The Incomparable

38: Curse of the Bad Plot


  we're back for the uncomfortableness [TS]

  flash podcast discussing the new season [TS]

  of doctor who which is airing [TS]

  simultaneously in America and England [TS]

  it's so exciting i'm jason l joining me [TS]

  are Dan Morgan and serenity Caldwell [TS]

  hello and i know the latest doctor who [TS]

  episode i'll say it was it the curse of [TS]

  the black truck now wait that wasn't [TS]

  part of the Galleon curse of the black [TS]

  spot top was the third episode of this [TS]

  first half of this strange split doctor [TS]

  who season pirates there be pirates and [TS]

  amy pond with a cutlass yes yes well I [TS]

  was let's start with that that was a [TS]

  highlight [TS]

  I I you know if you watched i don't know [TS]

  if you saw the doctor who confidential [TS]

  but it was very clear that they were [TS]

  just taking off all the boxes of well if [TS]

  we do a pirate episode we got to do [TS]

  these things and one of them was there's [TS]

  going to be a sword fight and amy pond [TS]

  will have the sole yeah she buckled this [TS]

  washer to she did she swung across on a [TS]

  rope and it was a pretty much stayed [TS]

  like they definitely went down that list [TS]

  and they pretty much got them all out of [TS]

  the way in the first but 10 minutes or [TS]

  so about that walking the plank and and [TS]

  all of that now now I'm then the clever [TS]

  trick was that she didn't actually have [TS]

  to be that good at sword fighting [TS]

  because she just had to have a pointy [TS]

  thing that could cause you could draw [TS]

  blood because then the demon mermaid [TS]

  would come and get them because they [TS]

  have a black spot right i just thought [TS]

  it was hilarious [TS]

  the guns though what the heck that will [TS]

  help make you bleed [TS]

  yeah but I think there's a there's a bit [TS]

  of a hesitation to using a gun [TS]

  it's more the threat whereas the sword [TS]

  there's a it's very easy to accidentally [TS]

  cut yourself on a sword [TS]

  yes it's not easy to accidentally shoot [TS]

  yourself we doing a spoiler horn for [TS]

  this size him [TS]

  yes we're going to talk there's no [TS]

  spoiler horn because we're too lazy to [TS]

  put one in but we're going to talk about [TS]

  what happened because I that's I have a [TS]

  really quickly in light of our recent [TS]

  Doctor Who podcast and other doctor who [TS]

  podcasts that we've done previously an [TS]

  interesting show [TS]

  listen in and trying to make an [TS]

  emotional climax to this episode is is [TS]

  but I don't managers will ride ever in [TS]

  every week because it doesn't go around [TS]

  so ridiculous that it's funny now he's [TS]

  Kenny at this point [TS]

  look at ya you bastard I laughed out [TS]

  loud because we have just discussed this [TS]

  about how many times he could die week [TS]

  um and and it's just like yeah I would [TS]

  be funny if it not for the fact that [TS]

  they played it so straight and so [TS]

  dramatic alright so we just were all [TS]

  sitting there going a we know he's not [TS]

  gonna die right not like that right on [TS]

  board the point like you're not he's not [TS]

  getting drowned to death and sort of [TS]

  don't have disintegrated by aliens [TS]

  I mean granted that's a little well shot [TS]

  shot well no he was disintegrated by the [TS]

  aliens in the dream he was shot by your [TS]

  salary isn't and then fell in a crack by [TS]

  the crack it so I just as an emotional [TS]

  climax seek it did ring sort of a hollow [TS]

  because you there is it does not seem as [TS]

  though there is a real threat [TS]

  no I which kind of you know gives you a [TS]

  little left me a little bit cold i greet [TS]

  you and it's and it's worse than that [TS]

  actually I hate to say it because not [TS]

  only is it not really believable because [TS]

  they've killed him too many times so why [TS]

  is this you know why are we putting him [TS]

  in jeopardy but i have to say one of the [TS]

  laziest things I have seen on Doctor Who [TS]

  since it came back with the two or three [TS]

  minutes of CPR and he doesn't die and he [TS]

  doesn't wake up and she gives up and [TS]

  then suddenly he coughs out some water [TS]

  and he begins to breathe and he's okay [TS]

  that is that is something that you could [TS]

  see on any TV people and you do it get [TS]

  in there it's not played any differently [TS]

  it is it's not interesting [TS]

  there's no reason for it it's absolutely [TS]

  a failure to in my mind that that is the [TS]

  you know it creatively that is one of [TS]

  the lows of this show since its come [TS]

  back because it's so lazy it they're not [TS]

  not only is there no emotional [TS]

  connection because you know he's not [TS]

  going to die because they faked us out [TS]

  too many times before but [TS]

  I you know I don't watch Doctor Who to [TS]

  see something that I could see in the [TS]

  laziest you know cop show or hospital [TS]

  show on TV it's just so boring and and [TS]

  often i guess the other thing that got [TS]

  me about this episode was the other [TS]

  point which I thought it actually had a [TS]

  shot of getting you know being sort of I [TS]

  don't know [TS]

  interesting was the point at which they [TS]

  they kill the kid right like for me that [TS]

  was a moment of whoa wow ok well they're [TS]

  screwed and then I sort of as it sunk in [TS]

  for the next minute or so it's like that [TS]

  there's no way they're gonna kill a kid [TS]

  there yeah exactly right now the way it [TS]

  was that brief shocked with the initial [TS]

  part where they actually do like no one [TS]

  generally surprise saves ever yet it was [TS]

  like oh well home made this got [TS]

  interesting but sadly i feel like that [TS]

  was just again something that was played [TS]

  kind of Holly like now [TS]

  well they're gonna save him now yeah my [TS]

  wife turned to me and said the the [TS]

  internet gonna kill him on Doctor Who I [TS]

  said no instead this was like the clue [TS]

  the doctor needed he's like a-ha a child [TS]

  has been killed that's not possible to [TS]

  still be alive on my television show [TS]

  that's right but I mean and so as a [TS]

  result you know we're left with wap it [TS]

  watching something that entertaining [TS]

  mainly because the trappings you know [TS]

  hey doctor who deals pirates look good [TS]

  and yeah I'm you Bonnie all the pirate [TS]

  after is good [TS]

  I there is yet no he was great i thought [TS]

  that then the interchanges between him [TS]

  and the doctor with the best part of the [TS]

  episode is although my caverns [TS]

  yeah it all you're worried now because I [TS]

  have a hat i was waiting for hats are [TS]

  cool [TS]

  yeah but actually i think my favorite [TS]

  thing about this entire episode was I [TS]

  want to see the spin off at the end with [TS]

  the Pirates by yeah that was I was just [TS]

  like wow that looks that looks kind of [TS]

  cool actually there's an interesting [TS]

  idea that whether we are so it was a [TS]

  russell t davies moment I thought to [TS]

  wherein very much a sort of like why not [TS]

  have the Pirates have a spaceship just [TS]

  like anybody is it doesn't go over there [TS]

  and they've got a spaceship now just it [TS]

  it seems like that 1a kind of mad idea [TS]

  moment of like why not why not let them [TS]

  do that I'd like the idea is still a [TS]

  ship even he's benefits of spaceships [TS]

  dealership right i mean the whole idea [TS]

  were both captains and you know he could [TS]

  figure out sort of things in the TARDIS [TS]

  too because he's a captain [TS]

  understands these things which is great [TS]

  setup for the the later thing but you [TS]

  mentioned nobody dies and and actually [TS]

  that's one of the other reactions i had [TS]

  to this which is that it's a you know a [TS]

  the resolution of the plot is extremely [TS]

  derivative of the empty child in the [TS]

  doctor dances where you've got another [TS]

  medical hologram that's not killing [TS]

  people at saving them [TS]

  mmm yeah although i think that was more [TS]

  effective at that point because there [TS]

  had been a lot of episodes previous to [TS]

  that you know which people had talked [TS]

  about and so there was you know that [TS]

  sheer moment of everybody lives with [TS]

  such a great moment yeah because it was [TS]

  such it was a victory whereas we've kind [TS]

  of become accustomed to this you know [TS]

  this doctor this and to a certain extent [TS]

  the tenth doctor you know saving saving [TS]

  right I'm just saying the rest of the [TS]

  the little resolution where you're [TS]

  supposed to sort of say who want to plot [TS]

  twist [TS]

  she's actually trying to say to them I i [TS]

  we saw it i mean it's happened before [TS]

  here but the villain was basically [TS]

  Robert Picardo from Star Trek Voyager [TS]

  just what we're saying yeah at least [TS]

  eight the native name online medical [TS]

  emergency which I thought was money of [TS]

  course because his character or [TS]

  statement also named the doctor so this [TS]

  did did this episode seemed really [TS]

  slacked to you guys it's okay i don't [TS]

  like to me like they had been having [TS]

  minutes where the pirate material and [TS]

  then they didn't know what to do though [TS]

  and then and then that the ending is so [TS]

  weird they jammed up everything from the [TS]

  first two episodes into like 30 seconds [TS]

  at the @midnight Amelia everything not [TS]

  just that but like they recap you know [TS]

  his death and then burning him like I [TS]

  don't remember we can't tell him [TS]

  anything about that you're like this [TS]

  it's sort of like that was last week and [TS]

  right now but more than that like it was [TS]

  just the first 45 minutes of the episode [TS]

  are you know like there's no connection [TS]

  whatsoever right well I feel it's the [TS]

  same it's the same thing two in the [TS]

  first two episodes or he's like oh we [TS]

  could figure out more about this or [TS]

  we're going to go off on adventures and [TS]

  it's it feels like a tagline you know [TS]

  and a lot of american shows actually I [TS]

  feel like american american shows that [TS]

  have standalone episodes as well as the [TS]

  plot based episodes will do that towards [TS]

  the end where it's like everything was [TS]

  safe contained but they do a better job [TS]

  of it I find because there's always [TS]

  something sprinkled throughout the [TS]

  episode [TS]

  code even if it's just interchanges with [TS]

  characters will reference something even [TS]

  if it's you know like and again [TS]

  throughout the episode is just [TS]

  chronologically the pacing was weird [TS]

  here because it was like again [TS]

  95% the episode with no mention [TS]

  whatsoever and then everything thrown [TS]

  into the last little bit of the opposite [TS]

  right it's not enough for any more like [TS]

  having aside while they're trapped in [TS]

  the hold about the doctor and knowing [TS]

  that he's gonna die so he can't die now [TS]

  because we saw him die in the future or [TS]

  something like that instead it's all [TS]

  right at the very end just to accept [TS]

  lead you into the trailer that little [TS]

  weird bit is the eyepatch lady where we [TS]

  have I personally in which in the second [TS]

  episode because I I couldn't remember [TS]

  Susan the in the institution with the [TS]

  crazy guy in the stuff on the walls the [TS]

  mic off except that in vain that was for [TS]

  40 children as you have a wall the [TS]

  sliding door and right this time it [TS]

  wasn't over yet [TS]

  yeah we've seen so yeah I mean clearly [TS]

  there's something going on there right [TS]

  now which is nice at least you know [TS]

  there's there's a continuity for that [TS]

  looks like it was showing up in all [TS]

  those episodes yeah you know yeah it is [TS]

  set up it feels a little scattered [TS]

  I mean the entire episode was cool and [TS]

  certain expect later acts but it felt it [TS]

  felt like a lot of scenery and not a lot [TS]

  of plot and I just I really felt like [TS]

  video the first part first 20 minutes i [TS]

  guess 20-25 minutes which where they got [TS]

  all the kind of pirate action out and [TS]

  that was fine but the gearshift I i [TS]

  don't know i mean i don't know what it [TS]

  was I thought it was an interesting [TS]

  resolution that there's a spaceship [TS]

  there are occupying the same space [TS]

  that's a nice doctor who come to turn [TS]

  and yet it was kind of disappointing [TS]

  because it didn't you know I don't know [TS]

  it didn't really seem to go anywhere [TS]

  like the other ones didn't and that and [TS]

  it didn't help i think that the that the [TS]

  the siren turns out to be a completely [TS]

  personality free drone you know she [TS]

  literally if it's a supermodel doesn't [TS]

  have a line who doesn't ever say [TS]

  anything she just stands and looks [TS]

  pretty or occasionally medicine [TS]

  ya like like doctors do right right yeah [TS]

  perfectly normal [TS]

  yeah I hate it when my doctor turns red [TS]

  and [TS]

  throws me across the room I much prefer [TS]

  him green and flow to him [TS]

  it's just something about them sooner [TS]

  than I agree it felt it felt off [TS]

  yeah it did and here's the thing about [TS]

  the very end the kids and their [TS]

  everybody else who was sick once they [TS]

  supposed to they had to stay in stasis [TS]

  because she couldn't figure out how to [TS]

  fix them so why are they all of a sudden [TS]

  happy-go-lucky wandering around the ship [TS]

  at the end I think some of them were [TS]

  okay because all they got was like [TS]

  little prick my finger or something but [TS]

  then the Sun was really sick so is that [TS]

  nobody had a little thing had a little [TS]

  medical thing stuck on him so the idea [TS]

  of eros that he's you know able as long [TS]

  as he stays in the care of the medical [TS]

  drone he's he's alive I I don't know it [TS]

  yeah I'm willing to give it kind of a [TS]

  pass on that because it is fanciful it's [TS]

  just like I'm a piratical to tickle off [TS]

  but I hate giving doctor who will pass [TS]

  though it's just that was the least of [TS]

  my problems with the episode the and [TS]

  besides able to have a tube stuck to his [TS]

  neck and still talk you know it was that [TS]

  way down on my list for this one [TS]

  agreed yeah I don't know I just lacking [TS]

  yeah like I might get a steak what my [TS]

  kids liked it i have to say and I think [TS]

  it's because you know there were pirates [TS]

  and that was cool and it was you know [TS]

  kind of scary but not that scary and you [TS]

  know I think they still found it kind of [TS]

  intense but you know they liked it and [TS]

  so i will say that i think that it it [TS]

  work just because it does have that nice [TS]

  atmosphere around it and then when they [TS]

  get out of the pirate ship there in a [TS]

  kind of weird creepy atmosphere that [TS]

  doctor who does pretty well and you know [TS]

  but on so on the kid level maybe it [TS]

  worked because you do get a lot of [TS]

  credit for having pirates right now that [TS]

  was that was fun with my parents and [TS]

  stuff [TS]

  yeah exactly but i'm 78 it's kinda yeah [TS]

  it feels kinda I think shoddy you know [TS]

  like we were saying because things like [TS]

  you know i'll just go back to the TARDIS [TS]

  and get out there oh we have to invent a [TS]

  reason why the TARDIS doesn't work [TS]

  yes it didn't really make sense that was [TS]

  he a long painful scene to wear where he [TS]

  matt smith and and Hugh Bonneville rrr [TS]

  the captain are running around the [TS]

  TARDIS control and there's the funny [TS]

  part where they're comparing sort of his [TS]

  captains and then the doctors have [TS]

  problems with the target taking off and [TS]

  he's talking about that and that makes [TS]

  know that mean not only do i have a hard [TS]

  time actually hearing him because the [TS]

  sound effects and the music were so loud [TS]

  but mumble it seemed it seemed like he [TS]

  was it was just technobabble it really [TS]

  was just like you know oh the TARDIS is [TS]

  doing crazy things I don't understand [TS]

  why and that that also seemed like like [TS]

  padding like they really had to stretch [TS]

  out the episode right was also felt like [TS]

  you know we just need to in you know in [TS]

  mental imagery right you don't have a [TS]

  really good reason why this would happen [TS]

  in the course the episode but in [TS]

  addition technobabble but in addition [TS]

  they took that you know they took an [TS]

  extra two minutes right i mean i felt it [TS]

  felt like it was both it was trying to [TS]

  fix something with the plot but it was [TS]

  also just sort of like filling out the [TS]

  episode this episode really felt more [TS]

  than you know you hear how they have to [TS]

  write you know red extra scenes and fax [TS]

  them to the set because they're hit [TS]

  their short a few a few minutes and and [TS]

  you know I idea i rarely if ever noticed [TS]

  them this episode felt like they were so [TS]

  short they just didn't have material and [TS]

  they did their story just couldn't fit [TS]

  in 45 minutes so they they stretched it [TS]

  they just kind of amped I hate to say it [TS]

  but uh I almost wish this episode been [TS]

  10 minutes and they stuck the other 30 [TS]

  on teal games episode because that was [TS]

  apparently way over [TS]

  yeah I heard I heard that was over [TS]

  budget as well but we did get an [TS]

  intriguing teaser we did [TS]

  yeah so are we are we done beating up [TS]

  the black spot because then we can talk [TS]

  and talk [TS]

  yeah I think I think climbing a lot of [TS]

  sad the less said about the rest of the [TS]

  black spot the better you look great [TS]

  though I will say again I think that [TS]

  this series looks fantastic [TS]

  it was a lot of black spot and i still [TS]

  enjoy you know matt smith i think it [TS]

  still does great with with what he's [TS]

  presented I feel like I really enjoyed [TS]

  the 11th doctor still in to a certain [TS]

  extent Amy and Rory although i really i [TS]

  want to like worry more I feel like [TS]

  Rory's in a position where he stole he's [TS]

  a few the early season 9 era you know [TS]

  for sticky and it didn't wanna think he [TS]

  got cool later on i really liked Mickey [TS]

  I think he knew he was the dog right but [TS]

  it's like I don't worry was that you [TS]

  know the Roman [TS]

  soldier for 2,000 years Guardians right [TS]

  little more of a badass we had that and [TS]

  then now that he's back in every mode [TS]

  grab the Pirates grab me he's like yeah [TS]

  I can't get away take it away for one [TS]

  guy anymore 2,000 years [TS]

  yeah poor for Rory Rory doesn't deserve [TS]

  better he deserves better just to then [TS]

  not be the victim of the week and to [TS]

  show that he's more capable and maybe [TS]

  they're setting them up for some of that [TS]

  because I hope you're happy because they [TS]

  write him that wayward like clearly i [TS]

  think he's got the range i think Arthur [TS]

  Darvill got the range and the capability [TS]

  to play more complex than that and we've [TS]

  seen the size of it but yeah they should [TS]

  the instead of resetting him back to [TS]

  Annapolis companion you know I feel like [TS]

  it'd be nice if they gave him a little [TS]

  more air to breathe [TS]

  yeah I'm with you alright so next time [TS]

  trailer neil gaiman the doctor's wife is [TS]

  the name of the episode and that's [TS]

  certainly a horrible miss direction but [TS]

  that's ok and it looked it looked dark [TS]

  and scary that we got the hint of [TS]

  another time lord maybe being out maybe [TS]

  maybe I'm just a traffic and just out of [TS]

  the dude dude [TS]

  yes there's an appearance and manner of [TS]

  the you'd and a real suggestion that [TS]

  this is this is at last actually with [TS]

  the exception of one shot in the [TS]

  Christmas invasion we have not seen [TS]

  which was really just a redressed wall [TS]

  of the main targets interior we have not [TS]

  seen other rooms or quarters or anything [TS]

  outside of the other terrorist control [TS]

  room since the show came back and I [TS]

  think this is the episode where a lot of [TS]

  stuff is going to happen it on the inner [TS]

  deep inside the TARDIS which was which [TS]

  was hinted at this week where he said [TS]

  you can go that way to the bathroom or [TS]

  that way which is really nice and [TS]

  there's names there's been hints at it [TS]

  right but we've never seen a little [TS]

  we've never seen anybody better David [TS]

  Tennant picking out his his suit from [TS]

  the Wardrobe we haven't seen the inside [TS]

  of the TARDIS and i think i think no [TS]

  games episode is where we went along the [TS]

  TARDIS and forgive my forgive my [TS]

  ignorance of of doctors gone before but [TS]

  it has there in the print prior [TS]

  incarnations have they spent more time [TS]

  inside the hands [TS]

  oh yeah I mean there's a [TS]

  Peter Davison's first episode I think [TS]

  large chunks of it are running around in [TS]

  quarters in the TARDIS and going to you [TS]

  know various rooms like a meditation [TS]

  room where he tries to sleep off his [TS]

  regeneration for awhile it have been [TS]

  yeah there's been a bunch of their [TS]

  Daleks and the TARDIS at one point and I [TS]

  dear [TS]

  so that's where there's crevasses [TS]

  there's there's actually I think [TS]

  somebody says there's a fandom thing [TS]

  that says that there's still like a [TS]

  Dalek or sometime and running around [TS]

  somewhere in the torque is lost because [TS]

  you know you can do it anywhere episode [TS]

  just lost in the target right usually [TS]

  its infinite so so yes they have done [TS]

  that in the classic show but not the new [TS]

  show so it'll be interesting to see and [TS]

  nvm and they I think it's michael sheen [TS]

  actually renowned director Michael Sheen [TS]

  who's who's got a deep scary voice that [TS]

  he takes over people's uh like he's our [TS]

  master and we do what he says you know [TS]

  it's like yeah that's terrifying and we [TS]

  we saw that clip there's a clip in the [TS]

  trailer right that's the you know I've [TS]

  killed hundreds of Timelords and met [TS]

  over its reply is how I killed all of [TS]

  them so tough that high high [TS]

  expectations for added so after that we [TS]

  have what three more before this sort of [TS]

  season cliffhanger yeah [TS]

  76 in the yeah it's um yes seven and six [TS]

  other word episode 3 episode 4 steel [TS]

  gaiman uh five and six are two parter by [TS]

  because we did life on morrison & ashes [TS]

  Matthew Graham and then the and then the [TS]

  finale midseason followed by Moffat so [TS]

  that's what's to come [TS]

  I you know I don't know maybe it's too [TS]

  early in the season stay but I guess we [TS]

  have already had one sees an entirely [TS]

  Steven Moffat I I like Steven Moffat a [TS]

  lot but and I like you know that was [TS]

  obviously written some some really great [TS]

  episodes for prior seasons as well but i [TS]

  guess you know so far i feel like i have [TS]

  expected more from him as the showrunner [TS]

  and he is not yet delivered necessary [TS]

  and all of that but you know obviously [TS]

  it's so early in the season to say he [TS]

  pulled it out of the fire last season I [TS]

  was after that two-part [TS]

  with the with the Silurians yeah i [TS]

  remember i was ready i was ready to give [TS]

  it up I was so despairing and then they [TS]

  they turned it around the rest of the [TS]

  season was really great but yeah it's a [TS]

  I'm starting to feel like they're gonna [TS]

  have to do that again he 10 minutes and [TS]

  it's pretty scary i I'm also starting to [TS]

  think [TS]

  have we seen all of Steven Moffat tricks [TS]

  and if that's true then I'd rather they [TS]

  you know that he move on and they find [TS]

  somebody else who's got new tricks to [TS]

  tell because I you know it's feeling [TS]

  more like this my criticism of Star Trek [TS]

  after like they went through deep space [TS]

  nine and Voyager and was essentially the [TS]

  same group of producers and writers who [TS]

  had been on next-generation so they've [TS]

  been there for like 15 20 years [TS]

  practically and with Moffat I thought we [TS]

  were going to get something to the [TS]

  formula [TS]

  yeah y-yeah I Moffat was going to be [TS]

  really new and do some different stuff [TS]

  and now you know it turns out since he [TS]

  wrote every episode or you know for an [TS]

  episode for every season maybe he [TS]

  doesn't really have anything new to say [TS]

  and he sort of already already spent [TS]

  most of it so I just because i think i [TS]

  think he is I mean you know you see the [TS]

  work that he's done for example on [TS]

  Sherlock [TS]

  oh yeah and it's clear that he's got [TS]

  interesting ideas rice it just made me [TS]

  that the doc doctor who is not been his [TS]

  he's run out for so many years of having [TS]

  penned up all these ideas if he's kind [TS]

  of blown through them a little bit [TS]

  quicker than he [TS]

  yeah i'm going to choose to be hopeful [TS]

  about Steven Moffat and and assume that [TS]

  he's not blowing through all of his [TS]

  ideas it's just a rough start to a [TS]

  season which is happened on many and [TS]

  many an occasion and holds out last year [TS]

  ya know it's joanna about saying I'm not [TS]

  I'm not condemning it obviously be [TS]

  ridiculous after three episodes but you [TS]

  know I I i am just you know I'm cautious [TS]

  i don't want to be burned [TS]

  yeah very very sensitive yeah we've been [TS]

  hurt before i can have I have been here [TS]

  before so many times shows the number [TS]

  wrong to you in the past also many shows [TS]

  that have wronged me [TS]

  alright well so that was a good way to [TS]

  start a setup [TS]

  that was that was depressing the well no [TS]

  I mean Chris the black spot I think [TS]

  that's what the short version of it is [TS]

  it was disappointing and and there are [TS]

  some things to do like about it but kind [TS]

  of mass kinda bored and upward yeah [TS]

  yes Neil Gaiman next week we're all [TS]

  excited for that I am [TS]

  yeah I don't want to be yeah I want to [TS]

  begin I would have been happening the [TS]

  next time trailer basically what we're [TS]

  saying and a good time trailer looks [TS]

  good and a couple lines [TS]

  alright alright I get I can't disagree i [TS]

  just if I I I would really rather never [TS]

  see another live dammit live CPR scene [TS]

  again as long as I live serious i agree [TS]

  makes me want to not be saved by CPR if [TS]

  I die if I'm dying inside that she is [TS]

  glad to add on to she did do it wrong [TS]

  i'm done with everything else after he [TS]

  told her not to he's a nurse listen to [TS]

  again [TS]

  yeah I want to play that scene back Amy [TS]

  you're a terrible you'll be a terrible [TS]

  nurse [TS]

  trust me i'm a nurse I know don't save [TS]

  me maybe she was getting revenge on [TS]

  improved for talking about how the [TS]

  mermaid wolf or forgetting her happy [TS]

  pregnant baby with her quantum pregnancy [TS]

  nothing worse than being half pregnant [TS]

  yeah what it wants and pregnancy is the [TS]

  name of my new band by the way you know [TS]

  it isn't me and they ended the same [TS]

  episode exactly the same way was making [TS]

  it like Justin gates you really weren't [TS]

  the last stinger is pregnant yes no [TS]

  again oh yeah we got it [TS]

  that's why I'm saying it reminds me of [TS]

  american television don't have Americans [TS]

  realize skeleton is that because it's [TS]

  the fact that it it just makes it like [TS]

  what did we just watch for 45 minutes [TS]

  it was unimportant they're basically [TS]

  telling us the most climactic thing we [TS]

  can end this episode on is something we [TS]

  showed you last class we yeah so you're [TS]

  rested so as point at the trailer for [TS]

  next week [TS]

  that's your way and that's why it's a [TS]

  filler episode [TS]

  yeah i guess so i want you know but [TS]

  pirates the pirates minutes [TS]

  yes alright well that now that we've [TS]

  depressed everybody and all the doctor [TS]

  who fans have thrown away their ipod [TS]

  nods and discussed I'm gonna buy you [TS]

  know thank you for coming on and and [TS]

  it's like therapy sometimes podcasting [TS]

  little baby talk it through which is [TS]

  better shared with others [TS]

  that's right always a writer of company [TS]

  and that wraps up this edition of the [TS]

  uncomfortable / dr. podcast for Dan [TS]

  Morgan and serenity coldwell I'm Jason [TS]

  cell thanks for listening [TS]

  [Music] [TS]