The Incomparable

30: Let Me Show You My Warp Bubble


  [Music] [TS]

  the incomparable podcast number 30 marks [TS]

  we're back on the incomparable podcast [TS]

  this is jason cell i remember fondly [TS]

  growing up watching the original Star [TS]

  Trek every single night and but this is [TS]

  not a podcast about Captain Kirk mr. [TS]

  Spock it is instead about in some ways [TS]

  the most successful Star Trek TV series [TS]

  from the late eighties and early [TS]

  nineties when I was in high school and [TS]

  colleges Star Trek The Next Generation a [TS]

  show that that really existed at a time [TS]

  when there wasn't a lot of sci-fi on TV [TS]

  it was one of the first popular [TS]

  syndicated drama series it's sort of [TS]

  broken new ground there and became [TS]

  extremely popular at a time when there [TS]

  were a lot of us I shows on TV at all so [TS]

  I think it kind of gets lost when we [TS]

  look back because there's such a glut of [TS]

  sci-fi on TV now and for the last decade [TS]

  and I think people don't necessarily [TS]

  think about the next generation so we're [TS]

  going to talk about it so it's a little [TS]

  bit of a retro incomparable classic or [TS]

  as my wife said before we begin [TS]

  recording this podcast oh you're being [TS]

  timely yes so joining me here to talk [TS]

  about to talk about the ladies in the [TS]

  early nineties i have a delightful [TS]

  collection of guests joining me [TS]

  Lisa Schmeisser is here hi Lisa hi also [TS]

  joining us Dan Moore and Dan hello hi [TS]

  Jason are you great glen fleischmann [TS]

  hello there hello and Scott McNulty [TS]

  hello hello so so so next generation I [TS]

  guess what i want to start with his way [TS]

  what you guys were doing when you [TS]

  started watching Star Trek The Next [TS]

  Generation did you watch it when it was [TS]

  first on we in high school or college or [TS]

  something like that [TS]

  my oldest person on the podcast out i'm [TS]

  43 my the oldest yes I win you will haha [TS]

  i watch to college with undergrads and [TS]

  everyone hated the first season but we [TS]

  still made it through and watch that we [TS]

  were so desperate for entertainment [TS]

  those days before the computers i [TS]

  watched in nursery school haha [TS]

  they said you're in high school right [TS]

  yeah i started i started watching high [TS]

  school my dad I had watched the original [TS]

  series or sent the reruns of the [TS]

  original series so i started watching [TS]

  high school I didn't watch TV in college [TS]

  because I went through a kill your TV [TS]

  phase and then I resumed watching it [TS]

  right as it ended once i was a graduate [TS]

  school so alright that is that is my [TS]

  briefs to and what about you Scott i [TS]

  started watching it in grammar school [TS]

  and then I watched throughout my high [TS]

  school you see this really seriously [TS]

  yeah how young are you [TS]

  oh no really I I am 34 [TS]

  wow you're a youngster grammar grammar [TS]

  school [TS]

  how did your mother so you can step to [TS]

  record this podcast fellow and Danny's [TS]

  younger than I am [TS]

  dad was watching it in diapers and did [TS]

  you watch Star Trek The Next Generation [TS]

  when it was initially on or did you [TS]

  bought passage by is that does not [TS]

  explain your bitterness and hostility [TS]

  toward your hatred for Jean Luc Picard I [TS]

  he's French that says enough for me [TS]

  oh alright guys i'm at the English kind [TS]

  of French he is very is very English [TS]

  French i came i think it'd be later [TS]

  seasons were still airing and it went [TS]

  off the air in 94 anymore [TS]

  yeah i was so I watched the last few [TS]

  years i think um maybe seasons five [TS]

  through seven or so pretty regularly but [TS]

  I be local station in my area set in [TS]

  syndication so it was on like everything [TS]

  every weeknight and so i think when i [TS]

  stumbled upon it when I which again was [TS]

  probably in 10 maybe something like [TS]

  1990-91 because my cousin showed me some [TS]

  episodes and it seems a huge star trek [TS]

  and I think I sort of started watching [TS]

  all the syndication episodes then and [TS]

  then later put in you know start [TS]

  watching it was on the air so you're six [TS]

  years old when it first season aired all [TS]

  87 sick [TS]

  yeah okay I wouldn't seven so alongside [TS]

  haha i was i was saying this to somebody [TS]

  the other week I I for me the next [TS]

  generation the seven years that was on [TS]

  brackets i think one of the most notable [TS]

  periods in my life because it premiered [TS]

  when I was a senior in high school [TS]

  and it went off the air when I in the [TS]

  spring of 94 where I was living with my [TS]

  future wife in berkeley finishing I was [TS]

  actually just graduated from grad school [TS]

  and was working at my first full-time [TS]

  job so i went from being a kid in high [TS]

  school to being basically an adult over [TS]

  those seven years that Captain Picard [TS]

  and Rikers beard were out there solving [TS]

  interstellar crimes [TS]

  that's a much better coming-of-age TV [TS]

  series know when I associate with that [TS]

  period for me which was Beverly Hills [TS]

  90210 right which is itself had its own [TS]

  next generation later yeah I will watch [TS]

  that that's just terrible and I didn't [TS]

  like a Love Boat the next generation [TS]

  also the next game Robert Urich Robert [TS]

  your that's right it was the next wave [TS]

  just wave so so I you know we could talk [TS]

  we go to a lot of different directions [TS]

  here I thought it was interesting as we [TS]

  were about to press the record button [TS]

  button somebody mentioned the season one [TS]

  was was terrible I i guess one of the [TS]

  interesting things about the next [TS]

  generation is that when it started out [TS]

  Gene Roddenberry was very much in [TS]

  control it was also the they hadn't they [TS]

  really didn't know what they were gonna [TS]

  do it was a new thing [TS]

  how are they going to build it that they [TS]

  you know it was this non-network [TS]

  syndicated show they did 26 episodes a [TS]

  year which is actually a lot now but but [TS]

  they needed them because that was half [TS]

  of a year's worth and so they could do [TS]

  they could fill a year with 26 new ones [TS]

  and then 26 repeats so you know that [TS]

  first year I remember at the time [TS]

  thinking hey this is pretty good and I [TS]

  and then I realized like a couple years [TS]

  later [TS]

  oh no it was terrible now and we just [TS]

  watch the season i watched the season [TS]

  one finale the neutral zone which is one [TS]

  of the better episodes of that year was [TS]

  about to say is you can totally tell [TS]

  it's a writ that Gene Roddenberry is [TS]

  still very much in charge because the [TS]

  whole premise of the episode is that the [TS]

  enterprise runs across three people from [TS]

  the 20th century who have been [TS]

  cryogenically excuse me cryonically [TS]

  frozen and they thought them out and the [TS]

  entire episode is about these people and [TS]

  how awful they are you know all the what [TS]

  do you mean you guys don't watch TV in [TS]

  the future what do you mean there's no [TS]

  money in the future and why don't you [TS]

  guys take drugs and partying rock and [TS]

  roll and and [TS]

  and picard and the rest of the crew [TS]

  walkthrough with you sanctimonious [TS]

  expressions that will you see we now [TS]

  have these greater purposes we're [TS]

  dedicated to exploration and bettering [TS]

  ourselves and elevating the [TS]

  understanding of the world around us and [TS]

  that the fact that there was this diet [TS]

  that the fact that well your petty [TS]

  concerns like currency and entertainment [TS]

  free time and I thought yeah this is [TS]

  this is the typical that this is the [TS]

  stuff that I think kind of hampers the [TS]

  star trek universe because right when [TS]

  when running was in charge she basically [TS]

  said you can see how the babies with her [TS]

  friend would be great man if people [TS]

  didn't have religion and money and Lord [TS]

  Brahma have the end and he tried to be [TS]

  no sin to to the next generation and it [TS]

  just died i think it actually really [TS]

  limits the storytelling because if you [TS]

  are going to have an entity that is [TS]

  large enough to keep flinging you you [TS]

  know vast crews of people into space [TS]

  we're perpetually getting lost or killed [TS]

  you're going to have to have a culture [TS]

  that's based on some some when [TS]

  allocating resources efficiently and [TS]

  unfortunately my market with currencies [TS]

  a good way to do that and incident as [TS]

  well we're all going to band together [TS]

  and go answer questions because that's [TS]

  what enlightened people do and and have [TS]

  you ever really looked at your hands [TS]

  before and it's in many ways the show I [TS]

  think only really got good when [TS]

  Roddenberry took a step back and the [TS]

  liquor they turned over the creative I [TS]

  mean it's not that the people who were [TS]

  on the show the first year or two or bad [TS]

  because actually there's some really [TS]

  town people including some of the [TS]

  original Star Trek writers I think it's [TS]

  just a heavy hand Roddenberry just [TS]

  killed a lot of something lots of [TS]

  stories about him saying no we can't [TS]

  have conflict you know the people need [TS]

  to be perfect and that goes back to the [TS]

  original star trek into the same way you [TS]

  know Harlan Ellison stories yet had a [TS]

  hot like drama i know on phone oh it [TS]

  yeah it's and you can see especially in [TS]

  that first season that there there it's [TS]

  very difficult there and there is no [TS]

  it's a happy crew and there's not a lot [TS]

  of internal conflict and I do think [TS]

  that's actually one of the reasons my [TS]

  favorite episode from that first year is [TS]

  the big goodbye which is a holodeck [TS]

  episode [TS]

  yeah you know the fact is it was it was [TS]

  like the escape because they could say [TS]

  well it's Picard in a detective noir and [TS]

  it's the trappings of drama but it's all [TS]

  ok because it's just pretend [TS]

  and that was their escape and I point [TS]

  out written by mel torme son crazy Torme [TS]

  who went on to create sliders by the way [TS]

  so that's just another fine [TS]

  science-fiction series that will be the [TS]

  next podcasts like a lot lighter tell me [TS]

  another cat lighters by guess Josh [TS]

  Malina had a guest on sliders I guess we [TS]

  have to talk about and and it's the [TS]

  freaking out and breathe in alloy yeah [TS]

  yeah it's terrible things to her [TS]

  characters on splatters I really hate [TS]

  the way they ended it when I can't [TS]

  believe we're talking about slept ok so [TS]

  episodes have it so the thing is i was [TS]

  reviewing the episode list for season [TS]

  one and I realized I think of it as a [TS]

  like an extra couple season the [TS]

  lieutenant yar is captured by evil black [TS]

  people episode that was my favorite won [TS]

  the West leads Wesley steps on the [TS]

  flower is condemned yeah so don't worry [TS]

  about what's don't forget the the [TS]

  bizarre introduction of the Ferengi who [TS]

  are who are totally unlike anything that [TS]

  they go on to be definite the bizarre [TS]

  introduction of the type of deanna trees [TS]

  hairstyles i just have every she was so [TS]

  poorly [TS]

  not that I'm a huge tour defender but [TS]

  she was so poorly served at first season [TS]

  because they just putting these [TS]

  escalating ridiculous outfits and her [TS]

  job was to come in and say something [TS]

  blindingly obvious then blocked off [TS]

  screen again and I sense hostility [TS]

  I sense great joy and happiness I sense [TS]

  he's hiding something [TS]

  he's looking for validation captain [TS]

  can't you understand what he insist on [TS]

  standard the first season though when [TS]

  you look through the episode list and [TS]

  I'd forgotten this it did actually set a [TS]

  lot of the plot elements for all the [TS]

  ones that followed like there we had [TS]

  really like a lot of the most [TS]

  interesting stuff that happened like wil [TS]

  Wheaton's character Wesley Crusher who [TS]

  is so you know x coordinate will witness [TS]

  the is the greatest geek in the world [TS]

  today and service created in his time [TS]

  and they're all these terrible episode [TS]

  with him in which he had a i'll be so [TS]

  cringy awful but it set the stage for [TS]

  his character being his being the next [TS]

  evolution of man accuses the very first [TS]

  episode and comes back the hope that [TS]

  they're making homemade better things [TS]

  out of some of that style but it was [TS]

  years datas long-lost brother the other [TS]

  robot lower appear or [TS]

  yes the was a crystalline entity the but [TS]

  I mean a lot of stuff you can wear the [TS]

  killer snowflake you mean your snowflake [TS]

  and at least they killed Tasha Yar it's [TS]

  like what can you make with your cgi [TS]

  systems we could make a really [TS]

  good-looking snowflake then let you make [TS]

  it so that's what is evil make it a [TS]

  murderous snowflake [TS]

  ah laksana Troy good character that [TS]

  locks on the train well one of my [TS]

  favorite episodes menasha try precisely [TS]

  because Roxanna Roxanna takes it was a [TS]

  great title for one thing [TS]

  yeah yeah roxanna's fantastic especially [TS]

  and their nose that wonderful scene at [TS]

  the end where you know they find them to [TS]

  convey to Picard that the way to get get [TS]

  her back from the frankie is if the the [TS]

  the Frank you think they're about to get [TS]

  killed and Picard breaks out the [TS]

  shakespeare and just goes to town and I [TS]

  it all it's just it's a fantastically [TS]

  communicate was brought up the Ferengi a [TS]

  couple of times I think that I to get [TS]

  back to something that I think dan may [TS]

  be mentioned in the introduction of the [TS]

  frig is fascinating because at the time [TS]

  that the Frankie were meant to be the [TS]

  Klingons of the new series they were [TS]

  going to be the recurring villain and [TS]

  after one episode they realize there was [TS]

  no way they could do it because they [TS]

  were ridiculous i'm just amazed the ADL [TS]

  didn't let go after the show because the [TS]

  dome is God [TS]

  yeah it's no it'sit's you know Phil is [TS]

  not a sci-fi personal and he wandered in [TS]

  when i was in the middle of my next [TS]

  generation marathon watching during [TS]

  maternity is your husband [TS]

  yes and he's like so the Ferengi are the [TS]

  Jews of the Starfleet right i remember [TS]

  first watching and being just appalled [TS]

  like every Jewish stereotype like [TS]

  because there's no Jewish writers in [TS]

  Hollywood of course they never found [TS]

  this gotta be Jewish stereotype is [TS]

  trying to become not just facial [TS]

  features over there avaricious they're [TS]

  like slavery after the pretty women and [TS]

  they had this like they have these [TS]

  strict orthodoxies and they've got the [TS]

  reform Ferengi and if it's just I don't [TS]

  know I always enjoyed their development [TS]

  and later in later seasons in series [TS]

  especially benefit space nitride-based [TS]

  I'm very differently [TS]

  I have so much more depth there and [TS]

  onions yeah Andy space-time because by [TS]

  that point you've got them going to just [TS]

  to Starfleet Academy and get you through [TS]

  they've turned them into one more than a [TS]

  more fully formed races at work but in [TS]

  with the next generation its i can get [TS]

  it for you wholesale dilithium rods and [TS]

  you just hold deep space nine there was [TS]

  a Ferengi a main Frankie character so [TS]

  there were no you know I next-generation [TS]

  there were not many [TS]

  well I mean so in deep space nine did [TS]

  with the Ferengi what next generation [TS]

  did with the Klingons right like going [TS]

  on the verge of strategies in the [TS]

  original Star Trek series mtng you know [TS]

  you put a Klingon the bridge [TS]

  automatically you know [TS]

  wow this is not like the show that we [TS]

  used to watch and the Klingons become [TS]

  hugely rich culture and I think you know [TS]

  those are some of the episodes that i [TS]

  enjoy i guess like you know looking back [TS]

  on it where some of the ones where you [TS]

  sort of delve into that culture and [TS]

  especially Worf Worf is one of my [TS]

  characters who develops the most in the [TS]

  course of the series right and then [TS]

  moves on to deep space 9 i'll write more [TS]

  and more who went on to make a name for [TS]

  himself doing battlestar galactica that [TS]

  was how he basically I mean he his spec [TS]

  script that got him higher was not a [TS]

  Klingon episode but his first I think [TS]

  script after that and then thereafter he [TS]

  became the go-to guy for the Klingons [TS]

  and really did make a potentially kind [TS]

  of stock villainous rates you know other [TS]

  than wharf and really kind of started to [TS]

  flesh them out through wharf and also [TS]

  through his interaction with the others [TS]

  and that was when I started noticing his [TS]

  name in the credits was like Ron Moore [TS]

  he's the Klingon guy he any degree he [TS]

  just ripped off a bunch of great [TS]

  episodes I think starting in the third [TS]

  season [TS]

  yes sins of the father wharfe goes to [TS]

  prove his father's innocence yeah yes I [TS]

  really got it [TS]

  they stretch that out of a couple that [TS]

  was a great source of dramatic tension [TS]

  and well it was one of the few things [TS]

  where they did that it affected [TS]

  everything that Wharf is one of the few [TS]

  things that has a lasting impact over [TS]

  the course of the series which a lot of [TS]

  things don't I also a big fan of Zeno [TS]

  law so getting to see the Klingon law [TS]

  system was really important to me [TS]

  yeah that's good go ahead well who [TS]

  doesn't who doesn't see it a lot in Star [TS]

  Trek six the Klingon lawyer who defends [TS]

  Captain Kirk Earl Warren is it work [TS]

  that played by Michael this is his [TS]

  grandfather as I recall that's right [TS]

  yes yes yes indeed so now bat backing up [TS]

  a little bit that one of the things [TS]

  about the second season of on to the [TS]

  next generation [TS]

  yes so so so there's a fired Beverly [TS]

  Crusher because gene roddenberry didn't [TS]

  like her I don't even know why because [TS]

  she was like totally hot and I I'll [TS]

  second that x fill the third that for [TS]

  you every time dr. every doctor doctor [TS]

  that's correct sounds great way they [TS]

  replace her with Diana mold are as dr. [TS]

  plasma down mold or good actress she was [TS]

  she was in LA Law she was actually the [TS]

  original Star Trek and she was actually [TS]

  kind of a hottie when she was in the [TS]

  original star trek xi and Captain Kirk [TS]

  had a little thing going on as did every [TS]

  male or female character on the realest [TS]

  Roderick and so there's that meant and [TS]

  what from the the backstory perspective [TS]

  season two [TS]

  there was a writer strike and and the [TS]

  show didn't get on the air for like [TS]

  three months and when it did they were [TS]

  these episodes that had at were [TS]

  literally dusted off [TS]

  I mean there was dust on them they were [TS]

  they were scripts for the star trek [TS]

  phase two series which was going to be [TS]

  in which they didn't do instead of doing [TS]

  Star Trek the motion picture and other [TS]

  when they were so much so terrible so [TS]

  that that season was like this entering [TS]

  interesting thing where they were really [TS]

  trying to get their bearings it was much [TS]

  better than the first season but it's [TS]

  very hard to to really say that next [TS]

  generation came into its own until if [TS]

  its third year which is kind of amazing [TS]

  it's you know that they were they were a [TS]

  good 50 episodes in before they really [TS]

  figured it out that would never happen [TS]

  today [TS]

  no will never happen to have never [TS]

  pulled this one out yet no show would [TS]

  get on there long enough what you think [TS]

  about it for me it was when they did the [TS]

  episode q Who which introduced the board [TS]

  which is basically q appearing and [TS]

  saying you guys are far too comfortable [TS]

  i'm going to screw this up for you [TS]

  here's the board they're really scary [TS]

  and now they know about you and they're [TS]

  gonna come and get you by and for me [TS]

  that was like the moment was like all [TS]

  right now we got something and that that [TS]

  really was what turned it around [TS]

  another great episode from that season [TS]

  was was actually a spec script which was [TS]

  Melinda Snodgrass's a sci-fi writer [TS]

  wrote this episode called the measure of [TS]

  a man [TS]

  which had no budget because they were [TS]

  like it was all standing sets and it was [TS]

  speaking of Zeno why was a courtroom [TS]

  drama about whether data was about a [TS]

  sentient being or not which is a great [TS]

  episode [TS]

  yeah i was very good there's that [TS]

  there's that bet great britain that bit [TS]

  in that episode where they pull out the [TS]

  Holograms data you know there's this [TS]

  holiday how about ahsha our former you [TS]

  know that are late security officer [TS]

  why do you have this is like well you [TS]

  know we're friends like what we had a an [TS]

  intimate relationship like oh ma it's [TS]

  actually family function that episode [TS]

  and the episode yesterday's enterprise [TS]

  where where there's the the alternate [TS]

  timeline with tasha it and a few others [TS]

  there are a few other cases where it [TS]

  turns out that the death of Tasha Yar as [TS]

  ridiculous as it was incinerated [TS]

  reverberates through the Syrian and NS [TS]

  as kind of questionable character she [TS]

  was it's not the worst thing that they [TS]

  killed her off but but the ramifications [TS]

  of her death they actually handled well [TS]

  better than the death itself [TS]

  she was better dead if yes when the [TS]

  series finale one of one of the nicest [TS]

  touches in the series finale is when the [TS]

  carnage time shifting through all those [TS]

  different realities and he's got to have [TS]

  them converge and he's trying to work [TS]

  with Tasha Yar and every time he looks [TS]

  at you can tell he's thinking that he [TS]

  wants to say things to her and he wants [TS]

  to try to drink it in because he knows [TS]

  that she's dead and he's heroically [TS]

  restraining himself and it's it's it's [TS]

  it's a tremendously affecting sequence [TS]

  we can't you can't break the temporal [TS]

  project and that would have been made [TS]

  possible if she'd stayed alive the whole [TS]

  way through i mean there's more emotion [TS]

  with the way he regards her it was [TS]

  really nice to have that element of the [TS]

  you know something that had a lasting [TS]

  impact I think that's one of my my [TS]

  complaints about TNG is that there it [TS]

  felt like there were so few things that [TS]

  seem to have a lasting impact from [TS]

  episode to episode like it would be [TS]

  priced the reasons before before the [TS]

  trend of having see realized storylines [TS]

  I always loved those episodes though in [TS]

  which they either brought back a [TS]

  familiar character whether it be you [TS]

  know wax on Troy your cue or whatever a [TS]

  large works girlfriend that was our all [TS]

  or [TS]

  for Alexander the later seasons and then [TS]

  episodes like no I were kind of like [TS]

  it's kind of like the tiger mother 20 [TS]

  years early i mean i like Wars parents [TS]

  more than I like Alexander OS but I mean [TS]

  horrible [TS]

  yeah well i mean but i like I felt that [TS]

  there was a reward in their right and [TS]

  like something like and so even when you [TS]

  have the cliffhangers from the later [TS]

  seasons to like the best of both worlds [TS]

  you know those were things i really [TS]

  enjoyed where it's like there's [TS]

  something at stake here right [TS]

  I don't have that like oh I'm sure [TS]

  everything's gonna be fine not by next [TS]

  week you know will solve this problem in [TS]

  15 minutes [TS]

  I watched a lot of the next generation [TS]

  on through january when i was still on [TS]

  maternity leave because mom my daughter [TS]

  wouldn't go to sleep in the crib and so [TS]

  I would hold her for I would hold her [TS]

  for naps and things like that and I'd [TS]

  watch and I'd watch the next generation [TS]

  while she was asleep Will Riker will [TS]

  soothe you to sleep baby oh my god more [TS]

  left [TS]

  I don't do not get one of my one of my [TS]

  cousin's daughter's when she was like [TS]

  three or something like her parents are [TS]

  avid Trek fans and she walked into the [TS]

  room and like one of her like early [TS]

  words with tar Trek Star Trek in memory [TS]

  of Tasha Yar but one of the things that [TS]

  so striking is start is star trek the [TS]

  next generation is just such a product [TS]

  of of its of the time of its creation [TS]

  and I thought wow you know for sure that [TS]

  supposed to be set a couple centuries in [TS]

  the future [TS]

  it really is pretty firmly fixed in the [TS]

  late 1980s early nineteen nineties in [TS]

  terms of the future is going to be like [TS]

  in terms of aesthetics in terms of [TS]

  sensibility and I recognize that part of [TS]

  the problem with aesthetics comes down [TS]

  to budgetary limitations and technology [TS]

  limitations because i'm sure we can [TS]

  offer one incorporating cgi was like a [TS]

  huge deal on Babylon 5 [TS]

  right right that it was all along it was [TS]

  all model work not much more advanced [TS]

  than what they had in the sixties right [TS]

  because you had the enterprise going [TS]

  like in every episode was don't forget [TS]

  it was just me was also just the look of [TS]

  it was very brightly lit and optimistic [TS]

  and they're willing to much [TS]

  serialization and it was a very end and [TS]

  that goes back to the fact that when [TS]

  they were building the sets and coming [TS]

  up with the aesthetic Gene Roddenberry [TS]

  was there saying the future is great [TS]

  everybody loves everybody else analogy [TS]

  to show Syria and in the future no one [TS]

  needs wet wipes in the future yeah it is [TS]

  it's not it's not a very complicated [TS]

  future and that that never stopped right [TS]

  with me because I because I just kept [TS]

  the key you're gonna keep running into [TS]

  into civilization after civilization [TS]

  after civilization you're going to tell [TS]

  me that you're not going to find a [TS]

  planet that insist on absolute morality [TS]

  and can't handle the cultural relativism [TS]

  that the Federation is based on and [TS]

  you're and you're going to tell me think [TS]

  about the traumatic episode 2 like how [TS]

  long did it take for them to get to a [TS]

  point with a universal translator failed [TS]

  and you have a culture that I mean that [TS]

  I think that was a child and her son has [TS]

  isolated 102 is how long it took them [TS]

  502 and that is one of the that is one [TS]

  of the things like Darmok it's called [TS]

  right episode season five and that is [TS]

  one of the one of the few times in the [TS]

  series when they did something even [TS]

  though i like the show as a whole and i [TS]

  watched it fairly religiously is um I [TS]

  thought they did something totally [TS]

  unexpected i watched it when holy cow [TS]

  they're doing hard sigh finally ok what [TS]

  I'm going to use this as an excuse to go [TS]

  around the room and see if everybody's [TS]

  got an episode they want to single out [TS]

  as one of their favorites and i'll do [TS]

  that because my favorite Star Trek [TS]

  episode is Darmok I'm by jovanovski [TS]

  which is that that is that is it by a [TS]

  mile my favorite episode because it's [TS]

  about having to communicate and the [TS]

  translator not working and having to [TS]

  understand with metaphors and you know [TS]

  their steaks and Picard is alone and and [TS]

  then he joins up with this alien captain [TS]

  is your friends UFO there's a beast a [TS]

  monster that's trying to kill them there [TS]

  you know the captain doesn't make it out [TS]

  alive so there's there's really a some [TS]

  serious you know sadness and I real high [TS]

  stakes kind of thing happening and yeah [TS]

  so for me that episode is absolutely the [TS]

  pinnacle of that what what they did so [TS]

  that's my favorite and pollen feel does [TS]

  not have a good rep you know a good [TS]

  restaurant run are you in Star Trek yeah [TS]

  was that he's always dying that's right [TS]

  because he was he was captain Darrell [TS]

  instructor to take what creatures in our [TS]

  bodies [TS]

  it made us say lies will start to [TS]

  podcast is coming but oh my god you know [TS]

  I was traumatized by that scene 4 year [TS]

  made us realize do things but I laughter [TS]

  that's going on the ear he was [TS]

  are you yeah oh poor check off screams [TS]

  again star trek do all he does this [TS]

  creep any other any other favorite [TS]

  episodes out there now that I've [TS]

  professed my love for glare mark [TS]

  enchilada to Naga haha i love that um [TS]

  just ok everybody could just okay with [TS]

  me haha that's the best you know I'm [TS]

  gonna I'm gonna throw a weird one [TS]

  because i figured with somebody because [TS]

  you mentioned German Oscars how to look [TS]

  at another episode I'm gonna throw out [TS]

  mass oh man I knew you were gonna do [TS]

  that because that one not have other [TS]

  episodes that content fast masks was [TS]

  again with the experimental final season [TS]

  of next-generation said ya was like it [TS]

  was a little bit like I'm not saying it [TS]

  was the best episode [TS]

  oh no it's the epicenter bright spider [TS]

  gets to chew the scenery by channeling [TS]

  all these different personalities but [TS]

  you're including like an ancient [TS]

  fertility goddess who also kills and oh [TS]

  yeah but the reason I think you liked [TS]

  that episode and I'm not surprised that [TS]

  you like it is that that episode is [TS]

  definitely like something that could be [TS]

  you could write whole dissertations [TS]

  about because it is like jovanovski kind [TS]

  of discouraging myth in just myth [TS]

  figures into and the meaning of myth and [TS]

  why we have myths and just pouring out [TS]

  of here but that was it and it may be [TS]

  more inclined to think about them maybe [TS]

  to watch it's his Joseph Campbell [TS]

  episode clearly rights it's his it's his [TS]

  star wars telling but I I like I'm not [TS]

  going to side i'm picking an oddball one [TS]

  because i forgot about mass until just [TS]

  looking upstairs like I would you [TS]

  normally I would say the inner light [TS]

  everyone's gonna pick a night so I'm [TS]

  gonna take that what I'm taking masks [TS]

  because masks again you're watching a [TS]

  show on mainstream television and [TS]

  they're doing something that is almost [TS]

  in comprehensively strange and their [TS]

  packaging it in this science-fiction [TS]

  rapper while telling a bigger story and [TS]

  I've always had a soft spot for brent [TS]

  Spiner don't think is a fabulous actor [TS]

  but I think he's some amenities like you [TS]

  know it's great like like I think about [TS]

  on afterwards patrick stewart for [TS]

  instance right but I mean and also many [TS]

  guest stars it had the show or just [TS]

  really fantastic but I've always liked [TS]

  brent Spiner is total commitment to what [TS]

  he's doing and so I i like that episode [TS]

  quite a bit and now you know despite the [TS]

  fact that i'm not the hugest eng fan I [TS]

  was like going over my list and liking [TS]

  it a lot of really good episodes [TS]

  that's right here that I do like I'm I [TS]

  I might pick lower decks from season [TS]

  seven oh that was my life is good which [TS]

  is which is a really good episode about [TS]

  final war basically one of those [TS]

  episodes like let's ignore the entire [TS]

  main cast for most of the episode and [TS]

  focus on these younger officers on there [TS]

  but again it was an episode where there [TS]

  was something at stake [TS]

  oh and there's something they kill ya [TS]

  someone dies and is and yeah and it's [TS]

  it's kind of it I enjoyed that there was [TS]

  a like there was an episode with with [TS]

  drama and and steaks there and i think [TS]

  that would and in getting that [TS]

  perspective i love the protective ship [TS]

  but we talked about that about Buffy [TS]

  about the episode the sepo where yeah [TS]

  it's just you're following sander and [TS]

  his random adventures and everything [TS]

  else in the plot happens in the [TS]

  background the lower decks is that same [TS]

  way worse because you wonder like well [TS]

  there's hundreds of people on this ship [TS]

  right right like and like we never hear [TS]

  about like you see the people like I had [TS]

  a pad to somebody or like they get shot [TS]

  if they're you know a security officer [TS]

  whatever but you never get stories from [TS]

  any of them and so I i really enjoyed [TS]

  that love that you have the stories by [TS]

  the way at least we can talk about [TS]

  everything that they got wrong but they [TS]

  nailed the ipad yeah that's true to 200 [TS]

  years our lady elected nail the only [TS]

  thing they didn't get right is the fact [TS]

  that they thought of pads discreet so [TS]

  you can have a stack of pads or four [TS]

  different paths that were pre-programmed [TS]

  people didn't have tablets that were [TS]

  associated specifically with them needed [TS]

  maps I will see to that we have a pad [TS]

  app store during the back of Kindles [TS]

  next to me soon maybe a writer that you [TS]

  have done volume yeah alright those are [TS]

  good choices [TS]

  Lisa the masterpiece Society wow its [TS]

  feet well okay great great title one of [TS]

  the things that I always thought about [TS]

  TNG that I was sad about was that they [TS]

  didn't have as many good titles that [TS]

  original Star Trek at these crazy like [TS]

  Shakespeare on the edge of titles and I [TS]

  for the world is hollow and I've touched [TS]

  the sky and and whereas next generation [TS]

  had episodes like ethnic background and [TS]

  Rome you know it's just like that you [TS]

  know episode is dictionary word but that [TS]

  one was a great with the masterpiece [TS]

  Society which is like the society in a [TS]

  bottle [TS]

  yes and it's one of the few episodes for [TS]

  Deanna Troi is is not completely useless [TS]

  right so I wasn't annoyed about that [TS]

  which which of course vaulted with me [TS]

  the others the actually makes horrible [TS]

  ethical breaches of that episode that [TS]

  delightful but the thing I love about is [TS]

  how Jordan posters stuff the street I if [TS]

  you'll pardon me for being up and he's [TS]

  dealing with this brilliant scientist [TS]

  and she's all we would have never [TS]

  thought about this and George's like [TS]

  well you would have thought about it [TS]

  because I thought about it and I'm blind [TS]

  and I would have been aborted and never [TS]

  allowed to exist in your society [TS]

  am I right yes yes you were right [TS]

  awkward that is why Georgia is my [TS]

  favorite character just like the fact [TS]

  that he gets short shrift to the entire [TS]

  damn series but it is y over his eyes i [TS]

  know for Barbie the happy-go-lucky [TS]

  cheery cheery guy and his girlfriend is [TS]

  a hologram [TS]

  well among haha the hologram girl us I [TS]

  mean hologram I as it as well as a [TS]

  biologist that as a biologist the [TS]

  science behind masterpiece Society [TS]

  doesn't doesn't hold up at all because [TS]

  they're always we've planted society out [TS]

  for successive generations and it's all [TS]

  the genetics interlocking blah blah blah [TS]

  i kept thinking about that's not how [TS]

  population genetics works alright but it [TS]

  makes that social point about the fact [TS]

  that they've created this locked off [TS]

  society has this rigid role that they're [TS]

  born two and one of the characters [TS]

  points out that having to come into [TS]

  contact with with forces beyond their [TS]

  control and and people who are [TS]

  completely random has forced him to [TS]

  question the integrity of their other [TS]

  society and has forced them to question [TS]

  whether it's really a same way to live [TS]

  if you are born saying oh you were [TS]

  engineered to be a leader or your [TS]

  engineer to be a brilliant scientist [TS]

  this is your role go forth and flourish [TS]

  i just saw that episode recently it's [TS]

  funny and and one of the things that [TS]

  struck me about it is that the original [TS]

  Star Trek that would have been a story [TS]

  where Captain Kirk happens on this [TS]

  planet and says you people are crazy i'm [TS]

  going to ruin everything you would [TS]

  understand everyone must live their own [TS]

  lives in the way that's intended for [TS]

  them to live and then he would create a [TS]

  logical fallacy in the computer that [TS]

  controls the entire society where mode [TS]

  and then they believe right to let me in [TS]

  this episode we'll see you later the [TS]

  nice tiger has [TS]

  that's why i love that that's actually [TS]

  that episode the taste of Armageddon [TS]

  this one my favorite original Star Trek [TS]

  episodes for that reason works like this [TS]

  is this is best up i'm going to break [TS]

  everything in and little relieved by you [TS]

  have prime directive kill yourselves or [TS]

  not but I'm going so masterpiece Society [TS]

  is basically an intractable problem that [TS]

  the enterprise doesn't cause it but then [TS]

  their presence is there and they're like [TS]

  well we gotta do something and they and [TS]

  and there are no good solutions which is [TS]

  great because they're right in the [TS]

  middle of it they're like what we do [TS]

  where kevin kirby like haha you actually [TS]

  see them really fret over Picard is [TS]

  really torn [TS]

  Scott do you have a favorite i do have a [TS]

  favorite and I like it more because of [TS]

  the character that is the central [TS]

  driving force than the actual episode [TS]

  itself the nth degree which mostly [TS]

  original Barkley who is working with my [TS]

  favorite character instructor [TS]

  organization AKA is no howling continues [TS]

  howling mad Murdock guess it was another [TS]

  jovanovski episode and i love that [TS]

  episode 2 and I think it gets short [TS]

  shrift among all that kind of reg [TS]

  Barclay episode but you know what [TS]

  starkly is all of us that's why we love [TS]

  Him were all that's true because [TS]

  everyone starts with a next generation [TS]

  especially on the enterprise because [TS]

  it's the flagship of the Federation that [TS]

  are like the cream of the crop [TS]

  yeah everyone's perfect invention Rodney [TS]

  exactly the screwed-up is a little [TS]

  insecure he likes to go to the whole [TS]

  deck and have the bridge crew in his [TS]

  fantasies spent I and nef degree he [TS]

  becomes becomes super intelligent [TS]

  intelligent and and finds that the [TS]

  enterprise's computer is to slow so he [TS]

  hooks his brain into the the enterprise [TS]

  and takes over so they can solve this [TS]

  problem which I don't think he end up [TS]

  solving but no happens it's actually a [TS]

  like a Trojan horse to get them to [TS]

  transport to there's an alien race and [TS]

  that that doesn't travel they just send [TS]

  out these probes that may be smart and [TS]

  then they open wormholes the United [TS]

  kinda yeah and they say hey welcome [TS]

  let's talk laziest race oh yeah it's the [TS]

  s very advanced but very lazy [TS]

  they're not good travelers they prefer [TS]

  their home box settles on the stomach a [TS]

  little yeah you have a second favorite [TS]

  up to say go ahead because [TS]

  this format is is over and i also have a [TS]

  second favorite everything again with [TS]

  the others [TS]

  there's like 7,000 episodes does anyone [TS]

  remember the survivors the man and his [TS]

  wife found a planet the rest of the [TS]

  planets been destroyed yeah yeah yeah [TS]

  this is a beautiful episode is a [TS]

  beautifully constructed episode because [TS]

  it is a mystery introduction a [TS]

  successful mr. you can't figure it out [TS]

  of the first watching it ends with [TS]

  something so chilling that i can recite [TS]

  you know part of it because it it was it [TS]

  really affected me so the plot of the [TS]

  the survivors is a third season episode [TS]

  in fact so early but very thoughtful [TS]

  they come to this planet the whole [TS]

  planet is completely burned out except [TS]

  for one house and there's a guy there is [TS]

  Wi-Fi they claim because they refuse to [TS]

  fight against some alien race they were [TS]

  spared and the aliens destroy the rest [TS]

  of the planet because people resisted in [TS]

  and they feel bad whatever in somewhere [TS]

  along the line then like but go on your [TS]

  way we're fine here we have enough [TS]

  supplies for the rest of our lives see [TS]

  you later and the enterprise's like well [TS]

  I guess there's nothing we can do will [TS]

  put an APB for this alien race and at [TS]

  some point that they think something's [TS]

  wrong so they keep sticking around in [TS]

  Troy gets her mind jam by the music box [TS]

  just to get put in a coma and try to [TS]

  feel what the hell goes on so finally [TS]

  turns out the guy is actually q style [TS]

  super powerful alien and his wife is a [TS]

  projection that the solving the mystery [TS]

  is finally Picard says your wife doesn't [TS]

  really exist does she and she says what [TS]

  are you talking about thousands i'm [TS]

  sorry you're not really here everyone [TS]

  went to fight including the wife [TS]

  everyone's killed except the guy and [TS]

  he's so angry and he's so all powerful [TS]

  this is the thing that showed me is so [TS]

  he's like he's like so I killed them all [TS]

  and Picard says what do you mean you [TS]

  killed everybody on the spaceship is [TS]

  like no I killed the entire race 4 [TS]

  billion beings everywhere they existed [TS]

  in the universe I killed them all and [TS]

  they also to say this is committed [TS]

  beyond our ability to judge like you [TS]

  have torture yourself we gotta go wait [TS]

  in setting up there is a computer would [TS]

  be [TS]

  to mess up you guys gonna go to a logic [TS]

  test livejournal you might want to check [TS]

  out the hair who look at that Syrian [TS]

  just glad I'm glad you brought that up [TS]

  that period that's beginning of the [TS]

  third season that is when they kicked [TS]

  into gear because if you look at those [TS]

  first few episodes the first episode is [TS]

  evolution which I people don't like it's [TS]

  got wesleyan nanites in it but ken [TS]

  Jenkins who was later on scrubs is in [TS]

  that and he's this kind of baseball [TS]

  obsessed astrophysicist who is kind of [TS]

  this is his only shot at glory and he's [TS]

  afraid it's going to go badly and i love [TS]

  that episode I think that he Jenkins [TS]

  performance is actually really good and [TS]

  he's annoying and people don't like him [TS]

  because he's annoying but I think it's a [TS]

  really human character and performance [TS]

  of a guy who knows he's being a jerk but [TS]

  is so desperate because he knows this is [TS]

  his only chance and that's followed up [TS]

  by an episode called instance of command [TS]

  which is basically a great data episode [TS]

  where he gets stuck on a planet by [TS]

  himself have to try to get these people [TS]

  to evacuate their their their homeland [TS]

  or they're all gonna die and that's a [TS]

  wonderful episode then there's the [TS]

  survivors and then the episode after [TS]

  that is the one with Ray wise from Twin [TS]

  Peaks which is who watches the Watchers [TS]

  which is where they break the prime [TS]

  directive by accident because they're [TS]

  observing primitive people and they they [TS]

  like think the card is a God and they [TS]

  try to beam them up to the and it just [TS]

  keeps getting worse and worse and that [TS]

  the contamination gets worse than those [TS]

  four episodes you know i remember [TS]

  watching those four episodes of saying [TS]

  wow I i thought the first season was [TS]

  kind of good it was terrible compared to [TS]

  this and that's when they got it i think [TS]

  that's right in that little collection [TS]

  of episodes they had the good uniforms [TS]

  and the good universe with the college [TS]

  party in three [TS]

  yeah yeah that was with those the [TS]

  episode was at the we don't have a [TS]

  gentler costumes down episode season [TS]

  yes that's right on the button to [TS]

  preserve the others crazy whatever that [TS]

  something yeah they drove the actors [TS]

  crazy because they talked about it all [TS]

  the time like oh my god when they [TS]

  finally got us out of his terrible for [TS]

  every time we see it up [TS]

  yeah that was that was a draw more came [TS]

  on and and had his first trip there and [TS]

  that was when it all it all came [TS]

  together right right around then so i [TS]

  think that's that's a great episode and [TS]

  it is chilling that 15 did something [TS]

  similar weather is a disease that wiped [TS]

  out an entire race weekend [TS]

  and and that's one of my favorite [TS]

  episodes of Babylon 5 that same reason [TS]

  it is it goes to a deep dark place that [TS]

  you don't see a lot of stuff go and and [TS]

  that only sci-fi can really take you [TS]

  there i think to make that to really [TS]

  think about ultimate kind of genocide [TS]

  and how horrific it is so and if you [TS]

  play the Star Trek The Next Generation [TS]

  collectible card game Kevin Oxbridge the [TS]

  Kevin Oxbridge card is very wins he does [TS]

  he just want everybody to be nice yeah [TS]

  tap him to destroy every other card in [TS]

  the game but that's right but only when [TS]

  you kill his wife other other favorite [TS]

  store I guess second favorite episodes i [TS]

  would i would throw it I guess maybe [TS]

  this is kind of like you know maybe a [TS]

  little bit obvious but I went throughout [TS]

  all good things because its leaders and [TS]

  I think I create a great capital one of [TS]

  the best it's hard but now we're serious [TS]

  for those finales that I've ever seen to [TS]

  be i agree well excellent series caprica [TS]

  they're gonna be really hard to do [TS]

  without like they didn't screw up the [TS]

  format i like that data turns into crazy [TS]

  cannon what they're not there they're [TS]

  not it's not like it's a big event right [TS]

  i mean that's one of the great things [TS]

  about this there's a lot going on it's a [TS]

  spectacular story but it's not like the [TS]

  enterprise is reached the end of its [TS]

  voyage and everybody's saying goodbye [TS]

  it's not that now [TS]

  no its you got your cute comes back you [TS]

  got Geordie in the future with realize [TS]

  you've got the enterprise that flies in [TS]

  three dimensions which is migrating [TS]

  foreign aid the Irish show also a very [TS]

  good card in the custody bacardi [TS]

  features Deanna they've killed off [TS]

  deanna troi inexplicably which I i and [TS]

  and and all that every crime writers [TS]

  always cold bitter right yeah see that's [TS]

  great i love that i like you and records [TS]

  bitter it's my feathers on ship and she [TS]

  dresses down [TS]

  that's higher too so you never do that [TS]

  I'm like really and I was going to do [TS]

  and he's kind of like everyone thinks [TS]

  he's crazy right [TS]

  he's like yeah it seems in space because [TS]

  you crazy fear because yeah yeah it's a [TS]

  fantastic episode because he had gone to [TS]

  10 Divine's and next thing you know he's [TS]

  busy Colin chips and and babbling about [TS]

  alternate timelines and people like [TS]

  whatever whatever old man it was Don [TS]

  Quijote I do have a have a jonathan [TS]

  frakes connection [TS]

  really other than my beard is up i went [TS]

  to my college Lehigh University and I [TS]

  was an English major and so you need to [TS]

  have an academic advisor my academic [TS]

  advisor was javaserver knows professor [TS]

  freaks and I thought that's odd [TS]

  and I went to his office and he had a [TS]

  giant cutout jonathan frakes in his [TS]

  office because professor Frakes don't on [TS]

  jonathan frakes the father wasn't much [TS]

  better if it was copper pipe it was not [TS]

  his dad there would be much better if [TS]

  you did have a cutout of jonathan frakes [TS]

  just as a guy right [TS]

  it was it was a Riker cut out and is [TS]

  that look around the brakes with a cup [TS]

  of coffee and a script a little baseball [TS]

  cap a little science is it had a little [TS]

  sign on it that said hi pop which I [TS]

  thought was sweet that is sweet [TS]

  yeah i mean i think the character Rikers [TS]

  a big mobile block of cheese but i have [TS]

  no complaints whatsoever about John [TS]

  about reichert Rikers one of those i [TS]

  mean i think what writer was [TS]

  specifically I don't like a response [TS]

  well it was a response to the fact that [TS]

  they got a lot of criticism for the fact [TS]

  that Captain Kirk you know was the [TS]

  captain of the ship and very important [TS]

  and yet he was always out there doing [TS]

  the most dangerous things and so the [TS]

  response was to sort of split into the [TS]

  older kind of authority figure Captain [TS]

  Picard and and the younger kind of [TS]

  headstrong Kirk like character who [TS]

  especially that first season is very [TS]

  correct like who is who is who is Riker [TS]

  the problem is that you know first off [TS]

  the original star trek with Kirk doing [TS]

  all those things [TS]

  it worked and second for drama I mean [TS]

  how can you not have no cards not going [TS]

  to sit on the bridge and you get you got [TS]

  Patrick Stewart how are you going to not [TS]

  use him and so in the end it's like okay [TS]

  then what is Riker for yes that's a [TS]

  question we all live here we can all ask [TS]

  ourselves what is record for he plays [TS]

  the trombone [TS]

  what is the name of the episode where he [TS]

  thinks that he's aged 16 years and lost [TS]

  his memory turns out to be answered [TS]

  ecolution future imperfect which is also [TS]

  one of my favorites and then you're [TS]

  perfect [TS]

  yeah and i like it i also like it [TS]

  because he's very compassionate towards [TS]

  the person that the child who has done [TS]

  it towards i mean if if anybody else had [TS]

  been like okay you tried to momento me [TS]

  for for--why [TS]

  they might be tempted to smack the kid [TS]

  around a little bit and use in cities [TS]

  like oh you poor lonely because in the [TS]

  future and let me take you back yes [TS]

  that's right hehe is a memento which [TS]

  wasn't made one of the stronger you just [TS]

  read con that episode and shoe second [TS]

  chances is a good app is one of my [TS]

  another episode i really enjoy which is [TS]

  worthy if they find the duplicate record [TS]

  has been stuck on this planet [TS]

  yea years because of a transporter a [TS]

  little Riker yeah thomas armstrong this [TS]

  right yes and so and you get these weird [TS]

  like they're they're the same person [TS]

  only kind of not because he's been stuck [TS]

  on a planet every years and he actually [TS]

  get somebody did you get some traction [TS]

  in deep space nine later I shows up and [TS]

  kind of goes rogue basically by [TS]

  pretending to be Riker and stealing the [TS]

  Department it didn't anybody loved the [TS]

  scottie comes back episode of star child [TS]

  and I love sky love Scotty period just [TS]

  like I reactionary right i love that [TS]

  episode because once again it's so [TS]

  Scotty comes back and you know in the [TS]

  original series he could fix everything [TS]

  and he comes back and he is or he [TS]

  doesn't know anything about the new [TS]

  stuff and George's like please we can [TS]

  fix it [TS]

  just go back to your cabin that's what [TS]

  it's like oh but he they read they do [TS]

  the holiday that excel story how to do [TS]

  his job yeah how to manage his boss also [TS]

  there's a lot of good mockery of Bad [TS]

  episodes in that episode I don't [TS]

  remember this where where where there [TS]

  are several scenes majority is telling [TS]

  him sort of the end of a plot of a bad [TS]

  episode we scoured the movie state right [TS]

  was gonna go that's funny that wasn't a [TS]

  very good episode haha and and Scotty [TS]

  also reveals how he got his reputation [TS]

  as a miracle maker by overestimating how [TS]

  long it will take up and delivering good [TS]

  driver but that's what I like about that [TS]

  episode is where he basically tell he [TS]

  tells George you have got to stop being [TS]

  honest about what you can do you manage [TS]

  your bosses expectations so that would [TS]

  be a lot more impressed with you also [TS]

  Jimmy doing is just a delight [TS]

  like anytime he's on the screen he's [TS]

  just I don't know he's great i love him [TS]

  do we have any more episodes that we [TS]

  would like to call out of the hundred [TS]

  and seventy something that were what [TS]

  would someone like to know [TS]

  does anyone have a heated episode as [TS]

  opposed to like oh yeah Susan OEM [TS]

  ability to episode myself [TS]

  oh yeah i got i got a couple let me I'll [TS]

  give you one from the first season and [TS]

  i'll give you one from the last set [TS]

  stories location that [TS]

  isn't the first season that episode code [TS]

  of honor which we mentioned earlier [TS]

  which is the the people with its it's [TS]

  black aliens in a Chinese culture and I [TS]

  guess they were trying to be all kind of [TS]

  multicultural and it is so it is not [TS]

  only offensive but poorly acted and so [TS]

  terrible you put that double feature [TS]

  with one where Wesley steps on the grass [TS]

  and it really you gotta wonder why they [TS]

  were allowed to continue making episodes [TS]

  yeah and then and then I'm gonna throw [TS]

  out there but from that experimental [TS]

  wacky last season where they do did [TS]

  interesting stuff like lower decks and [TS]

  and the one with what parallels the [TS]

  world they're all the different versions [TS]

  of parallel universes [TS]

  I love those episodes like right in the [TS]

  middle there is an episode that was [TS]

  called I believe called subrosa which [TS]

  was crusher which is definitely a [TS]

  rushers Gothic romance [TS]

  oh yeah those are we going to read that [TS]

  was visiting my mother [TS]

  one of the famous perhaps the worst [TS]

  episode & Rice novel it is like an ant [TS]

  has no Tim saras & Rice novel that what [TS]

  were the words basically the same [TS]

  premise for this family women is haunted [TS]

  by a ghost that ravishes them and and [TS]

  gives them supernatural powers and and [TS]

  just this episode is pretty much a [TS]

  direct descendant or parallel to that [TS]

  one so but by the weapon amazed that [TS]

  nobody actually mentioned best of both [TS]

  worlds Part one or 12 as the best [TS]

  episode because in many ways it's the [TS]

  definitive i think next generation [TS]

  episode it's the it's the episode that [TS]

  my husband again who doesn't watch the [TS]

  sci-fi loves it's got everybody talking [TS]

  about i think that's what made it a [TS]

  mainstream kind of hit is that episode [TS]

  with wood that great cliff hanger and I [TS]

  think it brought black brought back the [TS]

  season-ending cliffhanger TV too because [TS]

  they didn't used to do that believe it [TS]

  or not and that you that episode was [TS]

  such a great cliffhanger then brought [TS]

  back so I god it's data's head [TS]

  why is it buried precipitation is not [TS]

  know that's times everything that was [TS]

  good and not-so-good anyway and i'm a [TS]

  sometimes those are my head and I know [TS]

  that [TS]

  yeah I kind of rest rattles that's kind [TS]

  of a door no I hate children [TS]

  that's where the victory of sovereignty [TS]

  is really an episode disaster when they [TS]

  were 14 cards in the turbolift with the [TS]

  children [TS]

  oh my that is another one of the first [TS]

  episodes i ever saw that that that I [TS]

  remember I remember watching that in [TS]

  college and saying disaster could good [TS]

  title one of the things I love that one [TS]

  of the things I love about Picard is the [TS]

  fact that he's uncomfortable around [TS]

  children because you know typically when [TS]

  imagining things right does not begin [TS]

  its thing and that is ridiculously [TS]

  well-rounded people or their animals [TS]

  animals are gentle by their touch and [TS]

  children instantly trusted of women's [TS]

  swim that men want to be them and [TS]

  instead you have bacardi is like you [TS]

  short human come back after you've been [TS]

  socialized in ground and I I just enjoy [TS]

  that he's deeply uncomfortable with [TS]

  children he just I I kind of like to [TS]

  imagine him as somebody was deeply [TS]

  uncomfortable being a child and you [TS]

  what's the what is the episode it's the [TS]

  saw pisode of Star Trek wear Drakkar is [TS]

  stuck in a space they can't get out of [TS]

  with like not enough food and three [TS]

  alien races and they're trying to open a [TS]

  door and one of them is some kind of [TS]

  leonine me and wants to eat the other [TS]

  and you're talking about it turns out [TS]

  that might be experimented on by [TS]

  transporter beings is the craziest of [TS]

  systems is that it that is that schisms [TS]

  is that the one where they really yes [TS]

  school are indoctrinated experiment no [TS]

  no that's a different of that of the [TS]

  abduction that's something to do with [TS]

  subspace this was an episode in which [TS]

  Picard finds himself suddenly with an [TS]

  enson supposedly Anson a leonine be some [TS]

  kind of like another creature and [TS]

  they're in a room and it's basically saw [TS]

  it's a it's a gr8 no PG version of saw [TS]

  where they have to get out of the room [TS]

  and they can't figure out what needs to [TS]

  happen is not enough food for everybody [TS]

  and eventually they sort of solve the [TS]

  puzzle which that the answer is really [TS]

  an instant she knows too much [TS]

  information that secret and it's some [TS]

  race of beings who are trying to start [TS]

  studying other people who are separate [TS]

  because they're always bonded together [TS]

  very Gene Roddenberry kinda feel like [TS]

  that or hate that i aided that location [TS]

  good alright can I can I give them [TS]

  episode it's not an episode but it's [TS]

  going to be a rather controversial [TS]

  contribute which is that I don't like [TS]

  data [TS]

  oh but he and always immaculately so no [TS]

  I didn't ask you to discuss that with [TS]

  you because here's my ears my complaint [TS]

  about the star trek ethos as a whole is [TS]

  you first you have data the android to [TS]

  what is it for you humans to love oh I [TS]

  yearn to feel as you feel it and then [TS]

  when you get to avoid all what makes me [TS]

  want to slam my head into yeah and then [TS]

  you get Voyager with the hologram who's [TS]

  all I want to be an enfranchised [TS]

  sentient being every Star Trek has it [TS]

  haha got the doctor you've got Spock you [TS]

  got odo but here's the thing is I can't [TS]

  help but think that you might have a [TS]

  form of artificial intelligence he was [TS]

  like look you know you meet sex with [TS]

  your hormones have enough to distract [TS]

  you the fact is I don't need to sleep [TS]

  I don't have any feelings I can kick [TS]

  your ass and productivity you can take [TS]

  your humanity and shove it just just [TS]

  leave me to do my word i think it [TS]

  progresses a little bit there where you [TS]

  do see that he kind of likes the fact [TS]

  that he that you know he said he seems [TS]

  in the end I think they compromise there [TS]

  a little bit they have to be more [TS]

  curious about the things that he [TS]

  couldn't experience that he wanted to [TS]

  but they jerked around someone they did [TS]

  motion to share like that thing bug me [TS]

  it's like everything that maybe I'm [TS]

  ready on emotions no really not ready [TS]

  for this I'm just gonna take him out [TS]

  again all these emotions there's some [TS]

  addictive i love being angry all my gosh [TS]

  what am I going to do it's an ethical [TS]

  game over the classic moment one of the [TS]

  movies though we're walking along and [TS]

  data is going blah blah blah like hey [TS]

  candy shakes his head he's like okay [TS]

  it's off [TS]

  yeah yeah yeah they had better see the [TS]

  captain [TS]

  I'm scared and a car like turn off the [TS]

  most handle it better and in first [TS]

  contact we're out which by the by the [TS]

  way that that is for me that's the not [TS]

  only the definitive you know Star Trek [TS]

  The Next Generation movie but yeah I [TS]

  think I actually think that that and and [TS]

  star trek to and and i think i guess i [TS]

  would throw in the JJ Abrams movie too [TS]

  I mean those are the those are the best [TS]

  Star Trek movies i think that i think [TS]

  first contact is the the one if you're [TS]

  gonna if you're gonna hold it out there [TS]

  that is a great great moving and [TS]

  directed by Jonathan freaks out of [TS]

  breaks and I'll and I is AI i really do [TS]

  like Star Trek six and yeah and i think [TS]

  is no trick for you [TS]

  wales and for that one as well right on [TS]

  reviewing i have found generations [TS]

  better [TS]

  yeah I you know what it is it's ok it's [TS]

  got into his moments it has gotten [TS]

  moments and it's got its you know [TS]

  yeah I like seeing the Picard Kurt team [TS]

  up I I kind of enjoy that at the end it [TS]

  sounds like a lot but doesn't mean who's [TS]

  like Malcolm without identify are in [TS]

  which rebored grateful have didn't well [TS]

  and again you have the kids thing right [TS]

  like the card he's like nephew or [TS]

  something is dead right out right and [TS]

  this can only guess why did a problem [TS]

  yeah the one fund ones who are in that [TS]

  episode after he gets he's rehabbing [TS]

  from being taken by the board i guess [TS]

  yeah and I guess I guess one of the [TS]

  things I don't like about you know it go [TS]

  back to the data thing per second is [TS]

  that I feel like the problem one of the [TS]

  problems of TNG is that they focused [TS]

  like Picard data and to a certain extent [TS]

  Worf like Gus all the attentions and [TS]

  like I said I always felt a little [TS]

  miffed because I loved Georgie as a [TS]

  character and I felt like he never got [TS]

  his do like he doesn't progress much [TS]

  from the beginning of the show to the [TS]

  end and I don't know why I like him so [TS]

  much I'd rather always enjoy and come on [TS]

  no these data is best friend well I can [TS]

  tell you why I like George so much is [TS]

  because he embodies he actually embodies [TS]

  better human qualities that run Barry [TS]

  I'm sure was trying to strive yeah John [TS]

  memories and intensely loyal friend he's [TS]

  endlessly patient he's the one who helps [TS]

  you manage data because he's going that [TS]

  explains things like here's how pets [TS]

  work and no looks like spots expecting [TS]

  and he also becomes you you the Borg's [TS]

  best friend [TS]

  well there you have it yeah the board [TS]

  while he likes he knows how everything [TS]

  works you know he runs the damn ship [TS]

  right i love that he's a tremendously [TS]

  observant and pragmatic and [TS]

  compassionate character and those are [TS]

  three trip really appealing personal [TS]

  qualities to have and for all the the [TS]

  these characteristics be really perfect [TS]

  Compassion's in pretty short supply [TS]

  if you take a look at you know I mean [TS]

  data data is capable of having it when [TS]

  it's an abstraction or one of the [TS]

  logical thing to do work has to step on [TS]

  his own baggage to have it [TS]

  Picard has been the abstract half the [TS]

  time I'm not sure record even knows what [TS]

  it is but you're trying to destroy has [TS]

  way too much except it's probably [TS]

  doctrine is just pure comedy action [TS]

  well that's why i left around is because [TS]

  it's it's it's false currency with her I [TS]

  mean she's nothing else she's not [TS]

  discriminatory but you know Georgie [TS]

  seems to have this intent that this [TS]

  fantastic internal moral compass that [TS]

  you know got that guides his decision [TS]

  you know when to be pragmatic and and [TS]

  then went to upgrade somebody for for [TS]

  their flawed society and you know he's a [TS]

  consummate observer games already i say [TS]

  i just want to mention the episode that [TS]

  I hated was called allegiance is season [TS]

  i miss engine 3 episode 18 so actually [TS]

  relatively early but I hate it what what [TS]

  is this I forget the name of the episode [TS]

  where that alien thing latches onto the [TS]

  enterprise because only way old man [TS]

  yeah yeah galaxies and I didn't know a [TS]

  swale booby-trap he biologist or is a [TS]

  galaxy two follow-up galaxy's child [TS]

  galaxies challenge that's good yeah [TS]

  that's honorable it's like it's like a [TS]

  lamprey or something i want to i want to [TS]

  bring up another episode that i just did [TS]

  I that i forgot to mention that i like [TS]

  i'm going to switch back to the positive [TS]

  i forgot i can't believe i didn't [TS]

  mention this one I love ship in a bottle [TS]

  which is a holiday episode and worse it [TS]

  is a Trolloc homes or Moriarty and so [TS]

  you're going to do what I love about it [TS]

  is because the plot is the craziest [TS]

  thing I think i have ever seen on TV in [TS]

  that in the end they solve the mystery [TS]

  by creating a holiday inside a holodeck [TS]

  outside a holodeck and and and when [TS]

  you're watching it you're like what is [TS]

  going on [TS]

  thanks to the original Barkley extra [TS]

  sparkly and the best part is Barkley [TS]

  after all of that at the end of the [TS]

  episode and we have these imaginations [TS]

  where's holodecks inside a holiday so [TS]

  there's a great moment where they step [TS]

  out of the holodeck and say m program [TS]

  and and then it goes away and then they [TS]

  step out of the holodeck little eyes [TS]

  again right at the end at the end of [TS]

  Berkeley is a low and everybody else [TS]

  leaves as well that wrapped up nicely [TS]

  and they all leave and berkeley standing [TS]

  there he goes [TS]

  computer end program who I would point [TS]

  out that sweet is that parodied an [TS]

  excellent episode of futurama where it's [TS]

  like oh no the hollers shed is the ocean [TS]

  is malfunctioning again and we have evil [TS]

  Lincoln Lincoln Genghis Khan and [TS]

  Professor Moriarty [TS]

  so actually that that's great because it [TS]

  leads into into something that i [TS]

  mentioned at the beginning that i want [TS]

  to bring back at the end here which is [TS]

  this you know the show wildly successful [TS]

  seven years on the air [TS]

  LED 24 I think feature films you know it [TS]

  it's introduced the worlds of patrick [TS]

  stewart i think which is a good thing [TS]

  but at the same time I feel like it's [TS]

  its people don't talk about it and it it [TS]

  it was it had its cultural moment and I [TS]

  feel like it's just going to talk about [TS]

  on by right well but the thing is people [TS]

  i think if you if you scratch the [TS]

  surface so enough people will say that [TS]

  they watched it [TS]

  they just don't talk about watching it [TS]

  and I bring this up because i have a [TS]

  email list with a group of girlfriends [TS]

  where i was mentioning I'm overdosing on [TS]

  Star Trek right now my maternity leave [TS]

  i'm losing my mind i'm watching these [TS]

  shows and everything one of my [TS]

  girlfriend's like that Patrick Stewart [TS]

  oh captain picard and Miles O'Brien well [TS]

  no seriously he is catnip to the ladies [TS]

  and every single one of these people who [TS]

  are not science fiction names at all [TS]

  were like I love that show because I [TS]

  loved watching Captain Picard so I i [TS]

  think there it may be up one is cultural [TS]

  constants like jagger nobody talks about [TS]

  watching it but everybody did it well [TS]

  and and I think it's one of those shows [TS]

  that also like we're saying paved the [TS]

  way for a lot of stuff that came after [TS]

  it I mean in terms of you know science [TS]

  fiction and and you know that kind of [TS]

  genre stuff that wasn't necessarily as [TS]

  welcome always kind of campy or whatever [TS]

  before that I think you know there is it [TS]

  was a show that was intellectual at its [TS]

  best right arm and I think that was not [TS]

  something that was very popular at that [TS]

  point on television and and it really i [TS]

  think it had a big impact that got [TS]

  nominated for an emmy for best drama in [TS]

  its last season sort of a valedictory [TS]

  kind of thing but it's for sci-fi 4 star [TS]

  trek I you know it really ended up with [TS]

  that broad appeal and i did it i think [TS]

  it led to people saying well crap we [TS]

  should do some more sci-fi on TV and [TS]

  then the floodgates really opened one of [TS]

  the points I want to make is is you [TS]

  watch the show now and you kind of have [TS]

  to admire how how thoroughly committed [TS]

  the actors are because over the course [TS]

  of those seven seasons they had to spot [TS]

  some really ridiculous dialogue with a [TS]

  straight face that sci-fi that [TS]

  well they're all pros this giant I think [TS]

  that's part of the reason why the first [TS]

  season is not so good because they're so [TS]

  uncomfortable saying these ridiculous [TS]

  things [TS]

  yeah but you know they think if you [TS]

  watch it after a while it's it's because [TS]

  they took it seriously and and they [TS]

  treated it they treated the roles as [TS]

  dignified on honorable serious [TS]

  well-rounded fully realize people that's [TS]

  a hard thing to do when your job is I'm [TS]

  vaguely telepathic and I walked around [TS]

  giving useless advice or um which of [TS]

  course describing Worf yes Archie there [TS]

  is no honor in empathy or I'm an Android [TS]

  who wishes that I were a real boy or [TS]

  Jordan out LOL hoop or I'm an alpha male [TS]

  who inexplicably is happy staying [TS]

  second-in-command to a bald Frenchman [TS]

  who has been was a tea fetish your [TS]

  Polasky yeah there's a DVD special [TS]

  feature that you should all watch if you [TS]

  haven't seen it which is the which is a [TS]

  java freaks and who plays Troy like I [TS]

  remember her name [TS]

  Marina surgery serious materials here [TS]

  today with me and Johnny where they talk [TS]

  about that they proposed a spin-off yes [TS]

  yes a spin-off the the show with the the [TS]

  other Rikers the Rikers and they talk on [TS]

  and on like it come red dot people [TS]

  really do it's just incredibly five play [TS]

  trombone and you saying you know it's [TS]

  great though they don't look baby I feel [TS]

  like they didn't let them do enough [TS]

  comedy any of them like that was one of [TS]

  the things that's like they're funny [TS]

  moments and there are funny a few funny [TS]

  I was like yeah Fistful of datas was [TS]

  really funny but by and large yeah but [TS]

  there is a lot of is played very [TS]

  straight and I think that's one of the [TS]

  things you know I think they enter our [TS]

  variable and I'm gonna wail well in deep [TS]

  space nine I think had its fair share of [TS]

  episodes that were really and truly [TS]

  funny [TS]

  yes i'm and and they let characters have [TS]

  good lines and one-liners and quips and [TS]

  stuff like that [TS]

  I'm gonna have a little more sleep space [TS]

  9 is probably the funniest and most most [TS]

  tongue-in-cheek I think and the [TS]

  mathematical expression hey no the next [TS]

  generation is remarkably humorless i [TS]

  played the robbery ethos though because [TS]

  again in this perfect future when you [TS]

  think about humorous of humor is a [TS]

  natural reaction to a really imperfect [TS]

  world it's a weight immediate things [TS]

  like anger into stain and helplessness [TS]

  and if you've got this perfect universe [TS]

  then you know you have no need to have [TS]

  any of those emotions because why would [TS]

  you there's no conflict is nothing to [TS]

  cause them so why would you cultivate a [TS]

  sense of humor like and that's my [TS]

  problem with it overall is that I think [TS]

  you know we talked a little bit about [TS]

  before about like this [TS]

  the society is all perfect and clean and [TS]

  everything and that would never happen [TS]

  because they'd run into these other [TS]

  races that would make you no arguments [TS]

  with that and I think the problem with [TS]

  that is it ignores the the imperfections [TS]

  of humanity and I think that like I love [TS]

  that's what I love about the later star [TS]

  trek shows as they show you know what [TS]

  it's not so perfect people argue their [TS]

  disputes there's a whole rebels second [TS]

  like the later version of ds9 and and [TS]

  and Voyager like these guys don't want [TS]

  to live in the Federation so I I think [TS]

  there's something you know that's what [TS]

  but ultimately wrong hollow for me [TS]

  auntie angie is like it's great it's [TS]

  very intellectual it raises some [TS]

  interesting sort of hard sci-fi issues [TS]

  but at the same time it feels so unreal [TS]

  because it lacks humanity and their [TS]

  state and bringing us down and see what [TS]

  we promised he would [TS]

  I'll be going now but start recognition [TS]

  still better than Star Wars oh no take [TS]

  that no better or worse i'm sorry those [TS]

  words still makes oh wow [TS]

  wait ok those words makes you do you [TS]

  mean in general Scott or do you mean if [TS]

  you averaged together the quality of all [TS]

  six Star Wars films and TV series [TS]

  arenĂ­t I don't think there are six Star [TS]

  Wars Helms are there i think there are [TS]

  only three look well even the clone wars [TS]

  i think i think there were three star [TS]

  wars movies and that was it ah yes the [TS]

  first three that's actually coparenting [TS]

  the one that God is is one when i [TS]

  introduced the daughter to star wars do [TS]

  i start with episode one and only sees [TS]

  the chronological order child your [TS]

  flight instincts on 123 Child Protective [TS]

  Services will come if you start with one [TS]

  that's right just just show her Star [TS]

  Trek next generation season three [TS]

  Trek next generation season three [TS]

  and we'll be fine clearly excited at [TS]

  first but if you haven't seen encounter [TS]

  at Farpoint then all good [TS]

  well save to save it save it for right [TS]

  then how about that but then you don't [TS]

  have to build up [TS]

  I don't start with your say-so nothing [TS]

  else I I watched you know I want to show [TS]

  from beginning then counter Farpoint is [TS]

  so terrible it is pretty good [TS]

  oh well it's no great cgi for its day [TS]

  they could draw a glowing grid on the [TS]

  screen that was the extent of CGI iono [TS]

  you know 9700 it's like that episode the [TS]

  game where everybody gets addicted to [TS]

  this holographic but not tonight i'm [TS]

  just talking about is them trying to put [TS]

  the ones you put the little ball and the [TS]

  count originally questions and i was [TS]

  watching and thinking really i love that [TS]

  episode I'll oh I love you episode that [TS]

  was gonna make my hated episode list I I [TS]

  am I love that episode it's a hi Ashley [TS]

  Judd is at her peak of cuteness and the [TS]

  wesley body-snatcher thing i love that [TS]

  he's the ends up being the only one [TS]

  there and and he even gets taken over in [TS]

  the end it I I it's cheesy but I love [TS]

  that episode so I think there's a better [TS]

  game based episode deep space nine if I [TS]

  of course will you and you and dan can [TS]

  go watch your deep space nine what could [TS]

  have been done to save a rehab Wesley [TS]

  crushers character not including him [TS]

  just make it's just make them all [TS]

  powerful yeah exactly making a traveler [TS]

  and he goes away [TS]

  I actually think the best thing that [TS]

  they could have done was I mean I think [TS]

  they intended to maybe bring him back [TS]

  and then they decided they wouldn't but [TS]

  it was a weird sort of thing where it's [TS]

  all set up for Wesley to come back and [TS]

  and be a legitimate incident and then he [TS]

  doesn't come back and then then yes and [TS]

  then he goes off of the with his friend [TS]

  the traveler to travel the world and [TS]

  award the other whatever got him he's a [TS]

  traveling man [TS]

  well I'm you know it takes it takes a [TS]

  lot to come out as a traveler to your [TS]

  mom so and he's inexplicably in the star [TS]

  trek nemesis movie at will and Deanna's [TS]

  wedding easy any has no lines because [TS]

  he's a driver he's traveled this is the [TS]

  producers doing us all because they like [TS]

  well we know that well I thought there [TS]

  was a conflict that will always talking [TS]

  years ago about how [TS]

  yeah when he was when he was less [TS]

  popular and talking more openly about [TS]

  some of the things was that they had a [TS]

  lot of conflicts with them because the [TS]

  decisions he made about running his own [TS]

  life and such interesting [TS]

  yes I think he had dialogue in that [TS]

  movie and they just ended it because it [TS]

  i think dialogue like so I've been [TS]

  traveling around the universe with my [TS]

  friend the traveler let me show you my [TS]

  warp bubble I'm gonna record the part [TS]

  where we say goodbye now because this [TS]

  business following Bob's my acid over [TS]

  our cast never ends [TS]

  this is weird a time loop we are in a [TS]

  time loop we are in a time loop [TS]

  I'm gonna pop the bubble of the time [TS]

  loop now like like data I realized that [TS]

  the the the the repetition of the number [TS]

  three throughout this podcast is let me [TS]

  realize that if I fires the three [TS]

  impulse engines i can avoid hitting [TS]

  Frazier's shift but what about those [TS]

  tossed salad and scrambled eggs their [TS]

  goal again so i'm going to thank my crew [TS]

  my motley crew of the starship [TS]

  enterprise Dan Morgan thanks for [TS]

  bringing us down [TS]

  I'm always happy to bring people down [TS]

  beam down if you will in the Indian [TS]

  you're in the Syracuse lot I Lisa [TS]

  Schmeisser great again having you on a [TS]

  podcast [TS]

  it was my pleasure Glenn fleischmann [TS]

  thank you for being here and elevating [TS]

  things by talking about that crazy [TS]

  episode masks i am doing experimental [TS]

  theater as I sit here right crazy [TS]

  episode from a script by jovanovski and [TS]

  Scott McNulty I wish they had made an [TS]

  episode of the next generation that was [TS]

  set in seventeenth-century New York City [TS]

  with detectives it is the one glaring [TS]

  fault of the series so until next time [TS]

  thank you to everyone who has listened [TS]

  to the income podcast this is jason [TS]

  Snell your host signing off and i would [TS]

  say something clever hear about like [TS]

  live long and prosper with her [TS]

  catchphrase for the next generation that [TS]

  i should say your NBA games make it so [TS]

  number one tea Earl Grey hot [TS]

  there are four lights we are the board [TS]

  you will be assimilated resistance is [TS]

  futile [TS]

  Leslie put that down [TS]

  [Music] [TS]

  like it's like cause and effect but in [TS]

  opposite so that would be in my top in [TS]

  my dad three that is one of the first [TS]

  episodes i ever saw and as a result it [TS]

  always has a special spot in my investor [TS]

  also because there have been so many [TS]

  good time loop episodes that I've seen [TS]

  since then that always makes me think of [TS]

  cause and effect that was that was the [TS]

  one that was the the I mean they [TS]

  actually had to work hard to make people [TS]

  think it wasn't a mistake and now we see [TS]

  the time loop episodes we go i see what [TS]

  they're doing here but constant factors [TS]

  like what are they doing everything we [TS]

  need a whole we knew whole podcast upset [TS]

  the timing doesn't where we just never [TS]

  talked about them forever [TS]

  yeah we just record one minute dude over [TS]

  there were no reason to have ever [TS]

  attended the incomparable podcast number [TS]

  30 marks 2011 [TS]

  we're back on the uncomfortable podcast [TS]

  this is jason still I remember fondly [TS]

  growing up watching the original Star [TS]

  Trek every single night and but this is [TS]

  not a podcast about Captain Kirk mr. [TS]

  Spock it is instead about in some ways [TS]

  the most successful Star Trek TV series [TS]

  from the late eighties and early [TS]

  nineties when I was in high school and [TS]

  college Star Trek The Next Generation [TS]

  trackable not successfully [TS]

  I'm decompressing to make sure [TS]

  we are clear the distortion and what [TS]

  happened the last moment I speculated [TS]

  three might refer to the number of rank [TS]

  insignia on commander Rikers uniform [TS]

  that indicated to me that his suggestion [TS]

  might be the correct course back [TS]

  [Music] [TS]