The Incomparable

64: Ghosts Cause Cancer


  the incontrovertible Todd test number 64 [TS]

  halloween 2011 we're back on the [TS]

  incomparable podcast I'm your host Jason [TS]

  Snell and in honor of Halloween we are [TS]

  going to talk about a movie that is not [TS]

  really scary but it's all about ghost's [TS]

  its ghost busters from 1984 one of my [TS]

  favorite movies of all time [TS]

  John Syracuse's not here to tear it [TS]

  apart i learned my lesson instead here [TS]

  to probably say terrible things about it [TS]

  are Dan more'n dan how many times have [TS]

  you seen ghostbusters [TS]

  I think as I was I was I was confiding a [TS]

  moment ago but now that you've decided [TS]

  to air my dirty laundry [TS]

  I think that was earlier this week when [TS]

  i watch it was my second time seeing the [TS]

  whole thing but Jason I how is that [TS]

  possible [TS]

  I need to point out that despite that I [TS]

  ain't afraid of no good [TS]

  I i don't know if you've only seen it [TS]

  twice you might actually be afraid I'm [TS]

  slightly afraid of some ghosts ok [TS]

  alright alright the ghost in this movie [TS]

  yes serenity Caldwell his voice you just [TS]

  heard how many times have you seen this [TS]

  at many or or only the once i have seen [TS]

  it more times than I can count [TS]

  not enough times not enough time that it [TS]

  goes in my all-time favorite movies list [TS]

  but it was definitely a film on repeat [TS]

  often when I was growing up as a child [TS]

  alright that that qualifies you for more [TS]

  than Dan so excellent work also [TS]

  also joining us is my compatriot for [TS]

  many years ago [TS]

  he's an old man like me ben boychuk I [TS]

  been a Jason hey everybody [TS]

  and how many times have you seen [TS]

  Ghostbusters too many to count [TS]

  well yes but I was going to say since [TS]

  we're old men three times in the theater [TS]

  in the summer of nineteen eighty-four [TS]

  there you go and then probably 15 times [TS]

  since then including today [TS]

  wow I i saw [TS]

  uh-huh once or twice in the theater in [TS]

  the summer of 84 and I remember when it [TS]

  came out on on VHS which was not too [TS]

  long after i think it was i mean at the [TS]

  time that was not too long it was like [TS]

  six months later or seven months later [TS]

  but boy I watched it on VHS [TS]

  I cannot tell you how many times it's [TS]

  probably i think it's i want to say at [TS]

  least at least 30 it's probably more [TS]

  like 50 and because I just had I had the [TS]

  tape to the point where now when i watch [TS]

  the DVD or blu-ray which is in [TS]

  widescreen I actually noticed the scenes [TS]

  that were panned and scanned in the VHS [TS]

  i can i can still remember [TS]

  oh yeah they used to have to pan back [TS]

  and forth for that conversation and now [TS]

  they don't because it's burned on my [TS]

  brain [TS]

  anyway so Ghostbusters should be no [TS]

  surprise to anybody except perhaps dan I [TS]

  directed by ivan reitman from a [TS]

  screenplay by two of the stars of the [TS]

  movie [TS]

  dan Aykroyd and harold ramis and then [TS]

  starting starting Aykroyd Ramos Bill [TS]

  Murray Sigourney Weaver Rick Moranis [TS]

  there lots of giants in this movie [TS]

  Ernie hot Bernie Hudson Ernie Hudson [TS]

  isn't Ernie Hudson deer heads Larry King [TS]

  casey kasem william atherton way out a [TS]

  great William Atherton and roger grimsby [TS]

  newsman roger grimsby also in this in a [TS]

  cameo and Casey Kasem's wife blonde wife [TS]

  Jean Kasem also in this movie [TS]

  how's that for the knowledge haha also i [TS]

  think i think i noticed a trivia factoid [TS]

  in any pots i should mention too yes go [TS]

  ahead [TS]

  so William Atherton excuse me William [TS]

  Atherton of course from designer of the [TS]

  trifecta of william atherton rolls right [TS]

  right from die hard but I believe there [TS]

  is in fact a second diehard actor algos [TS]

  I hard that you're at a New York cop in [TS]

  this movie for one scene about 23 [TS]

  seconds right yeah he goes hey [TS]

  ghostbusters [TS]

  the mayor wants to talk to you yeah hey [TS]

  get accounts it's al from die hard right [TS]

  there [TS]

  there you go and I heard too [TS]

  yes but not die hard with a vengeance [TS]

  not that hard with inches and of course [TS]

  family matters [TS]

  that's a good that's good knowledge i [TS]

  actually have in my notes something that [TS]

  I didn't really ever think about before [TS]

  but this time through when i watched it [TS]

  yesterday I thought hey that's out from [TS]

  die hard and that's yet I I sky see you [TS]

  know what I was just looking at the [TS]

  credits after they rolled myself wait [TS]

  Reggie veljohnson yeah it's got me [TS]

  Reginald veljohnson [TS]

  yeah you're playing playing it on a cock [TS]

  city cop you know we never really got [TS]

  out of that they must they must have [TS]

  seen Ghostbusters so let's get that guy [TS]

  to be in dire yeah i think they did so [TS]

  um I actually can't go to New York City [TS]

  without thinking about this movie it's [TS]

  funny because there's so many movies [TS]

  that are set in New York and it for [TS]

  whatever reason you know when I go past [TS]

  the library with the lion statues I [TS]

  cannot help but think of the first scene [TS]

  of ghostbusters when i'm in Central Park [TS]

  and looking over at central park west [TS]

  I can recognize the building even though [TS]

  it had a matte painting on it in a movie [TS]

  but spook central is there on Central [TS]

  Park West just doesn't have the top with [TS]

  the the you know horrible horrible demon [TS]

  creatures on it that's just a matte [TS]

  painting it's not real that's probably [TS]

  for the best if you have spooked that [TS]

  spook central doesn't actually exist [TS]

  with its silentium girders and the paid [TS]

  by the animal sacrifice architect evo [TS]

  stand or it might be a little bit hard [TS]

  to get people to live there i mean no [TS]

  new york city is kind of a commodity for [TS]

  real estate but the you know [TS]

  well clearly there are things you draw [TS]

  the line at clearly musician Dana [TS]

  Barrett and accountant lowest le felt it [TS]

  was a perfectly fine place to live [TS]

  although I guess that you know pls fix [TS]

  they they learned their lesson did Mac [TS]

  for today I don't know anyway so it's [TS]

  funny that that for me [TS]

  the setting of New York and and the [TS]

  library and central park west and all [TS]

  that I just can't it's just funny that [TS]

  it's it's connected in my brain with it [TS]

  I i'll admit that the the first time I [TS]

  ever visited New York when I was about [TS]

  12 or 13 my mother insisted that we [TS]

  walked past the firehouse and indeed it [TS]

  is there and and it's a little adorable [TS]

  i haven't done that information they [TS]

  didn't go for sale or something recently [TS]

  there was something in an in the news [TS]

  better than the last year where it was [TS]

  either for sale or they wanted to knock [TS]

  it down or something like that [TS]

  relax everybody has three mortgages [TS]

  nowadays so they're jokes in this movie [TS]

  not to skip ahead slightly but their [TS]

  jokes in this movie that I'm I'm I'm [TS]

  fascinated by because as I don't know [TS]

  the agent some red and you were when you [TS]

  first saw this but I I i saw it at well [TS]

  i don't know i mean dan you've only seen [TS]

  it twice for all I know you saw it last [TS]

  year I i cannot i cannot lie the first [TS]

  time that I can remember seeing the [TS]

  entire thing and i'm certain i saw bits [TS]

  and pieces of it before then the first [TS]

  time I can remember seeing it all the [TS]

  way through his freshman year of college [TS]

  where it was shown on a projected [TS]

  outside I'm like a big screen for like a [TS]

  freshman movie night in the first like [TS]

  week or two of college and I remember [TS]

  the time thinking like the I you know I [TS]

  to say to get into my defense to a [TS]

  certain extent was like I really did not [TS]

  like scary movies as a child and this is [TS]

  not a super scary movie but there's [TS]

  there's enough parts of it that for me [TS]

  as a kid [TS]

  we're kind of scary the idea of ghost [TS]

  was a little bit scary [TS]

  so I I as i said i was afraid of some [TS]

  ghosts at library Stan yes wibrary I [TS]

  didn't want to go to the library [TS]

  scenarios prayers [TS]

  exactly i mean that that might be the [TS]

  scariest ghost in the movie [TS]

  I think so yeah even scarier than the [TS]

  one who looks like David Bowie so i [TS]

  think i think that the you know I I [TS]

  think I i watch it as an [TS]

  eighteen-year-old and thought this is [TS]

  actually really funny movie what was I [TS]

  scared of all those years and and did [TS]

  find it incredibly amusing at that point [TS]

  so I think I probably got most of the [TS]

  jokes that would have flown over the [TS]

  head of a of me if I had only seen it as [TS]

  a younger as a 13 or 12 year old yea [TS]

  though i was very precocious so I you [TS]

  know some of these jokes like there are [TS]

  there's the joke when ray takes out the [TS]

  three mortgages on the bank around that [TS]

  at the bank on his parents and his [TS]

  parents are here it's left to me [TS]

  yeah exactly um you know [TS]

  I didn't understand that joke it and [TS]

  then Egon points out that it's like [TS]

  eighteen percent interest nineteen [TS]

  percent interest i'm ninety ninety-five [TS]

  thousand dollars over the first five [TS]

  years of a look [TS]

  yeah so I didn't understand any of that [TS]

  and then there is a famous scene later [TS]

  on we're uh we're uh ray awakens to a [TS]

  beautiful ghost hovering over him who [TS]

  unzips his pants and moves downward and [TS]

  his eyes cross and he falls out of the [TS]

  bed and as I remember as a [TS]

  thirteen-year-old thinking that was [TS]

  hilarious scene had no idea what it was [TS]

  suggesting so that's just that's just [TS]

  that's just left the comedy right it's [TS]

  like three stooges stuff [TS]

  yeah it's nothing she unzipped his pants [TS]

  and he hilarious he his eyes crossed all [TS]

  these fellows are unzipped man that's [TS]

  that he's gonna it's like a great fall [TS]

  down it's like yeah it's like she tied [TS]

  his shoelaces together [TS]

  yeah a format that you were weren't you [TS]

  about 14 years 11-13 yeah huh yep nope [TS]

  no idea about that but so initially [TS]

  flowers your total yeah no innocents [TS]

  maintained because little business [TS]

  maintained [TS]

  yeah I kind of knew are you know it was [TS]

  it was a magic summer 1984 olympics were [TS]

  in Los Angeles Ghostbusters came out my [TS]

  mind I remember my mom driving me and a [TS]

  couple of my pals down to the Alex [TS]

  theater in glendale california i'll just [TS]

  see it and yeah it was great that was [TS]

  that that was really that was really [TS]

  magic my uh for me that was the summer [TS]

  between high school or between [TS]

  elementary school in high school and I [TS]

  remember my friends and I with nothing [TS]

  to do in this on the on a bunch of [TS]

  summer nights after we saw Ghostbusters [TS]

  where we would just wander around it [TS]

  actually a ghost town where I grew up [TS]

  seeing if there was any paranormal [TS]

  activity [TS]

  spoiler alert the only thing paranormal [TS]

  was us anyway for those of us who were [TS]

  were paying attention or [TS]

  Dora life in the summer of nineteen [TS]

  eighty-four yes I was not a lot on my [TS]

  parents I'm sure my parents went to go [TS]

  see it in los angeles in a way you've [TS]

  seen it in your race memory [TS]

  yes it's a DNA that's good [TS]

  there's a lot of good semester so [TS]

  sponsors as it should be [TS]

  so um so the movie begins with a scary [TS]

  ghost in the library and I believe this [TS]

  is one of the first movies ever to not [TS]

  to completely avoid up credit credit [TS]

  sequence at the beginning of the movie i [TS]

  think i read somewhere that they [TS]

  actually had to do something get some [TS]

  special approval so that it just shows [TS]

  the title and that's in the Directors [TS]

  Guild yeah yeah I have the Guild's yeah [TS]

  he's very up in arms about it [TS]

  yeah so it's just you know Ghostbusters [TS]

  and the song plays for a second and [TS]

  that's it and that's it until the end of [TS]

  the movie and were immediately in [TS]

  columbia university which made a deal [TS]

  with the filmmakers that they could film [TS]

  at columbia university they just [TS]

  couldn't ever say the name so they [TS]

  didn't and we and we drop in on Peter [TS]

  Venkman played by Bill Murray who is [TS]

  conducting an experiment into ESP that [TS]

  this is the most up just horrible breach [TS]

  of scientific protocols you will ever [TS]

  see figure 8 incredible that's 5 45 you [TS]

  can't see these games [TS]

  no you're not cheating area no I swear [TS]

  they're just coming to me i don't like [TS]

  this he only have 75 more to go [TS]

  what's this one couple wavy lines sorry [TS]

  this isn't your lucky day [TS]

  no get a little tired of this you [TS]

  volunteer didn't you [TS]

  we're paying you are wait yeah but I [TS]

  don't think we have to give me electric [TS]

  shocks he is this ski easiest yet most [TS]

  lovable professor i think has ever been [TS]

  put on screen because ultimately you [TS]

  want to kick him in the balls and you [TS]

  also want to hug him and I don't I can't [TS]

  wrap my head around this [TS]

  yeah I'm not sure he really grows during [TS]

  the movie no he started all pretty I [TS]

  mean he is I think [TS]

  the one I wrote down my notes is [TS]

  unrepentant fraud he's just he is [TS]

  putting the moves on the little blonde [TS]

  coed from Charles in Charge and right I [TS]

  think she was she from is that where [TS]

  she's from [TS]

  I think Charles jared is it is it [TS]

  Jennifer run yeah I you know because I [TS]

  looked her up because that you know I [TS]

  looked at all this up on IMDb and you [TS]

  know again 2202 just get a sense of how [TS]

  old this movie is and how old we are not [TS]

  that that woman I mean you know you this [TS]

  lovely coed is now 51 years old [TS]

  sure sure but at the time pretty brought [TS]

  pretty blonde coed from Charles in [TS]

  Charge also again showing at what a [TS]

  clueless thirteen-year-old I was you [TS]

  know I i got that bill murray was [TS]

  putting the moves on her but I didn't [TS]

  really get that he was pretty much [TS]

  locked in on you know get give me an [TS]

  hour or so [TS]

  yeah you know god so what I mean it's [TS]

  funny it's a really funny scene he [TS]

  shocks the guy even though he gets one [TS]

  of the cards right he tells her [TS]

  everything she does is right but at the [TS]

  same time you know you [TS]

  he is he is introduced as being this you [TS]

  know total fraud [TS]

  yeah just funny since he's been its main [TS]

  character right not only not only that [TS]

  but you know they're there you could [TS]

  argue there's a parallel between his [TS]

  character here and William athens [TS]

  character in another one of your [TS]

  favorite movies [TS]

  Oh in in real genius yeah i mean they're [TS]

  always professor les I have the right [TS]

  right there flip sides of the same coin [TS]

  brilliant and you think about that [TS]

  yeah i'm going to drop some knowledge in [TS]

  this podcast is my english major stuff [TS]

  we've tied to die hard and real genius [TS]

  now it's still tied to every seminal [TS]

  movie the eighties well no I mean it was [TS]

  torture [TS]

  this first five minutes at Columbia or [TS]

  you know fictional columbia Empire State [TS]

  University for spider-man fan's at the [TS]

  fictional fictional columbia there's a [TS]

  lot of good stuff because the Dean comes [TS]

  and says that you know we're kicking you [TS]

  out because you're frauds which we've [TS]

  seen that they are although we do we [TS]

  meet you know we meet ray and Egon and [TS]

  they seem to be more enthusiastic and [TS]

  and you know they're more enthusiastic [TS]

  about what they're what they're doing [TS]

  and maybe it turns out actually know [TS]

  something about what they're doing but [TS]

  the the incomes and kicks them out and [TS]

  that leads to this up this great scene [TS]

  where they're where they're drinking [TS]

  right out of a bottle and and staring [TS]

  out on the campus and talking about how [TS]

  it out when you're not in when you're [TS]

  not in college [TS]

  I'm which Venkman has never been outside [TS]

  of a college campus you actually held to [TS]

  you know did they expect results in the [TS]

  real world which is a it's a really [TS]

  funny so set of scenes where these guys [TS]

  are being are being kicked out and and [TS]

  you know thank man especially as it has [TS]

  essentially been freeloading his entire [TS]

  life i know i know some PhDs who have [TS]

  been like that most of them study things [TS]

  that are marginally more verifiable than [TS]

  parapsychology and what happened but and [TS]

  psychology right yahoo two PhDs he holds [TS]

  because he's been there that long [TS]

  it's a nice classy like that no I mean I [TS]

  think I you know I think it's got very [TS]

  real things to say about this the [TS]

  bartender system in the society [TS]

  ok it's very meaningful forecast now [TS]

  it's deep [TS]

  I'm saying this entire movie it says its [TS]

  layers Ghostbusters was for a long time [TS]

  I think the highest growing grossing [TS]

  comedy movie of all time and made [TS]

  something like 240 million and it was [TS]

  really the the first comedy 2 The with [TS]

  with like special effects the first sort [TS]

  of special-effects comedy to be a hit [TS]

  and it really kind of created the genre [TS]

  of the of the summer comedy blockbuster [TS]

  and and from there you get back to the [TS]

  future and you can draw a line from [TS]

  marrow [TS]

  a way to like men in black and and and [TS]

  and other movies that are action but [TS]

  they're also comedy back to the future [TS]

  it you know which was the big hit of the [TS]

  following year I really think that [TS]

  there's a you know Ghostbusters success [TS]

  was one of the reasons why it really [TS]

  kind of paved the way for back to the [TS]

  future so in back-to-back years we got [TS]

  these great sci-fi comedies basically [TS]

  which is a you know it's pretty funny [TS]

  when you think about it you not normally [TS]

  you wouldn't really necessarily combine [TS]

  those things in a major motion picture i [TS]

  guess but action and comedies [TS]

  construction all on one [TS]

  It's A Wrap together it's a it's a genre [TS]

  vendor right cuz cuz Ghostbusters is is [TS]

  at its core you know it's a comedy but [TS]

  it's got I remember the time now I [TS]

  realize you guys from your from your [TS]

  perspective i mean it's it's this [TS]

  eighties movie and the special effects [TS]

  are obviously miniatures and there's a [TS]

  lot of rotoscope kind of stuff but at [TS]

  the time it really a it blew away [TS]

  audiences that the effects were what [TS]

  they were because i don't think anybody [TS]

  came into that movie expecting it to [TS]

  have a big budget kind of Hollywood [TS]

  special effects and that's what those [TS]

  are that Ghostbusters actually has that [TS]

  yeah I mean I i was thinking about that [TS]

  as i watched it and and sort of you know [TS]

  thinking movies that came out around [TS]

  similar times and certainly it doesn't [TS]

  necessarily have the same mean this is [TS]

  what you're after Return of the Jedi [TS]

  which I would argue as much better [TS]

  special effects but obviously that's [TS]

  sort of like you know like a bigger a [TS]

  little bit of your knowledge it's a [TS]

  bigger budget if I got like it's on the [TS]

  guy was on the cutting edge of [TS]

  special-effects right but you know that [TS]

  aside the effects are actually still [TS]

  pretty good and I you know some of us [TS]

  especially a lot of the ghost stuff [TS]

  early on and you know it later and don't [TS]

  want to get ahead but like you know safe [TS]

  partial meant pretty awesome [TS]

  yeah that it is it is you know growing [TS]

  up because i watched i watched a lot of [TS]

  eighties movies growing up because [TS]

  that's what just we had in our illegal [TS]

  beta tape collection i want to you know [TS]

  when I was when I was young my parents [TS]

  to get away from having to rent lots of [TS]

  movies would borrow movies from their [TS]

  friends and rent movies from blockbuster [TS]

  and then rip everything for [TS]

  more VHS player to our beta player that [TS]

  was common person that was a common [TS]

  procedure i I'd ministers and other [TS]

  limitations here huh [TS]

  I think there is i had the ancestors of [TS]

  my watch time and time again was copied [TS]

  one VCR to another but I feel don't feel [TS]

  so bad since I've never bought it i [TS]

  don't know how many times another for [TS]

  exactly you even more than paid for it [TS]

  but I mean who among us hasn't broken [TS]

  though anyway [TS]

  going forward I know but most of the [TS]

  movies I've watched I'd say you know [TS]

  from age four or five to age 14 were all [TS]

  eighties movies with varying levels of [TS]

  special-effects and and varying you know [TS]

  levels of comedy and watching those I [TS]

  didn't really know like it wasn't in my [TS]

  brain to notice the special effects it [TS]

  was just more like hey a hundred foot [TS]

  tall Stay Puft Marshmallow Man that's [TS]

  awesome and that you know ghost that's [TS]

  really cool not from that Matt line [TS]

  looks a little strange you know when I [TS]

  you could appreciate it i'm gonna kind [TS]

  of pure level that this is a ghost story [TS]

  that's also a comedy exactly i got [TS]

  completely raw trapped up into the film [TS]

  and when I saw it I think I had like a [TS]

  five or six-year gap between the the [TS]

  last time I saw it when I was a kid and [TS]

  then maybe I saw it again when i was 17 [TS]

  or 18 and rewatching I'm like oh yeah I [TS]

  guess there are you know there are [TS]

  problems in there are bits that there's [TS]

  something really funny movie [TS]

  yeah exactly but I mean most of my [TS]

  favorite films are from that time period [TS]

  and you know Empire and Jedi and I'm [TS]

  like you know it [TS]

  Matt lines don't really matter so much [TS]

  because the story is great you know as [TS]

  as I was watching it again today it [TS]

  occurred to me that I mean I was [TS]

  thinking about the special effects and I [TS]

  thought overall pretty good except for [TS]

  two things when the the devil dog is is [TS]

  chasing our Rick Moranis there there's a [TS]

  couple of audit when it when the thing [TS]

  moves it looks doesn't look very good [TS]

  and a second just the bike by far the [TS]

  worst special effect the whole thing is [TS]

  is a Sigourney Weaver's hair haha [TS]

  yeah yeah yeah they just don't know what [TS]

  to do with Sigourney Weaver's here [TS]

  those are those the terror dogs are like [TS]

  stop motion animation you have a great [TS]

  Harry house and kinda kind of stuff on [TS]

  kinda I kind of enjoyed that that aspect [TS]

  of it honestly like from a from sort of [TS]

  nostalgia perspective ivan reitman has [TS]

  not gone back and and created a special [TS]

  edition of of ghostbusters with CGI [TS]

  terror dogs or anything like that so [TS]

  thank goodness of God but if he did ya [TS]

  know that's that would be bad [TS]

  let us let us put the stake in the [TS]

  ground right now no CGI stop-motion dogs [TS]

  alright so we've already talked about [TS]

  Bill Murray let's talk about the rest of [TS]

  the Ghostbusters we have raced dance the [TS]

  heart of the Ghostbusters played by dan [TS]

  Aykroyd [TS]

  he is the most enthusiastic guy ever [TS]

  he is very excited he comes in to the to [TS]

  Colombia to their office and says oh its [TS]

  Bluebook soft-shells it buried the [TS]

  needle it's really exciting and I love [TS]

  dan Aykroyd in this movie he's just he's [TS]

  just super excited i guess a real-life [TS]

  dynamic word believes in ghosts and [TS]

  other paranormal things and you know [TS]

  whatever but hehe that his character ray [TS]

  is just like childlike with enthusiasm [TS]

  about all things ghostly he has one of [TS]

  the best lines in the movie which is [TS]

  I've worked in the private sector they [TS]

  expect results have wonder where he [TS]

  worked in the practice sector [TS]

  oh really i like it being left through [TS]

  where was he employed me he's very happy [TS]

  private ghost research facility the [TS]

  government i don't know i can just see [TS]

  him as you know a grad school student [TS]

  working part time retail with read their [TS]

  retail haha okay that may be at that [TS]

  actually might be it [TS]

  and then there's a another sheet on [TS]

  Spangler played by harold ramis who is [TS]

  the very serious scientist who collect [TS]

  spores molds and fungus declares that [TS]

  print is dead which you have I and I had [TS]

  a lot of that in 1984 [TS]

  yeah yeah it's like I must be reading [TS]

  magazines on his iPad yeah yeah the [TS]

  thing he wasn't harold ramis I believe [TS]

  wasn't actually supposed to play Egon [TS]

  originally i was just reading the tree [TS]

  page apparently know what none of the [TS]

  characters are like supposed to be [TS]

  played by the actors who ended up [TS]

  playing them Peter Venkman was supposed [TS]

  to be John Belushi [TS]

  yeah we Ally was supposed to be John [TS]

  Candy when Sam was supposed to be Eddie [TS]

  Murphy yeah goes you're supposed to be [TS]

  Paul Reubens this to the entire the [TS]

  entire cast was like yeah you know they [TS]

  didn't get those guys imagine that movie [TS]

  I don't know be better [TS]

  yeah I don't know if it could have been [TS]

  better i think Bill Murray especially is [TS]

  summary is pretty and so great in this [TS]

  in this part but there's some good [TS]

  there's a good stuff i mean at for the [TS]

  for the serious guy [TS]

  Egon has some have some great lines [TS]

  including our I collect spores molds and [TS]

  fungus and and toward the end of the [TS]

  movie he asks Rick Moranis for some [TS]

  brain tissue which is just a great it's [TS]

  it's a very night off [TS]

  he's great deadpan you know ya [TS]

  experience feelings of dread [TS]

  in-your-face Manhattan haha are you [TS]

  troubled by strange noises in the middle [TS]

  of the night [TS]

  your experience feelings of dread in [TS]

  your basement or attic you or any of [TS]

  your family ever seen a spook vector or [TS]

  goes if the answer is yes then don't [TS]

  wait another minute pick up your phone [TS]

  and call the professionals logo starters [TS]

  are courteous and efficient staff is on [TS]

  call 24 hours a day to serve all your [TS]

  supernatural elimination needs we're [TS]

  ready to believe you i love that [TS]

  commercial it's so low budget and end [TS]

  and it's used to set up [TS]

  Sigourney Weaver in her apartment she's [TS]

  watching it but it's so perfect that [TS]

  they are it's like the most prominently [TS]

  I mean having you know as we I'm sure [TS]

  we've all seen our fair share of you [TS]

  know like lawyer commercials or [TS]

  what-have-you unlikely a television and [TS]

  man it took me back to some of the [TS]

  terrible ones i remember seeing college [TS]

  when I lived in upstate New York and [TS]

  it's ok if they just nail it [TS]

  it's pretty is totally perfect for you [TS]

  know what it is [TS]

  so are our first adventure with the [TS]

  Ghostbusters is back at the library and [TS]

  this is for me this is the moment where [TS]

  I realized that I was that I love this [TS]

  movie [TS]

  unconditionally and it's when it's not [TS]

  when they walk in and and talk to the [TS]

  library and and and ask her if she's [TS]

  menstruating and Bill Murray shouts back [TS]

  off man [TS]

  I'm a scientist it's not that it's when [TS]

  it's when they're walking down the [TS]

  stacks and there's a giant pile of books [TS]

  in the center of the stacks this is hard [TS]

  race symmetrical book stacking just like [TS]

  the Philadelphia master violence of 1947 [TS]

  you're right no human being which text [TS]

  books like this [TS]

  that's what I just realized this is the [TS]

  this is one of the funniest movies i've [TS]

  ever seen [TS]

  it's that I worked in a library it's [TS]

  true no human would stack books like [TS]

  that again because you've got that great [TS]

  interplay it's a it's almost star trek [TS]

  like in that you've got the you've got [TS]

  the the serious person the enthusiastic [TS]

  person in that kind of I don't know how [TS]

  you describe Bill Murray event under the [TS]

  squad but he's that slow easy does he [TS]

  doesn't believe it and he's really in it [TS]

  for the girls and then and then you've [TS]

  got ray who's who is so enthusiastic and [TS]

  and Egon who is dead serious and so [TS]

  they're walking through the library [TS]

  together and and Rick his big plan is [TS]

  get her to a ghost [TS]

  how would you get a ghost I you know [TS]

  whether you work with what you got [TS]

  better so they had really thought it out [TS]

  so it shows these guys are not are not [TS]

  thinking practically but but as they [TS]

  walk out of this they get the idea to [TS]

  form the the Ghostbusters company which [TS]

  wich until they get lucky and there's a [TS]

  horrible spate of of ghosts attacks it [TS]

  seems like it'd probably a really bad [TS]

  idea they get the they get the [TS]

  overpriced firehouse but it's going to [TS]

  whole gotta try this poll [TS]

  ah yeah it's so that's another thing [TS]

  that i didn't get when i was a kid which [TS]

  is that [TS]

  Egon is running down the firehouse [TS]

  listing everything that's wrong with it [TS]

  right in front of my really is trying to [TS]

  get them to drop the price [TS]

  yeah absolutely which at the time I just [TS]

  thought he was listing the things that [TS]

  were bad but no he's playing the real [TS]

  estate asian and then rages jumps down [TS]

  the pole goes I want to get my stuff and [TS]

  stay here tonight [TS]

  alright fine oh right yeah that's great [TS]

  that's just but i did i had no idea [TS]

  because you know I thirteen-year-old kid [TS]

  this milk real estate real estate and [TS]

  financial and mortgage jokes i was [TS]

  flipping underwater mortgages when I was [TS]

  13 strange about you you were flipping [TS]

  mortgages while underwater [TS]

  yes i do is a scuba thing the one thing [TS]

  that's out of place there though we we [TS]

  brought this up earlier but I mean the [TS]

  one thing we didn't mention was the [TS]

  nineteen percent interest rate which [TS]

  we're not even close to that now I mean [TS]

  that's very much very much an early [TS]

  nineteen eighties thing right but they [TS]

  should have thrown in a joke about you [TS]

  know around copy no that was her that [TS]

  with that was a little bit later that [TS]

  was later later later they should have [TS]

  talked about turning co / overthrowing [TS]

  the Shah I don't know [TS]

  next stop spook central Central Park [TS]

  West [TS]

  the apartments of Dana Barrett lowest [TS]

  ISO Sigourney Weaver uh not exactly [TS]

  aliens right still be natural but now [TS]

  but but that was two years before aliens [TS]

  right or two or three years or aliens [TS]

  it's after alien after alien butt but [TS]

  aliens came out and Lady six right right [TS]

  right yeah no it's after alien bow so [TS]

  she's not a totally you know the action [TS]

  movie person because the in her role in [TS]

  alien is is not is not quite a bit but [TS]

  I'm interesting interesting part she's [TS]

  she is one of only really what two women [TS]

  in this movie unless you count count [TS]

  closer where you know a lot of men in [TS]

  this movie at you know and she's but [TS]

  she's really sympathetic i think it's [TS]

  interesting that you know she she sees a [TS]

  ghost she sees she sees duel in her [TS]

  refrigerator and goes to the [TS]

  Ghostbusters you know but she's the one [TS]

  who's not putting up with any of Bill [TS]

  Murray's crap which i kinda like that [TS]

  that she she is not until she's [TS]

  possessed [TS]

  anyway you know he wants to have her but [TS]

  she's not taking any crap from him [TS]

  because he's more like a game show host [TS]

  right [TS]

  she doesn't take any crap from men on [TS]

  either side of the spectrum because she [TS]

  doesn't put up with Venkman but she also [TS]

  doesn't put up with Lewis right well [TS]

  she's way before I mean she'd that that [TS]

  guy is what you know she isn't yeah no [TS]

  wait for sure she doesn't crush him [TS]

  though right [TS]

  no but it's a very nice she knows how to [TS]

  push away people depending on their [TS]

  personality types and you know bacon she [TS]

  has to be a little sarcastic to and then [TS]

  Lewis just kind of like oh honey no no I [TS]

  have got to go to rehearsal now you know [TS]

  there there's a deleted scene and then [TS]

  it comes at the end of the movie but but [TS]

  there's a deleted scene where where you [TS]

  know poor poor Lewis says hated did you [TS]

  and i and and she says to him very [TS]

  firmly very very sternly no no we didn't [TS]

  know [TS]

  No so it's just total you know which is [TS]

  totally not true but you know [TS]

  yes again as a thirteen-year-old maybe [TS]

  it was unclear but it's clear that the [TS]

  keymaster in the gatekeeper know [TS]

  something had to happen you know those [TS]

  names you gotta lock the gate where it [TS]

  is done [TS]

  whoa the gates nobody knows where the [TS]

  key went that was a question teenagers [TS]

  were asking themselves for years yeah [TS]

  after afterward [TS]

  it's true Rick Moranis you know kind of [TS]

  funny performance he's not [TS]

  I he's he's kind of funny as Louis he's [TS]

  absolutely hilarious once he is [TS]

  possessed by by the the by vince clortho [TS]

  keymaster of gozer at that point it's [TS]

  off the charts that he's I don't that's [TS]

  the I don't think he's human [TS]

  you're quite a humanitarian I don't [TS]

  think he's humans scene where he shows [TS]

  up on the monitors as the dog and he's [TS]

  sniffing the bowl of popcorn for her and [TS]

  wiping it heats on his face yeah was [TS]

  facing I was basically that guy in high [TS]

  school goes are the traveler he will [TS]

  come in one of the preachers and forms [TS]

  during the rectification of Ultron I the [TS]

  traveller came as a large moving toward [TS]

  then during the third reconciliation the [TS]

  last of the McKettrick supplements they [TS]

  chose a new forum forum that of a giant [TS]

  sloths are many shops and schools knew [TS]

  what it was to be roasting the depths of [TS]

  the slower that day I can tell you have [TS]

  been running around like kind of this [TS]

  weird like his legs are spread wide [TS]

  apart and he's kind of hoping around [TS]

  looking up at the sky the prisoners will [TS]

  be really yeah yeah what that that's [TS]

  great and he again he's he's like in [TS]

  three scenes right because then he gets [TS]

  taken over by the dog and he's gone [TS]

  until the end what we see him in the [TS]

  party right right well yeah who brought [TS]

  who brought the dog which apparently was [TS]

  a tall one take and improvised yeah [TS]

  that's a good that that's a great seeing [TS]

  the party scene because that's where he [TS]

  explains that he in order to get a tax [TS]

  deduction he's invited clients instead [TS]

  of friends let's see what else do we [TS]

  have here we have Janine Janine yes our [TS]

  other are other female character unless [TS]

  you count go sir any pots [TS]

  as the UH she's she's like out of [TS]

  another movie isn't she's like out of a [TS]

  movie from the forties she's aggressive [TS]

  the Krusty receptionist but it makes the [TS]

  entire that makes that it makes the [TS]

  business because you just you know you [TS]

  have the Ghostbusters who are more or [TS]

  less bumbling along and you have hurt [TS]

  you know I I don't take crap from nobody [TS]

  with the you know with the Brooklyn [TS]

  accent and not great right bill murray [TS]

  tells her you know [TS]

  hey if you don't like it I'm sure you [TS]

  get a job in the food service for [TS]

  housekeeping in consultation streets [TS]

  yeah yeah she's got she's uh I've quit [TS]

  better jobs in this universe there's [TS]

  somebody like that at every single job [TS]

  you may not see her but she's there [TS]

  she's there lurking different always [TS]

  there's always one she starts out [TS]

  enthusiastic when her job involves [TS]

  nothing but sitting and reading because [TS]

  she's a big reader she's she's quite [TS]

  intellectually and intellectually uh [TS]

  polygon is underneath her desk setting [TS]

  up her computer for her and edgy [TS]

  yes yes that sure that's what he's doing [TS]

  down there was that was Adam or was that [TS]

  a euphemism yes he was in CS he was [TS]

  setting up her pc and who and the I [TS]

  don't know what you're talking about but [TS]

  the coast unzips his pants and he falls [TS]

  out of the bed basically holds listen I [TS]

  don't know what you're talking about [TS]

  this is rated PG what do you mean uh the [TS]

  but later when she's overworked that's [TS]

  when she's very funny cuz shes that [TS]

  that's what her her fellow Ghost Busters [TS]

  becomes Ghostbusters what do you want [TS]

  I just love the first the the first [TS]

  switch was like yes of course they're [TS]

  serious [TS]

  hello girls busters yes of course this [TS]

  series he do you have no kidding huh [TS]

  well just that just give me the address [TS]

  yes of course oh they'll be totally [TS]

  discreet we and then she just screams [TS]

  and slams be a lot it's great [TS]

  yeah that's a good moment and that's [TS]

  when they're low point right because [TS]

  they're eating the chinese food with the [TS]

  last of the petty cash never run out of [TS]

  money and nobody is ever gonna influence [TS]

  busters [TS]

  yeah exactly your food it's all we've [TS]

  got [TS]

  it's a call and they get the call and [TS]

  they slide down the polls and they're [TS]

  often the active mobile 22 snooty arms [TS]

  hotel I guess which is the LA biltmore [TS]

  hotel by that it is i've had many a [TS]

  rubber chicken and I think that protect [TS]

  a little room yeah the studio arms hotel [TS]

  I've only had one you outrank me on [TS]

  rubber chickens [TS]

  oh god I've had so many rubber chickens [TS]

  so many i'm actually half rubber are the [TS]

  are the chandeliers a lovely Chevalier [TS]

  still there yeah i think so where do ya [TS]

  chandeliers also i think the those [TS]

  restrictions uh I remember actually [TS]

  setting up a bar mitzvah I got a I got [TS]

  like my one of my many part-time jobs [TS]

  there and coming in it was like for kids [TS]

  like a kid Bar Mitzvah with with cats is [TS]

  the theme or something like that and [TS]

  looking at the chandeliers I'm like wait [TS]

  a second this is the Ghostbusters hotel [TS]

  and I got very very excited and insisted [TS]

  that they use one of the portable like [TS]

  the disposable cameras to take a picture [TS]

  of me like with the with the pose and it [TS]

  was yeah that's that's my one story [TS]

  about the hotel did you say cat themed [TS]

  bar mitzvah it really work at themed bat [TS]

  mitzvah excuse me but yes it was cat [TS]

  themes they're like little kittens on or [TS]

  not real kittens but but paper mache [TS]

  kittens on every table like 40 bucks for [TS]

  that job that was good for 12 13 [TS]

  year-old awesome or what it's like to go [TS]

  skiing so it just killed the things [TS]

  apart with stories it's the topic today [TS]

  will never speak of cats the day and [TS]

  then they put a cap [TS]

  on a chair and picked it up and dance [TS]

  around with it [TS]

  no now you are a tomcat are they so the [TS]

  open the elevator and and and this is a [TS]

  great hole the sequence of the hotel is [TS]

  great because the hotel is just trying I [TS]

  don't know what the hotel says I know we [TS]

  have that it's a ghost let's call the [TS]

  Ghostbusters so they come and they they [TS]

  almost killed a maid and in center [TS]

  Center toilet paper on fire [TS]

  don't forget they're all wearing [TS]

  particle accelerator always unlicensed [TS]

  nuclear accelerator on their backs where [TS]

  they got those someone saw a cockroach [TS]

  up behind me now [TS]

  yes I think they got some bite your head [TS]

  off man i think that I i think they got [TS]

  some plutonium from Libyans wait a [TS]

  second that's a totally different we're [TS]

  crossing the streams we are crossing the [TS]

  stream see look at that [TS]

  so one of one of the the big laugh line [TS]

  in this movie is he slimy where where [TS]

  ray tries to zap the the green [TS]

  gelatinous blob and it just scares them [TS]

  away and he runs through the wall and [TS]

  runs into bank bancnet charges Venkman [TS]

  and we cut away and we see thank them [TS]

  laying on the ground is covered in [TS]

  ectoplasmic goo and he says he slide me [TS]

  and I remember the theater erupting with [TS]

  laughter for like a minute and when you [TS]

  watch the movie you can actually tell [TS]

  that they tried to build in some pause [TS]

  knowing that would be a funny line but i [TS]

  always thought that the that that there [TS]

  are two good jokes after that line that [TS]

  nobody ever hears which is actual [TS]

  physical content well if this others i [TS]

  feel so funky which i think is hilarious [TS]

  line by Bill Murray and and then uh ray [TS]

  says with bank when he got slimed any [TS]

  God says great save some for me save [TS]

  some I have to say as a as a kid I did [TS]

  have believed I had some Ghostbusters [TS]

  action figures including I had like a [TS]

  little plastic [TS]

  slammer like yeah container full of [TS]

  slime full of ectoplasm [TS]

  oh nice which was like the awesomest [TS]

  stuff if you're like it's I don't [TS]

  it's the same stuff they used to make [TS]

  like a Teenage Mutant Ninja lose myself [TS]

  captain sex-crazy like Google yeah [TS]

  usually but it's hard but it's going but [TS]

  it's not like sticky or anything it's [TS]

  got this weird its i don't know i don't [TS]

  understand i don't know how they make it [TS]

  maybe it's real active plasm not sure [TS]

  but it's awesome its people [TS]

  ektoplazm is people ectoplasm is people [TS]

  explains a lot [TS]

  yeah yeah so they go into the ballroom [TS]

  Amanda and destroy it with you got to [TS]

  tell you something very important Jason [TS]

  don't cross the streams so cross the [TS]

  streams it seemed extraneous at the time [TS]

  and yet it becomes important to the plot [TS]

  later on [TS]

  yes it made it seem extreme is he [TS]

  deliberately balls off after he doesn't [TS]

  by the way [TS]

  well no because it's a lot of white plot [TS]

  point plot point but it's a it's a good [TS]

  joke right because it's you know it [TS]

  would be bad wouldn't do that imagine [TS]

  every particle in your body exploding at [TS]

  the speed of light right bad good tip [TS]

  that's what that that scene i did I like [TS]

  quit so there's that's a great scene [TS]

  because there's there's there's the [TS]

  escalating they're tryin there's the [TS]

  action right there trying to chase it [TS]

  and and and learn how to use this [TS]

  equipment and there's nice shooting Tex [TS]

  and all that meanwhile they keep cutting [TS]

  outside the ballroom and and playing the [TS]

  sound effects of glass things being [TS]

  destroyed while the wall the uptight [TS]

  hotel manager is like actually I think [TS]

  literally has a handkerchief and is [TS]

  touching it to his forehead mopping off [TS]

  his sweat [TS]

  well and and you know they're only half [TS]

  really trying to catch it right because [TS]

  thanksmas got that whole scene with I [TS]

  always wanted to try the not replace the [TS]

  tablecloth out the flowers flowers [TS]

  gentle standing but I you like that sort [TS]

  of you know typical for his character i [TS]

  guess yeah so they totally are wrecking [TS]

  you know again they're hip they're there [TS]

  to help the hotel and that they manage [TS]

  right like minutes before a wedding [TS]

  reception presumably they completely [TS]

  destroy the ballroom but they can't it's [TS]

  at they capture a ghost [TS]

  don't look at the trap my little trap [TS]

  perfect [TS]

  that I love the design i have to say you [TS]

  know Superman production design [TS]

  standpoint i love the design of the [TS]

  entire the Ghostbusters i love the [TS]

  jumpsuit equipment i love the proton fax [TS]

  the trap is such a cool in a little box [TS]

  with a slide out in the end like that [TS]

  like the foot-pumps yeah that you open [TS]

  it with I wanted one of those when I was [TS]

  a kid I remember that i think i think i [TS]

  have to see most of my exposure to the [TS]

  special actually came from the fact that [TS]

  there was a Ghostbusters cartoon right [TS]

  which I definitely saw a lot of the real [TS]

  ghostbusters [TS]

  yes that's because there was a fake [TS]

  Ghostbusters cartoon as well yeah very [TS]

  confusing when you're like five years [TS]

  old you're like I i thought it's a ghost [TS]

  I did they sound differently but I is so [TS]

  I had you know some of the toys stuff [TS]

  and I think there was at one point a toy [TS]

  my proton pack and a toy at trap you can [TS]

  get I really wanted to talk about [TS]

  everyone else there was it had little [TS]

  LED lights but it didn't actually do [TS]

  anything very student didn't catch [TS]

  ghosts [TS]

  I really know you kind of have to hope [TS]

  it's the same thing when you get a [TS]

  lightsaber as a kid like you secretly [TS]

  kind of wanted to turn on and cut off [TS]

  somebody's arm there's a lot of people's [TS]

  arms of Wicca so I'm so one of the [TS]

  things in this in this movie that I i [TS]

  think is fascinating we're up to the [TS]

  scene where I'm not going to go see it [TS]

  actually sort of all kind of goes in a [TS]

  rush after after the Maxine I'm but [TS]

  Ernie Hudson comes into the firehouse [TS]

  and is given the most perfunctory job [TS]

  interview ever by Jeanine i love i love [TS]

  winston zeddemore he's a great character [TS]

  sheet the guys looking for a paycheck he [TS]

  is he's it is Ernie Hudson you know I [TS]

  don't know if it had been any Murphy and [TS]

  they had brought him in sooner and have [TS]

  them be more of a wisecracking guy i [TS]

  like i like Winston he is a he [TS]

  yeah he's a guy and he's got opinions I [TS]

  mean he and Ray have a great [TS]

  conversation about you know what if that [TS]

  book of Revelation is true and what [TS]

  they're really seeing is the end of the [TS]

  world and and I really like that i [TS]

  really like that scene and and when [TS]

  jeneane give him the job interview he [TS]

  says you know I believe anything you [TS]

  want as long as there's a paycheck [TS]

  yeah I know I like that he's just he's [TS]

  just the smoke was like you know maybe [TS]

  these guys need to hire somebody [TS]

  and.and he also has what what may be my [TS]

  favorite line in the entire movie [TS]

  this job isn't worth 11-5 a year that's [TS]

  yes yes that's right as it started I [TS]

  killed by a God from another dimension [TS]

  right he says this job is definitely not [TS]

  worth 11-5 and I thought you were gonna [TS]

  go with another one which i really like [TS]

  which is ray if someone asks you you're [TS]

  if you're a god you say yes I always [TS]

  expect that to be most Bill Murray's [TS]

  line but it's not it's no it's Winston [TS]

  now it's Winston's oh that's all good so [TS]

  you know yeah it's a great great [TS]

  character and he they'll allow them to [TS]

  explain there's the hotel tell him about [TS]

  the Twinkie where they try to explain [TS]

  about what's going on in terms of the as [TS]

  a big Queen that's how big it's a good [TS]

  character mean it's in it he could have [TS]

  easily been the kind of pointless [TS]

  extraneous Ghostbuster and i think that [TS]

  the reason that he's in the movie is [TS]

  because he's got good you know he's got [TS]

  good stuff he's good he's a good [TS]

  character and and people always make [TS]

  jokes about what was that for there's [TS]

  the fourth guy but he's actually a great [TS]

  character and he brings some it's a nice [TS]

  extra interaction to the to the three [TS]

  guys to have him I i assume he's there [TS]

  mostly because they split them up sort [TS]

  of two and two and so they want to they [TS]

  want to send him off with Ray and have [TS]

  those scenes over there so Reyes by [TS]

  himself but but he's a great character [TS]

  yeah I i really like him maybe you may [TS]

  be my favorite Ernie Hudson so I'm he [TS]

  walks in and go and then we can't wait [TS]

  antigen right also about the same time [TS]

  declaring himself he's he's he's with [TS]

  the EPA I laughs what I think that about [TS]

  this now because he's yeah he's with the [TS]

  EPA in the Reagan administration I guess [TS]

  he was a career bureaucrats oh yeah it's [TS]

  also such a weird choice for a villain [TS]

  the EPA ya rais odd well you know well [TS]

  how are you gonna get to chase down the [TS]

  Ghostbusters they got halfway through [TS]

  right and they're like what we needed [TS]

  we need sort of a villain hot brunette [TS]

  official yeah I non-supernatural [TS]

  antagonist let's call William Atherton [TS]

  where can he work [TS]

  yeah let's pick up at least some sort of [TS]

  government I mean like going on with [TS]

  like they couldn't like IRS [TS]

  you know everybody hates the IRS that [TS]

  could've worked they don't pay their [TS]

  taxes clearly was with always the EPA [TS]

  the real subject of been you know you [TS]

  know politics was the EPA in 1984 a [TS]

  great source of of hatred in in the [TS]

  world [TS]

  well in not the way it is now but don't [TS]

  forget the that back in the eighties it [TS]

  was you know james watt who is the [TS]

  Secretary of Interior was talking about [TS]

  things among other things he was talking [TS]

  about things like we don't need to worry [TS]

  about environmental protection because [TS]

  the rapture is coming soon [TS]

  he did say that in other words to that [TS]

  effect is basically you know the Lord is [TS]

  going to in the world soon but but but [TS]

  yeah there was some but i think there [TS]

  was i don't i don't think that there was [TS]

  this sort of regulatory overreach that [TS]

  people like me complain about now but [TS]

  but i think that was certainly on [TS]

  everybody's radar at least a lot of [TS]

  people's radar but it is that it was a [TS]

  fascinating choice i think i think what [TS]

  really what they wanted was you know we [TS]

  need we need some government bureaucrat [TS]

  to come in and make their lives hell and [TS]

  and who better than other the IRS would [TS]

  have been a good choice who better than [TS]

  the EPA [TS]

  ever yeah and he is a certain is just so [TS]

  why me and gonna help him [TS]

  I'm alter pack i represent the [TS]

  Environmental Protection Agency the [TS]

  third District great how's it going down [TS]

  there are you Peter Venkman yes i'm dr. [TS]

  Franklin exactly what are you would dr. [TS]

  of mr. Bregman life phd's in [TS]

  parapsychology and psychology IC and now [TS]

  you catch ghosts [TS]

  yeah you could save them and how many [TS]

  ghosts if you called mr. monk I'm not at [TS]

  liberty to say [TS]

  and where do you put these ghosts [TS]

  once you catch them into a storage [TS]

  facility and with the storage facility [TS]

  located on these premises yes [TS]

  and may I see this storage facility you [TS]

  know and why not mr. Venkman because you [TS]

  did not use the magic word [TS]

  what is the magic word mr. Beckman [TS]

  please and Bill Murray it is righteously [TS]

  indignant and should be but you know it [TS]

  but but in the end they blow up the [TS]

  containment unit he tells the con edison [TS]

  got to switch off the switch off the [TS]

  grid and the whole thing blow sky-high [TS]

  but uh yeah he's so great because he has [TS]

  no idea and doesn't care is it even [TS]

  unclear what his motivation is other [TS]

  than that he wants to he's a busybody [TS]

  yeah busybody that's that's what his [TS]

  motivation is the guy you want so he [TS]

  wants the power right he's got power he [TS]

  wants to exercise that our yeah and you [TS]

  can tell he's the kind of guy you got it [TS]

  emailed you got tormented by people like [TS]

  banking right [TS]

  yes you can tell man during a criminal [TS]

  violation of the Environmental [TS]

  Protection arrest them at once [TS]

  there's a there's a great there's a [TS]

  great scene when they're in the mayor's [TS]

  office where of course there's yes it's [TS]

  true this man has no dick we can test [TS]

  yes we get that scene but there's [TS]

  actually i noticed this time watching it [TS]

  that the police captain who's there [TS]

  you know Peck talks about how his theory [TS]

  that the Ghostbusters are drinking [TS]

  everybody [TS]

  with psychedelic a loser and sensory [TS]

  agents and addresses yes and the one [TS]

  police captain says the walls of the [TS]

  23rd precinct were bleeding [TS]

  how do you explain that and it's I i [TS]

  just realized that that's he's basically [TS]

  giving the finger mr. Peck right her [TS]

  yeah I like that line also because i was [TS]

  just that I was going to make a comment [TS]

  about how I think what what I do like a [TS]

  lot about this movie is clearly this is [TS]

  an influential movie for a lot of other [TS]

  media that I've enjoyed so I was [TS]

  watching recent I I just happened to [TS]

  look up this and clips from the [TS]

  middleman which is a favorite of mine [TS]

  and there's a whole episode in which [TS]

  that's full of Limoges to Ghostbusters [TS]

  yes which begins with a line about the [TS]

  walls are you know full-on walls were [TS]

  bleeding situation they go to the it's [TS]

  like right men university at like Ray [TS]

  Parker jr. avenue and and they posed as [TS]

  dr. Stan said more you know it's just I [TS]

  love that this is a clearly you know [TS]

  it's such a cultural touchstone that [TS]

  does get referencing among other things [TS]

  even I think to a certain degree one of [TS]

  my favorite TV shows supernatural has [TS]

  some has some you know dues to pay i [TS]

  think of every time I see you know [TS]

  someone on that show pull out like they [TS]

  have like the EMF meters we're scanning [TS]

  for like Paranormal Activity like you [TS]

  know that there's a clear homage there [TS]

  to you know the Ghostbusters era [TS]

  oh yeah yeah no I think this is it was [TS]

  so popular and successful but I think I [TS]

  mean I yet you could argue to a certain [TS]

  extent that all those terrible terrible [TS]

  reality ghost shows these day oh yeah [TS]

  all payments really are ya are all like [TS]

  clear callbacks 22 ghostbusters [TS]

  ya know I think you're right we should [TS]

  talk about when thinking goes to the [TS]

  apartment when the keymaster is is is a [TS]

  out on the loose right and he goes to [TS]

  Dana's apartment for his date and she's [TS]

  been possessed by zuul and what's what's [TS]

  great about this scene is that it's not [TS]

  you know in a modern-day movie it would [TS]

  be played very much for like a certain [TS]

  amount of dramatic irony right like the [TS]

  audience would know she's possessed but [TS]

  it would be played like oh he just [TS]

  thinks you know she's doing weird things [TS]

  right like and it's he he pretty clearly [TS]

  like Cotton's on to what's going on [TS]

  various immediately clean which I kind [TS]

  of love because then he's just playing [TS]

  like this woman is possessed by like you [TS]

  know a like a power like being out of it [TS]

  but to accept that's a different ways he [TS]

  say that's a different look for you or [TS]

  the same yeah yeah he's cracking jokes [TS]

  the whole time can I speak is Dana in [TS]

  there [TS]

  can I speak to Dana only Zuul easily [TS]

  yeah I mean it's played very very much [TS]

  for the comedy aspect i really enjoy [TS]

  because he's got that like there isn't [TS]

  like the bug-eyed like when she starts [TS]

  floating above the best she sleeps on [TS]

  top of the sheets and no 4 feet meter [TS]

  from the covers feed him know you know [TS]

  the line the line is I want you inside [TS]

  me and he goes like sure I used too many [TS]

  people in there are as community police [TS]

  to you got at least two yeah I love that [TS]

  you know what else to love is this is [TS]

  the part where again that means this [TS]

  little bit of a sleeves but you can also [TS]

  tell like he doesn't cross the line here [TS]

  he's not gonna sleep with a possessed [TS]

  woman although he's coming he's [TS]

  conflicted right i mean he knows it be [TS]

  bad for him he sort of does but yes but [TS]

  he's conflicted readies like I have a [TS]

  rule not to sleep with possess people [TS]

  well actually they were regarded as a [TS]

  guideline yeah well he keeps on going [TS]

  back and forth by it but it's at a [TS]

  certain point he just like all right I'm [TS]

  gonna take care of you as much as this [TS]

  hurts my my sleeves playboy image so [TS]

  that he tranquil axes her which [TS]

  apparently means he carries tranquilizer [TS]

  around with him [TS]

  I mean he's a Ghostbuster a little [TS]

  ghosts maybe [TS]

  wow I I yeah but that's a great scene [TS]

  category we were there see right there [TS]

  is your special effect by the way but [TS]

  the grievers hair [TS]

  yes I by like I think I think he may [TS]

  have run into a problem with the with [TS]

  the FDA there because when he easy PhD [TS]

  in psychology right yes I don't cut he's [TS]

  not a psychiatrist so the injector with [TS]

  with with a powerful seven with the [TS]

  Thorazine right yes yeah yeah with the [TS]

  he would have a problem with your DEA [TS]

  yeah yeah yeah you're going to jail [TS]

  it's very unscrupulous I mean they did [TS]

  go to officially the fortunately v the [TS]

  the building exploded Slater so have a [TS]

  wrap that on [TS]

  that got that cleared up pretty much any [TS]

  evidence she's well well but that is [TS]

  that is a great scene and and he is he's [TS]

  conflicted and she's there is no dana [TS]

  only so we'll only zuul are you the [TS]

  keymaster I'm friend of this [TS]

  yeah he asked me to come over yeah yeah [TS]

  well that's that's that's good stuff [TS]

  I mean that's bill I mean it's bill [TS]

  murray at Bill Murray best right this [TS]

  sort of like I'm just rolling with the [TS]

  punches [TS]

  I'm just you know I'm written spot is [TS]

  this a trick question [TS]

  I guess the roses working take me now [TS]

  subcreature we never talk anymore [TS]

  yeah I make it a rule never to get [TS]

  involved with possess people [TS]

  mhm mhm actually it's more of a [TS]

  guideline a rule you know I can flip [TS]

  what you inside but had no I can't [TS]

  sounds like you got at least two people [TS]

  in there already might be a little [TS]

  crowded so one topic I want to talk [TS]

  about it in all this way they're working [TS]

  on the on the active Beal and pecks [TS]

  walking into the the firehouse and all [TS]

  that one thing that strikes me about [TS]

  this movie because it is from the [TS]

  eighties everyone smoked everyone [TS]

  smoking you're exactly right at this [TS]

  time whereas that definitely grab mode [TS]

  that mean you know it's not just it's [TS]

  not just an effect these days of [TS]

  somebody smoking a movie it's gonna mean [TS]

  something yeah it suggests something [TS]

  right everybody in this movie and you [TS]

  think about all these things where [TS]

  they're like they're doing all this [TS]

  stuff we're really they probably [TS]

  shouldn't be smoking right like with [TS]

  like an unlicensed nuclear accelerator [TS]

  on your back maybe not the best time to [TS]

  light up a cigarette so so here's the [TS]

  trap so whatever i'm going to say and [TS]

  this is my this is my little essay [TS]

  portion of the of the of the program i [TS]

  think there is a reason and it's that [TS]

  I'm with the jumpsuits & ray is like [TS]

  working on the car engine is smoking a [TS]

  cigarette with the jumpsuits i mean i-i [TS]

  i-i wish i wish there wasn't so much [TS]

  smoking in this movie it's actually one [TS]

  of the things that kind of turns me off [TS]

  about it in hindsight but but they are [TS]

  like plumbers hey there's really this [TS]

  attempt to make these guys we first see [TS]

  is like you know their ivory tower [TS]

  huh you know fraud fraudulent professors [TS]

  and then as Ghostbusters that we're [TS]

  supposed to kind of seemed like working [TS]

  class guys they're like the guys their [TS]

  blue-collar slobs that you know they [TS]

  they got their their sleeves rolled up [TS]

  there where the jumpsuits there they're [TS]

  fixing the you know the fixing the [TS]

  engine of the car and all of that and [TS]

  and you know pigments got the clipboard [TS]

  and he comes in he smoking he's like you [TS]

  know they'll play by visa [TS]

  we got a free repeater over here here's [TS]

  the next order sheet and all this stuff [TS]

  all of a sudden these guys have gone [TS]

  from being you know a columbia [TS]

  university professors to being a [TS]

  plumber's ghost plumbers I guess but you [TS]

  that was the original original title of [TS]

  the movie Ghost Hunters am I am i off [TS]

  base here I mean I I feel like that was [TS]

  like done specifically to give them kind [TS]

  of a blue-collar feeling it does seem to [TS]

  happen at a specific point i noticed [TS]

  very there's a very distinct like you [TS]

  said there's not much of it in earlier [TS]

  in the week they're not doing their [TS]

  columbia right right and all of a sudden [TS]

  there is this which I know it is very [TS]

  it's very stark the contrast between the [TS]

  two of them at and I don't know if if [TS]

  that's why or it's just you know hey we [TS]

  got money in our tobacco company well I [TS]

  were risking our lives doing all this [TS]

  stuff to write write with smoking is [TS]

  probably not what's going on right the [TS]

  ghost will kill its first I don't enjoy [TS]

  it [TS]

  I don't know but it's really noticeable [TS]

  it's very strange oh yeah I love the [TS]

  scene of a jail i wanted to talk about [TS]

  that is it to get through my day of a [TS]

  briefly airplane a little I don't know [TS]

  why there's definitely that comedic sort [TS]

  of atmosphere to it with its its subtle [TS]

  its subtle right the background [TS]

  characters right they got all the gods [TS]

  to hearing all the way Prince and [TS]

  there's something in that that's very [TS]

  much got that slapstick comedy words [TS]

  like there's not much acknowledgement of [TS]

  the fact that it's bizarre that [TS]

  everybody thought watching them you know [TS]

  it's just sort of taken it yet let's [TS]

  roll with it will just keep going you [TS]

  know I i think it's a lovely moment [TS]

  because it's kind of surreal and not [TS]

  overplayed there's lots of exposition in [TS]

  there right that's where he got explains [TS]

  that they that that they the cult of [TS]

  gozer you know built this spook central [TS]

  and had the crazy construction and [TS]

  worshipped animal or sacrificed animals [TS]

  and all that stuff but there are also [TS]

  some great jokes because that there's [TS]

  actually if you look carefully at at at [TS]

  Bill Murray especially when I went [TS]

  occurrences you never studied that [TS]

  they're totally [TS]

  they're totally [TS]

  just laughing through that entire scene [TS]

  they they they can't keep a straight [TS]

  face and it just as it's in the movie [TS]

  because I guess that's that's as good as [TS]

  a god but then he comes back with goes [TS]

  our worship for instance is never [TS]

  studied like he's scored points on each [TS]

  other and meanwhile these all these [TS]

  random like guys in the hoosegow or just [TS]

  kind of listing is the Ghostbusters have [TS]

  these whole arguments and at one point [TS]

  said Morris like I gotta get my own [TS]

  lawyer I gotta get out of here I I [TS]

  wasn't even there let me out and Bill [TS]

  Murray sings Santa Claus is coming to [TS]

  town but he seems the spooky version to [TS]

  scare all of the guys from the jail who [TS]

  are listening in to their conversations [TS]

  will be good for goodness sake [TS]

  whoa somebody's we have to get out of [TS]

  here we've got one shot your son where [TS]

  hey [TS]

  Oh hold it and we actually go to go [TS]

  before a federal judge and say that some [TS]

  moly Babylonian God is going to drop in [TS]

  on Central Park West and start tearing [TS]

  up the city Sumerian not baloney [TS]

  yea big difference it's just it's a [TS]

  crazy scene because it is doing comedy [TS]

  character comedy its advancing the plot [TS]

  a lot of exposition and there's the [TS]

  surreal aspect of the fact that they're [TS]

  surrounded by like 15 prisoners while [TS]

  there while they're looking at [TS]

  blueprints that they've apparently been [TS]

  allowed to have in the jail cell which [TS]

  makes no sense because you you can't cut [TS]

  a prisoner with the blueprint right when [TS]

  you get the sense that the Ghostbusters [TS]

  have been placed in the jail reluctantly [TS]

  right that although the EPA guy wants [TS]

  him in jail everybody else you know that [TS]

  presumably they're well-known and [TS]

  they're kind of like so there is that [TS]

  great scene that we sort of glossed over [TS]

  a little bit where they come and shut [TS]

  down the reactor where you got that I [TS]

  love that they've got the con Edison guy [TS]

  there who is like I'd never say never [TS]

  seen anything like this and he's you [TS]

  know in the hard hat is just like I'm [TS]

  just doing what they tell me to you know [TS]

  you can see thinks it's a bad idea yeah [TS]

  but i mean i kind of like that's the [TS]

  same sort of dichotomy right that we're [TS]

  talking about with the you know I think [TS]

  there's like the blue-collar like like [TS]

  stick together this right to a certain [TS]

  extent like utility guys like I don't [TS]

  want to screw these guys they're doing [TS]

  their job but yeah you know I gotta do [TS]

  my job or else I'll get fired and [TS]

  everything the prison's kind of [TS]

  well you know they're not really a [TS]

  thread or anything they're just they're [TS]

  just doing this thing there they provide [TS]

  a public service [TS]

  yeah exactly so Alfred diehard comes and [TS]

  freeze them from themselves here wants [TS]

  to see the baby gotta go [TS]

  the bear was to rap with me about some [TS]

  things seen the mayor's office which we [TS]

  touched on earlier are one of the weird [TS]

  things and it is that the Cardinal comes [TS]

  in yeah what should idea and it's silent [TS]

  right he there like talking about you [TS]

  know what does it all mean and where is [TS]

  that coming from and the Cardinal walks [TS]

  into their like haha he will have the [TS]

  answer and instead he's just like how [TS]

  you doing let me tell you that's the [TS]

  thing that you know I went out I [TS]

  remember the first time I saw it with my [TS]

  mom who's kind of anti-catholic and and [TS]

  she's and I remember what you want to [TS]

  chat like school I i went to Catholic [TS]

  school but my mom is kind of [TS]

  anti-catholic there's that you know [TS]

  which went when the Cardinal comes in [TS]

  and he was probably an archbishop right [TS]

  the mayor kiss his ring and I guess I [TS]

  remember my mom went uh Wow of course [TS]

  she groaned over over the punchline to [TS]

  that bit was house killing Mike do [TS]

  thanks for coming Mike how's it going [TS]

  Lenny severity we're gonna fix here and [TS]

  and of course you know it turns out is [TS]

  it [TS]

  oh no don't quote me on this the church [TS]

  isn't going to take it's a very [TS]

  political scene oh yeah you know the [TS]

  church isn't going to take an official [TS]

  position on whether this is somehow you [TS]

  know the end of the world but you know I [TS]

  personally personally [TS]

  yeah so that I love that scene it's it's [TS]

  very--it's ridge road down i give me of [TS]

  a remind me the scene from another one [TS]

  of my favorite movies which I think we [TS]

  discussed in a previous podcast Hudson [TS]

  Hawk where there's a will there's a [TS]

  scene with with the Aqua Cardinal [TS]

  talking to someone he goes all the Pope [TS]

  warned me never to trust the CIA has it [TS]

  has that great little like yeah yeah [TS]

  sure he's using the church but he's just [TS]

  an ordinary share every time you had [TS]

  been around a podcast you're gonna have [TS]

  to bring up hugs to talk [TS]

  it'sit's require its narrative yes i [TS]

  know this is a great scene and then we [TS]

  in addition to you know [TS]

  yes this man has no dick and all that we [TS]

  we have uh you-you-you Letty you'll save [TS]

  the lives of millions of registered [TS]

  voters he makes bank and makes the [TS]

  political appeal and the mayor [TS]

  calculates it basically does the right [TS]

  thing which is like well you know I [TS]

  could throw the Ghostbusters in jail and [TS]

  have no idea what to do they seem to [TS]

  think they know what to do [TS]

  so let's go with that speaking of call [TS]

  back [TS]

  did anyone maybe it's just me again but [TS]

  that reminded me greatly of a Miracle on [TS]

  thirty-fourth Street where the judges [TS]

  trying to figure out whether or not the [TS]

  weather out this analytical calculation [TS]

  political maybe guys like you know I [TS]

  know these guys are all the voters and [TS]

  think about you know what the kids will [TS]

  say and all that but they were in there [TS]

  was definitely a weird sort of sympatico [TS]

  vibe going on there for you write that [TS]

  in the end in the end I and there's that [TS]

  the cynical aspect of it that was [TS]

  actually funny which is yes [TS]

  the world may be ending the lives of [TS]

  everybody in on planet Earth may be on [TS]

  the line and in the end it's kind of a [TS]

  political decision by the mayor of New [TS]

  York City that that ends up solving it [TS]

  is like you know we'll go with the [TS]

  Ghostbusters get the easy guy out of [TS]

  here [TS]

  that's how things in New York gets it [TS]

  right there that that's how I understand [TS]

  things [TS]

  yeah i'm going to miss him when i get [TS]

  done understand your friend pastor and [TS]

  we never seen William averaging again [TS]

  except silently on the street where he's [TS]

  covered in marshmallow it's a lovely end [TS]

  with ignominious and for mr. Peck [TS]

  ok so that the queue up the music and [TS]

  they run some red lights and they go we [TS]

  have a can we have a minute about about [TS]

  Ray Parker jr. rape and how awesome that [TS]

  song is alright alright that's not the [TS]

  song they play right here but yeah [TS]

  that's let's talk about let's talk about [TS]

  Ray Parker jr. I hear that he stole huey [TS]

  lewis is baseline right that is the the [TS]

  same price borrow borrowed car and it [TS]

  will return all right we'll return it [TS]

  I i mean that that song besides being [TS]

  arguably one of the most iconic things [TS]

  from this movie oh yeah it's just that [TS]

  no I i started playing in my car because [TS]

  I happen to have it on a obviously I can [TS]

  mp3 or something I started playing in my [TS]

  car and segments a really good song is [TS]

  catchy is what I was just and I was just [TS]

  reading through the trivia on the IMDb [TS]

  page about how he had a real trouble [TS]

  coming up with it until he saw the [TS]

  commercial rights they apparently were [TS]

  showing on TV as part of the publicity [TS]

  campaign like the the actual [TS]

  Ghostbusters you know [TS]

  yes like you know you haunted by a spook [TS]

  Specter i do that and and he really [TS]

  envisioned it as a jingle and like it [TS]

  you know came right out there and it's [TS]

  just I don't know there's something [TS]

  about that song that is just it's got [TS]

  everything right like you know weird [TS]

  sound effects at the beginning yeah [TS]

  crazy like you know Beverly Hills cops [TS]

  in yeah I have an AT&T without it's just [TS]

  so good and what you don't know is it [TS]

  probably is that on the soundtrack there [TS]

  they put the instrumental version of it [TS]

  which meant that every episode of dr. [TS]

  Demento for 10 years featured some guy [TS]

  singing fake lyrics over this the the [TS]

  theme from ghostbusters because that [TS]

  everybody had the instrumental version [TS]

  of ghostbusters [TS]

  just the other day this hat in my house [TS]

  my kids tried to make who you gonna call [TS]

  joke and they got it wrong which is the [TS]

  funniest part they're like who is it [TS]

  that you're going to talk to on the [TS]

  phone [TS]

  no you should have said ghostbusters but [TS]

  that's not that nevermind 0 plus they're [TS]

  trying to hurt you i lying they know [TS]

  they know that their mother has taught [TS]

  them actually very specifically that [TS]

  whenever anybody asks you who you're [TS]

  going to call there is only one answer [TS]

  to be given ghostbusters [TS]

  it's the it is the only attracted only [TS]

  in trail [TS]

  ok so they go to spook central they run [TS]

  the red lights in the national guard and [TS]

  all of that and I funny fall into a pit [TS]

  of money to do before they get out for [TS]

  their big fig and the air crowd is [TS]

  cheering and shaded Ghostbusters and and [TS]

  and Eggman introduces you know raised a [TS]

  lot of the Ghostbusters and then the [TS]

  ground opens up and swallows them whole [TS]

  no CGI there no no they built like a [TS]

  nice nice movable side you have a [TS]

  special effects scene they built a [TS]

  sidewalk [TS]

  with a crack but that's nice that they [TS]

  think they're so cool and then [TS]

  immediately there swallowed but they get [TS]

  out they get out they climb out of the [TS]

  pit and and then immediately have to [TS]

  walk up all the flights of stairs to get [TS]

  to be a to get to the penthouse on tell [TS]

  me just tell me when its twenty so i can [TS]

  throw up huh [TS]

  so you know very heroic and they get it [TS]

  to the top and uh and uh we get to see [TS]

  you go sir [TS]

  the the terror dogs get on their little [TS]

  pedestals and and they open the they [TS]

  open the gate and incomes goes or who it [TS]

  looks like either David Bowie or a I'm [TS]

  gonna go David Laura and Eastern [TS]

  European model oppose or yeah yeah why [TS]

  can't it be both it actually can it was [TS]

  yeah it is [TS]

  she's from lakewood Czechoslovakia or [TS]

  something yeah its Lobby or one of the [TS]

  one of them one of them slots itself is [TS]

  something that doesn't exist and made up [TS]

  and then they dubbed in of voice but [TS]

  that was that that's kind of cool weird [TS]

  moment where where's that more says I [TS]

  thought goes there was a man and and it [TS]

  races or Egon says it's at whatever it [TS]

  wants to be that it really it's kind of [TS]

  off-putting it's like this is not you [TS]

  know this is not a a person this is a [TS]

  supernatural being in their bubble wrap [TS]

  outfit but scratching their giant terror [TS]

  dogs on the ahead and yet ray still [TS]

  tries to talk to it sensibly yeah he go [TS]

  get array why the authority of this city [TS]

  pony and state of New York please return [TS]

  to the nearest convenient parallel [TS]

  dimension [TS]

  that's great ray thanks i'm going to [TS]

  tell people off in the next one [TS]

  yeah from now on yeah please please [TS]

  return to your your home dimension or [TS]

  the nearest convenient parallel to [TS]

  mention are you a god no and died and I [TS]

  or at least be pushed around by purple [TS]

  lightning and that was kind of lame that [TS]

  you think but little little wonder where [TS]

  they got that from yeah well almost [TS]

  there he goes or must think that humans [TS]

  are even more fragile than [TS]

  we actually are that the purple [TS]

  lightning will kill them bitches toast [TS]

  yeah but so they get out their stuff and [TS]

  they shoot and the shooter and and she [TS]

  disappears which is interesting so you [TS]

  know that they try to use the tools that [TS]

  they've got may they may think they've [TS]

  won its Miller time and only then do we [TS]

  have the thing that that maybe makes [TS]

  this movie a as much of a classic as it [TS]

  is and the reason i think people [TS]

  remember it so finally other than the [TS]

  song is is they're given the option to [TS]

  choose and parish and then j edgar [TS]

  hoover appears to destroy them all so I [TS]

  mean you can see when you watch that [TS]

  seemed to you can see that everybody [TS]

  else is keeping it out of their heads [TS]

  and you can see dan Aykroyd its face as [TS]

  he kind of it enters a reverie about his [TS]

  time roasting marshmallows by the fire [TS]

  at Camp locanda can't hurt anybody and [TS]

  it just popped in there and then we if [TS]

  the state parchment which is I mean [TS]

  which its alluded to earlier in the film [TS]

  which I really enjoyed when Dana's [TS]

  Dana's unpacking her girls she's got a [TS]

  bag before and there's a sign somewhere [TS]

  so i can add a billboard for state pop a [TS]

  little bit like the Michelin what what a [TS]

  wonderful fantastic creatively purpose [TS]

  is to have a godzilla-like creature [TS]

  accepted this adorable Michelin Man like [TS]

  marshmallow man rampaging through the [TS]

  streets of New York smashing churches [TS]

  and stepping on people and with a smile [TS]

  on his face yeah I'm just guns line here [TS]

  where it's like Peters like all right [TS]

  what do you got [TS]

  no sorry I'm terrified beyond the [TS]

  capacity for rational log yeah yeah yeah [TS]

  cause Ray's got bye-bye [TS]

  and then he got his terrified beyond the [TS]

  capacity for rational thought and then [TS]

  bagman goes nobody steps on a church in [TS]

  my own mother cost [TS]

  yeah I way past that church again new [TS]

  york city would pass the truth I was [TS]

  like nobody steps on a church in my town [TS]

  entrance [TS]

  uh that's not of one of their better [TS]

  special effects it's like a picture now [TS]

  the picture of a foot it's like yeah [TS]

  that's [TS]

  but really crushed that church yeah you [TS]

  show on foot but then a day we don't [TS]

  catches on fire as positron packs and we [TS]

  can we can roast the marshmallow man not [TS]

  how I expected to go out roasted by a [TS]

  hundred foot tall marshmallow man but [TS]

  that I mean yeah i think the marshmallow [TS]

  man is so I cannot stop laughing when i [TS]

  see that every single time I can't stop [TS]

  laughing because he's got a big smile [TS]

  he's got his little hat he's very happy [TS]

  and he's walking down the streets of New [TS]

  York crushing crushing taxis and [TS]

  smashing buildings its arm and that is [TS]

  that is great and then and then he's [TS]

  quite horrifying right when he gets the [TS]

  building and he looks up and he goes [TS]

  right yeah I go home god I hope this is [TS]

  bad [TS]

  um and so they cross the streams and she [TS]

  said that was a battery yeah you know [TS]

  that turned out that turned out that it [TS]

  really wasn't that big of a deal across [TS]

  the streams was it [TS]

  I mean yeah you can close a dimensional [TS]

  portal but we need there was no it's [TS]

  definitely very tired person will [TS]

  survive [TS]

  yeah this job not worth 11-5 year again [TS]

  get a Wilson said were asked for a raise [TS]

  you know that was a pretty big explosion [TS]

  to that followed [TS]

  yeah well I really was it was a [TS]

  cross-dimensional explosion in fact well [TS]

  there was a lot of fire out therein in [TS]

  new york city right that's true [TS]

  Andrew and it really to this day I don't [TS]

  understand how it was that all of those [TS]

  people were covered in goo & with [TS]

  everything else fellow XLR thing except [TS]

  for bankin we just had to have been like [TS]

  a country was that it was that it was [TS]

  that a contractual thing only thing [TS]

  already didn't want to be covered in [TS]

  shaving cream [TS]

  yeah I don't know it makes you wonder [TS]

  there is there is that moment where he [TS]

  appears and and at they asked how he is [TS]

  Jesus fine and dandy it looks it up like [TS]

  why are you not covered in goo and it's [TS]

  never explained [TS]

  one of the tragedies left left as an [TS]

  exercise for the audio the audience [TS]

  where was bangin that he that he didn't [TS]

  get covered in marshmallow and then we [TS]

  were super very sad that the Dana [TS]

  Barrett clearly it just smells like the [TS]

  burned-up dog here but in fact Dana and [TS]

  Lewis survived isn't that nice that when [TS]

  the terror dogs are are are burned up [TS]

  they they leave you're like humans the [TS]

  little human shell inside little human [TS]

  nougat delicious [TS]

  that's exactly what I want my candy in [TS]

  your candy terror dog [TS]

  there's a hand side not not my Halloween [TS]

  carretera dog shell on the outside [TS]

  creamy human nugget in the end of course [TS]

  over on the side [TS]

  ok so we get this this entire film this [TS]

  hour and 40 45 minute film [TS]

  yes we're asked to accept that there are [TS]

  there are ghosts in in the New York City [TS]

  Library that there is this Marian God [TS]

  that there was a there was a death cult [TS]

  in the nineteen-twenties that had the [TS]

  the resources to to build this this [TS]

  building with the liquid selenium core [TS]

  yeah um yeah but you gotta I I'm willing [TS]

  to accept all that but i am absolutely [TS]

  unwilling to this day to accept that [TS]

  those people were able to survive and [TS]

  end up in in little little terrier dog [TS]

  shells that at that they lost me right [TS]

  that's where that was it makes it that [TS]

  was it for me [TS]

  what how was it how is it that they [TS]

  could end up in the in ridiculous [TS]

  ridiculous absurd [TS]

  yeah yeah you know bad luck by the way [TS]

  for the for the ghosts are worshipers [TS]

  that you know they tried to make those [TS]

  are coming in in the twenties and they [TS]

  failed but uh you know that there's a [TS]

  moment there which makes me think of it [TS]

  as a it kind of comes across almost like [TS]

  a doctor who episode to me a little bit [TS]

  also I don't know there's something [TS]

  about the strychnine survive maybe [TS]

  because there was an episode of doctor [TS]

  who would like a vampire State Building [TS]

  was there in the last few years now and [TS]

  like the twenties [TS]

  yeah they just don't think about it [TS]

  struck me as like well you know we're [TS]

  going to use science and [TS]

  gonna turn out ok everybody thought was [TS]

  dead I turns out they're alive I pretty [TS]

  cool [TS]

  everyone's going buddy dies damn second [TS]

  a second viewing of ghostbusters [TS]

  what do you think go and you know as a [TS]

  relative know Jason I knowledgeable can [TS]

  lure can summon up in just couple words [TS]

  by saying busting makes me feel good [TS]

  alright that's that's a nice verdict [TS]

  will you watch it a third time someday i [TS]

  think i will i'm not not perhaps [TS]

  immediately but right i think i would [TS]

  certainly not say now i will never watch [TS]

  ghostbusters again alright because i [TS]

  would hurt your feelings quite a big if [TS]

  it's quite that's why John syracuse was [TS]

  not invited to this I may never watch [TS]

  real genius and I hate to break it up [TS]

  but I I don't not not the only wanted me [TS]

  out in fact ok now i will never want [TS]

  your body and you're paying for your [TS]

  band you don't deserve it you don't [TS]

  appreciate you don't deserve it i will [TS]

  enjoy william atherton in real genius [TS]

  and you will not you can enjoy him in [TS]

  this movie [TS]

  yes i would I heard you know I i do love [TS]

  diary I say we knew that about you and I [TS]

  read positive feelings about [TS]

  Ghostbusters very positive I i will [TS]

  indeed call on the Ghostbusters again [TS]

  for a for a feel-good funny movie [TS]

  they're ready to believe you [TS]

  they are sometimes they do then are you [TS]

  going to watch ghostbusters [TS]

  15 more times before you die had become [TS]

  a ghost i will and and i'll watch it [TS]

  with my children but you know I was [TS]

  thinking as I was watching it in [TS]

  preparation for this for this podcast [TS]

  just how much the incomparable has in [TS]

  common with Eggman stance and Spangler [TS]

  something your theories are the worst [TS]

  kind of popular tripe [TS]

  yes your methods are sloppy yes and your [TS]

  conclusions are highly questionable [TS]

  indeed which one of us is which so [TS]

  that's a good question it's already can [TS]

  be Winston because this this this [TS]

  podcast definitely not worth 11-5 year [TS]

  uh-huh that's right ok well I i'm going [TS]

  to be Venkman [TS]

  oh yeah and there's gonna be Egon red is [TS]

  enthusiastic so she can be ray [TS]

  oh goody GT has a pole that's right i [TS]

  wanna what a statement about here [TS]

  yeah your bags and and dan you are you [TS]

  are winston zeddemore if this got a [TS]

  steady paycheck i believe anything you [TS]

  want thank you [TS]

  excellent alright well I think that [TS]

  we've uh huh [TS]

  we should split up and do more damage [TS]

  that way but it and and so in order to [TS]

  do that we will close this edition of [TS]

  the incomparable it's been nice [TS]

  reminiscing about Ghostbusters it was [TS]

  nice to watch it again and and pay [TS]

  attention and and take some notes about [TS]

  this movie that I've seen a million [TS]

  times before so i hope everybody out [TS]

  there has a happy halloween and hey [TS]

  watch ghostbusters maybe that might be a [TS]

  fun thing to do on Halloween it's not [TS]

  it's not gory or anything it's not [TS]

  really scary but it's it's fun and [TS]

  there's a couple scary ghost and David [TS]

  Bowie guy girl being whatever it wants [TS]

  to be [TS]

  isn't it too uh so i would like to thank [TS]

  my guests before we go bad boy check [TS]

  thank you again for holding up the old [TS]

  man side of the equation too thanks [TS]

  thanks again for having me [TS]

  yeah serenity called well thank you for [TS]

  being here and and and share your [TS]

  thoughts about a movie you've seen more [TS]

  than two times it was very fun i enjoyed [TS]

  it [TS]

  yes great great having you and Dan [TS]

  Morgan thank you for watching [TS]

  ghostbusters a second time and not like [TS]

  projected onto a sheet in the quad and [TS]

  and college movies hey if you're gonna [TS]

  have to watch it that's a that's a [TS]

  pretty pretty good way to watch it sa [TS]

  hey Dan friend who you gonna call [TS]

  ghostbusters [TS]

  we can do better than that but that'll [TS]

  be another time [TS]

  thank you everybody for listening to be [TS]

  uncomfortable [TS]

  bond [TS]

  [Music] [TS]

  you pulled real genius right out of your [TS]

  hat there i did I this is and just you [TS]

  know I roll with the punches so we can [TS]

  count and for movie references [TS]

  even if they're from movies he's rarely [TS]

  seen this is true i've only seen real [TS]

  genius i wanted one time yeah we'll talk [TS]

  about some movies of the late nineties [TS]

  and I think then I will be I will be all [TS]

  over that will make you an honorary [TS]

  member of the eighties yet [TS]

  hey I lived through the entirety of the [TS]

  eighties did you really looks yeah but [TS]

  you didn't appreciate them [TS]

  I really didn't and all i remember is [TS]

  having a terrible haircut and being [TS]

  married me to wear terrible close to [TS]

  remember you're married in the end it [TS]

  it's our business I would find you know [TS]

  what fine forced I was married in the [TS]

  eighties it was it was it was really [TS]

  times the legal so it was an old later I [TS]

  didn't want to talk about it but now [TS]

  it's out there now my secret is I'm [TS]

  coming clean maybe travel back in time [TS]

  without things there we go there's a [TS]

  bachelor's you're alright we're rolling [TS]

  forgetting i know it's funny because now [TS]

  see it for the podcast [TS]