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255c: Summer Superhero Spectacular: Metropolis Region


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  incomparable the incomparable number 255 [TS]

  subepisode see Comic Con 2015 welcome [TS]

  back everybody to be uncomfortable i'm [TS]

  your host Jason snail we are engaged in [TS]

  a pursuit that is feudal in almost every [TS]

  way we're going to take 60 for [TS]

  superheroes down to one we're gonna find [TS]

  the best superhero ever [TS]

  we are in the midst of the first round [TS]

  of our 64 hero tournament in each [TS]

  regional bracket 16 heroes enter but [TS]

  only eight leave each hero has a [TS]

  representative from our panel and then [TS]

  the winner is chosen arbitrarily by our [TS]

  judges Steve lutz and Phillip Michaels [TS]

  we are going to go to Metropolis region [TS]

  now and number one seed Superman will be [TS]

  facing off against the winner of a plan [TS]

  match between fire and ice the human [TS]

  torch and Iceman Lisa who was the victor [TS]

  in the battle between human torch and [TS]

  Iceman Iseman had it Iseman as ice-1 in [TS]

  the end ok so Lisa Lisa you can you can [TS]

  defend Iceman if you will again Superman [TS]

  do my best here three words omega-level [TS]

  muted what that means is that Bobby [TS]

  Frost is one of the most powerful people [TS]

  in the marvel universe because he can [TS]

  control water across a variety of [TS]

  temperatures and in a variety of ways he [TS]

  can make tiny clones of himself ice [TS]

  clones and control those copies talk [TS]

  through them so what he can do is [TS]

  effectively create his own distributed [TS]

  physical autonomous networked [TS]

  intelligence that's a frightening and [TS]

  formidable power to have he can also [TS]

  manipulate water molecules and other [TS]

  people down at extremely tiny or [TS]

  incredible macro levels [TS]

  given how pervasive water is in almost [TS]

  any iteration of of the Marvel vs. the [TS]

  fact that body is able to manipulate it [TS]

  will to use it as a weapon against you [TS]

  in dt is your own body as a weapon [TS]

  against you to freeze where you are or [TS]

  to freeze the air around you and [TS]

  mobilizing you it makes me formidable [TS]

  foe but he has to go up against anyone [TS]

  and on the personal front [TS]

  he's a hell of a nice guy alright Andy [TS]

  Superman [TS]

  well there are not many characters that [TS]

  are at his level you could almost say [TS]

  that there's only one Superman i'm [TS]

  talking about a character this on the [TS]

  level of Sherlock Holmes or Frankenstein [TS]

  where the character is absolutely known [TS]

  everywhere on our planet he's a [TS]

  touchstone that every country every [TS]

  culture every class can appreciate and [TS]

  understand words from the Superman [TS]

  mythos like kryptonite are now in the [TS]

  concurrent the currency the popular [TS]

  lexicon free and he's an archetype I [TS]

  mean for decades you create a new [TS]

  character by saying well what if we take [TS]

  Superman but he's this and only he can [TS]

  do this and that's led to dozens of [TS]

  counters characters and ripoffs beyond [TS]

  that he's just a phenomenally rich [TS]

  character and he's an alien butt and his [TS]

  powers that are totally divorced from [TS]

  humanity but he was not raised to be [TS]

  Superman he was raised to be Clark Kent [TS]

  he is a good man at heart whose uneasy [TS]

  with the godhood that people on earth [TS]

  sometimes regard him with he's just want [TS]

  to do what's right sometimes that's [TS]

  misinterpreted as oh he's a goody [TS]

  two-shoes but that's just the [TS]

  frustration of someone who knows that [TS]

  yeah he's doing what's right he's just [TS]

  doing something that I'm not capable of [TS]

  doing [TS]

  he has a huge responsibility and he is [TS]

  such a great role model for everybody in [TS]

  the entire planet real and fictional [TS]

  there is only one Superman and when you [TS]

  have superman do you need anything else [TS]

  right Steve what do you think mm-hmm [TS]

  Superman omega-level overpowered hero [TS]

  well it was determined that his [TS]

  superpower isn't simply being really [TS]

  really strong and be able to fly [TS]

  it's that he is able to directly inside [TS]

  ionically manipulate the weather feature [TS]

  of the printer prion which means that [TS]

  and i lost my interest in that halfway [TS]

  through its you have took you that long [TS]

  ah boy you know I've always found [TS]

  Superman overpowered and therefore kind [TS]

  of boring but on the other hand he's so [TS]

  early that you can kind of forgive him [TS]

  for that [TS]

  on the other hand Iceman you know my [TS]

  love for characters that can control [TS]

  seventy percent of the earth's surface [TS]

  this is and i also i love the way he [TS]

  gets around he's a civic nuisance he [TS]

  leaves behind these enormous icebergs [TS]

  everywhere he goes which i bought this [TS]

  fact kind of like how much ice cream [TS]

  think it's their army service right now [TS]

  what upp turns a bit moisture into ice [TS]

  that's yeah it does [TS]

  yeah sit down mr. wizard that's when I [TS]

  mean it's freaking Superman so I gotta [TS]

  go with Superman right Phil fish miser [TS]

  and questions for you [TS]

  I look forward to this time for fighting [TS]

  did they sing a song about Bobby Bobby [TS]

  Frost Bobby Frost is in a whiner up his [TS]

  dog said yeah it was approaching say [TS]

  don't touch on Bobby Frost key a pic i [TS]

  think that we should actually that out [TS]

  on the ground of it being the artist in [TS]

  question also believe is Bobby 20 years [TS]

  ring with you're wrong [TS]

  yeah Bobby Frost is Robert Frost & [TS]

  poetry boy [TS]

  what if it was Robert Frost again [TS]

  Superman tell me did did the so-called [TS]

  Bobby Drake no insolence thinking on [TS]

  uber mensch probably yeah why not [TS]

  I check it by your silence their lives [TS]

  really easily the question are you [TS]

  talking about the ├╝bermensch science [TS]

  fiction story are you talking about the [TS]

  actual ideal as a spouse to me alive and [TS]

  talking about both mish-mosh do not try [TS]

  and plug the issue [TS]

  Bobby process day must look at [TS]

  everything which wanna get a very great [TS]

  brother ground rules are all the [TS]

  judgment is super super strong and [TS]

  counting on my desk [TS]

  welcome to fill up Michaels news solo [TS]

  show one angry met did Clark Kent ever [TS]

  pen such a glorious code as from birches [TS]

  that's what I'd like to know [TS]

  alright we're going to move on to [TS]

  another round between Lisa and this time [TS]

  Dan more'n that it is the Falcon number [TS]

  9 seed I hope for mismanages sake this [TS]

  is a better research argument and the [TS]

  atom from lisa dan you're the underdog [TS]

  with the Falcon it's a tight one [TS]

  you may go first alright Sam Wilson [TS]

  otherwise known as the falken he's he's [TS]

  had a number of different careers for [TS]

  one thing he go he was a criminal for a [TS]

  little while but he turned around his [TS]

  ways after being telepathic we merged [TS]

  with an actual falken people I i forfeit [TS]

  the match not found [TS]

  and now you know as if that was not [TS]

  enough you know a he partnered up with [TS]

  Captain America he was one of the first [TS]

  african-american superheroes like one [TS]

  this is the mainstream african-american [TS]

  superheroes and he has in recent years [TS]

  taking up the mantle of Captain America [TS]

  himself since Steve Rogers is like yeah [TS]

  I'm gonna go retire and collect the IRA [TS]

  that I've been saving for since I was [TS]

  trapped in ice many many years ago so [TS]

  the fact that he is it you know [TS]

  considered cool enough to you know today [TS]

  I would argue is cooler than Captain [TS]

  America's he can fly too so you know I [TS]

  mean it's like Captain America but [TS]

  better [TS]

  so now that's pretty much I think when [TS]

  it comes down to [TS]

  I'll telepathic link with Vulcan right [TS]

  over [TS]

  that Lisa the atom don't forget to [TS]

  mention he's made of atoms that seems [TS]

  important [TS]

  Ray Palmer can get very very tiny he has [TS]

  never emerged with a dolphin [TS]

  although I bet you he could shrink and [TS]

  get inside one maybe controls tidy p [TS]

  braid by Perkins Mandel time Adams said [TS]

  he wasn't so tiny maybe the file can be [TS]

  more interested in what you can say [TS]

  about Ray Palmer for good is that he's a [TS]

  scientist he's devoted citizen he has [TS]

  been a stalwart of Justice League for [TS]

  freaking ever he has slightly less [TS]

  ridiculous than a man and a 10 user yeah [TS]

  they tend to use the shrinky thing when [TS]

  it comes in handy i'm frank miller's use [TS]

  was particularly gruesome and [TS]

  interesting but what you basically have [TS]

  is somebody who's very smart who [TS]

  realizes that it's not the size of the [TS]

  broad it's actually being able to deploy [TS]

  the correct amount of force at the [TS]

  correct point so it's it's a nice [TS]

  balance between between brains tactics [TS]

  and purpose [TS]

  all right judges Phil please uh please [TS]

  give us your room that was such a [TS]

  passionate argument on behalf of Adam ok [TS]

  at i can only say good luck in the next [TS]

  round Falcon yeah but you version of [TS]

  Falcon how's this supposed to compete [TS]

  with her boy gets really tiny vs shares [TS]

  thoughts with a bird [TS]

  what to do what to do can Adam fly haha [TS]

  well yes because everyone can fly [TS]

  come on I mean I've doesn't have to be [TS]

  picked up and thrown a strong reason [TS]

  probably waffle weighs exactly see this [TS]

  is think he's tiny so he can just who he [TS]

  serve on the dorsal season that's it [TS]

  that's a major point in his favor the [TS]

  law stability factor now I like Falcon [TS]

  yeah [TS]

  as you should dr. moves along i like [TS]

  talking to the circuit [TS]

  yeah I was really [TS]

  not kidding with islands around for [TS]

  appeal immediately ya a billion that has [TS]

  already been filed or I learned [TS]

  something i didn't know him [TS]

  yeah right next matchup Andy you're [TS]

  going to advocate for 5c Doctor Strange [TS]

  against Dan advocating another one of [TS]

  his valiant heroes number 12 seed XO [TS]

  Manowar dan you may go first [TS]

  alright so you know take iron man you [TS]

  think he's kind of lame though like [TS]

  here's how you make iron man cooler [TS]

  instead of being a like no snarky [TS]

  playboy guy in a suit of armor instead [TS]

  imagine that at some point a Visigoth is [TS]

  basically abducted by aliens steals one [TS]

  of their biggest super weapons which is [TS]

  in fact a a sentient suit of armor and [TS]

  then by the time he manages to escape [TS]

  his alien captors killing them all in [TS]

  the process ends up in the modern day [TS]

  with a like super powered suit of armor [TS]

  but he's still a barbarian [TS]

  yep that's pretty much it and yet that's [TS]

  that's what i got for XO Manowar right [TS]

  inspiring that is true entry now that's [TS]

  the cliffhanger there Dan so Andy Doctor [TS]

  Strange tell us about him [TS]

  ok let's start off with awesome mustache [TS]

  one of the few peeps to peers who can [TS]

  pull off that 1940s mustache off [TS]

  secondly orange gloves with black spots [TS]

  on them near the near the cuffs again [TS]

  unprecedented but works completely well [TS]

  he is an autumn so a bit fares his skin [TS]

  very very nicely now to know what if we [TS]

  have time left over to talk about his [TS]

  actual powers the fact that he is [TS]

  sorcerer supreme that is a title you [TS]

  want to get if you can put your own [TS]

  title on a business card no matter what [TS]

  it is you're going to go for source [TS]

  resistance Supreme if they're more than [TS]

  12 smart people in your company however [TS]

  someone has already taken it because it [TS]

  is the best title you can possibly have [TS]

  as the master manipulator of magic in [TS]

  the Marvel Universe thank you for for [TS]

  uses the word of the level m words in [TS]

  the in one sentence [TS]

  he's great because nobody understands [TS]

  how magic works you can have the [TS]

  greatest scientists in the world he's [TS]

  baffled by magic he can get the biggest [TS]

  punch in the world you can't punch magic [TS]

  when dr. strange levitates with his [TS]

  magical red [TS]

  cloak another point in favor and he [TS]

  simply dropped out and say yeah let me [TS]

  drop some magic on you [TS]

  this is where the argument ends I have a [TS]

  few clarifying questions all right mr. [TS]

  Socko how would you rank dr. Strange's [TS]

  mustache versus the dad in the [TS]

  Invincibles I think you'll find he also [TS]

  has an impressive Mustang you mean doing [TS]

  the invincible [TS]

  yeah that is a bed is a powerful [TS]

  monsters that's how I was able to tell [TS]

  what you meant because he did Nolan [TS]

  invincible has a strong mustache [TS]

  it's like a magnet bi-level must and is [TS]

  it is magnum level is a he easy magnum [TS]

  level mustache [TS]

  it is a strong mustache dr. Strange's [TS]

  requires more grooming and effort so [TS]

  requires a lot more thought into more of [TS]

  a deliberate mustaches opposed to [TS]

  something that he simply trusted to [TS]

  genetics in the passage of time so i [TS]

  believe that if weather whether or not [TS]

  the mustaches better the man behind the [TS]

  mustache is a lot more ennobled by it [TS]

  Thank You mr. Morin yes does the XO and [TS]

  XO Manowar staying for hugs and kisses [TS]

  of course thank you [TS]

  crushing hugs and kisses I'm ready to [TS]

  issue my ruling [TS]

  yes I rule for Doctor Strange ok Steve [TS]

  what it sounds your dad about that you [TS]

  know i know dr. strange i love Doctor [TS]

  Strange it's such a goofy character and [TS]

  I really enjoy him although the fact [TS]

  that he shares ahead with Jay jonah [TS]

  Jameson has always someone bothered me a [TS]

  Hitler mustache versus Charles Durning [TS]

  mustache that said Visigoths steals an [TS]

  alien suit of armor and returns to the [TS]

  modern-day that is one badass backstory [TS]

  man although I feel like it would almost [TS]

  be better if he had returned to his his [TS]

  own time and just you know laid waste to [TS]

  the the other foreign armies is that [TS]

  that i think would have more amusing [TS]

  story line but i like it so this is a [TS]

  tough one but I'm gonna go with the [TS]

  underdog here Manowar alright well that [TS]

  leaves that leaves us with a tire first [TS]

  time in awhile means I get to break it [TS]

  and I I to find XO Manowar story quite [TS]

  compelling but i must say i have to [TS]

  with the sorcerer supreme soon-to-be [TS]

  played by the inimitable Benedict [TS]

  Cumberbatch on the big screen [TS]

  no I heard a ryan reynolds was gonna [TS]

  fill out for unfortunately not [TS]

  dr. strange doctor strange moves on to [TS]

  role played by Benedict Cumberbatch [TS]

  that'll make a nice change [TS]

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  number four seed is the tick who will be [TS]

  argued by Tony against the number 13 [TS]

  seed Catwoman that's Selena Kyle argued [TS]

  by Andy Andy you may go first [TS]

  selina kyle is like the Superman of her [TS]

  neighborhood in Gotham she will not try [TS]

  to save the world because she can't do [TS]

  that but she will try to save her [TS]

  neighbors and her family and her friends [TS]

  and people that she loves and then she's [TS]

  a character also that sort of transcends [TS]

  the concept of good or bad which is a [TS]

  lot more interesting for storytelling [TS]

  let's say that aliens have invaded and [TS]

  Gotham has been plunged into darkness [TS]

  and the planet is in jeopardy and [TS]

  Catwoman put on her boots and puts [TS]

  honors thing and bleeps an action but [TS]

  not to save the city because that's not [TS]

  really her role she will either a rush [TS]

  out to save her friend's mom who is in a [TS]

  subway car when city lost power is now [TS]

  trying to walk to freedom even though [TS]

  there are gangs are probably the subway [TS]

  tunnels everywhere or if failing that [TS]

  she will rush out to a museum to steal [TS]

  stuff because the power is out and [TS]

  that's our one opportunity to get that [TS]

  bracelet that's 3,000 years old amount [TS]

  of gold that she's had an eye on she has [TS]

  the respect of Batman without having [TS]

  fallen under the spell of Batman and [TS]

  become part of the quote Batman family [TS]

  and she's she's satisfied being Catwoman [TS]

  when you're Catwoman that's all you need [TS]

  to be alright thank you Tony [TS]

  ok so then Edmonds the tick is basically [TS]

  a parody of superheroes he's this [TS]

  hulking gentleman in blue spandex who [TS]

  lives in the city he is something is [TS]

  wrong with him he spent considerable [TS]

  time in an institution which I believe [TS]

  he's recently got out of before coming [TS]

  to the city and he hangs out with a [TS]

  bunch of characters who are kind of [TS]

  parodies of other superheroes like [TS]

  american-made and he has a sidekick who [TS]

  is a mosque but tends to his wings [TS]

  pulled into a little backpack and so he [TS]

  is frequently mistaken for a rabbit and [TS]

  he fights are some of the most [TS]

  ridiculous villains out there such as a [TS]

  guy who just has a chair for face and I [TS]

  a man eating cow in conclusion Spill [TS]

  also he's not invulnerable yes 99 Dalton [TS]

  is very important to know that it's not [TS]

  full invulnerability he's not [TS]

  invulnerable [TS]

  all right judges Steve what are your [TS]

  thoughts a parody of superheroes a [TS]

  parody character how did a parody [TS]

  character get in here are you trying to [TS]

  make a mockery of the house in another [TS]

  building getting her that's gonna that's [TS]

  parody character vs villains we make a [TS]

  mockery of some mrs. this trial is a [TS]

  travesty of new Jam's of a mockery [TS]

  mmhmm yeah but that suit man that [TS]

  catwoman suit [TS]

  hmm not a costume dress stuff like very [TS]

  movie motorcycle boots label you have to [TS]

  you have to weigh the costume as a whole [TS]

  when you're it doesn't weigh very much [TS]

  that's a whole costume that's how are [TS]

  you complaining about linux costume now [TS]

  another thing leaves nothing to the [TS]

  imagination [TS]

  ah yeah i don't know i think tickets [TS]

  probably closer to hero then Catwoman so [TS]

  to be consistent i guess i've got to go [TS]

  with the tick Phil mr. similar that's [TS]

  almost my name is either one can answer [TS]

  that to flatter mouse your Batman well I [TS]

  i prefer the the comic version to the [TS]

  the TV show version i simply deploy your [TS]

  mouth [TS]

  I rule in favor of mr. sindo I'll take [TS]

  it [TS]

  the tick moves on it by the skin of his [TS]

  teeth spoon add another be a quiz [TS]

  portion we thinks we move oral arguments [TS]

  sure i didn't realize i had to defend [TS]

  against like the Halle Berry movie The [TS]

  the joel schumacher movie on it [TS]

  anything could happen person said that [TS]

  and you're not American you won't know [TS]

  if tim burton directed the version of [TS]

  Batman featuring Catwoman Selina Kyle [TS]

  michelle pfeiffer what about one of our [TS]

  one of our better catwomen one of our [TS]

  cow about what a revelation a great cat [TS]

  with the nation's finest Catwoman also i [TS]

  should say [TS]

  it's difficult to find for Catwoman when [TS]

  you are sitting in a cloud of cat stink [TS]

  my butt on your midst instrument it's [TS]

  you don't have no idea how strong do you [TS]

  might want to consider that she'll send [TS]

  her minions against you have seen her [TS]

  millions I'm all for that [TS]

  moving on to number six are number six a [TS]

  participant is hell boy who will be [TS]

  argued by Tony versus the number 11 [TS]

  invisible woman who will be argued by [TS]

  Lisa Lisa you're the underdog here you [TS]

  may go first [TS]

  Susan storm is perhaps the most [TS]

  underrated number of the Fantastic Four [TS]

  largely because she has what's called [TS]

  soft power IE the power behind the [TS]

  scenes it's her job to make sure that [TS]

  people don't quit and a half after Reed [TS]

  Richards has been absent mindedly jerk [TS]

  genius thing at them for a while she's [TS]

  got to keep her pure heart head brother [TS]

  in line and she's got to keep Ben Grimm [TS]

  from feeling sorry for himself because [TS]

  he's essentially on now pile essential [TS]

  rocks as if that weren't enough of a [TS]

  formidable task but she manages a lot of [TS]

  grace she also happens to be a super [TS]

  genius and her to powers which are [TS]

  visibility in a force field are attacked [TS]

  our our tactical and she deploys them in [TS]

  a wide variety of clever ways not only [TS]

  for protective maneuvers and mechanisms [TS]

  but she's also use them to great effect [TS]

  for offensive maneuvers as well so you [TS]

  have somebody who is a diplomat of the [TS]

  highest order [TS]

  she's a tactician she's smart and she's [TS]

  focused on supporting her family group [TS]

  she really is one of the more underrated [TS]

  female characters who gets things done [TS]

  in the marble verse alright Tony cowboy [TS]

  tell us our hellboy is probably my [TS]

  second favorite comic book character of [TS]

  all time after Batman he's a lovable [TS]

  demon and also supernatural / paranormal [TS]

  detective and he wanders around the [TS]

  world basically dealing with mysteries [TS]

  of the supernatural I you know which [TS]

  might be some kind of folklore monster [TS]

  or it might be Lizardman or frogmen it [TS]

  might be Nazis that seemed to hang [TS]

  around for a very very long time [TS]

  post-world war two he usually sometimes [TS]

  he has to use his kind of satchel of [TS]

  magic stuff to help with that sometimes [TS]

  he has a gun and sometimes he just [TS]

  punches them he has this foreboding [TS]

  prophecy where he has his right hand is [TS]

  this big stone hand while the rest of [TS]

  him is just a demon [TS]

  and his right-hand theoretically will be [TS]

  used to bring about the apocalypse if it [TS]

  falls into the wrong clutches [TS]

  so that's kind of scary there is kind of [TS]

  a difference between the movie in the [TS]

  comic version of the movie he's like [TS]

  this urban legend in the comics like [TS]

  everybody knows hellboy so hell Boyle to [TS]

  show up places and he'll be like on you [TS]

  know some farm in Ireland like the guy [TS]

  herd the sheep will be like Al boy will [TS]

  be like hey I'm here to here to fight [TS]

  that monster which way is it mom [TS]

  yeah all right hellboy Invisible Woman [TS]

  Phil what are your thoughts [TS]

  Mitch miser in 2005 you suggest that we [TS]

  go see fantastic for empathy i like to [TS]

  note that question be thrown out because [TS]

  it's just the question their 2005 [TS]

  suggest we pay american dollars to see [TS]

  fantastic four in the theater I did you [TS]

  I rule in favor of mr. sin dolor my [TS]

  favorite Star Trek yes alright uh leave [TS]

  what are your thoughts about Lisa vs mr. [TS]

  Sandler we may be serious for a moment [TS]

  course and I by remember reading a [TS]

  fantastic four way back when she was [TS]

  still invisible girl and I always found [TS]

  her her story lines very compelling for [TS]

  the timeframe [TS]

  I think she's an early instance of a [TS]

  kind of what came later in the Buffy's [TS]

  of the world where I you know she was [TS]

  expected to sort of handle household [TS]

  side of things and later they're they're [TS]

  dumb baby the pickup only have to dumb [TS]

  babies i didn't even get on babies [TS]

  yeah and I always found that a little [TS]

  more intriguing than the standard man [TS]

  punches other man story lines of the of [TS]

  the time so I given that i must find for [TS]

  the Invisible Woman well that brings us [TS]

  to another tie which I have to break and [TS]

  I really think that Tony did a good job [TS]

  of describing the the strength of [TS]

  Hellboy however i am going to go with [TS]

  the invisible woman because I [TS]

  think that Sue Storm superstorm Richards [TS]

  is the by far the best character in the [TS]

  Fantastic Four and and really holds that [TS]

  holds it together and has the integrity [TS]

  and intelligence and is she's underrated [TS]

  and has lots of a kind of impressive [TS]

  powers on top of it so I think she's [TS]

  great she is questionable taste in [TS]

  spouses let's move on [TS]

  look so it's just read the building that [TS]

  was just fantastic [TS]

  that was just to dig it Andy because i [TS]

  really like the original iight that's [TS]

  how I interpreted don't worry yep the [TS]

  least let's move on number three in this [TS]

  region is the flash as personified by [TS]

  Barry Allen versus the question the [TS]

  flash will be advocated by Lisa the [TS]

  question advocated by Tony unless junior [TS]

  say the question and Tony here with the [TS]

  answer [TS]

  Tony sindelar question I ok the question [TS]

  is the question the question is a [TS]

  conspiracy theorist to end all [TS]

  conspiracy theorists you may not be [TS]

  familiar with the question but perhaps [TS]

  you're familiar with shock from watchman [TS]

  who is basically cribbed from the [TS]

  question and you know he basically he [TS]

  has a file on everybody he's figuring [TS]

  out all of the the machinations that are [TS]

  happening behind all the things that the [TS]

  bad things in the world he knows what [TS]

  the girl scouts are up to money will [TS]

  tell you that he knows that the things [TS]

  at the end of shoelaces are called [TS]

  aglets and that their true purpose is [TS]

  sinister that's the question [TS]

  alright very interesting and Lisa please [TS]

  tell us about Barry Allen the flash he [TS]

  has no needs of shoelaces or advocates [TS]

  and he's exactly not sinister Barry [TS]

  Allen was correctly described as a saint [TS]

  in the DC Universe this is not at all [TS]

  far off the mark [TS]

  he's possessed a super speed and can [TS]

  effectively manipulate time to go along [TS]

  with that [TS]

  however Barry has never used this power [TS]

  for anything other than trying to make [TS]

  the world a better place first he wanted [TS]

  to right wrongs since he grew up as a [TS]

  child scarred by injustice he grew up [TS]

  wanting to make the world a better place [TS]

  and to correct injustice brothers and [TS]

  then once you've got superpowers he used [TS]

  he used them to keep people out of [TS]

  danger and he's used them to alter [TS]

  timelines on occasion most often when he [TS]

  has to alter timelines it's at a great [TS]

  personal loss to him [TS]

  yourself but for a greater gained [TS]

  worldwide Barry exemplifies sacrifice he [TS]

  actually makes the idea of running seems [TS]

  super cool and he's one of the more [TS]

  chill personalities in the Marvel it [TS]

  excuse me in the DC Universe despite [TS]

  having a tremendous amount of temporal a [TS]

  and social responsibility on his whip it [TS]

  like shoulders the question also has a [TS]

  blue trenchcoat intended to the balance [TS]

  and Tony using the balance of his time [TS]

  at the air just put that in Steve what [TS]

  are your thoughts [TS]

  Tony the question these conspiracies [TS]

  that he knows about our duties in the [TS]

  context of the book do they actually pan [TS]

  out or is he just a nut but I Girl [TS]

  Scouts really up to something I i'm not [TS]

  super well read on the question i think [TS]

  it is usually sighs when one of his [TS]

  conspiracies ends up being legit I think [TS]

  real barbecue BBQ additional rhubarb but [TS]

  I i think it is usually a surprise for [TS]

  the viewer reader when he's on the right [TS]

  track [TS]

  interesting well I have a surprise for [TS]

  you oh you know look I I know which way [TS]

  that flask is great somebody to start a [TS]

  podcast about and let you know what it [TS]

  is but you know a life free of Aglets [TS]

  that's that's like a dream come true you [TS]

  know i was i was thinking of leaning [TS]

  towards the question because nobody [TS]

  likes this ain't come on [TS]

  but since you clearly have not [TS]

  researched this character in any great [TS]

  detail I must do that [TS]

  no with the far better research and [TS]

  advocated for Barry Allen's flash out [TS]

  all right fill your thoughts we have a2 [TS]

  derivative characters really we has a [TS]

  question who is the poor man's work [TS]

  shack quite quickly we have about Jason [TS]

  Jason Jason pursuit of our jacket over [TS]

  her shackles pretty much the rich man's [TS]

  question I i sent my assessment [TS]

  alright question we have a Barry Allen [TS]

  who is the poor man's jay garrick oh oh [TS]

  I what is going on in the end I must [TS]

  rule in favor of G Garrick [TS]

  ye Barry Allen the flash flash and [TS]

  visualize zips in to the next round we [TS]

  have two left in this region number [TS]

  seven seed ghostrider Johnny Blaze will [TS]

  be argued by Chip and oh hi hi hi chip [TS]

  and number 10 seed the Blue Beetle [TS]

  behind a race version will be argued by [TS]

  Tony sindelar Tony got it still make you [TS]

  make oh that's nice and all Tony it's [TS]

  tony all the way down leave her to stop [TS]

  only one and the one after that too [TS]

  yeah uh-huh i call for baby I'm ready [TS]

  alright Tony go for it so i have i'm [TS]

  arguing for the third Blue Beetle which [TS]

  is hi mere hisse on whereas earlier blue [TS]

  beetles are basically just Batman [TS]

  ripoffs Jaime Reyes is a he basically is [TS]

  merged with a scarab which turns out to [TS]

  be an alien artifact that gives them the [TS]

  ability to basically summon an alien [TS]

  power exoskeleton that also talks to him [TS]

  and he is basically a teenager growing [TS]

  up in Texas who now has to deal with [TS]

  having a scarab attached to him and [TS]

  being compelled to go out and use that [TS]

  to do good things and become a hero and [TS]

  it's got a lot of spider-man qualities [TS]

  to what I like in terms of a teenager [TS]

  dealing with his newfound power but with [TS]

  a kind of a neat twist in terms of not [TS]

  being set in New York and I'm being a [TS]

  character of color so all right lube [TS]

  legal [TS]

  yep chip ghostwriter well first of all [TS]

  for this character to still be around [TS]

  after the Nicolas Cage movies is nothing [TS]

  short of astounding that said take your [TS]

  mind back to the seventies the [TS]

  rebellious of motors the rebellious miss [TS]

  of motorcycle culture that was a thing [TS]

  and it was also more interest in [TS]

  anti-heroes ghost writer is something [TS]

  more way beyond the whole who's just a [TS]

  jekyll-and-hyde or wolfman kinda think [TS]

  Johnny Blaze great name Johnny Blaze [TS]

  sells his soul to the devil in order to [TS]

  save his dad and he's forced to torment [TS]

  evildoers and send them to hell his body [TS]

  transformed into a burning skeleton his [TS]

  motorcycle [TS]

  and hell fire and he's always at war [TS]

  with the demon who shares his body [TS]

  there's drama there's angst there's ja [TS]

  swing before joss whedon was joss whedon [TS]

  and there's a character who really [TS]

  deserves a movie that doesn't suck [TS]

  strong words Steve what are your [TS]

  thoughts about that movie sucks so bad [TS]

  to which one they were too well whatever [TS]

  remembers the second two guys to direct [TS]

  that Phil there was there was also like [TS]

  a black-and-white educational film [TS]

  called ghost writer about a girl who [TS]

  died on a school bus because she didn't [TS]

  pay attention to what the bus driver [TS]

  told her and she haunts other children [TS]

  who might mock the rules of the bus [TS]

  driver but i'm pretty sure that wasn't [TS]

  that wasn't bad enough with this [TS]

  oh boy i love the backstory of ghost [TS]

  rider his story has moved me I to and [TS]

  breathed in Hellfire so I didn't you [TS]

  know I can really understand what he's [TS]

  going through so i'm going to go with [TS]

  those right all right Phil what are your [TS]

  thoughts [TS]

  Tony raises some interesting points [TS]

  about Blue Beetle and his backstory not [TS]

  Tony reveals some interesting points [TS]

  about ghost rider chip seems like such a [TS]

  nice guy i don't why must stop these [TS]

  know Tony I must side with not Tony here [TS]

  is this is a new attempt to avoid saying [TS]

  my last name this and go closer writer [TS]

  okay so that's two that's to do nothing [TS]

  for ghost writer than okay [TS]

  yeah all right that's correct i'm [TS]

  feeling simultaneously affirmed and not [TS]

  Tony need your whether or not you know [TS]

  Tony but you want that one ship to you [TS]

  wouldn't know prize not Tony mm that's [TS]

  all you have to be is sometimes that's [TS]

  what I screw up everyday lol Tony you [TS]

  can take a break no you can't because [TS]

  you have to argue our next question [TS]

  great structuring last item in this [TS]

  region number two seed the Hulk will be [TS]

  all argued by Monty actually number he's [TS]

  going up against number 15 seed Booster [TS]

  Gold argued by Tony Tony tell us about [TS]

  Booster Gold [TS]

  Booster Gold may not be the greatest [TS]

  superhero of our time because he's not [TS]

  from our time he is from the future and [TS]

  he has come up from the future to our [TS]

  modern-day to be a superhero are using [TS]

  his various technologies that he brings [TS]

  from the future to use them in this [TS]

  modern-day and yes he does come here for [TS]

  kind of self-serving reasons because [TS]

  being a superhero and being rich and [TS]

  famous seems really great but he has to [TS]

  kind of overcome that and learn humility [TS]

  and do turns out when you show up for [TS]

  the Justice League and you're like the [TS]

  57th guy to show up for the Justice [TS]

  League they're not going to give you the [TS]

  nice assignments and you actually have [TS]

  to learn humility and and work your way [TS]

  up and you know he over time he he [TS]

  overcomes all of those and becomes more [TS]

  than just a narcissistic time-traveling [TS]

  con man all right Monty before begin may [TS]

  I ask the judges a question yes no [TS]

  judges possibly is there any chance i [TS]

  replicate you to focus solely on the [TS]

  comic book and not bring mark ruffalo or [TS]

  lou ferrigno into the argument [TS]

  not a chance on a chance now araucana [TS]

  can we talk about angry [TS]

  there's only one Hawking his name is [TS]

  Bill Bixby my friend the fact that [TS]

  you're even trying to to eliminate lou [TS]

  ferrigno from the equation is not a [TS]

  point in your favor i should point right [TS]

  then here is my argument [TS]

  o / thank you for your time [TS]

  well well argued sir money's words are [TS]

  as moving today as they were in his time [TS]

  however i would like to point out that i [TS]

  have a spec script for Booster Gold did [TS]

  I would like to introduce thing I will [TS]

  really profits from it so despite Tony [TS]

  saying that booster gold's not the [TS]

  greatest superhero our time when that is [TS]

  quite clearly not the case I was into my [TS]

  sentence I rule in favor of booster cold [TS]

  who is awesome and deserves his own [TS]

  movie that i will sell for a reasonable [TS]

  risk the ethical ryan reynolds a huge [TS]

  boost movement I know he'd love to see [TS]

  that script you can even say he's a [TS]

  booster booster thinking Jon Hamm [TS]

  and if his check clears I would love for [TS]

  him see Steve what are your thoughts [TS]

  well I gotta say Booster Gold was [TS]

  probably my favorite all-time Burt [TS]

  Reynolds role I got a moustache man [TS]

  oh but that said if if we send the Hulk [TS]

  packing i'm gonna have to hear that damn [TS]

  sad as he walks away and think through [TS]

  and I just I don't think I could take [TS]

  that right now so good to go for the [TS]

  bulk and that leaves it to me to make [TS]

  the deciding factor of whether we hear [TS]

  the sad music is that as Bruce Banner [TS]

  walks away sadly or whether we have to [TS]

  deal with booster gold for another round [TS]

  and sorry officer Phil I'm going with [TS]

  the home [TS]

  oh that would have been amazing [TS]

  it was so so close that ends the [TS]

  metropolis region [TS]

  tune in next time as we move on to the [TS]

  Latveria region until then I have been [TS]

  your host Jason Snell goodbye [TS]