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255b: Summer Superhero Spectacular: Gotham Region


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  incomparable the incomparable number 250 [TS]

  fine [TS]

  subepisode t Comic Con 2015 welcome back [TS]

  everybody to the incomparable it's our [TS]

  summer superhero spectacular in our [TS]

  previous episode we took 16 contestants [TS]

  put them in the ring and are cruel panel [TS]

  of judges reduce that number 28 that was [TS]

  the central city region now we're going [TS]

  to do it again in the Gotham region we [TS]

  have 16 heroes who will enter eight will [TS]

  leave Steve lutz and Phillip Michaels [TS]

  will make all of the cruel decisions [TS]

  we're going to start off with the [TS]

  top-ranked Batman in the Gotham region [TS]

  who else could it be but Batman he is [TS]

  going to go up against a huge underdog [TS]

  Starman so Tony sindelar will be [TS]

  defending Batman but let's start with [TS]

  chips others who is going to tell us [TS]

  about our underdog Starman I don't [TS]

  understand why would be an underdog in [TS]

  this situation situation I just don't [TS]

  and for the record I am NOT referring to [TS]

  the really really well-written really [TS]

  really popular a jack night [TS]

  Starman character of the no no I'm [TS]

  talking about will peyton dude i'm [TS]

  talking about a character that was [TS]

  created in the late eighties for DC by [TS]

  Roger stern and he is one of the [TS]

  greatest heroes of all time because it's [TS]

  not just that he's almost as strong as [TS]

  Superman that he flies almost as fast as [TS]

  Superman he has heat powers almost as [TS]

  hot as Superman he's almost as [TS]

  invulnerable as Superman and he can [TS]

  change his appearance well better than [TS]

  Superman [TS]

  will peyton Starman one of my favorite [TS]

  characters of all time has this as his [TS]

  character motivation ready for this [TS]

  he just wants to help people that's it [TS]

  will peyton Starman the nicest guy in [TS]

  the DC Universe boom right and ended [TS]

  with a boom again i love jeff bridges by [TS]

  the way temperatures is great i'm from [TS]

  the light and touché [TS]

  i'm here to help Tony talking about [TS]

  Batman alright well my notes say he's [TS]

  Batman haha so hopefully you're all [TS]

  familiar with him and you know apologies [TS]

  to the the gentleman from Gallifrey but [TS]

  Batman is in my mind the greatest [TS]

  superhero of all time [TS]

  he's one of the three in the the DC [TS]

  Trinity and you know he's been around [TS]

  forever he has had many many media [TS]

  adaptation some of them amazing like the [TS]

  batman animated series and some of them [TS]

  I not as amazing we don't need to dwell [TS]

  on those up but but he is defined a lot [TS]

  of what other heroes are you know crib [TS]

  from generously the utility belt the [TS]

  billionaire who is also an amazing [TS]

  scientist and inventor he has one of the [TS]

  greatest ropes calories and in all of [TS]

  comics he has probably the coolest ride [TS]

  of any superhero sorry ghost writer and [TS]

  he's in conclusion he's Batman quiet [TS]

  question for the Advocate yes please [TS]

  square on your advocacy of Batman with [TS]

  the campaign nineteen sixties version of [TS]

  Batman I was not alive then I take no [TS]

  responsibility [TS]

  alright how about the george clooney [TS]

  version of batman i love that man deeply [TS]

  I'm not seen that movie i have watched [TS]

  the batman animated series five more [TS]

  times instead how's that [TS]

  all right judges [TS]

  yeah Starman I seems like a lot of his [TS]

  identity is made of the fact that he's [TS]

  almost as good as Superman I'm afraid [TS]

  however he's not quite as good as Batman [TS]

  Batman it is for me Phil I am moved by [TS]

  not not Tony's argument favors [TS]

  chips number-one nickname not Tony [TS]

  however as my as my judicial colleague [TS]

  the judge nuts as determined it is not [TS]

  nearly enough to be almost as good as [TS]

  someone else you must be good on your [TS]

  own terms [TS]

  I'm disappointed by by the denunciation [TS]

  of nineteen sixties Batman who some of [TS]

  us hold in high esteem old chump with [TS]

  the william shatner joins them out of [TS]

  the shot and I rule in favor of Batman [TS]

  Batman now Batman Forever alright weeks [TS]

  if not been found not Batman around it's [TS]

  not a good old I have nothing but [TS]

  contempt for this court that's good and [TS]

  Robert that is the goal we are moving on [TS]

  to and a tight match up an 80 vs 9 seed [TS]

  it is also I i should say for basketball [TS]

  fans out there the only the only thing [TS]

  that appears in both this year's NCAA [TS]

  tournament bracket and the superhero [TS]

  bracket it is a that would that would be [TS]

  Savior I it in this case Professor [TS]

  Charles Xavier going up against the [TS]

  Black Widow and he's going to advocate [TS]

  for the Black Widow and Lisa for [TS]

  Professor X Lisa you may go first as you [TS]

  are the 9 seed and therefore the [TS]

  underdog Professor X is one of the most [TS]

  thankless jobs and marvel comics which [TS]

  is that he has to bear the moral [TS]

  responsibility of being an idealist [TS]

  while also acting pragmatically with [TS]

  with grid with a great deal of [TS]

  pragmatism he is almost the Barack Obama [TS]

  of mutants in that he's always [TS]

  disappointing someone somewhere by [TS]

  advocating a call uh a reason measured [TS]

  course of action taking his progress in [TS]

  increments and keeping his eyes on a [TS]

  goal that sometimes other people have [TS]

  difficulty seeing he is however mostly [TS]

  tireless occasionally canny and [TS]

  relentlessly focused on his one goal [TS]

  which is to make sure that nobody uses [TS]

  their powers or their human and or mute [TS]

  nature to unfairly victimize others he's [TS]

  for a more [TS]

  just more perfect world and he's [TS]

  forgetting their using more just and [TS]

  more perfect methods [TS]

  alright Andy please indicate for the [TS]

  black without my opening statement is [TS]

  that the Apple watch makes a crappy [TS]

  crappy stopwatch as I proved in the [TS]

  first my first statement and so [TS]

  therefore i'm switching to the iphone as [TS]

  my timing device Thank You Cort back [TS]

  black widow is awesome because she's one [TS]

  problem a few characters where [TS]

  comic-book continuity actually makes her [TS]

  cooler and not less interesting because [TS]

  she's had so many origins and so many [TS]

  things that contradict themselves [TS]

  it works perfectly because she's a spy [TS]

  she sometimes a spine the guys with [TS]

  superhero she's an Avenger but she's [TS]

  still a spy [TS]

  she is one of these people who get stuff [TS]

  done that gets the dirty work done it [TS]

  doesn't have a big problem with at least [TS]

  doesn't let it interfere with the [TS]

  mission her proper role is not flying [TS]

  around on a super jet bike fighting [TS]

  alongside Thor while she's firing a [TS]

  handgun her role is to be the anonymous [TS]

  person who is responsible for a death [TS]

  that got reported on page 5 of the [TS]

  newspaper given no notice by anybody but [TS]

  in doing so she toppled the government [TS]

  10,000 miles away and not necessarily a [TS]

  bad government those doing bad things [TS]

  either just a government whose interests [TS]

  were getting in the way of those are the [TS]

  government that she's working for [TS]

  so you have to trust that she's lying [TS]

  and cheating and killing and [TS]

  manipulating on the side of the angels [TS]

  but you can never ever be sure and [TS]

  that's why she's a fantastic cool [TS]

  character also finally she is just [TS]

  capable as hell and we don't see a lot [TS]

  of that in superheroes but is she [TS]

  handi-capable if that's the only way [TS]

  she's gonna get into the embassy she [TS]

  will shoot herself and whatever needs to [TS]

  be shot out to get the appropriate [TS]

  parking flat past yes interesting day [TS]

  for your thoughts [TS]

  hmm well i know i'm i'm definitely [TS]

  leaning a terminator x I think his work [TS]

  with the with Public Enemy really i [TS]

  think push trap to new levels i think [TS]

  fear of a black planet is is probably [TS]

  one of the quintessential focus on the [TS]

  letter R way I this is this is what [TS]

  justice there 93 or 94 their senile as [TS]

  hell they don't know [TS]

  is being argued against do did I did I [TS]

  started like it was right on my cot I'm [TS]

  sorry thinking of the basketball team [TS]

  from Xavier what were we talking about [TS]

  now i don't know i'm paying attention [TS]

  o.i I'm lost I believe you're right to [TS]

  decide favorite black widows the know [TS]

  you're safer for me [TS]

  just sign right here your honor but [TS]

  you're on it open but getting down low [TS]

  for the bombest her ex Professor X of [TS]

  the ball dude in the wheelchair come-ons [TS]

  Black Widow add the kitchen miser is [TS]

  correct when she says that Charles [TS]

  Xavier has a thankless role in the x-men [TS]

  and therefore i will not thank him he's [TS]

  a terrible character [TS]

  oh I go for the the Black Widow seven [TS]

  days a week and twice on sundays well [TS]

  Black Widow wins the tight 89 matchup we [TS]

  move on to match up between number five [TS]

  seed daredevil advocated by Tony versus [TS]

  number 12 seat harley quinn advocated by [TS]

  Andy Andy as the underdog you get to go [TS]

  first okay you start out with a [TS]

  character that's perfect for visual [TS]

  storytelling she has a great look about [TS]

  her [TS]

  also she does things on a huge scale she [TS]

  is not a spy she's not subtle [TS]

  she has no small emotions every reaction [TS]

  is huge and whatever weapons of choice [TS]

  is an enormous hammer or a pack of wild [TS]

  dogs that loves only her and will do [TS]

  whatever she tells me to do usually [TS]

  something incredibly violent and then [TS]

  you throw in the fact that she herself [TS]

  can't see the consequences to her [TS]

  actions and so therefore she acts with [TS]

  total abandoned and much violence now [TS]

  that's not great for every book every [TS]

  where but it's good for this one but [TS]

  oddly enough and this is what makes her [TS]

  awesome that's all true but there isn't [TS]

  a single mean-spirited bone in her body [TS]

  she has a warped sense of ethics but she [TS]

  follows that sense of ethics and bad [TS]

  directions and nobody gets splattered [TS]

  out of rage or because she doesn't think [TS]

  they deserve it but then there's this [TS]

  other thing that that separates her [TS]

  unlike the Joker i mean the the [TS]

  comics don't get deep into the reasons [TS]

  why she is what she is but we know [TS]

  enough for her backstory that we know [TS]

  that she is a talented psychologist who [TS]

  has a mental illness and so there is an [TS]

  unspoken sadness about those stories as [TS]

  well so we're enjoying this sort of [TS]

  comic-book mayhem you know Looney Tunes [TS]

  but Warner Brothers stuff but unlike the [TS]

  Joker there's some sense of tragedy that [TS]

  gives it a little bit extra weight she [TS]

  is awesome [TS]

  alright Tony daredevil ok so daredevil [TS]

  is a hero who he doesn't defend America [TS]

  he doesn't even defend New York City [TS]

  defense hell's kitchen which is like you [TS]

  know a couple blocks where he lives by [TS]

  day he is a lawyer and he tends to you [TS]

  no pickup cases for defending you know [TS]

  kind of the most downtrodden and [TS]

  forgotten about people and then he puts [TS]

  on some red spandex at night and runs [TS]

  around which is particularly impressive [TS]

  because he is blind but he has kind of [TS]

  super sonar senses and acrobatic senses [TS]

  and perhaps his greatest superhero power [TS]

  of all is that no matter how hard you [TS]

  punch him he gets back up and he can [TS]

  take a beating like like nobody don't [TS]

  worry about the ben affleck version of [TS]

  you if you haven't seen it you are not [TS]

  missing anything [TS]

  check out the really cool netflix [TS]

  version i don't know Tony it's pretty [TS]

  hard to see past Ben Affleck oh you see [TS]

  what i did there [TS]

  what you did there Judgment Day not and [TS]

  that you made that pun mama Morton oh [TS]

  let's go to let's go to fill for his [TS]

  judgment i believe this is a superhero [TS]

  bracket is it not yes indeed who and why [TS]

  is harley quinn been invited to the [TS]

  party as i understand from Jackie's not [TS]

  only lawyer Chinese that makes her here [TS]

  she is a villainous therefore I [TS]

  questioned her participation are you [TS]

  throwing this case have entirely III old [TS]

  somebody in order to take their place in [TS]

  my bio ever she resented her and I [TS]

  realize in the life of a villain [TS]

  I rule for daredevil right Steve yeah [TS]

  you know I really like the depths of the [TS]

  character of hard [TS]

  Quinn and the way she's presented by [TS]

  andy is very very compelling but I my [TS]

  understanding is always been that she's [TS]

  a villain s I and I i'm not entirely [TS]

  sure how she got in here who let this [TS]

  person in she has a current comic book [TS]

  where she's basically a hero is that [TS]

  Suicide Squad know what she knows around [TS]

  our harlequin really well whatever it is [TS]

  they're fair enough well whatever its [TS]

  daredevil that's where it is so ordered [TS]

  I'll take it so ordered [TS]

  we will move on to our next matchup I [TS]

  number four seed the ultimate spider-man [TS]

  Miles Morales will be advocated by Monty [TS]

  Ashley against the number 13 seed moon [TS]

  night advocated by Dan more'n again you [TS]

  can even ask how did moonlight get in [TS]

  here for what is it a night i'm i'm i'm [TS]

  glad you asked my notes much like Tony [TS]

  say simply he's Batman season wrong he's [TS]

  not wrong [TS]

  I you know what we can pull the trigger [TS]

  his bright white costume I I'm yeah I'm [TS]

  amazing about the pressure to go for a [TS]

  moonlight that's crazy [TS]

  he's got like multiple personalities [TS]

  including most recently I believe he has [TS]

  multiple personalities that are Captain [TS]

  America Wolverine and spider-man just [TS]

  cuz that's how nuts he is in his spare [TS]

  time he apparently produces you know TV [TS]

  shows when he's not masquerading in his [TS]

  various personas like a cab driver and a [TS]

  you know billionaire playboy it's weird [TS]

  man ahead [TS]

  I don't know he makes me kind of [TS]

  generally uncomfortable even though he [TS]

  is sort of you know well trained as a a [TS]

  boxer and a former Marine and a [TS]

  mercenary and now a costume superhero [TS]

  but yeah that that white suit kind of [TS]

  Impractical having various like like a [TS]

  moon copter and like car probably i [TS]

  don't know that's that's kind of not so [TS]

  he's crazy man he's crazy [TS]

  it's like the ninjas the whitening is [TS]

  the one that's really dangerous because [TS]

  it doesn't even need to wear a TV show [TS]

  yeah Tony sorry Tony thank you for hi [TS]

  Marion Monty please talk to us about [TS]

  ultimate but I [TS]

  Miles Morales is spider-man and first I [TS]

  want to inform you he does have [TS]

  radioactive blood haha i dunno [TS]

  good to know basically you know how [TS]

  movies keep rebooting spider-man with [TS]

  another young white dude they give you [TS]

  the same origin story over and over [TS]

  again when the comic books they had this [TS]

  brilliant idea of actually asking [TS]

  themselves what would a poor orphan boy [TS]

  in New York actually looked like it [TS]

  turns out he looks like this half [TS]

  african-american half Latino kid they [TS]

  miles who is awesome [TS]

  he's a poor but smart kid acts a lot [TS]

  like spider-man but now he's half [TS]

  african-american half Latino he's the [TS]

  spider man of the future that spider-man [TS]

  2099 that far future that's a farking [TS]

  check the future of like next year or so [TS]

  I have a question for advocate [TS]

  nationally [TS]

  yes sir how many goddamn spider-man's [TS]

  are we going to have a discussion as [TS]

  many i can i can answer that where there [TS]

  are as many spider-man in this [TS]

  competition as Hawkeyes as flashes and [TS]

  as people named Cabul marvel [TS]

  hey I'm here no more than I declare for [TS]

  the person who isn't the the 8000 [TS]

  spider-man III was really hoping you [TS]

  guys would vote against that last [TS]

  spider-man for insufficient theme song [TS]

  references and I could swoop in with [TS]

  this one although i think technically [TS]

  Monty he has genetically altered blood [TS]

  okay babe i am even more confident in my [TS]

  ruling noun on spider-man wins [TS]

  Steve yeah you know I tend to lean [TS]

  towards a if you want to make a new [TS]

  comic come up with a new hero [TS]

  uh but apparently people choose not to [TS]

  follow my guidelines when they come up [TS]

  with comic books and understand why but [TS]

  i am also extremely confused by dan's [TS]

  don't value night Gammons I'm just [TS]

  impressed you could remember the name of [TS]

  a character get gambit is later Steve [TS]

  Campbell yet are you trying out my blog [TS]

  plated I I don't let what do you think [TS]

  I'm an idiot do you think I'm a channel [TS]

  you already won when you try to [TS]

  rationalize it with question to the [TS]

  answer first [TS]

  uh Steve let me consult my three [TS]

  personality [TS]

  I'm going on tonight with the upset [TS]

  oh well and offset we're not spider-man [TS]

  nice going all the way oh man if it gets [TS]

  a Batman and Moon Knight that's how I [TS]

  don't know what we'll do [TS]

  oh man my heart can't handle that you [TS]

  like spy vs spy wouldn't [TS]

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  we now move onto an interesting matchup [TS]

  LOL finally as God but we give me the [TS]

  plans of the Batman will find it [TS]

  intriguing that we have i'm intrigued to [TS]

  the two friends of the Batman who went [TS]

  on to also have different roles and he [TS]

  will be advocating for 11th seed Robin [TS]

  Dick Grayson also known as Nightwing [TS]

  well Lisa will be arguing for number 60 [TS]

  Barbara Gordon Batgirl also known as [TS]

  oracle so it's extra confusing i pay [TS]

  close attention Andy please begin your [TS]

  advocacy for Dick Grayson Dick Grayson [TS]

  this is one of the these operatic scale [TS]

  characters in comics because she has [TS]

  this really complicated burden of a [TS]

  father-son relationship with Bruce Wayne [TS]

  that's really what this character is all [TS]

  about [TS]

  he grew up admiring and respecting and [TS]

  emulating Bruce Wayne and Bruce raised [TS]

  him and mostly made him what he is so [TS]

  much of a story though is about his [TS]

  transition to adulthood and adulthood is [TS]

  the period when she realized that this [TS]

  person that you regarded as some sort of [TS]

  a god is a human being who has [TS]

  limitations and even has defects and so [TS]

  you decide what parts of him you would [TS]

  like to emulate and then what parts [TS]

  you'd like to succeed and transcend and [TS]

  then there's the burden of him being so [TS]

  closely connected to Batman and [TS]

  everybody's eyes he he has a certain [TS]

  responsibility of taking up Bruce [TS]

  Wayne's burden when he's unable to do so [TS]

  and also at the same time trying to find [TS]

  an assert his own identity and then the [TS]

  most difficult part of his job at the [TS]

  mall is too at times be Bruce's tether [TS]

  back to reality when Alfred knows that [TS]

  the Bruce is going a little bit over the [TS]

  edge right now who's gonna who's can you [TS]

  talk to that he'll respect who can [TS]

  actually bring them down to reality and [TS]

  speak on his level there's only one [TS]

  person who can do that and that is Robin [TS]

  / night ring all right Andy would you [TS]

  describe him as batman's güncel haha [TS]

  the reference acknowledged actually I [TS]

  was also going to go for tales of [TS]

  Hoffmann [TS]

  reference but I didn't want to go into [TS]

  attention i was running out of time [TS]

  Lisa Barbara Gordon please speak for her [TS]

  character arc has been defined by [TS]

  adversity [TS]

  although she was initially the bat the [TS]

  back girl going up there swinging around [TS]

  fighting crime having a great time [TS]

  sisters are doing it for themselves a [TS]

  tragic incident at the hands of the [TS]

  Joker rendered her paraplegic and what [TS]

  she had to retire from the active tights [TS]

  and flights crowd she reinvented herself [TS]

  as an information broker to the [TS]

  superhuman community she correctly [TS]

  predicted that in the 21st century the [TS]

  first battleground for good versus evil [TS]

  would actually be in information warfare [TS]

  and she's positioned yourself to take [TS]

  advantage of that fortunately she works [TS]

  the side of the angels but perhaps the [TS]

  most remarkable achievement as Oracle is [TS]

  an assembling the birds of prey where [TS]

  she has effectively rehab several other [TS]

  women in the DC universe created an army [TS]

  of super heroines and turn them into a [TS]

  professional network that has gone on to [TS]

  create several other successful team ups [TS]

  and inculcate members of the kind of [TS]

  values of leadership where they can now [TS]

  comfortably lead the Justice League [TS]

  thanks to what they've learned under [TS]

  Oracle in their time of birds of prey [TS]

  she's an example of resilience [TS]

  leadership vision and foresight alright [TS]

  thank you [TS]

  so there we have it to people with [TS]

  strong connections to Batman they also [TS]

  used to date this changes everything [TS]

  super awkward right there just standing [TS]

  on the platform is not looking at each [TS]

  other just exactly yeah I don't think [TS]

  Grayson to me has always been the little [TS]

  of irritating Adam West follow along guy [TS]

  who's says poli whatever Batman and [TS]

  that's that's a little hard to get past [TS]

  whereas back girl i like the storyline [TS]

  of the character who has overcome a lot [TS]

  including if the film batman and robin [TS]

  is anything to go by a tragic lack of [TS]

  nipples which you know that's that's a [TS]

  rough lot to draw [TS]

  ah so i'm going to go with that with [TS]

  barb oracle film [TS]

  1997 Batman and Robin presents a [TS]

  troubling precedent for decided in favor [TS]

  of either superhero uh Robin is a [TS]

  yes-man twit Barbara is a really a [TS]

  follower and a is played by alicia [TS]

  silverstone 1pi away from disaster [TS]

  I however it's like he didn't even [TS]

  listen to our removes his way download [TS]

  differentiation I sure can hold your [TS]

  tongue that I moved by Miss misers [TS]

  defense of Barbara Gordon and her [TS]

  portrayal of a barber garden in the [TS]

  birds of prey universe [TS]

  I rule in favor of Batgirl oracle all [TS]

  right Batgirl moves along as the same [TS]

  seed sorry Chum drinking editors around [TS]

  ranking representative of the Church of [TS]

  Batman door systems good thank you don't [TS]

  like an archbishop wait dick Grayson's [TS]

  we've gotten so big in a jolt record at [TS]

  movies like playing suncity it takes you [TS]

  forever because yes it does not the [TS]

  round round rebels rule i think but [TS]

  daredevil advances but that well he got [TS]

  the white washing of the Netflix series [TS]

  to a sack like yeah you have the hot new [TS]

  daredevil we're going to another matchup [TS]

  we have green arrow [TS]

  who's gonna be advocated by Dan more'n [TS]

  of this Piero cast don't mess this up [TS]

  more and i love green arrow against [TS]

  number 14 seed mr. fantastic of the [TS]

  Fantastic Four advocated by Indian IQ [TS]

  Andy you may go first [TS]

  he's one of the most important [TS]

  characters the entire Marvel Universe [TS]

  there are few handful there are some [TS]

  characters who can save the city there [TS]

  are fewer characters who can save the [TS]

  planet [TS]

  mr. fantastic has the smarts to figure [TS]

  out how to save the entire universe and [TS]

  all of reality unless there's unless a [TS]

  marketing thing involved it's not his [TS]

  fault he's he's a not only a genius but [TS]

  he's a creative genius like motor where [TS]

  he makes these amazingly [TS]

  oops of intelligence to see things and [TS]

  ask questions that haven't been there [TS]

  before and yet he does so with humility [TS]

  he's the person who will civil but when [TS]

  we need an expert on by radiation he [TS]

  will bring in another person saying look [TS]

  it costs me nothing to admit that you [TS]

  know more about this we have more [TS]

  experience in this than I do let's work [TS]

  together on this and yet it was despite [TS]

  his responsibilities [TS]

  he's still a good husband and father now [TS]

  oftentimes is depicted as the person [TS]

  who's tuning out his wife and his kids [TS]

  but i prefer to see it the other way [TS]

  that he is my his mind is always on [TS]

  exploration he's always once tenth of a [TS]

  second away from some sort of [TS]

  breakthrough that fascinates them and [TS]

  yet he's always turning off the [TS]

  superbowl three minutes from the end [TS]

  when a tie score to be with his family [TS]

  so he is a fantastic character he's a [TS]

  smart guy he's a good person and he can [TS]

  turn himself into a rubber ball and [TS]

  bounce around that makes him awesome [TS]

  alright then well green arrow when I of [TS]

  course refer to the Oliver Queen version [TS]

  here is one of the great heroes in the [TS]

  DC Universe a major member in the [TS]

  Justice League and just you know a great [TS]

  guy who I think has you know a number of [TS]

  things going from 41 you know like so [TS]

  many other people he is he's under [TS]

  super-powered so he has to take it on [TS]

  himself to do what he can with the [TS]

  skills that he has which include being a [TS]

  master Archer among other things you [TS]

  know he used to pal around with green [TS]

  lantern a bit [TS]

  they did a lot of stuff that dealt with [TS]

  sort of the social conscience you know [TS]

  and he had to like get his partner off [TS]

  heroin man like that's that's some [TS]

  serious stuff going on there he was [TS]

  stuck on an island for many years which [TS]

  is where he learned many of his skills [TS]

  and and this sort of you know prompted [TS]

  him to come back and and try to save his [TS]

  City with a very personal appeal there [TS]

  and I i think that's that's a lot of [TS]

  what's going 4-4 green arrow and i will [TS]

  note that it you know [TS]

  well he may not be the most a [TS]

  the most high-profile of superheroes [TS]

  he's also not you know stuck in his life [TS]

  science lab all day he's getting down [TS]

  the street she's getting dirty he's [TS]

  getting he's getting gritty he's [TS]

  hands-on and i will point out as per [TS]

  Phil's earlier discussion shape-shifting [TS]

  is not really a superpower so you know [TS]

  ok thank you thank you Dan time I she's [TS]

  arrows huh yeah i-i've noticed its we [TS]

  have three arrow shooting heroes in this [TS]

  accomplishment has he has a boxing glove [TS]

  arrow so you know and so far pollero [TS]

  somehow have not come to the fore during [TS]

  the discussion I think that's [TS]

  interesting as well [TS]

  Steve what are your thoughts about green [TS]

  arrow vs mr fantastic i think he came up [TS]

  with that name himself but I didn't hear [TS]

  an awful yes that's the humility of [TS]

  which andy spoke and certain on display [TS]

  right there [TS]

  um yeah I didn't hear a lot about what [TS]

  green arrow can actually do other than [TS]

  apparently get people off of hard drugs [TS]

  which is impressive you have to admit on [TS]

  the other hand mr. fantastic manages to [TS]

  be the least interesting hero and a team [TS]

  that includes Ava's so true i got a rule [TS]

  in favor green arrow don't I believe [TS]

  that sea storm initiated divorce [TS]

  proceedings against mr. fantastic i [TS]

  guess he wasn't that fantastic but [TS]

  apparently not recount point point point [TS]

  of order the the denominator in question [TS]

  also has a habit of leaving her family [TS]

  whenever things get tough doing millions [TS]

  of dollars with the damage the Baxter [TS]

  building instead of sitting down and [TS]

  talking things out and be her only [TS]

  victim [TS]

  yeah exactly that's why we blaming mr. [TS]

  fantastic thank you very much someone on [TS]

  my side [TS]

  order order Judge Michael please [TS]

  continue your when you have a situation [TS]

  where even see his store cannot stand to [TS]

  be around mister fantastic [TS]

  one wonders how fast he is a weedy good [TS]

  heavens I rule in favor of the green [TS]

  here and like a green arrow moves i [TS]

  doing on my justice you know i'm [TS]

  horrible some ballots I'm some sort of [TS]

  thing I I'm up on fire like a human [TS]

  story and i'm going to visible and i'll [TS]

  be called mister fantastic [TS]

  oh sorry Andy mr. better [TS]

  rest of you is just no two ways about it [TS]

  demands a turd [TS]

  that's the type of wires one person [TS]

  saves the University of the ones put [TS]

  some things hey what if i put a boxing [TS]

  glove by the end of this arrow little [TS]

  ego 12 feet but that's what ya got that [TS]

  bank robber that I always seem to face [TS]

  will be handled the ball is bracketed [TS]

  save the universe takes more than that [TS]

  can uses plastic arms to thumb for awry [TS]

  are moving onto another matchup as it [TS]

  rounds must we move on we must move on [TS]

  loop number seven [TS]

  deadpool advocated by Lisa Schmeisser [TS]

  versus number ten Martian Manhunter he [TS]

  does not al-dam more and I'm gonna have [TS]

  to ask you just as a point of [TS]

  clarification of the beginning is he a [TS]

  Martian who hunts men or or or somebody [TS]

  who hunts Martian men are is a Martian [TS]

  man who just happens to hunt any way Dan [TS]

  you make advocate for Martian Manhunter [TS]

  that's a great question Jason he made [TS]

  out of chocolate first I'd like to I'd [TS]

  like to clarify that Martian Manhunter [TS]

  isn't not has not been and will probably [TS]

  never be played by ryan reynolds i think [TS]

  that is an important point [TS]

  ok then one night I objection he's [TS]

  trying to bias after Syria Martian [TS]

  Manhunter first of all obviously is from [TS]

  Mars is indeed he's a green Martian I [TS]

  think Martian Manhunter is one of my [TS]

  favorite Justice League characters [TS]

  because among other things first of all [TS]

  he's got a lot of awesome powers he can [TS]

  fly he can he's basically invulnerable [TS]

  he can turn intangible and phase through [TS]

  solid objects you can turn invisible he [TS]

  has telekinesis telepathy i mean he's [TS]

  basically you know he could probably [TS]

  kick Superman's acid all I'm saying it's [TS]

  just it's just a thing and so I i think [TS]

  in particular i like the Martian [TS]

  Manhunter he ends up being uh often sort [TS]

  of the voice of rational reason among [TS]

  the Justice League and let me tell you [TS]

  when you've got like an insane guy who [TS]

  dresses up as a bat you need a rational [TS]

  voice of reason every once in awhile and [TS]

  church a bad man is listening quiet i [TS]

  mean i think even Batman would admit [TS]

  that Martian Manhunter is a valuable [TS]

  present in the Justice League okay Lisa [TS]

  Oh Marvel's Merc with a mouth I can't [TS]

  believe this is even a contest Deadpool [TS]

  has the same type of superhuman healing [TS]

  factor that the that Wolverine has [TS]

  except here's the thing [TS]

  deadpool can regrow severed severed [TS]

  limbs so he's like a starfish accept a [TS]

  starfish that kills people and clips a [TS]

  lot and he's immune to drugs but he's [TS]

  not immune to make a fine wisecrack and [TS]

  he has a little pathetic backstory which [TS]

  is always better and entertaining and he [TS]

  carries two swords on his back and [TS]

  everyone knows swords are super cool and [TS]

  because he's a mercenary with a big old [TS]

  merc eberle background he presents [TS]

  endless opportunities for really fun [TS]

  stories and or heel turns whenever [TS]

  decides to serve the narrative this is [TS]

  somebody who is richly layered and [TS]

  complex and they make him a jerk [TS]

  basically because otherwise you have [TS]

  somebody who can regrow limbs and is [TS]

  immune to to be to being dead and you [TS]

  have to do something to keep them from [TS]

  taking over the planet anyway Deadpool [TS]

  entertaining fun a starfish with clips [TS]

  I rest my case to clarify was he has he [TS]

  ever been played by ryan reynolds ah you [TS]

  don't have to answer that on the ground [TS]

  for the main criminate your client I [TS]

  don't know to be honest with you bill [TS]

  what are your thoughts being part being [TS]

  part of the justice league does not [TS]

  convey dignity [TS]

  wow that was a deciding president there [TS]

  the Aquaman president not being a part [TS]

  of the justice league does not deprive [TS]

  you of dignity I rule in favor of [TS]

  Deadpool ok Steve yeah Deadpool I don't [TS]

  know I get so tired of characters who [TS]

  are primarily defined by the fact that [TS]

  they're quickie and sarcastic and in [TS]

  addition i should point out that the [TS]

  ability to regrow severed limbs sounds [TS]

  suspiciously close to shape-shifting [TS]

  which you know i'm not sure about this [TS]

  president area on the other hand Martian [TS]

  Manhunter so tom has he has he has his [TS]

  cross your heart upper support garment [TS]

  that's an interesting point he actually [TS]

  almost it's almost as our does think [TS]

  he's rocking at the top have [TS]

  uh but i gotta find for Deadpool [TS]

  Deadpool moves on and our last matchup [TS]

  in the Gotham region number two seed [TS]

  Wonder Woman advocated by Andy and [TS]

  Nicole versus number 15 only Wildcat [TS]

  advocated by Monty Monty who the hell is [TS]

  Wildcat well first thank you for the [TS]

  entirely unbiased introduction that [TS]

  Wildcat is an older DC Comics character [TS]

  who's an ex-boxer that's pretty much all [TS]

  he has going for him [TS]

  they claimed he has the superpower of [TS]

  having nine lives but he's been around [TS]

  for like 70 years and he very rarely [TS]

  actually uses any of them so the [TS]

  important thing is just think of him as [TS]

  a guy who used to be a boxer now dresses [TS]

  up like a cat and punches criminals in [TS]

  the face right but here's the thing he's [TS]

  really good at punching people in the [TS]

  face and as an ex-boxer he's one of the [TS]

  few people with an actual justification [TS]

  for his fighting skills in the DC world [TS]

  he's the guy that trained Batman to [TS]

  fight also trained Catwoman and Black [TS]

  Canary and anyone else who they written [TS]

  the story requires to be a good fighter [TS]

  they eventually have to wave their hands [TS]

  and say oh Wildcat trained him because [TS]

  Wildcat is almost the only guy in DC [TS]

  who's actually justified in being a good [TS]

  fighter [TS]

  I thought Liam Neeson trained Batman we [TS]

  also on the radium what you think of the [TS]

  small business owners and also that guy [TS]

  with the ponytail in space all right [TS]

  Thank You Monty andy / 24-hour for [TS]

  Wonder Woman Wonder Woman she's an icon [TS]

  starting off she is part of the Trinity [TS]

  such a significant character not only in [TS]

  what she is but she can represent all [TS]

  the other characters that DC simply said [TS]

  that this is the easy year she's one of [TS]

  the three characters that forms the [TS]

  basis of all the superheroes inside the [TS]

  DC Universe she's a princess who fought [TS]

  very very hard anonymously to win the [TS]

  right to leave the island and be the [TS]

  emissary from this the Paradise Island [TS]

  of warriors so she left and she left [TS]

  this island armed with the knowledge and [TS]

  training of [TS]

  all kinds of weaponry all kinds of [TS]

  fighting and basically that as much [TS]

  smarts as you can put inside a single [TS]

  body all for that however she's not [TS]

  there to kick but she she embodies the [TS]

  idea that you don't always have to be [TS]

  nice in this world but you almost always [TS]

  do have to be kind she is the person [TS]

  whose presence in the room not only puts [TS]

  together a sense of peace but also a [TS]

  sense of severity of the situations like [TS]

  she has set foot in this room that means [TS]

  that things have just gone up about 10 [TS]

  times she will give you the opportunity [TS]

  to understand that you don't have to [TS]

  fight this out this is a stupid thing [TS]

  that you're doing right now we can do [TS]

  things differently but if you do decide [TS]

  to fight you are almost certainly going [TS]

  forward I I on this point Andy I have to [TS]

  ask would you say that she would make a [TS]

  hawk and dove stop alone perhaps even [TS]

  better light truck the truth indeed [TS]

  interested in watching that show what [TS]

  she has done none of those things and [TS]

  who wants to better understand the line [TS]

  get us out from under wonder woman who [TS]

  wants me I wonder wonder women for your [TS]

  mind babe you make a strong case it is [TS]

  time for the judges to rule Steve what [TS]

  are your thoughts [TS]

  wow I love the the idea of a character [TS]

  whose entirety is I'm an ex-boxer who [TS]

  punches people in the face on the other [TS]

  hand man wonderland theme song is so [TS]

  good so good morning morning morning [TS]

  morning walk and I point out that part [TS]

  way through the second season they [TS]

  stopped singing the theme song at the [TS]

  beginning of the show [TS]

  Monty she's in her satellites she's [TS]

  fighting for rights respected and the [TS]

  old red white and blue [TS]

  I find for wonder woman I can't say it [TS]

  but i find for it [TS]

  the curious case of benjamin button guys [TS]

  I think Scully has gone Harpo again [TS]

  yeah i think that that means includes a [TS]

  hard-working clerk to cover cover up for [TS]

  this special thinking juice i think [TS]

  they'll get the shaker up [TS]

  like Steve I admire the ability to punch [TS]

  people [TS]

  however wonder woman stands head and [TS]

  shoulders and course it up among other [TS]

  things so many other superheroes one [TS]

  cannot rule against her it in this early [TS]

  round I rule in favor of Wonder Woman [TS]

  yeah i was very sad argue against one [TS]

  woman given that i'm actually being paid [TS]

  to write about the Wonder Woman TV show [TS]

  right now that we've completed two [TS]

  brackets now the gamma-ray and the [TS]

  central city region we have we have we [TS]

  have learned much I need some gatorade I [TS]

  need to replenish your electrolytes I [TS]

  need some gatorade to quote it i'm going [TS]

  to continue my special brand of swift [TS]

  and stupid justice [TS]

  join us tomorrow for the metropolis [TS]

  region until then I have been your host [TS]

  Jason Snell thanks for joining us this [TS]

  has been the incomparable summer [TS]

  superhero spectacular [TS]

  this chip out all that last bracket i [TS]

  had Starman and that was their man [TS]

  oh so basically yes now and send me to [TS]

  drinking tail if you would if you would [TS]

  emphasize the Bowie aspect of star man i [TS]

  might have I might have leaned for that [TS]

  doesn't star Matt waiting in the sky [TS]

  he'd like to come and sing but if they [TS]

  see blow our minds [TS]

  there's a star man let's go said let go [TS]

  let the children lose him [TS]

  let all the children through game that's [TS]

  ok it's alright it's alright Ricky right [TS]

  all right I honestly had you use the [TS]

  phrase let all the children boo gay I [TS]

  would definitely have to take a star man [TS]

  over back now you know how Steve rules [TS]

  you do the other young I you finally [TS]

  well-known found malware home went down [TS]

  when I home they all do when I don't [TS]

  know [TS]

  Donaire oh I don't know around i had to [TS]

  find someone so i picked on you [TS]

  whoo-hoo hey that's far out so you heard [TS]

  him too [TS]

  whoo-hoo switch on the TV we may pick [TS]

  him up um channel24 you but to pretend [TS]

  you look out your window I can see his [TS]

  la had to get played guitar but you [TS]

  haven't good with will indian air and [TS]

  spiders from mars he could play in hand [TS]

  but he made him too far came on so [TS]

  loaded man we're hugging pseudo y10 but [TS]

  we're with this does dad do don't they [TS]

  all do when the Flies tried to break up [TS]

  aholes black and white [TS]

  but Maasai yeah when when gets it kill [TS]

  you man [TS]

  Matt have to break up the band [TS]

  ya see many ways [TS]

  hug hug on touhy pop ice [TS]

  absolutely [TS]