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9: Get the Bone Saw!


  do you have your blue blankie handy in [TS]

  case things get a little too scary on [TS]

  this podcast i can hide under the desk [TS]

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  this is the incomparable podcast [TS]

  fantastic and the subject today as we [TS]

  headed on toward halloween is all thanks [TS]

  Carrie and the only people i could get [TS]

  to come on this podcast are two of the [TS]

  scariest people i know Steve let's and [TS]

  ben boychuk thank you sir appreciate [TS]

  that assessment [TS]

  yeah well you're very welcome banner you [TS]

  was still alive review been horribly [TS]

  killed by a an axe murderer [TS]

  don't be alarmed his call is coming from [TS]

  inside for coming tomorrow [TS]

  oh I am alarmed i'm horribly alarmed [TS]

  so we have actually had an interesting [TS]

  email thread when we were putting this [TS]

  together which it was that I'm it turns [TS]

  out that a lot of our regular [TS]

  contributors to the podcast are afraid [TS]

  of are afraid of being scared [TS]

  which you know i guess i can guess and [TS]

  then there was this whole conversation [TS]

  about like good horror and bad horror [TS]

  and what makes a good kind of scary or [TS]

  horror movie versus what you know which [TS]

  ones are bad and I'm just kind of [TS]

  curious what you guys think what what is [TS]

  an example of of something if somebody [TS]

  wants to watch something that is going [TS]

  to put them in the Halloween spirit with [TS]

  the kind of stuff they should be going [TS]

  for [TS]

  well it again it depends largely on [TS]

  whether you're the kind of candy ass [TS]

  that apparently the rest of the podcast [TS]

  people [TS]

  yes 10 20 Hertz or if you're into [TS]

  something maybe a little more gruesome a [TS]

  little more gory I think just in general [TS]

  most people will say or at least will [TS]

  only admit to appreciating films that [TS]

  are a little more subtle little less [TS]

  blood intensive and I can sort of see [TS]

  their point there although and my [TS]

  personal opinion is any horror is [TS]

  generally good horror and even bad [TS]

  horror is is frequently entertaining to [TS]

  some extent you can watch these classic [TS]

  seventies Italian gorefest and just [TS]

  laugh your ass off for an hour [TS]

  see now it's funny that you mentioned [TS]

  that I i was going to say that the times [TS]

  that i have watched something that would [TS]

  be classified as horror or kind of [TS]

  horror like the ones that I've enjoyed [TS]

  are the ones where i felt like i could [TS]

  laugh and not just you know I guess it's [TS]

  a combination right it's sort of a laugh [TS]

  as a release from what you're seeing but [TS]

  also that they they can be really funny [TS]

  and have a sense of humor and for me [TS]

  that can make the difference between [TS]

  something being kind of just deadly and [TS]

  being entertaining LOL frequently [TS]

  they're just so bad for you but yeah I [TS]

  mean a lot of actually a lot of recent [TS]

  releases since I guess the dawn of irony [TS]

  in the last couple of decades no irony [TS]

  yeah well you know it has spawned some [TS]

  good things like it's some decent horror [TS]

  movies with some some actual humor [TS]

  content to them there's generally some [TS]

  good dark humor involved you know I go [TS]

  back maybe to the screen series as as [TS]

  the first good example of that [TS]

  yeah yeah and then and a few more recent [TS]

  entries like Ginger Snaps was I thought [TS]

  very funny [TS]

  now what does that tell me about that's [TS]

  a werewolf movie that likens the whole [TS]

  lycanthrope e turning into a werewolf [TS]

  business to the onset of puberty [TS]

  particularly in the case of girls so [TS]

  there's a young young last named ginger [TS]

  ah yes yeah I think I see where you're [TS]

  going here at the wesley that's the kind [TS]

  of hilarious glorious holiday i'm [TS]

  talking about so not very similar and [TS]

  she and her sister are young goth teens [TS]

  who are very into the sort of [TS]

  over-the-top gore and I think the first [TS]

  the the sequence over the credits is [TS]

  them basically staging glory deaths for [TS]

  themselves because they're both don't [TS]

  think your listeners and they like to [TS]

  sit around in their room and think about [TS]

  how they're going to die horrific Lee [TS]

  any day now and the one girl happens to [TS]

  get her period and immediately after she [TS]

  and her sister are walking through the [TS]

  park and they're attacked by a werewolf [TS]

  so over the next few days weeks whatever [TS]

  the that the girl begins to transform in [TS]

  a multitude of ways and it draws some [TS]

  interesting parallels i think in [TS]

  addition to being just a genuinely scary [TS]

  werewolf movie with the eye with non CGI [TS]

  effects which is also a positive thing [TS]

  in this day and age [TS]

  so I i highly recommend it it's it's [TS]

  it's scary it's funny the werewolf [TS]

  action is not as cheesy as one has come [TS]

  to expect and and like my idea of that [TS]

  other layer there i mean that's what [TS]

  that's what hooked me on the first [TS]

  season of buffy the vampire slayer which [TS]

  was really low budget and what I when I [TS]

  got out of it was that they were taking [TS]

  some of these classic horror movie kind [TS]

  of scenarios and you know playing them [TS]

  as having their equivalents in kind of [TS]

  team in highschool angst and and that [TS]

  was a that was a good call that really [TS]

  worked for sure [TS]

  yeah and I think it has a lot of [TS]

  parallels to to Buffy in that respect [TS]

  and it's also very smart which is [TS]

  something you don't often get the the [TS]

  dialogue is sharp the girls don't seem [TS]

  shaky the acting is very good both of [TS]

  the girls particularly the the sister [TS]

  who basically is charged with making [TS]

  sure that her werewolf a sibling doesn't [TS]

  mall the whole school she's fantastic [TS]

  emily perkins is your name and she's I [TS]

  don't think she's gone on to do anything [TS]

  but other than the two sequels which I [TS]

  guess declined in quality pretty rapidly [TS]

  as they tend to do but yeah just an [TS]

  excellent film i would recommend that [TS]

  one recent I think it's about 2003 call [TS]

  Canadian so you know it has that going [TS]

  against it but yeah yeah so they say all [TS]

  sorts of a suspicious things like a boot [TS]

  and indeed and in fact I think perhaps [TS]

  the most controversial thing is that the [TS]

  movie does include scenes of field [TS]

  hockey so yeah you gotta be prepared for [TS]

  that was writing thanksgiving happens in [TS]

  october and it's very mysterious why [TS]

  that is never explained it's a mystery [TS]

  um I that's great i'm going to put that [TS]

  on my list that's actually i'm excited i [TS]

  was going to say the only things that I [TS]

  would even classify as remotely can I [TS]

  could be considered horror that I think [TS]

  I've seen in the last 10 years are well [TS]

  you know is let the right one in really [TS]

  really horror I mean it's kind of like [TS]

  us a Swedish drama that happens to have [TS]

  a vampire in it [TS]

  yeah I haven't actually seen it in its [TS]

  entirety yeah it's good I liked it a lot [TS]

  ahead of me and what looks like [TS]

  the-the-the ravaging of the film by [TS]

  whatever the new let me in that rise [TS]

  come out I've seen the ads for that and [TS]

  sort of shaking my head thinking well [TS]

  this looks like a coupling all over [TS]

  again and what that that's always the [TS]

  fear although i've seen some positive [TS]

  things about you I don't know it [TS]

  Let The Right One In was really good and [TS]

  any other two that i guess i would put [TS]

  in this category are 28 days later and [TS]

  Shaun of the Dead which again more [TS]

  prepared and start yet but still a great [TS]

  great movie and 20 days later I really [TS]

  liked him [TS]

  I think one of the reasons i liked it is [TS]

  that it was almost like a in an action [TS]

  movie with horror pieces in it and not [TS]

  sort of your your your usual like a [TS]

  stereotypical horror kind of setup sure [TS]

  you have also mentioned cloverfield [TS]

  right Jason [TS]

  yeah well what would you I mean that's a [TS]

  monster movie i love cloverfield i'm one [TS]

  of those people who thinks be and that's [TS]

  the guy who directed the let the right [TS]

  one in remake actually the same guy [TS]

  believes yeah and I'll of cloverfield [TS]

  which I know a lot of people complain [TS]

  because it's this sort of you know it's [TS]

  that 20-somethings at a party and it's [TS]

  their home video footage and yeah that's [TS]

  true but for me the idea of saying okay [TS]

  after nine eleven we've really seen what [TS]

  massive destruction in a major city [TS]

  really looks like in real life so what [TS]

  if there was a giant godzilla-like [TS]

  monster walking through a city it would [TS]

  be pretty horrific and you know [TS]

  buildings with building's coming down as [TS]

  a lot of effect beyond what it did when [TS]

  it was a guy in a suit in a styrofoam [TS]

  tower you know flew off in a block and I [TS]

  found that really effective that you [TS]

  know we you know you you take a big [TS]

  monster and put them in New York and and [TS]

  we know what's going to happen and it's [TS]

  going to be terrible [TS]

  that's my clover field tonight and it [TS]

  has yeah the benefit and we'll go ahead [TS]

  i was just gonna say it has the benefit [TS]

  over the classic Japanese horror movies [TS]

  and not having tiny japanese boys and [TS]

  very small disturbing shorts [TS]

  yes also know Raymond Burr members [TS]

  present always a plus bi I would count [TS]

  that against it [TS]

  alright well he's he's um he's dead now [TS]

  so we're going to horrific reanimated [TS]

  corpse of rain well okay i might have [TS]

  batted in [TS]

  actually yes that would have been that [TS]

  would have put it over the top [TS]

  cloverfield over-the-top if the zombie [TS]

  zombie Raymond Burr appears at the end [TS]

  and says this has been a terrible [TS]

  mistake and has tried to do things that [TS]

  he should never have tried and [TS]

  cloverfield was the result [TS]

  now I must go any brains I don't [TS]

  understand why you know what the hell's [TS]

  the matter with these geeks what that [TS]

  you know [TS]

  ok so think about all the sort of horror [TS]

  sci-fi crossovers that all the other [TS]

  people who regularly participate on this [TS]

  podcast have seen and could talk about i [TS]

  know i mean think about like I think you [TS]

  for example you guys I think you guys [TS]

  talking about saw scared them scared [TS]

  them well yeah i'm going to bring us all [TS]

  until long after everybody had already [TS]

  stepped up as being punk ass pumps [TS]

  yes you think it would think about like [TS]

  alien mean there you got it you got a [TS]

  sci-fi horror that's more of a mean [TS]

  really it's more of a horror film one of [TS]

  those is absolutely a horror movie on a [TS]

  spaceship but that's that's that's [TS]

  really a horrible when it's a great one [TS]

  but i think you know honestly Ben I [TS]

  think one of the reasons that this came [TS]

  up and we can talk about saw and other [TS]

  movies like that if if you want to but I [TS]

  think what this started with is [TS]

  especially when we were you know teenage [TS]

  movie goers the the whole run of friday [TS]

  the thirteenth and halloween and you [TS]

  know all of those kind of really cheap [TS]

  schwake horror movies I think made a lot [TS]

  of people including myself say well I'm [TS]

  not interested in that stuff and and [TS]

  that's not to say that we're not [TS]

  interested in scary movies or even kind [TS]

  of bloody awful horror horrible movies [TS]

  it's just that you know some of it got [TS]

  that taint of and i like to say that [TS]

  that ate that's where you see if he'd [TS]

  appreciate that of of you know just the [TS]

  schlock of you know Freddy Krueger [TS]

  nightmare on elm street part 12 [TS]

  well that's but that's always been the [TS]

  case and still is today I'm [TS]

  if you and that's true with any kind of [TS]

  film you're gonna have one or two gems [TS]

  in the mountain of crap so even as we [TS]

  were getting the you know friday the [TS]

  13th part 37 Jason goes to receita you [TS]

  know we also had the know that's where [TS]

  we had poltergeist which was a fantastic [TS]

  movie I still considered amongst the [TS]

  best that I've at least in terms of [TS]

  scariness that I've ever seen [TS]

  we had that without there's a lot of [TS]

  classic skating eighties films that none [TS]

  of which are jumping to mind at the [TS]

  moment of course because we're trying to [TS]

  think of the point is that in any genre [TS]

  you're going to get the flock and you're [TS]

  gonna get the flock that people know and [TS]

  and becomes popular because that's one [TS]

  of the reasons it becomes popular is one [TS]

  of them hits and then they run into the [TS]

  ground in order to make money at it and [TS]

  it's not necessarily those of those [TS]

  movies that are the best representatives [TS]

  of the genre there there's the ones that [TS]

  everybody hears about that give the [TS]

  Sonora bad name right i mean you think [TS]

  about and we could run down friday the [TS]

  thirteenth and and Nightmare on Elm [TS]

  Street but I mean for the first the [TS]

  first and second but really the first [TS]

  friday the 13th really good that was and [TS]

  you know and the first nightmare as well [TS]

  and the first nightmare was magnificent [TS]

  and you know we they sort of became self [TS]

  parodies after after four five or six [TS]

  and i think in part that was why they [TS]

  were so popular because they are they [TS]

  weren't frightening in any way people [TS]

  would go to one with their friends and [TS]

  they sit around and laugh because they [TS]

  knew basically it was going to be [TS]

  Seventeen's die one survives and you [TS]

  know there really isn't anything to be [TS]

  concerned about because you already know [TS]

  what's going to happen right right yeah [TS]

  and and so a lot of that stuff you know [TS]

  I I have very fond memories is seeing [TS]

  those know what I was a when I was a [TS]

  teenager that the movies that really [TS]

  stick in my head though [TS]

  mino-the-cat are kind of the movies that [TS]

  that i ran across women when I was maybe [TS]

  11 or 12 or 13 years old on cable should [TS]

  we should we be veering off into this [TS]

  territory [TS]

  I thought this was about horror movies [TS]

  oh yeah yeah [TS]

  yeah i'll probably but c'mon man we [TS]

  didn't have those channels that we did [TS]

  but they were on the UHF channels and [TS]

  they were scrambled so right so you can [TS]

  only hear them right [TS]

  I spent all my time trying to squeeze my [TS]

  eyes did exactly the right angle so that [TS]

  the green twisted boob would form into [TS]

  an actually you know [TS]

  normal human looking but you got to hear [TS]

  a lot of music with the want people in [TS]

  it and it always is he didn't other [TS]

  noises you didn't understand but no I'm [TS]

  thinking if I mean I think of stuff like [TS]

  remember the old z channel I'm did you [TS]

  guys ever have those each I was that [TS]

  wasn't so that was an LA thing i know i [TS]

  don't think i ever and I think so yeah [TS]

  yeah that you know and we had to the Z [TS]

  gentleman you know in the late seventies [TS]

  and early eighties and you know HBO and [TS]

  showtime so run across movies like like [TS]

  ghost story changeling which i think i [TS]

  saw probably 25 tile of the changeling [TS]

  so tell me about that and it will be [TS]

  clear here there is angelina jolie is [TS]

  not involved in any way [TS]

  no no this was this was the start [TS]

  George see Scott who is often mistaken [TS]

  for Angelina Jolie well you can [TS]

  understand the lips and the changeling [TS]

  came out i think in that I think it was [TS]

  19-8 i want to say d1 yeah 80 or 81 and [TS]

  start George see Scott moves into this [TS]

  this old mansion which was previously [TS]

  occupied by the family of this this [TS]

  powerful United States Senator in and [TS]

  strange things start to happen a lot of [TS]

  ways you know that you know since it's [TS]

  sort of a clichéd ghost type of movie [TS]

  you know with things that go bump in the [TS]

  night right no he's just starts to see [TS]

  things and hear things and in the Attic [TS]

  upstairs and he starts to piece together [TS]

  the history of this house who live there [TS]

  now is he staying in the house because [TS]

  it was willed to him by a relative who [TS]

  said he had to stay there one night [TS]

  before he could inherit of and he's all [TS]

  like this is actually they're here this [TS]

  is his wife and daughter get killed in [TS]

  the opening frame to the movies right [TS]

  yeah that's right hit by a car [TS]

  it there i think their cargoes out in a [TS]

  snowstorm and they're hiking to a phone [TS]

  or something and turns around and sees [TS]

  his wife and daughter getting barreled [TS]

  over by a by a semi and so yeah there's [TS]

  a lot of emotional resonance in the film [TS]

  because he's dealing with the death of [TS]

  his wife and daughter and yet there's [TS]

  this spirit of what turns out to be a [TS]

  very young child that's right sort of [TS]

  calling out to him through his grief [TS]

  huh yeah and it's that there's a lot of [TS]

  banging on the pipes in the house and I [TS]

  think there's a great scene where a [TS]

  rubber ball that I think belong to his [TS]

  daughter I comes rolling down the stairs [TS]

  bouncing down the stairs yeah and and he [TS]

  throws it in his rage that you know it [TS]

  it's his daughter and he has these [TS]

  memories he throws it down the hall and [TS]

  he goes back and sits down and tries to [TS]

  start writing again and he hears the [TS]

  ball come rolling down the stairs again [TS]

  right it's a great scene and pen [TS]

  its the hole filled up is just filled [TS]

  with spots like that just kind of make [TS]

  your your spine quiver [TS]

  yeah and you know and they're there are [TS]

  elements of that film in particular [TS]

  everyone you when you find out you know [TS]

  what happened to the child and and you [TS]

  know there's no Senor the climax of the [TS]

  movie where you kind of you don't you [TS]

  know you see this this small child's [TS]

  fist banging against the side of this [TS]

  bathtub and that's kind of a banging [TS]

  that he's been hearing throughout this [TS]

  whole picture and it you know it hits [TS]

  you what is happening and that's the [TS]

  that's the horror of the thing that's [TS]

  the horror picture and you realize when [TS]

  you want you realize what has happened [TS]

  and and those are the kind of horror [TS]

  movies and I that I really liked [TS]

  we talked about this Jason we when we [TS]

  did the infinite monkeys podcast about a [TS]

  year ago talking about these pictures [TS]

  and one of the things that came up in [TS]

  that was this idea of the things unseen [TS]

  are almost you know as horrible or even [TS]

  more horrible than the sort of things [TS]

  that you see on screen now within a lot [TS]

  of these core pictures and you know that [TS]

  the horror of of this this child being [TS]

  murdered in a tub [TS]

  you know it's stuck with me now for [TS]

  for 30 years more so than any sort of [TS]

  you know so some guy getting is giving [TS]

  his head blown off or anything yeah [TS]

  right yeah yeah i mean do you agree with [TS]

  that Steve I mean I i know you have a [TS]

  slightly different take on on some of [TS]

  the you know some of the saw pictures [TS]

  and hostile thing ya know I do agree [TS]

  with that I i think that it plays I [TS]

  think more on the sort of the the fears [TS]

  that we had when we were kids you know [TS]

  when we'd be walking down a dark hole in [TS]

  our house in the middle of the night and [TS]

  we'd hear something move and of course [TS]

  we never see it because it was now that [TS]

  I the air-conditioning kicking on and [TS]

  blowing something over or something but [TS]

  it's just made all the tariff all the [TS]

  more terrifying by that fact i think [TS]

  probably the best example of that is [TS]

  that i can think of is is the the [TS]

  haunting which is josh i think it was [TS]

  actually rated g I mean there's really [TS]

  nothing in there that's that's gory or [TS]

  even all that frightening certainly [TS]

  nothing in your face and there's scene i [TS]

  remember from when I was a kid that's [TS]

  it's really nothing I go back and look [TS]

  at it today but there's just again with [TS]

  some there they're staying in this a [TS]

  haunted house and and there's just this [TS]

  banging going on arm again you know not [TS]

  screaming not not anything that sounds [TS]

  like anything that would be scary but at [TS]

  the same time it's just you know this [TS]

  banging is going on over and over again [TS]

  and the camerawork they just sort of [TS]

  zoom in on this section of the wall and [TS]

  there's really nothing there but as [TS]

  you're watching and you're hearing this [TS]

  banging and the characters in the room [TS]

  are starting to get increasingly freaked [TS]

  out by this banging you kind of think [TS]

  you can see this face in the pattern on [TS]

  the wall but it's it to this day I'm [TS]

  still not really sure it was there or [TS]

  whether i was just sort of imagining it [TS]

  and I i think those eyes those tend to [TS]

  be a lot more effective simply because [TS]

  you know you don't really have the [TS]

  payoff of seeing you know that the [TS]

  bloody entrails like you do with a [TS]

  zombie film you just have to kind of [TS]

  continue after you've seen the film to [TS]

  think about it and kind of wonder what [TS]

  the hell was bad so I think it sticks in [TS]

  your mind a bit more [TS]

  yeah I think that's right i think that's [TS]

  right and and I think that mean [TS]

  you know I like I do like some of the [TS]

  some of the gore films and we did chat [TS]

  about this on on on email before we did [TS]

  this and I and I I the soft films don't [TS]

  do anything for me and then and the [TS]

  hospital pictures don't do anything for [TS]

  me that there have been a few that i've [TS]

  really liked and I do love you know [TS]

  going back to what we were discussing [TS]

  earlier you know that some of those [TS]

  films from the eighties some of those [TS]

  sequel some of those bad friday 13 [TS]

  sequels or actually more than the [TS]

  nightmare on elm street sequels to do [TS]

  the dream warriors effect that this you [TS]

  know that you can kind of see where you [TS]

  know Craven was already leaning to work [TS]

  on the screen pictures in those [TS]

  nightmare films i think you know became [TS]

  sort of self-consciously i'm not sure [TS]

  how many of those he actually even held [TS]

  I think he gave up after the second or [TS]

  third film and just sort of how you know [TS]

  you may be right i don't remember who [TS]

  did that the dream wars won I do [TS]

  remember seeing that the theater bell [TS]

  and I remember the soundtrack for it i [TS]

  remember is I think somebody actually [TS]

  semi-famous was in that last shoot I [TS]

  don't have it at my disposal so I was [TS]

  thinking about other movies that I've [TS]

  seen that I might I might drop into this [TS]

  category and actually while you're [TS]

  looking that up because I can hear the [TS]

  sounds of the Internet in the background [TS]

  I'll Patricia Arquette believe she was [TS]

  going to meet the mute girl right [TS]

  the blonde mute girls that's right cam [TS]

  exploit yeah apparently Laurence [TS]

  Fishburne made an appearance this [TS]

  podcast brought to you by IMDb yeah [TS]

  oh you internet so celebrating 20 years [TS]

  of being the best side of the internet [TS]

  anyway go ahead [TS]

  well the original terminator if we think [TS]

  about is this action movie franchise now [TS]

  but that original terminator movie is [TS]

  actually I think structurally maybe more [TS]

  of a horror movie because it's this [TS]

  unstoppable killing machine and yeah [TS]

  it's coming from the future but it's so [TS]

  it's dark and kind of gritty and he's [TS]

  driving his car into the police station [TS]

  and he you know he won't stop until he's [TS]

  killed everybody and you [TS]

  I I mean the only genre is run together [TS]

  but when i watch that movie I thought it [TS]

  was not just an action movie but you [TS]

  know it was it was scary because Arnold [TS]

  Schwarzenegger who is you know kind of [TS]

  taken away from that in the second one [TS]

  right where they make him the good guy [TS]

  but in the first one is just horrible [TS]

  right he's he's he's scary is the scary [TS]

  endless immortal killing machine [TS]

  yes no yeah no I'm with ya yeah i think [TS]

  so i think there's something to that I I [TS]

  don't ice [TS]

  I don't see it in quite the same way as [TS]

  maybe some of these other well no but [TS]

  I'm just trying to justify that i'm not [TS]

  a you know I I that I've actually seen [TS]

  movies that might qualify but there are [TS]

  so few that how about that how about [TS]

  zombie movies now I'm I've seen a few [TS]

  but I'm i know this is an entire genre [TS]

  and it's I I feel like zombies are gonna [TS]

  be the next vampire I cannot wait too [TS]

  late for that they're almost over [TS]

  exposed now [TS]

  yeah well I'm going to this vampires are [TS]

  completely overexposed right mommy's are [TS]

  headed in that direction this kind of [TS]

  this hipster zombie thing going on that [TS]

  I'm I'm not really really good [TS]

  all that into hipster zombies yeah [TS]

  whenever somebody's not this army [TS]

  themselves are hipsters but the hipsters [TS]

  are big into zombies now huh cheapens [TS]

  the currents it really does i mean it's [TS]

  not as bad as say between you know is [TS]

  our vampire fans but I trust it's still [TS]

  sort of obnoxious so what if if one was [TS]

  going to to shop for a a good zombie [TS]

  movie to watch on what that what Donna [TS]

  the dad dad was really going on to the [TS]

  dead is it and it has also the advantage [TS]

  that it'sit's really also more of an [TS]

  action movie than a horror movie in a [TS]

  lot of ways there's a lot of commandos [TS]

  running through the mall blowing the [TS]

  heads off a zombie zombies themselves [TS]

  are are sort of comical in a way I mean [TS]

  they they lumber around they have this [TS]

  kind of bluish cast to the skin so they [TS]

  they almost are more cartoonish than [TS]

  really horrific and and it has also this [TS]

  nice undercurrent of George Romero's [TS]

  social commentary which is a big plus [TS]

  basically the whole thing is the screen [TS]

  on consumerism but a pretty good one I [TS]

  think it has [TS]

  the gunk and it has the gonk which is [TS]

  yeah easily the best most iconic horror [TS]

  tune ever i think with the possible [TS]

  exception of the halloween Thames I i [TS]

  thought the remake those for the [TS]

  Snyder's we make it was pretty good yeah [TS]

  but again I expected to dislike it [TS]

  because of the the whole fact that they [TS]

  turned into the the running zombies as [TS]

  opposed to the lumbering zombies [TS]

  yes that's that's the great [TS]

  philosophical today it's the 28 days [TS]

  later style right zombies action zombies [TS]

  but a it ended up being a great film in [TS]

  its own right i think it would probably [TS]

  have improved a lot of people's views if [TS]

  they hadn't used the dawn of the dead [TS]

  name i think they were there using that [TS]

  to get butts in seats but had they [TS]

  called it something completely different [TS]

  I i think it would have been a lot more [TS]

  acclaimed by at least people in horror [TS]

  community I certainly would have been [TS]

  more likely to watch it early on rather [TS]

  than grudgingly and with the expectation [TS]

  that i was going to hate it but it [TS]

  turned out to be as an excellent film [TS]

  and its own right and also a lot of time [TS]

  a lot of action / horror i think that [TS]

  one of the great opening sequences in [TS]

  recent memory haha because we see ya [TS]

  head shot just in the hell's that guy's [TS]

  name used to torture us in the 830 [TS]

  Thursday slot on NBC all the time Justin [TS]

  Lewis who is he [TS]

  oh he's one of those bit sitcom guys [TS]

  that would show up in the in the 830 [TS]

  slot on NBC along with the comments [TS]

  along with Jonathan Silverman he was one [TS]

  of those guys that would show up as a [TS]

  supporting character and and he bites it [TS]

  and then at the opening the one of the [TS]

  early early scenes he ends up getting [TS]

  consumed by his young daughter and it's [TS]

  a wonderful thing yeah yeah yeah [TS]

  for those of us who've just loads his [TS]

  visits for years upon years what about [TS]

  I'm zombieland if you see map have not [TS]

  heard that yeah holiday in there and [TS]

  apparently there's yes it's not yet [TS]

  another horror comedy but that's got a [TS]

  famous star in it playing himself as [TS]

  well I won't spoil it but yeah but it's [TS]

  very good i don't want to spoil it but [TS]

  it's Bill Murray [TS]

  haha i think i did there ok he spoiled [TS]

  it [TS]

  yeah yeah but you don't know what [TS]

  happens to them I won't tell you [TS]

  zombieland was a lot of fun i hear they [TS]

  make I think they're thinking about a [TS]

  sequel that I don't think that's such a [TS]

  good idea [TS]

  that's yeah yeah I like the I like i [TS]

  said i like the horror comedy thing I I [TS]

  that works for me the idea of like a [TS]

  shot Sean of the Dead is such a great [TS]

  movie and I know you know what all but [TS]

  you know what all the all the gags are [TS]

  the sort of standard gags but it's it's [TS]

  legitimately funny and I and has [TS]

  legitimate scary stuff in it to win it [TS]

  sort of surprises me in a way that you [TS]

  were that you appreciated Shauna that as [TS]

  much as you did because I think to [TS]

  really appreciate that movie you have to [TS]

  be intimately aware with this sort of [TS]

  zombie clichés that see I think it's [TS]

  gonna be I think that zombie clichés [TS]

  have have have reached down sort of our [TS]

  reach and i'll show ya [TS]

  yeah I think so I think so i'm i'm [TS]

  really looking forward to in fact to the [TS]

  walking dead which premieres on [TS]

  halloween on AMC based on Robert [TS]

  Kirkman's comic book series which I've [TS]

  read and which is great and you know [TS]

  again it's using the trappings of horror [TS]

  and and they're definitely there i'm [TS]

  sure in the show there will be lots of [TS]

  zombies getting their heads blown off [TS]

  but you know it's also a drama about [TS]

  what happens to the people who were [TS]

  trying to survive the zombie apocalypse [TS]

  some and I'm looking forward to it i [TS]

  hope they don't mess it up because the [TS]

  comic is very good and i have not [TS]

  followed the comic because i can't read [TS]

  but right uh but yeah that that that the [TS]

  previews look phenomenal for that [TS]

  yeah that's a good idea i mean it's a [TS]

  it's a great concept it's a perfect kind [TS]

  of vehicle for a TV show and they're [TS]

  doing well six episodes i guess the [TS]

  first season 6 episode that sounds like [TS]

  they were really convinced and now the [TS]

  buzz is so good and you know the rumor [TS]

  is that they've already picked it up for [TS]

  another year because they are so happy [TS]

  with it while so yeah i'm looking [TS]

  forward to that too [TS]

  alright I've got the credit of one read [TS]

  that Justin Lewis here and maybe maybe [TS]

  this will always be something on your [TS]

  memory some of his credits include two [TS]

  guys a girl and a pizza place [TS]

  I think that was just a guest spot [TS]

  Battery Park which I think lasted one [TS]

  episode [TS]

  good morning miami on we can't close to [TS]

  that let's see the fighting Fitzgerald's [TS]

  he was Jim [TS]

  the level of the gym micro me show [TS]

  hidden hills how you know that the love [TS]

  it's doug barber of Hidden Hills [TS]

  apparently lasted 17 episodes that's [TS]

  interesting and then he then he got [TS]

  eaten on dawn of the dead so kudos to [TS]

  well played sir [TS]

  zack snyder you're not to like I have to [TS]

  get my kudos to our yes [TS]

  yeah your main man matt frewer was [TS]

  briefly in that we make [TS]

  oh yeah well that's good well he is zack [TS]

  snyder seems to use them a lot because [TS]

  he's also in and watch men as its Moloch [TS]

  and then here's the trashcan man in the [TS]

  ABC shiny series of this of the stand I [TS]

  that's what it was he was trying to you [TS]

  know I just stand and saying yeah what's [TS]

  up Stephen Stephen King III guess what I [TS]

  guess we should talk about the shining [TS]

  though I you know Stanley Kubrick horror [TS]

  movie director yes no a decent I you [TS]

  know it wasn't shining know it was all [TS]

  about what I read on the internet it [TS]

  must be true [TS]

  yeah it was either about it was either [TS]

  about how cubic was responsible for [TS]

  faking the moon landing or a it was [TS]

  completely a metaphor for the American [TS]

  massacre of the American wow yeah and [TS]

  that's not all comes from the scene with [TS]

  the scatman crothers getting hit with an [TS]

  axe [TS]

  that's supposed to represent a a [TS]

  tomahawk or something [TS]

  no actually no it is there's a couple [TS]

  things there's one scene where where [TS]

  Danny is wearing like a NASA shirt and [TS]

  that's supposed to be the tip-off that [TS]

  the moon landing when he was shooting [TS]

  2001 had he had time to to fake moon [TS]

  landing for the u.s. government that's [TS]

  nice going to drop those little hints [TS]

  for us [TS]

  yeah and then there's and then I guess [TS]

  there's there's kids throughout that [TS]

  it's really not about Jack Torrance it's [TS]

  all about we did that things anyway [TS]

  that's me [TS]

  i read it on the Internet [TS]

  okay yeah I can't argue with that [TS]

  yeah I like been rejected me I must have [TS]

  seen it probably 20 times when I was a [TS]

  kid [TS]

  Bob and but you know there isn't [TS]

  anything that stands out as particularly [TS]

  scary in it [TS]

  i I really appreciate a lot of the the [TS]

  long shots which of course is pretty [TS]

  much what you get with cubic write those [TS]

  slow steady cam shots yeah i think the [TS]

  whole opening is up this long trek up [TS]

  the mountain to get to the Overlook [TS]

  Hotel and that's that's pretty striking [TS]

  and of course the big pans down the long [TS]

  hallways are interesting mean it's it's [TS]

  not particularly true to the text of the [TS]

  book but it's beautifully directed but [TS]

  again not terribly scary i mean there's [TS]

  a few scenes that I think people [TS]

  remember just because they saw it when [TS]

  they were young that I guess the blood [TS]

  rolling out of the elevator and then the [TS]

  two little twins twins right [TS]

  22 and then those of us who are a little [TS]

  older when we saw it appreciated the [TS]

  naked lady getting out of bathtub [TS]

  yeah but then that we really really it [TS]

  did as it usually does [TS]

  so yeah a good film not really a high on [TS]

  my list but good i do want to go back to [TS]

  the saw and hostel that had been [TS]

  mentioned earlier torture porn [TS]

  yeah I have to but i have to mention it [TS]

  because I know that that term really [TS]

  turns you on [TS]

  well it's just one of those blanket [TS]

  terms that gets applied to a vast swath [TS]

  of horror cinema kind of unfairly I [TS]

  think just because there are squeamish [TS]

  people who don't want to watch this [TS]

  stuff and so you know i did not a big [TS]

  fan of of terms like that but and and [TS]

  saw in particular I'm not sure really [TS]

  deserves it because you don't really see [TS]

  much of anything and saw largely because [TS]

  it's constant jump cuts and you have no [TS]

  freaking clue what's going on in a [TS]

  moment in the film but I've only seen [TS]

  the first two saw films and both of them [TS]

  basically you're looking at these sort [TS]

  of elaborate traps that have been set up [TS]

  for for the jigsaw killers victims and [TS]

  very rarely if at all i think do you [TS]

  ever see any of the actual results of [TS]

  his contraptions but the horror is the [TS]

  situation there right in where [TS]

  and generally have off your arm in order [TS]

  to escape right whatever it is and [TS]

  generally it [TS]

  it cuts away and you hear scream and and [TS]

  and that's pretty much it so I'm not [TS]

  sure torture porn really was ever [TS]

  relevant to those those films are they [TS]

  any good [TS]

  shitty movie was relevant could do that [TS]

  the first film in particular which has [TS]

  some of the worst acting I think I've [TS]

  ever seen a horror movie and that's [TS]

  that's saying a lot because I've watched [TS]

  a lot of Italian flicks but yeah a 1l is [TS]

  is miserable he's one of the I think the [TS]

  directors and writers of the film and [TS]

  the other one is a guy from the princess [TS]

  bride westley from the princess bride [TS]

  ariel with cary elwes oh my God he's [TS]

  he's over the top and his accent is just [TS]

  magnificently bad and he's trying to do [TS]

  an American accent but he slips into his [TS]

  British frequently and man it's really [TS]

  bad stuff and then of course the jump [TS]

  cuts which kind of ruin everything [TS]

  so so so saw but as it to be condemned [TS]

  because it's bad [TS]

  not because it's torture porn agreed and [TS]

  it really the it's particularly [TS]

  disappointing because it's a good [TS]

  concept [TS]

  I mean that it kind of stolen from seven [TS]

  in a lot of ways with good execution it [TS]

  could have been a good film and the [TS]

  execution was far from good hostel on [TS]

  the other hand which does show a bit [TS]

  more of the blood and gore i think is is [TS]

  quite a good film it is fairly gross but [TS]

  a lot of the subtext of it is is really [TS]

  less of a hey look at the blood and guts [TS]

  isn't that great and more [TS]

  this is what happens when you treat [TS]

  people as things so what's the premise [TS]

  of hostile the premise of hostel which i [TS]

  hate to ruin in case there's anybody who [TS]

  hasn't already heard the presence that [TS]

  the time the premise of hospital but [TS]

  there's two young Americans and i think [TS]

  a Norwegian guy or something that are [TS]

  traveling europe post-college and [TS]

  kind of making the way from town to town [TS]

  and having their way with the women and [TS]

  basically being ugly americans and/or [TS]

  Norwegians as the case may be and [TS]

  somebody directs them to some some other [TS]

  former russian state can't recall which [TS]

  one it is at the moment to a particular [TS]

  town in this state and into a particular [TS]

  hostile there so they they hear that you [TS]

  know this is basically off the hook [TS]

  there's wild sex and drugs and so they [TS]

  immediately get on a train and head [TS]

  there [TS]

  well it turns out this hospital is [TS]

  basically a front for an organization [TS]

  that allows rich rich perverts to [TS]

  violently murder people of various [TS]

  nationalities I think you pay a premium [TS]

  for Americans so it's it's like the most [TS]

  dangerous game comes in a way but they [TS]

  there's nobody gets a running start [TS]

  basically they're lured in by basically [TS]

  loose women that are pulling in a kind [TS]

  of a bounty for attracting the guys and [TS]

  drugging them and then they end up you [TS]

  know in the torture chamber where [TS]

  whoever the highest bidder is gets to [TS]

  come in and have their way with them you [TS]

  know one of them's more interested in [TS]

  unit from kind of a surgery perspective [TS]

  so there's a guy who comes in any sort [TS]

  of practices his surgery on this [TS]

  unsuspecting guy and but they're there [TS]

  are there's genuine horror in it it's [TS]

  not i think that where it's gotten a bad [TS]

  rap is just because it involves torture [TS]

  but in fact it's not it's clearly not [TS]

  glorifying torture in any way I mean [TS]

  you're you're you're obviously watching [TS]

  the thing you're supposed to be [TS]

  disgusted with what's going on and you [TS]

  are you know I'm sure there are a few [TS]

  audience members that are sitting around [TS]

  you know with it with a very different [TS]

  view of things but it also has some some [TS]

  really good direction that sort of [TS]

  surprised me coming from eli roth has [TS]

  only really done i think two films at [TS]

  that point there's one in particular [TS]

  that I think of where we discover what's [TS]

  been going on this whole time [TS]

  and in our sort of protagonist who [TS]

  really is kind of a scumbag is being [TS]

  dragged down this hallway towards his [TS]

  chamber and as he goes down the hall he [TS]

  gets glimpses through open doorways of [TS]

  what's going on kind of shadow off in [TS]

  the distance in other rooms and we see [TS]

  there's just kind of all sorts of weird [TS]

  twisted stuff going on you can't really [TS]

  see what it is but it's got this kind of [TS]

  great fun house atmosphere to it means [TS]

  nothing fun is happening but it's just [TS]

  it's got that it i find it hard to put [TS]

  into words but it's it's it's it's [TS]

  twisted and it's kind of got its classic [TS]

  I think [TS]

  alright so that's hostile yeah i know [TS]

  it's it's a better film that has been [TS]

  given credit for is what i'm trying to [TS]

  say don't you think though that you know [TS]

  when Ross did that mean specifically [TS]

  what [TS]

  well I mean when you have a shot like [TS]

  that with you know going down a hallway [TS]

  with the funhouse like atmosphere mean [TS]

  don't you think that mean part of that I [TS]

  think I mean he he gets off on that I [TS]

  think don't you think don't you think it [TS]

  will because you think we're given only [TS]

  think there's there's an audience that [TS]

  gets off on that too [TS]

  I don't doubt that there is but i don't [TS]

  think that's what he's shooting for me I [TS]

  obviously I don't know what's in Eli [TS]

  Ross head but it's it's pretty clear [TS]

  just from the the way that the sort of [TS]

  organization is is a is portrayed that [TS]

  they're not they're not the heroes in [TS]

  this piece mean there were supposed to [TS]

  be disgusted with them and that's in [TS]

  particular I don't think is is meant to [TS]

  appeal to sort of your print desire to [TS]

  see people dissected because we're [TS]

  seeing things from a distance we are [TS]

  seeing any blood and guts up close we're [TS]

  just seeing stuff that again is it's [TS]

  it's too distorted to really see what's [TS]

  going on [TS]

  so if you're working world in again yeah [TS]

  exactly you'll realize that it's not [TS]

  just the one room that this is this film [TS]

  is actually happening ten times over [TS]

  simultaneously exactly and that's just [TS]

  so horrible 22 imagine right and it as [TS]

  you see more and more of these it [TS]

  becomes more like you realize how casual [TS]

  this is to the the organization you [TS]

  they've got ten torturing is going on at [TS]

  a time and it's it's a it really builds [TS]

  tension more than it does sort of [TS]

  disgust you because again you're not [TS]

  really seeing anything that's happening [TS]

  you're sort of filling in the blanks [TS]

  with your your brain did you see the [TS]

  second 1i have not seen the second one I [TS]

  understand it's a more of the same well [TS]

  there I I've only seen three minutes of [TS]

  the second one but the three minutes [TS]

  that I saw are nothing like the [TS]

  description that you would give to the [TS]

  first really yeah i mean there was this [TS]

  the scene that I happened to catch [TS]

  against flipping through the channels [TS]

  late one night involved you know I a [TS]

  nude woman suspended over another nude [TS]

  woman sitting in a in a tub who slashed [TS]

  the throat of this other woman and then [TS]

  bathed in this other women in another [TS]

  woman's blood it was just it was [TS]

  disgusting [TS]

  it was it but but but it was done and I [TS]

  mean you could it was quite clearly done [TS]

  to appeal to somebody's prurient [TS]

  interest mean if you saw you you know [TS]

  what i mean so I mean that [TS]

  so when I when I would apply you know [TS]

  that you with the pejoratives to two [TS]

  films like like hostel hostel two and [TS]

  some of the others [TS]

  that's kind of what I'm thinking right [TS]

  well in that there is some of that in [TS]

  hospital as well i'm in the first one [TS]

  but it's not really the focus it [TS]

  certainly not to the point where where [TS]

  it should be dismissed as pure schlock [TS]

  just because of the fact that it has [TS]

  some of that in it [TS]

  alright i wanna i want to shift gears a [TS]

  little bit and talk about a a modern [TS]

  horror classic we're really some of our [TS]

  greatest fears and our greatest [TS]

  mythological horror figures are [TS]

  catapulted to the forefront and in a [TS]

  film that really made all of America sit [TS]

  up and take notice of the death I I [TS]

  refer of course to jennifer aniston [TS]

  leprechaun [TS]

  I really have nothing to say here other [TS]

  haven't been I you notice that they all [TS]

  the horror movies that are that they [TS]

  have high hopes for come out in October [TS]

  and the ones that they don't come out in [TS]

  january and i think it was march around [TS]

  st. Patrick's for leprechauns that [TS]

  everyone I'm not sure was that that late [TS]

  i think im gonna be like january 10 [TS]

  through something you know what I'm [TS]

  still bitter about leprechaun I actually [TS]

  paid to see that piece of crap [TS]

  wow what yeah well you know what we had [TS]

  sitting around our newspaper office in [TS]

  college we had this this comic book that [TS]

  was released by the production company [TS]

  that I presumed was based on kind of the [TS]

  detail that we would see unfolding in [TS]

  the film and it was sort of entertaining [TS]

  and it did had some kind of creepy stuff [TS]

  in it and then I went to film and [TS]

  discovered my head for a horrible [TS]

  feeling that well that's Jennifer [TS]

  Aniston notwithstanding it was smoking [TS]

  hot in that movie [TS]

  wow I think I think the implants are you [TS]

  ready with that time so yeah a bit [TS]

  the rapper and barely been taken off but [TS]

  yeah I mean it's it's basically a pun [TS]

  filled extravaganza of awful slick troll [TS]

  to its no one's not quite on that level [TS]

  of bad i mean there's a coherent plot [TS]

  and make the monsters in fact the [TS]

  leprechaun and and not a goblin which I [TS]

  think was one of the complaints about [TS]

  troll isn't Warwick Davis just running [TS]

  around the whole film saying where's [TS]

  Mego hoping that was a question that was [TS]

  what was in the comic book and we had [TS]

  hours of fun just walking around saying [TS]

  we're starting a chord and then as it [TS]

  turned out I think he'd said it maybe [TS]

  once in the film but he does recite some [TS]

  great irish leprechaun poetry as I think [TS]

  he's a jumping on a guy's chest with a [TS]

  pogo stick [TS]

  now you see I'm very glad product [TS]

  leprechaun and then there is a scene i [TS]

  think where he's driving down the road [TS]

  in this tiny go-kart and I think he's [TS]

  going like 90 miles an hour and it's [TS]

  it's hilarious it's got to sort of three [TS]

  stooges vibe to it it's it's a beautiful [TS]

  thing [TS]

  are there Shirley's I don't recall if [TS]

  there are any shillelaghs it seems like [TS]

  there must be our they're armed [TS]

  limericks [TS]

  yeah I believe his poetry is is is in [TS]

  the Limerick meter yes [TS]

  ah that i think the the the best use of [TS]

  the Leprechaun myth and i have no idea [TS]

  whether this is actually part of the [TS]

  Leprechaun it or not is is it turns out [TS]

  that the Leprechaun can be thwarted by [TS]

  distracting him with shoes if he sees [TS]

  shoes if he if he runs across the shoe [TS]

  he will have to stop and clean the chute [TS]

  until it's shiny and so at one point of [TS]

  course the heroes discovered this and [TS]

  they basically stopped him in his tracks [TS]

  by taking off their shoes in her little [TS]

  bit but now that that is a fine film [TS]

  no it's not it has its moments it is [TS]

  their gayness gosh I don't know but that [TS]

  was interviewed it did you drink [TS]

  Guinness when before you went to see I [TS]

  don't think this was the college days so [TS]

  Guinness was sort of out of our range i [TS]

  think it was the the white can with the [TS]

  blue striped just said beer on it which [TS]

  you know so it's basically to every [TS]

  irish stereotype possible pretty much [TS]

  nice and then I thought they actually [TS]

  ended up doing I think three or four [TS]

  sequels of that film of course they'd [TS]

  including I think leprechaun in the hood [TS]

  which is supposedly sort of good i've [TS]

  heard what is it just like a leprechaun [TS]

  warning everybody now I it's I don't [TS]

  know it's kind of a hip-hop leprechaun [TS]

  is I brutal social commentary about [TS]

  inequality and there's on singleton [TS]

  directive I heard that yet sitsit sort [TS]

  of heartbreaking at the end with the [TS]

  Leprechaun doesn't get to go to college [TS]

  because he gets a shot to drive by he [TS]

  had such potential [TS]

  they're always after me playing I think [TS]

  there's a leprechaun in space as well [TS]

  well of course there was that's where [TS]

  they live in in space Ireland then do [TS]

  you have any particular favorites that [TS]

  you'd like to recommend people put on [TS]

  there are on their netflix queue or you [TS]

  know see before Halloween [TS]

  well my perennial favorite this time of [TS]

  year is always return of the living dead [TS]

  if for no other reason that I get to say [TS]

  over and over and over [TS]

  get the bone songs nice [TS]

  you probably will have a good with [TS]

  memories of linnea quigley as well yeah [TS]

  why she didn't age 10 people but that is [TS]

  a good it's it's a it's it's actually [TS]

  even a zombie movies goes it doesn't [TS]

  hold up but it's what I one of those [TS]

  movies again I think I saw when I don't [TS]

  want to come out 87 716 no I think that [TS]

  does hold up extremely well I saw that [TS]

  you know we did with we did this [TS]

  halloween podcast last year and infinite [TS]

  monkeys and we talked about it i watched [TS]

  again almost immediately after that I [TS]

  thought yeah I mean there's some bits [TS]

  that are great and you know the stuff [TS]

  stuff basically anything that doesn't [TS]

  involve the kids is great right [TS]

  and anything that involves zombies i [TS]

  love all those scenes where you know you [TS]

  know you know send more comments send [TS]

  more paramedics and more products yeah I [TS]

  love that there's some really really [TS]

  funny stuff and I love you know anytime [TS]

  you nucca Lexington Kentucky you can [TS]

  absolutely right but it's but thing that [TS]

  saves return of the living dead i think [TS]

  from from falling completely out of [TS]

  favors is it went for a light-hearted [TS]

  tone yeah yeah I know it was it was [TS]

  really it was clearly meant to be right [TS]

  more of a constant you can't really I [TS]

  don't think he can dismiss it completely [TS]

  because it wasn't really going for [TS]

  seriousness and and I think it works no [TS]

  no it's not that i think i think it's [TS]

  frankly i think that the hair [TS]

  well it works well as a period piece [TS]

  though yeah [TS]

  yes it's um someday they'll tell the [TS]

  historians will put that in a time [TS]

  capsule to explain who the Vandals were [TS]

  so that's that's my film 44 how arises [TS]

  it's it's good ridiculous fun can return [TS]

  of Living Dead return of the living dead [TS]

  yeah get the bone song if the box so [TS]

  Steve I can't believe you haven't seen [TS]

  let the right one and you really should [TS]

  see that I've seen the first 10 minutes [TS]

  of it via netflix and then I had to do [TS]

  something else [TS]

  alright good because you were scared [TS]

  yeah I was terrified by a chicken that [TS]

  the little girl they look freakishly [TS]

  androgynous blonde boy was the film's [TS]

  protagonist yes and and the Swedish is [TS]

  the digits get a dub version of the [TS]

  subtitle person I [TS]

  I it this would be the subtitled and [TS]

  apparently the good subtitles [TS]

  yeah yeah but the the androgynous boy [TS]

  awaken some feelings in me I wasn't [TS]

  entirely compatible with fair enough [TS]

  fair enough [TS]

  it's it's a good movie and I like one of [TS]

  things i like about it is in many ways [TS]

  it is the anti Twilight and that it [TS]

  really does go over the that whole [TS]

  immortality premise and what that [TS]

  actually means for the people who are [TS]

  passing through the lives of a vampire [TS]

  while they just never age and stay the [TS]

  same age and you know there's some [TS]

  there's some really good stuff the [TS]

  hydrogen this boy is a is a bullet as [TS]

  you might expect and it turns out he's [TS]

  got a friend who's a brutal killer so [TS]

  always applied interesting things occur [TS]

  and it's all in in the cold dark of a [TS]

  Scandinavian winter so everybody's [TS]

  depressed and it's cold out miserable [TS]

  it's good while we're on the subject of [TS]

  sort of offbeat non-traditional vampire [TS]

  films i should probably put in a [TS]

  recommendation for a movie called Martin [TS]

  which was another early George Romero [TS]

  film [TS]

  oh yeah and less of a vampire film then [TS]

  kind of a an examination of a very [TS]

  troubled youth but there's it's it [TS]

  follows a young lad named Martin in very [TS]

  impoverished city somewhere I forget [TS]

  whether it's probably Pittsburgh because [TS]

  everything is Pittsburgh one is Romero [TS]

  and it's never really entirely clear [TS]

  whether he's actually a vampire and I'm [TS]

  is the way he goes about attacking his [TS]

  victims he actually uses a razor blade [TS]

  miss Rindge and it's it's it's [TS]

  interesting largely because you never [TS]

  entirely sure whether this is just a [TS]

  twisted sort of a murderous serial [TS]

  killer type or whether he's actually a [TS]

  vampire that sort of moved on to more [TS]

  efficient techniques and he's he's [TS]

  living with his grandfather who was [TS]

  convinced that the kids vampire and he's [TS]

  always walking around the house with a [TS]

  across sort of following him around [TS]

  that's an interesting film definitely [TS]

  worth checking out a little slow by [TS]

  today's standards i think you know your [TS]

  average solve you or would probably not [TS]

  have the patience for it but definitely [TS]

  worth checking out very unconvincing [TS]

  Nolan very I think smart did you see the [TS]

  dissent have not seen again [TS]

  alright on my kid thinks about that yeah [TS]

  yeah and pans labyrinth for sort of [TS]

  feels sort of feels like a horror movie [TS]

  to me even though it's kind of not but [TS]

  it kind of is [TS]

  I well I like Pan's Labyrinth a lot even [TS]

  though acquaintances my have problems [TS]

  with the politics of the picture I'm [TS]

  sure I I thought it was I thought it was [TS]

  great [TS]

  top to bottom even you know he [TS]

  notwithstanding the politics even with [TS]

  the pi thought it was I thought it was [TS]

  terrific [TS]

  I I I saw it in the theater and i bought [TS]

  the DVD the first day it came out I did [TS]

  it say it is a magnificent fairy tale is [TS]

  what it is but it's but it's that you [TS]

  know it's the good kind of the dark and [TS]

  very kind which is why I met the real [TS]

  kind of that in other words what yeah [TS]

  that's exactly right now I'm standing [TS]

  back on if you've not seen it Steve you [TS]

  must must have heard good things but I [TS]

  don't get out much [TS]

  well they have these machines that allow [TS]

  you to play movies in your home now [TS]

  really yes they're called super 8 [TS]

  projector how do those things we did you [TS]

  turn the crank and and and moving [TS]

  pictures appear on your wall [TS]

  yes awesome so check it out with your [TS]

  netflix you could do netflix too if you [TS]

  want to go that way I this is netflix so [TS]

  what else have anything we haven't [TS]

  covered anything you think you should [TS]

  get out there in a tutu the great [TS]

  massive incomparable podcast listening [TS]

  audience before before halloween night I [TS]

  don't think so [TS]

  I i think i think we've covered all the [TS]

  good stuff you know what the hell's the [TS]

  matter of these geeks right Tom zombies [TS]

  potentially over overexposed kept going [TS]

  on as much as vampires [TS]

  not as much as vampires but but possibly [TS]

  but we're looking forward to the walking [TS]

  dead [TS]

  yes and we should we should watch alien [TS]

  again because that's a good sci-fi [TS]

  horror kind of thing and get the bone [TS]

  saw [TS]

  I think that pretty much don't and and [TS]

  steve what was the the name of that [TS]

  werewolf movie again your snaps ginger [TS]

  snaps it's a little hard to find because [TS]

  it is again a canadian film and they [TS]

  try to bury those as soon as possible [TS]

  because I think I that it [TS]

  Canadians I think their films are [TS]

  subsidized by the government right [TS]

  believe that not sure they are think so [TS]

  i think that a good percentage that film [TS]

  was made on the dole so and I think they [TS]

  have to tape over the video tapes they [TS]

  used to make them because they don't buy [TS]

  new ones so they have to recycle them [TS]

  they playing for a while and then they [TS]

  take them they have their sent to [TS]

  Toronto their demagnetized and there we [TS]

  reused yeah that's correct that that's [TS]

  how Canadian now filmworks that's my [TS]

  understanding [TS]

  I could be wrong anyway highly [TS]

  recommended probably of the the newer [TS]

  films that I would recommend that [TS]

  amongst the batch of the ones that I've [TS]

  seen lately particularly for those of [TS]

  you who aren't you aren't big on Gor [TS]

  babies ya punk-ass yeah alright well I [TS]

  I'm glad that we had this conversation [TS]

  I felt like I felt like we worked [TS]

  through a lot of issues it is it's the [TS]

  podcasting as therapy and I've got some [TS]

  things to put a mind to my netflix queue [TS]

  and now i understand more why i'm a i'm [TS]

  a big baby who's afraid of horror movies [TS]

  let's talk about the understanding [TS]

  really yeah well that's how you start [TS]

  the learning and growing is is with the [TS]

  understanding horror is our friend [TS]

  yes it really is really the one thing we [TS]

  haven't talked about really is why [TS]

  people are are too gutless to watch [TS]

  horror movies or did we didn't really [TS]

  cover that anymore why or why they want [TS]

  to watch them i mean right i mean that [TS]

  their argument if I can represent my [TS]

  people who aren't on the podcast with us [TS]

  is why would I want to see that stuff I [TS]

  you know it's icky I don't want I don't [TS]

  want to see it you can flip it around [TS]

  and say why do you want to see it [TS]

  well the same reason that people go to [TS]

  see tearjerkers mean you go to see [TS]

  movies generally to elicit some kind of [TS]

  an emotional response right and they [TS]

  don't all have to be uplifting or you [TS]

  know who that guy is having trouble in [TS]

  his job [TS]

  it could also be the simple kind of [TS]

  fight or flight of oh my god I almost [TS]

  died or if somebody tried to kill me [TS]

  I think it's a lot harder [TS]

  for a filmmaker to successfully scare [TS]

  you than it is for them to make you sad [TS]

  I mean you know they throw a dead kid at [TS]

  you and all of a sudden you're you know [TS]

  you're weeping but to successfully scare [TS]

  person I think takes a lot more [TS]

  ingenuity a lot more technique right but [TS]

  the dead kid is a zombie and he's been [TS]

  thrown at you in a catapult then you got [TS]

  some horror of that then you got some [TS]

  awesome dead kids and catapults that are [TS]

  zombies be kidding me i don't think i've [TS]

  ever seen if that can i was a ninja [TS]

  pirate that's like the best thing ever [TS]

  ninja pirate dead kids ambiance a [TS]

  catapult my catapult so yeah I mean I [TS]

  kind of admire the technique of the [TS]

  horror film particularly the ones that [TS]

  are genuinely scary and the the reaction [TS]

  I get from a horror you know I enjoy [TS]

  good to keep tearjerker to but you know [TS]

  I get a little more of a charge out of a [TS]

  good scare [TS]

  I think it it reaffirms why we're alive [TS]

  I and another way but better them than [TS]

  us exactly i mean it's good to be in in [TS]

  mortal fear every once in awhile and a [TS]

  good horror film will do that it will [TS]

  put you in the shoes of the protagonist [TS]

  so that you know you you're you're [TS]

  feeling as though you're in in mortal [TS]

  terror right everybody in the movie [TS]

  theater gets out alive in an hour and a [TS]

  half later you you feel pretty damn good [TS]

  because you survived [TS]

  it's a rush yeah it's an escape that [TS]

  makes a lot of sense [TS]

  alright you explain yourself I don't [TS]

  know if I've explained explain the other [TS]

  people [TS]

  Davis sticky they don't like it I don't [TS]

  know what the key part i get that the [TS]

  people that just they don't have a [TS]

  stomach for blood and gore I i get that [TS]

  completely I mean you know some people [TS]

  just can't take the side of that that I [TS]

  understand the ones who just shy away [TS]

  from even the films that are relatively [TS]

  bloodless but it just scary that scary [TS]

  juniors here [TS]

  yeah scary is good i think yeah i mean i [TS]

  i'm not a big fan and as I am older and [TS]

  have kids you know the the the blood and [TS]

  gore level that i can take is gone and [TS]

  now that you had kids you seen a lot [TS]

  worse things [TS]

  yeah that's true i've seen Horrors her i [TS]

  believe her has a face or immoral [TS]

  terrible terror we could probably do a [TS]

  whole podcast on [TS]

  just the the variance in child's diaper [TS]

  output over the course of the first year [TS]

  you know it's horrible [TS]

  you don't need to leave you know horror [TS]

  that's just horrible [TS]

  yeah that's right that's right [TS]

  children's diapers and and honestly the [TS]

  miracle birth itself [TS]

  yeah now we got some horror wow I should [TS]

  involves a lot more of the diaper [TS]

  material than I was led to understand [TS]

  yes any has the PS the I know what [TS]

  you're talking about there for her [TS]

  I'm not gonna sleep tonight [TS]

  this got really wrong really fast haha [TS]

  and on that note I want to thank [TS]

  everybody who's still listening to this [TS]

  podcast but it's over now I'd like to [TS]

  thank Steve let's thank you [TS]

  you got a man and ben boychuk from his [TS]

  lair [TS]

  yeah i'm going to hide under the bed now [TS]

  alright wise decision as always i'm [TS]

  jason l for the uncomfortable podcasts [TS]

  we'll see you next time up I this has [TS]

  been the incomparable podcast is it is [TS]

  sadly incomparable dot-com [TS]

  [Music] [TS]