The Incomparable

326: Likeable Jerkability


  the incomparable number 326 November [TS]

  welcome back everybody to the [TS]

  uncomfortable i'm your host Jason snail [TS]

  we're here for an edition of I guess you [TS]

  could call this old movie club Steve [TS]

  lesson here to actually say movie club [TS]

  but it is it's moved from 1983 so it's [TS]

  not super old and this came up because [TS]

  the the gentleman who usually brings us [TS]

  the old movies filmed Michaels was on [TS]

  Twitter talking about how he thinks that [TS]

  the right stuff from 1983 was an [TS]

  underappreciated film is that right [TS]

  field that I do that accurately that is [TS]

  that is correct i it's it's not the best [TS]

  film of the 1980s because that's a [TS]

  decade that raging bull came out in [TS]

  depending on how you want to start [TS]

  counting you're nineteen eighties and [TS]

  your Amadeus but I think right stuff is [TS]

  is easily one of the if not top five top [TS]

  10 movies of the nineteen eighties and [TS]

  you never hear about it you never really [TS]

  hear people uh gasps and on about it and [TS]

  I guess that changes tonight that's [TS]

  that's right now we're gonna we're gonna [TS]

  put it right by talking about this [TS]

  classic based on the book by tom wolfe [TS]

  about test pilots at the beginning of [TS]

  the Space Age so in addition to mr. [TS]

  phillip michael is joining us to have a [TS]

  conversation about this film and Enoch [TS]

  oh hello [TS]

  I don't want to make everybody feel old [TS]

  but i just did a little search and the [TS]

  distance between today and the release [TS]

  date of the right stuff is almost the [TS]

  same as the distance between the right [TS]

  stuff and it's a wonderful life so it is [TS]

  how do i I would consider the movie they [TS]

  don't want anybody who is not our age [TS]

  it's an old movie damn or is also here [TS]

  hi Dan hello I think I'm not the [TS]

  youngest person on this panel which is [TS]

  pretty good for me so I'll take that [TS]

  yeah you are you're definitely not [TS]

  perhaps the oldest person on the panel [TS]

  but we love hey hey hey it's a it's it's [TS]

  doctored ring [TS]

  welcome back well hello I don't want [TS]

  anything to put this podcast in a bad [TS]

  light [TS]

  I'm talking about keeping our pants [TS]

  zipped and our wicks dry [TS]

  yeah well that's good somebody had to [TS]

  somebody had to have that is what story [TS]

  but we'll get to it and yes the youngest [TS]

  member of the podcast because he was a [TS]

  born in the eighties after this movie [TS]

  which makes it gets even hack my co-host [TS]

  from the space pod cast liftoff [TS]

  hi Steven hey yeah this movie came out [TS]

  three years before I was born [TS]

  so you know if you guys need to kick off [TS]

  early and go to bed we can look carry on [TS]

  dan I have discovered route old movie [TS]

  club connected to send a personal [TS]

  message to all the listeners if right [TS]

  now you're sort of pounding the [TS]

  dashboard of your car wonder why nobody [TS]

  introduction said come on Jason let's [TS]

  solve your problems in like this candle [TS]

  I'm just surprised and disappointed as [TS]

  all of you I've I thought that was being [TS]

  the bank NamUs and saying i'm going to [TS]

  i'm only the second person called I'm [TS]

  sure that someone has an index card [TS]

  they've been rehearsing that line so it [TS]

  had to get it we got out of the way [TS]

  we've cleared that bit we can move [TS]

  forward so anyway I we're gonna talk [TS]

  about the right stuff I i want to start [TS]

  with just pointing out Glen Shepherd [TS]

  just two of the names inextricably [TS]

  connected to the American astronauts [TS]

  depicted in the right stuff also quaid [TS]

  harris and Henrickson because there's a [TS]

  guy named Glenn who isn't playing John [TS]

  plan and there's a guy named Shepherd [TS]

  who's not playing alan shepard it's very [TS]

  confusing i kept thinking you know it's [TS]

  it's scott glenn he's not John Glenn [TS]

  he's not he's Gordon Cooper it's totally [TS]

  different [TS]

  you also have ed harris not playing who [TS]

  he plays a part of 1300 generation is to [TS]

  guys like what what's what's happening [TS]

  two guys in NASA one space for a lot of [TS]

  characters you get played by multiple [TS]

  people in in other films to like I [TS]

  you're in other I was thinking about how [TS]

  i had seen from the earth to the moon [TS]

  and a lot of these characters obviously [TS]

  exists there too but all played by [TS]

  different actors who I have like linked [TS]

  with those people now I think there may [TS]

  even be a couple actors in common [TS]

  between them playing different parts and [TS]

  that's all so strange and so my wife and [TS]

  I were watching this last night and I i [TS]

  finished it today because it's three [TS]

  hours long so we did some very long week [TS]

  we really it's an epic it is an epic and [TS]

  we we need to talk about that but using [TS]

  you know the second half you know what I [TS]

  really remember about that I don't [TS]

  remember a whole lot i remember i [TS]

  remember the Apollo one accident i'm [TS]

  like that was in the front years to the [TS]

  moon that's not in the right to tell [TS]

  anybody even get to that it's like [TS]

  mentioned as an aside at the end I kept [TS]

  waiting for it and when they rescue Matt [TS]

  Damon at the end of this is that's right [TS]

  it is great as well but I I think work [TS]

  for somebody who wants to do a supercut [TS]

  is all space movies just add them all [TS]

  together and that's one big long movie [TS]

  set in space when Alan Shepard destroys [TS]

  the asteroid with the nuclear weapon [TS]

  savers and tawdry Aerosmith song that [TS]

  really brings it home for me though it's [TS]

  alan shepard and Sam Shepard they do it [TS]

  together you see Sam Shepard is played [TS]

  by someone else [TS]

  oh my so one of the funny things so it [TS]

  is an epic it's a three-hour long movie [TS]

  and I think one of the you you find out [TS]

  very quickly when you watch it or if [TS]

  you're rewatch it the the pacing the [TS]

  focus there are a lot of different [TS]

  characters I i could argue that there [TS]

  are two movies here and there just [TS]

  juxtaposed against each other we spend [TS]

  the first 25 minutes [TS]

  this was the other thing my wife [TS]

  remember before we started she was like [TS]

  I just remember a whole lot of Chuck [TS]

  Yeager was like yeah that's the first we [TS]

  stopped when we when we left the chuck [TS]

  yeager story for the first time it was [TS]

  25 minutes into the movie so when you [TS]

  when you when you go in thinking oh this [TS]

  is going to be about the astronauts like [TS]

  no it's about the test pilots and [TS]

  astronauts and we spend a lot of time [TS]

  with Chuck Yeager and we keep going back [TS]

  to chuck yeager and historians kind of [TS]

  juxtaposed with the story of of the [TS]

  original seven astronauts so I think [TS]

  that's one of the interesting things [TS]

  about it is it takes its time it spends [TS]

  time with characters who you know you [TS]

  could have gotten as down a half hour 45 [TS]

  minutes easily by taking a chuck yeager [TS]

  i'm not saying you should do that but [TS]

  I'm saying oh you should absolutely not [TS]

  i'm saying it to that that that to tell [TS]

  the story in this epic fashion it that's [TS]

  why it's a three-hour movie is because [TS]

  you need to be able to spend 45 minutes [TS]

  of it with one of the guys who's not [TS]

  even one of the astronauts because the [TS]

  story is that big and there's so many [TS]

  characters in it well and s it is a few [TS]

  of the astronauts basically get nothing [TS]

  yeah you know what we sure all is an [TS]

  extra energy movie Lance Henriksen I [TS]

  know what anderson scott Carpenter [TS]

  carpenter and yes and Scott if you read [TS]

  the if you read the books there's a [TS]

  a very large chunk of the book devoted [TS]

  to Scott carpenters mission in the [TS]

  Mercury program and then that is totally [TS]

  cut out [TS]

  yea it's going on because it's hard to [TS]

  it's hard to do guard Gordon Cooper and [TS]

  scott Carpenter and tell the story of [TS]

  well they kind of either effed up or the [TS]

  system did not put in a position where [TS]

  they could possibly succeed you have to [TS]

  put them either in extreme danger and [TS]

  then they pull their way out of it [TS]

  showing the steely-eyed determination or [TS]

  you find out that the white foot and her [TS]

  husband were really about to just break [TS]

  everything pretty target of marriage [TS]

  apart if not for the fact they wanted to [TS]

  keep their their health insurance funded [TS]

  by NASA just since you mentioned the the [TS]

  chuck yeager part III think it's very [TS]

  interesting because I think the best [TS]

  thing about this movie is what it has to [TS]

  say about myth-making and the theme that [TS]

  the the movie goes back to UM and this [TS]

  is very much the the organ that Philip [TS]

  Kaufman the directory keeps grinding in [TS]

  the movie is that they everyone was [TS]

  saying no they said that the seven [TS]

  greatest pilot ever and really there was [TS]

  this other great pilot who didn't fit [TS]

  the mold arm didn't have the the college [TS]

  education or the the the stable family [TS]

  life background and in this kind of a [TS]

  wiseass who they they keep out of the [TS]

  program in the movie and i i i i find it [TS]

  really interesting the way that they may [TS]

  use the press in the movie to portray [TS]

  the astronauts one way when we the [TS]

  audience see that something completely [TS]

  different is going on [TS]

  and yeah I i really think that the the [TS]

  chuck yeager character is as much as you [TS]

  can have an integral character in a in [TS]

  an ensemble piece like this he is that [TS]

  he is the main focus of the movie and I [TS]

  think it's much the movies what makes [TS]

  the movies so interesting and that it [TS]

  might be the reason that of all the [TS]

  performances in the movie i believe Sam [TS]

  Shepard's was the only that only one [TS]

  that was graced with an Oscar nomination [TS]

  of that's an indicator of quality but [TS]

  i'll tell absolutely right it's [TS]

  interesting that you point out that [TS]

  where we have this this movie about the [TS]

  space program and we spend the first [TS]

  half hour [TS]

  i'm talking about the space program but [TS]

  rather guys find jets and one of the [TS]

  most terrible parts of California you [TS]

  can actually do and I that's a very [TS]

  deliberate choice up by the director and [TS]

  it wasn't a popular one because William [TS]

  Goldman I think wrote the first draft of [TS]

  the of the right stuff screenplay and he [TS]

  hated this movie and he hated working [TS]

  with Philip Kaufman and and and and quit [TS]

  the quit the movie outright so and one [TS]

  of the reasons that he decided he didn't [TS]

  like the fact that it it held up Chuck [TS]

  Yeager is this this paragon while making [TS]

  the other guys look like lucky steps you [TS]

  just sort of stumbled into it [TS]

  I don't know about that i have always [TS]

  thought I don't necessarily disagree [TS]

  agree with that criticism but it's it's [TS]

  the criticism you made but anyhow I I'm [TS]

  done talking up i was just gonna say [TS]

  that I i like that i like the way that [TS]

  you name a book in the movie The Right [TS]

  Stuff it's obviously something that is [TS]

  so vague but tries to explain something [TS]

  that you understand so as soon as it's [TS]

  put in front of you and I think that the [TS]

  two most powerful parts of the movie to [TS]

  come during that during the first half [TS]

  hour when you're talking about these [TS]

  people who are fighting really really [TS]

  hard to get into this place where you're [TS]

  doing this job where you will watch [TS]

  people die and your wives will basically [TS]

  always know what here's one here's one [TS]

  of the siren means it doesn't mean that [TS]

  some of that police officers going to [TS]

  turn off a fire alarm at a store it [TS]

  means that's one of your one of your for [TS]

  either your husband or one of your [TS]

  friends husbands has just died and this [TS]

  is something that a job that very few [TS]

  people are mentally capable of doing and [TS]

  although the course it was a lot of [TS]

  discussion between the difference [TS]

  between Chuck Yeager someone who was [TS]

  wasn't really known of course to history [TS]

  before before Tom Wolfe featured in the [TS]

  book obviously obviously he he was a [TS]

  first break the sound barrier but he's [TS]

  in that book of aviation records that [TS]

  was the cultural figure you also have [TS]

  these other astronauts were doing just [TS]

  as much work to get into the space per [TS]

  ticket into the space program to fly in [TS]

  these absolutely [TS]

  untested there was no book whatsoever [TS]

  for any of these spacecraft [TS]

  I mean we've been talking about that is [TS]

  the reason why you need a test pilot is [TS]

  because they are used to having there's [TS]

  nobody who can tell you anything about [TS]

  what how this thing handles this is the [TS]

  first time we've set we've built and [TS]

  flint and put one of these into flight [TS]

  so we have no idea if we've built it [TS]

  right or wrong so you have to be at as [TS]

  the quote from i think was a big [TS]

  Slayton's autobiography is like the [TS]

  difference between a test pilot a [TS]

  regular pile is that a test pilot gets [TS]

  into a bad situation and says I got [TS]

  third I got 30 so i'm going to crash in [TS]

  30 seconds i got to reject a test pilot [TS]

  says I got 30 seconds i've been i can [TS]

  still save this so it's all in all of [TS]

  them in the end when they do that that [TS]

  collective mutiny against NASA saying [TS]

  that no no you're not going to try to [TS]

  bully us into doing what you want [TS]

  bye-bye pulling our flight assignments [TS]

  you either you're gonna get you got so [TS]

  you got all of your PR invested in these [TS]

  us as seven heroes if you want to find [TS]

  seven other heroes you're welcome to it [TS]

  but we're sticking together and fighting [TS]

  to run this that this thing the way that [TS]

  we want to run it so it really again [TS]

  they're the right stuff [TS]

  what is it that makes you push past all [TS]

  that BS to to focus on the other task of [TS]

  getting killed at at an altitude of 60 [TS]

  miles so the movie starts after a [TS]

  montage of four by three grainy film [TS]

  footage we end up with the first shot [TS]

  and this goes to what what who these [TS]

  people are what their job is what Andy [TS]

  was saying be it is a shock wake up of a [TS]

  woman who is basically going to be told [TS]

  that her husband just died in a fiery [TS]

  plane crash [TS]

  that's where this is that's where this [TS]

  movie starts and narrated by the band's [TS]

  levon Helm you should point out okay [TS]

  yeah he's the ease the realizes that [TS]

  really just record yeah okay [TS]

  they say there's a demon in the scatter [TS]

  that's right him [TS]

  about their past Mach 2 and then we see [TS]

  a man on a horse in the desert very [TS]

  Western accept this man is Chuck Yeager [TS]

  just the horse have named it duh we can [TS]

  ask Chuck Yeager he Twitter he's in that [TS]

  he's in the desert and you were out in [TS]

  as Phil said kind of a really unpleasant [TS]

  part of California this is the future [TS]

  Edwards Air Force Base you may know that [TS]

  is where the space shuttle landed before [TS]

  it started landing back and in florida [TS]

  and there's not a lot out there was a [TS]

  test pilot range there's a there's a bar [TS]

  that that people go to and there are a [TS]

  bunch of pictures up behind the bar and [TS]

  this is one of the lessons we learned [TS]

  very quickly what do you have to do to [TS]

  get your picture up there [TS]

  the answer is die if you died will put [TS]

  your pad is that is the graveyard that [TS]

  is the memorial to all of the Dead [TS]

  pilots at the at the test facility so [TS]

  that that's how we start this movie and [TS]

  I and and I'm interested in what people [TS]

  have to say about this whole whole part [TS]

  of the movie I i wanted to know one [TS]

  thing which is appreciated the direction [TS]

  in this movie you know movie bars [TS]

  oftentimes feel like I don't know fake [TS]

  and on places where people have been [TS]

  drinking a lot and this this movie bar [TS]

  even in the daytime the people who are [TS]

  in that bar it the ice they feel drunk [TS]

  to me and I i have appreciated that it's [TS]

  like they're drunk they're drinking and [TS]

  there they feel that way as a man whose [TS]

  home had a drink or two in a bar in [TS]

  California's high desert accurate is it [TS]

  feels it feels like the sort of bar that [TS]

  in modern times would have no windows [TS]

  and a lot of contractor trucks parked [TS]

  outside a 2pm yeah it's a it's there [TS]

  they're really drinking there so this is [TS]

  this the Bleak landscape of the test [TS]

  pilot it's not just that they're they're [TS]

  Cowboys I mean I i think that that's an [TS]

  intentional parallel here these are [TS]

  these are special kinds of people who [TS]

  are pushing the limits and have a [TS]

  certain attitude about life that allows [TS]

  them to be capable of flying these [TS]

  untested aircraft and and putting their [TS]

  lives in their own hand I like also that [TS]

  we're drawing a distinction here between [TS]

  some of the pilots obviously our [TS]

  military pallets and some of them are [TS]

  civilian pilots [TS]

  toilets because in the opening we get [TS]

  this one pilot who is you know where [TS]

  they want him to go up and breaks and he [TS]

  says he'll do it 450,000 diets and [TS]

  William William Ross who I will always [TS]

  think of as the dad on boy meets world [TS]

  but um yeah also here to different [TS]

  stripes too because you have people who [TS]

  are sort of here [TS]

  there you know here and trying to make [TS]

  some money off it and then as they point [TS]

  out when Jaeger says he'll do it [TS]

  they're paying him like less than 300 [TS]

  bucks monthly so yeah you're already [TS]

  paying me write the air force is already [TS]

  paying me so all right he just wants to [TS]

  fly just right laughs yeah before we [TS]

  leave the happy bottom riding club [TS]

  there's an important character that [TS]

  comes in early are at the funeral and [TS]

  it's the man in black the Grim Reaper [TS]

  the Angel of Death who shows up [TS]

  repeatedly throughout the movie and you [TS]

  know sings the song at the funeral and [TS]

  always ends up after the funeral [TS]

  back at the bar has a beer and then and [TS]

  then leaves and i love that I love that [TS]

  character throughout the movie well that [TS]

  is the great royal dano and I had a note [TS]

  in here about him being the specter of [TS]

  death too so I because he's a busy hook [TS]

  up with a bunch of the explosion the [TS]

  rocket explosions to life [TS]

  I that there's that there's a structure [TS]

  to all this where there are so many [TS]

  characters that they don't really have [TS]

  names and they don't really have been if [TS]

  there's never a line where they explain [TS]

  this person is with the chaplains office [TS]

  he is a captain his job is this and he [TS]

  is he's more like almost like an [TS]

  imaginary character and references like [TS]

  a the the one that one member of the [TS]

  press corps that's allowed to talk and [TS]

  not be part of the chorus right fills [TS]

  the role of all the press jeff goldblum [TS]

  Harry and Harry Shearer the one of the [TS]

  best comedy teams I and ending with [TS]

  island known as the green for them [TS]

  no no no no actually they don't they [TS]

  don't forget they don't they don't even [TS]

  have any back to look at the IMDB page [TS]

  there heck they're actually making the [TS]

  credits airless recruiter and recruiter [TS]

  not even recruiter one or recruiters [TS]

  because they're they're completely are [TS]

  compressed together from like 18 [TS]

  different people who had 40 different [TS]

  roles in panda and putting this thing [TS]

  together but you don't all you have to [TS]

  do is simply present a really iconic [TS]

  lastic new character and we know exactly [TS]

  where they fit in [TS]

  to the machinery of the stories for such [TS]

  a brilliant way you got three hours with [TS]

  thought sounds like a lot of time until [TS]

  you realize that you've got 12 hours [TS]

  worth of story you need to tell [TS]

  effectively before you get to the cool [TS]

  shots of rockets going off my favorite [TS]

  thing about that Minister character the [TS]

  train dragon mentioned is at one point [TS]

  in the movie they've jumped ahead and [TS]

  alan shepard's going up in the rocket [TS]

  and he's there and Cape Canaveral and [TS]

  what is this is he the only minister and [TS]

  how to appear rocket launch well it's [TS]

  also wrong because he's Air Force [TS]

  Shepherd was Navy he doesn't belong [TS]

  there [TS]

  no but he shows up because they're the [TS]

  angel of death yeah [TS]

  also if it might if my job we're going [TS]

  to come up and tell i'm sorry your [TS]

  husband's dead i might not dress in all [TS]

  black [TS]

  I might consider a tie that's maybe even [TS]

  like go out dark red or something you [TS]

  know the thing that jumps out of me in [TS]

  the these early bar scenes is sort of [TS]

  how low key [TS]

  all of it is so we have the slick you'd [TS]

  like Dan said demands the money and [TS]

  checks as well the efforts already pays [TS]

  me like so they just assigned him this [TS]

  job doesn't like an open bar like people [TS]

  can hear him and you can imagine the [TS]

  scene being set today right this would [TS]

  be like an underground security [TS]

  clearance bunker and said there's a bar [TS]

  drinking beer saying yeah we're gonna go [TS]

  break the sound barrier tomorrow like [TS]

  the it's very informal and casual and [TS]

  think that reinforces like the cowboy [TS]

  picture the movie tries to paint right [TS]

  over with the rules on the frontier [TS]

  right there on the edge of is pushing [TS]

  the exactly they keep saying so there is [TS]

  definitely like a non undiscovered [TS]

  country uncharted frontier there's and [TS]

  Chuck Yeager such a cowboy that on the [TS]

  ride home from the bar he is knocked he [TS]

  like it's a tree and it and falls off [TS]

  his horse and breaks his ribs his wife [TS]

  there's a you know his wife comes racing [TS]

  racing his client on horseback across [TS]

  the desert oh my god do you want to be [TS]

  Chuck Yeager you wanted to [TS]

  yeah well I mean there and there's a [TS]

  whole thing without with his wife in the [TS]

  bar and they banter and then the then [TS]

  there's a girl in the bar who tries to [TS]

  chat with him and they point out that [TS]

  lady that he's going after his wife and [TS]

  and and we've done as part of their [TS]

  elaborate foreplay yeah exactly right [TS]

  but he breaks his ribs [TS]

  re cracked his ribs and it's very bad so [TS]

  know what's going to do he tries to hide [TS]

  it because he really really wants the [TS]

  opportunity to to do that to be the guy [TS]

  to break the sound barrier and and so [TS]

  you know he ends up to pull the guy [TS]

  aside and they cut just the guy just [TS]

  takes the broom from a janitor and saws [TS]

  the end off of it and puts it in his [TS]

  jacket and hands it to ya it does [TS]

  measure it first he does with his [TS]

  forearm [TS]

  yeah but it's pretty funny that he's [TS]

  just like I'm just gonna lay this down [TS]

  and just there it is i got there i got [TS]

  reaction shot of the janitor is [TS]

  priceless know it's in fact the [TS]

  bereavement it's all okay i guess with [TS]

  this little short broom now [TS]

  yeah that's that's pretty funny but and [TS]

  then charged so do you know what happens [TS]

  check your goes up there and you know [TS]

  the the we've been set up with all these [TS]

  failures that that there is that demon [TS]

  that's out there at the sound barrier [TS]

  but we hear the first sonic boom which [TS]

  everybody down on the ground or first [TS]

  sonic boom that wasn't like you know [TS]

  crack of the whip or something from an [TS]

  aircraft and everybody looks like well [TS]

  he's dead on the ground but he's not [TS]

  he's flying around and you know that [TS]

  that's our 25 minutes with with Chuck [TS]

  Yeager he breaks the sound barrier and [TS]

  of course but i think there might be [TS]

  something wrong with this year mark [TS]

  meters start going crazy up its bob [TS]

  fitts above the three right now yeah you [TS]

  don't know that if you break the sound [TS]

  barrier you have bought the sound very [TS]

  same really well that and the best part [TS]

  of that scene because that that this [TS]

  again is is a sign of the the [TS]

  scriptwriting where they don't do really [TS]

  a lot of explaining they just started [TS]

  drop you in they have the the publicity [TS]

  man is is going to call the papers and [TS]

  and and the air force man says houghton [TS]

  no can't do that because the Russians my [TS]

  period the Russians there are allies [TS]

  well yeah and this is the explanation [TS]

  for why nobody knows Chuck Yeager exist [TS]

  on its very compact it's very economical [TS]

  and that's the reason why he's not know [TS]

  he's not a hero because there was no [TS]

  publicity that it's it's a weird thing [TS]

  to say about a movie that's three hours [TS]

  but there is some really compact story [TS]

  to exactly on in this movie [TS]

  six years later and we see Gordon Cooper [TS]

  who is a who [TS]

  is it was heading to heading to edwards [TS]

  air force base which is now I think [TS]

  changed its name by the by this time [TS]

  later played by a fresh out of the womb [TS]

  dennis quaid very so young dennis quaid [TS]

  so young [TS]

  if you if you ever want to just pay the [TS]

  majesty of young dennis quaid watch this [TS]

  movie and Breaking Away back-to-back [TS]

  because it is just up dennis quaid [TS]

  you're young and beautiful than a Greek [TS]

  god what happened to you what happens to [TS]

  all of us fill the margins and I'm yes I [TS]

  mean if you're better off than Randy so [TS]

  we what we get some more there's a smoke [TS]

  on the horizon there's another funeral [TS]

  there's a missing man formation flyover [TS]

  a picture is put on the wall at the bar [TS]

  but these these new pilots have have [TS]

  arrived and it's not just it's not just [TS]

  Gordo Cooper it's gus grissom to and [TS]

  there's a major Barre faux pas [TS]

  where where Gordo says I tell you how [TS]

  does a guy get up on that wall say maybe [TS]

  maybe one day you'll be putting my [TS]

  picture on there and everybody's simply [TS]

  turns and says oh you stupid and a word [TS]

  that we can't use maybe we will be [TS]

  putting your p.m. i I've no doubt that [TS]

  that's likely that [TS]

  yeah you are exactly that much of a rube [TS]

  it's amazing [TS]

  Dennis quite is fantastic and this this [TS]

  is the ultimate dennis quaid yeah well [TS]

  that that sort of taps into his likable [TS]

  jerk ability [TS]

  yeah where I am just I am fantastic and [TS]

  i know it and I'm gonna let you know [TS]

  you're not that fantastic i know but i'm [TS]

  pretty good and imagine Gus Grissom's [TS]

  you can't have a face that that's that's [TS]

  that line and whether an experienced [TS]

  saying those kind of cocky lines but you [TS]

  can have Dennis you have does quit [TS]

  saying it and you know that okay well [TS]

  hopefully he will learn better than this [TS]

  we will find this charming someone who [TS]

  is old but its own you don't get old and [TS]

  say lines like that and get one year [TS]

  older than that so that's actually [TS]

  really good selection of of casting so [TS]

  this is you know Yeager is the King here [TS]

  but there are these new people that are [TS]

  coming in [TS]

  and we know we know if you know anything [TS]

  about history that these are the these [TS]

  are going to be the the future [TS]

  astronauts Veronica Cartwright who [TS]

  graced us with her presence in alien [TS]

  which we covered not too long ago is is [TS]

  one of the wives here she's Betty [TS]

  Grissom yeah i should mention barbara [TS]

  hershey who is a Chuck Yeager's wife my [TS]

  note there is literally just Barbara [TS]

  Hershey wow thats it thats this is your [TS]

  this is your barbara hershey golden era [TS]

  yeah listen hoo hoo hoosiers she had a [TS]

  Marion Ravenwood quality about her [TS]

  absolutely ah so yes the demon lives out [TS]

  further past Mach 2 and chuck is going [TS]

  to chase the demon and then the world [TS]

  changes we cut to a room in Washington i [TS]

  guess and a door opens and a kid runs in [TS]

  and says it's called Sputnik and they [TS]

  say you know sit out [TS]

  I i enjoyed this bit I enjoyed it yep [TS]

  that that is a good bit um can we talk [TS]

  about the the recruit additional let's [TS]

  get together let's talk about it now [TS]

  we're because this is our recruiting how [TS]

  do we find who will be an astronaut [TS]

  section so this is this is going to be [TS]

  me as the lonely man in the room I like [TS]

  Harry Shearer and jeff goldblum in many [TS]

  things I don't really like them in this [TS]

  movie I really think totally it's it's [TS]

  just it's all over the yard and four for [TS]

  a movie that has a great deal of humor [TS]

  hear it he that they're a little bit out [TS]

  of place and out of time to me and part [TS]

  of the reason might be if that a few [TS]

  years ago wired a oral history of the [TS]

  right stuff which is still online and [TS]

  reading it will actually take you longer [TS]

  than watching the movie and apparently [TS]

  if thats to be believed a Goldblum and [TS]

  sheer had no lines and if the direction [TS]

  was just and say some stuff hopefully [TS]

  it'll be funny and I and and some of it [TS]

  is and some of it I I feel sort of [TS]

  breaks the the mood of the picture just [TS]

  that's my feeling about those two [TS]

  it's a bit bra brought that's my [TS]

  criticism but let's recall that there [TS]

  job isn't to carry any of the drama of [TS]

  this movie their job is they got two [TS]

  important jobs that are really really [TS]

  tough jobs to do one there their land [TS]

  pipe here they are basically here to [TS]

  deliver a whole bunch of backfilled [TS]

  information that the audience was gonna [TS]

  need as we go through the movie and i [TS]

  also need to serve as some of the [TS]

  connective tissue through a section of [TS]

  the movie where there go the story's [TS]

  going all over the place and if you [TS]

  don't have if we don't have we don't [TS]

  recognize these two guys who are going [TS]

  from hotel room to place to to an [TS]

  aircraft carrier [TS]

  we're kind of lost in a driftwood their [TS]

  souls just sort of following these two [TS]

  guys around and so to make them anything [TS]

  more than a bunch of stuffed shirts that [TS]

  are there to here read this card make [TS]

  sure you say that we're at NSF air force [TS]

  base now and that this person had that [TS]

  this person has just set a speed record [TS]

  you have to level it with some comedy [TS]

  and they contribute her so well it's [TS]

  such a simple ways just just the I [TS]

  imagine these two guys just come up with [TS]

  the idea like as they're waiting for to [TS]

  be told ok the cameras are so we're [TS]

  about to do it take Harry shares like [TS]

  quick switch coats with me we get out [TS]

  i'll be i'll be putting on her come [TS]

  because i got my code and it's just that [TS]

  and how many times have I seen it at the [TS]

  last time I saw was just like years ago [TS]

  but it's always one of the machines i [TS]

  always think about the idea and the [TS]

  other 1i have to have to say that every [TS]

  time I think that if they're going [TS]

  they're good they're showing films of [TS]

  different people who they think might be [TS]

  a sort of people who want to go after [TS]

  and Harry shares have now trying to [TS]

  think of a some sort of a stunt driver [TS]

  I don't know I'm sorry as a demolition [TS]

  derby people and acrobats shit okay [TS]

  they're saying they're saying they said [TS]

  that the line and the line he says also [TS]

  he already he already owns his own the [TS]

  own element I I don't know if X Factor [TS]

  are already oh listen I thought that's [TS]

  one of those jokes I thought about every [TS]

  month for the my entire life until I die [TS]

  and honestly one of the worst portrayals [TS]

  of dwight eisenhower on-screen if i may [TS]

  just say outside of Tom Selleck plane [TS]

  and a very bad Eisenhower who apparently [TS]

  if IMDb trivia is to be believed was [TS]

  dubbed by kevin Pollak you [TS]

  his first things first miracle i think [TS]

  no no I want test pilot I went test [TS]

  pilots I don't sound like that at all [TS]

  says Eisenhower imagine if he hadn't had [TS]

  that inside to be a very different movie [TS]

  yeah it was the demolition derby people [TS]

  who have the right stuff [TS]

  imagine I would watch that movie or the [TS]

  surface or the surfers and demolition of [TS]

  the acrobats that's that your bicycle [TS]

  across the tightrope i want i want the [TS]

  the part process where they bring in a [TS]

  invite demolition derby people acrobat [TS]

  surfers and test pilots and they all mix [TS]

  together and then from that they picked [TS]

  they have to be and have to be wearing [TS]

  their stage costumes while they're [TS]

  trying out like that are milling about [TS]

  any idea what I want some banditos I [TS]

  want some people are dressed up as the [TS]

  as world war one aces and then they pick [TS]

  seven astronauts and it's all the test [TS]

  pilots sorry surfers it's not gonna it's [TS]

  it's not gonna happen [TS]

  odds are stacked against you we we get [TS]

  you know Harry Shearer and jeff goldblum [TS]

  I think they're fine they're dead [TS]

  they're scenes with that there in that i [TS]

  really like where I think the tone is [TS]

  right but i sorta sighs get your point [TS]

  filled with some sometimes I feel like [TS]

  it's coming out of a entirely different [TS]

  movie i like the scene we're throwing up [TS]

  on the ship I think that's really that's [TS]

  really fun scene and yeah the code the [TS]

  code thing is funny but but there you go [TS]

  getting across that there are this what [TS]

  I like about them and some of these [TS]

  other scenes is how clueless the [TS]

  government is in these early days they [TS]

  know they want to beat the Russians but [TS]

  you know all the things we take for [TS]

  granted about how space program works [TS]

  and how you pick astronauts are that it [TS]

  gets across that they have no idea like [TS]

  this is they they literally they have no [TS]

  idea what they're doing they're still [TS]

  trying to figure this out [TS]

  they have all these crazy things like [TS]

  like using acrobats as as astronauts [TS]

  because they're good at going upside [TS]

  down or something like that [TS]

  hey that's what you're in gold blue [TS]

  martini is they're the kind of [TS]

  incompetent and they represent the whole [TS]

  government bureaucracy you know Phil's [TS]

  right there is a there's a total [TS]

  difference when they're on i like it and [TS]

  i also think it's okay [TS]

  probably because this movie is three and [TS]

  a quarter hours long and more shorter [TS]

  movie it would really be disturbing but [TS]

  in the overall scheme of things that [TS]

  really you remember them speaking [TS]

  indistinctly and they don't take up [TS]

  surprisingly they don't really take up [TS]

  that much of the movie I mean once the [TS]

  astronauts get recruited they're out [TS]

  there is also it's also kinda cool when [TS]

  you compare how the we see everything [TS]

  that's going on at NASA and we course [TS]

  know that Barnett whatever the weather [TS]

  whether the agency was at that point [TS]

  that of course they they have no idea [TS]

  what's gonna happen to a human body when [TS]

  they try to put in space they have no [TS]

  idea what's good what's possible they [TS]

  have no idea what skills are going to be [TS]

  useful and so they are like chickens [TS]

  with their heads been good let's cut off [TS]

  but meanwhile all they all the [TS]

  government knows about the Russians is [TS]

  that they have puts they've put a [TS]

  satellite into space we didn't know that [TS]

  that was that was going on and we will [TS]

  we only get reports that there is this [TS]

  mysterious black leather black just [TS]

  cheska transcoded figure walking in the [TS]

  distance with a good heat waves above [TS]

  him call the chief designer no one knows [TS]

  his name they only know he's bald and [TS]

  really Russian looking and that and let [TS]

  me maybe they're ready they're getting [TS]

  ready to do a space platforms gonna bomb [TS]

  us we're gonna try to seize control of [TS]

  space and they might be so far ahead of [TS]

  us we can't possibly we can't possibly [TS]

  keep up and so on that basis it's really [TS]

  cool that we show that these are we've [TS]

  got people who essentially are like well [TS]

  what if we were to just like make a [TS]

  something like a giant tetherball and [TS]

  put men in it and keep swinging and [TS]

  swinging it and then like sort of cut [TS]

  the cord and it will fly up in the air [TS]

  and maybe that's how we'll get people [TS]

  into space that's how that's how big [TS]

  they want us to think that this is the [TS]

  challenge was at this point in its in [TS]

  the time we got the rocket scientist got [TS]

  the German rocket scientists are Germans [TS]

  are way better than they're Germans but [TS]

  uh huh but the you know the people and [TS]

  Emma capsule all that so then the next [TS]

  section of the movie is all about the [TS]

  test testing of the testing of the [TS]

  astronaut candidate so this is you get [TS]

  the you know you don't want our best [TS]

  pilots but there's the whole thing about [TS]

  like they wanted military and they [TS]

  wanted college-educated they're like all [TS]

  these different things that which [TS]

  basically rules out Yeager we see Gus [TS]

  Grissom we see they they watch John [TS]

  Glenn on TV playing like a name that [TS]

  tune [TS]

  right they got uh and and so we we we [TS]

  meet uh we meet all of them here [TS]

  Simpson not Sam Shepard got Alan Shepard [TS]

  see i did it i do it [TS]

  scotland not John when and he's playing [TS]

  alan shepard they do a lot of like [TS]

  physical test there's the there they're [TS]

  sizing each other up [TS]

  they have to blow they have to keep a [TS]

  ping-pong ball and a to blowing bubbles [TS]

  which is a fun scene where they're kind [TS]

  of you know falling out in them and then [TS]

  is it it's dennis quaid like who gets to [TS]

  he just wants to get break the record so [TS]

  like he waits a second after he breaks [TS]

  the record he's like yeah he looks down [TS]

  the table and and and two other people [TS]

  including every letter to the app sorry [TS]

  that going carpenters like patiently oh [TS]

  I just checking and checking their [TS]

  watches ya make me wet nurse merch and [TS]

  her mole who I think that separate [TS]

  credit card like watching everything [TS]

  just passionately i just i enjoy the and [TS]

  also of course the the inter-service [TS]

  rivalry between the Marines and the Air [TS]

  Force the Navy and we should probably [TS]

  discuss briefly alan shepard's [TS]

  impressions [TS]

  josé Jimenez well so he's doing it's [TS]

  bill Dana on the on the outsole didn't [TS]

  show doing his Jose Jimenez character [TS]

  which we can question that but then they [TS]

  put a link they hang a lantern on it [TS]

  because they have the Latino orderly or [TS]

  whatever [TS]

  whoo yeah does the disapproving of the [TS]

  plane x pro football great Anthony Music [TS]

  Hall of Famer Anthony Munoz not his [TS]

  actual voice yes voice was dubbed in by [TS]

  somebody who with a very very rapid [TS]

  strange deep voice that has nothing to [TS]

  do with Anthony Munoz is actual voice [TS]

  yeah so they do hang a lantern on that [TS]

  that he that that I mean because it's [TS]

  like again the Jose Jimenez stuff is [TS]

  kinda questionable and then and then [TS]

  Shepherd kind of pushes it even further [TS]

  but they do that all of the all of the [TS]

  Hispanic people again are in the [TS]

  elevator with him while they're growing [TS]

  up in the elevator with tubes coming out [TS]

  of their butts in another scene that is [TS]

  fascinating and and they you know they [TS]

  asked like your impressions very good [TS]

  but what you say is very bad [TS]

  the ad so he gets the message there and [TS]

  then he he also does some Gordon Cooper [TS]

  does some sweet talking to the nurse who [TS]

  immediately demands to see his wife [TS]

  yes that's which shows the pressure that [TS]

  their underwriting like he's like oh [TS]

  geez they want to show that i have a [TS]

  stable home life if I'm gonna get this [TS]

  job so he has to say we need to pretend [TS]

  that we have a stable home light up and [TS]

  she you know he she comes out and says I [TS]

  you know I told i told them that I that [TS]

  we were great i lied [TS]

  yeah there's a lot of real truth a lot [TS]

  of things that they were talking about [TS]

  Abby obliquely and yet their marriage [TS]

  was kind of over with at that point and [TS]

  they were staying together only because [TS]

  at that point nobody knew what would [TS]

  happen to your career if you are we were [TS]

  in an ascendant in that in that role as [TS]

  pilot and you get a divorce and so [TS]

  that's why there's a lot of we can fool [TS]

  around but we can't fool around with [TS]

  such a point that our wives will [TS]

  actually divorce us it's it's it was a [TS]

  tough tough road [TS]

  yeah because they don't know if they [TS]

  there everybody wants these jobs so if [TS]

  you're if you're getting a divorce to [TS]

  you just or or have been divorced you [TS]

  get thrown out they don't know what the [TS]

  issue is going to be so he's like let's [TS]

  just not rock the boat and we'll just do [TS]

  it will just keep doing this I don't [TS]

  know how you guys feel but in looking at [TS]

  the runtime and looking at you know my [TS]

  notes being broken down by sort of seen [TS]

  the whole testing segment of this movie [TS]

  feels really long and I guess they're [TS]

  trying to get the point across it [TS]

  we don't know what's gonna happen like [TS]

  we have to put you through all sorts of [TS]

  stress because your eyeballs make it [TS]

  sucks when your sockets but we're gonna [TS]

  shot your arms or a while until it's [TS]

  until it's completely numb why I don't [TS]

  know what we'll see what that does [TS]

  you're gonna love it [TS]

  we're gonna put on a shaking chair with [TS]

  two fried eggs on your eyes yeah yeah [TS]

  well because that you might run into [TS]

  that situation and its base [TS]

  anything could happen in space some of [TS]

  it is also the building not only the [TS]

  rivalry but the camaraderie right well [TS]

  yeah I'm important later on very much [TS]

  like that they have to band together [TS]

  yeah that is that's and something that [TS]

  keeps coming back to me is that they are [TS]

  competitors and they are also a unit and [TS]

  that's fascinating to me but i think [TS]

  that i think they're there may be [TS]

  somebody with no military background I [TS]

  feel like that maybe as a millet [TS]

  everything to write is like you are [TS]

  going to snipe with your your your your [TS]

  compatriots and you may want to end up [TS]

  doing better than them but in the end [TS]

  you're all on the same side and you're [TS]

  all gonna take care of each other and we [TS]

  see in several instances where they turn [TS]

  on a dime to join up and exert their own [TS]

  authority when they can we see that back [TS]

  in California with jager and [TS]

  what's-his-name the that's got filled to [TS]

  its Mach 2 right there's there's rivalry [TS]

  you know he's he's upset that he didn't [TS]

  get there first but then there's a [TS]

  congratulatory commented kind of at the [TS]

  same time right easy like eyeballs wife [TS]

  to that was a little weird [TS]

  he's going up you're going up tomorrow [TS]

  aren't you yeah I'm going up tomorrow so [TS]

  now they get introduced and we don't we [TS]

  get this other aspect of it which is the [TS]

  public relations part of being an [TS]

  astronaut and there's a there's a line [TS]

  later in the movie where dennis quaid [TS]

  basically says that they're gonna have [TS]

  it right at the end he's like they're [TS]

  gonna build me a house and I get paid by [TS]

  life magazine i get all this money and i [TS]

  haven't even been in space yet and we [TS]

  noticed that did you [TS]

  ok but this is it so so the amazing [TS]

  thing about this press conference that [TS]

  they have is that everybody's doing the [TS]

  like mumbly one word answers and then [TS]

  John Glenn basically like takes a [TS]

  microphone and stands up and begins to [TS]

  hold court and everybody else is looking [TS]

  like oh jeez and but it also kind of [TS]

  gets them all going and they all start [TS]

  doing you know saying more things about [TS]

  it and this leads to so there's that and [TS]

  then is the meeting with my life [TS]

  magazine where Virgil Grissom wants to [TS]

  be called gusts and it's like that's no [TS]

  good with your middle name is Ivan okay [TS]

  Gus the astronaut all right we're gonna [TS]

  do that that the the press conference [TS]

  thing also i think shed light on you [TS]

  know obviously Glenn goes on to become [TS]

  you have a career in politics and it's [TS]

  pretty clear why between the you know p [TS]

  astronaut he's incredibly personable and [TS]

  well-spoken here and so you can kind of [TS]

  see like he's got that angle played out [TS]

  i also really my favorite line from the [TS]

  entire press conference [TS]

  Tina Sheperd saying i attend church [TS]

  regularly and the force green that [TS]

  Scott plan does scotty with respect [TS]

  100-meter regularly i will after that to [TS]

  dan that was so so transparently fake it [TS]

  was fantastic [TS]

  yeah it kinda is who juggling as though [TS]

  they've literally around again [TS]

  throughout the testing part of the [TS]

  reason is the reason for the testing was [TS]

  to show everybody hurts with these two [TS]

  people are and of course it's good for [TS]

  that that that the breathing tests it [TS]

  comes down between scart scott Carpenter [TS]

  and John Glenn and then finally [TS]

  carpenter like no good is out of air [TS]

  like a half a second before John Glenn [TS]

  well I'll that boy John you really gave [TS]

  me a run for my money there [TS]

  well i was i was like Don bye-bye use [TS]

  God and of course that the toughened [TS]

  more veteran guys are like my God look [TS]

  it's Archie and Jughead yeah that's [TS]

  right so you know that those are the [TS]

  people who would not even not even like [TS]

  I'm not playing an angle I I just feel [TS]

  like I'm the Yankee duelist I've ever [TS]

  felt by golly here here representing [TS]

  America to the space race all the press [TS]

  conference just has my favorite obvious [TS]

  joke of the movie which the Hallelujah [TS]

  Chorus playing at the end of it is [TS]

  they're all doing the lifting hands to [TS]

  the sky and whatnot when you talk about [TS]

  how John Glenn's portrayed I think it [TS]

  actually pivots into a really i thought [TS]

  this was a really well-done moment which [TS]

  is we [TS]

  ok he's the guy who was on TV playing [TS]

  name that tune he's the guy who holds [TS]

  court in the conference in a press [TS]

  conference he's Archie and Jughead right [TS]

  hehe is an outsider to some of these [TS]

  other guys who are wilder and then when [TS]

  they have when they all are meeting and [TS]

  all of that and John Glenn's wife like [TS]

  doesn't talk to them and the to the [TS]

  other wives and and there this is a [TS]

  moment where it like totally plays into [TS]

  like who does she think she is very [TS]

  standoffish John Glenn his wife are [TS]

  obviously you know data they think [TS]

  they're better than the rest of them [TS]

  they don't want to be seen with him you [TS]

  can see where that story is going and [TS]

  then you cut to them and in the hotel [TS]

  room afterward and she has a terrible [TS]

  stutter and she can't shoot enemies end [TS]

  is shy and she wasn't being standoffish [TS]

  at all it's a completely different story [TS]

  than the one that you're led to think is [TS]

  going on I just I thought that was [TS]

  really a really nice double back on the [TS]

  story there i was amused to find out [TS]

  that actress is zoe and emily deschanel [TS]

  his mother [TS]

  Wow [TS]

  all yes and the wife of the [TS]

  cinematographer yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah [TS]

  national yeah the other thing about that [TS]

  scene is that it it shows and we see [TS]

  this later on as well that John Glenn is [TS]

  not playing the super good guy he really [TS]

  is he really in the sky [TS]

  yeah when he's unguarded when he's just [TS]

  with his wife he is just like he is when [TS]

  he's with the other guys yeah and just [TS]

  like he was in the press conference [TS]

  hey Stephen and I talked about space a [TS]

  lot and on our podcast and I was [TS]

  thinking of SpaceX in the next section [TS]

  of scenes because there's a really nice [TS]

  montage of lots of rockets exploding [TS]

  spent literally uh hey [TS]

  and it's this is a reminder hey you guys [TS]

  are supposed to be writing this and it's [TS]

  just I mean it looks like it'sit's [TS]

  archival footage which they were able to [TS]

  do of every rocket just blowing up and [TS]

  occasionally a you know in the [TS]

  scientists pressing the buttons to [TS]

  launch things and then watching and then [TS]

  one the one first off there's the ones [TS]

  that just light and then just go down [TS]

  which are so sad and then the ones that [TS]

  could do is the one that goes off and [TS]

  start veering off course they have to [TS]

  blow it up and then there's the one that [TS]

  gets up there and they're like yeah I [TS]

  got oh now it is exploded in the air [TS]

  it's just an amusing set of like for her [TS]

  or for the one where the only thing that [TS]

  happens is like nothing happens then [TS]

  they cut to the very very top and just [TS]

  like the present the periscope is bad [TS]

  news dad what Dad a lot of trouble with [TS]

  those early rockets and you know they [TS]

  moved from suborbital gangway had [TS]

  suborbital to actual orbital flights and [TS]

  that they increase the size of the [TS]

  rocket and those were even more [TS]

  failure-prone that's what they said to [TS]

  John Glenn right is what is like where [TS]

  you know those Rockets they're not we [TS]

  have good luck buddy [TS]

  I like that they use how they use it in [TS]

  the movie [TS]

  I mean they're continue to drive home [TS]

  that these guys do crazy dangerous [TS]

  things for a living but it's it's also [TS]

  an opportunity for them to to band [TS]

  together and and say you know there's [TS]

  there's that scene on a little while [TS]

  where they confront some of the [TS]

  engineers and you can kind of see some [TS]

  of that brewing is are saying they're [TS]

  watching the rockets explode they sort [TS]

  of steroid disbelief and that you can [TS]

  see frustration growing in the group and [TS]

  I think that's a nice [TS]

  it's a nice picture i just really like [TS]

  the one guy who has to press the launch [TS]

  button everything everytime jittery [TS]

  German man's access it yeah every day [TS]

  that's all done by computers like no [TS]

  human touches anything but then it's [TS]

  like the guy with the guys sneezes and [TS]

  then hit like a second later something [TS]

  something bad happened [TS]

  no one knows yeah that's how they [TS]

  screwed up all those earlier that you [TS]

  have allergies get out and press the [TS]

  yellow but not that's the explosion five [TS]

  years but lunch not long i read an [TS]

  article in there in space that looking [TS]

  to deepen dorado that was really [TS]

  interesting it's a positive that one of [TS]

  the reasons why the Russians had such a [TS]

  headstart was because their atomic [TS]

  weapons were really really bad and ours [TS]

  were really really good [TS]

  so as a result because ours were really [TS]

  really good [TS]

  they were small and like and reliable [TS]

  which meant that they developed really [TS]

  were really small not terribly powerful [TS]

  rockets in order to deliver them rest [TS]

  the Russians there's were big huge heavy [TS]

  and clumsy so they needed big heavy [TS]

  rockets which were already able to [TS]

  launch an actual human into space that's [TS]

  how big paper and because they were so [TS]

  that such unreliable weapons they knew [TS]

  that if we want one of these to take up [TS]

  new york we're going to have to fire [TS]

  like 80 of them so we're gonna have like [TS]

  maybe learn how to manufacture [TS]

  manufacturer manufacturer mins as many [TS]

  copies as possible and so it was that [TS]

  was why they were able to do Sputnik [TS]

  first that's why they're able to do the [TS]

  parents flight first because they were [TS]

  already building it turns out that if [TS]

  you build a rocket for a crappy nuclear [TS]

  warhead your building 14 really good man [TS]

  space program the there's a bunch of [TS]

  thumb that we get some beach scenes [TS]

  which is it's just fun that I haven't [TS]

  been to Kennedy Space Center a couple of [TS]

  times and I stayed i'm on Cocoa Beach at [TS]

  one point which Harris talks about a [TS]

  little bit it's just to give you a [TS]

  little flavor of especially in this like [TS]

  the sixties in in florida and those [TS]

  sleepy beach towns that suddenly were in [TS]

  the center of the space thing is pretty [TS]

  cool and there's this set piece that we [TS]

  go to a couple of times there's a bar [TS]

  with a with a swimming-pool window [TS]

  behind the bar and and that's where we [TS]

  go next where you know Alan Shepards [TS]

  justly just loves it Sullivan is [TS]

  laughing and laughing but that the point [TS]

  of the scene is largely the groupie [TS]

  is there or the other referred to as the [TS]

  cookies at one point the woman who says [TS]

  four down three to go [TS]

  suggesting she slept with four of the [TS]

  seven mercury astronauts which leads [TS]

  into John Glenn kind of kind of [TS]

  lecturing everybody else all of the [TS]

  other ones about the plane around that's [TS]

  going on and uh and and the response is [TS]

  strange because so he's basically saying [TS]

  look we we are this is PR and if it gets [TS]

  around that we're awful tomcatting guys [TS]

  then it's going to reflect badly on the [TS]

  program and on the on the country the [TS]

  response is is interesting rhetorically [TS]

  because he kind of doesn't address that [TS]

  issue at all he just got pivots and as [TS]

  it is it Shepherd just pivots into a [TS]

  completely other issue which is the fact [TS]

  that that the their job is so simple [TS]

  that a monkey could do it yet including [TS]

  the line and get ready for the bleeping [TS]

  out part because I'll bleep is out the [TS]

  the classic line that made me laugh so [TS]

  hard which is the issue hearing the [TS]

  issue here is monkey and yes well I [TS]

  can't argue with that logic the issue [TS]

  here is monkey [TS]

  of course it is of course it is which is [TS]

  not wrong because this is a famous [TS]

  true-to-life complained that the [TS]

  astronauts had that although they were [TS]

  trained test pilots who were brought in [TS]

  to do this the job did not require any [TS]

  of their skill at all it was a capsule [TS]

  essentially made for a monkey [TS]

  it's automatic and that leads to the the [TS]

  real unification after this kind of ugly [TS]

  scene with John plan which is the [TS]

  astronaut rebellion where they basically [TS]

  tell the designers you're going to give [TS]

  us a window and you're going to give us [TS]

  an escape hatch and you're going to give [TS]

  us some controls because we are pilots [TS]

  not monkeys for chimps chimps are [TS]

  monkeys but forgive them they're just [TS]

  pilots the IC contempt with which the [TS]

  engineers just address it is not kitsch [TS]

  still there is nobody will call it a [TS]

  spacecraft not a capsule the spacecraft [TS]

  spacecraft cas haha before that [TS]

  confrontation and Jason I'm surprised [TS]

  that you did not [TS]

  this up given that this is an eighties [TS]

  movie there's a montage [TS]

  oh yeah and it's the montage of the [TS]

  astronauts going through their clicking [TS]

  buttons and flipping things around is [TS]

  there going I am centrifugal flipping up [TS]

  and down and then of course the the [TS]

  parallel montage of the monkeys doing [TS]

  exactly this yes that's true that's true [TS]

  very very well done baby the soundtrack [TS]

  by the way the score here won the [TS]

  Academy Award and it is very eighties it [TS]

  is and it's all over the place in the [TS]

  writers there there's a bunch of stuff [TS]

  up top that's very very synthesizer [TS]

  heavy as it goes on I felt like it got a [TS]

  little more orchestral and then later on [TS]

  I had this in my notes when I think when [TS]

  goes up they are using Gustav Holst's [TS]

  the planets [TS]

  yeah and so like it kind of jumps around [TS]

  but yeah they're definitely when the [TS]

  acre scenes in the beginning almost [TS]

  sound like Top Gun like that that's the [TS]

  level of since we've got we're one step [TS]

  from the danger zone there's an [TS]

  interesting thing about eighties movies [TS]

  because a couple weeks back i was [TS]

  watching chariots of fire which for my [TS]

  money [TS]

  another another under-rated eighties [TS]

  movie but that is again likely be [TS]

  jealous [TS]

  yeah it is it is 70 20-something years [TS]

  been jealous honest casio keyboard going [TS]

  for booty [TS]

  yep it's strangely works and it works in [TS]

  this movie I mentioned Hoosiers earlier [TS]

  that is a movie where the the [TS]

  synthesized keyboard score does not work [TS]

  but uh get back to the content [TS]

  yeah don't count yeah and he was not the [TS]

  original choice i believe it [TS]

  this is in the wire dumb oral history or [TS]

  it might be in IMDb trivia i don't know [TS]

  i have two sources of information on [TS]

  Papa the original a guy who was [TS]

  commissioned to do the soundtrack left [TS]

  the movie and a half after talking to [TS]

  Philip Kaufman this is a theme with many [TS]

  of Philip Kaufman movies but Philip [TS]

  Kaufman said I want the music to sound [TS]

  like you're in a desert and you step in [TS]

  a cactus only the cactus grows around us [TS]

  you step in it [TS]

  the guy said yeah we're done here and [TS]

  now that's out bill conti came and and [TS]

  oh man I love that soundtrack so much we [TS]

  have some training montages [TS]

  and other interesting things throughout [TS]

  the trip isn't anything eighties movie [TS]

  you need a montage and the whole thing [TS]

  here is the issue is monkey are they men [TS]

  or are they just monkeys ride the highly [TS]

  trained monkeys riding in an automated [TS]

  space capsule but again this is the fam [TS]

  this is one of those good moments where [TS]

  they turn there's another one later [TS]

  where they basically it they were [TS]

  desperate to get in to the program and [TS]

  they would do anything it like including [TS]

  drive to San Diego and get their [TS]

  estranged wife and have them come back [TS]

  and pretend to be together to get in the [TS]

  program but now with all that PR their [TS]

  stars and they feel like if they band [TS]

  together they can make changes and it's [TS]

  fun it's fun to see that happen where [TS]

  the balance of power has now shifted to [TS]

  the mercury seven and that happened that [TS]

  actually really happened [TS]

  the chimp is shot into space Jim came [TS]

  first American ship in space ham we see [TS]

  but this is another great scene with the [TS]

  Greek chorus of the press we're all you [TS]

  see are these arms and legs and cameras [TS]

  flailing around one leg in one big dog [TS]

  like but that's right basically probably [TS]

  500 and you have the one spokesperson we [TS]

  get slides but you never see them except [TS]

  for their this one big knot of this [TS]

  grasping grasping hands that the guys [TS]

  you play the press corps were a San [TS]

  Francisco improv troupe on and their [TS]

  other big credit that a lot of them are [TS]

  in his Howard the Duck and that is got [TS]

  that is the steepest decline in movies [TS]

  I don't know that that is like a [TS]

  straight line down that is not even hate [TS]

  you can even measure the slope there [TS]

  just ripped straight down [TS]

  mhm cheap shot into space meanwhile [TS]

  Chuck Yeager's have it maybe have some [TS]

  regrets about not being part of all the [TS]

  excitement we got Chuck Yeager cut away [TS]

  but we have to move on because they [TS]

  gotta man up there it's gerrin we know [TS]

  sit down [TS]

  yeah more news from from Russia and so [TS]

  they and they try to spin it which is [TS]

  funny and like oh well you know be [TS]

  forthright gracious you know all those [TS]

  things and then the one guy the [TS]

  government guys like well who's gonna be [TS]

  the first free man in space huh [TS]

  it's like not doesn't really work at [TS]

  Glenn says I'm tired [TS]

  and forthright gracious we need to get [TS]

  we need to get going and i laughed a [TS]

  little bit because basically the [TS]

  response here is oh okay yeah let's do [TS]

  it like okay where was a pep talk by the [TS]

  astronauts all that was required to move [TS]

  ahead then goes like that yeah [TS]

  hey Bella that then John Glenn could now [TS]

  there's no that's not the mercury seven [TS]

  like really really tight as a group [TS]

  John Glenn was a joke yeah but but we [TS]

  can't say the word the blanking yes [TS]

  absolutely yes [TS]

  and so it's cut to all right we're gonna [TS]

  do it and and an astronaut is going to [TS]

  be they've been keeping a close to the [TS]

  best but who's it gonna be [TS]

  and it's a talent shepherd and we get [TS]

  another one of those nice little moments [TS]

  where even though they these astronauts [TS]

  are are pitted against each other they [TS]

  also have some respect for each other [TS]

  because Shepherds god there's a sign [TS]

  that joke sign that Glenn leaves in the [TS]

  in in the in the capsule and he says [TS]

  it's not funny but I you know but I [TS]

  appreciate it and Glenn says to him by a [TS]

  con Dios jose as pair loading them in [TS]

  the capsule which is a it's pretty great [TS]

  and then Alan Shepard blasted space no [TS]

  actually and then Alan Shepard sits in [TS]

  the capsule for hours baking somebody at [TS]

  back begging a Mission Control to let [TS]

  him pee that's what happens next glamour [TS]

  in the space burger glamour slice [TS]

  cutting to another montage looks like [TS]

  coffee being poured out that my god that [TS]

  is totally insulated trillion bits of [TS]

  anything right is it brilliant eerie i [TS]

  think it kills the wedding a little [TS]

  tight on the same movie as the to [TS]

  recruiters yai chai the hoses down of [TS]

  the launchpad the thing that I really [TS]

  like here is the cut away to where we're [TS]

  talking to all the wives are together [TS]

  and that therefore media frenzy outside [TS]

  the house and all of that and and alan [TS]

  shepard's wife says he must have four [TS]

  cups of coffee before you went to work [TS]

  that morning that killed me that was [TS]

  great line that was really great we I i [TS]

  neglected to mention early on the the [TS]

  conversation with the wives sitting [TS]

  around the line that I like which again [TS]

  probably has to be believed to sometimes [TS]

  men can be such [TS]

  yeah well I didn't even mention since [TS]

  we're bleeping things I really love that [TS]

  over an open channel the first thing [TS]

  that Alan Shepard says in the in the [TS]

  capsule is dear lord please don't let me [TS]

  pick up what was that what was that I [TS]

  mean I everything is a-ok and I didn't [TS]

  quite hear you there [TS]

  their fruit repeat that everything is [TS]

  a-okay [TS]

  yeah they finally let him pee in this [TS]

  space suit though so that's good and he [TS]

  and he is the most it makes the most [TS]

  relieved sounds you will ever hear [TS]

  unfortunate racist jerk as well [TS]

  yeah well yes well this is true again [TS]

  consistent with his behavior up to this [TS]

  point actually true voice I've always [TS]

  wanted to know if in the control room [TS]

  they really did have like a light bulb [TS]

  studded diagram of the astronaut in his [TS]

  chair so they could trace where the [TS]

  urine was going up and throw it up and [TS]

  down his legs and his back if so I want [TS]

  a copy of that schematic so i can have [TS]

  that thing I want to make a version for [TS]

  myself I was a little disappointed when [TS]

  he after he comes on board the ship [TS]

  after they go pull plug him out of the [TS]

  capsule when they draw the outlines on [TS]

  his feet i really want him to walk away [TS]

  and leave like soggy but Prince to drip [TS]

  all over tonight I I was definitely [TS]

  expecting that everybody just to back [TS]

  off after opening the yeah well yeah [TS]

  yeah [TS]

  the smell so this is one of those [TS]

  moments like earlier where was like hey [TS]

  let's let's let's launch yeah let's do [TS]

  it where it's almost the enthusiasm of [TS]

  the astronauts that cause things to [TS]

  happen in the space program because it [TS]

  like let's light this candle [TS]

  yes let's do it okay all ten nine eight [TS]

  seven with Ricky immediately count down [TS]

  from ten press the button I'm a lot [TS]

  calmer than you people [TS]

  why do you solve your little problem [TS]

  like this kinda boom [TS]

  so that is right all right like the [TS]

  candidate so they do and he he launches [TS]

  and and in reentry there's a lot of [TS]

  shaking and I had that moment of like Oh [TS]

  see you've been through the high Jesus [TS]

  shaking because you were you made all [TS]

  those ridiculous training tests so [TS]

  that's what that's all good and he gets [TS]

  to he gets to listen to a band play and [TS]

  go to the White House and cut meat cut [TS]

  immediately from like [TS]

  you look it's possible he's about to die [TS]

  because no American has ever done this [TS]

  before and then to book [TS]

  ok as soon as you survive return to [TS]

  Earth you are now unto a god and [TS]

  marching and printer tape parade go to [TS]

  the White House to be as it's going to [TS]

  be commemorated your spliced into [TS]

  archival footage and instead the German [TS]

  sing some songs that i like that cut [TS]

  away that meanwhile German rocket [TS]

  scientists are very happy to sing a song [TS]

  yeah you know you when you will go into [TS]

  space the everything that you brought [TS]

  space with you has value which is why [TS]

  Gus Grissom has a whole merchandising [TS]

  plan to bring a bunch of little objects [TS]

  into space and then sell them upon his [TS]

  return to Earth but gus grissom's [TS]

  mission doesn't go so well [TS]

  no screws the pooch does in the movie [TS]

  heat in the movie does i think i think [TS]

  the historical record would suggest [TS]

  designer here at controversy [TS]

  yeah but the book was very hard on him [TS]

  as well right now the movie was [TS]

  consistent with the book and I think [TS]

  time I think you know knowledge has sort [TS]

  of shifted since the late seventies when [TS]

  the book was written at the time nobody [TS]

  inside NASA seriously believe that he [TS]

  had full pull the hatch himself [TS]

  yeah nobody a matter of fact that the [TS]

  very very next flight Wally schirra did [TS]

  something that I'm not sure if it was [TS]

  even part of the flight plan but he [TS]

  intended after the after everything was [TS]

  secure everything was safe after [TS]

  splashdown he intentionally manually a [TS]

  blue the hatch just to show that ok here [TS]

  are the bruises here is that if the [TS]

  damage that will be on your arm if you [TS]

  actually push that button and so given [TS]

  that given the complexity of this thing [TS]

  were relays for tripping just on their [TS]

  own because of balls of solder that were [TS]

  just rattling around making contact out [TS]

  that it should be on the fifth anybody's [TS]

  getting some of their history from this [TS]

  nobody inside NASA seriously believe [TS]

  that it was anything other than [TS]

  technical malfunction and when they [TS]

  finally pulled the pull the the capsule [TS]

  Liberty Bell 7 from the bottom of the [TS]

  ocean now there's a theory that maybe [TS]

  the housing around the hatch is what [TS]

  failed not not explosive bolts so just [TS]

  dissed this way yourself of any idea [TS]

  that he might have actually screw [TS]

  you can also see it in his career which [TS]

  is that he right with me was in the [TS]

  Apollo program and if he had not died [TS]

  number one seed nepali yeah he had not [TS]

  died in the Apollo one accident he would [TS]

  almost certainly have been the first man [TS]

  on the moon so bright in his career [TS]

  wizard and there's a reason there's a [TS]

  reason why scott Carpenter did not have [TS]

  reached chose to retire after his one [TS]

  flight there's reasons why other people [TS]

  other astronauts seriously chose to [TS]

  retire after their first flights it was [TS]

  because he leaves director investment [TS]

  operations made it really clear that ok [TS]

  there is no way we are going to let you [TS]

  anywhere near space right anytime so if [TS]

  it's screwed up he would not a float [TS]

  again [TS]

  yeah this is the the dissidents a [TS]

  section of the movie without where it [TS]

  really deviates from reality to drive [TS]

  home the point wants to make about again [TS]

  myth baking and where's my tape parade [TS]

  exactly a full refrigerator [TS]

  no Jackie which i like i like her [TS]

  outrage there because it's the [TS]

  implication is we got you stuff so you [TS]

  can cook meals in this thing she's like [TS]

  what it want to cook meals what are you [TS]

  asking me to do here she wants to meet [TS]

  Jackie she doesn't want to be missing [TS]

  Jackie she doesn't want to be missing [TS]

  squirming hatch blower yeah this episode [TS]

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  much for listening [TS]

  meanwhile back in the godforsaken desert [TS]

  in California the pilot test pilots are [TS]

  watching all the coverage and lamenting [TS]

  the fact that these astronauts are [TS]

  really not doing anything more than the [TS]

  monkeys would and they're kind of [TS]

  defended by Chuck Yeager which is a kind [TS]

  of a nice a nice moment when are in our [TS]

  Chuck Yeager check in and then the bar [TS]

  burns down [TS]

  alas jungle in gets the call the [TS]

  Russians are orbiting so they're going [TS]

  to scrap the suborbitals and go for [TS]

  orbit with the the sort of untapped not [TS]

  well tested that's not been tested John [TS]

  no John we haven't had a lot of luck [TS]

  with the Atlas yeah but they're gonna [TS]

  they're gonna do it and and so LBJ [TS]

  really wants to come into John Glenn's [TS]

  house and talk to his wife [TS]

  there's lots of colorful LBJ dialogue [TS]

  here too i don't know if the LBJ is any [TS]

  better than the eyes Eisenhower Phil [TS]

  what do you think [TS]

  no that's just because since then we've [TS]

  had bryan cranston doing LBJ and that [TS]

  is gonna that's gonna knock you back a [TS]

  picture to this LBJ feels just like a [TS]

  generic Texan in a limited it's [TS]

  basically just look what I brought you [TS]

  yeah it's it's not great right now if [TS]

  you get the back-and-forth with a guy [TS]

  gets sent by LBJ is likely the vice [TS]

  president wants to come in no tell him [TS]

  know what do you mean no [TS]

  go get it and he goes back and forth [TS]

  then finally they get I did John Glenn [TS]

  on the line with his wife and and mr. [TS]

  you know head of the astronaut program [TS]

  is like giving in the eye that he has to [TS]

  let the vice president and he just tells [TS]

  his wife [TS]

  they're not coming in you tell them the [TS]

  John Glenn the astronaut told you it was [TS]

  okay and he hangs up the phone [TS]

  it's just like I another great moment [TS]

  was like well what if i change the [TS]

  assignments and and you won't get a [TS]

  flight and again they all pulled [TS]

  together [TS]

  who you gonna get we're gonna get ya a [TS]

  billion i like that scene [TS]

  not only that but all the astronauts [TS]

  wives supporting this is glenn right now [TS]

  they know they know we're now she's part [TS]

  of the group no porn recollection of [TS]

  with and yep look there protecting her [TS]

  as well that's a beautiful thing yeah [TS]

  and capped off by the by the time on [TS]

  moju stone LBJ's limo quaking in writing [TS]

  it was that low me so I feel like I mean [TS]

  as Glenn as Glenn gets ready for launch [TS]

  I feel like we move into the last phase [TS]

  of the movie and the end and we get a [TS]

  few different elements that get [TS]

  introduced at this point [TS]

  Gordon Cooper goes to Australia where [TS]

  where he's going to be good because we [TS]

  don't have like a relay network setup [TS]

  yet so we're literally sending an [TS]

  astronaut to Australia so that we can [TS]

  get some global coverage as as Glenn is [TS]

  orbiting the Earth and he he's out in [TS]

  the outback and there are a bunch of [TS]

  Australian Aborigines there and he talks [TS]

  to them about space and they pointed [TS]

  that sort of Elder and say well he knows [TS]

  all about space from looking up at the [TS]

  stars and his wisdom and all that which [TS]

  is it's kinda interesting that's an [TS]

  interesting moment and and we come back [TS]

  there a couple of times as he talks to [TS]

  him and and everybody's looking up at [TS]

  the stars missing horsham [TS]

  sorry this is they really this is just [TS]

  garbage and it's hippie trippy know [TS]

  maybe we're all made of stars yeah maybe [TS]

  we are just get back to the space dude [TS]

  and i like this movie i know i know it's [TS]

  a lie I thought I pushed a little too [TS]

  far but uh but uh the there's also some [TS]

  drama here because there's a question [TS]

  about if the heat heat shield is going [TS]

  to remain on and there's a question of [TS]

  what what they tell him which steven [TS]

  when we watch Apollo 13 for for the [TS]

  liftoff special i was reminded that here [TS]

  that this is the debate which is if [TS]

  there's nothing they can do [TS]

  do we tell them that there's a [TS]

  possibility that something has gone [TS]

  wrong man in the case of John Glenn [TS]

  there is something he can do and they [TS]

  tell them to do it without telling him [TS]

  why and you get it [TS]

  he's kind of got that like okay like he [TS]

  knows something is going on was like no [TS]

  we're gonna we're gonna give you control [TS]

  and we're going to leave those those [TS]

  there and not eject them and and that's [TS]

  a nice back-and-forth between yeah [TS]

  between the astronaut on the ground and [TS]

  the astronauts on occasion Scotland [TS]

  being at Ascot colonialist which is [TS]

  there debating it yeah he's a pilot you [TS]

  tell the condition of his craft [TS]

  yeah which goes back to the whole test [TS]

  pilot thing right this is there this is [TS]

  the pride of their professionalism here [TS]

  that you know they they they need to [TS]

  know impact test pilots they need to [TS]

  know what's wrong and what's the status [TS]

  of their other craft is that's part of [TS]

  the deal but they kind of don't tell [TS]

  them anyway they kind of still just say [TS]

  well let's just leave that on and see [TS]

  what happens yeah [TS]

  and of course the first thing is we go [TS]

  he changes immediately from a wide you [TS]

  do you suppose these little gadgets [TS]

  might be alive to the steely-eyed [TS]

  missile man professional alright I'm [TS]

  going to adjust my attitude to the pic [TS]

  so to change my angle to be stupid XYZ [TS]

  XYZ math math like okie dokie alright [TS]

  oh yeah least at least at least we'll be [TS]

  busy while he dies so there's a there's [TS]

  a dramatic I and this is what this movie [TS]

  is if it's got a traditional it doesn't [TS]

  have a traditional structure but if it [TS]

  did this is would be the the moment of [TS]

  climax in the movie this is the fraud [TS]

  reentry of the key it speaking speaking [TS]

  of climax [TS]

  yeah well so what mall while he's well [TS]

  he's enduring like that now there is [TS]

  that way he's at much [TS]

  he's suffering more geez that then in a [TS]

  conventional re-entry and shaking he [TS]

  starts like humming mmm the marine him [TS]

  and now and now back up back on the [TS]

  radio gordo pass the laugh because he [TS]

  remembers being in the men's room [TS]

  yeah the stall next to him while they [TS]

  were happy they had to produce a sample [TS]

  sample during the test them and he was [TS]

  also hit he has AE he tends to hum [TS]

  during some types to pick stressful [TS]

  magazine followed by masturbation [TS]

  culminating in ejaculation huh so that's [TS]

  the that's the exciting thing here it's [TS]

  a front reentry but in the end you know [TS]

  John Glenn gets a ticker-tape parade oh [TS]

  yes he does [TS]

  yes he does get a ticker-tape parade [TS]

  meanwhile Chuck Yeager still flying [TS]

  planes he's still out there still flying [TS]

  planes just a reminder Chuck Yeager [TS]

  still getting it done [TS]

  still fly playing trying to set the [TS]

  stupidest records in the the day we're [TS]

  going to see how how far up we can fly [TS]

  before we die horribly out don't get 300 [TS]

  bucks a month will check in with Chuck [TS]

  Yeager one more time and that's going to [TS]

  be very interesting but first this is [TS]

  sort of like in this interesting kind of [TS]

  code of the movie [TS]

  welcome to Houston everybody so they're [TS]

  going to start the Space Center in [TS]

  Houston everybody in houston was the [TS]

  astronauts they gave him land they're [TS]

  going to build them houses they're gonna [TS]

  they're gonna give them furniture all of [TS]

  these things because they're going to [TS]

  end to this day you know Johnson named [TS]

  after him [TS]

  hi johnson space center is in Houston [TS]

  liquid a bride [TS]

  yeah great moment in here where dude [TS]

  walks up to alan shepard and says which [TS]

  ones Glenn he's the 1i want to meet [TS]

  people in the worst first american in [TS]

  space man come on [TS]

  there are lots of people in ten-gallon [TS]

  hats are so my note says so many cowboys [TS]

  there a lot of cowboys in the same lot [TS]

  apparently there are a lot of cowboys in [TS]

  Texas it definitely feels like the whole [TS]

  Texas seen could pivot very quickly into [TS]

  some sort of cult gathering no pjs [TS]

  called that all seems very intense here [TS]

  what we get is another one of those [TS]

  things that Phil probably hates because [TS]

  it's kinda hippie-ish which is the [TS]

  the ethereal feather kind of stuff is [TS]

  kind of cross cut with the chuck yeager [TS]

  the last Chucky acre bit where he takes [TS]

  a jet out without authorization and they [TS]

  asked them and they're like oh no I'm [TS]

  sure he's got authorization and he [TS]

  climbs because he's trying to push the [TS]

  altitude of this jet to the limit and he [TS]

  tried to get to the studio space yeah [TS]

  and he and so I'm gonna throw you a [TS]

  curveball here Jason I kind of like this [TS]

  jective just I look at that look at you [TS]

  my heart grew three three sizes so yes [TS]

  the fan dancers and no two Australian [TS]

  outback campfires is what you're saying [TS]

  about it [TS]

  yeah all right about fan dancers at [TS]

  australian what I would love to see that [TS]

  so he flies higher losses it has to [TS]

  reject but this is yeah right i mean [TS]

  this is the kind of combination of we [TS]

  keep wondering about Chuck Yeager and [TS]

  here he is he's trying to kinda set on a [TS]

  simple level here he's trying to get to [TS]

  space his own way right and it doesn't [TS]

  really want because you have that nice i [TS]

  do enjoy the shot of him get catching [TS]

  sight of the stars right as you have [TS]

  just about it at the top of his flight [TS]

  there and it's like you you know this is [TS]

  as close as he gets to get because he [TS]

  wasn't picked their very Icarus like [TS]

  it's moses being allowed to look at the [TS]

  promised land but not actually getting [TS]

  to to go there [TS]

  maybe he just thinks if I high enough [TS]

  maybe i can actually get this PS don't [TS]

  do that it's bad it's bad i'm going to [TS]

  work in the book the the parallel [TS]

  program of flying planes into space was [TS]

  talked about a lot and you know Kaufman [TS]

  wisely cut it out of the movie because [TS]

  it was already three hours long and [TS]

  would have gone forever but this is one [TS]

  of the little bits that you get that is [TS]

  you know very prominent in the book is [TS]

  the continuation of what's going on at [TS]

  edwards and and this parallel program in [TS]

  the end [TS]

  uh-huh who is it David Clemen the is the [TS]

  actor that you know there's also a it a [TS]

  bit of dialogue where he talks about the [TS]

  the money is being cut off the last of [TS]

  its kind i guess because right now it's [TS]

  ask that the astronauts are the only [TS]

  tickets space it's going it's going to [TS]

  go entirely toward the nasa thing and [TS]

  that's just that's just a [TS]

  small bit of what was a pretty big part [TS]

  of the of the book you know which is [TS]

  interesting too i was thinking about [TS]

  from the perspective of today we're [TS]

  often feels like the tables were flipped [TS]

  again and you know a lot of money gets [TS]

  devoted to you know certainly military [TS]

  jet planes and less in mind many ways to [TS]

  space exploration but you can't help but [TS]

  look but really be impressed by just the [TS]

  the contrast where you have this every [TS]

  time they launched an astronaut into [TS]

  space in the movie it's a point of here [TS]

  are the number of people it takes just [TS]

  to get him into the cockpit here the [TS]

  number of people that are just standing [TS]

  by to put out the fires here's number [TS]

  people in the control room here is [TS]

  number of people did with them and of [TS]

  course when you have these planes that [TS]

  is a man has put blocks to walk to the [TS]

  plane climbs up the ladder who radios [TS]

  the tower to ask okay is there anybody [TS]

  in front of me they'll crash into what [TS]

  to say [TS]

  nope there isn't go ahead Godspeed and [TS]

  they just simply take off as a one [TS]

  person was controlling every aspect of [TS]

  this flight there is no rest the [TS]

  astronauts are in a position where if [TS]

  something goes wrong they're there to [TS]

  take over the controls and fix it [TS]

  there is nothing that happens inside [TS]

  that plane so of course its this lonely [TS]

  project that the desert couldn't [TS]

  possibly be a more evocative place for [TS]

  the stuff to happen as it is going to be [TS]

  Chuck Yeager he's the only person who [TS]

  can get himself up there he's the only [TS]

  person who can get himself back and so [TS]

  when you can contrast that particularly [TS]

  with these scenes in which it's not just [TS]

  the the mercury seven but you've got [TS]

  these hundreds if not a couple of [TS]

  thousand people in this big this big [TS]

  auditorium all these lights and all this [TS]

  all these noises and you have this [TS]

  moment where and maybe this is a little [TS]

  bit of a hippie scene in which suddenly [TS]

  like each one of the astronauts while [TS]

  the Sally Rand was doing is doing the [TS]

  dance seems to like here like this sound [TS]

  that only the astronauts can hear and [TS]

  get distracted while Yaeger is in [TS]

  trouble or door or approaching the veil [TS]

  of space saying that there is still that [TS]

  one thing that's going to connect [TS]

  everybody and then when and then when [TS]

  the Gordo Cooper is getting that finds [TS]

  that that twenty-eight cents worth of [TS]

  maturity that he has is asked you know [TS]

  who's the bed [TS]

  hey Gordo friends the best pilot you [TS]

  ever heard of [TS]

  well I'll tell you that's the best [TS]

  pilots or another just pictures on a [TS]

  wall somewhere and actually the wall [TS]

  isn't even there anymore and then he's [TS]

  finally knocked out of his reverie best [TS]

  part of the world [TS]

  well you're looking at him yeah it's [TS]

  it's a much bigger scene at perfectly [TS]

  the right place in this movie that it [TS]

  might have appeared in the page love it [TS]

  yeah it's a the the I want to go back [TS]

  for a second to what you said about that [TS]

  Alan Shepard seen the the juxtaposition [TS]

  there the the solitary again this is the [TS]

  guy who is riding on a horse earlier [TS]

  right this is the cowboy this is he is [TS]

  out there all alone i doing all of that [TS]

  like literally not authorize just put [TS]

  this jet out there and says I'm going to [TS]

  take off now and and you compare that to [TS]

  everything that goes into that he has [TS]

  freedom in a way that the astronauts [TS]

  don't but they're the ones who get to go [TS]

  into into space and and he doesn't get [TS]

  to go there and I was going to mention [TS]

  that scene with Gordon Cooper because [TS]

  that's a really nice callback because [TS]

  they make that joke earlier that you're [TS]

  looking at him and he day and he gives [TS]

  it that little speech like you know so [TS]

  and he's interrupted by the press which [TS]

  I actually kind of like like they don't [TS]

  you know he's trying to give a speech [TS]

  and they're louder I want the soundbite [TS]

  yeah a little wide for exactly and back [TS]

  and he finally gives it to him but at [TS]

  this point it's like you know some of my [TS]

  pictures on a wall some of them are in [TS]

  this room and some of them are out there [TS]

  doing what they always do when he's [TS]

  saying you know it's the dead guys it's [TS]

  the astronauts it's the test pilots were [TS]

  still flying all those people are great [TS]

  pilots and then he gives them what they [TS]

  want which is no you're looking at him [TS]

  but thats it thats that's all this is [TS]

  the big rap of the movie is all those [TS]

  things kinda going together leading to [TS]

  that last sort of proper scene in the [TS]

  movie which is that they have to wake [TS]

  we've seen throughout the movie that [TS]

  Gordon Cooper can sleep anywhere [TS]

  including in ridiculous test [TS]

  circumstances and the payoff is that [TS]

  they have to wake them up so that they [TS]

  can launch them into space because he's [TS]

  falling asleep in his capsule [TS]

  yep love it when I it's it's it's Jager [TS]

  uh-oh post-crash walking on the runway [TS]

  with the smoke coming up and is that a [TS]

  man you're damn right Tessa yeah and the [TS]

  i believe that the the actual on [TS]

  cut on the soundtrack is called jaegers [TS]

  triumph that they play throughout that [TS]

  and the the end of the movie with with [TS]

  the Gordo going up in space [TS]

  I mean anytime you you walk out to meet [TS]

  your ambulance is a pizza party [TS]

  sure sure especially when you're like [TS]

  actively on fire as your parents [TS]

  yeah not covered covered in jet fuel and [TS]

  oil and their the so there's a little [TS]

  coat at the end which is kind of funny [TS]

  because it's a basically a and ya Gus [TS]

  Grissom got killed in that accident but [TS]

  hey before that happened Gordon Cooper [TS]

  when 22 orbits and is the last American [TS]

  to go into space alone which is a very [TS]

  strange little bit of trivia but there [TS]

  it is [TS]

  and for a brief moment he became the [TS]

  greatest pilot anyone had ever seen and [TS]

  that's the end of of the right stuff [TS]

  which I thought I thought was a little [TS]

  bit of a strange ending that maybe [TS]

  wasn't necessary because of everything [TS]

  else he's a little bit stream show [TS]

  yeah i'm not sure how they could end it [TS]

  because it is a hundred tip the [TS]

  astronauts will be back in gemini well [TS]

  that's that's the challenge right that [TS]

  if you if you look forward to Gemini and [TS]

  Apollo you diminish what these guys did [TS]

  in a way and that you the movie once [TS]

  these guys to be the stars and so I [TS]

  think back to that corner it ended kind [TS]

  of the only way that it could but i [TS]

  agree with you like from the Hollywood [TS]

  Hills perspective it's a little strange [TS]

  i like that it makes a nice trip tik [TS]

  with their you got the right stuff [TS]

  you've got from the earth to the moon [TS]

  you've got Apollo 13 and there is like [TS]

  there is sort of a through line through [TS]

  a lot of those which I kind of [TS]

  appreciate like it kinda form sort of a [TS]

  rough chronicle of this these different [TS]

  aspects and periods in the space program [TS]

  I don't know I i am on a more modern [TS]

  movie which is this isn't and it's not [TS]

  going to be but I i kept thinking when [TS]

  they wake Gordon Cooper up so that they [TS]

  can launch him and he launches into [TS]

  space [TS]

  I can feel like that's the end of the [TS]

  movie i'm not sure we need to have the [TS]

  first off like a footnote about Gus [TS]

  Grissom and what happened to him [TS]

  although he you know that [TS]

  that is notable in terms of the the [TS]

  seven and then and then we go back to [TS]

  Gordon Cooper sort of as if he's the [TS]

  main character of the movie which I'm [TS]

  not sure I would completely invest in [TS]

  that too so that we can wrap up his [TS]

  story at the end like that so I don't [TS]

  know I kinda liked how it ended with the [TS]

  you've got the cutting back and forth [TS]

  and the feather dancing and and and [TS]

  Chuck Yeager and all that and then they [TS]

  wake up Gordon Cooper and he gets shot [TS]

  into space the end like I thought that [TS]

  would have done it's fine but i just [TS]

  find the code a little unnecessary I [TS]

  think Kaufman is trying it is trying to [TS]

  do he has three characters in mind [TS]

  there's a gator who's the forgotten man [TS]

  and there's Glen who's the chosen man [TS]

  right and Cooper is the man who rises to [TS]

  the occasion where he starts off the [TS]

  movie as a as a pub knocker and uh by [TS]

  the end he's giving that speech that uh [TS]

  huh tiptoes gingerly towards humility so [TS]

  I i think that's what he's trying to go [TS]

  for and I'm not sure it's entirely [TS]

  successful but um I again I appreciate [TS]

  the kind of here these three figures and [TS]

  we're going to tell the story through [TS]

  them and also that he is the first the [TS]

  mercury seven that we meet the movie so [TS]

  let's see we got go out on his ascension [TS]

  into into space although it's it's it [TS]

  bear let's check out of space program [TS]

  isn't it [TS]

  you think about how this was me when [TS]

  this movie was released it had been for [TS]

  got the the shuttle program hadn't [TS]

  released become operational yet [TS]

  Challenger was still about 45 years away [TS]

  and i think the people sweet there were [TS]

  so many triumphs that NASA accomplished [TS]

  during all of Apollo and even through [TS]

  mercury with the with the exception of [TS]

  Apollo one that I think people had [TS]

  forgotten that no no this isn't you this [TS]

  isn't you [TS]

  they drive into the car they they get [TS]

  into the car they turn the key and [TS]

  unless there's an accident [TS]

  everything's going to be okay it may I [TS]

  think everybody needed a reminder that [TS]

  this was every second there was again [TS]

  this one loose Wallace honor it [TS]

  somewhere that spacecraft floating and [TS]

  floating weightless if it simply bumps [TS]

  against the reader the context in a real [TS]

  a bump [TS]

  yet so they need to be reminded that [TS]

  this was a very very difficult things [TS]

  that are being asked to do so what [TS]

  everybody think dr. dre what's your [TS]

  overall take on on the right stuff [TS]

  well I really I i think the book is [TS]

  better than the movie but i really do [TS]

  like I really do like the movie there [TS]

  are I think there are interesting [TS]

  politics in the movie i think this is [TS]

  very much a movie of the Reagan era are [TS]

  even know they're there are plenty of [TS]

  cynical parts in it but there is this [TS]

  sort of overarching patriotic aspect to [TS]

  it that kind of fits in very well with [TS]

  the with the morning in America time uh [TS]

  I I remember distinctly at the time are [TS]

  people thinking that this movie might [TS]

  have an effect on the presidential race [TS]

  or at least the Democratic primary that [TS]

  was coming up the following year because [TS]

  of john glenn's yes Scotland was running [TS]

  know John Glenn we run a half the sky [TS]

  ground because there's a lot of Medicine [TS]

  Scott one arm so that was kind of [TS]

  interesting and I remember a cartoon a [TS]

  political cartoon of the time where a [TS]

  people are coming out of a movie theater [TS]

  there's a marquee behind it saying it's [TS]

  there obviously they're coming out of [TS]

  the right stuff and the character is [TS]

  saying well that that decided for me I [TS]

  know I'm who I'm going to vote for Chuck [TS]

  Yeager and and that's so II it there was [TS]

  a lot of talk about the movie having [TS]

  some some effect and obviously it didn't [TS]

  up one of the things that I really like [TS]

  about the movie is the unusual casting [TS]

  and you know phil mentioned uh levon [TS]

  Helm which is i think is an unusual [TS]

  choice i don't i don't share remember [TS]

  him being in a movie before this he may [TS]

  have I mean he's been in movies [TS]

  certainly but this may have been the [TS]

  first one and he's not given a lot to do [TS]

  but he does it well [TS]

  any-any does the narration part arm you [TS]

  know Anthony moon yes well that's kind [TS]

  of a weird thing I don't think that was [TS]

  very successful there was the obvious [TS]

  stunt casting of chuck yeager [TS]

  I as a bartender at the happy bottom [TS]

  there's the there's a great scene i'll [TS]

  actually very well he's very well-used [TS]

  so when Harry Shearer and a David Clemen [TS]

  are talking about who gets to go and you [TS]

  know jager doesn't fit the profile [TS]

  because he doesn't he doesn't have any [TS]

  college are the real Yeager is looming [TS]

  over them in the background and kind of [TS]

  looking askance at them but it was [TS]

  pretty funny [TS]

  I Stephen what do you think of this one [TS]

  no I'm I'm predisposed to enjoy space [TS]

  movies but i think the the length of [TS]

  this movie and and some of the pacing [TS]

  really aged it for me where I i didn't i [TS]

  didn't particularly enjoy especially the [TS]

  middle part but you know after we get to [TS]

  know them and doing other testing [TS]

  everything I said early really felt like [TS]

  it drug on they go to fight it a lot [TS]

  more fitted had been more more compacted [TS]

  more economical in the story that had [TS]

  told that said I do think it did a good [TS]

  job and the thing that I walked away [TS]

  enjoying it is the thing that I enjoyed [TS]

  from the book is singing the [TS]

  relationship between seven guys who [TS]

  really are there not only competing for [TS]

  a job but they're competing for space in [TS]

  the history books write the first guy [TS]

  goes up the first guy who makes an orbit [TS]

  these are the names that we remember and [TS]

  even of the seven only a few of them are [TS]

  names that you know maybe anything close [TS]

  to household names at this point and [TS]

  it's it's the guys who are in the [TS]

  history books and if you made one of [TS]

  those flights that was a repeat of [TS]

  something that someone else had done [TS]

  before you kind of get forgotten a [TS]

  little bit but and despite despite of [TS]

  all of that that they do band together [TS]

  and they do stand-up to NASA and stand [TS]

  up to engineer the same with their [TS]

  bosses and say look this is the way that [TS]

  we're going to do it [TS]

  you chose us to do a job let us do that [TS]

  job that's that story always gets me and [TS]

  it's always something that I enjoy in in [TS]

  reading and watching anything about this [TS]

  era [TS]

  in NASA history but i think that this [TS]

  particular example is is a little [TS]

  long-winded for my taste [TS]

  the young people today with their movies [TS]

  it's awful that cut haha well it does it [TS]

  does feel I mean it is of a style this [TS]

  is an epic that if they still make [TS]

  really long movies they do but this this [TS]

  has that feel of of something epic in [TS]

  scope and and willing to take its time [TS]

  with a lot of it and I think they're i [TS]

  agree that there are places where it [TS]

  sags a little bit um it just it they [TS]

  don't make them like this anymore that [TS]

  is for sure [TS]

  dan what's your take on the right stuff [TS]

  yeah i think is a good word for it [TS]

  although i think it was it lacks the [TS]

  strong through line of a lot of other [TS]

  sort of epic movies someone in the in [TS]

  the chatroom mention lawrence of arabia [TS]

  sure top which is one of my favorite [TS]

  absolutely you know I has a much [TS]

  stronger sort of plot line then this [TS]

  doesn't and you know obviously you're [TS]

  always run into trouble in both of those [TS]

  cases adapting something that is that is [TS]

  you know historical you're also [TS]

  challenged here because you're dealing [TS]

  with essentially seven or eight guys as [TS]

  opposed to one person mainly I i agree [TS]

  with stephen that at times it feels kind [TS]

  along with it until it is just the [TS]

  structure of it is a very very strange [TS]

  movie it feels like a loose series of [TS]

  vignettes you know sort of hung together [TS]

  in this is phil pointed out earlier it's [TS]

  also there's like some weird tonal [TS]

  shifts you know with the broad comedy [TS]

  versus you know the very serious sort of [TS]

  the historical impact of it so I i felt [TS]

  very much time but I enjoyed it overall [TS]

  I like some of the comedy because it [TS]

  does light mean what could otherwise be [TS]

  kind of dreary at times especially for a [TS]

  movie that is has aged in this way I [TS]

  think it's a movie that is is long and [TS]

  yet some of that length probably could [TS]

  have been filled better because you know [TS]

  I think about some of the long lingering [TS]

  shots on Unger in the in the desert and [TS]

  it's like I I appreciate the story of [TS]

  chuck yeager but perhaps there is a [TS]

  better way to use that time even if you [TS]

  wanted to maintain sort of the longer [TS]

  epic feel to it I can you know and [TS]

  having never seen it before [TS]

  I came in with my knowledge mainly the [TS]

  space program from like other other sort [TS]

  of dramatizations and I you know was [TS]

  interested to learn a little bit more in [TS]

  some stuff that I definitely didn't know [TS]

  about the development of this period in [TS]

  the in the space program but it's a yeah [TS]

  its overall i would give it a thumbs up [TS]

  and I would be very positive about it [TS]

  but it is definitely a movie of its time [TS]

  as I think dr. Drake said and it sort of [TS]

  resonates in that way because it had [TS]

  that sort of specific not only the [TS]

  filmmaking but just the the sort of mood [TS]

  and tone of a lot of it but yeah I i [TS]

  think it certainly deserves to be to be [TS]

  seen and it's a solid film Andy judging [TS]

  on everything you said tonight you don't [TS]

  care for this movie very much right [TS]

  I its system of my favorite movies and [TS]

  when I first saw it I didn't know very [TS]

  much about the space program so it's not [TS]

  as I was coming in like seeing so we're [TS]

  taking off okay i hope we get to see the [TS]

  the point which jo whiley sure I like [TS]

  close the hatch located get to see that [TS]

  yeah I see em everybody isn't I'm with I [TS]

  by disagree with the i did not have the [TS]

  same experience of thinking that it was [TS]

  too long i can't help but think of of [TS]

  roger ebert's famous line that no-good [TS]

  movie is too long no bad movie is short [TS]

  enough i think that this is as long as [TS]

  it needed to be for the tone that it [TS]

  wanted to adopt I think that they made [TS]

  it really really clear from the very [TS]

  beginning of this movie that this is not [TS]

  going to be an action movie this is not [TS]

  going to be one where we're going to [TS]

  we're not going to linger over things [TS]

  we're not gonna give the actors time to [TS]

  have their pauses and just look at each [TS]

  other we're going to make sure that you [TS]

  understand this world that we're going [TS]

  to throw you into for the next two or [TS]

  three hours and it's pretty doesn't mean [TS]

  if he thought that was too long of [TS]

  course that doesn't mean that gosh you [TS]

  don't appreciate [TS]

  bring a long-form storytelling you don't [TS]

  have the ability to pay attention to [TS]

  maintain focus [TS]

  I'm just saying that I didn't have that [TS]

  reaction if I really liked every every [TS]

  part of this movie I thought I don't [TS]

  deny that there are certainly scenes [TS]

  entire sequences that could have been [TS]

  removed but as I'm listening to [TS]

  everybody else talk about that I was [TS]

  trying to think about is there any [TS]

  character that i would i would miss if [TS]

  this were edited for television and to [TS]

  get it under two and a half hours but [TS]

  they let's say they move this subplot we [TS]

  didn't get to see the nurse or we didn't [TS]

  get to see the training part of it i [TS]

  would really miss having seen that and I [TS]

  think that owes to the fact that they [TS]

  really allowed every single character to [TS]

  just not be a background disposable [TS]

  character even though or we talked about [TS]

  the the or the mexican orderly during [TS]

  the during the the physicals it could [TS]

  have been just like the big let's just [TS]

  get somebody who is brown and that way [TS]

  we can make the joke about go gosh [TS]

  they're so they're making Jose Jimenez [TS]

  jokes they shouldn't be doing that they [TS]

  gave him lines too real and they put in [TS]

  a situation where he is absolutely in [TS]

  country in the free owns this scene of [TS]

  just walking these two astronauts all [TS]

  the way back to where they're probably [TS]

  gonna get some relief from this thing's [TS]

  been shoved up their butt and also they [TS]

  give they given him a scene that believe [TS]

  it or not it's it's that one line at the [TS]

  end of that scene where Shepherd is of [TS]

  course like a child both in stature [TS]

  compared to the orderly and also the [TS]

  idea that he's he's about the yolk drop [TS]

  his pants sake of em IQ how am i doing [TS]

  am I going to make it yours [TS]

  I think yes man I think you're going to [TS]

  make it you're going to be an astronaut [TS]

  yeah and so yes so that that's what [TS]

  that's what i'm getting at if you work [TS]

  there's nobody who's disposable again [TS]

  the things you can cut but there's [TS]

  nobody that is like okay well there's no [TS]

  point to that so as I'm saying I i just [TS]

  i'm very very happy to have spent three [TS]

  hours in the world of these people [TS]

  created because they decided that I [TS]

  think they have an awareness that we're [TS]

  gonna we're asking for asking three [TS]

  hours of these people's attention [TS]

  we don't want to waste any of that time [TS]

  and we don't have to do that by having [TS]

  things explode every 30 seconds we don't [TS]

  have to have all kinds of trumped-up [TS]

  drama but we have to make sure that [TS]

  whatever we put on the screen there is a [TS]

  high level of craftsmanship and people [TS]

  don't feel as though that time they [TS]

  spent watching that character was wasted [TS]

  so no I think I thought was really [TS]

  wonderfully done i'm very happy to exist [TS]

  i do think that special effects stand up [TS]

  very very well i remember reading in the [TS]

  the big issue of us in effect that [TS]

  talked about the effects and maybe my [TS]

  head as a kid my head program with all [TS]

  all the techniques that went to star [TS]

  wars and went into alien and all these [TS]

  other movies [TS]

  SI well no we just basically flu these [TS]

  things against the sky had very very [TS]

  high speed and then we slowed it down so [TS]

  oh so that's why the planes look so good [TS]

  because you actually put planes okay [TS]

  okay at work so yeah I i have a blu-ray [TS]

  and when if if they release in 4k i will [TS]

  be the sucker who buys it again in 4k [TS]

  and I will watch every single bit of it [TS]

  now shall we [TS]

  when we started we already set up front [TS]

  that this is a you think this is an [TS]

  underappreciated one of the best films [TS]

  of the eighties so I I get you haven't [TS]

  changed your mind since we started [TS]

  ok I'll smote flawed movie great movie [TS]

  yeah it should be pointed out i don't [TS]

  think the 80s was a great decade for me [TS]

  well but can I can you do it you know [TS]

  you can only play against the teams they [TS]

  put in Freddy and raging at all [TS]

  yeah well no the the ones that are good [TS]

  or good rating bowl Amadeus raiders of [TS]

  the lost ark this one right stuff [TS]

  no it's all good so the blade runner I [TS]

  think one of the things about this about [TS]

  this movie too is that it allows and now [TS]

  35 years old basically it is fixing a [TS]

  point in history that it was 20 years [TS]

  removed from itself when it was made but [TS]

  this is one of those things where it [TS]

  allows us to access what it was like on [TS]

  the frontier of space and finding the [TS]

  people who are going to be the [TS]

  astronauts and i love that this movie [TS]

  exists in the world because it's a it's [TS]

  an accessible way for people to look at [TS]

  how how we got to our astronauts and [TS]

  started the space program and as a you [TS]

  know it's a period piece from 20 years [TS]

  ago about something that happened 50 [TS]

  years ago and are 30 years ago about [TS]

  something happened 50 years ago and i'm [TS]

  glad it exists the world for that reason [TS]

  that that instead of just saying oh yeah [TS]

  they pick some astronauts like you can [TS]

  see who those people were like what [TS]

  would work what they were like what it [TS]

  took [TS]

  who had the right stuff to to climb in [TS]

  these ridiculous contraption and risk [TS]

  their lives and and that's you know i [TS]

  think that i think is great value in in [TS]

  in having a document like this it's not [TS]

  a documentary by any stretch of the [TS]

  imagination but it's a movie can point [TS]

  to and say well if you want to know how [TS]

  that all came together here it is this [TS]

  has been great thanks to my to my panel [TS]

  for joining me for this one Dan Morgan [TS]

  thanks for being here [TS]

  it was my pleasure and i look forward to [TS]

  seeing you in space [TS]

  excellent doctor drink thank you well [TS]

  thank you i'm gonna close up shop here [TS]

  and get me a stick of Beeman's alright [TS]

  Steven Hackett thanks for being here [TS]

  thanks for letting me pee in my suit as [TS]

  I sit here and do not go thank you [TS]

  it's called Sputnik know and for [TS]

  Michaels of course thank you [TS]

  well it seems that were coming to the [TS]

  end of another podcast [TS]

  little bit of a disaster a long way but [TS]

  get you there on time just sit back and [TS]

  goodnight everybody [TS]

  and i'm jason still the issue here [TS]

  remember the issue here is monkey will [TS]

  see you next time [TS]

  [Music] [TS]