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  the incomparable number 300 may 2016 [TS]

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  welcome back everybody to be [TS]

  uncomfortable very special episode is [TS]

  number three hundred we got a lot going [TS]

  on we're going to do sort of a couple [TS]

  different panels were going silly stuff [TS]

  at the end because it's us but the for [TS]

  this is the dead serious panel as you [TS]

  can tell because I got very serious [TS]

  people here to talk about a subject that [TS]

  Glenn fleischmann suggested so let me [TS]

  introduce my first panel here i'm going [TS]

  to do it in order of their appearances [TS]

  on the incomparable darienne more'n [TS]

  still our leader [TS]

  hello Dan hi Jason my Mami's that we've [TS]

  survived 300 episodes and i look forward [TS]

  to another 300 well thanks for being the [TS]

  only panelist who has been on more than [TS]

  half of the episodes [TS]

  well you're welcome that's right a check [TS]

  that jet checks in the mail [TS]

  uh-huh John siracusa with a hundred and [TS]

  twelve episode appearances not including [TS]

  this one [TS]

  hello are you sure the dan isn't getting [TS]

  credit for some of my appearances work [TS]

  on that vocal recognition software a [TS]

  little more needs to fine-tune this [TS]

  hotel [TS]

  well you don't you don't read so much so [TS]

  maybe I didn't let them saying you don't [TS]

  read but maybe i'm just on episodes of [TS]

  things down the whole time I've been [TS]

  paying John to be me sorry [TS]

  okay stop worrying that makes sense [TS]

  stretch stretch checks out [TS]

  David lore is our fifth most common [TS]

  panelist because he says yes to every [TS]

  invitation I david i consume a lot of [TS]

  pop culture and I blame you [TS]

  mm okay fair enough we'll get into that [TS]

  we'll get into that in a little bit ly [TS]

  schmeiser r8 most common panelist and [TS]

  with us in episode two [TS]

  hi Lisa hi there I'm thrilled to be here [TS]

  I'm always trying to be here most of you [TS]

  were present at the start and you [TS]

  definitely were on its recent your comic [TS]

  books love that was our second episode [TS]

  yeah that's right or straight with jason [TS]

  reitman discussing now on all Batman [TS]

  comics all vertigo comics actually yeah [TS]

  it was it was really it was really about [TS]

  the UM the unrest ESO yeah yeah we [TS]

  actually did have a topic for the comic [TS]

  book club i'm like our early days were [TS]

  recovered many different subjects in she [TS]

  is ok we don't do the opposite now I [TS]

  worry ambitious or did we just think it [TS]

  was you [TS]

  we were only going to go for like 30 [TS]

  episodes and it didn't matter actually I [TS]

  think we thought it had to be like a [TS]

  like a radio program or every segment is [TS]

  five to six minutes long and you have to [TS]

  switch else you can't keep people's [TS]

  attention but no problem and out [TS]

  differently if they've listened this far [TS]

  yeah so I mean she see it seems like she [TS]

  was late to the party but the fact is [TS]

  that now she I think she's been around [TS]

  for about half the episodes and the end [TS]

  has been on more than 50 of them it's [TS]

  erica and sign [TS]

  hi-yah and not quite half 160 was my [TS]

  very first it fondly Klaus 133 was mine [TS]

  pretty pretty soon pretty soon and I i [TS]

  can't forget him he suggested this [TS]

  episode yet and so by the second [TS]

  definition of blending he shouldn't be [TS]

  on it but he is its when fleischmann [TS]

  number 7 on our list with more than 70 [TS]

  appearances [TS]

  hi Glenn while I not what I want to know [TS]

  is how many upsets i'm not on mi [TS]

  insulted or my name taken of a thats [TS]

  needs to be the CMS to 298 Colin I'm [TS]

  often surprised for the transcription [TS]

  boss will come in handy because I'm [TS]

  trying to look for your name and train [TS]

  and train them to listen for the [TS]

  syllables blending and see what comes [TS]

  out soon i want to call it something [TS]

  else [TS]

  Glenn you suggested this and I think [TS]

  it's good that did be a little [TS]

  introspective for 300 episode the idea [TS]

  that perhaps our methods of changing or [TS]

  a consumer media have changed in the [TS]

  last 300 weeks more or less that we've [TS]

  been doing this this show so I thought [TS]

  that would be a good way a good a good [TS]

  way to start a sword and i'm going to [TS]

  start with you if you think back to 2010 [TS]

  and and tell me how is your media [TS]

  consumption changed and specifically the [TS]

  podcast influence to what you've you [TS]

  know how you watch movies and read books [TS]

  and things like that or or not let me [TS]

  know what you think dan I think it has [TS]

  changed for me a bit the the most [TS]

  notable thing i was thinking before I [TS]

  came on tonight was that I got back into [TS]

  reading potta comic books largely I [TS]

  think because of the incomparable I've [TS]

  had a marvel unlimited subscription for [TS]

  I don't know [TS]

  well over a year now year and a half so [TS]

  and I've consumed a lot i mean certainly [TS]

  more comic books that I in the last year [TS]

  and a half then i read since I was [TS]

  probably in high school and actively [TS]

  behind [TS]

  books like single-issue comic books and [TS]

  I think a lot of that is because you [TS]

  know certainly the influence of people [TS]

  like Tony similar who's you know my good [TS]

  friend and recognized recommends a lot [TS]

  of comic books but also because of the [TS]

  stuff that we talked about on the show [TS]

  and he honestly the stuff that we talked [TS]

  about sort of as our own little [TS]

  community and in our slack and stuff [TS]

  like that I feel like I've got much more [TS]

  exposure to that which is great I it [TS]

  i've really enjoyed getting back into [TS]

  that the the other things i would think [TS]

  that I have mainly been sort of affected [TS]

  by this are i do find that there are [TS]

  some things I read my or watch much more [TS]

  closely because i know we're going to [TS]

  talk about it so I've always been a [TS]

  terrible note taker in college I took [TS]

  very ape-like you can look at my [TS]

  notebooks for college and usually it's [TS]

  like oh the first two classes he took a [TS]

  like trying to write down a lot of crap [TS]

  and then it just sort of Peters out and [TS]

  I was never very good at it because I [TS]

  was usually pretty good at retaining [TS]

  what i read but I felt like you know I [TS]

  certainly as I've gotten older and as we [TS]

  talked about stuff more and more [TS]

  in-depth I feel like I need to write [TS]

  down those you know insights or stuff [TS]

  that I feel like I come across when [TS]

  watching or reading something so i [TS]

  actually you know especially when we do [TS]

  something like an old movie club or when [TS]

  i'm doing i even the weekly TV shows [TS]

  that i do on arrow for example i find [TS]

  myself taking notes during episodes [TS]

  about things to bring up and that's not [TS]

  something I mean that sounds a lot more [TS]

  like work and fun to me so I'm surprised [TS]

  that I actually do it and then I guess [TS]

  the one other thing that's kind of sad [TS]

  that has come out of recording and being [TS]

  on over half the episodes of this show [TS]

  is that i really don't listen to [TS]

  podcasts anymore [TS]

  they're supposed to be about this but I [TS]

  spent way too much time recording and [TS]

  editing podcasts and so is someone who [TS]

  works from home and does not have a [TS]

  commute and has a job that involves [TS]

  either editing podcasts or writing it's [TS]

  really hard to find time to listen to [TS]

  podcast so I've only recently gotten [TS]

  into hello from the magic tavern and [TS]

  that's got to be the first podcast and i [TS]

  have listened to multiple episodes of [TS]

  for a super long time like that i'm a [TS]

  regular listener of like there's a lot [TS]

  of other shows I dabble in all right [TS]

  listen two parts of but I really can't [TS]

  keep up especially you know I used to be [TS]

  a big fan of a lot of tech podcast and [TS]

  as those have also gotten super long is [TS]

  listen like macbreak weekly every [TS]

  weekend like I no longer have like three [TS]

  hours three hours [TS]

  yeah to listen to a podcast sorry I'm [TS]

  kind of busy and I think probably [TS]

  quantities to write like you know I [TS]

  certainly have always been a big TV fan [TS]

  but I said try to watch a lot more to [TS]

  keep up-to-date with it the one part [TS]

  that I'm kind of said about and I'm [TS]

  trying to do better about now is read [TS]

  more books because i always used to read [TS]

  a lot i think now that we have so much [TS]

  media available to us and we spend a lot [TS]

  of time and talking about and discussing [TS]

  things like movies and TV shows i find [TS]

  it very easy to sort of sit down and [TS]

  watch a TV show for 45 minutes or an [TS]

  hour and it's a lot harder for me to [TS]

  make sure that i'm spending time reading [TS]

  books as well and so as you can tell [TS]

  from my notable as over the years as my [TS]

  appearances on the hugo podcast gonna [TS]

  slit on the rails as every year it's [TS]

  like man there's a huge stack of books I [TS]

  want to read on my on my night a table [TS]

  and the hugo ones are often kind of [TS]

  middle towards the bottom of them and I [TS]

  just like decided a certain point well [TS]

  i'm gonna read the books I want to read [TS]

  not the books i feel like i have to read [TS]

  huh [TS]

  and if i get around to those those you [TS]

  go books at a later date [TS]

  that's great but i'm not going to just [TS]

  you know sit down and force myself to [TS]

  read those just for that reason so I [TS]

  it's it's been a lot up and down but I [TS]

  think positive for the most part in [TS]

  terms of feeling like I feel like I love [TS]

  discussing all this stuff and that's why [TS]

  I've been on so many episodes of the [TS]

  podcast and so it's great to feel like [TS]

  I'm more engaged with the stuff that I [TS]

  am consuming rather than just having so [TS]

  much of it be like I've [TS]

  watching this just to watch it and then [TS]

  you'll forget about five minutes after I [TS]

  watched it so I think all of you have [TS]

  really helped me increase my [TS]

  appreciation of pop culture or in some [TS]

  cases much more fun increasing your [TS]

  snarkiness and assembly powers of things [TS]

  like yeah I don't know pretty much any [TS]

  episode I get to be on with lisa is [TS]

  always fun because i like hearing I like [TS]

  hearing everything sort of dissected and [TS]

  i always think to myself well that's a [TS]

  really great point I hadn't thought [TS]

  about how terrible but it's daniel are [TS]

  definitely gonna have to team up and do [TS]

  something with them the flash cast in [TS]

  the air cast the summer because we need [TS]

  a summer vacation project we do need a [TS]

  summer vacation project I'm all over [TS]

  that [TS]

  so there you go Jason I hope that is I [TS]

  hope that satisfactory so basically more [TS]

  podcasts then in this in the summer for [TS]

  your vacation [TS]

  it is a little bit like I was trying to [TS]

  come up with an example of it's like [TS]

  well once you were once you're inside [TS]

  the box you don't want me to take tours [TS]

  of other boxes right it's just later in [TS]

  like I am your you're making you're [TS]

  making a podcast you're in the podcast [TS]

  you don't need to listen to them you're [TS]

  in them [TS]

  yeah I don't don't take tours of boxes [TS]

  Jason that's my first trip to you cannot [TS]

  really it's really boring [TS]

  yeah there once you're inside the box [TS]

  especially you've been in a box you [TS]

  don't need to go see other boxes i think [TS]

  yeah I could soon maybe I'm a box [TS]

  monogamist I don't know yet anyway does [TS]

  it does that was that was really great [TS]

  dan you mentioned Lisa so why don't we [TS]

  why don't we why don't we move to Lisa [TS]

  Lisa you know what one of the things [TS]

  when this podcast was being thrown [TS]

  around I mean with the original impetus [TS]

  for the podcast was a Twitter thread [TS]

  about science science fiction novels [TS]

  that are a bunch of people were we [TS]

  talking about again was in on that [TS]

  thread and Glen and Scot McNulty and uh [TS]

  market and John were you there too to [TS]

  read books I keep being written out of [TS]

  that threat every time you retell it so [TS]

  here I am [TS]

  I think I can render I think now John [TS]

  doesn't read anything the records jump [TS]

  on he's adding a three-volume series on [TS]

  Mac os10 so what was happening that was [TS]

  happening on Twitter and then parallel [TS]

  to that Lisa and I were talking about [TS]

  doing a comic book club [TS]

  well with Jason Reitman who we work with [TS]

  who had user user work for a comic book [TS]

  publisher and published his own comic [TS]

  and all that and and we talked about [TS]

  doing that as a podcast and those were [TS]

  the two threads that led to the creation [TS]

  of the uncomfortable and so our first [TS]

  episode was the book episode and the [TS]

  second episode was the comical club [TS]

  episode and those two we recorded before [TS]

  we have a name [TS]

  those were the trials and so so this is [TS]

  a long way of saying you know Lisa you [TS]

  really were there present the beginning [TS]

  because that was one of the ideas was [TS]

  can we get together on a regular basis [TS]

  and talk about you know a particular [TS]

  comic that we've read and do a book club [TS]

  style and that was absolutely one of the [TS]

  one of the things so I want I wanted [TS]

  before I ask you what how it's changed [TS]

  for you over the last five or six years [TS]

  i want to thank you because you've also [TS]

  exposed me to a whole lot of great stuff [TS]

  especially comics that I wouldn't I i [TS]

  had not really gotten that much back [TS]

  into comics back in 2010 and so you've [TS]

  been able with your knowledge of that [TS]

  area to guide me so I I so thank you for [TS]

  that [TS]

  oh my gosh i'm about to crack OH instead [TS]

  of crying yet wanted to tell us how your [TS]

  consumption the media has changed its [TS]

  the Glen topic last in the last five and [TS]

  a half years last three weeks yeah well [TS]

  this is um and this is proud a position [TS]

  that i don't think a lot of the other [TS]

  panelists will find themselves in this [TS]

  podcast debuted approximately two months [TS]

  before it became apparent so when I [TS]

  recorded the first comic book clubs i [TS]

  was like super pregnant and you know [TS]

  like we had this big boom mic we had to [TS]

  pull towards because i couldn't pull a [TS]

  little a little hot room with no air and [TS]

  a giant my phone in a large pregnant [TS]

  lady he asked it was good times good [TS]

  times but I'm so that's what I've been [TS]

  trying and trying to take over super [TS]

  quickly is how much my media consumption [TS]

  changed as a result of being [TS]

  uncomfortable and and wanting to remain [TS]

  a part of it [TS]

  how much media consumption changed by [TS]

  virtue of having to treat my free time [TS]

  much differently and I think the answer [TS]

  that is I've actually gotten very very [TS]

  picky about what I consume and that's [TS]

  probably function of both but one of the [TS]

  reasons is a since I now have access to [TS]

  so many people on the incomparable who [TS]

  knows so much about so many different [TS]

  types of media all I basically have to [TS]

  do is kind of run it through a filter [TS]

  and what do you think of this and night [TS]

  I know how they tend to approach this [TS]

  topic and what they do and don't like [TS]

  so this is what they said so i'll [TS]

  probably like this to our of this is [TS]

  what they said no I'm not gonna like it [TS]

  what's been nice looking couple is [TS]

  giving me such a great excuse to just [TS]

  buy more comics because I'm i had [TS]

  actually begin tapering off a bit [TS]

  we r garage got to fall and I got rid of [TS]

  all my long boxes and I was like okay [TS]

  I'm just gonna stick to three or four [TS]

  shelves of trade papers and back and [TS]

  that's it and then what the challenge [TS]

  challenge the comic book club was to try [TS]

  to find a book bundle that we could pass [TS]

  on to readers and to try to tie the [TS]

  particular that the specific works into [TS]

  like the bigger comic book picture and [TS]

  that's been like such a great excuse to [TS]

  go wandering down you know water down [TS]

  all these different like writerly [TS]

  alleyways or Eleanor or artist alley [TS]

  ways that I never would have had a [TS]

  chance to otherwise or top just get big [TS]

  bundles of books I would have never [TS]

  thought to put together i do listen to [TS]

  podcasts but the problem is now it's one [TS]

  of two things for my crew that's [TS]

  terribly edited for poor yea or i find [TS]

  myself getting annoyed at the way the [TS]

  host may be bigfooting over their guests [TS]

  or I am grossly jealous because my oh my [TS]

  god these people do this full time they [TS]

  have all this time it sounds so great i [TS]

  hate you so there's like five or six [TS]

  podcast I kind of rotate through and I [TS]

  have to control myself sometimes that [TS]

  you know when your NPR you're going to [TS]

  have resources available to you that you [TS]

  know other people are not going to and [TS]

  it's going to sound different [TS]

  accordingly and but i think the biggest [TS]

  way is I've gotten back into movies in a [TS]

  big way because you know someone so much [TS]

  time in the day there's not so much [TS]

  reading you can do and i had not [TS]

  and 8i I had sort of fallen out they [TS]

  have to watching movies because they're [TS]

  kind of a time commitment when you think [TS]

  about it you know you have to sink in [TS]

  it's it's it's a hundred it's like you [TS]

  know anywhere from from 90 minutes 280 [TS]

  minutes depending on the movie and how [TS]

  long is this like there's a night when [TS]

  filling my watch this boot [TS]

  I swear to god it was like a week the [TS]

  doctors got a dog food does last a week [TS]

  and you're still watching it now Lisa [TS]

  sorry I'm the corner of my eye that's [TS]

  wrong i was running around up but you [TS]

  know thanks to again the podcast that [TS]

  we've had here it's been it's been great [TS]

  to to say okay I'm going to make the [TS]

  space for that and watch them and then [TS]

  you try to get back in a conversation [TS]

  the one thing that I would like to [TS]

  change that i have not been able to is [TS]

  my ability to sit down in read a novel [TS]

  from from cover to cover or just sit [TS]

  down and sing into book that's I've had [TS]

  a lot of difficulty with that the [TS]

  passage routes and um I wish I could [TS]

  read more [TS]

  or rather i wish i could read more stuff [TS]

  because right now I'm just doing a whole [TS]

  lot of reading and i'm ok i wonder is in [TS]

  some sense the incredibles kind of push [TS]

  me to present because I gotta admit what [TS]

  comes around to award season and you're [TS]

  like oh I have this enormous archive [TS]

  with material we can pass around we can [TS]

  discuss this I'm like oh god I just [TS]

  don't have time its too daunting I can't [TS]

  you through it and so then I'll like go [TS]

  and run and reread pattern recognition [TS]

  for the third time or whatever because [TS]

  that I know what I'm getting there so [TS]

  it's kind of sparkly ironic that i'm [TS]

  reading less science fiction since I do [TS]

  like it and I do like fantasy but I i [TS]

  think in some ways maybe the the the [TS]

  books of emphasis and especially [TS]

  awards-season type stuff when this is [TS]

  all this stuff takter against daunting [TS]

  like I literally have no idea where I'd [TS]

  start eating the elephant so [TS]

  congratulations on making me read less [TS]

  in coppell walk away [TS]

  yeah we live to serve is what I'm saying [TS]

  speaking of reading last chance here [TS]

  huge sigh of the Christian not reading [TS]

  things you can read you're not an [TS]

  illiterate person but you you've said [TS]

  that you know you're you're you're [TS]

  limited in the inn [TS]

  the novels that you read you definitely [TS]

  are on our patrick rothfuss episodes [TS]

  about the name of the wind and the wise [TS]

  man's fear and and some others to [TS]

  understand I understand yes well Stephen [TS]

  King absolutely so but i'm curious just [TS]

  broadly John what do you know what has [TS]

  changed [TS]

  uh and what are your thoughts about how [TS]

  you consume media of the last 300 weeks [TS]

  last five and a half years and realize [TS]

  that the the second level angle the show [TS]

  would be how the incumbent has ruined [TS]

  our lives so should I don't really think [TS]

  you got something to say how you have [TS]

  been on the show has hurt me in some way [TS]

  I can reasonably expected that come to [TS]

  the second level Glenn is already there [TS]

  the show killed my father's you can no [TS]

  longer right OS 10 reviews its destroyer [TS]

  was actually not very critical before [TS]

  the show that's right now look what [TS]

  happened actually might night the first [TS]

  thing that came to mind believe it or [TS]

  not Jason was that not in the past [TS]

  several years that I've been doing this [TS]

  podcast i look back most of the books [TS]

  that I've read have been books I've read [TS]

  for the show so i think is making me [TS]

  read more a little bit more maybe not a [TS]

  lot more but a little bit more than I [TS]

  you still in particular it has made me [TS]

  do a lot more sort of whatever call [TS]

  panic reading where he had a book until [TS]

  that you look at the calendar and there [TS]

  are two days left before the show and [TS]

  like it's a patrick rothfuss book and [TS]

  you've got 475 pages left and then you [TS]

  just read like the wind huh yeah i'll [TS]

  get exactly a and rereading which is not [TS]

  really i think that i mean i have read [TS]

  The Stand several times on my own before [TS]

  podcast existed but you know to go back [TS]

  through it again for a podcast that [TS]

  something i wouldn't have done the [TS]

  second thing is as other people have [TS]

  mentioned comics although i'm coming [TS]

  from a different place i was i never [TS]

  read comics that I'd like comics I still [TS]

  don't really like comics that you know I [TS]

  just I didn't have a face when I was [TS]

  into them that i fell out of them [TS]

  I was just out of them completely and [TS]

  hearing a bunch of seemingly intelligent [TS]

  adults talk about comics passionately [TS]

  and have very interesting things to say [TS]

  about them and got talking about comics [TS]

  that I didn't know existed at all you [TS]

  know because comics if you if you're not [TS]

  into comes you think I promise you think [TS]

  of superheroes and stuff but it's [TS]

  obviously so much more to it and I [TS]

  didn't know that until I will [TS]

  listen to these episodes made me try a [TS]

  couple of comics and read a couple of [TS]

  comic series some which I actually [TS]

  finished and that would never have [TS]

  happened without the show [TS]

  unfortunately didn't be talking about [TS]

  how the hospital has ruined my life [TS]

  although this one series that I like the [TS]

  best I listened to the entire and [TS]

  comfortable episode about it before [TS]

  reading the series and so I kind of knew [TS]

  everything that happened in it which was [TS]

  kind of a bummer so I kind of pretty [TS]

  spoiled myself but that's definitely [TS]

  something i would not have done if not [TS]

  for the uncomfortable and then the final [TS]

  thing getting more towards the vein of [TS]

  housing complex hurt me is uh what's [TS]

  that was incompetent episodes i find now [TS]

  often substitutes for consuming the [TS]

  media so if I see this incredible [TS]

  episode about a movie that I was on the [TS]

  fence about seeing I now have to choose [TS]

  should I listen to the episode or should [TS]

  i watch the movie and listen to the [TS]

  episode and very often i say well I [TS]

  probably don't have time to do both so [TS]

  why not just listen to the episode [TS]

  instead of watching and we'll be or are [TS]

  reading the book or whatever maybe [TS]

  because that's almost as good right like [TS]

  the bill tell me what happened in it and [TS]

  then I'll here analysis of it and then [TS]

  I'll feel like i have experienced it [TS]

  even though i haven't actually [TS]

  experienced it [TS]

  maybe that's actually a net win because [TS]

  it saves time but not the other things [TS]

  people said like watching of media more [TS]

  critically and paying more attention [TS]

  that that didn't change because i always [TS]

  did that because i love this podcast [TS]

  right that's right that's right you were [TS]

  already there you're taking notes for a [TS]

  podcast that didn't exist as he notes [TS]

  before before anyone want to hear what [TS]

  the hell those notes four o'clock my [TS]

  wife she got them whether you want them [TS]

  or not [TS]

  yeah I'm sure she's like she's like [TS]

  she's like I don't know [TS]

  folding laundry and you're like I got a [TS]

  brief opening statement i have been [TS]

  known in the age of tivo I have been [TS]

  known to pause the show ya to explain a [TS]

  particular thing that has just appeared [TS]

  on screen usually angle mom hasn't done [TS]

  that they're filming it all the time [TS]

  let's imagine my girlfriend my [TS]

  girlfriend is that does that a lot [TS]

  especially when it's like they're [TS]

  ruining this female characters [TS]

  my wife has has it has a particularly [TS]

  we've been married for more than 20 [TS]

  years and there's one expression on her [TS]

  face that only i ever see when I pause [TS]

  the tivo in the middle of making out [TS]

  father and it's like all right I just [TS]

  got to get I we just let's get through [TS]

  this one of my favorite moments is the [TS]

  one we went to go see gosford park we [TS]

  actually that fancy went to go see in [TS]

  the theater which is not in keeping with [TS]

  our usual style of seeing movies but I [TS]

  were watching it and this is the parkway [TS]

  in oakland there's one point where [TS]

  someone says something and fills arm [TS]

  shot out and he made like the teapot [TS]

  button just because we want to stop the [TS]

  right then and aspects it but would you [TS]

  like but the expression that raced [TS]

  across his face when he realized because [TS]

  researchers the fury [TS]

  wait why can't do this man oh that's [TS]

  right I can't do this let's consider the [TS]

  bookmark for later like like I will I [TS]

  will come in on what just happened later [TS]

  oh yeah look like number one footnote [TS]

  right here about this [TS]

  yeah it's um that's why a lot of a lot [TS]

  of solar there it's good i'm glad Jon [TS]

  I'm glad we've given you an outlet [TS]

  I and conectate can't take credit was [TS]

  this the first podcast you were ever on [TS]

  I don't remember I don't know how the [TS]

  chronology works and say yes yes you can [TS]

  try to feel free i think i think i may [TS]

  have been on some five-by-five thing not [TS]

  hyper growling gasps yeah before that [TS]

  political status i'm gonna take ya I'm [TS]

  gonna take full credit that so they're [TS]

  responsible for John circles being a [TS]

  pocket you take blame for not having me [TS]

  on until episode 3 so that they can it's [TS]

  true there's the early days well if you [TS]

  would read the ten books that we talked [TS]

  about in episode 10 depends on that is [TS]

  the first TV show [TS]

  yeah that's right yeah that's right [TS]

  Glenn pointed out a typo in the show [TS]

  notes just earlier today 297 weeks later [TS]

  we got it we gotta fix folks it's not [TS]

  there you don't look because it's not [TS]

  there [TS]

  better late than never react exactly so [TS]

  speaking of late uh one of one of our [TS]

  people who joined us midstream as I said [TS]

  at the beginning Erica I I knew about [TS]

  you through listening to the very [TS]

  podcast and through listening to the [TS]

  2-minute I'm Lord not going to chip in [TS]

  and chip [TS]

  has been on the show a bunch to head out [TS]

  you know what was sort of my gateway [TS]

  into like all the Doctor Who podcast and [TS]

  I listen to very and I thought erica [TS]

  sounds like somebody who might be a good [TS]

  fit for us and you know what I i I'm I'm [TS]

  really glad that works oh good workout [TS]

  but I had a motor like well I'm just [TS]

  gonna take a flyer I'm gonna sound like [TS]

  a crazy person on the internet being [TS]

  like would you like to be on my podcast [TS]

  but you were on the matrix episode which [TS]

  you saw in the theater like eight times [TS]

  or something something nine times nine [TS]

  just kind of the right time I only miss [TS]

  nosey really your last name one time and [TS]

  I edited that out it you were not alone [TS]

  in that many many people have done a oh [TS]

  yeah and you didn't seem like a total [TS]

  crazy crazy person because i had seen [TS]

  you on a podcasting panel at the gallery [TS]

  one doctor who commotion [TS]

  uh-huh so you were in that audience i [TS]

  didn't even receive see so so you saw me [TS]

  and I didn't I didn't even know about [TS]

  that right now when you and I didn't see [TS]

  you so who's the stalker now I had no [TS]

  idea who you were so i'm not sure i'm [TS]

  just talking but but but at least I had [TS]

  sort of some reference you were your guy [TS]

  chip new was basically so it exactly [TS]

  sure it's all about chip [TS]

  yeah he's not here it all comes back to [TS]

  change so so 2 plus years of being on [TS]

  this podcast uh you know how it and of [TS]

  course you were on your own Verity [TS]

  before that so have been on podcasts how [TS]

  was that changed your relationship with [TS]

  with the media you consume you know it a [TS]

  lot like what people have said already [TS]

  it has changed both of things that I [TS]

  consume and the way that I consume them [TS]

  and and some of it does get laid at [TS]

  Barry's feet but i think i think some of [TS]

  it a lot of it gets late at the [TS]

  incomparable feet because verities just [TS]

  doctor who and comfortable goes into a [TS]

  lot of different directions that are not [TS]

  doctor who [TS]

  so I i remember being on that first [TS]

  episode that i was on a about the matrix [TS]

  and being super nervous because i had [TS]

  only ever talked about Doctor Who in a [TS]

  podcast before so when i watch the [TS]

  matrix I i took lots and lots and lots [TS]

  and lots of notes and I had I went to [TS]

  film school so I did the film criticism [TS]

  thing and I hated it with a fiery [TS]

  passion that was the person that I could [TS]

  not stand at all [TS]

  and because I wasn't good at it I just I [TS]

  just absolutely sucked at watching [TS]

  something and taking it apart and my [TS]

  critical faculties were not at all [TS]

  developed and apparently over time they [TS]

  must have like marinated in my brain and [TS]

  and improved and gotten better and maybe [TS]

  very helped a little bit over time [TS]

  because as i was taking notes for that [TS]

  episode it was just it was all coming [TS]

  back to me as like I'm noticing this and [TS]

  I noticed that and I i had a lot to say [TS]

  and was kind of surprised by that [TS]

  so them the more time went on and the [TS]

  more practice I got with that i think i [TS]

  think i have improved as a podcaster as [TS]

  far as is what i notice and what I'm [TS]

  able to to bring to the table a lot [TS]

  since that time so so so I think [TS]

  operable has made my life better not [TS]

  worse and I'm still listening to other [TS]

  podcast and but while I listen to a lot [TS]

  of Doctor Who podcast will put it that [TS]

  way here and there are so many of them [TS]

  so many there are [TS]

  remember when there was one that was [TS]

  there was one at one point now there's [TS]

  like a thousand of yeah actually the [TS]

  first one was German so I would never [TS]

  have listened to it anyway because it [TS]

  happened in english up [TS]

  yep we're good at chapter and chapter [TS]

  chapter markers so but but as far as the [TS]

  things that I consume yeah I almost all [TS]

  of my media consumption these days is [TS]

  just focused around what what needs to [TS]

  be done for one podcast or another my [TS]

  life has changed very much in that way [TS]

  and I don't mind that's that's fine [TS]

  because that means i am guaranteed to [TS]

  have somebody to talk to about whatever [TS]

  i'm watching on the rare shows that i [TS]

  watch that that other people don't like [TS]

  i watch the good wife and I don't really [TS]

  know anybody in real life who watches [TS]

  that so it's a little bit sad because [TS]

  that's the only show i watch that I [TS]

  don't have somebody to come around to [TS]

  you know to go back and forth with so [TS]

  it's kind of it's kind of a bummer so [TS]

  I'm always excited when i get to do this [TS]

  and it totally brought me back into [TS]

  reading books again i had sort of given [TS]

  up on novels for a long time because I [TS]

  just been busy and that the couple book [TS]

  club episodes i started out being on and [TS]

  then the award season reading that was [TS]

  really fun i was it was just it was nice [TS]

  to to dig back into books I mean [TS]

  I I got so excited about it Stephen [TS]

  actually bought me a kindle paperwhite [TS]

  so had I not started reading for the [TS]

  uncomfortable i might not have gotten [TS]

  that gadget so her and Scott McNulty [TS]

  approves you and then we need another [TS]

  person on that panel because dan didn't [TS]

  want to do the reading so you know your [TS]

  and Erica and ir twinsies so it worked [TS]

  out perfectly [TS]

  I'm just something in its a smooth [TS]

  transition we want your twinsies are I [TS]

  don't know this i don't know this part [TS]

  of things are you guys twinsies soon [TS]

  perfect now can I was actually a line [TS]

  just agree on Doctor Who a lot and many [TS]

  many other things [TS]

  yeah well I so the wayward nemec's your [TS]

  yes exactly exactly understand okay yeah [TS]

  but by the transitive property I guess [TS]

  you're also dance nemesis and he's [TS]

  already got one though I don't know you [TS]

  already Scott's already covers a primary [TS]

  alright what you did and you can cover [TS]

  Scott and then I'll take the client-side [TS]

  actually got a good that divide and [TS]

  conquer it Glenn is kinda like a [TS]

  freelance nemesis for whoever needs one [TS]

  at any given time for this command sure [TS]

  he knows all the other nemesis alright [TS]

  David so so the story with you is that [TS]

  you wrote you you see you've been [TS]

  lurking for a long time like I remember [TS]

  you and I were both fans of the original [TS]

  TV talk machine podcasts back in the day [TS]

  well even more i was i was a long time [TS]

  reader and occasional commenter on TV [TS]

  dot org Sudan or yeah I go all the way [TS]

  back to like the first design of the [TS]

  site other way way back when the [TS]

  animated gif of the of the of the [TS]

  sparkling TV set and all of that yeah [TS]

  which is which is for people who don't [TS]

  know TV door is essentially the [TS]

  predecessor of the incomparable it was a [TS]

  blog before they even have been the name [TS]

  blog that we started in about 95 and [TS]

  have a bunch of people on it who wrote [TS]

  for it like Lisa and Phil Michaels and [TS]

  Monty ashley and Steve lights and Greg [TS]

  moss and uh yeah so so you were I [TS]

  recognize you from that and from the TV [TS]

  talk machine you're always around and I [TS]

  knew that you replace all of that and [TS]

  then all of a sudden we had this crazy [TS]

  idea about what if we did a radio drama [TS]

  episode is a change of pace and I and so [TS]

  you wrote that and we did that as our as [TS]

  a radio drama episode and at which point [TS]

  you were around so you then begin [TS]

  appearing on literally every other [TS]

  what happened after that well it was [TS]

  weird when i first discovered the [TS]

  incomparable itself because i think i [TS]

  started listening around the third or [TS]

  fourth episode and then went back and [TS]

  listened to the first three and it was [TS]

  survived because it just sort of [TS]

  appeared on my radar and then I realized [TS]

  oh wait it's everybody who is a TV [TS]

  dot-org ah of course i like it so I [TS]

  started listening to it and then had [TS]

  been listening to the TV talk machine [TS]

  the the old-school TV talk machine for I [TS]

  don't know how long it had been on by [TS]

  that point I don't know I kept going to [TS]

  pick up like skipping months but not you [TS]

  me both get every now and then like you [TS]

  know Tim would talk about the theme of [TS]

  Jason listener Jason help me with the [TS]

  theme Jason's just a mystery Jason you I [TS]

  was your superfan never mentioned your [TS]

  last name and then somewhere along the [TS]

  line he mentioned your last name and my [TS]

  brain went oh my god it's just [TS]

  inconsiderate ever been you know there's [TS]

  like oh my God he's on all the podcast [TS]

  yes but yeah so yeah that then it was [TS]

  sort of like a well we connect on [TS]

  Twitter and we're doing this and doing [TS]

  that and talking about Tim and Tim is [TS]

  like the Super connector I don't know [TS]

  our but yeah you know i mean it even [TS]

  before doing anything on the podcast [TS]

  just as a listener it started changing [TS]

  the way i consumed things because I [TS]

  started to intentionally watch something [TS]

  you know all this episode is about [TS]

  raiders of the lost ark i'll watch it [TS]

  again you know not like I haven't [TS]

  watched it 40 times by that point but [TS]

  i'll watch it so that it's fresh and [TS]

  they had to listen to the show and you [TS]

  know or or books you know I I had kind [TS]

  of fallen out of reading science fiction [TS]

  books for a long time at that point and [TS]

  I listened to I don't know one of the [TS]

  first Hugo episodes or something huh [TS]

  that sounds interesting i meant i'm [TS]

  actually like that because it got to a [TS]

  point where I would listen anyway [TS]

  whether i had read or watched her play [TS]

  the game or whatever you guys were [TS]

  talking about just because i really like [TS]

  the conversation and I like the you know [TS]

  it wasn't even just the the bantering of [TS]

  it just the the critical analysis of [TS]

  things so it's like okay i don't i'm not [TS]

  going to watch this movie but it's [TS]

  really fascinating [TS]

  conversation right that any bets the [TS]

  John siracusa approach to some of these [TS]

  things is I don't need to really watch [TS]

  it if I can I feel like I've understood [TS]

  right away during a recipe you can [TS]

  substitute some ingredients for others [TS]

  and if you don't have you don't have any [TS]

  flower just take the incompetent episode [TS]

  about flower and pathetic but don't you [TS]

  know that is not sound cooking advice [TS]

  this is not a cooking buddy getting [TS]

  naughty being called the world is not [TS]

  food and and so yeah I mean it since [TS]

  joining it's really kind of focused my [TS]

  media consumption [TS]

  I mean I'm kind of omnivorous you Jason [TS]

  you have been in my house you know what [TS]

  that is full of books and dvds yes the [TS]

  fire hazard actually it is look at that [TS]

  is you don't want to look in the garage [TS]

  Oh God but in that and that's just like [TS]

  the stuff that i have that isn't virtual [TS]

  so you know i'm interested in so many [TS]

  things i want to read so many things [TS]

  this is sort of forced me to focus on [TS]

  you know we're reading this for three [TS]

  weeks from now we're watching this for [TS]

  two weeks from now and it's nice and [TS]

  it's it's also been nice to be able to [TS]

  talk about these things because I you [TS]

  know I'm in the middle of Indiana I [TS]

  don't have people here to talk about [TS]

  Kiki things with so it's been nice to [TS]

  have that outlet and especially things [TS]

  like the old movie club i think with [TS]

  maybe one or two exceptions so far [TS]

  they've all been movies I've seen [TS]

  multiple times so it's been funded to go [TS]

  back and revisit them and then talk [TS]

  about them and look at them with fresh [TS]

  eyes because you know I never watched [TS]

  them critically before or or this [TS]

  critically and then and then just the [TS]

  the thought of reading and experiencing [TS]

  things that I wouldn't normally read [TS]

  like station eleven not a book i would [TS]

  normally have read not a book I was [TS]

  crazy about but i'm glad that i read it [TS]

  and even something like a lock-in by [TS]

  john scalzi which is a book that I said [TS]

  I was not going to read because you have [TS]

  me to you know it's I mean it's very [TS]

  similar to what my mother had before she [TS]

  passed away and then realizing that [TS]

  eh it was probably okay to read it and [TS]

  be if i read it i have a group of people [TS]

  that I can talk about that with and I'm [TS]

  okay with that you know and I might not [TS]

  have done that if i didn't have that [TS]

  group i love you guys [TS]

  Oh everybody then and then you know this [TS]

  podcast is over he was gonna have a nice [TS]

  for when they're like oh gosh that's [TS]

  coming [TS]

  no no butBut been doing the radio [TS]

  theater stuff has been wonderful just on [TS]

  the creative side but also revisiting [TS]

  all the things that are influences for [TS]

  it and paying more attention to those [TS]

  now too and going ok how did they do [TS]

  this how can I do this to you know so [TS]

  it's it's it's really enriched the way I [TS]

  consume a lot of media as for listening [TS]

  to other podcasts I listen I still [TS]

  listen to ninety-nine percent invisible [TS]

  and the memory palace all the time but [TS]

  they're short you know how the memory [TS]

  palace is usually less than 10 minutes [TS]

  long [TS]

  ninety-nine ninety-nine percent visible [TS]

  is like 15 to 20 minutes at most [TS]

  so they're very short song explode or a [TS]

  lot of a lot of radio topia shows those [TS]

  and then just shows on the BBC i have [TS]

  the iplayer app on my the by player [TS]

  radio happens or it's two different apps [TS]

  now on my phone and so I listen to a lot [TS]

  of BBC you know maybe one show a day [TS]

  there long ones i don't really listen to [TS]

  much the flophouse even the flap has now [TS]

  that's it's sort of edging up to 90 [TS]

  minutes in two hours and times as wait [TS]

  how many minutes is that all podcasts [TS]

  want to be 90 minutes if you get our [TS]

  light it [TS]

  yeah now all snuggled I don't have you [TS]

  got my dad to take over it make them as [TS]

  long as somebody's the average commute I [TS]

  say yeah right let me let me tell you [TS]

  about a podcast the dam and i do that's [TS]

  out there [TS]

  robot or not actually is even better if [TS]

  you just want to work robot yeah it's [TS]

  great for you [TS]

  I listen to that all the time too but [TS]

  yeah you know it's weird like listening [TS]

  to the flight path i'll do that while [TS]

  I'm trying to go to sleep and and so [TS]

  I'll just drift off at some point I have [TS]

  no idea where where I left off and then [TS]

  all of a sudden one of their ads comes [TS]

  on in the middle of the show that just [TS]

  jolted me awake and then I get angry so [TS]

  I don't listen for a couple weeks so [TS]

  yeah i just i tend to listen to shorter [TS]

  ones I'm not listening to fiction was [TS]

  very much because i don't want to copy [TS]

  styles which is that's always a [TS]

  dangerous thing for writer boy that's [TS]

  why I read nonfiction when i'm writing [TS]

  because if I'm reading addiction i will [TS]

  just copy that style it's not it's not [TS]

  like I'm trying it just that's what's in [TS]

  my head while I'm writing ago [TS]

  ok ah well so I haven't come to go and [TS]

  yet you have suggested this topic so i [TS]

  guess well I guess I guess its role [TS]

  anytime [TS]

  yeah sorry we got Jason what about you [TS]

  I I'll yes I i will answer this question [TS]

  after asking a Glen to Glen tell us it's [TS]

  been 300 it's been 300 week's issue [TS]

  since we had that conversation on [TS]

  Twitter about the city in the city and [TS]

  here we are [TS]

  so how have things changed for you in [TS]

  the last five and a half years it has [TS]

  been a long time since episode number [TS]

  one it's true and yet we're still here I [TS]

  haven't worn you down yet have intruded [TS]

  you can't exactly and we still have the [TS]

  plants because we'll always have [TS]

  supplements and always applicants well [TS]

  what everybody said I just so whatever [TS]

  reset that's it it's a I i think i feel [TS]

  i can carpool has helped me find my [TS]

  tribe that's the phrase always liked [TS]

  where I've been key for a long time I've [TS]

  never felt particularly self-conscious [TS]

  about even that went to really egghead [TS]

  junior high and high school and you know [TS]

  off to Eastern colleges and whatever so [TS]

  it wasn't like I had a dearth of people [TS]

  who had read hitchhiker's guide or [TS]

  sci-fi or watch the movies i did it was [TS]

  always kind of part of what I did and I [TS]

  probably read a lot more sci-fi and [TS]

  fantasy and beyond what was involved the [TS]

  media of that comic books especially [TS]

  when I said my single years and [TS]

  single-digit years and teenager but I [TS]

  feel like I kind of a gap I moved to [TS]

  Seattle over 20 years ago [TS]

  and cut a lot of friends here who are [TS]

  more let's say like general culture [TS]

  friends so i didn't have people here I [TS]

  bonded over it where I found my geeks [TS]

  was when I traveled and macworld was one [TS]

  of the places and you know one source to [TS]

  backwards year or maybe WWDC and I go to [TS]

  that I want to until like 2000-2001 a [TS]

  dot-com crash i would sometimes go to [TS]

  six or seven conferences a year or [TS]

  something like it and I get a hook up [TS]

  with people who share those interests [TS]

  that's where I found my tribe was kinda [TS]

  on the road more than I realized and so [TS]

  when I when the dot humping collapse was [TS]

  traveling less and it's looking at [TS]

  macworld and then had my first kid in [TS]

  2004 and second 2007 just felt like [TS]

  there are fewer people I could share [TS]

  those experiences with and my wife is [TS]

  not a sci-fi/fantasy person she doesn't [TS]

  object to it just never pick your [TS]

  interest and we have a lot of stuff that [TS]

  we like to watch her engage in terms of [TS]

  beauty and calm read some of the same [TS]

  books and discuss them but I felt like I [TS]

  lost my tribe it and the accomplice help [TS]

  me refined that group and not just you [TS]

  fellow panelists and friends you know [TS]

  number of you and in real life before [TS]

  and out and offer my help to meet in [TS]

  person and hang with in the future but [TS]

  also mark your listeners there's so many [TS]

  people I've met who listen to the show [TS]

  or don know on Twitter and so you might [TS]

  like this show they became listeners and [TS]

  that's this wonderful extended group to [TS]

  discuss things with that the facebook [TS]

  group is now a really lovely extension [TS]

  of that as well so i can get into some [TS]

  specifics but I feel like exactly what I [TS]

  think several people have said this at [TS]

  this point but you're John and Dan and [TS]

  at least something in particular is that [TS]

  like I just feel like i have people who [TS]

  if I actually ever said this issue days [TS]

  I've people who if I read something or [TS]

  I'm thinking about a piece of culture [TS]

  that I think it's kinda geeky I know I [TS]

  people I can talk to about I know that [TS]

  the most obscure thing that I'm [TS]

  interested in I know multiple people in [TS]

  our slack grouper our panels will know [TS]

  it and i was thinking we also have this [TS]

  great thing which is we have time [TS]

  travelers in our midst [TS]

  we're always joking at how serenity you [TS]

  know grew up with the way she grew up [TS]

  which is she's like 20 years older than [TS]

  she is in some ways and I think that's [TS]

  true of a lot of us that kind of [TS]

  have an age chronological age matched [TS]

  David of course is 87 [TS]

  yes I'm really in my sixties and a lot [TS]

  of us lived a lot of its kind of [TS]

  interest in it took us back [TS]

  it's true that i'm probably my 16 like [TS]

  what's our friends on how much blood [TS]

  he's he's drunk today is I'm tender [TS]

  linear constructs and you earth people [TS]

  get to what's your what's your cultural [TS]

  age you know I think what's been great [TS]

  too is not just reaching farther into [TS]

  the past and being able to you know I i [TS]

  talked about this on the foot podcast we [TS]

  need to really show episode with them on [TS]

  Ashley and and David I and I did that [TS]

  and it was kind of hilarious because [TS]

  check is talking my dad later he's like [TS]

  almost all those two I'm like of course [TS]

  you did you were alive then I don't [TS]

  listen to them later teenager and a [TS]

  bunch of guys their forties talking [TS]

  about shows that aired you know for [TS]

  years before they were born so you know [TS]

  I think I reiterate some other people's [TS]

  points just briefly to is I'd kind of [TS]

  gotten out of the habit of reading [TS]

  comics and definitely think Jason I [TS]

  think you are a key influence in that i [TS]

  would say the couple episodes help drive [TS]

  me towards specific things but I think [TS]

  your interest and writing about reading [TS]

  comics on ipad actually definitely [TS]

  steered me towards trying it out and I [TS]

  read I don't need a ton of comics i go [TS]

  through binges and all sometimes get [TS]

  collections out of the library like the [TS]

  giants and man-eating so just I [TS]

  literally don't have room in my house to [TS]

  put those four volumes so i'll get about [TS]

  the library and read them but I [TS]

  definitely I'd essentially a banner [TS]

  reading comics Doctor Who I was watching [TS]

  but having a crew of people who also [TS]

  watched it definitely kept me on track [TS]

  with that and I always you know be [TS]

  reading books sci-fi and fantasy [TS]

  throughout my life but I think having [TS]

  that focus you know I think John was [TS]

  saying is just being able to drive [TS]

  towards I gotta get this finished [TS]

  because we're doing a book club episode [TS]

  or like recently I read the Goblin [TS]

  Empire Emperor year so someone's after [TS]

  you guys talked about in an episode and [TS]

  that was inspired by the discussion look [TS]

  I need to go read this book so i don't [TS]

  think i have a [TS]

  this is help me feel like I'm not [TS]

  reading in isolation about watching [TS]

  isolation so if i have fields which we [TS]

  all do with the places i'm i'm not [TS]

  talking my wife she's folding laundry [TS]

  more to her great pleasure she goes I [TS]

  have a group back together to take my [TS]

  opening statements to as well and i will [TS]

  say I'm almost convinced by this group [TS]

  that i should be should rewatch Babylon [TS]

  5 and deep space 9 [TS]

  yeah he's with that I'd yeah deep space [TS]

  nine elder rewatch with you I think it'd [TS]

  be fun to podcast about it but haven't [TS]

  listened but you can listen to the audio [TS]

  but guide to Babylon 5 with the with [TS]

  Erica and ship and shannon which 1i [TS]

  magically re watching it while listening [TS]

  to their podcast and it's been a lot of [TS]

  fun i watched some of that series but [TS]

  why was the last thing I'd say it's just [TS]

  I don't know it's it's fun to explore [TS]

  stuff with friends and it's fun to be in [TS]

  a group where not only do I consider i [TS]

  mean i know all you guys are friends but [TS]

  it's also like it extends that French [TS]

  about where I've always felt like being [TS]

  comfortable is inclusive and welcoming [TS]

  thing we try to welcome people into what [TS]

  we're doing and because we want to share [TS]

  our excitement and even if we don't like [TS]

  something was shuttered its taste but [TS]

  we're not trying to tell people you're [TS]

  not the geek that you should be you [TS]

  don't know and I right we'll have the [TS]

  information this is a place where we [TS]

  want to really come in and I feel like [TS]

  that's one of the great things about [TS]

  human part of this i have to say that [TS]

  generally speaking I think the people i [TS]

  interact with on the uncomfortable [TS]

  represent the best faces of fandom the [TS]

  the sense that it's inclusive and [TS]

  there's not a whole lot of flashing of [TS]

  credit the sensible i'm on a first-name [TS]

  basis with these creators are these [TS]

  actors and there's not a whole lot of [TS]

  the whole well I've been reading this [TS]

  sense XYZ and if you haven't you're [TS]

  obviously not a fan [TS]

  there's not a whole lot of flashing a [TS]

  bona fides and i really love that about [TS]

  the the Finnish culture that the [TS]

  incomparable in the aggregate has [TS]

  perpetuated by and I think that's one of [TS]

  the reasons i love sticking around to is [TS]

  because if i want to dive into something [TS]

  that I've never ever read or watched [TS]

  before somebody will say oh my gosh yeah [TS]

  right here here's a pointer here's how [TS]

  to get started when you get to this part [TS]

  talk to because I want to talk to you [TS]

  about it is supposed to you haven't seen [TS]

  that yet my god you know it's not like [TS]

  we're sitting here trying to criticize [TS]

  every [TS]

  thing or tear things apart with the rare [TS]

  exception [TS]

  it's our does not i dunno don't be [TS]

  running i love to criticize i'm kinda [TS]

  like going to but it's the personal [TS]

  interactions [TS]

  yeah.the mission here is like enthusiasm [TS]

  right yeah yeah love these things [TS]

  I think we've been talking about for a [TS]

  long time that that's kind of our our [TS]

  SOP when it comes to these things is [TS]

  there's plenty of places out there to [TS]

  talk about things and break them down [TS]

  and yes we do that to a certain extent [TS]

  heck we've got our own podcast about [TS]

  talking up things that most people don't [TS]

  like but it's nice it ya hey that's [TS]

  great i love that's called you have been [TS]

  looking up things podcast circle [TS]

  yeah I think there's some british term [TS]

  for it but i'm not sure yet but i think [TS]

  that is one of the pleasant things all [TS]

  that and i think it's interesting it's [TS]

  great to feel like you know sometimes [TS]

  you feel like we have an infinite number [TS]

  of possibilities of things to talk about [TS]

  as well just in the in the process of of [TS]

  talking about this i was scrolling back [TS]

  through our archives and notice that [TS]

  episode I think on episode four we [TS]

  discussed a you know whether we should [TS]

  talk about a upcoming darktower movie [TS]

  adaptation and five and a half years [TS]

  later the dark tower episode [TS]

  oh well that was upcoming it still is [TS]

  technically upcoming it's museum but [TS]

  it's not uncritical either it's not like [TS]

  oh this is great it's a draenei yeah I [TS]

  be there are no loyalty test that's that [TS]

  that's the thing i like that is there's [TS]

  there's no loyalty test where you're not [TS]

  a true fan if you don't unquestioningly [TS]

  embrace this you know parentheses [TS]

  problematic element parentheses you know [TS]

  people are allowed to engage with the [TS]

  the text as they would say in school and [TS]

  you like your one thing i love this but [TS]

  I don't want this about it is to love [TS]

  this right and it's okay um yeah I think [TS]

  I mean I talked about that I know Eric [TS]

  and I've talked about that the idea that [TS]

  there's no such thing as you're doing it [TS]

  wrong when you're a fan like you can be [TS]

  a fan of whatever and and there's no [TS]

  wrong way to be a fan of something and [TS]

  also that and that includes being you [TS]

  know getting something out of it by [TS]

  looking at it with some with a critical [TS]

  eye that that you know that that's [TS]

  always been part of my consumption of [TS]

  media is [TS]

  that you get more out of it when you do [TS]

  that and I really love tearing tearing [TS]

  apart something not because i'm trying [TS]

  to destroy it but because I'm trying to [TS]

  understand it what works what doesn't [TS]

  work and why i like it why it resonates [TS]

  with me and I and if that's not for [TS]

  everybody but i think that that's that's [TS]

  one of the the like Dan said the SOPs of [TS]

  of this is it that's that's that's a [TS]

  fake military talk for standard [TS]

  operating procedures by the way of this [TS]

  podcast is is that exactly which is [TS]

  we're coming at it from a position of [TS]

  enthusiasm but we we also wanna kinda [TS]

  kind of tearing apart and find out like [TS]

  what makes it tick and why why it is the [TS]

  way it is why we like it or why we you [TS]

  know what why some of it bothers us and [TS]

  but never in a you know never except for [TS]

  maybe rocket surgery and a mean-spirited [TS]

  way human and and it's were so many of [TS]

  us also i think I you know the fact that [TS]

  we came out of a group of people who are [TS]

  mainly interested in technology and a [TS]

  lot of people in that group there's a [TS]

  large crossover with taking things apart [TS]

  and seeing how they work and trying to [TS]

  figure them out right so i think that's [TS]

  that helps us in that way I mean I i was [TS]

  thinking about it today thinking about [TS]

  the question for tonight and and it [TS]

  really you know it's kind of made me a [TS]

  better writer too because i'm paying [TS]

  more attention and you know trying to [TS]

  figure out how it works and how how does [TS]

  this why is this structured this way why [TS]

  did they make this choice and it's [TS]

  making me think a little bit more as i'm [TS]

  writing my own stuff which I did not [TS]

  expect so I i I'll answered this [TS]

  question in the sense of uh there is i [TS]

  realized there is a precious little that [TS]

  I consume anymore that does not have a [TS]

  podcast at the end of it here when it's [TS]

  a little bit brought it's a little bit [TS]

  problematic and yet at the same time it [TS]

  is also that i'm on a kind of a glide [TS]

  path it's not as if there are things [TS]

  that I am desperate to to consume that I [TS]

  don't get too it's just that a lot of it [TS]

  ends up leading to somewhere and that's [TS]

  how I kind of pic the topics and how I [TS]

  can modulate my entertainment [TS]

  consumption time sometimes it gets a [TS]

  little crazy like one when we did Buffy [TS]

  Season one and there were a couple of [TS]

  old movies and there were a bunch of [TS]

  books and there's like and there's ten [TS]

  batman animated series of passwords like [TS]

  wow there's a lot here in a very short [TS]

  period of time [TS]

  you consume which is when we get to be [TS]

  panic reading is John put it you know at [TS]

  the same time it's it's um I i do have [TS]

  those moments I was talking to somebody [TS]

  and I'm not sure John was John was out [TS]

  here visiting not too long ago and i [TS]

  know we were talking and you have those [TS]

  moments where you're like this could be [TS]

  a podcast but it's not a podcast [TS]

  shouldn't be a podcast know what you are [TS]

  recording tonight I should i buy car [TS]

  just I need to install the microphones [TS]

  in the car so I can get all of the all [TS]

  of the conversations down but it and [TS]

  that's and that's the point is that i do [TS]

  have those moments where i watch a TV [TS]

  show let's say that i'm not doing a [TS]

  podcast about and I think this is a [TS]

  little bit weird like I i I'm almost [TS]

  always taking notes now right and then [TS]

  again it's not a bad way but it has sort [TS]

  of like become that if i'm going to [TS]

  prioritize something and I want to say [TS]

  this really positive like i said earlier [TS]

  i'm reading a lot of different comics [TS]

  because I've been able to use sort of [TS]

  Lisa as a guide to suggesting she has [TS]

  this great knowledge of stuff that I [TS]

  have no idea about that that's actually [TS]

  been really great to expose me to a [TS]

  whole bunch of new stuff and back when [TS]

  Jason Brian was on and he got a new job [TS]

  then moved to Seattle and it's very busy [TS]

  and this hasn't been on while but you [TS]

  know he would he would suggest things to [TS]

  and Lisa would suggest things that and [TS]

  that was really great for my comic [TS]

  reading the award patrol that we've been [TS]

  doing that that was come up a couple of [TS]

  times has actually really help because i [TS]

  I've never been a fantasy reader I've [TS]

  always preferred science fiction fantasy [TS]

  and a lot of the novels that not being [TS]

  nominated for the hugo and nebula awards [TS]

  are fantasy novels and I've really loved [TS]

  them and i think i would never have read [TS]

  the doc goblin empereur the gene golem [TS]

  or a bunch of the the novel's actually [TS]

  that are that we will be talking about [TS]

  in a couple weeks in are nebulous [TS]

  episode that i really liked but are are [TS]

  essentially fantasy and I would have the [TS]

  absolutely bypass them otherwise so it's [TS]

  on that score [TS]

  it's also been uh it's also been really [TS]

  great to add to my my pile or at least [TS]

  guide my reading pile and discover great [TS]

  stories and great authors that I [TS]

  wouldn't have found on and then on the [TS]

  TV friend I mean that's the one of the [TS]

  nice things about creating the TV [TS]

  podcast is the a lot of the stuff that I [TS]

  was gonna watch anyway and i was going [TS]

  to think about anyway I get to talk [TS]

  about with people so like Monty was [TS]

  writing recaps for television without [TS]

  pity for years about Game of Thrones [TS]

  and when they shut down television [TS]

  without pity i said hey mom did you want [TS]

  to talk about Game of Thrones on a [TS]

  podcast we got to do that and we still [TS]

  do that and brian hamilton one week I [TS]

  couldn't do it and he's just a like a [TS]

  random listener decided to come on and [TS]

  now Brian's on a podcast with us and so [TS]

  that was great you do so and and [TS]

  likewise going to talk about Doctor Who [TS]

  I was going to talk about Doctor Who [TS]

  with people every week anyway and now [TS]

  it's a podcast and that's a lot of fun [TS]

  so I'd say that that's another part of [TS]

  this is is is transmitting some of the [TS]

  stuff that i was going to do anyway and [TS]

  be excited about and I turn that into [TS]

  something every move we've said this in [TS]

  most of the anniversary episodes we've [TS]

  done here which is I feel like if I [TS]

  didn't have this podcast i would still [TS]

  want to call you up but you know all of [TS]

  you and talk about stuff that i read [TS]

  write something that we all got gas I'm [TS]

  not as we might as well because in your [TS]

  mind starts to canada he was attentive [TS]

  there's this message that onion story [TS]

  that just came out it was a click all [TS]

  about the woman finds herself [TS]

  accidentally engaged in podcast without [TS]

  realizing it [TS]

  like many of you guys have said like [TS]

  this is the kind of stuff i would sit [TS]

  around like shoot the breeze with my [TS]

  friends you know over the course of the [TS]

  last 20 years and I feel like many of [TS]

  you even before we started doing the [TS]

  podcast we found that we had similar [TS]

  interests and we would end up sitting [TS]

  around talking about these things you [TS]

  know at those occasions going to talk [TS]

  about where we you know met up and [TS]

  whatever and so it's nice to have this [TS]

  as an outlet because yeah we're all [TS]

  nerds we all like talking about stuff [TS]

  and that that's pretty much all I love [TS]

  me some other people in like brian [TS]

  hamilton Generosa steel dance term like [TS]

  how many Ali not willingly and leaving [TS]

  them all these wonderful people we like [TS]

  it's like a magnetic field we're just [TS]

  pulling more people in turn or become [TS]

  our government to our mom and they're [TS]

  just early and converted into pure [TS]

  energy they start their own podcast and [TS]

  soon we have my hundred body and [TS]

  comparable is BMO [TS]

  so before we break for the for the [TS]

  second part of this man the 300th [TS]

  episode i wanted to just ask Glenn Glenn [TS]

  something mentioned if you if you have [TS]

  anything specific that you want to [TS]

  highlight like like I i discovered this [TS]

  entirely because of the incomparable i'm [TS]

  glad i did this would be a fine time to [TS]

  do that if you don't that's fine but I'm [TS]

  I'm just sort of curious thats the [TS]

  that's the final little little part [TS]

  Glenn are there are there specific so [TS]

  did you cover them did you mention the [TS]

  my I'm a few specifics and i'll go [TS]

  supercast I promise is a hundred [TS]

  thousand four hundred things as a [TS]

  hundred thousand kingdoms yeah [TS]

  NK jemisin yeah I love her work i've [TS]

  only read the first series and I keep me [TS]

  go to the next but I everyone later it's [TS]

  really good i just read the first book [TS]

  of the next series for the nebulas and [TS]

  really good really good [TS]

  I think this way she's our third series [TS]

  of having mr. second yeah so I I've [TS]

  reread hundred thousand kingdoms at [TS]

  least twice [TS]

  china mieville and already been reading [TS]

  but i think i read more than because [TS]

  this I regret it slightly but his books [TS]

  i like so much i like so much yeah are [TS]

  friendly and clean like her who wrote a [TS]

  column in the genie and how about that [TS]

  by the way the power of the podcast that [TS]

  a book that that a lot of us really [TS]

  loved and I had was my favorite book of [TS]

  the year and the writer of that book [TS]

  like listen to the podcast and I have [TS]

  lunch with her and she's been on a [TS]

  couple episodes and how awesome is that [TS]

  that's amazing that's unbelievable and [TS]

  we made our watches are does yeah [TS]

  ohmmeter was our house now she's never [TS]

  coming back ever coming background like [TS]

  you never have lunch with her nice she's [TS]

  tired of Night Circus is another book [TS]

  that I discovered through the show I [TS]

  think yeah and uh III whenever anybody [TS]

  ask for a recommendation like what is [TS]

  some good fiction to read i say night [TS]

  circus and golden the genie [TS]

  I mean those are the two my favorite I [TS]

  new books the last decade they're just [TS]

  so beautiful and there's certainly a lot [TS]

  in common but I would never have found [TS]

  out of those for the show [TS]

  Leviathan weeks I've now read the whole [TS]

  series to date i read the bunnies fancy [TS]

  yeah and and also watch the TV show and [TS]

  i think i would not have nests I almost [TS]

  certainly wouldn't have encountered [TS]

  those are great and Joe Walton who have [TS]

  not read enough of that I've read for of [TS]

  her books now i need to be reading some [TS]

  of others as well [TS]

  oh and own folly miyazaki like I heard [TS]

  about miyazaki for years never felt that [TS]

  approachable I wasn't sure what to watch [TS]

  for but understand it and through the [TS]

  good offices of mr. siracusa and several [TS]

  the rest of your I felt like I had an [TS]

  entree I've only watched a few movies [TS]

  but my kids love them and i will will [TS]

  eventually get through them all [TS]

  that was another example of us doing a [TS]

  whole episode about everything that [TS]

  director ever made and then realizing oh [TS]

  crap we're going to be here for more [TS]

  than 300 episodes maybe I should take [TS]

  them one [TS]

  I wanted to dance with two people on it [TS]

  to thank you yeah that was I think John [TS]

  in fact I think that's the only two [TS]

  percent certainty uncomfortable no one [TS]

  else really want it that's why we need [TS]

  Erica to come for something to watch my [TS]

  weird yeah [TS]

  oh the key upstairs extremely valuable [TS]

  because it had listened to it after [TS]

  watching the movie twice and I [TS]

  understand me better so thank you [TS]

  yeah anybody else have things like [TS]

  specific things I want to call out if [TS]

  you do feel free to share it was [TS]

  discovered it was my understanding there [TS]

  would be no not on the test [TS]

  I can't remember the name of the [TS]

  specific fantastic for Minnie's [TS]

  miniseries example unstable molecules [TS]

  unstable molecules i would not have [TS]

  heard about if jason reitman had [TS]

  recommended it and it is one of my [TS]

  favorite unconventional superhero [TS]

  research retellings now [TS]

  yeah that was that was really good I you [TS]

  know the jason reitman one that I always [TS]

  want to mention is the end you can [TS]

  listen to the episode there's an episode [TS]

  where you can actually hear him say you [TS]

  know what's really good is this new [TS]

  Hawkeye series yeah and you can hear me [TS]

  snort and be like oh please hot guy and [TS]

  he's like no no actually like the whole [TS]

  first episode is about him like taking [TS]

  his dog to the vet and I boy you know he [TS]

  was right but I are there was one of the [TS]

  best comics in the last 10 years and I [TS]

  heard about it because Jason called it [TS]

  out during an episode being comfortable [TS]

  yeah because that was that when we're [TS]

  going through that here's what we're [TS]

  doing here is we're looking at the yeah [TS]

  yeah that was just you through that [TS]

  often but I couldn't believe it but he [TS]

  was totally right yeah I'm the enemy [TS]

  front [TS]

  I I don't think I ever would have gotten [TS]

  around to watching ghost in the shell [TS]

  stand alone complex without the anime [TS]

  episode like it had been on my to watch [TS]

  list for so many years and kind of [TS]

  written it off so having an excuse to [TS]

  watch it and then dig into it was was [TS]

  really fun and then you know getting to [TS]

  rewatch the movie itself was really cool [TS]

  and on the reading side i did read [TS]

  Leviathan wakes and what and watch the [TS]

  show as well and then also the lies of [TS]

  locke lamora which i don't know i had i [TS]

  had met Scott Lynch but i never read the [TS]

  book and then I heard you guys talking [TS]

  about that actually sounds pretty good i [TS]

  should mention reading Leviathan wakes [TS]

  right now to just because you guys were [TS]

  all talking about so much and slack and [TS]

  then you talk about the TV show and I [TS]

  was like okay I gotta get on this TV [TS]

  show and [TS]

  have the kind of personality where i'd [TS]

  like to read the book first so I can do [TS]

  so no I i actually went and bought like [TS]

  the box it off amazon because i'm also [TS]

  trying to this thing I don't stare at [TS]

  screens every night [TS]

  yeah that's why I'm staying with this [TS]

  giant paper back in my lap a couple [TS]

  nights a week trying to read the book [TS]

  and it's riveting i like it i really [TS]

  like it and I don't think i would have [TS]

  bought it and because when i say well [TS]

  written by george RR martin's personal [TS]

  system [TS]

  oh I don't know brandon sanderson gives [TS]

  it a ringing endorsement like oh I don't [TS]

  know brandon sanderson would never read [TS]

  that book if it hadn't been it was [TS]

  nominated for Hugo that the reason I'm [TS]

  ready yeah i believe i picked it up off [TS]

  the shelf at some point looking for [TS]

  science fiction to read and see the [TS]

  reviews and I'm like you guys you did [TS]

  you guys read this is pretty good you're [TS]

  like we talked about that like a hundred [TS]

  like everybody what happens I'm bad I'm [TS]

  bad at that I had many moments recently [TS]

  where i was thinking like oh we should [TS]

  do an episode about this thing and then [TS]

  I go and look like oh we we didnĂ­t I [TS]

  was just thinking the other day only [TS]

  well may we never really did enough to [TS]

  300 about indiana jones and the last [TS]

  crusade oh my god wait hold on as i was [TS]

  going to back to the archives tonight I [TS]

  going to back to the archives tonight I [TS]

  John and episodic midst of that single [TS]

  episode out tonight i find that yeah do [TS]

  you mean I what we didn't have sort of a [TS]

  foot on the maltese falcon without me [TS]

  realizing that have been a recent movie [TS]

  club episode like that [TS]

  yeah yeah everybody in America too many [TS]

  shows guys actually that's another thing [TS]

  i want to mention so I'd been talking to [TS]

  Phil about doing an old movie thing for [TS]

  a long time and one of the things i had [TS]

  to i and i know this is ridiculous now [TS]

  that being comfortable as a network that [TS]

  has like almost 20 podcast on it but [TS]

  there are believing about their podcast [TS]

  that we don't spin off and rocket [TS]

  surgery and only club are two of those [TS]

  where where they're actually not new [TS]

  podcasts we do have a slight amount of [TS]

  restraint and one of the great things [TS]

  about the old movie club is that I do [TS]

  feel like Phil is my guide to old movies [TS]

  because i know nothing about old movies [TS]

  i don't i just told don't at all and so [TS]

  I really enjoy that once every couple of [TS]

  months [TS]

  Phil gives me an assignment watch these [TS]

  movies and I don't know anything about [TS]

  them [TS]

  I've almost certainly not ever seen them [TS]

  and I know a lot of people who are on [TS]

  those episodes have seen them or know [TS]

  them by heart or it's their favorite [TS]

  movie and then there's me who's like [TS]

  monkeys like hey his girl Friday that's [TS]

  my favorite movie and I'm like I've [TS]

  never something which is crazy because [TS]

  you're a reporter it's like it'sit's [TS]

  like practically no I feel front page i [TS]

  actually saw the front page but i never [TS]

  saw his girl Friday so you know but but [TS]

  this is this is the thing so that that's [TS]

  actually an example of where [TS]

  unexpectedly since that's a little bit [TS]

  different from what the original charter [TS]

  of the incomparable was but I've really [TS]

  enjoyed that of like what you know [TS]

  somebody who has seen a lot of old [TS]

  movies tell me some movies that i [TS]

  actually would be interested in seeing [TS]

  because there there there are lots of [TS]

  them i'm not going to be able to pick [TS]

  but if somebody can hold my hand and say [TS]

  no no we're gonna watch these we're [TS]

  gonna watch these movies these old [TS]

  movies and that's been a lot of fun [TS]

  that's been a nice thing to make a list [TS]

  of all the things that you know to fill [TS]

  the glens a real-time homework [TS]

  assignment of the things that we've [TS]

  discovered because the show and it's [TS]

  actually something something list it's [TS]

  not like obscure stuff tonight but I [TS]

  think about like salt bagels garlic [TS]

  bagel house like bialys I mean like like [TS]

  like the name of the wind serious like I [TS]

  think I would [TS]

  on that existed but i definitely want to [TS]

  read it unless we're going to do a [TS]

  podcast about Doctor Who again knew it [TS]

  existed i started watching the 2005 [TS]

  Doctor Who reboot but i don't think i [TS]

  would have been as religiously watching [TS]

  it as I was if I didn't know that there [TS]

  was a podcast back and I also hearing a [TS]

  bunch of and I did this another doctor [TS]

  who podcasts Aria cheated on the [TS]

  uncomfortable you see here hearing all [TS]

  these people who are super enthusiastic [TS]

  about it maybe I should even though the [TS]

  show seems kind of silly to maybe I [TS]

  should give it more of a shot the Marvel [TS]

  movies i'm sure i would have seen some [TS]

  of them but i have been as dedicated to [TS]

  watching them all and putting them all [TS]

  in and one giving agents of shield [TS]

  another chance after I bailed on and if [TS]

  not for the podcast know the flash the [TS]

  arrow set same deal I definitely do not [TS]

  watch those if i had heard you know [TS]

  Paul's a raving about them for so long [TS]

  the expanse that everyone else has [TS]

  mentioned that you read the books but [TS]

  because everyone has been talking about [TS]

  the books and we're also watching it I [TS]

  said I get that try even things like [TS]

  ready player one which I definitely [TS]

  wouldn't have read what they have the [TS]

  pockets and now i'm looking forward to [TS]

  reading the Goblin emperor of doom [TS]

  so that'll be great that's not it that's [TS]

  not it now it seems like I think that's [TS]

  a nice book in a series 19 sadly yeah we [TS]

  remember getting everybody else took the [TS]

  ones that I wouldn't mention but I [TS]

  because i SAT there thinking my comment [TS]

  on what i do and then went through a [TS]

  whole list of things I tell ya don't see [TS]

  me I probably would not have read that [TS]

  otherwise gotta survive winter at that [TS]

  expanse yeah I mean I think I've read a [TS]

  lot of things I feel like I definitely I [TS]

  have watch some old movies thanks to [TS]

  feel like about i feel like i'm a bad [TS]

  about fifty percent with feel like you [TS]

  always pick one movie if you look like [TS]

  the two movies it's like one of them [TS]

  I've seen and the other one i've never [TS]

  heard of so i tried it yet no that's [TS]

  great though because he really really [TS]

  loves old with like our party fo is is [TS]

  ninety-nine percent full right now and i [TS]

  guarantee you that close to two eighty [TS]

  percent of that content is nothing but [TS]

  stuff he's recorded off of turning [TS]

  classic movies action that like he goes [TS]

  through the listings every few days and [TS]

  I'm so jealous like all these things [TS]

  like that's not being here don't like [TS]

  maybe maybe maybe now is the time for me [TS]

  to do a deep dive on energy Robinson and [TS]

  so [TS]

  more like six in a row and then you know [TS]

  that doesn't that is a thing I actually [TS]

  lived through recently so yeah I I once [TS]

  so I once went of film i went on a [TS]

  business trip and on the way back we [TS]

  went to we went to a college football [TS]

  game in Tennessee was Cal playing [TS]

  Tennessee and so it's you know the [TS]

  mismatched I play the wacky music from [TS]

  The Amazing Race kind of thing but we're [TS]

  watching on the TV is a is an old movie [TS]

  and it was the most bizarre thing that [TS]

  I've ever experienced because it was it [TS]

  was sort of like stump the band it was [TS]

  it was what movie is this phil because [TS]

  you know at home you've got program [TS]

  guides and stuff but in the hotel room [TS]

  no program guides just the BBS me about [TS]

  this and yeah he did it was it was it [TS]

  was great because it was like as the [TS]

  movie and for things like well it could [TS]

  be [TS]

  oh that I know that actor and it was [TS]

  amazing to see the mind of the old movie [TS]

  aficionados kind of unfold where he got [TS]

  it he figured it out but he did he'd [TS]

  caught maybe do a phone a friend at one [TS]

  point he text me to confirm because he [TS]

  said no he said I need to look up on [TS]

  IMDb good for whatever reason you guys [TS]

  couldn't get on to IMDb I guess the [TS]

  network was looking for something in the [TS]

  internet was bad in Tennessee you know [TS]

  what was the movie what was the most [TS]

  gosh it was ok i'll remember on [TS]

  everybody [TS]

  it took place on a train don't know [TS]

  their shenanigans and Jean Harlow was [TS]

  involved yeah an unfortunate black [TS]

  Porter's seen yeah because you know old [TS]

  movies [TS]

  yeah oh yeah we know that's something [TS]

  that oh that's good way [TS]

  that's like that but yeah it was one of [TS]

  these refills just like shouted like [TS]

  texting me all these clothes in them and [TS]

  no he called because the internet was so [TS]

  bad he called it is like shouting always [TS]

  close to be another and Google is it's [TS]

  actually a movie club is not just a fun [TS]

  little sub-project is within the [TS]

  uncomfortable it's a way of life is it [TS]

  anyway [TS]

  yeah yeah and and i'll throw out the [TS]

  rocket surgery thing which we also tried [TS]

  to do you know starting the last year [TS]

  year-and-a-half that's been a lot of fun [TS]

  because they're that that is an [TS]

  opportunity [TS]

  yeah i mean part of it is yes the [TS]

  flophouse is one of my favorite podcast [TS]

  and so the idea of going back and [TS]

  watching things that are that are that [TS]

  are bad or at least critically maligned [TS]

  that has been a lot of fun and you know [TS]

  I never had seen Zardoz and now I've [TS]

  scenes are dots and so I have to and for [TS]

  some reason I'm still here [TS]

  yeah the flophouse was something I had [TS]

  never heard of ya here i started talking [TS]

  about it and then I lost an entire [TS]

  August about a year-and-a-half ago just [TS]

  listening to all the back episodes [TS]

  magic tap magic tavern is the latest [TS]

  infection right that's what yeah that's [TS]

  right that's right and Tony says the [TS]

  core is perfectly fine by the back board [TS]

  is something else I don't actually bed [TS]

  and I would never have a reply would [TS]

  never watch Frankenstein Meets The space [TS]

  monster or God both of which are kind of [TS]

  charming room where they're not good but [TS]

  their charm and I'm so old very dumb [TS]

  sci-fi movies so yeah very happy [TS]

  neil gaiman is the ocean at the end of [TS]

  the lane I don't know if I would have [TS]

  read that if it hadn't been for an [TS]

  episode i mean i was interested it's not [TS]

  like I don't read meal but like all [TS]

  right it's it's quick i can read that [TS]

  and I loved oh my god i'm glad that you [TS]

  did that prior to God because it was [TS]

  kneel before GOG [TS]

  oh my god never i'm glad to get out of [TS]

  my microphone from the boom just so i [TS]

  can drop it how drunk tonight [TS]

  yeah I hope it breaks on the way there [TS]

  yeah wow yeah and anything else that we [TS]

  had a big dick still going to play with [TS]

  fire [TS]

  nice to get some the the graphic novel [TS]

  of a wrinkle in time I might not have [TS]

  gotten that if we had a horse that was [TS]

  that was Lisa fuckin put us onto that [TS]

  yeah and enemy a lot of comics saga [TS]

  don't know that our president after this [TS]

  and and i just i bought two collections [TS]

  of ms marvel the other day and and I [TS]

  blame you guys so yeah it's your outcome [TS]

  is but this is a concept huh that was [TS]

  implying nothing bitch there's nothing [TS]

  to blame anybody about that i think i've [TS]

  sent out a couple trades and miss marvel [TS]

  to people as gifts this year to its kind [TS]

  of between that and scroll girl are you [TS]

  guys all reading the unbeatable [TS]

  schoolgirl yeah yeah and yeah I will be [TS]

  those are like now my go-to guess for [TS]

  people who are going through a hard time [TS]

  as I send up the the g wilson run on [TS]

  this Marvel and then I send them [TS]

  schoolgirl I squirrel girl holds the [TS]

  award i think it's the only comic that [TS]

  my girlfriend started reading over my [TS]

  shoulder because i just started reading [TS]

  her things out of it and now every time [TS]

  she's like I kinda wanna actually like [TS]

  peering over my shoulder as i'm on the [TS]

  ipad kinda what's going on that panel [TS]

  telling the Bob page i I've gotten a lot [TS]

  of stuff on comixology in the last two [TS]

  years and and I got miss marvel in paper [TS]

  it is on my shelf good it's good stuff [TS]

  well i'm looking at the looking at the [TS]

  past topics in the spreadsheet and it's [TS]

  kind of amazing how much we've covered [TS]

  it is true that we recalibrated at some [TS]

  point and realize that this is going to [TS]

  work in it for the long haul so maybe [TS]

  one episode about Studio Ghibli is [TS]

  probably a bad idea of just readin in 40 [TS]

  and just saw yall joss whedon yeah [TS]

  that's the death of kickers not just [TS]

  that we did all just waiting in one [TS]

  episode but it was a 48-minute long [TS]

  episode nothing else to say there's one [TS]

  thing I should point out here is that a [TS]

  lot of us a lot of people on this [TS]

  podcast had full-time jobs when you [TS]

  started so we figured it wouldn't last [TS]

  right here and now you're all natural [TS]

  unemployed because this be my job has [TS]

  gotten more done i switched jobs i got [TS]

  more demanding it's just lisa has picked [TS]

  up all of our slack okay so so I want [TS]

  one last thing i want to i want to [TS]

  mention before we move on which was just [TS]

  I I really have enjoyed we we mentioned [TS]

  all the people that have sort of come [TS]

  into the orbit of not just this podcast [TS]

  but of the of the the family and the [TS]

  network and and I really i think there [TS]

  was one of the best manifestations of [TS]

  that was the week that the force awakens [TS]

  came out where we ended up doing a [TS]

  podcast that week we had three on one [TS]

  day that allows it was awake and i [TS]

  discovered because if you know [TS]

  yeah just saying that if it weren't for [TS]

  the fact that was just a wonderful it [TS]

  was a wonderful moment to see that [TS]

  everybody wanted to talk about it and in [TS]

  fact that the enthusiasm was so [TS]

  unrestrained that everybody what we need [TS]

  to give everybody of space in which they [TS]

  could discuss 24 hours force awakens and [TS]

  answered on and see what they're talking [TS]

  about now [TS]

  well I mean for for about a year the [TS]

  line in the incomparable calendar just [TS]

  said OMG star wars [TS]

  I don't really know what it was going to [TS]

  be but that's where turned into and that [TS]

  was that was pretty great [TS]

  so who knows what the next 300 episodes [TS]

  will bring oh now i'm very tired just [TS]

  even thinking about all the books that [TS]

  I'm going to be reading but it will be [TS]

  lined and if it hadn't been for the old [TS]

  movie club buttons a clown and one [TS]

  rumored of my my like default running [TS]

  the eggs you know Phil Phil Michaels has [TS]

  been telling me the plot of a greatest [TS]

  show on earth isn't the greatest show on [TS]

  earth as you can for your sleeves and [TS]

  doing his Jimmy Stewart is a murderous [TS]

  cat clown impression for years and I [TS]

  finally saw the movie because of this [TS]

  podcast got together because you love [TS]

  you can't hold that over me anymore i [TS]

  I've seen it now [TS]

  alright this is this is where an episode [TS]

  would end but instead it's going to [TS]

  continue with something completely [TS]

  different but before then i am going to [TS]

  as if this was the end of the episode [TS]

  I'm going to thank my guests for being [TS]

  here these are some of the some of the [TS]

  most prevalent voices on this podcast in [TS]

  the last three under weeks and more and [TS]

  thank you so much for being here it's [TS]

  been a pleasure all 300 episodes of them [TS]

  well done let's not go too far something [TS]

  more than once you're all 20 episodes [TS]

  yeah what you need to figure out which [TS]

  ones [TS]

  John siracusa thank you for being here [TS]

  and it's about someone supposed to yell [TS]

  this is the incumbent kick me into a [TS]

  well what's going on for much David lord [TS]

  thank you thank you I all of the [TS]

  episodes have been a joy especially the [TS]

  ones i wasn't on Lisa speiser thank you [TS]

  thank you for having this has been so [TS]

  much fun it's been a lot of fun [TS]

  the the tonight and and in general it's [TS]

  been a lot of fun i said i would if this [TS]

  podcast didn't exist I would just be [TS]

  calling you all talk about things so [TS]

  that we might as well recorded Erica and [TS]

  sign thanks so much for being 44 [TS]

  becoming part of the family midway [TS]

  through you know it's it's funded to [TS]

  still be the new kid on the block [TS]

  I look forward to to the anniversary [TS]

  episode where I'm you know what we're [TS]

  finding more than around for more than [TS]

  half of the end so you have to kill the [TS]

  people who have been around longer [TS]

  last surviving member even and Glenn no [TS]

  thanks to you were no thank you haha [TS]

  thank you for letting my tasting you for [TS]

  all these years and also thank you for [TS]

  using my name into a gerund that is [TS]

  usually the plane is good wanted to be [TS]

  turned into a chair so many major [TS]

  letting bounds finalized very good thank [TS]

  you for asking me on [TS]

  well and so that's the end of this [TS]

  segment of the uncomfortable 300 [TS]

  episodes spectacular [TS]

  I can't wait to hear what's coming next [TS]

  so stay tuned after this interlude that [TS]

  I don't even know what it's going to be [TS]

  but stay tuned for it and then they'll [TS]

  be more podcast afterward [TS]

  goodbye for now [TS]

  [Music] [TS]

  [Music] [TS]

  [Music] [TS]

  welcome back everybody to part 2 of the [TS]

  episode three hundred spectators here i [TS]

  have a new panel of people that i'm [TS]

  going to introduce to you as we go we're [TS]

  going to start though by having this [TS]

  panel of people going to introduce them [TS]

  and they're going to pick in a draft a [TS]

  single round draft and episode of the [TS]

  incomparable that's all i really ask [TS]

  them to do so pick an episode with the [TS]

  first pick it is chip sudderth hi chip [TS]

  hi Jason I pick the video game draft [TS]

  alright what is just going to come right [TS]

  out and pick as part of his introduction [TS]

  exactly right that's how we do it crazy [TS]

  i know is the reason hands [TS]

  it's the crazier than anything could you [TS]

  lead off with the crazy right I am I [TS]

  think that's too crazy you gotta kind of [TS]

  work into the crazy nope that's what [TS]

  makes it crazy [TS]

  well let's just 300 raising a [TS]

  spectacular going to drop off this call [TS]

  it is too crazy okay so chip why the [TS]

  video game draft what would and you mean [TS]

  not the computer game draft the video [TS]

  game craft which is side of right [TS]

  no no I resent my shows like dollar and [TS]

  I picked that I picked the computer game [TS]

  draft also so we have said 195 NP crate [TS]

  is what you pick [TS]

  yes nice because you just like games [TS]

  not only do I like games I like games [TS]

  for old people and the incomparable the [TS]

  it's it's I was awful or episode and I [TS]

  feel like it's my tribe man as my tribe [TS]

  can ask dr. ball [TS]

  yea though I except except except i [TS]

  think i remember screaming out at the [TS]

  top of my lungs what about radon [TS]

  bungling bay [TS]

  I can't believe you didn't mention radon [TS]

  bungling bay oh oh yeah I was going to [TS]

  mention something about battletoads but [TS]

  that was that was the other episodes so [TS]

  i'm not going through that we can learn [TS]

  about that metal toads that's how I [TS]

  learned about battletoads was in the [TS]

  video game episode i had never heard [TS]

  about them and now i understand many [TS]

  jokes on the flop house because of [TS]

  battletoads because of that I can't [TS]

  believe you forgot to mention droll [TS]

  I can't believe it either I can't [TS]

  believe you forgot to mention Earhart I [TS]

  can't believe we forgot to mention all [TS]

  the games we didn't mention frankly how [TS]

  many of these are you making up right [TS]

  now [TS]

  no they're all real and I think they're [TS]

  all real cuz it steve-o hey its dan more [TS]

  and then welcome pick up episode hey [TS]

  how's it going [TS]

  I'm thinking this episode mainly to stop [TS]

  Glenn from picking it which is episode [TS]

  22 Stephen Fry does not appear [TS]

  Oh it'll take the square Y win you might [TS]

  ask why why yeah that really happened [TS]

  besides why would you think that why i [TS]

  enjoyed that in our CMS it's topic is [TS]

  listed as pointless endless rambling [TS]

  about that is why I have chosen it in [TS]

  part because i was there in that room as [TS]

  we talked about so many things including [TS]

  repeatedly stephen fry that episode has [TS]

  absolutely no point to it and yet I i [TS]

  find it is beloved by strangely enough [TS]

  people other than us not people who did [TS]

  not have to sit in a hot room for that [TS]

  hour and change that we were you there [TS]

  as the oxygen slowly got sucked out and [TS]

  we all went insane impact i believe is [TS]

  if I believe there is a fifth panelist [TS]

  who is not listed in that episode was [TS]

  not might which i think with lex [TS]

  friedman that's correct who was just [TS]

  standing and yes sitting in the corner [TS]

  laughing everything that we were saying [TS]

  and yet is not on the podcast yeah well [TS]

  they're only before microphone so yeah [TS]

  that'll happen everybody yeah he just he [TS]

  just consumes our oxygen until we had to [TS]

  open the door finally just to refresh [TS]

  people's memory because because this has [TS]

  been with the the paragraph we discussed [TS]

  even fri sherlock holmes James Bond Sean [TS]

  Connery scottish accents corporate [TS]

  detectives v for vendetta 1984 [TS]

  fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury solaris [TS]

  the fountain Garfield in media res movie [TS]

  concedes doctor who special effects our [TS]

  favorite TV shows of all time including [TS]

  Buffy max headroom sports night space [TS]

  back there putting the rocker files the [TS]

  middleman kevin sorbo Gene Roddenberry's [TS]

  posthumous over and why Steven Spielberg [TS]

  can't make a good TV show also the debut [TS]

  of the spoiler quack-quack basically [TS]

  every guy i don't even really know why [TS]

  why we continue making show has your [TS]

  back been several even said it was great [TS]

  to get all those topics out-of-the-way [TS]

  having talked about them in full so we [TS]

  have to revisit never again never again [TS]

  I was gonna pick that episode because i [TS]

  feel like that was the first episode [TS]

  where we really let your freak flag fly [TS]

  and and fries and even friday [TS]

  so yeah it does not a guy I'm with you [TS]

  Dan [TS]

  I think that was a that was a landmark [TS]

  in a way that's the highlight episode [TS]

  right there [TS]

  it's amazing they didn't take our [TS]

  podcasting license away from us and that [TS]

  was just a you know and and that was [TS]

  over five years ago now so we're still [TS]

  going strong apparently while the wheels [TS]

  podcast justice take about two seconds [TS]

  sure it'll all work out in the end and [TS]

  will be banned Scott McNulty is here [TS]

  hi Scott hello can you do you pick a [TS]

  favorite episode or an episode I suppose [TS]

  it could also be an episode you despise [TS]

  but whatever just pick an episode I [TS]

  didn't specify beyond that and just get [TS]

  on with it man i'm sorry dude every [TS]

  episode i'm not on despise yeah I'm way [TS]

  to go i'm going to go way back to the [TS]

  very first it was number one [TS]

  well I have sep leads it's been all [TS]

  downhill from there [TS]

  this is that was the peak peak in [TS]

  comfortable and then in 53 minutes we [TS]

  talked about the city of the city the [TS]

  windup girl for the wind ship breaker [TS]

  the dream of perpetual motion a song of [TS]

  ice and fire done [TS]

  yeah yeah [TS]

  53 minutes it was many more novels that [TS]

  we spoke about 53 minutes [TS]

  that's a when the the little catchphrase [TS]

  this podcast is / was first discussed so [TS]

  ironically enough since the podcast is [TS]

  still gonna hang out 299 episode [TS]

  straight down [TS]

  also the catchphrase welcome to the [TS]

  incomparable that's right increasingly [TS]

  inaccurate this podcast is over and yeah [TS]

  so that's that's my pic it was the very [TS]

  first episode is a book episode began [TS]

  our obsession with Zeppelin's yes [TS]

  because there were multiple separate [TS]

  Barbra session Zeppelin's may have [TS]

  predated that but he enforced it [TS]

  certainly explains it yes exactly thats [TS]

  that's it it all came out there on the [TS]

  table then also I am use that the show [TS]

  notes for episode 1 discuss the fact [TS]

  that we couldn't pronounce a lot of the [TS]

  names which also tells you something [TS]

  about how is the early days of our [TS]

  podcasting where you know a whole bunch [TS]

  of people who don't know how to [TS]

  pronounce anything because all they do [TS]

  is read get on a podcaster no I don't [TS]

  know how to say any of these words [TS]

  because I've never heard them out loud [TS]

  and those were back in the days we [TS]

  actually cared enough to apologize for [TS]

  it in the show notes [TS]

  yeah now we just roll it was early time [TS]

  you're polite that was expected you know [TS]

  alright that's a good choice episode 1 [TS]

  it's all downhill from there [TS]

  Erica and sign is here hello i am here [TS]

  hello do you have an episode to pick to [TS]

  start us off [TS]

  I do this was really hard but I dug deep [TS]

  and I decided to go with one that was [TS]

  was actually kind of special to me and [TS]

  that was episode 198 a critical mass of [TS]

  Lady geeks because well i happen to be a [TS]

  lady game and watch what yeah it's true [TS]

  it's true I'm not lying and it was it [TS]

  was really fun to sort of connect with a [TS]

  couple of my fellow lady geeks Lisa [TS]

  Schmeisser and Brianna Wu and just talk [TS]

  about what it was like to grow up as as [TS]

  a girl and you know just found out all [TS]

  the stuff that i had in common with [TS]

  those two and it was it was just really [TS]

  fun [TS]

  that's that was a good one that was the [TS]

  one that you had to sort of talked me [TS]

  into hosting because I was like I don't [TS]

  want to intrude on this like now you can [TS]

  be the host will attend but yeah and I [TS]

  thought that work I thought that worked [TS]

  very well I was that was a good one [TS]

  Steve let's is here oh I see Jason 300 [TS]

  episodes we did it we did it we did it [TS]

  where we are now we've committed [TS]

  although all the crimes now i'm so [TS]

  excited 300 crazy episodes man although [TS]

  i didn't really come on board until [TS]

  episode 9 so the first date really don't [TS]

  care you know that's why were idea of [TS]

  episode two pick here I do I'm going to [TS]

  take off the table episode 58 Grayskull [TS]

  Anonymous which was the first instead of [TS]

  always on every night cut is my I'm [TS]

  coming through this microphone for it [TS]

  and not just because it's it's because [TS]

  it's a Skeletor thing it's just because [TS]

  that I think I you said episode 22 you [TS]

  love because it's insane and pointless [TS]

  episode 58 has a point and it's still [TS]

  insane and thanks perhaps more insane [TS]

  for it [TS]

  it is of course us drafting TV [TS]

  characters which we then work in two [TS]

  pitches in the next episode [TS]

  it features the first appearance of its [TS]

  now [TS]

  all you have to do a jewel eated [TS]

  apparently the crazy round shows up in [TS]

  there somewhere there's a lot of good [TS]

  stuff own Skeletor of course appears [TS]

  that of course not quite as happy about [TS]

  that part of it [TS]

  well the two episodes that i was [TS]

  planning on picking are both off the [TS]

  board because its draft you see because [TS]

  i had that on my list to think after 300 [TS]

  episodes you would learn not to be the [TS]

  nice host and and slide yourself earlier [TS]

  in the draft always I I feel instead [TS]

  that it's my job to make bad decisions [TS]

  like allow you to take some dance the [TS]

  robot on the robot drafts do you want [TS]

  that when you can have that one if you I [TS]

  don't want that 10 I don't want that one [TS]

  solid my soiled it pretty much great [TS]

  glen fleischmann well I never left i'm [TS]

  sorry i just stuck around because you [TS]

  just you just uh you don't have to go [TS]

  home but you can't stay here but anyway [TS]

  you're here so do you have a choice for [TS]

  for an uncomfortable episode [TS]

  yeah I actually wasn't gonna pick the [TS]

  stephen fry up so 22 I had another [TS]

  episode of mind and no one's picked and [TS]

  Jason this is going to be a touchy [TS]

  subject but bear with me [TS]

  oh no the real genius ever known is now [TS]

  ya episode 33 I drank what the real [TS]

  Jesus I'm not picking it because you [TS]

  were uncomfortable because I felt bad [TS]

  about that but I thought it was actually [TS]

  a really great episode we learned how [TS]

  hypocritical John circuits can be [TS]

  rediscovered rent Caldwell he's a time [TS]

  traveler that was my first real inkling [TS]

  that she traveled from point in the past [TS]

  that she's not our age never ages [TS]

  something like that [TS]

  she's grown up around the scenes in the [TS]

  movie and also learn why we can't have [TS]

  nice things I was a good lesson to learn [TS]

  early on that we can't have nice things [TS]

  but i still love the movie I saw in a [TS]

  drive-in [TS]

  I think it's a great film I love the [TS]

  popcorn seen people quoted all the time [TS]

  somebody was just quoting it in passing [TS]

  on Twitter just out of nowhere it's [TS]

  great film so I Kyle of the episode i [TS]

  did not like your dreams being crushed [TS]

  i I'm gonna have to take your work for [TS]

  Glenn because as I said before I never [TS]

  listen to that episode I think it's [TS]

  great advice I did I didn't even edited [TS]

  greatness edited that since I've [TS]

  literally never listen to it since I [TS]

  recorded it and [TS]

  put of all keep it locked up there still [TS]

  is like a whole room in your in-laws [TS]

  house you can't enter any more right [TS]

  because that's where they don't know [TS]

  it's a damaged occurrence in my mom's [TS]

  house and what every time I go there and [TS]

  i'm doing a podcast I think this is [TS]

  where it happened i do sexual with right [TS]

  now is the most depressing thing I've [TS]

  heard in a long that it is that [TS]

  memorialized by a bronze plaque or by [TS]

  police tape i I've left a yes I've stuck [TS]

  something to the underside of the desk [TS]

  isn't as a there's there's just a big [TS]

  pile of popped popcorn lying [TS]

  Jason is erected an eternal glowing [TS]

  laser is memory yeah exactly [TS]

  hey you heard an do not go there any [TS]

  micro hello hello Jason do you have an [TS]

  episode that you would like to choose i [TS]

  decided to choose the one that came [TS]

  first to mind as opposed to the ones [TS]

  that i had actually search for it would [TS]

  be 245 incomparable assemble that was [TS]

  the one about avengers age of ultron and [TS]

  it was because everybody who's in that [TS]

  you came out to the northeast and we [TS]

  actually did this live weeks we went to [TS]

  see the movie together all five of us is [TS]

  all six of us and then we went to dan [TS]

  morris house and then we we talked about [TS]

  it in person [TS]

  now the big advantage of this is that [TS]

  there was pizza and beer [TS]

  uh-huh add this and usually have to [TS]

  provide my own pizza and alcohol if i'm [TS]

  going to do that on a podcast it was [TS]

  nice to have provided for me it's nice [TS]

  to have craft services and uncomfortable [TS]

  podcast that is the a one-of-a-kind [TS]

  everybody went on a movie together and [TS]

  then everybody record the podcast right [TS]

  after work together that was a yeah that [TS]

  is never that has never happened before [TS]

  or since [TS]

  in sometimes I still walk into that room [TS]

  and think this is where that happens if [TS]

  you put flags down and you think I [TS]

  really need to get this place fumigated [TS]

  yeah yeah any Danny there's a picture in [TS]

  the show notes without of the idea of [TS]

  your living room air and you can't see [TS]

  the part of the couch that's propped up [TS]

  so that's good i know thats i consider [TS]

  that one of the great successes that [TS]

  picture [TS]

  yeah we didn't we did not catch over [TS]

  anything so it's good yeah well done [TS]

  yeah i'm just happy I've gotten here [TS]

  dance a room like seven times already [TS]

  tonight [TS]

  we're supposed to be drinking every time [TS]

  you said it I'm sorry I think Vicki are [TS]

  you saying room [TS]

  yeah yes again it's a personal thing we [TS]

  had going on anything happens in the [TS]

  total party kill a lot you can hear when [TS]

  when when certain certain people [TS]

  including dance a room and it's [TS]

  pronounced more like rum rah that aren't [TS]

  that tight that's a sweater on TV crew [TS]

  members often Steve will say room Rome [TS]

  in the background you can hear when you [TS]

  have a total party can't believe me you [TS]

  hear that just noticed you haven't [TS]

  picked up on that I think I try not to [TS]

  listen to steve too much [TS]

  oh that's a wise decision jason has no [TS]

  choice he edits a lot of these Monty [TS]

  ashley is with us [TS]

  haimanti hi Jason do you have an episode [TS]

  for us [TS]

  am I correct that the two times we [TS]

  played Trivial Pursuit we're not [TS]

  actually in the incomparable feed but [TS]

  we're actually in the total party [TS]

  killfeed or something like that wasn't [TS]

  the yellow it was total party kill [TS]

  you're right no no those were those were [TS]

  a bonus track and a total party kill I [TS]

  think or bonus track on a game show in [TS]

  that case I'm gonna have to take episode [TS]

  133 get you comfortable radio theatre of [TS]

  the era for being the incomparable [TS]

  episode with the most preparation by a [TS]

  hundred million miles [TS]

  yeah seriously I mean it's not hard but [TS]

  it really was i had to learn a lot of [TS]

  lines this is what these are you away [TS]

  from anything [TS]

  stay away from the paint exert yeah that [TS]

  was that was a lot of fun that was where [TS]

  we first interacted with David Lauren we [TS]

  haven't been able to get rid of him [TS]

  sense yeah and he's not here strangely [TS]

  enough weight yeah wait a minute he's [TS]

  not here i did that's the weirdest thing [TS]

  i didn't even register because just [TS]

  always he's always here yeah I don't [TS]

  know if you say his name a third time [TS]

  will show up Dave alone no Herbert radio [TS]

  show it had a timmy preston and the fog [TS]

  and any legal detective and two-fisted [TS]

  tales of Tesla and slim Skinner and the [TS]

  cowhands of the range with no they [TS]

  should they should come back right [TS]

  they really well no they probably should [TS]

  that was those those that have you of [TS]

  the announcer and those nodules on my [TS]

  vocal cords yes that's right the first [TS]

  time in David's words made Andy ruin his [TS]

  place so [TS]

  hold on has David Lord just entered the [TS]

  room now yeah he was here all along [TS]

  except he wasn't it's david Laura are [TS]

  you recording lots [TS]

  wow you it really does work if they say [TS]

  his name three times i'm a little [TS]

  writing right now those reasons we only [TS]

  said it twice though David Laura hello [TS]

  and begin the devil here you are what [TS]

  what's your episode that you'd like to [TS]

  choose for us of favorite episodes in [TS]

  the past I again just you have to use an [TS]

  episode I didn't specify although mostly [TS]

  I think people have been shoot to [TS]

  choosing a favorite episodes I i did all [TS]

  the homework of you know episode you [TS]

  want to revisit episodes you love that [TS]

  you know all that [TS]

  yeah episodes I loved that would be the [TS]

  similar to Monty's the Christmas [TS]

  Spectacular [TS]

  ah which episode number is that 174 I've [TS]

  done your work for you I 74 of course [TS]

  number one before everybody knows [TS]

  there's been spectacular aerial all the [TS]

  other big radio episode on the exact [TS]

  lead alcohol I mean human human [TS]

  centipede sure but right now is on my [TS]

  list [TS]

  yeah yeah sure thank you that was [TS]

  service basically my second choice [TS]

  it has my favorite moment of the in [TS]

  copper yeah but we went for whole [TS]

  episode will be the the incomparable [TS]

  radio Christmas Spectacular very nice as [TS]

  good one [TS]

  very nice ok so now it's my turn to pick [TS]

  I get to pick the last one of this round [TS]

  and then we'll move on to other things [TS]

  and and my choice is actually episode 46 [TS]

  which is our first Star Wars movie [TS]

  episode I like my coffee like my evil [TS]

  Sith Lords I have fond memories of this [TS]

  the first time that we broke down star [TS]

  wars which turned out in detail of like [TS]

  a couple of hours we broke that into two [TS]

  episodes that would become a trend and [TS]

  it was such a long session that I also [TS]

  have a fond memory of in the middle of [TS]

  it at one point we we could actually on [TS]

  the recording [TS]

  great you can hear Greg moss whispering [TS]

  to his wife who is asking if he was [TS]

  still on the stupid podcast his [TS]

  apologize my house it's still going [TS]

  I'm so sorry and yeah I put that in the [TS]

  episode was that like a bumper because [TS]

  it just made me laugh that he's not even [TS]

  apology to his wife he just like I'm [TS]

  sorry I'm on this podcast [TS]

  yeah he had a right after remind himself [TS]

  to get off a podcast that happen [TS]

  that's true it's true alright well there [TS]

  you go there's a there's a I really [TS]

  deeply carefully curated list of [TS]

  episodes that is beyond those yeah we [TS]

  did [TS]

  well how about how about this i'm going [TS]

  to i'm going to play a clip from our [TS]

  friend listener Nathan listen Nathan hi [TS]

  it's listen Nathan my question is what [TS]

  past show topics would you most like to [TS]

  revisit in which you want to go back [TS]

  because you have more to say or because [TS]

  your opinions on it have changed [TS]

  alright so topics you would like to [TS]

  revisit and why is the question from mr. [TS]

  Nathan anybody have any answers for that [TS]

  we are not only do I got ya [TS]

  oh my god what am I I'd like to go back [TS]

  in time and not say they must be Giants [TS]

  you cannot do that glad I picked you [TS]

  cannot I've got one haha i'd like to go [TS]

  back to episode 75 my gaze boxes full of [TS]

  men here's where we talked about [TS]

  infocomm games because I just like [TS]

  talking about infocomm games like he [TS]

  goes for several more hours on that [TS]

  subject we can do i do a little more [TS]

  memorable time we just like a general [TS]

  adventurers kind of episode throw some [TS]

  point clicks in there [TS]

  sure i would really like to go back to [TS]

  episode 31 supernatural and actually [TS]

  talking about you text the one topic [TS]

  that's never been allowed i was thinking [TS]

  i would like to have actually had done a [TS]

  proper amount of preparation for that so [TS]

  I sounded like I knew what I was talking [TS]

  about episode it's been that there's a [TS]

  lot of episodes that's probably true up [TS]

  so late and it's been five years and [TS]

  supernatural is still on the air [TS]

  I know right still running so you can [TS]

  talk about all new next to Dan yeah i'm [TS]

  still watching it's just me I guess the [TS]

  guy in the morning but I got one Jason [TS]

  yep in in episode 49 and 50 we talked a [TS]

  bit about the works of pixar I think we [TS]

  should go back and revisit those films [TS]

  in some more detail maybe that's a good [TS]

  idea [TS]

  go through each of them like one at a [TS]

  time yeah I feel like like just like the [TS]

  miyazaki episode we should probably take [TS]

  those one of the time straight and Zakia [TS]

  taking an entire filmmakers career and [TS]

  write a fact [TS]

  the individual films they're they're [TS]

  rich enough that they probably bear [TS]

  further scrutiny on their own so that [TS]

  just wouldn't be so too I feel sort of [TS]

  like that was an interesting idea [TS]

  you know what else I actually really [TS]

  liked a couple of those does to game [TS]

  show episodes that we did what if we did [TS]

  more of those but we play just one [TS]

  longer game per episode you think that [TS]

  would work [TS]

  no no heart heart heart no fast in that [TS]

  case I think maybe it's time for a fresh [TS]

  look at Zardoz this podcast is over too [TS]

  many episodes as the force awakens [TS]

  trailer did alright where the East Coast [TS]

  Guard oz the uk's or does the west coast [TS]

  are yeah i think that star wars needs [TS]

  more attention yeah I english was pretty [TS]

  good i don't know I i would like to [TS]

  correct episode 232 learning to love [TS]

  Heidi too because i was sick that we can [TS]

  i was going to be on and I'll of [TS]

  Groundhog Day so can we just do the [TS]

  whole episode again [TS]

  well be fitting if we did wouldn't it [TS]

  yeah it would make sense because i know [TS]

  have to be exactly the same though David [TS]

  that's the problem yeah i would like to [TS]

  welcome to episode 234 the only way out [TS]

  is in and unwatched now what's the [TS]

  choreo haha totally simple as we've been [TS]

  one single tier right now somewhere [TS]

  no she's cursing all of us I'd like to [TS]

  go back to the summer superhero [TS]

  spectacular and not happen [TS]

  let's take that a step further chip do [TS]

  all of that [TS]

  yeah that was that was not my that's not [TS]

  my favorite episode only because it was [TS]

  my fault i thought we're going to [TS]

  seriously like pick out I was we were it [TS]

  was pitched to me as your it's like [TS]

  you're a little girl in your attorney up [TS]

  you're in a court of law you're [TS]

  defending your pick [TS]

  yep and so I made I made when I thought [TS]

  were really good Perry Mason style [TS]

  arguments for everyone that I was aside [TS]

  only to find out that well there's both [TS]

  of l and it are in her name so she [TS]

  chooses what I i would actually realizes [TS]

  cool really likes this biggest problem [TS]

  with the incomparable judicial system is [TS]

  you never know what judge you're going [TS]

  to get [TS]

  the judging those episode was entirely [TS]

  fairly i would like to go back and not [TS]

  screw up my spider-man stickers if [TS]

  that's like--you I i would like to go [TS]

  back to do episode 16 if you love an [TS]

  Autobot set free which was about beloved [TS]

  Christmas gifts which I was not on [TS]

  because the episode where we ruined [TS]

  Christmas are my favorites and though I [TS]

  have not actually listen to that episode [TS]

  i'm fairly certain that without my [TS]

  presence Christmas was not ruined as [TS]

  effectively as it could be there i think [TS]

  that's accurate although that's a really [TS]

  great episode because it led and tells [TS]

  the saddest story of all which is how [TS]

  you know the organs former I perhaps I [TS]

  should tell it again if I may be serious [TS]

  for a moment [TS]

  oh yeah with regards to this question my [TS]

  job i would say that i would be [TS]

  interested in TV draft or film festival [TS]

  the next generation where some other [TS]

  people get the opportunity to take a [TS]

  take a swing at those because I think [TS]

  those are both very interesting episodes [TS]

  and produce good content and there's a [TS]

  lot of new people on board and i think [TS]

  it would be interesting how they [TS]

  approach the same sort of thing [TS]

  actually that's a that's really cool [TS]

  idea see we have ideas here it's not [TS]

  just a ideas we got him we got him we [TS]

  got some ideas [TS]

  alright uh thank you to listen Nathan [TS]

  for that I i I'm not sure I think that [TS]

  might be famous let's listen Nathan char [TS]

  Nathan Roberts things involving Skeletor [TS]

  actually because it all comes back with [TS]

  me and well I wish you'd mentioned that [TS]

  before I actually spend time answering [TS]

  that question [TS]

  that's right obviously unhinged that [TS]

  would someone should let him know that [TS]

  we mentioned we mentioned scales on the [TS]

  subject [TS]

  don't encourage her Nathan because it is [TS]

  that that list Nathan on here is one of [TS]

  actually going to be several questions [TS]

  from listeners dan not Dan while [TS]

  listening down your areas [TS]

  what is it like to suggest a topic for [TS]

  an episode and then not end up on the [TS]

  panel for that episodes recorded not [TS]

  shouting your opinions into the air will [TS]

  do in your dishes were working in the [TS]

  yard because if the answer is yes then [TS]

  you know exactly how we listeners feel [TS]

  on a regular basis [TS]

  yeah that is the second definition of [TS]

  planning by the way that he would you [TS]

  suggest an episode and then you're not [TS]

  on that episode [TS]

  incidentally that guy doesn't really [TS]

  great Lex Friedman impression are you [TS]

  sure it's not really like it's like he's [TS]

  using wax freeze a listener dad I don't [TS]

  think he likes would lie about it is [TS]

  listener know what did Lex would never [TS]

  propose a dan I would be to take this [TS]

  that it's been neat him so it has [TS]

  anybody experienced that other than [TS]

  blending idea of like hey I've got a [TS]

  great idea for an episode and Joe steel [TS]

  Lisa's new york's wait a minute there [TS]

  have been episodes i really wanted to be [TS]

  on that I then couldn't be on and I [TS]

  myself yelling at those because it's [TS]

  almost like trying to get but it's like [TS]

  go to those limited edition posters [TS]

  where they tweet out the link and then [TS]

  in 28 seconds they're all gone [TS]

  that's like I'll check my email look [TS]

  it's just posted a new episode of 12 [TS]

  minutes ago I'd really like to do that [TS]

  oh they're already eleven people signed [TS]

  up okay for me it was usually I would [TS]

  just I would just knock myself out of [TS]

  the running real account i don't have [TS]

  enough to say about that topic so i [TS]

  won't be on it and then I find myself [TS]

  washing the dishes and yelling at my [TS]

  ipod see why was I not just like lizard [TS]

  and you exactly that it was a bad day [TS]

  for us in the separate household when [TS]

  Shannon got on the Batman adventures [TS]

  episode not given time [TS]

  how could you choose that episode how [TS]

  many second-level blessings have there [TS]

  been I know the TV draft was was a [TS]

  blending Joe rosenstiel it did how many [TS]

  he's pleased that 120 well he suggests [TS]

  rocket surgery and then wasn't on the [TS]

  first first one the second one but all [TS]

  that but I don't happen with Glenn at [TS]

  least twice where he announced like he [TS]

  was like hey I've got this create crazy [TS]

  idea for an episode but I think it could [TS]

  work and we set it up and then he's like [TS]

  a co I can't go i came up with the idea [TS]

  of drafts and I wasn't the first draft [TS]

  right now you did not invent right when [TS]

  I could drive you know that some serious [TS]

  cleaning but when windows house in a guy [TS]

  one of the dogsitter yeah I had been a [TS]

  draft i know we've buffalo and well [TS]

  that's a anyway yeah and we view bank [TS]

  lending even they'll never get it [TS]

  eubank please committed to memory did [TS]

  that's how i personally don't have to [TS]

  remember that that's not part of the [TS]

  incomparably here here this is a good [TS]

  one from mr. Martin [TS]

  cinematic this is I'm i'm curious what [TS]

  all of you have to say about this idea [TS]

  everyone this is mark segal I've been [TS]

  listening to the show since just before [TS]

  episode 100 and I'm huge fan of the show [TS]

  and these kind of men episodes so I'm [TS]

  really happy to be a part of one but [TS]

  wasn't for my question for a random [TS]

  Capital Times list is if you could start [TS]

  a new show on the incomparable network [TS]

  but you didn't actually have to do any [TS]

  of the work to make it happen [TS]

  well with it will be about so haha hey i [TS]

  love that you in there witches all you [TS]

  have to do to go back to the second [TS]

  definition of letting you get to have an [TS]

  idea and then everybody else has to do [TS]

  it and you don't wait I actually know [TS]

  mark segal too so just be getting some [TS]

  number one [TS]

  sure I'm sure you do crazy things to my [TS]

  intern will be a podcast called building [TS]

  character with Monty Ashley where we [TS]

  have a different guests each week and we [TS]

  build a character in a different RPG [TS]

  system so some weeks you just hear a lot [TS]

  of rolling dice and we say what looks [TS]

  like your superhero has a korean-style [TS]

  hair and the ability to travel between [TS]

  dimensions that would be the marvels [TS]

  superheroes game using the ultimate [TS]

  power book is great and then other times [TS]

  it would take four hours because we'd be [TS]

  playing champions and we have to spend [TS]

  forever figuring out where to spend each [TS]

  tiny amount of points in every step i [TS]

  kinda want to listen to show now mama [TS]

  teach you [TS]

  that's it that's like a real ID I've got [TS]

  all the concept i just don't want to do [TS]

  it [TS]

  yeah exactly [TS]

  also podcast 60 on the podcast strip my [TS]

  episode by episode crawl through studio [TS]

  60 on the Sunset Strip knows our lives [TS]

  by guess mine would be I just want a [TS]

  weekly podcast that is called what the [TS]

  hell is going on with Marvel and then a [TS]

  better companion podcast what the hell [TS]

  is going on with DC where doesn't [TS]

  attempt to editorialize it will just [TS]

  simply say okay if you have been [TS]

  following iron man first of all he now [TS]

  has a dog and the dog actually he [TS]

  doesn't know this but it has the soul of [TS]

  a different iron man that existed in the [TS]

  eighteen hundreds from a different world [TS]

  this different world was created by [TS]

  conglomeration of read Richards's in [TS]

  early as if I just want to be able to [TS]

  have a reference so if i skip one week [TS]

  of Marvel or DC I understand the [TS]

  convoluted and unfollow below [TS]

  story that's going on I think my success [TS]

  might be able to do that one for you [TS]

  actually want to show a lot like Andy's [TS]

  accepts delivered like it's like the NPR [TS]

  news bulletin except about things that [TS]

  aren't real same delivery [TS]

  yeah exactly exactly meanwhile in [TS]

  wauconda magically everything has been [TS]

  restored to the way it was before the [TS]

  more flood the entire city however Black [TS]

  Panther is now Lord of the Dead let's [TS]

  turn to Student News in Metropolis it's [TS]

  right where Superman is now a jerk any [TS]

  other any other shows with no [TS]

  consequences that you'd like to i just [TS]

  want a new TV podcast for every single [TS]

  show that I am regularly watching and I [TS]

  want to be on the episodes but I don't [TS]

  want to do any of the work to schedule a [TS]

  tour actually have to spend the time to [TS]

  a quad bike that's just want to be able [TS]

  to talk to somebody about whatever I [TS]

  happened to be watching that is some [TS]

  good wishing because Jason had the exact [TS]

  same route which are the monkeys but he [TS]

  forgot to add but I don't want to have [TS]

  to have to do any of the scheduling or [TS]

  any of the editing or anything actually [TS]

  got that four finger monkeys parts come [TS]

  in really handy i was going to say to [TS]

  listen mark that's that's my that's my [TS]

  my issue is I have no idea what it would [TS]

  be like to have a podcast where you [TS]

  could just start a new show and didn't [TS]

  have to do the work because thats is [TS]

  that hasn't happened anyway uh home and [TS]

  I'd love to do one called off the rails [TS]

  it would be a different things every [TS]

  time basically the goal of it is just to [TS]

  see how long it takes to reduce Jason to [TS]

  tears [TS]

  haha we're already doing that show [TS]

  that's a lot more work than it sounds [TS]

  like to it's true [TS]

  how about incomparable interruptus where [TS]

  it's just us interrupting each other but [TS]

  i'll show you ready to die myself over [TS]

  and i'm still all four I guess we call [TS]

  pint cast or flight cast always have to [TS]

  be right yeah yeah yeah that's that's [TS]

  the one where we're a microbrewery [TS]

  somewhere in the country pays us [TS]

  well I can actually pay for our time [TS]

  this week mk4 entities they set us up in [TS]

  there microbrewery with some beer and we [TS]

  sit and we drink their beer and we [TS]

  talked about maybe their beer i don't [TS]

  know maybe not maybe we just talked [TS]

  about some great bring that will bring [TS]

  the microphones we got that covered yeah [TS]

  yeah yeah don't bring the show you just [TS]

  pay for it [TS]

  no I could learn to like beer for [TS]

  showing that i am more than willing to [TS]

  do the work of drinking the beer while [TS]

  drawing or the real hero here you do [TS]

  that already doing that it's the dealing [TS]

  with microbrewery owners to convince [TS]

  them to pay for a bunch of plane tickets [TS]

  for some idiots to come talk in their [TS]

  establishment that's more work than I [TS]

  willing to put out the forecast is is a [TS]

  is is definitely an idea one day one day [TS]

  somehow so listeners if you know [TS]

  somebody who owns a microbrewery and has [TS]

  very bad marketing ideas review your [TS]

  cell phone my Camry and have a lot of [TS]

  money you like to throw away money on [TS]

  ill-conceived marketing concepts that [TS]

  will bring him no new no new customers [TS]

  of any kind i I'm kind of intrigued by [TS]

  the idea of sports podcast but again i [TS]

  am not going to do the work so it's not [TS]

  gonna happen [TS]

  it's quite simple this is not gonna [TS]

  happen all of my ideas for podcasts are [TS]

  just convoluted means of getting free [TS]

  crap so dad that's that's what these are [TS]

  right that's what we're doing right now [TS]

  no I got a girl is a free swag coming [TS]

  your way Dave yeah right around episode [TS]

  four hundred that's what it should start [TS]

  flowing and leather couch there's lots [TS]

  of crap i know i know he told you that [TS]

  after episode 100 and a four-episode 250 [TS]

  and now here we are 310 you again hold [TS]

  out for that free swag but seriously [TS]

  it's coming it's going to be able to [TS]

  sure regrets we've had a few and [TS]

  listener dan always back with a question [TS]

  about of our graduates think it is the [TS]

  same listener dan yes it is the same [TS]

  blistered I said he has more than one [TS]

  question for us would you describe a [TS]

  time when you volunteered for a panel [TS]

  with excitement only to realize you'd [TS]

  committed to something far more painful [TS]

  than you ever expected every episode you [TS]

  can see if your answer is about [TS]

  something other than the summer [TS]

  superhero spectacle [TS]

  of which by the way was a blast to [TS]

  listen to i don't think i've ever heard [TS]

  as many panelists half in the bag in a [TS]

  single episode half i'll have you know [TS]

  Phil Michaels was entirely in the bag [TS]

  for that so thank you sir [TS]

  I think it sounds like a job for simple [TS]

  question please describe a time but I [TS]

  can describe it in one word [TS]

  Zardoz thank you sorry i was great it [TS]

  was great to have you there Erica that's [TS]

  when Glenn had a really bad idea and he [TS]

  sucked a bunch of people in but it was [TS]

  what you're looking out only that was [TS]

  the one time i have bad ideas to you [TS]

  didn't really wasn't your idea but then [TS]

  you're the one who roped in a bunch of [TS]

  extra people to watch us are gonna sit [TS]

  and suffer without I think about it's [TS]

  our dogs might be my second degree [TS]

  letting likes I might have been one of [TS]

  the people pushing for that I wasn't [TS]

  that episode [TS]

  yeah thanks Monty there was that time I [TS]

  let all of you into my apartment [TS]

  yeah don't understand you're still [TS]

  hosing off the walls right [TS]

  did he ever find that open jar band-aids [TS]

  I hated my writing system or did you [TS]

  just like think it's all the girls to [TS]

  keep the leftover beard and I don't know [TS]

  what Andrew did you have no idea how [TS]

  much left over beers in my fridge dating [TS]

  back to what yon here [TS]

  oh dear I i would say actually for me [TS]

  the one that episode I regretted the [TS]

  ones where is it where there's a large [TS]

  amount of reading or viewing that we [TS]

  need to do because I i have that moment [TS]

  where I'm like oh I've got to watch two [TS]

  old movies to today because we have a [TS]

  podcast tomorrow or I need to watch 10 [TS]

  episodes of batman the animated series [TS]

  or I need to play a 40-hour game that I [TS]

  don't really enjoy or I'm not going to [TS]

  bother watching yeah exactly especially [TS]

  especially was like oh wouldn't be funny [TS]

  if we do the episode about a really bad [TS]

  movie that we all hate and then I find [TS]

  myself I gotta watch that I got to watch [TS]

  the two star trek movies I can't stand [TS]

  i'm going to put in the Star Wars [TS]

  Holiday Special which always sounds like [TS]

  more fun to watch them will you [TS]

  well I disagree oh I love it but you [TS]

  have to watch the rifftrax creampie even [TS]

  that makes it bearable [TS]

  I find it very hard to watch that yeah I [TS]

  enjoyed on ironically now I know how far [TS]

  gone I am [TS]

  yeah you know episode 51 put me on track [TS]

  to read the entire news feed trilogy [TS]

  oh yeah beer and yeah yeah that was not [TS]

  that i've read the entire Kane Reardon [TS]

  trilogy now for the nebula Awards series [TS]

  and yeah also regret that I have no [TS]

  regrets about that i do have some [TS]

  regrets [TS]

  oh well it happens I know he said we [TS]

  couldn't mention the the superhero [TS]

  spectacular but i think he was referring [TS]

  to the panelists as opposed to the [TS]

  judges [TS]

  that's yes see I was smart and stayed [TS]

  out of the panel right around around 600 [TS]

  when I suddenly realized that I was not [TS]

  actually going to be able to sort of [TS]

  supplement Phil Michaels very [TS]

  well-reasoned judgments by saying I'm [TS]

  stupid crap but in fact would have to [TS]

  hold up the reasonable size yeah it's [TS]

  weird it's weird to be the responsible [TS]

  one isn't it yeah I don't like it [TS]

  graduations your own don't know why you [TS]

  guys do it i'm the only person on earth [TS]

  who was not on the simmer superhero [TS]

  spectacular i was on coding so i feel [TS]

  like i got much like the judges and a [TS]

  judge when you and I were judges for one [TS]

  and that was that was fine i still think [TS]

  I still think the coding was a wise [TS]

  decision [TS]

  oh yeah god yes and consistent with all [TS]

  the other judges so I recall Jason like [TS]

  yet thinking me like on on slacker so [TS]

  but we're doing the next one you want to [TS]

  do this and i have ever look at three [TS]

  paragraph email saying i think you've [TS]

  got grumpy and beyond that one because I [TS]

  try to keep grumpy and away from the [TS]

  microphone because I remember I remember [TS]

  saying something that I regret it like [TS]

  15 minutes and after i realized that my [TS]

  page [TS]

  my-my-my a 218 code for it by 10 colored [TS]

  glossy photographs for the circles and [TS]

  arrows of the paragraph and each one [TS]

  we're going to be of no use three [TS]

  whatsoever i just like I just like I [TS]

  again grumpy and he decided to take [TS]

  careful Andy constructive Andy take five [TS]

  yeah I've got control side maybe I maybe [TS]

  I should maybe I should stay home now [TS]

  the life of a judge is not as good [TS]

  cameras as you would think either [TS]

  science isn't filling Lisa beyond pretty [TS]

  much all those episodes are most of [TS]

  those episodes specifically because it [TS]

  was their idea to start with and so I [TS]

  felt like they oh yeah I was feeling [TS]

  Lisa ruin the podcast we've got one more [TS]

  one more question about sort of like [TS]

  topics of topics of the show and this is [TS]

  from lister market share this out let's [TS]

  go Marcus uncomfortable this is listen [TS]

  Marcus I was a guest on random Trek some [TS]

  months ago and i think on that broadcast [TS]

  i mentioned that i don't really like [TS]

  star trek first contact as much as most [TS]

  people do since I like the joke chaos [TS]

  and discord amongst geeks what I would [TS]

  like to ask you is this what are some [TS]

  contrary and stances you have on bt30 [TS]

  topics this could be a show that you [TS]

  love that everyone else hates the show [TS]

  the gate that everyone else loves a [TS]

  particular beloved movie you don't like [TS]

  anything you like [TS]

  so go forth and make the color matte [TS]

  marcos like we wrecked my we commend to [TS]

  you the unjustly maligned Bob gasps yeah [TS]

  at the end of depth of 300 all the [TS]

  income group analyst or each other apart [TS]

  there are no rats yeah it's all part of [TS]

  Marcus's evil plan we are sparta i'll [TS]

  start this one and say that you know i [TS]

  know everybody thinks that blade runner [TS]

  is this great thing I think it's really [TS]

  really boring and almost impossible for [TS]

  me to watch so i'll put that one out [TS]

  there [TS]

  yep you totally answer i'm already [TS]

  understood about the avengers movie i [TS]

  believe it is gonna say Transformers [TS]

  series it makes a lot of money but not [TS]

  very good episode [TS]

  yes the Avengers it episodes are [TS]

  available if you'd like to hear more and [TS]

  subscribe to in this newsletter [TS]

  I don't like Star Trek or doctor who [TS]

  haha i do not hate the Star Wars [TS]

  prequels why i didn't say i love them [TS]

  but i do not hate them and that in [TS]

  itself is contrarian I like episode 1 [TS]

  seller is down and i like i like doing [TS]

  the movie and don't like the book is [TS]

  yeah watch out i think fireflies stupid [TS]

  oh I think podcasts are wastefully wait [TS]

  for somebody to say they really liked [TS]

  the summer superhero spectacular just a [TS]

  shark [TS]

  I could say in that well it was my [TS]

  singing I like the summer superhero [TS]

  spectacular I like that I like that I [TS]

  liked it [TS]

  Monty Hamilton's only ok guys sorry haha [TS]

  oh I'm not gonna go so far my dad died [TS]

  just like ehrenberg any any any other [TS]

  horrible things you'd like to say before [TS]

  we move on things that you or or things [TS]

  that yeah you you feel like you're just [TS]

  came in first game couldn't get through [TS]

  more than four episodes of it Eric I'm [TS]

  with their there with you places i think [TS]

  the quote-unquote good episodes or twin [TS]

  peaks aren't all that either huh [TS]

  they're ok they're fine they're just not [TS]

  gonna it's like everyone goes who twin [TS]

  peaks that's odd [TS]

  that's how much of a bold statement i [TS]

  think twin peaks is only fine [TS]

  oh great why don't we find that back i I [TS]

  like the highlander TV series i watched [TS]

  it all [TS]

  wow I don't that's a another country [TS]

  alone watching it we knew that we needed [TS]

  best universities I think et is a pretty [TS]

  good game my just played against us I [TS]

  think et is a terrible movie definitely [TS]

  could go along with this [TS]

  ok getting real guy [TS]

  stop doing what Marcus tells you tearing [TS]

  us apart of our senior boys walked out [TS]

  of the theater to go play ms pacman I [TS]

  hate it when mommy and daddy and daddy [TS]

  and daddy and what I've done I think [TS]

  spending hours and days and weeks of [TS]

  your life obsessing about every little [TS]

  detail of some sort of fan property yeah [TS]

  kind of a waste of time [TS]

  rocky and on that note I'm going to move [TS]

  onto a couple of personal questions that [TS]

  we got even though I specifically said [TS]

  no personal questions and as punished I [TS]

  will not tell you my address as [TS]

  punishment [TS]

  I'm not going to punish them i'm going [TS]

  to play their personal questions so here [TS]

  is number one this is listening huh [TS]

  this is a listener Ryan listen Ryan [TS]

  Erica and sign has one of the best [TS]

  twitter handles ever Holly go dark lee [TS]

  erika how did you think of this handle [TS]

  and does it have any significance beyond [TS]

  great wordplay [TS]

  yeah Holly darkly is a sort of a [TS]

  take-off on the character named holly [TS]

  golightly from a movie which was one of [TS]

  my favorites at the time I came up with [TS]

  it [TS]

  Breakfast at Tiffany's was actually a [TS]

  friend of mine who came up with that I [TS]

  was trying to think of a handle for [TS]

  something or other and she just looked [TS]

  at me and she's like don't take this the [TS]

  wrong way I mean it respectfully but [TS]

  Holly go darkly because i actually had a [TS]

  picture of holly golightly on the wall [TS]

  in my apartment at the time so it's been [TS]

  that ever since it's that simple [TS]

  this friend of yours named Tiffany and [TS]

  this discussion happened over breakfast [TS]

  because i'll be really weird news brunch [TS]

  at that would have been perfect [TS]

  it was George Peppard word on it when a [TS]

  plan comes together he wasn't gonna [TS]

  handle comes together here is a personal [TS]

  question for Steve lots what day the [TS]

  answer is cabbage to Steve lots Steve [TS]

  without going down the whole recursive [TS]

  clip loop thing again was the history [TS]

  behind the skeletal picking the TV show [TS]

  draft just maximum randomness or are you [TS]

  a closet long time masters of the [TS]

  universe fan if the latter when can we [TS]

  expect the rocket surgery episode of the [TS]

  1987 live action classic Masters of the [TS]

  Universe form reviewed by the new york [TS]

  times as if you like the toy your love [TS]

  the movie [TS]

  common dude that is listed at the end of [TS]

  course I didn't know it was your way in [TS]

  that's present in the world yes it's [TS]

  pretty good 1i I think we've discussed [TS]

  this before but i was involved in some [TS]

  some early mattel toy commercials for [TS]

  the he-man and the masters of the [TS]

  universe series of action figures i [TS]

  think i was on the first commercial [TS]

  featuring Skeletor and so I have some [TS]

  background with the the hooded skeleton [TS]

  as some prefer to meet in generic badges [TS]

  see how did you know what's going on [TS]

  with you but really when I was when I [TS]

  was coming up with stuff to put down for [TS]

  that draft I was not taking it extremely [TS]

  seriously and I just down with a beer [TS]

  and pencil and I said what are this is [TS]

  the stupidest possible things i could [TS]

  draft in this draft and I wrote down a [TS]

  bunch of names and skeletor was on the [TS]

  top of the list so the rest is history [TS]

  the rest is history if you want to [TS]

  listen to bonus track 122b that is that [TS]

  that contains Steve explaining a little [TS]

  bit about his origin [TS]

  look at you in the history of working [TS]

  with Skeletor who had some glaring right [TS]

  there [TS]

  I and as for the movie which I have not [TS]

  actually seen i'm certain that will turn [TS]

  up at some point on the rocket surgery [TS]

  all right hope so it seems inevitable [TS]

  but oh and as for as my enjoyment of the [TS]

  toy line i was never lets go back to [TS]

  that last question master of the [TS]

  universe never really fond of it [TS]

  gasps people in commercials don't love [TS]

  the products that they're talking about [TS]

  that i thought the name he man was dumb [TS]

  I don't know Scott that's so that's so [TS]

  terrifies me i'm going to toss and turn [TS]

  on my Casper mattress tonight I'll tell [TS]

  you that it's not asleep you'll ever get [TS]

  and I could barely spin a tube after [TS]

  here in there [TS]

  this is a message from a listener who's [TS]

  a kind of obscure and you may never have [TS]

  heard of him before it's listed jose [TS]

  rijoh blowjob is still here and there [TS]

  have been many many episodes of the [TS]

  uncomfortable about many many topics but [TS]

  what is the one topic you wish you could [TS]

  talk about in the incomparable that you [TS]

  don't think you can put together a panel [TS]

  for either because you haven't been able [TS]

  to in the past or because you are afraid [TS]

  of even proposing the idea and I will [TS]

  follow that up but not Israel that's not [TS]

  his real name [TS]

  okay with this from mr. gary was just [TS]

  thinking are similar so we'll listen to [TS]

  this one boy and comfortable [TS]

  listen Gary here at least one simple [TS]

  question what topic do you issue had [TS]

  covered at this point so putting that [TS]

  together we're going to do around [TS]

  another little dress- draft round a a [TS]

  topic a topic you can talk about the [TS]

  topic you'd like to do a topic that you [TS]

  feel we just can't do but I'm gonna go [TS]

  around and ask everybody for a topic [TS]

  perhaps with this will be another way [TS]

  for us to plan future episodes the [TS]

  uncomfortable and yes that means I'm [TS]

  you're doing my work for me thank you in [TS]

  advance chips others do you have a topic [TS]

  that you think we should do I i love [TS]

  this thing i love it so much it ought to [TS]

  be on the mother ship even though it'll [TS]

  probably be probably deserves to be on [TS]

  the cartoon cast the nineteen eighties [TS]

  disney animated series gargoyles [TS]

  oh yeah night nineties chip nineties oh [TS]

  you're right nineties nineties and god [TS]

  i'm alright nevermind it's ruined your [TS]

  carcass forget it [TS]

  this podcast is over well glam and Dan [TS]

  around that panel with you some time [TS]

  with this trip but their eye on the [TS]

  entire thing it's great it is the it is [TS]

  the most obscure disney cartoon of them [TS]

  all because it is a serious [TS]

  balls-to-the-wall superhero story with [TS]

  starting right guard places [TS]

  yes are these is just like a spinoff [TS]

  from the family matters [TS]

  Chester chippendale rest exaggerating [TS]

  source working with the cocktails it's [TS]

  when Steve Urkel turn himself into a [TS]

  gargoyle or a set of gargoyles is was [TS]

  under it [TS]

  under it [TS]

  cartoons of all time hunchback of notre [TS]

  dame is what i'm going for was a [TS]

  spin-off of that no no no it is no [TS]

  spin-off it is it is to us in his name [TS]

  we have an adventure series that was [TS]

  part of the disney afternoon so it just [TS]

  had no business being there it was show [TS]

  run by greg weisman who went on to do a [TS]

  spectacular spiderman and young gender [TS]

  justice and rebels some rebels PRC and I [TS]

  think ya are serious serious [TS]

  storytelling real drama it's hard to [TS]

  believe that it didn't last beyond its [TS]

  65 episode run we're not going to talk [TS]

  about the ABCs no serious thats just do [TS]

  it was it was fantastic until I'm there [TS]

  you you pull that pail together I'm on [TS]

  it [TS]

  we should do a batman animated series [TS]

  approach where we pick a handful of [TS]

  episodes yeah and watch those yeah i [TS]

  would i would be in for that too because [TS]

  i like i like cargoes but i didn't watch [TS]

  the whole thing so I don't remember it [TS]

  that well [TS]

  hard to believe that I'd be into cereal [TS]

  cereal storytelling fiction with a [TS]

  beginning middle and an end in a series [TS]

  or dan do you have a topic that you [TS]

  think we should do or or or otherwise [TS]

  you dream about us doing in a future [TS]

  episode [TS]

  well now chip mention to go on gargoyles [TS]

  and i already mentioned that [TS]

  supernatural up so that will never [TS]

  happen but the thing that's been AI [TS]

  think i mentioned recently to that we [TS]

  banded around way back in one of the [TS]

  early episodes is at subway we probably [TS]

  should do it dark tower episode and if [TS]

  not only because it seems like they are [TS]

  actually making a film [TS]

  finally after years and years of of [TS]

  hesitant stops and starts I'm a little [TS]

  daunted by that prospect because it's [TS]

  now been a decade since I finished the [TS]

  spirits and I worry that I'm gonna have [TS]

  to go back and read all of it all over [TS]

  again and as much as I enjoyed it i just [TS]

  it's like it's like the idea by climbing [TS]

  a mountain all over again like a man I [TS]

  felt such great accomplishment when i [TS]

  reached the top of that mountain but I [TS]

  the idea of going back and doing it all [TS]

  over again is is a little bit terrifying [TS]

  that's old I'm gonna go read the [TS]

  Darktown you read the dark tower don't [TS]

  you have to read every single one of his [TS]

  books [TS]

  yes that's what I'm going to do I'm [TS]

  eight books into the grand plan [TS]

  oh my which is like three books into the [TS]

  dark tower series [TS]

  oh boy the turn is awful of things like [TS]

  all right now go read these three other [TS]

  books then come back there even tell [TS]

  someone escalon character [TS]

  yeah I'm not gonna do all that but I [TS]

  think I I mean maybe this goes down into [TS]

  a shows that we want to produce but [TS]

  don't actually want to work for her or [TS]

  not but it's on the listing wanted to do [TS]

  with bacon seminal we should talk about [TS]

  yeah i think so it's on the to-do list [TS]

  but you might have to host a dance OB [TS]

  just thinking oh dear God I got your [TS]

  back and therefore you and thank God I [TS]

  do you have a topic that you think we [TS]

  should cover that we haven't covered [TS]

  yeah i think we talked about this a [TS]

  couple of times and hopefully we haven't [TS]

  actually done episode about it and i [TS]

  blanked out but Iain M banks is the [TS]

  culture series which is a 10 book non [TS]

  chronological thing that he wrote I [TS]

  think deserves attention [TS]

  it's one of my favorite series and I [TS]

  think it's a great space opera and it [TS]

  has wonderful things about it and we [TS]

  should talk about it [TS]

  alright that's good i'll put that on the [TS]

  list to the culture see right menu i [TS]

  read many of those it's come up a couple [TS]

  of my means their effort one of the [TS]

  episodes [TS]

  yeah i've had i've read a couple of the [TS]

  hell is read enough not nothing really I [TS]

  loved me I don't know about cultures the [TS]

  great names the ship's the assets and [TS]

  muskets borrowed pava yellow funny drone [TS]

  ships in the first base X are all like [TS]

  culture ship name's Eric idea of a topic [TS]

  for us for the future [TS]

  um I don't know if it's one that we [TS]

  actually need to do but it's one that I [TS]

  want to do I i I've sort of made it my [TS]

  unofficial goal in life to talk about [TS]

  the movie labyrinth on as many podcasts [TS]

  as possible and i have spoken about it [TS]

  briefly in in many little places where I [TS]

  can sort of shoehorn it in but the only [TS]

  at the only one time that I got to talk [TS]

  about it at length on a podcast I kind [TS]

  of got blackout drunk and to remembering [TS]

  into the podcast WTF podcast and [TS]

  actually you know have all of my [TS]

  faculties throughout the whole thing too [TS]

  because i have many thoughts about that [TS]

  film it's funny you used the phrase [TS]

  shoehorn it in with reference to that [TS]

  movie because the only thing I remember [TS]

  about it is Bowie's pants [TS]

  well I'm not gonna lie that's a [TS]

  highlight but that's not the only you [TS]

  know what to call this meeting without [TS]

  Carly but [TS]

  some system planning their it's just a [TS]

  different day Steve telling to tell me [TS]

  what's the topic we should we should [TS]

  cover haha well I've long ago given up [TS]

  the idea that we might talk about horror [TS]

  movies on this because people just can't [TS]

  hack it [TS]

  although although i do want to do scary [TS]

  old movie club this year because the old [TS]

  movies you guys can probably deal with [TS]

  her [TS]

  there's not a lot of blood we might have [TS]

  mind Christmas out we could move over to [TS]

  halloween sure we could do we could do [TS]

  our own shocktoberfest sure that would [TS]

  be exciting but i think i think would be [TS]

  I think I brought this up once is like a [TS]

  joke just to bait [TS]

  poor Tony sindelar not no more talk [TS]

  about it the more I think it would be a [TS]

  pretty good episode i think doing a [TS]

  sports fandom episode from a geeky [TS]

  perspective would actually be really [TS]

  interesting and if your first thought [TS]

  like mine is that would alienate nine [TS]

  ninety percent of our listeners I think [TS]

  that's part of the point i mean it [TS]

  shouldn't [TS]

  it's just something else to geek out [TS]

  about and you know i know a lot of geeks [TS]

  who are big sports fans and I know [TS]

  others who think that's somehow [TS]

  repulsive and some quick and it [TS]

  shouldn't really be a divisive things i [TS]

  think it could serve both is like a [TS]

  discussion of why sports appeal to us as [TS]

  geeks and as people just in general and [TS]

  and also maybe as you know what it means [TS]

  to bridge the gap between sports geeks [TS]

  and and other types [TS]

  I like that idea i would i would not be [TS]

  on this episode no course I i watch i [TS]

  watch sports so I can drink beer during [TS]

  the day exactly the second definition of [TS]

  living with you see if you don't have to [TS]

  do that [TS]

  yeah glad I have to ask and I'm afraid [TS]

  of what the answer is going to be but is [TS]

  there topic we should cover [TS]

  it's not a German I want that but bigger [TS]

  than a breadbox know i love to talk [TS]

  about i got to actually pick one should [TS]

  be yeah you should be i'll the one [TS]

  that's a lathe of heaven is one as I [TS]

  think was an influential PBS movie was [TS]

  like the only movie they funded or [TS]

  something [TS]

  23 years ago and I was a teenager I saw [TS]

  this thing and I already read Ursula [TS]

  kayla quinn a bunch of her work but I [TS]

  was really blown away by the adaptation [TS]

  and then they made one several years ago [TS]

  they made as somewhat worse version of [TS]

  the earth the first one wasn't [TS]

  the ps1 wasn't released for a long time [TS]

  because of music clearance rights had a [TS]

  Beatles song in it and they did not [TS]

  actually among other things they didn't [TS]

  do that the clearance right so they did [TS]

  just to show it on TV because what would [TS]

  you ever do with it again and there's [