as [TS]

  a vector and we did have an EPS of the logo you just didn't really worry about [TS]

  how it's going to turn out [TS]

  sized it right you placed it exactly where you wanted your layout and then [TS]

  you just trusted that when it came off the printer was gonna look at it and we [TS]

  would do things to remember with some logos where it was like a dark [TS]

  background with white text if you knew it was going into newsprint you might [TS]

  have an alternate version where the text was boulder because you knew they did [TS]

  and to make it look right you know there are some logos are things like that but [TS]

  you'd have an alternate version for something like newsprint canoes going to [TS]

  believe but for the most part you never had to worry about it [TS]

  yeah I think in in in you eyes with vector graphics a lot of people get [TS]

  confused the the graphic that you're using to develop with with the actual [TS]

  growth to get rendered on screen [TS]

  you know when you talk about what you were doing a test very important part of [TS]

  that process was the rip things that doctor representation and put it into a [TS]

  bit nap which i think could send on to the to the press [TS]

  you know physically print it [TS]

  you know when you say ok I'm going to put a PDF and Xcode I don't know this [TS]

  for a fact but I'm guessing that although PDF does is give something [TS]

  Xcode the work on compile time and Xcode all know that he needs something that 16 [TS]

  by 16 yrs can go know that need something its 256 by 256 [TS]

  surrender it at the appropriate size the reason being is that or GPUs work with [TS]

  textures right they work with it that you don't you don't want a better [TS]

  representation in your [TS]

  at runtime you just don't want that it's it's inefficient right if you have to [TS]

  have a iPhone 6 render out all these PDFs before it can display on the screen [TS]

  you you're lost I'm gonna be slower right you know it's going to take more [TS]

  CPU exactly it's not I don't know that it works that way that I don't know I [TS]

  don't I don't either but you know just knowing how this this works but better [TS]

  now on burn the developers CPU exactly right you know one's on a Mac Pro you [TS]

  know so you know you look at it kind of Xcode six is the rift now it's the time [TS]

  it takes all these Dr definitions it takes our auto layout definitions it's [TS]

  the thing that the takes all this resolution independence and put it into [TS]

  a format where runtime the iPhone or even very now can take that and display [TS]

  it how the user wants to see it it's a pretty it's it really hits us as [TS]

  developers we have to kind of let go a little bit to say okay this is gonna and [TS]

  that can detect whether those preserving on through this process right there when [TS]

  they talk about responsive web design there's they're letting go of the notion [TS]

  that everything's gonna line perfectly according to their Photoshop mockup it's [TS]

  not it's not right it's just not and what works [TS]

  you know what auto layout as saying what the size classes things like in these [TS]

  different scenarios this is kind of how you want things to lay out and you don't [TS]

  necessarily know that it's going to lay out exactly the way you expected to lay [TS]

  out i mean who's to say that your phone settings are you know that's you know I [TS]

  and iOS you can go and say I want a larger type yeah yeah how big is that [TS]

  text bubble in in messages you know how how big is a text bubble that's three [TS]

  lines of text I bet in my iMessage it's gonna be larger than yours cause I'm my [TS]

  13 years older [TS]

  yeah but it is I think there's another thing to that simplicity in the message [TS]

  coming from Apple which is you can't look even if we add two new phones and [TS]

  one of them is 750 pixels wide and the other one is 1200 and whatever 1224 [TS]

  don't take that as meaning ok now I can expect either 640 or 750 or now stop [TS]

  thinking that you can make a list of the expected widths you should make an app [TS]

  that is ready for any way you know instead of just 704 maybe it's 703 [TS]

  doesn't matter your app should be ready for that you know that there's no there [TS]

  shouldn't be any reasonable whipped in that area that your absence because I [TS]

  think it also ties into another rumor which is the rumor [TS]

  of split-screen multitasking on the iPad and you know and possibly combine that [TS]

  with new iPad sizes if they come out with the bigger pro size iPad yet [TS]

  there's some there's some problematic things as far as that split screen on [TS]

  the iPad and the status bar stolley problems and I'm curious to see how it [TS]

  goes but there's no doubt in my mind though that part of the message is don't [TS]

  don't assume you can you you're gonna you can expect the way to be from this [TS]

  short list of numbers with could be any exact if it turns out that this iPhone [TS]

  really does show up with the width of 750 1334 height instead of 1336 by 752 [TS]

  should be neither I think that that that Apple explicitly telling us stop stop [TS]

  trying to do pixel perfect 16 by 16 pixel grid displays signs what's going [TS]

  to happen with iOS apps that are [TS]

  haven't been updated for iOS 7 even I mean I'm gotta get some apps that are [TS]

  stilled iOS 6 that they keyboard comes up and it's i can tell it to shift gears [TS]

  but other than that I don't like you know when it's gotten to the point now [TS]

  where I find that I have a couple of those apps too and I've got it's gotten [TS]

  to the point where I true whatever reason even though it doesn't make any [TS]

  sense because it has no actual physical feel I find that I can't I prayed on it [TS]

  anymore [TS]

  yeah yeah it's a weird it is isn't it but I tell you the shift keys better if [TS]

  it's a constant reminder that why is Apple things so reluctant to change that [TS]

  to fix it I would lie I have [TS]

  I know there's gotta be somebody high in that company that there's no better way [TS]

  somebody has somebody has taken control of that nobody nobody over this person [TS]

  cares enough to overrule yeah and nobody under them has been able to persuade [TS]

  them [TS]

  it it's it's and I hear it it's been a year and I'm still getting used by USD [TS]

  cables right you know you once I gotta stick to it and put it in there got it [TS]

  it takes the prize it it's just it it it takes three tries to get the shift rate [TS]

  did you see the tweet from speaking guide yeah it's by far away it's why I [TS]

  love so much because I'd never quite thought of rumors that Apple is gonna [TS]

  come out the reversible USB switch that's going to just work and existing [TS]

  USB sockets and if you look good you haven't seen it google it look at the [TS]

  patent and the diagram makes total sense where it's you know it's like a call of [TS]

  the tongue to tongue that would go up or down depending on which way you put it [TS]

  in Sobe reversible and Stephen pranks tweet was a you mean to tell me that for [TS]

  the last fifteen years [TS]

  technically stopping us from having reversible USB cable and that is such a [TS]

  fascinating awarded because like oh my god how many times have I plugged it [TS]

  tried to collectively how many man hours and then wasted with USB cable plugged [TS]

  in rural [TS]

  it's gotta be it's gonna be a staggering number because everybody does anyone [TS]

  else like do it at least once a day [TS]

  yeah yeah it's all it's only by those Applewhite Chargers I never never know [TS]

  which went up and down so it doesn't help me to look at the cable and say oh [TS]

  the USB logo is up so I'll put it in this way I don't know which way the [TS]

  thing is in the socket [TS]

  like it you know it's all combined with the fact that I need USR [TS]

  electrical sockets are reversible for a lot of plugs including those little [TS]

  white adapter plugs if it's not a three-prong plug you can put the charger [TS]

  and upside down and even with the three prong one son some wall socket to their [TS]

  upside down [TS]

  getting their meal that I've got 1 30 pin connector on my death still just [TS]

  final test device I tell you the Lightning being reversible it's it's [TS]

  it's it seems like a stupid little thing but it's like I have a rant in me and I [TS]

  never expressed it but I think in hindsight that the lightning adapter is [TS]

  the most happily thing is done in 10 years is the single just epitomizes [TS]

  everything that either its iPad Mini around its like everybody loved it [TS]

  worked great all the hotels have it it's like yeah yeah I would say go back to [TS]

  you know maybe the one previous prior to it was the iPod iPad Mini is the most [TS]

  popular device on the planet for the iPod Nano even if they were switching [TS]

  the more expensive components yeah I think doing it [TS]

  where everybody in industry uses these finicky little micro USB things that are [TS]

  horrible cuz I still have to deal with them with my Kindle after deal with them [TS]

  with the movie and now that I've gotten used to lightning it's only gotten worse [TS]

  cause I don't have patience for it I just snap it is it cracks me we travel [TS]

  and hotel room and you know they've got like little oh we have an iPod charger [TS]

  in the room over 30 ok [TS]

  in another five years you guys all get with the program [TS]

  hotels around like a 15 year [TS]

  and it's like that just does not work with something but I also think that the [TS]

  lightning adapter in addition to being what I love about Apple that they're [TS]

  like we don't care what everybody else is doing and we're not happy with what [TS]

  we ourselves have we're not happy with our proprietary 30 pin plugs we could do [TS]

  so much but they were annoyed by their own ugly adapter and then we can make it [TS]

  smaller we can make it reversible and that would be just eliminating huge [TS]

  annoyance from all but it's also what drives some people who don't like Apple [TS]

  crazy which is why don't they just use micro USB and everyone on the planet [TS]

  would have the same adapter which I have to admit that's that's not unreasonable [TS]

  you know it's a tradeoff you want to you know do what everybody else does or do [TS]

  you want to do something better look at micro USB and it's like it's the epitome [TS]

  of designed by committee and it was a consortium of companies that are saying [TS]

  let's make a universal serial connector and things that are designed by [TS]

  committee are often not optimal and I look at a lightning connector it's [TS]

  pretty optimal yeah they've done some crazy stuff that well at least very [TS]

  least it better than anything I've ever seen from anybody else ya Mark Edwards [TS]

  back by five minutes mark edwards who I think was very much in doubt [TS]

  about my predictions for screen sizes in here earlier day or so after I publisher [TS]

  he he was something that was very skeptical of any screen sizes that are [TS]

  divisible by 16 but then he went he did something interesting thing to do is [TS]

  made a whole list of recent iMac MacBook Pro MacBook Air iPad etc [TS]

  devices and so which ones were divisible by 32168 for and the MacBook Air 11 inch [TS]

  there there is an 11 inch MacBook Air that isn't visible by any of those [TS]

  numbers that it's got a 1366 screen size with which isn't even divisible by four [TS]

  let alone either 16 there's a 13 inch MacBook Air height is 900 which is only [TS]

  divisible by four not even by eight and it's a couple others are divisible by 16 [TS]

  so it's not completely unprecedented that was there is a bunch of people who [TS]

  are like hey graphics cards won everything in 16 pixel increments that [TS]

  may be so but that hasn't stopped Apple MacBooks before yeah well against the [TS]

  matter giving those textures and on the gp100 textures are going to be quite [TS]

  aligned you know that just for performance reasons the whole graphics [TS]

  pipeline is going to want to be even numbers probably even words sizes so [TS]

  something that's gonna landed 64 bits or three or whatever the size is for the [TS]

  roundup for when they're sending stuff to the GPU overwrite ok you know those [TS]

  last two pixels that would have been perfect just go off into the ether they [TS]

  don't actually go to [TS]

  display its again that's you know so long you know we've we've we've been [TS]

  tied to display hardware is the thing that is driving or operating systems are [TS]

  raising the resolutions in our software the dimensions of our software and that [TS]

  the things going away is that we gotta start thinking about the hardware and [TS]

  start thinking about our designs about our layout yeah that's gonna be hard [TS]

  thing you know we've all that's the thing that you know this this odd number [TS]

  width and height for the four point seven and display makes the hairs on the [TS]

  back of my neck stand up I know it's going to cause problems right it's like [TS]

  you know when we went from from 32 bit to 64 bits like twice as big was you but [TS]

  yeah you make assumptions and your software all over the place that well as [TS]

  integers gonna be 16 bits ever forever change it so that we 16 bit 32 bit I [TS]

  remember I remember a bit yeah I remember in the back side of what is [TS]

  that 662 yeah yeah that was a [TS]

  a bit microprocessor with sixteen-bit address days so he had to declare along [TS]

  together again sometime [TS]

  Pascal strings were 256 characters [TS]

  exactly exactly you had to have that Biden there to tell you how long the [TS]

  strain was killed with that the things throughout the history of computing are [TS]

  you we've we've taken short cuts either for no cost by laziness or either as it [TS]

  does yes deliberate act for performance we have short cuts all over our code for [TS]

  example I don't think the 32 kilobyte limit in the original text edit controls [TS]

  in Mac OS and Windows laziness I think that was a very practical decision given [TS]

  the constraints of the original Mac hardware but then eventually we had all [TS]

  these apps with all these text fields that were using the system tech center [TS]

  control more than 32 kilobytes attacks you know and eventually it was you know [TS]

  the computers clearly had the you know the memory to to allow it but now I had [TS]

  all this offer with you no Uta right it's like you didn't take off until you [TS]

  TFA came around because it could handle the old ASCII character stats [TS]

  well but again you could add on you know you could have special sequences of [TS]

  character strings that would I would be good [TS]

  designed by committee yeah very pragmatic very very pragmatic I remember [TS]

  I miss remembering this but I seem to remember that there are an awful lot of [TS]

  people who thought it was who who who held their nose at UT well stop-gap for [TS]

  a year or two before everybody switches 16 right and it was like you to have 16 [TS]

  was like the equivalent of its demo 4.0 strict no standards and never really [TS]

  liked the way things were supposed to be right well you will let you have your [TS]

  tags to wait till now but soon will switch text HTML and if you're if you're [TS]

  if your web page doesn't validate as an XML document will throw an error rate [TS]

  UTF I feel like the people who did you too will let those eggheads go and [TS]

  blather on and in the meantime we'll make very practical system that is [TS]

  actually you know going to work and a few years later along comes UDF 32 right [TS]

  because they ran out of shape the sixty its classic you know sixteen-bit should [TS]

  be enough for anybody any character re right you get a good change all your [TS]

  code now they have made the same decision they made the same mistake that [TS]

  we ran into the first time with 256 characters and that anything that cracks [TS]

  me up [TS]

  UTF eight is never more than 32 bit so it worst case it is equal to the maximum [TS]

  32 yeah and in the common cases where smart yeah yeah [TS]

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  my thanks to Squarespace I got a question we're talking about this before [TS]

  I kind of wanted to go deep in between sponsor breaks I think legacy absurd [TS]

  gonna run on the new iPhone right we have two kinds you you updated Fri 17 I [TS]

  was just thinking about size yeah I've given a lot of thought to this I think I [TS]

  actually haven't so I'm just going to kind of way so we're so with the aspect [TS]

  ratio staying the same it's truly a wholly different change trial iPhone 4 [TS]

  to the iPhone 5 where they letter boxed it had black at the top and bottom [TS]

  stranded pixel for pixel same size and if you didn't update for the new 69 [TS]

  displayed I caught letterbox black bar so the equivalent now would be to let [TS]

  her letterbox on all four sides causing me more pixels in both dimensions so [TS]

  they did the same thing you'll get a 640 by 11:36 [TS]

  in the middle of your screen I don't think they'll do that the thing that is [TS]

  complicated there is that you got a potentially using apps are particularly [TS]

  using cranes and spread springs and struts which are older technology but [TS]

  allow you to make adaptive layouts not quite as elegantly as the new wave with [TS]

  our way out but they still can [TS]

  do you think that is possible though they even without recompiling with the [TS]

  iOS SDK and submitting an update update you got ahead and put it in your codes [TS]

  and yeah I've tested this review it can and they're gonna say yeah okay I think [TS]

  depending on how you wrote your apt to this date used things like springs and [TS]

  struts or if you've been using auto layout you're probably in good shape but [TS]

  you're still gonna have to recompile it like you said do something in a plist [TS]

  you know your info down pls says I'm ready for you know what we had to do [TS]

  with the new tolls green screen it was a matter of putting in a new launch image [TS]

  right side so it's like oh ok watch image there okay for the iPhone I think [TS]

  if you don't if you just haven't submitted you just wrap is just sitting [TS]

  there is no update to the kids there today in August is still there in late [TS]

  September when the new iPhone chips and you launch it on the phone I think it [TS]

  will [TS]

  the system will scale the app to fill the screen so in the same way it will [TS]

  drive if it's compatible with the iPhone yeah yeah yeah [TS]

  6 that you know they're they're still apps out there that [TS]

  running five inch displays that that's one of the problems with the App Store e [TS]

  there's so many apps out there that have never seen an update because profitable [TS]

  for the developer who wrote the app to do it was a commission [TS]

  you know somebody somebody hired contractors and they submitted in a row [TS]

  and then the contracts over and now the app just sit there and never gets [TS]

  updated there isn't even a team of developers who are choosing not updated [TS]

  they were hired the contracts over in the app just there I don't know what [TS]

  they're going to do I i maybe for like an app that still assumes that the 3.5 [TS]

  inch screen it all doomed to fill the width and they're still have black bars [TS]

  at the top and bottom I can't imagine they would stretch it you know I think [TS]

  it'll just fill the web you know anything about the common case which is [TS]

  absurd that are Iowa 7 apps you know already 69 but that they're hard coded [TS]

  for 640 by 11:36 I think that the system will scale them dynamically to fill the [TS]

  screen and I don't think it'll look that bad I think people who really do notice [TS]

  pixel level details will be appalled and they'll be if you know for designers and [TS]

  developers or lapse in this story they gonna be motivated to get an update as [TS]

  quickly as possible but I think it'll it'll stretch images [TS]

  yeah I think of a stretch everything because they're all it at 69 in a [TS]

  stretch in proportion [TS]

  that's what I think because I don't think I I think Apple would rather have [TS]

  apps that look a little blurry and I don't think I look nearly as blurry as [TS]

  played with it won't be like when we went 41 X 22 X or even right for it [TS]

  won't hurt like that [TS]

  orange well one exit to exit probably the best example where you had an app [TS]

  that was an updated for rent [TS]

  for it's just terrible it's not gonna look like that I've taken like [TS]

  screenshots of springboard and best burger and a few other apps and just [TS]

  scaled them up in a corn by the multiple vendors shown them on at a hundred [TS]

  percent size on iPad and it's not obviously can't be picture perfect crisp [TS]

  but it's not that bad and I think it is sort of compromise a little bit worse [TS]

  but it's sort of Compal to the retina MacBook Pro scaling we talked about [TS]

  earlier I think the average person won't notice if the text is scaled correctly [TS]

  right yeah then you're gonna get away with a lot right yeah you know yeah [TS]

  they're gonna be designers out there that are like you know screeching and [TS]

  moaning about the you know there will be a daily thing in those images will then [TS]

  get your own date submitted but you know that if the text is readable [TS]

  that's the thing that a lot of people were driven by what they see [TS]

  textually yeah by what they see graphically well and you know it's awful [TS]

  lot of what we do you know reading messages their tax for reading emails [TS]

  their tax free pages it's mostly text you know and video will be just fine [TS]

  it'll be a little bit earlier than it would be if it was updated I think maybe [TS]

  nineteen video because a lot of apps use the standard movie player control in [TS]

  which case it'll just should just work I think the big thing is that somebody [TS]

  who's Blancs down the money for the big ass 5.5 inch iPhone [TS]

  which i think is gonna carry $100 price premium at least because it's got this [TS]

  super big display and everything and I think they're gonna be able to get away [TS]

  with that i think is the man that justifies it used the money to get a big [TS]

  ass 5.5 inch iPhone and it's gonna be big and then all of your non Apple apps [TS]

  are small I just think that's a non-starter like as long as you know you [TS]

  buy a big phone you expect big gaps and even if they're a little blurry that's [TS]

  better than having them run in a ridiculous silly little letter box on [TS]

  all four sides rectangle in the middle of your screen I think they're just [TS]

  going to scale it and be done with it and that's it you know I'm not going [TS]

  from the foreign phone to the four point seven and phone is not even that big of [TS]

  a scaling factor I think scaling them up for the 5.5 inches gonna be a little [TS]

  little gross but it still won't be anywhere near as bad as the the one acts [TS]

  apps on the two acts iPhone were back in 2010 and they did that you know what [TS]

  what is the percentage increase 68% Sobe 1.68 but they can have all those extra [TS]

  pixels to smooth it out I just think it's going to end up being surprising [TS]

  compared to those of us who still scarred from what the one x apps looked [TS]

  like on the original red iPhone 4 [TS]

  it's even on the 5.5 inch phone and I think it's going to be that bad and I [TS]

  would be surprised if they do something where if you're using you know you i [TS]

  text or something like that that it's that the text will will scale at the you [TS]

  know the right proportions yeah I could see things falling apart if you say so [TS]

  many as a text you and they say ok what this image to draw you know 10 pixels to [TS]

  the [TS]

  right of this text you right how does how does the system handle that [TS]

  how does it know what to do the right thing to do is imperfect but that's what [TS]

  they're gonna do I definitely think they're gonna gallon to fill the screen [TS]

  I really able to get there i mean and the and the fact is any responsible [TS]

  developer has had since June to look at this stuff and to run it in a simulator [TS]

  at all 42 weird sizes and make sure does the right thing I know we've done it [TS]

  with our apps you want to avoid surprises but again there are going to [TS]

  be you know those development teams that were put together to build and now you [TS]

  know that the marketing budget paid for the app and the marketing people don't [TS]

  understand what size classes me or even later all there's a bigger iPhone what's [TS]

  that mean yeah and until they actually see their app running on that iPhone and [TS]

  go oh crack ya guys back in here [TS]

  go oh crack ya guys back in here [TS]

  I remember that I remember hearing about stories like that when I found gives a [TS]

  crap you know my phone 1996 the old iPhone was so may had such an amazing [TS]

  screen how bad could it look on the news and only when it came out where they [TS]

  were there paul started jumping all over his geek sweet tended to be more [TS]

  sensitive to that and then those people but most people can tell when presented [TS]

  with this stuff that is a guy that's not right [TS]

  a lot of concern right once you have this notion of you I have two different [TS]

  sizes right well what about a UI for an Apple TV what about are you high for so [TS]

  wearable device or things don't necessarily have to be that magic you [TS]

  know 324 640 with that that $11 for him with it is 11:56 11:36 11:36 you know [TS]

  how I remember I remember it by the classic George Lucas movie thx 1138 to [TS]

  affect its to it to last why couldn't they have made in israel is lament is [TS]

  white and they make it 1130 aches and it would have been awesome and there's [TS]

  always that's actually a good way to remember it and who lasted just spiteful [TS]

  e to less which might be would 750 is absurd really 750 it might be too less [TS]

  than the much-needed 752 but I was remember that right and there's all [TS]

  sorts of in jokes like in Star Wars the cell block where princess Leia's held [TS]

  his cell block 1138 all the kisses movies are filled with 1138 it's his [TS]

  number right but the iPhone is to offer that's a good way to remember that they [TS]

  thank you you just the second wave thank you as bad as that size gets obviated [TS]

  for two weeks I'll be happy so you gonna go with the 4.7 or 5.5 that's my big [TS]

  dilemma right now and knowing and you know do I want something to to my pocket [TS]

  better or something that you know that's why my executive trustee Paul better [TS]

  single most frequently asked questions [TS]

  published [TS]

  my answer is I'm gonna do my best to keep an open mind and you know assuming [TS]

  that I'm inviting them out the event and get to see the devices withhold judgment [TS]

  but in advance what do I expect I expected I would get the four point [TS]

  seven is my eyes are not bad enough that I wanted device specifically to get [TS]

  bigger and i've seen five seen devices with 5.5 inch displays there's a Nokia [TS]

  played with it to build conference and it's a really interesting device just as [TS]

  it deep just looking at it as a gadget it's really interesting but to me it [TS]

  around in my pants all the time that's it just seems too big might fit your [TS]

  handle my phone it fits most of our hands they have another job of my pocket [TS]

  aces inside your pockets of the same size but your hands I feel like you can [TS]

  be like the hand model for it and make it look like it's like a normal size I [TS]

  actually I can do that with an iPad Mini [TS]

  it really is though I i'm telling you having seen the Nokia with a 5.5 inch [TS]

  screen it is exactly what you think tho where if they didn't tell you what the [TS]

  device was indeed to say here's the thing maybe if you went back two or [TS]

  three years before the big super funds became prominent and somebody said what [TS]

  do you think this is a really huge fan or a really small tablet I i think you [TS]

  would be like both I don't know it's impossible to decide it is that pic or [TS]

  if you prefer [TS]

  it's not small you know I think that is the secret to the the demand for these [TS]

  things people who want to do [TS]

  do more work on the device they carry with them on the way you know all the [TS]

  places in a way that Tim Cook says he does but it's eighty percent of his work [TS]

  on an iPad you know that if you really want to do a lot more of your work on [TS]

  the device that you carry your [TS]

  I could see how you might want I really do know that I am always curious to [TS]

  watch my wife's reaction to these things she doesn't not react to the these [TS]

  changes the way that I reactor me forget when the iPad Mini first iPod mini first [TS]

  came out she was like I gotta get one of those wow it's got less storage spaces [TS]

  but it's better in my purse ok different point of view she does a lot of work on [TS]

  her iPhone now she's doing email all the time that's almost to a detriment she's [TS]

  a lot and I could see her wanting larger one just because it's not as big as [TS]

  their iPad but it lets you know right longer messages presumably can it be [TS]

  more comfortable to type on you can have a split keyboard or have the iPhone [TS]

  asked the board I wonder like when you're in in landscape [TS]

  yeah i i think about email and I think about how you know that's long proven by [TS]

  usability studies in bigger display I got your desktop bigger displays or dual [TS]

  displays having more desktop in front of you [TS]

  makes you more productive as you see you know where we r you know nothing of [TS]

  syracuse here but we're our minds most of our minds for most people were where [TS]

  spatially our minds think spatially and we think emails over here and web [TS]

  browsers overhearing if you could see them both at once while you're writing [TS]

  an email referring to a webpage your brain works better than if you have to [TS]

  keep calm and tapping between the two because they overlap and just says that [TS]

  the little things but I find like when I'm reading email on my iPad I always [TS]

  turn the screen to landscape so I can see the list of messages and see the [TS]

  selected message at the same time being able to do that on an iPhone if they do [TS]

  the iPhone mail on the big phone like they did in that demo WABC where they [TS]

  show tube to paint it wants that can be a huge productivity thing I really I [TS]

  mean for somebody who if there's no business people are people who for their [TS]

  work do you know dozens and dozens of emails a day on their phone having a [TS]

  device R you can see the list of you see your inbox and the selected message at [TS]

  the same time I don't think that's a little thing I think that's a big thing [TS]

  or even just replying to a message which is a lot of what I see my wife doing is [TS]

  just growing up and down right she's can scroll down and the message to get the [TS]

  context for her reply was just as the top the message and console you back [TS]

  wall of the screen is bigger you know you can see the bottom part of the [TS]

  message you can see the top part of less than you don't have to do all that's [TS]

  going back and forth I mean I really large screen is going to be more [TS]

  productive than having to scroll at all in the first place right yes like the [TS]

  message and you are you know I don't know 300 word email to me I see the [TS]

  whole thing without having to scroll at all even though scrolling on the phone [TS]

  is so easy just do it [TS]

  you know if you're moving through twenty new emails and you want to do it before [TS]

  you know your boss shows up or whatever your way you train shows up there [TS]

  waiting for an era comes you know it makes you feel more efficient I think [TS]

  it's gonna be insanely popular I think I think my guess is probably gonna be like [TS]

  a waiting list for the 5.5 and the four point seven maybe a little bit more [TS]

  available according to Ben Thompson like all his [TS]

  a lot of time on pay and supposedly all his wife and her friends of all gotten [TS]

  these big Android devices and they're really looking forward to this new [TS]

  larger iPhone coming out so they can ditch hear back on the iPhone because [TS]

  they need that large screen right I navy that needed maybe that is perceived need [TS]

  but probably not it's probably they have a good reason for wanting these larger [TS]

  screens [TS]

  you know I personally can I mean part of me wants to get the larger screen just [TS]

  because it's the developer is the new thing it's kind of the oddball its but [TS]

  both the pour point seven and five comply or ball [TS]

  I'm not sure I'm gonna want that larger thing in my pocket Ridge really that [TS]

  comes down to that I mean I've got an iPad that I he's in the evening love my [TS]

  iPad Mini and you know what's the difference between iPad Mini 5.5 inch [TS]

  yeah I think I think I've seen people who you know it's all true it all trade [TS]

  off so everything is yeah and I am a some of their skepticism that Apple you [TS]

  know there's still people even with all the rumors that there still people who [TS]

  are skeptical that Apple would do a 5.5 inch iPhone just in general principle [TS]

  and one of the arguments is little cannibalize sales of the iPad Mini I [TS]

  think that's absolutely true but I don't think it's true that it would keep him [TS]

  from doing it I think that you know they they want to have a continuum of devices [TS]

  that whatever you're perceived need is that you meet you know that you have to [TS]

  buy if you want to buy an iPhone and an iPad Mini great durables twice as happy [TS]

  than if you just bought one device but if you really just want to buy one [TS]

  device third sure shed way happier if you buy a 5.5 inch iPhone and only a 5.5 [TS]

  inch iPhone then if you buy a Samsung Galaxy know right and I you know and I [TS]

  think Apple you know as has had that mindset all along in the post NextEra [TS]

  you know under Steve Jobs under Tim Cook I think the whole company has been you [TS]

  know unafraid to cannibalize itself so as not to be cannibalized by an opponent [TS]

  right way to go back to the apartment in right and the iPod Nano right and its [TS]

  and the way that Steve Jobs called the original iPhone the best iPod we've ever [TS]

  made [TS]

  rate right there on stage said this is the best type of every man I think it's [TS]

  arguable under a lot of people who like I actually kind of like my iPod for just [TS]

  for listening music but they went the other way if anything they bragged about [TS]

  how you know you don't need an iPod you just have this phone that has everything [TS]

  when at a time when the iPod was the majority of the company's revenue and [TS]

  profits [TS]

  you know where as I think the traditional way that a company would be [TS]

  as the iPod division would have such political sway within the company that [TS]

  they would block the political bullshit gone on sale you can't play music you [TS]

  have to like tether your iPod to your phone to play music there are some crazy [TS]

  things like that that's the way tech companies typically worked you know and [TS]

  still work is somebody would you know would block it like in a way that that [TS]

  crazy contortions that Microsoft still goes through to put Windows on [TS]

  everything you know the iPod division would have somehow you know another [TS]

  question do you think there will be an iPod touch with these new dimensions who [TS]

  come back to and I do that I have one more sponsor and asked that in two [TS]

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  them what was your question again like last [TS]

  attaching so I was just thinking about this looking at some of these product [TS]

  links that have come out [TS]

  leaks you know the new iPhones and what they look like and how they kinda look [TS]

  like the form factor of the current iPad last year there were no new iPod Touches [TS]

  it's the one to you if you went to the Apple store today they're effectively [TS]

  the same ones that have been on sale for two years [TS]

  yeah the previous generation was the same way where they've they've got it [TS]

  seems like now for four years they've had the iPod touch on a two-year cycle [TS]

  so if that stays the same there will be new ones this year but there's been no [TS]

  rumors about it that doesn't prove anything but who knows but the thing I [TS]

  remember is that the event the Apple event where the iPhone 5 was announced [TS]

  in a press event there I thank you very much you know there's a room over there [TS]

  you guys anyone have a hands-on you go and so I went over there I was with em G [TS]

  sigler everybody made a bum rush for the phones and the iPhone so I wanted to see [TS]

  him too but the iPod touch the new iPod touches were there too and it was the [TS]

  table they were on was far less crowded so MGM I went over there and we're [TS]

  looking at the at the at the iPod we do we played with the phone for a little [TS]

  bit but we left aside cuz it was just too crowded we overlook the iPod and [TS]

  ever so amazingly thin it was like I just can't believe how thin this is i [TS]

  know i I've only spent a grand total of like 20 seconds with the new iPhone 5 [TS]

  and I'm already kind of more impressed by this device because it's so much [TS]

  thinner [TS]

  and the iPhone 5 and the 5s are about as thin as the two generation ago [TS]

  iPod Touch like pretty much throughout pretty much for the entire life of the [TS]

  iPhone the iPod touch has been a generation ahead in terms of health in [TS]

  the next one is going to be if there is one it would be amazingly then hey this [TS]

  is Dave cutting into let you know that criticized he was about to go haywire [TS]

  here in a minute I don't know what happened maybe hit a wrong button or [TS]

  like nine wrong buttons but it only goes that way for a minute or so and then [TS]

  goes back to normal so don't freak out [TS]

  also this cutting was brought to you by Squarespace so I don't know I don't know [TS]

  what to expect though because you know I know I don't either [TS]

  six points but he's probably the public is slides [TS]

  I'm so terrible I can predict predicting names I'm never writes on I'm gonna [TS]

  bother if I had to guess so it would be something like iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 [TS]

  I'll but I honestly don't know where the six would be the 4.7 inch one and it's [TS]

  defined as being the that's like this standard iPhone 6 and the iPhone the big [TS]

  12 5.51 is the one that you know that people talk on the phone air doesn't [TS]

  make sense to you know for either one [TS]

  I don't know maybe the four point seven would be called there I don't know but [TS]

  if they've basically 5.5 and [TS]

  and that's probably here's why I don't think that there will be a 5.5 inch iPod [TS]

  Touch is that I think as I've said I think the 5.5 inch iPhone is gonna go [TS]

  triple threat and I don't think the four point seven well and we can talk about [TS]

  that too that's part of the followed by you know a lot of people are pushing me [TS]

  back on that may be the last point but they're gonna I think they gonna charge [TS]

  at least an extra hundred bucks for the same size for the 5.5 but that's for the [TS]

  most of the markets where the iPhone is strongest it's subsidized pricing where [TS]

  you buy your iPhone with a two-year contract and the real price is hidden [TS]

  that's going to be a super expensive screen it's going to be super expensive [TS]

  battery everything's gonna be more expensive than that and I'm already [TS]

  spending a couple hundred dollars to get the iPhone upgrade anyway and $100 just [TS]

  like there's gonna cost another $100 you can't hide the price of that with the [TS]

  iPod Touch because the iPod Touch isn't so [TS]

  right so the iPod touch if there's a new one I think it's gonna have the 4.7 inch [TS]

  screen in the same 326 pixels per inch that the iPod Touch already has its just [TS]

  a little bit bigger I think it's way more feasible did you know sell it at [TS]

  the same price points that were used to selling the iPod Touch and look at what [TS]

  the iPod Touch is mainly used for its music games and that's all you know it's [TS]

  not a productivity thing right right do you know you the teenager is getting an [TS]

  iPod Touch for Christmas is not taking hope ya cool I can run Microsoft Word on [TS]

  this now thinking yeah candy crush whatever yeah yeah and so the last thing [TS]

  and this is a big push by news of super frequently asked response to my term [TS]

  probable peace over the weekend is how in the world you know why in the world [TS]

  would Apple to go three acts on 12 5.5 into X 22 X 14 points 7 30 they're gonna [TS]

  do to exxon both are they gonna go three exons then there's no way they would do [TS]

  it any other way and there's a certain logic to that but the more I think about [TS]

  it the more I think if they're going to charge more for the one they need to get [TS]

  it needs to be more technically impressive not just physically bigger [TS]

  and I think there's a very serious battery life issue with that we're like [TS]

  a prisoner shown as I can remember but there is a there was a good piece at a [TS]

  non tak about the push towards super high resolutions and pounds going from [TS]

  the three hundred and some dpi range to four hundred and some dpi [TS]

  is there some other phones you know there's some HTC phones with 450 460 [TS]

  pixels per inch and according to them and I you know I trust and untac it [TS]

  takes going at the same size going from around 350 to 450 pixels per inch comes [TS]

  with a 20 percent penalty and energy consumption just play it well for the [TS]

  number of pixels right at the same designer lighting up more transistors [TS]

  right not talking about the increase in size but just the increase in [TS]

  transistors for the number of pixels about 20 percent penalty the 5.5 and all [TS]

  the component leads the 5.5 inch iPhone has a 60 percent bigger battery so its [TS]

  battery is more than bigger enough to compensate for the twenty percent [TS]

  penalty whereas a 4.7 inch iPhone just doesn't have room for a much bigger [TS]

  battery than the 4.0 inch iPhone so I think a energy consumption and be that [TS]

  $100 price difference that I think they're going to charge that they can [TS]

  you know that 5.5 can still get the iPhone size margins in the four point [TS]

  seven couldn't at least not this year and then that leaves room in the future [TS]

  either next year or the year after that for a three acts retina 4.75% but I [TS]

  don't think it's gonna I think the reason it won't happen this year is [TS]

  price and energy consumption and the size of the battery that they can put [TS]

  yeah that's the other things productivity wise productivity wise that [TS]

  might drive people towards the 5.5 as I wouldn't be surprised if when they say [TS]

  here is your expected battery life if the 5.5 is just a preposterous number [TS]

  you know that goes from 10 12 hours of use to 20 hours of use or something like [TS]

  that but could it really i mean if it if it driving a bigger much bigger [TS]

  and you know they're they're gonna want to keep it then okay yeah you have a [TS]

  little bit more X&Y what you got no more easy I don't know yeah I agree with you [TS]

  on this year but you know I don't know I just wouldn't be surprised if if they [TS]

  put it up and it has just two seemingly you know at least compared to the other [TS]

  model iPhone huge jump in daily battery life maybe not maybe you know maybe [TS]

  you're right and it'll be W more or less equivalent but I think they'll be [TS]

  anything else other than display sizes I don't think I don't think I don't see [TS]

  there being any thing like a 10 shady speed bombs to separate the two or [TS]

  anything new anything new I think this is gonna be all about this place as is [TS]

  its like the jump between the 405 in my mind it's it's this were on that cycle [TS]

  where ok it's all about the display this time it's there may be something new [TS]

  with the success you know in a year's time or something like that but I think [TS]

  it's they're they're gonna be these displays are gonna be impressive they're [TS]

  gonna be impressive and that's the thing that Apple's gonna go take a look at [TS]

  this [TS]

  it it's gonna be great though because basically to trade is going to be across [TS]

  the line now right [TS]

  yeah it always does some some five see equivalent thing is gonna have to tidy [TS]

  now it's I think here's how I think the lineup will look I think the lineup will [TS]

  be top price is the 5.5 inch iPhone $100 less for the same amount of stories the [TS]

  new four point seven [TS]

  I think other than the display everything about those two phones will [TS]

  be the same thing to have the same better than ever camera and have the [TS]

  same touch I D I think if they add anything new to the [TS]

  mhm motion caused co-processor if there is an m9 you know that has even more [TS]

  health tracking stuff they'll both get the same thing if there are any kind of [TS]

  technical improvements to the fingerprint scanner I think they'll both [TS]

  get the exact same improvement everything other than to display I think [TS]

  will be the same thing to have the same a layup to a CPU chip you think they'll [TS]

  go with any CPU yeah I think so [TS]

  787 is is it is pretty good and you know somebody said something about you know [TS]

  what about the GPU being able to handle the 22 by 12 whatever again and drive an [TS]

  iPad Mini and then I is a great job with it [TS]

  yeah and and that actually has more total pixels as its only 2048 and the [TS]

  larger dimension but the white dimension could hit 43 if you multiply it take [TS]

  over three million pixels and this is one of those that all about the display [TS]

  cycle it's not about me know though I don't know I just feel that they're on I [TS]

  feel like that they're they're chip group is on a tear I they're on fire I [TS]

  don't think they need to I think they will just because they're cheap group is [TS]

  on fire and it's almost a topic for a separate shows that whole topic of ever [TS]

  gonna have one that that's you know speed compatible with like a low an [TS]

  Intel chip [TS]

  i dont downing to me that the improvements at the CPU is it seen ya I [TS]

  don't think they'll take a year off because I think that they're like firing [TS]

  on all cylinders and that they effectively at the same price that they [TS]

  made a seven last year they can make an even better aid and they're not going to [TS]

  take a look at it again as many Android devices running with the 64 bit [TS]

  processor right now so its political system out right now that exhaustively [TS]

  no I think that the two iPhones will be at the top hundred dollars apart in [TS]

  price [TS]

  anything that one has the other will have except for the Super display I [TS]

  think that the five ass stays around for another year and they do that they go [TS]

  back to what they used to do and the five ass drops $100 and price and takes [TS]

  the mid tier and I think the five see stays around and becomes the free with [TS]

  contract as is without any changes I don't think I think too so I think touch [TS]

  I D moves down at here because the 5s moves down it here but I don't think it [TS]

  moves all the way down to the bottom I think it'll be another year before it [TS]

  does that's my guess and I don't think there's going to be a six C I don't need [TS]

  to be a new plastic you know phone I think that the new if you want a bigger [TS]

  iPhone you have to buy the new after by the top of the line will be another [TS]

  potential scenarios to take the current [TS]

  they didn't have the current five see right off 55 CBS that has touched idea [TS]

  and he said that like Apple like simple thought I'd product lines right that was [TS]

  the whole thing Steve Jobs brought back to Apple right is [TS]

  that simple for product matrix you know pro-consumer desktop laptop and you know [TS]

  that you know us talking about well cables have four different models of [TS]

  iPhone do you really need quarter four models of iPhone I mean yeah but they do [TS]

  they do like to have that free phone right yeah I'm sure that they that for [TS]

  certain people that's an important thing right [TS]

  like they all this phone is free [TS]

  my monthly bill to the carrier right here's what I wrote two years ago and [TS]

  this was in response to a guy I actually got in there and responded to me as a [TS]

  guy on Hacker News who after I put my piece of his said ok I'm not trying to [TS]

  be a dick year which is always a good sign you're trying to be a dick but [TS]

  every time I see the rumor about the screen size of the iPhone 6 it always [TS]

  remind me how Gruber and Jim Dalrymple two of the biggest Apple fans on the [TS]

  internet mock the screen size of Samsung Note before and I do I definitely crack [TS]

  some jokes about using those big ass phones as France and I said I think that [TS]

  I from 5.5 is gonna look ridiculous if you hold it up to your ear and use it as [TS]

  a phone but here's what I wrote two years ago when the iPhone 5 shipped a [TS]

  road there's no argument that some people really do like these big closer [TS]

  to five than four inch Android and Windows Phones I was in a Verizon retail [TS]

  store yesterday long story dont ask y and overheard a relatively small woman [TS]

  buying the Samsung Galaxy s3 was a big hit with a five-inch phone [TS]

  a companion asked her if she wasn't worried that it was too big and she said [TS]

  no it was exactly what she wanted because she doesn't have a tablet and [TS]

  wanted to do a lot of reading on whatever phone she got and she even said [TS]

  she was thinking about the bigger Galaxy Note but dries and in carrying you [TS]

  understand Verizon [TS]

  it was like a conversation out of a Samsung commercial such people surely [TS]

  think the iPhone 5's four-inch display remains too small but trust me there's [TS]

  gonna be many longtime iPhone users complaining that its too big after the [TS]

  upgrade is that was me talking about how hard it was reached the corner with one [TS]

  hand as I said in an ideal world perhaps Applewood offered to iPhone sizes like [TS]

  they do with products like MacBook Pro and MacBook Airs a smaller one with the [TS]

  classic 3.5 inch display and a larger one with sale 4.5 inch display for [TS]

  people who want that tight and I've been on on on the team of hey they should [TS]

  have two sides I front of Verona smaller one for a while but I think I under the [TS]

  one day I underestimated was just how much bigger phones could and would [TS]

  and demand would show that they get that my idea that they'd stick with the 3.5 [TS]

  inch and maybe add a 4.5 wasn't enough [TS]

  yeah well the other thing to think about people's habits as far as using the [TS]

  quote-unquote phone changed right I see a lot of people talking on their phone [TS]

  in ways that were the phone is not up to their ear right yeah you're talking [TS]

  through your headset talking to the speaker phone its yes it looks [TS]

  ridiculous when you hold it up to your ear but I mean look at my wife she does [TS]

  conference calls all the time and she's got you know her you know the buds in [TS]

  and as you know the phone just sitting there on the desk I think it's a leg [TS]

  it's a legacy from the old telephone system that we think of something of a [TS]

  phony something you hold up to your ear [TS]

  and in its convenient to do that sometimes so I you know a few years [TS]

  about you get a phone call you know you hold it up to your talk it's literally a [TS]

  five minute conversation I am told I don't talk about you know you have to [TS]

  call these people I just want to talk to people over chat or email or social [TS]

  networks and you know I still love having conversations in person like [TS]

  we're having now right that's so important thing but you know a long [TS]

  conversation phone conversations don't do that very often and I just don't [TS]

  think it's a reason it's not it's no longer a reason to to dictate the size [TS]

  of the hardware ya know and it's you know I think it's very similar to using [TS]

  a tablet no matter how big your tablet is as a camera you know it does I still [TS]

  think it looks silly but I don't make fun of it anymore because it's too many [TS]

  excellent too many hundreds of people doing it will look at the camera that [TS]

  ansel adams is around but that's alright it's it's a lot of people like it was [TS]

  because you know and so did it because it was technically they get the [TS]

  incredibly yeah yeah yeah yeah he would be different if the iPad had a huge [TS]

  sensor like a friend if it had a four-inch [TS]

  taking your video and yeah it's actually got a creamy center now just got a big [TS]

  screen but you know but it's too many people do it it's you know it was worth [TS]

  a couple of last three years sober now that you know that most people that's a [TS]

  lot of people's main camera so you know [TS]

  yea time to move on I think it all the time you know people taking pictures of [TS]

  the sunset and be like well number one it cracks me up people take pictures of [TS]

  the sunset by pointing the camera on the iPad at the so it's like looking at this [TS]

  big ass screen which they can barely see because the service in there I it's good [TS]

  when they may still get people using an iPad is a camera is when they have a [TS]

  cover and they just let the cover hang below and so they've got a double double [TS]

  size rectangle in front of their face they have an angle right that's a good [TS]

  at least fold the screen up to rate its like you know it according end up you [TS]

  can hold it at the bottom of the phone and won't cover the lands at like at [TS]

  least followed that up and it actually makes it a little bit quicker and easier [TS]

  to hold it looks like they're like they're in the witness protection and [TS]

  hiding yeah but you know as developers we learned that people are gonna do what [TS]

  they're going to do right and you just kind of adapted to that he can't force [TS]

  people to do things that make more sense what do you think what do you think [TS]

  you're gonna do fine in fine debut you're on the fence do you think you [TS]

  would wait until you get to them in the store so ya gotta have to wait until I [TS]

  think that's going to be a huge difference this year is thinking about [TS]

  an awful lot of people who otherwise would have if they only had one new [TS]

  iPhone they would just pre-ordered it so you get it as soon as they can but [TS]

  they're not gonna wait till they can see in stores so that they can make it an [TS]

  informed decision about which of the two they want to get the line to get out of [TS]

  the insane [TS]

  yeah I do think so because so many people on the last cycle over the last [TS]

  couple cycles actually have [TS]

  just gotten the device delivered by FedEx or whoever your area but now [TS]

  people want to see it you know you're gonna be in a better position than most [TS]

  people because you love actually seen it at a press event but possibly you know [TS]

  get a review you know but I know knock on wood there no I never find out until [TS]

  the day of so but at least I hope to see them both at the at the press event I [TS]

  think I'll get to 47 it really is one of those things that I would lean out [TS]

  towards the four point seven just begin again because I got the iPad Mini which [TS]

  is suit my needs just fine and that you know after dinner [TS]

  reading something to do while commercials are playing on the TV or [TS]

  whatever but yeah I D 5.5 was actually more interesting from these are faced [TS]

  border you because it makes it extends the targets totally out of it it's it's [TS]

  a new year with a mini iPad Mini you basically say ok you can move your stuff [TS]

  from the lower left of the upper right I special right I spent like half my [TS]

  review of the iPhone 5 talking about how I couldn't reach the top corner with my [TS]

  thumb and that was a half inch difference this is two inches different [TS]

  from the 3.5 inch original iPhone so you know it's part of me wants to to get [TS]

  that larger phone just understand they are going to onyx of of the new device [TS]

  from a very packed practical point of view it's like [TS]

  ok I want to put in my pocket so yeah it's a it's a everybody's going to have [TS]

  a similar kind of choice a is good and treated be as good with a be a be a be [TS]

  there in fact you know the the lines at the Apple Store are probably gonna move [TS]

  more slowly because people are choosing between A&B and not knowing which one is [TS]

  right and some people go anyhow you definitely want to be careful I need a [TS]

  bigger one and I think that the Phandroid contingent an aneurysm on the [TS]

  basis of that Apple is going to marketed as though they invented big screen [TS]

  phones you know that they are you gonna call it like a revolutionary based on [TS]

  some sort of thing and and then the fenders gonna be like you know I have [TS]

  had you know a five inch Galaxy whatever for two and a half years they're gonna [TS]

  go nuts but that's you know Apple is either way ahead where they take their [TS]

  time and they do it last and better that they're doing it doing it well rehearsed [TS]

  this case was the one more thing I wanted to one more point forget it [TS]

  who cares we've gotten enough yeah I need to pee I can't imagine how big your [TS]

  bladders yeah probably a lot of large Craig Hockenberry of the Aachen the icon [TS]

  factory people can follow you on twitter @ hockenberry I haven't been tweeting [TS]

  much lately [TS]

  very busy with you somebody and I was the stuff that's where I am so I know [TS]

  what I wanted to say I want more his mind one more thing I one more thing is [TS]

  how do they fill up a ninety-minute iPhone announcement I don't think bigger [TS]

  screen is enough so I am now of the opinion that there's two passes that [TS]

  they take one path is not just talking about bigger but what bigger enables and [TS]

  he would be you know like a sort of a productivity keno right look at now look [TS]

  at email in landscape you can seat two things at once you know that sort of [TS]

  thing and other apps that they've secretly updated to act differently on [TS]

  this bigger iPhone they could they could talk for 30 minutes just about iowa's [TS]

  extensions iOS extensions and the continuity and guess what you know I S [TS]

  eight and you said your gonna have to drop at the same time because all the [TS]

  you know I cloud no club kid I think it's gonna play out exactly like last [TS]

  year where member I was keychain and it wasn't and I was seven point 082 October [TS]

  I think we wait till October for continuity I think I Shapps without [TS]

  continuity hooked up yet and Yosemite will come out in October with new iPads [TS]

  it's in its higher profile than just the iOS keychain but that's the reason [TS]

  keychain didn't ship to october is cos I had to share you said it has to ship at [TS]

  the same time the feature has to ship at the same time as Yosemite because what's [TS]

  the point of having ketone stinking key chains thinking if you live in the sink [TS]

  it to their gonna be a lot of disappointed developers as it goes down [TS]

  that way if they have to wait an extra month yeah I mean the whole thing you [TS]

  know about you know I cloud is it is your devices together I know somebody [TS]

  ships next month I think it ships in October and I think it just like last [TS]

  year I think back I think it's too much to ask that they shipped to offerings ya [TS]

  ought to get it from an engineering resources point of view and a testing [TS]

  point of view and deployment point of view but you know this tangled like [TS]

  iCloud driver you gonna be able to put things like Cloud Drive be able to get [TS]

  along your I don't think it'll put him in a club Dr until until October through [TS]

  April 8.01 for all of the iCloud stuff that's why I guess I could be wrong I [TS]

  don't know that's just pure gas based on last year's iCloud the keychain doing so [TS]

  however if I am right that they don't have all that gave if if they do ship at [TS]

  the same time then God that they'll be they'll be hard-pressed to finish within [TS]

  two hours right they finished it's gonna it's gonna be like the WWDC keynote [TS]

  right so I can take your breath and and just think I mean they could fill up [TS]

  they could fill up 45 minutes just with demos from selected third parties who've [TS]

  been secretly locked up in Cupertino for the last three weeks building cool [TS]

  extensions you know easily but I don't think I think that's more of an October [TS]

  thing I think that they either fill it up with productivity [TS]

  stuff that you can do with the new bigger screen or health stuff that this [TS]

  is when they unveil I don't know if they don't feel the device I mean I sort of [TS]

  guessed that Edward couple weeks ago should fit but you know the health care [TS]

  stuff and what they're going to do and maybe if there is like new even better [TS]

  am nine new phones this is really explain the whole health initiative [TS]

  because I don't think that the health stuff fits with an October event where [TS]

  they have all this continuity stuff and Yosemite to explain it to me that that's [TS]

  my guess is that what you wish for twenty what you're basically saying is [TS]

  that the September event is all about the iOS device stuff you can do on the [TS]

  iOS device productivity tracking your health and the October event is about [TS]

  yeah that's my guess [TS]

  and that maybe there's a big surprise it would be that whatever the wearable [TS]

  dangerous that's been rumored for awhile but everybody sort of forgotten not [TS]

  forgotten but as everybody so excited about the phone that people have stopped [TS]

  talking about that maybe it'll come out at the september or at least be [TS]

  announced [TS]

  even if it doesn't come out that that whole I just recently started wearing if [TS]

  it works on my wrist part of it is just a start you know what does it mean to [TS]

  have a bearing on your wrist and I thought I would think that would be a [TS]

  ring for you [TS]

  yeah I get the large band so there we go [TS]

  but it it's weird is it right guys on this is a great little product but I [TS]

  don't see an apple on it you know I don't think so but anyway I i still [TS]

  think that that I N again because anybody is wearable things coming [TS]

  September I'm just trying to think how do you plot to events that have like a [TS]

  story and I think that one of them has to be about continuity and I don't think [TS]

  that's the October I think that is when they have new iPad new iPad that's when [TS]

  they ship yosemite and so I think that to me leaves the September 14 health [TS]

  there's gonna be a health related event this fall [TS]

  somebody's working his butt off to get stuff ready for september ninth yeah you [TS]

  know you send me / iOS iCloud all that stuff happening in warm so I just it's [TS]

  possible I mean what you have if they weren't ready to have health related [TS]

  event and possibly a health-related new device in the fall I don't know why they [TS]

  would have added health care talk to me and then they would have held it for I [TS]

  was not but maybe because maybe if the health stuff is slipped from a 2014 [TS]

  thing they'll do it in like February or March in which case that still needs to [TS]

  be an ISA cause I was nine won't come out for another year and about that [TS]

  whole home kit thing to that's kinda just yeah that had it into but that [TS]

  would fit into me that would fit in at an iPhone event we're talking about [TS]

  things like opening your garage door when you get close [TS]

  stuff like that right [TS]

  interesting times I that's the thing is so impressive rate said get so much [TS]

  stuff that they're working on it just you know we're all born away the BWC by [TS]

  the the breadth of the stuff that they now [TS]

  bounced and now that it's starting to become real its like the next year I [TS]

  totally believe you know somebody like you saying this is the most impressive [TS]

  pipeline of products that they've had in twenty years or whatever it was [TS]

  there's just a lot of the queue right now so ima gotta how to be you know how [TS]

  to come out I keep thinking about a couple of sites that have put up like [TS]

  hey what did you expect and they show an iPhone 5 and 14 points 7 inch phone [TS]

  would look like next to that what a 5.5 would look next to that and then how [TS]

  close that 5.5 is to the iPad Mini you just have this nice continuum devices [TS]

  and then added that the possibility of a larger iPad and all of a sudden iOS is [TS]

  like a computing platform that covers everything right all sizes from easily [TS]

  fit in one hand to a total to hand Pro laptop size screen laptops that have [TS]

  armed ships in a whole nother interesting set of things that can [TS]

  happen but it's just amazing to me to think that it involved you know already [TS]

  into something that's truly like all-encompassing computing platform yeah [TS]

  yeah it's it's not surprising to me next year when this first came out it was [TS]

  very clear to me that's the system next 30 years of computing right we're gonna [TS]

  be refining this touch display [TS]

  you know direct interaction mechanism for the next 30 years just like we have [TS]

  refined the house as a means of interacting with their computers for the [TS]

  past 30 years so this is just listen we're at that period room you know where [TS]

  there were all sorts of different kinds of Max there was the original that there [TS]

  was a Mac with color display was an act with different bus architecture 288 [TS]

  pages there is a is $12,000 Mac to ethics yeah you know the 20th century [TS]

  20th anniversary Mac you know there's a huge big in some ways convoluted product [TS]

  line but the Mac to affects customer them like a Honda Civic but I wanted one [TS]

  alright Craig let's call it a night thank you so much fruit I'm just always [TS]

  a pleasure to anybody who's not even if he is slow down if he is busy following [TS]

  on Twitter you to go blind [TS]