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298: Tumblr Would Have Loved It


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  welcome back everybody to the [TS]

  uncomfortable i'm your host Jason Steele [TS]

  we're here to kick off the new series of [TS]

  hopefully series it's the first one you [TS]

  never know a series of episodes you know [TS]

  we watched miyazaki movies and we [TS]

  launched pixar movies and other things [TS]

  that we do Star Wars movie starts to [TS]

  talk about Star Trek so back many years [TS]

  ago in the early days the uncomfortable [TS]

  we did an episode about the entire [TS]

  output of joss whedon in in an hour [TS]

  efficient back when you could do it in [TS]

  an hour and that well that was no not [TS]

  even then and down and we thought that [TS]

  you know I i guess that the incomparable [TS]

  would only air for about ten episodes [TS]

  and then we would be done we were [TS]

  covered everything we can move away and [TS]

  instead we as we near episode 300 [TS]

  divided perhaps my favorite TV show of [TS]

  all time deserve more than 10 minutes [TS]

  tucked inside a podcast about all of the [TS]

  work of a particular particular person [TS]

  so we're going to talk about buffy the [TS]

  vampire slayer my favorite TV show of [TS]

  all time and we're going to start by [TS]

  talking about just one season [TS]

  that's right it's a seasonal look at [TS]

  buffy the vampire slayer we're going to [TS]

  talk about season one often maligned is [TS]

  it is it rightfully maligned is it [TS]

  justly mind we'll find out with my three [TS]

  fine compatriots alene sims hello [TS]

  welcome to the Hellmouth oh I'm so happy [TS]

  to be here i think david lure who died i [TS]

  am I am so glad we're going to take a [TS]

  stab at this [TS]

  mmm damn and I Monty Ashley can you go [TS]

  hack into the city computer for me [TS]

  quickly come back Jason alright with [TS]

  everything he's the willow of our group [TS]

  i guess so [TS]

  oh my that means I've got a sexy [TS]

  doppelganger in a few years in a few [TS]

  years a spoilers for all shows that [TS]

  we're done [TS]

  15-20 years ago so Buffy Season one [TS]

  funny so funny thing i'll give an [TS]

  opening statement of my own here how [TS]

  about that but this this is a show that [TS]

  I think the WB took a flyer on in 1997 [TS]

  or probably they took the flyer in 1996 [TS]

  it aired starting in march 1997 they [TS]

  give it a 12-episode [TS]

  order the entire show was produced [TS]

  before it even aired the first episode [TS]

  it's actually one of these rare shows [TS]

  that has a opening sequence theme music [TS]

  with a a wide range of clips from [TS]

  throughout its first seats and because [TS]

  they had those and in fact I believe [TS]

  they even shot stuff for early episodes [TS]

  late in the run of the season when they [TS]

  knew things we're gonna do you know [TS]

  where the story was going a little bit [TS]

  more clearly because they had that [TS]

  luxury because they didn't have to [TS]

  deliver their episodes until essentially [TS]

  they were done on the WB in this era for [TS]

  those who don't remember was a place [TS]

  that that showed terrible things like a [TS]

  sitcom starring Pauly Shore and was not [TS]

  a place for anything that anyone would [TS]

  probably want to watch so my point is I [TS]

  it was an unexpected thing that that it [TS]

  that this show would it would make it i [TS]

  think i'm not sure anybody really [TS]

  expected that it would be successful at [TS]

  all they did their 12 episodes it has an [TS]

  ending [TS]

  I remember watching the premiere of this [TS]

  show and my wife was taken classes and I [TS]

  had to go pick her up at the at the [TS]

  train station afterward and I was so I [TS]

  was I was killing time essentially as [TS]

  you do when you're when you're in your [TS]

  twenties and I I i started watching this [TS]

  my picture up the transitions you know i [TS]

  watch tonight i watch buffy the vampire [TS]

  slayer' and it was actually kind of good [TS]

  it was a surprise and and when I hear [TS]

  people talk about it now a lot of times [TS]

  i hear people say oh you should just [TS]

  skip the first season of Buffy it's not [TS]

  any good and i have a problem that [TS]

  because i think that that is an unfair [TS]

  treatment of the first season of buffy [TS]

  it was it's it's a funny little season [TS]

  12 episodes they didn't expect it to go [TS]

  anywhere made on the shoes shoe string [TS]

  but I feel like the roots of the strong [TS]

  show that it was to become were already [TS]

  but not present when they made these [TS]

  they're visible here and by the time the [TS]

  first season came to an end i was [TS]

  absolutely in love with the show already [TS]

  so that's my opening statement [TS]

  can I make a quick opening day yes that [TS]

  was what i was going Monty good timing [TS]

  out great i also remember when I watched [TS]

  the first episode of [TS]

  buffy the vampire slayer it was not when [TS]

  it aired I didn't start watching the [TS]

  show until part way through season 6 and [TS]

  i know this because i watched and FX [TS]

  marathon where they started showing two [TS]

  episodes per day on january 1 2002 I [TS]

  said this is when I'm jumping into the [TS]

  show that people he talking about [TS]

  and I kept copious notes and kind of [TS]

  live blog by experience so i was able to [TS]

  as weary watched episodes for this [TS]

  compare my notes for what i thought the [TS]

  first time I saw every single thing on [TS]

  the show 14 years ago and i will say i [TS]

  don't think eps I don't think season one [TS]

  is that bad [TS]

  it even contains what might be my [TS]

  favorite scene in the entire series [TS]

  intriguing David do you have any opening [TS]

  statement to make about your you how you [TS]

  discovered this show [TS]

  well I also came to it late not quite [TS]

  that late i came to about midway through [TS]

  the second season because my first [TS]

  impulse was oh I saw the movie the movie [TS]

  was fun but yeah and so I just didn't [TS]

  watch it and the WB you know that was [TS]

  good shows don't happen on the WB polish [TS]

  or in polisher sitcom yeah you know and [TS]

  this was filling in for the primetime [TS]

  soap savannah and you knows i was kind [TS]

  of sad because i couldn't have [TS]

  commercials for Savannah to make fun of [TS]

  for 12 weeks so you know I was like hey [TS]

  and somewhere in the second season an [TS]

  old friend of mine I've had a lot of [TS]

  people tell me oh you need to read or [TS]

  watch or go see blank because it's just [TS]

  like the way you write its you would [TS]

  love this and I've been burned so many [TS]

  times but I do this one friend who I [TS]

  trust implicitly on that she always she [TS]

  knows exactly that wavelength and she's [TS]

  like no you have to watch this trust me [TS]

  and I sent them and watched it and went [TS]

  out and got the they were they were [TS]

  still like on VHS oh yea seeing the VHS [TS]

  is you can have three pack set with you [TS]

  basically the whole first season on I [TS]

  went out and bought that and watch the [TS]

  whole first season on VHS in between the [TS]

  first two episodes i saw of season two [TS]

  and it was like yeah okay and then i was [TS]

  i was in for the long run lean what [TS]

  about you what's your what's your [TS]

  history with the show you know I am [TS]

  trying to remember actually because so [TS]

  it it aired in 97 and we didn't get the [TS]

  WB so I didn't actually start watching [TS]

  it and tell like the early two thousands [TS]

  I couldn't even tell you what season and [TS]

  it was only like really briefly and [TS]

  because then I went away to college and [TS]

  didn't have a TV so i actually haven't [TS]

  seen the last couple of seasons of buffy [TS]

  and my husband and I started a watch / [TS]

  rewatch and a few months ago and I don't [TS]

  know what's coming like I think one of [TS]

  the latest episodes i've seen as and is [TS]

  the musical well just a moment and so [TS]

  you know once more with feeling and so [TS]

  so my history with buffy is actually [TS]

  like I guess more recent dish because I [TS]

  i saw it piecemeal I never saw anything [TS]

  in order i just kinda side as reruns [TS]

  came on TV and I do own the first season [TS]

  on DVD because my intention before [TS]

  netflix one has to to buy them and watch [TS]

  them all and I remember thinking that [TS]

  the first season was weak and what I'm [TS]

  going to say I've been watching it i [TS]

  binge-watched probably talk about this a [TS]

  little bit i haven't watched nine of the [TS]

  12 episodes of the first season [TS]

  I'm over the last couple of days and I [TS]

  it's pretty good i I don't know what I [TS]

  was thinking when I was like it's it's [TS]

  not that great so and I like it I like [TS]

  there's some pretty quick [TS]

  character development that i think is [TS]

  awesome and so I think you know for a [TS]

  first season especially it's one of the [TS]

  stronger first seasons I've seen even [TS]

  like with modern TV competing against it [TS]

  so you know watch it people it's good [TS]

  it's cheap I mean that that's the thing [TS]

  that struck me about it i mean it's so [TS]

  cheap that when this is actually it was [TS]

  airing when I went to the Babylon 5 set [TS]

  and one of the producers on babble [TS]

  15 said we were talking about Buffy [TS]

  briefly because although some of the [TS]

  monsters they show them the the big bug [TS]

  monster in the teacher's pet episode of [TS]

  season one looks like it was possibly [TS]

  reused from Babylon 5 and the guy said [TS]

  yeah I don't know what they're doing [TS]

  over there it should probably look [TS]

  better given given you know that they [TS]

  should be able to make it look better [TS]

  than it does I mean you do get the sense [TS]

  like the budget was low and they didn't [TS]

  necessarily really know what they were [TS]

  doing there wasn't a sci-fi industry to [TS]

  the head to the level that there is now [TS]

  a genre TV there was a lot less of it [TS]

  back then [TS]

  believe it or not but uh so we get there [TS]

  are moments where I think it looks cheap [TS]

  but it's got its got characters it's got [TS]

  dialogue it's got it really commits to [TS]

  the the the your your demons that [TS]

  tormented you in high school [TS]

  what if those were actually demons [TS]

  premise of the show and gives you the [TS]

  standalone episodes that are very much [TS]

  like you know drilling down into uh a [TS]

  particular aspect of high school as a [TS]

  horror show and making those you know [TS]

  making those things real and exploring [TS]

  them that way it's got its got a great [TS]

  ensemble that's their from from the [TS]

  start [TS]

  it's got some interesting tasks [TS]

  structures especially since Cordelia's [TS]

  in the opening credits and she's like [TS]

  yeah I a villain for almost the entire [TS]

  season that's really interesting and [TS]

  then I think one of the things about the [TS]

  show that struck me at the time that now [TS]

  seems normal but I think that's because [TS]

  that's how influential this was is the [TS]

  way that this season is structured is [TS]

  they have the big bad witch [TS]

  I'd never heard and i think is a term [TS]

  that was coined by Joss Whedon in Buffy [TS]

  the idea that you have an overarching [TS]

  villain who carries through the season [TS]

  but not every episode is about them but [TS]

  some are and some are surprisingly so [TS]

  and then at the end Buffy resolves its [TS]

  storyline and then you move on to the [TS]

  next season and that was not something [TS]

  that I that a lot of shows were doing at [TS]

  this point because a lot of shows were [TS]

  doing cliff hangers and things like that [TS]

  and instead with Buffy [TS]

  you know the master dies at the end of [TS]

  episode 12 that's how that works and [TS]

  he's been the big bad for the whole [TS]

  season from the very first episode you [TS]

  know you didn't have exactly those [TS]

  self-contained seasons where you had an [TS]

  overarching storyline that didn't [TS]

  necessarily show up all the time but [TS]

  they're be threads you know and and then [TS]

  one thing that's really interesting if [TS]

  if you're paying attention she only [TS]

  meets the master face-to-face in the [TS]

  final episode right so it's not like you [TS]

  know hope we're going to fight the [TS]

  master every week and then we're gonna [TS]

  like beat him but not all the way but [TS]

  like the flash does with zoom your [TS]

  rising up all right right and and you [TS]

  know and so looking back from here you [TS]

  know you wouldn't have all the Berlin t [TS]

  verse DC shows structured the same way I [TS]

  mean that they are all of them are [TS]

  playing off of the buffy playbook I [TS]

  think there's so much here that is fully [TS]

  formed [TS]

  maybe it helps that there was that [TS]

  screenplay for the movie and so he had [TS]

  time to think about it and what he had [TS]

  time to think about what he didn't like [TS]

  about what they did when they filmed it [TS]

  and I and they also shot a pilot we [TS]

  should say there is a weird unaired [TS]

  pilot that you can find on youtube with [TS]

  the wrong i like that it is we're did [TS]

  disquieting it's not as you know it's no [TS]

  good no because I think Alyson Hannigan [TS]

  is the character who best has her [TS]

  character down from her first line [TS]

  mhm and seeing that take it out of the [TS]

  pilot that I don't care for it [TS]

  I explain to my children today at dinner [TS]

  that this is that the guy who made the [TS]

  Avengers movies was actually the guy who [TS]

  made my favorite TV show and in Julian's [TS]

  like joss whedon what did he do some [TS]

  heated Buffy was like I had no idea like [TS]

  yeah what's kid we have that we gotta [TS]

  educate you should I i want to add [TS]

  taught ask about the episodes but i [TS]

  think i actually want to start with the [TS]

  characters because i think i think that [TS]

  that the characters the dialogue are so [TS]

  strong in this and I was thinking about [TS]

  Buffy I was saying about Star Trek and [TS]

  how people talk about like the truck the [TS]

  the the triangle the triumvirate of Kirk [TS]

  Spock and McCoy and how this is really [TS]

  interesting dynamic that really drives a [TS]

  lot of the character interact [TS]

  and-and-and make Star Trek the original [TS]

  series work the way it does is because [TS]

  of that I think about the structure of [TS]

  buffy and I the way the characters [TS]

  interact with each other I think it's [TS]

  kind of brilliant you've got you've got [TS]

  you've got Buffy who is the the core of [TS]

  the show she's your captain kirk [TS]

  essentially she's your lead she's the [TS]

  person with the power [TS]

  she's the the you know him every [TS]

  generation a slayer is called yada yada [TS]

  so and she's got Xander and Willow who [TS]

  are her peers and they are also as as a [TS]

  willow refers to a one-point there the [TS]

  Slayer etsy there the backup singers 444 [TS]

  them but you've also got Giles who is [TS]

  anthony Stewart head great love Giles he [TS]

  is you know my god how many scenes to [TS]

  see polishes glasses right he is he's [TS]

  mr. English librarian guy right but he [TS]

  provides that gravitas that's actually a [TS]

  lot of what i like about like Tom Cavan [TS]

  on jesse martin in the flash it's that [TS]

  same kind of feeling where he provides [TS]

  that adult perspective on the on the [TS]

  struggles of the young people which is [TS]

  kinda cool well well in and he sells it [TS]

  because he's in the middle taking them [TS]

  all seriously and taking all these [TS]

  fantastic things seriously general [TS]

  provides the valuable service of [TS]

  somebody who doesn't talk like a week in [TS]

  character all the time that you've got [TS]

  the quickness and the what's the sitch [TS]

  and all this going on and then somebody [TS]

  else comes in it doesn't talk like that [TS]

  for once in awhile he does and that's [TS]

  awesome because he's a grown-up [TS]

  yeah so you've got him as an advisor [TS]

  you've got angel as this mysterious [TS]

  romantic figure who's on the side and [TS]

  and not in the opening credits of the [TS]

  first season which is kind of [TS]

  interesting but he is present throughout [TS]

  the season and then and and you have you [TS]

  have Cordelia as i mentioned earlier who [TS]

  is terrible grade she like the best [TS]

  she's the best but she's just awful to [TS]

  them she's an awful person but she's in [TS]

  the credits and you all the whole season [TS]

  you're like why is she in the credits [TS]

  and then the last two episodes the world [TS]

  kind of opens up for her and its really [TS]

  interesting right so I'll I i look at [TS]

  this this ensemble and I think this is a [TS]

  really interesting collection of people [TS]

  and the dynamic and and great casting [TS]

  and all that so I that's my [TS]

  you-know-what [TS]

  what if you've got observations i can [TS]

  walk through the characters if you want [TS]

  but if you've got observations about [TS]

  these characters please share because i [TS]

  think i think the structure and the [TS]

  individual characters are great i was [TS]

  going to say with Cordelia its high [TS]

  school so you have to have a mean girl [TS]

  right yeah you have a mean girl who was [TS]

  27 years old well yes well and also to [TS]

  put stuff in opposition to Cordelia [TS]

  because you get the sense throughout and [TS]

  and if you see them seen buffy movie [TS]

  it's absolutely clear that Cordelia is [TS]

  what Buffy was and Buffy now because you [TS]

  asked the Slayer and because she's been [TS]

  outcast from LA and has to live in you [TS]

  know terrible Sunnydale it's not la at [TS]

  all [TS]

  she is she is no longer popular like [TS]

  Cordelia and she's gotta run around and [TS]

  she she loves and Willow but the fact is [TS]

  she is now her statuses cast her out and [TS]

  so Cordelia represents everything that [TS]

  buffy is lost from her life by being the [TS]

  Slayer and then Cordelia get to do cool [TS]

  things once towards the end of the first [TS]

  season like roaring up in the car saying [TS]

  getting if it's awesome because it's the [TS]

  last thing you expect that point [TS]

  Cordelia's character growth is something [TS]

  I really like about the series that's [TS]

  why I reacted with horror [TS]

  I've heard people say they watched angel [TS]

  but not Buffy I don't understand how you [TS]

  can do that you don't understand and [TS]

  that's that's like coming in at the [TS]

  beginning of Act three in a character's [TS]

  life [TS]

  yeah I think she's excellent I she's one [TS]

  of those people i really love to hate [TS]

  because you get these glimpses of her [TS]

  like especially at the the not prom [TS]

  what is whatever that dances this is [TS]

  larry flynt yeah whatever made with a [TS]

  mainstream here [TS]

  yeah and you know she's she's like [TS]

  campaigning and such a rotten person and [TS]

  then we get these Lake glimpses where [TS]

  it's like oh she's super insecure like [TS]

  she is extremely insecure and she's [TS]

  hiding that behind like all of this BS [TS]

  rate and and and it's just like glimpses [TS]

  that are played so so well and we see [TS]

  more and more of that as you know those [TS]

  things go on and then kind of an angel [TS]

  too [TS]

  and i love i love the Xander willow [TS]

  Buffy and dynamic especially as you know [TS]

  in seasons two and three because and [TS]

  they just they really work together well [TS]

  it never felt to me like they were [TS]

  trying to get their feet under them they [TS]

  just seem to have a report kinda right [TS]

  away and I think that's hard i think [TS]

  it's extremely hard it's not something [TS]

  that I see very often [TS]

  willow I love ok so i love we have main [TS]

  characters we have Cordelia we have [TS]

  puffy we have willow we have Xander and [TS]

  I guess you've got like basically three [TS]

  men and three women don't forget jesse [TS]

  jesse is there buddy Jesse's gonna be [TS]

  with remember just dead for general [TS]

  nobody believe that for one second jesse [TS]

  is so boring I said in 2002 that Darla [TS]

  has more character in the first syllable [TS]

  of her introduction and Jesse does in [TS]

  every second of screentime put together [TS]

  i just like to imagine that jesse jesse [TS]

  is the one who's the lifelong friend [TS]

  Xander and Willow and then like he's [TS]

  gone and you gonna do you ever talk [TS]

  about Jesse again later when we don't [TS]

  lament him at all it's just like okay [TS]

  well but you're right you got you got [TS]

  you got Buffy and Willow and Cordelia [TS]

  you've also got jenny calendar who's [TS]

  kicking around for a few episodes in [TS]

  here too [TS]

  she's honest she's stayed longer so i [TS]

  wanted i wanted to say something we were [TS]

  talking about this before we got started [TS]

  thing that struck me about the dynamic [TS]

  here that I totally have suppressed and [TS]

  I think it's because it once it get to [TS]

  get out of season 1 this is never an [TS]

  issue again is I have forgotten how much [TS]

  Sanders pining after Buffy throughout [TS]

  and there's so many painful scenes of [TS]

  him trying to ask her out and failing [TS]

  and then he has a pity party for himself [TS]

  at the end of the season where he [TS]

  finally asked her out and she says I you [TS]

  know I don't I just don't see you that I [TS]

  don't see that way because how could I [TS]

  your sander your zippo he blames angel [TS]

  immediately which is so diluted right [TS]

  but I'd and I think intentionally like [TS]

  the the joss whedon knows that he's [TS]

  deluded but it doesn't matter it's very [TS]

  true to life [TS]

  and-and-and so here's the thing is it's [TS]

  painful and Xander Xander gets a lot [TS]

  better later and the individual scenes [TS]

  really bug me at the same time I [TS]

  remember watching this at on first watch [TS]

  and thinking well Buffy's kind of great [TS]

  it sort of makes you know who if you're [TS]

  Xander would you not have a crush on [TS]

  Buffy and try to do something about it [TS]

  but in hindsight it goes on so long yet [TS]

  and thatthat's just I feel like and and [TS]

  willow is no help because she's also [TS]

  strangely unfortunately passive because [TS]

  she's playing that she's she's in love [TS]

  with Xander and it's unrequited and and [TS]

  all of these things but she won't say [TS]

  anything or do anything about it and she [TS]

  you know in the the closer she comes is [TS]

  in the episode where we're sander says [TS]

  that she's one of the guys and later [TS]

  Xander is told that he's one of the [TS]

  girls and that's a nice turn about ten [TS]

  she has greatly in that but you know [TS]

  that whole dynamic that's what struck me [TS]

  as being not as good as I remembered it [TS]

  because it just goes on for ya and in [TS]

  fact I am i rewatch I only watched nine [TS]

  of the 12 as I said and two of the 12 a [TS]

  did not watch or two of the three I did [TS]

  not watch where at [TS]

  featuring zamberlan pubescent boy yeah [TS]

  I'm I I just they're not good episodes [TS]

  and I was just like I you know if I want [TS]

  to be exposed to this i can look at [TS]

  twitter and she no see see you know men [TS]

  or boys like being behaving badly hurt [TS]

  here and and I just I don't wanna watch [TS]

  that so I just skipped them and because [TS]

  yeah he's he's excessive in gross and [TS]

  also kind of puppy dog like it's like [TS]

  this weird companies super needy [TS]

  yeah yeah what I what I still love about [TS]

  him is that a lot of the funny lines [TS]

  that he is the joss whedon surrogate for [TS]

  a lot of funny lines again so so needy [TS]

  and over it's just too much [TS]

  I think united side I think he may get [TS]

  too many of the [TS]

  any lines especially in the first [TS]

  episode nicholas brendon kind of [TS]

  struggles with his pure quipped density [TS]

  I like sander better when he's a little [TS]

  more [TS]

  yeah yeah yeah and even even later [TS]

  yeah I mean I i really liked him by the [TS]

  end obviously but even even as far as [TS]

  the episode the Zeppo you know as that [TS]

  plot the first time I watched it you [TS]

  know I'm kind of going oh it's a Xander [TS]

  episode okay i love Xander but but but i [TS]

  think that's the reason I love Xander [TS]

  because I know his I know where he ends [TS]

  up i know that in the the story arc for [TS]

  him but uh but here yeah it's it's so so [TS]

  much pining over Buffy where there's [TS]

  clearly nothing there there's clearly [TS]

  nothing there right [TS]

  and yet he never did he he he there's a [TS]

  lot of talk and there's a lot of sitcom [TS]

  e attempts to talk to her that just made [TS]

  me roam I like in the witch especially [TS]

  there's a bunch but it really plays all [TS]

  the way out to prophesy girl at the end [TS]

  of the season and that didn't that i [TS]

  didn't i didn't love that I didn't like [TS]

  the pining play did like once he shut [TS]

  down and as wide a little more the scene [TS]

  where he puts his own feelings aside to [TS]

  go to angel and say we have to do [TS]

  something that could have been done [TS]

  without as much run up though yeah his [TS]

  story arc is that he hits bottom [TS]

  essentially he pines overheard the whole [TS]

  season and then he hit and then she [TS]

  finally asked her out and she says no [TS]

  and he pouts like a baby and then he [TS]

  grew and then he grows up and says I [TS]

  what what matters here is that the world [TS]

  might end and Buffy not die i'm gonna go [TS]

  to angel and swallow my pride and then [TS]

  he gets to be the hero right because [TS]

  she's dead facedown in the water [TS]

  she's been killed by the master angel [TS]

  can bring her back to life and he's the [TS]

  one who brings her back to life and [TS]

  that's his Redemption right that he's [TS]

  finally kinda come could come around at [TS]

  the end but it all happens in the course [TS]

  of like 20 minutes [TS]

  can I just say that angel says I can't [TS]

  bring her back [TS]

  I have no breath two seconds after [TS]

  painting heavily because he ran out [TS]

  there [TS]

  that's because he's out of breath that's [TS]

  what he meant and not a vampire thing [TS]

  he's just really really tired [TS]

  it's not human breath it clearly breathe [TS]

  that's how he talked to campus for cpr [TS]

  it's like the magic thing [TS]

  Monty just you wouldn't understand [TS]

  alright maybe he just said that to let [TS]

  Xander do it make you feel bad [TS]

  see is a good he is a good guy [TS]

  I don't like this angel I hope somebody [TS]

  stabs him so let's see who else who also [TS]

  we talk about Giles i wanted to mention [TS]

  again i did laugh but seriously he [TS]

  cleans his glasses so often it is a it [TS]

  is the it is such a great Tweedy like I [TS]

  feel for it for a British Buffy fans I [TS]

  mean this is yes this is what we think [TS]

  you all are right this is the stereotype [TS]

  oh my god but but it's a great [TS]

  performance and I love his exasperation [TS]

  there's a there's a nice moment and i [TS]

  think the witch where should be declared [TS]

  she's gonna go out for the cheerleading [TS]

  squad and he says I forbid it [TS]

  she says what are you gonna do and he's [TS]

  like appeal to your own good judgment so [TS]

  it's so great like he's there is the [TS]

  advisor he she turns to him because she [TS]

  needs to but he can order around me and [TS]

  they built a really legitimately great [TS]

  relationship [TS]

  he is such a great adult a parental [TS]

  figure but he also essentially doesn't [TS]

  have a father but as a so he's not just [TS]

  the gravitas right but he's such a UH a [TS]

  true like friend and mentor to all of [TS]

  them and i'm not sure that's a [TS]

  relationship we see a lot on TV and and [TS]

  and that's not so great about Giles now [TS]

  and I mean you you and I are both [TS]

  married to librarians and I don't know [TS]

  true but mine and loves the fact that [TS]

  here is a genre thing about a kick-ass [TS]

  librarian who helped save the world over [TS]

  and over again I'm not sure he's a very [TS]

  good librarian I don't know you know I [TS]

  didn't say that no one ever uses the [TS]

  lights up front it's always a watcher [TS]

  he's not actually a library is a [TS]

  research librarian actually how about [TS]

  that that's right the season one school [TS]

  only has like two rooms and one hallway [TS]

  and no one ever goes in the big room [TS]

  it's true libraries are bad and was [TS]

  gonna say he Giles is [TS]

  the parents like Buffy's mass is kinda [TS]

  awful she's totally scattered in this [TS]

  again Joyce asshole gets better in [TS]

  future seasons but here she's just [TS]

  unpacking boxes and not listening to her [TS]

  daughter and thanksgiving drive by a [TS]

  drive-by parenting where she like give [TS]

  restaurant talking to women she's gone [TS]

  again and kind of telling her hey Buffy [TS]

  you kind of suck like hey look at all [TS]

  this awfully stuff you've done it's the [TS]

  superhero thing to which adjust witness [TS]

  said that this is essentially like [TS]

  spider-man this is this is a that was [TS]

  one of the models for for Buffy and the [TS]

  problem if you're the superhero with a [TS]

  secret identity and your parents don't [TS]

  know then you get in trouble with your [TS]

  parents so he can't have like the home [TS]

  she can't have the home home parent but [TS]

  she can have the work parent who knows [TS]

  and that's child [TS]

  yeah so Jael of jails i would like to [TS]

  have a Giles in my life we all the other [TS]

  Giles really i think you look at the [TS]

  structure of of how the show is built [TS]

  how the arcs are built how the [TS]

  characters are designed the interactions [TS]

  designed and it's no wonder the dress [TS]

  had I mean clearly he read a lot of [TS]

  comic books and it's no surprise that he [TS]

  went into comic books actual comic books [TS]

  and then you know graduated to directing [TS]

  comic book movies because this is [TS]

  ready-made for that kind of world angel [TS]

  so angel appears from the very beginning [TS]

  he's it's a mystery about what his uh [TS]

  what is a story is but over time we [TS]

  learned his history that Darla who we [TS]

  see in the very first scene which is a [TS]

  fantastic scene [TS]

  Darla made him a vampire long ago and [TS]

  when he was when he was a young Irish [TS]

  boy with a very terrible Irish accent [TS]

  sorry David for yeah that's good for you [TS]

  and it's got a lot better as an actor [TS]

  after 20 years by the way but angel [TS]

  there it becomes a prominent character [TS]

  on Buffy obviously ends up with his own [TS]

  TV show that was also quite good [TS]

  actually but i'm wondering what people [TS]

  think of him here he's going to be [TS]

  mysterious stranger for a very very long [TS]

  time dream is everything ready here [TS]

  you can see he's improved from being a [TS]

  block of wood to a block of wood that [TS]

  has facial expressions [TS]

  yep to try to sell me on a TV series [TS]

  starring angel and be like really but [TS]

  they kinda pulled it off it was kind of [TS]

  amazing but here here he's you know he's [TS]

  he's mr. tall dark and handsome he turns [TS]

  out he's a vampire so we get the whole [TS]

  great star-crossed lovers thing I am not [TS]

  convinced at all that he was meant to be [TS]

  a vampire at the beginning i'm not [TS]

  either its heat they didn't I think they [TS]

  hadn't decided right it's there's no [TS]

  like telltale hint we don't really get [TS]

  any of that for a little while i don't [TS]

  know i think you know what's what's the [TS]

  one person a slayer shouldn't fall in [TS]

  love with a vampire I think that was the [TS]

  Romeo and Juliet hurt ya could be [TS]

  because what else would he be could be [TS]

  and a good the idea of a good vampire is [TS]

  also interesting you're in this struggle [TS]

  with with vampires and with the master [TS]

  who is trying to escape [TS]

  oh hey what do people think about the [TS]

  master i was always sad that we didn't [TS]

  get more flashbacks and master in future [TS]

  seasons because he has a lot to do he [TS]

  really is just down in this little cave [TS]

  pushing it is little a special effect [TS]

  bubble butt doesn't want to get out but [TS]

  don't know he was a weird and creepy and [TS]

  not i don't know I and I every time I [TS]

  revisit season one like all the master i [TS]

  think we seem like one more time and I [TS]

  love his sense of humor I kept wondering [TS]

  why why none of his acolytes didn't like [TS]

  when nobody staked him like he's stuck [TS]

  in this bubble he can't do anything he [TS]

  needs them to feed him he needs a home [TS]

  he is completely helpless and these [TS]

  these like evil vampires are like like [TS]

  hot dogs like yeah which is central [TS]

  leader he said he's a little vampire [TS]

  cult leader [TS]

  oh I was gonna say it's assisted living [TS]

  for elderly vampire all [TS]

  no he's older than all of them maybe he [TS]

  turned all of them i don't know [TS]

  yeah I think yeah it's like 200 years [TS]

  older than flat the impaler's supposedly [TS]

  yeah he's like he's like he's like [TS]

  Dracula only worse it's the master but [TS]

  but he he only walks outside in the last [TS]

  episode of the season when they finally [TS]

  free him with prophecy finally frees him [TS]

  from from but i enjoy i enjoy the master [TS]

  is a big bad though because he's [TS]

  learning the whole time he's scheming [TS]

  the whole time but as David said earlier [TS]

  we don't get that confrontation to the [TS]

  end instead she since Luke after it her [TS]

  and he says Darla after her he's got the [TS]

  gets the anointed one he did hes doing [TS]

  all the copies but they're a bunch of [TS]

  episodes behind the scenes where he's [TS]

  working on things but you know he's just [TS]

  in the background making trouble until [TS]

  the end when he finally escapes [TS]

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  incomparable [TS]

  should we talk about the episodes a [TS]

  little bit just do a little survey sure [TS]

  there's episodes I like I want to talk [TS]

  about them [TS]

  yeah so welcome to help harvest I think [TS]

  this is a pretty good pilot [TS]

  even though it's not a pilot because I [TS]

  just there on YouTube don't watch it but [TS]

  they nice two-part episode aired [TS]

  together even though they've got [TS]

  different directors it was it was [TS]

  premiered as a two-part episode even [TS]

  though it was obviously produced as two [TS]

  separate episodes and this is your you [TS]

  know hey we have Jesse and Buffy meets [TS]

  her new watcher and they go down in the [TS]

  sewers and the the master has got his [TS]

  pitch his plot i think it's a good pilot [TS]

  we set up all the characters we get the [TS]

  new girl at school there's I did [TS]

  actually liked that line [TS]

  hey did you hear new girl what do you [TS]

  tell me about what can you tell me about [TS]

  her new girl i kinda like I kind of like [TS]

  that the kids are idiots which is why at [TS]

  the end the Giants as last line is the [TS]

  world is doomed because the teenagers [TS]

  are the ones who are gonna have to save [TS]

  the world and i really like the opening [TS]

  scene that's like the that's adjust just [TS]

  wheeling down his car like this is what [TS]

  this show is which is it's a pretty [TS]

  blonde girl and a big strapping guy and [TS]

  they're sneaking into a place to make [TS]

  out or something and then there's a [TS]

  noise and she's scared he goes to see [TS]

  what it is and she turns into a vampire [TS]

  and she kills him [TS]

  it's like yeah i think the bed that the [TS]

  that horror trope of the helpless woman [TS]

  alone with a guy in a horror movie that [TS]

  the that's like message one in this is [TS]

  the little blonde is not going to be the [TS]

  victim and that's the show everything [TS]

  about the show flipping tropes is just [TS]

  like yeah I think it's a great pilot [TS]

  because by the end of the first episode [TS]

  there's a shot of Giles Xander willow [TS]

  and Buffy in the library and even the [TS]

  first time I saw is like oh this is [TS]

  right this is the team yeah we're gonna [TS]

  follow these guys for years [TS]

  yep it is another layer of the [TS]

  enterprise yep that's exactly exactly [TS]

  right [TS]

  another scene that I really loving this [TS]

  is at the bronze strange business model [TS]

  the prize anyway and the promise [TS]

  there is that scene where Buffy proves [TS]

  her power to Giles he's going to lecture [TS]

  her about going out when she should be I [TS]

  don't know what studying about vampires [TS]

  are patrolling or something and she [TS]

  picks out a vampire because not because [TS]

  she has some amazing sense but because [TS]

  his closer out of date he's been around [TS]

  for 30 such a great moment right certain [TS]

  that was the odd don't you think so yeah [TS]

  it's a great it's a great back-and-forth [TS]

  between them and it's just so much about [TS]

  how you need to take her seriously even [TS]

  though you might not think that you [TS]

  should you absolutely should she she's [TS]

  she's already very good at what she does [TS]

  it's really setting up that relationship [TS]

  between the two of them how lake Giles [TS]

  is very you know that the English you [TS]

  know this is how it's done and Buffy's [TS]

  like f that i'm gonna do things my way [TS]

  to and you're gonna have to deal with it [TS]

  and like we get that right from the [TS]

  beginning and it doesn't take Giles too [TS]

  long to like be like okay because [TS]

  because Lee I'm not going to convince [TS]

  her that she needs to do things [TS]

  differently and so he adapts to her [TS]

  which is something I i really love to [TS]

  yeah [TS]

  mm that's true yeah but he sees he sees [TS]

  here in this seem right that he you know [TS]

  he can he can run her down about like [TS]

  not taking your job seriously but she's [TS]

  got the goods [TS]

  she you know she spots the vampires and [TS]

  she takes care of the situation and the [TS]

  bronze and now yeah I think it's a [TS]

  really good pilot it introduces all the [TS]

  characters it introduces all the [TS]

  tensions that are gonna happen in the [TS]

  first season we get Cordelia who was [TS]

  initially warm Duffy and then of course [TS]

  turns on her because but he's got you [TS]

  know stakes in her backpack and is weird [TS]

  and hangs around with losers and buffy [TS]

  is like these are my friends you're a [TS]

  jerk and that and tells her off and then [TS]

  becomes unpopular because of it like we [TS]

  get everything and we and we do like [TS]

  Monty said and on the bridge of the [TS]

  enterprise [TS]

  this is where there this is where [TS]

  they're going to be this is the there's [TS]

  your show [TS]

  that's what the show was i I was [TS]

  rewatching the pilot with I shouldn't [TS]

  say pilot the first episode with the [TS]

  kids and the fourteen-year-old is [TS]

  watching and he goes everywhere they go [TS]

  is really dark [TS]

  oh yeah you know I said well ok it's you [TS]

  know it's [TS]

  vampire show for one thing so it does [TS]

  kind of have to be dark but but the more [TS]

  the more you're watching it was thinking [TS]

  like this is great you know you've got a [TS]

  nightclub that's badly lit you've got [TS]

  tunnels and crypts they're badly lit [TS]

  they must have saved so much money on [TS]

  manages this is someone running in [TS]

  filmmaking and once they can afford [TS]

  stunt men in the second season will be [TS]

  able to hide them better because it's [TS]

  badly lit they don't have stuntman in [TS]

  the first season and you know and I [TS]

  thought yeah perfunctory fight and now [TS]

  it's a little bit and I have one thing [TS]

  to say about these the bronze well two [TS]

  things 1i think the acoustics the bronze [TS]

  are crazy because there's a live band [TS]

  and people 20 feet away can have [TS]

  conversations [TS]

  yeah but also i think the two scenes in [TS]

  the bronze were Buffy and Willow talk [TS]

  about dating philosophy and then Buffy [TS]

  and Giles talk about him scolding her [TS]

  and her showing off her powers those [TS]

  really feel to me like the scenes that [TS]

  the actors had to audition with to see [TS]

  if they had chemistry and they do have [TS]

  chemistry [TS]

  yeah there's just so much about those [TS]

  things that established who the [TS]

  characters are and how they think and [TS]

  how their philosophies clash against [TS]

  each other that it feels like they had [TS]

  to work through those things first [TS]

  so in which there is a this this is the [TS]

  cheerleading episode and had to happen [TS]

  what you get is this this really [TS]

  interesting episode that it's got a [TS]

  Cordelia dynamic because she really [TS]

  wants to be a cheerleader and there's [TS]

  the competition angle here there's the [TS]

  pit there's some painful stuff with [TS]

  Xander that made me not want to watch [TS]

  that part but at its core this is also [TS]

  about Amy who is this really weird [TS]

  character that we meet who is super [TS]

  obsessed with her mother and her [TS]

  mother's greatness and you think that [TS]

  this is an episode about living up to [TS]

  your parents and it turns out it's it's [TS]

  worse than that because she's literally [TS]

  had her youth and her body stolen by her [TS]

  mother so this is the manifestation of [TS]

  parents trying to relive their glory [TS]

  days through their children in this case [TS]

  Amy's mom does literally does that to [TS]

  her and then yeah they're spells and [TS]

  they steal the spell book and there's a [TS]

  creepy scene where they go visit the mom [TS]

  and find out that it's amy and she she [TS]

  doesn't she's not allowed out and she [TS]

  just sits on the couch needs brownies [TS]

  all day [TS]

  yeah but I i liked this episode because [TS]

  it is it is that archetype of of we're [TS]

  gonna take an issue of of being a [TS]

  growing up and turn it into a [TS]

  manifestation of an actual like I'm a [TS]

  monster in this case it's like a magic [TS]

  adversary like a lot of episodes the [TS]

  concept for this one is ok but what if [TS]

  that happened literally jump which i [TS]

  think is great guy great taking a [TS]

  metaphor and saying because i have a [TS]

  supernatural so i can make that actually [TS]

  happen and then watching how that plays [TS]

  out [TS]

  I think really what gives the show a lot [TS]

  of its legs and the thing i love about [TS]

  this is is it actually takes something [TS]

  that I really love about Star Trek and [TS]

  establishes that right away so in Star [TS]

  Trek if especially the next generation [TS]

  if you know there's the episode where [TS]

  Deanna Troi is having like some [TS]

  hallucinations when she's sleeping and [TS]

  she goes to captain picard and she's [TS]

  like hey this thing is happening and [TS]

  instead of Picard being like okay we [TS]

  need to get you a psych eval it's like [TS]

  okay so what external influences are [TS]

  exerting themselves on you and it's the [TS]

  same in Buffy how they can go to Giles [TS]

  and they can be like look this weird [TS]

  thing is happening he's like okay let's [TS]

  figure out which what's going on you [TS]

  know which is something that teenagers [TS]

  don't get a lot of is the benefit of the [TS]

  doubt and adults believing that that the [TS]

  things that they observe a real and i [TS]

  really really love that and it's [TS]

  established right away [TS]

  meanwhile choices to Buffy Buffy is like [TS]

  I haven't gotten in trouble she says [TS]

  well not yet right [TS]

  it's not a lot of not a lot of belief in [TS]

  her at home but one of those gold star [TS]

  parenting moments yeah but Giles is like [TS]

  oh this is Magic it could be a witch [TS]

  right like he's on it [TS]

  he's he's seen things yeah and also a [TS]

  cheerleader catches on fire so that also [TS]

  happens in this also i have to say this [TS]

  episode must have under run because [TS]

  there is so much cheerleading [TS]

  oh my goodness that they they all either [TS]

  that or they were really proud that they [TS]

  hired a professional dancer to be the [TS]

  one cheerleader who catches on fire and [TS]

  so they show her doing a whole like [TS]

  dance routine my herself and it goes on [TS]

  for f yeah really does if you like [TS]

  cheerleading maybe like [TS]

  better but I i was shocked at how long [TS]

  that went next episode is teacher's pet [TS]

  this is the first episode about david [TS]

  greenwalt who would go on to become [TS]

  executive producer and run angel i [TS]

  didn't really watch this episode because [TS]

  you know it's the one where Xander falls [TS]

  in love with the substitute teacher and [TS]

  she turns out to be a bug lady [TS]

  yeah I didn't watch this one either I [TS]

  don't love it what is something boring [TS]

  happened literally haha yeah is one [TS]

  notable thing and it's it's in the [TS]

  beginning which is a teacher actually [TS]

  showing an interest in Buffy and showing [TS]

  some faith in her abilities and I think [TS]

  that is something that is noteworthy [TS]

  about this that she is the Slayer right [TS]

  like and everybody's looking to her to [TS]

  save the day and guide them and and make [TS]

  everything okay and she's a teenager and [TS]

  she needs reassurance and she needs you [TS]

  know people encouraging her and she gets [TS]

  that from this teacher and then he's [TS]

  eaten by a giant praying mantis but [TS]

  that's like an important bit of a [TS]

  character not not necessarily [TS]

  development but something to note about [TS]

  her is that she 16 while character [TS]

  understanding [TS]

  yeah in never kill a boy on the first [TS]

  date we get some dating stress while the [TS]

  master is also scheming but she she [TS]

  takes out as she takes on a boy but then [TS]

  you know bad things happen and he ends [TS]

  up being really excited that that she's [TS]

  involved in all this adventure and she [TS]

  drops him because she doesn't want she's [TS]

  trying to look for normalcy in her life [TS]

  and and the boy [TS]

  oh and cannot give that to her because [TS]

  he's sort of like oh it's really cool I [TS]

  could [TS]

  she's got enough friends helping her in [TS]

  this part of her life I think this is [TS]

  not a particularly notable episode [TS]

  although the master is scheming and the [TS]

  anointed one is discovered [TS]

  isn't this the first time since the [TS]

  pilot that the master shows up again [TS]

  that's telling us that he's actually [TS]

  going to be a recurring deal [TS]

  I think something think so yeah I think [TS]

  so yeah I learned to not trust teenage [TS]

  boys who are obsessed with Emily [TS]

  Dickinson and love her because she's so [TS]

  morbid [TS]

  I don't think Emily Dickinson was the [TS]

  right pic i think Byron or something [TS]

  maybe so here black poet even although [TS]

  that's a little on the nose but more [TS]

  believable in dickinson ah ok the pack [TS]

  skipped it skipped it once didn't need [TS]

  to see it again this is this is this is [TS]

  about like being run with a pack around [TS]

  with it with a group and group projects [TS]

  with a girl female with group dynamic [TS]

  problems with group dynamics and all of [TS]

  that and it's definitely you know making [TS]

  an issue of it i don't really love the [TS]

  the hyenas and all of that [TS]

  however it is notable because the [TS]

  principal gets eaten in this episode [TS]

  mmm yeah and that's okay like what I [TS]

  description of this show from 2002 yeah [TS]

  on a field trip to the zoo is entered [TS]

  joins up with the bad crowd because of [TS]

  some magical hyenas then the bad crowd [TS]

  starts killing things until the [TS]

  zookeeper gets eaten it may sound silly [TS]

  but when you watch it it's actually [TS]

  Ludacris I have entertained myself from [TS]

  the past this episode had something that [TS]

  bothered me throughout the series where [TS]

  something starts going wrong like you're [TS]

  one of your characters becomes a hyena [TS]

  or find a magical Letterman's jacket or [TS]

  gets hypnotized or whatever and somebody [TS]

  always doesn't believe it like in this [TS]

  case Giles who doesn't believe that [TS]

  something weird is going on and I really [TS]

  felt like in the world of this show you [TS]

  can't ever poopoo someone who says I [TS]

  think there's a supernatural thing [TS]

  happening out there is always a [TS]

  supernatural thing happening Giles yeah [TS]

  well but I mean if we're gonna go with [TS]

  that why does anyone live in Sunnydale [TS]

  you know like it's nice [TS]

  realtor now good look social living at [TS]

  real estate scam because there's so many [TS]

  empty houses a lot of churn happening my [TS]

  turn to be uh the the angel episode is [TS]

  is next to this is here you know Hale [TS]

  get to know angel see his story [TS]

  he was turned into a vampire by Darla [TS]

  Darla threatens choice [TS]

  Buffy's mom you know any thoughts about [TS]

  the the angel episode this is this is [TS]

  where it's very much like at last we [TS]

  know he's a vampire [TS]

  she's a mean it is the Twilight episode [TS]

  right except this predates Twilight I [TS]

  feel like Buffy just missed the window [TS]

  by just a little bit because this is [TS]

  super angsty young beautiful girl is in [TS]

  love with beautiful guy who turns out to [TS]

  be a vampire oh how could their love [TS]

  possibly be allowed to continue using [TS]

  the lies that is good one [TS]

  I know I know tumblr would have loved [TS]

  this show never been around always [TS]

  something social media has been a thing [TS]

  in 1997 oh my god and even even so I [TS]

  mean you were on livejournal and and I [TS]

  was on livejournal renews groups and you [TS]

  know it wasn't that didn't have the same [TS]

  penetrating that we didn't have the [TS]

  bandwidth to post pictures of David [TS]

  Boreanaz brooding face [TS]

  no I would go to work and there were [TS]

  people at work who loved Buffy and we [TS]

  would talk about it like that works [TS]

  right was right that was what we did [TS]

  that was what we had to do [TS]

  David Boreanaz he's ok I think this is a [TS]

  good i think this is a good episode i [TS]

  think this is not just setting the [TS]

  anthology but you're getting all the [TS]

  premise of like he's trying to help now [TS]

  we know why he's trying to help but also [TS]

  he's got this whole problem and he's he [TS]

  is a good vampire we get to learn that [TS]

  but he's still a vampire and he has all [TS]

  these other issues you know there's [TS]

  there's no Giles is talk to Joyce so we [TS]

  get the the surrogates meeting mr. Giles [TS]

  there's just there's a lot there's a lot [TS]

  in here so i think this is I think this [TS]

  is one of the important episodes of the [TS]

  first season for sure I find every [TS]

  episode with Joyce is more meaningful [TS]

  once you watch the whole series yeah i [TS]

  agree like every time I see her and [TS]

  thinking oh yeah I know [TS]

  ok we were talking about this in the [TS]

  incomparable slack today I robot you [TS]

  Jane and not a particularly notable [TS]

  episode but it does it does feature the [TS]

  title [TS]

  yeah a good title and there's a scan a [TS]

  evil book into a computer which people [TS]

  it's a deal [TS]

  maybe in the computer it's in the [TS]

  computer in the computer watching this [TS]

  with two kids of today [TS]

  you know I have to have to keep saying [TS]

  this is a 1997 so they're like what is [TS]

  that that's a computer [TS]

  what yeah that's phone phone with for [TS]

  that that wasn't thing you know [TS]

  oh and it's not that made the watch old [TS]

  movies it's not but there's just [TS]

  something about all the focus on [TS]

  technology and this one that every step [TS]

  of the way it's like what is that that's [TS]

  something that's a monitor [TS]

  that'sthat's they're not flat it's you [TS]

  know yeah I feel souls [TS]

  I mean tell me it's not a terrible idea [TS]

  it's terribly executed yeah they have [TS]

  the money for a good demon robot yeah [TS]

  yeah Jenny calendars and this that's [TS]

  nice i I've never liked it throughout [TS]

  the season we get and we get into the [TS]

  future [TS]

  the whole idea to the willow is I'm just [TS]

  going to hack into this thing in [TS]

  Sunnydale and and she does that all the [TS]

  time and they make jokes about wanted to [TS]

  give her a hook [TS]

  yeah they did that was her character [TS]

  hook it's because of willow that we have [TS]

  all the security things now this is a [TS]

  whole episode of that kind of like pop [TS]

  plots uncomplicated by computer mumbo [TS]

  jumbo and here it's they've got a [TS]

  there's a demon in the computer this is [TS]

  yeah this is this is like a bad x miles [TS]

  of myself but yeah yeah well and as [TS]

  somebody or a great 24 episodes your [TS]

  point as someone who's a contemporary [TS]

  with these so my freshman year of high [TS]

  school started in 1997 so like it's it's [TS]

  right on right and I was very careful [TS]

  about my online identity when then like [TS]

  I'm a much more like I use my real name [TS]

  on twitter i would not have used my real [TS]

  name on twitter if it existed in 1987 [TS]

  your real name didn't exist to make it [TS]

  didn't know that the recent thing a real [TS]

  and so so I found it really unbelievable [TS]

  that someone as quote plugged in is [TS]

  Willow was just be like well Malcolm [TS]

  lives 80 miles away and Malcolm's my age [TS]

  and Malcolm says blahdy blahdy blah and [TS]

  I'm like I was really careful into [TS]

  people you know other teams I knew who [TS]

  are using you know dial-up internet with [TS]

  our fancy modems you know we were really [TS]

  careful about and what we believed in [TS]

  what we didn't believe and I know that [TS]

  wasn't universally true but it just felt [TS]

  like the nerdy people like willow were [TS]

  more aware than willow tends to be in [TS]

  this episode [TS]

  well let's let's move on we will kick it [TS]

  into the end game of this season the [TS]

  puppet show [TS]

  I i love the puppet show [TS]

  I know that Ali didn't even watch it [TS]

  because of the creepy puppet is so I [TS]

  watched I was like the last 10 minutes [TS]

  of it because like all right I like now [TS]

  watch him die again i'm at he's just so [TS]

  he's he's too creepy [TS]

  well just it's i love that it's II you [TS]

  know it takes the trope of like the [TS]

  movie magic from the seventies twilight [TS]

  zone 2 22 episodes about creamers museum [TS]

  and it takes that trope and then it [TS]

  turns out wait a minute [TS]

  he's not the evil no he is alive but [TS]

  he's not the evil one right and and you [TS]

  know again the kids are watching this [TS]

  we're going oh my god creepy I'll creepy [TS]

  to halt its gonna kill people to my god [TS]

  oh my god oh wow that's awesome and you [TS]

  know once then twist happened he was [TS]

  hooked like oh this is a cool idea [TS]

  because they set it up right they set it [TS]

  up that is that it's not you who have [TS]

  they're gonna think it's the kid but [TS]

  it's really the doll and then it's not [TS]

  the doll either i love that moment when [TS]

  Buffy and sit or are like literally at [TS]

  each other's throats like about you know [TS]

  about like in the middle of going out [TS]

  and and Buffy's like you know basically [TS]

  you're the one doing all this and he's [TS]

  like you're the one doing all of this [TS]

  and they're like wait what [TS]

  just look at each other and I think that [TS]

  that really is a great moment but I just [TS]

  he's eat yeah hehe it's so gross [TS]

  yeah he is but thatthat's I i could i [TS]

  love i love it i love that he's he's [TS]

  yeah he's gross annoying and he's cursed [TS]

  and he was you know he wasn't always a [TS]

  dummy but he's been cursed miss and if [TS]

  you can kill this last creature there's [TS]

  a whole seven of them and whatever and [TS]

  he's killed six and this is less fun [TS]

  than he can then [TS]

  he's free of this curse which means he's [TS]

  gonna die [TS]

  I think there's a really funny episode [TS]

  and this is a point I wanted to make [TS]

  about this whole season in this whole [TS]

  series so many shows these days are so [TS]

  serious we talked about like even like [TS]

  some of this so the Marvel shows or [TS]

  series rob this hotel and Dean Batali [TS]

  here at this episode road another [TS]

  episode this season that wasn't that [TS]

  wasn't as good that was that was the [TS]

  never kill a boy on the first date but [TS]

  these guys are are comedy writers [TS]

  I think they were for that 70 show Joss [TS]

  Whedon's scripts are funny of the all I [TS]

  i get the sense that there is a comedy [TS]

  sensibility and the writing here where [TS]

  they are looking for jokes to tell and i [TS]

  love it and it was such a change of pace [TS]

  from the shows that even when they're [TS]

  good are so serious and never take a [TS]

  moment to lighten the mood or say [TS]

  something memorable and funny like [TS]

  there's a in in the out of mind out of [TS]

  sight episode we're going to talk about [TS]

  in a minute [TS]

  um there's a stupid one liner we're [TS]

  talking about the the kid getting beaten [TS]

  up by a bat that was floating in mid-air [TS]

  and Sandra says maybe it's a vampire bat [TS]

  and they all give him a deathless it's a [TS]

  stupid joke but it's like they made a [TS]

  joke [TS]

  look they made a joke in the show and [TS]

  and this episode is full of them and i [TS]

  love that it just it it although it is [TS]

  in its own little internal consistency [TS]

  of its world it is not afraid to just be [TS]

  funny and and the show in general I [TS]

  think this season in particular is very [TS]

  clear that they had that sensibility and [TS]

  social so few shows seem to have that i [TS]

  will say that it's a sad commentary that [TS]

  one of the most serious shows up in the [TS]

  superhero genre in marvel's agents of [TS]

  shield was in fact created by Joss [TS]

  Whedon yeah yeah yeahs the the other [TS]

  thing that I really like about this [TS]

  episode is that it is constructed I mean [TS]

  it's not a murder mystery but it's [TS]

  constructed in a similar way where you [TS]

  have the the setup it's beautifully laid [TS]

  out to have the least likely suspect [TS]

  turn out to be the demon that needs to [TS]

  be killed but it's so beautifully set up [TS]

  that you don't necessarily see it coming [TS]

  and i love that kind of plotting i also [TS]

  really like the end [TS]

  it's showing Xander willow and Buffy [TS]

  doing there [TS]

  the talent show thing when I think the [TS]

  only time they did something over the [TS]

  end credits that wasn't just playing [TS]

  music / black that they did this this [TS]

  there they're awkward stage performance [TS]

  we also get Cordelia's terrible terrible [TS]

  performance of the greatest love of all [TS]

  and she's convinced it's great we have [TS]

  and we get armin shimerman throughout as [TS]

  the ass new principle is that presents [TS]

  warning from deep space nine he's grant [TS]

  ave but especially I free my favorite [TS]

  moment of his is where he's absolutely [TS]

  silent at the end of the show watching [TS]

  the Oedipus thing with with Giles next [TS]

  time and it's sort of that combination [TS]

  of well this is intelligent and they [TS]

  picked something classic and they are [TS]

  awful [TS]

  what if I dialogue that I did doesn't he [TS]

  say I don't get it [TS]

  he's like I don't get it well that's [TS]

  something at the very end of the show [TS]

  before that there with a guy his partner [TS]

  any cities just sees the tableau and let [TS]

  such a great joke right baby that [TS]

  there's the there's the guy who's got it [TS]

  who's been who's been killed by the [TS]

  guillotine and there's the the they're [TS]

  holding the they've got the Vatican II [TS]

  or the DNA that the ventriloquist dummy [TS]

  and there's and and Giles is there and [TS]

  all that and then the curtain why but [TS]

  the curtain rises and everybody is [TS]

  confused and he says I don't get it it's [TS]

  just a really great joke like we've all [TS]

  been in the moment of them trying to not [TS]

  have Giles get guillotine right and [TS]

  different and then and we pull back and [TS]

  it's like oh there are people out there [TS]

  this is ridiculous and it's very funny [TS]

  so nightmares is an episode that is not [TS]

  very interesting i think it's an [TS]

  important sorry david greenwalt [TS]

  showrunner of agrium now but this is [TS]

  like one of those episodes that I don't [TS]

  even remember it's more with the [TS]

  annoyance Anointed One anybody watch [TS]

  this one it's based on a story by joss [TS]

  so joss whedon is given story credit on [TS]

  a bunch of episodes toward the end of [TS]

  the season where I get the sense that he [TS]

  had a lot of ideas four episodes that he [TS]

  could be [TS]

  he could write them all and so he was [TS]

  like oh yeah [TS]

  Invisible Girl sure person who's in your [TS]

  nightmares yeah you did you write that [TS]

  one and one but it is also building to [TS]

  that finale that he is writing [TS]

  yes that's trained so the little details [TS]

  where it's like here you do this and put [TS]

  this in there it's an interesting idea [TS]

  and I like the graveyard scene so I like [TS]

  you know where suddenly Buffy's like it [TS]

  was day and now it's night and she's in [TS]

  a graveyard and what's going on and this [TS]

  is her first encounter with the master i [TS]

  mean it's a dream encounter a nightmare [TS]

  encounter but it's still her first [TS]

  encounter with the master and and it [TS]

  really shows you know more more [TS]

  character development for Buffy rate [TS]

  like what is she really afraid of and I [TS]

  thought it was really well done i [TS]

  thought it was an interesting concept [TS]

  like they could look across the street [TS]

  and all the sudden there's there's a [TS]

  graveyard there and it's weirdly night [TS]

  somehow and the special effects are bad [TS]

  so I liked those things and and I also [TS]

  kind of like that they don't know what's [TS]

  going on right away like it felt like [TS]

  meet I don't know maybe it's just the [TS]

  episode I don't know it felt like it [TS]

  took them a little bit longer to get [TS]

  what was actually going on and maybe a [TS]

  quicker resolution than normal but I [TS]

  kind of like that they had more of a [TS]

  struggle because more abstract i guess [TS]

  to try to figure out what was causing [TS]

  all of this to happen [TS]

  okay i don't mind out of sight this is [TS]

  the Invisible Girl episode i really [TS]

  liked this episode [TS]

  although in watching it again I'm shot [TS]

  sort of shocked by the pacing of it [TS]

  because it goes on a long time there are [TS]

  and there there is there there should be [TS]

  more is incident in here I feel like and [TS]

  instead what we get is sort of repeating [TS]

  menace of invisible girl for a long time [TS]

  and then they figure out that she's [TS]

  invisible and then it takes a long time [TS]

  for their to figure out that maybe they [TS]

  could throw a curtain honor and beer up [TS]

  yeah but that said I really I really [TS]

  love the fact that uh [TS]

  love the fact that uh [TS]

  the this idea and there's a stupid line [TS]

  with Giles is like of course this is [TS]

  about physics and all that stuff no it's [TS]

  not it's crazy [TS]

  yeah but said no this is about physics [TS]

  but it is the core thing about metaphors [TS]

  coming true in high school on Buffy that [TS]

  I love this is a girl who nobody pays [TS]

  attention to until she disappears and i [TS]

  just love that almost fable aspect of it [TS]

  it's like this is what happens when [TS]

  somebody is ignored is that they become [TS]

  they become invisible and then they then [TS]

  they act out it's about people being [TS]

  cruel this is a monster that you all [TS]

  created by being awful people to this [TS]

  person i think it's interesting that [TS]

  also we get the guys in the suits and in [TS]

  something that has never really followed [TS]

  up on ya again there's almost this X [TS]

  Files aspect of the government although [TS]

  it leads to a great little last scene [TS]

  where the government knows that people [TS]

  turn invisible and they take them and [TS]

  train them to be a SATs ok alright so [TS]

  the other thing that happens in this [TS]

  episode is Cordelia really is kind of [TS]

  brought into the into the circle right [TS]

  she is she is she is being attacked by [TS]

  marcy because Marcy hates Cordelia [TS]

  because Cordelia's the worst right and [TS]

  and she's gonna and she ties Cordelia up [TS]

  and then she's going to attack Cordelia [TS]

  and she's gonna cut out and she can hear [TS]

  her talking but she knows she's [TS]

  invisible she's gonna disfigure her face [TS]

  and make her look ugly and and and learn [TS]

  to live with not being pretty like she [TS]

  is and so Cordelia like gets what Buffy [TS]

  and her gang are actually all about in [TS]

  this and she she you know she thanks [TS]

  them at the end but also just she like [TS]

  is no longer oblivious to what's going [TS]

  on which right man [TS]

  it takes another trope of you know the [TS]

  mean girl was just always going to be [TS]

  the mean girl and she's never going to [TS]

  mature and she's never gonna grow up and [TS]

  in this she becomes the damsel in [TS]

  distress and she become saved and even [TS]

  though she doesn't you know a hundred [TS]

  percent reform at this point she's on [TS]

  the path and and she I mean through the [TS]

  rest of the series of angel she does [TS]

  evolve which is lovely to watch so this [TS]

  is it again that's you know taking a [TS]

  trip that we all think we know [TS]

  and how can we twist it how can we make [TS]

  it new and she doesn't involve right [TS]

  away she gets clued in and you start to [TS]

  know what's going on but she's still [TS]

  kind of a mean girl and I think that's [TS]

  interesting because a lot of shows would [TS]

  say Oh Cordelia's knows what's going on [TS]

  now she's part of the team or an ally [TS]

  really not yeah every time this is also [TS]

  i think this is the episode where she [TS]

  comes to Buffy and Buffy's like why are [TS]

  you here and she says do you think I'm [TS]

  not know this is the kind of thing you [TS]

  do right [TS]

  wheres liya know she's been paying [TS]

  attention a little bit or trying not to [TS]

  but this is she can't she can't deny it [TS]

  anymore that this is actually Buffy's [TS]

  the person you go to with stuff like [TS]

  this [TS]

  yeah that this kind of presages great [TS]

  moment later in the series during the [TS]

  graduation it's a it's it's just I like [TS]

  all the feelings the high school [TS]

  feelings though that such a part of this [TS]

  the show for me all of this stuff like [TS]

  just a moment like Cordelia says she's [TS]

  pushing explains why she's popular and [TS]

  she's like you know you think I don't [TS]

  feel lonely in the in that crowd where [TS]

  everybody is just agreeing with whatever [TS]

  I say and nobody is listening to what I [TS]

  have to say they just want to agree [TS]

  because I'm popular and Buffy says well [TS]

  then why do you do it just as well it [TS]

  beats being it being alone by yourself [TS]

  like wow yeah challenge [TS]

  everybody's got everybody's got [TS]

  something even Cordelia everybody's got [TS]

  something [TS]

  it also has to spend some time laying [TS]

  the groundwork for the finale it does it [TS]

  even begins in furniture around as they [TS]

  say there's a lot of that it's true [TS]

  alright the finale prophecy girl season [TS]

  finale 12-episode Buffy the master [TS]

  prophecies the girl quakes if i'm not [TS]

  mistaken it's Joss Whedon's directorial [TS]

  debut [TS]

  yes this is ruthie written and directed [TS]

  by joss whedon episode the first one [TS]

  Monty you said you have many things to [TS]

  say about prophecy girl so let's go to [TS]

  it [TS]

  okay on this episode has the scene that [TS]

  hooked me on the show and still my [TS]

  favorite scene in the series [TS]

  it's the one where Buffy explains that [TS]

  she is 16 and doesn't want to die [TS]

  yep mm well she has so many notes [TS]

  to hit in that she's talking back tears [TS]

  what she says [TS]

  did they say how he's going to kill me [TS]

  do you think it'll hurt like that entire [TS]

  scene because Buffy has spent the entire [TS]

  season so far [TS]

  basically being a remorseless quippy [TS]

  badass some sadness but mostly being an [TS]

  unstoppable machine and hear you you're [TS]

  reminded she's in high school and she's [TS]

  fighting vampires [TS]

  I think it's just an amazing scene and [TS]

  then my second favorite scene in the [TS]

  episode is her walking back in saying up [TS]

  I'm the Slayer because she's taking on [TS]

  her mantel enough you have just destroy [TS]

  things [TS]

  yeah great she tries to quit right she's [TS]

  like no equip him if I'm gonna die down [TS]

  quick to find a new Slayer a quick [TS]

  timeout [TS]

  yeah and she has to go through that [TS]

  whole period where she like tries to [TS]

  reject her calling i guess this is some [TS]

  good hero's journey is enough happening [TS]

  here right [TS]

  well I mean those those two speeches are [TS]

  the mission statement of the show the [TS]

  series yeah yeah because it's both it is [TS]

  she is 16 and she's the Slayer can i [TS]

  just say how great Sarah Michelle Gellar [TS]

  is we didn't talk about the characters [TS]

  we know I just burst in and there's [TS]

  Buffy right she specifically told this [TS]

  whole thing together [TS]

  she's got a she's gotta show [TS]

  vulnerability and strength [TS]

  uh she's gotta show that she's a kid but [TS]

  also has a wisdom it is this is a hard [TS]

  thing to do and in lesser hands this [TS]

  show would not have made it right i mean [TS]

  this is yeah we talked about casting [TS]

  sometimes and I know we talked about in [TS]

  previous episodes that sometimes you get [TS]

  lucky with casting or you do good [TS]

  casting and it can make the difference [TS]

  between the show working and not working [TS]

  and she kills it she was a soap opera [TS]

  actress from when she was very young but [TS]

  in this she she carries she just she [TS]

  she's not alone she's got other people [TS]

  to help her out but chic she carries the [TS]

  burden of being the lead in this action [TS]

  show about feelings in high school and [TS]

  she just she just nails it and you're [TS]

  right Monty none better than that scene [TS]

  where she says I don't I don't want to [TS]

  die [TS]

  you know this has been this has been [TS]

  kind of fun and all but you know they're [TS]

  she's basically gotten the news that [TS]

  tomorrow [TS]

  the prophecy says you will die and she [TS]

  she has to go through that whole you [TS]

  know rejection of that I don't want to [TS]

  do that and she goes home and her mom [TS]

  gives her a beautiful dress for the [TS]

  dance [TS]

  oh it is a beautiful dress by the way [TS]

  everyone keeps telling me that she sets [TS]

  we have been you know that whole casting [TS]

  thing if you look at the unaired pilot [TS]

  and don't go look at the unaired pilot [TS]

  but it'll show you know you know even [TS]

  when even you know like most of the cast [TS]

  is there but they don't gel the same way [TS]

  because it's not it's just there's one [TS]

  thing that's not quite working and this [TS]

  combination of actors was just right you [TS]

  know how that alchemy works if they had [TS]

  miscast any of the other characters in [TS]

  the in the original pilot who knows if [TS]

  they had gone forward right but i think [TS]

  they knew what they had in Giles and [TS]

  buffy and you know it was like we need [TS]

  to fix this and make it better and they [TS]

  did think I'm i also appreciate [TS]

  appreciate speaking of a american [TS]

  stereotypes of the British like Giles is [TS]

  upset so he goes to make tea [TS]

  hey oh that just cracks me out and then [TS]

  cleans his glasses rate of course while [TS]

  it's sleeping we did miss another pilot [TS]

  we did miss Stephen Tobolowsky as the [TS]

  principal did didn't get that is true [TS]

  that would have been ok he would've just [TS]

  been eaten by hyenas or something almost [TS]

  certainly great great line in this I [TS]

  like when the the so-so also the [TS]

  prophecy thing here it's so funny [TS]

  because it it plays with the whole idea [TS]

  prophecy right the master says oh haha [TS]

  but by coming here you have fulfilled [TS]

  the prophecy because she's going there [TS]

  because that's the prophecy but her [TS]

  being there is what frees the master [TS]

  because he gets to suck your blood and [TS]

  that gives him the power to to escape [TS]

  that's kind of funny and then she dies [TS]

  but of course there's more to the story [TS]

  because she's revived by Xander but [TS]

  there is a great moment when the when [TS]

  the master is is freed and there's the [TS]

  earthquake and after this dramatic [TS]

  earthquake [TS]

  the master says what do you think 5.1 [TS]

  that's a yes Southern California joke [TS]

  but I love it I love it yeah everybody [TS]

  always hundred percent accurate tries to [TS]

  guess what the richter scale of your [TS]

  quick what's right [TS]

  Kazmir earthquake but what do you think [TS]

  my point is pretty casual for a guy in a [TS]

  cave filled with candles during an [TS]

  earthquake yeah he's a master he started [TS]

  that's it's just his style man he's been [TS]

  through worse [TS]

  yeah he had to put up with Angelus is [TS]

  Irish accent at some point that a lot of [TS]

  people so there's a faucet of blood that [TS]

  happens at one point just like just we [TS]

  could do that there's a possibility that [TS]

  there's a father with blood and the [TS]

  difficult creature from the the opening [TS]

  of the Hellmouth in the library [TS]

  yeah the library has like tentacles [TS]

  coming out there a bunch of vampires [TS]

  coming in and there's like a last in a [TS]

  library and again Cordelia's there with [TS]

  them [TS]

  there's a horrifying scene where [TS]

  Cordelia and we'll go into the into the [TS]

  room that which is I guess the AV club [TS]

  it's like the tvs and the boys are all [TS]

  in there including court the boy [TS]

  Cordelia's going to the dance with who [TS]

  we've seen in the last couple of [TS]

  episodes and the end and they're all [TS]

  theres a river shot we realize they're [TS]

  all dead and they go in and find that [TS]

  there's like eight high school boys [TS]

  who've been murdered on campus which is [TS]

  horrifying but it is played as [TS]

  horrifying right it's if they give it [TS]

  all of the detail [TS]

  I mean it's Sunnydale so you know that [TS]

  probably happens every day but still [TS]

  they give it the horror that it deserves [TS]

  which i think is i think is good and [TS]

  Cornelius appropriately upset by that I [TS]

  think Cordelia is great in this episode [TS]

  because she gets the cool get in and [TS]

  then drives through the entire school [TS]

  set they must have decided if we get a [TS]

  second season we're going to have more [TS]

  money or something [TS]

  just just destroy the whole thing we're [TS]

  going to make some changes so so up and [TS]

  Buffy says something like this isn't [TS]

  usually how we get to the line where he [TS]

  could she just drives down the hallway [TS]

  but then parks right out in front of the [TS]

  doors to the library and which is very [TS]

  nice so that the vampires can come in [TS]

  and swarm them and then Buffy's final [TS]

  showdown with the with the master he's [TS]

  he's on the roof and its gates [TS]

  perfunctory right i mean it's not one of [TS]

  their better fights in a few years later [TS]

  they would have had a whole big [TS]

  choreographed fight but instead it's [TS]

  pretty perfunctory grabs her she tells [TS]

  him he is free punch mouth she punches [TS]

  them pics you know does a couple of [TS]

  flips so they'd have us done person [TS]

  because they've got bumpy Buffy stunt [TS]

  person to do occasional flips and then [TS]

  you know he gets thrown through the [TS]

  glass dome atop the library and hail but [TS]

  one of the many many spires of wood that [TS]

  stick out in Sunnydale yep [TS]

  yeah well you know the the library is [TS]

  broken right so I always thought the [TS]

  vampire should have gone through town [TS]

  and just saw all the pokey bit of wood [TS]

  off the streets and paper i didn't like [TS]

  how her whole attitude changes once she [TS]

  comes back to life right yeah she's much [TS]

  more like oh I've been dead and I face [TS]

  death and I've come back and yeah the [TS]

  Slayer and i am yeah and so at the very [TS]

  end [TS]

  she's you know when when they're they're [TS]

  having their confrontation you know he's [TS]

  got her by the throat he's doing the [TS]

  hypnotic thing and she just kind of you [TS]

  know she does it for a second is like [TS]

  yeah screw you [TS]

  yeah you know it's it's very it's like [TS]

  again it's like that's that growth from [TS]

  episode 1 episode 12 not knowing that [TS]

  they would ever get to make anymore and [TS]

  so that is a satisfying ark although the [TS]

  whole thing where she's like oh hey I'm [TS]

  here let's discuss this before I kill [TS]

  you I was just like man again you're [TS]

  confident now but like why not just take [TS]

  him no monologue no monologue just kill [TS]

  him already [TS]

  it's a show about dialogue yeah that's [TS]

  right let's just quickly dialogue anyway [TS]

  she does finally they do a little fight [TS]

  and she throws him down and he's impaled [TS]

  as the wikipedia page says impaled on [TS]

  broken furniture conveniently upturn [TS]

  pointy wooden maybe Brody and furniture [TS]

  that's nice [TS]

  they have that shot that's like it very [TS]

  established as the this is what he's [TS]

  gonna die on you know like yeah it's [TS]

  yeah it's very convenient [TS]

  yeah it'sit's Chekhov's upturned pointy [TS]

  broken furniture [TS]

  yeah and so they uh oh there's a good [TS]

  next generation episode in here to there [TS]

  are referencing here too because they [TS]

  actually enter actually refers to Giles [TS]

  is look you notice of the Borg which [TS]

  made me laugh and in the end yeah the [TS]

  big the big bad is defeated and every [TS]

  and everybody is a is happy and they [TS]

  save the world and that's the end which [TS]

  say they go off to spring slightly party [TS]

  what yeah yeah it's not [TS]

  killing him is not the end the end is [TS]

  when everybody is happy and laughing and [TS]

  gets to go off and be high school [TS]

  students for the night [TS]

  exactly but he's got the dress she might [TS]

  as well wear it so they go to the bronze [TS]

  which part of its business model holding [TS]

  high school dances [TS]

  you didn't give me no can't use the [TS]

  stereo system yeah [TS]

  nope i like to hear faint where they [TS]

  pretended they were going to have a big [TS]

  massive vampires attack the prom and at [TS]

  first I'm thinking oh like in the movie [TS]

  and then apparently someone said that's [TS]

  expensive and also what if we focused on [TS]

  our main character yeah just yeah and it [TS]

  turned around and brought it back into [TS]

  the core which is the right call [TS]

  so season 1 Buffy overall you know that [TS]

  having revisited a little bit and [TS]

  knowing that you know some people say oh [TS]

  that first season is not that good it [TS]

  really gets good season to all season [TS]

  two is fantastic but i think that you [TS]

  know I i think that you underestimate [TS]

  season one at your peril or something [TS]

  like that [TS]

  what do you all think Eileen I agree I I [TS]

  don't think Buffy starts to shine until [TS]

  the college years and you know from what [TS]

  I've seen but i think that this season [TS]

  one is is underrated for sure David yeah [TS]

  i mean their shows that justifiable II [TS]

  you know the first season of the office [TS]

  and first season of parks and recreation [TS]

  which I love as a series [TS]

  yeah don't fall daughter season-low bad [TS]

  yeah just don't it's not there this is [TS]

  not one of those shows this is a good [TS]

  cut first season is it you know I and i [TS]

  think i think people underestimated [TS]

  because they're judging it against the [TS]

  later years and they're judging it [TS]

  against when when everything was firing [TS]

  on all cylinders in the second and third [TS]

  and fourth seasons [TS]

  uh-huh so you know alright yes it's a [TS]

  little simpler the pacing is a little [TS]

  slower [TS]

  they're doing a little bit more [TS]

  exposition because this is totally new [TS]

  right this is not a show or concept that [TS]

  has existed for a while Monte what's [TS]

  your first season Buffy final final [TS]

  analysis / judgment i like the first [TS]

  season back in 2003 there was a website [TS]

  called TV dot org [TS]

  you might remember and for the end of [TS]

  buffy we all listed we listed our top 10 [TS]

  episodes and my top 10 were different [TS]

  from everyone else's but I had [TS]

  prophesied girl as my second favorite [TS]

  episode because of that great scene that [TS]

  I love so much about how she doesn't [TS]

  want to die and i think I stand by that [TS]

  like that well that is i think i would [TS]

  certainly put that up in the top scenes [TS]

  of the entire series [TS]

  I mean that is just heartbreaking and [TS]

  yeah there's some silly stuff in the [TS]

  season yeah so what you can't like some [TS]

  silly stuff come on advances in agree i [TS]

  like prophecy girl a lot that is a great [TS]

  i I just I feel like I watched that and [TS]

  I said why [TS]

  as much as I loved that famous you know [TS]

  best of both worlds next-generation [TS]

  cliffhanger and then everybody started [TS]

  doing cliffhangers [TS]

  i loved how prophecy girl ends I loved [TS]

  that the show told the story got to the [TS]

  end the big bad guy from the whole [TS]

  season was dispatched the characters got [TS]

  to enjoy the fact that they would had [TS]

  won the day and we had a little you know [TS]

  the end and the end and maybe it'll come [TS]

  back for more and and it did but uh but [TS]

  it was like a a really nice ending and [TS]

  and a really meaty episode and and I [TS]

  remember thinking this is how I would [TS]

  like my season finales to feel and and [TS]

  that influence has been felt no I like I [TS]

  like season one I think I think you know [TS]

  i'm not going to argue that it's the [TS]

  best season of buffy but i-i-i don't [TS]

  feel like it's like next generation [TS]

  where the first year is is it's [TS]

  disposable I think this is a yes it is [TS]

  adorable [TS]

  it's an adorable show with a low budget [TS]

  and some good funny writing and a good [TS]

  cast and they're figuring out how to [TS]

  make the show and it's gonna be great [TS]

  soon but it's not the same where it's [TS]

  like wow this is kind of garbage I'm [TS]

  wait until it gets good [TS]

  that's not how the first season of buffy [TS]

  works it's more like you're just [TS]

  watching it's like a little uh like a [TS]

  newborn a like horse or something it's [TS]

  like the legs are a little spindly and [TS]

  it's kind of messy but it's a it's gonna [TS]

  win the Derby you can already tell that [TS]

  it's going to be a pretty great thing [TS]

  yeah if this were on the air right now [TS]

  you'd be delighted to watch it all right [TS]

  well we have we done it will come back [TS]

  at some point and talk about the second [TS]

  Susan it's very sad there's a sword and [TS]

  something gets run through with it at [TS]

  the end and it's very sad but and we [TS]

  meet some interesting people in season [TS]

  two but we will get there at a later [TS]

  time so I'd like to thank my guests for [TS]

  taking this trip down memory lane back [TS]

  to nineteen ninety-seven with me David [TS]

  Laura thank you [TS]

  pleasure as always and I'm you know we [TS]

  talked about saving the world [TS]

  I say we party and our own our very own [TS]

  Jessie Monty know that wow i'll just see [TS]

  myself out [TS]

  he's a yorkie city was our willow with [TS]

  that whatever I don't know that muddy [TS]

  actually thank you thank you Jason and [TS]

  allene sims thank you very much [TS]

  if the apocalypse comes beat me all [TS]

  right we'll 97 thanks everybody [TS]

  we will see you next time [TS]

  [Music] [TS]