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141: ‘“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” Holiday Spectacular’, With Special Guests Guy English, Amy Jane Gruber, and More


  yeah [TS]

  yeah [TS]

  yeah [TS]

  yeah [TS]

  yeah [TS]

  well just like last year we have a cavalcade of special guests for this [TS]

  episode winding up they will come on in a series of of entrances last year we [TS]

  end up going over time and and John syracuse it did not make it onto the [TS]

  show so we will [TS]

  he's lined up he's ready to go we'll try to get him on we've also got a we've [TS]

  also got Ben Thompson and Marco Arment lined up right now though it's just me [TS]

  and guy English yeah i'm a huge fan of bender man he is he's amazing [TS]

  am I allowed to talk and my wife Amy groupers here to talk about star wars [TS]

  the force awakens now they're yeah I don't know what's wrong with people [TS]

  there are so many people who have already been like seven podcast talking [TS]

  about this thing have you guy have you talked about this on a podcast yet i [TS]

  have not know that was my second thank you i guess that no i haven't actually a [TS]

  i wanted to because it turns out like this movie i'm so excited to talk about [TS]

  it because you know everybody is so anti spoiler so I've just really been ranting [TS]

  at my family about so I would i but there is one thing right like don't [TS]

  spoil it on Twitter but I mean if you're gonna listen to a podcast you know right [TS]

  so let's just get out of the way though that this podcast is going to be [TS]

  incredibly spoiler tastic yeah so if you haven't seen it yet and you don't want [TS]

  it spoiled it hit pause in your podcast player go down to your local multiplex [TS]

  see the movie and then when you come out hit it on pause and honestly get your IQ [TS]

  tested because it's called the star worst christmas spectacular and if [TS]

  you're not expecting spoilers you might be stupid [TS]

  so first things first here's my question free for both of you [TS]

  I don't know who wants to answer first but did you like the movie [TS]

  no yume no I did maybe you didn't like the movie [TS]

  no I had had had some real problems i know i like yeah that's right i have [TS]

  talked to you about how i feel bad for looking made you said yeah yeah like I [TS]

  was loving it [TS]

  I was absolutely loving it and I was like wow I'm actually gonna go see this [TS]

  again tomorrow [TS]

  like I was super super into it but I had no idea what was gonna happen and i had [TS]

  given it absolutely no thought was going to happen and then when it happened I [TS]

  got so sad that i cried in the movie theater [TS]

  yeah but how did you like this i thought it was a good film [TS]

  I left it I mean locate this you know to some flaws as a movie but I as a modern [TS]

  myth be told i love it and i think it's great i loved i don't think that outcome [TS]

  that you're talking about could have gotten any of the way I think it had to [TS]

  happen [TS]

  oh I didn't expect that to happen since 1983 need to be on like that you can get [TS]

  angry so it took us a space so to be clear let's just get it over with what [TS]

  we're talking about is when Han Solo died and it was a turning turning point [TS]

  for Amy in the mood [TS]

  sure can you guys have drinks and maybe . maybe don't have a drink i don't know [TS]

  but i don't i don't know you know what I i got day drunk the next day because I [TS]

  woke up I was like why am I so sad and then I remembered why i was so sad and [TS]

  it was terrible [TS]

  oh that's beautiful i was so sad and everybody like everybody around me was [TS]

  so excited and like Jonas was loving the movie and Jonas is stupid he turned to [TS]

  me he's like he's not really dead and i was like no way he's so dead like he got [TS]

  stabbed and then he fell off a dangerous catwalk and then he got blown up they [TS]

  like itchy and scratchy voted [TS]

  nobody like yeah I think you could your dad like they did not leave any avenues [TS]

  open for him to not be dead lightsaber through the chest fell off a catwalk [TS]

  into what looked like some kind of fiery pit so it was both fall and some kind of [TS]

  it [TS]

  finally finally actor driven by the power of the Sun right which then [TS]

  explode loaded highlight I don't stop with these dangerous catwalks why don't [TS]

  they have railings so much he would still be dead Amy would still be dead i [TS]

  don't i don't know they could patch him up maybe like if you have fallen [TS]

  I really love your devotion to Anna Salai think that's awesome [TS]

  I help i wanted to be Hansel growing up and I I'd love the way he went out okay [TS]

  oh hello the way he when I was so stupid that stupid would see kid that was [TS]

  horrible and his kid was horrible like it made me so mad that he okayed was so [TS]

  horrible and we'll see such a big gonna be and then he gets to kill Han Solo [TS]

  like that's and I wasn't even invested in this you didn't care about him and [TS]

  solo shot and killed him and solo and soul elected to be killed his choice [TS]

  back in color n is such a weenie he didn't move off the bridge like he might [TS]

  eat he stood his ground and three walked towards him [TS]

  so you get bacon if he chose to like if he loves this kids so much he just chose [TS]

  to saddle him with having killed his father [TS]

  that makes no sense no I think he thought I think that later told him if [TS]

  you see our son bring him home so he's not home and handle is dead so he did [TS]

  you think she well I think it had sold us the kind of guy that he's I think [TS]

  he's disappointedly for the last time and he's he's going to try to make sure [TS]

  that kid gets on [TS]

  how he's dead I'm so angry I know you didn't know exactly how the conversation [TS]

  was gonna go but at the end it was like well you can either cut me down in anger [TS]

  like me what I'm gonna pull up my blaster and try to shoot you in the face [TS]

  can't do that i can run away can't do that or you know we can go with this [TS]

  thing where you kill me and I help you and then they're at least there's like a [TS]

  glimmer of light in him still like I really ate my dad he's such a jerk but [TS]

  he totally help me turn to the darkside advice I don't I can't really make a [TS]

  rational argument for it because i have never been there but like i said if he [TS]

  turns like even if then he becomes good i hope we never see his dumb ass again i [TS]

  hate him but even if he turns he's saddled with having killed his father [TS]

  like how do you go home to your mother and say like hey I'm done with this dark [TS]

  side crab but sorry I killed dad like that's not helping [TS]

  this isn't helping like it's not helping I don't think it does i don't think it [TS]

  does it made no sense it made absolutely no sense and who like I was loving this [TS]

  movie and I was like JJ Abrams like you could tell he's fan and he totally got [TS]

  it and I felt like there are a whole bunch of like corny like Star Wars type [TS]

  jokes for the corny but they're funny and then he killed Han Solo and I turned [TS]

  I was like who the fuck does he think he is killing time so like you don't get to [TS]

  just get this and then kill my childhood hero [TS]

  I was so mad oh I'm i'm getting at again it's ok you can but let's back I could [TS]

  like it I can really take it ok it that you i know i know but don't care of [TS]

  yellow it's it it's an interesting decision know and and I feel like and [TS]

  I've in it if there's a spoiler that I knew going into the movie that colored [TS]

  my viewing of it the first time it's it's an old spoiler it's it's from [TS]

  knowing from when I was a kid in 1983 that in in interviews about return of [TS]

  the jedi that Harrison Ford [TS]

  publicly said that he had petitioned George Lucas to have Han Solo killed off [TS]

  and that he he argued that it would give the movie i think he called it like [TS]

  gravity or something wait but you know that it would go with it would give like [TS]

  a bittersweet feeling to the end of the movie instead of everybody you know [TS]

  kumbaya you know singing with the Ewoks that it would be like yeah we you know [TS]

  we beat them and we killed the Emperor but you know Han Solo's dead and that he [TS]

  you know and then it you know it's kind of ugly stuff but he did that he [TS]

  publicly said that he you know that that he thinks George Lucas didn't want to do [TS]

  that because it would sell fewer toys that you wouldn't sell a lot of dead han [TS]

  solo action figures it's just like hothead young kid just getting Fame talk [TS]

  you know what I mean like don't know what is Han Solo like there's so much [TS]

  and like he died I don't let you know if he's asked if you just say would you [TS]

  know I don't think so but I'd really do think that like if if Harrison Ford had [TS]

  said to you know JJ Abrams in the Disney people than the Lucasfilm people i I'm [TS]

  in it [TS]

  I I you know sign me up for three movies i'll be in all 3i I think that they [TS]

  would have you know and i think they're not stupid i think they know everybody [TS]

  loves Han Solo I think they would have put him in all three [TS]

  I think the fact that he got killed is the fact that it's largely colored they [TS]

  wrote the story to put that in the story because Harrison Ford said alright I'll [TS]

  do one and you gotta give me a lot of money and I think it's kind of it's an [TS]

  interesting thing that it's like the actors decision to to color the Ark of [TS]

  the whole story [TS]

  Amy I don't really care what Harrison Ford one you've taken on this [TS]

  responsibility and apparently everyone knew that he was going to die i did not [TS]

  know he was going to die I remember that like in the eighties that he nobody was [TS]

  all swagger II and like all that you know they should kill me or whatever and [TS]

  I don't want to do it anymore but they all said that they all came back I just [TS]

  i'll never see another JJ Abrams movie again he killed on solo and I globes are [TS]

  in the movie I screamed why didn't they kill Chewbacca because I felt like then [TS]

  you could have a two-backer you cannot [TS]

  shoot you can't shoot too but just so seriously you're fine with Han Solo but [TS]

  Shabaka crosses your line [TS]

  oh my no no no no what I'm saying is Chewbacca got shot early [TS]

  well I wish you wouldn't and I was like whoa that like the stakes are raised to [TS]

  this point like I just think on the table if they would have killed him at [TS]

  the shoulder killed like a a character and then he could have had the hey I [TS]

  killed major star wars character and gotten that but not really somebody i [TS]

  mean i'd be like Chewbacca but I wouldn't be heartbroken I wouldn't bday [TS]

  drunk the next day but I will also say it's only just just to be clear and put [TS]

  this on the public record we we went to see the movie on opening night which was [TS]

  thursday night and we already had tickets for a saturday matinee so we [TS]

  didn't go back the next day but because i was the school day you know I thought [TS]

  it was enough that we kept the kid up 21 am watching the movie but then saturday [TS]

  afternoon we had already bought tickets three tickets a media did not attend she [TS]

  would not she would not see you again I couldn't watch it again i couldn't i [TS]

  really couldn't watch again like and jon was like come on i was like i'm just too [TS]

  sad i'm not ready [TS]

  like I think maybe in a week or 2i might be able to go see and i would like to [TS]

  see it again but I'm worried that it'll break my heart again [TS]

  i mean i-i couldn't take it i really couldn't take it i love that it affected [TS]

  you that he didn't really do that mean I don't want you to be a sad obviously you [TS]

  know that don't need to be unhappy but the fact that it hit you is kind of why [TS]

  they did it right [TS]

  it's the yeah but I felt like okay like this story is kind of a tangent but when [TS]

  i was little you know the wizard of oz used to come on once a year and [TS]

  everybody would watch it like it'd be a big event because you know you can watch [TS]

  when i was little you can watch movies over and over again so you like to see [TS]

  the Wizard of Oz like once a year at Easter they would show it on TV and was [TS]

  a big deal and I just remember like 10 15 members of my family were watching it [TS]

  and I'm like four years old and I really liked the bad witch [TS]

  oh they're my best of wizard of oz spoiler so if you're sensitive [TS]

  oh yeah man but when she met like when the war when she melts everybody in my [TS]

  family was like yeah you know ding dong the witch is dead and i really loved her [TS]

  and I started to cry and then they all kind of was they were laughing at me for [TS]

  crying and I was like I hate you like my mother still reenact the scene like I [TS]

  was like I hate you all your old dump dump dump and I ran away like I was so [TS]

  mad that they were happy that she died and that's how I felt when Han Solo died [TS]

  like people were still in like after the movie people were clapping and screaming [TS]

  and he's like you assholes on solos that like I couldn't even enjoy it and I [TS]

  couldn't believe anyone liked it and that no one else was a sad as I was like [TS]

  I really had to like hang my head I was visibly crying she really was she was [TS]

  very upset but i would i would argue with you said guy that it it just shows [TS]

  that it was it was effective as a as a you know a death that actually meant [TS]

  something [TS]

  yeah as so I mean there's two things two things that I like and then there's [TS]

  things that i think would good like you don't know I got wind of well-rendered [TS]

  art yeah let's [TS]

  I can be offended by something that I feel as well rendered art or I could be [TS]

  hurt by it emotionally and I can be incredibly said that you know on solo [TS]

  killed that doesn't mean that I don't think it's an effective piece you know [TS]

  like so you know you're right but I'm like a Neanderthal I'm capable one [TS]

  emotion know i love it i love don't but division of the visceral pneus is like [TS]

  exactly why they did it [TS]

  it's for that reaction like it everybody had I had that was like I saw coming a [TS]

  mile away and I was like oh god this is the second time i saw the movie at the [TS]

  woman sitting next me screamed and then it was incredibly destroyed for the rest [TS]

  of the movie like almost distractingly so like I wish you'd gotten her number [TS]

  I'd like to go see it with her [TS]

  I know yeah i was like i wanted to remind me for friend of mine [TS]

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  alright let's start at the beginning [TS]

  here's the thing i went in and i couldn't shut up about it [TS]

  okay well this was the first Star Wars movie that wasn't from 22 yeah let's [TS]

  talk about the actual movie event you have writing instead of the one part of [TS]

  the part yeah enjoy if i did enjoy parts i but I i think what i love you like [TS]

  they should just throw a bunch of money at them so we can get the fanfare yeah I [TS]

  feel like and use the fanfare that would I don't know how they could have done it [TS]

  if they could have just had the sound but not the you know obviously wouldn't [TS]

  say 20th century fox but I when I hear any other 20th century fox movie when I [TS]

  hear they're fanfare I i immediately think this is gonna be a star wars movie [TS]

  i hear the star wars coming in after the 20th century fox and so my question [TS]

  going into the movie is what are they gonna do I are they going to put the [TS]

  Disney Magic Kingdom castle thing up and I did nothing [TS]

  they did and what they ended up doing is they put nothing at the beginning of the [TS]

  movie and it just started you know that so that the fanfare the 20th Century Fox [TS]

  fanfare came back because Lucas wanted it in 77 it did retired it and he [TS]

  brought it back because he liked it so much [TS]

  right and that star wars was supposed to sort of harken back to like the golden [TS]

  example of you know seriously happen so he resurrected it and it means more or [TS]

  less stuck ever since and it could just scream Star Wars to me like that like [TS]

  when you hear that [TS]

  that sounds in that fanfare and you hear that you see the individual I I you know [TS]

  I'm sitting down for a Star Wars movie [TS]

  I even the bad ones even the bad ones at it yeah I even I I i heard a story once [TS]

  that I don't know it's true could be apocryphal [TS]

  but I heard that John Williams wrote the the opening notes of Star Wars knowing [TS]

  that they would come after that fanfare and if in fact didn't-didn't John [TS]

  Williams rerecord the fanfare so they have a high-fidelity version of it was [TS]

  like meant to come after you know first the fanfare then a pause then the star [TS]

  wars then kicks in i don't know i would totally believe it it's just so perfect [TS]

  and I'm like I'm not sure if it's like is it perfect because I loved it so much [TS]

  or you know is it actually arranged in situated just makes it perfect [TS]

  I don't know either way silence that was a little jarring i guess but you know [TS]

  whatever something new I guess it's better than having the disney castle [TS]

  that were really broken my heart I just get and I like Disney I i like the [TS]

  Disney come and I we go to Disney World [TS]

  I don't know seven or eight times a year i bet it would have been wrong for Star [TS]

  Wars yeah I was really shocked i thought there was no way disney was not gonna [TS]

  pass up that was going to pass up the chance not to throw that castle up there [TS]

  and start making more associations with Disney and star wars i was actually [TS]

  disney's very very smart company i agree i agree and they're careful about their [TS]

  branding and yeah they they let him kill on the loan I think I mean have led all [TS]

  the Marvel stuff roll with that model you know like the comic book-like the [TS]

  Marvel logo is a comic book pages flipping right and it just just Marvel i [TS]

  don't i don't know maybe Jay didn't have a great idea but either way I think they [TS]

  were happy to be like okay like fit for Marvel we do the marble thing and for [TS]

  you guys [TS]

  whatever you want like if you don't want the castle fine right and we kind of [TS]

  thought that they might star wars-themed it like the Pirates of the Caribbean [TS]

  movies they don't like kind of theme it to the movie and we thought they might [TS]

  do something corny like that an intron name they made it sort of tron you know [TS]

  me like a tron style castle but i have the same Tron right i think the is what [TS]

  i would have what i would have pushed for [TS]

  it was would be too i guess you you couldn't get Fox to actually use the [TS]

  real Fox music I don't think there's any way that even like you said like [TS]

  throwing money added I don't know there's something but if they could have [TS]

  just made a new fanfare that was very similar in some way that strikes the [TS]

  same notes and then play that over the Lucasfilm limited title card [TS]

  yeah yeah I wanted yeah I'd like to think that I don't know who's in charge [TS]

  of Fox i like to think that every now and then you can be look this is a [TS]

  cultural imperative like it's not about our companies can we just used it to [TS]

  music and that's so Canadian really think well I mean whatever reason let's [TS]

  just do a nice thing I don't think it happens when I I'm really hard as [TS]

  anybody I agree with you [TS]

  so yeah anyway so long time ago in a galaxy far far away i was so exciting it [TS]

  was exciting exciting but I remember being excited when I saw it for the [TS]

  prequels to I i will say I've said this many times before i'm not a prequel [TS]

  hater i mean yeah i don't i don't think they were garbage but i do remember very [TS]

  much coming out of the first one and being like wow that was that was I feel [TS]

  weird you know i feel i feel like i got molested [TS]

  yeah I kept going back there was a movie center like like a hundred meters from [TS]

  my place at the time and I just kept going back to be molested over i think [TS]

  im gonna maybe this time I'm gonna like it [TS]

  that's not good [TS]

  it's like Star Wars but yeah it's like yeah it's like that with some half-ass [TS]

  it was like it's the people i like and I'm excited but it's so bad [TS]

  yeah there's some design that I like it there are things that I could actually [TS]

  say nice about the two peoples see I've like but do not like movies from my [TS]

  memory and all i remember is it was like watching c-span [TS]

  like it was just all this political rhetoric that's all I recall that in Jar [TS]

  Jar remember what do you drink soda this one starts out and i will see a to [TS]

  pretty horrible III this one [TS]

  you know I immediately immediately bag right off the bat you Skywalker has [TS]

  vanished right [TS]

  what a great line there are the stakes have this trade negotiation bullshit [TS]

  it's like it's got watered together you look is not here anymore like so clearly [TS]

  a problem right like her hero is gone i was excited because i hate looks well [TS]

  you know yeah you know what if you don't like the hero Jedi like he's the guy [TS]

  that [TS]

  yeah I've got a lot of strongly held on a popular uninformed opinions about Star [TS]

  Wars so I'm like the perfect guest know you're very informed and I had this [TS]

  strong opinions is the way to go so I and young Skywalker is kind of a whiny [TS]

  jerk [TS]

  so yeah I never liked him in the in the original i I've just never have never [TS]

  cared for him and ever since I've seen that picture of him there was a tabloid [TS]

  picture of him and he was outside a gas station and he was digging through the [TS]

  public ashtray and he picked up a butt and smoked it and I just thought what [TS]

  are you doing mark I was Luke Skywalker that would help my mind [TS]

  Luke Skywalker got into like a fancy BMW like I don't understand like I just [TS]

  think maybe his wife wanted him to quit smoking I I don't know you're Luke [TS]

  Skywalker by the package figure at its really really colored my whole view by [TS]

  one all right i was confused in the opening scene where you've got a PO [TS]

  Dameron and he very you know is easily established by the opening Texas print [TS]

  start our general a i should say sent her most daring pilots on a mission it [TS]

  was pretty clear okay this disguise the pilot he's you know he clearly comes [TS]

  across as a a scroll nailed it like you immediately what was going on but then [TS]

  they said that he went to see like an old [TS]

  an old ally and you don't know who it is and then it's it's played by Max von [TS]

  Sydow I had to look it up because i don't even know that his name was [TS]

  mentioned in the movie but his character's name is Lawrence and teka [TS]

  yeah they should just call it a maximum sido but i get it i was very steroids [TS]

  enough name [TS]

  I'm intimately familiar with all of the actual movies and I just expected that [TS]

  it was going to be somebody like Lando or somebody who we knew and I'm like all [TS]

  right he's an old guy but I don't recognize him [TS]

  is it and I really wasted a lot of that scene trying to figure out who he was [TS]

  because me to its next scene when he meets a color and yeah but after all it [TS]

  would just talk about that whole opening scene III really felt like we were [TS]

  supposed to know who he was because if they base their kind of setup like we [TS]

  were supposed to and we didn't and I i really did it was like one of the first [TS]

  things I did when I got home as I like looked it up and I am i okay I wasn't [TS]

  supposed to know who that guy was but why did they yeah why do anything stupid [TS]

  thinking about it and I was like oh wow I don't have enough star wars knowledge [TS]

  to know who this guy is and you were two seats away from me so I couldn't ask I [TS]

  don't know if they were trying to make you feel stupid so much they were just [TS]

  trying to roll into a story and like you don't like so the scroll for episode 4 [TS]

  just dropped in the deep end right and i think this one does the same thing [TS]

  yeah and so they say it's an old family friend but I mean it's being what 32 [TS]

  years since the last star wars movie I did want it to be like plenty of time to [TS]

  have like an old family friend that we didn't know but I did it expected to be [TS]

  like in Organa or a good Mon Mothma I don't know myself somebody who we were [TS]

  suppose somebody yeah we Gentiles which until is this old man has selected you [TS]

  know something but we don't whatever whoever he is he's the exorcist is who [TS]

  he is [TS]

  I heard this story that he is I totally expected wedge to be in the movie [TS]

  because wedge is sort of an interesting trivia question because if if you ask [TS]

  you know who are the characters who were in all three of the you know the first [TS]

  Star Wars trilogy it's you know there's hot and Luke and Leia and the droids and [TS]

  darth vader and all these ones that are very you know the all these iconic [TS]

  characters but the one that's easily overlooked would be Wedge Antilles and I [TS]

  thought well of course they're going to bring him back in that somebody told me [TS]

  I forget I was talking to but somebody said that they approach the actors still [TS]

  around the approach them and he was like nope can't be bothered or like maybe he [TS]

  held out for more money or something but that was yeah what else I think that was [TS]

  short-sighted because he probably could have made a pretty penny on that and it [TS]

  always energy so he's the guy that meat like he made the desktop run like he I [TS]

  think he actually dropped the fire the missiles if I'm it's been a while since [TS]

  I've seen that one but he missed like they do I think he's the guy that the [TS]

  the shot and they impacted on the surface [TS]

  no no that was a that was a y-wing piloting or no no it wasn't x-wing but [TS]

  it was the it was like it was like that the squadron captain Oh wedge [TS]

  oh here's the thing that wedge is Luke swingman going on the trend trend right [TS]

  and then he takes 10 me anything basically absorbs a bunch of damage and [TS]

  then gets out of there you know in Empire he's he's actually the wounded [TS]

  top of the at-at right he's the is the the snowspeeder pilot who's who who's [TS]

  cable works and lucky [TS]

  yeah he nails it at and he's the one that on the third descarada and return [TS]

  of the jedi he blows up the like button on how to describe it there's a conduit [TS]

  on the right-hand side that 830 nukes in order so that the the falken you can [TS]

  blow up the main bit you know what he's right there right to the end [TS]

  he's been in every major battle that we've seen any kick some major ass yet [TS]

  so I had I had kind of thought at the bottom of the kraal where it said that [TS]

  prints are generally i'm gonna keep saying the first half of the word [TS]

  princess diamond [TS]

  ok you like Cynthia exactly i ah I I thought maybe that was who are most [TS]

  daring pilot was or i also was sort of hoping maybe it was Han Solo to you know [TS]

  until we figured out that it was po'd amarin but I figured maybe you know [TS]

  wouldn't it be cool if it was Wedge Antilles ends up wedge antilles not the [TS]

  movie holding out for more money [TS]

  so we're still at the crawl well yeah this is gonna be over half an hour and I [TS]

  would have a pretty today and crawl and how about the opening and the whole [TS]

  opening scene where it's just sort of ok you don't get let's do this [TS]

  loved it we get a shot of have to assume is a moon has two moons orbiting jakku [TS]

  we get a star destroyer coming in in silhouette which is nice because if they [TS]

  just played out the same episode 4 shot i think that would've been overdone but [TS]

  the notion that you you run the school when you pan down on two planets and the [TS]

  stardestroyer is like that stores lower that's how you have to start a movie and [TS]

  then we see strong tofu like assault ships kind of drop out of the store [TS]

  which is almost beat for beat identical to what's happening in to you know start [TS]

  was it a new hope [TS]

  hey calling me hope and I don't like calling a new home on this show we call [TS]

  it Star Wars yes [TS]

  ok so let's just establish that too in Star Wars like that's the the same thing [TS]

  right like the stairs a crazy storm trooper salt and they look badass [TS]

  some of them get killed but they just barge in any way and they're unstoppable [TS]

  and then after their kind of cleaned up the scene and in Star Wars data walks in [TS]

  and in this one we have a shuttle deliver cuddle again [TS]

  i I didn't pick up on it took me a while watching it the first time before i [TS]

  picked up on the fact that the whole movie was more or less a remake of star [TS]

  wars in e either very very similar or like similar but like turn like heads [TS]

  details [TS]

  some people have turned that into negative and I I don't like that notion [TS]

  this is a myth it's a modern myth stop worrying about reusing plot points they [TS]

  set out and they be told the thing that they be told the story with a few [TS]

  different characters and a few things mixed up but have reset the do it [TS]

  the ground so that it's versatile for like the next few movies you know right [TS]

  right i didn't have any problem with that I thought kind of I mean maybe [TS]

  nerds don't wanna admit it but it's kind of like a soap opera like you know has [TS]

  all been and you know they recycle plots all the time and somebody's gonna be [TS]

  somebody's daughter or father or and it's just the way it's gonna go [TS]

  yeah you know I had more problem with return of the jedi when they're like [TS]

  can't really like another desktop didn't we can it did that like right right as [TS]

  we could this one this one at least it's like kid know we're gonna do the exact [TS]

  same thing like don't and maybe I'm older some well i think the other thing [TS]

  that if we're being honest with each other and I think I I didn't predict [TS]

  that I really and I did go in blind i did not predict that they would just [TS]

  really remake Star Wars yeah but I think it's kind of overall I think it's kind [TS]

  of genius because they did it without actually remaking it now compare and [TS]

  contrast with what they did with Star Trek where they would again JJ Abrams [TS]

  they rebooted it but they've recast all of these iconic characters you know [TS]

  there's a new captain kirk there's a new guy playing Spock and they you know use [TS]

  the time-travel trick to get Leonard Nimoy I into sort of tied together but [TS]

  in a way it sort of feels like a cheek because it feels like there's never [TS]

  going to be a william shatner Kirk in this universe and I'm so glad that they [TS]

  didn't go that way [TS]

  that they said you know we're not remaking episode 4 5 6 I yeah you know [TS]

  and Han Solo is still Harrison Ford and Luke Skywalker still mark hamill and [TS]

  Leia is still carry Fisher on but yet we're making it and I feel like the [TS]

  thing we have to be honest with each other with everybody about is that tho [TS]

  those movies especially the first one star wars [TS]

  ah it it it's dated in a certain way you know and it's a you know to try to get [TS]

  with my other you know [TS]

  favorite movie series with the james bond movies as much as I love this sean [TS]

  connery bond movies there's no way that you could make one of those today with [TS]

  that pacing and that level of like production quality like they look old [TS]

  and and the first Star Wars movie looks old and it feels old with the way that [TS]

  its paste and so I feel like telling that same story but doing it with [TS]

  up-to-date production values and pacing is sort of necessary to to take the [TS]

  franchisee out of cold storage i think so i think there's so much of this movie [TS]

  that is as much like sort of on the metal level as it is actually on it and [TS]

  the level of telling a story I like certainly not the marrying of the [TS]

  characters and the plot points and yeah i think it felt like used up [TS]

  I thought it felt like fresh and look familiar [TS]

  yeah i really like i don't know i really liked it i had no issue with that I was [TS]

  surprised that so many people did have an issue with that [TS]

  yeah I think they're off thanks and yeah exactly i think people could complain [TS]

  alright here's here's a a broad topic here in and from the opening scene I [TS]

  thought kylo Ren was an excellent villain and I like the way he talked i [TS]

  like the words that he chose like he was you know very few words but he chose [TS]

  them very well I love this new trick that he introduced where he stopped a [TS]

  laser bolt in midair [TS]

  I thought that was I'd that it never occurred to me i thought it was an [TS]

  excellent thing [TS]

  but in the as the movie goes on so we're introduced to him and he feels like a [TS]

  total legit badass exactly like Darth Vader in the first movie when he first [TS]

  enters but then as the movie goes on to me once he took his helmet off [TS]

  I only one of those can i really hate to say it but I feel like when he took his [TS]

  helmet off it was it reminds me of vaguely of what was his name dark helmet [TS]

  in the baseballs [TS]

  yes Delia like yeah helmetless kylo Ren is so whiny and a and he's ineffective [TS]

  and I it really does correspond to the moment when he takes the helmet off [TS]

  Waikiki that when he started having the Tantrums like it's not even having [TS]

  tantrums before [TS]

  did he have yeah that's right he had his first tantrum and i think its first [TS]

  tantrum was when I was like this is this is a silly person i agree yeah I think [TS]

  he was I think it was weak and pathetic before he took the helmet off [TS]

  I think it so my read was the heat captured ray he was in restraints and [TS]

  then she sort of questions him by saying like I think it looks like you tried to [TS]

  kill me well that's what happens when I'm chased by a monster mask and he [TS]

  tries to take the mask off and I think he thinks it's a Power Move and it [TS]

  totally backfires and the fact that he thinks it's a Power Move is where I [TS]

  think it turns awesome like like dark nadir get that and he kills somebody you [TS]

  know what I mean like yes frustrated he's gonna choke somebody and this guy [TS]

  is just like breaking his lightsaber over his knee or Darth Vader keeps this [TS]

  shit together [TS]

  sorry that he really does all of the six guys that we've seen even in the shitty [TS]

  movies keep their shit together they're like if you fuck up [TS]

  I will kill you like make no mistake about it but if things if you do what I [TS]

  tell you to do and things don't go well I'm fine [TS]

  like [TS]

  I'm gonna be very very angry but it's not your fault and I'm gonna move on [TS]

  this guy is like I'm gonna beat up a computer like really this is you move [TS]

  like there was there was a time I was probably right around Jonas's age maybe [TS]

  like eight eight nine ten years old and my family had played a game of monopoly [TS]

  which if you know I think everybody's familiar it takes a look takes a long [TS]

  time and you know it well over an hour into it and I was the first one to go [TS]

  bankrupt and I thought for sure that I was going to win because I just thought [TS]

  you know my family is full of simpletons it's good it's good that you're sharing [TS]

  with as well as a ten-year-old you know I really thought that I you know and [TS]

  that smartest person in the room yeah and I was gonna be a wheel and deal and [TS]

  Donald Trump my way into victory [TS]

  you know it's a real estate magnate and I went bankrupt magnate and I i lost i [TS]

  was the first one out and I went into a fit and I really we were playing in the [TS]

  kitchen on the kitchen table and I went into the living room which is next door [TS]

  picked a pillow off the sofa and threw it into the kitchen and it was it could [TS]

  not have been worse [TS]

  it just swept the board that swept everything off the board [TS]

  everybody's money it just slid across the board like one of the Dukes of [TS]

  Hazzard sliding across a generally and i instantly knew [TS]

  wow that was a horrible mistake I just ruined the game for everybody like it [TS]

  was completely irrecoverable and everybody was like well I guess the [TS]

  game's over nice job John but i was ten years old you know Yang and I I'll [TS]

  learned a lesson from it i was like wow you know you gotta you know that I i [TS]

  don't know i know that family because I'm like never serious but you don't [TS]

  you're very even-tempered I just feel like it's I mean it's obviously a [TS]

  deliberate choice it's not like they made a mistake but it it's a curious [TS]

  choice that they've made the main bad guy somebody who has the emotional [TS]

  temperament of a 10 or 11 year-old well I think it needs to do to in order to [TS]

  disassociate and with the fader but it makes him so on likable in a way that [TS]

  you have no respect for him like your Vader was not likeable like he was [TS]

  likable as a badass but you know not really likable but this guy that's [TS]

  that's what made me so mad when he killed on so like I'm gonna stop [TS]

  bringing that up here because he was just so unlikeable like he was not [TS]

  worthy of killing on Zola that means we really got to me I think that's the [TS]

  point i know i know that's the point but I just I'm not gonna talk about it [TS]

  anymore [TS]

  well get forget the handful of it I think did and I think did Dorothy to [TS]

  establish an archetype for villains that we've seen played over you don't since [TS]

  its introduction and this is like they can't do the same thing when you can do [TS]

  b-better Vader than Vader can't do that so they need they need a petulant child [TS]

  I mean that seems like a pretty like a petulant overly in titled daily [TS]

  misogynistic flakes certainly self-entitled I'll they nailed it trial [TS]

  yeah had to be you know to be the villain because you've already got the [TS]

  cold calculating guy i don't have it is cold and calculating a seething they've [TS]

  got the ceiling thing done [TS]

  you can't see the bed invader like his breathing is seething like you literally [TS]

  can't get more than that [TS]

  yeah [TS]

  so we've got this guy who's a whiny wanna be and that it makes sense in the [TS]

  universe and it makes sense as villain and it's and it's pathetic and i like [TS]

  that you don't need to respect I like that he doesn't deserve to respect and [TS]

  that's his problem is that he feels that he does but it's immediately apparent to [TS]

  anybody that watches him that like no you don't your university or kid right [TS]

  well and maybe it's an evolution because i hated Anakin to in the yeah the other [TS]

  ones [TS]

  yeah so yeah you know maybe I don't know maybe maybe killing han Solo [TS]

  it gives him the you know what I'm a badass I killed my dad [TS]

  I killed Han Solo so maybe you know maybe it's an evolution I don't think it [TS]

  I think that kind of made got it and move it backfired in terms of turning [TS]

  into the light side but he was certainly not thinking with his head when he [TS]

  engaged variant Finn in that lightsaber battle definitely definitely anyway so [TS]

  we're jumping all over the place [TS]

  yeah but that but I feel like our conversation I mean yeah [TS]

  the other thing they do is in the opening scene we are instantly and again [TS]

  a parallels the first movie where Princess Leia you know put the plans in [TS]

  r2 d2 and we've got a new r2d2 bb-8 and it's you know it's could not be more I [TS]

  almost feel like I should have realized they're remaking the movie I just [TS]

  thought oh it's just one note you know similar their secret plans and are [TS]

  giving them to this astromech droid who keeps any moats instead of like an odd [TS]

  in the beginning like it just felt like a nod to the first movie right and i [TS]

  love BBA and I feel like and I know you know that was a character that they let [TS]

  out in the trailers and they started making toys and stuff like that for it [TS]

  so you got the gist of you know like the way that he sort of built like a snowman [TS]

  but i really liked him in the movie and I feel like that one of the things that [TS]

  did to me was at just a home run in the movie is the bb-8 character [TS]

  what do you guys say i don't i don't think he could have done better I idroid [TS]

  likes to do would be a failure right right and what you can have another r2 [TS]

  unit we've seen that we had our for into p equals now I had nobody cared about [TS]

  not even obi-wan Kenobi low and literally nobody cared about AK so yeah [TS]

  now I had left it I that they managed to make it feel genuine new character droid [TS]

  that we actually like and I asked that's no small feat right like Daddy was such [TS]

  an r2d2 I mean he's like lucky he's cuter and he's more mobile and you know [TS]

  like how is behind people's legs [TS]

  he's good r2d2 expresses his personality in terms of beeps and Boop's 98 [TS]

  environments and ya like like a like a playful puppy you know he had like you [TS]

  said like hiding between the legs and yeah yeah he's more like a pet and her [TS]

  teacher never got the sense it out to detail is a bit i always got the sense [TS]

  that are to even at in the first movie where we see him or even if you go back [TS]

  to the prequels even in the prequels one when you know chronologically we first [TS]

  cr2 he already feels like he's an old droid and sort of acts like an old droid [TS]

  whereas bb-8 is it feels like almost childish [TS]

  yes he's got like a sense of wonder about him i'm one of the biggest laughs [TS]

  in the movie and I I really do love it i think it's so great is where again we're [TS]

  skipping around but when they're on the Falcon and Ray is underneath trying to [TS]

  fix the ship and Finn is explaining that I'm not really part of the resistance [TS]

  but there's no way we're getting out of this unless you tell us where he's keep [TS]

  coming clean to the droid right [TS]

  and he gives them a thumbs up and bb-8 as like a like a butane lighter and use [TS]

  it to give it a thumbs up i was ready for the second time we saw it I i really [TS]

  like gauge the crowd the crowd absolutely lost it at that . and i feel [TS]

  like that was really the point where where everybody in the theater was like [TS]

  all right I am fully on board with this movie [TS]

  yeah i think that that's certainly the biggest laugh what about in broad broad [TS]

  strokes I almost feel like in it just to jump to a a problem with the movie is [TS]

  that in the first star wars they open the famous opening shot where you see [TS]

  the the rebel ship small rebel ship going away and then the giant wow it [TS]

  just keeps going and going and going [TS]

  giant star destroyer in addition to just being a beautiful shot and a [TS]

  tremendously effective special effect it also instantly establishes the power [TS]

  dynamics between the rebellion in the empire that the rebels are small and [TS]

  really up against it and the Empire is huge and the overwhelming military [TS]

  strength in the galaxy the shot establishes that whereas in this movie [TS]

  it's very unclear to me even after having watched it twice and you know [TS]

  read the internet and unspoiled myself it's very unclear to me like how strong [TS]

  the the first order is and how strong the New Republic and this resistance R [TS]

  and yeah and he can tell and they blow [TS]

  it out so the city's the silhouette of start story Bloods out a moon rather [TS]

  than the Sun you think that would be more of it you know i mean like if you [TS]

  get like a planet and a son and like this like start story just kind of comes [TS]

  in between them [TS]

  I I don't think so [TS]

  the the opening crawl did not explain the political situation very well and [TS]

  none of the expository dialogue really did I leave anything I think that might [TS]

  have been a reaction to um you know the prequels where are we did spend time [TS]

  talking about like who's voting on what from where and like a way that Senator [TS]

  need some farm subsidies so that we can have the stormtroopers whatever it was i [TS]

  I think maybe did it got closed over a little bit much i do know that there [TS]

  have been scenes cut to deal with a little bit with political side of things [TS]

  yeah I've heard that too including like that the characters who got blown up on [TS]

  the balcony [TS]

  yeah we see we see a woman like the close-up of the woman's face she [TS]

  actually apparently gets dispatched by layer to go and talk to the Galactic [TS]

  Senate about getting up more support resistance but that think it all got cut [TS]

  and probably rightfully so is long enough movie with enough going on that I [TS]

  don't think we need needed to know it is a good question and then those prequels [TS]

  i mean if i would have heard the words Galactic Senate I would have got nothing [TS]

  left [TS]

  yeah yeah well you would've missed and so again field [TS]

  yeah and I you know what and then I'd be happy [TS]

  one of the things that I thought was pretty clever and I liked it is even [TS]

  know it's [TS]

  it's 30 years later and you know i like i like the basic idea that that what [TS]

  happened in return of the jedi did not completely shut down the Empire [TS]

  instantly the Empire truly was an empire and you know losing another star [TS]

  destroyer and are not started toward death star and the super star destroyer [TS]

  and losing that you know the Emperor and Vader obviously you get them back [TS]

  tremendously but it left them with something that they could still have [TS]

  they still had this massive Starfleet yeah I love to make sense there's no way [TS]

  you can click that battle did not [TS]

  there's no way that battle could cripple something is lunch is a galactic empire [TS]

  and i really like the way that they flip this though and they made because it was [TS]

  unclear how old Darth Vader was in the first movies but you knew an obi-wan [TS]

  said that he was you know I told Luke that you know he you know had fought [TS]

  with him and it was a starpilot so you knew he had to be at least like 40 or 50 [TS]

  you know that he was you know more or less 12 you know 20 years maybe or so [TS]

  younger than obi-wan but Tarkin was greatly well couldn't wait for those [TS]

  first movies i did not think he was 20 years younger than opening line [TS]

  oh you didn't how well did you think it was because he said that is a mage I'll [TS]

  see I thought that he was a little younger because he said he told Luke [TS]

  that it was an apprentice of mine you know [TS]

  well ok so in a new Hopi says that he thought with him right so that [TS]

  established my relationship thing and then he talks about Darth Vader having [TS]

  trained him [TS]

  yeah but then even addresses in his old man your powers are weak old man [TS]

  yeah okay i still didn't [TS]

  the 20 years but ok yeah i just figured well yeah yeah yeah I don't think you [TS]

  will have the energy i think you have to have 20 years on somebody to call them [TS]

  an old man right you can call somebody is roughly your age an old man now i'm [TS]

  gonna start getting this i do it i'd love it if you could get going i always [TS]

  go into the really interesting twist that especially that the Hawks character [TS]

  is like a young i got a boy i wanted to punch that guy and I ya feel like you [TS]

  wanted to want me they wanted you to want to punch him [TS]

  ah like when he was given his is little Nazi speech to all the troops and I was [TS]

  just like and i would like to see you get punched [TS]

  yeah you want to grab like a captain america shield and just hit again faced [TS]

  with it [TS]

  he's awful is that we're going with the turkan thing [TS]

  oh yeah that he will get to me it's one of those aspects of the movie where yes [TS]

  the whole thing parallels the first Star Wars movie sucks is clearly the the [TS]

  taärgonn stand-in and i really like the twist that instead of being an old guy [TS]

  he is young i mean i don't know it looks like to me like he's only around thirty [TS]

  years old [TS]

  yeah he's young he's full of piss and vinegar and these he's on a mission [TS]

  right and it's like inherently like I what was the name of the actor who [TS]

  played target Peter go to ya know what is it [TS]

  yeah that date that's exactly it isn't it somebody'll correct us if we're wrong [TS]

  yeah I back I just instantly commanded respect because it just who he is right [TS]

  you just had to respect them whereas Hux is like because he's like a young punk [TS]

  you had to know that [TS]

  oh no I'm sorry Peter Cushing was the name not pretty crushing so at Peter [TS]

  O'Toole's yeah yeah i'm looking it up on my phone but he commanded respect just [TS]

  because it was just this old british actor who you know as a kid I don't even [TS]

  know what he was into you just know you've seen him in his face is like so [TS]

  it's like Max on set up like exactly he it's yeah so I thought that was pretty [TS]

  brilliant i really like that I like that the guy is [TS]

  a young punk [TS]

  yeah definitely well his arrogance and vigor really got sold because he was [TS]

  beyond gay I think it's like he's too young and dumb to have actually thought [TS]

  about what the hell he's saying and so we can deliver these kind of speeches [TS]

  with complete conviction and as opposed to having like it a sense of cynicism [TS]

  but you don't want to hear the vader read the damper deliver is his tox [TS]

  there's always a cynicism behind it i just think this guy is just a real [TS]

  believer you know he's a born-again fascist and per Imperial Lackey leader [TS]

  again again morning in fascist create he really is the keys [TS]

  who does that you can tell you get listened for like into politics [TS]

  you can just see that he'd be voting for Trump though [TS]

  yeah thanks yeah that's alright let's take another try not to go there let's [TS]

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  all right we haven't really spoken about Rayette and Amy [TS]

  I love ray I mean I think how could you not like Ray I they loved her she was so [TS]

  exciting and I i have that was another football what we gonna say i don't [TS]

  remember because you interrupted me I was directing you to speak in the [TS]

  microbe because you picked them faces they're clearly i mean this is again [TS]

  this is obvious anybody seen the movies she is the luke skywalker she's the you [TS]

  know the force aware force capable 20ish year old who's living on a desert planet [TS]

  and has you know dreams and of a bigger adventures is she's a pilot you know [TS]

  she's the new Luke but whereas lucious was better than she's better than look [TS]

  is exactly a veteran Luke wants to go into it [TS]

  is exactly a veteran Luke wants to go into it [TS]

  whatever I'm gosh II station that's not the word i know it's an American flag [TS]

  and perfect Toshi's how she said she will build you some dad power converters [TS]

  lake [TS]

  she just she just made me so so happy I mean she was just this amazing female [TS]

  character and and I don't know if you remember like before the movie came out [TS]

  JJ Abrams was obviously doing a lot of press and he said something kind of [TS]

  Judah there's just something stupid and but he didn't [TS]

  oh but you know I just felt like will give the guy a chance and I just think [TS]

  he's trying to be coy right but I just think he was and let's face it when we [TS]

  were little girls did love Star Wars but it was marketed towards boys and i think [TS]

  that like everyone who criticized him owes him an apology because he said [TS]

  maybe one silly kind of dumb thing but then in the movie it was so true i mean [TS]

  she absolutely kicked ass she was amazing [TS]

  yeah i think he said something like a Star Wars has always been a boy's thing [TS]

  right but I hope with this movie mothers will want to take the daughters and [TS]

  it'll be a good thing and then people get bent out of shape because he was [TS]

  like right wasn't always voicing i think yeah okay [TS]

  true i'll keep the guy said something stupid and then he made a movie with it [TS]

  kickass video he'd already made the movie when he said it and he was like [TS]

  trying not to be right can spoil it and he's trying to be like look this is [TS]

  gonna be more this could be more powerful women characters in this movie [TS]

  than you expect is what he's trying to say right there and then it's like just [TS]

  he screwed up [TS]

  so what I really loved the introduction to her cinematically helps cuz she's [TS]

  she's exploring the the husk of the destroyed our star destroyer on the [TS]

  surface of the planet and I i thought it the first time I saw it and I had this [TS]

  in mind the second time i saw it to me i really do think it's almost an homage to [TS]

  Wally that she lives this solitary life that is to me a lot like Wally you know [TS]

  in the way that while he was cleaning up garbage and she was sort of scavenging [TS]

  you know the garbage for parts but the way to that the entire introduction to [TS]

  her she's by herself and she never mother's you know there's never anything [TS]

  where she says anything she doesn't talk to herself or anything it's purely [TS]

  cinematic you just see her exploring this thing it's beautiful [TS]

  it really does look real it I mean I you know obviously I guess a lot of that was [TS]

  CGI but unlike the prequels to me it really looked like they built a giant [TS]

  empty star destroyer and it established her character it's like wow this whoever [TS]

  she is she knows you know you know the way that she's like grappling around on [TS]

  these hooks and and cables and stuff like that like she knows what she's [TS]

  doing and then her excavation ends with her sliding down the dune like a sled [TS]

  and it's just like a little bit of whimsy that to me was like but she's you [TS]

  know she's trying to have fun I loved it I loved the luxury they took in [TS]

  establishing and the way she lived her life and a lot of movies just have a [TS]

  like a faster pace these days and maybe though drop a couple of lines of [TS]

  exposition like oh man I can't believe spent like another day scavenging in the [TS]

  Star Destroyer didn't like something like that but this is high so much [TS]

  better like you can like it's nice and slow it the the sled is whimsy but it [TS]

  also just makes sense why like she you know that she's been doing this long [TS]

  time she collects a bunch of stuff she puts on the sled she slides down the [TS]

  thing and she carries at home on your speeder right and it was slow paced but [TS]

  it was still enjoyable to watch and I felt like it was slow paced and you've [TS]

  got a lot out of it like you really got her isolation and I didn't I thought [TS]

  that was really i thought it was really interesting but like you said it was a [TS]

  slow-paced thing but it was super enjoyable to watch i loved it i don't [TS]

  think she was in line [TS]

  she was in line to sell the parts [TS]

  is the weird like it's just perfect like the the monotony of like okay I'm going [TS]

  to do this i love the shot of her and the she's cleaning off the parts [TS]

  she's collected and she looks up and across the table from her is a weathered [TS]

  old 1i and it like not just no one but like a woman is clearly being like [TS]

  beaten down by the sands and the environment that they're living in and [TS]

  it's very big shot but you it is registered with her and with us that [TS]

  like okay this is right this is it this is my future [TS]

  this is me if I don't get something going yeah right and the other the other [TS]

  shot that to me was it's just cinema it there's no dialogue but when she tries [TS]

  on the helmet the she finds like a rebel so great a rebel x-wing pilot helmet and [TS]

  she tries it on it tells you exactly what you think she's dreaming of getting [TS]

  off the planet right and she's eating food all happy [TS]

  yeah she's not start telling that food at disney any player felt anything at [TS]

  Disney and the Star Wars stuff is just out of control like they have opened up [TS]

  a new building in one of the parks just to sell Star Wars stuff and they're [TS]

  going to tell this little gruel packet i know it and kids are gonna go nuts one [TS]

  quarter one quarter portion yeah but i liked it that she was like she had a [TS]

  smile on her face like okay I was the day well done I've got something to eat [TS]

  i'm sitting here eating my thing I've got my helmet feeling it you know I'm [TS]

  well here's because it wasn't like uh and it wasn't like it you know like an [TS]

  Oliver Twist kind of thing was I could have got everything is awful and I'm the [TS]

  worst it was right now make my way it's money that way so that i found her so [TS]

  much more likable than Luke in the first movie where Luke is is so [TS]

  you know like and he's like on another season I was me like why is this [TS]

  happening to me like i have these big dreams but i'm not really gonna do [TS]

  anything about them i'm just gonna whine about my circumstance yeah and I didn't [TS]

  you know what I didn't get like a contentedness from ray I got a hey I'm [TS]

  putting up with this but I'm gonna do something like oh yeah don't get me [TS]

  wrong i don't care i mean i don't you just took joy in small moment like right [TS]

  my page on my thing it's at least a meeting for today and this is where get [TS]

  better like I'm gonna be happy helmet on [TS]

  pusha love i just love the idea of what and you don't want nobody talks about is [TS]

  the sushi marks off I one day at a time on that wall right and there's a lot of [TS]

  them are a lot of my oh that America's gonna yeah yeah yeah clearly her [TS]

  backstory is it's a total JJ Abrams is a mystery box yeah mystery box and [TS]

  including the fact that we don't hear her last name [TS]

  I mean obviously there's an awful lot of people who are speculating that maybe [TS]

  she's Luke's daughter that she's raised Skywalker and yeah I don't believe that [TS]

  and she was left there for whatever mysterious reasons I don't know it's [TS]

  there's gotta be some reason we don't know her last name or any other [TS]

  speculation the other guests you know and going along typical star wars lines [TS]

  where everybody ends up being somebody's brother or sister would be that she's a [TS]

  common layers daughter but that that to me doesn't seem plausible just because [TS]

  of the way that Hans interaction with her it there's it doesn't even if [TS]

  there's even a chance of that is she's Kenobi's granddaughter is it we know [TS]

  that no we don't have help for their and that's what I choose to assert right now [TS]

  eh she's got the accent be here Kenobi speaking to her in a flashback sequence [TS]

  see a panic and can't be when at it originally which is kind of what set the [TS]

  whole thing off [TS]

  um and I don't know what the other one is an amazing i'd i'd have you purchased [TS]

  awesome i have read so she's got a huge obi-wan Kenobi fan like he's my guy so [TS]

  I'm going with her bandit or maybe she could be like is nice or something but [TS]

  she you know maybe she's named Ray Kenobi no no so-so my I mean my thing is [TS]

  like you know what if you look like you and rigor and all of your buddies on the [TS]

  jetty order to get wiped out and you're stuck on tatooine with nothing to do for [TS]

  20 years i think the cantina may look like a good place to have a little bit [TS]

  of fun if you know have we thought about the fact that she might be you notice a [TS]

  concentrated haven't thought about that that it had not thought about that I [TS]

  don't want to know how that goes [TS]

  I don't here's a complaint i have with the movie one of my complaints is that [TS]

  they don't introduce any memorable vehicles that are new that it's just [TS]

  they've painted the TIE fighters black they not they have created a new to see [TS]

  TIE fighter [TS]

  what is it like the Special Forces TIE fighter yeah that was a plot contrivance [TS]

  right like am but it's you know it's the Millennium Falcon x-wings Star [TS]

  Destroyers all the videos know why wings [TS]

  there's no tie interceptors onerous there's no a-wings there's no b-wings is [TS]

  nothing it was just excellent I fighters that's exactly where i'm going with the [TS]

  only cool new vehicle at all is raised speeder which i kinda liked it i did i [TS]

  kinda like to make a landspeeder we turn it on its side [TS]

  I don't know I kinda like that i would I think if I was a kid I'd want i would [TS]

  want the race Peter toy I liked it was kinda shitty it's just a big box with no [TS]

  guess it makes sense right it's like what she's not gonna be make going [TS]

  around with it like a dope ride wherever it's saying this thing moves and they're [TS]

  bad silurian it's totally utilitarian well i guess here I think it looks cool [TS]

  my only complaint with it is that [TS]

  given her career she kind of needs like a pickup truck yeah i think all think [TS]

  like in theory she could there could be some some salvageable stuff in that Star [TS]

  Destroyer that or or whatever other records you know she's she's exploring [TS]

  that would be too big to take on that thing she kind of needs a truck so my [TS]

  might take it is that this scavenging has been going on for so long that [TS]

  there's very little left yet seem to get like she's climbing way up to get like a [TS]

  little tiny part that you know she takes right [TS]

  I don't think like all of the good stuff was gone like 20 years ago basically [TS]

  before she was born it is kind of my fake take on it right it's a rough life [TS]

  yeah it's not just scavenging it's like it like picking it . it is little scraps [TS]

  of meat off the bones at this point [TS]

  alright so the other new major character is Finn what do you guys think about [TS]

  Finn I love him I liked it a lot [TS]

  yeah Peter he's like a you know when it's it he's like a good guy and like [TS]

  he's finding himself throughout the movie like I think it's fun [TS]

  he's got a good heart and he has bad luck [TS]

  I like that he's kind of the bumbler you know what I mean maybe you're the badass [TS]

  and he's kind of the bubbler you're like that I like that well and I think it [TS]

  compares well in in in the first scene where we really get to see him at mean [TS]

  we obviously there's that the bat the opening battle where he for whatever [TS]

  reason you know has broken through the indoctrination of the stormtroopers and [TS]

  and has serious moral qualms hated that though because storm troopers don't [TS]

  bleed and I realized like this the the use of that you know that he did it [TS]

  marks him and it shows that he's affected but stormtroopers have never [TS]

  bled I thought it was weird i agree it was weird it definitely broke the [TS]

  expectations of the Star Wars movies and but if [TS]

  think the fact that we saw a strong trooper bleeding humanize them right and [TS]

  I which allowed us to then let go ahead and I am I didn't he was like holy crap [TS]

  we're killing people here for no reason we're just mad yeah but like just the [TS]

  mere fact that a stormtrooper at also a that's what should we didn't have it [TS]

  live on [TS]

  yeah like and it does make sense not to make sense just keep rolling [TS]

  Thank start thinking keep rolling okay he's a human and now we're expressing [TS]

  his human and he kinda has a bond with this guy and that's it like just I [TS]

  vividly better shorter keep in my childhood what you know when the movies [TS]

  were new and I was a little kid that one of the recurring arguments that me and [TS]

  my friends would have heard or a debate i guess was exactly what what are the [TS]

  stormtroopers are the people are they clones are you know because they [TS]

  mentioned the Clone Wars you know is that they cloned and I remember a lot of [TS]

  my friends thought we people because they switch you know they han and luke [TS]

  take their outfit [TS]

  yeah but i'd ever people who I remember I had friends who argued that they were [TS]

  droids they must have been like robots and they even the ones that are stupid [TS]

  and that they you know that that I agree that was stupid that was in my argument [TS]

  but it was enough of a mystery that there at least some kids would argue [TS]

  that they were droids in that han and luke had like hollowed-out this you know [TS]

  taking all the robot can tell what had taken a lot of time I agree it's stupid [TS]

  it wasn't my argument I'm subcase stupid way harsh third childhood friends a no [TS]

  but I've always seen them is is I don't want to throw him under the bus but my [TS]

  childhood friend I just named david knew more thought that they were destroyed [TS]

  ok David I'm sorry man that I don't didn't mean to call you stupid you made [TS]

  a case for it though I bet he did as a ten-year-old alright i know i love i [TS]

  love this scene i really love the scene were we're we're po and Finn first meet [TS]

  and [TS]

  I it to me and ended where JJ Abrams really just nailed it [TS]

  we're pole Dameron is clearly like a a right out of you know mythology [TS]

  he's the hero zero he's brave he's never afraid that your job that could make [TS]

  like a granite block like no yeah that's and even the jacket i felt like how he's [TS]

  in Indiana Jones yeah and like a typical you know like when james bond gets [TS]

  captured he's never liked worried you know that he's not going he just figures [TS]

  I'm something's gonna happen i'm gonna get out of yeah and II think it's like [TS]

  your thing where he's with the script ahead and yeah I got that confidence and [TS]

  a fin is a perfect foil because Finn is like literally in like a flop sweat I [TS]

  mean he is like in like he's having like the crisis of his life he knows that [TS]

  captain phasma is on to him you know he's supposed to go down to what did she [TS]

  say I want your weapon inspected they're going to figure out in everything she [TS]

  says report to Division I don't know what that means but it's like at can it [TS]

  doesn't sound good [TS]

  okay and there's that line where he's like why are you doing this so you part [TS]

  of the resistance any and Finn is like it's just the right thing to do because [TS]

  you need a pilot because yeah I need a pilot and it's funny and that really did [TS]

  that moment in the movie watching it really struck me that for all of the the [TS]

  book length criticism you can have of the prequel trilogy trilogy and what's [TS]

  wrong with it that the dialogue is stilted in the characters are lame and [TS]

  it's the pot is all this political stuff and you don't even know who the bad guys [TS]

  are because it seems like both sides are really working for the Emperor so [TS]

  there's no bag and and you go on and on and on and and talk about the effects [TS]

  and and how everything was green screen but it really hit me when with that joke [TS]

  of yeah I need a pilot that you know what one of those huge huge gaping flaws [TS]

  in the prequel trilogy is there's nothing funny in them at all and a Star [TS]

  Wars movie should be funny [TS]

  yes yeah you need to get the funny action beats like it's right but like i [TS]

  said earlier it's all corny funny but it's like intoxicated right now it's in [TS]

  a good way and that's why I like i said earlier like you got the feeling that [TS]

  the people who made this movie really loved Star Wars [TS]

  and I feel like they hit so many of the jokes in the right way like the the joke [TS]

  about you know when they're running toward the ship and he's like what about [TS]

  that one and she's like no that one's garbage and then you know then they have [TS]

  to go to that one and it's the Millennium Falcon that's such a great [TS]

  job they get such a star wars like it just hits the perfect tone of the end [TS]

  the main theme kicks in like they did the camera turns to show the Millennium [TS]

  fucking it does like dad then get the thing that's so exciting [TS]

  yeah oh yeah our now we're playing for really such a perfect star wars joke [TS]

  totally corny but yet you laugh anything without slicing with the PO and Finn is [TS]

  amazing because it immediately establishes a friends character who [TS]

  actually doesn't even have a name yet but it is establish him as like I a [TS]

  guide that knows what the good thing say is like he knows what the right thing to [TS]

  do and say is but he's actually just really out for himself [TS]

  I like I'm letting you go because that's what I think to do [TS]

  oh you need a pilot at yeah I need finally like this like he knows what the [TS]

  thing to say is and then he's just he can't he can't hold it together like you [TS]

  can't lie very well you know so and that comes up again and again the movie [TS]

  yeah and so it one of the parallels I think and it's not an exact parallel but [TS]

  clearly Finn is in a certain way he's he is the Han Solo of this movie where he's [TS]

  the character who's really just looking out for his own interest [TS]

  yeah yes well and willing i will be his way through everything [TS]

  yeah we're han was sort of as soon as you met me was good [TS]

  drizzle and competent a thin is competent to some ways but definitely [TS]

  not not world-wise like hand was right right because he's been a program [TS]

  stormtrooper this whole time so yeah I think it's amazing that he has as much [TS]

  thought as he doesn't get his things happen if anything it's kind of [TS]

  impressive that he's not more than an asshole i'm not to take out of the [TS]

  moment but um did we tell her son [TS]

  we're doing this and is it weird that he hasn't wondered where we are i think i [TS]

  just thought of that and he doesn't know where we are and he's not concerned I [TS]

  don't figure it out okay it like he just got new video games for Christmas and I [TS]

  haven't seen him upright in the days one of the one of the things that in the [TS]

  first Star Wars movie is it hon [TS]

  in Luke you really don't see them together much there on the Millennium [TS]

  Falcon then obi-wan is telling them you know about the force and highways assume [TS]

  disqus hon can't really stand him and huh [TS]

  everything I've been all around the galaxy I've never seen anything that [TS]

  makes me believe in an all-powerful force controls my destiny and then [TS]

  they're on the Death Star and its really really you know the only real seem to [TS]

  have together is that scene where they decide to go rescue Princess Leia and [TS]

  Luke it's like you know she's rich you know you know they'll be a big reward [TS]

  more than you can imagine i don't know i can imagine quite a bit [TS]

  well they should do we have the end up in government compactor [TS]

  yeah but it's mostly action head-butted somehow got together for that much I [TS]

  mean it's obviously more than poen dinner together but it's not that much [TS]

  but then somehow but the way that it works though is that when Empire strike [TS]

  strikes back starts and luke says in on his communicator han old buddy and when [TS]

  you know Lucas to come back and haunt is like that's my friend out there you know [TS]

  I'm gonna you know yeah you know what it is it's when can we get shut down [TS]

  yeah and it was standing right there and they see it happen and that think that's [TS]

  the moment where it's like there's something about the interaction between [TS]

  Finn and po that to me even though it's really minimal in this movie that's just [TS]

  that one scene where they escaped together and then [TS]

  when they're reunited and he's like hey that's my jacket I but somehow like if [TS]

  the next movie starts and it's it acted it'll just feel like poem Finn are like [TS]

  best buddies and comrades with ya with the camaraderie like that's one of those [TS]

  things that that JJ Abrams really nailed yeah well that I I i mean i don't know [TS]

  but i would bet a huge amount of money that the next movie is not gonna start [TS]

  back on that planet with me and Luke staring at each other [TS]

  no no definitely I think it's sort of like it's a good tradition in Star Wars [TS]

  movies that something happened in between the movies you have to do what [TS]

  the school going to be scrolls can be like episode 8 [TS]

  did you see the last one you like or you know I posit will wait [TS]

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  I don't listen to your show like this is really good [TS]

  you're getting better i can't wait to hear you pronounce the next one though [TS]

  because water maybe a pic from the tour type situation [TS]

  alright so we've talked about Ray we talked about has been great [TS]

  yeah it really does so yeah we saw we talked to everybody talked about in that [TS]

  hole is way he's man candy you can like flight excellent pretty great [TS]

  he's got to have a bigger role in the next movie right yeah he said he's sort [TS]

  of like gonna take the place of Han Solo i think in terms of I really like him [TS]

  just because i have some like a guy said square jaw like he's gotta be yeah he [TS]

  was awesome he's like almost to us and it's just ridiculous yeah so we left [TS]

  with color and you want to talk about Keller well i was gonna I was gonna go [TS]

  to they you know where we're aiming it said you know [TS]

  no not that one that one's garbage and they take off in the Millennium Falcon [TS]

  and then it was so exciting but then here come on and chewy and it's the [TS]

  thing i want to talk about is this that we find out and when a Bible III don't [TS]

  know what other people do with spoilers i came in i didn't know Han and Chewie [TS]

  were in the movie because i did watch the first [TS]

  a trailer where there's Jimmy were home when they knew they were going to come [TS]

  through that door right like II yeah I kind of did you can see the framing and [TS]

  you [TS]

  yeah and I and I thought it was pretty I thought it was telling that when they [TS]

  they thought maybe it was the first order that had boarded them but it they [TS]

  didn't clearly show the ship that had taken the Millennium Falcon and so since [TS]

  they didn't show it i thought you know this must be well who's going to getting [TS]

  sucked in through the front rather than to the belly of its territory as soon as [TS]

  a kid this is weird [TS]

  yeah clearly wasn't it started somewhere so when it was hot and chewy I wasn't [TS]

  surprised and it felt like the movie has gone on long enough without him but what [TS]

  about I have to say I really it but more than Han Solo getting killed in the [TS]

  movie what bothered me more [TS]

  the first time i saw it was the idea that that Hans backstory for this movie [TS]

  was that he was separated from Leia obviously for some some significant [TS]

  amount of time maybe most of the 30 years or at least a lot of it i think [TS]

  they're happy [TS]

  I think if fix it about 20 years but really I got it was always obvious that [TS]

  they could never be together [TS]

  well because they can't they can't stand each other i mean they obviously love [TS]

  each other but i just think that you know one of those not meant to be like [TS]

  they're not going to like it had screwed something up but yeah I think even if [TS]

  even if the son hadn't gotten bad hands could write but even more than being [TS]

  separated from Leia even way more actually I was bothered by the idea that [TS]

  he and Chewie had lost the Millennium Falcon [TS]

  mm I just feel like all right maybe he loses his family you know [TS]

  alright that happens that mean that can happen to a guy but there's no way [TS]

  there's no way that Han Solo is gonna lose the money so we're gonna get [TS]

  divorced but you're gonna hold onto that accurate and you'll be perfectly bad [TS]

  first step [TS]

  I don't know why I agreed to Florida I like our carpet is not the Millennium [TS]

  Falcon of our car was closed and i would say yeah like I kind of thought when [TS]

  they boarded that maybe like the idea was going to be that they had planted [TS]

  the Millennium Falcon there and that maybe they explained it maybe they [TS]

  wouldn't but that it was part of the plan and that's why they picked it up [TS]

  because they like left behind the idea that they've gone and she we haven't had [TS]

  the falcon for some number of years really bothered me hold on to anything I [TS]

  he's not a good person [TS]

  I mean it's good person but he's he's not really good at life like he's always [TS]

  fly by the seat of his pants right yeah sure um I look like so much of this [TS]

  movie at it is it's a matter of movie in so many ways [TS]

  um I'm actually not having been on the Falcon and 30 years is because we [TS]

  haven't been on the fucking 30 years that's it the reason r2d2 is asleep the [TS]

  entire time until after we blow up the Death Star is because r2d2 is the heart [TS]

  and soul of the the movies and after we've done the entire first movie again [TS]

  by blowing up the Death Star rather than like a medal ceremony we get to see r2d2 [TS]

  reboot magically out of that of the ether for no good reason [TS]

  oh yeah that's something that John and I spent a lot of time talking about like [TS]

  what makes him wake up it's a narrative well ok it's a narrative contract it's [TS]

  like r2d2 is the heart of Star Wars and he wakes up [TS]

  I like we have two groups two hours are talking about it you're like who cares [TS]

  well I think he's right now i think that i think i'd be really ready like I'm not [TS]

  it's like whenever I'd like an in-universe excuse i'm sure we can [TS]

  I'm sure it's like the briefcase in Pulp Fiction you know what I mean like [TS]

  they're not support this man time dwelling on it don't doesn't matter [TS]

  right [TS]

  I've seen we've seen a Star Wars movie including with the destruction of a [TS]

  dexter if you'll be kindled use the movie titled The Force awakens what [TS]

  happens for submerged r2d2 awakens and literally tells you see I think it's [TS]

  like humans where you go in with Luke [TS]

  look like yeah but I actually think that Luke wake forest didn't him a like [TS]

  turned mine in some way I think Luke was like hey you chill out [TS]

  july send you a signal and then you have to a signal and you come to life [TS]

  yeah yeah that way i use the word doodle for that but yeah so I'd i thinkI in [TS]

  university I think in terms of writing the script is like who cares it's like [TS]

  2d to represent something to us and if the fact that we have the new droid bb-8 [TS]

  bumper man like want to resurrect him is again meta commentary on like right [TS]

  you're right we have to you know we're trying to reboot these old movies were [TS]

  trying to get the bag at the whole thing about inheritance and how even just a [TS]

  scavenger stuff like that the new people are scavenging parts from the old you [TS]

  know from the old vampire or from the old series and they're they're reusing [TS]

  them like all of this is you it's alright as well for us to say oh my gosh [TS]

  look at that you know look at the old ship or i agree with you i think that [TS]

  the whole world just another commentary like did that the movie actually Carol [TS]

  movies [TS]

  exactly oh that's interesting exactly like the whole thing like it works [TS]

  unlike a lot of different levels not that I'm saying like this movie is high [TS]

  art or anything but I don't get crazy but but it's I think it would be I think [TS]

  it's silly to think of it in terms of like women already made this movie so [TS]

  yes [TS]

  ok thank you now can we think about why maybe they made these choices and I [TS]

  think that the reason they made these choices is you know it's a modern myth [TS]

  and retelling a myth is part of being a myth and I'm is certainly [TS]

  mountains of scavenging the r2d2 thing like they're acknowledging what has come [TS]

  before is a large part of what this movie is about like an intentional [TS]

  choice [TS]

  here's what I've upon thinking about it after like might set my from initial [TS]

  reaction was that it really bothered me that they decided that on it lost the [TS]

  Falcon at some point we lost the Falcon that's the thing we write and I green [TS]

  III and that works for me but the other thing too is I also really like the idea [TS]

  at once it's settled in that rock bottom for Han Solo he still had to bacha like [TS]

  like so like the fact that he'd lost the Falcon just showed just how far he's [TS]

  fallen and it lends some weight to like your general that Han Solo general solo [TS]

  and he says I used to be [TS]

  ah I i like it i actually I did it bothered me at first but I unless that [TS]

  like it works for work for han Solo and it works for housing for it too [TS]

  and the other thing too that really struck me about this movie is it's by [TS]

  far and I've always been a fan of Chewbacca and I've always thought that [TS]

  Chewbacca is an underrated special effect because to me he's he is the most [TS]

  credible unbelievable alien creature in any movie ever made [TS]

  Yankee and you just never doubt in and and so many of the effects in the [TS]

  original Star Wars they're good but you did they kind of hold up only with [TS]

  nostalgia whereas Chewbacca he really he does not look like a man in a suit he [TS]

  looks like a Wookiee yeah and I don't know what they did you know like the [TS]

  ones that magazine where kids that would have all the fan goriya fangoria fair [TS]

  and hasn't and now they're remember finger it [TS]

  yeah but like the just the effects that they did to make his mouth not look like [TS]

  a human mouth and everything he's always been a super credible alien I loved it [TS]

  but this movie to me is by far and away the best Chewbacca movie ever [TS]

  it's it he on his own he kinda steal the show and and in terms of just [TS]

  emphasizing what an incredible friendship in Han Solo have [TS]

  really because I think okay I'm not dwelling on it but I think he got over [TS]

  it pretty quickly [TS]

  I mean Han Solo got and I think one of the second things I turn to you and said [TS]

  after Han Solo dad was oh my god poor chewy after i said why couldn't it have [TS]

  been chewy but they did they did a disservice to that I felt like he just [TS]

  wasn't the same as you did you learning with that nurse come on it's all died [TS]

  no no no that was before I don't like seeing the movie once [TS]

  ok that's good that that was before and what yeah that was that was kind of [TS]

  adorable [TS]

  I'm and adorable everyone was adorable but yeah brother and I feel like I've I [TS]

  also knows i feel so she's well he shoots a family member [TS]

  right right like very not like that you back we've ever seen [TS]

  I he may strangle ando Lando got Han Solo frozen in carbonite and sold to the [TS]

  Empire and he talked about and Sonny didn't kill a month site you know shot [TS]

  son who han was willing to die to dry rescue and she was like screw you you [TS]

  kill Han Solo on shooting it [TS]

  yeah yeah friend he got a pretty good do and they spend a lot of time in that [TS]

  movie establishing did like that thing hurts right now they did they were like [TS]

  hey can I try that and he shot in like two stormtroopers just blow up he didn't [TS]

  even hit them and they just blow up they spend a lot of time establishing that [TS]

  that thing is the that's that's gonna sting I feel like you guys take this [TS]

  like a lot more seriously than i do and you have like some I don't know you have [TS]

  them super LA I would have just so but I mean you're actually are broken like you [TS]

  now I was telling you and I just was like oh man i texted john right after my [TS]

  cancer i think it made me sad [TS]

  dr. but not so I know like it really got to me but let's talk about like because [TS]

  Jonas got one for christmas let's talk about kylo Ren's lightsaber like why [TS]

  does it have like a stick at the bottom that you can cut yourself open with like [TS]

  it's got the cross the thing and Jonas still insists that console died [TS]

  the crossing like console is not going out with the crossing like he got the [TS]

  big and oh I take out on follow with across the end because you know it's [TS]

  like a chrono that was pointed right as shit right right [TS]

  it's so obvious I'm it's going right to him you dig it but whatever stupid [TS]

  kitties are hopeful lovely kid that I'm is my wish i wish i wish i was that [TS]

  hopeful that asshole would come back but he's he was so sure and I was just like [TS]

  no and stop and then him saying it was getting me more upset here like he I'm [TS]

  more emotionally affected by this menu and Jonas was just like it's fine mama [TS]

  fine i was that you don't understand i love God's overall I cannot be your [TS]

  mother right now and you together with SE los i'm seriously on the way home he [TS]

  was like he's fine i was like get out of my face [TS]

  get out of my face like it can take it was it was a real ugly scene he didn't [TS]

  like it isn't this breaks families apart but why does something have that like [TS]

  it's like a half a Darth Maul like at the bottom and it like John and I were [TS]

  saying it just seems like you're going to stab yourself his lightsaber makes no [TS]

  sense [TS]

  my take on it is that the production designers wanted to make an original [TS]

  light so they could tell didn't like the darth maul's where they had the [TS]

  double-sided but what does which is better than dog model this is weak but [TS]

  he had he wielded his like like raise stick like in the middle yeah world and [TS]

  stuff like this but this one just has one like I imagined kylo Ren has a whole [TS]

  bunch of robes that have like cuts in them because i'll shoot i cut myself [TS]

  with my lightsaber because he's not that good at it [TS]

  well he does use one of the ages to hurt at finn right [TS]

  it just doesn't seem I good practical design is exactly impractical we bought [TS]

  one from things working it so that it worked out [TS]

  these are the kinds of things that kept me up about this movie is so much about [TS]

  this movie that we have any minute Jess didn't play at all [TS]

  alright well let's talk about Leia I cried a little when I saw her to got a [TS]

  very related how great that scene where on Claire realize my favorite scene in [TS]

  the whole thing we're hot and layer are reunited and like it's such a good star [TS]

  wars joke and then c-3po pops up and he's like to see column does he call him [TS]

  captain solo and then he says and perhaps you don't recognize me because [TS]

  of my red it's so funny [TS]

  it's so perfect it is I c-3po did not recognize me because of my red arm and [TS]

  soul of course recognizes him because he hates them he looks started one of the [TS]

  best things about how soldiers that he hasn't just murdered you do . like that [TS]

  is the defining character and characteristics between two vodka and [TS]

  Han Solo I can't believe he's allowed to live i love c-3po i do i love him he's [TS]

  such a fussy little annoying [TS]

  there's a bunch of weird stuff have about the droid bb-8 it pierced nose [TS]

  capilla actually why wouldn't because they all hang out of the resistance base [TS]

  when they're out now on mission fire and yet he uncovers r2d2 and Rubio has to [TS]

  explain to bb-8 that r2 d2's asleep say get bb-8 wouldn't know that because he [TS]

  has been hanging out for like 20 years now so every time he pokes and nothing [TS]

  happened [TS]

  well you know what i do i kind of like that boys giving other choice exposition [TS]

  exposition doesn't count as like I [TS]

  clunky dialogue i guess i don't like why is he telling him this like this this [TS]

  little droid shoulda known that like for a long time but because we don't know it [TS]

  and we don't have any words coming out of pdx mouth we can we find you know [TS]

  like we can just accept it [TS]

  here's a scene I did not I'd really didn't care for I did not care for the [TS]

  scene on Han and Chewie these new freighter where they have these three [TS]

  captured animals and and 22 different pirate crews somehow easily break and [TS]

  ship like it i thought it was exactly like what he said like I'm gonna talk my [TS]

  way out of this just like I do everything like that was a fun little [TS]

  like you care you can add that God [TS]

  well I I didn't dislike it it's not like I thought that they should take it out [TS]

  but it could cut that nothing would change [TS]

  yeah it doesn't really do it doesn't really do anything but I just liked [TS]

  being Han Solo like being han Solo [TS]

  here's my take on it is that this movie is a beat for beat along with a star [TS]

  wars and in Star Wars about mid script they so they get on a ship that is [TS]

  called garbage and they get picked up by basically basically like it [TS]

  the garbage scow and then they end up fighting tentacle monster all of which [TS]

  is like can to fund the government shoot getting into the trash compactor and [TS]

  fighting the tentacle monster in Star Wars and so I think b2b they need debt [TS]

  they wanted some kind of technical monster at this point in the script and [TS]

  but it also established like a trust for Ray and you make gave ray a chance to be [TS]

  a badass and like look I love the relationship between han Solo and Ray we [TS]

  like so obviously respect her but he's not the kind of person to just say like [TS]

  well I think you're great like i don't know i thought i thought it i think it [TS]

  had so I think it has some purpose but i don't think that [TS]

  a giant cgi technical balls was this necessarily the best way to ya that you [TS]

  know like to read it was a bit much [TS]

  it was a very JM seemed to me and you also felt a lot more like his Star Trek [TS]

  stuff you know like in the one star trek movie where there was the monster [TS]

  chasing Kirk on the ice planet it it just felt like that rather than feeling [TS]

  like star wars because to me a lot of what makes star wars star wars a lot of [TS]

  the way a lot of the time is that the action scenes are sort of allowed to [TS]

  breathe and are not like diced up in the editing room as quick quick quick quick [TS]

  quick shots [TS]

  it's more like the action plays out in the frame and that that scene was to me [TS]

  more like a like any current decade science fiction alien movie yet felt a [TS]

  bit more modern than I maybe then it wanted to and fin getting dragged away [TS]

  and not eaten again that was weird it's weird like why like I don't like that i [TS]

  don't understand the motivation the creatures not that I need to necessarily [TS]

  understand them but right there like how can there be some guys there like eating [TS]

  some guys and like not gonna drag him around for 10 minutes and like you knew [TS]

  he wasn't in danger [TS]

  look I knew he wasn't going to tell ya now there was one moment I think I maybe [TS]

  you even said this to me guy when we were chatting about the movie but that [TS]

  there is a wen Han shoved the one bad guy into the aliens mouth [TS]

  yeah it was sort of a to me the-the-the-the nod was to the Han shot [TS]

  first are get it was sort of and to me maybe not sure if that was me but it [TS]

  yeah it was sort of a only fu they gave to George Lucas you know that the whole [TS]

  thing to me was pretty respectful of lucas and the prequels and I think it I [TS]

  think Amy had hinted at this earlier but to me it was actually to me a very [TS]

  kindness that they did the George Lucas that they made kylo Ren so clearly like [TS]

  anakin the not the Anakin that I wanted [TS]

  Anakin to be but the Anakin that George Lucas wrote in the prequels I it you [TS]

  know and then it works yet a difference of Fame they did a better Anakin right [TS]

  and Han shoving the guy had the aliens mouth just killing the guy to me was [TS]

  like hey Han Solo's the guy whose jobs guys into aliens and doesn't doesn't [TS]

  worry about he doesn't wait for them to shoot first [TS]

  yeah that guy's just standing there any punches him in the face and then and [TS]

  then he takes a step back is like oh wait i can use this guy for something [TS]

  more than grabbing the toes into the mouth of it [TS]

  did alien I totally needlessly but i do I i do think that kind of establish this [TS]

  is character a bit so again so next up though is we're all right i think its [TS]

  next right it's after they escaped where they after they get off that freighter [TS]

  where ya a blast out into light speed and then and meet masconomet it well no [TS]

  but first he says to bb-8 let's see what you've got and he projects the map [TS]

  oh yeah and gives the speech you know where where you know right and and [TS]

  that's this to me is the point where it really really hit home to me that oh I [TS]

  see what they're doing they're remaking the first film but different characters [TS]

  are in different roles and it really hit me that Han is the new OB walk [TS]

  yeah and standing in the sense but like right he's literally a couple seems [TS]

  random anything alcon there will be one gave you know as I call the speech where [TS]

  he explains what the forces to the heroes who are going to fill out the [TS]

  rest of the trilogy and Han is giving the speech and he does a better job of [TS]

  it i mean you know Alec Guinness was great but it's like when Han says you [TS]

  know it's all real [TS]

  it's like you know I'm fighting back tears like I'm choked up [TS]

  yeah well housing for it has the the benefit of knowing the cultural wait [TS]

  what he's saying was out dennis is like I going to do another movie about the [TS]

  bridge of the required is [TS]

  it was pretty great well so there's the speech on the Falcon and i love it and [TS]

  it really works and it adds gravity and then just jump back ahead to where he [TS]

  dies at the end he dies at the hands of the darth vader character and its [TS]

  witnessed by the the new heroes who are younger and she's not just witnessed [TS]

  they are incapable of interfering right intervening Act are helpless right there [TS]

  helpless all they can do is watch and you know it hits home for the audience [TS]

  this time in a way that when obi-wan got killed I will admit when I was a kid I [TS]

  remember being surprised and I also remember being confused about the fact [TS]

  that he disappeared and i thought well maybe because it's the only guy who gets [TS]

  killed by a lightsaber in that movie and I'd this is another one of those things [TS]

  where I very distinctly remember you know 1st 2nd grade arguing like whenever [TS]

  anybody gets hit with a lightsaber do they just disappear and it wasn't until [TS]

  Empire Strikes Back and you got to see Vader cut Luke's hand off that you know [TS]

  the no it's just the thing that I just thought that was the Jedi thing because [TS]

  we see even a new hope the jerk at the Barbizon travel yeah the only other guy [TS]

  who gets killed by lightsabers the guy at the cantina and he didn't die but he [TS]

  gets you know well i think you know I think he died [TS]

  yeah but you can definitely lost a lot of blood we know it did more snow [TS]

  already but i did he had a very bad day [TS]

  this is the thing though that I remember thinking and I've always thought but [TS]

  even as a little kid I really wasn't that happy with the way that will be one [TS]

  went down and I realize what Lucas was going for that he was sacrificing [TS]

  himself knowing that by doing this you know that they did luke and the others [TS]

  could escape on the Falcon and that it was supposed to be some kind of symbolic [TS]

  like zen-like state that he had reached that he was you know he's gonna reach [TS]

  like some kind of higher plane of existence about loves em like smile on [TS]

  its face it bothered me though I was like why not fight white maybe you could [TS]

  beat this Darth Vader why did that's the thing know it bothered me [TS]

  that he had it but at the end of Jedi that's exactly what how Luke wins now i [TS]

  agree but I wanted me to defeat Vader and then just like okay look at I'm done [TS]

  you have to kill me [TS]

  you're gonna kill me whereas hon sacrifice here and letting letting this [TS]

  guy letting kylo Ren killing me was that it was way more believable than then [TS]

  obi-wan are not believable but to me it was more satisfying than moppy once and [TS]

  I i know amy disagrees [TS]

  yeah but i really do think it's satisfying i just i found nothing [TS]

  satisfying about it [TS]

  well okay okay we're not gonna let let's not so all be warned i was surprised to [TS]

  it didn't make a lot of sense didn't register to me over the years have come [TS]

  to kind of maybe even rationalize it [TS]

  maybe I'm like maybe Star Wars is warped my brain enough time like now that's the [TS]

  framework that I see things in and like I think of that kind of makes sense the [TS]

  way I'm Soledad I think he's gonna die right at some point right right but it [TS]

  was just me it was like this whole culmination of oh my gosh Star Wars is [TS]

  back and oh my god this movie is fantastic and then oh my god they just [TS]

  killed like a childhood hero like with obi-wan I was not as invested you know I [TS]

  was a young kid yeah just I wasn't as invested and I just and as a young kid I [TS]

  was like wow he's always gonna die anyway I'm they did they didn't kill Han [TS]

  Han died making a choice right like he knew Jesus you can see the look on his [TS]

  face before he like he's hiding me and that column also by the way [TS]

  keller and not very good at using the force because what the hell like let me [TS]

  see what you expected that what I feel and realizing this guy together behind [TS]

  you [TS]

  like come on like you an idiot anyway the girl never heard of the force he [TS]

  seems alright hold on to hold that thought let's come back to let me just [TS]

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  great service you did that without any notes that was really impressive i am [TS]

  going to be nice to you because it's the last day of the year [TS]

  that's the one day of the year it's his day [TS]

  what about the fact that hot and what about the fact that han and Leia well [TS]

  we're going to talk about the late superfight but here's a question what [TS]

  about the fact that han and Leia don't kiss is that like that's a realistic / [TS]

  portrayal of La they don't you know what they don't say we got divorced I love [TS]

  you [TS]

  yeah because you don't want a deep affection but they're not know they love [TS]

  each other [TS]

  it's fine it did they don't it's it's at you know you don't need to say it at [TS]

  that . like it's not a haven't seen each other for a long time a seventh son is [TS]

  that primary concern and so even able it's like I didn't want to get to be a [TS]

  part I didn't want them to have broken up but I believed it like Amy said like [TS]

  I just I do kind of believe that could work there just to halt at all and [TS]

  they're both too used to being in charge [TS]

  yeah i mean one who doesn't want to be and Sola who doesn't want to be [TS]

  principally I spent my whole life [TS]

  sure yeah i mean i wanted to be Princess Leia I wanted to be a combination of [TS]

  Princess Leia Rizzo from grease and pinky Tuscadero from happy [TS]

  hey this is so dating me yeah you know what you know for a coffee [TS]

  he didn't pretty good i really really wanted to be here [TS]

  alright so here's what we've been a hot you know [TS]

  come on Hans gonna screw it up and introduce I i believe in actually and I [TS]

  I thought that was gonna screw it up and you know what she's not gonna take it [TS]

  like that exactly she's not gonna be like well let on behind she's gonna say [TS]

  screw you [TS]

  about right I feel like if they would have like you know like I feel like he [TS]

  missed her way more than she missed him i plied i agree with that [TS]

  definitely yeah and I said well that's when he keeps running right right she's [TS]

  not scared to get off that troop transport and say hi to him and he's [TS]

  like get ok that it doesn't like it when I get hey it doesn't want to see me [TS]

  yeah he's like yeah he goes to see your mom's kannada to get the droid back to [TS]

  the resistance because he's scared of facing Leia well alright here's the [TS]

  here's the last two things I want to talk about I want to talk about maz [TS]

  kanata's what's-her-name to knock out Mama's I'll just call her mom want to [TS]

  talk about that and maybe going out there and then I want to talk about the [TS]

  lightsaber fight at the end and with don't care which order which way it will [TS]

  go in chronological order so we'll talk about mods first I felt like that was [TS]

  probably the worst scene of the movie is that it just felt I the potential was [TS]

  there and I like the ID the whole idea of it but it just didn't it just didn't [TS]

  seem right [TS]

  I'm not sure why she's ej character well yeah I found her very distracting i [TS]

  found that character distracting because she just looked out of place she looked [TS]

  like one of the characters from the prequels like yeah right right and she's [TS]

  an amazing actress I think maybe they're trying to go for the yoga thing but it [TS]

  was like yeah yes she was trying to give like a Yoda vibe and i have met [TS]

  actresses like tall and slender like it's very didn't have co2 they can ya [TS]

  heard [TS]

  you know it's like it in the now that I'm not afraid of spoilers looking into [TS]

  it that whole scene was rewritten and that the the actress who played how to [TS]

  come in and rerecord all over lines that like her way it was originally written [TS]

  was different like to the point where at one point she says you know I'm no Jedi [TS]

  but I know I I know the force and that apparently in earlier drafts that was [TS]

  more clear that she had the force in that [TS]

  I actually just ordered the book Renee was on this show the previous episode to [TS]

  this and Renee told me about this book the the making of star wars the force [TS]

  awakens so i ordered the book but one of the things in the book it you know has [TS]

  all these effects shots and stuff like that including some that aren't being [TS]

  over cut from the movie but apparently one of the scenes that was cut was in [TS]

  the Battle that breaks out you know after the show on her planet when the [TS]

  tie fighters are busting up her bar and everything [TS]

  there's like a part of the building is going to topple and might hit fin or [TS]

  something like that and she uses the Force to like keep the blocks from [TS]

  hitting him huh made more sense because what she just did like a Jedi groupie [TS]

  like why does she know so much about it and it would make more sense [TS]

  well I'm okay with her just being a scholar of the force sensitive i guess [TS]

  like having all the weird for streams and like being in tune with that kind of [TS]

  want them part of it with the other thing I've read when i looked up who max [TS]

  max von sydow his character is this lor san tekka at least I mean who knows [TS]

  because the it's max and sedo like safety just be named that character well [TS]

  in his character is apparently according to the wikipedia is a he's like a but a [TS]

  priest in the church of the force or something like that and so they're not [TS]

  Jedi but they're like it's like another sect of good guys who use the Force and [TS]

  I think it's similar to the way that these Knights of Ren aren't Sith but [TS]

  they are bad guys who use the dark side of the force and the just I've gotten [TS]

  from this is that in this you know they're there broadening the view the [TS]

  galaxy and the force to the point where it's you know [TS]

  yes there are Jedi and their sixth or there were at least maybe the third dead [TS]

  but that they're not the only two groups that [TS]

  but that they're not the only two groups that [TS]

  use the Force I don't know but it seemed to me like this [TS]

  Maz was clearly supposed to be somehow you know and that's how she got the [TS]

  lightsaber that she's you know she's got the force in some way but it just the [TS]

  way that it came out on screen just felt like blah right there is no explanation [TS]

  yeah definitely didn't really them and I did love that flashback scene there [TS]

  flash back forward sideways whatever the hell that was like that the force dream [TS]

  that David she three first touches it right yeah yeah I feel like there's a [TS]

  lot of secrets in there like there's a yeah there's somebody there is i guess [TS]

  i'll put a link to and show notes but I was probably more but somebody I god [TS]

  bless them but I I you know somebody like obviously was videotaping the whole [TS]

  thing on their iPhone and posted a whole bunch of pictures to read it or [TS]

  somewhere but there's a whole bunch of stuff in there including the fact that [TS]

  it's you know at one point when you hear her name called out its obi-wan Kenobi [TS]

  Kenobi call yeah yeah yeah that's it [TS]

  that being said to move so everyone can know because that Ray and it's actually [TS]

  Alec Guinness voice right did youdid you john told me this story but if you try [TS]

  to remember where you heard it at like a so JJ Abrams was that some kind of oh [TS]

  yeah it was JJ yeah okay so it was again in public so yeah again it was on page [TS]

  and like a screenwriter guild event for the force awakens and JJ said that they [TS]

  they brought in [TS]

  what's that was the young obi-wan what's-his-name room where the most [TS]

  recent one is the guy did finally a one-word you and mcgregor doing McGregor [TS]

  well whatever the date so the guy did it for the cloning was recorded it all [TS]

  first [TS]

  yes so the guy had income was quick he gradually got replaced and it's like [TS]

  anyway they got you in mcgregor and so they were going to throw out the clone [TS]

  war guys thing and using the Gregor's and then some of the sound guys found an [TS]

  old clip of Alec Guinness where he said forget what the trade was afraid right [TS]

  he was saying the word grade and they you know I don't even think from Star [TS]

  Wars gotta switch on but yeah who knows but they found Alec Guinness saying the [TS]

  word afraid and clipped it and that just the the rape part of the word afraid it [TS]

  not only was Alec Guinness his voice like JJ said it was exactly the way I [TS]

  would have if I could direct him to say it was exactly the way I would tell them [TS]

  to say ray they mix it well yeah so they make yet you and measures just sort of [TS]

  get like 10 right no well it could get into that a bit they had friends come in [TS]

  to do the unit beginning what was the yoda bit at the like right when she [TS]

  starts tripping balls he says something about and she hears your to say [TS]

  something but like oh it binds us [TS]

  it surrounds us all right like that kind of like forced like the beginning of the [TS]

  for speech that she added the yarder gives so here's a question Empire do you [TS]

  think that the like in the next movie now that would Luke is back [TS]

  do you think Luke can still communicate with obi-wan and Yoda or is there like a [TS]

  like a time limit you know like like after your age I even if you know the [TS]

  trick that those guys know where you can still communicate with other Jedi after [TS]

  you died [TS]

  is there like you know as the years go on it gets weaker and weaker you know [TS]

  like a battery running out or something where I think we were most likely to [TS]

  find Luke broken [TS]

  I think he's a terrible alcoholic yeah i do I think and it's not alcohol it's [TS]

  like just a like he's a meditation how that could could you with you there's [TS]

  like a lot and yoga whatever he does he had he not [TS]

  yeah no I think he's broken i mean you can tell by that last scene worries [TS]

  well first of all he just run away and disengaged [TS]

  yeah it seemed like they could really use no way am I think it really is [TS]

  help yeah you think little bit and he's just not involved and I i think i think [TS]

  ray and him are going to rehabilitate each other in some kind of way he's [TS]

  gonna be the yoda yeah it's gonna be a DoD and that's going to give him I i I [TS]

  don't I don't know I kind of think that each one of these movies is gonna kill [TS]

  off on every old people have had hand go a later Luke is gonna be next and then [TS]

  his left will be the last one can Leia we can't go i don't think you can kill [TS]

  Luke oh you gotta kill Luke we can kill me the next movement kind of right now [TS]

  what about all right why don't you can you hand solo is here you can't kill and [TS]

  exactly party [TS]

  what about the fact that they they're only going to make three of these and I [TS]

  know there's there's these offshoot movies you know there's going to be a [TS]

  boba fett movie and ya gonna be able seven is also Jung Han Solo on land [TS]

  owned which i think sounds like a disaster i think i'd just do it like [TS]

  yeah I know I don't even get river phoenix to play [TS]

  I'm just saying you can't get him he's not and he's like it was totally his [TS]

  asian picking up the phone but what about the fact that they they're only [TS]

  going to make three there's episodes 789 they're only going to make three he was [TS]

  available but they decided like for the interest of drama and secrecy that Luke [TS]

  literally only appears in like 30 seconds the last 30 seconds of the film [TS]

  and doesn't have a line was it a wasted opportunity [TS]

  no no no they used them exactly what they wanted to use them i think [TS]

  I think they used him well he is the again getting back to the metal thing [TS]

  Luke Skywalker has been our hero in the mean effectively ended the three movies [TS]

  that matter like the original trilogy and this movie is about resetting [TS]

  everything and getting us back to to you know to every word to be finding what it [TS]

  is to be star wars fans that's why artoo wakes up and then we have like a five [TS]

  minute and then you MA and then we have Ray our new hero handing the baton [TS]

  little lick and I've said this before tea John but like literally it's a baton [TS]

  like it it's like you can't make it more obviously trying to hand the baton back [TS]

  to luke and I think that's just a visual storytelling very metaphorical I you [TS]

  know trying to bring back like it it's a it's passing the baton from they all go [TS]

  to the new girl but its flipped on its head kind of video no optimistic i think [TS]

  mark hamill just needs more acting lessons they were like just turn around [TS]

  at the end thats good didn't he got it [TS]

  yes Lee he works a lot he's just like a lot of voice work he's on TV [TS]

  yes the Joker in the enemy batman animated yeah week any in the video [TS]

  games but there's a good and he does a lot of voice I think okay sure thing I'm [TS]

  he's ugly i'm saying is about actor he's always been a bad actors [TS]

  well now you know what else bad actors of biz he's being I don't know a gross [TS]

  actor and I mean gross not in like disgusting but in like a cigarette bad [TS]

  he likes he is he / emphasizes like it'sit's very stage aqui kind of thing [TS]

  that he does like the Joker like the joker in batman the animated series [TS]

  anyway I don't think he needed line i think they used them exactly the way [TS]

  they want them to be used but using them this way means we'll never get to see on [TS]

  and Luke together again [TS]

  I know oh that's okay to me he know what I didn't like them together any not [TS]

  gonna get that I'm not wasting my time [TS]

  wait so let's go back and try to figure out when his last time we saw it [TS]

  together on and all right yeah and or they definitely knew our village right [TS]

  in the Ewok village [TS]

  how do you guys remember like all the planets like i confuse the Wookiee [TS]

  planet with that one [TS]

  Led Zeppelin album like I'm not sure she can get them confused all the time like [TS]

  what's your favorite led zeppelin album Cassie and he's like that's the Wookiee [TS]

  planet perfect i just really love the movie and I but I don't have like an [TS]

  encyclopedia like Jonas has encyclopedias of this stuff that was [TS]

  actually another one of my complaint so about mazza's the whole thing on Mars [TS]

  planet was that her planet that's what I don't remember it it's really uh it [TS]

  think it starts with an i and it look no Gina it looked too much like the planet [TS]

  where the resistance was headquartered you know it's just sort of like a yeah [TS]

  even for looking being within forests and rivers and stuff like that [TS]

  well I've always kind of made fun of stores for having like a one planet is [TS]

  all is one finds all desert and like one planet is a fantastic [TS]

  you gotta run edibles pretty quick even so like what I don't know these desert [TS]

  people move that is a smart kid yeah like the Wookiee planet is lush yeah [TS]

  cash man [TS]

  tena sure my favorite alright my definitely [TS]

  I what I do want you we touched on it before I want to talk about the [TS]

  lightsaber fight at the end of the movie yeah we're going to talk about the bags [TS]

  at some point too well yea yea or i thought the lightsaber fight was [TS]

  incredibly well done [TS]

  and you can quibble about the fact that you know well how would ray hold her own [TS]

  without any training you know but you know to me it's just she's super strong [TS]

  in the force and that cut and kylo Ren is not really that good so color and [TS]

  sucks at pretty much everything which any I feel your pain [TS]

  I really did life is bad and you know what like okay you know bad thing aside [TS]

  i hate the way i like he's not good enough to be Han and Leia son like he's [TS]

  just not good enough [TS]

  like how could they ever but it's like I guess it's like Han says you know [TS]

  there's too much Vader in him [TS]

  yeah you know where too much Anakin really yeah well there was often help [TS]

  either but there's too much Anakin it so a he got shot by Chewbacca ok uncle [TS]

  chewy shot him but good shit yeah because if you think about it though you [TS]

  have to think that when he was a kid you know until he went bad there's no way [TS]

  Chewbacca didn't change his diapers right and then yeah I totally called out [TS]

  shoot the guy what a moral dilemma for Chuy really tsubaki's things actually a [TS]

  t-shirt then take down taking you down you might even faster [TS]

  oh now their hands out of the picture boom yeah finally get to kill you [TS]

  I i really liked the lightsaber fight fight i thought that it was what what [TS]

  the lightsaber fights were supposed to be like which is like a good sword fight [TS]

  in a comfy movie I love both of them and I and not you know force powered people [TS]

  doing 40-foot triple Lindsay jumps in the air you know and and doing all this [TS]

  fantastic stuff isn't just a couple of people like chasing and type in tight [TS]

  quarters swing and lightsabers at each other [TS]

  yeah i like the idea that you can be trained and be competent with lifesaver [TS]

  but it was some random dude like Finn picks up a lightsaber and he's you know [TS]

  he's got some kind of he's a soldier is then we've seen the soldiers use the [TS]

  that crazy baton thing really random movie is you know he's not incompetent [TS]

  elected he can hold his own for a few minutes i locate i like the idea that [TS]

  maybe like the stormtroopers as part of their standard training are trained [TS]

  specifically just like anti Luke Skywalker like we don't even know where [TS]

  this Luke Skywalker is but if he comes back we wanted to have some training [TS]

  against a guy using a lighter well so I've got the the force awakens visual [TS]

  dictionary thing here and did you notice that the guy did as the baton like he [TS]

  drops his guard but he's holding shield the same time it's like basically right [TS]

  here and and he starts beating on him with his right ear baton kinda thing so [TS]

  yeah like that i am totally cool with the idea that like a stormtrooper broken [TS]

  have some kind of basic training and he's not he's actually not goody-good [TS]

  girl has been destroyed and like halloween is but he's definitely playing [TS]

  with it but that doesn't have any and everybody let her have it let her [TS]

  exactly you know that she's gonna kick ass any he manages to kick so here's the [TS]

  thing he hits a color and the shoulder and then that's it like to like the [TS]

  lightsaber goes flying after that like Alice what kind of piece of shit dude [TS]

  with the force gets hit by an old storm trooper with a lightsaber [TS]

  well he has been hit by uncle Chung Kuo Chui had taken a chunk it bleeding yeah [TS]

  but he's also arrogant yeah he's not good he is not he's just not he's he's [TS]

  not competent he's like not competent that's like and he knows he's not [TS]

  competent which is I think he had driving character like yeah that's it's [TS]

  bad [TS]

  alright yeah we got we got it and then you gotta wrap it up soon but you talk [TS]

  about something two hours [TS]

  well I don't we might have to cut some of the special guests but we got to talk [TS]

  about this [TS]

  supreme leader Snoke row this smoke that it didn't make any sense why did it look [TS]

  like call and that [TS]

  is another like CGI distracting thing that I thought didn't fit in with the [TS]

  whole movie that was that is my least favorite thing and it seemed like there [TS]

  was like is he a projection like is that what it like is a hologram and he's [TS]

  bigger than you and really he's like a little warm [TS]

  well we don't know how big is his and human size is he like yoda sighs or is [TS]

  he actually like nine feet tall or something [TS]

  I think it hurt somebody said that is normal size a but he's obviously being [TS]

  like an ilm think you could have been like night the way you're supposed to [TS]

  get out of it though is that like hologram technology has improved in the [TS]

  last 30 years such that he looks like he's actually in the room 40 feet tall [TS]

  in the first time we see him when he's talking to kylo Ren and general Hux or [TS]

  add Mohawks whatever his title is yea general and the way that it looks like [TS]

  he's there and I had a bad guy i thought oh my god are they trying to tell me [TS]

  that this guy is 40 feet tall because that's ridiculous and then when he [TS]

  disappeared it was like oh I get it it's just that hologram technology has gotten [TS]

  high def he's just on a big screen [TS]

  I don't like that guy I don't like the way it looks I don't know why you would [TS]

  make him [TS]

  cg star wars ii to me like he didn't look right I guess maybe I am influenced [TS]

  by the fact that he does look like Gollum but like it just it totally [TS]

  didn't fit just against I don't understand them at all [TS]

  they keep going back to him right it's not like they had like one scene it's [TS]

  like okay I can figure that keep moving pages cases keep trying over and over i [TS]

  don't even it's always it's always like a meeting like when you screwed [TS]

  everything up [TS]

  what do you think we should do everything I don't know you're [TS]

  incompetent boobs like blow off on the planet by get it don't find somebody [TS]

  better like even like John said his name isn't good it's like that's like your [TS]

  kids like teddy bear Snoke know like it's the worst and he's the Snoke [TS]

  family unit came leader Snoke stupid I really I and it left me thinking you [TS]

  know because i'm a moron so it left me thinking about a totally inconsequential [TS]

  plot point like I'm missing the movie because I'm like what's going on here [TS]

  but most of the other new names are good like Ray is a good name [TS]

  Finn is greatly i love rain is a good name Iran is a good name and the name [TS]

  was so first of all cut no color n his actual first name before he went bad is [TS]

  Ben oh alright then when Ray things get way too i forgot it here it's like [TS]

  everything's a little bit too close for that's a good moment though when wen Han [TS]

  Solo call kind of thing [TS]

  yeah that's yeah that was like you can hear it i rolled my eyes because it's [TS]

  the beginning of the end for your concern your IQ this screws movie hit [TS]

  you rolled your eyes because you were busy like pouring petrol intellectual [TS]

  coke bottle and like trying to light the fuse no i didnt brought that cyanide [TS]

  pill to this movie I was not know I didn't know fire but let's just stick [TS]

  with a firebomb what else we want to talk about before we run so the actual [TS]

  lights in magic plane array and important to me [TS]

  alright here's a question of rate everything the next movies does ray [TS]

  build her own lightsaber because that's what Jedi's doers she had to give you [TS]

  the Lincoln's she just uses and she loses it at the end of the second movie [TS]

  i think that i think she uses that I think everything and it's obviously [TS]

  spoke to her you know [TS]

  yeah i think so but I think she's gonna lose himself in movie and loses a white [TS]

  silver I think she wants i am i'm kind of surprised I didn't try to build one [TS]

  I thought you might have cut color and sand off I don't know what else we want [TS]

  to talk about what you do you think ray is going to have our own lightsaber [TS]

  anything she's going to continue to use look I think she's gonna lose it at the [TS]

  midpoint like she's gonna lose the next [TS]

  next episode as they gotta sell more lightsabers well be looking at is that [TS]

  know that yeah sure why not [TS]

  that's the cynical way of looking at that that's fine and maybe I just in [TS]

  terms of if we continue is kind of the mirroring aspect of always and she's [TS]

  gonna have to lose it right so let's talk about Carrie Fisher like how many [TS]

  fucks does she not give I love her press tours for that she gives zero fucks me [TS]

  she brings her janky little dog [TS]

  I have never wanted to have sex with Carrie Fisher more they wanna wavelength [TS]

  no not let yeah exactly like Kate you know young boy kind of thing like holy [TS]

  shit look at this like it woman and Carrie Fisher is just the best [TS]

  she's amazing she's really really good [TS]

  she seems we have fun yeah like she's having fun and she's just saying all the [TS]

  shit she's wanted to say just checked through its it and then you get those [TS]

  tweets about because it is true like she got judged on her looks and I think I [TS]

  thought she looked amazing [TS]

  if anything i can like Botox which only to me i noticed because they like Han [TS]

  Solo be all like grizzled and he's way older right he's older than yeah he's [TS]

  quite yet yea even ideas already said yet like she's like got a lot of Botox [TS]

  and I just don't think that's fair and i think that if it would have been up to [TS]

  carry Fisher she would have been like fuck you I'm not losing weight fuck [TS]

  you're not doing anyone haha i don't i just i just like I just I yeah I have a [TS]

  lot of NHL guess what she doesn't look 24 and yeah it's already expect you know [TS]

  what I feel like she feels and sounds and looks like old Princess Leia in a [TS]

  way through some shit but in a way that it in a way that Harrison Ford doesn't [TS]

  inhabit well what about in the in the goofy Kingdom of the Crystal Skull [TS]

  Indiana Jones movie The the actress who plays Marion to me is like [TS]

  unrecognizable [TS]

  that's like it doesn't feel like Mary [TS]

  at all it doesn't feel like like somehow there it just every everything from just [TS]

  the way she looks to the interaction that the two characters have does not [TS]

  feel like indian marion back together again it just feels Hollow and [TS]

  pantomimed yeah in a way that Leia feels like wow that's that's 30 years older [TS]

  Princess Leia yeah and she's in charge right right yeah kicking some ass and a [TS]

  solo still way over stretching himself [TS]

  alrighty still a little bit fuck up you know what i mean is always a fucking but [TS]

  yet it at this point is that he's everything look at that little better [TS]

  because he's old [TS]

  well yeah like that that means that the gangs which was telling my kids nobody [TS]

  else to screw over the galaxy like you you're done there's no died later on the [TS]

  other hand is kind of on the top of the game she's like no looks cool come i got [TS]

  my shit together and taking care of business and landing on the battleship [TS]

  that over yet to the transport right after battle like yeah she's better she [TS]

  makes a bit more sense to me then then hand us although i can't see hand being [TS]

  its kind of stubborn idiot that would still be getting himself into those kind [TS]

  of situations in his seventies right like a self-destructive streak [TS]

  yeah well how that will get any [TS]

  we're not going to talk about it you know what this felt so cathartic to get [TS]

  it out [TS]

  that's good okay his eyesight I can't talk about it on Twitter and like [TS]

  everybody's like Star Wars is so amazing and I just want to scream [TS]

  screw you the solar yeah give it a week something so will you will you go see [TS]

  the movie again I I feel like maybe i need another week but it's it's [TS]

  mellowing i texted my best friend like when it happened and I was like did you [TS]

  see it and thank God she said yes and I was like oh my god I'm inconsolably and [TS]

  she was like you know what you should do you should watch empire that will make [TS]

  you feel better if you were strikes back and she's like and just know that he [TS]

  really wanted out like he he's he's always wanted out and so like he's happy [TS]

  now and that helped help the little guy did you see it in 3d or did you did in [TS]

  all three times really icy highway I don't like 3d so I didn't I haven't seen [TS]

  it but I think the 3d for this was pretty good but i'm thinking your dark [TS]

  I'm not all that I've seen it twice i'm thinking maybe i will see it if i go see [TS]

  the third time [TS]

  well I will but I think maybe I should go see it in 3d [TS]

  while it's in theaters i will definitely do not do 3d like it huh yeah I'm gonna [TS]

  go try to see it today but yeah you should see it you know what I'd be [TS]

  interested to hear if you saw it in 2d because then i also i read that 3d is [TS]

  not bad like we've seen so many bad no no this is good then I've heard to that [TS]

  in 3d wasn't that different that it wasn't like I believe that because it's [TS]

  not a not overly top left me [TS]

  yeah there's maybe one shot that i think is a bit extreme and it there is like if [TS]

  started it so this is a shot of a starter store on the screen [TS]

  mmm like an establishing shot and in 3d it's like in-your-face like right up [TS]

  there [TS]

  I don't know what it looks like in 2d but well maybe i'll try it will let the [TS]

  healing begin [TS]

  maybe I'm ready yeah it's oh yeah I Duplantis in 2d by you know you can I [TS]

  mean [TS]

  you gotta go see it in 3d windows and I guess the day and they did not phone [TS]

  this and I think it's a you know they did a good job [TS]

  alright and I and like you I'm not a 3d guy any final thoughts that you want to [TS]

  say before we wrap things up that I'm sorry I mean that Han Solo had to die i [TS]

  appreciate I appreciate your sympathy and here's a question you think [TS]

  Chewbacca is going to remain a major character or just he dropped down to be [TS]

  like a peripheral card no Chewbacca is gonna be the easy [TS]

  he's a test right now right oh yeah really even if she trains I think ray [TS]

  keep rain Chuy keep the Millennium Falcon Michael he's gonna have a special [TS]

  affinity for because he knew that hon had an affinity for yeah it's gonna be [TS]

  nice to see you don't that's too bad tree Cadillacs you in a sense the thing [TS]

  that occurred to me is that the the job offer that on offered her to come on you [TS]

  know [TS]

  come on board the Millennium Falcon with chewy she ended up taking it you know [TS]

  towns just not there to how creative it though that she like turned it down at [TS]

  first I love her yeah she says well she's gotta get back to jakku and I'm do [TS]

  that loaded feels like why why people want to go back to the planet [TS]

  what is going on with you it you know what we didn't even talk about like my [TS]

  one of my favorite parts where she's like stop grabbing my hand but ya love [TS]

  ya I loved that part I thought that was so great [TS]

  yeah stop why are you grabbing my hand after like independent streak of [TS]

  Princess Leia but yet she's got like the mechanical skills that are usually [TS]

  reserved for men in these movies like a fantastic idea but JJ Abrams totally [TS]

  suckered me in with the the first scene where her and Finn meet in the market [TS]

  and the the guys who were told they steal that droid from her are attacking [TS]

  her and you cut the fin and you see it's like this is we're back in a moment Finn [TS]

  you can say he's out for himself but he's gonna help her right and then I was [TS]

  totally and I get it [TS]

  he doesn't know where from a dream it's just like a this girl's in trouble i'm [TS]

  gonna and instead it's I was totally suckered in as as JJ Abrams intended me [TS]

  to be that thinking he's gonna rescue her and the next thing you know he's [TS]

  like oh and she said she's kicked all three guys asses and she's like [TS]

  unscathed and it's like oh this is a different type [TS]

  yeah and then bb-8 like hey that guy's got ya jacket yeah it's like wait what [TS]

  you're right you're right because then it immediately away not having just [TS]

  gotten that she didn't need to be rescued but immediately she's like got [TS]

  him on his ass and is there like I might get back the jacket can pick that the [TS]

  next target [TS]

  yeah and bb-8 keeps electrocuting him that I don't know so grated such a great [TS]

  female character and it never felt gratuitous like it never felt like okay [TS]

  now we're doing something you know so the girls won't complain like truly a [TS]

  great [TS]

  no no don't let it though ya know not even like this not sexualize there's not [TS]

  even now shake em like mild romance but not even like right right [TS]

  no star wars ii star was a very strong star wars he had it i mean they kept it [TS]

  to a kiss but yea even less than the individual sellers and say yeah yeah it [TS]

  makes me wanna we should have more children like have a girl because I just [TS]

  wanted to see this movie [TS]

  ok oh wait sorry not me [TS]

  ok alright guys thank you thank you for doing my apologies to the kids [TS]

  especially yes you did not [TS]

  we're gonna have to cut it short my apologies everybody heading in the green [TS]

  room [TS]

  yeah peace and Thompson I hope they're watching a child [TS]