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101: Big Plastic Finger


  to me forget T-shirts like I made the mistake of using my system I have [TS]

  restoring T-shirts is like my nerdy shirts gone hangers instead of being [TS]

  folded up and I figured let's find a bike too nerdy shirts now a thousand [TS]

  their teachers in the half my closet Isner t shirts on hangers I just spaces [TS]

  we should probably actually start the show so we have some follow-up from all [TS]

  the way across the planet in Australia Jon Lajoie to tell us about what way to [TS]

  Australia that this is the best theory I've heard so far although it's still [TS]

  kind of vague in shaky based on fake products and members of why a 12 inch [TS]

  MacBook Air might only have one USB port on it instead of 22 hotties I can't wait [TS]

  for the Sun to come out so we can stop talking about it the worst part of the [TS]

  room with Retina screen really involved through it like one part why would you [TS]

  do that on purpose and then I just do I need to have a reason because it doesn't [TS]

  make any sense otherwise so this is about the PCI Express Lanes how many PCI [TS]

  Express lanes are supported by Karim chipset that we assume this fake product [TS]

  will use and according to wait from Australia it supports two lanes of PCI [TS]

  Express 4 gigabytes per lane so that means you need more than two lanes per [TS]

  USB 3.0 Unported you want the full speed which I would assume they do so you [TS]

  start adding up the parts you end up like with one lane for the pci-express [TS]

  SSD and 14 like wi-fi Bluetooth and stuff like that and you can get the [TS]

  chipset with different combinations of lanes and waves speculation is that if [TS]

  you can get everything in four lanes then you don't have to you can get a [TS]

  chipset the just as those for means you don't need to spend power like pulling [TS]

  other lanes for devices like in other words you can shut down some of the [TS]

  lanes [TS]

  so you're going to need more than forces single lanes just 44 USC 351 you need to [TS]

  really enjoy that and you more further radios and SSD you already at five if [TS]

  you want to add another part you have to bump it up at this from 528 I guess I'll [TS]

  this depends on do you really get a big power savings from keeping it at or [TS]

  under for a tour under five like is there a point at which you have to spend [TS]

  like the the power budget takes a leap you know does not scale linearly so PCI [TS]

  Express lanes are sort of the the currency the internals of modern max in [TS]

  terms of how many do you have and then what can you spend them on and stuff [TS]

  like that because you know once you're out of them you're you're out of them [TS]

  and i think is that a USB 3.0 is not built into the chipset that's why you [TS]

  need to use PCI Express it's not an integrated into the chipsets so I i buy [TS]

  more of these theories because it plays into hardware constraints that Apple [TS]

  doesn't have control over and also power saving but you know it's speculated [TS]

  machine from a mock up and we don't know exactly what contrast that you never [TS]

  know what kind of crazy stuff that Apple has inside their laptops again with the [TS]

  history of the repackaged chip in the original MacBook Air who's to say the [TS]

  things that are offered by Intel right now are the things to constrain Apple [TS]

  specifically so we'll wait and see I don't I don't think we've ever actually [TS]

  seen correct me if I'm wrong but it's not my head here I don't think we've [TS]

  ever actually seen Intel give Apple access to a 28 chipset or even a chip [TS]

  itself that wasn't available on the market with the one exception of the end [TS]

  of the day but that was only a that was like a physical repackaging but to make [TS]

  the pins smaller but like the chip the die was still the same as what everyone [TS]

  else was getting some apple would be willing to put another chip on the board [TS]

  that's not part of Intel's chips the chips that has this and then we buy from [TS]

  whatever other we are manufacturer that we have some relationship with for iOS [TS]

  hardware something this other chip they give them into have to add a chip anyway [TS]

  for through the USB 3 controller and so who is making that controller chip for [TS]

  them they could probably get that company to make a special trip just for [TS]

  a day [TS]

  and I don't know like I'm not willing to rule out almost anything because Apple [TS]

  has such incredible volumes and such leverage with with chip makers that data [TS]

  marlys can make Intel do special things for them but at this point I could you [TS]

  look at the IRS program everything who has been leaning on Intel so hard for [TS]

  many many years to improve their GPUs [TS]

  I would attribute a lot of Intel's recent GB you focus on the things that [TS]

  Apple said that it needs from them and his influence their multi-year up they [TS]

  don't get it exclusively everybody gets it but that kind of focus and the fact [TS]

  that you know these chip shop and apples machines I would assume there's a lot of [TS]

  influence there in terms of what Intel decides to make so we also had some [TS]

  feedback about from Tom holiday he had said that the rumor twelve-inch lack of [TS]

  Thunderbolt sorrows me the MacBook Air + 27 inch Thunderbolt Display [TS]

  configuration allows sessile components I've never heard that word that's a wrap [TS]

  and I thought was a typo for several it's not a word that's a safety word of [TS]

  an organism for example in trying to call in one place or in mobile got you [TS]

  covered I learned that word as a description of my friends cat when I was [TS]

  in high school there was the SATs word association and candaces ok so the [TS]

  medicare plus 27 inch display configuration allows us all components [TS]

  like external hard drive scanners and printers and a 27 inch display to be set [TS]

  up for the desktop while the MacBook routines portability i put this in the [TS]

  notes because we talked about this in the past shows but that all these things [TS]

  that you get out of standard both in terms of having multiple devices going [TS]

  through one particular chain [TS]

  you could approximate them you get you get the display you get the USB you have [TS]

  a USB type of thing you can connect you know you could [TS]

  hard drives through USB and I'm gonna be may be as nice as fanciest under about [TS]

  this but the question that I had just brought to mind is to this meaning of [TS]

  Apple comes out with this thing in your thunder bolt is off most of the machines [TS]

  and everything is usb3 [TS]

  ever revise their stupid monitors does the next equivalent of the Thunderbolt [TS]

  Display try to replace the Thunderbolt Display with one that connects just [TS]

  three USB or is that not something they're interested in any more because I [TS]

  use the same arrangement like you have a portable machine you plug one cable into [TS]

  it and then you have all the other ports don't sit on the laptop and it's really [TS]

  nice arrangement that will go away with this unless Apple comes out with a new [TS]

  display that's like their USB hub display where you know the the extra a [TS]

  modest one cable you plug it in and you get a USB however you can put up all [TS]

  your hard drives and everything and you also get the display obviously no cable [TS]

  and I would certainly hope that they would because I have lost it after the [TS]

  Thunderbolt Display since it was a thing like two or three years now right but [TS]

  anyway I've wanted one so badly but I'm Way too cheap to buy one and I would [TS]

  hope that they would still do this kind of a set up but I am extremely skeptical [TS]

  that they would do this kind of a setup because Apple just i mean when is Apple [TS]

  ever really believed in in a docking station there was that one word like the [TS]

  the whole entire folded up laptop slid into a dime steven hack it is furious [TS]

  right now I don't remember the name of 20 doc thank you but I mean other than [TS]

  that we're talking seasons not really a thing which is actually kind of [TS]

  frustrating to me because I work in an office full of Dell's where they all [TS]

  have these docking stations which are aesthetically hideous but functionally [TS]

  awesome and I kind of wish that my Mac would do something so hard but yeah i i [TS]

  and I don't see them really putting too much effort into that well I mean the [TS]

  answer to that is those like bucket and motorboat docks things but nobody really [TS]

  buys those far as I can tell they're so expensive [TS]

  200 bucks down from 300 but still it's dole out but still like [TS]

  I think if this was a direction Apple's going with all of their laptops they [TS]

  might be concerned with things like this but for this one model I don't think we [TS]

  need to read too much into it again and again assuming it's all correct with [TS]

  these rumors but I don't read too much into it because you guys are all talking [TS]

  about from the perspective of people who use laptops much of the time or most of [TS]

  the time as desktops with a bunch of stuff put into them and and have these [TS]

  these heavy external needs I think it's I think it's a good idea for most of [TS]

  Apple's laptops to cater to that because that is probably how most laptops that [TS]

  are soldier actually used especially with power user to defend and might have [TS]

  an extra monitor stuff but I think there is nothing wrong with Apple having a [TS]

  model in the lineup that does not cater to being plugged into stuff all the time [TS]

  that that won't won't be good at that I mean the original MacBook Air was awful [TS]

  about that the newer and newer ones only got better because of Thunderbolt I [TS]

  think there is nothing there's nothing saying that Apple needs to solve the [TS]

  problem of lots of good external bandwidth or or external Porsche Riley [TS]

  that with this model of MacBook I think they could be just fine with this one [TS]

  mostly mostly made to be portable to not be used while plugged into my stuff most [TS]

  of the time you know I think you might be onto something there because now that [TS]

  I'm thinking about my own example of work and docking stations I think a lot [TS]

  of the reason that we have the docking stations everywhere in dual monitors [TS]

  everywhere is just because it's nice to have it but for non developers my [TS]

  company that I work for is probably half business consultants in half [TS]

  technical consultants like myself for the for the business folks I think [TS]

  they'd like having a second monitor but I i would guess that most of them would [TS]

  tell you will you know if it went away whatever in so if I think about it [TS]

  typically they're not plug in an external hard drive typically they're [TS]

  not plugging in Ethernet typically they they're not plug in an external monitor [TS]

  and just happens to be sitting there so generally speaking a lot of these folks [TS]

  all they plug in his power to your point Marco and that's it in so what it really [TS]

  matter [TS]

  this hyper portable computer only can take power in one other thing maybe not [TS]

  you know that this MacBook Air two things about it like potentially can't [TS]

  they just have one mile on line one I think the rumor maybe not this specific [TS]

  Aurora talking about the 925 macklin but for the past few years it was like the [TS]

  1130 going later would just be replaced by a single 12 if that ends up being in [TS]

  the case it's fine for them to have one model they would be like this but if [TS]

  you're replacing two models with it it seems weird that you know to the people [TS]

  who wanted something ultraportable and you don't care about the ports 11 inch [TS]

  make sense and for the people want a bigger sort of more full size laptop of [TS]

  their teenage but if your place them both with the 12 it's kind of weird for [TS]

  it to say that all you you can use this one like you like to revert to the [TS]

  original MacBook Air but there is an advantage to not using thunderbolt and [TS]

  it has to do with the annoying nature of thunder bolt size we have a wonderful [TS]

  display here and a MacBook Air and it's got the little little squid type cable [TS]

  coming out the end of it where it's got the MagSafe power thing to power your [TS]

  laptop from the monitor and it also has the Thunderbolt cable and part of it is [TS]

  that they made the little squid tentacles too short so there because [TS]

  they're on opposite sides of the MacBook Air yet to put the Thunderbolt on the [TS]

  left side facing you and then the power under whatever the opposite wall on the [TS]

  right and the terrible connected because it has a chip in the connector itself it [TS]

  sticks out like an interim the computer with this big you know inflexible [TS]

  the hard plastic part of the connector [TS]

  and it's just not it's not great like the cables have sharp angles and it [TS]

  makes the thing wider it's it's not nice looking with the USB thing even though [TS]

  it can't do all the things that Thunderbolt can do one the cable won't [TS]

  have a giant inch long hard plastic connector thing yet but it could be a [TS]

  much smaller more flexible thing and to it they combine the power with it [TS]

  you also need to have the split squad thing where you have the magazine on one [TS]

  side and you know you were literally be able to plug in just one cable said [TS]

  right now it's one cable but it splits into it then and that spending is kind [TS]

  of annoying every time you take it apart you know all the things out from each [TS]

  other and then ate slides behind that they've just have one little cable that [TS]

  was a USB cable I would be easier to sort of plug and unplug and I'm [TS]

  generally and the doc because of the whole docking procedure being awkward [TS]

  I'd much rather just put down the desk and plug in one small cable yeah I agree [TS]

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  perfectly fine one more thing to add to the bottom of the power we briefly [TS]

  mentioned it before but it's worth mentioning again the idea if we talk [TS]

  about a bag safety can be yes you can [TS]

  despite that are USB people also are interested in the idea of pairing at the [TS]

  way the watch is powered [TS]

  with the thing that doesn't plug into it but I think that sort of attaches to the [TS]

  outside please don't and I don't think that makes any sense because like USB [TS]

  will work we know that like it'll be fine I'm not sure what the advantage [TS]

  would be to having a big awardees sort of you know metal thing that you place [TS]

  on top of it like space is already at a premium and I'm not sure where you would [TS]

  put that and then who wants to have a bunch of connectors with a big circle [TS]

  thing I'm not even sure that I work with the watch another thing is having up [TS]

  some kind of patter something to use inductive charging where you put it on [TS]

  the patent it charges that is a little bit better appeal busy now playing seven [TS]

  you just checking it down and put stuff on the pad I'm not sure how fast those [TS]

  chargers are but like it could be done but the problem pads have is if you [TS]

  still need something to plug in because you've got a pad in the place where you [TS]

  put it in your home but like when you travel do you want to travel the big pad [TS]

  or a little after having it something that plug the smallest possible thing [TS]

  you can plug in [TS]

  would be nice some of the shower message but why would the paddock to be big well [TS]

  but small then again then your brain about like alignment issues or something [TS]

  like the idea just wanted to put a thing down somewhere in a line it did not [TS]

  stick a little worried thing on it [TS]

  playing a little tiny thing into a little tiny port is actually very [TS]

  straightforward and fast compared to at least in the past the type of things [TS]

  they've had where you put your phone down in a certain pattern whatever [TS]

  that's why you want to be like a big thing where you put it just put it [TS]

  anywhere to charge it will be fun so that's possible but I Paula really [TS]

  hasn't gone there I think it mostly has to do with the space that type of [TS]

  solution would take up and the fact that plugin seems to work and the final one [TS]

  which i think is the most online it was brought to my attention by some of his [TS]

  name is now costs to the mists of time [TS]

  someone sent me a link to a YouTube video called why Tricity for wirelessly [TS]

  sending power in the shadow of the website is why Tricity dot com you can [TS]

  take a look at it made me recall our past conversations about the Artemis [TS]

  peace L stop for sort of during the targeted Wireless to avoid interference [TS]

  recalculate the you know the sort of interference map of all the different [TS]

  sources of wireless and you focus the signal destined for your laptop right on [TS]

  your laptop and one of the vague memory kind of handy things like oh and we [TS]

  might be able to use this or something more than just sending data in I think [TS]

  there was a hint it like we could do wireless power because once they have [TS]

  the ability to focus in particular signal on a particular location we can [TS]

  power things that way as well both of those seem crazy to me but crazy in a [TS]

  fun way I guess you could like you know accidentally slowly baked the inside of [TS]

  your hand if the heaviest in the wireless power the wrong spot and it [TS]

  sort of my craving your hand would be bad but I don't know all of these [TS]

  obviously is that a possible if you notice everything powering stuff comes [TS]

  up people like this is not new technology inductive stuff is not new [TS]

  wireless power is not new those things that work you know some of the breakup [TS]

  nikola Tesla and say that we have this hundred years ago and just the the [TS]

  physics and technology behind it all seems to be there but the products like [TS]

  the products that people haven't caught on to the degree that other technology [TS]

  has we're usually you know when something is going to gain traction like [TS]

  really high res screens like other people really want that they don't even [TS]

  know they can't tell just catches on to go through everything pretty soon [TS]

  pictures will be gone from an old devices just because [TS]

  it's better it's adequately better everybody likes it better you could do [TS]

  more things but it looks sharper even if most people can tell it's good [TS]

  inductive charging wireless power all those things have not made that [TS]

  breakthrough is it because they just haven't been done right or is it because [TS]

  the thing they're trying to replace is not as annoying as people think it is [TS]

  and people don't mind just plugging something in its more straight border I [TS]

  don't know but I would love to see one of these things I've never used any of [TS]

  these for your time and I'd love to see one of them actually end up being like [TS]

  the new thing because all of that site by kind of feel like putting things in [TS]

  like you know that in the future we should celebrate by the Future Part 2 [TS]

  which is celebrate because we are now in the year up to the Future Part two races [TS]

  they what was the name of the video game in the future than ever tell us that I [TS]

  haven't seen Back to the Future two years [TS]

  fly goes over to it and he picks up the little plastic like a gun thing of the [TS]

  screen like to use your hands like a baby's toy [TS]

  how barbaric we're not there yet but it would be cool [TS]

  John I love did mark when I beat you down to the point that you have to go on [TS]

  a preamble to meet your pop culture reference make sense I just couldn't [TS]

  remember the name of the thing was at a camp known in the chatroom hasn't yet [TS]

  faced with her she would now it's it's like a Western game while gunmen some of [TS]

  the things I can tell that's not why I think everyone who's searching for all [TS]

  these crazy complex systems of charging this theoretical permit laptop I think [TS]

  you know john is a minute ago like almost all of these even if they worked [TS]

  would probably be more annoying or have a big downside in practice the fact is [TS]

  if it still has any ports at all then it's worth just charging it with a cable [TS]

  because that's going to be better no matter what can a cable that is that's [TS]

  going to be better than any other kind of weird induction or wireless or you [TS]

  know Matt induction or clip on induction kind of seems like it it's just none of [TS]

  those things if you actually think about what it would be like to [TS]

  use them in practice in real life I just don't think any of those things would be [TS]

  overall less annoying and and better than just a decent cable and they are [TS]

  you have you seen cables MagSafe is pretty good [TS]

  like there's there's nothing wrong with MagSafe and if they end up using the USB [TS]

  power consumption power thing to do that that's probably going to be perfectly [TS]

  fine to it's probably not a big deal [TS]

  the only reason to watch has to do it really is because the watch is water [TS]

  sealed so the watch has no openings so they had to do some kind of other system [TS]

  besides a cable that plugs in and it clicked onto this giant is the backplate [TS]

  safire's a ceramic or something it's something that's not meddle because if [TS]

  you if you would clip with MagSafe [TS]

  giant metal disc onto a metal laptop it was scratched the hell out of it just [TS]

  like the iPad 3 Smart Cover deputies mark over the middle and you know so all [TS]

  these things are like they're they're searching for solutions to what really [TS]

  isn't that big of a problem which is a laptop that any ports at all can still [TS]

  have a power plug and that'll be fine you know why I will admit I like MagSafe [TS]

  one better than MagSafe to MagSafe 2 comes out accidentally more easily in [TS]

  the in the vertical direction when pressed but it's not a nap that's my [TS]

  only problem with it I'm a little bit I think the weaknesses of MagSafe both [TS]

  version is the time that all contacts i've seen a lot of pictures of and [TS]

  stories about MagSafe things that somehow you've got a misaligned or [TS]

  something waged in there is something cause the short inside that little tiny [TS]

  area because it is everything is so fine in like there's even one little iron [TS]

  filings from silly kids tied up load in over there and you plug it in and fries [TS]

  the thing and it would be nice if there wasn't that if it was more resistant to [TS]

  stuff I'm not sure what you would replace it with them because I think the [TS]

  tiny USB cables probably have the same problem maybe [TS]

  but I agree that make safe to is worse than one but I'm not sure with the with [TS]

  the shrinking sizes not sure how what you can do to make safe to make it [TS]

  better also making it smaller whereas something that plugs een you know where [TS]

  does if the USB 3 connector that tiny little one does that come out just as [TS]

  easily as MagSafe when you trip over the cable or does it not like wait what size [TS]

  to start becoming like this is just as good as MagSafe in terms of trip [TS]

  resistance and I don't know until someone buys one of these things or by [TS]

  some other USB three devices are stripping out can we move on to any [TS]

  other top heck yes we have corrections for you and John with regard to [TS]

  reliability probability I'm like really corrections because both of us tried so [TS]

  hard to stay away from the math part like we didn't want to talk about the [TS]

  math we just hand wave didn't get the hand waving because we use mathematical [TS]

  words about like addition to you know that that was enough to trigger the math [TS]

  people to come to us I think we all knew we were gonna be wrong we didn't know [TS]

  the math is to possible actually was a good email about it too which [TS]

  unfortunately is too long complicated to explain but Dr Dre has been explaining [TS]

  the actual math of the probability stuff Karen Healey has been explaining what he [TS]

  thinks he probably meant that I think he's closer if I had to be summarized [TS]

  this discussion I would I would say their two-point all both not involving [TS]

  that is the idea that if you have something we're certainly liability and [TS]

  you add a second thing even if the reliability is just as good as the first [TS]

  thing if your entire system to be successful they both have to work even [TS]

  decrease the reliability of the system even though the thing you added is just [TS]

  as reliable the other thing [TS]

  so that was one counter intuitive thing that people think it's like well if I [TS]

  had the second thing is just a reliable the first thing the total liabilities [TS]

  are saying no it's worse so that's one and the second thing is the sort of this [TS]

  place is probably wrong but I'll say it anyway network effect when you add more [TS]

  and more devices yet three devices and you had one before you don't get three [TS]

  times the number of things you can do because if they all interact with each [TS]

  other [TS]

  the number of possible connections and interactions between them goes up much [TS]

  faster than linearly and that sort of multiplicative affected marco was first [TS]

  one to make a problem right added that by adding you may add one device to [TS]

  another one you don't just get three times the number of things you can do [TS]

  you might try tomorrow night if they all interact with each other and so the [TS]

  first point combined with the second means that the sort of intuitive sense [TS]

  that when I have a computer there's one thing and I have a computer and a phone [TS]

  that's two things and it should be roughly like you know it should first [TS]

  people to think that the phone is just a reliable to use the computer my total [TS]

  system reliability is not gone down but it totally has because if they both died [TS]

  4 features that cross between them or syncing issues that were never too much [TS]

  worse than just having a boner just having better and the second thing is as [TS]

  you get even more devices the number of connections between them possible [TS]

  interaction goes way up goes up faster than linearly especially if they all [TS]

  interact with each other especially if some features on one aren't even [TS]

  unlocked until you get the second one i contenuti is not even in your world with [TS]

  you have two devices such as a whole new feature set that wasn't even there [TS]

  before the blooms on both of them and then the interaction between them and [TS]

  then three of them in the cloud and everything like that that's more or less [TS]

  what we're getting it you want to get into the nitty-gritty details on the map [TS]

  doctoring is a good coverage there and the person who sent us an email [TS]

  said that even though things do get worse and you had something to a system [TS]

  if most most things are generally reliable like their reliability is 99% [TS]

  or whatever doesn't get that bad as the affected may be exaggerating the effects [TS]

  because it now like 50% reliability yes that would that you really feel like [TS]

  most things are very reliable and another one to the system of the same [TS]

  reliability is not gonna pull down your overall reliability that much that's why [TS]

  I think Erin's post about [TS]

  the number of possible interactions between the different devices going up [TS]

  that's the real thrust of over getting in this market and we still don't we [TS]

  still another math he stubbornly refused to address or learn any of the Met this [TS]

  will not be on the test people believe john Hoeven that's what I wasn't [TS]

  strongly advocating for any specific thing I wish we were both saying stay [TS]

  away from the math we both don't know it look it up if you care to look it up if [TS]

  you care to be the mother of our feedback when I was like you know we are [TS]

  neither one of us off the top of my head was going to say this is definitively [TS]

  how how you calculate this or are we both just had waived it and ran away [TS]

  from it [TS]

  well I'll tell you what you can do you can picture her second budget this week [TS]

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  slash ATV thanks a lot to back later sponsoring once again there's been a [TS]

  rumor that the iPad pro might which we don't even know exists might come with a [TS]

  stylus which is something different so what are we gonna do a stylist right to [TS]

  use a stylus know why the stylist [TS]

  you have to give them and put them away he loses nobody wants a stylist so let's [TS]

  not use the stylus if you see a stylist then what is it they were to fail if you [TS]

  need a stylist you've already failed the point is one of the more reliable supply [TS]

  chain I guess analysts say because i dont no hito term but anyway [TS]

  has said that the next iPad to the 30 13 inch iPad will have an optional stylist [TS]

  and I don't think that most of us would have paid too much attention to this or [TS]

  certainly I wouldn't have accepted this particular individual has an [TS]

  unbelievably good track record which makes me think ok maybe this is real so [TS]

  i cant i dont own any stylized styluses for my iPad I've never gotten any of [TS]

  them really had a particular need forum I've tried the paper pencil [TS]

  I got one of those do it sits in a drawer it seemed cool I guess but I i'm [TS]

  just not one that needs a stylist so I don't think I can really comment [TS]

  intelligently on this it sounds like Marco you have a bunch and has he spoken [TS]

  family of the cosmonaut the past rate yeah and of all the one they have that [TS]

  my favorite one for general use of the if you if you use paper a lot like the a [TS]

  paper by 43 if you use that Apple up for artistic purposes and sketching purposes [TS]

  their stylist offer some features in that app that that other ones won't have [TS]

  the paper pencil for general use around the iPad I don't think the pencil is [TS]

  better than nothing about the same if not a little bit of a weird shape and [TS]

  it's the thing is the reason why it's a big deal of Apple makes one of these is [TS]

  because of Apple makes a stylist it's not going to be a $25 capacitive foam [TS]

  tip stick the way all the other ones are it's going to be integrated with the [TS]

  with the OS and hardware so right now the reason why this the style I on the [TS]

  market generally all suck or or that they've they've basically hit a wall [TS]

  that they can't get any better than this is because to get better than that [TS]

  that you need system wide recognition of Bluetooth and more precision on the tip [TS]

  and so certainly like the the paper but 53 stylist I think that is pretty sure [TS]

  it is believed that some kind of are you must be so that is Bluetooth but it only [TS]

  works in their app and it's still under music can be because you need is like [TS]

  you the app has to try to do things like reject part deciding upon touching the [TS]

  screen not count that as a touch and things like that and and the the [TS]

  low-level OS frameworks for touch recognition have way more recognition [TS]

  and win more data to work with than what exposed to absent a public API eyes and [TS]

  so if Apple did this at the system level they cannot only use Bluetooth or some [TS]

  other kind of short-range Aref thing people do but they could not only use [TS]

  Bluetooth that they could do it [TS]

  system wide so it would work in every app with all the sensitivity and [TS]

  precision and it would be it would be able to tie in with the touch [TS]

  recognition and and do like you know better touch rejection of that none of [TS]

  which their party styles can do really very well or or everywhere right now so [TS]

  that's why it's a big deal [TS]

  Apple makes one day might even if this if this is going to be a big deal they [TS]

  might even switch to a different kind of texture and I believe it's a resistive [TS]

  touchscreen our least be able to put a layer like that I'd like what the the [TS]

  Wacom Cintiq soyuz which is what the Microsoft Surface pro you at least the [TS]

  23 a ton of the original one did I think it did but the surface Pro uses this to [TS]

  where it's basically it's like a pen tablet integrated into the screen and [TS]

  artists love these things they they are you know if if you're if you're a sketch [TS]

  artist or illustrated illustration artists they would use a pan for your [TS]

  free art form these things are very very widely recognized very very widely [TS]

  appreciated and and the iPad really doesn't do a very good job at that [TS]

  because of the imprecision and limitations of the styles are available [TS]

  now so I think if they did this [TS]

  and I think they probably should do this I think there there's there's a market [TS]

  for it it would make sense to limited to only one model and make it like a [TS]

  high-end thing that would make sense just like Microsoft has done really and [TS]

  then just like black ops done an about it and I know that wrong I don't know [TS]

  what the bride usually there's a Wacom gets more fun in the city F&P but i i [TS]

  think it's a very good idea well I don't know if they actually do it but I think [TS]

  it's a very good idea I think it's inevitable because I mean for the same [TS]

  reason I think the bigger iPad is inevitable and multitasking multi-window [TS]

  in the iPad is inevitable like that that this platform has to expand to do more [TS]

  things because its people like it better than the old platform and get them [TS]

  expand slowly and make another loses much of the advantages and diversified [TS]

  line so a particular product is it and what has to happen because the amazing [TS]

  number of artificial fingers for sale for iOS devices just goes to show that [TS]

  there is a market demand for this the same way that people wanted bigger [TS]

  phones right and that's why you know you don't like but that's why all the [TS]

  existing ones that stink because all they are is artificial thinkers like all [TS]

  urs simulating a finger and the OS is made four fingers and simulated fingers [TS]

  are real fingers of racist about your fingers in the big squishy things there [TS]

  in precise about what comes out with a stylist not only that a deal Bluetooth I [TS]

  think they have to do something different with the screen like I said if [TS]

  you look at the huge number of patents that come out of Apple Apple patents [TS]

  million things I mean they're gonna make anything but I think in the case of the [TS]

  stylist even if we didn't see any patents I would think that a stylist is [TS]

  going to eventually come on we get to that point and a plus tons of patents [TS]

  related to sales is your style or whatever the plural that was caused it [TS]

  to be awkward for the whole time we talk about this please if you took Latin high [TS]

  school don't write and I don't we don't care anyway I also took last night why [TS]

  would they have all those pants usually their patents are about like well user [TS]

  interface stuff like maybe they tried this user interface and it wasn't great [TS]

  they did ship but they gonna patty pan everything you plan anything you do but [TS]

  the number of styles related patents that have come out of Apple over the [TS]

  years shows that they've had people doing stuff related to styluses our [TS]

  style I ever saw Hong [TS]

  like why the still die while those guys still doing that it's not like they just [TS]

  try this experiment 1 year after he have two year people are into an elaborate [TS]

  his Elastix doing stuff and maybe they hate all those maybe everything they [TS]

  found something that not going to make but someone is being employed at Apple [TS]

  to do stuff that produces things that are patentable related to drawing with a [TS]

  stick on a screen so it seems to me that that is definitely something that [TS]

  they're working on not just once but over the years and they're eventually [TS]

  going to get something they like maybe not this year maybe next year but I [TS]

  think it's inevitable and if they don't they don't hurry up like the surface [TS]

  getting of the you know the cachet with the artists because finally it was a [TS]

  portable tablet type thing that had the hardware support for a decent stylist [TS]

  interface if Apple doesn't do it soon enough eventually is going to be like [TS]

  well every artist knows that if you if you want to do are on the road you have [TS]

  to get america service because you're not going to use the classic lingered at [TS]

  scribbled on iPad right so I would say now is the correct time for them to do [TS]

  something I hope they do something that is at least as good as what the service [TS]

  does and I'm really hoping that at least one or two of those weird patents or [TS]

  something we haven't seen before because pants take a long time to come out [TS]

  something they haven't even seen its patent-pending will provide interfaces [TS]

  even better now the kind of these scary ghost floating around this has nothing [TS]

  to do a drawing pretty pictures on your iPad has everything to do with the other [TS]

  thing that you might do with a pen or pencil already implemented a flat [TS]

  surface which is write letters and that's you know has been characterized [TS]

  as an a/b and Apple has big scary I grackles all over this topic but Satan [TS]

  thing is once you once you ship once you make a stylist and you're able to you [TS]

  know do find out with it or whatever [TS]

  are you going to say no you can't write notes that will translate into text i [TS]

  mean that's one way to get out of it just to avoid entirely say it's just [TS]

  hard right now if you could write words but it was a state like we won't [TS]

  translate into text but but I think there's no way for them to avoid having [TS]

  to resurrect and finally defeat the ghosts of the news by doing handwriting [TS]

  recognition that is not embarrassing and I think the technology is there to do it [TS]

  and I think they have to support system wide a nice way and I think very few [TS]

  people use the biggest who likes writing with a pen and pencil everyone who likes [TS]

  riding you know just fine but I really really feel like I mean I don't like it [TS]

  that much either but that's a pretty big group that does is that hit his thing in [TS]

  what context are you going to use it I can imagine using it for things like [TS]

  checking things off or scribbling a quick will know that bring up the [TS]

  keyboard to type things out but I can't imagine someone using it to do text [TS]

  messages or write a long email or something and maybe that's just me maybe [TS]

  maybe just don't see that anymore but like if you're gonna ride along unless [TS]

  it does because people are really fast with those who have you liked it right [TS]

  hand and running unless they tackle Chris if people are jerks [TS]

  just do a long do i how long handwritten letter increase of having translate that [TS]

  into text for you but having really good stylist support in this day and age [TS]

  you've let them write in cursive and just send it as a giant image like you [TS]

  can do that now you couldn't it wasn't an option before you had to translate [TS]

  the text I think now this beautiful handwriting you know that people have [TS]

  you know they want to convey their [TS]

  you want to see someone wearing one I just transferred as you know vector or [TS]

  bitmap or something like that why do you have to turn it takes I guess after [TS]

  injection make it searchable and so on and so forth and I don't know where they [TS]

  go this but I think the the Art angle as a slam-dunk they're gonna do it going to [TS]

  be good I hope it doesn't happen this year they better hurry up because [TS]

  everyone else is doing it [TS]

  and then the handwriting thing I have no idea what they're gonna do when I see [TS]

  all sorts of crazy pitfalls there I think the opportunity as its big I would [TS]

  be surprised if anybody at apple with with the ability to make such a decision [TS]

  would would restrict or stay away from these areas because of the noon I think [TS]

  they just don't care anymore that was so long that was ancient history and the [TS]

  public most of the public doesn't even remember the news and doesn't even care [TS]

  about and that's they way because of the Newton but because it's still hard [TS]

  problem like look at like the severest does it now Microsoft does it and they [TS]

  do obviously better than the noon right away more computing power and they've [TS]

  been doing it for like a decade it might have been doing it for a long time and [TS]

  they end its and their version is pretty good it's good but it's like here's the [TS]

  thing with its not so people don't need to remember the news just like it too [TS]

  hard enough problem kind of like a lot of the stuff and fortunately we're not [TS]

  gonna talk about this week but I don't think it is a time to watch it but you [TS]

  know the windows 10 announcement and the holographic style or in the past the [TS]

  connector whatever things that are that was real things that really hard [TS]

  problems that make a really awesome tech demo to make you feel like you're living [TS]

  in the future but if they don't deliver on it like if they if they don't cross [TS]

  the threshold I kind of like have Siri didn't cross the threshold in the [TS]

  beginning of like well demos well but doesn't quite work for you enough that [TS]

  I'm just gonna give up on it and that came up again because they are jacket [TS]

  was talking about how serious gotten much better and that went around the [TS]

  sort of Apple married sites this past week or so by the way about that so i [TS]

  sorry for so I I have not used here in a long time because it just never works [TS]

  for me like the reliability was so bad for so long ago stopped trying but I [TS]

  would say I would say complete command would sit there and has been for 20 [TS]

  seconds and then say I'm sorry I can't help you right now there's been an area [TS]

  so I stopped trying after seeing all these things about Syria my garden maybe [TS]

  I'll give it a shot [TS]

  first thing I try yesterday serious about the stopwatch sorry Marco I can't [TS]

  help you with the stopwatch it can do everything else on the clock app it can [TS]

  start the stopwatch yep [TS]

  really come on that's this is easy stuff why why but at least it worked you know [TS]

  it is understood well and give you [TS]

  a reasonable answer but it's similar in that like serious kind of bad or any [TS]

  kind of voice recognition thing you just let a kid use it and you'll see other [TS]

  guys like as soon as you start talking to it and it talks back to you people [TS]

  like oh I guess this is a complete human and if it doesn't exactly what I say I [TS]

  consider it stupid right and then running and running right mission as [TS]

  similar as soon as it changes anything you right into text you like it [TS]

  understands handwriting and then you write something else and it doesn't you [TS]

  like this thing is stupid because you're only your only analog for something they [TS]

  understand spoken text and can read handwriting is other human body can read [TS]

  this word on the shopping list why couldn't you read this one it's there's [TS]

  no you know took to a human being and you can be one of those words you can we [TS]

  both like this one is not incredibly sloppier than the other but to a [TS]

  computer which is not like a human not even close [TS]

  you know it's not even at the level like a kindergarten student terms of [TS]

  recognizing letters just as a bunch of heuristics as soon as they get tripped [TS]

  up by things that make no sense to you because you have no idea how it's [TS]

  recognized you also have no idea how your own recognizance or just works on [TS]

  us right there are our brains just where that's the real it just works right we [TS]

  can be taught to read and write it just works right for the most part in most [TS]

  people I still can't read all discursive cardigan from Old people you got people [TS]

  are out of practice you've got people with terrible handwriting but [TS]

  handwriting recognition is a promise that if you don't pass a certain bar [TS]

  it's like that that's why I think the bitmap thing is a way out because maybe [TS]

  you tried to him right direction even if you do it better than Microsoft's don't [TS]

  think that's below the minimum that will be acceptable by the general public [TS]

  where people say oh and understand your handwriting what they'll say instead is [TS]

  sometimes it kinda understands your handwriting which is not a ringing [TS]

  endorsement but if you can use it to send it maps of your writing about your [TS]

  only problem is the person on the other end can read your writing and we've all [TS]

  had that where you know a spouse writes a shopping list for you and you can't [TS]

  make out whatever the last word is you're not sure if it's like carrots [TS]

  cucumbers or something with the sea in a bunch of squiggles so if if humans can [TS]

  do it sometimes you know I don't know [TS]

  I think that is a difficult thing it and really talk about tablets here I can't [TS]

  imagine someone doing it on the phone but once you have it working on the [TS]

  tablet do you put it in the six plus a little place to put a stylist or [TS]

  something would would you see I mean I know people see this now someone with a [TS]

  you know the Galaxy Note or whatever [TS]

  holding a big giant phone and stabbing it with a pencil thing my own mother [TS]

  uses a little fake finger thing to stabbed her iPod Touch some people just [TS]

  want to poke something with the stick with it with the stylist obviously not a [TS]

  fun I have I have my father-in-law uses iPad very often with the cosmonauts I [TS]

  keep he prefers to interact with that way to stepping you know you a bunch of [TS]

  everything I totally get that and I i think you know the the era of Apple [TS]

  sticking with a very small product line you know I don't think they're really [TS]

  holding you really do that i mean just look at the iPad lineup like you [TS]

  mentioned earlier about the new 12 inch MacBook Air thing you know possibly need [TS]

  to replace 1113 Aaron even that like you know not anytime soon maybe not ever [TS]

  because they are fine having a bigger lineup I I think the Tim Cook era and it [TS]

  didn't start with mister with Steve but it but certainly I think the temple gary [TS]

  has expanded this of like Apple is fine [TS]

  keeping old products around and having more versions of new products now to [TS]

  address market that they weren't serving before that were possibly a threat to [TS]

  them I think they're sticking to the AME remove the old quadrant thing with like [TS]

  pro-consumer laptop desktop that was a simpler time right there was no watches [TS]

  no phones and tablets whatever but within their their products that up it's [TS]

  not crazy like they have a laptop line that they have more or less simplified [TS]

  by trying to you know MacBook Pro and MacBook versus the air and you getting [TS]

  rid of the the non-pro MacBooks everything they have tablets they have [TS]

  phones laptops and a couple variety of their desktop in a couple of varieties [TS]

  what they're doing is within those sort of nameplates and brands diversifying [TS]

  like [TS]

  how many different iPad daughter but the simplification things like it's just an [TS]

  iPad you don't have to know like do I want an iPad or another tablet price [TS]

  they're all iPad like perception why did all this is just like buying different [TS]

  size of closing or you know whatever it's like it's as if that car [TS]

  manufacturer had one kind of car and you get that car and SUV wagon you know [TS]

  tricycle motorcycle but they called it all the same line of things you know [TS]

  maybe not quite that bad actually that's not that far from the BMW actually does [TS]

  it in the in Apple's world the three of the five series would not be different [TS]

  cars right and maybe you'd have liked the electric one would be different I [TS]

  think the iPad is the best example these are all iPads they're all rectangles [TS]

  good but like huge diversity of different guts different acts outside [TS]

  the reform package in the phone has slowly been there all iPhones just [TS]

  whatever ideal iPhones and is that there's a range there as well [TS]

  iPod Touch is often the corner whatever so with the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro [TS]

  two still division there but they're kind of unified a MacBook so I think [TS]

  Apple's appetite for taking existing product lines and just making more [TS]

  varieties is is demonstrated but their their appetite for splitting say the [TS]

  MacBook line further splitting into the MacBook MacBook Pro MacBook Air MacBook [TS]

  whatever I think they said they're going the other direction you know making [TS]

  everything getting rid of the plastic models making it all the time getting [TS]

  rid of the non-pro MacBooks and you know who knows how long the air this new one [TS]

  is called the MacBook still in the air is go away or something I don't know [TS]

  that kinda diversification is like having your cake and eating it too [TS]

  because you address more of the customer baseball still making it seem like you [TS]

  only need to have you know two or three tables and Apple store and you put all [TS]

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  dollars a month thanks lots really I recommend the service it is [TS]

  great LY / ATP so CBS has already ended by like a week or two is [TS]

  that right [TS]

  it's always hard to tell with CEOs like if it's a real thing of anything matters [TS]

  I wonder if we can just paste in the verges summary of CES from last year and [TS]

  just pasted in this year would anybody notice anyone who isn't John would have [TS]

  no idea that it was the same thing with regard to tainted but John would notice [TS]

  and john has noticed first thing any related this is the wire cutter did what [TS]

  they do which is like they distill it down to the things they thought were [TS]

  actually interesting and important and CSS actually is an important show if you [TS]

  care about consumer electronics but there is so much of their that it's like [TS]

  what is the what is the important thing this year and so for me interested in [TS]

  televisions every year at CES like what did a new crop of television's look like [TS]

  because you know people tend to announce their upcoming things that they have new [TS]

  technologies is the first year you know the first year and LCD HDTV those of the [TS]

  exciting years where this some kind of technological advance and then they're [TS]

  all the in-between years we like ok what is this year's crop of plasma TVs like a [TS]

  debate last year's problem you know so it's more boring that's just picking [TS]

  televisions one category but for every category this something like that was [TS]

  just tons and tons of noise so the wire cutter thing is a good summary of the [TS]

  wire cutter some very interesting gadgets and stuff from CVS I'm really [TS]

  interested in the TV part so the only part of highlighted here but the link [TS]

  that shows you can check it out because you can't if you try to fall like CBS [TS]

  coverage you can't it's just this too much stuff and a lot of the times things [TS]

  that are covered by sort of live from CES stuff for the things that demo well [TS]

  but you're never gonna see them again is not a real products not a real thing but [TS]

  the booth and a demo is impressive and then just forget that exists because [TS]

  you'll never see anything about it again but [TS]

  the technology stuff which is like more of the boring written stories that does [TS]

  not have anything fun to look at this just announcements of products [TS]

  this is just talked about it last year and I'm a television front fork a [TS]

  television and the technologies related that are slowly steadily marching [TS]

  forward for case we don't probably care too much about because of the size of [TS]

  the televisions be having to dismiss it from them it's probably not a factor but [TS]

  as we discussed last year for cake comes at more than just high resolution also [TS]

  calls for a larger color gamut different frame rates and other stuff like that [TS]

  the people will notice and then the one I was really interested in last year [TS]

  with this crazy this is not really a product demo tape thing from Dolby which [TS]

  is like high dynamic range to be able to have darker darksome greater rights and [TS]

  your television and that is something much more so than for K that you would [TS]

  notice if you put a regular TV text along with this high dynamic range thing [TS]

  you would be able to tell the difference in the same way that you the most people [TS]

  could with high-definition television per standard and the exciting but boring [TS]

  announcement related to that is this [TS]

  UHD line switches consortium of a bunch of people who make hardware and a bunch [TS]

  of people who make content to try to get together on these standards because we [TS]

  don't want this to turn into a weird format war whatever if any of these [TS]

  things that many of the sort of enhanced or k with high dynamic range that ever [TS]

  gonna become a thing it can't be confined to one vendor can't be confined [TS]

  to one distributor and I think now it's good to see the company's at least [TS]

  understand it's a little bit at various times they've been good and bad about [TS]

  this like getting together on you know making a decision on blu-ray finally [TS]

  after having the HDTV or you know I think CDs they kind of came together a [TS]

  little bit it's always an argument over who owns the patents and he's going to [TS]

  get the money and all that crap but no but nobody benefits if it's like if it's [TS]

  competing standards over just available just only have like this high dynamic [TS]

  range thing right in there was exclusively licensed to them [TS]

  and just so many movies relic that nobody cares like who would ever get [TS]

  that TV like well that's great but you only watch so many movies movies that [TS]

  has to be an industry standard glad to see them doing this because I'm much [TS]

  more excited about high dynamic range stuff and the color enhanced in a frame [TS]

  rate enhancements for KTV than about the fork a resolution itself so I'm hoping [TS]

  good things will come from the UHD line that it won't splinter apart to do a [TS]

  bunch of petty squabbling and cracked and the final thing is like speaking of [TS]

  things that are sort of evergreen about see your messages if we just repost the [TS]

  verge story every time I think about it actually writing something got CBS which [TS]

  actually do think about it but I think about it and I think back to the post I [TS]

  wrote in 2013 code that Coach is CES Cohen worse products through software [TS]

  and I don't want this to be an evergreen article I wanted to be remember that [TS]

  moment in time when consumer electronics companies realize that they needed [TS]

  software in their products and they were super bad at it every time they had [TS]

  software I made their products worse and I'm hoping this will be a time that [TS]

  passes maybe a decade or something but I would want this article to be out of [TS]

  date and look antiquated and look old-fashioned but this year I think it [TS]

  still applies every every every consumer electronics product is not made by a [TS]

  company with a computing platform Google Apple Microsoft may be kind of you in a [TS]

  Milan those are pretty much the only companies like companies that maintain [TS]

  that that have a software platform and if they maintain an advanced it they're [TS]

  the only companies they can do software worth a damn [TS]

  every other company that tries to offer their product it just makes the product [TS]

  worse because the software is also replaces something that wasn't quite as [TS]

  awful and a new capabilities never make up for the difficulty of dealing with [TS]

  your refrigerator comes to software it's going to be worse than your generator [TS]

  without software guaranteed because you know free-trader makers have no idea [TS]

  what to do when it comes to software [TS]

  thus far the new TV makers the terrible but update that have a bug fixes and the [TS]

  project self didn't start off very good and doesn't get any better so I'm not [TS]

  writing anything new about that it's still true I wish it wasn't that CBS III [TS]

  I'm not in the TV world but I totally agree with that statement in other areas [TS]

  things have gotten off Kickstarter that have like this is another thermometer [TS]

  that has an app on your phone to see the result since there is a way better than [TS]

  actual display and a stupid thing you know the microphone interface I got for [TS]

  a week and then returned it was burned away but like this thing that has this [TS]

  the screen with just one button on it and everything else controlled by [TS]

  software and of course the software is terrible so I get this I replace it with [TS]

  this box it is covered in knobs and buttons and its way better and it will [TS]

  last way longer I mean just I hate software so much and I'm a software [TS]

  developer and I hate software I mean its use software intelligently use offer [TS]

  when it really does benefit things but that is not everywhere and that is not [TS]

  always necessary and is often better without it and the worst part is like [TS]

  even in places where you could totally see the benefit like there are things [TS]

  that have had sort of you know the visual interfaces for a long time like [TS]

  for example thermostats or something like that's a perfect place for software [TS]

  because having a bunch a little buttons on a panel at the open up on this little [TS]

  dinky screen you like boy if I could have a real software it is that would be [TS]

  better and the nest approaches kind of tied up with also gonna make it program [TS]

  or whatever but so many opportunities exist for something that we thought were [TS]

  really is appropriate but awful software is worse then just right and when you [TS]

  talk about things like this is actually not inappropriately off at this point [TS]

  does it give me a mechanical device that works and the cars it is the best [TS]

  example because like there are ample opportunities for good software to [TS]

  improve the experience inside a car but they take this offer and put it where [TS]

  it's not needed and then this offer that is there [TS]

  usually pretty terrible and you know we all used cars and so we're all just kind [TS]

  of suffering as companies that do not know how to make software I get [TS]

  hopefully slowly learn to make software better I don't know if they're even [TS]

  learning of the BMW key fob but the screen I like that is not an appropriate [TS]

  place for software in your pocket you wanna field goal to feel the buttons are [TS]

  you maybe don't touch it at all like yeah right [TS]

  and speaking of software our friends are really something new this week [TS]

  hijacked three indeed not pro though so forget it [TS]

  budget means doesn't have the nobel boards on anymore [TS]

  yeah exactly you'll get a job they were used to be called auto hijack pro and [TS]

  with the version 3 they removed from the name because it was just like you know [TS]

  like Netscape Navigator gold pearl gold we don't need the suffixes in the [TS]

  modified audio hijacked and its version 3 and I have been fiddling with it I [TS]

  have not used it to record a podcast yet I didn't have enough time today to get [TS]

  my I don't know I guess workflow almost a session I think it's what they term [TS]

  they use and have enough time to get my session squared away before we recorded [TS]

  tonight but I'm hoping to the next week [TS]

  be able to set it up so that every chords not only a copy of just by my but [TS]

  also a copy of you guys as well and this will be super helpful for analog but [TS]

  it's really really slick the way they've done the kind of work flowy interface [TS]

  where you're dragging boxes around it it's it's again a very gentle way trying [TS]

  to do very powerful things much like the workflow out that i've talked about [TS]

  quite a few times both on my website in here on the show that's a very cool very [TS]

  cool idea very well done and the thought of writing that you I scares the crap [TS]

  outta me cause I'm a terrible UI developer as it is [TS]

  and writing something that complex with like that kind of a dynamic layout just [TS]

  scares the bejesus out of me but it's cool I wouldn't just served as gentle [TS]

  and but by the way this is not a paid sponsorship saying this because we think [TS]

  this after the meeting the reason I'm excited about this happens because it [TS]

  takes an idea that bike concepts that have you know that have been related to [TS]

  the audio for a long time and it's like these capabilities allies' kimberly's [TS]

  marlys existed already in the previous versions of audio hijack or you could [TS]

  have done yourselves with the idea of things the major renovation of this is [TS]

  kind of like people are familiar with court composer is it lets you visually [TS]

  design the flow of audio like if you were to die you know if you were to try [TS]

  to explain to me what I need is a need to have the audio from this source going [TS]

  to over here and needs it to recording to file over there but the mixed with [TS]

  this one over here and have a volume adjustment go through this output device [TS]

  and you would run an Afghan like boy how the hell making sure that you just take [TS]

  that diagram and you make it in in this thing that blocks you can pop over for [TS]

  sources of audio they have a little metre block which i think is genius [TS]

  shows the the greatness of these approaches like what is the media blog [TS]

  do lending let you know if you're clipping and and that source right and [TS]

  you have a justice for different channels and volume things and you have [TS]

  a recorder were you could put the track down and you can put multiple tracks [TS]

  down into one recordings put them on two separate ones the interfaces the entire [TS]

  thing is application capabilities were there and you could have used an old [TS]

  version of Heidegger applications but take a look at the screen shot to [TS]

  deceive you do anything related audio maybe you don't maybe it's just a bunch [TS]

  of podcasters who care about the stuff but if you do anything related to audio [TS]

  recording audio this one interface is one window like just a bunch of things [TS]

  in common with lines lets anybody do things that previously almost nobody [TS]

  could do because you have to understand like that some crazy arcane interface [TS]

  and a bunch of weird vocabulary to like this is all visual vocabulary very [TS]

  simple very straightforward up super impressed by this yeah it's a very need [TS]

  up and hoping to get everything squared away so I can use it to record this next [TS]

  week you should hold out because they really want to sponsor like it I could [TS]

  sponsor me for them to just did and you were and you were on the bait if this [TS]

  weren't you [TS]

  yeah yeah I like it a lot it's what I like I said in a blog post to like in [TS]

  audio is a pretty like dealing with audio and idaho like you need to record [TS]

  this through this mixer combine it with this then be able to make this an record [TS]

  over here and put this off and applying Eq in a compressor over here like doing [TS]

  stuff like that can very quickly lead you into hardware complexity and and [TS]

  just a Hello wires and cheap or expensive little boxes all over the [TS]

  place and lots of like just boxes all over your desk and complexity and not [TS]

  knowing where things are and and costs and this app is able to replace so much [TS]

  complexity so much harder so many even like if you try to do a lot of these [TS]

  these things in software there are a flick free open-source things out there [TS]

  that will that you can do some of these things with or that you can combine in [TS]

  certain ways to do some of these things and they're usually way harder to set up [TS]

  and you have all these three different packages and one of the only made for [TS]

  Linux and all this don't like it [TS]

  bottlenecks and and frustrations limitations and challenges and setting [TS]

  it all up so they have it all in one app is pretty amazing [TS]

  this kind of makes me sad because like this is the kind of awesome utility that [TS]

  we will never see on iOS and they can never be in the Mac App Store and those [TS]

  things make me very sad I was gonna bring up is like the the innovation of [TS]

  this out like this is exactly like the original good it's like previously I [TS]

  could not do this with the computer becomes too complicated but now you make [TS]

  all my files little pictures now I can actually range I don't know how to take [TS]

  command the move files I can't keep you know like simple things like bombings [TS]

  and once you made the files little pictures of people to drive around with [TS]

  a mouse tell me they were able to do it you know we're gonna have actual audio [TS]

  hardware with [TS]

  XLR interfaces are all that stuff like this is not replacing a giant recording [TS]

  studio for them but it seemed like you have a Mac that is capable of doing a [TS]

  lot of stuff in software that you can also do a better job of a more fancy job [TS]

  with hardware but maybe you don't want to buy thousands of dollars worth of [TS]

  audio hardware and that marker said that is a whole other world of complexity [TS]

  what if you just want to do something like I have a Mac everything here is [TS]

  happening on the back I've got a Skype call I've got you know Google hangout [TS]

  I've got the music playing I've got like why can't I i know i Mac is capable of [TS]

  this it here is all the audio I can read it in a simple way using the input and [TS]

  output drop out why can't I just do this one thing they want to do is not that [TS]

  much more complicated so I would say this is like but I tweeted about it was [TS]

  like if you don't have a big budget for hardware but you want to do something [TS]

  like that market does but like planes music and making it a live stream stuff [TS]

  like that like or you know on the income people worry just wanna play clips from [TS]

  shows like lipson past episodes or drop in sound effects in like a game show Dec [TS]

  thing you're not asking for much [TS]

  it's pretty simple but like oh I can add stuff then but it will record my side [TS]

  effects you just hear them over to Skype chatter the only place I get my sound [TS]

  effects of the Skype chat or uploaded clip and the other people in the show on [TS]

  here at but eventually it'll be in the final recording silly things like that [TS]

  are limitations of the simplicity of the way we can mix audio here and providing [TS]

  application that does that it's just such an incredible shame like this is [TS]

  this is like the kind of innovative application do you expect from a great [TS]

  Mac Developer right can't be on the net gaps can't be on iOS because of the way [TS]

  it works is that you know I jacks the audio from other applications and I [TS]

  understand like it doesn't have any kernel extensions or anything but it's [TS]

  using you know it's getting into other processes and like you know grabbing [TS]

  audio from them and I feel like it's my computer I there should be security [TS]

  restrictions about that like oh do you want to hijack the application you know [TS]

  confirmed that it's done have some sort of system-level thing that prevents like [TS]

  I feel like this application could be on the Mac App Store if ever cared enough [TS]

  about the functionality provides to you know to provide sort of the gateways of [TS]

  like do you wanna give us a pack says that contacts the person said yes that [TS]

  happens I guess the contact that's the only kind of barrier I think you need [TS]

  just this kind of sad that you cannot buy the Mac App Store you have to buy [TS]

  direct [TS]

  think we're good thanks a lot for three sponsors this week harvest Backblaze and [TS] and we will see you next week now the show they didn't even mean to [TS]

  begin accidental accidental John [TS]

  Casey [TS]

  because it was accidental shown to be a gene markle [TS]

  go it is not a few minutes [TS]

  a few dollars a month ago it's not like it's no we're not talking thousands like [TS]

  her already inexpensive compared to like Instapaper or Tumblr something that I [TS]

  mean like if nothing a few hundred dollars a month is not nothing I mean [TS]

  that's a car payment will be my last visit I was bending like five to seven [TS]

  thousand dollars a month so it for this one like this is a lot smaller because [TS]

  it's like you know $500 a month as opposed two thousand is it pretty good [TS]

  bang for the buck the like how long did you spend be ready and go and then the [TS]

  savings will be realized you know going forward you know it's it's a pretty you [TS]

  got a pretty good return on the investment in the time you spent to go [TS]

  and rewrite this thing yeah I mean and ultimately I'm going to spend a little [TS]

  more time on it because the current model have the couple of little problems [TS]

  but its overall it's been a huge win and I learn a new language and that is [TS]

  valuable too and and now I have have a very very good tool for certain types of [TS]

  problems in my tool belt yes I learn something new to talk about on the show [TS]

  here and there and I mean like jon said a few more dollars a month that's that's [TS]

  significant that's impressive and that's really awesome and it's it's kinda crazy [TS]

  that you just choosing to attack this problem a little bit differently [TS]

  has had what I think to be a pretty big tangible impact on your financial [TS]

  situation for overcast but that's that's awesome and who would have thought that [TS]

  ditching PHP would save you hundreds I mean on costs [TS]

  and just not even touching all of it just getting it for like this one [TS]

  like hot spot this one like major bottleneck that was a huge resource hog [TS]

  that and that that's why I like that I now have this in my in my tool belt [TS]

  because now I know like problems like this I i havent the way to attack them I [TS]

  have something else that I know well enough and I trust enough to do this [TS]

  kind of thing that's now available to me and that that will enable certain new [TS]

  things and like you know i didnt i dont wanna learn certain things like Python [TS]

  or Ruby that much because they didn't seem to provide a lot like enough of an [TS]

  advantage to make it worth me adding a complexity and having that the burden of [TS]

  having to learn that over a few weeks and be all the time into it go is [TS]

  different enough and good enough at certain things that it was worth it to [TS]

  me and the bad old marco would have spent many more months arguing with [TS]

  everyone else is that why you didn't need to rewrite the amount of time and [TS]

  energy you would have spent defending your decision not to rewrite it and go [TS]

  we would very quickly to a few minutes actually took you to rewrite it go [TS]

  know this this is what happens when a lot of money to meet on one side of an [TS]

  argument [TS]

  yeah well it's all speculative like I don't think it'll be that much faster [TS]

  maybe I can reduce the number of genes from one to two even now you're saying [TS]

  it's not that much money although I think it totally is and then you know [TS]

  all the arguments just made about having a senior till date and so on and so [TS]

  forth we could have made those arguments here but you know you have and you know [TS]

  I don't like a big deal that I would never had it so I hope you learned from [TS]

  this that like trying new things is awesome and give you money and it's [TS]

  usually taken that is like I get his work all the time I get to the [TS]

  calculation of like how much energy would be for me to argue against this [TS]

  for his house majority will take me to do it and surprising amount of time it's [TS]

  like it's more exhausting to me to think about arguing against it [TS]

  that is just do it actually less work than you like whatever its done when [TS]

  it's done the argument is over there is no argument we had and it was less [TS]

  mentally exhausting the name to try do [TS]

  you know argue about this i mean you know in my case it was really just about [TS]

  like you know i'm not i'm not gonna take a step and learn a language that is [TS]

  generally similar to PHP and what it does well and it doesn't do well because [TS]

  there's not a whole lot of upside for that [TS]

  well what will work on that will work on that one next like I know that's what [TS]

  you think but like with with go like the reason I went to it was because I I had [TS]

  this problem that I was doing that [TS]

  PHP is it is especially bad at like if it was something that PHP is kind of [TS]

  inconvenient for or not that well designed for that's less of again it's [TS]

  more like well an ideal world on different time scale doing maybe I would [TS]

  do something else but but like in most cases most of the problems I have to [TS]

  solve with web apps the other languages don't solve it better than PHP enough to [TS]

  make it worth the jump and and the hassle of having to rewrite things I [TS]

  mean this is costing me this is gonna cost me probably two months of web [TS]

  programming time because I not only had to rewrite the crawlers and debug all [TS]

  the problems that came with them but also to rewrite a lot of the supporting [TS]

  tools things like the logging infrastructure and like the things that [TS]

  allow me to to check and see you when when Vedra last crawled how often [TS]

  monitoring if there's delays if there's cue congestion in being able to force [TS]

  want to crawl immediately like there's all sorts of like little infrastructure [TS]

  supporting pieces that tie into the cooling system that I now have to modify [TS]

  or rewrite because of the different system so it's it is it is a pretty [TS]

  expensive change up front it will pay off over time but it's gonna take a lot [TS]

  of time into this why like I'm not gonna like throughout the whole rest of the [TS]

  app in Python or something because there it's just there doesn't seem to be [TS]

  enough benefit to doing that for for the amount of time work it would take if I'm [TS]

  faced with a problem that PHP does really badly like lots of parallel [TS]

  network requests now I'm not going to use it for that so that's that's where [TS]

  the benefit when you sell overcast here next product you own the parts that are [TS]

  appropriate for go you won't read PHP to begin with and it'll be go from the [TS]

  beginning in the same thing with your queue management stuff like if you ever [TS]

  ever ever across the next hurdle which is like [TS]

  third-party products for dealing with queues of things and managing the cues [TS]

  and dealing with failures and reporting and logging there there lots of [TS]

  infrastructure type tools to deal with that I know you probably don't like it [TS]

  they would rather just right things straightforwardly yourself but in a [TS]

  similar way that if you were to try to use one of those who like I have a [TS]

  simple charity work started this thing and I had this weird system where some [TS]

  of the music systems that its like again the next time you do a project if you [TS]

  had that too in your tool belt then you all say ok this part of the system under [TS]

  item PHP this morning trading go this thing I'm going to use you know this [TS]

  queue system and this whatever like to work on a third-party subjects but like [TS]

  I feel like having this is one of the things that having a crappy job forces [TS]

  you to deal with because you have either one crappy job better multiple crappy [TS]

  jobs just like regular govt jobs you work with somebody else you get the pic [TS]

  after time what you're working with what database he organized but he was logging [TS]

  infrastructure working but operating system wouldn't you know it you don't [TS]

  get the pic right by the time you work with crappy things and but eventually [TS]

  you work with a whole bunch of different things so that when you come to a new [TS]

  situation you like what I tried these five things in these 7 things in this [TS]

  room or whatever and you have you're forced to have experience with lots of [TS]

  different things and so you could have a deeper tool chest pull from where it [TS]

  could not force by some pointy haired boss to use a particular technology euro [TS]

  it's always up to you to do like the cost benefit in like I'm the only person [TS]

  here is it really worth me learning to do this on my own so much harder to [TS]

  you don't have the time to just screw around with stuff and try everything out [TS]

  and Andy survey the landscape really just have to go with what you know and [TS]

  so now you are becoming a hurdle to say I am going to screw around for a little [TS]

  while just because I think they'll be a benefit from it it's a sort of a slow [TS]

  motion version of having a series of jail be used for you for fifty different [TS]

  it's not your I also think it's kind of funny for you to see you just kind of [TS]

  wave your hand at oh it won't be any better than PHP well that's not what I [TS]

  said I said it won't be better enough to make it worth the transition costs ok [TS]

  even then I think I think that's a very bold claim for not enough ago [TS]

  necessarily because you know go but just kinda wave off I don't know Python as an [TS]

  example in just assume that it's not going to be that beneficial I think [TS]

  that's pretty bold now it doesn't necessarily mean you're wrong it just [TS]

  means it's pretty bold and I&I am proud of you and remain proud of you for for [TS]

  having explored go and I echo what john is saying that I think this is a baby [TS]

  step in the right direction for you understanding that you don't necessarily [TS]

  need to personally solve every problem under the Sun and there are more than [TS]

  one ways there's more than one way to skin a cat and that's ok [TS]

  power market is right about this thing though is like it's not even you know [TS]

  Python vs PHP is that he found the hot spot right like you reduce the number [TS]

  half doesn't matter how much better something is in PHP this was clearly the [TS]

  hot spot like he's not gonna happen again right like so that's that's just [TS]

  rude anything just working yourself especially when you were here so put [TS]

  your effort towards a thing that's gonna give you the biggest bang for your buck [TS]

  and Sophie if you have the number of services it's it's silly to expect that [TS]

  the next change will also have the number saved his attention they all have [TS]

  you no one no one thousandth of a server and you know so it like decide where the [TS]

  borrowing against an address that and then you know if if the current state of [TS]

  things is finding your work is done you don't need or like I don't think like [TS]

  for example he decided the hot spot as BHP I injured my speech with Python he [TS]

  would not have happened over a service like that the type of thing we without [TS]

  using [TS]

  kinda ballpark and are these are the same level of abstraction goes to Kluwer [TS]

  level and it's clear giving him something to PHP yeah yeah definitely [TS]

  doing watch kill lots of watching it this week I'm like it a lot [TS]

  yeah it's so limited that there's not a lot of pressure on me to make something [TS]

  amazing like that's too but like there's a lot of pressure on me to cram the [TS]

  entire app into this because you can't like it is not possible to so the limit [TS]

  limit I have are very challenging and and that way kind of interesting to me [TS]

  can you do things like an accelerometer access on the watch like if I if I shake [TS]

  my wrist still no sensors like a lot of time I listen to a podcast or something [TS]

  I hate i'm talking about the stupid little clicker like going forward and [TS]

  back of doing two clicks and three clicks which yet when you have cult [TS]

  figure is in like I don't know if I can only hold too long and ends up being the [TS]

  quick and the whole bike I know all the patterns but I just can't make my [TS]

  fingers do with the stupid Apple quicker but you just you run out of gestures [TS]

  like you can't you don't have enough there's not enough input [TS]

  funds so the time it's like I just missed last few seconds of oversight of [TS]

  pot guess I would check members to go back seven seconds and just have that be [TS]

  the one on ambiguous vigorously shaking like you know I think he can make a [TS]

  vigorous enough so you didn't have to show you wouldn't accidentally do it or [TS]

  whatever and that is much easier than me trying to triple click the stupid [TS]

  headset thing to go back and hear what if somebody said actually i I have a [TS]

  prototype class that's a pocket tap recognizer that will try to recognize if [TS]

  you tap the phone logs in your pocket just like it with your finger from the [TS]

  outside of your jeans or whatever and I got that working decently but I could [TS]

  never get it working reliably enough to actually ship it like it's it's just not [TS]

  good enough to get there isn't there's too many false responses in either in [TS]

  either direction like falsely detecting like if you could step really hard as a [TS]

  tap and missing a real tap the keg I just could not get to work properly [TS]

  and its kinda small for gestures that sort of thing like the one input you [TS]

  have is the shaker and shake to undo is silly but I'm pretty sure I've never [TS]

  actually done accidentally done it and I very frequently have a done it on [TS]

  purpose and be shaken a nap in the in the dim hope this Apple actually support [TS]

  on due Thurs shake and I'm really excited about a dozen it doesn't I just [TS]

  under said you've never kick that off accidentally never know I do it all the [TS]

  time will be holding my iPad still be in in bed on my back holding my head with [TS]

  both hands using it and then all kinda like drop it intentionally to let it [TS]

  land on my chest I can like type or something like that [TS]

  not support the weight of the iPad with my hands anymore I have an iPad 3 if I [TS]

  did it would break my ribs that's true that is an excellent points every time I [TS]

  do that deliberate drop onto my under my chest in order to you make it so that i [TS]

  dont to supported anymore then then it kicks the undue [TS]

  do you want to do the typing you just did and it drives me nuts every time but [TS]

  as a developer I know that it it makes perfect sense why that's happening and [TS]

  it's not my fault but it's kinda my fault yet for all I know I am accident [TS]

  I'm just doing it and Absa don't support on do I never I've never seen stuff [TS]

  going on my screen realizes because I jostle thing too much and I guess that i [TS]

  very frequently after accidentally performing some action just usually [TS]

  shake the device doesn't undo it lets me get revenge against my stupid phone [TS]

  as I think I'm doing a lot of what I like so I like it a lot I think it's [TS]

  important for people's expectations of what watched it absolute actually be to [TS]

  actually know how it works a little bit so so basically so you know when apple [TS]

  launches in a few months or whatever doesn't matter [TS]

  developers can only Apple can do whatever they want their third party [TS]

  developers only make watch after the watch kit so what this is is the watch [TS]

  it watch it is actually extension that runs on the phone from the main like [TS]

  parent at and it runs in the background [TS]

  whenever whenever you select like the app's icon on the watch it launches the [TS]

  walk an extension on the phone to like you know boot up giving data and control [TS]

  it and then the third party developers could never actually runs on the watch [TS]

  all third-party code is running on the phone and it's literally just like its [TS]

  reading data from the parent app on the phone is making a network calls it's [TS]

  also happening on the phone and then you send commands to the watch list update [TS]

  the screen the watch is playing through a static storyboard we've defined your [TS]

  your controls everything in the moment they have those are all staticy can't [TS]

  generate elements dynamically at runtime you can hide and show them but you can't [TS]

  generate new ones and so the phone is basically commanding the watch over [TS]

  Bluetooth how to update your interface in it so it's it's sending over commands [TS]

  like sit this label's text to the strength and all the commands its [TS]

  hilarious all the commands there right only you can't read from them so you can [TS]

  set the color of the text you can't read it back to literally just a thin layer [TS]

  on top of this convention it's like telling the watch how-to updated [TS]

  interface so that there's a number of challenges with the biggest one is the [TS]

  latency cuz Bluetooth has some lazy it in modern that's pretty small but there [TS]

  is some latency and is also just a lot of pretty limited bandwidth there and [TS]

  the watch as far as we can tell from from hinson things here and there [TS]

  the watches not gonna keep your app running for very long it look as soon as [TS]

  you start looking at it it closes the extension clothes and everything is cut [TS]

  off so there's gonna be major challenges in just getting these watch apps to to [TS]

  be dynamic and to be to be useful in to be rich because like if you like sending [TS]

  over images you know even like they are having a problem with the album art of [TS]

  like how do you how do you send over albemarle in a way that is efficient and [TS]

  you can have it cash up to 20 megs of Albemarle [TS]

  like all these little limitations little problems but overall the biggest thing [TS]

  about it is just this this lack of dynamic interface and the the latency [TS]

  involved in up doing things and everything is based around trying to [TS]

  minimize it also if you're really chatty of the protocol of the blue to keep [TS]

  their radios on a bunch of battery life on both sides so there's there's a lot [TS]

  of challenges lot of limitations here I would say for the for the first wave of [TS]

  third-party apps which i think is going to be a year roughly I would say don't [TS]

  expect a lot of dynamic interaction it is like a static menu that you're [TS]

  dealing with iraq static interface elements there's there's almost nothing [TS]

  done anything you can do [TS]

  I would not expect a whole lot from games I think some games will work on it [TS]

  things we can have very simple controls like which of these five actions do you [TS]

  want to do next Texas but that's like there's not a lot of interaction as [TS]

  reasonably possible that the system on the plus side it's really quick to [TS]

  develop for and it's really easy to get something going and it's why I think I [TS]

  think it's a smart move overall from Apple and the tools are really good [TS]

  there's a couple of bugs here and there but overall for this limited set of [TS]

  things that it doing it's pretty well suited for that so I'm extremely happy [TS]

  about it as much no I'm happy that I don't have to be forced to cram the [TS]

  whole app into it because I just can't so instead i canvassed limited subset I [TS]

  can do in a month or two and and be a have really great app out there and be [TS]

  done with it so overall I like it again set a shallow if you're if you're going [TS]

  to buy one of these things don't expect a whole lot from third party apps but [TS]

  what you have I think will be interesting and certainly will be enough [TS]

  for the first year that's good for Apple because what they want to say boy the [TS]

  Apple watches out and already there are certain very large number of third-party [TS]

  applications for it because if it's really easy for you to add like you know [TS]

  one just a trivial well all Apple I support at this point is trivial without [TS]

  native apps and stuff like that and limitations so if you make it easy for [TS]

  people to go get her iPhone app because they have watched it for it and it never [TS]

  is thinking of is there anything sensible I can show in the washington [TS]

  there's anything remotely sensible no matter how simple it is you don't feel [TS]

  too bad it's like everyone has to be something so I think this will help [TS]

  Apple have a lot of you know a lot of phone apps iOS apps that support the [TS]

  phone watch apps I was that support the watch out of the gate because that's [TS]

  what they want to say that our platform is exciting it's popular and it was [TS]

  possible to make full-fledged applications then did you just made some [TS]

  silly thing that was barely interactive you would look bad but now everyone will [TS]

  look back together [TS]

  you know comparatively good yeah I mean it's it really does serve their [TS]

  interests are very well and I think it helps us to I mean I know a lot of [TS]

  developers are probably fair frustrated with the limitations of what you a lot [TS]

  of the very long list of things you can't do things you don't have access to [TS]

  like for instance if your phone is out of range of the watch from what I've [TS]

  been told [TS]

  hardware yet but from what we've been told if your phone losses that little [TS]

  connection to the watch if you go running with it or whatever your app [TS]

  just terminates like it just ends because it can't keep you updated [TS]

  anymore it's just like you just ends so nothing can run detached from a phone [TS]

  that third-party an end to so many limitations on on the things that can't [TS]

  be kinds of things you can't do with the interface is very low and and and we do [TS]

  and we still in the simulator they have they have attempted to simulate latency [TS]

  with some of these commands but it's just artificial insertion of sleep [TS]

  command in the UI so you don't we don't really know what the latency will be [TS]

  like a normal device like you know like if I'm showing a list of of of podcast [TS]

  episodes like it in the play the screen I wanna have artwork on each one showing [TS]

  you what shoulder from at this point a man and I'm down to their really tiny [TS]

  they're looking at a couple of kilobytes but in the simulator it takes a long [TS]

  time to load that and and I don't know if that's a bug I don't know if it's [TS]

  because it's simulating latency like per request is that have by bite size or I [TS]

  don't know if that's really how how late is going to be in which case I'm gonna [TS]

  have to change that design entirely gotta think like yosemite in iTunes [TS]

  seven and just average the color of the album art pick one car out of it and [TS]

  where to that one car so I have had an honest question you may choose not to [TS]

  answer it but you've talked several times about how limited watch kids which [TS]

  makes sense [TS]

  can you give it a couple of examples of things you really wish you could do or [TS]

  have tried to do but couldn't make work with the [TS]

  current set of watch kit limitations oh sure I mean one of the biggest ones as I [TS]

  i cant do my plan to meet at all i mean the I could render it to a bunch of [TS]

  images and try to send the commands over the right set this bar of the of the EQ [TS]

  to be this high on the storyboarding you just like only three of those four [TS]

  frames the storyboard [TS]

  the old you know a lot of you guys do this where they wanted to look like [TS]

  level meters but they just have like four images to decide between randomly [TS]

  storyboards all static no no no one knows what the way for me that's how [TS]

  Apple does it when I was 7 animal watch when they have their music app that have [TS]

  little now playing [TS]

  animation bars those are fake I think the one in the QuickTime seven players [TS]

  realize it I don't know I think so but the ones the ones I S seven little three [TS]

  bar animation menu item that's totally fake and that I like seeing that is [TS]

  being annoyed it was figured maybe try to do my own that was real and it worked [TS]

  ones due to serve a purpose I'm joking about the story like something to let [TS]

  people know that audio is playing is probably a good idea if you do I guess [TS]

  it's probably much better to do with the static thing like a red light on the [TS]

  camera that shows you know cameras on or whatever but people are if you show [TS]

  anyone who looks like a level meter people know that mean something is [TS]

  playing that I can't hear it something is screwed up the music playing like you [TS]

  would think most people just look at into the possible courses play otherwise [TS]

  there wouldn't be a possible but I found my experience that people do not [TS]

  recognize that the reality is staring in the face but he showed level meter [TS]

  anywhere they know something should be playing or not hearing it's Alex program [TS]

  where I mean it's ok see you know limitations I've hit directly I mean I [TS]

  am one of the biggest ones is just not not knowing how much latency I can [TS]

  actually expect in real life when sending images over and over that but [TS]

  you know so some of the actual like hard limits are things like I can't even show [TS]

  efficiently the second remaining indicator [TS]

  because there is a built-in widget that would that you don't have to keep [TS]

  updating for counting up or down to a certain time or certain time interval [TS]

  are showing the current time so i cant like the only way for me to have it [TS]

  countdown with a second with the actual seconds remaining is to update it every [TS]

  time that number changes so at least once per second which I probably can't [TS]

  and probably shouldn't be doing so instead I have I haven't actually update [TS]

  a minutes remaining counter and whenever whenever the number of minutes remaining [TS]

  changes I sent an update over the Bluetooth and have it up to the label to [TS]

  show that and I have a have a progress bar in the current mock-up that only its [TS]

  images and it only has like a hundred and fifty increments across the screen [TS]

  and so whenever like the progress through the episode changes by enough to [TS]

  matter to be worth a couple of pixels I updated image to be the new value are [TS]

  you still doing better than windows ninety-five that's true yes that was [TS]

  just palette cycling [TS]

  segmented progress bars oh yeah and you have more than a hundred and didn't have [TS]

  a hundred right so there's like there's there's limitations like that just I [TS]

  just can't get around the biggest limitation is the width of the screen is [TS]

  just really narrow can't fit a lot on the screen and and I've managed to make [TS]

  it work I think I won't know until actually get one of these watches and [TS]

  start using it but I think I managed to make it work [TS]

  acceptably but that is the hardest challenges is to design challenge right [TS]

  there but it is also like the little details like so if you have a navigation [TS]

  stack so you have a hearing your route controller then it pushes a menu select [TS]

  an element on the table view it pushes the new one then again it pushes another [TS]

  one [TS]

  any of the ones that are below the current item in the stack that you that [TS]

  you put something on top of those stopped receiving you I updates and [TS]

  those can no longer send you updates for themselves so let's say you have at the [TS]

  base of the navigation hierarchy a list of the podcast you subscribe to then you [TS]

  push on top of that the latest you in a plane so you're in the middle of a [TS]

  podcast [TS]

  the list of pot suscribe to changes for some reason something new comes new [TS]

  download you delete one whatever the case the list changes so now the route [TS]

  controller which is not currently shown on screen it's very blue now playing the [TS]

  route controller needs to update itself if you it still memory it will recognize [TS]

  if you if you recognize that there's there's been a change but you have to [TS]

  check to see if its active and if it's not active [TS]

  you have to just in queue that and just set like a boolean flag summer saying [TS]

  this is invalidated I have now in a handy to reload it next time shown and [TS]

  the next time you have to check that flag as they open if I'm invalid below [TS]

  the data like all this stuff like this doesn't really exist and you like it on [TS]

  the on the phone like these are these problems are pleased that you can just [TS]

  can't do things you want that's fine [TS]

  the watch is really like to watch kit communication is really basic [TS]

  like it's it's right only it's very limited its all exist like sending like [TS]

  remote desktop commands over the wire busily and so there's there's really [TS]

  there's a lot of stuff to do very manually a lot of stuff you have to just [TS]

  choose not to do more to do in in very minimal are clever ways and that's kind [TS]

  of why i like it because I enjoy challenges like that like screen flicker [TS]

  that when you go back to the podcast list you know only ones that thing is [TS]

  active with it even have a chance to update you as soon as you go back to the [TS]

  screen at Ballina said you're just now within a couple of you know a fraction [TS]

  of a second it's going to update everything whereas before it could have [TS]

  been updated behind the scenes are now now you're you're putting that you I [TS]

  Flickr in people's faces which kinda crappy yeah and it sucks and I don't [TS]

  think that they can do about it [TS]

  someone needs to discover the hack of like if you just make it the currently [TS]

  active view larger than the actual screen and you know like sort of like [TS]

  CSS sprite CSS sprites for you I yeah like it's not really pushing of you I'm [TS]

  just shifting the viewport in so really this view is always active so I can [TS]

  update the podcast yet can even do that yeah I'm sure they would reject your [TS]

  appetite [TS]

  I would love to do like the force Press gesture on the watch which is [TS]

  functionally a right click it shows that menu of overlaid icons and use the Force [TS]

  to press Iran biggest country really hard on this menu comes up and that you [TS]

  can only do it [TS]

  per screen like you can't force presson say a tables a table lists item and get [TS]

  options for that item you just have to do it for like the whole screen like [TS]

  this screen has the fourth press yes the force presses on the screen but then [TS]

  north where what part of the screen your fingers touching and I can kinda see [TS]

  that because what if that gesture becomes part of the vocabulary of using [TS]

  the watch it's kind of weird to make people care about where their finger is [TS]

  on the screen you know me like that that's two different things because they [TS]

  then you had to be thinking is this one of those four espressos buried in this [TS]

  apt word doesn't matter if there is a resistance force president as a bird [TS]

  does show the president will do something exactly but I mean really like [TS]

  I was not really that excited at the thought of playing with watched it now [TS]

  I'm very excited like now that I see what I can do with not that much effort [TS]

  and how useful it would probably actually be in practice really useful in [TS]

  situations where I feel like I'm like yeah I'm walking my dog all bundled up [TS]

  in the colon McMahon I really like to have a busy little watch control right [TS]

  now this coming up on my you know this would actually be nice to have so i'm [TS]

  looking for to wait five years before we can live in the real future where we [TS]

  have a great view of your nose hair when you're out on the wall in your walk [TS]

  begins you'll have live video on your watch it's like Dick Tracy and I'll be [TS]

  able to have a judge knows this that sounds awesome the future I can't wait [TS]

  yeah cause I think it is like watching you know your your risk you know [TS]

  vibrates a little bit and you pick up the system then and there is your wife's [TS]

  tiny little face on there telling you something and she could see the future [TS]