The Incomparable

59: Flitting is in (TV Fantasy Pitches)


  the incomparable 59 october when we're [TS]

  back on the comfortable podcast when you [TS]

  last heard us in the most insane podcast [TS]

  we have ever done and that's saying [TS]

  something [TS]

  we have a draft and everybody drafted 10 [TS]

  characters from all of TV ever including [TS]

  the Star Wars Holiday Special join and [TS]

  it because that was the deal all of TV [TS]

  ever now face to of this is not that we [TS]

  just kind of like put those characters [TS]

  up on our mantel somewhere into wow look [TS]

  at those awesome characters i picked you [TS]

  gotta make a show you gotta make a show [TS]

  with the characters and that is what [TS]

  tonight's incomparable session is all [TS]

  about we we are going to pitch shows [TS]

  based on the ridiculous groups of [TS]

  characters that we picked in the in the [TS]

  case of Steve ridiculous anyway last [TS]

  time so joining me today are John [TS]

  siracusa who had an excellent and same [TS]

  collection of characters last time John [TS]

  thank you for coming back [TS]

  excellent and saying is my model that [TS]

  it's good in Latin though but you know [TS]

  and and just as a refresher your [TS]

  characters were riversong Daisy from [TS]

  space Jack Shephard from lost [TS]

  Joan for madmen Han Solo echo from [TS]

  dollhouse Hank from Terriers Sawyer from [TS]

  lost call Drogo and Tywin Lannister from [TS]

  Game of Thrones immediately when I say [TS]

  it's now yes now that's that's Steve's [TS]

  line i recommend it it's a it's highly [TS]

  capital say it [TS]

  that's right Scott McNulty you your to [TS]

  Europe your team is david tennant's [TS]

  doctor from Doctor Who q the omnipotent [TS]

  from Star Trek colombo Tom servo for [TS]

  Mystery Science Theater 3000 mirth for [TS]

  Mork and Mindy Larry David from Curb [TS]

  Your Enthusiasm MacGyver jose chung [TS]

  guest star on The X Files and millennium [TS]

  Lorelai Gilmore from the gilmore girls [TS]

  and Space Ghost talk show host from [TS]

  Space Ghost Coast to Coast how do you [TS]

  feel about your your your team not good [TS]

  okay no all right but you're prepared [TS]

  yes okay at least there's that poorly [TS]

  prepared excellent that's my motto [TS]

  also joining me damn moron hi Dan hi [TS]

  Jason you have the vampire detective [TS]

  squad do you know when life hands you [TS]

  vampires make that parade [TS]

  ok trademarking trademark evaporate van [TS]

  parade as a sponsor of my show among [TS]

  among your your cast members angel from [TS]

  buffy and angel when he Watson from the [TS]

  middleman Jim Rockford from the Rockford [TS]

  Files folder via Dunham from the [TS]

  alternate universe infringed Kolchak The [TS]

  Night Stalker sean from psych Mick st. [TS]

  John and nick knight from two shows [TS]

  you've never seen Matty haze for [TS]

  moonlighting and spencer from Spencer [TS]

  for hire [TS]

  that's right ok have you seen your your [TS]

  off-brand Canadian vampire entertainment [TS]

  in the i have i've watched a little bit [TS]

  and a little bit of rocker files much [TS]

  little bit of everything but this [TS]

  research good that's preparation I like [TS]

  to like to hear that but I do [TS]

  ok Steve lots yes sir perhaps the [TS]

  greatest assemblage of talent in fantasy [TS]

  TV series history which really is pretty [TS]

  much one podcast worth of history you [TS]

  have Anthony Fremont is played by Bill [TS]

  me in that classic Twilight Zone episode [TS]

  been lineups from lost [TS]

  Larry dallas from Three's Company [TS]

  Skeletor from he-man and the masters of [TS]

  the universe in skelter Joe Bluth from [TS]

  arrested development dr. house from [TS]

  house md from another series about a dr. [TS]

  Rudy Huxtable he was a doctor right he [TS]

  was a pediatrician wasn't cliff Huxtable [TS]

  he was alright little Murray sparkles [TS]

  the cat puppet from Sesame Street the [TS]

  funds ii-if from that was not a good [TS]

  odds from Happy Days and and crazy Jim [TS]

  from taxi [TS]

  yes that is correct ok excellent exhale [TS]

  direction here is [TS]

  the proximal is not a pediatrician what [TS]

  was he I believe an ecology [TS]

  concentration [TS]

  Oh mr. that's right all right thank you [TS]

  good knowledge that's good Cosby [TS]

  knowledge where to be able to actually [TS]

  from his storehouse of ob-gyn knowledge [TS]

  i'd i'm not a Cosby expert okay all [TS]

  right serenity Caldwell hello hello [TS]

  Jason are you prepared with your [TS]

  your-your-your show are you ready to go [TS]

  I act i am so ready alright i I'm half a [TS]

  page of ready [TS]

  excellent your your roster is Natalie [TS]

  from sports night King Silas from Kings [TS]

  Castiel the angel an angel who is an [TS]

  angel not a vampire from Supernatural [TS]

  young indiana jones age 10 from young [TS]

  indiana jones dr. tom jackman who has a [TS]

  who is also mr. Hyde from Jekyll Logan [TS]

  from darkangel manservant Neville from [TS]

  the middleman the artificial [TS]

  intelligence Andromeda from gene [TS]

  roddenberry's Andromeda Danny trip from [TS]

  studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and [TS]

  calling the dog from spaced correct [TS]

  correct [TS]

  alright and in addition to the [TS]

  Commissioner of this ridiculously guy [TS]

  i'm also an owner of a team my [TS]

  characters are Captain Kirk from Star [TS]

  Trek Hawkeye for mash willow from buffy [TS]

  jeff from coupling magnum p.i himself [TS]

  Kaylee from firefly Jerry Seinfeld from [TS]

  seinfeld what was I thinking [TS]

  Veronica Mars herself Omar from the wire [TS]

  and Charlie Brown from peanuts so Dan [TS]

  you may go first [TS]

  alright so here we go [TS]

  coming this fall on NBC working title in [TS]

  the world i have ice [TS]

  I I have to say it's been a long time [TS]

  trying to cover the title might never [TS]

  find one that that I quite like that [TS]

  much but ask me by the end of the show [TS]

  and I have like about 20 that i will [TS]

  read off you some which are quite good [TS]

  and terrible so currently this is [TS]

  untitled a movie project on the untitled [TS]

  vampires [TS]

  right now I i'm workin workin ND bloody [TS]

  bloody all right do you have an elevator [TS]

  pitch [TS]

  you know the one a one liner before we [TS]

  get into the details i have tagged wanna [TS]

  act like you know that you would see on [TS]

  the marketing poster including they work [TS]

  nights also alternatively it's been a [TS]

  hard day's night and crime doesn't stand [TS]

  a chance in hell and an extensive list [TS]

  of titles that are far worse than any of [TS]

  those alright so premise of the show [TS]

  with a combined experience of more than [TS]

  1,000 years of sleuthing these three can [TS]

  unravel almost any mystery sometimes [TS]

  without even leaving the office which is [TS]

  good because if they step in the [TS]

  sunlight catch on fire [TS]

  pilot episode 101 titled the bloodsucker [TS]

  proxy raw who just friends are like [TS]

  cheers in this round right this is how [TS]

  this works [TS]

  no Cheers was good [TS]

  hey I'm putting myself out there first [TS]

  any you guys get a step forward keep [TS]

  your comments to the this is exactly why [TS]

  we can thanks for setting the stage damn [TS]

  mysteriously sucked through portals a [TS]

  quartet of vampires each from different [TS]

  realities enter our own world [TS]

  angel David Boreanaz Mick st. John alex [TS]

  o'loughlin nick knight errant win Davies [TS]

  and Henry Fitzroy estar compliment [TS]

  recognizing each other for what they are [TS]

  the four come to an uneasy truce as they [TS]

  try to discover what has brought them to [TS]

  this terrifying locale santa barbara [TS]

  california deprived of their resources [TS]

  the four quickly turned 21 pursuit they [TS]

  know that of private investigations but [TS]

  all too quickly realized that this world [TS]

  has no need for detectives their caliber [TS]

  there is no lurking supernatural evil no [TS]

  terrifying criminal masterminds instead [TS]

  clients want them to find lost pets or [TS]

  track cheating spouses also find [TS]

  themselves constantly hounded by a [TS]

  wannabe assistant Shawn Spencer James [TS]

  Roday who tells his own crime solving [TS]

  prowess but is more of an annoyance than [TS]

  any use the Troy having had enough of [TS]

  this detective lights-out decides to [TS]

  retire from a 480 years old enough to [TS]

  qualify for Social Security the others [TS]

  tried to disabuse him but he's adamant [TS]

  and moved to a nearby retirement [TS]

  community Shady Glen but when fits right [TS]

  turns up dead at Shady Glen and not all [TS]

  dead but start stake through the heart [TS]

  with a stake of the purest Carpathian [TS]

  would our frankie rose to send to [TS]

  investigate the fridge Carpathian wood [TS]

  turns out it's a it's a retirement [TS]

  community for X detectives and cops who [TS]

  are two weeks from retirement run by a [TS]

  former private detective [TS]

  Maggie Hayes little Shepherd fake [TS]

  private detective [TS]

  maddie is eager to have the trail look [TS]

  into things off the record though her [TS]

  assistant mr. Finkelstein and one of the [TS]

  residents granddaughters seem less than [TS]

  thrilled when they start poking around [TS]

  they're caught by the purported [TS]

  granddaughter who turns out to be fringe [TS]

  division special agent Olivia Dunham [TS]

  working undercover and by Esther who [TS]

  turns out to be none other than [TS]

  newly-promoted middle woman when he [TS]

  wants it [TS]

  the two women class with each other [TS]

  though at least both agree that they [TS]

  can't quite trust the good-looking but [TS]

  suspiciously pale and strangely youthful [TS]

  young man who had a habit of [TS]

  disappearing whenever they're not being [TS]

  actively watched Shawn Spencer also [TS]

  proves his worth when his latent psychic [TS]

  powers manifest leaving haunted by a [TS]

  ghostly presence from beyond three [TS]

  presences in fact renowned detectives [TS]

  Carl Kolchak Jim Rockford and Spencer no [TS]

  relation all of whom were former [TS]

  residents of shady glen they reveal that [TS]

  something more is going on at the [TS]

  retirement home and that perhaps our [TS]

  vampire friends were not the only things [TS]

  to be sucked into this world toes so so [TS]

  it's not just vampire detectives its [TS]

  vampire detectives and ghost detectives [TS]

  and ghost detector ghost of a former [TS]

  detectives supernatural detectives or [TS]

  all what happened to Nick Knight [TS]

  McKnight he's out there he's one of the [TS]

  three he's the he's one of the three who [TS]

  lives and then they'd be the fourth guy [TS]

  who I didn't get to draft is the guest [TS]

  star gets often though he gets off okay [TS]

  yes I have a question how are people [TS]

  coming to these people to find their [TS]

  lost pets and meeting with them at night [TS]

  like if I want to get someone to find my [TS]

  cat and i guess i should come over their [TS]

  office is only open at night where they [TS]

  can come in the office [TS]

  yeah i mean they have office hours i [TS]

  feel i thought you were gonna do like a [TS]

  day shift and maybe he'll lose your cat [TS]

  at two in the morning and you don't want [TS]

  to wait until morning when the the cat [TS]

  find her office is generally open at ten [TS]

  am I mean think about it right [TS]

  the best chances of finding your pet are [TS]

  very soon after they disappear if they [TS]

  disappear at night you don't wait no max [TS]

  morning is like a fluffy disappeared [TS]

  like 12 hours ago but the trail is cold [TS]

  that's about so they basically have a [TS]

  very limited range because there night [TS]

  detectives so they're going to work they [TS]

  work nights and my tagline is yeah [TS]

  that's my that's my my pitch i thank you [TS]

  for your time [TS]

  I'll see my a I think we should have a [TS]

  judging system and it should be i would [TS]

  watch her I wouldn't watch that [TS]

  so who would watch his show I would [TS]

  watch that but I'll watch pretty much [TS]

  anything i watch that watch up to watch [TS]

  the pilot I want to kind of keep any [TS]

  good [TS]

  yeah so so as a network executive it's [TS]

  gonna be it's gonna be cancelled bit [TS]

  after season one if it makes it that 16 [TS]

  episodes i give it 6 episode so it's so [TS]

  the attack i'm going to take here is do [TS]

  I have some notes for you as the as the [TS]

  network executive and I do I'm going to [TS]

  say I think it's confusing that you've [TS]

  got these guys coming from other [TS]

  universes so i simplify it I'd have to [TS]

  be that they were always here and they [TS]

  they used to have a more thriving [TS]

  business but now they're a little more [TS]

  down-on-their-luck evils not the [TS]

  business the growth industry that used [TS]

  to be like the economy you know i would [TS]

  have gone that way [TS]

  OMG thats a good daughter i mean i think [TS]

  part of the trickiness is because we [TS]

  have characters coming from different [TS]

  universes I think the temptation is to [TS]

  say there must be some explanation for [TS]

  how they all got to our universe [TS]

  incidentally in mind the they're all [TS]

  from TV isn't TV one big happy universe [TS]

  and he's got other people being sucked [TS]

  in from other universes as part of his [TS]

  story right [TS]

  the potential backstory for that is that [TS]

  the collective will power of millions of [TS]

  teenage girls trying to force a edward [TS]

  cullen from Twilight into existence [TS]

  slightly miss and instead get these [TS]

  other Rama as a studio exactly our [TS]

  research shows that vampires are [TS]

  trending downwards but mummies are [TS]

  trending up so if you could really work [TS]

  the show to include more mummies right i [TS]

  love the show [TS]

  I love it it's a great idea however let [TS]

  more maybe thought about not having [TS]

  vampires but instead mummys gold mummies [TS]

  and then that's when I walk out with my [TS]

  head home game although charges [TS]

  alternate to this alternate concept we [TS]

  would like to remake Petticoat Junction [TS]

  so if you'd rather work on that [TS]

  alright mummies [TS]

  it's brilliant it's a license to print [TS]

  money i tell you all right i would [TS]

  anybody like to volunteer next door are [TS]

  you all still cowards [TS]

  I will next time alright John get in [TS]

  here with get yes get it over with this [TS]

  with your best shot John i don't i don't [TS]

  think this is as long as dance but i [TS]

  would ask that everyone hold their [TS]

  groaning until the end [TS]

  no promises I refuse to promise that ok [TS]

  and and before you answer do you have a [TS]

  title and do you have an elevator pitch [TS]

  i do not have an elevator pitch and the [TS]

  title will be at the end [TS]

  ok alright sort of a punchline alright [TS]

  you're building up to it that i [TS]

  want--that's nada is calling it a [TS]

  punchline maybe too generous [TS]

  okay here we go lowered expectations yes [TS]

  it's 500 years in the future mankind has [TS]

  slipped the surly bonds of Earth and [TS]

  spread across the galaxy thanks to a [TS]

  repulsion breakthrough that harnesses [TS]

  the powerful electrostatic discharges [TS]

  founded the atmospheres of gas giant [TS]

  planets is that all makes sense a [TS]

  planetary government controls most of [TS]

  the civilized planets but on the more [TS]

  outer rim planets let's say government [TS]

  authorities less potent on solo is the [TS]

  captain of a starship and a smuggler [TS]

  surprise river song is the [TS]

  second-in-command a tough competently he [TS]

  knows their way around a gun and an old [TS]

  war buddy of Hans its pilot and trusted [TS]

  friend is Hank Stallworth ruffled [TS]

  good-natured fellow also happens to be [TS]

  riversong husband jay-z Steiners ships [TS]

  mechanic she's young and innocent but [TS]

  with a hydrospanner James Ford is a [TS]

  hired gun he's great in a fight but the [TS]

  others on the crew not are not sure that [TS]

  he can be trusted your own higher Harris [TS]

  is a high-class corazon tagging along [TS]

  and hardship for transport and [TS]

  protections her presence lends an air of [TS]

  legitimacy to another wise ragtag crew [TS]

  but there's definitely some sexual [TS]

  tension between jones scruffy-looking on [TS]

  into the life of this crew falls Jack [TS]

  Shephard a doctor from one of the [TS]

  civilized planet and its resistance to [TS]

  echo from the government would explain [TS]

  why Tywin Lannister's the government [TS]

  officer in charge of apprehending Jack [TS]

  echo and he has no trouble going through [TS]

  some anti-government rebels come to get [TS]

  what he wants [TS]

  finally at the far reaches of the known [TS]

  plants like the nomadic tribes known as [TS]

  the Horde goodbye Khal Drogo even [TS]

  government ships fear them together on [TS]

  his crew flip from planet to planet in [TS]

  their tiny spaceship making a dishonest [TS]

  living as smugglers what [TS]

  they avoid any Imperial entanglements [TS]

  and steer clear of the hoard all still [TS]

  trying to be the good guys in the movie [TS]

  of their lives there on ship crushes the [TS]

  trails heist of the week episodes and [TS]

  remote planets and overall story are [TS]

  concerning the mysterious backstory of [TS]

  Jack and echo the show's title is the [TS]

  name of hardship the lightning bug [TS]

  oh well then we grown now [TS]

  really it's gonna make a million dollars [TS]

  well I never heard of anything like this [TS]

  before I have a feeling that this show [TS]

  will be canceled after 13 episodes only [TS]

  type of which will air not not the [TS]

  correct i'm not even in correct order [TS]

  wow so I have nothing to say to that I [TS]

  executed the plan not very creative but [TS]

  it's kind of like like a pet cemetery [TS]

  when the dad really wants a little boy [TS]

  to come back to life so he uses dark [TS]

  magic and and reanimates the corpse [TS]

  that's what I've done here thinking 35 [TS]

  yeah is a yeah I mean what's the [TS]

  over/under how long and how many [TS]

  character descriptions it took people to [TS]

  figure out where your minutes i think i [TS]

  made it about three i think i made about [TS]

  three before I think it's really I tried [TS]

  to order it so it's not obvious but [TS]

  seriously there's very little you can [TS]

  say to kind of give it away because it [TS]

  was such a unique combination i will [TS]

  give you i will give you serious credit [TS]

  for drafting an entire fantasy you know [TS]

  entire cast that it would not even have [TS]

  occurred to me to go in this direction [TS]

  but it fits pretty well i gotta say it [TS]

  does it was premeditated but i did with [TS]

  this cast i would think I was thinking [TS]

  about other things I could do with this [TS]

  cast [TS]

  I when you have a castable of like [TS]

  strong leads from a little picking like [TS]

  our favorite guy like well I don't know [TS]

  the people who aren't picking cartoons [TS]

  for picking our favorite people from [TS]

  certain from foreign shows and when you [TS]

  have a cast of strongly like you have to [TS]

  do like an ensemble show I guess you [TS]

  can't you can't just do like these two [TS]

  main guys in supporting characters [TS]

  because the other ones are just wasted [TS]

  and so ensemble shows on spaceships work [TS]

  really well it was like Star Trek next [TS]

  generation but you know episodes would [TS]

  focus on different members of the crew [TS]

  while ensemble shows are great i don't [TS]

  know why they don't I honestly I CR was [TS]

  kind of an ensemble show but space [TS]

  ensemble shows i wish there were more of [TS]

  them [TS]

  that one star song had been on ER may be [TS]

  able to watch [TS]

  hmm yeah I'm solo the only thing that [TS]

  scared me to death John in that entire [TS]

  thing is when you told us about how the [TS]

  backstory of of Jack and echo would [TS]

  eventually come out because again that's [TS]

  going to be an episode where we explain [TS]

  his tattoos and I don't want to but I [TS]

  mean I mean come on [TS]

  it can it can rest very well on the [TS]

  acting talents of Matthew facts and [TS]

  Matthew Fox analyze it is I'm sure they [TS]

  can carry and the word that that episode [TS]

  will never end well that's what that's [TS]

  why i like your school is good because [TS]

  she's already nuts at Mike and she's [TS]

  good at playing nuts and we don't expect [TS]

  her to be sensible it was actually [TS]

  really hard to find matchups for those [TS]

  those roles i had very few alternates [TS]

  like Jack works as a doctor because [TS]

  Simon was pretty boring and Ryback was [TS]

  kind of boring you know I mean kind of [TS]

  upstanding dou dou no protective isn't [TS]

  there enough [TS]

  yeah it's gross who's dumb Dan who's boy [TS]

  who's the boyfriend in middle man [TS]

  because he would work well as other [TS]

  forward Tyler for would work well as a [TS]

  Simon standin I patellar for telephones [TS]

  too cool for that [TS]

  alright anything more to say about [TS]

  lightning bug would you watch the show I [TS]

  would watch that I watched how i have [TS]

  watched yeah i watched all of this show [TS]

  yeah i would not watch the show I don't [TS]

  like this hot solo guy though he seems [TS]

  like a mal Reynolds knockoff I don't [TS]

  know I've been I don't like the idea [TS]

  that Han Solo flits from planet to [TS]

  planet that just doesn't compare them [TS]

  all ships oh that sounds like the kind [TS]

  of guy that would shoot second bug angle [TS]

  i don't like the ladybug powered by [TS]

  lightning you get that part [TS]

  alright any any other any other thoughts [TS]

  about lightning bug before we move on [TS]

  well Jason you should do your notes [TS]

  because i like it do you think there was [TS]

  something wrong with firefly that caused [TS]

  it to not be successful but you changed [TS]

  your own way is this turning into a fire [TS]

  five clusters it was on fox as a fox [TS]

  executive i have to say that I think [TS]

  your pilot while excellent and perhaps [TS]

  the best thing you've ever done [TS]

  jaws we're just talking here John it's [TS]

  owned by the way down not shower or [TS]

  whatever you say Joey we're we're we're [TS]

  not going to show it well we'll just [TS]

  pick a random episode from later on and [TS]

  will show that one instead and we'll see [TS]

  what happens so good luck with that [TS]

  brilliant and don't make you no don't [TS]

  plan on being around here in the spring [TS]

  clean out your desk now in fact is all [TS]

  right Scott McNulty its return [TS]

  oh dear ok I I don't have an elevator [TS]

  pitch so I'm just gonna jump in to get a [TS]

  chance i do but uh it i will it'll be [TS]

  explained [TS]

  suspenseful title again okay no not [TS]

  really it's it's right in the second [TS]

  paragraph and i only have a 50 [TS]

  paragraphs so it's great excellent i'm [TS]

  looking for a Bible with the complete [TS]

  story arc out five years if we're going [TS]

  to invest in your show so everybody be [TS]

  ready for that [TS]

  yeah i'm ready i have a i'll just email [TS]

  it to you right now ok check your [TS]

  blackberry [TS]

  i'm at all right you've heard of girl [TS]

  meets boy you've heard of girl meets [TS]

  girl and boy meets boy now here the [TS]

  amazing story of when bot means meets [TS]

  omnipotent being that's right in queue [TS]

  conquers all [TS]

  Tom servo is a boy about in love with Q [TS]

  a being who can change the gravitational [TS]

  constant universe but doesn't have a [TS]

  clue when it comes to relationships [TS]

  because you okay with his non-functional [TS]

  hands I just have to ask is this Iranian [TS]

  narrated by Larry David playing the [TS]

  future Tom servo accounts when servo [TS]

  meets cute [TS]

  q for the first time Tom servo world arm [TS]

  wrestling champ is at this with this [TS]

  coach confidant a chung when Q walks [TS]

  into the gym and time stops [TS]

  literally it would seem q is locked in [TS]

  battle with Space Ghost when they [TS]

  crashed into the gym gym owner doctor [TS]

  who saves his gym crying today no [TS]

  punching bag dies with the clever use of [TS]

  his sonic screwdriver q temporary bereft [TS]

  of his powers due to the doctors trick [TS]

  needs a place to stay and Tom servo [TS]

  invited to stay with him in his midtown [TS]

  loft but doesn't ask his roommates first [TS]

  MacGyver in colombo aren't as excited [TS]

  about cubing of them they grill q and [TS]

  colombo has one more question before he [TS]

  votes with harm to let q crash on the [TS]

  couch to the montage q throws away [TS]

  colombo cigars MacGyver designs cubes [TS]

  annoyingly loud alarm clock with the [TS]

  toothpick [TS]

  Tom and Q build a house of cards only to [TS]

  have it knocked over by dog Colombo's [TS]

  positive basset hound of course the [TS]

  roommates decided to have a little party [TS]

  which gets out of hand when space ghost [TS]

  shows up to settle his beef with cute [TS]

  one-on-one a knock on the door stops the [TS]

  fight and it turns out to be the roomies [TS]

  neighbor Lorelai Gilmore cradling her [TS]

  newborn son birth as as soon as QC is [TS]

  Lorelei he's in love and you can embed [TS]

  hot you can bet high jinks ensue on cue [TS]

  conquers all [TS]

  coming soon it's sure to be pretty [TS]

  pretty good [TS]

  oh I'm calling a foul he did not draft [TS]

  that dog i agree yeah I had to draft my [TS]

  dog that the dog was a guest star the [TS]

  dog is essentially columbus sonic [TS]

  screwdriver investors are Eliab directed [TS]

  to the size of the driver in the TARDIS [TS]

  to likely to die objected to Han Solo [TS]

  but hey that was within the rules [TS]

  perfectly not dateable see if we can [TS]

  solve this the dog dies at the end of [TS]

  the pilot is not a series [TS]

  ok so Lorne Michaels i am not watching [TS]

  this show then that said I'm not watch [TS]

  it you can't get the dog so I have to [TS]

  ask so that the doctor owns a gym gym he [TS]

  does sweat it wasn't like a time Jim no [TS]

  it's just the gym [TS]

  this is this is this is bigger on the [TS]

  inside i mean even to LA [TS]

  spacious trip thats really will make you [TS]

  bigger on the inside is only one inch [TS]

  bigger on the inside those that's [TS]

  impressive [TS]

  so but Tom servo is is not in love with [TS]

  q no Tom servo is another QQ is in love [TS]

  with Lorelai Gilmore oh i see it so it's [TS]

  sort of a love triangle [TS]

  exactly all right who's Lorelai Gilmore [TS]

  in love with colombo she only has eyes [TS]

  for her son worth [TS]

  ok I same space precious cargo space Co [TS]

  sort of an antagonist is he is next from [TS]

  his arch-nemesis right arm [TS]

  I was not sold until I was promised high [TS]

  jinks at which point I immediately [TS]

  decided i would watch this [TS]

  I was sold when it came to my diver as [TS]

  Richard Dean Anderson as [TS]

  don't know her dreamy and you know with [TS]

  him in Colombo and combines i watch that [TS]

  portion of it my notes would be the love [TS]

  story may be superfluous to the main [TS]

  action which were these characters but i [TS]

  also think the the act of having a your [TS]

  primary character had beaten be a [TS]

  narrator from the future recounting [TS]

  events which is a really interesting [TS]

  concept i haven't seen before [TS]

  um you know and kids that's how i met [TS]

  your about how i met your omnipotent [TS]

  deity [TS]

  that's how i met your omnipotence [TS]

  stepfather yeah well leave the alternate [TS]

  title was how i met your queue so [TS]

  oh nice nice [TS]

  also you said q high jinks which is [TS]

  funny because yeah that was getting my [TS]

  checks [TS]

  haha see the nice twist of a twist of [TS]

  time [TS]

  where's my check will will pass haha i [TS]

  like your Moxie kid em come back next [TS]

  year [TS]

  how about if it's all set on a spaceship [TS]

  and they flit from planet to planet and [TS]

  then we're so flitting again what is it [TS]

  with you people in fluidic it's a [TS]

  lightning bug deflector the thing it's [TS]

  behind think vampires are out and [TS]

  flitting is in that's what they tell me [TS]

  that my research tells me the [TS]

  highest-scoring pilot we've had in five [TS]

  years with about three kids and a [TS]

  Volkswagen Beetle who flit from place to [TS]

  place [TS]

  flooding is in I can put my characters [TS]

  in the beetle [TS]

  okay look like an actual you MacGyver [TS]

  Tom servo and mirth are in a beetle in [TS]

  the doctors people we just figure on the [TS]

  incidence of several other people are [TS]

  also with it works itself out these [TS]

  things right themselves and the engine [TS]

  was in the back [TS]

  yeah alright uh who would like to go [TS]

  next [TS]

  oh how i will take ER okay okay lay it [TS]

  on us [TS]

  alright so the name of my show is called [TS]

  wire tact and I have a tag line that [TS]

  goes [TS]

  they've lost the world they're looking [TS]

  for the truth in the near future a [TS]

  mysterious force field has trapped the [TS]

  citizens of the san francisco peninsula [TS]

  from the outside world the wall appeared [TS]

  with no warning or explanation and the [TS]

  citizens were quickly put into panic [TS]

  wasn't there to keep them out or keep [TS]

  them in is the outside world still even [TS]

  there to survive the corporation's of [TS]

  the peninsula have taken over reforming [TS]

  broken circuits and freeways and [TS]

  collapsing economy in words ruling the [TS]

  towns and the flow of information [TS]

  manservant nevels the head [TS]

  excuse me miss servant Neville is the [TS]

  head of one such corporation man maker [TS]

  of the you master and of solar panels [TS]

  which now power the city and the public [TS]

  figure had many have turned to in the [TS]

  recent years he's often see in company [TS]

  with his dog Colin and his associate tom [TS]

  jackman while he and others attempted to [TS]

  keep the city stable groups of ragtag [TS]

  and formalist seek answers [TS]

  tapping the wire to bring citizens the [TS]

  truth or what they think is the truth to [TS]

  keep corporations and check Natalie [TS]

  Hurley is one such I lister she was one [TS]

  sports reporter with the wall in place [TS]

  she seeks answers she works with Logan [TS]

  kale tech whiz and multi-millionaire to [TS]

  broadcast a 60-second spot called [TS]

  wiretapped they tap the system with help [TS]

  from her former colleague Danny Tripp [TS]

  who left Los Angeles for San Francisco [TS]

  to recover from a drug addiction the [TS]

  wall came down two weeks later and Danny [TS]

  return to drugs what drugs you can find [TS]

  but he knows the router codes and can [TS]

  get them on air aiding them in their [TS]

  search for information is 10-year old [TS]

  Henry [TS]

  Indiana Jones cut off from his father [TS]

  when the wall came down and now to the [TS]

  pilot two years after the walls [TS]

  appearance Henry discovers a flashdrive [TS]

  sealed in a plastic bag washed up along [TS]

  the shoreline he brings it to logan [TS]

  Natalie who discovered the drive [TS]

  contains codes for a project Andromeda [TS]

  but the information is encrypted written [TS]

  to written in a programming language [TS]

  none of them understand as they try and [TS]

  crack the code a man in the southern [TS]

  peninsula is preparing to end his life [TS]

  his name is Silas Benjamin at one point [TS]

  a highly-ranked politician on the [TS]

  peninsula and devoutly religious man the [TS]

  wall and subsequent corporation takeover [TS]

  has made him into a shell of who he once [TS]

  was he doubts and blames himself for the [TS]

  disaster as he is about to commit his [TS]

  final act you stop by Castiel an angel [TS]

  of the Lord Castiel explains that his [TS]

  work is not yet finished and Silas must [TS]

  come with him [TS]

  Castiel brings him to an island off the [TS]

  coast of the peninsula where the force [TS]

  field by sex inside the ruined building [TS]

  they find a young woman with no memory [TS]

  Castiel explains that the field had kept [TS]

  the angels at 42 years and yet somehow [TS]

  the girl was able to pass through the [TS]

  wall and bring him with her [TS]

  your mission Silas Castiel orders find [TS]

  out who she is done that yet so it's [TS]

  it's like Max Headroom meets the peace [TS]

  war ya thats crazy is it is the with the [TS]

  wall opaque or transparent doesn't mean [TS]

  it's right spin it is like spin it [TS]

  translates so you can actually see it's [TS]

  it's opaque but at the same time you [TS]

  occasionally see flashes of normalcy and [TS]

  you also see flashes of complete [TS]

  devastation so no one knows what the [TS]

  hell is going on anything touching you [TS]

  die as the Sun you through sold per [TS]

  second it's it's it's just general light [TS]

  I believe that it's sort of working on [TS]

  today it's a parent it's an elusive [TS]

  translate everything and the weather [TS]

  yeah shoot yeah it is ax-cut the weather [TS]

  pattern still get through people just [TS]

  can't Pat bisexual under the dome [TS]

  whether that's give ya [TS]

  over the weekend i would i would [TS]

  definitely watch this but I would be [TS]

  annoyed the whole time I was watching it [TS]

  by anything that had anything to do with [TS]

  technology tapping into things flash [TS]

  drives programming encryption I would [TS]

  just be like hey wanna do computer stuff [TS]

  but i would watch it like the promise I [TS]

  I too would watch it i think i think [TS]

  that I mean obviously the cast is a [TS]

  given but it's a 3g enough there's [TS]

  there's a central mystery there's [TS]

  something to solve trying to find out [TS]

  there's some reason to tune in week [TS]

  after week it's like a closed room [TS]

  mystery but really big room writ large [TS]

  it's going to snap that cyberpunk [TS]

  element and that kind of fighting [TS]

  against the corporation's element plus [TS]

  this mysterious kind of supernatural you [TS]

  know what's the cause of this was a [TS]

  supernatural was a technological which [TS]

  people love that until they find out it [TS]

  was all angels that that did in the last [TS]

  episode and then make it very angry [TS]

  yes one I would not watch this because [TS]

  it sounds like a really cool concept and [TS]

  therefore cancel bait and therefore [TS]

  guarantees disappointment for iiy in the [TS]

  county and I i I'm I'm obligated to so [TS]

  I'm internet had been burned one too [TS]

  many times my friend what if I told him [TS]

  it wasn't just any serious [TS]

  well we may have something here about [TS]

  the young indiana jones was really [TS]

  annoying room is a little bit annoying [TS]

  but that's kind of his charm right he's [TS]

  got to be better than shyla boof again I [TS]

  would have gone with seventeen-year-old [TS]

  a Sean Patrick Flanery ambience he's [TS]

  slightly older says two years laters [TS]

  interesting alright Steve do you want to [TS]

  go or you will be alright I'll go I'll [TS]

  go ahead [TS]

  mhm mine's a little high concept [TS]

  no do we have to be high to get the [TS]

  concept is that how it would help and [TS]

  also my pitch is not terribly picky [TS]

  because it depends on about 45 minutes [TS]

  for the background material so I'm [TS]

  depending entirely on my elevator pitch [TS]

  to grab you right up front and make you [TS]

  hungry for more of our poor power point [TS]

  presentation it's like it's actually [TS]

  more like a broken-down elevator pitch [TS]

  it's like when almost people yell by the [TS]

  time you want to get out of the elevator [TS]

  and my elevator pitches [TS]

  my show has a Zeppelin in it told me I [TS]

  may be entering a little to my audience [TS]

  yelling or rendering tell me more that's [TS]

  that's exactly the reaction I me let me [TS]

  let me call my secretary Bonnie clear my [TS]

  schedule for the next 45 minutes of [TS]

  course its body [TS]

  alright so the name of my show is is [TS]

  simply and I wrestled with this for a [TS]

  bit but I rounded eventually on just [TS]

  good not this in spite of the the [TS]

  horrible temptation that will present [TS]

  for TV critics to give their reviews [TS]

  yes clever titles like good isn't let me [TS]

  let me just lay it out for you i'll [TS]

  start with the opening shot but when i [TS]

  go ahead and I right not good enough [TS]

  that's a good one so the opening shot [TS]

  all is dark we hear a musical portion of [TS]

  Ray Charles version of nighttime is the [TS]

  right time in the background the camera [TS]

  pulls back and we realize that we are [TS]

  emerging from extreme close-up of the [TS]

  mouth then the lips part to sing the [TS]

  word baby in time with the music i work [TS]

  four hours on that it really didn't come [TS]

  off at all [TS]

  Bravo we pull back further and see that [TS]

  the lip syncher is rudy huxtable [TS]

  standing alone in a utilitarian corridor [TS]

  she has a third arm with accompanying [TS]

  sleeve growing out of the center of her [TS]

  chest she shouts bad again as something [TS]

  huge and Harry enters frame from left as [TS]

  we back further away we see that is an [TS]

  enormous three-headed gopher a man with [TS]

  wheels where his feet should be rolls [TS]

  into frame from the right and begins to [TS]

  whale away at the Gopher with a [TS]

  white-tipped black cane all the while [TS]

  shouting come on his cries are suddenly [TS]

  muffled as we pass through a large [TS]

  window into a small room where a young [TS]

  man covered in electrode lies asleep a [TS]

  small bed we back past another older man [TS]

  sitting at the bedside staring intently [TS]

  at the sleeper he pops the cover off a [TS]

  pill bottle and tips into his mouth as [TS]

  we back through another window and find [TS]

  ourselves outside there's a moment of [TS]

  disorientation it as it is revealed that [TS]

  the room is hovering over empty space [TS]

  until we pull back far enough to see [TS]

  that is actually dangling beneath a [TS]

  large seventies era [TS]

  goodyear blimp from our angle only the [TS]

  word good is visible at last we have [TS]

  zoomed out far enough that we can see [TS]

  the earth far below the landscape [TS]

  consists of the same small rural village [TS]

  repeated multiple times like a bad [TS]

  photoshop fade to black [TS]

  are you grabbed we're all your [TS]

  characters are you just asleep i'm not [TS]

  sure if I'm grabbed her impaled know [TS]

  where Larry is whose one generally [TS]

  follows the other who's the guy who's [TS]

  that will work it will get all right [TS]

  okay so it's not done what I I yeah yeah [TS]

  we're not even less [TS]

  ya know I hope you guys set up a tent [TS]

  that's just the teaser [TS]

  well alright so I ok here's the actual [TS]

  pitch first a little background for [TS]

  those of you may not remember that the [TS]

  twilight zone episode it's a good life i [TS]

  do you guys remember that episode [TS]

  yes yes all right but there may be some [TS]

  that don't yes there may be a so [TS]

  basically in a small rural village [TS]

  somewhere medical middle America named [TS]

  peaks ville a baby boy named anthony is [TS]

  born to Cloris Leachman I Anthony has [TS]

  some unexplained genetic mutation that [TS]

  basically gives him nearly unlimited [TS]

  power but since he's basically a little [TS]

  kitty has absolutely no moral compass so [TS]

  he guilelessly set people on fire or [TS]

  mean to him he mutates barnyard animals [TS]

  into a grotesque abominations and he [TS]

  wishes anything that displeases him away [TS]

  into the cornfield know what that means [TS]

  is never explicitly stated and of course [TS]

  he's never disciplined because [TS]

  everyone's afraid to make him angry [TS]

  Rod Serling even notes in the [TS]

  introduction that the village is totally [TS]

  isolated from the rest of the world the [TS]

  residents don't know whether that's [TS]

  because he somehow moved peekskill [TS]

  somewhere else or because he caused the [TS]

  rest of the world to suddenly ceased to [TS]

  exist so there's the background which [TS]

  you need to know before you even get [TS]

  into the show now here's the rest of the [TS]

  background which which I believe should [TS]

  probably unfold gradually over the first [TS]

  season of Survivor argument binders [TS]

  delivered right yes right with tabs and [TS]

  excellent a large index and a separate [TS]

  binder [TS]

  thank you [TS]

  okay so it turns out that Anthony did [TS]

  actually destroy or somehow blank out [TS]

  the rest of the world safe for peaks [TS]

  Phil and few people he didn't outright [TS]

  kill where were also they were all [TS]

  wished into the cornfield which it turns [TS]

  out is not a literal cornfield but a [TS]

  limbo like alternate plane of reality [TS]

  meanwhile the few remaining residents of [TS]

  peaceful gamely soldier on through [TS]

  Anthony's adolescence and his awkward [TS]

  years puberty as you might imagine was a [TS]

  particularly difficult time I expect [TS]

  we'll probably indulge in some [TS]

  flashbacks to this period throughout the [TS]

  first season eventually Anthony is [TS]

  either killed or wished everyone away [TS]

  except himself and he begins to tire of [TS]

  his lonely kingdom and around this time [TS]

  happens across the peaceful public [TS]

  library for one of anything better to do [TS]

  he goes inside sits down begins to read [TS]

  and spends weeks they're spending [TS]

  particular time and the religion and [TS]

  philosophy sections and listening to the [TS]

  collection of vinyl records they have [TS]

  any begins to view himself as an [TS]

  abomination repent of his past actions [TS]

  and values to do whatever you can return [TS]

  the world is close to its former state [TS]

  you can reasonably manage so he brings [TS]

  the citizens people back from the [TS]

  cornfield and they only have hazy [TS]

  recollection of their time there but the [TS]

  fact that the population is thinned out [TS]

  considerably suggest that it wasn't [TS]

  exactly a party then sets out to [TS]

  reconstruct the landscape and bring back [TS]

  its people's [TS]

  however since he was just a kid when he [TS]

  blanked out the world he has to base his [TS]

  new reconstructed world on the [TS]

  information he could garner from the [TS]

  reference section of the library and [TS]

  here's here save the people returned [TS]

  from the cornfield [TS]

  so basically everywhere is just a little [TS]

  bit skewed like in a New York for [TS]

  example the Statue of Liberty is now [TS]

  just enormous because that's just how [TS]

  people tend to think of it and that's [TS]

  really all i had to work from and since [TS]

  he had absolutely no reference material [TS]

  for large sways of the planet like [TS]

  Kansas in the rest of Middle America he [TS]

  simply use the one place he knew well [TS]

  which is peaceful so huge amounts of the [TS]

  planet are just covered with this tiny [TS]

  little village and it's kind of a work [TS]

  in progress so we'll eventually get [TS]

  there and and hopefully recover it to [TS]

  its former state all right take a breath [TS]

  fast forward to now it's 15 to 20 years [TS]

  since the events of the twilight zone [TS]

  episode [TS]

  code and Anthony is it now vowed to [TS]

  never again use his powers for [TS]

  destructive purposes [TS]

  he's made great progress in efforts to [TS]

  rebuild what he destroyed but [TS]

  unfortunately he has no control over [TS]

  what he thinks and season his dreams he [TS]

  often wakes from sleep to find that he's [TS]

  dream some terrifying grotesque [TS]

  creatures are some dreadful change that [TS]

  he has no recollection of and therefore [TS]

  you can't immediately use his powers to [TS]

  fix them so to help prevent this [TS]

  he has agreed to self-exile aboard a [TS]

  gigantic Zeppelin which we will refer to [TS]

  as the sword of Damocles where it is [TS]

  hoped that his diminished direct contact [TS]

  with earth will help prevent him from [TS]

  inflicting his subconscious imaginings [TS]

  on the populace the airship also [TS]

  transported from place to place where [TS]

  you can tinker with those parts of her [TS]

  that still require repair of course he [TS]

  naturally still has plenty of dreams [TS]

  about the airship itself with bizarre [TS]

  and occasionally terrifying results the [TS]

  blimps admittedly wacky crew is [TS]

  responsible for keeping fremont aloft [TS]

  and alive trying to find a cure for his [TS]

  malady or mutation and protecting [TS]

  themselves in the ship from anthony's [TS]

  dreams as best they can [TS]

  his work screw-ups as usual advantage to [TS]

  the cornfield [TS]

  so here's the crew dr. house is a [TS]

  Fremont's personal physician constantly [TS]

  in search of a way to prevent or [TS]

  ameliorate the effects of fremont [TS]

  streams he's driven to learn as much as [TS]

  you can about Anthony's mutation partly [TS]

  because that's just the way is but also [TS]

  because a nebulous entity desires to [TS]

  find a way to replicate his powers for [TS]

  their own shadowy purposes he goes along [TS]

  with it because there is a sole source [TS]

  of a steady supply of vicodin Larry [TS]

  Dallas is the ship's bartender [TS]

  haha of course there's a bar on onboard [TS]

  clearly if anyone is over it's a [TS]

  stressful job and everyone with its soul [TS]

  yes in fact during those periods when [TS]

  when Freeman is actually awake i think [TS]

  most of the crew is probably drunk [TS]

  yes it's very stressful job and it's [TS]

  good it's really hot so Larry is at [TS]

  constant odds with house because House [TS]

  believes that an all-male crew will [TS]

  diminish fremont streams by keeping his [TS]

  testosterone levels low [TS]

  course they also want to avoid the [TS]

  possibility of Anthony ever impregnating [TS]

  somebody and passing on his mutation [TS]

  this of course doesn't sit well with [TS]

  Larry who basically just wants to get [TS]

  laid so his efforts to smuggle women [TS]

  aboard provide comic relief and and [TS]

  father for fremont terrible imaginings [TS]

  also each time Anthony dreams [TS]

  Larry's afro grows or shrinks or changes [TS]

  into some different highly amusing shape [TS]

  really Huxtable for some reason appears [TS]

  at the start of all the Fremont's dreams [TS]

  lip-syncing a popular R&B hit and then [TS]

  disappears each time she has a different [TS]

  prominent physical abnormality for [TS]

  unknown reasons her appearance generally [TS]

  portends something awful about to happen [TS]

  to the fabric of space-time but Larry [TS]

  Dallas always tries to make time with [TS]

  her anyway the meaning of her mysterious [TS]

  link to Anthony is left as an exercise [TS]

  for the season to show runner i will be [TS]

  busy counting my money [TS]

  uh-huh moving on Skeletor [TS]

  yes unbeknownst to our heroes the [TS]

  various mutations and horrors banished [TS]

  to the cornfield have been organizing [TS]

  and planning a revolt Skeletor who has [TS]

  discovered a way to transport himself [TS]

  out of the cornfield is their de facto [TS]

  leader i do to his badass appearance and [TS]

  striking purple hood his attempts are [TS]

  fortunately hilariously inept and he's [TS]

  always killed in some totally [TS]

  non-committal fashion which allows him [TS]

  to return we kept a week but are [TS]

  recurring season 1 arc is the gradual [TS]

  ramping up of this threat until a [TS]

  full-fledged portal opens during the [TS]

  season finale Reverend Jim ignatowski [TS]

  former taxi hack recruited as the [TS]

  Zeppelin's captain due to his status as [TS]

  the world's foremost and original driver [TS]

  has no recollection as to how he got [TS]

  this status [TS]

  he's also fremont spiritual guru [TS]

  unleashing odd but suddenly profound Zen [TS]

  koans that often help the crew out of [TS]

  whatever Jam therein I think at some [TS]

  point in the second season if Fox let's [TS]

  live that long he will absent-mindedly [TS]

  scribble the plans to convert this apple [TS]

  into a working time machine on to the [TS]

  ship's counselor does the Zeppelin just [TS]

  this second does the Zeppelin wit are [TS]

  you people still here [TS]

  I've got a dream of professional [TS]

  perpetual motion vibe actually a little [TS]

  bit that is needed [TS]

  it's this up me just goes for weeks [TS]

  yeah yeah okay keep going to state as [TS]

  you know i do not actually read so i [TS]

  have no idea what you're talking about [TS]

  and answer dance questions no Zeppelin [TS]

  Zeppelin's whoo Zeppelin's that is there [TS]

  a definite plural i sampled I supplies [TS]

  they do not flip out things even [TS]

  possibly float and float not flit they [TS]

  flee flee fly and that is all they do [TS]

  let's see where was I where was the [TS]

  Skeletor [TS]

  yeah we're going to scale your you [TS]

  appear so Joe Bluth is made the head of [TS]

  security due to a and mix up concerning [TS]

  his previous affiliation with what he [TS]

  describes as a shadowy elite law [TS]

  enforcement agency known only as hot [TS]

  cops agree to take the job only because [TS]

  Anthony consented to one replace his [TS]

  legs with self-balancing motorized [TS]

  wheels that play Europe's the final [TS]

  countdown whenever he enters a room and [TS]

  to give him magical powers [TS]

  Anthony cannot in fact give job magical [TS]

  powers but Joe has not yet worked out [TS]

  that his illusions only seem to function [TS]

  properly when Anthony is in the [TS]

  immediate vicinity [TS]

  Ben Linus is a cipher as you may have [TS]

  guessed he stowed aboard then insinuated [TS]

  his way out of security team by [TS]

  obsequious Lee befriending job and [TS]

  applauding his crappy magic tricks he [TS]

  frequently sabotages Linus's motives how [TS]

  he frequently sabotages the the cruise [TS]

  attempts to repair whatever damage [TS]

  Fremont's dreams may have caused his [TS]

  motives are clear but he's likely to is [TS]

  likely they are to avenge the banishing [TS]

  of his daughter to the cornfield to kill [TS]

  fremont in hopes of bringing about the [TS]

  end of the world or possibly just to [TS]

  resolve some lingering daddy issues [TS]

  this brings us to little Murray sparkles [TS]

  yes McHugh cat puppet who simply appear [TS]

  too bored one day and is hiding too [TS]

  shocking secrets a little Marie is in [TS]

  fact a girl kitty [TS]

  uh yeah I know shocking right [TS]

  did not see that coming I that's that's [TS]

  what this show is all about twists and [TS]

  turns [TS]

  every I get in that case you nailed it [TS]

  and long long blocks of text and be she [TS]

  was Ben Linus his daughter before [TS]

  oh she is aware of Skeletor evil [TS]

  imaginations and desperately tries to [TS]

  warn the Zeppelin nights of becoming [TS]

  attacked by the cornfield errs but is [TS]

  unable to as she can only be out in like [TS]

  herself she tries to write messages in [TS]

  the cat box but Reverend Jim keep [TS]

  scooping it before she's finished [TS]

  and lastly the Fonz ship's engineer [TS]

  responsible for maintenance of the [TS]

  airship he says a lot [TS]

  yes and wax things to fix them [TS]

  yeah so so what I is that it or is there [TS]

  more do you want more to do what ya is [TS]

  there's a dangerous question [TS]

  yeah that's what frightens me is that [TS]

  there actually is [TS]

  it's more is there for Steve the first [TS]

  thing could probably have used an editor [TS]

  at some point there's a 13-part novel [TS]

  series so some what I like about this is [TS]

  that it's it's kind of an anthology [TS]

  series it's like The Incredible Hulk [TS]

  where they go from identical town two [TS]

  identical town which I like for [TS]

  budgetary reasons right at and they can [TS]

  meet whatever crazy things have have [TS]

  sprung up there as a result of the [TS]

  reconstruction of the planet and yet [TS]

  you've got a story arc involving your [TS]

  your villain Skeletor trying to work his [TS]

  way out of the cornfield and I like it [TS]

  gives me a little of the battlestar [TS]

  galactica 5 wherein that first season [TS]

  you had that separate storyline on [TS]

  Caprica where where Sharon and helo [TS]

  we're trying to get back there and then [TS]

  it sort of culminated in the last [TS]

  episode my sort of see that for Skeletor [TS]

  that he's going to emerge you know in it [TS]

  and and they'll be a climax at the end [TS]

  of the first season I i was getting both [TS]

  look maybe a little bit of like twin [TS]

  peaks atmospherically just put that [TS]

  especially that opening which is very [TS]

  very strange [TS]

  yes your you'll feel to it but it gives [TS]

  you a clue which i right [TS]

  but also not remind me a little bit of [TS]

  carnivale which is also extremely [TS]

  bizarre show that you don't [TS]

  it takes time to figure out [TS]

  what's going on like just even literally [TS]

  like in the action of the show and then [TS]

  once you do once you hit that sort of [TS]

  tipping point you like you can go back [TS]

  and there's like a lot of stuff too like [TS]

  oh yeah but because that's when he said [TS]

  this thing right like seems like there's [TS]

  a lot to unravel after you sort of [TS]

  figured out what's going on and you go [TS]

  back to root it seems like a real reward [TS]

  multiple water punished as the case [TS]

  although i would like to avoid [TS]

  randomness for randomness is fake [TS]

  because that just gets tiring damn quick [TS]

  as Larry or whatever the bartender guy's [TS]

  name is smuggle people onto a Zeppelin [TS]

  well they they have to there's an away [TS]

  team of course they have to spend a lot [TS]

  of time on the ground if the land to [TS]

  refuel and that's right then they want [TS]

  to thank your friend town to town and [TS]

  he's making time with rudy huxtable at [TS]

  but age well he's trying to but she [TS]

  disappears before he gets the [TS]

  opportunity [TS]

  she's only she's only there during the [TS]

  periods when when Fremont is dreaming [TS]

  and then she immediately disappears and [TS]

  i would imagine she's could be variable [TS]

  aged right [TS]

  indeed yes so well I be in this initial [TS]

  opening shot she of course is the very [TS]

  small reacts try from early Cosby Show [TS]

  but we're not only always [TS]

  no of course not right that makes [TS]

  perfect sense [TS]

  indeed any other questions for Steve so [TS]

  many questions I i gotta say i am am [TS]

  fascinated by this this idea I i don't [TS]

  think anybody would ever approve it but [TS]

  it's actually pretty cool Steve I gotta [TS]

  say thank you sir [TS]

  the premise is good what network with [TS]

  this run on he said fox but that's not [TS]

  gonna I don't I don't think even Fox [TS]

  this gotta be some cable this guy became [TS]

  a hgtv I think it's gonna be like a few [TS]

  v0ya expressed interest you can start [TS]

  right away [TS]

  shopping for map I think sighs I would [TS]

  give this a decent shot [TS]

  oh dear cut i do last thing I want is to [TS]

  be shoehorned between repeats of a shock [TS]

  to push our sharktopus and Birdemic but [TS]

  with this cast that's where you end up [TS]

  because you can't like it's hard to [TS]

  scale for seriously but you'll take him [TS]

  seriously my friend like oh maybe ABC [TS]

  family [TS]

  you can't take some out [TS]

  seriously i would watch I would watch at [TS]

  least the pilot and I you know that [TS]

  would be my sort of out there show for [TS]

  the year like all right I I don't know [TS]

  this seems weird but you know it there's [TS]

  something in it that's compelling that [TS]

  would that would make me tune in for at [TS]

  least the first episode and see how it [TS]

  goes from there i will say that i was [TS]

  exceedingly disappointed that the title [TS]

  dread Zeppelin was already taken by the [TS]

  that sounds like a sci-fi show by the [TS]

  the mega shark vs giant octopus vs dread [TS]

  zeppelin it's good stuff [TS]

  alright and we're out of time tonight [TS]

  how that's yeah all right shape Jason [TS]

  top to top that one right [TS]

  yeah this is going to be an anti-climax [TS]

  boy wow alright you can always fix it in [TS]

  post [TS]

  alright so my show was called my show is [TS]

  called the bridge and I do have an [TS]

  elevator pitch which is it's uh it's the [TS]

  west wing meet star trek so my [TS]

  characters of course captain kirk the [TS]

  the captain of the enterprise dr Hawkeye [TS]

  Pierce the chief medical officer he's [TS]

  wisecracking but his his wife's cracking [TS]

  is punctuated by dramatic moments of [TS]

  humanity [TS]

  I lieutenant Willow Rosenberg is the [TS]

  science and magic officer aboard the [TS]

  ship [TS]

  lieutenant Jeff Murdock is the helmsman [TS]

  he is a single guy always seeking [TS]

  companionship at the mess hall but he [TS]

  sort of hapless in his attempts and they [TS]

  usually cause more complications then [TS]

  then he intent intends that's just a [TS]

  fact of life for poor jeff his hapless [TS]

  commander Thomas Magnum is the first [TS]

  officer a veteran of the Klingon Wars [TS]

  who clashes often with Captain Kirk on [TS]

  who gets to go on the landing parties [TS]

  Lieutenant Commander kaylee frye is the [TS]

  chief engineer she is attracted to Jeff [TS]

  Murdock but the relationship is fraught [TS]

  with complications usually owing to his [TS]

  mishaps with other women [TS]

  lieutenant Jerry Seinfeld the navigator [TS]

  he's good at his job but brings a dry up [TS]

  observational humor about the situations [TS]

  that the enterprise find themselves in [TS]

  instant Veronica Mars the communications [TS]

  officer she's young but she's very [TS]

  bright [TS]

  she understands what's going on she can [TS]

  investigate things and learn more and is [TS]

  often frustrated about the fact that she [TS]

  only has she most of the time her job is [TS]

  to say hailing frequencies open the [TS]

  endlessly put-upon yeoman to Captain [TS]

  Kirk is young man charlie brown and no [TS]

  man around and yo man charlie brown and [TS]

  and our last our last character is Omar [TS]

  little a roguish free trader who [TS]

  operates on the edge of fate Federation [TS]

  law sometimes a hero [TS]

  sometimes a villain usually both captain [TS]

  kirk knows Omar is a man of his word but [TS]

  never knows what his ulterior motives [TS]

  are blue and here's here's your plot [TS]

  synopsis for the pilot episode the crew [TS]

  was called in to the briefing room in [TS]

  the early hours of the morning after [TS]

  news that a treaty negotiation with the [TS]

  Andorians has broken down largely due to [TS]

  a diplomatic incident caused by a [TS]

  blender on the part of commander magnum [TS]

  the previous night on Space Station k-7 [TS]

  the staff attempts to run damage control [TS]

  with Federation HQ [TS]

  meanwhile lieutenant Jeff Murdock [TS]

  discovers that the woman he slept with [TS]

  the previous night was in fact a Klingon [TS]

  spy in disguise the fact discovered only [TS]

  thanks to a chance encounter with a [TS]

  triple purchased by Lieutenant Commander [TS]

  Kaylee at at the bar on k7 wise beyond [TS]

  her years and veronica mars put-upon yo [TS]

  man charlie brown and science officer [TS]

  Willow Rosenberg our approach by Omar a [TS]

  mysterious trader who claims to know [TS]

  about a conspiracy to make the [TS]

  Federation look bad in order to win a [TS]

  vital mining contract Omar's tip causes [TS]

  them to inadvertently caused yet more [TS]

  damage leading to a dressing down by [TS]

  magnum back on the enterprise when a [TS]

  crew member is killed in a clash with [TS]

  the discovered Klingon spy Hawkeye [TS]

  Pierce's normal wisecracking nature [TS]

  turns serious in the closing moments of [TS]

  the episode he tells captain kirk about [TS]

  the death leading Kirk and his staff to [TS]

  appear before the council negotiating [TS]

  the treaty and revealing how the [TS]

  Klingons were conspiring to derail the [TS]

  negotiations the episode ends with Kirk [TS]

  making a joke and ever [TS]

  one laughing now of course the first us [TS]

  now let me explain like the west wing [TS]

  the point here is that all Captain Kirk [TS]

  is the center of central figure of the [TS]

  show he's not intended to be the [TS]

  character with the most screen time it [TS]

  you know his heat he is at the center [TS]

  just like President Bartlet was at the [TS]

  center of the west wing but it's really [TS]

  about the crew and how they relate to [TS]

  one another and the various sort of [TS]

  dramatic incidents in their lives as [TS]

  well as humorous incidents it really is [TS]

  a a kind of a combination drama and [TS]

  comedy or drama t if you will and I [TS]

  camel it is it is an account like with [TS]

  one hump or something it is you could [TS]

  also be a comma but i prefer dramedy you [TS]

  can choose either one anyway and and i [TS]

  think that in every episode basically [TS]

  Hawkeye Pierce will be making a [TS]

  wisecracking and suddenly somebody will [TS]

  die and he'll have to be very serious or [TS]

  burst into tears are our complete [TS]

  nervous breakdown and you can see that [TS]

  will have some you know interaction [TS]

  because you know Jeff and kaylee know [TS]

  that they really are meant to be [TS]

  together but it always goes horribly [TS]

  wrong and he makes terrible mistakes and [TS]

  and you know magnum insist on going in [TS]

  the shuttlecraft and Captain Kirk wants [TS]

  to drive the shuttlecraft himself [TS]

  there's a lot of fighting about that and [TS]

  all the time never stop and ask for [TS]

  direction all the time Jerry Seinfeld [TS]

  it's just like you know pushing buttons [TS]

  at the console on the bridge was a who [TS]

  is buttons doing [TS]

  hey that's why did the endorians have [TS]

  those antennae they're not bugs they're [TS]

  just like great guys what's that about [TS]

  so that the bridge that's my show who [TS]

  all these Andorians I just love the idea [TS]

  of the interactions between a dejected [TS]

  Jeff Murdock and put-upon yeoman Charlie [TS]

  Brown seems like a perfect combo a child [TS]

  asked friends short shrift in the pilot [TS]

  but Charlie as as the you know the [TS]

  right-hand man to the president I mean [TS]

  captain charlie charlie [TS]

  he's he's good grief you know is it's [TS]

  gonna be his most common on the [TS]

  catchphrase but uh you know it's a tough [TS]

  job it's a tough job being a the the guy [TS]

  who's got to make everything happen for [TS]

  Captain Kirk he's got to like clean up [TS]

  the the captain's quarters he's got to [TS]

  shoo away the women who are [TS]

  or who are overstaying their welcome the [TS]

  next morning he's gotta polish the [TS]

  captain's Blake's take a towel on [TS]

  yeah he's a good man charlie brown he is [TS]

  a good man [TS]

  it's true and whenever they line up for [TS]

  protein tablets he ends up getting a [TS]

  rock instead if it's true it's true also [TS]

  that there's that episode where Veronica [TS]

  Mars and he go on the holodeck it to [TS]

  play some touch football and she that's [TS]

  not right also more low horrible but oh [TS]

  except that she snatches the ball away [TS]

  from it the last man or whatever that [TS]

  means [TS]

  I don't know what that means I think [TS]

  this is a structural problem in the [TS]

  premise of West Wing combined with star [TS]

  trek in the West Wing the most exciting [TS]

  place to be was in the White House [TS]

  because it's a place where you normally [TS]

  don't get to see so you wanted to be in [TS]

  there with the president with this staff [TS]

  in the place that you don't normally get [TS]

  to see when you're on a spaceship the [TS]

  most exciting stuff is out the window [TS]

  the plants you're going to the aliens [TS]

  the space combat and if the whole show [TS]

  is going to be like west wing it would [TS]

  be like I'm in a spaceship but all i see [TS]

  i keep seeing the same three corridors [TS]

  and they're sitting in a massive looking [TS]

  at the Stars you know what I mean it's [TS]

  like it's like reverse what I'd say to [TS]

  that is that is that I see your point [TS]

  mr. executive for budgetary reasons [TS]

  we're going to make sure that the [TS]

  standing sets are are are good and are [TS]

  used but if you look back to our [TS]

  template of the original Star Trek they [TS]

  also have away missions and although our [TS]

  pilot is set on a space station there [TS]

  are going to be members of the team are [TS]

  going to go on missions they might be [TS]

  separated they might be joined by red [TS]

  shirts who are horribly killed which [TS]

  will allow hot guy to have his moment of [TS]

  reflection about man's inhumanity to [TS]

  Klingon and at but there will be time [TS]

  for them to adventure on their own [TS]

  because you know the captain can't do it [TS]

  all is 350 people on that ship is there [TS]

  an external antagonists though because [TS]

  like there was like the Republicans on [TS]

  the west wing like what is the external [TS]

  force that's well we've got the [TS]

  geopolitical tensions of the Klingons [TS]

  and the Romulans it was far as les plus [TS]

  you've got the well before heads really [TS]

  pretty much we're all the same in the [TS]

  original Star Trek stuff anyway with the [TS]

  the but then there's omar and omar is [TS]

  more of a a a paralyzer sort of [TS]

  character agent he's a free agent and [TS]

  mysterious and he may he and Kirk have a [TS]

  little back-and-forth about should I [TS]

  trust him or not and sometimes he's [TS]

  trustworthy but you never know [TS]

  he's coming from so you've got both [TS]

  you've got the both the large [TS]

  geopolitical ramifications in this sort [TS]

  of like inter personal antagonism [TS]

  between omar and the captain at home are [TS]

  beyond every episode [TS]

  Omar is the plan is decide him to be [TS]

  recurring so in a in a 22-episode season [TS]

  he probably appear 12 13 times but we [TS]

  would like to have an option to make him [TS]

  a series regular after the first season [TS]

  if he is a successful because i think [TS]

  the real tension should be a tomar [TS]

  somehow becomes part of the crew he's [TS]

  drafted perhaps yeah and and then our [TS]

  tender [TS]

  yeah it's it's possible I yes and uh I [TS]

  want to discussing this premise with my [TS]

  wife she suggested that he could be in [TS]

  ten-forward my said that that's the [TS]

  wrong show [TS]

  and her response was well then nine [TS]

  forward to serving the old enterprise [TS]

  more likely use it happen forward for [TS]

  just a few fewer forwards anyway [TS]

  yes Omar Omar's secrets will be revealed [TS]

  an end and I haven't decided yet whether [TS]

  he's actually a federation agent or a [TS]

  Klingon into the eyes or both or triple [TS]

  I i'm scott i would have to go with [TS]

  Scott that I think I think needs more [TS]

  Omar is probably the top of my list and [TS]

  got any of it and then we're gonna wear [TS]

  my suggestion for a title needs more [TS]

  homework these are Omar yeah that's [TS]

  actually i think what we like for me it [TS]

  would be like oh I'm intrigued by this [TS]

  as a show but i would I feel like maybe [TS]

  i might be you would have to work hard [TS]

  to keep me interested if say for example [TS]

  the pilot you know Omar plays a major [TS]

  part baby and you know episode to you [TS]

  got to do that thing where like are we [TS]

  had established not just about this [TS]

  right other places you might lose me a [TS]

  little bit as I think what about Omar [TS]

  like what happened with him [TS]

  well Omar wasn't in every episode of the [TS]

  wire you know they they were careful [TS]

  with their use of Omar in the wire as [TS]

  well this is true but I mean he sounds [TS]

  to me like the most you know I think he [TS]

  would be [TS]

  would be [TS]

  the personality might be most intrigued [TS]

  with his relationship with kirk and how [TS]

  that's going to play out are we kidding [TS]

  by the third season he's going to be [TS]

  like the Fonz it's gonna be the omar [TS]

  show guest star in Cathy's gonna ride a [TS]

  motorcycle over ash over a space sharks [TS]

  pace chart [TS]

  yes Klingon shark a triple shark shark [TS]

  made entirely of trouble [TS]

  alright so that's that's Maya that's my [TS]

  promise i think i think we have to we [TS]

  should all we should pick which which [TS]

  networks everybody's shows are most [TS]

  likely to error because i think i think [TS]

  i've heard you say so myself [TS]

  I've made a perfect CW show fifth-degree [TS]

  yes I i know my limits after after much [TS]

  research you have come to the perfect CW [TS]

  show lightning bug is is a would be a [TS]

  sci-fi channel show but it doesn't have [TS]

  the budget so it's gonna have to be a [TS]

  fox show in the handset fox and cancel [TS]

  get yours would be sci-fi thank you i [TS]

  think you could pull yours off on syfy [TS]

  Jason you know i think i got for NBC I [TS]

  get CNBC I could CNBC's like we need [TS]

  some drama we need we need an hour-long [TS]

  I could I could definitely buy it on NBC [TS]

  Scott McNulty show is on CBS yes yes it [TS]

  is and and 30 years ago and I think I [TS]

  think run show is is maybe ABC I think [TS]

  ABC might might go for like we've all [TS]

  lost [TS]

  yep we gotta follow that up with [TS]

  something intriguing i have to be [TS]

  another flash forward that text is a [TS]

  threat flash for whatever network that [TS]

  was that's our show [TS]

  yeah yeah and Steve Steve show again [TS]

  yeah I think that's a I think that's [TS]

  premium cable i think that's at HBO HBO [TS]

  pays for a season and then maybe cancels [TS]

  it was gonna say cinemas stars neurology [TS]

  hour or sign maybe stars no stars [TS]

  enforce a file that much though as long [TS]

  as could be on FX [TS]

  it's got a FX vibe ah effects doesn't [TS]

  decide Father well not yet [TS]

  FX is a little too serious aspect does [TS]

  anything they want to do they haven't [TS]

  heard this podcast I'm thinking HBO [TS]

  because then we can explore the [TS]

  passionate romance between Larry dallas [TS]

  and the puppet cat [TS]

  yeah mhm and the poop scooping I think [TS]

  HBO maybe the only people brave enough [TS]

  to touch this show and scary [TS]

  that's the rest of them were cowards [TS]

  that's why this through this is here if [TS]

  they don't want to push the envelope [TS]

  as they don't know where that envelope [TS]

  has been no really what's it [TS]

  it could be anywhere some of some of the [TS]

  cat puppets poop right now time for [TS]

  Glenn fleischmann ship which will be a [TS]

  BBC summer thats i'm already watching it [TS]

  then through the magic of of portal [TS]

  through time and space we're now joined [TS]

  who by glenn fleischmann who has left [TS]

  his isolation booth and Glenn you you [TS]

  weren't you're responsible for this [TS]

  entire sham of a travesty and yet didn't [TS]

  actually participate no draft so we gave [TS]

  you a team [TS]

  yes yes you did so let me recap now you [TS]

  you're gonna make some swaps since this [TS]

  was an auto pick team where we force [TS]

  characters on to you let me recap the [TS]

  characters that we gave you [TS]

  we gave you Kara Thrace starbucks from [TS]

  battlestar galactica walks on a Troy [TS]

  from Star Trek The Next Generation Chuck [TS]

  girl named Chuck from pushing daisies [TS]

  circle himself from family matters [TS]

  Becca Valentine from gene roddenberry's [TS]

  Andromeda Jack Donaghy from 30 rock [TS]

  Gumby animated or centered in that life [TS]

  your choice [TS]

  ba Baracus from the a-team Daniel [TS]

  Faraday from lost and Jimmy McNulty for [TS]

  the wire now what you're going to make [TS]

  some alterations is that right I [TS]

  actually thought this is a pretty good [TS]

  team i was i was not upset about the [TS]

  choices you made [TS]

  although I realize you are trying to [TS]

  make it hard for me but I'm going to [TS]

  defeat you [TS]

  so for i'm going to swaps so for Daniel [TS]

  Faraday there watch lost i'm taking [TS]

  Holly the computer from red dwarf ok [TS]

  the male the male version and then [TS]

  instead of care three since I never [TS]

  watch battlestar galactica to my shame [TS]

  i'm taking gadget hack wrench from chip [TS]

  n dale rescue [TS]

  right which is surprised no one they are [TS]

  synonymous [TS]

  I gave Jason was on the ball here he [TS]

  would have had the respirators the [TS]

  gadget patterns was on my list could [TS]

  pick I figured I think she's on [TS]

  everybody's list of it or not [TS]

  alright so so was her for halloween [TS]

  those with those alterations and it is [TS]

  good list although I regret in listening [TS]

  back to the to the draft Steve let's try [TS]

  to give you less nessman from wkrp in [TS]

  cincinnati i would take the management i [TS]

  really regret not giving you less [TS]

  management ok so in whatever and [TS]

  whatever show less decimals and he would [TS]

  be operating a helicopter yes yes God is [TS]

  my witness I thought turkeys could fly [TS]

  so Glenn lay it on us give us your give [TS]

  us your pitch [TS]

  ok I don't the name for this show [TS]

  strangely it's the one thing you didn't [TS]

  pick up until this moment with you guys [TS]

  will give you anything so all right so [TS]

  here's the pitch here's the pitch not [TS]

  the pilot the pitch ba Baracus runs a [TS]

  junkyard didn't see that coming right [TS]

  with his nephew Urkel VA runs the [TS]

  junkyard side and Urkel runs the [TS]

  electronics recycling part and oracle of [TS]

  course regularly actually turns off the [TS]

  yards giant electromagnetic thing that [TS]

  pulls up cars and stuff it causes tons [TS]

  of broken metal to fall into bjs [TS]

  favorite muscle car he says did i do [TS]

  that so we have the catchphrase right [TS]

  fortunately gadget who appears as an [TS]

  animated mouse in the show is always [TS]

  available to repair the car even when [TS]

  it's been disintegrated two component [TS]

  atoms gadget is motion-capture CGI and [TS]

  she's as large as the rest of the cast [TS]

  mates this is not really explained she's [TS]

  played by any circuit of course circus [TS]

  of course the capture it's just a you [TS]

  know the only one in the Union [TS]

  apparently there's a very small it's got [TS]

  a great gig so here's the gag it's not a [TS]

  regular junkyard it's a junkyard in the [TS]

  future it's a space ish junkyard on [TS]

  earth so it's all broken hover cards [TS]

  discarded 400 in splash displays and [TS]

  it's called the Gumby junkyard because [TS]

  in the future everything is nostalgic [TS]

  and it's a bow ironic 25th century [TS]

  tribute to Gumby damn it where cartoon [TS]

  characters can roam freely among the [TS]

  real people using hardlight holographic [TS]

  hardware that's a red dwarf and a you [TS]

  know Star Trek Voyager reference Gumby [TS]

  appears in that form [TS]

  he's a hard light heart holograph to [TS]

  welcome customers but they made an error [TS]

  in research they made him the eddie [TS]

  murphy Gumby instead of the insipid [TS]

  claymation Gumby I he and you also [TS]

  provides the narration for the show of [TS]

  course so so boss Jack Jack Donaghy who [TS]

  owns the junkyard isn't having any of [TS]

  that you know what that is [TS]

  he's not having any of that he lost his [TS]

  fortune playing cards with three are man [TS]

  who was cheating [TS]

  he's always chomping on an electronic [TS]

  cigar and saying his trademark phrase [TS]

  one of these days to the moon because [TS]

  he's secretly working on a spaceship [TS]

  made of junk that will take into the [TS]

  moon [TS]

  I his wife likes a Detroit has a [TS]

  mysterious past and drives everyone [TS]

  crazy by discussing their innermost [TS]

  secrets without them first having [TS]

  disclose them [TS]

  she's secretly having an affair with [TS]

  circle because they are the two most [TS]

  equally matched irritating characters in [TS]

  all of television i would challenge you [TS]

  except for family ties third season [TS]

  neighbor next door character might be he [TS]

  should be on this show as well but not [TS]

  like a security officer I know next [TS]

  draft contract something security [TS]

  officer Beckett that Valentine [TS]

  hard-as-nails fast as lightning has an [TS]

  appt see habit of dropping dripping lime [TS]

  juice into her eyes just for the thrill [TS]

  of it she can't stand gadget she's every [TS]

  chance he has to cut her down gadget is [TS]

  oddly oblivious and she also rarely [TS]

  blinks part of your character Valentine [TS]

  blows off steam with her body Chuck who [TS]

  despite having the dad is rather [TS]

  charming helps her rundown problems of [TS]

  course and all the Valentine's [TS]

  co-workers assume the two of them are [TS]

  lovers because need that in modern shows [TS]

  apparently Valentine relies on a salvage [TS]

  mining ship ki holi to monitor the [TS]

  grounds but holly is a very bright so [TS]

  things are always happening because you [TS]

  know it's a show things are happening [TS]

  and finally Jimmy McNulty is a detective [TS]

  busted for his back attitude bad [TS]

  attitude back to walking a beat he stops [TS]

  by to run down leads and sleep off his [TS]

  bad memories [TS]

  he's also there to try to make time with [TS]

  gadget who doesn't understand expanses [TS]

  logically enough since he's a cartoon [TS]

  mouse but she keeps the Taser handy just [TS]

  in case that's my concept so so it's a [TS]

  drama it so maybe it's a drama comedy [TS]

  camel Dottie it is it is Sanford and Son [TS]

  in the 20 it is Sanford and Son model as [TS]

  we go BA and circle it would be or [TS]

  variety hour [TS]

  what's goodie could you know it's [TS]

  because you can bring cartoon characters [TS]

  and other extinct being so you might [TS]

  have got it'sit's I ain't gettin on no [TS]

  plane parentheses of exemptions it's a [TS]

  Lincoln dunno pretty starship airplane [TS]

  wow it's um Jefferson yeah so I could [TS]

  push the pilot now you're ready for the [TS]

  pilot oh there's more oh there's the [TS]

  privilege because that was a pitch that [TS]

  was just the concept that Sarah Connor [TS]

  can apply it was the elevator pitch but [TS]

  it's a really long elevator ride [TS]

  alright the elevator is broken down i [TS]

  got i got a pilot but I want to pitch it [TS]

  i can now i can take I want to hear pick [TS]

  this sucker alright so the episode opens [TS]

  voices it so you know longshot you don't [TS]

  see anybody starts up and there's our [TS]

  voices arguing one deep and one [TS]

  high-pitched and grading and you move [TS]

  through all this junk it starts with old [TS]

  you know [TS]

  Chrysler's and things and it starts [TS]

  getting more and more modern equipment [TS]

  as they pass through and finally you see [TS]

  ba Baracus argue with oracle / hovercar [TS]

  flux capacitors that were stolen [TS]

  he was ready to get rid of them he [TS]

  thinks the circles taking them and sold [TS]

  the matter is under his nose I don't [TS]

  know what you're talking about mr. [TS]

  Baracus and then Donaghy person stop [TS]

  your yappin we have a shipment of 10 [TS]

  million blackberry playbook stew process [TS]

  for the unobtanium that the Canadians [TS]

  actually baked into the cpu Canadians to [TS]

  the moon and you leave so we go in [TS]

  another scene as it goes are you going [TS]

  to have got more important now I can [TS]

  just do i can just to shower and here i [TS]

  wish we were on a hangout so you can see [TS]

  me cracking up with me because I know he [TS]

  has the entire thing written really does [TS]

  script is available on request now it's [TS]

  just a apartment so the episode [TS]

  progresses more and more things get [TS]

  stolen [TS]

  Becca starts investigating Jimmy tries [TS]

  to help out gadget suspected she calls [TS]

  and guest stars Chip and Dale of course [TS]

  and they show up they mostly knock over [TS]

  things they don't really but you know [TS]

  you need for comic relief because it's a [TS]

  dramedy or a comma or something like [TS]

  that [TS]

  finally turns out that gumbys [TS]

  responsible as programming so erratic he [TS]

  thought he was supposed to be running a [TS]

  black-market operation to to keep things [TS]

  lively and [TS]

  there's great happy reconciliation yeah [TS]

  alright that's the pilot so it is a [TS]

  sitcom then definitely sort of shirt on [TS]

  camera [TS]

  no one dies but uh you know yet but with [TS]

  a laugh track right piped-in that's why [TS]

  I think any thoughts for me uh from the [TS]

  audience about this 1i I like the [TS]

  mismatch and i like i like a like blends [TS]

  Alec Baldwin impression i actually think [TS]

  that myself for me I quite like lens [TS]

  Alec Baldwin impression agree to the [TS]

  moon shoes like literally Kramden Ralph [TS]

  Baldwin I was ready for the locks on the [TS]

  trip little future on wed doesn't do [TS]

  walks on the troy i think there are not [TS]

  enough sigh comedies in the world so [TS]

  especially with mr. t what does anyone [TS]

  remember me [TS]

  guys who ran the junkyard the andy [TS]

  griffith show in which you want to jump [TS]

  her obvious 12 [TS]

  yes yes no yes but none of us remember [TS]

  it [TS]

  that was my inspiration resolving a [TS]

  rocket yeah they were building Ronnie [TS]

  when they go to the moon to salvage [TS]

  stuff I just haha it was nearly as good [TS]

  as way out space nuts with papa john [TS]

  denver the only way you could have made [TS]

  this better was incorporating some kind [TS]

  of see like one of the characters a [TS]

  secret artists all of the iron giant [TS]

  because that's what I always think of [TS]

  when I think of giant junkyard some [TS]

  gadget be doing that the spare time you [TS]

  think that she's all business and just [TS]

  makes ridiculous gadgets don't work but [TS]

  their spare time she's sculpting in the [TS]

  back 40 or maybe check yeah cos is a [TS]

  sensitive person who's building yeah I [TS]

  thought use a little underutilized yeah [TS]

  it's true [TS]

  later episodes that nothing left [TS]

  yeah how many episodes do we give this [TS]

  show all room for chipper debt eight [TS]

  chippendale we have to get the amino [TS]

  emotional romantic resolution with chip [TS]

  and dale also because you know all right [TS]

  are they lovers they have a very sexual [TS]

  characteristics no one knows is there is [TS]

  there that'll be that's a great part of [TS]

  the pitch by the way [TS]

  yeah i'll pass now propose that to get [TS]

  executives yes mystery of the primary [TS]

  sexual eight arrested great you know [TS]

  Greg bunny made that acceptable right [TS]

  when it [TS]

  adjustable Greg the bunny went on to [TS]

  great success and that's it did this all [TS]

  right thank you for listening to my [TS]

  pitch and thank you for stepping through [TS]

  your portal in space-time to pitch it to [TS]

  Angie thank you [TS]

  alright so so yeah with the this [TS]

  happened so what does never do almost [TS]

  everything gets the chance never did it [TS]

  happen i'm not sure if it happened so we [TS]

  learned sports analogies don't worry we [TS]

  have any listeners left after the [TS]

  deposition I was entertained you know I [TS]

  I thought it was a I thought it was a [TS]

  fascinating exercise and in complete [TS]

  insanity and white why does sports fans [TS]

  have all the fun you know TV fans gonna [TS]

  have fun to have a winner let's vote for [TS]

  our favorite show [TS]

  alright okay yea vote for your on how do [TS]

  you do this ok everybody remind [TS]

  everybody send me a skype a semi skype [TS]

  message right now you know a little [TS]

  skype by instant message with your vote [TS]

  and it'll be secret ballot to figure out [TS]

  how to do that [TS]

  oh alright it's a tie [TS]

  that's high nobody is so so I'm going to [TS]

  hold on a second i'm gonna i'm gonna do [TS]

  a tiebreaker who those are the finalists [TS]

  yes please the fate of the universe is [TS]

  instead is in Jon's hands [TS]

  I can't believe that says but I there [TS]

  you go alright that seems dangerous [TS]

  ladies and gentlemen we have a winner [TS]

  tabulated I by the law office of my [TS]

  shirts & Young came by and they said [TS]

  these are terrible ideas but the winner [TS]

  is Steve lots [TS]

  thank you saying congratulations Adam [TS]

  Henrique for me I I knew my strategy of [TS]

  putting you all the sleep so that you [TS]

  would not answer are asked questions and [TS]

  expose the gaping plot holes with that [TS]

  would be a wooden actually any show with [TS]

  an omnipotent character who's [TS]

  controlling the fabric of reality you [TS]

  have no plot holes [TS]

  this is true Anthony just made it that [TS]

  way sorry I think there have to be [TS]

  limits though or else it's just [TS]

  ridiculous [TS]

  well that's why that's why I voted for [TS]

  is in the in the final showdown thing [TS]

  here was it wasn't my original vote [TS]

  definitely was because Nicholas [TS]

  character [TS]

  choices like the only way I think you [TS]

  can make them work is if it's built into [TS]

  the premises your show that insane [TS]

  ridiculous things are gonna like so he's [TS]

  got an excuse in other words first thing [TS]

  all tour to be there and for the reacts [TS]

  with all that crazy stuff where's Jason [TS]

  was trying to make a conventional show [TS]

  with Charlie Brown and a couple of [TS]

  people who don't fit my originals for [TS]

  rent but yes this is why I had to pick [TS]

  Anthony fremont first and suffer the [TS]

  slings and everyone else when I felt [TS]

  like guys I understand that that's not [TS]

  matter what you pick them no one else [TS]

  was like a puppy but what if somebody [TS]

  had not been completely screwed I can't [TS]

  believe me I think you people have a [TS]

  bias against sitcoms and maybe possibly [TS]

  my shows a moneymaker mine is a sick up [TS]

  did you miss that I like your present [TS]

  that's what's gonna happen you know if [TS]

  it all these other shows are gonna be [TS]

  cancelled them and then after five years [TS]

  were going to say what Q conquers all is [TS]

  still on the air [TS]

  second many not really here and Scott [TS]

  will will like literally be wearing a [TS]

  different Hawaiian shirt every hour that [TS]

  they actually replaced q in season three [TS]

  with ashton kutcher or decorate it was [TS]

  fine [TS]

  he's a down-on-his-luck billionaire by [TS]

  night omnipotence my day no one really [TS]

  noticed we replaced him with Anthony [TS]

  when that show was canceled [TS]

  haha nice pickup so now i have to ask [TS]

  what if we learned i'm going to the [TS]

  never do this again [TS]

  well we've learned that we have way too [TS]

  much time on our hands yes yes network [TS]

  executives are idiots [TS]

  clearly we are we're idiots also [TS]

  triggers yes never do so for nothing [TS]

  learn you've said so that was that I [TS]

  think that's changed squandered the [TS]

  goodwill of a number of otherwise [TS]

  pleasant listeners yes listener now had [TS]

  to be done [TS]

  yeah it was it was necessary actually [TS]

  i'll see you next week guys [TS]

  ya next week we could we could run our [TS]

  own television network of all the shows [TS]

  on that one network [TS]

  yeah only behind time machine di yeah [TS]

  yes we would need a time machine yes if [TS]

  we had a time machine we would end the [TS]

  multi-millionaire order to get [TS]

  everything i do about it [TS]

  there's your premise for a new TV show [TS]

  right there and with your friends over [TS]

  time machine what's the first thing we [TS]

  do they started TV network that's [TS]

  resulting in that call the alacrity [TS]

  night and then the fun British they're [TS]

  dancing with vacuum cleaner wackiness [TS]

  ensues [TS]

  that's right the register is Dancing [TS]

  with the Stars and vacuum cleaners who [TS]

  see time machine and all things are [TS]

  possible [TS]

  it's true they made hot tub time machine [TS]

  right I would root for the antagonist of [TS]

  that show who is trying to get the time [TS]

  machine away from the moon and [TS]

  everything is normal [TS]

  haha shut down the network yeah alright [TS]

  yeah well that that wraps up this [TS]

  ridiculous thing that we tried this [TS]

  podcast is over and so before we go I [TS]

  want to say thank you to come I guess [TS]

  one last time before they commit ritual [TS]

  suicide i think the showrunner of [TS]

  lightning bug John syracuse oh thank you [TS]

  for for participating in this in this [TS]

  exercise and taking it seriously sort of [TS]

  to a point i was on the show Jason you [TS]

  have all the shows you've been on this [TS]

  was one of them [TS]

  Scott McNulty showrunner of Q conquers [TS]

  all [TS]

  what's the secret to your success i just [TS]

  got an email from chuck lorre he's going [TS]

  to produce my show so screams well [TS]

  alright fair enough Dan more'n producer [TS]

  of bloody yes that was the working title [TS]

  the TV critics loved that because they [TS]

  can say things like bloody awful so [TS]

  that's the same old only in Britain yeah [TS]

  trust me I've got I've got 20 more [TS]

  potential titles will do that after in [TS]

  the the after [TS]

  oh I can't wait for that oh they're good [TS]

  trust me all right Steve let's our [TS]

  winner tonight and the showrunner and [TS]

  creator of good thank you for being here [TS]

  you're welcome and i challenge you to [TS]

  edit my portion of this podcast you have [TS]

  you have pummeled us into submission [TS]

  thank you sir your premise it was my aim [TS]

  yes well well done well played sir Eddie [TS]

  Caldwell creator of wiretapped yes this [TS]

  was a good idea to thank you well thank [TS]

  you know it is littered with bad ideas [TS]

  and this was a good way [TS]

  it was fun to create a good mediocre [TS]

  idea and I that we would be remiss if we [TS]

  didn't also cite Glenn Fleischman [TS]

  who was the guy who thought we should do [TS]

  this and then didn't ever do it he may [TS]

  be the smartest of assault yes I curse [TS]

  jam [TS]

  andrew is all yes Yesi outwitted us and [TS]

  now only shelter my repeller of [TS]

  audiences and replied guess she's [TS]

  meditating somewhere and breathing [TS]

  deeply I think I can hear him from [TS]

  hearing so all right we all should join [TS]

  it well again on behalf of all of us I [TS]

  am I am the creator of the bridge [TS]

  thank you all for listening to this [TS]

  ridiculousness and yeah we're sorry [TS]

  until next time if there is a next time [TS]

  again I think the jury's still out on [TS]

  that [TS]

  thanks for listening goodbye 8its now [TS]

  [Music] [TS]

  Stiles you don't want [TS]

  I titles actually really bad yeah why [TS]

  not [TS]

  alright so I've got several I just kept [TS]

  shouting stuff down whenever I thought [TS]

  stuff most of these are very bad puns as [TS]

  you as you realize we got here we got [TS]

  bang you [TS]

  thanks for nothing thanks but no thanks [TS]

  thanks for hire thanks for the number ok [TS]

  that's it up and come with me over this [TS]

  guy who the bloody minded this one I [TS]

  thought my work better as a episode [TS]

  title Midnight in the Garden of evil and [TS]

  evil undead life on the street [TS]

  lv4 vampire bat shit crazy on the [TS]

  Nightrider street okay okay night-night [TS]

  moonlighting to have fangs will travel [TS]

  there's one more thing Wow uh worse than [TS]

  their bite up stop vamps but the 323 [TS]

  vampyre scream vampires and things [TS]

  no seriously stop [TS]