The Incomparable

302: Keep Watching the Skies


  the incontrovertible number 302 may 2016 [TS]

  13 get ready to the uncomfortable and [TS]

  jason l and it is time for another [TS]

  edition of old movie club club in this [TS]

  edition we are going to be talking about [TS]

  two movies produced by and otherwise [TS]

  creatively involved by Howard Hawks [TS]

  possibly directed or did he or didn't he [TS]

  yes [TS]

  his girl friday from nineteen forty [TS]

  which he absolutely directed and the [TS]

  thing from another world from 1951 which [TS]

  literally directed he's not credited as [TS]

  directing joining me to talk about the [TS]

  many movies [TS]

  yeah well there's only the two that [TS]

  we're going to talk about tonight [TS]

  are these lovely people Steve let's [TS]

  hello hello Jason come on in [TS]

  close the door FairPoint Monty Ashley hi [TS]

  Monty hi Jason you know all you gotta do [TS]

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  to be away from you guys are the [TS]

  internets doctored ring is back with us [TS]

  again for more old things [TS]

  hi doc how's it going it's going fine [TS]

  you know knowledge is more important [TS]

  than life Jason we ought to the brain of [TS]

  our species to stay here and die [TS]

  Oh apply to any podcasts that's like the [TS]

  mission statement of the show the [TS]

  gentleman who makes this happen pics the [TS]

  movies and tells us what to think and [TS]

  then we savagely deny him and infuriate [TS]

  him running the coffee it's a nasty day [TS]

  it's phillip michael the big sleep well [TS]

  Jason it was it's great to be here today [TS]

  so Phil we we watch these two movies I [TS]

  suppose we should take them [TS]

  chronologically should we not can you [TS]

  tell us why you chose them and hear [TS]

  anything more about howard hawks and why [TS]

  he is the unifying factor here [TS]

  well you know I think Howard Hawks is a [TS]

  Howard Hawks makes so many great movies [TS]

  we could have picked any one of them [TS]

  like the big sleep like gentlemen prefer [TS]

  blondes is a very uh fun if in [TS]

  substantial little musical [TS]

  rio bravo Rio Bravo is about to say [TS]

  there's a nice little Dutch late late [TS]

  career John Wayne movie rio bravo that [TS]

  he did and but I picked these two cuz [TS]

  they're my two favorite Howard Hawks [TS]

  movies although one of them make money [TS]

  via Howard Hawks movie so here we are at [TS]

  the very least it's produced by him [TS]

  it says that much in the credits yeah [TS]

  and it was made by his production [TS]

  company is the in addition to him being [TS]

  produced he didn't do it for a different [TS]

  studio or a different outfit so it's [TS]

  it's it's it's a Howard Hawks operation [TS]

  just how much of it involves our docs [TS]

  might be something we discuss later in [TS]

  the little bit and are we certain that [TS]

  letter the screenwriter is not in fact a [TS]

  nom de plume of howard hawks know he's a [TS]

  real person oh he took credit when he [TS]

  was involved in this yeah yeah he said [TS]

  he's a guy he writes a lot of howard [TS]

  hawks and stuff but is not our Hawks i [TS]

  have never seen him in the same room as [TS]

  howard hawks at the same time when he [TS]

  died before you were born so that's why [TS]

  oh that may have something to do with it [TS]

  they were buried together so what is the [TS]

  hallway he did write a ridiculous number [TS]

  of howard hawks film turns out they're [TS]

  very together for that both of the ones [TS]

  tonight yuh he adapted the MacArthur hex [TS]

  play for for his gal Friday which leads [TS]

  us into our first movie his girl Friday [TS]

  Phil what what what did you tell us [TS]

  about what you want to tell us about his [TS]

  girl Friday [TS]

  well it's one of those movies where [TS]

  we're not going to spend a lot of time [TS]

  discussing plot because it's really [TS]

  incidental to anything hope that the [TS]

  picture itself instead we'll do the [TS]

  treacherous backstory of his gal Friday [TS]

  which started life as a play called the [TS]

  front page written by been hacked and [TS]

  Charles MacArthur they were 2x Chicago [TS]

  newspaper men and any influences that [TS]

  their careers in chicago and corrupt [TS]

  Chicago politicians might have had on [TS]

  their play is purely coincidental [TS]

  there was a movie I want to say was 1928 [TS]

  but i might be off by a few years is [TS]

  3131 thank you David off mon true state [TS]

  of ma gio and pat o'brien and in that [TS]

  movie it's it's this exact same spot [TS]

  only Walter burns as the editor is the [TS]

  managing editor [TS]

  the the tree of the paper and Hilde [TS]

  Johnson is his mail Star reporter and [TS]

  there are many origin stories help his [TS]

  gal Friday came to be one is that Howard [TS]

  Hawks was just going to remake the front [TS]

  page [TS]

  and while they were doing the readings [TS]

  for he had one of business his female [TS]

  assistants reading the healthy Johnson [TS]

  part and and thought hey that sounds [TS]

  pretty snappy when it's a when it's when [TS]

  it's a lady doing the exchanges with [TS]

  Walter birds the other story and both of [TS]

  these are in IMDb trivia because it's [TS]

  dueling possibly apocryphal trivia that [TS]

  they had a dinner party and howard hawks [TS]

  pulled out the front page script just to [TS]

  show how tightly written in what a great [TS]

  great piece of staging it was and had [TS]

  one of his female guests read the Holy [TS]

  Johnson part and then the light bulb [TS]

  came over his head and he sits say and [TS]

  then been half said hey why don't you of [TS]

  redo my my thing as a with a woman in [TS]

  the part it's the front page and it's [TS]

  got a got a lady playing the Holy [TS]

  Johnson part and Hildy is a reporter and [TS]

  there's a there's a execution about to [TS]

  go down [TS]

  Earl Williams who may or may not be an [TS]

  anarchist he's not and but he is crazy [TS]

  ya fantasy crazy and uh the corrupt [TS]

  mayor and sheriff are trying to get him [TS]

  executed uh two before election day so [TS]

  that they can win on auntie radical [TS]

  fervor and Hildy and her paper are [TS]

  trying to stay so lots of papers and be [TS]

  free him one is a more important to them [TS]

  than the other i'll leave it to your [TS]

  imagination as to which Hildy is in fact [TS]

  leaving the paper because she is going [TS]

  to get married to a fella named Bruce [TS]

  Baldwin who's played by ralph bellamy in [TS]

  the ralph bellamy part as as the nice [TS]

  handsome man who is always spurned it by [TS]

  the end of the picture [TS]

  spoiler alert because he's a giant drip [TS]

  yeah you know he looks I don't like [TS]

  ralph bellamy though [TS]

  yeah that girl filmy guy yeah that's [TS]

  been the movies consistent Bellamy role [TS]

  i think i've ever seen anything in his [TS]

  youth other than this so I'm unfamiliar [TS]

  with his that is the prototypical [TS]

  yeah yes the surprise Roosevelt yes [TS]

  where he plays the eve basically the [TS]

  other fella haha yeah he's in at least [TS]

  one friend ginger film as the other [TS]

  fella [TS]

  yeah as the guy who is decent enough but [TS]

  but he's no fred astaire he's no Cary [TS]

  Grant he's a boring insurance salesman [TS]

  in this who would like to sweep her away [TS]

  to albany yes where they will live their [TS]

  life out in albany don't sell him short [TS]

  he makes five thousand dollars a year in [TS]

  the insurance because they're going to [TS]

  live with mother with mother [TS]

  yeah just for the first year the one [TS]

  complication in this which I which I had [TS]

  failed to mention is that Walter burns [TS]

  used to be married to Hilde Johnson in [TS]

  this version it would have been the [TS]

  strange in the earlier version of the [TS]

  front because in this video was pre-code [TS]

  yeah recode very precocious hit our but [TS]

  yeah [TS]

  in this version they used to be married [TS]

  there now divorced on you get the [TS]

  feeling that Walter burns would very [TS]

  much like to have he'll be working now [TS]

  either back to the paper or being [TS]

  married to him and he's not quite sure [TS]

  which but one or the other or both would [TS]

  be fine are so during this the the this [TS]

  movie takes place over the course of an [TS]

  evening and it's Walter burns trying to [TS]

  trick you d into either stain to write a [TS]

  story about her Williams or a man marry [TS]

  him instead of bruce and and that brings [TS]

  us to the series of complications and [TS]

  layer dialog that makes his gal Friday a [TS]

  must-see motion pictures so this is a [TS]

  movie about a whole bunch of really [TS]

  awful people [TS]

  yeah you have everyone in this movie is [TS]

  pretty awful that includes the the cadre [TS]

  of reporters at the courthouse you kind [TS]

  of act as a degree courses and when cars [TS]

  they are just terrible people who joke [TS]

  about her Williams getting hung and and [TS]

  Driver Williams uh pseudo girlfriend to [TS]

  leap from a window [TS]

  steal each other's stories without a [TS]

  whisper of guilt [TS]

  look up staircases up women's skirts [TS]

  although one of my favorite exchanges is [TS]

  when the one guy is a reading the [TS]

  straight story into the phone to his [TS]

  paper and the other guy is listening and [TS]

  reading a totally different version of [TS]

  the story of his video this happened [TS]

  several times during the picture and and [TS]

  it's funnier each time I love all of the [TS]

  telephone choreography in those and in a [TS]

  good like the stage version is literally [TS]

  only in that room that's the set for the [TS]

  show the movie is like seventy percent [TS]

  of that room so it's a they didn't make [TS]

  much many changes to and just all of [TS]

  that is so beautifully staged and I you [TS]

  know I love like 11 guys like hang on [TS]

  goes to the next one [TS]

  he's not here and just hangs up the [TS]

  phone because it's someone else's phone [TS]

  I'm little things like that it's just [TS]

  delightful it is yeah this the scene [TS]

  that I like the best that they were all [TS]

  reporting different things towards the [TS]

  end you've got you got what the first [TS]

  guy saying you know he was found on he [TS]

  was unconscious when they found him and [TS]

  then you know pan over to the next guy [TS]

  captured after a value of struggle [TS]

  offered no resistance like just one [TS]

  after the other after the other all [TS]

  completely different [TS]

  let's talk about the relationship [TS]

  between Walter burns and Hilde Johnson [TS]

  because I think that's interesting it's [TS]

  really sick [TS]

  it's it's horrifying he will do anything [TS]

  to create impediments to her going on [TS]

  that train to albany or perhaps the [TS]

  later train to albany he he he does sets [TS]

  uh Bruce the boring insurance salesman [TS]

  up to be arrested times during multi I'm [TS]

  mashing he is he is causing lots of [TS]

  trouble his his reasons for wanting to [TS]

  keep her are paper-thin at best but he [TS]

  keeps on going with them the line that i [TS]

  wrote down that i thought was funny is I [TS]

  need you to cover this [TS]

  there's nobody on the paper who can [TS]

  write which I thought you're employing a [TS]

  lot of people at that paper and none of [TS]

  them can write but that's ok he really [TS]

  just wants her to stay [TS]

  you've been editor you've never felt [TS]

  like that yeah [TS]

  it's probably you gotta give it a better [TS]

  reason than that like people can write [TS]

  that they could write different things [TS]

  like ladies like you to tell him to take [TS]

  a vacation like what she knows he can [TS]

  write so he needs to go on vacation so [TS]

  that that I can have you do this story [TS]

  so i was i was amused by that and the [TS]

  fact that he just shameless he doesn't [TS]

  care he's gonna do whatever you can to [TS]

  prevent her from leaving and when she [TS]

  catches him lying which he does several [TS]

  times he just laughs because he has as [TS]

  you say no shame [TS]

  yeah when she realizes sweetie got [TS]

  married four months ago and this is 1940 [TS]

  so he couldn't have be having a baby [TS]

  already up just got me and i love that [TS]

  scene in particular because it shows [TS]

  that Walter and Hildy are at the same [TS]

  level [TS]

  yes there's a bunch of Loony Tunes [TS]

  cartoons where bugs and Daffy are [TS]

  fighting over Elmer and Elmer isn't [TS]

  really a character he's just a stooge or [TS]

  Elmer's bug says go to that definitely [TS]

  arrange that ralph bellamy roll Yeah [TS]

  right and that's what the dinner scene [TS]

  really reminds me of where you've got to [TS]

  sharpies yeah and then Ralph going so he [TS]

  didn't have twins and they're [TS]

  particularly right after that that [TS]

  contempt in cary grant face when he's [TS]

  like do you really not know what's going [TS]

  on here [TS]

  oh you chump yeah they are they're all [TS]

  pretty awful people but the thing that I [TS]

  kind of appreciate I mean besides the [TS]

  fact that that the two of them are [TS]

  really are communicating on their own [TS]

  level know in a way they sort of belong [TS]

  together for for that reason but i like [TS]

  that relationship wise Walter only ever [TS]

  tries to persuade her and bamboozled her [TS]

  he never you know he he knows her well [TS]

  enough to know that sort of forcing her [TS]

  in any way or doing anything directly [TS]

  isn't going to work [TS]

  Bruce the ralph bellamy he doesn't know [TS]

  that so he by the end you know he tries [TS]

  to to make her leave with him and then [TS]

  when she won't he gets upset and [TS]

  basically insults her and yeah she's [TS]

  she's a terrible person for the way that [TS]

  she has treated him but she's operating [TS]

  on a completely different level and and [TS]

  i like that that the Cary Grant's [TS]

  character is is operating on the same [TS]

  level as her and is not getting all [TS]

  all up in her face and trying to make [TS]

  her do something that she doesn't want [TS]

  to do he's just trying to convince her [TS]

  via ways that are reprehensible but he [TS]

  knows are going to work because he knows [TS]

  she's reprehensible to know and and I [TS]

  wonder how much of that comes from [TS]

  originating it's a story about two men [TS]

  without any romantic involvement whereas [TS]

  you know if this had been crafted from [TS]

  the beginning as a romantic screwball [TS]

  comedy maybe that would have been [TS]

  different but that's what's cool about [TS]

  it i think in that the scene where she [TS]

  enters initially into the room I guess [TS]

  the press room at the courthouse and [TS]

  there's banter going back and forth and [TS]

  it's very much like she's one of the [TS]

  guys right i mean they're just they're [TS]

  shooting is right back and forth and [TS]

  it's i'm not sure how much of that is [TS]

  just because it was originally written [TS]

  for a man but it's great because it's [TS]

  like well she's accepted as one of the [TS]

  awful reporters here if you think it's [TS]

  something she's just as terrible as they [TS]

  are but it's cool i think that's that's [TS]

  I think my favorite bit where you know i [TS]

  love seeing Hildy you know just she's [TS]

  disrespected sort of force of nature [TS]

  it's just it's very cool it's very [TS]

  unusual to sin in a movie of this [TS]

  vintage yeah and a lot of that is [TS]

  straight from the play you can start to [TS]

  make the argument that there are some of [TS]

  the the katherine hepburn screwball [TS]

  comedies bringing up baby which is [TS]

  another hour talk that the other had him [TS]

  yeah where she she'ssort of she's just [TS]

  as sharp as everyone else but I that [TS]

  this one goes the full the full nine ten [TS]

  yards with with just making her every [TS]

  much an agent of her malevolence along [TS]

  with everyone else that she bribes cops [TS]

  she threatens people with the power of [TS]

  the press right she plants ideas and [TS]

  guy's head so they don't get executed [TS]

  while she runs the guy down and tackles [TS]

  yeah yes but attack that's the best the [TS]

  big difference between this and bringing [TS]

  a baby and Katharine Hepburn in that is [TS]

  that she's also a very competent person [TS]

  she knows what she's doing and she's [TS]

  good at it was Katherine Hepburn and [TS]

  bringing a baby is just kind of an [TS]

  incompetent idiots who happens to get [TS]

  into trouble and happens to save the day [TS]

  I would say cary grant is an incompetent [TS]

  it's in that movie as well [TS]

  yeah he's like beyond reason why I do [TS]

  not like it as much as his girl Friday [TS]

  which i will just briefly say is my [TS]

  favorite movie [TS]

  all time okay yeah and I actually like [TS]

  the idea that in addition to treating [TS]

  Hildy as she's just she's just one of [TS]

  the newspaper meant because that's what [TS]

  she is [TS]

  they don't rub our noses in the fact [TS]

  that she's doing something different [TS]

  from most women in the world it's just [TS]

  sort of a fact of life [TS]

  I mean they could treat her nicely and [TS]

  also have a couple of scenes in there [TS]

  making it really clear look at this [TS]

  we've got a ladies doing something [TS]

  different they never give us any of that [TS]

  and i love the fact it's refreshing that [TS]

  she's trying to escape this non feminine [TS]

  lifestyle and give it a try being being [TS]

  a a woman going home and raising kids [TS]

  and stuff like that and they don't shame [TS]

  her for that in any kind of overt way [TS]

  they they just sort of tease her about [TS]

  it in a good nature Josh and kind of a [TS]

  way like oh you know I give it six [TS]

  months you'll get bored at home which is [TS]

  the same kind of teasing they would give [TS]

  a man who decided to you know retire to [TS]

  the country if he was a newspaper man [TS]

  who is going to get bored retiring to [TS]

  the country so it was ni I do suspect [TS]

  that a lot of it is because the [TS]

  character was transition from male to [TS]

  female and they didn't add a bunch of [TS]

  that in but they could have added a [TS]

  bunch of that crap it and they didn't so [TS]

  it's just it's so nice to be watching it [TS]

  from this time in 2016 and recognizing [TS]

  that the majority of the movies made in [TS]

  2016 don't treat women as well as [TS]

  Russell gets treated in his girl Friday [TS]

  if anything the other news been seem [TS]

  jealous about the fact that they can't [TS]

  they don't have that out [TS]

  yeah they would love to be able to get [TS]

  married get the hell out of there but [TS]

  it's not an option for them although I [TS]

  never I never believed that she the the [TS]

  whole idea like well I'm gonna uh you're [TS]

  a newspaper man i want to go somewhere [TS]

  where I can be a woman she says and and [TS]

  she's gonna go to the beach this morning [TS]

  this boring guy and go to Albany I never [TS]

  believe for a second that this is [TS]

  something that she would legitimately [TS]

  want to do and I realize this is a zany [TS]

  comedy and all that but there is no way [TS]

  that somebody is sharp as this woman is [TS]

  would first much and is good at her job [TS]

  would abandon it but certainly would [TS]

  abandon it to go to Albany with this [TS]

  drip it is that part of it i'm just like [TS]

  come on how is this even [TS]

  how do we get to this point i will tell [TS]

  you as as a woman i will tell you how [TS]

  that's possible [TS]

  she just got back from like four weeks [TS]

  in Bermuda she was relaxing she was in a [TS]

  completely different place mentally she [TS]

  probably [TS]

  not wined and dined and was able to just [TS]

  relax and decompress with this guy for a [TS]

  while so so yeah she's thinking this is [TS]

  wonderful this is what I want to do I [TS]

  mean she is sooo she's back in the real [TS]

  world for like a week I'm sure she would [TS]

  change your mind but I do believe that [TS]

  this character at that point at the [TS]

  beginning of it had has made the [TS]

  decision that yes this is something she [TS]

  wants to try this is what last plot what [TS]

  plot if you give you if you recall from [TS]

  the opening scenes of the movie she [TS]

  chides Walter for not opening the door [TS]

  for her which he will do one time and [TS]

  then the very next door there is [TS]

  something for me it's just eat just [TS]

  leaves you behind that walks through [TS]

  deliberately very literally very [TS]

  deliberately so I think it's important [TS]

  that she she had those weeks in Bermuda [TS]

  right after her divorce she spent the [TS]

  whole time [TS]

  fuming about this impossible idiot she [TS]

  was married to [TS]

  I'm not going back there I'm never going [TS]

  back there [TS]

  albany sounds great that Ralph Bellamy [TS]

  is his rebound man yeah yeah totally [TS]

  totally he is the classic rebound guy [TS]

  he's calm he's mellow he's responsible [TS]

  he's well he's one of the two classic [TS]

  classic rebound guy types you it's [TS]

  either the the two nice guy who's boring [TS]

  or the super jerk and she was she was [TS]

  married to the super that with the [TS]

  rebound guy asking one of the biggest [TS]

  changes that I see between this version [TS]

  and the original front page of apart [TS]

  obviously from the sex change of Hildy [TS]

  is how Walter is almost as different as [TS]

  healthy is in this in the in the regular [TS]

  front-page Walter is absolutely [TS]

  reprehensible he has he's not charming [TS]

  he is you know he's an a-hole off is at [TS]

  times just an awful person and Cary [TS]

  Grant's an awful person but my God he's [TS]

  amazingly charming I mean how can you [TS]

  not love him Cary Grant I mean yeah it's [TS]

  hard to make Cary Grant not lovable what [TS]

  my wife my wife and I have a theory we [TS]

  call it the Brad Pitt conundrum and it's [TS]

  the it's the problem that of the [TS]

  handsome man who is very good at comedy [TS]

  but they but because he's so handsome to [TS]

  keep making them do handsome man rolls [TS]

  and the jon Hamm's John ham suffers from [TS]

  this there there's a few other people [TS]

  but I think Cary Grant is the [TS]

  original Brad Pitt in the sense in that [TS]

  he get got cast in all these movies and [TS]

  he's fine and but the the really great [TS]

  stuff that he does is this movie and [TS]

  North by Northwest which in essence he's [TS]

  he's doing a comic role there so it's a [TS]

  comedy yeah yeah yeah and you you just [TS]

  watch his stuff that the phone scene [TS]

  where is remaking the front page and [TS]

  it's just him scream unit Duffy who is [TS]

  off-screen the entire time [TS]

  nevermind the european war so the brake [TS]

  cranks a little bit i have to admit that [TS]

  i do find Walter so reprehensible that i [TS]

  don't find him that charming i find the [TS]

  charming this kind of clothing and [TS]

  disturb him as much as I find Cary [TS]

  Grant's timing and delivery perfect and [TS]

  he's wonderful in this role the [TS]

  character is just too awful for me [TS]

  perfect yeah that's probably my single [TS]

  my biggest complaint with this movie is [TS]

  the comedy here is great and it's madcap [TS]

  and it's hilarious and it would work so [TS]

  much better if there was somebody here I [TS]

  can hang onto as somebody that I didn't [TS]

  want dead Earl Williams lower Williams [TS]

  the murder of a black cop is the most [TS]

  likable character in the film of their [TS]

  therefore Cary Grant films from this [TS]

  period that I love I just absolutely [TS]

  love them but to varying degrees and i [TS]

  have to say of the four i might like [TS]

  this one the least mainly because it is [TS]

  it is that reprehensible pneus it's I [TS]

  you know I can't quite get past that [TS]

  whereas you know in bringing a baby he's [TS]

  a ditz but he's a sweet guy and he's a [TS]

  total innocent or in topper he's not [TS]

  exactly an innocent but he's not he's [TS]

  not quite disillusions point in all of [TS]

  his charm here is in the service of [TS]

  getting his way exactly none of it's [TS]

  just charm it's all that's tyrants of [TS]

  the two flaws i find it [TS]

  this is that's one of them and the other [TS]

  is that as much as I love the fact that [TS]

  they've done the gender swap and they've [TS]

  thrown in this whole subplot it does [TS]

  feel like two different movies at times [TS]

  it's like well we're gonna have this and [TS]

  we've taken away the the sort of serious [TS]

  subplot going on in the front page and [TS]

  the serious part was kind of good that [TS]

  was kind of the sharp satire of it but [TS]

  you know it's a great variation i love [TS]

  as you know it's still one of my [TS]

  favorite movies yeah i would say for [TS]

  that era I something more like the awful [TS]

  truth would probably my favorite because [TS]

  that also has ralph bellamy as the other [TS]

  guy as well and I what he does [TS]

  yeah he's not so he's not so so [TS]

  reprehensible in that one and he's yes [TS]

  he's trying to undermine you know his [TS]

  wife and ralph bellamy but it's it's [TS]

  more charming it's more cute [TS]

  see I prefer the smart conniving cary [TS]

  grant this one and the philadelphia [TS]

  story he knows what he's doing and I [TS]

  like that a lot more than the manic cary [TS]

  grant you get in Arsenic and Old Lace [TS]

  baby or arsenic and old lace where my [TS]

  fingers like that'll down I do i do love [TS]

  my favorite way far matching bobby-soxer [TS]

  yeah although holiday maybe my favorite [TS]

  getting back to your talking about this [TS]

  sort of serious side to this the satire [TS]

  side I think my favorite scene in the [TS]

  movie is probably just after they've [TS]

  badgered poor Molly Molloy into tears [TS]

  and he leads her out of the room and and [TS]

  there's just a about yeah maybe 20 [TS]

  seconds of silence where all the [TS]

  reporters just feel absolutely awful for [TS]

  what they've done and they know their [TS]

  reprehensible people and they just they [TS]

  look like they want to die and they're [TS]

  at their poker game is clearly ruined [TS]

  and it's just it's a wonderful dramatic [TS]

  moment in the middle of this this comic [TS]

  wackiness but it does you're right sort [TS]

  of sticks out like a sore thumb for all [TS]

  that [TS]

  yeah we haven't really talked about it [TS]

  but that's the one moment people are [TS]

  talking a hundred miles an hour the [TS]

  summer movie stops there's a moment of [TS]

  human emotion [TS]

  there's some breathing and then that its [TS]

  back to going crazy right now and it's [TS]

  so much more powerful because of that it [TS]

  stands out very starkly mean it's after [TS]

  she yells it's a Wonderbolt lightning no [TS]

  come down and strike y'all dead and then [TS]

  you know she's out of the room and then [TS]

  whoa i love it the gentlemen of the [TS]

  press [TS]

  oh you're one to talk ility improvement [TS]

  i like the in terms of the reality of [TS]

  being in the news media I think the [TS]

  story about the the fact that in their [TS]

  previous marriage and also in the at the [TS]

  very end when they're talking about [TS]

  going to niagara falls and there's that [TS]

  moment of like well but along the way [TS]

  there's a story that that's not that far [TS]

  off from the life with somebody you know [TS]

  I mean yeah right you know that really [TS]

  rang true to Melike but on the way we [TS]

  have to do this other thing because [TS]

  that's the the you end up going to wear [TS]

  the news is and so that as ridiculous as [TS]

  this story is in so many ways I i saw [TS]

  that was like yeah actually that's [TS]

  better right yeah I love it it's so [TS]

  depressing there were healthy just [TS]

  resignedly says okay well honeymoon in [TS]

  albany like this more sin nature is once [TS]

  again been tamed by this scumbag maybe [TS]

  Bruce can cross on his spelling yeah [TS]

  with Mama that they will get to Niagara [TS]

  Falls they're just gonna have to stop [TS]

  off and file a story they're not going [TS]

  to do we're reporting and related to [TS]

  Niagara Falls answer they'll get there [TS]

  might be a tragedy there they do like [TS]

  each other though there's a great scene [TS]

  where she's gotten the story of where [TS]

  the gun came from and even though [TS]

  they're talking to each other on the [TS]

  phone the way it shot they're both [TS]

  leaning into the phone saying oh I gotta [TS]

  pick Walter you're gonna love this [TS]

  yeah yeah go on and I think the [TS]

  characters really do genuinely love each [TS]

  other do they love each other they love [TS]

  their job because i'm i'm not certain [TS]

  that so much affection for each other as [TS]

  they love to be journalists you know [TS]

  they love to dig dirt and love to have a [TS]

  scoop [TS]

  well and they're good at doing those [TS]

  things together so I mean whether that [TS]

  whether that parlays itself into actual [TS]

  love or it's just simply the fact that [TS]

  they work so well together as a team [TS]

  professionally which I mean but [TS]

  considering the way the movie starts and [TS]

  ends I think that's probably the case [TS]

  they are great together dynamite as a [TS]

  couple on the paper but you know at home [TS]

  she kind of wanted to be coddled a [TS]

  little bit more and that never ever [TS]

  happens so I think she's yeah but they [TS]

  enjoy each other's company so much like [TS]

  in that dinner scene at the beginning [TS]

  there's a moment where he lights a [TS]

  cigarette off her match [TS]

  smirks at her about how cute is being [TS]

  and she kinda gives them a look like [TS]

  yeah all right you got that [TS]

  yeah she thinks his jerkiness is [TS]

  hilarious it's clear he's right maybe I [TS]

  just feel Bellamy's pain too much are [TS]

  the other guy but you got a little bit [TS]

  Bellamy pain or sepia Bellamy I think [TS]

  the funniest line in the whole nation [TS]

  not writing class [TS]

  my dad's you know and he is how he says [TS]

  insurance is a good honest business like [TS]

  wild times I changed so i was gonna I [TS]

  was gonna say i'd like to talk about a [TS]

  couple of the supporting characters here [TS]

  yes three standout starting with Jean [TS]

  Lockhart old movie club standby gealach [TS]

  are ya soon as the judge in Miracle on [TS]

  thirty-fourth Street yeah he's Peter be [TS]

  Hartwell be for brains [TS]

  there's a lot of Miracle on [TS]

  thirty-fourth Street actors in this [TS]

  movie is there are there are on and he [TS]

  he's just fantastic as just this [TS]

  yeah is that the hapless sheriff and he [TS]

  is his outstanding speaking of us to [TS]

  just getting bullied around by two [TS]

  sharpies yeah yeah except he's getting [TS]

  bullied around by everyone [TS]

  how did he get to be Sheriff he was down [TS]

  ticket because of the political machine [TS]

  got him in there again one thing one [TS]

  thing i love about him is there's the [TS]

  scenes where Walter and he'll be [TS]

  believed someone but then there's this [TS]

  scene where the mayor and the sheriff [TS]

  try to bully somebody else and even [TS]

  though it's the softest dumbest guy in [TS]

  the world and that we love to have [TS]

  another great guy Billy Gilbert is the [TS]

  name of that actors Pettibone the voice [TS]

  of sneezy [TS]

  yes there you go I knew anything voice [TS]

  from somewhere [TS]

  jiminy crickets also in this movie and [TS]

  he's fantastic particularly when he's [TS]

  drunk [TS]

  yes I yeah watch this versus the of the [TS]

  1931 version the of the front page and [TS]

  where where where [TS]

  Pettibone comes in he's a different [TS]

  character in that movie i think his name [TS]

  is Pincus but he comes in and it is does [TS]

  the drunk routine and it's it's it's not [TS]

  as well timed as it is here and a lot of [TS]

  that is really Billy Gilbert's reaction [TS]

  like when he tries to show the mayor a [TS]

  picture of his wife and he says she's a [TS]

  very handsome woman just another night I [TS]

  I that is so that puts me on the floor [TS]

  each time there's a moment where the [TS]

  where they're trying to bribe them they [TS]

  say all you gotta do is lie low keep [TS]

  your mouth shut [TS]

  immediately says well I'm tired anyway [TS]

  great and finally the life preserver I [TS]

  needed is a DC [TS]

  the guy who is unable to be later or [TS]

  bribed into doing something horrible [TS]

  well here's a decent guy who is bullied [TS]

  and bribed into doing horrible things [TS]

  John kalyan please Earl Williams and he [TS]

  is magnificent [TS]

  he's such a sad little man and he's been [TS]

  another old movie clip movie too he was [TS]

  them the Deputy Speaker I work in a [TS]

  anatomy of a murder complain a lot of [TS]

  sweet in a lot of traffic but ya know [TS]

  Andy's berger and his burger in [TS]

  Casablanca the guy who tries to talk [TS]

  about how he had contact with the Victor [TS]

  Laszlo what he was doing a Swedish [TS]

  accent anatomy of a murder right yeah [TS]

  yeah because it's it's a buckles that's [TS]

  that's human anatomy of a murder is the [TS]

  guy whose wife makes bad food my [TS]

  favorite supporting role is the blonde [TS]

  just because of the moment where Ralph [TS]

  Bellamy is calling Hildy to say he got [TS]

  arrested for mashing they call it [TS]

  mashing he he says yes she's blonde and [TS]

  looks over at her and she not like yeah [TS]

  that's right i'm like not very long and [TS]

  she know well by know i was born right [TS]

  here in this country her know he does a [TS]

  lot with her two minutes of screen time [TS]

  yeah my favorite favorite bit of the [TS]

  side characters is the sort of little [TS]

  side joke that the sheriff has hired a [TS]

  bunch of his family and his landlord and [TS]

  stuff to try to clinical keep the order [TS]

  after the hanging because you know the [TS]

  Red Menace is such a such a big deal and [TS]

  they are such bumbling fumbling and [TS]

  competence that like a tier bomb goes [TS]

  off in their midst and they have to be [TS]

  hospitalized in like you get that in [TS]

  into separate pieces because in the in [TS]

  the beginning of the movie sort of hear [TS]

  about that in the background with the [TS]

  sheriff hiring all of his friends and [TS]

  family and then later on you get the new [TS]

  story about about that everybody that [TS]

  got hurt and had to go to the hospital [TS]

  was related to him is it one of his [TS]

  relatives that shoots the scrub lady [TS]

  oh yes all of his relatives she [TS]

  described waiting there goes another [TS]

  scrub ladylike they say with glee [TS]

  so when Hildy's interviewing Earl [TS]

  Williams is she genuinely trying to get [TS]

  a story or she just buffalo wing him [TS]

  into us story she can use I think she's [TS]

  trying for a story but realize it's [TS]

  pretty quick that this guy's got nothing [TS]

  so then she's like okay [TS]

  a plan B Buffalo I think she's doing the [TS]

  journalism practice at the time which is [TS]

  you kind of wrote the lead on the way to [TS]

  the ballpark food she just she plants [TS]

  that idea right in his head and he's [TS]

  gonna go with it from there on out he's [TS]

  very easily led fellow i'm not sure that [TS]

  she knows that there's a difference to [TS]

  her [TS]

  yeah i mean i think that's the point is [TS]

  that it's the same if it makes a good [TS]

  story then it's right then and it's true [TS]

  and that's okay because these folks bear [TS]

  no resemblance to the men and women of [TS]

  the press [TS]

  yeah I was just gonna say that yeah such [TS]

  a sarcastic opening screen just getting [TS]

  ready just getting ready even though [TS]

  they have that they have an FDR joke in [TS]

  there though they have lots of jokes [TS]

  they mentioned the european war [TS]

  yeah they mentioned the restart now [TS]

  that's a human interest story got to [TS]

  keep that all there is right i mean i'm [TS]

  interested in it I wouldn't know about [TS]

  that rooster [TS]

  yeah that it's weird there's a lot of [TS]

  ad-libbing but there's it's also really [TS]

  rigorously time to movie like yeah [TS]

  newspaper men can't be at living because [TS]

  they have to be hitting their lines [TS]

  staccato great it's mostly i think [TS]

  between wrestling and grant allegedly [TS]

  Roz Russell came on set and didn't [TS]

  really get along with Howard Hawks and [TS]

  sort of felt overmatched so she hired [TS]

  their own writer in essence to kinda [TS]

  punch up your dialogue has supposedly [TS]

  cary grant came on set every day and [TS]

  said so what you got the day there are a [TS]

  couple lines where that stands out the 1 [TS]

  i'm convinced she had lived because they [TS]

  cut right after it is when Kari grant [TS]

  says I'm as good as I ever was just kind [TS]

  of mumbles well there's never anything [TS]

  to brag about anything they cut and then [TS]

  go back to at slightly different angle [TS]

  and Cary Grant is still laughing yes and [TS]

  as the ralph bellamy jokes that cary [TS]

  grant makes was an admin area very [TS]

  clearly that and the Archie leach [TS]

  largely to the be at Alaska crossed him [TS]

  was Archie leach that's a good that was [TS]

  good of course Cary Cary Grant had the [TS]

  fact that way that will be it's baffling [TS]

  who let them make this it's very meta [TS]

  what were they thinking well there's the [TS]

  condom joke yeah right yeah [TS]

  I'm surprised the Hays office let them [TS]

  get away with things like well we could [TS]

  have gone to jail for that to you know [TS]

  they might not have noticed you see some [TS]

  of that stuff though in movies of that [TS]

  time but i do think the rubber joke [TS]

  yeah I think that went right over the [TS]

  heads of the AG's office they didn't [TS]

  understand that at all [TS]

  uh it was it was just a little bit too [TS]

  early like that's a joke they could not [TS]

  have gotten away with after the war I [TS]

  think i mighta gotten over my head which [TS]

  joke are we talking about here [TS]

  he's it's it's in one of my favorite [TS]

  scenes where Carrie Grand Rounds Russell [TS]

  have gone out of Cary Grant's office [TS]

  they're going back into the waiting room [TS]

  and he he starts talking to the old man [TS]

  as if he's Bruce right and then you know [TS]

  and then basically insults and you don't [TS]

  stay out of my business [TS]

  uh I'll thank you to you know keep your [TS]

  nose out of my affairs after he's [TS]

  harassing the guy for a while but then [TS]

  he shakes shakes ralph bellamy sunbrella [TS]

  instead of his hand first and then shake [TS]

  his hand and there's some awkwardness [TS]

  between the two of them and you know do [TS]

  you always carry an umbrella well it was [TS]

  like smiling today and 0 and and you [TS]

  have rubbers two and one of my favorite [TS]

  thing can see is there's no answer to [TS]

  that it's I don't know whether this is [TS]

  Bellamy doing this it's written this way [TS]

  or it's staged by hawks but the answer [TS]

  is just ralph bellamy you lifting his [TS]

  foot and kind of looking down as his [TS]

  answer to that which is spectacular and [TS]

  uh and then Kari grant williams it's [TS]

  good that you're always prepared and [TS]

  instigate it works as it works as a joke [TS]

  at the at the level that the sensors [TS]

  obviously thought it was that use this [TS]

  dull guy who wears overshoes all the [TS]

  time whenever he thinks it's raining but [TS]

  then it also works as a snide comment by [TS]

  walter to the sky that he'll be [TS]

  obviously knows about but that but that [TS]

  Bruce doesn't it's it's a it's a great [TS]

  scene and it works it [TS]

  the jokes are stacked on top of one [TS]

  another in that scene i love them [TS]

  that's Walter at full power a moment ago [TS]

  he was depressed he's okay well I guess [TS]

  you're going to leave but then as soon [TS]

  as hilde says go roust right outside [TS]

  Walter snaps right back into oh he's [TS]

  right outside is a well let's get this [TS]

  going [TS]

  I assume that depression was an act to [TS]

  not sure was [TS]

  now they are there are some moments you [TS]

  get a glimpse of the real walter birds [TS]

  for a for a brief moment it's nice to be [TS]

  able to snap so quickly back and forth [TS]

  between the two is because he's a [TS]

  sociopath that's exactly why we can [TS]

  assume that he's being truthful when [TS]

  he's acting like this down and depressed [TS]

  and I was and what I will say this i [TS]

  have a long list of notes from this [TS]

  movie it's all just jokes i like and [TS]

  it's like two-thirds of the movie he may [TS]

  be awful but he comes by it naturally [TS]

  his grandfather was a snake I still [TS]

  claim I was tight when I proposed to you [TS]

  i would like to submit the entire script [TS]

  yeah so I naturally assumed that rubbers [TS]

  thing was a condom joke but then I [TS]

  figured that they probably are doing a [TS]

  condom joke there that's probably on the [TS]

  level nobody kno know when I'm not about [TS]

  watching ID each time is that I always [TS]

  pick up more of the dialogue that's just [TS]

  thrown in there is is as background [TS]

  noise because it is this moment where [TS]

  he'll be is walking through the newsroom [TS]

  after being away in in Bermuda and some [TS]

  and one of the other Reporter says [TS]

  you're my cat just a friends again and [TS]

  Hilda says without breaking stride well [TS]

  it's your own fault road it's all her [TS]

  fault [TS]

  yes yes yeah yeah yeah that's the thing [TS]

  i love about a lot of hawks films is the [TS]

  crosstalk I mean people talk about that [TS]

  with like Robert Altman but I mean this [TS]

  is where you see it really starting and [TS]

  they're just wonderful throw away things [TS]

  just passed back and forth in the [TS]

  background and underneath each other my [TS]

  first note is what are these actors [TS]

  being paid by the word slow down [TS]

  yes they are because it's it's it's [TS]

  almost too rapid fire i feel like you [TS]

  know that the crosstalk is great but i [TS]

  feel like i don't know i don't really [TS]

  like having to go back every 20 minutes [TS]

  or every 20 seconds to check and see [TS]

  what was said in the maybe it's just the [TS]

  completest in me but the nice thing [TS]

  about it is that the important details [TS]

  filter out the things you need to hear [TS]

  you will hear there's other stuff there [TS]

  24 when you watch it i mean they had [TS]

  they had they didn't have any way of [TS]

  doing this very technically so they [TS]

  actually had sound guys turning the [TS]

  microphones up and down all over the [TS]

  stage in every scene so that like we'd [TS]

  make [TS]

  sure you'll hear this mean you won't [TS]

  hear them talking in the background but [TS]

  you'll see them talking you wonder what [TS]

  they're saying because it's probably [TS]

  just as funny and I think part of the [TS]

  reason that crosstalk works in this [TS]

  movie is because of its almost the exact [TS]

  opposite of what television became in [TS]

  the fifties and sixties television was a [TS]

  completely disposable medium people were [TS]

  expected to watch something once and [TS]

  then they literally threw it away or [TS]

  taped over it [TS]

  whereas with movies where people were [TS]

  often expected to go to the movies again [TS]

  and again and and maybe see the same [TS]

  picture again and again because if you [TS]

  live in a small town in the Midwest you [TS]

  have one movie theater it's showing 1 [TS]

  movie for a week or two or more and [TS]

  people would go again and again [TS]

  so Howard Hawks movie like this where [TS]

  there's so many layers of dialogue [TS]

  actually you know brought in extra [TS]

  repeat viewing because people would want [TS]

  to go back and catch the things that [TS]

  they missed the first or second or third [TS]

  or fourth time [TS]

  that's right yeah I do think you have to [TS]

  you have to watch this movie you have to [TS]

  let it flow over you and then don't keep [TS]

  going back to me anyway the right way to [TS]

  watch this is is to just let it all [TS]

  because that's where all the time comes [TS]

  from that's that's what you get swept [TS]

  along with it just like just like the [TS]

  characters in the movie are and you know [TS]

  you pick up the other things you know [TS]

  the fifth or sixth time you launch it [TS]

  why did eventually resist the urge and [TS]

  stop doing that which i wish i was doing [TS]

  for maybe the first 10 minutes or so but [TS]

  I was worried the whole time that I was [TS]

  I was missing key elements as as that [TS]

  was going on and kind of a kind of [TS]

  nibbled at me the whole time I was [TS]

  watching the movie but i did eventually [TS]

  get over it its way my wife can't stand [TS]

  watching mystery science theater because [TS]

  she actually wants to pay attention to [TS]

  the story and like no that's not [TS]

  oh no oh no that's rookie mistake [TS]

  there's another Howard Hawks will be [TS]

  called ceiling 0 from four years earlier [TS]

  in 1936 it stars James Cagney and when [TS]

  you let kagney loose on this he is going [TS]

  so much faster than the people in this [TS]

  movie there's less crosstalk but i can't [TS]

  follow that movie at all [TS]

  no he hits a mile a minute it's like the [TS]

  Federal Express ads from the eighties [TS]

  like that guy's got anything [TS]

  ultimately that's why it's good that [TS]

  there's not a whole heck of a lot of [TS]

  plot here because eventually i settle [TS]

  down and realized well I'm not missing [TS]

  anything because [TS]

  there's not really anything going on [TS]

  here except people walking back and [TS]

  forth taking shots at each other so yeah [TS]

  it's all good [TS]

  yeah i mean it has the barest bones of [TS]

  the original plays plot which is it's [TS]

  it's a little more pointed a little more [TS]

  satirical because it's it's not about [TS]

  just the Red Menace it's about the the [TS]

  guy who shot a black policeman and the [TS]

  mayor and the sheriff want to make sure [TS]

  he hangs so that they can get the the [TS]

  all the black votes in town because [TS]

  that'll put them over the top and that's [TS]

  just gone and most of the movie versions [TS]

  it's mentioned in passing here but yeah [TS]

  yeah yeah it really focus on which is [TS]

  probably good because then he'll he [TS]

  comes in and and plants that idea in his [TS]

  head to get them saved one of the [TS]

  uncomfortable parts of the movie [TS]

  actually [TS]

  alright so let's fill let's move ahead [TS]

  11 years [TS]

  yes why would Benny from another world [TS]

  so I'm that this movie is and I'm gonna [TS]

  mispronounce his name but he's no longer [TS]

  with us so he's not gonna frightening [TS]

  greenmail Christian and 99 maybe 90 [TS]

  Christian I be directed this will be [TS]

  like tobe hooper directed poltergeist [TS]

  yeah well yeah so that there you go [TS]

  anyhow he was a very accomplished editor [TS]

  and he did become a very accomplished TV [TS]

  director christian 90 um I think this [TS]

  was his first feature and yes it was for [TS]

  on Howard Hawks is very own production [TS]

  company are many people believe that [TS]

  Howard Hawks didn't several of the [TS]

  actors who appear in the movie have so [TS]

  much as said yes our talks direct this [TS]

  movie [TS]

  there are three competing theories here [TS]

  on either that I know Christian maybe [TS]

  did directed and howard hawks was just a [TS]

  very hands-on producer and how could [TS]

  work with how can you work with Howard [TS]

  Hawks all those years and not learn a [TS]

  trick or two from our talks [TS]

  theory number two is Howard Hawks [TS]

  totally direct the whole thing was kind [TS]

  of embarrassed to be directing sci-fi [TS]

  which at the time was not very very [TS]

  well-regarded genre and [TS]

  and they put your name on this movie [TS]

  friend and and it also i think god [TS]

  Christian IV into the directory skilled [TS]

  by being on this movie so that's theory [TS]

  number two and three number three is [TS]

  that first-time director kinda and over [TS]

  his head Howard Hawks stepped in and [TS]

  sort of landed the plane as it were so [TS]

  but clearly if he didn't direct the [TS]

  movie howard hawks his influence is felt [TS]

  from being the overlapping dialogue from [TS]

  the pacing and plot to the fact that [TS]

  just the way the characters interact is [TS]

  just it's basically his gal Friday in [TS]

  and in in the Arctic the poker scene [TS]

  sounds just like the poker scene in his [TS]

  girl Friday right you know he didn't he [TS]

  learn that's kind of sort of at the feet [TS]

  of howard hawks i meanwhat yeah yeah it [TS]

  was a longtime collaborator enough you [TS]

  know he worshipped talks and it was like [TS]

  that was his idol as a director so of [TS]

  course he's gonna have learned some [TS]

  tricks and trade and I think they were [TS]

  contemporary interviews as well where he [TS]

  said effectively that you know sure i'm [TS]

  gonna take advice from the mastery and [TS]

  oh yeah it's like I said if he's on the [TS]

  set [TS]

  ask him a question whoever directed the [TS]

  movie it's a very enjoyable movie i [TS]

  think as you may well know Jason I'm not [TS]

  a big fan of silly sci-fi for the kids [TS]

  yes i am more of that before or horror [TS]

  and this is a this is a horror genre as [TS]

  well the story the story here is that is [TS]

  that the john w cables a short story [TS]

  who goes there was adapted into this it [TS]

  was later adapted into the thing by John [TS]

  Carpenter and the remake of that that [TS]

  was recently released its adapted here [TS]

  with much more Liberty taken to the [TS]

  story the the story that you may know [TS]

  from the carpenter where it's a [TS]

  shape-changing alien that they don't [TS]

  know who is the alien is actually much [TS]

  more of what was in the original 1938 [TS]

  story by john campbell then this where [TS]

  it's been simplified to where he's [TS]

  basically a a Frankenstein yeah a [TS]

  radioactive carrot yeah radioactive yeah [TS]

  but edible Frankenstein yaks if you look [TS]

  at him and he's a Frankenstein that's [TS]

  what he always a Frankenstein he's just [TS]

  a big monster that goes around [TS]

  and that and that's it for radioactive [TS]

  carrot he looks very humanoid he does [TS]

  the one time he moves at all quickly it [TS]

  well two times one time when he jumped [TS]

  out a window and the other time when [TS]

  somebody throws a crowbar and many as [TS]

  two hop sideways [TS]

  yes because that's how together with our [TS]

  I platform yeah yeah he's taken on the [TS]

  crowbar unsung hero and I and i will say [TS]

  i haven't seen that John Carpenter movie [TS]

  i do that this is one of the rare movies [TS]

  were the remake works for me just as [TS]

  well as the original or I i find both [TS]

  movies enjoyable in their own right [TS]

  yeah this one this one is I prefer this [TS]

  one because this is more my style but [TS]

  yeah you like I do like the John carpet [TS]

  it's very much like his girl Friday [TS]

  you're right in a lot of ways because [TS]

  you got the dialogue you gotta do you [TS]

  have a news man here who's doing is that [TS]

  it's amazing the access that the press [TS]

  has to the city is about friday in that [TS]

  is ninety-nine percent yappin [TS]

  yeah yeah there's a newsman goes [TS]

  everywhere which is kind of what i don't [TS]

  understand that because we've been added [TS]

  jason he's into that is going anywhere [TS]

  they take a lot of guff from him too [TS]

  he's there to be sarcastic because the [TS]

  military guys can't they're too [TS]

  regimented and the scientists are above [TS]

  it because they're to be the sarcastic [TS]

  voice of reason and irritation he's [TS]

  there to show that there's somebody in [TS]

  the world that doesn't have a square [TS]

  draw in the climactic scene though they [TS]

  do give him a cleaver to go against the [TS]

  the monster one with everybody else with [TS]

  axes which is a funny chopped vegetables [TS]

  with Jason that's right now yes that's [TS]

  right [TS]

  not really a clear how to sleep or no I [TS]

  would use a larger not but anyway so I [TS]

  should probably read recount the plot [TS]

  just a little bit so there's a lot of [TS]

  you havin such a thing like that one [TS]

  world there's a crowbar there's a plane [TS]

  the lands on skis that's really cool [TS]

  yeah that is but it's not let those [TS]

  things with 6 lights in the cockpit like [TS]

  that sled dogs who aren't bothered by [TS]

  explosions [TS]

  yep there's a mad scientist at the North [TS]

  Pole who is studying something perhaps [TS]

  vegetables than unusual uh an unusual [TS]

  aircraft decided and they go they are [TS]

  friends who are in the Army it in [TS]

  Anchorage are flown up to the the mad [TS]

  scientist location and they [TS]

  go and try to find where the crash site [TS]

  is and there's the sight of what might [TS]

  be a meteor or something like that it's [TS]

  melted and refrozen the ice and checks [TS]

  out so far [TS]

  yeah very exciting scene i was really [TS]

  impressed by some of the snow shots in [TS]

  this movie we actually see a plane land [TS]

  on the snow and they get out and that [TS]

  they go to the over to the melted area [TS]

  and there's a kind of an eerie scene [TS]

  where they all are supposed to they see [TS]

  that there's a craft down in the ice and [TS]

  they and they all kind of the trace it [TS]

  out to see what what size and shape it [TS]

  is and it's perfectly round like it's a [TS]

  flying saucer which actually really like [TS]

  that scene i love that you too but but [TS]

  that scene is the where I took the the [TS]

  single note that i took on this film I [TS]

  had never seen it before so i decided i [TS]

  was going to sit back and actually watch [TS]

  it and enjoy the film and not take notes [TS]

  on it but the one thing i had to write [TS]

  down was like I grew up in wisconsin i [TS]

  live in canada you cannot see through [TS]

  ice like that you can't see details well [TS]

  the idea what they said was that it [TS]

  melted and refroze and that's why it was [TS]

  clear is that it would be skew it was [TS]

  like flash my come on here and we're [TS]

  being in winning over the time they were [TS]

  walking around they were scuffing it up [TS]

  it there's no it's very size they could [TS]

  it was based off it helps it was filmed [TS]

  in the San Fernando Valley apparently [TS]

  was 90 degree yes [TS]

  so here is the thing what then happens [TS]

  that is that shows you that the army [TS]

  doesn't know what it's doing [TS]

  they want to figure out how to get the [TS]

  ale crashed alien spaceship out of the [TS]

  ice so what do they do they stick [TS]

  thermite on it and blow it up [TS]

  standard operating procedure no [TS]

  absolution [TS]

  this is America when do well it's the [TS]

  North Pole but anyway uh but but but [TS]

  they do find that there's a body in the [TS]

  ice at which point one of the army guys [TS]

  suggest that they also blow it up but [TS]

  instead they use access to chop it out [TS]

  in put it on a dog sled and take it back [TS]

  to the base isn't it the newsman who has [TS]

  just gotten through berating them [TS]

  horribly for holy actor spaceship which [TS]

  says you should use some thermite [TS]

  business yeah yeah he wanted more i'm [TS]

  taking notes and less time complaining [TS]

  about how they do things hell up there [TS]

  to open his head man [TS]

  well he's a professional newsman he [TS]

  picks up a natural accent pitches in tho [TS]

  give him credit [TS]

  well cleaver cleaver yeah so anyway they [TS]

  take it back to the base where a dummy [TS]

  puts an electric blanket on it [TS]

  no I want it done because go ahead go [TS]

  ahead let me money at a point of order [TS]

  yeah-huh that the electric blanket is [TS]

  originally there because the one they [TS]

  broke a window in this small house that [TS]

  they're storing them in so that the guy [TS]

  doesn't melt and yes and so that they [TS]

  can prove preserve the ice block and the [TS]

  elected MP 2478 likewise quivering [TS]

  lieutenant McPherson yeah Wally while he [TS]

  sits there complaining having kittens i [TS]

  believe is the freezers you but instead [TS]

  of the dummy was gonna let your inner [TS]

  comes in and go to my placement throws [TS]

  it over there [TS]

  yeah it's stupid corporal Barnes puts [TS]

  the blanket he thinks it's just a [TS]

  blanket in his defense and he does not [TS]

  know it's an electric blanket another [TS]

  beautiful shot i love he puts the [TS]

  blanket on it and just in case you [TS]

  haven't determined that it's the blanket [TS]

  it's very trouble with your camera [TS]

  reason that it's not record all the way [TS]

  and does the dissolved shot the dripping [TS]

  yeah and so that you in the audience [TS]

  will go oh no I am shocked that there [TS]

  were little buzzing buzzing our bolts by [TS]

  the but at the at the socket showing us [TS]

  that it was charged this is happening is [TS]

  really nice i neglected to mention that [TS]

  there's also a captain in the Army who [TS]

  comes in his girlfriend I guess is the [TS]

  assistant to the mad scientist at the [TS]

  polls we not only have a history [TS]

  yeah they had they had one wild night [TS]

  together they did one wild night in [TS]

  Anchorage or where he began to resemble [TS]

  something of an octopus but others five [TS]

  minutes of kinky rope play in the middle [TS]

  of this film which we don't see how that [TS]

  evening began but he's tied to a chair [TS]

  and she's pouring liquor to it [TS]

  yeah yeah again you guys in this is [TS]

  sending an awful lot like complaints and [TS]

  I don't see I'm Kryon complaining this [TS]

  is probably my only complaint is that we [TS]

  don't see how she got him to do that [TS]

  considering that he's why do I did offer [TS]

  to bring a rope to offer dead [TS]

  yes do that money i believe it went [TS]

  something like this how about I tell you [TS]

  up and give you licker okay [TS]

  no don't throw me in that briar patch [TS]

  the safety word is the [TS]

  thing is attacking anyway the thing that [TS]

  the alien melts and he attacks people [TS]

  and he's like a big vegetable and he [TS]

  goes outside and we learned from the [TS]

  various science stuff is that he is not [TS]

  he's made out of plant matter in that he [TS]

  can read he can reproduce uh with just [TS]

  with human blood [TS]

  let's let me talk about the science for [TS]

  a minute because we recently watched it [TS]

  for rocket surgery a movie called gog [TS]

  and many things in this movie reminded [TS]

  me of Gog and that there are detailed [TS]

  things about how science works the first [TS]

  off are ridiculous in most cases and [TS]

  second our way to details for it to be [TS]

  necessary very much like dogs so we [TS]

  learn about how their cameras work and [TS]

  how they figure distance through a [TS]

  through some explanations of exciting [TS]

  science in the sound effect last science [TS]

  lab of dr. Karrington at least the [TS]

  character he was explaining that to was [TS]

  like I didn't get anything that you just [TS]

  said I was like all right [TS]

  me either yeah he totally ignores it but [TS]

  we all have to learn in any way I have [TS]

  to step in here the most important thing [TS]

  about that explanation is that it comes [TS]

  from George Fenneman yes [TS]

  Groucho sidekick on you better life like [TS]

  that scene because it reminded me of old [TS]

  science fiction where they like we just [TS]

  invented radar it's amazing [TS]

  we're gonna have to explain radar for 10 [TS]

  minutes yes and then people will be [TS]

  amazed well it's just like in God did [TS]

  there's definitely some science and we [TS]

  want to show it to you and explain how [TS]

  the science works this is a seedpod it [TS]

  works kind of like a seed pod let me [TS]

  tell you about how plants work now the [TS]

  alien works like that with blood uses [TS]

  human blood grow [TS]

  here's how we navigate without a compass [TS]

  ok here's the explanation for how that [TS]

  crash site is in a bottle shape [TS]

  here's how you properly placed thermite [TS]

  Bob's know but it's it's a science [TS]

  procedural that's fun they were having [TS]

  in the science in the science fiction of [TS]

  the day it is true i will say it is a [TS]

  dramatic contrast to God that a [TS]

  misplaced tool actually saves the day [TS]

  instead of getting a guy killed [TS]

  so that's a yes yeah I cannot believe [TS]

  you're comparing the thing to god no [TS]

  robots in this no robots [TS]

  I think my biggest problem with the [TS]

  science was simply the the scientist was [TS]

  did deducing all of these things about [TS]

  the motivation of the creature and state [TS]

  it so matter-of-factly immediately I [TS]

  didn't know evidence for it whatsoever [TS]

  the one that i wrote down what I doubt [TS]

  that even can die and I'm like you just [TS]

  saw how we have you decided that he says [TS]

  it's vegetable life it developed without [TS]

  emotions or sexual factors I'm like I [TS]

  when did you figure that one out genius [TS]

  same time he figured out how that's [TS]

  wiser than all of us if anything that [TS]

  entirely on the fact that it uses only [TS]

  as food you know like those Paragons of [TS]

  intellect bears and wolves [TS]

  yeah it's a he's a he's a mad scientist [TS]

  quality photos and hang from The [TS]

  Simpsons did anything anyone who [TS]

  invented a way to travel across galaxies [TS]

  step forward right now so i give it to [TS]

  plant died [TS]

  yeah he's inventing the ship all the guy [TS]

  with the flammable ship was he playing [TS]

  guy is just very tired it's okay [TS]

  intelligence yes wisdom [TS]

  no those are two very different things [TS]

  and being a scientist you think he would [TS]

  be smart enough to know that hood it [TS]

  doesn't get don't like it here we blow [TS]

  up anything we see well there are no [TS]

  real particular signs of intelligence [TS]

  here either [TS]

  he could also have been a prisoner from [TS]

  the last place that the spaceship [TS]

  stopped so you know I don't know you [TS]

  don't know but this guy knows with mad [TS]

  scientist knows and of course you that [TS]

  he loves it and worships it and gets [TS]

  them into trouble and have to knock him [TS]

  out because he's gonna let it in and [TS]

  feed it flooded I do i do there's an [TS]

  amusing set of scenes where Anchorage [TS]

  finally gets through to them and says [TS]

  keep it alive if you can try to you guys [TS]

  stay alive but keep it alive and every [TS]

  time one of those orders comes in the [TS]

  mad scientist is there to go haha take [TS]

  told you the army knows what it's doing [TS]

  listen to them i love the mad scientist [TS]

  because first off they could not make [TS]

  him look more Russian if they have [TS]

  checked if they actually have to go you [TS]

  know justjust stolen once said to me and [TS]

  her and her doc out one day mom but I i [TS]

  just i really enjoy the fact that in [TS]

  this movie the scientists are the [TS]

  batteries and it's the it's the stupid [TS]

  army men that are the the good guys [TS]

  because because that is such a contrast [TS]

  to the to the syfy narrative that that I [TS]

  grew up with ya right but they think [TS]

  basically they just make it it's not [TS]

  that he's a mad scientist he's just [TS]

  really tired and at the very end there's [TS]

  even a kind of a show of camaraderie [TS]

  with the newsman instead of saying yeah [TS]

  he got two injured trying to kill us all [TS]

  he says he got injured in that dramatic [TS]

  fight against the thing mom had the [TS]

  courage of his convictions at least he [TS]

  wasn't hiding [TS]

  he went up to that thing tried reasoning [TS]

  with its John always is [TS]

  try reasoning with it that's the shot so [TS]

  what we're seeing is he's the true [TS]

  heroes picture i'm not i don't care that [TS]

  much about the plot to be out with you [TS]

  guys I just like the snappy better that [TS]

  everybody's doing all of the time no [TS]

  matter what happens [TS]

  oh yeah they're about to die and they [TS]

  are they're cracking wise i actually [TS]

  enjoy the plot I'm I'm you know being an [TS]

  old-school doctor who fan i'm kind of a [TS]

  sucker for a base under siege story and [TS]

  this is [TS]

  oh yeah the classic president feels [TS]

  thunderstorm yeah Erica you really need [TS]

  to watch my dream Aug carpenter remake i [TS]

  do it is it is on my list is one of [TS]

  those things I've been meaning to see [TS]

  forever and ever it just haven't gotten [TS]

  around to it and now having seen this [TS]

  you know my my curiosity is is even more [TS]

  peaked in before so i will i will watch [TS]

  that it's a lot better for reading the [TS]

  original story first and then watch the [TS]

  carpenter and see how they compare it is [TS]

  kind of interesting i'll probably do [TS]

  that in the other order but i will do it [TS]

  you don't need the recent one [TS]

  it's just a work i'm not interested in a [TS]

  recent one now i will say this though [TS]

  this movie has one of the two most [TS]

  terrifying fire scenes I've ever seen [TS]

  right now we're clearly they decided the [TS]

  way we're going to shoot this is just [TS]

  set everything in the room bout fire and [TS]

  hope the actors somehow survived [TS]

  yeah yet that scene i think is is [TS]

  probably as good a chaotic action scene [TS]

  as I have ever seen an old movie and it [TS]

  beats a lot of recent action scenes I've [TS]

  seen because the thing comes in the door [TS]

  they douse it in kerosene the lights go [TS]

  out and all the sudden just every damn [TS]

  thing and equipment is on fire area just [TS]

  craziness go and then enjoy the [TS]

  precision work your choreograph it [TS]

  without getting somebody killed because [TS]

  there's people running to throw fire [TS]

  with his R&B it is mothers are throwing [TS]

  actual buckets of kerosene and my feet [TS]

  and in supposedly according to IMDb [TS]

  trivia so who knows that that scene is [TS]

  believed to be the first full body burn [TS]

  accomplished by [TS]

  stuntman and that wasn't actually James [TS]

  Arness in the soon I'll time it was a [TS]

  stuntman so of the 30 seconds he's [TS]

  on-screen fully twenty of them a [TS]

  smothered I mean there are a lot of [TS]

  people running around in that flaming [TS]

  room and the fact that somebody isn't [TS]

  horribly injured is kind of amazing a [TS]

  second ago they were all worried about [TS]

  safety [TS]

  hey put out that cigarette good idea [TS]

  yeah i mean it is under bedlam and then [TS]

  they finally knocked the creature out [TS]

  the window and the whole thing is over [TS]

  in like 20 seconds but it's it's so well [TS]

  done [TS]

  it's probably the best scene yes so they [TS]

  may be basically determined that the way [TS]

  to kill the monster is with heat or fire [TS]

  okay because that's what you do two [TS]

  potatoes yeah vegetable just Rose Nylund [TS]

  and of course it's the woman who comes [TS]

  up with that which leads us to our denim [TS]

  wall which is the they they rigged the [TS]

  place for electricity to create an arc [TS]

  of lights to to destroy the thing i like [TS]

  that see Tyreke quite like them all [TS]

  working together you know they had [TS]

  people stationed in different places [TS]

  they're talking to each other via the [TS]

  radio they're using their using science [TS]

  that they're not explaining to us quite [TS]

  as much as some of the other science [TS]

  which is nice that was probably yeah [TS]

  together and as they're preparing it [TS]

  that people are actually on the same [TS]

  wavelength so a couple them like oh you [TS]

  know we go [TS]

  yes I'll get right I liked that team [TS]

  teamwork thing there was really good it [TS]

  has the best line of quickly dialogue in [TS]

  the face of death I just had a thought [TS]

  Oh lieutenant McPherson had a thought [TS]

  know what if this thing can read minds [TS]

  he's gonna he's gonna be really angry [TS]

  when he gets to me know i really get [TS]

  that like all of the banter in the halls [TS]

  is there sort of waiting for ya [TS]

  because it even feels like the realistic [TS]

  chatter of guys who are on the verge of [TS]

  of crapping their pants [TS]

  yes it's just that is that is the best [TS]

  thing in this movie is that though that [TS]

  hallway and up the the guys at the at [TS]

  the ends were radioing in and they set [TS]

  it all up and then they're talking all [TS]

  that that is so good you know yeah when [TS]

  the thing finally comes in i'm like oh I [TS]

  kinda like the tension of when they were [TS]

  waiting for him but now here he is so I [TS]

  guess we gotta do the Frankenstein part [TS]

  but it's it's it's a really great moment [TS]

  you you've spent the whole movie with [TS]

  these characters and there's been a lot [TS]

  of dialogue and you've got to get to [TS]

  know them and and now they're under [TS]

  pressure in [TS]

  base under siege and I it's it's it's a [TS]

  great crucible for that all that [TS]

  dialogue is in there and and they are at [TS]

  the end of their lives potentially and [TS]

  and they may even if they set this thing [TS]

  on our electrocuted or whatever it's [TS]

  like there's also the the freezing cold [TS]

  outside like they read the heating is [TS]

  out so they're forced to act because the [TS]

  oil heating oil has been cut off so that [TS]

  you know they may not survive even if [TS]

  they can kill this thing it [TS]

  they can kill this thing it [TS]

  the big question mark I all of that is [TS]

  just great it really does culminate in [TS]

  that in that moment at the end that's [TS]

  that the devil that hallway just so good [TS]

  to stay in the staging in that hallway I [TS]

  think also works just from asset [TS]

  perspective because it feels [TS]

  claustrophobic this is their last stand [TS]

  there really trapped here you've got a [TS]

  few characters in this tiny little [TS]

  electrical and the rest of the [TS]

  characters in a claustrophobic hallway [TS]

  and not only that you can see their [TS]

  breath like this [TS]

  the heat has gone out and you know that [TS]

  things are in trouble because because [TS]

  the actors get there really cold and as [TS]

  a doctor who fan you're a connoisseur of [TS]

  people that always that's one of my [TS]

  favorite moments in the film is where [TS]

  she's the one who keeps going you know [TS]

  look look yeah they're like what you [TS]

  notice your breath [TS]

  yeah well I'm sorry I'm just had been [TS]

  nervous no no okay your breath [TS]

  yes yeah where they discovered that the [TS]

  he has been that the heat has been shut [TS]

  off the the their breath starts [TS]

  appearing and slowly one by one all the [TS]

  actors realize oh no that's not good [TS]

  no just gonna count down as it gets [TS]

  colder and colder in there and it's 60 [TS]

  below outside and they have to act which [TS]

  is why they have that they have the idea [TS]

  about the electricity and then they put [TS]

  in motion and I think that's interesting [TS]

  that they know the monsters out there [TS]

  but this is a thing where they have to [TS]

  get they have to do this now they can't [TS]

  wait it out [TS]

  they can't wait for the people to be [TS]

  rescued by somebody they have to act now [TS]

  or they're all going to go because [TS]

  otherwise they're gonna go out there and [TS]

  try to unclog the thing and they're [TS]

  gonna get killed one by one by the [TS]

  monster they don't screw this one up [TS]

  they already pulled one boner out there [TS]

  on the ice Jason ya laters [TS]

  Oh as soon as I heard that line I mean [TS]

  I've seen this film countless times but [TS]

  I drew the line this time i read that [TS]

  Steve's favorite line but yeah it's got [TS]

  for asterisk in my notes i I just I i [TS]

  love all the dialogue i love the [TS]

  crosstalk and i love the fact that [TS]

  they're they're allowed to be competent [TS]

  people who are comfortable with each [TS]

  other they're kind of teasing each other [TS]

  they're not you know it's not there's [TS]

  not a lot of antagonism there i mean [TS]

  there's tension but you know they all [TS]

  know that there's this mystery [TS]

  they all know that something is going to [TS]

  happen and then later on you know it so [TS]

  well now we've got to save ourselves and [TS]

  you know but there but it's it's [TS]

  just it's an interesting dynamic that I [TS]

  don't think we saw in that kind of story [TS]

  up till then and we can scoff about the [TS]

  science of it but III the movie does [TS]

  something I think that's clever for a UH [TS]

  certainly a horror movie of that era and [TS]

  I think that influenced future horror [TS]

  movies and and that is it used village [TS]

  it is where the guy says this Geiger [TS]

  counters going crazy and all of the [TS]

  scientists run right up to where it's [TS]

  going crazy [TS]

  absolutely no Steve actual dollars [TS]

  I i like the fact that this is a movie [TS]

  that that realizes you show the monster [TS]

  bit by bit and I don't get something [TS]

  that steven spielberg used effectively [TS]

  in Jaws and oftentimes you use it [TS]

  effectively because if you show the [TS]

  monster all at once people will go [TS]

  that's a really stupid looking monster [TS]

  and that the mid like in Jaws the reason [TS]

  that they only showed the shark bit by [TS]

  bit is that the shark they were gonna [TS]

  use kept breaking so they can only show [TS]

  bits and bobs of it and and here you [TS]

  know you you show an arm of the monster [TS]

  and the brief glimpse of the monster and [TS]

  and you save it for the end so that the [TS]

  the reveal actually is is a little bit [TS]

  spooky and extremely disappointing [TS]

  because it turns out it's just a guy [TS]

  yeah it's just games and yes it's just [TS]

  too good you got that you got the wrong [TS]

  because he's really tall for actors in [TS]

  1951 yeah it is a letdown when you see [TS]

  him because he is just kind of a friend [TS]

  like I said he's just a Frankenstein I [TS]

  and he's gonna get kind of does his [TS]

  thing and an electric human that's [TS]

  grandma one actor who has no lines in [TS]

  this movie goes on probably half the [TS]

  greatest career anyone involved in the [TS]

  thing he reportedly was not was rather [TS]

  embarrassed by the fact that he did this [TS]

  movie I'm didn't like the costume he [TS]

  thought it made him look like a giant [TS]

  carrot and yeah with they that's that I [TS]

  was breeding that he didn't even attend [TS]

  the premiere because he was so unhappy [TS]

  about it i don't know if that's true or [TS]

  not it was almost like in this movie [TS]

  they're going out of their way to not [TS]

  make it too scary though I mean there's [TS]

  their tents bits i liked the bit where [TS]

  the there [TS]

  the guy comes into the captain and is [TS]

  talking about how the lieutenant [TS]

  guarding the creature is starting to [TS]

  freak out because you can see its eyes [TS]

  which i think is more effective that [TS]

  actually seeing the guys start to freak [TS]

  out because you can see [TS]

  its eyes and the bit-by-bit reveal the [TS]

  monster is pretty good but I mean [TS]

  there's way too many people here for [TS]

  this to be frightening and it's just [TS]

  tons and tons of people they're very [TS]

  rarely cut off from the rest of the [TS]

  group you know the banter in the halls [TS]

  is nice that's nice and tense but it [TS]

  having the creature lumber towards them [TS]

  slowly at the end you know that seems [TS]

  like a waste of a good opportunity [TS]

  yeah so it works i think it works pretty [TS]

  well as a sci-fi movie it works well as [TS]

  I wouldn't say a comedy but the banter [TS]

  is certainly funny at places as a horror [TS]

  movie i think it falls down but it's [TS]

  definitely an interesting you it's it's [TS]

  a character that feels more like a [TS]

  thriller in that way than a horror movie [TS]

  right because really it the tension in [TS]

  that hallway is way more interesting [TS]

  than the actual kind of action parts [TS]

  about it's the it's the tension the [TS]

  tension build i think the build-up yeah [TS]

  yeah [TS]

  although I like the hallway scene and I [TS]

  do like how it's built up the the reveal [TS]

  of james arness at the end of the hall [TS]

  is always all its lit well you know what [TS]

  happened suddenly [TS]

  you know we see him finally he's backlit [TS]

  he's big he's scary but he opens the [TS]

  door quickly because they have the props [TS]

  set up like a chair under under a door [TS]

  knob but with the door opening the other [TS]

  way haha you know they got the props at [TS]

  it and what's what bothers me about that [TS]

  is that I'm sure that by 1951 that had [TS]

  already been used as a joke anything a [TS]

  lot of movies where you know somebody [TS]

  put a chair under the doorknob and then [TS]

  and then the person just opens the door [TS]

  from the outside its wings to the [TS]

  outside instead of the inside and they [TS]

  walk right in [TS]

  that's that's how the monster gets in is [TS]

  he just opens the door now I realize [TS]

  they have to do that because you want to [TS]

  see him all at once and that's the only [TS]

  way to see him all at once i guess and [TS]

  have the back but it whenever I've seen [TS]

  this I I just [TS]

  oh yeah that's right that happens oh [TS]

  well okay fine [TS]

  yeah the scene with the with this light [TS]

  suddenly go off i think is nice i think [TS]

  it's resolved way to quickly and easily [TS]

  it it provides a brief amount of tension [TS]

  but it's it's all afforded by the fact [TS]

  that the creature is moving at a snail's [TS]

  pace so it only just serves to highlight [TS]

  how really not in jeopardy they are [TS]

  anytime soon [TS]

  the thing is not in a hurry to get down [TS]

  the hall my sixteen-year-old son was [TS]

  watching this with me in that scene [TS]

  bother him the most [TS]

  oh and it's because I'll what lk [TS]

  connections got a gun and he's cut the [TS]

  lights in there and so okay our army [TS]

  guys Army Air Force guys walk back into [TS]

  see what's going on and they ok they see [TS]

  Carrington Carrington's got a gun and [TS]

  then the giant scientist dr. Chapman [TS]

  who's standing next to Carrington and [TS]

  for some reason he just he just takes [TS]

  the gun away from him [TS]

  I mean there's the you know why didn't [TS]

  he do that before and you have to wait [TS]

  for the Air Force guys to come back in [TS]

  so that we can see all the cameras out [TS]

  there with the Air Force guys so you [TS]

  know the camera has to follow the Air [TS]

  Force guys in and that's when he gets a [TS]

  little what he just suddenly got the [TS]

  idea I i should take the gun away now [TS]

  that the airport they distracted him [TS]

  coming into the room so that he was able [TS]

  to take the gun [TS]

  I that's how that's what I told my son [TS]

  the truth but Carrington was somehow [TS]

  able to shut off the generator without [TS]

  anybody being able to rest the gun from [TS]

  him during that yes that's yeah that's [TS]

  that there are some problems that i was [TS]

  translator [TS]

  yeah come on convention market sheridan [TS]

  well you cannot to place nicolas anelka [TS]

  when I um I didn't I I thought she did a [TS]

  bad job it sounds like she has a cold [TS]

  and she mumbles and I thought she wasn't [TS]

  very good [TS]

  no it is very cold there she was not in [TS]

  a few she does not have many credits [TS]

  your name so i think that's a it's a [TS]

  b-movie it is i just i don't like your [TS]

  letdown because I feel like like what [TS]

  was his name was a kind of Toby the guy [TS]

  who plays the captain I thought he was I [TS]

  thought he was fine and then and [TS]

  especially coming off of watching his [TS]

  girl Friday right which I know it's a [TS]

  the order of magnitude in some ways but [TS]

  still I if he had been paired with [TS]

  somebody who could [TS]

  who could do it a little bit better but [TS]

  uh it but it martyred and I think you [TS]

  know I'm sure she tried her best but I [TS]

  thought it was a bad performance and [TS]

  it's too bad because that was what they [TS]

  were trying to do there is have that [TS]

  some of that back and forth right and [TS]

  she just was monthly and and and had a [TS]

  cold [TS]

  yeah the dynamic between them is all off [TS]

  there's that whole scene where it's not [TS]

  good that will scene where he's coming [TS]

  in and he's he's he's angry at her about [TS]

  leaving him lying drunk with some note [TS]

  attached to about a beautiful legs [TS]

  yeah and she's laughing in this weird [TS]

  way that doesn't seem at all like you [TS]

  know there was a funny joke it's like [TS]

  this just weird off-putting laughs and [TS]

  it doesn't work at all with his [TS]

  responses i mean it's it's not a good [TS]

  dynamic there [TS]

  she's not a good actress but her [TS]

  character is to me the reason why I see [TS]

  this as a holler talks movie because she [TS]

  is essentially a low-rent slim from to [TS]

  have and have-nots she is she's she's [TS]

  you know she's wearing the pants of [TS]

  course okay yeah fine she's in Alaska [TS]

  she's at the North Pole so she's going [TS]

  to be wearing pants instead of a skirt [TS]

  but if you if you think of her as being [TS]

  sort of model I don't remember what what [TS]

  the no let's get this would come second [TS]

  so she's modeled after the lauren bacall [TS]

  character in into haves and have-nots [TS]

  who was modeled after howard hawks his [TS]

  wife and that's that's what she is and [TS]

  that's why she's always you know [TS]

  inappropriately coming up with clips as [TS]

  the monster is on his way and is going [TS]

  to you know kill them all [TS]

  she's she's still making with the Yuk's [TS]

  in the hallway that character as bad as [TS]

  she portrays her is the reason makes it [TS]

  a Hawks movie to me I mean yes the [TS]

  overlapping dialogue has it but it makes [TS]

  it that way but she is really a Howard [TS]

  Hawks woman absolutely badly done [TS]

  perhaps cast for her looks rather than [TS]

  her talent she's very pretty yellow she [TS]

  she is lovely [TS]

  yeah and then then then yeah not that [TS]

  not that great but I I thought there's a [TS]

  fun movie I I thought [TS]

  I all overall I would say I I didn't [TS]

  think you know I wouldn't put in one as [TS]

  one of the greatest movies of all time [TS]

  or anything like that i think that it's [TS]

  it's it's interesting to see how dare [TS]

  you if we want to have the the idea that [TS]

  that what if they had really adapted [TS]

  which they would've been a very [TS]

  different movie adapted the story and [TS]

  had the it be the shape-shifting alien [TS]

  then they made that movie and that was [TS]

  John Carpenter's The Thing and that's a [TS]

  that's a classic of a different kind but [TS]

  uh it was uh yeah they're fun some funny [TS]

  moments but i like i like the moment out [TS]

  on the ice I like the stuff with the [TS]

  dogs barking which gets it you know [TS]

  comes back in the thing and and laugh at [TS]

  some of the army stuff but in the end [TS]

  the tension is great with the characters [TS]

  in the base under siege and that it can [TS]

  excuse the bat fact that it's kind of a [TS]

  dumb Frankenstein at the end [TS]

  pulsating baby plants are nice and [TS]

  creepy the Eskimos have a weakness for [TS]

  our strawberries [TS]

  yeah yeah why an alien would would feast [TS]

  on human blood is beyond me but they [TS]

  also we don't like all blind what is [TS]

  just like bloody just need Jason a high [TS]

  ideally and I like blood is just need [TS]

  blood [TS]

  yeah okay I I think we're overlooking [TS]

  one of the choices piece pieces of [TS]

  dialogue in the movie which is um Scotty [TS]

  the reporter whose favorite phrases holy [TS]

  cats and one point in the movie he said [TS]

  it's where all the cats and and dr dr [TS]

  karen goes yeah thatís I i watch that [TS]

  last night and I I'll after about 15 [TS]

  minutes like buses [TS]

  yes i think i have been using holy cats [TS]

  ever since i saw this 23 24 years only [TS]

  cats indeed my friend [TS]

  oh so the last thing we should talk [TS]

  about is the very end of the movie which [TS]

  this is this is where it comes from [TS]

  right yeah this is how it comes from [TS]

  this to everybody wherever they are [TS]

  watch the skies everywhere keep looking [TS]

  keep watching the skies they finally [TS]

  restablecer radio contact with Anchorage [TS]

  yes Scotty has a whole little speech [TS]

  prepared he's got the story written in [TS]

  this brain and yeah he does a great I [TS]

  only one of them for not taking notes [TS]

  the whole [TS]

  time but he's got it man yeah he really [TS]

  is a good first draft he does not need [TS]

  to rewrite and he could use an editor my [TS]

  father saw this in the theater when it [TS]

  originally came out and he said you know [TS]

  it was it was creepy when he was you [TS]

  know 11 or 12 years old watching in the [TS]

  darkened theater and and but it was that [TS]

  line that was just like the creepy thing [TS]

  that stuck with him for years after just [TS]

  be keep watching the sky keep watching [TS]

  it as well to live so in it were [TS]

  addition to being a good line [TS]

  well we should we should wrap it up [TS]

  we've been talking for a very long time [TS]

  about these two movies fill in a [TS]

  satisfied with a discussion of the [TS]

  others who i am i'm glad everyone [TS]

  enjoyed his girl Friday which is a Girl [TS]

  Friday yes yeah that productive whatever [TS]

  that was built on how Phil pronounces it [TS]

  now I saw his gal Friday I don't know [TS]

  what movie were enjoyed it with [TS]

  reservations Phil just want to get that [TS]

  out there are and you know the people or [TS]

  less into it the thing is is happy to me [TS]

  this is one of the rare old movie clubs [TS]

  where I'm not walking away wondering why [TS]

  I exist so right [TS]

  excellent so that's great success we've [TS]

  done well thanks to you and let me thank [TS]

  the members of our panel for for joining [TS]

  us [TS]

  Erica and sign thank you thank you for [TS]

  having me along you wage slaves [TS]

  dear lord thank you thank you and keep [TS]

  watching the old movies [TS]

  these movies are old r day dr. drank [TS]

  thank you thank you [TS]

  always a pleasure Jason likewise Monty [TS]

  Ashley thank you [TS]

  man forget hanky mama goes to wipe those [TS]

  deep cuts Steve let's thank you [TS]

  my pleasure Jason I don't want to brag [TS]

  but I still have that dimple and in the [TS]

  same place and fill Michaels i just want [TS]

  to remind you there are no enemies and [TS]

  science professor only cats [TS]

  yeah yeah yeah we should stop candies [TS]

  and thanks to everybody out there [TS]

  listening to the old movie club before [TS]

  negro [TS]

  we'll see you again next week [TS]

  captain's got some funny ideas about [TS]

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