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118: ‘Sloppy on the Side’, With Guest Adam Lisagor


  boy they do it you have no idea how long you been how I've been looking forward [TS]

  to this is a weird said I'm not sure I play it cool now I don't think it's only [TS]

  gets weird if anything I feel like one of the reasons I wanted to talk to you [TS]

  want to talk to you about this ever since we were in Montreal last year we [TS]

  both talk to each other and to be in super excited about the watch is that I [TS]

  feel like too many other people are playing it cool and they they're trying [TS]

  to resume yeah and it's and that's totally cool like to you know I think [TS]

  just being completely honest there's a whole lot of things to complain about [TS]

  too but I feel like I don't like not being excited about it was the fun in [TS]

  that yellow knows he's got I mean you gotta treat this like Christmas when I [TS]

  was probably seven years old I got it [TS]

  a transformer watch wristwatch that was a transformer for Hanukkah and I cried [TS]

  tears of joy tears of joy tears of transformer hannukah joy and I think [TS]

  that I there's a reason I shouldn't have the same reaction as opposed as opposed [TS]

  to the kid across the street who gotta go but watch and cried because they want [TS]

  more resembles the go bots [TS]

  go back to the original Samsung [TS]

  so you you know you reminded me that I used to be a watch guy I haven't reached [TS]

  so long but when I was a kid my grandfather was an accountant in one of [TS]

  his clients was a i think a reseller of Casio watches and so every like once a [TS]

  year he would hand me down the latest you know like the last year's version of [TS]

  a databank or whatever it was you know that was just you know I think that was [TS]

  like just early gadget guard gadget and like you said you know last year last [TS]

  you know your last episode with malt see you were talking about how inscrutable [TS]

  those interfaces where and how you basically had to memorize like the [TS]

  equivalent of you know any s yeah Contract Code yeah just in order to [TS]

  really get to know you know timer mode or something like that was a trip triple [TS]

  click the lower right button to get into the mode where you can set the alarm [TS]

  yeah which looked exactly like the mode for setting the time except that there [TS]

  was a little tiny but my good name that would flash that meant hey this is the [TS]

  alarm and then you would just have to know that you were saying the time for [TS]

  your alarm and not changing the time on the once he got there it felt so good [TS]

  yeah one of the things a little thing and I know that I think I feel like the [TS]

  two main points of like the big question marks is does it should anybody be [TS]

  excited about Apple watch in general as a good thing they might want to win the [TS]

  rest and then there's a whole other angle where I know that as time goes on [TS]

  to say things and I keep saying on Twitter when people you know people like [TS]

  to complain on Twitter on a few more notice that then they'll say like you [TS]

  mean you know and you say like this is really cool thing you can do it this is [TS]

  a nice part of wearing the watch every day and [TS]

  they say you mean exactly like every other smart watch on the market for the [TS]

  last two years [TS]

  ok yeah you know maybe they did you know you could give some points to some of [TS]

  these other guys free shipping first i mean but it doesn't take away that it's [TS]

  a nice part of the experience on the resume and one of those things when [TS]

  those little things that you never have to set the time on the watch yet once [TS]

  you've paired it with your phone it always just gets the time yeah that's [TS]

  that's that's one of those things it's completely invisible I did not have not [TS]

  once thought about that fact except it's just the time you take it for granted [TS]

  because clock set themselves now that's what clubs do right and i was thinkin [TS]

  bout with the context of those old digital watches I wrote about from my [TS]

  teenage years where I can even remember whether some of them and I guess I just [TS]

  went through them every couple years back then they weren't THAT expensive by [TS]

  the eighties like in the seventies did you watch is really expensive and by the [TS]

  eighties they were you know get an 8th grade son without thinking about it but [TS]

  i i think that I had some that that you could set the month even though it [TS]

  didn't show it like on the face because it was too much detail but then at least [TS]

  that way when late April 30th rolls around and goes to me first it doesn't [TS]

  tell you that it's the 31st I think but it was like you had to adjust was [TS]

  another thing you had to set the like of the bad right when you did change the [TS]

  battery and had to start over from scratch you had a set so many different [TS]

  fields the hour the date the time the day of the week [TS]

  you know what I but I think at that point technology we didn't we didn't I i [TS]

  dont know I this I might be wrong about this we weren't thinking for an advance [TS]

  to we wanted our gadgets to know how to do things themselves I don't think that [TS]

  I was an expectation was almost like now of course like a manual transmission you [TS]

  want that control you want like to take out of the box [TS]

  unfold the like 18 fold mostly Japanese instructions and then figure out what is [TS]

  the is the code you need to get to to to to get to you know world time or [TS]

  something like that [TS]

  yeah I wasn't even complaining about it and I didn't complain about it when I [TS]

  did it I thought it was a cool features like a this is great this way when you [TS]

  know a short month rolls around I won't have to worry about it I'll go through [TS]

  the house on now of setting everything so that I don't have to do it again [TS]

  yeah so are people asking you i mean obvious people in this people online [TS]

  obviously but people in the world are they seeing your watch and saying hey [TS]

  what do you think that yeah totally I i I'm about I haven't kept her exact count [TS]

  but if I had to guess I would guess that I'm 23 out of 25 for when I use Apple [TS]

  pay Whole Foods and that's about right [TS]

  it's been a little bit over a month and I go there just about every day I say [TS]

  about 23 out of 25 times the cashier has commented on it even though I'm [TS]

  definitely trying to do it as soon as possible [TS]

  good I'm trying and I can play a game where I'm trying not to be noticed using [TS]

  the watch to Apple pay and yet they inevitably notice and out of the the two [TS]

  times that they didn't the one time it was a cashier who had had before and she [TS]

  was just kind of gave me though you're the guy already has the Apple watching [TS]

  and it was one time where cashier didn't didn't make note of it he batted her [TS]

  eyelashes and moved on she was clearly impressed with your promise I used it [TS]

  used apple pear this morning for the first time because I you know I've been [TS]

  preparing to be on on on your show and I wanted to do everything I could possibly [TS]

  do like exercise just so I knew that you know got the well-rounded experience [TS]

  this morning I used Apple pay with the watching my go-to for Apple pay because [TS]

  I never remember where it's going to be is a go to McDonalds McDonalds I got my [TS]

  way to a McMuffin used to watch couldn't be easier [TS]

  cashier could get did not give a shit [TS]

  I paid you know I guess it worked like it was supposed to I took myself out to [TS]

  the parking lot 8 it in the parking lot and went to work and I feel prepared [TS]

  like I said I have no extra commentary on that experience except that it worked [TS]

  exactly like its post to end it makes you feel like I've gotta I've got a [TS]

  currency device on my on my wrist that's the thing is that I'm noticing is is [TS]

  just how all-encompassing it is as a device I feel like what they've done is [TS]

  they've just prepare all of the pieces of kind of culminated in this thing that [TS]

  you now strap yourselves yeah and I i can kind of see how this might be where [TS]

  you're going to but I can kind of see how they've already laid like the [TS]

  groundwork for like that but watch from five years from now like now he's just [TS]

  not even just like to point out from next year but I'm thinking like a lot [TS]

  further down the road where all of the things that it doesn't have like it [TS]

  doesn't dude cellular networking on its own and it doesn't have its own storage [TS]

  where you can keep all of your videos and stuff like that I get to see where [TS]

  this would have it all and then you would you know you could like have like [TS]

  a cloud then I was I was definitely that's where I wanted to get this [TS]

  conversation to mostly because like you know just in a purely as a response to [TS]

  people who are basically just like being negative Nellies about where it is now [TS]

  without the presence of mind to remember what I have the iPhone version one is [TS]

  what was what it was and what it was like what was missing and and how it [TS]

  iterated and how you know in the in the previous in the next eight years ago to [TS]

  this incredible all encompassing tool that almost kind of feels like it's [TS]

  fully matured and the people don't necessarily step back outside of [TS]

  themselves and say ok this is what this device is now I wonder [TS]

  what it's gonna be five years from now he said you know I have tried to [TS]

  remember some of the stuff that wasn't in iPhone 1.0 I know there was no [TS]

  notifications like see you couldn't slide down from the top to see any kind [TS]

  of notifications and there was no control center from the bottom it was [TS]

  really just the home screen of apps and it was one home screen because there [TS]

  were no other apps and you just hit the home button to go to the home screen and [TS]

  hit a nap to go to a nap and like that was the scope of the whole system during [TS]

  their nap and if you're in and out the app had the whole screen and otherwise [TS]

  you're on the home screen and then you would use that to launch an app and I [TS]

  was a part of the brilliance of the designers how simple that what's [TS]

  absolutely and almost had to be constrained in order to teach us what [TS]

  the thing was so we could get like sort of acclimated to the language and then [TS]

  and then they could start to grow it out and i won so so then I wonder how you [TS]

  extend that to the watch and what its there are things about the you are right [TS]

  now that I don't get naturally and I don't mean the kind of annoying me you [TS]

  know like that the home screen of apps it's fun to play with but I don't [TS]

  necessarily feel like it's perfectly natural [TS]

  yeah now and I'm all I still even a month in a tide tapped the wrong up [TS]

  right yeah that's kept up targets are a weird they're not a time maybe they're a [TS]

  little too small but they're definitely too close to each other that's the big [TS]

  the bigger problem isn't necessarily the size I did this with multi with Joanna [TS]

  stern actually took out a ruler and measured and they are quarter of an inch [TS]

  which is like the minimum and you know it's just basically the minimum size for [TS]

  a top target but the problem is they're right next to each other whereas like on [TS]

  the iPhone when you have like quarter-inch top targets you still put [TS]

  some space in between them right in when you get it right it feels like magic [TS]

  right foot that but unless it happens all the time that you get it right is [TS]

  not real magic is just the illusion of magic [TS]

  I feel like [TS]

  one of the things that I realized as I use overcast a lot that's probably the [TS]

  most Rica we used up on the watch and overcast just would by default when the [TS]

  win all my apps came over when I sent with the watch overcast ended up to the [TS]

  right side the very edge to the very right edge and I realize oh that's an [TS]

  easier top target I don't know if it's I don't know if it's mentally or [TS]

  physically now that make sense of it is sort of like it's as law right where the [TS]

  comment the menu bar in america is easier to click on because you can you [TS]

  can just slide your our Oh all the way the show and you can't go too far this [TS]

  summer I think there's a similar usability advantage to being at the edge [TS]

  of that app cloud because you can you you can get sloppy on the side you know [TS]

  I mean yeah and I guess that was the story of my college years as well sloppy [TS]

  cock in the middle that's what they called right so I guess it doesn't work [TS]

  in the design work in theory and in practice that the clock being in the [TS]

  middle makes it and he's your tap target then you just kind of get a bull's-eye I [TS]

  don't know cause I almost never go back to the clock like oh really yeah I just [TS]

  assume that and to me it's it's like the most under-reported thing and I think [TS]

  people just sort of get it but it's like to me that thing you have to get over [TS]

  with is in this thinking that it don't treat it like a little iPhone on your [TS]

  wrist and in the iPhone whatever you were last doing when you are not derived [TS]

  from there it is again when you come back with the watch just when you're [TS]

  done with whatever maybe you wanted to change to a new podcast cause you're [TS]

  using overcast and then when you switch and you cue it up and you now you've got [TS]

  the new episode of what everyone listened to playing in your ear but then [TS]

  you just put your risk down and you're done [TS]

  and next time you wanna go to your watch it's just right back on the watch face [TS]

  like you never have to clean up as soon as you're done doing what it is that you [TS]

  did on your watch just put your risk down and trust that at all it'll come [TS]

  back to the watch face on it makes else do you have what are things that you've [TS]

  experienced having done so I remember the first iPhone came out I had these [TS]

  moments all the time of love like oh I just did something like I just got a [TS]

  link in an email click the link and opened up in Mobile Safari watched a [TS]

  video and I closed it and I thought I could never have done that before you [TS]

  know six months ago [TS]

  you know I just did something that I type this technology enables that I [TS]

  could never have done before it existed and i feel like im having sort of [TS]

  similar things like just those those realizations of with the watch of all [TS]

  this is why this exists this is one of those little vignettes that they put [TS]

  their commercials yeah I think you know I know that there are other smart [TS]

  watches or do you want to call them that get text messages you know transfer data [TS]

  between your phone and watch all realize it isn't necessarily exclusive nappa [TS]

  watch but I've tried it I have the pebble and I've wanted the public and [TS]

  it's it's a little different number one that watches pretty reliable I i find [TS]

  the Bluetooth connection to be really good and what people it was always [TS]

  flaking out which probably isn't pebbles fall is probably the limits of [TS]

  third-party apps vs a bald getting to have you know tightest possible [TS]

  integration at the OS level on both the watch and the phone but it pretty call [TS]

  when I do all the grocery shopping at Whole Foods and I'm walking around and I [TS]

  feel my wrist go and Amy says can you get OJ too and then I don't even let you [TS]

  know I don't know it just just you know you don't have to go in your pocket yeah [TS]

  sorry made plans brokers now that's ok let me take a time out here it's just [TS]

  real quick as you let you know that if I start sounding like a terrible robot or [TS]

  something [TS]

  right away because it's not escape but but I had but I episode episode of you [TS]

  we should what I should do of course is just as soon as we're done recording on [TS]

  Amazon and buy a new microphone and instead I started show and then realize [TS]

  halfway through that I should have told the gas hey if I start sounding bad way [TS]

  don't just don't be polite and that means money audio recording his bed 20 [TS]

  that sucks like you've blown yeah it was like the last half hour of the episode [TS]

  with serenity Caldwell and so I recreated my audio I listen to him and [TS]

  did it again and I think it came out pretty good I think it actually made me [TS]

  at like I tighten up a lot of my arguments that's that the French [TS]

  colonists Breidis kDa so you could basically just go back in retroactive Li [TS]

  se smarter things exactly that's perfect that's exactly what it was like ok I'm [TS]

  gonna do that after we recorded it but it was the biggest baby as long as I'm [TS]

  sure you can well imagine what it's like to to have to redouble and the crosstalk [TS]

  was just you know but so which wet what watching you we're okay so what I [TS]

  ordered is 42 millimeters base black steel with the black links I am and I'm [TS]

  not like I said I'm not a watch guy so even that felt like it was bordering on [TS]

  a little too dressy for me but as as a as i think is a common that one's being [TS]

  delayed in shipment pretty heavily and I wanted it right after the store opened [TS]

  yeah I ordered the same one and I ordered it first before amy is your [TS]

  Genesis or any of the bands and it still has not shipped I don't believe that one [TS]

  has shipped to anybody but I could be wrong [TS]

  good could be wrong but it doesn't seem like having seen anybody post pictures [TS]

  of such a watch ya know it's weird to feel the privilege of a delayed shipment [TS]

  know like just a fact like that where does that make it more precious when [TS]

  actually comes and I you know I am in no place to complain because I've had the [TS]

  regular steel link bracelet for five weeks sounds so yeah that's the one [TS]

  that's the review in the preamble people have asked I guess I should answer is [TS]

  that the typical reviewed in that period from Apple is sixty days I actually [TS]

  haven't even looked at the thing that I signed but I it's always been so it [TS]

  doesn't matter whether it's like a new Mac or a phone or tablet or iPad and [TS]

  it's always sixty days and they don't come knockin after sixty testing [TS]

  something I mean I never liked use them as my own although I guess I kind of AM [TS]

  with the watch comes to wearing it but it's my dad is well that's their fault [TS]

  that the one I would just keep wearing it but I think that you know they would [TS]

  even rather have me still wearing it being able to write about it then you [TS]

  know what what does the Watchmen to them for me to send it back but anyway I'll [TS]

  have this watch until mine comes in the package back up and send it back to him [TS]

  well it's great it's a loner just like your insurance company so my insurance [TS]

  company is is Roxanne is watch which I ordered her shortly after mine and [TS]

  actually everybody on the team here at Sandwich and so they kind of staggered [TS]

  in J P's came first to get the Milanese and really answer but she is so I [TS]

  ordered her a thirty eight millimeter one steel stainless steel with the black [TS]

  sport band and as soon as it came I just said this is my name and what he's going [TS]

  to do and she doesn't honestly she's she's very sweet and she did she is not [TS]

  important or until I get my and also I wanted to just like I want it was so [TS]

  important to me that I get to spend time with it you know get to know it will be [TS]

  better in an intimate level so that I could start [TS]

  you know what say let's say conceivably this is what I do for a living I guess [TS]

  so it's important to me that I know what their watches like in all seriousness it [TS]

  is absolutely not inconceivable that you guys will be writing directing and [TS]

  shooting a promotional video for some new product part of which products [TS]

  experience is a watch extension totally I can't wait for it to happen we haven't [TS]

  done it yet but now week and it's you know I dunno but you have to use it to [TS]

  get it [TS]

  yeah so I've got the 38 watch face on and it's a little small for me it's all [TS]

  tiny and not because it looks tiny ordained to you look like you were [TS]

  saying it looks fine but I want a bigger screen I think she had like a bigger [TS]

  screen I i dont have actually no concept of how much bigger than 42 is gonna look [TS]

  and feel on my wrist but I know even incremental what is that four [TS]

  millimeters of [TS]

  is like nearly a temper so it's a little bit more than a 10 percent increase oh [TS]

  yeah but it's somehow my guess is with you going from 38 to 42 when your shows [TS]

  up you're gonna be like you can have like 15 minutes for your little worried [TS]

  you think this might be too big and then like but then like 20 minutes later [TS]

  you're like this is right [TS]

  which brings me to a strange phenomenon which is one of those first you know [TS]

  just kind of like startling realization that I had having spent very minimal [TS]

  time with the watch it is like and I am talking about maybe ten fifteen minutes [TS]

  of having to watch on my hand out story appeared in this kitten but the phone [TS]

  back in my pocket the next opportunity I had to take the fun out its joint screen [TS]

  like to do you have that experience to phone came out you like wow this is like [TS]

  a flat screen that I was to go to a pocket yeah a little bit especially if [TS]

  you're trying to end and I know it's it [TS]

  I don't think you're supposed to be dictating text on a watch but it's [TS]

  definitely works for texting and I think that you know that the Serie [TS]

  transcription is really really good [TS]

  including winner out on cellular yeah it's great I i dont i dont I haven't [TS]

  used it a whole lot I mean I have used a little bit but you know there's a whole [TS]

  kind of social social acceptability of dictating into your watch in public or [TS]

  dictating into your phone even like if you're at the market [TS]

  you don't want to talk to your fingers you sound like a dick right grab I feel [TS]

  like that's the case do you like if you get a thing on your watch if you get a [TS]

  text on your watch from ami tomar a year at Whole Foods and you're not the only [TS]

  one in the I'll do you like a responder do you do like an emoticon even though [TS]

  an emoji even though emojis are for children i'm kind of I'm a little [TS]

  self-conscious about it but I tried to I just try to start walking in the [TS]

  direction away from other customers and try to keep my voice down cut my hand [TS]

  but I do I cut my hands around the watch but I realized that it does kind of make [TS]

  you look transporation was like going off and whispering into your own like [TS]

  cause I think I'm self conscious about is I don't want to be loud talking into [TS]

  it like I'll only do it in a way that it seems as though strangers are going to [TS]

  hear what it is that I'm dictating even though the if they looked at me and gave [TS]

  to the second thought about it they'd realize I must be talking to some kind [TS]

  of gadget but as always they can't really hear me and I'm not intruding on [TS]

  their conversations and I don't mind and I feel like the way the future and the [TS]

  future and God bless you for being polite and considerate about it and [TS]

  especially thinking about how many people probably out there and in the [TS]

  world wouldn't be and also like to think about how far we've come that used to be [TS]

  like people talking to their Bluetooth earpiece or whatever that word yeah and [TS]

  I [TS]

  I also think that it's you know and it just became acceptable and it's just [TS]

  can't go anywhere in the western world without seeing it but at first 10 years [TS]

  ago it was really weird when you would see grown adults alike in public I'm [TS]

  typing into it [TS]

  3 interface with all of their attention on it like gave just was a weird thing [TS]

  to be doing in public is sitting there picking away and electronic device like [TS]

  you know like an eight year old Gameboy but yeah but you know it's everywhere [TS]

  right now it's something we do and hopefully that the ideas that just like [TS]

  it is in that movie her where you see people on the subway and everybody's [TS]

  whispering softly into their peace or whatever that that just becomes a way of [TS]

  life and and nobody thinks twice about it I think it's hopefully it's gonna [TS]

  happen and hopefully it doesn't create a cacophony of other environmental [TS]

  pollution did you like her [TS]

  yeah I love that I loved it I i luv ya is it hit me deeply on an emotional [TS]

  level but also it's just fun for future thinking people hold at least come back [TS]

  to that I mean to me take a break and thank her for sponsoring it will come [TS]

  back and talk about her cuz I do think I think the watch is a step in that [TS]

  direction it's a brand new sponsor really proud of these guys on board [TS]

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  grouper so my thanks to Rails tutorial by Michael Hartl go check them out if [TS]

  you want to learn how to make great weapons so her I thought it it's so i i [TS]

  think it's gonna hold up really well I like the movie and I think even where [TS]

  twenty years from now when we're past the point they're projecting to [TS]

  technologically and so there's obviously they're gonna made some mistakes I think [TS]

  it's gonna look pretty good in hindsight sort of like the way 2001 seems great [TS]

  sure or even nor Blade Runner [TS]

  yeah actions are also weighted toward that era weighted toward the early [TS]

  eighties with shoulder pads and angles and what not just like the high-waisted [TS]

  pants in her kind of weighted toward 21 2013 and 2014 I think it'll hold up in a [TS]

  sort of the emblematic of those of our version of futurism yeah and I feel like [TS]

  I actually think that they got right and that Apple is clearly moving towards is [TS]

  that your gadget still totally matters as much as ever but your identity and [TS]

  your treatment they're all just run tends to cloud-based system you know and [TS]

  you just pick the size that you want at this moment right and then and what they [TS]

  did in her was a move to like a lot of the visual component and just had it be [TS]

  so much so reliant on on voice and sound which was an interesting way to go and I [TS]

  don't know how how far we're gonna go in that direction especially with like with [TS]

  Siri in the state that it's in terms of its like its ability to understand us [TS]

  and communicate back I thought it was it was interesting and also a lake [TS]

  just as the storytelling element by not inundating the city the technology with [TS]

  visuals they allowed the human elements to take more of a fun see ya and I feel [TS]

  like it's like the touch components on the watch play into that to where it's [TS]

  not about what you're looking at its you know some other sense and I dunno man [TS]

  and I will hurt a lot of the UN and cinematic Senate cinematically it has to [TS]

  be kept in touch with the display outputs that we have at the moment [TS]

  although I guess you can imagine some kind of game that ties into like an [TS]

  apple watching like rumbles on your wrist at certain points in a movie like [TS]

  the way that are so maybe something like that is coming out I think about it off [TS]

  the top of my head but it just had to be verbal because it that makes for [TS]

  sentiment and let Scarlett Johansson you know truly and the best local interface [TS]

  in the world like her voice was just like representative of what technology I [TS]

  should say really well being a creepy perv about it like you know what I would [TS]

  want my robot to so yeah but did to me that was the interaction that the [TS]

  characters had with the technology was so I'm being and you know you don't have [TS]

  to break stride while you were getting off the train walk to your office [TS]

  building in something some kind of notification becoming you don't break [TS]

  stride and that to me is what the touch on the wrist helps to enable as he just [TS]

  sits there is can I am really feeling like you know what do you feel like you [TS]

  how's the house the tactic engine holding up three you enjoy it I do I [TS]

  enjoyed a lot and like more and more as time goes on I have got my watch the [TS]

  sound off all the time I never it's some of the sounds are too annoying and I [TS]

  find that they're not necessary I haven't really learned to distinguish [TS]

  between what the different sounds and different [TS]

  patterns and everything mean I think University they just mean hey look over [TS]

  here and I you know where glanced over here rather but I never a displeasing [TS]

  feeling too like just have a small little my new top even happens whatever [TS]

  10 times in an hour or something or even yeah because something's going up like [TS]

  some group chat Iran has blown up and he's getting messages you know roger [TS]

  messages from college or something like that right I mean if you're doing [TS]

  something else important like recording a podcast and your wrist is blowing up [TS]

  and that's maybe not as not quite not quite as fun but I for the first few [TS]

  days after I had was wearing the watch I was I found myself wanting more tips [TS]

  like I wanted like wow i'd be driving and I turned on vacation even though I [TS]

  know exactly how the hell to get to where I'm going [TS]

  Journal navigation just cuz it's kind of fun to get twelve steps to turn right or [TS]

  something [TS]

  yeah that physically pleasing of his incision I talked to i no i didnt write [TS]

  about it but I may be made but I did I got driving directions to my accountant [TS]

  last month and so this was to get my taxes done and during powerball LLC tell [TS]

  you know all afternoon and its 2020 the 30 minute drive outside the city was [TS]

  actually the first time I was driving with I think and I wanted to test the [TS]

  directions I'm going to the same account for years and years or so I know how to [TS]

  get there but I wanted to try the directions but it was actually kind of [TS]

  an amazing in one of those like I know people do this every day but I don't [TS]

  drive everyday so it's a little science fiction to me is westbound out of [TS]

  philadelphia there's really only one road called the school expressway and [TS]

  it's called this Google expressway because it goes right along the path of [TS]

  the school river and knowing how to spell the words Google is a true test of [TS]

  being a Philadelphian seh yuh I L [TS]

  lol old Indian name anyway just go out there but anyway it's an enormously bad [TS]

  road though because it's a lot of a lot of the way it's only two lanes in each [TS]

  direction and soy meal accident and it just dies and ended up there was some [TS]

  kind of tractor trailer accident earlier in the morning and it had been shut down [TS]

  for a while and Syria gave me what I thought was crazy directions she was to [TS]

  get me off this Google almost as soon as I got on it and I thought well I'll just [TS]

  go her way and as soon as I took that eggs and a look ahead from what she did [TS]

  steered me away from I was like oh my god there's no way I would have made the [TS]

  appointment I would have had the lake and trying to reschedule an appointment [TS]

  with your accountant when it already I don't know like april fourth or [TS]

  something like that it's like you're already you know I mean he would help me [TS]

  out alot but instead I would if I could go back you don't you don't stand your [TS]

  account now in early April so she took me at this different way where I've [TS]

  never been before and I really didn't know where it's going and so I I didn't [TS]

  know at the time with the difference between the left and right [TS]

  taps were but it was enough that I just felt something and you could just glad [TS]

  to arrest and you know it would say 600 feet make a left and it was great I [TS]

  thought oh yeah and that the display that the way you actually see on the [TS]

  wrist is so minimal that it doesn't get in the way you can answer interpreted a [TS]

  glance because you driving and most of the experiences all audio and you know I [TS]

  typically when I'm driving on his ways I put my iphone to staying in many ways [TS]

  and it weighs has better directions and smarter about traffic it's smarter and [TS]

  so many ways but the audio quality sounds like it's coming through the [TS]

  telephone rather than you know like a built-in library of an internal [TS]

  Audioengine I don't know what that I don't know [TS]

  true except ways sounds like garbage and Apple maps sounds amazing so to go back [TS]

  and get directions from the watch sounds amazing and feels amazing and it's like [TS]

  oh yeah it's against what we should name one of those moments where like this is [TS]

  the future just feels like the future and in even the pile on that I had last [TS]

  week I had made it a dinner reservation using open table so I could meet [TS]

  somebody after work and I get in the car and then opened table gives me an alert [TS]

  on my wrists because they have a watch watch out using a lot on my wrist that [TS]

  I've got my generation in like 10 minutes or something and then I tap into [TS]

  the on the wrist in go to the local location and it opens at the map says [TS]

  give me directions like holy cow I didn't expect her to do that in asked [TS]

  her to do that but that's what this is that's what watch does in 2015 yeah I [TS]

  one of my first experiences like that was with again I want to repeat myself [TS]

  but I think I said this but it was on the Amtrak train and I had already saved [TS]

  the pass to my passbook on the phone and it just when I got to Penn Station it [TS]

  just appeared on my watch and then when we got on train the guy came by to fish [TS]

  anything out to notice which I just held my wrist up to the guy is candid and run [TS]

  a trend it's also may feel sync between the watch and the phone is just really [TS]

  highly tuned I haven't felt that lacking in any way and and that's kind of [TS]

  enjoyable to watch when you see different sync service is between your [TS]

  devices current fail that more points along the way do you think it was a [TS]

  mistake for Apple to already have apps like I and it's absolutely true in some [TS]

  cases where [TS]

  the basic problem when they get when they announced to the watch get back in [TS]

  November and said they were going to ship this couple weeks away before the [TS]

  watch comes out I just made it sound like a bad idea because you're asking [TS]

  people to write software even if it's a limited SDK and it really is limited but [TS]

  you're asking them to write software for a device that they've never used and so [TS]

  they're not really know they're not really familiar with how they're [TS]

  supposed to use it and I think it's definitely true that some apps really [TS]

  really suffer from that to the yeah I have a number of them on on my watch [TS]

  that really suffered from that now do you think he know anecdotally or [TS]

  otherwise whether any developers were given early access to watch specifically [TS]

  for making their routes better I think he have to define layers of access I [TS]

  don't think anybody got a watch I think some people clearly got access i mean [TS]

  obviously a lot of people got the developer lab invitations and I think in [TS]

  the middle [TS]

  there's a beach level there's a smaller number of developers who got early [TS]

  access to I think to the labs not not that they got to take a watch and where [TS]

  it but that they got to you know plan to Cupertino and write stuff yeah but on [TS]

  the other hand so I think well I just think that for example though I would [TS]

  assume twitter is on that list of companies that had really privileged [TS]

  access and I think that their app is useless but on that and then on the [TS]

  other hand Marcos app is incredible and yeah I have no idea how he was kind of [TS]

  figured out what use your patterns would make the most sense without having the [TS]

  devices have to accept that like I'm never wondering when i from the very [TS]

  first time I watched overcast on the watch I never wondered how anything [TS]

  works it was exactly what was supposed to be yeah I feel I know he was worried [TS]

  about mmm because I actually helped him beta test then before [TS]

  he shipped it just sucks that he had the review in it and and I get to know you [TS]

  better couldn't help much because he was getting ready to ship at least a little [TS]

  bit of sanity checking his big concern or one of his concerns was that there [TS]

  wouldn't be any point to it because there's that now plane which it would [TS]

  work with anything and that his was well what's the point of even doing it at all [TS]

  if now playing [TS]

  handles everything and I said no idea is definitely usefulness in just one day of [TS]

  testing overcast and watch it was absolutely useful because you know [TS]

  there's no way with now playing to do anything really other than this plan [TS]

  pause where is overcast on the watch you can switch to a new podcast and stuff [TS]

  like that [TS]

  yeah I mean it's got context where has it knows what which is hugely important [TS]

  for a podcast library where people kind of listen to every thing differently and [TS]

  that's pretty awesome and I you know the now playing up is there but I don't know [TS]

  exactly what it does and I don't know what to control what a high Jackson what [TS]

  it doesn't hijack and I'd rather just leave it leave it alone I which there [TS]

  was you know it's just one of those Apple apps that you just can't put in a [TS]

  drawer somewhere and I kind of feel like as a pundit overall that its and I it's [TS]

  the sort of thing that I try to be cognizant of what I know that I'm being [TS]

  guilty is it's like Apple can't win because if they didn't have any apps I [TS]

  would be complaining that there should be a priority and now that they've [TS]

  shipped with tabs on day 1 I'm complaining because the haps some of [TS]

  them don't work so well and some of them don't seem to have been designed with [TS]

  the context in mind [TS]

  yeah i cant wait till slacks gets good because I used black almost more than [TS]

  anything besides email and I and i cant figure out how to actually respond to [TS]

  reply to slack and if you just open up slack slack walked watch out you get [TS]

  your presented with two icons one of which is I think direct messages in one [TS]

  of which is is mentions of your name and neither one seems to be graded tracking [TS]

  like what conversations actually need access to [TS]

  and then if you get an alert in slack which I always do there's no all you can [TS]

  do it on the watches dismiss it right away you can actually reply from that [TS]

  from that alert which I had to do because that's it means like it's all [TS]

  about to a communications not broadcasting by guest [TS]

  well in the same way that you can respond to text messages right at the [TS]

  fact that you can respond to text messages and dictate a little weird [TS]

  thing is what you would want to do is slack absolutely and wood which brings [TS]

  me to make which is like how forgiving we now can sort of letters let ourselves [TS]

  be like dictating to call it's eerie when I do i dooo I call it I just cant [TS]

  talk yes so when you're dictating to Siri even if like responding to a [TS]

  message you know her like you can choose like sent from iphone signature with [TS]

  with Mel with him from from the mail and the idea behind that was theoretically [TS]

  it was probably just so that you can see like the other person receiving cut you [TS]

  a little slack for reasons of brevity or typos or whatever I feel like dictated [TS]

  by Siri kind of needs its own little and I by the way I turn sent from my iPhone [TS]

  off because i will like alright a second novel in an email from my phone it just [TS]

  like one of my i play my email on my phone like beethoven and they can I take [TS]

  pride in that [TS]

  with its Alex and proper levels and everything and so it would shame me to [TS]

  tell some to tell somebody trying to make an excuse you would wanna yeah I [TS]

  wouldn't want to do that but but then again if you're trying to if you try to [TS]

  respond to messages dictating India watch in the beach and then go on with [TS]

  your business you're not gonna sit there getting frustrated because she misheard [TS]

  something and maybe it's clear enough so you know maybe maybe it's it's like [TS]

  enough to get the point I had a couple of misfires with badly dictated [TS]

  messages to replace the text but this is kind of fun I it's partly because it [TS]

  there's like a tipping point I realized where as as Siri dictation has crossed [TS]

  some point on the curve between 22 slow inaccurate to be useful and it's reached [TS]

  a tipping point now where it's quick enough and accurate enough to be useful [TS]

  and I you know if this is happening for me sometime in the last year you know [TS]

  what I wrote a piece about how is so much better on my iPhone couple months [TS]

  ago like I think it a large part then wrapping this up for the watch but as it [TS]

  reaches that tipping point suddenly you trust a lot more whereas in the first [TS]

  couple years where Syria existed they had this dictation I would double check [TS]

  every time before I hit Send and now I a lot of times I am hitting send without [TS]

  really looking at it and sometimes they are there some pretty bad typos yeah I [TS]

  accidentally take texted to Rock Center the other day she said hey can you stop [TS]

  by the store on the way home and I think I did I responded i dictated on the way [TS]

  home or do you want me to come home first and then I like i dictated that [TS]

  and then I went on with what I was doing what got sent was do you want me to come [TS]

  home you want to stop on the way home or do you want me to come home first I [TS]

  can't even and she was like what did you just say what's with the attitude does [TS]

  that cause it's like if it's like caddie it's like a bitch in the wrong way [TS]

  yeah usually if it's if it's good meaning like it's not gonna be obvious [TS]

  to your recipient it's gonna look like a homonym [TS]

  you know like if they read it out loud in their head that they'll take a guess [TS]

  actually kind of like that late with a mere [TS]

  other friends you know there were more technically inclined you know it's less [TS]

  faces mostly texting I like it when they can guess and they had their like Siri [TS]

  or vice versa I'll do it to them and try to guess whether the weird typo in the [TS]

  message they sent me was because I feel like it's becoming a scale where is that [TS]

  I can't even if he doesn't sound like that it sounds exactly like really does [TS]

  sounds intentional series is manufactured some attitude like it I [TS]

  can't believe you and even asked me to do that what do you think of the fact [TS]

  that Siri doesn't talk back to you question it somehow feels natural to me [TS]

  although I do feel like a lot of her personality is missing because of that [TS]

  but it somehow seems right to me true but maybe we'd we like we know that [TS]

  personality so well already that's ingrained that we can come out here [TS]

  voice maybe like you get it took me a couple days to realize it oh she's not [TS]

  talking there's no she's not talking through the speaker when when I asked [TS]

  her something she just just coming out in text but they are you can hear ya I [TS]

  guess that's why I was a little slow the answer is because it was the fact that [TS]

  she doesn't talk or depending on your country and your preferences he doesn't [TS]

  talk it sneaks up on you watching you realize only after you really has been [TS]

  using serial out that it that it never talks to you I gotta like it I guess [TS]

  it's a little bit more private yeah I I had this thought that the watch is kind [TS]

  of maybe the watch is what crack serial open more than much more than any other [TS]

  anything else that the watches kind of one of the of the of the many things [TS]

  that the watch is watches like a Syrian machine basically yeah I think a large [TS]

  part of it I think if you're not using Siri [TS]

  a couple of times a day they are not really getting the most out of the watch [TS]

  I really do think that's true African microphone in its I think that's one [TS]

  thing that's a lot of people aren't really thinking about it you're wearing [TS]

  something when you're on your wrist has a microphone it that you can just talk [TS]

  to when it can record your thoughts on which makes it even more frustrating to [TS]

  me there's not a voice recorder up on it that's a little weird let's hold that [TS]

  thought let's talk about the apps that are missing but i wanna do it next [TS]

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  know we still have the both of them on the bed it's it's great to welcome [TS]

  daring fireballs you see when you go there so what we're talking about with [TS]

  the no voice recorder app was doing I said yeah and there's no no tap no voice [TS]

  recorder app I mean you don't even need both of those just need one of the other [TS]

  guys you could I don't I know you mean okaz the whole idea is you just have a [TS]

  thought in your head you want to commit to the watch and dictaphone you want to [TS]

  put it down so why not like I do that all time do you did i do my number one [TS]

  use case for voice recorder out on the song is what I've done working with the [TS]

  composer and I don't like having you know any day like are often like singing [TS]

  thing if I'm trying to express it and can't put it in words all singing thing [TS]

  and then I'll send it off as an audio thing or maybe sometimes we recorded [TS]

  voiceover with the voiceover up every once in awhile i guess im driving and I [TS]

  have a thought and i wanna recorded so I don't forget it then that's the third [TS]

  case I would tell me [TS]

  there's nothing like that on the watch is unconscionable unconscionable gather [TS]

  clothes targeting covered be like at least with the built-in apps would be [TS]

  like texting yourself I guess but even then that seems to seems a little weird [TS]

  and are definitely third party apps evernote has a pretty decent nap I [TS]

  forget what also try and you know and it seems like it's fairly focus on the [TS]

  white specific thing I think if if if if and when the day comes that there's a [TS]

  Vesper thing for the phone really just be a big plus button and make a new know [TS]

  that just hit + start talking there's the text and then you done this is [TS]

  really all I really want some great I wonder if you could see you Syrian just [TS]

  say syria making you know I wonder what she would do she know how to work with [TS]

  reminders that any notes out but it still confuses me what syria works with [TS]

  what she doesn't yeah I'm not sure I'll think that would work on the watch I'm [TS]

  not sure what happens [TS]

  versus the phone you know it's a funny thing went on a podcast if you use the [TS]

  phrase hey and then the name of the product it will end up getting notes [TS]

  from people whose devices while they were listening to the show started going [TS]

  I'm not saying we can't say it cause it's hard to talk about it without [TS]

  saying a serious but it turns out that it turns out that people who like listen [TS]

  obviously if you listen with headphones on but mostly listen to podcast and is [TS]

  it doesn't but if you know a lot of a lot of people like my pal Brent Simmons [TS]

  he just likes to listen to podcasts on the speaker's desk while he works [TS]

  you know it's like he said like haven't talked to you know the way you know [TS]

  other people like that talk radio on these likes a podcast makes its elegance [TS]

  in office for friends or whatever but then it makes like you're charging [TS]

  iPhone wake up that's awesome [TS]

  so I mean that's dangerous also once when Siri becomes more more more more [TS]

  aware of the operating of being the insides of the phone rather than just [TS]

  referring to the outside but it puts great power in front of us because we [TS]

  could do something like say the phrase that would initiate that and then [TS]

  immediately say text my wife I'm leaving you send that's dark I was just thinking [TS]

  like a Syrian make a part so it's probably a little better what what what [TS]

  are your favorite apps I I totally love the weather out I think the weather app [TS]

  has won it took me a while to get used to end this is one of those apps this is [TS]

  the built-in weather app from Apple and it's one of those apps where it's to me [TS]

  surprisingly deep [TS]

  it starts with all the city's you've configured on your iPhone leather app so [TS]

  it already knows the city's eagerness today and you can scroll down to get [TS]

  details and 10 day forecast and all this stuff you go side to side to switch [TS]

  cities and locations but then while you're on a city you can tap it and it [TS]

  changes from like the next like a clock style its into me that optimized for the [TS]

  white to take the next 10 hours of like precipitation [TS]

  cloud cover and the temperature my only complaint is I kind of wish that they [TS]

  combined the cloud cover and temperature ones as I want the temperature and the [TS]

  you know whether or not it's like likely to rain the weather a lot I guess you'd [TS]

  have to yeah we don't live in Southern California I don't I never ever open up [TS]

  whether out but I'm just looking through it as you're talking in yet is really [TS]

  nicely done [TS]

  yea well and you know April April probably a good time to have been trying [TS]

  because april is the type of month where the weather is you have no idea and just [TS]

  because it's [TS]

  really cold in the morning when you wake up it might go up to 70 in the afternoon [TS]

  so it's just knowing like looking at the temperature right now [TS]

  10 in the morning doesn't necessarily give you a clue as to what it's gonna be [TS]

  like an african it is so I think the weather app was probably when I first [TS]

  put on the watch and it is loading the cities and I saw that status I think [TS]

  that's probably the first time I saw like oh and apt takes time it's not it's [TS]

  not instantaneous like on your iPhone yeah but sometimes it doesn't i still [TS]

  can't quite figure out why sometimes it takes longer than others and maybe it's [TS]

  because I'm not quite sure how much of it is to blame on Bluetooth and how much [TS]

  of it is like that phone is checking the weather in advance already and already [TS]

  has up-to-date weather information and then other times maybe the watch is like [TS]

  you know hey phone tell me about the weather this guy wants to see the [TS]

  weather and the phone as I go should I haven't checked in awhile you gotta wait [TS]

  hold on [TS]

  yeah it makes sense that they get smarter about catching that stuffs and [TS]

  and smarter about just collecting the data when you need it and maybe [TS]

  collecting all too much to me that's kind of like the you know how like [TS]

  scrolling on the iPhone one wasn't quite as classy as it is now maybe that's a [TS]

  kind of a sort of an analog to like waiting for data to load on the watch [TS]

  what about you what are your favorite apps like I can said overcast is [TS]

  probably again I use it a lot [TS]

  remote is really cool me up then again I've always been a I've always liked the [TS]

  remote app on the iPhone 3G and it was I never did for when when people would [TS]

  complain endlessly about it yeah it takes forever to connect but I think its [TS]

  prime still one of those people that just kind of still impressed by the fact [TS]

  that I can control my something on my TV with my phone and it just never doesn't [TS]

  faze me so now the fact that I can do that a little bit quicker and the [TS]

  pairing like service seems to last longer I think you know before getting [TS]

  dumped and I have to [TS]

  then reconnect I just think it's it's pretty cool I I find that I have always [TS]

  i mean i i just lose the stupid Apple TV remote I lose it ten times every time I [TS]

  watch a movie and then lose its meaning like plague is it on my left hand side [TS]

  of the couch right hand side [TS]

  15 minutes and all I wanted to do was quick pause because you know he's asking [TS]

  me a question from upstairs in the kitchen or something that just just want [TS]

  to pause the damn thing I really like having it on the wrist and hand and it's [TS]

  one of those things where I feel like you kind of have to take what people [TS]

  that Apple say at their word like when Tim Cook has said what he likes about [TS]

  wearing the Apple watching he's you know I've heard him say like three or four [TS]

  times that he likes using it as a remote control to control is Apple TV and as [TS]

  somebody who never liked the one on the phone cause I always found then it's [TS]

  like it's even worse because it's a device that's just a small and I can you [TS]

  know losing between two questions but then you know what are the odds that the [TS]

  current app is that is the remote it's not because I'm probably texting people [TS]

  are checking Twitter because I'm doing two things I want a Nevada double [TS]

  chapters with but the way that the thing works on the watch is if you're watching [TS]

  something actively watching it it just automatically goes back to being the [TS]

  remote not the clock face or anything like that which to me is exactly what I [TS]

  want it's as though the device read my schedule that a little tip we taped [TS]

  their their reach the remote sorry though Apple TV remote in her bedroom we [TS]

  taped it to like a little packet of Kleenex that's a lie flat but we do know [TS]

  that kids in bed with us playing with it and he'll drop it down there between the [TS]

  mattress and that so that's that's doing other than that [TS]

  activity trackers really cool heart rate monitor is really cool I I like the fact [TS]

  that so we worked with jaw bone up as a client we we did something with Syd bit [TS]

  so I [TS]

  had the experience of wearing these activity trackers but honestly its [TS]

  agents always felt too cumbersome for me to like keep something but like with me [TS]

  all the time that was dedicated to that purpose if I'm not gonna wear a watch [TS]

  that i dont really wanna wear a wristband that only does that one thing [TS]

  but now that I've got everything in that thing and the fact that it's an activity [TS]

  tracker now I'm finally getting the value of an activity tracker and so just [TS]

  earlier today if I can either take the elevator up to my office or take the [TS]

  stairs and i know that this stupid thing is gonna remind me that you know like I [TS]

  I have like 100 more calories to burn or something then I am I don't know why I [TS]

  guess I don't have as much free agency is I think I do but I'm gonna take the [TS]

  stairs because I'm a child and I want a little I wanna love trophy I thought it [TS]

  was silly when I saw people say that it would be somebody had a report by Wired [TS]

  magazine story like behind the scenes of creation of the watch probably was [TS]

  because they had the most access and that if it's become common within Apple [TS]

  like in the middle of a meeting for people to just stand up randomly because [TS]

  a widespread air wearing said hey you know you know there's a chance to get [TS]

  another hour where you stood for a minute and it's just like become part of [TS]

  the in and again you can within a bomb sure that people would just chuckle [TS]

  because they know why you're doing it and maybe you wouldn't do it if you were [TS]

  in a meeting with people from another company you know who aren't familiar but [TS]

  that within the walls of Apple this great seemingly crazy behavior has [TS]

  become a norm that you can just stand up for a minute and kind of move your legs [TS]

  in the middle of a meeting because you want to make it was happy when I am i [TS]

  expected to turn that off and I still have it on [TS]

  yeah it's kind of it's kind of fun its test completion and you gotta think that [TS]

  it happens coming that's more like a game almost like yo level of stupid [TS]

  simplicity we're like it just reminded send you a reminder to like complexes [TS]

  and [TS]

  to pump you up to state yet I pump your fist no matter where you are and if you [TS]

  do it quicker you get more points or something and then just idiots are gonna [TS]

  pumping their fists all over the place I think that they did a really interesting [TS]

  amount of design on the activities like summaries and the stand reminders in [TS]

  terms of getting the balance right so that you keep using it and that it [TS]

  changes your behavior which is the goal but combine that with like obviously the [TS]

  team that made the watch has been you know using it in some degree internally [TS]

  for a while right [TS]

  a year maybe longer you know testing these prototypes probably longer than [TS]

  that you know the people in the design lab have been wearing the early [TS]

  prototypes to try to find in the software and if you like once they got [TS]

  into it for a very long time it would be easy to lose track I think this is how a [TS]

  lot of first-run experiences go wrong is that the team that makes it gets into it [TS]

  and gets it and understand it and loses track of what it would be like to have [TS]

  it on your risk for the first day and then you feel like I got this thing will [TS]

  not shut up about me standing and I feel like they dialed it back to a level [TS]

  where it's it's really well balanced between those two in terms of being [TS]

  frequent enough to change your behavior but not so frequent that you feel like [TS]

  we know why in the world with this thing be bugging me like this [TS]

  totally if you just i i think thats a cases it if you ignore it then it knows [TS]

  you're ignoring and instead of maybe instead of shutting itself off [TS]

  completely [TS]

  it just gives you less frequent and so it's kind of like on boards you and then [TS]

  instead of you saying this sucks I'm jumping off it does just very smart [TS]

  little things to keep you on and that's exactly what happened with me is is like [TS]

  first I found it cool that I found it annoying that I actually gave in and [TS]

  wanted to do what it told me i i and it has been a little bit of an eye-opener [TS]

  for me I've never won any of those trackers it's been a little bit of an [TS]

  eye-opener for me like [TS]

  that there's definitely some shockingly a correlation between a very productive [TS]

  day as a blogger and a very sedentary day like the day that I wrapped up the [TS]

  second sort of you that I published like a week ago it was like my circles when [TS]

  know where they finally got like on a chain like I finally got in a groove and [TS]

  I was in the zone and I felt like I had this article have been trying to get out [TS]

  for a long time out and and it's like when I finished it I looked down and it [TS]

  looked like look like my watch usually doesn't [TS]

  afternoon you should win an award for that there should be like and tired you [TS]

  know how they give it a few gotten some of those awards they give you like these [TS]

  I just got like this [TS]

  silver concentric circles and they should give you like a booby booby award [TS]

  you no further [TS]

  really screwed up right and i think is one of the things are so interesting [TS]

  about this watch is and I feel like it's one of the things that we just the first [TS]

  version of it the one that you and I are talking about right now just has not [TS]

  even tapped into it but the watch knows when you're wearing it it it soon as you [TS]

  take it off like to show somebody or to change the bandage over it knows its [TS]

  offer risk because the centers are off and it locks the screen and but that [TS]

  means that like if you are not going to wear all the time if you're going to [TS]

  wear it like your address watching you go out at night or something like that [TS]

  sometimes the watch knows when you're not being active because you're not [TS]

  wearing it and also knows when you're not being active even though you are [TS]

  wearing it which is a big difference right like if I just decide to wear my [TS]

  old watch for another day and I don't put the Apple watch on Friday I'm not [TS]

  gonna register any activity on the watch but the watch also knows that I haven't [TS]

  been [TS]

  like a complete turned whereas if you are if you're wearing it I think that's [TS]

  so interesting and I i feel like it could really come into play in a lot of [TS]

  different ways that that's true but it but it also entice you to keep wearing [TS]

  it [TS]

  yeah the moment you check your eyes to him sleep right yeah I totally [TS]

  underestimated that you know before I started wearing it is how much those [TS]

  fitness tracking things even as somebody who's not super into that those features [TS]

  but they still motivate me to keep wearing it not where my mother watches [TS]

  because I want to get the credit [TS]

  yeah I went for a run the other night and turned on the lake what is that it's [TS]

  not it's the at its the exercise that was not the activity trackers workout I [TS]

  yeah the workout act and I told her I was going for an outdoor run and I went [TS]

  I was running around for 24 minutes I got home he told me he's probably run [TS]

  for 30 minutes I went back out and ran for another six minutes I came back in I [TS]

  came back in the house I took the water off but it was still going is it was [TS]

  like I didn't set a goal just left left it as an open exercise and took off the [TS]

  watch and then like the bottom of the water was glowing green and frighten me [TS]

  and then I just like I researched it a little bit and found out that the green [TS]

  light is how it actually read your heart rate GTG you know about that yes a [TS]

  little bit and I think it switches to a more powerful mode when you're in the [TS]

  midst of a workout like you know and it's it's it pulls your heartbeat [TS]

  constantly as opposed to doing it every you know 67 minutes right which is weird [TS]

  to me because I give you if you you know you are liable sitting presumably if you [TS]

  go over to the heart rate monitor in your classes or whatever then it's gonna [TS]

  tell you like your heart rate was whatever three minutes ago but now its [TS]

  reading its taking any reading and that's why that's weird to me when I saw [TS]

  the first time that three minutes ago [TS]

  it was paying attention to my heart rate I didn't tell to do that but I think [TS]

  it's kind of awesome and so presumably there's like I got a whole days worth of [TS]

  data and if I were going through like medical stuff that would be kind of [TS]

  interesting to my doctor I think ya 69 beats per minute by minute ago and now I [TS]

  just took it again it says three so I don't come excited to get nervous I [TS]

  think I get nervous when I look at it and it makes my heart but it was 16 I [TS]

  was going to say what I was 95 cuz i guess i yeah that's why I'm cuz I'm [TS]

  excited and had a big lunch I think the workout app is an interesting to i like [TS]

  it and I like the way that it is like just brain dead super simple here's some [TS]

  big buttons for different types of workouts go pick the one you're gonna [TS]

  start right now tap the button and it go I wasn't sure what to do when I go for a [TS]

  run whether I should tell us how far I want to go how long I wanna go yeah they [TS]

  like the last item do either of the last item on the list was just open just [TS]

  measure how how much and do it in and call it to him I think I think there's [TS]

  an interesting combination here and again I haven't used to fit better in [TS]

  those things but I feel like one of the problems in never made me want to use [TS]

  one is that they didn't really show you anything you just you know least one [TS]

  game he has doesn't really have much of a display at just under four bars that [TS]

  led up and then you have to plug into your computer or sync it with the iPhone [TS]

  app and use a different device to check what it thinks you did [TS]

  whereas I feel like a lot of a lot of things with the phone to me are the key [TS]

  to their success is that the phone is both both sides of the equation and two [TS]

  examples are Instagram and like periscope meerkat [TS]

  where it's the same device that people are using to shoot the photos and edit [TS]

  the photos posted photos is the same device that everyone else is using to [TS]

  see the photos and I feel like that's the way that the fitness tracking stuff [TS]

  on a watch to me [TS]

  works and I know it doesn't have like everything like it's it's it's [TS]

  interesting when they cut it off like I think it shows you like your last [TS]

  workout but it doesn't show you your whole workout history after the phone [TS]

  app to your workout history but that's because the history is too much [TS]

  information for the watch [TS]

  it's just enough but it's like here's what I think you did today [TS]

  yeah I think that that that kinda just speaks to the whole purpose of the watch [TS]

  in general is just enough and not too much because too much is just gonna be [TS]

  is going to make people is going to turn people off to it and I've noticed that [TS]

  just would like the notifications deg use the Gmail app at all no I just use [TS]

  Apple Mail so Apple Mail [TS]

  sandwiches emails all run through Google and Google like you don't get Google [TS]

  push email working very well through Apple Mail so I so what I do is I used [TS]

  jim is the Gmail out on its own to right away push me you know notification that [TS]

  have new email and then when I get that alert I know to go into my Apple Mail [TS]

  out and go in such that email it's kind of a roundabout way of being obsessive [TS]

  about email but it works for me so I use gmail is basically like it and so I've [TS]

  got email alerts on my watch and what gmail does when it notifies you of a new [TS]

  email on your watch is it also gives you a few lines of preview of the of the [TS]

  message whereas Apple Mail [TS]

  when it tells you there's a new email you can actually scroll through the [TS]

  whole email but that the weird psychological effect of that is because [TS]

  I'm obsessive about email Gmail tells me about I've got a new email and I can see [TS]

  only the first few lines that I know I can kind of save it for later and then [TS]

  go back when I have time go into my mail program [TS]

  and then I know I can respond to it then but if it shows me the whole thing I [TS]

  think that I have to respond to it right then so that's another instance of just [TS]

  just enough just enough info to like no to do something later with it and this [TS]

  is kind of like that time you know reevaluating your time that people were [TS]

  talking about early on that the watch kind of Ford's you is like the [TS]

  opportunity cure I thought out less and less yeah and I know I've gone back and [TS]

  forth that's one of the things room so I feel like it's just I'm lucky that I've [TS]

  had the watches on as I have because into me in my opinion has changed on it [TS]

  we're at first I thought that it was that this whole argument that it's about [TS]

  taking your phone out less I I was like I'm not taking my phone at any less I [TS]

  didn't think I was but then I thought about it and I realized I kind of was it [TS]

  like into me the difference is due I wanna do something if I want to do [TS]

  something I still go to the phone but it's it's like do I just want to check [TS]

  what do I want to check something then I can just look at the watch and Adil [TS]

  there's I guess subtle difference there I'm sure you know there's all sorts of [TS]

  things that are sort of gray areas where it won it but if I'm just checking [TS]

  something it's it's amusing to watch I'm not picking the phone up so I am taking [TS]

  the phone out but I'm not using it last leg of its something I really wanna do [TS]

  I'm still going to do it on the on the phone [TS]

  yeah and you want to do stuff so I want to do more stuff with the watch that's [TS]

  one of the first things first things I noticed is because we're trained to do [TS]

  that like you check something and then you do something about it right away it [TS]

  feels unnatural to check something about appear on the watch and not do something [TS]

  about it right away so you have to kind of get used to it at least I did and it [TS]

  makes me wanna be able to do more with the watch but i'm ok that I I guess but [TS]

  yeah that's the end of that thought I but I feel like email is almost like [TS]

  ground zero for that line of thinking because and this is the thing I thought [TS]

  that sounds really weird but now that I've had the watch him on that kind of [TS]

  makes sense is that the watch has your email you know from the mailed out on [TS]

  things but you can't write so you don't get to respond you don't get to craft a [TS]

  new message it's really just read only and that and I've been using email [TS]

  forever all sorts of everything from you know terminals to you know dial-up [TS]

  modems and I i've never heard of a read only email client before and it didn't [TS]

  make any sense to me even though I don't write that my gmail anymore [TS]

  compared to you know with slack and and instant messaging picking up a lot of [TS]

  the smaller messages it just didn't make sense to me but I kind of think it is [TS]

  cuz I think it's exactly that use case for you said where it's really even [TS]

  though you can read the whole message and watched just in case maybe it is [TS]

  important it's really just about those first few lines like is this something [TS]

  you wanna go deal with right now and I do things I do think there's an anxiety [TS]

  reduction in that absolutely it saves it you're exactly right anxiety reducing [TS]

  his what's the alternative [TS]

  you get a notification your you get a buzz in your pocket while you're having [TS]

  a conversation with some somebody it's rude to check the notification so then [TS]

  you have the anxiety of not knowing what it is so I think that's that's it that [TS]

  sums it up right there in an instant is just suddenly just from the ability to [TS]

  turn your wrist [TS]

  you know forty degrees towards you and glanced down at a you know that you [TS]

  don't have to pay attention to it and you go about you go you go on with the [TS]

  rest of your conversation jim has a really cool app for that part of it is [TS]

  true that from but I feel like the iPhone app is actually pretty is the new [TS]

  york times and I never had the New York Times thing on my phone I do read the [TS]

  new york times on the web alot [TS]

  and I but I never really use their apps but I wanted to test their watch out and [TS]

  and what they had one of the apps it came out like the way you know really [TS]

  early like the day after I got the review unit so it was like really there [TS]

  weren't that many third-party apps in the App Store yet to try so I wanted to [TS]

  try and the reason why is that they unlike every other news organizations [TS]

  have ever granted temporary permission to send notifications for they really do [TS]

  only send you notifications for important like so days will go by and [TS]

  they don't send you any notifications because nothing really happened but then [TS]

  you know like you know like the earthquake when the earthquake hit over [TS]

  in the Paul that it's something I i dont that was that was actually worth you [TS]

  tapping the unrest to tell me that it had happened and I know I know where I [TS]

  was going that well I mean just once against just enough it's just the [TS]

  important stuff it doesn't need to bring you every time you know that it says I [TS]

  don't like I have the breaking news app on my phone I have circa and you can [TS]

  scroll through the top five stories and and then you're good and if you want to [TS]

  go any deeper but it did like so here's another question do you find yourself [TS]

  like lying awake it like in bad guy you watch on you want to consume more [TS]

  content through the watch other than because it's a new toy to play with it [TS]

  only only in the first few days when I had it and that that is totally worn off [TS]

  like I don't want to consume any content [TS]

  another example is very common for me I mean I'm guessing it's probably come in [TS]

  for everybody who listens to podcast this is the whole reason I think people [TS]

  like podcast [TS]

  is that we as you know the type of people that you and I are we just cannot [TS]

  bear to be bored at all for like 4 15 seconds I cannot you know and and Louisa [TS]

  keds entire bits about you know how this shows up what's wrong with us but like [TS]

  if I'm in a store and there's two people ahead of me at the register on my phone [TS]

  Twitter or something because God forbid I don't have something to occupy my mind [TS]

  for the next 45 seconds [TS]

  never tempt me to to go to the watch the watch isn't a do something don't bore me [TS]

  again if I'm taking action I'm I want to go find something not to be bored by I'd [TS]

  still go to the phone I think to go to the phone like the watches for things [TS]

  that you don't have to think about and I mean I don't like us certain and again [TS]

  they do you know how Apple's using the word it's an official name of the [TS]

  features glances but I think it's brilliantly chosen word what classes do [TS]

  you know that's a good question I feel like I have been thinking about it like [TS]

  I'm waiting for my mother walked over to come out thinking that I would set up [TS]

  differently and probably have a lot fewer classes I seem to have a lot and I [TS]

  kind of feel like glances are like you really should just make them your [TS]

  favorites and then that's like the quickest way to get to those things they [TS]

  do because then you don't have to go to that home screen where there's just a [TS]

  little but just swipe up and swipe over and there's a glance yeah I mean when I [TS]

  first saw the the idea of glances I thought that it was just used to [TS]

  consider it like your dog or something [TS]

  yes he does your shortcuts but I i think thats not what they intended for it to [TS]

  be because theoretically you can access any of your apps pretty easily anyway [TS]

  you don't need a shortcut I think it's just like the little bits of information [TS]

  that you aren't accessible to you very quickly without having to launch the app [TS]

  as well I think but I don't have too many of those things I mean like power [TS]

  but you know battery power as one of them have yet but I find it with the [TS]

  battery power know maybe it's different for you and that I would be interested [TS]

  to hear that [TS]

  I like right now mine is that 76% so and we're recording its nine o'clock eastern [TS]

  so mean it's mostly through the day [TS]

  yeah mines at 59 but I pretty much obsessively like my wrist every time I [TS]

  but i think thats a 3842 factor you know like join us turn and I were talking [TS]

  about it [TS]

  Apple's promise battery life is all for the 38th and then they just sayin real [TS]

  small print the 42 will get longer battery life in most contexts and so but [TS]

  they don't say how much more cuz they don't want people to feel bad about [TS]

  their 38 they just wanted to get the one that's gonna fit fit you right and I'm [TS]

  sorry that well I just think that the battery life is not an issue [TS]

  yeah it's not it's not gonna screw anybody at the end of the day like when [TS]

  they need to do whatever thing you get used to everyday everynight you click on [TS]

  the charger and and that's that's all you need to do it's like yet you like [TS]

  you like you said you never have to think about it and there are so many [TS]

  things like that that you don't have to think about that I think it's great it's [TS]

  just becoming more and the tech is becoming more and more see most visible [TS]

  and invisible [TS]

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  that's a great Mother's Day gift but dangerous as it has your dad is your dad [TS]

  still over in in he's he's back he got back two days ago thanks for asking I [TS]

  was worried about ya he got out the UN so he was leading a crew of volunteers [TS]

  doing a dental clinic he does that every year in Nepal he goes to India as well [TS]

  and they do Guatemala and soyuz leading a crew and appalled when he had been [TS]

  there for a few days when the earthquake hit and and that basically sort of shut [TS]

  down the building damaged a lot of the building where they were where they do [TS]

  the clinic so they couldn't do the clinic but then it was just about [TS]

  getting all these volunteers out safely and see you know flight or shut down for [TS]

  many days and then once everybody was stationed out with very minimal [TS]

  communication with the rest of my family we we didn't quite know what was going [TS]

  on he managed to get out and days ago and he was on the news and how much do [TS]

  you have a link in my inbox so that'll be fine [TS]

  you have a link in my inbox so that'll be fine [TS]

  put that in the show no that's amazing story and it's a great thing that your [TS]

  dad does your dad was a dentist are is dentist now he's retired as it gets [TS]

  damaged spaceship terrorist operations were also basically sort of pseudo Star [TS]

  Wars themed with like you know mechanical doors automatic doors and [TS]

  that's in other words that's right that's what you as a patient as with you [TS]

  it's it in like a little star ship captains chairs and indicate that there [TS]

  were other video monitors everywhere you know old-school a tease video monitors [TS]

  there was like star steel I think you'd like real production designers do the [TS]

  interiors of the offices when we came up with this idea and everything was in [TS]

  that light grey coming star wars in inside spaceship yeah is that it was [TS]

  pretty neat as a kid and my robots and things and makes being a desk or I mean [TS]

  honestly but anyway what a great story glad to hear that is OK of course I love [TS]

  you too and I'm sentimental yeah I know he used to go to Macworld right here [TS]

  coolest dad ever spaceship desk chairs and took it a Macworld [TS]

  yeah he's a good guy all tried to convince him to go again he was when [TS]

  there is quake-hit he was like he was getting acupuncture done and he had like [TS]

  electrodes hooked up to as his feet and he had his eyes closed and opened his [TS]

  eyes and noticed that the whole world was shaking and things are falling off [TS]

  the shelf everybody is running out of the office where he was he just ended up [TS]

  running out of the office with the electrodes strapped to his feet now way [TS]

  yeah I think you're going to say that he thought that maybe the electrode so I go [TS]

  to power who does what goes through your mind I don't know that a natural thing [TS]

  for human to experience no definitely not I mean even though you guys as as [TS]

  Californians are probably more accustomed to thinking about earthquakes [TS]

  but I don't drive me I would be the last thing that would [TS]

  would be like what the hell is going on in like a minute later someone say that [TS]

  was quick to me of course it doesn't it doesn't even occur to me ya know I mean [TS]

  it was huge [TS]

  here's an idea that popped into my head with a watch and hear you think is as we [TS]

  got I'm trying to think zig-zagging between [TS]

  agree details on the watch today and and big picture thought like whatcha gonna [TS]

  be like in five years is one thing I can't imagine not having on the watch [TS]

  because I can't figure out how they would they would do the angles to make a [TS]

  practical is how they put a camera on yeah I mean like it's interesting you [TS]

  said that cuz I think that's the number one missing thing right now [TS]

  hardware wise and I did to me would be in it would be pretty natural I don't [TS]

  think it would be a front facing camera looks up at you because I think what [TS]

  that the main use case of it is that you want to shoot a picture of something [TS]

  else you said your face is not a FaceTime camera it's a you want to avoid [TS]

  that seven seconds delay between reaching you know seeing someone you [TS]

  want to take a picture of reaching your pocket launched the camera out [TS]

  picture you want to avoid that so you just raise your arm and the cameras [TS]

  pointing outwards and there's your camera and actually like that cuts the [TS]

  experience down to maybe what to add three seconds and I can hardly think of [TS]

  a number of times you know I have a two-year-old you never know what you [TS]

  never know what's amazing funny thing is going to do next and there's there [TS]

  there's already been lots of times when I when I thought if I could raise my [TS]

  wrist and shoot yeah I well I think that you know for reasons trivia game I i [TS]

  wanna be able to shoot mckittrick at 22 the deadly serious like the current [TS]

  world where ordinary citizens have a phone with them within seconds of being [TS]

  launched at all times [TS]

  has changed the relationship with the police all around this country like a [TS]

  big part of what's going on with the protest in Baltimore and other cities is [TS]

  a lot of ways based on footage it come out there people shot on their phone to [TS]

  give you in with news is breaking it it's just getting to be at this point [TS]

  where it just seems like we've always got a camera with us and the lens can be [TS]

  anywhere right lens lenses like sort of the easy part it's this in the sensors a [TS]

  little bit more difficult than the capture making mechanism is in the [TS]

  storage is more difficult than that but I feel like it won't be too long where [TS]

  the lens is really on everybody's so where do you think they would put it [TS]

  like oh I have no idea i i I am in industrial Dr person there was there was [TS]

  a Samsung phone or not phone watch that that that that had it built into the [TS]

  wrist strap and absolutely and what my experience with that I love telling the [TS]

  stories I was shooting a commercial where I was on camera and what they do [TS]

  win with wardrobe and continuity and everything is the second assistant [TS]

  director is their job to come over and take a picture of you after every scene [TS]

  so you know they know exactly what your wardrobe and so our 2nd ed was all day [TS]

  throughout the shoot coming over with as little point and shoot camera snapping a [TS]

  photo you know saving it for and towards the end of the day he he said oh let me [TS]

  grab me real quick take a picture he didn't have his camera with him so he [TS]

  held up his Samsung what is it gear the end I think that there they become so he [TS]

  lifted up his Samsung watch any snaps a photo is it ok we're good and I was like [TS]

  wow why do I know that the Apple watches and gonna do that but I already wanted [TS]

  to write I want the future but I know that they're not going to build it and I [TS]

  can see why Samsung put it where they did on [TS]

  strap but it made the strap everybody in a lot of the reviewers said it down on [TS]

  the strap is is not comfortable because it's you know electronic circuitry [TS]

  between the side of your wrist and the watch face makes it thicker and it it [TS]

  defeats what clearly a central part of Apple watches design which is this idea [TS]

  of band swap ability so I wouldn't go there but I can see why ergonomically [TS]

  they put it there anyway the tension and I see is that it seems to me like that [TS]

  the tension is I expect to have a camera with me at all times but I also now feel [TS]

  like soon enough I'll be able to go with just my Apple watch and you know yeah [TS]

  but yet then I wouldn't have a camera with me so then I feel like they're for [TS]

  dot dot dot they have to have a camera eventually yeah I mean it's gonna be [TS]

  iteratively in the first version of the camera on the watch if there is one is [TS]

  gonna look like garbage just like the first you know the first camera on the [TS]

  iPhone look pretty bad they do you ever go back throughout your photos librarian [TS]

  look at the first I thought it the iPhone pictures you took yeah yeah they [TS]

  look terrible and and that's okay and there wasn't a front facing camera [TS]

  efforts and that's ok and it didn't shoot video [TS]

  not shooting the ball not shooting video is one that every time it comes up now I [TS]

  go back and that everyone go back and make weight is that right [TS]

  double check that I need to go back and check out holy shit did not shoot video [TS]

  and such an Interpol integral part of the products now that we would never be [TS]

  without that it doesn't make sense that they would ever ship something without [TS]

  that in in you know you just have to wonder how many of those things are not [TS]

  in the water and yeah I don't how I feel like there's gotta be some way that they [TS]

  could do it I don't know if it would be maybe it would be a front facing camera [TS]

  so you could use it for FaceTime but then if you turn your wrist away you [TS]

  know you wouldn't be able to see the framing you would just point arrested [TS]

  what you're shooting [TS]

  and hit the digital crown it would snap a photo and then you could turn your [TS]

  risk back to see what what it captured yeah that seems like you would be it [TS]

  would work i mean we're not all framing or iTunes now very specifically anyway [TS]

  yeah I don't have that sort of thing where I could be off base and maybe [TS]

  there will never be a camera on it but I feel like I don't know seems to me like [TS]

  everything gets a camera eventually it gets smaller and faster and everything I [TS]

  love that part of what you have yours and waltzes conversation where you're [TS]

  talking about the iPad and the Rebbe cycles and your reasoning behind it was [TS]

  your resume there was a somebody else's the red the reasoning behind people not [TS]

  updating as much I it was sort of what I was thinking but it was better put into [TS]

  words by that one comment on doctor drags blog like a reader of this blog [TS]

  you know that there was so smart so you can recap it probably won't his case [TS]

  provides 2012 is a succedent the job is that guided but it was the basic just [TS]

  was that we're only five years into this you know first iPad was five years ago [TS]

  so we're still in the first upgrade cycle and seems like a lot of people and [TS]

  iPad lasts you know for five years and so we still haven't gotten to the point [TS]

  where you kind of know how many people should be you know if Apple is doing a [TS]

  good job with making new products every year how many people should be buying [TS]

  one every year because the people are still on their first one and they're [TS]

  pleased with it [TS]

  yeah and we and why wouldn't they be it does it does pretty much what what you [TS]

  needed to do which is it you can browse the web video you can do some creative [TS]

  canvas staff and the processor hasn't gotten that much faster and yeah rocks [TS]

  and his dad still uses the virgin when I bet that we that I had originally bought [TS]

  and we gave to him because all he wants is to watch youtube videos all day of [TS]

  like classical music and architecture videos and stuff and it does in doesn't [TS]

  trickery [TS]

  and I and it's such a is it weird to say it's kind of like a secondary devices [TS]

  now I don't think it's weird to say I think it's you know it is what it is you [TS]

  know and I think we're going to get as time goes on we're gonna get more and [TS]

  more secondary tertiary we're just gonna surround ourselves with little displays [TS]

  the watches another one i think is is that I mean you could need but it also [TS]

  could be a primary I think that the second it gets a feature that is a [TS]

  must-have feature the Virgin one doesn't have I think it bc it's not it's no [TS]

  longer secondary devices primary device like you've even like just just consider [TS]

  what would happen if the next if maybe two years from now it's got a camera and [TS]

  people start seeing that people who have just bought the new version to watch our [TS]

  take are getting all these cool cameras or whatever [TS]

  argument's sake it's some other features that you can only do with version two [TS]

  and like you know the fact that the iPad gotta allen's on it was not that killer [TS]

  that the iPad needed in order for people to buy more of them I think you can make [TS]

  an argument that the iPhone one suffered from enough feature constrain that [TS]

  version two is where people started a really buy into it in and it and it [TS]

  allowed him to do more things and you know how many people did you see using a [TS]

  version on iphone even three years after that I thought all the time though [TS]

  really well no actually I guess I would say the opposite my question was kind of [TS]

  leading in the opposite direction I feel like there were that many people if you [TS]

  like the iPhone one kind disappeared quickly ya kabiri began because they [TS]

  didn't in in in the grand scheme of things that in early so that many in the [TS]

  first place I guess so yeah you're right and it could be just like us as a [TS]

  parallel model with the with the water you know what I do know what made me [TS]

  jump on that as a yes was it there's one teacher at the school who [TS]

  was using an original iPhone into like last year and it's cool it's a beautiful [TS]

  it is I Apple device did I say I love the device and you know I just don't [TS]

  think that he was scared you know about the technology era but it it was a tee [TS]

  shot to mind is yes I saw that when teachers to his old iPhone but now I was [TS]

  trying to make is it the the iPhone 1 lacked so many features that then came [TS]

  out in iterative versions that it became obsolete pretty quickly [TS]

  that's what that's what I yeah that's where I was going with ya and so that [TS]

  didn't happen with the iPad but I think it will happen with the watch the watch [TS]

  will start to get new things that only later versions of the watch can have the [TS]

  AM maybe a you know I think it medical centers and stuff like that to you know [TS]

  who knows what I wouldn't I probably would not have predicted it was the [TS]

  camera back then as I don't think our expectation was so low for so phone [TS]

  cameras that I thought well of course these pictures are great it's a cell [TS]

  phone camera and it weird that the landscape for video for mobile video [TS]

  back then was the Flip camera yeah I was just thinking about that because when [TS]

  the first iPhone with video did come out it remember comparing it against the [TS]

  flip in the flip still had better picture and you think well of course it [TS]

  had better picture it's a dedicated camera whereas the writing was on the [TS]

  wall that they just could not compete with Apple in the long run and the [TS]

  sensor technology is advancing its amazing clip that it didn't take long [TS]

  for there to be an iPhone that blew the fuck away and then you know just quality [TS]

  wise let alone can terms of only having one device in your pocket and already [TS]

  being on the internet etcetera ya know but we had you know we have tons of [TS]

  videos from the earlier years of Jonas is life worried you know they were all [TS]

  shot and flips when I dunno if the files are open [TS]

  it's you know it feels like a bygone era he does it because I feel like there's [TS]

  no longer this idea of scarcity well I don't know it's an interesting question [TS]

  did you feel like when you're when you're rolling video on your iPhone do [TS]

  you feel like storage is scarce and you want to keep it till you want to cut the [TS]

  clip short obviously you're not going to shoot it to our video like you know [TS]

  piano recital on your iPhone or something like that but I don't see the [TS]

  clips are gonna be like a minute two minutes at the most [TS]

  yeah well you know the video story for us is weird because so Jonas was born in [TS]

  2004 and so far in January 24 Christmas that year my mother-in-law goddess [TS]

  Panasonic MiniDV camera she wanted to say I want to buy you a camera you know [TS]

  I want to know if it was a wonderful day and just do what you tell me what to get [TS]

  and I got a you know I don't know you know like a consumers' [TS]

  dad was a tad camera from 2004 I thought it was cool how small didn't MiniDV was [TS]

  you know but then you know but like so first few years of his life [TS]

  2004 2005 2006 especially at all shot on MiniDV tapes and I because they were [TS]

  tapes then you to me you your once you get them over halfway down their tape [TS]

  you're like well I'll just keep shooting because you know it'll say you know they [TS]

  did a little sticker on the tape it says Mother's Day 2006 or something but it's [TS]

  a I might as well just shoot the rest of the tape though because the next time I [TS]

  want to shoot something I want to start with a fresh tape yeah so I think that [TS]

  those early years of his life where I was shooting MiniDV there's a lot of [TS]

  filler footage where I just let the camera go because I figured I'd rather [TS]

  just use up the tape and then the next year is the flip where most of the [TS]

  videos were shot with the flip and then [TS]

  there the clips are like just as long as you want them to be and it's you know we [TS]

  don't need footage of every single present being open on Christmas this is [TS]

  good we got the one where he was most excited [TS]

  yeah and did you think when you had a flip did you think of those videos as [TS]

  files you know now that really but I was always glad that they would be more [TS]

  easily put on a hard drive you know and moved from computer to computer then the [TS]

  DVD MiniDV tapes would never really dealt with yeah I'm just so thankful now [TS]

  that we're moving to this cliche but the era of the cloud and that literally you [TS]

  know it took five days for everything to sink when I migrated to photos but my [TS]

  25,000 photos and my 2000 videos that I shot are also more protected in the [TS]

  cloud may never have to worry about cassettes and never have to worry about [TS]

  you know obsolete disc formats hard drives all that stuff is just like it's [TS]

  somebody else's problem and it is not there is no barrier to going in [TS]

  recalling I don't need a deck to play all that stuff I don't need a special [TS]

  cable right it's just it's just there I think that's a beautiful beautiful thing [TS]

  that a lot of lip service is paid to it because everybody's you know the cloud [TS]

  as it is what it is it's the golden words to express her try to say that [TS]

  cloud is so whatever it's just it straight at this point but it's very [TS]

  real like that storied data storage is sort of disappeared and we don't have to [TS]

  worry about it yeah I like the way I to me it feels like magic when I take and I [TS]

  i take more screenshots with my stupid watch them as people because I'm [TS]

  thinking about tweeting things like about the stupid you may be thinking [TS]

  about it but it's really cool to me that when you do it you take a screenshot it [TS]

  just shows up on your phone and then I was like texting [TS]

  them from my phone to myself we're dropping them they're driving onto my [TS]

  Mac and then I thought I thought you know they just show up in the new photos [TS]

  up and I went to the new photos out there you know says today and there's [TS]

  all your screenshots they just show up you don't have to sit there and and [TS]

  they're playing around here [TS]

  airdrop around yourself you just wait a couple seconds and it just shows up in [TS]

  photos quicker than I mean it's been it's obviously images are heavier data [TS]

  than something like a contact but remember that feeling of like when when [TS]

  I first got it shit together and you could add a new contact on your phone it [TS]

  would show up in your contacts app in your Mac instantaneously yea or a [TS]

  calendar so that's very lightweight data it was still impressive that they got it [TS]

  all working especially after like mobile me but now the fact that they can do [TS]

  that with images which ten years ago with you know everything would have [TS]

  choked instantaneously I think that's incredible and it's it's it's really fun [TS]

  to watch and I think that the one thing that disappoints me as an apple hasn't [TS]

  done a great job of educating people on the fact that it exists and preparing [TS]

  them sure what it what it means [TS]

  with everything that everybody is like constantly collecting with their with [TS]

  their devices I still kind of feel like Apple's nickel and diming people on the [TS]

  cost I feel like the free tier could be significantly higher like I don't I [TS]

  don't mind paying four bucks a month or two for 200 gigabytes or whatever but I [TS]

  kind of feel like the free tier is way too stingy like there's no way it covers [TS]

  everybody's photos and videos and then yeah I bet they open their yeah I think [TS]

  so too that spread seems like that sort of thing that they'll just keep every [TS]

  WWDC the announced the new pricing and no always by the time may rolls around [TS]

  will always be bitching about you know how much it costs because it was prices [TS]

  received a year ago let me take one last break and then we'll do the last [TS]

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  exhaust their looks awesome I don't mean I just I was looking at the same as you [TS]

  were talking about it uses to register couple of things I I thought you needed [TS]

  to go to like shady places to to get the new TLD no I think it did at first I [TS]

  think it did at first but not anymore that's cool I like when you say our good [TS]

  friends at cuz it's almost there's a little bit a little goodfellas about it [TS]

  you know this is my guess is my good friend over for this is our good friends [TS]

  at fracture we you know it makes me think that makes me happy about so many [TS]

  of these sponsors is that they come back and you know it's like to me if I i love [TS]

  new sponsors to and so the rails tutorial you know thing is great first [TS]

  time that they wanted to show hope they come back they have great success but [TS]

  the fact that the other three sponsors hello was here a couple months ago and [TS]

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  with the results they sold so many pillows and which is a crazy thing for [TS]

  me to say like I i I could definitely like 10 15 years ago imagine a world [TS]

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  at the time but I could have imagined doing it and I could have imagined that [TS]

  the way that I did it was by selling at you know that seems to be a house shows [TS]

  always did work and probably always well I could not have imagined that like one [TS]

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  anybody can do any kind of business they want to know how far it has been a [TS]

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  and years at some level of regularity you know at least every quarter they [TS]

  have sponsored couple episodes so I mean it I sincerely mean they're my good [TS]

  friends because they've you know them part of my business for for a long time [TS]

  and I said I truly think they have a great product [TS]

  let's bring it home in 20 last thoughts on watch what do you what he want to [TS]

  talk about that we haven't talked about yet [TS]

  well I mean just we talked about the future [TS]

  a little bit I mean I said the camera what do you what else do you think that [TS]

  the watch has it in two or three years that it doesn't have no I can't figure [TS]

  out how to do it but I can get to me it's got a gain its own networking but [TS]

  then you know you so you don't need an iPhone yeah but that's quite sure you [TS]

  know maybe it's just wi-fi only probably would be at first probably the first [TS]

  step to that would be to have true wifi and I know that it just gets complicated [TS]

  because the watch does support WiFi at a certain level but it's really just using [TS]

  like that back channel wifi to stay in contact with your phone while you're on [TS]

  the same network so like your phone can be all the way on the fourth floor and [TS]

  you're down in the basement [TS]

  you know getting clothes out of the dryer and it still connected because [TS]

  it's under wifi but your phone [TS]

  time you watch doesn't get on wifi like if your phone is in with you period [TS]

  that's really cool I didn't realize that that that worked I cause I heard that it [TS]

  had WiFi and Bluetooth I just have it is I think Bluetooth as a practical range [TS]

  of about thirty feet and you know I think it gets kind of sketchy but it [TS]

  definitely is true I haven't some people have asked like have a test exactly how [TS]

  far away the phone can be no I don't do reviews like that like I'm not gonna sit [TS]

  there with a tape measure and measure whether I get text messages 25 feet do I [TS]

  get 26 for you to buy that but I've definitely had the phone [TS]

  way more than 30 feet away inside my house and I still get text messages and [TS]

  stuff like that and that's a smart because the only places you're gonna be [TS]

  that far away from your phone in the first place or places where you know the [TS]

  wifi you have your on the WiFi network and it's a friendly place otherwise [TS]

  you're outside of a network and you're worried about everybody still in the [TS]

  stuff see ya so I don't have the business of it would work because you [TS]

  know even if you buy a cellular iPad you start to pay at least you know like [TS]

  15 bucks a month to get some kind of thing and nobody wants to keep spending [TS]

  ten fifteen bucks a month but there's got to be some kind of way i think that [TS]

  once they can shrink cellular antenna and trade it in a watch and not have it [TS]

  you know [TS]

  decrease the battery to less than a day that it'll have independent cellular was [TS]

  it ok to is it fair to say that I don't really want that like i dont yeah I feel [TS]

  like if I stepped back to 2002 when we were hugging our iPods up its troops [TS]

  firewire to your max in order to manage the libraries on if you asked me would [TS]

  you like if you could just have music on your iPod you didn't need to do it three [TS]

  or even the iPhone you know the iPhone you still need to connect your Mac in [TS]

  the beginning then you ask me like it would you want that to happen CDs do [TS]

  everything what I'd probably says it probably say no I'm good at keeping [TS]

  everything on my Mac and then just managing it there [TS]

  yeah I think you underestimate I don't think it's because it's not because I [TS]

  think that you want to do a lot on your watch without the phone again I don't [TS]

  think that's ever going to change but I do think though that you should be able [TS]

  to do is not worry about how close you are to your phone should give you wanted [TS]

  to in our and fracture sizing I think that's a huge one is that you don't have [TS]

  to have your stupid phone you know strapped to your arm in a band or [TS]

  whatever and then you go for a run for five miles and if an important education [TS]

  convener still gonna get it to take its gotta happen eventually but i dont have [TS]

  you have to switch to some kind of plan read everything is sort of all the card [TS]

  you know you just sign up you give Verizon $100 a month and you get all [TS]

  your devices it sort of works with the family plan now but yeah I can see it I [TS]

  can see that I know cos III was almost missed a GPS is another one and I know [TS]

  that the people who run and bicycle that's the number one thing that they've [TS]

  they feel like this first ones missing that makes sense I mean I first iPhone [TS]

  didn't object GPS and it felt like you had to do is bullshit triangulating to [TS]

  get yer [TS]

  location on a map which seemed like a jet pack chillin with not a prize not [TS]

  concern for me I'm not an avid sportsman so I like maybe that's why but I have [TS]

  GPS pretty accurate GPS on my friends so helping me sweating yeah but at the [TS]

  exercise of the people who are really into fitness wanted they want to go [TS]

  without the problem they want to just six the watch is so much better than you [TS]

  don't have this you know it is no good way to run with the phone on the really [TS]

  ended they just want to go and do it and that without GPS they feel like they can [TS]

  because I did so many of these out for like bicycling Wednesday they have like [TS]

  they already have like three years of like every single bike ride they've had [TS]

  their exact map of where they've gone and they don't lose the same way that we [TS]

  were talking before about what to watch for now that you've got to watch out for [TS]

  a week and you've got like this week worth of activity things you want to [TS]

  keep wearing a watch tomorrow because you want to you don't want you to want [TS]

  to lose gifted yes but they've already got there already used to having that [TS]

  GPS data I keep my phone in the little thingy packed like they are they make [TS]

  these like really slim profile fanny pack see where I don't really really I [TS]

  left john grew really both fanny packs as well we can't even is very low [TS]

  profile you can even see it under this book but it's ok so my cable tweeted the [TS]

  other day was a cable or maybe somebody we did regardless what he had a waiter [TS]

  asked him if he saw his watch and said Oh you have the new iPhone watch I [TS]

  thought that was kind of fascinating that it's a waiter asked me yesterday [TS]

  yesterday ok I see i watch can you can show me what it does I watch make sense [TS]

  whatever that's the that's the go-to iPhone watch made different kind of [TS]

  sense because that means that people are some people are just naturally [TS]

  associated with the hub being the computer that connects to being the [TS]

  iPhone I think that's kind of cool on top of which it kinda looks like an [TS]

  iPhone 6 it yeah and I think it kind of does it is an interesting way to say it [TS]

  and it does sort of I i wonder whether inter side Apple how much they were [TS]

  worried about the fact that they're selling it as a thing you have to have [TS]

  with an iPhone you know that it is that a bitter pill for people to swallow that [TS]

  this thing really needs to be in within 30 feet of your iPhone at all times to [TS]

  functionality I don't think so I think I could be wrong but I think people would [TS]

  look at people like myself would look at it as an advantage I think it's also [TS]

  it's like a tether was tether and where we I mean it's what it just means to me [TS]

  is it makes my watch that much powerful gives my imbues my watch with the power [TS]

  of an iPhone which has been working for eight years to be as powerful as it is [TS]

  it really the one thing that really struck me early on was how much the [TS]

  watch want to be in contact with your iPhone because as soon as it out of [TS]

  range of your I finally get to power your iPhone off you get like in my [TS]

  opinion is almost an ugly icon not ugly like that it was poorly drawn because [TS]

  it's like a red you know where the -notify know what youre so if you turn [TS]

  your phone off the watch gets a little icon up at the top a little red it's [TS]

  like a little red phone with a line through it like it's saying I can't I [TS]

  can't find my phone that compared with and there's no there's no way to get rid [TS]

  of that icon until you're back in range of the phone again it's just it it at [TS]

  first I thought wow they really made that glaring but then I realized using [TS]

  it that it's because the watch really does want to be within range to the [TS]

  phone I gets its like lacking in oxygen when it's not good not doesn't have the [TS]

  phone so how cool is that pairing process of appointing your phone at your [TS]

  watch I think it's so great and I think I am guilty as charged that I haven't [TS]

  sung it praises [TS]

  that I feel like it unheralded how good the pairing processes incredible [TS]

  beautiful could have been a QR code thank God it wasn't just like magical I [TS]

  can't I can't think of the last time I had an experience with tickets that [TS]

  magical as with the first time I slid the power on the I for the first iPhone [TS]

  is showing a picture of the world was like holy crap this is a magical thing [TS]

  that unboxing experience of point your phone at year at the weird magic I type [TS]

  yeah graphic on your on your watch that was just some smart smart conservative [TS]

  yeah and thats as as it sinks the first time it to me the animation is just [TS]

  gorgeous it's very simple very you know but it but it's a sweat so many details [TS]

  in a process so like there's a watch on the phone like a picture of a watch on [TS]

  the phone as the phone app is syncing with the watch and the animation on the [TS]

  fake watch that shown on the phone it stays in perfect sync with the animation [TS]

  you know the progress in Iran on the watch itself so cautious signaling to [TS]

  you these two things are connected and I feel like maybe the perfect way of so [TS]

  many like capping the show is like you told me when we were texting back and [TS]

  forth when you have the watch and I didn't yet and you told any said I [TS]

  realized what sort of you wrote this piece about it but he said I i realized [TS]

  what the phone it or what the watches what what did what would you say it's [TS]

  not just a really cool digital watch yeah it's a cool as digital watch it's [TS]

  it's it's like the most sophisticated digital watch you've ever seen any and [TS]

  you know it does and I think the most futuristic thing probably in an old [TS]

  world context of what is a watches like that you can make phone calls with me [TS]

  that's pretty awesome it's not something I would put into practice [TS]

  hardly ever [TS]

  I think it's awesome that my watch rings when I get any call and I can decline it [TS]

  from there but I would never like especially in front of people I've never [TS]

  really take a call on my watch and just seems like a weird thing to do but it is [TS]

  super futuristic and bond like but to me I think if I were to summarize what the [TS]

  watches I would say it's a really cool second Street rewrite yeah yeah I would [TS]

  totally green strapped to your body so it's always that I will say this I have [TS]

  to say this before we go because we didn't really talk about the touch the [TS]

  Dutch communication but that's hard for you to talk but here's the thing is hard [TS]

  for you to talk about though cos Roxana doesn't have what you have hers and you [TS]

  have viewers yeah so like she's the most intimate person you know [TS]

  connected to me so I have yet to try that out and so like I i mean you you [TS]

  sent me a text message that I only just got like we're halfway through the show [TS]

  cause I was ignoring me now that was my way of I wanted it to be like are you [TS]

  ready [TS]

  yeah okay that was that that that's that's nice I just did like I said you [TS]

  don't text like a great idea so I have yet to prove out that use case I think [TS]

  for myself whether it's a heartbeat or whether it's like drawing a sketch to me [TS]

  the screen is way too small to draw anything meaningful and for some reason [TS]

  the only thing I can think to draw is a ticking bomb do that the next meaningful [TS]

  thing is a happy face that you can so I just end up not using I sent a lot of [TS]

  happy faces no but you know I said this before it's it's it's so true is that [TS]

  for those features and so many people after my initial review came up there [TS]

  like to do how many did give you did they give you to see can test the [TS]

  drawing in a way that we tested the drawing was I could send taps and [TS]

  heartbeats and tools to people who worked at Apple and I did it just to see [TS]

  their work but it always felt a little weird because it's like [TS]

  all of those communications seemed way too informal and the harpy one to me it [TS]

  really does I hate to use the word because it sounds corny but it really is [TS]

  a little intimate it it doesn't seem like something you would send somebody [TS]

  who have a professional relationship what do you do me a favor as an [TS]

  experiment I've got a tap message cued up I'm just gonna try try drawing [TS]

  something is the first time I've done this in real time ok somebody seems [TS]

  sometimes a little late so I don't know taps getting your temps that's nice like [TS]

  raindrops so wait what am I just draw a picture but did you add me to the right [TS]

  now it is alright so it works in action shock is the future [TS]

  I did that the dollar and I kind of guessed went down but was gonna get a [TS]

  review and I was checking and you can tell somebody has an apple watch because [TS]

  then when you put them in your friends and you go to their friends they they [TS]

  get the third button down you know and see instead of this phone contacts you [TS]

  can also send digital touch so I just kept waiting for Dalrymple to get the [TS]

  digital touch and in soon as he did I i cinema similar dry so I could so that I [TS]

  could be feels good [TS]

  well as always a pleasure to have you on the show thanks so much greater really [TS]

  really great now you can watch video that your company and its your website [TS]

  sandwich dodd video so that's where people can go to learn more about the [TS]

  amazing videos that you and your staff up to how big the people we work with [TS]

  army of talented people and of course probably more important than seeing [TS]

  which video your remarkable Twitter account only damage so my thanks to you [TS]

  everybody get more Adam at those locations here before we go [TS]

  thank you so much for your time [TS]