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135: ‘Put a Nipple on It’, With Special Guest Adam Lisagor


  alright adam four we get into the show proper I'm gonna send you right now I'm [TS]

  gonna send you a photograph I took from my desk today this is hours ago you'll [TS]

  see it was daylight this was the view from my desk in my home office ok it it [TS]

  it to the back of our house that overlooks little courtyard in our our [TS]

  rear neighbors across the courtyard were having some are are having some some [TS]

  home repairs done it's going through Skype now announcing it as an iMessage [TS]

  keep it secure I says that it sent I did you realize that the guy at the top guy [TS]

  is not that is not a a deck that is just a little sort of like a little ledge [TS]

  outside the [TS]

  yeah god what is he doing [TS]

  seems save save save save it all this is this is always I don't know the third [TS]

  floor of the fourth floor it's pretty high and the other guys on two letters [TS]

  are ripped pants harold lloyd gag in the making [TS]

  there is if you look at hard to see cuz it's like the iPhone kind of focused on [TS]

  the screen of my window but if you look there is more like a blue rope going to [TS]

  the roof of a house but the rope is actually connected to the other ladder [TS]

  that isn't being used so it's like there's a ladder that has like a safety [TS]

  harness but the guy doesn't either surreal [TS]

  I did you just there for like an hour waiting for them know how close the [TS]

  window I could not get any work done my palms like lambs from my palms are [TS]

  sweating such they could have cured the drought in california what were they [TS]

  doing they're they're ripping up the roof or something I guess the retail in [TS]

  the roof or something [TS]

  doing they're just doing work on the roof or whatever but the way that they [TS]

  are on these ladders does not does not seems no good it's not OSHA standards I [TS]

  got to code a guide on one guy and he was just i straddling those two ladders [TS]

  for a second or two he whatever he was doing up there was one foot on one [TS]

  letter and one on another I felt like I was watching a chaplain and have my fear [TS]

  was III just feared for their lives and then apparently then then they started [TS]

  two got into an argument with apparently arrival contractors doing what appears [TS]

  to be some other job on the same house but there are clearly not colleagues and [TS]

  and they got into an argument but it's like the one group it's in the argument [TS]

  is 30 feet up in the air in the latter I don't feel like that's the time to have [TS]

  an argument they get into beef those construction crews they're very broadly [TS]

  that culture we've had some work done on our house recently and the crew doesn't [TS]

  like somebody on the you know they'll do you build all the pranks do some [TS]

  fraternity ship [TS]

  for example I don't know you know like hide and the guys keys for like hours [TS]

  you know not like in their these are grown men these are like men in their [TS]

  forties and fifties kinda glad that I don't work in an industry where it would [TS]

  be it's commonplace for people to hide your keys XII I lose my keys cream only [TS]

  enough on my own [TS]

  just kind of permissible Adam so we talk about lots of stuff we always do lots of [TS]

  stuff but the big thing is Apple TV last episode of the show I did was we were [TS]

  really just like [TS]

  we recorded Friday yeah so I think we had only had twenty-four hours and guy [TS]

  had the dev kit one for a while but it was really only hooked up like the dev [TS]

  kit thing really wasn't that useful because the App Store wasn't live in it [TS]

  or anything like that to Friday so in terms of getting like a sense of the [TS]

  whole experience it was relatively new for both of us and we had another week [TS]

  yeah I've been with it for about 72 hours no so I've done my fair share of [TS]

  poking around mostly part partially in prep for talking with you about issues [TS]

  like that so I kind of have to go through the kick the tires and take it [TS]

  through its run it through its paces right now I'm so I brought it into the [TS]

  office I brought my AppleTV into the office and I have a hookup to TV here so [TS]

  I can go through all the UI as we talk about it right now I'm doing like a [TS]

  little science experiment with the reflection as I you know I can't recall [TS]

  the refraction I don't know what you call that the reflection cause there's a [TS]

  light source reflected in the in the in the pain and its striking using a [TS]

  different reflective surface using the reflective part of the remote the real [TS]

  remote want to make sure okay yeah it does it it didn't like the way that we [TS]

  need to turn the pain to the left or the right that the the reflection goes off [TS]

  you know goes off to the left to the right that though it would in the real [TS]

  world obviously mimic the physical universe you mean like when you just [TS]

  sort of WR's domme on the touchpad a little bit just to make the currently [TS]

  selected item sorta rotate around exactly I get pivot pivot slightly [TS]

  that's right it pivots and it also serbians over its like really cool like [TS]

  our they read this it's almost like on a ball joint that's a good way to put it [TS]

  right so it's like sitting on a bowling ball and you push it back and forth and [TS]

  it reflects the light source behind you which is sort of a soft light [TS]

  back just getting really good at this stuff you know mimicking the physical [TS]

  universe in a way that of course it makes sense we can I had to like pull it [TS]

  back and go flat for a while while they got better at doing this kind of stuff [TS]

  this kind of visual effect kind of stuff before you know you look alike and it [TS]

  looked kinda cool for the time it looked like you know relative to the physical [TS]

  world look like garbage was done but it doesn't look dumb thing no I like it [TS]

  alot I do like the way it looks but it's the feel of it that I really like and if [TS]

  there's anything that I feel is just never read a lot more other people's [TS]

  reviews since you know since I spoke about it and it does seem X seems like [TS]

  it to me a lot of people it seems like I'm in the minority it seems like a lot [TS]

  of the overall first week feedback is a lot more negative than I think it should [TS]

  be like way way more controversial than you would ever think it would be that it [TS]

  seems like a minority that's that's actually just really like stoked about [TS]

  this thing yeah definitely on your side I I think this is magical and I've been [TS]

  able TV huge proponent of Apple TV since the first version so I watched it you [TS]

  know I've owned by like 445 and only had definitely a phone call for like one you [TS]

  know kind of the point of fixation where i could get one free they're cheap [TS]

  enough now you can get one for each TV and like you know we have two TV you [TS]

  know to in the office and actually for in the office but Jesse cha reminded me [TS]

  today on Twitter that I was the guy who would win the AppleTV first came out [TS]

  version 1 I would actually travel with it like you we would all come to to a [TS]

  comp [TS]

  we've come to a conference in San Francisco and I would bring mine with me [TS]

  and hook it up to the hotel TV just in case and I kept my whole movie library [TS]

  on their cause you wasn't there was no real cloud service kind of stuff yet but [TS]

  I would I hacked mine back then used this what was it fired something I [TS]

  remember what it was it was it was a firewire know there's there's a there's [TS]

  a there's a company a software company that basically sold a hack for the Apple [TS]

  TV I I know what you mean I forget what it was called is why we should have a [TS]

  live audience i knowi me now and and the fact was really I i was just going back [TS]

  to zoom out to the big big picture there's really only been three Apple TVs [TS]

  the first one which ran like it was like Mac OS 10 10.4 under the hood it [TS]

  wouldn't look like a Mac but if you took it apart and did the equivalent of [TS]

  jailbreaking it you could figure out it was an Intel x86 Mac more less like a [TS]

  really low end Mac Mini running a version of OS 10 but with this custom TV [TS]

  interface it sometimes if something went wrong yet to surface like the DDoS or [TS]

  whatever you can see they are you could you could see all the code running on it [TS]

  felt real mainframe me then there's the second generation which is when they [TS]

  switch to a much smaller puck the little black book and it was much simpler under [TS]

  the hood running it was it was running a version of iOS that third generation is [TS]

  really sort of like 2.5 because it was just like I forget what it added but it [TS]

  may be that was when they added 1080p support I forget what it was that that [TS]

  is true is 1080p and for some reason cuz I have both versions in the hole in my [TS]

  in my home right now for some reason version 2 no longer [TS]

  owns YouTube exact know that I know why that is a long story short it because at [TS]

  some point Apple stopped doing software updates for that second generation one [TS]

  and YouTube like sometime within the last six months YouTube changed their [TS]

  API to such that anything that hooked up to your YouTube needed some sort of [TS]

  update keep active with YouTube and because the second generation Apple TV [TS]

  isn't getting software update any more games you too and so the second [TS]

  generation is still rolling running the whole day of class and nasty and then [TS]

  version 3 iOS looks pretty good but nothing compared to this one but I [TS]

  looked it up it's called fire will now it's called fire Corps that hack that [TS]

  you can stop [TS]