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107: ‘Now It’s All Floppy’, With Guest Marco Arment


  what kind of microphones you have I know you were gonna give me like how to [TS]

  improve my audio some help a lot of gun and we never followed through what kind [TS]

  of liked you so I have I i have both of the ones that everyone says are the best [TS]

  mics for this purpose I have the higher PR 4210 businessman and all those people [TS]

  use and I have the Shure sm57 be and I prefer the shower before the voice of [TS]

  the shower that the high appear before he makes people sound a little bit more [TS]

  nasal and has like weird it's like it's missing like the mid base but it has a [TS]

  lot of the lower base so you sound like early BC but but not that present not [TS]

  that warm with it with the pier 40 so that s I'm seven beers is a really [TS]

  really nice Antimicrob the best sounding like the purpose but has the giant [TS]

  asterisk that it needs a really nice and generally very expensive preemptive [TS]

  power properly yes crew that that's what I use of course the old rode podcaster [TS]

  which is probably why don't I can I guess I can do better you could i mean [TS]

  there's a question how much it matters because your show has guests attended at [TS]

  that rotate out every week like you don't want to sound of that different [TS]

  from the guests now there have been a lot of episodes your show where I think [TS]

  you somewhere in the guests but that might be because of a clear dq going on [TS]

  or something else going on there might be something else in the process being [TS]

  not that great I don't know how do you talking to you might I keep the mic [TS]

  underneath my face like I'm not it's sticking straight up and I'm close to my [TS]

  mouth but I have it wear it underneath my my face it more or less like my chin [TS]

  and going down you're doing it wrong [TS]

  yeah it's like staring right into it right [TS]

  yeah pretty much like my end and it's over smile because I have the crazy low [TS]

  output as I'm so maybe I am like my lips are almost touching the popular [TS]

  sometimes they do touch the popular I'm like right on top of it talking directly [TS]

  straight on into it [TS]

  see what happened I'm asking all these questions cuz they came in I spent a big [TS]

  chunk of the holidays not working in my home office was downstairs dining room [TS]

  you know you know part of the family and I came up to record the Star Wars [TS]

  episode of the show with circus in guy I was good I thought I would hate that it [TS]

  was so long I don't care that much about Star Wars but that was actually really [TS]

  good I really enjoyed listening to the compliments from people who said I don't [TS]

  even like Star Wars but I like that show that to me was that kid that meant that [TS]

  it came out the way I wanted it to I came up to my office and the mic mic arm [TS]

  was on the ground in front of my desk and I thought I knew I didn't put it [TS]

  there and Amy required her show up here and I didn't think she'd recorded or [TS]

  episode recently but I thought it must have been hurt as it winding roads [TS]

  disconnected from the desk and put it on the floor and I was a little annoyed and [TS]

  then I looked and have it was the fact that the are mounted broken it just so I [TS]

  could just write really think right where the clamp goes on the desk just [TS]

  like a stress fracture pressure which kind of makes sense because it's you [TS]

  know supports a fair amount of weight and I it's the same arm that I had had [TS]

  ever since I started doing the first run of the show which i think is a 2007 so [TS]

  but anyway how to get a new podcast arm and of course I didn't set up until [TS]

  right when we were supposed to record and i'm looking at the instructions and [TS]

  it's like wow they're showing me this at this my government of varied and I have [TS]

  ever [TS]

  ever used the microphone [TS]

  doing wrong i mean certain mics are made to be addressed like on the side but [TS]

  that's not one of them yeah but I'm not talking into the side I am talking into [TS]

  the top of it all your kind of talking like over the top of the league playoff [TS]

  yeah exactly exactly maybe I could try to fix it right now it seems to me that [TS]

  if I do it their way and it's been I'm gonna be seen will be able to see like [TS]

  my computer and you can look through them like through the arm and kind of [TS]

  look you know I mean yeah I don't know something is this any better and it's [TS]

  not a huge difference to the different if this if you see here a terrible noise [TS]

  and intuitive I mean the road podcaster is not an amazing Mike like you're not [TS]

  going to see you never gonna send amazing from it but you can sound good [TS]

  enough from it can get things going on tonight so make for an excellent idea [TS]

  broadcast right now it's all floppy these things are also the road boom arm [TS]

  that I assume yours and I'm also getting one it's not the best army it did is [TS]

  it's pretty shitty hike it works like like mine like any slight vibration [TS]

  anywhere in the desk anything a spring inside the armed rattles [TS]

  completely opposite of the kind of thing as opposed to do just like I just [TS]

  haven't ever replace did because I like you know it's not broken yet it still [TS]

  works but I even had the thought when I had to reorganize had order when I just [TS]

  went to Amazon and I saw that it said road now that I've got a ride like my [TS]

  old one was a high as I planted yeah that's how to people that are no right [TS]

  and even though I like I said it was seven years old and I started I'm not [TS]

  really angry that it broke I still feel like well broken [TS]

  so I just bought the road but then I had this in it was one of those things where [TS]

  you know you Amazon makes it so easy so that's my thought process my thought [TS]

  process was not a hostile already have a road like and it looked highly rated on [TS]

  Amazon and so like two clicks later it was on its way and so then with a little [TS]

  bit of thought I thought maybe I should have taken the usual basin has Marco [TS]

  that's what I'm using the exact same on the road you know P S whatever they [TS]

  really are meeting in the same one I just because they had Pakistani I'm like [TS]

  I bought the kit for five by five and then I upgraded my mic but never created [TS]

  a boom arm because it still works the desk lamp does looks dirtier than I'll [TS]

  like the hospital after having looked at it as I can kind of surprised it didn't [TS]

  happen right away I don't really know where the road one would break looking [TS]

  at the construction like you know what I don't know what part of this would be [TS]

  the weak point but I don't think I mean I I think it's more likely that like one [TS]

  of the springs in the armored snap and would lose tension and just drop to the [TS]

  desk [TS]

  likely to fail yeah actually starting to happen with my holiday was starting to [TS]

  starting to lose intention and I could not there's no way to leak just that in [TS]

  turn is weird screws on the on the on the arm but I don't have to do anything [TS]

  what are these straps for those are for attaching the cable like you basically [TS]

  attacks the cable to the arm on its way down using those so that way you can [TS]

  have a nice tidy cable going down to the base of the arm would be nice [TS]

  alright anyway quite weak for you [TS]

  nothing's ever going on for the records leader [TS]

  recording on Thursday that aids which is a night after you recorded ATP whereas [TS]

  presume you talked about skipping through go talk about tonight but I [TS]

  couldn't have listened to it because I didn't catch the live broadcast but [TS]

  people like you they want to talk about choice should be alright [TS]

  when did you publish your piece Sunday yeah we're Sunday night part of the [TS]

  problem I think was that I i published it on a Sunday night right before a ride [TS]

  is a holiday vacation for a lot of people was ending and there's nothing on [TS]

  the news right and so a lot of places that picked up a lot of you for telling [TS]

  me like yet nevertheless things like at that time because like people are so [TS]

  desperate for news at somebody's bigger sites that like you know there's nothing [TS]

  going on in tech you know random Monday mean CES was starting but nothing but [TS]

  nothing has been announced have any meaning yet and so does seem like I [TS]

  couldn't possibly have worse timing if I didn't want it to be that noticed like [TS]

  if you had published the exact same piece word-for-word not changed one bit [TS]

  but maybe on Wednesday it might've you know I think it would have gotten the [TS]

  attention it deserves but it wouldn't have gotten the attention it didn't [TS]

  deserve I don't have to put it [TS]

  yeah that's basically at a mean like it I mean honestly didn't deserve the [TS]

  attention it got it wasn't good like that's the regret having that it is it [TS]

  just wasn't very good [TS]

  like it was nowhere near my best work it was it was just I didn't put enough [TS]

  effort into it I made a bunch of little mistakes in it and it wasn't very good [TS]

  and then for that to become extremely widespread and to have it be under quite [TS]

  a bit of scrutiny that is just frustrating yeah so for the record in [TS]

  the people listening [TS]

  extemporaneously like you know people who listen when this episode first comes [TS]

  out we're talking about but for the record we should say what it was which [TS]

  is that on Sunday you published an article titled headlined Apple has lost [TS]

  the functional high ground and I think if I may not show summary is you have [TS]

  detected that over the last few years the quality of Apple's software has [TS]

  gotten worse [TS]

  correct not any one particular thing just in general and that it concerns you [TS]

  about the future of company and it's the reason you switch to the Mac in the [TS]

  first place a decade ago is that you were sick of having little stupid things [TS]

  like little annoying bugs here there everywhere all day long that it just [TS]

  works factors sort of fading from Apple's software platforms right and a [TS]

  lot of the lot of the pushback I mean the reason it spread so quickly so [TS]

  incredibly quickly but it had hundreds of retweets within a few hours [TS]

  publishing it and then it spread from there the reason it spread i think is [TS]

  because a lot of people agree on a lot of people still argue with that of [TS]

  course but I think if I was totally wrong it wouldn't have spread you know [TS]

  it's not accomplishing this on some major news site where people like you [TS]

  would make fun of me and I got it wrong [TS]

  like it was my personal site like it's not widely read most of the time and so [TS]

  you know I don't think it would have spread if there wasn't some truth there [TS]

  yeah I think the word I used and I saw a couple of other people use it I know [TS]

  hockenberry did too and I think it's because it's the perfect word that it [TS]

  resonated right or hit a nerve one of those I think resonate is better than [TS]

  another writer I don't know this resonate is exactly what happened it's [TS]

  like it felt true more so than but true just felt right and very few people have [TS]

  said you are completely wrong most people have just said well I would have [TS]

  said it differently or isn't as severe as you say which answer and that's like [TS]

  you know what I regret and you know where my feeling was that I word some [TS]

  things to severely and of course is a frequent problem but so I word things to [TS]

  severely and and that detracted from the [TS]

  literally of what I wrote but the fact is I think the the overall sentiment of [TS]

  Apple software has some quality problems in recent years and it doesn't seem to [TS]

  be getting better that i think is what resonated with people pretty [TS]

  unambiguously yeah you do you you have a sort of like a no-nonsense style like [TS]

  about where you certainly aren't doing it you know you're not sensational you [TS]

  don't you don't overstate things for sensational purposes because you're not [TS]

  looking four hits or pageviews because you don't even have you know you use the [TS]

  deck you don't even get paid by pages you know you know you're not going to [TS]

  get extra this month because you had an explosive story this week that got you [TS]

  know couple hundred thousand extra pages doesn't give you a nickel right but it [TS]

  could actually cost me money if I end up going over some damn with allegations of [TS]

  my more popular in article is it actually might cost me more money that's [TS]

  funny is actually true right which is the opposite of when you know you know [TS]

  Dan Lyons trumps up something had Valley way it's because you know they measure [TS]

  their success month month by page views you're not in that game you know that's [TS]

  not one that's not the way that it's just sort of a no-nonsense style but you [TS]

  know you're right that's what I intended but because I i did i did use like so [TS]

  when I wanted examples like I I recently said quality has taken a nosedive and [TS]

  that was the wrong word really it hasn't taken a nosedive it's been a gradual [TS]

  decline and what I meant really was a decline that just now in really bad [TS]

  shape but a nosedive suggests like an acceleration of all the sudden it's now [TS]

  dropping quickly and that's not really the case it's it's more of a gradual [TS]

  progression but anyway so you know there are things like that and an overall I i [TS]

  regret having written it simply because it put some of my most mediocre to worst [TS]

  work in front of so many people and put my name on it forever [TS]

  whereas like I I don't regret having said that Apple has problems I just [TS]

  regret that I didn't say it better and what happen is that you it really went [TS]

  explosive I mean you even said I guess it was your Google Analytics but [TS]

  whatever you you [TS]

  you know you had your analytics showed that it was more popular than anything [TS]

  you had written in all 2014 correct which is amazing really that you know [TS]

  five days into the year you've already topped last year it just got picked up a [TS]

  good picked up in the relay relay relay and I guess Business Insider got it [TS]

  started his their her head yes Apple software is in a quote [TS]

  nosedive and quote that is deeply concerning supporters as writing a [TS]

  perfect business insider headline right end and the thing is like usually I [TS]

  could pick on Business Insider and say you guys are such pieces of shit for [TS]

  this because usually they are in this case they really the original version [TS]

  had a couple of like of paraphrases it at that were not what I said that were [TS]

  more inflammatory but he he I since complained about the man and he updated [TS]

  them to be more accurate so over and the headline like I did say that you know I [TS]

  didn't really mean to say that severely but I did say that so overall of all the [TS]

  hack job they've done to me over the years this is one of the better ones [TS]

  yeah but it's a guess it's not yet history that as it stands right now that [TS]

  it's unfair but it's you know fuel to the fire right and and actually in a lot [TS]

  of people don't realize this [TS]

  a lot of people have no clue how insanely popular and pervasive Business [TS]

  Insider is like whenever and wherever I mention of Business Insider in context I [TS]

  will have everybody who was ever met me my moms friends my friends parents like [TS]

  people who are outside of of the tech news [TS]

  fear they will all contact me and all my god I read this article about you and [TS]

  Business Insider you know congratulations are they considered a [TS]

  good thing whenever I mention there even though it's always trash like sometimes [TS]

  like when I products will get mentioned in some major tech publication like you [TS]

  know macworld or even been like in New York Times Wall Street Journal or [TS]

  something like that [TS]

  never repeat from anybody when I'm in Business Insider for the stupidest [TS]

  smallest thing everyone in my life [TS]

  Zwart all my god I haven't seen you in 15 years but I read this article about [TS]

  you and Business Insider that site I don't know why it's so popular but it is [TS]

  really popular and so whenever they write anything about me or my my my my [TS]

  products it gets picked up everywhere goods carried everywhere and they [TS]

  ultimately dictate the narrative if you look like almost every other side that [TS]

  republish this article was republished from Business Insider [TS]

  wider linking back to Business Insider instead of my site a lot of them were [TS]

  taking the Business Insider headlines and quotes word-for-word it really was [TS]

  Business Insider that that that that led the promotion on this weather willingly [TS]

  or not I don't know doesn't matter but like people do not realize like your [TS]

  site [TS]

  seeds all the tech sites like whenever you write about something all the texts [TS]

  right about a day later Business Insider seeds everything else it's really weird [TS]

  and and I wish it wasn't that way but it really is it's sort of the opposite of [TS]

  my sort of popularity is super niche and so like it is a big deal for some people [TS]

  like if I link to somebody first time ever linked to their blog a lot of [TS]

  people like treat me like oh my god you just made my day and it's hard for me i [TS]

  i dont im still can't say I've ever used to that but I understand I know I know I [TS]

  was like I know what it was like the first time that Slashdot linked to the [TS]

  fireball way back in 2002 was just crazy and as i mean that I loved / died but [TS]

  it's like I knew that shit that big deal right [TS]

  getting on the big front page back in 2006 right I also remember that my site [TS]

  didn't go down and it was you know I thought you know I had up until that [TS]

  point I had no idea whether you know there is no way for me to fake it I [TS]

  couldn't you know know if I would survivors I starting [TS]

  but I don't think like some guy you know somebody wrote a blog post I've never [TS]

  linked to them before i lying to them they're not going to get their mom [TS]

  calling them and say her side during firebombing [TS]

  mom doesn't know who I am neither of them is really cool yeah I mean it's you [TS]

  know if an exception would have to be like you know like Brent Simmons to his [TS]

  moms like a programmer [TS]

  you know I shouldn't say my mom dad anybody who's not in the thing is [TS]

  already one of my regular readers whereas Business Insider has a very for [TS]

  whatever reason as a very broad readership like a typical people what [TS]

  they write goes very far which is unfortunate that so bad usually yeah [TS]

  it's something to do with you know that there are certain brand of socializing [TS]

  stuff well look I mean you know that there are there things in the world that [TS]

  like their choices people can make where you can do things like the good [TS]

  high-quality morally sound way or you take this one little short cut here if [TS]

  you want to give up a little bit of integrity here a little bit of [TS]

  sensationalism here you can boost your numbers by 15 20 30 percent and they [TS]

  choose the latter all the time whereas you choose the former and that's what we [TS]

  consider in our community to be like that the right way to do it if you're if [TS]

  you're shameless enough and if if you prioritize numbers and success of the in [TS]

  a kind over integrity and quality then you can get in see numbers and inseam [TS]

  popularity and and they have chosen that and let's not overstate things here [TS]

  either they're they're certainly not the worst are there you know and the other [TS]

  thing to have talented people and they have had townspeople damn from were used [TS]

  to rate their yeah that's where I met him I used to hate him and then like him [TS]

  the Tumblr offices I made their first and then like he left and became a [TS]

  normal good person it was amazing and I know JJA ro who wrote this piece on you [TS]

  you know he's good he's smart you know you could just tell from my reading is [TS]

  something better [TS]

  Nick Carlson who I think his name published a book on Yahoo and Marissa [TS]

  Meyer you know he's a good reporter and yes I'll give you know and I think it's [TS]

  interesting to think I think the success he's having promoting his book I'm [TS]

  reading a lot of stuff about his book it's just popping up a lot of places I [TS]

  think it just goes to show that at Business Insider they're good at [TS]

  promoting stuff including themselves you know like that's part it's not just that [TS]

  there whether you're good bad or whatever as a writer a reporter being [TS]

  able to self promote is a skill and that to me is part of their a big part of [TS]

  their success yeah yeah absolutely you know and Henry Blodget always had that [TS]

  too [TS]

  founder of the site among some other issues but that's but that's a definite [TS]

  thing that you know it's like there's there's certain people like he's good at [TS]

  getting on TV you know and there's that certain type of wall street person who [TS]

  is like just goes on CNBC all the time and I would drive me nuts I would hate [TS]

  going on TV I would think I'd wanna go on once I can't imagine like the the [TS]

  amount of stress that would bring I would I would definitely if I was ever [TS]

  invited I would definitely decline I've had invitations many times and I almost [TS]

  died I want charlie rose at one time and that was cool and it was also pretty [TS]

  easy because it was like five in the afternoon getting to New York at five in [TS]

  the afternoon and super easy I just take like a 1 o'clock train from Philly and I [TS]

  like going in and anyway so that was that was I had a blast and it was well [TS]

  worth you know it wasn't that much of a time commitment [TS]

  but I've had offers to go on like Bloomberg TV and it's like you know they [TS]

  want me in New York by like 5 a.m. Eastern [TS]

  not gonna work but it really doesn't compute with them that somebody would [TS]

  not want to be on TV like people who are in TV seem to be people who've whether [TS]

  they're on there are not like or whether they're just working as like a producer [TS]

  whatever it seems like the TV industry is only composed of people who've spent [TS]

  their whole lives wanting to be in the TV industry can't it just doesn't [TS]

  compute it it doesn't David they can't grasp but I say you know I really don't [TS]

  think I ever want to be on your show thanks for asking I'm flattered but you [TS]

  know being in New York by 5 a.m. I don't work well also like it's it's similar to [TS]

  the to the whole like you know you should do this for exposure kind of [TS]

  arguments like yeah a lot of times they they don't they can't imagine why [TS]

  anybody would say no to this great honor their bestowing upon you and and the [TS]

  fact is like there's a cost to you being on TV and there's risks to you being on [TS]

  TV and it it just might not be worth it like that's how you know I'm realizing [TS]

  as I'm as I'm getting older and hopefully wiser but I keep making the [TS]

  same mistakes over and over again so probably not wiser but as I get older [TS]

  I'm realizing that like talking to journalists for interviews for stories [TS]

  about you know anything like when they call you for a quote or anything like it [TS]

  is almost never worth agreeing to that because the risk is so high that they're [TS]

  going to distort your words to fit their narrative in a way that you don't [TS]

  approve of that that you can't that's totally under control it's like in this [TS]

  day in age like if I have something to say I can say it on my blog now granted [TS]

  that it has the other problem what should happen which is like a better be [TS]

  sure I said well there and everything right there can be taken included [TS]

  elsewhere but at least I rooted my way like it seems like less of a risk to do [TS]

  it that way then like to be quoted in some random news story and like you have [TS]

  no control over that you usually unless you have a very strong relationship with [TS]

  unusually you can't get like review review or anything and if somebody [TS]

  screwed up and publish something that you didn't quite say there's nothing you [TS]

  can do about it [TS]

  even if even if the correction the damage is done [TS]

  yeah so it's like I'm going on TV is probably even worse because like your [TS]

  life that you can't even carefully think about your words for very long make your [TS]

  life that you need to get a common right now and try to sound smart and it just [TS]

  and everyone's watching you know yeah and it's also it's not leisurely yes I [TS]

  think I I wouldn't say I think I did pretty well on Charlie Rose but they've [TS]

  never had a member of just like I think I immediately forgot about it so it [TS]

  couldn't have been good or bad really mean David Pogue talking about the [TS]

  iPhone 5 like place it two years ago [TS]

  shows iPhone 5 you probably did exactly what you what is like the optimal [TS]

  scenario for a TV appearance like that would be good be completely forgettable [TS]

  because we offer got it and that's that's good because it could go a lot [TS]

  worse it can't really go much better and so that's an antenna you can say I've [TS]

  been on the charlie rose show you can tell your parents they can see it like [TS]

  it's all good and you have all the benefits but but nothing went wrong [TS]

  sitting in a chair that was warmed by Matt Damon's as is that an honor I'm not [TS]

  sure I don't know it's pretty cool though walking into it would you say he [TS]

  was he was sure he's a reader now I learned I learned what to do in that [TS]

  scenario from from Maryland man it's such great advice that you just have to [TS]

  have to know this before just think about it now before there's no famous [TS]

  people around if we ever meet somebody who's famous truly famous and you can [TS]

  get a chance to say something all yet all you say is huge family work that's [TS]

  good did you just say huge fan you work and you mean it you know don't say it if [TS]

  you don't mean it just look at them and say hey great to me a huge huge family [TS]

  work and then that's it you just let him go to me meant maybe neither I think [TS]

  with Damon whenever we didn't even stop walking [TS]

  but it was you know there's a moment I could say something I just said hey huge [TS]

  fan network stacks and then you left me and you heard that story too so yeah [TS]

  anyway what you said is exactly right about talking to reporters where and [TS]

  it's definitely my experience where almost all of them have the story [TS]

  written whether it actually written written or just like in outlining their [TS]

  head they've already got it written and they will take your quote and make it [TS]

  fit what they've already written nine times out of ten so I don't talk to [TS]

  reporters anymore unless I know them and yes I know you don't know him personally [TS]

  or if I'm familiar with their work and trust them [TS]

  yeah and and a different when you know them personally you know and I'll talk [TS]

  to people I know but but that's a pretty small this really now or just you know [TS]

  just from the repair work but yet again but joe joe shmoe from Bloomberg no way [TS]

  not a terrible idea where you can only go badly and it worked there at night [TS]

  when I was interviewing for what what became the Tumblr job that was I was [TS]

  weighing those two offers I iodine offer from both A&B to both places and I get [TS]

  to choose between Bloomberg and his giant glass building where all the walls [TS]

  inside where glass and this caused problems because you couldn't see how to [TS]

  exit the conference room you were in optical illusion everywhere in the event [TS]

  they they they told me they had to add this micro of stickers that looks like [TS]

  company logo of decals on every wall that at approximately I level just so [TS]

  you would like [TS]

  run into things like rental walls it typical corporate design of like it [TS]

  looks really cool doesn't work at all and so I get to waive that of crashing [TS]

  into glass walls and sitting in a very long table with about four feet of width [TS]

  of the table assigned to me [TS]

  little six inch rim around the Deathly uneven cubicle what looked like a six [TS]

  inch rim around my little four-foot space typing on a PC working the Fortran [TS]

  code no or yeah yeah that was the job real and [TS]

  and everyone I interviewed with was not that nice and I thought I bombed the [TS]

  interview and so I got an offer for any of you that I thought I bombed for [TS]

  people I don't really want to work with in this terrible environment like this [TS]

  giant like boiler room kind of environment just like the little strip [TS]

  of a desk but the Fortran terminal or I could go work for this guy who looks [TS]

  like he's 15 David Carr he's working out of some office I don't quite understand [TS]

  a bunch of other people are in but doesn't work for them something summery [TS]

  weather sharing office something everything is red in color from the [TS]

  office full of children's toys and he told me that he buy me a magnet to work [TS]

  on a Mac so that that was really like why I can't believe this code and [TS]

  production I mean it was literally this week simpson's I actually I would I was [TS]

  recently I was light recently sitting next to a guy who works for IBM and he [TS]

  was younger he was in his mid twenties and he saw it but he worked on in IBM's [TS]

  mainframe division which is still running and there's like no big banks [TS]

  and insurance companies and things like they still use IBM mainframes and he [TS]

  writes all in Fortran COBOL one of those two he like that's what he does all day [TS]

  is right low-level mainframe operating system code in COBOL Fortran this crazy [TS]

  in this and he's a mean he wasn't even born when this thing was was originally [TS]

  written I feel bad cuz probably people listen to the show have a job like that [TS]

  yeah I don't really wanna make fun trying to make fun I'm just sort of [TS]

  stunned there's that much inertia yeah programming languages that they just [TS]

  once they get any kind of math success they just never die [TS]

  want a system like that I mean if you think about it like from from like a [TS]

  programmer out of college viewpoint and you think why using Fortran for your [TS]

  bank's large systems that you're stupid that that's done I want to rewrite this [TS]

  whole thing in node or whatever and then you know but the reality is like the [TS]

  wise program would look in that be like [TS]

  this bank's massive financial back end that has been running fine for the most [TS]

  part for like 30 years is written in some crazy language do I want the job of [TS]

  rewriting it from scratch [TS]

  hell no like that's that has red flags all over it [TS]

  you do not want that kind of responsibility get out of there I don't [TS]

  know I don't know any wise programmers who would take that job it's this sort [TS]

  of if it ain't broke don't fix it broke don't rewrite it and certainly don't [TS]

  talk shit when there is a massive amounts of money at stake [TS]

  crazy let's take a break on through the first sponsor and it is our good friends [TS]

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  yeah i'm looking right at five fracture prince in my office right now they're [TS]

  all we have all over the place and a great gift idea too so i dont the media [TS]

  backlash over over over representation of your thing is kind of interesting and [TS]

  it's a depressing but I feel like you the better topic is to actually talk [TS]

  about some of the problems Apple software as yes one of the things I got [TS]

  is it definitely agree cuz it it hits such a mainstream media thing I mean [TS]

  people within Apple definitely noticed and I heard from a couple friends at [TS]

  Apple not like pyaar naal pyaar reach and tell me you know trying to spin [TS]

  around and just you know engineers and some of them I I was really interesting [TS]

  what they said all them said different things but like one of them was pretty [TS]

  surprised and more or less do you really think that because you know I you know [TS]

  this is dead friend Apple's moralist paraphrase [TS]

  that you know I think that we've been doing pretty good it seems to me like [TS]

  you know the bug open bugs in radar are lower than they used to be yours ago do [TS]

  you really think that I said I have to say there is something to add to it [TS]

  seems to me like there's more annoyances than there used to be but there are some [TS]

  people with an apple who disagreed and then there are some who did agree but [TS]

  I'm curious I'm curious specifically like there's one thing you are called [TS]

  inhabits didn't really have like a list of here is some of the bugs right end [TS]

  and that was that was ultimately a feeling I wasn't really talking about [TS]

  like here's five things that are there are the problems today I was really [TS]

  talking about the general trend and so it's hard to give a comprehensive list [TS]

  of examples because of me these things are like little annoyances or a little [TS]

  you know occasional failures or occasional bugs I heard from from from a [TS]

  few different engineers and and and I read a couple of Reddit comments from [TS]

  people who are some who are allegedly with an apple and stuff and and it it [TS]

  seems to be a few people thought that everything's fine but most of the people [TS]

  seem to think that that yeah it finally thank you for saying this but that kind [TS]

  of attitude like yes this is like no one listens that kind of that kind of thing [TS]

  and it's hard to get a read on what the truth is there even if these people are [TS]

  the real people who actually work at Apple who knows it could have been some [TS]

  random person the internet but I think there's like your comment about like you [TS]

  know the number of radars like Apple could be measuring things that don't [TS]

  reflect the the overall usage of you know annoyances and bug that actually [TS]

  had people in real life they could be measuring the wrong things or the things [TS]

  they're measuring are changing and so for instance they have built in Crash [TS]

  Reporter in endeavor recent version of every OS that you can say automatically [TS]

  send diagnostic snapple and when stuff breaks but that only dissenter report if [TS]

  a crash happened like if you hit a bug that wasn't a crash that that's that's [TS]

  not going to include that [TS]

  and most of the bugs I see recently aren't crashes like I'm not getting [TS]

  kernel panics my computers you know or you know back when I was that was that [TS]

  was the fault of some drivers [TS]

  yeah and that's one of the things I heard from one of the people who dis was [TS]

  sorta not not really believing in that it was that specifically that crashes [TS]

  are down you know and that's something that they can measure because they have [TS]

  a crush reporter and that just made made him surprised that this was I think an [TS]

  end really was it was not like a defensive take a typical a person very [TS]

  thoughtful really really genuinely curious because he found it surprising [TS]

  really wanted to know and also absolutely believed in sort of pale when [TS]

  there's smoke there's fire you know clearly this Marcos purpose resonated [TS]

  with a lot of people so I want to get to the bottom of you know what this is but [TS]

  crashes definitely aren't exactly and like like earlier tonight one of the [TS]

  many annoyances when using an Apple TV I i turn on the AppleTV after it being [TS]

  asleep for most of the day and it shows three prompts in a row to say your Apple [TS]

  TV is not connected to the Internet like you hit menu and choose another one [TS]

  likes of US three of those that were queued up so those aren't being [TS]

  coalesced and now go back to the home screen and it is going to the internet [TS]

  and radio in new stuff so they were canceled right at which point those [TS]

  things should have been disregarded anyway [TS]

  reminded right file under nevermind why were they even showing when it was [TS]

  asleep and nobody was trying to do anything with it [TS]

  good question there too so those are all quality issues right now not crashes [TS]

  they're not gonna show up any bug reports because I'm not gonna report a [TS]

  lot of talking to a report that on radar like it's not worth the time to even [TS]

  type it up and go to the office forms then I i hit menu a couple times to get [TS]

  out of the deep hierarchy of the movie structure I was in to get back to the [TS]

  home screen I know you can do it all the time but it didn't the first time I had [TS]

  it it went poop and it did it did its thing and then the second time I hit it [TS]

  just went poop poop poop and I kept hitting it and nothing was happening [TS]

  and all the glitches cued up and nothing happens on a hard reset it and in like [TS]

  30 seconds later it executes all of them like this they'd all queued up so [TS]

  everything's moving around increasing again another bug two night ago I had to [TS]

  actually unplug it and plug it back in to get it to respond to any remote [TS]

  commands I tried two different remotes we have multiple Apple TVs in the house [TS]

  they both have similar bug so I know it's not just one of them being like [TS]

  dying or flaky and i know i mean certainly Merlin has talked a lot about [TS]

  his Apple TV hits used to issues with authenticating content Jeffrey Feltman [TS]

  available TV you know like the way that everything just has the worst murphy's [TS]

  law technology like like Merlin clearly as it is quite like the Apple TV [TS]

  branches that syndrome right exactly and you know and like I so often I will go [TS]

  to watch a movie and it'll sit there on authorizing forever and then eventually [TS]

  fail and it's really like come on I bought this movie we bought my kid is [TS]

  like sitting down he wants to watch something of a minute he's gonna start [TS]

  getting antsy and possibly scream like come on just just come on work that's [TS]

  all [TS]

  like and this is just the Apple TV right end and an airplane to the Apple TV [TS]

  works about a quarter of the time and it doesn't work I can vouch for the fact [TS]

  that it doesn't work with the two or three year old to try to explain in the [TS]

  old days we have to get in the car and drive to Blockbuster and the disc might [TS]

  be scratched right [TS]

  kids kids kids expect the thing that they see on the screen the way when you [TS]

  touch the button exactly so and so this is your Apple TV this is just like one [TS]

  week's worth of just like what I can recall what I can recall over the last [TS]

  two days this is like the Apple TV and that's not even including various like [TS]

  you know like infinite timeouts and and failures with Netflix which I I'll give [TS]

  Apple event of the doubt and assume the Netflix problem but even with Apple's of [TS]

  authorizing the Apple purchased or even [TS]

  that you know that has all those problems so that's one product right and [TS]

  it's an airplane I hear from everybody that airplane doesn't work well for them [TS]

  airplay works fine for me if I'm going to airport express that I have committed [TS]

  to a speaker my kitchen it works fine for that it fills every time for Apple [TS]

  TV or no sorry fell 75 percent of the time for Apple TV like I'll do it a [TS]

  couple times eventually it will take their places on my list and its high on [TS]

  the list because in terms of like canary in the coal mine because it used to be [TS]

  rock solid for me and my typical airplay scenario is almost always is either from [TS]

  my phone from an iPad to Apple TV [TS]

  good example of it is we didn't have Amazon Instant Video on TV until we got [TS]

  a new TiVo sometime I can again last year and a half as Amazon built in [TS]

  because Amazon I dunno but they don't have an app on Apple TV whether it's [TS]

  politics are or what but if you want to watch something that's definitely [TS]

  politics yeah I'm guessing it watches so heavily to every man who are they really [TS]

  yeah ask any man who visit Amazon recently like what's on the front page [TS]

  and it's the bottom row at the bottom of the first screen on front [TS]

  page is all top mens watches I have never viewed a link to watch Amazon I've [TS]

  never searched for watching Amazon I have done nothing that would influence [TS]

  that recommendation and it's it's heavily promoting watches and I've heard [TS]

  I tweet about it a couple weeks ago and a bunch of other guys really get me to [TS]

  this art screen shots like every person watching right now obviously this is [TS]

  about the hot line is literally mens blue dial luxury watches [TS]

  I swear I have you ever see that's the thing that's why I might cause I i dont [TS]

  only own two watches but I love I've always loved watches but I only buy them [TS]

  if I think they're absolutely perfect kisses will have only got to look at [TS]

  watches all the time I don't and I don't really look for him on Amazon because [TS]

  Amazon I don't think it's a place where I would buy a while I did buy one there [TS]

  years ago but my citizen there but no i didnt actually I did the right thing [TS]

  with the citizens I found it on Amazon but I wanted to see it in person and I [TS]

  went to a jewelry store in philadelphia so I could see it and it was $15 more [TS]

  expensive in the jewelry store and I thought well this is exactly what I [TS]

  should do wanna buy rate here because I am so glad there's a jury story here or [TS]

  I could see it you know I wanted to give him 50 more dollars now you know that's [TS]

  right I know that thats and I thought you know what I'm like I'm not like the [TS]

  one percent top financial people on the 1% you know who shops thinking like that [TS]

  like the Amazon percent their minds in there is a new yorker couple weeks ago [TS]

  on the cover there was a woman answering her door to take an Amazon box from UPS [TS]

  that was clearly like the size of the ones that they ship the books in looking [TS]

  awkwardly at her neighbor who runs a little neighborhood but anyway I do have [TS]

  mens blue dial luxury watches right on the front page of my hands on TV so I [TS]

  had to you until we have the TiVo I had to their place and it's on to the Apple [TS]

  TV and it always worked it just worked it was great and couple days ago I [TS]

  wanted to watch out for house which is a cool have really fun show I like on [TS]

  Amazon [TS]

  and I was too lazy to switch the TV from Apple TV where he was to TiVo and the [TS]

  TiVos to the pain in the ass anyway so I tried and I just got like a spinner and [TS]

  it just spun and inspired by and eventually I just did have to switch to [TS]

  the TiVo and used that Amazon out there should be the Apple TV logo I for me it [TS]

  used to work very very very consistently any video that wasn't me know there's a [TS]

  flag you can set to say don't you can't airplay but almost nobody said it back [TS]

  then almost any video that I could watch on iPhone or iPad I could switch I can't [TS]

  just flick it continuity style to the Apple TV in I don't know how many [TS]

  seconds but a few seconds then felt like mad everytime and now it's really really [TS]

  a crapshoot exactly and and I mean I've owned every generation Apple TV and I we [TS]

  use them we don't have cable that's the Apple TV is our primary video player we [TS]

  are like me the only media playback we have at our house is Apple TV and a ps3 [TS]

  for Blu ray disc that's it and so we use them heavily and its it has it is [TS]

  definitely been a noticeable decline they were they didn't used to be this [TS]

  bad and so again we can sit here on I am point out things about the Apple TV I [TS]

  mean like it's probably as interesting as here in somebody's I terrible [TS]

  airlines story or their or their dream from last night you know so I don't get [TS]

  bored with all the different pics of like how might stuff has failed but you [TS]

  can look at a lot of the products recently and see a lot of stories like [TS]

  this from everybody Glenn Fleishman solicited things on Twitter and had a [TS]

  really good post like summarizing like yours whenever I'm complaining about I [TS]

  didn't see that where he put that on his blog [TS]

  think any way you can sort through his tweets for the last two days to try to [TS]

  like if you're bringing my Twitter client doesn't go back that far too so I [TS]

  don't know what kind of like a special EBI I don't even think the Twitter API [TS]

  anyway it is on the front page of his blog and I will put it in the show [TS]

  yes I do that and then so so that that's part of it like that and i've i've had [TS]

  issues with with your Samedi similar to like I never was talking to a couple of [TS]

  weeks back about at like he should a screenshot of how many copies of his [TS]

  computer there were in the in the Finder source list of like the network share [TS]

  area of the Finder the finer left pane and he was like you know never bergen's [TS]

  laptop 23456 like a giant list of all the different I feel like I've had a lot [TS]

  of issues with that of like things like losing my original computers name [TS]

  showing up as print these two or certain computers just disappearing off we have [TS]

  three computers in our home network here and one printer and an ass box in the [TS]

  closet for network share stuff and at any given time I can usually see between [TS]

  0 and two of them and liked it and it just like usual you have to reboot not [TS]

  the one to present but you have to reboot long is not showing up I haven't [TS]

  obviously since I used it but I can't wait to but I don't know if his summary [TS]

  goes like this but yours does so far in the couple that I have jotted down all [TS]

  fit in the category of things that don't even have their not Crashers and they [TS]

  don't have error messages so you just silent failures exactly so pretty and [TS]

  there are some Crashers but usually like most people are in the most of the time [TS]

  I think like you know like there there are like pressures are they're bigger [TS]

  problem iOS I think you know and iOS 7 I think was worse than I was a year ago [TS]

  two crashes but so for instance on iOS aid overcast crashes more than that I [TS]

  was seven and a few key areas and an open my fault not heard from a lot of [TS]

  other developers 21 developer even posted stats their app still runs on [TS]

  both and they posted stats like [TS]

  percentage of installs that have crashed on seven vs eight and the percentage any [TS]

  was five times higher and liked it and I and IV had crashes like deeply deepen [TS]

  system frameworks like image I O I have crashes like decoding jpegs for a show [TS]

  art that crashes alot and I was it never happened seven [TS]

  stuff like that like it and you know the the background download in system [TS]

  occasionally has crashes the audio subsystem will crash and everyone blame [TS]

  me for it there's there are so many like subsystem or API League low-level [TS]

  failures are crashes that happen just rarely enough that it's really hard to [TS]

  ever track it down but frequently enough that if you have a crash lawyer in your [TS]

  accuracy of reports for it [TS]

  another one for me and I tweeted about this and I actually got somebody from [TS]

  Apple reached out and they said they would look into it but for me it's the [TS]

  keyboard shortcuts not not not command keys but like when you have teh go to te [TS]

  the Texas man well I think they are right the Texas [TS]

  the future similar to text expander good I think they did I think that's a [TS]

  perfect example though of them adding a feature to the system in an appropriate [TS]

  way where it still leaves text expander plenty of room oh yeah they just do you [TS]

  type this [TS]

  you get that wears text expander has all of the interactive stuff where you can [TS]

  have you know you know the corners on those yea or like I've got the text [TS]

  expander wants to put the date in certain formats right time I keep me [TS]

  know my little shortcut and I get today's date you can't do that you know [TS]

  dynamic variables anyway but they used to sync between devices and then they [TS]

  stopped thinking and they stopped thinking when I switched to the iCloud [TS]

  documents and Cloud Drive iCloud tribe which I had to do over someone and have [TS]

  to but I did over summer was [TS]

  beta testing some stuff you know I want to use it right and so the fact that it [TS]

  stopped working and I understood because maybe they were using you know when they [TS]

  warn you hate when you switch you can't go back you know you're always on it and [TS]

  so I thought oh so that's interesting they must have been using the old [TS]

  storage API's for these keyboard shortcuts in italy did it but now you [TS]

  know who it was like two months after everything that come out of beta you [TS]

  know I was running a new phone running iOS 9 I was running a new just to make [TS]

  it more likely that should work a brand new Retina MacBook Pro running the non [TS]

  beta version of Yosemite and its they still weren't thinking nothing would [TS]

  think most shortcut racing and then in this is this to me is the sort of thing [TS]

  on I'm thinking that you know is is the modern Apple unsteady software they did [TS]

  start sinking but not all of them now like on my phone and on my Mac almost [TS]

  all of them are the same and I definitely never once cause I wanted to [TS]

  see what happened I never once like said ok just take 10 minutes and reproduce [TS]

  them in both places are you have them I just waited and are mostly there but [TS]

  there's one in particular is sort of a game of Where's Waldo like scrolling the [TS]

  two lists trying to find the ones that are missing and it's even made more [TS]

  difficult because they saw in a different order in terms of the way we [TS]

  wanted the way that once regular if it's just alphabetical characters they sort [TS]

  alphabetically but the Mac puts ones with puncture bleeding punctuation at [TS]

  the top and the iPhone put 200 leading punctuation at the bottom so it's a [TS]

  little hard again none of this is is a reportable bug or rather not none of [TS]

  this will report itself to Apple yeah and it's so hard but I know for example [TS]

  I have a custom one could you can use it to add custom words in Sunnyvale I could [TS]

  expansion but I used the word navbar as all one word and a vbar [TS]

  all the time when I'm talking with a viscous about Vesper I called in at the [TS]

  top [TS]

  the nav bar and it's always always on the iPhone like one RBI messaging and [TS]

  auto correcting it and who knows what you know just random guesses from the [TS]

  dictionary that were closed so I put it in my thing and it's on my phone which [TS]

  is the place where I need it but it's not on my Mac whereas like the other I [TS]

  don't know there's like maybe thirty of them seem mostly NSYNC crazy I got in [TS]

  there is never an error message there's never any an error on any device that [TS]

  says they've got a problem with your keyboards shortcuts in can turn it off [TS]

  turn it back on again or nothing no errors I just don't have some of them on [TS]

  both devices yet even worse with this cloud stuff because you have so little [TS]

  insight as to what the problem is if there's even a problem or how to fix the [TS]

  problem once that happens you know if you if you look at if you look at [TS]

  Apple's you know crash rate history let's say somebody inside Apple is [TS]

  looking out like well you know that we have the same rate of crashes now that [TS]

  we did five years ago whatever you know whatever I think you have to also [TS]

  consider that now we are doing a lot more with our devices in our computers [TS]

  we have more devices and computers interacting with each other [TS]

  per person especially around in these crowds and the the the cloud services [TS]

  are this other factor in so many TVs I don't go too far into it here but you [TS]

  know if let's say you have like a 1% bug rate for like you know when you're using [TS]

  this after this service of the OS one percent of the time it won't work right [TS]

  obviously this is made up but bear with me if then you you consider the [TS]

  interaction of two different after services that have the same rate its 2 [TS]

  percent if you consider it again it's not the repaving it's not three percent [TS]

  its four percent does these things don't add they multiply because every as you [TS]

  add more possible ways of interaction between applications services cloud [TS]

  services devices [TS]

  all those failure rates the chance of that any one thing is going to go wrong [TS]

  somehow is the multiple that the product of all those factors not the sum so this [TS]

  grows geometrically and so as you make things more complicated as our devices [TS]

  can do more as we have more devices interacting with each other and also [TS]

  interacting with the cloud services all of these air factors are all multiplied [TS]

  and so you have to you can't just keep quality the same as it used to be like [TS]

  you know like the quality rate per service or perhaps it has to actually [TS]

  get better over time to keep the same overall error rate from happening to [TS]

  somebody yeah yeah and I'm not accusing anybody at Apple of incompetent cause I [TS]

  don't think any of these bugs are like universal it's not like no player play [TS]

  I'm sure I've written words bugs today I mean like a really embarrassing bug two [TS]

  hours ago and overcast like really embarrassing I would bet good I mean [TS]

  that's how real bugs are real bugs are at cases to some degree maybe the too [TS]

  big but it's you know something you didn't think I'm thinking most of the [TS]

  time I'm going if you go to Apple store and buy a new Apple TV and you pick up a [TS]

  new iPhone or iPad and you set them up and create a brand new iCloud account [TS]

  and go to user play it'll just work it'll ninety-nine times out of a hundred [TS]

  that will just work that there's no bug that keeping most people from doing it [TS]

  but there's clearly some bugs that you know and who knows it might be like a [TS]

  hundred different bugs you know the result in the same thing and they're all [TS]

  you know just one-tenth of one percent of people have taken a pass but then it [TS]

  in the aggregate [TS]

  wound up with there's a lot of people who have trouble trouble stuff like this [TS]

  exactly and [TS]

  and again like so many things are hard to report or two minor to report [TS]

  individual problems like through the bug reporter system and a bug reporting [TS]

  system to is is about as hostile as it can be if you go to report a bug on [TS]

  Apple bug reporter you'll be greeted first of all is it still iOS 6 themed so [TS]

  you'll do great improvement over the Aqua used to have a six-team like three [TS]

  days before iowa 7 whether it had but it had like a 10 point oh I don't like when [TS]

  he was back when I was really striking had two big the pinstripes horizontal [TS]

  pinstripes and yes they updated it like an iOS 6 luck right for him before I was [TS]

  so it was like it was like days or weeks before it was hilariously it was like [TS]

  obviously talking to each other about that anyway so you read it with this you [TS]

  know this this pretty terrible web app first of all and then it asked you for [TS]

  like seventeen different fields and then you fill your stuff out and you submit [TS]

  it and they say alright thanks we'll look into it here's a number and in most [TS]

  cases of bugs I filed a file maybe fifty bug so far in my life with Apple in [TS]

  almost every case you will never hear about it again they won't even tell you [TS]

  if it's a duplicate its close it'll sit there open forever sometimes they will [TS]

  tell you after like three months this is a known bug it's a duplicate of the [TS]

  shutterbug I D thank you but then you lose on his ability then you can tell [TS]

  when the other big ideas closed like you guessed it is basically all your books [TS]

  and her thanks [TS]

  alright I just logged into my radar account and here's one that I filed on [TS]

  the 20th of March 2009 [TS]

  State Open ranked No value and its here's what I said when you control it [TS]

  said product Safari when you control click right click on a background tab in [TS]

  Safari for you get a menu with options for things like creating a new tab [TS]

  closing the tab reloading the tab and so forth [TS]

  it would be nice if there were an option to copy the URL for that time that way [TS]

  you can copy the URL for a background tab in a back room window without either [TS]

  activating that window or that particular time I think it's a [TS]

  reasonable request [TS]

  still ahead but it's the fact that it's just their green open yet still waiting [TS]

  for a response from Apple and then and it's this is this is not uncommon [TS]

  this is the common case I'm not mad that they haven't done it actually see you [TS]

  still can't copy at AB it's the same so I'm not mad that they haven't taken my [TS]

  suggestion is done something but that's what everybody that belongs to me that's [TS]

  what I should do with an idea like that is filed a radar right but the fact that [TS]

  it's open late I wouldn't mind if they just said closed now we don't think that [TS]

  we don't think copy belongs in them ok you know thanks for considering the idea [TS]

  it's the fact that it looks to me as though nobody is ever look at it right [TS]

  and which they probably never will until at some point some internists task with [TS]

  going to that list and they dislike both closed the mall or send like like a form [TS]

  of her death to all them saying all right you know is a still a problem [TS]

  please provide a sample project illustrate the problem if you don't [TS]

  automatically closed until he gets it that's the kind of thing you get i mean [TS]

  it's it's just i mean [TS]

  2011 for bugs here in one of my accounts of 2011 2011 2013 all green no responses [TS]

  I mean so this is this is the problem I have with with you know the typical [TS]

  Apple answer is well please you have to file a bug for anybody find a feature [TS]

  request you have etcetera [TS]

  if you're gonna say that if that's going to be your default response this system [TS]

  has to be better that this system has do it has to be less hostile and it has to [TS]

  somehow give some kind of satisfactory result even if it's as simple as after [TS]

  like a week you say you know thanks we took into consideration or or we're [TS]

  gonna we'll have somebody look at this and then close it like some kind of [TS]

  something that indicates to the person who filed the bug that it was worth [TS]

  their time to have filed it and that's the problem right now you don't have [TS]

  that and so there's no incentive for individuals to file bugs if you think [TS]

  anyone else will ever filed the same bug well there's that the adage that [TS]

  insanity is doing the same thing over the definition of insanity is doing the [TS]

  same thing over and over again and expecting different results [TS]

  you know there's a lot of sense actually true thats to me it seems almost insane [TS]

  to keep filing radars when you expand expecting them to be dealt with when [TS]

  your experiences this is just a waste of my time exactly and I had so many people [TS]

  who work at Apple tell me please file radars they really do matter they really [TS]

  do help please keep filing them and they'll say to you like they also that [TS]

  they get a a surprisingly low number of radars filed for like you would expect [TS]

  certain things to have a lot may say you know certain feature requests are major [TS]

  feature cuts will have like seven radars ever filed on them or something but the [TS]

  problem is like they're yelling at us saying please file bugs their their [TS]

  actions don't back that up [TS]

  what we see on the outside is extremely hostile and demotivating [TS]

  hope that sucks I want to come back to that but I want to commit to a big [TS]

  section do a break but before I take a break I just wanted to say nothing too [TS]

  was that your article at the one of the things that had me nodding my head with [TS]

  your article has sort of yeah like now I kind of feel like one of them like a [TS]

  Windows user [TS]

  is so we've got a laser printer here in San HP and I'm pretty happy with the [TS]

  quality and it does wifi and the same when I did write to see p 1525 N W yes [TS]

  when you asked me what the bottle to begin yeah I did I did I did take my [TS]

  usual [TS]

  yeah and it doesn't work for and it lies all lies so bad about how much toner it [TS]

  has left it like thief in the night might have been saying it has extremely [TS]

  low supply levels for about three years and it still produces fine I get it is [TS]

  telling me I'm low on color i print color I swear to god like once a year [TS]

  john has like a school project [TS]

  everything I know you with the black it told me that I brand of black and [TS]

  eventually I really did run out but it was telling me it was like give me this [TS]

  error message like I've got no toner none nothing and then the paper would [TS]

  come out and looks great and I know what I i from working as do newspapers and [TS]

  doing print graphic design for years before I know what low toner looks like [TS]

  it's pretty obvious it's not a subtle change its yeah when when you're after a [TS]

  toner it it looks like it it's right there right in your face like those [TS]

  exactly what it sounds like I can hardly read this the letters are almost [TS]

  everything all spotted and yet you could definitely tell anyway it exposes itself [TS]

  over bones your head on now but the setup is really kind of easy and I'm [TS]

  gonna have to say and going back even further the thing that cracked me up [TS]

  about the business insider headline is calling you a long time Mac user [TS]

  longtime supporter I don't know anybody had joined the team in 2003 you're not [TS]

  long time windows in 2005 [TS]

  both for a while one of the things that was never as good on that goes to his [TS]

  classic Mac OS was setting up printers like in the old days [TS]

  you know and it used to be that you had to get like an apple [TS]

  printer either one from Apple AAPL you believe it I used to make printers or [TS]

  you know like some kind of Apple compatible printer but it always just [TS]

  worked it was that may be the one of the canonical examples of the differences [TS]

  between Apple's it just works [TS]

  experience and the PC world you never had to worry about drivers anything like [TS]

  that you just plug it in there is shows up in your chooser you pick the printer [TS]

  and film it works like just was never a problem and in Pakistan I thought that [TS]

  just got worse and it was sort of the shift to industry-standard partners [TS]

  since sort of just that there's underpinnings of next whenever is hooked [TS]

  up to like you know the print world is Apple's classic Mac OS was but anyway I [TS]

  got better for a while this printer when I first got it was great [TS]

  its you go to the printer thing in System Preferences and there it is [TS]

  listed it plus there is listed it's like here's a bonus your printer is the one [TS]

  you want [TS]

  yes there is just the last week I went to print something and you know and I [TS]

  the only printer have any previews I hadn't changed it and it just said it [TS]

  can't be reached or something and it nothing with it just wouldn't come out [TS]

  like it was just the jobs were queuing up in that thing in the dock so I [TS]

  deleted it I deleted the printer and I went to reacted and it wasn't even [TS]

  listed and in the old and you know what I did I just thought US I'll print from [TS]

  Amy's wanted emailed it to Amy imprinted premies computer and it worked and then [TS]

  I'd just left it at that and I realized when I read your article that in the old [TS]

  days like three four five years ago when I I would have instantly thought it's [TS]

  got to be the printer and went upstairs and just turn the printer on and off and [TS]

  in fact that actually worked I did after you know act was the article that may be [TS]

  tested and went up turn the printer off turn it back on and then boom it just [TS]

  worked reconnecting it to my Mac so it was the printers fall but in the old [TS]

  days I would have just assumed it was the printers fault whereas now I thought [TS]

  skirt sums wrong with your sanity I think I've had the same issue and it's [TS]

  it's it's like I have the same issue with other yosemite Mack Center on the [TS]

  network so I think it's it's an issue with light with your somebody losing its [TS]

  its its connection to the printer losing its discovery of the princely see you [TS]

  there [TS]

  they they rewrote some part of the networking stack I don't know the [TS]

  details but they combine some of the discovery in and related stuff into this [TS]

  new thing called discovery d yes and and people keep reporting lot of WiFi and a [TS]

  network discovery issues with yosemite it's probably related to that because [TS]

  they changed a bunch of that to enable things like continuity and handoff and [TS]

  stuff like that and airdrops of the metal between the two so that stuff all [TS]

  changed in december is the most likely source of my spidey sense that was [TS]

  Yosemite probably israel it's just the solution of turning the printer off and [TS]

  on HP's it know it almost certainly isn't does it look at the same problem [TS]

  every Mac on the network I believe a lot of networking problems in in general and [TS]

  I go again not one networking issue but just you know [TS]

  description of it as the thousand paper cuts is exactly right is a big chunk of [TS]

  them seem to be working and not working as hard I mean like you know this is [TS]

  entirely like I don't think we know Apple has great people working for them [TS]

  we know that these aren't idiots doing this but the fact is like no point in [TS]

  the piece was there doing too much and and it's really starting to show it [TS]

  always feels like we're using like a 1.0 release or a bit like there used to be [TS]

  some kind of stability between betas and and the and the GM's it was never [TS]

  perfect but they used to be like a different feel like okay well stuff's [TS]

  gonna stop changing right before the diem by some interval time energy and [TS]

  will be a higher degree of quality than the betas were and then a couple [TS]

  revisions on the line when you have a good point three point four kind of [TS]

  rains it'll be really stable for the next year and a half until they release [TS]

  a new major version if you treated it used to be I think for for a number of [TS]

  years [TS]

  I would say it probably covers the years you're early years on the platform like [TS]

  that 2004 to 2008 09 as yeah . if you just had the conservative patients to [TS]

  treat every release as like minus one you do predict another trusted debaters [TS]

  are gonna suck and trust the DGM is really just a beta and then trust that [TS]

  1.0 release of the OS is really like a public beta and wait for like the first [TS]

  major public update after the 1.0 you know after system you know iOS 5.0 ships [TS]

  wait for 5.01 and maybe 5.02 and you have a really solid OS exactly and and [TS]

  these days it feels like we never reach that point of like a few point texts in [TS]

  and and now it's stable like now we are always in the beta 1.0 1.1 loop it seems [TS]

  and handling technically version wise they've they've passed 1.1 with some of [TS]

  these but like it just seems like we and any energy m seem so minimally different [TS]

  from the betas terms of quality like it used to be like it seems as though we [TS]

  debated that seems like there are they only get around to fixing Crashers you [TS]

  know the big one right and they never got around to the cleanup and its guy [TS]

  English his point that the annual cycle means that and you know we're probably [TS]

  hitting a point right now where a lot of Engineering town that Apple is probably [TS]

  going towards the releases of what I you know I'm guessing will be iOS and system [TS]

  ten-point 11 exactly like this cycle it doesn't leave time for stability really [TS]

  it doesn't leave time for all those boring little bug fixes to be applied to [TS]

  the old ancient version that we're all still using because it nothing ever gets [TS]

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  needing website while you're listening to it on the show it's eating it in your [TS]

  mind so that when you hit that situation where school to spend $4,000 on a [TS]

  website that you say no you don't do that I wanna go back to what you were [TS]

  talking about in in the US in my notes here for the show talk about Deb [TS]

  relations and I think it's a big part of the problem that we're talking about [TS]

  here and I think Apple's developer relations is overwhelmed now I don't [TS]

  know the numbers and so it's this ballpark figure but for talking with [TS]

  somebody at Apple they they're brough estimate is that Microsoft Web Developer [TS]

  Relations team is somewhere between 10 and 50 times larger than apples and [TS]

  fifty and he was like I wouldn't be surprised and if you're like a serious [TS]

  and you have never been I've never written a god damn line of code for [TS]

  Windows but you know the basic idea is if you're a professional developer and [TS]

  doing some kind of serious work on Windows you can get the attention of [TS]

  somebody competent and who can get stuff done on their developer relations team [TS]

  and so if you're being driven up the wall by this obscure bug in a framework [TS]

  you can get you may not get a solution right away and you certainly may not you [TS]

  know it's may not get a version of Windows release that has a fix for it [TS]

  right away but you can at least get somebody's attention to get it in front [TS]

  of the right people and it doesn't feel like when you're reporting things to [TS]

  Microsoft doesn't feel like you're you know just filing things into a black [TS]

  hole and that Apple's developer relations not that they're not [TS]

  well-meaning but that they're just overwhelmed absolutely positively [TS]

  overwhelmed and it's it's like Microsoft Developer Relations team is of a size [TS]

  that is appropriate for a company that had and saw as its rightful place that [TS]

  90% of all software in the world is written for it and Apple's developer [TS]

  relations is still have a scale of a company that has like three or four [TS]

  percent of the software in the world will also like the the whole structure [TS]

  of how how it's set up with the public or with the developers is radically [TS]

  different from the set up at the way Apple's a setup is is it's fairly [TS]

  hostile at first like Apple appears to be this brick wall that you have no way [TS]

  in like there's there is nowhere on as far as I know I don't think there's [TS]

  there's like a list or an email address to ask a developer evangelist question [TS]

  so I guess I just serviced by I've always wondered why is there a public [TS]

  list anywhere of who the apple of Angeles even are and if you search [TS]

  Google for Apple Developer evangelists nowhere on on the first page is anything [TS]

  from Apple there's there's a git hub just where somebody else some random [TS]

  person has compiled the list from WDC and and has a question marks on it too [TS]

  like this every every year to BBC you can always tell hit in the first few [TS]

  days if you look around some of the bigger sessions the very last slide they [TS]

  will show the presenter's name their email address and their title that is [TS]

  usually the first time you see their title it is almost certainly the first [TS]

  time you see their email address and you look around the room at next logon [TS]

  screen for about eight seconds and you see half the room [TS]

  racing to write down that email address taking pictures of it yeah I've noticed [TS]

  that in recent years now [TS]

  yeah because like that's like this that's right the first time the most [TS]

  people say oh my god there's somebody who works in Apple in the developer [TS]

  group somewhere that I can contact us I think people worry rightfully that they [TS]

  want to write it down and get a picture of it now because who knows if they're [TS]

  gonna cut it out of the published version a lot of those videos [TS]

  mistakes out without laughter applause that economy lot like if all of a sudden [TS]

  this guy gets overwhelmed with the email maybe that you know they're going to [TS]

  take his email out so better kick it that way you can I know I think it's [TS]

  weird like that these people's job is to interact with the public with the [TS]

  developers at least the developer public about these frameworks in these areas of [TS]

  development there's no list on Apple site anywhere that list them like that's [TS]

  weird isn't it I don't think that it's malice I don't think it's that they [TS]

  don't mean well I in fact the people I know in Apple Developer Relations for [TS]

  the most part are great people and the least I had never met anybody like I [TS]

  would call unpleasant I would really sharp I think that they are overwhelmed [TS]

  though I think that they sure they've stepped up somewhat but I think for the [TS]

  most part thereof a basic magnitude that was appropriate for Apple ten fifteen [TS]

  years ago and now they're one of if not the most popular developer platform in [TS]

  the world and they're just overwhelmed again that the number that I heard from [TS]

  some guy got a rough estimate but that Microsoft's team is 10 to 50 cent [TS]

  10 to 50 times larger than my early different and this this list on github [TS]

  of Hoodia vendela sorry Apple has a twelve people on it it's a pretty small [TS]

  and they are you know if there is one that would explain a lot because you [TS]

  know even like there's there's developer relations managers are representatives [TS]

  like people say oh I talked to a developer rapper my developer Rep [TS]

  I don't know how you go about getting a developer rep for the first time 105 [TS]

  years that I hadn't happened after all been to paper and all the magazine I [TS]

  never I could never find one no one ever contacted me I didn't have a developer [TS]

  Epic if that even as a thing it wasn't until overcast that somebody is somebody [TS]

  emailed me from you know some press thing they reached out and so it wasn't [TS]

  really until that that I had like a contact that I could email at Apple to [TS]

  ask the question to or to bring concern to like he was like it wasn't until last [TS]

  year and I've been in the App Store since 2008 and and when I want to [TS]

  mention this to the person they just and let's not mince words with some success [TS]

  yeah I mean it's not you know you know it's not like you wrote you too but you [TS]

  know pretty popular apps right and and yet didn't matter and and when I mention [TS]

  this is this person that I had never found any contacts in about relations [TS]

  before they were like they were surprisingly really are you surely that [TS]

  that really thats like they were even surprised at that but like I don't think [TS]

  the people in the Developer Relations Division I don't think they have a good [TS]

  idea of how it looks from the outside of of how how the developer relations [TS]

  system and how Apple as a whole [TS]

  appears to and communicates with developers who are not in with somebody [TS]

  just what I've heard and I believe it and it definitely plays on developer [TS]

  relations but they're so overwhelmed [TS]

  relations that the wraps are just and they're not and not known and hard to [TS]

  initiate contact with and even once they do it just never becomes a priority that [TS]

  the whole internal color radar but and maybe it's maybe that's not just [TS]

  remember radar system database but the whole radar system is entirely geared [TS]

  internally toward fixing bugs from within Apple itself right so if you're [TS]

  on if you're writing you're one of the engineers on pages and you run into a [TS]

  text kid bug it gets taken care of exactly as you would think and it goes [TS]

  up the post gets put in front of the right person and they run your example [TS]

  project and say oh I see [TS]

  fix it and then you know it just works at all but it's there's nothing like [TS]

  that from the outside like it's like 99% internal and like 1% external and I'm [TS]

  not saying the balance should be fifty fifty you know I think it's obvious that [TS]

  of course Apple's gonna fix their own bugs first but it's it's just not even [TS]

  close and it's not even like oh poor US port third-party developers were not [TS]

  gonna bug fix its these are things that affect users everybody you know the bug [TS]

  work we're fighting for these bugs because they affect the experience of [TS]

  the users right exactly I don't know I mean I don't know how you solve this [TS]

  problem except by making certain parts of Apple much bigger and that's [TS]

  obviously not an easy thing to do like you know they're all the little man [TS]

  month kind of things like and I think it's a step up I think it's a scary [TS]

  thing for them to do to you know they've seen it over the you know everybody's [TS]

  seen this industry for 20 years and everybody knows that Microsoft got a lot [TS]

  bigger and then it got it got slow and lumbering and they also you know they're [TS]

  gonna have trouble staffing up possibly because when you work for Apple you have [TS]

  you know you have to first of all you have to be there like they don't do [TS]

  remote work for most things that have a couple remote offices for certainly [TS]

  isolated projects but for the most part they don't do remote work so you have to [TS]

  be there [TS]

  they're competing with everyone else in the Silicon Valley region for top talent [TS]

  and that is that is extremely competitive and and I would imagine they [TS]

  probably have trouble retaining a lot of these good people because like i mean [TS]

  you know we know tons of times like our friends and people we knew that Apple [TS]

  who like they were an apple for a while and then they want to go out and try [TS]

  being iOS developer or being being a Mac Developer themselves independently [TS]

  because when you're in Apple you can have side projects is funny about being [TS]

  a developer relations rap is even more because your job is reaching out to [TS]

  other people and they're gonna be like wow you're awesome if you're if you are [TS]

  if you're like an iOS expert who has worked for Apple that's a pretty good [TS]

  qualifier I would imagine it makes you pretty valuable on the market so I [TS]

  expect they probably have a lot of trouble [TS]

  first attracting and retaining great talent there in addition to any cultural [TS]

  issues that and challenges that would come with trying to grow the company is [TS]

  substantially larger so but I don't really see a way around that being the [TS]

  eventual outcome like I don't think they can keep the company the current size [TS]

  and I know they also have issues with like they don't have the space for the [TS]

  bill was John new campus like they're out of room to but you know it's there's [TS]

  all these problems but you know they're these problems are just can't disappear [TS]

  and III I think they are working towards I hope they're working towards that but [TS]

  I think there's going to be some uncomfortable migration uncomfortable [TS]

  growth as the company becomes a bigger organization but I think it has to be [TS]

  yeah I think people are a third-party developers are exercising things that [TS]

  just don't get exercised within Apple you know I would say like the extensions [TS]

  are perfect example of that [TS]

  sharing extensions where I knew they would be used for but the things that [TS]

  Apple itself really want to they're there they were already there anyway [TS]

  because if Apple collectively agreed hey this should be in the sharing extension [TS]

  for everybody that it was built into the systems [TS]

  sharing panel was only one third-party developers started doing it but note [TS]

  that thing is so full of little tiny bugs like the way that when you reorder [TS]

  them and just want a little things like that you know it's a perfect example [TS]

  something that did to me doesn't quite work right then and there is there's a [TS]

  couple a little by little limitations then there have been pretty big [TS]

  ramifications i believe it was Brian [TS]

  ramifications i believe it was Brian [TS]

  high rates of tumblr made a nice blog post right before I was 18 out listing [TS]

  like all the little challenges that they had with the top tension and yeah he did [TS]

  the right thing he reported the malls radars listed all the radar numbers in [TS]

  the post and everything but you know they they they actually like i remember [TS]

  i dont public anyway so what we learned building the iOS tumblr iOS share [TS]

  extension yet exactly exactly so it will be in the show so we have we have the [TS]

  system itself in as bugs it has limitations it's you know that's got to [TS]

  get better and you know hopefully it will over time I probably well but I [TS]

  think you know and and all the stuff around the a projection is pretty [TS]

  substantially worse to like all the rejections around as I think what we're [TS]

  seeing is the the policy from Apple is pretty clear the policy is the implied [TS]

  policy rather is keyboards should not contain anything that isn't a keyboard [TS]

  like you know it shouldn't be able to do anything that is not like text entry you [TS]

  know it shouldn't be issued have any other cool features built-in calculator [TS]

  built on your keyboard like the obviously like this is the implied rule [TS]

  your keyboard should only be a key part of some sort [TS]

  no extras can put a virgin a desert golfing and has a keyboard correct [TS]

  similarly your today view your today extension or whatever they're called [TS]

  your today view should or must be in general a quick glance kind of thing it [TS]

  shouldn't be the place where you spend time it shouldn't be a place where you [TS]

  complete a long running task it should just be a quick view those are the [TS]

  implied rules but they won't come out and say that they they won't codify that [TS]

  and say this is the rule to high-level rule this should only be used for this [TS]

  like that's clearly what they want but what they're saying instead is well try [TS]

  to draw the line exactly where like more precisely where there should be more [TS]

  low-level they say well you can't have buttons at lunch or after you can [TS]

  complete the task or you can have too many buttons are you can't this kind of [TS]

  knew you can't simulate [TS]

  keyboard today really they try to come up with all these little tiny [TS]

  explanations of lower level implementation detailed rules but that's [TS]

  clearly not like those are all just you know that the data somebody not wanting [TS]

  to state the real rule the higher-level richter's this system is intended only [TS]

  for this you can all you're only allowed to do this and it's just not I don't [TS]

  know I don't know why they won't just say the higher level I think that would [TS]

  actually generate less controversy and would be easier for developers to follow [TS]

  and to not like say certainly some developer well does this count but you [TS]

  know you see the hell of a ruling that would give you some idea like if I stray [TS]

  from this it's going to be rocky territory after an objection risk i I [TS]

  think the absence of definitely plays into it I don't know how different that [TS]

  is from typical Dave relations but it ought to be tied up cuz it's in Apple's [TS]

  view the App Store is an app for iOS it absolutely is the only way other than [TS]

  that enterprise stuff you know it's the only way it's it's an inextricable part [TS]

  of the development process so App Store problems should be considered developer [TS]

  relations problems it the whole thing like with the pain the recent things [TS]

  panic has gone through and like where they had the issue with their saving [TS]

  feature in transmitted where you know they didn't want to be able to save to [TS]

  iCloud drive and therefore they had to take the whole thing out because even [TS]

  the stuff that hooks up to Dropbox and because there's no control over [TS]

  that you know I wrote about it [TS]

  couple other people wrote about it and then you know Senior Center mines [TS]

  prevailed and ok got it fixed and there's this whole and everybody agrees [TS]

  on everybody that you shouldn't have to have you know during fireball publish it [TS]

  to get your story [TS]

  text you shouldn't have to go public to get that and you shouldn't have to be of [TS]

  the prominence of panic to do that you know like some upstart who nobody's [TS]

  heard of yet should be able to get the steno the same reasonable correction [TS]

  with an App Store problem that panic right and they have they have the appeal [TS]

  system set up there so in theory this should work you should be able to go to [TS]

  the appeal which like you know from what I understand so you know that you have [TS]

  the reviewers among level and foreign interests and the appeal doesn't just go [TS]

  to the same people goes to a level above those people and so if some reviewers [TS]

  made a bad call the appeal should work the system that's in place there should [TS]

  work [TS]

  the question is why doesn't it work as well as run to the press like right into [TS]

  the press and making a big stink yet it's gonna work it by the way of PR work [TS]

  that that's going to work a little bit better you know on occasion but it [TS]

  shouldn't work so much better it shouldn't be like that and in panic even [TS]

  set up in panic will see these things in the nicest way possible because they [TS]

  don't wanna start earning and stuff but but you know they even said like it's [TS]

  unfortunate but you know this method is what works and we've gotten a Q branch [TS]

  we've gotten bugs fixed because we know people who work on the framework that [TS]

  we're having a problem with and we could you know I think literally at WABC Brent [TS]

  had like coffee with somebody and showed the example price which he had already [TS]

  submitted months ago in a radar you know here's a simple 39 example prod project [TS]

  that shows the bug exactly he got to show it to a guy from the framework team [TS]

  right in his face you know not a confrontational you know brand but it [TS]

  was you know drinking coffee at the hotel bar and I see I know if there is [TS]

  any like you know made a note of it and but you shouldn't have to know somebody [TS]

  and have coffee with an engineer [TS]

  you know it's just because Brent knew that you know known for years that [TS]

  doesn't skip to say that that doesn't scale is you know self-evident right i [TS]

  mean so you have in the reality of the iOS ecosystem and the Mac the reality of [TS]

  the Apple ecosystem is that you have the official channels up later use this [TS]

  tremendous wall and filter [TS]

  and you know what you said only makes sense that they are extremely [TS]

  understaffed these areas or they they're not selling very well that that explains [TS]

  a lot because it seems like we're the general public is is shown to go is just [TS]

  a law that is extremely ineffective has very few ways in and it is just very [TS]

  off-putting and and just you know they're they're trying to deflect it to [TS]

  me it's like when you call the company and you get put on hold for 35 minutes [TS]

  and some text menu that really want you to follow a self-help options like they [TS]

  don't want you to get in through the public way because they can't handle it [TS]

  all then you have all of us going through at the side door could you know [TS]

  somebody and that ends up working better that's not good like that you should be [TS]

  embarrassing that should be a major problem it seems like something they [TS]

  could fix because you know again I think the biggest problem is what you said [TS]

  which is just that hiring talented people in general is hard and especially [TS]

  hard in the valley but you know that's what works money and guess what Apple [TS]

  has to have money so I I can't help but think it is fixable and you know that [TS]

  they have to always keep everybody Cupertino right like the things like [TS]

  there are parts of their business that can be easily on so that's what location [TS]

  like I work in Pittsburgh like they like there are parts of Apple's business they [TS]

  can be other places and and I think I think gus was saying they're opening up [TS]

  an office in Seattle yeah so like it looks like they might be starting to be [TS]

  more willing to bring this out a little bit but yeah I think the Seattle office [TS]

  is going to be cloud stuff that's the rumor I don't know I don't have any good [TS]

  but yes I i think you know they they they need to start breaking down some of [TS]

  these barriers with themselves of like the way they do way they've always done [TS]

  things or the or the kind of the rules I haven't really given a severance to work [TS]

  on site you better make more sites because more places because that's like [TS]

  they have to become a bigger company there are so many areas where there [TS]

  clearly understaffed under-resourced and as it is not for money like it's it's [TS]

  not because of money [TS]

  far as we can tell unless they foresee a near-term future where they're not going [TS]

  to have so many third party developers and I i don't see how they could [TS]

  possibly think that because it doesn't see I don't see how that's possible they [TS]

  they really need a bigger developer relations team much bigger like tractor [TS]

  factor of 10 with not just ahead Campbell with authority within the [TS]

  company to to get issues escalated and put in front of the right people and [TS]

  there's this week is going on in this has been the topic of the week I'm [TS]

  thinking my should my thinking has shifted more and more that it's a lot [TS]

  more a developer relations problem and lot less to do to what I initially had [TS]

  been thinking for a long time which is the annual release cycle of the two OS's [TS]

  why did the two different problems I mean I don't think so and i think it's [TS]

  you know it's clearly multivariable and those are both definitely two of the [TS]

  variables absolutely but my thinking has shifted in terms of which one is a [TS]

  bigger problem and I think to which one to my eyes measures with the timeline of [TS]

  what I am scene i've you know i think that it's as iOS has gotten more [TS]

  complicated and therefore there are more things that could go wrong and as the [TS]

  ratio of developers to develop relations people within Apple has gotten more and [TS]

  more absurd that correlates to me to my eyes with the shift in quality and again [TS]

  I think hockenberry nailed it it's like loose screws it's the software [TS]

  equivalent of loose screws yeah just like sloppy little flaws that aren't [TS]

  fatal but I mean the I think these problems are intertwined you know like [TS]

  like it's hard it's hard to say well developer relations is possible for a [TS]

  general decline in quality and Apple software and services right to simple [TS]

  that way to sample right now but if you look at certain parts you can say light [TS]

  well [TS]

  if there if they're saying that they're not seeing more bugs being reported and [TS]

  therefore they don't know what problems to fix they don't have enough [TS]

  information to fix them why aren't more books being reported and then you can [TS]

  start following that rebel 200 well actually this is related to develop [TS]

  relations or related to the bug reporting system related to the way the [TS]

  image Apple has among developers and the personality like the the personality of [TS]

  individual people with an Apple ads I've spoken with over the 90 couldn't [TS]

  possibly be more different than the public persona of Apple the public [TS]

  persona of Apple is as it's a brick wall and it's it's pretty terse and it's [TS]

  pretty unwelcoming to developers and and to public input of any kind really yeah [TS]

  but the individual people I have met and spoken with an apple or the complete [TS]

  opposite there there are friendly normal people there are friends like so when [TS]

  they get there and he take enormous pride in your work you can if you are [TS]

  lucky enough to get your bug in front of the person who can I can engineer who [TS]

  can fix it that they're going to take care of it they are offended by any and [TS]

  all books right because they're good engineers like so so what is the [TS]

  distance here is a process issue is it a policy issue is a just like inertia [TS]

  going in the wrong direction certain things I don't know but the issues and [TS]

  Apple are seemingly seemingly deep-rooted it's something that's like [TS]

  not budging you know what's up some part of the culture inside or the other [TS]

  process the way things are done is it needs to be modernized and in and it [TS]

  hasn't been yet and that's not an easy thing to do you know that's mean I don't [TS]

  know anyone big companies but I wonder how much to the historical artifacts of [TS]

  the size of their developer relations team being relatively small how much of [TS]

  a trade leads to not just the fact that ten fifteen twenty years ago Apple was a [TS]

  smaller company be far fewer users and see had far fewer developers but also [TS]

  with the peculiar nature of the third party to modernize peculiar to our [TS]

  current eyes [TS]

  of that it was dominated by just like three or four huge companies Adobe [TS]

  Microsoft you know gossip farmer and Macromedia you know you know maybe more [TS]

  than 45 but you know that you just 10 11 12 big big developers who I think and by [TS]

  all accounts and I heard you know did have you know like platinum card [TS]

  developer relations treatment from Apple and that they were there sort of built [TS]

  up for that sort of world yeah that's that's a very very good point I mean [TS]

  it's a lot of Apple like even if you look like the SVP roles you know why why [TS]

  is the entire developer relations system under the head of marketing why is the [TS]

  entire cloud infrastructure system why the same guy responsible for the entire [TS]

  cloud obstruction system and also negotiating deals with record labels [TS]

  like like I I think they need they need to get wider as an organization they [TS]

  need like more divisions and they need each they need these divisions to have [TS]

  like me no more more power at the top or more say and like I said I i treated a [TS]

  while ago if you want to see a play areas where apple doesn't do so well [TS]

  look at which St P's have way too much on their plate well I did and then again [TS]

  I don't think it's like personally I don't think Phil Schiller and EQ are you [TS]

  know we get their jobs I'm saying like if that's the relation to structured [TS]

  where all these things are under like you know like fairly disparate things [TS]

  are under one organization with one person representing the top I think [TS]

  that's too much on their plate if anything it's that they're effective at [TS]

  their jobs I mean I was was explicit it was a rare instance where they publicly [TS]

  said they added maps to any Q's play you know they usually they don't make [TS]

  announcements like that publicly but forestall thing was had to be done so [TS]

  much publicly [TS]

  and the explanation was Eddie you know get stuff done so [TS]

  maps need stuff done so now it's a tease and at you know truth be told Maps has [TS]

  gotten significantly better yeah people still people point to maps maps is a bad [TS]

  example in my opinion because maps is a product that I think it's clearly headed [TS]

  in the right direction is it possible that it could be headed in that [TS]

  direction faster I guess of course you can always do somewhat better and is it [TS]

  is it is good quality wise is Google Maps know but thats I think that's [TS]

  mainly because Google still has the pedal to the metal on Google Maps and [TS]

  Google is improving Google Maps a very quick rate and so Apple maps might lag [TS]

  behind it for years to come until they sort of get to the you know the point of [TS]

  diminishing returns were there both in as close to perfect as they can get [TS]

  I think that's a bad example cuz I think they're getting a lot better [TS]

  well i i disagree with with with the chances of me as being you know [TS]

  eventually tie up with you gonna be like those kind of large big data problems [TS]

  Apple has never shown they're very good at them they they where we're at the [TS]

  couple gets a bum rap is is the general cloud services I think maps today Apple [TS]

  maps today is already better than Google Maps was a few years ago I'm not quite [TS]

  sure how many of you with that but I get I get I used to get bad bad driving [TS]

  directions from Google Maps you know it was always better it was just like with [TS]

  search where I was I guess I used MapQuest before and right when I [TS]

  switched to Google Maps it was like this is better and it wouldn't do stupid [TS]

  things like getting me from my house to you know i 95 [TS]

  Jamie reasonable directions [TS]

  for the first few steps of a trip in my experience i mean again this is sort of [TS]

  thing where everybody depending on where you live maybe having different results [TS]

  but I think Apple maps is already better than Google Maps used to be some number [TS]

  of years ago it's not as good as Google Maps is today but it's it's getting [TS]

  there I'm like I don't think that it's why I think it's already good enough [TS]

  that it's proved that they can do a large dataset problem to some degree of [TS]

  quality AppStore search and I cry I but I think overall that's happening now [TS]

  that is a great example [TS]

  App Store search is a great example of something that's always been shit is [TS]

  still shit and there's no evidence at all that they're getting better at it [TS]

  that they've hired anybody you know to me the solution is so obvious just find [TS]

  someone who's done a good work at like being a Google search and hire a team [TS]

  event you know coach a team of engineers with experience it one of the successful [TS]

  search engines I think the problem there is no in general the the App Store at [TS]

  the store itself not the politics going on behind the pilot the store itself the [TS]

  interface to the store the the infrastructure that runs the store that [TS]

  the store apps themselves the categories in the store the the ability that the [TS]

  store pages have like two different field descriptions like all the stuff [TS]

  that stuff changes incredibly slowly a lot of it has never changed it like it [TS]

  the App Store it seems like the Install button for Yosemite App Store still [TS]

  looks like the old Mac OS and and and the boys if you think the iOS App Store [TS]

  Abbas is little rough around the edges the Mac App Store [TS]

  pretty rough that's that's been a frequent source of bugs it's it's just [TS]

  it's just rough it the the iPhone one is the least bad the iPad one is kind of [TS]

  pretty bad and the Mac one is really bad but anyway like all that stuff it seems [TS]

  like I don't think this is an instance of like this team needs fifty more [TS]

  engineers I think it's an instance of [TS]

  think this is good enough and that's that's what frustrates me about the app [TS]

  story and and its various quality issues and I'm not talking about like you know [TS]

  the policies in this case I met you talk about the store like the actual app [TS]

  store itself there are so many things they could do that would make it better [TS]

  that they seem to think they don't need to do but overall though I I think [TS]

  Apple's cloud services get a bum rap I think if you look at what what we do on [TS]

  our Apple devices that rely on Apple's cloud services most of it just works [TS]

  fine and it's again it's that error rate multiplier thing like the edges stick [TS]

  out and then we all scream and say Apple's cloud services suck but the [TS]

  reality is like most of the biggest [TS]

  as far as I know what I would expect at least the biggest Apple cloud service is [TS]

  the system that delivers push notifications and I message and that [TS]

  works extremely well and if you think about the scale of its operating on [TS]

  that's insane like the the the the amount of messages to get delivered in [TS]

  like all my interactions with that serve as a developer like the the servers that [TS]

  that take in push requests are just lightning-fast like it will take [TS]

  requests as quickly as your network on stream them to it it it it it never [TS]

  fails I've never had a connection error report of any of those tasks that run on [TS]

  my servers like it was one that wasn't my fault my network it is ridiculous how [TS]

  that system works from what I've heard cloud kit works I mean I haven't used it [TS]

  yet but her cloud cover Salt Lake this this new infrastructure of their [TS]

  building cloud on that the building of the photo library stuff on all the [TS]

  indications so far it is little early but all indications so far say that [TS]

  thats rock-solid so it does seem like most of their cloud services do work and [TS]

  are solid but you did you definitely hear about the ones that don't yeah yeah [TS]

  so I think the people who are holding that stuff up as examples of this sort [TS]

  are wrong [TS]

  me take a break and i wanna talk I guess the last time we talked about would be [TS]

  the annual schedule maybe we can talk about that crazy new MacBook that mark [TS]

  fuhrman says it's coming at severe no I don't wanna have just bought a you say [TS]

  that now know my MacBook Pros is what I want I want is you still have your 11 I [TS]

  do I'm actually recording this but all I literally all I use it for is to record [TS]

  the show and to take a look at anything it's still running 10.9 so to take a [TS]

  look at anything in the old you I that I want it what was it like when you put it [TS]

  we do before you're so many right that the only two things I use this machine [TS]

  does it look totally garrison outdated no yes it's been such a short time [TS]

  looking at 10.9 is my god it's ridiculous it's not quite as ridiculous [TS]

  as looking at pre iOS 7 iOS because they are they never quite blamed where they [TS]

  do that at one point and left it there it's even worse when like so that it so [TS]

  you now using right now I'm actual time right right so how bad is it when you [TS]

  see a 9-12 by 11 inch as as the unwritten screen and you know I did what [TS]

  I got a Mac Mini for some some artillery duties here it's it runs headless but we [TS]

  have we have an older 27 inch LED whatever cinema display in the closet so [TS]

  I took that out to set it up and so I had time I kept going back and forth [TS]

  between my 27 inch iMac 27 is unable to play which at the time it came out was [TS]

  an amazing this political sell it it's now one out the nobel I have the pre [TS]

  anyway yeah like incredibly good looking bright nice colors great you know great [TS]

  prices great contrast liked by all specs it is an amazing player when it came out [TS]

  I remember I had some other like HP monitor and I looked at my God my crap [TS]

  compared to this wonderful Apple monitor and the hell that they have written a [TS]

  version of that same thing basically [TS]

  going between the two as I was like the first time I saw the definable the [TS]

  non-revenue 10 is this the wrong solution like what is what is wrong with [TS]

  it looks terrible at what oh my god this was normal I looked at this all day like [TS]

  it's sounds awful but it's it's it's such a difference but I would imagine [TS]

  looking back at Mavericks once you're accustomed to yosemite it probably looks [TS]

  quite ridiculous [TS]

  the other thing that makes me think I might not like if assuming that the [TS]

  government thing is true that well we'll talk about it but i dont im don't think [TS]

  I would like the keyboard I'm concerned get too close together [TS]

  yeah that's the thing I never lied to my living in chair and not that I don't [TS]

  know but close enough but that doesn't have the key travel that the bigger [TS]

  power books do and it's one of the now while he's mine didn't I got them I 11 [TS]

  inch air is the last error that doesn't have keys that light up if you have a [TS]

  2010 yeah it was the only one that ever it was only like that the first one did [TS]

  the 2008 old crappy one that did light up then they they 2010 was initially [TS]

  didn't and they brought it back in 2011 now the keys when you press them don't [TS]

  go as far down as on other power books and it's the nicest the single nicest [TS]

  thing about the well the screens at this thing but that second assisting after [TS]

  the Retina screen is that keyboard I just totally news to me i i thought they [TS]

  all use the same part like all theall the current Apple keyboard was the exact [TS]

  same in all of them you know and for obvious reasons the main thing I use a [TS]

  PowerBook for instead of I still looks amazing I use a Mac before instead of an [TS]

  iPad in any situation is typing right right nice keyboard so I'm worried about [TS]

  that anyway we talked about her third to sponsor it's another longtime friend of [TS]

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  great product can't believe that you buy it for him for 15 bucks you just can't [TS]

  believe that 15 bucks great company so the annual schedule that's gonna go to [TS]

  delete some podcasts you but i wanna talk about the annual schedule which i [TS]

  think is for Yosemite in iOS which have stuck to for a couple of years and as a [TS]

  source for this trend that we're seeing and I think part of this too is sort of [TS]

  from within Apple is sort of a they can't winds in the area because in the [TS]

  early years of the iPhone 2007 2008 the Mac they admitted even had a press [TS]

  release the London had to publicly say we pulled engineers from Pakistan [TS]

  to help get the news you know I was 2.0 out the door i that was less yes we're [TS]

  delaying the Mac OS till October I think it was to come out at WWDC in June right [TS]

  now is not coming out to October you know Steve Jobs even has his name on you [TS]

  know you know that that you know that that hurt them to have to say something [TS]

  like that nothing bad happened as a result of that no but there might even [TS]

  saying something better for it I'm just sayin know that I feel like within Apple [TS]

  they're like proud of the fact that they've gotten to the point where they [TS]

  can do keep both OS's in state of constant development you know well I [TS]

  don't think either yosemite or aid is so bad that I wish I hadn't upgraded no [TS]

  they're not and that's that's the problem he gets it maybe maybe this is [TS]

  part of the problem like they're not bad enough that like alarm bells are going [TS]

  off right but the rate of tiny paper cuts seems to be increasing yeah and I [TS]

  don't like is it is it is you know if they're going to do that is this the end [TS]

  is this the way it has to be you know is there no way to either they slow down [TS]

  one or the other operating systems or this is what we're gonna get I gotta [TS]

  know well I I don't think a slowing down would necessarily be that bad i mean you [TS]

  know I'm right now we're going through a future a few big transitions in the OS's [TS]

  and we will be going for them over the last couple of releases where you know [TS]

  iowa 7 was the massive redesign in addition to a whole buncha new [TS]

  frameworks under the hood I ate at the whole extension system which is a pretty [TS]

  substantial thing and the whole the whole idea of having these cross in turn [TS]

  in application not just extensions in particular extensions right one version [TS]

  of [TS]

  but the way that so much of what how we interact with the system is going [TS]

  through these species species stuff and so instead of having things that run in [TS]

  Europe and if they go bad crash out there outside Europe in a sandbox and [TS]

  it's it's not just one thing like sharing extensions it's a whole bunch of [TS]

  things it's a big transition and so we're going through transitions like [TS]

  that you know they so maybe the last few releases have just been bigger than than [TS]

  their leases will usually be you know maybe this problem will will settle down [TS]

  in the next couple of releases just by nature of they've now they've been there [TS]

  now on the other side of these giant transitions but unlike you know when you [TS]

  call something a stable release some part of it is just like a marketing [TS]

  value some part of it is like you know we're going to declare this explains 0 [TS]

  and that's reason number doesn't mean anything but you could always choose to [TS]

  just put less in each one and and still kinda have the best of both worlds but [TS]

  some part of it also is a good guy was simply the way that the the whole [TS]

  development pace of like how how the year is spent half the time between [TS]

  releases a spent between like you know watching fixing the bugs then you know [TS]

  kind of quiet period research developing the next day off and then and then you [TS]

  know betta for the next thing and then launch the next thing that will still be [TS]

  a problem that will still be this compressed version even if you guys do [TS]

  less in each person I still the only better than we have now doing a lot in [TS]

  each version and release them every year I also you know it's important to point [TS]

  out for the marketing value of this that this is a pretty young thing it isn't [TS]

  young for iPhones necessarily you know most iPhones have caused have coincided [TS]

  with new iOS releases or at least been fairly close to them but they don't have [TS]

  to be no I think there's always been I don't think there's ever been an iPhone [TS]

  that hasn't coincided with a new [TS]

  unless it's just that I couldn't think of a continued the earlier ones know [TS]

  there's never been land they've never been one that can run the old OS and [TS]

  some of them like in the iOS three hours for era were not so heavily new features [TS]

  and you know was little bit more you know just expanding the foundation but [TS]

  it was always a new point out to coincide with the new phone right but [TS]

  then sometimes they haven't been that way like iPads like the affairs of the [TS]

  first iPad with iOS 3.2 it was a special build a special track for the iPad right [TS]

  that wasn't unified until iOS 4.2 or 4.1 it was it was even I was for the first [TS]

  time the iPhone wasn't even running the iPad and then for her 14 points to unify [TS]

  them so they have released heart is that much of the recent high-profile Harbor [TS]

  has launched with newest versions but not all of it has and when it hasnt [TS]

  nothing bad happened like they were there was no real downside to the iPad [TS]

  shipping with 3.2 instead of waiting for 4 p.m. to be ready to ship the hardware [TS]

  products there was also no major downside to the iPad not even getting [TS]

  four Pinocchios it wasn't ready yet [TS]

  like you know a few people but it wasn't it wasn't a huge deal and it didn't hurt [TS]

  the sales of the iPad really it didn't hurt the iPhone it didn't hurt I was for [TS]

  like it just didn't it wasn't a big deal right famously the iPad in particular [TS]

  add more explosive sales in those early years than it has now you know the [TS]

  reasons but still so you know max are released all the time and if if if a new [TS]

  version of Mac OS 10 is going to be due soon they'll tell usually hold it seemed [TS]

  like an iMac will usually hold it for that for that same event then they'll [TS]

  ship together but you know a Mac could be released next month and it'll run the [TS]

  OS that's from four months ago over five months ago never and doesn't matter [TS]

  nothing nothing bad happens no one says all Apple should have listened to us [TS]

  with these new MacBook Airs like no doesn't matter at all [TS]

  doesn't even come up so I question the value of having this dislike lockstep of [TS]

  of major OS is tied to major hard early as i think is mostly self-imposed I [TS]

  think they do it that way because they like to do it that way or they think [TS]

  they should do it that way but when it hasn't gone that way I think the market [TS]

  has spoken loud and clear that it doesn't really matter [TS]

  yeah I kind of agree with that I do you know and I don't think that it's a [TS]

  superficial is that they want to do it so that they have more to show in the [TS]

  keynote but you know I think there's something loosely along those lines over [TS]

  they they you know it's easier easier to market when there's more new features [TS]

  right and that's what I mean when I say that marketing is becoming to higher [TS]

  priority it's it's not that like his and that no one of things but I never said [TS]

  the marketing department because I what I didn't want to say is like Phil [TS]

  Schiller is personally controlling apple and killing the battery is goals I guess [TS]

  that's not what that's not what I meant I mean that the the idea of marketing [TS]

  the benefits of this annual schedule and of locked up in them with the hardware [TS]

  that is too high priority that is taking priority seemingly over software quality [TS]

  and that is what I have a problem with and that and that is not a departmental [TS]

  thing as far as I know you know I don't I don't think there is presently taking [TS]

  over the company in having these bad sorry I seriously doubt that I think [TS]

  it's like the company has decided as a whole at the high level like this [TS]

  schedule is is right for the company this is what we're going to do we're [TS]

  going to we're going to have these anywhere leases were going to you know [TS]

  tidy things lockstep so that hardware releases with software yeah and I've [TS]

  always said you know I think you see your point is well put and I i've always [TS]

  said that [TS]

  marketing at apple doesn't work like it does it a lot of other companies I don't [TS]

  know about most other companies I don't know but I think the traditional way [TS]

  where marketing is like icing on the cake and it's like products go through [TS]

  development and when you're done being developed a hand them over to marketing [TS]

  and marketing figures out a box and a tagline promises it you know it's it's [TS]

  better I've always said that one way to think of it is it be better than you'd [TS]

  better understand Phil Schiller's responsibilities if you took the word [TS]

  marketing out of his title and just thought of him as senior vice president [TS]

  of product exactly its inextricably time you know it the advertising of the [TS]

  products the marketing of the products is inextricably tied to the development [TS]

  of the products from the get-go it's it's one in the same rally they're not [TS]

  they're not going to make a product that there's no clear market for the doesn't [TS]

  fit into their marketing messages all right and that makes their marketing I [TS]

  think refreshingly honest that what they are bragging about about their products [TS]

  is usually true I mean most of their marketing is like here is what our [TS]

  product is . they don't need that much more when the MacBook Air Force came out [TS]

  and they had to add work him out of an envelope and they really look at this [TS]

  laptop its crazy thinning Crazy Light well that's exactly what it was [TS]

  yeah there was no no spin on it no lie you know we'll get to in a few minutes [TS]

  but maybe something I i think the the annual review cycle i think is a major [TS]

  part of the quality problems the quality decline did I think precede it is the [TS]

  end of your cycle is pretty yummy what are they started with Lion [TS]

  I think it when they went from line two mountain lion that was the first one [TS]

  year and if ya was a little bit more than a year it was [TS]

  i'm looking at the Wikipedia page now Mac OS 10 10.7 Lion shipped in October [TS]

  2010 and mountain lion was announced February 2012 that was Trevor a 2012 [TS]

  that was the one where they had like the private briefings killer told you to do [TS]

  things differently now [TS]

  yeah yeah yeah yeah I think that was when this started was was roughly then [TS]

  you know that they meant there is but so you know that I should say yes I i maybe [TS]

  I i overemphasize the cyclical nature of Apple we've really only had two releases [TS]

  that follow the current cycle of a June announcement and in October debut right [TS]

  I have been working system because the phone schedule has been pretty much the [TS]

  same shifted from June to September whatever but otherwise yeah getting a [TS]

  summer 10 designer right exactly but overall i phone has been consistent it [TS]

  only really matters become inconsistent recently that is now consistent and it [TS]

  used to be annual in the early years because it was so bad and yes [TS]

  improvement was young [TS]

  yeah I like now it's like i don't see that as a Mac user I don't really see a [TS]

  lot of value in having the the main OS I use for all of my work frequently I [TS]

  don't see the point that the only reason I got yosemite when I did was I bought a [TS]

  new computer came with it I would have waited probably until a point to most [TS]

  likely before install it I never thought enameled pewter I only because the new [TS]

  computer game with it and can't be downgraded end because like I am very [TS]

  risk-averse with my work computer right like if I'm in the middle of a project [TS]

  which I almost always AM I will put off any updates [TS]

  even even an ex point to 6.3 like I'll put that off until I'm like done editing [TS]

  the podcast week just in case something bad happens you know something like that [TS]

  yeah my way is always been a computer at my desk that my quote mean computer [TS]

  I'll keep that in a conservative base and then have a laptop give two craps [TS]

  about if not I don't care about it but that I don't care if you get buggy [TS]

  then I'll install developer beta zone in my lifetime actually runs the it sits on [TS]

  the Use Somebody baited mainly through the App Store so yeah so much content [TS]

  and two orders yeah I regretted terribly that actually use a computer that's [TS]

  actually not been a problem for me [TS]

  well there's one particular bug that really it's driving me nuts [TS]

  diction and I know how universal is but for me at least you know the dictionary [TS]

  lookup feature you can do I change my shortcut I think the standard one maybe [TS]

  control command D IIC I was forgot that I still want the dictionary app from [TS]

  swallowed every time or you know this is a crucial case you can triple tap on the [TS]

  trackpad over a word not click Tamara or triple tap and you get it online [TS]

  dictionary lookup of whatever word you want to use it all the time that's it [TS]

  crashes Mars edit it doesn't crash BBEdit button BBEdit it leaves the [TS]

  yellow highlighted [TS]

  of the word on screen that's what it's like something change between 10 1 [TS]

  intend to with third party apps in the dictionary lookup and I do it all the [TS]

  time and I know I know it's gonna crash but I don't think about it I think I got [TS]

  a look at this rate crippled tempted boom now all the apps a user like Mars [TS]

  BBEdit they all auto save everything so I don't lose data but it's still a yeah [TS]

  and it's just this is the property of certain little things like that i mean [TS]

  but it's a beta so I'm not complaining [TS]

  here's the here's the historical scheduled for Mac OS 10 so 10.0 came out [TS]

  and early 2001 and it really counts as a pilot and in 10 one came out in July [TS]

  later the same year when it just from March to July it came out with a with a [TS]

  major version of Mac OS 10 10.2 was made 2002 10.3 was June 2003 dessert [TS]

  announcement date states I guess I should do really States [TS]

  then we waited I go almost two years for 10 for Tiger which is really where I [TS]

  feel like they tied it off and relax okay we're done with like the early [TS]

  years of Pakistan yeah I came in with Tiger even went all the way to Tiger [TS]

  went all the way to ten point for point 11 which is the highest they've ever got [TS]

  yet the highest ever got no 10612 10680 but there was it [TS]

  Wikipedia lists a 10 68 V 1.1 but that's where they switched to like two years [TS]

  and in fact 10 5 didn't come out until October 26 2007 thats the one with the [TS]

  delayed once it was about two and a half years and that was a really stable time [TS]

  by the way this i think is the high-water mark that you know then again [TS]

  like his jacket had a web weblog post in response to your thing you know don't [TS]

  don't don't use too much [TS]

  rose-colored glasses don't have too strong a prescription in her ass colored [TS]

  glasses I got the people who allegedly like webOS but you know I do think [TS]

  there's something to it being a high-water mark this era high-water mark [TS]

  for stability system wide yeah I mean everybody glorifies 10 6 also because [TS]

  that was the famous one that this had no new features were just going to work on [TS]

  a book on the under the hood stuff right and it was successful and it was that [TS]

  brought in tons of Martha burning Grand Central Dispatch among other things and [TS]

  included those included in the fact that it had a new features is it was two [TS]

  years after 10 5 leopard came out so it was two years since the release it was [TS]

  this is you know was released in 2009 this is a nurse and was announced in [TS]

  June 2008 but didn't get released until August 2009 and remember that remember [TS]

  it being a year in beta but it doesn't matter [TS]

  if the WPD it's got to be true of course but it was two years and a new features [TS]

  and it was two years until we got line so there is like this four-year period [TS]

  and again no new features is kind of bullshit I mean like adding Grand [TS]

  Central Dispatch it's not a feature because it's not like a thing that they [TS]

  can put a commercial but right it's clearly you know a huge features just [TS]

  behind the scenes developer feature but that's like a four-year period where [TS]

  they didn't really have a lot of user facing features added and is widely [TS]

  viewed I think accurately so sort of the high-water mark of of stability and and [TS]

  you know part of that could be rasco glasses but I think there is a lot of [TS]

  truth to that we might see something like that [TS]

  dunno like you said they're going through transitions now and I cloud is [TS]

  certainly one of them I think the other transition are going through is this [TS]

  general idea of iOS and Mac being siblings right leg [TS]

  you know tied together the best example of that best examples gotta be the iWork [TS]

  the new versions of all the iWork apps were now they're saying these are the [TS]

  exact same file formats between the two even if that means that the Mac version [TS]

  is gonna lose a bunch of cool features and eventually presumably they gonna get [TS]

  them get those features back but then we'll have them on both platforms will [TS]

  have a nice kerning bonds on iOS in addition to pack a perfect example but [TS]

  they're doing that in little ways in a bunch of apps ran a lot of a lot of the [TS]

  underlying frameworks are also being unified a lot of the underlying API [TS]

  stuff the SDK is a lot of that has been unified unless couple releases they've [TS]

  both gone through the major visual redesigns more so when I S but still in [TS]

  oklahoma is no snow / in the department so they have gone through a lot in the [TS]

  last couple of years and I don't expect either of those things to happen again [TS]

  anytime soon either I think we're at least five six seven years from either [TS]

  OS getting a major visual refresh rather you know just an annual tightening [TS]

  yeah swiftest me a little bit opposed because you know right now it was [TS]

  announced nothing written inside of Apple was using swift yet and none of [TS]

  the frameworks you Swift natively none of them were written in swift natively [TS]

  least not as last year so you know introducing a whole new programming [TS]

  language that certainly begs for certain for a lot of things to be rewritten in [TS]

  it that might be a major thing that is potentially a burden or distraction on [TS]

  the engineering teams I also question whether that is what they should be [TS]

  doing with their time in general though I think they the next couple releases a [TS]

  very good reason to be less ambitious and and more stable I hope so before we [TS]

  move on to talk about that MacBook then the other thought I had is that a lot of [TS]

  the complaints that i've seen [TS]

  with regard to these little nagging supposed to just work but it doesn't [TS]

  just work a lot of it has to do with wireless networking and stuff that [TS]

  supposed to happen between two devices like from me in particular airdrop is [TS]

  amazing airdrop works absolutely great and I use it all the time like where I'm [TS]

  on the phone and I have all I want to link to this room during fireball and [TS]

  instead of doing what I used to do it like send it to pin board or so go to my [TS]

  Mac I just tear drop it to my Mac as soon as my Mac wakes up and IT boom it's [TS]

  there and it's nothing to clean up I don't have to race or let language [TS]

  forever in old pinboard bookmark that I really just wanted to Java between the [TS]

  two is great but I've heard from people who say airdrop never works but anyway [TS]

  what gives me pause is that a lot of these things are these little nagging [TS]

  two things that are supposed to talk to each other over Bluetooth or WiFi or [TS]

  whatever don't really quite work the way they're supposed to [TS]

  is that is the entire description of Apple watch right like the sort of [TS]

  things that don't just work are the only things up a watch exists for there's [TS]

  nothing else there is other than telling time there's nothing else that thing [TS]

  does other than [TS]

  then these little Wireless interactions sort of dancing all day long with other [TS]

  devices even though earlier like you can't even sync Apple watch with a cable [TS]

  no like there's no ports on it you can only charge everything so I you know [TS]

  this too has one thing though the Apple watch it can go either way I think you [TS]

  can look at it from one side you could say well this is gonna be a brand-new [TS]

  1.0 of everything and it's gonna be potentially a huge drain and engineering [TS]

  resources at Apple and focus from Apple which could bode very poorly for their [TS]

  quality going forward or you can look at it as maybe the Apple bought will take [TS]

  some of the marketing burden for a while and let them be a little more boring [TS]

  with the with iOS and OS 10 and poor enormous resources into things like [TS]

  getting the Bluecoat Bluetooth stack in really tip-top shape right like so I [TS]

  think this could this this is a wildcard I I think the watch I don't think I mean [TS]

  I could be wrong I don't think the watch is going to require a massive amount of [TS]

  engineering software engineering it simply can't do that much at the [TS]

  hardware is very simple you know it you know [TS]

  relative to the two other things iOS does for instance all the things Mac OS [TS]

  10 does I don't think it's going to require massive engineering resources to [TS]

  to get it through its first couple of years again that could be totally wrong [TS]

  I don't know but just as a relative thing I think it's probably a much [TS]

  smaller project but it will end and i also dont know how welcome to sell you [TS]

  know it it could end up being you know just like new iPods basically I could [TS]

  just be like it could disappoint a lot of analysts could disappoint Apple it [TS]

  could sell you know a few million here there you know but but not set the world [TS]

  on fire and not be ubiquitous among a people or it could set them on fire and [TS]

  it could sell tremendously and it could like we have no idea how is gonna sell [TS]

  you think that that might determine some of its few some of the company's future [TS]

  priorities and direction I think the single single I think it's if it [TS]

  works as advertised its gonna sell very well and I think the single thing that [TS]

  could sink it would be if it comes out next month that our 22 month whenever [TS]

  it's was to come out and there's a bunch of little nagging bugs with [TS]

  interactivity with your iPhone and you know your text messages are supposed to [TS]

  be showing up on your wrist and they don't or it's not supposed to drain your [TS]

  battery but when you sync but you know when you have an eye you you know you [TS]

  put your Apple watch on and your phone which is typically get you through the [TS]

  whole day is in the red by noon that's good that would be a huge problem [TS]

  because I it's not that they can't fix those bugs it's that the perception will [TS]

  hit while its young that the thing doesn't work like it's supposed to [TS]

  and that sort of thing is very very hard to shake oh yeah I mean if becomes part [TS]

  of people's texts superstitions to like oh you better like only turn on [TS]

  Bluetooth you're doing the washing turn on your phone to save your battery like [TS]

  yeah stuff starts getting into like the the culture as as common wisdom and you [TS]

  know it could it could become the next could all your apps thing where it [TS]

  that's harmful that's why I wrote when I linked to your thing that it's the [TS]

  perception like to me the biggest problem with this trend and the [TS]

  resignation that your post is that it's by Apple leaving these things you know [TS]

  like as you put it you know [TS]

  leaving some ground at the functional leaving some of the area to function on [TS]

  high ground whatever you now have best title ever although I do I i disagree [TS]

  with your analysis that you have to lose the high ground to someone else I think [TS]

  you can lose like what the moral high ground you can lose the moral high [TS]

  ground without someone else becoming better than you at it you can just [TS]

  become worse a day or so yeah I know what you mean it's not quite it's not [TS]

  quite fair that I said it you have to lose it to him I do think it's an [TS]

  important point I worry though that the fact that I thought that way [TS]

  occurred to me later three thinking that it could be a worrisome sign that if [TS]

  Apple people is that Apple see it the same way will you lose it to that you're [TS]

  blind to a problem [TS]

  Brian what I did see though right away is that it did that to me is already a [TS]

  problem and is the fact that so many people seem to agree with you is a [TS]

  problem and it's the perception because it doesn't matter whether we're [TS]

  over-reacting most people our age if it if that becomes the perception it's hard [TS]

  for Apple to shake that they can fix the bugs they can significantly improve the [TS]

  quality of their platforms across the board and people won't notice because [TS]

  there's this perception that the stuff doesn't work right and and there's a lot [TS]

  of reasons why the perception is reasonable if if you look at the various [TS]

  issues people have had applying iOS updates over the last couple of years if [TS]

  you look at how I was a bit have performed an old hardware of the last [TS]

  couple years a lot of people are understandably wary they've gotten [TS]

  burned before and and they like now they're like oh I don't want to update [TS]

  because I heard a Brooks people's phones or broke my phone or my family slow the [TS]

  one that they pushed it was bad because there's always gonna be bugs and there's [TS]

  always going to be there's always going to be weird you know who knows I got [TS]

  freakin ion from outer space heater phone the wrong way and corrupts some [TS]

  part of the OS you know and have something in the flash memory gets [TS]

  corrupted in a software update bricks your phone and doesn't break your wife's [TS]

  phone [TS]

  well you know one in a one in 10,000 get pricked by an update all those sort of [TS]

  bugs happen they suck but they happened you can't say you can never do that but [TS]

  you i think it's fair to say you can never push out an over the air update [TS]

  their breaks every phone that takes it like that just is that was just an [TS]

  inexcusable slip and creates again this perception that when you see it when [TS]

  your phone tells you hey there's a new iOS you should not be worried you [TS]

  shouldn't think are gone [TS]

  you know I know some people who don't you know you just keep that red badge on [TS]

  you know the settings up because they don't want to install it I am I'm also [TS]

  restoring IOS 6 because when I was 17 matches on the news about the motion [TS]

  sickness and she got scared and she refused to install a seven-year never [TS]

  even seen it right so she's just got a red badge honors last two years she'll [TS]

  get it gets a new phone [TS]

  yeah so anyway I think that perception is important and in a related to the [TS]

  news and I know it was a very different Apple in the nineties and they were so [TS]

  small and you know something like the new appeared to so few people but it was [TS]

  mainstream stuff you know that everybody in sight the doonesbury cartoon them [TS]

  made fun of it and the simpsons made fun of it too so I mean it was popular [TS]

  enough that it was mister simpson eggs it got ads stink on it that the [TS]

  handwriting recognition doesn't work so that you could make doonesbury in [TS]

  simpson's gags about it it didn't take that long though before the handwriting [TS]

  got pretty darn good on you know like the message pad 2000 it was pretty it [TS]

  was about as good as you could hope that I 1995 1996 computer could recognize [TS]

  your handwriting it was really pretty good nobody really got everybody you'd [TS]

  say new dates a goofy terrible handwriting recognition of the most had [TS]

  never tried one no but if if Apple watch comes out and in the first year it seems [TS]

  like none of the stuff that supposed to do works reliably be hard to shake even [TS]

  if they fix it yester like it's really important that it that it does [TS]

  everything it supposed to do pretty well and again that sounds like a stupid [TS]

  thing to say it as I will everything you should do what it's supposed to do [TS]

  pretty well but like with a new product is essential because the first [TS]

  impression is so much it informs you know a decade of what you're gonna think [TS]

  of [TS]

  the first iPhone it was so important that it really was an amazing device I [TS]

  really couldn't be a better device and then and there is a substantial number [TS]

  of people both just who can't wait for Apple to fail so they can talk about it [TS]

  makes fun of it and and pointed out and left and also a lot of people who are [TS]

  going to be looking for a reason [TS]

  are going to be looking for a reason for Apple not just to fail somehow yes [TS]

  waiting for Apple to fail and is also going to be a lot of people out there [TS]

  who are looking for reasons why they don't need to care about the epilogue [TS]

  still looking for an excuse not to buy it [TS]

  they're looking for a way to a reason to rule out in their in their head as [TS]

  irrelevant they'll move on and so any animal that is provided to that is going [TS]

  to gamble fight like crazy and you know that be very careful not to give much a [TS]

  month that you know there's gonna be some kind of gate but everything Apple [TS]

  launches now every stupid gate that comes out of the new iPhone like there [TS]

  there's gonna be some kind of watch gate and and they have to make sure that it's [TS]

  something that's you know reasonably stupid like bent gate and not something [TS]

  serious right well imagine if it's a real thing like if bengay got as much [TS]

  publicity as it did it was mostly nonsense and antennagate got the [TS]

  enormous boobs and was in the long run mostly nonsense imagine a real problem [TS]

  you know you know you're supposed to be able to hold the button and dictate your [TS]

  you know texts to your watch and in defense did you just get a spinner that [TS]

  spins and spins in spending in ever greater tax that's a problem right and [TS]

  so like these quality things are extremely [TS]

  you know this is like i've been critical of of their developer policies recently [TS]

  I've said is like this is strategically a very bad time to have problems in this [TS]

  area because the washes coming out and and and when the watch is coming out you [TS]

  need the quality of everything that's that's powering it on the phone side [TS]

  they all every not supplying it with the data that we have easily you the quality [TS]

  of that to be tip top that with the watch can at least focus on its only [TS]

  those teams can rely on that and then the watch can have the solid foundation [TS]

  it and you also need developers who are empowered and willing and happy to be [TS]

  developing apps for this platform and that they are going to push the [TS]

  boundaries I'm a cool apps for it so two things that mark fuhrman reported on the [TS]

  same day this week but he reported first about that this showing mock-ups of it [TS]

  12 inch MacBook Air but he also said the date was planning for a March release [TS]

  date of Apple watch that surprised me a little if it's true that sounded late to [TS]

  me I really I thought that sounded early I really expected late April or May [TS]

  maybe I don't know you know we I think we heard rumblings a couple of weeks ago [TS]

  that it would be like February but it doesn't matter I mean it will come out [TS]

  when I would rather have a come out when it's when it's better than come out when [TS]

  is not quite ready so that's why it doesn't matter I guess you know i i i [TS]

  guess its just the pessimism me they say early 2015 I hear before June you see [TS]

  you here may 31st right whereas I guess the more honest way of looking at it as [TS]

  early as first quarter I don't know maybe it well I'm a little surprised by [TS]

  that it also makes me wonder whether I should be on my feet for an Apple event [TS]

  you know sooner rather than later i mean i think an Apple event is is fair game [TS]

  anytime i mean i i wouldn't expected like next week but I would you know if [TS]

  it if there was an event in February with availability of couple of weeks [TS]

  later that wouldn't surprise me [TS]

  so government other stories as blockbuster 12 inch MacBook Air with one [TS]

  port with one port which is so crazy that I think it's probably true but that [TS]

  doesn't make it right and I i thot snows reaction was perfect for Yves just like [TS]

  that [TS]

  well okay yeah it's like if you would have if I don't remember if the first [TS]

  MacBook Air had any rumors lead I don't think it did it was it was a total [TS]

  surprise as I recall I recall it being like a holy shit I cannot believe it [TS]

  right exactly I think you're right so anyway and I think the slogan I think I [TS]

  think it was a WBC I just remember there's something I said or something in [TS]

  the air [TS]

  yeah and so like I like it we would have heard rumors about that beforehand and [TS]

  we would have heard crazy things like is that what that was all so it was that [TS]

  the first one that didn't have an optical drive [TS]

  yeah I think it was launched the external and with it so everybody among [TS]

  the many [TS]

  how can they do this impossible it's gonna ship thing with either install the [TS]

  OS right so it's so if they ship this 3.0 pound right laptop at the time when [TS]

  everything else was 5.5 pounds they ship is 3.0 pound laptop that fit and mailing [TS]

  envelope and was super thin and had this like sharp edge in the front and had no [TS]

  optical drive and sometimes no hard drive one USB port [TS]

  like it was it was so it it was so much smaller they had to make a separate [TS]

  power adapter for the even the power adapter with smaller even the plug on [TS]

  the end of it was different shape to fit the beveled edge you had this door the [TS]

  portfolio from the door i mean they were so much about it that if you would have [TS]

  heard it ahead of time and even when it come out every was like thats crazy it [TS]

  was January 2008 there was a Macworld Expo there so it was a year and the year [TS]

  after the iPhone introduction of Macworld it was it was a big another big [TS]

  introduction of mackerel you have to watch that and try to gauge their [TS]

  reaction is like and I actually have one of those David @ tumblr got me one of [TS]

  those a bonus as I mentioned I wanted to laptop and was very nice and it was [TS]

  ungodly slow because I had a hard drive models who was like it was 1.8 iPod hard [TS]

  drive and there is the SSD option was $1,000 more and 64 gigs or you can get [TS]

  the iPod hard drive over 80 gig shoes when I got my membership we got Shipley [TS]

  got the SST version and was like I know it sounds crazy but it's a great [TS]

  development [TS]

  because SSDs are so great for development because you're dealing with [TS]

  you know hundreds of tiny little files yet and in 2008 when the thing came out [TS]

  that these were extremely rare that it was one of the first computers to even [TS]

  offered as an option I don't think it was the first but it was one of the [TS]

  first and and so that machine when it came out had all these crazy limitations [TS]

  and a lot of flaws I mean like it like the CPU GPU CPU on a lot of them with [TS]

  overheated throttle so he couldn't watch youtube videos like you you you couldn't [TS]

  play flash video for more than a few seconds before dropping frames to the [TS]

  CPU overheating enthralling I actually on my ran under clock utility that would [TS]

  under clock and wonderful the chip to keep it running cooler that way it could [TS]

  sustain its its peak usage 44 enough time to to play videos [TS]

  wow but like it was it was a crazy machine it was way ahead of its time and [TS]

  in many ways that was a bad thing I made it the performance was dismal it was [TS]

  extremely inconvenient to move files to it because it only had it had 11 G or I [TS]

  think it was the draft and wireless wireless was still a lot slower back [TS]

  then and it only has a single USB 2.0 port no firewire don't Thunderbolt USB [TS]

  to and you could like you could send files to it over wireless would take [TS]

  forever or you can get the wired Ethernet after the USB one that was only [TS]

  10 100 and ran over USB to annually to the heart of protocol and transferring [TS]

  files to just take hours if you want to put it looks like moves on to go on a [TS]

  big trip or something it would just take out it was unbearable used in many [TS]

  contexts but what was so new about it being so incredibly thin and light [TS]

  mostly lightest in this was kind of a nice bonus but it was mostly the late [TS]

  being so radically much smaller everything else [TS]

  that was so good that this machine was quite compelling for a lot of people it [TS]

  was not good enough to be your only computer for most people in some people [TS]

  put a lot of it was going to be only one right because it only had 64 gigs of [TS]

  storage or a TV ad the beautifully slow one so you know it at a time when you [TS]

  add a lot less cloud storage yeah yeah you like you had to keep a lot more you [TS]

  had to keep everything you had locally there was there was no such thing as [TS]

  like I i'm gonna keep everything I have on Dropbox folder or Amanda keep [TS]

  everything on you know that I don't think I to match was out you know it was [TS]

  it was a much worse time to have very limited stuff and so but it but you know [TS]

  people into work and it wasn't it wasn't overall a great machine but it was [TS]

  really compelling in a few key areas so now bring it forward and and in 2010 [TS]

  amid the better MacBook Airs and SSDs are getting bigger and cheaper and they [TS]

  went all SSD and then the 2010 and forward MacBook Airs are far better [TS]

  machines but an elegantly pointed out on [TS]

  I don't even think it's I don't think there's any argument that for most [TS]

  people who is the most popular Mac Apple sells and for most people it's their [TS]

  only Mac yeah I mean if if you if someone comes to me and says what should [TS]

  I buy and the end they don't give me any other information if if if they if I [TS]

  need to have a no questions asked [TS]

  answer to that the answer is a 13 inch MacBook Air like that's it that's the [TS]

  answer that are you up to do you said something about the connected yes they [TS]

  mention this on this week they were saying pointing out how the MacBook Air [TS]

  used to be this high end it is turning out it was 1800 or $600 it was priced [TS]

  above the other above the 13 inch MacBook yep and it was it was a premium [TS]

  product to be slower and smaller everything was so much more portable it [TS]

  was like getting a little convertible coupe exactly it perfect perfect analogy [TS]

  and so yeah it probably shouldn't be your family sedan but but but you know [TS]

  it is a fun like little you know little portable [TS]

  and and so like the original MacBook Air was this premium thing that said above [TS]

  the rest of the line relative to its size imagine for like business travelers [TS]

  who do you know do a lot of typing on you know coach seats and write a plane [TS]

  it was you know I hate to say it it's such a cliche is a game-changer yeah I [TS]

  mean an end for those of the got the SSD I think it was like $3,400 I was raised [TS]

  here but you know so so it was just this premium awesome sports coupe kind of [TS]

  thing since then as I pointed out on unconnected it has actually become the [TS]

  bottom of the line like it is filtered down now like there is no regular [TS]

  MacBook anymore or there's that there's that one model at over the they buried [TS]

  on the site but for the most part like the bottom of the Mac line is the [TS]

  MacBook Air and so that this if you think about this crazy new one port [TS]

  rumor that the government had with a 12 inch being the slick creating new [TS]

  premium thing if you think about that not as a replacement to the 11 inch [TS]

  MacBook Air that exists today but if you think about it in more the style of the [TS]

  original was relative to its siblings in the lineup this kind of mid-range this [TS]

  mid-priced thing probably you know $1,500 range type thing or maybe a [TS]

  little more we'll see how it speaks out but you know I think about it like not [TS]

  the low in the lineup but a mid range of the lineup that in some ways more [TS]

  limited and worse than the MacBook Airs that we know today possibly by by having [TS]

  this one port or by if it uses any of these new Intel Broadwell a lot slower a [TS]

  little be roughly iPad speed which has not slowed by you know absolute terms [TS]

  for the most part but relative to other CPU that's you know it's not going to be [TS]

  in the same place it always moment when a next-generation Sheena's lower than [TS]

  what games before exec dinner might be good reasons for it but it still is not [TS]

  the way the industry works right and the first medicare was it was a big example [TS]

  that in the end it got trash initially member when Mack Road first review today [TS]

  I think it was Jason who voted when they first few they were like this is the [TS]

  slowest Mac we've tested in a while it was it was a close one the whole lineup [TS]

  at the time [TS]

  but anyway if we think about it in that context as maybe it's something like [TS]

  that I think that leaves room for it to suck in a few is that leaves room for to [TS]

  be limited in a few ways for to say this is gonna be a next premium thing that's [TS]

  gonna extremely prioritize certain physical factors in exchange for extreme [TS]

  something extreme portability maybe she better life probably not I'm not getting [TS]

  better I was gonna be mediocre on it but you know it's going to prioritize and [TS]

  lightness and size it seems if the example above all else including battery [TS]

  life is gonna make your existing MacBook Air Field exactly the same way the [TS]

  original MacBook Air made even the 13 inch MacBook feel just like a like a [TS]

  break like it you know it if they can pull that off its gonna be really [TS]

  interesting I I do have a slight concern in this area that I i do think you know [TS]

  you certainly have to some degree you have diminishing returns here when when [TS]

  the original MacBook Air came out it was like half the weight or close to it [TS]

  of of the 13 inch MacBook at the time how how much lighter can get while still [TS]

  having a keyboard screen a battery of some kind a an aluminum case around the [TS]

  whole thing like I don't think they're going to be able to nail half the weight [TS]

  like I don't think it probably can't go that low and we're already talking these [TS]

  are already very thin like computers as they are today so to make it even then [TS]

  even lighter or something that is not hand-held like it matters more in an [TS]

  iPad and iPhone is your its handheld for some of the time of death spiral at most [TS]

  of the time are treatable the wait is it matters to a point but like if the if [TS]

  the computer goes from and what the current 11 is willing to point to 2.5 [TS]

  something like that sounds bad [TS]

  remembering what they are it's like I know what if I know what it feels like I [TS]

  don't know what the number if it goes from 2.5 pounds to 1.8 pounds or Euros [TS]

  from 2.2 to 1.5 like that's a big difference on papers big percentage [TS]

  difference but like your whole bag weighs like 15 pounds even like a [TS]

  backpack empty weighs more than that usually and so you might not even notice [TS]

  the weight difference so I do worry they might be prioritizing then this and and [TS]

  extreme lightness a little bit too much in this case if it me if it'll come at [TS]

  the expense of battery life because I think this is the kind of machine that [TS]

  the battery life on the current MacBook Airs is good it's not it doesn't it [TS]

  isn't to use a term that used to be a very urban is now a negative things to [TS]

  Apple it isn't blow away but it's good they're good [TS]

  like you know when they came out they were impressive but you know time is [TS]

  moved on that's now that's on the baseline yeah all modern MacBooks have [TS]

  amazing battery life compared to the old days where it was dark at like three to [TS]

  four hours exactly [TS]

  active battery no matter what no matter which one you bought no matter what you [TS]

  did you know turn the screen dimness down you know three or four hours is [TS]

  about what you could get it will lose about an hour per year of age to be [TS]

  pretty quickly I just as many as a coaster yeah I just always knew you [TS]

  could never really go coast-to-coast even with numerous exactly you know you [TS]

  kind of you know if your gonna work on an airplane flew to San Francisco [TS]

  funnies Coast get work done because you're not gonna you know it's gonna die [TS]

  with an hour to go exactly and like today if you're using a laptop if you're [TS]

  doing like you know medium medium listing on it throughout the day it can [TS]

  almost but generally not run all day on battery like a sailor you know oh you [TS]

  have all day vote early vote even though you're doing with it and if and if you [TS]

  leave your house with a solid charge you can watch movies on the whole flight no [TS]

  problem right [TS]

  but the question is like you know if you have a 40 minute layover somewhere do [TS]

  you have to plug it in or is it just kind of optional whether you plug it in [TS]

  anyway so I think they are using this this super low power you know families [TS]

  Broadwell chip that uses I forget with a modest on it but it's very low [TS]

  temperatures something that they could get if if they put in a similar size [TS]

  battery to the current MacBook Airs that could be a very substantial battery life [TS]

  but they might instead choose to just keep keep roughly you know what's 1160 [TS]

  like roughly like five our life something like that and it really use [TS]

  some would say more than that I think so I don't know whatever his mind although [TS]

  it's hard to say but I'm pretty good whatever it is like the 11 is worse than [TS]

  13 bye bye preview margin of thirteen says a much bigger battery but it [TS]

  wouldn't surprise me at all given what they've done with iOS devices with it [TS]

  with the with the iPhone 6 and with the iPad air to enter one I wonder how much [TS]

  if again but if it's true that really only as this one port I wonder how much [TS]

  that is about cost and how much it is about using whatever space is left for [TS]

  battery [TS]

  you know that it's not so much that it would cost too much to add a second USB [TS]

  port but that it's really really really intensive deceives base [TS]

  I would guess it's about two things neither of which are very good answers I [TS]

  would get pissed about symmetry having one port on each side and about us that [TS]

  if Germans scoop is correct then it still retains the wedge teardrop shape [TS]

  so it still is thicker at the back then it is the front end and if his likeness [TS]

  claims are accurate then there actually is not much room for more than the part [TS]

  that has thickness wise and also I would not I would not discount the value of [TS]

  symmetry I think symmetry is the reason why on the iPhone 6 in six-plus yd sleep [TS]

  wake button is directly across from the volume up button even though it makes it [TS]

  way harder to hit just one of them and it's the same size exactly so I would [TS]

  definitely not discount that as as a possible reason why would only be one [TS]

  port also just you know electrically like if a computer has a USB port [TS]

  firewire port those specs each demand the port be able to supply at least X [TS]

  amps of current through it you know that most supply device of power so the more [TS]

  ports it has on it [TS]

  the higher the total power output for the computer has to be able to to have [TS]

  capacity for somebody on Twitter pointed out so sorry I forgot your name but that [TS]

  if it had to even just two USB ports and they were both USBC and it might have to [TS]

  be USBC cuz I think I think the devices too thin to have traditionally USB port [TS]

  yeah I think the minimal size of a USB 3 port is thick enough that it would be a [TS]

  gating factor to make the overall devices done so it has to be the new USB [TS]

  but if it at two and you can do and they're going to use it for supplying [TS]

  power to the machine you couldn't risk having to power adapter is plugged in at [TS]

  the same time that I don't know if it's true or not that it would you know like [TS]

  break the machine or something and conversely how do you tell people you [TS]

  can use this one from right and this one which is the same port it's exactly the [TS]

  same size it can take every every other thing you can plug in the other one but [TS]

  that won't take a charger right in the PC world they were just color one of [TS]

  them like blue or something and they all just plug in the blue one [TS]

  but they won't do it right and it would just lead to confusion because of maybe [TS]

  you're running on battery power and you've got a mouse plugged in one and a [TS]

  hard-driving the other but now you need powers who you think will unplug the [TS]

  mouse oh but I plug the mouse and and the hard drive a chicken amount because [TS]

  I'm still copying files to it is in the power one it doesn't it doesn't [TS]

  you know that's the kind of elegant solution Apple's very unlikely to do [TS]

  that actually makes some sense that if you're going to use USB for power and [TS]

  you can only have power plugged into one port therefore you can only have one [TS]

  point exactly why I would expect I'm guessing like the more I think about it [TS]

  the one port thing actually sounds +1 the more I learn about usb3 see the [TS]

  these new seaports are are extremely versatile and and I don't know that the [TS]

  extreme details yet but they like they designed the specs of the port can carry [TS]

  power seemingly in either direction like that you can have a computer that powers [TS]

  the monitor and drugs displays you can also read display signals over it you [TS]

  can write high bandwidth buses over it and everything it's it's crazy how much [TS]

  you can do I'm we'll see how our general practice but like it it's designed such [TS]

  that you could have just this one cable running from a monitor into a PC and [TS]

  have the PC both power the monitor Angeles place over the table and crazy [TS]

  you know and in terms of like skating to where the puck is going which is what [TS]

  the map book era was at its beginning so that the original MacBook has said no [TS]

  optical drives now this one says no more St cards and no USB port extra USB port [TS]

  where you can plug one end well guess what I think St cards are going the way [TS]

  of the dodo and that your photos are going to travel over the air between [TS]

  devices right and of course we're not there yet if you're the more serious [TS]

  photographer you are you know the less doable that is but more and more regular [TS]

  people are shooting all of their photos with their phones and iPads and you know [TS]

  in the Apple universe will therefore be using iCloud photo sync and that's [TS]

  higher photos will get to your Mac and a lot of consumer cameras have wifi now [TS]

  and you can transfer photos out right so I think I I think you're right it this [TS]

  this computer again if this is real but it seems increasingly possible if this [TS]

  was real I think this this is a forward-looking computer aggressively so [TS]

  just like the first area said they couldn't go you know basically pointless [TS]

  they couldn't go pointless on the whole lineup yet but they can have one weird [TS]

  outlier that is really good and some other way mostly fitness and weight they [TS]

  could have is one crazy outlier that is awesome at this at this link one aspect [TS]

  of itself and gives up a lot to get there I think it's true too and lets you [TS]

  know government's report and I believe it I mean could be details are off but I [TS]

  mostly believe it but he seems very sure about it and I think he attributed the [TS]

  source to someone with an Apple who's used one or at least used the current [TS]

  prototype and then the source told him everything about it and then he gave [TS]

  that to an artist who made those renderings so you know there's some [TS]

  passes down the alleyway you know stuff that was probably not quite right in [TS]

  terms of you know the degree of tapering or some stuff like that but it wasn't [TS]

  determine who said anything about what chip isn't it [TS]

  you know whether it's this new chip or anything like that it government report [TS]

  was just what the then looks like right and we don't like Intel did just really [TS]

  is a broad well serious chip that is family so they can run families that it [TS]

  just uses it uses so little power of government say that it's fanless no I [TS]

  think everyone is guessing that is probably fail as I don't think he [TS]

  actually said it is and you know that the way CPU cooling works you can like [TS]

  you know all the current networks have fans most of the time most people won't [TS]

  hear them especially the newer ones are even better [TS]

  there even quieter but the the retina series but you can like you can have [TS]

  something that's totally families like an iPad and have it have a base leaders [TS]

  use the shower see as a giant heatsink and you know just basically radiate here [TS]

  you know through contacts like radiate heat into the exterior shell or some [TS]

  interior thing that took to the shell eventually if you have a little heat [TS]

  sink and you have any air moving it at all even even if you have the slowest [TS]

  quietest fan that most people don't even realize they're like the original Apple [TS]

  TV had a family owned even know that even if you have the tiniest little fan [TS]

  in there blowing the slowest income possibly girl barely moving in the air [TS]

  over it [TS]

  that cools way better than any kind of passive cooling the slightest bit of air [TS]

  movement is substantially better and you can anticipate a lot more heat that way [TS]

  so the world's tiniest violin playing the world's tiniest fan blowing the [TS]

  world's smallest amount of air yeah it makes a huge difference and and they [TS]

  give you a much higher thermal budget and modern processors are pretty much [TS]

  all limited by their thermal budget like their their performance is gated by that [TS]

  factor so they don't have to use a family's chip in this if they if they [TS]

  don't want to they still could if they wanted to I think they can fit a fan in [TS]

  there I think they like well if the service has a fan surface pro doesn't [TS]

  yet really thin right that's certainly thinner than I think it's quite sure if [TS]

  it is then is this MacBook is because the surface than this doesn't have it [TS]

  has ports somewhere so it probably isn't the same but firmly in the ballpark and [TS]

  I think they could put a fan if they want to they could be using a CPU that [TS]

  debt has that is like the same class as you just in medicare CPUs of like that [TS]

  that classic performance [TS]

  those are government report does say above the keyboard are for redesigned [TS]

  speaker grills that actually double as ventilation holes for the fanless device [TS]

  to keep cool so government says it fam [TS]

  but we shall see I think you're right I'm with you and I i think that these [TS]

  verge guys are just miss reading the whole thing that makes there's they're [TS]

  saying that it's like I love when device that will compete with Chromebooks not a [TS]

  chance I think it's going to be more expensive than I think therefore it just [TS]

  like when they introduced the retina MacBook Pros and they kept on retina [TS]

  ones around to anchor the low end of the pricing tier I mean you can still buy [TS]

  non retina MacBook Pros and I think they started I think they're only like 10,000 [TS]

  bucks and can get I got 13 I think there's one there's like one buried in a [TS]

  story like an eleven hundred bucks a dimension that I could also yes so I [TS]

  think this will be more expensive than the current starting price for even the [TS]

  13 inch MacBook Pro and I don't they'll be much more I think it probably start [TS]

  at like I don't know 1300 bucks 1400 bucks maybe and they'll keep I don't [TS]

  have to keep both the 11 and 13 but they'll keep at least 13 around $8.99 or [TS]

  maybe even drop it to $7.99 for the foreseeable future [TS]

  I do think it would be kind of weird if they had 11 12 and 13 on sale the same [TS]

  time just seems like to me that seems a little unhappily seems like to me like [TS]

  maybe the eleven you know what's the point of the 11 is it to be eleven [TS]

  inches or is it to be this even you know the Super smallest and lightest well I [TS]

  think there's 12 inch which seems to have a footprint mostly like the 11 and [TS]

  with the wise is apparently the same width as the 11 and has a bigger screen [TS]

  has a smaller bezel I'd say there's no reason for the 11 do exist [TS]

  11 has such a wide bezel it really has it has it does not make good use of its [TS]

  size for the screen the you know the keyboard which reduced the size the body [TS]

  but like the screen like you look at the only man I wish that does it was there [TS]

  on the screen is bigger I'm looking at it right now and it just looks [TS]

  ridiculous about it now looks outdated looks like the laptops from you know I [TS]

  was in college and they you know tiny little thing in the middle of a huge [TS]

  bezel that they didn't even come close to taking up the full size of the [TS]

  display panel yeah exactly yeah I'm guessing I'm guessing this thing is real [TS]

  and yes it comes out in the next couple of months ago soon not not June I'm [TS]

  getting this comes out like this winter [TS]

  possibly announce that the same event is the Apple watch release date I don't [TS]

  know and possibly the iPad maxi I don't see I'm still not entirely convinced [TS]

  that's a real thing or the or the imminent rather I don't know we'll see [TS]

  what happens a lot of people are actually a lot of people and I think [TS]

  it's just thinking this through people thinking that well you know remember the [TS]

  old jobs trick where there is the internet communicator phone and a [TS]

  widescreen video iPad you know tonight three products that one product right [TS]

  well there is a 12 inch MacBook and a 12 inch iPad and MacBook and manage guess [TS]

  what is one device and an iPod and has a keyboard and it's like no no I [TS]

  definitely not like and I even said like I haven't tweeted yesterday like I've [TS]

  I've long suspected that that the rumors are for one device but I meant that in [TS]

  the sense that like people are misinterpreting the room yeah yeah that [TS]

  this is a combined iPad and MacBook like then write that Apple's out and Asia [TS]

  sourcing these 12 inch right rail in a way that must be for a bigger iPad but [TS]

  no maybe it's also just for us my macbook but I i've a few people have [TS]

  told me that they have solid information from sources but a lot of this it really [TS]

  is different devices that are really separate so find doesn't matter but i i [TS]

  i can't possibly be less excited about about 12 inch iPad [TS]

  know if that's what it is with your YouTube once but he also wants like pro [TS]

  OS features to be added to make it better to be for multitasking in pro [TS]

  were gonna I just I don't see a good way for that to be blunt iOS I does it are [TS]

  going to try to make they might try I don't know but i i think i I think these [TS]

  the MacBook Air and this new you know quote MacBook still for this new to [TS]

  everything is going to be called I think that is Apple's answer to pro ultra [TS]

  mobile computing like it's the Mac but smaller it's it's not trying to bolt on [TS]

  a bunch of pro multitasking power user features onto the iPad I think what our [TS]

  government doesn't say most curious enemies he doesn't mention retina [TS]

  display doesn't say it has one doesn't say doesn't have one doesn't say which [TS]

  to me is crazy I think it has to have arisen because I don't think you can [TS]

  introduce new products anymore please Apple can't that aren't like there's [TS]

  never going to be an on retina watch the watch starts right everything new is Rep [TS]

  yeah i i i think it would have to be right i mean and then I think the name [TS]

  is obvious to you just called the MacBook Air with Retina display and you [TS]

  know enough to say that it's 12 MacBook Air with Retina display and now it's [TS]

  they can use their name which i think has great brand equity and also make it [TS]

  very clear that it's the new thing because it's the retina display just [TS]

  like the MacBook Pro with Retina Display I think the the the remaining authors in [TS]

  terms of personnel so that might come in space crazy kind of exciting yeah and [TS]

  gold that was exciting but right now I would definitely buy the the space [TS]

  growing if it comes in space craft that would be the first thing that puts a [TS]

  tinge of desire in my heart [TS]

  yeah I mean I don't like the Mac Pro the news on your Mac Pro that looks awesome [TS]

  in person [TS]

  in person [TS]

  like have is that that is basically a space rigorous I don't think it's [TS]

  exactly the same color as the phone number is very close and has the better [TS]

  gotta finish its but it it's in in the ballpark it looks so awesome in person [TS]

  like you guys feel like a bad as having that on your desk it just looks [TS]

  fantastic and I i definitely think the the you know be blasted aluminum look [TS]

  that we've had an apple products for my entire time using Apple products I think [TS]

  that's there is in many ways a timeless look that will never go out of style [TS]

  however it'd be nice to see something a little bit new fresh in that area if [TS]

  possible and if it doesn't suck so if they can make a spacecraft versions of [TS]

  it I think it would be a nice change of pace though the white version be lighter [TS]

  like I don't have a white iPhone Andy here but I'm I'm thinking that the [TS]

  upside down white iPhone is a lighter shade of aluminum then a map I don't [TS]

  think that's true maybe if I think it would look different of the EU's wait [TS]

  for the Bezalel yes that is true [TS]

  assuming it has like this is like the current MacBook Airs have the metal [TS]

  bezel away the old [TS]

  if it if it adopts the like you know Glasgow's edge to edge in the bezel is [TS]

  the black surround it could be why you're a spacecraft with the most [TS]

  inexplicable thing that germans renderings have and I just don't get [TS]

  this is why they have the power key where the Escape key has been since [TS]

  forever I hope that's wrong I rely I saw that too I'm like oh that's cool but I [TS]

  can't help but think that that's just a mistake you know because it their [TS]

  commissioning but then again wouldn't have missed it would be easier you know [TS]

  today is using keyboard layout that you've already had [TS]

  whitewater innocent I could be more work in Photoshop order to build this to move [TS]

  that will cause the end the existing 11 inch pizza just fine [TS]

  like it puts it above base rate by definition it would it could go on [TS]

  either side right to slide over her keys and put it in the top right where it's [TS]

  been forever and it's not so much they want to hit that power keepin it that a [TS]

  you do use the Escape key [TS]

  and I don't want to put my macbook to sleep when I just reach up there blindly [TS]

  and hit the top right [TS]

  you know what though I just realized I think we are number here than most [TS]

  people hit backspace a heck of alot more often than they had escaped and so the [TS]

  explanation may be and then they'll move in on all the keyboards yeah you know [TS]

  already like you can't just happened like you have to like hold it down for a [TS]

  second [TS]

  yeah but you're looking at a keyboard you looking at 11 weeks now tube of [TS]

  backspace delete rather sigh I have a microphone that's the first logical [TS]

  explanation I've heard about that and that's about that I guess I'm an avid [TS]

  that's that's unfortunate that sounds extremely plausible and reasonable even [TS]

  though it would suck for people like us somebody on Twitter said that there have [TS]

  em user and they can put their can't believe Apple will do that you know [TS]

  escapees too important to families and it's like a mini user when I'm on server [TS]

  stuff and it also it's also autocomplete in TextMate like well it on a complete [TS]

  system wide isn't it [TS]

  I don't know if I've is to have only ever try to text me but yet but i i [TS]

  think now that I think about the power button being above backspace instead I [TS]

  think it's very plausible I never thought of that our screwed [TS]

  well let's keep the show short this wrapping up [TS]

  euro is very good at keeping the show should I am I am very good in the last [TS]

  30 seconds of keeping the show short Marco Arment thank you thank you for the [TS]

  time and a lot of good conversation tonight people can find out more at your [TS]

  suddenly very popular website Marco dot org [TS]

  your twitter is at Marco Arment my goal is to lose as many people as possible [TS]

  from my audience by blogging about really burn developer stuff for a while [TS]

  and of course we gotta mention ATP anybody I can't I gotta be so much [TS]

  overlap but if you're out there and you like it when Marquez on the talk show [TS]

  you gotta listen to ATP it's my favorite podcast and I say that completely [TS]

  honestly [TS]

  ATP is that ATP . FM six characters including the dot says the NFM is pretty [TS]

  wide open to the classic 70 bucks here to register so it's pretty easy to still [TS]

  get pretty good stuff there and it works you know works with the podcast angle [TS]

  yeah exactly so check those three things out and wait for market to burn the [TS]

  internet down this week [TS]

  all right thank you thank you thank you it was so great i love it now that I [TS]

  just given up on keeping shows a reasonable and yeah screw it [TS]