The Incomparable

327: This Robot is Eisenhower


  submitted for your approval one Rod [TS]

  Serling rumbles television writer who [TS]

  gained a sort of immortality by [TS]

  appearing on camera introducing an [TS]

  anthology series that would go down in [TS]

  history as one of the finest of all time [TS]

  his story was not an amazing story in [TS]

  order to take viewers to the outer [TS]

  limits [TS]

  instead it took them to the heart of [TS]

  human nature one of the darkest corners [TS]

  of the twilight zone [TS]

  the incomparable [TS]

  number 377 November 2016 welcome back [TS]

  everybody to the uncomfortable i am your [TS]

  host Jason smell and we're here in this [TS]

  episode to talk about classic television [TS]

  series from long ago for more than 50 [TS]

  years ago but you probably know it and [TS]

  if you haven't seen it you know what you [TS]

  probably still know it because of all [TS]

  the references [TS]

  it's so influential and funny thing it's [TS]

  often rerun over the holidays in a [TS]

  marathon which is one of the reasons [TS]

  we're doing it right before Thanksgiving [TS]

  it's the twilight zone we're going to [TS]

  enter our dimension not only of sight [TS]

  and sound but of mind dude and introduce [TS]

  my panelists dune computed he is fresh [TS]

  out of the asylum [TS]

  so let's put them on an airplane it's [TS]

  david lower hello [TS]

  submitted for your approval a playwright [TS]

  surrounded by cornfields reaping what he [TS]

  sowed in the twilight zone also as Steve [TS]

  let's hear it's good that you're here [TS]

  it's really good Steve it's great that [TS]

  you're here it's a real good podcast [TS]

  you're making your Jason real it's real [TS]

  good [TS]

  it's it's really good make him stop [TS]

  doing it make him stop [TS]

  somebody hit the podcast host over the [TS]

  head with something hard while I've got [TS]

  distracted and now I first time on as a [TS]

  panelist although you've heard his voice [TS]

  before in some of our listener feedback [TS]

  episodes he's also the host and this is [TS]

  relevant of the random sterling podcast [TS]

  it's a it's it's dan where's dan I'm [TS]

  talky Tina and i'm going to introduce [TS]

  you [TS]

  look mom Santa Claus is loaded and then [TS]

  I was going to introduce our next guest [TS]

  with some dialogue from the classic [TS]

  Twilight Zone episode the invaders but [TS]

  there isn't any its Frank whoo [TS]

  Frank welcome thanks i love the twilight [TS]

  zone [TS]

  I am so psyched about this I cannot [TS]

  express in words because we're talking [TS]

  about that so that is not [TS]

  like I can I got president words just [TS]

  how awesome this this is I i love this [TS]

  show since I was little and ah yes now [TS]

  see thanksgiving is not my twilight zone [TS]

  holiday it is right for me it was always [TS]

  a fourth of july i know that there [TS]

  probably are some places some weird [TS]

  places where thanksgiving is the time [TS]

  for the twilight zone marathon but it [TS]

  was always at least in the LA area he [TS]

  was always a the fourth of July [TS]

  independence that's just the [TS]

  conversation around the table with the [TS]

  inlaws that's what Thanksgiving is I'll [TS]

  just we know you did this when we set [TS]

  this episode of Steve III did my [TS]

  research and the toilets and marathon [TS]

  originated on Katla in la at [TS]

  Thanksgiving of 1980 so it was a [TS]

  thanksgiving marathon before it was a [TS]

  fourth of July Wow in your face get on [TS]

  KTLA no kidding well they changed that [TS]

  they changed it then very easy steve-o [TS]

  my recent it was always a new years day [TS]

  marathon bag yeah it's a holiday thing [TS]

  to it so anything could think of a [TS]

  marathon about regardless yeah it works [TS]

  better for the fourth of july though [TS]

  because there's nothing else going on [TS]

  the fourth of July you don't have any [TS]

  meals to prepare anything just sitting [TS]

  around waiting to blow stuff up in the [TS]

  evening and well it's there's a lot of [TS]

  homespun americana yeah and there are [TS]

  there all episodes about how messed up [TS]

  america is just too far more twilight [TS]

  zone episodes are set in summers gone by [TS]

  than any other season so there's only [TS]

  one summer to every customer Jason I was [TS]

  just thinking that you know you can put [TS]

  something on the stove and for [TS]

  thanksgiving and then watch all an [TS]

  entire episode and then come back and it [TS]

  wouldn't be done yet because these are [TS]

  these are these are quick there Pacey [TS]

  the fastest are fast there in and out 20 [TS]

  minutes they're done [TS]

  I got through these ones we watch for [TS]

  this in just lickety-split [TS]

  yeah it's fast speedy speedy it's kind [TS]

  of nice instead of watching the movie it [TS]

  goes on for three hours [TS]

  I don't make them like this anymore we [TS]

  watched six episodes and we're going to [TS]

  talk about it but I thought we would get [TS]

  I thought we maybe get started by [TS]

  talking about the twilight zone [TS]

  more generally you know it is it is in [TS]

  in in people's memory they know about [TS]

  maybe the voice of Rod Serling and him [TS]

  appearing in a suit and introducing it [TS]

  that every every introduction ends with [TS]

  a littlie a little uh mention of the [TS]

  twilight zone [TS]

  and how does he work that in and how [TS]

  does that all fit in the theme song [TS]

  super creepy there are lots of really [TS]

  interesting opening credits it's all in [TS]

  black and white at lots of amazing [TS]

  actors showed up in it and of course [TS]

  it's famous for its surprising twist [TS]

  endings that happen a lot i think it [TS]

  sticks in our minds this is a this is [TS]

  one of these these things that 55 60 [TS]

  years later it's still quite memorable [TS]

  the the all of these stories as an [TS]

  anthology series especially it's a [TS]

  little surprising their know like sink [TS]

  in indelible characters like Star Trek [TS]

  or something like that it's just these [TS]

  stories and and and yet it remains i [TS]

  would say i don't know if it's [TS]

  influential but it's certainly strong in [TS]

  memory they don't make shows like this [TS]

  anymore [TS]

  well but you know separately mirror-like [TS]

  rehash that gets created about every [TS]

  every 20 years yeah but even even there [TS]

  you've got it is influenced episodes of [TS]

  other shows it is important for sure it [TS]

  has influenced the style of shows like [TS]

  The X Files [TS]

  I mean what is the x-files but just a [TS]

  really long Twilight Zone that kinda [TS]

  meanders and gets lost in some [TS]

  technology halfway through the show but [TS]

  anyway [TS]

  well the simpsons halloween episodes [TS]

  wouldn't exist without the top it's true [TS]

  right there almost more of the men are [TS]

  twilight zone episodes at this point to [TS]

  you know and and part of the reason it's [TS]

  endured where things like science [TS]

  fiction theater and even the outer [TS]

  limits the outer limits are still kind [TS]

  of popular but you know anthologies were [TS]

  big thing at the time the reason this [TS]

  one indoors i think is because most of [TS]

  those were about quick scares and it's [TS]

  not it's not just hates monster [TS]

  ah and trying to deal with monster or [TS]

  hey its invaders from space right [TS]

  there's more to it it's about the fear [TS]

  of the unknown at work on a normal human [TS]

  being and almost every episode does that [TS]

  that creeping sense of something is [TS]

  really really weird and and it's gonna [TS]

  eventually overwhelm me if I don't do [TS]

  something and sometimes the main [TS]

  character is overwhelmed sometimes it's [TS]

  someone who deserves their comeuppance [TS]

  and sometimes it's working on a [TS]

  perfectly innocent person or someone we [TS]

  think is a perfectly innocent person and [TS]

  and so there's there's more at work [TS]

  there than just scary story creepy story [TS]

  well their morality plays I mean yeah [TS]

  yeah Rod Serling really use this as a [TS]

  way to tell stories about politics [TS]

  because he had had a show i think it was [TS]

  called the arena or something like that [TS]

  which is about politics in 1956 and then [TS]

  they killed it because it was talking [TS]

  about you know current for the [TS]

  politicians and it's like well so make [TS]

  everybody a robot until the exact same [TS]

  sorry that will be fine and and everyone [TS]

  will know that this robot is Eisenhower [TS]

  and this other robot is perfect Steven [TS]

  said and you know I can say whatever I [TS]

  want Ike was a robot did the final straw [TS]

  was when he tried to do a teleplay about [TS]

  the Emmett Till story and they [TS]

  completely I mean they said well you can [TS]

  you can set a hundred years earlier and [TS]

  you can set it in a little mexican town [TS]

  and and it won't have anything to do [TS]

  with Emmett Till and it'll barely [TS]

  resemble the real story and he said this [TS]

  is ridiculous and it was awful i think [TS]

  it's called a town is turned to dust and [TS]

  and that was the moment when he said you [TS]

  know again if I said it in the science [TS]

  fictional setting think they just go out [TS]

  robot school [TS]

  yeah that's what they used to do in [TS]

  soviet russia that was the secret sauce [TS]

  and star trek to write is a trace [TS]

  you don't think it's so ridiculous that [TS]

  we can slide in RR meaning and and [TS]

  everybody can just agree it's going to [TS]

  be an allegory it's going to be [TS]

  metaphorical it's not going to be that's [TS]

  why I like some of the best Star Trek [TS]

  episodes are also some of the worst and [TS]

  let that be the last year about you [TS]

  where you like guys are like black and [TS]

  one time went on the other side as [TS]

  opposed to the guys are whitening that [TS]

  side in black and yellow set which is [TS]

  either the dumbest idea you've ever seen [TS]

  are the most drawing idea [TS]

  it's like it's hard to tell what the [TS]

  problem is when they're too on the nose [TS]

  yeah and and one thing that Sterling was [TS]

  good about was coaching things properly [TS]

  within enough of a sci-fi or horror [TS]

  environment that whatever the message [TS]

  was it was relatively unrecognizable he [TS]

  wasn't beating you over the head with [TS]

  his humanism or whatever it was that he [TS]

  was pounding that week I feel like a lot [TS]

  of the these episodes including those [TS]

  samples that we watch one of the one of [TS]

  the great things about them is [TS]

  not all of them but some of them you [TS]

  don't you're not entirely sure what [TS]

  you're watching when you're watching it [TS]

  and um where the supernatural element [TS]

  will come in if it comes in at all some [TS]

  of them are a little more obvious but [TS]

  some of them are not just waiting for [TS]

  the twist your like waiting to see when [TS]

  you take like an episode like there are [TS]

  a lot of these where whether somebody [TS]

  who you think may be losing it and it's [TS]

  unclear whether you're really witnessing [TS]

  a supernatural event or just a crazy [TS]

  person like you know living doll is [TS]

  kinda like that and nightmare at 20,000 [TS]

  40,000 feet for sure is like that which [TS]

  and the beauty of that is he starts as [TS]

  someone who just left an asylum right [TS]

  Ryan he's he's struggling you know it's [TS]

  like Izzy crazy at the end [TS]

  no he didn't see a thing on the wing and [TS]

  he has regained his sanity even though [TS]

  they wheeled him away or I will get to a [TS]

  woman we talked about this one but in [TS]

  month the monsters are due on Maple [TS]

  Street I mean you could go very very [TS]

  deep like literally to the last shot of [TS]

  that and just cut it off before the end [TS]

  and say there are no aliens [TS]

  there's no fantastic element monsters r [TS]

  us kid vs the monsters arrives we [TS]

  established this we're done right and [TS]

  that i love that about it almost look [TS]

  better in fact that many together [TS]

  episode [TS]

  yeah so the reason the twilight zone [TS]

  stuck with me was particularly that it [TS]

  was like the perfect first geeking out [TS]

  kind of show you i was not old enough to [TS]

  be around when these originally aired [TS]

  but I saw them constantly in syndication [TS]

  and in particular those those marathons [TS]

  i look forward to every year and I would [TS]

  sit there and watch them over and over [TS]

  again and it was really the first show [TS]

  that I just completely geeked out about [TS]

  and I wanted to make sure I had seen all [TS]

  of them and it was one of the first [TS]

  shows that i can think of that had a [TS]

  companion book that came out that listed [TS]

  every episode of The Twilight Zone [TS]

  companion by Mark Scott decree long [TS]

  before the internet made these things [TS]

  you know the things that you can just [TS]

  pull up with the tap of a couple of [TS]

  fingers you have to go to bookstore and [TS]

  specifically by the twilight zone [TS]

  companion but it was great because it [TS]

  listed all the episodes you know season [TS]

  by season with the original airdate [TS]

  switch wasn't necessarily the same as [TS]

  the day [TS]

  that they were produced in and it was [TS]

  written early enough that and thank [TS]

  goodness that he wrote it when he did as [TS]

  opposed to wait until the Internet age [TS]

  because he was able to to interview the [TS]

  creator's you know there were some of [TS]

  them are still alive and the ones who [TS]

  weren't were not so far gone that people [TS]

  had forgotten you know the the various [TS]

  things that they had said about the [TS]

  episode so I mean it was just it was a [TS]

  treasure trove for somebody who liked to [TS]

  really get into something and sort of [TS]

  appease that collectors urge you might [TS]

  my copy is sitting three feet away from [TS]

  you as as we speak [TS]

  I'm holding in my hands unfortunately [TS]

  lost my first edition I'm I've got the [TS]

  2nd edition so Dan what prompted you [TS]

  mean you obviously care enough about [TS]

  this that you decided to do a podcast [TS]

  all about the the rod serling TV series [TS]

  so what what what made this click for [TS]

  you so it's interesting at least I hope [TS]

  it's interesting to people that's it [TS]

  that's the purpose that will be the [TS]

  judge of that [TS]

  there's the twist the yes will it be [TS]

  interesting or not the the the thing for [TS]

  me is like but like many of you all have [TS]

  said I'm not old enough to have seen the [TS]

  show in its original runs but it was [TS]

  very familiar with through syndication [TS]

  you know i can recall watching many [TS]

  episodes on the couch with my [TS]

  grandmother who lived with us at the [TS]

  time we were and she kind of turned me [TS]

  into a TV junkie or did she or was it [TS]

  your grandmother she was dead the whole [TS]

  time but yeah it's a so for me I have [TS]

  some memories of that but then I really [TS]

  hadn't watched any episodes of the show [TS]

  in a very long time and I was feeling [TS]

  the urge to create a show that had you [TS]

  know give me a reason to find guests and [TS]

  talk to different people and and just [TS]

  kind of happened upon well here's this [TS]

  thing that note that not only there's [TS]

  the twilight zone but then I also added [TS]

  night gallery into the mix to you know [TS]

  just to add some just crummy your [TS]

  television [TS]

  no I like my gallery and often it has it [TS]

  has its moments so yeah part of my [TS]

  motivation was that I'm not as well [TS]

  versed is is as you all actually are and [TS]

  so it was giving me a of a reason and a [TS]

  justification with a full-time job to [TS]

  spend as much time as i'm planning to [TS]

  watching all this TV I felt like I had [TS]

  to have something coming out of it [TS]

  creatively so so that's kind of the [TS]

  shows as much for my education and in [TS]

  learning for my guests is anything else [TS]

  i mean 20 minutes a week who that's a [TS]

  group anyway let's let's III randomized [TS]

  using a list of the second [TS]

  battery life [TS]

  yes that's right when you want to watch [TS]

  twilight zone episodes randomly choose [TS] the invaders came up first no [TS]

  but yeah we're just gonna be quiet for [TS]

  20 minutes [TS]

  that's that's we talk about the the ways [TS]

  this is influential one of my like three [TS]

  notes that i made for this episode this [TS]

  is the episode where agnes moorehead is [TS]

  chased around by these adorable little [TS]

  likes robot astronaut things that are [TS]

  creatures of some stuff so modern ebay [TS]

  they are adorable they're adorable and [TS]

  tell the one is holding a knife that's [TS]

  bigger than him ocean suddenly actually [TS]

  I'm terrifying but it was self-defense [TS]

  when you should then they're just [TS]

  shining their little light at her and [TS]

  making well it's raised up on her skin [TS]

  they're not quite so terrifying but as [TS]

  soon as the things got the knife [TS]

  sticking out [TS]

  well I mean the headline is local woman [TS]

  menaced by adorable robots I think [TS]

  that's what yeah that is my favorite [TS]

  shot in like any Twilight Zone episode [TS]

  where where she's grabbing the the [TS]

  doorknob and the knife comes out and [TS]

  Qatar him and yeah it's so bad it's sold [TS]

  mr. all and the wood thing i love about [TS]

  this episode in the reason that works [TS]

  for me because you know as someone who's [TS]

  worked in animation someone that really [TS]

  likes animation is like anyone who's [TS]

  because any interest at all in doing [TS]

  animation should see this episode [TS]

  because the reason a lot of CGI doesn't [TS]

  work is because the characters don't [TS]

  interact with the environment it's like [TS]

  an and Prometheus are taking this [TS]

  vehicle from the spaceship to the alien [TS]

  ruins and there's always cool landscape [TS]

  that you see out the window no one's [TS]

  looking out the windows and like in this [TS]

  episode she's like she's making food [TS]

  she's at that that knife is set up by [TS]

  when she takes a slice of potato or [TS]

  whatever and she eats it [TS]

  she's like actually eating so you get [TS]

  this sense that she's actually in this [TS]

  environment working in interacting with [TS]

  objects in their environment [TS]

  she used that knife we saw it in use [TS]

  yeah when I for the night yeah exactly [TS]

  and so when she got stabbed by the knife [TS]

  and cut by the knife you like really [TS]

  feel like and that's why I think that's [TS]

  absurd really works and I mean one thing [TS]

  is that if you look closely i mean it [TS]

  starts out you know you see the [TS]

  establishing shot of the cabin with the [TS]

  smoke coming out from the chimney and [TS]

  and rod is doing his little introduction [TS]

  and so it looks kind of rustic and that [TS]

  explains why things look a little [TS]

  different and of course the twist [TS]

  spoiler horn is that she's on another [TS]

  planet and the invaders are your [TS]

  thoughts [TS]

  monsters are us once again oh now and [TS]

  all of the tools and everything she uses [TS]

  head had to be specially designed just [TS]

  for the episode so that they looked [TS]

  enough like what we would use on earth [TS]

  to be recognizable and yet when you go [TS]

  back and watch it again [TS]

  they look just a little more stylized [TS]

  they look like a little bit different [TS]

  which and even that the vegetable or [TS]

  whatever is the children right sort of [TS]

  like a cab yeah chopping up doesn't [TS]

  really look exactly like a cabbage and [TS]

  distance really a potato and and I mean [TS]

  I wanted I want to just talk for a [TS]

  second about the director because [TS]

  everybody talks about the writers Duggan [TS]

  is Douglas an eye of the beholder has [TS]

  got to be [TS]

  oh yeah spectacular mean at least of all [TS]

  the twilight zone episode during which [TS]

  he was kind of a journeyman director on [TS]

  television in the fifties and sixties [TS]

  and then went into movies a little bit [TS]

  and and some of his stuff is just very [TS]

  straightforward you he wrote and [TS]

  directed several episodes of Maverick [TS]

  which you know there's kind of a shift [TS]

  and but yet these two episodes he [TS]

  directed I think nine Twilight zones all [TS]

  together and and all nine of them are [TS]

  very good but these two are just really [TS]

  smartly directed and and especially in [TS]

  this one [TS]

  one of my mother's tests for whether [TS]

  something was a was a good story or good [TS]

  movie was you know back back then when [TS]

  you were you were flying across country [TS]

  they just had one giant screen so [TS]

  everybody was forced to watch the movie [TS]

  where they had headphones or not and she [TS]

  wouldn't get the headphones she would [TS]

  just you know kind of zone out and watch [TS]

  the movie [TS]

  and usually she could tell what was [TS]

  going on in the story just from the [TS]

  visuals yeah this one you keep you know [TS]

  if you're if you're just watching the [TS]

  visuals without the audio you don't [TS]

  quite get what's going on at the end if [TS]

  you're just listening and you don't have [TS]

  the video you have no idea what's going [TS]

  on at the end and this one you need both [TS]

  it's one of the few things where you [TS]

  absolutely have to be paying attention [TS]

  to get what's going on and that's that's [TS]

  kind of a neat trick [TS]

  yeah this is it got to be a tough [TS]

  episode to produce just because you're [TS]

  what i mean there's the the [TS]

  complications of you know making this [TS]

  alien without making it seem alien so [TS]

  you get to the twist and you aren't you [TS]

  know spoiled on it but then there's the [TS]

  fact of the little dudes that had to be [TS]

  basically puppets you know and and how [TS]

  do you make them semi menacing when [TS]

  they're just like little fat guys little [TS]

  Michelin men walking around its kind of [TS]

  clothes sometimes that is really but you [TS]

  know you can hold it off and look at the [TS]

  turning point is when they're shooting [TS]

  the Raygun adder it's not really that [TS]

  freaky and then though the one takes a [TS]

  knife to work to her ankle and and [TS]

  suddenly it make it takes a turn and it [TS]

  actually is genuinely scary and you know [TS]

  i love this episode because it's because [TS]

  it's a straight-up horror episode and [TS]

  there aren't necessarily that many of [TS]

  those in the twilight zone can and I [TS]

  mean it's usually more of a sci-fi [TS]

  aspect to it and this one gets to it at [TS]

  the end but for the most part it's just [TS]

  a horror story and and this is written [TS]

  by Richard Matheson who that was really [TS]

  kind of his specialty in a way it's a [TS]

  lot like do all it is the movie that [TS]

  hero with no dialogue with the guy the [TS]

  the trucks Weaver ya Dennis we're so one [TS]

  of the things that struck me about it [TS]

  while I was watching the invaders is the [TS]

  like when TV series modern TV series do [TS]

  like stunts episode special episodes [TS]

  they are they are trying to be like The [TS]

  Twilight Zone I mean the twilight zone [TS]

  was almost all stunned episodes in one [TS]

  way or another but the ones that really [TS]

  got me were invaders and I the beholder [TS]

  which are both very high concept ideas [TS]

  like invaders there's no dialogue and I [TS]

  of the beholder which we'll get to in a [TS]

  moment is the way the cameras are moving [TS]

  and the way the actors are moving so [TS]

  that you never really see the faces of [TS]

  any [TS]

  the characters until the big reveal at [TS]

  the end and I was immediately taken back [TS]

  with with the invaders in particular to [TS]

  hush the the silent episode of buffy the [TS]

  vampire slayer which is just I mean it's [TS]

  the same concept it's what if we had to [TS]

  tell a story without dialogue and you [TS]

  know the x-files did a bunch to do you [TS]

  know what all those deer and Morgan [TS]

  episode of the x-files are like five or [TS]

  six of them they are funny but they're [TS]

  also even more than the series as a [TS]

  whole because I think David's right [TS]

  that's sort of like what if what if two [TS]

  people investigated the twilight zone [TS]

  every week with the x-files is they [TS]

  would have their get kind of kind of [TS]

  gaming episodes and I I just a it [TS]

  reminded me that a lot of that a lot of [TS]

  that stuff was done first and probably [TS]

  inspired the the latter ones by the [TS]

  twilight zone and the event invaders is [TS]

  a great example of that the the thing [TS]

  that stuck out to me and correct me if [TS]

  I'm wrong did didn't she started in [TS]

  terms of fighting with him she yes she [TS]

  kicks kind guy down oh I was watching on [TS]

  the whole and that the earth men shoot [TS]

  first no I just could tell when they [TS]

  were shot they were just know she's [TS]

  bringing out she hides behind the [TS]

  trapdoor and then the one comes around [TS]

  the trapdoor as anything about how you [TS]

  doing we meet these guys we know are [TS]

  being like flickering and she kicked [TS]

  well okay maybe maybe ought to go back [TS]

  and watch but i'm pretty certain that [TS]

  she can sit down the trap door and and [TS]

  technically like it even in that [TS]

  establishing scene where she's still [TS]

  chopping the vegetables of whatever it [TS]

  is and and if you listen carefully [TS]

  again this is a really smart sound [TS]

  design there's a little bit of music [TS]

  right and you're Indiana as she's you [TS]

  know dumping her vegetable into the pot [TS]

  she stirs the pot and there's one [TS]

  melodic tone that suddenly starts just [TS]

  taking over and right rising and it [TS]

  turns out that's the ship landing and [TS]

  then all the rest of the music drops out [TS]

  it's just that sound and she starts [TS]

  clutching your head [TS]

  and.and that I think that headache is [TS]

  the thing that really triggers it [TS]

  so yeah they totally started agnes [TS]

  moorehead you got to say she straight up [TS]

  magnificent in this you know her facial [TS]

  expressions and the little sound she [TS]

  makes are there they're so strange there [TS]

  so off and I mean when she first here's [TS]

  that spaceship and and she's like [TS]

  feeling that you look like she's being [TS]

  deafened or something by it and she's [TS]

  just acting so oddly that you wonder [TS]

  well maybe this woman's maybe she's a [TS]

  little touched [TS]

  yeah yeah yeah but no it turns out that [TS]

  her mannerisms are strange because she's [TS]

  giant space alien but you know you are [TS]

  supposed to know that until the end and [TS]

  of course she doesn't say anything [TS]

  either because if she started saying [TS]

  like don't believe in loudoun globin or [TS]

  something it would ruin the surprise but [TS]

  instead she's got like these little [TS]

  guttural these guttural noises she makes [TS]

  that are you know you could you could [TS]

  see a human doing that but it makes [TS]

  sense at the end when it turns out that [TS]

  she's not if she's a hermit living off [TS]

  by herself in the wilderness [TS]

  you know maybe she hasn't got any [TS]

  sounding years [TS]

  yeah I do want to say it is a little [TS]

  depressing when they revealed that its [TS]

  space probe number one that landed in [TS]

  this town talking about was it was my [TS]

  first one it's gonna set the space [TS]

  program back like years it's one small [TS]

  step for man [TS]

  no Mon Air Force you should have known [TS]

  that was at the planet of giants [TS]

  come on i guess i'm a silly optimist I [TS]

  was hoping it was a reusable craft it's [TS]

  the 9th mission of space probe number [TS]

  one [TS]

  okay that's what I was opening their you [TS]

  all right uh the eye of the beholder [TS]

  another another kind of gimmick thing [TS]

  like i said that this is this is your [TS]

  showcase for the director and for the [TS]

  lighting because that's what we've got [TS]

  going on is a a woman is her face is [TS]

  wrapped in bandages she's poor ibly [TS]

  disfigured this is her last attempt at [TS]

  plastic surgery to correct her horrible [TS]

  disfigurement and throughout the episode [TS]

  we don't see her face and we also don't [TS]

  see the faces of the nurses and doctors [TS]

  who are taking care of her [TS]

  and you know i think part of the [TS]

  challenge with a lot of these twilight [TS]

  zone episodes with twists is you know [TS]

  the twist is a modern audience and you [TS]

  have to kind of put yourself in the mind [TS]

  of the story that they're trying to tell [TS]

  and what would have been like if you [TS]

  didn't know the twist and all that and [TS]

  what I kept thinking about this episode [TS]

  is you can read it as a nice bit of of [TS]

  symbolism right like she's nice faceless [TS]

  and their faceless and it's only at the [TS]

  end is like yeah but that's not it [TS]

  that's it's more it's more than that [TS]

  happening here and again this is douglas [TS]

  Hayes bear in mind they only had like [TS]

  two and a half to three days to film [TS]

  these and there's a lot of blocking and [TS]

  camera work for that yeah the blocking [TS]

  and the lighting and shadows now and the [TS]

  movement there's a lot of movement to [TS]

  Allah camera the camera cam yeah because [TS]

  you know anyone who they're there are [TS]

  several points where the doctor gets up [TS]

  and starts to walk towards the light and [TS]

  the camera has to shift so that the [TS]

  nurse blocks his face right now there's [TS]

  a lot of choreography going on this one [TS]

  and a lot of creativity and in the [TS]

  filming when when they do the unbanned [TS]

  a'junk at the end [TS]

  basically they stuck a fishbowl on the [TS]

  camera lens and wrap that in bandages [TS]

  that they could show it cutting away and [TS]

  getting lighter and lighter and then you [TS]

  know cutting back and forth to you know [TS]

  seeing the hands cutting the bandages [TS]

  away and things like that but that's a [TS]

  really clever way of getting that that [TS]

  sensation of being wrapped in bandages [TS]

  for the point of view shot but yeah the [TS]

  whole thing is so smart and it it does [TS]

  sound if you get if you close your eyes [TS]

  and listen to it it almost sounds like [TS]

  an episode of Ben Casey which I'm sure [TS]

  was intentional [TS]

  you know right down to sort of like [TS]

  little soap operatic interactions [TS]

  between the doctor the nurse and the one [TS]

  scene and and then you know it takes [TS]

  that sort of interesting thing midway [TS]

  through where you know at first you [TS]

  think it's just a normal story right and [TS]

  then up here comes a video screen from [TS]

  the the ceiling and it's time to hear [TS]

  the words of our leader you know what I [TS]

  had completely forgotten about that [TS]

  whole that was illegal is the only thing [TS]

  I remembered from having seen this over [TS]

  and over as a kid [TS]

  what [TS]

  is the the a plot you know the the right [TS]

  Harvey and Esther I completely i was [TS]

  shocked when i watch this and that [TS]

  there's the whole leader in the hole [TS]

  like this snow isn't God stuff and [TS]

  already bits about the freaks being [TS]

  segregated in ghettos right now that's [TS]

  where its setting you up for the twist [TS]

  I'm not sure any of that stuff is [TS]

  necessary to be honest I mean it's no no [TS]

  i thought no i think it is absolutely [TS]

  necessary because otherwise it's just [TS]

  about like you know people who look [TS]

  different but this but the whole thing [TS]

  about the leaders saying stuff like [TS]

  there's glorious conformity and everyone [TS]

  got to be the same and we cut out [TS]

  everything that stuff is important to [TS]

  have one form and we must all conform to [TS]

  it that's right conformity is the key to [TS]

  survival he starts up and I feel like [TS]

  that stuff's overkill though I mean you [TS]

  get the message without it [TS]

  maybe seems like you're kind of [TS]

  hammering point yourself I thought the [TS]

  best part about that was the was it was [TS]

  their special effects on the fake TV [TS]

  screens yes that are better than some of [TS]

  the ones i see on TV today [TS]

  yes those were nicely done i love this [TS]

  episode for so many reasons like the the [TS]

  way it's filmed and the dialogue in the [TS]

  way that they did not build it up but [TS]

  but it's it's the the leader stuff that [TS]

  makes me like really watch this episode [TS]

  because it really underlines like I mean [TS]

  like like when Mitt Romney talked about [TS]

  self-deportation back four years ago we [TS]

  laughed at them and but what's going [TS]

  what happened a couple days ago is that [TS]

  we have segregation going on this [TS]

  country but it's self-segregation [TS]

  because we have people on the left you [TS]

  have no idea what's going on with the [TS]

  rest of the country and we talked about [TS]

  the Fox News bubble and everything and [TS]

  echo chamber but we had that on the Left [TS]

  where people never went into the country [TS]

  to see the despair and and people who [TS]

  only have jobs working at Walmart and [TS]

  stuff and it's that political divide [TS]

  where instead of like the beautiful [TS]

  people and the ugly people being divided [TS]

  it's like people on the right and the [TS]

  left where they never black people white [TS]

  people never have lunch together and [TS]

  people from political parties never like [TS]

  sit down and just talk about stuff and I [TS]

  think that's what's going on that's what [TS]

  like one of the things that is [TS]

  talking about in this episode where the [TS]

  conformity within each political party [TS]

  I think the one of the things that's [TS]

  going on here and there is a question [TS]

  right this is the message of this [TS]

  episode you know it's all relative [TS]

  you know it's all in the eye of the [TS]

  beholder do we we make these judgments [TS]

  but they're totally arbitrary and they [TS]

  could be reversed and and it is that it [TS]

  or is there this extra dimension that [TS]

  the leader stuff gives you which is that [TS]

  this is itself a an oppressive society [TS]

  and that perhaps there's this whole [TS]

  other thing here where everybody is [TS]

  trying to look like the leader or he [TS]

  looks like them and and you know it is [TS]

  there a larger more terrifying kind of [TS]

  Conformity that's going on beyond the [TS]

  sort of more gentle conformity of just [TS]

  little like it looks like everybody else [TS]

  like just naturally and that it it adds [TS]

  another dimension I don't know if it's [TS]

  if I think it would probably be fine [TS]

  without it but it adds that whole extra [TS]

  dimension of the fact that this is like [TS]

  a dystopian fascist kind of regime [TS]

  that's happening here with this with [TS]

  this exalted leader giving his speeches [TS]

  on TV that it just it makes it that much [TS]

  scarier and creepier and and that [TS]

  explains her terror right because it's [TS]

  not it's not that she wants the surgery [TS]

  it's not that she's trying to look [TS]

  beautiful quote unquote beautiful on her [TS]

  own [TS]

  it's that she knows she's gonna be a lot [TS]

  of trouble if she doesn't look like the [TS]

  leader it looks like everybody else [TS]

  she's gonna be in trouble if she doesn't [TS]

  she's gonna be segregated that's the [TS]

  very reason why it detract from the a [TS]

  fun for me which is that the it's it's [TS]

  more effective for me I mean don't get [TS]

  me wrong I love that I think this is [TS]

  probably one of my favorite episodes of [TS]

  the whole series and I i enjoy the the [TS]

  leader stuff it's it's all interesting [TS]

  but I feel like that the message that [TS]

  the main message that he's trying to get [TS]

  across is basically just the you know [TS]

  the relativity of it and I think for me [TS]

  the fact that she's horrified [TS]

  just because you know she's a wreck of a [TS]

  woman just because she's been different [TS]

  as opposed to I she'sshe's different and [TS]

  that means that she's going to be killed [TS]

  by the state [TS]

  I think it's much more effective if it's [TS]

  just that she's she's a ruined person [TS]

  just because people have always pointed [TS]

  and laughed at her but you know again [TS]

  that [TS]

  all that's all up to your personal [TS]

  perspective I i think it attracts but [TS]

  it's a great episode [TS]

  I the brilliance of of of having the [TS]

  fact that she's in bandages be used as [TS]

  the ploy to avoid showing the nurses and [TS]

  doctors faces is is so so genius because [TS]

  I mean the minute you see the script [TS]

  you've got to be thinking to yourself [TS]

  how the hell man accept this is secret [TS]

  until the end you know that I've got 20 [TS]

  minutes to kill it and we've got the [TS]

  doctors and the nurses all talking [TS]

  what's the excuse i'm going to have to [TS]

  do the ridiculous things where people [TS]

  keep walking in front of each other or [TS]

  the doctors just happens to walk into a [TS]

  shadow at the exact moment he turns [TS]

  around and if that excuse is that she [TS]

  can't see their faces so neither can we [TS]

  and so we're just being put in her shoes [TS]

  that's a great excuse i mean that it [TS]

  really works perfectly for me and you [TS]

  don't notice it after a while you know [TS]

  and be there a couple of scenes were [TS]

  just sort of jars right back [TS]

  it's like oh oh yeah we can see their [TS]

  faces but in a lot of cases there are [TS]

  enough moments where you know like [TS]

  there's an overhead shot or a long [TS]

  distance shot and it feels again it [TS]

  feels like a normal Hospital show of the [TS]

  time the it i'm not sure of rod learned [TS]

  the lesson of the show because the end [TS]

  narration I and I notice the last time i [TS]

  watched to right he goes now the [TS]

  questions that come to mind where's this [TS]

  place when is it [TS]

  what kind of world where ugliness is the [TS]

  norm and beauty the deviation [TS]

  yes like right uh you just said beauty [TS]

  is in the eye of the beholder yeah okay [TS]

  can you just upset at all the people [TS]

  making fun of his snaggle tooth all [TS]

  those years in here he's trying to [TS]

  restate the premise for the 1960s TV [TS]

  audience who might have been right right [TS]

  i do think it's a little strange that [TS]

  the woman's deformity apparently [TS]

  includes full makeup mean I wasn't [TS]

  expecting that is a good well I will say [TS]

  though that the the pig face dr. idly [TS]

  smoking under his prosthetic as he [TS]

  flirts with a pic me and it might be my [TS]

  favorite yeah it's not image the thing [TS]

  that it definitely worked a [TS]

  and as far as you being in her shoes i [TS]

  found myself stuck with the thought that [TS]

  this was the 11th procedure and the the [TS]

  fact that she'd undergone this 10 times [TS]

  before the I was dwelling on the the [TS]

  idea of you know we see your kind of [TS]

  come unhinged in this of course but how [TS]

  that's most likely been building over [TS]

  the course of you know the prior 10 [TS]

  failed attempts and and I found myself [TS]

  just coming back to that over and over [TS]

  again [TS]

  well her bond structure flesh type many [TS]

  factors prohibit the surgical approach [TS]

  that's good science that's just get [TS]

  signed [TS]

  so I think it's nineteen sixties medical [TS]

  science [TS]

  I think they probably on the up-and-up [TS]

  based on that I was just confused at how [TS]

  after eleven surgeries that she she just [TS]

  looks flawless like smooth because [TS]

  really you in those guards you don't [TS]

  think they would be trying to like make [TS]

  her get the pig face right and then that [TS]

  we should see that she's sort of like [TS]

  but that's not you know that's not what [TS]

  they want for the big reveal but so what [TS]

  are they doing they were doing surgery [TS]

  on her [TS]

  they are they're using some sort of [TS]

  examples makeup know they're supposed to [TS]

  be injecting her with some kind of a [TS]

  chemical like an appeal like to hope [TS]

  that it would be with like having over [TS]

  the reaction shapes the face little they [TS]

  could include latex your face [TS]

  yeah well cedar the the first time i [TS]

  watch this one with the boys [TS]

  my older son would have they must not be [TS]

  good plastic cereal box that it's taken [TS]

  them that long and she still looks like [TS]

  Elly May that's not right [TS]

  yeah it is a little strange that if [TS]

  they're just using some sort of I don't [TS]

  know stem cell treatment or some other [TS]

  weird dna-based thing that they would [TS]

  have to cover her face for a couple of [TS]

  weeks not entirely sure what that's [TS]

  about I we might be overthinking this [TS]

  yeah maybe a little bit links let's move [TS]

  onto maple street where the monsters [TS]

  monsters are due there so this is a this [TS]

  is a this is a classic so we we acted [TS]

  this out as a play in my sixth-grade [TS]

  class or maybe yes sixth-grade class so [TS]

  i have fond memories of this because [TS]

  it's not you have to get teach kids [TS]

  young with the monster is us [TS]

  I say and that's what happened [TS]

  especially kids [TS]

  yeah yeah so Claude Claude Akins TV [TS]

  sheriff Lobo is in this one [TS]

  and this is the kindest adventures as [TS]

  usual yes and this is the classic tale [TS]

  of paranoia where a spaceship passes [TS]

  overhead maybe ? the lights go out [TS]

  occasionally lights turn on and cars [TS]

  start and things like that and the [TS]

  entire neighborhood is convinced once [TS]

  one dumb kid tells them about a science [TS]

  fiction story he read where aliens were [TS]

  among the people during the invasion and [TS]

  look just like people everybody turns on [TS]

  each other they become super paranoid [TS]

  and I and a bad things happen in theirs [TS]

  and there's a ride and of course the end [TS]

  of the big the big reveal in the very [TS]

  last shot as i mentioned earlier is that [TS]

  the aliens are there but they're just [TS]

  kind of watching the humans turn on each [TS]

  other and they don't need to do anything [TS]

  more because we are we are the worst and [TS]

  we will take care of ourselves and then [TS]

  they fly away in the Forbidden Planet [TS]

  ship they do you gotta reuse spaceships [TS]

  again it's only want my big note from [TS]

  this episode is that charlie is the [TS]

  worst that is pretty bad is the worst [TS]

  he's a loudmouth and then and then he he [TS]

  makes up when they start to suspect him [TS]

  he just immediately just makes up [TS]

  somebody's I know who it is it's the kid [TS]

  the kid he did it [TS]

  it's just that he's terrible he's the [TS]

  worst but everybody the guy who spends [TS]

  his time looking up at the sky early in [TS]

  the morning because there's something [TS]

  wrong with that kind of a person yeah [TS]

  don't go out sometimes that or or [TS]

  working on a radio yeah i love the way [TS]

  that the scapegoat all it keeps changing [TS]

  yeah my main note on this one is that [TS]

  this episode really needs to be longer [TS]

  than 20 minutes because in order for it [TS]

  to get going [TS]

  they have to instantly take that kids [TS]

  comic book plot seriously after you have [TS]

  more really has happened in a power [TS]

  outage and a dead car battery and so the [TS]

  whole thing for me comes off as a little [TS]

  bit silly but you know they only have 20 [TS]

  minutes so what are you gonna do I mean [TS]

  to be fair this is what happened after [TS]

  the 1965 New York blackout so i'm pretty [TS]

  sure that lasted longer than 15 minutes [TS]

  before you start losing their stuff [TS]

  let's talk about the link for a minute [TS]

  because this is one of those things or [TS]

  for 22 minutes about the twilight zone [TS]

  that's interesting is some of the [TS]

  stories and I think some of the great [TS]

  stories they have chest enough story to [TS]

  withstand 22 minutes [TS]

  that you can never tell that story over [TS]

  an hour but over a half hour you can do [TS]

  it right like like the invaders is a [TS]

  good example or even I the beholder like [TS]

  those are short stories they really [TS]

  benefit from it sometimes there's an [TS]

  episode where where I agree Steve I i [TS]

  look at it and I think wow you what you [TS]

  have had to do a lot of work to pack [TS]

  this in here to this short timeframe and [TS]

  I think the monsters are due on Maple [TS]

  Street a good example that because this [TS]

  feels like a play to me this is a great [TS]

  play where it's claustrophobic [TS]

  everybody's out on the street and they [TS]

  are turning on each other one by one and [TS]

  you know it's it's AII that's what I [TS]

  love about it but it does all happened [TS]

  pretty fast like to turn abouts are [TS]

  ready yeah i don't know why i like i [TS]

  like the patient intercepts oh and in [TS]

  you know one of the things I really [TS]

  liked about the twilight zone show that [TS]

  came on the eighties is that they had [TS]

  the whole hour and they could tell as [TS]

  many stories right like two or three and [TS]

  then if the story was five minutes line [TS]

  to give five minutes and then you're [TS]

  done [TS]

  yep r & and they didn't have to pad [TS]

  things out didn't have to stretch things [TS]

  and and I think that that worked really [TS]

  well because you never knew one that's [TS]

  Kristin's coming right [TS]

  yeah i mean the the fourth season of the [TS]

  original show was all hour-long shows in [TS]

  their boring [TS]

  yeah there are a few that are ok but [TS]

  even the best of the emerges [TS]

  okay yeah and and there's a reason why [TS]

  they went back to half an hour just feel [TS]

  like maybe an extra 10 minutes on this [TS]

  yeah just about right because the [TS]

  ramp-up is just so fast it was just [TS]

  enough time for me to go in 15 minutes [TS]

  forget all about Pete who walked over to [TS]

  the next block 04 shotgun iron I think [TS]

  it's a mistake to zoom in on his hammer [TS]

  at the end that I feel like I feel like [TS]

  at this point this is the only season 1 [TS]

  episode we did and i think at this point [TS]

  they're still making the assumption that [TS]

  maybe audiences really are quite clued [TS]

  into what's happening yet and so we [TS]

  gotta make it real easy for him [TS]

  I keep having to remind myself on the [TS]

  hammer thing that you know this is a [TS]

  this is a preview our world so maybe you [TS]

  know had no dwell on things a little [TS]

  more because he only had one shot at the [TS]

  getting everybody's attention and [TS]

  telling them they couldn't run it back [TS]

  now i just i love the I love the dark [TS]

  view of human nature here and and like i [TS]

  said earlier you know there could be no [TS]

  aliens at the end of this [TS]

  and it would just be that story right of [TS]

  a blackout makes everybody turn on one [TS]

  another and the aliens in the end just [TS]

  are adding this little twist of like [TS]

  look science fiction we can take over [TS]

  this whole but we can take them all over [TS]

  because we're we're exploiting how [TS]

  terrible humanity is that like just [TS]

  heads a little extra extra thing to it [TS]

  but i do like this before that for that [TS]

  and i'll make another reference to [TS]

  another episode the my one of my very [TS]

  favorite episodes of doctor who is [TS]

  called midnight by Russell to davis and [TS]

  it is very much the monsters are due on [TS]

  Maple Street in a claustrophobic and [TS]

  I'll in a kind of a space like a subway [TS]

  car plus that is stuck somewhere and [TS]

  everybody turns on each other and it's a [TS]

  very similar kind of thing i love it and [TS]

  it's dark and it's all about sort of [TS]

  human nature is is to be awful and turn [TS]

  on each other and and I was every time I [TS]

  I think of everytime i watch monsters [TS]

  are due on Maple Street I think of [TS]

  midnight and vice versa because they're [TS]

  they're very similar and wonderfully [TS]

  written pull sort of play structure of [TS]

  low-budget because midnight is one set [TS]

  essentially and yet [TS]

  great acting performances and and you [TS]

  just get to see all the worst of human [TS]

  nature which I Joyce you know sometimes [TS]

  those episodes where where it is the [TS]

  fear of the unknown working on you it's [TS]

  very subtle this one is pretty much you [TS]

  know boom fear of the unknown [TS]

  something's happening what the hell's [TS]

  going on in everybody freaks out which [TS]

  is kind of cool [TS]

  well this episode in the shelter which [TS]

  is to somewhere where the the bomb [TS]

  shelter and we turn each other it's a [TS]

  anyway it reminds me a lot of like the [TS]

  German movies that came out like 1925 [TS]

  1930 like between World War One World [TS]

  War two like cabinet of dr. Caligari [TS]

  metropolis and am in the Blue Angel we [TS]

  have this veneer of civilization [TS]

  everyone's acting really nice but then [TS]

  you just scratch right below the surface [TS]

  and there's always pestering hate and [TS]

  rage and and in anger and then just [TS]

  touch something and all blows up and it [TS]

  kind of feels like America's a little [TS]

  bit like that now way to bring down the [TS]

  room I swear you in [TS]

  is it Frank its Frank exactly like that [TS]

  not that hard like or he doesn't look [TS]

  like ass always is there oh wow [TS]

  what's he doing in this country and that [TS]

  like that's what they do in this episode [TS]

  is like oh well they're they're not from [TS]

  around here they're from like Iowa or [TS]

  something [TS]

  I think the real moral of this one is if [TS]

  you leave a group of people and you come [TS]

  back and its pitch black out and say hi [TS]

  and see if ya me it's me Pete horn when [TS]

  your hip and say hey remember the hammer [TS]

  from before a couple couple things I [TS]

  want to mention about this one because [TS]

  it is an early one it's the only season [TS]

  1 episode this is the only episode that [TS]

  we watched with the original music which [TS]

  when I was a kid you know the the [TS]

  classic twilight zone theme is so iconic [TS]

  and and and everybody recognizes it at [TS]

  the drop of a hat virtually everybody [TS]

  from you know 52 55 405 can can just you [TS]

  know helmet but yeah and I never used to [TS]

  really think much of this the original [TS]

  Bernard Bernard Herrmann the opening [TS]

  music which is mostly just HAARP but man [TS]

  I love it it's great it i think it [TS]

  almost it almost works better as a theme [TS]

  song for me than the than the little bit [TS]

  too much on the nose [TS]

  avantgarde thing that they eventually [TS]

  switched over to ya that they switched [TS]

  over to mary's constant scoffs yeah [TS]

  which is really cool but the other [TS]

  Bernard Herrmann what is unsettling it [TS]

  really does kind of put you in the mood [TS]

  for something weird thats to come yet [TS]

  it's also beautiful but you know it [TS]

  gives you that sense that something is [TS]

  lurking just below the surface which i [TS]

  think is great because and then the [TS]

  other only other thing I wanted to [TS]

  mention with this being an early episode [TS]

  is that the ending aeration ends with [TS]

  the pity of it is that these things [TS]

  cannot be confined to the twilight zone [TS]

  and I think that might be I didn't go [TS]

  back and look but that might be [TS]

  serling's first open admission that this [TS]

  is pointed social commentary is just [TS]

  silly side for the kids [TS]

  this is I'm pointing at you and saying [TS]

  you're the real monsters people [TS]

  yep tune in again next week thank you [TS]

  think about it [TS]

  CBS how it makes you think doesn't it [TS]

  mhm we're all the monster i'm at let's [TS]

  move on to the cornfield [TS]

  yes home of of Anthony's is very good [TS]

  it's good it's a real good thing that [TS]

  it's really good at taking this is a [TS]

  choice that that's it's Cloris Leachman [TS]

  the realest leachman's in it and and so [TS]

  are you mean great great bill movie I [TS]

  haven't watched this one since I became [TS]

  apparent and I'll one of the things that [TS]

  just musing about it's a good life is [TS]

  you know kids are monsters [TS]

  he's just Anthony who's got this [TS]

  all-powerful it's like really it's like [TS]

  what if you had somebody was [TS]

  all-powerful mental powers and was just [TS]

  a kid and Anthony you know he's not he's [TS]

  done [TS]

  I mean the whole beginning is he's a [TS]

  monster this monster is a little boy [TS]

  haha but another level it's like he's [TS]

  not really I mean he's no more than any [TS]

  other child he he all all kids are [TS]

  monsters at least from time to time [TS]

  the problem is that he is all-powerful [TS]

  and so he can conjure anything and make [TS]

  things go away with his imagination [TS]

  which is let everybody around him to be [TS]

  in this town that's been cut off from [TS]

  the rest of the world all that's left is [TS]

  his little town and they're all [TS]

  terrified a conscience yet that's the [TS]

  thing yeah exactly [TS]

  he still the completely ruled by his his [TS]

  whims you know child of six that you [TS]

  would not want in charge of anything [TS]

  know all the stuff that he's doing is [TS]

  kind of awesome i mean like making he's [TS]

  like made to TV go away and he just [TS]

  produces TV on his mom with his mind and [TS]

  what does he want you want to start over [TS]

  fighting [TS]

  yeah I would agree that there isn't yes [TS]

  the only ok that scene is great because [TS]

  everyone everyone looks completely [TS]

  horrified by the stop-motion dinosaur [TS]

  show is making it looks really good yeah [TS]

  it looks awesome at the beginning of the [TS]

  episode [TS]

  she's like making horrible monsters [TS]

  which are like three-headed frogs or [TS]

  something that's cool but then he kills [TS]

  it [TS]

  I'll make him dead now I'm tired of [TS]

  playing with him somebody get Franco 32 [TS]

  gopher he makes he takes a guy and he [TS]

  like makes them into a jack-in-the-box [TS]

  that's awesome man [TS]

  yeah like yeah like yeah like I might [TS]

  have stopped me their blessing but it's [TS]

  like see I think I think what they the [TS]

  town people misinterpreted this but they [TS]

  really needed was like somebody like me [TS]

  the show up and say like wow can you do [TS]

  a four-headed frog [TS]

  how about five six seven and then like [TS]

  while he's like making all this like [TS]

  really cool stuff for me then he's like [TS]

  distracted by doing that and then you [TS]

  have been the head with a bottle exactly [TS]

  what else can think up but like like me [TS]

  and asked me an afternoon like making [TS]

  cool stuff it's like hey you know arm [TS]

  spaceships from alien and aliens like [TS]

  can you make those in the sky yeah sure [TS]

  that's like we do that like for four [TS]

  hours i would be awesome when in this [TS]

  this episode is kind of unusual in that [TS]

  it's got one of the longest opening [TS]

  narration in the whole series and [TS]

  there's a twist in the opening narration [TS]

  right yeah yeah it's it's really nice [TS]

  having you know he sort of introduces [TS]

  you to the 10 this is going to recognize [TS]

  it and it's this very small town and all [TS]

  of a sudden the rest of the world [TS]

  disappeared in the town was left by [TS]

  itself and then he starts introducing [TS]

  you to the people and he gets in and [TS]

  then mentions that there is a monster [TS]

  and they have to think happy thoughts [TS]

  and then it gets it gets the point with [TS]

  you know this particular monster can [TS]

  read minds you see he knows every [TS]

  thought he can feel every emotion [TS]

  oh yes i did forget something didn't I i [TS]

  forgot to introduce you to the monster [TS]

  this is the monster and you see Bill [TS]

  movies sitting there Billy hand on his [TS]

  fists looking really innocent and sweet [TS]

  his name is Anthony fremont he's six [TS]

  years old with a cute little boy face [TS]

  and blue guyless eyes but when those [TS]

  eyes look at you you'd better start [TS]

  thinking happy thoughts because the mind [TS]

  behind them is absolutely in charge [TS]

  this is the twilight zone and there's no [TS]

  there's no artful like you know you know [TS]

  the next signpost up ahead is the I mean [TS]

  it's just it's like this is the twilight [TS]

  zone [TS]

  yeah that's at that tells me that he [TS]

  learned from his experience of making [TS]

  the monsters are due on Maple Street [TS]

  like you know I screwed expositions fine [TS]

  we'll just lay it all out there and [TS]

  now we can get into the meat of the show [TS]

  yeah this one I think this I have to say [TS]

  this is probably my favorite episode of [TS]

  the show you're a bad man you see this [TS]

  is the one that still manages to make me [TS]

  feel dread in the pit of my stomach that [TS]

  the tangible desperation on all of the [TS]

  characters as they walk around on [TS]

  eggshells is so tense and the way he [TS]

  casually throws things out like I'll [TS]

  make him dead now I'm tired of playing [TS]

  with him or that's why I made him go on [TS]

  fire he cheerfully says about some [TS]

  neighbor [TS]

  yeah it's it's just so horrifying and [TS]

  and it's it's monstrous even for early [TS]

  sixties TV and it's rough it's monstrous [TS]

  even for modern-day TV and in this this [TS]

  by the way this is the one that that [TS]

  freaked me out the most is a kid and [TS]

  it's mainly because of dan Hollis his [TS]

  head on the jack-in-the-box bobbing back [TS]

  and forth with that impassive expression [TS]

  or did that freak me out the good when I [TS]

  was a kid and and the looks on his [TS]

  parents faces through the whole show I [TS]

  mean Cloris Leachman as I mean she's [TS]

  wonderful and John large who I mean he [TS]

  had a career through sixties and early [TS]

  seventies TV of looking nervous and [TS]

  guilty and mrs. like the most nervous he [TS]

  ever looked its mouth is great when they [TS]

  gave birth to this monster that killed [TS]

  everybody [TS]

  yeah I can understand why they won't [TS]

  kill him it seems strange that maybe [TS]

  like the young guy won't do it but I [TS]

  mean they're just all terrified I that [TS]

  makes some sense but it's painful at the [TS]

  end it's kind of a high noon sort of [TS]

  situation where dan hall as he goes out [TS]

  on the limb he gets it he gets everybody [TS]

  already has anyone of you anytime now go [TS]

  ahead and clock him on the head with a [TS]

  bottle or a lamp or something and no one [TS]

  has the balls and the only does that [TS]

  Liam and then he's a jack-in-the-box and [TS]

  he gets wish to the cornfield and all [TS]

  man it just it tears me up man this [TS]

  whole episode is just it's hard for me [TS]

  to watch almost it's so tense [TS]

  it reminds me of the second pilot star [TS]

  trek where no man has gone before where [TS]

  they get that moment that the indelible [TS]

  moment where Jerry Mitchell's eyes turn [TS]

  back to normal and it's like the moment [TS]

  that you can get to kill him and then in [TS]

  Kirk hesitates and then the moment has [TS]

  lost its actually spoke is like killing [TS]

  that that's the moment here that tense [TS]

  moment where he's like I'm distracting [TS]

  him you could all kill him now and [TS]

  nope no comes comes right out and says [TS]

  it [TS]

  I know what ya up little deal when when [TS]

  sterling passed away he was on the third [TS]

  draft of a feature film version of the [TS]

  story and never got made you know i'm [TS]

  not sure it would be necessary [TS]

  I mean I don't think he's actually are [TS]

  20 minutes or whatever it is is not [TS]

  perfect for this all you would be doing [TS]

  is adding more horror moments but you [TS]

  know i don't think i could hack it to be [TS]

  on around you this what this is rough as [TS]

  it is now I thought was perfect [TS]

  it doesn't without showing you anything [TS]

  I mean it heat they tell us he has a 300 [TS]

  go for and he's holding this really foul [TS]

  looking tail up in the air but you can [TS]

  kind of envision this poor thing [TS]

  yeah but it doesn't know how he got [TS]

  called into being or that it's about to [TS]

  be killed just randomly probably in some [TS]

  horrible way that's great so one of the [TS]

  things i like about this and and I have [TS]

  to have to mention now and I i figure if [TS]

  I don't mention it Franklin mentioned so [TS]

  I'm going to mention now Frank they made [TS]

  a sequel to this [TS]

  oh it's still a good like the forest [TS]

  whitaker version so here's the here's [TS]

  the problem with it in that one it's [TS]

  like many years later and he's got [TS]

  Anthony's got a son or daughter and [TS]

  people are still living in the play by [TS]

  his daughter played by Phil mommy's [TS]

  daughter and and Cloris Leachman said [TS]

  here's the problem [TS]

  one of the things that's great about [TS]

  it's a good life this original episode [TS]

  is the tension about the fact that while [TS]

  Anthony is very good at destroying [TS]

  things he can't really create things and [TS]

  that you see that where it's like the [TS]

  supplies are dwindling right and and the [TS]

  last scene where he makes it snow and [TS]

  they're gonna lose half the crops like [TS]

  part of the tension of this town is not [TS]

  just that Anthony is a monster who is [TS]

  who [TS]

  you have to think good thoughts around [TS]

  all that it's that they are completely [TS]

  cut off from the rest of the world with [TS]

  the rest of the world is gone [TS]

  we've been at a bar soap for a year you [TS]

  know that exactly right there running [TS]

  out of everything so the sequel is dumb [TS]

  because it just doesn't talk about that [TS]

  and miss like now people are people live [TS]

  for many years with Anthony in the town [TS]

  and it's like no that's what's [TS]

  terrifying about it is anthony kids a [TS]

  force of destruction can't make things [TS]

  and so they are all gonna die [TS]

  I think what I one of the reasons that I [TS]

  like this is the claustrophobia aspect [TS]

  of it is not just that there's a monster [TS]

  but you're saying [TS]

  him in this little pocket universe and [TS]

  your supplies are dwindling and it's you [TS]

  know that just Ratchet it up another [TS]

  whole level you sense that piques bills [TS]

  got maybe like a six-month period yeah [TS]

  when everybody is either dead or the [TS]

  lack of crops have killed you know they [TS]

  starved to death yeah like even if [TS]

  Anthony doesn't kill them they'll starve [TS]

  to death [TS]

  hmm yeah and they're already done so but [TS]

  but you talk about the dark ending it's [TS]

  just amazing right the snow comes down [TS]

  they're gonna lose half the crops [TS]

  yeah it's good that you did Anthony it's [TS]

  really great and he's just a good thing [TS]

  you did you have Milan with his chin on [TS]

  his hand looking off into the distance [TS]

  with a wistful smile [TS]

  meanwhile and Amy who is given a stroke [TS]

  or something smiles in the background [TS]

  right Andy me that's yeah she was the [TS]

  only one who had any control over him [TS]

  but then she pushed it [TS]

  yep because the thing is like he can [TS]

  know he can't make normal things he can [TS]

  only make crazy things like the [TS]

  three-headed gopher right like if he if [TS]

  he he kills the corner with the snow but [TS]

  he can't make normal car [TS]

  no but he might be able to make like [TS]

  weird poison car [TS]

  yeah i'm not sure that he can't make [TS]

  things I mean that the sense that I get [TS]

  is that he created the gofer at the [TS]

  beginning although it's possible that he [TS]

  turned he turned it into a monster from [TS]

  a regular go for like you did with the [TS]

  pig maybe it's also a monstrous [TS]

  three-headed thing like he can create [TS]

  maybe you can create things but they're [TS]

  not any good right yeah like maybe the [TS]

  corn would taste like something bad [TS]

  candy corn it be des corn although he [TS]

  might just do that because it was funny [TS]

  a shout out to Jerome Bixby or out the [TS]

  original short story who like his kind [TS]

  of forgotten even though he's the guy [TS]

  that wrote the mirror episode of Star [TS]

  Trek and created like spoke with the [TS]

  beard and everything right fantastic [TS]

  voyage and read the whole genre like [TS]

  miniaturizing people and also it the [TS]

  terror from outer space which is kind of [TS]

  the basis of of the alien movies and [TS]

  he's kind of forgotten which i think is [TS]

  a real shame [TS]

  so nick of time I hate this upset me too [TS]

  why do we watch this one I think out of [TS]

  all these episodes i think this is the [TS]

  only clunker and Rod Serling once said [TS]

  you know 30 episodes are probably really [TS]

  good sermon are ok and the third of them [TS]

  are for the dogs and I thought this is [TS]

  what [TS]

  well once for the dog [TS]

  even though i love twilight zone and [TS]

  richard matheson and in Wayne chatter [TS]

  and I really want to know who voted for [TS]

  this episode we didn't want the answer [TS]

  is Dan and David both voted for nick of [TS]

  time so they're gonna have to explain [TS]

  themselves justify this is one of my [TS]

  all-time favorite episodes because yeah [TS]

  I like terrible things [TS]

  no there is well Shatner Shatner and you [TS]

  know there's only so much you can do but [TS]

  this is one of the episodes where maybe [TS]

  it's supernatural [TS]

  maybe it's not yes but it works either [TS]

  way and it works beautifully if it's not [TS]

  supernatural it's about the dangers of [TS]

  blind faith and superstition right get [TS]

  in superstition right and and there is [TS]

  nothing supernatural going on if if you [TS]

  want to see it that way if you want to [TS]

  say ok the little fortune teller machine [TS]

  is is controlled by Satan and it's [TS]

  keeping them in this town but it's not [TS]

  it's just shatters character gets a [TS]

  fortune from it and goes hey I'm [TS]

  connecting this to things that are [TS]

  actually happening I'm justifying the [TS]

  order up i'm figuring out like a full of [TS]

  reading or something it's fraudulent [TS]

  yeah it's all it's all in his head it's [TS]

  all superstition and magically gets the [TS]

  more the more that happens the more he [TS]

  slips into the mania of it and his wife [TS]

  is trying to pull them back out and [TS]

  finally breaks breaks the spell near the [TS]

  end and at the very end you know they're [TS]

  like okay okay we're gonna walk out of [TS]

  here and as they walk out we see another [TS]

  couple come in and sit down and and the [TS]

  guy just does the fortune machine and [TS]

  says can we leave town today and the [TS]

  Machine basically says it is not likely [TS]

  or something like that and and it's like [TS]

  okay here's a look at the slip and [TS]

  you're stable just deflate right right [TS]

  thats that's the one part of this [TS]

  episode I like is the couple at the end [TS]

  at like 10 seconds at the end when the [TS]

  couple comes in trying to escape the [TS]

  town [TS]

  ok dad Dan why did you pick next time [TS]

  well for me it was definitely there was [TS]

  a nostalgic element to it so I I [TS]

  definitely remembered it more finely [TS]

  that I probably think of it now after [TS]

  having more just watched it but because [TS]

  i think this definitely fits we were [TS]

  talking earlier about [TS]

  you know the the episodes that fill the [TS]

  time just right versus those that are [TS]

  crammed in versus those I think like [TS]

  this one that are that are don't have [TS]

  quite enough material for ya think it [TS]

  has a great button at the end and and [TS]

  you know that last you know four minutes [TS]

  of it is is fantastic but there is no [TS]

  there is a little bit of a slog even [TS]

  with the 25-minute show i think i tapped [TS]

  the apple TV remote a couple of times [TS]

  where somewhere [TS]

  yeah i mean the the acting is not great [TS]

  well it seems to have actually learn his [TS]

  lines for this one though [TS]

  yeah there are multiple let's show you [TS]

  doing a good job but let's details we [TS]

  get the itemized bill of their time at [TS]

  the diner at one point I don't have [TS]

  stated that yeah you're now looking at [TS]

  the world's youngest office manager [TS]

  oh ah really for me I do think there's [TS]

  one thing that's kind of redeeming about [TS]

  it [TS]

  remote from a social standpoint that you [TS]

  know that at the time it was said the [TS]

  idea that a newlywed bride would be the [TS]

  one to you know stand up to her her new [TS]

  husband who's the breadwinner and got [TS]

  this big promotion and all that and it's [TS]

  it really is heard that finally snap [TS]

  them out of it and then pulls them out [TS]

  of this you know this this superstitious [TS]

  mania and and is the one to say that she [TS]

  wants to make things happen together not [TS]

  just find out from some machine and that [TS]

  I I thought that was there's there's [TS]

  something there that especially for a [TS]

  for that time in the early sixties but [TS]

  she's clearly a very poor decision [TS]

  makers she married this obvious lunatic [TS]

  yes and she knows it from the start [TS]

  because spends the entire episode right [TS]

  from the very moment they sit down at [TS]

  the booth and there's a little fair [TS]

  portion telling machine there she spends [TS]

  that entire episode looking like she's [TS]

  full of regrets [TS]

  what did i do I really married this [TS]

  cloud seriously yeah I think I think she [TS]

  starts acting the story about 15 minutes [TS]

  before she should be right she knows [TS]

  yesterday is going where is she should [TS]

  actually kinda like him at the beginning [TS]

  like all your so silly keeping putting [TS]

  putting more pennies in this stupid [TS]

  machine it's hard to be the voice of [TS]

  reason the voices and [TS]

  forgets to drive the plot never gets all [TS]

  the voice of reason gets the USA like mm [TS]

  no that's stupid iphone her initial [TS]

  regret was was just not taking up the [TS]

  diner on his he was really pushing that [TS]

  chicken fried steak yeah I know takers I [TS]

  watched it home yeah I know do you [TS]

  raised a good sounds good [TS]

  Shannon just wants us like us little [TS]

  sandwich come on [TS]

  yes i got like a better and radio said [TS]

  like a BLT here watching his way to me [TS]

  is not even any friggin meeting you [TS]

  gotta be spelled to be the world's [TS]

  youngest office manager well the problem [TS]

  steve is that is that if he eats the [TS]

  chicken-fried steak you know what's [TS]

  gonna happen is that he doesn't have to [TS]

  switch from his standard office manager [TS]

  shirt into a slightly [TS]

  shirt into a slightly [TS]

  four seasons rally round is on your [TS]

  blouse man if only shattered even more [TS]

  tomato and let us say this is over the [TS]

  course of his weird I i am impressed [TS]

  that they ordered an iced coffee at the [TS]

  end [TS]

  yeah only had really well that's that's [TS]

  the second ice coffee is it was in the [TS]

  itemized bill is on the docket yeah [TS]

  that's right now [TS]

  yeah I no wait i mean we went over it [TS]

  what what I like about this episode is [TS]

  that is that it could be nothing [TS]

  supernatural at all and it is a nice [TS]

  curing of of people who are super [TS]

  superstitious like really superstitious [TS]

  and like oh I don't wanna touch this [TS]

  right i don't want to step on this or [TS]

  things like that and this is the this is [TS]

  the extreme which is you know you [TS]

  believe in this thing and it will just [TS]

  ruin your life and it's stupid and we [TS]

  should just leave and he and the push [TS]

  and pull between the two of them I i [TS]

  like that but yeah it goes a little too [TS]

  long [TS]

  yeah there's no real attention to it [TS]

  because from the start it's clear that [TS]

  Shatner is a dingus and I quiet forever [TS]

  have to admit a story that is based on [TS]

  this is stupid we should leave is that [TS]

  ok i'll agree to that I just think it [TS]

  could have been executed better so we're [TS]

  gonna leave nick of time behind now [TS]

  because people have regrets and the last [TS]

  one on the list of assigned of shows was [TS]

  night of the meek so we go from one of [TS]

  my least favorite that sense to one of [TS]

  my very favorite that's so you love the [TS]

  suicide Carney as the as the drunk [TS]

  department store Santa Claus this is [TS]

  special in a lot of ways and that it's a [TS]

  it's got the twilight zone form but uh [TS]

  and you're waiting for the horrific [TS]

  twist and in fact halfway through you [TS]

  get the sort of the twist where he's [TS]

  like going to be arrested for stealing [TS]

  everything and any and the twist is kind [TS]

  of delightful and fun and not dark at [TS]

  all which I find great [TS]

  the only problem I have with this [TS]

  episode is this comes i looked it up [TS]

  from a span of six episodes where they [TS]

  thought they would save some money by [TS]

  shooting on video videos it looks like a [TS]

  live TV stage production looks like [TS]

  these it would be so much better if it [TS]

  was on whatever they normally used for [TS]

  comes to Huck it's a shame because it [TS]

  would feels all wrong [TS]

  it does but it's still great this [TS]

  episode i think is a great [TS]

  example of the really sappy side of [TS]

  surly and the thing yeah serling's [TS]

  Serling scripts whether it be for his [TS]

  earlier work or for twilight zone for [TS]

  pretty much anything there's a star [TS]

  comparison between him and Matheson and [TS]

  Charles Beaumont who we really should [TS]

  have done an episode with him writing [TS]

  but ok the thing about sterling is every [TS]

  one of these episodes that he writes [TS]

  there's a real like even the ones that [TS]

  are dark there's a sense that he's he's [TS]

  trying to tell us this because he has [TS]

  hope for the human condition you know [TS]

  you you always get the the sense that [TS]

  you know even that even at our darkest [TS]

  there's he's really pushing for us and [TS]

  this this one is just an example of him [TS]

  just outright going for sap straight [TS]

  straight up and in the midst of watching [TS]

  a bunch of other sort of more depressing [TS]

  episodes it really comes across as [TS]

  unbelievably sweet [TS]

  yeah I think that's what I really [TS]

  appreciate I mean I mean the sympathy [TS]

  further for poor people and talks about [TS]

  you know and you get nothing for [TS]

  Christmas because we don't have any [TS]

  money and the only thing that comes down [TS]

  the chimney at Christmastime is is more [TS]

  poverty and like the only way that we [TS]

  can respond to this is by having [TS]

  compassion to for each other with love [TS]

  for other people by like stopping [TS]

  someone's trying to turn left and [TS]

  letting them go are like stopping when [TS]

  people are trying to like cross the [TS]

  street and that's what we need to do is [TS]

  like respond with love and compassion [TS]

  even though it's done on videotape of [TS]

  those six episodes this is the only one [TS]

  that's even worth watching more than [TS]

  once it is just so wonderful and even at [TS]

  that i don't know that it would work as [TS]

  well if it weren't for art car [TS]

  II I mean handwrite beautiful is that [TS]

  casting and he he is that character he [TS]

  just lives it with with a look he [TS]

  doesn't even have to say anything and [TS]

  you know his his life story [TS]

  yep yeah the biggest problem with this [TS]

  episode for me is that the poor kids [TS]

  don't look poor enough i need a [TS]

  shorthand at the kids I mean they think [TS]

  they're very well-dressed and very [TS]

  bundled up and they don't look dirty at [TS]

  all and they just they're not [TS]

  ragamuffins you know I understand that's [TS]

  not really you know the you don't [TS]

  necessarily [TS]

  not all not all poor people wear rags [TS]

  you know but for shorthand you know when [TS]

  they walk up to him and they're [TS]

  demanding gifts I need to see them [TS]

  actually look destitute or else they're [TS]

  just some kids who are demanding gifts [TS]

  you know especially when one of them is [TS]

  asking for a job for daddy later though [TS]

  after after asking for 14 other things [TS]

  that are more rational little kid [TS]

  demands they finally get to that the [TS]

  thing that actually points out that [TS]

  they're hurting you no I totally agree [TS]

  on this being very rewatchable I think [TS]

  this is you know it was it was a [TS]

  pleasant surprise to to come maybe rifa [TS]

  militarized with this one and I kind of [TS]

  keep a partly and thanks to this show a [TS]

  very eclectic mix of things I try to [TS]

  watch every holiday season and i'm going [TS]

  to make sure that the this episode gets [TS]

  inserted into that you know that Q this [TS]

  is a good one for that there are a [TS]

  couple things i wanted to note about [TS]

  this 11 is as somebody who loves Miracle [TS]

  on thirty-fourth Street I like that this [TS]

  is like the reverse of Miracle on [TS]

  thirty-fourth Street where you know in [TS]

  in miracle [TS]

  there's a there's a drunk Santa right [TS]

  who loses his job and then they hire the [TS]

  real Santa Claus and here the drunk [TS]

  Santa loses his job and discovers the [TS]

  spirit of Christmas and become Santa [TS]

  Claus it's like that's another path to [TS]

  being Santa you could do one or the [TS]

  other [TS]

  there's there's some options I i really [TS]

  enjoy that and the other thing i want to [TS]

  mention is that his name is corwin and [TS]

  that is a that is a reference to to [TS]

  norman Corwin who was a I think mentor [TS]

  of Rod Serling's and was a blacklisted [TS]

  screenwriter he came out of the world of [TS]

  radio yeah and and also notable because [TS]

  there's a Babylon 5 character named [TS]

  Corwin for the same reason because he [TS]

  was also a mentor of J michael [TS]

  Straczynski so every time i hear [TS]

  character for when I go oh yeah I guess [TS]

  that's normal or when they're [TS]

  referencing Norman Corwin there he was [TS]

  hugely influential if you look into his [TS]

  Wikipedia page he he was one of the [TS]

  pioneers of doing more than just soap [TS]

  operas and stuff on radio you know we [TS]

  all know Orson Welles and where the [TS]

  world and everything he was doing with [TS]

  koren he was following Corwin's lead on [TS]

  that stuff is just can't in there [TS]

  yeah yeah what's with all these games [TS]

  Bullock and it's so great though that [TS]

  such a great moment of like hey you know [TS]

  hey you people who are jerks you know [TS]

  what you get garbage you make garbage [TS]

  come out of the magic bag [TS]

  how do you feel now you mentioned how [TS]

  great art carney is in this and this is [TS]

  really just one in a long line of great [TS]

  Christmas shows that he did culminating [TS]

  in the star wars holiday special but but [TS]

  john fiedler pickle his own bad self [TS]

  oh my gosh herb you and the moment where [TS]

  he's pulling cans out of the bag and [TS]

  then he pulls out an upside-down cat is [TS]

  super hot and then what does he want he [TS]

  just wants someone cherry brings the [TS]

  cherry brandy antigen 1983 yeah it was [TS]

  all right and darker as Rapunzel oh good [TS]

  year [TS]

  wow well oh not this episode is that [TS]

  like in in a lot of the other twilight [TS]

  zone episodes there's this fantastic [TS]

  element and people are like scared and [TS]

  horrified by it but here is like wow I [TS]

  get to be Santa Claus that's lost [TS]

  whereas you have the movie The Santa [TS]

  Clause where guy turns into sand flies [TS]

  like yeah there's never a holy crap [TS]

  moment here is there he just did the bag [TS]

  falls over he sees their presence and [TS]

  just start shoving back in and runs out [TS]

  into the street he's ready to start [TS]

  handing them out [TS]

  yeah exactly what it's almost like he [TS]

  was Santa and he got drunk and forgot [TS]

  sort of like ever it reminds everything [TS]

  oh yeah that's what I do [TS]

  alright but yeah I mean this is one [TS]

  where it's not fear of the unknown but [TS]

  it is still the unknown working on it is [TS]

  like what bag full of gifts [TS]

  yeah well he's loaded so he's ready to [TS]

  embrace it the only other note i have is [TS]

  that this is one that really would have [TS]

  benefited from the original theme being [TS]

  in the end credits because yeah it's [TS]

  very sweet moment at the end he flies [TS]

  off in his sled and john fiedler says [TS]

  you god bless [TS]

  whatever it is miracles or something and [TS]

  then suddenly theory or do you really [TS]

  think it's completely distorted it's [TS]

  creepy [TS]

  so I mention the twist earlier that the [TS]

  twist is like literally he goes down an [TS]

  alley and there's a sled and reindeer [TS]

  and a [TS]

  it's just it's just a while it's like oh [TS]

  ok alright i was impressed that they [TS]

  actually got real reindeer and a real [TS]

  elf now just some kid I'll suit but a [TS]

  great episode i love this up so it may [TS]

  be made me laugh that that's it that's [TS]

  his thing is like you get to be Santa [TS]

  Claus now come on let's go [TS]

  once again he's not he's not concerned [TS]

  about it only just hops in the seat and [TS]

  let's go [TS]

  no I what I liked about it was it you [TS]

  know I I kind of feel like the modern [TS]

  version of the story would reveal that [TS]

  he was Santa Claus all along or [TS]

  something like that it's like no no [TS]

  Santa Clauses you know like you now you [TS]

  could be Santa Claus if you truly have [TS]

  the holiday spirit them they might come [TS]

  for you when put you in this led i don't [TS]

  know i mean he's an unrepentant drunk [TS]

  but he's got the spirit does he Santa [TS]

  Anna's got a lot of spirit lot of spirit [TS]

  yeah that's for sure [TS]

  why most of what most twilight zone [TS]

  episodes like people fight the twilight [TS]

  zone includes they're just crushed at [TS]

  the end there and I you know killed by [TS]

  the the devil dollar you know whatever [TS]

  and in this episode like has a happy [TS]

  ending which is the same as our that's [TS]

  great and and the way that it just talks [TS]

  about compassion friend and love for [TS]

  Humanity just just warms my heart [TS]

  yeah there are a fair number that end [TS]

  wistfully but i think this may be one of [TS]

  the very few that and straight up [TS]

  happily so I now that we've reached the [TS]

  end of these episodes we should say we [TS]

  didn't watch the ones that everybody [TS]

  knows everybody knows what we kind of [TS]

  did these are these are all we are [TS]

  really watch they just talked about [TS]

  yeah i watched about 20 even even the [TS]

  ones that we talked about these are all [TS]

  fairly well-known episode it's true [TS]

  probably lay these plots out to be but [TS]

  nightmare at 20,000 feet and to serve [TS]

  man seemed so obvious that we didn't go [TS]

  into it i will say that i did watch to [TS]

  serve man and I thought it was really [TS]

  not good that man was kind of dumb and [TS]

  meritorious fetus is fine [TS]

  that's that's got lots shattering oh [TS]

  it's got all the shatner actually built [TS]

  you know the nice thing about nightmare [TS]

  at 20,000 feet is I like the end because [TS]

  you really are set up for it to be [TS]

  he's a madman nobody will ever believe [TS]

  him and the last line is basically like [TS]

  oh but then they're going to see what [TS]

  was on the way [TS]

  and they're gonna realize that was [TS]

  really a monster the end goodbye [TS]

  it's like that's different that's the [TS]

  key right he regains his sanity he [TS]

  proves he's saying at least tonight yeah [TS]

  and that's why you know as good as John [TS]

  Lithgow is in the movie it doesn't work [TS]

  because yeah they think he's insane and [TS]

  then he gets driven away by dan Aykroyd [TS]

  at the end [TS]

  yeah but see the cat wasn't really [TS]

  talking he just thought oh maybe [TS]

  interviewers were taking his purse pound [TS]

  on we saw that thing that was peeled up [TS]

  on the way so do you want to do bring [TS]

  out your dead round of episodes we love [TS]

  alright so let's let's not gonna take [TS]

  David's suggestion before we go and wrap [TS]

  it up if there are other episodes of The [TS]

  Twilight Zone that you want to put a [TS]

  shout out to now would be a good time [TS]

  David what does this is a hugely [TS]

  influential show for me I would you know [TS]

  I just love the series but if I had to [TS]

  narrow it down i would i would [TS]

  it's hard to pick between Jack Klugman's [TS]

  episodes i love all of them and for [TS]

  different reasons [TS]

  there is a scene in praise of PIP which [TS]

  kills me if it killed me before I had [TS]

  children but now that I do it is just [TS]

  gut-wrenching but and a game of pool is [TS]

  terrific and you but it's it's a passage [TS]

  for trumpet where he plays a trumpeter [TS]

  who's gonna give up he's you know [TS]

  nothing is working for me is just gonna [TS]

  walk out in the street and kill himself [TS]

  and he runs into who might be the angel [TS]

  Gabriel who talked him down and it is [TS]

  just the the the the span of heartbreak [TS]

  to joy and all the emotions in between [TS]

  the clubman does with his face it is [TS]

  astonishing [TS]

  I love the jack klugman episodes alright [TS]

  you take the jack klugman episodes [TS]

  alright Frank what did we miss that you [TS]

  love to that the howling man which is [TS]

  the one where they capture Satan and the [TS]

  obsolete [TS]

  yeah yeah I love it so preachy no [TS]

  nobody's been in a good way anybody but [TS]

  in a good way in a good way it's about [TS]

  the importance of books I can get behind [TS]

  that's right yeah and and again talk to [TS]

  totalitarian States you got [TS]

  it's Weaver all he's awesome yeah right [TS]

  Dan [TS]

  what are your ones did we miss that you [TS]

  love well for me I had it I've had an [TS]

  opportunity recently in in recording my [TS]

  show to catch up on one Jonathan I don't [TS]

  think we hit tonight and that's the the [TS]

  war genre that the military episodes and [TS]

  I've been fascinated and rewatching some [TS]

  recently about realizing that in a time [TS]

  before PTSD was acknowledged as a as an [TS]

  actual condition and then what the [TS]

  effects of of being a fighting man and [TS]

  more time were in world war two and in [TS]

  Korea immediately preceding the show [TS]

  being on the air it's it's been very [TS]

  interesting for me to watch some of the [TS]

  episodes where very clearly the the [TS]

  writing staff certainly himself others [TS]

  working through some of their own issues [TS]

  and in exposing some of this and in a [TS]

  time [TS]

  previous nom when you know people [TS]

  haven't seen war on TV so much and so [TS]

  the episode that comes to mind is a [TS]

  quality of mercy from my season 3 it's a [TS]

  and we talked about all the Star Trek [TS]

  cast in there Leonard Nimoy's in that [TS]

  one and in a in a very young girl little [TS]

  his name escapes me at the moment Dean [TS]

  Stockwell the only disturbing thing [TS]

  about some of these to me looking back [TS]

  was there so there's some pretty blatant [TS]

  you know a casual racism of the time in [TS]

  in depicting Japanese soldiers and some [TS]

  of that but but the message about the [TS]

  horrors of war and all that i think is [TS]

  is a great thing that they cannot hit [TS]

  upon a few times but that's one episode [TS]

  that sticks out for me [TS]

  alright Steve what about you now I've [TS]

  got a lot of dead i'll go through a [TS]

  quick okay mostly like the real creepy [TS]

  once those are the ones that always [TS]

  stuck in my head as a kid and so i'll [TS]

  just go through those most of those the [TS]

  after hours in which and Francis is a [TS]

  mannequin but she doesn't know it [TS]

  that was super creepy something in the [TS]

  dark which i haven't seen in years and I [TS]

  feel like probably isn't as good as I [TS]

  remember it but that's the one with [TS]

  Robert Redford is trying to get in [TS]

  he's an injured he's [TS]

  your policeman or something yeah yeah [TS]

  yeahs nothing nothing in the dark [TS]

  the woman outside is nothing in the dark [TS]

  that's it that's it and the woman in the [TS]

  house is afraid to let him in because [TS]

  she's afraid to die and it turns out [TS]

  he's in fact death but he's [TS]

  compassionate is really solid in my in [TS]

  my recollection but I will watch it [TS]

  again and probably hated living doll and [TS]

  remembers living doll that's the talky [TS]

  Tina episode or telling survives know [TS]

  he's a jerk he deserves it [TS]

  ya know it's yes definitely you root for [TS]

  them dollars now you can tell the very [TS]

  your daddy I never root for the doll [TS]

  uh yeah like you wouldn't that make some [TS]

  long-distance call which is an earlier [TS]

  bill movie episode where he talks to his [TS]

  dead grandmother on the toy phone [TS]

  oh yeah and she wants him to join her [TS]

  yeah that's good and freaky to which is [TS]

  elizabeth montgomery and Charles Bronson [TS]

  fighting fighting it out in a [TS]

  post-apocalyptic the dummy because it [TS]

  has a dummy in it and the guy turns into [TS]

  the dummy at the end it's really freaky [TS]

  totally traumatized me another good [TS]

  conformity based one number 12 looks [TS]

  just like you have that one of the masks [TS]

  in which the guy forces his narrative [TS]

  well family to wear different masks did [TS]

  that represent their various flyballs as [TS]

  the will is read and then at the end [TS]

  they take off the mask in their faces [TS]

  are permanently molded into the shape of [TS]

  whatever it was [TS]

  that's a good one and the 1i another one [TS]

  that I haven't seen in years but i [TS]

  remember being very moving when I was a [TS]

  kid is the big tall wish in which the [TS]

  young boy wishes for the [TS]

  down-on-his-luck fighter to win a [TS]

  particular fight and he does but then [TS]

  the guy refuses to believe that the wish [TS]

  had anything to do with any suddenly [TS]

  finds himself flat on his back in the [TS]

  ring and it turns out that because he [TS]

  didn't believe in the wish he ended up [TS]

  losing the fight and that's a good one [TS]

  yeah that's it so I'm going to be a [TS]

  monster we're all the monster jro [TS]

  martyrs and i'm going to say you know [TS]

  what has a what what has all [TS]

  surprisingly number are good number of [TS]

  stories it's the 1985 revival of The [TS]

  Twilight Zone where you can find such [TS]

  excellent stories as the star shattered [TS]

  a paladin lost our [TS]

  play a message from charity a matter of [TS]

  minutes in episode that is not that [TS]

  great and yet I think about it at least [TS]

  once a month I think about this random [TS]

  story from the 895 twilight zone [TS]

  they did a cold equations adaptation [TS]

  that's pretty good and the best perhaps [TS]

  episode title ever crazy as a soup [TS]

  sandwich so it's that said lastly it's [TS]

  harlan ellison but there's some really [TS]

  good ones in there it is an 80 show it [TS]

  you know they made some bad mistakes as [TS]

  well but i think the the tragedy of it [TS]

  is I think creatively were pretty solid [TS]

  and they had some tone issues with CBS [TS]

  big shock and the network kind of lost [TS]

  support for it and then they basically [TS]

  sold it off and acidification and gave [TS]

  up and it's too bad because there were [TS]

  actually some very good stories and as [TS]

  mentioned earlier the advantage of the [TS]

  hour-long format what they would do is [TS]

  they would do these various lengths one [TS]

  so they have some short short ones that [TS]

  are like little almost like little jokes [TS]

  that go for five minutes and are done [TS]

  that were there's there's a really good [TS]

  one where I think Ron glass is the devil [TS]

  that's really great so don't pooh-pooh [TS]

  the the eighties twilight zone [TS]

  really it's not the same kind of thing [TS]

  is the one from the sixties but there's [TS]

  some good stuff there too so that's [TS]

  that's my plug palette of the lost our [TS]

  is one of my very figure out what all [TS]

  also Harlan Ellison yeah with with danny [TS]

  kaye also i'll put a plug for the [TS]

  opening credits of the eighties twilight [TS]

  zone [TS]

  it's really creepy and weird and cool [TS]

  and they have a stylized version of the [TS]

  theme song performed by the grateful [TS]

  dead and there's a like I strike hazy [TS]

  smoky like ghosts of Rod Serling who [TS]

  appears briefly in the opening credits [TS]

  it's pretty cool so yeah that's my [TS]

  that's my plug for for that and [TS]

  charles81 actually who was in a couple [TS]

  of class equality on episodes was the [TS]

  narrator and was really great as the [TS]

  narrator of those it's a fine yeah [TS]

  unfortunately then when they put in [TS]

  syndication they redoubled all of his [TS]

  narrations and ruined it but the race [TS]

  Robin war yes well they they made they [TS]

  made in canada and J michael Straczynski [TS]

  worked on that show and and and the [TS]

  episodes are not badly written but [TS]

  they're cheap and made in Canada so you [TS]

  know and they look at and they look at [TS]

  all right well we have we have been in [TS]

  the twilight zone [TS]

  submitted for your approval [TS]

  four panelists enter a strange dimension [TS]

  known as a podcast I don't have a whole [TS]

  thing written i just threw that in there [TS]

  so I'd like to thank my guests for [TS]

  making it through this podcast and out [TS]

  of the twilight zone David Laura thank [TS]

  you thank you i just i just want to say [TS]

  I've spent more than 22 minutes with you [TS]

  all [TS]

  will the real Martian please stand up [TS]

  fair enough [TS]

  Franco I all I've got here is this [TS]

  bottle of cherry brandy but it's from [TS]

  1904 so it's a good year the great here [TS]

  it's not 1903 thank you for being here [TS]

  I Steve let's i don't i don't even know [TS]

  what to say Cloris Leachman hey thanks [TS]

  for being here with he's a very bad man [TS]

  you're a very bad man Jason and you keep [TS]

  thinking bad thoughts about me I will I [TS]

  promise and swear I know who it is it's [TS]

  dead where shoot him [TS]

  thank you for being on the incomparable [TS]

  as a panelist and not just a voice plate [TS]

  on on a computer somewhere it's my [TS]

  pleasure in the idea i don't know what's [TS]

  going to happen Jason but I want to make [TS]

  it happen together [TS]

  ok so you can check out a random [TS]

  sterling available we're fine podcasts [TS]

  are sold [TS]

  is that right indeed he has some random [TS]

  certainly dot-com thank you see there [TS]

  you go if you want if you want even more [TS]

  twilight zone and Knight gallery you [TS]

  know the state does provide for the [TS]

  extermination of undesirables just [TS]

  thought I'd throw that out there [TS]

  well until next week i have been your [TS]

  host Jason smell all hail the leader and [TS]

  we'll see you next time [TS]

  [Music] [TS]