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95: ‘Twenty-One Thousand Words’, With Rene Ritchie


  Ramirez G tanker him from or how long was your I was a review [TS]

  22 yr [TS]

  200 pictures I need to be put down you know and I mean that sincerely that is [TS]

  because not just because you're the guest on the show but for years I i've [TS]

  been thinking man would it be great if if somebody wrote I West reviews each [TS]

  year the way John Siracusa does Mac OS 10 reviews and I realize that you do [TS]

  like they're all there there there all the way back to Iowa stew and you know [TS]

  it was just like iPhone OS two or something like that and they are [TS]

  book-length twenty-one thousand words that's more closer to a book then an [TS]

  article I just I always feel this need to explain things that if Apple gives us [TS]

  WDC sessions and give us ki knows but the kids are fast the WWDC sessions are [TS]

  super geeky and I just picture my mom and my dad really wanted to find out [TS]

  what's going on and trying to rate that for them that's true I don't know it [TS]

  it's you know Apple's these OS updates are getting they've always been deep but [TS]

  I was seven I was there is so much and from a marketing perspective Apple [TS]

  really just can't cover in detail they can't publish twenty-one thousand words [TS]

  about it you know and it's it's like they're moving so effectively year over [TS]

  year that it's it is I think it's truly a challenge to keep up I take the [TS]

  Syracuse a thing as a huge compliment I can't say that I blame anyone nearly as [TS]

  competent as he I used to write these things but i think thats exactly exactly [TS]

  a day are so especially like extensibility and how it works in the [TS]

  container Absynthe host out and how the security and privacy is handled a really [TS]

  complicated topics and I i watch those sessions for five times each cause I [TS]

  want to understand them better and the rating process is sort of me [TS]

  digesting and figuring out what it all means [TS]

  yeah I I almost made it the other way I do mean it as a compliment I mean it as [TS]

  a profound compliment but I almost worried that the way that I posit that I [TS]

  say hey it took me years to realize this that we already had somebody doing it [TS]

  and it's you I almost word that comes across as an insult because they say it [TS]

  took me years to realize it and I think I don't mean it as an insult anyway but [TS]

  I do think that maybe the reason it didn't dawn on me right away that your [TS]

  style is so much more understated it is a very you know you personally are [TS]

  almost out of the picture and it's a I know that this word in terms of [TS]

  journalism is grossly overused but it's a much more objective viewpoint and with [TS]

  Siracusa he's always there right it is it's it's Mac OS 10 reviews [TS]

  very specifically from his perspective and and as it pertains to his obsessions [TS]

  he's got an amazing authorial voice and you can he he talks the way that he [TS]

  writes and you just you always know what exactly John and I i have my bias is a [TS]

  try to stay up front on them but I think there's just so much to cover that I [TS]

  have to get out of my own way when they do it [TS]

  yeah I totally agree so a lot of writing puts its good because this way I can [TS]

  have someone on the showroom yeah those especially to watch peace and the iPhone [TS]

  review those are amazing thank you thank you it was both and I you know I really [TS]

  did but write them both in one waking day from Mike around one in the [TS]

  afternoon till 6 a.m. just one after another I admit I hadn't notes all over [TS]

  the place from you know they days prior I mean it's certainly like I didn't I [TS]

  didn't start writing in a vacuum but I just all had one notes and wrote them [TS]

  both and I think they were both like a little over four thousand words so like [TS]

  eight thousand words in one [TS]

  working day which is needless to say unusual I like to watch one especially [TS]

  because we've had people who cover smart watches read about them and we've had [TS]

  people who do cover watches write about them but you made a really selling point [TS]

  in your piece of that these two cultures are gonna clash in the middle and you [TS]

  poke some fun my friend Phil Mickelson yesterday and rightly so because he was [TS]

  saying that you know the $70 watch band with a hefty price and people have no [TS]

  idea what's coming when these two industries emerged I think [TS]

  opposed to the clarification today and and the point cuz I think it was it was [TS]

  misinterpreted where I am NOT cheerleading or clapping or or smugly [TS]

  sitting in my arms folded about the idea of multi $1000 watches I'm just saying I [TS]

  think that that's what's coming whether you like it or not whether you have a [TS]

  strong opinion on whether you think that's cool with you think it's [TS]

  ridiculous and preposterous but I do think and again like something like a [TS]

  band that costs $500 if you think thats hefty I would I would agree that sets [TS]

  you know I don't think that no matter what your income 34 $500 band just the [TS]

  band is you know have to have to use a decent work and you know like I'm in my [TS]

  research for the white piece I was looking at things like what does it cost [TS]

  to get like an actual Rolex stainless steel 90 precious metals but stainless [TS]

  steel replacement band and they they sell for at least $2,500 cause I think [TS]

  the ones you can find online or sort of grey market because of the authorized [TS]

  dealer for Rolex and other brands like that don't advertise prices but let's [TS]

  just say that's in the ballpark if you want to think that that exhibit and I [TS]

  I'd see exactly what you mean I may not necessarily agree but I can totally see [TS]

  the reason of somebody they I could say that to regional position to take that [TS]

  nobody should buy a watch that the band alone cost $2,500 totally reason I don't [TS]

  necessarily agree but it's reasonable than $80 $80 right there smacking them [TS]

  the mainstream watch market that's absolutely true I have another friend [TS]

  Kevin and he collects watches he has six or seven years ago makers and pat her [TS]

  eyes and relaxes and other brands whose names escape me but when he first heard [TS]

  about the Apalachee loves technology and he said though he was not going to buy [TS]

  one unless they had one that was in the thousands of dollars because it it [TS]

  wasn't the kind of watch that he was interested in and now when he read your [TS]

  piece specifically he said that it made him even more inclined to buy it and [TS]

  he's frankly the more expensive they get the more appealing that is to him as [TS]

  someone who looks watches well we're only a couple minutes in but here it's [TS]

  impossible for us in one show even by the the ever-growing length episodes of [TS]

  the show there's no way that we can talk about everything and I think the watches [TS]

  unfortunately gonna be cutting for because the phones are now i've had for [TS]

  a week I S eight is out in his new and you have covered it i think it's fair to [TS]

  say more extensively than anybody else maybe federico with only be the only [TS]

  other person I could think of whose whose depth of coverage of Iowa see is [TS]

  in the same ballpark and I think we'll be lucky that I would think we'll be [TS]

  lucky to finish on time even with just those two things and we can talk about [TS]

  the event itself which I didn't really cover and I usually like to do and maybe [TS]

  that's where we can start got a bunch of sponsors to run through this so that [TS]

  means you know let's take a break before we even get started talking about the [TS]

  event and let me tell you guys about her first concert are good friends at [TS]

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  alright so the event in the Flint center big mystery white box out front for a [TS]

  while you were there I think you're sitting two seats down from you and jim [TS]

  wright me you Clinton Morrison [TS]

  down now getting invited to these sort of events that's how many times have you [TS]

  been to like a keynote with a press pass my second and the first one was so that [TS]

  you know it's you know I hesitate to say new Apple but it is an evolved Apple I [TS]

  would say new employees like a change in direction I would say it's more of an [TS]

  expansion of a Directioner audience yeah I think that's absolutely fair it's it's [TS]

  sort of like some of the constraints of fallen away from them you know and you [TS]

  know openness is indeed the right word I compare this all the way back to the [TS]

  original iPhone 2007 original iPhone 2007 review units were only given 24 [TS]

  people I think it was a dbag USA Today poll get the times mossberg then it the [TS]

  journal and Steven Levy newsweek that was it [TS]

  they were the only four ppl entire planet who got a review unit at the [TS]

  original iPhone and I would say even for a few years after that the people who [TS]

  were on the list of your get preview no review unit a week or two weeks before [TS]

  actually comes out was limited to text a published long established print [TS]

  periodicals even if most people nowadays even those days were reading them online [TS]

  and then slowly they started adding people from online only publications you [TS]

  know the Engadget and people like me and and downpours and tell ya [TS]

  and it's you know so that's why I say clearly what they've done is they've [TS]

  greatly expanded list of members of the press who are getting invited no longer [TS]

  I still think it's still selective I can't even imagine how many requests [TS]

  they get that they turned down but I think it's opened up in a way I think in [TS]

  a right way where it's people who should have been I think it's long overdue that [TS]

  you've been you've got invited to stuff like this [TS]

  Daniel Dilger from AppleInsider as I think maybe she was the first but it's [TS]

  you know certainly within the last year that he started yesterday called with [TS]

  two yep serenity was around the world nations for a long time yeah but they do [TS]

  it's I'm never sure without the weather is the publication or the journalists [TS]

  that they're inviting its both is my feeling I don't think I think it's sort [TS]

  of the equivalent of asking whether Apple hardware software company you know [TS]

  it it's both because like for example and G sigler when he was full time at [TS]

  TechCrunch was getting invited and then when he left TechCrunch but before he [TS]

  joined Google he still got invited even when he was in a full time person and [TS]

  I'm glad collecting gadget is another good example yeah perfect example I it's [TS]

  clearly though and i cant help we talked a bunch of us because we had like an [TS]

  hour to burn you for the event [TS]

  knowing about i mean that's what we do said their insider gossip but it's it's [TS]

  almost impossible not to drive conclusion that it has something that [TS]

  this expansion of the list and less exclusivity has something to do with [TS]

  Kasey Kahne's [TS]

  it was also a much bigger venue then they've used for iPhone events in the [TS]

  past and often at least Woodside capacity issues but they made sure they [TS]

  had room for two thousand odd people including fashion bloggers and you [TS]

  introduced me [TS]

  to watch bloggers were there too [TS]

  yeah you know I didn't know Ben Clymer personally even though I've been a fan [TS]

  of this site for a very long time but I actually thought about introducing [TS]

  myself to him in advance just sending an email I don't know if i could assume [TS]

  that he's returned fire but maybe but even if not I would take that pointed to [TS]

  say what I do and just saying hey did you get an invitation to this event [TS]

  because I thought that would have been you know sure-fire tell that they were [TS]

  gonna do watch I can't help but think to the fact that guy and maybe he couldn't [TS]

  say maybe got an invitation that city can talk about it but I think the fact [TS]

  that that Ben Clymer was there and it presumably other people from the watch [TS]

  world is why the fact that they were gonna do watch leaked within about the [TS]

  last week was even just a month prior when I suggested that maybe they would [TS]

  do the wearable at the September event even though all the previous rumors said [TS]

  it would be in October thing it was like a big deal for a day that I said that [TS]

  everybody was expecting October right and then all of a sudden about a week [TS]

  before it was like are you going to do and can't help but think it's because [TS]

  they started inviting people [TS]

  well i mean that that joke comment that you made was terrific mean that bad [TS]

  propagated credibly quickly across the internet [TS]

  yeah well it really was though wasn't just anybody told it to me it was [TS]

  honestly just a hunch that it would make sense as a single event here is this [TS]

  thing where you can do touch I D on your phone here's this thing you know to pay [TS]

  the payment thing was coming and it just seemed like well why not do it with the [TS]

  watch and same thing with all the health tracking whereas I don't see how the [TS]

  watch would fit with an iPad and you seventy event in october is going to be [TS]

  a companion product specifically for the iPhone that makes sense to do in the [TS]

  iPhone event [TS]

  yeah and that's the other thing too I did see I that I didn't know you know [TS]

  nobody knew [TS]

  dance that it was going to be a eight you need you need an iPhone to fully use [TS]

  the watch right you know they've said to use it . even know a lot of its [TS]

  functionality is not dependent on being within proximity the phone but yeah that [TS]

  makes sense to and it's not surprising and it was it was a really strange [TS]

  morning as uni and I think we're standing with Jason Snelling a couple [TS]

  other people and we noticed that Apple was quite as I live blogging their own [TS]

  event which I yeah that's totally now you know and I you know I've always [TS]

  thought that what you said with the capacity that they cite have it here [TS]

  because we can't find a bigger place I don't recall and and Jason snow doesn't [TS]

  snow that seems to think that they might have done this at some point but I can't [TS]

  recall them ever using Moscow near West other than as a keynote from Macworld [TS]

  Expo WWDC when when you know moscow has already been rented out that they've [TS]

  never and I think you know and he said he thinks maybe they have but it's hard [TS]

  because of somebody else like and last week for example Intel Developers [TS]

  Conference in moscow me west so they couldn't had to literally could not have [TS]

  done it but I don't think they've ever done that and that's a huge room [TS]

  potentially other than that they have five in all the years I've been going to [TS]

  these things I've never seen one that was in an event venue as large as the [TS]

  historic for Apple to because he made a point of putting out this is where the [TS]

  Mac in the iMac oranges use the biggest surprise to me and this sign that Apple [TS]

  PR has truly evolved and changed that brian lamb was invited and now at the [TS]

  great great wire cutters site [TS]

  and I think it's great that he did but the reason had remarkable is that he's [TS]

  the guy who was running Gizmodo back when they had their hands on the stolen [TS]

  iPhone from the bar where the Apple engineer at left it and he's the guy who [TS]

  answered the phone when Steve Jobs personally called and said give me back [TS]

  my phone and said no you know we want something from you before we get it back [TS]

  here the fact that he is now off the shitlist and on the invitation list is [TS]

  remarkable I even with all of the expansion of it even with the return of [TS]

  Gizmodo has everybody who was there back then has gone from Gizmodo now they've [TS]

  you know dr. sites go through employees you know like butter churning even if [TS]

  you believe a penalty box has expired on Gizmodo he never quite sure if the ban [TS]

  on that specific players been listed exactly you know and I think it's right [TS]

  i think you know forgive and forget you know brian lamb is doing very different [TS]

  work and much better work these days and why not but i just no way I cannot [TS]

  believe that that would happen if Katie was there again if he'll sort of like a [TS]

  huge constraint that had been on them has been lifted and they can do a lot of [TS]

  the things that they probably thought would be cool and fun along time ago [TS]

  like the countdown timer on totally yeah and the live blog guess I [TS]

  have suspected an end would put a computer does not live blogging it right [TS]

  from the floor with us [TS]

  did you see him know he he wasn't there apparently oh I didn't know that I [TS]

  looked around for but it was so many people I I'm surprised I found as many [TS]

  people friends that I knew before the event as I did it was so crazy I took a [TS]

  panoramic picture and a couple people comment and i twittered it and a couple [TS]

  people said it looks like like one of the Disney World theme parks in the [TS]

  morning before they open the gates you know when thousands of people show up to [TS]

  try to be you know get on the rides first time ever really did its some [TS]

  people were saying in in Apple's a little cagey about stuff like this is [TS]

  how many people actually were there I don't think they they don't like to [TS]

  answer to that but somebody said that they had the capacity twice that of your [TS]

  boy [TS]

  I I don't see how that's possible that has to be more than twice I think [TS]

  because I've been here many times and have never seen half that many people [TS]

  there I you know it seems like a third fewer someone mentioned it sees between [TS]

  2000 and 2,400 and I saw later some people that I know some friends have [TS]

  were there and they tweeted that they were there and I did not see them at all [TS]

  throughout the entire course of the event the other thing I thought 20 lot [TS]

  more Apple people there to even with this expansion in the list of press who [TS]

  are there to cover it which is definitely true they invited way more [TS]

  Apple people to be there at the end when Tim Cook said hey everybody who's it [TS]

  from Apple please do me a favor stand up right now she might have the crowds yea [TS]

  verily they had an internal lottery in some of the department they couldn't get [TS]

  everybody so you get a chance to go and a bunch of people that picked so you [TS]

  know after a week and a half now has a record this looking back on how do you [TS]

  what do you what are your thoughts on the event is all I think the event I [TS]

  have sort of two trains of thought about it one is that I think the stuff itself [TS]

  was really really interesting stuff they showed off the iPhones was similar to [TS]

  when they finally went from AT&T to Verizon they finally went from four inch [TS]

  to larger iPhones and you can argue whether she had done that earlier I [TS]

  think they had really good timing but also it wasn't quite like the iPad or [TS]

  the iPhone event and I think specifically the iPad of it because [TS]

  steve Jobs was so careful to say this is your phone this is your laptop [TS]

  this is the tablet and this is what it does better than both those things and [TS]

  this is a reason it has to exist in with the iPhone it was you know these are the [TS]

  old keyboards and this is why their wrong and the old input methods and [TS]

  technologies and why they're on and for the phones and the white we got a list [TS]

  of really amazing features but there was never that one moment where Tim Cook or [TS]

  anybody at Apple said this is this is the reason this has to exist for the [TS]

  iPhone sex or the I what I think it was clearly we can extrapolate it like I i [TS]

  watch is clearly convenience and the iPhone 6 is clearly a higher class of of [TS]

  software eventually but it was never stated outright [TS]

  on a single slider and a single sort of slogan I think for two very different [TS]

  reasons though I think with the iPhones its they're not hard for anybody who's [TS]

  used an iPhone to get their heads around the screen is either bigger or way [TS]

  bigger and the cameras better and they get better battery life and thinner and [TS]

  sleeker and right you can pretty much stop right there you know it's you know [TS]

  I don't think I wasted any words in my review but I think that a very short [TS]

  overview can get across 85 percent of what most people would want to know [TS]

  about these funds the iPhone 6 is bigger gets a little bit better battery life [TS]

  the screen as nicely improved in terms of viewing angles in color and stuff [TS]

  like that and the cameras and that's it you know and you can you can get it in [TS]

  higher storage capacities and in the iPhone 6 plus it's way bigger if you [TS]

  want I can new style device that's that's like a two-handed iPhone size [TS]

  more like a mini tablet and you gonna get a couple more hours of battery life [TS]

  predict because the battery is so there's there's a new class iPhone for [TS]

  you and stop right there and I think that covers what it what it means for [TS]

  eighty-five percent of people yeah I agree completely I think my only [TS]

  reservation is that you're never sure we all we all live in bubbles of various [TS]

  sizes and I i have Nexus 5 and I have a Lumia 10:20 and I have I've used Galaxy [TS]

  Note and Galaxy magazine and things like that the big phone so I'm a little bit [TS]

  familiar with them but I think a lot of people have only bought iPhones are only [TS]

  familiar with the 3.5 and 4 inch size and to hear why Apple didn't continue [TS]

  that likewise they went to the bigger screen I think the argument to be made [TS]

  for the iPhone six-plus but even the iPhone 6 there's a really brief [TS]

  statement about we're gonna give you more we're gonna give you a bigger [TS]

  window window into the Internet [TS]

  taps it would just be used a little bit of the stress that people had when you [TS]

  know instead of saying oh my god they abandoned the four-engine be a while [TS]

  this is so much more than I can do now with 4.7 yeah and I've been thinking [TS]

  about that you know maybe even close to a year ever since it became so strongly [TS]

  rumoured that they were going to go to two sizes four point seven and 5.5 and [TS]

  not have a next generation model at the foreign side size I've been thinking for [TS]

  a long time you know the whole time the whole year while I like four point zero [TS]

  inches and 4.0 inches is the size of the most best-selling the best-selling most [TS]

  profitable phone in the world because that's what the iPhone 5s what you know [TS]

  an iPhone 5 see was like I don't know like thirdly the third best-selling and [TS]

  most profitable smartphone in the world like 32 out of the top three selling [TS]

  phones in a world where 4.0 inches last year and they've now they've just let [TS]

  you know when I asked about this and one of the things I was told was well we [TS]

  haven't left behind we still have those funds are just move down the line and [TS]

  including the fact that you can buy a new 5s at 32 gigabytes not just at 16:49 [TS]

  dollars more [TS]

  $249 on contract and that's not entirely new either because the five see when it [TS]

  was a brand new device last year came in 16 and 32 gigabytes sizes too but I feel [TS]

  like that's a little bit more of a just seems to me like a little bit more of a [TS]

  hedge now [TS]

  escape hatch if you're not quite ready to grow with Apple to the larger screen [TS]

  sizes yet right so I don't know I wonder if they're gonna wait and look at what [TS]

  people buy and what how things go for it what they're thinking like it wouldn't [TS]

  totally III I would expect that next year we're just gonna get asked I don't [TS]

  have to use an ass but equivalent I found success and iPhone success + and [TS]

  the two new phones will be [TS]

  these sizes I don't expect there to be you know them to go back to four points [TS]

  early inches it sounds to me like they've said here's the at this point [TS]

  with the technology where technology has evolved where prices have evolved on [TS]

  screens what's the best sweet spot to hit the most people with the least [TS]

  amount of choice these are the two sizes they've decided on I think but I [TS]

  wouldn't be shocked if they you know have a 4.0 you know call it the iPhone 6 [TS]

  many yeah you know and it's this rounded form factor but at a four inch size it [TS]

  wouldn't shock me but i dont expected and I think it's interesting and you had [TS]

  a good post before the event on what you thought the screen sizes would be and [TS]

  why [TS]

  and it reminded me of the first time I read it of when steve Jobs was talking [TS]

  about the difference between the iPad and Android tablets when they were just [TS]

  basically expanding the interface and he was saying that with the iPad and the [TS]

  split view controller allowed a higher class of software and when I saw the 55 [TS]

  16 + turned sideways and you get that split view controller reminded me of the [TS]

  same thing these bigger sizes the apples only doing it with the iPhone six-plus [TS]

  but developers can do it with any size that they want now with the new adaptive [TS]

  UI that it will allow for a higher class of software but that's sort of [TS]

  necessitates a larger screen especially for anybody who doesn't have really good [TS]

  really young eyes [TS]

  yeah well I don't think there's no way that that split view would work on 4.0 [TS]

  and size they show it in one in that WWDC session in the demo at it but is [TS]

  that that 16.9 aspect ratio that is wasteful in some interfaces on the [TS]

  iPhone in landscape mode and the split screen too seems to fix that one problem [TS]

  dad special with the keyboard because there's a minimum height to a usable [TS]

  keyboard and on the 4.0 in size when you're when you're horizontal it's at [TS]

  least half the screen whereas on into new phones it's not quite you know it [TS]

  leaves a lot more room above it because they don't that the keyboard isn't the [TS]

  same relative size it's more like the same [TS]

  physical and it is that compromise that you spoke about earlier where it is [TS]

  bigger to carry around but the iPhone six-plus specifically you turn around [TS]

  and get that iPad style layout you are gaining productivity out of that [TS]

  compromise yeah I'm looking at the six plus in my hands right now and with the [TS]

  keyboard up in landscape mode horizontal mode too little bit more than a third [TS]

  but it's way less than a half there's way more usable screen real estate above [TS]

  the keyboard on this the iPhone 5 and five US Navy really claustrophobic with [TS]

  the keyboard oh yeah I you know and that might be the main reason why I say I I [TS]

  never use my iPhone landscape other than what things were you know like videos [TS]

  watching videos or playing games [TS]

  likewise the only thing I ever ever do in landscape is sometimes with a web [TS]

  page that doesn't really even with double tap to zoom the text is too small [TS]

  I'll turn it sideways and that's it i can't think of anything else they doing [TS]

  landscape know and I'm exactly the same way which is why that that 16.9 a sticky [TS]

  issue is so good for those few specific things but the other is much better for [TS]

  the rest yeah and I think it shows for example investor like Vesper doesn't [TS]

  support landscape as I think David Brent feel the same way and I think that's [TS]

  come to bite us on the ass now because on these bigger phones it really feels [TS]

  weird that an app doesn't support landscape and maybe it's just because it [TS]

  is reviewing the phones over the past week I was doing it a lot just for the [TS]

  sake of seeing what it's like [TS]

  but it it no longer feels silly or some kind of concession to people with [TS]

  particularly big thumbs or something like that it feels like its first class [TS]

  part of the iPhone interface it will be hinted that I think you with regional [TS]

  iPhone didn't even let a little most nothing go into landscape but I think so [TS]

  far the video app almost nothing but now even the home screen does on the idea [TS]

  that's a big hundred people yeah I like and that's kinda need to I like it and I [TS]

  like the way that the doc is always on your right you have somebody who on the [TS]

  map [TS]

  is always always wanna stock on the right it feels very natural iPad moves [TS]

  around with you but it feels very natural on your dog on your Mac Mac is [TS]

  on the left hand side but he left this gonna get a new guest fix it now you're [TS]

  off the off the show dog and now I i dont know I've always been a [TS]

  right-handed person and i'm glad that's where they put it on now I have done one [TS]

  of my max at the bottom and one of its on the left bottom is acceptable [TS]

  although I still think it's weird to let us just because it is but one of them [TS]

  has a really wide screen and it just seemed to want more vertical pixels I [TS]

  got it off the bottom I just took it on the last my problem with dock on the [TS]

  bottom has always been that every Mac screen is horizontal so vertical real [TS]

  estate is always it more of a premium than or is on a real estate so why not [TS]

  put it on the side but anyway that's neither here anyway but the event I [TS]

  think if they had needed to if the whites let's say that come august 1st [TS]

  when they really needed to say okay what we gonna do next month right and if they [TS]

  had said you know what the watch just isn't ready even for a pre-announcement [TS]

  it's not you know we got to scrap it they could have had an event similar to [TS]

  previous iPhone events and then you know include Apple pay just the iPhones and [TS]

  Apple pay and it would have been fine yes it would have I think it would have [TS]

  been in the smaller venue I don't think they would have taken the front center [TS]

  and I think schiller could have easily gone 60 minutes and said that 30 minutes [TS]

  talking about features on the phones and what's improved yeah they could even [TS]

  Craig recapitulate WDC as he's done several years in a row [TS]

  yeah I don't think so though because I think that's waiting I think we will see [TS]

  that in [TS]

  October but I feel like that would have been harder to do because at WTC they [TS]

  can talk about you know look all this stuff is all beta right hand off and all [TS]

  the other what's called the catch phrase for extensibility those sorts of the CTU [TS]

  continuity continuity or discontinuity features I don't think that they could [TS]

  do it in a September event where iOS is no longer beta but yosemite I think it [TS]

  had think that the Federici stuff you know [TS]

  deming all the country's toughest gotta wait for October I think it could have [TS]

  just been you know schiller doing stuff on the phone like he has in past years [TS]

  maybe you know add add Tim Cook's usual preamble with the sort of state of the [TS]

  company could had a ninety-minute event with you know maybe 15 minutes of iPhone [TS]

  6 and you know the rest of it Apple pay and would've been fine that's very true [TS]

  because in previous years cook would he go over all the resulting make fun of [TS]

  Android a little bit he do each other an Apple store opening with a nice video [TS]

  and this year he he said in I think it's worth pointing out Apple's doing fine [TS]

  and ready to ensure I am he was flying I thought I mean I thought it you know I [TS]

  don't say it was rushed and he was polish but that was a really really [TS]

  concise I mean I think it measured it almost exactly 30 minutes and that's [TS]

  really short and it's almost remarkable how soon they got into it was only like [TS]

  seven minutes into the thing and all of us including three minutes of it for [TS]

  purely promotional video at the beginning it was a year here they are [TS]

  here so you know here's what they are what they look like here's what they do [TS]

  here's what's new and back to town and he was off the stage and you you're [TS]

  marked on it at the time but it it was impeccably was on the 30 minute they [TS]

  finished on the two-hour was perfect [TS]

  yeah it was a very tight event i mean i dont to our system to them and i think [TS]

  rightly so it's like the upper limit and if they do rehearsal and its two hours [TS]

  in 10 minute no matter how uncomfortable it seems 10 minutes our stuff is gonna [TS]

  get cut [TS]

  absolutely let's take a second break and we'll get back to us I guess maybe [TS]

  interrupt the idea of going through the show talk a little bit more about the [TS]

  the new iPhones and talk about a second sponsor [TS]

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  you'll save 50 bucks which can get you one for just $299 my thanks to Drobo [TS]

  good friends of the show so did you order an iPhone sex I did six plus you [TS]

  gotta six-plus so what made you go plus I sort of want it works I want to try it [TS]

  because it is so new and they've been big homes on the market before but [TS]

  Apple's take on it I find really interesting I love the idea of the split [TS]

  view controller in landscape mode and I like the idea of the longer battery [TS]

  because you know especially when we go to conferences or events I'm roaming [TS]

  most the time [TS]

  the radios just screaming in draining the battery that and the optical image [TS]

  stabilization I don't know how big a deal that will be on the camera but I'm [TS]

  really I really interested in trying it out [TS]

  Mattapan serena's examples were pretty good I thought it that you know it looks [TS]

  like you get an extra stopper to you know can help you shoot at a [TS]

  significantly lower ISO speed even in low-light honestly having spent a week [TS]

  with him I wasn't even tempted by I guess I had to order I ordered on Friday [TS]

  night so I don't then our Thursday night so it only had it for three 3 days that [TS]

  point but there is no no doubt in my mind that I wanted to the regular iPhone [TS]

  6 I think that's the safe at the station is the wrong word I think that that is [TS]

  the right choice for most people I think it looks like a lot of people are going [TS]

  for the six plus and I'm not sure whether that's because they really want [TS]

  a fight [TS]

  5.5 inch phone or because they just assume that they are they just feel like [TS]

  every time a new phone they're going to get the most expensive one with what [TS]

  they assume is the flagship I i dont it's one of those things you know and [TS]

  Apple reveals more than most companies but there's no way that I expect them to [TS]

  reveal the split between the six in the six plus because I think that's highly [TS]

  competitive data but I would be fascinated to know it and I would also [TS]

  be fascinated to know how it changes over time because I my hunch is that the [TS]

  early adopter crowd who does things like pre-order one of these before they've [TS]

  ever seen one in the Flash you know it which I would be doing if I had even if [TS]

  I hadn't had the review units already I would have been pre-ordering anyway but [TS]

  let's face it that's sort of a crazy thing to do normal people don't comb [TS]

  behind you know six seven eight hundred $900 devices that they haven't even [TS]

  putting her hands it [TS]

  crowds used towards the bigger size because there'd it's it's it's just more [TS]

  nerdy that they you know they do more work on the phone it's a little bit less [TS]

  passive device and more of an active device introduced me two groups of [TS]

  people on one is people can only have one device and this is a group has been [TS]

  really popular in Southeast Asia and those are usually lower cost large [TS]

  phones because they have to have a phone they just did the need it to communicate [TS]

  what they want is bigger screen size as possible and then you have people in [TS]

  North America who are they just want something that's a small town but that [TS]

  they can carry around and according to people like ben Meherrin large-size [TS]

  phones like the Galaxy Note size phones have never sold well in North America [TS]

  previously it will be interesting to see if that's because there's no Apple phone [TS]

  in that category of its really because that category only appeals to a niche [TS]

  market in the industry I didn't mention this in my review is in my notes and I [TS]

  left it out because it seemed I was long enough and it's you know sometimes you [TS]

  gotta start cutting stuff but i think is going to severely cannibalize sales of [TS]

  the iPad Mini and I say this is somebody who has used the iPad Mini as as as my [TS]

  personal my only personal iPad for ever since it came out two years ago I even [TS]

  went with the many that first year when it was not retina and I'd already gotten [TS]

  used to the retina display and you know which was a huge trade off but I like [TS]

  that size for what I use an iPad for primarily which is okay I'm done working [TS]

  for the day in my office here at home now I'm downstairs and I still wanna [TS]

  read some stuff you know I still wanted you know do some stuff but I'm just [TS]

  sitting around the house on the couch armchair something like that I love the [TS]

  mini for that I but I think though overall it is this devices too close to [TS]

  the many and if you if you have it the mini just seems pointless I think that's [TS]

  very true I think it'll take a while to happen because I think the iPhone [TS]

  six-plus is gonna be supply constraints at least that much higher constraint [TS]

  that already right now if you order today it's already earlier today but [TS]

  yesterday I checked and it was Wednesday the 17th it was already quoting three to [TS]

  four weeks and iPhones 6 was only quoting three or four days so I think [TS]

  I'll take a while before there's widespread adoption and and people who [TS]

  get it not all to me like it some of them might decide to go to the smaller [TS]

  one but what I'm most curious about is whether it just simply cannibalize is [TS]

  the iPad Mini and Opera said before they'd rather cowboys and stuff then [TS]

  somebody else or if people who previously have an iPhone 5 45 s and an [TS]

  iPad Mini [TS]

  now moved to an iPhone 6 and iPhone iPad air or maybe in theoretically an iPad [TS]

  pro 1 day ago from small small to big big instead of getting nothing but I [TS]

  think it's really I think it's really gonna put a dent in the iPad Mini sales [TS]

  and I think it might put a dent in iPad sales period at least among people who [TS]

  choose the six plus that it to me it really is you know I forget exactly how [TS]

  I put in my review but almost as much maybe not quite but almost as much as [TS]

  40% more like an iPad nano hypothetical iPod Nano than it is an iPhone plus it's [TS]

  really deter me feels like a new class of device [TS]

  more than just a big iPhone really does and big part of that is the horizontal [TS]

  stuff you know the two column layout but even in the Portrait Landscape vertical [TS]

  landscape it just feels in hand it really to me feel like something you [TS]

  have to use with two hands for the most part which to me is what makes it a [TS]

  different class device than an iPhone it's almost the inverse of what happened [TS]

  when the iPad Mini launch because people were used to having a two-handed iPhone [TS]

  iPad experience in the iPhone iPad Mini was almost a hand and a half the people [TS]

  are so used to using the one hand that iPhone iPhone + iPhone six-plus is two [TS]

  and a half to two hit a device [TS]

  the other thing that's curious though and I think would be like it's almost [TS]

  like a no-brainer and you don't even you know all the time said Dave cannibalized [TS]

  their own products you know with the iPod Nano just wiping out the iPod iPod [TS]

  mini even though the mini was the single most popular consumer electronics [TS]

  product in the world at the time the iPhone having a full unabashedly iPod [TS]

  app that eliminated the need to carry a stand-alone iPod right like the [TS]

  traditional tech company way with you had a popular franchise like iPod would [TS]

  have been to like make you tether your iPod to your phone somehow or something [TS]

  like that or like the rocker phone like limit the number to artificially limit [TS]

  the number of songs you can put on your iPhone or something like that they can [TS]

  do anything like that they were like hey it's the bet jobs call it the best iPod [TS]

  we've ever made [TS]

  fine scary because it was hugely popular thing in this case they don't have any [TS]

  reason to fear it because these things don't don't think about that [TS]

  on contract pricing which is not the true price they're they're true price is [TS]

  like three times higher than the price of an iPad Mini right you get iPad Mini [TS]

  starting at 299 right yeah it's one of those things off contract unlocked are [TS]

  you know $800 devices so if people stop buying an iPad minis for three or four [TS]

  hundred dollars so they can buy $900 [TS]

  iPhone 6 plusses you know that's sort of like anybody can see the the business [TS]

  internet that that is great for applicants they move from super low [TS]

  margin product to us do a very good margin product but one of things it's [TS]

  always impressed me about Apple as a company is that they've never mistaken [TS]

  their products for their businesses and we see this in technology so often like [TS]

  microsoft windows everywhere where they think that they make windows and they [TS]

  really don't Apple never made the mistake they made [TS]

  iPods iPod mini they knew they made personal music devices and would involve [TS]

  those those became the iPhone and now they are not an iPad company they'll [TS]

  kill the iPad if they have a better idea they just make these consumer is great [TS]

  devices you can carry around whatever the next version of that they are [TS]

  fearless in moving to it as quickly as possible because they'd rather do it [TS]

  before somebody else does and they do you know get rid of some prophecy leave [TS]

  money on the table by not dragging out every single nicolette of every single [TS]

  product but I think when you see how long they been making really good [TS]

  amounts of money that ultimately stay everybody's been a good question and I [TS]

  got asked after my review here in people's heroes realize I had both [TS]

  phones and they can ask me questions didn't occur to me before at all cuz I [TS]

  don't use it personally but I got asked by a couple of people on Twitter whether [TS]

  the iPhone six-plus in particular or either of the new ones works with the [TS]

  camera connection kit which is the little lightning thing you plug in and [TS]

  then you can plug in sdcard into an iPad and import photos you take photos with a [TS]

  regular camera stand-alone camera take the sdcard use the camera connection kit [TS]

  and you instead of putting on a Mac you can put them on an iPad and it's always [TS]

  been an iPad only peripheral [TS]

  occurred to me to try it I did and it's exactly nothing has changed when as soon [TS]

  as you plug the lightning adapter into the either the new iPhones it says this [TS]

  this peripheral or or whatever it's called is not supported on this device [TS]

  I wonder though if that's an oversight because it seems to me like I never [TS]

  quite understood my camera connection kit didn't work with an iPhone it's [TS]

  never been clear to me technically why that's the case you know if anything [TS]

  iPhones now have just as much storage as iPads you know who knows maybe the [TS]

  double the iPad's again but storage shouldn't be the limiting factor you [TS]

  know should be up to you if you have a 32 or 64 gigabytes of storage what you [TS]

  use it for ya I think that's absolutely true and I hope it isn't oversight [TS]

  because especially now with a bigger screen phones it makes so much sense if [TS]

  you're traveling and you have an iPhone 6 plus special you're not going to want [TS]

  to bring an iPad with you but you might bring a camera with you might bring [TS]

  something else like a DSLR I often take one with me especially when I go out of [TS]

  town for this kind of photography I just don't use an iPhone 4 but the ability to [TS]

  bring that all in the DSLR still dead that there's no there's no camera play [TS]

  like there is car play so I need the iPhones do all the cool modern connected [TS]

  stuff yeah you know hopefully it's an oversight because I do I think it's a [TS]

  clear use coming at least two people on Twitter specifically you know and I take [TS]

  it that they're either avid avid amateur and maybe even professional [TS]

  photographers I didn't ask the details but that they you know go out in the [TS]

  field with an iPad and use that as there in the field editing and storage device [TS]

  and they would rather replace it with this you know for the obvious reason [TS]

  that it's crazy small compared to an iPad integrated show off your portfolio [TS]

  especially for photographers a lot of them like the iPad because it can carry [TS]

  a lot of your graphics work with the photography worth two min the iPad 66 [TS]

  possibly great for that too [TS]

  trying to think if there is anything else that I left out of my review that [TS]

  could use here but I can't think of anything I did why I'm [TS]

  mention the two and see what you think about them but the two big 12 big and [TS]

  one maybe is not as big but the two negative things I had to say about the [TS]

  apples decisions the first as the clearly the biggest is their decision to [TS]

  keep the entry level on both phones at 16 gigabytes and so that the split [TS]

  between 199 299 399 in 299 399 499 for the two phones is 1664 128 instead of [TS]

  what to me looks more natural would be double the mall 32 64 128 and I i really [TS]

  like I said in my in my review it almost seems punitive to only to ship one of [TS]

  these with only 16 gigabytes I mean the original iPhone the most popular model [TS]

  of it and back in 2007 had eight gigabytes so the only double it since [TS]

  the original eight product generations ago is ridiculous and then I forgot [TS]

  about this because I bought my iPhone on day one but Apple like six months after [TS]

  the original this is the original iPhone the original one the one and only got 22 [TS]

  G networking they shipped a 16 gigabyte model of it like in January or something [TS]

  like that [TS]

  remember that the price cut they also increase the storage yeah so in other [TS]

  words the low-end iPhone six-plus today has the same amount of storage as the [TS]

  high end original iPhone back in 2007 that to me is it's just not hard drive [TS]

  space on the low end of 2007 MacBook yeah it's really and a keep seeing [TS]

  everybody today as they upgrade to iOS aid is running into these problems were [TS]

  you need like it wants for four gigabytes free two or four and a half [TS]

  gigabytes free to do the OS update well how about how are you going to do if [TS]

  you've got a 16 gigabyte iPhone today how in the world are you gonna have for [TS]

  gigabyte read next year when I was nine comes out and it's it's worse in some [TS]

  ways because there is there still selling in eight gigabyte iPhone 5 CNA [TS]

  they're sold out models in India and China and other BRIC countries before [TS]

  and maybe they'll be fiiiine gigabyte iPhone 5s eventually who knows and that [TS]

  last year you know there was no way I could recommend that phone to anybody [TS]

  it's just it's almost unusable that point and now 16 feels like that I only [TS]

  had eight gigabytes in with the size of iOS I honestly wonder how if you took [TS]

  one and did a factory restore on and wiped all of your personal stuff off [TS]

  every photo you have ever taken none of your own music do a factory restore is [TS]

  there going to be enough room to install iOS nine over the air I I don't even [TS]

  know if that's true I mean it's to me that's crazy [TS]

  give in what has to be the relatively low price differential Apple would pay [TS]

  to double those it's a good word for it as an analogy to airlines and how you [TS]

  have economy class business class and first class and how many classes [TS]

  deliberately made more miserable and effort you know maybe up so the premium [TS]

  seating options at an extra 50 bucks whatever and that's the typical [TS]

  marketing thing is how the entry level model that gets people in the door but [TS]

  that entry level model maybe they they still believe that it was 32 gigs more [TS]

  people would opt for that and then be fewer people moving to the medium here [TS]

  they really want the medium here to be the normal one [TS]

  I guess that's the only explanation honestly that I think that has to be it [TS]

  so I'm not trying to act stupid like I don't see that angle but I honestly [TS]

  think that's beneath apple and in long in the long run whatever whatever [TS]

  increase in active active selling average selling price they're gonna get [TS]

  because of this that way they've made these tears however much money they [TS]

  gonna make on that to me is probably gonna be less than the damage it's doing [TS]

  to their brand by selling brand new iPhone six and 6 plusses that honestly I [TS]

  think cannot be recommended by I really I would honestly say that you anybody [TS]

  out there looking for buying advice pretend like those ones don't exist and [TS]

  that the starting price is 299 and 399 contract for the 64 gigabyte models [TS]

  whereas I think 32 gigabytes would be fine if you think that you know knowing [TS]

  how much space you use on your phone now you know knowing how much of your music [TS]

  and video collection you like to carry around on that device you know I like to [TS]

  put my whole music library on the device which already puts me close to 64 or at [TS]

  least in that you know over 32 and then with 128 I I'll 10 lie you know for the [TS]

  last couple of months I've every couple weeks I have to delete stuff from my [TS]

  phone because I get a warning that I'm used up the whole 64 gigs because of [TS]

  shooting high def video and panoramic photos and stuff so I I really want and [TS]

  can use the 128 but I can see how somebody who doesn't store their music [TS]

  could easily get by with 32 and have room to spare next year to upgrade dials [TS]

  nine and stuff like that but sixteen to me is is it really a disappointment [TS]

  there's I've heard an argument from some people in the BRIC countries that all [TS]

  the phones are used for me in those countries because of the way that data [TS]

  plans are set up his you'll get just a phone with a little bit of data and [TS]

  maybe Facebook messenger or bbm or something and is primarily a text-based [TS]

  communications device because voice plans are so expensive and I also wonder [TS]

  if this if the carriers mandate where there's some sort of agreement with some [TS]

  feeling that they have to have the brand new iPhone at 199 still because it'd be [TS]

  interesting to see they did keep around the 32 gigabyte iPhone 5s if they let [TS]

  that just be the the 199 device and the new iPhone started at 299 with 32 gigs I [TS]

  refuse to believe that if they made entry level ones 32 that it would [TS]

  adversely affect their margins and again I say this knowing like I said on the [TS]

  show with multi couple of episodes back it's so easy to armchair quarterback [TS]

  this and and tell Apple to make these decisions that you know you they really [TS]

  ought to spend more money and go from 16 to 32 whereas if you multiply out a [TS]

  hundred million pounds per year and the difference even if it's only a dollar [TS]

  per phone you know hundreds of millions of dollars and I agree you know hundreds [TS]

  of millions of dollars is nothing to sneeze at even before Apple but in this [TS]

  particular case it's it's just too much given away they use it and you know [TS]

  they're really promoting these features you know with an improved camera which i [TS]

  think is a [TS]

  selling point a huge reason to upgrade for regular people in these cameras the [TS]

  panoramic photos have gone to like 50 mega pixels or fifty megabytes or stored [TS]

  I i forget but there there there like twice the size of the old panoramic ones [TS]

  and you have the time lapse to you could take all those photos and combined into [TS]

  a video in these are gonna be huge to generate huge amounts of content and [TS]

  also have to wonder if they did go to 32 gigabytes of any difference will be made [TS]

  up because people might buy more iCloud storage where they might buy more apps [TS]

  because it can fit you know more [TS]

  large-size gigabyte games on their phone it just seems like there's there's [TS]

  better ways of getting people into the iPhone and be an amateur camera guy I [TS]

  know how amazing it is that you can buy a camera now that there's two hundred [TS]

  and forty frames per second slow motion right that's just a couple years ago [TS]

  that was like a real I mean shooting that level of slow mo is expensive it [TS]

  was hard to find on any kind of vaguely consumers camera now you have it on your [TS]

  phone but by definition a hundred and 240 France perceptions double the [TS]

  storage size of a hundred and twenty frames per second [TS]

  did you see that for k-pop $4,000 on the App Store no no tell me about it so I [TS]

  forget the manufacturer but there are well-known video production company they [TS]

  made a really smart iPhone and iPad apps for example they're the ones who made [TS]

  the appt that you can go out into a crowd with a bunch of different people [TS]

  and everyone will send their video back to the same iPhone or iPad and you can [TS]

  do multicam editing and so the new one basically uses the camera so the video [TS]

  camera and takes multiple pictures in stitches and together in 24 K video [TS]

  right on your iPhone while yeah there's there's really good camera stuff [TS]

  especially to check that out what's the name of the app I have to look it up but [TS]

  it's it does for KVD $1,000 I'm gonna be one of them for Keds I am rich but [TS]

  actually useful for KVO $1,000 [TS]

  desperate for cash right that's amazing I have to look that up [TS]

  try to remember putting shown up yet but what else I you know I don't know I mean [TS]

  I just read 4000 word review of the two funded you know I feel silly saying [TS]

  there's not that much more to talk about but I don't know that there's not much [TS]

  more to talk about iPod is a busy week for a busy week ok busy week how do you [TS]

  spell that the eyes that why I W I G four K [TS]

  he said why GWI G this week that seems like a weird name $4,000 I thought it [TS]

  was interesting that they sold more phones than ever before by apparently a [TS]

  long shot was four million pre-orders yea even with the whole pre-order system [TS]

  shitting the bed almost completely yeah I saw you tweet I was up until I think [TS]

  45 a.m. before I got my pre orders done eastern time yeah I was up later than [TS]

  that that's not because it was only 3 a.m. Eastern time when they went live [TS]

  with a host to go live yeah and the main store page then go [TS]

  live but a couple friends of mine sent me direct links about an hour an hour [TS]

  and a half later which actually worked I was on the west coast in Portland for [TS]

  xoxo and so is midnight for us when it first went live and I tried last year I [TS]

  used the app the app Apple Store app and at the stroke of midnight opening out [TS]

  and it was like not ready yet [TS]

  and then I reloaded I went back to home screen open era began and it was there [TS]

  and it was ready and I was like you know 1200 15 and I clicked you know iPhone 5s [TS]

  Space Gray 64 Verizon upgrade this phone that I'm on right now and you know [TS]

  credit card authorization and belly 1201 30 I was done and I was it amy was with [TS]

  me she did the same thing and you know then that was it I got an email and you [TS]

  know the next Friday my phone came this time I spent two hours sitting there you [TS]

  know when we're having drinks and socializing but I spent like two hours [TS]

  in that I spend went to Apple Store DICOM and matter what I did I couldn't [TS]

  go to work and I eventually had to resort to going to Verizon the appt was [TS]

  for me the app started before the website did it would let me pick the [TS]

  phone I wanted but the buttons to actually order it never activated yet [TS]

  that's exactly what I well I had trouble getting there I would say most every [TS]

  most times I tried I never even got that far in about one out of three times I [TS]

  tried I get all the way to the part where it let me pick i phone sex [TS]

  Space Gray 128 Verizon and the button to say add this to cart just never [TS]

  activated such a tease [TS]

  yeah but right next to me it worked for Amy eventually but just randomly you [TS]

  know like 20 minutes in and she was there just sitting on that screen with [TS]

  the inactive Add to Cart button and then all of a sudden the Add to Cart button [TS]

  went live and that was it [TS]

  everybody loves me so I don't know about that and it was strange just watching [TS]

  the carrier sites some of them an hour later they came up earlier some people [TS]

  could get to Verizon some couldn't get to AT&T some could in some got waiting [TS]

  listed t-mobile took forever to it was they do this every year and they still [TS]

  can't get their shit together and it's the most from Verizon's worked I don't [TS]

  think that I had I went through in one shot with no bugs but it's such a design [TS]

  nightmare and doing it on the phone makes it worse because their site is not [TS]

  mobile optimized really small funds lots of pinching and [TS]

  panning around but I was out I didn't have anything else to order with how to [TS]

  use the phone and I i just you know it ends up I think I could have still [TS]

  ordered the next morning and still gotten Friday delivery but that's good I [TS]

  wanted the sex and I didn't want to take that chance that wouldn't come right [TS]

  away you know that it would go two to three weeks delivery I have the Verizon [TS]

  website design wise and in terms of the ways that they try to trick you and get [TS]

  you to buy like get it with a protection plan get it with a car charger yeah [TS]

  exactly it and just lay out of it and colors always read it just reminds me of [TS]

  like what it would be like to like get your driver's license if the Soviet [TS]

  Union restore and it's like it's like some kind of I don't know it's probably [TS]

  like what the internet is like in north korea oppressive now and it's a company [TS]

  that is designed to sell your phones cannot effectively on just [TS]

  when responses I don't be too critical but if you're selling products that [TS]

  involve mobile you really should work on ya says the guy who's his website isn't [TS]

  yet responsive in whose number one platform for pages I was really I that's [TS]

  the thing about me out about Apple gone respond going responsive as I [TS]

  really thought that was the thing that I could I could still lean against and say [TS]

  well I'm not the last [TS]

  you know I'm going to last let me take a break here and thank thank our next [TS]

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  confident they are so my thanks to where you have any questions [TS]

  about the iPhone 646 plus for someone from someone who's used it [TS]

  not not that I can think of I gotta spend about 20 minutes with them in the [TS]

  demo room to know where nearly enough to get my hands on him but I'm not sure I'm [TS]

  gonna be able to make any sort of the tenant alive used them for a week but I [TS]

  liked about your view is that used both of them for a period of time and that [TS]

  really sort of cemented how the iPhone six-plus wasn't for you [TS]

  yeah you know I'm not good at doing you know why I work slowly and I think [TS]

  slowly and I really wish I wish that I had two weeks to do it so I could have [TS]

  done a full week with each one it just seemed to me like if I switched back and [TS]

  forth everyday all day for a week I'd never get a good sense of either so i [TS]

  thought id 23 with the plus first then three with the sex and then write my [TS]

  review on the seventh day and it you know when I went when I switched from [TS]

  the plus and I you know I did I would say 98% of my i phone usage was on the [TS]

  device I was using one or two things that I used my personal iPhone 4 because [TS]

  I didn't have it on the review unit I could get you were working for example [TS]

  thing and it was a weird you know that [TS]

  you know this that the location settings in Iowa State of change to be more [TS]

  fine-grained yeah well existing apps that have been updated for iOS aid it [TS]

  puts them that want to use your location it puts them in a weird spot where they [TS]

  like uber wasn't asking me hey can I use location services I never even got [TS]

  prompted it would just give me an error and it gave me the error when I was [TS]

  signing in I would take my email address and password and hit OK and instead of [TS]

  saying your password is good you're in or your password wasn't entered [TS]

  correctly tried again after I hit sign in it would say your location can be [TS]

  determined and I took me like days to figure this out and then I was I thought [TS]

  oh it's not the phone its iOS age and went to settings location Hooper and its [TS]

  neighbor was listed as one of the apps that wanted location but instead of [TS]

  saying that it was set to don't allow or allow or allow only when I'm in the app [TS]

  it was set to nothing was like nothing at all so if I tapped her and then just [TS]

  sit here and let it use Mike occasional while I'm in the app then I went back to [TS]

  burn it all work but in the meantime I had to order hoover's around San [TS]

  Francisco had to use my real life so there's just one example of something [TS]

  that I couldn't do everything other than that I used the review funds when I [TS]

  switched after three days to the iPhone sex it was like wow this is a relief I [TS]

  think it's almost an arguable that the iPhone 6 as a linear successor to the [TS]

  iPhones that have come before the iPhone six-plus like you pointed out is really [TS]

  something new and we know some people who had them for a while now and they [TS]

  know that the comet assay was not a one-handed device kinda scared of [TS]

  treating it with one hand it and I think it's really important that people think [TS]

  of it as something else they might just get it thinking it's the next iPhone [TS]

  yeah I do wonder like I wrote last year I do wonder whether there's going to be [TS]

  some amount of buyers regret [TS]

  where somebody goes in the store and it just looks so impressive because it does [TS]

  I mean it is just a striking device physically and they're going to say wow [TS]

  that looks so awesome I'm gonna get that one and then when they actually get it [TS]

  they start running into problems like it's hard to get out of your pocket [TS]

  while you're sitting down it's hard to put back in your pocket while you're [TS]

  sitting down all night if you go into Best Buy and every television was [TS]

  subsidized so they were all 200 or 300 dollars regardless of the size and you [TS]

  just see a hundred and twenty into television its 300 bucks and you're [TS]

  gonna make it yours and then you get home and heroes there's no way to get [TS]

  that thing you unless you take down all had some I might be something like that [TS]

  I don't know I compared it to like the way that people tend to buy [TS]

  oversaturated TVs in Best Buy because when you look at them side by side [TS]

  you're not really imagine you know you're not looking at it in the right [TS]

  context and the extra saturation is striking and you think it looks good and [TS]

  you get home and it's a you realize it's just way off and everything is it [TS]

  doesn't look good it just looks vibrant I don't ask anybody out there are going [TS]

  to be people that it is going to be a tremendous productivity boom for them [TS]

  and they're gonna love it and they're going to survive with the small screen [TS]

  before yeah I think it's you know but I think most people know I had to laugh [TS]

  and I loved it I don't mention it online but I loved panzeri knows review I [TS]

  thought it was such a great idea to you know maybe was like a happy coincidence [TS]

  cuz you know his family already had the Disneyland trip planned but what a great [TS]

  what a great stress tests for review units of a phone then something like [TS]

  that which you know is you know naturally you don't have to contrive [TS]

  reasons to shoot photos or videos [TS]

  your family vacation at Disneyland you gonna want to shoot photos and videos [TS]

  and the lighting conditions are all over the place cuz you might be out in bright [TS]

  daylight walking around the park and then you gonna ride where it's super [TS]

  dark I thought that was a great review but I had to laugh at his crazy idea of [TS]

  masking the two phones in [TS]

  Android Android smartphone cases and then cutting a hole through the [TS]

  difference in the camera location like you don't have to do that [TS]

  like he he should have reread the embargo agreement that you get from [TS]

  Apple and you get a review [TS]

  like you're allowed to use them in real life you don't have to hide them you [TS]

  don't have to disguise them you know that there be no other way to do a real [TS]

  world review you can go out and just use the phone and you don't have to they [TS]

  give you cases you know to their cases so you can review the cases to have you [TS]

  on but since I don't use a case in real life I don't use a case with my review [TS]

  phones either I just use them there are rules i mean for example everybody knows [TS]

  there's an embargo when you're allowed to publish any any kind of writing about [TS]

  it and you're also not allowed in this part I I'm actually thinking about [TS]

  emailing them and seeing if they might reconsider you're not allowed to post [TS]

  any social media a photo that you've taken within which once or twice and I [TS]

  stick to it but once or twice I can xoxo it kind of stunk because all the photos [TS]

  I was taking I couldn't Instagram many of them have to like what they call [TS]

  later gramm and that is sort of a it actually sort of makes it so that you [TS]

  can't fully use these review funds the way I would use a real phone because I [TS]

  do postings to Instagram photos to Twitter [TS]

  you know that bunch of websites in the day that happens we'll say first iPhone [TS]

  6 camera shots appear on social networks and Elana Flickr information I kinda see [TS]

  what you know I am sure that's exactly why the rule exists and you know and I [TS]

  it it's a very sit the way they have it now has a simple rule you can share [TS]

  photos from taken with this camera over social network [TS]

  simple yes or no you can't do it whereas what I guess I kind of want to do is I [TS]

  wish I could do it without but with the rule that I can't say hey I took this [TS]

  with an iPhone 6 you know here's a version of the same scene taken with an [TS]

  iPhone 5 look at the difference you know in advance of the embargo date but just [TS]

  posting you know without commenting on it [TS]

  I don't know and I know like Instagram keep the EXIF data I know Flickr does so [TS]

  Flickr I could see Flickr I could see why would I could see them making maybe [TS]

  a white list of you can post to Twitter and Instagram if it if like EXIF data [TS]

  stripped from those apps or something like that any website that makes [TS]

  horribly compressed overly filtered words of your photographs or find [TS]

  opposed to exactly right so maybe they can whitelist a few but anyway it's a [TS]

  bit of a you know a bit of a hassle not be able to collect pens reno's review [TS]

  too because he's approached he was a professional photographer and he knows [TS]

  to look for things like how it handles saturated read that not everyone also [TS]

  the Austin man piece that ran on his blog on the verge we took it with him to [TS]

  Icelandic you know just to see I cannot ever be like that but I like to see what [TS]

  the potential is with someone who really knows how to use a camera yeah his his [TS]

  review made me feel so much better about not really having done any photo [TS]

  photography testing of mind just ran out of time and just ran it didn't really [TS]

  take any side by side of pictures to really compares I would've been a waste [TS]

  of time anyway because his review blew it away in terms of depth and expertise [TS]

  in terms of photography in the Middle Earth taken in the last 16 right so it [TS]

  just made me laugh to the Panzer in a way around the world with his eye is his [TS]

  iPhone sixes in these horribly janky cut up with hotel sisters Android cases when [TS]

  he could've just used them out and about but I will say as somebody who did that [TS]

  for the last week using it just out and about people recognized it like last [TS]

  year I don't think anybody did like I had an iPhone Africa what color was I [TS]

  had a gold gold 5s so I guess some people didn't notice there were some [TS]

  people in those cuz I had a cold one and gold was new but if I had had a space [TS]

  grey one nobody would have known even though space crazy different color than [TS]

  the black that came before it [TS]

  people just don't really notice you know its iPhones and iPhone the gold a couple [TS]

  people notice but testing these two phones in a while especially the plus [TS]

  just complete strangers would say oh my god is that the new iPhone over and over [TS]

  and over again to the point where and I didn't want to be [TS]

  photographed using it I don't want to be posting pictures of me using it so I [TS]

  would say yes and you're allowed to you you you you know you can do not have to [TS]

  lie you don't have to suddenly run away or something [TS]

  yes i phone you know six plus a review unit from Apple but you're not allowed [TS]

  to let people touch it and you're not allowed to demonstrated in a public way [TS]

  so you can't say sure gather around employees of super duper burger and I [TS]

  will show you the iPhone 6 place so you kind of have to be a little bit of a [TS]

  jerk about it but but you don't have to hide it and it's you know you don't have [TS]

  to lie about it or anything like that or put in that case the same as I did that [TS]

  change as well no that's always been the same as far as widely since I've been [TS]

  reviewing them which started with the Verizon iPhone 4 was much better way to [TS]

  test if that if they if the embargo of the NDA with stricter than that he's [TS]

  probably not be a functional test for you right we really wouldn't be if you [TS]

  had to you know disguise it or something like that [TS]

  locked in a room right because even if I had to put it in some kind of case it [TS]

  would have affected my ability to judge just how pocketable it is without a case [TS]

  I just really like anything's right so that was a great great extra key [TS]

  paragraph article yeah it made me laugh though knowing the rules what do you [TS]

  think about I guess if there's anything else that's controversial about the [TS]

  design of the two phones at the camera nubbin for the boulders I'm calling I'm [TS]

  not quite sure what they call it one thing a couple people on Twitter pointed [TS]

  out and again because I don't use a case I guess it occurred to me but it didn't [TS]

  really popped my forefront is for anybody who does use their iPhone in a [TS]

  case which I do believe to be a majority if not an overwhelming majority of [TS]

  iPhone users just out and about in the real world it seems to me like certainly [TS]

  many people don't but it seems like most people do use a case and if you do use a [TS]

  case it's absolutely irrelevant because even the thinnest of cases is going to [TS]

  be thinner than the thickness of the Bulge around the camera lens yeah [TS]

  absolutely and even [TS]

  accessories like although clip [TS]

  can have now have a use that as a guide to make sure that it stays in place when [TS]

  they put it on ya it's you know I would never go so far as to argue that it's [TS]

  there for a future and not a you know designed tradeoff but it is it's sort of [TS]

  like a silver lining in in the trade off the iPod Touch had this two years ago [TS]

  three years ago whenever that launched its because cameras [TS]

  talks with the five elements and cameras really need depth as wetlands is [TS]

  sometimes it's in the phones they wanna make super thin and that creates a huge [TS]

  tension with the phone dinner they had to make a worse camera that I gonna do [TS]

  that they did they did a miracle of Engineering with the iPhone 5 to get [TS]

  that eight megapixel camera in there and I don't think they could I am sure they [TS]

  try to think they could get into afghanistan is the ease and like you [TS]

  said that was a compromise I had to make yeah well it's not you know I presented [TS]

  three options first would be use a camera that fits flush and has worse [TS]

  optimist I think that was out of the question because I believe a camera of [TS]

  that size not only would certainly would have had worse optics than the one they [TS]

  did include but it might have even had worse optics probably would have had [TS]

  worse optics than the five ass 5 seed and that's just unacceptable they can't [TS]

  sell the high-end iPhone with a camera that worse than the one from a year or [TS]

  two before I just you know [TS]

  inconceivable there is no magic option to just magically make it happen and I [TS]

  seen it on Twitter handful of people on Twitter who have steve Jobs was there he [TS]

  would have browbeat them into making a camera that was that then enough and [TS]

  didn't sacrifice image quality well I that's not how it worked [TS]

  you know a great motivator and he often drove people to do more than they could [TS]

  think they could I don't think he bend the laws of physics and you know they [TS]

  still do they did they know they do things like used Sony sensors used [TS]

  components they don't the camera isn't entirely their own creation have a Sony [TS]

  Centre in there which already places are starting limit on how far away the lens [TS]

  has to be 22 [TS]

  cover the whole center with an image so I'm gonna say that that was out I think [TS]

  the choice came between doing what they did and having a boulder on the camera [TS]

  lens or making the whole device as thick as needed beat us to sit flush with the [TS]

  camera that they have and then there you know make the battery a little thicker [TS]

  to to take advantage of that extra space where they couldnt thats the thing that [TS]

  I've lot of people pushed back on my review about that they should have [TS]

  because that would have been better there is it still would have been [TS]

  thinner than the 50 S how is that not enough and then battery life for him [TS]

  better on both phones you know that this is folly on Apple's part because it [TS]

  would have been better for everybody because a little bit that much more [TS]

  thickness wouldn't have mattered still would have been a phone and the battery [TS]

  life but it's it's really interesting as a lot of people when Apple went to the [TS]

  iPhone 5 and that was thinner than the iPhone for us that you just keep it the [TS]

  same as before us and want more battery but everything really is a trade off and [TS]

  I think Apple is more concerned as obsessed as they are with innocent they [TS]

  made an entirely new back later to get it thinner I think that translates into [TS]

  weight and I've gotta gotta Lumia 10:20 and that feels like a brick and the [TS]

  Nexus fives about the same size and it feels even with the same size it feel so [TS]

  much more because it's lighter and the iPhone six-plus felt smaller again then [TS]

  a lot of those phones within the Galaxy know and I think I realized when they [TS]

  went big one of their goals was to be light so that it didn't end up feeling [TS]

  like a weaponized instrument in your hand [TS]

  yeah it is I wrote my review its heavier the fuck the six is heavier than the 5s [TS]

  but it doesn't feel have here because I think by you know by mass it's actually [TS]

  lighter you know her purr purr volume it's it's lighter even overall it's it's [TS]

  actually a little heavier and is that illusion thing again too because I had a [TS]

  chance to see a bunch of people using them during the weekend [TS]

  you look at it when you look at your iPhone 5 and it's that same feeling when [TS]

  you look back on iphone4s now it looks like a standard little iPhone many at [TS]

  once you see that because of the curves because of the way that is built it just [TS]

  looks so much newer than the iPhone 5 and I think that whole thing combines [TS]

  together to make the big size more acceptable I think it's reasonable that [TS]

  perfectly reasonable to argue the side of the should have just made both owns a [TS]

  little thicker to let the camera sit flush and put slightly bigger batteries [TS]

  in perfectly reasonable I think it's not reasonable to argue that what Apple did [TS]

  choose to do is also reasonable and that Apple simply prioritizes tennis and wait [TS]

  a little bit more than other people do because I believe the iPod touch at [TS]

  least it was certainly designed jobs are still around and Matt ship there was no [TS]

  band that so i think you know that that's it's you know we're running out [TS]

  of time to say no [TS]

  actually Steve Jobs actually was there for that but that's the protruding [TS]

  camera lens you can't say Steve Jobs never would have done it because he did [TS]

  he was there when the iPod touch that has that was designed I don't think [TS]

  people some people are said to the need to do they need to buy a case now [TS]

  because otherwise if you put your phone flat on a table or something like that [TS]

  the lens is gonna get scratched I don't think the lenses any more likely to get [TS]

  scratched it was on the 5s because it's still a sapphire cover on the outside of [TS]

  the land and if anything that the metal ring around it would be less likely to [TS]

  have the you know the land actually touching the surface of the table they [TS]

  are on I don't know it certainly doesn't make me want to put a case on it I'm not [TS]

  worried I was about to ask you that because in the iPod Touch and holding it [TS]

  right now the ring goes a little bit further the lands that does protect the [TS]

  lens I didn't know that I think it does but it if you know it's very slight but [TS]

  I do think that given that it would be sitting at a slight angle I think it [TS]

  means that you know it's a perfectly flat table I don't think any part of the [TS]

  lands would actually [TS]

  would actually touch the table so I think if anything it's a little bit less [TS]

  likely and some people are worried about it not being flush me put it down on his [TS]

  back on a table but again the iPod Touch is one corner of the you can push out [TS]

  that makes it does it wiggles a little bit on a perfectly flat table but it [TS]

  doesn't bother me I mean in theory do I wish it were flush of course but you [TS]

  know I same thing with the lines for the antenna lines you know people are asking [TS]

  about you know i i didn't even mention manner of you what are their fine I [TS]

  don't I don't think that they're bad I don't think they're good I mean you know [TS]

  there's always some kind of concession to the antenna in every single I mean [TS]

  the original iPhone had a big black plastic thing on the bottom of it you [TS]

  know it's fine my wife actually thinks it looks good on the gold ones almost [TS]

  like like the way that on like a handbag or like women's jacket or something like [TS]

  that the pattern of the panel you know that sometimes at the seams of a piece [TS]

  of clothing or something like that are meant you know they're stitched in the [TS]

  different color you know that they look something like that so that's great yeah [TS]

  one last thing before removing the funds I wanna [TS]

  hopefully this will show up on the idea I've got three phones in front of me [TS]

  right now the i-5 s the Sex and the six plus and I'm going to target the silent [TS]

  switch on and off holding it up against the microphone so I start with the [TS]

  iPhone 5s [TS]

  right now here's the six did you hear that there was much harder to hear but I [TS]

  heard it much harder to hear lower right so the six is a much quieter vibration [TS]

  now here's the 66 + 6+1 one more its way loud it's really I'm just sitting here [TS]

  and I'm actually a power down because I'm getting notifications and it's [TS]

  allowed even sitting on my desk that I know that it they're showing up in the [TS]

  idea for the show it's a really loud silence which almost problematically [TS]

  show and even I double checked with Apple to make sure they get a unit with [TS]

  you know that was abnormal in that regard they said no it is a little bit [TS]

  louder it also way stronger it's like there's no way you can and that's a [TS]

  concession to the idea that not as many people my pocket but they might put it [TS]

  in a bag or purse or something [TS]

  yeah I don't know maybe it's on purpose yeah maybe that is true I don't know but [TS]

  I'm surprised more people haven't commented on it and the initial reviews [TS]

  because it is a real difference especially compared to the regular six [TS]

  which is even quieter than previous iPhones as interesting it's almost to [TS]

  the point where it's like I don't even think you call it silent mode you'd call [TS]

  it vibrate mode because it's it's not silent and I in a room I almost wonder [TS]

  like in a room with you know there is like a meeting and people put their [TS]

  phones in front of them you know it's it's going to blow most problematic that [TS]

  that it was a lot of boardrooms and have trouble I don't know if you take one [TS]

  last breath [TS]

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  name registrar and longtime friend of the show man we still have I was a to [TS]

  talk about IIC skip the rest of them to cover that on future shows seriously we [TS]

  just don't have time before you said I guess we could talk about Apple pay and [TS]

  I'm wondering what what you think about that it's really interesting because I [TS]

  have NFC everywhere around me series takes at McDonalds takes hit the gas [TS]

  stations take it it's just everywhere so I have both my credit cards have little [TS]

  NFC sticker on them [TS]

  printing on them and you'll go up in you tap the gas pump you tap the cash [TS]

  register and it just works and it's it's great and the idea of having that on my [TS]

  iPhone so I don't my only concern with it if I ever drop my car deals [TS]

  get up and go to our tap in for gas or tapping for food it'll take a while [TS]

  before I realize it so having on my phone is hugely appealing that don't [TS]

  have to carry those credit cards with me I don't have to worry about dropping [TS]

  them and because they're doing it in such a secure way whether encrypting [TS]

  everything they're they're putting it on the secure element and they're doing [TS]

  this one-time credit card number it's it's even better than the convenience [TS]

  that I would have with NFC some really excited [TS]

  yeah I think it's one of those cases where what Apple said is exactly the [TS]

  truth and there's no reason to be cynical about it but Tim Cook's [TS]

  explanation that look everybody's tried to do this before they've all fallen [TS]

  short in the reason a phone short is it they've come up with schemes that are [TS]

  built around their own self-interest in other words I think because they want to [TS]

  make a lot of money on it and a play rather than approaching it as let's look [TS]

  at it from the perspective of the customer and just make their experience [TS]

  better and let the trial outcome after that they're gonna make money on this [TS]

  there's no doubt that Abdul know this isn't saying that Apple's doing it for [TS]

  free and you know all the monies passing game but they're not making a lot per [TS]

  transaction they're taking tiny little sliver of the transactions and they're [TS]

  not asking retailers to install an apple backend system they're not asking [TS]

  retailers to install Apple's proprietary iPhone only thing at the register it's [TS]

  an industry standard it's already in hundreds of thousands of locations [TS]

  they're just making it work easier than anybody else has and it's really just i [TS]

  I think primarily just about making it another way that it's nicer to own an [TS]

  iPhone than it is to own any other phone that's the main advantage to Apple it's [TS]

  not about the fraction of a penny per transaction that they're gonna make [TS]

  although I'm do you know they'll keep that money I think it's primarily a way [TS]

  to just you know it you know why they sweat over the details of putting in a [TS]

  higher 400 pixel per inch display on the iPhone sex cuz it's nicer for customers [TS]

  you know i think thats what apple pays all about [TS]

  and I therefore think and I meanness I don't think you know I think there's [TS]

  some people are gonna roll their eyes but I think it's it's win win win it's [TS]

  good for Apple because they will make some money on this and it will make [TS]

  iPhones a little bit stickier as something that people are once they have [TS]

  it they're gonna wanna keep buying them I think it's good for customers because [TS]

  I think it's an amazing experience and we got to play with it like they did [TS]

  have that I clay red you know play register setup at at the hands-on area [TS]

  it's [TS]

  if anything they're demo video in the in the keynote undersold how easy it is [TS]

  it's really really convenient and then it's good for the retailers Apple isn't [TS]

  charging them like some kind of crazy 7030 split they're not asking for an [TS]

  exam in an amount of money they did get preferential treatment in terms of [TS]

  getting the rate that was therefore when the card present rate as opposed to the [TS]

  card not present right but I think that's fair and reasonable that they're [TS]

  saying hey touch I D combined with the security measures we've taken is the [TS]

  equivalent of card present its you know just a little bit more likely that this [TS]

  is not a fraudulent transaction you know that they're not getting charged the [TS]

  rape that get charged when you just read your credit card number to somebody over [TS]

  the phone which is where you don't get card present cuz they don't see that you [TS]

  have the card that PC ready for WBC called only Apple because if you think [TS]

  back to when Google tried to do this it's gonna try to do TV is that they [TS]

  didn't get by and they couldn't get things past carrier some carriers [TS]

  blocked some carriers want to use their own because they have their own [TS]

  called I suffered what they renamed at their own solution for these things and [TS]

  they just they just couldn't get it deployed in Apple because they make [TS]

  everything from the chip to the secure enclaves in the secure element all the [TS]

  way up the OS and to the hardware it's better than having the credit card [TS]

  present because I can just drop my NFC card and someone else can pick it up and [TS]

  go tap things there's no password is nothing required this needs my passcode [TS]

  or my fingerprint and that I think makes it I heard a rumor that it was after [TS]

  target and a half after a lot of the credit card breaches that the industry [TS]

  started listening that they weren't as receptive [TS]

  before and i think is really telling that they had lunch partners a demo the [TS]

  target app in the Apple Store app and it's not just the thing that you can use [TS]

  in registers they because again only Apple they have the apps they made a [TS]

  solution that works on the phone in physical real-world stores that works on [TS]

  line with apps and that works based on a physical skin connection with the watch [TS]

  and that that isn't very robust solution [TS]

  yeah it's very very true and you know I guess said win-win-win the retailers are [TS]

  happy to use it the banks are happy to use it cuz there so they seem so [TS]

  confident that you know what Apple's come up with is going to increase [TS]

  security and fraud is such a huge time and costs and PR sink for the banks and [TS]

  for retailers right i mean you know the target CEO lost his job over the tobacco [TS]

  that that happened to them last year it's a real problem this seems like you [TS]

  know if it works as advertised is a completely credible solution and it was [TS]

  so it really is it better for every party involved nobody's paying any sort [TS]

  of there's no tradeoff for anybody as opposed to something like let's just [TS]

  compare it to the seventy thirty split for on-device content that sold on the [TS]

  phone and I think that's you know there's a you know years long argument [TS]

  that hey that's too much you know that you know Barnes and Noble shouldn't have [TS]

  to spend you know or can't afford 30% margins because they're paying you know [TS]

  they're paying the same agency model for books that anybody else's you know [TS]

  should Amazon let can dole you know use in-app purchases know why don't day you [TS]

  know there's all sorts of arguments to be made there where where the seventy [TS]

  thirty split depending on your perspective may not be in the interest [TS]

  of whoever selling the goods [TS]

  there's no there's no downside like that without will pay its really is better [TS]

  for everybody and there was some confusion because some people thought [TS]

  that the seventy thirty split wood would be a free sample as amazon [TS]

  app [TS]

  used it not the one for the candles or before the actual buying goods but the [TS]

  seventy thirty was never for physical goods it was always for the digital [TS]

  distribution within apps so their fire anyone target everyone can adopt this [TS]

  and all they're doing is the AppleCare till last segment and and keep it short [TS]

  because I don't want to just regurgitate your excellent excellent Iowa State [TS]

  review which anybody who's listening to the show if you haven't put in the show [TS]

  knows but go read it it is long is twenty thousand words it is booklet but [TS]

  it is worth it and its to meet definitive what are the the things the [TS]

  little things in Iowa City you think people are most likely to overlook like [TS]

  what do you know a couple of things that people who listen to the show maybe [TS]

  think that they're tuned in to what's new in Iowa State they've seen the [TS]

  keynote at the BBC but that I go I didn't know about that I think there's [TS]

  21 is really big and and some are really small the really big thing is because [TS]

  there's names like extensibility and there's all sorts of different things [TS]

  like widgets and action custom actions custom keyboard custom sharing items but [TS]

  when you come down to it the the huge transformation from me with between iOS [TS]

  7 and Iowa State is that entirely reverse before everything was pull if [TS]

  you wanted to do something you had to leave what you were doing go to another [TS]

  app for example just sending a voice memo you want to leave messages go to [TS]

  the voice memo app create a voice memo bring up the embedded message deed and [TS]

  then use that to send it through messages then go back to messages [TS]

  continue your conversation and it's like it was like that for so many things if [TS]

  you wanted to share a URL in an anon integrated applicable plus you have to [TS]

  go with the web copy the oil one password yet to launch one Password copy [TS]

  the password timeout and now everything is the model is so much more towards [TS]

  push data we're from interactive notifications you can keep playing your [TS]

  game keep watching your movie quickly answer i message you pull down [TS]

  notification center the widgets right there [TS]

  the Android model was always told century to me because you had to leave [TS]

  go to the home screen patient home screen find a way to get it really [TS]

  didn't save you that much time being a notification centers whose you so much [TS]

  time storehouse now if you don't have to go to store house and then [TS]

  you open up the image picture and choose images you can be in photos you can use [TS]

  filters in there you can do think that sharing options so many aspects of iOS [TS]

  now bring the stuff to you where you are and that is such a fundamental change to [TS]

  how I'm using my iPhone and I think federico did a great job explaining that [TS]

  to that it's called revolution I think that's over overused but just a change [TS]

  in work clothes made it less of a choice made it much more much much media device [TS]

  work for me much more than it ever has before [TS]

  yeah it almost like the way that to me that they broke down the UNIX you know [TS]

  we're talking forty year old UNIX multitasking model to a lower level with [TS]

  the original iPhone in 2007 which was you know hand far and wide by people for [TS]

  not supporting multitasking which was held up by the ignorant as sort of you [TS]

  know like it's sort of a baby OS that can't do multitasking whereas anybody [TS]

  with any sort of clue would realize what they started with Mac OS 10 which is [TS]

  UNIX they took multitasking out right this isn't like Mac OS was back in the [TS]

  nineties or Palm OS or something like that where there was a non multitasking [TS]

  operating system that grew to a point where they had had a regional demo is [TS]

  Steve Jobs when he showed play music the phone rang the music faded away he [TS]

  answered the phone he went into the web you went to email he went that blue [TS]

  peoples minds who knew multitasking time right in there were things that did [TS]

  multi task but there are a lot of others that didn't and that it you know you hit [TS]

  the home button and the Apple exit and you know when you realize that it would [TS]

  start all over again [TS]

  it was all based on the constraints that incredible constraints of the device [TS]

  with limited ramen and limited you know CPU that eighty five times less powerful [TS]

  than the one we have sex but it was also you know not just those technical [TS]

  constraints but I think it was a reimagining of the user experience of a [TS]

  personal computer that could you'd want to do things like respond to a text [TS]

  message while you're watching a video and that they've built it back up with [TS]

  XP see in a way that really makes a ton of sense and you don't even have to [TS]

  think about it too much from a user's perspective right it's just there's [TS]

  there's a notification from Renee's asking what time the show's gonna start [TS]

  tonight and I'm watching Yankees game you just put down a little bit respond [TS]

  right there and I didn't have to interrupt the video stream but at the [TS]

  same time [TS]

  solve so many problems from a typical users perspective of what can happen [TS]

  with the traditional multitasking where everything just gets to run and runs [TS]

  forever of Unix where you know your whole thing can get slowed down because [TS]

  everything's running in the background [TS]

  unchecked and not even a mention the security and privacy issues it's [TS]

  incredibly or do the same thing you're on a website you want to quickly check [TS]

  the score you can just pull down notification center and the score is in [TS]

  there and you just put it back up you go right back to where you're doing which [TS]

  is a change the multitasking was great you could happen occasionally go right [TS]

  to the app but then to get back to where you worry about to leave that app double [TS]

  tap if you remember to do that go back to the fast a picker take the app you [TS]

  had or another app it was just it was not ideal and the other advantage to [TS]

  like the security the privacy that's enormous because if you're answering a [TS]

  message in the Facebook app Facebook has no idea what you're typing in that is [TS]

  completely separate but if for example if you have a facebook notification [TS]

  another app and Facebook is being a memory hog and jetsam get rid of it that [TS]

  notification is completely independent you'll still be typing your message or [TS]

  answer notification you'll never even notice what's happening with the [TS]

  container up in the background [TS]

  that's a huge reliability Boone yeah the real maybe the best layman's terms way [TS]

  to think about extensions and these things is that they really are like many [TS]

  apps that run in their own little mini sandbox and it takes an explicit user [TS]

  action to punch through that which is a great way of doing it [TS]

  Yeah Yeah what about anything else that's sort of like easily overlooked [TS]

  wow I can't believe that sort of you know I can I didn't know about that [TS]

  there's a lot of really nice things for example of here in Safari new iCloud [TS]

  tabs you can you can get you can close iCloud tabs on other devices from the [TS]

  device that you're using which is I did not know that that's why i doing the [TS]

  show it's that is a feature I've wanted ever since they invented by club owner [TS]

  so many things are feeling it I also love that you can go to the settings and [TS]

  go to the settings for any app and you go into them and there is a test for [TS]

  notifications there in a tab for privacy there maybe I don't I don't know how to [TS]

  find that and they made it easy for developers to get to that but i just go [TS]

  there and I can see what this has permission for an internal monitoring [TS]

  them off [TS]

  explained to me confused about explained to me [TS]

  user versus remote notifications which has a new distinction that didn't exist [TS]

  before now it does so another developer so did the cab rental mins tape [TS]

  explanation for this but my understanding is right now you're [TS]

  automatically opted into the the remote notifications and what that does is [TS]

  things like background refresh so a developer can send a silent notification [TS]

  in essence to tell your app that there's new content to download or there is a [TS]

  new messages are new timeline to pull in and it'll just go and do that in the [TS]

  background and your automatic adopted into that you can choose to go and opt [TS]

  out of it but they just want that to work they don't any confusion and that [TS]

  is now separate from the user facing notifications like a message [TS]

  notification or a reminder and invitation or something [TS]

  third-party keyboards have you tried any yet I tried several of them they work in [TS]

  the same way you download an app the app with the third party keyboards is that [TS]

  they're not as easy [TS]

  to install when you download a widget for example you pull down notification [TS]

  center it tells you there's a new widget you tap the edit button you can add it [TS]

  right there [TS]

  the keyboards they don't tell you there's a new keyboard so you can [TS]

  download it [TS]

  you go to the keep you put the keyboard there's no indicator that says it's a [TS]

  new keyboard available they have to tell you in the Apple you have to know to go [TS]

  to Settings keyboards at third party keyboard and then enable it and also [TS]

  because the container ops are so small if you have a really hefty keyboard a [TS]

  lot of predictive text engines or something that has to stay in the [TS]

  container apps after granted access there's a crack full access button on [TS]

  the keyboard than it has to be able to talk back and forth with his apt to do a [TS]

  lot of the higher level stuff doesn't have to say that doesn't seem appealing [TS]

  to me it's a little buggy as well because it'll is sometimes referred to [TS]

  the wrong keyboard so it's not it's not perfect yet but it's this is [TS]

  extensibility its extensibility 0.9% on 1.0 there's just so much stuff and as [TS]

  such a fundamental change that I can't even imagine how many bugs there [TS]

  squashing even as it shipping what's your take on quick type quick type is [TS]

  the new predictive text thing which shows a couple of words above the [TS]

  keyboard it takes like an extra row of keys above the keyboard instead of just [TS]

  showing you one suggestion in line I still have to have been using it since [TS]

  died I installed at the first day WDC I think you laughed at me I did but I like [TS]

  that I like to see where it is almost immediately in force myself to use it [TS]

  and I still don't remember to use it cuz I'm so used to typing the traditional [TS]

  way on an iPhone yeah yeah that's exactly why I almost don't have an [TS]

  opinion on it because I don't even look at it because I just type to a vote is [TS]

  typed my habits are so ingrained there's two changes to iOS that makes me feel [TS]

  old in a way and one is that there's so many people especially who used on iOS [TS]

  devices were used to SwiftKey or swipe and they really wanted in an Apple [TS]

  keyboard was outdated in that regard but also you take something like iMessage [TS]

  and you as much as we might ease Ben Thompson about using line and sneezing [TS]

  like having full conversations and stickers there's a whole generation of [TS]

  people who instant messaging is really instantly you touch something and it [TS]

  goes and it makes me so nervous because Apple's doing that now and for arbitrate [TS]

  Rex texting they can't do that when you're finished typing but if you hit [TS]

  like location in the message think it just goes if you hit if you if you that [TS]

  new radio interface to make up with messages slide up it doesn't populate [TS]

  the field and then let you hit Send in someone afraid like I would do it just [TS]

  goes to the instance BS so fast it does that with images to send an attachment [TS]

  to pick the image and say use this image and it sent the message it doesn't sit [TS]

  there in the text field as a message waiting for his second stint in the [TS]

  temporal now almost like snapchat where it'll by default it will expire in two [TS]

  minutes unless you say keep it and then it'll tell the other person your message [TS]

  has been capped or they've stopped doing it they're they're they're being very [TS]

  transparent in what's being done in where that's good yeah I'm curious to [TS]

  see how sound bites play out cause I have I've had it on a beta phone all [TS]

  summer but I haven't had a chance to use it because the sound bites don't really [TS]

  work unless everybody's on Iowa seed if you're if you send one to somebody is [TS]

  still on I was 7 or on the device they just get like audio file attachment [TS]

  which they can click and play but it's it sounds like you're giving them as [TS]

  shit sandwich you know you're a word doc file instead of just typing out your [TS]

  email but with everybody on iowa say if you're you know your correspondent is on [TS]

  I was a den they can play it just taken to play it by lifting the phone to their [TS]

  ear yeah it's great on the lockscreen 28 and clearly we're playing with this a [TS]

  little while ago he sent a message and it shows up and says lift listen so you [TS]

  pull it up and you listen to the message and then you can record another message [TS]

  you put it down and sends it it becomes almost like a walkie talkie just [TS]

  cleaning the sound bites back and forth [TS]

  the one last thing for a wrap-up is an and that fast contacts didn't make sense [TS]

  to me at WBC this is now when you gonna multitasking you double tap home and [TS]

  above your multitasking windows there's a row of your recent recipients are [TS]

  contacts just seemed weird to me like they were just shoving something in the [TS]

  empty space all the center makes a bit more sense to me with that communication [TS]

  button on the Apple watch because it's the same thing it's like we're gonna [TS]

  make it really easy to just sort of very quickly no matter what you're currently [TS]

  doing somehow communicate with the people who you communicate with most [TS]

  frequently both Iowa State and the watch seem to be a concerted effort to make [TS]

  blogging authentication remote control and communications really work well and [TS]

  work quickly there was in the earlier versions those contacts with all the [TS]

  time and I thought you know maybe that's not good for privacy if you didn't want [TS]

  anyone glancing at who you were talking to especially get complicated [TS]

  relationships you can hide those now but if if you're fine with that you have [TS]

  both your favorites and your reasons and you tap those and you can instantly [TS]

  FaceTime call them message them it's once you get used to it it's super quick [TS]

  run up against two hour mark we could go on for another two hours but that's [TS]

  where they make next week Rene Ritchie a time or dot com shout out some of your [TS]

  podcasts sure I do a podcast called debug with guy English generate with [TS]

  Mark Edwards and said clifford and with our mutual friend a viscous and guy do [TS]

  vector and review shows remember that I wasn't going to but you can go ahead now [TS]

  those are all good friends and those are all good shows your your back-to-back [TS]

  haven't known you got the two hardest working podcasters who still managed to [TS]

  write thousands of words of week back-to-back shows so I gotta have [TS]

  somebody lazy on next week I'm so happy about about study Jason and his new site [TS]

  six colors and its new podcast upgrade is because he's making a lot of content [TS]

  again and I love the content that he makes yeah there's just so much so so [TS]

  funny consumer can be so slow and then all of a sudden so much happens and it's [TS]

  like the whole macworld thing in the snow thing we could go on forever never [TS]

  even brought up the whole stupid markdown thing from two weeks ago never [TS]

  even mentioned it to you and I hardly even broached the the watch it's you [TS]

  know too much to so much to talk about the next you know by the time were done [TS]

  talking about it will be out there for the next event October anyway thank you [TS]

  so much [TS]