The Incomparable

61: Number Ones


  the incomparable contest number 61 to [TS]

  entry-level welcome to another edition [TS]

  of the incomparable podcast i am jason [TS]

  Snell your host and i convened this [TS]

  meeting of the comic book club joining [TS]

  us today are two regular members of the [TS]

  comic book club introduce them now first [TS]

  jason reitman hi Jason pay for the point [TS]

  of this this episode I'm going to go as [TS]

  the number-one Jason all right you could [TS]

  be the good Jason I'll be I'll be I'll [TS]

  be even the letter A Jason how about [TS]

  that area go [TS]

  also joining us is Lisa Schmeisser hi [TS]

  Lisa [TS]

  I gotta Jason Jason either Jason [TS]

  adjacent either you know you're not you [TS]

  are coming to us live from your home [TS]

  well yeah and we have two other people [TS]

  will say two depending on how much one [TS]

  of them wants to talk one-and-a-half to [TS]

  coming this is a big link-up between the [TS]

  uncomfortable and the great powers at [TS]

  five by five [TS]

  dan Benjamin the genius behind the five [TS]

  by five podcast network and a comic book [TS]

  nerd joins us as well hi Dan [TS]

  hey are you Jason I'm doing well how [TS]

  does it feel to be on the other end of [TS]

  the microphone I've guy can say it's [TS]

  about time I mean not if I must say [TS]

  shame on you for not inviting me sooner [TS]

  but I'm glad to be here it's a thrill [TS]

  it's great to have you and his faith [TS]

  korpi there as well she is in there he's [TS]

  hanging out with income we're just [TS]

  reading comic book you're reading comics [TS]

  that's what they do here [TS]

  faith what what what is your title what [TS]

  do you call yourself at five by five and [TS]

  the producer you are the producer but [TS]

  the Lord no Stan needs one so I sure do [TS]

  I no restriction has no faith knows so [TS]

  our topic today on the comic book club [TS]

  appropriate because recently in the last [TS]

  five or six weeks DC Comics relaunched [TS]

  its entire comic book line and what they [TS]

  did was they reset every issue [TS]

  you number one and released a whole set [TS]

  of number-one so our topic today is not [TS]

  just the DC relaunch although I imagine [TS]

  we might spend a lot of time on that but [TS]

  also the concept of a comic book number [TS]

  one in general because we can talk about [TS]

  maybe are our favorites if we have them [TS]

  or even whether number ones are any good [TS]

  which I i I'm showing my hand a little [TS]

  bit there so 02 to get started I i do [TS]

  want to talk about DC as we record this [TS]

  they just released a bunch of number [TS]

  two's this is not about number two is [TS]

  this is about number one so I I thought [TS]

  go around the virtual table and ask [TS]

  people for their thoughts about if [TS]

  they've got a particular DC relaunch [TS]

  number one issue that they want to [TS]

  highlight as as being particularly good [TS]

  particularly enjoyable and I thought I [TS]

  would start with mr. Brightman yes i did [TS]

  read all 52 number ones some of the the [TS]

  titles and characters i was familiar [TS]

  with others [TS]

  I never read or seen before and some of [TS]

  them were i would say huge [TS]

  disappointments and others intrigue me [TS]

  enough that i would pick up number two [TS]

  so I think ones that spring to mind that [TS]

  were kind of intriguing were it once I [TS]

  never would've expected like suicide [TS]

  squad or batwing and once I expected to [TS]

  like and did were like action comics [TS]

  number one by Grant Morrison and yeah [TS]

  yeah in then omak number 10 mac mock [TS]

  where and how you pronounce it the one [TS]

  man army corps yes the one man army [TS]

  corps was good but it is almost it was [TS]

  structurally the exact same as the [TS]

  original Kirby kind of number one as [TS]

  well so that was more enjoyable in a [TS]

  pastiche kind of way [TS]

  so yeah there's a there's quite a few i [TS]

  would say a good ten or eleven that [TS]

  would intrigue me enough to go on and [TS]

  then the majority made all the mistakes [TS]

  that a lot of number-one issues make in [TS]

  in not having enough of a hook to kind [TS]

  of get you to get the next issue or care [TS]

  enough about the characters [TS]

  your story or plot or whatever to go [TS]

  onto a second issue because we really [TS]

  face it [TS]

  number ones are really really hard they [TS]

  have a lot to do i think we're going to [TS]

  talk about that but first i want to go [TS]

  around so Lisa do you have any [TS]

  particular favorites from the DC number [TS]

  ones did you did you read some of the DC [TS]

  number ones i have to show my hand here [TS]

  and admit the only 1i check that was [TS]

  birds of prey because that was the windy [TS]

  series i enjoyed regularly and i was [TS]

  curious to see how it would fare when [TS]

  Gail Simone wasn't writing it and my [TS]

  initial response was that it's beautiful [TS]

  the art by AZ ascites is that how you [TS]

  say his name anyway did the artist [TS]

  gorgeous [TS]

  it's a beautiful book to look at i am [TS]

  not sold on the writing yet but i don't [TS]

  think i'm going to be able to pass [TS]

  judgment on it until it finishes out the [TS]

  first story arc and we get it I get a [TS]

  real sense for how consistently this guy [TS]

  plans on establishing and maintaining [TS]

  characterization and relationships [TS]

  between the characters so I'm surprised [TS]

  you didn't read that girl since that is [TS]

  the the Gail Simone which you feel [TS]

  opposed to what they did or oh I have [TS]

  very strong feelings about oracle and [TS]

  i'm going to stay away from that one [TS]

  until i can look at it with a less me [TS]

  jerk reflexive angry mindset going into [TS]

  it so it might be awhile before i take a [TS]

  look at that [TS]

  alright I sense that there's some [TS]

  unresolved issues there [TS]

  yeah yeah Tian Yu I know have devoured [TS]

  these number ones you know you have some [TS]

  favorite yeah yeah yeah and I'm glad you [TS]

  know trying to force me to just pick you [TS]

  know pick one favorite because that [TS]

  would that would nearly kill me I'm [TS]

  trying to be odd [TS]

  yeah i mean if I honestly if I had to [TS]

  pick if I had to pick one favorite I it [TS]

  it it be a detective comics number one I [TS]

  mean I've always loved detective comics [TS]

  vol will always always love Batman so [TS]

  and and I mean art in the work that that [TS]

  Daniels doing in there Tony Daniel is [TS]

  just i mean that that in my mind that [TS]

  sort of at least the first one which [TS]

  yeah it is a dark story line [TS]

  but I mean that just as laying down the [TS]

  gauntlet for you know okay kids pay [TS]

  attention this is this is how you do a [TS]

  number one and this is how you take a [TS]

  character that people have known for [TS]

  forever and tell a story about him [TS]

  that's new and intriguing and and you [TS]

  know poses a lot of questions and really [TS]

  treats it is [TS]

  yes is a character everybody knows but [TS]

  here's something new or here's a [TS]

  different take [TS]

  and doing that without losing what makes [TS]

  Batman and detective comics together [TS]

  great i think i think that's that's the [TS]

  winner for me but even just for getting [TS]

  this story [TS]

  I'm cash looking at what like Williams [TS]

  and black man is doing for batwoman [TS]

  artwork i just look at that is just [TS]

  artwork take take the words out and just [TS]

  look at that as artwork it's it's it's [TS]

  some of the best artwork that's [TS]

  available in print today are you saying [TS]

  we need to take the words out [TS]

  not at all I'm just saying looking at it [TS]

  as a war as a just a an illustrative [TS]

  work of art out but no I love the story [TS]

  i think i think the stories in a lot of [TS]

  these are great i think i think there's [TS]

  been some disappointments to but i [TS]

  actually just picked up i missed getting [TS]

  out the first issue of swamp thing when [TS]

  it first came out and I've got a second [TS]

  printing of it here that I'm just [TS]

  starting to read before before today and [TS]

  actually somebody is sending it sending [TS]

  an original you know like a first print [TS]

  to me the just being nice but again the [TS]

  story and that looks looks great and the [TS]

  swamp thing has been so abused over the [TS]

  years I have you know I hope that's my [TS]

  sleeper [TS]

  that's my underdog alright one thing if [TS]

  I can jump back in for a moment I might [TS]

  actually go back and take a look for the [TS]

  authority first storm watches first [TS]

  issue just because I've been following [TS]

  that series on and off since it came out [TS]

  and I'm kind of curious to see how [TS]

  they're going to integrate into the DC [TS]

  Universe this is hilarious because as [TS]

  you guys can see jason reitman face but [TS]

  I can and he is grimace repeatedly [TS]

  grimace at the DJ at that convention of [TS]

  Detective Comics and again he tried to [TS]

  wave you off Lisa from storm watch [TS]

  don't do it i would love to hear your [TS]

  life skate that well this is Jorge's [TS]

  stormwater will detective to me just [TS]

  read a little bit more like they went [TS]

  really dark and stuff which is I guess [TS]

  find it but it's it's sort of it read a [TS]

  little bit more like angry baby are it [TS]

  is it's not hard [TS]

  to go really dark with Batman and it'd [TS]

  be like all this energy with it and it [TS]

  was sort of like naked violent Joker and [TS]

  people dying and lots of blood and and [TS]

  didn't think that's what the comics all [TS]

  about man that's what it said they're [TS]

  taking it they're taking it to all a [TS]

  whole nother level it's it's it's a lie [TS]

  i think it's a totally valid [TS]

  interpretation but to me it seemed so [TS]

  easy as a writer to do that and there's [TS]

  nothing complicated nothing surprising [TS]

  nothing hard nothing interesting about [TS]

  it for me there they may have gone [TS]

  further with that take [TS]

  but it wasn't new or different or [TS]

  interesting enough to interest me [TS]

  you kind of story while which one do [TS]

  which one do you like the for me for me [TS]

  for they can sit in the first issue and [TS]

  what's exciting about first issues and [TS]

  for me it's always you know you need you [TS]

  have to establish the world the [TS]

  characters the throw in a primary kind [TS]

  of motivation thing sort of like a [TS]

  here's the world up something happens it [TS]

  has to be sort of interesting enough to [TS]

  then pick up the next issue and [TS]

  hopefully be a kind of a complete story [TS]

  by itself and i would actually point to [TS]

  as my favorite example of this when [TS]

  Martin when peter milligan and my [TS]

  cauldron took over x-force before it was [TS]

  named ecstatic it it was x-force 116 but [TS]

  it was the first issue because it was a [TS]

  completely new team of characters [TS]

  completely different direction complete [TS]

  break from the past and they introduced [TS]

  all of these characters through the the [TS]

  story it was kind of interesting [TS]

  introduce all these characters i think [TS]

  like seven of them and by the last page [TS]

  all but one was all but two were dead [TS]

  including the main character the entire [TS]

  story focused on and two of the side [TS]

  kind of characters were left alive and [TS]

  you're just like what it in shock shock [TS]

  number one right where you're not seeing [TS]

  the story you think you are right and [TS]

  I'd certainly picked up the second issue [TS]

  and kept going it was really really well [TS]

  done now i want to say i like detective [TS]

  comics I didn't love it and I i see [TS]

  Jason's point there but I also see Dan's [TS]

  point I like better than that [TS]

  man number one which i also read Batman [TS]

  number one to me suffers from a disease [TS]

  that I thought that DC was getting rid [TS]

  of which they failed to get rid of which [TS]

  is the kind of continuity reboot stuff [TS]

  because i really expected them to go to [TS]

  kind of a back to a kind of cop classic [TS]

  Batman story and instead in Batman [TS]

  number one you get you know you get his [TS]

  son is Robin and their former Robbins [TS]

  running around under new identities [TS]

  which i know is part of the continuity [TS]

  but to me I felt like that was a that [TS]

  was a mistake that they that they are [TS]

  trying to replicate parts of the [TS]

  universe that they want to keep on that [TS]

  they want to keep alive when they [TS]

  probably would have been better off [TS]

  going back to basics detective comics [TS]

  because there is none of that kind of [TS]

  Wayne family interplay in fact it's [TS]

  essentially I think Bruce Wayne is [TS]

  uncounseled for one panel it's really [TS]

  about Batman and I like the twist where [TS]

  there's this question of is the Joker [TS]

  the victim or the killer or a little bit [TS]

  of both that I that I really like it was [TS]

  my favorite but i'll defend it a little [TS]

  bit because I I it it gave me more of [TS]

  what I expected from a kind of history [TS]

  free Batman story then Batman number one [TS]

  did what i felt weighed down by the DC [TS]

  continuity I don't wanna get too far [TS]

  into this before asking faith what she [TS]

  liked from the the the number ones that [TS]

  we've seen in the last month [TS]

  okay well I have to admit that I'm new [TS]

  DC comics so I do I've sort of been ok [TS]

  cool cool because there's a lot of [TS]

  converts out there really i was always a [TS]

  Marvel die [TS]

  I mean I read Batman but that was it yes [TS]

  I i'm using this is my jumping off point [TS]

  right that i am free of the continuity [TS]

  because i don't understand it and so I [TS]

  want to see and that's why I reacted so [TS]

  badly to Batman number one I think is [TS]

  like I I knew that they had done stuff [TS]

  like this and there are many robins and [TS]

  his son is around but you know I you [TS]

  know I that's notthat doesn't fit with [TS]

  my kind of idealized view of Batman as a [TS]

  jumping-off point so go ahead [TS]

  oh no so the first one I read was the [TS]

  the Justice League One which i really [TS]

  like but I was a little overwhelmed why [TS]

  I guess by the sheer number of [TS]

  characters in it and then I'm kept it i [TS]

  mean there weren't they [TS]

  wasn't the whole justice league right it [TS]

  was essentially Batman with green [TS]

  lantern and then early age of Superman [TS]

  so it was they were trying to keep it [TS]

  simple [TS]

  certainly yeah there they were trying [TS]

  that one yeah yeah other than that Dan [TS]

  has sort of been like oh here read this [TS]

  one read this one read this one so i'm [TS]

  getting a little which was the one that [TS]

  you were really excited about Dan swamp [TS]

  swamp thing [TS]

  no I thought you said Aquaman oh yeah I [TS]

  think aqua thanks for bringing that up [TS]

  Aquaman's great that's great i want to [TS]

  read more Aquaman never picked up a copy [TS]

  Aquaman my life i want to see number two [TS]

  I'd agree with that too Aquaman was [TS]

  really good and well I want to finally [TS]

  won him over [TS]

  yeah I i totally agree with that Aquaman [TS]

  number one was really good and swamp [TS]

  thing everyone was surprisingly good as [TS]

  a as well so I'm on board with dan now [TS]

  oh good now you know you safe you're on [TS]

  board with that fit so faith [TS]

  um one animal man oh I did read Animal [TS]

  Man um we will only breed a state which [TS]

  a tradition one either Jason Jason's I [TS]

  actually I liked animal man I i liked [TS]

  the ending of animal man i had i had [TS]

  read a review of it before reading it to [TS]

  I knew what the ending was but I I I [TS]

  still thought it was kind of an [TS]

  impactful interesting ending that we had [TS]

  me intrigued enough to read the second [TS]

  issue i never even heard animal man [TS]

  everybody's I've got I've got one into [TS]

  sitting on the desk I haven't written in [TS]

  my to-read pile i would go back and look [TS]

  for the grant morrison run on animal man [TS]

  because that was to me the definitive [TS]

  run on the character and I'd be [TS]

  interested to see what they're doing [TS]

  with it now and they're doing a little [TS]

  bit of the grand more because grant [TS]

  morrison made it the the gun very meta [TS]

  story [TS]

  yeah like in Grant Morrison's rent run [TS]

  the grant morrison as the author was [TS]

  talking to animals animal man in the [TS]

  story yeah by the end of it was very [TS]

  very hey why are you doing this to me [TS]

  yeah and this has some of that vibe [TS]

  though it doesn't go in the same [TS]

  direction so it still feels kind of [TS]

  refreshing and unique [TS]

  oh yeah I so the ones that i looked at I [TS]

  like i did kinda like the Justice League [TS]

  two two faiths point as a jumping-off [TS]

  point i like that they were kind of [TS]

  restrained think [TS]

  would have just had it be two pages on [TS]

  each member or something instead it was [TS]

  really Batman who is I think maybe their [TS]

  best character and he got time and then [TS]

  they bring green lantern and he's in [TS]

  some ways comic relief because he's [TS]

  portrayed as being a big lummox which [TS]

  wich Green Lantern is it it is al Jordan [TS]

  it's held your house or okay yeah he is [TS]

  but he's a lummox and Batman outsmart [TS]

  him and takes his ring in fact which is [TS]

  hilarious yeah yeah and Superman is this [TS]

  mysterious alien force which I like some [TS]

  mystery and Superman I thought that was [TS]

  cool [TS]

  I don't handle easily he says I like [TS]

  action comics I thought action comics [TS]

  number one was really good and I'm not a [TS]

  Superman fan and you know i love i love [TS]

  Superman being like a guy who has was a [TS]

  character and he has he has [TS]

  vulnerabilities and doesn't really know [TS]

  what he's doing and is figuring it out [TS]

  that's just so much more compelling I [TS]

  and the other ones I like that girl [TS]

  which witchly lisa is you know Gail [TS]

  Simone to do a good job you i know you [TS]

  may be offended that she's not oracle [TS]

  anymore although that seems to have been [TS]

  integrated someone into the storyline [TS]

  because it's a mystery [TS]

  she was paralyzed and now isn't which is [TS]

  kind of interesting and I want to make a [TS]

  a little bit of a claim for a blue [TS]

  beetle only because i like the Blue [TS]

  Beetle general I actually have read the [TS]

  Blue Beetle comment before but what I [TS]

  really like about the Blue Beetle and [TS]

  and this I think brings us to another [TS]

  question about number one is blue beetle [TS]

  felt like a number one to me it felt [TS]

  like a fresh origin and new direction in [TS]

  a way that some of the established [TS]

  comics felt like they were number ones [TS]

  with new continuity but it was really [TS]

  the old continuity kind of kind of [TS]

  whitewashed and they didn't actually [TS]

  with Blue Beetle they did do a new [TS]

  origin that they changed his origin [TS]

  because originally it was part of the [TS]

  final crisis or one of the crate the not [TS]

  final the one before final crisis [TS]

  semifinal yeah which apparently they've [TS]

  wiped out crisis from all of the [TS]

  continuity but I so I like those you [TS]

  know I like the I like the fact that [TS]

  that blue beetle was fairly [TS]

  self-contained mean there's a story arc [TS]

  there but really by the end of the issue [TS]

  you-know-who Jaime Reyes is and you know [TS]

  his friends and you know he lives in [TS]

  texas and you know that he got [TS]

  this you know power accidentally he gets [TS]

  this power accidentally from this kind [TS]

  of crashed you know space spaceship or [TS]

  remnants of a space warrior and and then [TS]

  you're off for the next adventure which [TS]

  you know one of the problems I had with [TS]

  some of these and I think modern comics [TS]

  being so decompressed is that you end up [TS]

  with you know you don't I [TS]

  so here it is who had the over-under on [TS]

  micronauts at a at 20 minutes my micros [TS]

  number one might want to my new favorite [TS]

  comics of all time the entire premises [TS]

  set they have battles and they leave the [TS]

  planet never to return in 22 pages and [TS]

  not one of the DC Comics but uh ultimate [TS]

  spider-man number one came out in this [TS]

  last month too and that kids not going [TS]

  to put on the spider-man costume until [TS]

  like issue 5 it's not even because it's [TS]

  so decompressed and there was a lot of [TS]

  that in the DC stuff too and it's a [TS]

  little frustrating because I shouldn't [TS]

  tell me what you think shouldn't a [TS]

  number one [TS]

  tell tell you enough to get you [TS]

  intrigued and I think that sometimes [TS]

  they they they fail because they're just [TS]

  too short [TS]

  you're my criteria for a good number one [TS]

  is it has to set up the premise so that [TS]

  if someone says oh what are you reading [TS]

  about you can say oh I'm reading about [TS]

  an alien has put on the K or oh I'm [TS]

  reading about this guy whose parents [TS]

  were killed and now he solves crimes or [TS]

  what have you and they also need to [TS]

  introduce the primary character and it [TS]

  should make you want to read ahead those [TS]

  those are my big baseline criteria for [TS]

  any number one issue didn't into in [TS]

  preparation for this i went back and [TS]

  reread fantastic for number one and [TS]

  amazing spider-man number one and the [TS]

  amazing fantasy 15 i think it was which [TS]

  is the original the introduction of [TS]

  spider-man or that was the whole you [TS]

  find out you meet Peter Parker he become [TS]

  spider-man his uncle dies with great [TS]

  power comes great responsibility it was [TS]

  16 pages [TS]

  yeah and it was complete story and [TS]

  you're like I like this guy [TS]

  I want to learn more about him and see [TS]

  more of his adventures [TS]

  yeah and I don't know the DC most of the [TS]

  DC issues lived up to that in a kind of [TS]

  complete a lot of them didn't have [TS]

  complete [TS]

  stories and a lot of them didn't really [TS]

  necessarily set up a premise for a story [TS]

  really well because you can't get in [TS]

  that decompress way you're talking about [TS]

  Jason they are you get a lot of it like [TS]

  oh the first five issues or six issues [TS]

  here will be a complete story and I saw [TS]

  like the opening not even a complete [TS]

  opening chapter of this story [TS]

  see this is why I like waiting for [TS]

  trades at this point is because this [TS]

  that's this way I don't have to be [TS]

  frustrated by the incremental [TS]

  storytelling pace i can just pick up a [TS]

  complete Ark and and have done with it [TS]

  dan faith what do you guys think as far [TS]

  as your criteria for a good yeah what [TS]

  makes the number 144 you and did you [TS]

  feel like there was enough in these [TS]

  number one's for you to keep reading [TS]

  that's a great question there are a [TS]

  handful of them that maybe I mean on the [TS]

  one hand you want you want to identify [TS]

  the character the main character when [TS]

  identify the setting you want to bring [TS]

  people in that's the real thing is I [TS]

  mean honestly if you look at this from [TS]

  the story standpoint you can go over and [TS]

  look what they're doing with ultimate [TS]

  spider-man you can say they're building [TS]

  a story i got the first two issues that [TS]

  thing and you know they're they're [TS]

  building the character they're spending [TS]

  time building the character setting the [TS]

  scene you get the daddy got the uncle [TS]

  you know I mean and he's got this sort [TS]

  of power and you get the friend who [TS]

  tells him how cool it is that he's got a [TS]

  power and he's working out that he has a [TS]

  power whether it's really i mean on and [TS]

  divide spider-powers I wouldn't [TS]

  immediately start using mine i don't i [TS]

  don't know why comic book characters [TS]

  always have a problem when they have [TS]

  powers especially when the powers that [TS]

  you can kind of get under control pretty [TS]

  quickly [TS]

  you know I would like EW I wouldn't mind [TS]

  having the power to take the power given [TS]

  the powers [TS]

  I'll try I'll try some powers I would [TS]

  like them I like the bestest Deacon do [TS]

  you [TS]

  decompression i actually liked that [TS]

  story but as a number one you know [TS]

  nothing really happens and then they put [TS]

  a picture of him in a spider-man costume [TS]

  on the cover and it's like being on a [TS]

  where is it lets see it [TS]

  yeah how does he get to that point how [TS]

  many ever get this rate it'll take a [TS]

  1500 issues before you don't figures out [TS]

  how to make a web and they you know and [TS]

  I I think it's just changed too much [TS]

  racket so much for a common cause you [TS]

  know what I'm saying I think number ones [TS]

  really have to be it's it's a first date [TS]

  you know and [TS]

  against like that you got a-you got a [TS]

  little bit of romance a little bit of [TS]

  intrigue a little bit of mystery you [TS]

  have to get to that second date with the [TS]

  person and can you go to can you go too [TS]

  far in the first comic book date you can [TS]

  the possible going how you how do you go [TS]

  too far your I think that's what you [TS]

  didn't like about about the detective [TS]

  comics it went too far free but it did [TS]

  that just went too far in a particular [TS]

  genre that I find like you date a girl [TS]

  and meet you know she seems nice and [TS]

  then you know you find out what she [TS]

  wears combat boots and the the my [TS]

  probably the detective comics was more [TS]

  about like you know when bad writing [TS]

  that using gore to cover bad writing [TS]

  it's just like using Nazis as the bad [TS]

  guy it's not hard you put something not [TS]

  uniformly up bad guy and and it's just [TS]

  lazy writing speaking of combat boots [TS]

  this met this a metaphor that we're [TS]

  using this frightening me by the way his [TS]

  first dating I actually I liked it at [TS]

  first and now it's getting right it's [TS]

  kind of gone it's uncomfortable and it [TS]

  isn't know what to your point about [TS]

  amazing fantasy 15 or spider-man number [TS]

  one or something like that is in the old [TS]

  days you could tell a complete story in [TS]

  and now you know people they don't do [TS]

  that right and and so that I guess the [TS]

  question is you either start off a 5x5 [TS]

  issue story arc in order to force them [TS]

  to come back through plot right instead [TS]

  of it being I want to know more about [TS]

  these characters that may still be there [TS]

  too but all of these number ones from DC [TS]

  that i read it was really a cliffhanger [TS]

  that would give you mystery about where [TS]

  the plot was going to go next and that [TS]

  was the thing that would get you back [TS]

  not the not the characters necessarily [TS]

  because you could have done it [TS]

  number one that was a standalone and [TS]

  then people would have to judge it [TS]

  entirely based on whether they wanted to [TS]

  come back and enjoy another story [TS]

  instead of find out what happened which [TS]

  is a big difference I think again we're [TS]

  back to where back to Aquaman because [TS]

  Aquaman sets the scene tells the heck of [TS]

  a lot about the character he says almost [TS]

  nothing in the whole book says almost [TS]

  nothing but like that's the 1i keep [TS]

  coming back and thinking about because [TS]

  there was a sense of fun there's a sense [TS]

  of of awareness to it and he's barely do [TS]

  i think that the kana couple guys in a [TS]

  truck like he what he did wasn't even [TS]

  that big of a deal [TS]

  relatively speaking didn't save the [TS]

  world but yet that's the one I'm the [TS]

  kind of interested in [TS]

  and isn't it interesting that in a genre [TS]

  that's it's all about character all the [TS]

  books were the most of the books focused [TS]

  on plot right and we were not that's [TS]

  kind of bad writing [TS]

  well I mean it's it may be something [TS]

  about the intrusion of of commerce on [TS]

  the on the writing to that they feel [TS]

  like they need to do that although i [TS]

  think that's great i didn't read Aquaman [TS]

  I feel like that girl actually did a [TS]

  little bit of that too where there is an [TS]

  ongoing plot that is supposed to be kind [TS]

  of interesting and mysterious and she's [TS]

  got some character background but at the [TS]

  same time I felt like most of the pages [TS]

  of Batgirl were spent introducing us to [TS]

  this character and she's got this you [TS]

  know she's kind of scarred because she [TS]

  had something happened to her and she [TS]

  was unable to walk for some period of [TS]

  time and she's only now kind of [TS]

  reentering the world and we're kind of [TS]

  with her as she reenters and puts on her [TS]

  costume for the first time since the [TS]

  accident and we you know and we meet her [TS]

  dad who's the commissioner and all those [TS]

  things and I like that because it in a [TS]

  way that I didn't like some of the other [TS]

  books even though I I i like them they [TS]

  were carrying me along with the story [TS]

  whereas with that girl I felt much more [TS]

  connected and that is right it's not [TS]

  just good writing but it's also a good [TS]

  choice i think 22 time into that [TS]

  character because you know good writing [TS]

  and a good character will get me to read [TS]

  a number two more than a kind of insane [TS]

  cliffhanger will because if I didn't [TS]

  really enjoy the point up to the [TS]

  cliffhanger i'm not sure i would buy [TS]

  number to any of you read batwing now [TS]

  alright so no comments on all answer [TS]

  once the premise of Pat wing and [TS]

  apparently is when Batman and in the [TS]

  previous continuity was going around the [TS]

  world and creating other little Batman's [TS]

  everywhere i'm in the Batman Inc grant [TS]

  morrison storyline is batwing was one of [TS]

  those characters and he is in Africa [TS]

  forget which country in africa methods [TS]

  the Congo but he's a the African Batman [TS]

  and interestingly in the story i haven't [TS]

  read anything about him previously [TS]

  they didn't really focus on him he's [TS]

  kind of narrating stories from his point [TS]

  of view but you really get introduced to [TS]

  this other cop character and it's all [TS]

  about the police forces corrupt in this [TS]

  African nation and he's wondering about [TS]

  this this woman and whether she's on the [TS]

  side of angels or corrupt and then some [TS]

  stuff happens you do you get introduced [TS]

  to his sort of guy friday character [TS]

  Batman makes a quick appearance but it [TS]

  was almost as if the if as if the [TS]

  writers new people new this character so [TS]

  they focused on other characters to [TS]

  bring new audience in you sort of [TS]

  introduced to the world through his eyes [TS]

  and I didn't really get to learn about [TS]

  him but I didn't care because these [TS]

  other characters were kind of [TS]

  interesting and it was a softer story [TS]

  and as far as things happening but they [TS]

  were enough character interesting stuff [TS]

  no i don't know how i feel about picking [TS]

  up a book called batwing it's not the [TS]

  best title of the world on the wings of [TS]

  color [TS]

  yeah it was a good story Lisa well you [TS]

  haven't so Lisa you we haven't talked [TS]

  about red hood and the outlaws [TS]

  yeah and we also haven't talked about [TS]

  what was the what was the other one that [TS]

  got them in trouble [TS]

  Catwoman will be that woman yeah i [TS]

  bought both of those mostly just to see [TS]

  the train wreck [TS]

  oh it's really don't reward it uh-huh [TS]

  you know I had died I had a podcast [TS]

  coming up I felt like I needed to read [TS]

  them in order to understand how bad they [TS]

  were but you know for those who don't [TS]

  know this is you know Richard me out was [TS]

  robbed it reboots Starfire from the Teen [TS]

  Titans and and it's Robin who's now or [TS]

  no it's one of the Robins it's jason [TS]

  todd right switch it goes back to Batman [TS]

  continuity being very confusing and this [TS]

  supposedly clean slate and a lot of [TS]

  cross controversy about it because in [TS]

  she's basically I candy and you know [TS]

  she's got big boobs and she's posing [TS]

  supposedly talking to to the men in the [TS]

  frame but she's actually just posing for [TS]

  the people looking at the frame and she [TS]

  considers all men interchangeable and [TS]

  just wants to have sex with them which [TS]

  is uh yeah you know sort of got them [TS]

  singled out as being perhaps not the [TS]

  clean slate in terms of finding a new [TS]

  audience that that people might have [TS]

  expected and it's not even that shocking [TS]

  an idea or a character conceit it's [TS]

  actually been really played out because [TS]

  back before they did the reboot Gail [TS]

  Simone's brown on secret six she had two [TS]

  characters one was knock out who was a [TS]

  fellow female fury she and big particles [TS]

  coming from apocalypse and knockout was [TS]

  partnered with some vandal savages are [TS]

  scandal savage you know I say that out [TS]

  loud just sounds so dump anyway the [TS]

  point is is that knockout at this very [TS]

  very cavalier attitude towards sex and [TS]

  she was like Bay Street her whole mo was [TS]

  if i have an edge it's going to get [TS]

  scratched and i'm just going to grab the [TS]

  nearest bipedal hominid with a heartbeat [TS]

  and go for it and and so you know this [TS]

  is already kind of established and so to [TS]

  have poor sweet Starfire basically [TS]

  acting like a human realdoll they're not [TS]

  human but inhuman real doll was was just [TS]

  kind of really really if it's been done [TS]

  it's boring and I don't think it did [TS]

  much to advance the character because at [TS]

  least in secret six it was seen as kind [TS]

  of a character defining trait in the [TS]

  sense that look you know I don't care [TS]

  what you think this is how I roll [TS]

  whereas in this case it was oh my gosh [TS]

  it's a gorgeous woman had a bikini and [TS]

  crazy eyes and who [TS]

  wow it yeah it felt elated in cheap as [TS]

  opposed to something that actually [TS]

  explain where characters mindset came [TS]

  from you do it was bad writing right i [TS]

  mean there are better ways to tell that [TS]

  even if you want to make this alien [TS]

  character who's got very broad ideas [TS]

  about sex and love will just show [TS]

  different people leaving room in [TS]

  background panels or something over [TS]

  there are ways to do it that that don't [TS]

  make her seem like a blow-up doll which [TS]

  is a which is you know what they didn't [TS]

  do it [TS]

  it's just it's just lazy writing I mean [TS]

  it'sit's if you wanted to to titillate [TS]

  the you know thirteen-year-old boy [TS]

  audience and comics are still written [TS]

  for you do that it [TS]

  are they are they written for the [TS]

  thirteen-year-old audience or are they [TS]

  written for the 30-year old ovens I was [TS]

  gonna ask the same question so what who [TS]

  what audiences this is this written for [TS]

  because none of this stuff that we're [TS]

  identifying as being a problem [TS]

  I mean this is none of this is is new I [TS]

  mean it maybe it's new for DC to do it [TS]

  but it's not need to the comics genre as [TS]

  a whole is my point but the way it's [TS]

  being written is they took away this [TS]

  this characters agency where all of a [TS]

  sudden she's put on the defensive where [TS]

  she has to explain her sexual philosophy [TS]

  and it is judged in the framework in [TS]

  context of a bunch of male characters [TS]

  and so the message that sends out is [TS]

  that however she feels or whatever role [TS]

  she serves it's going to be wrong [TS]

  because it wasn't defined by the men [TS]

  that she interacts with whereas when [TS]

  Simone did this with knockout never [TS]

  female Furies it was it was pretty much [TS]

  look this is this is what I do this is [TS]

  how I roll [TS]

  I'm sorry if you don't like it I [TS]

  realized it was a cultural clash [TS]

  um I'm not changing but it's not going [TS]

  to happen again with you and it all [TS]

  comes down to running in perspective you [TS]

  know knock it was written as a woman [TS]

  with sexual agency and star far was [TS]

  written as a sex object there's a huge [TS]

  difference [TS]

  it comes down to without you respect the [TS]

  character enough to give them a mind of [TS]

  their own as opposed to making them [TS]

  somebody else's prop I guess my am [TS]

  concerned about this is I mean there's a [TS]

  larger issue of sort of sexism and [TS]

  comics and and what our audience are you [TS]

  pandering to and and and the thing that [TS]

  the thing that I'm shocked me about it [TS]

  is that we know we talked earlier about [TS]

  and faith you mentioned this that you [TS]

  are new to DC comics and haven't read [TS]

  these comics before when they're trying [TS]

  to reach a new audience and got TV ads [TS]

  actually saying you can go download [TS]

  these things on your iPad or you can go [TS]

  to a comic book store whatever you can [TS]

  get them they're trying to reach a new [TS]

  audience and then to come out with a [TS]

  tissue like like Catwoman number one [TS]

  where she starts out naked and slowly [TS]

  put very slowly puts on her underwear as [TS]

  the issue goes along or red hoodie [TS]

  outlaws with with Starfire how she's [TS]

  treated I I you know I i look at that [TS]

  thing [TS]

  you are pandering to your traditional [TS]

  comics audience and you're and you're [TS]

  not going to turn off people who are [TS]

  your new audience I you know I don't [TS]

  know if favored and you've got any any [TS]

  thoughts about that i mean do you really [TS]

  think they are trying to get like people [TS]

  who haven't picked up the comic book [TS]

  ever because I i would question the [TS]

  likelihood of that happening i'm new to [TS]

  DC comics but I'm not knit new to comics [TS]

  so I mean I am very familiar with the [TS]

  fact that typically report the [TS]

  proportions of a woman's body or not [TS]

  accurately portrayed yeah yeah yeah i [TS]

  mean i would question that like someone [TS]

  who has never picked up a comic book [TS]

  would be going near these I do think [TS]

  they are there they're trying to get [TS]

  that audience that goes and sees you [TS]

  know the movies that are out now the [TS]

  Batman movies that did the ten or eleven [TS]

  people who saw the green lantern film [TS]

  that they're trying to get those new [TS]

  those people who are familiar with the [TS]

  characters may be familiar with comics [TS]

  or at least comic strips from the [TS]

  newspaper and trying to get them to pick [TS]

  up something new so i would argue there [TS]

  they are trying to expand the market [TS]

  they have to because the the comic book [TS]

  market is so small it may also be step [TS]

  one is get back the people who have read [TS]

  comics in the past and it's just too [TS]

  inconvenient but they've got an ipad [TS]

  right there or a computer that they can [TS]

  just view them on the computer and and [TS]

  and get them back it just you know it [TS]

  surprises me when they talk about going [TS]

  mainstream and DC you know has talked [TS]

  about saying we want to be able to do TV [TS]

  ads that they made the creative [TS]

  decisions i don't know i don't know if [TS]

  anybody else read those issues but I [TS]

  maybe I'm the only one who was enough of [TS]

  a sucker to buy red hood me outlaws and [TS]

  by Catwoman number one just to see the [TS]

  just to see how bad it was [TS]

  yeah i bought cab Catwoman number one [TS]

  before I heard there is any big deal [TS]

  about it and when you think you know I [TS]

  was here I was expect to be honest I was [TS]

  expecting that from everyone I mean that [TS]

  that's that's kind of what Catwoman has [TS]

  always been about I mean I was not [TS]

  expecting Catwoman to have sex with that [TS]

  man on the last panel [TS]

  I mean like if you think back to the tim [TS]

  burton area of Batman movies I I try not [TS]

  to think about that returns clubs about [TS]

  oh ok but I mean that was that was [TS]

  Catwoman that was her back then I with [TS]

  Michelle Pfeiffer and enroll and people [TS]

  thought it was great when it was [TS]

  Michelle Pfeiffer and it wasn't really [TS]

  that different from what we're seeing [TS]

  now I mean you know sure you can [TS]

  question the the last page and certainly [TS]

  had my question whether the TT plus [TS]

  audience i think at least in the Marvel [TS]

  side T plus is like 13 and up [TS]

  I don't you know I don't know if this [TS]

  was the kind of comic that my parents [TS]

  would have especially wanted me to read [TS]

  when I was 13 years old i'm not saying [TS]

  that you know kids don't find ways to [TS]

  read things behind their parents back [TS]

  but i'm not saying i would buy this for [TS]

  my thirteen-year-old but that said like [TS]

  again I I don't know if that's the [TS]

  audience that its intended for the [TS]

  rating system is kind of arbitrary [TS]

  anyway but if you assume that this is a [TS]

  comic telling it and but maybe a more [TS]

  adult story it's not for kids if you [TS]

  take that off if you read this thing or [TS]

  whatever [TS]

  I'm would it would it be as big of a [TS]

  deal [TS]

  you know i think you're right that it's [TS]

  it's somewhat expected for the [TS]

  characters i think it's it the way it [TS]

  was portrayed was interesting in the [TS]

  almost that watchman way where was about [TS]

  the characters as in costume [TS]

  you know they don't take their costumes [TS]

  off as they start making Whoopie and pay [TS]

  it had that it was that had nice [TS]

  interesting kind of personality who's [TS]

  the real character whose to [TS]

  secret-identity all that kind of [TS]

  layering that watchman did so well and [TS]

  other books have been applied it's a [TS]

  Batman and Catwoman and and the fact [TS]

  that they were hooking up that's not [TS]

  surprising it's been hinted at forever [TS]

  it's just a bit more graphically [TS]

  portrayed a question the need to [TS]

  graphically portray it no oh yeah you [TS]

  know I don't think it i don't think i [TS]

  don't think it was a it was a I'm [TS]

  groping for the right word here and I i [TS]

  don't think it did bad things for cat [TS]

  your cat woman's character [TS]

  they're the same way up or start forgot [TS]

  it but [TS]

  the art frankly looks like fanfiction [TS]

  type art you know if it does i've heard [TS]

  a lot of people have said that a lot of [TS]

  you that last panel is really not very [TS]

  well-executed I looked at it and thought [TS]

  well I know what did right across here [TS]

  but we're where it was kind of like it [TS]

  took me a moment to kind of figure out [TS]

  where the body parts were going and you [TS]

  know which one should be but it failed [TS]

  an artistic level 20 but i think there i [TS]

  think there was a way again there's a [TS]

  way you could have done it where it [TS]

  didn't come off as the female character [TS]

  being put on display for an audience to [TS]

  judge her and user as a sex object in [TS]

  their own mind and and that's the thing [TS]

  that bothers me in both cases is the way [TS]

  that the female characters are framed [TS]

  and depicted on the page there they're [TS]

  not really being presented as characters [TS]

  with with agency and motivation and and [TS]

  incentives of their own [TS]

  it's rather here is something for you to [TS]

  go look at now teehee and it's that [TS]

  yeah it didn't didn't throw me but it [TS]

  has been common i think maybe maybe it's [TS]

  just that it's it's always been like [TS]

  that with with so many comics and I [TS]

  guess maybe I just thought with DC [TS]

  saying they were trying to reach a [TS]

  broader audience or bring people back [TS]

  into the fold and advertises on [TS]

  television a nationwide created girl [TS]

  geek culture is you think they would [TS]

  have talked to some women about how they [TS]

  felt about this this long-standing comic [TS]

  book convention of women being the [TS]

  objects and the and the add-ons and the [TS]

  tokens in the books you know but they [TS]

  they didn't change right i mean it is it [TS]

  is it is what kind of you would expect [TS]

  which is i just i was a little [TS]

  disappointed by it now before we get off [TS]

  too far on the horrible crippling sexism [TS]

  of DC in a couple issues which we did I [TS]

  want to talk about Jason mentioned [TS]

  watchman number one and i want to see if [TS]

  you guys had any thing to say about and [TS]

  I already dropped the micronized bomb a [TS]

  little while ago about about other [TS]

  classic number-one issues that you like [TS]

  her or or didn't like and you know since [TS]

  Jason mentioned amazing fantasy 15 and [TS]

  and fantastic for number one and i was [TS]

  going to mention watch men number one as [TS]

  well which is a great example of [TS]

  something that doesn't [TS]

  reveal all the characters and all the [TS]

  storyline yet but it gives you enough [TS]

  that you are in this rich world [TS]

  it sets the initial mystery and then you [TS]

  know makes you have to come back for [TS]

  more and that that I was hooked I heard [TS]

  knew nothing about watchmen other than [TS]

  that it was severely hyped and i bought [TS]

  watchman number one because i am that [TS]

  ancient and was blown away and then you [TS]

  know that was it I was sold on the whole [TS]

  on the whole series but i'm wondering if [TS]

  you guys have some other examples of of [TS]

  favorite first issues from the past [TS]

  dan how about you mm I was I was [TS]

  actually afraid you're gonna start what [TS]

  you want to pass now I don't pass to [TS]

  canopy limited series [TS]

  sure yeah i mean i plied rebel army and [TS]

  limited Wolverine limited series number [TS]

  one back in the eighties still got it [TS]

  still got arrangements nodding they [TS]

  don't get totally rocked that was a [TS]

  great why can't I want totally won the [TS]

  faith people have totally won the sky [TS]

  over yeah he's totally in my court now I [TS]

  could say anything now and he could come [TS]

  on board [TS]

  I've got I've got the book right here [TS]

  I've got it right here in my box right [TS]

  by the dad is that a original original [TS]

  worry miniseries chris claremont Frank [TS]

  Miller yeah yeah it's not in great [TS]

  condition but I mean look at that thing [TS]

  that book is amazing [TS]

  everything about it cover the cover [TS]

  forget everything forget they don't even [TS]

  open it just look at the cover this is [TS]

  james a bad its iconic now it's the best [TS]

  what are you gonna say I mean that's my [TS]

  favorite number one gotta be alright [TS]

  fair enough faith do you have a favorite [TS]

  number one [TS]

  uh-huh I mm no no wonder what dad wants [TS]

  to answer for our flight [TS]

  I just have a feeling she's in sapphire [TS]

  yeah sure you can't be Canadian [TS]

  superheroes actually you can you can [TS]

  beat them senseless but good [TS]

  I mean how can you beat this yeah he's [TS]

  you can't see this but he's like waving [TS]

  around his will be generally very very [TS]

  gently very gently [TS]

  it's like that you think like [TS]

  shrink-wrap you don't harm now it's just [TS]

  a bit just in a bag can't believe [TS]

  champey read you can't even look at it [TS]

  look away again then can be viewed [TS]

  so I'm gonna go outside of the [TS]

  mainstream genre with number ones stray [TS]

  bullets number one by a david lapham [TS]

  came out you can get them all in trade [TS]

  now and i encourage the audience to pick [TS]

  them up every issue is almost a number [TS]

  one because every issue was a complete [TS]

  story and he'd introduce a new character [TS]

  so you have to kind of get to know this [TS]

  character the world the whole thing it [TS]

  was almost mostly seventies pulp fiction [TS]

  type stories but after four or five [TS]

  issues you started realizing there's the [TS]

  big story going on and all these people [TS]

  are connected even though they weren't [TS]

  in there but you got to start seeing [TS]

  other parts of the same town or same [TS]

  storyline going on and other things from [TS]

  other characters perspectives and you're [TS]

  like oh wait i thought i was just [TS]

  reading interesting character pieces and [TS]

  now there's this bigger picture going on [TS]

  and it was each story by itself [TS]

  great story and then bigger [TS]

  meta-narrative amazing but that's [TS]

  cheating because you've just said every [TS]

  issue is number one but there was only [TS]

  one number one and you can tell from it [TS]

  that every other issue is going to be [TS]

  interconnected know that you can't get [TS]

  number one a red cover a little kid [TS]

  dressed up for Halloween as a ghost and [TS]

  has to cover great story just because [TS]

  each one is complete story was that [TS]

  number one issue is fantastic one of the [TS]

  best number ones I've ever read [TS]

  fair enough Lisa what about you [TS]

  I'm going to slightly different [TS]

  direction and make an argument that as a [TS]

  publishing arm vertigo actually tends to [TS]

  have a very strong number one issues on [TS]

  most of their books if it's the original [TS]

  book for example I thought that bill [TS]

  williams fables has a really strong and [TS]

  compelling number one issue because they [TS]

  started off right away with a murder [TS]

  mystery and they do and they World build [TS]

  around the murder mystery at the same [TS]

  time and it was one of those where you [TS]

  put down you just want to read more more [TS]

  more and then going way way back [TS]

  your gay men's first issue black orchid [TS]

  is definite again what does it kills off [TS]

  a main character and then you know kind [TS]

  of reboots the premise all the first [TS]

  issues that's another one that's really [TS]

  fun and powerful to read and the work [TS]

  that bryan cave on has done for [TS]

  vertigo again almost always number ones [TS]

  have been really good really strong [TS]

  jumping into the wayback machine as a [TS]

  middle schooler I think when the first [TS]

  issue of xmas Newton's came out I want [TS]

  that oh yeah I love that number one I [TS]

  think that is fantastic and it [TS]

  definitely set a tone for the series and [TS]

  then had a story and did a great job [TS]

  introducing characters within the [TS]

  framework of an already established a [TS]

  fictional universe and so I'd argue that [TS]

  that's a really strong number one shoot [TS]

  didn't do mutants get kicked off by a [TS]

  graphic novel though and then there was [TS]

  the number one I don't remember to be [TS]

  honest with the other members is sitting [TS]

  down with a stack of of the of the of [TS]

  the comic books at the comic issues and [TS]

  reading through some pretty sure yeah i [TS]

  think that i think we launched it with a [TS]

  with a graphic novel and then they went [TS]

  to number one but i do remember reading [TS]

  that number one a million times because [TS]

  it we as somebody who discovered a lot [TS]

  of these comics obviously most people [TS]

  discover comics not with issue number [TS]

  one but with issue number 138 yeah uh [TS]

  and so being in on the ground floor of [TS]

  you know the next x-men basically when I [TS]

  didn't get a chance to do that before [TS]

  because I was too young to reject anyone [TS]

  around 16 yeah it was exciting and and [TS]

  that's you know me I think that's the [TS]

  purpose number ones surviving we see [TS]

  number ones again and again comic [TS]

  companies reset the numbering whenever [TS]

  they feel like it in order i guess you [TS]

  know collectors want to collect them but [TS]

  they will not send a message about it it [TS]

  how it's a new story and that's what I [TS]

  the next thing i want to bring up which [TS]

  is our how important our number ones [TS]

  really because don't most of us and this [TS]

  is bisko's for origin stories to don't [TS]

  most of us fall into a story in the [TS]

  middle anyway I mean how often is it [TS]

  that we start with we see number one and [TS]

  we start with number one unless we've [TS]

  discovered some other part of the story [TS]

  and then have decided to backtrack to it [TS]

  i think i think they're important but [TS]

  listen talking about this fables thing [TS]

  the other day look at the cover this new [TS]

  fable side [TS]

  this thing looks good I want to get this [TS]

  and I said to the person in the storm [TS]

  like well can I just jump into haha you [TS]

  can't just jump into that they like like [TS]

  oh no you can't go no and then they said [TS]

  they said here's where you want to start [TS]

  and they took me back and they have an [TS]

  entire like wing of this comment is a [TS]

  big that whole wing devoted to just the [TS]

  straight paperback to this thing I'll [TS]

  never get caught up in by others there's [TS]

  this book but right now the series there [TS]

  and this not give anything away that the [TS]

  first arc of the series of the first [TS]

  giant art that takes up like seven or [TS]

  eight or nine trade paperbacks concerns [TS]

  a giant war and you can totally skip [TS]

  over that and jump into the universe [TS]

  after the war is done and you're you [TS]

  know all you're missing is some [TS]

  backstory and easter egg has dropped in [TS]

  but that's your entry point if you don't [TS]

  want to go back and read and it and drop [TS]

  a boatload of money on trades and spend [TS]

  the entire weekend catching up on that's [TS]

  actually the good things about the [TS]

  series is it seems like Willingham is [TS]

  riding along arcs and while you know I [TS]

  like the series enough to encourage you [TS]

  to read them you can totally jump in [TS]

  after the war's over and and you'd still [TS]

  have a really rewarding experience with [TS]

  the serious that's one of the things i [TS]

  think that series is doing right it's [TS]

  providing a lot of natural tapering [TS]

  points have we gotten spoiled have we [TS]

  gotten too much information to the point [TS]

  where back in the day if you had seen [TS]

  you know hey this table is a cool comic [TS]

  pickup issue number 128 and and you [TS]

  wouldn't have said well i can get the [TS]

  trade paperback I can go on Wikipedia [TS]

  and look at the story arc and maybe i'll [TS]

  just start with number one and work my [TS]

  way up and back then you know not to [TS]

  sound again like an old man back then [TS]

  maybe we're a little more innocently [TS]

  saying you know whatever i'll just pick [TS]

  up this issue i found out of the at the [TS]

  supermarket and I'll figure it out [TS]

  because I think we're all capable of [TS]

  figuring out where the what's going on [TS]

  the story i'm not sure we all need to [TS]

  start with number one but I feel like at [TS]

  this point that's the society we live it [TS]

  is we have so much information at their [TS]

  disposal that you know why would you [TS]

  ever start at number eighteen when you [TS]

  could start at number one [TS]

  one of the things that jim shooter was [TS]

  always really big on and pushed his [TS]

  writers and editors to do was every [TS]

  issue is somebody's first so you have to [TS]

  have enough things in the story that [TS]

  anybody picking up the story can pick up [TS]

  the world and the characters and things [TS]

  which is why every issue of x-men [TS]

  wolverine head Wolverine say I'm the [TS]

  best there is at what I do and what I do [TS]

  isn't very nice which is all you need to [TS]

  know about the character and as a long [TS]

  time reader reading in a trade paperback [TS]

  now it's really annoying but in the days [TS]

  of those single issues on newsstands and [TS]

  you know you pick up one in the middle [TS]

  of the story it told you everything like [TS]

  you look at any issue Fantastic Four and [TS]

  it was you got every issue was sooo [TS]

  referred to johnny is her brother Reed [TS]

  referred to the accident was generally [TS]

  referenced read referred to sue is his [TS]

  wife like just through the dialogue you [TS]

  got who all the characters were and [TS]

  writers don't do that today they tried [TS]

  the beginning of like you know an issue [TS]

  of ultimate spider-man they have that [TS]

  little blurb about ultimate who ultimate [TS]

  spider-man is and what happened in the [TS]

  previous issue to help with it but it [TS]

  used to be built into the stories which [TS]

  is kind of annoying and trade paperbacks [TS]

  that we live in today [TS]

  alright that's that jason reitman has [TS]

  dropped some history on us there I [TS]

  actually grew up reading gym shooters a [TS]

  marvel comics and and I I did feel that [TS]

  way that was that works for me because [TS]

  that's how i got into comics was not by [TS]

  digging up old issues but just dropping [TS]

  into those those issues and being like [TS]

  okay I get through the x-men are [TS]

  generally I kind of figured out who [TS]

  kitty pryde is and why she down in the [TS]

  tunnels with the Morlocks you know I I [TS]

  didn't need to read that issue 12 issues [TS]

  ago I I i could piece it together and i [TS]

  also used to the asterisks to cross [TS]

  hospital i love the footnotes and this [TS]

  one you could actually hunt them down if [TS]

  you're interested in them to my very [TS]

  first comic book was uncanny x-men [TS]

  annual number five which Boone oh yes [TS]

  would allow the dude yeah we've [TS]

  discussed what a jerk [TS]

  re Richards's on it anyway of course oh [TS]

  that's my favorite topics of you put [TS]

  eight anyway the point is I'm not only [TS]

  do they do the thing where you get [TS]

  introduced to everybody they do with the [TS]

  x-men to wear like storm can you sum up [TS]

  some wins for us of course I care and [TS]

  but they also explained to the boon R&Y [TS]

  Professor Xavier's girlfriend is an [TS]

  alien and so on and so forth we got the [TS]

  footnotes aplenty and so you know as a [TS]

  as a 5th grader [TS]

  not only did i do I get this instant [TS]

  comprehension [TS]

  of this this fictitious world I was also [TS]

  really hooked on the idea that there is [TS]

  back reading to do or or that you know [TS]

  this world radiated out to other books [TS]

  that i could hunt down as well and it [TS]

  was just a beautiful balance of [TS]

  self-contained story and I look into a [TS]

  wider world and i do think that despite [TS]

  the plethora of crossover events that [TS]

  most comic book publishers put out today [TS]

  I think we've all I i think the [TS]

  storytelling his ship to the point where [TS]

  it doesn't do that as elegantly as it [TS]

  used to [TS]

  I don't know why but I think we've lost [TS]

  a little bit of that style and it's a [TS]

  pity the my first issue was x-men 1 99 [TS]

  and it was wearing Rachel summers became [TS]

  phoenix and I had no idea who any of [TS]

  these characters were or phoenix or any [TS]

  of that stuff but the issue like I got [TS]

  this character is going to his major [TS]

  transformation and her mom but she's [TS]

  been altered reality but her mom also [TS]

  had gone through this and then did very [TS]

  very bad things and she has a lot to try [TS]

  to live up to and makeup for and so [TS]

  introduce me to one issue to this entire [TS]

  world and I got it was like a great [TS]

  story and intriguing enough then to kind [TS]

  of investigate this world and discover [TS]

  all of it was amazing and and it's it is [TS]

  kind of what first issues need to do and [TS]

  I don't know that any of the DC one's [TS]

  really rose to that level it does anyone [TS]

  disagree i didn't read enough them to be [TS]

  able to do agree or disagree so I'm just [TS]

  going to take your word for it [TS]

  alright so before we go though I wanna [TS]

  turn Jason's question on it a little bit [TS]

  i'm interested to know from all of you [TS]

  this is where i actually i'm going to [TS]

  put you on the spot finally one of the [TS]

  nice things about DC to go about your [TS]

  number ones is if we were to tell [TS]

  somebody this week that one DC comic was [TS]

  good they wouldn't have to go back a [TS]

  hundred hundred and twenty issues they [TS]

  could go back to last month or just [TS]

  downloaded on their iPad and start with [TS]

  issue 1 and then probably immediately [TS]

  move on to issue 2 and then that would [TS]

  be it may have to wait a month so i'm [TS]

  going to put you on the spot and ask if [TS]

  for our blisters out there if there was [TS]

  one DC number one that you would [TS]

  recommend they try to see about this new [TS]

  DC [TS]

  the stuff 52 number-one issues [TS]

  what would it be and i'll start and I'm [TS]

  going to start with the Blue Beetle it [TS]

  which i mentioned before because it is a [TS]

  true origin story which is fun i think [TS]

  the Blue Beetle does not get enough [TS]

  credit [TS]

  I am a sucker for the teenage kid with [TS]

  problems who get superpowers genre i [TS]

  love invincible [TS]

  I love ultimate spider-man and blue [TS]

  beetle is the DC ultimate spider-man [TS]

  he's great [TS]

  it's a great comic and the new comic [TS]

  looks to be just as good as got this [TS]

  whole cosmic soldier kind of thing and [TS]

  i'm a sucker for the space superhero [TS]

  genre to and blue beetles got all of [TS]

  that so that's what i recommend it if [TS]

  you haven't I ever heard the Blue Beetle [TS]

  before I say check it out because you [TS]

  will get the whole story of who the blue [TS]

  beetle is and what he's all about and [TS]

  i'm going to be going to be reading that [TS]

  one Jason what about you [TS]

  I don't think almost depends on who I'm [TS]

  talking to and what kind of genre they [TS]

  like because I think to DC's credit they [TS]

  hit lots of different genres and have [TS]

  something for almost everyone if I was [TS]

  just doing the my top one I would [TS]

  probably go with the flow Mach omak [TS]

  number one because it it was so much fun [TS]

  and and it started to introduce a new [TS]

  character and its hapless office worker [TS]

  gets zapped by brother I satellite and [TS]

  turned into this killing machine for but [TS]

  for a purpose because omak has an agenda [TS]

  for the satellite has an agenda which [TS]

  you don't know what it is but you get [TS]

  there's an agenda and then there's [TS]

  monsters that are bigger than life and [TS]

  destruction and mayhem and a girlfriend [TS]

  who's worried about her hapless office [TS]

  boyfriend who's disappeared during all [TS]

  of this carnage because he's making at [TS]

  night it was a fun kind of light story [TS]

  and faith what about what you guys do [TS]

  you have a recommendation if you could [TS]

  only recommend one comic for somebody to [TS]

  try from the new DC what would it be [TS]

  mm that's it is such a tough when I kind [TS]

  of agree that you know might depend on [TS]

  the person [TS]

  yes yes but i am asking tough questions [TS]

  you got you got to answer only one [TS]

  you know I mean this is gonna die i [TS]

  really like the the way swamp thing is [TS]

  starting out but i really like Batman to [TS]

  i have to pick one you do not Batman [TS]

  Aquaman rather I wouldn't put that man [TS]

  on they're for the average person I [TS]

  don't miss a swamp think that that's my [TS]

  sleeper [TS]

  that's my underdog I didn't even read [TS]

  that one because i am so attached to [TS]

  that Alan Moore run on this one thing so [TS]

  I'm interesting island i'll check it out [TS]

  I like hearing positive things about it [TS]

  because I i do love that that character [TS]

  at least as Ellen were kind of [TS]

  reinventing him and I i I'm I'm I so I'm [TS]

  intrigued now so i will take your advice [TS]

  you should know before you jump in and [TS]

  kind of completely undoes everything [TS]

  eleanor did that's fine i'm expecting [TS]

  there to be dead continuity now which is [TS]

  a that that's ok I'm ok with that faith [TS]

  what about you I probably say batgirl [TS]

  because that's the only one I've read so [TS]

  far where I thought I want to read a [TS]

  good 1i like that when she's not she's [TS]

  not she's not hung up on the Oracle or [TS]

  anything else because she didn't read in [TS]

  the Bible and read that I know about me [TS]

  so you gotta at we're telling you Lisa [TS]

  you should read that girl number one [TS]

  it's good great and you know you get to [TS]

  see the human side of of one of these [TS]

  heroes who is not afraid at least in her [TS]

  own personal thoughts and our own [TS]

  personal thoughts to admit to herself [TS]

  now I don't know what I'm to what am i [TS]

  doing am i doing out here in this outfit [TS]

  ok alright alright have you had I've [TS]

  been press-ganged into submission [TS]

  Oh your baby is also telling you to read [TS]

  back I I speak baby so I can you hear in [TS]

  the background I owe a little bit she [TS]

  says it's delightful [TS]

  I'd ask i'd ask you Lisa but you hope [TS]

  you've only read the one right so are [TS]

  you gonna are you gonna go out and get a [TS]

  girl number one [TS]

  you know i might read it in the store [TS]

  for I'm I'm quitting the tangents today [TS]

  but part of my problem number one is I [TS]

  don't want them hanging around the house [TS]

  afterwards what I'd rather do is just [TS]

  see which book shake out in which ones [TS]

  are going to get trades and by the [TS]

  trades if i'm going to buy and read them [TS]

  I don't like being single issues anymore [TS]

  which i think is another podcast another [TS]

  time [TS]

  yeah i'm doing i'm i'm doing that but [TS]

  I'm doing it all on the ipad now [TS]

  no that's the only single issues i'll [TS]

  buy will be on the ipad yeah if if we an [TS]

  ipad for non-work related purposes or [TS]

  through not work related channels and [TS]

  i'll probably start dropping money on [TS]

  single issues again but not the physical [TS]

  objects now so I've got all my mom would [TS]

  you like to start them to me know they [TS]

  know because i really like i really like [TS]

  having them in me it's great it's great [TS]

  to collect and you know I mean I like [TS]

  time away from devices in the audience [TS]

  should go i believe November they're [TS]

  coming out with a hardcover collection [TS]

  of every single number you know fifty [TS]

  two number ones in one hardcover [TS]

  collection that's actually a really [TS]

  smart move because I can energize people [TS]

  to do the books that would read [TS]

  otherwise yeah that's a really good idea [TS]

  really good idea and if you can go to [TS]

  dance house if you'd like to read them [TS]

  now because Dan is keeping the shop [TS]

  alive and good for him that's right it [TS]

  you're spending time away from devices [TS]

  day and I never spend time away from [TS]

  devices [TS]

  I i fall asleep with my ipad under my [TS]

  pillow until you're going to say on your [TS]

  far and that my kids on my forehead the [TS]

  ipads under the pillow that's how that [TS]

  works [TS]

  alright well this has been fun we had [TS]

  some technical issues but we managed to [TS]

  have a conversation anyway which is good [TS]

  anyway I until the next time the comic [TS]

  book club convenience which I hope is [TS]

  soon at i would like to thank my comic [TS]

  book club members we all have our [TS]

  membership cards new member is [TS]

  indoctrinated and indoctrinated inducted [TS]

  today you'll you'll receive your up [TS]

  hazing ritual later Dan Benjamin and [TS]

  faith korpi thank you for being here [TS]

  thanks so much for having us yeah thanks [TS]

  so much i'm glad it's not normally this [TS]

  chaotic and things don't normally break [TS]

  this badly he said you know police and [TS]

  Jason lecture right sure Jason brightman [TS]

  thank you for thank you for for being [TS]

  here again and talking about so many [TS]

  number ones [TS]

  it's always great to be here [TS]

  and Lisa Schmeisser from home with with [TS]

  the baby [TS]

  thanks for thanks for dialing and I [TS]

  really appreciate it I had a great time [TS]

  thank you all right until the next [TS]

  meeting of the comic book club [TS]

  this is jason l for the incomparable [TS]

  wishing you farewell [TS]

  [Music] [TS]

  that's the weird [TS]

  that's the weird [TS]

  sign off I've ever done but you know I [TS]

  guess I like that one adios courage to [TS]

  help Ryder [TS]