The Incomparable

21: Event Crisis


  the incomparable contest number 21 [TS]

  Tom a club for january 2011 back on the [TS]

  uncomfortable podcast and conquer club [TS]

  is back in session yeah it's been awhile [TS]

  some things have happened one of our [TS]

  panelists had a baby you see these [TS]

  things happen not in comic books they're [TS]

  very rarely people that should be a [TS]

  topic babies comic books different you [TS]

  know I don't like to say about that now [TS]

  because I've got a lot of time to think [TS]

  about it because I bet you have [TS]

  I bet you have we should that would [TS]

  actually be a great well maybe we'll [TS]

  talk about that later maybe maybe we'll [TS]

  talk about it sooner depends how [TS]

  desperate we are [TS]

  anyway i'm jason l i'm your host and [TS]

  joining me today in the comic book club [TS]

  as always our jason reitman hey and Lisa [TS]

  Schmeisser there [TS]

  congratulations on your baby thank you [TS]

  uh so our topic today is events and and [TS]

  my my first exposure to events in [TS]

  comic-book land what we not like events [TS]

  that occur because events occur [TS]

  hopefully if you're lucky at every comic [TS]

  book other than some decompression kind [TS]

  of comics like brian michael bendis [TS]

  rights where this just dialogue in no [TS]

  event which I like but there's no event [TS]

  happening i'm talking about big events [TS]

  the first of which that I experienced [TS]

  was the secret Wars Marvel in the [TS]

  eighties which was kind of unfulfilled [TS]

  it was much hyped and very exciting and [TS]

  everybody bought it and in the end sort [TS]

  of didn't really change anything except [TS]

  spider-man's costume and and it wasn't [TS]

  that interesting and it was a letdown [TS]

  and funny i think that pretty much sums [TS]

  up events and shit wrong with it it [TS]

  changed everything alright tell me tell [TS]

  me why secret words changed everything [TS]

  just don't want to hear this [TS]

  aside from spider-man's costume that [TS]

  spider-man's costume actually led to the [TS]

  one of the creations of the only [TS]

  villains in the last what 20 years that [TS]

  has had any staying power which is venom [TS]

  which is venom which is not one of my [TS]

  favorites got to say right all right but [TS]

  you have to give him credit for when you [TS]

  say what villain has been created the [TS]

  last 20 years [TS]

  no not dr. do not [TS]

  yeah it's no you're right them the it at [TS]

  magneto became a good guy [TS]

  yeah yeah and damaged implications that [TS]

  still you know now using rubber rates [TS]

  across the books though that's what I'm [TS]

  saying and all right [TS]

  ok so so here's my first question then [TS]

  for you guys is well just dive right in [TS]

  here [TS]

  events are events about changing the [TS]

  world and setting off on new stories [TS]

  outside the event or they about telling [TS]

  good stories because what you're saying [TS]

  is is my respect your false choices and [TS]

  I set up the third pitch of events [TS]

  prepare our events about boosting sales [TS]

  across all title i completely over a [TS]

  hundred percent with Lisa alright the [TS]

  chicken location so so so number one so [TS]

  when we're talking about events you know [TS]

  crisis on infinite earths and all other [TS]

  crises that far usually that changed far [TS]

  more and had implications well into [TS]

  today it's still scream continuity even [TS]

  into today I'm well known to this day I [TS]

  have no idea where cover girl came from [TS]

  because birthday [TS]

  oh my god that help our groceries a few [TS]

  years ago where they tried to reboot her [TS]

  origin [TS]

  yes you are getting into the deep bow [TS]

  which item which is one of the issues [TS]

  with these events because a lot of the I [TS]

  mean I would actually argue the [TS]

  difference between secret wars in crisis [TS]

  will both of which i bought is that [TS]

  secret wars was a sort of a story like [TS]

  contest of Champions which was [TS]

  essentially the model which was this [TS]

  like three issue really cool Marvel [TS]

  miniseries it was it was a what if we [TS]

  put everybody together and they fought [TS]

  kind of crossover thing right crisis [TS]

  Crisis was like that the crisis was also [TS]

  all about kind of like continuity in the [TS]

  universe and and the challenge with that [TS]

  is that it you know some people are [TS]

  really excited about continuity in the [TS]

  universe and other people are not tear [TS]

  but so for the debt crisis was about [TS]

  solving a problem the DC universe had [TS]

  mainly the continuity was so screwed up [TS]

  after so many years and for the ones who [TS]

  didn't care about that they threw in the [TS]

  death of Supergirl right and the pitch a [TS]

  classic cover classic cover the Secret [TS]

  Wars was not trying to solve a problem [TS]

  it was five and sale of them too [TS]

  try to generate revenue and it was [TS]

  actually my understanding is it was done [TS]

  at the request of mattel because they [TS]

  are creating a Marvel toy line and they [TS]

  wanted something to push the Twilight [TS]

  Twilight and some coherence they created [TS]

  secret wars and you had the Secret Wars [TS]

  toy line so it was it was a comic book [TS]

  to push action figures [TS]

  wow wow [TS]

  as opposed to microns haha thank you [TS]

  Lisa for making our obligatory and my [TS]

  ground reference to the comic book that [TS]

  survived past its product that it was [TS]

  preparing strange yeah [TS]

  in that case the product came first the [TS]

  survivor's guilt yes but in this case it [TS]

  was the product and marketing well I [TS]

  mean the fact is events are about [TS]

  lifting sales there's no doubt about it [TS]

  one of the complexities of events secret [TS]

  wars was interesting in that it its [TS]

  impact really was in its own story and [TS]

  in all the other books you saw everybody [TS]

  leave and then everybody came back and [TS]

  your left to wonder what happened while [TS]

  they were gone the modern event like [TS]

  your civil war or your mother or your [TS]

  what are the green matters is the [TS]

  blackest night and brightest day but [TS]

  yeah I think they brought in my black [TS]

  lanterns and red lanterns and applause [TS]

  as I believe came up on a previous [TS]

  podcast the big reveal their is there [TS]

  are other colors in the spectrum boom [TS]

  shocking secrets been kept from us that [TS]

  there are other colors and sizes but [TS]

  those are all about like lots of books [TS]

  and then it gets really confusing [TS]

  because it's like it's it's a it's now [TS]

  designed not just some more copies of [TS]

  this new thing but it's to sell [TS]

  individual issues of a huge smattering [TS]

  of rats and it's it's it's the only [TS]

  crossover itself or the event sells [TS]

  really well and then you put the event [TS]

  logo on another book that may or may not [TS]

  have anything to do with the event and [TS]

  it sells really well and you know the [TS]

  first thing to do that one of the big [TS]

  events that came right after secret wars [TS]

  or just couple years down the road from [TS]

  Secret Wars was the mutant massacre [TS]

  yes which took place in the three main [TS]

  x-men titles of the time x-men x factor [TS]

  and mutants and then they threw in two [TS]

  issues of it and Thor and one in power [TS]

  pack and going to hold those sales went [TS]

  way [TS]

  and they went huh you can so i can [TS]

  finally sell power past year later [TS]

  literal year later because usually the [TS]

  events in the old days happened in the [TS]

  fall [TS]

  a year later came inferno also driven by [TS]

  the x-men titles and that crossed over [TS]

  into 32 other books from daredevil to [TS]

  wow power pack when I still they still [TS]

  do things like that comes back before [TS]

  they began collapsing x-men titles when [TS]

  they did the house of an event [TS]

  everybody got involved even down to [TS]

  Captain America [TS]

  yep and Captain America has nothing to [TS]

  do with the ex I mean aside from the gut [TS]

  adventures tie-in but they had a whole [TS]

  special issue what would have happened [TS]

  if house event more real and fans [TS]

  complain and complain complain yet [TS]

  everybody anyway I it anyway so I'm [TS]

  gonna just keep doing it and and I one [TS]

  of the nice things about the the [TS]

  revolution in having trade paperbacks [TS]

  and hardcovers for people who are less [TS]

  hardcore about collecting the the the [TS]

  monthly pamphlets me is that they can [TS]

  collect those stories and yeah and it [TS]

  makes more sense so it's so in some ways [TS]

  even though it's it's spreading out [TS]

  across all of your individual issues you [TS]

  get a chance with the hard covers and [TS]

  the end of trades to kind of suck it [TS]

  back together and have it make a little [TS]

  bit more sense which is interesting [TS]

  although even then you you end up [TS]

  reading an issue of a book that you [TS]

  haven't read and are like well who are [TS]

  these people and all that which is where [TS]

  it so anyway here is around go out and [TS]

  buy that title now writings and learn [TS]

  what the things I was going to bring up [TS]

  is when they do these cross hands [TS]

  because these issues are also meant to [TS]

  serve as introductory reads for people [TS]

  who aren't familiar with them a lot of [TS]

  times that they're there they're not [TS]

  characteristic of this series as a whole [TS]

  so if you do read an issue of other of [TS]

  it Italian and then decide to pick up [TS]

  the monthly book here you're like wait a [TS]

  minute when i read the first one these [TS]

  characters had a with the red part a and [TS]

  it was action packed and now it turns [TS]

  out they sit around and solve crimes and [TS]

  are boring what what's up at and it is [TS]

  almost like someone falsely goods for [TS]

  example I think x factor is a fantastic [TS]

  series Peter Davis a great writer and [TS]

  it's got a lot of fun dialogue that's [TS]

  super super tired cheek but every time [TS]

  they've been pulled into something like [TS]

  Civil War [TS]

  our house of them or whatever that the [TS]

  tedious we have to find the last meeting [TS]

  I forget the name of the the title that [TS]

  just the name of that event that just [TS]

  happened but you know X Factor ends up [TS]

  being a total drag and boring and no fun [TS]

  to read and it's a horrible introduction [TS]

  for people who don't know the series and [TS]

  it's a 10 it sitting down for people who [TS]

  have been following since issue 1 so I [TS]

  wonder I wonder how much of the problem [TS]

  of events in comic books is the scope [TS]

  that to get that big scope you have to [TS]

  tell a story that he may not even be a [TS]

  story worth telling or is a story that [TS]

  isn't particularly interesting and and [TS]

  that if you if an event if you could [TS]

  call it that is essentially a story of [TS]

  what you know let's do this tale even if [TS]

  it's a crossover really interesting [TS]

  about secret wars at least it was a [TS]

  story that was sort of self-contained [TS]

  and it's going the scope is sprawling [TS]

  and it's happening everywhere the an [TS]

  event i read in the last couple of years [TS]

  was annihilation from Marvel wishes [TS]

  their cosmic superheroes i'm a big fan [TS]

  of the Nova since I was a kid which is [TS]

  the Green Lantern knock off on Marvel [TS]

  but I was like Nova and he wasn't a [TS]

  prime mover in the annihilation comic [TS]

  and it was interesting and it was kind [TS]

  of cool looking but at the same time to [TS]

  scope was so vast that you really could [TS]

  I mean you couldn't even tell what was [TS]

  going on a lot of the time and it's not [TS]

  that fulfilling as a story didn't end it [TS]

  well you know what kind of mind games [TS]

  going back in the nineties when NBC have [TS]

  their comedy blocks they would do a [TS]

  thing where they have the actors from [TS]

  one she appeared another show and it was [TS]

  oh no seriously no I I know exactly what [TS]

  you're talking about haiti i refuse [TS]

  their own friends and Kramer isn't mad [TS]

  about you with paul reiser yeah exactly [TS]

  and that's what events feel like you [TS]

  like to be half of the time because i [TS]

  can accept in the marble white virginio [TS]

  longer is with homicide now I know [TS]

  yeah well one time sometimes it works [TS]

  and sometimes it doesn't mean for [TS]

  example i can accept in the Marvel [TS]

  Universe you have the runaways we're [TS]

  running around doing their thing you [TS]

  have the adventures you are did the [TS]

  grown-ups for solving crime you have the [TS]

  x-men doing god knows what I'm god knows [TS]

  what part of the country depending on [TS]

  the story arc going on so forth [TS]

  green everywhere over 80 yeah and you [TS]

  certainly loner he gets around basic [TS]

  spend some time in japan with Wolverine [TS]

  to ya but at the same time you know for [TS]

  example at the end of the first runways [TS]

  are Captain America comes to deliver [TS]

  some truth justice and American when the [TS]

  kids and it's kind of jarring because [TS]

  you're even believe it now you're on at [TS]

  nine here at nine-thirty as it were and [TS]

  I'm i feel that way about events [TS]

  sometimes to wear unless the writer has [TS]

  really thought out the interactions [TS]

  between these characters and and what [TS]

  they're going to bring to them it feels [TS]

  really forced together it's like you're [TS]

  playing Barbie and Gi Gi at the same [TS]

  time which I mean there is an aspect of [TS]

  that but who didn't I mean as a kid kind [TS]

  of slammed together things that didn't [TS]

  belong together when I was a kid and [TS]

  this is not a microwave story i swear we [TS]

  played a game in on the playground like [TS]

  first grade called stars an and it was a [TS]

  Tarzan star trek mashup I my kids [TS]

  awesome so there's something to be said [TS]

  for that kind of of weird mashup the [TS]

  problem is that most of the times it's [TS]

  not really that fulfill is why you keep [TS]

  buying those event books yet you because [TS]

  you're hoping that if you just hope each [TS]

  time and then Superman vs spiderman [TS]

  right that was the old school event [TS]

  right those DC Marvel mashed-up things [TS]

  that make no sense but it didn't matter [TS]

  x-men teen titans when you this is [TS]

  actually now the problem with trade [TS]

  paperbacks to is when it came out on a [TS]

  monthly basis and made no sense you [TS]

  could chalk it up to [TS]

  well I just forgot something that was a [TS]

  month ago I read the last chapter right [TS]

  now you get the collections and sure [TS]

  enough put it all together read at the [TS]

  same time still makes no sense [TS]

  yeah it's like playing TV shows on DVD [TS]

  when you're like wow that really doesn't [TS]

  hang together shows are better some [TS]

  shows and comics are better being read [TS]

  as a collection and other ones fall [TS]

  apart when you don't have a week or two [TS]

  to judge the more month [TS]

  mhm yeah one event that I think I broke [TS]

  all of the what we're talking about [TS]

  where things don't make sense and it [TS]

  would characters don't make sense and it [TS]

  was sort of jarring was valiant comics [TS]

  which was started by jim shooter after [TS]

  he left Marvel and they did this event [TS]

  called unity which was they took it was [TS]

  two chapters of each of their [TS]

  five or six comics and launched a couple [TS]

  of comics during it and then had a a0 [TS]

  issue an issue once like bookends that [TS]

  were unity where everybody's together [TS]

  and that was so well-crafted because [TS]

  every single chapter was written by jim [TS]

  shooter had one writer throughout our he [TS]

  may have had help on some of the the [TS]

  books but it was so tightly controlled [TS]

  that a panel in one comic would also be [TS]

  used in one of the other comics so [TS]

  essentially what you were seeing was in [TS]

  events if the event had all of the [TS]

  characters in one of the books you would [TS]

  see that event from one character's [TS]

  perspective and the other issue would [TS]

  see it from a different characters [TS]

  perspective the same event and [TS]

  everything was time-stamped so if you [TS]

  look at it across the whole thing you [TS]

  could look follow the timestamps and [TS]

  sure enough the panels were drawn where [TS]

  it was drawn from one person's [TS]

  perspective and the other was drawn from [TS]

  the other wow so well-crafted yeah that [TS]

  it it broke it is said to set the tone [TS]

  for what event books could be but you [TS]

  can only do that if you have you know [TS]

  dictatorial oversight and control over [TS]

  every aspect and not too while the scope [TS]

  because you can couldn't have that kind [TS]

  of control and oversight over 50 or [TS]

  right but they actually took the Holy [TS]

  about the the valiant universe is they [TS]

  had their present day characters in [TS]

  books and then they had two books that [TS]

  were in the year 40 40 80 you know [TS]

  Magnus robot fighter and stuff was in [TS]

  the future and everybody ended up in the [TS]

  same and they had to rock [TS]

  who was this Indian character from the [TS]

  stone age and they all ended up in the [TS]

  lost land timeless place where there's [TS]

  dinosaurs and technology and match them [TS]

  all together and they ended up taking [TS]

  one of the characters in one of the [TS]

  present-day books was pregnant and it [TS]

  was she had one of her character has a [TS]

  boyfriend the other one was actually the [TS]

  father of the child is very what's going [TS]

  to happen with this whole baby thing [TS]

  getting back to the US interests and [TS]

  then they that at the end she has the [TS]

  baby during unity and the baby is given [TS]

  to this robot character who's from the [TS]

  magnets robot fighter and the [TS]

  implications is this [TS]

  Magnus was always a an orphan nobody [TS]

  knew where he came from the implication [TS]

  being the present-day characters here [TS]

  baby goes into the future and that's [TS]

  Magnus and it ended up this whole big [TS]

  story which lots of stuff happened it [TS]

  tied the entire universe together before [TS]

  it wasn't tied together in that kind of [TS]

  way and it was just so well structured [TS]

  it's hard to find now because valiance [TS]

  are mostly out of print and those [TS]

  characters Magnus soul aren't Turok are [TS]

  actually being published by dark horse [TS]

  now so the company that owns the old [TS]

  valiant characters don't you think could [TS]

  reprint it without get so it's in legal [TS]

  limbo and you probably won't see it but [TS]

  you can on ebay get immunity is a series [TS]

  of for trade paperbacks and highly [TS]

  recommend victorian also on Victoria [TS]

  entire valley universe on bittorrent [TS]

  including unity not that you know this [TS]

  podcast is going to pick its argument [TS]

  for an ipad ever get through [TS]

  yeah we should have apple do [TS]

  advertisements now that's an idea no [TS]

  apple doesn't do and what are you [TS]

  talking and they don't need to maybe I [TS]

  the unlike a lot of the crossovers now [TS]

  where it's done purely marketing reasons [TS]

  and no this book is is selling low so [TS]

  we'll throw them into the crossover [TS]

  regardless of if they have anything to [TS]

  do with anything [TS]

  walking down what are you doing here [TS]

  right it was like that and I kind of [TS]

  feel crisis on Infinite Earths the first [TS]

  one was was like that too [TS]

  they had some crossovers but it was [TS]

  really story-driven and Mark women did [TS]

  such a great job with that sorry what [TS]

  stands still holds up 25 years later [TS]

  yeah no no question usdc does crossovers [TS]

  better do you think Marvel does the [TS]

  events better which if you had to choose [TS]

  if I would say DC if you interview just [TS]

  frame the question like that just those [TS]

  together i'm training like that because [TS]

  those are basically you're here your [TS]

  your your coke versus Pepsi I'm right i [TS]

  would say now I am Marvel guy but this [TS]

  is one of those i actually started i was [TS]

  reading both Marvel and DC back in the [TS]

  eighties and actually really got I [TS]

  didn't like secret wars but I was really [TS]

  turned off by crisis on infinite [TS]

  universe or ignorance and the reason was [TS]

  that it disappeared up the backside of [TS]

  continuity and I felt like with this [TS]

  many parallel universes and the whole [TS]

  story is about the you know the the one [TS]

  Superman retcon and versus the other [TS]

  Superman redcon and no [TS]

  is that I those kinds of stories don't [TS]

  interest me at all and I and every time [TS]

  I would see yet another crisis from DC [TS]

  it's a really they're doing more [TS]

  continuity work in the name of drama or [TS]

  drama and the name of continuity work so [TS]

  that's that's what really turned me off [TS]

  from the dc-to-dc event completely not a [TS]

  big infinite crisis reader huh [TS]

  but crisis came out right mid 85-86 yep [TS]

  infinite crisis came out two years ago [TS]

  three years ago now uh she doesn't 5005 [TS]

  god yes years ago how six years again [TS]

  you know because i was i said we wanted [TS]

  a calendar is Jason Brandon doesn't know [TS]

  what year it is i started reading down [TS]

  in LA I moved during the middle of it [TS]

  because I remember distinctly like [TS]

  trying to line up my issues and they [TS]

  were all of us for a while anyway [TS]

  it had impact like even infinite crisis [TS]

  had impact because they were sort of [TS]

  Maori visiting and undoing a storyline [TS]

  that was pretty much set in stone for [TS]

  20-something years yeah just under the [TS]

  whole undoing of storylines thing and [TS]

  that was what I'm saying is that's what [TS]

  turns me off and I read the x-men they [TS]

  do that like on a weekly basis well I [TS]

  and I'm not about not being like the [TS]

  writers getting powers [TS]

  yeah i'm not a big fan of that in in [TS]

  general and i'm not a fan of using [TS]

  storytelling to fix big pieces of of [TS]

  continuity continuity to like I again [TS]

  I'm not going to defend the what was an [TS]

  ultimatum William which was not good but [TS]

  i just read that and training format and [TS]

  this was just kind of shocked at how [TS]

  petty yeah i actually don't mind the [TS]

  impact it had on the Ultimate Universe [TS]

  to change it but again it wasn't [TS]

  changing continuity it was making [TS]

  changes in the universe even so it [TS]

  wasn't a good read i didn't actually [TS]

  mind that it made some changes to to [TS]

  like ultimate spider-man although in the [TS]

  end you can read ultimate spider-man [TS]

  today and you can tell it like that [TS]

  that's actually the private those [TS]

  changes and they destroyed New York City [TS]

  and two issues later everybody New York [TS]

  City is fine and it's going on and you [TS]

  forgotten that happened yeah yeah it's [TS]

  with a lot of these events writers have [TS]

  to be really careful because they are [TS]

  certain things you can do for shock [TS]

  value or whatever like destroy New York [TS]

  City or no more mutants right now [TS]

  mutants but then where do you go from [TS]

  there [TS]

  captain america is dead and Tony Stark [TS]

  is the head of shield shield we can ask [TS]

  for you know year [TS]

  that made sense i think from a story and [TS]

  the dead captain america print a story [TS]

  was a good story any and but which I [TS]

  wouldn't defend Civil War necessarily [TS]

  and one of the wars on in defensive and [TS]

  so civil war legend spider-man revealing [TS]

  his identity which then led to the giant [TS]

  colossal disaster of a retcon that 10 [TS]

  yeah we're doing more day brand-new day [TS]

  v combo of that weekend will be a [TS]

  disaster so that that is exactly right [TS]

  you what you promised people changes and [TS]

  you do an event that has these earth [TS]

  shattering ramifications and then there [TS]

  is this colossal tendency to walk it [TS]

  back as soon as you're done you gotta [TS]

  start walking it was that conservatism [TS]

  on the part of the writers for the most [TS]

  partners on the part of the readers were [TS]

  readers are are are pushing back and say [TS]

  we don't want this kind of change [TS]

  because we feel invested because i think [TS]

  when you think about it with ya good [TS]

  because we think about comics are pretty [TS]

  deeply conservative I mean like like you [TS]

  just kind of have but one new Marvel [TS]

  villain that stuck around to in the last [TS]

  20 years on their happy to have an [TS]

  environmental heroes launched there [TS]

  haven't been a it's jason conservatism [TS]

  because i think they try it's just it's [TS]

  really hard to do something good and I [TS]

  want him to want to protect our [TS]

  intellectual property so you're not [TS]

  going to make even every radical change [TS]

  that gets made to something has to be [TS]

  undone at some point because they want [TS]

  to protect their intellectual property [TS]

  of you know spider-man needs to be like [TS]

  this the Fantastic Four [TS]

  you know i love it when the she-hulk was [TS]

  in the fantastic four but in inevitably [TS]

  they go back to being that core for and [TS]

  I believe they're doing that now they're [TS]

  really shaking up the fantastic four but [TS]

  they'll be back where they were before [TS]

  the fantastic in them and then they're [TS]

  so why would you bother reading is the [TS]

  questions you know the Creator issue now [TS]

  too right where we're back in the day [TS]

  when you had no other alternative but [TS]

  Marvel or DC the creators would create [TS]

  interesting things for Marvel and DC now [TS]

  if you've got a great idea as a creator [TS]

  why would you not go off and create that [TS]

  yourself and only intellectual property [TS]

  and then that is caused and we may have [TS]

  talked about this a little bit before [TS]

  that that makes it i mean in some ways [TS]

  that makes makes venom kind of a miracle [TS]

  anything was done in what 90-89 it was [TS]

  right right before the big kind of todd [TS]

  mcfarlane and then kind of broke [TS]

  yeah that mean it's one of the reasons [TS]

  he was the last great right character [TS]

  there's a couple of [TS]

  bryan cave odd characters like the red [TS]

  hood they tried to do stuff with or [TS]

  Runaways is good and that's a Marvel [TS]

  intellectual property settled ever [TS]

  alright but it's good i'm just saying [TS]

  yeah that was a good new creation from a [TS]

  quality standpoint that was within the [TS]

  market bring that there's two hands it's [TS]

  hard to create something good and then [TS]

  it's hard for it you have to sell it [TS]

  publishers to give it the space to find [TS]

  an audience right yeah [TS]

  and yet somehow manages to work with the [TS]

  independence better than doesn't Marvel [TS]

  or DC so I wonderful performance metric [TS]

  at work [TS]

  well there's bigger overhead at Marvel [TS]

  and DC yeah so we're gonna explain [TS]

  explain the the crises to me that you [TS]

  can you can I don't like to give up and [TS]

  I kept seeing or more crises and still [TS]

  more crises and then they were starting [TS]

  now I need to run the disclaimer that I [TS]

  stopped reading after this 52 series [TS]

  because even i could actually kind of a [TS]

  fan of continuity for continuity second [TS]

  consistency was by the end of 52 like my [TS]

  head was spinning side 52 so as well I [TS]

  maybe comes down to DC vs marvel because [TS]

  you remember there's a DC I really love [TS]

  52 whereas i read it and kind of be the [TS]

  cliff notes on some of the stuff so as [TS]

  you know there's infinite crisis which [TS]

  are seven issues it started back in 2005 [TS]

  on it was a LED it was supposed to be [TS]

  sequel to crisis on Infinite Earths they [TS]

  bring in an extra Superman of course [TS]

  because they always bring an extra super [TS]

  not too many Superman no now you can't [TS]

  on the superbowl I of earth prime gets [TS]

  turned in at some point [TS]

  Alexander Luthor who was like let's like [TS]

  a good look so different parallel [TS]

  universe that's the thing that sticks [TS]

  with Vito is is they killed off so you [TS]

  didn't expect this thought was wrong [TS]

  um that was earlier though that was that [TS]

  all identity crisis identity crisis [TS]

  which led yeah it was so so so there's [TS]

  so but all his identity crisis which led [TS]

  to infinite crisis and then after [TS]

  infinite crisis like the entire DC [TS]

  universe as i understand it jumped 40 [TS]

  year and that year was bridged with 52 [TS]

  which was a new comic book every week [TS]

  where you got the heart-wrenching story [TS]

  of Black Adam acquiring and losing a [TS]

  family and a whole bunch of other stuff [TS]

  happened which I can get to a minute we [TS]

  need to and then that led into Final [TS]

  Crisis which [TS]

  which is a lot like the final craftsman [TS]

  and yeah [TS]

  Final Crisis grant morrison is [TS]

  alternately a great writer and operating [TS]

  a whole nother level the rest of us [TS]

  mortals can't possibly understand you're [TS]

  not taking same as he is something i [TS]

  could argue then his writing is less [TS]

  good if the rest of it if no one can do [TS]

  not understand it [TS]

  yeah the in so going back further to the [TS]

  the original crisis well what happened [TS]

  with DC throughout its whole you know [TS]

  the thirties and forties and fifties and [TS]

  sixties writers you know most people saw [TS]

  an issue of a comic and then would see [TS]

  never see an issue of that comic again [TS]

  and so you would have all these stories [TS]

  from all these writers that were largely [TS]

  throw away because there was no [TS]

  continuity I'm because there's no until [TS]

  they're really the direct market [TS]

  happened so because of that then people [TS]

  started collecting comics in the direct [TS]

  market and realizing like there's all [TS]

  these stories that are you know totally [TS]

  conflicting and crazy and crisis on [TS]

  Infinite Earths was in a a third of the [TS]

  solution in the DC Universe to that [TS]

  problem was always well there's multiple [TS]

  earths right because there was like the [TS]

  the the superman from the fifties right [TS]

  had certain traits whoo-hoo or the [TS]

  original Superman he was actually [TS]

  considered them to be like the earth two [TS]

  superman yeah and the justice society of [TS]

  america was earth to the Justice League [TS]

  was earth one and yeah they had all [TS]

  these rules and it was a huge map and so [TS]

  at some point they want you know this [TS]

  isn't user-friendly and right and let's [TS]

  have the storyline that destroys all of [TS]

  the multiple earths and collect coal or [TS]

  collapses them into a single to a single [TS]

  earth and the emotional crescendo of [TS]

  that was not the supergirl dying but [TS]

  some of these earth to characters who [TS]

  are left the Superman the older Superman [TS]

  with the white hair because he was the [TS]

  original superman and a superboy-prime [TS]

  they sacrificed themselves to bring [TS]

  about this one earth you have a mistake [TS]

  of the universe coming together in [TS]

  orlando and the these core characters [TS]

  Superman Superboy Lois Lane and somebody [TS]

  else [TS]

  Lex Luthor from Earth to wear one of the [TS]

  earth where bad guys were good guys and [TS]

  good guys or bad guys [TS]

  so and that's where it ended and then we [TS]

  have this one earth and then DC could do [TS]

  all these stories reinventing all of [TS]

  their origins which was like john byrne [TS]

  Superman oh right right towards ya so [TS]

  then fast for 25 years and you have the [TS]

  same mass again where they kept doing [TS]

  all these else with a so now they didn't [TS]

  have multiple earths they would do [TS]

  elseworld tails like Alex Ross's kingdom [TS]

  come [TS]

  right right yes it's a great story great [TS]

  story right yeah thank you Lisa for [TS]

  recommending that day I think you wanted [TS]

  to throw them in so they came up with [TS]

  this infinite crisis which had those [TS]

  characters you thought sacrificed [TS]

  themselves and we're dead the old not [TS]

  anymore [TS]

  ben is a nowhere zone watching this one [TS]

  earth unfold and seeing essentially what [TS]

  they thought the heroes not doing a good [TS]

  job and the work [TS]

  yes but the end of the first issue [TS]

  they've been watching all of this Wonder [TS]

  Woman killing people and you know [TS]

  sudenly getting raped and killed and all [TS]

  this terrible stuff and they went we [TS]

  sacrifice our lives for this and this is [TS]

  so wrong and so that that first issue [TS]

  ended with soup the old Superman [TS]

  breaking through this barrier going this [TS]

  looks like a job for Superman [TS]

  yeah it's so maybe as an old fanboy that [TS]

  touched me the sort of the end of this a [TS]

  crisis and 52 was now there's 52 Earth's [TS]

  so completely restored the multiverses [TS]

  is basically what they did but they [TS]

  tried to create a limited multiverse [TS]

  oh yeah I'm sorry I asked it's yeah its [TS]

  lights it's looking at 52 and the reason [TS]

  that drive me bonkers is there were a [TS]

  lot of double-blind oh you think this is [TS]

  you think oh you think this is near on [TS]

  but it's really wrapped in me or or oh [TS]

  you think this is skee intelligible [TS]

  talking robot but it's mr. mind me that [TS]

  it was a great challenge like to can you [TS]

  do a comic in real time coming out every [TS]

  week [TS]

  yeah from a production standpoint as [TS]

  well as a story standpoint and it failed [TS]

  on a lot of it came out every week [TS]

  quality-wise story-wise it failed on a [TS]

  lot of levels but to me the fact that [TS]

  they were they tried something new and [TS]

  this is where I think DC does a better [TS]

  job than marvel [TS]

  there they try something new and like I [TS]

  have to give him credit for doing that [TS]

  even if the story ask succeed on a lot [TS]

  of levels but had some moments to me [TS]

  that there's no I have no desire to ever [TS]

  read it again but I good reading it in [TS]

  real time so so I have an event question [TS]

  for you guys which is what is what would [TS]

  you say is your favorite event if you [TS]

  have one that you can you can think of [TS]

  and you can take this in anyone like you [TS]

  can define this anyway you like Jason do [TS]

  you have something you want to think a [TS]

  positive moment while you ponder well I [TS]

  could say the birth of my son was my [TS]

  favorite well the comic book event until [TS]

  you write that in America crossover with [TS]

  his arch nemesis from the future who [TS]

  comes back in time to try try to yeah [TS]

  well sometimes very good i have to unity [TS]

  which already talked about because it [TS]

  was so well done and then the the [TS]

  original crisis only because I was like [TS]

  11 or seven or something when that came [TS]

  out and I had no idea who any of these [TS]

  characters were right right i had like [TS]

  every 2-3 there's two Superman and [TS]

  Superboy and my brother is that possible [TS]

  my little head exploded and I probably [TS]

  got like four of the issues out of the [TS]

  entire series when it first came out but [TS]

  I loved George presses art world artwork [TS]

  is great it's been like every panel has [TS]

  like 60 characters and have no idea who [TS]

  they are i love the Teen Titans of that [TS]

  area to which was the marvelous woman [TS]

  George Brett as wasn't I mean out that [TS]

  was great stuff [TS]

  fringe by the way did a diverse they did [TS]

  a that which is a 2 world multiverse [TS]

  right in the any alternate universe and [TS]

  the TV show fringe there are there's a [TS]

  there's a comic book their comic books [TS]

  that are spotted at one point that's [TS]

  produced by Warner Brothers so with a DC [TS]

  property and one of the cup comic books [TS]

  that's visible in the fridge universe is [TS]

  the crisis issue with Supergirl dead [TS]

  being held by Superman except it's [TS]

  Superman dead being held by Supergirl [TS]

  and they commissioned like 45 of these [TS]

  all universe covers for French it's [TS]

  hilarious and and because it's parallel [TS]

  universe about parallel universes it's [TS]

  it's good stuff [TS]

  Lisa what about you my favorite event [TS]

  yeah if you have one you could also just [TS]

  see that this is the thing is I don't [TS]

  want [TS]

  hence I get events are like sweets for [TS]

  you end up watching anyway you hate [TS]

  yourself what you do it um well maybe [TS]

  after you answer because um i was gonna [TS]

  say the last I actually really bad taste [TS]

  in my mouth regarding events as the last [TS]

  one I read through with civil war and by [TS]

  the end of it I was just like really [TS]

  really I I just think how much money [TS]

  into this if you thought that was bad do [TS]

  not read a secret invasion [TS]

  no I was awarded vision yeah I think [TS]

  through the trade in the in one of the [TS]

  complex stores and you actually put it [TS]

  back and i'm typically somebody who's a [TS]

  complete ass when it comes to [TS]

  collections and continuity and things [TS]

  like that and and I was like I can't [TS]

  even bring myself to touch this and the [TS]

  over the scroll you doing I love that I [TS]

  love the campaign that they did for [TS]

  secret invasion where you saw you said [TS]

  you know he's a little kid eating [TS]

  icecream cones and so on so forth but [TS]

  the the whole thing was just this hectic [TS]

  mess and once again [TS]

  oh you think this is somebody but [TS]

  they're not now which was not the one or [TS]

  know when civil war that there was [TS]

  Captain or uh single was more wall i [TS]

  came back to life and was guarding all [TS]

  the prisoners isn't that right except it [TS]

  turned out that it and then Secret [TS]

  Invasion turns out that it wasn't [TS]

  Captain Marvel using yeah it was yeah [TS]

  you know more fakery know that the civil [TS]

  war thing was ridiculous because again [TS]

  it's something where they throw you a [TS]

  legend shock after alleged shock-like [TS]

  Sue Storm leaving Reed Richards over [TS]

  their vast ideological differences and [TS]

  secret invasion was done better when it [TS]

  was the race war [TS]

  all right there was the rom space Knight [TS]

  spin-off thank you for getting in [TS]

  another building at low reference you're [TS]

  welcome I appreciate that any other [TS]

  climbers and I think the closest with [TS]

  regards to events and this wasn't even [TS]

  an event it was just a wrap up the wild [TS]

  storm actually did was the first time [TS]

  they killed off the storm watch title [TS]

  they had some of the aliens you know [TS]

  from the movie franchise aliens they had [TS]

  some of the aliens come and and got half [TS]

  the team and then they brought in [TS]

  characters from another book to [TS]

  investigate the mess and i like that big [TS]

  of you I thought is a great way to end [TS]

  things because if you're if you have to [TS]

  cancel a book you might as well why not [TS]

  kill off the characters and and have had [TS]

  mr. virus just shrug your shoulders and [TS]

  figured oh ok i guess i'll just go back [TS]

  to communications for joss whedon [TS]

  exactly and I right right you don't kill [TS]

  people could just waiting to i was going [TS]

  to say and I don't think this counts as [TS]

  an event either but it was spun out of [TS]

  an event and then it's London into event [TS]

  which is um and I've mentioned it on the [TS]

  podcast before his planet hulk in which [TS]

  was played as an event although it isn't [TS]

  she was just a a year in in the [TS]

  incredible hulk but if it like was led [TS]

  into by the Illuminati and they agreed [TS]

  to send the Hulk away and then it led [TS]

  into world war hulk which is another one [TS]

  of these different kinds of things but [TS]

  you know I again I guess what I'm saying [TS]

  is my favorite events aren't really [TS]

  events there they're almost like [TS]

  promotional marketing around a an actual [TS]

  story that's happening again the scope [TS]

  is small [TS]

  yeah but you know when I was a kid I [TS]

  loved the x-men micronauts miniseries [TS]

  which again was sort of an event because [TS]

  it was a crossover miniseries kind of [TS]

  thing but it wasn't a UH an event that [TS]

  spanned many titles it was it was a [TS]

  standalone pulled out of multiple titles [TS]

  and was yeah that's the stuff but that's [TS]

  the stuff that I like I mean I I'm [TS]

  actually a little scared [TS]

  although i think it's an intriguing idea [TS]

  and it will see how they do it but that [TS]

  the Buffy Season nine concept is [TS]

  essentially that they're going to make [TS]

  it an event where it's multiple titles [TS]

  in the buffyverse mall crossing over [TS]

  with each other instead of a single [TS]

  story in a single comic it fits the [TS]

  format i guess but i'm not sure i [TS]

  actually endorse the idea of at least [TS]

  it's plotted from scratch as what it is [TS]

  going to be rather than trying to trying [TS]

  to weave it into existing titles but [TS]

  still it it gives me a lot of [TS]

  trepidation because you know the events [TS]

  haven't been very successful right other [TS]

  than sales they're very successful from [TS]

  a sales perspective it's just you know [TS]

  we're willing to be struggling to find [TS]

  good creative successes with it was [TS]

  bouncing off of that the secret six got [TS]

  relaunched the Yeltsin own rights at the [TS]

  secret and and basically the premises [TS]

  these are people who are kind of [TS]

  screw-ups and they got relaunched I [TS]

  forget myself i forget which always they [TS]

  were launched with identity crisis [TS]

  because they came out in [TS]

  2005 and it was Catman Deadshot cheshire [TS]

  um scandal Savage was the daughter of [TS]

  Vandal Savage and rag doll who is just [TS]

  this this delightfully insane on [TS]

  contortionists and then why do you have [TS]

  a dandy [TS]

  I've never heard of any of these people [TS]

  and we'll cab and runs into batman [TS]

  occasionally and he popped application [TS]

  and you read any popped up occasionally [TS]

  the birds of prey book too i mean this [TS]

  is a guy who wants to be a superhero and [TS]

  it's just morally weak and and kind of a [TS]

  moron to boot so it always so so it [TS]

  always goes wrong with ya always goes [TS]

  wrong forum and as a result he's [TS]

  frustrated he turns to a life of [TS]

  primaries basically you know from prior [TS]

  and really sorry are you talking about [TS]

  character-driven books because that's [TS]

  crazy one event that villains United was [TS]

  launched on in conjunction with identity [TS]

  crisis it was woven in at some point and [TS]

  i forget the exact connection because [TS]

  it's been a long time since I i read the [TS]

  original stuff but its innocence been [TS]

  spun off as a series called the secret [TS]

  six and again because Gail Simone's [TS]

  reading it's a very funny series and [TS]

  generally intently very good it's good [TS]

  comics and so that's well you know [TS]

  that's it the way i look at it is yes [TS]

  it's an adventure and comic in that in [TS]

  that that's how was launched in these [TS]

  guys to get sucked into events but it's [TS]

  something that came out of it on its own [TS]

  it has an a tiny way to change the DC [TS]

  Universe um I'll take it I'll tell your [TS]

  guests Simone also i think rumored to be [TS]

  writing for the the buffy season 9 I [TS]

  think that was what I heard I wouldn't [TS]

  be surprised that you're just seems a [TS]

  rally interesting interesting thing [TS]

  um yes yes she's my favorite writers [TS]

  working today because between the [TS]

  between secret six which I I always got [TS]

  about it look for and welcome to [TS]

  tranquility which is her take on a [TS]

  superhero retirement village and is new [TS]

  and very sharp and very funny that way [TS]

  yes especially be the former child [TS]

  flying ace has now developed Alzheimer's [TS]

  that's like my favorite character road [TS]

  there's a great of a sort of the tick [TS]

  involves the the retirement home [TS]

  um did you see these are you still [TS]

  reading invincible there there was a it [TS]

  was a couple years ago now they did a a [TS]

  an event and it was one issue I think it [TS]

  was maybe ended [TS]

  number 50 but it was it was it was a [TS]

  crossover with all of the other heroes [TS]

  that are in that publisher basically [TS]

  like the savage dragon it's and it's not [TS]

  just image if yeah it's not just text [TS]

  jacket and I mean it's not just like [TS]

  things Kirkman touches it it was [TS]

  everything an image but they did in one [TS]

  issue and it's insane but I loved it for [TS]

  the sense that they said here here's [TS]

  what we're gonna do we're gonna do 1 [TS]

  double size issue is gonna have all the [TS]

  crossovers in it and then we're never [TS]

  gonna speak of it again it's just a [TS]

  self-contained fun and funny because it [TS]

  is that's the reason why he yes that's [TS]

  why would you like it is why people buy [TS]

  them as they like I want to see [TS]

  spider-man and and Captain America fight [TS]

  against Iron Man and I you know and the [TS]

  Green Goblin who is now fighting with I [TS]

  remember something like that's crazy i [TS]

  was he's been going off to Paris come on [TS]

  Superman fight spider-man because it's [TS]

  cool [TS]

  did you guys get a read the justice [TS]

  league versus the adventures that 1i [TS]

  didn't see that was after my time it was [TS]

  in Titans x-men yeah this was a la one [TS]

  recently in it was not casadas 2000 [TS]

  issue the 2,000 yeah yeah [TS]

  rather they launched Avengers anyway [TS]

  they press through it again because he [TS]

  does all of the big lots of characters [TS]

  books [TS]

  it was fun i forget who the writer was [TS]

  it may have been weighed but it was it [TS]

  was just a lot of fun and your classic [TS]

  these some celestial bad thing happens [TS]

  and the heroes from the two different [TS]

  worlds get thrown together and they have [TS]

  to find these three elements unit and [TS]

  yes they split different teams to go get [TS]

  these three things to bring together to [TS]

  fight the big celestial back then the [TS]

  fun part was the the writing the right [TS]

  was clearly having a good time with it [TS]

  because when the Marvel characters were [TS]

  in the DC world in within those teams [TS]

  they made comments like your world is [TS]

  slightly bigger than office is slightly [TS]

  larger because it has these other cities [TS]

  metropolis still has new york and stuff [TS]

  but now they also metropolis and the DC [TS]

  characters commented in the Marvel [TS]

  Universe about how none of the Marvel [TS]

  heroes are treated like heroes [TS]

  yeah well they are the East River so I [TS]

  had lots of little nice things like that [TS]

  and then the other fun part was [TS]

  because all these various celestial [TS]

  things happening at the timeline was [TS]

  really kind of screwy so from panel to [TS]

  panel the characters would change their [TS]

  outfits so like in one panel Aquaman [TS]

  would be his orange shirt and green [TS]

  pants and the next panel though he be [TS]

  talking throughout the two panels but [TS]

  the next panel he would be with his hook [TS]

  and his beard and his long things you [TS]

  saw all the versions of the characters [TS]

  and the other comments that characters [TS]

  would sort of notice that they all had a [TS]

  sense something was going on but because [TS]

  they were part of it they didn't but as [TS]

  a as a person you got to see every [TS]

  version of every character throughout [TS]

  these both teams huge history and it was [TS]

  just so much fun and they included i [TS]

  think i was the last issue had the the [TS]

  obligatory wraparound cover that had [TS]

  every single version of every single [TS]

  character and it had a map so you could [TS]

  find out who is who see it was just fun [TS]

  and that's what and that's that's I [TS]

  think the story is that events should be [TS]

  four more fun than they are and they [TS]

  sound I think maybe even start with fun [TS]

  concepts but they tend not to be in so [TS]

  what kind of glomming on to things like [TS]

  collapse into the way they're in his [TS]

  great company crossovers actually better [TS]

  right because they have to be restrained [TS]

  scope because there's a deal that has to [TS]

  be made write a contract and some [TS]

  revenue sharing and all of that and [TS]

  that's awful business stuff but in the [TS]

  end what that means is that they can't [TS]

  do what they can do on their own and and [TS]

  you know I guess Marvel DC basically [TS]

  don't do that anymore and dildo [TS]

  eventually thought they'd last I heard [TS]

  it was DC was refusing to work with them [TS]

  as long as joe quesada was [TS]

  editor-in-chief some some- headings he [TS]

  had said about and easy and he's no [TS]

  longer editor and it's a snack salon so [TS]

  now right who used to work at DC to [TS]

  rights know maybe maybe some start [TS]

  having crossovers again i love me [TS]

  there's a Marvel team-up with spider-man [TS]

  and invincible [TS]

  that's awesome the only one of those [TS]

  things where invincible flies through a [TS]

  portal from another issue of invincible [TS]

  we're being sent to alternate universes [TS]

  and these there with with regular [TS]

  spider-man i was actually kinda hoping [TS]

  that the ultimate spider-man is regular [TS]

  spider-man and and it's hilarious [TS]

  because he begins criticizing the names [TS]

  of all the heroes and in the Marvel [TS]

  Universe Kirkman Road it and it's like a [TS]

  let me guess you didn't things like your [TS]

  your robot man [TS]

  he's like no I'm ironman really a and [TS]

  your and your the the human flag no I'm [TS]

  captain america really understand and [TS]

  his biggest criticisms leveled on [TS]

  spider-man is like you've got all these [TS]

  cool powers you're spider-man it and [TS]

  it's a good story and he saves dr. [TS]

  octopus from spider-man thinking that [TS]

  doc doc is the good guy and there's a [TS]

  whole dang him and it's a Marvel team-up [TS]

  but i don't so so that's the kind of [TS]

  yeah crazy event while certain before [TS]

  they got fully subsumed by DC they used [TS]

  to do occasional shadows the DC universe [TS]

  or crossovers into it for example when [TS]

  they had the series on storm watch their [TS]

  favorite bar was was run by a guy called [TS]

  Clark and he was beautiful and he's very [TS]

  and the thing is Clark clean his glasses [TS]

  by shooting his x-ray vision at them and [TS]

  it was just a very subtle shout out [TS]

  there and then one of the world's to one [TS]

  of the world some properties planetary [TS]

  which we actually actually do a podcast [TS]

  on planetary yes but it wasn't reading [TS]

  it [TS]

  there was also doing there was a [TS]

  planetary Batman cross not a spin-off [TS]

  which was I think just a one-issue thing [TS]

  where they run into the Batman from the [TS]

  1960s series the Batman from the i think [TS]

  i want to see the nineteen seventies and [TS]

  early eighties comics and then the back [TS]

  of the dark knight batman and they have [TS]

  to try to figure out what her excuse my [TS]

  heat why these different iterations of [TS]

  Batman keep flashing in this alley and [TS]

  it's a little detective story and it was [TS]

  I love things like that because again [TS]

  the scope is kind of limited and part of [TS]

  the fun is watching did the [TS]

  fish-out-of-water story right the idea [TS]

  was a as it was many years ago now II [TS]

  hellboy Batman only Batman Starman [TS]

  crossover Wow and all drawn by Manila [TS]

  was beautiful and of course they fought [TS]

  Nazis when the shooter and it just was [TS]

  collected and trade paperback a couple [TS]

  weeks ago it came out while because it [TS]

  was early two thousand maybe that this [TS]

  story came out or even before it was [TS]

  weird way early in the hellboy time [TS]

  thing but they could never collect it [TS]

  because of the whole legal [TS]

  lights & right so finally there's a [TS]

  Hellboy crossover trade paperback that [TS]

  has that in it and the hellboy Ghost [TS]

  which is a character from dark horse and [TS]

  I haven't read that one yet [TS]

  crossover so it's just nice that they [TS]

  finally are collecting those company [TS]

  crossover sort of things i wish that the [TS]

  tick would get out of intellectual [TS]

  property jail because that would be a [TS]

  good character that i would love to see [TS]

  crossover with other with other thing [TS]

  only if it was written by bend but it [TS]

  would have to be written by ben edlund [TS]

  yeah yeah but that would be that would [TS]

  be great to see so let's shift gears and [TS]

  talk about what you are what you've been [TS]

  reading if you if you are have been [TS]

  reading anything Alicia you had a baby [TS]

  have you been entertaining yourself at [TS]

  all by reading comics or have you been [TS]

  off the comics since you had your [TS]

  daughter [TS]

  I've been trying to read the trades are [TS]

  easier to read the pamphlets and the [TS]

  series i'm working through now is by [TS]

  john layman and rob guillory and it's [TS]

  called chew and it's the lead character [TS]

  is a guy who works at the FDA is it [TS]

  inspector / he's an agent for the FDA [TS]

  and he's what they call Psychopathic [TS]

  which means that when he eats something [TS]

  he can instantly Crockett's background [TS]

  on so that use him to solve food [TS]

  inspection cases and the occasional [TS]

  murder and all this is a universe where [TS]

  chicken is outlawed right [TS]

  yes this is the universal Chicken is [TS]

  illegal and and his partner gets turned [TS]

  into a cyborg at one point and I do and [TS]

  I just and I just started that I've just [TS]

  started the 3rd trade and it's um it's [TS]

  very funny and spreads broad comedy it's [TS]

  very slide to be honest it kind of [TS]

  reminds me of invincible because it [TS]

  takes a lot of conflict conventions very [TS]

  tongue-in-cheek with them especially [TS]

  with all we have an FD agent who who is [TS]

  psychic but only have something in his [TS]

  mouth and he's dating a food writer [TS]

  whose special power is whatever she [TS]

  writes a food palm anyone who reads it [TS]

  can actually taste what she's talking [TS]

  about so what did they think they're [TS]

  eating along with her and that's that's [TS]

  her superpower and the faculties you're [TS]

  like super powers may take the horrible [TS]

  things these people's lives [TS]

  I I find that very people funny Wow um [TS]

  while I've never heard about that is [TS]

  that is while Jason you you have [TS]

  anything that you want to [TS]

  you've been looking at that's strike [TS]

  fencing is sadly i'm not gonna ask this [TS]

  question you gave me a look like oh god [TS]

  you're not gonna make me talk about what [TS]

  i'm reading now [TS]

  oh yeah well it's because the I've been [TS]

  reading two tracks at this point one is [TS]

  the the eighties mid-eighties mid to [TS]

  late eighties nineties series of Thor [TS]

  just get kind of ready for the thor [TS]

  movie so well-read walk Simonson i'm [TS]

  actually reading the tom defalco run [TS]

  that happened right after the Walt [TS]

  Simonson where it was at the end up [TS]

  going very Kirby a lifetime to Falco [TS]

  he's a very throwback kind of writer [TS]

  yeah just kinda at the time at the time [TS]

  when I was a kid I didn't really [TS]

  appreciate it now i really appreciate [TS]

  his I read his run of spider girl and I [TS]

  really liked that it was just seriously [TS]

  old-school yeah yes I it'sit's and it's [TS]

  exactly that parrots DiFalco and run [TS]

  friends and friends so I'm reading that [TS]

  at the same time I just finished reading [TS]

  the first six issues of the whole new [TS]

  avengers family so like secret avengers [TS]

  New Avengers Mighty Avengers and [TS]

  Avengers Academy like the first six [TS]

  issues of all that set and i can say [TS]

  some of them are very good some of them [TS]

  are very good others i thought those are [TS]

  those early is that the early New [TS]

  Avengers that were by Bendis were pretty [TS]

  good [TS]

  Bendis in MO what he say it's imminent [TS]

  immense to revenue those actually were [TS]

  really good that was one of them yeah I [TS]

  like that he Bendis a junior Avengers on [TS]

  where you the exact opposite of that so [TS]

  much right we're not so now she just [TS]

  picture Bendis is just rolling in money [TS]

  laughing he does some good work and then [TS]

  he does some other work is and he's it [TS]

  and and they just work because the beach [TS]

  house needs a new roof [TS]

  yes all of you out there if you want to [TS]

  read the Avengers book get the one that [TS]

  has the thing in it [TS]

  no that's the news separate Avengers [TS]

  secret yeah one right that's good right [TS]

  the all you know that's not Secret [TS]

  Avengers sorry Steve Avengers is [TS]

  Brubaker which is also good [TS]

  oh the New Adventures is the which led [TS]

  into the secret event invasion but it's [TS]

  good it's right yeah New Avengers is [TS]

  good and Avengers Academy is [TS]

  surprisingly good and that sort of like [TS]

  New Mutants right look at hero among [TS]

  heroes man [TS]

  I love that as a big concept twist that [TS]

  makes it gets a nice framework and keeps [TS]

  it interesting so I over the holidays I [TS]

  read another volume of atomic robo I [TS]

  think vol 3 which is amusing and that it [TS]

  plays with time atomic robo was invented [TS]

  by Nikola Tesla in the 1910s i want to [TS]

  say nineteen twenties and but he's [TS]

  immortal because he's a he's an atomic [TS]

  powered robot and so they tell stories [TS]

  of him in the in world war two and there [TS]

  is it one of his one of the collections [TS]

  was actually a flashback sort of basting [TS]

  where there are his friends from world [TS]

  war two and now they're all dead and but [TS]

  the the the enemy the evil from then is [TS]

  back with this this collection is a it's [TS]

  him an HP Lovecraft who's a who's crazy [TS]

  in the twenties and and that's the first [TS]

  issue and then the second issue is him [TS]

  in the forties and then the next issue [TS]

  is him in the seventies and that and the [TS]

  issue after that I think it's him in the [TS]

  present day and there's this recurring [TS]

  evil because it's a Lovecraftian evil [TS]

  out of time and space that does its [TS]

  nonlinear to time and so the end of all [TS]

  of these first five issues I think are [TS]

  the same which is basically that atomic [TS]

  robo gets sucked up by this monster and [TS]

  then spat out and then the last issue [TS]

  the the last issue is the period where [TS]

  they've all been sucked in by the [TS]

  monster and so all the atomic robo Tsar [TS]

  together from the different timelines [TS]

  and they must figure out how to resolve [TS]

  the issue which resolves in them all [TS]

  being spat back out into their own [TS]

  timelines it's it's great retama krobo [TS]

  it's just it's a great it's a great book [TS]

  it is so much fun [TS]

  great sense of humor interesting [TS]

  character because he's human-like but [TS]

  he's not human because he's a metal man [TS]

  he's a robot but he but he's you [TS]

  wouldn't tell from his dialogue which is [TS]

  hilarious [TS]

  so I i can't recommend any pick up any [TS]

  kind of atomic robust of everything I've [TS]

  read of atomic robo and they do they do [TS]

  individual little run so we'll do like a [TS]

  volume 1 at six issues or another one [TS]

  that's five issues and don't have an [TS]

  ipad or iphone app to of atomic robo i [TS]

  seem to remember downloading [TS]

  yeah there were and there was a free and [TS]

  there was a free sample and you can also [TS]

  get it from the comics by comiXology app [TS]

  but yeah they've been actually very good [TS]

  at at promoting it are digitally but i [TS]

  love i love atomic robo that is it's [TS]

  just huge huge fun [TS]

  so that's what I that's what I think [TS]

  what I've been reading the most and [TS]

  keeping up with invincible and a couple [TS]

  other things that way too i need any [TS]

  digital comics i need to keep invincible [TS]

  yeah well he's he's actually got a [TS]

  little bit of am of a UH an event thing [TS]

  going on with back with the war and then [TS]

  sales are down the well it's it's not a [TS]

  crossover event but it's it's like they [TS]

  had that they had the what is that built [TS]

  them right little termites yeah yeah so [TS]

  one of them comes to earth and there's [TS]

  this big war and people get injured and [TS]

  then he goes into space with his dad and [TS]

  his brother and they they fight the [TS]

  mountain space and they go back to the [TS]

  home world and if you get a brother and [TS]

  it's all his brother has his dad got it [TS]

  on with on an insect Queen inside queen [TS]

  and faster moving her from slow [TS]

  oh yeah and he has got a hit ages [TS]

  rapidly again it's all its its it that [TS]

  was actually fun but because since mom [TS]

  is awesome she's raising the kids since [TS]

  the insect Queen had like a life span of [TS]

  three years and so so it's all good [TS]

  except that I feel like I'm invented out [TS]

  with invincible now and I really wanted [TS]

  to just go back to earth which [TS]

  apparently i think in the next issue he [TS]

  goes back to earth and there's the [TS]

  ramifications of what has happened while [TS]

  he's been gone [TS]

  yeah but I I really you know what I like [TS]

  about that comic is not that that we [TS]

  spend ten issues with lots of fighting [TS]

  out in space it's about the characters [TS]

  and his his relationship with Adam even [TS]

  yeah and and the other kind of wacky the [TS]

  guardians of the globe who are on the [TS]

  earth and the kind of weird like robot [TS]

  the robot that's remote controlled by a [TS]

  kid and stuff like that dude okay that's [TS]

  one of my favorites out [TS]

  yeah yeah there's the kirkland that guy [TS]

  yeah he he's he's kind of all the [TS]

  collections i think i think he might be [TS]

  okay again man has a future [TS]

  yeah so anyway it's brian clevon your [TS]

  Clevenger claiming her is the is the [TS]

  atomic robo writer by the way he's think [TS]

  he's the guy and I don't actually know [TS]

  the name of the publisher of that record [TS]

  red5 maybe somebody I've never read five [TS]

  comics it's you know Andy atomic robo [TS]

  out [TS]

  foreign money i'm so so I think we're [TS]

  reaching the end of our our show for now [TS]

  but it sounds like we've got a couple [TS]

  great great great topics because I do [TS]

  want to talk about the portrayal of [TS]

  being a parent and having kids in comics [TS]

  so we should come back to that and and [TS]

  in the true spirit of book clubs [TS]

  everywhere before we go we should say [TS]

  what we're going to talk about next time [TS]

  and I think Lisa you said that we should [TS]

  talk about planetary is whatever [TS]

  interesting for ya [TS]

  so let's let's talk about planetary [TS]

  although you know we could be like [TS]

  planetary and promised to talk about [TS]

  planetary for for almost a decade of [TS]

  quickly get around to be over but next [TS]

  time we'll monitor that will be our sign [TS]

  off from now on I will tell you exactly [TS]

  yeah well apparently discussion the next [TS]

  thing you know I'm sure we'll have I'm [TS]

  sure have a lot to say about robot [TS]

  nannies you've already you've already uh [TS]

  I've already pushed out planetary one [TS]

  time an amazing looking at Terry so stay [TS]

  tuned next time where you have no idea [TS]

  what you're gonna hear yes and babies [TS]

  would-be planetary neither babies [TS]

  talking about planetary well we'll find [TS]

  out what what what Lisa's daughter [TS]

  thinks about planets which is probably [TS]

  yeah probably you can get instant yes [TS]

  it's either that or sleeping [TS]

  yeah alright well this has been great [TS]

  it's great to be back with you guys I i [TS]

  look forward to doing this a little more [TS]

  often now that now that is the new year [TS]

  and and and we're all back in and leases [TS]

  leases back with us know which is great [TS]

  it's great to have you back in and gets [TS]

  it and again congratulations on the [TS]

  birth of your daughter it's fantastic [TS]

  really happy for you [TS]

  it was nice talking to you guys today [TS]

  yeah this is great [TS]

  alright so everybody thanks for joining [TS]

  us on the incomparable podcast for for [TS]

  Jason Reitman and Lisa Schmeisser I'm [TS]

  Jason Snelling thanks for being here [TS]

  we'll see you next time [TS]

  this has been the incomparable podcast [TS]

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