The Accidental Tech Podcast

100: MacBook Shuffle


  hundred episodes gentleman I'm proud of us remembered we should have planned [TS]

  something better but oh well thats but that that's the US thing to do [TS]

  totally as and that's exactly what we did is we r us but sometimes I do think [TS]

  that we can be better than us but now actually bad should be the pre-show hit [TS]

  the hay [TS]

  very subtle gradations exactly what you're gonna shout shout we're going to [TS]

  show where live hi everybody we're very excited is that because this episode 100 [TS]

  am I got it I forgot about that now I'm excited about a week ago that we were [TS]

  coming up on you but I didn't remember tonight well so this shows for just [TS]

  today but to do that I remember important dates are not our own birthday [TS]

  OKC remember just being you john we knew we forgot I guess so hypocritical made [TS]

  it to a hundred to a hundred asterisk what did build analyzed at 2108 like [TS]

  Lost ok so if we make it to 101 then we have unequivocally done better than [TS]

  hypercritical is it fair to say it's not I works well [TS]

  credit should have thought that was a poor choice of words on my part thank [TS]

  you for keeping me honest we have perhaps completed more can I get that [TS]

  from you john yes that's what it means when one number is bigger than you know [TS]

  I mean we tentatively have already completed more episodes because there is [TS]

  that one that was just like the promo that was for the movie thing and there [TS]

  was the one that mean Merlin did when john couldn't do it because it really [TS]

  really critical 30 episode of its got a number it's got a title is in the RSS [TS]

  feed that these reels real can be well we didn't have you on it matter it's [TS]

  critical had a number and title and a page that shows that everything that it [TS]

  has i didnt that was a mean I have listened back but at the time I was [TS]

  actually very happy with how it turned out it didn't have a critical at all but [TS]

  I was very happy with it I I wish more like a tech show and maybe maybe maybe [TS]

  it's better for everyone including him that that he doesn't that he instead [TS]

  just like makes parts of it shows tech when he has something funny to say about [TS]

  it but I like he is so good with the tax stuff so incredibly good and and [TS]

  provides a voice for it and and opinions for it that we really don't hear from [TS]

  other people and and I always feel like we're missing that you know if by good [TS]

  you mean makes me want to yell into the podcast [TS]

  the best is when they do it on rider gonna live here [TS]

  the two of them together talking takes maybe on throttle them both I would love [TS]

  it i think is best at what they did like three or four episodes ago where the [TS]

  whole first half was about tech was amazing [TS]

  alright so the show bodies semi broken just like old times just like old times [TS]

  is a clip show 100th episode spectacular would you like to wager guessed what [TS]

  happened did you not properly non retain the closure to set time out so the [TS]

  memory [TS]

  now that's good but now and I should say that I have not knowingly changed any of [TS]

  the code with relation to the show but specifically are you now gonna rewrite [TS]

  and go no but it is slightly tempting honestly probably should go site will [TS]

  pay him money on negative that have been free that's quite possible now that is [TS]

  not the case so here it was I was thinking about making this big grandiose [TS]

  speech about how it really isn't so terrible relying on third-party code [TS]

  because it allows you to do things that are kinda cool more specifically earlier [TS]

  today I decided that I was really tired of not being able to use markdown [TS]

  footnotes in my and my site has all the cool kids use markdown footnotes I wanna [TS]

  be a cool kid is there a particular module or whatever that I was using was [TS]

  called marks and it's it's a 10 p.m. marginal or package I get things were [TS]

  looking for anyway and so I swapped Mart for markdown it which is a different [TS]

  package that also parses marked down and was all excited with myself because now [TS]

  I had marked down footnotes problem then that I ran into then was now on my main [TS]

  page which is the only page that I can think of that has more than one complete [TS]

  post on a single page what happens when I have two posts that both half [TS]

  footnotes because they're both generated in isolation and so they'll reuse the [TS]

  same anchors in so then I had to go through a humongous song and dance which [TS]

  ended up being simple at the very end but I tried like thirty four different [TS]

  iterations to get to the simple answer what to do and how do you make unique [TS]

  each of these markdown footnote anchors I got that accomplished [TS]

  well what I didn't think to do was check the Showbox specifically the page that's [TS]

  hosted on my regular site that that handles the show and see what the [TS]

  ramifications of this marked down parsers which would be and it appears [TS]

  for those of you who are not listening live if this actually makes it in the [TS]

  show it appears that somehow it is a meeting [TS]

  escapehtml only for the links section of the show but page so I'm seeing all the [TS]

  titles just fine but the links are just the HTML header for the table and [TS]

  nothing else so hoops sorry everyone could talk that was a hundred [TS]

  spectacular hope everyone is happy [TS]

  yeah I guess the show's over now because we can't go past 200 something like that [TS]

  we are joking this show is still going on we've sold ads past two hundred so we [TS]

  in fact well past two hundred so we have to keep doing it right so let's do you [TS]

  follow up and I'd like to start with some very quick anecdotal thoughts about [TS]

  using USB ports so we talked last episode 148 never gonna watch paint dry [TS]

  come on so last episode we talked about how on the potential I Pad Pro / MacBook [TS]

  Air that there's theoretically only going to be one USB ports USB Type [TS]

  seaport and whether or not that's a big deal and and particularly John and I are [TS]

  going back and forth as to whether or not that's a big deal and so I thought [TS]

  to myself well let me ask my family because their normal computer users and [TS]

  see ok does anyone actually use USB ports as one of the things i was i was [TS]

  thinkin during the show [TS]

  hopefully explained during the show was hey we have a lot of technologies now [TS]

  like airdrop for example that may obviate I think that's what I'm looking [TS]

  forward to use [TS]

  USB keys and there's a bunch of other examples bluetooth for mice and [TS]

  keyboards so I asked my family what do you use USB ports for and Aaron and my [TS]

  mom both said well i charge my Fitbit that way [TS]

  well you know that's something you could find other means for doing that but [TS]

  that's reasonable answer and Aaron Wilson iPod shuffle and so she said well [TS]

  I also you know things on my iPod shuffle that way obviously that's not a [TS]

  big deal for a phone but for an iPod shuffle you really ought to look [TS]

  otherwise my immediate younger brother and two younger brothers my media [TS]

  younger brother who is a real adults and works in the video game industry [TS]

  actually said that he typically uses his USB ports for keyboard mouse iPhone and [TS]

  USB key often times but not always simultaneously and my youngest brother [TS]

  who is studying California he's doing a Masters he said and i'm quoting I don't [TS]

  have enough and I have three he was saying that he hears it is for a mouse [TS]

  of his phone and often times more than one USB key and additionally at least [TS]

  one external hard drive so it appears that my theory that really you don't [TS]

  need USB ports maybe not so well I think that you know I think you're seeing I [TS]

  bet there's like a big bifurcation of the market here where if I had to guess [TS]

  I would guess that what you have here is a pretty good representative sample [TS]

  actually just by luck i mean i i dont think your family is like the most [TS]

  average family ever made but you know I think I think like if I had to guess how [TS]

  was I would guess that's how it is which is that most people use very few of them [TS]

  and the primary reason the youth mister charge things that charge over USB phone [TS]

  right it's some camera stuff like that charging things over USB [TS]

  i think is is a big thing especially in recent years when so many devices have [TS]

  have become chargeable over USB and for that you know you don't necessarily need [TS]

  to be using a port on your computer for that although it is convenient computers [TS]

  right there in your desk and has these ports and you don't have to take more [TS]

  outlets so and you don't have to bring so many doctors on trips [TS]

  it is definitely convenient although it isn't strictly necessary and then you [TS]

  have the people like Brady your your brother where you know three ports is [TS]

  not enough because he has a lot to devices this this will apply to a lot of [TS]

  people who have a bunch of peripherals with a bunch of discs who have a big [TS]

  desk set up with like an actual keyboard mouse desk maybe other stuff like you [TS]

  know if you have a big setup where you're parking lot by the time you're [TS]

  gonna need more than that in which case no number of port on a laptop is going [TS]

  to be enough and you're going to be using the hub now things that are [TS]

  attacked by adapters or hubs are inherently less reliable than built-in [TS]

  ports most of the time in my experience and as we move towards computers that [TS]

  have fewer and fewer internal devices and ports I I think this is gonna keep [TS]

  being a problem fortunately the need for me this is also going away as jazz [TS]

  tradition happens but like you know you might I need an Ethernet port anymore [TS]

  because you use wireless and especially on a laptop or if that's the case [TS]

  whereas Lake you know on a desktop you need some of these things now what I [TS]

  don't want but I'm not looking forward to is a world in which you have this one [TS]

  port on the computer and then you just have to plug in some random hug from [TS]

  Amazon from god knows what manufacturer with god knows what who's chip inside of [TS]

  it [TS]

  that will that has some weird cheapo power supply that's gonna flake out and [TS]

  get out and get all weird weird hard to diagnose errors for the things that are [TS]

  plugged into it or intermittent failures are put into it like i dont wanna get to [TS]

  the point where I'm dependent on some cheap USB hub from Amazon and trying to [TS]

  find the best one that actually will work because like I have that now and [TS]

  there's a certain subset of devices that I will only plug in directly to the [TS]

  computer ports because the hubs just are never that reliable and please don't [TS]

  email me saying I bought this house but it's perfect if you look at every have a [TS]

  look at all of them and and all of them have mostly reviews say this is perfect [TS]

  and a bunch of useless played out on me and it's like it seems like they're all [TS]

  basically the same I bet the number of [TS]

  actual manufacturers of these things is probably pretty small number of chipsets [TS]

  the use probably even smaller so like a just the kind of thing like being [TS]

  dependent on like the random PC peripheral hardware market for your [TS]

  stuff to work properly is not a good place to be [TS]

  yeah yes I was going to do this thing where it's like oh one part and if you [TS]

  need more you know he's have a whole breakup thing like at the very least you [TS]

  would think that Apple at the Science to make a high quality one of these that [TS]

  works because all the time too and in addition to like the things you just [TS]

  mentioned something just just plain not working [TS]

  something's being flaky the worse of course if you haven't drive attached to [TS]

  a hub because the last thing you want to be flaky is your connection to a drive [TS]

  backup drive and who knows what it's doing over there but then also like [TS]

  sleep-wake issues where you don't go to sleep with the habitat won't wake with [TS]

  the habitat for the hubble wake it up because something we'll take a literal [TS]

  fire off a little thing and I'll make computer think you plug into USB device [TS]

  when you haven't actually so many problems and and the only way applicants [TS]

  or defend against them is that we sell I mean I am saying this because like that [TS]

  the Thunderbolt Display at all the problems I had with the ports are [TS]

  actively a big giant Apple made hub where you plug Thunderbolt cable into [TS]

  your computer and the power thing is actually here to end at of it you get [TS]

  Ethernet USB fire out all these parts and that was that the problematic part [TS]

  of the display not display part but yeah that's it that's going to be there [TS]

  solution they should make one and they should test that one and make sure it [TS]

  works and makes your computer sleep-wake with it and I say that I'm thinking they [TS]

  can make sure their computer sleeping awake with nothing attached to them [TS]

  reliably some sleep problems there [TS]

  evergreen when it comes to all laptops laptops I think there is any other than [TS]

  that [TS]

  area so yeah but aside from all the reliability concerns the convenience [TS]

  angle which is like to be convenience and in the absence of some other reason [TS]

  why not put another one on if you can fit so let's talk about reclassification [TS]

  of context for the 12 in chair John discussion we had a lot of feedback [TS]

  about it a lot of tweets and these aren't all tweets that were happening [TS]

  while the people like to listen to show how we were discussing the 12 inch air [TS]

  we weren't making any judgment about the validity of the rumors we didn't spend [TS]

  any time I don't think we should spend time discussing like how likely is it [TS]

  that these rumors are true that will make this a very just considering the [TS]

  rumored device as if it was real and saying if Apple made this would be [TS]

  something about the only thing we did about validity and I think it's that the [TS]

  main thing you should do about any rumors is like is it technically [TS]

  possible and we covered that were analyzed show and that's important [TS]

  because it's the easiest way you can deal with the rumors like obviously you [TS]

  don't know everything but if someone says that Apple is going to come out [TS]

  with a Mac Pro the size of a penny it'll be ten times faster than the current [TS]

  model is coming out this year you can dismiss it because you know it's not [TS]

  technically feasible and it rains a rumor has a date or technology or both [TS]

  you can you know I was going to drive all of its parts over the headphone jack [TS]

  well we know that's not possible and you know barring some crazy things we've [TS]

  never heard of it and it is greater than ever heard of it's probably bad because [TS]

  it'll be proprietary an apple [TS]

  everything else about it were making guesses about and then I'm getting a [TS]

  couple of bits and angry feedback from people mostly to eat I'm glad I listened [TS]

  back to the show I realize what they're all yelling at me about it wasn't [TS]

  responding to their tweets didn't understand what they are angry about it [TS]

  like worked up of that and it was his the part of the episode where [TS]

  think margaret was like what if the rumors are 4 and iPad pro and 12 inch [TS]

  MacBook Air and I said these are not two separate devices that was a reference to [TS]

  the iPhone keno but I said I can practically like Steve Jobs says it in [TS]

  the can help these are not three separate devices which is one of the [TS]

  people who haven't memorized every second of that he said when the iPhone [TS]

  was injured and watch the video and it will make more sense but it sounded like [TS]

  if you just listen back to her sound like I was super busy not so I don't [TS]

  know if it's just a stupid rumor making a joke even we got that and we don't get [TS]

  anything going to make a reference that you're going to get it can be I don't [TS]

  keynote culture so we didn't even talk about I bet we talked about the passing [TS]

  for everybody because that story had renderings of markets of this rumored [TS]

  product and as we talked about those renderings those markets those rumors [TS]

  and the only reason I said that I would I was suspicious whether this was two [TS]

  separate devices because like the rumors over the last few months have been all [TS]

  pointing towards 212 e Reddan ultra-portable devices from Apple coming [TS]

  at about the same time and I thought you know that the same size display the [TS]

  saintly all this stuff all these rumors all this all this smoke around this fire [TS]

  behind it it's like is this really gonna be two different devices that are the [TS]

  exact same size of a radically different from each other like I I was skeptical [TS]

  that I remain a little skeptical that except that I've heard from so many [TS]

  people who claim to have knowledge of this is all you know secondhand hearsay [TS]

  all the stuff with so many people who who claimed to have heard authoritative [TS]

  Lee that know this is going to separate devices now we just gotta wait for the [TS]

  925 MAC store with my cups of the the iPad pro and then we can talk about that [TS]

  too [TS]

  there are rumors everywhere and like the reason we discuss the 925 Mac one is [TS]

  because it was interesting rumor at least and Max track record is reasonable [TS]

  enough that we're not just like picking some random thing from some website [TS]

  saying somebody said this let's talk about it because [TS]

  and again because it was technically feasible because it it it's a great [TS]

  rumor that takes advantage of like you know and technologies that we have a USB [TS]

  3 the connector and what the bus can carry makes new hardware designs [TS]

  possible so it's inevitable that Apple use that connector in interesting ways [TS]

  its future Max and this is one possible way they could do it our first bunch of [TS]

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  ok so John would like to tell us a little bit about hypocritical back in [TS]

  the day [TS]

  yes another person reminded me of a forgotten this is Jason Becker is [TS]

  hypocritical follow-up carrying over to the show people keep reminding me that [TS]

  like hey talk about something that's relevant to a time when ATP and I was [TS]

  talking about is probably one of my blog posts to like about things getting [TS]

  thinner I think at the time was about the IMAX people are beside the dynamic [TS]

  with super thin or whatever it is relevant to the rumored twelve-inch hair [TS]

  because the whole deal with jerry is like they just give me and Marcus talk [TS]

  about why you gotta tapered talk about this paper you could get way more [TS]

  battery and what does the taper give you that's another example of I can give me [TS]

  the reason for this is the reason I would imagine if the paper is perception [TS]

  of this and possibly wait those the two like because the paper does make it feel [TS]

  like well it was razor edge type thing you know he feels better than ever [TS]

  uniformed men and making it actually be thinner reduces the wait till maybe this [TS]

  room for ninety percent battery but we don't know the battery life is at the [TS]

  sectional project we have to wait to see what it's like [TS]

  but it always comes back the question we talked about with the phones and I've [TS]

  always said that I even though it's frustrating that they don't expand the [TS]

  line to give him out of it is a little bit thicker in a little heavier in [TS]

  exchange for battery life but rely entirely on third-party you know battery [TS]

  cases and stuff or third-party recharge extra battery packs and other stuff this [TS]

  offer laptops do you play into it along plane fighter whatever why do they keep [TS]

  making dinner why and why do I support that idea of one of the reasons that I [TS]

  supported is think this post on my website shows that you don't if you just [TS]

  keep making the same thickness and keep making the battery bigger and just keep [TS]

  finding things to do with space available to you like oh we can use an [TS]

  even 200 GPU [TS]

  the power of everything has gone down we can you know we have so much extra power [TS]

  budget make the battery life even longer and you know you could do a lot of you [TS]

  stayed within a similar size but if you do that you're never going to learn how [TS]

  to make things really thin and it's not like you know five years from now [TS]

  someone is going to be ready with some new technology like wow that technology [TS]

  we can make a laptop you know even thinner and you can just can't you won't [TS]

  have the expertise to jump from your half-inch thick laptop to the one that's [TS]

  the thickness of a credit card or whatever works better than our phones [TS]

  but I think that was the analogy was using it like that and that stupid soon [TS]

  they're going to be even have to bend them like they got the pending issues [TS]

  with the iPhone 6 and everything and they just a start becoming thin and I [TS]

  feel like geez we're going in the wrong direction here we just need to Stop you [TS]

  don't need to stop actually need to just keep going and go through and until your [TS]

  phone and up [TS]

  thickness and weight of a credit card and then you drop it on the ground who [TS]

  cares if you drive a crack on the ground the cabins do it right it's flexible its [TS]

  then it's lighter more durable but you're not going to get to you or your [TS]

  phone that is so light and thin and durable you don't even care about you [TS]

  never gonna get there if you keep making your phone the thickness of the original [TS]

  iPhone news keep adding more CPU and RAM and batteries that thickness so this i [TS]

  think is part of the march of progress and as it relates to the MacBook Air [TS]

  rumored 12 injury just any of the guys that are out now why do they keep making [TS]

  that dinner what they need for that I think I think part of it is wait because [TS]

  as Markov and out with the iPad air even though it is like who cares how programs [TS]

  here a couple grams there are things that you either holds all the time like [TS]

  the iOS devices or carry around a lot you know from room to room in your [TS]

  backpack there are little thresholds of weight [TS]

  speaking of Ireland talk about tech discusses on his pocket if you don't how [TS]

  once you pass a certain threshold the way he doesn't notice when that Apple [TS]

  hardware is in his backpack like is he notices more when it when he brings his [TS]

  leather men with him I get a metal on metal tool he knows when that says in [TS]

  his backpack but he can't even tell us much about me and there is it not [TS]

  the MacBook Air could be getting to that thing where it's not a factor of like it [TS]

  used to be like and have a laptop my backpack out of luck that big thing [TS]

  around book air is already have crossed the threshold of like it's not a big lug [TS]

  around but you kind of know when it's in there and if they keep going along this [TS]

  path of making dinner and keeping with the taper making it lighter they are [TS]

  they will eventually run up into a durability issue because you can take a [TS]

  little time that then because in spring back likes a carbon fiber would in the [TS]

  event they got the screen problem there especially fused glass anywhere in it [TS]

  for flexibility but they're approaching a place where they have to do some [TS]

  materials designed to within the current materials they're using their just [TS]

  trying to keep going to get the expertise of like how think we make this [TS]

  how much can we move what is actually essential job and is why we're talking [TS]

  about us that what is essential to you need a keyboard on the screen [TS]

  have a just a keyboard no screen the MacBook shuttle now that's what I'm [TS]

  still thinking about these things which is why I'm not doing for so much for why [TS]

  you gotta make it stand apart thing I complained to them because if you think [TS]

  if you think you need any parts why would you have one of them enough to get [TS]

  to this another fall by about that but that I just wanted to follow that up [TS]

  because I talked about how we're gonna actually blogged about it and it is [TS]

  relevant to this rumors of the sectional product there was a really good post in [TS]

  16 colors do since no new website with research help from our friend Steven [TS]

  hackett with about Apple solving for x with battery life or end and the the [TS]

  gist of the post is if you look Apple has has clearly decided like what the [TS]

  right level of battery life is for iPhones and iPads and they've they've [TS]

  kept it fairly consistent or at least within a very small range iPad exactly [TS]

  the same and iPhones are very low bit more but it's it's clear like you know [TS]

  Apple AAPL has decided through whatever through research or experimentation or [TS]

  just thinking you know whatever they think is best [TS]

  they've decided clearly like we don't need more battery life than this in this [TS]

  device type and so any savings we get from advancements in technology [TS]

  manufacturing we can apply to other areas like making it then [TS]

  her later and I think this it's it's it's so obviously look at this that ok [TS]

  of course that's what they're doing this they have been doing and so looking at [TS]

  this I think it's pretty obvious that the the quote MacBooks tell her [TS]

  everything ends up being called names everything ends up being call if it's [TS]

  real I think it's pretty obvious that you know it's not going to be a quantum [TS]

  leap forward in battery life it is most likely gonna they're going to apply the [TS]

  savings towards the innocent wait and I agreed with what you said about liking [TS]

  we do need to make progress in those areas over time I do think though like I [TS]

  don't know anybody who has an iPhone who is extremely satisfied with the battery [TS]

  life most of the time you do now an iPhone I am extremely satisfied with my [TS]

  phone for like a day like this is how part of the reason have an iPhone is [TS]

  because they don't really need one but now that I have on battery life like I [TS]

  can forget to charge it for a day and I'm fine I go two days for that who do [TS]

  you know he's a knife on August two days but that doesn't mean that it's not [TS]

  appropriate said before arrival to had a model of phone that does it different [TS]

  trade offer people will be able to use it had to do barely get through the day [TS]

  and it's hard there should be a product for them but the current battery life is [TS]

  fine and I think and there was a graph that shows like an uptick for the office [TS]

  of the six plus that they got there creating six plus the only big jump on [TS]

  it is up to a week we've talked to over the past year many many times about the [TS]

  same exact thing of like how how they they're holding coltd battery life [TS]

  constant and then make it thinner if you can and I are you were saying that like [TS]

  they've decided decided that the best for them I don't think they decided [TS]

  anything like I think that's just that's about it like they have and when it I [TS]

  thought device that was a mandate no aggression on battery life you can [TS]

  and mandated wavered the iPad 3 again we've discussed many times and you know [TS]

  that that has been their mandate but I don't I wouldn't worry too much on them [TS]

  deciding the same way that like they decided like oh the size of the iPhone [TS]

  exactly right now this is the size they made it seem like good side of the time [TS]

  later they try to talk to and they made a bigger that's alright like it's it's [TS]

  up for grabs right and I think the battery life on all the products being [TS]

  held burrows constant is simply a matter of the fall product can be worse than [TS]

  the one that came before but if you try to make it better [TS]

  all the areas that you can make it better battery life is like seems like [TS]

  the last on the list like you're not going to regress you gotta make it at [TS]

  least the same doesn't get any better than their places it but we can make [TS]

  better and CPU and GPU and screen you know in interface you know it in GPS [TS]

  manufacturer durability like all these different categories and battery life is [TS]

  like just don't regret it seems to be pretty darn low on the list of things [TS]

  that prioritizing and i think is a reasonable parties again for the reason [TS]

  that talked about the thinnest and also because you know faster CPUs and GPUs [TS]

  cell phones more than battery life just to make one model and battery app I [TS]

  guess maybe this exposes yeah that's pretty clear that their answer but I [TS]

  think you know similar to argue about the news we're like we have to make [TS]

  progress gradually over time to to eventually have like a major step [TS]

  forward you know in total the same thing about her life and they have made [TS]

  incremental progress over time but it really has been fairly incremental in [TS]

  part of this is because battery technology changes so incredibly slowly [TS]

  and and like we're not going to have compared to the silicon technology not [TS]

  that I mean it changes the species just compared to almost every other component [TS]

  you know what you can do with those on the screens are just like twice as good [TS]

  twice three times the resolution electron on the phone batteries have not [TS]

  gotten three times as good lifetime different rates of technology change [TS]

  right but like any of the laptops their battery lives have gone up substantially [TS]

  over the last few years where it wasn't that long ago that like a five hour [TS]

  battery life was top of the line under the most ideal conditions only [TS]

  and now we're up to you know 780 fairly regularly although I've never gotten [TS]

  that but that's because I by the big four core model that I know anyway [TS]

  battery life but we're where things get interesting were you when you get like [TS]

  you know really interesting shift in it what this enables you to do is when you [TS]

  have a really big change battery life when all of a sudden like if your laptop [TS]

  if you don't need to be plugged it in all day like if you can actually work on [TS]

  battery all day and not worry about not have range anxiety not worried about [TS]

  bottoming out having to plug in like if you can't treat it actually if your [TS]

  laptop genuinely has a 24 hour in use with WiFi battery life then that enables [TS]

  uses that that enables freedoms that you do that you might have before the order [TS]

  you that you couldn't count on realized that before that's where things get [TS]

  interesting is when you can make jumps like that and overtime eventually maybe [TS]

  we'll get there I hope maybe but but if you look at the way Apple does these [TS]

  dumps it doesn't look like that's it doesn't look like getting there is a [TS]

  very high priority [TS]

  you know eventually they they might get there like accidentally but it doesn't [TS]

  seem like they're pushing for that and i think i think thats a lost opportunity [TS]

  like the rumor 12 inch MacBook is an indication of how they might make the [TS]

  next step on that because as we said when they pass city like the batteries [TS]

  are getting better that much faster what is happening is that every other [TS]

  components in laptop get lower power and that's how we get like the current good [TS]

  MacBook Air is that you know better battery life opens did [TS]

  but for these for this rumored think this could be a way they make sort of a [TS]

  larger step for asleep while the batteries are really getting that much [TS]

  better but but you know some in the back of some designers mine Harbor designer [TS]

  gianni over both have the idea of components keep getting bigger screens [TS]

  even though we went to the retina 5 cam xvid ITA lower power than the previous [TS]

  screen eventually they're going to get decent OLED these things you have an [TS]

  even bigger drop such as they make their entire enterprise black lots of lots of [TS]

  the components are going down and power usage but somebody has in the back of [TS]

  their mind can I just drop everything and it's freakin notebook and just have [TS]

  like a tiny little to centimeter square that's the whole laptop and then just [TS]

  tell the rest of it with battery like what can I pull out of this laptop [TS]

  keyboard screen alright what else can I remove can I remove everything except [TS]

  can I remove all the parts night we need someplace or power to go in and remove [TS]

  every single interface except for one low power USB 3 thing I can get rid of [TS]

  you know if they could have got to get rid of audio and I know that the hybrid [TS]

  cable to like a headphone jack is the input thing but I'm still like those [TS]

  those don't offer audio anymore sorry I should clarify most hardware the iMac [TS]

  does have audio in the Mac the Mac Mini has audio in the laptops as far as I [TS]

  know their laptops don't have anymore I mean that's not really a probably a [TS]

  power-saving so maybe the chips that are like they just they want them to be like [TS]

  the phone where it's mostly just a giant battery in the case of the screen and [TS]

  then off to the side this tiny little thing that is the entire computer and if [TS]

  you look inside the MacBook Air as you watch the battery slowly eat the rest of [TS]

  the computer over the past few years to be like a board inside there in the [TS]

  board became like two little skinny things and just like it's running away [TS]

  from this giant battery that's eating it and one of the ways you get power [TS]

  savings banks just to be merciless about what you remove I guess we should [TS]

  probably skip to that follow up item because it's related to destroy Gulfport [TS]

  MS reasons like I could ask for why do I get was one part that I don't have with [TS]

  two why would they do this is there reason begin think he's got to get us [TS]

  reasons one is related to power but in a slightly different way that I was [TS]

  talking to Michael maybe baby to me and you can [TS]

  have like maybe ripping out the part means ripping up the supporting chipset [TS]

  because the one part of their some large gain that's not just like incremental I [TS]

  could you know you don't need supporting machinery behind in-depth reports the [TS]

  one part wires directly into the thing without a control who knows I don't know [TS]

  the details maybe but now it isn't about it is almost certainly out of a [TS]

  controller logic inside it's about the amount of power that port could draw by [TS]

  its own specs so if you have like firewire devices could write n water [TS]

  supply that's a new USB as I think so anyway it's like if you have multiple [TS]

  ports you have to put the laptop has to be able to supply the maximum power draw [TS]

  those ports would have to have a power supply big enough so that shortens the [TS]

  battery life of young plugged in like I don't think optimizing for the [TS]

  everything plugged in battery life I think they're optimizing for the battery [TS]

  life with nothing like that's the life you know there whenever they charge a [TS]

  battery life they're not saying with a bunch of Dr sucking power so you know [TS]

  self-powered hard drive spinning hard drives our family apart like it's always [TS]

  worth noting something is this impassive power you know did you need other [TS]

  components anyway I think it's more like you know it could if you have if you [TS]

  have the port the conduction potentially draw 10 watts or whatever then every [TS]

  like two power supply circuit race be bigger the power brick has to be bigger [TS]

  the total power drawn and thermal output of the laptop has to be best to be [TS]

  higher than the peak power but yeah there could be some passive loss to [TS]

  larger supply or whatever but his angle on it is that if you had two parts he [TS]

  thinks that they would both have to support charging like if you're gonna [TS]

  charge through it and then maybe there will be more complicated electrically [TS]

  and that would be the complication I would imagine that they have two parts [TS]

  they would be perfectly fine they only charged one of them a little like [TS]

  charges simple folks are in town and laser-etched stuff to no human being can [TS]

  see his second thought was there is no room for more ports because the keyboard [TS]

  goes edged age and he needs space for the key travel and they're putting the [TS]

  part in the one place where it can be where dozens [TS]

  that doesn't explain why you can't have one on one side and on the other hand [TS]

  the headphone port I feel like you showed that from looking for these fake [TS]

  marketable product doesn't actually exist it seemed to me that there was [TS]

  room on both sides to have you know one USB on both sides can still find a place [TS]

  to widen the thing but like but at the time they do not constrained by a [TS]

  predefined case or a mock-up rendering you get to design the product if your [TS]

  gonna go keyboard edge-to-edge fine like moving down an extra three millimeters [TS]

  to make room for the you know I don't find news reasons particularly [TS]

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  sign up it includes software dot com slash ATPs igloo software dot com slash [TS]

  ATP thanks a lot so we're going a little long on the follow-up but i wanna try to [TS]

  trudge through all the 12 inch air stuff episode 100 all follow up this probably [TS]

  will be then that would be fitting so do you want to talk I think this is mostly [TS]

  aimed at John do you want to talk about which will Compton said to us as a [TS]

  couple people who talked about the twelve in number 12 in share as it [TS]

  relates to crime books and you mentioned it wasn't UKC analyzed show talking [TS]

  about crime books books you'll know it's like a laptop that you know it's like [TS]

  this never computer all over again at the laptop the laptop itself doesn't [TS]

  have it in part on everything mccloud laptops just local cash it super simple [TS]

  and super cheap and they like him for education like you if your Chromebook [TS]

  just falls off cliff whatever get a new one plug it in sign in with your Google [TS]

  account your caps there again it's a really great idea [TS]

  the videos that Google has shown a presented it everything is essentially [TS]

  the future of computing and Apple and Google is their first [TS]

  and it's only there because it's so but these two angle record of people like [TS]

  the crime books for the elimination of all the headaches that come with like [TS]

  owning and maintaining a computer try moving more towards being a disposable [TS]

  type thing which obviously is the opposite of the way Apple and the second [TS]

  aspect that is so damn cheap like remember the netbooks from a long time [TS]

  ago ever ever ever let's keep things of course Apple needs to make cheap things [TS]

  to compete but that's not around in circles about that the network book and [TS]

  the Chromebook seems TV bring the issue back again I think the people who learn [TS]

  the lesson in the network there are fine but now the new crop of people who were [TS]

  either around during the network thing or have forgotten who are saying Apple [TS]

  needs to come out with a $300 laptop if they don't the Chromebook is gonna eat [TS]

  their lunch and education they're going to take over the education market [TS]

  schools are cheap and they want cheap laptops and you know the Chromebook is [TS]

  less expensive than iPads even even if you buy an iPad Tues and other stuff and [TS]

  yeah so there's a lot of angles when you see a small thin light thing you like oh [TS]

  that's gonna be Apple's companies in the Chromebook and every time someone [TS]

  tweeted that at me or send feedback related to crumble call you think was [TS]

  gonna give people the true crime book with a product that's four times the [TS]

  price may be ten times the price like we didn't talk about pricing of the rumored [TS]

  fictional pride here but do any of his expect this that laptop to be less than [TS]

  around $1000 I mean Chromebook started about $200 right right so it's like it's [TS]

  five x the price like I'm guessing 1500 start right thing it could be even more [TS]

  expensive like it you know because of the thinnest like that's just not how it [TS]

  works like nobody I don't think anybody thinks this number 12 in chair is going [TS]

  to be some super duper cheap like maybe it'll be cheaper than the current air [TS]

  somehow possibly cause of all the crap out of it that's conceivable but is it [TS]

  gonna be $200 000 and so it's seems crazy to me to talk about competing with [TS]

  Chromebooks with a private and not in its price range like that no matter what [TS]

  you think about competition [TS]

  it's very like there's no sentence saying this is like saying that my [TS]

  hundred court competes with the Ferrari like they don't there is no competition [TS]

  between them you can't entertain thoughts of competition between them [TS]

  during a different market and how much you think that you know before I really [TS]

  needs to answer for the new Honda Accord because I know they don't they just what [TS]

  do you mean answer whether they actually do for I think that the new Ferrari is [TS]

  for our use answer to the new Honda Odyssey house if you wanna know they're [TS]

  not the pricing is is the you know multiples of each other but I really do [TS]

  think that's their answer no they're not comfortable so any time I see the word [TS]

  Chromebook in relation to this thing again it's a rumor thing I don't know [TS]

  maybe it will cost too much greater by three of them right but I really don't [TS]

  think it will you wouldn't even buy one you complain about the but see there's [TS]

  no there's no until there is at least a pricing rumor about this I don't think [TS]

  it's important I do think that Apple's competition is the idea behind the [TS]

  Chromebook and perhaps I think this is Casey was perhaps like their answer to [TS]

  see the whole thing of like oh we don't need parts anymore we remove [TS]

  complications everything you always have ever that is eventually the future is [TS]

  just not quite the present and people buy computers they want to use in the [TS]

  present and the president you can remove everything apart from a laptop except [TS]

  for USB we totally can do that by the way someone just an hour ago tweeted a [TS]

  picture showing us USB Type C with DisplayPort going over it I don't know [TS]

  how many times we had to reiterate this yes it's not it's not a made up crazy [TS]

  Apple thing you can send DisplayPort over USB Type C connector it's part of [TS]

  the suspect it is not Anakin PowerRating 25 K [TS]

  it has enough bandwidth for that right I can just look at the spectacle of the [TS]

  shows they show you the pin out to show you guys over those 10 this is not an [TS]

  industry-wide spec it is not speculation that were saying this is technically [TS]

  possible and really attack impossible to think so you'll be buying products with [TS]

  it anyway I mean I don't know why people keep sending us these things to show us [TS]

  the displaying or yeah just it's baffling to me so I do think Apple has [TS]

  to eventually have an answer to the idea behind [TS]

  the Chromebook but I think it's also for now it is trying to field products that [TS]

  fulfill needs that people that do you know do the Apple thing that premium [TS]

  products they charge of paying for it and make a lot of money their fancy [TS]

  their nice hardware wise were all talking about here and thus far Apple [TS]

  has not shown any interest in trying to compete with the various other companies [TS]

  that sell similar devices for massively lower prices and I don't see anything in [TS]

  this rumor that makes me think it's gonna be a mess again I can entertain [TS]

  the idea that the entry level model of a three digit price I can't entertain the [TS]

  idea that will be 200 bucks I don't think it'll be anywhere near that sheep [TS]

  I think you're both right that it'll be around about $7,000 if it's what we [TS]

  think it is which by the way obviously him he totally different but if it's [TS]

  less than $1,000 I will be stunned I think also you know I saw a few people [TS]

  made the comment that Apple has to respond Chromebook style because [TS]

  Chromebooks are apparently selling well to education first of all you know I [TS]

  think Apple's answer to the Chromebook is the iPad I don't think it's a cheap [TS]

  laptop and by the way [TS]

  iPads can push up in 2008 the fancy model so it's not like iPads or 200 [TS]

  bucks either [TS]

  education markets buying like you know that the Tribune four-door models but [TS]

  still you know that that's that's still more than Chromebook and in many ways [TS]

  harder to manage 44 big you know schooler fleet type used anyway I'm I [TS]

  don't think Apple holds the educational relationship as some kind of thing that [TS]

  they can never lose education customers are you know just like big enterprise [TS]

  customers there is a lot of buyers out there that they will buy stuff but [TS]

  they're extremely hard to get and education it's like enterprise but with [TS]

  no money like there is money in education but not nearly as much as as [TS]

  as anybody wants you can't please them like IBM will do for its corporate [TS]

  corporate customers by charging them insane fees because they know it may [TS]

  look crazy but they have so much money they'll pay it [TS]

  right and and many of the biggest buyers are going to be very high needs high [TS]

  maintenance customers that like you're gonna have to come to them on their [TS]

  terms and and you know make concessions to them because they they have to buy [TS]

  you know couple hundred or thousand of these things and maintain them over time [TS]

  and justify that to all these different committees and and funders and work [TS]

  within the grants and every like they're so so much complexity in that system and [TS]

  it's so hard to get an in the end there's not a whole lot of money to be [TS]

  made there and so I don't think Apple look at that as something that they must [TS]

  keep I think education should be looked at [TS]

  just like any other big enterprise customer we're like they'll be happy to [TS]

  serve them but only on Apple's terms and they're not that scared to lose them and [TS]

  and you can look at it and say well you know you wanna catch kids early but I [TS]

  think the era of kids the of the kids having their like primary computing [TS]

  experience at school is certainly not going away or and probably never totally [TS]

  go away from from many demographics and and kids but I think the relevance that [TS]

  is being really reduced by personal devices smartphones iPod touches and [TS]

  iPads at home USA like Apple doesn't necessarily have to be too concerned [TS]

  with keeping the education market it just has to be concerned with keeping [TS]

  the kids doing pretty well keeping the kids because you said the kids have [TS]

  contact with computing devices outside everywhere now it's not just in a school [TS]

  or work it's a part of life right so long as a bookkeeper the kids are okay [TS]

  now there is a danger here because like if if comebacks ever to become pervasive [TS]

  but I don't think that you know you're doing well but I don't think it's like [TS]

  they're wiping out a lot of education but if they do become pervasive it's [TS]

  that Microsoft hates it because all the kids are gonna be doing all the work in [TS]

  Google Docs that word [TS]

  and Apple should hate it because kids become acclimated to the Google [TS]

  ecosystem which does not involve Apple and Google ecosystem in terms of the [TS]

  closet I was actually pretty damn good documents you like that Google thing a [TS]

  bunch of web applications lowest-common-denominator works [TS]

  everywhere all your crap saying if kids get used to that it's a short jumper [TS]

  from there to the phone earlier stops right so keeping the kids part of [TS]

  keeping the kids is giving it to hold an education so far in sort of the jobs to [TS]

  air it seems like Apple's approach to education has been we in if you are [TS]

  prestigious school if there's going to be a news story about your school [TS]

  getting fancy stuff we want to have our stuff in the prestigious school that [TS]

  Nestle the rich kids school but if the school that story worthy is it a school [TS]

  that up and coming with doing much better now is it a school they got a big [TS]

  grant is it is like you wanted to be a story wanted to be like the important [TS]

  ones and then it should be significant the kids in that school and teaching [TS]

  that schools should be lucky to have Apple hardware biggest fans in shining [TS]

  eyes and expensive and that's where Apple seems to be education these days [TS]

  it's not so much bending over backwards with the possible exception of keeping [TS]

  the iPad 2 around for a long time but they're not doing stuff like more of [TS]

  these two de Mac and the various maximum made just for education those were all [TS]

  pretty short lived though but they would do that they would say we're going to [TS]

  make a model of MacBook is only for education it's going to make compromises [TS]

  that work for education compromises are ways to make it cheaper sometimes it [TS]

  would be an educationally version i think is really the super cheap vimax [TS]

  writer keep him out of the strange occasions this start doing stuff for the [TS]

  market but I think the days are gone with a design like the giant to know [TS]

  where to look at but that hasn't put in the shower now it's a computer only ever [TS]

  sold education [TS]

  most of the terrible by the way but they existed and apples out there is not a [TS]

  computer with a different name like if not an iMac Mac Mini whatever different [TS]

  name that you can't buy your education so that I business it's funny you [TS]

  mentioned education Apple because relatively moved to Richmond one of the [TS]

  surrounding counties they were using iBooks and issuing I believe all middle [TS]

  schoolers and high schoolers iBooks and they decided [TS]

  it was cheaper in better to go with Dell's and they've been using dolls ever [TS]

  since and you may have heard of this I did this was the area in which we live [TS]

  it made national news because they were selling these like 230 four-year-old [TS]

  iBooks for 50 bucks at the NASCAR track there in downtown Richmond and they're [TS]

  actually like stampedes trying to beat each other up to get to the front of the [TS]

  line she could buy $50 four-year old iBook and that was right around where we [TS]

  live and now they've news and else for years and pieces of crap all the books [TS]

  are falling apart by the time they were done with them [TS]

  yeah that that's what it's like buying a used police car like yours there's a [TS]

  reason why I used police cars usually just become the crappiest taxis for the [TS]

  crappiest taxi services in the world like it is like these devices are in [TS]

  flux constant heavy use for those for you if you do not want them after [TS]

  although to be fair to give to those books can you imagine a stampede for [TS]

  four year old PCs at any price no definitely not [TS]

  it's not a fashion item doesn't have the procedure so even even an out of date [TS]

  technology things so has the fashion cachet so people are interested in the [TS]

  day like it's it's a good deal if you wanna make the foreign listeners the [TS]

  non-us listeners feel even more that we live in a third world country can [TS]

  describe the other common phenomenon for technologies in schools [TS]

  technologies or you know tissues and paper towels which is there's no money [TS]

  in the budget for it at all the only way your school is ever going to get any [TS]

  kind of technology or you know paper towels and tissues for the kids to use [TS]

  is they the parents themselves to the parent teachers association or some [TS]

  other like you know organization thing will raise money and the parents will [TS]

  pay for the computers for their get school and that only works for all the [TS]

  parents are rich so you can guess how many ppl schools have maximum schools [TS]

  that are in districts where even the discs with rich people even those [TS]

  districts can't pass laws to raise taxes enough to pay for anything for their [TS]

  schools [TS]

  barely can keep the buildings up you know barely can pay the teachers their [TS]

  meager salaries can't afford any computers can you want your classroom [TS]

  have paper towels napkins or tissues you also have to pay for those in to drive [TS]

  around this is a rich neighborhood at the state of education in our country [TS]

  that's absolutely true when I went to high school he was in Fairfield County [TS]

  Connecticut which at the time as a county was the single most affluent [TS]

  county and in the entire country because they had a whole bunch of like silly [TS]

  rich superstars that instead of living in New York they'd live in Fairfield [TS]

  County no particular town i lived in was I mean I guess reasonably affluent but [TS]

  not nothing remarkable in every spring without fail calm about March or so all [TS]

  of our Xerox paper cup machine paper it was perforated about two-thirds the way [TS]

  down and then again in half and at the bottom it said Danbury Hospital [TS]

  radiology department because despite the fact that we lived in the most affluent [TS]

  county in the entire country all of the people that lived in the particular town [TS]

  we lived in didn't want to pay enough money to the schools so that we had [TS]

  copied paper for the entire year and we needed to accept donations of like [TS]

  crappy leftover perforated copy paper from the local hospital that's gonna [TS]

  start what it what other phone up to have one last note this is from Oliver [TS]

  agar agar apologies all over you treated at the three of us it's pretty clear now [TS]

  that both thunderbolt and lightning [TS]

  going to be the shortest leave ports ever I'm not agree with that it's [TS]

  certainly possible but I don't see lightning going away anytime soon I [TS]

  think thunderbolt is more likely to go away but I'm still skeptical that that's [TS]

  going to be the case what do you guys think [TS]

  thunderbolts can last as long as fire where did just that I'll be sticking out [TS]

  the back and a Mac Pro and topple stops making that computer doesn't mean it's [TS]

  gonna like Thunderbolt totally go away from the netbook Arab don't want this [TS]

  baby is like you can go away from the MacBook Air because the innovation of [TS]

  Thunderbolt that was simplification hey display USB over one part but if USB 3 [TS]

  can do all that to her boat for gun at the very least from the small laptops [TS]

  probably also from the big ones because you know it's only for basically [TS]

  high-speed storage like it's kind of an aberration the thunderbolt and that are [TS]

  being on some of the low-end laptops because it was like we're not so much [TS]

  into the high-speed storage part we like the idea that this one connector you can [TS]

  carry all the sorts of stuff over you carry the display over you carry you do [TS]

  anything that adapter like what kind of a shame that you know you could do it [TS]

  one of the things we had to swap your stupid a program like it but you could [TS]

  plug into the Thunderbolt Display and get a full complement of ports through [TS]

  one connector I see no reason that usb3 can't accept that and so then the only [TS]

  reason left under both is alright well actually it's a super high-speed thing [TS]

  and across the metro as a million Thunderbolt ports on it will continue to [TS]

  have them vulnerable spot spec will continue to get revised I think they'll [TS]

  still be Thunderbolt ports all of those things so I don't think thunderbolt is [TS]

  going away and lightning I definitely don't think it's going away by lightning [TS]

  is still smaller and more importantly there I would imagine potentially more [TS]

  durable than usb3 I don't think I was going to go through the entire highways [TS]

  lines hello usb3 type C is here we can get rid of cellulite anything changed it [TS]

  know it's going to be with us for a long time at least as long as I think the 30 [TS]

  pin connector yeah I totally agree i don't i don't i don't see you know [TS]

  thunderbolt is just like firewire 800 where it's going to be on the highest [TS]

  and pro products and that's about it it does have that advantage as you said of [TS]

  because it is really just PCI Express over a cable [TS]

  you can offer like direct bolt bus connected versions of the other ports [TS]

  without a big performance penalty or translation penalty only that but all [TS]

  the other ports offering are getting less relevant overtime it less necessary [TS]

  over time so I i think that the biggest justification for Thunderbolt in two [TS]

  years it has not even gonna be those like PCI card case box is the use an old [TS]

  PCI video card video processing car internally I don't know that I think [TS]

  thunderbolt in in two years is going to be looked at only as the highest speed [TS]

  port for external SSD raised and discoveries like that's what it's mainly [TS]

  for and that's i think its use for today even but I i think thats that's going to [TS]

  be like its mainstay and everything else is going to go to wireless or USB 30 but [TS]

  will have to keep scaling up because like you know I always imagined the Mac [TS]

  Pros with his son of all things having something to do with like video stuff in [TS]

  it like a fork a video eventually becomes more common like you just [TS]

  cranked up your bandwidth requirements against a giant arrays of super fast [TS]

  storage and the only way you can not that storage run it at full speed that [TS]

  it's capable of running out and get the data into computers inside your computer [TS]

  which able to make any of those anymore it's got to be over the fastest possible [TS]

  external Boston right now that is even with usb3 thunderbolt is still faster [TS]

  and I imagine it'll keep making it faster and faster now become more and [TS]

  more confined to the people who have the same data rates that are necessary to do [TS]

  like you know uncompressed 5 k video for hollywood movies these days so and those [TS]

  and those enclosures cost more than a MacBook Pro yeah it's not it's not the [TS]

  the realm of regular people I'm trying to think is there a reason for [TS]

  Thunderbolt to be to remain unlike the 15 inch MacBook Pro or anything [TS]

  well it it is the highest n laptop in the lineup and and there's always going [TS]

  to be demand from people who try to do pro work on laptops on the go or on-site [TS]

  or what everyone said whatever so like there's always going to be demand [TS]

  whether they choose to address it to me [TS]

  is is not a guaranteed thing you know they might choose at some point you know [TS]

  we're done with that let you know just like how many things I but the 17 inch [TS]

  MacBook Pro I i think that the 15 inch MacBook Pro is definitely the right now [TS]

  so i think is going to last [TS]

  Apple laptop with Thunderbolt but I know how soon is gonna come if I had to guess [TS]

  I would say maybe two more years before it's related to only a handful of models [TS]

  in the lineup I hope that they keep it around for these two couple more years [TS]

  because I know we just finally got done with the transition it work for every [TS]

  conference room has a may display board take a swipe or take a thunderbolt to [TS]

  VGA so that everyone can hook up to their credit projected as in their room [TS]

  and used to be that that first you know first everyone who had a Mac adapters [TS]

  and they write their names on them in a market that they'd lose them and then [TS]

  you leave one in the conference room at like chained to the comp every company [TS]

  has one and if Apple drops the entire line at a bit like well we have every [TS]

  conference room has an adapter that has no place to be plugged into any of the [TS]

  new Macs and that will be sad because it seems like we haven't had enough time [TS]

  where anyone with a Mac and going to the conference room plug into the rejected [TS]

  then you know I feel like we need to have a couple more years before we have [TS]

  to redo it again they could you could put it over USB 3 and DisplayPort mode [TS]

  the altered the alternate mode which we talked about a minute ago and yet just [TS]

  another $30 a day after the Apple Store [TS]

  just as big damaging of that go into a wonderful tutti you know HDMI or DVI to [TS]

  VGA 05 @ after launching sometimes Vijay sometimes HDMI doesn't promise that the [TS]

  land the end the connection to the Mac so it'd be nice to have some stability [TS]

  and that for a little while longer view that the Thunderball doesn't like well [TS]

  under both I don't need high speed stop I don't care at the time of multiple [TS]

  things over it then if you don't care about any of those things you look at [TS]

  the new ballpark that's just my external display port like I think imagine most [TS]

  of the people in my company have max consider that their display like this [TS]

  external monitor [TS]

  not knowing all the other things that one part can do right and apples answer [TS]

  might be like for a big part of the line it might just be well use airplay and [TS]

  have an Apple TV which of course is comical AirPlay enabled directors and [TS]

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  well use code ATP 15 to go order one now so let's let's be done with all up and [TS]

  let's try to answer the question what can Apple do to fix the reliability what [TS]

  did you call Marco nosedive we talked about the issue last time but we didn't [TS]

  get to like okay so we agree that this is an issue we may disagree about [TS]

  whether things are worse now than they've ever been there have been [TS]

  in the past X number of years whatever value I've ever axis that I think we all [TS]

  agreed that regardless of history and whether the trend direction the trend is [TS]

  the current state of things is not satisfactory for addy products and [TS]

  customers that Apple currently has the day the customers are satisfied that a [TS]

  lot of products they'll drop of each other markers like multiplying factor of [TS]

  like your problem multiplies the probability of problem here multiplied [TS]

  by the probability of problem there were the probability have a problem somewhere [TS]

  goes up it's not just that it because of the way they interact by the way I'm not [TS]

  clear on that math that my it might actually be exponential effort oriole [TS]

  yeah I'm not a hundred percent confident that math is not additive right yet it's [TS]

  not a linear additive regression it is some kind of curves can do the [TS]

  probability things are just like if you have one thing and you have a certain [TS]

  probability it's up fifty percent of the time [TS]

  liability right now we have two things that both the tiny them both to be up [TS]

  and you can figure it out [TS]

  marbles in jars and all that other stuff anyway it's worse but so we all agreed [TS]

  that they have reliability problem they need to address it I don't and we talked [TS]

  all a show become argue about whether this is a new problem no problem [TS]

  whatever but so the question is how to how does Apple improve its reliability [TS]

  say how to fix its problems sounds like there's something in the news sunday is [TS]

  gonna be a fix to it I think a better way to phrase it is how does Apple [TS]

  improved the reliability of its products specifically the software reliability [TS]

  because the hardware does have issues better never hardware has an issue you [TS]

  always wonder if it's like a driver issue you know sometimes actually a [TS]

  hardware issue or something is overheating or some solder joints are [TS]

  better you know some like but then sometimes I think the vast majority of [TS]

  time it took a driver issue or they'd is never quite get it working what can I do [TS]

  to improve the reliability of its products we talked a little about this [TS]

  last up for whatever episode was in that they could either space out the releases [TS]

  between OS's which i think we all pretty much agree is never going to happen or [TS]

  just bite off less each time I don't agree that it's never gonna happen I [TS]

  could totally see them taking longer between israelis or any anyways release [TS]

  its not significant long and I like two years but I could see the Mac going to [TS]

  18 months [TS]

  and and I was going to like fourteen or fifteen and slowly drifting through year [TS]

  you know I mean they've set such a precedent in which if broken presidents [TS]

  in the past but this set such a president of having a new version of iOS [TS]

  every fall in there was a time not long ago when I think people both nerds and [TS]

  non nerds got really excited about that every fall now to be fair they may not [TS]

  be so excited and we may not be so excited about that anymore and so maybe [TS]

  now is the time to break that president but I'm I'm very skeptical they would do [TS]

  it on iOS and I'm fairly skeptical they would they would go less frequently than [TS]

  every year I noticed head but that's certainly one answer or just buying off [TS]

  less each time you doing less new things and keeping yourself at a year release [TS]

  me that's another option [TS]

  well so the obvious option is sitting in the notes is one that's been suggested [TS]

  by many people that I believe we talked about in the past many times this to go [TS]

  to originally Intel dubbed the tick tick tock kids and which Apple has more or [TS]

  less [TS]

  defacto dubbed the blank blank cascades get the for the forest 2525 s sex but [TS]

  the ideas you have to do to release that your big release but all you fancy crap [TS]

  in it and then the next one is pretty much the same as the previous one just [TS]

  modified in some ways after the four you have for us the same hardware design [TS]

  YouTube we could move the antennas around like it's not it's not entirely [TS]

  design and tourists and do the same thing with leopard that was a big [TS]

  release and Snow Leopard is like like leopard but we just grabbed and had a [TS]

  lion there's a big release and mountain lion which was supposed to be the out [TS]

  like a lion but we just personal stuff [TS]

  they're off that train was 10 because Mavericks in Yosemite are not related to [TS]

  each other in that way I mean you're siamese radically different than [TS]

  Mavericks was you could say marriage between release on its like yosemite but [TS]

  week but it's very difficult to tell because without I mean the names made it [TS]

  clear with leopard Snow Leopard or lion mountain lion but you could argue like [TS]

  we did the contents of those releases reflect the naming only with Snow [TS]

  Leopard Apple come out and say this is the no new features released all we're [TS]

  doing is Frank doesn't even that was a lie because they had tons of internal [TS]

  crap and so it was a huge underhood change just like it didn't look too [TS]

  different to users right and the big thing is if you don't add user facing [TS]

  features even if you make tons of under the hood changes you can you can lie to [TS]

  people and say no new features by basic saying no to use your facial features [TS]

  and it is known to use your expectation is that all they did was improved the [TS]

  the functionality of the existing using like people weren't distracted by saying [TS]

  never mind about making whatever work make this new thing where I had our work [TS]

  better whatever that is mostly I think perception issue but I think trying to [TS]

  achieve that perception from the customer base influences the way the [TS]

  engineering operating organization operates like the same way that if [TS]

  you're trying to impress people do with features it influences how USS like risk [TS]

  reliability or whatever if you said straight out like it's gonna be another [TS]

  new feature release that gives the engineer organization the freedom to [TS]

  make different tradeoffs internally because there's no pressure to make the [TS]

  with a new feature is going to be impressive in a demo because they've [TS]

  already said that the public message was no new features you don't have to do [TS]

  that and then you can make when you make decisions about what it would mean every [TS]

  fact it would have been ripped out 12 what giant new internal framework GCD [TS]

  we're gonna add you can make all those decisions without the pressure of having [TS]

  to serves on the external need to be impressive so it's it's kind of weird to [TS]

  the phone hardware has been on that came for so long but the Stone software is [TS]

  definitely not [TS]

  on that cadence right well and I would argue the hardware that's kind of a red [TS]

  herring like if you look at the three s releases of iPhone iPad so far the 3ds [TS]

  24 S and 25 S [TS]

  those were all major hardware releases the deal I guess like you know minor [TS]

  revision designation is really only cosmetic in all three of those cases [TS]

  like this like the the cosmetics are a huge part of the hardware design because [TS]

  its manufacturing lines it's the Tulane it's the materials it's the you know [TS]

  it's all that all that part of it is a huge part of the product we think the [TS]

  problem is that text back soon to see beyond area right they made them a test [TS]

  things that like the targets despite a different how is this like a minor [TS]

  revisions I know shared part with the previous one but that's just the guts [TS]

  right [TS]

  the big part of these phones how do you make a million little glass aluminum [TS]

  rectangle thing he's to the to the quality control that Apple ones and they [TS]

  put a huge investment into making the production lines and and the tools and [TS]

  everything you know the materials and expertise to assemble these phones and [TS]

  they want to get their bang for the buck and that's it we're gonna make two years [TS]

  where the phones that use the same materials assembled and more or less the [TS]

  same way with only possibly minor external changes to you know and moving [TS]

  antennas and the break when said whatever you know construction [TS]

  techniques whatever they're using whatever they want two years of [TS]

  value-added CPU architecture like the silicon I think that's like looks so it [TS]

  can read many Reds ride but that is a separate thing but I'm saying the [TS]

  physical part of it is such a big part of you know physical products that [TS]

  that's where they want to get the thing and like the fans like the new fab [TS]

  except when they do die during this tough but it's like once you have been [TS]

  running if you give it a different design than it has a different design [TS]

  right and some of its new felt like it's not part of its not so much part of like [TS]

  this the production line for particular phone i think is more still true that [TS]

  phone then production line for particular CPUs built their CPU [TS]

  yeah but where they're having problems is not you know my my 5s you know the [TS]

  parcel fit right together with the weather having problems in the the [TS]

  software and the little component interactions and the services like stuff [TS]

  that like what do you think that's harder a related like even a 64 bit [TS]

  transition like I know there was there is problems like going from 32 to 64 and [TS]

  64 bit versions or buggy and stuff like that but I like you have to pay a [TS]

  transit him sometime they wanted to be the first out of the gate I think [TS]

  they've reaped benefits of being the first but that I don't think any other [TS]

  silicon based transition has been particularly killer to them know I'm I'm [TS]

  just saying that like that the idea that the that the iPhone hardware is on this [TS]

  tick tock cadence I would say is mostly brought that it's it is very it is on [TS]

  that to tuck in San only the like physical shell away but the parts inside [TS]

  seemed to change just as rapidly with every version of the iPhone regardless [TS]

  of what letters after its name [TS]

  yeah I agree on that but I think the the physical shell part is a huge percentage [TS]

  of the hardware product and so that's why I don't think you can dismiss it as [TS]

  like just cosmetic surgery the visual thing because like when you think about [TS]

  the physical hardware it's almost as if the silicon part is like might as well [TS]

  be a separate thing like you have a certain allotted amount of space that [TS]

  you have to fit in but really the product designers at the iPhone [TS]

  designing a physical thing and by the way this little silicon sliver goes in [TS]

  whatever the battery in a min I know I was not done that way whatever you look [TS]

  at the parts inside their the phone is all everything else and then the actual [TS]

  phone phone so I just see that is deprecated in that case has not so much [TS]

  I think they did change everything every year from year to year they change like [TS]

  who's going to sell us there are radio chip this year like forget about the [TS]

  stuff you know who's gonna sell the display controller to see where the [TS]

  battery control like from year to year just like whoever has the best chips but [TS]

  the best specs are families do custom designs itself it just changes all the [TS]

  time [TS]

  on the phones and that hasn't been you know a particular source of problems I [TS]

  think if it is we don't have an insight to know like this one phone had problems [TS]

  because of some flaky chip and you didn't know about it but next year [TS]

  manufacturing ironed out those problems I was working around this problem in [TS]

  this budget said you didn't open to a lot of engineering effort for Apple iOS [TS]

  10 people you know the mech lines change much more slowly in a much more [TS]

  predictable way with you know going into the movie Intel chipsets benefits [TS]

  available for them to go in to go into and I think the OS 10 cadence like [TS]

  Apple's just chasing itself chasing its own tail or someone said like jason said [TS]

  they're chasing iOS was like well that's just teasing yourself because they are I [TS]

  can make the decision of how to move along with two things against each other [TS]

  but I think that type of Katie's formalize the type of kid is formalized [TS]

  in a reason you had to formalize it is like perception PR like a few formalize [TS]

  it like intel the Intel formalized it too because they recognize that if you [TS]

  just do this internally kind of sort of secretly then the marketing PR [TS]

  organization still have to come up with some reason why everything is awesome [TS]

  every single year whereas if you if you announce this is this is our new [TS]

  strategy for the foreseeable future then only every other year you have to [TS]

  impress everyone seems to all this is this is the year where they just make [TS]

  stuff work better and that becomes a story in itself and people like that I [TS]

  customers like it and you don't get the bad stories about well as WBC but I [TS]

  didn't have any new features you just know this is a talker but never always [TS]

  forget that every time you know it seems like it's always it's the opposite of [TS]

  what you think like the tip I think the tickets the minor one yeah talking like [TS]

  allowed one because it's I don't know those makes us tick tock cadence Apple [TS]

  has has considered and sort of played around with in the past and continues to [TS]

  play around with arguably be part of the hardware side [TS]

  I think that has the best sort of you know the best features of any solution I [TS]

  can think of in the city solution people they should be more careful new stuff [TS]

  better like us on a solution right because because of the external effects [TS]

  of this because it is a thing that you announced to the world and that [TS]

  announcement frees up things inside your organization to act in a way that they [TS]

  wouldn't be able to if you try to do it only has an internal you know I read [TS]

  something earlier today that I thought was really fascinating for bunch of [TS]

  reasons but it's relevant here on objective CIO they had an interview with [TS]

  Andy to Shaq I'm so sorry for any way he used to work on you like it if memory [TS]

  serves and they had an interview with him and the question that they asked was [TS]

  what effect he thinks with will have on Apple's framework API's do you expect [TS]

  something here in the short term and is the answer is very interesting and [TS]

  relevant I don't actually have insider knowledge here so this is just [TS]

  speculation but I think it will be a long process at least when I was there [TS]

  the team spent the majority of their time not maintaining and improving [TS]

  frameworks but really supporting market features like new screen sizes or [TS]

  support for new hardware that's what takes most of the time so it will take a [TS]

  conscious decision to do anything non trivial and I don't see that forthcoming [TS]

  yet that actually that actually marriage will be heard when somebody who works on [TS]

  my work written to us a couple of maybe a month or two ago now who wrote in [TS]

  because we were talking about how we're talking reclaim my work and how like [TS]

  there seems to be working on it for years and all the sudden get their act [TS]

  together and this prisoner in basically said that's not the case that instead [TS]

  the team is constantly working on it but that I work always has to show off the [TS]

  latest and greatest OS features and directions of the company's sharing and [TS]

  cloud platforms and everything and so they're constantly having to keep up [TS]

  with the new marketing features and and the new directions of things like iCloud [TS]

  instead of working on the core product functionality so it's actually very that [TS]

  it sounds like this is possibly affecting many parts of apple and and [TS]

  this is like their their market features are are moving so quickly and are so [TS]

  aggressive that the rest of the engineering department is is maybe not [TS]

  able to keep up with things like quality and long-term future maintenance is that [TS]

  there are certainly sounds right to me one thing to give me hope here image [TS]

  this on the talk shows will be quick but the lodges gonna be where Apple focuses [TS]

  most of their PR for the next little while and you know we'll see how it goes [TS]

  how long that lasts maybe the watch is going to be the primary focus of Apple's [TS]

  of Apple's marketing for the next year or two or three I don't know but I think [TS]

  that that might help take some of the marketing burden off of the other [TS]

  products and so maybe by focusing so much on the launch and and first watch [TS]

  kids stuff and then later on the native SDK in the second generation of the [TS]

  watch hardware maybe that will be such the focus of the marketing that just [TS]

  like the Mac was kind of playing second fiddle when the iPhone came out maybe [TS]

  the watch will then make the iPhone and iPad and Mac now it'll give them like a [TS]

  break for a little while from being in the spotlight and give them a chance to [TS]

  stabilize the whole idea of like having to support new hardware factors are new [TS]

  API's UAB as you have a little more control over you can just lay off the [TS]

  mat but new hardware features that kind of gets back to what kind of company [TS]

  Apple is they're trying to make trying to make entire products hardware and [TS]

  software integrated and trying to improve both aspects of that and it it [TS]

  seems like hardware like I wanna make a nicer phone or laptop like to make a [TS]

  better product or whatever and that thing I was just talking about like [TS]

  changing the chipset to use for your radios are the manufacturers for your [TS]

  your power controller your display controller instead of just changed at [TS]

  all the time because you want to get the one thats the best features the lowest [TS]

  power the best contract deal for parts and all these other things that change [TS]

  your year I can imagine what the time being spent [TS]

  sporting that is why can't you guys just pick one manufacturer for like that [TS]

  you know whatever i/o controller for for iOS devices and keep it for one or two [TS]

  years in a row so that we can do something else or display controller [TS]

  like that would make their lives easier but it would mean well but the new one [TS]

  is slightly lower power and has this extra little feature and we can combine [TS]

  these two things one chip and it's like if we don't do that if we try to make it [TS]

  easier for the software guys by trying to make a stable like a more stable [TS]

  platform kind of like being tailed you know motherboard Intel based motherboard [TS]

  chipsets are a little bit more stable than the other guys will have a letter [TS]

  from that then we will every year we have to be better better battery life [TS]

  but everything like I think the screen size changes that is a big hassle for [TS]

  them to do but part of that is like they're paying the price for their [TS]

  experience in doing the original version of iOS like let's just get it working on [TS]

  this one phone like they didn't do it and read it but was forced to do which [TS]

  is let's make it let's try to make a generic framework for doing you I on [TS]

  variable screen sizes and Apple it's like we're at the edge of what is even [TS]

  possible just make it work on the original iPhone that is the mandate no [TS]

  matter what you have to do and so they paid the price and they reap the [TS]

  benefits of being the first person with the iPhone that no one else could think [TS]

  was possible and then prices the engineering compromises you had you get [TS]

  their menu long road ahead of you to be able to support a resolution is [TS]

  arbitrary screen sizes like it so that how many years has it taken to get to [TS]

  where we are now with multiple screen sizes in auto layout and all the scaling [TS]

  and the high res screens like it was very much unlike OS 10 wherein the [TS]

  beginning of August and they had this model of what the future of this place [TS]

  is going to be like and the high-end hardware will be there to support it and [TS]

  it was terrible and just like we just got a hold on for like six more years in [TS]

  this crap will work right and even then they're doing you know do some fairly [TS]

  large architectural changes to get stuff off the CPU and GPU so there's that you [TS]

  know everything in engineering software engineering the tradeoff and I just [TS]

  think what we see now and this whole idea of the UI get people spending the [TS]

  time like treading water into market could use [TS]

  is the result of Engineering tradeoffs made many many years earlier just kind [TS]

  of coming home to roost now it makes sense [TS]

  alright thanks a lot for three sponsors this week [TS]

  Squarespace igloo and fracture and we will see you next week now the show is [TS]

  over they didn't even mean to be in accidental John [TS]

  Casey [TS]

  shown to be a team article [TS]

  hundred episodes in the back so how about the Detroit Auto Show did anything [TS]

  happen to the trade show other than the 40 D Dennis X never knew better and some [TS]

  pictures it like what was new that we learned about the NSI news I'm asking [TS]

  about the NSX twin-turbo v-6 we learn to get to know what we do know that already [TS]

  I don't keep up with cuz I don't drive a Honda but I didn't I didn't know that I [TS]

  didn't know for sure would be made engine although it's a safe assumption [TS]

  in today's meeting engines you to know we've seen final pictures of the NSX for [TS]

  like what seems like a year now if you look at the car ready to put in the [TS]

  engine really see ya know if I'd like more or less the complete and aspects [TS]

  like maybe with my counselor about like we've known what but the scars and look [TS]

  like for a long time I guess I just don't follow honda's closely as you do [TS]

  john why I don't follow it all but I do know it was like it was a year ago he [TS]

  said this is the new OS X and they were still like drawings then you get to see [TS]

  the one with the camouflage paint all over it and I guess now this is the [TS]

  person receiving the woman like you know painted and presented the way to do that [TS]

  but you know what I did like is on their interim video switch to my I looked a [TS]

  hundred percent CGI good CGI but it looked like to me anyway it looked like [TS]

  it was completely CGI on the bottom of this CGI video [TS]

  NSX driving around it said professional driver closed doors and it was a [TS]

  completely fabricated video or if it wasn't it was very poorly recorded [TS]

  because it looked at and watch the video little kid playing with the toy old and [TS]

  yeah [TS]

  could be real to me I mean may be modified after the fact I just thought [TS]

  that was funny new 4G T looks good [TS]

  ivanisevic CDT makes me uncomfortable because I don't like the idea of driven [TS]

  nostalgia Nostalgia of installing two-degree that has been practiced by [TS]

  USR makers over the past likes a decade where they make like all make the new [TS]

  Mustang and make it look like a modernized version of a particular model [TS]

  which usually makes it look worse they all look good if you live in the South [TS]

  but I agree with you that this whole idea is getting pretty pleased now feels [TS]

  like it's okay to be inspired by cars of the past but you have to know what [TS]

  inspired is like a style parody we're like a stopper like you're taking the [TS]

  like the ford et you read example like the the previous ford et EDT for [TS]

  anything right that like it's like the same freaking cars the old was just like [TS]

  you know it up into modern like they're taking the same design is not inspired [TS]

  by it the same design this new one is more different but still i mean we have [TS]

  no car was I know someone right now is is riding an angry email that mentions [TS]

  the word 911 right we understand 911 you know like Volkswagen Beetle for that [TS]

  matter but like I feel like the 911 has come by that honestly I never moving [TS]

  away from that the 911 is a Volkswagen Beetle you know but you know me like it [TS]

  is it is not every year they just changed a little bit a little bit a [TS]

  little bit yeah they all the same and it's all the same family resemblance but [TS]

  it's not like like the Beatles great because the beetle was the beetle and [TS]

  then there was a large gap of time they made the new beetle which was exactly [TS]

  the same you know it's like let's make a modern version of the old be all right [TS]

  and then they have the new version of that [TS]

  the 911 every single revision was just like a little changed a little changed a [TS]

  little changes just never drifted too far right I feel like that is more [TS]

  honest than waiting for a huge gap of time and then making a new card looks [TS]

  like an old don't like new cars that are modern versions of all cars already [TS]

  entered the tournament a mix of like well this this grill is reminiscent of [TS]

  the grill on the bubble blogs tales that is more appropriate don't just make me a [TS]

  new version but I have said the new det moves farther away from the old ones [TS]

  still kinda see the gt40 and all the press is under there I think I think [TS]

  what is the pillar right behind the door the b-pillar [TS]

  yes from the b-pillar to the front it looks almost identical but from the [TS]

  people to the back looks totally different and the thing is it's a nice [TS]

  looking car all versions that the original one [TS]

  the gt40 from like a decade ago or whatever and the new crazy looking for [TS]

  all you've got that backwards it's the GTE from a decade ago and the gt40 from [TS]

  the sixties or seventies whatever was to you think these are good looking cars [TS]

  but I thought we needed the revision when it was called the GI remember that [TS]

  this is the one that Clarkson had that was from like the early two thousands [TS]

  just called the details on that that's just the 4G T [TS]

  the original one that started it all the sixties and seventies whatever it was [TS]

  that was the gt40 I'm pretty sure about this these are hideous I think this is [TS]

  the NSX is hideous [TS]

  the new aspects of the new deal looks I think very nice and I think it's I think [TS]

  the design of the open actually Aegis fairly well for a car that's designed it [TS]

  was designed as long ago as it was you know I'm not excite me I was never a [TS]

  huge anal sex person I never got into high-end cars back then so you know I [TS]

  don't really have any nostalgia that way but late Jimmy btw is is at least like [TS]

  continuing what it has been more easily the NSX like this car was gone for a [TS]

  long time and now bring it back but it's like to me this is kind of like bring [TS]

  about to check for a second please get me out of this terrible car [TS]

  conversations these cards you care about but the it kinda like the new Star Wars [TS]

  movie with early I am NOT excited about the new Star Wars movie because they [TS]

  inherently because it is Star Wars make it can I get can I make some popcorn and [TS]

  excited about the old Star Wars movies I like them I was never that obsession [TS]

  them but I like them but to me like calling this an NSX and calling the new [TS]

  Star Wars movie star wars is really just like it's like a licensing the name it's [TS]

  it's a branding thing is not cause it's totally different people working on it [TS]

  yes of course but the people who work on the new Mustang Mustang are you still [TS]

  use the Mustang it's a franchise but every Mustang doesn't have to look like [TS]

  a particular past models I'm not talking about appearance I'm talking more about [TS]

  Lake spirit nudey so like making a new Star Wars movie today vs making a new [TS]

  Star Wars movie in 50 years whenever in with the first one is dead is is it any [TS]

  different really like it you're just taking the name I know but it's it's [TS]

  it's been gone for long enough in the market moved on so many ways and I'm [TS]

  sure the people of Honda have changed a little bit since then I I think it's [TS]

  worth we're talking about brand names the city to wait the way that companies [TS]

  lawyers aqua brand names as this as if they have some kind of like a major [TS]

  significance with what the protocol actually be like and the fact is it just [TS]

  a nameplate on this is just a nameplate on Star Wars it it doesn't matter [TS]

  normally not there is no relation between the 911 today and then I like it [TS]

  I love you keep calling it the Mustang keep calling it the Comerica point the [TS]

  Corvette that's how car labels work is not an aberration right the m5 is an [TS]

  abomination compared to the AM one that originally started the whole a moniker [TS]

  or even just m5 compared and 5's greatest empire three generations ago if [TS]

  I wanted to share just the m5 just waited like that's how economy works I [TS]

  don't begrudge that at all what I complain about is when you make way for [TS]

  the styling specifically when you pick a particular old car and you say make a [TS]

  modern version of that way you don't even make selling cars purchased like [TS]

  you know a complete facsimile in the Mustang is [TS]

  and I think they've done a little to do jawed Dodge Charger like I don't like [TS]

  that it's like it's like saying we can't figure out how we made it to the car [TS]

  once in the sixties seventies we can't figure out how making good looking car [TS]

  again so does make us a modern version of the car to be made it was [TS]

  good-looking normally I told the group that is that is what it is and normally [TS]

  I would say in this conversation [TS]

  wow you know look at look at how ugly the American cars but honestly I cannot [TS]

  imagine what accurate thinking with their starting over the last decade or [TS]

  so either like two peas are both hit his car styling and I'm kind of disappointed [TS]

  that there aren't more cues from the old Saxon the new like I don't think you [TS]

  need to make a modernized version but just take some cues like the same way [TS]

  the kidneys are cue thank you so much for the kidneys and BMW you don't say [TS]

  because it looks as though I know BMW for two decades ago something like just [TS]

  styling elements should be some commonalities thaliana for example the [TS]

  modern Cadillac takes it too far when the current look like each other [TS]

  exactly but the styling on this is so dominant in there so repeated every [TS]

  where that is a sameness to the Nats Park although that cts-v what is at six [TS]

  hundred and change horsepower speaking of ugly cars they've always been ugly [TS]

  the ATS if you don't want that the fact that they look they look to have you [TS]

  guys seen the new Lexus m3 know it's rough alexis has been rough I know but [TS]

  like you know let's let's just a starting was always very comfortable if [TS]

  you want to drive like an upscale marshmallow for old people and there's [TS]

  there's purpose that's a perfectly valid marketed in very well there and it's [TS]

  well deserved but they with their new like sport a flying or whatever it is [TS]

  like they're trying to get in on the BMW territory about the sport sedans and oh [TS]

  my god they're hideous in person I I hope you get a chance to see one [TS]

  sometime soon [TS]

  oh my goodness they they are rough the it [TS]

  hit so so bad are you talking about I'm recognize that likes this mp3 [TS]

  well known as Lexus answer to the m3 so I think it's the ISF it's one of the [TS]

  it's like the F Sport version verdi RCF RCI the big game car I know it's a [TS]

  sit-in its it might be the ISF [TS]

  RCF yes you're right you're right it's the RCF now it used to be the ISF its [TS]

  family is it heavy because all all the reviews I've read if it is just like him [TS]

  too much weight you know I can't get out of its own way like it it's like a [TS]

  really bad iteration of the GDR it is I'm talking about I'm seeing it and also [TS]

  I believe I am I wrong today I think they also have added like F Sport trim [TS]

  levels to a lot of other models that doesn't sound like anything I'm familiar [TS]

  with it's it's it's the same thing and it was a BS in the BMW polls every every [TS]

  luxury car makers should have this thing you know the AMG model or receive these [TS]

  kids have to have the LG Mobile also the black men sport an M and BMW had to have [TS]

  the AM in this paper we get them support and so like this is the same thing with [TS]

  Infinity is taking too long to figure out what they're going to do I think [TS]

  alexis y settling on the F out he has the IRS and the the the S S model and [TS]

  then they then the IRS model so you do need these levels in this is like the [TS]

  the thing the luxury car makers do these days I'm glad like this is found 1 I'm [TS]

  said that whenever they had after their mouths that makes them did you also see [TS]

  that BMW at a pretty big presence at CES actually yeah I was interesting but [TS]

  showing off like you know not only there like their version of car but also their [TS]

  gesture interface their back seat Samsung tablets and all sorts of weird [TS]

  stuff at what what annoys me most about their about what they showed off their [TS]

  is that almost none of it is anything I would actually want and much of it I [TS]

  think was a step backwards like the the the big lake that the key fob with the [TS]

  screen on it but extremely thank you thank god that will always be like $1000 [TS]

  option [TS]

  as I'm never buying that option because like the last thing you want is your key [TS]

  fob to get bigger and it there already so big with their already so chunky in [TS]

  your pocket if you don't have to look at it in there I was gonna look at it you [TS]

  won't be able to do it in your pocket just like this I need to do with it all [TS]

  communication be anybody gonna open the trunk seal the region and press the [TS]

  little things that attract you shouldn't have to look at the screen and why would [TS]

  you want your key fob to have another battery draining feature on it that's a [TS]

  terrible idea it's just so many bad ideas about that you'll be able to get a [TS]

  new battery for you get the battery replaces dealer over $700 John Woo's the [TS]

  name of the memory stick for the Dreamcast that had a little display on [TS]

  it VMU visual memory unit yeah yeah that's what it reminds me of a screen [TS]

  yeah well that's true the BMU had like one of those god-awful awake original [TS]

  GameBoy style screens but unfortunately that benefit from being somewhat more of [TS]

  them that's also true but we are denied just thought it was interesting seeing [TS]

  that BMW took CSO seriously I don't I still don't totally understand why [TS]

  shouldn't even say totally I still don't understand the laser headlights I don't [TS]

  i mean i i read that they're more directional so they can leave a gap for [TS]

  like people in other cars on the road there lasers Casey what more do you need [TS]

  to know many LEDs are cool enough any more like a diva once market do you find [TS]

  out that it's possible to use lasers for life like that I don't care what it [TS]

  takes I don't care if they're worse in every possible way [TS]

  laser light that strip but I did see also that they have a LED taillamps now [TS]

  or they're they're trying them which I thought was very peculiar like I'm not [TS]

  really sure why one would want that but I'm sure there's a good reason I'm not [TS]

  think enough to make them and therefore more light out but maybe an hour to [TS]

  their little power but I think it's a big deal for bragging rights but yeah i [TS]

  know im looking to the NSIC it's not too terrible like that that has the problem [TS]

  that I have had a cheese grater knows [TS]

  at the beach from from the head on right and I think a lot of cars have a little [TS]

  bit of a nose problem lately too but it's fairly restrained like the [TS]

  headlights aren't bad little scoop some insider ok the back as we think this is [TS]

  restricted yeah compared to compared to the compared to the new 4G team looks [TS]

  like well yeah it's ridiculous or even just the Corvette but compared to good [TS]

  taste none of these are good examples including the new Corvette by the way it [TS]

  looks like a writer as a yes I know when I read everything on her bed [TS]

  the new Corvette is argumentative writing the new Corvette is by far the [TS]

  best looking one on the back of a Corvette is worse than the back of all [TS]

  these cars that's probably true [TS]

  everything went into parking lot of terrible it's like it's like a unibrow [TS]

  just ugly [TS]

  taxes it's like I just because it's a little bit puffy and there's not enough [TS]

  of the old as the GTE is like empty and fissures in the previous beauty which [TS]

  was a pumped up version of the original duty and none of these cars look as nice [TS]

  as anything except for the driving the Ferrari Ferrari [TS]

  though the one with four-wheel drive that looks like a shoe is not the FAF [TS]

  yea thats four-wheel-drive was weird that she see how that worked we talked [TS]

  about that at some point yeah it is weird didn't it suck it suck I don't [TS]

  know what do you think anyone's ever driven in the snow yet nobody it basic [TS]

  tenets have like a second drive shaft coming up the front of the motor [TS]

  something along those lines [TS]

  really weird layout yeah that one even that one if you look at the back of a [TS]

  car in the front of the front of the car is much nicer but I think they're making [TS]

  me hate like a regular shape version of eighty-nine like hatchback or whatever [TS]

  you want to call the thing so it's basically a so you gonna have to 12 so [TS]

  under fire engine for Ari's why different well this one is for a drive [TS]

  and used to be really [TS]

  version if you like [TS]