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123: Live From WWDC 2015, With Guest Phil Schiller


  ladies and gentle- men daring fireball Productions is pleased to welcome you to [TS]

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  I am i Merlin Mann I am an implicit or and we're used to having our friends Cup [TS]

  simpson out with us cut simpson everybody got simpson [TS]

  Merlin Scott Simpson I have literally no idea you I [TS]

  I was not under the impression that that was with something that I was folding [TS]

  under the rubric of my I had also like likewise assume that John would be [TS]

  taking care of this notifying are great to be here he is doing tonight going [TS]

  really really well I see so many 5799 friends in the audience that's she's no [TS]

  he is great here to celebrate I was there in the beginning I was always [TS]

  there for a while [TS]

  me too I love his out already [TS]

  he remembers to close the bracket like I am to him here for him to rate John [TS]

  Gruber well here that interesting no greater clam chowder you don't notice [TS]

  any kind is the biggest company in the world like they're doing fine you notice [TS]

  that yeah but with the cash off because it doesn't really matter nearly as [TS]

  popular guy he's seen that is true that much much shorter in person [TS]

  yeah i just i just i I was there every step of the way I wanted to be there but [TS]

  we're here for him tonight john grew a little bit like you're defending him of [TS]

  course he is the reason that I am Who I am today [TS]

  you never had every way in every way the man you are now because I don't get that [TS]

  Apple had a site stuff it's the well you know it's his passion is singular [TS]

  passion and vision over the whole landscape of Apple of apple and and [TS]

  culture of Apple celebration concert at a location that means church something [TS]

  very dear to media and technology are you doing right now I don't just I'm [TS]

  gonna literally you but we're not about me it's not about me know okay okay so [TS]

  it's like a personal project for me [TS]

  John's sponsored reads I don't know the guys remember when he started doing [TS]

  these it was just you know you can always pronounced fracture yeah [TS]

  most pronounced most words and she asked if we both love being on the show we do [TS]

  I love that I mean I had a great time as a guest on the show the reason in real [TS]

  time [TS]

  second third time you just see ya around the master yes yeah you you'd sort of [TS]

  you sort of make up a story about the sponsor of Christmas lights in front of [TS]

  the queue system words is kind of just the general like chef salad of words [TS]

  that come out but here's what I did I i noticed that he had difficulty really [TS]

  selling selling the product [TS]

  early on and I took him under my wing and I molded him like a child to you [TS]

  yeah yeah that's so there is some sort of ownership over John sponsorship reads [TS]

  which are really world-class the really good less they are literally not the [TS]

  worst in the world so much every week [TS]

  anymore but that inspires you would like to see a child [TS]

  the swing set and I'm gonna push you all I'm saying is used to be and now he is a [TS]

  giant in the sponsored reads world you know it's it's it's really true our [TS]

  thanks to John Gruber [TS]

  is that it is not always good and that is why it is a tremendous tremendous [TS]

  honor for more than an ITV here is a reason we call the chairman [TS]

  ladies and gentlemen John Gruber [TS]

  thanks [TS]

  the annual live from WWDC talk show I am Junger this is the talk show I'm [TS]

  assuming most of you familiar with the situation [TS]

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  so I want guests for tonight and it truly is I used the words all the time [TS]

  when molten on the show a very special guest that's that's not a very special [TS]

  guests this time I do have a very special guests and I am very excited to [TS]

  introduce him [TS]

  ladies and gentlemen I shit you not shown [TS]

  is always [TS]

  yesterday when they finally introduced all the things I was expecting so I [TS]

  think it went amazing I was so impressed and everyone did a great job from Tim [TS]

  onto Jimmy and a lot of work goes into it you know I don't think a company on [TS]

  this earth could have done better I heard some laughter when you said Jimmy [TS]

  one person who did not appear on stage was which was highly unusual how many [TS]

  how many had been on stage prior to that I have taken part either presenting are [TS]

  demoing over 50 keynote tomorrow so we should not for 56 would've been like joe [TS]

  dimaggio I know there was no other reason than it just worked out that way [TS]

  this time and I worked really hard on it so that the opening with a Bill Hader [TS]

  short film was so great but like so over the top well produce like when when did [TS]

  you get started on I'm doing well [TS]

  a year ago we started thinking we need a really good video next year [TS]

  truly and I think about three weeks ago we came up with the idea [TS]

  by the way if anyone has a really good idea for an opening video next year [TS]

  szilard I'll take all suggestions [TS]

  redoing my only complaint is that it seemed to me that you cheated at the end [TS]

  because they look like [TS]

  so the idea of the video we knew it would throw some people so you're in [TS]

  that group that it started by saying yesterday's rehearsal it was meant to be [TS]

  in a secret location where they were rehearsing separate from any so people [TS]

  wouldn't know what the big production was and that was the reason that it [TS]

  looked different and that's our story and will stick to it that the rules for [TS]

  this interview actually extremely simple to me ask me anything i may not answer [TS]

  everything [TS]

  this is true but you know our PR rules if you ask me some questions I don't [TS]

  like you'll never speak to us again for the rest of your life [TS]

  not true whoever said yet doesn't know that word [TS]

  meanwhile someone from Apple PR is up there with a gun I guess stun gun so I [TS]

  can I go down and Adam is right there ready to come out and take over so it go [TS]

  on a serious question very serious and it's going to come out differently today [TS]

  a day after the keynote then I may be expected it to but I'm sure even notice [TS]

  that it it's not just this year it been growing over the last few years is [TS]

  people keeping track of the diversity [TS]

  speakers in keynote addresses various companies in various event and that one [TS]

  way that Apple has had an imbalance in that regard is the number of women in [TS]

  keynotes [TS]

  now yesterday that talking about streets that Sri was over [TS]

  Jennifer Bailey [TS]

  introduced a bill pay for the improvements that Apple paid and Susan [TS]

  prescod I thought he did you think that I read ESPN for the articles got a big [TS]

  talk to me about that like finally know in the back but honestly far from it it [TS]

  deserves that's good moral that finally yeah there's clearly some really high [TS]

  pitched guys out there are there were in the audience so i cant see anything [TS]

  that's awesome [TS]

  there the this is clearly a topic thats been growing and technology not just [TS]

  about out above all companies and particular here in the valley and it's [TS]

  it's long overdue and it's been gaining momentum that there are not enough women [TS]

  and minorities both represented across all technology companies it's time to [TS]

  start counting it attention to it but more importantly doing something [TS]

  proactively to help and and and there are a lot of things that tim has [TS]

  champion in in driven at Apple now under his leadership and this is one of those [TS]

  things on the rest is deeply about diversity and apple and believe that [TS]

  this isn't just something to do because people tell you to do it but because [TS]

  ultimately we will make better products and our customers will get better [TS]

  products because you have a diverse group of people are bringing their [TS]

  talents and ideas to making those products and ultimately you'll do a [TS]

  better job and we'll all be happier if so how do you do that with their number [TS]

  of things you do one of them is you present some role models and say look [TS]

  you can be a young girl and Technology who wants to learn to become a [TS]

  programmer become a marketing person whatever and there are people who have [TS]

  gone that path and successful and you should look up to that want to be there [TS]

  and and and he cares deeply about it and so we were really happy with this show [TS]

  that we had both Jennifer answers and had you know their roles are deeply [TS]

  involved in exactly what they presented [TS]

  jennifer's worked on a paper on Start type in working with Jennifer at Apple [TS]

  since early eighties early nineties susan's worked on my team for a good [TS]

  decade now doing product marketing and not only are they really smart great [TS]

  speakers deeply involved in passion about Apple but those were two vice [TS]

  presidents and Apple right there there there in leadership roles and so that's [TS]

  good it's a start it's we want to see more and more of that always right [TS]

  ok a woman or somebody else or personal color to go on stage because the way you [TS]

  guys it's the people who are responsible for the thing doing so there needed to [TS]

  be a news for Jennifer Bailey to go out and do it exactly that's even better [TS]

  though because it means that there really are in these positions of [TS]

  influence and you know getting shipped up yes [TS]

  alright what kind of deal he's a Duke fan and then why the championship is a [TS]

  Warriors fan they've never even been in the finals for another in the finals [TS]

  what is going on there [TS]

  well let me and wine that question because there's two different parts to [TS]

  it first do no secret that he went to do in a fan since he was in college he you [TS]

  know good friends with Coach K [TS]

  don't know you can ask about Coach K's the greatest winning and double lady [TS]

  coach and and so rooting for do a big gamble that they are going to win some [TS]

  championships because they can do it whether it's true or not but he has [TS]

  ruled for them since college so that's that's not a big deal to make that [TS]

  happen that's happening but the Warriors ed has been a fan of theirs for a couple [TS]

  decades going to games so he's been through some lean times and he's do and [TS]

  so so if you know like I do and we're really great close friends and he is one [TS]

  of the most loyal people you can never have as a friend or coworker and so he's [TS]

  been loyalties sports teams and the last thing else and this is if somebody is [TS]

  doing a deal with the devil for the Warriors that's one crafty deal because [TS]

  it's been like two years without a championship [TS]

  you're not a good deal maker I care [TS]

  yeah alright let's get down to some of the products they're you guys talked [TS]

  about yesterday and WTC so I think I'll stick roughly to the order going you're [TS]

  almost an El Capitan time you said it well last show [TS]

  I'm a good guesser [TS]

  at least one of you did [TS]

  there are definitely new features some of the features are very cool I love the [TS]

  mouse shake thing I'm serious I been tryin 5 k iMac I need to know where my [TS]

  masses but there is to be any way back in like the engine that did the same [TS]

  thing yes when the screen 29 inch iMac screen yet to delete this define occurs [TS]

  or what was wrong with us but but but yeah I kid you not I did it this [TS]

  afternoon I was working on some slides amana 27 inch iMac and I went and i [TS]

  think im not on El Capitan yet on the system is not working it becomes very [TS]

  intuitive very quickly in large part I guess there are some new features but it [TS]

  is mostly like a stability in refinement release of OS 10 or at least in large [TS]

  part that's part of the focus on that was what led me to guess I'll cop it on [TS]

  because it's laying there was leopard and Snow Leopard which was sort of a [TS]

  lets new features and working on reliability and then there was lying in [TS]

  mountain lion and I thought there's no such thing as mountain yosemite so [TS]

  various to budget to your show you to your points no we don't think of it is [TS]

  only a stability and performance release that is a big part of it but the [TS]

  features the teams have worked on we think will matter told us in our [TS]

  everyday lives using these these systems and they took a lot of work in some of [TS]

  them will have significant ramifications for a long time I think most of all with [TS]

  metal on the Mac on that huge opportunity for all of us so I think [TS]

  it's really important things in this yeah I guess and it really does sort of [TS]

  like this virtuous circle where all these game developers top game [TS]

  developers cranking on iOS games for years and adopting medal very quickly in [TS]

  the last year and already having code ready to go and it really does iOS is [TS]

  really helping the max here in terms of elevating back as a gaming platform [TS]

  absolutely especially in this case it's great leverage there but it's not just [TS]

  for the gaming and that's a big part of it it's great for pro out and and we've [TS]

  seen that though we came in and did some work and what really impressed with what [TS]

  they could do on it and our own teams have done it with systems talked about [TS]

  the graphics software layers from the system starting at accelerator with it [TS]

  we see big benefits so it was a systemwide opportunity my senators [TS]

  wanted to thank you for the gaming [TS]

  but there has been in the last year I Asia talking point gained a lot of the [TS]

  basic gist of it being Apple's software reliable Aziz and got out there I don't [TS]

  forget somebody wrote something about that lets us deal with the off in the [TS]

  room Marco [TS]

  so there's a reason many of you read Marcos like he's a smart guy and he's a [TS]

  passionate guy and I read his stuff to do so and so complete respect for your [TS]

  perspective and your belief don't share them in this instance but I respected [TS]

  and I mean that there is some house stuff in it so there is no doubt with [TS]

  every week there's bugs in the things we head on into things that the team's [TS]

  passing on getting out there and fixing but we're also very careful about [TS]

  trucking crash logs and AppleCare calls and Genius Bar visits and we've never [TS]

  tool that is able to follow a lot of user forums to ascertain what the [TS]

  complaints are and try to really gather a good metric to metric on all the [TS]

  issues and in this case I do think the storyline isn't really accurate with the [TS]

  reality not to say there are bugs in on things driving people crazy there are of [TS]

  course the wrong but it isn't a change in fact if there's any change I think [TS]

  the biggest change in Yosemite truthfully over the last year was that [TS]

  we had a faster adoption rate of OS 10 days of any Mac OS in history and so you [TS]

  saw a larger number of users faster in the release cycle in more diverse [TS]

  networks in environments and different uses and that surface even more things [TS]

  that would kinda has happened over slower RAM and so there were things to [TS]

  work on no doubt about it but i wouldnt say its wider thing going on in any way [TS]

  the feedback I got like you guys were taking a little surprised by that [TS]

  because a lot of the things that you measure [TS]

  we're all saying this is better than before we're seeing fewer crash logs per [TS]

  user were saying you know you are a certain problems and I kind of feel like [TS]

  maybe lost in the shuffle there is that a lot of the problems people were having [TS]

  weird things that don't even generate crash laws and it's sort of like this [TS]

  discovery do stuff is just like my printer just isn't connected anymore but [TS]

  we take the good with the bad that's ok I get it out of your system lets you [TS]

  know there's an example where I think everyone should be proud that if we're [TS]

  going to try something it's great to try things sometimes it's ok to take a risk [TS]

  you don't want everything to stay in never change but if things aren't [TS]

  perfect and people are telling us they're not happy with how some things [TS]

  working here we are we haven't shipped yet already dealing with that within [TS]

  this one year cycle inside of that to make a big change to make things better [TS]

  and I think that's a sign of how much the team is willing to to analyze what [TS]

  the situation is and do whatever is right [TS]

  the record before next time you guys do read the radars that they file yes [TS]

  next up with iOS I was nine and there's a lot and I was nine and there's the [TS]

  multitasking and the keyboard and trackpad all to me just a bit is for a [TS]

  lot of people this becomes a lot more of a productivity machine than a huge leap [TS]

  forward for advanced iOS users iPad users in particular the iPad features [TS]

  that the team for the last couple of years has been looking at what we think [TS]

  would be changing experience remember when we launched iPad the very first [TS]

  iPad a lot of work went into rewriting all of the applications the system to [TS]

  take advantage of a big beautiful screen and and some a lot of thought went into [TS]

  that and then we know that all the world and saw how people use it and then we [TS]

  went back to it and said well what are the next thing to do you need for iPad [TS]

  to make it a more productive more useful product in the in the things you do and [TS]

  and one of the things was to help you use multiple applications in new ways [TS]

  and actually took a couple years of development to get to this it was like [TS]

  someone woke up six months ago and said hey let's do multi-window multitasking [TS]

  on this it took a while to for example put all last year the size classes and [TS]

  auto layout in iOS in so people can develop especially for iPhone 6 and in [TS]

  six-plus but we knew that by doing that work we were laying the groundwork to [TS]

  make this happen without catholic and as well so some of these things take [TS]

  multiple years to put everything in place to do it the right way as you can [TS]

  rush out and do it the wrong way and then we don't like where we are I [TS]

  thought it was the I was sitting in the middle bit further back I was really in [TS]

  the mix with the developers to you and I thought that that got the weirdest [TS]

  reaction like the most mixed reaction from the crowd was when Craig said [TS]

  you've already done the work if you've been listening to us and done this [TS]

  autumn [TS]

  you've already got and and there was this really mixed reaction where C Mike [TS]

  half of the developers were like and they fully understood how Twitter maybe [TS]

  came in and really did like 15 minutes of work and got got it working cuz they [TS]

  already had it and any other half the developers [TS]

  questions about 64 bit carbon nanotubes [TS]

  this car [TS]

  this is our audience well [TS]

  64 Carmen Joe got a loud [TS]

  is probably too many people out there it's all good now [TS]

  lasting I was big and I i really thought you guys hit several times I think you [TS]

  almost couldn't have been more clear and I really think it is the biggest story [TS]

  in the industry this year [TS]

  flashing ongoing but it's it's hard to summarize but its contextual awareness [TS]

  with your devices and services in terms of you know telling you if it's going to [TS]

  rain or Craigs example of knowing you're getting your car traffic patterns leave [TS]

  you gotta leave for the airport all these features and how the company a [TS]

  platform with the flip side how did you say it was the second most popular [TS]

  mapping app on iOS than the flip side of it is this privacy issue with data [TS]

  collection and all sorts of things are coming out once and Google is doing [TS]

  features like this you guys are doing features like this and and just by [TS]

  coincidence but the Annenberg School of Communication had is widely cited paper [TS]

  that just came out this week I'm sure the gist of it being that typical [TS]

  consumers do care about the privacy and the implications of the information that [TS]

  online companies like Facebook and Google are collecting they're not [TS]

  comfortable with a lot of it but they kinda feel helpless about it [TS]

  got it I guess Google knows where I am but you guys seem to have a different [TS]

  vision and and and the flip side there the last part of it are you with me so [TS]

  far I'm waiting for the question though is that a lot of people are arguing that [TS]

  implement these features well company has to collect data file ball away and [TS]

  sort of dossier on you otherwise the features don't work and you guys seem to [TS]

  have a very different dances and obviously this is not new this is [TS]

  something we believe for many many years and hope that it would get traction that [TS]

  more and more people would start to care and questioned the choices they have to [TS]

  make if ever there's a modern definition of a Faustian bargain this is it right [TS]

  which is that if you want to get the teachers give us all this information [TS]

  about your life that you'd really rather not and and and we will be for a very [TS]

  long time that that doesn't have to be the case and so we've built systems and [TS]

  processes all around the idea that in order to help users you can do things [TS]

  that are surprising and delightful and magical but we don't know your data we [TS]

  don't you know if there's something else to get through our server then it's not [TS]

  identifiable and if it can be done in any way on your device without going to [TS]

  a server then that's the better place to do it and that we think we can do the [TS]

  great experiences protecting users privacy and and that has been a boon for [TS]

  many years and now it's really becoming much more [TS]

  well received message and we're probably talking a lot about it because we think [TS]

  people do want to hear but we haven't changed our feelings are feeling for [TS]

  many many years sort of coming to a head now because it's his features really [TS]

  bring out the difference in the two strategies we hope so ill people will [TS]

  see that I can get the capabilities I want and somebody standing up for my [TS]

  privacy and somebody i mean one of the great things about Apple I believe is [TS]

  that customers trust us they could trust in the fact that we're [TS]

  trying to make something that's called they put trust in that we're going to [TS]

  support them they put trust in the fact that we respect privacy and security and [TS]

  do everything we can and and and i think that these these are the features that [TS]

  best demonstrate that today [TS]

  little longer but I was wondering if maybe that wasn't the longest I've [TS]

  always thought that maybe you guys have like a loose rule that you wanted to [TS]

  keep it under two hours we do we we think that in general you know people [TS]

  seem on the 145 22 10 kind of range but that's never perfect there is no other [TS]

  times when things going to be shorter or longer and in order to get it to the [TS]

  length we did we cut a lot of things we were very you know very aggressive on on [TS]

  trimming back on yeah well talking I was always thinking more about the power [TS]

  feature in iOS nine and how we you know we didn't even show the UI for that or a [TS]

  whole bunch of things that are there that actually really nice but we had to [TS]

  do and even then you know some people nobody seemed to get up and leaves I [TS]

  think we're OK [TS]

  but I think watch with a lowercase W are you trying to kill me [TS]

  give us time we we've been through many find naming things this is an easy one [TS]

  to many funny things through the year some very emotional funk some very easy [TS]

  and most of the time when all said and done you look back years later people [TS]

  say it all made sense together so so so I think we're doing the right thing I'm [TS]

  hoping that it like 3G S which was the one where they have a lot of your lower [TS]

  case as the 50 in any other case [TS]

  they said sometimes amid all things we decide we haven't done the right thing [TS]

  and we think we write in your will [TS]

  but then it really struck me is in the run-up to the release of the watch and [TS]

  in the TV spots that ran [TS]

  ended with the watch is coming and then when it lines I think probably right [TS]

  around the time today April 24 the watch is here and I thought that was such a [TS]

  great slogan but it also conveys the different position Apple is in now than [TS]

  even even 2010 with the iPad in terms of you don't have to say which watch [TS]

  thank you for liking the marketing appreciate that [TS]

  the I don't think of it that way as is necessary [TS]

  different when you look back with iPhone you may remember that we started the [TS]

  very first ad for iPhone was a teaser crowd during the Grammys what was your [TS]

  shots of people answering the phone and saying hello from famous movies and it [TS]

  was great and we don't have to say anything about it everybody knew that's [TS]

  because iPhones coming right and so was ok to do something and we have that [TS]

  freedom to express it that way so in this case the whole world was [TS]

  anticipating the watch they knew about the watch we had introduced last [TS]

  September and so we're getting closer [TS]

  there had been a billion stories written about it so we didn't have to say much [TS]

  more than the watch is coming in and show a lot of the designs and show a lot [TS]

  of the interface is one of the great things about the watches the variety of [TS]

  choice you have with it and so the the ad got to show that it created some [TS]

  energy and some uplifting speech to it to get that sense that they were [TS]

  building up to a moment of excitement here to watch is coming in in so I think [TS]

  it worked pretty well it alright developer question so watch kid was [TS]

  announced last year at the end of the year which I think because it was out [TS]

  before way before the watch months before so that developers can get ready [TS]

  for it and now here we are six weeks after the watch actually shipped and you [TS]

  guys I know it's how it's coming in the fall when it's going to ship but you've [TS]

  already spent all day in recessions it WZ learning about native apps on the [TS]

  watch do you think was work was doing watch kids first words rather than just [TS]

  waiting to go right to native apps [TS]

  time will tell and that'll be the judge of it but I think so you know we've been [TS]

  through this once before with iPhone and that model we had a year without any [TS]

  need about just web apps and then came out with the SDK and and all the API is [TS]

  necessary to do a good job at UPS and model works great [TS]

  people were frustrated during that time but it worked great and in this case we [TS]

  knew we were again need to finish the software at first version now before I [TS]

  could solidify the SDK need to do native out and so what do you do in the time [TS]

  before that you give developers an opportunity to do something on it you [TS]

  could have watched it and and without watch get enough value for certain kinds [TS]

  of upset it makes sense anyway the fullness of time even with the full [TS]

  native API's and obviously our belief was yeah it would it would help to house [TS]

  developers to use watching it from the beginning and there are many cost of [TS]

  apps that made the exactly what they want and they don't need to do more than [TS]

  that and use the full native version but others well and I think that gave the [TS]

  maximum opportunity for developers and so the one other thing we did that I [TS]

  think as we talk about the same thing you guys all time we talked about [TS]

  internally all the time and we said how people react to that if we watched it [TS]

  and then native so if you may recall September we talked about it and last [TS]

  year's developer conference we said and we will bring out a native API SDK later [TS]

  we wanted people to know that that was coming so no I wouldn't have done this [TS]

  if I'd known that we want to make sure that was transparency and openness about [TS]

  that [TS]

  I think album Music looks amazing I think that the size of the catalog is [TS]

  amazing I think it was the phrasing that they're moving the needle in the entire [TS]

  music industry I really do I kind of thought the segment in the keynote is a [TS]

  little long my big question this is rocketing towards being an old man I [TS]

  just don't know I'm very serious question so the basic proposition is $10 [TS]

  a month there's a three month to get started you know what it's like to [TS]

  eventually but the basic idea for the long term is you pay Apple $10 a month [TS]

  and you can listen to a lot of people who want to pay $10 I think it's a great [TS]

  deal I really do I mean I think the family deal is a no brainer I really [TS]

  think it's a great bargain but I'm an idiot I've been paying for music my home [TS]

  I was I was so happy when you came out because I hated because songs did have [TS]

  the metadata and it's like you doing all this cleanup work just to get the file [TS]

  names right but is there a lot of people are there a lot of people out there who [TS]

  are going to pay $10 a month for visitors [TS]

  obviously we believe so we think that that once you see the service and start [TS]

  to use it you realize the benefits of having a really great girl eating [TS]

  curated lists and albums and playlists and things being recommended you when [TS]

  every time you see something say it like that don't listen to that I want to play [TS]

  this great are used up next time I go on my trip Okumu album I want that and not [TS]

  to think about it anymore you just getting it and then you know some people [TS]

  think that's all people will do or some of us who are older and older [TS]

  there's my favorite artists that I just want to buy it just cuz I do I'm just [TS]

  locked in my brain outlay of costs are you saw the iTunes store you can buy the [TS]

  things you want to buy [TS]

  you don't have to choose between the two models but once were on this for a while [TS]

  and all living and we understand social impact of music that's completely [TS]

  available to you I think it's going to change enough especially those that [TS]

  impetus coming from the curation and the recommendations that will keep you [TS]

  really wanting to do just at all that your library constantly what do you [TS]

  think can act is god that's gonna make it succeed where did [TS]

  a better name to start it's an opportunity to a bunch of levels it's [TS]

  different i think is much more been built from the ground up from an [TS]

  artist's perspective of what they like to share with their fans and how do they [TS]

  like to communicate and and so far connect the IRS will have a very simple [TS]

  ability to create whatever content they want videos audio tracks you know photos [TS]

  and lyrics and on and on and the ability to like and say what you care about and [TS]

  then instantly also sure to record other social networks you not locked into one [TS]

  network and the ability to communicate with with users not a one-way pie and so [TS]

  I think that it's a much more interactive environment and the ability [TS]

  to share a lot more and we'll see what we think that based on the artists who [TS]

  work with us on it that it's it's the kind of environment they want to [TS]

  contribute with fans off the record whenever we blow the never meet up [TS]

  think we do but he'll be like 20 minutes and will blow the whole thing talking [TS]

  about like cameras and James Bond movies and I tried so hard I realized it when [TS]

  when I get invited to this and I didn't have time to the one place you can order [TS]

  it was going to take two weeks I want to get this specter logo t-shirt to wear [TS]

  just for you but I couldn't you nice logo t-shirt but one of the things that [TS]

  we both share a passion for photography cameras and you know I get a type thing [TS]

  I have been thinking I think it's so clear shot with iPhone marketing [TS]

  campaign shows that you guys leave it to Apple has become one of if not the [TS]

  leading camera companies in the world [TS]

  in the old days being camera enthusiasts you really worried about the lenses you [TS]

  know and it still is with the other cameras but with today's era of [TS]

  photography it's really about mobility and it's not about lenders and center [TS]

  part of it but it's the software that processes the images off the center [TS]

  which is why there might be other cameras from other companies that might [TS]

  use the same sensors that you guys have a similar ones and the pictures looked [TS]

  the same and after that how do you get them on the phone and how do you send [TS]

  them to where they're going how do you edit it and drop it and fix the rotation [TS]

  and then two years from now how do you get back to that it's this whole circle [TS]

  but it's the iPhone but to me I would if I could have one of your absence gonna [TS]

  break for the next week [TS]

  phone app camera I want like gonna have to break [TS]

  you do see it the same way I did the camera capabilities of iPhone is for me [TS]

  one of the most personally liable an important parts of that has been for [TS]

  quite a long time and as you said we both share a passion for prosumer [TS]

  photographers no great so I don't know but I love photography on the process I [TS]

  love that bod that goes into it I have cameras of all different sizes and kinds [TS]

  and photography is really powerful and especially once you have been wheezing [TS]

  did you realize how this stuff is for the rest of your life and and and we've [TS]

  been putting a lot into it but I will start with the most important adage in [TS]

  photography anybody here is a serious photographer knows the the old line and [TS]

  it's true it's not the camera it's the photographer right a great picture comes [TS]

  from a great photographer not a great camera and and so that aside got that [TS]

  done we we've been putting a lot of effort for many years now to building an [TS]

  incredible world-class camera team and and working doing custom work on sensors [TS]

  building our own custom lenses are building our own Flash technology and [TS]

  most importantly the ISP and software that makes it all come together as a [TS]

  complete system and the same mentality that goes into why a math is better than [TS]

  the PC and wine iPhone is better than some other junky phone goes into the [TS]

  goes into the camera that it's a complete system designed together from [TS]

  the beginning to work together and and that's what results you can't just [TS]

  piecemeal but a glance with a sensor with someone else's share it with [TS]

  someone else's software get to the level results were able to achieve the way the [TS]

  teams work together to deliver a complete solution I have to ask us you [TS]

  guys have always had this well not always in the modern era of Apple [TS]

  there's been this idea [TS]

  good better [TS]

  whether it's a Mac or you know a lot of different [TS]

  good better best I think that with the current generation iOS devices going [TS]

  1664 128 I think the 16 it's really hard to make an argument that good it's more [TS]

  like ok [TS]

  16 you know to be lower and so it has increased used to shoot video too so one [TS]

  of the hopes and and and maybe maybe we'll see how how we realize that all [TS]

  but belief is more and more as we use I cause services for documents or loser if [TS]

  you block user or you know for photos and videos the more were able to use [TS]

  these things and music in the cloud that perhaps for the most price conscious [TS]

  customer the person starting out at the beginning of the line are able to live [TS]

  in an environment where they don't need God's of local storage because these [TS]

  services are taking off more and more the load making life easier and they can [TS]

  start with the entry point that's lighter than maybe you want but gets [TS]

  their entire job done and we worked very carefully to campus and survey exactly [TS]

  how much storage people use a different price points and how much they need and [TS]

  and if we can give them a great solution storage there we can put that costs and [TS]

  other things to make sure they have a great camera they have a great screen [TS]

  and so it's all choices for the customer and and and and that's the hope as more [TS]

  of this stuff is in the cloud [TS]

  maybe we can have an easier entry point for some customers did say you wouldn't [TS]

  answer some questions [TS]

  I can't get much more than that [TS]

  what do you say to the criticism that Apple has gotten too upset with device [TS]

  with Euro per year iterations they're getting at a point where maybe if you [TS]

  would stop and kept the device just feel that extra space with batteries whether [TS]

  it's a phone or whether it's a MacBook that where you guys gonna saw a piece of [TS]

  paper first of all I think that feedback is always great to hear and your people [TS]

  tell us what they think and we always one want to hear what what things you [TS]

  want in a product is they all come with tradeoffs in benefits and and and an [TS]

  associated things if you want a product that sticker with a bigger battery well [TS]

  it's also heavier it's also more costly it also takes longer to charge it's also [TS]

  you know things there are all these things have ramifications designing a [TS]

  total system and and and we look at this very very very carefully the engineering [TS]

  team and industrial design team work together and model every thickness and [TS]

  every size and every way we we hold these things and we work with them to [TS]

  try to figure out what the future benefit tradeoffs are and I don't think [TS]

  we hit the point yet where we're trading off the new features and capabilities at [TS]

  the expense of the best optimize product I really don't i I love my new 12 inch [TS]

  MacBook I think it's an incredible product I use it constantly and I love [TS]

  that feels and and I love the iPhone 6 in six-plus and I think we've made great [TS]

  choices there and and and yes these this is something we talked about constantly [TS]

  but I think we've made the right choices of our two-part question what color is [TS]

  your new MacBook [TS]

  and how many USB port [TS]

  so is the space grey but I'm glad there's individual choice diversity is [TS]

  important the end and mine mine has has 1 USBC as you well know without needing [TS]

  question but again be careful what you ask for [TS]

  right because what the design team first envisioned when we started working on [TS]

  the book was to say if all we do is incremental slight change where's the [TS]

  excitement with the value of alkyl pushing things forward we need to take [TS]

  bold risks if people like it they can keep buying the medical care they can [TS]

  keep the MacBook Pro but i wanna we design a product that surround this [TS]

  wireless world that has really no physical connection that you need you [TS]

  can get by without ever needing that wouldn't that be a better world and in [TS]

  doing that we realize yeah but we do need to charges so let's go to create [TS]

  this one or two can charge and the USB video out and that way if you need to [TS]

  connect you can you not giving that up but this is really designed and if you [TS]

  do that how far can you push it how how things can get how you know how I can [TS]

  get you know how aggressive design can be and I think if I my job for one [TS]

  reason because I'm a customer like all of you I love these products I love this [TS]

  company I want this company be the best Apple can ever be and N one of the ways [TS]

  it can be the best Apple can ever be is to take bold risks and try to think of [TS]

  new things that others aren't willing to do I remember that this is all the same [TS]

  mentality as I remember what you got the floppy sure many of you all due to it's [TS]

  the exact same thinking i sat in the room with friends of mine who worked at [TS]

  other companies in Texas and other places and they said they literally [TS]

  they literally said oh my god I'm so jealous we can't do that we can't do [TS]

  that we can't take the risk because if the world isn't gonna be is going to [TS]

  risk in person and doesn't want us to take away anything then you know Dell [TS]

  doesn't overflow people to ship it does bother to shape up they're all the same [TS]

  except if you're missing one thing I want to buy your stuff you should you're [TS]

  so lucky you make something for your customers give you the opportunity to [TS]

  try something in a completely different way and and they they listen to you and [TS]

  I try it and if you have to adjust make an external drive for a couple of years [TS]

  great deal do it but you get to make that change and move on that's the [TS]

  embodiment of this new MacBook which is take a bold risk maybe some people will [TS]

  think it's not perfect them yet but for surprising number of people it's already [TS]

  their future laptop the customer satisfaction is off the charts on it [TS]

  customer demand is great does anyone here at the New Mexican mother so I want [TS]

  I wanted out with its bold and taking risks and trying new things and being [TS]

  aggressive [TS]

  couple of years half of my life [TS]

  Wow an adjective that was often used to describe apple with beleaguered and [TS]

  there were some hard times and there were yours truly the underdog and now [TS]

  there's no way that anybody could argue that the most profitable company in the [TS]

  world is the underdog but yet people still seem to manage to say that you're [TS]

  one step away from collapse [TS]

  does that surprise you that it hasn't stopped playing I don't think it was [TS]

  surprising in 1997 that there were a lot of articles predicting doom for the [TS]

  company do you find it surprising that their articles in 2015 honestly no I [TS]

  don't know if personally I don't know if I'd know how to act if people didn't [TS]

  write that in didn't say that because I've been through all that you know the [TS]

  real you read the stories you know there was a moment there were a couple was [TS]

  truly six months from gone out of business and we've been through this [TS]

  cycle and and and as you know so I'm really smart one said is there's nothing [TS]

  to make you take bold moves than a near-death experience and and we have [TS]

  that and and and having people tell you that you're not that smart your your [TS]

  products aren't that great you're not going to survive is actually emboldened [TS]

  you to do good work and and try to make things better and be aggressive in [TS]

  Hungary in and I think that's also the way out will should be and we don't need [TS]

  to be told how great we are hoping we are it's not about that and and and and [TS]

  we don't want to talk about that it's not about peds and it's not about market [TS]

  value I mean sure the financing must worry about that but the rest of us it's [TS]

  about a we making the best product that people love what we do as a changing [TS]

  lives and if and if it isn't then beat us up till it is and that's a good place [TS]

  and I don't remember any great progress we've made where people have in pinned [TS]

  in the press in the beginning I mean they began the iPhone AP and the iPod [TS]

  they payin the iPad and great you know because I don't know what a successful [TS]

  product is if it doesn't start out with people saying I don't get it and I don't [TS]

  like it [TS]

  it's great i really appreciate you being here and the time but but but we finish [TS]

  up do you remember the first time you heard you got in contact with me it was [TS]

  a long time ago on October 2004 earlier in the month the Yankees [TS]

  maybe it was September I don't forget when you looked over my favorite team [TS]

  here again he's taken at three games to nothing lead against the Boston Red Sox [TS]

  and I still have this tradition it's just been a number of years since I've [TS]

  been able to do it which is the postseason I used their logo instead of [TS]

  my star in a circle and they used to in the early years 2002 2003 when I was [TS]

  really greedy because the Yankees World Series every single year I didn't even [TS]

  count the division series I didn't change the logo until they got to the AL [TS]

  championship series [TS]

  those were the days [TS]

  well one thing led to another and I don't know what happened but somehow the [TS]

  Red Sox ended up winning that entails yes and there is a great show in [TS]

  baseball history so I wake up the next day and I was despondent the team's [TS]

  losing three games noting that I started a bad mood to take my work and distract [TS]

  me now and and this is back in the day when you didn't get the preview I don't [TS]

  forget what the subject was but this from Philip Schiller somebody's pranking [TS]

  me and I click on it and it's from Phil Schiller Apple dot com and it's John [TS]

  it's so great they changed the logo back they lost the game and it's so great to [TS]

  see the regular logo [TS]

  the eighties put up a good fight card will be coming back to you [TS]

  oh yes I remember that that week really well so my reaction morning was so [TS]

  bifurcate [TS]

  was holy shit I read staring fireball and it was like an icy dagger in my [TS]

  heart [TS]

  remaining warm blood in my body was just drained I was shooting for [TS]

  but obviously I grew up in Boston some of the Boston sports fan but I don't [TS]

  care how much areas in the ball I don't [TS]

  Brady fan and take it for what its worth so but that serious so the third game I [TS]

  happened to be on an Apple business trip in New York during the third game and i [TS]

  said im gonna watch the game and I said some of the hotel I'm gonna go with a [TS]

  good place to watch a baseball game so will the Mickey metal bar I said it's a [TS]

  Yankees game at the Mickey Mantle bar alright I'll go and I went and I whipped [TS]

  up a Red Sox cap was the only Red Sox fan in the entire Mickey Mantle bar and [TS]

  that was the game we got beat like seventeen six or something and I took a [TS]

  drubbing in everyone giving me a hard time and it was worth it because we [TS]

  deserved it and and so I thought I'd really taking the pain and those [TS]

  discussed the Artic thing that I could nicely and I i think i wrote that he [TS]

  know probably twelve times in different ways [TS]

  digging you teasing you tongue-in-cheek just add just the simple clean way [TS]

  that's the way to go [TS]

  anyway thank you Phil I want everybody here at mezzanine this place is great I [TS]

  have nothing but good things to say about you the entire staff everybody [TS]

  from sound security bartenders everybody let's give it up for them and he's [TS]

  handling audio tonight turning this into the audio podcast making sure we sound [TS]

  good I want to thank my sponsors MailChimp sponsored the bar [TS]

  fracture [TS]

  who sponsored the video did it did it it's hard to do right [TS]

  we tried [TS]

  and Microsoft Thank You Microsoft response [TS]

  also wanna get hurt and Jake Schumacher [TS]

  directors of the documentary the human story they're here tonight shooting as [TS]

  just to help with the video feed and everything like that that should be [TS]

  coming out later this year or early next year great movie that they're helping [TS]

  out with the video and then lastly want all you guys are the best audience in [TS]

  the world you guys get it I really appreciate it [TS]

  they say thank you thank you for that [TS]

  thank you Phil goodnight [TS]