The Incomparable

295: A History of Things That Never Happened


  the incomparable Number 295 a 30 2016 [TS]

  welcome back everybody to be [TS]

  uncomfortable i'm jason l we have [TS]

  convened a UH a panel at the last moment [TS]

  because today yes we received a an [TS]

  official teaser trailer for a new star [TS]

  wars movie and the public demanded that [TS]

  we talked about it we've got lots of [TS]

  other episodes about lots of other [TS]

  subjects in the incomparable wings [TS]

  getting ready for their close-up but no [TS]

  in this episode we're going to talk [TS]

  about a trailer for Star Wars road one [TS]

  sorry robo-one a Star Wars story [TS]

  joining me to talk about this trailer [TS]

  possibly frame-by-frame who knows our [TS]

  John siracusa hello [TS]

  there's not that many frames so Irene I [TS]

  feel like we have to address each one in [TS]

  turn sure and we will do so [TS]

  yes and a more'n hello [TS]

  coming in coming to us live from another [TS]

  so the last one we did the trailer [TS]

  analysis of the I think the second [TS]

  teaser of the force awakens dan was on [TS]

  the west coast traveling and he is that [TS]

  again and I mean I'm on a mission [TS]

  I can't talk about it and serenity [TS]

  called was coming back from from a [TS]

  roller derby practice and cult from the [TS]

  car while we're trying to reach her in [TS]

  the car but we have been unsuccessful as [TS]

  of yet so we're going to go ahead [TS]

  perhaps you will join us later perhaps [TS]

  you want but uh so road one star wars [TS]

  story we got we got some we got some [TS]

  stuff here any any opening statements in [TS]

  the opening slots about this this is a [TS]

  this is we gotta go we gotta go whole [TS]

  hog here right this is the first first [TS]

  thing since what the Ewok adventure of [TS]

  the star wars holiday special this is a [TS]

  the the animated star wars clone wars [TS]

  movie this is this feels like they're [TS]

  putting all those aside this is the [TS]

  first like real star wars movie that is [TS]

  not in the Star Wars saga [TS]

  yeah i agree with that it's also the [TS]

  first stand-alone star wars movie really [TS]

  i mean you can kind of count you know [TS]

  and you open that because you know there [TS]

  was unclear whether or not they're going [TS]

  to be more movies when they first made [TS]

  it but at the same time it was also [TS]

  always kind of designed to be [TS]

  an episode in a larger story where is [TS]

  this I gotta feel like you know aside [TS]

  from maybe overlapping sets and like [TS]

  settings and stuff like that i don't [TS]

  think we're going to see anything of [TS]

  these characters again probably write [TS]

  like this seems like a pretty [TS]

  self-contained story I shouldn't get my [TS]

  hopes up the road to an drug three [TS]

  well I mean eventually we've got a real [TS]

  leader [TS]

  we've got road to is his wedge think I [TS]

  used all those titles for the video [TS]

  games already but we got a veritable [TS]

  rogues gallery John yeah we had a [TS]

  squadron who knows how many roads we can [TS]

  get here and disable to this is actually [TS]

  rouge one I feel like the pressure is [TS]

  off [TS]

  I off everybody like for this movie its [TS]

  affiliates off of the people making the [TS]

  movie because I mean I guess a little [TS]

  bit of pressure is like like you said [TS]

  Dan like that that oh I may I have to be [TS]

  the first one to make a movie that's not [TS]

  one of the Star Wars movies as in this [TS]

  big long continuing story that's been [TS]

  going on for all our lives on the other [TS]

  hand I like we said I think we [TS]

  originally talked about the disney deal [TS]

  if you make a couple of these and [TS]

  they're so so or are greater than a [TS]

  couple of sinkers because they are [TS]

  standalone and because they're not part [TS]

  of the saga like that's what we want you [TS]

  want to see people stretching out and [TS]

  doing interesting new things so I was [TS]

  much more relaxed about this like they [TS]

  did the publicity shot i forgot this [TS]

  trailer is even coming out until a [TS]

  couple days before and some just like [TS]

  you know i don't i don't feel like the [TS]

  weight of the world on my shoulders like [TS]

  with the force awakens like all please [TS]

  please don't mess this up please [TS]

  this is just like I'm I'm ready to be [TS]

  pleasantly surprised and I don't have a [TS]

  lot of like trepidation going in now is [TS]

  how much of that is because of the force [TS]

  awakens and how much of that is just [TS]

  because it isn't connected to the over [TS]

  all sort of Star Wars story [TS]

  it helps that the force awakens shows [TS]

  that the people who now on the franchise [TS]

  know what that they're doing that really [TS]

  really does help but I i still think [TS]

  just having them be independent and this [TS]

  way like I'm excited about the the [TS]

  possibility of variety because the saga [TS]

  the soggy is what the saga is you know [TS]

  the whole epic story of Star Wars but [TS]

  it's constraining in a way to and so I [TS]

  just I just like to think about all the [TS]

  different kinds of stories they can tell [TS]

  with a star wars sighs budget [TS]

  hoping that the tentpole movies will [TS]

  keep people interested in the franchise [TS]

  enough that even if they do a weird one [TS]

  this doesn't look weird wonder if they [TS]

  do a weird one that people will go to it [TS]

  because like I just saw the you know [TS]

  episode 8 last year and it was awesome [TS]

  and they're doing on the movie and it [TS]

  has a star wars Brandon let's go for it [TS]

  i don't know what happens at 49 but for [TS]

  now i'm i'm excited about the [TS]

  possibilities well I mean there's also [TS]

  the the element of like sort of the [TS]

  premise one of the things that we've [TS]

  always loved about this is a franchise [TS]

  is that it's supposed to be this vast [TS]

  universe and yet we've only really seen [TS]

  little tiny slices of it over the course [TS]

  of you know seven movies now and so the [TS]

  fact that we have all these other realms [TS]

  to experiment in and explorer is like [TS]

  well you know those were always there in [TS]

  some way but we never really got a [TS]

  chance because we were so focused on [TS]

  this one main plot thread which [TS]

  certainly had galactic complications but [TS]

  at the same time like what about all [TS]

  those other people that are there are [TS]

  billions upon billions of other people [TS]

  in this in this galaxy right like some [TS]

  of them surely have interesting stories [TS]

  to tell in a manger leave with our [TS]

  characters or not but you know I think [TS]

  one of the things that true people are [TS]

  lots of the Expanded Universe to during [TS]

  the era where there were no official [TS]

  Star Wars movies was exploring all these [TS]

  other different aspects of the galaxy [TS]

  yeah they're not straying too far to [TS]

  begin with but this one obviously is [TS]

  we're all about the death star and right [TS]

  before a new hope you know this is kind [TS]

  of tied in but and I I think that's fine [TS]

  especially like you know you start from [TS]

  the heart of this organ and branch out [TS]

  but the nice thing about having like you [TS]

  know [TS]

  surely there are other stories you know [TS]

  we saw you see the big story but other [TS]

  stories that the other stories aren't [TS]

  even necessarily less important like [TS]

  it's the type of thing where I yeah we [TS]

  were following are our heroes in our [TS]

  main characters a but if you had [TS]

  followed any small group of people you [TS]

  would have seen that their victories and [TS]

  defeats were you know that part of the [TS]

  the same struggle so in this movie the [TS]

  whole thing is you're getting the plans [TS]

  for the death star whatever if they [TS]

  hadn't gotten those plans no new hope no [TS]

  whole saga like every piece of it has to [TS]

  fit together you know and who's to say [TS]

  what's more important lesson for was it [TS]

  more important that Luke you know did [TS]

  the trench run no transform without [TS]

  these plans were [TS]

  it is not because Luke is not in this [TS]

  movie is a movie less important and so [TS]

  that's that's just concentrating you [TS]

  know still around the saga but as you [TS]

  branch out word any movies like within [TS]

  the universe it's the most important [TS]

  thing that happens in the lives of the [TS]

  people you see in the movie for the most [TS]

  part and that can make a compelling [TS]

  movie even if you know the entire galaxy [TS]

  is not a stake in this entire galaxy [TS]

  actually happens to be a steak but i [TS]

  think it's fine to have movies where [TS]

  it's not the whole galaxy isn't it steak [TS]

  but it's a smaller scale type of thing [TS]

  well it's interesting to you bring that [TS]

  up because because this is so closely [TS]

  linked with the stories that we already [TS]

  know and love so much [TS]

  you know one might argue well some of [TS]

  the suspense is gone we know the Death [TS]

  Star plans are eventually acquired right [TS]

  like that that is the thing that [TS]

  otherwise like he said those rest of [TS]

  those movies would not have happened but [TS]

  it seems like they're drawing a [TS]

  compelling enough story about these [TS]

  characters that we haven't met and about [TS]

  you know the things that we haven't seen [TS]

  to draw Sen so that there are still some [TS]

  interesting aspects to that story like [TS]

  we know what the maybe central thrust of [TS]

  this is but we don't necessarily know [TS]

  all the details or who the players are [TS]

  you know and that's that's something I i [TS]

  think it's especially interesting to [TS]

  tread on this territory that has been [TS]

  covered in the expanded universe and [TS]

  clearly to throw out a bunch of that [TS]

  stuff which is you know as we all knew [TS]

  going in when the disney acquisition [TS]

  happened like you know the EU is not [TS]

  long for this world and so presenting [TS]

  that as sort of like you know they've [TS]

  converted that into legends and it's [TS]

  like well they may acknowledge or borrow [TS]

  some stuff from it but they may also [TS]

  just equally decided to toss everything [TS]

  you know [TS]

  so being able to say like I well you [TS]

  know there are many legends or stories [TS]

  about how the Death Star plans were [TS]

  acquired here sort of the canonical [TS]

  version i think is kind of a cool thing [TS]

  that you can do now is like you you [TS]

  don't have to necessarily wipe those [TS]

  things out yes there's only one way it [TS]

  really happened but because this galaxy [TS]

  is so large you know I think especially [TS]

  when you look at force awakens and [TS]

  really realize the scope of you know [TS]

  these people did not know Jedi exist [TS]

  because you know for the last half a [TS]

  century there's only been one sort of [TS]

  half Jedi and it was a thing that [TS]

  probably did not cross paths with any of [TS]

  them in their entire life so of course [TS]

  it's more like a myth [TS]

  so you know having this sort of [TS]

  mythological structure in place where [TS]

  you can say like others [TS]

  these stories about things that have [TS]

  happened before you know I think gives [TS]

  them a lot of freedom that that you [TS]

  don't necessarily get a lot of other [TS]

  frameworks we've been talking about this [TS]

  as a as a standalone movie which is [TS]

  interesting because it's not it's not [TS]

  quite that right it it's it's a [TS]

  standalone movie in the sense that the [TS]

  vet it's a a going to tell a story and [TS]

  then at the end of the story will be [TS]

  over but it is not a standalone movie in [TS]

  the sense that it is taking place inside [TS]

  of or in parallel with or slightly [TS]

  before the original Star Wars so I'm [TS]

  curious what you guys think about that [TS]

  the idea of going back and I don't [TS]

  expect that there will be a forest gump [TS]

  like appearance where Luke runs across [TS]

  and then our character and the [TS]

  background although i wouldn't put it [TS]

  past him but you know they could have [TS]

  Darth Vader in this movie they could [TS]

  have the emperor in this movie there are [TS]

  things that they could do with and when [TS]

  they do have mon mothma in this movie [TS]

  who is a character in star wars so so [TS]

  they are going back and playing with [TS]

  that movie and what happens around it [TS]

  and I'm I'm so it's not often some other [TS]

  planet with characters you've never [TS]

  heard of it some characters you've heard [TS]

  of and it's a planet that we've seen and [TS]

  and so curious what you guys think about [TS]

  that the idea of going back and telling [TS]

  stories inside these you know famous [TS]

  influential stories from the original [TS]

  Star Wars movies a good thing is a bad [TS]

  thing or is it just a different feel [TS]

  like the way you can get away with that [TS]

  is up by recognizing like you even [TS]

  though I just like who's to say what's [TS]

  more important here [TS]

  one thing you can say in terms of like [TS]

  political rank or organizational [TS]

  structure is the princess leia is near [TS]

  the top of the rebellion right even in [TS]

  star wars in a very important person [TS]

  there's the Senate there's something [TS]

  like if you draw a big org chart of the [TS]

  various factions here and there's a [TS]

  bottom of that org chart to and what it [TS]

  looks like in this movie is you can [TS]

  imagine everybody in this movie going [TS]

  about their business operating at sort [TS]

  of the leaf nodes and sort of middle [TS]

  management layer and having their [TS]

  mission and never having to have any [TS]

  real interaction with [TS]

  the top of the rebellion saying you know [TS]

  we're gonna need some plans for this [TS]

  thing that they're doing or whatever [TS]

  right [TS]

  as in you know you are our hero here [TS]

  does not look to be in charge of a huge [TS]

  swath of the rebellion [TS]

  she's just you know a single lone person [TS]

  who is recruited into this this you know [TS]

  effort right so I feel like you can have [TS]

  an entire movie about adventures [TS]

  connected to or in parallel with or [TS]

  whatever though the larger story but you [TS]

  don't have to necessarily have it's like [TS]

  having a spy movie where you never see [TS]

  the president [TS]

  it's fine to have you know I don't in [TS]

  the Jason Bourne movies i remember how [TS]

  many of you actually see the president [TS]

  tried the president is involved this is [TS]

  the US government you know a thing or [TS]

  whatever but you can have a whole spy [TS]

  movie without involving like the the [TS]

  generals in charge of the army or the [TS]

  President or anything like that and I [TS]

  think that's one easy out here is their [TS]

  education to see Darth Vader does this [TS]

  stuff raised his level of notice for [TS]

  concern what they do the job well no he [TS]

  never knows they were there they get in [TS]

  they get out they get their stuff and [TS]

  only later did you find out that [TS]

  someone's got the plans because they [TS]

  know exactly where to shoot the little [TS]

  uh photon torpedo right photon torpedo [TS]

  jeez who syracuse i've got Star Wars and [TS]

  Star Trek confused i didn't get confuse [TS]

  my traitorous mouth did and in fact I [TS]

  think John's point makes even more sense [TS]

  when you think about the fact that this [TS]

  rebellion is you know a lot of the other [TS]

  place places we see it is predicated as [TS]

  sort of like you know a network of cells [TS]

  right so in fact it makes more sense [TS]

  that you know Princess Leia especially I [TS]

  think we you know in some ways were [TS]

  given to expect for the most part that [TS]

  before the events of the new hope she is [TS]

  kind of you know nominally may be in [TS]

  charge but is not really directly [TS]

  associated with most of the rebellion [TS]

  right because she sort of legitimate [TS]

  face and so to do that to behave are [TS]

  actually involved in those operations [TS]

  would put everything at risk right so in [TS]

  fact it makes sense in some ways just [TS]

  from a storytelling perspective that she [TS]

  doesn't have to get involved and I [TS]

  agreed like you could have her fate or [TS]

  the Emperor but like John says like is [TS]

  that is that the important part of the [TS]

  story and then you run the storytelling [TS]

  issues there too because if you have a [TS]

  bunch of like rebels run up against you [TS]

  know Darth Vader to tie gonna go outside [TS]

  go and it's not i'm in assume it's it's [TS]

  going to be you know sort of [TS]

  omniscient narrator everything like it's [TS]

  not going to be a point of view movie we [TS]

  only see we fall one character we only [TS]

  see what they see so at any time you [TS]

  could cut to you know the Empire [TS]

  boardroom or Darth Vader's have another [TS]

  argument about his ancient religion or [TS]

  something at any time you could show the [TS]

  higher reaches you could show the [TS]

  princess leia doing something you can [TS]

  show Vader your shoulder talking with a [TS]

  temper but why would you have that scene [TS]

  unless it's part of the plot of the [TS]

  movie like I feel like you can you could [TS]

  work that in because those people are [TS]

  alive they're running around doing their [TS]

  jobs but unless their jobs are directly [TS]

  connected to the specific plot of this [TS]

  movie and these characters there's no [TS]

  reason to show the mother than perhaps [TS]

  fanservice so i think i will give them a [TS]

  pass on a few like oh there's a [TS]

  millennium falcon flying by in the [TS]

  background or something or not do [TS]

  something that happens later but tractor [TS]

  beams and you know it the desktop [TS]

  looking like a moon that's all fine and [TS]

  good but I don't think you know that [TS]

  there is necessarily any reason for our [TS]

  heroes from the saga [TS]

  good guys bad guys or anyone related to [TS]

  be involved in the mission that this [TS]

  movie is about because this type of [TS]

  mission is going to be a hush-hush type [TS]

  of thing and that's what I mean every [TS]

  word imagine that's why they recruited [TS]

  nobody she's a you know a capable rebel [TS]

  but no one knows who she is if you need [TS]

  someone to infiltrate she doesn't have [TS]

  like a little dossier and in the [TS]

  Empire's computer saying oh yeah she's [TS]

  totally you know what you know she's [TS]

  just another you know random person off [TS]

  the street who is the they don't know [TS]

  anything about because she's beneath [TS]

  their notice [TS]

  well into Jason's question about linking [TS]

  stuff and telling stories within the [TS]

  saga [TS]

  I think the greater virtue here [TS]

  especially is that you get to use a [TS]

  language that you otherwise you know [TS]

  we've seen sort of a door like a derived [TS]

  from that language in episode 7 or the [TS]

  like hints and sensibilities of the [TS]

  original of the design from the original [TS]

  trilogy service seeps into like and [TS]

  informs what the you know what the [TS]

  universe looks like 30 years later but [TS]

  here we're inside that moment right like [TS]

  there was a great bit and I was watching [TS]

  some of the force awakens background [TS]

  materials and they were talking about [TS]

  designing the falken especially and they [TS]

  talked about like as if they were [TS]

  approaching it as like a period movie [TS]

  they were trying to get accurate all the [TS]

  details on the Millennium Falcon in [TS]

  in episode 7 so they looked like the [TS]

  same ship essentially from the original [TS]

  trilogy and so in the same way you know [TS]

  we essentially have that language of all [TS]

  these like we're seeing original storm [TS]

  troopers were speaking original Star [TS]

  Destroyers we're seeing you havin right [TS]

  like you can not only use sort of like [TS]

  this is literally a quick shortcut of [TS]

  like hey this is the universe wherein [TS]

  remember this but like in if we had seen [TS]

  that you know that slavish a sort of [TS]

  adherence to the original trilogy is [TS]

  design sensibilities in episode 7 we [TS]

  might have kind of rolled her eyes a [TS]

  little bit been like oh we're just [TS]

  reusing all this stuff but like here [TS]

  work in that time period so it makes [TS]

  sense it's a period this period movie [TS]

  it's in the period is star wars it's [TS]

  1977 in a galaxy far far away [TS]

  that's best for this movie takes place [TS]

  you fewer bell-bottoms but yeah yeah no [TS]

  I i love that about it i was really [TS]

  happy to see as well we'll see when we [TS]

  go through it see stormtroopers the old [TS]

  kind I i enjoying a promising new kind [TS]

  but it's like yeah they're the old kind [TS]

  and some new kinds the Star Destroyers [TS]

  gave me chills as i said i like it just [TS]

  took my hair on my arms went up just [TS]

  watching them because they had that like [TS]

  you know drifting slowly forward like [TS]

  that iconic first shot like for [TS]

  sequencing you open i said they're going [TS]

  oh man you know like this is it's not [TS]

  just like we had a new star wars movie [TS]

  and it was good but now we have like a [TS]

  new stuff is pretty bits like [TS]

  contemporaneous with all those stars [TS]

  movies that we love them something about [TS]

  that is even even more giddy inducing [TS]

  and it's tricky to do that like like the [TS]

  special feature on the Millennium Falcon [TS]

  because you're gonna tease and computer [TS]

  right and none of the original ones were [TS]

  done computer they're all models right [TS]

  and so it like it you like how do you [TS]

  how do you make a computer thing that [TS]

  looks on camera like the models did and [TS]

  part of that is camera moves you know [TS]

  like moving the camera like you know as [TS]

  if it was you were constrained by I like [TS]

  the motion control cameras that they had [TS]

  to use back then but part of it is just [TS]

  figure out how to light the thing and [TS]

  I'm it had the same problem with the [TS]

  Millennium Falcon of like how shiny [TS]

  should it be how dull how much dirt how [TS]

  much detail should we add you you're [TS]

  kind of stuck not doing anything that [TS]

  the model couldn't or didn't do and [TS]

  looking at these the starter story like [TS]

  the one close of the head of a [TS]

  like even here there the the lighting on [TS]

  is a bit more dynamic I mean a bit more [TS]

  realistic you know i would imagine [TS]

  because you know they're rather than [TS]

  just blasting the thing with spotlights [TS]

  and putting into the blue screen just [TS]

  hoping to get a good clean Matt line on [TS]

  the thing in computers we have so much [TS]

  more flexibility for nuance but then to [TS]

  my eyes it doesn't look like the models [TS]

  right it looks it looks different it [TS]

  looks fresher it looks a little bit more [TS]

  detailed to my eye a little bit more [TS]

  modern while the same time of course all [TS]

  the geometry is exactly as we expect [TS]

  because you know the play laser scan the [TS]

  things and everything so that's an [TS]

  interesting balancing act same thing [TS]

  with the death star itself which totally [TS]

  look like a big model that someone [TS]

  spray-painted especially in a new hope [TS]

  and here it looks more like a giant [TS]

  space station again a little more detail [TS]

  and everything like that so it's it's [TS]

  kind of weird as if like your memories [TS]

  of childhood were like low definition [TS]

  and then this is like this is like I did [TS]

  the limitations of our storytelling [TS]

  technology didn't allow you to see the [TS]

  world of a new hope as it actually [TS]

  existed but now you're actually in a new [TS]

  hope and this is what it looks like if [TS]

  you were there and like had your [TS]

  contacts in or whatever [TS]

  yeah yeah i agree agree completely and [TS]

  it's it's it's fascinating to see them [TS]

  walk that line of trying to make things [TS]

  look correct but better and it was one [TS]

  of the things I always got struggled [TS]

  with the prequels right which was how do [TS]

  we depict this world that is you know [TS]

  sort of the pre-fall world and [TS]

  everything in that looked a little too [TS]

  too shiny nice etc and it was hard to [TS]

  draw that line and I think episode 7 did [TS]

  a much better job of like production [TS]

  design and trying to like grow out of [TS]

  that but yeah here they have the [TS]

  advantage of being able to just sort of [TS]

  go to the source throughout the episode [TS]

  7 had the advantage of over the prequels [TS]

  is that they got to show technology [TS]

  advancing and I mean yet within reason [TS]

  obviously but they the prequels had were [TS]

  the product of an incredibly advanced [TS]

  technology that supposedly takes place [TS]

  before the stuff that we saw that was [TS]

  made using technological ideas of the [TS]

  seventies and eighties and so boy that's [TS]

  a tough time at everything so here here [TS]

  i think it's kind of brilliant that they [TS]

  they really just get to use Star Wars as [TS]

  a model and [TS]

  the the costuming and the art direction [TS]

  of Star Wars as as at least their basis [TS]

  for for the world the parts of the world [TS]

  that we've seen and and well maybe we [TS]

  should go through the trailer now how [TS]

  about that [TS]

  what do you think sounds like a plan [TS]

  alright so opening scene we have [TS]

  felicity jones who is the star of this [TS]

  movie and we see her being led into an [TS]

  area that I believe is a rebel alliance [TS]

  controlled area there are right does it [TS]

  just seem it's got to get all those guys [TS]

  think she's almost certainly it seems [TS]

  like you haven't been for ya [TS]

  I mean all their bases all the bases [TS]

  start to look the same over after a [TS]

  while they're all kind of you even the [TS]

  one in the force awakens was kind of [TS]

  modeled after this because it got you [TS]

  know but the second shot rebel base [TS]

  second shot of the of the trailer has [TS]

  pillars with like vines on them which is [TS]

  totally a Yavin thing right [TS]

  so some of the some of the set pieces [TS]

  they have an answer for their shots [TS]

  there are exact look to me to be exact [TS]

  duplicate of stuff from that last base [TS]

  sequence in New Hope where they're like [TS]

  where you know watching the attack on [TS]

  the Death Star they're gonna get you out [TS]

  of thing yes like the stadium i was like [TS]

  the stadium from clash of the titans [TS]

  where the little figures you know a [TS]

  little like what why are you looking [TS]

  down at the screen in the middle of a [TS]

  circular pit now it's like an overhead [TS]

  projector they are me we got the person [TS]

  in a like one of those helmets with the [TS]

  like the bike helmet kind of thing with [TS]

  a with a thing going on backward or like [TS]

  that down the back like like is in is in [TS]

  Star Wars she's got handcuffs on [TS]

  apparently which is interesting [TS]

  intriguing right why it why is this [TS]

  character in handcuffs although I'm [TS]

  still not entirely sure that this isn't [TS]

  her at the end of the movie [TS]

  well i think it's i think it's the setup [TS]

  the classic setup you know of any there [TS]

  are so many more like so this is a you [TS]

  know what would be called and sort of i [TS]

  don't use the gender terms men on a [TS]

  mission but like on a mission movie [TS]

  right like this is the the Dirty Dozen [TS]

  like oh you're no good but we need your [TS]

  kind of no good to carry this out right [TS]

  and like the thing is that like the [TS]

  thing is that we were so you single you [TS]

  know obviously think talk a little bit [TS]

  about sort of the the gender roles and [TS]

  interesting choices they made ever like [TS]

  we're so used to seeing that as a as a [TS]

  male protagonist like that is a trip [TS]

  it is [TS]

  much less common with a field female [TS]

  protagonist and so I think it definitely [TS]

  feels a little more fresh in that way [TS]

  but like you could probably name a dozen [TS]

  movies where it starts out with like the [TS]

  government wants to recruit this person [TS]

  who is trying to get him out of jail it [TS]

  like like the rocker whatever like we [TS]

  gotta pee so bad we already have been in [TS]

  prison and I think she's being led she's [TS]

  in handcuffs right and i think the [TS]

  trooper the day they're the rebel [TS]

  soldier that is leading her is also a [TS]

  woman I couldn't tell what the helmet is [TS]

  it's hard to a long hair long hair [TS]

  slight build or a very young man but be [TS]

  the way like that type of thing I mean [TS]

  they did it with the original screen [TS]

  shot of the cast and everything like [TS]

  that that you're right same damage that [TS]

  the the usually like that we need you [TS]

  because you're the toughest the most [TS]

  resourceful guy even though you're you [TS]

  know the outlaw or whatever [TS]

  always when there's a bunch of people [TS]

  leading someone and hang-ups is a bunch [TS]

  of men no matter who is in the handcuffs [TS]

  why would you have anyone leaving people [TS]

  hanging up two aren't meant because it's [TS]

  just like an impossibility in the movie [TS]

  to have a hero and handcuffs led by a [TS]

  bunch of guards it's got all have to be [TS]

  n right and I I think like right off the [TS]

  bat at the very least it's ambiguous the [TS]

  idea that there's there are you know [TS]

  that fifty percent of these people help [TS]

  the people in this movie are not men and [TS]

  somehow the rebel line still functions [TS]

  we got it we got a couple of droid [TS]

  cameos in this family shot in the end [TS]

  what looks like some kind of a hangar [TS]

  bay there's a she's being left across [TS]

  also the the rebels are playing a little [TS]

  bit loose with their security [TS]

  arrangements and that they're allowing [TS]

  the and cuffed prisoner of to walk [TS]

  behind the guard which is kind of weird [TS]

  well isn't this so many rebels they [TS]

  actually tries to jump in mind it's not [TS]

  gonna let you know how do you know the [TS]

  rebels are not big on they're not [TS]

  policemen David they are rebels but [TS]

  there's an x-wing in the background and [TS]

  there's a there's a there's a gunk then [TS]

  we see on the left and on the right [TS]

  there is a you know I don't know there's [TS]

  a not one of those it's a canister droid [TS]

  of some kind i don't wanna canister dry [TS]

  don't want to assume which are and which [TS]

  d it is but it's in the general canister [TS]

  and after Mac am mr. you know it's like [TS]

  a vacuum cleaner right it's gonna come [TS]

  in the upright in the canister this is [TS]

  canister model it's the I i thought what [TS]

  like our 5d for kind of guy [TS]

  there's a couple this couple of them in [TS]

  the shop yeah the drug makers have some [TS]

  fun I was excited to see I'd forgotten [TS]

  like I was the altec swings the original [TS]

  yeah so used to seeing the force awakens [TS]

  one they get those this for circular [TS]

  engines staring you in the face with the [TS]

  big Jay Jay loves to build physical [TS]

  x-wings and you know what the people who [TS]

  build them as I can you feel more I can [TS]

  tell that's a real physical actually [TS]

  literally the people who build them will [TS]

  gladly build you more because the way [TS]

  you can tell if it's a physical like [TS]

  swinging by the way I don't want to ruin [TS]

  her for people that like to tell it is [TS]

  this is CG x-wing although the TV people [TS]

  I shouldn't be saying this was not going [TS]

  to hear me and fix this and burn my [TS]

  system but I as anyone who has ever [TS]

  built an x-wing out of anything [TS]

  including the large-scale lego one's [TS]

  nose is really really hard to get the [TS]

  wings of an x-wing to stay parallel to [TS]

  the ground because they droop because [TS]

  they're thin and long and heavy and so [TS]

  no matter what you build it out unless [TS]

  you build it out of titanium like [TS]

  especially people that out of wood or [TS]

  something like that [TS]

  the physical ones the wings droop a [TS]

  little bit so if you see the wings [TS]

  dripping a little bit probably a [TS]

  physical one [TS]

  if they are exactly parallel to the [TS]

  ground probably see Jesus so top 40 and [TS]

  everybody else in ilm take note want to [TS]

  make it look real estate you gotta you [TS]

  get a chance to make amends siracusa [TS]

  just a little bit of true or the the [TS]

  model maker ones could actually use very [TS]

  very stiff material like you know carbon [TS]

  fiber honeycomb to actually make the [TS]

  parallel to the ground that cost too [TS]

  much that's not gonna happen [TS]

  how is it that the gunk droid as dumb as [TS]

  it isn't in so many Star Wars movies [TS]

  it's just necessarily really easy to [TS]

  make if you have a couple of trash cans [TS]

  yeah living together for you and put a [TS]

  little person in it we never call this [TS]

  the gunk is a kid this was the walking [TS]

  trash can LOL and tragic androids that [TS]

  was a real yeah yeah power Droid i think [TS]

  if you want to go with the the other [TS]

  vernacular but yeah i think it's it's [TS]

  just one there's only one of them in the [TS]

  entire stars galaxies gets around gets [TS]

  around [TS]

  yeah power doesn't mean he's like a [TS]

  battery he's just like a portable [TS]

  battery walks over and you a charge your [TS]

  iPhone [TS]

  Wow legislators only place on the sides [TS]

  so many the budgetary like constraints [TS]

  of the seventies for the original star [TS]

  wars have you know been translated into [TS]

  and in of the star wars universe because [TS]

  like we can especially like we need a [TS]

  bunch of roboti background things are [TS]

  not important that i can be starting the [TS]

  movie themes like roboti how cheaply can [TS]

  we make something that looks roboti was [TS]

  one solution 45 minute 45 seconds maybe [TS]

  nobody ever even remember it was there [TS]

  meanwhile i don't know actually 4 430 [TS]

  years people will be free streaming it [TS]

  an action figure out a bit ly great say [TS]

  it was a little person with little [TS]

  plastic things on their legs a little [TS]

  plastic shoes into trash cans good [TS]

  together and goes good doctor and they [TS]

  made them in action figure out of it [TS]

  you're like wait wait wait that was and [TS]

  then now it's just that the just just [TS]

  run with it guys just run with it [TS]

  ya donk one else's were so if we could [TS]

  go across the bay there is the x-wing in [TS]

  the background there's you know there's [TS]

  steam coming up there people are like [TS]

  welding things there's a droid and it [TS]

  appears that she is then brought into a [TS]

  tactical area this is a control room the [TS]

  likes of which we have seen before in [TS]

  Star Wars to rebel control room and in [TS]

  it there is a a guy off to the off to [TS]

  the left and who's looking for Eastern [TS]

  and in the center it is a it is somebody [TS]

  we've seen before it's it's a Mon Mothma [TS]

  the the sort of what would you say she [TS]

  is she the the the leader of the [TS]

  rebellion the official leader of the [TS]

  rebellion [TS]

  well she's at one point a senator I [TS]

  believe although i think yeah that [TS]

  depends again how much not throwing out [TS]

  clearly i think i think at this point [TS]

  like I mean it discretionary star wars [TS]

  the rebellion is a secret and informal [TS]

  thing you know it's old you are part of [TS]

  the Rebel Alliance and traders if they [TS]

  don't declare themselves hi I'm part of [TS]

  the rebels like you know the idea is [TS]

  there are forming a rebellion gonna have [TS]

  letterhead right that says rebel long [TS]

  line on it right so who is part of their [TS]

  buying powerful important people in the [TS]

  galaxy who are against the the growing [TS]

  Empire but they're not declaring [TS]

  themselves i feel like these people have [TS]

  like day jobs but you know behind the [TS]

  scenes they are constraining this [TS]

  rebellion so obviously she is [TS]

  I mean I always took her in Star Wars to [TS]

  be below princesslay-a I don't know if [TS]

  that is officially canonically like rank [TS]

  wise she's more [TS]

  or whatever but in this movie is [TS]

  presented as our hero comes before her [TS]

  and as far as she's concerned as far as [TS]

  our heroes concerned I this is the [TS]

  person in charge is all lit up to get [TS]

  spotlights on earth and we're addressing [TS]

  or whatever she is the face of authority [TS]

  right and whether there's any thought of [TS]

  people above that are who the heck you [TS]

  know Han Solo Skywalker are going to be [TS]

  or what Princess Leia is or what she's [TS]

  doing is totally beyond the concern of [TS]

  you know this person just marching your [TS]

  handcuffs far as she's concerned she's [TS]

  talking to the person in charge [TS]

  no I mean I be honestly had always had [TS]

  the opposite thought from jamas I assume [TS]

  mama was the sort of top head of the [TS]

  sort of nominal like head of state [TS]

  yeah sort of an end eventually was [TS]

  basically in charge of things and [TS]

  Princess Leia well high-ranking was not [TS]

  necessarily you know like i said she was [TS]

  sorry like in an outright because she [TS]

  was definitely maintaining our role in [TS]

  the center at least up until a new hope [TS]

  but she sort of acts as a as a high [TS]

  level operative in some way so I agree [TS]

  that is definitely I mean it's she's [TS]

  definitely in charge is interesting [TS]

  because we have a weird link here which [TS]

  is that this character of course first [TS]

  appeared in return the Jedi in a pretty [TS]

  much just one scene and then appears [TS]

  briefly i think in the final cut of the [TS]

  episode 3 appears briefly but has [TS]

  deleted scenes in which they she [TS]

  actually has lines and they're using the [TS]

  same actress from the prequels which [TS]

  might be one of the first times that one [TS]

  of the new films is drawing sort of a [TS]

  direct line to the prequels was very [TS]

  clever because she looks a lot like the [TS]

  original actress [TS]

  yeah I had to add that moment like wait [TS]

  a second is that did they do cg things I [TS]

  placement wet like it's just you know [TS]

  because all you eat the thing is you [TS]

  don't when you see the next shot they [TS]

  don't actually look that much like but [TS]

  you you see the uniform you don't see [TS]

  the person especially the range of the [TS]

  during the shot broad broad strokes you [TS]

  know I think me like there are some [TS]

  broad strokes there that they could pass [TS]

  for similar enough if you don't remember [TS]

  exactly what it was like look like but [TS]

  this is an irish actor named Genevieve [TS]

  O'Reilly who's been in a bunch of things [TS]

  including i was thinking i started [TS]

  spooks the british show and in episodes [TS]

  the Showtime comedy she plays a part in [TS]

  there too so but she looked i think she [TS]

  is a dead ringer here and it is [TS]

  they decided to go with the prequels [TS]

  actors but i guess they felt like we [TS]

  already cast that part 1 yeah we already [TS]

  did the search for someone who looks [TS]

  just like this and yeah that's her let's [TS]

  just go with that and that that person [TS]

  just needs to be a little bit older and [TS]

  guess what they are because yeah [TS]

  convenient time has passed since the [TS]

  prequels so here we are [TS]

  felicity jones is broad before mon [TS]

  mothma and this this dude and then [TS]

  there's also another another guy who [TS]

  looks roguish and is lit in sort of a [TS]

  green light from the tactical display [TS]

  and he's off in the corner so you can [TS]

  tell that that that guy's gonna be you [TS]

  might be wrote to you see you see his [TS]

  little is little badge that the little [TS]

  rank badges the one the one you always [TS]

  remember from the new hope it looks like [TS]

  the period of dog food symbol like with [TS]

  the 525 read things right [TS]

  this guy just got to to greendot so [TS]

  obviously he's not as high ranking as [TS]

  the molecular tenant or something is [TS]

  that Diego Luna it is diego luna yeah so [TS]

  I I i assume that the the story this is [TS]

  the story right which is all right we [TS]

  called you in here you've got a mission [TS]

  you're gonna work with this guy looks [TS]

  like he's that kind of these are [TS]

  official guy right like he's are these [TS]

  are legitimate like guy that we send [TS]

  into these things that you have a very [TS]

  specific you have a very specific set of [TS]

  skills that we need one thing about [TS]

  these two characters which I i had [TS]

  tweeted about my got a pretty big [TS]

  response which was this this you trailer [TS]

  opens with two characters both women [TS]

  talking about something not related to a [TS]

  guy which means this trailer already [TS]

  like 20 seconds in passes the Bechdel [TS]

  test which may set it aside from almost [TS]

  every other star wars movies at least up [TS]

  to force awakens certainly so that [TS]

  despite the fact that i do think you [TS]

  know when they first released a cast [TS]

  photo [TS]

  despite having a very diverse cast they [TS]

  did have still a predominantly male at [TS]

  least 80 characters we were shown so [TS]

  there are at least multiple multiple [TS]

  women in here with lines with scenes [TS]

  together which I think continues along [TS]

  the sort of trajectory we've seen from [TS]

  the new Star Wars laid out for us which [TS]

  is this is really going to be about like [TS]

  all sorts of different characters right [TS]

  not just [TS]

  our prototypical white male here heroes [TS]

  so that's I think that's really cool i [TS]

  mean i-i something like she's going to [TS]

  be overwhelmed in the movie kind of like [TS]

  Ray was for the most part of that like [TS]

  you're still going to be in universe [TS]

  mostly surrounded by men to a degree [TS]

  that is not particularly a [TS]

  representative of the world at large but [TS]

  they're you know they're making progress [TS]

  is what you have to say is that they are [TS]

  taking steps in the right direction I [TS]

  mean you know the the optimistic outcome [TS]

  as you do this a bunch of times when [TS]

  people start complaining about the [TS]

  stereotypical white female heroine and [TS]

  so all right that's progress [TS]

  next we're on to the next you know [TS]

  stereotype now it's like like turning a [TS]

  Star Destroyer you have to do a it's [TS]

  very slow once you start moving it but [TS]

  it takes a while to turn all the way [TS]

  around but the most important thing the [TS]

  most important thing is like you can't [TS]

  go into this in like oh and you know [TS]

  we're going to make a bunch of movies [TS]

  going to make one every year and they're [TS]

  probably gonna be like diversity them in [TS]

  the beginning I was just doing [TS]

  traditional it's what I think it's [TS]

  really important to come out of the gate [TS]

  with two movies with with the female [TS]

  lead [TS]

  even if there are pretty conventional [TS]

  and almost every other way like i said i [TS]

  really think that you know that cast [TS]

  photo is representative and she's gonna [TS]

  be running around this movie's most of [TS]

  the people surrounding her aren't are [TS]

  going to be men right and maybe slightly [TS]

  more diverse meant but to have the 2 12 [TS]

  punch of the force awakens and this one [TS]

  sends a signal that it's not like oh [TS]

  this is something we're going to do in [TS]

  the future going forward when we have [TS]

  the opportunities like we're doing it [TS]

  now this is this is you know it's not [TS]

  it's not gonna it's not something that [TS]

  we aspire to [TS]

  right yeah it is a priority and and so [TS]

  much so that they're taking the movies [TS]

  out the movie is the movie is on her [TS]

  shoulders right that's the whole movie [TS]

  there are some challenges with that also [TS]

  just basic again once again if we're [TS]

  reading this in a period right like you [TS]

  know all the for example you take the [TS]

  Empire right like how many women did you [TS]

  see the Empire in the original movies [TS]

  and half the stormtroopers just couldn't [TS]

  tell ya [TS]

  arioso like that's what you gotta do is [TS]

  to like that's basically it wasn't until [TS]

  you know force awakens that we had [TS]

  definitive like female stormtrooper so i [TS]

  think i'm sure again there's an uphill [TS]

  climb to like having representing that [TS]

  when you know you've it's weird because [TS]

  you feel like you're adhering to a [TS]

  period like but at the same time like [TS]

  it's a fictional period like yeah this [TS]

  is history of things that never happen [TS]

  so really it could have been whatever [TS]

  the hell you want it to be mmm [TS]

  because they can still play that up as [TS]

  in like even if they want to go with [TS]

  like all right so most of most of the [TS]

  rebel fighters are men and most of the [TS]

  Empire's men that's why we need a woman [TS]

  to be the one to infiltrate and get this [TS]

  point I mean you get this lot of [TS]

  different angles you can take on and I [TS]

  think there's no problem with [TS]

  plausibility at all understand like from [TS]

  the from the entertainment making [TS]

  perspective that the disney is sending a [TS]

  message and being smart you know money [TS]

  wise because like I just I just think [TS]

  it's it's a it's a good move and it's [TS]

  easy to like I said look at this and say [TS]

  alright well its progress but and i [TS]

  totally agree with all the butts but I'm [TS]

  just I'm exhilarated by the fact that [TS]

  things are moving forward [TS]

  you know I mean like and in a way that [TS]

  like you know I enjoyed the star trek [TS]

  movies and we had complaints about star [TS]

  trek through this that's a silly scenes [TS]

  but wasn't that into darkness the silly [TS]

  scenes where they have people stripped [TS]

  down and everything and I like those [TS]

  movies and I thought they were good but [TS]

  they were constrained by the cast and [TS]

  they didn't like regenerate things which [TS]

  they could have and be i didn't realize [TS]

  how much how much more interesting they [TS]

  would have been to me have a gender swap [TS]

  the bunch of people are done something [TS]

  more creative until I got to see these [TS]

  movies and have a fresh look as we spent [TS]

  our whole lives seeing movies where all [TS]

  this is a bunch of men doing things that [TS]

  if women don't even exist and it's [TS]

  exhilarating to see something different [TS]

  yep agreed this is also as we move to [TS]

  the next scene in that previous see what [TS]

  we get is mon mothma saying a list of [TS]

  all the crimes that Felicity Jones [TS]

  character has committed essentially [TS]

  which is funny and then her response [TS]

  comes over the next scene so we see her [TS]

  in wearing like something on her head [TS]

  and and in a in what looks like a it [TS]

  somewhere else there's a robot behind [TS]

  her droid sorry robot appears and in a [TS]

  bunch of this trailer and could you do [TS]

  that what happens to be there in the [TS]

  scene or that could be that robot is [TS]

  like the companion robot for their [TS]

  ragtag group at allmovie i will give you [TS]

  even money both it's that and it's allen [TS]

  and alan tudyk who is also a robot and I [TS]

  robots oh yeah I think that's probably a [TS]

  motion capturing the anyway so she but [TS]

  then what we see her is beating the crap [TS]

  out of a whole bunch of stormtroopers [TS]

  the with a stick and with a blaster and [TS]

  she ends up like firing and be causing [TS]

  an explosion that hurls and she just [TS]

  doesn't cause that explosion she is the [TS]

  victim of that explosion explosions [TS]

  being sent off remotely by someone [TS]

  holding something and she you know [TS]

  through the frame it wasn't weird hot [TS]

  secretary also we see we see her [TS]

  we see her fire oh you're right we see a [TS]

  fire her gun but then we cut and you can [TS]

  actually see there's somebody above [TS]

  who's got three different scenes who is [TS]

  committed to making in the triggering [TS]

  you think it's connected well i think [TS]

  that i think those are in the same [TS]

  location right but yeah and you see look [TS]

  after the explosion goes off she is [TS]

  diving to the ground with our friend [TS]

  with the the two there are [TS]

  scruffy-looking french guiana be the [TS]

  opening scene with the two things and [TS]

  take cover you know it's typical trailer [TS]

  stuff for you you know you can you can [TS]

  make it look like that's one scene [TS]

  because people don't notice it but [TS]

  anyway yeah it's the this is the part [TS]

  where they show action [TS]

  here's some action going on yes or some [TS]

  sort of rumors flying through the air [TS]

  you gotta like that right and she's and [TS]

  she's beating the crap out of [TS]

  Stormtroopers to that's also what we get [TS]

  here so she's she's tough she's got a [TS]

  gun she's got chicken fight with a stick [TS]

  she's got lots of different ways to beat [TS]

  on stormtroopers and then there's [TS]

  somebody who blows up a bunch of [TS]

  stormtroopers and rebellion after all [TS]

  this is a rebellion after all and just [TS]

  after opening and she says in the next [TS]

  in the next scene we are back with her [TS]

  and and in the rebel base and and she [TS]

  says I repeal that is that is who this [TS]

  character is which is a pretty good [TS]

  pretty great and mon mothma sort of has [TS]

  a knowing a knowing smile and looks down [TS]

  yeah it's like when you don't want to [TS]

  humor your kid like your kids something [TS]

  funny but it's not really funny you [TS]

  don't want to like laugh to encourage [TS]

  them but it actually is kind of funny [TS]

  she's supposed to be Stern and say [TS]

  you've broken all these laws and are [TS]

  disobedient and are you know Here I your [TS]

  rebel never hear you know and and but [TS]

  really she kind of admirers the guests [TS]

  over here all all [TS]

  yeah all communicated with a nice smile [TS]

  and you know that's that's why the scene [TS]

  is in the trailer because that's what [TS]

  you want to have their uh let's see so [TS]

  so our next shot [TS]

  she is she's riding on a spaceship it [TS]

  looks like looking out the window we get [TS]

  some lens flare [TS]

  could be a vehicle could be that was [TS]

  probably flying going to every up [TS]

  against something at the lens flare in [TS]

  there you know I and then the next shot [TS]

  and this is again over over there [TS]

  voiceover about a weapons weapons test [TS]

  that's happening and that they needed to [TS]

  get the details and we get a Star [TS]

  Destroyer with a shadow moving across [TS]

  the surface of the death star as it [TS]

  turns out on top in the background and [TS]

  we get to see that they're lowering the [TS]

  the the cone of the weapon into the [TS]

  Death Star superlaser some assembly [TS]

  required [TS]

  yeah well I because you know like John [TS]

  setup from we're talking about the [TS]

  models of it it's like you know we all [TS]

  know that the star was like a big model [TS]

  right like and so it was so in some ways [TS]

  so interesting in the inside the Jedi [TS]

  one had to deal with the unfinished [TS]

  estar now here it's unfinished but it's [TS]

  like in a much further along stage of [TS]

  construction but there still is like you [TS]

  had to have giant ships like putting [TS]

  these last things in the place right [TS]

  like you're building space which is [TS]

  great but you know what [TS]

  it still requires some work so we get [TS]

  the impression it's not quite finished [TS]

  but it's pretty close to finish it [TS]

  sounds like the arm on the space shuttle [TS]

  a subcontractor that out to the space [TS]

  Canadians and I just delivered and [TS]

  installed it that same thing with the [TS]

  death star also got tricked his face [TS]

  Canadians somebody said that the gesture [TS]

  is unibody construction you know so they [TS]

  they built they build the whole big [TS]

  thing and then they and then make [TS]

  because it has the curve you want the [TS]

  curve to match and then they have to cut [TS]

  out with where they do this every [TS]

  contractor yeah is building the the [TS]

  firing mechanism the barrel of a gun or [TS]

  whatever it is they do a nice job [TS]

  showing the scale by having the start of [TS]

  stories hanging out around that look so [TS]

  puny yeah yeah it's beautiful and that [TS]

  that's a nice revisitation of the thing [TS]

  we know we all know well from Star Wars [TS]

  right and so much harder to do I think [TS]

  right when they have the original model [TS]

  works right here than I've been are [TS]

  going to make started story scare models [TS]

  next to the desktop model because it [TS]

  would be like you know like a centimeter [TS]

  large and it wouldn't read on camera and [TS]

  you know but with exactly magically cgi [TS]

  you can do all that we get the guy the [TS]

  guy the guy who's been hanging out to [TS]

  the left to is obviously a a military [TS]

  leader of some sort of way they are [TS]

  general or whatever in the rebellion [TS]

  we couldn't get we couldn't get our [TS]

  general Dodonna probably because I'm [TS]

  sure that guys did and to anything [TS]

  stirring he's scolding her and saying [TS]

  this is actually a serious mission we [TS]

  really need to know this you know [TS]

  whatever instructions he's just given [TS]

  her he wants to make sure she takes it [TS]

  seriously and is gonna do one queued up [TS]

  some some hours yeah because there's [TS]

  alarms it's very it's very exciting [TS]

  so there's a long and glorious history [TS]

  of a klaxon zand trailers the ones that [TS]

  come to mind immediately to me and most [TS]

  recent memory was the Prometheus trailer [TS]

  which leaned heavily on the sirens are [TS]

  klaxons repeatedly going throughout the [TS]

  in more intense part of the trailer [TS]

  what else have you got someone posted [TS]

  the alien trailer which had a little bit [TS]

  of that going on in it which one's my [TS]

  forgetting their farther back than that [TS]

  Prometheus it's it's a very common thing [TS]

  that the modern travelers structure is [TS]

  you know gentle intro rising action big [TS]

  dramatic lots of things happening and [TS]

  then smooth out at the end and this one [TS]

  going with the the siren theme [TS]

  interestingly i think the sirens are [TS]

  they sound different big don't sound all [TS]

  I don't think I was inception much they [TS]

  weren't really sirens but so much for [TS]

  getting the big bong you know based on [TS]

  these sirens I don't know if they sound [TS]

  star wars but they definitely don't [TS]

  sound like the other sirens that I've [TS]

  heard in protecting the areas Star Wars [TS]

  sirens they're the they're used in the [TS]

  Death Star in the original I I know if [TS]

  that's what they're going for I feel [TS]

  like they haven't matched it could just [TS]

  be again take if you take that sound out [TS]

  of the original context that sounds [TS]

  weird kind of like the jet taking that [TS]

  the lines from look at of Jedi and they [TS]

  sound weird you know I think that's a [TS]

  part of it i think the other part of it [TS]

  is that they they were something we [TS]

  heard very much in the background and so [TS]

  therefore grounded yeah i mean [TS]

  presumably if they just pull the exact [TS]

  sound effects Brent you know Ben birds [TS]

  got them all and some board somewhere [TS]

  that could be them but at but if that's [TS]

  where they're going for they just sounds [TS]

  so different out of context especially [TS]

  you know get behind it is not playing [TS]

  the john williams music you don't hear [TS]

  the footsteps of people going through [TS]

  the star they are pretty well isolated [TS]

  and then they just continue for the for [TS]

  the action portion of this trailer we [TS]

  are now joined by serenity caldwell who [TS]

  has made it home [TS]

  hi finally hello where we're we're uh a [TS]

  full visibility [TS]

  going home in it you're gonna have [TS]

  gotten into the klaxon that's okay yeah [TS]

  yeah so so there's plenty of time for [TS]

  you to jump in here as we go [TS]

  yeah so we got to the klaxons and then [TS]

  we there's a whole bunch of like x-wing [TS]

  pilots and felicity jones and diego luna [TS]

  and a donk droid they're all hot walking [TS]

  off to the left to the left the dr fly [TS]

  plane and this one because that'd be [TS]

  great but it's his dream you look at [TS]

  them they're looking at also more [TS]

  employees like this is gonna be my [TS]

  chance this time for sure is there is a [TS]

  1x1 left for me but he walk so slowly [TS]

  that in three strides there always a [TS]

  past him and he just taking his little [TS]

  steps there's a whole anthology film [TS]

  just dedicated solely to that contract [TS]

  on chronic where the gun control schools [TS]

  you know we didn't see an astromech so [TS]

  so I guess you know we have to have one [TS]

  little droid side get it right there is [TS]

  there is a did I said canister drawing [TS]

  because I referred to them identified [TS]

  there was a random cleaner r 5g for [TS]

  starters right I are having a far-right [TS]

  wing is that when the rebels and [TS]

  handcuffed yeah exactly [TS]

  and there's one on the left to the [TS]

  silver one on the left huh right also a [TS]

  canister John and aftermarket huh i sir [TS]

  alright done up right though going to [TS]

  someone upright actually warming up [TS]

  right i classify all my robot vacuum all [TS]

  you might not a ball right now or a [TS]

  mouse droid so they're they're headed [TS]

  off to war i guess uh and then and then [TS]

  we give a shot mysterious shot of a a [TS]

  sort of it's almost like his graduation [TS]

  photo he sorta posed a standing there [TS]

  like a Macallan to me it looks very in [TS]

  mcallen hands across the name maybe he's [TS]

  got a little of staff or something like [TS]

  that a little bit he's got a cape [TS]

  it's a it's a it's a it's a Imperial [TS]

  Admiral Grand Admiral something like [TS]

  that he's in white so he's not the [TS]

  coloring that we expect from these you [TS]

  need for as it was EU then that would [TS]

  signify Grand Admiral but again we toss [TS]

  about that he's also standing in front [TS]

  of the display in the death star that [TS]

  target is standing in front of you [TS]

  turning into you know [TS]

  yeah the trapezoidal one yeah yeah what [TS]

  does he hold what is that what is on his [TS]

  e holding a gun [TS]

  what is it silver thing look like it was [TS]

  like a swagger stick or something [TS]

  yeah I thought it was maybe a like some [TS]

  sort of a affectations like a stick a [TS]

  stick or something but I don't know i'm [TS]

  holding a stick i have a mental space [TS]

  stick it looks like magneto it looks [TS]

  like a Macallan playing a might need [TS]

  always got the Cape he's got the look i [TS]

  know the actors i could look like that [TS]

  when you see what it looks like anything [TS]

  but this pose just maybe think about it [TS]

  it's a good pose [TS]

  nice shot ya Habibi oh yes it's very [TS]

  it's very eerie i mean obviously we [TS]

  don't know too much about where the [TS]

  settings of this movie you're going but [TS]

  I appreciate that as we sort of get into [TS]

  Imperial shot starting in about the 52nd [TS]

  mark things go from very grungy and very [TS]

  lived-in to we've we've got the [TS]

  isolationist very clean very crisp look [TS]

  all of the rebels are in browns and [TS]

  grays and then you have a murder shot of [TS]

  creme [TS]

  yeah i mean even even mon mothma is in [TS]

  kind of an off-white right she's not [TS]

  even in true she's in kind of like this [TS]

  billowy off wait no spiritual was a very [TS]

  seven yeah yeah yeah so very very [TS]

  seventies but then you get to you know [TS]

  if you get this beautiful super super [TS]

  white keep ya super keep yeah he's in a [TS]

  space Nazi look [TS]

  yeah I respect got a big space Marianne [TS]

  goes very and thereby boy I don't care [TS]

  about the the cleaning budget either the [TS]

  laundry budget I is another like [TS]

  speaking of budget is another place [TS]

  where the seventies budget of Star Wars [TS]

  comes and we just mentioned before the [TS]

  the purina rebel signal so you know [TS]

  things right so they had yet so they had [TS]

  to come up with a way to show a rank [TS]

  insignia of them you know whatever it's [TS]

  gonna be the more of these you have the [TS]

  higher your rank is right and then Sigma [TS]

  things are like it's like a plate of [TS]

  metal with colored raised squares [TS]

  because I mean you don't like luck with [TS]

  this alcohol thing we're going to spend [TS]

  our money on the original star wars in [TS]

  1970 whatever we're not going to spend [TS]

  we don't have a kind of budget to have [TS]

  someone come up with 17 designs where [TS]

  there is significant look like [TS]

  and manufacturing characters like know [TS]

  that have the prop Department a piece of [TS]

  metal color thing and then now some [TS]

  here's later [TS]

  that's officially what the insignias [TS]

  look like so like well you gotta do that [TS]

  because that's what they look like stars [TS]

  and it's such a it's such a strange look [TS]

  born of low-budget but now it's like now [TS]

  just that star wars it actually doesn't [TS]

  even make any sense lady I think I was a [TS]

  kid you know I tried to go through and [TS]

  like figure out what they actually met [TS]

  it like you are comparing them and it's [TS]

  like this actually doesn't make any [TS]

  sense people are all over the place with [TS]

  the number of things of these other jobs [TS]

  no it'sit's um although to an untrained [TS]

  eye a lot of military rank insignia and [TS]

  metals and things like that or computer [TS]

  the mentalist look like as well exactly [TS]

  and and and now having having learned a [TS]

  little bit about that a lot of the stuff [TS]

  that's on your front lapel in the Army [TS]

  not your rank or your insignia so right [TS]

  maybe something entirely different maybe [TS]

  like decorations maybe number of times [TS]

  that you've successfully managed to fire [TS]

  your weapon a target maybe just hold [TS]

  your gum you know if you get hungry and [TS]

  you know John these are extra strength [TS]

  liqui-gels they are you just pop them [TS]

  out and take them and urology Tsar fine [TS]

  for a while if you find yourself in the [TS]

  matrix you can have the red pillow the [TS]

  blue coat right there on your lapel [TS]

  that's right to take this um ok so we [TS]

  cut cut back and then we're in a scene [TS]

  again I think this might be the same [TS]

  scene i'm not sure but it's more classic [TS]

  stormtroopers and and like a there were [TS]

  some of them are riding on like a tank [TS]

  and not so classic vehicle classic [TS]

  stormtroopers although the guys in the [TS]

  tank are not classic stormtroopers right [TS]

  they've got something else going on with [TS]

  their armor they've got like blast [TS]

  shield yeah they mix up the classic [TS]

  stormtroopers are there and then there's [TS]

  other varieties of Stormtroopers which [TS]

  are not the force awakens stormtroopers [TS]

  and not the clone wars stormtroopers but [TS]

  other varieties and presumably they are [TS]

  yet another very slick in the [TS]

  Stormtrooper fashion world you have to [TS]

  have different outfits for doing my [TS]

  house because you got the snow troopers [TS]

  you get the forest troopers and then you [TS]

  had to hurt variance because the force [TS]

  awakens snow troopers don't look like [TS]

  this no troopers from empire and so [TS]

  these are like desert dirt grime Street [TS]

  star wars rebels setting I mean it's an [TS]

  absolutely it's got a little [TS]

  follow me yeah I didn't they could be a [TS]

  little bit of clone wars carryover type [TS]

  thing but that I think that's how you [TS]

  excuse like hey we're all these [TS]

  stormtroopers in New Hope why why were [TS]

  they here and not there it's like well [TS]

  the New Hope took place [TS]

  I mean maybe they should have been [TS]

  tattooing if this is supposed to be like [TS]

  another desert planet but all the ones [TS]

  on the Death Star were all of a piece [TS]

  because it's not like you have snow or [TS]

  ice or whatever there's just like the [TS]

  indoor the generals you know general use [TS]

  stormtrooper outright but but i think [TS]

  the only use those stormtroopers in this [TS]

  movie you would be less visually [TS]

  interesting so I think they they are [TS]

  enjoying the ability to both have the [TS]

  classic stormtroopers with their classic [TS]

  guns and maybe a little bit fancier guns [TS]

  but also new vehicles and new stories [TS]

  maybe it's like maybe that's the local [TS]

  help right there is the Imperials and [TS]

  there's also like some local government [TS]

  on whatever planet there on ya Forest [TS]

  Whitaker is next [TS]

  looking like a he he's alive he's beat [TS]

  up he's got like he's wearing this thing [TS]

  that's got a bunch of stuff on it and [TS]

  he's got that little like he's got like [TS]

  darth vader's breathing harmonica thing [TS]

  write down exactly fun like he like he [TS]

  just took off from his uh his own little [TS]

  Darth Vader mask and is a wandering up [TS]

  to talk to us [TS]

  there's a subsequent shot at some point [TS]

  of something that looks kind of like a [TS]

  stormtrooper with black armor i wonder [TS]

  if this might be him with his helmet on [TS]

  but i didn't i didn't spend the time [TS]

  free streaming through it so i was [TS]

  curious to know if that it is that might [TS]

  be him or not it just looks like a black [TS]

  storm trooper looking at that shot okay [TS]

  it's a little bit different than the [TS]

  block somebody if you look at his [TS]

  shoulder pads is a different it's a [TS]

  different outlet very least whether it's [TS]

  a minute yeah I thought you might be [TS]

  more like a bounty hunter or something [TS]

  it's hard to tell me definitely he has [TS]

  that vibe he's definitely seen some [TS]

  stuff he's got fans say on his chest [TS]

  walking stick [TS]

  he's angry about things he is [TS]

  check-check bounty hunter check [TS]

  yep he's got a scar on his face yep [TS]

  welcome back to him now we've got a shot [TS]

  that that's really quick with easily the [TS]

  very definitely the black stormtrooper [TS]

  outfit different kind of helmet [TS]

  there's a there's a fire going on the [TS]

  background with one of those little to [TS]

  sort of towers like we usually see in [TS]

  the residents havin [TS]

  this is a fisherman friend antenna can't [TS]

  yeah looks like it looks kinda like the [TS]

  moisture vaporators from Tatooine a [TS]

  little bit it's just you know it's very [TS]

  green there's lots of green line but [TS]

  there's something going on there where [TS]

  it sits very Star Wars either right when [TS]

  you see one because one of the force [TS]

  awakens to where you're like oh yeah [TS]

  Star Wars architecture got where they've [TS]

  taken it from from the moisture farm [TS]

  basically and like used it as a motif of [TS]

  like this is the kind of thing we do in [TS]

  Star Wars so it's in the background on [TS]

  fire apparently or the thing behind it [TS]

  is on fire and their these super [TS]

  menacing stormtroopers we haven't seen [TS]

  before looking around black stormtrooper [TS]

  armor is the new white yes doesn't show [TS]

  the dirt as much you know when you're on [TS]

  these dirty planets really it's more [TS]

  sensible that way when I got a big it's [TS]

  got a big like thing on the on the [TS]

  bottom part of the face like it's got a [TS]

  gas mask or something like that it maybe [TS]

  not so good for the hot climates though [TS]

  so yeah and then what [TS]

  like yeah I'm assuming this i mean the [TS]

  point of the green so it's probably not [TS]

  tattooing but like what planet are there [TS]

  maybe this could be 70 different [TS]

  settings but like this the explosion [TS]

  this her beating up the stormtroopers it [TS]

  looks like kind of sandy dirt on the [TS]

  ground right there not cobblestone [TS]

  streets [TS]

  it almost looks tropical and we've got [TS]

  especially a tropical stuff later right [TS]

  yeah we've got yacht on trees or later [TS]

  yep the shot that immediately succeeds [TS]

  this with with the locked rebel pilots [TS]

  and handcuffs being escorted through a [TS]

  busy market yes [TS]

  this makes me think that they're [TS]

  definitely aiming again it goes with the [TS]

  the rebels in real life I feel it looks [TS]

  a lot like how they've been portraying [TS]

  love fall and I don't think it's less [TS]

  all but i think they want you to get the [TS]

  same kind of vibe for people who are [TS]

  hooked into the stuff that's happening [TS]

  with Star Wars rebels they have said [TS]

  that like the stuff that's happening [TS]

  with Star Wars rebels is Canada does [TS]

  affect the the larger sphere i like the [TS]

  idea of showing other outer rim planets [TS]

  that may also may not be lush tropical [TS]

  you know Greenland's because not all not [TS]

  all habitable planets are going to look [TS]

  nice [TS]

  there's probably going to be a lot of [TS]

  desert planets because there's you know [TS]

  maybe if you think about the logistics [TS]

  of habitable worlds and how not a ton of [TS]

  habitable world [TS]

  out there have you know perfect lush [TS]

  oceans and and tons of greenery and it [TS]

  makes sense that that there are a lot of [TS]

  worlds look like this and also who gets [TS]

  to live on those world [TS]

  yeah yeah that's not the prime real [TS]

  estate in the galaxy really not so much [TS]

  but secretly I hope it's with all we [TS]

  have to start over with the arm shoulder [TS]

  pad just as that scene fades out like [TS]

  the traditional and a new hope you know [TS]

  we have to get the black shoulder bread [TS]

  the forehand operations but every once [TS]

  in a while you go you see ones like they [TS]

  pulled like I right out of New Hope [TS]

  literally that guy's super disorder is [TS]

  ryan still now so running through here [TS]

  here's a rod again again here's our dirt [TS]

  become a robot he does he's not a [TS]

  recognizable droid I suppose he's a [TS]

  droid kisses a robot in Star Wars but [TS]

  he's he's a little he's not something [TS]

  we've seen before these humanoid-looking [TS]

  yeah and they're finished slender girl [TS]

  is it is that an IG unit no no it's not [TS]

  wrong wrong body I think he's big and [TS]

  and roboti and we haven't seen before [TS]

  and they're running down a corridor and [TS]

  there are stormtroopers running perhaps [TS]

  a down the same corridor on the other [TS]

  side we don't know but there's two [TS]

  different story different location [TS]

  I honestly think it's a different [TS]

  location and that they're just messing [TS]

  that they're just intercutting the two [TS]

  the two sets right yeah because they're [TS]

  both indoors and they're both indoors [TS]

  and slightly gray well the light the [TS]

  lights may be the same on the ceiling [TS]

  there but again this is this is approved [TS]

  level analysis that we're doing here but [TS]

  the most rollerblading they're working [TS]

  out [TS]

  most relevant thing is that we have two [TS]

  different sets of Stormtroopers again on [TS]

  the ground starts you're running here so [TS]

  these are the whatever these are hand [TS]

  tan Stormtroopers they come in all the [TS]

  colors now [TS]

  yeah and shout out to to Canary Wharf [TS]

  station which is the first shot of them [TS]

  running through what was that England [TS]

  yeah that's carrying that's just that's [TS]

  just a underground station [TS]

  yep mmm been underground station dressed [TS]

  up to look like Star Wars yes [TS]

  cool just gonna have some red lights and [TS]

  put a little bit of a CG crossover [TS]

  things and yeah make a make the ground [TS]

  look a little bit different you don't [TS]

  know about these beige stormtroopers [TS]

  like a the idea that it's the Imperial [TS]

  Stormtroopers plus the local [TS]

  this'll make some sense but these [TS]

  totally looks like stormtroopers like [TS]

  what climber you four are you for like I [TS]

  don't know like swampy desert keep the [TS]

  varieties of Stormtroopers because it [TS]

  was the white carpet is so clearly like [TS]

  they like they really are the indoor cat [TS]

  of the star wars universe is so nice and [TS]

  clean their they're perfect for if [TS]

  you're running around the death star [TS]

  that's those are your guys but everyone [TS]

  else like they have to be you know [TS]

  different you can be running around on [TS]

  Endor you're not gonna want to be all [TS]

  white like that do you want to eat you [TS]

  alive it's better to be a little bit [TS]

  camouflage that's like the snow troopers [TS]

  is already are camouflaged anyway these [TS]

  beige guys definitely look kind of like [TS]

  they want to blend in with some scenery [TS]

  maybe they are the tropical island one [TS]

  maybe so [TS]

  and then we see we've got another guy [TS]

  with a kind of guy with a stick [TS]

  perfect guy was just a nice light say [TS]

  this is donnie and i believe yes I'm who [TS]

  you may know from hero with jet li and [TS]

  he is a he's been a bunch of [TS]

  international arts movies and he is [TS]

  using his staff to again whack the hell [TS]

  out of a bunch of Stormtroopers there's [TS]

  a downed x-wing in the background of [TS]

  that [TS]

  yeah and again the city like not a lot [TS]

  of trees brown dirt on the ground [TS]

  what kind of crumbling the white [TS]

  stormtrooper standout in this [TS]

  environment in the same way they stood [TS]

  out in Mos Eisley because they are shiny [TS]

  and for the most part clean and [TS]

  threatening in this sort of dirty [TS]

  tumbledown world but not shiny and [TS]

  chrome now that comes later i was using [TS]

  I felt like donnie yen seen felt like a [TS]

  little bit of like this does I you to [TS]

  ichi the blind swordsman it kind of [TS]

  feels like he's using it like almost [TS]

  like a you know a blind person using a [TS]

  cane and then he just beats the crap at [TS]

  all them so wasn't entirely sure what's [TS]

  going on there but it seems like an [TS]

  interesting dynamic [TS]

  yeah very curious so I'll sound carries [TS]

  cut to got stormtroopers firing and this [TS]

  is we are very clearly at this point in [TS]

  a tropical setting there are palm trees [TS]

  everywhere there is what looks like a [TS]

  while there's a spacecraft with the four [TS]

  wings like a big Imperial shuttle like [TS]

  an irrational car [TS]

  go thing yeah looks like kylo Ren [TS]

  shuttle yeah that's exactly what I [TS]

  thought when I thought I think it might [TS]

  be a radar dish you if your idea you [TS]

  refreeze find that one and run back as [TS]

  like it doesn't look like its mobile [TS]

  necessarily but it does bear a lot of [TS]

  resemblance to the kylo Ren ship [TS]

  well but it does move because it blows [TS]

  up in our lying so we get we get some [TS]

  nice trailer explosions and then the [TS]

  next shot [TS]

  speaking of i mentioned earlier the DA [TS]

  Grand Admiral and the Imperial laundry [TS]

  budget [TS]

  here's the thing about having Apes [TS]

  here's the thing about if you wear a [TS]

  cape [TS]

  if you wear a cape and then you walk [TS]

  along the beach your keeps going to get [TS]

  wet and that's what happens here this [TS]

  one floats gracefully across the water [TS]

  yeah but it's still wet Stilwell but [TS]

  it's like that it's got that thing where [TS]

  the water [TS]

  the water [TS]

  speeds up like user table cloth so good [TS]

  around let's get a little over a little [TS]

  simonized little a little water perfect [TS]

  they're nice [TS]

  Jason no capes no capes I agree but this [TS]

  guy he doesn't care he has a nice blood [TS]

  in the back it's very stylish it's it [TS]

  this is a very chilling scene especially [TS]

  medications the first time around but [TS]

  going through on subsequent viewings the [TS]

  dead stormtroopers just lying and that [TS]

  shallow water and you've got a bunch of [TS]

  the dead white stormtroopers you got a [TS]

  bunch of what looked like black [TS]

  stormtrooper black stormtrooper armor or [TS]

  it might be rebels with burning what [TS]

  looks like burning x-wings as well as [TS]

  potentially burning whatever we saw [TS]

  explode [TS]

  earlier you know against the sea of palm [TS]

  trees like this is a beautiful shot to [TS]

  contrast that with the very next shot [TS]

  which is also if somebody completely [TS]

  direct center center screen which maybe [TS]

  Palpatine Vader one of the one of the [TS]

  above surat flanked by Imperial Guard [TS]

  this looks like it's somebody who would [TS]

  have some sort of connection to I want [TS]

  me my initial thought was some sort of [TS]

  connection to the system because it's [TS]

  somebody in a black robe who is kneeling [TS]

  yeah and because there kneeling in front [TS]

  of whatever this cylinder is it's got [TS]

  steamed up from hologram ugh i thought i [TS]

  thought it was gonna be like the [TS]

  holographic like okay you know [TS]

  communication unit that we see in sort [TS]

  of empire but I it's hard to tell right [TS]

  because there isn't anything directly [TS]

  there right now but I don't know it [TS]

  seems awfully solid little carbon for [TS]

  his chamber from like Empire exist like [TS]

  it's got the little the tubes hanging [TS]

  down that you know get sliced during the [TS]

  Empire fight and you a lot of smoke and [TS]

  yet this to like nodules but yeah I [TS]

  don't I can't get a read on what this [TS]

  light cylinder is because all of the [TS]

  other things you just disgust have more [TS]

  or less canonical forms in this error of [TS]

  the star wars universe that we we know [TS]

  what the Holograms look like there's no [TS]

  this looks more like a star wars [TS]

  transporter like what you don't need to [TS]

  have a big white cylinder light to do [TS]

  hollow communications because those are [TS]

  blue and interlaced because that's how [TS]

  they look in this phase of the star wars [TS]

  universe and they don't really have [TS]

  transporters and it doesn't actually [TS]

  look like carbon-freezing is [TS]

  carbon-freezing doesn't involve a giant [TS]

  whites on their life [TS]

  so what the hell is it yeah but the key [TS]

  clue here is that we've got two of the [TS]

  the Red imperial garden so this is [TS]

  something to do with the Emperor like [TS]

  those guys only show up when the Emperor [TS]

  is involved in some way i suppose they [TS]

  could show up when Vader is involved in [TS]

  some way because this thing makes me [TS]

  question how high we are going to go up [TS]

  the evil org chart in this movie is [TS]

  there going to be a scene where one of [TS]

  the fairly big beds talk to his boss and [TS]

  his boss Vader or mrs. Bostock activator [TS]

  or is this actually they were talking to [TS]

  the Emperor like do we need to see those [TS]

  people all it doesn't look like they're [TS]

  to me and stature wise i know it's hard [TS]

  to tell but like he's got the wrong [TS]

  outfit for their he doesn't look at the [TS]

  right height and width proportions he [TS]

  doesn't walk like Vader so I'm thinking [TS]

  it's not very but who knows like you [TS]

  have a cape is wrong it's not it's not [TS]

  the right clothes I mean you would have [TS]

  to be like better in disguise and it was [TS]

  the Emperor he doesn't again same thing [TS]

  as a waiter in disguise is like a [TS]

  slightly different form of Darth Vader [TS]

  is like Vader but he wears a different [TS]

  you know cloak over his I know doesn't [TS]

  make any sense now are you don't either [TS]

  no you're right i just sound like James [TS]

  Earl Jones a lot of people have that [TS]

  voice what you've got another close-up [TS]

  of of our of our pal forest whitaker [TS]

  various but yeah he's got a lot of [TS]

  equipment around his neck [TS]

  that's why so angry all the time very [TS]

  gray and an orange looking place its it [TS]

  almost looks like the falken interior [TS]

  but I think they're probably inside one [TS]

  of those dwellings where we see Felicity [TS]

  Jones hanging out earlier you know very [TS]

  very very quick shot and then cut you [TS]

  more explosions yes I'm more explosions [TS]

  and the guy running a running out of an [TS]

  explosion with a with a gun and then and [TS]

  then we get the were in the sort of like [TS]

  on the beach in and they're the palm [TS]

  trees and there are a whole bunch of [TS]

  Imperial Walker's shooting down at [TS]

  people including it looks like including [TS]

  Felicity Jones running across yes [TS]

  yeah I don't know [TS]

  energy chance and her scruffy friend [TS]

  yeah and I guess our friends there too [TS]

  many graphic it doesn't so this is this [TS]

  is totally a classic Star Wars movie [TS]

  because the first Star Wars movie you [TS]

  had Luke in the desert and all but [TS]

  desert hot and water and then they go [TS]

  into space in a fight and then an empire [TS]

  you follow up with like remember the [TS]

  desert movie star resolved by desert how [TS]

  about freezing cold about white freezing [TS]

  cold the exact opposite of desert and we [TS]

  have ads alright we go to do the [TS]

  callback remember and that's white [TS]

  freezing cold [TS]

  how do you feel about ads in the tropics [TS]

  is either get there they're paying back [TS]

  and forth from the how extreme creamy [TS]

  the only way they could have gotten more [TS]

  extreme that some space which for make [TS]

  no sense but it would be funny to those [TS]

  legs are just playing around they just [TS]

  kicked my leg kick their little legs and [TS]

  not we can see and that's flown in and [TS]

  Star Wars rebels on a carrier which is [TS]

  kind of crazy but I i love the return of [TS]

  the edits it looks it looks so good that [TS]

  the fact that we've got depth of field [TS]

  here and you see sort of the the adults [TS]

  in the distance in there I obscured by [TS]

  hayes you've got that giant that giant [TS]

  signal dish standing up next so you get [TS]

  a sense of scale and especially being [TS]

  down with felicity jones and the [TS]

  presumably the rest of the rebels you [TS]

  really get a sense even more so i think [TS]

  that an empire of just how massive the [TS]

  adults are in comparison to humans when [TS]

  and how questions ripped they are right [TS]

  like and you have a big problem because [TS]

  you look you have gone seven stories of [TS]

  angry and you're running around in the [TS]

  sand i love the big splashes from my [TS]

  feet again nothing you couldn't do you [TS]

  know with the stop motion and snow you [TS]

  can get but here it's like we're [TS]

  computers guess one that takes a step [TS]

  makes a big splash and then yeah they're [TS]

  on their own big trouble here there's we [TS]

  discussed earlier with like the fact [TS]

  that these are you know because of the [TS]

  cg in the capabilities that we have [TS]

  there at these are better versions of [TS]

  our memory right like right the additive [TS]

  you back and look you know their little [TS]

  clunky Wright because you're like you're [TS]

  doing stop much so they're going to have [TS]

  certain restrictions but because we can [TS]

  do cg sort of see more stuff like were [TS]

  mimicking the imperfections as John was [TS]

  saying earlier with the budget [TS]

  constraints right like where we're [TS]

  trying to evoke those imperfections [TS]

  because those are what made them stand [TS]

  out in our memory [TS]

  in many ways so even though we can do [TS]

  perfect you know like note-perfect a [TS]

  dats that would like not have any of the [TS]

  problems or imperfections are weird like [TS]

  you know rough edges that we would get [TS]

  from a model like we have to sort of do [TS]

  things in perfectly [TS]

  yeah they're like that the clunky gate [TS]

  their legs have to move a kind of a [TS]

  herky-jerky slow like that they move so [TS]

  slowly you can't have these things like [TS]

  galloping across the business you know [TS]

  they couldn't do that with the model so [TS]

  the models had to move a little bit slow [TS]

  down and these ones have to move exactly [TS]

  the same i only the sharper and love [TS]

  training this is before the rebels have [TS]

  discovered tow cables you don't have [TS]

  this resolved someone could run around [TS]

  them with a piece of string [TS]

  yeah I wanted to say that one of the [TS]

  things that's great about having cgi [TS]

  these of these things is in some ways [TS]

  it's the there the insult incidental use [TS]

  use in the background of these things [TS]

  you get the sense that you know we see [TS]

  like 45 of them here but they're in the [TS]

  background in different locations at [TS]

  different distances pointed in different [TS]

  directions so you get some scale like oh [TS]

  there are a lot of them and they're all [TS]

  firing at people and they're all doing [TS]

  this at once and in Empire you know [TS]

  because of the cost and because of the [TS]

  complexity you know what you would see [TS]

  of them would be really limited because [TS]

  it had they had to keep it simple and [TS]

  then you use your imagination to fill in [TS]

  the gaps and here you just get this [TS]

  moment of like oh my god there are mock [TS]

  many walkers all doing different things [TS]

  some of them are close that we really [TS]

  need to walk out for but there's also [TS]

  that one way back there and it's doing [TS]

  something to that's pretty cool that's a [TS]

  really nice advantage of having modern [TS]

  film technology for this stuff [TS]

  agreed it's a it's fun to see that [TS]

  they're scary and they put a Fire's [TS]

  right by the camera and then the last [TS]

  shot is Felicity Jones again and it [TS]

  lights up and we're looks like we're in [TS]

  a very death story kind of location and [TS]

  she's wearing a Death Star uniform [TS]

  basically and it's yellow black and [TS]

  shiny and that's the last shot of the [TS]

  trailer was it death star uniform or was [TS]

  it a tie fighter yeah it's an imperial [TS]

  it's kind of its kind of weird because [TS]

  it has on the back with almost look like [TS]

  steak like short swords but like they're [TS]

  not write like that but they are sort of [TS]

  like a weird industrial-looking thing [TS]

  shiny black metal thing you know one [TS]

  thing in the front important is the big [TS]

  the big you know Empire you know this [TS]

  insignia on her honestly hold previous [TS]

  part of the movie we had seen as being a [TS]

  rebel she's one of the rebels who is [TS]

  dressed in red the rebel kind of way [TS]

  which is dirty brown clothes and she's [TS]

  running around beating up the shiny [TS]

  stormtroopers and here she's at the end [TS]

  and like the voice-over is like if you [TS]

  do this well what will you become blah [TS]

  blah and what they're trying to tease [TS]

  that she could go over to the rebels or [TS]

  whatever because if permission is to go [TS]

  and infiltrate and steel surely at some [TS]

  point during the infiltrating she'll [TS]

  address you know you're not going to get [TS]

  the desktop plans out of the start that [TS]

  is indeed where they're held without [TS]

  disguising yourself as part of the [TS]

  Empire and I assumed it had to do with [TS]

  drawing I mean I guess kind of what it [TS]

  took for that voiceover is like it's [TS]

  about drawing lines right it's about [TS]

  like you know the sort of classic hero [TS]

  trope of will you sink to the level of [TS]

  your enemies will you become your [TS]

  enemies [TS]

  you know I i took it is more [TS]

  metaphorical than necessarily literal [TS]

  that she is going to like oh maybe this [TS]

  is about her turning into a villain or [TS]

  something I i don't think i don't know [TS]

  if you're ready for that in a Star Wars [TS]

  movie yes we had like the whole Anakin [TS]

  Skywalker goes bad for three movies and [TS]

  really hits with always he's really [TS]

  angry is really something i don't know [TS]

  he's a spatula [TS]

  but you know we all knew that was coming [TS]

  ahead of time right and so I'm not sure [TS]

  we're ready for like a movie where we're [TS]

  supposed to sympathize with his [TS]

  character who then it turns out to be [TS]

  evil or something that doesn't strike me [TS]

  as the kind of us it seems like a nun [TS]

  Star Wars story for the rest of [TS]

  everything else that's been set up here [TS]

  which is that this is very much like a [TS]

  on a mission movie right like this is [TS]

  you know someone who might have some [TS]

  questionable methods you know more of a [TS]

  han Solo than Luke Skywalker but i don't [TS]

  think that I don't know it seems a [TS]

  little 224 shadowy in a weird way for me [TS]

  so i will float one idea which is I I've [TS]

  heard sort of banter downed and is Curie [TS]

  curiosity making for me is that I think [TS]

  it's very much i'm on a mission movie [TS]

  but there's nothing to say that there [TS]

  are casualties in the on the mission [TS]

  movies there's nothing to say that she [TS]

  doesn't somehow get entrapped in the [TS]

  empire when i watch this my first [TS]

  thought is was basically oh they are [TS]

  taking all of the seeds that Mara Jade [TS]

  style characters dropped in the EU and [TS]

  they're putting it into a much more [TS]

  beneficial use I and it's it maybe oh [TS]

  well this may go for a dark place where [TS]

  we doing this in an anthology film but [TS]

  there's also the possibility what if [TS]

  this character has connections to other [TS]

  characters in non anthology films how [TS]

  how might that connect and wouldn't it [TS]

  be interesting if this character does [TS]

  have a history with the Empire I didn't [TS]

  understand a lot of what you said there [TS]

  because i don't know what the deal is [TS]

  with Mara Jade in the EU so if you even [TS]

  if you could and I imagine a lot of [TS]

  other people don't either can expand [TS]

  upon that I just I don't know we I don't [TS]

  get the reference so sorry Mara Jade [TS]

  Mara Jade in the EU I was a basically [TS]

  one of the one of the premier badass [TS]

  lady characters for sensitive but not [TS]

  super Jedi ends up being is a smuggler [TS]

  for many years also ends up working [TS]

  directly for Palpatine essentially is a [TS]

  as a not quite a Jedi not quite a bounty [TS]

  hunter bieber's hand yeah yeah exactly [TS]

  as they you say something like that the [TS]

  Emperor's handed people who probably [TS]

  haven't read the EU books are like I [TS]

  don't even know what that means i get [TS]

  from continuity lost his hand [TS]

  yeah she goes around doing the Empire [TS]

  the Emperor's dirty work and I don't [TS]

  think that jen is supposed to be as a [TS]

  stand-in for firmar Jade I she's very [TS]

  much your own character but i wouldn't [TS]

  be surprised if they dip into some of [TS]

  her backstory to to build this character [TS]

  because it they have a wealth of it and [TS]

  mara jade was hugely beloved character [TS]

  but I'm but less less so much of like [TS]

  again an exact 121 ideal of and more [TS]

  hey if we have you know this the strong [TS]

  female character who might have some [TS]

  tinges of gray and gareth edwards has [TS]

  already described this movie is very [TS]

  gray the the theory that I've heard [TS]

  popping round is what if this is Ray's [TS]

  mother or what if this is someone in in [TS]

  some way related [TS]

  did to the main anthology films who does [TS]

  either go not necessarily go dark but [TS]

  this is a way i don't know if this is [TS]

  just crazy out-of-left-field it might be [TS]

  but if this ends up being a a turn to [TS]

  the dark side whether force or not is [TS]

  involved [TS]

  this might be a way to reach to tell the [TS]

  story they actually wanted to tell with [TS]

  episode 3 but do it in a more nuanced an [TS]

  interesting way like someone's someone's [TS]

  fall from greater dark in and with a [TS]

  character that we don't quite have so [TS]

  much capital H history / but who may [TS]

  become relevant in this secondary [TS]

  trilogy no idea is that it may be way [TS]

  out of left field but that's like having [TS]

  watch this trailer multiple times I I [TS]

  get the I get a kind of very off-putting [TS]

  feeling from it if they try to do that [TS]

  and have have her father are I would [TS]

  want to see her in more movies like I [TS]

  wouldn't want this yeah the only movie [TS]

  that she's in but if you're gonna see [TS]

  her in more movies like they're not [TS]

  starting a parallel saga these anthology [TS]

  always are supposed to be like one of [TS]

  those and one of these and they're in [TS]

  the universe and so I have trouble [TS]

  believing that they're going to start [TS]

  down that path [TS]

  I mean just do they do another spin-off [TS]

  series and be like oh now that was this [TS]

  is the gym story like i don't think you [TS]

  can get that all out in a single movie [TS]

  where you introduce the character and [TS]

  bring them along that entire rpi think [TS]

  all you can do it in and a single heist [TS]

  movie is have her be like have the the [TS]

  darkness be uh you're going to do your [TS]

  mission at all costs what do you [TS]

  consider all costs like do you you know [TS]

  the good-guy thing is always some member [TS]

  of your of your ragtag crew gets injured [TS]

  like everything is about saving them and [TS]

  she could be ruthless and saying you [TS]

  know the mission is what's important you [TS]

  know I have to go on I have to sacrifice [TS]

  you I'll do whatever it takes to get the [TS]

  mission done and that's the like are you [TS]

  becoming like your enemy what will you [TS]

  do to get this mission and how important [TS]

  is this how ruthless will you be [TS]

  is that why you were chosen for this [TS]

  mission because you were the most [TS]

  ruthless person who is who won't be [TS]

  sentimental you know that because which [TS]

  is staring into the camera that i have [TS]

  seen she just she looks pretty ruthless [TS]

  like she's not like I'm hiding them in [TS]

  disguise she looks ruthless yeah i agree [TS]

  with you John and I kind of hope that [TS]

  they don't that's [TS]

  really go down the array route if only [TS]

  because I feel like I mean if someone is [TS]

  on record for also hoping that she's not [TS]

  like Luke Skywalker's daughter or [TS]

  whatever it again what we talked about a [TS]

  friend a little bit was like this is a [TS]

  gigantic universe and yes there are some [TS]

  like mythological forces at play that [TS]

  tend to bring these same families or [TS]

  characters into confluence once and [TS]

  again but I feel like if you are doing [TS]

  an anthology and you are telling these [TS]

  different star war stories in some ways [TS]

  if you have you to acknowledge like yeah [TS]

  look there's other things going on in [TS]

  this universe with other people who are [TS]

  not you know not this is not just the [TS]

  story of the sky walker family or you [TS]

  know the related people this is the [TS]

  story of a gigantic universal with [TS]

  people and for conflict and all these [TS]

  different players in this game and so in [TS]

  some ways achievements it for me if it's [TS]

  directly related to all those things [TS]

  that said I mean you know hey if that's [TS]

  the way they go that and they can do it [TS]

  well that's another thing entirely but [TS]

  I'm kind of intrigued to see since we [TS]

  have a Star Wars movie that's not [TS]

  directly crew like connected to the rest [TS]

  of the saga like what does that look [TS]

  like what does it look like we're not [TS]

  necessarily you know telling this huge [TS]

  big story that's about like good and [TS]

  evil white and dark in the most literal [TS]

  terms but rather perhaps in more the [TS]

  subtextual ways where everybody is [TS]

  related to each other and everybody [TS]

  somebody's cousin a nephew or whatever [TS]

  it like i was saying before we started [TS]

  recording when I showed this trailer to [TS]

  my kids my daughter and I explained like [TS]

  where this fits timewise in the saga [TS]

  everything my daughter's first question [TS]

  was so where is she and newhope right [TS]

  because it makes sense that this [TS]

  supposed to be right before a new hope [TS]

  and she's the important person in this [TS]

  movie where why do I not see here in a [TS]

  new upgrade you know just it and it is a [TS]

  sensible question a sensible answer she [TS]

  dies in this movie filling her mission [TS]

  or something else or she turns better [TS]

  you know like the practical answer is [TS]

  obvious but the the story in universe [TS]

  explaining it to a young child answer is [TS]

  like well what yep [TS]

  where is she and over she's super [TS]

  important she did a good job for the [TS]

  rebels she retire having done hermitian [TS]

  well and just you know hang out on the [TS]

  beach without the ads for rent for the [TS]

  duration of the other three movies does [TS]

  she go bad and has to be deleted [TS]

  you know like yeah so that these these [TS]

  are all good questions I am I really [TS]

  think like it does depend on [TS]

  these movies go to the fifties anthology [TS]

  movies with the exception of one beer [TS]

  like I'm gonna tell boba fett story or [TS]

  whatever like we know what his deal is [TS]

  but for these anthology movies that tell [TS]

  new stories I feel like especially [TS]

  because i don't have no idea what the [TS]

  plan is after episode 9 any one of these [TS]

  anthology movies can be blessed I feel [TS]

  like based on audience reaction and how [TS]

  good the movie is and how much more they [TS]

  think there is held to say alright we're [TS]

  going to do another trilogy and it's [TS]

  going to be focusing on whatever the [TS]

  most popular anthology set of characters [TS]

  was right because if you want to tell [TS]

  the story about the marriage type story [TS]

  that would make a great one but that [TS]

  definitely has to be more than one movie [TS]

  because that's that's that's like a [TS]

  traditional star wars 3 movie arc where [TS]

  you go somewhere with it i also I'm i [TS]

  want to say this knowing full well that [TS]

  we are in the midst of a podcast that [TS]

  has spent an hour and 15 minutes already [TS]

  analyzing a less than two minutes [TS]

  trailer but i would say i think it's [TS]

  over thinking a little bit too to ask if [TS]

  she's a betraying them at the end I [TS]

  think it's very obvious that this is one [TS]

  of the things she has to do and the the [TS]

  trailer wants to leave us with a little [TS]

  worried there but this is this is very [TS]

  clearly in my mind her going essentially [TS]

  posing as somebody in the Empire to do [TS]

  this job and I think the interesting [TS]

  thing about where she is in in Star Wars [TS]

  and thereafter is one of the things i [TS]

  find fascinating about this concept in [TS]

  general which is you know everybody [TS]

  could die at the end of this right and [TS]

  sacrificing themselves in a you know in [TS]

  a way that leads to the defeat of the of [TS]

  the the Death Star the explosion at the [TS]

  death star and I i think that makes that [TS]

  really raises the stakes and and it [TS]

  could be that you know the reason we [TS]

  don't see her in any of the other movies [TS]

  is that she doesn't make it out of this [TS]

  alive and and you know whether wherever [TS]

  she might be and I think that's I think [TS]

  that's an interesting thing and they're [TS]

  not bound by you know the kind of I [TS]

  think what we were talking about there [TS]

  is that they're not bound by e this is [TS]

  our stories always been like that the [TS]

  hero's journey story right like there's [TS]

  a template for it it's very like I [TS]

  couldn't drive exactly but like there is [TS]

  a pattern to it and we're going off-book [TS]

  now because we're doing a story that is [TS]

  necessarily about that traditional epic [TS]

  mythological heroes journey anymore and [TS]

  so because i feel like you know in the [TS]

  hero's journey where everybody dies at [TS]

  the end there's something ghostly [TS]

  unsatisfying like that but in a on a [TS]

  mission movie that takes place during a [TS]

  war yeah [TS]

  yes everyone can totally die like that's [TS]

  totally think that's not what we've [TS]

  grown to expect from Star Wars is like a [TS]

  brand and that's what makes it so [TS]

  interesting to go off-book in this way [TS]

  is can we tell us Star Wars story or a [TS]

  story set in the star wars universe [TS]

  that's not like a quote on quote Star [TS]

  Wars story like what we've come to [TS]

  expect that you can do it as long as [TS]

  because we know what happens after so [TS]

  you can still kill everybody off like [TS]

  why don't we go see that movie they you [TS]

  know yes you see it in their mission but [TS]

  every character cared about you just [TS]

  going to end on a scene where someone's [TS]

  like you know handing it off to like [TS]

  Princess Leia you see from the back or [TS]

  something like the idea they bleed into [TS]

  like and everyone realizes that because [TS]

  they succeeded therefore a new hope [TS]

  right and so you have so you can have [TS]

  some hopeful note at the end showing how [TS]

  their work has made possible the rest of [TS]

  the saga and you can't do that if people [TS]

  don't know like everything that comes [TS]

  after it so I they have a lot of options [TS]

  to end this movie in a way that you [TS]

  could not end it really was like there [TS]

  were no other star wars movie just [TS]

  making one movie about it like a a heist [TS]

  movie and maybe you can do it like in a [TS]

  Quentin Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs style [TS]

  but like a high school here everybody [TS]

  dies at the end is definitely not a star [TS]

  wars type thing is not even like a [TS]

  typical Hollywood type thing and it's [TS]

  very sort of more art house sort of [TS]

  nihilistic grim type of stuff but you [TS]

  can get you can get away with it here [TS]

  now because you know it's going to turn [TS]

  out ok yeah i mean i feel like that's [TS]

  another card in the this might not you [TS]

  know I don't think things are going to [TS]

  turn out sunshine and roses because [TS]

  you're infiltrating a you know the [TS]

  Empire to go steal some plans but I feel [TS]

  like it's a it's a good road to [TS]

  potential greatness to maybe people you [TS]

  know not everybody gets out alive but i [TS]

  don't think they're going to introduce [TS]

  their how their heroin just to kill her [TS]

  I think something's something's [TS]

  happening to gym we just don't know what [TS]

  I don't think that that shot is telling [TS]

  of her final future but it's in [TS]

  it's a very interesting way to structure [TS]

  the trailer and I i also think that the [TS]

  people who are looking at it just [TS]

  transparently being like oh well James [TS]

  dressed as like katniss everdeen with [TS]

  black black sleeves and she's like the [TS]

  glowing halo around her so clearly [TS]

  they're trying to pull in the the you [TS]

  know the hunger games franchise watchers [TS]

  and I feel like that's just no [TS]

  connection to the hunger gasps come on [TS]

  our games don't have don't have [TS]

  capsule-shaped lights on the walls a [TS]

  star wars we talk about clearly i think [TS]

  they just distracted by the fact that [TS]

  they see a woman in an action movie in [TS]

  the only template they have to go by is [TS]

  like has it ever happened before in the [TS]

  history of the universe i guess the [TS]

  Hunger Games yeah she's a hundred people [TS]

  know it that's called like not enough [TS]

  data points for you to make any sort of [TS]

  oh yeah got it [TS]

  it's ridiculous i love that shot though [TS]

  it is not as beautiful it's a beautiful [TS]

  shot [TS]

  it really is I i love it too i love the [TS]

  I love the Star Wars you know the bright [TS]

  lights and the the white lights and and [TS]

  the that blacks and shiny black [TS]

  gentleman and a black reflections on the [TS]

  shiny parts of the the front of her [TS]

  uniform there it's just uh that's that's [TS]

  that's a star wars art style that i [TS]

  really like this is the reason why you [TS]

  have the workmen at Pinewood Studios [TS]

  build you like practical sets for these [TS]

  things but in this day and age there's [TS]

  no reason they could've done that all in [TS]

  cg I suppose yet it's like Hollins [TS]

  helmet in the force awakens when you did [TS]

  the whole scene with that was smoke with [TS]

  this with his helmet off and they decide [TS]

  later they were like his helmet on and [TS]

  they just put a helmet on and nobody [TS]

  noticed including me [TS]

  so now the other the point where they're [TS]

  fooling me and so Mike all bets are off [TS]

  either way awesome seen whether it's [TS]

  real or not [TS]

  oh good good grief so 401 a Star Wars [TS]

  story is where is revealed as the title [TS]

  at the end of this where we reach the [TS]

  end of the trailer so I'm interested to [TS]

  know your thoughts of anticipation about [TS]

  the movie as well as this title which is [TS]

  interesting that it's a Star Wars story [TS]

  a little k week a quick point on the [TS]

  music [TS]

  yes because i always have to bring up [TS]

  the music well not at the end here we [TS]

  get the we get the two parts of played [TS]

  simultaneously in like a piano is at the [TS]

  beginning to yeah we so basically we get [TS]

  the force theme in a sort of a very slow [TS]

  down [TS]

  on piano little bit hemline runner key [TS]

  yeah and I think that's part of the [TS]

  reason you know people were talking on [TS]

  twitter about this because I mentioned [TS]

  you know so Alexander display that I [TS]

  think is the has the enviable task [TS]

  following john williams in scoring [TS]

  started the first you know standalone [TS]

  live action star wars movie which is you [TS]

  know a big deal it's unclear whether or [TS]

  not he wrote this music trailer music [TS]

  often done by other people but people [TS]

  were going like well does this cheap and [TS]

  it had like the force team done with [TS]

  this if this really isn't about like the [TS]

  Jedi and Sith or whatever say well we [TS]

  don't we don't know that there could be [TS]

  a force is that a person in here be I [TS]

  think part of the reason they pick it is [TS]

  that it does feel like it you can easily [TS]

  put in that minor key and if it sounds [TS]

  more grandma than say the main star [TS]

  wars-themed if you were to put that in [TS]

  and it's generally just sort of the [TS]

  theme of the good guys right like yes it [TS]

  has force associations with it but it's [TS]

  it's primarily sort of the horror [TS]

  awake-ish theme in part so i think [TS]

  that's a really interesting choice and [TS]

  it works obviously with the fact that [TS]

  this this is a very grim trailer in many [TS]

  ways but he also doesn't it's a star [TS]

  wars music and yet it does not entirely [TS]

  sound like a star wars the right no big [TS]

  brassy orchestra here this movie open [TS]

  doesn't open with a crawl doesn't open [TS]

  the stars in the theme it yeah I don't [TS]

  know I i don't know i don't think so was [TS]

  I yeah I think no I think you don't I [TS]

  think you I think you only opened the [TS]

  the [TS]

  you know the saga saga the crawl and [TS]

  that music I think you have to open this [TS]

  move is something different i don't know [TS]

  what the hell you do open it with that [TS]

  is a bold choice [TS]

  well you can open with the Star Wars you [TS]

  know moving back into into the distance [TS]

  and land like a fanfare but maybe no [TS]

  ma'am maybe no crawl I don't know [TS]

  anything [TS]

  maybe the maybe the template is a clone [TS]

  wars and rebels which both hearken to [TS]

  that but have their own slightly [TS]

  different arrangements [TS]

  yeah and and clone wars has a very has a [TS]

  slightly different arrangement of the [TS]

  Star Wars theme and then often has like [TS]

  a quote but no crawl but it does do the [TS]

  like Star Wars logo that fades into the [TS]

  background so I think maybe maybe [TS]

  something like that where you kind of [TS]

  take it and twisted and make it your own [TS]

  yeah but I guessing that whatever the [TS]

  anthology movies are they will be [TS]

  consistent to each other [TS]

  yeah I feel like this movie can't start [TS]

  with the it can't start with a sort of [TS]

  the Star Wars theme because this trailer [TS]

  does not feel like a trailer for a movie [TS]

  that i would expect to start with that [TS]

  musical theme regardless of whether the [TS]

  crawler regards to run the logo fade [TS]

  into the distance that theme is the Star [TS]

  Wars saga theme that fits perfectly on [TS]

  the force awakens but does not fit on a [TS]

  movie like the one of this trailer is [TS]

  for like it i think if they did it would [TS]

  feel like forced or weird because they [TS]

  would do that and then that movie [TS]

  follows it is not you know me another [TS]

  thing is not Star Wars but it's like how [TS]

  else do you differentiate anthology I'm [TS]

  like you know this Star Wars story movie [TS]

  just to screw with us it's going to [TS]

  start with the 20 Century Fox fanfare [TS]

  yeah let's not use that I think that's [TS]

  still fine [TS]

  well so what are the two wrap this up [TS]

  what a wonder your what are your [TS]

  expectations now having seen the trailer [TS]

  what are you thinking about this movie [TS]

  let's start with dan well I'm on record [TS]

  as being a big fan of the automation [TS]

  movies and I wrote a little bit about [TS]

  this incited the Guns of Navarone where [TS]

  Eagles dare Dirty Dozen and i think a [TS]

  Star Wars movie that also plays in that [TS]

  sandbox to me just sounds awesome like [TS]

  that that's the kind of thing i'd love [TS]

  to write is just a you know purely sort [TS]

  of on a mission-driven ragtag band of [TS]

  misfits and this is fits perfectly i [TS]

  think and i think was one of the reasons [TS]

  they started with it even though it does [TS]

  feel like a downer is that that idea of [TS]

  a of a plot works really well with Star [TS]

  Wars especially with this particular [TS]

  story that they fold out here [TS]

  so I I like John I'm sort of curious as [TS]

  to how this looks like or does not look [TS]

  like a are the star wars movies that [TS]

  we've come to know so far and I'm really [TS]

  intrigued by the prospect of a [TS]

  standalone star wars movie in which you [TS]

  know you're not gonna have three movies [TS]

  to do all the heavy-lifting you got to [TS]

  do a lot of stuff and you got to do it [TS]

  in like two and a half hours probably [TS]

  and so that sounds super interesting to [TS]

  me i'm really looking forward to this i [TS]

  really like that they've Lucasfilm I [TS]

  think he's had a light touch on the [TS]

  marketing so far we've had essentially [TS]

  11 officials picture and a teaser and [TS]

  were like not for little more than six [TS]

  months out like can you imagine a Star [TS]

  Wars movie that you didn't know anything [TS]

  about until about six months out like [TS]

  that seems just doing the impossible to [TS]

  believe in the state agent so I like [TS]

  that i'm i'm sure we will see something [TS]

  else before it comes out but I would [TS]

  also be totally okay if we did like if [TS]

  this was all we got and then that movie [TS]

  opens in december i would be there on [TS]

  day one so I I'm you know it doesn't [TS]

  take much to sell me on the Star Wars [TS]

  obviously but I see nothing in this to [TS]

  sort of convince me that this will not [TS]

  be a movie that i enjoy reading what do [TS]

  you think I think that this is one of [TS]

  the better trailers that star wars that [TS]

  the folks look at some cut in a while I [TS]

  it gives just the just enough [TS]

  information to make me really really [TS]

  genuinely excited and I think there's [TS]

  something a little bit different in this [TS]

  then the force awakens trailer at the [TS]

  force awakens has that sort of new Star [TS]

  Wars trilogy so much is riding on this [TS]

  where road one their cues to the past [TS]

  are much more subtle in in the case of [TS]

  Mon Mothma it's a it's a very strange [TS]

  version of subtle and almost eerie [TS]

  version of subtle I but it feels much [TS]

  more lived-in universe we don't get a [TS]

  lot of shiny new we don't get a we don't [TS]

  get things that we necessarily haven't [TS]

  seen before [TS]

  instead we get we've got this [TS]

  these grimy sets right we've got [TS]

  different stormtroopers we've got new [TS]

  characters but it feels very lived-in it [TS]

  feels very much like I don't know like [TS]

  like you're sitting down to dinner with [TS]

  window with with with an old friend it [TS]

  feels very episode 4 but not in a way [TS]

  not in a knot in a mosh way just this is [TS]

  it feels like we're just diving into [TS]

  Star Wars and telling a portion of the [TS]

  story and that's that's really exciting [TS]

  to me I i love tradition like the [TS]

  original trilogy and heist movies are [TS]

  fantastic [TS]

  Felicity Jones looks like she's going to [TS]

  be an incredible addition to the [TS]

  Lucasfilm actor stable as as forest [TS]

  whitaker and everyone else that they've [TS]

  cast and like dan i hope that i actually [TS]

  don't see anything else besides walking [TS]

  the theater I cannot believe that we're [TS]

  so close to the movie actually coming [TS]

  out nearly seven months something like [TS]

  that and Marvel is going to release a [TS]

  prequel Mary miniseries in October which [TS]

  I'm kind of like I don't know if I want [TS]

  to read that before or after but I i [TS]

  feel i almost might be more excited for [TS]

  lit for felicity jones character that I [TS]

  was for ray which I'm a little shocked [TS]

  by just did the great characters [TS]

  interests me more [TS]

  yeah she'sshe's somebody with a history [TS]

  which makes it very different from Ray [TS]

  who essentially has no history or at [TS]

  least no history that we've seen or are [TS]

  told about rr-really or is necessary to [TS]

  know about are bland hero right but yeah [TS]

  like Ray was very much like Luke in that [TS]

  way yeah and Jan is not no one yeah it [TS]

  feels like on like someone who's had [TS]

  some you know had some battles one's won [TS]

  some lost some damaged and now has a job [TS]

  to do so that's a very satisfied going [TS]

  to buy real I I feel like we're [TS]

  projecting onto rate because she fits [TS]

  into the beginning part of Luke's story [TS]

  we extrapolate and say oh and then [TS]

  she'll go through just looking through [TS]

  and be trampled in the end the same way [TS]

  Luke was but we have realistic we have [TS]

  no idea [TS]

  so you so bad I just put that aside that [TS]

  like it's so clearly like you know our [TS]

  look here but there's no reason they [TS]

  can't take a different direction so for [TS]

  this movie [TS]

  my my overall feeling is kinda like a [TS]

  distinct feeling the force awakens but I [TS]

  feel even more strongly here is that up [TS]

  the trailer and all this stuff about it [TS]

  like we look at it [TS]

  you know I just our star wars centuries [TS]

  just light up because it's just so it [TS]

  looks so amazing and saying look it [TS]

  looks like we imagine start looks like [TS]

  house how a new hope looked in our [TS]

  imagination because everything is so [TS]

  sharp and beautiful and detailed and [TS]

  like they don't have the budget [TS]

  limitations that they had back then and [TS]

  we have this amazing technology and we [TS]

  can we can do anything within this [TS]

  universe it's like it's like what you [TS]

  see in your head while reading a book [TS]

  about star wars because there's no [TS]

  there's no limitations anymore you can [TS]

  do anything but the people who make this [TS]

  movie have to i really hope they do i [TS]

  make it as in a way that makes them [TS]

  forget that they were you know we're [TS]

  starting out on third base because it's [TS]

  Star Wars like you've got x-wings you've [TS]

  got you've got the death star you've got [TS]

  started you have you've got all this [TS]

  stuff [TS]

  pretend you have to pretend you don't [TS]

  because this is why the force awakens [TS]

  works is because they like they used all [TS]

  that stuff and they used it as well as [TS]

  they possibly could but even if you [TS]

  strip all that away it's still just been [TS]

  playing fundamentally a good movie [TS]

  so if they just concentrate on making a [TS]

  good whatever kind of movies is if it's [TS]

  a heist movie a spy movie a movie about [TS]

  personal betrayal and we're about like [TS]

  the darkness of combat whatever movie [TS]

  they think they're making pretend you [TS]

  don't have any Star Wars IP and make [TS]

  that a good movie and then add stars IP [TS]

  and that's how you get something like [TS]

  the force awakens that has to have a [TS]

  good script is that good performances [TS]

  the story has to make sense and be good [TS]

  and then on top of that it has to be [TS]

  star wars and that's I think even more [TS]

  important for the anthology anthology [TS]

  films these star war stories is they [TS]

  have to be solid stories and because [TS]

  they're not going to be like the [TS]

  attitude you know the saga stories [TS]

  they're going to be different kinds so [TS]

  you know I think that's why it's a good [TS]

  idea to get all sorts of different kinds [TS]

  of directors and I just really hope that [TS]

  everybody involved like a race is the [TS]

  star wars part of it in their mind when [TS]

  assessing you know like do we have a [TS]

  movie in the same with like Pixar's [TS]

  gonna do everything storyboards were you [TS]

  know it's just a bunch of drawings on [TS]

  paper you don't have any cg at all maybe [TS]

  you haven't even modeled anything you [TS]

  have to look at it in that form and say [TS]

  there's a good story now add all the CG [TS]

  and gloss and water effects and whatever [TS]

  else you're going to do because that [TS]

  doesn't make your movie so that's my [TS]

  hope for this movie because it if i [TS]

  watch it and it's like that and I [TS]

  say if this wasn't star wars did you [TS]

  think this was a good movie or just [TS]

  think it's so so that will be [TS]

  disappointing not that disappointing [TS]

  because again it's anthology movie I i [TS]

  give them wide latitude to do you know [TS]

  interesting things but i just want this [TS]

  to be a good movie in whatever genre [TS]

  they wanted to be and then if its star [TS]

  wars on top of that i will just be [TS]

  overjoyed [TS]

  yeah I I feel like that I feel like that [TS]

  too i I'm encouraged by the trailer and [TS]

  like you said earlier the pressures off [TS]

  a little bit about star wars because [TS]

  force awakens was good and I do i do [TS]

  want to ask because people in the chat [TS]

  room were actually asking this John [TS]

  media blackout policy for this is [TS]

  because the pressures off do you not [TS]

  care about like seeing a full trailer [TS]

  when it drops in a few months or do you [TS]

  have a have you set your policy for this [TS]

  one [TS]

  well i think i think people forget like [TS]

  I i watched the first two teasers for [TS]

  the force awakens as well like I just [TS]

  didn't watch the trailer and I'm glad it [TS]

  and watch the travel that trailer that [TS]

  the final the real official force [TS]

  awakens trailer i think it's fabulous [TS]

  trailer and I'm glad it and watch it [TS]

  because it brings just a little bit too [TS]

  much stuff for me but in many respects [TS]

  I you know I know what happens in this [TS]

  movie I know I know they're going to get [TS]

  the plans at the end and i'm assuming [TS]

  the trailer is not going to ruin like [TS]

  all of you watched last trail you find [TS]

  out she dies in the end like that [TS]

  they're not going to ruin that [TS]

  so i'm i i'm not going to say whether [TS]

  i'm gonna watch the final trailer not [TS]

  but certainly I will if they released [TS]

  another teaser labeled as a teaser I [TS]

  would watch it but i think i'll probably [TS]

  checking out and not actually watch the [TS]

  trailer trailer especially with so [TS]

  little time to go I just still just a [TS]

  strong but I'm i watch this one [TS]

  I didn't even hesitate watching this one [TS]

  and i think i would watch a second [TS]

  teaser as well everything else though [TS]

  i'm not going to seek out information [TS]

  I'm not reading the internet and we're [TS]

  not trying to find out i found out what [TS]

  happens the gym no I don't wanna know [TS]

  you should you should stay off the [TS]

  internet between now just ever so eight [TS]

  months December this movie comes out in [TS]

  December another star wars movie feels [TS]

  like we just have one because we just [TS]

  did another one here counted all right i [TS]

  think that i think that does it for this [TS]

  we want why not go into a second hour [TS]

  now what we're going to do it free a [TS]

  frame-by-frame trailer analysis of Star [TS]

  Wars uh broke one a Star Wars story I'd [TS]

  like to thank my guests for joining me [TS]

  to do this analysis dan more'n calling [TS]

  in from far-off lands thanks for being [TS]

  here [TS]

  my pleasure and i guess i'll see you [TS]

  guys in December live long and prosper [TS]

  no no Jason certainly calls well thank [TS]

  you thank you very much and what will [TS]

  you become in this wheat Jason will you [TS]

  become that's a good question i might [TS]

  become an ad at on a on a sandy beach [TS]

  keep you just getting some Sun sipping a [TS]

  drink with an umbrella in it [TS]

  yeah that's right i'm sure there's a pun [TS]

  to be made there but I'm not gonna make [TS]

  it John syracuse thank you for being [TS]

  here force will be with you always but [TS]

  not necessarily with anyone else but we [TS]

  can't really tell you it's too early to [TS]

  tell [TS]

  okay thanks everybody out there for [TS]

  listening to this impromptu trailer [TS]

  analysis addition to be uncomfortable we [TS]

  will see you next time [TS]

  [Music] [TS]

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