The Accidental Tech Podcast

186: Jony Ive Has a Lot of White Pants


  you think this is the biggest show of [TS]

  the year or you think the WC one is the [TS]

  biggest show of the year i think WBC I [TS]

  wouldn't say it's by a large margin but [TS]

  i think it's a dub dub episode which p.s [TS]

  i've noticed myself just in the last six [TS]

  to 12 months embracing dub dub which I [TS]

  always used to hate so much like that [TS]

  the phrasing do you BDU be I always used [TS]

  to hate it so much but yeah I've been [TS]

  broken [TS]

  yeah they totally wore me down I [TS]

  eye-to-eye-to-eye I'm not usually a [TS]

  trendy word shortener but that one it's [TS]

  just it's just so clumsy to say WWDC [TS]

  that that one just wore me down [TS]

  although curiously dub-dub-dub as then [TS]

  dubbed caseless com [TS]

  I can't do it drives me insane like I'm [TS]

  I'm like hunching up as I'm saying it [TS]

  because it just drives me so crazy know [TS]

  that that is too far that when I was [TS]

  willing to wait until we drop that [TS]

  prefix foremost domain names [TS]

  we're going to talk about the September [TS]

  2016 Apple events we are going to try to [TS]

  do this in chronological order we will [TS]

  probably miss a little bit but here we [TS]

  go [TS]

  we started out with tim cook and James [TS]

  Corden doing carpool karaoke which as [TS]

  soon as i saw this i thought oh god oh [TS]

  no this is not going to be good [TS]

  pleasantly surprised i thought it was [TS]

  great I thought Tim did a great job a [TS]

  little awkward but i'd have been ten [TS]

  times more awkward if i were there could [TS]

  sing enough [TS]

  I mean he's saying more than Britney [TS]

  Spears states that's a thing I thought [TS]

  was really well done in a really good [TS]

  intro i thought it was the best [TS]

  interaction tim has ever shown with a [TS]

  celebrity as part of an event that [TS]

  happened [TS]

  well that's that it's not all very high [TS]

  bar but yes i agree why are you afraid [TS]

  why are you.why do you think this is [TS]

  gonna it's gonna be cringe-worthy just [TS]

  because like Tim in bono for example [TS]

  it's just not usually good but it was [TS]

  great but that's not the same context [TS]

  the context is of him onstage having do [TS]

  like standout next to like his you know [TS]

  his team racing driver tame celebrity [TS]

  about you [TS]

  it is a bono and I have broken up [TS]

  I stand next to him like the context is [TS]

  weird where you have to destroy it was [TS]

  great guys huh [TS]

  look celebrity where you know what we've [TS]

  all seen the the carpool karaoke i'm [TS]

  assuming and that is a much more relaxed [TS]

  environment [TS]

  yeah Marcus Peters you don't have to be [TS]

  beautiful ever seen carpet never not [TS]

  once I mean technically I guess now i [TS]

  have seen it once right but i love it [TS]

  when this came on you didn't when you [TS]

  saw the back of that the SUV you didn't [TS]

  immediately know what it was when you [TS]

  saw that I sitting behind the wheel [TS]

  nothing i asked if the guy was and then [TS]

  when the second I got in the car had to [TS]

  ask he was too so we need to have some [TS]

  kind of pop culture intervention but [TS]

  yeah i mean i'm not i am not one to [TS]

  really be throwing stones in the [TS]

  glasshouse in which I live but holy God [TS]

  Marco you need like I don't mean you [TS]

  have to see that I mean you don't know [TS]

  what the guys name is just know that [TS]

  this is the thing and like oh I [TS]

  recognize its that thing that I never [TS]

  watch but not even that any way that [TS]

  environment in a much more relaxed and I [TS]

  knew he would do fine i should rewatch [TS]

  it because some people are trying to [TS]

  find issue with him but I was surprised [TS]

  that he would agree to it because the [TS]

  people who usually are on that are [TS]

  people who want to sort of a unabashedly [TS]

  sing in a car but like in front of [TS]

  everybody it's like you know dance like [TS]

  nobody's watching a carpool karaoke is [TS]

  saying like you're in your own car and [TS]

  no one can see you but everybody can see [TS]

  you because you're on the internet i'm [TS]

  assuming Tim Cook must be a fan of that [TS]

  and said you know what I'd like to do [TS]

  that because if someone who didn't want [TS]

  to sing in front of the world was forced [TS]

  to do it they would look WAY worse they [TS]

  weren't mean I don't I know I would [TS]

  never want to do this and I can't [TS]

  imagine like faking it to the degree the [TS]

  heated so I think he really wanted to be [TS]

  on this thing because he likes to sing [TS]

  and he have to say [TS]

  alright so i thought the internet was [TS]

  great I also really liked when was it [TS]

  that they did the bill hader [TS]

  introduction when he was like doing he [TS]

  was directing the big the big show intro [TS]

  you know what I'm thinking of the tub [TS]

  yeah yeah but this was better because [TS]

  this this had this was sort of the [TS]

  moment in a way that didn't look like [TS]

  they were trying to cash in because i [TS]

  think it was just at the right point for [TS]

  carpool karaoke where it's not the peak [TS]

  but it's not at the beginning is like [TS]

  what is not old hat and I really he [TS]

  looked like he had genuine enthusiasm [TS]

  for being on this thing that he had seen [TS]

  other people on and it was [TS]

  like relax I know what you're talking [TS]

  about the behavior thing was funny but [TS]

  that was like more higher budget more [TS]

  complicated like this I feel like it was [TS]

  just simple it's like a person in a car [TS]

  going to see them cook in that context [TS]

  it was short i really like that one of [TS]

  the one of the best interest to an apple [TS]

  event ever [TS]

  although it's kind of a shame that it [TS]

  was totally unrelated to anything that [TS]

  was presented really but that's fine [TS]

  the joke that James Corden made about [TS]

  how he had heard that the new iphone or [TS]

  perhaps was a new version of iOS was the [TS]

  most secure have ever and Tim do you [TS]

  know where i read that on a leak posted [TS]

  and does my least favorite part because [TS]

  it shows that the host doesn't [TS]

  understand the nuances of what he's [TS]

  talking about because it's going to be [TS]

  the most secure iphone we know what he [TS]

  means when he says that i'm assuming [TS]

  it's a plant from like apple or [TS]

  something like that to say hey asks [TS]

  about the security because it's gonna be [TS]

  I'm assuming more secure than the past [TS]

  ones learning from their all everything [TS]

  they've learned from all the previous [TS]

  iphones and all the different FBI court [TS]

  orders and everything right but that has [TS]

  nothing to do with whether rumors of how [TS]

  the phone is being designed leaked onto [TS]

  the internet that has nothing to do with [TS]

  the security of the phone they're [TS]

  totally unrelated except for the fact [TS]

  that the word security can be applied to [TS]

  both of them will be such a buzzkill [TS]

  I'm just saying like it's a typical [TS]

  don't you want to make you want to make [TS]

  a tech joke but you're not a tech person [TS]

  so you think you you think you really [TS]

  nailed it hot and funny and I like Tim [TS]

  Cook was like do you see the irony in [TS]

  that Tim Cook Inlet yes I see the irony [TS]

  in that actually i don't because doesn't [TS]

  make any sense but I will humor you [TS]

  because I know if I have to explain it [TS]

  to you that won't work but I'm [TS]

  explaining to you because Tim Cook [TS]

  wouldn't that joke didn't make any sense [TS]

  and therefore with less funny than it [TS]

  should have been [TS]

  do you need to turn your brain off and [TS]

  turn on the emotion ship from time to [TS]

  time I thought it was funny i do with [TS]

  motion ship good humor makes sense the [TS]

  best humor makes sense and it's like [TS]

  that's why it's fine because it makes [TS]

  sense i love this show [TS]

  I do too but I'm gonna kill one or both [TS]

  of you by the anything else about him [TS]

  and James they had a big opening thing [TS]

  about Apple music too [TS]

  oh yeah I guess you're right just like [TS]

  hey appellees exists it's good you guys [TS]

  should try it is your semiannual [TS]

  reminders who please subscribe music [TS]

  here's how awesome it is [TS]

  yeah it's 17 million subscribers or [TS]

  something i'm watching thing we're [TS]

  unsure [TS]

  right now i'm assuming will comment on [TS]

  it almost in real time but that that [TS]

  they're pushing it like this is what [TS]

  they usually do the beginning of the [TS]

  things that they have some feel-good [TS]

  stuff some funny stuff and some hey let [TS]

  me remind you about whatever it is that [TS]

  I'm pushing that we think we've done [TS]

  recently that's good we're doing well or [TS]

  whatever so happy music is getting the [TS]

  push here [TS]

  how do you guys feel about music right [TS]

  now I haven't used it since the demo [TS]

  period ran out at that time I thought it [TS]

  was ok but I'm a pretty loyal Spotify [TS]

  user and the only thing that Apple music [TS]

  brought to me that as a Spotify user [TS]

  that I didn't already have was being [TS]

  able to play things via serie which I [TS]

  did really really like other than that [TS]

  I'm really looked back since to be [TS]

  honest with you [TS]

  yeah i mean iĆ­ve been a subscriber the [TS]

  whole time in fact we even have the [TS]

  family plan but it's kind of like when [TS]

  when i get a netflix disc back in the [TS]

  day and back when I was a thing and you [TS]

  let the disc SAT there for like three [TS]

  months and start realizing how much [TS]

  you've effectively paid for that disc [TS]

  that's kind of how about Apple music [TS]

  like we have membership and I do [TS]

  occasionally play something on it but if [TS]

  I actually work out like you know how [TS]

  much I paid for each one of those tracks [TS]

  that I've laid off of it [TS]

  it's a I probably shouldn't be using it [TS]

  I i think i've determined that i'm just [TS]

  not really a stream is a customer [TS]

  because most of what i listen to the [TS]

  podcast efficient either picture on [TS]

  there [TS]

  I think I kind of kind of split the [TS]

  difference in you guys I I subscribe [TS]

  during the trial period i thought i [TS]

  would have no interest in it whatsoever [TS]

  i was surprised that i actually [TS]

  discovered new music with it not that [TS]

  they're you know for you and suggestions [TS]

  are all that great but that was the [TS]

  point where I'm hey I'm trying free [TS]

  trial I'm gonna you know put some time [TS]

  into going through and I did find some [TS]

  music that I like what I did when I [TS]

  found that music is that bought it is i [TS]

  don't know what's going to continue the [TS]

  Apple music trials i just purchased all [TS]

  the songs that i found that i liked [TS]

  which is nice and then I let the thing [TS]

  laughs because Mike yeah doesn't I don't [TS]

  use it on a kind of mark i don't i'm not [TS]

  a streaming music kind of person and it [TS]

  was fairly expensive or something that I [TS]

  was just going to let it run in the [TS]

  background so I didn't [TS]

  now I find myself kind of missing the [TS]

  fact that i don't have access to all the [TS]

  music that happens it makes available [TS]

  sometimes like you know what i like to [TS]

  hear some new music [TS]

  Nick and I can't because I don't have a [TS]

  music but anyway i'm probably not as [TS]

  extreme music subscriber my experience [TS]

  out in the world with people who are [TS]

  string music subscribers i still see [TS]

  spot of I having a pretty good hold on [TS]

  things so I don't think Apple music has [TS]

  bumped them out but a music seems like [TS]

  the kind of like Apple maps where even [TS]

  if it's not better than google maps just [TS]

  by being the default and being [TS]

  constantly promoted in this way I think [TS]

  they're going to start to erode some of [TS]

  the the competitors just for the sheer [TS]

  force of constant promotion and default [TS]

  adminius and Syria integration from the [TS]

  Apple essentially next thing I believe [TS]

  was I work which they said they were [TS]

  doing some updates but most importantly [TS]

  and interestingly selfishly anyway was [TS]

  real-time collaborative editing which I [TS]

  believe they said was going to be both [TS]

  native and web based is that true [TS]

  actually that came after Nintendo but a [TS]

  lot of slot that say there was a web [TS]

  they said you can do this on your mac on [TS]

  your iOS devices and even on the web but [TS]

  they didn't show any of those things but [TS]

  yea is the web the same thing they [TS]

  launched two years ago where is like a [TS]

  new version based on whatever [TS]

  underpinning the stuff i don't know like [TS]

  it's hard like what they were demoing in [TS]

  some ways is a total Apple move or it's [TS]

  like Google that you know home google [TS]

  the most the well-known thing we're a [TS]

  bunch of people connected document at [TS]

  the same time that's just a bunch of [TS]

  colored curses in text but we're going [TS]

  to do a presentation with graphics and [TS]

  look how beautiful the present you know [TS]

  it's it's more complicated more visually [TS]

  complicated to have multiple people [TS]

  doing graphic the same time without [TS]

  having like flash and click over each [TS]

  other everything is beautifully [TS]

  composited multiple people are [TS]

  collaborating on this graphic document [TS]

  or whatever so that is more impressive [TS]

  than just a bunch of curses moving [TS]

  around text field but it almost [TS]

  everything about I work has always been [TS]

  has look nicer visually whether it's on [TS]

  the macro even on the web that looks [TS]

  really nice but in the end what people [TS]

  care about is does it always work is the [TS]

  performance good like it simple and [TS]

  reliable is better than super fancy and [TS]

  not so reliable and thus far all of [TS]

  Apple sort of collaborative editing i [TS]

  work on the web [TS]

  bond all platforms all the same time [TS]

  documents thinking crap has been nice to [TS]

  look at but ranging from clunky to [TS]

  downright broken and I'm abroad broken [TS]

  being me [TS]

  fruitlessly trying to get my daughter to [TS]

  bed at the same document using entirely [TS]

  Apple native apps on all the apples [TS]

  latest operating system and get we're [TS]

  getting repeatedly locked out from [TS]

  inability to even save on any platform [TS]

  that's the worst case i don't decide [TS]

  about this because i haven't tried it [TS]

  yet but i can tell you that my [TS]

  confidence not hi this is going to take [TS]

  the world by storm [TS]

  yeah i mean that's a pretty good summary [TS]

  like it it remains to be seen basically [TS]

  we know that nobody has really had time [TS]

  to use this yet the the credibility [TS]

  level here is low the expectations are [TS]

  low because of that the mediocre and [TS]

  poor past performances in this [TS]

  department so we'll see what happens [TS]

  yeah so maybe we got the order wrong as [TS]

  John alluded to but a hell has frozen [TS]

  over ish and nintendo and Apple are [TS]

  sitting in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g pretty [TS]

  much the entire internet had the same [TS]

  reaction I did which was holy crap is [TS]

  John syracuse was still breathing and [TS]

  not have it on i did have it on in the [TS]

  background but I don't see how this is [TS]

  such a big deal for most people because [TS]

  like pokemon go i know was a nintendo [TS]

  developing it was my antique or whatever [TS]

  but it's the nintendos property and like [TS]

  that was the the beachhead you know it's [TS]

  incredibly popular game based on [TS]

  nintendo IP on your phone [TS]

  it's not the same as Mario coming to [TS]

  your phone but the sort of the big event [TS]

  was hey nintendo is finally and we do [TS]

  this for months and months and months [TS]

  ago where they announce we're going to [TS]

  make games for mobile phones right and [TS]

  the announcement was not we're going to [TS]

  stop making games her own platforms in [TS]

  fact we're going to continue making [TS]

  platforms we're going to make a new [TS]

  platform we don't tell you anything [TS]

  about but it's a codename annex and Bob [TS]

  lot like they're still doing that but [TS]

  they're also doing stuff for phones and [TS]

  we knew that for a long time and pokemon [TS]

  go shows they're doing some phones and [TS]

  their successful added and this is just [TS]

  a continuation of that strategy i think [TS]

  the impressive thing is that Nintendo [TS]

  saw fit to our I don't know I know who's [TS]

  pulling is pushing here is intended oh [TS]

  come and apple and saying we'd like to [TS]

  do this let's work out a deal because [TS]

  it's good [TS]

  publicity for nintendo to be in this [TS]

  presentation right to review and it's [TS]

  good for Apple to say which phone [TS]

  platform is Mary on first and i assume [TS]

  exclusively for some period of time [TS]

  anyway our platform like so I would [TS]

  imagine that was Apple coming to [TS]

  nintendo nintendo was probably receptive [TS]

  to the idea that we're already entering [TS]

  this phone thing pokemon goes a big hit [TS]

  that we sort of outsourced to have some [TS]

  of the developer do if we're going to [TS]

  bring our crown jewels we want to have [TS]

  you know have the best possible [TS]

  experience come with the the highest-end [TS]

  phone vendor the most successful phone [TS]

  vendor the one with the best reputation [TS]

  and honestly that there's a better fit [TS]

  between Apple and nintendo in terms of [TS]

  their philosophy and sort of like kid [TS]

  friendliness and how Apple patrols the [TS]

  app store and tries to keep it you know [TS]

  nice and like that's reminds me a lot of [TS]

  nintendo seal of quality right so that I [TS]

  think there's a good meeting of the [TS]

  minds between these two companies here [TS]

  but then to have miyamoto come out as if [TS]

  it's like an e3 presentation and [TS]

  terrorism do with your presentations [TS]

  anymore because there was this intended [TS]

  direct stuff to come out onstage himself [TS]

  that's that's a pretty big deal [TS]

  now i feel bad because he didn't do [TS]

  particularly well he always insist on [TS]

  saying something English before pulling [TS]

  the translator this is not a new thing [TS]

  it does this very out frequently but he [TS]

  seemed nervous or barely rehearsed or [TS]

  both any kind of stumble through his [TS]

  presentation but in the end I don't [TS]

  think it's not a big deal it's not it's [TS]

  not a shock [TS]

  we're not shocked that this happen it's [TS]

  just a straight line from everything [TS]

  that has come before the games that they [TS]

  showed are not particularly [TS]

  revolutionary it's a runner game with [TS]

  Mario and some other things that are [TS]

  already known to be well-suited if [TS]

  anything pokemon go was a more more [TS]

  interesting and daring game then what [TS]

  then them at the stuff they showed today [TS]

  because I mean not that you know that's [TS]

  what was that game before [TS]

  pokemon go from the company that made it [TS]

  that was the same idea and then brought [TS]

  to a important property but it is [TS]

  barbarous today we're going to take this [TS]

  very important property pokemon and try [TS]

  it on a gameplay style that is very [TS]

  phone dependent that was not wildly [TS]

  successful ingress is what i call it was [TS]

  not wildly successful on this previous [TS]

  game but maybe the combination [TS]

  it'll be good and it was and these [TS]

  marriages are even more conservative [TS]

  than that you know tried-and-true [TS]

  gameplay styles with the crown jewels [TS]

  intellectual property for nintendo i'm [TS]

  sure will do well I'm not sure will do [TS]

  as well as pokemon go because that was [TS]

  kind of like a crazed and as we talked [TS]

  about before a great time for it because [TS]

  the summer and people are outdoors and [TS]

  it became a big news story or whatever [TS]

  but otherwise i'm happy to see the [TS]

  Nintendo continuing to plot along and [TS]

  strategy and happy to see perhaps i'm [TS]

  assuming they're developing things [TS]

  in-house perhaps they could get more of [TS]

  the money from this that will help them [TS]

  fund the whole rest of their company and [TS]

  make sure the NX isn't a piece of crap [TS]

  you never use cartridges that's it up [TS]

  i'm shocked by what are you guys think [TS]

  about it like are you looking forward to [TS]

  buying this game with you just not care [TS]

  i mean i'll probably buy it I they they [TS]

  had made some sort of reference to [TS]

  forget how they phrased it but you'll [TS]

  have to pay for it and then they kind of [TS]

  implied that there wouldn't really be [TS]

  any I api for now purchases I forget [TS]

  exactly what was said but then I thought [TS]

  underscore had noticed that actually [TS]

  there will be is he [TS]

  I imagine there has to be in by the way [TS]

  the last time we talked about pokemon go [TS]

  I said that my family was playing it but [TS]

  I wasn't and so far they were all [TS]

  playing it for free that has passed my [TS]

  wife has spent God knows how much money [TS]

  on this game that like the whatever [TS]

  monetization strategy they have a [TS]

  whatever scarce resource is required [TS]

  either her play style or the game itself [TS]

  leads to you eventually running out of [TS]

  some resource that you want and you [TS]

  don't want to wait or get it by grinding [TS]

  so it's just buys it i think she spent [TS]

  like 40 bucks news came probably more [TS]

  attractive and look anymore so I mean in [TS]

  all fairness like if you had three [TS]

  people in your house playing playing a [TS]

  single nintendo game [TS]

  how much would you spend if it was any [TS]

  other Nintendo product perspective has [TS]

  been 60 bucks and play it for like [TS]

  hundreds of hours like zelda game like [TS]

  that's the old yeah but then you also [TS]

  have like you know the in your hands you [TS]

  burning through like this fifty-dollar [TS]

  controller and the for your nunchuck and [TS]

  also the garbage to plug into it i mean [TS]

  antenna doesn't sell much for less than [TS]

  40 bucks right now by dou by dou x [TS]

  that's about stuff already like the [TS]

  whole idea with the old console thing [TS]

  was you [TS]

  the console for 500 bucks with all the [TS]

  accessories that you by series of six [TS]

  dollar games each one gives you what you [TS]

  hope to sixty dollars worth of enjoyment [TS]

  some games last longer some games [TS]

  shorter but it's like you pay 60 bucks [TS]

  and you get the whole thing I play [TS]

  destiny which is like 60 bucks plus [TS]

  twenty or thirty bucks a year for the [TS]

  expansions plus the monthly fee for [TS]

  playstation network but that still works [TS]

  out money wise now c'mon Go the problem [TS]

  is it's basically limitless like you [TS]

  can't spend that there's a limit to how [TS]

  much you can spend on destiny per year [TS]

  minus the silver stuff but even that I [TS]

  feel like even got a limited mind to [TS]

  spend there's not that much to buy in [TS]

  the game and everything you can buy in [TS]

  the game is cosmetically so if you buy [TS]

  every single expansion and you pay for [TS]

  PSN you buy your PlayStation there's a [TS]

  limit where it's a Pokemon go [TS]

  you could spend your entire life savings [TS]

  buying pokeballs and using them likes it [TS]

  seems like it's an unlimited potential [TS]

  bit of money and so adamant that those [TS]

  games bother me a little bit more [TS]

  because in order to continue to have fun [TS]

  with the game you have to spend money [TS]

  and you don't get new content for the [TS]

  money you just get the ability to [TS]

  continue playing the content you have [TS]

  hoping to marry games are like that but [TS]

  that's that's a winning monetization [TS]

  strategy that people seem comfortable [TS]

  with which is if you want to grind grind [TS]

  if you don't want to grind past money [TS]

  and we'll shortcut that for you [TS]

  pokemon go doesn't seem abusive in that [TS]

  way and i'm assuming the marrow games [TS]

  won't be either but I certainly prefer [TS]

  the the other propositions even the [TS]

  proposition of Destiny which i think is [TS]

  striking a reasonable balance of you [TS]

  know extracting money from me steadily [TS]

  over the course of years but also giving [TS]

  me hundreds and hundreds of hours [TS]

  entertainment [TS]

  yeah so a couple other quick thoughts on [TS]

  nintendo first of all Super Mario go [TS]

  already has an entry that you can search [TS]

  for and find in the appstore super super [TS]

  mario rajkot to Mario go [TS]

  it has a entry page if you will on the [TS]

  app store where where you would [TS]

  typically see by or get it says notify [TS]

  which I've never seen for a nap before [TS]

  which I thought was kind of mean this is [TS]

  the first so that's different and it [TS]

  would be super cool if developers could [TS]

  leverage that like not Blessid [TS]

  developers but regular smells like us [TS]

  could use this to leverage the app store [TS]

  to kind of generate a little bit of buzz [TS]

  about forthcoming apps if you so chose [TS]

  but still that's kinda neat and any [TS]

  thoughts on that before i get to my [TS]

  other thought so the ibookstore i use [TS]

  this form of selling my books has a [TS]

  pre-order system where you can put the [TS]

  book up and people can't buy it but they [TS]

  can pre-order which is even better and [TS]

  said it is notifying people was [TS]

  available i can give you the money right [TS]

  up front and I made a lot on the [TS]

  pre-orders because people were anxiously [TS]

  awaiting the book most of them [TS]

  pre-ordered so like this so this that [TS]

  type of thing should come to the iOS [TS]

  star [TS]

  yeah and then the other interesting [TS]

  thing which i think is worth briefly [TS]

  mentioning is that they specifically [TS]

  said on stage there will be a sticker [TS]

  pack for I message that is themed around [TS]

  super mario run which is what I think [TS]

  they've been pushing it relatively [TS]

  heavily since iOS time was announced [TS]

  that wld see some curious to see if [TS]

  anything comes of that but I thought [TS]

  that time was kinda neat sticker packs [TS]

  of the new ringtones it's an opportunity [TS]

  for lots of tie into the big companies [TS]

  and promotions [TS]

  I wonder if there will be more strict [TS]

  policing of copyright infringement I [TS]

  know apple in the passes all that [TS]

  specific specifically with Nintendo has [TS]

  actually been pretty good about tracking [TS]

  down like a very pleased nes emulators [TS]

  and Mary are things they still stuck [TS]

  through but now that Nintendo itself is [TS]

  in the store I is nintendo more [TS]

  motivated to have its team of lawyers [TS]

  wandering the store and stomping on [TS]

  anything that uses Mary on the name uses [TS]

  its artwork the million people trying to [TS]

  sell sticker perhaps packs that are [TS]

  pictures of you know goombas and and [TS]

  mushrooms and all the other stuff like [TS]

  it [TS]

  we're one google search away from trying [TS]

  to sell an item and sent sticker pack [TS]

  for someone else's IP and now that [TS]

  nintendo is actually trying to sell its [TS]

  own version of that stuff I imagine it [TS]

  will be harder to sneak that stuff [TS]

  through if not that's going to be weird [TS]

  when you do a search for nintendo [TS]

  sticker pack you find a million sticker [TS]

  packs and buried somewhere in there [TS]

  because Apple such as awful as the real [TS]

  nintendo one that will be super-weird [TS]

  will see the real-time follow from the [TS]

  chat room people are saying that I think [TS]

  they're talking about Mario run paid up [TS]

  front no in-app purchase that's what is [TS]

  what i'm reading the chat room knows mr. [TS]

  that's not what it says on the itunes [TS]

  store page [TS]

  well it says here user rtant underscore [TS]

  says basically that the the [TS]

  they're gonna be like a trial level [TS]

  first for free and then you pay one [TS]

  fixed in a purchase price to unlock the [TS]

  rest of the game right so it's not like [TS]

  buying more energy your coins or [TS]

  whatever to be able to play we are [TS]

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  sponsoring our show [TS]

  so next thing in the presentation was [TS]

  the Apple watch and we can start with [TS]

  the name I suppose it is now called the [TS]

  apple watch series to think season two [TS]

  haha let's see what you did there [TS]

  I did get that I i really do like this [TS]

  name I I don't know what alternatives [TS]

  were kicked around i'm not sure what I [TS]

  would have recommended but i really like [TS]

  the idea of series 2 i'd i don't know [TS]

  why i prefer it over just Apple watch [TS]

  too but i think i do prefer maybe [TS]

  because it's more about fashion than the [TS]

  iphone arguably is but two thumbs up the [TS]

  name in my opinion what do you guys [TS]

  think about the name alone i think it's [TS]

  great i mean the Apple that the first [TS]

  Apple watch which now has no name [TS]

  because it's not the series one that's [TS]

  different what you get but the the first [TS]

  Apple watch Apple watch series 0 that [TS]

  that had a kind of an odd naming [TS]

  structure where like you had the apple [TS]

  watch sport which is the one everybody [TS]

  actually bought you had just the apple [TS]

  watch with no modifiers which is the [TS]

  steel one which is like the middle one [TS]

  and you have the apple watch edition [TS]

  which nobody bought and so you have it [TS]

  was this weird combo and nobody really [TS]

  knew what the call it's the steel one [TS]

  and everyone call the sport 1 the apple [TS]

  watch even though technically that was [TS]

  named a different model and so now [TS]

  they're kind of unified the naming now [TS]

  it seems from their website that the [TS]

  entire series 2 is just called Apple [TS]

  watch series 2 there is no more sport or [TS]

  steel distinctions alright that's what I [TS]

  can find [TS]

  I could be wrong but it sure looks like [TS]

  they're dropping like the the sport [TS]

  distinction and now it's just now [TS]

  there's apple watch and you can get the [TS]

  Apple watch in steel or all the [TS]

  wonderful aluminum colors or the apple [TS]

  watch edition still has its own name and [TS]

  the Apple watch her meds has its own [TS]

  name [TS]

  I apologize to the great nation of [TS]

  France for how i'm pronouncing her meds [TS]

  it's probably wrong and I apologize you [TS]

  know the Apple watching nike+ which is [TS]

  another weird like another company's [TS]

  name gets to define single product [TS]

  yeah so if they're basically moving into [TS]

  these like you know these these major [TS]

  brand affiliations now with like fashion [TS]

  sport Branson you know whatever I don't [TS]

  think about that world so that probably [TS]

  makes sense i can't say but overall [TS]

  naming wise [TS]

  this is a very I think it's a decent [TS]

  update the only weird thing about it [TS]

  though is as mentioned earlier so [TS]

  there's a series to that's fine [TS]

  there's also a series one now this is [TS]

  almost the original apple watch but with [TS]

  a really major difference and that is go [TS]

  with the new Apple watch [TS]

  they have upgraded the cpu to end to a [TS]

  pretty substantial great now it's a [TS]

  dual-core one which is allegedly a lot [TS]

  faster but they set up to fifty percent [TS]

  so they're probably clock lower who [TS]

  knows whatever it is it's a dual core [TS]

  model it's a different cpu that is that [TS]

  is probably a lot faster in practice and [TS]

  therein in what I commend as a great [TS]

  move for everybody owners developers [TS]

  they have they're basically retro [TS]

  actively installing this new cpu in the [TS]

  old model as they continue to sell the [TS]

  old model which is now called Apple [TS]

  watch series one so you can get series 1 [TS]

  which is just the old Apple watch with a [TS]

  faster cpu which is a big difference [TS]

  then you can get series 2 which is the [TS]

  newest model which is that same cpu but [TS]

  with a with a higher grade of [TS]

  waterproofing with GPS and a brighter [TS]

  screen is that it does that mean it's [TS]

  totally different the inside like if you [TS]

  looked at the speaker diagram that the [TS]

  speaker is different all the insides are [TS]

  different for all I know the batteries a [TS]

  different size it just looks the same on [TS]

  the outside for the most part but inside [TS]

  it's basically all knew every part of it [TS]

  isn't it wasn't the screen is knew that [TS]

  the system on chip thingy whatever is [TS]

  new [TS]

  the battery's probably knew the speaker [TS]

  is new the thing between the dial the [TS]

  ceiling like it just looks the same on [TS]

  the outside but actually thicker isn't [TS]

  actually yes one millimeter thicker it [TS]

  went from 11 11 points in a 12-point [TS]

  whatever it's kind of like honestly and [TS]

  honestly looking for a watch going from [TS]

  11-12 is noticeable that is a noticeable [TS]

  thickness increases it's unfortunate [TS]

  it's still not going to be like talking [TS]

  like chunky or anything you know if [TS]

  basically if whatever you thought about [TS]

  this before you will still think that [TS]

  but it is kind of unfortunate i went in [TS]

  that direction on one of the products [TS]

  that could have used sitting out [TS]

  yeah it's it's nice though they don't [TS]

  sell the apple watch him or kind of [TS]

  first of all kind of makes it like like [TS]

  mcintosh the first Macintosh they [TS]

  introduced was not called the mac 128k [TS]

  because why would they need a [TS]

  distinction it was just Macintosh [TS]

  period app I first iphone just a high [TS]

  phone period and the first Apple watch [TS]

  just Apple watch even though had all [TS]

  those suffixes like edition and sport [TS]

  and so on and so forth but there's no [TS]

  number anything so now that product that [TS]

  we all own is gone but you can't fight [TS]

  anymore and imagine if that happened [TS]

  with phones like imagine if when they [TS]

  took the 6s and 6s plus and move them [TS]

  down they said and by the way put the [TS]

  a-10 all those two that would be like [TS]

  amazing like this is it's kind of like [TS]

  me the series one is like the apology [TS]

  watch like we're sorry the first time [TS]

  watching somebody was so darn slow but [TS]

  you see was supposed to ship way earlier [TS]

  but the software wasn't ready so we have [TS]

  to hold it back for many months and yada [TS]

  yada yada also we didn't have a watch is [TS]

  three ready and we didn't quite know [TS]

  what we were doing and so just forget [TS]

  about that watch second attempt at the [TS]

  same watch twice as fast inside watch us [TS]

  three just forget about that old one and [TS]

  the open i think we'll have sentimental [TS]

  value is like is the first watch I [TS]

  honestly don't think it was a bad [TS]

  product i think it was good hardware [TS]

  wise the software they haven't figured [TS]

  out yet [TS]

  I forgive all that series was it like [TS]

  the series one makes me more excited [TS]

  than the other ones because basically [TS]

  anyone making a watch is app now it [TS]

  doesn't have to be like oh I have to [TS]

  support the the old watches like I guess [TS]

  they do for whoever bought those things [TS]

  but like the window has moved up so [TS]

  rapidly all of a sudden everybody who [TS]

  buys one even if they buy the cheap one [TS]

  this holiday season will be way faster [TS]

  and watch us three will be way faster to [TS]

  so even though they mean is not entirely [TS]

  redesigned watching on the camera [TS]

  expected it to be but exactly what we [TS]

  thought it would be bigger battery used [TS]

  to power gps that can be on all the time [TS]

  great for workouts and stuff like that [TS]

  better waterproofing which is hard for [TS]

  me to believe considering how waterproof [TS]

  the the other one was and keeping the [TS]

  old watch around but not leaving around [TS]

  and being crappy so I give us thumbs up [TS]

  it's nice that they didn't just keep [TS]

  selling the same one without changing it [TS]

  just because like the the the first [TS]

  Apple watch is really really slow and [TS]

  it's good now to be able to go to be [TS]

  able to tell somebody to go to go into a [TS]

  storage pineapple watch you don't have [TS]

  to tell me oh don't get this model [TS]

  that's the old one that sucks but [TS]

  because you have to do that a lot of [TS]

  time to the ipads and iphones but now [TS]

  you don't have to do that anymore and [TS]

  all the max you don't do that anymore [TS]

  now with the watch which is great [TS]

  because like they're just now they're [TS]

  just all good [TS]

  like I I've noticed i I've taking note [TS]

  recently whenever I've been out in the [TS]

  world like we mentioned i spent a week [TS]

  in this beach town recently and I looked [TS]

  around constantly kind of like taking [TS]

  inventory of watches now watch her and [TS]

  this is what I do every where I go and [TS]

  I've I kind of noticed like roughly what [TS]

  percentage IC of different smartwatches [TS]

  how many apple watches do I see how many [TS]

  dumb watches do I see how many you know [TS]

  different Android with things that look [TS]

  like Andrew where vs pebble versus the [TS]

  Fitbit and garmin watches the single [TS]

  model i do see the most is the Apple [TS]

  watch but i would not say the apple [TS]

  watch has more than fifty percent of the [TS]

  share of smartwatches I see it's kind of [TS]

  like the iphone in that way it's like if [TS]

  you measure like that like phone model [TS]

  versus other individual phone models the [TS]

  iphone is usually the best-selling [TS]

  single phone in the world us whatever [TS]

  but like the market share of iphones vs [TS]

  all other android phones combined with [TS]

  the iphone is not more than fifty [TS]

  percent you know it's usually a little [TS]

  bit not usually a lot less that's kind [TS]

  of how i see in the watch world now in [TS]

  the SmartWatch world where when I just [TS]

  out and about and totally I see a ton of [TS]

  people wearing smartwatches I I was [TS]

  totally wrong i thought this category [TS]

  was going to be a little bit weird [TS]

  people are going to be very slow adopted [TS]

  know people love smartwatches however [TS]

  the ones i see the most you know it you [TS]

  know apples the one is the single [TS]

  monitor the most but most people are [TS]

  wearing either an Android one that I [TS]

  have a hard time recognizing like which [TS]

  one in particular or i do see a lot of [TS]

  the Fitbit ones either the either the [TS]

  skinny like bad like cuff band things or [TS]

  the the square one with it with a [TS]

  diagonal bezel on it you don't talk [TS]

  about yeah that if I see a lot of fits [TS]

  too and I think that I mean I don't know [TS]

  the numbers are like I'm how fit is [TS]

  doing but in my experience like when you [TS]

  say smartwatches I was wondering if you [TS]

  even counting fit because people are [TS]

  wearing that as a watch to wearing it [TS]

  essentially as a stay fit stay healthy [TS]

  lose weight you know remain active [TS]

  measurement thing because fit that you [TS]

  know Immortal the pebble Fitbit has the [TS]

  advantage of like it's totally focused [TS]

  on fitness cheap it's practically [TS]

  disposable battery lasts a really really [TS]

  long time and it syncs with your phone [TS]

  and just as the one thing they wanted [TS]

  where's the apple watch still seems like [TS]

  a sledgehammer to killing and you just [TS]

  want to keep track of your steps going [TS]

  to spend like hundreds of dollars to [TS]

  this fancy full-featured giant watch the [TS]

  screen that has software or just buy a [TS]

  cracking little outfit that if you lose [TS]

  you don't care about it and you have [TS]

  five of them [TS]

  well so this is what i'm getting at [TS]

  though so it it certainly appears as [TS]

  though the market is really you know [TS]

  it's doing very well in the like basic [TS]

  fitness tracking and maybe notifications [TS]

  and you know maybe some smart stuff but [TS]

  like it seems like these what people [TS]

  might want most of the time from these [TS]

  is a fitness tracker and because of that [TS]

  and because all the other ones that I'm [TS]

  seeing their kind of exploding recently [TS]

  it does seem like there's a lot of [TS]

  downward price pressure here so you know [TS]

  right now at the the apple watch series [TS]

  to the new like default Apple watch is [TS]

  now 369 starting point starting price [TS]

  before that it was that was one that was [TS]

  399 before [TS]

  alright sounds like a minor I believe [TS]

  that's right now drop so to have to have [TS]

  the Apple watch still be nearly four [TS]

  hundred dollars for the main one when [TS]

  all the competition is offering these [TS]

  like 150 or 200 dollar watches that are [TS]

  doing what most people actually want [TS]

  their SmartWatch to do it turns out [TS]

  that's putting that's gonna put a lot of [TS]

  pressure on this market especially in [TS]

  the holiday season this year so to keep [TS]

  the series one around a hundred dollars [TS]

  less its 269 to keep that around is [TS]

  really smart because they have to find [TS]

  some way to drop the price on these by [TS]

  all wat it isn't like they can't just [TS]

  like get near it the way that it with [TS]

  iPads because look what happened with [TS]

  low and tablet market share like it [TS]

  apple just lost it all because it turns [TS]

  out you can make travel to really [TS]

  cheaply and move most people to cheap [TS]

  habitat before is videos and basic [TS]

  browsing games and that's fun to you [TS]

  know get the Amazon six-pack but like is [TS]

  very important for apple for the watches [TS]

  future success to get that starting [TS]

  prices cheap as possible and to do it [TS]

  like this in a way that doesn't just [TS]

  sell the old one that actually makes it [TS]

  like a really good models like looking [TS]

  at these models if I were buying one [TS]

  today I'd probably get the series 1 also [TS]

  because i don't care about gps or water [TS]

  resistance so i probably get that one [TS]

  too because it's likely a little bit [TS]

  smaller and a hundred cheaper put that [TS]

  money towards a better band for it like [TS]

  that's a great thing to have in the [TS]

  lineup to have that be the entry price [TS]

  and to have that be the entry [TS]

  model is very very good but I but they [TS]

  are gonna have to get that price down [TS]

  even further [TS]

  well I think they're following the ipod [TS]

  playbook here where it's like it's [TS]

  really expensive yeah Mac only in the [TS]

  beginning whatever and the men are all [TS]

  like the iphone thing like diversifying [TS]

  the line of the ipods diversified went [TS]

  down market really far to the point was [TS]

  like a $49 stick of gum thing right [TS]

  I don't think that was ever going to go [TS]

  down that far but like the phone started [TS]

  as a singular product and diversified [TS]

  and kept the old models around and stuff [TS]

  like that and now that they're upgrading [TS]

  the old models but after that in the [TS]

  phone thing that's also a viable [TS]

  strategy but I totally see like mrs. [TS]

  this is the first design of the watch [TS]

  right wait for the second or third [TS]

  design it should start to diversify such [TS]

  that they are selling something that is [TS]

  more or less a direct competitor for [TS]

  with the fitbit's at that point like [TS]

  Fitbit is pretty safe for now hanging [TS]

  out with this little rubbery bands with [TS]

  a little turds inside them with the tiny [TS]

  like LED display right but Apple will [TS]

  come for them eventually like Apple will [TS]

  not leave that market but for now apples [TS]

  content to like you were saying that the [TS]

  one you saw the most is the Apple [TS]

  watches in the stainless steel one [TS]

  oh no no no I actually I've seen a very [TS]

  small number stainless steel was ever in [TS]

  real life outside of WTC know i would [TS]

  say by far the one that's all the most [TS]

  for the sport ones by it by a mile but [TS]

  like Apple babble watch is still a [TS]

  bobble for people who shop at the apple [TS]

  store like it is it assumes you have [TS]

  money to burn on fancy gadgets and [TS]

  you're already buying expensive crap at [TS]

  the apple store buy some more expensive [TS]

  crap at the apple store right but that [TS]

  but ipod start out that way to you have [TS]

  five hundred dollars to spend on a deck [TS]

  of cards that some music doohickey [TS]

  eventually they were selling those [TS]

  things that like every prime every [TS]

  increment of fifty dollars from fifty [TS]

  dollars up to several hundred and I [TS]

  think the watch can get there because as [TS]

  as the is like here's the thing the cpu [TS]

  power and GPU power required to do a [TS]

  decent watch is within shooting distance [TS]

  in a generation or two of being [TS]

  acceptable and that will just shrinking [TS]

  shrinking shrinking drink and unlike a [TS]

  phone or something you can make a watch [TS]

  you know you if they work out this [TS]

  interface you can make the watch pretty [TS]

  slim and pretty small as long as it's [TS]

  still watch lies and still keep most of [TS]

  the functionality so I think in several [TS]

  generations don't have no place to go [TS]

  but downmarket to start pressing these [TS]

  things down I don't you know a [TS]

  hundred-million-dollar low and apple [TS]

  watching a few years [TS]

  no problem hundred fifty dollar one in [TS]

  four years no problem and then where [TS]

  where is the room for your stupid rubber [TS]

  band as fit there's no room left for you [TS]

  so i hope they execute that strategy [TS]

  because i think it's a viable wonderful [TS]

  now they seem mostly content to stay [TS]

  high end although speaking of high-end [TS]

  it was interesting to see that you don't [TS]

  hear about the addition of the addition [TS]

  much anymore but they still have a [TS]

  product called edition and it's not gold [TS]

  anymore its ceramic which looks cool but [TS]

  it sure as hell isn't 17 grand anymore [TS]

  before we get to that I wanted to just [TS]

  point something out about the other [TS]

  Apple watches so if you go to their [TS]

  interactive gallery and we'll put a link [TS]

  in the show notes the addition isn't [TS]

  there which I don't think it ever was so [TS]

  that's not that terribly remarkable but [TS]

  I was fiddling around on this what you [TS]

  guys were talking and if you start with [TS]

  the cases so you're picking effectively [TS]

  which watch to get it it shows you all [TS]

  the different sizes and colors and [TS]

  whatnot and as you go through them and [TS]

  pick one so if you take for example the [TS]

  42 millimeter silver aluminum case and [TS]

  then there's links at the bottom i'm [TS]

  looking on a desktop you by model and [TS]

  then that's where you go to actually buy [TS]

  it what's interesting is it's it starts [TS]

  at 269 for the 30-millimeter or 299 for [TS]

  the 42 millimeter but then as you scroll [TS]

  down its which series do you want to 99 [TS]

  for the series 1 or 3 99 for the series [TS]

  2 and I find that interesting because [TS]

  there's no clear distinction like are [TS]

  you buying an iphone 6 or you buyers its [TS]

  success actually or you buying an iphone [TS]

  7 like that in my recollection is that [TS]

  was always a fork in the road [TS]

  whereas here it's just hey you want to [TS]

  get a 42 millimeter silver aluminum case [TS]

  apple watch what flavor do you want do [TS]

  you want series 1 series to you know [TS]

  3842 pick your poison and that that to [TS]

  my recollection is different than the [TS]

  way it used to be and smart because I [TS]

  think like you guys were saying even [TS]

  though this is pitched as a fitness [TS]

  device if you're not someone who's [TS]

  working outside or working out in a [TS]

  swimming pool [TS]

  why would you need the series to maybe [TS]

  you always work out on a treadmill or [TS]

  maybe you never ever take this thing [TS]

  into any sort of water [TS]

  save yourself the money like marco was [TS]

  saying get the series wanted it's [TS]

  effectively just as good if those things [TS]

  are not your priority [TS]

  I just thought that was cool it was the [TS]

  screens on the bright either there are [TS]

  other actually that's true that's true [TS]

  I'd forgotten about that but yeah i just [TS]

  i think this is a very smart way of [TS]

  handling it now to come to the addition [TS]

  i did not realize that the ceramic was [TS]

  the addition until Marco mentioned [TS]

  earlier I I heard them talk about the [TS]

  ceramic i didn't i didn't know that that [TS]

  was taking the moniker edition which [TS]

  apparently it is and so I'm sorry I [TS]

  interrupted interrupted you before i [TS]

  believe is Marco that was talking so [TS]

  tell me Marco is a watch nerd why would [TS]

  i want a ceramic watch ceramic is really [TS]

  shiny [TS]

  it looks really cool in person it is an [TS]

  extremely hard material it is very [TS]

  scratch and dent resistant more so than [TS]

  almost anything else you can make a [TS]

  watch out of its kind of like sapphire [TS]

  in that way you know it's very very very [TS]

  high on the hardness scale and you [TS]

  basically can you basically can't [TS]

  scratch it or dent it easily [TS]

  however it does shatter all this [TS]

  hardness you know typically do it for [TS]

  strength you will you you need to be [TS]

  able to take dense and flex so typically [TS]

  materials that are extremely hard also [TS]

  have a problem of shattering if they get [TS]

  enough enough of an impact so basically [TS]

  it would not be wise to use it on the [TS]

  sport model and that's probably one of [TS]

  the reasons why they haven't and the [TS]

  other reason they haven't is because [TS]

  ceramic for you know in in the context [TS]

  of making watches out of it [TS]

  ceramic is still fairly expensive and [TS]

  difficult to to manufacture just you [TS]

  know it's not that it can't be done it [TS]

  just it costs a lot to do it and it's it [TS]

  takes you know a little more specialized [TS]

  machining and and techniques and [TS]

  everything else so typically you don't [TS]

  find a lot of low and watching no [TS]

  ceramic it's just it's not worth the [TS]

  cost to do it [TS]

  this is exactly the kind of thing Apple [TS]

  should be doing because Apple is really [TS]

  good at exactly that kind of problem of [TS]

  mass-producing things that most people [TS]

  can't make very well or at all or two [TS]

  good quality or volumes standards [TS]

  because it takes incredible [TS]

  manufacturing expertise or incredible [TS]

  investment upfront and high-end machines [TS]

  or something like that [TS]

  Apple's very good at that so look at the [TS]

  previous Apple watch they had the [TS]

  amazing dlc space black steel watch the [TS]

  Watchers they still sell thank God [TS]

  because it's amazing the the the space [TS]

  black which is what they call the space [TS]

  black watch the coating on that also is [TS]

  extremely hard and pretty much [TS]

  impossible to scratch or showing damage [TS]

  for but because it is simply a coating [TS]

  on stainless steel that will not have a [TS]

  shattering problem so honestly if you [TS]

  want to watch us going to look really [TS]

  good no matter how much damage it takes [TS]

  get the space Blackwatch with the link [TS]

  bracelet but that's that's the one to [TS]

  get [TS]

  but if you you know if you're going to [TS]

  be doing high impact stuff get the [TS]

  aluminum one and just accept that you [TS]

  might you know chip it or scratch it or [TS]

  or scratch the screen because you know [TS]

  if you hit hard and I think that's [TS]

  better than chattering whole watch the [TS]

  ceramic one is is gonna be really nice [TS]

  for you know I i love that they have [TS]

  taken the addition which was completely [TS]

  out of reach for everybody who would buy [TS]

  an Apple watch you know regular watches [TS]

  you know if you go by a solid-gold [TS]

  regular watch your gonna spend over 10 [TS]

  grand [TS]

  no question like the and probably over [TS]

  20 so that was not unreasonable price [TS]

  for a solid-gold high-end watch but [TS]

  that's not really what people want if [TS]

  they're buying a solid-gold high and [TS]

  watched a wonder like a mechanical [TS]

  beauty piece that's going to last [TS]

  decades or more they don't want a [TS]

  technology that's going to perform like [TS]

  an iPad one you know and and be about as [TS]

  useful as I had one in five years [TS]

  so anyway this is a smarter way to go [TS]

  bring the price way down the addition [TS]

  the this is the new addition the ceramic [TS]

  is 1,300 bucks that's a great price [TS]

  point for this kind of kids it's like [TS]

  that's roughly what the what the [TS]

  high-end link bracelet ones cost plus [TS]

  like a couple hundred and that's roughly [TS]

  what the what the Hermes ones cost so [TS]

  that's that's a great price point for [TS]

  this the the one weird thing about it i [TS]

  think is that if you go to any place [TS]

  that sells ceramic watches and you can't [TS]

  miss the ceramic watch case because it [TS]

  is glowing and bright because ceramics [TS]

  it's usually very highly polished and [TS]

  they usually have link bracelets too and [TS]

  so you see like all these incredibly [TS]

  shiny white services next to all the [TS]

  incredibly shiny black ceramic services [TS]

  and if I had to take a guess black [TS]

  ceramic watches are probably way more [TS]

  popular than white ceramic watches [TS]

  so I do wonder why now [TS]

  a day after labor day they have unveiled [TS]

  a white ceramic watch and not a black [TS]

  one in addition or instead Jony ive has [TS]

  a lot of white pants haha maybe in [TS]

  California they can wear while you're I [TS]

  don't know [TS]

  so yeah that that's a weird thing maybe [TS]

  down the maybe down the road we will get [TS]

  a look at that you get the black one [TS]

  maybe at the spring you know refresh [TS]

  event or something who knows but that is [TS]

  kind of a weirdo mission to offer white [TS]

  ceramic in the addition and not offer [TS]

  black ceramic because black ceramic is [TS]

  very popular so we'll see about that [TS]

  the other thing about the you know [TS]

  there's the entire mass collection and [TS]

  that's not entirely new because we've [TS]

  had that for a while but that too i [TS]

  think is interesting you know if you [TS]

  look at an actual term as watch it's not [TS]

  an Apple watch the you know they sell [TS]

  lots of watches themselves there's [TS]

  actually one that I really like a lot [TS]

  called the slim God have the slim d her [TS]

  meds de armas i I'm so sorry to the [TS]

  entire nation of France it's a beautiful [TS]

  watch it seven thousand dollars and I [TS]

  don't think I want to spend seven [TS]

  thousand dollars on that watch even [TS]

  though it's beautiful to get the Hermes [TS]

  name and undermanned strap on a [TS]

  nice-looking watch for a thousand bucks [TS]

  is actually a pretty good bye in the [TS]

  watch world you know and and that is [TS]

  that is expensive compared to the apple [TS]

  watch will you call the apple watch [TS]

  sport but for people who want something [TS]

  nice and willing to spend a little bit [TS]

  more that's not that different like that [TS]

  that's that's within reach right it's [TS]

  still a lot of money but it's within [TS]

  reach [TS]

  so I think bringing the whole the whole [TS]

  price ceiling down from literally [TS]

  $15,000 down to like 1400 i think is [TS]

  really smart [TS]

  yeah I didn't realize until you just [TS]

  said that that the new ceramic edition [TS]

  is just barely more than the super fancy [TS]

  Darth Vader setup you have stainless [TS]

  steel with space black and all that [TS]

  stuff that's that's much I mean I [TS]

  obviously 13 or 1500 or whatever it is [TS]

  is a lot less than 10 plus thousand but [TS]

  I didn't realize it is just a hop skip [TS]

  and a jump away from from the more [TS]

  expensive regular ones that's that's [TS]

  impressive and I dig it [TS]

  I imagine Jony ive has a white ceramic [TS]

  link bracelet that is wearing right now [TS]

  with the ceramic watch it I'm also [TS]

  surprised they don't have black and I'm [TS]

  also surprised there's no ceramic link [TS]

  bracelet that's even a thing that they [TS]

  do it because it was just go together so [TS]

  nicely but gotta leave room for the you [TS]

  know [TS]

  twice-yearly updates and like a totally [TS]

  see that making a black ceramic one of [TS]

  these yeah and I'm surprised there [TS]

  weren't that many new straps that was I [TS]

  mean maybe there were some new colors [TS]

  mixed in there but the only one I really [TS]

  noticed was the nike one with the holes [TS]

  in it which I thought looked pretty cool [TS]

  like that whole watch the lucky wait all [TS]

  I don't god i can't i can't back you [TS]

  know [TS]

  yeah you got that look good [TS]

  I mean I wouldn't wear it on my wrist [TS]

  but doesn't it looks cool as like as a [TS]

  sculpture as like a connection don't [TS]

  think is cool as the as the iphone 5c [TS]

  whole cases remember those no it's cool [TS]

  it's cooler than that i actually didn't [TS]

  think those were bad this is [TS]

  I think it's the colors that drive me so [TS]

  crazy like the look of it in and of [TS]

  itself like if it was just black let's [TS]

  say you're just white I don't think the [TS]

  the hole cut out the cross drill look is [TS]

  that bad but these god-awful neon colors [TS]

  are no thanks nike brand is branded [TS]

  within an inch of its life like the [TS]

  whole you look at that you know that's [TS]

  like a branded like the whole thing is [TS]

  just the colors match on the screen and [TS]

  on the thing and the whole nike with the [TS]

  the font and everything like that is a [TS]

  better than nike sport while I look at [TS]

  the stuff that they sell that that is [TS]

  exactly on-brand for them and I even [TS]

  give them credit for saying you know [TS]

  what we have holes in it and it's not [TS]

  just like we had to come up with some [TS]

  way to add me on it's vaguely functional [TS]

  like it's going to be a sport watch this [TS]

  one most certainly breathe more than one [TS]

  that doesn't have holes because the [TS]

  holes are pretty darn big [TS]

  so you know if you if if you're already [TS]

  buying me on nike running shoes and and [TS]

  like headbands and like all the other [TS]

  outfits and just spandex or whatever [TS]

  like this fits right in with that [TS]

  aesthetic you don't let you know where [TS]

  to dinner ahead me because it's a [TS]

  glowing green black thing with this [TS]

  weird slightly haunted but uh i think it [TS]

  is exactly on brand and when you have a [TS]

  million different kinds of watch again I [TS]

  think it looks less ridiculous than that [TS]

  double cuff thing that remains thing [TS]

  with the that too high i don't [TS]

  understand most like the one that wraps [TS]

  around twice [TS]

  yeah I know what yeah the one that has [TS]

  two parallel straps like all right we do [TS]

  we have some sort of this is like some [TS]

  sort of disease where you're afraid that [TS]

  the watch is going to the part you need [TS]

  to just keep adding more and more strap [TS]

  so that you need to put it on if that [TS]

  was the reason no but it that's like I'm [TS]

  looking at the picture of like the other [TS]

  one with the two buckles like how many [TS]

  hands do you need to put this watch on [TS]

  like isn't only people with assistance [TS]

  to help them get dressed like a risk the [TS]

  risk course it but yeah it's gonna [TS]

  eventually they're going to be lacing [TS]

  them up [TS]

  it definitely a part of even though i'm [TS]

  so into watches that's definitely part [TS]

  of fashion I do not understand at all [TS]

  goodness aight so all-in-all summarize [TS]

  the watch i I'm giving us two thumbs up [TS]

  I i think this looks great a few people [TS]

  seemed perturbed [TS]

  that this didn't include a cellular [TS]

  modem maybe if and when that time comes [TS]

  which presumably it will maybe all think [TS]

  my goodness i want this it's amazing but [TS]

  sitting here now i don't think i really [TS]

  need or necessarily want to cellular [TS]

  modem i watch my watch is always within [TS]

  reach of my phone or within a Wi-Fi [TS]

  connection my phone i don't i'm not [TS]

  disappointed by that I think adding gps [TS]

  smart I think adding the battery to [TS]

  offset that new a power-hungry gps is [TS]

  smart I think this looks great in [TS]

  keeping the series one around while [TS]

  giving it that shadow update like you [TS]

  guys are talking about is smart guy i am [TS]

  all on board with this [TS]

  I don't think i'm going to get a new one [TS]

  I would like the GPS but it's not do or [TS]

  die for me i would like the better of [TS]

  water protection but again not not do or [TS]

  die for me so i think i'm gonna wait but [TS]

  man if you're thinking about napping [TS]

  watch now's the time [TS]

  this is a great great great lineup yeah [TS]

  I mean like the cellular modem that was [TS]

  never gonna happen this year I mean if [TS]

  you if you look at like if you look at [TS]

  the limitations of they have you know [TS]

  this this very low compared to a phone [TS]

  this very very small enclosure here that [TS]

  has to sell for a very low price point [TS]

  and has to have very long battery life [TS]

  the the limitations of what they can [TS]

  cram in there both space-wise and for [TS]

  power and heat concerns they can bear [TS]

  just just now like a year and a half [TS]

  after they launched the original watch [TS]

  they can now just barely get it [TS]

  performing well to just do like local [TS]

  stuff but they just hit buttons and [TS]

  change screens they can barely achieve [TS]

  that now so the idea of throwing in a [TS]

  cellular modem and having having enough [TS]

  like free space and power and budget to [TS]

  have all that in there i think it's it's [TS]

  just unrealistic that was never going to [TS]

  happen this year we're lucky we got gps [TS]

  agree but all in all you're pleased with [TS]

  Marco absolutely i mean you know I still [TS]

  don't really think it's for me but if I [TS]

  if I decided to to go back to being an [TS]

  Apple watch where every day I would [TS]

  absolutely get one of the new series two [TS]

  models probably probably stainless steel [TS]

  like I have like I had before because [TS]

  that's that's like a good balance for me [TS]

  of like [TS]

  looks and and budget and functionality [TS]

  but yeah a solid solid update and I [TS]

  think we what remains to be seen is how [TS]

  much faster the cpu is in reality that [TS]

  that I think i'm looking forward to [TS]

  people's reactions and reviews to see [TS]

  that in practice and to see if there's [TS]

  any other downsides like is the battery [TS]

  life you know substantially different or [TS]

  worse under certain users profiles or [TS]

  whatever else but it's probably gonna be [TS]

  really good so i would say if you are an [TS]

  Apple watch user and you wouldn't miss a [TS]

  few hundred dollars by the new one and I [TS]

  we haven't mentioned and I don't want to [TS]

  talk about it now because I think we [TS]

  covered it relatively well in the wdc [TS]

  episode but watch 3 is great i think [TS]

  it's a little overblown right now how [TS]

  much more instant everything is but i [TS]

  think a lot of that is coming from me [TS]

  not having watch os3 built third-party [TS]

  apps but watch 3 is great and made my [TS]

  Apple watch series 0 feel a heck of a [TS]

  lot better and i really like the changes [TS]

  they've done to the way watch us three [TS]

  works or change they've done between two [TS]

  and three [TS]

  so all good things in the watch but John [TS]

  I why don't you wrap it up for us as [TS]

  someone who has stopped wearing is Apple [TS]

  watch i still have fun feelings about it [TS]

  i still look at it occasionally once in [TS]

  awhile i wear it mostly I stopped [TS]

  wearing just because I'm not a watch [TS]

  person and this wasn't able to get me [TS]

  over the hump but all that said none of [TS]

  these new watches are making me want to [TS]

  buy them i'm still waiting to see like [TS]

  the next generation to get it slim down [TS]

  to two you know did the actual big [TS]

  redesign but I think marco Belinelli had [TS]

  earlier he said the most important [TS]

  aspect of this watches on it from the [TS]

  perspective of technical person is that [TS]

  is now under exactly safe to tell anyone [TS]

  just going to the store and buy an Apple [TS]

  watch because none of them are stickers [TS]

  with the game I mean even if they just [TS]

  on the hardware that would be true but [TS]

  the hardware plus watch us 3i feel [TS]

  confident that anybody who is vaguely [TS]

  interested go in there and whichever one [TS]

  you buy be great to be aware like you [TS]

  know about the gps because i think that [TS]

  is if they had to pick one feature to [TS]

  add for the big battery they pick the [TS]

  right one because i know a lot of people [TS]

  who I mean my wife included she has [TS]

  giant clunky garmin gps watch [TS]

  because if you're a runner and you want [TS]

  to keep track of your run you wanna show [TS]

  me exactly where I ran like my exact [TS]

  route like that's that's that's an [TS]

  important feature and to have to have [TS]

  your big clunky phone with you [TS]

  especially if it's a plus is difficult [TS]

  to find if I like a belt to strap it to [TS]

  and then you're wearing your watch and [TS]

  so she ends up just wearing the garmin [TS]

  gps thing because you can bring one [TS]

  thing with her [TS]

  these are both good products series 1 [TS]

  series to both good products the fatter [TS]

  watch now that i know it's a millimeter [TS]

  federal reminds me a little bit of my [TS]

  beloved ipad3 up but no good like I said [TS]

  that the surrounding everything about it [TS]

  like this [TS]

  this I think is the the right compromise [TS]

  between new features new technology and [TS]

  everything while we wait for the big [TS]

  redesigned Apple watch series 3 or [TS]

  whatever they they changed to so I'm I'm [TS]

  not tempted to buy one but I am happy [TS]

  with the update the only thing i would [TS]

  say though is that with the exception of [TS]

  the GPS which as you mentioned that's no [TS]

  small thing because you know as we've [TS]

  been taught everyone talking about like [TS]

  the Apple watch has really found its [TS]

  market in fitness tracking like that's [TS]

  such a big part of it [TS]

  FYI people buy it and why people use it [TS]

  so to add one big thing to help that [TS]

  market tremendously is totally worth it [TS]

  and told the right call but i will say [TS]

  that other than gps they didn't really [TS]

  address any of the reasons why you [TS]

  wouldn't have wanted one before so [TS]

  basically like if you were already into [TS]

  the apple watch this is a great update [TS]

  if you didn't buy one before for a [TS]

  particular reason other than gps that [TS]

  reason probably still applies one more [TS]

  thing in the water before we leave I [TS]

  left out the most important reason for [TS]

  my for my life my personal life my wife [TS]

  I assume will be getting a new Apple [TS]

  watch she does not have an Apple watch [TS]

  she's thought about getting to see in [TS]

  mind knows what it's like she's thought [TS]

  about getting it but for a variety of [TS]

  reasons just never gotten over the hump [TS]

  for that I mean your partner is that she [TS]

  can't wear it in all places a network so [TS]

  should we can graph it everywhere work [TS]

  most places or can wear the apple watch [TS]

  is kind of a pain place that she does [TS]

  run she does use a big clunky garmin gps [TS]

  thing when she runs she does have a fit [TS]

  so she's got the garments fit and she [TS]

  got the iphone [TS]

  the thing is going to put over the edge [TS]

  its Pokemon go on the watch [TS]

  that's fine because she still playing [TS]

  pokemon go [TS]

  it's really difficult with the success [TS]

  plus like to just have a big phone out [TS]

  and the game makes you either have the [TS]

  phone out or have it in like it's not [TS]

  like the sleep mode where you turn [TS]

  upside down the screen goes off and [TS]

  never quite works right it's a little [TS]

  buggy but to be able to do like I now I [TS]

  don't know about the game with a strike [TS]

  0 you can incubate your eggs and see how [TS]

  much time you have left the ball like I [TS]

  know what all those things are and I [TS]

  know that she does it with her giant [TS]

  phone out if she could just do it with [TS]

  the watch this is I almost guarantee [TS]

  that she's going to get an Apple watch [TS]

  and show claim it's not because of [TS]

  pokemon go but it kinda is [TS]

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  very much [TS]

  ah we have not yet mentioned vastly [TS]

  improve diversity of the presentation [TS]

  crew on on on this presentation I yeah [TS]

  from the start it was a lot better i was [TS]

  disappointed and I gotta can never get [TS]

  her name pronounced right but bozeman [TS]

  st. John i believe is Richard discipline [TS]

  i was disappointed she wasn't there [TS]

  because she just killed it at WTC but [TS]

  many many many more not white not dude [TS]

  faces which is a vast improvement i was [TS]

  really happy to see although Jason [TS]

  pointed out earlier jason allen pointed [TS]

  out earlier that most of that diversity [TS]

  was either in the photography that was [TS]

  shown by the white dudes or by third [TS]

  parties that were coming on stage some [TS]

  of it was apple themselves but a lot of [TS]

  it was the third parties which is a bit [TS]

  of a bummer but i'll take any [TS]

  improvement any improvement at all so [TS]

  that's that's a good step [TS]

  yeah basically its progress but we're [TS]

  not done yep very well summarized it and [TS]

  i think the new factor here is they're [TS]

  finding new ways to make progress like [TS]

  because they again it's tim and fill and [TS]

  what's-his-name on the watch sorry i [TS]

  can't remember this is a bunch of white [TS]

  guys for roughly the same age who are [TS]

  still in charge of all these major [TS]

  projects right so that isn't changing [TS]

  that's difficult to change on a dime but [TS]

  you can change was in the product photos [TS]

  easily and like it it's amazing that [TS]

  hadn't occurred to them to lean on that [TS]

  more heavily in the past because they [TS]

  have always been a pretty good job at [TS]

  that but like you know what if we can't [TS]

  do it another if we can't fire Phil and [TS]

  replace them right [TS]

  we don't want to just lean really hard [TS]

  in the other area that we can control [TS]

  like it'sit's they're finding more [TS]

  levers to pull to try to make an effort [TS]

  in this area it's good that they're not [TS]

  sort of like deciding that done and just [TS]

  coasting yep i was i was pleased to see [TS]

  that so iphone 7 they well Phil came [TS]

  onstage [TS]

  this is phil i think at his best you [TS]

  feel [TS]

  feel [TS]

  we're just really happy really [TS]

  enthusiastic and he said that he was [TS]

  going to go through ten different points [TS]

  to describe the new iphone 7 and 0 I [TS]

  think we're just going to go through the [TS]

  one by one the very first one does the [TS]

  refined was the word to use design which [TS]

  outside of colors basically meant move [TS]

  the antenna up the antennas up to the [TS]

  top into the bottom and otherwise it [TS]

  looks about the same to my i actually [TS]

  did this is a hanging lantern and see [TS]

  the expression from like the [TS]

  scriptwriting where you have something [TS]

  that doesn't really make sense in the [TS]

  plot of your movie and the way you [TS]

  handle this by having one of the [TS]

  characters in the movie say but this [TS]

  doesn't make sense that shouldn't even [TS]

  be possible [TS]

  yeah let's say that the audience accepts [TS]

  all means if no one says the audience's [TS]

  insulted like you expected but that's [TS]

  not how that works but if someone in the [TS]

  movie says but that's not possible that [TS]

  shouldn't be happening it's like yeah [TS]

  that's what I'm thinking to in the [TS]

  audience guy up on the screen now I feel [TS]

  better about it so this is the same [TS]

  design we've talked about this before [TS]

  it's not they haven't changed it i think [TS]

  all the old cases fit to like is it [TS]

  exactly the same down to the millimeter [TS]

  the cases won't fit because the camera [TS]

  open Internet totally different [TS]

  well on even on the seven yeah it's a [TS]

  much bigger camera opening ah is it [TS]

  because my up so the exterior dimensions [TS]

  all told leaving aside the camera bomb [TS]

  the exterior dimensions are identical or [TS]

  if not identical then so unbelievably [TS]

  freakin clothes that I don't know how [TS]

  you can tell the difference but you make [TS]

  interesting part point Marco that I [TS]

  hadn't considered that the camera bumps [TS]

  are different so that might well [TS]

  certainly on the seven us some plus I [TS]

  mean you don't have a hole for the [TS]

  headphone headphone port coming so the [TS]

  very least it would be it would be weird [TS]

  to put a six on there and have this [TS]

  whole way there is nothing but at any [TS]

  rate essentially the same design and [TS]

  it's and they lead with that with the [TS]

  new design and the Johnny I video is [TS]

  great because what is he going to say [TS]

  about this like he says he's a little [TS]

  things you expected to say like this is [TS]

  this is our third bite of this Apple is [TS]

  the third you know it's the ultimate [TS]

  refinement of this [TS]

  design right so this is a design they've [TS]

  had time to work on first one was little [TS]

  bendy second with stiffer and now [TS]

  they're just like move the antenna lines [TS]

  of you know they just continue can [TS]

  imagine if they were forced by you know [TS]

  some unseen you know an alien just that [TS]

  you have to keep doing this i'm forever [TS]

  and just refining Johnny I would [TS]

  continue to find ways like reduce moving [TS]

  parts and make it better and just you [TS]

  know Starlighter but if you watch the [TS]

  video again the Johnny a video is [TS]

  available on apple's website we called [TS]

  the design video [TS]

  wait until the last line he says which [TS]

  is I forget the exact wording is that [TS]

  basically recaps reset the beginning the [TS]

  end he says this is the ultimate you [TS]

  know incarnation or whatever i'm [TS]

  paraphrasing our memory says of this [TS]

  design the way he says it is the [TS]

  ultimate incarnation of this design like [TS]

  says that being a tease holding he's [TS]

  hoping the iphone it in his hand while [TS]

  he says Michael can't believe they let [TS]

  them that intonation going to go listen [TS]

  to it again Marco put a clip in right [TS]

  here and then we'll be able to hear it [TS]

  is it's totally weird [TS]

  when complete iphone 7 is the most [TS]

  singular the most fault representation [TS]

  of this design but honestly tanga landed [TS]

  on it or lamp shading it or whatever you [TS]

  want to call it for the new design I [TS]

  think it worked i mean you know why I [TS]

  like we knew about the jet-black ahead [TS]

  of time are you did if you're looking at [TS]

  rumor sites i really like the jet black [TS]

  I think the product shots of this thing [TS]

  are amazing I've never been a hater of [TS]

  this design as much Marco is i think it [TS]

  is perfectly perfectly cromulent design [TS]

  has allowed around right angle shouldn't [TS]

  have been bendy way too slippery but [TS]

  aesthetically speaking the jet black one [TS]

  is the first one of this is I'm that [TS]

  actually could say that I've like not [TS]

  just tolerate and said yes fine it's [TS]

  okay i think the jet black one looks [TS]

  freaking cold [TS]

  can you tell me what cromulent means [TS]

  it's not in the Apple dictionary just [TS]

  get your boots to take too long so every [TS]

  other show okay so i agree with you that [TS]

  the jet-black at least aesthetically [TS]

  looks awesome i immediately thought to [TS]

  myself oh yeah i know what i'm getting [TS]

  i'm going to be getting a jet black [TS]

  iphone 7 and then i thought other things [TS]

  which we'll talk about in a minute but [TS]

  what was interesting was i had noticed [TS]

  earlier today that Apple basically comes [TS]

  out in all but says well the jet black [TS]

  one is probably going to get the [TS]

  smithereens scratched out of it so it [TS]

  says on the page you go to go ahead and [TS]

  buy it [TS]

  footnote number to the high-gloss finish [TS]

  of the jet black iphone 7 is achieved [TS]

  through a precision nine step [TS]

  anodization and polishing process [TS]

  its surface is equally as hard as other [TS]

  anodized apple products however its high [TS]

  shine may show find microbe raisins with [TS]

  use if you're concerned about this we [TS]

  suggest you use one of the many cases [TS]

  available to protect your iphone or just [TS]

  get the black one without the jet yeah [TS]

  that I think that's the most important [TS]

  aspect is aesthetically speaking before [TS]

  we get into how these things might feel [TS]

  as the black is back [TS]

  I hate the white front of all iOS [TS]

  devices i think it's crazy to put a [TS]

  actual bright [TS]

  white physical device next to your [TS]

  screen just makes your skin look dingy [TS]

  is your screen is never going to be as [TS]

  white as a reflective white surface [TS]

  black black using all your product shots [TS]

  and makes the surface looks like one big [TS]

  giant beetles thing in the screen just [TS]

  comes out of it [TS]

  black everywhere black front black back [TS]

  everywhere black is back [TS]

  I'm happy about that and I have two [TS]

  blacks it's awesome have not space black [TS]

  not space creates in black and jet-black [TS]

  and angry that I wish they call the [TS]

  piano black but i agree that the the [TS]

  shiny black ones I mean I can't even [TS]

  look at it can even take it out of the [TS]

  case like it's like the guitar and [TS]

  spinal tap don't touch it don't even [TS]

  look at it like you can't touch that [TS]

  with your fingers like it's just you [TS]

  know it's like the piano black and [TS]

  marcos car i did you have that friend [TS]

  near test all right you though it used [TS]

  you can't talk touch it you can't [TS]

  breathe out you can't do anything with [TS]

  it but boy does it look good in product [TS]

  shots and it takes a lot to get me [TS]

  excited about the same laws in shape [TS]

  it's been here for three years but they [TS]

  found a way to do it [TS]

  yeah visually visually I think this [TS]

  looks unbelievably good right so now do [TS]

  you think this thing is gonna squirt out [TS]

  of our hands like a like one of those [TS]

  little uh inverted water balloon things [TS]

  mirror you know what those are also saw [TS]

  yeah that's what you're talking about [TS]

  this so so Gruber was in the the [TS]

  hands-on area doing a couple of [TS]

  periscopes earlier today and he said [TS]

  that that people are asking about the [TS]

  grip cut the grittiness of like the two [TS]

  different blacks and he said that and [TS]

  there's a couple people that backup so [TS]

  it's not just him that the the jet black [TS]

  super shiny one is almost tacky feeling [TS]

  it is surprisingly grippier then the [TS]

  regular steel or the regular aluminum [TS]

  ones that we've had to date and [TS]

  scripture then then you know the the [TS]

  matte black one [TS]

  so this is going to be interesting you [TS]

  know basically what do you choose here [TS]

  do you choose something that looks [TS]

  better like in pristine conditions but [TS]

  it's probably gonna look worse all times [TS]

  of day every day in reality after the [TS]

  first day you have it but it's easier to [TS]

  hold or D or do you go with the one that [TS]

  is slippery and harder to hold and [TS]

  you'll probably have to have a case with [TS]

  it so to me I'm kind of leaning towards [TS]

  glossy black jet black [TS]

  just because I like having the [TS]

  additional grip texture like I and if [TS]

  it's gonna look crappy on the back [TS]

  oh well you know like I i leave my phone [TS]

  so I [TS]

  I've been going caseless for the last [TS]

  few months I got those the debrand skin [TS]

  that mkbhd tell everybody about I got [TS]

  those there like 12 bucks for for both [TS]

  my my success and then i also have the [TS]

  the 69 s + 44 that i bought for testing [TS]

  back on the first bus came out I put it [TS]

  on both of those just a basic black [TS]

  vinyl skin basically and it really [TS]

  doesn't improve the grip by a decent [TS]

  amount but this sounds like it might [TS]

  even be more than that and so if i can [TS]

  get a very grippy back like I wonder is [TS]

  it going to be as grumpy as the like the [TS]

  the old plastic cases on the 5c and the [TS]

  3g and 3gs because that would be like if [TS]

  it achieves that level of grip [TS]

  I don't care how it looks like that that [TS]

  would be amazing to hold for a new [TS]

  potentially giant phone too because what [TS]

  you don't want with these big phones you [TS]

  don't want to need a case because cases [TS]

  ad size so if your complaint is that the [TS]

  phone is too big in your hand or pocket [TS]

  the last thing you want to do the bulk [TS]

  it up just to add grip because then [TS]

  you're making that problem even worse so [TS]

  ideally like that with the reason I [TS]

  switchback after after about a year and [TS]

  a half using the leather case the reason [TS]

  switch back to case list with these [TS]

  vinyl things is because i wanted a [TS]

  smaller pocket sized I want to minimize [TS]

  that and it works great and I and that I [TS]

  have you know hopefully the full [TS]

  usefulness of the of the left side swipe [TS]

  the pushing and the force talks about it [TS]

  for like all the edge gestures and [TS]

  everything which is which are a little [TS]

  harder using the leather case so like [TS]

  ideally caseless but grippy is the way [TS]

  to go so I am totally willing to to get [TS]

  the fingerprinting scratch magnet and [TS]

  accept it will just never look good as [TS]

  long as it works well in my hand because [TS]

  when i'm using the phone i'm not looking [TS]

  at the back [TS]

  fair enough also interesting which was [TS]

  not mentioned during the keynote but now [TS]

  it's probably pretty good time to say it [TS]

  Apple quietly reduce the price of Apple [TS]

  was the applecare screen replacement it [TS]

  used to be I believe a hundred dollars [TS]

  and now it's only 30 which is probably [TS]

  going to be enough for me to buy [TS]

  applecare for the first time ever [TS]

  and potentially enough for me to go [TS]

  caseless for the first time in quite a [TS]

  long time i think i started using cases [TS]

  with the four asks i think that's right [TS]

  and I've been in cases of some flavor [TS]

  ever since [TS]

  if apple care if you get to accidental [TS]

  replacement for thirty bucks a pop with [TS]

  applecare which i believe is the case [TS]

  and i have yet to a record it but how do [TS]

  you pronounce a word erect probably [TS]

  anyway it I've ideas really like why [TS]

  don't you yeah yeah i have yet to [TS]

  properly destroy an iphone [TS]

  knock on wood I think I might go [TS]

  caseless and just get applecare for the [TS]

  first time and just take my chances [TS]

  because that's not a bad deal to get a [TS]

  whole new screen replacement assuming [TS]

  there's no other damage to the film I [TS]

  have bad news for you you have a replica [TS]

  bleah destroy us on the second you get [TS]

  that screen replace you can't this is [TS]

  another I'm sorry to tell you that the [TS]

  ones that once they open up to replace [TS]

  the screen and put it back together it's [TS]

  never the same [TS]

  yeah it's probably right basically right [TS]

  yeah i don't know i mean it's not that [TS]

  I'm saying i'm planning on dropping the [TS]

  thing but for the first time along in a [TS]

  long time [TS]

  Casey list might be caseless oh my god [TS]

  i'm so tempted to hit the bell but [TS]

  insert some terrible rim shot laughter [TS]

  Wow [TS]

  also what about the the shiny the jet [TS]

  black business it's kind of I'm not [TS]

  gonna say this is the same as the ipod [TS]

  nano the scratching rhythmic ipod nano [TS]

  but this is aesthetic aside and gripping [TS]

  aside this is the wrong material to make [TS]

  super shiny I still maintain them up my [TS]

  favorite and the best phone design [TS]

  aesthetically speaking as just an object [TS]

  that you hold in your hand setting aside [TS]

  most other things about it is the 4 and [TS]

  4s and the black ones obviously the [TS]

  black foreign for us had a shiny black [TS]

  back to them and that worked because it [TS]

  was glass which is incredibly [TS]

  scratch-resistant unlike this surface [TS]

  which apparently sneeze on its going to [TS]

  get scratched even if you put a case on [TS]

  it was gonna get scratched please [TS]

  in between the case and your shiny black [TS]

  back is going to be some tiny little [TS]

  piece of dust that's going to leave a [TS]

  microscopic scratches on it right but [TS]

  speaking of thirty dollars screen [TS]

  replacements glass back [TS]

  not a great idea because now you have [TS]

  two sides that can shatter and people [TS]

  did so i'm assuming the 10th anniversary [TS]

  iphone 8 complete edge-to-edge piece of [TS]

  glass blah blah that presentation should [TS]

  have parts of it they were omitted for [TS]

  this one's parts that emphasize how much [TS]

  stronger the glasses and how much it [TS]

  resists shattering and instead bends and [TS]

  you know how much stiffer the cases like [TS]

  just all the damage aspects they leaned [TS]

  on waterproofing and appropriate which [TS]

  is great and I'm glad they're advancing [TS]

  on those fronts but drop ability wise [TS]

  this one is just a shadowy as the other [TS]

  ones and now if you get the jet black [TS]

  one [TS]

  it's like the scratches thing that could [TS]

  review that Apple has ever shipped [TS]

  according to their own documentation [TS]

  here except for the ipod nano so I think [TS]

  if you you know it if you just wanted [TS]

  for grittiness that's fine i think if [TS]

  you buy this and use about a case or [TS]

  infuse it with the case you have to [TS]

  embrace the idea that it's going to get [TS]

  scuffed up and I don't know maybe it [TS]

  will look good when it scuffed up or [TS]

  maybe like Marco you shouldn't care but [TS]

  it's another one of those products that [TS]

  unfortunately you have to divorce to the [TS]

  reality of apple product shots from the [TS]

  product that you're gonna actually [TS]

  unwrapped because they're mostly [TS]

  unrelated to each other and just make [TS]

  your peace with what's going to really [TS]

  be like to own it but [TS]

  that aesthetic shiny black that [TS]

  maintains the forum for us did that like [TS]

  because it's not you can make glass [TS]

  pretty hard and scratch proof so if you [TS]

  didn't drop it and shadow either side of [TS]

  it like a look at my wife's for us right [TS]

  now it still looks pretty darn good i [TS]

  mean i looked almost like its new that [TS]

  was an incredibly good design if you're [TS]

  going to do glossy you have to do is [TS]

  something that's scratch-resistant [TS]

  otherwise you're just inviting trouble [TS]

  and so apples inviting trouble with the [TS]

  jet black thing but it looks really cool [TS]

  well yeah it looks really cool in [TS]

  pictures and videos and yeah i remember [TS]

  no one has ever touched it yeah i guess [TS]

  if you look at also in groupers [TS]

  periscope that this is one I believe was [TS]

  the second one the hands-on area you can [TS]

  see like the phone was in the hands-on [TS]

  area like what one point he like those [TS]

  like an angle shot and you can just see [TS]

  like it's covered in fingerprints and [TS]

  that's like from a few and then they had [TS]

  people like the staffers who were there [TS]

  running the hands-on area people were [TS]

  saying that they they would wipe them [TS]

  down with polishing cloth between each [TS]

  person handling them most of the time [TS]

  and this one was just like one that was [TS]

  lying down flat on the table which [TS]

  obviously was handled by like two or [TS]

  three people maybe at most and it was [TS]

  covered in figure 4 it's like it [TS]

  you're basically your phone if you get [TS]

  the jet black will never look the way it [TS]

  like by the time you're unwrapping it [TS]

  and plugging it into sync everything [TS]

  over if you do everything with itunes [TS]

  like like a like a smart person with [TS]

  backups because you then you don't enter [TS]

  your password all over again if you [TS]

  click the incorrect backups box anyway [TS]

  like by the time you're done like [TS]

  setting up your phone it's not gonna do [TS]

  that anymore like you won't even get a [TS]

  day with it looking like that yeah you [TS]

  can't you can't touch it you can't touch [TS]

  you can't expose it to the air before [TS]

  starting like you just get and here's [TS]

  the thing the front of all our phones [TS]

  already looks gross like we are [TS]

  exuding oil all the time our little [TS]

  fleshy appendages are just gross and [TS]

  they're like constantly like that's just [TS]

  the way it is it if you touch things [TS]

  with your bare fingers they will be [TS]

  gross the front of the go look at the [TS]

  front of your phone right now it is a [TS]

  mess it it has to be like that the only [TS]

  of phobic coating on there to make the [TS]

  oil spread but like there's no there's [TS]

  no getting around it [TS]

  yeah by the way I was wondering like did [TS]

  they put that coating on the jet like [TS]

  they never mentioned it so the answer is [TS]

  probably no but it seemed that they d it [TS]

  would have benefited from the only [TS]

  phobic coding I don't know that we made [TS]

  it slip here but like this [TS]

  no hope like it hit the smudges there's [TS]

  nothing anybody can do about it but I [TS]

  think again getting back to the forum [TS]

  for us they were smudged up and [TS]

  everything to all but smudges can buff [TS]

  right out scratches less so so if it is [TS]

  scratchy then it's just gonna look like [TS]

  a big stuffed up mess and it's like [TS]

  getting scratches in the clear coat your [TS]

  car eventually just looks like a mess [TS]

  whereas if your car was entirely made of [TS]

  glass wouldn't get scratches but [TS]

  probably not a great material choice for [TS]

  a car it's for many of the same reasons [TS]

  and yeah the other thing I would say [TS]

  about these colors is the the non glossy [TS]

  black looks a little bit dated like a [TS]

  look at it reminds me of the ipad of the [TS]

  iphone 5 the night before the five s 1 [TS]

  id like that its own like space black it [TS]

  just it kind of looks like okay like you [TS]

  had a bunch of geeks pick some fun [TS]

  colors and of course they're gonna pick [TS]

  black I like that it's actually black [TS]

  bone I'm sick of all these different [TS]

  grades like make it black but we see we [TS]

  have now we have two blacks though it's [TS]

  like do we do we really need to like [TS]

  because then if you look at the rest of [TS]

  the colors the you know there's no more [TS]

  space grades now it seems you basically [TS]

  have like light silver gold and pink eye [TS]

  to me the whole lineup with the [TS]

  exception of the the glossy black one [TS]

  the colors look a little bit dated and [TS]

  stale to me look a little bit overplayed [TS]

  now which is weird for a brand-new [TS]

  high-profile device like this like it is [TS]

  just merely did those colors not look [TS]

  old to you no colors don't those colors [TS]

  don't do anything for this design the [TS]

  reason i think the jump-out black look [TS]

  so good is that it accentuates the parts [TS]

  of this design that are interesting [TS]

  which is basically the rounded edges and [TS]

  the rounded edges just blend away into [TS]

  nothing if you have entirely Matt case [TS]

  on it when you have something that is [TS]

  glossy or even something that is black [TS]

  is more reflective it highlights the the [TS]

  the rounded edges and makes it look cool [TS]

  or even just a little highlights around [TS]

  little speaker brings if everything is [TS]

  Matt it's like well there's a screen and [TS]

  then some amorphous blob back there [TS]

  that's like silver or gold and that's [TS]

  not doing this design any favors and [TS]

  you're right they have repeatedly called [TS]

  for a long period of time and not [TS]

  particularly helping it but i think most [TS]

  people use cases I think the black one [TS]

  is great mostly because you get the [TS]

  black front with it and then just throw [TS]

  in a case and like I don't remember what [TS]

  color the back of my phone as I assume [TS]

  it's like grayish something but I don't [TS]

  see it because inside my case [TS]

  so I think it's appropriate like what [TS]

  else can they do with it could they make [TS]

  them like really dark primary colors i [TS]

  think that would be unwise at this point [TS]

  it's best to just stick with colors they [TS]

  know they know the relative popularity [TS]

  of those colors add one or two new [TS]

  things in the mix and interesting also [TS]

  that they're doing the the black book [TS]

  thing hundred fifty dollars for black if [TS]

  you want your macbook and black [TS]

  well if you want the jet black one you [TS]

  can't get the lower storage model you [TS]

  have to get the 128 or 256 but there's a [TS]

  clear signal that the jet black one is [TS]

  supposed to be the fancy one kind of [TS]

  punishing you for your desires for shiny [TS]

  phone by a giving you a phone is never [TS]

  gonna look like that and be making you [TS]

  paint which is totally the Apple [TS]

  tradition and everyone who buys a jet [TS]

  black one including me are going to [TS]

  deserve it [TS]

  so you are getting a jet black 1i think [TS]

  so i think you're gonna get one because [TS]

  like I didn't know if it would be [TS]

  anything in the 70 mincemeat upgrade [TS]

  this is my year I have a6 mostly I was [TS]

  convinced by the things we haven't [TS]

  talked about yet but just like didn't [TS]

  hurt you are the perfect person to have [TS]

  a jet black because you are always [TS]

  slightly dissatisfied about everything [TS]

  and you will always be slightly [TS]

  dissatisfied with the condition of your [TS]

  jet black finish [TS]

  I don't know if I think i'll probably [TS]

  still get a case for it i'm i'm [TS]

  generally dissatisfied with the state of [TS]

  my leather case i don't know what's [TS]

  happened to but it started to like all [TS]

  roughly and pimply so it looked my [TS]

  mother case was awesome up until maybe [TS]

  three months ago and then start to get [TS]

  run play and now I'm like maybe I should [TS]

  get a black silicon case next time but i [TS]

  have to hold in person to see what it's [TS]

  like how slippery it is because I would [TS]

  not use my six without a case ever I [TS]

  don't think i would use a success [TS]

  without a case every either how the [TS]

  tribesmen to see how it is i am really [TS]

  torn because I really like the look at [TS]

  the jet black but I think even in a case [TS]

  I'm gonna know that thing's getting [TS]

  scratched crap and i actually think the [TS]

  the black black looks really darn good [TS]

  as well I completely echo what John is [TS]

  saying that to me anything other than [TS]

  black iphone is kind of silly like it [TS]

  would be one thing i would actually [TS]

  really consider the silver phone if it [TS]

  had a black front but these white faces [TS]

  just are no thank you [TS]

  if there was if there was a silver and [TS]

  black i'd probably pull the trigger on [TS]

  that one but since there's not [TS]

  i think i'm going to go regular black [TS]

  and i think i'm going to go 128 I don't [TS]

  think I need to go to 56 and we'll talk [TS]

  more about that later [TS]

  Marco what are you planning on doing so [TS]

  we will so I'm going jet black for the [TS]

  grip even tho i knows who looked at it [TS]

  like I'm i'm tempted to like take a [TS]

  piece of sandpaper the back the very [TS]

  first day I haven't just get like a [TS]

  smooth coding just like I just feel like [TS]

  a nice like matte finish shaker that's [TS]

  still grippy the soft mat then it will [TS]

  get slippery again I think it won't be [TS]

  group anymore i think part of the [TS]

  grittiness is the is the shine is kinda [TS]

  like the plastic back of the 5c I think [TS]

  that's so don't do that it will happen [TS]

  that true and it's on all right our [TS]

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  betterment investing made better [TS]

  so next on the list of ten water in dust [TS]

  resistant which is one of the things [TS]

  that was spilled by Apple's on tweets [TS]

  earlier in the presentation so I don't [TS]

  have the term handy but now it is [TS]

  meeting like ip67 something along those [TS]

  lines that means that if i remember [TS]

  correctly you can submerge it not very [TS]

  deep for up to a half an hour and it [TS]

  should work just fine which is excellent [TS]

  i'm really excited about that and that's [TS]

  that an improvement for everyone [TS]

  yeah I mean it's you know they are you [TS]

  can tell like a lot of the changes [TS]

  they've made this year are two and we'll [TS]

  get to the other one minute but a lot of [TS]

  changes we made this year are to reduce [TS]

  the ways in which people's iphones can [TS]

  fail or get killed [TS]

  basically reduce the number of of moving [TS]

  parts of parts that can get crap stuck [TS]

  in them are cables been to more ever [TS]

  else and this is one other way like [TS]

  clearly apple looks at its repair data [TS]

  from the genius bar and warranty claims [TS]

  and everything clearly they know like [TS]

  anything you can do to get to keep dust [TS]

  and water especially water out you will [TS]

  do wonders in prolonging the life time [TS]

  of these devices and making people happy [TS]

  with them you know I disagree with some [TS]

  of the reasons they've chosen to remove [TS]

  things at the headphone jack but the [TS]

  result here is you know pretty good that [TS]

  now it now I don't have to worry if i [TS]

  get my phone really wet to the point [TS]

  where like as as Phil showed on stage [TS]

  like somebody falling in a pool with the [TS]

  phone in their pocket or like I think [TS]

  the more the more pedestrian horrible [TS]

  version of this is dropping your phone [TS]

  in the toilet but there's lots of ways [TS]

  people can inadvertently submerge their [TS]

  phone briefly and water that used to [TS]

  most likely kill it and now most of the [TS]

  time or all the time basically won't and [TS]

  that's great i can't believe it [TS]

  they didn't do the obvious demo I wonder [TS]

  is necessary life member in the watch [TS]

  thing more like oh we sealed up all the [TS]

  opening so that the same graphic with [TS]

  the phone we sold all the openings now [TS]

  it's even more water resistant and now [TS]

  the phone is why resistant except for [TS]

  recourse we couldn't tell the speaker so [TS]

  our solution here is the motor gets in [TS]

  the speaker after you and the workout we [TS]

  push the water out of the speaker [TS]

  well the one opening that they left [TS]

  aside from the speakers on [TS]

  phone that has been known to have [TS]

  problems is the Lightning connector so [TS]

  what they should have done is we [TS]

  recommend once a month you put your [TS]

  phone in the water and then the taptic [TS]

  engine will eject the water and all the [TS]

  scum don't because yes bar like that has [TS]

  to be one of the the major reasons [TS]

  people go to use but always not charging [TS]

  any more I can't get the connector [TS]

  always and it says this this accessory [TS]

  is not made for this device all the [TS]

  different problems that basically it [TS]

  boils down to you have pocket lint in [TS]

  your lightning port let me pick it out [TS]

  with this point little tool [TS]

  yeah if its water resistant and if the [TS]

  taptic engine is right behind it [TS]

  this is like a self-cleaning type of [TS]

  thing where it should be able to it [TS]

  doesn't need a medium so probably get [TS]

  some more but like eject the the content [TS]

  like every once in awhile your phone [TS]

  just like sneezes and rejects all the [TS]

  skeletons in there beyond amazing watch [TS]

  for that in the next version of the API [TS]

  father's they did it they did in the [TS]

  watch anyway that's what i was thinking [TS]

  we can you imagine feel explaining this [TS]

  feature they call it I puke [TS]

  no oh god but that would be really [TS]

  useful because people's phones and mine [TS]

  included we may always fill up with crap [TS]

  like I i have to take like some kind of [TS]

  like pointy proud to lure often just [TS]

  about paperclip and scrape out of the [TS]

  pocket later at a later maybe every 3-4 [TS]

  months and tell you I've still never had [TS]

  to do that but i feel i know that i'm an [TS]

  outlier course all the other people i [TS]

  know with this phone including my own [TS]

  parents [TS]

  everyone else seems to have to do this [TS]

  but not me right now the chat room has [TS]

  given us real-time follow-up we needed [TS]

  it is ip67 and the phones should be able [TS]

  to survive immersion and up to 3.2 feet [TS]

  of water which is 1 meter for up to 30 [TS]

  minutes so basically don't go deeper [TS]

  than about a yard or a meter and don't [TS]

  leave it there for very long and should [TS]

  be good to go [TS]

  and that's that's super awesome don't [TS]

  try to take like underwater pictures [TS]

  with it by the way like that's what it [TS]

  comes down to like you drop it in the [TS]

  water it'll be fine right but don't like [TS]

  I'm going to get swimming and take [TS]

  movies under water for an hour and open [TS]

  to that as the tips to put so eloquently [TS]

  eloquently in the chat it can survive me [TS]

  Wow jerks come when we were going [TS]

  through our list of 10 i accidentally [TS]

  skipped number to the water and dust [TS]

  resistance was number three and [TS]

  coincidentally one of the ways that they [TS]

  got to water and dust resistance was by [TS]

  swapping out the hole [TS]

  button and it isn't really a button [TS]

  anymore it's a not piece of glass [TS]

  necessarily but it's kind of like the [TS]

  new track pads that Marco is so in love [TS]

  with and now it's all just smoke and [TS]

  mirrors and the taptic engine straight [TS]

  out doing buttoning without moving i'm [TS]

  representing guys don't get no fine [TS]

  anyway it doesn't move its a button it [TS]

  doesn't move without buttons don't move [TS]

  on our max we're totally use the buttons [TS]

  that don't move the screen is filled [TS]

  with buttons that don't move [TS]

  now the homework doesn't move anymore [TS]

  but still got a little indentation so [TS]

  it's nice that you could find it [TS]

  yeah we'll see how it is like Marcos [TS]

  least favorite non-moving trackpad is [TS]

  the one on the smallest device and I'm [TS]

  assuming that's because on the really [TS]

  small macbook one the taptic engine [TS]

  can't give the bump that he needs to [TS]

  feel like he's pressing something I [TS]

  imagine that problem will also exist in [TS]

  the very tiny phone [TS]

  well it's it's worse than that even i [TS]

  mean if if you if you look at the the [TS]

  impressions that the hands on people [TS]

  have of it they all basically say it [TS]

  actually doesn't feel anything like the [TS]

  force touch trackpads and it it doesn't [TS]

  feel button like at all that you know it [TS]

  that the opinions vary between the [TS]

  people who were there about whether they [TS]

  like it or not but the but the [TS]

  overwhelming consensus is that it does [TS]

  not feel like you're clicking a button [TS]

  at all doesn't it doesn't feel you like [TS]

  the trackpad can fool you know that it [TS]

  said the way to describe it sounds a lot [TS]

  more like the Apple watches taptic [TS]

  engine we're like you push hard on [TS]

  something and it vibrates but it doesn't [TS]

  feel like you just click the button for [TS]

  real yeah that's another thing i think [TS]

  i'll have to try before I actually pull [TS]

  the trigger on the seven as you know i'm [TS]

  not i'm not gonna preorder 1 i'm not [TS]

  going to order one side and CNN in a way [TS]

  to you know same stuff really do let [TS]

  people get the crappy first batch that [TS]

  has all the problems and going to the [TS]

  apple store and tried i think no matter [TS]

  how bad it is i'll get over it because [TS]

  again honestly the the current home [TS]

  button on my six that goes in and out [TS]

  i'm not a super big fan of that one that [TS]

  sometimes it bothers me especially using [TS]

  my iPad my new iPad pro frequently [TS]

  especially with stupid iOS 10 with the [TS]

  little press the button to unlock I [TS]

  don't want to press the button Don I [TS]

  just want that like it used to [TS]

  anyway i'm going to get used to it but [TS]

  pressing in especially when I've got on [TS]

  my lap on my bed or something [TS]

  I like being able to sort of [TS]

  graze my fingers across the surface of [TS]

  the screen except when I like realized i [TS]

  want to go back to the home screen then [TS]

  i have to actually press really hard and [TS]

  a thing now for such party doesn't get [TS]

  rid of that hard pressing but you know [TS]

  maybe it will feel better than nothing [TS]

  moves in or not I i totally different [TS]

  everything in the hands-on area in fact [TS]

  that it's been split at this point [TS]

  probably means that this is not a [TS]

  slam-dunk home run but i might not be [TS]

  bothered by but I add as with so many [TS]

  things as we'll get to later [TS]

  this just feels like an inevitability [TS]

  where apple an apple gave all the [TS]

  examples we removing parts from our [TS]

  products because overall it's better for [TS]

  reliability and you'll get used to it [TS]

  and I think all that is true isn't the [TS]

  taptic engine moving parts that dies [TS]

  constantly but it's inside the thing [TS]

  like it's not you don't get that it's a [TS]

  sealed it's a sealed unit like it's not [TS]

  is it not a moving part that you get to [TS]

  move we move it this way I I really [TS]

  fundamental get to this more I really [TS]

  fundamentally disagree with the [TS]

  justification that this is the [TS]

  inevitable future of course from moving [TS]

  to get rid of all the stuff really but [TS]

  is that really inevitable like it i [TS]

  think a lot of a lot of this case that's [TS]

  it that's not really a valid argument or [TS]

  that's not a complete argument I don't [TS]

  know I i wonder if you've ever heard [TS]

  this podcast Marco called hypocritical [TS]

  but this guy who hosted used to talk [TS]

  about the naked robotic core of [TS]

  different devices and I i would say [TS]

  we're moving closer and closer to that [TS]

  what we have volume buttons we have we [TS]

  have the the silent button i was [TS]

  thinking of the volume buttons right why [TS]

  did the volume buttons to move and when [TS]

  I was thinking about why the line but [TS]

  and the power but why did the volume by [TS]

  the power button when i was thinking [TS]

  about that I was thinking of my very [TS]

  weird rumbling and pimply leather case [TS]

  for my iphone 6 which by the way some of [TS]

  the chat room tells me that success [TS]

  cases are actually manufacture [TS]

  differently supposedly assume better but [TS]

  anyway um when I use my iphone 6 in the [TS]

  leather case and I operate the volume [TS]

  controls and the power button through [TS]

  this roughly other case they might as [TS]

  well not move [TS]

  I can't even tell that they're moving [TS]

  essentially just apply pressure to the [TS]

  bulges that are on the outside of the [TS]

  case and I'm pretty much fun with [TS]

  applying pressure to the bulges I can't [TS]

  really feel the move underneath my [TS]

  fingers but i don't have to apply that [TS]

  much pressure if they made the volume [TS]

  buttons in the power [TS]

  the buttons not move but feel the same [TS]

  as they do on my leather case I think I [TS]

  would be fine with that too so maybe I'm [TS]

  going to be in the camp that that [TS]

  doesn't mind it but the inevitability is [TS]

  just like moving parts break and get [TS]

  crap wedged in them and are bad for [TS]

  waterproofing and it's not you get used [TS]

  to not having them like it's possible to [TS]

  make a good physical user interface with [TS]

  something that doesn't move or doesn't [TS]

  move that much as we seem like the the [TS]

  forest attract birds they do flex they [TS]

  don't know move don't go up and down but [TS]

  they do actually flex if you were to [TS]

  look at with a microscope they do [TS]

  actually Bend and flex maybe if they [TS]

  gave the home button a little bit of [TS]

  give again I think we talk about this [TS]

  when we were talking about the horse [TS]

  track pad of the city f-16 the the [TS]

  control stick that doesn't move that [TS]

  much it moves a little bit they [TS]

  originally we have three doesn't follow [TS]

  percent but you can repeat the same [TS]

  freaking ball like the control stick [TS]

  normally when you play control control [TS]

  stuff like a flight simulator game or [TS]

  airplane you move it up down left and [TS]

  right well in the a16 that they could [TS]

  fight stick is not in between your legs [TS]

  but it's to the side and I think they [TS]

  originally made it so it didn't move at [TS]

  all but it was totally weird 44 like the [TS]

  pilots to just apply pressure and not [TS]

  have to move so they made a move a [TS]

  little bit but in general doesn't move [TS]

  as much to mostly just applying pressure [TS]

  i think that kind of happy medium can [TS]

  make for a really good efficient user [TS]

  interface maybe they just haven't struck [TS]

  the right balance here when they come [TS]

  out with the eighth they will enhance it [TS]

  the thing the worst case scenario is the [TS]

  rumor date they keep locking up witches [TS]

  actually no button like it's just so [TS]

  completely smooth surface you can feel [TS]

  where it is and it gives as much as the [TS]

  screen gives again we all use buttons [TS]

  that don't give it all on the screen all [TS]

  the time and we're fine with it but the [TS]

  home button is like the last fashion of [TS]

  like I can pull the thing on my pocket [TS]

  and feel around unlock a thought I think [TS]

  they can't they can't really give that [TS]

  up I'm curious to see how it feels very [TS]

  very curious i feel like every Apple [TS]

  device that i've owned that has a home [TS]

  button over the year to two years that i [TS]

  use it the home button just feels less [TS]

  and less crisp over time even though [TS]

  they've always worked like I've never [TS]

  had a catastrophic failure of my home [TS]

  button it just feels kind of gross [TS]

  after a long time [TS]

  and if this prevents that because [TS]

  nothing is actually moving i'm all for [TS]

  it I I mean I'm a little worried based [TS]

  on the reviews like marco was talking [TS]

  about but in principle [TS]

  sounds good to me also real-time [TS]

  follow-up ip67 turns out that actually [TS]

  IP is ingress protection and then the [TS]

  six and seven are how much dust [TS]

  protection you can get from over from 0 [TS]

  to 6 16 the most and how much liquid [TS]

  product protection you have between 0 [TS]

  and 9 k where 6 i'm sorry seven is the [TS]

  immersion up to one meter in depth the [TS]

  two remaining options are emerging 1 [TS]

  meter or more depth and 9k is powerful [TS]

  high temperature water jets so i guess [TS]

  if you wanted to bring it like a hot tub [TS]

  or something like that which I did not [TS]

  know I thought that was kind of cool [TS]

  anything else on home button design [TS]

  water dust resistance anything before [TS]

  the camera it all remains to be seen in [TS]

  practice [TS]

  yeah very much so but I mean so far this [TS]

  is sounding really good i mean these are [TS]

  these are incremental updates but but I [TS]

  did it [TS]

  I'm looking forward to it alright [TS]

  captain negative i just i i really don't [TS]

  like four stalks that's it like I [TS]

  everyone says this one is different from [TS]

  the one so hey maybe I could like this [TS]

  one a lot because it's not like the [TS]

  other ones who puts we'll see i don't [TS]

  know i really think that if you weren't [TS]

  told that you are trying a force touch [TS]

  trackpad for the first time now you've [TS]

  been ruined for life but for the first [TS]

  time if you tried it on a macbook pro [TS]

  and not a macbook and you weren't told [TS]

  beforehand I really think you would [TS]

  never be able to know the difference [TS]

  especially if it was cranked up to [TS]

  maximum touchiness I don't know what but [TS]

  maximum intensity i really don't think [TS]

  you could tell but now you get sleep [TS]

  you've seen the arrow in the fedex logo [TS]

  and you are forever ruined [TS]

  I don't know anyway so let's talk [TS]

  cameras first and most importantly to me [TS]

  as someone who does not think he's going [TS]

  plus club optical image stabilization on [TS]

  the iphone 7 2004 @ f 1.8 aperture [TS]

  instead of i think was 2.2 before is [TS]

  that right [TS]

  I believe that's what dance term is set [TS]

  on set me on twitter [TS]

  so a little bit wider aperture which is [TS]

  really really kind of exciting the lens [TS]

  that I have for my micro four thirds [TS]

  camera that i spent several hundred [TS]

  dollars on I think can go to maybe 1.4 [TS]

  and we're talking 1.8 here like i don't [TS]

  know i don't know like you guys do that [TS]

  there is a very important distinction [TS]

  here though and that is that the the [TS]

  pairing of aperture two sensor size is [TS]

  the relevant part here as you make the [TS]

  sensor smaller the these the aperture [TS]

  equivalent goes up so like f 1.8 [TS]

  aperture at the little tiny iphone [TS]

  sensor size might have at the background [TS]

  blur capabilities of like an f4 or f5 [TS]

  points6 lens on your size sensor I I [TS]

  don't think our overseas for me too but [TS]

  it's like and then like when you you [TS]

  know if you have enough 1.8 lens on your [TS]

  sensor versus an f-18 lens on a [TS]

  full-frame sensor the full frame one [TS]

  will have more more background blur [TS]

  capable based on the others there's all [TS]

  these like ratios and everything because [TS]

  the objects but basically the f 1.8 is [TS]

  nice to have you know just for the [TS]

  amount of letting in but for background [TS]

  blur purposes it is not comparable to [TS]

  the numbers you get from yours [TS]

  no i did not know that well that's [TS]

  really interesting but still and I mean [TS]

  it's fair to say it's an improvement [TS]

  right i mean it's it's certainly not a [TS]

  bad thing [TS]

  oh it's great yeah maybe that the [TS]

  important thing is what Phil said on [TS]

  stage fifty percent more like being let [TS]

  in and that is you know that means that [TS]

  you can get faster shutter speeds or you [TS]

  can get you no more light collected [TS]

  before you start getting noise issues [TS]

  and get the picture get all noisy so [TS]

  that any time you can increase the [TS]

  aperture to get more light in while [TS]

  keeping what you want in focus that is [TS]

  always a good thing for for the quality [TS]

  of your photos didn't say anything about [TS]

  sensor size is bigger than the previous [TS]

  sensors [TS]

  I don't know if they changed it or [TS]

  mentioned it I did it I did see that it [TS]

  was backside illuminated but i forget [TS]

  what the success was also know it's been [TS]

  around for awhile I mean that's where [TS]

  the rubber meets the road like this a [TS]

  lot of stuff about the lens and then [TS]

  stabilization of the bottom line is how [TS]

  big is your sensor and house because the [TS]

  sensor and how sensitive is it to light [TS]

  and the Apple has various times to both [TS]

  of those like we don't have as many [TS]

  pixels but the pictures we have gathered [TS]

  more light each so you can get better [TS]

  low-light photography right or we made [TS]

  the sensor bigger so now gathers more [TS]

  light and now they're making it the [TS]

  aperture be like you just got to get as [TS]

  much light as you can and you have to be [TS]

  able to collect as much of that light on [TS]

  the largest area to get the ideal would [TS]

  be the entire back of the phone is a [TS]

  giant sensor but that's that's fancy [TS]

  technique doesn't exist at this point or [TS]

  even something like that but the Litro [TS]

  thing we have like a thousand little [TS]

  cameras collecting the light-filled and [TS]

  doing all the crap like that like it's [TS]

  been said on the show we're talking [TS]

  about a big fancy camera there are [TS]

  environments primarily indoors or night [TS]

  or whatever where you're never gonna get [TS]

  a good shot with an iphone with its tiny [TS]

  tiny sensor with the current technology [TS]

  of light gathering and so that's why [TS]

  these big cameras for most people's [TS]

  lives take a lot of pictures indoors and [TS]

  they're going to be daddy where they're [TS]

  going to be blurry and they're going to [TS]

  be noisy and this you know there's [TS]

  nothing you can do about it and if you [TS]

  look at anyone sort of social media feed [TS]

  people take tons of pictures with their [TS]

  phones in dark environments and it [TS]

  looked terrible [TS]

  eventually they will not look terrible [TS]

  every little advance every of every [TS]

  extra bit of light were able to climb [TS]

  the environment and gather on a sensor [TS]

  means we're getting better and so have a [TS]

  good things to club that slope and we'll [TS]

  get to the the whole you know dual [TS]

  camera angle they're trying to pitch [TS]

  here but as far as the seven is [TS]

  concerned I think this is a significant [TS]

  advancement of the camera but in the [TS]

  grand scheme of things sort of like it's [TS]

  one of their good years but it's not a [TS]

  gigantic advancement is just like one of [TS]

  their good bumps to the camera camera [TS]

  talking about only I mean this is again [TS]

  this is one of those things that we're [TS]

  going to have to see in reviews and [TS]

  practice how it actually turns out it [TS]

  was like you know they'll still say [TS]

  whatever they want on stage and you know [TS]

  every every iphone has the best camera [TS]

  ever put into an iPhone you know it's [TS]

  phil that's it [TS]

  of course it got better we won't know [TS]

  how much better for you know until until [TS]

  we get these things but it it should [TS]

  sound like it was it was a good year for [TS]

  it so I I mean you know be with [TS]

  even with the the single-camera without [TS]

  going into the giant one yet [TS]

  it sure does seem like it's a good year [TS]

  for it i mean that is a pretty notable [TS]

  aperture improvement that is a [TS]

  substantial you know lens optics met you [TS]

  know the count of having to six elements [TS]

  and everything's like it sounds good and [TS]

  the optical image stabilization is good [TS]

  so we'll see how this turns out but it's [TS]

  probably a pretty good upgrade year even [TS]

  for the regular 79 plus and this is one [TS]

  of the factors in mind upgrades remember [TS]

  i have a6 not a success so this is a [TS]

  huge leap over the sex and it as I do [TS]

  find myself taking a lot of pictures of [TS]

  my sex because the camera is not that [TS]

  terrible i would love to be able to take [TS]

  pictures and slightly more challenging [TS]

  environment so this if you have a six [TS]

  this is a definitely a reason to get [TS]

  this phone just your picture will come [TS]

  out much better because the two-year [TS]

  advancements baby have a success i don't [TS]

  know i think that someone's going to [TS]

  comparison test and show me the [TS]

  practical realities of single-camera 7 [TS]

  vs single-camera success especially the [TS]

  success plus which is my advice fun i'm [TS]

  not sure how big of a jump that's going [TS]

  to be but they're making progress [TS]

  they're doing all the right things other [TS]

  than being at the college is still there [TS]

  but I think they've just like giving up [TS]

  on that now also notable is is the [TS]

  inclusion of the the wide color gamut [TS]

  photo shooting which I that is something [TS]

  that is very hard to find and do well in [TS]

  other cameras like you know they they [TS]

  exist sometimes or they have different [TS]

  color profiles they can use but dealing [TS]

  with that is kind of a pain in the butt [TS]

  and so to have this be built in and just [TS]

  all your photos shot on the iphone are [TS]

  going to have wide gamut support and [TS]

  you're going to view them on the iphone [TS]

  which itself also has widened supporting [TS]

  its display and we'll just work like [TS]

  that's awesome and that's that is not an [TS]

  easy thing to do and that's pretty good [TS]

  the other dimension with the with the [TS]

  both camera capabilities thing is Ross [TS]

  shooting this is a I really am gonna be [TS]

  to see how this turns out [TS]

  the idea here is like you know for [TS]

  basically a very quick overview most [TS]

  photos you get the most cameras are [TS]

  jpegs the camera has done some [TS]

  processing to interpret the raw sensor [TS]

  data from the sensor to to apply things [TS]

  like you know normalizing colors and [TS]

  white balance and sharpening usually [TS]

  about usually more sharpening and [TS]

  contrast boosting than you might realize [TS]

  basically try to make every photo look [TS]

  good and to apply slight processing if [TS]

  there's if there's flaws in the lens the [TS]

  lens has like you know slight barrel [TS]

  distortion or slight vignette aware the [TS]

  cornerstone capture quite as much light [TS]

  as the middle of things like that that [TS]

  those all be corrected in that same [TS]

  procedure as you convert from the raw [TS]

  sensor data to the jpeg that you that [TS]

  you then storage of the person high-end [TS]

  cameras for a long time of offer the [TS]

  ability to save raw files which [TS]

  basically just skip all that processing [TS]

  or defer to later and saves onto the [TS]

  onto the flashcard the actual raw sensor [TS]

  data which is massive and then to view [TS]

  those and process them requires your [TS]

  computer or whatever else to do all that [TS]

  all that conversion generation and [TS]

  everything [TS]

  the advantage to that is that if you [TS]

  know usually advantage of that not only [TS]

  is like you know if you want to do less [TS]

  messing with the original data and you [TS]

  want to like do that in your own [TS]

  controlled way to do it either [TS]

  differently or to do less or more of it [TS]

  there's also other other major [TS]

  advantages like jpegs have a certain [TS]

  limit of of how much dynamic range they [TS]

  can apply or they can they can represent [TS]

  so like what what the difference is [TS]

  between a hundred percent white and a [TS]

  hundred percent black.jpg has you know [TS]

  just like a certain limit of how much [TS]

  precision can be stored there there's a [TS]

  limit of how much dynamic range you can [TS]

  store in jpeg raw it doesn't have any [TS]

  kind of inherent limit their space [TS]

  whatever the sensor can represent so if [TS]

  you're if you have areas of the picture [TS]

  that are blown out there bright white [TS]

  and you want to like pull some detail [TS]

  out of there or if you have areas that [TS]

  are just black and like there might be [TS]

  some detail there in the shadows that [TS]

  might get you might want to pull out you [TS]

  can do that much more effectively with [TS]

  raw files because what if that data was [TS]

  on the sensor at all it's still there [TS]

  and you can process that and you can you [TS]

  can get a lot of a lot of detail out of [TS]

  that way more than you can add just [TS]

  processing jpg.jpg already had all the [TS]

  like very very fine granularity thrown [TS]

  away in in the processing step to make [TS]

  it from from the center to japan in the [TS]

  first place [TS]

  also those things like white balance on [TS]

  a raw is a lossless operation so you can [TS]

  you can tweak the white balance and [TS]

  colors as much as you want a raw file [TS]

  and it's not actually like destructively [TS]

  editing that anyway and and you don't [TS]

  lose anything by doing that so [TS]

  raw files are great for pro [TS]

  photographers there a bit of a pain to [TS]

  work with their they're really huge but [TS]

  but there they allow you a lot of [TS]

  flexibility now a camera like this you [TS]

  might think wow this is gonna be great I [TS]

  can't wait to have much you have that [TS]

  kind of flexibility on my iphone photos [TS]

  the problem though is that when you get [TS]

  to a very very tiny sensor like this [TS]

  with a very tiny lens that sells for [TS]

  something like forty dollars whatever [TS]

  the part is that the camera the camera [TS]

  on the phone is a very very constrained [TS]

  camera in both size and cost so chances [TS]

  are the the processing that the iphone [TS]

  does to make its jpegs is really [TS]

  necessary to make them look good chances [TS]

  are that it's doing a lot of Corrections [TS]

  two things that you like basically I [TS]

  question whether there's any more [TS]

  quality to be had from the raws on iOS [TS]

  iphones because Apple is really good at [TS]

  this kind of processing they're probably [TS]

  doing the best they reasonably can with [TS]

  their own built-in processing so the [TS]

  idea of somebody else be able to tweak [TS]

  more data from those raw files i think [TS]

  is possible but unlikely and but it's [TS]

  more likely to be is just larger slower [TS]

  process images that don't have all the [TS]

  nice balancing and contrast and [TS]

  sharpness and lens Corrections that the [TS]

  built-in ones will have so will again [TS]

  we'll see how that goes [TS]

  I think there's a bedroom there i think [TS]

  they they hinted at it was showing the [TS]

  lightroom demo is that if you really [TS]

  want to you know the way I think of the [TS]

  raw to jpeg thing is it going Ron jpg is [TS]

  a lossy operation you have to pick an [TS]

  exposure level if you pick an exposure [TS]

  level we're all where I do this all the [TS]

  shadows are black or all these [TS]

  highlights are blown out the white [TS]

  you're never going to get any new [TS]

  information out of that black is black [TS]

  and white is white [TS]

  whereas if you still have the raw and if [TS]

  you have it in a program like lightroom [TS]

  you can pick a particular shadow area [TS]

  and expose that differently to pull out [TS]

  detail from the shadows over there but [TS]

  then these highlights over here exposed [TS]

  to different like you can actually [TS]

  because it because the raw sensor data [TS]

  is behind their treat different areas of [TS]

  the photo differently based on the [TS]

  subject matter [TS]

  and you're right that you will have to [TS]

  reapply all the stuff that apple doesn't [TS]

  particularly probably noise reduction in [TS]

  in anything that doesn't have really [TS]

  bright light because it's going to be [TS]

  noisy on a little sensor but i assume [TS]

  the ability to basically process the [TS]

  image in more or less the same way Apple [TS]

  does it will be available to third [TS]

  parties and then on top of that it's all [TS]

  just like what do you want to do [TS]

  artistically speaking to this particular [TS]

  photo so i think you will be able to [TS]

  pull out shadow detail and highlight [TS]

  stuff if you're willing to put in the [TS]

  time to treat different images of the [TS]

  area differently i think you're right [TS]

  that would compromise for the entire [TS]

  image is probably apples probably doing [TS]

  the best you know you can imagine but [TS]

  the option the option makes sense and i [TS]

  think it opens up the market for [TS]

  applications the more serious [TS]

  photography applications on the phones [TS]

  especially if I mean you didn't mention [TS]

  anything about 4k 60 frames-per-second [TS]

  it's not there but video right but so [TS]

  will be in a few years and that will [TS]

  open it up for you know for video apps [TS]

  in video editing and stuff like that so [TS]

  anyway I'm i encourage anything that [TS]

  gives these iOS devices more of a pro [TS]

  bent and I think this is a movement [TS]

  direction of course it also means that [TS]

  you just fill up your photo allocation [TS]

  even faster [TS]

  yeah anything to you know it if Apple [TS]

  really works on this like full stack [TS]

  which they probably should and probably [TS]

  will [TS]

  what this what this could also enable [TS]

  depending on you know how well they do [TS]

  it is this could just be able two [TS]

  built-in editing controls in the Photos [TS]

  app like if if you can if there's a [TS]

  setting somewhere that says like always [TS]

  shooting raw or something like that if [TS]

  you can get the if you get the photos [TS]

  and the Photos app could itself keep [TS]

  doing it over and over again all the [TS]

  cool apple processing stuff as you [TS]

  adjust the various sliders and things to [TS]

  edit the raw so if you have you know as [TS]

  you if you have a different opinion of [TS]

  what the highlights and shadows should [TS]

  be and what the white balance should be [TS]

  you can have all that being done [TS]

  non-destructively on the raw and still [TS]

  have all that processing done on the way [TS]

  out to to view it to display into disk [TS]

  it's not quite that simple though [TS]

  because Richard tweeted earlier [TS]

  presumably because he was briefed by [TS]

  Apple the camera app shoots jpg [TS]

  only third party apps can do wrong yeah [TS]

  that's right well hopefully that's me [TS]

  hopefully in the future that might be a [TS]

  setting the setting is called film i [TS]

  phone 5 times faster [TS]

  well they haven't they have this they [TS]

  have a setting for video quality you [TS]

  know it by default the iphone 6s could [TS]

  shoot 4k and was a pretty good job of it [TS]

  but that's not on my default by default [TS]

  it's it's 1080p I think my TV 1080p 30 [TS]

  but it can also 1080p60 and 4k 30 and 4k [TS]

  is like is about a gig a minute that at [TS]

  that at their bit rates so like that's [TS]

  you know you figure they're selling a 16 [TS]

  gig phone that can shoot a gig a minute [TS]

  with the video that's kind of a problem [TS]

  so it's disabled by default but it's [TS]

  still an option for those of us who [TS]

  bought the 128 right so it's like you [TS]

  know what I'm sure but you know it's [TS]

  it's more practical for people with with [TS]

  the bigger phones [TS]

  this is the same kind of thing if they [TS]

  want to sell these big phones here's a [TS]

  reason here's a way that like power [TS]

  users will want to buy the bigger phone [TS]

  so they can do this [TS]

  so the absolutely that's the kind of [TS]

  thing that they hopefully will do in the [TS]

  future because it seems weird to have [TS]

  that capability and to only let [TS]

  third-party apps use it and to not do [TS]

  anything with your own built-in photos [TS]

  at that everybody uses and that has lost [TS]

  any controls noticed an SD card slot [TS]

  don't worry [TS]

  yeah that's it we should also talk about [TS]

  Phil's extra-credit project which was [TS]

  depth-of-field adjustments and [TS]

  enhancements by way of the magic of [TS]

  software in these seven pluses 22 lens [TS]

  camera system or two camera system but [TS]

  before we get to the depth of field [TS]

  thing we just talked about two cameras [TS]

  on their own merits before the software [TS]

  updates not even going to be out when [TS]

  the phones are out right so the two [TS]

  cameras by themselves as you have two [TS]

  choices you can take from this camera [TS]

  from that camera and one and then [TS]

  resumed in twice as much as the other [TS]

  which is nice [TS]

  it's pretty straightforward i was [TS]

  looking for maybe a little bit more [TS]

  magic which they can deliver on their [TS]

  extra credit assignment but essentially [TS]

  well they're actually there is some [TS]

  magic in that it appears that you can [TS]

  zoom smoothly between those two focal [TS]

  lengths as well i think i think it was [TS]

  it was just tap from 1x 2x and slide [TS]

  from to exit annex but it's all software [TS]

  after that that is that is how I heard [TS]

  it as well as what John is describing [TS]

  that 122 is a jump in after after two [TS]

  it's a [TS]

  gradient you might be right i mean it [TS]

  didn't have they could do it smoothly [TS]

  slide just go here's the here's here's [TS]

  the 1x image and I'll software scale [TS]

  until you get 21.99 and i'll switch the [TS]

  other camera but the bottom line is you [TS]

  have two different cameras presumably [TS]

  both have equally high quality sensors [TS]

  they're just one is telephoto as they [TS]

  said I'm one of them is wide angle and [TS]

  that alone even if that was the only [TS]

  feature they had that you have two [TS]

  choices of two different cameras is nice [TS]

  because the default was like why do you [TS]

  want to take a picture of a group of [TS]

  friends or whatever but every once in a [TS]

  while you see you see this a lot like [TS]

  parents trying to take pictures of kids [TS]

  like assemblies or camp things or [TS]

  whatever and you know they're so far [TS]

  away they're holding up their phone in [TS]

  the audience you know their kids going [TS]

  to respect because its wide angle lens [TS]

  in there there towards the middle or the [TS]

  back there's no way they're gonna even [TS]

  be able to recognize that kids face if [TS]

  they have a 2x zoom on that will go a [TS]

  long way towards them be able to [TS]

  recognize where a little timmy is in the [TS]

  picture so that's a great idea hey that [TS]

  the seven plus gigantic you have plenty [TS]

  of room in the back you've already got a [TS]

  wart their want to make it a double wart [TS]

  help put five cameras and five different [TS]

  zoom levels like just keep adding [TS]

  cameras along with a bit different zoom [TS]

  levels [TS]

  uh-huh this is a little bit barbaric it [TS]

  will be looked back on as like remember [TS]

  when we couldn't do the entire back of [TS]

  the camera sensor and instead we just [TS]

  kept adding more cameras but for now i [TS]

  think it's a it's a reasonable [TS]

  compromise and then what I was looking [TS]

  for after that is ok you got the two [TS]

  cameras that's good [TS]

  they they are good for all the things [TS]

  they're good at what kind of magic can [TS]

  you do with these two cameras when they [TS]

  work together and the magic is not [TS]

  shipping on release and not that amazing [TS]

  especially in light of the light-filled [TS]

  cameras and all that other stuff where [TS]

  they're like we just gather all the [TS]

  light and do these amazing things in [TS]

  software Apple as less ambitious goals [TS]

  but i think that the result will be a [TS]

  little bit better so real-time follow-up [TS]

  cindy caldwell has said you can [TS]

  absolutely pinch or really scroll to [TS]

  zoom between each lens but the button [TS]

  allows you to be specific [TS]

  right but I said I think I was doing [TS]

  software assuming the one until it gets [TS]

  to actual to and then it switches like [TS]

  it'll be fun to play with that and go [TS]

  like get it up to 1.9 and switched to [TS]

  watch all the sudden get clear you know [TS]

  because it then goes to just like put [TS]

  your finger over one of the lenses and [TS]

  just like see when it switches [TS]

  yeah that's interesting point headed [TS]

  that way that's funny yeah i mean so [TS]

  this is this is gonna be great like this [TS]

  is one of the reasons why i'm mostly in [TS]

  the plus that I want this and and like I [TS]

  love shooting photos of my iphone like [TS]

  many people do I shoot undisclosed my [TS]

  phone I should most of my photos of my [TS]

  iphone to have their be finally like a [TS]

  new optic to it that's building is [TS]

  always there you know you always be able [TS]

  to get little like bolt-on lens that you [TS]

  like slide on somehow at rest their clip [TS]

  on or something and they're okay but [TS]

  it's never as good as having the [TS]

  built-in was always there to have this [TS]

  this additional lens on there is gonna [TS]

  be great my my only little pic I you [TS]

  know everything is always a new pic is [TS]

  that I do kind of wish it was a little [TS]

  bit more zoomed in they so the the [TS]

  regular lens that's always been there [TS]

  I had said if you answered back that it [TS]

  was a 35-millimeter equivalent most of [TS]

  the time that was wrong actually 28 [TS]

  millimeter equivalent and most recent [TS]

  models and so the new one being twice [TS]

  that is a 56 millimeter equivalent of a [TS]

  seven in the presentation and that is an [TS]

  end so it's similar to a 50 millimeter [TS]

  lens that many people have used but only [TS]

  on full frame if you if you use 250 [TS]

  million lens like on on on a rebel or [TS]

  like a smaller camera like it's not full [TS]

  frame it's actually more zoomed in on [TS]

  what you're getting with the iphone it's [TS]

  the iphone you know that that is really [TS]

  they kept calling a telephoto but I [TS]

  don't know any photographer who [TS]

  described a 56 million lens with a [TS]

  telephoto lens that is a that is a [TS]

  medium lettuce or normal lens the the 28 [TS]

  that you normally get with it is a wide [TS]

  so anyway they don't have a wide and a [TS]

  normal i do wish they would have gone a [TS]

  little further can be given like an 85 [TS]

  millimeter equivalent that would have [TS]

  been great because as you get a little [TS]

  further into that range it starts [TS]

  looking a lot nicer for portraits and [TS]

  and just pictures of people in general [TS]

  just the the more you get in there that [TS]

  the better it looks [TS]

  generally yes like take cups back [TS]

  sometimes but it's usually worth it so [TS]

  hopefully they will they will move in [TS]

  that direction [TS]

  I mean in my wildest dreams heck out of [TS]

  third one at united as you receive I'm [TS]

  like you know you got like camera one [TS]

  camera two go below it a giant the giant [TS]

  like circle that so as well as both of [TS]

  those they're putting like [TS]

  35 there something that'd be amazing and [TS]

  probably not gonna happen but that [TS]

  physics is kind of a problem here in a [TS]

  number of ways but you know to have to [TS]

  have something a little more zoomed be [TS]

  nice also the the 56 millimeter lens i [TS]

  believe it has a lower aperture than the [TS]

  wide ones i believe on the site said it [TS]

  was an f f 2.8 so these zoom lens will [TS]

  be worse at low light situations and [TS]

  whether it can perform or whether it [TS]

  whether it can produce genuine [TS]

  background blur before get to in a [TS]

  minute [TS]

  is it is is not going to be as good as [TS]

  if it were f 1.8 but because it is more [TS]

  zoomed in basically the more zoomed in [TS]

  you are the focal length wise the the [TS]

  more background blur you you can tend to [TS]

  produce especially if your subject is [TS]

  fairly close to you so the the formula [TS]

  for background blur usually is subject [TS]

  very close to you and also using a very [TS]

  long lens like a very zoomed-in lens [TS]

  that's how you get blur and you can [TS]

  actually get blur on today's iphones on [TS]

  every iphone basically you can get some [TS]

  background blur if you have something [TS]

  close up enough like you got a pretty [TS]

  close [TS]

  that's a pretty wide lens on a little [TS]

  phone sensor but if you put something [TS]

  really close to your iphone you will get [TS]

  a blurred background if the background [TS]

  is far enough away from you [TS]

  so anyway new new dual lens camera think [TS]

  just for the sake of photography just [TS]

  basic photography that is awesome in the [TS]

  ability to very quickly switch the fact [TS]

  that it isn't only a pinch zoom in fact [TS]

  you can just hit that little button [TS]

  title so 2x that is awesome and i will [TS]

  probably use that a lot [TS]

  so you're going plus club i think so and [TS]

  for that reason alone the the blur thing [TS]

  they show so it looks like with the [TS]

  boyfriend you want to wonder that [TS]

  yeah I certainly can but before i do [TS]

  John are you going plus club [TS]

  no come on yeah so I i went back and [TS]

  forth on this and i'm pretty sure and [TS]

  we'll talk about why in a moment i am [TS]

  not going plus club either so before [TS]

  this all the before the presentation [TS]

  today there's a lot of debate especially [TS]

  because of the invitation that Apple it [TS]

  sent a lot of debate over whether or not [TS]

  the plus with its supposed to camera [TS]

  system that we now know is real if it [TS]

  would be able to provide some really [TS]

  really good bokeh and I think we've [TS]

  talked about this in the past but boca [TS]

  is that background blur the market was [TS]

  just talking about so it's where you [TS]

  have is you know Casey typic yeah please [TS]

  email me so it typically and I'm [TS]

  oversimplifying but typically this is [TS]

  with a portrait although not necessarily [TS]

  always where you have you know the [TS]

  person relatively close to you like [TS]

  Marcus describing and then the [TS]

  background is considerably more blurry [TS]

  or you know hopefully the person is not [TS]

  tolerated on the background is very [TS]

  blurry and people were saying beforehand [TS]

  that this 7 plus we'll be able to give [TS]

  you a legitimate honest-to-goodness [TS]

  visual boca or that background blur some [TS]

  you can play those depth-of-field tricks [TS]

  now Phil said he gave his engineers an [TS]

  extra credit problem and the extra [TS]

  credit problem was I want to see boca [TS]

  like you get out of a DSLR or equivalent [TS]

  and that's one of the reasons I brought [TS]

  my Bible micro four-thirds was because I [TS]

  wanted to be able to do the same sort of [TS]

  thing I want to be able to see that [TS]

  coming out of an iphone and so coming [TS]

  later this year i believe they said [TS]

  certainly later and iOS 10 update 7 plus [TS]

  users will be able to do a portrait mode [TS]

  in the camera app that will that will [TS]

  synthesize the background blurring and [TS]

  give you a synthetic boca I really [TS]

  admire what they're doing here it is [TS]

  really impressive and I really think [TS]

  they're on the right track to something [TS]

  really awesome but the fact that it's [TS]

  totally synthetic I don't know that's [TS]

  nothing is not the right track the right [TS]

  track is to be able to pull that off [TS]

  optically like eventually with with the [TS]

  again medical center that is the entire [TS]

  back of your camera with which is like [TS]

  filled gathering and Bob like to fake it [TS]

  it's like it's like you would take a [TS]

  picture and then given to the top 20 and [TS]

  told him pretend the background was [TS]

  blurred and like have them go in and [TS]

  mask out the part like doing it's doing [TS]

  more than that because it's not just [TS]

  give me a flat image [TS]

  let me find the people and loaded [TS]

  background is that would be awful i [TS]

  think it's also using the dual cameras [TS]

  to do it to make a depth map so it [TS]

  figures out like it's picking a focal [TS]

  distance that is trying to make a depth [TS]

  map by i'm still using like stereo [TS]

  vision from the two cameras and figuring [TS]

  out what's closed and what's far by like [TS]

  you know how far the images divert from [TS]

  each other whatever making a depth map [TS]

  and then picking its focal plane and [TS]

  saying anything behind that then just [TS]

  applying like a blur filter to the stuff [TS]

  that is right behind in these focal [TS]

  planes like and I guess that can look ok [TS]

  and the shots but I honestly I think [TS]

  that the photos they chose the shows off [TS]

  or bad photos to show it off with like [TS]

  I'm the backgrounds were so sort of [TS]

  bland that the blur didn't show anything [TS]

  I want to do foliage Foley just that is [TS]

  like the go-to right it's Greenwich [TS]

  like the go-to right it's Greenwich [TS]

  blotches of yellow with light going [TS]

  through them like that's that's what you [TS]

  want to see the blur on and they didn't [TS]

  show any of those are like a sky gray [TS]

  sky with the the suspension bridge and [TS]

  then a couple lights which I guess are [TS]

  pretty standard like the invitation [TS]

  headlights in them had that person [TS]

  standing in front of a light-filled but [TS]

  I was not all that impressed with the [TS]

  shots and I worry that as this fake [TS]

  algorithm tries to make these depth maps [TS]

  and then just like does gosh and [TS]

  blurring the background that it's gonna [TS]

  look like that it's gonna look like a [TS]

  picture that a computer found the edges [TS]

  of your head and then blurt everything [TS]

  behind it and that's I'm not looking for [TS]

  that because that that's exactly what's [TS]

  happening and you know this is not new [TS]

  you've able to get absolutely after [TS]

  Instagram does you know that's what i [TS]

  thought was kind of funny like to have [TS]

  Instagram there to say oh we can't wait [TS]

  to use all this new stuff is like [TS]

  instagrams existing app has a background [TS]

  blur feature that was its and there's of [TS]

  course lots of others but that's gotta [TS]

  work on two day it's it's not as it [TS]

  doesn't have the advantage of the depth [TS]

  feel so it presumably the depth feel [TS]

  it's not you don't have the problem of [TS]

  like edge detection around their heads [TS]

  because you can actually kind of have an [TS]