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243: Find My Lightsaber


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  go back to being comfortable podcast [TS]

  continuing our 90 hours of coverage of [TS]

  Star Wars Episode 7 the force awakens [TS]

  i'm jason l i'm joined by three people [TS]

  who are going to help me break down the [TS]

  second teaser trailer for Star Wars [TS]

  Episode 7 and we promise to keep it [TS]

  under 10 hours joining be to break it [TS]

  all down [TS]

  I wouldn't do without him it's john [TS]

  siracusa hello I'm ready again Jason I'm [TS]

  are these things they get a release [TS]

  I I know what you I don't probably more [TS]

  probably don't act like that first one [TS]

  was it that was I felt like we had done [TS]

  everything and then they gonna make a [TS]

  movie too [TS]

  well this is official teaser to which [TS]

  means presumably there's also going to [TS]

  be a trailer [TS]

  wow yeah yeah that's what you heard [TS]

  coming to us live from a moving vehicle [TS]

  at serenity Caldwell hello hello I'm [TS]

  really excited to actually get to talk [TS]

  about Oh what star wars new new Star [TS]

  Wars although i think seriously the [TS]

  first time I couldn't talk it was [TS]

  because i was in a moving vehicle as [TS]

  well except this one this time I have a [TS]

  lot of mikes so I guess that makes a [TS]

  little dinner you refuse to be [TS]

  constrained by space and time this time [TS]

  correct i am in my tiredness bar [TS]

  yes so so if if she sounds strange it at [TS]

  any point that is why but will we will [TS]

  make the best of it [TS]

  likewise in the true spirit of flash [TS]

  casting coming to us from a strange [TS]

  location on an iphone from the star wars [TS]

  celebration itself or at least nearby [TS]

  it's a it's our our roving Star Wars [TS]

  correspondent Dan Morgan hi Dan [TS]

  hello Jason pleasure to be with you it's [TS]

  a it's good it's good to have you here [TS]

  you got to you got to see this all in [TS]

  person today didn't you [TS]

  I get it was pretty pretty freaking [TS]

  awesome as Oscar Isaac might say yeah [TS]

  yeah so that was that was quite the [TS]

  treat that I didn't have to come back [TS]

  then and we watched the trailer couple [TS]

  times on my iPad because I missed a lot [TS]

  of stuff with all the screaming I can [TS]

  understand that that was my screaming by [TS]

  the way just listen to the not to that [TS]

  died so I i want to ask about the ground [TS]

  rules here [TS]

  I know that they mentioned a few tiny [TS]

  little tidbits in the panel today that [TS]

  they aren't in the trailer [TS]

  John should we pretend that they didn't [TS]

  do that or what don't want to know those [TS]

  things okay [TS]

  more specifically they they discuss the [TS]

  location of the desert planet that [TS]

  appears in the trailer [TS]

  Arrakis yeah well I mean I planet [TS]

  I I thought they confirmed whether or [TS]

  whether or not or or not it's Tatooine [TS]

  do you care [TS]

  I probably did it instrumental to our [TS]

  conversation that this be revealed what [TS]

  I'm going to take one for the team but I [TS]

  feel like now I don't know otherwise I i [TS]

  get what i'm going to say is we just we [TS]

  should probably refer to it as that [TS]

  desert planet then since it's in [TS]

  determining whether this is tattooing or [TS]

  not from John's perspective even though [TS]

  the rest of us know all right the desert [TS]

  planet we will call it because it's [TS]

  probably all doesn't really last time we [TS]

  talked and warranties and just assumed [TS]

  it was yeah yeah we can continue to talk [TS]

  about in that way if that makes you feel [TS]

  comfortable [TS]

  yeah well they asked they asked JJ [TS]

  Abrams definitively if it is tattooing [TS]

  and we got a definitive answer so rather [TS]

  than you know I I don't wanna I don't [TS]

  want to spoil you on it so I figured we [TS]

  should just say that everybody else to [TS]

  host the definitive answer and we're [TS]

  just gonna dance around it [TS]

  well for everybody else to the Internet [TS]

  yes if you still don't know you can [TS]

  check the internet yea i meant much [TS]

  information is available on the Internet [TS]

  alright so so let's see how do we do [TS]

  this on Thanksgiving morning I their [TS]

  frame by frame [TS]

  I i like the fact that as soon as the [TS]

  trailer dropped we got a lot of demand [TS]

  for many many hours of frame-by-frame [TS]

  analysis so let's start at the beginning [TS]

  which is a it does a sandy desert planet [TS]

  with a vehicle streaking along is who is [TS]

  writing it we don't know it could be [TS]

  Luke Skywalker on a landspeeder it could [TS]

  be Captain Kirk on his motorbike from [TS]

  Star Trek it looks like the refrigerator [TS]

  car from the first season yeah I think [TS]

  that's what it is i would agree that [TS]

  that it's Daisy Ridley riding the [TS]

  refrigerator car that we saw that this [TS]

  is immediately following that when she [TS]

  takes off right could be a water heater [TS]

  to be anything could be anything really [TS]

  yeah and the thing in the foreground [TS]

  originally when I saw the trailer very [TS]

  small i misread it as like again think [TS]

  its Tatooine at like one of those [TS]

  moisture vaporators that had tipped over [TS]

  but of course on second viewing I [TS]

  realize it's actually an x-wing I took [TS]

  me until the home doing to realize that [TS]

  because the tube replays in the in the [TS]

  main auditorium there I was not focused [TS]

  on that at all [TS]

  yeah I when watching on my iPad later [TS]

  was like oh that's totally x-wing that's [TS]

  half buried in say an old-fashioned [TS]

  x-wing there are many yet crashing [TS]

  vehicles this trailer [TS]

  yeah you might have missed the crashed [TS]

  x-wing in the foreground owing to the [TS]

  fact that there is a crashed star [TS]

  destroyer in the background [TS]

  Shh so awesome [TS]

  the most beautiful matte painting when i [TS]

  watch trailer with my son and I asked [TS]

  him what what things stood out there [TS]

  were at our guitars we're talking about [TS]

  the Star Destroyer and he said well [TS]

  maybe in the battle at the end of Return [TS]

  of the Jedi some of the start of stores [TS]

  crashed and i said well if they crash [TS]

  they wouldn't have crashed on Tatooine [TS]

  was that was far away from where the [TS]

  battles taking place but now but [TS]

  presumably there may have been other [TS]

  battles we don't have a nice LOL you [TS]

  don't get there's this the Empire was [TS]

  defeated all over the galaxy in this [TS]

  battle so you know as we see from later [TS]

  in the trailer sometime is fast so [TS]

  presumably there will be more battles [TS]

  also just just to throw it out there [TS]

  the destruction of the death star could [TS]

  have rain down fiery death on the moon [TS]

  of Endor transforming it into a desert [TS]

  planet yet possible entirely possible [TS]

  presence speculation have a lot of sad [TS]

  he walks a lot of city wok music we had [TS]

  a whole forest we're so excited that we [TS]

  won and then all of our foliage was [TS]

  destroyed only the desert he walks [TS]

  survived the villains of episode [TS]

  generally actually are actually fairly [TS]

  walks elbows are jobless the job was in [TS]

  the desert [TS]

  yeah they have the same language they [TS]

  will say obtaining routine that's true [TS]

  kini that's that's a good point the the [TS]

  I do think it's impressive looking at [TS]

  the start crashed our destroyer that [TS]

  that it must have been coming in fairly [TS]

  slow right because otherwise it would [TS]

  have broken into a million pieces so [TS]

  that somebody in the chatroom just [TS]

  that good job Star Destroyer pilot you [TS]

  did kind of as good as we could expect I [TS]

  guess I've been like a long slow slide [TS]

  yeah or could have actually kind of just [TS]

  landed and slowly sunk into the sand and [TS]

  fall into disrepair [TS]

  maybe it's one of those things maybe a [TS]

  day this Star Destroyer that landed on [TS]

  this planet to refuel or something and [TS]

  either got taken over or abandoned it's [TS]

  just yeah [TS]

  unka hunk of abandoned metal i was going [TS]

  to say that thing that stood out to me [TS]

  about it was that my only link we only [TS]

  ever get star destroyers really in space [TS]

  where the relative scale is very [TS]

  different even in the first movie where [TS]

  we get the scale against the spaceship [TS]

  I guess the Tennessee for we get a you [TS]

  know only in relative to like other [TS]

  objects that might be in space so seeing [TS]

  it relative to like the ground is [TS]

  actually makes it to my mind that much [TS]

  more impressive how large it is behind [TS]

  big sand dunes very large maybe it's [TS]

  really close to us i don't like well [TS]

  there's some heat him some haze right [TS]

  that there is a maid to get that to get [TS]

  the the distance right there there's no [TS]

  haze to the x-wing but there's a lot of [TS]

  hay is back behind to the Star Destroyer [TS]

  can we just talk for a second about how [TS]

  beautiful I'm sure it's a cgi matte [TS]

  painting but just how gorgeous that [TS]

  initial shot is because i want that for [TS]

  my desktop and I haven't wanted a star [TS]

  wars photo for my desktop probably since [TS]

  I got my Ralph McQuarrie like my those [TS]

  paintings but that initial opening image [TS]

  is just so evocative of Star Wars it [TS]

  makes me so happy and it's evocative of [TS]

  an after Star Wars like because that's [TS]

  what the series is about it like if you [TS]

  think about you know the prequels are [TS]

  whatever right and then you've got the [TS]

  the main star wars movies and those are [TS]

  about a battle and things are dirty in [TS]

  the future but there's a lot of battle [TS]

  you don't get a lot of aftermath this is [TS]

  kind of one big story about a war and [TS]

  this is so clearly son of like it's the [TS]

  reconstruction error like after war o [TS]

  people are still around but a bunch of [TS]

  crap is broken and it's hanging around [TS]

  to remind you [TS]

  oh yeah there was a war was a good [TS]

  choice of words John because i believe [TS]

  they announced that the first novel that [TS]

  light sort of the new novel that's [TS]

  rebooting the [TS]

  you know star wars books is called [TS]

  aftermath yeah Chuck win big step though [TS]

  yeah I have fallout seems to be sort of [TS]

  the theme here right like that there's [TS]

  you know as John saying like in this was [TS]

  in the same way that this is a [TS]

  university has always been used and [TS]

  weathered you know there is an element [TS]

  of is going to continue to be so and JJ [TS]

  from spread distress that why i like [TS]

  that you know in terms of looking at the [TS]

  universe one of the things he loves [TS]

  about the original movies how they [TS]

  looked so whether it lived in man his [TS]

  love for practical effects which got him [TS]

  a lot of applause from the audience [TS]

  there what else anything else we want to [TS]

  talk about about the about the this this [TS]

  shot the CIA it is i mean i didn't have [TS]

  that Captain Kirk moment because there [TS]

  is a similar shot in JJ Abrams 2009 star [TS]

  trek and which is fine i like that the [TS]

  the refrigerator cars have been along [TS]

  and we've got this the sense of fallout [TS]

  that there was a big war between the [TS]

  Empire and there and the Rebel Alliance [TS]

  and you know it [TS]

  war is messy and there's just there's [TS]

  potentially just junk laying around from [TS]

  when the war was over and the shot do [TS]

  you think of is this then assembling the [TS]

  enterprise on earth yeah whether there's [TS]

  that there's that whole sequence that's [TS]

  his like Luke Skywalker moment in star [TS]

  trek 2009 when when when when he's [TS]

  riding his motorcycle and there's the [TS]

  dust trail and then he pulls up and sees [TS]

  the enterprise there yeah although i [TS]

  think the composition here i really [TS]

  enjoyed the pan reveal because it does [TS]

  take ok we're focusing on this little [TS]

  thing that's flying across there in it [TS]

  ok there's a thing in the view ok the [TS]

  x-wing ok there's a giant star to star [TS]

  there so it's really i think it's a [TS]

  beautiful shot just in its kinetic [TS]

  motion to as we sort of gradually reveal [TS]

  this whole scenery [TS]

  yeah the dune that's right next to the [TS]

  Star Destroyer is the same shade as a [TS]

  starter story so just click the doing [TS]

  just literally changing color and then [TS]

  the doing as like a big Craig Lee spot [TS]

  and like that's no dune it's a spaceship [TS]

  yeah all right let's move on what [TS]

  whenever we hear things go black we hear [TS]

  Luke Skywalker say the force is strong [TS]

  and in in my family my father has it and [TS]

  we see instant done [TS]

  a burned-out brick Darth Vader mask [TS]

  thinking red he was at you know and [TS]

  seeing a couple times again rewatching [TS]

  it on the smaller screen it's like a [TS]

  missile is like a presentation going on [TS]

  here oh yeah it's being presented use it [TS]

  on a pedestal sorry I'm it's a it's a [TS]

  presentation thing that we're were you [TS]

  know it's a great like a crane shot or [TS]

  something or it's or its being yes [TS]

  something isn't presented yeah it's not [TS]

  that it was dug up it was like it it's [TS]

  being stored somewhere i feel like i'm [TS]

  like almost like a museum piece [TS]

  yeah my question is they you know did [TS]

  they burn it and then take it out of the [TS]

  fire and now it's made of tough stuff [TS]

  off [TS]

  well I mean I don't know if it's even on [TS]

  a pedestal or for looking kind of like [TS]

  secret Luke Skywalker cave with momentum [TS]

  with mementos and he just happens to its [TS]

  shaped himself a steel pedestal for for [TS]

  the mementos of his life [TS]

  it could just be a small table and end [TS]

  table that looks great on an empty right [TS]

  it's a it's a conversation starter i [TS]

  really had together [TS]

  so tell me about the mask well my dad [TS]

  everybody has their chocolate my dad [TS]

  board or this mask when he killed a lot [TS]

  of people and they died in it wanted to [TS]

  rule the galaxy with me as father and [TS]

  son that didn't work out but in the end [TS]

  we can we patched things I burned his [TS]

  body and then when that the fire went [TS]

  out we retrieved them burn mask [TS]

  I think it's more likely that this is [TS]

  evil people retrieved it was a totem of [TS]

  the dark side of the force and somebody [TS]

  said either sign of that of your crazy [TS]

  planet Syria it being and/or you know it [TS]

  is that it is a very evil looking at [TS]

  table so it was from the darkside ikea [TS]

  not the light and instructions are [TS]

  really inscrutable and they always make [TS]

  it take out one screw [TS]

  I know they don't like it that if I [TS]

  wondered if this was like giving just [TS]

  you know we saw the shot in conjunction [TS]

  with Luke's voiceover but i also have [TS]

  the impression that let me was holding [TS]

  on to for some reason we hear Luke [TS]

  Skywalker and he's saying something [TS]

  that's [TS]

  not new it also gives us into the fact [TS]

  that i feel like the events of the these [TS]

  movies are tied so strongly to the [TS]

  events of the previous movie like it's [TS]

  not just you know we saw a lot of new [TS]

  characters obviously the first teaser we [TS]

  see a lot here but it also implies you [TS]

  know there's a really close I to be the [TS]

  sort of the sky walker family right like [TS]

  that is still very active here right [TS]

  we're not leaving all that behind and [TS]

  moving on just to focus on like entirely [TS]

  new character [TS]

  yeah this is the suggestion here is very [TS]

  strong but by quoting this dialogue what [TS]

  Luke is doing is talking to somebody in [TS]

  his family who is strong with the force [TS]

  question is probably is it his family or [TS]

  is it latest family [TS]

  I'm inclined to believe it looks [TS]

  yeah like that was another question I [TS]

  just got to my son who is he talking to [TS]

  when he says that because he's talking [TS]

  to somebody [TS]

  presumably who I and and then uh my son [TS]

  said well it's obvious it's obviously [TS]

  Luke's child and I said well looks [TS]

  traveled who's the mother and he hadn't [TS]

  thought of that and he didn't really [TS]

  have an answer and I don't know either [TS]

  because I don't know anything about to [TS]

  be but it's it sounds like he's giving [TS]

  his is sort of you know now it's my now [TS]

  it's the time when you learn about the [TS]

  facts of life one of them axes you [TS]

  probably got the force so I mean 30 [TS]

  years on in 30 years on he probably made [TS]

  met somebody nice and settled down and [TS]

  had a kid so you know I think there's a [TS]

  lot of opportunity in there for him to [TS]

  have plant leucas layer are brother and [TS]

  sister so Luke's Family we can't say [TS]

  Luke's Family and last family they're [TS]

  the same family there are you don't [TS]

  necessarily feel like our the idea [TS]

  layers children [TS]

  yeah what's interesting to me because [TS]

  obviously the entire EU has been thrown [TS]

  out officially and it's not canon [TS]

  anymore but you know as someone who [TS]

  deeply deeply red and love you there are [TS]

  you know latest latest family played a [TS]

  pretty big role in that and in terms of [TS]

  the romances we have seen in the [TS]

  original trilogy it's not out of its not [TS]

  out of the question that we might be [TS]

  talking about last daughter or son but I [TS]

  I do feel like it's an interesting [TS]

  choice to have you [TS]

  deliver it but then again looks the Jedi [TS]

  Master so i don't know i'm i'm so [TS]

  conflicted so many conflicting emotions [TS]

  yes I mean we don't see him here either [TS]

  but I you know I think we probably will [TS]

  get them we're gonna salt in the trailer [TS]

  that's a question that's an open [TS]

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  to our out for supporting be [TS]

  uncomfortable so we move to the next [TS]

  scene and it is a fiery something [TS]

  there's some some members coming off of [TS]

  off of something fiery r2d2 is sitting [TS]

  looking at the fiery thing and a hooded [TS]

  figure with a metal hand [TS]

  and places it on r2d2 could this be Luke [TS]

  Skywalker I think that's the implication [TS]

  could be anybody could be anybody [TS]

  I am I choose to believe ninety-nine [TS]

  percent that it is luke skywalker [TS]

  because i love the idea of lucan are to [TS]

  being that you know with again wizened [TS]

  old Jedi Lucas become a recluse of sorts [TS]

  and is hanging out with his droid buddy [TS]

  in the middle of the swamp essential but [TS]

  why why doesn't he have ye have a middle [TS]

  and that's what I want like it in the [TS]

  skin fell off over the years he always [TS]

  had a metal and it's just white heat if [TS]

  you think you've never prayed he seems [TS]

  like he's not became a recluse right [TS]

  like a cartoon looks a little beat up to [TS]

  right yeah if he decided to run away [TS]

  from the world for whatever reason he [TS]

  wouldn't exactly have access to back to [TS]

  tanks and fancy medical droids of course [TS]

  the creepy internet you know sort of [TS]

  suggestion there also is that it if he [TS]

  starts to also look a lot more like [TS]

  anakin you know with the creepy metal [TS]

  hand so there's a you know looking a [TS]

  certain amount of darth vader and as [TS]

  we've just seen in the previous shot ya [TS]

  know I the reason I thought it wasn't [TS]

  Luke is because his arm looks skinny [TS]

  yeah he does what he is going to come [TS]

  down to that looks like a 18 to 24 year [TS]

  old not like you know it looks like a [TS]

  young man a young man's arm and you [TS]

  can't tell from that you have something [TS]

  about the hood dark hood and light [TS]

  sleeve mismatch to i also thought was a [TS]

  lot if you want to get a picky [TS]

  why stop now well I mean the dark hood [TS]

  symbolizing the dark side of the rest [TS]

  more like will be wide dark dark local [TS]

  light shirt it's the mixture of the two [TS]

  I don't know how this fashion could've [TS]

  changed in 30 years i don't know i like [TS]

  the idea that potentially Luke you know [TS]

  isn't wearing the he's embraced his [TS]

  robot arm numbness and there's no way [TS]

  just one more assignment just closer to [TS]

  his father if that if that is Luke it's [TS]

  just kind of like in a galaxy like that [TS]

  he's I mean look at his shirts dirty [TS]

  everything's dirty it's just like well [TS]

  the skin started to fall off after a [TS]

  while and I didn't want to go back into [TS]

  most Eisley or wherever to get fixed and [TS]

  so living out in the woods as many years [TS]

  guess what all the skin is gone but [TS]

  and you can see my robot and barely [TS]

  possible but like I said that arm looks [TS]

  skinny to me and like he looks like kind [TS]

  of like he's doing like a Vulcan [TS]

  mind-meld with it was through their [TS]

  supposed to be either pat him gently but [TS]

  it's like is he going to fix something [TS]

  inside his brain magically which made me [TS]

  wonder if there was like a if it could [TS]

  be like a feeling trying to get [TS]

  information out of our to that was sort [TS]

  of the thing I felt like the first time [TS]

  I saw because I agree didn't look at the [TS]

  movie looked a little threatening right [TS]

  and so he's by a campfire I guess [TS]

  something that gives off members at [TS]

  first I thought he might've been a lava [TS]

  planet but I'm like no those that love [TS]

  doesn't give up members i don't think i [TS]

  was so 2000 John I know just trying to [TS]

  you know identify the planets yeah it's [TS]

  a fun it's a fire of some kind whether [TS]

  it's a campfire or not I can't see any [TS]

  s'mores there but it's not your type of [TS]

  campfire I'm sad that I can't really [TS]

  walk it right this second because of the [TS]

  information driving because what i [TS]

  thought i mean i watch the trailer for [TS]

  probably 15 times this afternoon maybe [TS]

  more [TS]

  I and it seemed very sweet like very [TS]

  much like a sweet gesture to me not a [TS]

  sinister gesture but maybe maybe I just [TS]

  can't see anything involving our to you [TS]

  as a sinister scene but uh we'll see [TS]

  i'll i have to go back and re-watch it [TS]

  out i think the trailer implies that [TS]

  this is Luke but it might not be but I [TS]

  think the trailer is absolutely trying [TS]

  to imply it right when we mentioned my [TS]

  father we see Darth Vader when we when [TS]

  we mention submission me [TS]

  we see this hand we mention this sister [TS]

  we see what looks like a woman handing a [TS]

  lightsaber to somebody in the next scene [TS]

  right I handing over a lightsaber [TS]

  ok so i have a climate issue which is it [TS]

  this looks to my eyes to be Anakin's [TS]

  original white and the blue cat in star [TS]

  wars empire strikes back with lots are [TS]

  tumbling into the gas clouds of best [TS]

  bitter want some senior think so [TS]

  somebody went down and coming I guess I [TS]

  have to find my lightsaber on these [TS]

  things [TS]

  the force is strong with that lightsaber [TS]

  no I am I am 99.5 percent short that is [TS]

  in fact that looks kind of Anakin's [TS]

  original lightsaber and Luke's [TS]

  lightsaber for a new hope [TS]

  yeah either that one or 10 or its want [TS]

  to say matters it is identical but all [TS]

  lightsabers are not all lightsabers are [TS]

  unique in theory according to you know I [TS]

  get you [TS]

  so I guess it could all you know maybe [TS]

  they just make identical lightsabers now [TS]

  about that said mom I mean I don't think [TS]

  they would do [TS]

  there's no reason they were making [TS]

  identical problem is it was like rebuilt [TS]

  for nostalgic reasons it does look [TS]

  pretty shiny but now that's the one [TS]

  having built both that lightsaber and [TS]

  Darth Vader's lightsaber out of Lego I [TS]

  spend a while studying them and i'm [TS]

  pretty sure that's so then the question [TS]

  becomes of course why why is that [TS]

  lightsaber here and why is that why is a [TS]

  female hand again apparently to wait [TS]

  another few minutes I'll hands so the [TS]

  question is like is either one of the [TS]

  sets of hands Carrie Fisher I can't [TS]

  really tell [TS]

  I don't think the one-handed an office [TS]

  Carrie Fisher the one receiving it might [TS]

  be but it's hard to say that seems like [TS]

  the suggestion again based on the [TS]

  framing and based on the voiceover but [TS]

  you know we've been it's unclear right [TS]

  they deliberately or not she's wearing [TS]

  of some sort [TS]

  they deliberately are not like you know [TS]

  panting up to her face obviously so [TS]

  we're left with some position [TS]

  alright anything more to say about [TS]

  handing over a lightsaber well there's [TS]

  significant 72 and i won't go into [TS]

  details you know miners they may be [TS]

  mentioned during the panel today but [TS]

  like it does look as though me like [TS]

  something is being you know turned over [TS]

  almost like it was found maybe I don't [TS]

  know maybe it was on it maybe was on an [TS]

  end table 8 x coordinate is helping [TS]

  interesting look at Walker's private at [TS]

  predator captive strange oddities now I [TS]

  you know the one thing i will say that [TS]

  really got me excited [TS]

  those are definitely female hands and [TS]

  there's something really exciting about [TS]

  seeing women hands and lightsabers [TS]

  because that's not we really haven't [TS]

  seen female Jedi or aside from you know [TS]

  in animation so the drama and stuff [TS]

  potential female Jedi gets me very [TS]

  excited they were in the prequels don't [TS]

  agree with this but yes but not much is [TS]

  not much to do [TS]

  that's not to think about it yeah I'm [TS]

  I'm excluding the prequels because to me [TS]

  honestly I'm I'm ready to forget they [TS]

  haven't [TS]

  we've done those podcasts and looks like [TS]

  there might be two runs in the [TS]

  background there it's kind of hard to [TS]

  tell [TS]

  look sir droids are just focus yeah and [TS]

  like so even though we can't see the [TS]

  people's faces you get the impression of [TS]

  the person who's receiving the [TS]

  lightsaber is looking down at it like [TS]

  you know there's an angle that maybe [TS]

  they're not just hand each others like I [TS]

  found the end table put it away like [TS]

  it's you know like like dances like a [TS]

  handoff of like there's no ever wanted [TS]

  you to have this or we found this or [TS]

  whatever yeah one that's also it's sort [TS]

  of painting up like this is a a smaller [TS]

  person giving it to a much taller person [TS]

  so although I again the context of the [TS]

  trailer would have you believe this is [TS]

  Princess Leia handing her father's [TS]

  lightsaber to the next generation [TS]

  it could very easily be something [TS]

  completely different and i'll point out [TS]

  that although it looks it looks like [TS]

  these are these are women's hands [TS]

  potentially gwendoline christie is in [TS]

  this movie and she's tall and yeah maybe [TS]

  that's her receiving it because the [TS]

  person receiving it is much taller than [TS]

  the person giving it i was thinking the [TS]

  person receiving it was later and that [TS]

  could be the person giving you a [TS]

  seahorse even could be seated small [TS]

  houses but i thought i could do I agreed [TS]

  with a person receives a PLA there is a [TS]

  lot of focus also on the obviously again [TS]

  we're focused on a lightsaber here are [TS]

  action sort of moves with that [TS]

  so once again with the weight is given [TS]

  to an object rather than to a character [TS]

  literally what you're saying that the [TS]

  droid is enough object not a character [TS]

  I'm saying that it's a it is not a [TS]

  person it is a you know it is a it's not [TS]

  a princess not a flesh-and-blood person [TS]

  that the handing off does look like it's [TS]

  an alien too by the way in one frame you [TS]

  can see that that that looks like it's [TS]

  an orange alien with a funny face [TS]

  justice suntan i'm on that unknown name [TS]

  distant planet right at hand look you [TS]

  two [TS]

  yeah like this to me knuckles your hands [TS]

  will look like that's too someday but we [TS]

  did we did find my lightsaber in the [TS]

  best burnout floating zone and our [TS]

  submarine came back with this then okay [TS]

  and then you have the power to this [TS]

  Christmas boom and we get lightsabers [TS]

  are not like super x-wings again zooming [TS]

  across the water [TS]

  a very different shot this time from the [TS]

  one that we saw in the first teaser [TS]

  where we were kind of watching them from [TS]

  the side and now we're right in front of [TS]

  them [TS]

  that was the morning this is after the [TS]

  successful mission is this beautiful i [TS]

  love them them kicking up water although [TS]

  have imagined you're like out fishing [TS]

  one day and you're just like that area [TS]

  fishing fish and then the and suddenly [TS]

  this weekend x-wing blue those stupid [TS]

  x-wing blue angels always lie and kids [TS]

  yeah yeah nice nice weeks there it's a [TS]

  great another great sort of like [TS]

  movement shot again you know we talked [TS]

  about this in the first podcast about [TS]

  the trailers you know but so many space [TS]

  battles of course in the original [TS]

  trilogy taking place in you know in the [TS]

  blackness of space because it's a lot [TS]

  easier to Matt shots against them and so [TS]

  seeing x-wings flying through the [TS]

  atmosphere is still quite a treat [TS]

  yeah it's all it's aight x-wings in the [TS]

  shot by my count it seems alright and [TS]

  then making trouble and upsetting the [TS]

  fish and oscar isaac is like an night is [TS]

  going woohoo [TS]

  he seems pretty happy but not yet be [TS]

  that's not what he's saying oh we still [TS]

  have our red black sort of you know [TS]

  helmet motif going on the recognizable [TS]

  rebel symbol some more about shan his [TS]

  little toilets jacket there but like you [TS]

  know so much again like so much what we [TS]

  saw seem so to you know take directly to [TS]

  the original trilogy so you guys are [TS]

  bigger ship nerds that I am how much [TS]

  different is are these models of X way [TS]

  from our return of the jedi they have [TS]

  split engines like the engines are [TS]

  semicircles rather than full circles [TS]

  which they tie believe are in the [TS]

  original trilogy so like they look then [TS]

  we talked about this a little bit on the [TS]

  first broadcasted they look a little bit [TS]

  more like the realms McCrory concept art [TS]

  which I know they drew heavily from we [TS]

  also have split wings biggest so unlike [TS]

  a regular x-wing where when the wings [TS]

  are closed you see two wings a top wing [TS]

  like a top piece of bread and a bottom [TS]

  like about a piece of bread in this [TS]

  situation on these x-wings when they [TS]

  close one [TS]

  part of the Rings the front half of the [TS]

  wing and one part of the back at but [TS]

  it's one layer thing [TS]

  yeah yeah okay it's easier to see that [TS]

  after they're like the flyover I like [TS]

  the super seventies plastic box on Oscar [TS]

  Isaac so yes there with the big plastic [TS]

  but ass [TS]

  it's like a like a Nintendo cartridge [TS]

  has been attached to his chest right [TS]

  enjoy that it actually doesn't do [TS]

  anything even in the star wars universe [TS]

  is just there for like continuity he's [TS]

  going to organ computer in the back has [TS]

  got plastic tubes like all nine yards [TS]

  ya gonna do how I i know i get to talk [TS]

  in that first trailer thing so i just [TS]

  have to shut make it brief shoutout for [TS]

  just how real this movie looks Bob and I [TS]

  know that was one of JJ Abrams big goals [TS]

  is to you know sort of return us to the [TS]

  the tangible aspect of the star wars [TS]

  universe and every single shot i see [TS]

  including of course droids which i'm [TS]

  sure we will talk about later on I just [TS]

  get me so it fills me with a joy for [TS]

  star wars that i really haven't had a [TS]

  long time because the prequels felt so [TS]

  plasticky right they didn't it didn't [TS]

  feel like you could walk into that world [TS]

  anywhere up whereas i feel like this [TS]

  this version of Star Wars JJ Abrams Star [TS]

  Wars feels so lived in and it feels [TS]

  outdoorsy more like it doesn't feel [TS]

  soundstage like a lot of the prequels I [TS]

  mean if you do it in a soundstage and [TS]

  you can make a lookout Doors you win [TS]

  like I don't care if you actually do it [TS]

  on location but you have to like if it [TS]

  looks if i look at it and say that's a [TS]

  sound stage with green screens you [TS]

  failed and so much of a likely said I [TS]

  outdoorsy John after we talked to him [TS]

  for a while at the bonfire see ya ya ya [TS]

  can be like an inversion to start where [TS]

  else if that's on a soundstage I don't [TS]

  care as long as I think it's outside but [TS]

  so much of the prequels was like did not [TS]

  look like it was outside the lighting [TS]

  was off [TS]

  I you know it's not like you can see [TS]

  Matt lines or green screen or anything [TS]

  but you could just tell like that's [TS]

  clearly not uh you know that they don't [TS]

  you have not convinced me to their [TS]

  outdoors even though you're trying to [TS]

  tell me their address you have not [TS]

  convinced me that was outside the window [TS]

  is that right [TS]

  shiny it's the matrix right it's all the [TS]

  whiting wasn't there yet nice rented you [TS]

  know JJ Abrams talked a little bit today [TS]

  about [TS]

  like wanting everything to look like you [TS]

  know you can easily mentioned that very [TS]

  fact like the lighting looks good here [TS]

  if he did a very good job of talking [TS]

  about what he liked about the original [TS]

  without saying explicitly this is what [TS]

  went wrong with the prequels but it felt [TS]

  very much like that was the kind exactly [TS]

  what he was saying [TS]

  yeah it's hard to do like when you have [TS]

  you know is a fine line here at you have [TS]

  an indoor scene and there's a window and [TS]

  outside the window is outdoors and it's [TS]

  not really an important part of the [TS]

  scene but if you don't make the outside [TS]

  of the window looks like the actual [TS]

  outdoors the whole thing feels [TS]

  claustrophobic and you feel like you [TS]

  feel like you're just in like you know [TS]

  the truman show where it's like there's [TS]

  a movie showing outside your window [TS]

  really you're inside deep inside [TS]

  something you know it just feels too [TS]

  confined [TS]

  it's funny to me because I feel I still [TS]

  feel like you know looking back the [TS]

  prequels momentarily [TS]

  the only thing that feels real about the [TS]

  prequels to be are some of the [TS]

  Palestines on Naboo and some of the [TS]

  summer cottage on the zoo because that [TS]

  actually was shot on location and shot [TS]

  outdoors and featured real buildings [TS]

  well but at some of the Tatooine stuff [TS]

  and in episode one especially to mission [TS]

  and my piano and you if they have less [TS]

  challenging scenario so first of all I [TS]

  think the entire pod race which of [TS]

  course happens nowhere but in a computer [TS]

  for the most part or with tiny models [TS]

  that are shot on a set that for the most [TS]

  part feels like it's outdoors [TS]

  alright well you know but like you think [TS]

  it was much easier senior like well [TS]

  we're gonna have these people sitting on [TS]

  a couch in Khorasan and they're on a [TS]

  balcony or this big open window you can [TS]

  get away like going up in an escalator [TS]

  or elevator [TS]

  yeah i didn't i didn't feel like any of [TS]

  the things out the windows were really [TS]

  there I felt like it was a movie playing [TS]

  behind them and it just it kills it you [TS]

  can get away with in the pod racing [TS]

  because it's fast and blurry well it's [TS]

  very bright [TS]

  it's real lighting and it's nothing like [TS]

  anything that's really like we all can [TS]

  identify we've all seen people sitting [TS]

  on a couch [TS]

  very few of us have seen actual Padre [TS]

  cysts right like it's I think it's [TS]

  easier to sell a desert and bright [TS]

  someone that it is to sell a movie [TS]

  Twilight sitting behind peoples then you [TS]

  have to match the lighting of like well [TS]

  it was moody Twilight outside and [TS]

  Coruscant [TS]

  how would the light look on people's [TS]

  faces indoors and then just does a [TS]

  slight mismatch and that's all it takes [TS]

  so I'm i also wanted to point out that [TS]

  the i like i like the outdoorsy stuff [TS]

  JJ Abrams said today [TS]

  not a spoiler but that they are looking [TS]

  at an assembly of the whole movie [TS]

  without this without the CGI and he said [TS]

  the great thing about it is you know [TS]

  what's going on and that's because [TS]

  there's so much real stuff in it and [TS]

  again the implication there is if you're [TS]

  shooting on a virtual set all you have [TS]

  is people in front of a green screen and [TS]

  you don't know what you're seeing and [TS]

  that little shy playing charades right [TS]

  your actors don't have anything to react [TS]

  to exactly and that's why I like a lord [TS]

  of the rings they had Andy Serkis [TS]

  they're wearing the little funny [TS]

  jumpsuit with the ping-pong balls the [TS]

  even though they're gonna totally erase [TS]

  him and that's just what he wears John [TS]

  geez that's why he wasn't wearing the [TS]

  ping-pong balls but anywhere wearing the [TS]

  jumpsuit it's like why is even in this [TS]

  scene is to give them something to act [TS]

  off of to say it roughly it's gonna look [TS]

  like this guy [TS]

  yes speaking of things that act up can [TS]

  we talk about mediate yet no not yet [TS]

  nope we don't get worried that we we're [TS]

  gonna go in order here so hold on next [TS]

  scene next scene we have a we have [TS]

  apparently our villain and this and this [TS]

  villain is care is this is our friend [TS]

  with the with the lightsaber with the [TS]

  two little scarred lightsaber is coming [TS]

  off of it the villain villain is wearing [TS]

  a dark cloak but not white a white shirt [TS]

  and has a am a ski mask on and is [TS]

  swiping is swiping very rapidly along [TS]

  with sparks by the way swiping a bonfire [TS]

  to is a bonfire stormtrooper and a [TS]

  bonfire stormtrooper and a and a tent [TS]

  and a lightsaber without like when you [TS]

  said swiping very vigorously Jason [TS]

  because you made it sound like he was [TS]

  using an iphone yeah swipe that he's [TS]

  trying to unlock his lights in with all [TS]

  these masks and you know like they have [TS]

  a hooded figures who are also wearing [TS]

  masks they look kind of robotic and [TS]

  wearing shiny gloves are getting a big [TS]

  destiny vibe off this guy haha [TS]

  is hunter class obviously now warlock [TS]

  please [TS]

  oh no look at the mud look at the ball [TS]

  I don't know it's hard anyways yeah he's [TS]

  got a light saber and he's hitting [TS]

  something and he seems upset and by the [TS]

  way this is the same bonfire e-type [TS]

  scene because you've got the embers yeah [TS]

  looks like a TV in the background and a [TS]

  stormtrooper behind him so it looks like [TS]

  kind of the same setting where we just [TS]

  are two and the weird creepy hand [TS]

  yeah there's a lot of bonfire your [TS]

  rising on aren't you could be I that is [TS]

  a very short scene it's followed [TS]

  immediately by a shot of daisy ridley [TS]

  and John boyega and bb/9 running / roll [TS]

  with her BB BB BB is equal [TS]

  yeah you before BB king BB King you [TS]

  really want John boyega are all running [TS]

  went out that every single shot of John [TS]

  boyega we have in this trailer and the [TS]

  last trailer he's always running routes [TS]

  but he'll African yeah he's it's like a [TS]

  bad day for him so far [TS]

  I gotta love that he's like c-3po of [TS]

  this movie [TS]

  can I just liked it you know we work [TS]

  this is a I you know we it's not giving [TS]

  anything away say that he is eight main [TS]

  character you know I and he's because [TS]

  he's been featured very heavily and all [TS]

  of this is punchy face we see in the [TS]

  first light and and I like to think the [TS]

  fact that like we're all used to having [TS]

  characters were hyper competent great [TS]

  everything he just seems like he's [TS]

  freaked out on him and I really enjoy [TS]

  these sweaty he's put upon he's scared [TS]

  he's running away from explosions just [TS]

  like you know he should not get out of [TS]

  bed that morning yeah in this so in this [TS]

  second at-bat we she's gotta a stick of [TS]

  some kind [TS]

  he's he's just running with a leather [TS]

  jacket and and bb-8 is rolling himself [TS]

  away as eight from a an explosion that [TS]

  keeps getting worse because it tie [TS]

  fighter a single time I fighter is a [TS]

  strafing wherever they're running away [TS]

  from on sandy planet and the fighter as [TS]

  usual has lousy game yesterday little [TS]

  shooting at the enemy shooting at the [TS]

  building they're running out of its [TS]

  shooting at them then it's got really [TS]

  bad aim shooting at that building maybe [TS]

  the TIE fighter like piles I've got an [TS]

  upgrade in the last 30 years [TS]

  yeah you see something like it looks [TS]

  like a bunch of disks buried in the [TS]

  background [TS]

  it's not supposed to be but look how [TS]

  Jeff shield generator yeah Empire is [TS]

  just a hunk of junk buried in the ground [TS]

  and there's some other people off to the [TS]

  left also running away from this [TS]

  explosion Bismarck State Building yeah [TS]

  the building has been recently evacuated [TS]

  because explosion caused tie fighters [TS]

  are coming to blown up [TS]

  yes I really wanted to make our adorable [TS]

  little ball droid roll away from [TS]

  explosions [TS]

  yeah and so you know this is something [TS]

  where r 2 unless he uses his little [TS]

  prequel jetpacks like he's not going to [TS]

  be able to keep up with people running [TS]

  away from an explosion but the ball [TS]

  droid [TS]

  no problem sand ball droid handles and [TS]

  bb-8 handle sandwich and generally also [TS]

  a in inline of him being upset about [TS]

  things about halfway through this little [TS]

  clip when the the latest firing from the [TS]

  TIE fighter smacks and there's a second [TS]

  explosion he does an extra screen mid [TS]

  screen because uh yeah he's definitely [TS]

  having a rough day bad data and the [TS]

  woman running see she's you know seems [TS]

  much more together [TS]

  I don't have time to mention she's [TS]

  carrying the big bass clarinet or [TS]

  whatever she's got no she just for [TS]

  running away with the bank statement but [TS]

  not really [TS]

  tusken raider staff to you later staffed [TS]

  not wait those are curved on the end [TS]

  table like an acorn Lightcap usually [TS]

  right is looking better because i saw i [TS]

  saw plastic and I was gonna say just and [TS]

  wondered once you go to the Star Wars [TS]

  convention or something and she by the [TS]

  way she is wearing a total Luke [TS]

  Skywalker e Tatooine a new hope outfit [TS]

  here [TS]

  oh yeah yeah yeahs to the wraps [TS]

  yeah it's the long flowing she she has [TS]

  only she has a light color to me that I [TS]

  want to be the only difference is they [TS]

  want to show a little bit more skin so [TS]

  she's her sleeves don't connect all the [TS]

  way up to the you know the inner park so [TS]

  it's a little bit reviewing on her than [TS]

  it was on Luke because the other point [TS]

  Portman's terrible outfit from yes [TS]

  exactly an idea let's get this could be [TS]

  a stylistic choice was that an [TS]

  uncharitable could get scared [TS]

  that's good time for a brief break to [TS]

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  front now back to the show [TS]

  BB BB 8 when it is in the shot so if you [TS]

  want to talk about about it you do that [TS]

  now [TS]

  okay well not not to spoil anything for [TS]

  John but i think he knows this already [TS]

  it's a physical prop yeah they said that [TS]

  during the first trailer they have it on [TS]

  rolling around on stage today I do have [TS]

  some pictures of it rolling around on [TS]

  stage that's pretty crazy i have copious [TS]

  video because oh my gosh if they don't [TS]

  figure out a way to market him into the [TS]

  most adorable christmas toy i will cry I [TS]

  I think Star Wars has got your marketing [TS]

  taken care of cable disaster was asking [TS]

  about that on Twitter today and about [TS]

  the possible way could work and [TS]

  eventually through his tweets i saw that [TS]

  like there's some toy company did fear [TS]

  of it [TS]

  yeah that that has pioneered the [TS]

  technology to make toys like this and [TS]

  they use that same thing to make the [TS]

  price still say when I see the one in [TS]

  the original teaser where it's bouncing [TS]

  along real fast but the thing bouncing [TS]

  on it oh yeah it still looks a little [TS]

  bit CGH to me but like the physical [TS]

  wanna it's kind of like where you know [TS]

  the original movies they had multiple [TS]

  are to some remote controls [TS]

  the Kenny Baker was in and everything [TS]

  like i imagine that there are many shots [TS]

  with the practical deviate in them and [TS]

  their other shots for a hero cg like [TS]

  this one for instance it could be seeing [TS]

  you on his way in the background is [TS]

  blurry yet wouldn't have bothered to try [TS]

  to get the droid like I don't know how [TS]

  fast toilet can move is what i'm getting [TS]

  at it but ya wanna hit up boo super fast [TS]

  i will fit [TS]

  yeah interesting tidbit kathleen kennedy [TS]

  mentioned that Robert Iger himself after [TS]

  his company apparently for the body [TS]

  well there was a story reported last [TS]

  October that Sphero said it would be [TS]

  partnering with Disney star wars [TS]

  franchise to make a new toy [TS]

  so there you guys what yeah there's the [TS]

  answer and then it looks like there's a [TS]

  there's like a magnetic connection for [TS]

  the for the head unit electromagnets [TS]

  yeah although it does yeah it does move [TS]

  a lot slower on stage and you could tell [TS]

  like it whirled around pretty well but [TS]

  every once awhile look like I'm never [TS]

  like on the verge of falling for ya like [TS]

  I don't have my theory on how it worked [TS]

  having seen the two second clip of the [TS]

  physical one rolling around on twitter i [TS]

  was that it's not involving magnets that [TS]

  basically the thing on top is on top of [TS]

  a bunch of wheels that would they can [TS]

  roll in various directions and basically [TS]

  the ball on the bottom is easy to make a [TS]

  ball that self-propelled right we know [TS]

  how to do that with internal you know [TS]

  motors and weights and stuff and then a [TS]

  thing on top simply races to stay atop [TS]

  the ball is in which direction the ball [TS]

  is moving and correcting for it and so [TS]

  that puts a limit on the speed because [TS]

  you suddenly make the ball starts to [TS]

  move very quickly in the head can't [TS]

  react fast enough to help local toppling [TS]

  off like that it's not actually [TS]

  connected there know Maggie's holding on [TS]

  the only thing holding it on is gravity [TS]

  and little tiny wheels and motors that [TS]

  keep it a top of thing [TS]

  yeah based on what cable because I was [TS]

  following that threat as well i think [TS]

  the the original MIT project the cable [TS]

  found was using electromagnets and [TS]

  basically a balancing rod inside the [TS]

  actual actual ball so I I don't know I I [TS]

  tend to believe that it is at least [TS]

  magnetic in nature based on what the [TS]

  based on the footage I saw of it rolling [TS]

  around on stage the problem of thing [TS]

  that with the magnets is like I mean I i [TS]

  guess if you had just the shell of the [TS]

  ball rotating but the internal magnet [TS]

  always stays point straight up number [TS]

  two how the ball rolls you know domain [TS]

  like what is yeah I don't know what I'm [TS]

  trying to think what's i'm thinking of [TS]

  it the way that you know like when [TS]

  you're a kid you play with like magnets [TS]

  shavings and you put the magnet [TS]

  underneath the paper and as you move the [TS]

  paper from side-to-side the magnet [TS]

  shavings move from side to side i have [TS]

  to assume that they have a magnet like [TS]

  on a tray of some kind and then the tray [TS]

  is robot robotically controlled so that [TS]

  basically the idea being that as they [TS]

  should tell the train to go left the [TS]

  magnet goes laughter than the ball head [TS]

  rotates lamps and such are i'm trying to [TS]

  think about what economic the builds a [TS]

  toy and the thing that makes it you know [TS]

  electromagnets that's power and [TS]

  everything but on the other hand to do [TS]

  it the way I described requires fairly [TS]

  fast and sophisticated computers to [TS]

  react to the ball so maybe that would [TS]

  only be practical for the actual prop so [TS]

  yeah we will all get these toys & [TS]

  finance community involvement find out [TS]

  what ya many BBS die different word [TS]

  android but now i really like what toys [TS]

  aside i do want to be v8 but i really [TS]

  love the design of his droid i know a [TS]

  lot of people made fun of him for being [TS]

  a little bit of soccer ball in the first [TS]

  and the first trailer up but I [TS]

  especially watching him on that on the [TS]

  keynote today and watching the second [TS]

  trailer it's such a different like we we [TS]

  seeing the ad astra max and we've gotten [TS]

  so used to ask the maximum gotten so [TS]

  used two protocol droids on that this is [TS]

  a very different it's very different [TS]

  type of movement and they seem to have [TS]

  discovered that you know even with a [TS]

  circular with a circular droid you can [TS]

  still do the same kind of expressive [TS]

  movement and maybe even more so that [TS]

  then we were able to do with the r2 and [TS]

  with c-3po and all the other models and [TS]

  I'm there you know there are a couple [TS]

  shots here and there which I guess we'll [TS]

  talk to we get there but it really it [TS]

  really feels like they've managed to [TS]

  give bb-8 a personality of his own [TS]

  without having to make him in our to [TS]

  stand in and without having you know [TS]

  while he's not replacing the droids we [TS]

  know and love he's his own his own [TS]

  creature and I think I think [TS]

  he's going to be a fan favorite pretty [TS]

  close pretty quickly he's already kind [TS]

  of which is way into my heart he's a [TS]

  scrapper your droid for a time when [TS]

  there is less you know there's less [TS]

  organization it seems like even you know [TS]

  you have all the rebels were scrappy in [TS]

  the Empire was very organized but still [TS]

  the rebels had some you know they had a [TS]

  thing going whereas this we keep seeing [TS]

  these individual characters running away [TS]

  from explosions and dry like they don't [TS]

  look organized and they would have [TS]

  destroyed because like this is the [TS]

  little person with dried he goes around [TS]

  with them and it's a much more sort of [TS]

  ragtag bunch of individuals and trying [TS]

  to make their way in the world then they [TS]

  don't look like they're part of any [TS]

  organized resistance or anything right [TS]

  goes to the same point about John boyega [TS]

  again once like not sort of being on top [TS]

  of my main question about bb-8 is what [TS]

  is his actual droid functionality like [TS]

  what was he built for he is obviously a [TS]

  giant like soccer referee or is the [TS]

  answer ya don't come don't get the [TS]

  referee so there's a quick cut from this [TS]

  era fade and then we cut to the RR [TS]

  villain again [TS]

  who's this friend is your name saying I [TS]

  ran this is your namesake el pelo red [TS]

  color and the bad guy [TS]

  yes it's the same guy with the with it [TS]

  with that mask and that and that and [TS]

  that a at a lightsaber didn't know [TS]

  anybody played kotor right fielder [TS]

  Publius yeah i don't i don't know i [TS]

  don't know how much of that we want to [TS]

  get it too if anything I don't know [TS]

  anything about that but i want to [TS]

  mention i just say that the mask is very [TS]

  interesting very yeah it looks a lot [TS]

  like a lot of the baby there have been a [TS]

  number of video games with sort of dark [TS]

  jedi sith would have you in them and [TS]

  they almost invariably seem to have some [TS]

  creepy going on the face region [TS]

  well I'm Darth Vader email or you had a [TS]

  mask right artists started that is a [TS]

  trend was trend the fashion statement [TS]

  what is it about six lords and having an [TS]

  inability to breathe properly wash [TS]

  allergies the dark side of the force [TS]

  makes you very susceptible to sunburn [TS]

  so you have to protect yourself with a [TS]

  dark cloak and a mask their their arm so [TS]

  here we've got people that look like [TS]

  prisoners or refugees or something being [TS]

  held at gunpoint by some stormtroopers [TS]

  in the background there are various fire [TS]

  is going [TS]

  on including more embers and we have cut [TS]

  kylo Ren our villain spin around with [TS]

  his lightsaber and reach out with a [TS]

  grasping hand right like it like it [TS]

  they were supposed to be attending to [TS]

  these prisoners / refugee / whatever and [TS]

  suddenly notices there's something [TS]

  coming from the direction that the [TS]

  camera is coming from and he turns [TS]

  around quickly and with his lightsaber [TS]

  up with his little force and poking out [TS]

  and and then this is it actually is the [TS]

  camera is the problem is it out and wait [TS]

  for being filmed for the office [TS]

  no autographs no autographs sorry I know [TS]

  it's not a baller or is it a droid I [TS]

  can't tell [TS]

  please do not pass myself he's a working [TS]

  set i love the new empire logo [TS]

  I don't obviously i don't know if it's [TS]

  the empire but the the logos been [TS]

  changed in some interesting ways that [TS]

  the higher design firm to try to freshen [TS]

  it [TS]

  yeah so the next in the next shot [TS]

  whatever is left of the Empire and and I [TS]

  think so this the next shot has a whole [TS]

  bunch of Stormtroopers I'd like a big [TS]

  podium above with a whole bunch of [TS]

  people on it including on dude [TS]

  sometimes your black right and this red [TS]

  and this read it and they're on a nice i [TS]

  see location are others no hard hard as [TS]

  I icy snowy location and and a there's a [TS]

  red banner with this black symbol on it [TS]

  that is almost to the symbol of of [TS]

  Greendale Community College from [TS]

  community but not quite varied the [TS]

  background right and admit button [TS]

  brothers a stripper to you can 15 is [TS]

  where things got a little skirt [TS]

  oh yeah there is a snowtrooper back [TS]

  there and that all the way in the back [TS]

  you're a good spot turbolasers on the [TS]

  side there from new hope you got the new [TS]

  storm trooper design which is [TS]

  interesting and it like that it is it [TS]

  almost start circling back to the [TS]

  prequel trooper design because it's [TS]

  smooth over it is less tubular and less [TS]

  lumpy and more sort of like it [TS]

  Abby you try to maps like the technology [TS]

  looking different for a purpose but this [TS]

  almost looks like they restyled it like [TS]

  when you restore a car for the new model [TS]

  year [TS]

  yeah new empire and reselling it yet to [TS]

  touch on colts old styles they do look [TS]

  kind of duck face [TS]

  but I kind of enjoy that spit smoothies [TS]

  in this spring empire but they actually [TS]

  it's a little weird because the rest of [TS]

  the the rest of the universe feels so as [TS]

  you were describing before like broken [TS]

  and lived in whereas i feel like with [TS]

  this is a structure for uniforms feel [TS]

  very very shiny [TS]

  yeah that's the aesthetic they're [TS]

  clearly going for with for the the evil [TS]

  guys later we see another black shiny I [TS]

  their guns are shining their outfits are [TS]

  shiny they are shiny [TS]

  I mean even even that they're the [TS]

  strangely colored typewriter is shinier [TS]

  than normal like are still waiting out [TS]

  there still in this big hunk of junk [TS]

  thing with all the Canterbury lasers and [TS]

  some snow but that they themselves are [TS]

  trying to look as prim and proper and [TS]

  Chinese possible and and a tip for the [TS]

  Empire really don't have any kind of [TS]

  meetings with the giant red banner [TS]

  behind you because it tells me that [TS]

  snazzy ish [TS]

  yeah well be hard to pull that off and [TS]

  still be good [TS]

  that's what they're going for I i like [TS]

  the implication here that this is the [TS]

  thread in the movie is that the Empire [TS]

  has got new stuff they're back this [TS]

  whatever this is new empire splinter [TS]

  group trying to come back [TS]

  are they are breaking out you might say [TS]

  but they they might be striking back and [TS]

  when a bit they've bought some new armor [TS]

  and they've got a new flag horses [TS]

  awakening [TS]

  yeah so that that a that's that but I I [TS]

  that is intriguing right because um that [TS]

  is one of the questions like I thought [TS]

  we beat the empire but nope nope there's [TS]

  stormtroopers and there's like they got [TS]

  a meeting and made that someone's gonna [TS]

  give a speech and that's not good right [TS]

  dr. prison honest yeah they got their [TS]

  new ships and everything yeah we'll see [TS]

  that in a second [TS]

  no good we dissolve two-shot of I guess [TS]

  that's is that Daisy Ridley again I [TS]

  believe it yet and she's looking up and [TS]

  that's really all that happens in that [TS]

  shot is that she looks up nice lighting [TS]

  is very pretty that's what happens that [TS]

  shot [TS]

  yeah she's not she's not a drinking milk [TS]

  and she's also sweaty and dirty [TS]

  yeah yep and she looks up perhaps to see [TS]

  two Tie Fighters scooping downward [TS]

  different seen through the through the [TS]

  clouds totally different see this [TS]

  trailer logic right the trailer logic is [TS]

  she looks up and tie fighters come down [TS]

  even though it's totally not connected [TS]

  and one of them goes through a cloud [TS]

  because they're showing off for some [TS]

  yeah because TIE fighters because TIE [TS]

  fighters they could be embers from a [TS]

  bonfire we don't know they have the tie [TS]

  fighters looks crappy or two like I [TS]

  don't know if it's the same model [TS]

  performance they look thinner and [TS]

  spindly are in the same way the new [TS]

  x-wings look a little bit like that the [TS]

  wind the wings are thinned out and of [TS]

  course the reverse color it makes and it [TS]

  gives these sort of same ships x-wing [TS]

  fighters a very different look even [TS]

  though they may vary only in small ways [TS]

  then then things get really interesting [TS]

  so the next scene is as a longer seen [TS]

  and it and it's on a on a spaceship [TS]

  perhaps a Star Destroyer there is a open [TS]

  to space with a magnetic barrier behind [TS]

  at the far end of this Bay there are a [TS]

  whole bunch of TIE fighters lined up and [TS]

  then there are stormtroopers that are [TS]

  shooting at a thai fighter that is [TS]

  taking off [TS]

  perhaps whoever is taking this tie [TS]

  fighter is doing so in an unauthorized [TS]

  fashion and it's firing back at these at [TS]

  the other Thai fighters in the [TS]

  stormtroopers that at least one [TS]

  stormtrooper goes flying like an [TS]

  upside-down [TS]

  yep they're making their escape in this [TS]

  tie fighter it's what it looks like they [TS]

  got their commandeer to tie fighter and [TS]

  in the fighter Bay and they're shooting [TS]

  their way out [TS]

  yeah there's another you can just see [TS]

  the back of another ship with [TS]

  like-for-like diagonal engines which i [TS]

  think will see in a subsequent shot up [TS]

  the Scout shuttlecraft or whatever yeah [TS]

  bad news for that guy I don't think he's [TS]

  I think he's gonna need some serious [TS]

  physical therapy trooper we cut to [TS]

  another storm trooper oh but what's [TS]

  what's this that storm trooper takes off [TS]

  his helmet and it is John boyega he's [TS]

  really sweaty and upset and she's so so [TS]

  again like trailer logic were meant to [TS]

  believe that somehow connected to the [TS]

  previous scene right where is it may or [TS]

  may not be i will note that when you [TS]

  slow down and same thing off his helmet [TS]

  there's like a bloody handprint on it [TS]

  yeah bloody or muddy or whatever the [TS]

  point is his outfit is not shiny it's a [TS]

  mess it's like he's been down the [TS]

  garbage chute or something o.o outfit is [TS]

  a man [TS]

  he takes off the helmet he's a mess [TS]

  underneath the helmet that's why you [TS]

  don't wear white guys it shows all the [TS]

  dirt yep [TS]

  yeah clearly the design for a more [TS]

  orderly universe and again like the two [TS]

  times we've seen him and his [TS]

  stormtrooper outfit he has taken off his [TS]

  helmet and been exasperated blow that [TS]

  helmet so the question is is he a [TS]

  stormtrooper is he pretending to be a [TS]

  stormtrooper is he in a somewhat [TS]

  unwilling stormtrooper on a little short [TS]

  for a stormtrooper stormtroopers that [TS]

  had a change of heart a planted spy like [TS]

  we don't know he seems to be not very [TS]

  good at it because he's always very [TS]

  startled and and cannot keeping his [TS]

  outfit clean and just all strapped up [TS]

  like most stormtroopers me know where [TS]

  they're not getting very calm under [TS]

  pressure guys when they don't shoot well [TS]

  I really like the way that the TIE [TS]

  fighter kind of hovers off-kilter on [TS]

  that deck infect the whole shot again is [TS]

  kinda off kilter the deck is slanted you [TS]

  know we gotta watch out for the cameras [TS]

  tilted as it tracks along the edge Abram [TS]

  style [TS]

  yep yep the Dutch angle makes everything [TS]

  a little bit more confusing at first and [TS]

  it's skewed so boyega upset and then the [TS]

  next shot we have a we have a fade and a [TS]

  quick cut to outside outer space there [TS]

  is that ship that we saw in the bay [TS]

  moving toward a Star Destroyer along [TS]

  with three other models so it's four [TS]

  models of our four ships of the same [TS]

  model along with one of those bird one [TS]

  of those by watching the taller to pray [TS]

  upside down one of those big wingy [TS]

  things is going toward it and the stars [TS]

  very they're going towards is not a new [TS]

  hope model star destroyer but that's the [TS]

  one it's not cs2 at the bottom look bit [TS]

  of it sticks out more than the top and [TS]

  bridges set back a little bit [TS]

  you can't tell like this bigger mound [TS]

  before the bridge so it's like this is [TS]

  difficult to place in the timeline is [TS]

  this like just a leftover star destroyer [TS]

  from the the Jedi or is this like the [TS]

  new model but it's not quite as fancy as [TS]

  the old ones were it's hard to say the [TS]

  the little shop craft look a lot like [TS]

  prequel ships in the little stubby [TS]

  dorsal fin wing and the [TS]

  engines on an angle and the batwing [TS]

  thing looks like nothing we've seen [TS]

  before [TS]

  yeah it's a weird the car looks like a [TS]

  shuttle without the third without the [TS]

  third thing yeah but looks it but it [TS]

  looks to me like is how they like to [TS]

  give in the prequels the Sith their own [TS]

  story and your ships reads like a city [TS]

  signature ships perhaps our villains [TS]

  ya know it totally ran trend that yeah I [TS]

  had the exact same thought you did which [TS]

  it looks like one of the like one of the [TS]

  shuttles that got it stop [TS]

  little wing taken off but it's got [TS]

  everything taken off it's flat and the [TS]

  but it's got two little engines and it's [TS]

  flat it's like it's it is but I don't [TS]

  want you can see the front of it so hard [TS]

  to tell but anyway the texture on the [TS]

  fact that it's all dark and craggy [TS]

  looking at it makes me think it's a bad [TS]

  guy [TS]

  custom bad guy ship which everybody [TS]

  every decent guy has that it's like [TS]

  Darth Vader started off with a little [TS]

  curvy little curvy TIE fighter like I [TS]

  want one of those gotta have your [TS]

  bespoke evil ship [TS]

  well well then so we dissolve to a [TS]

  chroma speaking foreign trooper well [TS]

  he's black and chrome we gotta keep [TS]

  though you don't let just anybody wear a [TS]

  cape right you might get caught it [TS]

  painted red and black cape yeah that is [TS]

  not regulation people it's got a rifle [TS]

  yeah anyway and he's standing in front [TS]

  of our little capsule-shaped lights from [TS]

  New Hope sort of Death Star kind of [TS]

  lights but then also the rocks to the [TS]

  left [TS]

  yeah which is weird and some lights that [TS]

  look very nineteen seventies on the [TS]

  right there to data this stormtrooper is [TS]

  significantly taller [TS]

  yes Matt you know shiny black i'm going [TS]

  to go out on a limb and say that this is [TS]

  one of christie's character could be [TS]

  because come on that would be awesome [TS]

  because she's very she would have a [TS]

  fashionable cape like that you think it [TS]

  could be yeah actually I really like I [TS]

  adore gwendoline christie and i have no [TS]

  idea who she's playing in this movie [TS]

  other than that she's cashed in this [TS]

  movie up but I'm kind of hoping that [TS]

  she's playing that guy or like a [TS]

  lieutenant because she plays you know [TS]

  she plays conflicted good person so well [TS]

  i'm getting from that I feel like she [TS]

  really could sink your teeth it did [TS]

  scary scary bad bad lieutenant also with [TS]

  you know what we're lacking a barrage a [TS]

  type character thanks to the EU being [TS]

  destroyed i kinda want it i would love [TS]

  to see what in evil you know [TS]

  not here not even may be evil but like [TS]

  what somebody who's working for the [TS]

  Empire whose you know female and also a [TS]

  badass look like time to take a brief [TS]

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  uncomfortable [TS]

  Squarespace build it beautiful well this [TS]

  is the which actor I don't know actors [TS]

  names which actor on I'm getting brianna [TS]

  brianna is tall because i was gonna I [TS]

  was looking at the shape of like this is [TS]

  like a woman my main impression seeing [TS]

  this for the seven frames this person [TS]

  walks towards us [TS]

  this person is walking with swagger like [TS]

  this person is is a confident it [TS]

  confident in their abilities kind of bad [TS]

  guy mean yes there's the Cape [TS]

  yes the shininess by the way this person [TS]

  walks is with attitude and with purpose [TS]

  well what are the opposite of how John [TS]

  bio work sorry I want car so what we'll [TS]

  do the rationale behind having a shiny [TS]

  stormtrooper uniform is this like [TS]

  special forces elite stormtrooper yeah [TS]

  it's like what you got to be again to [TS]

  get the cape and the shiny outfit feel [TS]

  like you need to be pretty badass [TS]

  no nothing says badass like a cape town [TS]

  is the shininess and the smoothness is [TS]

  the stylist that [TS]

  but like this is still functional the [TS]

  only thing that's not quite functional [TS]

  that looks more ceremonial is the Cape [TS]

  part of it but everything else like [TS]

  having the color coordinated weapons [TS]

  with matches your belt matches your [TS]

  shoulder pads it is it's like a dress [TS]

  because it's like a dress uniform [TS]

  somebody pointed out that this isn't [TS]

  chrome its space grey space black horse [TS]

  got it does it does look like shiny [TS]

  black their own bits but then the light [TS]

  I think the main helmet it's more like [TS]

  the mac pro which jason yeah that's true [TS]

  back problems darker place star gray i [TS]

  dissolve to bb-8 leaves bb-8 leaning out [TS]

  into a corridor to peak recognized for a [TS]

  taurus yes this quarter look familiar [TS]

  huh [TS]

  delightful debi the Millennium Falcon I [TS]

  mean a lot of ships a lot of you know [TS]

  relationships that didn't have the [TS]

  similar interiors but yeah it's looking [TS]

  pretty Falcon ish that's all we always [TS]

  say fade away as its peak of what it [TS]

  what is BBB HC we don't know it's fading [TS]

  out before we can tell you a lot of [TS]

  beautiful little poke around the corner [TS]

  I i do love that yeah that that's a [TS]

  really nice [TS]

  there's a personality that's good [TS]

  personality work there as an easier move [TS]

  for him to do that are too because our [TS]

  to whenever they had that PQ has a tilt [TS]

  entire cylinder ya body and try not to [TS]

  think about what is it was doing they [TS]

  talk very specifically about how how [TS]

  they considered the the two people I [TS]

  think who controlled bb-8 remotely I [TS]

  mean they they talked about them [TS]

  performing him very much like a [TS]

  puppeteer would perform something so [TS]

  right now i think that i think that was [TS]

  the consideration here is that there is [TS]

  you know this is a performance by a [TS]

  couple of people of getting this droid [TS]

  body to do what it does so absolutely [TS]

  it's a cute shot i like it a lot lot of [TS]

  personality in those eight frames fade [TS]

  in on we got Daisy Ridley again with her [TS]

  tattoo in this outfit she's looking [TS]

  off-screen at perhaps John boyega who is [TS]

  super sweaty and there's like around [TS]

  covered with dirt covered with dirt and [TS]

  sweat and there's sort of smoky stuff [TS]

  happening in the background and she [TS]

  offers him her [TS]

  and come with me if you want to live [TS]

  yeah that's right and he looks at it [TS]

  like um and then he looks at her and [TS]

  says okay and and reaches up and grabs [TS]

  her arm and she helps pull them up here [TS]

  goes nothing [TS]

  yeah that's I i get the sense that this [TS]

  is a a momentous moment right it's a big [TS]

  moment in the story that this is [TS]

  starting to help him [TS]

  yeah that's right it's like a these two [TS]

  characters are gonna are gonna hang [TS]

  together feet and help each other out [TS]

  that's right again again John boyega [TS]

  looking kind of a at lost super unkempt [TS]

  and unhappy ya mouth open today once [TS]

  again this guy yeah is it is you get the [TS]

  sense that john-boy is going well in [TS]

  that in the first trailer where we saw [TS]

  him pop up in the desert right I this is [TS]

  I suspect this is all part of the same [TS]

  extremely bad day that he has Charlie [TS]

  goes very bad day started a bad start [TS]

  the day with a clean stormtrooper [TS]

  uniform nice and shiny and white and be [TS]

  wind up like in the sand somewhere all [TS]

  sweaty and it looks like it's been [TS]

  destroyed by bombs like the buildings [TS]

  are all mess behind him that happen [TS]

  looks like a battle taking place back to [TS]

  my original theory where John by a guy [TS]

  is Threepio this astrology is the tin [TS]

  dog [TS]

  no i don't think so i don't think so i [TS]

  think he's I think he's a key i think [TS]

  the dynamic is going to be amusingly [TS]

  different here where we where we get the [TS]

  two of these characters are teaming up [TS]

  but we'll see [TS]

  oh I think he's gonna be a major [TS]

  character I just mean in terms of its [TS]

  side in terms of his but like look on [TS]

  life he's gonna complete complaining it [TS]

  will be the one who tells you the odds [TS]

  exactly john-boy will tell us the odds [TS]

  and in whatever his do we know what his [TS]

  character name is we do don't we [TS]

  we do same thin okay uh next shot okay [TS]

  here we go next shot desert landscape I [TS]

  believe perhaps this is the chase [TS]

  between the Millennium Falcon and the [TS]

  TIE fighters that we saw another part of [TS]

  in a trailer [TS]

  unless there's more than one unless [TS]

  there's more than one the Millennium [TS]

  Falcon is being chased by a TIE fighter [TS]

  the TIE fighter is shooting at [TS]

  it it is making a turn over the sand so [TS]

  close in fact that it appears to push [TS]

  through the sand and not and fly past [TS]

  the camera because why not send you can [TS]

  just push sand out of the way sandy [TS]

  sandy and built up there [TS]

  yeah they're going fast they blow blow [TS]

  through that sand fly past the camera [TS]

  and cut to a into an engine into the [TS]

  engine of a crash Star Destroyer on this [TS]

  world that can't tell if that's a Star [TS]

  Destroyer at least I can't tell if it's [TS]

  the first of all it doesn't look like [TS]

  it's the same one we saw before because [TS]

  it still takes angle wrong angle and [TS]

  maybe so the bridge there's no bridge [TS]

  but it does appear to be a cruiser of [TS]

  something larger than partnership and it [TS]

  has three large engines as the one to [TS]

  the left of it apparently could be a [TS]

  superstar two-story actually honestly [TS]

  yeah yeah I thought it was a super star [TS]

  destroyer that in the original shot [TS]

  actually [TS]

  and then we get a really good another JJ [TS]

  Abrams like pull in really fast on the [TS]

  action which is a very very JM shot and [TS]

  help handheld camera battlestar [TS]

  galactica type movie exactly it's the [TS]

  reply [TS]

  Kathy maybe handheld camera the camera [TS]

  man realizes he needs to get closer so [TS]

  he flips the zoom and we shoot in to see [TS]

  the the Millennium Falcon sort of [TS]

  disappearing into the darkness of the [TS]

  tube of the of the wrecked engine with [TS]

  the TIE fighter right behind it and then [TS]

  quick putt to tie fighter pilot with red [TS]

  stripes could just be the same scary [TS]

  chrome black stormtrooper we saw earlier [TS]

  maybe pretty different mask looks [TS]

  different masses will absolutely but [TS]

  maybe this is the pilot helmet but [TS]

  anyway it's black black and shiny with [TS]

  chrome bits it looks a lot like the old [TS]

  typewriter masks but just again once [TS]

  again as with the stormtroopers like [TS]

  it's got like a it's a novel take on it [TS]

  and the red thing on that they will get [TS]

  your random yeah on one houses the only [TS]

  one they don't want to lose our toes [TS]

  exhaust port or something so it's it's [TS]

  flying and then wewe cut back outside [TS]

  and we've got the Millennium Falcon [TS]

  fleeing the shots of the TIE fighter [TS]

  goes over a little bit of structure of [TS]

  the inside the [TS]

  the Star Destroyer and their the TIE [TS]

  fighter shot explodes it we fly into the [TS]

  explosion oh god no very very return of [TS]

  the jedi like and that's putting going [TS]

  to into the death star base to the [TS]

  superstructure yeah so maybe they knock [TS]

  off the radar again [TS]

  yeah and and then that's it that's the [TS]

  end of the trailer there's nothing else [TS]

  yeah that's definitely not a final state [TS]

  and then cut to black and any thoughts [TS]

  about this anymore thoughts about this [TS]

  whole sequence of the TIE fighter in the [TS]

  Millennium Falcon it's really exciting [TS]

  and I laughed at the callback even if [TS]

  it's not the same star destroy the idea [TS]

  that hey there's a Star Destroyer what [TS]

  what if we flew into a crash Star [TS]

  Destroyer maybe they'd be crazy to [TS]

  follow us the best thing about the [TS]

  Millennium Falcon is if any ship was [TS]

  going to decide that the main way that [TS]

  it would get himself out of jams is to [TS]

  fly through tight spaces don't take the [TS]

  ones shaped like a gigantic pizza with [TS]

  stuff sticking out like it is not well [TS]

  that's not what it looks like and it's [TS]

  aired in it its wide but it's flat [TS]

  I'm I don't like it what it would do is [TS]

  it with lower your tie fighters into [TS]

  these tiny spaces and the typewriter is [TS]

  smaller in every dimension in the ship [TS]

  and then just do sheer piloting skill [TS]

  and the luck of finding crevices that [TS]

  are very long and skinny it would just [TS]

  go through like a line peace and Tetris [TS]

  and just everything will blow up behind [TS]

  it was shooting at the end like that [TS]

  beautiful thing about how utterly [TS]

  beautiful those those air fights are [TS]

  John why that's why it's exciting [TS]

  because it is so improbable to see this [TS]

  ship go make these moves [TS]

  John what you missed what you have [TS]

  missed is the hours they have spent [TS]

  painstakingly setting up courses that [TS]

  are specifically designed to facilitate [TS]

  the mountain locking crowds boy [TS]

  so anyway it goes to black not much else [TS]

  happens after that [TS]

  wait a second we we hear a voice that [TS]

  seems familiar say Chewie we're home as [TS]

  we fade up on Ibaka and hand solo I [TS]

  here's I think we've seen these people [TS]

  before in this exact shot if nothing [TS]

  else that and so on seems very gravely [TS]

  like Harrison Ford himself the actor is [TS]

  very gravely yelled age more so than [TS]

  mark [TS]

  maleny sounds very graphically here and [TS]

  the reason they do it in black and hear [TS]

  his voice you like well that's [TS]

  recognizably Harrison Ford's voice right [TS]

  and he's saying chewy is recognizably [TS]

  Han Solo's voice yeah but they don't [TS]

  they haven't shown you them yet that's [TS]

  still black and when they fade in on it [TS]

  chewy and this is a question from [TS]

  Twitter yes more or less looks the same [TS]

  and dancing was asking how old they look [TS]

  at how long the bookies live wikipedia [TS]

  says they live for severe they live for [TS]

  hundreds of years and and therefore [TS]

  they're not like guinea pigs or [TS]

  something they live they live much [TS]

  longer than people because i had that [TS]

  first thought is why is chewy not grey [TS]

  and somebody said well he's not human [TS]

  you know maybe they will keep your turn [TS]

  gray it's possible my dog turned white [TS]

  but my cat lived for 20 years and never [TS]

  turned white [TS]

  then again right if they're very [TS]

  long-lived and then somebody else [TS]

  suggested he may use just for wookies [TS]

  yeah and but it's he has a very thick [TS]

  glossy coat he looks like himself [TS]

  maybe he's been taking care of himself [TS]

  and Harrison Ford is not well I'm saying [TS]

  is that lumpy didn't look like he was [TS]

  taking care of himself down but someone [TS]

  must be very hundreds and hundreds of [TS]

  years old I i want to say a couple [TS]

  things one which is I'm glad that [TS]

  Harrison Ford is not you know not being [TS]

  a absurdly made up to look you know [TS]

  they're embracing his age which i think [TS]

  is smart I think that's the only way the [TS]

  only way to go here [TS]

  he's good evening just for men advisory [TS]

  councils he looks good for his age but [TS]

  there's no question that is that you [TS]

  know older he's probably like this is [TS]

  scruffy-looking nerf herder [TS]

  right exactly he's still true to that [TS]

  character i think which is fantastic [TS]

  I mean still wonderful yeah and I like [TS]

  that this shot deliberately echoes the [TS]

  sort of classic shot of Han and Chewie [TS]

  standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the [TS]

  guns out I didn't recognize realize [TS]

  until I think one of the again watchin [TS]

  on the iPad that he had sold was [TS]

  pointing his gun at the camera [TS]

  yeah it's what kind of page in because [TS]

  you wearing a dark jacket there but they [TS]

  both got the guns up at the ready [TS]

  there's probably release [TS]

  yep yeah they're clearly standing the [TS]

  most fat book everybody looks like it [TS]

  might have gotten some modifications [TS]

  that we just got some new greebles but I [TS]

  yeah but clearly standing on one the [TS]

  Millennium Falcon to ya and so Hans [TS]

  outfit is not the same out for the [TS]

  reunion but when you first see it it is [TS]

  it is black on white and it echoes the [TS]

  old outfit [TS]

  but it is a different outfit that is [TS]

  dirty and has rumbled and he hasn't the [TS]

  laundry in a while and it makes services [TS]

  you know the same hairstylist had but [TS]

  it's kind of you know shoveled it makes [TS]

  sense that he's had he's bought new [TS]

  clothes at some point in the last 30 [TS]

  years so Lana took all the other ones [TS]

  yeah it was i justyou know Harrison [TS]

  Ford's been a lot of stuff and yet in [TS]

  this just moment you like it's hot solo [TS]

  yeah like it's something about it and [TS]

  like I was so we knew in the first round [TS]

  we said okay they didn't show any of the [TS]

  old actors obviously they're saving them [TS]

  for later and this one they saved it [TS]

  they didn't show anybody except for [TS]

  hunting sure they saved for the end and [TS]

  you know so what we knew they were in [TS]

  this movie it's not a surprise he looks [TS]

  like Han Solo what's the big deal and it [TS]

  caught me by surprise happen to be the [TS]

  emotional impact of this final scene [TS]

  because nothing happens and the line he [TS]

  says is corny and they're in the [TS]

  millennium falcon which we are it looks [TS]

  like they're in the main factor which [TS]

  you already knew it wasn't because they [TS]

  keep showing it [TS]

  so what's the end she looks the same so [TS]

  what's the big deal and I've been [TS]

  thinking about like i watch trailer [TS]

  several times like I said I first time I [TS]

  watch it work [TS]

  I was like tearing up by the end of it [TS]

  had music half of that is the meeting [TS]

  should be like what music which we [TS]

  haven't talked about that right but like [TS]

  they go through several of the more [TS]

  emotional themes those movies but when [TS]

  they brought this the scene in here it's [TS]

  like it [TS]

  yeah I don't know it's like it's it's [TS]

  like morning your use while also [TS]

  revisiting it was saying like this [TS]

  person in these people he met were so [TS]

  important to you [TS]

  they're still alive they still exist in [TS]

  this fictional universe and here they [TS]

  are you look at them and you're looking [TS]

  yourself like I'm not the same person I [TS]

  was but that's still Han Solo right but [TS]

  he's older [TS]

  the Germans have a word for all of that [TS]

  just one word for all of that everything [TS]

  is better i'm sure they do but like but [TS]

  that's that's what it's like it's it's [TS]

  it's not going to have the same impact [TS]

  than anybody who didn't grow up with [TS]

  these characters because you're seeing [TS]

  them that was like 30 years later and [TS]

  it's 30 years later for you to I don't [TS]

  know I'm getting the number of years [TS]

  right but it's just it's old han solo [TS]

  but you when you look at him it's kind [TS]

  of like an old married couple when they [TS]

  look at each other so they see each [TS]

  other as they were on their wedding day [TS]

  I see Han Solo as he always was and that [TS]

  for a second i see Han Solo is he [TS]

  actually is and then [TS]

  he was then as he is and the voice and [TS]

  am just saying the word Chewie Chewie [TS]

  growling it's surprising emotional [TS]

  impact which probably makes no sense to [TS]

  anybody because it's not but not on the [TS]

  page is not in the film it is entirely [TS]

  historical context but these these are [TS]

  these are pivotal characters that were a [TS]

  huge part of some many of our childhood [TS]

  and we haven't seen them if you if you [TS]

  were old enough to watch the movies when [TS]

  they came out we haven't seen them for [TS]

  32 years we haven't seen anything from [TS]

  han Solo and Chewbacca well yeah okay [TS]

  because anything from Chewbacca right [TS]

  we're all agreed on that [TS]

  nope well I don't consider prequels even [TS]

  if we consider the prequels to have [TS]

  existed but he's nothing to you [TS]

  he looks the same it doesn't have the [TS]

  impact and because he doesn't have a [TS]

  human emotive face like he's got a [TS]

  motive body gestures but that is a [TS]

  facial prosthetic you haven't actually [TS]

  his his his dialogue is actually the [TS]

  thing that really got me is when he says [TS]

  the hot it doesn't end on hon saying [TS]

  we're home and ends on Chewie going [TS]

  yeah well it's really it's too easy [TS]

  relationship with on always made to eat [TS]

  interesting right situation with a bunch [TS]

  of rookies and he's just a Wookiee [TS]

  you've got to eat with the characters [TS]

  and he's you know if the same reason why [TS]

  are two working off the characters makes [TS]

  our to a better up a better droid more [TS]

  interesting on screen is that these if [TS]

  these people working together and the [TS]

  longstanding friendship that you got to [TS]

  see resonating off-screen took the words [TS]

  right I'm gonna yeah and these two [TS]

  together because chewy looks the same [TS]

  but Han doesn't like that's that's going [TS]

  to be a big part of how they play in [TS]

  this movie because it's like hey it's [TS]

  the Millennium Falcon looking more or [TS]

  less like it always did hate jewy-lookin [TS]

  more or less like it always did but Han [TS]

  is not looking more or less likely [TS]

  always it but he's back in those places [TS]

  with those people and everything is a [TS]

  little bit more rundown but you kind of [TS]

  look the same but the Falcon is the same [TS]

  and like I don't know that fuckin in [TS]

  that last shot looks pretty beat up [TS]

  interior always did always looking only [TS]

  have been even more so even more so [TS]

  well the india the interior looks like a [TS]

  nice and easy could use a good scrubbing [TS]

  like that's kind of messed up like it [TS]

  i am looking forward to the scene where [TS]

  they pull the sheet off the money in [TS]

  pocket [TS]

  yeah that's a big sure yeah so for all [TS]

  the but like for all the emotional [TS]

  impact of the scene and like it i don't [TS]

  know if any part of this movie will have [TS]

  the impact that just seeing this one [TS]

  scene did because it was just such a [TS]

  shock to my system to see those [TS]

  characters and just like I don't know I [TS]

  don't know how to articulate why it is [TS]

  that like like i said i watch it at work [TS]

  and I was tearing up right [TS]

  I watched like five more times the same [TS]

  thing happens like magic isn't that [TS]

  doesn't make any sense it's like you [TS]

  know it's coming [TS]

  what's the big deal and it's like your [TS]

  body's like nope this is happening just [TS]

  deal with it [TS]

  him and so the the danger if that is [TS]

  that like okay you know you can do that [TS]

  in a trailer trailers are relatively [TS]

  easy they're short or whatever it's some [TS]

  point you have to make a movie and the [TS]

  danger is that in the movie they give on [TS]

  stupid things to say he does stupid [TS]

  things he does things that we think are [TS]

  not in keeping with his character that [TS]

  the actor isn't up to the role anymore [TS]

  so many things can go wrong with older [TS]

  actors reprising the role after this [TS]

  many years under new leadership like I'm [TS]

  fearful like how how terrible but I fear [TS]

  it would i feel if i kind of like how we [TS]

  talk about how we felt about episode 3 [TS]

  did terrible things to the character we [TS]

  thought of as darth vader and he's not [TS]

  even like our favor but he's the villain [TS]

  rooting against him [TS]

  terrible things can happen to our [TS]

  beloved characters in these movies and [TS]

  that danger is there John [TS]

  it can't be worse than crystal skull [TS]

  that's true but like somehow at that [TS]

  bothered me less mostly because Temple [TS]

  of Doom is kind of iffy to and like I [TS]

  don't I care about so much more about [TS]

  these like I feel like I had three solid [TS]

  movies where they did not set foot [TS]

  particularly wrong with their core [TS]

  characters and these actors are older [TS]

  and like we were giving a lot like it [TS]

  basically what now realizing is that [TS]

  these people are holding our little you [TS]

  know emotional babies like they have [TS]

  they have our babies right [TS]

  they have all these characters that we [TS]

  love in a way that the prequels did not [TS]

  you know what I mean and it's like like [TS]

  just like don't mess this up please [TS]

  especially there's a lot of things I've [TS]

  seen Harrison Ford and recently [TS]

  not that I'm saying like he has a point [TS]

  for this who said this gene hackman [TS]

  maybe he was saying that when you reach [TS]

  a certain a [TS]

  age you you know it's only asking like [TS]

  how do you how do you act with such [TS]

  gravitas how do you become such a good [TS]

  actor and says you read reach a certain [TS]

  age that you just end up having a [TS]

  certain kind of poise that the rest of [TS]

  the world reads as confidence and good [TS]

  acting but really what it is is just [TS]

  like learning to settle down right and [TS]

  Harrison Ford has that as well to the [TS]

  degree that sometimes in his later [TS]

  movies you kind of felt like he was not [TS]

  into it [TS]

  collecting a paycheck phoning it in not [TS]

  terribly but just kind of like that he [TS]

  had settled he had that poise so much [TS]

  that he poisoned himself right into a [TS]

  nap while and he always seemed flaky you [TS]

  know it's tough because you also have to [TS]

  take a look like his public persona sort [TS]

  of with a grain of salt which is that he [TS]

  never really enjoys talking about Star [TS]

  Wars and he doesn't enjoy doing [TS]

  publicity in general and he seems to [TS]

  have gotten very cranky and so like it [TS]

  you know being exposed to that it's [TS]

  sometimes hard to be like okay is he [TS]

  actually having a good time here or is [TS]

  this just like you know an attempt at [TS]

  acting [TS]

  well I can hear those Expendables movies [TS]

  and stuff like that which I've never [TS]

  seen and I'm assuming you're terrible [TS]

  and it's like he's not doing that for [TS]

  the love of the movies doing it for a [TS]

  quick paycheck is an easy job right and [TS]

  like you want to believe that this is [TS]

  different that he's not going to be that [TS]

  actor in this movie [TS]

  well I have things that give me high [TS]

  help and one of those was despite how [TS]

  terrible in ender's game was a movie I [TS]

  actually thought that his performance in [TS]

  there was was amazing i agree with that [TS]

  that is a highlight recently it's a good [TS]

  performance I like that I like that [TS]

  movie actually quite a bit but it's it [TS]

  he's good in it and i noticed him being [TS]

  good in it [TS]

  yes at the very least he sure as hell [TS]

  not phoning it in no the other thing is [TS]

  that he's smiling in this trailer [TS]

  yeah and I don't think I like you think [TS]

  about parrots you think about Han Solo [TS]

  smiling and you think about the schedule [TS]

  right you think about the like it's the [TS]

  slight twinkle in the eye and he has a [TS]

  little twinkle in design [TS]

  he's got it he's got it yep there that's [TS]

  a lens where ya if you if you [TS]

  there's also a blink and you miss it [TS]

  like he nods kind of at the camera just [TS]

  before it fades to black which is also [TS]

  kind of like this like this store [TS]

  about self-assurance there the cockiness [TS]

  so as a little bit in the Indiana Jones [TS]

  not do and I had as a kid indiana jones [TS]

  and Han Solo blended in my mind such a [TS]

  degree that they might as well have been [TS]

  the same character just in different [TS]

  timelines like Harrison Ford Harrison [TS]

  Ford was essentially get a character of [TS]

  my childhood playing those two roles [TS]

  which had a hell of a lot of similarity [TS]

  one like you know more mature and [TS]

  sophisticated that would be India [TS]

  because he did things that were kind of [TS]

  more adult than han solo but still a [TS]

  continuum of of scoundrels getting [TS]

  themselves out of scrapes you know so i [TS]

  think i think you're Harrison forward to [TS]

  at this age and and that this is the [TS]

  difference between him when he was doing [TS]

  the first set of Indiana Jones movies [TS]

  and Star Wars trilogy then he's like [TS]

  look I'm a working actor I've got a long [TS]

  career ahead of me I don't want to get [TS]

  asked about Han Solo in Indiana Jones [TS]

  all the time i got other movies have you [TS]

  seen the fugitive have you seen here for [TS]

  school having that [TS]

  yeah whenever Jack write a few of the [TS]

  jack ryan movies yeah exactly so now now [TS]

  look you're Harrison Ford and you're [TS]

  getting toward the end of your career [TS]

  and you know that when you die [TS]

  people are going to say han Solo in [TS]

  indiana jones i am Spock movie huh yeah [TS]

  so I feel I feel like he reached a point [TS]

  with the Indiana Jones movies and Star [TS]

  Wars was like sure you know like I like [TS]

  embraced embraced being in them now [TS]

  because he knows he's not he's never [TS]

  gonna run npm that people love him he's [TS]

  never gonna run away from it and people [TS]

  loved him for having those parts so you [TS]

  might as well just kind of go with it [TS]

  and and so I I'm encouraged by that I do [TS]

  however here's my theory because it is [TS]

  you know [TS]

  Chewie we're home and they've got their [TS]

  guns out i assume the next shot is an [TS]

  over-the-shoulder shot reverse angle of [TS]

  Lando wearing like his underpants and [TS]

  newspaper be like oh geez i was gonna [TS]

  give it back to you still wearing his [TS]

  vest and the fact that I was hoping that [TS]

  the Chewie we're home is kind of like [TS]

  more like a honey we're home thing chewy [TS]

  likely looking at this is like them [TS]

  rediscovering the Falcon and you know [TS]

  coming onboard think that with their [TS]

  guns out so they thought maybe they'd [TS]

  have to take the ship or you know they [TS]

  didn't know who would be there but they [TS]

  come in their home i think that the [TS]

  hardening thing here is also you know we [TS]

  don't know what the status of SE han and [TS]

  leia's relationship [TS]

  over the last 30 years they could be [TS]

  together they could not be together [TS]

  you think if they were together as [TS]

  clothes would be a little bit [TS]

  nice-looking she would not want to be [TS]

  seen with that kind of a scoundrel I [TS]

  have some standards get yourself [TS]

  together i'm gonna princess [TS]

  despite that the reassurance that Han [TS]

  and Chewie are still together after 30 [TS]

  years are gonna be really married couple [TS]

  right exactly so that I think that it's [TS]

  it's comforting jazz we were talking [TS]

  about earlier in terms of relating it to [TS]

  where we left these characters is [TS]

  comforting to know that certain things [TS]

  are constant yeah yeah let's kick them [TS]

  out but you know she was always with her [TS]

  like analysis to heresy didn't recliners [TS]

  smoking cigars yep me and with them [TS]

  saying their home it's like well that [TS]

  where have you been before out that [TS]

  you're not home that you know it's been [TS]

  a long stretch here and during the [TS]

  entire time you weren't home or you [TS]

  weren't on the falken I mean what have [TS]

  you been doing what you been up to what [TS]

  you're playing golf [TS]

  december that's the last that's the last [TS]

  thing December in 3d mug [TS]

  yeah i saw that 3d and imax and like boy [TS]

  just whatever I wonder if they shot in [TS]

  3d or if it was like like star trek into [TS]

  darkness where they did a conversion [TS]

  after the fact i hope it's going to be [TS]

  found in 3d that it was shot in and not [TS]

  i don't know JJ Abrams I think likes to [TS]

  likes to shoot it [TS]

  I don't think he accidentally it's a [TS]

  much more complicated rig to do a 3d [TS]

  shoot versus just doing a a a UH 3d [TS]

  conversion of 3d at this point feels [TS]

  like something with studios make you do [TS]

  to you every movie especially tentpole [TS]

  movie but it's like whatever the effects [TS]

  will be really effective III all 3d [TS]

  because those can be rendered with two [TS]

  cameras but the actual live action [TS]

  shooting if it's just shot with a [TS]

  single-camera they will do their [TS]

  conversion thing which is kind of lame [TS]

  so you know chaverim says they shot it [TS]

  in imax obviously there are advertising [TS]

  3d and imax so I max just that the is [TS]

  the film format and the aspect ratio or [TS]

  just one of the other choices they shot [TS]

  on 35's close to the stock is the [TS]

  original trilogy as possible which i [TS]

  think i cry [TS]

  yeah i'm not sure if they shot on my [TS]

  next time next time he might have shot [TS]

  some scenes on imax I doubt they shot [TS]

  the whole thing I mean they advertise on [TS]

  exit the end of the trailer so yeah but [TS]

  they're went to movies the first are not [TS]

  shot on imax that are shown on [TS]

  max right but sometimes you do the thing [TS]

  where it's like well we can start on a [TS]

  regular screen but if you want an imax [TS]

  for particular scenes we change the [TS]

  operating yeah films partially in imax [TS]

  unknown how much is what I see here so I [TS]

  don't know there is one end is what [TS]

  Christopher Nolan with the dark knight [TS]

  movies he shot some scenes in imax and [TS]

  then the rest we were in 35 millimeter [TS]

  seems possible you would want to shoot [TS]

  this entire movie in imax I feel like [TS]

  it's kind of a bear i was gonna say [TS]

  before we finish music we should discuss [TS]

  yes which is to say though we get some [TS]

  very familiar themes here in some places [TS]

  the opening sounds very much like some [TS]

  of the cloud city music from Empire i'm [TS]

  going to say that this is pretty as with [TS]

  the first trailer business probably [TS]

  brand-new John Williams music [TS]

  deliberately designed for it maybe the [TS]

  trailer or maybe it's cut from the film [TS]

  at large but i guess at this point it's [TS]

  probably still deliberately composed for [TS]

  the trailer but we get you know a lot [TS]

  more you know the recognizable the force [TS]

  team at the beginning there which is a [TS]

  really nice touch but say it you know [TS]

  fades off and it transitions into a [TS]

  different sort of music then we heard [TS]

  really anyplace else before so and I you [TS]

  know obviously harkening back to the [TS]

  original themes is awesome it's but it's [TS]

  super exciting to hear brand-new John [TS]

  Williams Star Wars music which i think [TS]

  we as we many of us agreed was the best [TS]

  part of the prequels and they do a good [TS]

  job in this trailer like they know they [TS]

  have a few certain emotional cues that [TS]

  we all know from the classic themes and [TS]

  him Jam a lot of them into one trailer [TS]

  with transitions between them that they [TS]

  go smooth with that middle section that [TS]

  has the the new music the sort of the [TS]

  new scary bad things are happening theme [TS]

  transitioning smoothly into the other [TS]

  things that we know it's really good I [TS]

  can't wait to hear more John Williams [TS]

  start with music and i will not read the [TS]

  track listings but I don't do that and [TS]

  and i know i know this is a common a [TS]

  common thing to do with teaser trailers [TS]

  in particular and now we seem two of [TS]

  these nothing on it and because we've [TS]

  gone through this is frame by frame it [TS]

  brings it to the for all the more a [TS]

  large percentage of both of these [TS]

  teasers are black screens [TS]

  yep right because they just do not want [TS]

  to show you anything and they want the [TS]

  trailer to betray length but it's like [TS]

  how few frames of actual movie can we [TS]

  get a trailer and still have betrayal [TS]

  they do have music to fill in the gaps [TS]

  or whatever it's like okay you get seven [TS]

  frames of a draw [TS]

  three frames of the other guy walking [TS]

  with the nice like well I don't know you [TS]

  know JJ Abrams I think I said he really [TS]

  wants to maintain as much secrecy as [TS]

  possible which he did it also during the [TS]

  panel today trying to like you know [TS]

  keeping a tight rein on what people [TS]

  could say the advantage of Star Wars is [TS]

  that you can rely on music I think [TS]

  there's a lot of a lot of trailers to [TS]

  movies that you have to rely on like pop [TS]

  music or something right because the [TS]

  scores don't often carry an entire [TS]

  trailer and we are very dialogue light [TS]

  we have besides Luke's voiceover we have [TS]

  only the hands 0 line so in and that's [TS]

  kind of once again very close to what we [TS]

  had in the first trailer so we've heard [TS]

  next to nothing of dialogue from this [TS]

  movie so far and that was a that was [TS]

  also a tool employed by the prequels [TS]

  where yes the trailers had very little [TS]

  dialogue because if we had heard any a [TS]

  question that we have seen what we were [TS]

  in for they have you know lots of [TS]

  reaction shots lots of landscapes lots [TS]

  of ships and stuff some lightsabers [TS]

  clashing one or two small lines that are [TS]

  so small as to be completely innocuous [TS]

  and was like boy this movie looks great [TS]

  and but this this is doing the same [TS]

  thing obviously we expect the results to [TS]

  be very different in this case but you [TS]

  know being at the theme is a that is [TS]

  using the same tools employed and and at [TS]

  the music in that the scary music middle [TS]

  part that transitions to the I don't [TS]

  know damn well know that the track for [TS]

  the the final bit that's like the pre [TS]

  credits music and some of the movies [TS]

  there is a middle theme there that I [TS]

  know it's you know it's Williams and not [TS]

  you know who put it the key no one's [TS]

  yeah you can imagine what it's got some [TS]

  notes in it where it's building up to [TS]

  that final theme that that is that is [TS]

  the first bits that I've heard that [TS]

  could stand out to me as the signature [TS]

  sort of little musical motif of this [TS]

  movie different from any of the older [TS]

  movies as well there's a little section [TS]

  in the middle there right be right [TS]

  before the BBA pokes his head out [TS]

  we're transitions into the the more [TS]

  familiar music that middle section like [TS]

  when they're they're making the escape [TS]

  and the we assume in the TIE fighter in [TS]

  the hangar bay that little music there I [TS]

  can see as being sort of a core theme [TS]

  for this movie we'll see what would [TS]

  that's my question about it like when [TS]

  they have a dramatic scene or something [TS]

  happening [TS]

  will they have there [TS]

  own equivalents of the themes that we [TS]

  know or will they go back to the themes [TS]

  that we know and lean on them for the [TS]

  dramatic moments I think we'll have a [TS]

  little of both if the prequels are any [TS]

  indication because the prequel did a [TS]

  good job but I'll hardly ever say that [TS]

  the people music did a good job of [TS]

  actually creating new things it and [TS]

  mashing them with the themes that we [TS]

  already knew but establishing motifs [TS]

  that carried over the course of three [TS]

  movies so I think I wouldn't you know I [TS]

  think we'll see a mix of it and I i [TS]

  think we'll probably see the main theme [TS]

  obviously is a big part of the force [TS]

  that was a big part of it but i wouldn't [TS]

  be surprised if vampires got a whole new [TS]

  team to go with their new branding and [TS]

  there's only they did have a whole logo [TS]

  redesign and out yeah exactly so you get [TS]

  Yuki music find a theme music while [TS]

  you're spending the money know it but [TS]

  you gotta go to the people it's like [TS]

  look we know it's gonna be hard to top [TS]

  the imperial march but we have a lot of [TS]

  money so do what you can [TS]

  yeah I'd like that's not a question [TS]

  about this movie is and another thing [TS]

  that didn't feel as Star Wars movies [TS]

  again watching the original movies you [TS]

  just realize how those movies are [TS]

  practically music videos just constantly [TS]

  music big music big music that is like [TS]

  you know that those things where you [TS]

  watch stars without the music and like [TS]

  it just seems like it it's like 18 of [TS]

  the movie that it was like that the [TS]

  music is so dominant in in a way that is [TS]

  not in modern movies and modern movies [TS]

  yeah there's tons of sections that have [TS]

  no music sometimes it's barely any music [TS]

  at all or if there is just like [TS]

  percussion or like it just the Star Wars [TS]

  movies just constantly music in anything [TS]

  with any kind of like the music is half [TS]

  of the movie and that is not the style [TS]

  of for example the JJ from Star Trek is [TS]

  that's not a star trek shot when you [TS]

  just star wars movie I think the thing [TS]

  that they have this great music we hear [TS]

  enough of it in the trailer they need to [TS]

  just lay that under just everything you [TS]

  know every everything that you would [TS]

  expect that music needs to be there and [TS]

  the music needs to be as big an actor in [TS]

  the movie as it was in the original [TS]

  trilogy because it get like watch you [TS]

  know the asteroid chasing an empire with [TS]

  no music you're like now it's just a [TS]

  bunch of potatoes on strings again [TS]

  no it is it is not the same scene so I'm [TS]

  looking forward to that i really hope [TS]

  that the music is really just under [TS]

  everything in this movie I wanted to be [TS]

  like a big glorious music video in space [TS]

  yay [TS]

  yeah well okay there you go everybody 90 [TS]

  minutes talking about one minute and 42 [TS]

  seconds of trailer for this last final [TS]

  podcast is going to be a long 1i I've [TS]

  said it before I'll say it again i think [TS]

  in december the incomparable is just [TS]

  going to start a telephone where we [TS]

  broadcast spots about Star Wars [TS]

  throughout their yeah for like two weeks [TS]

  straight without a break just endless [TS]

  aspects of Star Wars maybe we'll start a [TS]

  spin-off podcast for those two weeks [TS]

  where it's just all star wars all the [TS]

  time I don't know how we're going to [TS]

  deal with it i'm kinda just not even [TS]

  worried about it right now if you can [TS]

  get a screeners then we go through them [TS]

  frame by frame because we're going to [TS]

  dinner theater multiple times but they [TS]

  were just going to be going based on our [TS]

  memories would really be helpful if we [TS]

  go to the movie frame at a time [TS]

  yeah that we can do that we can do the [TS]

  star wars minute that's exactly although [TS]

  it this radar minutes into it would be [TS]

  90 minutes each [TS]

  oh yeah well that that's like how the [TS]

  flophouse does a bad movie and they're [TS]

  done in 40 minutes with all the whole [TS]

  bunch of extra stuff we do a bad movie [TS]

  and it's two hours long [TS]

  no because austere yeah we're exhausting [TS]

  being an exhaustive and everything else [TS]

  alright but we've done it we've broken [TS]

  it down i'm very excited about this [TS]

  everybody always says oh well you know [TS]

  we were excited about the prequels yeah [TS]

  shut up i'm excited about this [TS]

  leave me be i would like to thank my [TS]

  guests for breaking down teaser trailer [TS]

  2 so promise of new trailers to come for [TS]

  more even more analysis [TS]

  dan moore and live from Southern [TS]

  California at the Star Wars Celebration [TS]

  our man on the scene on assignment for [TS]

  the incomparable sure right thank you [TS]

  it's been a pleasure glad you could join [TS]

  us and take time out of your a trip to [TS]

  do so [TS]

  Jason were home all right [TS]

  certainly Caldwell live from a car or [TS]

  something [TS]

  oh I thank you for joining us from your [TS]

  mobile studio [TS]

  how about that how does that sound [TS]

  was that a wookie rhodora my dad can't [TS]

  get a baby 80 that's good [TS]

  tini and John and John siracusa thank [TS]

  you as always from your home where you [TS]

  live with [TS]

  for breaking down the the star wars [TS]

  trailer teaser trailer 2 with me and I [TS]

  was wondering at some point I might have [TS]

  the balance trailers they start having [TS]

  more spoilers but so far so good just a [TS]

  good job but not spoiling me with your [TS]

  teasers good job Shey she was wearing an [TS]

  Apple watch today to the cranials about [TS]

  that that's another podcast and so it to [TS]

  everybody out there [TS]

  thank you for listening to this very [TS]

  special edition of the uncomfortable [TS]

  will be back with something a little [TS]

  more normal next week until then goodbye [TS]

  and may the force be with you right [TS]

  that's the right franchise right yeah [TS]

  yeah [TS]

  boop-boop-boop-boop [TS]