The Incomparable

288: I Wish I Was Back in Norway


  I gotta turn on the laser Steve hold huh [TS]

  and note from canada i'm told don't go [TS]

  see don't go see pink floyd in the [TS]

  summertime in edmonton because when they [TS]

  play outdoors have to wait until after [TS]

  11pm to actually start the concert and [TS]

  you still can't see the lasers at that [TS]

  point and by then the band is asleep you [TS]

  know we got back to the hotel is there [TS]

  really a pink floyd what most of them [TS]

  are dead which why [TS]

  yeah that's a good question man Pink [TS]

  Floyd wow that's a question recipe you [TS]

  owe you want to answer that question but [TS]

  when you haven't got it man it's a [TS]

  question for the universe is an [TS]

  interesting predicament i find myself in [TS]

  I'm being asked you have to choose [TS]

  Manuel what to do [TS]

  well well Pink Floyd was probably the [TS]

  second band that I kind of immerse [TS]

  myself in after the Beatles and dearly [TS]

  love almost everything they did they are [TS]

  a great album band so it seemed like for [TS]

  the album draft they be a good fit [TS]

  I'm really anything from my Dark Side of [TS]

  the Moon up to the wall maybe the final [TS]

  cut but maybe not would qualify as best [TS]

  albums of all time for me but I'm going [TS]

  to pick what is actually my favorite [TS]

  Floyd album that I never get tired of [TS]

  and that is metal from 1971 [TS]

  [Music] [TS]

  partly because again with the [TS]

  eclecticism it starts off with one of [TS]

  these days which is fairly hard rocking [TS]

  for the floyd and it's almost like a [TS]

  this very atmospheric sort of horror [TS]

  movie soundtrack and then it drifts [TS]

  through this really kind of mellow [TS]

  section on a pillow of winds as one of [TS]

  the iconic songs and fearless which is [TS]

  just a fantastic song there's a little [TS]

  light jazz in San Tropez Sheamus is also [TS]

  present but you know it's short and then [TS]

  it then it culminates with the probably [TS]

  their greatest album side length [TS]

  composition which is echoes which is [TS]

  just unbelievably great and i love the [TS]

  atmosphere to it i like the lyrics that [TS]

  seemed to be about I don't know some [TS]

  kind of sea creature rising from the [TS]

  depths [TS]

  it's hard to say yeah but but it's a [TS]

  it's one of those songs that just kind [TS]

  of you can get into and sort of float [TS]

  around and sort of feel the waves of the [TS]

  music drifting in and out and it's it's [TS]

  created great song it's a great album [TS]

  it's one of the few that that I could [TS]

  really seriously consider taking to [TS]

  desert island with me because unlike the [TS]

  others i haven't gotten tired of it and [TS]

  I considered picking darkside just [TS]

  because it's such a great album such an [TS]

  iconic album and such a an albums album [TS]

  but I can no longer enjoy dark side of [TS]

  the mountain because I've heard it too [TS]

  many times in too many contexts so yah [TS]

  metal that said that's the one that that [TS]

  you should listen to [TS]

  ok Floyd that's great good to know but [TS]

  not a metal album i running on metal [TS]

  album no wrong a metal album title [TS]

  manually d le mass imagine if it wasn't [TS]

  for you meddling as hell what the hell [TS]

  is that cool of the british guy on all [TS]

  right okay Anakin question I so for my [TS]

  choice you know everybody everybody all [TS]

  the critics everybody loves and cites [TS]

  the influence of radiohead's ok computer [TS]

  and that's why I'm choosing their best [TS]

  album the bend [TS]

  from 1995 [TS]

  just [TS]

  [Music] [TS]

  [Music] [TS]

  Jason you just snapped them on my ps3 [TS]

  and relations is the master Smith the [TS]

  bends it is a you know I i first heard [TS]

  Radiohead through through some of their [TS]

  later stuff that was critically [TS]

  acclaimed and glorious less accessible [TS]

  actually like a lot of later stuff too [TS]

  but for me this is the moment where [TS]

  Radiohead still kind of wanted to be you [TS]

  too but was inexorably Radiohead that is [TS]

  the best and this is a song this is an [TS]

  album full of fantastic songs you know [TS]

  high and dry is beautiful the benz is a [TS]

  great album planet tell our great a song [TS]

  on this album planet telex is great and [TS]

  black star kills me everytime such great [TS]

  and then it's full of great songs so [TS]

  what can i say my iron lung is terrific [TS]

  it is what is it you do to yourself [TS]

  that's called something else right [TS]

  uh yeah that's um just time just [TS]

  fantastic and the thing i will say for [TS]

  you were rolling your eyes at Radiohead [TS]

  because you you have heard them as these [TS]

  kind of oblique droney r RT experimental [TS]

  rockers from their latter period and [TS]

  thought oh yes well no wonder the [TS]

  critics liked them and no wonder they're [TS]

  so asserts esoteric this a rock album [TS]

  and it sounds like a rock album and it's [TS]

  a really great rock album it is not just [TS]

  kind of loops and weird meandering [TS]

  sounds in the background it is a a real [TS]

  legitimate rock album and has their [TS]

  ambient music reputation really [TS]

  overtaken there early rock reputation i [TS]

  get there i think yeah I think I think [TS]

  that'll shock people think it a-and and [TS]

  everything I've never actually listened [TS]

  to the bends has been just doing but [TS]

  maybe i will check it out now it's [TS]

  wonderful and it rocks and it's sad yeah [TS]

  it is it is it is like a uh yeah it's a [TS]

  weird like parallel universe what if [TS]

  what if the radiohead you know was [TS]

  trying to be you too [TS]

  that's the bends it is a rock is a rock [TS]

  album it is got its got guitars and [TS]

  stuff and not just weird you know your [TS]

  old Thom Yorke muttering while loops [TS]

  play which again I like a lot of the [TS]

  latter-day radio and stuff but not as [TS]

  much as I like the benz i would pick [TS]

  this album just because of planet telex [TS]

  alone you can just put planet telex on a [TS]

  disk and i would say that is a great i [TS]

  would do that with Blackstar I just play [TS]

  black star over and over [TS]

  and i would i would listen to that so [TS]

  yeah okay there you go i'm sniping I'm [TS]

  sniping alright i must amend my earlier [TS]

  assessment of your terrible musical [TS]

  taste and season album okay job [TS]

  well there are many more albums to be [TS]

  chosen three more rounds plus all of the [TS]

  extra albums in the not selected list [TS]

  but those are going to wait for next [TS]

  week when we do part two of the [TS]

  uncomfortable album draft but until then [TS]

  thanks for listening i'm jason l thank [TS]

  you Eric and signed david lower Steve [TS]

  Lutz anthony johnson andy and Aiko we [TS]

  will see you for part two next time [TS]

  [Music] [TS]