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120: ‘The Move to Frisco’, With Guest Dan Frommer


  you Letterman fan yes you've been watching the end of the shop sort of [TS]

  yeah I watched last night and the night before the film re popping out of a cake [TS]

  was kind of shaking it was like it to me it was a real throwback to the eighties [TS]

  I mean that's the type of just nonsense from the late night show me a tease [TS]

  yeah and I don't know like some of it it almost seems like that the fact that [TS]

  Murray was there was almost wasted but I guess not go so much of it is [TS]

  reminiscing and those and the you know the old videos and that kind of stuff [TS]

  but it was fun so we're recording on Wednesday the 20th letterman's final [TS]

  show will air actually is probably funny I didn't even think about it is probably [TS]

  recording it as as we are well that's actually kinda [TS]

  at this game you like goosebumps should hang up and go it's funny I have never [TS]

  gone i'ma huge letterman fans never once saw him live do kind of regret that I [TS]

  never got to see Jordan live either so it's time for C Jordan I don't think I [TS]

  did I don't think I wasted all of those years I almost had I had to get once one [TS]

  time early on in the run of his show on CBS [TS]

  so this was probably I think about crime in 1998 thinking about where I lived at [TS]

  a roommate for a year and they did a thing where they were going to have a [TS]

  whole week shows where their audiences were all gonna be from the same city [TS]

  until one night that week the whole audience was from Philadelphia and yet [TS]

  contest and he did it and my roommate now that you know what we've never gone [TS]

  with always wanted to see what senator this and will be in the Philly crowd and [TS]

  we want and what we've got you know [TS]

  thousands of people injured we were one of three you know three hundred got two [TS]

  seats and all we had to do was show up for the bus around noon and we're gonna [TS]

  bus everybody out together and we're getting ready to go and like checked his [TS]

  email and there is a thing of all you have to do is click this button by you [TS]

  know last Friday you're good to go and then I was like just looked at it as I [TS]

  get you freaking kidding me anything I'm sorry so we won but we didn't claim the [TS]

  tickets in time and so they guess the idea that the the idea behind it was you [TS]

  know they want to make sure they they filled the whole theater and so the [TS]

  thing was like ok you want but you sure you gonna go and then to do but in the [TS]

  meantime they held their seats with alternate [TS]

  again story I better than the show would have been maybe have never been to any [TS]

  of those tapings and I even live in new york city and I've been here for now 10 [TS]

  years basically and I've never gone to on it but my first year in New York I [TS]

  found some email mailing list where you sign up and you get emails inviting you [TS]

  to be in studio audiences for a random stuff and I've never even gone to one of [TS]

  those but it's funny to see the stuff that comes along it's a weird game shows [TS]

  and [TS]

  one day maybe I'll go to Fallon now that he's he's the man yea or the set my [TS]

  shoulders I i've you know I'm a little wistful about the letterman thing I [TS]

  guess I think he's right you know it's one of those things where I think he's [TS]

  right that this is the time to go I do think he's just pick the right time I [TS]

  think you know sooner would have been too soon [TS]

  think probably as time but it still it's just how can that be sad if you're a fan [TS]

  yeah I wonder how much of it has to do with not just you know hosting the show [TS]

  but all the other demands that being you know being a public figure in the media [TS]

  today are for example he doesn't really do anything online he doesn't really do [TS]

  anything in social media and I wonder how much of that gig now is is that sort [TS]

  of stuff maybe it's not I don't know now he's pretty clear about i think is in [TS]

  the New York Times interview that he did too big interviews recently which is [TS]

  unusual for him he's usually pretty decent but he did the New York Times [TS]

  interview in rolling stone interview cover story really and I think maybe in [TS]

  both places it was acknowledged that like the game today with the late night [TS]

  show is partly at least partly to make viral bits that you know that can be [TS]

  separated from the rest of the show five minutes on YouTube and can get shared [TS]

  and that he really doesn't do that and it's not really set up to do that kind [TS]

  of the opposite of John Oliver which just basically exists to feed the Monday [TS]

  morning blogger quote every single site rushing to summarize what they said that [TS]

  before it is said that is exactly what happens with his show it is so funny [TS]

  it's like [TS]

  it's like what you just let people watch it yeah well that is one way you know [TS]

  wink to let people watch it is to have them watch it on your blog [TS]

  you know you're somewhere in commentary hey I really enjoyed your intimate look [TS]

  at your iPhone stands and I want to send you mine you posted this weekend during [TS]

  fireball your to iPhone docks and I think you'll get a kick out of the one [TS]

  that I bought for real is this real I don't want to even say you did you own [TS]

  stock in Tokyo I i'm not I don't even think we should talk about I'm going to [TS]

  put it in the show notes right now as day [TS]

  that it is you're gonna have to go and load the show and see this for yourself [TS]

  because there's absolutely no way that we can do justice to it unless you [TS]

  really want to talk about other study the backstory [TS]

  here's what I think I don't remember I know where I found it I found it in [TS]

  Tokyo hands which is the greatest it's it's kind of a mixture of a Home Depot [TS]

  and I don't like a Bed Bath and Beyond or something like that it's a just a [TS]

  great home and hardware store in Tokyo and I think it it I don't think it's the [TS]

  same company that makes the incredibly realistic food models you would see it [TS]

  outside of a Japanese restaurant where you know that each little piece of sushi [TS]

  looks perfect in that kind of stuff I bought those in the past does this thing [TS]

  have a charger now now so it just prompts it up it's just a problem I have [TS]

  a six plus I don't need a church's [TS]

  anyway the year before about this I got an iphone4s case that's bacon and eggs [TS]

  and that looks even more ridiculous but so this cheeseburger iPhone holder is my [TS]

  my favorite I wanted to get one for the office but I was worried that someone [TS]

  with Snagit is just so crazy I i've been meaning to write about these iPhone [TS]

  docks for a while and it's just one of those things where I didn't have a [TS]

  reason to an end when at so the thing is Apple came out yesterday right now is [TS]

  the context with a new lightning thing and it's just been like over the I like [TS]

  having an iPhone dock charging dock though I like it I like did you know if [TS]

  I'm gonna have to charge my phone while my desk or something like that why not [TS]

  have a doc it's better than having to lay down but over the years it's just [TS]

  been like nobody can ever keep it straight like the original iPhone [TS]

  shipped with the doc right it was a great there in the box and it was a [TS]

  great dog and then didn't fit the 3G or 3G s and then they didn't come with the [TS]

  dog and then the iPhone 4 came out and it turned out the iPhone 4 fit in the [TS]

  original iPhone dock really well even though the iPhone 4 had like a sort of [TS]

  square bottom an original iPhone was more like the Apple watch sort of a a [TS]

  pill shape capsule shaped thing it just fit in that crevice they had for almost [TS]

  perfectly and the 30 pin was more than enough to keep its stable so I went back [TS]

  to the original talk with my from foreign Poor s that ever since it's been [TS]

  a shitshow I am I never had a doc until the elevation dock which came what two [TS]

  weeks before the state courts which hear that was it for me they're not buying [TS]

  anymore I somehow wound up with two elevation docs I think I bought one I [TS]

  did the Kickstarter and then I think they sent me one is like you know like [TS]

  in my role as you know may be linked to it [TS]

  public figure type thing I know I don't remember buying too but somehow I wound [TS]

  up with the two and never used either because exactly they only shipped like [TS]

  to it was 30 pin and only ship two weeks before the first lightning phone came [TS]

  out against that must've been the iPhone 5 yeah right [TS]

  and they did have a thing where you can you can go there now even and get like a [TS]

  kid so you can transform it in from a 30 pin thing to it lighting thing but I [TS]

  never bothered with that [TS]

  know who I said do that well I'm sure some people don't know nor I the big [TS]

  things for me with the doc is in most cases you want to be able to use it one [TS]

  handed in other words you don't have to put one hand on the dock and one hand on [TS]

  the phone to separate it without picking up the dock with the phone and you want [TS]

  to be able to fit I like the idea just how I waste money on everything I just [TS]

  like the idea of getting a dock and then being able to use it for maybe more than [TS]

  a year just in case the iPhone shapes sizes changes so I like the idea of a [TS]

  dock that is sort of agnostic to the shape of the iPhone future-proof [TS]

  future-proof make sense to because so many people use a case now and that [TS]

  that's a slightly different shape then home with no case or there are so many [TS]

  different sizes you know there's 45 °c 5s 66 + so lots of different phones to [TS]

  handle with what with one design yeah the new iPhone dock from Apple seems I [TS]

  i'm curious how I guess I'll buy one just because I'm really bad with money I [TS]

  don't need it but I'm curious about how it works I guess I'll buy one because it [TS]

  doesn't have any kind of the only thing that it it's just a lightning not been [TS]

  that sticks out of a flat piece of plastic there is no back there's no slot [TS]

  that the phone goes into its just a lightning lightning port itself is the [TS]

  only thing that's going to support the phone which sounds like it would be a [TS]

  little fragile but I don't know maybe they've figured some way to make it [TS]

  really sturdy [TS]

  makes me feel less responsible for picking my phone up by its lightning [TS]

  cable all the time which I do ya do you do have a problem are you you you're [TS]

  lightning cables kinda wear out over time because of that [TS]

  has not happened yet in fact the 1 I'm using now as a third party one and even [TS]

  that one has has been really good so it seems like it's tricky business [TS]

  designing the doc because it like you said number one future proofing it you [TS]

  want to go for different thicknesses and widths of the iPhone and then you wanna [TS]

  go case or no case and how many do you know how many types of cases can use [TS]

  managed to support tetra and how easy do you want to be too dark and undock it [TS]

  whereas it seems that lightning has its own kind of tension system built in so [TS]

  yeah I don't know I don't you that's why I don't use a doc just kinda plugin and [TS]

  plopped down on the table next to me I have a question for you though which is [TS]

  why do you think they made this or if they'd had a long time ago why do you [TS]

  think they decided to ship it now somebody said and I don't know if it's [TS]

  right or not but somebody said on Twitter that the docs over the years a [TS]

  lot of them that Apple is Apple's own first party dock for iPhone has often [TS]

  come out mid cycle on the iPhone that they didn't come out alongside the [TS]

  phones and I don't know why that would be a somebody else who tweeted that i [TS]

  think is Jeremy horowitz whose nine-to-five Mac now that he I guess he [TS]

  got one already and he read the fine print on the boxer ever and it was 2014 [TS]

  so it must have you know they must have started assembling them months ago but [TS]

  they didn't start selling them until now I don't quite get it I think the basic [TS]

  idea though is that for some people a doc whether you use it at your desk or [TS]

  use it like at your bedside or both [TS]

  it's you know it's a sensible place if you're going to charge your phone at the [TS]

  same place all the time it makes sense to have a doc and said it just a cable I [TS]

  mean I can't you just have a cable you definitely can do it one handed you need [TS]

  two hands [TS]

  so the one hand ability is definitely to me a convenience and I got my desk I am [TS]

  developing in a working on the basis of Esperance stuff like that as it may I [TS]

  know almost all developers have some kind of doc said that they can have [TS]

  their phone in a usable readable state alongside their their computer I have [TS]

  some corrections to make sure you get this out let's do it actually a lot of [TS]

  these are pretty old pocket show i dont have two months ago and we were talking [TS]

  about aspirin and whether it was something that was thousands of euros [TS]

  old or a hundred years old so aspirin as we know it was first produced a hundred [TS]

  ten years ago in late 1800's sort of a snake oil type thing but it actually [TS]

  worked but the natural form of it which is called Saleh Cilic asset is found in [TS]

  plants ie the willow and murder and has been used for thousands of years so [TS]

  that's the source of the confusion as early as 3000 BC the ancient Egyptians [TS]

  used willow bark and myrtle to reduce pain and fever and those are some of the [TS]

  ingredients they were used to make aspirin starting in the late 1800's so [TS]

  it's sort of a little bit of column a little bit of column be another note [TS]

  here on him which show that I think it was Marilyn man we were talking about [TS]

  these are old shows yeah I forgot to have these notes for all the follow up [TS]

  on the corrections and I really this should be a very long list because a lot [TS]

  of mistakes every episode but when Maryland's on and we had a discussion [TS]

  about when to start our growing children watch which movies and I said that you [TS]

  know Caddyshack him about it said no of course Jones hadn't seen Caddyshack it [TS]

  and then my wife was actually listening to the show and she goes you dummy we [TS]

  let him watch Caddyshack remembered yes we did so yeah I let my son watch [TS]

  Caddyshack I think ten I think that's what I first thought too much for dats [TS]

  my thinking that was my thinking [TS]

  I remember my dad likes to do in front of the TV for a couple minutes during [TS]

  one scene is a right to look over there for a second and does a great movie to [TS]

  see and then you watch it again like 50 times a college in you is a totally [TS]

  different movie at that point but why not again no idea which episode this was [TS]

  for somebody I don't know I guess we're talking about some of my problems and [TS]

  we're talking about that would be Parker should make a monocle and up they do [TS]

  make a monocle I put that show notes will be partner does make a model I [TS]

  don't know that I would recommend it it seems to me like that sort of taken you [TS]

  know the hipster hipster thing a little far gone with monocle but its marketing [TS]

  man will be monocle harry goes right in the show [TS]

  Joanna stern Joanna stern was the great transformers on the show a few weeks ago [TS]

  and we were talking about these both of us had turned out but the same Bluetooth [TS]

  headset keeps our kids this little bit powerbeats a Bluetooth they're meant for [TS]

  like you know where my exercise and stuff I've never had Bluetooth Bluetooth [TS]

  and front know so I never had before and I bought them while I was testing the [TS]

  watch because I wanted to test like $280 ones yeah you know like everything from [TS]

  beets are pretty expensive I find I've been pretty happy with him so far too [TS]

  pretty comfortable news of the ones they had that little like kind of finger [TS]

  coming off them that holds in your ear [TS]

  yeah sorta there's a good thing that wraps around your ear and then there's a [TS]

  thing that goes in your yeah but the complaint we both had was that the [TS]

  latency was really bad just the Bluetooth latency so like when you pause [TS]

  it was like I felt to me I don't know what it really was but it felt to me [TS]

  like a candidate who goes by before the audio actually pauses then hit play [TS]

  again in a second or two before it plays it which was like driving me nuts and [TS]

  somebody send it I forget who sorry I don't remember that you gotta run to [TS]

  beat updater there's a firmware update for these headphones go to Apple in [TS]

  China and anybody who bought these things got it never even occurred to me [TS]

  I guess it makes sense that there would be such a thing but I've never thought [TS]

  of headphones is having firmware that you could update see you run this beads [TS]

  updater and it still is not quite get it I don't think Bluetooth can ever you [TS]

  know is ever going to match the latency of hardware but you know I got you know [TS]

  cable but it's a get it reduces the latency all the way down to what I [TS]

  expected at the outset there's like a fraction of a second where when you [TS]

  pause until it actually pauses and there's a fraction of a second when you [TS]

  go to restart the idea before it actually started playing [TS]

  but it seems totally reasonable way different than what it was when I opened [TS]

  the box to anybody out there who buys like these beats headphones you get [TS]

  these Bluetooth ones and you find the latency is like insane like how could [TS]

  they do this [TS]

  get this updater debaters weird to think I'm a cat that you run that then goes to [TS]

  open a web page in Safari and it's the web page that shows you the progress as [TS]

  it updates at a nightclub in your device by USB very strange but it worked is [TS]

  that amazing software update for your headphones I just never would have [TS]

  occurred to me to look how do you how do you charge them and how often do you [TS]

  charge USB you charge by USB there's a little micro USB thing on the bottom of [TS]

  the left ear piece has a rubber now been that covers it I guess for you know [TS]

  water resistance to deploy them by USB so that the fact that Apple made that [TS]

  iPhone dock and does not yet have a proper charging station is something [TS]

  that puzzles me but now charging station for what we now have three things i plug [TS]

  in almost every night four if you count this new MacBook and now if I get [TS]

  wireless headphones us five so someone's gotta do it could be a polite I know [TS]

  someone's gotta do they the best charging station possible so how long do [TS]

  they last [TS]

  I think that they say they last like six hours that's 1 I've been running a lot [TS]

  recently last you know since the weather's getting nicer and I did have [TS]

  one run where my headphones conked out halfway through and i got very confused [TS]

  it just was just plays a little sad song like you do do do do do and I guess that [TS]

  means rather juice by and then they got nothing to hide I try to remember to [TS]

  charge him every every second day or two I don't know hard to know what you can [TS]

  do you get a little battery meter in in your status bar [TS]

  iOS so it's like when you have them paired with your phone it shows up in [TS]

  between your phone's battery indicator and the little Bluetooth icon in the [TS]

  status bar there's a little vertical battery little tiny ones actually hard [TS]

  for me to see what I can come together a picture of whether it's like mostly full [TS]

  of mostly empty so you can see the battery on your phone to charge of your [TS]

  front i recall fiddly enough it's it the whole thing is fiddly enough that I can [TS]

  I now understand why Apple doesn't ship their own wireless headphones yeah but [TS]

  it works well with the watch it did in my testing but in in real life I don't [TS]

  know what I really want to listen to his podcast right and to listen to podcasts [TS]

  I still need my phone so I'm still got my phone on my arm you know while I'm [TS]

  running it's you know I have it paired with my phone all that 99.9% uptime I I [TS]

  did parent to the watch while testing it to see if it worked and it did work but [TS]

  that's really only good for like music that you stick on your on your watch so [TS]

  strange they haven't didn't launch with podcast support but well yeah and you [TS]

  know who knows who knows what the schedule is for third party apps like a [TS]

  watch kidnap is never going to be able to do it there's no way you know like [TS]

  Marco can't make overcast store anything locally on the watch it right it's all [TS]

  you know white kid is all stuff that wrote you know runs in stores stuff on [TS]

  the phone so the only way that you can get podcast on it now would be if you [TS]

  put the actual podcast episodes in your iTunes library and then made a playlist [TS]

  in iTunes sounds like having an iPod 2002 you make a play list and then you [TS]

  tell your watch that the playlist I want to sink too but then you're stuck [TS]

  managing your podcast by hand like you know like an animal [TS]

  yeah it's not worth the yet now I mean it would in theory be nice I would love [TS]

  to go running without the phone and just have to watch and I don't care about GPS [TS]

  so that wouldn't bother [TS]

  but its to have the podcast to listen to us on the phone call but also got [TS]

  correction wise oh one more thing and this is like super nerdy this was last [TS]

  week with with David sparks on the show and I said it was my mistake not is that [TS]

  RTF you know the rich text format txt Edit has long day defaulted to I think [TS]

  all the way back to the next days before next was purchased by by Apple [TS]

  you know the rich text format and add some Microsoft originated format was [TS]

  sort of cross-platform styled text wasn't supported I'll as I said it still [TS]

  isn't supported in the west and is talking about the complications that [TS]

  people you know you have if you if you restore your text anything but plain [TS]

  text that long-term eventually whatever styled text format you have chosen to [TS]

  use is not going to be supported anymore and it turns out rich text format is in [TS]

  iowa's as of Iowa 7 I was 7 added it and I'll put a link in the show not there [TS]

  said and asked are at rtf txt document type in iOS has a bias seven but even [TS]

  that recently as I guess it's two years ago but I did not know what anyway from [TS]

  iOS 136 there was no RTF support so I was kind of what format does the Notes [TS]

  app use that's a very good question I think that it now uses HTML under the [TS]

  hood interesting as I believe it does styling right you can [TS]

  yeah they didn't used to it now it does and I believe it it's gmail it's some [TS]

  kind of it under the hood but you're not supposed to know that [TS]

  yeah interesting what is Vesper use plain text [TS]

  oh that's right right to which you know is a very deliberate choice on our part [TS]

  yeah call [TS]

  and that I think that I now I think I've cleared the deck on corrections of [TS]

  mistakes because of those Bluetooth earbuds well I remember I did go on to [TS]

  the Apple store two weeks ago and just kind of looking at the options that were [TS]

  out there in case I was gonna do an impulse purchase and the guy they're [TS]

  kind of show be all the different options in and that's the one that he [TS]

  recommended but even those looked a little cumbersome which one that meets [TS]

  once the one thing yeah you know what drives me nuts about it just I know that [TS]

  they didn't make them they're probably designed before the beats acquisition by [TS]

  Apple and I know that they're you know they're made for any anybody you know [TS]

  they're not like meant to be paired with an Apple product they're meant to be [TS]

  paired with any product that supports Bluetooth but the little clicky thing [TS]

  for plus minus and play pause and that has the microphone on it is on the left [TS]

  strain not the right strength and every Apple one ever made is on the right [TS]

  training and so I still have the habit where I go deposit while wearing them I [TS]

  reach up with my right hand and I fish around and can't feel it [TS]

  I have experienced the same thing these Bose headphones I'm wearing now have it [TS]

  on the left your phone I guess whatever you call it and it why would you do that [TS]

  here in designer like I know that you can't just say what happened to the dis- [TS]

  way so it's a standard but it's a defacto standard because nobody makes [TS]

  more headphones an apple and got was probably the number one headphone maker [TS]

  in the world is probably more pairs of his way here but there than any other [TS]

  had phone in existence I guess in this case because there is only one chord [TS]

  coming off to them these are can had bones earbuds I guess by definition you [TS]

  have to have two chords so all the earbuds obscene do it on the right I [TS]

  don't know strange I let me take a break and thank our first sponsor and it's our [TS]

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  Squarespace build it beautiful that's earned a slogan so what's going on you [TS]

  know I got yesterday what's that I got my my personal Apple well I got the one [TS]

  that I ordered one minute after they went on sale [TS]

  space black link bracelet I like it I i like it a lot I'm very very happy that I [TS]

  picked this one man who are you wearing with the review unit mostly mostly the [TS]

  link bracelet hadn't had one so yeah I got the book The watched they ask me you [TS]

  know when the week before I got the review that you know they were like [TS]

  which one you want and we're not ceding review units of the edition models so [TS]

  they could have anyone you want except the addition which I would not have [TS]

  asked for any way have you seen one yet in a while I have had not not outside [TS]

  either or an Apple event of a common thing about writing about that actually [TS]

  hold that thought and I asked for this when I asked for I said ok I'll take the [TS]

  space black person and he said ok and then when I got my review unit there we [TS]

  couldn't give you that I'm sorry and so they gave me the regular link bracelet [TS]

  you know i i has why in this day just gimme that Apple like we don't you know [TS]

  we're not going to tell you I and I was but my guest you know just based on the [TS]

  shipping times is that they just were backlogged production lines even with [TS]

  the relatively few number that they would need for you know review unit but [TS]

  definitely for sure they'll even bike back at the end of March when I got the [TS]

  review unit I saw Apple employees who were wearing [TS]

  it so there you know people who were within Apple have had the black space [TS]

  space black link bracelet you know since March at least if not earlier I saw [TS]

  schiller tweeted a while a couple weeks ago somebody asked him on Twitter what [TS]

  she wears and he he has the black so I like a lot i dont no idea why it took so [TS]

  long to ship but I guess it you know whatever the wherever they're producing [TS]

  these things they must have been lower priority than some of the other models [TS]

  and well as the process like shifting over from my watch to the other did is [TS]

  not really that much living on the watch so no so I've done this before because I [TS]

  had that bomb had the bomb review unit so I did it like one day in and forget [TS]

  why I don't know if i was just curious and tinkering but a few weeks later I [TS]

  just reset my watch [TS]

  not because I needed to I had any kind of problem but just like forget why oh I [TS]

  know why because I wanted to see what it was like to use it with an iPhone 5s [TS]

  instead of a six and so I had two unpaired from my sex my sim card back to [TS]

  my old iPhone 5 and go through it again so I've done this a few times it's [TS]

  actually it too bad but it's kind of a pain in the ass takes about 15 to 20 [TS]

  minutes part of it is that when you unpaired it makes a backup of the watch [TS]

  on the phone and the backup is not in iCloud it's only on the phone it's a [TS]

  part of the data of that Apple watch on the phone and so uncaring takes about [TS]

  five minutes do you think white house take prime minister because it's doing [TS]

  the back then the next time you pair and Applewhite whether it's the same one or [TS]

  a different physical thing when you when you go through the Apple what you have [TS]

  the option to restore from [TS]

  any of your backups and I secretly hate backups and you can't delete those [TS]

  backups yet maybe sometime I guess I'll update the app so you can delete them [TS]

  but but there's a time stamp on it so you can see you know give me the one [TS]

  that I did backed up ten minutes and then takes like another 5 10 minutes 44 [TS]

  that to restore there's a few other things that always forget to do like I [TS]

  always forget to set up a up again and it makes sense that that doesn't carry [TS]

  over because it's you know the Secure Element things aren't part of the [TS]

  software you know the whole point of it being a secure element is that it's a [TS]

  separate storage so you have to every time you do it you have to reach you [TS]

  know start out will pay all of its also a different card number for each device [TS]

  yes right [TS]

  each device gets a different unique identifier not just you know so you can [TS]

  there's no way that you can just restore from backup and have that come over [TS]

  which is good Yeah yeah yeah it makes it wouldn't be is it wouldn't be security [TS]

  if if if it works but it is unfortunately there for a little bit [TS]

  less convenient design ever I actually remembered with this one cuz I got [TS]

  burned like two or three times with the old one when i reset it but this time I [TS]

  remember just but then you go to like you know you go to use Apple pain you [TS]

  sit down you double click on the thing and it's like I haven't set it up yet [TS]

  and you restore your restored your personal watch offer the backup from the [TS]

  test you in it and that worked well yeah perfectly cool yeah I don't like six and [TS]

  one half a dozen of the other I don't even know what also with a loss you know [TS]

  they're absurd gonna come over anyway there just isn't that much I guess you [TS]

  know it's that I didn't have to reset and reconfigure on my watch faces right [TS]

  yeah that's why I switched to my personal one after three or four days [TS]

  with the review unit so I just started from scratch I figured well I didn't [TS]

  really do anything good [TS]

  those first few days anyway so [TS]

  I'll just start over but I imagine at this point you set up enough stuff that [TS]

  you don't want to have to think about it [TS]

  yeah more or less but even so I don't have that many watch faces configured [TS]

  and they're not that hard to fiddle with and i play with them and you know it's [TS]

  why I would save all Apple products it's the one where the difference between [TS]

  restoring from backup and starting all over is probably the least you know at [TS]

  least difference do you do you have like a mental algorithm as to where you put [TS]

  different apps I've spent most of the last seven weeks with him in random [TS]

  places to sleep with the ones that I do use the most centered around the clock [TS]

  face and then led all the elements be random I switched to a new system the [TS]

  other day I guess I maybe was when I got this watch and they took some time you [TS]

  know since it was a new watch it took some time to play with it and instead of [TS]

  making like a circle around the clock app i've i've said it up you can take [TS]

  some playing with but the way that they stick in that honeycomb pattern I've [TS]

  made like a pyramid on top of the clock out in a separate pyramid below it and [TS]

  then not much too though right or left of the clock app and the ones on top or [TS]

  a third party apps in 2012 down below are the built-in apps interesting i've [TS]

  i've kept the third party app store the outside perimeter but I've tried to keep [TS]

  them as close as possible to their corresponding Apple app so I have city [TS]

  map burden next to the maps icon and [TS]

  the various running apps that I'm testing next to the main work out but I [TS]

  don't know and and I also tried to position them using the same kind of [TS]

  layout as my iPhone home screen so overcast as a bottom left their bottom [TS]

  right corner but I don't know if I'm going to stick with you know this is [TS]

  just kind of half random set up I have to get rid of it the next after do like [TS]

  just busy work on the watch is just have to delete about twenty of these yeah [TS]

  yeah like I've had it set up so that it installs just automatically whenever one [TS]

  of my iPhone apps gets an update with a white kid component it just [TS]

  automatically puts it over cuz I wanted to be you know just show me everything [TS]

  while and learning about this platform and experimenting with it but in [TS]

  practice are you so few of them that just having them there just may it just [TS]

  makes for it just makes it harder to find the ones I actually do use do you [TS]

  sometimes I see the circle kind of filled in half weighed like it's doing [TS]

  an update and just kind of sets like that for a while I don't know when or [TS]

  why and how to stop it i've seen that too but I found the best thing to do [TS]

  when you get that if you have a third-party watch that it looks like [TS]

  it's installing but it seems paused in like you said has that progress meter [TS]

  over the icon sometimes even there it just has the generic icon yeah I found [TS]

  the best thing to do it's harder if you don't even know what happened but go to [TS]

  the phone go to the Apple wiped out on the phone [TS]

  go to that app and uninstall it and then reinstall that the wife is from from [TS]

  from the phone but I uninstall [TS]

  in the watch out not delete the app on your iPhone and then ok right just to [TS]

  lead it using the Apple watch ya so hard to talk about using the Apple watch app [TS]

  on the iPhone I think what I've been doing it just restarting the watch and [TS]

  that seems to fix it but I don't know I wonder if that's one of the problems [TS]

  that they've cleared up with a 1.21 because I mean it only came out [TS]

  yesterday or the day before yesterday the day before maybe so it hasn't been [TS]

  enough time but I haven't seen it again you have any there I don't think there's [TS]

  much user facing stuff and that update no I don't think so either except for [TS]

  them og oh yeah true and the new language support they did a bunch of [TS]

  languages that's good I V which will talk to you wearing a to once again when [TS]

  you when you had enough for a lot of talk about this when you received your [TS]

  review in it [TS]

  was there are some sort of like space with you went to or something like that [TS]

  was like a meeting place that you went to yeah I think technically I'm not [TS]

  supposed to talk about [TS]

  yeah but you go there but you know I but I just like any other product I've I [TS]

  have personally never once received any reviews from Apple that wasn't [TS]

  accompanied by a briefing [TS]

  talk to somebody from Apple and they did you know and it sounds annoying but it [TS]

  they they they my experience also they're also very respectful of your [TS]

  time and patience and they don't really waste your time but they definitely [TS]

  don't they don't just give you a box I certainly don't ship them to you you [TS]

  know they just sort of run you through some basics no matter what the product [TS]

  is and so yeah I went to New York and had a briefing alright I guess I don't [TS]

  know if I'm allowed to talk about this either I'm gonna say something cause why [TS]

  not use it was cool I I got mine after you got yours and I think I think [TS]

  someone else I think Philip elmer-dewitt it was at the same kind of wave that I [TS]

  was and I think he wrote about it in a in a somewhat cranky amusing way but was [TS]

  what was interesting is that at the thing I attended a full had brought in [TS]

  their two tables full of watches to give you a demo do and it's not an Apple [TS]

  store this was you know totally different place and they had brought in [TS]

  those huge watch displays and I completely understand Sara Lee and I [TS]

  thought it was pretty pretty interesting and unique that they did that [TS]

  yeah they had the same thing well the funny thing is so years ago when was [TS]

  that when the [TS]

  when they first they had a had a briefing for Mac OS 10 and I wrote about [TS]

  a 10 fireball right when when I was schiller yes yes [TS]

  product in a couple other guys from this product marketing team and some people [TS]

  from PR and I just wrote about the actual experience of the briefing and I [TS]

  had asked I C you know they were in it was the whole idea was they were giving [TS]

  us access to Mac OS 10 10.8% 10.9% that but it was like they they had been on a [TS]

  schedule or Mac OS 10 was getting updated every two years and they wanted [TS]

  to get back on like every year schedule and that it was a surprise and they said [TS]

  you know you wanna come meetin new york they didn't even tell me what it was and [TS]

  it turned out it we were getting a pre-release version of you know an [TS]

  upcoming version of Mac OS 10 and I asked you know and they were like you [TS]

  know I was like this on the record or after I cannot get on the record you [TS]

  know you can write about it you know we want you we want to start getting you [TS]

  know we want you guys to use this they gave us like MacBook Air MacBook Pros I [TS]

  forget way to preloaded with it so we didn't have to put a beta regular [TS]

  machines and ever get on the record you can talk about this you know but they [TS]

  did not anticipate me going mad and writing about the actual briefing as [TS]

  opposed to it was said about the thing and they weren't wasn't getting a nasty [TS]

  gram or anything but then every other briefings sense they've always reminded [TS]

  me that they've changed they've changed the language of the white on the record [TS]

  was off the record said that writing about the event the other breathing [TS]

  itself is actually supposed to [TS]

  well they've called it the John Gruber here's the here's the fortune article by [TS]

  do it that will be the new Claas just say larry is trying it [TS]

  photo credit Apple PR anyway I just thought that was an interesting example [TS]

  of going above above what's necessary to do something in a cool way and maybe [TS]

  we'll have to edit this whole thing out I know I think it's alright so anyway to [TS]

  you ask me what I'm watch what I'm wearing it it's the blue sport version [TS]

  just might be the one I personally ordered and I love it I I tried out the [TS]

  you know the main watch and they and I got the Milanese loop and the green [TS]

  sports band which is not doesn't look as crap I think the blue one looks really [TS]

  good I really enjoyed it [TS]

  its I i noticed the weight difference between this one of the main one [TS]

  and I actually prefer the later 1 I'm not you know sign even for I'm not like [TS]

  going on running with it all the time I just kind of like the lighter thing but [TS]

  I also have never in my life [TS]

  owned a heavy kind of dude watch or anything like that [TS]

  yeah the last watcher war was a Casio calculator watch on ironically in middle [TS]

  school or something I think anybody would get used to any weight watch the [TS]

  golden might always be it feels a little heavy but only in a way that I think [TS]

  you'd want a gold watch to feel like kinda don't want to forget that you're [TS]

  wearing gold watch but I i someone has warned that heaviest stainless steel [TS]

  watch for a couple of years I found it a little bit hard to get used to it first [TS]

  but quickly I noticed that most with I i've tried to just just experimenting [TS]

  with a polite i've tried wearing it on my right wrist just to see what [TS]

  left-handed mode is like and when I put it on my other rest I was a holy crap [TS]

  this is but it's funny cuz my left wrist is so used to wearing lots that I never [TS]

  noticed it but for people who haven't been wearing watch the last few years I [TS]

  can totally see how the first impression would be I like the sport watch because [TS]

  this feels just doesn't feel like I've got something laying down [TS]

  yeah it's I mean it's not a huge difference and and actually the Milanese [TS]

  loop is lighter than the sport band so the all-in wait is almost the same but [TS]

  it just kind of distributed more evenly anyway the thing I like is sold to go [TS]

  back to this the space black my my day you 24 hours with an impression is it [TS]

  exactly what I thought it was going to be like when I bought it which is that [TS]

  it just looks like one shiny black object on my wrist especially when the [TS]

  screen is off it doesn't look like shiny device with a black display it just [TS]

  looks like a black thing on Pinterest and then when it lights up and it's [TS]

  gonna watch face it to me it looks really cool that you know it's just the [TS]

  only thing you really see all the pixels of the watch face like it that's not [TS]

  that you can't see the edge between sapphire and stainless steel but at a [TS]

  glance you can't it's all just shiny black it's a very it's a very cool [TS]

  factor my yeah I think that's a good look these the Steve aluminum sport [TS]

  definitely when it's off kind of has a distinct look to its very bright and it [TS]

  attracts a lot of late so it's I don't think this will age well one of the [TS]

  reasons I got the cheaper one as his I figure I'll be upgrading this price [TS]

  every generation for the foreseeable future so you know budget but it [TS]

  definitely sticks out the other thing I notice and I'm curious to see cuz I know [TS]

  this [TS]

  the space black ones only started shipping a few days ago like I didn't [TS]

  get the first one but I don't think anybody got one more than like like [TS]

  three or four days before me and a friend of the show everybody internet [TS]

  sweetheart Rene Ritchie was waiting for 12 and he his shame to ship the same [TS]

  time minded but because he's going to Canada he probably get it till today but [TS]

  I bet he's got it I'm really curious to see if other people have this problem [TS]

  too is I when I tried to take the band off the bracelet off it was at first I [TS]

  thought it was stuck like I you know and I'm used to taking it on and I've [TS]

  swatched swap the band on my review in it dozens of times over the last six [TS]

  weeks and even right from day one never really had a problem with it [TS]

  you could pose little release buttons slide it out and it just goes out with [TS]

  this space black 1 I'd click the button the button definitely win and the [TS]

  bracelet just did not budge in that slot just didn't budge and at first and then [TS]

  I really started to think maybe this is you know I've got another problem here [TS]

  so then I put it down on the table I really press the button hard and I [TS]

  really put a little bit more force than I was comfortable exerting to slide the [TS]

  band out and it nudged a little bit and then once I got going a little bit I [TS]

  could get it out but more or less it just felt like there was a lot of [TS]

  friction and it was a very tight fit and then after I got both halves out once it [TS]

  never was that difficult to get you know to do it again but it's still even after [TS]

  doing it a few times has an amount of friction that is unlike the review so I [TS]

  talked to Greg the guy the guy who has all these crazy core insight into the [TS]

  metallurgy of that watch you know the hero that amazing post about what [TS]

  Apple's doing with metal you know what I'm talking about on Twitter yeah so I [TS]

  asked him about it and he said like I was a do so do you think this DLC [TS]

  coating with that increase friction and he was like no the opposite [TS]

  you know a lot of like high-end machine tools are used DLC coating to decrease [TS]

  friction so it's not the DLC coating his theory and it probably makes sense to me [TS]

  is that I just happened to get like a bracelet that you know within their [TS]

  tolerances which are crazy small has a slightly thicker in a loves the bracelet [TS]

  that slide in and I gotta watch with slightly thinner diameter slot and it [TS]

  just happy you know both are within range [TS]

  but because the slot a little tighter and the bracelet a little thicker it [TS]

  just makes for a tighter fit and that it's sort of inevitable at manufacturing [TS]

  things at the scale that Apple is that you know you run into something like [TS]

  this [TS]

  whereas like if you were buying $1,000 watch from Rolex you'd never run into [TS]

  this because everything is done by hand and it's they're not doing you know yeah [TS]

  and you gotta assuming it but I don't know but I would assume that over time [TS]

  it'll loosen up a bit but yeah it's definitely loosened up from the first [TS]

  time I took it off like and it really does and I assume some of the stuff is [TS]

  not done by robots and whatever you see behind the scenes stuff in Apple's [TS]

  assembly places I mean that seems like everything is done by hand really almost [TS]

  everything you know and then I just presume that somebody there had to put [TS]

  the bracelet on the watch and could tell that it was tight but let it slide i [TS]

  mean and again it's not dysfunctional and once I didn't want it was easier to [TS]

  get on and off but I'm curious to see it just seems like we're seeing so many [TS]

  look a little things that affect a small number of people with the watch you know [TS]

  and I'm curious to see if this is one of them once the space black ships to more [TS]

  people that kind of helps explain why some of the quantity issues [TS]

  yeah I definitely think so I mean it's the first time they're making this thing [TS]

  so sure of course is gonna be and they're all different so there will be [TS]

  some stuff here and there for removing the links from the bracelet you know by [TS]

  the way you take the links out to resize it was easy as pie just as easy as it [TS]

  was with the regular stainless steel headers are reviewed in it that was easy [TS]

  it was only taking the bracelet out of the slot that's interesting that the [TS]

  coating makes it have less friction as I would have to reassure yeah I'll tell [TS]

  you what the other thing too before we move on I just say it does feel weird to [TS]

  the touch [TS]

  not we are in a bad way but like [TS]

  I close my eyes and just run my finger over the side of the watch it doesn't [TS]

  really feel like metal to me it doesn't feel like steel but it doesn't feel like [TS]

  plastic or rubber it feels like I don't know why I think if I was really [TS]

  honestly I didn't know what it was and I was blindfolded and you said what [TS]

  substances this I'm not sure I'd be able to guess is it's a very strange feeling [TS]

  not in any way unpleasant it's nice it feels very nice to the touch but it [TS]

  doesn't feel like steel whereas if I touch the other Apple watch the review [TS]

  and you can instantly tell this feels like steel is it that it's less porous [TS]

  or yeah it's it's a little bit it's like it feels sort of like a plastic coating [TS]

  on steel yeah but the plastic strong word though but I mean plastic only in [TS]

  that it feels smoother its feels less porous it feels like perfectly polished [TS]

  that's cause to try to have it I could have skipped that one during the trial [TS]

  on session yeah I definitely recommend anybody does get some hands-on time with [TS]

  one just feel it [TS]

  don't just look at it like actually feel it what color is the accent on the Crown [TS]

  has a black belt so it is black everything is booked it is there is a [TS]

  sort of Darth Vader ish aesthetic to do you do you go for a different face with [TS]

  the black one then the sober one no activity with the orange secondhand [TS]

  I see it now that you know maybe wasn't or somewhere where you are trashing the [TS]

  color face but actually looks great when you have a colored band I didn't want to [TS]

  trash know I know actually there's something very annoying what the color [TS]

  face of we have some swing here let's talk about it I I will let him know [TS]

  we'll know we're coming back to a bitch about the color face [TS]

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  like photos with your iPhone and print them on like a twenty-by-twenty 9 thing [TS]

  and it looks great and doesn't look pixelated at all you can totally do that [TS]

  all sorts of sizes really great service and just amazing results they print this [TS]

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  the picture is on glass [TS]

  I've said this so many times but until you get a couple of these you hang them [TS]

  up on the wall and when people come into your house they say whoa what is that [TS]

  how did you do that how is that possible because it doesn't look like any other [TS]

  picture hanging on the wall there's no bezel around the side [TS]

  dead and it really it clearly does not look like a piece of paper with the [TS]

  photo on it behind glass it really does look like it's right on the surface it's [TS]

  such a great effect [TS]

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  guys keep buying the pictures so keep I'm pictures and if you haven't done it [TS]

  yet check them out youre not color photos we talk about the color color [TS]

  face looks great with the color sport ban I love it but there is no I never [TS]

  watch faces different complications and because I have not owned a watch in so [TS]

  long I can't tell time so I keep the digital time in one of the corners [TS]

  sorry an embarrassing it is a little embarrassing gyno really know why you [TS]

  know it actually is the main reason is that the watch his sleeves have not been [TS]

  a problem like the watch it's pretty nicely under my shirt sleeves but it [TS]

  kind of parks itself in a way that if I stretch my arm out I can't really see [TS]

  the whole watch very easily like the idea with it so the bottom right corner [TS]

  I keep the digital time but there is no digital time function complication in [TS]

  the color face [TS]

  so you have to use world clock so you have to keep your city and I guess I [TS]

  don't know what the details are but when I essentially when I leave I switch [TS]

  cities I have to change the time manually the city manually to have had [TS]

  the current time they're just fine and no you know so I can driving all the [TS]

  time but to it but now it always says NYC with the local time in the corner so [TS]

  friend of the show Dave whiskas editor show as a matter of fact came up with a [TS]

  clever hack on that so with the color face you can also one of the it's the [TS]

  only one where you can have the monogram complication is the color faced with a [TS]

  monogram right I don't think so i think thats we customize nope ok yes yeah yeah [TS]

  yeah so you can set a monogrammed on the phone in the Apple watcher there's [TS]

  somewhere in the settings and you said a monogram you only get up to four [TS]

  characters I think you have four characters to play with and you can just [TS]

  put your initials in there anything up to four characters and then it puts it [TS]

  like underneath the twelve you know where the logo usually goes on so I [TS]

  figured out you can't cook emoji in there but there are those who know what [TS]

  you call them but those unified Unicode characters that are pictures but aren't [TS]

  emoji cuz they're black and white and there's the one at the Apple logo and I [TS]

  think you can get by typing tutor me an option [TS]

  shift que ya option shift k on a Mac so there's no way to get that and I asked [TS]

  if you get a ban on your Mac with options shift K [TS]

  you can like text it to yourself and then copy it from the text and then [TS]

  paste it into the monogram then [TS]

  and then you can have a little apple logo on the color face underneath 12 [TS]

  o'clock which is a neat little trick but to me it renders a little too small it's [TS]

  it's like the sizes and write whiskas had the idea though as I think he does [TS]

  the same thing you do what he wants the digital time even with an analog face is [TS]

  you can also named custom made custom names for the time zones so like if like [TS]

  let's say you live in philadelphia if you don't want to say NYC for your home [TS]

  time you can make its AP a child or whatever your hometown is in your time [TS]

  zone so you could name the time zone with the Apple logo and an apple logo [TS]

  and the digital time up in the corner which is pretty neat trick / you want [TS]

  the digital time but don't want to have stupid NYC here you know that's after [TS]

  something like that up there too [TS]

  yeah although when I so then when I was in California last week or two weeks ago [TS]

  I switched it from San Francisco to LA once I landed in LA and business kind of [TS]

  course now I'm in LA and my watch is telling me that maybe it's a feature not [TS]

  a bug for the USA at least again that is why they let you customize it is to me I [TS]

  guess I'd rather just have the timezone like Eastern Daylight Time Pacific [TS]

  Daylight Time or something like that but I get you know for like worldwide I [TS]

  don't let them know what the name of the timezone is for Paris or something like [TS]

  that I just want the city but I think it's pulling in the city from here world [TS]

  clock settings which i think is across iOS yes so you go to the you go to the [TS]

  clock app and then I don't know who don't play around and around this is [TS]

  some of the most fun I've had those messing around with this thing yeah I [TS]

  told me you know people all the time are asking me should I should I get one and [TS]

  I would say the entertainment values is paid at least paid for half of it so far [TS]

  I've had a breakthrough I've been trying to write about the [TS]

  and as we record I think this is one of the city's famous last words can [TS]

  sometimes I get backed up and I don't get stuff out the door but I think that [TS]

  the article I'm talking about writing will be published on during fireball [TS]

  before this episode of the podcast here so I'm gonna talk about it in the past [TS]

  tense so that's really been up to I've been trying to write about the internet [TS]

  it's not super long it shouldn't be a super long article but I've been [TS]

  struggling to write about this ever since my initial Apple watcher of you [TS]

  and I said how I didn't even write about the software but I'll write about it [TS]

  later and I still haven't read and it's because I it's not because I've been [TS]

  lazy it's because I really been struggling to just get it that I've felt [TS]

  like there is something to get that I'm close to getting but that I couldn't [TS]

  quite get until two days ago and even Berlin Johnson wrote a piece on medium [TS]

  kind of complaining about the behavior of the digital crown but he thinks it [TS]

  does too much that it should be on the iPhone hit the home button and the [TS]

  matter where you are it takes you home and then like the one other thing it [TS]

  does is if you're like on and not first home screen and you hit it takes you to [TS]

  your first home screen but no matter where you are [TS]

  tap that but the ones always takes you home to his idea was that he thinks that [TS]

  it's like the digital crown it sounds complicated cuz if you like to watch [TS]

  face it takes you to your home screen where your apps are and if you're on the [TS]

  home screen with the apps and you press it if the clock is centered it'll take [TS]

  you back to your watch face and if the clock isn't senator data center on your [TS]

  clock face and then you can't happen again and looked at your watch and if [TS]

  you're in a nap it'll take you back to the list of apps and that he thinks [TS]

  thats like too much and that every time you tap the dual crown just once it [TS]

  should just take you back to your watches and I totally understand how [TS]

  what use is arguing is simpler [TS]

  but I feel like it miss it helped me centralized my my my understanding of [TS]

  the watch interaction design and I think what he's missing is that the biggest [TS]

  difference between the watch and iOS and any other thing I've ever used is that [TS]

  there's really two modes to watch there's watch face mode and Apple iPhone [TS]

  and App Mode for lack of enemies R my terms on at mode is pretty much [TS]

  everything else like 10 watch face mode to me is the primary motive to watch and [TS]

  watch face mode is it shows to watch face you slide down for notifications [TS]

  you slide up for glances and from a glance you can launch the corresponding [TS]

  GAAP and all that time you're just you stay in watch basement not not a watch [TS]

  basement so like when you're in a glances you hit that home button it just [TS]

  takes about your watch fixed cuz you're still and watch basement if you pull [TS]

  down notifications yet the digital crime but just takes you back to you the other [TS]

  thing the digital cam button does is it lets you switch between the two moat so [TS]

  that's you know that's the two functions of the digital crown 11 is why you're [TS]

  within either one of those methods it just takes you back to the default place [TS]

  for that note which for watches mode is your watch phase in which four at mode [TS]

  is the list of apps and then you can then you hit it again in you toggle [TS]

  between to make more sense in my article but that to me was the big break there [TS]

  and I'm very clear to me the more I think about it that this is the way the [TS]

  watch interaction model works in the biggest hell is that when you're using [TS]

  an ad like let's say you're using overcast as an appetizer [TS]

  great app it's really a great app really really is I email that the first version [TS]

  and then he re- nailed it the second version yeah I totally agree and it's [TS]

  and it's amazing that Apple isn't even doesn't even seem to have any podcast [TS]

  anything on the horizon so yeah well I don't think so if I'm in overcast and I [TS]

  hit the digital crown button once to different things can happen either go [TS]

  back to the list of apps that you can pan around or I'll go back to my watch [TS]

  face and the difference is how do they get to overcast if you launch it from [TS]

  the glantz you hit the home button to just go back to the glands right I don't [TS]

  know if I have the glass installed using violence is really only for the heart [TS]

  rate I do you should try getting used to using [TS]

  you hit it wants to go back to the watch face to go from watch face to a glass [TS]

  any glass go to the weather one could any glantz tap tap the glands to launch [TS]

  the app when you tap the digital crown button you go back to the watch face [TS]

  because you haven't switched mode you're still in watch face mode and you've only [TS]

  used the plants as like a launcher if you launch the app from the list of apps [TS]

  when you hit the digital crown you go back to the list of apps you go back to [TS]

  it when you are you have to still hit the decision to switch to the other mode [TS]

  and many other things that you'd never have to worry about at least in the [TS]

  default configuration which I really do think is right for everybody is at any [TS]

  point you can just put your risk down and stopped paying attention to the [TS]

  watch and 30 seconds later you just get put back in to watch mode so that when [TS]

  you look at your watch next time it's just showing watches with exceptions for [TS]

  things like the workout app or the remote app which if you're using them [TS]

  stay there because they assume that you know if you're using your watch to [TS]

  control your TV or if you're doing a workout you want to have it until you're [TS]

  done with the whatever it is you're doing so it's almost like this two [TS]

  different hierarchies of interface yes exactly [TS]

  and my my guess is that the watch face trunk or whatever you would call it gets [TS]

  the most time yes I is certainly the quickest I guess I almost think of the [TS]

  idea sounds denigrating but I don't mean it that way I almost think of that mode [TS]

  a sort of like a junker like the watch world is so neatly organized you've got [TS]

  these limited number of phases to choose from with the complications that you can [TS]

  play with and again i I'm with you i think it's a lot of fun to play with ID [TS]

  I'm still doing any weeks later notifications from the top and glances [TS]

  from the bottom if you haven't tried you try using glances organize them in a way [TS]

  that seems useful I just like the icon screen so much like I almost want to [TS]

  look at that more and I i i dooo he's picked the wrong app but whatever i've [TS]

  gotten better and better to find like a ticking the apps up that little screen [TS]

  it looks like candy in oh yeah I find that if you try to tap the top of the [TS]

  app I am more accurate [TS]

  I wonder if the the the whatever you would call the algorithm uses to figure [TS]

  out where you're trying to touch is different on the watch that it is the [TS]

  iPhone or iPad I am convinced that it is and it makes it have you ever tried [TS]

  using it not on your wrist like take the YGS giving a demo to someone and I want [TS]

  to type in my past coated never works right it is impossible to tap [TS]

  incorrectly I feel like they have corrected for the parallax of the angle [TS]

  that you're at you know it's it's completely optimized for being on your [TS]

  wrist at the distance where you would you know keep it from your eyes to poke [TS]

  at it with your other hand index finger yeah I'm convinced that there that they [TS]

  went through and I think they even check I think they even change the parallax to [TS]

  account for left-handed and right-handed that it's not just up down parallax but [TS]

  like left right that it's you know everything has a little bit of slop in [TS]

  one direction because you know if it if if the watch knows it's on your left [TS]

  wrist with the crown in the upper right it knows something about which way [TS]

  you're likely to me you know missed out with your other hand index finger follow [TS]

  I just discovered something crazy alright if you if you open it out and [TS]

  very quickly scroll down on the digital crown it quits the up as if you're [TS]

  zooming out of the way you can zoom into it if you launch it and then quickly [TS]

  scroll out acquits it for you [TS]

  weird told us I find that a little weird I do find a little weird that you can [TS]

  zoom into a nap but can't amount but I guess you can fast enough I think that [TS]

  the zooming into a nap is seems like a gimmick well to me it only happens by [TS]

  accident right when would you ever do it by purple you know purposefully put a [TS]

  nap and Milan then zoom into [TS]

  I mean you have to you have to have your finger on the screen [TS]

  not the wheel that the crown to get it centered in the first place right and [TS]

  the only app I ever wanna zoom into his the watch right which you can do just by [TS]

  tapping the button you don't even have to zoom in I wish that you zooming [TS]

  anywhere [TS]

  resented it onto the watch but maybe there will be no I don't think that [TS]

  would work [TS]

  yeah I don't know why I don't know what the alternative is though they're not [TS]

  going to zoom into the icon so far that blurs and they're not going to stop the [TS]

  zoom at some point or they don't think so you know but my point is that I think [TS]

  that the watched the watch face world being the primary interface it could [TS]

  have been the only interface and their don't now in that in that scenario every [TS]

  app you had would have to be a glance and you couldn't you know if you deleted [TS]

  the gland should be deleting the app but you could do everything that way it now [TS]

  it wouldn't be a good interface for supporting more than I mean what's the [TS]

  what's the most number of those glasses that you could have that would be [TS]

  practical I would say maybe like 20 and even then it's a five or six but well [TS]

  I'm just saying the maximal yeah and so i think you know I think that I think [TS]

  the basic idea behind the watch is your gonna live in a wat you know most of [TS]

  what you do is is the watch face and stuff you can get from there and you put [TS]

  your favorite you know five or six things as glances that you can just [TS]

  swipe up to get to you can deal with no most notifications right there without [TS]

  switching to any kind of app and then for everything else [TS]

  yadda yadda yadda that's why there's the Outland and you switch to the App Mode [TS]

  to do everything else instead of trying to [TS]

  shoehorn any additional complain oh the whole thing I think there are so many [TS]

  people complained about it being complex but I feel like separating this into two [TS]

  different modes and that people don't need to worry about you don't need to [TS]

  you know it took me eight weeks of thinking about it every day to come to [TS]

  this conclusion that it sort of just two base in 022 mode switch between people [TS]

  don't need to understand that to use it you just you know you just kind of have [TS]

  to just keep tapping the crown a couple of times until what you wanna see shows [TS]

  up so it is it is a complex interface it is there's a lot of complexity to it I [TS]

  put a lot of thought into it but I also think that you don't have one doesn't [TS]

  need to really understand that to any degree to use it you just kind of have [TS]

  to keep stabbing at the crowd maybe twice maybe three times and then you'll [TS]

  be back to where you want to be [TS]

  do you think that the right now so many of the you know it's so early so many of [TS]

  the the glances and apps are effectively the same thing do you think though [TS]

  differentiate more as people start to understand what these things do right [TS]

  now it's just a dumb version of the app version with them just one button that [TS]

  launches the app really because you can't have buttons and glantz even [TS]

  Apple's glances don't have buttons except for some of them now playing the [TS]

  game to use the most really yeah yeah i i i take a pack apple does cheat with [TS]

  their glasses by having buttons now playing is pretty cool [TS]

  third party ones just launch the app and even some apples just launch the app [TS]

  like weather and stuff like that I find like any early days of using it I even [TS]

  knowing and deliberately trying not to use it as a little mini iPhone on my [TS]

  wrist I found myself you know what I wanted to do something that wasn't right [TS]

  there on the watch face like I love the way that you can just type if you have [TS]

  the temperature show you just tap the temperature jump over to the weather app [TS]

  love that I loved having her calendar showing you can do the same thing for [TS]

  calendar I think that's such a great way to jump to your if you use the activity [TS]

  Apple the time just tap it right there on your watch facing you go there but [TS]

  then for everything else I would go to the home screen and pan around the thing [TS]

  and launch an app I just I found I wasn't using plants as much but [TS]

  purposely trying to use glances more I really do think they're pretty great [TS]

  yeah alright this is like a goal now is to spend more consciously spend more [TS]

  time with glances I will do that and I will report back alright so we something [TS]

  we didn't get to talk to you at the beginning was I still have about the [TS]

  addition series and I still seen I thought I saw a guy with one the other [TS]

  day but it was just the stainless steel reflecting kind of a warm a warm color [TS]

  and I haven't even seen any on Instagram I mean besides the celeb you know the [TS]

  celebs who have their fancy special models yeah I was thinking about it the [TS]

  other day and the thought occurred to me was we spent so much time over the six [TS]

  months between when they announced it when it came out talking about the [TS]

  addition stuff you know what you know speculation on the price [TS]

  commentary on what does it mean for Apple as as as a whole [TS]

  strategically you know is this shift is this something new is it is they become [TS]

  a new a different company is bad for the you know the typical user [TS]

  you know that the two sides of the argument and we debated on the debt is [TS]

  it does it mean that Apple is only cares about the super rich because they can [TS]

  get a better device then the people who buy the $399 Sport Edition or does it [TS]

  mean that it's great for the typical person because you get a device with the [TS]

  exact same functionality in electronics for $399 that somebody with money to [TS]

  burn [TS]

  spent $17,000 on [TS]

  right I gave this to a look at it but in the other day maybe they're mean if [TS]

  nobody's buying these things maybe the whole thing is irrelevant I get my just [TS]

  like the difference between the world with the addition line exists and the [TS]

  hypothetical world where they only had the steel in sport ones there's no [TS]

  difference between those two worlds because nobody actually has the [TS]

  additional and I wonder how many actual you know models they made i wonder to be [TS]

  a truly was limited maybe there was like a hundred of each or something i dont no [TS]

  no no I don't know it just seems like there's the end it seems there's the one [TS]

  thing that they list and they show on the website they have them in the tables [TS]

  and some of the stores the Philly store has the additional ones and that you can [TS]

  you know order and buy but then there's also like the edition edition ones that [TS]

  they've had some of these press events where there's like band options that [TS]

  aren't even available you know like Karl Lagerfeld as the the gold Milanese loop [TS]

  and yeah you know somebody else had that one too was a Beyonce [TS]

  ban link bracelet no no no no [TS]

  now maybe it is now maybe you're right maybe it was definitely a dazzling place [TS]

  it was only I'm sorry I'm sorry gold link bracelet that aren't even option [TS]

  offered in every color options that people had for like the leather bands [TS]

  that you know you can't get elsewhere that's how you know you had a good year [TS]

  when you get a gold link bracelet [TS]

  just something that's not even on the website yeah I guess I but that doesn't [TS]

  mean a thing about this too that doesn't mean though that it was folly for Apple [TS]

  to do it and it might be like I think that the the cynical take is that it's [TS]

  like just satisfying Jony ive and Marc Newson and desire to make you know crazy [TS]

  ass expensive gold watches but there might be a practical benefit to it to [TS]

  where it has that psychological effect of the 789 $1,100 steel ones looking a [TS]

  lot more purchasable when their next to 10,000 $15,000 gold watches like how do [TS]

  you get something about $1,000 watch put an extra 10,000 yeah that's true yeah I [TS]

  don't know maybe maybe next time I'm in international airport I'll look more [TS]

  closely I haven't been to Asia yet since they launched so maybe I'll ask my [TS]

  sister of hong kong how many she's seen around the office and will get a better [TS]

  idea I wonder if Ben Thompson has been would be maybe the guy to maybe spot [TS]

  over there and maybe that is so that would be that would be the argument see [TS]

  arguments see would be that it was just a human being is that it's sort of a [TS]

  strategic marketing move to make this the steel ones look mid-range an [TS]

  affordable whereas if there were no gold Apple watches the $1100 or you know [TS]

  whatever I paid for this space black then would look extravagant whereas it [TS]

  looks you know downright cheap compared to a $10,000 one argument see would be [TS]

  that it was that they are they are selling these things and they're going [TS]

  to sell them but it all it's totally an Asian thing or just that I was like the [TS]

  last priority in terms of manufacturing them so they [TS]

  they're holding out right maybe maybe ends like a holiday or and so one more [TS]

  question I have is do you think they will update though the offerings at all [TS]

  before the holiday season with that's a great question I think no not this year [TS]

  not even any new bands or anything like yeah I wonder if maybe they would come [TS]

  that would be something that I wouldn't surprise me that maybe like come [TS]

  September when they have new iPhones to announce and last year the watch shared [TS]

  the stage with the iPhone may be at the white shares the stage with the iPhone [TS]

  again and maybe maybe they've got the third party SDK update ready to ship if [TS]

  not maybe it's you know at least some kind of update on it you know I presume [TS]

  that WBC next month and that developers will get to start writing the native [TS]

  apps that run on the watch not just watch get apps running on the phone [TS]

  projected on a lot but that's not gonna shipped it you know and a consumer [TS]

  update to the watch for four months and months to come but maybe the show that [TS]

  in September and then maybe to have something to sell the new band [TS]

  that's you know I'm there was one of those celebrity Instagram photos where [TS]

  they had you know a rainbow of sport bans on offer and you know having the [TS]

  sport model I'm very excited about the idea of having many different because [TS]

  these bands are 50 bucks are you know price third party ones are even less I'm [TS]

  very excited about the opportunity to have three or four different color bands [TS]

  to wear with different you know during different seasons or whatever and some [TS]

  of those other colors like the yellow looked super cool I would definitely [TS]

  want like a navy blue or something like that so I hope that doesn't exist sooner [TS]

  than later [TS]

  my son would love a red one like a project red red yeah like any kind of [TS]

  funky red just read he's got the black you know Sportline great great combo [TS]

  yeah yeah that seems like the most natural component in fact it beats [TS]

  headphones I have right here a black and red is a fantastic combo yeah you got a [TS]

  good match and that's going to happen at some point I i seems like it had enough [TS]

  trouble just getting the ones they've they picked out the door so I think too [TS]

  that there's sort of a Apple has looked at part of the thing with the watch them [TS]

  as they yes they are more personal and you do want to personalize it but the [TS]

  funny thing is like so I i get the live version of the talk show WBC which I [TS]

  have to talk about don't sign off on a show with a popular man but let's face [TS]

  it you know that it that live talk show at WEC in San Francisco next month that [TS]

  out of five hundred people in the room there's about four hundred and eighty [TS]

  wearing an apple and yes all sorts of bands band colors but it's probably [TS]

  gonna be 300 of them wearing the black sport with the black yeah sport been [TS]

  and even with it if every single sport and steel combination is somebody has it [TS]

  there's a you know there's a uniformity there that holy crap this room is full [TS]

  of people wearing an apple watch with all the different I mean it's still it's [TS]

  way less you know it's way closer to being uniform than being individual even [TS]

  given that and that need to have some kind of expression with the watch thing [TS]

  the band that you choose I do think that Apple has looked at the case market for [TS]

  phones and the house you know such a large majority of people put their [TS]

  phones in a case and how much money that represents and that they are kinda [TS]

  looking at these bands and yes there's going to be a third party band program [TS]

  and they're going to have a certified thing and they're going to take a cut [TS]

  certified stuff that they sell to the store and it has the made for Apple logo [TS]

  but they're really looking at and they're like we would like to take most [TS]

  of the money from people buying their party band so we're gonna have a lot of [TS]

  them like they told he could have watched launched the first version of [TS]

  the white with far fewer band combinations and I think that they just [TS]

  looked at it is this is just pure not your margin but there's an awful lot of [TS]

  margin you know by up selling everybody [TS]

  a large majority of people to an extra $50 or even more 154 I'm kind of the [TS]

  blue leather loop but i wanna try it on first and it's still two to three weeks [TS]

  shipping time so we'll see [TS]

  breaking news you know what I'm gonna hold this come back to the breaking news [TS]

  this to a sponsor read and and I'll come back remember to go to the to the [TS]

  breaking news but [TS]

  let me tell you about our next month and it is another one of her longtime friend [TS]

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  communications care communication within our team and so the word internet came [TS]

  up and it's just like the internet except it's within your little team and [TS]

  those companies like Microsoft has like SharePoint and other one and I'll blow [TS]

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  everybody hate it and it became anybody's ever had to use internet it's [TS]

  like a dirty word so if they were they've done is they've taken that word [TS]

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  set it up [TS]

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  comp / the talk show so breaking news [TS]

  told you before Rene Ritchie was waiting on his space black Apple watch it [TS]

  arrived while we were doing a show he texted me his band came out fine no [TS]

  friction nice breaking news more breaking news Apple stores to begin [TS]

  stocking watch bands this week from scoop garmin is that your new name for [TS]

  it for young marker and should be yeah kids on fire lately he had like three [TS]

  today so one of them I was going to ask you about so more more details from iOS [TS]

  nine including the switch to San Francisco as the default system so first [TS]

  of all do you think there's going to be an iOS 9 yes as in like right now [TS]

  yeah I think I I would expect that it'll I think that they really laughable [TS]

  really likes annual schedules and so I think that ABC in [TS]

  three weeks there will be nine will be revealed Mac OS 10 10 2011 will be [TS]

  revealed and get them in the fall I think I agree there's a lot of you know [TS]

  and German himself has reported that that there might be more of a shift [TS]

  towards reliability and bug fixing as opposed to really laying it on thick [TS]

  with a lot of new features which i think is also I don't think it partially in [TS]

  response to actual you know the reality of you know I was eight and the current [TS]

  form you know you're somebody and I think partially the death of natural ebb [TS]

  and flow of the way these things go that they've spent the last few years doing [TS]

  things that had to they had to do all at once I get your gonna add these [TS]

  continuity type features where the 20 asses and stuff off and and share so [TS]

  much there's no way to kind of do that halfway if kinda gotta go all-in but [TS]

  yeah I don't think I'd be ideally I'd be way more surprised if we don't CIOs on [TS]

  cause I feel like they've they've had a new version of iOS every year [TS]

  yeah I agree I think its interests crazy how is only a year ago that so many of [TS]

  these features or introduce two and they are t seem you know I just part of the [TS]

  part of the way of everything works I imagine since you know you could kind of [TS]

  see if you go back and look at last year's announcements [TS]

  how they've foreshadow a lot of the ways that the phone and watch talk to each [TS]

  other and now that all that stuff is kind of public but I would guess that [TS]

  there would be some more integrations between the watch on the phone and the [TS]

  Mac and all that kind of stuff yeah I definitely think so I mean I'm curious [TS]

  to see what they do i mean probably when I don't know it's hard to say because [TS]

  the watch is such a peripheral to the phone you know that the watches are [TS]

  really like a stand-alone member of the tribe it's a good addition to the phone [TS]

  in particular it's interesting how in the in the Apple store they have it [TS]

  watch pared to an iPad but you can't do that as a as a mortal no I didn't know [TS]

  you could do that in the store [TS]

  yeah they those demo units unless they're hiding a phone inside that crazy [TS]

  case to those watch the live demos which are kind of in net crazy case yeah [TS]

  that's an iPad Mini that's in that same case I imagine that's what it's fucked [TS]

  up to I had the thought today and it was reminded of it earlier in the show and [TS]

  tell you that the one time I unpaired the watch from my phone was to go back [TS]

  to the 5s to see what it was like using a 5s with the watch that the next time I [TS]

  have added a new iPhone to review its gonna be weird oh yeah because I guess [TS]

  I'll have to pair my watch I mean unless I stopped using the watch to write but [TS]

  you know that doesn't really seem like notwithstanding whether or not I am in [TS]

  the mood to keep wearing a watch I feel like as a reviewer as part of the review [TS]

  process is how does it work without board but I'm gonna have to you can't [TS]

  have your watch paired with more than one from the time and you can have more [TS]

  than one to watch paired with your phone at a time it's one watch her phone one [TS]

  phone per watch and that makes a review unit that I'm only really using for two [TS]

  or three weeks full time sort of a pain in the ass [TS]

  well will will first see how annoying it is when the iOS beta scum out in a few [TS]

  weeks how does that work [TS]

  I guess you pry won't run that on your main device so won't affect the watch [TS]

  but if you wanna do something you wanna test something on the walk away I've [TS]

  done the last few years is I have waited until sometime in July to update to iOS [TS]

  beta like I don't I don't run the built from June and I'll leave that to the [TS]

  kids onto but I do I update before you know some point in July or August before [TS]

  before it actually shipped yeah yeah that'd be interesting with the watch to [TS]

  I don't know do so what do you think of this to move to San Francisco [TS]

  I'm not surprised I think it'll probably look good the caveat being that there is [TS]

  a hack and I talked about this months ago on the show but somebody can get up [TS]

  for if you download the versions of San Francisco there's two two versions [TS]

  attempted to families San Francisco text and San Francisco display and Texas mean [TS]

  smaller and claiming to be more or less like the display variant of any font [TS]

  usually means something that you gonna put a Display Size Me a big size and [TS]

  that dares differences between some of the character sheets subtle differences [TS]

  in the character shapes in the spacing based on the presumption of how big it's [TS]

  going to be somebody made a hack any published on github so that you could [TS]

  use San Francisco as the font in Yosemite West End ten-point 10 2010 and [TS]

  I installed that and then I felt like I was going back to my early you know the [TS]

  younger days when I would install all sorts of crazy interface maximize system [TS]

  because I was so curious about it and I felt like it looked ok but it didn't [TS]

  look great but my guess is that they're just means that they need to make some [TS]

  more tweaks to the fun to make it look right at the optical sizes that it [TS]

  appears on a Mac [TS]

  compared to the watch like I feel like the version that they shipped already is [TS]

  truly optimized even on the watch display text is still tiny cuz it's a [TS]

  tiny little watch it on the Mac it's a much more reasonable size so I feel like [TS]

  it you know I think I look good and i think i OS two yeah I couldn't used to [TS]

  help on the map but you know I'm not glued to it [TS]

  yeah I'm sure your company this weather details like Apple it they'll make sure [TS]

  that it looks good at all those system sizes and it you know it's always been a [TS]

  little weird to me I've always thought the iOS or not and I'm just gonna say [TS]

  Helvetica and not mention that separate fun but let's say Helvetica I've always [TS]

  thought it was a curious choice for a system fund and you know it's been the [TS]

  system fun on iOS all the way from the original I thought and I love it on the [TS]

  iPhone 5 you know it's not some people think as I often say good things about [TS]

  her that it's like my favorite fun and it's not even close but I do like it and [TS]

  appreciate it for what it is and I think it's such a humble choice on Apple's [TS]

  part back in 2007 because it's you know how medicare medicaid's the you know [TS]

  it's the only part that there's been a movie made about its the default font [TS]

  and text documents you know in TextEdit it's also not owned by Apple so any [TS]

  other anybody else can make a phone in an eight cc's done at other companies [TS]

  dunno where they license Helvetica they can use Helvetica on their phones to [TS]

  whereas if you own your own fun like they do in San Francisco Apple has a [TS]

  font that you know can be part of their unique identity and nobody else can use [TS]

  it's the new Chicago right did they own Chicago yeah definitely [TS]

  ugly fire well but it was perfect for it was a perfect bitmap like 64 at [TS]

  something I wanted to have a conference going on [TS]

  alongside the BBC this year the layers conference it's a design conference take [TS]

  two blocks away from us going on Tuesday and Wednesday of WBC week susan care [TS]

  chicago is like the headline keynote speaker and then I'm doing anything [TS]

  wrong and interviews and care on stage thing I would love I can't wait to talk [TS]

  to her about Chicago in particular because to me chicago is a is one of the [TS]

  weirdest find I've ever seen i've lie loved it I love but only loved it at [TS]

  exactly 12 pixels it was yet but like it's such a weird fun like there's no [TS]

  other fun that it doesn't look like anything else it doesn't look like like [TS]

  like Helvetica it certainly you know it is a sign serif so it doesn't look like [TS]

  any serif font there ever was But it's just weird it's in a way it's sort of [TS]

  like bridge the gap between the pre- GUI world and the GUI world where it's sort [TS]

  of had some of the characteristics of like the fonts from the era before we [TS]

  had proper typographic funds you know funds that were really meant to fit on a [TS]

  pixel grid not any kind of high-resolution grid when I started [TS]

  laughin 2007 I was monkeying around with different logos and fonts for the title [TS]

  and I was going to try to use Chicago but it was just so impractical at you [TS]

  know any any web resolution let alone retina resolution it just right [TS]

  couldn't work every time and then so I feel like Apple was in a quandary when [TS]

  TrueType came out and system seven and they couldn't get rid of Chicago and in [TS]

  fact it was still the system 5127 shipped they didn't switch system until [TS]

  you know the redesign of the GUI with Mac OS a but it needed to be true type I [TS]

  give you know all the system under to type of some of them are true type out [TS]

  to be true type so they made a TrueType version of Chicago and then once they [TS]

  did that people started using it in the real world and every time I've ever seen [TS]

  in my life like used a sign or something right it's always like wow you have no [TS]

  idea what you doing [TS]

  however chose that punch should have their license to choose fun to it he [TS]

  received the welcome to Macintosh podcast a young mark brown hell I said [TS]

  I've seen that exists but I haven't checked it out so he uses it properly [TS]

  you can good you can go there I'm a collage macintosh Data FM it's really [TS]

  really smart young man named Mark Brown hell but he's he's got his logo set and [TS]

  Chicago but of course it's the bitmap version of Chicago not the true type [TS]

  version I love it because Mark market I've met him he was actually at the when [TS]

  I was in New York and did the book thing when I interviewed the authors of [TS]

  becoming Steve Jobs couple weeks ago [TS]

  oh yeah he happened to be passing through New York he lives like somewhere [TS]

  down in the southwest and he was passing through New York with his dad and i [TS]

  think is a twenty years old nineteen years old so he's way younger than the [TS]

  bitmap mcintosh but this is like the identities chosen first podcast which [TS]

  really want my heart [TS]

  like they have no it's totally retro you did such a hilariously Gruber ash non [TS]

  promotion of that event I totally would've gone I didn't even know it was [TS]

  happening you know if so i didnt and that that really wasn't though that [TS]

  wasn't true purpose it came across that way in other words I didn't link to it [TS]

  right [TS]

  Public Enemy tweet that I was doing it they told me not to ok just so they [TS]

  wouldn't need fifty security guards and well in my dad that's the thing is it [TS]

  bothered me because there were a few empty seats and i know if i had tweeted [TS]

  it there wouldn't have been a hate to see empty seat and there were so many [TS]

  people who said that afterwards said the same thing like just friends [TS]

  personal friend of mine who live in New York and that's why didn't you tell me [TS]

  you know two minutes but the publishers of the book crown publishing and they [TS]

  did they like I think it was like 90% full so they did Phil ninety percent of [TS]

  the seat and it will and therefore because their promotions filled ninety [TS]

  percent of the seats if I had tweeted it I guarantee it would have been overflow [TS]

  there would have been people turned away so what would have been better having a [TS]

  couple of empty seats or having you know dozens and dozens of people turned away [TS]

  at the door [TS]

  that story that the theater at that store in Soho is really pretty small [TS]

  small yeah I wanted to go to it real by the way real-time follow-up as they say [TS]

  I did not start split up in 2007 it was 2011 just realized that I was messed [TS]

  those two years up the years that I switched jobs and Iran yes and there was [TS]

  an event in 2007 with I wanna stay Jason Schwartzman or the [TS]

  know well yeah cuz he was in the short it was something with Wes Anderson maybe [TS]

  it isn't everything with ya who knows what I think it was Wes Anderson [TS]

  speaking at the Apple Store something like that and that was they had a line [TS]

  around the block or something like that so I couldn't get into that now is the [TS]

  kind of disappointing so you don't want that to happen either know so I wasn't [TS]

  trying to be coy and I wasn't trying to be secretive but it wasn't like they [TS]

  banned me they were just I don't worry about you know have to link it will take [TS]

  care of whatever you say so and i dont have done anybody who is upset that they [TS]

  didn't hear about it under incredible I was you know those are doing with a [TS]

  suggested anyway I think San Francisco should turn out great I don't think it's [TS]

  like I said I think installing the versions that the ship right now as is [TS]

  is not going to give you the look that thereafter but I am with you i mean [TS]

  there's no way that Apple's can ship it looks now I think it's it's going in [TS]

  there and they're kind of setting the ground long-term also for you know all [TS]

  these things to look more like each other [TS]

  yeah and I think you know there's an argument to be made that that was never [TS]

  a great system fund that there's a certain role that the system fun plays [TS]

  that Helvetica is greater I think it's a great trial and I think it's a humble [TS]

  choice but you know it doesn't really look like a label and that's what you I [TS]

  find really is there like labels I also think it's pretty clear that they're [TS]

  shifting to using it for any kind of user interface including hardware [TS]

  because the new keyboard on them [TS]

  the single-port MacBook uses san Francisco is the key cap fun on the [TS]

  keyboard as well and looks good you know I have a night I don't notice that so [TS]

  looks good to me so you have that computer yeah I do ya using it right now [TS]

  I'm not know I i well as I was complaining earlier there's not really [TS]

  with something like this and I'm sure Apple's busy but it would have been a [TS]

  lot I think they could have done a little more accessories in the USB realm [TS]

  for this thing you know they had the $80 stuff that most people don't need but [TS]

  I would have loved to have seen some sort of proper Harbor charts and more [TS]

  interesting charging options or even a USB CD lightning cable like an elegant [TS]

  yeah just some just you know and it's easy [TS]

  add-on sales like a pro when it ordered a bunch of that kind of stuff instead [TS]

  I've been ordering USB cords off Amazon and they're all random manufacturers [TS]

  they're all too short and none of them are any good I'm gonna send one back so [TS]

  I only use it for stuff that I don't need to connect anything to it but screw [TS]

  it you know it is extremely sexy machine is as much as a laptop can be a sexy [TS]

  machine space black no space great I'm a purist to me that most beautiful Mac [TS]

  ever is the you know the original powerbook well the original titanium [TS]

  overpower books titanium I never had a titanium one my mind first action in [TS]

  this should be it at some point a post but my first laptop that I ever bought [TS]

  with my own money was the 12 inch PowerBook g4 G three G four remember [TS]

  what ship was in there I think it's you for what color was it was the aluminum [TS]

  12 inch aluminum rose to 44 and it was it was really great but it was also [TS]

  extraordinarily limited and [TS]

  and very heavy and as a result even though is compact I never really took it [TS]

  anywhere so it's completely dumb as a laptop but to me those are just super [TS]

  beautiful machine so I even though I had choices for what colors also and i've [TS]

  seen similar people say this to that space great just reminds me so much of [TS]

  the Sony Vaio is that my friends had invaded just weird the weird thing in my [TS]

  head so I as a purist they stuck with the silver aluminum and its beautiful I [TS]

  really liked it and the screen is is is my first threaten the Mac and really [TS]

  makes me realize how bad my vision as Captain like wow this is blurry and how [TS]

  bad am I seeing no its cool yeah we know we don't need to get into review [TS]

  territory but I'm happy with that did not return it bc Marco Arment got one [TS]

  and he really did not like I was winking at ya does not like does not like the [TS]

  keyboard doesn't like the trackpad which really surprised me I have not spent [TS]

  time with it I've only played with it in store but I've liked the way it feels in [TS]

  the store not surprised he doesn't like the keyboard and he found it to be too [TS]

  slow so he's he's actually returning your those two things bother me [TS]

  the screen is is nice I I was not as I was not as blown away as I thought I [TS]

  would be by the screen [TS]

  I don't know if that's my vision or the actual screen the thing that is a little [TS]

  I would say the most disappointing is the speed and I'm still using it a 2010 [TS]

  MacBook Air 13 inch and it's still very fast it's probably the most impressive [TS]

  computer I've ever purchased the I had a 2010 MacBook but the 11 inch and I used [TS]

  until last year I mean I use that long time or maybe moments 2011 Sonata 2010 [TS]

  but anyway but that vintage affair I thought held up very well [TS]

  amazing and this I know is not going to I mean right now even even brand new it [TS]

  doesn't feel very fast which is fine I use it for book for you know writing [TS]

  blog posts but I'm not getting I don't think I'm gonna get four years out of it [TS]

  let me take a break and thank our final sponsoring them or wrap up the show and [TS]

  I had to have information they've details to reveal about the live episode [TS]

  of the talk show during WBC week but first I am going to thank our final [TS]

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  go there cough up to 80 bucks descended thing 44 days go by and you're not [TS]

  impressed to send it back to them and you get all your money back so my thanks [TS]

  automatic so what else happened this week that was funny rising body lol now [TS]

  said interesting I really think so because I think I think the only thing [TS]

  that was really interesting to me is just how how far aOL has fallen that [TS]

  they were worth like when the time warner thing went went down in the first [TS]

  dot-com era they were three hundred and eighty billion dollar company and they [TS]

  sold the chart and a similar step that I heard they read a couple weeks ago was [TS]

  that if you had bought Amazon stopped at the top of the bubble like the highest [TS]

  point on the bubble you still would have made a very nice profit holding on to it [TS]

  by now so yeah it would have been used to beat the market well several times [TS]

  the S&P over that period so the ups and downs of the dot-com bust I guess oh [TS]

  well we could talk a little about the Wall Street Journal report about the [TS]

  Apple TV [TS]

  yeah that's what I knew there something I'm bomb man so [TS]

  what's the gist of it at the time line seems to be that I i think i cant letter [TS]

  prompted it I think we're so Carl I can you know what would you call him quote [TS]

  unquote activist investor activist investor who owns I don't know six [TS]

  billion dollars in Apple stock which is a lot of money but is not a lot you know [TS]

  not a lot compared to Apple's market cap but enough that he can make some noise [TS]

  so more than typical doan's yeah he posted an open letter I thought rather [TS]

  rambling [TS]

  point but it just was sort of a side note in it that he expects that the [TS]

  reason he expects Apple stock to go up to about 200 and he thinks it worth [TS]

  around $240 Sharon right now to 122 132 he expected to double you know at some [TS]

  point and you know still thinks it's a great investment and 12 of the reasons [TS]

  why is he thinks that he is firmly he personally expects Apple to begin making [TS]

  quote ultra high-definition television sets and 2016 and that to enter the [TS]

  electronic car market by 2020 and that both of those markets are very big and [TS]

  then the next day [TS]

  Daisuke Wakabayashi of the wall street journal and this report that said I see [TS]

  if I quote it exactly but after nearly a decade of research Apple has quietly [TS]

  shelved plans to make such asset more than a year ago according to people [TS]

  familiar with the matter [TS]

  Apple had searched for breakthrough features to justify building an Apple [TS]

  branded television set those people said in addition to an ultra high-definition [TS]

  display Apple considered adding center equipped cameras so viewers can make [TS]

  video calls through the set [TS]

  ultimately though Apple executives didn't consider any of those features [TS]

  compelling enough to enter the highly competitive television market led by [TS]

  Samsung Electronics [TS]

  Apple typically like to enter in new product area with innovative technology [TS]

  and easier to use and then it goes on from there but the Oracle could have [TS]

  ended their if the wall street journal can have three paragraphs story that [TS]

  that would have been the story I'm not surprised I you you you're depressed you [TS]

  I just about a crappy vizio tv and i and i learned a life lesson which is don't [TS]

  ever save $100 when you're buying a TV spend the extra hundred bucks and get a [TS]

  better see you know you can make the argument that the actual television and [TS]

  i think thats I think this is correct the actual television piece of glass [TS]

  doesn't matter that much you know that they have the TV companies of course [TS]

  want it to a stuffed all this crap he's scoring quote smart software on it but [TS]

  none of its any good so really what you just want is a piece of glass with an [TS]

  HDMI cable running into something good [TS]

  which in this case you know it's either your cable box your Apple TV or your [TS]

  Amazon fire stick or a Roku or whatever and that's fine but on the other hand I [TS]

  still have this big screen sitting in my living room and i wish that it was [TS]

  prettier and you know I think that Apple could have tried on a much nicer job on [TS]

  that right and sweat the details I mean and assault there's an argument to be [TS]

  made that I wish somebody would make an apple style regular TV yeah just a dumb [TS]

  TV but with Apple quality attention to the color of the display the quality of [TS]

  the display the the bezel around the display make it something that Apple [TS]

  would want to you know used to be like the TVs in stores and an apple a tent [TS]

  Apple type attention to the ports in the back and now they're arranged in the [TS]

  details [TS]

  sound and the remote control and just as simple as the remote works which is not [TS]

  hate not you know we have to get up and basically stand next to the TV to get [TS]

  the remote to work and and even even things like what and what does it look [TS]

  like when you switch HDMI inputs does the font that tells you which one you're [TS]

  switching to look nice [TS]

  exactly I have to do mine I have a place to have an old Pioneer plasma that i'm [TS]

  gonna hold onto until it breaks because I love plasma so much and pioneer right [TS]

  i mean an apple i dont they still do but I mean three years Apple had pioneers in [TS]

  the Apple Store is connected to Apple TVs so I love my pioneer and little [TS]

  things like some of the stuff they just said like where the ports are how do you [TS]

  get to them how how distracting or not distracting as the bezel around the [TS]

  display all of the since the Pioneer did great well I'm just saying that there's [TS]

  other brands that yeah so good I would not recommend a Vizio to anyone at this [TS]

  point I'm still running Yahoo Widgets this is not an old TV my first TV my [TS]

  first HDTV was a brand called win book which was the store brand for Micro [TS]

  Center which was like compusa knock off in Chicago and this was 2005 and it was [TS]

  like 1200 bucks for a 32 inch or something like that and it was amazing [TS]

  it was it was it was great especially compared to this thing that you know [TS]

  that I just bought a couple of years a year ago there was half that price and [TS]

  much bigger but just a piece of crap that the coating on the screen is has [TS]

  got to be the most reflective coating they could have bought like they almost [TS]

  did it as a joke so you can you can see your t-shirt reflecting in the screen [TS]

  more than you can see the show [TS]

  depending on which I to watch TV during the day the other it just you can't do [TS]

  it I don't know and this is you know I'm an idiot 400 bucks more I coulda got a [TS]

  Samsung with prior better coding and all that stuff but so don't ever save a [TS]

  hundred bucks on TV until a Vizio we've got a Samsung upstairs and didn't even [TS]

  pick it out with reward that my wife got she does like this charity thing for [TS]

  food allergies I don't know it and she's raised ton of bucks over the years and [TS]

  and because she was like the biggest and she was an abused the city or the state [TS]

  or something but she was the biggest fundraiser in the state and she got it [TS]

  Samsung TV but it even a Samsung is in my opinion [TS]

  turn it on it plays a sound like the windows old Windows startup chime and it [TS]

  annoys me and I can maybe there's some way to turn it off I can't figure out of [TS]

  tried it just annoys me to no why in the world would I want my TV did play a [TS]

  jingle when i turn it on [TS]

  just turned on all I want to do is turn on I hate it I think also plays jingle [TS]

  when you power off too so so we're getting somewhere so there's definitely [TS]

  a market for a Apple quality TV television but I don't think it's a good [TS]

  I don't think it's a good business like people like me would buy I would pay [TS]

  extra for an apple just a dumb TV wait to see you know the hi-def TV with HDMI [TS]

  inputs or maybe in the idea was always that it would have an Apple TV built [TS]

  into it but then I'd even thought about that like I don't even know how much [TS]

  sense does what you know Apple doesn't have the Apple TV hardware every year [TS]

  certainly not yet maybe they will going forward but you know today I guess I've [TS]

  only been like three generations of it the old one and into two versions of [TS]

  new Apple TV but I expected TV to last many years you know and so building the [TS]

  Apple TV stuff into the TV doesn't know how smart that is right you know if one [TS]

  version of the software only runs on a certain age ship then what he'd you're [TS]

  not gonna throw out your TV [TS]

  this is one of the things I think a decade ago totally would have made sense [TS]

  given where Apple was at that point but now when they're in the you know in the [TS]

  reality of shipping hundreds of millions of devices a year [TS]

  increasingly smaller devices have you know building some product line that has [TS]

  you know tens of millions of customers maximum and is a huge box that they have [TS]

  to ship it just it it doesn't make it doesn't seem to be to reflect today's [TS]

  Apple very well so yeah and the other thing too is if Apple wants to go with [TS]

  the iPhone 6 plus they switched to this new three acts retina resolution but [TS]

  that's not really three acts it's 1920 by whatever and that they just upscale [TS]

  23 X and then down scale to fit the screen they can do that because they [TS]

  control everything right day control the iOS they control you know and they have [TS]

  all been they know that developers will get on board and do the right thing and [TS]

  update 23 X redneck graphics and stuff like that with TV they don't have that [TS]

  they can't they can't force the industry to go to you know whatever this ultra [TS]

  high def forum and as for K [TS]

  types do no porque content and I know netflix has a little bit of work a stuff [TS]

  like a house of cards you can get them for cash but it's like to me the [TS]

  advantage of them pushing ahead with the lake hey here's a breakthrough in high [TS]

  definition resolution they can't make the industry ship content in their [TS]

  resolution and then therefore what's the point [TS]

  like it just the advantages of Apple doing it just don't seem as a parent to [TS]

  me is as with the devices relay control everything and I just just the [TS]

  difference between those two strategies is big enough that at the end I think [TS]

  they've they've kind of proven they and Roku and Amazon and everyone has proven [TS]

  that you know enough people will buy an ad on a little pocket to their TV that [TS]

  that's viable strategy to reach you know a good percentage of households Elise in [TS]

  the us- which is which is you know it and unlike their phone business which [TS]

  they've now have credible worldwide distribution this TV stuff is gonna cry [TS]

  bu s only for awhile i mean that the rights negotiations is still very much [TS]

  on a country-by-country basis if you look at see how long it took Netflix to [TS]

  ya to get into a different markets you know I would be shocked if they had more [TS]

  than 45 countries of TV service at the beginning [TS]

  yeah I also think I wrote this enduring fireball that and and that Apple it [TS]

  seems to me that this the the scoop that the journal got was from Apple that I [TS]

  can say we think they're going to do a high-definition TV people have been [TS]

  saying this forever [TS]

  Gene Munster been on it for a decade that Apple's gonna do a whole TV set and [TS]

  I feel like the Journal report you never know these people familiar with the [TS]

  matter sometimes they clearly aren't afternoon with it at all I think in this [TS]

  case they probably are and I i think that the just the common sense Occam's [TS]

  razor is there's widely rumored to be the new Apple TV hardware coming at WTC [TS]

  including software development kit so that you can write apps for it I don't [TS]

  know anything about that I i kno in years past I know things and I quickly [TS]

  you know put them forward and you know I know a little bit more [TS]

  in this case I don't know if i dont need anybody's who's told me that other than [TS]

  that I know an awful lot of people who tell me that they've been told you know [TS]

  third-hand or whatever it yet PC and against group government has been all [TS]

  over it and I think anybody can be surprised if there's new Apple TV [TS]

  hardware at the BBC and SDK I think that Apple wanted to get out on top of this [TS]

  and they want to nip this but maybe they'll do a whole TV set to because [TS]

  they're not going to do it he said and they don't want people waiting for that [TS]

  if you if what they announced in June as a little box that you connect to your TV [TS]

  by Jim I if that sounds interesting to you going by it [TS]

  don't hold your breath and wait for a TV set because I think if they didn't get [TS]

  on top of it that's what everybody would think they think well that sounds cool [TS]

  maybe I'll just wait for the TV said that car like and tells me I should be [TS]

  waiting for right and I think it's also a way of saying hey you know analysts [TS]

  and investors who are making their financial models for Apple for the next [TS]

  ten years [TS]

  don't don't bet on some great product line with $2,000 5 KGB is either the [TS]

  damn thing too is even if they make an Apple TV they become very popular it [TS]

  seems to be that the market for these things about a hundred bucks so there's [TS]

  not a lot of money and selling hardware like whatever money there might be for [TS]

  them in this is in the content side is the services and and iCloud [TS]

  whatever great selling the movies and TV shows through iTunes taking a 30 percent [TS]

  cut of all the apps and games that you buy and whatever cut they get from [TS]

  Netflix for you know there is being built in [TS]

  etcetera etcetera but it's a content play more than you know that I had a [TS]

  best-selling $3,000 all tried TV's yeah and I've heard and you know I have read [TS]

  that they're really pushing on this content thing to launch in September so [TS]

  we'll see ya but they've been on that for a long time with struggle I mean you [TS]

  know and and probably for good reason is that TV and movie industry has seen what [TS]

  happened to the record labels and is pretty pretty much still you know cable [TS]

  cable TV is in decline I think that's not you know controversial to say that [TS]

  cable TV is in decline but cable networks are still the other ones that [TS]

  are doing well are still doing well I think there will be seen as we I just [TS]

  think we've hit peak cable like cables yeah peak is behind it and it'll be here [TS]

  for a long time to come [TS]

  decades to come I think I don't think that the end is gonna come quickly [TS]

  because there's too many people you know and let's face it skews older like my [TS]

  parents are not gonna cut off their cable and switch to getting everything [TS]

  through the internet but it's you know it's no secret that there's an awful lot [TS]

  of people in their twenties especially their early twenties who've never never [TS]

  called a cable company and said come hook me up for you know cable TV and it [TS]

  probably never well the day just obtained their content to legally or [TS]

  illegally through other means but it's all 120 for them he and I think you make [TS]

  a good point I think with these with the content with the negotiating with the [TS]

  studios in the TV networks [TS]

  it's like Apple having become the gargantuan industry Titan it is when it [TS]

  comes to manufacturing physical things it's been nothing but a tremendous [TS]

  advantage you know the rich getting richer and that they have these [TS]

  economies of scale where they can corner the market on components and that they [TS]

  have these state of the art you know they they can drill single pieces of [TS]

  aluminum into these shapes that no other company has the ability to do you know [TS]

  they're in they're doing with steel now with the Apple watch right like they're [TS]

  making their doing things with steel from with Apple watch that are just [TS]

  unprecedented for the mass market consumer market when it comes to the [TS]

  rights for these things though I think the bigger Apple gets the harder it is [TS]

  for them because the more wary all these other companies are you know that like [TS]

  you said they do music industry is sort of like whoa how'd we end up giving [TS]

  these people so much control over the music industry nobody is going to make [TS]

  that mistake now with movies and TV like nobody is gonna go into negotiation with [TS]

  Eddy Cue and not you know have their hands on a walk right right and you can [TS]

  tell when when disney and ABC are supposedly you know the ones also not [TS]

  just jumping on it and even though Steve and his his family is so involved that [TS]

  you know that their actual resistance is a Disney was the one that jumped out [TS]

  first for a lot of the initiate it getting like ABC had their TV shows for [TS]

  sale before anybody else for NBC and CBS ABC and eventually cable networks and [TS]

  stuff like that [TS]

  anything else on your mind before we wrap up i think thats good I got one [TS]

  thing I know I waited till I promised last week on the show that the live [TS]

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