The Incomparable

253: Ignoring the Movie Completely


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  jun 2015 [TS]

  welcome back everybody to the [TS]

  incomparable podcast I'm your host Jason [TS]

  li convene this edition of our old movie [TS]

  club Movie Club thank you I'd like to [TS]

  welcome all of our panelists that was [TS]

  Steve lot i see [TS]

  hello sugar David laura is out there as [TS]

  well [TS]

  David hello hey you're fine man system [TS]

  Monty Ashley welcome that's you're a [TS]

  good man sister he repeated you you lug [TS]

  it i corrected [TS]

  good morning out there hello damn don't [TS]

  crowd me Jason Erica and sign hello [TS]

  hello I'm just looking forward to you [TS]

  Birds crack and foxy [TS]

  hey a first-time visitor longtime [TS]

  listener the other internet so dr. drag [TS]

  is here hello [TS]

  I don't mind telling you Jason I'm a man [TS]

  who likes talking to a man who watch [TS]

  though and the ringleader of the old [TS]

  movie club because he is increasingly [TS]

  old in years but always old and spirit [TS]

  it's phillip Michaels hello hard-bitten [TS]

  dialogue it's all in the delivery room [TS]

  yes so he'll tell us what we watched [TS]

  explain to me what we watched acquainted [TS]

  with years as you as you may have [TS]

  guessed from from the the peanut gallery [TS]

  we watched a lot of dashiell hammett [TS]

  movies tonight or specifically movies [TS]

  based on the work of Dashiell Hammett [TS]

  and even more specifically still we [TS]

  watched The Maltese Falcon the 1949-50 [TS]

  one [TS]

  Thank You 1941 version i would have got [TS]

  me wrong and we also watched the Thin [TS]

  Man 1934 1934 is the thin man both based [TS]

  on dashiell hammett books as previously [TS]

  indicated alright so the dashiell [TS]

  hammett is our is our connecting factor [TS]

  yes he a mystery writer of some repute [TS]

  and [TS]

  a a couple of movies that i enjoy 11 [TS]

  more than the other and probably one [TS]

  more than a lot of people in this room [TS]

  right now enjoy it to give away the [TS]

  ending where should we start [TS]

  Oh dealers choice what do you what do [TS]

  you say I'll i will I like to end on a [TS]

  positive note [TS]

  ok let's start the maltese falcon damn [TS]

  well my god podcast is over i have aged [TS]

  well Jason the maltese falcon is a great [TS]

  movie appreciated by filmgoers me [TS]

  concerning a little bit sophisticated [TS]

  for something if the club [TS]

  it's the story of Sam Spade as played by [TS]

  humphrey bogart he is a detective in San [TS]

  Francisco his partner is Miles Archer [TS]

  apparently the worst detective in the [TS]

  world as weak as we find out early on in [TS]

  the movie seconds after we meet him [TS]

  yes anyhow a dame stumbles into Sam [TS]

  spades office with with a story that we [TS]

  we quickly everyone in the noses is a [TS]

  false story her sister is in town [TS]

  there's a man with they're trying to [TS]

  trying to kidnapper and won't Sam Spade [TS]

  a go and try and get the girl back but [TS]

  miles Archer sticks his big stupid nose [TS]

  into it and and says hey I'll do it and [TS]

  for his troubles miles Archer gets shot [TS]

  also the man he was tailing get shot so [TS]

  the police figure either up Sam Spade [TS]

  killed killed the man who killed a miles [TS]

  archer who is a gentleman called Floyd [TS]

  Thursby or since Sam Spade apparently [TS]

  had an affair with Miles arches wife [TS]

  maybe he killed miles Archer to and so [TS]

  Sam decides that the only way that he's [TS]

  going to get the police off his back is [TS]

  to solve the crime himself so he he he [TS]

  gets in good with the girl whose name is [TS]

  Bridget O'Shaughnessy and discoveries [TS]

  that what she really is in town for is [TS]

  for an object called The Maltese Falcon [TS]

  Anton and there are a bunch of other a [TS]

  crooked characters in for it as well [TS]

  there is Peter Lorre who plays a [TS]

  gentleman named Jill Cairo who is a [TS]

  wonderful wonderful [TS]

  cinematic character and i will be [TS]

  student made it i read in the newspaper [TS]

  is there some unfortunate connection [TS]

  between the man therapy and you're the [TS]

  partner ended Peter Lorre delivers every [TS]

  line like that he is that this is the [TS]

  most this is maximum Peter Lorre a [TS]

  second Peter Lorre is Lori laurent yeah [TS]

  so he is Joel Cairo he is looking for [TS]

  the Maltese Falcon and Sydney [TS]

  Greenstreet who i think has over the [TS]

  years surpassed Joel Cairo is my [TS]

  favorite character in this movie he [TS]

  plays he plays a character delightfully [TS]

  named Casper gutman like aka the fat man [TS]

  in his film debut [TS]

  yes this is the first movie that that [TS]

  Sydney Greenstreet ever made known as [TS]

  the fat man is mat Porkins seemed like a [TS]

  good idea for uh and he is sort of like [TS]

  the the guy who wants the maltese falcon [TS]

  the most he has a he has a güncel in [TS]

  his employ named Wilmer played by old [TS]

  movie club favorite elections jr. yeah [TS]

  class is adding a punching bag Elijah [TS]

  could to this is what started him on [TS]

  that path [TS]

  no one ever saw him as anything other [TS]

  than you're going to die horribly it's [TS]

  something that is only role getting beat [TS]

  up by Booker T the right yeah that they [TS]

  sleep too [TS]

  yeah here's this is literally the steve [TS]

  buscemi of his day [TS]

  you look kinda you have these kinda [TS]

  crazy eyes and we're just going to [TS]

  humiliate and you're probably wind up [TS]

  dead by the end of the movie or at least [TS]

  beat up the menu see him you know [TS]

  terrible things are going to happen and [TS]

  Elijah called junior and there's nothing [TS]

  good has ever happened is what I'm used [TS]

  to the idea and he's careless with [TS]

  matches [TS]

  so there are many twists and turns and [TS]

  and betrayals and eventually the The [TS]

  Maltese Falcon does wind up in Sam [TS]

  spades hands they have the classic [TS]

  dashiell hammett mystery movie moment [TS]

  where all the crooks are gathered in the [TS]

  room and and the how the crimes went [TS]

  down as explained and eventually what [TS]

  happens is that a lot Elijah cook jr. is [TS]

  is properly arrested for the murder of [TS]

  of Floyd Thursby the cops also grab Joel [TS]

  Cairo and and Kasper Gutman and it turns [TS]

  out the bridge O'Shaughnessy was the one [TS]

  who gunned down miles archer who shot [TS]

  gasps and she's counting on Humphrey [TS]

  Bogart who was falling in love with her [TS]

  to you know let this one slide but he [TS]

  won't do it he has the this is if you're [TS]

  familiar with movie dialogue this is the [TS]

  i won't play the SAP for you and she is [TS]

  sent away to prison and that's the end [TS]

  of movie and that's the quickest plot [TS]

  summary I've ever done that means [TS]

  yeah especially considering him now I'd [TS]

  like to go back to the beginning yes [TS]

  yeah so we were onto the one minute then [TS]

  without the next hour will be spent Phil [TS]

  explaining every detail of the Thin Man [TS]

  plot [TS]

  oh no no no I it occurred to me as I was [TS]

  watching The Thin Man that the maltese [TS]

  falcon is one of the rare i don't know [TS]

  that it i wouldn't call this a film noir [TS]

  but it's one of the rare new Irish [TS]

  movies where the plot is actually [TS]

  comprehensible and and they actually I i [TS]

  find maybe it's because I've seen it so [TS]

  many times but it took a lot of pausing [TS]

  and rewinding form it's it's really [TS]

  important it's not that important but i [TS]

  think these bars think the plot is is [TS]

  usually so byzantine and yet so I for me [TS]

  anyway so not really part of why I would [TS]

  enjoy the film [TS]

  it's more of just it's something to hang [TS]

  the characters very limited window [TS]

  dressing [TS]

  here's why these people are hanging out [TS]

  together yeah I MacGuffin and but I i [TS]

  think that having seen this movie [TS]

  yo dozens of times yeah fair to say i [TS]

  I'm able to to to follow the plot lines [TS]

  and and it takes like five six few hints [TS]

  before finally begins to oh that's [TS]

  that's why they're going to burlingame [TS]

  got it so it I i mean i-i i enjoyed I [TS]

  think it's a I think it's a good story [TS]

  and I i like the Humphrey book our [TS]

  character a lot I some may disagree and [TS]

  I open the floor to them this is my [TS]

  second time watching The Maltese Falcon [TS]

  and actually the first time [TS]

  I really didn't think very much of it [TS]

  was kind of like Matt's it's fine and I [TS]

  liked it much better this time and I [TS]

  don't know how much of that has to do [TS]

  with understanding the plot better and [TS]

  how much has to do with any other random [TS]

  factor that could be going on but yeah [TS]

  these movies kind of dosey doe a little [TS]

  bit kind of the first times I'd watch [TS]

  them be right back gotta go watch The [TS]

  Maltese Falcon again so this is sassy [TS]

  Jason tonight [TS]

  yeah i think the reason I like it is not [TS]

  necessarily the plot i think it's the [TS]

  collection of characters I i do like the [TS]

  the the guy I've spoken of my admiration [TS]

  for for Joel Cairo and Kasper Gutman I [TS]

  think even Elijah cook jr. does a good [TS]

  job with his with his hapless gunman and [TS]

  and they throw in a bunch of other just [TS]

  minor characters who in other movies he [TS]

  wouldn't think much about but they [TS]

  they're the third there's the lieutenant [TS]

  who wants to corral Sam Spade hates him [TS]

  so much [TS]

  yes well you can understand that i just [TS]

  made if you're guilty and I wouldn't [TS]

  blame you [TS]

  you'll get most of the brakes for me if [TS]

  you had a guy like that in your town [TS]

  you'd really want to arrest him for [TS]

  something wouldn't yeah and we get [TS]

  adjusted applause for a cameo by john [TS]

  huston's father Walter Huston as the man [TS]

  who died his immediately financer in [TS]

  Sam's baby it's all he gets to say two [TS]

  words and then he dies because he's been [TS]

  shot full of lead he's the captain of [TS]

  the boat that brought the maltese falcon [TS]

  to San Francisco apparently Jack Warner [TS]

  wouldn't let him do it unless he [TS]

  promised he wouldn't ask a penny for the [TS]

  role then he could stumble into the room [TS]

  and died apparently he also kept [TS]

  screwing it up on purpose to screw with [TS]

  your son and i think that was just-- [TS]

  that we mentioned this was a Sydney [TS]

  Greenstreet source movie i think this [TS]

  was john huston's it was mercy [TS]

  electorial that movie i believe his [TS]

  lines upon entering the office are you [TS]

  know Falcon yeah she did he die if your [TS]

  PKA mr. Falcon we got the the other copy [TS]

  the good cop to the police lieutenants [TS]

  bad cop is played by work bond who [TS]

  appears in every movie ever made notable [TS]

  dialogue huh haha [TS]

  maybe the classic final line of the [TS]

  movie everybody remembers it [TS]

  young people John is the reason why they [TS]

  had to switch to send with CinemaScope [TS]

  it consumes the entire screen at full [TS]

  frame know he they there if i did that [TS]

  list of 100 greatest movies a few years [TS]

  ago and he's an eight of them is a [TS]

  memorable in any of them [TS]

  hmm some of the the John Wayne once he [TS]

  sees member yeah in faerie his score [TS]

  gets run up because he has like he's in [TS]

  five minutes of Gone with the Wind it's [TS]

  the best five minutes of the movie [TS]

  it depicts the I was excited to to see [TS]

  you state your own calendar on count [TS]

  because Miracle on thirty-fourth Street [TS]

  was like hey there's no he's dead [TS]

  there's your cries for her too though [TS]

  because in the second movie mr. Sawyer [TS]

  from Miracle on thirty-fourth street [TS]

  price the lawyer and cousin Eustace also [TS]

  shows up in that briefly from from it's [TS]

  a wonderful life is the best five [TS]

  minutes have gone with the wind that [TS]

  tracking shot of all the dead bodies [TS]

  ok second-best five months haha you're [TS]

  listening to the thirty-fourth Street [TS]

  Venn diagram always know these for me [TS]

  these old movies are the in my joint of [TS]

  them is based on how many of the people [TS]

  I recognized from christmas music scene [TS]

  equipment is pretty much all the old [TS]

  movies of this era that I've ever seen [TS]

  so I get very excited when cousin used [TS]

  his pops up drop it [TS]

  well who doesn't I am in full agreement [TS]

  with Phil I think this is a great movie [TS]

  it's one of my favorites [TS]

  mostly for the degree to which the [TS]

  character actors get to just walk [TS]

  onstage and be Sydney Greenstreet as [TS]

  hard as they can ya take their time [TS]

  they're all Sydney Greenstreet like all [TS]

  five of them well you can tell how [TS]

  iconic Pierre Lori's character is when [TS]

  you consider that he also provided the [TS]

  voice and catch phrase of ren the [TS]

  asthmatic chihuahua like this is the [TS]

  movie in which he yells you bloated [TS]

  eediot yeah you stupid fat head [TS]

  yeah everything is he always does he [TS]

  always talk like this [TS]

  that's his voice sex with boys have [TS]

  always heard him you know imitated in [TS]

  that fashion but i didn't know if that [TS]

  was something putting on for this film [TS]

  or if that was now because you see when [TS]

  casa blocker and mr. moto films and in [TS]

  some other films [TS]

  he's a little his little more subtle [TS]

  and in this and certainly in Casablanca [TS]

  it is exaggerated to such a degree [TS]

  because it has to be sketchy and and by [TS]

  the time by the time he reached in the [TS]

  nineteen sixties and he's in films like [TS]

  silk stockings it is just full-on hey [TS]

  and Peter Louie it's like Bob Dylan was [TS]

  inspired by him or that doing as Peter [TS]

  Lorre is that imitation right before he [TS]

  did american movies he would heated [TS]

  musical comedies in Germany like on the [TS]

  stage [TS]

  he also he also did this is a movie [TS]

  that's sitting around on my DVR that I [TS]

  haven't gotten around to watching it but [TS]

  he's also in the amma where he gets all [TS]

  replace a child killer [TS]

  yes I want to look into worries if i [TS]

  count from that's not creepy doesn't [TS]

  talk a lot interesting but just have one [TS]

  really good speech my favourite bit from [TS]

  him in this movie is the scene where he [TS]

  you know pulls the gun on Humphrey [TS]

  Bogart ask some Yost and the middle room [TS]

  interlace your hands when you search [TS]

  your offices and after the whole to do [TS]

  after you know how bar knocks him out [TS]

  and search him takes all the stuff that [TS]

  gets come back immediately [TS]

  that's the same thing and yeah I love it [TS]

  was good [TS]

  why did you risk injury to yourself yeah [TS]

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  great for sponsoring being comfortable [TS]

  so i will agree that i like the the [TS]

  character actors here I like the [TS]

  characters i like the way they act all [TS]

  goes together with character actors you [TS]

  sure the film overall didn't do a whole [TS]

  lot for me [TS]

  interesting why well variety of reasons [TS]

  you can find your sister nylons i think [TS]

  i think i will do miraculous yeah [TS]

  alright well from the very start we are [TS]

  told that miss wonderly as a knockout [TS]

  and I don't agree this is how the mary [TS]

  astor cat uh Mary Astor who's a to miss [TS]

  wonderly is the the pseudonym she gives [TS]

  first of three the internets miss [TS]

  wonderly she's actually doesn't do much [TS]

  for me no margin O'Shaughnessy know [TS]

  she's the worst thing about this movie [TS]

  that if there's yes to me one flaw in [TS]

  the movies mary astor is terrible in it [TS]

  and is not a femme fatale and is not a [TS]

  nacho she does some world-class [TS]

  fidgeting at least one scene oh so you [TS]

  know give her their spade as a character [TS]

  I just don't like him he's a smarmy ass [TS]

  and I don't really want to root for him [TS]

  interested in home and I'm agreeing with [TS]

  Stephen extent almost home almost every [TS]

  nor has the the lead you know to be a [TS]

  bit unlikable but there's usually [TS]

  something to help overcome it and and in [TS]

  this particular film he's so OneNote [TS]

  first first two things that happen with [TS]

  that we really get to know Sam Spade [TS]

  first off it is a his his partner in [TS]

  this detective agency has been shot to [TS]

  death he calls he has to break the news [TS]

  so he calls his secretary and says that [TS]

  he shot dead [TS]

  don't get excited excited and keep the [TS]

  wife away from me keep her away i love [TS]

  that all fri before I have to talk to [TS]

  her that's really nice and then and the [TS]

  next thing he does is say can we scrape [TS]

  his name off the windows and put my name [TS]

  up there [TS]

  yeah it's not he is not dead 24 hours [TS]

  and they are [TS]

  my notes read Sam's also kind of allowed [TS]

  after the answer you're currently [TS]

  writing miles quite allowed [TS]

  he also takes every opportunity to take [TS]

  people's money literally taking in some [TS]

  Kentucky goes to bridges apartment like [TS]

  give me all of your money now you can [TS]

  walk your jewelry or something i don't [TS]

  care but then he gives it back to her [TS]

  thats that's a ploy to to see how [TS]

  desperate she really is for his help and [TS]

  whether she's trying to play them or not [TS]

  because she hands him the way he makes [TS]

  her hand him the whole $500 then he [TS]

  hands her back what looks like about [TS]

  half of it [TS]

  yeah if you really want to dislike him [TS]

  look at his smile is he's punching Joel [TS]

  Cairo [TS]

  oh yeah he's nearly like punching this [TS]

  guy who smells like gardenias you the [TS]

  line when you're slapped you'll take it [TS]

  and like it I mean please [TS]

  and then you know that the the day new [TS]

  mom where we're supposed to feel that [TS]

  Sam has painted about having to send [TS]

  O'Shaughnessy up the river doesn't work [TS]

  at all because their look their [TS]

  so-called love seem so utterly contrived [TS]

  all along i think again that's a fault [TS]

  of mary astor not to be too much blame [TS]

  us for whatever reason it didn't work at [TS]

  all I i blame both of them [TS]

  yeah thanks that's entirely possible to [TS]

  well and it's some of that is a movie i [TS]

  think some of that has to do with the [TS]

  the time the movie made in a time like [TS]

  your kind of expected like to have these [TS]

  leads have some sort of like to have a [TS]

  father fell in love at first sight which [TS]

  doesn't really make any sense in this [TS]

  movie soon a roster from the beginning I [TS]

  tried to tell myself back so I watch a [TS]

  lot of movies from this era but there [TS]

  was just maybe it was just because there [TS]

  was no chemistry there but I or maybe it [TS]

  was because he was such a jerk all the [TS]

  way through [TS]

  I couldn't bring myself to believe that [TS]

  he had actually fallen in love with her [TS]

  I thought he was just playing her this [TS]

  whole time and then we get to this last [TS]

  scene and and I think that's why I [TS]

  didn't like the movie the first time I [TS]

  had seen it because because I i just [TS]

  didn't buy it all the way through the [TS]

  second time I knew he was supposed to be [TS]

  in love with her so I was at least able [TS]

  to ignore that part of the plot and [TS]

  enjoy the character actors but that at i [TS]

  still think that the two leads are the [TS]

  biggest weak spots for me in this film [TS]

  they have zero chemistry that is that is [TS]

  for certain what else can I pay you with [TS]

  I i do I i do want to defend Humphrey [TS]

  Bogart a little bit here and and the [TS]

  character of Sam Spade I think he's [TS]

  supposed to be kind of unlikable [TS]

  oh yeah mission accomplished g here i [TS]

  mean this is this is this is my camera [TS]

  all over again [TS]

  where it's just see the thing with the [TS]

  thing with my camera film that we [TS]

  watched is he's so over-the-top hamming [TS]

  it up as he's being an ass that he [TS]

  didn't seem like a legitimate asked me [TS]

  in that movie is just like you can [TS]

  really take him seriously whereas [TS]

  because bogard is good you really get [TS]

  the impression that this is an awful [TS]

  person you're watching my camera is a [TS]

  caricature of an ass Sam Spade is an ass [TS]

  right when going back to the books I [TS]

  mean my camera is is that next [TS]

  generation after Sam Spade and Philip [TS]

  Marlowe and all that so he's kind of [TS]

  inspired by that and and he's kind of a [TS]

  jerk in the books and and spade is very [TS]

  much a jerk in the books as MPs oh yeah [TS]

  he's more likable as bogert then he is [TS]

  just longer a job in there in the book [TS]

  out he is not a very pleasant person and [TS]

  an dashiell hammett doesn't make any [TS]

  pretense that he's supposed to be plus [TS]

  yeah it in the book there's a bigger [TS]

  deal i think made out of the fact that [TS]

  the only reason he's doing any of this [TS]

  is because he feels he's supposed to [TS]

  because his partner got killed right [TS]

  which I like because it's the whole [TS]

  thing with like miles was kind of a jerk [TS]

  I mean like the whole thing that we [TS]

  learned about him you know people like [TS]

  was the cop say to him in the first few [TS]

  miles and his fault same as anyone I [TS]

  guess I must have had his goodbyes to I [TS]

  guess so [TS]

  yes no no no one says a kind word about [TS]

  miles at any point that's mostly it was [TS]

  good and Miracle on thirty-fourth Street [TS]

  anyone else think it was super can be in [TS]

  his wife already had like a morning get [TS]

  up the next day like I just added weight [TS]

  me just in case I had a good feeling [TS]

  about this [TS]

  I ended up and really disappointed that [TS]

  the that Sam's hubris never really [TS]

  caught up with him as his secretary had [TS]

  suggested it might at the goal line [TS]

  I think that's a very legitimate [TS]

  criticism of the movie and maybe that's [TS]

  just because that's how things usually [TS]

  go in these films that you know that [TS]

  with the the jerk character gets his [TS]

  comeuppance in some way but if if [TS]

  there's a criticism I think of of Bogart [TS]

  from from my perspective it's that he's [TS]

  still on top of things and and that [TS]

  he'ii never really has that moment of a [TS]

  panic like oh god all these plates are [TS]

  going to topple down on top of me that [TS]

  I'm well other than when he gets knocked [TS]

  up [TS]

  he's like a ferris bueller you want a [TS]

  passo Ferris Bueller he's a man of base [TS]

  judgment and many resources [TS]

  yeah i mean he [TS]

  he throws his little fit inside of [TS]

  governments sweet but that's better now [TS]

  he's got that big smirk on his face yeah [TS]

  it's all in one over on him yes want to [TS]

  slug him come on i wouldn't recommend it [TS]

  i I'm I'm shocked at the at the at the [TS]

  bad feelings toward this movie this is [TS]

  at various times in my life this has [TS]

  been my favorite movie [TS]

  they're wrong next [TS]

  welcome to the badge as we go into the [TS]

  incomparable have been let's do it i [TS]

  mean it's not say that the the final [TS]

  scene and the speeches where he's [TS]

  sending her over [TS]

  don't play out well that's that's true [TS]

  and one of the problems i think is I [TS]

  don't think Bogart knows how spade is [TS]

  supposed to feel I don't think he had a [TS]

  handle on what the character is supposed [TS]

  to feel and I don't think anyone had a [TS]

  handle on what spade is supposed to feel [TS]

  spade is an impenetrable character [TS]

  that's kind of the whole point in the [TS]

  book The Maltese Falcon of unusual for a [TS]

  detective book especially one written by [TS]

  habit is not done in the first person so [TS]

  you have no sense of spades in her life [TS]

  and kind of the actor's job to fill that [TS]

  out [TS]

  well yes but if he fills it out then [TS]

  he's not Sam Spade anymore and if you [TS]

  did watch the 31 version in 1931 date [TS]

  which is terrible it is when we're done [TS]

  here I want to talk about it exceeded [TS]

  it's unbelievably bad are very sexy but [TS]

  unbelievably bad arm he treat that actor [TS]

  whose name escapes Ricardo something has [TS]

  Cortez yes Stanley Cortez's brother are [TS]

  he's he tries to give spade some inner [TS]

  life it's a bad in her life but it's but [TS]

  he tries to give them an inner life it [TS]

  doesn't work at all now partly it's [TS]

  because the court has not a very good [TS]

  actor are you know I the point of Sam [TS]

  Spade is that he is impenetrable he has [TS]

  this code and that's basically all he is [TS]

  that's what makes him a good detective [TS]

  that's why he doesn't [TS]

  falter except when he takes the spiked [TS]

  drink from gutman it's to me the big [TS]

  mystery in this movie and the bigness [TS]

  what's always been the biggest mystery [TS]

  is how did Gladys George get such high [TS]

  building she plays iva right and she's [TS]

  she's essentially a nonentity she's [TS]

  barely and in this movie and I how did [TS]

  she get to be with you who was she [TS]

  sleeping with to get such a high high [TS]

  ranking I was certain at one point that [TS]

  she was going to turn up at the end [TS]

  cause a series of events unfold and she [TS]

  never did that be plot really doesn't go [TS]

  anywhere [TS]

  no yeah her cut the movie plot in her [TS]

  character of the IVA character m-makes [TS]

  does more in the book than it does in [TS]

  the movie but that's the guy I have no [TS]

  idea why she's shit she's just there [TS]

  during the third to make a spade look [TS]

  like a heel and yeah and have colored [TS]

  his relationship with miles [TS]

  that's sort of her only reason to exist [TS]

  well I think it's that and the fact that [TS]

  you've got you've got three women all [TS]

  around spade and who are all devoted to [TS]

  spade in some way or another and you [TS]

  know I've of Bridget and fe and I don't [TS]

  know exactly what to think about that [TS]

  but I'm sure that theses have been [TS]

  written about it it's it's just it's an [TS]

  interesting thing how these three women [TS]

  all kind of revolve around spade but [TS]

  never never get to him i really liked fe [TS]

  I mean to perform yes I was kind of form [TS]

  on but i love the character i'm always a [TS]

  fan of the the the candy girl who gets [TS]

  it done and basically keeps the main [TS]

  character of float throughout the entire [TS]

  movie we just gal Friday you know [TS]

  yep well and she's actually proves [TS]

  herself i mean i-i thought that the [TS]

  scene in particular where she talks [TS]

  about going to see miles is wife and she [TS]

  sort of deduces that that I've had been [TS]

  outright by all these like clues [TS]

  what if i told you your precious i left [TS]

  had not been in the room but 45 minutes [TS]

  yeah that's what she's a smart cookie [TS]

  right like she knows what she's doing [TS]

  she is not like just there to be the [TS]

  help in some ways and I feel like yeah [TS]

  she does get that unfortunately she gets [TS]

  like a little sideline as business goes [TS]

  on but i agree with Erica I think she's [TS]

  she's one of the characters are really [TS]

  this and I think of the women in this [TS]

  probably well as female character that [TS]

  is a high bar to clear like her [TS]

  expression when she arrives with the [TS]

  falken bundle in hand she just has this [TS]

  little smile on her face [TS]

  here you go drops it off turns I'm sorry [TS]

  to ruin your day of rest not the first [TS]

  one you've ruined now I'm getting out of [TS]

  here before I get dragged into your [TS]

  nonsense [TS]

  yeah well also don't start Sam I had her [TS]

  all night [TS]

  yeah I find it very well delivered yeah [TS]

  we Patrick doesn't it doesn't excellent [TS]

  job playing her [TS]

  there's a lot of great just writing in [TS]

  Jamie like you know yeah this is lifted [TS]

  largely from habit it's almost entirely [TS]

  and right yes verbatim right and i think [TS]

  you know that the parts where it shines [TS]

  to me is the the dialogue about the [TS]

  pattern right like because that's that [TS]

  is with him it's all about but i do love [TS]

  some of the staging of them in [TS]

  particular i love there's a scene where [TS]

  where Peter Lorre decides to leave the [TS]

  apartment is just like oh it's getting [TS]

  quite late and images like trails off in [TS]

  the middle of the day I'm gonna love [TS]

  that saying that is fantastic are not [TS]

  going to produce the sense i don't even [TS]

  have an excuse I don't even know what [TS]

  they're what the rest of that sentence [TS]

  was but pretty much anything that Sydney [TS]

  Greenstreet says he's hilarious [TS]

  yeah I'm awesome I i found myself really [TS]

  wanting more [TS]

  Lori and more green street and lamenting [TS]

  that they don't come into the film until [TS]

  later not liking Bogart as much and [TS]

  again the you know he's sort of not [TS]

  meant to be like to hear but really [TS]

  around liking him as much as I thought I [TS]

  still I i enjoyed their interactions [TS]

  together the green street and and Bogart [TS]

  interaction and loriann bogart and when [TS]

  they're all together in electric juniors [TS]

  there and he's he's it right in front of [TS]

  Elijah cook jr. he's explaining how [TS]

  they're going to throw him to the wolves [TS]

  something I think that's great i like I [TS]

  loved all that into twisty I'm not maybe [TS]

  film noir is not my thing [TS]

  I mean the twisty plot stuff I just was [TS]

  like oh you know [TS]

  ok more let's throw more in which is [TS]

  yeah sure i have no idea it's like they [TS]

  put a blindfold on me and spun me around [TS]

  like 20 times like all right now watch [TS]

  the movies like I have no idea what's [TS]

  going on but the i do agree the these [TS]

  character actors and the characters are [TS]

  playing are very are great that the [TS]

  stuff that was my favorite was in [TS]

  very specific part in the in the middle [TS]

  of the film [TS]

  I like I I as we mentioned earlier i [TS]

  love that that a chiro tour spade and [TS]

  then says come to the center of the room [TS]

  which is a really bad playing spades [TS]

  just immediately punches him in Texas [TS]

  gun and then he gets the gun back and [TS]

  does it begin on that bench that was [TS]

  laughing out loud that was a really [TS]

  funny scene i like the one your slap [TS]

  you'll take it and like it feels like it [TS]

  could take i like it and i really love i [TS]

  really love when he tries to talk to [TS]

  cops out of coming into his apartment [TS]

  and then there are the shouts and he [TS]

  says well I guess you're going in [TS]

  yeah you can also just the entire story [TS]

  that they can cock there which is almost [TS]

  totally ridiculous and they do what they [TS]

  allude to that later where kairos is [TS]

  like I way I stuck to that story when [TS]

  the cops questioned the whole time I [TS]

  really wish you'd come up with something [TS]

  better and his it's a terrible story [TS]

  sound like an idiot he goes to a [TS]

  completely different story midway [TS]

  through completely changes it because [TS]

  the first one isn't going off properly [TS]

  sorry they felt like every single D&D [TS]

  campaign I've been in persons try to [TS]

  talk them out of it sells out of [TS]

  something in the realize nope this [TS]

  doesn't actually make any sense I'm just [TS]

  gonna keep going you keep making [TS]

  something up until something sticks out [TS]

  of the I hope you know what you're doing [TS]

  a crippled newsy took him away from him [TS]

  i just got back from that that's gotta [TS]

  be a winner for ya [TS]

  also you always have a smooth way of [TS]

  saying something you want me to do learn [TS]

  to stutter and pick up that I like that [TS]

  was that was my thought that was my [TS]

  favorite i kinda don't want them to be [TS]

  AI think the thing I agree with you [TS]

  Jason that they are the most kind of the [TS]

  most Indian enticing part of the film [TS]

  but I also don't want them to get [TS]

  arrested at the end too because they're [TS]

  off on this quest like oh well this [TS]

  didn't work out but we're going to go [TS]

  back and we're gonna find the girls at a [TS]

  time all it's like the beginning of the [TS]

  raiders of the lost ark or something [TS]

  right Kasper Gutman and Joel Cairo will [TS]

  be back in maltese falcon to the search [TS]

  for the Falcon well i just i love the [TS]

  chiro is going to be his little sidekick [TS]

  created along after well that brings up [TS]

  i think the it's pretty clear that Peter [TS]

  Lori's character is coded as homosexual [TS]

  right and he smells in there p and yeah [TS]

  ladies get any more listed in the book [TS]

  at the Guardians things just like an [TS]

  Egyptian thing or something [TS]

  well he hit while he is in brown face so [TS]

  you've got that to overlook it [TS]

  but can you tell us black and white have [TS]

  you seen Peter Lorre another thing is [TS]

  that he's a pasty guy always you know [TS]

  it's also interesting that I Wilmer is [TS]

  called several times described as a gun [TS]

  soul which you may assume as the sensor [TS]

  did [TS]

  güncel means kid with a gun yeah it [TS]

  actually means a young man kept for [TS]

  homosexual purposes a catamite know [TS]

  yep so if you would like to go back and [TS]

  look at the seams now I gotta wear [TS]

  tonight [TS]

  yeah government's relationship to wilmer [TS]

  takes on new light when you understand [TS]

  what all of these works me also there's [TS]

  that exchange between O'Shaughnessy and [TS]

  Cairo where he is a play outside well [TS]

  you can get around him just like he got [TS]

  around that one is temple [TS]

  ok that within me that that's the first [TS]

  time Joel Cairo gets punched by someone [TS]

  other than poker with which is funny [TS]

  because at the same time it's the it's [TS]

  it that the sort of dropped the casual [TS]

  homophobia couple of times where like [TS]

  spades getting questioned by the police [TS]

  and returns the other conferences what's [TS]

  your boyfriend getting at [TS]

  yeah because they're not shy about it in [TS]

  some cases but we can I you know they do [TS]

  sort of danced around it with Kairos [TS]

  character it feels like yeah but I I was [TS]

  like the Houston made sure that it was [TS]

  there even if the sensors didn't catch [TS]

  it even if the audience didn't catch it [TS]

  it was there and it's you know it's [TS]

  pretty faithful to the book that way [TS]

  oh yeah all those times we've gotten is [TS]

  saying I couldn't be funder of you or [TS]

  fewer my own such patent but you go to [TS]

  the palace [TS]

  anyway i'll get another one but if you [TS]

  lose a son you can always get another [TS]

  there's always the one in maltese falcon [TS]

  I literally in my notes it says i have [TS]

  no idea what's happening just like all [TS]

  right well but again I just sort of road [TS]

  so I mean I didn't I didn't hate this [TS]

  movie by any stretch of the imagination [TS]

  but you know that the the plot left me [TS]

  frustrated and it it felt really slow to [TS]

  to warm up and I didn't really enjoy [TS]

  Humphrey Bogart very much and I didn't [TS]

  believe the relationship at all and so I [TS]

  eye out for a few of these movies that [TS]

  we watch for the old movie club we get [TS]

  to the end and there's a but I love you [TS]

  I'm like come on [TS]

  no you don't get to just and I guess [TS]

  this is just a shorthand of the time [TS]

  maybe but it's like I do [TS]

  believe it i never saw it i don't [TS]

  believe either of these characters has a [TS]

  legitimate feeling toward the other at [TS]

  all they're both just in it for the for [TS]

  the money or the revenge or whatever so [TS]

  that that was a that was a problem you [TS]

  know Jason if you go back and watch it a [TS]

  couple years later I would be interested [TS]

  to see if you because I that's exactly [TS]

  how I felt after the first time I saw it [TS]

  and I liked it a lot more simply i think [TS]

  I was really intrigued by the plot i was [TS]

  you know what [TS]

  not literally but on the edge of my seat [TS]

  is really excited because I didn't [TS]

  remember exactly how it played out [TS]

  because there's so many twists and turns [TS]

  of course I wasn't going to remember so [TS]

  I was excited to find out where it went [TS]

  so at least I had that you are [TS]

  definitely rewards multiple really [TS]

  watches we're hungry upset watches you [TS]

  pick up a little more of the plot but [TS]

  you have the plot twists the evil [TS]

  imagination mr. yeah and I don't it's [TS]

  either kind of dig the mythology of the [TS]

  plot in terms of the whole setup with [TS]

  the you know the the Knights Templar as [TS]

  in here historically inaccurate as many [TS]

  parts of it are but I was on the last [TS]

  crusade biting school yeah and i think [TS]

  the end of it too is the is the part [TS]

  that most people probably remember even [TS]

  if you don't remember the rest of the [TS]

  film is the fact that it turns out to be [TS]

  a fake right you know and so in them in [TS]

  essence the plot doesn't matter because [TS]

  everybody's been fighting and arguing [TS]

  over this thing that is worthless and so [TS]

  I think that's you know government and [TS]

  the exact sense yeah exactly ultimate [TS]

  MacGuffin yeah and so in that case I [TS]

  think that's the guy I don't know III [TS]

  and I don't have a great i agree with [TS]

  Steve that after you watch it a few [TS]

  times like the plot does start to hang [TS]

  together a little bit better put the [TS]

  same time it's not what makes this film [TS]

  stand out to me I i would also say that [TS]

  may be the end of the movie is a little [TS]

  bit of john huston's fault i I've never [TS]

  found him to be the moat the warmest or [TS]

  or most humane director I i was going to [TS]

  say I've been maybe have been spoiled by [TS]

  the likes of Hitchcock and Kubrick in [TS]

  the north at we've watched the Houstons [TS]

  direction here is really pedestrian yeah [TS]

  yeah he is not that I'm i pulled up his [TS]

  filmography on on IMDb and not i'm [TS]

  having a hard time finding movies of his [TS]

  that I i really go for I like the [TS]

  asphalt jungle I think that's a that's a [TS]

  good one and the treasures here moderate [TS]

  treasure this treasure Sierra Madres [TS]

  cookie [TS]

  yours good key largo is good but in [TS]

  defense of his direction in this movie I [TS]

  the moment when Wilmer wakes backup and [TS]

  yes even shot a glooming oh yeah those [TS]

  are great that's a great one also i [TS]

  noticed that if you when you watch it [TS]

  again like the the reference with which [TS]

  the camera treats the falken is kind of [TS]

  great because every time it's in the [TS]

  scene its kind of the center of the [TS]

  action like the bundle and the falken [TS]

  all that he does a great job of that [TS]

  there's a couple other little shots two [TS]

  in particular the the shower bogar [TS]

  answers the phone and its government on [TS]

  the other end there's a nice little zoom [TS]

  in and broker yeah sort of perks up [TS]

  there so that I agree that you know a [TS]

  lot of it does seem kind of pedestrian [TS]

  but there are a few little standout [TS]

  moments here and there where he does [TS]

  when he takes more risks the stuff ends [TS]

  up paying off a little better and I feel [TS]

  like me if there's anything he didn't [TS]

  doesn't take enough risks here and there [TS]

  are some subtle things too like you get [TS]

  no but my camera was the very first team [TS]

  with Peter Lorre we have a really nice [TS]

  low angle looking up Peter Lorre because [TS]

  he's got the upper hand in that [TS]

  conversation and all the shots of bogey [TS]

  are pretty much straight on and you get [TS]

  that kind of recurring throughout the [TS]

  film when you get those scenes with with [TS]

  multiple people in them talking to each [TS]

  other [TS]

  the camera is not it's not a POV from [TS]

  the other people in the room [TS]

  it's kind of a very subtle you know tilt [TS]

  in one direction or the other depending [TS]

  on who has the upper hand in that [TS]

  conversation I'm just used to know are [TS]

  being full of a lot of a lot of shadow [TS]

  play and the camera almost being like a [TS]

  secondary character like a narrator kind [TS]

  of poking you go and look at this look [TS]

  the Rope is hanging out of the thing and [TS]

  and there's just none of that in here [TS]

  maybe that maybe my expectations were [TS]

  set incorrectly but really the only [TS]

  place where that happens here is right [TS]

  at the beginning where you know miles [TS]

  and spay or Archer and spade is [TS]

  projected all over the office from their [TS]

  windows later Samuel spade though [TS]

  they're into there are two things i [TS]

  think that contribute to that the you [TS]

  before they shot a single frame he wrote [TS]

  out a very detailed script with every [TS]

  shot in the script and he gave that to [TS]

  the actors so that they would go and [TS]

  rehearse without him and he might find [TS]

  tune stuff that they were doing on the [TS]

  set but for the most part they're kind [TS]

  of doing it by themselves and he didn't [TS]

  want to deviate from any of the things [TS]

  he had planned out [TS]

  of time how much is that as a first-time [TS]

  director exactly [TS]

  yeah exactly the other thing is they [TS]

  shot the entire movie in sequence which [TS]

  you almost never do [TS]

  oh wow so you can see as the film goes [TS]

  on the shots get better and and the [TS]

  characters get a little more interesting [TS]

  and took like two and a half weeks to do [TS]

  there's another john huston movie that I [TS]

  watched like a lot of last year it's a [TS]

  with Humphrey Bogart and Peter Lorre [TS]

  it's called beat the devil [TS]

  that's good that's one of my dad's [TS]

  favorite oh I I didn't like it at all [TS]

  uh-huh I'm with you on that yeah the [TS]

  only part I like this there's a shot [TS]

  with with Gina will look Lola bridge' [TS]

  that's easy for me to say attention and [TS]

  she is framed like the prow of a ship [TS]

  and in the background jennifer jones is [TS]

  doing stretches that's a good shot but [TS]

  the rest of the movie is just garbage [TS]

  and haha plus them being funny and [TS]

  self-indulgent yeah I I think that's [TS]

  just a that's a drunken romp by the by [TS]

  the cast and crew exact that was [TS]

  intended to be a serious movie [TS]

  no it was not i was going to agree with [TS]

  Erica about the first scene between [TS]

  spade and in Cairo is it's not flashing [TS]

  a shot but it is very well shot as you [TS]

  move back and forth between the two of [TS]

  where the camera is yes he's letting the [TS]

  actors go and especially Peter Lorre and [TS]

  I think one of the things about Humphrey [TS]

  Bogart's performance in this movie is [TS]

  that he's being very generous uh too [TS]

  especially Peter Lorre Peter Lorre [TS]

  steals every scene in this movie [TS]

  yes I I mean he's just the only oddities [TS]

  it won't everything's odd but the only [TS]

  things that seem false is a when Bogart [TS]

  punches him and he flies through the air [TS]

  into the couch and then uh and then when [TS]

  he cries after this is doing the UU [TS]

  bloated idiot you imbecile that those [TS]

  don't come off quite as well as [TS]

  everything else in the movie but he [TS]

  steals like you know when he goes out [TS]

  when the police are there he says well [TS]

  it's getting very late may just have to [TS]

  know [TS]

  many it it's just beautiful yeah you [TS]

  know our conversations are not such that [TS]

  I i want to continue down this isn't it [TS]

  wonderful how he plays with his cane uh [TS]

  it's all that one of the canyon which is [TS]

  which is all children which is also this [TS]

  can obviously another you know [TS]

  homosexual the single reason which which [TS]

  is all you need to do in in a code in [TS]

  1941 movie [TS]

  yeah that men and things that smell like [TS]

  gardenias about the little piano trail [TS]

  that they play whenever they catch a [TS]

  whiff of the Guardian gets the boot that [TS]

  is one thing i don't know it [TS]

  this I don't think I noticed this in [TS]

  many of my earlier viewings but in the [TS]

  most in the recent viewings i did before [TS]

  before the podcast the incidental music [TS]

  in this movie sounds kind of like a 50 [TS]

  sitcom there's all there's a lot of [TS]

  nudity [TS]

  it's like the beaver in dramatic scenes [TS]

  not just not just in scenes that are [TS]

  meant to be comedic he alludes Elijah [TS]

  cookie he like bitches and there's this [TS]

  sort of what why the families is a tense [TS]

  moment I didn't have all the fillmore [TS]

  stuff worked out like you know well no [TS]

  it's that is the dog I mean of of all [TS]

  the the classic archetypal p eyes you [TS]

  know I mean I i read all of Hamet I read [TS]

  all of Chandler I read them young read [TS]

  them before so the movies which helps [TS]

  making sense of the plot and and i gotta [TS]

  say you know as much as i enjoy [TS]

  Hammett's style I always enjoyed [TS]

  chandler and Philip Marlowe much more [TS]

  than I enjoyed Sam Spade Chandler maybe [TS]

  a better idea has a really good writer [TS]

  but Chandler maybe even better i think [TS]

  is a better big habits i got a big water [TS]

  visit the big sleep is a better movie i [TS]

  would argue if we're going to complain [TS]

  about not following this plot you can't [TS]

  throw the big step [TS]

  me that part makes no sense but i love [TS]

  that movie mine did you want to talk [TS]

  about the 1931 maltese falcon you may [TS]

  have you want to be really quick [TS]

  there are two other adaptations of this [TS]

  book one is called Satan metal ladies [TS]

  from 1836 it's a comedy and it starts [TS]

  Betty Davis and pull and it's weird [TS]

  yeah it's before Betty Davis had evolved [TS]

  into the Betty Davis characters they [TS]

  were making her be like an arginine [TS]

  things and the 1931 version has really [TS]

  good actors in the smaller roles got [TS]

  Dwight Frye as Wilmer he is Renfield [TS]

  from the Bela Lugosi Dracula house was [TS]

  gonna Merkel and thelma todd in it in [TS]

  tiny tiny rolls my basic problem with it [TS]

  is that right at the beginning of the [TS]

  movie right after state says I don't [TS]

  feel like looking at my mother's body [TS]

  talk to a chinese guy and then at the [TS]

  end of the movie you see a little [TS]

  newspaper clipping on screen that says [TS]

  it's Samuel spade private detective [TS]

  causes sensation at the trial when he [TS]

  produced leave who got chinese version [TS]

  the only eyewitness the archer killing [TS]

  who positively identified miss wonderly [TS]

  as the murderous which means that in [TS]

  this adaptation Sam Spade knows the [TS]

  entire movie who did it and i think [TS]

  really changes the dynamics [TS]

  yeah well given how omniscient he is in [TS]

  this it seems likely that he may have [TS]

  known throughout this film's well well [TS]

  you sure you suspect it yeah I certainly [TS]

  suspects [TS]

  yeah in this movie there's the question [TS]

  did he know does he care about her but [TS]

  it in the nineteen thirty-one one he [TS]

  knows all along and it's just not as [TS]

  good a movie he winds up being even more [TS]

  of a jerk i do i do like that that while [TS]

  spade is punching Joel Cairo out and [TS]

  clearly relishing it that he does it all [TS]

  while puffing away at his freshly rolled [TS]

  smoking oh yeah that's the man's man [TS]

  sorry can you not admire that you people [TS]

  who don't like Sam Spade haha i do want [TS]

  to say every time i i i i picked movies [TS]

  I it it's my great hope that you you all [TS]

  enjoy them I don't do this two different [TS]

  technical it new or is that maybe jason [TS]

  has other methods of doing that it's not [TS]

  like 1776 or anything but that this is [TS]

  the first time I've actually been [TS]

  depressed that people that people don't [TS]

  like didn't didn't enjoy the maltese [TS]

  falcon way I [TS]

  do dislike is a strong word out did i i [TS]

  i i i wouldn't say this is that my [TS]

  favorite movie ever even in the top ten [TS]

  but boy I every time it's on [TS]

  I yep end up watching up so it's in my [TS]

  top 25 [TS]

  yeah I'd say that's fair sponsor break [TS]

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  sponsoring the uncomfortable and now we [TS]

  have an entire half a podcast to go and [TS]

  i'm kind of sad [TS]

  Phil if you're feeling unhappy why not [TS]

  just take a few drinks for the next year [TS]

  we're heading now [TS]

  line them up that's why he's depressed [TS]

  too so I think we've transitioned to the [TS]

  thin man now happening i think maybe we [TS]

  have ok that the years 1934 the movie [TS]

  The Thin Man both in by and if you want [TS]

  to talk about a movie that was shot in [TS]

  two weeks this was shot no leaks this [TS]

  was a b-movie this was this was ok the [TS]

  the director of WS vandyke was basically [TS]

  known for okay move them on we got [TS]

  twenty more of these to do today and so [TS]

  his nickname was one shot woody yeah [TS]

  yeah that's my nickname different [TS]

  different internet porn stage name one [TS]

  shot would be so that's what that man is [TS]

  the story of Nicanor Charles who if you [TS]

  if you were first introduced to them by [TS]

  the parody characters in Neil Simon's [TS]

  murder by death they are nothing like [TS]

  those people know Nick Charles is a [TS]

  former detective who who married a [TS]

  society lady and became basically a [TS]

  drunken layabout and you know just being [TS]

  drunk now he's a layabout and they're [TS]

  back in New York after spending some [TS]

  time out on the coast and there is a [TS]

  mystery to solve [TS]

  let me tell you a little bit about this [TS]

  mystery as much as I dare to do this [TS]

  better make sense [TS]

  no it will not make sense that's what i [TS]

  was able to follow XFX really works [TS]

  well shocks maybe maybe maybe you should [TS]

  summarize it is this 1i was that for i [TS]

  was able to follow and in fact also cook [TS]

  was able to prefigure the entire thing [TS]

  but yes i was able to follow it helps to [TS]

  watch it sober [TS]

  I I deposit and explain it to Lauren at [TS]

  one point she's like what's going on I [TS]

  was like well I can tell you and you [TS]

  know I detail the whole thing just ago I [TS]

  like yeah I somehow absorbed this 1i way [TS]

  to test you then who is the thin man [TS]

  within the thin man and isn't is a wine [TS]

  at the one man yeah man it's also very [TS]

  angry and and when he wants to go away [TS]

  he said I'm gonna go away but i'm not [TS]

  telling anyone where I'm going but I'll [TS]

  be after four months but Dad I'm getting [TS]

  married no I'm not going to tell you [TS]

  where I'm going to put those bonds ed so [TS]

  I as I was watching the first 10 minutes [TS]

  of the Thin Man which just not feature [TS]

  william powell it anyway maybe not read [TS]

  machine shop guy although it does it [TS]

  does feature the revelation that science [TS]

  is done by waving a box with vacuum to [TS]

  you is an important invention Steve but [TS]

  i'm going to make the war before the [TS]

  most important part of sciences you must [TS]

  have a spotlight position just so so [TS]

  your shadow is projected onto the back [TS]

  home as part of that was an important [TS]

  part of the smelting process okay i [TS]

  think we are confusing our listeners and [TS]

  i would like to dial it back a bit to [TS]

  the actual story we meet professor wine [TS]

  it who is a thin angry awful and who [TS]

  yells at people and and it's just the [TS]

  wacky inventor and he has apparently i [TS]

  guess you'd be honest the dudes not [TS]

  really all that thing he's just old [TS]

  well he's he staged compared to everyone [TS]

  else everything is a terrible name for a [TS]

  move easy [TS]

  yeah easy he's not Sydney Greenstreet [TS]

  come on know where the Thin Man refers [TS]

  to his corpse after ACL it tonight our [TS]

  definitely getting LOL everyone and [TS]

  everyone's a thin man in this movie [TS]

  yeah then the title would be many [TS]

  skeletons look the same as for that was [TS]

  the original title all skeletons with [TS]

  the same [TS]

  yes well I continued managed to know [TS]

  anyhow [TS]

  yeah he's a terrible what we learned [TS]

  quickly that he has a daughter who loves [TS]

  him and he kind of likes the daughter he [TS]

  has an ex-wife who just not love him and [TS]

  he does not [TS]

  like the ex-wife he has a former [TS]

  secretary who is now his I guess [TS]

  girlfriend who pencil there they're not [TS]

  they're here they're not terribly fun [TS]

  out of my other and he is going away [TS]

  from over several months and will not [TS]

  tell anyone where he is going not even [TS]

  his attorney for his daughter or his [TS]

  daughter almost gonna miss her wedding [TS]

  yeah but he'll be back in time for the [TS]

  wedding except teehee three months later [TS]

  he's no one has heard from him [TS]

  really and that's when we meet Nick and [TS]

  Nora Charles and the daughter basically [TS]

  brings them into try and help find out [TS]

  where the old man is gone and that the [TS]

  answer turns out to be to the choir [TS]

  invisible but again I'm getting ahead of [TS]

  myself there are lots of bodies start [TS]

  dropping and everyone assumes that it's [TS]

  the the angry professor killing his his [TS]

  girlfriend's rational Russ kills [TS]

  everybody disappears and then kills [TS]

  everyone yeah there are like two [TS]

  different stereo typical Italian [TS]

  mobsters and one of them gets it and and [TS]

  finally Nick investigates the case he's [TS]

  brought into it he drinks continuously [TS]

  throughout the movie [TS]

  yes does his well as this is offered at [TS]

  one point yeah and that's how you know [TS]

  he's getting serious [TS]

  eventually he he solves the plot and [TS]

  caused everyone to the accusing parlor [TS]

  her for a little bit of a party a party [TS]

  didn't already have a party in which he [TS]

  breaks down basically whodunit and I [TS]

  just want to say I've seen this movie [TS]

  four five maybe six times and each time [TS]

  I forget who did it and I've always [TS]

  surprised by I always think it's that [TS]

  kid the Sun with the cycle [TS]

  diversification Gilbert that crazy crazy [TS]

  son happy Cesar Romero he's gonna know [TS]

  it's not Cesar Romero you idiot [TS]

  the secret is it changes every time yeah [TS]

  just haven't noticed because that's what [TS]

  Cesar Romero playing tanner is Chris [TS]

  yeah no resources presidential race 11 [TS]

  yeah he's already married to a another [TS]

  lady quite frankly is my favorite [TS]

  character in this movie outside of nick [TS]

  and nora is cesar romero [TS]

  and just the way someone suggested he [TS]

  gets a job and the baleful look he gives [TS]

  that is because he believes that he [TS]

  wordlessly walks out of the room doesn't [TS]

  have a lot of dialogue but man he [TS]

  executes oh man that is that is great [TS]

  anyhow as you can tell I can't make [TS]

  heads or tails out of this plot mostly [TS]

  the movie exists for William palette [TS]

  Myrna Loy to say witty things to each [TS]

  other and in that the movie delivers in [TS]

  in spades [TS]

  they every moment there on the screen is [TS]

  a joy every interaction they have with [TS]

  each other is a joy the first 10 minutes [TS]

  where they are not anywhere to be seen [TS]

  is not good is not good and I thought [TS]

  your way people are going to turn off [TS]

  this movie and murder me every part of [TS]

  the problem isn't the end and the other [TS]

  chump her husband her husband-to-be rise [TS]

  spy simple yeah jamie is doing is he [TS]

  doing like a cut-rate Jimmy stored [TS]

  impression through this entire movie [TS]

  it's funny you should say that since [TS]

  Jimmy's business in the is in the sequel [TS]

  I just gotta Zeppo Marx feel out of him [TS]

  to be on a man he listened it was a [TS]

  richness of the foam our hardest thing [TS]

  you've ever said there is no go back at [TS]

  some point go back and listen to his [TS]

  dialogue delivery just because like my [TS]

  nigga I think he's swell also is where [TS]

  you're going the old man i'm crazy about [TS]

  you a darte perhaps Jimmy Stewart is [TS]

  doing an impression of this guy just [TS]

  asked with a better that you have [TS]

  backwards that's what I want to remember [TS]

  they only had sound for seven years and [TS]

  film by this point it's so everybody [TS]

  sounded like you was running like that [TS]

  my favorite is Julia who you know you [TS]

  can't trust because a woman who cannot [TS]

  pronounce the word you should never be [TS]

  trusted [TS]

  what are y'all going to do it's one [TS]

  solid also i enjoyed yes I enjoyed the [TS]

  later on pronunciation of suspects the [TS]

  snacks back-walking backs [TS]

  yeah everybody agreed on that in this [TS]

  movie is well pronouncing the verb [TS]

  instead of the noun [TS]

  well you know my father was a [TS]

  sexagenarian know [TS]

  is that what that means also hid the [TS]

  fact that the the cop the lieutenant is [TS]

  looks like a dead ringer for josh brolin [TS]

  got that whole like we're too haha thing [TS]

  going on leave my wife and I Lisa [TS]

  Schmeisser of other podcast we liked him [TS]

  we liked to sit around and recast old [TS]

  movies when we watch them and she said [TS]

  well obviously josh brolin yeah [TS]

  also my favorite bit of this entire [TS]

  movie is at the end where he reveals [TS]

  that that my name is dead daughter [TS]

  freaks out this is at the dinner party [TS]

  and he says it's terrible i have to tell [TS]

  you this way like you set this all up [TS]

  you couldn't hold her any other way [TS]

  doesn't care he's so loaded i know i [TS]

  love i agree with feel that there were [TS]

  in power mirror lawyer the entire reason [TS]

  for well yeah over here and there is no [TS]

  other reason to watch this movie [TS]

  wrong wrong wrong you guys have theirs [TS]

  but they also have a dog okay there is [TS]

  one of the reason and him that reason is [TS]

  asta as a matter of fact that was pretty [TS]

  much the only part of this movie that [TS]

  Stephen my husband paid attention who i [TS]

  was when i was watching it and then we [TS]

  watched we watch The Maltese Falcon [TS]

  afterwards several days later and he was [TS]

  sort of watching the credits out of the [TS]

  corner of his eye and he saw Mary asters [TS]

  name and got really excited for a second [TS]

  about the dog with map that's right i [TS]

  enjoy throughout this film be the dog [TS]

  cutaways that happened quick and a dog [TS]

  doggy a balloon at mascus is utterly [TS]

  delighted 1934 they were ridiculously [TS]

  clichéd and tired either two dogs were [TS]

  new in 1934 the dog bits were [TS]

  interesting in that when he's so when [TS]

  when he goes to the the dr e or the [TS]

  smelting whatever it is and figures out [TS]

  immediately what he already knows [TS]

  because it's really obvious that the guy [TS]

  never made it to his mystery vacation [TS]

  what I like about it is that instead of [TS]

  having that moment where the dog like [TS]

  does trained dog things [TS]

  the dog is just like in the way and yeah [TS]

  it's like moving the dog and pick the [TS]

  dog up and I like that because it was [TS]

  like it an untrained dog like an actual [TS]

  like a real dog yeah there's a few times [TS]

  with the movie sort of head fakes [TS]

  towards a clichéd situation like nick [TS]

  is alone in a room with a pretty rural [TS]

  Nora looks in and obviously is not [TS]

  jealous she knows they're the perfect [TS]

  cup [TS]

  all there's nothing going on here I i [TS]

  noticed that too that's actually a good [TS]

  i could easily been like a very like a [TS]

  setup as a jealousy scene and was not [TS]

  which is great [TS]

  yeah we've seen that a million times one [TS]

  of the nice things about the first thing [TS]

  man film because there were there are [TS]

  five more [TS]

  there are many more yes of vary in [TS]

  quality yeah steadily declining but this [TS]

  is the only one that was written and [TS]

  released before the Hollywood code and I [TS]

  know there's a little more maturity to [TS]

  the relationships and there's a little [TS]

  more you know a long run during divorce [TS]

  have some great great double entendre he [TS]

  saw it all [TS]

  yeah haven't heard of the Sullivan act [TS]

  oh that's all right we're married yeah [TS]

  it says here you were shot five times [TS]

  the tabloids he never came near my [TS]

  tabloids thats related to come anywhere [TS]

  near my tablet there are laughs I mean [TS]

  you know for a movie that is what like [TS]

  80 years old there are laugh-out-loud [TS]

  lines in this movie that are still [TS]

  incredibly well-written and very clever [TS]

  I mean it's it won't surprise anyone [TS]

  this is in my top 10 may be in my top [TS]

  five [TS]

  i love i love the movie because of their [TS]

  relationship in the banter and the [TS]

  chemistry is fantastic chemistry is [TS]

  fantastic and it you know again amazing [TS]

  to think the studio didn't want either [TS]

  one of them they thought she was too [TS]

  much of an oriental beauty and they [TS]

  didn't think they thought William Powell [TS]

  was too refined he could also a oriental [TS]

  dirty but yes he has an oriental beauty [TS]

  but yeah they didn't think he could play [TS]

  a sardonic and rye and they just thought [TS]

  he was too nice and it's like oh my god [TS]

  they're the perfect casting for this and [TS]

  which is funny because this became his [TS]

  screen persona where its radar Donna can [TS]

  dry evenin mr. Roberts this is basically [TS]

  what if we took the Thin Man itself to [TS]

  World War two [TS]

  I just love the entire concept of days [TS]

  detective agency [TS]

  oh yeah not such a great setup i love [TS]

  the fact that instead of being you know [TS]

  hard knuckled you know guy who's he's [TS]

  confident in himself because he's tough [TS]

  and and can punch out whatever palooka [TS]

  happens to come by [TS]

  NIC is confident because he loaded the [TS]

  whole time [TS]

  yeah it's brilliant his devoted wife is [TS]

  equally loaded magnetic it when he first [TS]

  meet her and she meets in the hotel's [TS]

  trailing the dog [TS]

  sheshe her direction to the bartender is [TS]

  line up five martinis right here [TS]

  yeah and I wrote down at that point my [TS]

  god it's the perfect woman [TS]

  how many of you had six lineup five more [TS]

  than a lot of light-up well yeah it you [TS]

  get the sense that since since their [TS]

  independently wealthy what you've got [TS]

  here is a mystery solving for sport [TS]

  right so they're having a good time [TS]

  they're having a lot of some drinks and [TS]

  he's gonna kind of like plus you get the [TS]

  sense with him like I can figure this [TS]

  out like like he's he's retired at this [TS]

  but he was very good at it and now he's [TS]

  just screwing around but he's still so [TS]

  much better than everyone else that he's [TS]

  going to be able to put it all together [TS]

  yeah why I could figure this out three [TS]

  sheets to the wind and and entertain [TS]

  himself while doing it because I so [TS]

  watching this movie um the first yeah [TS]

  the first 10-15 minutes is really rough [TS]

  because it's melting angry man and you [TS]

  smell Angry Men smelting 12 Angry [TS]

  smokiness and along with some here and [TS]

  then he's angry his girlfriend and [TS]

  there's bonds where the bonds and I just [TS]

  I was just no I'm saying but but and I [TS]

  feel like I i liked it more with every [TS]

  scene and i feel like when i got to the [TS]

  end and I saw that the scene which is [TS]

  that classic i'm going to get [TS]

  that classic i'm going to get [TS]

  right it says he likes together exactly [TS]

  right but the way it's done here I i [TS]

  watch that scene i thought okay i see [TS]

  what people love this movie because even [TS]

  if the the movie up to that point has [TS]

  got you know it the plot is kind of [TS]

  twisty and planned and not that [TS]

  interesting and and that there's good [TS]

  banter between Nick and Nora but this [TS]

  scene if you leave at the end of this [TS]

  scene this is your last thing in the [TS]

  movie [TS]

  well I understand why everybody would [TS]

  walk out with a smile because it is the [TS]

  set piece that is like almost like Marx [TS]

  Brothers level in its insanity it is set [TS]

  up by Nick I I feel like gleefully like [TS]

  I'm just going to screw with everybody [TS]

  by doing this crazy much chaos as [TS]

  possible it's going to be a party to i'm [TS]

  going to just serve drinks and we're [TS]

  gonna have we're gonna go with them [TS]

  place cards the murderer is right in [TS]

  this room at this table serve the fish [TS]

  right so it just a minute just a [TS]

  minister of the not so it's easily [TS]

  seraphic guess not it's like that Agatha [TS]

  Christie kind of the you know or or the [TS]

  classic detective I wonder why you all [TS]

  you know you wonder why I called you all [TS]

  here tonight except totally insane the [TS]

  people don't want to be there which i [TS]

  really like that if you tried to get all [TS]

  your suspects together they wouldn't [TS]

  have a cocktail [TS]

  so yeah a cocktail I got a feeling of [TS]

  wanting to have a drink so good so that [TS]

  was for me that was like the moment [TS]

  where I just I just completely gave into [TS]

  this movie and just started cackling at [TS]

  every also there's right before that [TS]

  there's the great montage that's like a [TS]

  newspaper a map a bus cars a silhouette [TS]

  a dog with there's the photoshoot of the [TS]

  duct with the dog for the newspapers [TS]

  right that's all really funny and then [TS]

  you get into the that the party is like [TS]

  of course Nicanor casita first off again [TS]

  he doesn't care he's just messing around [TS]

  and while he's messing around he will oh [TS]

  yes solve the murder that befuddled the [TS]

  police and it's just a tour-de-force [TS]

  that whole scene I feel the basic [TS]

  dynamic of nick and nora is that Nick is [TS]

  entertained by the world and nora is [TS]

  entertained by Nick yeah she spends most [TS]

  of the movie in fact most of the movies [TS]

  prodding him to get involved in this [TS]

  will be its not until 15 minutes into a [TS]

  90-minute movie that he finally says [TS]

  alright fine i'm taking the case and it [TS]

  literally like okay if you want me to [TS]

  solve the murder that's been be [TS]

  funneling everyone all this time all [TS]

  right i'll do it because he he could do [TS]

  it each [TS]

  yeah care is was trying to retire sensor [TS]

  off to Grant's Tomb i love that but how [TS]

  is girl lovely i'm having a copy made [TS]

  for you can find that scene is is there [TS]

  is is again the chemistry between those [TS]

  two there have been several places in [TS]

  the film where they're sort of making [TS]

  faces at each other [TS]

  she's got this little scrunchy face she [TS]

  makes at him and that seems she's on the [TS]

  phone she knows he can't see her but [TS]

  she's still making the scrunchy face and [TS]

  I think that's just such a sweet moment [TS]

  and you know he knows she's doing it [TS]

  there's some great background acting [TS]

  early in the movie like 16 minutes and [TS]

  we're McCauley is on the phone [TS]

  yes she has nice track on her head and [TS]

  easy pumpkin at her she's not looking at [TS]

  him and they're just ignoring the movie [TS]

  completely and it and it seems really [TS]

  doesn't seem contrived no yeah the most [TS]

  charming that's the most charming moment [TS]

  I think of the entire movie [TS]

  yeah even the contrived know it's like I [TS]

  like the scene with the the beginning [TS]

  the mobster in the bedroom with a gun [TS]

  oh he likes socks her to get her out of [TS]

  the way of the of ago shot and it seems [TS]

  everything and then gets shot himself [TS]

  oh yeah and he gets shot he's like no no [TS]

  it's just that whatever let's just go to [TS]

  bed [TS]

  what and then when they wake up I'm like [TS]

  yeah when you punched your wife in the [TS]

  face and knocked her out the best way to [TS]

  wake up is by pouring with words written [TS]

  down her throat [TS]

  absolutely yeah well she's a girl with [TS]

  hair on her chest not gonna mention that [TS]

  this movie has there's a girl with hair [TS]

  on her chest which is a good comparison [TS]

  to maltese Falcons you're a good man [TS]

  sister [TS]

  the other thing I enjoy about the Nick [TS]

  character is it especially saying [TS]

  contrast to Sam Spade all of nick's [TS]

  friends are are lowlifes people he set [TS]

  up the river and oh yeah nikli seems to [TS]

  have set yet pretty much every criminal [TS]

  in Manhattan to jail at some point and [TS]

  most of them are buds with him yet none [TS]

  of them hold a grudge and this happened [TS]

  this happens throughout the the Thin Man [TS]

  movies it's nick remember when you [TS]

  testified against me you got me fair and [TS]

  square LED with my upper cut [TS]

  yeah when the guy comes to the door and [TS]

  he's like I haven't seen you in a long [TS]

  time while I needed the rest [TS]

  there's a strong implication that he was [TS]

  the super hard-bitten two-fisted guy [TS]

  because there's the line you don't have [TS]

  to tell me you're tough i heard about [TS]

  you that he was out Philip Marlowe [TS]

  around before he got [TS]

  romance and add in the book I mean [TS]

  there's only one actual book that he [TS]

  wrote with Nick and Nora and and it came [TS]

  out for months before the movies they [TS]

  were already making the movie before it [TS]

  came out and I and I went oh yes i have [TS]

  to read this because i love the movie [TS]

  and the the book is much more Sam [TS]

  Spanish I mean there is the relationship [TS]

  there is the banter between them but [TS]

  he's much more of a jerk and it's not as [TS]

  much fun and it's if you love the movies [TS]

  don't really want your it's a lot unless [TS]

  it's a lot [TS]

  what is it like just like grittier and [TS]

  yes right well yes stuff of the family [TS]

  the Winans is all kind of you get detail [TS]

  creepier and you don't you don't want [TS]

  detail there [TS]

  imagine Gilbert but not played for [TS]

  laughs right yeah where is the movie now [TS]

  and again all of the things in the movie [TS]

  were already starting to be troops at [TS]

  the time you know gathering all the [TS]

  suspects doing and and so they're kind [TS]

  of making fun of that at the same time [TS]

  which is why that's so brilliant I mean [TS]

  if you want any Charlie Chan film if you [TS]

  can even find them these days or a of [TS]

  they did a couple of Ellery Queen films [TS]

  or any any kind of mystery from the [TS]

  thirties you will see the exact same [TS]

  template over and over and over and over [TS]

  and there's a reason this one indoors [TS]

  and it's it's malinois and the dialogue [TS]

  and the crackle is the plot the plot is [TS]

  terrible and yes even though I could [TS]

  follow it look let's just say the cops [TS]

  are really not good at their jobs come [TS]

  into a room and you slide them with [TS]

  cocktail is so obvious that if you have [TS]

  a guy who disappears [TS]

  I mean nick goes to the ghost of the [TS]

  smelting whatever and end with his dog [TS]

  and within like five minutes has figured [TS]

  out that the guy must have have already [TS]

  been killed which is it's really obvious [TS]

  and even when they find the body [TS]

  the cops are like oh this must have been [TS]

  one of his victims really good really [TS]

  nice man they buried it with that pants [TS]

  got that giant pair of pants come on [TS]

  well the site this is the scene though [TS]

  at the dinner party where you mentioned [TS]

  the cops were like I added [TS]

  lieutenant was turned off for awhile [TS]

  business yeah we could skip past that [TS]

  policy that like that is good yeah yeah [TS]

  I'd like to defend these cops because [TS]

  unlike the cops and most detective [TS]

  stories especially hard-bitten detective [TS]

  stories they know they're terrible as [TS]

  soon as they didn't hire him Randy Paige [TS]

  kicked enjoyed this health through like [TS]

  there's no Daisy ominous as soon as nick [TS]

  says I'm sort of interested what do you [TS]

  know they're like yours every single [TS]

  thing you know yeah yeah we would [TS]

  welcome any help you can give us please [TS]

  fix this florist that they are like one [TS]

  step ahead of the cops in the 1966 [TS]

  Batman series [TS]

  yeah Batman helped us please a little [TS]

  Commissioner ok when done time skips out [TS]

  on him you know he started Nick starts [TS]

  calling up the football you can call [TS]

  your friends they can feel it trailer [TS]

  lou i will say there's there is one [TS]

  other character apart from Nicanor who [TS]

  is delightful and that's not his [TS]

  girlfriend [TS]

  yes whoo yes we have yet we had a [TS]

  spectacular part because not only you [TS]

  know we first see her but not the first [TS]

  time here but the second time was here [TS]

  she gets to throw a frying pan [TS]

  essentially at the camera yeah you gotta [TS]

  speak that's great and then she has [TS]

  built that you know the thing I I don't [TS]

  like crooks if i did like crooks like I [TS]

  wouldn't like stool pigeons and if i did [TS]

  like stool pigeons I wouldn't like you [TS]

  and then stomps out and then she gets [TS]

  invited to the dinner party I don't [TS]

  think she and the other hood kind of [TS]

  make an instant connection at the dinner [TS]

  party has felt in here too [TS]

  yeah like they've known each other for [TS]

  years it's also great that I mean again [TS]

  the whole trip of inviting everybody is [TS]

  like that [TS]

  yeah a dozen of these people it doesn't [TS]

  matter if they're they're like this it [TS]

  really matter if she's there no but like [TS]

  a you get a free dinner out of the day [TS]

  there are so many people at the party [TS]

  that at one point I was thinking or do [TS]

  they have like two tables like you know [TS]

  at thanksgiving weekend like that a the [TS]

  guests over here and the suspects sort [TS]

  of this table suspect [TS]

  well since everyone was very thin back [TS]

  then yeah i think at all [TS]

  well let especially that old gay but [TS]

  Miss a man who weighs 250 pounds has to [TS]

  be crippled carrying around all that way [TS]

  to you imagine a five foot eleven [TS]

  250-pound man that's crazy that's insane [TS]

  yes yes never came i like the the [TS]

  mobster who we know is a mobster because [TS]

  when we first see him he's an extreme [TS]

  shadow [TS]

  click yes and he has a scar on his face [TS]

  and a hat like that one time [TS]

  that's a month that's a mobster is that [TS]

  is that none time that is not starting [TS]

  from your head man he's Jon Lovitz by [TS]

  way of robert downey yes yes yes yes yes [TS]

  i love that I love that character is [TS]

  Tommy Flanagan and he's really [TS]

  interesting too because because he's [TS]

  sort of like just us two facets he's [TS]

  very making wimpy-butt when he's in [TS]

  person but on the phone he's very creepy [TS]

  he's medicine that's right yeah does [TS]

  have a kind of a bifid character he's [TS]

  the 1930s whatever version of the [TS]

  internet tough guy [TS]

  yeah he's cool he's a troll [TS]

  it's funny that he did someone mention [TS]

  Robert Downey jr. because I feel like [TS]

  he's kind of channeling and channeling [TS]

  william powell in the latter half of his [TS]

  career basically yeah mostly [TS]

  totally yeah yeah totally no I the one [TS]

  thing I i think when i watch The Thin [TS]

  Man is black i wish that movies today [TS]

  have the chemistry that a william powell [TS]

  and Myrna Loy have this movie network [TS]

  technology amazing without with a better [TS]

  script obviously i'd like to take the [TS]

  opportunity to recommend if you enjoy [TS]

  the chemistry of Nick and Nora Charles [TS]

  in the thin man listening to the [TS]

  thrilling adventure hour broadcast [TS]

  specifically the beyond belief segments [TS]

  in which paul f tompkins and paget [TS]

  Brewster are basically doing Nick and [TS]

  Nora Charles except also they see ghosts [TS]

  yeah which-which you won't necessarily [TS]

  it you're not guaranteed elected if you [TS]

  like naked or if it's possible they're [TS]

  drunker [TS]

  ya hear that Nicanor if they continue [TS]

  with the drinking at the level they are [TS]

  they will they will be seeing ghosts [TS]

  before long it's true [TS]

  ironically the I think the awesome [TS]

  chemistry between William Powell and [TS]

  Myrna Loy Myrna Loy whom I would watch [TS]

  pretty much do anything I love her so [TS]

  much [TS]

  he's quite yeah is why is why i think i [TS]

  liked this movie les this time then the [TS]

  first time and like I said these two [TS]

  movies dosey doe in my head because I [TS]

  had really like the thin man you you are [TS]

  a strange person haha the reason the [TS]

  reason is because the first time I saw [TS]

  it I was discovering them doing this for [TS]

  the first time and i loved it so I kind [TS]

  of built up in my head and I didn't [TS]

  realize how much of the movie has you [TS]

  know a lack of them [TS]

  haha to watch everything yeah and then [TS]

  and then the plot itself [TS]

  I didn't care too much about the plot [TS]

  the first time because i was just [TS]

  completely dazzled by their chemistry [TS]

  and their banter and this time because [TS]

  you know i was still enjoying it but I [TS]

  was also trying to focus more on the [TS]

  plot which yeah is kind of kind of lame [TS]

  so I I still completely loved to watch [TS]

  the two of them together and i adore [TS]

  they had the dinner scene hefty and [TS]

  because it's just one hundred percent [TS]

  delightful but but yeah I think if i [TS]

  were to watch it again i would probably [TS]

  be a little bit better because I [TS]

  wouldn't be expecting quite as much [TS]

  screen time for the two of them and [TS]

  that's where I fell down for me [TS]

  well to erica's point the the i have not [TS]

  seen this movie in about 30 years and [TS]

  the Nick and Nora interplay and their [TS]

  characters are so strong that i really [TS]

  didn't remember anything else about the [TS]

  movie and so when I was watching the [TS]

  first 10 minutes of the movie I said [TS]

  what the hell is this [TS]

  I thought I gotta get all this as I'm [TS]

  looking at it and then and then you [TS]

  finally get the scene in a hotel where [TS]

  norwich is the you know possibly the [TS]

  greatest entrance ever is nor coming in [TS]

  pulled along by Aston dropping all the [TS]

  packages and falling on her face [TS]

  that's how I thought the movie started [TS]

  that in my head that was me that was the [TS]

  beginning of the movie and in fact you [TS]

  know it is the beginning of the real [TS]

  movie everything before then is you've [TS]

  got a guy who is somehow both [TS]

  absent-minded absent-minded genius but [TS]

  also a really angry man who wants to [TS]

  kill people you know generally check [TS]

  itunes to see if I had accidentally [TS]

  started the first 10 minutes are very [TS]

  confusing [TS]

  I know the pacing at the beginning of [TS]

  the movie is terrible because there's 11 [TS]

  minutes without Nick and Nora but at the [TS]

  end of the movie there is two minutes [TS]

  between here's who the murderer is and [TS]

  the movie is over [TS]

  oh yeah yeah and in that two minutes we [TS]

  have time for Nick and Nora to go off [TS]

  and have sex [TS]

  yeah the movie ends with him jumping her [TS]

  bones as he clearly should which is yes [TS]

  there's none of this chase separate beds [TS]

  bullcrap [TS]

  yeah this is a married couple they're [TS]

  going to have sex now that's the end of [TS]

  movie [TS]

  goodnight everybody dogs going on the [TS]

  top shelf I'm going on Nora but they [TS]

  that they do have separate beds [TS]

  too early don't use them yeah but it's [TS]

  just it's it's still there and he even [TS]

  Tommy and Dorothy seem to have sex which [TS]

  is unbelievable I mean especially [TS]

  because it's a pretty look at those yeah [TS]

  it seemed hard I don't know it's not [TS]

  working what's the deal with Gilbert [TS]

  just a window [TS]

  Oh everybody wants a strange [TS]

  What's Eating little girls dream he's [TS]

  the young version of human cronin in I [TS]

  that's right i do and i saw i don't know [TS]

  i was gazing in my crystal ok we just [TS]

  start eyes it's like out everybody's put [TS]

  all rellium Morelli hold your knife some [TS]

  other way you're worried and Gilbert ooh [TS]

  I'm gonna suggest that it's possible [TS]

  that Gilbert smells of gardenias [TS]

  interesting i just like that how closely [TS]

  Stanton at like the I've never seen a [TS]

  dead body before data that don't come [TS]

  down with us we love will bring the body [TS]

  up to you [TS]

  yeah that was good they're all put off [TS]

  and that will not stop it like cycling [TS]

  into the elevator [TS]

  he's funny he's a little over the top [TS]

  but it's almost like he dropped in from [TS]

  another movie yeah I think he's Lisa was [TS]

  what we watched it together and she was [TS]

  pointing out that he's a parody of a [TS]

  certain kind of night late 1920s early [TS]

  nineteen thirties fo intellectualism ah [TS]

  but it's kind of a weird that stuff yeah [TS]

  yeah basically just said I'm looking I'm [TS]

  book smart but not street smart is to [TS]

  show you that that whole family is [TS]

  screwy base ya know [TS]

  well even the cop gets to look down on [TS]

  him he probably has a slim volume of [TS]

  poetry bounded limp leather the governor [TS]

  sullivan reference deal with that so i [TS]

  have a few disparate notes as my want [TS]

  with movies that i really like for [TS]

  starters what is with the thimble posing [TS]

  as a cocktail glass when they're [TS]

  drinking martinis their these miniscule [TS]

  they're more like I'm are tiny now [TS]

  that's that's why they have to drink 30 [TS]

  of them i guess that was this that was [TS]

  the style at the time i'm glad we moved [TS]

  past those oh yeah now we have comical [TS]

  novel the novelty-sized glasses so it's [TS]

  only the word martini doesn't mean [TS]

  anything i love the party scene because [TS]

  i love that we get to go through every [TS]

  single type of drunken this is [TS]

  mother and my father bother you got the [TS]

  barely coherent smiling bum who thinks [TS]

  Nick's wife is great guy [TS]

  weeping into his high ball for no reason [TS]

  the lecherous old creep journalists I [TS]

  mean they're all here it's it's just [TS]

  hard asses and then the the Isle of the [TS]

  punchline there too which is owned nikki [TS]

  i love you because you have such lovely [TS]

  people and I think she's only half [TS]

  joking there [TS]

  no she's not joking Julie all yeah she [TS]

  thinks this is neat [TS]

  yeah she's totally insist on it i think [TS]

  the single greatest moment in the film [TS]

  for me is probably when the cops are [TS]

  fishing around in the dresser and they [TS]

  find the gun and Nora says what's that [TS]

  man doing in my drawer it's rather see [TS]

  and there's the most unbelievable tier [TS]

  inducing reaction shot of power just so [TS]

  over-the-top that's his second biggest [TS]

  take I think my god he has another take [TS]

  ending scene i forget what she says but [TS]

  he didn't make any sense it's the was [TS]

  just a particular a twinkle in my father [TS]

  my father oh yeah i mean my father's one [TS]

  away by that point I like when she says [TS]

  oh it's um being not helpful 0 so it's [TS]

  someone for you as behind her is a guy [TS]

  with a gun like this really doesn't [TS]

  usually go this guy came for you I I I [TS]

  wanted to call out how great the [TS]

  lighting in the scene where he's [TS]

  searching the shop is which is just [TS]

  basically shadows and the flashlight and [TS]

  I can flash light beam [TS]

  I mean it's such a it's such an [TS]

  otherwise light movie and yet there's [TS]

  this this moment where it's just [TS]

  marvelously creepy as he's kind of [TS]

  searching through the show my notes say [TS]

  what could a good director have done [TS]

  with that soon going to take let's say [TS]

  three take strong words for WS vandyke I [TS]

  think it's just too muddy [TS]

  i I don't I just didn't I think that you [TS]

  know a real director with a reader with [TS]

  a real cinematographer who isn't [TS]

  shooting a movie in 14 days might have [TS]

  been able to like that a lot better and [TS]

  make it look more menacing I just think [TS]

  I think the whole scene looks muddy at [TS]

  the version i watch the stream version [TS]

  on on amazon and it was just a also ate [TS]

  terrible print like a really grainy and [TS]

  scratchy like that that movies in need [TS]

  of a good just sort of restoration [TS]

  answering restoration whatever wake ya i [TS]

  could be that my DVD is a bad copy [TS]

  yeah my final yeah I don't yeah mine is [TS]

  yours to the Amazon version is pretty [TS]

  sure i had the I itunes stream and it [TS]

  was not not very good [TS]

  that's it's pretty pretty ragged I think [TS]

  that scene works for me because it's [TS]

  muddy I mean if it lasted any longer it [TS]

  would have been irritating but because [TS]

  of the fact that it's so dark and [TS]

  there's so little that you can make out [TS]

  and it actually works for me but I got I [TS]

  get your point i wanted to mention the [TS]

  the weird pronunciations we mentioned [TS]

  suspect's later but also we get perhaps [TS]

  it was the work of a sadist or paranoia [TS]

  a think that's why they're suspicious of [TS]

  him maybe it's just killed guys gonna [TS]

  replace this dialogue with interstitials [TS]

  later right [TS]

  yeah status is just someone who's really [TS]

  sad Jason yeah it's not just really sad [TS]

  the most said he gets off on being so [TS]

  it's clearly a bookish kid when you read [TS]

  a lot of books and don't hear words said [TS]

  you pronounce them wrong so last thing I [TS]

  wanted to mention i just wanted to call [TS]

  out how wonderful i find Nora's wardrobe [TS]

  mm almost every dress she comes out and [TS]

  looks like a freeze frame from the chest [TS]

  burster seen an alien i can't miss I [TS]

  actually have a at one of my notes just [TS]

  says best period pantsuit period ever [TS]

  created [TS]

  look fantastic do you have an evening [TS]

  dress [TS]

  yeah it's a little too literally of [TS]

  course she does look at her [TS]

  do you have and she's a she's a rich [TS]

  heiress of course she has a part yeah [TS]

  sure she even makes the ice pack bag [TS]

  tied to her head look wonderful in that [TS]

  in that early scene yeah like maybe [TS]

  that's the thing people are doing now in [TS]

  her robe oh my god i want that robe so [TS]

  bad [TS]

  one other character that I did I liked [TS]

  um who has almost no screen time [TS]

  whatsoever is Jorgensen's wife the first [TS]

  mrs. Jordan first mr. engine yeah and [TS]

  when she's she said Park it over there [TS]

  sister I've been mrs. Jorgenson for a [TS]

  longer than you have [TS]

  yeah great if you really like William [TS]

  Powell here and you're willing to take a [TS]

  slight downgrade in his partner i [TS]

  strongly recommend my man godfrey oh [TS]

  you're great my man godfrey has Carole [TS]

  Lombard was not quite Myrna Loy but is [TS]

  very to do good all right Phil what we [TS]

  learned [TS]

  I i sometimes placed a little bets with [TS]

  myself on which movie will be the better [TS]

  regarded and I've never lost tonight but [TS]

  you know if that's ok i'm glad that you [TS]

  enjoyed one of the two movies that we [TS]

  curated for you [TS]

  well I it's not an area i don't you have [TS]

  lunch already done the maltese falcon I [TS]

  died too and I'm happy to be here now [TS]

  you've ruined my oh my I will say I I [TS]

  think maybe I decided to I don't like [TS]

  film noir I think maybe I've decided I [TS]

  think I think that's what we've [TS]

  discovered and you've broken you've [TS]

  broken my heart [TS]

  yes missing out missing are now well [TS]

  apparently not based on what I've seen [TS]

  anyway maybe not my cuppa tea hot tea [TS]

  it's coffee black like your soul yeah I [TS]

  want a movie with the with Nick and Nora [TS]

  Charles and uh and mr. Cairo and The [TS]

  Fatman about that I will totally wow [TS]

  yeah the fat man meets the thin man [TS]

  Oh probably out there [TS]

  well we're gonna we're going to button [TS]

  up the old old movie club again [TS]

  yep button it up button up as we do [TS]

  always goes if we're going to punch it [TS]

  in the face and it's gonna fall black [TS]

  and late and then we're gonna go through [TS]

  its pockets and look at it's a look at [TS]

  its belongings old movie club where we [TS]

  take old movies and hit them with a [TS]

  large stick old movie club smells of [TS]

  gardenias [TS]

  yellow trill couldn't we just hit the [TS]

  movies with the club [TS]

  ok soon we had an old movie club and [TS]

  yeah we club musical movies that's it [TS]

  with you because you solved the name of [TS]

  the thing [TS]

  Monty I Erica enzyme thank you for being [TS]

  here that these were these are in your [TS]

  room or in your time period [TS]

  yes I this is I have been thrilled to be [TS]

  watching movies not only that I've [TS]

  already seen but that I that I really [TS]

  liked him and by GAD sirs you are chaps [TS]

  worth knowing [TS]

  amazing call oh aight all sluts thank [TS]

  you thank you Jason if they hang you [TS]

  I'll always remember you [TS]

  uh-huh are you some sort of status or [TS]

  paranoia a monte Ashley thank you [TS]

  haven't you heard the news [TS]

  I'm a gentleman that smells of gardenias [TS]

  and everything David Laura thank you i [TS]

  am i'm gonna go cheer myself up by [TS]

  watching the third man again [TS]

  yeah that's on tonight it is good [TS]

  morning thank you very much [TS]

  it's the only way it makes sense Jason [TS]

  dr. drank thank you for joining us and [TS]

  not just in the chatroom it was nice [TS]

  having you here [TS]

  well thank you the best goodbyes are [TS]

  short to do and Philip Michael thank you [TS]

  for once again curating our old movie [TS]

  club [TS]

  well jason has always say when we set [TS]

  off all we've got is that maybe you love [TS]

  me and maybe I love you i'll have some [TS]

  brought nights after i sent you over [TS]

  okay [TS]

  and everybody out there thanks for [TS]

  listening a good night i'm going to [TS]

  sleep with crumpled newspapers around [TS]

  the bed in case somebody tries [TS]