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168: ‘You’ve Got the Nubbin’, With Special Guest Serenity Caldwell


  oh shit i'm so stupid [TS]

  oh it's not that stupid but I i am [TS]

  starting a new thing where I'm just [TS]

  sharing an apple note with whoever's on [TS]

  the show em okay and then you can just [TS]

  paste we can pace links in there and I [TS]

  get right now all it just says tts 168 [TS]

  serenity called anyway the stupid thing [TS]

  is that i was trying to do it and I'm [TS]

  like why can I not do this i know i've [TS]

  done it already and it's because I'm [TS]

  staring at a Mac that's still running el [TS]

  Capitano oh no gotta do it from my phone [TS]

  such technology problems did you get [TS]

  this [TS]

  did you go yesterday anyway it's even a [TS]

  lot of n so we're sharing we are sharing [TS]

  this is my new thing we can't even tell [TS]

  people on the air it's not a secret but [TS]

  I'm i shared a note from Apple notes [TS]

  with serenity so that we could paste [TS]

  links and maybe I'll remember to put all [TS]

  the links in the show notes that I say [TS]

  that seems like a perfect use of the [TS]

  shirt notes feature but before we [TS]

  started recording i spent a minute [TS]

  staring at my screen trying to figure [TS]

  out how to do it and it was because I'm [TS]

  staring at a machine that still running [TS]

  back running l cap which doesn't have [TS]

  the feature where is my collaborate [TS]

  button where has it gone to I am [TS]

  we have so much to talk about and how [TS]

  that we're going to do it but this isn't [TS]

  I'm excited here's what I'm excited [TS]

  about is my last show was with jim [TS]

  dalrymple and everything was still no [TS]

  and I feel like you know like the phones [TS]

  and watch em I don't think Sierra was [TS]

  out yet i like talking about these [TS]

  things more once I've gotten to know [TS]

  them a little better [TS]

  like I even said on my show that last [TS]

  time I found writing a review of the [TS]

  iphone after five days to be incredibly [TS]

  stressful because I don't know what it's [TS]

  really hard right so I'm anxious to hear [TS]

  your thoughts now that we've starting to [TS]

  settle in with these new devices and [TS]

  both new operating systems but when I [TS]

  was going to tell you is I'm like a [TS]

  reckless I'm reckless with my iOS [TS]

  devices i'll install the first beta of [TS]

  whatever is coming out as soon as [TS]

  somebody else on twitter says they [TS]

  installed it and it didn't didn't blow [TS]

  up we have same so my iphone my personal [TS]

  iphone is already running the developer [TS]

  beta of [TS]

  fun 10.1 because your personal iphone 7 [TS]

  plus this time around 77 I've just [TS]

  switched I think saturday i switched [TS]

  from my room plus review unit to my [TS]

  phone I ended up buying for myself which [TS]

  is jet black regular 7m h but I did it [TS]

  but I had to run the beta because i put [TS]

  the beta on the plus so i could take [TS]

  portrait mode photos and then once [TS]

  you've upgraded that device if I wanted [TS]

  I wanted to keep carrying forward that [TS]

  you know backup and restore so I have [TS]

  all my stuff and don't have to set up an [TS]

  email account and everything again so i [TS]

  have to be running the beta here but i [TS]

  find iOS betas to be just fine [TS]

  yeah they've been remarkably stable i [TS]

  think the entire iOS 10 beta really [TS]

  cycle has been remarkably stable i [TS]

  installed two days after dub DC for [TS]

  running the developed the Deaf beta and [TS]

  i have not a problem since like little [TS]

  little things here and there pretty [TS]

  little problems but but on my max I'm [TS]

  tend to be very conservative I don't [TS]

  like running that I don't run the [TS]

  developer beta is over the summer and [TS]

  and I haven't up i've upgraded my [TS]

  macbook which I don't really use that [TS]

  much at least I haven't been because [TS]

  they haven't been traveling lately so I [TS]

  i did install Sierra on that one but I'm [TS]

  not my imac at my desk i'm waiting I am [TS]

  exactly the same i did not install [TS]

  Sierra on this imac until the day after [TS]

  release because our thankfully we have a [TS]

  staff and I more now which is really [TS]

  lovely and Lori Gil kinda took . on all [TS]

  the mac OS see Eric of richmond i didn't [TS]

  have to worry about it so I had like [TS]

  seven devices like seven iOS devices [TS]

  running iOS 10 and no max in the house [TS]

  right here huh i just typed up time in [TS]

  the terminal so my imac's been up for 23 [TS]

  days without a restart and it and i find [TS]

  that to be very typical like I just come [TS]

  in here every day and just hit the [TS]

  keyboard to wake up there are features [TS]

  i'm looking forward to I can't wait to [TS]

  you know get the thing where i can log [TS]

  in with my Apple watch and auto unlock [TS]

  yeah that's kind of fun and enjoyed that [TS]

  the last four days so I maybe by the [TS]

  next episode I record i will be running [TS]

  Sarah here and it does seem it seemed to [TS]

  me on on my macbook where I did upgrade [TS]

  the Sierra [TS]

  that it was the a least inconvenient [TS]

  major version of mac OS 10 upgrade I've [TS]

  ever done it seemed to me like almost [TS]

  nothing broker changed [TS]

  yeah i have had no problems created I [TS]

  haven't launched an adobe program yet so [TS]

  photoshop still could be completely [TS]

  worked and I wouldn't know it but i'm [TS]

  pretty sure i don't i haven't heard any [TS]

  complaining from my artist friends so I [TS]

  haven't really run into anything major [TS]

  where it's just completely broken or [TS]

  completely a pain and one of the reasons [TS]

  I'm so conservative upgrading a mac is [TS]

  that iced I'd have so many little super [TS]

  nerdy things that I install and setup [TS]

  when I like i have a president like i [TS]

  have a bunch of scripts are written for [TS]

  myself and pearl and they require perl [TS]

  modules from the cpanel open source [TS]

  repository and you just type some things [TS]

  on the command line and install them and [TS]

  every time I to my memory every time [TS]

  I've ever done a major upgrade of Mac [TS]

  os10 I've had to reinstall those because [TS]

  pearls considered part of the system now [TS]

  yeah and that makes is just ahead and I [TS]

  I accept it it makes sense to me but [TS]

  then this time I didn't have to all the [TS]

  stuff i had installed from Sipan was [TS]

  still there [TS]

  they finally the I you know the mac OS [TS]

  engineer's listen to you and said you [TS]

  know what we're just gonna make the the [TS]

  Pearl upgrade process easier this time [TS]

  is our friend in the back room that's [TS]

  all of who i'm actually going to go tell [TS]

  to quiet down in just a second there's a [TS]

  new puppy in the back fellow she gets [TS]

  really excited about my like having a [TS]

  dog on the show [TS]

  oh yeah people give it give it a little [TS]

  bit of color people got very mad at me [TS]

  like i said i don't like that [TS]

  oh I i am an equal-opportunity pet lover [TS]

  we have two dogs and one cat is out [TS]

  there we go that brings balance to the [TS]

  to the talk shit . and then the problem [TS]

  is a challenge to the force a problem [TS]

  with jim dalrymple agreed with are no [TS]

  i'm nothing against dogs dogs are great [TS]

  but I I grew up with cats are cats and [TS]

  then my fiancé owns dog so it's been a [TS]

  kind of like a merging of the households [TS]

  where we go i think the last time we had [TS]

  a dog barking in the background the show [TS]

  was Joanna stern when she had a her dog [TS]

  is really not be and I think I think an [TS]

  accident in the room while she was on [TS]

  the show are now his comic gold [TS]

  yep yep it's like okay let's talk about [TS]

  macbooks oh wait wait if I don't know so [TS]

  it seems to me like Apple as their [TS]

  upgrade mojo in place I and it just [TS]

  scanning the internet it seems like [TS]

  there were relatively few people whose [TS]

  you know seemingly on Twitter had any [TS]

  kind of problem upgrading either to iOS [TS]

  10 or to Sierra yeah and honestly this [TS]

  is probably when one of the smoother [TS]

  upgrade cycles that I've that I've seen [TS]

  on I on the on the Twitter webs i ate [TS]

  the only thing I've really seen [TS]

  complaints about the home button and [TS]

  even those who kind of tapered off after [TS]

  the first couple days you know they were [TS]

  the their the outrages of Lake why [TS]

  doesn't my slide to unlock work and even [TS]

  my personal trainer when I want to saw [TS]

  her lap see her last week she was she [TS]

  was very outraged at the idea of of [TS]

  having to change her home her unlocked [TS]

  behavior and then when I saw her the the [TS]

  next week she's like yeah I've gotten [TS]

  used to it it's fine [TS]

  that's an interesting change because [TS]

  it's one that I I've heard that too from [TS]

  you know real people and I've they what [TS]

  I recall is I think I started running [TS]

  the second developer beta maybe the [TS]

  third because i had like i was traveling [TS]

  in early July and I didn't want to take [TS]

  a chance while I was traveling so as [TS]

  soon as we got home from a trip in july [TS]

  that's when I started running the [TS]

  developer betas on my iPhone and I've at [TS]

  first like anybody else i was confused [TS]

  it seemed like getting into getting past [TS]

  the lock screen was weird and I just [TS]

  thought it but I remember thinking was I [TS]

  it's a beta i'm sure they'll figure this [TS]

  out by the end of the summer and they [TS]

  didn't really I don't think they [TS]

  actually changed anything it's just that [TS]

  eventually I I it became the new normal [TS]

  to me [TS]

  yeah it gets you get comfortable with it [TS]

  and then you switch back to a device [TS]

  running iOS 9 and you're like why won't [TS]

  you [TS]

  what what I'm just I'm trying to unlock [TS]

  you them and it's just seems normal now [TS]

  although I guess it's I guess it is it [TS]

  are there still a lot of people who [TS]

  don't have touch ID i don't think there [TS]

  are a ton of people who don't have touch [TS]

  ID but the like my personal trainer [TS]

  who's talking she's like I've never put [TS]

  a passcode on my iPhone and immediately [TS]

  I told her well here's one cure the [TS]

  reasons why you should put a passcode [TS]

  and touch ID on your iPhone [TS]

  but there are a lot of people who still [TS]

  don't do pass codes and don't do touch [TS]

  ID despite having touch ID enabled [TS]

  iphones we boggles my mind that's so [TS]

  easy that would be an interesting wonder [TS]

  what that is I've always thought and I [TS]

  think I do think it's true that the [TS]

  original slide to unlock a witch you [TS]

  know Apple if bragged about it was a big [TS]

  part of the original iphone the [TS]

  habitation that was a part of the ads it [TS]

  was a part of the brand it was actually [TS]

  a big part of their lawsuits with [TS]

  samsung system i forget i think they [TS]

  sued other people to write and it was [TS]

  movies held up it was like apple's [TS]

  version of of Amazon's one click you [TS]

  know like this is a ridiculous thing to [TS]

  be able to patent know this is actually [TS]

  genius you know arguments on both sides [TS]

  should be able to patent an idea that's [TS]

  so simple blah blah blah i really do [TS]

  think that that feature was designed for [TS]

  a phone that doesn't have a passcode [TS]

  oh yeah it's I mean it was designed in [TS]

  kind of the pre pasco era where I I [TS]

  don't think until my iphone4 that I [TS]

  really ever thought about having [TS]

  passcodes on my devices or thought [TS]

  seriously about like what it meant to [TS]

  protect the information that was on my [TS]

  device because the iphone 3g and 3gs I [TS]

  feel like all i all i had on those [TS]

  phones were like Twitter and and the [TS]

  camera app and I wasn't you know taking [TS]

  any pictures that were particularly [TS]

  sensitive and I wasn't doing a ton of [TS]

  banking on my phone because 3g networks [TS]

  at that point we're still slow but now I [TS]

  mean you know my-my 7 plus i feel like i [TS]

  can pretty much do my entire job on it [TS]

  I've you know I don't need another I [TS]

  don't need a computer for some things [TS]

  now I think that's definitely true [TS]

  yeah that's what I hear it from so many [TS]

  people but i just think we just didn't I [TS]

  don't know a quickie the whole industry [TS]

  both on the the company's side like [TS]

  apples side as the creator of this [TS]

  device and this operating system and on [TS]

  the consumer side and in it on our site [TS]

  is people who write about this stuff [TS]

  the last decade has been a real [TS]

  eye-opener in terms of privacy and [TS]

  security like I think before that we [TS]

  actually only thought of security as [TS]

  security that goes through bugs you know [TS]

  like oh there's a [TS]

  and exploits in windows XP and if you'd [TS]

  all you have to do is visit this website [TS]

  and you know at code can get run locally [TS]

  with full privileges under on your [TS]

  computer and you're in trouble and [TS]

  that's what we thought of it as as [TS]

  opposed to like just the privacy aspects [TS]

  of this system it doesn't have any bugs [TS]

  it's working as designed but if somebody [TS]

  picks up your phone and plugs into [TS]

  itunes they'll just be able to see all [TS]

  your stuff you know [TS]

  yeah yeah and it's i mean the the scary [TS]

  thing about that is really the social [TS]

  engineering part of it where it even [TS]

  even I think until really we got it with [TS]

  Snowden and we got it with even mr. [TS]

  robot of all things alerting people to [TS]

  the idea of like yeah if people know [TS]

  your security questions or a couple of [TS]

  facts about you they can pretty much [TS]

  take over your life like I remember [TS]

  doing a mat Honan species from a few [TS]

  years ago [TS]

  yeah yeah about his password dilemmas [TS]

  and troubles and how basically somebody [TS]

  took over all of his stuff and like that [TS]

  that kind of stuff is I think an [TS]

  eye-opener for a definitely was an [TS]

  eye-opener for a lot of the tech [TS]

  concerted audience but it's still I [TS]

  think making its way towards the general [TS]

  public the general public is worried [TS]

  about security and this broad nebulous [TS]

  idea but they don't really think about [TS]

  it on a very discreet you know [TS]

  individual basis like like talking to my [TS]

  personal trainer if someone picks up if [TS]

  you go to Africa and someone picks up [TS]

  your phone [TS]

  they could basically steal your identity [TS]

  no problem [TS]

  true she was going to Africa it's not [TS]

  just like random picking Africa picking [TS]

  on africa and i also think the iphone [TS]

  and that therefore iOS particular also [TS]

  started on are on the wrong foot in some [TS]

  ways because it's in some ways I think [TS]

  Apple had conceived of it as as much as [TS]

  the successor to the ipod as it was to [TS]

  the mac and so yes there were some you [TS]

  know some aspects of whatever you want [TS]

  to call the original the original [TS]

  version of iOS when I think of it didn't [TS]

  even have a name it was called like [TS]

  iphone OS iphone OS yeah and even had [TS]

  like marketing material that they even [TS]

  called it OS 10 it was like runs OS 10 [TS]

  you know they didn't know what to call [TS]

  it at first but a lot of it was [TS]

  was a sort of stripped out by the idea [TS]

  that it was sort of more like an ipod [TS]

  which never had any real sort of [TS]

  security right you you could always just [TS]

  plug an ipod into another computer and [TS]

  see what was on it [TS]

  oh you had drm music for a long time are [TS]

  you have music it was one way transfer [TS]

  basically he was really more on the the [TS]

  format of the files you bought from the [TS]

  store than the device itself mom and you [TS]

  know just wasn't a protective device i [TS]

  mean you could really just plug somebody [TS]

  else's iphone into your you know your [TS]

  mac and you know communicate over USB so [TS]

  they had you know obviously come a long [TS]

  way from there to here and i do think [TS]

  that the slide to unlock just didn't [TS]

  really fit you know touch ID is slide [TS]

  and slide to unlock for the modern [TS]

  secure world [TS]

  yeah it's the this is the easy way to [TS]

  open your phone after you've put it some [TS]

  level of security know and especially as [TS]

  they rolled out touch ID to more places [TS]

  including like on iOS 10 a little [TS]

  feature that I even noticed today is if [TS]

  you go into a Apple music and you're [TS]

  signing into your user account you as [TS]

  long as you have touch ID enabled for [TS]

  for iTunes you can now use your [TS]

  fingerprint for that you don't even have [TS]

  to enter in your password and like these [TS]

  weird random places of the OS which I [TS]

  think was even still a thing and in iOS [TS]

  9 where they were still like some areas [TS]

  where you had to type out your long [TS]

  complicated password and now it's all [TS]

  like as long as you're already in the [TS]

  system you can authorize just about [TS]

  anything with with a touch ID [TS]

  fingerprint it does seem like I've had [TS]

  to type my passwords in fewer times it [TS]

  and again one of the little things that [TS]

  it seems like it's so annoying that we [TS]

  notice it when we're getting badgered by [TS]

  and we yell at apple for it and then we [TS]

  don't really notice when they fix it and [TS]

  so we don't have to give them the little [TS]

  pat on the head and say thank you Apple [TS]

  you know yeah it did that the number of [TS]

  times where i used to have to I just be [TS]

  out and I would just get prompted for my [TS]

  my iCloud password and it would even [TS]

  tell me why right it's just like it's [TS]

  just like this random thing right but it [TS]

  does seem to me anecdotally at least for [TS]

  me personally that I i don't see that as [TS]

  much as I almost never it's almost never [TS]

  inexplicable it's always got like a next [TS]

  time [TS]

  action therefore I don't feel bad about [TS]

  it mhm so good good 24 apple on that so [TS]

  beforehand on the back before we get [TS]

  into details let's while we're on this [TS]

  subject let's try to lie i have a at [TS]

  least one but think about the things [TS]

  that Apple still has a lot of you know [TS]

  where they falling short on their [TS]

  upgrade you know when you upgrade [TS]

  devices [TS]

  overall I think they're getting really [TS]

  good at it but i'll give you an example [TS]

  and i know this is gotta be worse for [TS]

  you than me because I think you have [TS]

  more apple watches yet i was gonna say [TS]

  20 it is their example involve upgrading [TS]

  to a new Apple watch and creating time [TS]

  to Apple watch is the worst it [TS]

  yeah takes forever and if you forget to [TS]

  do it in the right order you've got to [TS]

  start all over from scratch [TS]

  you just want to say it that you want to [TS]

  put like a don't know what the head to [TS]

  the desk kind of a thing it's it's very [TS]

  frustrating especially I don't you know [TS]

  as as people who are dealing with review [TS]

  units having certain Apple watch is [TS]

  paired to certain devices and some of [TS]

  them being backups of your old phone and [TS]

  some of them not being backups of your [TS]

  old phone and then trying to switch [TS]

  those watches from one device to another [TS]

  is pretty much impossible unless they're [TS]

  on your Apple ID and on your specific [TS]

  back up there basically tied to the [TS]

  phone and that's that that's the thing [TS]

  that like took me awhile to wrap my head [TS]

  around is like if you're your Apple [TS]

  watch is not a separate device it's your [TS]

  Apple watch and your iphone and all of [TS]

  the backups get stored basically as your [TS]

  iphone backup so if you pear and apple [TS]

  watch to a brand-new iphone that you [TS]

  haven't restored from backup and then [TS]

  you're like oh I want to switch that [TS]

  Apple watch to you know a backdrop [TS]

  iphone on your you're going to be a [TS]

  little bit of trouble you're not here [TS]

  not going to be very happy [TS]

  I i find that the the thing that gets me [TS]

  is the fact that you don't get your [TS]

  watch backed up until you on parent it [TS]

  from yes phone and that feels so wrong [TS]

  to me and I don't see how any normal [TS]

  person nobody normal person would ever [TS]

  ever think that that's how it should be [TS]

  done and even if they're told that [TS]

  that's how it's done it it doesn't look [TS]

  like you're doing the right thing like [TS]

  even if you're just need somebody says [TS]

  here's what you do with your new iphone [TS]

  first unpair your home or your watches [TS]

  you from your old phone [TS]

  well under the backing up your old phone [TS]

  then restore your new phone from that [TS]

  back up and then your watch as you knew [TS]

  it will still be there and then you can [TS]

  repair the watch and it'll go right back [TS]

  to where it was but when you go through [TS]

  those steps [TS]

  it doesn't look like you're doing that [TS]

  it looks like you're racing your watch [TS]

  yeah it and there's no there's no good [TS]

  dialogue from that box and it is i'm [TS]

  pretty sure the watch does get backed up [TS]

  nightly the same way that the iphone [TS]

  does know there's an iCloud backup [TS]

  no it doesn't because there are there [TS]

  are intermediary backups that are made [TS]

  however if you want to upgrade so let's [TS]

  say I'm going from a watch series 02 a [TS]

  watch series 2 and I don't unpair the [TS]

  watch series 0 before i go to the series [TS]

  to the most recent backup I might find [TS]

  this might be 2-3 days old it's not [TS]

  going to be current which means you're [TS]

  not going to have your move data and [TS]

  you're not gonna have your activity [TS]

  stuff or it might be even older if it [TS]

  didn't if the backup didn't go through [TS]

  properly and that's really frustrating [TS]

  the fact that you can't like and there's [TS]

  no even there's no way to make a manual [TS]

  backup unless you and parrot what you [TS]

  were talking about which is like that is [TS]

  the most frustrating thing because [TS]

  legally when people people Google like [TS]

  how to backup your watch and it's not [TS]

  how to backup your watches how to unpair [TS]

  your watch which also makes a backup [TS]

  like why couldn't there just be a button [TS]

  apple like really I I don't even see how [TS]

  you can see where your latest backup is [TS]

  I don't know that you can i'm looking [TS]

  only way the only way that you can see [TS]

  where your latest backup is is when [TS]

  you're pairing a new watch [TS]

  right which is really dumb because [TS]

  that's that I ran into that in a weird [TS]

  kind of where I had this complicated i [TS]

  had a backup of my phone or I had [TS]

  restored an iphone 7 review unit from [TS]

  the regular backup of my phone so it was [TS]

  running my [TS]

  all my apps and everything else and then [TS]

  I had a watch that I was you know doing [TS]

  some dad doing some activity data on and [TS]

  then i switched to my jet black iphone 7 [TS]

  plus which came in and the iphone 7 plus [TS]

  i had restored from an iphone backup but [TS]

  i restored from an iphone backup like [TS]

  two days prior [TS]

  so the seven plus and the seven were two [TS]

  days off in terms of backups [TS]

  so when I got my new my prop mine on [TS]

  review Apple watch series 2 and I went [TS]

  to pair it with the with the jet-black [TS]

  on iphone 7 plus it was only showing me [TS]

  Apple watch backups that were two days [TS]

  old or more because it couldn't see that [TS]

  despite the fact that these phones were [TS]

  essentially going to the same iCloud [TS]

  backup and had the same information on [TS]

  them and like had the same health data [TS]

  even because of it being an iCloud it [TS]

  couldn't see the apple watch backups [TS]

  that the iphone 7 mate because in I [TS]

  clouds mind it was an iphone 7 plus [TS]

  Apple watch combo and an iphone 7 plus [TS]

  plus Apple watch combo and it's just [TS]

  like that it's it's the same iCloud [TS]

  account it's so frustrating i really [TS]

  hope that they put some effort into that [TS]

  and I can almost surprised they haven't [TS]

  because i always think like okay so [TS]

  whens people like me and you sit here [TS]

  and complain and it's worse for us [TS]

  because i'm on my third iphone 7 now I [TS]

  to review units and when i bought and [TS]

  now owned and only the one watch I'm [TS]

  still wearing a review unit watch [TS]

  because i don't know what i want to buy [TS]

  for myself but it I realized that it's [TS]

  you know it's a tiny little violin is [TS]

  playing sad music for because you know [TS]

  we have this all you have all of these [TS]

  fall yeah we have these also all these [TS]

  gadgets to play with and but I i just [TS]

  had can't help but think and I know that [TS]

  they're not supposed to solve these [TS]

  problems for us because we're edge cases [TS]

  but even normal people who just bought [TS]

  one new phone it's it's terrible if you [TS]

  go through and didn't remember to unpair [TS]

  your watch first [TS]

  yeah at the worst part is if you're [TS]

  wearing your yeah if you're wearing your [TS]

  watch and it's still paired to your old [TS]

  phone and you don't think about pairing [TS]

  it to your new phone until a couple days [TS]

  after you've had your new phone which is [TS]

  entirely likely because people [TS]

  again you treat the Apple watches a [TS]

  separate device for a certain period was [TS]

  what you're saying with the first iphone [TS]

  right where it's like they're treating [TS]

  the apple watch is pretty much a [TS]

  separate device so it has gps now you [TS]

  can go outside for walks and you leave [TS]

  your iphone at home but it is still tied [TS]

  to the iphone and that's something [TS]

  that's not really marketed enough [TS]

  outside of the yet uses the iphone [TS]

  cellular signal no it is it is an iphone [TS]

  accessory so if it's not tied to your [TS]

  right iphone then everything falls apart [TS]

  and that's that is something that i can [TS]

  see being very confusing for the average [TS]

  user and something will just throw their [TS]

  hands up about well and she's the thing [TS]

  is that surely there must be a lot of [TS]

  people inside Apple who go through the [TS]

  same thing because they are using test [TS]

  devices so they know that that's why I'm [TS]

  a little surprised that they haven't [TS]

  addressed this I mean like I think it's [TS]

  one of the reasons why'd you are now [TS]

  able to have multiple watches paired [TS]

  with one phone [TS]

  oh yeah and you know part of it is that [TS]

  of course yeah if you want to buy a [TS]

  couple Apple watches Apple would love to [TS]

  sell you a couple but I'm sure that part [TS]

  of the reason that it's in there is that [TS]

  some of the most likes to tease the most [TS]

  likely people did to have several Apple [TS]

  watches at the same time or people [TS]

  inside Apple who are testing a new you [TS]

  know either news new software or new [TS]

  hardware both ya gotta get better [TS]

  it absolutely has to and I'm i mean i'm [TS]

  hopeful especially as the as the watch [TS]

  vaults but it's still it's a pain . yeah [TS]

  and it also seems like one thing in [TS]

  Syria I didn't put a stop watch to it so [TS]

  maybe it's just it went from really bad [TS]

  to sort of kind of bad but this is the [TS]

  wireless network speed between your [TS]

  phone and the watch or something is so [TS]

  unbelievably slow real painful like I [TS]

  swear I had what I was restoring this [TS]

  watch after i got it just went through [TS]

  this again over the weekend where I had [TS]

  two unpaired because now I have it [TS]

  paired with the phone that I own myself [TS]

  and I let it go for an hour and came [TS]

  back to it and it was still on that [TS]

  spinning that slow spin around the [TS]

  outside on now I was like this is crazy [TS]

  and I did you restore your apps to uh [TS]

  yeah I don't have that on my phone but [TS]

  even so yeah exactly it just it takes [TS]

  when i was $DAY i did a ton of speed too [TS]

  because I got a I got a series to review [TS]

  unit but i also bought a series one for [TS]

  myself and then I had my original series [TS]

  0 and I was doing like cross crossways [TS]

  speed discs on all of these and the one [TS]

  thing like the series to like blows the [TS]

  series 10 out of the water in a in a [TS]

  bunch of different ways the original [TS]

  generation Apple watch but when it comes [TS]

  to barking dogs when it comes to the [TS]

  difference between like serious two [TS]

  series 1 and the original generation [TS]

  Apple watch and boot time or restore [TS]

  time like the boot time on an Apple [TS]

  watch series 2 is still over a minute [TS]

  the boot time on series 0 is like two [TS]

  and a half minutes but it's still like [TS]

  if I'm waiting a minute and 20 seconds [TS]

  for my watch to startup problems i'm [TS]

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  thanks to fracture go do it you'll thank [TS]

  me later for getting all your family [TS]

  christmas gifts out-of-the-way anything [TS]

  else that bothers you about Apple's [TS]

  upgrade process and like Mac iOS [TS]

  switching to a new device upgrading the [TS]

  OS anything along those lines [TS]

  overall I find it pretty smooth and the [TS]

  only thing that I think is a little bit [TS]

  frustrating is the as much as I love the [TS]

  over-the-air download process for iOS on [TS]

  it can be very frustrating to update if [TS]

  you're on-the-go obviously because it's [TS]

  a big download to build the iOS 10 [TS]

  download was a gigabyte but the problem [TS]

  is because of the way that the the [TS]

  download currently works say i'm waiting [TS]

  around for my download to fit like it's [TS]

  update day right it's its release day [TS]

  and i've downloaded half of the release [TS]

  half of iOS 10 to my iphone and then for [TS]

  some reason i need to go out and do an [TS]

  errant well I can either leave the phone [TS]

  at home and you know what the wreath [TS]

  that it was going maybe like 10 kilobits [TS]

  a second [TS]

  that'll be that would be downloaded [TS]

  maybe half downloaded by the time I get [TS]

  back or you know maybe i need the phone [TS]

  while I'm out and about and if i take [TS]

  the phone and I leave while its wallets [TS]

  downloading there's no place where I can [TS]

  be like pause my download while I go off [TS]

  Wi-Fi go to my area and then come back [TS]

  and resume my download and still have [TS]

  that half of the update that i [TS]

  downloaded back like you can do that [TS]

  with pretty you can do that on safari [TS]

  for the mac you can do that even with [TS]

  iOS apps at this point with paws [TS]

  download on but there's no way to do [TS]

  that for [TS]

  the for these big updates I realize [TS]

  that's like this again maybe a bit of an [TS]

  edge case but i know a lot of people who [TS]

  don't end up updating to iOS 10 because [TS]

  they don't find time to even with I you [TS]

  know apples been a done a lot better [TS]

  with the like install while I'm sleeping [TS]

  and stuff like that in the auto install [TS]

  night like that that's all really nice I [TS]

  really nice improvements to this feature [TS]

  but it's still it runs you know there [TS]

  are still people who they start to [TS]

  install it and they think its installed [TS]

  because they started the process and [TS]

  they don't even think oh you know if I [TS]

  leave my house before the install [TS]

  process is completed it's never it's [TS]

  just going to stop the install process [TS]

  and I'm never gonna get it installed [TS]

  like just the average user is not [TS]

  obsessive about download things they [TS]

  just they've they've gotten used to the [TS]

  ios app you know now i'm downloading an [TS]

  iOS app and the ios app is going to [TS]

  download wherever I am or it'll you know [TS]

  if even if it can't get a good network [TS]

  connection or five cellular data turned [TS]

  off while i'm running around it will [TS]

  come back and finish downloading when I [TS]

  want to get back to my computer but the [TS]

  but the update is not like that so [TS]

  that's my like nitpicky complaint i [TS]

  can't really think it's too many other [TS]

  ones I me neither but i agree with you [TS]

  here's one thing that if we're going to [TS]

  skip around but we talk about iOS 10 and [TS]

  what it's how it's faring in the real [TS]

  world [TS]

  I'm hearing from I want to drop names [TS]

  but people in the house that the the [TS]

  heavier doses of 3d touch to do things [TS]

  or force touch whatever they call it on [TS]

  with I guess on iOS it's called 3d touch [TS]

  is not not a welcome addition to the [TS]

  operating system not a welcome addition [TS]

  how that it's too confusing or not [TS]

  intuitive when you need to press hard [TS]

  and when you just need to normally tap [TS]

  and that having these things that like [TS]

  just to do the stickers in messages that [TS]

  you have to force touch on the arrow we [TS]

  had to move it [TS]

  i I'd see some merit in that and to me [TS]

  it's sort of like the old one button [TS]

  mouse vs2 button [TS]

  mouse argument where it seemed like it [TS]

  but maybe maybe a little different [TS]

  because it seemed like in the old days [TS]

  when Apple obstinately seemingly [TS]

  obstinately stuck to a one button mouse [TS]

  when you know every single piano is a [TS]

  fundamental aspect of the windows user [TS]

  interface that there were things you [TS]

  would right click on like I don't you [TS]

  couldn't really even properly use [TS]

  Windows without a 2-button mouse and I [TS]

  don't know that anybody I don't even [TS]

  know that you could buy it like a one [TS]

  button mouse for pc it wasn't even like [TS]

  that thing whereas and it seems like [TS]

  everybody like the consensus among the [TS]

  Nerds was that Apple is just sticking to [TS]

  this out of spite [TS]

  whereas what I saw was that this is sure [TS]

  if you're a power user you can go buy a [TS]

  2-button mouse mouse with the scroll [TS]

  wheel and plug it in and it will work [TS]

  but for most people [TS]

  all they have to do is understand click [TS]

  and having just one type of click is [TS]

  fundamentally it's so much simpler than [TS]

  even just having two types of clicks let [TS]

  alone the crazy gaming mice you can buy [TS]

  with you know 20 different buttons but [TS]

  even just going from 1 to 2 is a huge [TS]

  difference and you do you know I I'd [TS]

  everybody has seen people in a [TS]

  real-world whoo-hoo like it don't know [TS]

  what to click on what to double-click on [TS]

  and stuff like that like click and [TS]

  double-click was confusing enough for [TS]

  some people it's 55 and I felt like that [TS]

  was part of the genius of iOS was [TS]

  dialing that all the way back to just [TS]

  tap everything is a tap and I think [TS]

  force touch convoluted that to some [TS]

  degree [TS]

  yeah I mean we were already getting into [TS]

  more advanced options with things like [TS]

  long presses which have existed i don't [TS]

  know at least at least 45 iOS [TS]

  generations maybe more on an earlier [TS]

  with the with third-parties I see 3d [TS]

  touch a lot in the way that I see a [TS]

  two-button mice on you know 1990s early [TS]

  two thousands Apple computers which is [TS]

  there's not really anything on an iphone [TS]

  at least that I can think of where 3d [TS]

  touch is necessary to do a core function [TS]

  you know 3d touch makes it faster to [TS]

  open the battery pain and settings but [TS]

  you can still get to the battery pain if [TS]

  you [TS]

  tap on settings and then tap on battery [TS]

  and then tap on low power mode on [TS]

  i likey you think of something in like I [TS]

  can think of stuff on the watch where [TS]

  you need force press two to do extra [TS]

  things but is there any is there s is [TS]

  there something besides maybe stickers [TS]

  where you really need a force press [TS]

  messages is one where there's certain [TS]

  things that you seem to have to force [TS]

  press and any other thing is to interact [TS]

  with the notification widgets right it's [TS]

  yeah seems like it's true but again you [TS]

  can tap on the notification widget and [TS]

  it will send you to the right area i get [TS]

  it but it seems like a me to just name [TS]

  one person doesn't always mean yeah and [TS]

  and sees you know she seems frustrated [TS]

  that sometimes she thinks she's pressing [TS]

  plenty hard enough to get a force touch [TS]

  and it's not registering yeah well that [TS]

  that i think is an absolutely valid [TS]

  complaint in that force touch sometimes [TS]

  works marvelously and i have i have my [TS]

  force to our fresh force touch 3d touch [TS]

  press firmly i have my setting to the [TS]

  latest version so that it will trigger [TS]

  almost immediately once i start pressing [TS]

  down on the screen and i would say it [TS]

  works about 75% of the time that's not [TS]

  God know exactly and it's like I mean it [TS]

  it it will work other times but other [TS]

  times it requires a little bit firmer [TS]

  press and i'm not sure if there's it's [TS]

  because there's something on my fingers [TS]

  or if it's just the screen is you know [TS]

  miss reading but yeah that's a little [TS]

  it's a little bit frustrating and the [TS]

  place where I noticed it the most is [TS]

  turning the keyboard if you if you press [TS]

  firmly on the when the keyboards active [TS]

  you can turn that into a movable cursor [TS]

  yeah and I use that all the time when [TS]

  I'm writing on iOS and it was very I [TS]

  don't know very noticeable for me I i [TS]

  would just I will reiterate that is my [TS]

  favorite 3d touch feature I find with [TS]

  the first time I saw it last year I was [TS]

  like oh i will use that all the time and [TS]

  never ceded to forget that it existed at [TS]

  the time for listeners of the show if [TS]

  you take one thing away we go right down [TS]

  actual note while you listen to us talk [TS]

  the one thing I would emphasize is [TS]

  remember that you can force touch on the [TS]

  keyboard to make the cursor like a mouse [TS]

  cursor that you can move around because [TS]

  once you really do internalize that and [TS]

  and you don't even have to root you [TS]

  don't have to think about it to use it [TS]

  is the best tech [TS]

  editing changed since the original [TS]

  iphone yes it's copy and paste quite [TS]

  honestly i don't i don't use the library [TS]

  use the loop [TS]

  however like whatever price you got a [TS]

  notification that you want to reply to [TS]

  like the messages one would be an [TS]

  example to eat pot has it now for dm's [TS]

  you have to force touch on it to get the [TS]

  inline don't even open the app just let [TS]

  me reply right here [TS]

  I ya know if it looks like if you just [TS]

  tap the notification that will send you [TS]

  directly into the app but I mean I get [TS]

  that little shortcuts to get that short [TS]

  but again we're talking about shortcuts [TS]

  we're not talking about things where [TS]

  it's like or you know what actually I [TS]

  take it back because if it appears at [TS]

  the top of the screen you can drag down [TS]

  and it will give you the the information [TS]

  so you can drag on it the same way that [TS]

  you couldn't I think iOS 9 or iOS 8 and [TS]

  it would give you the same kind of and [TS]

  further preview if it were up to me I [TS]

  think I would make I i think it I think [TS]

  that force touch should only and always [TS]

  be a shortcut for a long press yes they [TS]

  agree with that you anything that you do [TS]

  with a force touch if you just hold [TS]

  their you'll get the same thing and I [TS]

  think that would be an accessibility win [TS]

  because i think it would help for [TS]

  anybody who actually can't press hard [TS]

  enough and I think conceptually it would [TS]

  simplify things and I know that there [TS]

  are some conflicts like right now you [TS]

  force touch on an app icon on the home [TS]

  screen to get the list of shortcuts for [TS]

  that app and you long press to get into [TS]

  google mode when you rearrange apps but [TS]

  is so annoying I we should just do both [TS]

  yeah i think it should just be one [TS]

  shortcut and then one of the options for [TS]

  every app would be like edit . it [TS]

  exactly and you know and use like an [TS]

  icon to indicate that you know I'm sure [TS]

  there's some visual way that you could [TS]

  indicate like this is how you get to the [TS]

  old jiggle mode [TS]

  mhm it could easily be tied together [TS]

  like that I know the one that I remember [TS]

  is if you go to the Apple weather app [TS]

  and you go to the list of cities or [TS]

  locations i tried to rearrange them [TS]

  before a trip to move like where i was [TS]

  going up to be like like number two so I [TS]

  could always go right right beneath the [TS]

  local you know wherever I am [TS]

  and I couldn't remember how to rearrange [TS]

  the city's thank you for the life of me [TS]

  I just kept force touching on them and [TS]

  it it just kept opening them and took me [TS]

  like a minute to remember [TS]

  press and hold the press press firmly no [TS]

  press firmly on the site [TS]

  press press slightly rearranged press [TS]

  firmly to like pull up a pop-up right [TS]

  and then if while you're waiting for the [TS]

  whole be long enough to start pressing [TS]

  too hard to open up that those little [TS]

  things are so frustrating especially if [TS]

  you are you know somebody who goes in [TS]

  between pressing firmly and long [TS]

  processes like trying to rearrange your [TS]

  app icons that's that is that's kind of [TS]

  an exercise in frustration and maybe [TS]

  just not enough ppl rearrange their app [TS]

  icons on a regular basis anymore they [TS]

  just they don't care about the way their [TS]

  home screen looks or because I feel like [TS]

  Apple must be getting complaints about [TS]

  this right [TS]

  oh I'm trying to rearrange my icons and [TS]

  I can't remember how to do it anywhere [TS]

  I don't know just I don't think it could [TS]

  be made together I feel like they yeah [TS]

  you know be like an iOS 11 change not [TS]

  like an iOS 10.2 change but I feel like [TS]

  long press and force touch could be [TS]

  unified i think so and it may it may be [TS]

  one of those things where I'm sorry the [TS]

  lower right yeah I think rick is coming [TS]

  home so they're really excited [TS]

  yeah I i think it may be something we're [TS]

  in iOS 11 we may see a more drastic [TS]

  change to the home screen or something [TS]

  like that where they're kind of like we [TS]

  know this is a hack job right now but we [TS]

  promise it will all go away soon and I [TS]

  under like one part part of me [TS]

  understands that from a ok we're working [TS]

  towards a bigger objective in a bigger [TS]

  picture here but the fact remains that [TS]

  3d touch has now been an operation or [TS]

  will be an operation for two whole [TS]

  release cycles and to say like this is a [TS]

  hand wave we're going to make it better [TS]

  soon at for 42 years worth is that's [TS]

  stretching it for the average user [TS]

  that's that's kind of painful it is [TS]

  interesting to me watching the reaction [TS]

  of people who are you know all new to [TS]

  iOS 10 and you know we we talked before [TS]

  about the [TS]

  the home button change where you have to [TS]

  you know there's no more swipe to unlock [TS]

  seems like at first an awful lot of [TS]

  people objected to some of the visual [TS]

  changes in iOS 10 which i think in broad [TS]

  terms of like the new control center and [TS]

  that yeah in a way that would the [TS]

  widgets look more like Windows you know [TS]

  there's like a 3d pneus and Anna they [TS]

  don't go there not full with they have [TS]

  entire you know they're encapsulated a [TS]

  little bubbly yeah there's just a little [TS]

  bit more depth to the interface it is it [TS]

  you know to over you know to borrow and [TS]

  overused term from when I was seven came [TS]

  out it's it's less flat and not so much [TS]

  in a way that the actual individual [TS]

  buttons and little windows themselves [TS]

  have 3d but that the layering of where [TS]

  they are in the system is more 3d I like [TS]

  it a lot [TS]

  I think it's actually to me it's like [TS]

  iOS 10 has really it's just shows how [TS]

  many how long it takes to get a major [TS]

  design right and to me I OS 10 is the [TS]

  one where the that what they were [TS]

  thinking with ios7 they've really dialed [TS]

  it back up to where the appropriate [TS]

  level of depth and imovie 08 to iMovie [TS]

  11 kind of thing [TS]

  yeah I is good well it just seems to me [TS]

  like people complain about it at first [TS]

  but it seems like right now as of now [TS]

  everybody now that it was really just [TS]

  the newness that bothered him and now go [TS]

  yeah they've got used to it [TS]

  well it's the anytime that you change [TS]

  someone's interaction path they're going [TS]

  to grumble about it for a little while [TS]

  same thing we were talking about what [TS]

  the touch ID and opening the phone where [TS]

  it's like the control center now having [TS]

  multiple cards initially that was a bit [TS]

  of a pain especially if you're dealing [TS]

  with sliders because if you don't tap on [TS]

  the right place for a slider you might [TS]

  accidentally slide the pain left right [TS]

  and you know putting things in slightly [TS]

  different places being like oh I can't [TS]

  find this anymore and where is this and [TS]

  how wide is Notification Center still [TS]

  have the wedges screen in it despite the [TS]

  fact that the widgets screen is now you [TS]

  know its own real thing on the left-hand [TS]

  side like there are still little bits [TS]

  and pieces [TS]

  here that I that are quite right but um [TS]

  I i wrote about this right after wdc in [TS]

  terms of the way that Apple has changed [TS]

  the visual narrative to really be about [TS]

  stacks and layers and about you know the [TS]

  home screen is kind of your neutral [TS]

  layer now and then apps pop up on top [TS]

  and you've got control center and [TS]

  notification center on top above [TS]

  everything else and it's just it's [TS]

  unified it now we're at it actually [TS]

  makes it and then the lock screen is on [TS]

  top of everything else because the lock [TS]

  screen is basically like keeping keeping [TS]

  you in this box like it's your opening [TS]

  the box you're pressing through with the [TS]

  with the home button to go into this box [TS]

  and it's I don't know from I am from a [TS]

  purely like tactile visual sense which [TS]

  is odd combination of words there but [TS]

  but really it is very pleasing I [TS]

  subconsciously I think and initially [TS]

  again people are going to be complaining [TS]

  about it because it doesn't it's not [TS]

  what they were used to write but I as [TS]

  you get used to it i think it becomes [TS]

  more and more comfortable and things [TS]

  make sense it's it goes from a i'm [TS]

  looking for this feature [TS]

  oh well now i'm getting trained i'm [TS]

  getting visually trained to be like okay [TS]

  well apps are you know apps are found by [TS]

  pulling something up or pulling you know [TS]

  pulling from a side of the screen or [TS]

  moving from side like this i don't know [TS]

  I i really i really like the direction [TS]

  they're going with this [TS]

  I one of the things that I think that [TS]

  they got wrong in iOS 7 and that they've [TS]

  been end to me they've really this is [TS]

  what the times 10 is really where they [TS]

  fixed it in a lot of ways is and this is [TS]

  something i think that I'm going to [TS]

  excuse a lot of it as it just takes more [TS]

  than one or two years to get a complete [TS]

  redesign right this is one of the things [TS]

  i think they could have gotten much [TS]

  better right from the start and for some [TS]

  reason whatever was in their heads [TS]

  collectively was wrong was making sure [TS]

  that the visual indication of like [TS]

  something that either on or off is [TS]

  absolutely [TS]

  in earlier this year and and i think it [TS]

  was there and I think it was a desire [TS]

  for aesthetic purposes to not use color [TS]

  is what burned them in iOS 7 and so for [TS]

  example here's what I'm looking at is [TS]

  the way that like when you have Wi-Fi on [TS]

  in control center [TS]

  it's just a bright vivid blue and then [TS]

  if you tap it to turn it off [TS]

  it is very clearly off because it's gray [TS]

  and drab I think that's one of my [TS]

  favorite changes it's just the way that [TS]

  they're more way more willing and iOS 10 [TS]

  to use plops little little little bits [TS]

  of very vivid color to clearly indicate [TS]

  state in a way that that they weren't [TS]

  before [TS]

  ya a call i mean the color changes to [TS]

  iOS 10 i think i've been one of the the [TS]

  biggest improvements upon the flat [TS]

  design because you do it's like okay we [TS]

  can't use depth inside our buttons to [TS]

  show what's on what's off so let's [TS]

  actually use really bright vivid nice [TS]

  colors and you sell them kind of [TS]

  experimenting with that in the original [TS]

  music app and its really come kind of [TS]

  full circle now and you can kind of even [TS]

  see where they're going by looking at [TS]

  the new music app and the new maps app [TS]

  in terms of that like Boulder to Boulder [TS]

  design and using bright colors for for [TS]

  each of the entries i like that so much [TS]

  more than just here is black and here's [TS]

  gray alright here's one i got like I was [TS]

  like by my most explosive we popular [TS]

  tweet of the month was just the simple [TS]

  observation that the night shift button [TS]

  in control center again as an unusual [TS]

  prominence and others screen real estate [TS]

  large I don't understand like I never [TS]

  ever want to use this feature i don't [TS]

  like it i understand lots of people do a [TS]

  very popular with some people but I [TS]

  don't understand why it's so much more [TS]

  prominent dense than any of the five [TS]

  things at the top airplane mode Wi-Fi [TS]

  Bluetooth do not disturb and then [TS]

  rotation lock especially because night [TS]

  shift should be set automatically right [TS]

  right like did to go at a certain time [TS]

  right if you really like the feature why [TS]

  in the world wouldn't you have it set to [TS]

  and on at sundown it's I wonder if it's [TS]

  a placeholder for something that's what [TS]

  an awful lot of people suspect is that [TS]

  it's a placeholder but what is it that [TS]

  they think it's a placeholder for I [TS]

  don't know there is something there's an [TS]

  it's not occurring to me [TS]

  yeah i mean . you could you could argue [TS]

  play/pause button instead of the music [TS]

  having its own [TS]

  well that's the thing that's what I'm [TS]

  going that yeah they're people because i [TS]

  used to be room there for the little [TS]

  playback controls hm and people that [TS]

  does seem like one change that I think [TS]

  has merit and it's not just the [TS]

  resistance to change but that seems to [TS]

  me like real people are not happy with [TS]

  the playback controls being on a second [TS]

  screen [TS]

  yeah I don't haha I don't mind it so [TS]

  much it's just it's the problem of [TS]

  discovery right where people who are [TS]

  used to control center just having one [TS]

  pain they pull it up and they don't see [TS]

  the tiny dots at the bottom they just [TS]

  see the fact that there are no music [TS]

  control so they automatically assume [TS]

  that the music app just you can't [TS]

  control it from control center anymore [TS]

  it would be nice to be able to edit the [TS]

  control center though to make capital [TS]

  center something where you can configure [TS]

  it to be just what you use [TS]

  I completely agree to me maybe that's [TS]

  the the placeholder for night shift some [TS]

  people I'd I've also seen some people in [TS]

  response to my tweets a why can't it be [TS]

  like Notification Center we're just you [TS]

  know you pull down from the top and [TS]

  notification center is full screen [TS]

  why doesn't control center full screen [TS]

  there be room for everything on one [TS]

  screen and i think that the obvious [TS]

  answer to that is especially with the [TS]

  plus you can't reach the stuff at the [TS]

  top [TS]

  yeah you know that it's it seems very [TS]

  clearly designed to me that it's meant [TS]

  to be reachable with one thumb and then [TS]

  you know so therefore it really [TS]

  shouldn't can't be full screen [TS]

  yeah and if you try you can't use reach [TS]

  ability when control centers active you [TS]

  can with notification center but not [TS]

  with control center reach abilities a [TS]

  good one so I wrote in my iphone 7 [TS]

  review that I had to turn reach ability [TS]

  off because i found myself constantly [TS]

  inadvertently invoking it [TS]

  anecdotally asking around with a bunch [TS]

  of friends on slack a the my friends a [TS]

  lot of my friends have run into this [TS]

  themselves and had to do the same thing [TS]

  turn off readability and B they reported [TS]

  that like the normals and their life I [TS]

  God have been running into the same [TS]

  thing and that the normal people have no [TS]

  idea what the hell reach ability is and [TS]

  that's just just don't know why their [TS]

  screen is going down halfway [TS]

  yeah I friend of the show John siracusa [TS]

  said that his is mom and voted on her [TS]

  iPad and his dad fixed it by restarting [TS]

  the ipad but that it was so confusing [TS]

  that it looked at it and I could see why [TS]

  it seems that almost seems like a [TS]

  drawing problem like if you run into is [TS]

  a bizarre bug where the the computer is [TS]

  drawing your screen halfway down [TS]

  oh my god you run into this or no you [TS]

  know I actually i was expecting to after [TS]

  hearing a bunch of people get really [TS]

  concerned about it with the new home [TS]

  button and I actually haven't at all [TS]

  I then maybe that's just because i have [TS]

  used reach ability a fair amount when [TS]

  i've been using the plus so I have [TS]

  figured out kind of a way to trigger it [TS]

  versus a way to just press the home [TS]

  button the bigger problem that i've [TS]

  actually been having and again this is [TS]

  kind of a niche thing but I've had a [TS]

  problem taking screenshots we're not [TS]

  used to have no problem whatsoever but [TS]

  because of the home button i now have [TS]

  the same problem that i have on the [TS]

  Apple watch where i have to press one [TS]

  button and then the other to really make [TS]

  the sure that the screenshot takes [TS]

  especially if i'm doing something weird [TS]

  like taking a picture of the camera app [TS]

  while the camera app is open [TS]

  I don't know why either I don't know why [TS]

  in and subjective subjective preference [TS]

  for the new home button versus the old [TS]

  home button aside I find that my [TS]

  screenshots have like a 50-percent [TS]

  failure right now [TS]

  uh-huh yeah neither the home button [TS]

  takes me home before the screenshot [TS]

  takes off or the power button hours off [TS]

  with his friends and often or even get [TS]

  off [TS]

  I i found i have found the opposite [TS]

  though I found that the only way I can [TS]

  get it to work reliably is to [TS]

  concentrate very hard [TS]

  and simultaneously post you know very [TS]

  with much concentration pressing both [TS]

  buttons at the citizen it's even worse [TS]

  on the plus model too because it's so [TS]

  darn big [TS]

  she's trying to time it is impossible [TS]

  that's right anyway minor like those are [TS]

  truly truly firstworldproblems yes and [TS]

  not not a huge deal but but you know [TS]

  it's things things that I certainly [TS]

  wouldn't be adverse to an apple engineer [TS]

  looking at and being like maybe we need [TS]

  to adjust the timing [TS]

  yeah I trying to think what else people [TS]

  are complaining about like that might be [TS]

  it [TS]

  I yeah I hmmm on the iphone people i [TS]

  mean people are complaining about the [TS]

  home button behavior that aside or just [TS]

  the feel of the home button but I i [TS]

  don't know i really like the new home [TS]

  button that's better for it [TS]

  yeah what setting do you use i'm [TS]

  currently i have the hardest click on [TS]

  because I do let me just like the tap [TS]

  the feel of the taptic engine so I like [TS]

  having kind of that that Rumble when i [TS]

  press it on the the home button but i [TS]

  also like kinda III Matthew pans Reno [TS]

  mentioned this in his review and I [TS]

  thought that it was quite quite smart he [TS]

  was saying oh I switch switch the the [TS]

  severity of the taptic engine when i'm [TS]

  doing things where I don't want to wake [TS]

  up my baby or I want to do you know I [TS]

  want to access the home button while i'm [TS]

  on a podcast and I don't want to disturb [TS]

  anybody and I'm like that's actually [TS]

  brilliant because they're so there have [TS]

  been so many times where i'm like i want [TS]

  to test out an iphone or testing feature [TS]

  in the middle of a podcast but but the [TS]

  click on an old iphone especially if [TS]

  you're doing it anywhere near the mic is [TS]

  that is pretty prominent and it's it's [TS]

  like a click on an old uh click on an [TS]

  old trackpad or an old mouse i am still [TS]

  firmly in the i prefer the old the hold [TS]

  button a button and either it's been [TS]

  enough time now that i think it's i [TS]

  think it you know I forget when do I get [TS]

  this one that I start using this must [TS]

  have been three weeks three weeks yeah [TS]

  but I can accept and Wi-Fi had that [TS]

  feeling right from the start even just a [TS]

  day in I was like I don't think I like [TS]

  this I think [TS]

  I prefer the other way but it's fine i'm [TS]

  also on button button level three other [TS]

  friend of the show though Ben Thompson [TS]

  of strategic Rephaim is he loves the new [TS]

  button and and that's where I'm going [TS]

  with this is that it is very clear that [TS]

  I don't like it as much other people you [TS]

  Ben Thompson like it referred to the old [TS]

  button been also is a proponent of [TS]

  setting one he thinks that uh that [TS]

  setting three is for people who want to [TS]

  fake a button and that you should go [TS]

  with the flow that it's not a not a [TS]

  button and he likes it on setting number [TS]

  one and so I on his advice i spent a day [TS]

  and a half on setting one and I guess I [TS]

  can kind of see it but then when I went [TS]

  back to three I was like although this [TS]

  is much nicer now I you know I just like [TS]

  tactile sensation to this is like this [TS]

  is the same reason why sometimes i will [TS]

  just open up the date picker and just [TS]

  play with it on the new models because [TS]

  it's just like it's it's nice to feel [TS]

  you on that i was thinking i I'm so glad [TS]

  you said that because you mentioned with [TS]

  the control center when you go to change [TS]

  the brightness slider [TS]

  yeah you if you miss you actually just [TS]

  slide over to music [TS]

  we should have a little tactic feedback [TS]

  for the slider how that's a great idea [TS]

  was a little tick tick tick [TS]

  ya soon as you then you know that you've [TS]

  got the little that the thing that you [TS]

  actually slide em actually already have [TS]

  the haptic and control center when you [TS]

  slide up right you don't have a haptic [TS]

  sliding side to side [TS]

  well it would later no confirm for you [TS]

  that you've you've got the oven or [TS]

  whatever I i honestly think right now in [TS]

  iOS 10 1002 I think we're on on the main [TS]

  seed not tactic feedback is very I don't [TS]

  want to say half hazard Lee implemented [TS]

  but it's very much like the engineers [TS]

  put in a bunch of potential things and [TS]

  then left out a bunch of potential other [TS]

  ones like let's see what sticks [TS]

  let's see what people like let's see if [TS]

  instead you know people might write and [TS]

  say we hate all this tactic stuff but [TS]

  every like there are places where i feel [TS]

  like i should have tactic like in notes [TS]

  tapping on a note to change to the [TS]

  keyboard view I I wanted like a little [TS]

  click there to let me know [TS]

  I'm an editing view oh I'm out of [TS]

  editing view or have you um no it's like [TS]

  think it comes up like way and the way [TS]

  that when you spin the datepicker it [TS]

  feels like it's spinning in the [TS]

  direction that you are spinning yeah the [TS]

  keyboard when it slides up should have [TS]

  like a slight chunk that would just [TS]

  shake the signified yeah I had like a [TS]

  slider phone and you'd you know like the [TS]

  old palm pre you know obviously when you [TS]

  slid the keyboard down it felt like [TS]

  something was sliding down because it [TS]

  was [TS]

  mhm well and you have you have that [TS]

  feeling for control center anyway so [TS]

  it's a haptic that's already implemented [TS]

  it was gonna go to any same as the [TS]

  control central yeah [TS]

  have you used this is my favorite haptic [TS]

  maybe in the in the system if you go [TS]

  over on the digital on the digital [TS]

  keyboard on and you hold down not for [TS]

  impressed mind you just long long press [TS]

  on say the dash button it brings up a [TS]

  little haptic to to change it from a [TS]

  dash to an end to an end dash to an em [TS]

  dash to a bullet and then when you're [TS]

  sliding between those you have haptic [TS]

  for all of those little those little [TS]

  options and that is my favorite like as [TS]

  soon as i discovered that that made me [TS]

  look towards the future where I was [TS]

  saying like where things are not so [TS]

  haphazardly implemented and when perhaps [TS]

  we might have the battery life to be [TS]

  able to put the entire keyboard haptic [TS]

  which I actually I really want to see a [TS]

  a full haptic keyboard even just as a [TS]

  proof of concept with the current taptic [TS]

  engine because i think it would actually [TS]

  be better not like obviously it's not [TS]

  going to feel like a real keyboard but i [TS]

  think it would be a lot better than [TS]

  people currently think it might be [TS]

  yeah I have that on the Moto X this is [TS]

  that my at my most real i guess i'm [TS]

  waiting for to google announces next [TS]

  week but yeah it's the most recent [TS]

  android device i bought it from december [TS]

  2014 and it's the one that you could you [TS]

  could pick what the material on the back [TS]

  is never known [TS]

  yeah that's a real gimmick but anyway [TS]

  that if this phone has a haptic feedback [TS]

  on the keyboard but it has no [TS]

  directional sense at all [TS]

  you know like so whether you're in that [TS]

  the queue at the top left or the m [TS]

  at the bottom right it's the same tap [TS]

  whereas it seems like apples got [TS]

  something and then new phones that has a [TS]

  little bit of a you know X and y-axis [TS]

  oh yeah there's definitely a rotational [TS]

  motor and you kind of feel that even [TS]

  just doing 3d touch on the home screen [TS]

  or if you tap on something in sort of [TS]

  the bottom right corner that's gonna [TS]

  pull up a pull-up a widget going upwards [TS]

  you can actually feel it going up as [TS]

  opposed to pressing at the top of the [TS]

  screen and having a widget going down [TS]

  and I don't know how much of that is [TS]

  brain trickery and how much of that is [TS]

  actually the motor like jiggling in a [TS]

  certain direction but it's it's nifty i [TS]

  can't i have to imagine that they looked [TS]

  into it and just either they weren't [TS]

  satisfied and therefore didn't release [TS]

  it or there's something had to have [TS]

  tried it because yeah for all the things [TS]

  that you know if we're going to start [TS]

  putting haptic feedback in the OS the [TS]

  keyboard had had to have been on the top [TS]

  of the list of things to try [TS]

  well that's I think that's got to be [TS]

  their eventual goal like when they [TS]

  talked about putting that the taptic [TS]

  engine way back in the first generation [TS]

  of the Apple watch that was my first [TS]

  thought is I'm like this is this is our [TS]

  our our slow path to getting a fully [TS]

  haptic keyboard and having that work [TS]

  properly but I I have to imagine that [TS]

  happening is not quite where they want [TS]

  it where they actually want to go to put [TS]

  it on the keyboard because I think I [TS]

  imagine their eventual goal is to [TS]

  combine haptics with the pressure [TS]

  sensitivity of the screen and really [TS]

  like in a way that what 3d touch is [TS]

  currently doing but if you can actually [TS]

  feel depth which you can sort of with 3d [TS]

  touch but not really and it requires a [TS]

  much bigger touch target area but if you [TS]

  could feel depth on those tiny little [TS]

  keys like that that is potentially a [TS]

  game-changer for mobile keyboards and [TS]

  it's you know it it would have to be [TS]

  done exactly right we feel like gimmick [TS]

  and right now the the taptic engine and [TS]

  does feel a little a little static but [TS]

  the potential is there [TS]

  the potential is there and you know I [TS]

  said I i can tell it's not ready yet but [TS]

  i still want a third-party keyboard that [TS]

  just doesn't all have to keyboard just [TS]

  for fun because i think it would be a [TS]

  blast [TS]

  I can't help but think it's coming i do [TS]

  think iíve said [TS]

  many times over the years that it it [TS]

  often matters what's what stacked on 5 [TS]

  10 years 15 years after something was [TS]

  created as opposed to what was there [TS]

  from the outset and hurt the force touch [TS]

  and the haptic feedback to me has that [TS]

  sort of it would be different and more [TS]

  pervasive if it had been there right [TS]

  from the original iphone you know it's [TS]

  like like in the original iphone every [TS]

  single control every every single [TS]

  standard user interface control was was [TS]

  reimagined from what that looks like on [TS]

  the mac to accommodate the difference [TS]

  between a touchscreen with a big fat [TS]

  finger as opposed to a mouse and [TS]

  keyboard and mouse pointer system where [TS]

  you have this pixel level precision so [TS]

  things like [TS]

  things like [TS]

  the the datepicker right where you get [TS]

  it this spinning control on iOS as [TS]

  opposed to a drop-down menu that you let [TS]

  you get on [TS]

  I think that if they had if they had a [TS]

  3d touch from the beginning every [TS]

  control would have some sort of haptic [TS]

  feedback whereas like you said the arrow [TS]

  like you said now it seems like half the [TS]

  teams went through and added some have a [TS]

  pic feedback any other some of the other [TS]

  teams you know just like a yeah they're [TS]

  like okay there's no there's pretty much [TS]

  no haptic feedback in music for example [TS]

  right [TS]

  music is another one of those that has a [TS]

  card that kind of flies up that could [TS]

  use it but yeah there's not a high [TS]

  really think it's an early we're seeing [TS]

  it in kind of its early days and did you [TS]

  get a chance [TS]

  there was a nap on one of the demo [TS]

  phones at the event a few weeks back [TS]

  that was a music app where you could [TS]

  play key [TS]

  yes yeah yeah and it would have no idea [TS]

  what that happens but i really want to [TS]

  find it i might be able to get that for [TS]

  you [TS]

  yeah I i could probably email somebody [TS]

  and get that that information but but I [TS]

  just remember plate like playing around [TS]

  with that and having a light bulb go off [TS]

  in my head and being like this is what [TS]

  Apple's waiting for is there not you [TS]

  know they're there [TS]

  yes playing with themselves but what [TS]

  they're really waiting to see is how [TS]

  third-party apps take advantage of [TS]

  haptic and also i imagine where they can [TS]

  steal like not necessarily steel is in a [TS]

  bad way but still isn't it like as in [TS]

  the pull to refresh kind of thing where [TS]

  watch how third parties are doing it and [TS]

  see if they're coming up with better [TS]

  ideas than the internal team is coming [TS]

  up with see if they're there they want [TS]

  to try something different that we've [TS]

  never thought of before [TS]

  yeah so that I just don't know what the [TS]

  name of it was but the demo app they had [TS]

  put up like a piano keyboard that was [TS]

  the width of the iphone and it not only [TS]

  gave you the feedback the feedback seem [TS]

  to correlate to the location of the key [TS]

  you were pressing yeah that's the main [TS]

  thing is it really did feel like it [TS]

  wasn't just that the phone was clicking [TS]

  it was that the keyed on the screen was [TS]

  clicking yeah it's not just it's not a [TS]

  rumble controller it's a specificity [TS]

  consumer and and you could change you [TS]

  can change how [TS]

  heavy your press was and you could feel [TS]

  that difference which was that was the [TS]

  really like yeah [TS]

  again it's that it's the pressure [TS]

  combined with haptics which really makes [TS]

  this not just like a nintendo rumble [TS]

  Rumble controller but something much [TS]

  more powerful [TS]

  yeah let me take another break here [TS]

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  weird you were talking about the music [TS]

  app I hear something yeah here's [TS]

  something that I still don't get about [TS]

  up going from one phone to another I [TS]

  don't understand how i'm supposed to get [TS]

  all my music from one to another it [TS]

  seems to me like every time I upload I [TS]

  back up my Mac I i do here's how i do [TS]

  the phones i do it to the mac through [TS]

  itunes because i think it's faster than [TS]

  I cloud so i take my old phone or like [TS]

  the review unit phone I used for two [TS]

  weeks back it up to my mac and then I [TS]

  take the new phone and go through the [TS]

  initial setup and say restore from [TS]

  itunes and then I connected to my back [TS]

  and I restore it and it seems like you [TS]

  know my music is here there's all got [TS]

  the cloud and I don't know because i'm [TS]

  using Apple music and I but I had all my [TS]

  all of my music what I would like is to [TS]

  have my entire personal music library on [TS]

  the downloaded on the floor for all time [TS]

  you know and then anytime anywhere on an [TS]

  airplane or something like that I've got [TS]

  all my music and I would like to use [TS]

  Apple music to listen to anything else [TS]

  that I want to listen to that I don't [TS]

  maybe don't own as a as a thing and it [TS]

  doesn't seem to me like I know how to do [TS]

  that [TS]

  yeah do you understand i do I completely [TS]

  understand but only because I've spent [TS]

  like practically a year troubleshooting [TS]

  how quickly can you explain this to if [TS]

  you can explain the yeah this will be [TS]

  worth the entire episode of the show [TS]

  okay so I'm from what I understand when [TS]

  you restore from a backup of your phone [TS]

  your previous phone had all of your [TS]

  music locally or had or ideally that's [TS]

  what you want right [TS]

  ok so you had downloaded all of your [TS]

  local music previously to your previous [TS]

  phone and for some reason it did not [TS]

  restore with that music alright alright [TS]

  yeah ok [TS]

  so I'm just as a guess because you have [TS]

  I club music library installed i'm [TS]

  thinking that apple says well you know [TS]

  John obviously once you know wants his [TS]

  apps restored and so we're going to make [TS]

  it actually not deal with within itunes [TS]

  backup now do you do you still get all [TS]

  of your apps from the itunes backup or [TS]

  does it make it download them from local [TS]

  from the cloud i still have to download [TS]

  them from the club and there that's the [TS]

  trick then [TS]

  so that's that's their argument there is [TS]

  that to make your iTunes backup faster [TS]

  and not you know not stress about it so [TS]

  much we're going to save your your [TS]

  information and make sure that all of [TS]

  the data for your apps is all fine and [TS]

  when you restore your apps that data [TS]

  gets plugged back in but we are not [TS]

  going to take the time to download [TS]

  multiple gigabytes of apps to iTunes and [TS]

  make you restore longer and probably the [TS]

  same exact thing applies to your music [TS]

  where it's like you may have downloaded [TS]

  40 gigs of music onto your old iphone 7 [TS]

  review unit but we're not going to wait [TS]

  while 40 gigs of music is backed up to [TS]

  this phone or backed up to your imac and [TS]

  then rebat and then like transferred [TS]

  back to your to your new iphone 7 that's [TS]

  that's going to be that's going to be [TS]

  too long for you you're gonna get [TS]

  frustrated it's going to take half the [TS]

  day so instead we're just going to say [TS]

  ok if you want to redownload that music [TS]

  you can from iCloud music library what I [TS]

  don't get is when you restore a when you [TS]

  to restore a an iphone you're at your [TS]

  apps all downloads automatically i'm [TS]

  surprised that it wouldn't download your [TS]

  free download your music from the cloud [TS]

  because it knows again it has that [TS]

  metadata it knows what you had prior so [TS]

  in theory that should happen as well if [TS]

  we're following that same that same [TS]

  model from the apps but it doesn't sound [TS]

  like it's currently doing that and [TS]

  that's that's the point of of contention [TS]

  what I will say well that Apple has done [TS]

  that's much better this time around with [TS]

  iCloud music library than prior well a [TS]

  they've made it so that if you're [TS]

  subscribed to Apple music your music [TS]

  gets uploaded to iCloud music library as [TS]

  your music so there's no more drm which [TS]

  is very helpful [TS]

  goalkeeper unless you're downloading an [TS]

  apple music song and that also allows [TS]

  them to essentially split your library [TS]

  so now I'm there's a there's a setting [TS]

  I'm just going into settings really [TS]

  quickly so I can remember what it's [TS]

  actually called so I don't misquote here [TS]

  but inside inside Apple music there's [TS]

  now a setting called add playlist songs [TS]

  and essentially when you add music from [TS]

  the Apple music library on if you don't [TS]

  have ADD playlist songs enabled those [TS]

  those songs will just go into an apple [TS]

  music playlist so they won't they won't [TS]

  contaminate your library they'll just [TS]

  kind of hang out sort of in and in an [TS]

  apple music repository rather than [TS]

  messing around with your local library [TS]

  least that's how it worked in the beta [TS]

  probably would've changed [TS]

  I like yeah right yeah exactly that was [TS]

  that's a really nice like subtle thing [TS]

  and i believe it's turned off by default [TS]

  it's all online and I don't remember [TS]

  term kinds all right then maybe yeah it [TS]

  might [TS]

  it may have changed in the beta but that [TS]

  is that is one option for kind of [TS]

  separating your you're too and then also [TS]

  of course there's the the downloaded [TS]

  music option i think i feel like there [TS]

  was an easier way to download a bunch of [TS]

  I bunch of albums right now I didn't [TS]

  find it and well you know i mean it also [TS]

  is probably I'm like I'm tapping on the [TS]

  my various albums and like maybe I have [TS]

  all of my albums stored locally on this [TS]

  phone [TS]

  maybe that happened because I'm tapping [TS]

  on all of them and it says delete from [TS]

  library of course that maybe delete yeah [TS]

  oh yeah [TS]

  download there we go so you can download [TS]

  by album and you can download by I know [TS]

  you can't download by artist i would [TS]

  just like to say yeah [TS]

  download everything download all yeah I [TS]

  wonder if you can do that in the music [TS]

  settings and now we're just [TS]

  troubleshooting on the arrow this is our [TS]

  well we'll look at I mean yeah I wish I [TS]

  anything I think that Apple music is [TS]

  much better designed this year than last [TS]

  I think it's a very promising sign that [TS]

  they you know they got it that what they [TS]

  was so confusing last year I still feel [TS]

  like it has a long way to go [TS]

  it really does there is automatic yeah [TS]

  optimized storage is now [TS]

  toggle which is really nice so you can [TS]

  just keep your downloaded music as [TS]

  you're downloading music right and [TS]

  that's the feature where if your device [TS]

  is running low on space it'll start [TS]

  removing calling holy music that you [TS]

  haven't played recently which yeah you [TS]

  know is a pretty good feature all and i [TS]

  will need stuff that you can redownload [TS]

  if you if you need to [TS]

  yeah i really wish there was an easier [TS]

  way to download all music it's a little [TS]

  frustrating i still feel like a [TS]

  fundamental level it's it they're trying [TS]

  to do away with the distinction between [TS]

  my music my personal that the music [TS]

  collection i started building when [TS]

  Napster first collected i first started [TS]

  you know downloading mp3's or are [TS]

  turning my old CD collection and mp3's [TS]

  and Apple music this then pay for that [TS]

  has everything i still i just want I [TS]

  just want all of my music which now [TS]

  easily fits i forget how big my total [TS]

  music libraries but it used to be in the [TS]

  old days where you know like when the [TS]

  eight gigabyte was the big iphone [TS]

  couldn't have it all and now it's joke [TS]

  it's I don't know if I've got like 10 [TS]

  gigs of music or something like that [TS]

  well a 256 gigabyte iphone can have it [TS]

  all easily and then some write and [TS]

  record some 4k video to write so then no [TS]

  matter where I am if I have no network [TS]

  access whatsoever i'm in an elevator on [TS]

  an airplane [TS]

  I know that I at least have all the [TS]

  music that it's my music and I can play [TS]

  it all right now [TS]

  mhm so anyway that's the way it should [TS]

  be [TS]

  I may be in there that when they finally [TS]

  redesign itunes haha ah you know maybe I [TS]

  don't know [TS]

  alright so what did you end up buying a [TS]

  phone for yourself yet it did what I [TS]

  ended up i ended up buying a jet black [TS]

  iphone 7 plus and you have already i had [TS]

  well I have it because I ordered it I [TS]

  didn't know that Renee and I were going [TS]

  to be getting review units until a [TS]

  couple days before the launch [TS]

  so I ordered mine at 3am 301 am on the [TS]

  app on here apple store app from bed [TS]

  because I wasn't sure when [TS]

  what if like [TS]

  otherwise when I would be getting a [TS]

  phone so i just i went ahead and i was [TS]

  just like i really don't like I really i [TS]

  hate hate the plus sorry hashtag Mike [TS]

  was wrong but I i wanted the camera [TS]

  features and I knew that if I was going [TS]

  to be writing about the camera features [TS]

  i kind of need the bigger phone but I I [TS]

  was like you know I also 14 days so if I [TS]

  really you know despise the the giant [TS]

  phone carrying then i can i can return [TS]

  it and go back to an iphone 7 or wait [TS]

  like a million weeks to get an iphone 7 [TS]

  probably so I have that and then i have [TS]

  an iphone 7 and an iphone 7 plus that [TS]

  are my review units so i actually have [TS]

  jet-black iphones and both models no one [TS]

  come rob me this huh [TS]

  you might get you must have gotten your [TS]

  order in like at 301 that's Eastern oh [TS]

  yeah oh yeah IIM was probably one of the [TS]

  first people at least in my twitter feed [TS]

  who actually got the app open and [TS]

  showing on the ordering screen and I [TS]

  still I still was pushed out a week like [TS]

  I didn't get my seven plus until of I [TS]

  don't know the middle of last week I [TS]

  think that was the first batch I really [TS]

  do [TS]

  yeah well they went they went quickly i [TS]

  think it was like two people i know got [TS]

  them on release day and well what did it [TS]

  was it the plus size because like the [TS]

  plus jet-black yeah that's amazing if [TS]

  they they must have really been like in [TS]

  the first right on night yeah I had a [TS]

  lot of trouble with the app and in years [TS]

  past the app always seemed like that was [TS]

  the way to go to use the iphone app to [TS]

  order so i switched like 10 minutes in [TS]

  to a guy after 10 minutes of different [TS]

  things are not going well switch to the [TS]

  website and the website actually worked [TS]

  perfectly [TS]

  I just really loop new iphone poop no [TS]

  paraffin I had a I had no problems with [TS]

  the app once i got it to actually load [TS]

  my initial thing was just I mean I would [TS]

  I was doing probably the horrible thing [TS]

  that no Apple server tech wants to hear [TS]

  which is at y soon as 3000 one hit [TS]

  I kept on force quitting the app and [TS]

  then reloading force quitting reloading [TS]

  force quitting reloading it's like that [TS]

  the the horrible version of the you know [TS]

  man refresh on a mac and I got through [TS]

  probably 302 303 and other people were [TS]

  trying to do that didn't get through [TS]

  until 315 I think it wasn't clear if you [TS]

  just left the app open whether it would [TS]

  reload [TS]

  yeah they're always true it wasn't clear [TS]

  i I my assumption was that it would but [TS]

  since I don't know force quitting I know [TS]

  it's going to reload so therefore I [TS]

  force quit [TS]

  exactly exactly it's the same principle [TS]

  way back when with the liveblogs if they [TS]

  wanted to know if they just would have [TS]

  printed on the do you know the store was [TS]

  down before before they enabled it [TS]

  represent you know if they would just [TS]

  put on that page saying that the stores [TS]

  down that there is no need to refresh [TS]

  then I would have tried I would have [TS]

  trusted them and I would have left it [TS]

  open but yeah it also says macrumors i [TS]

  don't know if you saw this it this [TS]

  morning has a report from a min chi kuo [TS]

  the supply chain guru that jet black [TS]

  models are suffering from a quote low [TS]

  casing production yield rate meaning [TS]

  thirty to forty percent of the units [TS]

  that they are making don't pass apples [TS]

  quality standards this never hide and [TS]

  doesn't I don't think there's any [TS]

  difference between the regular size and [TS]

  plus I now now now there or at least [TS]

  there isn't anything in his data that [TS]

  was released to to MacRumors but what I [TS]

  do think i'm not surprised by it [TS]

  given how touchy jet-black is to begin [TS]

  with and you know the deal with [TS]

  scratches and everything else but [TS]

  specifically you know the I don't know [TS]

  if you notice this you have at least one [TS]

  jet black review model right i have i'm [TS]

  a jet-black review model and my the 1i [TS]

  bought is the park is jet black yeah the [TS]

  the thing that that we were noticing it [TS]

  and I'm or is that the unlike pretty [TS]

  much every other model of iphone 7 [TS]

  there's a little bit of a of a perfect [TS]

  like a prudent for the sim card if you [TS]

  put your finger on the on the side with [TS]

  jet black iphone you've got a little bit [TS]

  of a bump there where if whereas if you [TS]

  do that on anything like on another [TS]

  iphone 7 like on a mat iphone 7 you [TS]

  don't really feel that so much [TS]

  and I I have to think that there are [TS]

  little bits little things like that with [TS]

  the with the anodization especially [TS]

  because of the way they do this in the [TS]

  the double n is the decision process [TS]

  with you know I i'm going to get it [TS]

  wrong if i try and describe it in detail [TS]

  so I'm just going to avoid it but I mean [TS]

  there's there's a lot of technology that [TS]

  goes into making this phone [TS]

  look the way it does which is honestly [TS]

  the kind of magical in terms of like how [TS]

  ridiculous it ends up looking if I don't [TS]

  indifferent all princess and the pea [TS]

  mode i would i would claim and I think I [TS]

  could I could do this blindfolded I that [TS]

  my review unit iphone 7 in jet black the [TS]

  sim card pretty prudence is almost [TS]

  indistinguishable and on this one that I [TS]

  but now owned it is noticeable not like [TS]

  not like i am complaining about it not [TS]

  it's not [TS]

  yeah but it is slightly different from [TS]

  yeah and I imagine all of them are [TS]

  slightly different like on my review [TS]

  iphone 7 it is much more noticeable than [TS]

  on my 7 + m and there's def a definite [TS]

  cut out so you happy that you order [TS]

  jet-black for yourself [TS]

  oh yeah without a question I I was a [TS]

  little nervous about it initially [TS]

  because I really wasn't sure how badly [TS]

  it would scratch up and whether or not [TS]

  the the material finish would be enough [TS]

  that i would feel comfortable keeping it [TS]

  caseless especially with the seven plus [TS]

  being as massive as it is but I have you [TS]

  know I've been rocking the review unit [TS]

  in the case because I generally try not [TS]

  to destroy apples materials and then [TS]

  where is really better than the ones i [TS]

  own and I don't either . viewers don't [TS]

  think they're that was reputed yeah the [TS]

  only thing i've done to the the poor [TS]

  review unit is made it film underwater a [TS]

  bunch of times and it seems to be okay [TS]

  good good good phone but um I my 7 plus [TS]

  i got in jet black no regrets i love [TS]

  love the tactile finish i've got [TS]

  probably don't know I'm like the thing [TS]

  is I've got it i know i've got a ton of [TS]

  scratches on this thing but unless i'm [TS]

  looking at indirect light i really can't [TS]

  see them that [TS]

  is the the beauty and the curse of the [TS]

  jet black finish is that in in sunlight [TS]

  or indirect light you can see every [TS]

  single scratch and like Ramona and cry [TS]

  and like have it hurt your heart up but [TS]

  in every other lighting and just by [TS]

  holding it in your hand you can't you [TS]

  can't feel the scratches on the casing [TS]

  on you can't really notice them and even [TS]

  in direct sunlight it just it it looks [TS]

  again it ages it is starting to age well [TS]

  as opposed to just looking like i could [TS]

  have seen a version of this maybe not an [TS]

  apple phone that had a sort of this kind [TS]

  of aluminum metallization where the [TS]

  second you get a scratch you can start [TS]

  to see like the aluminum under the black [TS]

  casing and it starts feeling really [TS]

  weird and just not not ending up being a [TS]

  good experience but I'm I'm pretty [TS]

  impressed in how they have ended up [TS]

  doing that was the problem that people [TS]

  had with space black on the the iphone 5 [TS]

  0 it was just scratches and we're going [TS]

  to college but yeah I think so it was [TS]

  either you won't you might have just [TS]

  been black it might have been before the [TS]

  era of space blank whatever it was I [TS]

  liked it but it when it did scratch or [TS]

  flake especially around that beveled [TS]

  edge it did show like the puerile you [TS]

  know the more aluminum naturally [TS]

  aluminium color underneath [TS]

  mhm and I do feel like they've gone back [TS]

  to these dark colors because they've got [TS]

  it down now where it the anodization [TS]

  layers like deep enough that like even [TS]

  if you get a scratch the scratches still [TS]

  the same color as the is that the the [TS]

  you know the regular yeah virgin device [TS]

  you know [TS]

  yeah i remember and an apple [TS]

  spokesperson talking to me about having [TS]

  the anodization doing a double coat of [TS]

  anodization and having one of them seep [TS]

  into the pores of the aluminum which I [TS]

  that may or may not be an actual [TS]

  description of like how that process [TS]

  actually works but I i can definitely [TS]

  believe that idea and we did I will say [TS]

  it r.i.p Renee's review unit because he [TS]

  did drop it a couple of times into into [TS]

  water at semi high velocities and [TS]

  there's a there's a little bit of a [TS]

  shift corner on one of the phones [TS]

  and that one the the very visible chip [TS]

  does have a lighter aluminum look to it [TS]

  than the rest than the just normal [TS]

  run-of-the-mill scratches but I think [TS]

  that's to be expected if you like if you [TS]

  physically like smash a corner of your [TS]

  phone into into pavements you're [TS]

  probably not going to retain that that [TS]

  beautiful finish my screen didn't break [TS]

  so it is a finish you mean is it's not [TS]

  magic it's not like they know you know [TS]

  well I don't maybe there's something [TS]

  maybe they could make that aluminum but [TS]

  it's it is a Finnish not just like that [TS]

  the metal itself is that color [TS]

  yeah i'm connor percent convinced i've [TS]

  made the right call for me personally it [TS]

  took me a long time now even when i [TS]

  recorded a week ago with jim i was i [TS]

  still have that was up on the fence [TS]

  along language the right mode but now [TS]

  i'm convinced and I really don't even [TS]

  care what it looks like after a year [TS]

  even if it's all scratched up the feel [TS]

  alone is it is enough for me because [TS]

  i've always been i mean it's starting [TS]

  with the five even 55 s6 success so for [TS]

  four generations [TS]

  I've always been a little unhappy with [TS]

  the slipperiness of the aluminum back [TS]

  and it was particularly bad with the [TS]

  iphone 6 and anecdotally broken backed [TS]

  up by the fact that the iphone 6 was the [TS]

  one and only iphone I've ever cracked [TS]

  screen on [TS]

  yep and i remember last year with the [TS]

  success asking [TS]

  when it when i got the review and had [TS]

  the briefing i said this feels more [TS]

  tactile to me you know did you guys [TS]

  change something or is it just that my [TS]

  old my personal old iphone has warned [TS]

  you know and they denied it they said oh [TS]

  that's interesting you know that it's [TS]

  like for your way that when apple [TS]

  doesn't want to talk about something [TS]

  they won't do not they won't say no they [TS]

  won't say you're crazy they'll say it's [TS]

  interesting you would say so no I don't [TS]

  think but I think that were willing to [TS]

  disclose right and i just think that [TS]

  they didn't want to say that the old one [TS]

  was slippery so they didn't wear the new [TS]

  one is less slippery but it clearly was [TS]

  to me and it seems like everybody I know [TS]

  who's had both backs it up but the [TS]

  difference with jet-black is just night [TS]

  and day it's it's oh yeah it's just not [TS]

  slippery at all and that to me is like [TS]

  it it just feels so much better coming [TS]

  in and out of my pocket i find so much [TS]

  more certain that i'm not going to fat [TS]

  finger the phone then it's worth it [TS]

  somebody posted a picture on Twitter the [TS]

  other day showing their old either very [TS]

  original or like first or second year I [TS]

  ipod even though I'm yeah I forget who [TS]

  posted the picture but the back of the [TS]

  ipod was a very shiny polished mirror [TS]

  aluminum and it they all got scratched [TS]

  to hell [TS]

  oh yeah and the original case right that [TS]

  it you know nobody complete you know [TS]

  we've we've got to the point now where [TS]

  we're and you know if your personality [TS]

  type is the such that you the idea of [TS]

  these quote-unquote micro-operations [TS]

  bothers you it seems to me that's very [TS]

  clearly half of the reason why they have [TS]

  regular black in addition to jet black i [TS]

  think the other half being the [TS]

  aforementioned production problems with [TS]

  jet-black but it's you know if you're [TS]

  bothered by spy the idea of a easily [TS]

  micro of abrasion to finish don't get it [TS]

  you know [TS]

  yeah but I'm no one is forcing you to to [TS]

  get the jet black iphone but if you if [TS]

  you don't care so much about resale [TS]

  value and I think that is a big concern [TS]

  for folks especially overseas as you [TS]

  know I'm gonna get this phone but I'm [TS]

  gonna keep it in pristine condition for [TS]

  a year and then able to resell it and [TS]

  what's the Apple upgrade program i think [TS]

  I floats out to more countries and more [TS]

  are you know more areas that will become [TS]

  less of an issue maybe possibly although [TS]

  I mean it's still you're talking about [TS]

  reselling into the grey market which is [TS]

  a whole different question but that's [TS]

  that's the only reason why I could think [TS]

  to to avoid the jet black or to get the [TS]

  jet black and then immediately put in [TS]

  the into a case because you can you know [TS]

  my my review unit my iphone 7 jet-black [TS]

  has basically been a Senate case since [TS]

  the day I got it the day after i got it [TS]

  and it it has maybe maybe one or two [TS]

  scratches on the back and then the one [TS]

  the one night that I kept it out of its [TS]

  case to do some some photo test it and [TS]

  this is this is my own my own damn fault [TS]

  i had also gotten a brand-new nylon band [TS]

  and I had taken it out of its you know [TS]

  out of the the packaging from the apple [TS]

  store and I'd put the nylon band in my [TS]

  pocket and I put the iphone 7 in my [TS]

  pocket and the nylon bands buckle rubbed [TS]

  up against the front upper corner have [TS]

  to pour iphone 7 so it has this now very [TS]

  very smooth din set of scratches from [TS]

  that nylon band behold just kind of [TS]

  etching its way in there and it doesn't [TS]

  again you can't you cannot tell that [TS]

  it's scratched at all unless you catch [TS]

  the light mints and then if it's like a [TS]

  circle of circle of doom here otherwise [TS]

  you know it looks fine i do feel that [TS]

  the term micro abrasion it's slightly [TS]

  euphemistic but I feel like it's [TS]

  warranted because for me the definition [TS]

  between a scratch and a micro operation [TS]

  is these micro operations and this is [TS]

  all I've seen on both of the ones I have [TS]

  here are exactly like you said you have [TS]

  to catch the light at the right angle [TS]

  and look for them and then you can see [TS]

  them but you can't feel them with your [TS]

  hand and you can't even feel them with [TS]

  like your fingernail and to me and [TS]

  scratches something that you can you can [TS]

  see it in regular light and/or will add [TS]

  something that you can feel with your [TS]

  skin or your fingernail [TS]

  mhm there's a I gotta scratching on my [TS]

  iphone 6s plus on the screen that is [TS]

  very noticeable that's like a fingernail [TS]

  take a scratch and I you know this i [TS]

  I've put the seven plus since i got it [TS]

  through some fairly hefty like [TS]

  it was out on the beach doing some [TS]

  photography for my upcoming Apple watch [TS]

  review on and I i managed to walk away [TS]

  from this thing not only being near the [TS]

  beach but also being dipped in the water [TS]

  and like swim swim around with sand [TS]

  particles and dust particles and [TS]

  everything else and it came out of it [TS]

  pretty much per scene so I really think [TS]

  that although the yield rate may be low [TS]

  on the jet black it's probably for a [TS]

  good reason and I I kind of feel for [TS]

  Apple shipping department and their and [TS]

  their production lines because I'm sure [TS]

  having the yield rate below is a pain in [TS]

  the ass for for their profit margins and [TS]

  everything else but it's resulting and I [TS]

  hopefully a much better overall product [TS]

  for people when they finally get them [TS]

  into their hands [TS]

  yeah i and I've said this before and i [TS]

  will probably say it again all year long [TS]

  I actually feel bad for regular black [TS]

  because i love it i love the regular [TS]

  precious i almost got it [TS]

  I wish that they'd come out with a year [TS]

  ago so that I would have had a year [TS]

  where I gotta use the regular black [TS]

  because i like it so much more than [TS]

  space Gray's sort of a my dark and my [TS]

  light and she's really little stronger [TS]

  I really feel bad that at this new [TS]

  finish that i absolutely love that i [TS]

  didn't i'm not gonna actually own here's [TS]

  my hope is that they bring the exact [TS]

  same flat black aluminum finish to the [TS]

  macbook pro yes I would love that and I [TS]

  do lie i really like the the flat black [TS]

  aluminum I thought that was the phone [TS]

  that i was going to get until I touched [TS]

  the jet black and I think yield rate and [TS]

  cost aside even if the was exact same [TS]

  yield rate and cost for Apple I think [TS]

  jet-black would be wrong for the macbook [TS]

  pro I feel like you year you know like [TS]

  okay so there's fingerprints that you [TS]

  know that you can wipe off on this but [TS]

  the fingerprints are always pointed away [TS]

  from me right [TS]

  if you know in the back of the phone [TS]

  whereas like on the palm rest on your [TS]

  macbook it would I think it would be I [TS]

  think would be really ugly [TS]

  well so you remember though I I'm i [TS]

  think about Apple's history with black [TS]

  laptops and I think about the wall [TS]

  street and I think about the black [TS]

  macbook and although I mean I can't have [TS]

  they ever really made a glossy computer [TS]

  aside from the ibooks outer shell know [TS]

  it [TS]

  don't think so i just think its glossy [TS]

  is just wrong for a macbook yeah it just [TS]

  doesn't feel right so that's what my [TS]

  hope is they bring that that that same [TS]

  black to the macbook pros and i'll get [TS]

  to own it [TS]

  yeah oh sure thats i would i would buy a [TS]

  new black mac laptop in a heartbeat [TS]

  yeah i would buy what I'm so superficial [TS]

  private island even if it didn't have [TS]

  any but if it was like whoa going on [TS]

  actually the same this is a two-year-old [TS]

  intel cpu it's black rights mine let me [TS]

  thank our third and final sponsor i [TS]

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  so go check them out automatic calm / [TS]

  the talk show [TS]

  you've been doing a lot of stuff with [TS]

  the cameras you and Renee with the [TS]

  iphone and I saw last night it was last [TS]

  night but it was certainly over the [TS]

  weekend where you were doing like [TS]

  product review photography of Apple [TS]

  watch and had what did you say it was [TS]

  like you is it a glider what was it that [TS]

  you were talking about [TS]

  oh yeah so I'm a slider slider so yeah [TS]

  with a and actually I didn't even know [TS]

  this was the professional term for it [TS]

  until you're filming with the michael [TS]

  fisher I who used to work for pocket [TS]

  someone and now works on his own YouTube [TS]

  channel and he brought these big giant [TS]

  slider rigs to put his camera on which [TS]

  are basically exactly what they sound [TS]

  like where you put your camera on a on a [TS]

  big like horizontal thing and then you [TS]

  move your camera all along the slider [TS]

  real wall year while you're filming and [TS]

  it grew and it makes for those like [TS]

  beautiful nice pans that you see in [TS]

  product in product videos or like this [TS]

  the slow zooms the you know basically [TS]

  it's like it's like a tiny steadicam [TS]

  break for the for the ground for a table [TS]

  and I don't have any of that equipment [TS]

  because I i do some i some geography but [TS]

  i'm not you know I i generally am only [TS]

  doing videos for your specific for [TS]

  specific events and and I think it was [TS]

  last year when we started experimenting [TS]

  with the idea of could we shoot a review [TS]

  video on a phone i did a the iphone [TS]

  success review entirely on my iphone as [TS]

  a as a fun like just as a throwback [TS]

  after Renee did his official review and [TS]

  in order to shoot like those beautiful [TS]

  like pretty device shots and like well I [TS]

  can't shoot this even with my i have [TS]

  like a couple of different pseudo steady [TS]

  camera rigs for the phone and even with [TS]

  those rigs I can't shoot a nice slow pan [TS]

  without it looking jittery and in too [TS]

  much for final cut to fix and so while I [TS]

  was filming this stuff I had kind of an [TS]

  epiphany last year and I'm like wait a [TS]

  second what if I shoot in slo-mo so ice [TS]

  I i flipped over to the slow mo slider [TS]

  and I made sure it was I think it's like [TS]

  1 120 frames per second 1080p and and [TS]

  then just shot the same the same pan but [TS]

  shot in slo-mo with my rig and when you [TS]

  play it back in slow motion [TS]

  it looks almost identical to using those [TS]

  sliders i have just done it I've put a [TS]

  link to your tweet with it which has the [TS]

  video in the show notes and people can [TS]

  go i was blown away [TS]

  I honestly I just not part of it is that [TS]

  I'm like I'm an idiot and I still run a [TS]

  website that like it's 2001 and you know [TS]

  there are no videos this is but probably [TS]

  the best I i feel like i wanted i I it [TS]

  made me realize that like I wouldn't use [TS]

  it I wouldn't have a reason to do it for [TS]

  that you know like a product review shot [TS]

  of Apple watch but I realized looking at [TS]

  that that I'm vastly under using slow [TS]

  motion video in . just for like my [TS]

  personal use [TS]

  it's it's like it hasn't really gotten [TS]

  into my head that I have an amazing [TS]

  slow-motion camera and that it it can [TS]

  make all sorts of things interesting [TS]

  like i tend to only think of the most [TS]

  obvious thing like catching my kid a tad [TS]

  like the be jumping off a rock into the [TS]

  ocean well shoot that in slo-mo that'll [TS]

  look cool you know but that's like the [TS]

  most obvious that's like the first thing [TS]

  everybody think so that's your [TS]

  traditional slo-mo shot right you get [TS]

  you can get like like four just shooting [TS]

  like a panorama or something like that i [TS]

  think it smooths out the motion in a [TS]

  amazing way it is not believable to me [TS]

  that you should that this video in your [TS]

  tweet was shot with phone i know with an [TS]

  hour without like I'm some kind of [TS]

  complicated tracking rigged with a [TS]

  slider whatever they call it it really [TS]

  is amazing that and on top of that that [TS]

  particular shot that was shot freehand [TS]

  that wasn't even shot with like Oh with [TS]

  stabilizer rig or anything that was just [TS]

  shot with my hands [TS]

  yeah thanks to iterate that doesn't make [TS]

  any sense to me I mean it's amazing [TS]

  yeah it's it's a really really great [TS]

  shot [TS]

  thank you i have really been having a [TS]

  ton of fun with these cameras not only [TS]

  with the seven plus and portrait mode [TS]

  and all that stuff but even with video i [TS]

  think one of the things that people are [TS]

  kind [TS]

  discounting is that the iphone 7 with [TS]

  optical image stabilization becomes [TS]

  pretty great for low-light photography [TS]

  but becomes amazing for video all of a [TS]

  sudden like that the iphone 7 is now a [TS]

  camera that I feel as comfortable [TS]

  shooting with as i did with the with my [TS]

  success plus which prior to that the 6s [TS]

  plus was the only thing i would use to [TS]

  film anything with because it just it it [TS]

  looked too shaky and it didn't it didn't [TS]

  have the same you know the the right [TS]

  temperature and color tone that I wanted [TS]

  because the the 0 is just you know there [TS]

  wasn't there at all i had was digital [TS]

  image stabilization and now that the [TS]

  seven has that that's a huge step up for [TS]

  anybody who wants to shoot video and [TS]

  then you combine that with the with the [TS]

  f-18 aperture on the wide angle lens and [TS]

  it means that you can shoot video in [TS]

  lower light situations it means that [TS]

  you're slow mo in lower light situations [TS]

  is going to look better and that's even [TS]

  that's even a almost a bigger deal is a [TS]

  240 unfortunately their 240 frames per [TS]

  second slow motion is still limited to [TS]

  720p which is kind of a bummer I was [TS]

  kind of hoping that they would bump up [TS]

  maybe maybe we'd c4k slow-motion this [TS]

  year but it's you know there's only so [TS]

  much only so much you can do with a with [TS]

  a tiny tiny sensors [TS]

  well I think for case a big jump I just [TS]

  getting it getting the 240 frames per [TS]

  second a 1080 would be well exactly [TS]

  exactly i was hoping that we saw [TS]

  everything move up slightly one so maybe [TS]

  we got 4k at like 60 frames per second [TS]

  right and then we got a we still have [TS]

  1080 at 120 and maybe 1088 240 would [TS]

  have been really nice to see but even so [TS]

  you can do 720 720 p at 240 frames per [TS]

  second now and in a dark room that used [TS]

  to be a non-starter [TS]

  it was just you know i would try and [TS]

  film i used to do roller derby tests all [TS]

  the time for personal emotion and the [TS]

  240 frames per second option just was [TS]

  just know it wouldn't work in the dark [TS]

  in any kind of like indoor practice [TS]

  space and now it's a legitimate option [TS]

  it's still not great because 720p but [TS]

  you can actually you can use it without [TS]

  feeling like it's the worst thing that [TS]

  you've ever done in your life with a [TS]

  camera [TS]

  I I mean that's not exactly high praise [TS]

  but it's there there's some definite [TS]

  advances that come with both both Oh is [TS]

  on the seven but also that that larger [TS]

  aperture on on both the 727 applause and [TS]

  the zoom feature did you link to austin [TS]

  man's yes adventure in Rwanda if you [TS]

  watch that video I that they shot that [TS]

  entire video on 7th loss which is kind [TS]

  of amazing 222 sort of imagine on but it [TS]

  on top of that they did several times [TS]

  during during the shoot they had video [TS]

  where they actually sort of jumped on [TS]

  that not even a rack focus but like jump [TS]

  jumped from the friends from the 1x lens [TS]

  to the to excellence and there's a [TS]

  little bit of software stutter in [TS]

  between the two but overall it's it's a [TS]

  really cool way to to snap onto a [TS]

  subject and something that I wouldn't be [TS]

  surprised if we saw that got used more [TS]

  often in photography [TS]

  yeah it's a it is it [TS]

  well I've tried not to talk about [TS]

  because i'm not going to use a public [TS]

  place first if this isn't it hurts my [TS]

  heart to talk about but you don't want [TS]

  to talk about portrait mode and all I [TS]

  know I you know got to be a big boy from [TS]

  that you know use the small phone I've [TS]

  gotta go to face up to it on now but it [TS]

  does it is one of those things where I [TS]

  thought out but this doesn't even work [TS]

  you know midway through a video but it [TS]

  does and it's it is pretty cool i do [TS]

  think I think optic is sometimes with [TS]

  camera stuff it's like when you get all [TS]

  nerdy and start listing these the [TS]

  technical specs you know everybody knows [TS]

  megapixels [TS]

  I think it's finally gotten through to [TS]

  almost everybody that megapixels is not [TS]

  a simple the bigger the number the [TS]

  better wanted versus quality and it's [TS]

  it's it you know there's the factors [TS]

  like noise because you have more of [TS]

  these you know the more light you know [TS]

  having fewer pixels but having the [TS]

  pixels on the sensor be bigger so that [TS]

  heat soak up more light is actually way [TS]

  better than having more pixels and [TS]

  you'll even if you'd even if your goal [TS]

  is to blow the picture up real big your [TS]

  you get a better image on optical image [TS]

  stabilization is one of those things [TS]

  where it just you know it everybody can [TS]

  kind of figure out what it means it's [TS]

  you know it's a very clear term and you [TS]

  know like the illustration that Apple [TS]

  uses where they showed that the little [TS]

  and sort of bouncing on a you know [TS]

  little suspended thing you get it but [TS]

  the practical effects of it are so [TS]

  dramatic [TS]

  especially for video because I gotta [TS]

  still photography you don't really you [TS]

  may not know that optical image [TS]

  stabilization help because it just means [TS]

  you can get us a clearer picture with [TS]

  less light but you may not realize you [TS]

  don't have to realize that it is but [TS]

  with video it really is a very clear [TS]

  difference in in typical just consumer [TS]

  what you know fashion like you're at a [TS]

  the the soccer game for your kid and [TS]

  you're just you know holding the phone [TS]

  out in front of you and panning it or if [TS]

  you're walking and especially walking [TS]

  write and the just the baby even if you [TS]

  try to keep it stable the the motion [TS]

  that you get without optical image [TS]

  stabilization when you shoot video is [TS]

  really distracting [TS]

  visually it just looks unprofessional [TS]

  and the difference with OIS is so [TS]

  dramatic it's not like oh and it really [TS]

  improves it a little bit it really does [TS]

  make it look like you've got a Steadicam [TS]

  uh-huh like me and I the world's best [TS]

  steadicam operator but it does look like [TS]

  your phone is you know somehow floating [TS]

  through the air [TS]

  it's really remarkable both in the am [TS]

  the shots that we did for the iphone 7 [TS]

  review and also the shots that I was [TS]

  having Rick help me with for the Apple [TS]

  watch review there are a couple of shots [TS]

  were again he's freehanding walking [TS]

  backwards on a bike path while i'm [TS]

  talking directly and I get that I take [TS]

  the initial video of that and put it [TS]

  into final cut pro and I'm like I'm [TS]

  going to to click the stabilization [TS]

  button and then I actually watched the [TS]

  video and I'm like this doesn't even [TS]

  need stable [TS]

  that's ridiculous that's not fair her [TS]

  like this that we've come so far and [TS]

  especially I remember the the first time [TS]

  I got to play with a phone that had 0 is [TS]

  which is was the six plus i believe was [TS]

  the first one shooting video on the six [TS]

  plus specifically with the with Derby [TS]

  and shooting video while being on roller [TS]

  skates and shooting somebody on roller [TS]

  skates [TS]

  despite the little tiny bumps that [TS]

  happen when you're rolling [TS]

  unpaved an inner or badly paid and [TS]

  concrete it looked like I was basically [TS]

  running a seven hundred dollar rig and I [TS]

  remember the you know the two years [TS]

  before that when i actually had a [TS]

  Steadicam break for the iphone for that [TS]

  I had I had gotten from from steadicam [TS]

  from as a refuge unit when they were [TS]

  trying to market steadicam thanks for [TS]

  for the iphone and thinking this this [TS]

  iphone this iphone 6s or 6 plus shoots [TS]

  better more stable video then the you [TS]

  know $200 steadicam break that i was [TS]

  playing around with all those years ago [TS]

  that's crazy being a dedicated 4.7 inch [TS]

  iphone user and not not liking the [TS]

  plus-size it bothered me a lot more last [TS]

  year when the plus gato is for video [TS]

  than it did in the previous year where [TS]

  the plus did have optical image [TS]

  stabilization but only for stills amor [TS]

  ya weigh less because I've you know shot [TS]

  enough low light stuff you know amateur [TS]

  style in my life where I know the tricks [TS]

  like resting the camera on a table or [TS]

  something so that I'm not just my hand [TS]

  you know in low-light like ways to you [TS]

  know keep the camera is still as [TS]

  possible to to do that i'm not saying [TS]

  like my little resting the camera on [TS]

  something to hold it stable is as good [TS]

  as is but i felt like i could compensate [TS]

  for stills but for video there's no [TS]

  there is no there's no way to to [TS]

  simulate it it's a cast and fantastic [TS]

  feature and it i see people posting and [TS]

  I see people just posting just you know [TS]

  typical not really thinking about it [TS]

  I've got my camera i'm just going to [TS]

  quick shoot a video of this weird thing [TS]

  I just saw on this you know there's a [TS]

  weird thing i saw on the sidewalk the [TS]

  video looks so much better stabilized [TS]

  mhm and well and on top of that and you [TS]

  think about how I phones have been used [TS]

  to cover news breaking events things [TS]

  like that [TS]

  yeah you know for someone to be able to [TS]

  pull out a phone at a rally or you know [TS]

  God forbid watching somebody get hurt by [TS]

  a another member of society and be able [TS]

  to film that and have that that footage [TS]

  is now broadcast quality its 4k that's [TS]

  that's pretty impressive the two biggest [TS]

  differences i think it [TS]

  as consumer cameras have gotten to be so [TS]

  good at high def video the two biggest [TS]

  differences between like professional [TS]

  footage and amateur footage [TS]

  stabilization and focal length you know [TS]

  the lenses and that's still where the [TS]

  plus has the advantage where people [TS]

  somebody if somebody shooting like [TS]

  breaking news event but it can't get [TS]

  close for whatever reason they can [TS]

  switch to 2x mode and get a dramatically [TS]

  different picture but when they do that [TS]

  you don't think he there is no o is on [TS]

  the 2x mode right now there's no is on [TS]

  the telephoto so it's a it's much [TS]

  Shakespeare both and you know in still [TS]

  photo and video but it is pretty [TS]

  remarkable like you know I've been [TS]

  playing around a lot with the zoom and [TS]

  digital zoom is still digital zoom it's [TS]

  not gonna you know blow the doors down [TS]

  anything when you start shooting at five [TS]

  or 10 x but the fact remains that you [TS]

  can now shoot at five and 10 x8 both in [TS]

  still photography still photographs and [TS]

  video and even though the video again [TS]

  you're going to have fuzzy video and [TS]

  like very fuzzy video at 10x but you're [TS]

  going to have the ability to focus on [TS]

  that like tiny thing that you're zoomed [TS]

  into whereas if you were just shooting [TS]

  at like one x and then try to blow it up [TS]

  artificially later you were going to get [TS]

  a much fuzzy picture and being able to [TS]

  shoot at ten act like I i thought this [TS]

  was going to be complete garbage and I [TS]

  was never going to use it and I'm still [TS]

  you know it's still not great but for [TS]

  things like we were just talking about [TS]

  for things like news broadcasts are [TS]

  breaking you know important things you [TS]

  can get a legible picture at 10x it's [TS]

  not going to be a great picture it's not [TS]

  gonna be a picture that i really want to [TS]

  put on the news but it is a legible [TS]

  picture you can see what's happening [TS]

  yeah it's it's a impressive difference [TS]

  you know in the same way that before we [TS]

  had the second lens that you could shoot [TS]

  at 2x and you knew it was digital but [TS]

  you know I brought you know you couldn't [TS]

  get it exactly because i didn't show you [TS]

  exactly but you know you know when you [TS]

  pinch that you're you're not really [TS]

  pushing your luck with digital zoom too [TS]

  much you know it could get closer to [TS]

  something and it was usable but now by [TS]

  starting with that telephoto lens it's [TS]

  it's really amazing [TS]

  yeah it is i should i guess i should [TS]

  clarify on video you can only go up to [TS]

  6x but its equivalent to the [TS]

  framing of tennis masters videos pushed [TS]

  in react cropped sensor century yeah so [TS]

  portrait mode portrait mode [TS]

  this is the part this is the part where [TS]

  I'm gonna start crying if it well youyou [TS]

  got to play with it this weekend right [TS]

  you're playing it on your review unit i [TS]

  did I put it on friday or thursday i [TS]

  think it was last Thursday I did is I [TS]

  your flickr photos [TS]

  Jonas yeah and some of them turned out [TS]

  great and it's sort of a no-lose [TS]

  situation I'd by default because it [TS]

  shoots it is that all it should you know [TS]

  by default you get both and so if it [TS]

  does something undesirable it with your [TS]

  image by blurring something that she [TS]

  probably should have been blurred or [TS]

  putting like sometimes your heads look [TS]

  like there's a halo around them it does [TS]

  the edge detection on hair sometimes [TS]

  imperfect the worst-case scenarios you [TS]

  just delete the one with the depth [TS]

  effect and you've still got the no [TS]

  nothing fancy was applied this is just [TS]

  the image shot with the the camera [TS]

  picture and it also the fact that it [TS]

  does both really does make it fun to [TS]

  compare if you want to nerd out and try [TS]

  to figure out how that they're doing [TS]

  this [TS]

  yep and you're like oh which is which is [TS]

  blurred and how much is blurred and it [TS]

  was interesting because i did a [TS]

  time-tested this that my first thought [TS]

  is music became live is that the beta [TS]

  was the developer beta was I think live [TS]

  on Thursday there is your wednesday [TS]

  because that public beta was live on [TS]

  Thursday and so when I downloaded it my [TS]

  first thought was well you know Apple [TS]

  keeps joking that it's going to compete [TS]

  against it or that it looks you know at [TS]

  small-scale least indistinguishable from [TS]

  a DSLR so I'm like well let me just take [TS]

  my entry level DSLR and shoot comparison [TS]

  photos so I shot the same like 12 photos [TS]

  side-by-side one with a canon rebel xti [TS]

  with a 40-millimeter 2.8 portrait lens [TS]

  and one with portrait mode on the seven [TS]

  plus and you know it's not getting its [TS]

  still a DSLR and it still has a much [TS]

  better sensor and a much better you know [TS]

  I ad- in a full-frame it's a crop frame [TS]

  right camera but you know for comparing [TS]

  a eight-hundred-dollar camera too [TS]

  nine hundred dollar smartphone the seven [TS]

  plus takes photos that are in fifty to [TS]

  sixty percent of cases on on this beta [TS]

  this number [TS]

  you know betta number one not even [TS]

  really available for public consumption [TS]

  outside of the public beta program it [TS]

  takes photos that are up to a certain [TS]

  point comparable to the DSLR which is [TS]

  that that is a little bit mind-blowing [TS]

  it's like I've taken great photos on an [TS]

  iphone before and great photos that I've [TS]

  preferred to a photo that my cannon shot [TS]

  but the but 22 not necessarily show up [TS]

  the cannon and a 40-millimeter portrait [TS]

  but to play in the same ballpark is that [TS]

  to like go into a major league baseball [TS]

  game and be like no I'm not going to bat [TS]

  400 but I'm still gonna hit some pitches [TS]

  and I'm gonna maybe like get a double or [TS]

  triple every now and again like from a [TS]

  cell phone camera that that blows my [TS]

  mind [TS]

  it's a very Phil Schiller feature [TS]

  because i know that Phil is a serious [TS]

  amateur photography enthusiasts and he [TS]

  really described it so fairly onstage [TS]

  because he emphasized he went over [TS]

  backwards to emphasize that in no way [TS]

  shape or form does this feature on the [TS]

  iphone pose any threat to digital SLR as [TS]

  the terms of a genuine image quality [TS]

  yeah it right it's not going to replace [TS]

  your DSLR but some of the shots that you [TS]

  get with this are in this is it like [TS]

  here too for uncharted territory between [TS]

  what you get with these little tiny [TS]

  lenses and sensors on phones and what [TS]

  you can get with an SLR like it isn't [TS]

  side-by-side the image quality is you [TS]

  know not going to do the fake boca isn't [TS]

  going to compare to the real shallow [TS]

  depth of field of a nice camera but when [TS]

  you just look at the image it is on when [TS]

  it works it's so much better than the [TS]

  image you were going to get without this [TS]

  effect [TS]

  oh yeah and it's when it and when it [TS]

  works well it's it's incredible it's one [TS]

  of those things where you i hate i hate [TS]

  this phrase but it's still relevant it's [TS]

  the whole best cameras the camera that [TS]

  you have with you idea and it's like the [TS]

  t4i is a wonderful [TS]

  camera and I definitely like I bring it [TS]

  along when i'm going to things where I [TS]

  want semi-professional photos like [TS]

  weddings or vacations things where I [TS]

  really want to have beautiful memories [TS]

  and I want like to be able to shoot some [TS]

  artsy photography and with the iphone 7 [TS]

  plus like things I wouldn't bring it [TS]

  along to or are like events like I went [TS]

  to yesterday where Rick and I went to [TS]

  like a corn maze and like picked out [TS]

  pumpkins and I'm like I'm not gonna [TS]

  bring a fancy camera to shoot pumpkins [TS]

  on because you know it's that I don't [TS]

  know it's not it's not 2006 this is not [TS]

  this is not my life anymore but I shot a [TS]

  whole bunch of stuff on the seven plus [TS]

  and looking through those photos I'm [TS]

  like these are not again these are not [TS]

  photos that are going to beat the t4i if [TS]

  I had brought the t4i along but I'm not [TS]

  regularly carrying my rebel my rebel [TS]

  doesn't fit into my back pocket and for [TS]

  me to be able to get photos that are [TS]

  like 75% the quality of the rebel and [TS]

  photos that i would feel comfortable [TS]

  even because they were in good light [TS]

  blowing up 22 like a picture frame or [TS]

  something like that like that's that's [TS]

  pretty fantastic that's not that's a [TS]

  really wonderful step forward for mobile [TS]

  photography the threshold for do I want [TS]

  this heavy camera on a strap around my [TS]

  neck all afternoon is getting higher and [TS]

  higher Mars getting raised for just how [TS]

  much I care about the pictures to do it [TS]

  yes exactly how many years of these [TS]

  pictures going to be in in rotation and [TS]

  you know have how big a size am i going [TS]

  to eventually want to blow them up [TS]

  I am so curious as to how long it's [TS]

  going to take for this dual camera [TS]

  system to trickle down to the smaller [TS]

  size like is I I'd you know is next year [TS]

  too soon it might be because it's you [TS]

  know like optical image stabilization [TS]

  took 22 years [TS]

  yeah a little of course when it when it [TS]

  came it came for both image and video [TS]

  you know that is true so it's like less [TS]

  than two years behind it's like you know [TS]

  it it caught up to where they were last [TS]

  year [TS]

  yeah I I think it's really going to [TS]

  depend on [TS]

  how the form factor changes if at all in [TS]

  the next iPhone because you know they're [TS]

  there of course rumors of the idea of [TS]

  getting rid of the top and the bottom of [TS]

  the bezel and making the iphone a little [TS]

  bit smaller [TS]

  you know squat wise and while that would [TS]

  be awesome from a holding a plus model [TS]

  perspective it does mean that you're [TS]

  taking away usable space for things like [TS]

  sensors and battery and stuff along [TS]

  those lines so I get it thats that is [TS]

  gonna be a big question if they change [TS]

  the form factor are they still going to [TS]

  have enough space to to add the double [TS]

  lens camera on the seven and if they do [TS]

  are they going to have enough space to [TS]

  to add stabilization to the second lens [TS]

  on the plus because i think that's [TS]

  that's the no-brainer next step feature [TS]

  work putting any bigger the the seventh [TS]

  the telephoto sensor also has a smaller [TS]

  sensor than the the wide-angle lens and [TS]

  that's that's also something that's like [TS]

  damaging the photos a little bit not [TS]

  only time i think that one though is a [TS]

  factor of like if you do the sideways [TS]

  drawing of the lens optics it's yeah [TS]

  it's impossible idea i think it's [TS]

  actually impossible unless they made the [TS]

  bump stick out further that they're sort [TS]

  of like a macbook the sensor size is [TS]

  determined by ok if we make the lens [TS]

  this is how big the lens will be [TS]

  circumference this is how thick the lens [TS]

  you know how far out we're going to [TS]

  allow it to protrude on the bond then [TS]

  you just draw these lines and then that [TS]

  defines how big the sensor is so I think [TS]

  that I the consternation that people had [TS]

  about the sensor size of the telephoto [TS]

  thing was misplaced because there's [TS]

  there's nothing that can be done about [TS]

  that [TS]

  yeah it's it's physics there's anybody [TS]

  with a wider if they put a wider angle [TS]

  lens like a fish islands you can get an [TS]

  even bigger sensor because it would you [TS]

  know [TS]

  mhm but because of the objects right [TS]

  yeah absolutely [TS]

  oh is that would be a huge one why do [TS]

  you think why do you think that portrait [TS]

  mode is in beta [TS]

  I on it's better than I thought I [TS]

  thought it was going to be like crashy [TS]

  not it seems to me like the only [TS]

  problems it has is that it's still [TS]

  sometimes you know buzzes out the side [TS]

  of your head or something like that [TS]

  yes data it i mean suit [TS]

  here's by my curiosity and my question [TS]

  is I wonder if they're using [TS]

  differential privacy and in the beta [TS]

  together like anonymous information [TS]

  about these photos to faithful two [TS]

  better figure out I don't know how they [TS]

  would have a little because I didn't [TS]

  happen to anything privacy well now he [TS]

  didn't it seems like it's all just right [TS]

  there you just had to opt in to say I [TS]

  agree that this is a beta [TS]

  yeah but i'm not sure if that's in the [TS]

  baby like that because that's the thing [TS]

  i would think is that you use it as a [TS]

  beta so that you can have people you can [TS]

  not only have data to figure out how to [TS]

  make your your detection better but you [TS]

  can also have people give feedback and [TS]

  say like you know this picture is great [TS]

  except that blurred out half of my hair [TS]

  and and this picture of an object is [TS]

  great except you know half of the object [TS]

  is out of focus and granted you know [TS]

  object object detection is not [TS]

  officially supported in any way shape or [TS]

  form if you go by the official apple [TS]

  line [TS]

  the only thing you should use portrait [TS]

  mode for is portraits but of course [TS]

  people like taking closeup pictures of [TS]

  their pets and objects and things like I [TS]

  saw a great photo of a pair of boots [TS]

  today I'm that can go anywhere account [TS]

  as well yeah and it's a it is a perfect [TS]

  example of a photo where I wouldn't want [TS]

  it i'm not i'm not enough of a photo [TS]

  nerd and it without zooming in just [TS]

  looking at it at the natural size if you [TS]

  wanted two Pepsi challenge me like okay [TS]

  was the shot with portrait motor was [TS]

  shot with a two-thousand-dollar canon [TS]

  SLR and a 50-millimeter prime lines i [TS]

  would not want to answer the question [TS]

  because I now I I can't tell you can [TS]

  only really tell blowing it up to full [TS]

  screen resolution on my 5k imac right [TS]

  and that's sort of sort of one of the [TS]

  reasons that I think that this feature [TS]

  is going to be so popular and it's so [TS]

  useful is that so much of the time we [TS]

  spend looking at [TS]

  spend looking at [TS]

  at photos is on iphones or you know [TS]

  other phone sized screens and the [TS]

  difference between the fake depth effect [TS]

  and the real optical depth effect of the [TS]

  better camera it's it's way harder than [TS]

  smaller you make the picture of the [TS]

  harder it is to tell the difference [TS]

  absolutely and they're doing apple is [TS]

  doing a really smart thing here in terms [TS]

  of the levels of detection they're using [TS]

  the the depth map that they're making [TS]

  where I feel like android there have [TS]

  been android phones that have attempted [TS]

  to do a feature like this right now [TS]

  before and I'm actually our friend [TS]

  friend of I more and our Canadian editor [TS]

  Daniel Bader did a comparison between [TS]

  the honor 8 camera and and the iphone [TS]

  which because they both have dual lens [TS]

  systems and I'm fake bouquet kind of [TS]

  effect on but the difference [TS]

  the main difference is that not only is [TS]

  Apple using this is a in a in a pseudo [TS]

  telephoto portrait style lens but [TS]

  there-there blurring the blurs are our [TS]

  soft when it works well the blurs are [TS]

  soft gradual and intentional so that in [TS]

  the very far back of the picture you've [TS]

  got it sort of Max gaussian blur but if [TS]

  you get to like the second death [TS]

  select the the leaves like I'm looking [TS]

  at one of the the corn pictures that I [TS]

  did the leaves right behind my head or [TS]

  only slightly blurred when you compare [TS]

  that to the blur at the very back of the [TS]

  corn field which is much more blurred [TS]

  and almost to the effect it almost to [TS]

  the extent where you get kind of the [TS]

  quote-unquote bouquet style light [TS]

  aberrations whereas stuff like the honor [TS]

  eight just does a flat blur and doesn't [TS]

  really try and make a super depth map of [TS]

  it or maybe it tries to make a depth map [TS]

  but it just fails utterly and just ends [TS]

  up just doing a mass like here's here is [TS]

  the subject cut out of the picture and [TS]

  then here is just straight gaussian blur [TS]

  and that's that was my fear when [TS]

  portrait mode launched is that it was [TS]

  when it launched when it was announced [TS]

  was that it was going to just be that [TS]

  where it's just going to be straight [TS]

  gaussian blur and then subject cut out [TS]

  and they've really done something much [TS]

  more refined with ice [TS]

  I guessed very wrong about how it's [TS]

  going to work my initial guess coming [TS]

  out a day one of the apple event [TS]

  so what they said was my guess was what [TS]

  they were going to do is use the two [TS]

  cameras to create the depth map and use [TS]

  that to set focus . this focus . on the [TS]

  the telephoto lens which would take the [TS]

  main image but that they would then take [TS]

  a second image with the wide angle arm [TS]

  it yet with a wide-angle camera but a [TS]

  focal length of like one inch so that [TS]

  would blur everything everything would [TS]

  be blurry and then they would crop that [TS]

  you know something like that we consider [TS]

  that you'd get actual optical blur from [TS]

  the world but that's not how they're [TS]

  doing it all that is not now and it [TS]

  might be in the future I don't know but [TS]

  it's this it the reason I my mind went [TS]

  that way is I thought it would look [TS]

  better but this looks so much just looks [TS]

  so much better than I thought it would [TS]

  based on the fact that it's all in [TS]

  software promised us you know all with [TS]

  all the imagery coming from the one lens [TS]

  oh yeah there's I mean some of these [TS]

  images i look at and and like this the [TS]

  isp was able to give this to me in under [TS]

  a second like this didn't take them 5 [TS]

  minutes of rendering to know to put [TS]

  everything and it's you know they're [TS]

  doing it live I mean it's so fast that [TS]

  it the preview is live but i do feel i [TS]

  wonder if that is one of the reasons [TS]

  they're calling it betta because the [TS]

  frame rate on the live preview it's [TS]

  important no I'm complaining about this [TS]

  thing that a couple years ago would have [TS]

  taken like 30 seconds to render in [TS]

  Photoshop you know you have like a [TS]

  progress bar showing you know classes [TS]

  and now i'm getting it as a live preview [TS]

  and i'm complaining about how slow it is [TS]

  because the framerate looks to me like [TS]

  it's somewhere in the twenties it's it [TS]

  yeah under 30 frames per second [TS]

  yeah it's tough i would say looking [TS]

  looking at it side to side it's probably [TS]

  20 words but maybe it's not even it's [TS]

  not static know maybe it varies given [TS]

  the complexity of the of the picture and [TS]

  it definitely seen it stutter when it's [TS]

  trying to figure out more complex depth [TS]

  maps even in in times when the actual [TS]

  picture ends up coming out really well [TS]

  like a picture of pumpkins i took the [TS]

  original depth map that it was [TS]

  previewing for me had like half of the [TS]

  pumpkins blurred [TS]

  and I've and I've learned kind of to [TS]

  trust that the isp knows what it's doing [TS]

  and even if the preview is incorrect [TS]

  it's probably gonna look better [TS]

  it really must have killed the product [TS]

  team that this didn't wasn't able to [TS]

  ship in the first version just because [TS]

  all all of our initial reviews didn't do [TS]

  all we ever be included yeah all we [TS]

  could mention about portrait mode is [TS]

  that you know this is a feature that's [TS]

  coming in at software update my hands [TS]

  it is super compelling and my better [TS]

  better to get it right than to ship it [TS]

  early and have it be not great right and [TS]

  it's like it's not bad right now it's [TS]

  it's very promising for 4 beta 1 but I [TS]

  am glad that they're starting it as a [TS]

  beta rather than shipping it unfinished [TS]

  or shipping it kind of with a half [TS]

  hazard edge detection [TS]

  I just don't know how they're gathering [TS]

  data to fix it wallets in the beta i [TS]

  don't know either and I have definitely [TS]

  noticed and i don't know how much this [TS]

  is factoring into the beta description [TS]

  like you said it definitely wants you to [TS]

  take a picture of a person because it's [TS]

  hit it you know it's doing this facial [TS]

  recognition to get the focus . a [TS]

  definite and when I've tried to use it [TS]

  to shoot an inanimate objects [TS]

  the results are it's harder it it often [TS]

  refuses to even engage depth mode and [TS]

  I'm even when it does it's it's almost [TS]

  sometimes all messed up in terms of and [TS]

  it's just a blur have you manually have [TS]

  used the manual focus . by tapping the [TS]

  screen [TS]

  yeah yeah but it doesn't that's it [TS]

  doesn't work it's sometimes it doesn't [TS]

  help it doesn't suffer some reason it [TS]

  alittle focus on that . it does it's not [TS]

  that it doesn't focus but it isn't able [TS]

  to do the depth map to do that yet to do [TS]

  the blower properly for their you know I [TS]

  probably most people most people [TS]

  listening either don't have already have [TS]

  a 7 plus in their hands and even if they [TS]

  do they may not be foolish enough to be [TS]

  running a developer bit on so by the [TS]

  time most people listen to this they you [TS]

  know they want to use it first and the [TS]

  thing is it's it's very much like the [TS]

  HDR indicator so when you're you know [TS]

  before you even snap the photo if you [TS]

  have HDR on it'll it'll the HDR [TS]

  indicator turns bright yellow so you [TS]

  know you're getting an HDR is on like if [TS]

  you have [TS]

  you're set to auto so when you have when [TS]

  you're shooting in portrait mode you [TS]

  know whether it sees where that's going [TS]

  to shoot with the motor not because it [TS]

  actually turns yellow with a yellow [TS]

  background and says depth effect and if [TS]

  it does if you don't see that you're not [TS]

  going to get you're definitely not going [TS]

  to get the depth effect so you don't [TS]

  even have to judge it based on the the [TS]

  live preview to see if you see the fuzzy [TS]

  background or whatever if you don't see [TS]

  that yellow indicator of depth effect it [TS]

  doesn't it's it's confused by what it's [TS]

  what's in the frame and hasn't yet done [TS]

  it and with inanimate objects it [TS]

  definitely can take a lot longer than [TS]

  with humans humorously with humans you [TS]

  really can just sort of put in that mode [TS]

  frame it shoot and trust that it's going [TS]

  to use depth effect [TS]

  yeah it's not too bad with pets it works [TS]

  pretty quickly I my question my question [TS]

  was because of that that the big [TS]

  similarities you know I eyes and a [TS]

  Roundhead does it does it seem to do [TS]

  better with pets then say in a bottles [TS]

  or shoes yeah oh yeah it has it has a [TS]

  lot of problems with anything that's my [TS]

  reflective iso iphones it doesn't have a [TS]

  huge success rate with right now [TS]

  especially chip black I phones or I [TS]

  tried to take a picture of a whiskey [TS]

  bottle that I put in my DSLR comparison [TS]

  and it was like half blur and half bit [TS]

  whiskey bottle and then the label was [TS]

  blurred out so it has problems with [TS]

  writing and it has problems with [TS]

  reflection that pets seem to it it seems [TS]

  to treat pets pretty well I've gotten [TS]

  some really really spectacular pictures [TS]

  of my dogs with them with this mode [TS]

  engaged and even i was taking pictures [TS]

  today out on a walk with that with one [TS]

  of the dogs so this was motion portrait [TS]

  mode and even even like wall my dog was [TS]

  moving it managed to get a pretty good [TS]

  pretty good picture I've only granted [TS]

  I've only looked at it at on the like [TS]

  preview and photos so i could go back [TS]

  and look at it now and it could be awful [TS]

  but to my to my recollection of actually [TS]

  looks pretty great [TS]

  yeah I shot a a whiskey bottle actually [TS]

  for friend cause it was somebody was [TS]

  looking for a recommendation and [TS]

  and I it came out amazing i think i'll [TS]

  send it to you now open to the right [TS]

  person [TS]

  nope that's my dad hello Anna [TS]

  now it but it was definitely but it [TS]

  definitely took some time to with the [TS]

  playing with manual focus to to get the [TS]

  depth effect indicator to come on [TS]

  yeah a date you have to take a little [TS]

  while and then even when the depth [TS]

  effect indicator comes on it may not [TS]

  always work on they I feel like with [TS]

  objects and with non non human subjects [TS]

  there's one of two things that happens [TS]

  it's either it blurs out too much stuff [TS]

  and it goes you know too much into the [TS]

  into the actual object or it creates [TS]

  this very fine cut around the around the [TS]

  subject and if you zoom in you can see [TS]

  like the media like I'm a millimeter [TS]

  half a millimeter of fuzz of the of the [TS]

  pre blurred background but when you're [TS]

  looking at it you know and just on it an [TS]

  iphone screen you can't really tell ya I [TS]

  also in this this whiskey bottle shot [TS]

  that i sent it is one more example of it [TS]

  to me wear it it seems to me like and [TS]

  again maybe I'm and I'm getting a [TS]

  placebo effect here because I'm seeing [TS]

  what I want to see but I i think so far [TS]

  and this is something I've only noticed [TS]

  after i wrote my initial review but it [TS]

  seems to me like the noise you get from [TS]

  the iphone 7 cameras is a more pleasant [TS]

  noise especially on the telephone oh [TS]

  yeah and they're this whiskey bottle [TS]

  shot i sent you to me and it's sort of [TS]

  it i used to have this camera here from [TS]

  years ago / used it so much that it [TS]

  actually i use it until it wore out and [TS]

  like it [TS]

  it broke like the digital camera just it [TS]

  it just doesn't work right anyone's ever [TS]

  called a Rico is from rico is a ricoh gr [TS]

  d [TS]

  enrico is sort of an obscure everybody [TS]

  knows he's like a photocopier can pick [TS]

  company they don't have a big presence [TS]

  in north america and when i bought the [TS]

  ricoh gr di think it was like two [TS]

  thousand six or so it was like a [TS]

  point-and-shoot with a fixed 28 [TS]

  millimeter f1 . o f 1.8 lens or maybe [TS]

  it's a two-point lines but a very very [TS]

  fast lens for especially for 2005-2006 [TS]

  pointe shoes yeah and i had a bite on [TS]

  the gray market because they didn't [TS]

  actually sell it in north america but it [TS]

  was my was probably one of my favorite [TS]

  probably my very favorite camera camera [TS]

  that I've ever done in my life in fact I [TS]

  wouldn't hesitate as it's just accept [TS]

  camera it [TS]

  I've take I took more great photos with [TS]

  that camera because it was small but one [TS]

  of the things rico and it made me buy it [TS]

  was a Treecko had this reputation that [TS]

  their digital image processing created [TS]

  more film like noise right noises in [TS]

  with small digital cameras noises [TS]

  inevitable there's no way to get around [TS]

  it that's it the combination of this [TS]

  size of the sensor and the size of the [TS]

  lens you're gonna have noise but that it [TS]

  some of the shots shot over the years [TS]

  with Arika really to me look like vivid [TS]

  film prints but like you know iso 400 or [TS]

  ISO 800 film prints where you know there [TS]

  is no there's definite film grain and [TS]

  but it's just pleasant to look at [TS]

  I think the iphone 7 cameras to have [TS]

  that sort of effect that it they've and [TS]

  I think it's to their credit where maybe [TS]

  I think in if you wanted to knock the [TS]

  iphone 6 and 6s cameras that maybe they [TS]

  went too far trying to reduce noise you [TS]

  know and that the noise reduction that [TS]

  the bad effects of noise reduction we're [TS]

  a little bit too visible they try and [TS]

  smooth it a lot and that's something I [TS]

  mean I see that i'm sending you a couple [TS]

  pictures trading after a couple of [TS]

  lowlight pictures especially and i'm [TS]

  still seeing that sort of smoothing [TS]

  process happening on the wide angle lens [TS]

  and on sort of brighter brighter facial [TS]

  tones when you're shooting indoors but [TS]

  that these Dark Shadows I think that [TS]

  iphone 7 and 7 plus cameras are doing so [TS]

  much better on whereas prior you kind of [TS]

  got just either like a flat like very [TS]

  very very gated blur on on people's [TS]

  faces just it's I can't describe the [TS]

  smoothing exactly but it it feels very [TS]

  digital it feels very Tatton not tacky [TS]

  isn't a bad thing but tackies and woman [TS]

  almost sticky almost yeah there's [TS]

  nowhere to picture you sent me of rick [TS]

  is a great example i get nobody's going [TS]

  to call this your best picture of brick [TS]

  but now is it but it fits doesn't it has [TS]

  a character to it that you just never [TS]

  would have thought came from a phone [TS]

  camera exactly they this thing off to [TS]

  blur on that is beautiful and you end up [TS]

  with ya and I'm looking at the noise [TS]

  it's in your eye is that your kitchen I [TS]

  don't know but there's yeah that's my [TS]

  kitchen it's obviously at night and [TS]

  there's dark shadows underneath the [TS]

  cabinets and there's no did not really [TS]

  noise underneath them [TS]

  it's really more effective yeah it's a [TS]

  lie i'm really looking forward to [TS]

  especially one of the sort of downsides [TS]

  to the telephoto lens is of course [TS]