The Incomparable

72: The Screams of Trees


  the incomparable podcast number 72 [TS]

  December 2011 [TS]

  I just like to point out that I'm IMDb [TS]

  the doctor who step it says it's [TS]

  Christmas Eve 1938 when magyar welcomes [TS]

  to the aid of an injured spaceman angel [TS]

  yes I like that's actually in the washer [TS]

  so's she says it I'm I like that it's [TS]

  actually in the text that's let's keep [TS]

  it accurate [TS]

  wait we haven't started yet yeah well we [TS]

  now we have you are listening to the [TS]

  incomparable podcast now annual [TS]

  tradition of getting together on [TS]

  Christmas night and talking about the [TS]

  doctor who christmas special that we all [TS]

  just watched I am Jason snow and joining [TS]

  me tonight on this special flash Doctor [TS]

  Who podcast are Dan more'n hide and [TS]

  you're far away from home aren't you [TS]

  I Jason and i'm calling it from the time [TS]

  vortex excellent [TS]

  you sound like it how's things at home [TS]

  is Scott McNulty hi Scott [TS]

  hello you sound normal because you are [TS]

  at home [TS]

  xiii in a room in a box in a forest [TS]

  are you a madman in a box as usually [TS]

  ok first and Fleischmann also is at home [TS]

  hi Glenn hi you know I just thought we [TS]

  could actually start calling this blue [TS]

  Boxing Day know how can I help now this [TS]

  podcast is over before it began [TS]

  haha when I and wins this podcast is a [TS]

  negative running time but I actually [TS]

  Michael not when i go and serenity [TS]

  Caldwell your nightmare [TS]

  well I'm a normal life my original home [TS]

  yes Silas Angeles so with a microphone [TS]

  balanced on two stacks of dvds and if [TS]

  piece of scotch tape is stately Wayne [TS]

  Manor aren't you [TS]

  oh yes Alfred will come by later I and [TS]

  i'm in arizona in my parents dining room [TS]

  very strange who you're too special [TS]

  types of them is a man i'm in mountain [TS]

  time Jason why are you talking to self [TS]

  your dining room your parents ask yes [TS]

  where they've gone to bed and I warned [TS]

  them already that I was doing a podcast [TS]

  and when they ask what a podcast was I [TS]

  said it's like radio except nobody [TS]

  listens [TS]

  didn't that explains it [TS]

  so when you say so to the the 2011 [TS]

  version and I i counted this this is the [TS]

  i believe seven believe it or not [TS]

  Seventh Doctor Who Christmas special [TS]

  it's hard to believe really every year [TS]

  since 2005 you can count them five six [TS]

  seven eight nine ten eleven that's seven [TS]

  Christmas specials goodness [TS]

  yeah it's pretty crazy and this was [TS]

  called the doctor the widow and the [TS]

  wardrobe right right right yes right [TS]

  yeah i was a kid i can raise even more [TS]

  than ok we all agree about the title [TS]

  that's good we good we'll start with [TS]

  some agreement [TS]

  this is an exciting podcast already [TS]

  thank you thank you shake goodness i'm [TS]

  not editing it myself so I'm so I'm [TS]

  interested this is you know this is our [TS]

  are freeform fast unedited podcast I'm [TS]

  interested in hearing what what [TS]

  everybody thought who would like to take [TS]

  first crack it's Christmassy if it was [TS]

  gross Christmassy but in a different way [TS]

  I thanks for last year's Christmas from [TS]

  Christmas exactly what does not endanger [TS]

  for one was it was at the beginning but [TS]

  he blew up the ship in the prayer at the [TS]

  better the devil first minute [TS]

  the world's a dangerous laughter [TS]

  residency databases and they just love i [TS]

  love the openings people of earth [TS]

  prepare to accompany boom boom [TS]

  this is a lovely little bit that you [TS]

  always mikey the whole the Christmas Day [TS]

  invasion it was practically the entire [TS]

  episode donors people of Earth boom just [TS]

  like the Vogon constructor fleet but a [TS]

  doctor was here to save us [TS]

  what did you was that there was a out [TS]

  there was a people online is yes yes i'm [TS]

  in a half thing we're explains somewhat [TS]

  more that is not a ship and holding out [TS]

  a button [TS]

  yes I saw that yes no yes now i have to [TS]

  let go of this button not will be bad [TS]

  for me but although the ngspice message [TS]

  to record and right but he's calling Amy [TS]

  but Jamie thinks he's dead anyway so [TS]

  when she knows because a result is [TS]

  reserved even think she knows that she [TS]

  thinks is easy says she's calling the [TS]

  top [TS]

  it's remember that like first of all I [TS]

  don't wanna 44 seconds okay used to be [TS]

  let's not argue about the silly prequel [TS]

  that's on the internet but yeah let's [TS]

  with all I speak soon I think it speaks [TS]

  to the end in the end the entire arc [TS]

  that we get from the doctor to get this [TS]

  episode and the fact that it is a [TS]

  continuation of the season that we just [TS]

  watched yes I suppose I want to get dr. [TS]

  solos it is and i actually thought when [TS]

  they didn't put Amy and Rory and the [TS]

  opening titles i thought how well [TS]

  they're just not going to be in it and [TS]

  they're not going to deal with it very [TS]

  and I thought oh they are moving on me i [TS]

  was kind of like we're gonna we're gonna [TS]

  see Karen Gillan here our way and we did [TS]

  which was nice and and their door not to [TS]

  jump to the end but their doors painted [TS]

  a lovely shade of blue and that's there [TS]

  that's true how does that's what I doubt [TS]

  dr. jose is a real boy I found I found [TS]

  this whole episode surprisingly moving [TS]

  it was at let you know I'm sure we'll [TS]

  talk about blood but i think he was a [TS]

  little thin and number departments and [TS]

  there were things that I'm like they cut [TS]

  the explanation for this because it [TS]

  makes no sense and it is clear there was [TS]

  to be an explanation or repercussion or [TS]

  or something and they're like okay bye [TS]

  we gotta get the hooks on here but I [TS]

  don't know or or who cares right [TS]

  I was in tears a number of times and [TS]

  there's some terrific lines [TS]

  i justyou know the bits o atoms we do [TS]

  the plot synopses before we assume [TS]

  everyone seen this about me and I yes if [TS]

  you haven't seen it you should listen to [TS]

  this episode destroy large while time I [TS]

  minute i'll jump ahead of my favorite [TS]

  scene instance were no not with us [TS]

  let's look at the quick recap which is [TS]

  that the plot here is that the doctor [TS]

  says the earth and then crashes to earth [TS]

  and is saved more or less by this woman [TS]

  and she never sees his face because he's [TS]

  put the spacing on backward and she put [TS]

  get them into a police box or or a few [TS]

  until they find the right one and uh and [TS]

  he basically says if you need me just [TS]

  make a wish and i will come which is [TS]

  very fairy tale but I thought that kind [TS]

  of charming and then her husband husband [TS]

  is shown to be over the English Channel [TS]

  and his planes going down and she gets a [TS]

  telegram saying he's died and she and [TS]

  the kids go off to this mansion for [TS]

  Christmas [TS]

  and the doctor and they make a wish and [TS]

  the doctor is there and he's the [TS]

  caretaker and he gives them a gift that [TS]

  they open to early which is a portal to [TS]

  this other planet that where these tree [TS]

  people live and there's an adventure [TS]

  there with the tree people with my son [TS]

  were convinced were bad and I know for a [TS]

  fact that no televised entertainment [TS]

  will ever portrayed trees as being [TS]

  anything but good in the end so there [TS]

  was less drama there for me but it was [TS]

  really sweet to see if she's like oh the [TS]

  tree people their battle and you know [TS]

  and then in the end let's see some [TS]

  soldiers from halo up here and with a [TS]

  giant robot and they threaten the mom [TS]

  and it turns out that the whole thing is [TS]

  that the heavy piece of she does a [TS]

  better job with reading them [TS]

  yes he turns out and and the tree people [TS]

  who are who are from a planet from an [TS]

  old doctor who episode the caves of [TS]

  Androzani which is kind of funny the the [TS]

  that those people are going to drop acid [TS]

  rain on all the trees and kill them the [TS]

  trees need to escape and the doctor and [TS]

  and the kids and the mom helped them [TS]

  escape through the time vortex and the [TS]

  you know another they find the husband [TS]

  in the time vortex because she's homing [TS]

  in on him and everybody lives happily [TS]

  ever after because it's the Christmas [TS]

  episode and that's progression very [TS]

  straightforward so there you go you guys [TS]

  nobody knows everybody listen buddy dive [TS]

  today I'm sign so people on Twitter [TS]

  always like long disappointed by this [TS]

  and it happens every year and and and [TS]

  i'll say that might have this out I that [TS]

  is exactly how they stopped because [TS]

  they're they're murderers of joy haha i [TS]

  also have this last year and I'll say it [TS]

  again i'm not quite sure what they're [TS]

  looking for from the Christmas episode [TS]

  of da2 yeah just address television set [TS]

  it's going to be big and fun they're [TS]

  going to cut out all the pseudo [TS]

  scientific explanations for what's [TS]

  happening it's going to be more like a [TS]

  fairy tale or or I or in the case of [TS]

  russell davis like an action movie but [TS]

  it's not going to be is some kind of [TS]

  dark psychodrama right it's gonna be for [TS]

  people who got turkey in their stomachs [TS]

  and they're settled down with her family [TS]

  and they want to see a big kind of [TS]

  emotional happy nice kind of story and I [TS]

  feel like Steven Moffat and two [TS]

  consecutive years has given us different [TS]

  kinds of stories but they both are very [TS]

  Christmasy very much about family [TS]

  and and they fit what you want for [TS]

  something like an episode like this [TS]

  because it's not going to be a big [TS]

  season finale or something it's a [TS]

  Christmas episode [TS]

  yeah and i think what's interesting is [TS]

  that I noted i was watching the BBC [TS]

  america was doing a marathon today of [TS]

  all the people like the preceding season [TS]

  of doctor who and I was watching episode [TS]

  night terrors which I i know that many [TS]

  of you disliked yes and both of my [TS]

  cousins were saying i really like this [TS]

  one and one of them pointed out [TS]

  something I thought what I would you [TS]

  identify the loan i was the lone [TS]

  defender but i think they point out [TS]

  something really interesting about it [TS]

  which is that you know that the family [TS]

  aspect is something and parenting is [TS]

  something that this season and most of [TS]

  moffatts tenure has returned to all wat [TS]

  this is a grating that the Christmas [TS]

  episode is a great example of you know [TS]

  how how important family is and [TS]

  especially how important it is to the [TS]

  doctor who is essentially alone so I [TS]

  think picking up on the threads of you [TS]

  know what Russell T Davies did in the [TS]

  first few seasons establishing the [TS]

  doctor as this last remaining remember [TS]

  of society and now you know to sort of [TS]

  reinforce the idea that he sort of [TS]

  craves a family or some sort of [TS]

  emotional connection even if he tries to [TS]

  rise above it you know i think that the [TS]

  both the previous Christmas this in the [TS]

  previous Steven Moffat christmas episode [TS]

  really spoke to that i agree i think [TS]

  it's so there's a very strong [TS]

  I mean that's the i'll tell you now my [TS]

  favorite scene because it ties directly [TS]

  with that which is when the soldiers [TS]

  weather as soldiers are they I mean this [TS]

  thing's a policeman or melting trees for [TS]

  fuel to little confused or contractors [TS]

  like the contractor here the right this [TS]

  Blackwater likes already [TS]

  yeah exact water hit 5000 because that [TS]

  is a job manager there is no nobody [TS]

  other than no sentient beings other than [TS]

  the trees on that land would make a [TS]

  little the trees that's think there'll [TS]

  be lawsuits it's it's there it's a great [TS]

  little bumbling weird I mean it's really [TS]

  funny it's good comic relief the three [TS]

  contractors and just a bit we're [TS]

  scanning her it's like no she's unarmed [TS]

  now it's she's arm down its the world [TS]

  the world is interfering with the [TS]

  scanner please tell me we can tell the [TS]

  difference between wall and weapons [TS]

  oh yeah and we [TS]

  not exactly not another seriously bill [TS]

  bill bill bailey who played that the [TS]

  bearded guy with the center there who is [TS]

  a veteran of space and black books and a [TS]

  bunch of other great british comedy is [TS]

  was awesome [TS]

  every time you showed up you like it's [TS]

  Billy no previews in anything so I was [TS]

  going to see in there [TS]

  the best thing about that scene is that [TS]

  she actually does have a gun that's my [TS]

  favorite scene is is that after all that [TS]

  and nothing the whole she's crying she [TS]

  starts bursts into tears we got another [TS]

  woman's marvelous she burst into tears [TS]

  and then they all put their weapons down [TS]

  can we interrogate you now and then she [TS]

  pulls out the gun and says it's weird a [TS]

  war of course she's got a god you slept [TS]

  with a gun under your pillow and she [TS]

  takes them hostage I'm like you know I [TS]

  thought that was just it was a beautiful [TS]

  and I was not quite expecting that [TS]

  moment it was just great [TS]

  well clearly the one of the themes in [TS]

  this in this episode is I think he says [TS]

  mother christmas at the end right it's [TS]

  about it's about motherhood and and [TS]

  their the scenes where it turns out the [TS]

  trees want a woman they don't want males [TS]

  they want they want a woman that [TS]

  daughter isn't isn't old enough and you [TS]

  know this you know you empowerment of [TS]

  mom is like the message of this episode [TS]

  the theme of this land and you miss the [TS]

  top around that seem gladdened which was [TS]

  the topper on that on that scene which [TS]

  is oh yeah I don't believe you you can't [TS]

  see anything that makes me think that [TS]

  you'll use that individuals I'm looking [TS]

  for my children and feelings you know [TS]

  like your face there is all going wide [TS]

  done and done you know it's such a nice [TS]

  a topper for all the ladies you probably [TS]

  spent hours toiling away in the kitchen [TS]

  today they're like yeah I'm gonna sit [TS]

  sit back I'm gonna watch Doctor Who oh [TS]

  yeah they're basically complimenting me [TS]

  for all my hard work at being a mother [TS]

  because I'm badass [TS]

  yeah yep yep [TS]

  yeah i'm just taking a few you know a [TS]

  few hundred million tree souls as a [TS]

  foster mother temporarily and not a big [TS]

  deal if your mom so I don't have that [TS]

  line where she's like well I never [TS]

  thought would be like to be a tree and [TS]

  and now Laura's yeah yeah it's you know [TS]

  glad you said something about the plot [TS]

  being fan and i thought you know i does [TS]

  i thought it was kind of refreshing that [TS]

  this wasn't you know the universe isn't [TS]

  deputy and we got a ratchet everything [TS]

  up and it was a link you know really [TS]

  this is about a family and about about [TS]

  them saving some trees in a forest and [TS]

  the story was beautiful but the plot was [TS]

  thin because you know there's never been [TS]

  a doctor who in which a bunch of our [TS]

  patients space people in the room is for [TS]

  the future are likely to destroy some [TS]

  kind of resource and he goes well that's [TS]

  fine let the acid rain all what we're [TS]

  really concerned about here is don't [TS]

  know [TS]

  yeah it is but I mean really because he [TS]

  he always you know he'd be out there in [TS]

  the acid with some kind of you know [TS]

  thing that deflected the acid or blew up [TS]

  the satellites that were structuring the [TS]

  thing also that was he doesn't do that [TS]

  though right [TS]

  he doesn't listen if you're not dead [TS]

  trees die I mean he helps them pass on [TS]

  to wherever in space they're going to [TS]

  live they basically died in and that's [TS]

  the forest is destroyed i guess he [TS]

  supported but merry christmas haha [TS]

  british petroleum we have people so [TS]

  y'all kill 3 is at Christmastime squash [TS]

  against her wishes fuel [TS]

  well there's a rain cloud that's because [TS]

  christmas is powered by the screams of [TS]

  trees Christmas trees are the greatest [TS]

  source of power in the in the universe [TS]

  even beyond apparently you know black [TS]

  holes and quasars advance right it's [TS]

  just awesome trees don't underestimate [TS]

  the trees glad it makes perfect sense [TS]

  that the Christmas the trees would build [TS]

  a system in which a little boy would [TS]

  have to touch one an egg would forward [TS]

  and then I would follow the ground and [TS]

  he'd opened it and it crack open that [TS]

  would start off a chain of events that [TS]

  would lead to save don't know i'll apply [TS]

  that because they're waiting for a girl [TS]

  to understand what it's free Scott 044 [TS]

  host though you have to accept any [TS]

  better about it it's a human trap right [TS]

  and he was coming [TS]

  no wait now Scott's really was coming [TS]

  that's the plot they foresaw its each [TS]

  was going to camp because what i thought [TS]

  was interesting about this was you know [TS]

  with the whole point right of the end of [TS]

  last season was that the doctor is like [TS]

  sort of removing himself from the [TS]

  Galactic stage and I wondered if that [TS]

  was specifically we force our you [TS]

  because there have been so many plots [TS]

  were like I we knew the doctor would [TS]

  come [TS]

  whereas this was just like someone we [TS]

  knew someone would come like that he [TS]

  come on the person with the doctor [TS]

  couldn't the doctor is not who they want [TS]

  no you're not strong enough to help [TS]

  trust me can we do this they were [TS]

  waiting for like her and I like to [TS]

  consult I like that he was all cocky [TS]

  about it you know because you're plenty [TS]

  strong [TS]

  yeah but then he's like you know [TS]

  cringing in pain and she's a garlic it [TS]

  continues doesn't it [TS]

  well you know if you're going through [TS]

  childbirth I guess you know [TS]

  yeah that's really the message fair [TS]

  that's true so I'll celebration I should [TS]

  know [TS]

  yes exactly right instruction from [TS]

  previous much so through it what did [TS]

  what did you all think of the there [TS]

  there's before the main plot kicks in [TS]

  there's an amusing interlude where the [TS]

  doctor who is referred to as the [TS]

  caretaker by the family throughout which [TS]

  goes with the theme of him becoming [TS]

  laying low they call him the caretaker [TS]

  right he shows them around the mansion [TS]

  which is like wacky mansion designed by [TS]

  the doctor I kind of is awesome [TS]

  yeah well I almost got the feeling that [TS]

  he was basically using the same kind of [TS]

  tools that he uses to design the rooms [TS]

  and the TARDIS to design the house and [TS]

  40 for a little while there I'm like is [TS]

  the house just heart like difficulty [TS]

  just line the TARDIS up with the front [TS]

  door and they actually go through rooms [TS]

  of the TARDIS and that why everything's [TS]

  all crazy but no no the doctor just [TS]

  really really likes interior decorating [TS]

  i guess but it was always some kind of [TS]

  like will ferrell an elf is my check on [TS]

  that I just like the easy constant I [TS]

  know you have to B&B i will have my eyes [TS]

  wide angle don't go in that room [TS]

  Panthers in that room very dangerous [TS]

  I I think you're lying on the Panthers [TS]

  famous last words just used the tissues [TS]

  laboratory with beware of the right [TS]

  you're signed where the leopard yeah [TS]

  it's able efforts are it's very clear [TS]

  that I'm Steven Moffat is very focused [TS]

  on the child audience for Doctor Who [TS]

  which is great and and this is like the [TS]

  perfect i mean my watch my son and [TS]

  daughter watching it and thought this is [TS]

  written for them I'm my son is watching [TS]

  that boy and his is very scared when [TS]

  that boy has put in jeopardy and i keep [TS]

  saying them it's gonna be okay you know [TS]

  it's the doctor who christmas ballons [TS]

  how bad could it be [TS]

  but he's still like he's very strange [TS]

  people on a Sicilian detail pointed out [TS]

  by one of my cousin's again was that the [TS]

  you know the mat smith compared to david [TS]

  tennant christopher eccleston matt smith [TS]

  is a much more [TS]

  more childlike and he's like his [TS]

  maniacally as much more childlike and [TS]

  he's much more you know naive in some [TS]

  ways that night but like you know much [TS]

  more is entrusting this Willy's wanna [TS]

  come on it's almost yeah well you'd [TS]

  expect that level when he I mean when he [TS]

  regenerated his first interaction was [TS]

  with a small child and I feel like he [TS]

  couldn't help but pattern some of that [TS]

  off of off of young Amy Pond and that's [TS]

  where we get a lot of his madness [TS]

  what if we believe that or are [TS]

  characters that whole thing with you [TS]

  know Christopher Eccleston's doctor was [TS]

  born out of war and he met rose and sort [TS]

  of calmed him down he was regenerated [TS]

  david tennant who is sort of calmer but [TS]

  still a war doctor was still always the [TS]

  universe is always at risk always a [TS]

  threat everything is always bigger than [TS]

  himself and and then you're this doctor [TS]

  so everything was resolved he solves [TS]

  everything everything was good he got [TS]

  his reward and they generated to this [TS]

  person who gets to be the playful doctor [TS]

  gets to be much more like a Tom bakery [TS]

  one or even a patrick not a trout in one [TS]

  where he's just sort of almost silly you [TS]

  can take it as seriously as Pertwee or [TS]

  something he can be he can do that i [TS]

  mean this was famously with Stephen [TS]

  market says about him but he can do the [TS]

  childlike and he can also do the wise [TS]

  old man thing and he and matt smith can [TS]

  really do this thing's almost [TS]

  simultaneously we cannot die it's [TS]

  amazing and this in this episode he is [TS]

  he is the child like dr. for the whole [TS]

  it's actually kind of nice to not have [TS]

  an overarching plot and not have a [TS]

  companion in the TARDIS at the beginning [TS]

  at all and to just say we're going to [TS]

  tell a story and the doctors involved [TS]

  although he doesn't really need to be [TS]

  itself at most of it he kind of is more [TS]

  of a neighbor he sets the ball rolling [TS]

  and you know gets everything little [TS]

  present to another brightness so he gets [TS]

  a routing the trouble if he had not been [TS]

  there through everything would've been [TS]

  fine except there was someone dead but [TS]

  other than that everything to find her [TS]

  it's a fairly irresponsible present i [TS]

  think it's great like this is the safest [TS]

  world in the universe except for this [TS]

  one period in time which I should know [TS]

  that but even if it's really safe world [TS]

  would you want your child just wandering [TS]

  around the strange world just don't like [TS]

  scary if you're talking about it being [TS]

  open on christmas day would be all four [TS]

  of them four of them yes all four of [TS]

  them [TS]

  walking into the new world and the [TS]

  doctor being like look at this [TS]

  there are trees this special extreme [TS]

  know it would have been hundreds of your [TS]

  letter because time moves differently [TS]

  more like this planet is pretty empty i [TS]

  thought the trees here it's just a thin [TS]

  layer of astronaut trees would have [TS]

  regrown by that but you know again what [TS]

  they're trying to do is say kids can't [TS]

  resist peaking at present certainly [TS]

  recommend also have I mean none of [TS]

  obviously the plate no Maj to CS lewis [TS]

  which I'll think we mentioned at all you [TS]

  know what did Uncle Digby the character [TS]

  degree is the nephew from the magician's [TS]

  nephew magician's nephew is there any [TS]

  series but what did they say [TS]

  just my it's my wardrobe yeah what's the [TS]

  line with you when it's right for the [TS]

  title and you go through a portal into a [TS]

  snowy world and that is able to work it [TS]

  out for checking the lamp the lamp and a [TS]

  fun i was very disappointed in the lack [TS]

  of streetlamp although there is a there [TS]

  just like a tiny oh my gosh they're like [TS]

  you walked into the street yeah [TS]

  yes it seems his spacesuit what I have [TS]

  to say we should talk about i think the [TS]

  character I was magyar well who is one [TS]

  of those extraordinary ministers you [TS]

  only almost fine doctor who are not [TS]

  another fiction because she's she's [TS]

  competent open-minded slightly wacky and [TS]

  indomitable and usually that's the [TS]

  Dottie person another show can't get [TS]

  anything done and doctor who is full of [TS]

  characters who are somewhat peculiar [TS]

  possibly because you know they had that [TS]

  you know some psychic power whatever I [TS]

  just love the textures like her so [TS]

  here's a loud sound you go explosion she [TS]

  goes overseas got you know space suit [TS]

  hit the ditch [TS]

  no one see the space that course you [TS]

  know something science fiction she goes [TS]

  down in there and so forth [TS]

  i should point out my god when of [TS]

  Godwin's law has been complaining on [TS]

  twitter that people are going around [TS]

  willy-nilly and 1941 stating they knew [TS]

  what that new what radar was great i was [TS]

  secret in the world war two know what I [TS]

  want also there's a 1963 call box in the [TS]

  middle [TS]

  exactly yeah if that's his biggest [TS]

  problem with doctor who is that people [TS]

  in 1843 did not know about radar i [TS]

  called a Nazi because I thought that was [TS]

  appropriate [TS]

  ah [TS]

  I don't get it now but the TV [TS]

  look at me now didn't have call boxes of [TS]

  that style during world war two as well [TS]

  I don't know they've always made a point [TS]

  of view i'll start is being specifically [TS]

  in 1963 complex but then again I could [TS]

  just be because that's when doctor who [TS]

  started yeah like everyone that you [TS]

  skill sands later changed [TS]

  I don't know that yes I don't know I'm [TS]

  in today's talking trees with exactly do [TS]

  you mean woman that's all fine but the i [TS]

  like-like point as about you know I [TS]

  think there's a certain you know there's [TS]

  an argument that these slightly wacky [TS]

  characters attract the doctor and vice [TS]

  versa and like they're somehow they also [TS]

  they're more willing to permeate that [TS]

  layer between reality and the fantastic [TS]

  right like she's perfectly willing to [TS]

  accept up don't tell your dad I've got [TS]

  to help a spaceman / angel find a police [TS]

  call box without also yes but we also [TS]

  know as well enough to say where's your [TS]

  mom out this is that notion to the [TS]

  doctor and if we get into the cannon [TS]

  issues is that the doctor you're like [TS]

  the Donna dr. stop is that is that you [TS]

  could argue that March much badge at our [TS]

  well how to get to that planet at that [TS]

  time in order to save all these trees [TS]

  souls and help transubstantiated them so [TS]

  the doctor was that means for her he [TS]

  wasn't a direct driving force here [TS]

  actually she wasn't dry seasons trees us [TS]

  the trees are Jesus Jesus it's a it's [TS]

  just a Christmas miracle the trees gonna [TS]

  save the trees although again the trees [TS]

  all die [TS]

  it's just that their souls are straight [TS]

  out into the void which transitions [TS]

  Jackie yeah the tracks for real the [TS]

  aleve subculture based really hate ACH [TS]

  hey they saved one human life in [TS]

  exchange while three is but it's fair [TS]

  trade right thousand trees or three [TS]

  humans trees are really stupid so yeah [TS]

  exactly cares about the space trees [TS]

  what's so great about trees anyway yeah [TS]

  say it aloud the greatest thing they did [TS]

  is pretend to be a building is that is [TS]

  that from a little spitfire it was not [TS]

  hired was kinda weird the tapper that's [TS]

  just made out of trees its face what he [TS]

  was just a nice including allow reason [TS]

  yeah definitely [TS]

  it turns into a Russian situations like [TS]

  yeah the side part about the daughter [TS]

  finally yelling at a sonic screwdriver [TS]

  about not being compatible with what you [TS]

  do this was going to happen one day it's [TS]

  going you know it well our next driver [TS]

  something like fruit of the TARDIS I [TS]

  mean we have an earlier episode where [TS]

  it's like it just kind of produces them [TS]

  as a psychic and paints the eleventh [TS]

  hour after he blows out the tenants he [TS]

  gets that only goes deep cooks up a new [TS]

  one [TS]

  yeah so it's a little bit of like that [TS]

  like has a running argument with the [TS]

  that's like that's like you're yelling [TS]

  at your sonic screwdriver okay that [TS]

  actually makes a strange magic doesn't [TS]

  work on a wood and you know how can you [TS]

  not make that joke right [TS]

  tria I wonder that but whatever right [TS]

  down here [TS]

  um I do what I do hang on and pretend [TS]

  there's a plan that is the best line the [TS]

  episode only because it sums up the [TS]

  doctor perfectly we were walking home [TS]

  with a one of my cousins who has never [TS]

  seen a doctor who episode we're trying [TS]

  to explain to him what you know and he's [TS]

  like he's you know he's in there and [TS]

  he's kind of familiar with what [TS]

  everybody wants money from the plot [TS]

  whatever that line came up and I was [TS]

  like that is the best mate Dr Who period [TS]

  try to hold on to something looks like [TS]

  there's a plan i watch this tonight with [TS]

  my brother and mother who are not nerds [TS]

  and who have never seen doctor who they [TS]

  were unimpressed I must admit [TS]

  huh but what any note their souls have [TS]

  been removed to the time vortex what [TS]

  were they were they expecting nothing [TS]

  baby just expected i'm going to [TS]

  disappoint them with your saving money [TS]

  behind if I was trying to make you login [TS]

  and he should have a well my family [TS]

  always expects me to disappoint them so [TS]

  that's a par for the course Merry [TS]

  Christmas out haha intervention exactly [TS]

  but no I don't know my mother was [TS]

  vaguely aware of what doctor who is what [TS]

  she was asleep at the time so she [TS]

  doesn't care but my brother at the end [TS]

  of it he turned to me and he said so you [TS]

  watch the show all the time haha was [TS]

  like well it's good i don't know where I [TS]

  thought were my cousin was like wait so [TS]

  that girl at the end he's got like a [TS]

  baby with her and really know [TS]

  technically that's his mother-in-law [TS]

  you'll have a nice laugh but it's time [TS]

  to stop I'd like a nice line Amy's line [TS]

  duh she's a good girl about rivers like [TS]

  yeah that movie and breaking a second [TS]

  yeah it took me a second but it made me [TS]

  laugh after that girl I think that's one [TS]

  of the nice things that they did is that [TS]

  they actually match to last season with [TS]

  that one line just you know cultivate [TS]

  that mother-daughter relationship and [TS]

  make it seem strangely possible [TS]

  yeah they're never lettin you look very [TS]

  familiar there at the end to worry with [TS]

  his little heart and you're about and [TS]

  yeah it makes you wonder what you know [TS]

  exactly how exactly they're gonna [TS]

  approach next season all that together [TS]

  time I with a roar back right we know [TS]

  they're back for the part of the season [TS]

  that's already been reviews too yeah but [TS]

  what a great line at the end then we set [TS]

  a place for you every year [TS]

  oh I mean I don't know that like that [TS]

  the dog is crazy with screws god bless [TS]

  us everyone [TS]

  30 more on the doctors why the Passover [TS]

  tradition of leaving this node or after [TS]

  the light all the positions for him he's [TS]

  Elijah you know he gives her hands [TS]

  around so I'm general general thoughts [TS]

  let me go around and just get your [TS]

  general thoughts about about whether you [TS]

  have how you feel about this episode as [TS]

  a whole and and and I mean I think we've [TS]

  got a good sense but I want to just go [TS]

  around and get everybody that chime in a [TS]

  little bit dan yeah i mean awesome i [TS]

  think ya know generally positive i [TS]

  didn't feel necessarily as emotionally [TS]

  wrapped up as I thought I felt like I [TS]

  was watching a little bit detached and [TS]

  really appreciating it and enjoying it [TS]

  but not necessarily you know caught up [TS]

  in the emotion of adult but i felt the [TS]

  same time like if i watch it again I [TS]

  might I might find myself a little more [TS]

  immersed but I thought overall i really [TS]

  enjoyed it [TS]

  the writing was good as we expect from [TS]

  Steven Moffat it is a nice bookend to [TS]

  the last season and still puts us in a [TS]

  great position for launching off and [TS]

  next year at some point I can't believe [TS]

  it's gotta be like other nine nine [TS]

  months so we can see more doctor who but [TS]

  Sherlock is coming back january first so [TS]

  it's not all bad [TS]

  that's another five yes that the same [TS]

  year I Scott what about you [TS]

  well I i enjoyed it so you know good [TS]

  rollicking adventure as always wants the [TS]

  show to so-called oh I gotta go [TS]

  I'm but i know i like to add the only [TS]

  thing that bothered me was the the whole [TS]

  you know humans are the only people who [TS]

  cry when they're happy and then the [TS]

  doctor cries at the end it's like oh I'm [TS]

  more human-like but I know now why you [TS]

  cry [TS]

  thanks got it I you humanity human woman [TS]

  by the way i'm i'm i'm over the time you [TS]

  want anything I think it's like enough [TS]

  with that yeah I don't understand why [TS]

  the doctor wants to be human he doesn't [TS]

  you should be he is is better than a [TS]

  step but what's to stop trying to be [TS]

  with me [TS]

  yeah very very nature of you yes there [TS]

  you go but overall that was that's tiny [TS]

  little niggle bug a whiny little niggle [TS]

  exactly but other than that I thought it [TS]

  was a lot of fun [TS]

  all right Glenn I laughed I cried I know [TS]

  I think I thought it was fun it was one [TS]

  of those sort of rollicking ones where [TS]

  you knew it was gonna turn out right and [TS]

  you're like I can't i'll see what's [TS]

  coming down the pike and see a fair [TS]

  amount of it but it was sweet [TS]

  it was beautifully shot and i love the [TS]

  actress playing mad she made the episode [TS]

  the kids were good and I just thought [TS]

  she was just fabulous and I wanted to [TS]

  watch I want to spin off with her doing [TS]

  something interesting in 1941 the finger [TS]

  and in my household of course my [TS]

  children are too young and anxious to [TS]

  watch anything reassembly doctor who we [TS]

  got them for the muppets movie which was [TS]

  good but doctor who would scar them for [TS]

  life so that was actually watching my [TS]

  laptop while they're watching shaun the [TS]

  sheep slightly surreal [TS]

  every time I was wearing closed airhead [TS]

  phone so that they couldn't hear me but [TS]

  I got some shaun the sheep bleating [TS]

  through this every time I looked up to [TS]

  be some sheep flying through the air and [TS]

  i look back to you know children running [TS]

  off and away from the mother and so [TS]

  forth answer mr. dr. benefits from a [TS]

  companion or co-star who is an adult you [TS]

  know older adult generally adult woman I [TS]

  think we've seen that I think we saw [TS]

  that with Donna I think we've seen that [TS]

  in the waters of mars i think is this [TS]

  the same sort of thing I think it's a [TS]

  nice dynamic [TS]

  that you know because so many of his [TS]

  companions have been young women to see [TS]

  somebody who can really hold their own [TS]

  against him is always a pleasure women [TS]

  who are secure their abilities and he [TS]

  lets them show that there's that they're [TS]

  actually he's on a self-actualized read [TS]

  outside self-actualize ER and with her [TS]

  match didn't necessarily believe that [TS]

  she seems like I just took it all these [TS]

  peoples isn't that lovely like oh yes i [TS]

  will guide you through the time vortex [TS]

  what an interesting place the doctor [TS]

  stick is you know I you could be so much [TS]

  more i'll show you that you have such [TS]

  great potential and you can make much [TS]

  more of your life than you might have [TS]

  thought he does that again and again and [TS]

  again and it's refreshing when the [TS]

  person that he's with this like yeah [TS]

  self-assured and like yeah i know you [TS]

  you're not so great that was the great [TS]

  thing about the Donna relationship and I [TS]

  felt that some of that in this too and i [TS]

  think that works well with Doctor Who I [TS]

  read what about you [TS]

  I quite liked it i was just delightful [TS]

  all around they got good actors they got [TS]

  great actress to play match the kids [TS]

  were cute the little kid with the the [TS]

  ginger with the glasses he reminds me [TS]

  very much of the kid from wrinkle in [TS]

  time and i don't know why i have that [TS]

  image in my head but it was like a weird [TS]

  mashup the entire episode Russia's if I [TS]

  know this is supposed to be working off [TS]

  of you know CS lewis but I can't help [TS]

  but think of wrinkle and I'm i kept [TS]

  thinking he was like young Harry Potter [TS]

  or matt mixed with Peter Billingsley [TS]

  from christmas story right out [TS]

  well I just perfectly way and ashes that [TS]

  is true now if they maybe you could put [TS]

  my eye out with that thing joke about [TS]

  the screen sonic screwdriver we really [TS]

  would have had something to better [TS]

  effect that sadly sadly it's forbidden [TS]

  even without that [TS]

  yea even without that it was delightful [TS]

  episode i was very happy by it [TS]

  no I well I agree I I like i said at the [TS]

  beginning I'd you know you people love [TS]

  to complain and I i feel like these [TS]

  Christmas episodes and as Americans it's [TS]

  hard to see because there's this grand [TS]

  tradition of it in the UK and not in the [TS]

  US where the network's generally just [TS]

  plant on Christmas or or literally punt [TS]

  and put on a football game but that's [TS]

  about it and but it does it delivers [TS]

  what you want to do which is family [TS]

  entertainment and a big story and makes [TS]

  you feel happy and it's Christmas night [TS]

  and you know it's a capper to that you [TS]

  know that this special day and and I [TS]

  felt like Steven Moffat I think maybe [TS]

  has a better handle on that I think that [TS]

  Russell Davis felt like what you need to [TS]

  do was keep cranking up the spectacle [TS]

  and with the exception of the next [TS]

  doctor which i think actually did work [TS]

  pretty well in the Christmas see Captain [TS]

  vane I think Steven Moffat has outpaced [TS]

  russell davis with really trying to get [TS]

  to the root of what you want to do what [TS]

  um what kind of themes you want to talk [TS]

  about and what kind of visuals you want [TS]

  with snow and and and that the trees [TS]

  that the with the with the pint you know [TS]

  pine needles well three Zaillian trees [TS]

  but they look like Christmas trees and [TS]

  it all that just felt like they nailed [TS]

  the nail the feeling that you want to [TS]

  get out of a Christmas episode and so I [TS]

  i liked it too [TS]

  it's also possible student Moffat [TS]

  doesn't write everything at 2am the [TS]

  night before it has to be shot [TS]

  yes I think we must carefully thousand [TS]

  yea there is a little bit more care [TS]

  that's taken some of the things that [TS]

  didn't make sense especially some [TS]

  christmas specials really had to do with [TS]

  with russell davies schedule more than [TS]

  perhaps his intent i don't know any and [TS]

  markets making a little more intent i [TS]

  think you get the good and the bad with [TS]

  russell davis that sort of you get you [TS]

  get that way but Steven Moffat [TS]

  definitely seems to be much more much [TS]

  more calculated and you know it and also [TS]

  I think he's inspired by his kids which [TS]

  somebody said earlier that the apparent [TS]

  parenting and and you know being a [TS]

  parent was definitely a theme of the [TS]

  last season of doctor who and family [TS]

  keeps coming up and he talks about how [TS]

  his kids he runs ideas by his kids or [TS]

  gets ideas from them and you can you can [TS]

  tell that and and i think that when you [TS]

  see an episode like this with the with [TS]

  the kids going on this adventure and and [TS]

  the mother chasing after them that you [TS]

  definitely he's coming from a [TS]

  perspective as a father trying to write [TS]

  a show for kids and so his to audiences [TS]

  really i think that the shooting for are [TS]

  the kids who are watching it and their [TS]

  parents are watching it with them and [TS]

  you can feel it when the stuff that he [TS]

  writes and not just the Christmas [TS]

  special something [TS]

  but everything he does for Doctor Who [TS]

  there's a heartbreaking moment to the [TS]

  thing that really maybe personal tears [TS]

  when the father's in the plane and when [TS]

  he realizes he's going to die they're [TS]

  going down the channel that he looks the [TS]

  picture of his wife bases in there and [TS]

  says I'm sorry [TS]

  you know that's you know what that's [TS]

  like when you're in that kind of about [TS]

  the children but everything sorry is not [TS]

  going to be very sorry won't be there [TS]

  for her and that is that kind of true [TS]

  moment you can't fake that line or that [TS]

  moment and it's so good they repeated [TS]

  the cycle back later [TS]

  could she know who suckled that moment [TS]

  and so for everybody who had that scene [TS]

  in there what will make Glenn cry this [TS]

  time OneRepublic oh we all pick that's [TS]

  how you win every time Glenn cries of [TS]

  angel gets his wings like a so much [TS]

  please don't do your jimmy sturr [TS]

  depression yet every time with Jerry up [TS]

  they're gonna get a medical attention [TS]

  again one last one last question before [TS]

  we go which is a more generally about [TS]

  these christmas specials [TS]

  yeah obviously they keep doing them and [TS]

  they're gonna keep doing them until [TS]

  forever i think i think even if they [TS]

  stop doing doctor who seasons they'll [TS]

  probably still do the Christmas specials [TS]

  at this point is it is it good to do [TS]

  them at after doing so many of them now [TS]

  every year since 2005 are they you know [TS]

  are they running out of steam is this [TS]

  i I just I i thought i would ask is it [TS]

  is it is a good idea or or do you feel [TS]

  like it's getting a little long in the [TS]

  tooth I think to break up the fact that [TS]

  we're waiting nine months for a new [TS]

  episode Easter Special next year it's [TS]

  all going to be about the doctor [TS]

  rediscovering the meaning of Easter [TS]

  which is about bunnies and chocolate and [TS]

  I don't know Jesus works into that [TS]

  equation [TS]

  well the doctor is Jesus so now I don't [TS]

  go there you go looking at reasons this [TS]

  season is all i can say is last year's [TS]

  episode gave us this year's hot gift [TS]

  before footlong helium inflatable [TS]

  navigable shark which i'm sure you all [TS]

  know about those who are parents know [TS]

  that it does not [TS]

  yes and i would recommend it was bigger [TS]

  yeah that's right questions like my [TS]

  weekly thing was I saw this is like I [TS]

  don't think there's room in her house of [TS]

  your foot inflatable navigable remote [TS]

  control should argue that Harper box [TS]

  there but it will [TS]

  abs but i believe that was inspired [TS]

  online by last year's episode so there's [TS]

  a purpose for their whoa i like the [TS]

  Christmas specials [TS]

  I think they're gonna agree with them [TS]

  they break out the time but they're fun [TS]

  it's like bigger chances they don't do [TS]

  the rest of the season and they're [TS]

  trying on goofy with everything from a [TS]

  family perspective i love you know I [TS]

  come and stay with my cousin's Christmas [TS]

  and I love well it's a tradition and [TS]

  that's what we made a to this year we [TS]

  made eight artists gingerbread house and [TS]

  we sat down watched the doctor doctor [TS]

  who christmas special after Christmas [TS]

  dinner and it's just that you know [TS]

  explaining to our cause never been here [TS]

  before this is kind of a tradition and [TS]

  then we accidentally turned on halfway [TS]

  through could be DVR'd it and we all [TS]

  scream no no to turn it off real eyes [TS]

  realize which is also a tradition [TS]

  strange which is also a tradition he [TS]

  looked confused for use of the DVR [TS]

  oh no not again technology fixes all [TS]

  right well I think we've said enough and [TS]

  I think we all should get back to your [TS]

  lives or go to sleep and and and the [TS]

  real question is should we continue [TS]

  doing these flash vodka haha christmas [TS]

  special do you want your christmas night [TS]

  back is that it's got I'm not really but [TS]

  I think we should do a better podcast [TS]

  about whether we should be doing [TS]

  podcasts that would be sure [TS]

  another time perhaps haha in our in [TS]

  Toronto justjust that's a story for [TS]

  another Clinton Global just click [TS]

  microphone to his lapel and wander [TS]

  around his house music to himself and [TS]

  that'll be like the next week when the [TS]

  Glen podcast which is I don't do that [TS]

  heavy breathing the glam nation pod cast [TS]

  against like my story got some more [TS]

  all right well um I then I think i'm [TS]

  going to close the book on this flash [TS]

  podcast and on our Christmas discussion [TS]

  of Doctor Who and I want to thank [TS]

  everybody Merry Christmas everybody [TS]

  thanks for coming on but yes there is a [TS]

  fish [TS]

  Happy Hanukkah that's right yes the old [TS]

  blue box vortex alright who put that [TS]

  wreath in the time vortex we don't know [TS]

  where it will end up now [TS]

  whoo yeah and for our and for our [TS]

  listeners out there in podcast land [TS]

  thank you very much for listening to our [TS]

  to our podcast this year this this [TS]

  conclude [TS]

  it's our broadcast year we were goodbye [TS]

  you'll never hear from us again or whale [TS]

  until 2012 when we will return with more [TS]

  nonsense that's right the final year in [TS]

  the HIV comparable returns in I don't [TS]

  let the title of our next episode is [TS]

  that the future it's tomorrow [TS]

  [Music] [TS]