The Incomparable

269: Crazy Ivan


  the incomparable number 269 October 2015 [TS]

  go back everybody to the uncomfortable [TS]

  i'm your host Jason L it is time comrade [TS]

  to talk about john mctiernan other [TS]

  fantastic movie we already talked about [TS]

  die hard long time ago but he made [TS]

  another movie that i would consider [TS]

  classic it is nineteen nineties the hunt [TS]

  for red october and i have three people [TS]

  who have quoted the movie extensively to [TS]

  me joining people on this episode [TS]

  because you didn't even have to watch [TS]

  the movie because it's only right I i [TS]

  just heard your voices as we as we [TS]

  watched it so i give us one chance in [TS]

  three here are the three CI look what [TS]

  I'm doing here [TS]

  Casey list joins us for the first time [TS]

  in the uncomfortable Casey I wouldn't [TS]

  have done this episode without you [TS]

  thank you so very happy thank you very [TS]

  much i am super excited to be here and [TS]

  if there was ever a time i was going to [TS]

  feel confident in being in the big [TS]

  leagues of pop culture pond cat [TS]

  podcasting it will be about this movie [TS]

  which i probably could quote most of [TS]

  what we do our sneakers episode you'll [TS]

  be back [TS]

  I mean uh huh also hope perhaps hosting [TS]

  that episode because he loves it so much [TS]

  another person I would not do this [TS]

  episode without Dan Morgan hello hello [TS]

  it's so good to be here on this cramped [TS]

  submarine with you gentlemen [TS]

  m- i missed the piece of fishing is what [TS]

  i'm saying i understand this [TS]

  oh uh also joining us the person who has [TS]

  said you arrogant ass you've killed us [TS]

  to me more times than I then i can count [TS]

  mr. Philip Michaels how well i noticed [TS]

  that you could do the podcast without [TS]

  babycenter to indispensable Michaels [TS]

  weekend no no I you have all three of [TS]

  you could and where you were all [TS]

  mandatory guess [TS]

  anyhow this reminds me of the heady days [TS]

  of Sputnik and you're all done the world [TS]

  travel dinner podcast tonight they will [TS]

  tremble at our awkward silence [TS]

  well done i should explain with a [TS]

  prologue could you do it [TS]

  it's free this movie was set during the [TS]

  Cold War which awkward was kind of over [TS]

  by the time the movie [TS]

  yeah I i just want to sort of begin with [TS]

  an opening statement now say someone [TS]

  else's check here but arm i can take or [TS]

  leave tom clancy books I i really find [TS]

  them kind of kind of tree [TS]

  I think Sean Connery doesn't really act [TS]

  in this movie I Alec Baldwin I've never [TS]

  really liked him either as an as an [TS]

  actor and you mentioned the two good [TS]

  john mctiernan movies that exist and yet [TS]

  i love this movie more than I love air [TS]

  haha this is one of the greatest movies [TS]

  of my of my teenage years and indeed one [TS]

  and that makes it one of the greatest [TS]

  movies of all time [TS]

  it's like a logical mhm any other any [TS]

  other opening statements this is i would [TS]

  like to say that that uh mymy friends [TS]

  and I in high school used to practice [TS]

  our Sean Connery accidents by saying a [TS]

  line that is not even in this movie [TS]

  which is just going around saying I'm a [TS]

  Russian submarine that was a pick-up [TS]

  line to use one is moving us alone [TS]

  that's the light well yeah i feel like i [TS]

  should pitch in and just say that [TS]

  nothing of what you're about to hear [TS]

  never happened it never happened but as [TS]

  you as you're saying that the movie came [TS]

  out in 1990 just as the Soviet Union was [TS]

  collapsing yes the moment and at which [TS]

  is why they added the prologue is they [TS]

  were little Godard movie is ruined [TS]

  pieces breaking out i remember reading i [TS]

  think probably like an article in [TS]

  Newsweek or something about the problem [TS]

  that they had we're selling out cold war [TS]

  movie in the heady days after the cold [TS]

  air where strike is over yeah yeah and [TS]

  the insert and there is there is [TS]

  dialogue inserted in the movie about [TS]

  about how perhaps this event is what [TS]

  causes at the very end [TS]

  rainia says a little revolution now and [TS]

  then is a healthy thing don't you think [TS]

  I'm not gonna do my Sean Connery that [TS]

  oh don't worry people will people don't [TS]

  feel that good idea [TS]

  the nice thing about that is that were [TS]

  so far removed from that now that you [TS]

  can just view it as a like early [TS]

  nineteen eighties cold war movie to a [TS]

  certain DN indeed now it doesn't it [TS]

  doesn't matter in fact now the prologue [TS]

  is a little bit weird and unnecessary [TS]

  because it's just an old movie although [TS]

  i did but my mind boggled when i looked [TS]

  it up on IMDb and I saw that it was [TS]

  released in 1990 because it feels and [TS]

  this is dr. credit it feels so [TS]

  mid-eighties in fact it feels so the [TS]

  movie that actually it reminds me of the [TS]

  most is star trek to uh we just all so [TS]

  kind of a submarine movie now and and [TS]

  it's it's gotta you know it's got some [TS]

  harry shouting people like like 200 but [TS]

  it's a sub-sub chase and that the the [TS]

  score here which is not by james horner [TS]

  but it is it sounds so much like the [TS]

  star trek to soundtrack and that movie [TS]

  is from 192 yeah so it has that [TS]

  mid-eighties feel even though it's from [TS]

  well we can we can get to this later in [TS]

  the episode if you want but basically [TS]

  submarine movies or space movies and [TS]

  space movies except yes this is true [TS]

  well I will say that I also i went on a [TS]

  kick I think are probably around after [TS]

  I'd seen this movie and read in college [TS]

  a bunch of the Tata tom clancy books I [TS]

  think about that was a poor decision [TS]

  yes well at the time it was you know [TS]

  that they're thrillers right there [TS]

  techno-thriller there they're definitely [TS]

  page-turners got what I went along they [TS]

  definitely got worse as they went along [TS]

  although some he's very good at [TS]

  maintaining that sort of like phonetic [TS]

  totally tense element of suspense like [TS]

  he's very mechanically solid I in [TS]

  retrospect I think hunt for red october [TS]

  maybe the only really good book with [TS]

  Vicki ever wrote but it is a very good [TS]

  book i think a and they do a great job [TS]

  of adapting it to a film hear that that [TS]

  really works you know sometimes you get [TS]

  lucky and it's like the combination of [TS]

  and it's not that there isn't Alan but [TS]

  it sometimes town all the time in the [TS]

  world won't get you a good movie but [TS]

  it's like the source material and the [TS]

  way it was adapted and the the way was [TS]

  directed and the performances in a movie [TS]

  and the music and the special effects it [TS]

  just all comes together so yeah this is [TS]

  going to be a love fest and that is why [TS]

  we are here because this is such a cool [TS]

  movie so there's a prologue explains [TS]

  that this happened in the cold war [TS]

  and that it never happened some people [TS]

  will tell you it never happened never [TS]

  happened during the cold or did it [TS]

  already to him and so we we start with [TS]

  I'm just going to kind of walk through [TS]

  it and stop me when I go ahead and start [TS]

  we start with sean connery as Marko [TS]

  Ramius who is it's actually this is a a [TS]

  tidbit that tom clancy I i really like [TS]

  this because in in hindsight it is that [TS]

  much stronger of other thing which is he [TS]

  is lithuanian yes and uh and in the [TS]

  movie jack ryan says he's not a Russian [TS]

  he's a Lithuanian life it like it's like [TS]

  a little thing that most Americans [TS]

  wouldn't even think they're all Soviet [TS]

  but to him it's like he he's not Russian [TS]

  the Lithuanian were kind of invaded and [TS]

  subjugated and of course now lithuania [TS]

  and the rest of the Baltic countries are [TS]

  free from the they were the first ones [TS]

  to declare their independence from the [TS]

  soviet union so it's a nice little [TS]

  tidbit and he's there at the at their uh [TS]

  he's about to take off in his in his [TS]

  submarine for this mission it is time [TS]

  comrade and that is the first thing we [TS]

  see in the movie is is the the submarine [TS]

  and that they give ya him and Sam Neill [TS]

  who is executive officer [TS]

  yes the somali yes I i would like to [TS]

  make a comment about the opening title [TS]

  the title card which appears briefly in [TS]

  Russian and before sort of washing into [TS]

  english they spell October totally that [TS]

  is not russian company is correct but [TS]

  activists spelled incorrectly like they [TS]

  don't they and I looked this up to [TS]

  double-check it was curious if it was [TS]

  another so that another Slavic language [TS]

  basically that they were sort of mixing [TS]

  and matching and I found a couple [TS]

  references nope they hit it spelled it [TS]

  in a way that made it look more [TS]

  anglicized for some reason so yes that's [TS]

  redstart good enough that's enough [TS]

  several letters aren't even certain that [TS]

  they have an eye in there there's no [TS]

  idea what my understanding from people [TS]

  who know Russian is that the Russian in [TS]

  this movie is terrible just yes some [TS]

  people have better access than others in [TS]

  the movie Connery's is terrible as you [TS]

  know i'll cover some people try and some [TS]

  people are Sean Connery yes we then cut [TS]

  to its London and young young young [TS]

  higher voiced at night not quite whiskey [TS]

  voice yet al [TS]

  Baldwin is you know Alec Baldwin is [TS]

  leaving for a flight and he says goodbye [TS]

  to his wife who is dr. crusher [TS]

  yes our dragnet dinner without with a [TS]

  totally weird British accent since that [TS]

  character is not British in any of the [TS]

  books and ironically my family an archer [TS]

  in this subsequently and then becomes [TS]

  keira knightley who is British and is [TS]

  forced to do an American accent what the [TS]

  hell anyone anything like it's shorthand [TS]

  to say well this is this will help with [TS]

  the geography of explaining that he's [TS]

  flying from London private its it gets [TS]

  out of a black cab and the next it's [TS]

  also not entirely clear even watching it [TS]

  that you know she could be the nanny [TS]

  practically like it's not a lot of her [TS]

  she had some more scenes and they got [TS]

  cut up our eyes what is what i've i've [TS]

  read but this was this was monumental [TS]

  for me though because at the time when I [TS]

  saw this I was a big next generation [TS]

  family and so I was deal predisposed [TS]

  from the moment I saw dr. crusher for [TS]

  all of five seconds to really enjoy this [TS]

  movie and from here on out I really [TS]

  enjoyed and continue to enjoy this [TS]

  moment but it's the doctor crusher [TS]

  guarantee once you get that you're in [TS]

  there although i will point out that [TS]

  yeah I think all of the women to have [TS]

  lines in this movie pretty much are in [TS]

  the first like yeah minutes and that i [TS]

  was watching this with my wife and my [TS]

  wife says boy this movie really fails [TS]

  the bechdel test [TS]

  oh yeah yeah well I mean at someone like [TS]

  scenes on the submarines understands all [TS]

  male fleet I get that but yes it fails [TS]

  and all the other in all the other [TS]

  places uh but then we move on he's in [TS]

  Washington DC he's so young and he's [TS]

  visiting with the Admiral James Earl [TS]

  Jones i love seeing James Earl Jones the [TS]

  this is a nice a period for him where we [TS]

  got him in this and in the field of [TS]

  dreams a couple years later and sneakers [TS]

  sneakers from him [TS]

  naturally I feel that dreams predated [TS]

  this by a year [TS]

  tell you right well i thought i saw in [TS]

  college so yeah I was the year before [TS]

  okay yeah i have a good party together [TS]

  this or this was the this was the this [TS]

  was the golden era of james earl jones [TS]

  when he had to make the really crummy [TS]

  movies like city limits in the early [TS]

  eighties and then he suddenly became [TS]

  this you've got a really authoritative [TS]

  hello he's get our theater for our movie [TS]

  yeah let's put you in the movie and [TS]

  young people will go home wow this is a [TS]

  classy movie [TS]

  yeah I think equally does I mean this [TS]

  movie doesn't necessarily need to be [TS]

  classed up although this point it's [TS]

  early in the in the film but he brings [TS]

  that really really nice kind of he's got [TS]

  the gravitas like you got to take this [TS]

  guy seriously but also comes across as [TS]

  like you know a mentor and a good guy [TS]

  like he's he's a he's a solid guy is a [TS]

  right leg [TS]

  yeah and he and he he's got the you know [TS]

  he's got to talk to to Jack Ryan about [TS]

  what was going on with the submarines [TS]

  what Britain I don't know anything that [TS]

  can get your information in the middle [TS]

  of the night and then and it's a nice [TS]

  just so your net because we don't know [TS]

  because we don't know right so we don't [TS]

  know why this is happening in fact i [TS]

  think you could probably guess that he's [TS]

  been summoned right then we get there [TS]

  and it turns out he hasn't been summoned [TS]

  he noticed something and hopped on a [TS]

  plane which tells you a lot i think [TS]

  about Jack Ryan who also got the error [TS]

  right like he couldn't just like pop off [TS]

  an email it's not really about the way [TS]

  well it is secret like super top-secret [TS]

  III give him some latitude like in in [TS]

  this service perhaps what you can do it [TS]

  in person [TS]

  one of the things I love about the early [TS]

  technology you know cold war thriller [TS]

  era is that it is so low-tech in many [TS]

  ways right like even though we're [TS]

  talking about hugely technical like [TS]

  giant submarine warfare machines the [TS]

  fact that so much stuff has to be done [TS]

  in person the computers don't really do [TS]

  everything it lends just sort of it [TS]

  maybe certain as the amount of nostalgia [TS]

  to it I really busy today this this is [TS]

  legal conference call on screens and [TS]

  everyone is is weighing in and and here [TS]

  it's him flying across across the [TS]

  Atlantic with a couple of grainy [TS]

  black-and-white photos that despite yeah [TS]

  I was just about to say that these [TS]

  pictures are so crappy which is [TS]

  understandable because this by took them [TS]

  like you said but they're so crappy that [TS]

  you probably could fax these damn things [TS]

  anyone was very much fidelity at all but [TS]

  yeah so he gets on this point to show to [TS]

  shadow Greer that there's something up [TS]

  with this new Russian some yeah I'm [TS]

  later is talking about photos one of my [TS]

  favorite bits and I remember this when [TS]

  the last time I thought which is [TS]

  probably about five or ten years ago [TS]

  when my favorite bits is when he's in [TS]

  the briefing room scene we're going to [TS]

  serve rabies I got a picture frame us [TS]

  and it's like a picture of this whole [TS]

  group of people and we're back there's [TS]

  this little circle around Sean Connery's [TS]

  and i love it because that feels real to [TS]

  me like we this is the only picture we [TS]

  have [TS]

  this is like watching the people who [TS]

  line up in the in the balconies during [TS]

  the parades and doing actual Kremlin [TS]

  ology this is this is what that is and [TS]

  it so it totally works is we got his [TS]

  craft and you're like what we've got his [TS]

  facebook page yeah mp3 sequences DNA and [TS]

  i love that like really like Waldo's [TS]

  right next to a military is yep that's [TS]

  correct although noted communist wearing [TS]

  red [TS]

  yeah cut to the USS Dallas sonar guys [TS]

  are talking about sonar Jonesy Courtney [TS]

  I lot more DB Vance involves you know [TS]

  one of my coordinate be awesome [TS]

  it's more like it so true he's so [TS]

  delightful in the movie and in the crux [TS]

  is that we find out that the Red October [TS]

  is just launched and this escalates Alec [TS]

  Baldwin's already urgency into a holy [TS]

  realm and so where were in the sonar [TS]

  room with Jonesy and he's tutoring his [TS]

  protégé whose name I don't even [TS]

  Stephen Beaumont yes thank you [TS]

  and so he's trying to teach human bone [TS]

  mount about sonar and makes a good joke [TS]

  about how Stephen Beaumont ends up [TS]

  discovering a whale who knows a hell of [TS]

  a lot about some more about helped a lot [TS]

  more about sonar than you do and it's [TS]

  nice job it sets the scene of sort of [TS]

  you know where we're going to be [TS]

  spending a lot of this movie it throws a [TS]

  lot of jargon at you but it also does a [TS]

  good job of sort of translating the [TS]

  things that you highlighting the things [TS]

  you need to know and then sonar will be [TS]

  important to move right exactly but they [TS]

  usually go through a bunch of acronyms [TS]

  they talk about like use technical terms [TS]

  but they do both the translation and [TS]

  they also just it immerses you without [TS]

  necessarily making you feel like okay I [TS]

  need to know every single detail if [TS]

  you're if you're a screenwriting geeker [TS]

  writing geek this is really a good movie [TS]

  that that that that this movie really [TS]

  handles exposition well because it could [TS]

  have been very Legend and then obvious [TS]

  and instead its depth and and advances [TS]

  the story is speaking of screenwriting [TS]

  the chief of the boat now [TS]

  he apparently was a screenwriter which I [TS]

  did not know until I do wow yeah i saw [TS]

  that so let's change the world is a [TS]

  screenwriter Larry Ferguson apparently [TS]

  was a screenwriter as well and i thought [TS]

  it was a fine actor [TS]

  like I never in a million years would [TS]

  have guessed that his real job is [TS]

  screenwriting he's kind of a jerk to [TS]

  Jonesy and he pulls it off well with a [TS]

  time arguing about the Paganini [TS]

  versatile Verratti right which I enjoy [TS]

  that's a good line no no Pavarotti's the [TS]

  singer packaging is a composer get it [TS]

  right this is also good because and and [TS]

  this goes back to what i was saying [TS]

  about Admiral Greer that the one guy [TS]

  could be better who is working with [TS]

  Jones could be portrayed as an idiot or [TS]

  Jones it could be portrayed as being a [TS]

  jerk and that's not you get [TS]

  professionalism from these guys right [TS]

  they are they are professionals they are [TS]

  they are in this submarine they are you [TS]

  know X you know one of them is an expert [TS]

  at his job in the other one is learning [TS]

  and so you get the exposition but you [TS]

  also get this tone of like these guys [TS]

  are not are not Joker's they the these [TS]

  are people series people who want to do [TS]

  good and want to do a good job [TS]

  also I always love the fact that there's [TS]

  a roll of toilet paper hanging from a [TS]

  thing to wipe wipe the screen off [TS]

  because I think they use it for that [TS]

  later which kind of makes sense but it [TS]

  is first several times I saw this movie [TS]

  like they not let them go to the [TS]

  bathroom but you have to stay just a [TS]

  picture when it as it turns out later on [TS]

  we hear that Jonesy refuses to leave the [TS]

  sonar room for three important reasons [TS]

  that will come upon a moment but you [TS]

  know it very well could be that the [TS]

  toilet paper that was intended for the [TS]

  screen did serve a dual purpose as a [TS]

  turndown let's take a brief break [TS]

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  shall we talk about the Red October and [TS]

  why it needs to be hunted [TS]

  I think I think perhaps it and I think [TS]

  we've reached that way my only note but [TS]

  before we get there is that [TS]

  hey Scott Glenn is the captain a lot of1 [TS]

  and he has gigantic glasses and I was [TS]

  mildly time because so eighties Scotland [TS]

  is fantastic and this I just say like [TS]

  when I saw him most recently I thinking [TS]

  he's in the daredevil show he plays [TS]

  stick [TS]

  oh yeah Matt Murdock's mentor friend [TS]

  he's all he's still awesome [TS]

  oh yeah he's great he is movie helper [TS]

  you just put him in a movie as dirt is [TS]

  better [TS]

  ok we moved to the Red October and we [TS]

  have we have lots of stuff that happens [TS]

  in the Red October including famously a [TS]

  switch from russian to english which i [TS]

  think is it's interesting I i like it i [TS]

  think it's a very deft way they handle [TS]

  it which is that the brainiest comes [TS]

  into his his a his room and the [TS]

  political officer the spy basically for [TS]

  this named Putin hmm also play by peter [TS]

  firth who then goes on into a long [TS]

  career of playing Harry the chief spy on [TS]

  the m the british show spooks which ran [TS]

  for like 10 or 11 years so he's yeah [TS]

  good old girl hairy so he's reading [TS]

  through the books and in one of the [TS]

  books is reading through the Bible and [TS]

  and highlighted passages including about [TS]

  Armageddon which is part of the theme of [TS]

  this movie right because this is that [TS]

  this is the sub that could bring about [TS]

  the end of the world and of course at as [TS]

  he's reading the camera zooms into the [TS]

  Bible and he reads the word Armageddon [TS]

  and then as we pull immediately the [TS]

  camera zooms back out and [TS]

  reading in English and now we don't need [TS]

  to listen to English and Scottish and [TS]

  American actors doing fake Russian well [TS]

  not all of them do fake Russian accent [TS]

  some of them still do but they're all [TS]

  speaking English at this point although [TS]

  it is it is a hodgepodge of different [TS]

  nationalities all on on like there's an [TS]

  American on the Red October there's you [TS]

  know a couple of breaks it's very it's [TS]

  very all over the place it is the Tower [TS]

  of Babel summer yeah there's not a lot [TS]

  of still fake Russian accent I just [TS]

  figured the Lithuanian accent translates [TS]

  by the TARDIS translation circuits that [TS]

  comes across the Scottish that makes [TS]

  perfect [TS]

  the funny thing about this was the one [TS]

  of the first ones to watch this and [TS]

  watch it with my dad and he was a big [TS]

  fan of the movie from like the 60 [TS]

  judgment at Nuremberg and he said to me [TS]

  and I believe my eyes have seen that [TS]

  movie wants forever ago that this zoom [TS]

  into the mouth to switch languages that [TS]

  was actually pulled from judgment at [TS]

  nuremberg that's rest is that another [TS]

  variation of it yeah incision i agree [TS]

  though is a very clever very clean way [TS]

  to say without being cheesy about it [TS]

  listen we're just going to all agree to [TS]

  talk in English from now on i also like [TS]

  that there's a UH there's a nice [TS]

  contrast between the submarines here a [TS]

  lot of the on the Russian submarine a [TS]

  lot of bustling activity it's like a [TS]

  hive everybody's running around [TS]

  whereas on the American submarine people [TS]

  just started chill you know that there's [TS]

  different lighting there's different set [TS]

  design and so given that we're gonna [TS]

  spend this so much money in the movie in [TS]

  these two submarines they do a nice job [TS]

  of setting them apart in a way that [TS]

  they're instantly recognizable so Ramos [TS]

  has gotten his orders he and the [TS]

  political officer going to are going to [TS]

  get them out and then he's gonna take [TS]

  this everything will be fine a secret [TS]

  silent sub that's got a special dr [TS]

  called the caterpillar which is not [TS]

  audible on sonar or so they think [TS]

  and they're gonna take it out for a test [TS]

  ride and and the political officers so [TS]

  excited about this that he wants to [TS]

  announce the orders to the to the the [TS]

  the crew which radius agrees to and as [TS]

  the political officer turns to walk out [TS]

  the door Ramos grabs him slams his head [TS]

  onto the table kills him and says where [TS]

  I'm going you can't follow i [TS]

  accidentally paused on poor Peter first [TS]

  have space which is not specifically [TS]

  so yeah that's an awkward death see it [TS]

  really is for yes [TS]

  dying is easy comedy is hard not if you [TS]

  peter firth of this myth dying is quite [TS]

  difficult so I have an important [TS]

  question so i know that Jason and dan [TS]

  you're both developed tea drinkers did [TS]

  this did this scene really affect you [TS]

  negatively did that really I just [TS]

  warranty i enjoy the tea the tea [TS]

  presence in this movie because the it's [TS]

  to make use of drinks tea too [TS]

  yeah or he's just get yourself some [TS]

  coffee and bring me some tea so it's [TS]

  like there's a tea magenta happening [TS]

  well in and Russia baby was monitored by [TS]

  big t bt yea the novelty in in Russia [TS]

  they drink tea correctly on the on the [TS]

  submarines although a little [TS]

  precariously everything for us which is [TS]

  the glasses [TS]

  those are those are sort of traditional [TS]

  russian tea drinking glasses and t is [TS]

  certainly at least at this point [TS]

  probably much more common in Russia than [TS]

  coffee [TS]

  it's a common thing for people to slip [TS]

  on TV and die too so you know it's not [TS]

  raining submarines are dangerous okay [TS]

  yeah let's let's talk a little bit about [TS]

  ships doctor Frank encoder Tim Curry [TS]

  never really interested in is the doctor [TS]

  which is the worst talk to her [TS]

  it goes everything always look got some [TS]

  tea that seems alright to me [TS]

  well it is silvia Union you're the [TS]

  captain I like that he also does try to [TS]

  he's our explication vehicle for why [TS]

  someone shouldn't have two missile keys [TS]

  and it sort of halting leaders sure i [TS]

  mean i could hold onto a key if you want [TS]

  yeah but that is brilliantly shutdown [TS]

  writers like nope I'm gonna do it and I [TS]

  i will learn team curry I'll do you a [TS]

  favor in that report that you gave me [TS]

  some lip [TS]

  yeah for which your doctor only wanted [TS]

  was a BFF even just one and you know I [TS]

  think this is a great again sort of [TS]

  great plotting for how Ramos is going to [TS]

  pull this off because you know as we are [TS]

  sort of learning you know his his plan [TS]

  as it goes along a lot of it relies on [TS]

  things like the immense secrecy of what [TS]

  they're doing the fact that he has sort [TS]

  of absolute power now especially with [TS]

  the political officer out of the way but [TS]

  he is sort of still writing that knife's [TS]

  edge and that does come back to bite him [TS]

  as we find out in this very scene [TS]

  there's an [TS]

  I set up with the guy they calls over to [TS]

  have him witness taking the key is the a [TS]

  cook's assistant [TS]

  hmm maybe who may be important later on [TS]

  her lingers on him featured so [TS]

  prominently in the strattice is nothing [TS]

  interesting you know it's funny you guys [TS]

  bring that up because i was rewatching [TS]

  this earlier tonight I I feel like there [TS]

  is an awful lot of once you've seen that [TS]

  movie at least once really heavy [TS]

  foreshadows is heavier than you normally [TS]

  find any i thought about you know the [TS]

  turbulence in the plane at the beginning [TS]

  that comes out it's not a big plot [TS]

  device but it comes up later we we are [TS]

  actually we skip the scene where he goes [TS]

  to see the DSRV getting installed that [TS]

  becomes relevant later something that I [TS]

  keep that I wrote down that I can't read [TS]

  my own handwriting and we're not reading [TS]

  your own handwriting comes into play yes [TS]

  it's very boring nothing but I really [TS]

  cooks assistant loco Logan officer that [TS]

  becomes important when you watch it you [TS]

  don't realize that they're setting all [TS]

  that up and i think that's the good [TS]

  thing is it seems organic that this is [TS]

  all happening but it's alright only pays [TS]

  off [TS]

  i would say although it seems Telegraph [TS]

  I think um there are enough red herrings [TS]

  to keep you guessing like there's the [TS]

  guy who is always smoking a cigarette [TS]

  and staring at you with crazy eyes [TS]

  the engineer yeah right and I favorite [TS]

  guy don't trust that i right i don't [TS]

  trust that guy either right because he [TS]

  seems like why is he so weird and why do [TS]

  we linger on him all the time and he's [TS]

  not the the the more wetland but but [TS]

  right i mean the end tim curry again I'm [TS]

  just naturally suspicious of tim curry [TS]

  so you know that could that kept me a [TS]

  little bit off the edges and they're [TS]

  trying to throw it away from the cook [TS]

  system if I have to criticisms of this [TS]

  movie it's it's to casting decisions [TS]

  when we'll get to later and the other is [TS]

  tim curry I'd every time to Korea [TS]

  appears he takes me right the hell out [TS]

  of the movie and that's probably just be [TS]

  though you know Cee and I never got that [TS]

  because i never saw any of the millions [TS]

  of other movies Tim Curry has been in [TS]

  until well after I saw the know imagine [TS]

  me trying to watch rocky horror [TS]

  thinking what the hell is going on right [TS]

  now what is the doctor what is the [TS]

  doctor in Doctor doing [TS]

  indeed captain alright so I'm so murder [TS]

  political officer where I'm going you [TS]

  can't follow he says there is that scene [TS]

  where Jack Ryan goes to the his his [TS]

  friend at the shop shipbuilding thing [TS]

  and and Jeffrey Jones get from ferris [TS]

  bueller's day off and he gets the to do [TS]

  a little exposition as well about how [TS]

  this is the silent drive the caterpillar [TS]

  and that its we tried to make it work [TS]

  when we couldn't even make it work and [TS]

  if they didn't make it work [TS]

  they can basically blow up New York and [TS]

  Washington before you have the bottom [TS]

  line is it's a first strike with ya and [TS]

  this could be the end of the world [TS]

  because this is the shit tipping the [TS]

  balance of power and that's when we we [TS]

  we learned that Sean Connery is defined [TS]

  the orders and going to sail to to the [TS]

  the American co-star we sail into [TS]

  history comrades engage the silent drive [TS]

  and then when the right day contracts [TS]

  with shaylen check your partner shelf of [TS]

  the biggest city and listen to that rock [TS]

  more rock and roll ocean that's good [TS]

  what we true but it's all with the best [TS]

  part of that is it's it's a whole line [TS]

  of BS rightly feeding them what they [TS]

  wanted with what I know but we don't [TS]

  know that yet we know we don't we don't [TS]

  know this is a nice thing that happens [TS]

  is that he could he plays the crew he [TS]

  knows what to say to a to a Soviet crew [TS]

  to have them be excited to the point [TS]

  where even after they get them off in [TS]

  the mo their little wraps and they're [TS]

  going to be picked up by the Americans [TS]

  they're still looking for him ya know [TS]

  it's brilliant sit watching it again for [TS]

  the vantage point of having seen it [TS]

  before you know obviously there's a lot [TS]

  I feel like there's even more to [TS]

  appreciate in some of the way this is [TS]

  constructed because it is it is it works [TS]

  both on having never seen it before [TS]

  trying to piece out what's going on as [TS]

  well as sort of appreciating a look at [TS]

  the way he's he is playing the crew or [TS]

  look at the way that he's taking [TS]

  advantage of all these ingredients also [TS]

  this is the point where they they start [TS]

  to sing the Soviet national anthem boy [TS]

  is that a long national get a simple [TS]

  person national anthem but it allows the [TS]

  as they engage the silent drive but it [TS]

  allows our amid lots of music and [TS]

  effects shots and all of this the the [TS]

  USS Dallas has been has been trying to [TS]

  follow them and the Red October go [TS]

  silent but there's a great line that i [TS]

  really liked was like I thought I heard [TS]

  singing sir just for a second just [TS]

  the second like I'm going maybe going [TS]

  crazy but it's like this submarine [TS]

  vanished and all that was left was [TS]

  people singing the Russian national [TS]

  anthem so fun fact in the early days of [TS]

  the iphone when you could use it to as [TS]

  an alarm clock did and it would just [TS]

  play whatever music was in your library [TS]

  i used to use the Russian national [TS]

  anthem is my wake up song because that [TS]

  will get you right the hell out of it [TS]

  and it and i'm from a communist state [TS]

  yeah well Phil and I have had this [TS]

  discussion that if he was a major league [TS]

  baseball player has walk-up music would [TS]

  be the Soviet national and home [TS]

  how could you not because no one uses it [TS]

  an hour [TS]

  no well I think they rewrote the lyrics [TS]

  and it is now the russian LOL but and [TS]

  then i have to go when the International [TS]

  so I I this is at the point where where [TS]

  I pointed out that every subtitle that [TS]

  happens in this movie not that not the [TS]

  translation subtitles but like the super [TS]

  titles of where we are [TS]

  has that sound effect that doesn't [TS]

  printing on expires or something yeah [TS]

  that is it that I feel like that that is [TS]

  then pay you then became a troop I know [TS]

  if it was a troll private was not a drop [TS]

  at the time this was 1988 most [TS]

  cutting-edge to yeah so so we kept the [TS]

  Kremlin I gotta a general who we find [TS]

  out is is radius is a father-in-law [TS]

  because we're using wife had died a year [TS]

  a year before four do with one scene i [TS]

  love this guy [TS]

  yeah yeah yeah good morning that role [TS]

  it's not really a drone awful awful of [TS]

  whether he's taking off his coat he gets [TS]

  his tea again we got some tea action [TS]

  happening here sit down to read the [TS]

  letter and Markel i love his letter [TS]

  opener but I was just about to say it [TS]

  doesn't just over-the-top ridiculous [TS]

  letter opener that's what I had a word i [TS]

  know i had a briefing that because [TS]

  there's actually like a saber on his [TS]

  desk and when I picks up is like a [TS]

  shorter version i kept expected this [TS]

  time as a quick disease the giant [TS]

  circular that's ridiculous no it's just [TS]

  like a like a scabby dagger [TS]

  yeah so he opened the letter and then [TS]

  spills his tea because then slips on it [TS]

  breaks is now something shocking and [TS]

  this leads to and then this sets in [TS]

  motion the finally now we have the game [TS]

  that is being played openly between the [TS]

  superpowers Ryan [TS]

  it's an emergency call to give a an end [TS]

  in a very nice seen Ryan doesn't even [TS]

  notice he's like reading the letter are [TS]

  reading the intelligence in in an [TS]

  elevator and he forgets to get out for a [TS]

  while and then he gets out and then you [TS]

  sort of notice that he's in a tunnel [TS]

  that's going to the White House which I [TS]

  think he's he sort of hasn't banks where [TS]

  we going exactly and Greer gets to break [TS]

  it to him that we're going to an [TS]

  emergency briefing who's giving the [TS]

  briefing [TS]

  well you are the regular look on his [TS]

  face he sold it so well and he just kind [TS]

  of freezes as Greer's walking away [TS]

  increase kind of a can basically say [TS]

  it'll be okay you notice at him on the [TS]

  back you know i will be fine i will say [TS]

  that i am I like that the establishing [TS]

  shot where they get out of the car and [TS]

  walk into the building they sort of [TS]

  panic bc the white house in the [TS]

  background i was on that Street three [TS]

  days ago and you cannot drive down that [TS]

  Street much less park on that street [TS]

  because man let me tell you secure has [TS]

  changed [TS]

  no good old days of the Cold War yeah [TS]

  it's perfectly safe and I only thing you [TS]

  have to worry about with a first-strike [TS]

  nuclear launch [TS]

  yeah it doesn't matter if you're on the [TS]

  street from the White House for that or [TS]

  not know who [TS]

  so there's a there's a briefing seen all [TS]

  the top brass is there including like [TS]

  the national security advisor in the [TS]

  Chairman Jeffrey help my favorite [TS]

  character in the movie [TS]

  yeah is used a hero movie is really good [TS]

  so so jackets the briefing and says this [TS]

  is a first-strike capability everybody's [TS]

  really upset they start arguing about [TS]

  among ourselves [TS]

  Ryan is sitting there he like gives gets [TS]

  the gets a thousand-yard stare and [TS]

  figures out something very important and [TS]

  hits the table and shout son-of-a-bitch [TS]

  at which point everybody else is silent [TS]

  and it is the most embarrassing thing in [TS]

  your first white house briefing [TS]

  everything I want to do that at every [TS]

  meeting I've ever you have thought dr. [TS]

  Ryan he calls out the general who's who [TS]

  disputes him is have you ever met in [TS]

  general you have I have an embassy [TS]

  function he gets told to stay after [TS]

  class by the national security advisor [TS]

  and as he's leaving James Earl Jones [TS]

  says to him I said speak your mind Jack [TS]

  but she's really shit we should point [TS]

  out that what what Jack Ryan has figured [TS]

  out is that this is the year anniversary [TS]

  of [TS]

  of radius his wife's death and that [TS]

  instead of being a rogue sub captain [TS]

  sailing to the u.s. to launch a missile [TS]

  attack he is in fact probably defecting [TS]

  yes Jack Ryan's theory right right [TS]

  knowing that he's lithuanian knowing [TS]

  that his wife has died knowing that he [TS]

  has nobody left at home and that he's [TS]

  been able to handpick his crew because [TS]

  he's been training all of these people [TS]

  for decades that that the most likely [TS]

  scenario here is that he is or at least [TS]

  a serious a scenario to be taken [TS]

  seriously that is defecting and he tells [TS]

  us the National Security Advisor should [TS]

  feel this is this guy you like great [TS]

  character because this is where he says [TS]

  look I'm a politician a politician which [TS]

  means I'm a lion her sheet and when I'm [TS]

  not kissing pictures i'm figuring out a [TS]

  way to steal their lollipops [TS]

  but I also keep my options open oh that [TS]

  guy that I don't know if it's like a [TS]

  Texan accent whatever accident this is [TS]

  it is sore lightful and it works so well [TS]

  oh yeah I i love jeffrey felt and all [TS]

  his future interactions with with the [TS]

  Russian ambassador the state's yeah [TS]

  amazing and I you will get Andre it's [TS]

  like we will because he says I'm [TS]

  shooting a lie right and we see in the [TS]

  complete lack of of truth in any of the [TS]

  diplomatic conversations that happen [TS]

  between the u.s. and the Soviet what I [TS]

  also love about subsequent scenes with [TS]

  with Jeffrey Pelt is he has a big bowl [TS]

  of candy [TS]

  yeah you consider that he fingers [TS]

  continuous yes but he stole from the [TS]

  baby's still from baby but what's good [TS]

  is that he says you know you again you [TS]

  get the sense despite all of that he's [TS]

  doing his job here and it's like I'm [TS]

  gonna keep my options open i I you know [TS]

  the generals can think what they want [TS]

  but I you know I'm interested in this [TS]

  and I'm going to send you because you're [TS]

  expendable but nothing anomalous like [TS]

  too bad kid we get are a ticking clock [TS]

  here to where he told him you have three [TS]

  days three [TS]

  that's right ok we'll take a brief break [TS]

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  sponsoring the incomparable cut to [TS]

  stellan skarsgard ellen scenery [TS]

  Skarsgard as tuple of you may know him [TS]

  as the guy from like Thor and the [TS]

  Avengers but here he was subcommander [TS]

  tuple of who is going to announces we're [TS]

  going to kill Ramius that speaking of [TS]

  things that are hard to reconcile even [TS]

  though i saw this long before girl with [TS]

  the dragon tattoo reconciling his [TS]

  character that movie with tupolev in one [TS]

  sense well you know I'm trying to spoil [TS]

  the other movie [TS]

  in one sense it sort of makes sense but [TS]

  in a lot of ways it's like what did [TS]

  these are two completely different [TS]

  people which I guess is a testament to [TS]

  stones and starts collecting ability [TS]

  I mean he's really good and you hate to [TS]

  pull of the moment you can meet him [TS]

  well you just hate that guy he's really [TS]

  here sweaty and awful we don't like him [TS]

  before we meet him because they asked [TS]

  him about to pull 11 he says two levels [TS]

  only concerned with two purlins there's [TS]

  an overall mid to upper levels hard for [TS]

  Cooper there's no room in anyone elses [TS]

  your heart for every there's no room in [TS]

  two gloves are for anybody but to get [TS]

  that you hold a special place in his [TS]

  heart I don't know [TS]

  yes the smallest part also he just he [TS]

  just does devour the scenery around him [TS]

  in this movie yes there's a lot of [TS]

  shouting from stellan skarsgard that [TS]

  work that's okay [TS]

  it totally works totally yes he's your [TS]

  real rogue sub captain [TS]

  yes so I'm really interesting scene [TS]

  comes after this which is the there's [TS]

  the meeting of the collaborators this is [TS]

  where we get the sense that that Jack [TS]

  Ryan has hinted at here which is he's [TS]

  assembled his group and here we see them [TS]

  all meeting at a at AII wrote down [TS]

  originally that it was there they have [TS]

  dinner but no Connor eats the rest of [TS]

  them just sort of sit there and watch [TS]

  him eat and text him tim curry gets [TS]

  kicked out beforehand [TS]

  yes because tim curry is not one of the [TS]

  trusted house he's not he's not doesn't [TS]

  get a dinner either [TS]

  he is the stuccis the dupe he's the mark [TS]

  and the rest of them are upset because [TS]

  they expected this to be much more [TS]

  straightforward and as a defection but [TS]

  instead it's ago you had to make a [TS]

  political statement no they weren't [TS]

  expecting him to send a letter to his [TS]

  father exactly and at which scrambles [TS]

  the entire Soviet fleet and i believe [TS]

  that the murder of the political officer [TS]

  Sean Connery freelances yeah yeah they [TS]

  were worked up about Putin being killed [TS]

  and then they they were really worked up [TS]

  about the letter to be Doran because [TS]

  they know that the holes the full the [TS]

  whole fleet is gonna come after them [TS]

  I wish information it's sweet jazz baby [TS]

  he's just gets very calm as he's [TS]

  explaining this meeting is dinner [TS]

  more cheat anybody i give us one chance [TS]

  mr. all that Morty every Morty is grote [TS]

  is a great line it's I converter I'm [TS]

  just gonna pour my tea and they're all [TS]

  arguing about whether or not this is [TS]

  going to work and we get we get our [TS]

  we get our like little like 30 second [TS]

  character sketch about this is the guy [TS]

  that worries all the time [TS]

  this is the guy that's like matter [TS]

  really care just sort of wanted to agree [TS]

  the audience listening I this yeah yeah [TS]

  and we have a sam neill sort of like [TS]

  running interference always you and and [TS]

  and then being like when they have a [TS]

  moment privately where they're like yeah [TS]

  I'm not gonna like disagree with you in [TS]

  front of all the guys but like a good [TS]

  idea [TS]

  you're afraid of awfully well you should [TS]

  be personally I give us one chance in [TS]

  three we get some buckaroo [TS]

  yes I just getting the right that's [TS]

  right which which is a which ends up [TS]

  getting a paid off later when when we [TS]

  have the boarding of the sub with scott [TS]

  going with this with his sidearm we cut [TS]

  back to Jack Ryan taking a plane ride it [TS]

  was a bumpy plane ride where there's a [TS]

  lot of conversation about you should [TS]

  have seen the last flight we were on [TS]

  everybody was vomiting everywhere all [TS]

  the answers on SideReel wait you give in [TS]

  my notes yeah next time Jack just [TS]

  putting the memo but uh oh yeah easy he [TS]

  tells himself for the rest of the movie [TS]

  that was a terrible mistake should email [TS]

  but he gets out he gets on the ship [TS]

  which is Captain by fred thompson bet I [TS]

  believe he was an active member [TS]

  Fred Dalton Thompson he's the Admiral [TS]

  yep there's a there's another captain on [TS]

  the ship who doesn't like jacket whose [TS]

  Moriarty from Star Trek The Next [TS]

  Generation by the way see how that's why [TS]

  new hero haha man she is the other actor [TS]

  I don't like in this movie it it is like [TS]

  he won a contest had to appear in this [TS]

  film he does a 180 though like that [TS]

  looks like a very uniform right he goes [TS]

  from hating jak2 really liking him yeah [TS]

  he starts off like super I think that [TS]

  actors good at the stuffed shirt part [TS]

  certainly that's what Moriarty is and [TS]

  and here he seems a little bit like oh [TS]

  who does he think he is coming on our [TS]

  ship like this like but really they have [TS]

  Jack wearing a commander's Navy uniform [TS]

  which is sort of the idea of him [TS]

  blending in right because he's just a [TS]

  civilian who shows up on this ship [TS]

  everyone's gonna work with hills that [TS]

  guy and so of course you know that the [TS]

  captain feels a little bent out of shape [TS]

  because he's like he's not a naval [TS]

  officers and he's wearing this uniform [TS]

  and that's where we like an hour into [TS]

  the movie we get Jack Ryan's backstory [TS]

  which fred thompson says I you know I [TS]

  checked up on this on this kid [TS]

  he was in a helicopter accident at the [TS]

  Naval Academy you gotta cut him some [TS]

  slack he spent like a year in the [TS]

  hospital finishes last year from you [TS]

  know for bed basically because his legs [TS]

  were all broken so you know yeah he [TS]

  didn't serve but he did graduate from [TS]

  the Naval Academy cut him a little bit [TS]

  of slack which is it's a nice scene that [TS]

  that you know kind of gets it we [TS]

  understand Ryan but we also gotta get [TS]

  like four Thompson's chewing scenery [TS]

  here but again he's like this fred [TS]

  thompson is most fred thompson yeah i'm [TS]

  down i want to see it [TS]

  Russians don't take crap without a plan [TS]

  son I'm not I'm a straight shooter boy [TS]

  let me tell you some reverse mortgages [TS]

  no idea where the other thing Fred [TS]

  Thompson does here is is explained the [TS]

  complexity of the situation to Ryan and [TS]

  I like that I like that a lot because [TS]

  ryan sort of like well i got this all [TS]

  figured out on top of it and and he's [TS]

  like you got to get the guys off the [TS]

  boat they got to think it's destroyed [TS]

  this is this for this to work [TS]

  it's not just you know we don't just go [TS]

  out there and they hand us the boat we [TS]

  got to do like all this stuff and I i [TS]

  like that because it that not only sort [TS]

  of sets Ryan back a little bit but it [TS]

  gives us the map for the rest of the [TS]

  movie about how it's gonna go [TS]

  which i think is a nice touch yeah it [TS]

  gives us a chance to see Ryan headed [TS]

  down his back foot right like weird huh [TS]

  he's not sure what's going on he is [TS]

  really an analyst right he's out of his [TS]

  depth [TS]

  no pun intended so so yes meanwhile [TS]

  meanwhile underwater they are tracking [TS]

  the the Dallas is tracking a sound and [TS]

  Jonesy says that it sounds like it's [TS]

  like magma displacement but if you play [TS]

  it back at ten times speed it's got to [TS]

  be man-made and it's headed and there's [TS]

  that nice scene where he's like he finds [TS]

  out all their contacts with the sub if [TS]

  it's headed for Thor's twins which is [TS]

  this landmark in that goes into a canyon [TS]

  uh undersea canyon and he's like a ryan [TS]

  at the at the briefing at the White [TS]

  House he's kind of putting himself out [TS]

  there because this kind of wild [TS]

  speculation about something that's [TS]

  totally crazy that this sound that isn't [TS]

  isn't a sub but maybe a sub that we've [TS]

  never heard before and there's our I run [TS]

  this is a great scott glenn moment where [TS]

  he says relax Jones you sold me [TS]

  yeah I love that day and i also like [TS]

  this whole like sort of laying the [TS]

  groundwork for we've got this canyon [TS]

  that the Russians have like really [TS]

  maps of so they basically just three [TS]

  speed runs down it yeah it's just like [TS]

  bullseye womp rats back home and back [TS]

  and so haha you know what I saw this [TS]

  with movie for the first time I don't [TS]

  remember how old i was probably between [TS]

  10 and 15 and the first time I saw this [TS]

  in jones he gets out his tape recorder [TS]

  in it and you hear that thing that [TS]

  sounds kind of like a whale and then he [TS]

  does the ten-time speed [TS]

  I have no idea if that was really the [TS]

  same sound 10 times faster but my 10 or [TS]

  12 or whatever your old mine exploded [TS]

  when I heard the fast version was like [TS]

  oh my god oh my god that's really it [TS]

  that's really he's got it he's got it i [TS]

  was so excited in it just blew my mind [TS]

  that that that that sound supposedly [TS]

  created this other sound I'd love that I [TS]

  think it works because it's this long [TS]

  slow sound but the point is that it [TS]

  imposes at regular intervals and when [TS]

  you speed it up you realize there's no [TS]

  way that couldn't that could be a [TS]

  natural phenomenon because it is exact [TS]

  intervals [TS]

  it's an intimate with it with a tape [TS]

  player that can go bad fast speeds [TS]

  because it's the eighties well and of [TS]

  course we also get Jonesy saying that he [TS]

  can track it right which is kind of [TS]

  blind the whole point of this drive is [TS]

  that I supposed to be super silent but [TS]

  none are our guys are better guys config [TS]

  configuring our release they can under [TS]

  circumstance certain circumstances [TS]

  knowing where to look [TS]

  they can do some tracking of it but it [TS]

  is funny that in the first encounter [TS]

  with the caterpillar a guy on a on a [TS]

  submarine a u.s. submarine figures it [TS]

  out [TS]

  please look for the best we got your [TS]

  worries the criminals Jonesy they should [TS]

  read this with Josie he is the sole [TS]

  owner sonar savant so if anyone could do [TS]

  it it's Jonesy what we have we have a [TS]

  note here which is that radiated my note [TS]

  reads radius is griefing his crew which [TS]

  is he makes them run the speed run even [TS]

  faster yes that's true it's like I got [TS]

  this under control you give me a [TS]

  stopwatch and I a map and I'll fly the [TS]

  Alps in a plain black vote yet do your [TS]

  speed double during the stuff must not [TS]

  be very precise because I you know they [TS]

  do precise countdowns by the time it [TS]

  takes for them to relay all the orders [TS]

  it go down to the second with us or just [TS]

  the guy who's the navigator does he know [TS]

  exactly how many seconds it takes for [TS]

  one guy to tell the other guy to tell [TS]

  the other guy to do the thing that makes [TS]

  the subject i assume so that bothers me [TS]

  as well like L seems really inefficient [TS]

  have three [TS]

  different guys with st. Marq Atlanta [TS]

  over these four feet away you could just [TS]

  tell him yourself [TS]

  yeah or you could just push the button [TS]

  for the bridge is not that big yeah that [TS]

  that seemed but it is exciting and he's [TS]

  pushing them to go faster but then [TS]

  there's an like a blast in the cryogenic [TS]

  plant which is failed and so they are [TS]

  they're there they're in trouble and it [TS]

  turns out that their sabotage [TS]

  meanwhile this is about what we get the [TS]

  scene with the Russian ambassador of [TS]

  national security adviser where it's [TS]

  entirely bogus how can we help but no no [TS]

  we're fine terribly sorry we're going [TS]

  mad can walk from a static Greenland [TS]

  Scott done without getting his new way [TS]

  to go back just very briefly when the [TS]

  doctor comes down the the ladder and [TS]

  it's just freaking out about the [TS]

  radiation that's at this moment your [TS]

  likes not very good out [TS]

  yeah I can understand why they didn't [TS]

  want him part of this because my side [TS]

  when I smell terrible terrible done if [TS]

  you have horrible fears of radiation do [TS]

  not lock yourself up in a submarine with [TS]

  an interior covering yeah smart smart [TS]

  now the the attack the attack comes from [TS]

  the fleets that are flying over the the [TS]

  airplanes and they're dropping they're [TS]

  dropping depth charges basically into [TS]

  the so this is this is where you get the [TS]

  slack time that the navigator puts in [TS]

  right because this is where you've got [TS]

  the plus 10 11 12 and then radius is [TS]

  like hard over your rifle rudder reverse [TS]

  starboard engine that you know it [TS]

  impacts on Thor's twins and they get [TS]

  through the thing and all that it's very [TS]

  exciting this is a this is a moment that [TS]

  you know doesn't really have to be in [TS]

  the movie but it really gives you the [TS]

  sense that the Russian fleet is closing [TS]

  in on them and they're in danger and [TS]

  it's a really nice action c plus there's [TS]

  the whole element of everybody else now [TS]

  like trying to figure out wait they're [TS]

  shooting actual torpedoes why are they [TS]

  shooting at us and there's the point [TS]

  where I wonder how we how well you can [TS]

  sell the cruise like that you know the [TS]

  non officers who are not involved in [TS]

  this defection are all the sudden going [TS]

  to be asking themselves [TS]

  what's going on here yeah this is the [TS]

  scene you have to have in every [TS]

  submarine movie where it's the first [TS]

  encounter with the depth charges or the [TS]

  enemy torpedo or or what have you [TS]

  where where everyone has to elude [TS]

  everything and it's very tense so after [TS]

  this we discover that they have indeed [TS]

  been Scott sabotage because the really [TS]

  shifty eyed engineer who is at this [TS]

  point we think may have done the [TS]

  sabotaging himself says oh you know that [TS]

  you know that's this component that is [TS]

  not easy to find has been sabotaged and [TS]

  so now they're not sure what to make of [TS]

  it the officers aren't sure what to make [TS]

  of it and you know the crew is going to [TS]

  find out which they eventually do and so [TS]

  now they know that they're getting shot [TS]

  out with real weapons they know they're [TS]

  being sabotaged and so the crew is [TS]

  getting really worked up about it but [TS]

  then we have this comic relief of alec [TS]

  baldwin in the shower doing a fred [TS]

  thompson impression and it's one of a [TS]

  couple impressions he doesn't i still [TS]

  think it's hysterical [TS]

  you know if she doesn't take a dump [TS]

  someone without a plan and oh god it's [TS]

  so good and Sandy starting to doubt [TS]

  himself and trying to figure out like [TS]

  you were talking about earlier you know [TS]

  what do we do [TS]

  how do you get this how do you get the [TS]

  crew off the sub how do you get the crew [TS]

  on nuclear dump haha hey Eureka it's a [TS]

  great moment [TS]

  mhm they slipped in the shower on some [TS]

  tea it was really important haha yeah [TS]

  but it's funny because you kind of take [TS]

  this journey with him and you're [TS]

  thinking to yourself well how would you [TS]

  get us a crew to want to get off a [TS]

  nuclear submarine and then when he [TS]

  realizes it or at least for me anyway I [TS]

  was like oh oh yeah now I get it and [TS]

  then he runs up to the bridge of what [TS]

  whatever bodies on the enterprise or [TS]

  without having a price on paramount [TS]

  picture and naturally and and they're a [TS]

  little bit distracted at the time [TS]

  yeah well you have the ranch yes we have [TS]

  like a random crash that I you know [TS]

  don't entirely follow what happened but [TS]

  basically like a plane has clipped [TS]

  another plane roll flying in formation [TS]

  and yeah he's trying to make a landing I [TS]

  finally figured out lo these many years [TS]

  later what what has been happening is [TS]

  you've got all the planes out because [TS]

  where there's all this naval activity [TS]

  going on the planes are flying recon and [TS]

  they got a little bit too close in one [TS]

  plane clipped the wing and its trying to [TS]

  come in for an emergency landing and and [TS]

  crash and that's why Fred Thompson says [TS]

  this is you know we're gonna get a bunch [TS]

  of people killed here its kind of [TS]

  analogous to the situation where you [TS]

  have the US and the [TS]

  russian fighter planes planes over Syria [TS]

  and there's like the danger that they're [TS]

  gonna you know first off they could hit [TS]

  each other they could you know they [TS]

  could there could be an incident it's [TS]

  like there's a lot of traffic going on [TS]

  it's dangerous and that's what Fred [TS]

  Thompson says here is like this is a [TS]

  problem because of the escalation that [TS]

  this is this this is really dangerous so [TS]

  wouldn't it also gives us that more [TS]

  direct moment of like we already know [TS]

  Alec Baldwin hates his name why yeah and [TS]

  the only rage the only way he's gonna [TS]

  get out there too because i want to get [TS]

  onto the Dallas is my helicopter we have [TS]

  that pan over to a helicopter was like [TS]

  thinking about it [TS]

  no you're right that this was the [TS]

  specific line that Fred Thompson says [TS]

  and I'm i just want to get this on the [TS]

  record because every time something goes [TS]

  bad for me and my professional life I [TS]

  say that slot this business will get out [TS]

  of control [TS]

  it will get out of control and we'll be [TS]

  lucky to live through it [TS]

  ok so good i also loved the mid-eighties [TS]

  gps system that was basically the size [TS]

  of the microsoft surface table I went [TS]

  dialing things around ya know it's so [TS]

  good that is also this is also where we [TS]

  learned that really the the russian plot [TS]

  is not to overtake radius it is rather [TS]

  to drive him to the coast where a lot of [TS]

  Soviet subs are waiting to sink him i [TS]

  like that the Soviet subs are hanging [TS]

  out like right on our coast yeah [TS]

  international waters man just hanging [TS]

  out like tonight I don't think I'm I'm [TS]

  have breaking any classified information [TS]

  here [TS]

  my my my late father-in-law was a [TS]

  submariner and he could tell some [TS]

  stories about where he hung out off the [TS]

  coast of countries which may or may not [TS]

  have known that they were there [TS]

  well then there's a good night was it [TS]

  earlier on where yet some it's the skip [TS]

  the Submariner mentions like when i was [TS]

  a kid i help my dad build a bomb shelter [TS]

  in the basement because someone parked a [TS]

  bunch of nuclear missiles 90 miles off [TS]

  Florida you know so we get like the [TS]

  whole Cuban Missile Crisis angle and so [TS]

  yeah I guess in some ways it isn't [TS]

  surprising that we just got lots of [TS]

  submarines fooling around doing things [TS]

  this is also where i got i enjoy the [TS]

  setup where we get the we get the line [TS]

  where it would be like a seismic anomaly [TS]

  and then we get Jonesy says it [TS]

  you put in the computer and it's like it [TS]

  goes back to its original language and [TS]

  says it's magnet displacement and then [TS]

  here he hears magma displacement and [TS]

  Jack Ryan has that moment like would [TS]

  that be a seismic anomaly and he makes [TS]

  the connection it's just really fun to [TS]

  see him make that connection before yes [TS]

  and he's like this is it I gotta do this [TS]

  and so they are you know next time Jack [TS]

  ride a goddamn memo and the market goes [TS]

  in his flying gascan his job and [TS]

  stripped down and turn to find gas can [TS]

  it's funny because they go into a lot [TS]

  more description about this in the book [TS]

  I've been reading years but they talk [TS]

  about how the kind of forget the acronym [TS]

  they do mentioned in the movie but the [TS]

  this the computer system that the sonar [TS]

  is using it was originally to figure out [TS]

  where earthquakes were if memory serves [TS]

  and so that's think yes yes signal [TS]

  algorithmic processing system or [TS]

  something like that [TS]

  well anyways so what Josie said is [TS]

  accurate and that's what they say in the [TS]

  book is that when it doesn't really know [TS]

  what to make of things that just says me [TS]

  it's probably an earthquake and so [TS]

  that's that's exactly what was happening [TS]

  here just like you said Jason that [TS]

  yellow a seismic event [TS]

  oh maybe it's just because absence [TS]

  fooled and maybe that's the SOB in it is [TS]

  so it is a another funny Eureka moment [TS]

  so so I let's say we got a scene we got [TS]

  the scene between Samuel and sean [TS]

  connery that is the the wonderful do you [TS]

  think they will let me live in Montana I [TS]

  maybe I'll get a recreational vehicle [TS]

  and drive from state to state will i [TS]

  need papers no papers and I will marry a [TS]

  round American woman and she will raise [TS]

  rap i will need two wives i would like [TS]

  to live in arizona at least mhm [TS]

  it's a very nice little moment and this [TS]

  is also that tender moment that needs to [TS]

  happen now because he's good now we all [TS]

  like the silly man right love Vasily [TS]

  that's where i miss the piece of fishing [TS]

  yes he was a wee he made his famous made [TS]

  his wife a widow when you married her on [TS]

  the day Mary what a jerk [TS]

  yeah yeah not good planning on his part [TS]

  I've been achieved for 40 years award [TS]

  see with no battles no monuments only [TS]

  casualties casualties shot I'm waxing a [TS]

  little poetic in my old age [TS]

  there's a crazy Ivan they explain the [TS]

  crazy Ivan where every so often Russian [TS]

  sub commanders will just a turn [TS]

  I love that whenever you know i watched [TS]

  the first episode of firefly again [TS]

  yeah that's crazy Ivan and i love that [TS]

  that is a reference throughout because I [TS]

  it inevitably someone watching it was [TS]

  like oh that's funny that's a firefly [TS]

  thing like no no that's not for right [TS]

  over thing that's right you're missing [TS]

  the original reference which is a great [TS]

  scene 2 because it's intercut between [TS]

  them sitting there you know having a [TS]

  philosophical conversation and and you [TS]

  know the Dallas people like freaking out [TS]

  like they're turning around we gotta [TS]

  stop everything let's explain you know [TS]

  they we have again the explication what [TS]

  is a crazy i don't know they're just [TS]

  checking to make sure because they're [TS]

  paranoid and they basically do like a [TS]

  circle around the Dallas and because [TS]

  they say oh my god he went right around [TS]

  us and kind of watching some of the [TS]

  exterior shots and i think i actually by [TS]

  the way you know full credit to like the [TS]

  the special effects work done here [TS]

  because i think most of the underseas [TS]

  segments are pretty good especially and [TS]

  you know given the year this happened [TS]

  they did have some i guess some access [TS]

  to submarines for filming purposes but a [TS]

  lot of these are models and in fact i [TS]

  read in one of the trivial things that [TS]

  like the Red October model is like not [TS]

  even underwater for any of the shot they [TS]

  like composited all in countermeasures [TS]

  aside the special effects really hold up [TS]

  well the countermeasures and when the [TS]

  torpedo splits that's yeah so yeah yeah [TS]

  there's that and there's some matting [TS]

  issues and stuff especially that last [TS]

  scene where they're standing on top [TS]

  well she's terrible but other than that [TS]

  you know it's other than those six [TS]

  things yeah other than like it too it's [TS]

  a two hour plus movie and we need picked [TS]

  a half dozen things [TS]

  no you're right you're absolutely right [TS]

  i agree with you Dan that it really does [TS]

  stand up and hold up well and so next [TS]

  thing you know the Dallas has found the [TS]

  October because you know they just did [TS]

  the crazy Ivan right around him around [TS]

  the balance but then they get on the [TS]

  e.l.f which is very important and [TS]

  crimson tide a movie is a wholly [TS]

  unrelated to this movie and I'm [TS]

  extremely get this message that Alec [TS]

  Baldwin's coming and you know somebody [TS]

  got a surface or up there asked to go [TS]

  for a stunt like this [TS]

  I'm so anyway so the surface and Alec [TS]

  Baldwin is trying to convince the [TS]

  chopper pilot to wait just long and [TS]

  you've got 10 minutes we'll give me 10 [TS]

  minutes you'll have a war situation mr. [TS]

  yeah and so then he decides when he's [TS]

  told no it's not gonna work come up come [TS]

  up he says well [TS]

  we'll just go in the dream on hooks and [TS]

  drops in and they send out the diver and [TS]

  they dragged him in he's soaking wet and [TS]

  cold a synthetic bait electrocute the [TS]

  the XO to on the way over [TS]

  because you're trying to like grab him [TS]

  with this little oh yeah always a nasty [TS]

  cut yeah you said falls off the [TS]

  conning-tower I'm like wax his head [TS]

  that's dedication guys I also loved i [TS]

  was watching this with my wife earlier [TS]

  and I commented to her i love that the [TS]

  moment that Alec Baldwin pitches into [TS]

  the drink [TS]

  the choppers like alright have fun I [TS]

  yeah whenever history [TS]

  yeah I mean I it's understandable [TS]

  because what are they really gonna do [TS]

  but at the same time like she's you guys [TS]

  are cold [TS]

  it's alright well good luck to you he's [TS]

  your problem now it's funny but yea Alec [TS]

  Baldwin's all excited with himself [TS]

  because he did this ridiculous stunt to [TS]

  get on the to get on the the Dallas and [TS]

  we are about to figure out what that [TS]

  what it is that that he's so excited [TS]

  about but first we have to go back to [TS]

  Jeffrey Pelt giving the poor russian [TS]

  ambassador a hard time [TS]

  yeah because what what they now have [TS]

  changed their story because they've lost [TS]

  the Red October and so now they say oh [TS]

  no it turns out radius is crazy and he's [TS]

  gonna fire his missiles and destroy your [TS]

  cities so you better help us blow him up [TS]

  and this is the message that is sent [TS]

  just to Scott Glenn on the Dallas and so [TS]

  unfortunately this is the worst timing [TS]

  possible Jack Ryan has just come there [TS]

  to say radius is defecting and they get [TS]

  a message that follows that says he's [TS]

  not going to defect instead he's going [TS]

  to kill us all and we need to blow him [TS]

  up and so we're gonna go find the Red [TS]

  October and we're gonna blow him up and [TS]

  they and so they think they go back down [TS]

  and there's another crazy Ivan and ryan [TS]

  says he always turns to starboard on his [TS]

  crazy opens at the bottom of the hour [TS]

  and fortunately he does take that exact [TS]

  moment to do a crazy Ivan which gets at [TS]

  least Scott Glenn to pause i do love the [TS]

  line that he's like you know if he makes [TS]

  one false move I'm gonna blow him right [TS]

  to Mars [TS]

  yeah where there's water so he can just [TS]

  drag the submarine still haha that's [TS]

  delightful and it turns out the jack [TS]

  ryan we find out a couple minutes later [TS]

  I just guessed cause he needed a break [TS]

  he didn't know he'd go to start but he [TS]

  just got a lot that made against 5015 [TS]

  yeah I like Scott Glenn here too is like [TS]

  we just unzip the fly right it's like [TS]

  he's he's yeah he's opening himself too [TS]

  dangerous [TS]

  here but taking a chance that Ramos is [TS]

  not gonna try to shoot at them and so he [TS]

  Iranian is also so the the what's the [TS]

  etiquette of a of a trust but verify [TS]

  kind of situation is that the the Dallas [TS]

  has their torpedoes armed and the doors [TS]

  open and the Red October has the their [TS]

  torpedoes armed but the door is not open [TS]

  and that's like you know and they're [TS]

  more scolding back and forth with the [TS]

  periscope yeah well the answer is that [TS]

  right then the surface and do the most [TS]

  Morse code on the periscope when I more [TS]

  so rusty I may be sending dimensions and [TS]

  playmate of the month and also something [TS]

  i did not understand what is this movie [TS]

  but now it is really [TS]

  but now it is really [TS]

  awesome and and i love this whole scene [TS]

  and it's funny to see this kind of what [TS]

  is the submarine equivalent like you're [TS]

  saying Jason of putting your hands in [TS]

  your pockets you know I'm playing it [TS]

  cool and apparently that's not opening [TS]

  your doors [TS]

  yeah exactly that this is the one scene [TS]

  where Sean Connery really acts because [TS]

  he's he's looking at the out the [TS]

  periscope and reading the Morse code and [TS]

  you get to see his reaction which is oh [TS]

  my god he might pull this off [TS]

  yes yes he's so taken aback the way that [TS]

  the way that he slams down the aisle of [TS]

  that the controls of the of the [TS]

  periscope is just a little [TS]

  oh we may not die i'm the luckiest junk [TS]

  in junk berg it's interesting you say [TS]

  that though because my reading of what [TS]

  he was over that was that he was kind of [TS]

  pissed off that it was discovered that [TS]

  he was upset that somebody else was the [TS]

  smartest he was and and that they that [TS]

  they had figured out that they're going [TS]

  to defect and of course it would be [TS]

  terrible of us not to mention one ping [TS]

  only the silly [TS]

  yeah i'm only please one king before but [TS]

  captain I just sent I just like it i've [TS]

  seen this movie probably fifty or [TS]

  hundred times it is one of my favorite [TS]

  movies the entire world [TS]

  it just occurred to me tonight if [TS]

  they're talking on the periscopes via [TS]

  Morse code [TS]

  why not just say the word sounds good [TS]

  like why do we have to do this whole one [TS]

  ping ping I think because it's like [TS]

  essentially it's just making a blatant [TS]

  right like the fact i think what's [TS]

  what's cool about the ping when they do [TS]

  it is it is definitely loud right [TS]

  everybody on the ship hears it and it's [TS]

  kind of again the similar sort of [TS]

  etiquette thing of like putting our [TS]

  cards on the table yep we're not hiding [TS]

  everything like because when you're [TS]

  having that that Morse code conversation [TS]

  it's like totally a one-on-one [TS]

  conversation right so I feel like [TS]

  there's something like there again [TS]

  they're exposing themselves and being [TS]

  like yup we see you here we are like [TS]

  we're like it's a trust thing but you're [TS]

  right like they could do it on the [TS]

  periscopes but I feel like there's [TS]

  there's something more like the sort of [TS]

  laying it all down there with the [TS]

  p and make sense yeah I think I think [TS]

  you're both right in the sense that the [TS]

  graininess is surprised as a somebody in [TS]

  the chatroom just said a little [TS]

  confounded that the Americans figured it [TS]

  out i think he's surprised and relieved [TS]

  right because he's at the world of [TS]

  trouble and they've already figured out [TS]

  so he doesn't have to try and explain it [TS]

  like because you know he gets he gets [TS]

  put in this position by the Americans [TS]

  and he's taking a big chance that this [TS]

  is all going to go south to but they got [TS]

  it they figured it out there chances are [TS]

  up from one in 323 now who knows [TS]

  although it does raise the question once [TS]

  again what is the rest of the crew [TS]

  thinking about this because they know [TS]

  they're sending the ping outright like [TS]

  everybody on the bridge there with him [TS]

  and me and he's like we're gonna run [TS]

  away from the Americans yeah it's like [TS]

  they always seems just like taunting [TS]

  them i guess it's just it's one of those [TS]

  things that gets me like what are you [TS]

  thinking if you're on the bridge think [TS]

  I've got my trust trust your captain and [TS]

  he does the theatrics with sam neill [TS]

  where he's like you know we're gonna [TS]

  have to we're gonna have to turn and run [TS]

  and and you know not there there's not a [TS]

  week that goes by that I don't quote [TS]

  this movie in regular conversation and [TS]

  the probably the most quoted line [TS]

  my wife and I will say this when we're [TS]

  driving and there's someone driving [TS]

  erratically in front of us are around us [TS]

  and we'll see one of us will say we must [TS]

  give the shamanic a wide but we're doing [TS]

  your crazy Ivan one yes what about it [TS]

  and so after this we get our brief [TS]

  moment with the crazy creepy engineer [TS]

  coming up the stairs smoking looking [TS]

  directly there and yes yes so creepy and [TS]

  the first time i saw this i feel which [TS]

  one of you said this earlier but I was [TS]

  convinced he's that guy at me [TS]

  yeah that's me yeah lots we did sort of [TS]

  this is the ok plans on this is 20 20 [TS]

  hours later there's a reactor problem [TS]

  there's radiation everybody's freaking [TS]

  out oh my god when he's got it strapped [TS]

  in so the surface and evacuate the US [TS]

  ship is coming oh no we're gonna have to [TS]

  okay you guys did you guys get in the [TS]

  lifeboats and we will go back down and [TS]

  scuttle the shafts you're getting this [TS]

  destroyer bearing down on the now [TS]

  surface Red October the crew is [TS]

  abandoning ship onto life rafts and and [TS]

  sean connery turns to dr. frank-n-furter [TS]

  says you will go with the crew and me [TS]

  and the rest of the officers will go [TS]

  down below and scuttle the ship you will [TS]

  receive the order of lenin you see the [TS]

  old of lemon for this last shot or need [TS]

  them i've got five orders of Lenin [TS]

  already Tim Curry ladies and gentlemen [TS]

  are they they they take off in the in [TS]

  the in the ship which we never really [TS]

  see it go back down they know if we can [TS]

  just wear designer fire firing shots [TS]

  across its valve yes yes the destroyer [TS]

  that is it and they and they they [TS]

  actually launched a torpedo yes so it [TS]

  launched a torpedo and it there's a [TS]

  there's a sonar guy or a torpedo guy who [TS]

  is counting down the distance and about [TS]

  50 feet 50 meters to impact and we need [TS]

  meanwhile they flipped open a button and [TS]

  there's a hand hovering over the button [TS]

  and when it gets to like 50 50 yards or [TS]

  something in the hand hits it pan up it [TS]

  explodes not anywhere near you know 50 [TS]

  50 yards away from the Red October pan [TS]

  up james earl jones he says officer that [TS]

  hit the whole of the Red October and I [TS]

  would never hear and apparently all you [TS]

  need to lie for the rest of your life is [TS]

  james earl jones voice and a CIA ID yeah [TS]

  it takes I think so [TS]

  badge well obviously James Earl Jones [TS]

  read the opening credits where it said [TS]

  this never happened [TS]

  it's just passing he wrote the opening [TS]

  credits my mind Maya my notes as though [TS]

  James Earl Jones you're right out of [TS]

  sneakers here huh [TS]

  someone who can make a deal but they [TS]

  bring Jeffrey Jones along on that [TS]

  missing which I always thought was kind [TS]

  of weird SRV guy [TS]

  yeah well that's it is that this is the [TS]

  setup is the DSRV we saw earlier the [TS]

  deep sea rescue vehicle that can that [TS]

  can connect to any sub-link wink nod and [TS]

  so they've the USS dallas now has that [TS]

  and they go to the to connect to the to [TS]

  the Red October and and open the hatch [TS]

  I love they knock on it with the hand me [TS]

  that hammer big heavy hand on ya [TS]

  can you imagine being in the Red October [TS]

  and all of a sudden you hear that on the [TS]

  outside know me i would assume that they [TS]

  saw on sonar this little you know [TS]

  mini-sub coming out them but God that [TS]

  would freak me out like how do you to [TS]

  have the faith to open an outer port [TS]

  hole into the ocean as far as I don't [TS]

  think you could even open it [TS]

  that's right the pressure will probably [TS]

  prevent you but yeah it's free i love [TS]

  that guy to he's like hello americans [TS]

  this is not so that which means here [TS]

  here come and this is a nice tense [TS]

  moment where they're going through now [TS]

  it's American military guys on a Soviet [TS]

  submarine which is super weird and [TS]

  creepy and there's nobody on the [TS]

  submarine because they've gotten all the [TS]

  people off of it except for the except [TS]

  for the saboteurs it turns out in the [TS]

  officers and to get that the bridge is [TS]

  like around the corner from the ladder [TS]

  from the from the the porthole so it's [TS]

  all it's all very close it's not it's [TS]

  not that that that far that they have to [TS]

  walk but suddenly they're on the bridge [TS]

  with Sean Connery and Sam Neill and all [TS]

  these other officers and it's like it's [TS]

  awkward and I love they're all sort of [TS]

  frozen the good engineers taking the [TS]

  radiation alarm down is just kind of [TS]

  staring at them like hey so I like it I [TS]

  like this is where I like this little [TS]

  like oh where are my manners i actually [TS]

  turn off this alarm [TS]

  yeah can I have a cigarette even though [TS]

  he said multiple times that he doesn't [TS]

  yeah and they all turned green [TS]

  yep this is the Russians like this when [TS]

  you do this also make fun of him but but [TS]

  in the end right but in the end that [TS]

  brings them all together and finally [TS]

  Sean Connery says my all my officers and [TS]

  I request asylum it's actually a nice [TS]

  back-and-forth where where Brian reveals [TS]

  that he speaks Russian and andreas [TS]

  reveals that he speaks English because [TS]

  they have reverted to Russian here [TS]

  because now we've got English speakers [TS]

  in the in the in the sub but it's a nice [TS]

  a nice little connection there in that [TS]

  because there's this question well what [TS]

  do you say to somebody who has just [TS]

  handed a Soviet sub to you and is [TS]

  defecting little awkward how do you [TS]

  break the ice there and they work on it [TS]

  for a couple minutes [TS]

  yes I i enjoy as he makes him sit down [TS]

  at the [TS]

  on there and then it's like you said you [TS]

  write books and it's like oh I know this [TS]

  but I know that you're gonna push it all [TS]

  yeah ballsy acted stupidly yeah yeah but [TS]

  the reason he's sitting at the car in [TS]

  the first place is because they hear a [TS]

  torpedo buzz them and our sonar survival [TS]

  floors [TS]

  yeah that that that pitch was too high [TS]

  torpedoes Russian imagine that still [TS]

  firing on us no no pitch was too high [TS]

  don't knows jones he knows also they [TS]

  figure everyone kind of runs to a [TS]

  station make they can do something with [TS]

  and radius like you guys said you know [TS]

  says to Ryan well you know what do you [TS]

  do when nice as well i'm just an analyst [TS]

  with the CIA [TS]

  whatever just say I yeah and I also love [TS]

  that that Ramos is ever the teacher when [TS]

  he tells Ryan to increase the speed to [TS]

  flank or whatever it is I'm he'd say you [TS]

  know how do i turn the knob and turn [TS]

  that knob broke now all the controls are [TS]

  presumably in Russian right so like that [TS]

  is probably all those Ryan knows russian [TS]

  yeah maybe you can figure out but he's [TS]

  not a you know it's not a non-violent [TS]

  know the point I'm trying to make though [TS]

  is that your radius was within three [TS]

  inches of the Damned of the of the crank [TS]

  that needed to be cranked he could just [TS]

  turn the lever but no even this fairly [TS]

  urgent situation where they know another [TS]

  torpedoes imminently coming at them he [TS]

  says to rhino this is what you need to [TS]

  do is ever the teacher always [TS]

  instructing right just like he could [TS]

  have had mancuso attack and stick [TS]

  probably notice how to drop its that is [TS]

  true but not the writer don't have a guy [TS]

  who writes the books there especially [TS]

  the one who is wrong about Halsey to [TS]

  yeah well and then we have and then we [TS]

  have a very sad scene our saboteur start [TS]

  should have never published up shoots up [TS]

  the silly shoves Ramos other way and [TS]

  takes a bullet in the chest and what [TS]

  would have liked to have done before he [TS]

  died I would like to like it easy on my [TS]

  Nana oh so said very swinging it more [TS]

  poignant that if he had said I would [TS]

  have liked to have two wives in Montana [TS]

  I was looking forward to eating all [TS]

  those Rapids yeah that would actually [TS]

  are stepping over the part where radius [TS]

  turns into the torpedo which right [TS]

  especially as a United when you're doing [TS]

  so much conversation right right exactly [TS]

  yes [TS]

  sometimes he turned into the torpedo of [TS]

  course mancuso is crapping himself and [TS]

  radius is so confident that he's just [TS]

  carrying on this very nonchalant [TS]

  conversation about what books writings [TS]

  written threat but well I tell you what [TS]

  especially as a kid when I saw this I [TS]

  wasn't there are turning into the [TS]

  torpedo what are they doing like they're [TS]

  gonna die what's wrong with these people [TS]

  and I was freaking out in it's a really [TS]

  clever seen especially for someone like [TS]

  I don't know how the hell torpedoes work [TS]

  and how all this really works and not [TS]

  knowing any better about the range and [TS]

  all that radius knows how Soviet [TS]

  torpedoes are armed and knows that if he [TS]

  closes the gap he can he can hit it with [TS]

  his giant submarine before its armed and [TS]

  smash it and it won't be able to impact [TS]

  him but he also knows that tuple of will [TS]

  not make the same mistake twice [TS]

  indeed indeed which makes two loves next [TS]

  thing even more dangerous [TS]

  so sam neill dies there's gonna there's [TS]

  the gun there's they have to go after [TS]

  the they have to go after the cook who [TS]

  is it and so was who is broken into the [TS]

  missile is where they keep the ICBMs [TS]

  gonna try to blow up the the ICBMs and [TS]

  blow up the ship basically and so Sean [TS]

  Connery and alec baldwin go down there [TS]

  we have a nice scene there were many [TS]

  hands over control of the ships [TS]

  captain's a captain you have the Conn he [TS]

  says and then mancuso gives him his gun [TS]

  which is that nice i like i like they're [TS]

  kind of distrust worry distrusting of [TS]

  each other first but this you know they [TS]

  quickly established a rapport their [TS]

  fellow submarine shelburne exactly and [TS]

  so they i love that moment like you [TS]

  might need this like handguns like he's [TS]

  like well you know he's given Ryan this [TS]

  gun earlier in when they're in the DSR [TS]

  via and said like you know you're [TS]

  willing to bet your life on the fact [TS]

  that he's defecting he can't change his [TS]

  mind and Brian sort of grudgingly accept [TS]

  the pistol doesn't like yeah and but it [TS]

  is a moment of like you you get the idea [TS]

  like this guy still you know he's a [TS]

  soldier right like he is prepared for [TS]

  the eventualities that something goes [TS]

  pear-shaped and is you know it's nice to [TS]

  see him establish that trust like all [TS]

  right we've got a common enemy and this [TS]

  in the saboteur so they they go into the [TS]

  missile silo and missile whatever and [TS]

  Ramos gets popped in like the shoulder [TS]

  whatever and he says to Ryan [TS]

  you know be careful Ryan most things in [TS]

  here don't react about the bones be [TS]

  careful what you shoot that I'm yeah [TS]

  most things in here don't react well to [TS]

  bullets which of course he he runs and [TS]

  is immediately shot like do you know [TS]

  when i should have yeah yeah and so then [TS]

  you get a set piece right where we're [TS]

  Alec Baldwin is going up ladders and [TS]

  along like catwalks and things can see [TS]

  alluded to earlier we get to hear Alec [TS]

  Baldwin doing his sean.conner yeah which [TS]

  is pretty good job of the bullets yeah [TS]

  like me I don't react open this is also [TS]

  loved it also this is and john mctiernan [TS]

  being the director this is the die-hard [TS]

  portion of those of the movie to wear [TS]

  where the way that that Alec Baldwin is [TS]

  talking to himself and all of that it's [TS]

  very reminiscent see so have some last [TS]

  command post will scuttle the Sun yeah [TS]

  this whole thing is very diehard right [TS]

  after World War three right down to the [TS]

  very the shot like when he basically [TS]

  confronts the cook like the gunshot [TS]

  sound i think is the exact same sound [TS]

  when Reginald veljohnson shoots the [TS]

  russian guy at the end die hard [TS]

  it's like this big like brassy like [TS]

  brandy and you don't even really see [TS]

  what's happening you just are focused [TS]

  because it's like looking at Ryan [TS]

  shooting the gun and so it struck me is [TS]

  that the shot composition and sound in [TS]

  that scene is almost identical to the [TS]

  end of diehard yeah [TS]

  now meanwhile all this is going on [TS]

  though is this just epic like three sub [TS]

  skirmish yes we're where the tupolev is [TS]

  removed all the safety precautions from [TS]

  his from from his torpedoes fired a [TS]

  torpedo fired a torpedo Jonesy [TS]

  apparently can hear that when it becomes [TS]

  active which is a little bit peculiar to [TS]

  me late but whatever i don't understand [TS]

  there's there's some fasteners playing [TS]

  with us on an arrest right so anyway so [TS]

  there's this active torpedo that goes [TS]

  chasing after the red red october and [TS]

  all the sudden the USS Dallas comes out [TS]

  of nowhere with the executive officer do [TS]

  first officer commanding it and they [TS]

  decide to get in between the torpedo and [TS]

  the Red October and then next thing you [TS]

  know what do they do they go reaching [TS]

  for the sky they launch countermeasures [TS]

  and then do the full blow which is which [TS]

  is so amazing and [TS]

  and watching that clip of whatever sub [TS]

  it was and it looks real to me so I'm [TS]

  assuming USS Houston that it's a great [TS]

  shot where where the where the big the [TS]

  USS Enterprise right in the foreground [TS]

  there's a door the big the big US ship [TS]

  the one that would that would come for [TS]

  the the officer Bruins yeah yeah that's [TS]

  what is it that damage on the enterprise [TS]

  is a foreground you know it's the one [TS]

  where they're going to pick up the [TS]

  Russian crew and then in the background [TS]

  you see the the sub blow which is really [TS]

  great and then they all shout the [TS]

  captain scared them out of the water you [TS]

  look at it because they're still rooting [TS]

  for their captain who has lied to them [TS]

  so said but the torpedo is still active [TS]

  searching for another time searching for [TS]

  another target and this is that this is [TS]

  the moment where the guy who warned [TS]

  tupolev not to met monkey around with [TS]

  the rrod activate the the safety [TS]

  measures of the sub on the torpedoes in [TS]

  homes in on tupolev sub and exploded in [TS]

  a giant explosion that makes the sailors [TS]

  up top sad because they think that their [TS]

  and you get the wily coyote look that [TS]

  students carts card games as you say for [TS]

  we get asked you don't want us [TS]

  mmhmm yeah you did i tell you what a [TS]

  great like really awesome climax to a [TS]

  movie and I mean not to say this is the [TS]

  best one ever but oh I everytime i watch [TS]

  this I get all worked up what yo [TS]

  not that i don't know how it's going to [TS]

  end but seeing all this dancing between [TS]

  the three subs and how they work this [TS]

  out i just think it's fantastic and I [TS]

  don't remember the details of how it [TS]

  worked in the book but I remember [TS]

  thinking to myself the book actually did [TS]

  it even better which don't confuse as go [TS]

  as a complaint about the movie not at [TS]

  all i'm not trying to be that guy [TS]

  I think the movie did it brilliantly and [TS]

  and I wouldn't have had it any other way [TS]

  but the book and I think one of the subs [TS]

  like runs into the other something like [TS]

  that it was it is even more absurd and [TS]

  ridiculous but I loved every second of [TS]

  it [TS]

  well you know a big a lot of modern [TS]

  action movies make the mistake of having [TS]

  the end be about big explosions and [TS]

  stuff and the nice thing about this [TS]

  movie is it is the combination is the [TS]

  big stew you've got the emotional beats [TS]

  of these two of the of these two arch [TS]

  enemies working together in on the on [TS]

  the bridge of the Red October and also [TS]

  with radius and Jack Ryan down trying to [TS]

  stop [TS]

  the the the saboteur that's all [TS]

  happening along with this bigger game [TS]

  that has this that you know that between [TS]

  the three different subs and all [TS]

  intercut together so you've got ya [TS]

  you're getting your emotional beats and [TS]

  you're investing these characters and [TS]

  you've got this crazy thing with the the [TS]

  the the torpedo zipping around and to [TS]

  left gets what was coming to him but [TS]

  it's a great little combination of all [TS]

  of those things happening that makes it [TS]

  so dramatic i think so cut to [TS]

  duplicitous Russian ambassador talking [TS]

  to our our national security advisors [TS]

  lady hero of the movie today yeah [TS]

  terrible tragedy mr. ambassador terrible [TS]

  tragedy and then we get the moment of [TS]

  like oh by the way we lost another one [TS]

  of our submarines you lost another [TS]

  else's memory with the dramatic like [TS]

  looking down over his glasses yeah [TS]

  because I mean they're just like a lie [TS]

  out of her eyes now they've run out of [TS]

  lies [TS]

  so many lies it doesn't even make sense [TS]

  anymore and john saxon totally just that [TS]

  her hair expert analysis at exactly [TS]

  yeah it's a great mobile where because [TS]

  this is it this way well that's the deep [TS]

  part of the ocean of it was exploded so [TS]

  perhaps one day there will be technology [TS]

  to tell us what really happened [TS]

  perhaps perhaps eats candy cut to the [TS]

  penobscot river main man this is not my [TS]

  favorite ending to the movies yeah maybe [TS]

  this scene never happened as far as I'm [TS]

  concerned my much like the beginning of [TS]

  the movie when they tell us never [TS]

  happened [TS]

  dad already mentioned the matting [TS]

  problem but you also is not not good not [TS]

  good [TS]

  I mean I i think i would have preferred [TS]

  it if it ended with the belt scene but I [TS]

  feel like if that had been the ending [TS]

  the movie then I would be lamenting that [TS]

  it didn't really do didn't put the [TS]

  period on the end with we can almost [TS]

  count to Jack flying home on the plane [TS]

  but i also agree that you don't really [TS]

  get me [TS]

  it does feel like you need something [TS]

  with radius and Ryan because they spent [TS]

  the whole movie apart sounds like a [TS]

  rom-com they spent the whole man finally [TS]

  they got together [TS]

  yeah but it could have been like Ryan by [TS]

  andreas a donut or something right [TS]

  okay okay we're just taking them to [TS]

  Montana I don't know [TS]

  yeah what isn't in one of the later tom [TS]

  clancy books [TS]

  Jack Ryan calls on his friend mark [TS]

  Raymond to come and advise him on [TS]

  something and it's it's raining this [TS]

  yeah i think was that Cardinal the [TS]

  chrome yeah he's living under it is [TS]

  assumed the only time he appears again [TS]

  happy because crappy assumed name but so [TS]

  you need something and i get y is short [TS]

  and all that you want to you want to [TS]

  communicate that they've got their [TS]

  parking at somewhere and I guess I get [TS]

  it it's fine it doesn't it doesn't hate [TS]

  that scene but it is it is tying a tie [TS]

  about wanted here with the little [TS]

  revolution now and then I mean this is [TS]

  the leading into Gorbachev and the [TS]

  dissolution of the Soviet Union and [TS]

  welcome to the new world and all of that [TS]

  you know it's and I'm not sure that's a [TS]

  satisfying answer to why anyway I mean [TS]

  if you have to ask I mean what's gonna [TS]

  do say well I i find it immoral the [TS]

  first strike capabilities nope we're not [TS]

  going to do that so was it good was [TS]

  going to say but after that scene though [TS]

  we cut back to Jack Ryan he's asleep on [TS]

  the plane you pan over another stuffed [TS]

  bear john mctiernan another fair he [TS]

  believed if you're tracing ing strain [TS]

  bear i believe to yeah that's what I [TS]

  dread as well and the weather outside is [TS]

  that right technology said it's a Soviet [TS]

  chorus shaking [TS]

  yeah it snow let it snow let it snow [TS]

  yeah now but I didn't think it was a [TS]

  cute little nod to the beginning of the [TS]

  movie were right as i go i never sleep [TS]

  on plane touched our balance and yeah [TS]

  he's been through so much over this last [TS]

  three days presenting keep asking how [TS]

  much he slept late friend yeah exactly [TS]

  that he's just dead at this point so [TS]

  that that ending I did care for it was [TS]

  this this brilliant moment in that river [TS]

  that that I i found a little wonky but [TS]

  nonetheless god do i love this movie I [TS]

  could you describe why I love this movie [TS]

  so damn much [TS]

  I just almost every scene in it Aida and [TS]

  flags and neighborhood delivery service [TS]

  delivers chills it if there's no dead [TS]

  spots in the movie even though it's well [TS]

  it's over two hours long yeah well [TS]

  written there there's not a wasted seen [TS]

  there's no audible dialogue we can say [TS]

  that i didn't really care for tim kouris [TS]

  performance but it's it's it's in that [TS]

  campy kinda well who cares it's tim [TS]

  curry and [TS]

  write it there are not too many there [TS]

  are not too many unforced errors in this [TS]

  movie [TS]

  well I think we've reached the end but [TS]

  this has been a pleasurable discussion [TS]

  about the hunt for red october if if you [TS]

  are listening to this and you haven't [TS]

  seen in awhile go watch it because it's [TS]

  a lot of fun and if you haven't seen it [TS]

  what the hell is wrong with ya why I see [TS]

  this movie [TS]

  yeah we've ruined it for you know we [TS]

  have you can watch it again and again [TS]

  and again [TS]

  now it was just a dream we've ruined [TS]

  nothing know you'll watch it with [TS]

  greater understanding yes you will watch [TS]

  it and like it [TS]

  we're going to periscope depth and now [TS]

  i'm going to blow all the battles but i [TS]

  would like to thank my guests for [TS]

  talking about the hunt for red october [TS]

  case unless it's been a pleasure i'm [TS]

  glad that you were able to be here to [TS]

  talk about this movie I was I had this [TS]

  is my list for like a year now like [TS]

  we'll have Casey on and talk about red [TS]

  october so here we did it I'm so very [TS]

  glad I I'm really appreciative and I [TS]

  couldn't have asked for better semen to [TS]

  be on this boat [TS]

  what watch your mouth [TS]

  I could lose this game Auryn thank you [TS]

  for being here i'm an american broadcast [TS]

  now as a distinct pleasure thanks for [TS]

  having me feel Michael thank you [TS]

  you know Jason I I've said this in many [TS]

  times and many different ways but [TS]

  arrogant ass you've killed us [TS]

  I'd like to thank out everybody out [TS]

  there for listening to this podcast by [TS]

  the way if you think that it happened I [TS]

  assure you it never did and I was never [TS]

  here I was never here i'm your host [TS]

  Jason and I say goodbye and now we will [TS]

  descend back into the sea [TS]

  and pick one thing that I would like to [TS]

  see Montana [TS]