The Incomparable

281: I Love a Lot of Awful People - The Best of 2015


  the incomparable number 281 January 2016 [TS]

  go back to the incomparable this is our [TS]

  last episode of 2015 or wait it's the [TS]

  first episode of 2016 [TS]

  but we're gonna look back on 2015 and [TS]

  things that we liked from 2015 and [TS]

  things about the podcast that we like [TS]

  and that you the listeners liked let me [TS]

  introduce some some fine panelists who [TS]

  have joined us in it for this episode [TS]

  some of the most commonly heard panelist [TS]

  on the uncomfortable in the past year [TS]

  let me introduce them in order of their [TS]

  appearances number of appearances on the [TS]

  show David J Laura's here hello happy [TS]

  old year happy old year I coming in [TS]

  chest barely in second place thanks to [TS]

  star wars episodes because using the bag [TS]

  for those demons on is here hello [TS]

  oh yeah everything all star wars [TS]

  episodes the skirt almost sounds like [TS]

  our dedicated Star Wars podcast will [TS]

  random random Wars launches next year [TS]

  keep your bday tuned to the end is [TS]

  dethroned as the number one guest [TS]

  because David laura has this always say [TS]

  yes policy that works for him [TS]

  I talk about interesting stuff I third [TS]

  most common commonly appearing person on [TS]

  the on the main podcast here mr. Mundy [TS]

  Ashley hello hello Jason good to have [TS]

  you here [TS]

  I was surprised to find that you came in [TS]

  third so was i but then i was tied for [TS]

  second up until the star remove that [TS]

  ruined everything [TS]

  also here forthe most commonly heard a [TS]

  panelist mr. Steve let's wear number [TS]

  four where number for all right Jason I [TS]

  finally saw the force awakens today so [TS]

  I'm ready to talk Star Wars let's get [TS]

  two and a half hours later you think of [TS]

  post steve i have an opening statement [TS]

  on energy [TS]

  haha what the land I think you might [TS]

  know some of the people involved or at [TS]

  least their dentists or mailman her i [TS]

  know people look like some of the people [TS]

  involved he knows the mailman's father [TS]

  split just he was his roommate in [TS]

  college [TS]

  our fifth most commonly heard panelist [TS]

  is Erica and sign hello i am slipping [TS]

  jolly well you did go away for a long [TS]

  period of time there in the end of the [TS]

  year and that set you back a little yeah [TS]

  but really when you coming in behind [TS]

  Steve it's a bad sign [TS]

  no that isn't coming in front of me [TS]

  trust me just gonna say alright well [TS]

  this microphone i got great and somebody [TS]

  only appeared in four episodes to be [TS]

  uncomfortable but he's number one in our [TS]

  hearts that's cool inflation I've [TS]

  already ruined this episode other now [TS]

  that was Steve I broke it [TS]

  how many times do we invoke his name [TS]

  when we're recording that's exactly it [TS]

  it's kind of thing i think its spirit [TS]

  everyone almost every episode yeah [TS]

  that's safe to say it's true my mom [TS]

  ancillary podcast yes you are on that's [TS]

  a good book friend of a network and [TS]

  Fleischmann experience and incomparable [TS]

  universe [TS]

  yeah exactly which way if of every [TS]

  episode of lazy doctor who counts i [TS]

  think i'm doing better [TS]

  yeah that's true i did not factor in [TS]

  appearances on spin-off podcast because [TS]

  I ran out of time to do campaign but [TS]

  wait if Glenn has expanded universe [TS]

  incomparable that means he's no longer [TS]

  cannon right that's right he's legends [TS]

  expanded universe is canon that's the [TS]

  whole point comfortable legends and [TS]

  Fleischmann back slightly second he's a [TS]

  part of him on hammond and parts of him [TS]

  or not you decide which parts i think [TS]

  he's done the cannon [TS]

  yeah I thought he was a myth when [TS]

  freshman yeah with the man the myth the [TS]

  one yet [TS]

  yes he's more of a mr. anyway here we go [TS]

  around we're going to talk about think [TS]

  we are going to talk about things we we [TS]

  like from 2015 and we're going to talk [TS]

  about podcast things that we like from [TS]

  2015 and let's start with a mr. Steve [TS]

  let's i think i would like you to go [TS]

  first and and and tell us the things [TS]

  that you would like to say about things [TS]

  since you have an opening statement [TS]

  sure let's do some things that you would [TS]

  help ease your change things this year I [TS]

  didn't enjoy other things [TS]

  oh good thanks [TS]

  no put it at the end of the last year I [TS]

  decided what I was gonna do is I was [TS]

  going to take really good notes and [TS]

  every time II i enjoyed a thing i would [TS]

  write down that thing and that lasted [TS]

  for about a week yeah not far away the [TS]

  first week in january so yes there's a [TS]

  lot of things I enjoyed from the first [TS]

  week or two of January uh let's see i [TS]

  have them by categories because i do [TS]

  that sort of thing on TV shows which is [TS]

  kind of a strange category now the TV [TS]

  shows are not actually on TV but on [TS]

  devices last last last year during the [TS]

  clip show episode Monty recommended [TS]

  Bojack horseman so I went and watched [TS]

  that and I really enjoyed it as [TS]

  advertised it is very funny and also [TS]

  extremely depressing which is a strange [TS]

  combination but i found it kind of [TS]

  enjoyable there was second season this [TS]

  year haven't gotten around to that one [TS]

  yet because I'm not sure I want to delve [TS]

  back into that universe just yet till [TS]

  I'm a more stable but the first season [TS]

  was very very good and definitely worth [TS]

  watching if you think you can whether it [TS]

  i finally got into Bob's Burgers this [TS]

  year which I ya know I only realized [TS]

  existed this year and it's strange [TS]

  because I've been a big fan of lauren [TS]

  bouchard's other shows but somehow Bob's [TS]

  Burgers slipped past my radar but I very [TS]

  much enjoy the hell it was pretty was uh [TS]

  i think i've said this on the previous [TS]

  podcast it was marketed along with sort [TS]

  of family guy and american dad is part [TS]

  of that fox animation comedy blocks and [TS]

  that causes complete blindness and me [TS]

  and lay it on us but that's right [TS]

  ya won't be watching that hope but what [TS]

  I did finally get around to watching it [TS]

  I said oh my god is Lord he shot it is [TS]

  great it's great [TS]

  oh yeah there's that guy's voice it's [TS]

  jon benjamin that's what all he's in an [TS]

  episode of I of a sec I'm sorry show [TS]

  master of none and and the more I was [TS]

  like oh hello Bob [TS]

  alright so that was great i also in TV i [TS]

  really enjoyed the first couple of [TS]

  episodes of the last man on earth before [TS]

  it destroyed everything that had made a [TS]

  good in the first place [TS]

  yup which I think started around episode [TS]

  3 yep yep you got it for that pilot and [TS]

  and really episode 2 so good and then it [TS]

  destroys itself [TS]

  yes when it was actually just last man [TS]

  on earth and the last man on earth [TS]

  was pretty pretty solid in III don't [TS]

  know what supposedly has it gotten back [TS]

  on track at all i heard that it got [TS]

  better and then also fell apart again [TS]

  so who knows that's rough it was a good [TS]

  couple of episodes though [TS]

  mhm let's see games I play a lot of [TS]

  games you know the ones i enjoyed [TS]

  particularly this year i got around [TS]

  playing south park the stick of truth [TS]

  which is a really fun light RPG that [TS]

  last I think exactly the right amount of [TS]

  time for that sort of game and is [TS]

  basically like playing the world's [TS]

  longest poop joke so it was right up [TS]

  with your skin so to speak and i also [TS]

  finally got around to finishing fallout [TS]

  1 which I started multiple times and [TS]

  never got around to completing and that [TS]

  was well worth playing too so if you're [TS]

  looking for a retro title i go for that [TS]

  books I actually read a couple of this [TS]

  year I i was excited to hear from the [TS]

  panelists on the terry pratchett episode [TS]

  rest in peace that his books aimed at [TS]

  younger readers were quite good and so I [TS]

  picked up a copy of the wee free men for [TS]

  my daughter and the amazing recent is [TS]

  educated rodents for my son and have yet [TS]

  to convince either of them to read even [TS]

  a page or two but I read them and i was [TS]

  very pleased to discover that they're [TS]

  basically just discworld books with with [TS]

  chapters and are very very good and I [TS]

  actually think i like the amazing [TS]

  resubmit better it's I think it's right [TS]

  up there with some of the other books he [TS]

  was riding around that time which is one [TS]

  of his I think his strongest periods so [TS]

  those are both excellent and I'm excited [TS]

  to have a few more great advantage [TS]

  discworld books that I could enjoy [TS]

  although yeah i don't i'm not a big wee [TS]

  free men from because i find them kind [TS]

  of irritating but what we would be best [TS]

  that Steve drinkin and fightin and [TS]

  stealing that part's ok guess you have [TS]

  to have hung around with Scottish people [TS]

  to really appreciate your help see I'm a [TS]

  couple of movies i enjoyed as much as [TS]

  I'm getting tired of the standard Marvel [TS]

  movie template i really enjoyed the [TS]

  ant-man which I thought was funny and [TS]

  enjoyable romp I've preferred that to [TS]

  some of the other Marvel films i've seen [TS]

  recently and [TS]

  I think larger that was because edgar [TS]

  wright was involved at least it's [TS]

  important one [TS]

  yeah yeah so I enjoyed that got a kick [TS]

  out of that top episode 7 the force [TS]

  awakens today I thought that was pretty [TS]

  good i believe some of you may have [TS]

  mentioned previously we're never heard [TS]

  of it i mean what can you say about it [TS]

  but it's pretty good and then a couple [TS]

  of other things not media related things [TS]

  i really enjoyed harassing people who [TS]

  were excited about Star Wars person by [TS]

  reminding them of what happened on [TS]

  nineteenth nineteen ninety-nine yeah I'm [TS]

  kind of sad that's over with [TS]

  but you know I'm glad it ended up nice [TS]

  for this for you know I saw the force [TS]

  awakens and be very same theater that I [TS]

  saw this is a blonde and I had that [TS]

  moment of like anticipation when the [TS]

  Lucasfilm local comes up i thought this [TS]

  did not go well the last time to let go [TS]

  with did you walk in and say this is [TS]

  where it happened like you do when you [TS]

  go to your your in-laws back room where [TS]

  he recorded the real genius episode know [TS]

  you're giving me flashbacks Eve let's [TS]

  move on [TS]

  this is where it always yeah speaking of [TS]

  which spokane i really enjoyed going out [TS]

  to spokane for Sasquatch on and finally [TS]

  getting to meet some of the people in [TS]

  person that I've been talking to for [TS]

  like five years now the internet so that [TS]

  was a very enjoyable period in my life [TS]

  even though some people came away from [TS]

  it with the long-term bronchial yes but [TS]

  I'm and our panelists who are residents [TS]

  of the state of Washington didn't go but [TS]

  we had fun anyway that's bastards the [TS]

  long drive in the water [TS]

  what jerk would love to rock em so yeah [TS]

  that was 2015 in a nutshell an eventful [TS]

  year kind of a half-assed year really [TS]

  not 2016 gonna be pretty good at yeah [TS]

  yeah maybe you keep your notebook for a [TS]

  couple weeks [TS]

  oh yeah maybe good things maybe that's [TS]

  not gonna happen [TS]

  Erica you have some favorites favorite [TS]

  things from 2015 yeah actually hook [TS]

  Steve reminded me of a couple i also [TS]

  enjoyed ant-man and ask one so can you [TS]

  add those to my leg [TS]

  I helped hey yeah i really had a lot of [TS]

  sort of convention traveling stuff you [TS]

  know I got to go to the UK to watch [TS]

  Doctor Who stuff three Doctor Who [TS]

  convention 2015 which is a record for me [TS]

  plus ask one so yeah it was a convention [TS]

  field year [TS]

  no but as for other things I guess it's [TS]

  kind of divided into in my mind books [TS]

  and TV shows where the other things that [TS]

  that sort of stood out for me it was it [TS]

  was sort of the year that I rediscovered [TS]

  reading I hadn't been reading for a [TS]

  while and i found a few series that I [TS]

  was really really into this year the [TS]

  first was a the Librium answer series by [TS]

  Jim see hines which is about a fellow [TS]

  named Isaac who is a is equipping nerdy [TS]

  librarian who also happens to be a magic [TS]

  user who can reach into any book and [TS]

  draw out any object to use in the real [TS]

  world [TS]

  however he has been removed from the [TS]

  field as a magical agent and he's not [TS]

  supposed to be using his powers of [TS]

  course that's not going to stop him he [TS]

  also has a neurotic fire spider for a [TS]

  pet and he falls in love with a slightly [TS]

  overweight bisexual polyamorous triad of [TS]

  color so it's a pretty cool book like [TS]

  how how old books plural i like how [TS]

  they're so humorous there fast paced and [TS]

  there there's real representation in [TS]

  there's all kinds of people and monsters [TS]

  and animals and creatures with all kinds [TS]

  of views about the world so if you want [TS]

  something fun and zany that's not going [TS]

  to take you too long to read but also [TS]

  has a really painstakingly [TS]

  well-thought-out system of magic I can't [TS]

  recommend the lib romancer or magic ex [TS]

  libris i think is the name of the whole [TS]

  series Librium answer is the first book [TS]

  i can't recommend enough another series [TS]

  i think i mentioned the podcast months [TS]

  before is the Fallen blade series by [TS]

  kelly McCullough which is a series of [TS]

  kind of I guess they're like low high [TS]

  fantasy because they take place in sort [TS]

  of a high fantasy world which is also [TS]

  fantastically well thought out and very [TS]

  fully conceived with a cool system of [TS]

  magic but they they follow a disgraced [TS]

  assassin instead of flick some heroic [TS]

  person and this assassin r-okla [TS]

  Kingslayer had basically become an [TS]

  alcoholic thug for hire [TS]

  after his goddess of justice died and [TS]

  the books follow him along his path of [TS]

  attempted redemption and they include a [TS]

  delightfully diverse cast of characters [TS]

  and because it's a fantasy world and [TS]

  doesn't have to conform to our social [TS]

  norms the women in these books have [TS]

  exactly the same social status as the [TS]

  men and there are lots of great female [TS]

  characters who run the gamut from super [TS]

  kick ass 2 super flawed and all [TS]

  gradations in between which is exactly [TS]

  what I want from fiction i want my [TS]

  female characters to have as much depth [TS]

  and breadth as a male characters the [TS]

  first book in the series is just it's [TS]

  fun but they get progressively better [TS]

  and better and stronger as they go in [TS]

  the other series that i liked a lot was [TS]

  by jamie moyer the first book is called [TS]

  delius shadow there are three of them [TS]

  the last one actually just came out this [TS]

  year called against a brightening sky [TS]

  and they are a series of supernatural [TS]

  historical mysteries which do an [TS]

  excellent job of emerging the tropes of [TS]

  a classic detective story with with [TS]

  those of really good urban fantasy and [TS]

  well-researched historical fiction and [TS]

  there are two different POV characters [TS]

  whose chapters alternate throughout the [TS]

  book one is Delia the title character in [TS]

  the first book who is a woman who lives [TS]

  in san francisco in the early nineteen [TS]

  hundreds and happens to see ghosts and [TS]

  her chapters are all written in first [TS]

  person the other POV character is a [TS]

  detective named gabe but his chapters [TS]

  are written in third person which i [TS]

  think is a cool structural conceit [TS]

  because it waits Delia's observations [TS]

  and emotions slightly more than games [TS]

  and I guess I'm still at the point where [TS]

  i find a female protagonist refreshing [TS]

  enough that it gives me little thrill [TS]

  this year i also finally got around to [TS]

  reading a couple of books that were [TS]

  recommended by dan I read the the [TS]

  expanse of the first expanse book and [TS]

  the lies of locke lamora both of which I [TS]

  quite enjoyed but there are incomparable [TS]

  episodes covering both of those so i [TS]

  won't go into detail so go listen to [TS]

  those episodes if you want i finally [TS]

  finally finished the dark tower series [TS]

  which has a gold mine for like decades [TS]

  now I think it was never able to even [TS]

  catch up to the point where Stephen King [TS]

  had been at and i restarted so many [TS]

  times so i will say that i love the end [TS]

  I won't tell you how it ends in case you [TS]

  don't write up [TS]

  but I for one was very satisfied with [TS]

  the end of a pretty epic series that was [TS]

  cool and everything else is kind of more [TS]

  in the in the TV bucket i recently [TS]

  actually I i did the same thing like I [TS]

  started taking notes at the beginning of [TS]

  the year and then kind of forgot about [TS]

  it so most of the things on my list are [TS]

  now just from the last few weeks because [TS]

  that's what they remember so i started [TS]

  randomly watching dark matter which is I [TS]

  don't know where errors in the u.s. if [TS]

  it's on syfy okay yeah it's on space in [TS]

  canada and it's a bunch of people who [TS]

  wake up in a spaceship with no memory of [TS]

  who they are and then discovered that [TS]

  they're all thieves and murderers and [TS]

  pirates and terrible people but they [TS]

  don't really know what they were doing [TS]

  or why and I thought that was a really [TS]

  cool idea so I gave the show a chance to [TS]

  kind of annoyed me at first because some [TS]

  well okay most of the characters are are [TS]

  very like trophy and we're only a couple [TS]

  of women actually there's only one woman [TS]

  because the other female character is a [TS]

  young girl so there's the android right [TS]

  now that's right that's right there's an [TS]

  android so technically I guess three it [TS]

  be but the story itself was interesting [TS]

  enough to keep me along for the ride [TS]

  until the end of the season and of [TS]

  course there was a huge cliffhanger and [TS]

  I didn't realize that there was only one [TS]

  season so I was like oh I'll just start [TS]

  season two and then find out they hadn't [TS]

  even started making it yet so it's very [TS]

  upset if I'm the spoiled netflix [TS]

  generation these days anyway it's it's [TS]

  it's so slightly annoying at times but [TS]

  it's a fun space adventure so if you're [TS]

  into that sort of thing was good [TS]

  the other big one somewhat recently with [TS]

  jessica jones and again there are hours [TS]

  of incomparable network programming on [TS]

  that show so you know [TS]

  off you go to listen to that if you want [TS]

  lots of details but for my part I really [TS]

  love the alias comic books and it was [TS]

  great to see them brought to life and [TS]

  like i said before i want all kinds of [TS]

  female characters in my media and [TS]

  jessica jones is no shiny superhero [TS]

  which is cool and also does anybody know [TS]

  are they going to be making a luke cage [TS]

  show [TS]

  yes because yes it's already happening I [TS]

  want that so bad i love that actor on [TS]

  the good wife now that that is my [TS]

  culture who plays location jessica jones [TS]

  is also the star [TS]

  of the luke cage series which is coming [TS]

  in in 2016 appear before then in [TS]

  daredevil season 20 home and that means [TS]

  they do have to watch daredevil and then [TS]

  it'll all get wrapped up together in the [TS]

  defenders will have all three of them [TS]

  plus iron fist and you're a scientist [TS]

  wow I love that actor on the good wife [TS]

  and was very sad when he stopped being [TS]

  on The Good Wife and I love him even [TS]

  more now so I'm very excited about that [TS]

  show um speaking of shiny superheroes I [TS]

  got super girl this year which [TS]

  admittedly took me quite a while to get [TS]

  into because i found Cara herself really [TS]

  really annoying at first [TS]

  oh she's just like so OMG over-the-top [TS]

  wide-eyed acting not my favorite thing [TS]

  is little too much but then she settled [TS]

  down a little bit throughout the series [TS]

  and Calista Flockhart went from a great [TS]

  part of the show to the best part of the [TS]

  show pretty fast so I am firmly on board [TS]

  now a lot of people have been turned off [TS]

  by the girliness of Supergirl but to me [TS]

  that is a feature not a bug [TS]

  I like girly things too and the simple [TS]

  fact that some things girly doesn't [TS]

  automatically make it less good it's [TS]

  just different [TS]

  so as much as I love jessica jones i [TS]

  could only handle so much dark and [TS]

  gritty i found myself slowing down as i [TS]

  watch that series because I needed more [TS]

  and more space in between the episodes [TS]

  the the longer i went on so it's really [TS]

  nice having a comic book hero who I can [TS]

  watch having fun and have fun watching [TS]

  and actually I would watch the heck out [TS]

  of a James Olsen show to just it's it [TS]

  feels so weird to have the main [TS]

  characters of shows i like be women and [TS]

  the pretty pretty side characters to be [TS]

  men is this what it's like for you guys [TS]

  all the time all the time because it is [TS]

  so amazing [TS]

  that's very cool i can't i'm and i'm not [TS]

  quite used to it you can see why we all [TS]

  try to keep it this way he can get you [TS]

  some yeah you just explain the [TS]

  patriarchy and you can understand [TS]

  yep so i guess when it comes down to it [TS]

  the thing I really liked best about 2015 [TS]

  from a media standpoint is it just gave [TS]

  me so much stuff that I felt like was [TS]

  for me not just the TV superheroes but i [TS]

  also read the first collection of this [TS]

  Marvel this year and then there's ray in [TS]

  Star Wars and like I know that's the way [TS]

  things should be since you [TS]

  women do make up about half the [TS]

  population but it's it's so new to me [TS]

  that I still can't help flailing all [TS]

  over the place especially when those [TS]

  properties are doing so well financially [TS]

  likessee Hollywood we like to spend [TS]

  money too so I look forward to spending [TS]

  more of my pink glitter eagerly money on [TS]

  in 2016 if they keep giving me good [TS]

  careful or they'll give you special [TS]

  money money in Canada's weird--what is [TS]

  that actually are fifty dollar bills [TS]

  whether the reddish the kind of pink I [TS]

  guess all of Canada's red and they [TS]

  actually do have glittery lakes sparkles [TS]

  in them and part of them are see-through [TS]

  so yeah I will spend my literal glittery [TS]

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  favorite things from 2015 favorite [TS]

  things from 2015 [TS]

  well yeah that's what I said not [TS]

  counting things that we talked about on [TS]

  the podcast already [TS]

  I mean on the series because you know we [TS]

  have a lot of my media consumption has [TS]

  been tied off that we talked about yeah [TS]

  totally i but you know my i will say [TS]

  that the trend of kick-ass female heroes [TS]

  was nice between inside out and fury [TS]

  road and the force awakens those were [TS]

  three movies i really enjoyed god how [TS]

  did I forget fury road and this is the [TS]

  best year ever [TS]

  I was wondering what was the matter with [TS]

  you guys save it for later [TS]

  it's because it wasn't in the last [TS]

  couple weeks for me that's right [TS]

  apartment ads right this is where she [TS]

  managed an abundance of things to [TS]

  discuss that meet our interest in our [TS]

  likes how strange that illustrate [TS]

  attended and in related the the DC TV [TS]

  universe not so much the movie universe [TS]

  of of flash and arrow and and the [TS]

  upcoming legends of tomorrow and then [TS]

  Supergirl sort of tangentially which [TS]

  also it took me a while to get into [TS]

  Supergirl although once they went to the [TS]

  whole Martian Manhunter thing I went oh [TS]

  yes because I never thought I'd get to [TS]

  see that in any kind of live action [TS]

  thing let alone on TV that's crazy [TS]

  that's so expensive to do but when you [TS]

  disguise him as a human so much cheaper [TS]

  so other other TV things master of none [TS]

  which is on netflix and is delightful [TS]

  crazy ex-girlfriend on the CW if you [TS]

  like weird senses of humor if you like [TS]

  musical comedy and cleverly written [TS]

  musical comedy it is it is quite [TS]

  delightful if you can get past the bad [TS]

  title and the creepy pilot because it's [TS]

  a little stalkery in the pile and then [TS]

  it goes on and it's fine it's it's much [TS]

  better [TS]

  it's kind of like cougar town where if [TS]

  you can just get past the beginning it's [TS]

  a good show and then the expanse both [TS]

  the books and the the TV show because I [TS]

  hadn't read the books until this year so [TS]

  I blamed and for that welcome Tom been [TS]

  in a good way in a good way and then [TS]

  going back to the early part of the year [TS]

  the parks and recreation finale which [TS]

  made me very happy i know i know there [TS]

  are people who are complaining that all [TS]

  its you know they're tying everything up [TS]

  in a nice bow and they're giving happy [TS]

  and things to everyone but you know what [TS]

  that's okay and with these characters it [TS]

  was really nice to see that what a crime [TS]

  to make people happy and your [TS]

  entertainment programming [TS]

  how dare they and you know it was just [TS]

  such a nicely done set of resolutions [TS]

  for all of those characters but it's [TS]

  also a really nicely written back and [TS]

  forth in time giving you details when [TS]

  you needed them [TS]

  it was just a really artfully written [TS]

  episode so I thought I'd really like [TS]

  that sticking to TV for a second Peter [TS]

  Capaldi Peter Capaldi not even [TS]

  necessarily the official holiday Peter [TS]

  Capaldi Peter Capaldi Peter haha oh yeah [TS]

  song because I mean I've enjoyed the [TS]

  show but playing the Doctor Who levels [TS]

  in lego dimensions has been delightful [TS]

  because it is Peter Capaldi grunting [TS]

  when you're making a bleep and flail and [TS]

  it's just a little but it's clearly him [TS]

  that's adorable [TS]

  so yeah lego dimensions is something [TS]

  else I've enjoyed this year let's say [TS]

  movies well fury road and inside out and [TS]

  man already mentioned the the spy movies [TS]

  this year were surprisingly decent and [TS]

  the james bond film was not one of them [TS]

  that was surprisingly decent but the man [TS]

  from uncle was lovely Mission Impossible [TS]

  rogue nation was really good [TS]

  surprisingly and spy with melissa [TS]

  mccarthy and jason statham was [TS]

  really surprised me because I was not [TS]

  expecting much but it was very funny [TS]

  books like I said the expands the [TS]

  thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and [TS]

  Babbage a graphic novel by Sydney Paget [TS]

  which is delightful [TS]

  if people enjoy the radio theatre they [TS]

  will probably enjoy this 200 and and [TS]

  Hamilton going to God ways us cast [TS]

  recordings somewhere serenity just just [TS]

  laughed and doesn't know why she's like [TS]

  hi mentioned Hamilton I at once that got [TS]

  here I had listened to it pretty much [TS]

  non-stop [TS]

  nope undoubted forgot about and yeah [TS]

  it's it is it's not just that one song [TS]

  is a showstopper or an earworm it's too [TS]

  full albums of the Sun through pretty [TS]

  much every moment of the musical is on [TS]

  the cast album and the whole thing is an [TS]

  earworm it is amazing [TS]

  does things to your brain I i wake up in [TS]

  the middle of the night with with bits [TS]

  of hamilton and and it's like stop I [TS]

  need to go back to sleep and it's always [TS]

  something different yeah it's always a [TS]

  different one [TS]

  yeah I mean sometimes you can walk [TS]

  around with with the room where it [TS]

  happens the next day will be wait for it [TS]

  yesterday always cycles through but just [TS]

  barely restrained as trying to find all [TS]

  that stuff away and it's just there's to [TS]

  us so yeah yeah and and the other the [TS]

  only other thing i have on my notes for [TS]

  stuff I liked a lot of the other media [TS]

  that I that I consumed this year was [TS]

  either research for my own stuff for [TS]

  research for radio theatre and the most [TS]

  delightful of all of that was listening [TS]

  two hours and hours of The Goon Show [TS]

  from the BBC to get episode 5 of the [TS]

  radio theatre just right so that if if [TS]

  you have free time and a really weird [TS]

  sense of humor and you enjoyed that [TS]

  episode go there their episodes all over [TS]

  online you can buy them legally on [TS]

  iTunes you can listen to them sometimes [TS]

  on the BBC iplayer for free [TS]

  they're just wanted just [TS]

  tons at [TS]

  just go listen to it is hilarious and if [TS]

  and if you didn't get episode 54 you [TS]

  want to know more about why episode was [TS]

  like that this will explain all of them [TS]

  pretty much all right Glenn you have [TS]

  some favorites for 2015 [TS]

  wait i'm on this upset hello Monty you [TS]

  know [TS]

  yeah I got a bunch of stuff and uh [TS]

  strangely not too much another it's [TS]

  written in German and very little bit [TS]

  overlaps with anybody else's solo me [TS]

  what you but I know and I'm off-brand I [TS]

  how say I just discovered so I don't [TS]

  have a lot of time to listen to podcasts [TS]

  ironically keeping how many you got time [TS]

  on at times not even commercially you [TS]

  this [TS]

  just listen to the ads wasn't a [TS]

  fast-forward Squarespace bringing you [TS]

  Glen but the but i try to listen to new [TS]

  ones when i can and i discovered the new [TS]

  ones during the year but the one that I [TS]

  think is most germane to this discussion [TS]

  is hello from the magic cavern which [TS]

  people have been reading about four [TS]

  months they did a live performance at [TS]

  this year's XOXO conference which I [TS]

  would this the fourth one the only 1i [TS]

  have been at and I just heard people say [TS]

  charming things about it but I you know [TS]

  time there's all these episodes in a [TS]

  current made it sounds like that's like [TS]

  a fictional I don't know I don't know it [TS]

  just put it off and I finally just is [TS]

  also mentioned again recently [TS]

  listen to latest episode and then that [TS]

  plunged me into the scent of going back [TS]

  and listening to the entire catalog and [TS]

  it's a to improv show where they started [TS]

  with a very thin conceit that this guy [TS]

  named Arnie it's really his name fell [TS]

  through a dimensional portal into the [TS]

  magical land of food which is kind of a [TS]

  Narnia or lord the rings like world and [TS]

  there's a community's there with the [TS]

  wizard and he's in a tavern and there's [TS]

  a shape changer who always is actually [TS]

  mostly shaped as a badger and he runs it [TS]

  like a regular podcast and the cast is [TS]

  all improv people and they are [TS]

  constantly inventing things but [TS]

  everything they invent becomes cannon [TS]

  which is incorporated into future [TS]

  episodes and the degree to which they [TS]

  are doing world-building live and it [TS]

  actually work so I listened to some [TS]

  later episodes before going back to the [TS]

  beginning and i find that things they [TS]

  said [TS]

  when the show launched earlier this year [TS]

  it they have some you know description [TS]

  of continuity so they bring them up [TS]

  again no eight months later and it makes [TS]

  sense so they're creating a [TS]

  self-consistent improv world that's very [TS]

  funny very charming and there's real [TS]

  emotion in the middle of it to quite [TS]

  like it so I enjoyed finding that the [TS]

  best american science fiction fantasy of [TS]

  2015 edited by joe hill which is a I've [TS]

  been reading collections of sci-fi [TS]

  fantasy for decades it's great way to [TS]

  get exposed to new stuff too but I kind [TS]

  of followed the habit because I felt [TS]

  like what i was getting in some [TS]

  compendiums was not things that i found [TS]

  interesting like they're sort of trends [TS]

  or tendencies or the editors quirks i [TS]

  heard good things about this i picked it [TS]

  up and is full of interesting new [TS]

  writing some of it really difficult [TS]

  weird some of it very mainstream but I [TS]

  got exposed to a bunch of new authors [TS]

  and this is what you get out of that [TS]

  being a human voter to obviously as you [TS]

  worldcon voters get access to a lot of [TS]

  that material too although and maybe a [TS]

  smaller pool or it's not edited in the [TS]

  same way it's because of voting you can [TS]

  see it with so I like that collection [TS]

  quite a bit [TS]

  Sandman which is not new exactly not [TS]

  know a little bit late but most is no [TS]

  new so I really that you know you can [TS]

  get the whole run of the original series [TS]

  in a giant for volume set that's each [TS]

  volume which is like 10 pounds and my [TS]

  local library has so few years ago I [TS]

  wanted to read the series I got him out [TS]

  read the whole thing this year i reread [TS]

  them because i wanted to go back at [TS]

  missed remembering some parts of the [TS]

  plots and I enjoyed it and then i also [TS]

  bought the new overture deluxe edition [TS]

  which is all the stuff like some [TS]

  existing stories and pieces and new [TS]

  material put together the lead-up to how [TS]

  the same industries runs it's actually [TS]

  it's very good very much the same [TS]

  universe and has some great themes it's [TS]

  very very game in if you like and you [TS]

  liked it a lot [TS]

  I think you know I'd be remiss if I [TS]

  didn't say that one of the things I [TS]

  enjoy most 2015 was Doctor Who partly [TS]

  because I i think i was you know I like [TS]

  apology and I was not a speed all the [TS]

  900 people are more upon clarify on [TS]

  Clara fauna clear clarification flora [TS]

  fan [TS]

  chloroform chloroform ok this is going [TS]

  to a dark place you got here and [TS]

  everybody Florrick on can bring these [TS]

  dark places a whole different show [TS]

  you're all competing yeah those are [TS]

  actually his grunts I found oh wow [TS]

  that's not a human centipede for getting [TS]

  close Jason I'll be the judge of that [TS]

  enjoy this series is going to talk about [TS]

  in a different episode all during the [TS]

  season quite a lot especially the last [TS]

  three episodes of the season including [TS]

  the Christmas special because we'll be [TS]

  talking about that soon this year I also [TS]

  i have managed to read but I'm hard time [TS]

  finding time to read and watch [TS]

  television i can listen to podcast i [TS]

  just i don't have that much leisure time [TS]

  and that's part of my 2016 goals I want [TS]

  to get back into you i'm into reading [TS]

  and so I read the goal immagini which is [TS]

  by a friend of the show regular guest [TS]

  talking with her yeah i was from around [TS]

  the processor name yes and it was great [TS]

  and I one of my favorite books the last [TS]

  decade or more i think it's a wonderful [TS]

  thing and I put it up there with night [TS]

  circus it's not a new book but I read it [TS]

  for the first time this year and i've [TS]

  been recommending it to anybody looking [TS]

  for a new book to read [TS]

  I don't have a 2015 pic like that i did [TS]

  read the first in a trilogy by rama nam [TS]

  also friend of the show a nexus he's now [TS]

  got the whole trilogy John nexus crux an [TS]

  apex nexus is full of challenging [TS]

  interesting ideas about the future of [TS]

  humanity with a lot of I'd say there's a [TS]

  great win gives me kind of feel but it's [TS]

  really also unique so he's exploring [TS]

  ideas he's a futurist and expert on [TS]

  solar power in the future of energy and [TS]

  but he doesn't make it a dogmatic book [TS]

  it's just kinda kinda cool so looking [TS]

  forward to actually catching up and [TS]

  reading the next two parts that and [TS]

  likewise Madeline ask me I got to meet [TS]

  when she came through seattle and [TS]

  interviewed a bookstore her book vn/ic [TS]

  trilogy as well she has ID out now and [TS]

  then the third book is Rev and it's a [TS]

  kind of books looking at artificial [TS]

  humans that and kind of the the rights [TS]

  and nature which we might deal with them [TS]

  and it's a great exploration in a [TS]

  another great kind of thumb story that's [TS]

  to the VPN is a surprising story lots of [TS]

  interesting twists and turns i read the [TS]

  first of those the second is out at [TS]

  third is coming and then again this is [TS]

  kind of a past future thing is the [TS]

  football podcast launched on this [TS]

  network this year with some people on [TS]

  the show being regular guests already uh [TS]

  we uh really know those guys on that [TS]

  show i think i went to high school with [TS]

  that one of their cousins you have [TS]

  anything with us [TS]

  I'm really i mean sue grafton whichever [TS]

  red because everyone's been suggesting [TS]

  that we're doing episode on it so I'm [TS]

  you know I'm at the be going to ABC Q [TS]

  and s but she just came up with X which [TS]

  is not for anything apparently which [TS]

  bothers David that's just X yeah it's [TS]

  cheating is cheating relaxes for should [TS]

  be here i'll only is yes it might take [TS]

  awhile it is granted that was happening [TS]

  but and so in them so we also watch [TS]

  Buffy than everybody watch veronica mars [TS]

  ice cut through more of buffy only 15 [TS]

  years after its on this year I've got [TS]

  through season 5 over 2 so far but go [TS]

  back and look at Veronica Mars and we'll [TS]

  be talking about that so looking forward [TS]

  to that next year i think that's about [TS]

  that's a lot of things a lot of things [TS]

  15 Monty now I will come to you [TS]

  alright what do you got many things that [TS]

  have already been mentioned strangely [TS]

  after serving on you know I really like [TS]

  this will be mad max fury road this move [TS]

  makes me worry to the force awakens I do [TS]

  have some comments about it that i will [TS]

  keep to myself [TS]

  one comment I really like how pole was [TS]

  not the star in you know at the [TS]

  beginning of the movie sounds like he's [TS]

  going to be the star then they've got a [TS]

  pan away from him he goes it has [TS]

  adventures off-screen television like [TS]

  people have said already I thought [TS]

  Jessica Jones was great i haven't [TS]

  finished it yet because as with Steve [TS]

  with Bojack horseman I kind of want to [TS]

  like pace myself a little grueling [TS]

  two-shot got all the way through and [TS]

  take that downward spiral slowly [TS]

  yeah speaking of downward spiral one [TS]

  show that ended this year that i thought [TS]

  was amazing was Hannibal it's a [TS]

  beautiful show it's it's a feast for the [TS]

  eye [TS]

  it's a feast for the eyes and it's a [TS]

  really interesting approach to [TS]

  adaptation where [TS]

  they take the source material and then [TS]

  mix it all up so they give storylines [TS]

  two different people and move lines [TS]

  around but it's still sort of the same [TS]

  thing like if they had another season [TS]

  they were going to try to get into [TS]

  silence of the lambs but it's not at all [TS]

  clear how this will Graham and this [TS]

  Hannibal Lecter could possibly have that [TS]

  silence of the lambs relationship but [TS]

  they didn't have to so they just ended [TS]

  it with basically will and edible [TS]

  kissing like everybody wanted them to [TS]

  very sweet [TS]

  alright ah gravity falls is one episode [TS]

  away from retirement and it's just [TS]

  fantastic i've been to this before and [TS]

  people [TS]

  Jason haven't watched it's really good [TS]

  for the record that's the third kristen [TS]

  schaal property that's been mentioned on [TS]

  the show so far along she's everywhere [TS]

  man and redman on earth [TS]

  yeah I don't they're not geeky things [TS]

  technically but i will say i really [TS]

  liked with Bob and David I didn't think [TS]

  mr. show would ever come back and then [TS]

  it pretty much did and it was mr. showy [TS]

  enough for me [TS]

  i I don't know how they're going to be [TS]

  able to do too many more returns though [TS]

  with Bob and David both being busy [TS]

  working actors like bob has a real gig [TS]

  on better call saul it took me a few [TS]

  tries to get into the unbreakable Kimmy [TS]

  Schmidt but once I got there I really [TS]

  liked it and watched pretty much the [TS]

  whole episode in one sitting [TS]

  i can i can go with that yeah I really [TS]

  like the show another period which stars [TS]

  riki lindhome and Natasha Leggero as [TS]

  kind of a cross between keeping up with [TS]

  the kardashians and Downton Abbey is a [TS]

  very silly show but I enjoyed it a lot [TS]

  david has already mentioned Hamilton [TS]

  edge which I too would have listened to [TS]

  10 million times i listen to it so much [TS]

  i ended up reading Ron Turner knows [TS]

  biography Hamilton i'm about halfway [TS]

  through that one [TS]

  same here it's hard not to have the song [TS]

  stuck in your head while you're reading [TS]

  it right [TS]

  PM yeah yeah yep well and I just wanted [TS]

  to know all the things that that I know [TS]

  he changed for dramatic license and but [TS]

  he's he's done a really artful job of [TS]

  not really messing up the history of it [TS]

  which is yeah there's a lot of things [TS]

  that are wrong but it's okay yeah every [TS]

  arrange some things like actually philip [TS]

  died after the borough Jefferson [TS]

  decision but that's not as dramatic very [TS]

  interesting to a pretty for him the [TS]

  older sister was already married when [TS]

  she met hamilton and its fine there's [TS]

  like that I'd rather Skylar sister but [TS]

  whatever [TS]

  no you Alex heads you guys could [TS]

  probably talk about this all day [TS]

  yeah it's a hell of a lot closer than 76 [TS]

  tuning in to see Hamilton episode of we [TS]

  probably should do it sometime we can [TS]

  leave variously help [TS]

  yeah there's no don't allow spoil it [TS]

  just know how it ends don't spoil it for [TS]

  her [TS]

  okay yeah don't worry I'm never gonna [TS]

  get to the end of that thing for Erica I [TS]

  am forever for books into the dark tower [TS]

  series woohoo trying to 674 more to go [TS]

  well that's more of the official series [TS]

  books and because I'm trying to read all [TS]

  of the books that are associated with it [TS]

  and there's a lot of websites with disc [TS]

  strong disagreements and whether this is [TS]

  larry books be right here or here [TS]

  I think I'm actually like nine books in [TS]

  and they're stephen king book so it's [TS]

  effectively 15 or so it's really [TS]

  difficult when they say all right now [TS]

  before you read book five you need to [TS]

  read the talisman and also this book in [TS]

  this book and what the heck this one [TS]

  this one this one too just in case i'm [TS]

  doing it it's taking awhile I feel your [TS]

  pain I went through that one of my times [TS]

  through as well [TS]

  already I'm asking myself do I really [TS]

  need to read 1122 1963 cuz who's doing [TS]

  an adaptation of it with James Franco JJ [TS]

  Abrams I could just watch that's [TS]

  basically the same thing I really liked [TS]

  that book i'm looking forward to that [TS]

  adaptation games i only played dragon [TS]

  age and arkham knight this year I played [TS]

  arkham knight all the way through twice [TS]

  which is super boring and i don't [TS]

  recommend it [TS]

  you don't have and that's going on the [TS]

  Box are you were doing that for us i [TS]

  prepare our about [TS]

  a hundred too many Riddler i'm stuck [TS]

  around breaking the Riddler puzzles [TS]

  Monty i got like a hundred left and [TS]

  there's like a little bit of story at [TS]

  the end of it i'm just so like I just [TS]

  youtube it probably say I've done the [TS]

  whole thing twice because i don't like [TS]

  to talk 360 to Xbox one part way through [TS]

  you get more gamerpoints if you do it [TS]

  and both systems are very different [TS]

  huh and I played all the way through [TS]

  Dragon Age Inquisition and then started [TS]

  over the Dragon Age series so i also [TS]

  played through dragon age 1 & 2 this [TS]

  year that's a lot of dragon age dragon [TS]

  age 2 is correctly maligned nice i think [TS]

  that's all i can think of all right uh [TS]

  let's start worse [TS]

  yeah they're never heard of this is mr [TS]

  Truss yeah the Stars not worse [TS]

  it's fine with the stars would oppose [TS]

  the TV link yeah i did enjoy space [TS]

  troops proposed so that was so good [TS]

  um that was good Teletubbies reference [TS]

  there see if i was thinking like to meet [TS]

  ya [TS]

  character named see Winky damn were in [TS]

  with Roman it was almost ready to kylo [TS]

  Ren yeah this episode of the [TS]

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  how's it going hey damn you're on this [TS]

  one yeah why was I missed the first hour [TS]

  of it but i'm i'm catching up [TS]

  yeah you're watching star wars again i [TS]

  was i'm sorry i mean the theater right [TS]

  now if you guys could just keep the [TS]

  change [TS]

  I can only talk for about 45 minutes [TS]

  okay [TS]

  yeah it's a pretty hard to carve out [TS]

  some ground that hasn't been covered [TS]

  through well-trodden at this point but [TS]

  I'll say a couple things that I didn't [TS]

  get a chance to do as much of it as I [TS]

  would like this year and get to see that [TS]

  many movies in the theater and I think [TS]

  all of the ones that i did we r star [TS]

  wars now all the ones i did you [TS]

  mentioned which include star wars which [TS]

  we spent plenty of time discussing and [TS]

  man I also liked it quite a bit [TS]

  I think it's on fortunate in some ways I [TS]

  think it is been maligned in some [TS]

  corners unfortunately for larger [TS]

  problems with the marvel universe which [TS]

  is fair but i think the movie itself is [TS]

  is vastly entertaining i really love the [TS]

  new Mission Impossible movie which david [TS]

  mentioned i thought the last two of [TS]

  those have both been excellent it's [TS]

  super great spy adventure movies tom [TS]

  cruise willing to poke fun [TS]

  himself which is I think perhaps his [TS]

  greatest asset in the last several [TS]

  movies me about look at that and look at [TS]

  like edge of tomorrow and so I think you [TS]

  know tom cruise's you might be a crazy [TS]

  person but when when deployed well he [TS]

  does a great job inside out which I just [TS]

  got the room for the second time cut the [TS]

  second half of this week x1 my cousin's [TS]

  got it for christmas and sat down and [TS]

  once you start watching even even [TS]

  halfway through you must continue all [TS]

  the way to the end [TS]

  still got me to tear up at the same part [TS]

  so impressive that big bum ya like 100 [TS]

  times i'm only human jason i think it's [TS]

  really that many books this year and the [TS]

  ones i did i was largely underwhelmed [TS]

  the two that stood out for me i was [TS]

  looking back over the ones that I've [TS]

  kept track of so far were the latest [TS]

  installment of the expanse of course [TS]

  nemesis games that series just I just [TS]

  devour those books when they come out [TS]

  and find them [TS]

  fantastic and all the other books of all [TS]

  the other books i read the only other [TS]

  one that I could really speak next I [TS]

  guess they're too i could speak very [TS]

  positively of one was the Goblin Emperor [TS]

  which I quite liked mom and the other [TS]

  was our friend of the show halloween [TS]

  workers the government Genii which isn't [TS]

  new but I read it this year and I quite [TS]

  enjoyed that as well let's see a TV [TS]

  actually was a pretty good year I just [TS]

  binge and caught up with iZombie which i [TS]

  think is fantastic [TS]

  Glenn mentioned Veronica Mars it's very [TS]

  Veronica Mars like unsurprisingly since [TS]

  Rob Thomas behind ya goes there anything [TS]

  that quite a bit [TS]

  yeah that's one that should have been on [TS]

  my list too yeah many of the cast in [TS]

  there are or the there are guest [TS]

  characters who from our guest actors who [TS]

  are from Veronica Mars also just one of [TS]

  the best I look what constantly [TS]

  impresses me about that series is that [TS]

  they do such a great job with characters [TS]

  who could otherwise be really cookie [TS]

  cutter standard two-dimensional [TS]

  characters who fit like a specific role [TS]

  i think in particular of major the the [TS]

  main characters ex-fiance who starts out [TS]

  it could be a really just sort of boring [TS]

  like oh he's the old ex-boyfriend [TS]

  and has instead incredibly nuanced and [TS]

  fascinating arc over both the first [TS]

  season and the first half of the second [TS]

  season and in particular also Clive the [TS]

  detective she works with who hey we got [TS]

  a particularly great episode [TS]

  most recently where it turns out that [TS]

  he's a closet Game of Thrones fan which [TS]

  was amazing the good year for superhero [TS]

  shows jessica jones obviously has been [TS]

  mentioned a ton [TS]

  it's it's really good i actually have [TS]

  the opposite problem of everybody else [TS]

  apparently whereas i started watching it [TS]

  could not stop i was also wake up with a [TS]

  footing at the time which really helps [TS]

  and a good year of the initial Supergirl [TS]

  was mentioned I've been enjoying that [TS]

  agent Carter which which did not get [TS]

  mentioned but should be mentioned was in [TS]

  January way back in January and there's [TS]

  a second season in the next few weeks I [TS]

  really love the first season [TS]

  Hayley Atwell is awesome and I really [TS]

  love chemistry with her and James D'Arcy [TS]

  III don't know all about that and it's [TS]

  just a fantastic show and I'm so super [TS]

  high has super excited that it's just [TS]

  coming back for a second season the [TS]

  first season of the flash wrapped up [TS]

  this year which was really good i [TS]

  thought they did such a fantastic job of [TS]

  explaining that University expanding the [TS]

  CW DC vs season 4 of arrow has started [TS]

  really good this year after a really [TS]

  lackluster and to season three so I'm [TS]

  very optimistic about that but of course [TS]

  there's a whole show where we talk about [TS]

  that i was found myself kind of mixed on [TS]

  the doctor who this season but I had did [TS]

  greatly enjoy the christmas special [TS]

  which we discussed earlier and home and [TS]

  they're no longer twins i know this is [TS]

  weird I feel I'm sorry Erica and we're [TS]

  waiting we're no longer nemesis are we [TS]

  this is we're not quite just like i [TS]

  don't know i like I don't feel about [TS]

  this it's like character development 15 [TS]

  is a topsy-turvy year what it's very [TS]

  easy so well we'll see how 2016 treats [TS]

  us daredevil got mentioned sort of [TS]

  ancillary but i thought you know that [TS]

  was a liar [TS]

  really enjoyed that we despite its flaws [TS]

  I I really thought it's a fascinating [TS]

  show great casting and some truly [TS]

  fantastic fight choreography master of [TS]

  none greater for netflix to lots of [TS]

  great series on netflix so those guys [TS]

  are doing a fantastic job good job [TS]

  netflix yeah great job netflix keep it [TS]

  up keep going with that I got to play a [TS]

  few games this year although most of my [TS]

  time is consumed by playing destiny on [TS]

  my xbox which I enjoy even though it's [TS]

  kind of all-consuming I enjoyed the room [TS]

  three on my iPad new puzzle game i love [TS]

  puzzle games and i just recently this [TS]

  week played a new board game called cult [TS]

  express where you get to rob a train in [TS]

  the Old West which is super fun and then [TS]

  the other thing was I you know I started [TS]

  a sign up for Marvel unlimited this year [TS]

  and I've been devouring a bunch of [TS]

  series i want to see in particular i was [TS]

  surprised i really feel that the great a [TS]

  great work in general of there are lots [TS]

  of great female person female [TS]

  protagonist lead series that I've been [TS]

  enjoying his marvelous already mentioned [TS]

  but I like throwing Captain Marvel which [TS]

  I just thought was great the unbeatable [TS]

  squirrel girl which I quite knew it as [TS]

  well which is hilarious and ryan North's [TS]

  work on that is just is just it cracks [TS]

  me up every issue it's incredibly funny [TS]

  spider-woman also a great they've done a [TS]

  great job with that and in some of that [TS]

  and then there's much Star Wars comics [TS]

  which are meddling value but I've been [TS]

  enjoying reading all of them and i went [TS]

  back in recent and read the other night [TS]

  the first issue of the old Star Wars [TS]

  1977 comic book which was hilarious [TS]

  that's where Darth Vader gets the [TS]

  company's coffee i know i saw that part [TS]

  was like we talked about this on the [TS]

  uncomfortable episode but it was it [TS]

  there are so many other little bizarre [TS]

  things throughout that that comic that [TS]

  is it just makes it a delight and sort [TS]

  of weird time capsule to read and then [TS]

  event Steve mentions a squat I i love to [TS]

  getting to go and record some episodes [TS]

  live including some from front of lions [TS]

  is there [TS]

  I know you almost forgot Steve I could [TS]

  not let you forget and then earlier in [TS]

  the year I got to go to the star wars [TS]

  celebration in Anaheim which was also a [TS]

  great deal of fun [TS]

  completely over-the-top and got to see [TS]

  you know JJ Abrams in the whole cast and [TS]

  debut the second trailer and lots of [TS]

  people in fantastic costumes got to [TS]

  partake in a star wars scavenger hunt [TS]

  puzzle hunt thing that was super fun and [TS]

  my friend has our trophy from that's [TS]

  what I will never get to see it again [TS]

  oh yeah and and that pretty much wraps [TS]

  up my my media list i I'm really looking [TS]

  forward to reading there a couple books [TS]

  coming out in 2016 that I'm [TS]

  super-psyched about so i'm i'm hopeful [TS]

  that i'll get my reading back on track [TS]

  in 2016 [TS]

  but otherwise 2015 pretty good pretty [TS]

  good year I think I now that and now i'm [TS]

  going last everything has basically [TS]

  taken books the Goblin Emperor's it's [TS]

  not a draft Jason it's not a dress looks [TS]

  got one ever uh which has been mentioned [TS]

  but that's the book that i recommend [TS]

  people if people say to me hey what book [TS]

  should I read its that's that's still my [TS]

  default the last year was going to [TS]

  Jeanne this your government / movies i [TS]

  believe the one that didn't get [TS]

  mentioned unless i missed it is the [TS]

  Martian which was also like quite good [TS]

  force awakens Martian inside-out TV the [TS]

  expanse i am loving mention daredevil i [TS]

  really like daredevil a lot [TS]

  Bob's Burgers goodbye i may have [TS]

  discovered that late last year but [TS]

  regardless it's been a joy to to watch [TS]

  that show because that is a goldmine of [TS]

  of laughter and I really have enjoyed [TS]

  FXX is comedy you're the worst i was [TS]

  about to say that yes I left that one [TS]

  for you Jason Terry we're watching that [TS]

  this week it's fantasy so we watched the [TS]

  first season on on hulu i believe and [TS]

  now we're on to the second season which [TS]

  just finished airing i believe on FXX [TS]

  very good very very good very funny kind [TS]

  of anti romantic romantic comedy and in [TS]

  a brilliant way so yeah and i still am [TS]

  loving the flash actually so we all [TS]

  throw that in there we mentioned [TS]

  Hamilton can't get out of my head and on [TS]

  the video game side i wanted to put in [TS]

  work for splatoon which is a fantastic [TS]

  first party game on the wii u that is a [TS]

  shooter network shooter where everything [TS]

  is with paint so nobody dies [TS]

  and everybody has a good time and it is [TS]

  a it is a great take on uh on network [TS]

  place shooter because you're you can you [TS]

  can knock people out of the game [TS]

  temporarily by covering them and paint [TS]

  but the goal is to actually control [TS]

  territory by painting it and as anybody [TS]

  remembers from our portal episode where [TS]

  I talked about the dip the joys of just [TS]

  painting the 3d terrain the various [TS]

  level splatoon that is all you do so i [TS]

  recommend it it's a very good game for [TS]

  the wii u adds to my list [TS]

  yeah it's good it's good if you got a [TS]

  wii u anyway which you know I do and I I [TS]

  working together on this episode you [TS]

  Steve I've got a week when yeah well we [TS]

  didn't I come in fun sizes i'm not sure [TS]

  i got away you necessarily ah oui with [TS]

  me on the let's talk about things that [TS]

  we liked from the incomparable and [TS]

  related podcasts and we will ask our our [TS]

  our contestants again i always like to [TS]

  call you can test their panelist that [TS]

  and I'll also throw in some letters from [TS]

  the from the listeners because a bunch [TS]

  of listeners rode in with their [TS]

  suggestions to Steve why don't we start [TS]

  with you things that you things that you [TS]

  like from the podcast from the last year [TS]

  i really enjoyed that we joke that [TS]

  happened just now but i'm going to press [TS]

  save you in making that you've been [TS]

  making we jokes on podcasts insulate [TS]

  2006 i have it's kind of my thing I [TS]

  don't like I kind of a I you broke [TS]

  ground on that because if I hadn't done [TS]

  it nobody would have no power so there's [TS]

  not much better alternate universe we [TS]

  could be and that's good actually kind [TS]

  of a lot of a lot of episodes i [TS]

  mentioned it's a pretty good year for [TS]

  podcasting i thought i'm actually a [TS]

  cheeky little on the first one because [TS]

  this episode was technically from last [TS]

  year but it was recorded the day before [TS]

  the clip show and we were still too [TS]

  shell-shocked from our viewing of the [TS]

  star wars holiday special right bring it [TS]

  up the next day it's true that's like [TS]

  it's going to 26 starts circulating the [TS]

  tapes i think is hysterical and needs to [TS]

  be mentioned it has become a required [TS]

  epilogue to my annual life day viewing [TS]

  the above the star wars holiday special [TS]

  tool for his robot spelled backward is a [TS]

  great episode it's it's highly [TS]

  recommended if you haven't even if you [TS]

  haven't seen the Star Wars Holiday [TS]

  Special it's worth which seriously you [TS]

  probably don't watch it new i finally [TS]

  watched this year but i did the rifftrax [TS]

  what Steve's recommendation which was no [TS]

  easy the pay's easier it kept me from [TS]

  doing my arms [TS]

  thank you don't actually have reached [TS]

  the point where i enjoy the show itself [TS]

  and ironically now so maybe I watched [TS]

  too many times in a row after the force [TS]

  awakens we had we had a detailed [TS]

  conversation at dinner last night about [TS]

  about the cheese lying about being cold [TS]

  Hanzo sure your you know your know [TS]

  you're cold and we were like but we know [TS]

  where the wookies live and learn was [TS]

  like they live in the flesh and she's [TS]

  like no no that's the Ewoks oh and there [TS]

  was that moment of like oh we it was the [TS]

  holiday special is really covered in fur [TS]

  coats heart honey bee how cold the [TS]

  Bernie are currently there and i kind of [TS]

  like the fact that Harrison Ford had [TS]

  like the Red October jacket on and then [TS]

  he wasn't on that that's a good one [TS]

  that's a good that's yeah that's going [TS]

  well whatever I also really liked to 32 [TS]

  learning to love Heidi too are Groundhog [TS]

  Day episode mainly because i love that [TS]

  movie so much and it's fun to be talking [TS]

  about a movie I actually care about for [TS]

  a change [TS]

  very funny episode i recommended to 37 [TS]

  and 238 our episode three episodes which [TS]

  I thought was a fittingly painful [TS]

  conclusion to our 7,000 hours and [TS]

  frequent coverage [TS]

  yep all the prequel episodes are solid [TS]

  but that that one I think was [TS]

  particularly cathartic because it's [TS]

  really bad movie [TS]

  I episode 2 41 shopping with mrs. Geary [TS]

  it was hard to pick an old movie club [TS]

  episode that I like the best but i think [TS]

  this one wins it because i love the bad [TS]

  news bears and I really enjoy stepping [TS]

  back to a time when a Little League [TS]

  coach could pass bottles of lucky lager [TS]

  out to his pleasures and not immediately [TS]

  be arrested [TS]

  so that's its it's fun because it's a [TS]

  good movie it's fun because i remember [TS]

  those simpler times and it's it's nice [TS]

  little trip back their pride of the [TS]

  Yankees was also there for the Yankees [TS]

  was also present who had his moments [TS]

  I see you have to mention rocket surgery [TS]

  I couldn't decide between Zardoz and [TS]

  Frankenstein versus the space monster is [TS]

  my favorite rocket surgery episodes same [TS]

  am both surprisingly watchable movies [TS]

  both very funny panel discussions that I [TS]

  think are good because they come from a [TS]

  place of amusement rather than pain [TS]

  yeah i'm looking at you super mario [TS]

  brothers I think you're forgetting Jojo [TS]

  roses steals reaction but yeah but I was [TS]

  totally we're gonna love with you he's [TS]

  not even real name [TS]

  let's see lastly for the mother ship [TS]

  show 274 Rudolph's hideous mutation our [TS]

  episode on Charlie Brown often the [TS]

  grinch because for some reason saying [TS]

  terrible things about beloved holiday [TS]

  entertainment seems to be right in a [TS]

  toasty warm center of our butters and [TS]

  that's our thing [TS]

  it's we're good at that we're really [TS]

  really zero and beloved holiday [TS]

  traditions man we always that one [TS]

  yes in this year's example I think this [TS]

  was no exception it's good we still got [TS]

  it we still know exactly what we are [TS]

  here for [TS]

  we're put on this earth to do that's [TS]

  right [TS]

  right [TS]

  it's a sad thing that we do what we do [TS]

  but we do well my game show i think has [TS]

  been a blast pretty much across the [TS]

  board [TS]

  I've even listen to a few episodes I'm [TS]

  not on of that one wow yeah that's true [TS]

  and the radio theatre obviously has been [TS]

  a real joy to be a part of [TS]

  even though i'm not in that one so you [TS]

  have 1 i'm curious that one out i know i [TS]

  don't know i don't think so [TS]

  I favorite moments back to the star wars [TS]

  holiday special episode and around an [TS]

  hour and 37 minutes and yes we were [TS]

  talking about the holiday special for [TS]

  over an hour and 37 minutes we were [TS]

  discussing the vintage fruit of the loom [TS]

  commercial where the old lady is talking [TS]

  wistfully about her presumably deceased [TS]

  husband and jason says I found the fruit [TS]

  of loom at really bittersweet because [TS]

  it's like well I'm very old and about to [TS]

  die my husband's already decided when he [TS]

  was alive he really liked through the [TS]

  loom [TS]

  fortunately i'm not alone i still have a [TS]

  pair of his underpants and these fruit [TS]

  men and then why it just kills it's [TS]

  making you laugh just know so I that's [TS]

  always a reason is looking bright sides [TS]

  do I still and these fruit man we spread [TS]

  several of his underwear out over the [TS]

  it's great but I kept this one in a sort [TS]

  of similar vein episode 2 28 it's not a [TS]

  draft are 2014 clip show John syracuse [TS]

  actually uttered the phrase I'd love to [TS]

  see Steve's penis log this is the thing [TS]

  that actually happened [TS]

  it felt like it deserves mention its [TS]

  time code on that one [TS]

  no I didn't and that episodes like 600 [TS]

  hours long ago not to go looking [TS]

  oh I love disease Steve's penis log [TS]

  where he just write down every possible [TS]

  thanks to poop related joke every [TS]

  podcast game show episode 1 [TS]

  inconceivable ! colon serious heard [TS]

  there's a part where Georgia Dow and [TS]

  Lisa Schmeisser start envisioning a [TS]

  t-rex in a lab [TS]

  vote and they just start getting a [TS]

  minute it's hilarious [TS]

  why I was making the t-rex arms over [TS]

  here wish i could engineer things i [TS]

  can't hold test people sorry the visual [TS]

  advantages are you matching his little [TS]

  arms waving around you know his white [TS]

  lab coat because that's what i'm doing i [TS]

  can show up so 13 golfing with Hitler [TS]

  trivial pursuit to there's apparently a [TS]

  part where dan says you're legume that I [TS]

  really liked although apparently not an [TS]

  academic a timecode haha so good job Dan [TS]

  I guess [TS]

  ok to Jason will be happy to listen to [TS]

  that entire retirement services to find [TS]

  that one line between education and here [TS]

  it is [TS]

  Tony what's your guests potato that's [TS]

  not already listed all the people he's [TS]

  not a tuba the bees watching Michelle [TS]

  wait what was it the PE the P princess [TS]

  and the pea piece help me [TS]

  he's not a vegetable either that's a leg [TS]

  you you're like you okay okay very up [TS]

  i'm actually gonna declare that my [TS]

  underappreciated joke of the year [TS]

  because even I didn't appreciate it [TS]

  let's see just a few more episodes to [TS]

  film on somerset you're one to talk led [TS]

  I don't want a dog [TS]

  episode 2 59 the summer superhero thing [TS]

  around to adding at an hour and 15 [TS]

  minutes really oh yeah oh my god i felt [TS]

  right yes towards the end [TS]

  Monty was defending Wolverine not [TS]

  Canadian not Tony had Nightcrawler I [TS]

  asked not Canadian not Tony what band [TS]

  stood for and he told me and got bleeped [TS]

  and responded with what I think was the [TS]

  perfect comeback of all time advocate [TS]

  chip you seem to lean heavily in your [TS]

  advocacy of Nightcrawler on on his bamp [TS]

  catchphrase if bamf does not stand for [TS]

  that that thing you said what does bamp [TS]

  stand for battle [TS]

  really Your Honor my opponent cannot [TS]

  even the other to say actual word just [TS]

  incoherent beaks that no one ever given [TS]

  that he was not literally bleep when he [TS]

  spoke I that was your yeah let's see [TS]

  game show 19 i'm going to actually [TS]

  reference a low definition episode this [TS]

  is the leader of poop interlude timecode [TS]

  4728 we were doing the word pression [TS]

  somebody send in the definition a young [TS]

  tramp who bakes for an older tramp and [TS]

  Scott McNulty replied please can I have [TS]

  another trip its name will be good [TS]

  and last but not least of course there [TS]

  was that one time in the clip show last [TS]

  year when i picked listener been picking [TS]

  listener Etienne picking me picking me [TS]

  picking listeners Lori Janice and Chad [TS]

  picking me pick hang on [TS]

  no hang on a sec guys I think somebody's [TS]

  out the whole thing on hello who's out [TS]

  there [TS]

  what you want calm down put down that [TS]

  microphone young man you have nothing to [TS]

  fear from me because as you can see I'm [TS]

  you only order you look just like me [TS]

  only older yes yes and I've come to warn [TS]

  you to stop this madness before it's too [TS]

  late [TS]

  the hell are you talking about old me [TS]

  the clip loop I've traveled here from [TS]

  the future time when the clip has [TS]

  destroyed all what is present in just a [TS]

  few of your earth years the Clippers [TS]

  grown to such a broad abomination that [TS]

  the incomparable Zeppelin will no longer [TS]

  be able to contain it [TS]

  what's that first it bled over into the [TS]

  other and comfortable network shows [TS]

  total party kill robots are not the [TS]

  cleansing our of blending featuring [TS]

  gland [TS]

  said nothing of the Tories a robot the [TS]

  time even low definition that sounds [TS]

  like a solid improvement store an [TS]

  agreement that it was but all other [TS]

  podcast soon followed [TS]

  radiolab the flophouse spats cast and [TS]

  its sister show coverings chat to the [TS]

  National repetitive drone the cable even [TS]

  forgiven it shows became briefly [TS]

  entertaining but then quickly turned [TS]

  hopelessly forced and don't know when [TS]

  I'm and somebody noticed was not that's [TS]

  what made it so insidious but it didn't [TS]

  stop there soon every mobile device [TS]

  computer and game console do nothing but [TS]

  play the clip loop the Internet backbone [TS]

  shattered itself in several places just [TS]

  so it would no longer have to carry it [TS]

  the world economy collapsed overnight [TS]

  but with all the rioting we barely [TS]

  noticed when Skeletor himself emerged [TS]

  from the cornfield and declared himself [TS]

  supreme ruler of what we now call planet [TS]

  Grayskull my god thats that's dumb [TS]

  what you're saying is dumb close your [TS]

  eyes and focus on the time stream and [TS]

  you wouldn't know it to be true [TS]

  the very air is thick with the ripple [TS]

  actually that's a well the cat was in [TS]

  here a few moments ago with them [TS]

  alright alright I I do sense something [TS]

  horrible brewing it's probably just the [TS]

  Chipotle I had for lunch but all right [TS]

  fine I'll stop with the clip loop is [TS]

  getting sick of the damn thing anyway [TS]

  but you know the listeners listeners who [TS]

  claim to enjoy the coupon mostly crazy [TS]

  people anyway that's just when I in any [TS]

  way it ends here [TS]

  the future is say ray now go on get out [TS]

  of here we're recording an episode you [TS]

  old coot fine fine done what I came for [TS]

  Oh mind if I use your toilet before i go [TS]

  future chipotle oh man I'll never learn [TS]

  go ahead is just around the corner to [TS]

  know where it is I [TS]

  here let me know just go you've made the [TS]

  whole room smell like future bengay it's [TS]

  worse than the cat crap [TS]

  hey guys I'm back oh good what you get [TS]

  something that something kind of crazy [TS]

  just happens to you what you were saying [TS]

  something about days it's about Ben ATM [TS]

  yeah you know with apologies to the [TS]

  listeners I can can no longer in good [TS]

  conscience pick the Skeletor clip loop [TS]

  as a favorite moment of 2015 [TS]

  sorry folks it's it's really it's for [TS]

  your own good [TS]

  wait but if you don't pick it his [TS]

  feature never existed so he never really [TS]

  came back to warn you not to pick it is [TS]

  really think too hard about it was good [TS]

  explains the food poisoning supposedly [TS]

  that's all I know anything else Steve [TS]

  you have a few more things i think what [TS]

  i just said was pretty darn funny i like [TS]

  to listen to it again 10 dozen cats are [TS]

  playing this in 2016 [TS]

  alright yeah I guess I'm done okay [TS]

  before we go to Erica re i read a note [TS]

  from one of our one of our longtime [TS]

  listeners Clinton mr. Clinton writes his [TS]

  favorite episodes 2015 the Star Wars [TS]

  Episode three episodes 246 assigned [TS]

  reading episode 247 on David Letterman [TS]

  250 Zardoz 53 old movie clip on the Thin [TS]

  Man and The Maltese Falcon and his [TS]

  favorite moments episode 2 41 old movie [TS]

  club on the bad news bears I think this [TS]

  whole movie was shot with natural light [TS]

  no natural light doesn't actually show [TS]

  up in butter makers hand at any point [TS]

  that maybe the way to attack this of [TS]

  hope to a 25-12 favorite moment in [TS]

  episode 2 45 i don't think that man of [TS]

  steel was a great movie I clouds i [TS]

  thought was going from that one way to [TS]

  find out exactly [TS]

  i got i thought it was better than the [TS]

  first Avengers movie but oh and episode [TS]

  270 friends meets the space monster [TS]

  David joke when the panelists are [TS]

  discussing what else might be in Karen [TS]

  satchel over dere is going to look for [TS]

  other earth devices and Karen satchel [TS]

  what you come up with and that was that [TS]

  was redacted for the time they're earth [TS]

  device advanced looking devices [TS]

  yes it did just makes a buzzing noise I [TS]

  don't understand people i know what it [TS]

  is [TS]

  Erica what what are your what are your [TS]

  favorite episodes and/or moments also if [TS]

  there's any many of role-playing you'd [TS]

  like to do you may do that as well uh [TS]

  I'll think about that earlier in the [TS]

  year when I was fresh off our 2014 clip [TS]

  show i actually remember to keep track [TS]

  of some of the moments that I loved it [TS]

  actually lasted longer than I thought it [TS]

  last all the way until May so maybe I [TS]

  guess it was those way longer than i had [TS]

  expected so I I the the four things that [TS]

  he managed to remember to write down in [TS]

  that period of time are as follows [TS]

  actually it was the clip show itself [TS]

  episode 2 28 it's not a draft David's [TS]

  kids asked for a Watteau impression or [TS]

  maybe it was the word water haha i'm [TS]

  going to add our social services so i'm [TS]

  pretty sure it was a water that your [TS]

  kids will be mistreated now you don't [TS]

  have to go to ebay and then later on [TS]

  Jason completely freaked out on all of [TS]

  us get with the clip sound effect but we [TS]

  demanded that he played an even number [TS]

  of times because that's that's what you [TS]

  do i still think we're in a clip from [TS]

  last year [TS]

  yeah oh dear [TS]

  and of course the awesome song that was [TS]

  that was fantastic [TS]

  the next thing I have my list is episode [TS]

  2 30 world class weirdo where we talked [TS]

  about promethea and Eleanor it just in [TS]

  general I very much liked it when the [TS]

  incomparable provides catharsis and that [TS]

  episode really datum [TS]

  because those books were profoundly odd [TS]

  yeah yeah yeahs for the class weirdo by [TS]

  the way referring to the f4 mentioned [TS]

  alan moore it's very windy guy we're [TS]

  done with the titular character so yeah [TS]

  yeah that too [TS]

  speaking of catharsis yes episode 246 [TS]

  shmoop index which was the assigned [TS]

  reading one [TS]

  yeah catharsis in all caps I i love [TS]

  discovering that shmoop is actually a [TS]

  thing we didn't even know that was a [TS]

  thing we discovered that while googling [TS]

  things during the episode we discovered [TS]

  this move is an online alternative to [TS]

  cliff notes that depending on how and [TS]

  when you google of a sign book's title [TS]

  if the cliff notes or shmoop version is [TS]

  very high up that suggests something bad [TS]

  about that book [TS]

  ya know Mandy hate them with those bones [TS]

  I mean we were we were kind of at least [TS]

  I was rooting for the schmoop index to [TS]

  be extra high for some of those books [TS]

  that I hated so mom and then also in the [TS]

  bonus track for the episode 246 be i was [TS]

  i was appalled by Andy story about his [TS]

  horrific teacher but I left out loud [TS]

  when andy sixx yeah I'm and I know that [TS]

  he's either dead or not teaching or dead [TS]

  and teaching people in hell yeah another [TS]

  one of any three of those things [TS]

  satisfies me that was something then [TS]

  just sort of scanning through the list [TS]

  of episodes I I like some of the ones [TS]

  that other people have mentioned a [TS]

  little bit the sardars episode was I [TS]

  don't like is the right word but that [TS]

  was an experience speaking of ourselves [TS]

  hmm the the star wars holiday special [TS]

  episode was kind of along the same lines [TS]

  as our toes come to think of it i guess [TS]

  i'm glad i saw it but I'm still not [TS]

  entirely sure [TS]

  and um i did also liked the episode 270 [TS]

  too late a lot of foundations because I [TS]

  appreciated the opportunity to go back [TS]

  and reread the foundation trilogy which [TS]

  I quite enjoyed and then talk about it [TS]

  and of course the summer superhero [TS]

  spectacular was just pretty much [TS]

  hilarity from beginning to end [TS]

  and I finally just like a week ago got [TS]

  around to listening to the finale which [TS]

  I was on and didn't really remember [TS]

  because I was so high on codeine god we [TS]

  should be only the best for our judges [TS]

  wow so so yeah I was like wait i was i [TS]

  was on this one and and I was so that [TS]

  was the thing um and as far as all of [TS]

  the the other incomparable awesomeness [TS]

  that's going on I have really enjoyed [TS]

  unjustly maligned this year I think [TS]

  that's a fantastic idea for a podcast [TS]

  just defending things you love and and I [TS]

  happily defended episode episode 1 of [TS]

  star wars episode 10 of one just aligned [TS]

  so that was really cool i had it was a [TS]

  good episode [TS]

  shut up man i love wat oh no he's awful [TS]

  but I love him anyway I love a lot of [TS]

  awful people from haha the title this [TS]

  episode you don't you yeah but done what [TS]

  I was gonna say I'm here aren't I but i [TS]

  think that was just-- oh no I I'll allow [TS]

  it [TS]

  we just assume you mean Glen it's okay [TS]

  yeah we are official embassies know this [TS]

  is true true [TS]

  one of my favorite things to do all year [TS]

  long has been playing on total party [TS]

  kill i get my gaming fix and I get to [TS]

  hang out with some of you guys it is it [TS]

  is just what if you get it should not [TS]

  everybody on this episode is on total [TS]

  party kill so I didn't want to say all [TS]

  you guys that will be all thank you sure [TS]

  Radio Theater like Steve said also is [TS]

  just has been a delightful of [TS]

  participating in that and and doing lazy [TS]

  doctor who has a podcast which we [TS]

  started this year has has been lots of [TS]

  fun and I really really like doing a [TS]

  podcast that has so little work involved [TS]

  and that's the premise that the [TS]

  brilliance of that is in the title it's [TS]

  not just the premise in the title like [TS]

  we're going to be lazy and just record [TS]

  this everything show notes actually will [TS]

  say things like recorded on the couch or [TS]

  in bed [TS]

  yeah we had in a hotel room whatever we [TS]

  don't care it and then you put a bunch [TS]

  of out over the course of several days [TS]

  Nico bit they're not being lazy [TS]

  that's because we [TS]

  aren't we weren't working so like well [TS]

  let's just watch the new do and I think [TS]

  as far as just listening to my my [TS]

  favorite thing has also been the the [TS]

  game show feed just every show on there [TS]

  has been delightful weather I've been [TS]

  honored not I think I've actually [TS]

  thought some of the episodes that I [TS]

  wasn't on we're way better than the ones [TS]

  that i was on so that gives you an idea [TS]

  of how good i think it is strong usually [TS]

  only care about stuff I'm not really but [TS]

  but it has been it has been fun [TS]

  inconceivable i think is my favorite of [TS]

  all of the shows on there but but [TS]

  everything has made me laugh and I can't [TS]

  wait to be unloaded definition and I [TS]

  don't think I've even been on since it's [TS]

  been low definition so but all men we [TS]

  get back on and she's in camera is [TS]

  totally different now [TS]

  yeah there's some Canadian issues that [TS]

  have to be worked out but that's right [TS]

  yes you got the border dispute has been [TS]

  taking care of and all my paperwork is [TS]

  filed correctly so hopefully i'll be [TS]

  back exercise [TS]

  yeah so so yeah incomparable alright [TS]

  yeah thank you that was great listener [TS]

  eric i'm going to read from from from [TS]

  his note now related to something Eric [TS]

  mentioned as a primarily role-playing [TS]

  geek is likely to surprise my favorite [TS]

  moment 2015 is from total party kill any [TS]

  year of great episodes with regards [TS]

  resurrection complicated subterfuge [TS]

  involving bowls of stew dry cream [TS]

  hootenannies and bodies and kills it is [TS]

  episode 60 bedroom farce and the [TS]

  interrogation of chat regard it takes on [TS]

  top spot [TS]

  this is 26 minutes mind you that for [TS]

  those of you who haven't listed total [TS]

  party can kill this will tell you [TS]

  everything you need to know about that [TS]

  podcast 26 minutes of adventurers doing [TS]

  the most difficult thing a roving band [TS]

  of murder hobos can do actually having a [TS]

  conversation with someone from George's [TS]

  opening admonition to they start to get [TS]

  out of the beds no don't get out don't [TS]

  do that but why not [TS]

  I because we need things from you but [TS]

  you have to lay in the bed at the same [TS]

  time I I'm uncomfortable with that [TS]

  Wow [TS]

  we've only just met [TS]

  I'm coming in everybody snuggle I gotta [TS]

  get in on this action to Erica being [TS]

  okay with covering up murder once it's [TS]

  been committed but drawing the line at [TS]

  gagging a man with his own boy we're [TS]

  gonna gag him anyway don't sweat it [TS]

  there's a loincloth we can use for a gag [TS]

  just over the side [TS]

  well chad is not resisting so you can do [TS]

  what you will check that I guess that's [TS]

  technically a ball gag [TS]

  oh dear I most of the things you say [TS]

  Steve our ball gag do you think that we [TS]

  should get him but not with his own [TS]

  loincloth know he was gonna use the [TS]

  other guys like what [TS]

  ok we just tie him up we use some bed [TS]

  sheets and all right gentle with chad i [TS]

  feel kind of bad for Chad guy used a we [TS]

  wrap them snug like a baby monkey feels [TS]

  like he's being swaddled with the [TS]

  bedsheets and then I knocked him out [TS]

  throw him in the pit with the spikes [TS]

  well you can easily knock about Carlos [TS]

  if you want to oh yeah I knocked him out [TS]

  alright so Carlos slash across the face [TS]

  and he's out Carlos that was totally [TS]

  unnecessary Chad didn't do anything for [TS]

  Chad this is a great entertainment in my [TS]

  favorite comparable moment of 2015 [TS]

  Thanks to everyone involved for creating [TS]

  it Lister Eric ok so once we have 26 [TS]

  miniclip yeah [TS]

  Skeletor maybe in there somewhere in the [TS]

  middle nose while we share scalpel [TS]

  Skeletor is our will home screen that is [TS]

  one of my favorites the bedroom forest [TS]

  with the beef very miss semi-naked [TS]

  guards who we wake up and interrogate at [TS]

  ya 2016 underwear and purple pants [TS]

  yeah yeah yeah that's a yeah yeah David [TS]

  what are your pics [TS]

  well i'll start with the main show yeah [TS]

  and you know several of the episodes i [TS]

  love have have already been mentioned [TS]

  learning to love Heidi too because [TS]

  Groundhog Day is one of my absolute [TS]

  favorite films episode 2 50 because [TS]

  does is painful agree yeah i mean i've [TS]

  just shown countering loincloth it was [TS]

  enough but but it's not even one cloth [TS]

  it's like the weird little main kini [TS]

  it's just em anyway [TS]

  flashbacks and and really I gotta say [TS]

  just the existence of the rocket surgery [TS]

  and an old movie club episodes I i enjoy [TS]

  them all enjoy listening to the the few [TS]

  that i'm not on but I love being on the [TS]

  old movie club at least and ends are [TS]

  those would be my favorite rocket [TS]

  surgery although Frankenstein and the [TS]

  space monster is right there and maybe [TS]

  my favorite old movie club would be 253 [TS]

  ignoring the movie completely about the [TS]

  Thin Man and The Maltese Falcon because [TS]

  again i love the Thin Man The Maltese [TS]

  Falcon is also their episode 254 you've [TS]

  ruined pizza because inside out wasn't [TS]

  just one of my favorite films of the [TS]

  year but it was a really i mean it's in [TS]

  the episode III had talked about how it [TS]

  was a kind of turning point for my my [TS]

  younger son and you know it was just [TS]

  nice to be able to talk about that and [TS]

  and to get even more insight into the [TS]

  movie from talking to other people who [TS]

  had seen it which was which is always [TS]

  fun episode 260 which we did live in [TS]

  spokane around the table Wi-Fi and lots [TS]

  of helium's and high-fives and and and [TS]

  it was kind of insane and wonderful and [TS]

  and you know had I waited i could have [TS]

  mentioned this earlier but getting [TS]

  together for the the one live radio show [TS]

  in June in san francisco and then coming [TS]

  up to sask on for doing a live radio [TS]

  show there were two of my favorite [TS]

  things all year to because you know it's [TS]

  I mean it's fun to do what we do but [TS]

  it's fun to do it in the same room [TS]

  together with people laughing there's a [TS]

  great picture that goes with the episode [TS]

  260 where you can see all the cinerama [TS]

  the table and the very top of dan said [TS]

  that's the most flattering picture we [TS]

  ever posted on the [TS]

  I enjoyed listening to and managing to [TS]

  avoid taking part for the most part in [TS]

  the superhero spectacular note the [TS]

  people who are very had very little [TS]

  involvement in the superhero spectacular [TS]

  who are mentioning and it got talent [TS]

  telling telecast and then outside of the [TS]

  main show i I've enjoyed guest-hosting [TS]

  on the TV talk machine on the rare [TS]

  occasion that you are out of town and [TS]

  especially episode 50 because we managed [TS]

  to get Tim Goodman to do 50 and counting [TS]

  episodes in a row which is something [TS]

  something big so so we celebrated with a [TS]

  whole Hawaii five-o theme song and a [TS]

  special Imogen and was very exciting and [TS]

  I love the game show on the whole I love [TS]

  all the different game shows i [TS]

  especially loved the episode of low [TS]

  definition called space blobs not [TS]

  because Bob's our first episode the [TS]

  inaugural death isn't the second one [TS]

  likes baseball just the first which [TS]

  whichever is the one with bird who then [TS]

  that's the one yeah okay because the [TS]

  second one because the second one [TS]

  yeah yeah whichever one is the one with [TS]

  Purdue not because I won that episode [TS]

  but the right by that point in the [TS]

  episode I was thinking all right I'm [TS]

  just gonna throw it because you know or [TS]

  or he's gonna he's gonna ask me [TS]

  something really obscure and then you [TS]

  ask me about like the delicacy that no [TS]

  one in this town will shut up about so [TS]

  it's like okay well I have to do that [TS]

  and and i think at one point at least [TS]

  during the recording when you said and [TS]

  the next word is burgoo and i think i [TS]

  just went nuts you said oh come on [TS]

  something like that yeah realizes it was [TS]

  utter disbelief it was like no you [TS]

  didn't just say that [TS]

  oh it was the first one okay why don't [TS]

  you wonder well technically it's the [TS]

  first low definition episode yeah [TS]

  either way either way I i love the the [TS]

  the other whether it was the previous [TS]

  Canadian named version for low [TS]

  definition that involve the word pooks [TS]

  because [TS]

  just always saying the word books now [TS]

  and and hopefully there will be a [TS]

  supercut of me saying books since since [TS]

  it's my company that of every house song [TS]

  that's right but most of us up you know [TS]

  and and then of course a total party [TS]

  kill is just delightful to listen to but [TS]

  it was also a lot of fun to join in on [TS]

  the halloween special as the voice of [TS]

  everybody who was a non-playing [TS]

  character post voice of the ghosts which [TS]

  was especially fun sitting for the first [TS]

  hour doing nothing because everyone was [TS]

  so incompetent getting into the house [TS]

  you're not in the first episode of that [TS]

  i'm not in the first episode of that but [TS]

  it was fun to listen to it live [TS]

  hey at least we were being true to form [TS]

  no well that's true minutes to internal [TS]

  open your an hour to get into a house [TS]

  yeah and then we just spend like the [TS]

  speedrunning they're like no not that [TS]

  rope not that room the the whole slack [TS]

  channel private message conversation [TS]

  with Tony Tony throughout that because [TS]

  he was feeding me all the details I need [TS]

  anything you know added this or do it [TS]

  everyone here but here's the detail you [TS]

  need and and the whole time we're just [TS]

  going i can't believe they're still down [TS]

  there and like I don't I wasn't sure you [TS]

  know you have you heard the show started [TS]

  tommy i'm just i'm drinking beer I'm [TS]

  fine and and you might be able to tell [TS]

  by the end of that how much beer I've [TS]

  drinking by the fourth hour so there was [TS]

  a lot of fun and then of course the [TS]

  radio theatre just in general has been a [TS]

  joy to write a joy to act it has been a [TS]

  lot of editing I didn't necessarily [TS]

  mention their joy there but no no it's [TS]

  been it's been fun doing that and and [TS]

  the fact that I haven't gotten tired of [TS]

  the lines of the jokes even while [TS]

  editing them then and having written [TS]

  them and rewritten and you know that i [TS]

  still listen to them and I'm very happy [TS]

  it's like this is something I'm very [TS]

  happy with this so I'm looking forward [TS]

  to doing more haha that's where we part [TS]

  ways David [TS]

  okay you had me there is proud of the [TS]

  work brother work doing moro guy asked [TS]

  me in like three months asked me when [TS]

  you look at the rate of the only thing [TS]

  that's like we did almost four hours [TS]

  very original radio theatre in the last [TS]

  month's it's kind of crazy [TS]

  so yeah yeah but what exactly is crazy [TS]

  it is crazy [TS]

  don't do this at home friends don't do [TS]

  it [TS]

  oh well into one and the reactions from [TS]

  people writing and after each week's [TS]

  episode has been data so much fun and [TS]

  and and just you know people reacting [TS]

  surprised that that you know that [TS]

  someone made a joke about this or that [TS]

  or or especially like breaking up the [TS]

  the two-part cliffhanger with a random [TS]

  Goon Show episode in the middle and and [TS]

  not did we didn't get I was expecting [TS]

  somebody would say wait where's part 2 [TS]

  there wasn't a single outraged response [TS]

  all of the responses were like oh my god [TS]

  you guys know the gonna show ya they [TS]

  decided that we're we're cruel people [TS]

  who are gonna just what we are not pick [TS]

  up at cliffhangers I think that's [TS]

  probably true probably torso and are [TS]

  more surprised when the second half [TS]

  alright I gotta before we move on Glenn [TS]

  I've gotta let another listener letter [TS]

  it's free and mccannon alien listener [TS]

  and listener IMA humanity who and who [TS]

  made a curiosity to eyes and make a lot [TS]

  of hours in that name i made a cameo in [TS]

  the Christmas special of the [TS]

  incomparable radio theatre so once again [TS]

  this year has been fact packed full of [TS]

  excellent episodes personal highlights [TS]

  for me include the Star Wars trailer 2 [TS]

  sections the terry pratchett celebration [TS]

  is our dogs debacle and elegantly [TS]

  landing a bit part of the most recent [TS]

  radio theatre episode however for me one [TS]

  most of the actual best moments have [TS]

  been on the side shows some of the [TS]

  funniest my next contender for a moment [TS]

  here comes to be mighty Steve let's who [TS]

  dropped this incredibly let's go let's [TS]

  equip I'm a game night golfing with [TS]

  Hitler episode in retrospect what may be [TS]

  funnier than the actual joke is that the [TS]

  question was in the science and nature [TS]

  category all right science and nature [TS]

  please what is the wood anniversary that [TS]

  crab know and I obviously first two [TS]

  weeks [TS]

  time getting letting boy but for me the [TS]

  best cover moment 4 2015 has to be a [TS]

  game-high 23 space blobs it starts with [TS]

  Glenn giving the best response to a [TS]

  question in the history of ever [TS]

  oh yes i know this moment he was [TS]

  laughing about pictures of Raccoon says [TS]

  always leaves more questions than it [TS]

  answered [TS]

  god I was the best answer ever and [TS]

  marches on what is the one that's funny [TS]

  anecdotes I've heard in a long time I've [TS]

  listened to this many many times now and [TS]

  still leaves me with tears streaming [TS]

  down my face and dote that the whole [TS]

  tale about the drunk guy trying to use [TS]

  the raccoon it's jason here oh yeah and [TS]

  it and it leaves will it so that there's [TS]

  all that and then what he's referring to [TS]

  is that it leads to 22 this little bit [TS]

  from Glen here's to the trapped water [TS]

  through their search for you like glad [TS]

  you something when Billy asked some [TS]

  Middle School in a grown man naked [TS]

  russian a trap daughter in a locker room [TS]

  saw a documentary once which they're [TS]

  trapping otters another seem very [TS]

  pleasant and once they put into a cage [TS]

  it was the most terrifying it was like [TS]

  literally like the the Tasmanian devil [TS]

  never cage without animals don't like to [TS]

  be [TS]

  yeah i know why the caged daughter is [TS]

  really and he's in a case where I could [TS]

  use our radiator back-to-back in the [TS]

  space blinders on a grown man around [TS]

  hehe yeah that was it that was in the [TS]

  clay only family he says there you go [TS]

  hope you like my pics and my shameless [TS]

  pandering to Jason by actually including [TS]

  the clips themselves that is service [TS]

  here doing very much happy new year more [TS]

  two more great moments in twenty sixteen [TS]

  years my favorite fan of 42 [TS]

  yeah but you're cruisers next time [TS]

  here's a tip to listeners you probably [TS]

  get your own clips in as always you [TS]

  provide them [TS]

  good just make up a clip of yourself [TS]

  saying something [TS]

  yeah oh no that's how the clip looped [TS]

  really destroys everything [TS]

  remember that for next year making out [TS]

  for that for next year Glenn favorite [TS]

  podcast related things from Mission who [TS]

  well you know the raccoon thickness yeah [TS]

  let's change scheme you ask the obvious [TS]

  question i did when i was the answer and [TS]

  you have to say I don't think I've loud [TS]

  as hard or as I want just said I don't [TS]

  even know why you use I mean when what [TS]

  are you doing in your responses you know [TS]

  the usual looking at pictures of Raccoon [TS]

  13 mask gonna put onto that seemed like [TS]

  you liked the museum [TS]

  what is what you were doing that you [TS]

  literally were looking at pictures you [TS]

  bring word because he immediately bunch [TS]

  of pictures of Raccoon little less that [TS]

  doesn't happen for a reason because no [TS]

  one can imagine someone watches record I [TS]

  think we know the answer is B hey just [TS]

  wondering what grounds catching brother [TS]

  was single i will say the original show [TS]

  which we just started this year and and [TS]

  we're gonna try to continue next year we [TS]

  did we did a 27 episodes over the course [TS]

  of the year and it's it what I enjoyed [TS]

  the kind of it's kind of a dozen not [TS]

  really on a schedule that kind of pop up [TS]

  when they when they do I'm hoping will [TS]

  be a little more scheduled next year but [TS]

  still you know every other week or so [TS]

  baby I became something but i think [TS]

  there is I think nothing that we did [TS]

  that was more entertaining memory game [TS]

  show in in aggregate in the last year I [TS]

  i love those episodes my daughter loves [TS]

  the game show especially low definition [TS]

  Stephen the boy trouble absolutely loves [TS]

  that and I think that's one of the fun [TS]

  things about it is that it's it's pretty [TS]

  accessible it's just people having fun [TS]

  even if you don't know like what TV [TS]

  shows or movies or things that we're [TS]

  talking about it's just you can you can [TS]

  get into it and and it's a it's it's a [TS]

  fun time so it's fun to be on them and [TS]

  it's fun to listen to them [TS]

  so how is it listen to that with your [TS]

  daughter do we manage to keep the engine [TS]

  you endo fairly innuendo yeah [TS]

  I think every time I think it floats I [TS]

  think it well my feeling about any [TS]

  window generally is that if you're if [TS]

  you get it you can get it and if you [TS]

  don't get then you don't get it right so [TS]

  I you know I think we've completely [TS]

  flies past my son you gotta get half of [TS]

  it so that that's my favorite that's my [TS]

  pick for next year's clip shows Jason [TS]

  explaining your guests when you were [TS]

  right now because you'll save right it [TS]

  anyway what was i reckons pictures the [TS]

  entrance [TS]

  I've recovered and well you know i'm not [TS]

  i'm not so hip is everybody is on the [TS]

  pop culture thing and so was but now I [TS]

  know it's hard to believe but terms of [TS]

  my first in the hip bad heartburn hurt [TS]

  shot gnomes as anybody that I know all i [TS]

  know is German expressionist will come [TS]

  back someday and then i'll be prepared [TS]

  along with my white whale trousers but [TS]

  the so I wasn't the main show as much [TS]

  progress on about things like 15 20 [TS]

  episodes of the other shows including [TS]

  game show and be focused and so forth I [TS]

  like to think that i bring accidental [TS]

  chaos I'm not intending to be quite as [TS]

  disruptive as a.m. and yet you know it [TS]

  yeah it works out if this works out so i [TS]

  gotta say my favorite moment as a [TS]

  participant after the raccoons one was [TS]

  on the game show episode number 5 turns [TS]

  out lies lies lies [TS]

  yeah in which i didn't get any people [TS]

  should listen to this was on miss this [TS]

  one my last yeah yeah because it's in [TS]

  which i managed to completely [TS]

  misunderstand the practice of the game [TS]

  the head going after the old well I hate [TS]

  to tell you it was Glenn and the story [TS]

  of three brachet bugs [TS]

  wait no I was by did I say the way to [TS]

  Mars i meant to rochester wait a minute [TS]

  my my story wasn't true what I story [TS]

  wasn't true at all did we all lie they [TS]

  are you play a double bluff on this show [TS]

  go off the rails coaster who I did not [TS]

  see that coming w we didn't need an [TS]

  answer is that i am the best [TS]

  wait a second turns out none of them [TS]

  were true [TS]

  my turns out i thought wow maybe do the [TS]

  true one [TS]

  I thought you said you're gonna think [TS]

  it's a unique experience and do the trip [TS]

  that's the one where I wait what the [TS]

  hell of the best times are saying but [TS]

  that clip in kurian track Tribune about [TS]

  something that's perfect yes which one [TS]

  is misunderstood just did to David [TS]

  instructions well as I review them again [TS]

  I realized they were clear but I i was [TS]

  normally I would call you out for [TS]

  picking a clip of yourself okay the [TS]

  Clippers have you screwing really think [TS]

  I yeah exactly this is not i come out to [TS]

  praise myself but to humiliate myself [TS]

  before you all the i was also as very [TS]

  proud of his artists episode because I [TS]

  didn't suggest it was Jason's idea to [TS]

  the screens are also never seen it [TS]

  before but you know we had a we had to [TS]

  reschedule this we couldn't get enough [TS]

  people i think are people are busy and I [TS]

  said you know what we really need is we [TS]

  need more female representation on this [TS]

  panel because this show is is a movie as [TS]

  extreme difficulties with how it [TS]

  presents women and so we're not getting [TS]

  a panel think six people on including [TS]

  Joe rosenstiel who is that the best sire [TS]

  in the business I gotta say is that he [TS]

  is the king of size and in just the pain [TS]

  threshold [TS]

  I just feel like even though i was [TS]

  involved in picking the episode i suck [TS]

  at everybody in into treating it [TS]

  seriously and we have well it was an [TS]

  amazing for me I hope you're happy [TS]

  yes I also always say it's like a show [TS]

  wise i'm a big game show fan on some [TS]

  episodes I love to listen the ones that [TS]

  are not on because they are the most [TS]

  immediate besides a total party kill the [TS]

  most improvisational thing we do big fan [TS]

  of a cop radio theatre David you've done [TS]

  this bang-up job Jason and I don't want [TS]

  to read after a nose like I don't want [TS]

  to the economy works here with Jason ran [TS]

  everybody involved in it [TS]

  it's i look forward to listening to the [TS]

  episodes on such a happy person to be [TS]

  participating as a voice but I just [TS]

  enjoy it's an amazing to see here like [TS]

  new radio theater that's fun that's [TS]

  produced it is all my friends on it [TS]

  which is cool and as soon as a series to [TS]

  be focused i became a listener that [TS]

  means rosenstiel a longtime listener [TS]

  longtime podcaster is now part of my [TS]

  family dental patient one time like 9-10 [TS]

  fake I that's what we gotta call the guy [TS]

  or not [TS]

  wasn't our first annual especially with [TS]

  they're using only pigment really gonna [TS]

  and I like to focus quite a bit and [TS]

  analysis part of the capital network but [TS]

  also managed to con dance German and Joe [TS]

  into listening to or watching a [TS]

  Highlander and then we talked about that [TS]

  too so I counted as accomplishment [TS]

  that's all that's all I got [TS]

  see you're all of your favorite [TS]

  accomplishments of the year are fooling [TS]

  other people have already confused [TS]

  pretty much being or winning pictures of [TS]

  Records looking just raccoons [TS]

  misunderstand the premise of the things [TS]

  that are part of its just my brand but i [TS]

  will say episode 3 of turns out it was [TS]

  one of my favorite things this year and [TS]

  eventually that will finish editing it i [TS]

  was gonna send don't remember episode 3 [TS]

  yeah I want to call actually Jason's the [TS]

  little how r XR stated i just really [TS]

  love part yes yes just really parlors [TS]

  yeah i was i was one of our best stories [TS]

  appreciate Jason's role in that very [TS]

  much people believe the crazy stupid [TS]

  makeup made of things i say it turns out [TS]

  you were very trustworthy [TS]

  I believe you there lies turned all eyes [TS]

  all right Thank You Glenn [TS]

  I'm going to move onto a letter from [TS]

  listener drew mr. drew listen true you [TS]

  know Andrew he writes to the original [TS]

  peaches of the uncomfortable all the [TS]

  great shows [TS]

  wait what the original peaches being [TS]

  comfortable that's always that that's a [TS]

  flophouse reference i think that's maybe [TS]

  it's a library of the word original that [TS]

  yeah sweet peach i would say that's an [TS]

  original peach all the great shows here [TS]

  the movie themed episodes that I love [TS]

  most this year the star wars force [TS]

  awakens mega episode which he didn't [TS]

  notice i have i still have another 54 [TS]

  minutes to get through [TS]

  really those 54 minutes they're the [TS]

  worst well last 30 is just me and John [TS]

  siracusa talking like after the show [TS]

  because he didn't want to go to sleep [TS]

  yet I see I'm not taking it well I told [TS]

  the story i was saying my lullaby 269 [TS]

  hunt for red october i as a couple [TS]

  specific moments with time code so i [TS]

  might even put the clips in it in the [TS]

  hunt for red october so didn't explain [TS]

  something about his impression of sean [TS]

  connery my friends and I in high school [TS]

  used to practice our Sean Connery [TS]

  accidents by saying a line that is not [TS]

  even in this movie which is just going [TS]

  around saying I'm a Russian submarine [TS]

  captain [TS]

  hello and uh and fills delight in [TS]

  performing his impressions of Jeffrey [TS]

  Pelt you have some thoughts dr. Ryan a [TS]

  politician which means I'm a liar and [TS]

  cheat and when I'm not kissing babies [TS]

  i'm figuring out a way to steal their [TS]

  lollipops [TS]

  but I also keep my options open [TS]

  243 the force awakens trailer frame by [TS]

  frame indeed 241 the baseball episode of [TS]

  old movie club Steve's deep affection [TS]

  for Morris Buttermaker runs throughout [TS]

  the bad news bears pie i love that guy [TS]

  to 37 38 revenge of the sith of course [TS]

  234 the core Tony's spirited defense of [TS]

  the film and the group's confusion as [TS]

  what exactly [TS]

  Aaron Eckhart's trombone based science [TS]

  demonstration was going to demonstrate [TS]

  its true that's true i still don't [TS]

  understand exactly what scientists aaron [TS]

  eckhart was trying to explain or why [TS]

  tony has seen that movie remaining man [TS]

  times many times steal on 2 2016 [TS]

  listener drew thank you drew [TS]

  Monty have some favorites i do it would [TS]

  be good if you like now it was not a [TS]

  great year let's go get something in i [TS]

  think i like we just as I do and then we [TS]

  move on dates and what do you know [TS]

  go ahead Monty first the episode that I [TS]

  was not on but i thought was really good [TS]

  was episode 247 the lettermen [TS]

  retrospective episode i really recommend [TS]

  people listen to that i thought was [TS]

  really good is beautifully put together [TS]

  again [TS]

  yeah my favorite rocket surgery was [TS]

  number 2 70 Frankenstein Meets The space [TS]

  monster or as it's titled for some [TS]

  reason love blooms naturally a Vespa yes [TS]

  there's a reason no miss BS like comes [TS]

  naturally on a message because i kept [TS]

  talking about the best but set of [TS]

  anything today we moving the musical [TS]

  numbers while they wrote around a [TS]

  quarter to go on my scooter to having to [TS]

  home [TS]

  oh yeah i really enjoyed watching that [TS]

  movie and I don't think I would have had [TS]

  it not been forced upon me so X yeah it [TS]

  was surprisingly entertaining actually [TS]

  all that started it was great i was on [TS]

  the whole superhero spectacular every [TS]

  episode except i think 255 d and even [TS]

  that I might have typed up while people [TS]

  were trying to argue and I thought it [TS]

  was fun [TS]

  alright here's the gas then sit down [TS]

  other people who don't have their souls [TS]

  crushed but I'm still a little bitter [TS]

  that I could not get the thing all the [TS]

  way to the finals but i think i did a [TS]

  good job [TS]

  hiya that Steve said oh right now it's [TS]

  clobberin oh nevermind just gonna say i [TS]

  greatly enjoyed unjustly maligned [TS]

  episode number 13 in which i explained [TS]

  why Popeye is a good movie i also [TS]

  enjoyed game show episode 13 in which [TS]

  people somehow played Trivial Pursuit [TS]

  with me again [TS]

  specifically I enjoyed the part at the [TS]

  end where I want to be the second time [TS]

  too [TS]

  oh yeah somehow I had black one of my [TS]

  memory then I probably shouldn't have [TS]

  because we trimmed the wrong part of the [TS]

  game [TS]

  yeah game show episode 24 which was one [TS]

  of our family feud episodes had a moment [TS]

  and towards the end where I was [TS]

  explaining the rules of the fast money [TS]

  round where the second person if they [TS]

  repeat and answer given by the first [TS]

  personal hear this noise dude [TS]

  and as I remember it Steve asked me to [TS]

  repeat their child several times maybe [TS]

  you did i just get back to do it again I [TS]

  think he was trying to annoy me but what [TS]

  he doesn't know is i really enjoy saying [TS]

  dude if the second person repeat an [TS]

  answer they'll hear this noise to do and [TS]

  if the two of them boys [TS]

  if you know what noise dude and I don't [TS]

  have that sound effects so I didn't [TS]

  replace it at the official family in [TS]

  fact I did all the other side effects i [TS]

  just keep that in America to do [TS]

  yes never ever do that you would break [TS]

  my heart this know my favorite is a test [TS]

  of wills where Steve kept saying was [TS]

  that sound is a dude you take what was [TS]

  that will do it [TS]

  the secret truth of it is I really enjoy [TS]

  hearing that that's good because I [TS]

  enjoyed making it and we should get [TS]

  together martin i think the best part of [TS]

  that particular episode was where uh [TS]

  where Jason wasn't actually on that but [TS]

  he was still forced to edit the thing [TS]

  and around 12 minutes in we were [TS]

  discussing how he adds in the actual [TS]

  sound effects and i think brian hamilton [TS]

  says hi jason hope you're having a good [TS]

  night and dances I hope you're not [TS]

  having a good example the pauses are [TS]

  because Jason is going to spend a [TS]

  surprising about to time putting in the [TS]

  actual sound effects [TS]

  that's true hi jason hope you're having [TS]

  a good night whenever you're reading [TS]

  this I don't I that's true that's not [TS]

  what we're doing to your precious [TS]

  podcast it was great it's great [TS]

  the family feud episodes are perfect [TS]

  because they require no preparation on [TS]

  my part or any of the contestants part [TS]

  and do extra work out Jason's party even [TS]

  if the radio show was great i really [TS]

  liked the most recent episode number 1 [TS]

  point 11 the adventures of Timmy [TS]

  precedent for future land even the parts [TS]

  I'm not in I will say one of my favorite [TS]

  things and all that was your line at the [TS]

  end of episode three where there's some [TS]

  kind of innuendo flies by and as as the [TS]

  show is fading out your school in that [TS]

  quiet i might not have been all that [TS]

  quiet [TS]

  what [TS]

  what does that mean what does she mean [TS]

  the thing i think that i enjoyed [TS]

  recording the most was about a year ago [TS]

  it was episode 0.6 of the radio theatre [TS]

  the rehearsing the Zeppelin oh yeah that [TS]

  wasn't even yeah where we had a script [TS]

  for what we were supposed to say and we [TS]

  went through it once and then we did a [TS]

  second time for safety and as I remember [TS]

  it Jason went off-book immediately and [TS]

  then it was just a cavalcade of complete [TS]

  nonsense [TS]

  yeah a couple of lines of which actually [TS]

  made it into the Brenneman released [TS]

  version possibly so that it wouldn't be [TS]

  a complete list of time as I remember it [TS]

  the nonsense version was so much fun to [TS]

  do with that was probably my favorite [TS]

  thing of the last year [TS]

  mmm do not fact-check what you're [TS]

  actually I ok that was delayed help you [TS]

  with that one honestly exponents track [TS]

  oh and a game of thrones oh yea yea [TS]

  Monty and I got to talk about your brand [TS]

  Hamilton sometimes that was all that was [TS]

  fun we talked about brian hamilton on [TS]

  the podcast we did yeah which I'm tellin [TS]

  ya there's a whole thing is all musical [TS]

  better we hear it Thank You raccoon well [TS]

  that very very specific orbital and I [TS]

  love my claim before I move on 2dn i [TS]

  have a couple of very brief comments [TS]

  from listeners Matt last name withheld [TS]

  from Portland Oregon so its location [TS]

  wise decision on your apartment which [TS]

  have everything that last name would [TS]

  help can you do a supercut of Lisa [TS]

  laughing her laugh is delightful in [TS]

  factors and I have a very particular [TS]

  this but this came up in an episode of [TS]

  the flash cast and there was a very [TS]

  particular laughed at Lisa laughed when [TS]

  she heard of that somebody one of the [TS]

  supercut of her laughter so I think that [TS]

  that might be worth plant if you know [TS]

  earth-1 people don't like to talk about [TS]

  money or two people don't like to talk [TS]

  about metahumans it's just me but raised [TS]

  its culture different culture it's a [TS]

  distinct culture we need to respect to [TS]

  cooperate I told you to that [TS]

  I can fly no yeah we don't talk about [TS]

  metahumans in table please [TS]

  13 set them down for the talk [TS]

  yeah it so you know i mean i think we [TS]

  see you just added to the the after [TS]

  cutting and pasting has to build all the [TS]

  least laughter you just 10 minutes and [TS]

  she knows now she's just--she's do she [TS]

  was going to be the finale [TS]

  no i don't i seriously don't think that [TS]

  anyone could ever put that master so for [TS]

  people who listen to this podcast [TS]

  somebody wrote in to being comfortable [TS]

  and ask that for the end of the year [TS]

  could the team please assemble supercut [TS]

  of every time I have broken down [TS]

  laughing your podcast and I'm flattered [TS]

  i really am I also don't think it's [TS]

  possible because that's a lot of [TS]

  anything you have to do list of logan [TS]

  also wrote in with a one liner for the [TS]

  best of 2015 show i'd like to nominate [TS]

  the moment in comfortable 261 that [TS]

  paired Batman vs moon night that was one [TS]

  of my favorite things in the whole [TS]

  superhero thing that we finally got the [TS]

  magic but nobody was asking for Batman [TS]

  vs low-rent Marvel man i was asking for [TS]

  it [TS]

  I will always regret not putting gambit [TS]

  through by the way I think everyone has [TS]

  asking that is in my list I didn't go [TS]

  ahead and tell us what you tell us what [TS]

  you liked St mentioned yes the the [TS]

  sadness that gambit lost out yuh know [TS]

  despite being described a Bible Phil [TS]

  Michaels as the coolest of the x-men I [TS]

  believe I speak for the universe when I [TS]

  say that gambit is perhaps the coolest [TS]

  of the x-men well [TS]

  oh no but loved by all yeah that's that [TS]

  super run no interviews I've got nothing [TS]

  left to lose here followed by anyone who [TS]

  played the nineteen nineties video game [TS]

  where you could fire off those cards and [TS]

  really pretty sweet damage [TS]

  Cherie I rule in favor of campus right [TS]

  I'm just so she did not see that coming [TS]

  but I'm pretty psyched about it that the [TS]

  superhero spectacular a like Monty I [TS]

  enjoyed it though I think I i think i [TS]

  have some lingering PTSD [TS]

  i will i will say the Cinderella story [TS]

  of moon night that he got its far as he [TS]

  did and then i think i managed to sell [TS]

  it at one point by saying that he was [TS]

  just crazy i think i think i also tried [TS]

  to call Batman and she first moved night [TS]

  that was kind of a desperately I i know [TS]

  this is this seems like an uphill climb [TS]

  it seems like a tough row to hoe here [TS]

  and and I know exactly what my my [TS]

  esteemed opponent is going to tell you [TS]

  he's Batman and that may be true but i [TS]

  think what we need to look at is the [TS]

  fact here that it's incontrovertible [TS]

  that Batman is just a terrible moon [TS]

  night rip off because no night dates [TS]

  back to ancient Egyptian god this power [TS]

  on various sort of worthy vessels I i [TS]

  think that you know in some ways [TS]

  Batman is just a pale imitation of moon [TS]

  night I mean moon night is I think he [TS]

  shows a certain degree of ostentation [TS]

  this and and devil-may-care attitude [TS]

  that Batman doesn't sure Batman dresses [TS]

  up in dark clothes and goes around [TS]

  sneaks around we're not wears all white [TS]

  and runs around he's not afraid of being [TS]

  a target because he has the you know the [TS]

  power of of good and righteousness and [TS]

  psychosis on his side so i think a in in [TS]

  summation if I may present my case and [TS]

  in just a simple brief sentence he's [TS]

  moon night I'd like to say earlier case [TS]

  law regarding he is Batman you do you [TS]

  are you referring to Batman or moon [TS]

  night when you make that state I would [TS]

  like to establish that Batman is Batman [TS]

  are you a hundred percent sure i am a [TS]

  hundred percent sure that Batman is [TS]

  Batman and also just to just to dispel [TS]

  any potential confusion among our judges [TS]

  are listeners we all know that Batman [TS]

  was created in the thirties and midnight [TS]

  is created in the seventies which I [TS]

  think my opponent will have to concede [TS]

  happens after the thirties eighteen [TS]

  seventies you mean ya know is actually [TS]

  before nineteen thirties but nice try [TS]

  with your lies and flim-flam Tony Tony [TS]

  coffee on that one [TS]

  yeah well sure I mean hey you know that [TS]

  I did what I could with what i was given [TS]

  yeah but the entire superheroes [TS]

  particular particularly the judges [TS]

  including Stephen fill your face [TS]

  tastic light oh noes 0 you guys were [TS]

  great they would you trust me [TS]

  overall episodes that i enjoyed this [TS]

  year the core episode which is already [TS]

  mentioned before Clark our final episode [TS]

  3 concluding the prequels including the [TS]

  many discussions of why politics and up [TS]

  being boring in the star wars universe [TS]

  the trailer dissections including the [TS]

  one that I think I recorded in a hotel [TS]

  room in Anaheim which i believe was 243 [TS]

  find my lightsaber the eventual force [TS]

  awakens coverage all of it that we've [TS]

  done so far has been great the hunt for [TS]

  red october episode which was mentioned [TS]

  earlier also fantastic especially [TS]

  because we finally got believe Casey [TS]

  lists on the incomparable because he [TS]

  loves hunt for red october and that is [TS]

  just in general a fun episode because it [TS]

  is replete with sean connery [TS]

  impersonations across the board on the [TS]

  particular the live episodes recorded [TS]

  this year number 260 mentioned high-five [TS]

  at Sasquatch on 245 incomparable [TS]

  assemble about age of Ultron and Game of [TS]

  Thrones a review of season 5 episode for [TS]

  both the last year which were recorded [TS]

  in my living room [TS]

  yeah it's a podcast that you're placed [TS]

  and couldn't get you out of there [TS]

  apparently help [TS]

  that's the only game of Thrones episode [TS]

  I didn't like and i'll take that as a [TS]

  compliment Monty the first time he [TS]

  didn't do a podcast big game of thrones [TS]

  a long time [TS]

  yeah that's the 1i got on yeah the OT [TS]

  unjustly maligned number 11 which I got [TS]

  a chance to to nerd out with anthony [TS]

  johnson about Hudson Hawk how much we [TS]

  both love that movie [TS]

  well thank you think that was that was a [TS]

  lot of fun because his his his [TS]

  enthusiasm matched mine perfectly so we [TS]

  were able to to really just sort of let [TS]

  loose on and how much weed or it the [TS]

  total party kill was fantastic [TS]

  all year long I particularly enjoyed [TS]

  running helping Tony run the safe manner [TS]

  our halloween spooktacular David's work [TS]

  sterling work as a creepy creepy little [TS]

  go [TS]

  and in the pc and fulfilling competence [TS]

  which as pointed out with pretty much [TS]

  par for the course [TS]

  yeah I'm put the entire tvk has been has [TS]

  been delightful including I think I [TS]

  don't know if the episodes aired yet [TS]

  where we had a work with Scott Brooks a [TS]

  block of text on the screen and we will [TS]

  spend time asking because that has about [TS]

  his marriage we love had a game sorry [TS]

  it's too good but if you'll know it when [TS]

  you hear it will be the best 2016 and on [TS]

  the game show side a low definition lake [TS]

  tourists the translation of the title of [TS]

  die hard is a particular great moment [TS]

  screen I'll great person actually I [TS]

  think that round will be back in future [TS]

  episodes got to see that that particular [TS]

  one just sorry barefoot blood party with [TS]

  their bloody heart is which of these [TS]

  titles is the way the Norwegians refer [TS]

  to the Christmas classic die hard to the [TS]

  Norwegians call it the gun building [TS]

  lonely Christmas cop our surprise [TS]

  Christmas terrorism [TS]

  yeah they're giving away surprise [TS]

  Christmas term there's a bit did not [TS]

  have it on my left get you anything [TS]

  man I got to see this movie barefoot [TS]

  blood party the divorced policeman [TS]

  oh it's too bad will happen if you're [TS]

  doing a Christmas action skyscraper [TS]

  pursuit for when death happens [TS]

  forcefully up one of those is the title [TS]

  with the Norwegians are stuck with for [TS]

  the movie diehard which one is it [TS]

  Jason smell no I love them all so much [TS]

  these are gonna I like all of these [TS]

  better than die hard action Tiffany [TS]

  Armand says that that's the reason she [TS]

  won't win actually went watched die hard [TS]

  after we should understand it she never [TS]

  seen before and she watch it and liked [TS]

  it and she said it was because she [TS]

  needed to know about the barefoot blood [TS]

  party [TS]

  I think that was my answer and I it's [TS]

  gonna just amazing though as is was [TS]

  terrorism lovely Christmas cop lonely [TS]

  Christmas gap episode 21 of game night [TS]

  lamp with him was particularly the [TS]

  moment where Jason figures out how to [TS]

  save the game [TS]

  yeah just because of the light in his [TS]

  voice when he utters the words save your [TS]

  game you're climbing the stairs down to [TS]

  the dungeon is very dark exits are up [TS]

  and down Jason save game two to make [TS]

  notes about what you did so far too to [TS]

  do [TS]

  Jason I love you need to do to just [TS]

  drive is really turning as noted in 1541 [TS]

  you know how those are games [TS]

  successfully saved to save slots [TS]

  remaining I I enjoyed all the [TS]

  opportunity to record on the speedy [TS]

  arrow cast with my friend John Smoltz [TS]

  and got English recapping all the arrow [TS]

  episodes and guesting on the flash flash [TS]

  cast recently with Lisa and Moe's were [TS]

  both a lot of fun and you know for me [TS]

  putting out inconceivable all year has [TS]

  been a delight [TS]

  most of you have been on the show and [TS]

  have done fantastically I just enjoy all [TS]

  every bit of that as much work as goes [TS]

  into writing all the questions and [TS]

  editing the show it is just so much fun [TS]

  to do that i'm looking forward to doing [TS]

  it again in 2016 if I particular pick a [TS]

  particular app moment in all of those [TS]

  episodes i was just really listening to [TS]

  a few these actually because my cousin [TS]

  was driving her up for the christmas [TS]

  holidays and she's kinda what is that [TS]

  can show you doing within a couple [TS]

  episodes and she really enjoyed it but [TS]

  the moment in particular in episode 9 [TS]

  mogo is displeased where I believe the [TS]

  very first question involves a question [TS]

  about what is a neutrino one [TS]

  about what is a neutrino one [TS]

  this is like my guess is it ghostbusters [TS]

  no that's still within the gym that was [TS]

  a yeah that was those voice of [TS]

  confidence from guy English there too [TS]

  and sorry i don't think it is [TS]

  I don't think I just losers like a [TS]

  proton accident [TS]

  I don't think you two just sewing [TS]

  Ghostbusters correct yeah yeah guy [TS]

  English should you should not leave me [TS]

  here with us and basically we don't let [TS]

  him live that down for the rest of you [TS]

  everytime guy English is anything i was [TS]

  like well but you can't trust him so [TS]

  that but overall that entire show is [TS]

  just so much fun to do and you guys are [TS]

  also great on it and make it what it is [TS]

  that I really looking forward to having [TS]

  some more perhaps on a more regular [TS]

  schedule in 2016 [TS]

  oh that that live inconceivable in [TS]

  spokane was delighted that was that was [TS]

  that was a i did read listen to that one [TS]

  as well which is also excellent [TS]

  including the moment where nobody comes [TS]

  up with the extremely specific [TS]

  difference between a basilisk in a [TS]

  cottage facts behind it and the large [TS]

  amounts of crap that Steve gives me for [TS]

  all of the questions yes and now you [TS]

  know why if you didn't listen to episode [TS]

  that's the kind of question we get ya ? [TS]

  continue to get but i'll give you [TS]

  cockatrice maybe even 40s Castle castle [TS]

  i took antibiotics for that cockatrice [TS]

  Steve things I've got a few and then [TS]

  i'll read some things from listeners um [TS]

  listeners uh uh III so this year I i did [TS]

  a robot or not with john siracusa which [TS]

  people have have apparently liked a lot [TS]

  of people listen to it because john its [TS]

  of course people listen because there [TS]

  are people who will listen to anything [TS]

  that John does and what I like about [TS]

  robot notice that we are testing those [TS]

  people because it's like an unpopular [TS]

  cast like the episodes are like the [TS]

  latest one is about 58 seconds long [TS]

  we did an episode that's about a minute [TS]

  and a half long with a sponsor read in [TS]

  it which I love and then I didn't I [TS]

  didn't episode where I also put [TS]

  bookmarks in it so it's got pot [TS]

  bookmarks like every 10 seconds for [TS]

  things that we said it's the dumbest [TS]

  thing ever and i hope in 2016 to [TS]

  continue our start rolling of listeners [TS]

  with the most ridiculous podcast ever [TS]

  created in and wasn't there an issue for [TS]

  a while with the software because it [TS]

  wouldn't believe that there was such a [TS]

  thing as a person under 60 secs so our [TS]

  good friend greg mathis wrote the [TS]

  plug-in that runs the comparables [TS]

  website that tells you is it tells RSS [TS]

  feeds are supposed to know how long on [TS]

  mp3 file is so it is the plug-in ricci [TS]

  mp3 file and get the bike count and then [TS]

  it also generates a human-readable [TS]

  length that we can that gets popped into [TS]

  the show notes and that's great except [TS]

  with robot broke and the reason is that [TS]

  Greg never thought that there could [TS]

  possibly be a podcast shorter than a [TS]

  minute and episode like six a robot or [TS]

  not is 52 seconds long because I say hey [TS]

  john is a robot needs like now that's [TS]

  not a robot that stupid bien and uh it's [TS]

  a great had every right as plug-in in [TS]

  order for the stupidity well-known spc [TS]

  if Greg accounted for podcast episodes [TS]

  longer than 24 hours [TS]

  no that was the force awakens panel [TS]

  yeah so that was fun and it is it is [TS]

  what it is exactly i would say in John [TS]

  agrees with this it is exactly what we [TS]

  envisioned it to be which is short [TS]

  ridiculous episodes and now that was [TS]

  what we were going for and that is [TS]

  exactly what is my love when that [TS]

  happens when when the thing that you [TS]

  create is exactly what you intended to [TS]

  be also the robot dance totally a robot [TS]

  totally robot it's your fault that we're [TS]

  even doing that podcast di know I've [TS]

  been so pleased that my stupidity was [TS]

  partially responsible for ipod captions [TS]

  great uh yes then with stupidity just [TS]

  echoes through history it does every [TS]

  wednesday morning episode 262 fifth [TS]

  anniversary episode i just added that so [TS]

  such a large group of us were there in [TS]

  person and spoke and worldcon to do that [TS]

  episode i'm looking forward to listening [TS]

  to that episode back at some point [TS]

  because i did it with it basically the [TS]

  worst headache I've ever had in my [TS]

  entire life and I remember nothing about [TS]

  it so i'll let you have that effect on [TS]

  people i look forward to [TS]

  wearing it at a future time and not [TS]

  having a flashback to my headache [TS]

  episode two fifty dollars you know it [TS]

  was in hindsight it was a lot of fun to [TS]

  talk about that that contradict euless [TS]

  movie with with a great group of people [TS]

  and that was you know so it made the [TS]

  pain go away a little bit although i [TS]

  still might go to second level with [TS]

  Glenn a little I think it's Stockholm [TS]

  Syndrome cookie and after a while you [TS]

  just turned all the way around like no [TS]

  I've learned to love Zardoz no no no I [TS]

  wanna do you ever find another movie [TS]

  that says in city with city is that you [TS]

  start talking about like well here's [TS]

  what's really going on oh damn it I'm [TS]

  actually taking it seriously again [TS]

  yeah i did also love France members the [TS]

  space monster and I I found I was sort [TS]

  of giddy when I posted that episode [TS]

  because it's like I really didn't expect [TS]

  it to just be unwatchable a bad like [TS]

  some sort of toward Johnson movie that [TS]

  would be on mst3k and instead it was [TS]

  like full of kinky music and Vespas [TS]

  and-and-and early sixties NASA stock [TS]

  footage and enrollment and rodents that [TS]

  one alien dude [TS]

  yeah and there is a space monster and [TS]

  the others that can't be the campy alien [TS]

  guy in the princess with john loves her [TS]

  looks thankfully i made like eight [TS]

  animated gifs from that movie [TS]

  I'm trying to single-handedly turned [TS]

  that into a cold sensation because it [TS]

  deserves that party as someone who [TS]

  didn't watch the movie but did listen to [TS]

  the podcast I appreciate it all of the [TS]

  music that you edited into the podcast [TS]

  so I didn't feel like I needed to go and [TS]

  actually watch the movie to get on that [TS]

  because often cuz i put the music [TS]

  numbers in there too yeah it'sit's at [TS]

  that movie could easily it shows you [TS]

  actually how random it is what movies [TS]

  become cult favorites and and what don't [TS]

  because i don't i look at something like [TS]

  the springs members of the space monster [TS]

  and don't understand why that is a not a [TS]

  huge cult movie because it is it has all [TS]

  the elements of badness and [TS]

  ridiculousness that it could be a cult [TS]

  movie but I was surprised to have found [TS]

  a movie like that that hadn't been [TS]

  beaten up on by MST already yeah yeah it [TS]

  was that quality [TS]

  yeah and it's totally worthy of it I [TS]

  agree well maybe maybe the new mst3k [TS]

  i'll take that take a crack at it [TS]

  because it is totally worth speaking of [TS]

  crack Erica you should at least go enjoy [TS]

  the epic but party scene if you should [TS]

  you should it's on YouTube way to sell [TS]

  it Steve way to sell it [TS]

  hey it's it's a you know it's it's a [TS]

  pool party where the cameraman have [TS]

  obviously been told to focus on people's [TS]

  butts inexplicably from across the pool [TS]

  across the pool [TS]

  yeah and that always the ones you would [TS]

  think know what they're not that picky [TS]

  episode 238 the which is the second of [TS]

  our episode three episodes mostly [TS]

  because there's a moment in there where [TS]

  we all realize that episode one is [TS]

  actually the best of the prequels ranges [TS]

  such a bad moment and also a moment [TS]

  where had we known that going in I think [TS]

  we would not have committed to this [TS]

  course of action good episode you had [TS]

  not so sure so 3 is a good one right and [TS]

  then you watching you're like oh god oh [TS]

  no it's not the core episode 234 i did [TS]

  like that and that's a bad movie and I [TS]

  enjoyed Tony semi defense of it while [TS]

  also realizing that he had no ground to [TS]

  stand on that was that was delightful [TS]

  the groundhog day episode was a lot of [TS]

  fun to 32 and thanks to people who [TS]

  mentioned 247 David Letterman episode [TS]

  that was a little bit of a departure I [TS]

  did a lot of interviews i wrote a script [TS]

  my childhood home burned down like a [TS]

  week before i did it which allowed me to [TS]

  inject some of that this american life [TS]

  kinda for personal perspective stuff in [TS]

  there too but I want to do something [TS]

  special for david letterman last week [TS]

  and I'm and I'm pretty proud of it and [TS]

  I'm glad that it actually happened [TS]

  because for several months I was like [TS]

  yeah I guess I should do that sometime [TS]

  and I kept putting it off and it finally [TS]

  did come you're welcome game show in all [TS]

  its forms as we've been talking about [TS]

  I episode 5 when Glenn got the turns out [TS]

  rules wrongs great episode 15 when chip [TS]

  failed the doctor who questioned leading [TS]

  his team that's not the doctor whose [TS]

  specialty is included archaeology [TS]

  adventuring escapes and more than a [TS]

  little historical travel right now I got [TS]

  nothing [TS]

  yeah I think nothing from to any final [TS]

  guesses [TS]

  I would be surprised if Erica and [TS]

  possibly chip probably didn't didn't [TS]

  know who this was from travel [TS]

  archaeology century the state's office i [TS]

  think i heard it in there every song [TS]

  yeah I said it ever since it is River [TS]

  Song [TS]

  yeah I blocked her out of my memories [TS]

  remember well the well here we disagree [TS]

  on white [TS]

  ok let's failed you [TS]

  he's never gonna hear the end of that [TS]

  one too and all the episodes of [TS]

  balderdash low definition which has [TS]

  given us pictures of raccoons words like [TS]

  pooks and of course the Blues the new [TS]

  trend that is sweeping Europe lake [TS]

  tourism can go there [TS]

  yep people want to see lakes it's a [TS]

  thing [TS]

  and finally for my moment episode 45 [TS]

  total party kill which is called a night [TS]

  on the caravan this is our accidental [TS]

  Marx Brothers movie where where three [TS]

  characters played by damn Tony and Steve [TS]

  get into trouble while the other players [TS]

  are their characters are sleeping and it [TS]

  essentially is a constant like an hour [TS]

  concentrated stupidity with those three [TS]

  characters into it it literally it turns [TS]

  into a Marx Brothers movie there is [TS]

  there is a collection of the bowls of [TS]

  stew that happens a adore is shattered [TS]

  there are purple pants found in a [TS]

  dresser there is a catapult that is [TS]

  considered but not actually use still [TS]

  regret that it is not too there's a [TS]

  hootenanny I believe in that is it is it [TS]

  is a very strange episode and at about [TS]

  halfway through and I realized this is [TS]

  just farce now this is just that we are [TS]

  literally watching a Marx Brothers movie [TS]

  except that it's in the dungeons dragons [TS]

  world you hear some steps in that time [TS]

  to go cats go this one's your job I [TS]

  knocked on the door everything else is [TS]

  up to you [TS]

  yeah I mean that guy leaving gets to [TS]

  wait a minute who's in here all three of [TS]

  us are in here the whole surface in [TS]

  there [TS]

  you're all your all currently holding up [TS]

  a pair of pants and picturing out [TS]

  featuring I was trying to hide under the [TS]

  bed and was like sticking out like five [TS]

  feet yeah and steps are approaching the [TS]

  door i'm going to poke my head out and [TS]

  see if anybody's they're like oh good [TS]

  someone in fact is there is another [TS]

  guard he says hey what's going on up [TS]

  here [TS]

  thank goodness you're here these two [TS]

  just busted in on what's under the [TS]

  caravan what were you doing in business [TS]

  cabin well that's none of your business [TS]

  candle lady have secrets your i have [TS]

  many questions currently first you're a [TS]

  lady [TS]

  I know you're a guard though you should [TS]

  be there who else is in there and he he [TS]

  looks in and he sees uma home easily he [TS]

  says you two should not be here oh man [TS]

  now we're going to murder this guy I [TS]

  came in here to look for the master i [TS]

  came here to look for him the door was [TS]

  open i close the door and locked it [TS]

  behind me [TS]

  uh yes ok hey i got my reasons [TS]

  how did you how did you get into the [TS]

  cabinet with doors are always locked the [TS]

  door was open when I walked in obviously [TS]

  and then these two suddenly i heard this [TS]

  loud exploding teak sound and these two [TS]

  came busting in the door role for [TS]

  deception [TS]

  that's a 22 haha so he's like well I [TS]

  guess that makes has the ring of truth [TS]

  about it [TS]

  well I've never been so mortified in my [TS]

  life I am leaving [TS]

  I'm gonna I guess I'll keep these guys [TS]

  for questioning they should be clearly [TS]

  they were going to assault you right [TS]

  madam I want to try a can I general [TS]

  intimidating which I know these [TS]

  gentlemen and I my suspicion is that [TS]

  they were the up-and-up [TS]

  they probably thought I was in here [TS]

  trying or you got yourself as you go [TS]

  yes what I thought I thought you said [TS]

  they burst in like to attack you [TS]

  three-way tie I don't these gentlemen [TS]

  for some time and I knew we were [TS]

  chatting likely that God's guys a much [TS]

  better liar than see wats because that [TS]

  one and then the bedroom first episode [TS]

  as mentioned previously episode 60 just [TS]

  repeat behind it as another ridiculous [TS]

  episode so but the night of the caravan [TS]

  that that I remember reading that and [TS]

  thinking this is this is a special thing [TS]

  that we did here way to put it [TS]

  yeah sure thing yeah as Georgia and [TS]

  Erica and I just sort of sit there [TS]

  shaking our heads ago what is happening [TS]

  what do they do get each of us we try to [TS]

  get out of a one-point thinking then we [TS]

  just like argued suck each other back [TS]

  into that there's no escaping the black [TS]

  hole so youryour series of lies that you [TS]

  try to tell to explain what has happened [TS]

  that that are just increasingly [TS]

  ridiculous i've never heard a player [TS]

  character tell a convincing why in a row [TS]

  thank you know every way those are [TS]

  beautiful i love that I love those [TS]

  episodes they're hilarious [TS]

  ok let's go to some-some listener some [TS]

  more listeners things [TS]

  Andrew z dollar Andrew listener andrew [TS]

  said will be anybody's eat these days [TS]

  but podcast compliment your pickup [TS]

  podcast comp comprise ninety percent of [TS]

  my media intake being comfortable is by [TS]

  far my all-time favorite thank you [TS]

  Andrew I've listened to the beginning [TS]

  where my logo t-shirt with pride and [TS]

  then he said as a PDF of all of his [TS]

  favorite moments [TS]

  oh wow from 2015 he highlighted some so [TS]

  those are the ones that I'm going to [TS]

  mention in the the hampton humbug [TS]

  episode of low definition this is the [TS]

  this is the ball today episode where i [TS]

  had i totally am just completely inside [TS]

  Dan's head and he can't he's driving an [TS]

  idea that you have gaslighting me he's [TS]

  trying to not get your words that I pic [TS]

  and by doing so pics the words that i [TS]

  picked amazing he mentions uh the the [TS]

  action castle episode of the game show [TS]

  Tony proves he's always well prepared to [TS]

  accept his mom was like saving saving [TS]

  saving for a little while and we all [TS]

  sing a song the last this is strange [TS]

  last year [TS]

  is a last year's draft 2 episode [TS]

  actually the moment where I began [TS]

  playing the let's play clip sound effect [TS]

  over and over again and everybody got [TS]

  confused about when when it was a clip [TS]

  and when it was not a clip here it [TS]

  refers to that is that time when I [TS]

  almost had a seizure and forgot who I [TS]

  said mentioned the 229 the portal [TS]

  episode where he says um the one where [TS]

  siracusa blew my mind with his take on [TS]

  mother-daughter themes in portal also [TS]

  love the added audio clips that's a [TS]

  Syracuse special he sent me the audio [TS]

  clips and said please use these in the [TS]

  u.s. so I said sure [TS]

  ok I 246 the schmoop index he said this [TS]

  is the one we made me realize I've been [TS]

  Shakespearean it wrong all this time [TS]

  because now I understand it's meant to [TS]

  be read aloud instead of just read yes [TS]

  read your Shakespeare allowed it's much [TS]

  better that way in a Scottish accent [TS]

  sure if you like in the original cosplay [TS]

  277 the mall in the sky [TS]

  this of course of our first for Creek [TS]

  force awakens episode he liked that one [TS]

  the summer super hero spectacular he [TS]

  tweeted I am I remember this tweet i [TS]

  just listened to the whole thing the [TS]

  listener scenarios were a nice touch [TS]

  please don't ever do this again yeah so [TS]

  thank you thank you and he says he also [TS]

  listens to the TV talk machine and likes [TS]

  that and even though he doesn't watch a [TS]

  lot of TV which is interesting so thank [TS]

  you too to our buddy listener Andrew for [TS]

  sending any spreadsheet full of things I [TS]

  listen Nathan listen Nathan yeah he is [TS]

  he is a longtime listener longtime [TS]

  listener not use the graphing guys every [TS]

  yes [TS]

  nathan has made some graphs for us over [TS]

  the over the years [TS]

  congratulations should such a great year [TS]

  on the main show as well as all the [TS]

  extended universe shows you have now [TS]

  outpaced my ability to listen to [TS]

  everything I did the calculations almost [TS]

  500 episodes of the master feed this [TS]

  year so unless you're listening to a [TS]

  couple and comfortable podcast today you [TS]

  can't listen to everything that's okay [TS]

  my favorite moments in episodes from the [TS]

  main show this year our episode 2 28 [TS]

  oh no Steve what [TS]

  Nathan suggest the moment when you [TS]

  picked listener been picking listen [TS]

  Betty involve know the updated his [TS]

  diagram page [TS]

  don't do it at the last possible moment [TS]

  have you looked at the diagram page by [TS]

  the way it's crazy now it i recommend [TS]

  you follow that link because it is [TS]

  pretty great to a painful extreme but [TS]

  i'm not going to play a clip here sorry [TS]

  good haha okay episode 246 the required [TS]

  reading episode it was great to hear [TS]

  books I similarly you know Eric I'm mad [TS]

  about the Red Badge of Courage all over [TS]

  again now have over 80 I'm so angry [TS]

  books I'm glad I didn't have to read the [TS]

  contrasting opinions about old [TS]

  highschool standbys I'll just throw in a [TS]

  plug [TS]

  Erica and I one with John siracusa have [TS]

  been on episodes of John McCoy's podcast [TS]

  sophomore lit which is about a very [TS]

  similar topic you revisit an old book [TS]

  that you read in high school and it's [TS]

  kind of a fun fun thing I'm gonna lie i [TS]

  did for kurt vonnegut episode man i'm [TS]

  gonna be back on talking about stranger [TS]

  in a strange land in a couple weeks who [TS]

  which I did actually read in sophomore [TS]

  list so perfect i did the old man [TS]

  Tennessee which technically I read when [TS]

  I was a freshman but i figure it's clear [TS]

  that's close tonight here's a festive in [TS]

  fact about stranger in a strange land he [TS]

  wrote that back-to-back with starship [TS]

  troopers it's crazy because it's like [TS]

  super hippie-dippie yeah and starship [TS]

  troopers is not online [TS]

  what you gonna do I never never read [TS]

  stranger in a strange land by him and as [TS]

  far as I could tell it was old men need [TS]

  to get laid too [TS]

  yeah that is email him working their [TS]

  prettiness later works you better the [TS]

  late high line behind line is fun [TS]

  the juveniles like the Boy Scouts of [TS]

  space stuff there's not nearly as much [TS]

  obsessed [TS]

  you're just tuning in its robert [TS]

  heinlein episode it's not really a boy [TS]

  scout or is it never goes on episode 254 [TS]

  the inside out of showed shoot calm okay [TS]

  from the persistent desertion the gambit [TS]

  was the best ax men to be improbable [TS]

  moon night Siller Cinderella run to [TS]

  shameless pandering to the judges the [TS]

  whole summer superhero spectacular was [TS]

  insane hilarious i think my favorite [TS]

  moment from it though with chips beta [TS]

  ray bill song ahead i would like clothes [TS]

  insulin for is a Thor of course of [TS]

  course and no one can lift his hammer of [TS]

  course except for a size four course of [TS]

  course the mind beta ray bill and beta [TS]

  ray bill before of course in issue 338 [TS]

  check the source a character i will [TS]

  always endorse victorious bado rape [TS]

  he'll also no further questions your [TS]

  honor although his coaching arguments [TS]

  that showed off his two-minute Time Lord [TS]

  skills are quite impressive yes chip [TS]

  acquitted himself well there and also [TS]

  he's not tony is so 267 that is i read [TS]

  it all [TS]

  Nathan says I listen to it all I heard [TS]

  the end part where they said they got to [TS]

  the end [TS]

  thank you the premise their 277 after [TS]

  seeing episode episode 7 before anyone [TS]

  else I knew I can hardly wait for this [TS]

  to come out and it was excellent thank [TS]

  you for all the star wars episodes [TS]

  here's to more great star wars in the [TS]

  future I guess there will be future star [TS]

  wars movies so I guess we'll talk about [TS]

  Star Wars again sometime now and would I [TS]

  like the star wars episode where Scott [TS]

  multi talking about Star Trek a lot that [TS]