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111: ‘12 Hours a Day’, With Guest John Moltz


  saving your pennies for a $10,000 Apple which I am going bottom line is used [TS]

  refurbished please call them refurbished if I could get one refurbished it [TS]

  probably would buy my philosophy is that particularly with the with the early [TS]

  ones just to be price conscious because you know I i'm not you know I am not [TS]

  completely sold on the benefits of it yet and and and i think that the next [TS]

  the ramp up its gonna get this steeper in the beginning I'm fascinated by it [TS]

  because I think it's so much fun it's a it's it's a very fun time to be in our [TS]

  racket of talking about Apple in writing about Apple is nobody has any idea what [TS]

  the hell is going on and I love it I really do love that we're all just lost [TS]

  an arm I'm not pretending that I'm not lost I'm completely lost I don't know [TS]

  why you note in your your lost because why because well because I sure of what [TS]

  it does exactly I'm don't comply in terms of price rule aside like let's [TS]

  just assume I'm just getting the aluminum base model because I'm a [TS]

  skeptic and you know I feel like if I love it maybe I'll get a more expensive [TS]

  one next year whatever I still have no idea why would want to where I really [TS]

  don't do you know where to watch for time you were watching yes yes I have I [TS]

  went in for a watch forever and the battery died [TS]

  online at like right before Christmas and I was like well that's great I'm not [TS]

  gonna spend 15 bucks on a battery of my way so I have now been wearing [TS]

  so and so does it drive you nuts how quickly did you guys still rather I'd [TS]

  like to just look at my hand for the time i've i've wanna watch since I was [TS]

  15 14 15 sometime in the middle of a pocket watch my grandfather did my [TS]

  grandmother had given me a pocket watch so I carousel for a while and [TS]

  embarrassing facts about me they're very cool though I don't know you're not the [TS]

  way I did it I think he had a piece a couple years ago about how the end I [TS]

  totally understand all the people out there I'm sure that probably seventy [TS]

  percent of the people listening right now are all still thinking the same [TS]

  thing which is i dont wanna watch because my phones with me all the time [TS]

  and I can take it out and get the time from the sound which is why I totally [TS]

  valid it's just in maybe if I was a kid today that would ever do that I'd never [TS]

  advise that I have the habit I've [TS]

  you know twenty 20 some years of wearing watch every day I mean hard habit to [TS]

  break a piece I think I think it was quite a couple years ago where you just [TS]

  you know pointed out that using your smartphone as your watches pretty much [TS]

  the exact same mechanism as you know our grandfathers with their partner much [TS]

  it's in your pocket you take it out and got the time and put it back and I'm not [TS]

  you know it works I just feel like it's a distraction with my kid around like [TS]

  the minute I get my phone out it becomes like I got over lets you know what's [TS]

  going on and on dads phone [TS]

  what's what games does dad have and what can I can i play with its phone and so [TS]

  it seems like a watch is not sure like a smart watches gonna be much better than [TS]

  a whole different series abstractions yeah I i dont know it's I never was [TS]

  impressed with the notifications using the pebble but you know maybe the fact [TS]

  that you can interact with them here will make a difference I don't know that [TS]

  you could do in a pinch you can dictate you know a reply using Syria I'm still [TS]

  unsure anyway the two so there's two reasons that I feel like I'm totally [TS]

  lost I still don't quite get what it is that I would like about this and number [TS]

  two is this whole edition model I I totally think it's gonna cost thousands [TS]

  dollars I totally don't understand how they'll sell thing for thousands of [TS]

  dollars that presumably is going to be you know outdated and three years [TS]

  technically I don't get it I got told him to do it [TS]

  holy don't get how that works [TS]

  and your your view of the price points remind me of you the price points so we [TS]

  know the winner of the aluminum 13 50 [TS]

  the stainless one is gonna be thousand is that right I yeah that's my ballpark [TS]

  and I've been thinking about it I think but I think it could be something like [TS]

  like that it averages 2000 because like let's see if you get the stainless with [TS]

  a with something other than the metallic band maybe at like seven hundred dollars [TS]

  or six 649 650 bucks for the stainless to start but if you get the one with the [TS]

  metal band or that mesh metal band maybe it's like $1100 and I know that there's [TS]

  a lot of people who know nothing about why 20 why in the world with a metal [TS]

  band make it cost $500 but if you look at the way watches a price that's that's [TS]

  actually pretty typical like that [TS]

  metal bands on a premium watch are crazy expensive yeah I don't say some people [TS]

  I've talked to seemed to think that the stimulus 100 bucks but I don't think so [TS]

  either that doesn't seem like that's the only thing that works if you're trying [TS]

  to upsell and I don't think at this point they will be yeah I think that [TS]

  they you know they and it brings up another point with something that almost [TS]

  I haven't seen anybody talk about is are there going to be storage tiers is there [TS]

  gonna be like an 8 16 32 gigabyte split I I don't think so unless it corresponds [TS]

  to the materials like F Sport is 8 gigabytes and stainless is 16 an [TS]

  additional 32 but I don't I can't see how they would do [TS]

  aluminum at 8 16 32 and keep adding 50 bucks a hundred bucks or something like [TS]

  that seems to compete at that point it seems to be way too confusing because [TS]

  you've got all these you know seems like all of the [TS]

  choice after makers about what colors you want what bands you want and then if [TS]

  you multiply that by two or three with storage tiers it's you know it's a place [TS]

  to start with the absurd basically almost like shells for things that are [TS]

  going on on the phone rang [TS]

  the address add anyway yeah the only thing that i could think you need [TS]

  storage for right now the third party i mean but they said though they've [TS]

  already announced that there will be a full quote full SDK later in the year so [TS]

  there will be some spaces you'll need wraps but it's so so even know ralph [TS]

  right off the start with the initial STK they're kind of 10 then perhaps that [TS]

  just communicate over the air to your iPhone apps let's presume that later in [TS]

  the year means that you know obviously this year so you gonna need to put out [TS]

  something it has the Photos app but I would guess right that it's going to be [TS]

  there you know if it's only one and a half inches big they can shrink the [TS]

  photos before they sing come over to your right I don't I don't see much [TS]

  point yeah I don't think that you're gonna need a lot of storage for your [TS]

  photos and what else is there I guess you heard right right so it's just so [TS]

  you know I don't think you need a lot of storage still be nicer if it was 16 [TS]

  instead of eight but but nobody is really talking about it [TS]

  yeah I lived with us for gigabyte iPhone four years [TS]

  and [TS]

  you know it was pretty [TS]

  but [TS]

  then it worked [TS]

  so special [TS]

  music [TS]

  Yeah Yeah right now it's movies video and all the mega replayed I can't see [TS]

  the other things that I wonder about is if there's a I'm gloves leaning towards [TS]

  getting a smaller one cause I don't have a very big breasts and a traditionally [TS]

  gotten [TS]

  mens watches you can often get a smaller size I don't buy ladies watches but you [TS]

  can get a men's watching smaller size and I was also is leaning towards a [TS]

  smaller one but the only thing that makes me wonder is is that there's gonna [TS]

  be a big difference in battery life between the two gas and buy whether [TS]

  there'll be a price difference to me I price it should be there would not be [TS]

  but it's possible I don't know and I guess in the edition model there almost [TS]

  certainly would be because even though you're not really paying for the gold [TS]

  you know like the the golden just a fraction of the price I think it's still [TS]

  I feel like you're in the premium materials you can have two sides you [TS]

  know you have to pay by the price right and the other thing is that I have [TS]

  always just the smart watches still are huge by large metal ones that are out [TS]

  right now and as the ones where ones are very large and the large one is not too [TS]

  much smaller than most of those were the small one is fairly significantly [TS]

  smaller than those yeah i buy had a Motorola 360 on my wrist was way too big [TS]

  yeah it's definitely pretty big I although you have to it you know I the [TS]

  first one I saw in real life was I ran into Andy and not go at the airport on [TS]

  the way out to the iPhone Apple watch event actually he he was flying through [TS]

  Philly he'd like boston affiliate we're on the same flight and it was like this [TS]

  is weird that looked just like candy like Joey you know he's serious size man [TS]

  it looked OK on his rest only looked OK on his wrist it it looked funny yeah it [TS]

  doesn't know it's pretty big not much looks good but that definitely did not [TS]

  look and it's not a huge it's not goofy it's just it big though it was pretty [TS]

  well it's funny because you know that a millimeter is very small right at end of [TS]

  a centimeters you know one millimeters pretty you know give or take [TS]

  and so you see all these watches are always size no meters and it's you know [TS]

  you see that this one's 39 and this 142 and you think well that's probably about [TS]

  the same size but like that that's not true I got 39 is sort of like a [TS]

  traditional men's wrist right size by today's standards a little small and 42 [TS]

  is actually kind of a big watch the really big ones like people are selling [TS]

  like 46 millimeter watching yeah I think part of the problem that Motorola 360 is [TS]

  just that it's a cylinder [TS]

  the dozen the edges are graduated so it just sits right on top of your list all [TS]

  the way around [TS]

  now so it's not so much that's not necessarily the diameter that does [TS]

  designer lack thereof [TS]

  yeah now I think it [TS]

  seemed totally and I know that it looking at them on the web it's it you [TS]

  can tell that it's a much smaller than competing smart watches but once I in [TS]

  the real world and people can compare them side-by-side I think the difference [TS]

  is pretty striking and who knows what that means for battery life [TS]

  clearly it has some kind of you know some kind of hit on battery life because [TS]

  you know figures bigger bigger watch has a bigger battery and famously everybody [TS]

  is saying everybody knows anything about the you know the rumors of the watch you [TS]

  know everybody saying the same thing that you know battery life is a huge [TS]

  concern and they were obviously very cagey about it and what they've said [TS]

  publicly what do you think that the that then getting all these people from tuzla [TS]

  is related to just battery in general or or I don't know enough saving up for [TS]

  your up I don't know I don't know enough about battery technology even though I [TS]

  should because in 6th grade science fair project was about batteries since then [TS]

  though I have to take it up you should go back and have fallen way behind my [TS]

  understand like I have no idea whether somebody who is an expert in this sort [TS]

  of big battery that you would need to move acid a hand rail for 300 miles [TS]

  would have any kind of expertise that would be applicable to the sort of [TS]

  battery you want and seven millimeter thick phone it strikes me as odd jobs in [TS]

  thing to do to hire somebody who makes the trunk battery and telling ok I just [TS]

  put that in a watch I would I'm thinking probably is probably you know somebody [TS]

  is an expert on one can can quickly get up to speed on the other it might be it [TS]

  is likely is anything you know who knows I think that there's such a crazy [TS]

  boom are are you know it's it's a seller's market in Silicon Valley if [TS]

  you're a talented engineers of any sort it seems you know so I think you know [TS]

  who knows it may not even be that specific you may just be you know [TS]

  there's a bunch of smart guys it s let's just try to steal we need we need more [TS]

  short people but did you know I guess that you know that's the other thing [TS]

  that broke loose since last I had a technical talk shows that the journal [TS]

  against the wall street journal is it is more I said flatly that Apple has won [TS]

  over a hundred people working on the car seems a lot of people for its you know [TS]

  still secret project [TS]

  yeah I guess I have no idea it tastes like a car it makes even less sense to [TS]

  me than not that I would not that they wouldn't you know like I think that the [TS]

  basic gist of in broad as a writer room writing catches people's imagination in [TS]

  a broad sense it feels basically like it could be true because cars are market [TS]

  where a there's a lot of them so there's a lot of money to be made [TS]

  be it's a market where design matters and has always mattered everybody except [TS]

  that design matters and cars right there's not it's not like with computers [TS]

  were people you know four years would say you know apple just waste money on [TS]

  design everybody just yet [TS]

  you know some people would say that would you know will spend three days [TS]

  picking out their new car because they you know care about it so design matters [TS]

  and three it feels like it's you know technology is about to revolutionize the [TS]

  industry you know people are talking clearly there's the switch in energy [TS]

  from gas to electric and there's the whole self-driving angle as well as the [TS]

  just the interface interface is that you interact with inside the car [TS]

  yes yes exactly are already involved in right right and that you know it all [TS]

  goes hand-in-hand where the cars are getting more computerized inside [TS]

  I mean it's they've been computerized for a while in terms of things like when [TS]

  the antilock brakes kick in and and stuff and I mean like the user and you [TS]

  know what you deal with you know have you shop worker recently no I have not [TS]

  shopped for car since December 2006 so the last time I shop for a car [TS]

  the iPhone wasn't yeah it's creamy and some of that stuff is crazy I [TS]

  and I was coming from so I bought a new car in December and I was going from a [TS]

  95 Integra snow so I was not prepared for that level of screen in your face [TS]

  inside cars today and and I had an idea of the kind of cars that I had picked [TS]

  out certain cars to look at and my first reaction was just like oh my god our [TS]

  system there's to not only is there one big screen there's two screens in this [TS]

  car and to do anything you know you have to to be tapping a touch interface in [TS]

  order to like increase the airflow in the car and that kind of thing and it [TS]

  was just like I don't and was not ready for that coming from an old car and be I [TS]

  just don't think I'll be in Cbus be I feel like driving a rather have some [TS]

  touch some tactical elements and see the interfaces that they make these things [TS]

  are so bad I didn't want you know I wanted to have as little commitment and [TS]

  interfaces possible so I ended up getting a car that had the spring and [TS]

  the smaller screen that I could get but he basically a certain classic are you [TS]

  have to get that kind of screen with a crappy interface jammed into it [TS]

  yeah I'm worried about that about getting a new car because I feel like [TS]

  now it's no we got ours in 2006 we had the option to upgrade to a navigation [TS]

  system and I turned it down because I thought it looked so terrible you know [TS]

  wasn't that said you know it was like seven hundred extra bucks or something [TS]

  that I turned it down not because I don't think the navigation would be [TS]

  useful but just because I thought that this without the navigation they just [TS]

  put like and you know like an old-school radio thing that takes up the space the [TS]

  screen isn't still there so everything on nothing in our car has a touchscreen [TS]

  everything is dialed it twisted I like it and then my wife complain complain [TS]

  for a couple of years because every once in a while we go somewhere where we [TS]

  needed directions and you know we didn't have navigation [TS]

  and then once the piano and then that wore off you know I forget what point [TS]

  the phone became a decent navigation system primarily 2010 write something [TS]

  like that [TS]

  so do you know I think in the long run it worked out is a good decision but I [TS]

  don't know what I'm going to do next but it is true because it's like you know [TS]

  guys like [TS]

  lifelong Apple users like we expect our computers interfaces to be Apple quality [TS]

  and you know even at their worst like pick the worst areas you know like Mac [TS]

  OS 10 10.0 or something it still was better than you know it wasn't ugly and [TS]

  it wasn't confusing you know right and I i mean I had my car for twenty years and [TS]

  that previous car for twenty years a drug that thing and I wanted to but [TS]

  possibly have the option to dread this almost as long as and the ideas sticking [TS]

  with some of those systems that I feel like they're gonna be obsolete and here [TS]

  like [TS]

  pat doesn't seem like a good way to win that game doesn't just take a break and [TS]

  I will thank our first sponsor and its a new sponsor named automatic heard of [TS]

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  Gold Edition nope 9995 100 bucks well then they're gonna soak in the [TS]

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  wrong there are no subscription fees what you just buy the thing for 9995 [TS]

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  crazy [TS]

  wanna see you know they tend to marketing there's always or there's [TS]

  always those that that that branch of marketing that and it's all over the web [TS]

  these days you know like this this once silly trick will make your mustache grow [TS]

  thicker you know you know that but it does seem to me like this diagnostic or [TS]

  I didn't know anything about this seems like this diagnostic port on every car [TS]

  is like a serious like they don't want you to know secret yeah right like you [TS]

  get all that information on your own but they want you to come into the dealer [TS]

  for $600 for a because if your car in or if it if the car knows why the check [TS]

  engine light came on they could easily especially if we rent ties right and [TS]

  what we're saying where modern cars all have real strains so they could put any [TS]

  text you want on it right [TS]

  yeah [TS]

  know why this stance ayudar a sucker if you don't have it you know what [TS]

  80 bucks you know that your car dealer car dealer gave you this is an option it [TS]

  would be like eight hundred dollars $100 have a smart car 80 bucks this is the [TS]

  most amazing thing I don't know what do you think I mean it seems to me like one [TS]

  of those things like maybe you know maybe they've been working a lot of [TS]

  things and maybe that's why things are kind of going yeah that's sort of see [TS]

  see what we think I mean it's also just possible that the car that the driving [TS]

  around this just follows like Apple AirPlay stuff [TS]

  movie great if it was like just Bob Mansfield group and just like to blow [TS]

  off some steam there they like just bought it all around they bought an old [TS]

  Chrysler minivan but they put it on the company's dime said that if anybody [TS]

  looked up the license plate it would say it was registered Apple you know [TS]

  incorporated right so it's a paid for out of petty cash like a Chrysler [TS]

  minivans and then they just went to Home Depot and just bought like a whole bunch [TS]

  of PVC piping and made me get some crazy and then just let the rumors let the [TS]

  rivers stop start against nothing it's just like some is used for some intern [TS]

  going out to pick up sandwiches luncheon this car driver go go go go boy the dead [TS]

  miles an hour [TS]

  let's take a shit that i would do that see that's why I like Chris Breen I'm [TS]

  they're getting hired by Apple all I would want to do is waste money on shit [TS]

  like that will never be a great job at Apple that actually would be so you and [TS]

  I could do this we would just start a team that would be like meant to just [TS]

  fill up the rumor blogs with deception yeah oh yeah oh my god we've had spread [TS]

  my wheelhouse my God we're just pick projects that pic projects that are [TS]

  plausible enough that you can get 9 to 5 Mac and and Mac rumors and insider to [TS]

  run with them but that are goofy enough that we will never stop black man yeah I [TS]

  have to say that the fact that the supposed in car that's been caught on a [TS]

  road is a Chrysler minivan that might be going on right now there is laughing [TS]

  themselves because it just seems like something like like you would have [TS]

  started by saying well we'll do it in a previous life doesn't appreciate my to [TS]

  fight the default car you'd start with the United already electric its yeah you [TS]

  know it they're they're all over the place in California and then as somebody [TS]

  will have the idea now let's make it a min [TS]

  that's the day I found the fireball said that with the Wall Street Journal report [TS]

  that their it got a hundred people working on a car that they said that it [TS]

  looks like a mini van I heard that very hard to believe like I don't find it [TS]

  hard to believe that they might have some kind of super early prototype that [TS]

  looks like a minivan but that's how they said they're saying that they're working [TS]

  on a car that looks like you know you know like they always say like this [TS]

  story is public knowledge we can we can get to the whole Jony ive New York thing [TS]

  but that's it came up there I think it came up in the jobs bill came up all [TS]

  over the place where like the very early prototypes for what became multi-touch [TS]

  was like like projected on a desk and they had like cameras no waves did not [TS]

  look nothing like an iPad or phone it was big project on the wall it was as [TS]

  the centers were you know where miniaturize yet [TS]

  yeah you know I could see that the car some kind of car that they intend to [TS]

  ship in 10 years might look like that now because they need to fill up the [TS]

  back with all kinds of crazy stuff that they'll worry about miniaturize in later [TS]

  but I can't believe that they're working on a car that would actually look like [TS]

  me know [TS]

  as they would I mean they would work on that their car would be [TS]

  whatever the most there's starter car would certainly be whatever the most [TS]

  purchased cars and that's not you know and it seems like it would be like a [TS]

  horse in now and they couldn't bring themselves to make something that wasn't [TS]

  beautiful [TS]

  somebody Chrysler very sad right now be funny if it like brochure out of the [TS]

  company because it's just you know alright goodnight swatches and where [TS]

  there's a polite but if you stop driving so deserve abortion tribal district [TS]

  about taking my portion mind yeah and I am whatever else drives down to the [TS]

  Cayman Island yeah she gave cars Johnny Johnny obviously it's a few cars but [TS]

  Williams Dr Szoke an old gold Camry yeah I get a good for him I mean I think it's [TS]

  great i get the real Jeff Williams is late like a two-thirds clone of Tim Cook [TS]

  like those I get there is central you know me they used to say there was a [TS]

  profile of Tim Cook sometime in the last year to wear where he apparently drove a [TS]

  very old car for a very long time and remember that it was like when they said [TS]

  about what a mystery [TS]

  you know what a mystery was given to the people who worked with you know a daily [TS]

  basis [TS]

  you know [TS]

  but for those guys it's all about efficiency [TS]

  yeah it just feels like an efficient creations operations in you and [TS]

  everything around efficiently and if you get something that's working great [TS]

  just keep writing it [TS]

  now not me I would you know I would probably if I add you know apple [TS]

  executive type money I would probably be more like Steve Jobs though where he had [TS]

  21 caught you know you know they put a lot of thought into it and he had one [TS]

  car and it was awesome [TS]

  turning the least several weeks or so that was that was supposedly how he got [TS]

  away with the never having a license plate for more than like there's a guy [TS]

  like ninety days before the license plate and so like every three months [TS]

  somebody would have to drive is Sadies to the dealer and I'm sure they just had [TS]

  one waiting like a box of tissues you know just pull another silver fell fifty [TS]

  with you no precise interior right out of the box [TS]

  boom got it I couldn't see I could never see being a car collector because I [TS]

  could see buying one really nice car and then I would drive it everywhere but I [TS]

  would want to put all my effort into making that pick up front and picking [TS]

  the one that I that I love if I had even to I don't have to make the decision on [TS]

  any given day which one to drive right [TS]

  like I like not having to make decisions like that yeah [TS]

  I feel that way now [TS]

  like two big cameras I want that Canon it bigger and a little you know so [TS]

  little bit better and more flexible has multiple lenses and I got this Fuji x100 [TS]

  us which is delightful and it's that retro you know sort of looks like an old [TS]

  rangefinder beautiful camera a lot lighter really you know and unless I [TS]

  know that i'm gonna walk around all day I know I want the later one but there's [TS]

  a lot of school events and stuff like I know which one to take and I think I [TS]

  don't have my second camera now I'm sitting here you know ten minutes [TS]

  staring at two camera [TS]

  well i get i mean for those guys I guess it's just that's the fun of it so that's [TS]

  part of the fun is like manager on cars I guess I don't know maybe I guess you [TS]

  choose to be mentally right I guess if they break down all the time because of [TS]

  their authentic Italian sports cars you know also part of the fun right it will [TS]

  be funny to guess the assumption is like looking like a polite so there's variety [TS]

  but you know there's just one shape you know two sizes imagine like what the [TS]

  parking lot at Apple's new headquarters will look like like three years after [TS]

  the Apple car comes out when everybody I presume that does bacon some kind of app [TS]

  that tells you which which silver silver Apple car boy [TS]

  look look forward to that problem yeah so the big problem one of the big [TS]

  problems with cars and Tesla famously is running into it all over the country is [TS]

  that there's this bizarre well it seems bizarre in hindsight these bizarre route [TS]

  laws they're not even rules or laws about how cars are sold that there [TS]

  there's this dealership model and I get the explanation that makes sense [TS]

  historically and doesn't make sense in the present day but the reason why all [TS]

  cars are sold through these independent dealers that's like the law and Tesla [TS]

  doesn't want to get involved with that they want to sell directly and they have [TS]

  to go like state by state and get stuff you know make it legal [TS]

  Indian the away jersey rate the new jersey it seems you know it seems like [TS]

  some Sopranos type guys have some of the action in the car dealerships there's [TS]

  sort of a kind of reselling it electric cars here [TS]

  the same guys who run the gas pumps we talked about that I feel like you and I [TS]

  have talked about this this is the craziest maybe so for those of you out [TS]

  there who don't know never been to New Jersey and New Jersey he is it all [TS]

  gasoline is pumped by a professional there is no we're not the same when is [TS]

  it really so coasters are you doing there are no I'm talking about so I [TS]

  think most people around the country when you point a gas station and it says [TS]

  self-serve you're like well why you know course well guess what New Jersey has no [TS]

  cell service not it is no option it's legally you have to have a gas pump [TS]

  attendant and as 34 years ago they got it as a state referendum and I thought [TS]

  was great this is Greg's I go to New Jersey sometimes you know this is great [TS]

  I'm trying to be able to pump gas no new jersey and voted overwhelmingly to keep [TS]

  the law on the books like Stockholm Syndrome like they're afraid to pump gas [TS]

  they see it as some kind of luxury I mean the guy in the last time I pulled [TS]

  up to a gas pump new jersey which was out last summer the guy called me boss [TS]

  was pretty well that's actually in LA they already have to say that well [TS]

  there's a you know you have choices they can call your boss they can call you [TS]

  chief chief remember who was boss or defects yeah and and they can call you [TS]

  ha the year to pay extra for what they could achieve think it's an extra five [TS]

  cents a gallon [TS]

  fill it up and go ahead and Haas that absolutely loss that was a slogan [TS]

  actually when I was a kid with the slogan in that it has gas stations hot [TS]

  it has [TS]

  so yeah I don't know this [TS]

  electric cars so I don't mean anything Apple doesn't this would have to you [TS]

  know go through the same rigmarole that test was going through her nose and I [TS]

  think you said I think it's a maybe kindest sort of some days thing and [TS]

  they're just looking into it particularly if it looks like a Chrysler [TS]

  minivan totally not ready to go to the showroom for the self-driving thing I do [TS]

  think it's coming I have no idea when that thing and it's obviously not [TS]

  imminent [TS]

  you know it's it's but it feels like something that could be like you know [TS]

  we're not gonna have to wait till we're old men like will will will get to this [TS]

  in 10 or 15 years [TS]

  yeah yeah maybe it's because it's you think back 10 years I think back to [TS]

  think about the laptop I was using [TS]

  it's pretty standing I've been thinking about that a lot lately and I and maybe [TS]

  it's always that ten years is a you know gives you a lot I openers and technology [TS]

  probably does but somehow while we're still on the other side of the iPhone [TS]

  being ten years it really feels like right now like 2015 2016 it's the what [TS]

  life was like 10 years ago is pretty pretty crazy yeah 2015 might be the big [TS]

  12 me as bitches and a boner just because there's no iPhone yet max [TS]

  restore power PC [TS]

  think what else titanium [TS]

  still been iBooks yeah yeah this plastic was first plastic iBooks for [TS]

  still being sold and the nicer plastic ones the ones that were available white [TS]

  and black MacBooks I believe right MacBooks and MacBook Pros yes those are [TS]

  in those were all [TS]

  try and they were nicer I think so [TS]

  looking at their problem not funny [TS]

  problem I can't wait to retire and the old folks home and we're all just need [TS]

  all this extra closet Tiger Syracuse's got a bunch of stuff to I don't have a [TS]

  better I don't have any old desktop Macs like I don't have like an old I got my [TS]

  g4 you know like a compact classics frame background and like that if I were [TS]

  gonna buy one [TS]

  my wife and I would want to buy an SEC 30 SEC 30 is the makes my heart I have [TS]

  an SEC it's not it's not a 30 [TS]

  that was that was my first thought was my first Mac and its basis [TS]

  we have my body for $2000 1990 used and then [TS]

  years later I still had a laugh lobbies and I told them she long time ago like [TS]

  that again so I bought another one but basically the same thing I got my [TS]

  floppies somewhere I know I didn't throw them out I I cannot believe that any of [TS]

  them would still work they said they were now that's a great yeah most of [TS]

  them still most of my work a lot of indie film failed Brandon yeah maybe it [TS]

  was just like the ones and zeros are just little pieces a dust stuck to my [TS]

  static electricity early one megabyte or more reliable than zip [TS]

  I did remember that the that reminds me that the other thing and there was a [TS]

  couple of reports this week in the one was about the I think I wrote about i [TS]

  think is such bullshit this thing that Apple watch you know like at the last [TS]

  minute they took out all the best possible like a fitness health device [TS]

  and then they'd the center's work so they yank them out and had to redefine [TS]

  what it was for it but it did say that I do know that it was so poorly sourced [TS]

  you know even those of the number even came from anybody knows what the hell [TS]

  are talking about but that the Apple watch Gold Edition is expected to sell [TS]

  for four thousand or more which would make it the most expensive product they [TS]

  sell you know I've ever sold or something like that [TS]

  compared to the current Mac Pro and I was like what you thought I thought [TS]

  about the kid in college at the MAC two effects that was like a $10,000 computer [TS]

  at the time has not I remember when I like the cheap ones that you said like [TS]

  NSE was 2000 my iMac elsie was i-25 and 120th anniversary [TS]

  forget what that 14 but that was over $10,000 my parents spend more on my [TS]

  computer that $2,500 LLC than they spend on the college [TS]

  it was crazy expensive everything was crazy expensive I remember when I read [TS]

  that somebody on Twitter wrote that they added to see i at the time ever the Mac [TS]

  to see I was that the couple wonders that [TS]

  it the Mac to see I was it was right down the middle of the road it was the [TS]

  type of desktop you should I think it was you could you could put it both ways [TS]

  on your desk like a PlayStation you can have it standing up to get turned in on [TS]

  time but like it was perfectly sized for the 13 inch display I I would hold up as [TS]

  I think the greatest Mac Apple ever made because they it was in their lineup for [TS]

  like five years like like around 1991 when it came out it was a high-end [TS]

  machines like right below like the two effects like five six seven eight [TS]

  thousand dollars something like that and they kept it for years you know and I [TS]

  would just drop down a sort of like the first to like what they do with the [TS]

  phones now like the next year it just stayed and and sold you know cuz it was [TS]

  still it was like such a good machine and so fast at the time it was a great [TS]

  great great computer when my friend and college loved it [TS]

  Mac TCI-bell Twitter remind me about how expensive Ram was back then he said he [TS]

  had a 20 TCI in the early nineties spent $58 on rare my god people have no idea [TS]

  spent two computers are getting guys like us we just wonder why is everybody [TS]

  into computers $5,800 on RAM because of course like the default it was like a [TS]

  $6,000 computer in they did i do want it I bet the default config was like two [TS]

  mags two megabytes are just terrible [TS]

  he had 11 megabyte around I really by the fall [TS]

  adventure that says Mary some point over the years [TS]

  scrimped and saved and got upgraded to 10 which was how did you make any sense [TS]

  maybe that too maybe had to start with maybe that was it a two sided on the [TS]

  motherboard and I could put you can add 24 megabyte chips and get up to 10 [TS]

  somebody can look it up but I'm not going to [TS]

  let's take a break and then maybe we can talk about the Jony ive yeah many book [TS]

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  Squarespace for their continuing support of the talk show great friends show so [TS]

  the New Yorker piece seventeen thousand words on us by Ian Ian Parker on Jony [TS]

  ive and handed the design team at Apple through it I had no idea it was funny I [TS]

  didn't know I didn't do a word count first I just woke up and there was a [TS]

  lady but he's treating about who this is intriguing because it was very clear [TS]

  right from the opening that this was written with [TS]

  you know apples and Johnny Ives participation cooperation which in and [TS]

  of itself is maybe the most interesting and intriguing thing about it and it [TS]

  literally took me hours I started thinking like I might have I gotten slow [TS]

  my and my addled why is it taking you so long to read a magazine article and I [TS]

  counted the words and I was like wait a minute that's like a third of the book a [TS]

  book as a sixty thousand board [TS]

  truly story and he got away do you know weight Act three to get to you that was [TS]

  a surprise I had actually had no idea that was a total surprise so like [TS]

  two-thirds of the way through the article like twelve thousand words into [TS]

  it yes there is a mention or quote from me and I have to say that was like at [TS]

  all I mean I'm used to people quoting me and see my name in the new yorker was [TS]

  kind of surprised / socks / thrill yeah I would think so I wouldn't know but I'm [TS]

  thinks this is very strange I'm trying to find the URL [TS]

  alone mix capetown here's where I was hoping that israel says it's actually an [TS]

  interesting point is I like to talk about on taxes so it's at a point where [TS]

  they're talking about Apple watch and that they've hired Angela Ahrendts from [TS]

  Burberry and Paul Deneve I'm not quite sure how to pronounce his name of a [TS]

  former CEO of the Yves Saint Laurent group Patrick proved no hope on [TS]

  pronouncing his name correctly from tagged our hope I'm right [TS]

  horror thank you john didn't know about the second I knew about him and you know [TS]

  i i I think I knew about that from Ben Thompson has been is really really knows [TS]

  his shit about the luxury industry LV mhm such an interesting company right [TS]

  that's there like a huge glut jury conglomerate [TS]

  LV LV image is Louie Vuitton Handbags suitcase luxury shoemaker and mhm is the [TS]

  4800 ages Hennessy like the was a cognac yeah one of the few bruises I'm not [TS]

  really after my return them is moet champagne handbags Shanahan lose [TS]

  expensive cognac and watches it's very it's an interesting conglomerate i watch [TS]

  guy from there and he was a guy his job attacking our was was he with their like [TS]

  retail liaisons like he was like a watch designer he wasn't from the creation of [TS]

  the watches he was one of the guys who dealt with their you know like which [TS]

  jewelry stores are gonna sell you know which watches and stuff like that and [TS]

  what they you know negotiating that sort of stuff so it's an interesting higher [TS]

  because there's [TS]

  circling all the way back to the things we don't know about Apple watch if if [TS]

  we're right at the high end edition is going to be let's say 45 $10,000 [TS]

  something like that how and where you can buy it because the Apple stores as [TS]

  they exist today are not the sort of place where you can spend $10,000 on a [TS]

  watch right you don't buy them in a noisy cacophonous room where you know [TS]

  you're not gonna do that things start to devote take this [TS]

  you imagine there is up there like like right next to the Apple cases to the [TS]

  phone cases just a bunch of watches you just go out there and that's the thing [TS]

  in there did the redesigning the whole store experience rate well that's me [TS]

  that's the thing that we don't know is really talked about that much time seen [TS]

  and we would probably be talking about like crazy if there are other things [TS]

  going on that is really the reason but supposedly there [TS]

  really going to redo the right one of the store looks one of the Nuggets [TS]

  dropped in this article is that johnnie IV is working with Angela Lawrence I [TS]

  think it's a complete redesign of the stores so but that is that does not seem [TS]

  like something that's going to happen before April at least not nationwide or [TS]

  worldwide right and he's like get something that you can just do it every [TS]

  store overnight so there's been speculation but a lot of Apple stores [TS]

  like the one in philadelphia has an upstairs that you don't it's not part of [TS]

  the retail experience and they they call it now they call it a business center [TS]

  and I know for a fact that like an affiliate when they do things like like [TS]

  if company in philadelphia buys a bunch of Apple stuff you know like sweet I get [TS]

  office that switching from PCs to Macs you don't have to buy retail you can go [TS]

  that Marcos often talked about this on the ATP you know he he he does it in his [TS]

  own in a one-man company but you started business relationship with them and you [TS]

  can get like developer pricing discount pricing will be used to have in that [TS]

  used to be a whole separate armed right and they did a reorganization six years [TS]

  ago seven years ago something like that moved all that stuff under so I can feel [TS]

  him on the stairs and have area where they could do training they can have [TS]

  everybody in your company can pay you know there are enough to pay you you by [TS]

  like all these Macs and then you can have half a day of training and stuff [TS]

  like that and you know it's just like a meeting area today whether when the [TS]

  feeling when opened as I got like a press invitation to attend to take a [TS]

  look and they gave us a behind the scenes tour and we went up there to see [TS]

  exactly what you would think if if there is a conference room in an Apple store [TS]

  that's what it looks like it's a table that looks like one of their tables but [TS]

  it's big and there's nice chairs Apple style lighting and etcetera but anyway [TS]

  the stores that have that area clearly that could be repurposed as a quiet [TS]

  removed place where you spend $4,000 on a wide try on you know multiple straps [TS]

  and stuff like that [TS]

  see what you like you know [TS]

  but not all stores have that no one's in malls shopping malls don't have the [TS]

  luxury of having like a second floor so maybe it could be that maybe the edition [TS]

  model won't be sold in every Apple Store it might only be sold in certain ones [TS]

  you might also be the case I don't I don't know if they would do it or not [TS]

  but maybe there maybe that's why they hired to stakeholder maybe they'll sell [TS]

  them in jewelry stores are places that sell Rolexes and no me digas you know [TS]

  etcetera I suppose it's possible that seems [TS]

  the abbot the whole idea because there are thousands of dollars in there like [TS]

  they're they're removing them giving that hands-on experience to somebody [TS]

  else right but it almost gets you mean obviously they still do that kind of [TS]

  thing [TS]

  their phones carrier stores etc but personal touch seems like something they [TS]

  want to keep to themselves [TS]

  yeah I guess you would think so but I don't know yeah maybe but maybe where [TS]

  that they also also you know it's sort of like the way that I think that's [TS]

  really wanting to buy your iPhone but they'll also sell it in the carrier [TS]

  stores in this element Walmart will sell them at Target the promise this basis [TS]

  though isn't as most people work on commission [TS]

  or you mean you know no jewelry stores I would presume so yeah and I don't know [TS]

  that they're gonna wanna it seems like that's a whole nother difference a whole [TS]

  difference [TS]

  like i said i dont doing way of doing business that I would be surprised again [TS]

  I don't know I love me out i really wanna go either way I feel like they [TS]

  could sell them only in select Apple stores I feel like they could sell them [TS]

  you know what stores I don't know any way back to the article says parts of [TS]

  the world already filled with smartphones that price may give the [TS]

  Apple watch the graduation gift appeal that according to Bronner brothers [TS]

  industrial designer who used to be above johnnie I think about when he started [TS]

  and had since gone on to beat beats consciously sought with its head from [TS]

  pricing but I was solid gold models innocently named Apple watch addition [TS]

  are expected to cost many thousands of dollars John Gruber and influential [TS]

  Apple blogger has written at the price may be quote shockingly high dot dot dot [TS]

  from the perspective of the tech industry but perhaps disruptive lilo [TS]

  Alex even carry my talents over from the perspective of the traditional watch and [TS]

  jewellery world I like that I got at Alexs into the new yorker their writers [TS]

  to I don't know if they're allowed to use is not the way I do so from the [TS]

  perspective of the traditional watch and jewelry roll I wish he had quoted my [TS]

  line that it's that that when prices of the edition models has announced its [TS]

  gonna be the biggest collective ship it in the history and guide me like I still [TS]

  feel confident that that's the line that will stand up stand the test of time is [TS]

  being present about Apple yeah but this may mean that quote makes a point that [TS]

  is sailing into it there [TS]

  well here's here's why I thought about this and I you know my name and my quote [TS]

  it's very interesting to me because clearly Ian Parker had complete access [TS]

  to johnnie i've and he talked to a bunch of other people that we talked in court [TS]

  he talked about men trio talked to Jeff Williams and it was months in the making [TS]

  it involved I think he seems as though he traveled to England to talk to Johnny [TS]

  johnny's father you know he just sort of thing that the new yorkers one of the [TS]

  few publications in the world that can do this because it's expensive I it's [TS]

  expensive to do this kind of reporting he had access and there's all sorts of [TS]

  interesting quotes that you don't typically get from Apple executives [TS]

  surely he asked them about watch pricing and is nothing inherently doesn't say [TS]

  that he did but I must've right and they must have said no comment we're not [TS]

  going to talk about pricing at the time but maybe like did he come up did he [TS]

  quote me because he you know he reads me I readies or liability or off the record [TS]

  today was a member of it the Steve Jobs we think John Gruber's piece on this was [TS]

  inside like maybe they said off the record you can't quotas but we thought [TS]

  John Gruber's principal yeah we thought his piece on the pricing was inside ploy [TS]

  not Nick I really wonder about that was something that they they said we can [TS]

  talk about this but you should look here [TS]

  yeah that's certainly possible that's the to me it's it's the stupidest sort [TS]

  of like four levels of indirection confirmation but the fact that he had [TS]

  such access to Apple and even he points to the edition watches being you know [TS]

  quote many thousands of dollars is the steamy the surest thing it's more sure [TS]

  than even the sort of back of the envelope math I've been doing under fire [TS]

  ball with just the price of gold and how much gold is actually going to be in the [TS]

  team more even more convincing than that is that if Ian Parker who so just in [TS]

  says multi many thousands of dollars and must be I would bet on it but I keep I [TS]

  then I just keeps cycling back to what all the naysayers say which is come on [TS]

  the charts thousands of Watson's gonna be outdated [TS]

  well that's the thing it's the it's the outdated Ennis that runs into it goes if [TS]

  if it is the kind that your two years yeah then the best price becomes [TS]

  except someone untenable well but it's a uni are we keep going back to thinking [TS]

  like logical human beings who have some semblance of rational control over [TS]

  finances were a lot of people which is strange for us right like in a weird [TS]

  perverted sense if it if it does have a time timestamp shelf life if it does [TS]

  have a shelf life of just a few years it almost makes it more of a luxury [TS]

  it might be more ostentatious to buy $10,000 Apple watch that's only gonna be [TS]

  useful for three years than it would be to buy a $50,000 Rolex that will outlive [TS]

  you know be used you know be a value long after your debt right like the [TS]

  $50,000 Rolex that becomes a family heirloom is still $50,000 watch but a [TS]

  $10,000 what's that going to be going in a desk drawer in three years is super [TS]

  obnoxious right [TS]

  judy is a couple weeks ago against Apple in 2010 and check out this guy to me [TS]

  that I am richer than a pause and actually like what a jerk and I'm like [TS]

  wait a minute maybe there's something to that little after just totally different [TS]

  trails off uncomfortable or buying gold my God speaking about that kind of want [TS]

  but should I hope he's making an iPhone app while I R you know he is and [TS]

  maintain the article mentioned you have in addition as well [TS]

  well I and then you certainly put your sleeve back and you've got the I am rich [TS]

  no idea who the group all the names of the name of that horrible company that [TS]

  makes the really expensive phones in over 240 242 yet and it mentions it [TS]

  mentions retail in quotes somebody is saying [TS]

  yeah as saying that [TS]

  that johnny was very interested in that company yeah yeah and I don't think it [TS]

  was because he liked their phones I think now I think the interest is that [TS]

  he'd like enjoy people are buying and they're still I really thought that they [TS]

  were going the way of the dodo want the iPhone came out because the whole idea [TS]

  was that in a world full of crap phones you can have the best phone because [TS]

  yours was made with Leslie leather and premium materials even those running the [TS]

  same $15 Symbian you know chips and the interior as I get $30 Nokia phone I mean [TS]

  it's true but used to it they've they've since Mon Ami Nokia doesn't exist or it [TS]

  doesn't sell phones anymore but when virtue is created a reduced it was like [TS]

  they were to Nokia what like Lexus is the Toyota or Acura is the Honda they [TS]

  were like a premium luxury subsidiary brand but they just used the same way [TS]

  that I can accurately L is has a frame of i go to Honda Accord it was you know [TS]

  like take the case apart and it was exactly the same as certain you know [TS]

  each each Vertu phone responded to a corresponding Nokia phone and they just [TS]

  couldn't premium products and sold it for five six thousand dollars and they [TS]

  did have the other thing that I guess that virtue still has to have this [TS]

  concierge service where you can buy cable I guess what you do is look things [TS]

  up for you on the Internet yeah it really does seem it sounds to me when I [TS]

  read about it that it really does the whole idea of the concierge predates the [TS]

  idea of apps it's sort of like how everything in the flintstones had like a [TS]

  biological component you know like there is always [TS]

  like they put something they put it in the microwave microwave was really like [TS]

  a turtle with a couple of matches create a fire you know underneath the food and [TS]

  yeah you know everything have a good thing they that's what the virtual [TS]

  concierge service was it like so like you and I relate hey let's go get the [TS]

  state and we'd open open table and would be like bloop bloop table 4 to 8:30 [TS]

  tonight steak you instead you persons button on your virtual phone and talk to [TS]

  somebody and be like I need a table for two it you know Morton's Steakhouse and [TS]

  then they do it does but anyway I thought that you know once the iPhone [TS]

  came out and clearly you were not getting the best phone in the world you [TS]

  are you know the best-trained world was you know $600 that they would quickly go [TS]

  the way of the dodo but they haven't they're still around they outlasted [TS]

  Nokia yeah and I quote is from Clive Grand near was a friend of eyes [TS]

  he said that [TS]

  he's always been a bit link [TS]

  then you start to worry that maybe it was Steve Jobs who kind of kept the [TS]

  brainchild [TS]

  I mean look it up I have some notes from this article the lines are really stuck [TS]

  out to me I mean anything [TS]

  article the quotes big bug Mansfield is automatically he was so he was so [TS]

  comfortable I thought Mansfield in this comes across that whereas Jeff Koons [TS]

  this is my favorite line in the whole whole article I I didn't want to go [TS]

  through and just spoil it to four people wondering farm boys when I think it's so [TS]

  well-written to be truthful and insanely jealous they got this access and that he [TS]

  took advantage of it and and you know came up with such a great article that [TS]

  to me is so accurate as of the paws yeah yeah it's such a great sense alright [TS]

  here's his partner writing I asked Jeff Williams the senior vice president if [TS]

  the Apple watch seemed more purely odds than previous company products after [TS]

  silence of 25 seconds during which Apple made $50,000 and profit he said yes that [TS]

  is that is such a good two senses but it's it's the best paragraph about 5 [TS]

  I've ever read I think because clearly Jeff Williams and he needs to my [TS]

  knowledge is never spoken to the press before clearly he is in today's been a [TS]

  very long time you know since late nineties and he's obviously not [TS]

  comfortable and rather than you know an apple people you know he knows enough if [TS]

  he's not going to come from around the Babylon it be better to just sit there [TS]

  take a 25 second pause before saying yes [TS]

  and that little aside during which Apple made fifty thousand dollars in profit I [TS]

  think it's brilliant because it to me it's not slide it it to me know it's [TS]

  it's it's like filling the pause yeah yeah it feels the pause and it also just [TS]

  remind you of why this is of interest why this company is of interest why this [TS]

  company is worth this much attention you know it tells you the scale that they're [TS]

  operating yeah [TS]

  you know it's it's just a nice little reminder of scale like to fill in for [TS]

  you know like the Jeopardy theme song there's there's a lot in the article [TS]

  yes that is pretentious I mean that comes can easily come across as [TS]

  pretentious example well [TS]

  ides [TS]

  comments about other people's cars while these drug known as bath yeah and what [TS]

  is a good friend and and the fact that simple fact that they're just they're [TS]

  crazy rich I mean you know all these cuts for the rich and you know he's [TS]

  gotta get a plane he was buying the living room houses in England you know [TS]

  that were built in the seventeen hundreds are good friend Dan Lyons [TS]

  jumped on this did you see I did you did not see no I don't think he now I'm [TS]

  trying to reach my thought I thought he was done he wears you writing now is he [TS]

  a great yeah no video I thought so cuz he wrote that he his his back was given [TS]

  province in the current blog and he's writing a book and so I took over values [TS]

  and you still gotta tell you if you have a min I feel like you know what I do not [TS]

  like the the man professionally I don't but I don't wish injury on anybody and [TS]

  so I certainly hope in all sincerity I do hope that whatever is wrong with his [TS]

  back [TS]

  get better quickly I don't have been poked fun at that or any kind of medical [TS]

  problem but I do have to say as somebody who blogs professionally I have to say [TS]

  if you have to have a job where you get a bad back injury this might be the job [TS]

  to have like you can I would say my yeah I would say my finger injury where I [TS]

  couldn't type [TS]

  I would I would have traded that for a back injury [TS]

  any any day of the week yeah I think so anyway though he wrote he repeats for [TS]

  Valley why Apple design boss John John I've this issue I swear I think I mean [TS]

  you call Jonathan you can call him Johnny who calls and John nobody [TS]

  as far as I know in the history of the world nobody's ever called him john john [TS]

  i've get chauffeured to work in a Bentley [TS]

  this is crazy this is his lead I mean this is seriously crazy stuff there is [TS]

  surprisingly little to be learned about sir Jonathan Ive in this seventeen [TS]

  thousand-word piece in The New Yorker accept this the fucker gets driven to [TS]

  work in a Bentley more Sun car quote a car for a head of state as Ian Parker [TS]

  puts it how can you say there is surprisingly little to be learned about [TS]

  this there's almost too much to to cover it's almost crazy and that the one thing [TS]

  you text me using unprecedented access that one detail is about deadlines at [TS]

  one detail says it all if you want to know who wield the real power it up a [TS]

  look no further than most and starting price is a tech over $300,000 and can go [TS]

  higher like if you get a special Grey Poupon refrigerator I guess but the [TS]

  price is not the point the point is the chauffeur his name is gene there's [TS]

  nowhere in the article about whether I've makes jean wearing uniform and if [TS]

  so whether I've designed the uniform himself and if so if he selected his [TS]

  driver by making a few dozen candidates lineup and posed to see which one would [TS]

  look best in the uniform that I've designed and/or which one would agree to [TS]

  have plastic surgery to make themselves look just so in that uniform and hat but [TS]

  you get the idea [TS]

  John IV is off the fuckin rails and the only person who can train them in is no [TS]

  longer among the living so it's like you know how many people I know so many [TS]

  people who work in San Francisco who's part of their job get free over its like [TS]

  the most [TS]

  it's a good super common nowadays it's like driving sucks so there's all I it's [TS]

  like super common purpose you job hump to get free over and you just you know [TS]

  which is not quite the same as having your own personal shopper at 300,000 our [TS]

  car because what John IV is a billionaire like he owned a you said he [TS]

  bought Steve Jobs private jet so if you own a private jet I think holding a [TS]

  $300,000 cars actually not crazy at all [TS]

  yeah I mean it makes sense I mean you know the guy in the money it makes sense [TS]

  for him to spend it the way he wants to spend it that's not really much I mean I [TS]

  don't have whatever problem here but it's just that it's just the you know [TS]

  the incongruence between that and you know how wealth levels many can be a [TS]

  little bit here there's a kernel of truth and accuracy in in in his article [TS]

  next thing he said you know how people say that no way with this happen if [TS]

  Steve are alive and running Apple usually those people are full of shit [TS]

  but this is one case where it's true no way with Steve have allowed this article [TS]

  Tappan while there that that sentence I believe is completely true no way this [TS]

  article happens if Steve Jobs is still running out although I'm not a hundred [TS]

  percent sure whether that's because of Steve everywhere that's because of Katie [TS]

  which weekend so I go back to second no way would he have allowed one of his [TS]

  employees to be deified like this for that matter no way with john i've have [TS]

  dared to ride around with a chauffeur when steve is alive and no way with [TS]

  Steve have ever been so vulgar is to be driven around by a chauffeur and Bentley [TS]

  like a normal are no like a modern-day Favreau Steve drove his own Mercedes and [TS]

  parked in the handicapped space like a normal sociopath whenever one Steve Jobs [TS]

  that's a funny like Steve Jobs lived in Palo Alto so he had like a 15 minute [TS]

  drive to work Jony ive lives in San Francisco which is a shitty drive its [TS]

  I've done it because I've stayed in San Francisco for Apple events it's well [TS]

  over an hour especially you know of course get worse [TS]

  like the sort of our way you go to work cause that's when everybody else is [TS]

  doing [TS]

  too terribly terrible drive I mean it like once or twice a year for me it's no [TS]

  big deal [TS]

  something that I would do five or six days a week it would make you crazy he's [TS]

  a billionaire night one of them did two things that came out of this that [TS]

  segment of it [TS]

  one is that Parker doesn't mention anything about it and somebody brought [TS]

  this up on Twitter awhile ago but Apple I don't know what the legal things are [TS]

  but for some of their executives they reveal an SEC filings what their stock [TS]

  grants are right there was a thing with angela is getting a huge one you know I [TS]

  gotta with more pay than Tim Cook last year because it was like a one time you [TS]

  know here's a whole bunch of stock to tempt you to you know come from buried [TS]

  Apple but somebody pointed out that johnnie I was never been listed in there [TS]

  like nobody knows what johnnie life makes nobody knows how much Apple stock [TS]

  has it's it's like super secret but the article clearly you know Parker's [TS]

  article clearly insinuate that at one point johnnie I was thinking about [TS]

  leaving Apple least pondered it like when he bought like you said the 11 [TS]

  bedroom mansion in England in Indianapolis business I mean whatever is [TS]

  compensation is keeping it secret and presumably it is immense and write like [TS]

  he might be and so I he might be the you know I would guess is showing some signs [TS]

  that it might be a Mets I'm guessing that it's you know on part probably [TS]

  closest only to you know Steve Jobs as compensation over the last fifteen years [TS]

  you know but its billions I would guess [TS]

  you know which for a company I mean I can't understand how they may have to [TS]

  file those things I don't know I don't know I don't know maybe I'm wrong maybe [TS]

  they've filed a long time I don't know but there is a mission for listeners of [TS]

  the talk show if anybody out there can figure out what johnnie obvious [TS]

  compensation from Apple is and has been widely now but as far as I know it's not [TS]

  and I don't know I don't think they have to do it for everybody there might be [TS]

  like certain legally defined positions like the chief operating officer to see [TS]

  who you you have to file at four but I don't think that's possible why would it [TS]

  be you know why would it be required to reveal the salary of him just because [TS]

  its title is senior vice president right I don't think it is I don't there's [TS]

  nothing magical about just being a senior vice president [TS]

  it's just a word right they don't have to reveal that the salaries of [TS]

  individual and you know engineers and designers yeah I know its secret and I [TS]

  presume you meant it just seems bizarre thing for people to get hung up on us he [TS]

  was in a car accident along time ago I don't forget to send in the article but [TS]

  there is a good Johnny I was in a bad car wreck along time ago like driving a [TS]

  sports car across country to net taylor's I don't remember that actually [TS]

  but [TS]

  while now so maybe it's not in this article might not be in this article but [TS]

  anyway you know it just seems it's almost like the opposite where it seems [TS]

  like it's in Apple's interests to you know get a professional driver that is [TS]

  about driver but you know I like driving fast right like me right in order to get [TS]

  one of those automatic sticks [TS]

  yeah there you go for it [TS]

  yeah if anybody knows Jony ive they're very reasonably priced I'm sure he can [TS]

  afford if anybody knows Jony ive pass along the coupon code talk show he saved [TS]

  20 bucks on his automatic for his Bentley and get him a square now I was [TS]

  thinking about the whole this would article would not have happened if steve [TS]

  Jobs was around and I don't think there's any doubt that it's not just [TS]

  that he would job selfishly wouldn't wanna let the attention than anybody [TS]

  else he wouldn't have allowed an article like that about himself but I do wonder [TS]

  how much of that was jobs his own choice and how much of it came from Katie [TS]

  cotton was at Apple before you know she was a double the whole time while while [TS]

  jobs came back and she was already there and you know he would she was one of the [TS]

  ones who jobs capped and you know obviously got very close to and follow [TS]

  her advice you know very closely but I wonder whether she drove that no media [TS]

  policy more than even jobs did because at least early in his career jobs maybe [TS]

  wasn't accessible but he certainly was occasionally accessible yeah but that's [TS]

  it [TS]

  seems like that's a pretty good there's a good chance that the cases yeah it's [TS]

  to me that the existence of this article is is the biggest sign that Apple is a [TS]

  new open more open attitude and that Apple PR under Steve Dowling is [TS]

  significantly different their PR under one of the one of the things that's [TS]

  notice [TS]

  it seems like there are several people well the designers of the target in the [TS]

  design lab before no [TS]

  hermetically sealed for its not a secret because they show up as a team every [TS]

  couple years to pick up awards you know in black tie type things and there's [TS]

  pictures and people know some of them are but none of them ever spoken to the [TS]

  press before and here they spoke fairly openly [TS]

  you know they even talked about a specific instance was there is a woman [TS]

  what was her name but she would she had wanted to use what an orange-brown for [TS]

  the interior of the box for the addition and and then even in hindsight now she [TS]

  agrees out there was a terrible terrible unless there's a there's a plus that we [TS]

  know that we know from the article by the addition you'll get a cloth to clean [TS]

  up to $1000 right there I'm sure [TS]

  what's your name [TS]

  yeah yeah but doesn't use a lot of brown [TS]

  here's one that I thought was interesting this is Johnny ice team team [TS]

  members work 12 hours in the day and can't discuss work with friends why do [TS]

  they can't just go to work but 12 hours a day [TS]

  man its crazy my lazy [TS]

  apparently seems that she's not twelve hours a day all the time I mean you get [TS]

  to work at nine and you don't leave until 9 p.m. man that seems crazy and I [TS]

  mean when I worked in Japan man hours that's right and in some way [TS]

  well then followed by 12 hours of booze and story time some nights not enough [TS]

  every night so don't worry that I'm bell rings at nine o'clock in the evening [TS]

  centauri time [TS]

  sanitizer and now we drink until we throw up on the train each product has a [TS]

  lead designer but almost everyone contributes to every project and shares [TS]

  the credit who had this or that idea the team meetings are held in the kitchen [TS]

  two or three times a week and I've encourages candor we put a product I [TS]

  know candor we put the product and everything else he said let's say we're [TS]

  talking about something that I've done that ugly and proportioned because [TS]

  believe you me I can pull some beauties out of the old hat its fine and we all [TS]

  do and sometimes we do it repeatedly and we have these seasons of doing it and [TS]

  then designer Khanna says I had one last week which one he said the packaging [TS]

  things she said that's true I've said laughing it was so bad she had proposed [TS]

  that an ultra suede clock inside the box for a gold version of the Apple watch [TS]

  should be an orangey brown I've had objected with comic hyperbole comparing [TS]

  it to the carpeting in a dismal student apartment in the same amuse spirit and [TS]

  then asked so you don't like it [TS]

  and what else candor it wasn't it was an interesting anecdote perspective from [TS]

  about Steve Jobs about his [TS]

  brusca earnest term it is really more about being trained to be open and [TS]

  direct rather than being cruel hurtful and you know and yeah sorry sorry that [TS]

  does hurt your feelings but his whole you know I thought jobs intent was [TS]

  always to be [TS]

  to make himself clear [TS]

  as opposed to really try to stick a knife and somebody [TS]

  yeah [TS]

  trying to hurt people's feelings he wasn't he wasn't Chevy Chase and he [TS]

  often hurt hurt people's feelings but it was simply because he didn't want to [TS]

  waste their time by not getting right to the heart and that was the only I right [TS]

  in assuming it was like it was he considered it unfair to them and yeah [TS]

  that was pretty interesting when other people who Parker clearly had [TS]

  significant access to was Steve Jobs his wife Laurene Powell Jobs and you know [TS]

  and you know I think it backs up the you know everybody has said that that [TS]

  johnnie and Steve were more than just colleagues they were really really close [TS]

  friends because she clearly knows him very well [TS]

  he was there the day that he died yeah even if jobs addressing this is [TS]

  following up on your thing about how jobs it you know sort of criticized the [TS]

  way Johnny Ives gave criticism by being too gentle even if jobs at rescued him [TS]

  from vagueness it was odd drive to bring this up now [TS]

  immediately after I'd learned how to reject a color without causing injury [TS]

  here's a quote from Laurene Powell Jobs I've seen johnnie deeply frustrated but [TS]

  I've never seen him rant and rave Laurene Powell Jobs said and she added [TS]

  laughing that she would not have said the same of her husband and it's hard to [TS]

  imagine I've using a disabled parking spot adds jobs often long before you is [TS]

  unwell and what a great article so many so much great stuff but also forgotten [TS]

  certain subjects he also he did say about the app [TS]

  certain subjects he also he did say about the app [TS]

  as his eyes except book I regard by regard couldn't be any lower [TS]

  yeah they read parts of it and cause I do think that part of it honestly and [TS]

  it's you know there were some people when I when I wrote my piece on the [TS]

  isaacson book which was scathing as I can get I got you know some of the few [TS]

  get every kind feedback but some of the feedback was of sounds like sour grapes [TS]

  to me and that's not the case at all right that's like I was no chance 200 [TS]

  points 000 000 all the way out [TS]

  chance that I was going to be selected to write Steve Jobs is authorized [TS]

  biography I'm not a biographer I time and I've never even written a book you [TS]

  know what I would have loved to read a feature article about him gotten some [TS]

  dinner some kind of on the record you know spend a day with steve Jobs was [TS]

  loved it would have been amazing movin on my way to highlight of my career but [TS]

  I don't trash the book because I I didn't write it or because I was jealous [TS]

  you know I trust you because it was terrible I thought especially about his [TS]

  professional life and I couldn't be more effusive praise for all of this in [TS]

  Parker New Yorker story because I think it's totally nailed a part of Apple that [TS]

  has been largely secret yeah [TS]

  assisting take the third brake before we'll go back to the article there's [TS]

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  fathers day I got a picture for my dad was in black and white with a picture of [TS]

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  I but it was black and white and I wanted you know I wanted to get it on [TS]

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  actually here are some on the site and she pointed me to where I could see [TS]

  those and maury looks great and my dad just loved it really so definitely good [TS]

  company good people great praise from one of my note is this I think it's so a [TS]

  student nothing to do with Johnny I was about jobs but he's talking about how [TS]

  johnny doesn't speak in public doesn't have to speak in public cynicism [TS]

  comfortable but he does the videos [TS]

  appears in those videos such videos used to punctuate jobs is on stage message in [TS]

  the absence of jobs they carry the message Apple's current leaders aren't [TS]

  without public speaking skills but they can't match jobs is charisma which was [TS]

  fortified by a hint of menace I love that phrase like there was that is sort [TS]

  of hint of menace is absolutely part of Steve Jobs is on-stage charisma it was [TS]

  absolutely true and their performances can evoke be awkward informality the [TS]

  dancing and lanyards of a corporate retreat so little bit of a singer [TS]

  towards I don't know sure and I guess I guess [TS]

  sort of that the humor maybe I don't know but I love that hint of menace [TS]

  about jobs such a great such an astute turn of phrase to describe that [TS]

  is a long does a lot of talk about the digital background I would definitely [TS]

  and how they came up with that and they end [TS]

  you brothers issue of the other day things like that [TS]

  smart watches have not had that they've all rely on [TS]

  touch input on the screen yes yeah yeah just something I hadn't really noticed [TS]

  yeah and and there's a bunch of them have a button at the Crowne traditional [TS]

  crown position but it's just a button it's a good thing is to wake the phone [TS]

  or to you know activate something he's not something you twist like the Apple [TS]

  one you you'll be there's no there's no way to use to watch without using [TS]

  spinning the crown repeatedly tell you I've said it before I'll say it again [TS]

  once these things come out and everybody can try one it's going to be there's [TS]

  gonna be like an entire week of people talking about how it feels to time [TS]

  because it is the word lugubrious did you did you see dams 10 warrants piece [TS]

  on six colors about the color yea even linked to it inside the current security [TS]

  at another head-scratcher [TS]

  who talked about it in our pockets is very weird when he pointed out I was [TS]

  like what the heck is going on there right so if you buy any shots so many [TS]

  shots showing a color that matches man I can confirm that the ones at the hands [TS]

  on all were like that so if you buy like the edition model with a red leather [TS]

  strap has a red matching red insert and the flat part of the digital crown and [TS]

  if you buy the addition with a white bandage as a white insert but the thing [TS]

  that makes it so confounding is that they also talked about how easy it is to [TS]

  take the bands on and off which makes you insane well then it's gonna make [TS]

  money [TS]

  matching rate you're gonna you know by you know people with money to burn gonna [TS]

  buy multiple bands and you know what else is the point of making it so easy [TS]

  to swap them but then the digital insert won't match them but seems curious why [TS]

  not just make it a neutral color when I just keep it cold [TS]

  yeah and the sport watches neutral is just the color of the body is it our the [TS]

  sand in the same in the same with stainless steel so it's just the [TS]

  addition yeah and it just seemed and it just seems weird I don't know [TS]

  and there's people on Twitter her somewhere maybe a pop those things out [TS]

  two and you can publish it seems like that seems finicky I don't know you know [TS]

  her name is jody econo jod why a Connor who is in her thirties and that she this [TS]

  is the sort of detail that Apple never would have revealed before she's in [TS]

  Johnny's diverse group and she's unusual be having a declared specialty color [TS]

  crazy [TS]

  does pick colors assorted like our future role work all we're going to do [TS]

  is pick fake Apple projects [TS]

  great lab oh my god be so great we have like will get one of those jet packs [TS]

  like connery's Thunderball right see if we can get people to say that we're [TS]

  working on a more also be more of a bar in a lab they'll just be a bar but we [TS]

  can't we can't let this pass and I've once sat next to OJ AJ Abrams at a boozy [TS]

  dinner party in New York and made with abrams recalled as quote very specific [TS]

  suggestions about the design of lightsabers [TS]

  Abrams told me that Star Wars The Force awakened would reflect those thoughts [TS]

  but he wouldn't say how after the release of the film's first trailer [TS]

  which featured a fiery new light saber with a cross guard and a resemblance to [TS]

  a burning crucifix I asked about his contribution was just a conversation he [TS]

  said then explained that although he did nothing about crossing guards he had [TS]

  made a case for unevenness thought it would be interesting if it were a little [TS]

  less precise and just a little bit more Spiti a redesign weapon could be more [TS]

  analog and more primitive and I think in that way somehow more ominous that's [TS]

  brilliant absolutely it sounds like you know and I was like serving it is but it [TS]

  sounds like everything that you like about that lightsaber everything that [TS]

  was most people seem to like this what Chinese and not the cross which most [TS]

  people don't seem like I'm not bothered by it I'm not bothered by it either but [TS]

  you know a lot of people are spitting dance a little bit more speedy and it [TS]

  would make it you know less digital or analog would make it more ominous is is [TS]

  so totally true and it's so precise right I clearly I think part of his gift [TS]

  is that [TS]

  he's able to communicate is feeling so well [TS]

  speedy is such a great word for that I was so great a truly great another thing [TS]

  that came out of this was that the video that unveiled the watch that johnnie [TS]

  I've narrates that he directed it effectively I mean I'm sure not [TS]

  single-handedly but that it was you know you know you know with Parker there that [TS]

  he spent a lot of time in that room [TS]

  editing the video it was a pretty good yeah discs not something I would have [TS]

  expected that johnnie I've had a direct hand [TS]

  yeah I mentioned in the article that thing I took away from what I like to [TS]

  add one thing I did mention is that it does seem the article does make it seem [TS]

  like Johnny Ives spread very thin as he's obviously in charge of all Apple [TS]

  products one of the products are coming out with the Apple watch is their first [TS]

  major new product in the post jobs era and Johnny I was clearly feeling the [TS]

  pressure on that article makes clear about you know who would have thought [TS]

  otherwise [TS]

  worrisome if it were anything but he was like Nigel on about it but a lot on his [TS]

  shoulders is working with Angela Lawrence on a redesign of all the Apple [TS]

  stores and he's like the point person leading the directing the assembly of [TS]

  the new Apple headquarters have your say construction but they even make a point [TS]

  that the way that they're putting it together is more assembly then [TS]

  construction [TS]

  hey got a worldwide headquarters you know presumably their headquarters for [TS]

  the next 50 years a landmark building got all the Apple stores he's got the [TS]

  watch and all the other products that they have seemed sandy's are taken over [TS]

  software design work 12 hours a day [TS]

  johnnie work 12 hours a day it seems as though you must work more hours a day [TS]

  I got to know that the whole team needs work 12 hours a day but it just seems [TS]

  like all those all those executives are just lying there basically I'm sure they [TS]

  take time off to the families [TS]

  they're kind of a kind of on all the time now I think they'll have a lot on [TS]

  their plate does I don't know I have no doubt that all of them are just [TS]

  naturally hard-working yeah [TS]

  makes a few passing remarks about how you know he's not always right [TS]

  yeah [TS]

  and i dont dozens [TS]

  doesn't mention that [TS]

  newsstand icon specifically but you know [TS]

  things like that they did bring up a park [TS]

  bring up the hockey puck mouse which is wholly many people always go back to [TS]

  when I always have to mention always have to mention that my wife loved that [TS]

  mouse loved it she used it [TS]

  years after her purple I'm a kid bit the dust she was still using the purple [TS]

  hockey puck mouse with whatever computers she had next shared there are [TS]

  people who like that mouse I mean my wife has relatively small chance I might [TS]

  be why I don't know I had never met one but I guess I have [TS]

  hockey puck mouse like her yeah [TS]

  I got one of those plastic things that you clicked on it just to make it feel [TS]

  like a real why did he just buy a new man was cheaper cheaper than my name out [TS]

  like those couple bucks or something [TS]

  it's like the mouse part worked fine it was just the fact that I could never [TS]

  tell just reaching out blindly and grabbing it you could never tell which [TS]

  way it was pointed [TS]

  to be arraigned in the right way is Bob Mansfield this to me again this is [TS]

  insight into the company that to me is unprecedented and it just drops out in [TS]

  the middle of random paragraph article Bob Mansfield then closely involved in [TS]

  the watch product project and a number 12 we know that before into another Bob [TS]

  Mansfield was the special project well I mean no I mean I thought you could you [TS]

  could guess that it was stated explicitly said that I was role was to [TS]

  be quote himself and Steve and quote combined yet I've still had to make a [TS]

  case to Apple and and that's another way I have to think that that johnnie HIV's [TS]

  spread thin in addition to this listing on the project he's working on it [TS]

  explicitly stated here by Bob Mansfield that his he sees his new role is to be [TS]

  what used to be Stephen johnnie two geniuses is the one right it's like you [TS]

  know it's like if the Beatles got back together and Paul John and Paul right i [TS]

  mean it's more but I am not even making a joke I mean it's would you feel if [TS]

  you've personally felt that it was your job to be Steve Jobs in addition to [TS]

  everything you yourself have already done I mean that's that's a bird I mean [TS]

  that is that is a serious serious weight on your psyche it wasn't there he met [TS]

  all this about whether or not they should all watch and that mike mansfield [TS]

  recalled quote a lot of resistance it wasn't clear how the company would [TS]

  display such things in stores there were also concerns about creating a divide [TS]

  between wealthy and less wealthy customers as Mansfield said Apple wants [TS]

  to build products for everybody but I've won the argument and in 2013 the company [TS]

  announced the high-level appointments of Angela Ahrendts bob up and the other [TS]

  people you know I don't think I think that's sort of that that's exactly what [TS]

  I my vague second third and understanding [TS]

  of the story behind the watches and the story of Johnny Ives role in the post [TS]

  Jobs Apple but here's you know Bob Mansfield confirming it on the record in [TS]

  New Yorker you know that there will you know exactly what everybody thinks just [TS]

  you know Apple fans clicking on Twitter you know that isn't it weird that Apple [TS]

  is making this product that is so crazy differentiated you know by a factor of [TS]

  10 in price between this 350 sport and $1,000 thing and that there were people [TS]

  in Apple who it would you know I'd high-level with an appellate decision [TS]

  making level with an apple who obviously said the same things and had the same [TS]

  concerns and there are only there on I think those are valid concerns I don't [TS]

  think they're going to do it but [TS]

  it is something to be concerned about ya somethin keep an eye on you know and [TS]

  it's it's in a sense you know and and you know I would have fallen on a Jony [TS]

  ive shoulders no matter what the success or if it's not a success of Apple [TS]

  watches gonna fall on my shoulders anyway but with this article it's [TS]

  there's no if ands or buts about it [TS]

  Brady article I mean almost explode presley just says the watch is Johnny [TS]

  Ives [TS]

  certainly certainly the luxury aspect of it yeah definitely I've heard that too [TS]

  that Sikes third and fourth him but I have heard that very specifically the [TS]

  gold thing that a lot of resistance within a ball and that late from all [TS]

  sorts of places you know cause I gave him i'd legal department having involved [TS]

  in you know you can't call it eighteen karat gold unless it's truly a team [TS]

  caracal you know all sorts of you know it was a huge huge thing within apple [TS]

  and it was johnnie you know said trust me more or less [TS]

  not mentioned in here who is not mentioned in here and i know i mentioned [TS]

  I think legally mentioned a couple times a year and I think there's a couple [TS]

  references to I think Mansfield [TS]

  makes make some reference to how [TS]

  Johnny can get along with other people better than he could well and know that [TS]

  he ran interference with Steve right isn't that one man's yeah yeah but he [TS]

  but he also just said like people who are [TS]

  you know [TS]

  kind of [TS]

  more brusca so it is [TS]

  job man [TS]

  senior hardware engineer double who is now semi-retired recently described the [TS]

  peak that some colleagues that P I Q U E [TS]

  that some colleagues felt about I was privileged access as he put it quote [TS]

  there's always some always going to be someone vying for dads attention but [TS]

  Mansfield was grateful for ives call handling of a CEO who was quote not the [TS]

  easiest guy to please [TS]

  Mansfield you was johnnie puts up with a lot and as a result of him doing it [TS]

  people like me don't have to [TS]

  yeah you get the [TS]

  with forestall personality wise and again you know i think is a personality [TS]

  more than anything else I don't think you know there was more than whether you [TS]

  think that that game center should have a felt background or you know it's the [TS]

  personality and I wasn't Mansfield who the word was that Mansfield was I am NOT [TS]

  I'm not taking a meeting with this guy like that's what I thought yeah yeah [TS]

  like he wouldn't take a meeting with him and less like jobs I thought that was [TS]

  one of the reasons why he had basically announces retirement and then decided to [TS]

  come back and he won't he won't be in a room with Scott Forstall was in the room [TS]

  and cook i cant you know I cannot have this you know ya might have some stuff [TS]

  to do it might be my work 12 hours a day [TS]

  Tim Cook my work 12 hours a morning [TS]

  there was a great quote from there is going to watch there is a great quote [TS]

  here from cook which to me shows I think it's one of them loose quote I've ever [TS]

  heard from Tim Cook has Tim Cook is he's like a machine with talking points now [TS]

  he he I think he's always very honest I'd really do I think he's very honest [TS]

  and very sincere but it's so hard to see him in an interview and not see that [TS]

  everything he said he's already anticipated you know the Charlie Rose [TS]

  interviews the closest because it was the longest but he says here in the new [TS]

  yorker story under Cook Apple's experimented with a softer less neurotic [TS]

  image and has among other things strive to improve its performance as a proxy [TS]

  employer of overseas factory workers it's determined to make the case as cook [TS]

  puts it that the company's leaders shouldn't be thought of as quote greedy [TS]

  bastards looking for more money but then in reference to to the new campus Parker [TS]

  point out of a private walled garden costing an estimated five billion [TS]

  dollars may not catch the snood [TS]

  but I do think I think that's not too loose quote from coke and I think he's [TS]

  truly mean to but it's a you know I think in Tim Cook's world Basterds is a [TS]

  really that's a hard word yeah he drops the F bomb in there someplace to cook I [TS]

  thought so I don't think so really no don't know there's only a certain ok and [TS]

  when you first met the first time you met Steve Jobs when he visited the [TS]

  design studio and saw that they had cool stuff but they haven't been able to ship [TS]

  it told johnnie I've frock you've been very effective have you what a great [TS]

  article on nasa got everybody out there if you have not read this article you [TS]

  are out of your mind because I if you have enough interest in Apple to listen [TS]

  to this podcast this article is so right up your alley I'm gonna just assume that [TS]

  everybody yeah I mean a thing if you could can come across New York can come [TS]

  across classes can come across the leaders however you want to put it but [TS]

  the thing that definitely shines through is simply how much he cares about the [TS]

  sign and how much he cares about what he's doing there [TS]

  and I think and you know I think the watches a sign that that Cook has [TS]

  alluded to this I think cook has alluded to it very broadly but that Apple is is [TS]

  about not about making computers it's about making good things that make [TS]

  people's lives better and that could be anything in the long run like in terms [TS]

  of and I think just like Tim Cook I think johnnie I've and and I you know as [TS]

  i've written about Steve Jobs you know that his greatest creation was the [TS]

  company Apple itself no not one of the products that as an institution you know [TS]

  it's the future who knows what they'll be making you know but that he cares [TS]

  very deeply about creating a you know a system and a pattern that they can get [TS]

  involved in you know who knows what the future [TS]

  yeah [TS]

  and contrasts with [TS]

  his brother Brunner soon after the iPhone debuted printers ammunition which [TS]

  the company was approached by a very large Korean create a touchscreen [TS]

  competitor they wanted us to do it in six people were like you realize this [TS]

  was years this was years of a lot of very good people wonder what company I [TS]

  guess it's hard to say I guess I guess it could have been easy but it's pretty [TS]

  clearly simpson earlier doesn't like something like this and we would like it [TS]

  we would like it had six weeks just left some of the last thing I just look at [TS]

  Apple's I'm looking at Apple's executive BIOS 1403 peas or above they talked to [TS]

  cook they talked to obviously johnnie and they talked to Jeff Williams but [TS]

  there are 0 new nodes maybe talk to other people under just quoted as saying [TS]

  but know any cute no Federici no Luca Maestri Luca CFO and the snow trade talk [TS]

  to Dan reaching gets mentioned reach yo [TS]

  engineering where they're talking but it wasn't a quote was just a story about it [TS]

  you know I can engineering and no Bruce Sewell but why would you talk to a [TS]

  lawyer got resource provide sweating over this article you wanted nothing to [TS]

  do with the crucible told me to go fuck yourself why should you right [TS]

  and no shelter Bay am not surprised me that I'm a little surprised but they [TS]

  talked to Jeff Williams [TS]

  yeah I'm not quite sure why operations would rate and marketing our software [TS]

  engineering yeah but anyone who knows he may be talked about every extensively [TS]

  into a meeting maybe he felt that he was getting did that Williams anecdotes are [TS]

  interested just because of the way he's reticent to talk and and then you know [TS]

  maybe talk to show any display he was getting sprayed in the face with fire [TS]

  hoses [TS]

  marketing yeah maybe could be any way you like show Jon Moulton I think you [TS]

  people can get all the more they want a drive by my hard drive him to his house [TS]

  look for his new car don't get up please [TS]

  Wednesday night and you got the Atmos Twitter account and you've got you were [TS]

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  eight different podcasts God and working on another one actually no shocker there [TS]

  are you kidding me are you kidding me how do you do it I'm exhausted doing [TS]

  this one show exhaust [TS]

  this is to show his work have I mentioned lately not a very hard worker [TS]

  CBI should be like a video show you saying that you're going to do another [TS]

  podcast I slumped I visibly slumped it was like the air got let out well I [TS]

  don't have to do the show [TS]

  ok we'll see my other two podcasts my turn this car around and the rebound [TS]

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