The Incomparable

279: They Were Jerk Planets


  the incomparable number 279 December [TS]

  [Music] [TS]

  welcome everybody to the incomparable [TS]

  networks continued festivity gala up [TS]

  what what am I saying its life day [TS]

  everybody this is nothing more than [TS]

  everybody talking about Star Wars as [TS]

  much as they like my name is chip [TS]

  sudderth I am host of the two minutes [TS]

  i'm bored podcast and the co-host of the [TS]

  audio guide to Babylon 5 and jason has [TS]

  graciously allowed me to warm his chair [TS]

  before the west coast gang starts in [TS]

  about an hour and a half at the time [TS]

  that we record this [TS]

  joining me to talk about a little [TS]

  independent movie that came out this [TS]

  week are some incomparable regulars that [TS]

  you all know and love [TS]

  starting with Andy and not go hello good [TS]

  sir [TS]

  hello I have nothing clever to say [TS]

  because the magic of the movies is still [TS]

  washed over me only saw it yesterday [TS]

  Scott McNulty hello sir I've got a bad [TS]

  feeling about this [TS]

  yeah Tony sindelar hello sir tip you're [TS]

  my only hope [TS]

  Shannon sudderth hello ma'am [TS]

  hello I and we have seen this little [TS]

  movie and the incomparable network is [TS]

  head-over-heels in love with it and I [TS]

  wanted to check in before we start [TS]

  talking about it at that i wanted to [TS]

  talk about the links that we went to to [TS]

  prepare for star wars the force awakens [TS]

  how many of you were able to remain [TS]

  blissfully spoiler-free I was absolutely [TS]

  out came in there absolutely clean i did [TS]

  not even see any of the trailers [TS]

  goodness i saw a trailer or two but you [TS]

  have some help manage to stay under the [TS]

  radar for just about everything [TS]

  tony i have seen that the teaser trailer [TS]

  and I knew some of the character names [TS]

  and casting i guess and like I knew the [TS]

  character names from like merchandise [TS]

  because I I felt like spoilers you could [TS]

  you could hide from but nothing could i [TS]

  get some merchandise so I knew like Ray [TS]

  and and thin and that the the bad guy [TS]

  was kylo Ren I I really knew not a lot [TS]

  more than that [TS]

  I i tried to pretty actively avoid [TS]

  others and I think I've even been fed [TS]

  but maybe not maybe I'd not digested or [TS]

  fully eatin them but I i had got her [TS]

  some kind of false false spoilers so i [TS]

  think i actually maybe went in with a [TS]

  less than zero information i went in [TS]

  with this information [TS]

  haha me when you do all the math so good [TS]

  i had been told some things that did not [TS]

  end up being true when it comes to [TS]

  preparing to watch Star Wars movie [TS]

  missing misinformation is the best [TS]

  information and you even you even [TS]

  triggered a he had like a Deadman switch [TS]

  triggered to go while you were in the [TS]

  theater saying haha you could you didn't [TS]

  spoil me [TS]

  I just I just wanted to celebrate my [TS]

  victory ok because because it's not as [TS]

  though I I thought for sure i get away [TS]

  with this [TS]

  and it's not as though that it took like [TS]

  a small amount of effort [TS]

  I mean it was planned out like weeks in [TS]

  advance where I just tighten the noose [TS]

  of information like tighter and tighter [TS]

  with each week the week before the week [TS]

  before I saw them but i thought i had [TS]

  set up like a bunch of keywords that [TS]

  were suddenly going to be muted in my [TS]

  twitter client and so like to anything [TS]

  anytime anywhere tweets about like Han [TS]

  Solo or Star Wars or Leia or any of the [TS]

  stuff i wouldn't see it had already [TS]

  turned off images auto online exist [TS]

  because well it's see that that was that [TS]

  was a painful lesson because i remember [TS]

  a time like some months ago where I'm [TS]

  guy wake up and doing my reading my [TS]

  morning news and I just see some texting [TS]

  oh it turns out that the that the Kim [TS]

  Kardashian well what do you know she has [TS]

  a new naked picture of herself that's [TS]

  going to be okay well i don't i just [TS]

  don't want to see that and then of [TS]

  course like 33 minutes later i'm on [TS]

  twitter and without checking anything [TS]

  just someone in the middle i subscribe [TS]

  to like just posted the picture in their [TS]

  twitter stream and I i had to reflect [TS]

  upon the fact that no not seeing her [TS]

  bare ass was in fact not a choice [TS]

  available to me that that's what taught [TS]

  me that if you really want to avoid [TS]

  spoilers you also have commute pictures [TS]

  and reenter the on and on until by that [TS]

  by the weekend before I thought on [TS]

  monday by the weekend of I was no longer [TS]

  the visiting reddit or any others [TS]

  site that aggregates things from other [TS]

  sources and up 1 2 & 1 by the time I [TS]

  entered the theater wearing headphones [TS]

  with music and podcast going just in [TS]

  case i would be around people who are [TS]

  talking about what they had seen or what [TS]

  they had heard and I did not take those [TS]

  headphones off until the moment the [TS]

  actual movie started haha Louis victor [TS]

  so yes I did leave I did leave like a [TS]

  blog posts and complete the look with a [TS]

  link to that set to go like 15 minutes [TS]

  after the movie was going to start [TS]

  because I knew that if I smell tension [TS]

  this at all [TS]

  some people out there might have been [TS]

  might have puckish Lee thought I know [TS]

  I'll send him an email saying oh andy hi [TS]

  we'd really like you to speak at Ted [TS]

  next year [TS]

  oh my god I gotta open that haha here's [TS]

  how the movie ends like okay you're an [TS]

  idiot you I hate you I hate life I i [TS]

  could not make that happen so yes you [TS]

  know as a doctor who fan I am accustomed [TS]

  to hanging out with fans who are bound [TS]

  and determined not to be spoiled for [TS]

  anything in any future doctor who at [TS]

  episode and the people who just dive [TS]

  right in and they have to get all of the [TS]

  spoilers i have never seen such a [TS]

  conspiracy of silence about a movie [TS]

  before in my life people were desperate [TS]

  not to be spoiled not to hear anything [TS]

  the only people that I was aware of who [TS]

  were out to spoil worse and folks who [TS]

  were really really unhappy about the ex [TS]

  expanded universe no longer being cannon [TS]

  but we really we collectively the people [TS]

  of the planet [TS]

  apparently really didn't want to be [TS]

  spoiled for this movie [TS]

  why do we care so much I think we'll [TS]

  fuck LOL just quickly say that for [TS]

  myself I have the Star Wars has such a [TS]

  power over me because it's probably my [TS]

  first real movie experience as a child [TS]

  where I remember everything about it not [TS]

  of course I'm sure that my mom and dad [TS]

  took me to see a hundred one dalmatians [TS]

  like when we release inside I know but [TS]

  that I remember where it was [TS]

  where was I remember the popcorn [TS]

  remember every part of the experience [TS]

  and I part of me just really wants to [TS]

  relive that experience and part of that [TS]

  is I don't want to know what's going to [TS]

  what's going to happen just just like [TS]

  any in the old-fashioned days [TS]

  even movie trailers themselves had no [TS]

  spoilers in there just really clear [TS]

  assiduously cut to make sure that you [TS]

  would get a sense of what the movie was [TS]

  about but nothing that would not to wear [TS]

  the movie was going and I've seen so [TS]

  many movies where I've seen but by the [TS]

  time you get to the theater you've seen [TS]

  so many of the scenes you don't know [TS]

  what the movie is completely about but [TS]

  you can at least anticipate like if [TS]

  there's if you know if you sense that [TS]

  there's only about 20 minutes left for [TS]

  this movie to go and like oh my god [TS]

  wonder oh wait a minute we haven't seen [TS]

  that scene where the three they were in [TS]

  the camper yet and like they light a [TS]

  cigarette ok solely I just want my brain [TS]

  to screw me up and like take me out of [TS]

  the movie to inventory the stuff we know [TS]

  the stuff we've seen and so it's just so [TS]

  cool to go in just like watching a movie [TS]

  on turner classic movies you've never [TS]

  heard of it it's just on and now you can [TS]

  basically you don't know if it's a [TS]

  comedy don't know if it's a drama in the [TS]

  cases the this new movie I didn't know [TS]

  who the good people were to know what [TS]

  the bad people where I didn't over this [TS]

  other stormtroopers on our side now are [TS]

  there is Darth Vader still alive [TS]

  I don't know it was just so cool to just [TS]

  simply say I could all of my brain can [TS]

  simply let go and let the movie wash [TS]

  over me that was not quite so sure it's [TS]

  one sorry i'll shut up now I think a lot [TS]

  of nerds were chasing that feeling and [TS]

  and you know I i assume that probably [TS]

  for a lot of people they had these these [TS]

  childhood memories of having seen it [TS]

  fresh and I have to say I'm young enough [TS]

  that i only what you know only one of [TS]

  the original trilogies came out after I [TS]

  was born and I don't have any memory of [TS]

  you know seeing its star wars is this [TS]

  thing is just kind of always been around [TS]

  um so I don't have like a moment of you [TS]

  know in my head of being like five and [TS]

  finding out you know who drew Darth [TS]

  Vader's has children or anything like [TS]

  that but it did seem like a lot of [TS]

  nerves were chasing that feeling of [TS]

  wanting to like have as much of it be [TS]

  like be fresh for them and I and you [TS]

  know I was even a little disappointed [TS]

  when I i did not want to see the poster [TS]

  but the poster was getting like it was [TS]

  everywhere on Twitter and I was not [TS]

  smart enough like Andy and didn't have [TS]

  images turned off so I saw a poster and [TS]

  the poster has been holding a lightsaber [TS]

  and it's like oh so he's a Jedi guess I [TS]

  kind of wish I hadn't known that going [TS]

  into the movie which then ended up not [TS]

  actually being true it also has like a [TS]

  death star shape thing in it now [TS]

  like oh so this industry and I I have to [TS]

  say I felt kind of like a little twinge [TS]

  of sadness like knowing that I I felt [TS]

  like those are things i would rather not [TS]

  know I'm even though one of them not [TS]

  true [TS]

  well apparently the solution to avoiding [TS]

  all these spoilers is you know to [TS]

  basically have a job that is sucking the [TS]

  life out of you because like I said I [TS]

  wasn't looking to actively avoid [TS]

  spoilers i did see the trailers and that [TS]

  was cool with that but I was not going [TS]

  out shopping to see merchandise i was [TS]

  not online a huge amount of time reading [TS]

  forums where I might see information so [TS]

  it was yeah all fresh and clear and I'm [TS]

  i'm glad i could have that experience [TS]

  you know like like you guys I was 11 [TS]

  when Star Wars first came out and we [TS]

  know it wasn't like my first big movie [TS]

  experience but it was one that with the [TS]

  series with the other two movies [TS]

  building up after it was a huge part of [TS]

  my teenage years so i was really happy [TS]

  to feel that again watching this one [TS]

  Scott do you have similarly sentimental [TS]

  feelings about the star was the star [TS]

  wars is or or is or are you just [TS]

  disappointed that this wasn't a star [TS]

  trek movie [TS]

  well I'm always disappointed when it's [TS]

  not a star trek movie for the I I'm [TS]

  impressed majority movies it's driven by [TS]

  i'm gerry I've always supported me I'm [TS]

  impressed by the the effort that people [TS]

  went into to avoid spoilers [TS]

  I don't have a job that's sucking the [TS]

  life out of me i have been on the [TS]

  internet a lot i try had no a compulsion [TS]

  to try to avoid any spoilers and I [TS]

  managed to not find out much about the [TS]

  movie I saw the trailers I saw the [TS]

  poster and i still felt absolutely [TS]

  spoiler-free going into the movie [TS]

  theater and and frankly I don't really [TS]

  care about spoilers so that could be [TS]

  another part that helped me buy you know [TS]

  rejecting the whole notion of being [TS]

  spoiled [TS]

  perhaps I protected myself because I [TS]

  feel like if I knew what was happening [TS]

  in the movie i still would enjoy it just [TS]

  because it's like you know reading an [TS]

  article a synopsis of the movie is not [TS]

  watching the movie right so if you just [TS]

  know the plot [TS]

  it doesn't really matter to me i can [TS]

  understand that other people find great [TS]

  enjoyment and being completely surprised [TS]

  that this movie has almost the same [TS]

  exact plot is the first Star Wars movie [TS]

  but uh you know it's it's a you didn't [TS]

  matter to me so i guess i'm successful [TS]

  in by you know the only way to be [TS]

  succeed is not to try now [TS]

  did you to say that I don't think it is [TS]

  but I haha i think that was Whooper [TS]

  maybe well listen let's let's let's get [TS]

  right into the meat of this thing and [TS]

  let's fire off a perfunctory spoiler [TS]

  horn because it although why would you [TS]

  be listening to this if you didn't want [TS]

  it [TS]

  so here it goes [TS]

  [Music] [TS]

  and let's let lay the cards down on the [TS]

  table [TS]

  did you feel like a seven-year-old again [TS]

  did you feel like a nine-year-old or an [TS]

  eleven-year-old again was did this hit [TS]

  you right in the feels [TS]

  yeah I'd say so um actually went on the [TS]

  on the way back from the movie i kept [TS]

  thinking that the it pleased me get it [TS]

  pleased me not as an eight-year-old [TS]

  child but as someone in his forties who [TS]

  was an eight-year-old child when he saw [TS]

  Star Wars for the first time so it's not [TS]

  is that I would hate to get a to be [TS]

  watching movies today with the exact [TS]

  same frame of reference as when i was in [TS]

  the second or third grade but it did [TS]

  have that same sort of thing where I'm [TS]

  just sort of on the especially the [TS]

  ending during the last act [TS]

  I'm sort of at the edge of my seat and [TS]

  sort of thinking I don't know how this [TS]

  is going to happen and when and when and [TS]

  when Han Solo and that's right we we [TS]

  fired the spoiler horse we can actually [TS]

  Han Solo's your dad what area you know [TS]

  when when when hot and and Kyle were on [TS]

  that walkway like I feel as though [TS]

  they've they've made kylo into a complex [TS]

  enough character that this could go [TS]

  anyway and then yeah and then knowing [TS]

  the anticipating how Chewbacca is going [TS]

  to react to that and you been and how [TS]

  late is going to react to that [TS]

  yeah it and especially the ensenes with [TS]

  Ray [TS]

  where once again it's aight i'll a this [TS]

  dude definitely fit the follows the [TS]

  template of episodes of episode 4 but [TS]

  nonetheless ray is seem to have an empty [TS]

  path in front of her and really had no I [TS]

  really had no idea where she was going [TS]

  to go either [TS]

  and so when you have two people fighting [TS]

  like that at the end not necessarily [TS]

  knowing what the stakes are for either [TS]

  of them except for deriving will never [TS]

  get off this planet [TS]

  yeah that's exactly the sort of feelings [TS]

  i'm looking for and I guess that even [TS]

  today as a grownup I am looking for that [TS]

  wonderfully baffled an enchanted feeling [TS]

  that you get when you're eight years old [TS]

  or even 80 years old when you're [TS]

  watching a good movie [TS]

  sorry to get modeling [TS]

  here but when I think about how I want [TS]

  to die right first first gorgeous on a [TS]

  bridge above a bottom of this pit the [TS]

  first that my first thought is I don't [TS]

  wanna I don't want to go and the second [TS]

  thought is but if i have to go i want to [TS]

  buy it [TS]

  flying flying ate an x-wing fighter on a [TS]

  secret mission somewhere I mean that [TS]

  star wars is just part and part and [TS]

  parcel of my childhood and my soul and I [TS]

  was a little afraid going to this movie [TS]

  I didn't love Star Wars so much that I [TS]

  felt betrayed by George Lucas when the [TS]

  prequels came out I I was afraid that [TS]

  you couldn't I couldn't I wouldn't feel [TS]

  that again when I went into the theater [TS]

  where any of you like or any of you [TS]

  concerned about that or were you were [TS]

  just saying I'm here please entertain me [TS]

  that night I i might be I might still be [TS]

  concerned [TS]

  um I mean I saw episode 1 in theaters [TS]

  twice on opening day and was convinced [TS]

  that I liked it for months [TS]

  what if everything I'm feeling right now [TS]

  let's take a look inside yourself you [TS]

  know it to be true Tony but it took it [TS]

  took it was literally months before i [TS]

  realized that episode was a bad movie [TS]

  months I was young but but not that [TS]

  young [TS]

  I don't think we're going to have that [TS]

  problem with this 1i just over and over [TS]

  by my reaction is then that they got it [TS]

  right on [TS]

  yes it revisits the basic plot structure [TS]

  of the first movie but it's it feels [TS]

  like it's at the same time it's still [TS]

  speaking to eight-year-old in us and [TS]

  it's also speaking to the adults in us [TS]

  much more so than the original movies [TS]

  did [TS]

  there's the characters are a bit more [TS]

  complex [TS]

  there's more subtlety there's more [TS]

  nuanced and and I think it works for [TS]

  audiences of all ages whether you [TS]

  whether you grew up with the Star Wars [TS]

  movies or whether you're young enough [TS]

  that this is the first time you've seen [TS]

  one in the theater on it just feels like [TS]

  they managed to strike this really [TS]

  really good balance overall [TS]

  all let me narrow my eyes at a my [TS]

  co-panelists who is also my wife and say [TS]

  Shannon yes are you telling me that you [TS]

  think that star wars the force awakens [TS]

  is a better movie than the Holy trilogy [TS]

  huh [TS]

  um here and there yes yes I do [TS]

  I mean the verse movies are captured [TS]

  lightning in a bottle [TS]

  um and you know Lucas was able to throw [TS]

  in all of these elements from you know [TS]

  different entertainment sectors and mix [TS]

  them together into something that grabs [TS]

  everybody's attention on this one [TS]

  you know feels is following that formula [TS]

  but there's just a bit a bit more craft [TS]

  to it this time people you know know [TS]

  what worked in the first movies and [TS]

  pretty much seem to know what didn't [TS]

  work in the prequels and have managed to [TS]

  you know and do a very good job of [TS]

  revisiting I think this is just it's [TS]

  easy i think i agree completely i think [TS]

  that there's so many parts of this that [TS]

  were better than the Holy trilogy was [TS]

  definitely cut from the same cloth as [TS]

  the Holy trilogy and first for one thing [TS]

  oh my goodness it's so good to see [TS]

  characters that are not just white dudes [TS]

  it's it's I I will not I will not [TS]

  necessarily complain that a great movie [TS]

  is not a great movie because it has no [TS]

  diversity but my goodness when you start [TS]

  to see good female characters and what [TS]

  you want to give one of the when the [TS]

  poster quality characters thin and you [TS]

  don't decide just cast a white guy in [TS]

  that role when you get one of the most [TS]

  someone who clearly seems to being be [TS]

  set up as one of the Empire's like [TS]

  toughest heavies and the first time this [TS]

  character speaks in this in the silver [TS]

  Centurion of stormtrooper armor and like [TS]

  wow that was an odd acting choice that [TS]

  this actor has made to have this [TS]

  high-pitched sort of like that oh no [TS]

  it's actually there's a woman in there [TS]

  and I know that talk about the movie for [TS]

  one second in the most positive way [TS]

  because it's like of course like if you [TS]

  put that info if a woman is wearing that [TS]

  armor they're just they tailor it a [TS]

  little bit differently but still woman [TS]

  the armor you're just so used to like [TS]

  the seventies and the 80 [TS]

  even the nineties of mentality of [TS]

  designing a costume like that obviously [TS]

  the store if a female stormtrooper armor [TS]

  is gonna have like molded-in breasts [TS]

  no it's not it's just it's gonna be [TS]

  storm trooper Robert but yeah the only [TS]

  did I will say that the one thing that I [TS]

  wish that they it's does another thing [TS]

  that would have stolen from the original [TS]

  trilogy [TS]

  I wish that they had given me more time [TS]

  to learn about these characters before [TS]

  they got thrown into the soup [TS]

  there are so many times where I don't [TS]

  really know we get a long introduction [TS]

  to Ray but we don't really know [TS]

  whoo-hoo Finn is we don't really we got [TS]

  a little bit of an introduction to [TS]

  offend but now we've got all these other [TS]

  characters like like Poe which I feel [TS]

  like I'm supposed to think he's a lot [TS]

  more interesting then I really think he [TS]

  is [TS]

  that's because I don't know what brought [TS]

  him there [TS]

  I love the lazy pace of the whole first [TS]

  act of love episode 4 where they're [TS]

  going to spend so much time on Tatooine [TS]

  that gives us so much time to learn [TS]

  about Luke's so much time to learn about [TS]

  Ben and on that by and even and even [TS]

  after the everybody like leaves Tatooine [TS]

  they got they go to light speed X they [TS]

  escaped and now they've got a long time [TS]

  to do scenes inside the ship inside the [TS]

  million falcon in which once again we're [TS]

  just learning how do they when they do [TS]

  when there's not a whole lot of action [TS]

  when they do when they're just having [TS]

  idle conversation that's the whole [TS]

  that's the only thing that I really [TS]

  missed out of this movie but not enough [TS]

  to do to doing it for as a mistake [TS]

  Andy that was a thoughtful criticism but [TS]

  we're here for the gushing and the [TS]

  mindless agile ation so I'm going to [TS]

  turn it over to start my god oh my god [TS]

  like when when hot spit and what was the [TS]

  thing that I was gonna be disappointed [TS]

  by is if they didn't have Han Solo be [TS]

  hot [TS]

  effing so lone god dammit he was Han [TS]

  effing solo he wasn't like jet retired [TS]

  general solo whose experiences with that [TS]

  adventure long time ago had left him in [TS]

  a more like religious and content [TS]

  contemplatively mood that he never [TS]

  mastered the force but he began to [TS]

  follow the no no he's still a guy I'm [TS]

  I'm afraid of captain and i smuggle [TS]

  stuff for people who don't want to [TS]

  bother with paperwork and i'm going to [TS]

  talk myself out of situations and i'm [TS]

  always going to be the coolest guy in [TS]

  the room [TS]

  x factor of 40 ok ok and when i'm in my [TS]

  seventies i'm going to the coolest guy [TS]

  I'm gonna have an awesome jacket island [TS]

  down big deal it's time for Scott [TS]

  McNulty gosh [TS]

  Scott can you gosh about this movie oh [TS]

  you say I could gush about many things [TS]

  haha no I thought this was so I know [TS]

  people i am a Star Trek fan that might [TS]

  be come as a shock to some people that [TS]

  doesn't mean that i'm also not a starch [TS]

  star wars fan i enjoy Star Wars and you [TS]

  like both kinds of music [TS]

  country-and-western exactly i like Star [TS]

  Trek better but hike star waters good [TS]

  too [TS]

  so much so that i've forgotten speaking [TS]

  ish [TS]

  yeah so it's interesting because JJ [TS]

  Abrams obviously hiru he rebooted Star [TS]

  Trek and he's doing Star Wars right but [TS]

  it's not a reboot [TS]

  so I feel like he kind of had a slightly [TS]

  easier job it's not easy by any means [TS]

  continuing the story of the original [TS]

  trilogy than he did with Star Trek where [TS]

  he's rebooting it telling the origin [TS]

  story basically with new actors and [TS]

  starting the whole universe / there's a [TS]

  lot of baggage there there's a lot of [TS]

  baggage and star wars as well right [TS]

  so high expectations for either one and [TS]

  I think he meant it for Star Wars I [TS]

  think you did a great job i enjoy the [TS]

  movie it was a lot of fun [TS]

  I have some questions about the [TS]

  economics of this universe and how our [TS]

  trade negotiations [TS]

  well but I was a good confused about [TS]

  what the Republic was unions yeah we're [TS]

  only on the ride home [TS]

  it's like I don't mean it and some of [TS]

  that is the baggage of I was heavily [TS]

  invested in like the Expanded Universe [TS]

  stuff and so I've read you know dozens [TS]

  of books about what things are like in [TS]

  the galaxy after Return of the Jedi you [TS]

  know years 1 through 30 out and they [TS]

  throw all that away which is fine [TS]

  making movies that had to fit into that [TS]

  would probably be a recipe for disaster [TS]

  though there somewhere to feel very very [TS]

  strongly about the head [TS]

  don't write to me write to someone else [TS]

  um [TS]

  but it was a little bit like I don't [TS]

  really go with get what's going on [TS]

  what's the role of the right there is a [TS]

  resistance and a republic but not a [TS]

  rebellion anymore with the resistance [TS]

  and and you know and i have since kind [TS]

  of done the the background reading on [TS]

  that but it is unfortunate that know the [TS]

  answers to those questions are in the [TS]

  movie that was my one like thing that [TS]

  you know I didn't love that i'm up and I [TS]

  thought about that on the ride home i [TS]

  love i reminded me of how good an [TS]

  efficient that opening crawl is not just [TS]

  an iconic thing but didn't get it allows [TS]

  them to just drops right into the movie [TS]

  we're just let here's here's what's [TS]

  happening no one knows her Luke [TS]

  Skywalker is Leia is still around but [TS]

  she's a general and there's in there [TS]

  there's a there's a reason there's a [TS]

  fight between A&B and they just sent [TS]

  this guy to go get something important [TS]

  he's really awesome even though you've [TS]

  never heard of [TS]

  I'm like okay I'm with that last time is [TS]

  it hasn't already five minutes of boring [TS]

  expositions just completely out the door [TS]

  and unnecessary as it especially it [TS]

  works well proposed it's like we're [TS]

  gonna see a little bit of Po and then [TS]

  he's gonna go away for a long time he's [TS]

  gonna come back later and we don't [TS]

  really have time to show you how awesome [TS]

  he is we just need you to know and like [TS]

  content can be with us and I thought it [TS]

  was I thought the the kraal was [TS]

  effective but it wasn't a and B it was a [TS]

  B and C and that's where i was confused [TS]

  right because a is the Republic be is [TS]

  the resistance and then there is a the [TS]

  first order so i assume and I could be [TS]

  wrong here that the first order is one [TS]

  part of the galaxy the Republic's [TS]

  another part of the galaxy and the [TS]

  Republic is kind of funding like the [TS]

  iran-contra think the resistance for the [TS]

  first order i guess i don't have that [TS]

  that's always that's always been the [TS]

  problem it's like the the thing about [TS]

  Star Wars is that I think that every [TS]

  work of fiction can get away with [TS]

  anything so long as it follows the rules [TS]

  that it itself setup and I think the [TS]

  original trilogy set up that we're not [TS]

  we're not telling you that it's [TS]

  important to understand what the [TS]

  political structure the galaxy is like [TS]

  we there's this thing called the Empire [TS]

  do they control the entire galaxy or [TS]

  just the parts of the galaxy where the [TS]

  story is taking places are other other [TS]

  empires other democracies outside it [TS]

  this is not at this is this is not the [TS]

  the Holy trilogy is not a story that [TS]

  asks you to ask that question i think [TS]

  that the this new movie does the same [TS]

  thing i was confused too because it did [TS]

  make me one [TS]

  think so when Anakin killed the Emperor [TS]

  at the end of Return of the Jedi does [TS]

  that so that wasn't the head guy at all [TS]

  that was just the guy holding the office [TS]

  that there was someone else who could [TS]

  come in and substitute was it was he [TS]

  training his own replacement while all [TS]

  this was going on and if so what it was [TS]

  did he intend to like give this other [TS]

  guy that we're seeing is played by andy [TS]

  serkis the promotion / Vader and he [TS]

  never attended was either Vader had [TS]

  already hit the glass ceiling [TS]

  yes it's not confusing stuff i was able [TS]

  to put it out of my mind after a [TS]

  question because i don't think it was a [TS]

  question that this movie was saying [TS]

  something that was worth thinking about [TS]

  it's kind of an interesting take on [TS]

  unlike war 2i mean you know in the again [TS]

  in the stuff that no longer counts it's [TS]

  like return of the jedi happens that's [TS]

  the big war and we win and then like [TS]

  they sort stuff out afterwards and like [TS]

  you know basically like hot and like I [TS]

  have to like sneak away on vacation from [TS]

  their legitimate boring jobs to have [TS]

  adventures where is like in this version [TS]

  it's like no there's still a war there's [TS]

  always generates on later but like it's [TS]

  add it in some ways it's kind of sad [TS]

  that like the characters we love our [TS]

  like like you know later as a general [TS]

  now but she's still like camping out in [TS]

  the base with the you know the [TS]

  camouflage nets and stuff and it's like [TS]

  wow you know the the version of stars i [TS]

  thought it's like I thought you would be [TS]

  wearing nice clothes and running [TS]

  everything and everybody just be doing [TS]

  what you said because like you won the [TS]

  war it's like no war is not done and I [TS]

  guess that's new that's how Wars go but [TS]

  that's rough for your escapism right [TS]

  there cute droids though [TS]

  yeah we do want to see I i was when i [TS]

  was walking and thinking about what what [TS]

  what I would like to see this doesn't [TS]

  mean that i would be that this would be [TS]

  the best choice for anybody but it's [TS]

  like yeah you were you you leave we left [TS]

  these characters in the early eighties [TS]

  thinking very highly of them and we want [TS]

  these people to be happy and I wanted to [TS]

  say i would have been really upset if [TS]

  han and Leia were at the worry were [TS]

  enemies in any way and I would hope that [TS]

  Leia is now the president of the New [TS]

  Republic or at least some sort of senior [TS]

  official late like you said you want to [TS]

  see or she has at least a comfortable [TS]

  house she's in her sixties now she [TS]

  doesn't have to wear a poncho and be [TS]

  rained on and and everyone stand in [TS]

  front of back illuminated plexiglass [TS]

  tactical displays she's the person who [TS]

  goes out to try to create the big plans [TS]

  and solve the problems and prevent the [TS]

  war not the one who has to fight the war [TS]

  so it is a little bit disappointing but [TS]

  nonetheless that is to me come back to [TS]

  something that I like I'm saying about [TS]

  the Han Solo console was still han Solo [TS]

  leia was still the layout that I was [TS]

  that I I grew to love because one of the [TS]

  things that I was kind of afraid of was [TS]

  that they do this really we seem to be [TS]

  an obvious move saying well if if Lucas [TS]

  of is a Jedi then by now lay is a Jedi [TS]

  to you know she is she [TS]

  i I don't I don't doubt that she could [TS]

  become a Jedi but I if I know this is [TS]

  that my definition of this character is [TS]

  that she feels as though she can fight [TS]

  she said she's so effective and so [TS]

  important in the way that she fights [TS]

  that she can't take a year off to do [TS]

  training and even when she if she did [TS]

  training her most effective move is not [TS]

  going to be holding a lightsaber and [TS]

  fighting one guy it's going to be [TS]

  commanding an army and fighting a half a [TS]

  million guys or people I've got Marvel [TS]

  Comics syndrome oh I'm so sorry I want [TS]

  everything to have an explanation [TS]

  there's an ongoing for that now it's [TS]

  topical I want people to care so much [TS]

  about explanations i want Pablo Hidalgo [TS]

  from the Lucasfilm study story group to [TS]

  send out no prices that's the kind of [TS]

  that that's the kind of nerd gene that [TS]

  I've got so when I go when I go into [TS]

  this movie and I see the recap of the [TS]

  trench the trench fight i see a big [TS]

  second death star kind of thing I see a [TS]

  bolt of energy coming from the death [TS]

  from the from Starkiller base that blows [TS]

  up planets that you can see from the [TS]

  planet that the resistance bases on I [TS]

  want everything to make sense and it [TS]

  doesn't quite do it for me and I get [TS]

  kind of agitated Pablo Hidalgo the [TS]

  aforementioned guy from the story group [TS]

  was asked on Twitter today [TS]

  about how long it takes to get from [TS]

  planet to planet and whether what makes [TS]

  sense and his answer is ships in the [TS]

  star wars universe travel at the speed [TS]

  of plot [TS]

  yes and it yourself it's just a show i [TS]

  could I should really just relax yeah [TS]

  and that is why the second time I saw [TS]

  this movie I liked it a whole lot better [TS]

  than the first because I stopped asking [TS]

  all of these questions of it and i'm [TS]

  curious if the those of you who have [TS]

  seen it more than once [TS]

  what do you think did its it better the [TS]

  second time I think it did for me the [TS]

  first time I had two major distractions [TS]

  are the first one was every time they [TS]

  did a call back or a line quote or a [TS]

  plot point that mirrored a new hope I [TS]

  would sort of feel like I had to not my [TS]

  head it's like okay yeah they did that [TS]

  but not necessarily thinking yeah your [TS]

  neighbor just noticing it quite a bit [TS]

  the other distraction was our [TS]

  thirteen-year-old sitting on the other [TS]

  side of me you know constantly grabbing [TS]

  my hand or going screaming in my ear and [TS]

  you know that just enjoying it so [TS]

  thoroughly so this time since it was [TS]

  just the two of us i was able to you [TS]

  know focus a little bit better and just [TS]

  ride the story a bit more easily this [TS]

  time around and be like you know yeah [TS]

  they did do a lot of retreads but [TS]

  they've done interesting things you know [TS]

  with those retreads or beyond those [TS]

  retreads that had made it work for me [TS]

  yeah I felt as though and this this [TS]

  might be the afterglow of seeing another [TS]

  another star wars movie have really [TS]

  enjoyed I felt as though in retrospect [TS]

  that there was so much that was familiar [TS]

  of course I'm willing to wait until the [TS]

  second movie that is in the next movie [TS]

  in the chain to decide if it was a bad [TS]

  thing or not because I could I could see [TS]

  them making a conscious choice that this [TS]

  is this is this isn't a prequel this is [TS]

  the next part of the story that ended in [TS]

  1982 1983 so it has to be of that place [TS]

  and of that time and given that we're [TS]

  going to be getting a lot of people who [TS]

  saw that movie as kids as well as a lot [TS]

  of brand-new fans [TS]

  what better way to get into this [TS]

  21 movie every year sort of schedule [TS]

  then make a movie that sort of half the [TS]

  original and half teeing things up for [TS]

  the next part of the story so if they if [TS]

  then if the next one involves road ran [TS]

  like having his hand cut off and being [TS]

  told that Han Solo is not his father [TS]

  then I think that we can say that here [TS]

  and there is darkness not gonna run had [TS]

  not a little heavy-handed get it out you [TS]

  know everybody in this conversation a [TS]

  dollar for that part i'm not blaming you [TS]

  for it but it was worth it some tangible [TS]

  extra gland that big yet so it's i was [TS]

  able to forget it was pretty heavy [TS]

  that's at the start but I thought that [TS]

  they sort of loosened up near the end we [TS]

  started the the second life it's it's a [TS]

  5x structure then that would mean that [TS]

  the last 2 X what I thought were more of [TS]

  now we now that we're we've reestablish [TS]

  the the the sky in the ground in the [TS]

  atmosphere of this movie movie series [TS]

  we're going to now be able to move this [TS]

  vehicle into new territory it would it [TS]

  would it would have sucked if we did not [TS]

  get to see one last grand han solo [TS]

  adventure [TS]

  it would have been it would have sucked [TS]

  if I got a brand-new totally brand new [TS]

  movie with totally brand new characters [TS]

  and at the end well [TS]

  oh my god are you heart soul and that [TS]

  must make me make you layout that's [TS]

  right you know what we're old and we [TS]

  can't fight the fights anymore but you [TS]

  know what I've got a feeling that the [TS]

  galaxy is in pretty good hands now [TS]

  fuck yes you know you want to see a real [TS]

  these these people really being who they [TS]

  are [TS]

  yeah I was surprised is sitting in the [TS]

  theater is like we're getting a lot of [TS]

  Han Solo and I was like oh I I think I [TS]

  know what why this because it's gonna be [TS]

  your your last big doses but you know I [TS]

  mean that was fine i thought it was it [TS]

  was it was great to see him and it was [TS]

  fun I and yeah you know i mean i've been [TS]

  reading a ton of reviews and you nerds [TS]

  are finding all these things to hate [TS]

  about it and you know those are things i [TS]

  mean i don't know it is some of them are [TS]

  interesting and some of them are awful [TS]

  but a lot of them are not things that I [TS]

  experienced sitting in the same movie so [TS]

  i think that's that's probably more [TS]

  about some of them than it was about the [TS]

  movie but I mean it's hard i think this [TS]

  there's a lot in here that that [TS]

  I wanted to establish connections to the [TS]

  original trilogy and some people are are [TS]

  off put by that but I feel like that [TS]

  that was you know JJ Abrams reaction to [TS]

  what people wanted because because the [TS]

  prequels did not feel they felt like [TS]

  this very different thing and I mean I [TS]

  think for better or worse that was what [TS]

  George Lucas wanted to do it like this [TS]

  is you know setting a whole different [TS]

  era of the world that the universe is [TS]

  different than and my ideas about what [TS]

  is fun and interesting maybe different [TS]

  than what your hideous horrible [TS]

  that's fine just think people in my [TS]

  movies and you're gonna see me in anyway [TS]

  and so there's a lot of like reorienting [TS]

  here which does make me excited and very [TS]

  interesting to see like well where do we [TS]

  go from here right and and do can we [TS]

  move a little bit away from the number [TS]

  of lines that have to be you know [TS]

  callbacks entomologist of things well [TS]

  Lucas in the prequels said his and my [TS]

  marvel comics syndrome [TS]

  you know he's eating he's just he's just [TS]

  laying all the groundwork he's [TS]

  explaining everything that happened up [TS]

  to a certain point this is entirely this [TS]

  is entirely new and i think the trip the [TS]

  prequels were about world-building and I [TS]

  guess that what they were a cautionary a [TS]

  cautionary tale about what happens when [TS]

  world-building becomes too much I've got [TS]

  a question for you Scott [TS]

  yeah and uh aren't you did you did you [TS]

  like this movie I did like this movie [TS]

  and I'm excited to see the next movie [TS]

  I i had so i I couldn't stop myself only [TS]

  seen it once so I should admit that so [TS]

  perhaps when I see it again i can see [TS]

  your opinion is clearly invalid then [TS]

  it's true I can't stop thinking about [TS]

  how the first order [TS]

  where did how did they make all these [TS]

  stormtrooper outfits when they just [TS]

  recycle the Empire stormtrooper outfit [TS]

  would that be cheaper [TS]

  these are the things i was thinking [TS]

  about as i was watching the movie i'm [TS]

  sure they spending chrome plating that [TS]

  one awesome data storage arrested yeah [TS]

  exactly which was very awesome looking [TS]

  for like the the two minutes that it was [TS]

  in the movie [TS]

  hopefully we'll see more of that [TS]

  character yeah I thought your is part of [TS]

  my you know remaining spoiler-free thing [TS]

  was I didn't realize that Han Solo would [TS]

  be such a big part of it and I didn't [TS]

  realize that Ray was basically the main [TS]

  character when looking at the posters [TS]

  and things and the trailers you surely [TS]

  couldn't tell that from the merchandise [TS]

  and [TS]

  that I had no idea and I think she's a [TS]

  great character so I was quite pleased [TS]

  with that but it was just as surprised [TS]

  as I go [TS]

  this is the person that this move these [TS]

  this trilogy is going to be about that's [TS]

  cool i have no idea and I don't like her [TS]

  I liked Finn I like to all the [TS]

  characters BBH super cute i like the [TS]

  moment when bb-8 it r2d2 that was a kind [TS]

  of cute i asked i talked about what we [TS]

  were talking about this [TS]

  my wife and I and she said that TBH [TS]

  feels like a little baby that r2d2 head [TS]

  which I thought were you droids [TS]

  I assume that's how Troy's new joys come [TS]

  from they reproduce it somehow i assume [TS]

  i don't know other droids in the star [TS]

  wars universe is a troubling topic [TS]

  because they're basically they're [TS]

  intelligent but their slaves and we're [TS]

  okay with that [TS]

  I don't have healthy without see did you [TS]

  notice that that something kind of threw [TS]

  me when when she meets bb-8 for the [TS]

  first time as though he's just some [TS]

  human traveler who almost got killed by [TS]

  this scavenger and just saying oh well [TS]

  town is that way go on and go ahead [TS]

  whereas everything in the original [TS]

  trilogy simply said that we they are [TS]

  really really personable appliances that [TS]

  we could just simply put a bolt on them [TS]

  that makes them not want to run away or [TS]

  bake some makes it makes them feel pain [TS]

  if they run away the one time in this [TS]

  movie when somebody referred to PO as [TS]

  BBH master that kind of threw me [TS]

  well enhance knowledge is causing ball [TS]

  right it's clear that only eats a [TS]

  generational issue where is goldenrod [TS]

  ball there you go modern opinions about [TS]

  droids and rights are different than [TS]

  what they were in Hansel this generation [TS]

  and I assume there will be a movie about [TS]

  that I i wish but that seems unnecessary [TS]

  I just I just don't want fanfiction to [TS]

  creep into the actual movies i don't i [TS]

  don't it's ok to write fan fiction but [TS]

  hey remember like in the in the in the [TS]

  special edition of the cantina scene [TS]

  there was somebody soon as I kind of [TS]

  slumped over next to the cantina band [TS]

  what was his story my answer is very [TS]

  precious i don't i don't really care i [TS]

  don't think there was any idea you're [TS]

  too late there there's so many [TS]

  yeah exactly hinson pushes that you know [TS]

  that that Finn and po could become an [TS]

  item it's just like that the subtext [TS]

  could go either way I think we're too [TS]

  late but it really is it's like it's [TS]

  like when there's a gold filled ok and [TS]

  first discovered you just pick up gold [TS]

  nuggets off the ground ok that's fine [TS]

  and then all the Nuggets have picked up [TS]

  off the ground been found and so now you [TS]

  can pan for gold in the stream ok but [TS]

  now the streams panda and now you have [TS]

  to go and like within with bulldozers [TS]

  and pulled down hills and crazed down [TS]

  trees and for me that third step is what [TS]

  happens when the people who grew up [TS]

  being fans of this series start to write [TS]

  the books in the comic books saying that [TS]

  you know but remember the time where [TS]

  this part kept failing [TS]

  how about a story about the The the [TS]

  player the the shipyard that made that [TS]

  that that part that made a defective [TS]

  Iran does not ride okay okay i think i [TS]

  read that segment of the Martian [TS]

  actually have fans with fans will strip [TS]

  it down to its its its essential part [TS]

  they use all all parts of the work it's [TS]

  like the Bison they are you know they'll [TS]

  strip mine it down till there's nothing [TS]

  left but we live in a world right where [TS]

  there's going to be a star wars movie [TS]

  every year and have a rest of our lives [TS]

  I i want to be excited about that but [TS]

  that does blow and like I i mean i've [TS]

  seen all the Marvel movies in theaters [TS]

  and I i guess i will just get like [TS]

  that's just the thing i'm going to do [TS]

  for the rest of my life now is and that [TS]

  feels a little nervous but I'm excited [TS]

  about the idea of it but the but yeah [TS]

  what am i signing up for here I was [TS]

  never super into the X the Expanded [TS]

  Universe but I remember when the timothy [TS]

  zahn trilogy first came out and how [TS]

  blown i was blown away i was by that [TS]

  color against of the high water mark for [TS]

  quality [TS]

  yeah i mean that universe I i am reading [TS]

  new Star Wars and it feels wheel [TS]

  you know I mean I consume thousands of [TS]

  pages of I mean this might be harsh but [TS]

  I'm gonna say substandard quality [TS]

  writing but yeah that's like the little [TS]

  activity come on this was the way to go [TS]

  I didn't use the word garbage but it was [TS]

  not very you know because it was like I [TS]

  need more star wars and this is this is [TS]

  the only way and get I'll take just put [TS]

  just jamming my beans that's absolutely [TS]

  yeah tell me about a planet where [TS]

  they're out where there's a ton of [TS]

  rancors let's go [TS]

  I don't care what has been cut with I [TS]

  don't care that was actually a warning [TS]

  on this is that police are finding out [TS]

  that people are actually having their [TS]

  eyeballs popped up if they take this [TS]

  drug you really are that hard up for new [TS]

  scag so we're so we're sort of on the [TS]

  verge of something else like that [TS]

  because we're going to be getting we're [TS]

  going to be getting a movie every year [TS]

  and I gotta I gotta say that you know [TS]

  the law of averages tells us that we're [TS]

  going to have some of those expanded [TS]

  universe movie star-type experiences on [TS]

  the screen [TS]

  I feel really good about where this [TS]

  movie positions us but we're going to [TS]

  have a young han solo movie [TS]

  I mean it's not like you're worried that [TS]

  there will be a first bad Star Wars [TS]

  movie we got that and that's not that's [TS]

  not a threat that cover times three [TS]

  yeah we're good work up but yeah it does [TS]

  start to you know what's this what's [TS]

  this what's the quality of the whole [TS]

  work start to look like as we have more [TS]

  and more but I mean there's a lot of [TS]

  their I was try attempted to I didn't [TS]

  make it through all the way I attempted [TS]

  to rewatch all the clone wars cartoon in [TS]

  preparation and i only made it about [TS]

  halfway i mean there's like there's many [TS]

  many many hours of that show which I [TS]

  mean I guess some people would not count [TS]

  the same caliber of the movie but I mean [TS]

  there's a lot of stars media out there [TS]

  that still can't even with all the other [TS]

  stuff throw away right although i'm [TS]

  still I'm never going to watch another [TS]

  star wars again because they've d [TS]

  canonized jimmy eat our talk Tartakovsky [TS]

  i can't pronounce his name is animated [TS]

  clone war series it's it's great and [TS]

  they d canonized it 18 and this playlist [TS]

  or there's a lot of your own as into [TS]

  what we're about to like now it's [TS]

  troubling stars thought police you know [TS]

  i'm curious as to what your favorite and [TS]

  least favorite section of the movie was [TS]

  because I've got my answer and it's [TS]

  right but but i'm good i'm curious cuz [TS]

  this i think this movie's got three [TS]

  phase its there's like the buddy the [TS]

  buddy movie phase at the beginning the [TS]

  discovery the this discovery / fan [TS]

  reconnection part [TS]

  in the Middle where Rey and Finn [TS]

  discovered the Millennium Falcon and [TS]

  then han Solo and all that and then the [TS]

  big climactic fight at the end i'm [TS]

  curious what you thought the strength of [TS]

  this movie were and what the biggest [TS]

  weakness was let me throw it to Tony you [TS]

  know I really like the beginning uh with [TS]

  with just like establishing ray and [TS]

  seeing what her life was like and I felt [TS]

  like there was so much they were showing [TS]

  us with her picking through the Star [TS]

  Destroyer and and you know turning in [TS]

  her pockets of scrap for like food and [TS]

  living in the like hollowed-out 8080 at [TS]

  like that that really did a lot for me [TS]

  in terms of like establishing who this [TS]

  character is showing us what is the [TS]

  world like and like that was really [TS]

  exciting and then and then Finn shows up [TS]

  and actually I thought like even before [TS]

  we get the scene where Han Solo walked [TS]

  in the money in pocket and he's in his [TS]

  home up like they did a lot to really [TS]

  sell me on how great this was gonna be [TS]

  and how fun this was before dipping back [TS]

  into that well of let's show you some of [TS]

  the big the characters that you you [TS]

  you're coming back for that's me [TS]

  it's hard to pick just 1i definitely [TS]

  that probably the biggest fan of the the [TS]

  last act of it because that's where the [TS]

  payoff of all these really cool [TS]

  individual scenes were where we finally [TS]

  get to the point where here is where we [TS]

  we may not know still who these factions [TS]

  are what their who the big cheese's or [TS]

  whatever we do know that we have two [TS]

  people fighting that's not just missed [TS]

  it's much more complex and much more [TS]

  satisfying than Vader fighting Luke [TS]

  Skywalker because you have two people [TS]

  that are at the very beginnings of their [TS]

  careers so to speak [TS]

  I the more than the ice I really started [TS]

  to love this movie [TS]

  when I started to realize that oh [TS]

  they're intentionally saying that kylo [TS]

  Ren is not Darth Vader he is he is [TS]

  literally a copycat pedes Livi's put [TS]

  himself in the shadow of what the [TS]

  greatest villain of this entire series [TS]

  and he's really not great at it yet he's [TS]

  not only not graded at yet but he is [TS]

  sincerely conflicted about what his do [TS]

  he knows that he wants to go away from [TS]

  his father's path [TS]

  he knows that TV with his future he [TS]

  feels is with the dark side of the force [TS]

  and with the with the you know the quasi [TS]

  Nazi regime and he's got this really [TS]

  cool outfit and stuff but you see him in [TS]

  private moments think I'd i feel this is [TS]

  what I want but my heart is telling me [TS]

  to do something else and I don't know [TS]

  what to do and in a much weaker movie [TS]

  when he the line with which he kills Han [TS]

  Solo that could have been just as cool [TS]

  as someone razon in the final draft say [TS]

  oh my god it's such a cool this could be [TS]

  such an awesome like this could be the [TS]

  trailer and everything is gonna be like [TS]

  so it's gonna be animated gifs soon as [TS]

  this thing in his family's home video [TS]

  instead it comes off as sincere saying I [TS]

  it's what i have to do is really really [TS]

  hard he's really starting to cry and I [TS]

  don't know what to do and I think it [TS]

  will you help me learn how to salsa yes [TS]

  I will help you and then this isn't hot [TS]

  good i'm going to kill you now it's ok I [TS]

  i have to get the only way to stop you [TS]

  might leave me from wanting to like be [TS]

  good like you was to kill you and ok so [TS]

  I've killed us and I can move forward [TS]

  and you just that's just it you realize [TS]

  that that that Ray is having almost the [TS]

  same sort of thing where only cheese in [TS]

  a world that she know she doesn't know [TS]

  about this larger world above your being [TS]

  abandoned as a kid on this desert planet [TS]

  having to scrape by on her own and so [TS]

  the idea of her having to pick up that [TS]

  lightsaber and figure out what to do [TS]

  with it but just knowing that here is [TS]

  this person who's killed our friend this [TS]

  guy that this guy that I was starting to [TS]

  idolize or that it's the living legend [TS]

  now dead legend and some of that really [TS]

  would have liked to have learned some [TS]

  more from its not hatred spoke to people [TS]

  who don't know what they should do but [TS]

  they figured that if the purpose of [TS]

  being here together right now is to [TS]

  fight each other and you don't know [TS]

  where any of these people are going to [TS]

  go in the future thank thank God they [TS]

  didn't they didn't just kill off kylo [TS]

  Ren at the end of the movie like a [TS]

  certain other Sith Lord i could mention [TS]

  from serve another another trilogy [TS]

  because i really want to find out what [TS]

  happens to kylo Ren next that's true [TS]

  pretty much every one of these [TS]

  characters i really wanna know what [TS]

  happens in the next to protect [TS]

  the dark small comes back to but don't [TS]

  worry about it that's absolutely what [TS]

  still get it [TS]

  okay well I'm we're looking to converse [TS]

  in the cartoon robot leg is that here's [TS]

  here's one let me let me just let me [TS]

  just say that i don't i'm not insisting [TS]

  that my my user interface to the [TS]

  Expanded Universe is the correct one [TS]

  all I'm saying is that ever since I was [TS]

  a kid with a comic books for the [TS]

  novelizations worth with everything my [TS]

  take has always been that if it happened [TS]

  to the movies it really happened [TS]

  everything else is a very pleasant and [TS]

  entertaining speculation about what [TS]

  could be happening [TS]

  that's totally fair are you saying that [TS]

  you didn't buy it when the star like [TS]

  burped boba fett backup [TS]

  why didn't I i heard the perp as far as [TS]

  i know that boba fett is dead dead dead [TS]

  dead dead because I did it didn't he [TS]

  didn't come back to life in them in any [TS]

  of the movies which means that for for [TS]

  me my center of reference how I choose [TS]

  to define Canon and Nikon Canon which is [TS]

  again my just my own choice [TS]

  let's look at work is that we can agree [TS]

  maybe maybe darth maul's not dead but we [TS]

  can create has been cut in half we can [TS]

  agree to anything have been falling down [TS]

  a very big fan which there are many of [TS]

  the star weekend TX exactly the thing is [TS]

  like unfortunately he didn't lead and [TS]

  play that video game long enough to get [TS]

  the extra guy he should have jumped and [TS]

  then like look for one of the health [TS]

  packs before that that was I don't think [TS]

  I don't know not as hostile against the [TS]

  the prequels as most people are but [TS]

  everybody will say that my consistent [TS]

  complaint is that it looked like they [TS]

  had some person who is writing a video [TS]

  game just taking take his out his or her [TS]

  outline and let's make that into the [TS]

  outline for this movie like how how else [TS]

  to explain and for no apparent reason [TS]

  there's going to be like energy force [TS]

  barriers that slam down randomly make so [TS]

  much about as much sense as having a [TS]

  bridge with no railings over a giant [TS]

  chasm in the middle of your star [TS]

  destroyed planet [TS]

  sure she would have words about the [TS]

  happen okay first of all you've got [TS]

  stormtroopers you're not even bothering [TS]

  to give them names that you don't know [TS]

  and I don't you got your not meant to [TS]

  that the management does not say you're [TS]

  part of your valuable part of the team [TS]

  there's promotion advancement and [TS]

  recognition it's like what we could but [TS]

  we decided that we did we did the cost [TS]

  analysis that putting two railings up [TS]

  will cost about eighteen dollars replace [TS]

  you will cost seventeen dollars and [TS]

  eighty cents so to save twenty cents [TS]

  we're not going to bother to put up [TS]

  around one line to the brainwashing stay [TS]

  away from the edge if you fit if you're [TS]

  a good storm trooper you wouldn't fall [TS]

  off so they're just trying to get more [TS]

  conscientious and more agile [TS]

  stormtroopers I thought this movie did [TS]

  something better than any star wars [TS]

  movie previously it's done even I was [TS]

  trying to think of is there in another [TS]

  example of the buddy movie genre [TS]

  infiltrating star wars and you've got [TS]

  han and luke looking for the princess on [TS]

  the death star but George Lucas doesn't [TS]

  really have buddy movie chops know in a [TS]

  ho [TS]

  oh my god it is that is that is the [TS]

  moment when the grand just spread across [TS]

  my face and kept going until it started [TS]

  annoying people under the seats are on [TS]

  either side of me the the chemistry [TS]

  between those two characters up I i [TS]

  think i think somebody said that before [TS]

  I want up I wanted nothing more than Ben [TS]

  and po buddied hi genes throughout this [TS]

  entire movie I would've been content [TS]

  with that possible I mean it's kind of [TS]

  fluid though because you have in and [TS]

  poke make a great pair but then thin and [TS]

  ray you were asking about what the our [TS]

  favorite parts of the movie were one of [TS]

  my favorite parts is after thin and Ray [TS]

  run into each other and you know are [TS]

  trying to figure out as they get [TS]

  attacked and attacked and they start [TS]

  sorting things out and they start you [TS]

  know start to become this you know [TS]

  haphazard sort of team you know that was [TS]

  one of my favorite parts seeing those to [TS]

  start coming together you know it wasn't [TS]

  like the instant you know fist-bump bro [TS]

  moment like within PO but still it sits [TS]

  there and you know watching it grow [TS]

  through the movie was a whole lot of [TS]

  on for me that glorious moment on the [TS]

  falken after they make their initial [TS]

  escape and they're falling over each [TS]

  other trying to complement each other [TS]

  nicely so lonesome i have never seen [TS]

  something like that in a movie I don't [TS]

  think and I like one of my favorite Rey [TS]

  and Finn roses when Finn is like oh we [TS]

  gotta run get out of here and keep grabs [TS]

  her hand and then started again like I [TS]

  can run faster if you're not holding my [TS]

  hand is that man when they kind of get [TS]

  blown up and she's the first up and she [TS]

  goes over him and he kind of wakes up [TS]

  and is like are you okay and he's like [TS]

  yeah I'm the one standing over you know [TS]

  i'm finally but that was sweet i I like [TS]

  if it was such a good pairing up because [TS]

  they're both in the exact same sort of [TS]

  place where he he is only known being a [TS]

  stormtrooper and let that environment so [TS]

  he's completely he he has skills and yes [TS]

  knowledge but he has no size penis just [TS]

  like Ray has no idea of what how the [TS]

  world works outside of her home planet [TS]

  and he's not a very good stormtroopers [TS]

  and that's one reason i don't think we [TS]

  needed as much introduction for him [TS]

  because in his his all previous [TS]

  existence has been this sort of blank [TS]

  slate you know he's been a number you [TS]

  know being trained up to do one thing [TS]

  with you know ray you know we don't we [TS]

  don't have a sense of what her routine [TS]

  would be until we're shown it but I wish [TS]

  that was that was one of the first nice [TS]

  really impressive moments for me seeing [TS]

  that battlefield scene where we see [TS]

  before we know that Fitness Finn we just [TS]

  see two stormtroopers one has been hit [TS]

  and is dead rather is about the last [TS]

  moments of life and he reaches up to [TS]

  like touch the face of a fellow trooper [TS]

  and leaving his blood-stained he [TS]

  basically turning turning Finn into into [TS]

  Wilson the tetherball with us with us [TS]

  with his blood speed by the [TS]

  blood-stained a handprint it was the [TS]

  first time we'd see if the weather for [TS]

  the rare times we've ever seen the [TS]

  stormtroopers act like actual truth as [TS]

  opposed to simple non non playing [TS]

  characters i just got sounds silly but [TS]

  one of the one of the things I really [TS]

  that stuck out for me in the [TS]

  in the Holy trilogy was just this one [TS]

  moment in which there is a when Luke is [TS]

  trying to lower other stormtroopers onto [TS]

  the ship by tapping Keys tapping his [TS]

  head and indicating that he might have [TS]

  made my transducer is not is not working [TS]

  my radios out and then his commander and [TS]

  the parade's ok is we've got a bad [TS]

  communicator since more people down [TS]

  there [TS]

  the idea that this is someone that can [TS]

  basically the these are not just painted [TS]

  on characters these are people with [TS]

  individual motivations I kind of would [TS]

  have enjoyed seeing more of that sort of [TS]

  interplay if we're gonna have another [TS]

  hour or maybe there's gonna be another [TS]

  movie just about the stormtroopers I [TS]

  want to see if it is Israel is thin that [TS]

  first storm trooper who has ever decided [TS]

  hey I'm really not interested in [TS]

  machine-gunning an entire village is our [TS]

  any of the other stormtroopers going [TS]

  through that kind of self-doubt what [TS]

  about Finn makes him special or it's [TS]

  just the Empire really really good at [TS]

  liquidating these people before they get [TS]

  played out onto the field [TS]

  well if you've got a if you've got a [TS]

  stormtrooper on the planet's surface [TS]

  losing his just losing his stuff when he [TS]

  sees thin coat yells and calls him a [TS]

  traitor and goes in for melee combat you [TS]

  you got to think that there is room for [TS]

  different kinds of emotional reactions [TS]

  there you've got them slowly backing [TS]

  away when they realize that kylo Ren's [TS]

  busy for a temper tantrum around the [TS]

  corner [TS]

  no delicious delicious moment they're up [TS]

  but i do want to go back to one thing [TS]

  that you just said Andy you wanted more [TS]

  time to find out the stuff are you [TS]

  telling me that you want a special [TS]

  edition of this movie if it were a [TS]

  special kind of universe that is [TS]

  expanded in some way [TS]

  fifty percent more store just say I i [TS]

  love this indication that there there's [TS]

  more you can tell about this but all I'm [TS]

  saying is that i might particular taste [TS]

  under saying this my particular taste [TS]

  I just want some measure of quality [TS]

  assurance i want some quality control [TS]

  somebody centrally to say okay I suppose [TS]

  it's really really interesting that the [TS]

  Stormtrooper would [TS]

  have happy face decals all over his or [TS]

  her armor and there but no that's not [TS]

  canon that's not part of the storyline [TS]

  and it would be interesting if Han Solo [TS]

  had a previous wives and had lots of [TS]

  bastard children of the galaxy [TS]

  I can see how maybe as a fan you might [TS]

  want to write that go ahead and write [TS]

  that but that's not that didn't really [TS]

  happen [TS]

  that's right that's my dream job [TS]

  especially during the during the [TS]

  prequels on like if I could just find my [TS]

  dream job this book thief this office [TS]

  right next to George Lucas's and George [TS]

  occasionally saying hey Andy with this [TS]

  really happen is over no George that [TS]

  would never happen [TS]

  ok grab thank you very much let's take [TS]

  another eighty dollars out of petty cash [TS]

  take a long lunch you know I I have to [TS]

  admit I I don't like the force awakens [TS]

  as much as a new hope and empire for me [TS]

  it's the third the last third of the [TS]

  movie it's the final the final conflict [TS]

  which is immaculately produced it is [TS]

  thrilling [TS]

  pew pew pew and accepts a band and [TS]

  clashing swords but that was the one [TS]

  moment in this movie where I felt like [TS]

  I'd seen this all before and I got a [TS]

  little bored honestly with does that [TS]

  make me a bad person [TS]

  yes horribly other things other things [TS]

  chip that I know that you make you a bad [TS]

  person and I thought it was weird that a [TS]

  so they blew up five planets right entry [TS]

  pretty quickly they were blown up right [TS]

  and it was cool look great i like to [TS]

  call that fine [TS]

  nobody seemed to really mind there was [TS]

  more concerned over Alderaan in New Hope [TS]

  with with been sitting down heavily and [TS]

  layout layout freaking out a little bit [TS]

  there may be a lot more planets in the [TS]

  universe at that point it's like you [TS]

  know maybe stuff happens you know those [TS]

  are planning weirdest planets yeah those [TS]

  were like that [TS]

  well one of those places was nice but [TS]

  the others throughout their all jerk [TS]

  planets yeah that's it that's the Andes [TS]

  right now they was like the seat of [TS]

  government or something so well yeah but [TS]

  put two and two together there that's [TS]

  where we keep our chicks because we have [TS]

  what we call that term limits here in [TS]

  the entire Oh [TS]

  yeah I get that I get the sense that [TS]

  y'all didn't mind that that much it [TS]

  you know the one thing I kind of didn't [TS]

  like was the because there's kind of [TS]

  there's the two stories right there's [TS]

  the we're looking for Luke Skywalker and [TS]

  there's the we need to deal with the new [TS]

  Death Star and the third kind of the the [TS]

  last third of the movie is where the [TS]

  fact that those are two different [TS]

  stories that we can't solve at the same [TS]

  time kinda starts to feel like more [TS]

  glaring right like like one of those is [TS]

  gonna have to fade into the background [TS]

  and just be kind of dealt with as an [TS]

  afterthought and and yes it's the one [TS]

  the one with less explosions is not [TS]

  going to get as much screen time so that [TS]

  was that was a little unfortunate but I [TS]

  mean it was still really fun for me and [TS]

  I didn't really need to see yet another [TS]

  planet sized superweapon blow up [TS]

  yes me I mean you know if they enjoy [TS]

  because god it's bigger than the last [TS]

  one isn't it exciting figured look be [TS]

  glad to be planets they just want them [TS]

  somebody was convinced that good things [TS]

  happen in threes [TS]

  well it's it's it's more like like you [TS]

  get someone who the first time that they [TS]

  they use a 3d CAD app it's like [TS]

  everything is made out of like squares [TS]

  and circles because that's the only [TS]

  thing they know how to make like you [TS]

  should if you either get someone who's [TS]

  like at least take the [TS]

  training on that app that could actually [TS]

  make a weapon with compound curves at [TS]

  least I mean it when you know they're [TS]

  there i guess their innovation is that [TS]

  it's built into a planet and that's kind [TS]

  of a weird fusion of you know a planet [TS]

  with this giant huge trench built into [TS]

  it with them and we're gonna suck energy [TS]

  out of the Sun which you know again [TS]

  science-wise like that's kind of [TS]

  confusions a console neil tyson really [TS]

  is from he well he was pretty vocal on [TS]

  the twitters it was that's that's what [TS]

  he's got it he is he gets to do you [TS]

  sighs tysons got eyes yeah he doesn't [TS]

  have to be a nice guy he's got the [TS]

  science behind him so you know so [TS]

  Starkiller base problematic but there's [TS]

  a very funny and i'm sure you've all [TS]

  read this on Slate the Starkiller base [TS]

  the contractor memos haha no talking [TS]

  about you know we appreciate the [TS]

  landscaping you put near the superweapon [TS]

  but the first time we fired they're all [TS]

  going to be destroyed [TS]

  check it out i'll share the link it's [TS]

  perfect [TS]

  perfect [TS]

  well you know if if starships travel at [TS]

  the speed of plot I think landscaping [TS]

  happens at the point of blood I guess [TS]

  that is true and i did--like i loved so [TS]

  my least favorite part of this movie is [TS]

  when kylo Ren took his mask off for the [TS]

  first time so like oh this guy's really [TS]

  intimidating [TS]

  oh it's not so much and I understand [TS]

  what i was doing and it all made sense [TS]

  when you you know you follow the path [TS]

  that character but it was at that moment [TS]

  it was like man this guy's like Darth [TS]

  Vader he's super cool he's he stopped a [TS]

  blaster with his mind and then he's just [TS]

  a guy [TS]

  well you know some of the some of the [TS]

  subtext i think in the Holy trilogy and [TS]

  its kind of made explicitly text in the [TS]

  prequels because Anakin is just so [TS]

  bloody whiny is that Darth Vader's not [TS]

  all that intimidating deep down he's [TS]

  broken he's he's lost three-quarters of [TS]

  his body he's he's kind of weak and he's [TS]

  under the Emperor's thumb so I thought [TS]

  this is kind of consistent that kylo Ren [TS]

  is he's he's he's not an alpha male at [TS]

  this point he's he's powerful and he's [TS]

  scary and he's useful but i like the way [TS]

  that general Hux almost has contempt for [TS]

  him and that's a bit of a call back to [TS]

  the to a new hope when in that boardroom [TS]

  scene where the generals and targeting [TS]

  aren't exactly in our exactly treating [TS]

  Vader like the Emperor's a right hand [TS]

  either [TS]

  yeah i think that because i think in [TS]

  that case was only because they feel as [TS]

  the well you're not that you're not the [TS]

  guy you're the guy who runs into the [TS]

  store get cigarettes for the guy while [TS]

  the guy waits in the car i think that's [TS]

  that's the sense that i got from either [TS]

  the the way i'm an old general let's [TS]

  move my way I used to I used two tries [TS]

  to go to be digging tunnels and entrench [TS]

  Wars whether you're just some guy in a [TS]

  robe and a hat and that then yet you get [TS]

  to call the shots but i think it would [TS]

  have been it would have been worse had [TS]

  not paid off the way that it did I think [TS]

  that at some point he has to take off [TS]

  that mask [TS]

  and resident evil that really cool moves [TS]

  at a hotel starts was what was what was [TS]

  raised line that says that all while [TS]

  you're not so tough as your president [TS]

  you're just going to show what show [TS]

  you're hiding behind a mask I best ok [TS]

  your masters often and like oh damn it [TS]

  ok but I thought that I thought that you [TS]

  deflate a little bit like that or at [TS]

  least get pissed off [TS]

  ok guess I'm still interest rates and [TS]

  been in a bad way here at all that was [TS]

  just good to it was just really really [TS]

  good to at least have it confirmed that [TS]

  you know that they're so there's a small [TS]

  list of things that i will be [TS]

  disappointed and sad if they go for a [TS]

  certain number of really obvious things [TS]

  one of them would be okay Luke Skywalker [TS]

  has gone bad and now he's gone he's gone [TS]

  to the dark side of the force and I the [TS]

  only thing I had a adding that first [TS]

  teaser trailer of course i did see the [TS]

  poster and it did occur to me that ok [TS]

  there's one person we don't say that was [TS]

  yeah that wasn't pretty popular fan [TS]

  theory that I i thought was and I guess [TS]

  I i mean i guess one could know who had [TS]

  been cast as who and figure out that [TS]

  probably wasn't true based on the III [TS]

  didn't know the cabin I thought that was [TS]

  a possibility going into the me because [TS]

  it is weird that you know he wasn't on [TS]

  the on the on the poster and the answer [TS]

  is because he's not really in the movie [TS]

  so we've got two movies yet to go yeah [TS]

  what kind of want to cut kinda like [TS]

  safety cables they had on mark hamill's [TS]

  you see he's standing right at the edge [TS]

  of that cliff and it was railing you [TS]

  think it's a real quick because it's [TS]

  like rock hard hard like you know that [TS]

  the hook i'll put hard they'll put the [TS]

  the put Harrison Ford on that walk with [TS]

  no railings because they just don't need [TS]

  him after this after at all [TS]

  definitely going to get Luke so you [TS]

  gotta you gotta say they had some sort [TS]

  of spotter or some sort of airbags out [TS]

  how to avoid you ever seen that there's [TS]

  the best the production photo of when [TS]

  Luke is hanging on the thing in Empire [TS]

  he's out on the antenna and then there's [TS]

  the the photo that is you-know-what out [TS]

  of frame and there's just like a pile of [TS]

  mattresses underneath the other things [TS]

  so if he falls the land on like 15 [TS]

  mattresses so I just assume there's a [TS]

  bunch of mattresses buying it but what [TS]

  you don't know is that they got all [TS]

  those old mattresses on craigslist [TS]

  they're infested with all kinds of stuff [TS]

  and event fluid [TS]

  elements you might rather plummet down [TS]

  the air shaft at the end of filming mark [TS]

  hamill took all those mattresses and [TS]

  then he reuse them for this one [TS]

  he's acting experience 50 yeah well he [TS]

  still drives the Corvette summer show [TS]

  vehicle you know that's commuter car one [TS]

  of my favorite bits of the movie is the [TS]

  fact that and it sort of cells the final [TS]

  fight between kylo Ren and thin and Ray [TS]

  is he kills off he kills off Han Chewie [TS]

  is enraged and actually gets shot in and [TS]

  on Kyle oh so he's wounded and he's [TS]

  hitting himself and sort of frustration [TS]

  trying to get feeling back into a side [TS]

  or whatever and and that makes it [TS]

  actually credible that thin survives for [TS]

  a little while [TS]

  yeah fighting fighting kylo and then [TS]

  that and then rake and sort of finish [TS]

  the job [TS]

  my problem with kylo Ren is the rent is [TS]

  earlier he lift someone up with his mind [TS]

  and throws up you know grabs him and [TS]

  he's pushing people all over the place [TS]

  with the force and then when he's [TS]

  fighting he decides well why should I [TS]

  push people around [TS]

  I'll just hit them with my lightsaber [TS]

  wealthy he did a little bit but i think [TS]

  that that's an excellent point to [TS]

  because it would also disappointed me if [TS]

  like I don't care how much potential ray [TS]

  has if Ray is fighting someone who is [TS]

  had pretty much complete Jedi training [TS]

  from the most powerful Jedi ever and she [TS]

  can fight him to asset standstill with a [TS]

  weapon that she has literally never [TS]

  picked up before in her life that he's [TS]

  been training with four years that would [TS]

  have been an ok that you could have done [TS]

  that better [TS]

  so it really is important that you show [TS]

  that he is really badly wounded and that [TS]

  she has babies like the Black Knight [TS]

  with one arm and one leg and still able [TS]

  to fight these two inexperienced people [TS]

  to at almost a standoff with no actually [TS]

  literally stand off because the fight [TS]

  ends with nobody killing anybody and [TS]

  just wasn't nice they happen to be [TS]

  fighting on opposite ends of a fault [TS]

  line my headcanon was because we saw in [TS]

  a fight that the other stormtrooper that [TS]

  had some kind of thing I don't know if [TS]

  that was a vibroblade or what but here [TS]

  that you know arm blade thing [TS]

  my headcanon is all the stormtroopers [TS]

  are trade with a variety of weapons and [TS]

  yes blasters and something that's you [TS]

  know he's okay with a lightsaber 10 apps [TS]

  absolutely that's my headcanon I share [TS]

  your head canon then I endorse it sir [TS]

  tried it today but in mrs. miss no idea [TS]

  what I'm talking about right or I'll [TS]

  talk about Ray not fan I love in fin is [TS]

  like I appreciate that he can he can [TS]

  handle weapon also i like the fact that [TS]

  it seemed as though the choreography [TS]

  that they gave in [TS]

  they got they gave John boyega was act [TS]

  as though this is a conventional sword [TS]

  that you just picked up and you [TS]

  understand how it works as opposed to [TS]

  you have been studying this martial arts [TS]

  discipline of the lightsaber you know [TS]

  that open no point have you sat [TS]

  cross-legged under a waterfall [TS]

  contemplating the nature of a daisy you [TS]

  alternate the 48 hour seminar with Yoda [TS]

  your exam [TS]

  whereas raise choreography appeared to [TS]

  be wow look what I can do with this [TS]

  thing [TS]

  yeah and you know what I mean we you [TS]

  know she she beat up people with a stick [TS]

  earlier on so yeah [TS]

  scissors and a lot and retroactively leo [TS]

  its I I was thinking that gosh it's kind [TS]

  of disappointing that she can pilot the [TS]

  Millennium Falcon about as well as han [TS]

  solo can but that should have been our [TS]

  first tip-off that she she even though [TS]

  she doesn't know that you can use the [TS]

  four she is able and can and is using [TS]

  the force or hospitals not really that [TS]

  great console only for you know for [TS]

  special effects were limited right we i [TS]

  mean the exciting thing in this is we [TS]

  get a lot of space battles that are not [TS]

  in space right there in the atmosphere [TS]

  whereas all our previous space battles [TS]

  were in space my marvel comics nerd [TS]

  brain wanted those to be airspeeders not [TS]

  x-wings & Tie Fighters I'm so pitiful [TS]

  yes you will do that part of your brain [TS]

  off for a while it's just that part that [TS]

  one little part the other their think [TS]

  there's that I can turn this into a Star [TS]

  Wars versus Star Trek think it's only [TS]

  it's only difference in style the way [TS]

  stories are told one thing that I always [TS]

  loved about Star Wars compared to star [TS]

  trek is Star Wars had just intense air [TS]

  battles & dogfights it wasn't like 22 [TS]

  big destroyer ships just firing cannon [TS]

  at each other [TS]

  you just have the of [TS]

  a cluster of flurry of x-wings & Tie [TS]

  Fighters I the only thing that I had [TS]

  actually had a almost sort of mental [TS]

  disconnect when I was seeing the true [TS]

  that the teaser trailer of ok my willing [TS]

  to accept the idea of a TIE fighter [TS]

  flying in atmosphere but that's like [TS]

  that's one of those stupid nerd things [TS]

  that if you had get hung up on that and [TS]

  stop [TS]

  no look it's a field GD dogfight between [TS]

  a million x-wings look at a million [TS]

  bajillion times fires the most awesome [TS]

  thing ever [TS]

  I don't care if i don't think they've [TS]

  got airfoil surfaces [TS]

  this is awesome but I did get hung up on [TS]

  it they had the idea and I you will take [TS]

  take the special pills they will help [TS]

  you make no walk-in you get the 3d [TS]

  glasses and you get the little pig [TS]

  little vacuum-packed 054 pills take them [TS]

  in sequence from left to right take the [TS]

  pill the blue pill shop just listen [TS]

  oh god it was so we've had we've had a [TS]

  it's almost been like this [TS]

  worldwide communal experience so many [TS]

  people were so excited about it that [TS]

  broke all kinds of box-office records JJ [TS]

  Abrams is being talked about at the [TS]

  Vatican it's it's it's it's being it's [TS]

  been fantastic but I go back to the [TS]

  previous observation that we're going to [TS]

  have a new star wars movie every year [TS]

  based on this movie and based on our [TS]

  natural cynicism at all things Hollywood [TS]

  are we ready for this that and let's [TS]

  sort of make this our let's make this [TS]

  our our opportunity for some of [TS]

  statements on star wars the force [TS]

  awakens cause we've got a at as we are [TS]

  recording this we're getting ready for [TS]

  the late panel with Jason Eric Massey [TS]

  Eileen and Lisa and they're going to do [TS]

  it all over again or opinions more you [TS]

  say well I'll just I'd that's the one [TS]

  big question is still left in my mind [TS]

  the one thing that kind of concerns me [TS]

  is this idea of we're gonna have a new [TS]

  star wars movie every year like [TS]

  clockwork and for me [TS]

  Star Wars has always been an event even [TS]

  when there's a trilogy coming out [TS]

  that the prequels we're talking about [TS]

  there's going to be a set of three [TS]

  movies and that's all that were promised [TS]

  to get and you can be sure that whoever [TS]

  is writing these stories they writing a [TS]

  story with a beginning a middle and an [TS]

  end to set up a continuation and a [TS]

  conclusion get you get to chase your [TS]

  heroes up a tree throw rocks at them in [TS]

  the tree then get them down out of the [TS]

  tree and if you have to poking poking [TS]

  him so much their dead bodies flat [TS]

  falling out there it would it would [TS]

  disappoint me as an old-school start [TS]

  Star Wars person if it just every year [TS]

  that's just another episode if it became [TS]

  like the Marvel movies where each one is [TS]

  not necessarily all that important [TS]

  because they're going to be putting X [TS]

  dollars into the budget than getting x [TS]

  times 1.8 at least dollars back if not x [TS]

  times 4 and so they forget that each one [TS]

  should be really important worse if it [TS]

  becomes again like a Marvel movie where [TS]

  I love the fact that with force awakens [TS]

  we got an entire story with beginning [TS]

  and it felt like a beginning a middle [TS]

  and an end even if some things were [TS]

  unresolved I don't want to be a [TS]

  situation where you are obligated to see [TS]

  every movie because with every movie [TS]

  you're going to find out something an [TS]

  answer to a question that was raised [TS]

  three movies ago and then there's going [TS]

  to be an important plot point that won't [TS]

  be that we should be addressed but is [TS]

  not going to be addressed until another [TS]

  three [TS]

  I don't want to become like a cable TV [TS]

  drama series was always 37 water pump is [TS]

  really like yeah exactly i mean i-i i [TS]

  really hope they keep it up in a trilogy [TS]

  format where even if there's a movie [TS]

  every year for the neck for this one in [TS]

  the next two years is going to be one [TS]

  story told in three parts and then that [TS]

  will set up the ability to tell the next [TS]

  story in three parts with one episode of [TS]

  year I just don't want [TS]

  hey oh my god stormtrooper k x 114 you [TS]

  your your your your great-uncle just [TS]

  left you a billion dollars but you have [TS]

  to marry a woman but very this person by [TS]

  12pm today [TS]

  what high jinks will ensue while we try [TS]

  to make this like okay yeah I won't [TS]

  watch that would be him [TS]

  yes you move i mean i won't be happy [TS]

  about it but I don't care [TS]

  there's already a novelization of that [TS]

  I'm sure one of the and a thousand well [TS]

  I think that's Andy you are in for [TS]

  disappointment because you say what you [TS]

  will [TS]

  about George Lucas when he your star [TS]

  wars was an extension of George Lucas [TS]

  right so he was endlessly tinkering with [TS]

  it [TS]

  people argue that he didn't really [TS]

  understand star wars and that led to the [TS]

  prequels but there was one guy right he [TS]

  was the driving force and now Disney is [TS]

  the driving force a multinational [TS]

  faceless corporation that's a lot [TS]

  I so let's practice solace I and so I [TS]

  thought you know [TS]

  lucasarts uh was really good at [TS]

  merchandising and marketing so I thought [TS]

  until disney started marketing and so [TS]

  you saw branded grapes and oranges [TS]

  exactly the sort of bb-8 oranges and I [TS]

  was like this is this is the world that [TS]

  we are going to live in now with star [TS]

  wars they just gonna make it into a [TS]

  money-making machine as efficiently as [TS]

  they can they're going to pump out these [TS]

  movies over the course of the year [TS]

  they're not going to be special I mean [TS]

  the force awakens was special because [TS]

  there was a break we had the prequels [TS]

  there was a long time where there are no [TS]

  star wars movies that those conditions [TS]

  are not going to exist anymore so you're [TS]

  just gonna get and the movies may be [TS]

  fine but then that they're not going to [TS]

  be as special as you know there were [TS]

  only six of them and in the next six [TS]

  years they're going to be more new [TS]

  movies in there are original movies so I [TS]

  i just it is that good or bad I don't [TS]

  know more star wars can be good for some [TS]

  people i do I feel like I maybe it's [TS]

  unfair but in my mind I make a lot of [TS]

  comparisons to the to the Marvel movies [TS]

  and I I think back to there's a day I [TS]

  was a summer day and so people wearing [TS]

  t-shirts and on my way to the the train [TS]

  which is you know only like maybe a [TS]

  10-minute walk i passed like 15 people [TS]

  wearing t-shirts with with some with an [TS]

  Avengers character on it and I was like [TS]

  wow that's that you know i mean this is [TS]

  not what that would have looked like [TS]

  five or ten years ago right like this is [TS]

  clearly everywhere everybody has their [TS]

  mandatory Avengers shirt now apparently [TS]

  and I guess like you know we were just [TS]

  in year one of of the new the you know [TS]

  our new timeline was all star wars on [TS]

  topic that's right to give enough time [TS]

  in the every new movie will be a star [TS]

  wars [TS]

  and no matter the studio I think I trust [TS]

  the powers that be to the the force [TS]

  awakens is a really really good [TS]

  foundation to tell that trilogy arm if [TS]

  the other movies that are being [TS]

  slaughtered in between do things you [TS]

  know like you have hot young solo i [TS]

  think is one of the ones that's been [TS]

  mentioned that tell stories apart and [TS]

  away from the bigger story I think it'll [TS]

  be okay i mean you know the people who [TS]

  love their harry potter and cherish [TS]

  their harry potter can enjoy or ignore [TS]

  fantastic beasts and where to find them [TS]

  because it's a different time different [TS]

  era different set of characters on if [TS]

  they can manage to balance that i think [TS]

  i will be somewhat okay with it but i [TS]

  agree that you know all the sudden [TS]

  having a movie every year because yes it [TS]

  will generate tons of money does take [TS]

  something away from from that collective [TS]

  experience that you know everybody has [TS]

  enjoyed so much in seeing this movie [TS]

  again the first new Star Wars movie [TS]

  after after decades so i'd i would hate [TS]

  to lose that but if they are going to [TS]

  turn them out then we may very well do [TS]

  so well i am pleased that I've been able [TS]

  to close out this podcast by asking you [TS]

  all a question that a sec wait from [TS]

  Europe glee over star wars the force [TS]

  awakens to your natural and well [TS]

  and cynicism over the Hollywood [TS]

  entertainment industry here in the [TS]

  future I shouldn't like let me just save [TS]

  very very quickly that i want to say [TS]

  that I wanted to write a letter to [TS]

  everybody involved this movie and saying [TS]

  oh my god you did it you did it you did [TS]

  it you did it you made it you made a [TS]

  real and a great star wars movie and I'm [TS]

  so excited by this movie and I'm so [TS]

  excited about the movies are going to be [TS]

  making the future plus like [TS]

  statistically there's net the chances [TS]

  that one of us will die before all the [TS]

  Star Wars movie comes out is like that's [TS]

  ever increasing so that's something to [TS]

  look forward to [TS]

  ok my money's on ship sooner than others [TS]

  I know what I think about how I'd like [TS]

  chip to die i think is it is this about [TS]

  to be a sponsor read i should i tell you [TS]

  what i will come back as a blue glow and [TS]

  I will haunt you they never talk about [TS]

  the jerk Jedi ghost there's anything [TS]

  about 20 then 20 years later we'll have [TS]

  a much handsomer younger ghost take [TS]

  place in the weekend [TS]

  I'm not not possible alright i'm glad [TS]

  that we were able to get together and do [TS]

  something as breathtakingly our original [TS]

  as talk about star wars the force [TS]

  awakens fans designed it and do not go [TS]

  thank you so much thanks a lot of those [TS]

  that this was this was a fun release [TS]

  after after a excited Dave learned over [TS]

  this movie [TS]

  this is great thank you haha Scott [TS]

  McNulty thank you so much [TS]

  after sharing all of our opinions and [TS]

  perhaps to screen i know that there's [TS]

  one thing that we can agree upon a star [TS]

  trek is far better than Star Wars this [TS]

  podcast is over [TS]

  that's a very brave thing to say two [TS]

  minutes before we get switched off but i [TS]

  would expect that from a Star Trek fan [TS]

  it was a maneuver worthy of a Romulan [TS]

  sir Tony sindelar headship reading this [TS]

  podcast you know I thought I might be [TS]

  sick of talking about Star Wars but it's [TS]

  been many days now and I'm still here [TS]

  still ready to go so anytime anyplace [TS]

  I'll talk about Star Wars that's what [TS]

  I'm here for and shannon stutters I can [TS]

  think of no other way that I would have [TS]

  wanted to spend an hour and a half with [TS]

  you [TS]

  okay thank you very much dear that's so [TS]

  that's so that's an odd statement [TS]

  frustrated wife [TS]

  as as it has a certain zip gun out of [TS]

  the relationship at this point this is [TS]

  turning into marriage counseling that [TS]

  since we had that are that discussion [TS]

  about whether to go with stucco or sort [TS]

  of a sort of flat treatment for that [TS]

  wall and I had so much time alone in the [TS]

  room lady-wife wallpaper and on that [TS]

  bombshell [TS]

  my name is chip sudderth and jason still [TS]

  has graciously allowed me to play in his [TS]

  sandbox what I'm about to hand it back [TS]

  over to him thanks for listening [TS]

  goodbye and may the force be with you [TS]

  [Music] [TS]