The Incomparable

89: Also Known as Endor


  the incomparable podcast number 89 made [TS]

  went well [TS]

  we're back on the uncomfortable when you [TS]

  last heard us we were talking about [TS]

  return of the jedi and it true to form [TS]

  we've got about 42 minutes into the [TS]

  movie and it took us an hour to get [TS]

  there but we're back to talk about the [TS]

  rest of return of the jedi and joining [TS]

  me as they did in our previous [TS]

  installment are my guess is already [TS]

  called well hello hello [TS]

  many Bothans died to bring me here damn [TS]

  Warren is also joining us hi Dan [TS]

  oh I think you find this podcast is [TS]

  totally operate I Jason and and John [TS]

  siracusa if the trap the emperor has [TS]

  made a critical error in this podcast [TS]

  continues if critical critical area and [TS]

  i don't think i mentioned i'm jason sell [TS]

  your host and we had we had last week [TS]

  sort of like Yoda and Ben had had goaded [TS]

  I'd and Ben Kenobi had proven that he [TS]

  was kind of a liar from a certain point [TS]

  I think ironically enough that is [TS]

  actually where my where the laserdisc [TS]

  you have to flip it flip it over there [TS]

  it's not quite halfway through but it's [TS]

  it's you know we're making our way [TS]

  it's an act break so when we when we [TS]

  move to the next the next scene we are [TS]

  back in a it's essentially Death Star [TS]

  university again we're back with a with [TS]

  the rebels we have a briefing annan they [TS]

  have a plan involving going to the [TS]

  forest moon of Endor they have way [TS]

  better Holograms this time and what's [TS]

  funny is this is really setting up the [TS]

  action the rest of this movie is one big [TS]

  sequence of parallel action things based [TS]

  on this raid on Death Star so we've got [TS]

  here we got admiral ackbar who appears [TS]

  who will who will later discovered that [TS]

  it's a trap but here he doesn't know it [TS]

  yet and he gives a briefing and they can [TS]

  see that dog opening the forest moon of [TS]

  Endor is anyone else confused about the [TS]

  i was confused for many years before the [TS]

  internet set me straight about what [TS]

  well well well the internets a suit [TS]

  scared straight about Endor hit you know [TS]

  endures referred to what what it is the [TS]

  forest moon of Endor is referred to by [TS]

  seven different things is end or the [TS]

  name of the planet the moon is it [TS]

  orbiting is under the name of the Moon [TS]

  what is the name of the planets orbiting [TS]

  it's very confusing in this movie I [TS]

  think basically because they didn't [TS]

  think it through because if you if you [TS]

  look on the internet you will learn the [TS]

  truth and the truth is all so confusing [TS]

  and bake which is to say that endures [TS]

  actually some other planet [TS]

  I assume that the indoor is like a gas [TS]

  like a gas giant and and this is a moon [TS]

  that's forested and circles around the [TS]

  gas giant planet of Endor that right so [TS]

  here's what the width look at the [TS]

  wookieepedia eight-wicket wikipedia or [TS]

  Wikipedia what's the wikipedia says [TS]

  endure in parentheses also known as the [TS]

  forest moon of Endor and the sanctuary [TS]

  moon was a small parcel moon orbiting [TS]

  the gas giant planet Endor haha [TS]

  Jason was surprised so how can endure be [TS]

  a small forest moon orbiting the giant [TS]

  gas giant planet of Endor it's like [TS]

  endure to the end or two like you like [TS]

  you having for technically it's not [TS]

  endure that was the forest moon of Endor [TS]

  it is the planet endorse forest moon the [TS]

  sanctuary moon of Endor but basically [TS]

  the sentence says that end or is [TS]

  orbiting indoor well I think it's [TS]

  commonly called and/or but it's not [TS]

  actually and/or exactly that's why it's [TS]

  confusing because the short-term rentals [TS]

  buffalo Buffalo buffalo yeah the [TS]

  shortened version of the name refers to [TS]

  the thing that is orbiting yes which i [TS]

  always like to throw back to a at [TS]

  there's the it's a moon that's the moon [TS]

  his moon [TS]

  nevermind it's a modern and endure [TS]

  endure as Liz mentioned in the Bible far [TS]

  out [TS]

  there's eight there's a witch a witch of [TS]

  endor do you mean George Lucas got his [TS]

  name's from other pieces of literature [TS]

  and and plain English words Elyon [TS]

  sleazebag oh no I mean that clearly this [TS]

  was a long time ago and that's the Bible [TS]

  took inspiration a story from universe [TS]

  far far away see if there is the rank or [TS]

  monster you see rank or also also [TS]

  there's the is that is the doctor robot [TS]

  from empire in this seem too or is it [TS]

  just another yes the back to the back to [TS]

  robot is standing in the back he hasn't [TS]

  people seriously we got out he got out [TS]

  of Hazor they went back for him later [TS]

  and tell where there's another one [TS]

  because they're draw his [TS]

  mass-produced yeah i like to think that [TS]

  it's the same guy is like boy they got [TS]

  me out of there that's good i didn't [TS]

  want to work for the Empire I like the [TS]

  book the good guys and the bad guys have [TS]

  British officers seems it seems fair [TS]

  yeah I'm British Empire well I enjoy uh [TS]

  I enjoyed my favorite being you know we [TS]

  have mon mothma comes out here right [TS]

  never addressed my name but she comes [TS]

  out she talks a little bit she looks [TS]

  very sad when she talks about how [TS]

  boffins died and then she's like Admiral [TS]

  Ackbar please an admiral ackbar walks [TS]

  out now if you watch her expressions is [TS]

  entirely and she's staring at admiral [TS]

  ackbar being like what the hell is wrong [TS]

  with that guy great it he's got a squid [TS]

  head there's just one I talked like okay [TS]

  very vaguely freaked out and I read an [TS]

  interview with that actress at some [TS]

  point was just going I didn't know what [TS]

  the hell is going on the key select ok i [TS]

  went up there and said them another guy [TS]

  with a fish he came up so I i mentioned [TS]

  this on twitter I'll mention here [TS]

  there's a really funny podcast with Joe [TS]

  Posnanski his sports writer and can and [TS]

  can't tremendous I should call Michael [TS]

  sure who's the showrunner for the NBC [TS]

  sitcom parks and recreation and they did [TS]

  a they did a a a pad podcast where they [TS]

  do [TS]

  among other things silly drafts not [TS]

  saying that that was an inspiration but [TS]

  hundreds on trying to shift the blame i [TS]

  love podcast with silly drafts anyway [TS]

  they did a silly draft of their favorite [TS]

  Star Wars characters which was which was [TS]

  funny and i'll put in the show notes and [TS]

  I i recommend to the last first asked [TS]

  about baseball in the second half is [TS]

  about Star Wars characters i recommend [TS]

  the second half for people who listen to [TS]

  the uncomfortable and if you like [TS]

  baseball you know you can listen the [TS]

  first have to but what what Mike sure [TS]

  makes the makes the point it at about [TS]

  this seam is that is Han really helping [TS]

  morale here as a general first off [TS]

  everybody's in general right Lando is [TS]

  Lando is a general own hey hey [TS]

  someone told them about his little [TS]

  maneuver at the battle of the NAB yeah [TS]

  but but I mean he's in a room full of [TS]

  people and they're planning this [TS]

  potentially suicide mission and he's got [TS]

  a cape Jason and I general material [TS]

  right there so so so they're the scary [TS]

  mission and on SaLuSa their guard [TS]

  well I wouldn't want to be the guy who [TS]

  has to do that blah [TS]

  who's the sucker is gonna do that [TS]

  mission but that's just so they can flip [TS]

  it around later to show how brave hungry [TS]

  he is I know you made that comment he [TS]

  volunteered for the most dangerous [TS]

  mission you know she's always making [TS]

  comments about how he's gonna leave and [TS]

  how he's just tell ya I suppose you [TS]

  could leave the fighters if you're a was [TS]

  he he is actually when you watch it I I [TS]

  think it's really funny i can I had to [TS]

  watch it with that context after hearing [TS]

  that podcast but it is sort of shot as [TS]

  if it's it's really hon just given the [TS]

  needle to Lando like there really a word [TS]

  and everything else is going on around [TS]

  him and he's like war you know who's the [TS]

  sucker who is going to do that one right [TS]

  knee just setting up his be his buddy [TS]

  but it is funny because Han Solo you [TS]

  know he's a mount content he's always [TS]

  gonna be that roguish guy he's going to [TS]

  be making his jokes and people might die [TS]

  but he's gonna make his jokes as its Han [TS]

  Solo and i love the relationship between [TS]

  him and Lando right like you know [TS]

  because we finally hit sort of an [TS]

  equilibrium where Lando sold him out and [TS]

  then you know Lando help rescue him and [TS]

  he rescues Lando from being sucked into [TS]

  the Sarlacc and so they finally have [TS]

  sort of gotten back to the even footing [TS]

  that they were on supposedly when we [TS]

  first meet him in Empire both both more [TS]

  redeemed than they were [TS]

  yeah they were both like smugglers and [TS]

  scoundrels and now they're more [TS]

  respectable and general respectable part [TS]

  of the rebellion that they both seem to [TS]

  believe [TS]

  who'da thunk it a parent who would like [TS]

  to be general then you're a general is [TS]

  that there's three and an admiral but i [TS]

  love you know that's it of course we get [TS]

  the setup in the foreshadowing for later [TS]

  and then this you know is a popular [TS]

  urban legend right that Lando was [TS]

  supposed to guy was not engine as the [TS]

  truth no it's not [TS]

  I looked this up because i remember that [TS]

  as well and it is actually been denied [TS]

  by pretty much everybody involved in it [TS]

  in any way saying that he was not [TS]

  supposed to die although hot Harrison [TS]

  Ford tried to convince Lucas to kill Han [TS]

  Solo yeah well I we have to wait for the [TS]

  return of the jedi version of those [TS]

  giant hardcover making out books before [TS]

  all the yeah well that's fair that's [TS]

  because I've got the new I've got the [TS]

  new hope one and got the Empire one that [TS]

  they're pretty darn scholarly work so [TS]

  that will set the record straight but [TS]

  I've also read that that yet that was [TS]

  sort of a long-running began their [TS]

  people argued oh if you look close you [TS]

  can see the fire going around the [TS]

  cockpit of money fun at the end it blows [TS]

  up and i am personally blown up many [TS]

  many times in that Death Star escape and [TS]

  oh yeah we're talking super super super [TS]

  return of the jedi cuz [TS]

  a hard freeze I'm talking the gamecube [TS]

  game which was brutally hard to get [TS]

  through those tunnels into the center [TS]

  that starting back down brutally hard [TS]

  time thinking about I'm thinking about [TS]

  the super nintendo one which was also [TS]

  pretty damn hard road later on the [TS]

  Gamecube i believe ya road later I [TS]

  played that many a day I like the I like [TS]

  the fact that he has the just got this [TS]

  funny feeling I'm never going to see her [TS]

  again kinda kind of thing because that's [TS]

  the that is your typical setup [TS]

  40 something something Bad's gonna [TS]

  happen and it doesn't happen but by by [TS]

  setting it out there [TS]

  it almost does by setting it out there [TS]

  makes you worried right you're like oh [TS]

  no not not a scratch he loses the radar [TS]

  dish I gotta promise to school yeah a [TS]

  big scratch [TS]

  well none of the parts that are left on [TS]

  her are scratched quickly she came out [TS]

  flogged never notice so that yeah so the [TS]

  the Emperor dismisses Vader and sends it [TS]

  back to the command ship and and there's [TS]

  this really chilling scene where Luke [TS]

  just looking at the at the ship and says [TS]

  papers on the ship [TS]

  I'm endangering the mission right where [TS]

  it's like he can sense me and you known [TS]

  that from the end of empire though [TS]

  really yeah exactly right materials [TS]

  because he was like passing out [TS]

  yeah yeah so that it's great because [TS]

  first off it really ups the stakes [TS]

  you're like oh man he's gonna he's gonna [TS]

  sense faders going to sense the Lucas [TS]

  there and then it sets up the fact that [TS]

  that the Empire is on to them and this [TS]

  is not happening because they're [TS]

  outsmarting the Empire and so there that [TS]

  you're waiting for the hammer to be [TS]

  dropped on our friends little mission [TS]

  which we just learned about right we're [TS]

  ready to go for the mission and it goes [TS]

  bad immediately immediately it's like I [TS]

  leave them to me [TS]

  better let them land it says yeah I i [TS]

  totally notice them but let them land [TS]

  anyway [TS]

  yeah I'll take care of them the and [TS]

  so-and-so that and then you also the [TS]

  Emperor moving the ordering the fleet to [TS]

  be moved and and so it's setup from the [TS]

  beginning like this is it's a trap right [TS]

  now this is a setup they are screwed [TS]

  it's going to go badly which I love [TS]

  because you know what's the same thing [TS]

  we just saw with Luke right where he's [TS]

  like all the way down in the in the [TS]

  depths of like oh my god how is he ever [TS]

  gonna get out of this with java right [TS]

  except now they don't have [TS]

  a plan right now it's just that the plan [TS]

  is going away right we heard their [TS]

  planet we didn't know what the plan was [TS]

  with the job escape because there was [TS]

  all secret dress but now we were in on [TS]

  the planning meeting and we know this is [TS]

  all there is to the plan and there's [TS]

  rack to know [TS]

  yeah it's wrecked so instead of being [TS]

  like oh you know it's going well so far [TS]

  but I know something bad is gonna happen [TS]

  because of drama instead it's like no no [TS]

  it's it's going it's blown and they [TS]

  don't know what yet it is the Hitchcock [TS]

  thing where the audience knows that but [TS]

  yeah yeah which i think is very [TS]

  effective I i think it's a very [TS]

  effective thing in this movie but we [TS]

  immediately know that the Empire and [TS]

  Darth Vader have have it over our [TS]

  friends from the from the beginning [TS]

  they've got it and it makes it makes a [TS]

  han Solo look even more like hapless [TS]

  this is what this is what so adorable [TS]

  that Han Solo that he's got all the [TS]

  swagger and everything but you know he's [TS]

  the key is competent but there's a [TS]

  little bit of like you know he's making [TS]

  it up its finer on you know he's flying [TS]

  by the seat of his pants don't look like [TS]

  you're keeping a distance I don't know [TS]

  fly casual like that just by casuals are [TS]

  and again and you know the whole time [TS]

  did already knows they're there but like [TS]

  he's trying his best that's all [TS]

  well I love it not only does he says [TS]

  Luke right but like they like oh yeah [TS]

  where you head for oh yeah we got parts [TS]

  for the forest moon like anybody would [TS]

  metal ions will be like that's totally [TS]

  Han Solo just yeah right [TS]

  you sound like Harrison Ford be any [TS]

  antigens Mitchell had a layup put on her [TS]

  little helmet that he got that looks [TS]

  outfit here that the the forest camo he [TS]

  again it looks like I mean this would be [TS]

  more like it [TS]

  it looks like he's from Flashdance he's [TS]

  working like this big like a sarong [TS]

  against me as far as camouflage yeah [TS]

  well I tonsil gets a camouflaged trench [TS]

  coat and and he's wearing like a sorry [TS]

  it's not [TS]

  yeah he basically ends up looking varies [TS]

  wearing the exact same thing layers [TS]

  where Jeff the dress the twins alive [TS]

  stop doing that content sadly Luke takes [TS]

  it takes a woman's small so what he had [TS]

  to wear that was what they the size they [TS]

  had even think he's coming along the [TS]

  mission [TS]

  it takes it off pretty soon he gets back [TS]

  to good old priest look that we want the [TS]

  other so this movie that's what we want [TS]

  alright so we're on the forest moon of [TS]

  Endor may which may we also known a [TS]

  scant or or or not we're a group of [TS]

  Marines and security Witt again no run [TS]

  removing although that would wouldn't [TS]

  avatar been something that they're [TS]

  little bears instead of big blue people [TS]

  man that would have been some movie [TS]

  different audience for the sex scenes [TS]

  that well I yeah yeah so so here we are [TS]

  we're on that were on the forest moon [TS]

  and the first thing that happens is we [TS]

  get a nice little action peace with the [TS]

  introduction of these speeders right [TS]

  weekend we could go around them and yeah [TS]

  the speeders I i remembered when I would [TS]

  go back to say you know what which stars [TS]

  movie you want to watch today which is a [TS]

  frequent childhood conversation we had [TS]

  the money HS and the reason you go for [TS]

  Jedi the big reason for me was what i [TS]

  wanted to see that speeder chase scene [TS]

  because at the time it was the most [TS]

  amazing special effects sequence of an [TS]

  impossible thing that could really [TS]

  happen that was nevertheless exciting [TS]

  and I would just I wait the whole movie [TS]

  for the scene now at this point with all [TS]

  CG it doesn't quite hold up as well in [TS]

  terms of excitement factor i find the [TS]

  other parts of the movie more exciting [TS]

  like the space battle and a lightsaber [TS]

  battle in the am when I was a kid [TS]

  man those speeds like you know they just [TS]

  spend a little make the ring itself i am [TS]

  sorry you've only been to California the [TS]

  one time and you were just in san [TS]

  francisco and you know the next time [TS]

  you're out here I I could take you to [TS]

  muir woods which is right next to my [TS]

  house which is basically where they shot [TS]

  that I was telling my son when we were [TS]

  my son was watching me watching it with [TS]

  me when I was rewatching it for the [TS]

  podcast and I was telling him you know [TS]

  those are real trees that's not a set [TS]

  like there's a place those are actual [TS]

  trees in a forest California Redwoods [TS]

  yeah I don't think you believe me it [TS]

  doesn't leave a lot of things not again [TS]

  that's clearly the forest moon of Endor [TS]

  AKA and/or aka the sanctuary move there [TS]

  no such thing as trees that big look at [TS]

  those trees [TS]

  John when you're out here I'll get my [TS]

  I'll get my a speeder out of the garage [TS]

  and we'll go over to muir woods [TS]

  I'll take a picture of you doesn't go as [TS]

  fast as they used to but Hayley it's not [TS]

  the years [TS]

  dan it's the mileage and we'll take a [TS]

  picture of you riding it in the in the [TS]

  mirror woods and then and then you'll [TS]

  have been to the forest moon of Endor or [TS]

  commonly called endure the thing that I [TS]

  like so much about the speeder battle is [TS]

  actually the front shots that we get [TS]

  occasionally that are like point-of-view [TS]

  from either the characters or the [TS]

  stormtroopers or the I guess microscope [TS]

  wetland [TS]

  trooper bikers here like trooper spyker [TS]

  scalps biker scout [TS]

  yeah champion encyclopedia back [TS]

  everybody that's why have you to these [TS]

  guys are as good at riding bikes is the [TS]

  stormtroopers are shooting things and [TS]

  they just considering how long they [TS]

  survive and how again is because video [TS]

  games how difficult it is to actually [TS]

  drive these things of this kind of speed [TS]

  without hitting a tree they do pretty [TS]

  well know put a rearview mirror on a [TS]

  huge ones which were to solve a lot of [TS]

  problems only imperial troops could be [TS]

  that accurate they don't expect to be [TS]

  they expect to be you know chasing the [TS]

  little the little Ewok they don't expect [TS]

  rebel spies to be popping out of the [TS]

  woodwork on their bikes really they're [TS]

  using the speeder bikes on he walks [TS]

  that's that's overkill just getting [TS]

  around they're using their patrolling [TS]

  out i love these sounds these things [TS]

  make 10 you know it makes no sense of it [TS]

  doesn't matter [TS]

  yeah that bird is best their exact [TS]

  amazing sounds that's happened that's [TS]

  happened at the excitement of the scene [TS]

  is the sound these things make all the [TS]

  electronic noises and the howls and the [TS]

  MELD nonsensical stuff the noises well [TS]

  any way awesome i love my favorite still [TS]

  being you know Luke you know jumps up [TS]

  bails out of his feet are right because [TS]

  they're about to hit a tree and the guy [TS]

  comes around that you know my cursor [TS]

  comes around thinking man i'm just gonna [TS]

  I'm just gonna scare this guy down hold [TS]

  up the Lifeshaper and then cuts off the [TS]

  front of it [TS]

  yeah and the greening entry that there [TS]

  and even this movie like this was still [TS]

  won't mention the other movies but this [TS]

  was just in case where they were mostly [TS]

  withholding lightsabers you felt like [TS]

  you wanted to see more lightsaber [TS]

  they're doing it because they know if [TS]

  you have lightsabers and every single [TS]

  scene lose especially so when he looked [TS]

  up the lightsaber for this one bit [TS]

  alright but that's me nuts it's like [TS]

  when Voltron takes out the sword and all [TS]

  right time to get serious enough playing [TS]

  around you knocked me off my bicycle now [TS]

  this end and it just takes a few seconds [TS]

  and it goes away it's not over you like [TS]

  it's not like throwing his lightsaber [TS]

  from the speeder trying to get the other [TS]

  one catching it in the air and doing vs [TS]

  like that [TS]

  his piloting skills [TS]

  [Music] [TS]

  I wanted a 10 point to John's point [TS]

  about being a hard being hapless is i [TS]

  love that scene where their 1st trying [TS]

  to sneak up just like your Scouts for is [TS]

  you [TS]

  yeah I first of all I love the Harrison [TS]

  for delivery on the hey it's me you know [TS]

  and then he creeps around he's like [TS]

  tiptoeing around the tree and then all [TS]

  the sudden you know steps on the twig [TS]

  gets punched right and not gown and then [TS]

  I love the end they're sort of like [TS]

  wrestling he tries to throw the guy into [TS]

  a tree and then he doesn't like he [TS]

  seriously there's like an aikido flip on [TS]

  the guy and like flips him over which is [TS]

  awesome but then and then it like about [TS]

  he's already lost half his team at that [TS]

  point [TS]

  yeah well and then we can we shoot back [TS]

  to like Luke coming back you just see [TS]

  Han sitting like at the base of the tree [TS]

  looking completely abandoned and sad so [TS]

  dejected I guess someone screwed up my [TS]

  first mission to the general guys your [TS]

  mob first days general was terrible at [TS]

  beat up go throw in a locker the we get [TS]

  to meet the Ewoks here [TS]

  Yub Yub Yub he wants to get a bit the [TS]

  u.s. get a bad name [TS]

  they're cute they are like my kids and [TS]

  my kids love them my kids this is why my [TS]

  kids want to watch this movie is it is [TS]

  it the snow movie or the or the one with [TS]

  the Ewoks but I say well as the one that [TS]

  you know what I want that my answer is [TS]

  it's the snow movie and the like are we [TS]

  want to watch the one with the evil [TS]

  slowly alright alright so my my thing [TS]

  for the Ewoks over any other arm [TS]

  potentially annoying characters that [TS]

  have been thrown into supposedly panter [TS]

  towards kids is that the Ewoks are cute [TS]

  find they're cuddly they're not exactly [TS]

  very vicious but they don't talk in real [TS]

  words so however said you put their [TS]

  dialogue might be [TS]

  yeah exactly when when Leigh is having [TS]

  her interaction with them [TS]

  she's talking to them like a kid but it [TS]

  doesn't seem pandering and the audience [TS]

  doesn't want to blow their brains out [TS]

  because she's treating it more like [TS]

  stringing more like an animal than a kid [TS]

  I think she did seem like a tourist like [TS]

  the part where she comes in like when [TS]

  they're trying to cook them later and [TS]

  she's like no these are my friends to [TS]

  speak loudly really slowly [TS]

  oh I understand you're sure [TS]

  yeah and the equinoxes are portrayed I [TS]

  mean the other cute and stuff but they [TS]

  are an indigenous people and they've got [TS]

  their own ways and they are not you know [TS]

  completely pure and nice they do they do [TS]

  try to roast han solo for extending can [TS]

  you blame them and they do blood and [TS]

  start rippers to death most of their [TS]

  cattle starters through blunt force [TS]

  trauma and one of them dies and it's [TS]

  very sad everyone there is there is a [TS]

  reason that you want to get the bad rap [TS]

  they do in the I think the only reason [TS]

  that they are redeemed this because we [TS]

  know how much worse it could have really [TS]

  been and also because when we saw these [TS]

  things that we were kids but this is [TS]

  when the movie takes a this section of [TS]

  the movie takes more of a turn into the [TS]

  things that kids like that is even not [TS]

  lighter in terms of an Indiana Jones [TS]

  lighter like kind of like rye and and [TS]

  witty but now it's more kind of like [TS]

  does the baby walk and there's the you [TS]

  know that this sweetie while that you [TS]

  walk crying over the other walk and they [TS]

  do kind of goofy things that even though [TS]

  they are supposed to be a society with [TS]

  fierce warriors and stuff their undercut [TS]

  a little bit by the by the joke eNOS up [TS]

  although i love the scene were Threepio [TS]

  gets to recount basically the our story [TS]

  so far it would sound effects sound [TS]

  effects but no words that we can really [TS]

  understand its charming haha and ability [TS]

  to test our way manacle tool princess [TS]

  there was a when I was hard on d theta [TS]

  and think of a scheme okie some debts [TS]

  what we gon get open closet Kenobi in my [TS]

  magic on you know baby yes i do I was [TS]

  just coming to that two run [TS]

  oh gosh just look at Germany to do with [TS]

  the Millennium Falcon and instruments [TS]

  Cloud City with much data and solo take [TS]

  low-carbon catchment supersonic 00 any [TS]

  chance Toto Manette and actually has [TS]

  some charm to it although i do to test [TS]

  the scene that is directly after that [TS]

  which is the luke tells layout that it a [TS]

  do you remember your mother I just [TS]

  energy i remember as a kid always [TS]

  wanting to fast forward to that team [TS]

  because like a yeah get the part where [TS]

  they're fighting stormtroopers again and [TS]

  I at last to pretend she's sad just like [TS]

  I oh I'm accent now and there's others a [TS]

  bizarre little nonsensical spat with her [TS]

  in Han Solo were hunters like yeah you [TS]

  too Luke I'm gonna storm off and no I'm [TS]

  just kidding i'm really sorry no I'm [TS]

  sorry [TS]

  hold me food that was good oh you can [TS]

  tell this is a Lucas scene right [TS]

  the force is strong in my family I have [TS]

  it my father has it [TS]

  my sister are you following along you're [TS]

  done [TS]

  he just wants to talk to layer so badly [TS]

  about this and she's just not getting [TS]

  the hint and he's like all right come on [TS]

  please I view that as being looks like [TS]

  what we would with the most dramatically [TS]

  I could tell you this I could just run [TS]

  up to its exactly i thought other places [TS]

  you don't there's a father God but no no [TS]

  no let me stretch it out let me make it [TS]

  a little more dramatic [TS]

  that's it the Darth Vader's here [TS]

  remember Darth Vader he's a bad guy [TS]

  yeah okay guess what guess what the [TS]

  force is strong in my family I know that [TS]

  seems unrelated wait wait for it wait [TS]

  for it [TS]

  Darth Vader's my father who no no that's [TS]

  not it [TS]

  oh that starts out the conversation with [TS]

  like I never remembered my [TS]

  other oh my sister has it [TS]

  my name is Gail she lives in Oregon and [TS]

  actually and the thing that really gets [TS]

  me about that is that lady's trying to [TS]

  process it all and I I'm really should [TS]

  and she says I know what it means that [TS]

  in the reverse order that would've been [TS]

  worse i know somehow I've always known [TS]

  and really you know what she should be [TS]

  saying there is [TS]

  wait a second are you saying the Darth [TS]

  Vader is my father [TS]

  holy crap right now it's just like I've [TS]

  always known and we and we made out that [TS]

  one time i do then to but that was just [TS]

  getting hard jealous when Han Solo was [TS]

  told he has the realization on his face [TS]

  I like to think that one of the [TS]

  realizations that crosses through his [TS]

  mind and his face is the way to Kingston [TS]

  hey you all right anyway [TS]

  well who's got the last laugh now Luke [TS]

  haha but yeah it's a that's a really [TS]

  weird scene we we skipped over i want to [TS]

  go back to Threepio being a god to the [TS]

  Ewoks by the way it's against his [TS]

  programming to impersonate a deity tell [TS]

  him you tell him you will use your magic [TS]

  but um it as an adult looking at that [TS]

  it's a it and thinking about some of the [TS]

  criticisms levelled George Lucas in [TS]

  specifically in some of the portrayals [TS]

  in episode 1 i'll look at this and it's [TS]

  like wow you know they're I know their [TS]

  little bears on an alien moon but it's [TS]

  this is the that these are you know this [TS]

  is headhunters this is this [TS]

  it's kind of offensive it is like oh [TS]

  these are savages they believe crazy [TS]

  seven it's all the tropes about the [TS]

  Sabbath kind of noble savage kind of [TS]

  sending to the the box they're like [TS]

  children there the noble savages they [TS]

  believe in voodoo stuff there and now [TS]

  you're part of the tribe and yes it's a [TS]

  home you know and r2 also r2d2 in his [TS]

  list of things that he has inside a [TS]

  Taser nice to know that it was which he [TS]

  zaps them in the buggy some use that [TS]

  earlier to break latest jail in an [TS]

  adorable way everything is absolution [TS]

  scramble that there are insanely right [TS]

  right but is when he's at the Ewok Ewok [TS]

  jumps into the split kick and touch and [TS]

  his little heinie guess the sparkle like [TS]

  that's the thing to make that he walks [TS]

  and a lot of it is justified [TS]

  yeah yeah but it is i think it's [TS]

  interesting that that I mean because [TS]

  they're not sort of a [TS]

  and there there little more review [TS]

  removed from being a a racial stereotype [TS]

  it still is like everything out of the [TS]

  PlayBook of of you know what though it's [TS]

  the headhunters it's were in the darkest [TS]

  deepest part of Africa or the Pacific or [TS]

  whatever and it's all the stuff out of [TS]

  that playbook [TS]

  except there there little bears is there [TS]

  clearly the Native Americans they have [TS]

  that we have headdresses and the little [TS]

  animal skulls now we try to remember [TS]

  wasn't there a discussion where they [TS]

  were supposed to be Wookiees yeah it was [TS]

  those are plentiful cookies [TS]

  I don't know that would have been better [TS]

  i know i'm i'm unclear i mean we did get [TS]

  the Christmas special to show us wiki [TS]

  life so it was anything like that you [TS]

  know i mean so if if I saying which if [TS]

  we had Wookiees Were jetta we wouldn't [TS]

  have had that then yes we get all agree [TS]

  that it would have been better [TS]

  yes anyway but but the highlight of this [TS]

  is is what you read what red said which [TS]

  is its Threepio telling the story so far [TS]

  with the sound effects that is great [TS]

  because it that says something I think [TS]

  about the you know that how this story [TS]

  is an epic story and it's told with it [TS]

  you know it's it's based on these [TS]

  mythical archetypes and you boil it down [TS]

  to three pio just you know taking sound [TS]

  effects and little tiny bits and in and [TS]

  and and telling a story around a [TS]

  campfire and leaving the little bear [TS]

  guys enthralled and its really it's [TS]

  great and convincing them to join the [TS]

  fight right which is the most part of it [TS]

  yeah so that scene is great it's [TS]

  surrounded by terrible things but that [TS]

  seems great and it's also a highlight of [TS]

  our central characters which this movie [TS]

  has you know these this trilogy has very [TS]

  much of and the other trilogy which [TS]

  doesn't actually exist has very little [TS]

  in terms of character interaction and [TS]

  people who you really care about and [TS]

  when they go into carbonite you feel sad [TS]

  for you know it's really nice to see [TS]

  kind of that knit and you you really do [TS]

  in the story we skipped over the the [TS]

  another one of the annoying scenes that [TS]

  bothers me is that making sure he looks [TS]

  like a doofus it to get the meat and get [TS]

  them trapped in the thing and they [TS]

  played the due to do music as they're up [TS]

  there great let's get out all right [TS]

  everybody looks [TS]

  good doofus oh that's weird that that's [TS]

  also a bad scene because it never i.e I [TS]

  think it's badly edited and shot but [TS]

  it's confusing about what she is seeing [TS]

  yeah it doesn't look like an animal but [TS]

  it's you know and it's clear that trap [TS]

  but then they're always it becomes more [TS]

  Slatter of like grit and and the other [TS]

  thing about always always bothered me [TS]

  and continues to is that when r 2 gets [TS]

  them out first of all he cuts like one [TS]

  string right in front of him and they [TS]

  all come out and second of all sparks [TS]

  fly so they have metl going through this [TS]

  netting yeah the sparks thing always [TS]

  bugged me as a kid I could never quite [TS]

  figure out the hell was going on there [TS]

  it was maybe the electric net I don't [TS]

  know [TS]

  yeah but that the tone of that crosses [TS]

  the line into the dude music yeah can [TS]

  you reach my lightsaber huh yeah get it [TS]

  for you all my face is squished are you [TS]

  silly wookie that's the meaning to [TS]

  Chewie who would be much more streetwise [TS]

  than that [TS]

  two weeks from the city he doesn't [TS]

  understand this crazy country stuff was [TS]

  like this this middle section where it's [TS]

  like meet the Ewoks aren't they cute but [TS]

  they're dangerous but they're cute and [TS]

  there are their enemies but they're our [TS]

  friends like and all this ridiculousness [TS]

  is the bad is the worst section of the [TS]

  Ewok section i think once once the [TS]

  fighting starts [TS]

  he walks are much less annoying and and [TS]

  fit more seamlessly and to get to that [TS]

  phrase you've got to get Luke out of [TS]

  their busy lives after he has his awful [TS]

  scene with that with like and goes off [TS]

  stock debater and so now we're back into [TS]

  the better scenes [TS]

  yeah and that seemed so that scene where [TS]

  look meet with Vader on the moon I I i [TS]

  forget that scene exists and it's a [TS]

  great scene [TS]

  ok I'm surprised you forget because it's [TS]

  very I it sticks in my memory because [TS]

  it's very riveting and important like [TS]

  dramatic but I as a kid you're like okay [TS]

  this Darth Vader and he's the big bad [TS]

  guy and then and then you confront some [TS]

  an empire it's a big dramatic thing and [TS]

  this movie like they meet again and [TS]

  instead of fighting they're talking like [TS]

  what they've been issues to work and [TS]

  family therapy it's it's because it's [TS]

  it's because it's got you've got all [TS]

  those scenes with the Ewoks and then [TS]

  you've got all the action stuff that [TS]

  happens after and it's it's an important [TS]

  scene but it's this one [TS]

  it's not like the scenes that surrounded [TS]

  it's this it is a linchpin kind of scene [TS]

  where you know dad's dad picks up his [TS]

  son on the planet and takes him back to [TS]

  the start that it isn't it's a tense [TS]

  moment because you want you at this [TS]

  point they [TS]

  base they sold a lot of seeds of doubt [TS]

  we can talk about this but we're going [TS]

  you know that seems to be in the later [TS]

  in the Empire like I hope your feelings [TS]

  are clear strange that I had not felt [TS]

  him on you know felt Luke on the thing [TS]

  where you're there putting a little [TS]

  seeds of doubt in your mind of like well [TS]

  so what is Vader's motivation he didn't [TS]

  kill him in an empire he wanted to join [TS]

  them [TS]

  so in the very least you're thinking [TS]

  Bader has an ulterior motive of get Luke [TS]

  to join me come back and defeat the [TS]

  Emperor be stated that right out an [TS]

  empire and now the Emperor's question [TS]

  like why do you have this connection to [TS]

  this version that we now know to be your [TS]

  son what's the deal there and loop is [TS]

  totally like there's good in him I felt [TS]

  that I'm gonna so when they meet [TS]

  together the tension is what's gonna [TS]

  happen there is looking to say hey Lou [TS]

  come with me and get rid of the Emperor [TS]

  Luke we know is going to say I felt the [TS]

  good and you come with me you know that [TS]

  that tension of seen what what is this [TS]

  relationship that was previously so [TS]

  simple bad guy good guy is now very very [TS]

  complicated and that meeting [TS]

  you're gonna find out who's right you [TS]

  guys is the Emperor right that Vader is [TS]

  going to bring him up to him just like [TS]

  you asked them to is look right that [TS]

  he's going to turn or something else [TS]

  going to happen and the conclusion of [TS]

  that scene that I love the the bit where [TS]

  Vader says I see you instructed your [TS]

  life seven takes a lightsaber behind [TS]

  look like I got chopped up with his own [TS]

  lightsaber he doesn't you know but the [TS]

  end of the scene is that Vader takes him [TS]

  back to the Emperor exactly like the [TS]

  Emperor study should and the only thing [TS]

  you get is the little tiny conciliatory [TS]

  it's too late for me son but he still [TS]

  does with the Emperor told them to do [TS]

  which is bringing back that they're the [TS]

  regret and it's great setup for what [TS]

  happens later but the regret invader [TS]

  there that that Luke tries to turn them [TS]

  and and and fader because this is really [TS]

  where Darth Vader get starts to be [TS]

  humanized which is so important for what [TS]

  happens later in the movie where there's [TS]

  the regret he's eat he says we want ride [TS]

  this you know it didn't work and and [TS]

  there is some regret there and then it's [TS]

  too late for me son like you know you [TS]

  can feel it it's like he he knows what [TS]

  he's doing and what he's done is [TS]

  terrible but he feels like it he's on [TS]

  the path he can't turn back he he can't [TS]

  change because he's already made his [TS]

  decision he wasted his life for whatever [TS]

  ruined his life by serving the Emperor [TS]

  it's too late for me which is great [TS]

  setup for later but it also makes you [TS]

  for the very first time I feel something [TS]

  for Darth Vader that he he is not just [TS]

  the bad guy he is he is this kind of [TS]

  this tragic figure which is incredibly [TS]

  important for later and this is that [TS]

  moment that's why it's so pivotal and [TS]

  and we've got Luke to wear heard you [TS]

  know this was kind of his all in play [TS]

  right yeah I'm taking it let's go run [TS]

  off with me i'm going to jump it you [TS]

  know stick my head in the lion's mouth [TS]

  and basically say I you know here's my [TS]

  here's my pitch take me up on it and so [TS]

  but we also see that he's you know his [TS]

  fallback plan is basically you know as [TS]

  we know in a scene shortly thereafter to [TS]

  die on the Death Star right now I know [TS]

  he says the Emperor soon also yeah dude [TS]

  and you and you along with me and you [TS]

  know yeah he's thinking you're gonna [TS]

  blow up the Death Star exactly and so I [TS]

  think you know that it's such an [TS]

  interesting play because he's right he's [TS]

  willing to sacrifice his life to try and [TS]

  bring his father back around right is [TS]

  huge because you know we've seen him [TS]

  sort of teetering on this you know you [TS]

  can go a little dark side is he gonna [TS]

  stay where he is and you know I think [TS]

  that's you know the fact that he's [TS]

  willing to make that sacrifice is a big [TS]

  plain paper and also there's an app is [TS]

  an added walking there isn't any [TS]

  accidentally don't if you're a as a [TS]

  seventeen-year-old boy in there when the [TS]

  rear releases came of the special [TS]

  editions came out and watch this movie [TS]

  at like 1030 at night with a bunch of [TS]

  friends in the movie theater and let me [TS]

  tell you the Emperor's lines pretty much [TS]

  all take on a really disturbing innuendo [TS]

  at that point I hate is swelling in unit [TS]

  creepy when we look at when greater [TS]

  brings look back to the the Emperor [TS]

  thing that struck me this time I was [TS]

  watching it was a you know so you've got [TS]

  the I think of it at that point better [TS]

  says obi-wan has taught you well he's [TS]

  got that line right right and that's [TS]

  repeated a lot that kind of idea i keep [TS]

  talking about obi-wan obi-wan tried to [TS]

  turn me we want to talk to well blah [TS]

  blah and the the thing that pilots to me [TS]

  is that the the bad guys don't know [TS]

  about Yoda they never mentioned that you [TS]

  don't have no idea that Yoda is training [TS]

  look at all and that is a refreshing [TS]

  change from the movie cliché where [TS]

  adversaries know every detail of the [TS]

  other side like you know we just like it [TS]

  James Bond movies are great examples [TS]

  James Bond knows everything about the [TS]

  enemies and [TS]

  you know everything about James Bond all [TS]

  the Secret Service know all about each [TS]

  other in this movie the the darkside [TS]

  guys spend the entire time having no [TS]

  idea that Luke has been hanging out and [TS]

  about talking to your it's all about [TS]

  like we want to talk to you this so you [TS]

  can't block nobody one can help you now [TS]

  Luke never says no i've been i've been [TS]

  hanging out with Yoda is awesome [TS]

  yeah dude I i nuovi want for like 20 [TS]

  minutes yeah right yeah he gave me gave [TS]

  me this helmet at night kind of fought [TS]

  with a ball but shot me in the butt and [TS]

  then he died [TS]

  you killed him I I learned a lot and [TS]

  look never corrected me like no you keep [TS]

  saying oh we wanted to annoy me at this [TS]

  point you know it's Yoda my teacher is [TS]

  gonna maybe they wouldn't have fought [TS]

  him that whole crap you trained him [TS]

  we're due back off sun so so uh what we [TS]

  cut back to the to the forest moon of [TS]

  Endor the something that's always struck [TS]

  me as strange is is they do this the [TS]

  Ewok ruins their surprise attack [TS]

  well he doesn't ruin it he and enhances [TS]

  it by drawing people off well this is [TS]

  they're like oh no he's wrecked it's [TS]

  like no that's the perfect diversion [TS]

  because how he's not an attacking force [TS]

  he's a native these storm troopers have [TS]

  got to have been annoyed by these clocks [TS]

  they're like oh no not more of these [TS]

  Oh think they would have learned not to [TS]

  leave the keys in the speeder well yeah [TS]

  it maybe don't have keys they're just [TS]

  like keyless that term on also yet [TS]

  another long like checkmark in the long [TS]

  list of stormtrooper and competence [TS]

  right because not only do we get that [TS]

  where they're like oh god three of us [TS]

  better go chase that you walk within the [TS]

  last guy gets beaten by a game a tag [TS]

  yeah have some of the shoulder up i'm on [TS]

  the other shoulder that was the best [TS]

  console learned that as a kid I do love [TS]

  that scene though especially when he [TS]

  runs around the corner and those guys [TS]

  bringing guns into moves like damn it I [TS]

  always fault but when he walked takes [TS]

  off of the speeder that was that is a [TS]

  killer [TS]

  laughs a scene for my kids to like to [TS]

  say that I worry about that biker scout [TS]

  who got tricked by hon just got the [TS]

  biggest performance reviews and it's [TS]

  gonna be able to find it and it was [TS]

  pointless anyway he was rubbing it in i [TS]

  mean you could have the same number of [TS]

  people just simply walk out and point [TS]

  the gun at the one person but it was [TS]

  more fun to trick no promotion for that [TS]

  guy [TS]

  well most of management is dead by this [TS]

  point so little details that i love is [TS]

  which [TS]

  like when they go into the monkey after [TS]

  that you can see [TS]

  nobody else putting on the biker scout [TS]

  helmet and standing outside like you [TS]

  know they're smart enough to like leave [TS]

  a guy at the back is a decoy of it there [TS]

  are there are red shirts in in the [TS]

  Andorian force but we like you know [TS]

  where are they we don't see them [TS]

  basically when they go to the walk thing [TS]

  but there around you know the extras [TS]

  with no lines that are not on camera [TS]

  much but there is a but it seems like [TS]

  the only people land on this planet is [TS]

  like you know Han Chewie c-3po r2d2 luke [TS]

  and leia there other people there too [TS]

  well you have to spit the other space [TS]

  set up here where they keep coming back [TS]

  to the space that awesome exciting space [TS]

  man i was again you see a million ships [TS]

  flying around there all assembly and [TS]

  they always jump to hyperspace which is [TS]

  the almighty one of my favorite yeah and [TS]

  time and i love 18 when they approached [TS]

  the death star like they're gonna hit [TS]

  they're gonna hit you know when they [TS]

  slow down that giant 180 degree i really [TS]

  enjoy the i really enjoyed that the the [TS]

  scene were Admiral Ackbar's like all [TS]

  right well are all ships are gonna jump [TS]

  to Lightspeed on my mark and lenders [TS]

  like got it i'm just going up it just [TS]

  goes yeah screw that i'm in the [TS]

  Millennium Vulcan yeah that was his mark [TS]

  him sold word mark so uh so Luke meet [TS]

  the Emperor and he gets out lukd which I [TS]

  like because we've talked about how [TS]

  Lucas Lucas so confident eat it Luke and [TS]

  ancillary anything and he feels like [TS]

  well I'm and I'm sure I can do whatever [TS]

  I want so he runs into the Emperor [TS]

  teases your overconfidence is your [TS]

  weakness and the Emperor is a high fever [TS]

  is like your faith in your friends is [TS]

  yours [TS]

  oh burn you got yeah he's got to come by [TS]

  the emperor has got to come back for [TS]

  everything yeah don't hear the master is [TS]

  you you were owned by the master Emperor [TS]

  Luke it's a it's a nice moment [TS]

  yeah well this in this entire sequence [TS]

  right is Luke increasingly getting over [TS]

  over his head right like you know this [TS]

  guy [TS]

  yeah like that has totally miscalculated [TS]

  the situation and the and the Emperor [TS]

  doesn't like the Emperor's ago is into [TS]

  theatrics tubes amber could tell him up [TS]

  front [TS]

  ok so your your fleas falling to trap [TS]

  the start early operational he doesn't [TS]

  he lets it dulls it out it was like what [TS]

  is he gonna do you can't get out of here [TS]

  yeah it's a very different tactic from [TS]

  most of the monologuing that happens in [TS]

  modern movies where it's like all of the [TS]

  model logging that would happen in a [TS]

  modern movie happens in this [TS]

  scene it's just Luke is doing all the [TS]

  investigations here instead of the [TS]

  villain being like let me tell you what [TS]

  you're doomed to failure i'm looking [TS]

  forward to completing country in time [TS]

  you will call me master [TS]

  you're gravely mistaken you won't [TS]

  convert me as you did my father [TS]

  oh no my and Jedi you will find that it [TS]

  is you who are mistaken about a great [TS]

  many think his light sleeper [TS]

  yes a Jedi's weapon much like your [TS]

  father's by now you must know your [TS]

  father can never be turned from the dark [TS]

  side [TS]

  so will it be with you [TS]

  your are so they'll be dead and you with [TS]

  perhaps you referred to the imminent [TS]

  attack of your rebel fleet [TS]

  yeah I assure you react quite safe from [TS]

  your friends here [TS]

  your overconfidence is your weakness [TS]

  your faith in your friends is yours [TS]

  it is pointless to resist my son [TS]

  everything that has transpired has done [TS]

  sir according to my design your friends [TS]

  up there on the century move out walking [TS]

  into a trap [TS]

  as is your rebel fleet it was I who have [TS]

  the Alliance to know the location of the [TS]

  shield generator it is quite see young [TS]

  pitiful little band an entire Legion of [TS]

  my best troops awaits them who i'm [TS]

  a-free the deflector shield will be [TS]

  quite operational when your friends run [TS]

  and it makes sense because the Emperor's [TS]

  goal is here to get pissed off basically [TS]

  you do a light by doling it out it's not [TS]

  like I'm doing it for dramatic tension [TS]

  in the movie he's doing because the [TS]

  whole point is to make this guy angry [TS]

  and if you just let out all at once it [TS]

  doesn't work as well if you just slowly [TS]

  tease it out and every time he thinks [TS]

  okay well that's not bad my friends in [TS]

  the trap but I'm probably still gonna be [TS]

  okay here because all the desktop [TS]

  operational to and you know it's just [TS]

  everything on top of things on top of [TS]

  things and it makes sense with the plot [TS]

  of the movie that and why does he want [TS]

  the good guy to get pissed off why [TS]

  didn't you just kill well in this case [TS]

  he doesn't want to kill him unless he [TS]

  can't be turned and he does want to piss [TS]

  them off if that's how he wants to turn [TS]

  him so for once it finally makes sense [TS]

  this type of my hog ya know it works and [TS]

  he's in it plays against Luke's kind of [TS]

  arrogance that he had through the movie [TS]

  of like I've got it figured out that [TS]

  this is your last chance right now it's [TS]

  not it's not arrogance he was he was he [TS]

  was confident and he made this bold play [TS]

  and now I mean he's here screwed over [TS]

  confident he's just kind of finally [TS]

  right this is the final battle and he's [TS]

  right up against the final battle he [TS]

  knew it would be difficult and lonely [TS]

  old is difficult it's a boss fight [TS]

  yes here's the body is the box of the [TS]

  level of the galaxy [TS]

  i also like as from a cinematographic [TS]

  standpoint i love that scene where Vader [TS]

  and Luke first come up we've got like [TS]

  the red the lights coming up the [TS]

  elevator and then because I got that [TS]

  frame paused on my screen right now [TS]

  because i was about to say that yeah I [TS]

  think it's a great shot [TS]

  it's just said something about the two [TS]

  of them standing there in both of the [TS]

  black and there's like a foot and the [TS]

  difference between their heights and and [TS]

  you can tell like even though it looks [TS]

  cut off the shoulders you can tell he's [TS]

  handcuffed because [TS]

  there's a kind of together you know he's [TS]

  never gonna be as tall as debt said his [TS]

  dads on like big metal legs make them [TS]

  taller and lifts know what you're [TS]

  talking about [TS]

  I the and we also were coming were [TS]

  coming back to the cutting back to the [TS]

  fleet and this is when the trap is [TS]

  sprung out [TS]

  wait what I again the great i love i [TS]

  love the anything with Lando in the [TS]

  Millennium Falcon and his little love [TS]

  Italian alien fanatic Italian he's [TS]

  celestin okay and he's wearing a han [TS]

  Solo best know the bad but he needs to [TS]

  wear the vest alright become important [TS]

  you gotta wear the vest is for the [TS]

  hazing process the dress code [TS]

  it's and it's so flimsy it's like a [TS]

  little it's not providing any help any [TS]

  it's purely for show again he's the he's [TS]

  the guy who doesn't speak English who [TS]

  provides like context for that every day [TS]

  no no we got to be able to get a reading [TS]

  on it up or down alright and i got a [TS]

  beautiful shot with pulling upward oh [TS]

  yeah and I was it that scene where [TS]

  they'll peel away from the oh man I love [TS]

  that it's such a great shot with the [TS]

  falkens like whoa this is like the [TS]

  example an empire where you've got that [TS]

  you know okay then just seen the [TS]

  Millennium Falcon was flying to an [TS]

  asteroid does that big pirouette well [TS]

  same thing here on the scene the fleet [TS]

  has to go towards the shield realizes [TS]

  there and turn back but they've turned [TS]

  back and graceful beautiful way you know [TS]

  they it everything is done artfully no [TS]

  ships and chips do not maneuver like [TS]

  taxi drivers driving through the city [TS]

  everything is Grace and art and [TS]

  interesting camera angles and drama i [TS]

  think that this this battle will forever [TS]

  be my favorite space battle [TS]

  yeah even if it stands up it may be the [TS]

  base best space battle ever and are [TS]

  constructed the original affect student [TS]

  at and they've got some limitations but [TS]

  I just an amazing achievement and they [TS]

  still look great there's so many [TS]

  different objects [TS]

  this is the one thing that stuck with me [TS]

  and when i left the movie what when i [TS]

  saw it originally was those scenes of [TS]

  those ships flying around it's not just [TS]

  like two ships right it's like dozens of [TS]

  ships as good as as as iconic of god [TS]

  Greg NASA's gonna kill me as iconic as [TS]

  the first Death Star pedal is that the [TS]

  rough edges show right like crazy even [TS]

  though his special edition there's [TS]

  there's plenty of match shots and stuff [TS]

  here there's there's one or two that I [TS]

  think are really kind of you know maybe [TS]

  glaring i think that the scene where the [TS]

  executor falls into the death star [TS]

  there's a scene that's a little off the [TS]

  scales a little wrong but other than [TS]

  that it's almost note-perfect entire [TS]

  fight and you know it seems real and it [TS]

  holds up as run was saying you know like [TS]

  it looks now as real to me as it did [TS]

  when i saw it you know 30 years ago I [TS]

  think the key to it being exciting is a [TS]

  limitations because they couldn't have [TS]

  as many shut cool shots of the ships [TS]

  flying basically so the few shots they [TS]

  do have any if you were to cut it [TS]

  together say how many ships how many [TS]

  motion-control shots are there are two [TS]

  optically composited ships it's very few [TS]

  of them and there's a lot of interior [TS]

  stuff of people talking and things [TS]

  happening and so if you could only have [TS]

  you know 2750 however many there are [TS]

  shots of shit ships going every one of [TS]

  those shots composed to be the most [TS]

  exciting most dramatic most interesting [TS]

  able to read the action a small number [TS]

  of frames to tell what's going on but [TS]

  also be exciting because you don't get [TS]

  that many of you can't have okay for [TS]

  this entire battle we're going to be in [TS]

  third person following spaceships around [TS]

  because they just simply didn't have the [TS]

  budget for that you couldn't do it you [TS]

  had to piece it out every every time [TS]

  they cut from close up of people in [TS]

  cockpit two ships flying around it's the [TS]

  most amazing thing you've ever seen [TS]

  ships do you know well anyway and they [TS]

  don't overburden it right like you know [TS]

  I was thinking you know what our space [TS]

  battles that have come since that you [TS]

  know one of the most recent ones will [TS]

  take this the star trek reboot you know [TS]

  some great special effects but at the [TS]

  same time a lot of the battles there [TS]

  feel overburdened in the sense that [TS]

  there's just too much going too much [TS]

  they're making it like everything's like [TS]

  like like Normandy right like where it's [TS]

  just like ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod and in [TS]

  this one you know they do a great job is [TS]

  John saying I'm like limiting in on [TS]

  certain maneuvers or shit and shines are [TS]

  going to follow like here's the sky [TS]

  chasing this person [TS]

  here's what the money Falcon is up to [TS]

  here is what you know random a wing and [TS]

  why we're up to you to show and eating [TS]

  they're trying to show you you know [TS]

  there are characters right like their [TS]

  characters within the space flight no [TS]

  way that right and tiny manager stories [TS]

  like yeah we're trying to convey that [TS]

  the fleet is overmatched we're trying to [TS]

  convey that in the guy you the guy who [TS]

  crashes into [TS]

  a the bridge right now you get shot me [TS]

  crazy but we know it is it's easy to [TS]

  draw a linear line there 4gb just be [TS]

  like out there is there goes down I felt [TS]

  that thing all that made that happen up [TS]

  and and the result of his actions is the [TS]

  you know thing goes away you know that [TS]

  it's it's very well come together to let [TS]

  you you know you can't you couldn't draw [TS]

  a coherent picture of the battle but [TS]

  each each one of the scenes you know why [TS]

  they're showing this to you not just [TS]

  because the coolship flying around but [TS]

  because it's an important event in the [TS]

  battle is that is turning the tide of [TS]

  the battle is a character that we care [TS]

  about doing something or something like [TS]

  that you know it's not just and a bunch [TS]

  of ships run at each other and a bunch [TS]

  of lights flash until at the end [TS]

  somebody wins the UH this at this point [TS]

  the movie we really we have three things [TS]

  happening simultaneously with a lot of [TS]

  quick cuts so its act rather than jump [TS]

  around and quick cut between them we [TS]

  should probably address them in turn [TS]

  we've got the battle down on the on what [TS]

  we got the space battle which we talked [TS]

  about which I at the toward the end of [TS]

  it the flying into the superstructure [TS]

  don't have the Death Star comes online [TS]

  and starts blowing okay so its front for [TS]

  okay first off it's it's and that [TS]

  happens you know coming back for that [TS]

  the this fully operational station maha [TS]

  where it's obviously business you know [TS]

  they've been playing whoa [TS]

  they've been playing possum fright it's [TS]

  like well we're gonna build the the big [TS]

  gun yeah we finished all our life [TS]

  support and like you know there's not [TS]

  like place for people to sleep there's [TS]

  no bathrooms but the gun work yeah [TS]

  there's a big pit over here there's a [TS]

  giant pit that if you if you go over the [TS]

  railing here you fall and forget this [TS]

  ever HAP I keep meaning to cover them [TS]

  but big green beam boom and we get out [TS]

  we get read reuse footage there too [TS]

  which is an interesting little move they [TS]

  I think they flip part of it but they we [TS]

  have the same scenes from ya firing it [TS]

  up that we have yeah I'm started the [TS]

  guys in the helmets and I don't and [TS]

  interesting out there's also reuse music [TS]

  during the superstructure fight as [TS]

  they're flying in [TS]

  it's a great moment where they where [TS]

  they blast one of the one of the rebel [TS]

  ships and Lando has the you know fly by [TS]

  the big flight flight is the big ships [TS]

  because then they won't shoot at them [TS]

  because they'll blow them up and that's [TS]

  a nice space tactics and then I love the [TS]

  scene as the flying super [TS]

  sure there's the and the Falcon looses [TS]

  its its dish that was too close right is [TS]

  that capital ship like goes nose-first [TS]

  into the Death Star [TS]

  yeah the examiner yet and it was also [TS]

  filled with kerosene love that I also i [TS]

  love the fact that wedge gets to be the [TS]

  hero and this one is like already on my [TS]

  way out oh yeah I had to leave the last [TS]

  fight this that sucked [TS]

  oh and i enjoyed that the guys who are [TS]

  flying the Giants Super Star Destroyer r [TS]

  is Admiral Piett still from Empire [TS]

  Strikes Back makes it this far but alas [TS]

  no further although I said fall when all [TS]

  their gravity enabling goes straight [TS]

  into the controls everything why is it [TS]

  always the gravity of the desktop [TS]

  okay that works ok that works in a [TS]

  reasonable doubt and also because that [TS]

  enable metaphor and they want to look [TS]

  like the ship isn't it looks awesome but [TS]

  like it's one of those things that you [TS]

  know someone mentioned to me at some [TS]

  point it's like you can't unsee it at [TS]

  the engine [TS]

  well I didn't think I like about them [TS]

  going into the Death Star is it again I [TS]

  i can't recall a a space ship moving [TS]

  scene that has a better sense of speed [TS]

  and motion in danger than those ships [TS]

  flying through that place and it's not [TS]

  gonna because i spent many hours and [TS]

  rogue leader trying to get through that [TS]

  same thing just before the gamecube [TS]

  existed that it you know it's just a [TS]

  camera a camera moving through a [TS]

  miniature but like they knew what looked [TS]

  good you know the miniature has many [TS]

  repeated structures especially the [TS]

  ending part that un dia into that open [TS]

  big open room the fly away from the [TS]

  explosion appears and goes much faster [TS]

  than the ships that were going away from [TS]

  it you know that that that whole [TS]

  sequence of the ships flying in there [TS]

  and flying back out is so much more [TS]

  exciting than any of the the cg computer [TS]

  stuff that I see most of these days and [TS]

  I don't even know why it's not a [TS]

  limitation because that's all motion [TS]

  control they spend lots of budget flying [TS]

  little cameras and models through a [TS]

  little pieces of the Death Star [TS]

  well that's and that's why it is because [TS]

  it's not fake because part of your brain [TS]

  knows it's hard you know I think it's [TS]

  like the only thing I could think of was [TS]

  similar to that is some of the pics are [TS]

  active stuff in the incredibles we're [TS]

  not that it looks the same or anything [TS]

  but like a baby they chose to do camera [TS]

  moves and [TS]

  and and you know actions and framing of [TS]

  framing of the action is going on each [TS]

  scene each little section each cut to be [TS]

  dramatic or interesting in a particular [TS]

  way instead of just getting ok here's [TS]

  the ship flying and what kind of follow [TS]

  it you know like that are artfully done [TS]

  actually the saucer chase through the [TS]

  jungle and no Madison is a coat total [TS]

  homage to return of the jedi me i would [TS]

  say so there is a there is a connection [TS]

  with the incredibles let's talk about [TS]

  the back on the forest moon [TS]

  this is this is when the the Ewoks join [TS]

  the fight against the stormtroopers they [TS]

  have an entire Legion of troopers i was [TS]

  struck and how suddenly it turns into [TS]

  the Lord of the Rings except with teddy [TS]

  bears but the Lord of it here and [TS]

  suddenly it's a you know you've got [TS]

  these battles with the with these it's [TS]

  lord of the rings that these guys if [TS]

  swords and and heavy things [TS]

  Trebuchet days well I like the fact that [TS]

  it's not that they do have they do have [TS]

  the the change in the tide of battle [TS]

  here like gave you are coming they have [TS]

  the scene of going [TS]

  yeah and they have sticks and these guys [TS]

  and the eyes and a testy isn't laser [TS]

  guns and so they basically are starting [TS]

  to be slaughtered you know it's only [TS]

  through the the heroics of the script [TS]

  and Chewbacca noise Chewbacca the tide [TS]

  has turned slightly but right now they [TS]

  do like they try many different things [TS]

  to stop the at-st is like putting the [TS]

  ropes around like that doesn't work and [TS]

  throw rocks at things that just pisses [TS]

  that they just smashed between the wall [TS]

  yeah but eventually they got like a what [TS]

  does where they they drop the they drop [TS]

  the logs yeah so that's it like it was a [TS]

  clear purpose so they try like five [TS]

  tactics and only two of them actually [TS]

  work but it's enough their primitive [TS]

  they have to work have to work up to it [TS]

  and um the other thing that I that I've [TS]

  noticed and is painful in the in the in [TS]

  the bad category here is the Ewok [TS]

  swinging on a vine making me Tarzan cod [TS]

  that's actually Chewbacca oh is this [TS]

  your pockets that is that could be the [TS]

  lowest point of this entire movie [TS]

  embarrassing it's worse than a wilhelm [TS]

  scream there oh that was the other [TS]

  really laughter wilhelm is they have [TS]

  there when they have this is a good hot [TS]

  sauce in there you have the the guy cums [TS]

  stands in front of the little lightning [TS]

  room [TS]

  where the where the shield generator is [TS]

  and Hansel throws a thing at a minute [TS]

  he's like Duncan Idaho hit them in the [TS]

  head he falls over the railing to up to [TS]

  a huge Wilhelm as I believe he actually [TS]

  throws the box with the detonator [TS]

  charges yea yea it hit him in the head [TS]

  he falls on the whirling yeah well I [TS]

  also love this is another great example [TS]

  of the fact that the worst the worst [TS]

  thing you can say to somebody else in [TS]

  the star wars universe is called the [TS]

  scum you ask how many times can we got [TS]

  wretched hive of scum ability we got [TS]

  rebel scum [TS]

  we've got my bounty hunter is my [TS]

  favorite type my name is khan them thank [TS]

  goodness they didn't call of scumbags [TS]

  that would be worse [TS]

  yeah actually scum is a slang word and [TS]

  the star wars universe that means really [TS]

  really awesome it's really yeah [TS]

  oh IC awkward interesting I so so those [TS]

  those two frames of battle are going on [TS]

  and then bending the quieter from the [TS]

  battle but still a pivotal is luke and [TS]

  the Emperor interest in a strangely [TS]

  passive Darth Vader which i think is [TS]

  interesting when they keep coming back [TS]

  to him and showing you Darth Vader and [TS]

  you like his expression is not going to [TS]

  change now that it's a mask right but [TS]

  and yet like through head tilts and body [TS]

  oh yeah and your own mapping of things [TS]

  on during that you start to you start to [TS]

  you know figure like he was he feeling [TS]

  there something I can see it in his eyes [TS]

  like advisor plastic little covers don't [TS]

  see anything right but it's there and [TS]

  there's a confrontation between Luke [TS]

  invader which we know we had to have and [TS]

  what what uh what my notes here have is [TS]

  is what I've always wondered [TS]

  the Emperor is really aching Luke on and [TS]

  so my question is you know what is the [TS]

  Emperor wanting here I mean it seems to [TS]

  me like the Emperor's like go ahead and [TS]

  kill Darth Vader now eat it [TS]

  he doesn't care which one wins right you [TS]

  just want them to fight if either way he [TS]

  gets he gets the winner as you know if [TS]

  his fader wins well then he did a good [TS]

  job teaching Vader we're not able to [TS]

  look problem with Luke wins while i [TS]

  replace my old model with my new one [TS]

  yeah although i think he wants to prefer [TS]

  loop because again new models less [TS]

  robotics young girl you you assume you [TS]

  would assume the young guys going to win [TS]

  right and i think that's a part of [TS]

  Vader's character i think is that I [TS]

  Vader knows what's up he knows you know [TS]

  I mean he's not ignorant of the Sith and [TS]

  how this whole thing works right well he [TS]

  tried the same thing right [TS]

  and most importantly rule the Galaxy [TS]

  together as father and son [TS]

  yeah but Vader's kind of pissed is like [TS]

  he's got this thing of like Luke wanting [TS]

  to turn over but the other hand is kind [TS]

  of insulted he's like he's not going to [TS]

  defeat me I'm Darth Vader like he's got [TS]

  a certain sense of all the Emperor [TS]

  assumes you're going to win because [TS]

  you're young and powerful and stuff like [TS]

  that but I totally have something to [TS]

  prove here to both myself and the [TS]

  Emperor to go see you thought that you [TS]

  were going to bring in this new jetta [TS]

  hybrid gonna kick his butt anyway [TS]

  because I'm Darth Vader and like that's [TS]

  all mixed up and his you know feelings [TS]

  for the situation but but yeah this is [TS]

  this this ending sequences fascinating [TS]

  to me because i can't recall seeing [TS]

  anything like this since and it's [TS]

  amazing that work is it in this tense [TS]

  part of the scene here what's going on [TS]

  is that Lucas is brought under President [TS]

  prisoners been taken away and the bad [TS]

  guy is trying to lure him into attacking [TS]

  my cell you want your lightsaber come [TS]

  and attack me strike me down I'm unarmed [TS]

  all that business right [TS]

  I and it's not trick it's not a trap [TS]

  it's not like Oh soon as you grab his [TS]

  lightsaber he's gonna die and the [TS]

  Emperor could kill him at any moment on [TS]

  video walk over and stabbed he's got no [TS]

  lightsaber you know he he wants me to [TS]

  fight for this with other reason and the [TS]

  our hero is trying not to fight [TS]

  yeah he's he's trying not to fight the [TS]

  easy to say oh you want me to have a [TS]

  land at in the audience like you would [TS]

  think wouldn't the kids to be saying i [TS]

  have a lightsaber and how lightsaber [TS]

  battle but they construct it so well [TS]

  that but I remember being a kid going [TS]

  no Luke don't take the lightsaber know [TS]

  what kind of movie the third movie in a [TS]

  trilogy of movies about people fighting [TS]

  with lightsabers can you get you know [TS]

  that you know it's seven-year-old kid to [TS]

  go [TS]

  no Luke don't take the lightsaber that's [TS]

  a pretty amazing feat at you know that [TS]

  the fact that they can get you to that [TS]

  point is just boggles my mind didn't [TS]

  think about it was a kid and think about [TS]

  like you're rooting for him not to take [TS]

  the engine want to see light Sarah don't [TS]

  you want to see them fight they've done [TS]

  a really great job of sort of you know [TS]

  in in you know instilling you those Jedi [TS]

  you know the Jedi traits that we've [TS]

  gotten from Yoda right all right just [TS]

  that that's what the bad guy wants and [TS]

  you know it and you don't want him to [TS]

  give in this whole scene is like this [TS]

  tension he's such a jerk about it is [TS]

  like you know you want this like no no I [TS]

  don't want that you let me just give you [TS]

  the lightsaber I'm gonna put in your [TS]

  hand turn it up going back to Luke and [TS]

  you can [TS]

  he's like [TS]

  you know it's like awkward position [TS]

  frustrate your friends are dying out [TS]

  there we've got him down on the planet [TS]

  they get to that scene where he's [TS]

  watching it through the for the window [TS]

  right like you start to sweat and he's [TS]

  like look at the lightsabers like a crap [TS]

  i am too am totally in over my head be I [TS]

  totally miscalculated this entire [TS]

  situation yeah maybe I can fight my way [TS]

  out of here but i wot told me I really [TS]

  shouldn't do that so we finally he [TS]

  finally goes over the edge he pulls the [TS]

  lightsaber and although if you watch [TS]

  that it seems like he and the Emperor [TS]

  are further apart and then there's one [TS]

  shot where it's like they're standing [TS]

  next to each other and yeah well that's [TS]

  the ultimate badass scene for the [TS]

  Emperor though because he doesn't move [TS]

  at all [TS]

  no nose look it's gonna take it and he [TS]

  knows his faithful henchmen who he [TS]

  trained so well over all these years you [TS]

  know stop the lights it for me and my [TS]

  face and he does and he does and he's [TS]

  laughing I mean and which is funny [TS]

  because because Vader was the one trying [TS]

  to get Luke to join of right so what if [TS]

  you just been like map there's one way [TS]

  to accomplish my goals and kill the [TS]

  Emperor we're good [TS]

  that's why it's such a amazing [TS]

  confidence he he knew that Vader would [TS]

  do that and the reason I think better [TS]

  does that is because Vader still has [TS]

  that feeling like I'm gonna prove to the [TS]

  Emperor that i'm actually the best guy [TS]

  and yeah that i'm the most powerful and [TS]

  all you know i'm not going too late for [TS]

  me also it was a life-debt in a way to [TS]

  the Emperor because the Emperor's want [TS]

  to you know basically saved him more or [TS]

  less [TS]

  I don't know what you're talking about I [TS]

  mean yeah that's no I'm saying wholly [TS]

  unfounded that's sort of a Talmudic [TS]

  interpretation there so a the music [TS]

  swells and it isn't theirs [TS]

  there are a few moments here where it's [TS]

  really almost all music [TS]

  really almost all music [TS]

  as it's sort of overwhelms you and Luke [TS]

  the the just there's that scene where [TS]

  Luke just is makin rings with his [TS]

  lightsaber and is just smashing into [TS]

  darth vader and this is that defeat of [TS]

  Darth Vader it's so i can play it back [TS]

  in my mind it's so shocking and it gets [TS]

  prompted by the fact that you know Luke [TS]

  is basically gone totally defensive [TS]

  right he's hiding is yeah will not fight [TS]

  you yeah he refused to fight this is a [TS]

  scene I I reacted with a friend I'm [TS]

  points because we've both gotten those [TS]

  lights over toys when you're like 17 it [TS]

  was awesome and so you know he's he's [TS]

  hiding and he's like in the dark when we [TS]

  get those shots of him just like yeah [TS]

  clearly freaked out right he's like man [TS]

  I'm not gonna be able to get out of this [TS]

  invaders stalking him and and so then he [TS]

  starts to probe into his mind starts [TS]

  getting into his head right and since [TS]

  the one thing that you that been told [TS]

  them don't bury those feelings and looks [TS]

  like you got yeah he's thinking of a [TS]

  pink elephant you can see it on this [TS]

  device really gotta say yeah and that is [TS]

  a great team where you again having more [TS]

  credit to handle for just being like Oh [TS]

  can't not think about this and we get [TS]

  you know Vader needling him in finding [TS]

  that bet one really vulnerable spot is [TS]

  are the one thing that he's going to try [TS]

  incredibly hard to protect and the one [TS]

  thing that's going to push him over the [TS]

  edge and yes as you're saying then it [TS]

  turns into the scene is just it's brutal [TS]

  is the word that always in my mind right [TS]

  now because he's just he's lost all [TS]

  attempts at finesse or any of the skills [TS]

  he seemed to have learned he's just [TS]

  smashing is just wailing on him [TS]

  wales autonomy and you've got sad [TS]

  chanting music items of your growing [TS]

  monks or whatever it's sad human voice [TS]

  chanting music to go with with the said [TS]

  orchestral music so here is here is are [TS]

  seeing where we have if you were to tell [TS]

  someone watching a new hope that at the [TS]

  end of the third movie Luke Skywalker is [TS]

  going to be winning and a lightsaber [TS]

  battle against darth vader and you're [TS]

  just going to stop and they're going to [TS]

  be playing set they're gonna be playing [TS]

  sad music and he's going to be and this [TS]

  is you're not gonna be happy about this [TS]

  you in the audience are going to be said [TS]

  that he is winning in the lightsaber [TS]

  battle against Darth Vader makes no [TS]

  sense makes absolutely no sense yet [TS]

  this point in the movie you are sad for [TS]

  Luke and you you see him winning the [TS]

  fight but losing the the battle with you [TS]

  know it's just it's completely amazing [TS]

  this entire scene where he he's [TS]

  constantly trying not to fight him if [TS]

  you can you think of another movie where [TS]

  the hero repeatedly refuses to fight and [TS]

  you don't see him as a coward a chicken [TS]

  or you are rooting for him to fight [TS]

  anyway and maybe they're people who are [TS]

  watching this movie were like I hated it [TS]

  when you get thrown as lightsaber I [TS]

  wanted to just fight but certain that's [TS]

  not me and I am I think this movie works [TS]

  for young kids and all kids alike well [TS]

  that's what takes it [TS]

  that's what takes it to the net to to a [TS]

  higher level than so much of those [TS]

  movies i think is that there is so much [TS]

  conflict in the way that you feel about [TS]

  it and the fact that it does perform [TS]

  this 180 degree turn where the person [TS]

  who I mean again just for me you know [TS]

  watching from the first movie [TS]

  hey there's gonna be a point the third [TS]

  movie were like you really sympathize [TS]

  with darth vader and you don't seem as [TS]

  just I mean he set up to be the most [TS]

  evil person right like four strokes [TS]

  people in a boardroom meeting [TS]

  yeah i mean like he wears all black he's [TS]

  a dick [TS]

  you know like yeah and and yet and yet I [TS]

  but at the end he know we're not that [TS]

  we've got quite the end but he's he is [TS]

  he's the hero and his death is a tragedy [TS]

  and if you tell somebody that after [TS]

  seeing Star Wars you like are you crazy [TS]

  it's like no and say he's the hero Lucas [TS]

  the hero [TS]

  no no no it's the heroic journey of you [TS]

  know it'sit's Vader's journey from to [TS]

  redemption right the redemption path and [TS]

  that I i think i think that's are a lot [TS]

  of retconning and there to put up as he [TS]

  has the final rock tax he's very [TS]

  important this is kind of the story of [TS]

  him but it's the the colleges look story [TS]

  and that overall had hit the mannequin [TS]

  stories and plateaus and yet no yeah [TS]

  well I actually think it's diminished by [TS]

  the someplace else but no I totally [TS]

  totally diminished i would argue i would [TS]

  argue that that ending that whole thing [TS]

  is about it's about Luke refusing to [TS]

  make the action that will turn him to [TS]

  the dark side it is simultaneously about [TS]

  Vader choosing to take that action and [TS]

  turn away from the dark side and he [TS]

  sacrifices himself [TS]

  off to kill the Emperor he's the one who [TS]

  kills the Emperor right it's it's not [TS]

  our hero Luke who makes the decisive act [TS]

  that ends the story [TS]

  darth vader does a hero Luke does when [TS]

  he was trained to do on his hearing [TS]

  that's why this thing works is because [TS]

  throughout all of his training all three [TS]

  movies [TS]

  everyone is actually told him actually [TS]

  it's not all about killing the other guy [TS]

  actually it's not all about finding [TS]

  actually just a more kind of into you [TS]

  know knowledge and defense never to [TS]

  attack like and Empire yoda yoda kept [TS]

  hammering that interested he didn't say [TS]

  you have to go kill Vader you're [TS]

  confronted because him otherwise how [TS]

  will you know whether you're a good guy [TS]

  or bad guys you can control these things [TS]

  and some very clear consistent message [TS]

  that you just don't buy in the first [TS]

  like kids are like yeah yeah knowledge [TS]

  in defense yeah that'd be some reason [TS]

  why he has to fight him right and [TS]

  because we as the audience don't don't [TS]

  understand this whole like what do you [TS]

  mean yeah alright some knowledge of [TS]

  Defense you're a good guy yet karate is [TS]

  only supposed to be used for defense but [TS]

  in all the karate movies they beat [TS]

  people up we're all excited by this [TS]

  movie in the end you don't know we were [TS]

  serious about that stuff about knowledge [TS]

  and events never attack we were serious [TS]

  about that and the way Luke wins here is [TS]

  by not fighting no seriously not [TS]

  fighting at well then how is he going to [TS]

  defeat the Empire he's not Vader's going [TS]

  to use a climactic Sam you know we sort [TS]

  of you know glossed over but that scene [TS]

  right where it cuts off you know [TS]

  Vader's hand yes exactly like you know [TS]

  we saw the end of empire obviously and [TS]

  then he we've got that finally the [TS]

  payoff of that little you're like your [TS]

  father of the mechanical hand thing I [TS]

  love it's very subtle and I don't [TS]

  remember how much of this was added in [TS]

  the special edition but he flexes his [TS]

  hand and then at least in the addition [TS]

  in the the unspecialized addition there [TS]

  is a little like a like a candle sounds [TS]

  very subtle though and you know we [TS]

  finally put all those pieces together [TS]

  and get like manual he really is train [TS]

  this guy and we get the payoff of the [TS]

  cave scene from Empire even more than at [TS]

  the end of empire we get the really like [TS]

  you you are having your Vader right if [TS]

  you don't stop now you become Vader and [TS]

  that is your destiny [TS]

  it's like and it's pretty close like one [TS]

  more slice into then his head going off [TS]

  right right the thing about that shot [TS]

  when he's wailing on him there that is [TS]

  an exact echo the scene from empire they [TS]

  put them on a bridge in the am from [TS]

  above and to the left [TS]

  it's an exact mirror of the Empire scene [TS]

  where they shoot those two on the bridge [TS]

  only the roles are reversed [TS]

  we are really really great [TS]

  overall the way they frame that and we [TS]

  get the i was going to say the it's just [TS]

  the whole thing is so yeah there's such [TS]

  a brutality and such an over-the-top and [TS]

  this to it that that really plays to it [TS]

  though and you're just watching a gate [TS]

  but i just love you know and then we get [TS]

  that scene right where he looks at it [TS]

  thinks about it throws down the [TS]

  lightsaber you know I would want to say [TS]

  peace out [TS]

  no yeah I'm a Jedi like stuff like my [TS]

  father by that little head not go be it [TS]

  so be my little head not the him you [TS]

  know that the loop does like in gestures [TS]

  back to his who is dead [TS]

  I'm a Jedi like my father before me and [TS]

  then you see the upper just being like [TS]

  Nathan payoff [TS]

  yeah hit his face drops and he's like so [TS]

  be a Jedi and they cut to a different [TS]

  scene so you're like has Luke one [TS]

  because he says so guys like oh the [TS]

  Emperor's admitting defeat that was on [TS]

  the test [TS]

  just kidding i'm like Willie walk right [TS]

  now you get to take over the Empire [TS]

  right [TS]

  I you know the Emperor's plan was foiled [TS]

  he really wanted this to happen and it [TS]

  turns out shot and killed the other one [TS]

  of them was kind of defeated but not [TS]

  really i guess the Empire and I guess [TS]

  the Emperor's all done easily go sulk [TS]

  away and then they cut back to the [TS]

  Emperor says if you will not be turned [TS]

  you will be destroyed and lightning [TS]

  comes from his hands Lightning comes [TS]

  from his hands three movies three movies [TS]

  universal Lightning comes from any of [TS]

  his hands how many movies have the [TS]

  patience to say we're gonna have the [TS]

  force and what can you do with the [TS]

  fourth we can jump really high you can [TS]

  run fast and you can read people's minds [TS]

  you can impose people and how about [TS]

  lighting from the hands that would have [TS]

  been in the first movie and every single [TS]

  trailer but they wait for the third [TS]

  movie total again total surprise call [TS]

  the last 10 minutes do there's no [TS]

  internet and no anything you're like [TS]

  what lightning because he doesn't have a [TS]

  lightsaber that you see at any point [TS]

  during this thing is just this old guy [TS]

  sitting in a chair right well and you [TS]

  finally realized why he's so confident [TS]

  young girl only at the end i get i get [TS]

  your lighting up my hands I will not [TS]

  only keep up the day through forced [TS]

  joking [TS]

  yeah yeah yeah and-and-and this entire [TS]

  series saves the big bad guy the Emperor [TS]

  for the end of the very last movie like [TS]

  you hear the Emperor mentioned in new [TS]

  hope you see him in a hologram in Empire [TS]

  Strikes Back let's to home movies and [TS]

  how many years and you finally get to [TS]

  see him and Jedi and he doesn't do [TS]

  anything until the end of [TS]

  bye yep and yet it work he's gonna fight [TS]

  it i know it's because that's that's [TS]

  called radiation all about the President [TS]

  and this there's a menace conveyed in [TS]

  just his being there right he's a [TS]

  dramatic threat not like a physical [TS]

  threat until the end which is like oh [TS]

  yeah he got jammed up didn't get to [TS]

  being Emperor just by political [TS]

  machination you know it turns out he's [TS]

  also she was like me from as a yeah yeah [TS]

  he sees Darth Vader's boss righty think [TS]

  Darth Vader is bad [TS]

  this guy is really really bad because [TS]

  Darth Vader kneels before him and [TS]

  doesn't matter does not shoot lightning [TS]

  from his hands no he has just show [TS]

  people and get coffee to fly through the [TS]

  air because then and the best part of [TS]

  the Emperor doing that as you can tell [TS]

  while the Emperor's doing like this is [TS]

  the end is like Amber's like well you [TS]

  didn't defeat Vader you don't want to [TS]

  fight i guess i have to kill you but he [TS]

  enjoys his work he's like this is gonna [TS]

  be fun i'm gonna make put in lots of [TS]

  pain and kill my kids just wrapping up [TS]

  the day's work [TS]

  everything seems to be gone and he isn't [TS]

  he he likes his work he likes killing [TS]

  people he likes hurting people [TS]

  he's evil is evil I mean he's fully [TS]

  embraced all those things Yoda warned [TS]

  him about he also wants to show Vader [TS]

  you know that he's killing him because [TS]

  Vader failed failed at that and I think [TS]

  there's some say vism their of the you [TS]

  know now I'm gonna kill your son right [TS]

  in front of you because you know that's [TS]

  what I do Walker you will get that nice [TS]

  little detail like that when it gets me [TS]

  every time is when you see the loop with [TS]

  all the whitening and then there's that [TS]

  one scene where is honest I'd sort of [TS]

  like riding in pain and you see it go [TS]

  like through the bridge of his mouth [TS]

  like the reason you have I always pick [TS]

  that up as a kid like he's got a [TS]

  lightning braces [TS]

  oh yeah so hammers so-so Darth Vader [TS]

  finally takes action i love that scene [TS]

  that was looking back and forth he's [TS]

  like mm so then when Lucas on the ground [TS]

  saying father please that the reason the [TS]

  father please works is because they [TS]

  managed to establish a relationship [TS]

  between Luke invader like in the first [TS]

  movie just like a glance as he's killing [TS]

  obi-wan to the relationship is all [TS]

  you're the mean guy who killed my mentor [TS]

  and then you know they're kind of in a [TS]

  space battle but they don't really know [TS]

  that they're in the space battle [TS]

  together and the second movie of course [TS]

  he actually has the confrontation with [TS]

  them in a dramatic revelation and that [TS]

  makes their relationship way more [TS]

  complicated and in this movie they they [TS]

  meet again and have an even more [TS]

  complicated things so when he's saying [TS]

  father please it's not like [TS]

  you can do this movie where Luke finds [TS]

  out the vader is his father and only do [TS]

  you ever do is fight and he says father [TS]

  please save me you don't buy it is [TS]

  you're like why would why would his [TS]

  better care about this kid but they have [TS]

  a relationship at this point a weird [TS]

  relationship but there's an existing [TS]

  relationship so it makes that father [TS]

  please save me stuff not seem like he [TS]

  would never why would he care about him [TS]

  you know just because he's a son and [TS]

  we're supposed to believe he does [TS]

  they have an established relationship [TS]

  and that that makes that that move [TS]

  believable to me and not for a second [TS]

  that I think he wouldn't say and I think [TS]

  it's really important to that point he's [TS]

  it's almost to a certain extent if he's [TS]

  seeing the Emperor for the first time [TS]

  right because you know he's sort of been [TS]

  under the thrall of this guy and I think [TS]

  in some ways I don't know if you want to [TS]

  get like you know really psychological [TS]

  about it the loss of his hand and stuff [TS]

  and he too has a sort of realization of [TS]

  where he is and so he sees this guy [TS]

  basically just torturing his son and in [TS]

  that moment you know be mean about it is [TS]

  being mean about torturing his son the [TS]

  wool is taken off his eyes and he's like [TS]

  he's just a dad right like his son is [TS]

  getting shot by a guy with lightning [TS]

  from his hands right like I we've all [TS]

  been there [TS]

  well and if if Luke gets killed where is [TS]

  there to go from better from here [TS]

  well they're probably going to try and [TS]

  chase that Leia and layers not gonna [TS]

  turn so it's gonna be really hard to get [TS]

  a promotion when your postures killed [TS]

  your son is that were closed so the you [TS]

  know he's seeing him in this moment [TS]

  Vader is seeing his you know it's too [TS]

  late for me son [TS]

  this is this is the moment where he [TS]

  realizes he can make choice and had [TS]

  actually have an effect we're all before [TS]

  he has been in the thrall of the Emperor [TS]

  and been you know Here I made my [TS]

  decision now I have to live with it he [TS]

  gets that decision back here and the end [TS]

  and makes the different decision and [TS]

  although the motions right Luke is our [TS]

  hero you know when I say that that [TS]

  there's a hero and his death is a [TS]

  tragedy and it's shocking that they've [TS]

  turned it all the way around like that [TS]

  my point is that Luke's what Luke does [TS]

  step aside and allow Darth Vader to to [TS]

  be the one who makes the change which is [TS]

  which is not what you'd probably expect [TS]

  from the end of this movie especially [TS]

  given how we all feel [TS]

  outdoor theater right going into it and [TS]

  yet it's great because it's behind of a [TS]

  sacrifice for Vader to do right because [TS]

  it is he's keeping he's not just in [TS]

  terms of his own life but he's basically [TS]

  preventing Luke from getting his hands [TS]

  dirty by having me killed this guy he's [TS]

  saying he's the one committee you know [TS]

  what I don't want my son to have the [TS]

  burden of having you know murder this [TS]

  guy so I'm going to take that upon [TS]

  myself it's probably cements the [TS]

  pacifist notion of Jedi that is [TS]

  throughout all these movies is that the [TS]

  Jedi you know it firmly cemented to say [TS]

  that the Luke should not do that he [TS]

  should rise to fight its kind of this [TS]

  kind of reminds me of not to get [TS]

  political or anything but like all the [TS]

  you know the right-wing politicians who [TS]

  profess faith in everything but if they [TS]

  never want to do anything things that [TS]

  Jesus taught in the Bible so that the [TS]

  stories that the stories people focus on [TS]

  Jesus helping the poor and everything in [TS]

  the Bible it's a pretty clear message [TS]

  about what do you want so the end but [TS]

  it's like but yeah but they don't really [TS]

  mean that right in the same thing with [TS]

  this movie is a very clear message about [TS]

  what the Jedi stand for in terms of [TS]

  using the force and everything like yeah [TS]

  but they don't really mean that they [TS]

  really do and this is the only way this [TS]

  could end with with Luke doing the right [TS]

  thing almost not doing it coming very [TS]

  close to slicing off haters and you know [TS]

  just kind of his hand and and you're [TS]

  right that you know it's not that the [TS]

  Lucas like elevator you're going to do [TS]

  this for me Luke found the strength to [TS]

  be true to his teachings into this that [TS]

  this Jedi philosophy that he has of [TS]

  passivism what we can I can't just it [TS]

  boggles my mind is a movie where [TS]

  passivism is the awesome thing that [TS]

  we're all cheering for that the good [TS]

  guys have and the pic guys don't and you [TS]

  know it's an exciting dramatic movie [TS]

  activity action movie yes [TS]

  yeah so so so Luke pulls off Darth [TS]

  Vader's mask [TS]

  well he's not changing Jones and turns [TS]

  out he's not now that know what the [TS]

  Masters a filter that makes him sound [TS]

  like James Earl Jones we're gonna get [TS]

  that felt like a kid out there also [TS]

  makes him sound not British and yeah [TS]

  exactly [TS]

  well only slightly sort of British [TS]

  incidentally great the best commentary [TS]

  about this he never comes from the the [TS]

  kevin smith movie Chasing Amy where they [TS]

  talk about the BB it [TS]

  this is big black guy and they speak up [TS]

  as a scrawny little white guy that's [TS]

  running it's not like I'm Dumpty looking [TS]

  yeah [TS]

  but he's also he's also about 20 years [TS]

  older than then you probably should be [TS]

  or something but it is shocking right [TS]

  you know you you see not just that he's [TS]

  not he's got this you know breathing [TS]

  apparatus and all that but he's all [TS]

  pasty and scarred and yet and not [TS]

  talking looking know it always like this [TS]

  is the guy who was just fighting him to [TS]

  a standstill right now all of a sudden [TS]

  it's just like this old kind of his [TS]

  grandfather Lee County guy [TS]

  it's it's kind of like he's like in in [TS]

  the the test selected he's like the guy [TS]

  inside the thing controlling the vader [TS]

  outfit right inside like the little man [TS]

  inside Anderson the sword I you know im [TS]

  stearing Vader were better but and this [TS]

  is another example of like how this [TS]

  movie just pays off on everything like [TS]

  it [TS]

  we got to you know in the first movie [TS]

  like who's the guy in that mask in the [TS]

  second movie like I see the back of his [TS]

  head and his masked always good to see [TS]

  it and hear it is you were taking it off [TS]

  you know everything every needs [TS]

  satisfied every plot line paid off in a [TS]

  you know in a convincing satisfactory [TS]

  manner if television series could all [TS]

  end the way [TS]

  plot-wise the way that the Star Wars [TS]

  trilogy ends there would never be any [TS]

  complaints so here's here's my question [TS]

  they're flying through the [TS]

  superstructure and they blow up the [TS]

  Death Star and the Emperor's on the [TS]

  Death Star Darth Vader's on the Death [TS]

  Star and looks on the Death Star so by [TS]

  Luke refusing to fight and Darth Vader [TS]

  throwing the Emperor off is the only net [TS]

  change here by Luke winning that Luke [TS]

  doesn't die is they're gonna blow up the [TS]

  Death Star anyway now you don't know if [TS]

  the Emperor was still alive he could [TS]

  have sense that they were that there was [TS]

  a weakness in the plan could have [TS]

  escaped lived on Lex day we made lots of [TS]

  things you can do like that but but [TS]

  really I mean it's sort of like they did [TS]

  they double beeping but that's what you [TS]

  think this is like I mean you need to [TS]

  make sure it's like it's like staking [TS]

  him and cutting the head off [TS]

  yeah we got the emotional resolution [TS]

  well it was this movie is not about the [TS]

  Empire versus the rebellion this movie [TS]

  is about Luke Skywalker and Darth [TS]

  Vader's Jenny yeah yeah so that's what [TS]

  you care about it you really cares the [TS]

  end like always exciting the Empire no [TS]

  longer is in control of the galaxy don't [TS]

  really care [TS]

  no which is why all the special edition [TS]

  scenes at the end off yeah we don't you [TS]

  have to start thinking about all the [TS]

  implications of what the end having like [TS]

  your your government decapitated [TS]

  actually meet [TS]

  oh my god our currency is going in the [TS]

  toilet massive inflation i'll bring a [TS]

  obscure random a sci-fi reference to a [TS]

  show i liked a lot of Babylon 5 one of [TS]

  the interesting things about the show is [TS]

  that there's a civil war and it's [TS]

  resolved and the show keeps going after [TS]

  that and the whole point of it is you [TS]

  know yay we won the Civil War [TS]

  oh crap now what right and and those the [TS]

  special edition seen Star Wars I always [TS]

  I always look at those in like yeah you [TS]

  know and i know there are novels and at [TS]

  that make this point to in the extended [TS]

  kind of star wars university its GI [TS]

  Emperor's dead that's good but there's a [TS]

  whole apparatus of the the Empire and [TS]

  it's it's not all just gonna fall apart [TS]

  like 15 years in bureaucracy [TS]

  yeah it's not yeah it's not gonna be [TS]

  like yeah everything's fine now it's [TS]

  like your big victory grant like the tax [TS]

  collectors all gonna be like me I guess [TS]

  we'll go home personal resolution yes [TS]

  yeah and to these movies credit they [TS]

  don't spend like that they mentioned [TS]

  know the Emperor's is all the Senate and [TS]

  there's a rebellion and the rebel bit [TS]

  rebels are hiding but like that [TS]

  machinery is not with these movies about [TS]

  this movie is so clearly about this [TS]

  central band of character and what [TS]

  happens then in specific specifically [TS]

  Luke and so all the other stuff is kind [TS]

  of like the setting for the movie it's [TS]

  not about the rebels vs the Empire it's [TS]

  not about the Senate to bring something [TS]

  about it like it is totally not part of [TS]

  this moment about trade negotiations wow [TS]

  that would be bad and just think of the [TS]

  amount of screen time they provide they [TS]

  give to the Empire versus the rebelling [TS]

  it's like a friend you know one or two [TS]

  small scenes some of the scroll text and [TS]

  some you know but it's just not about [TS]

  that right so forest moon of Endor also [TS]

  notice and or uh uh Luke comes down they [TS]

  burns the the vader outfit or another [TS]

  beautiful music put to which to which my [TS]

  son says he put the mask back on him [TS]

  yeah well you have there was this the [TS]

  end of Vader is the ultimate villain [TS]

  Victor the villain and the big and the [TS]

  innovator transition from being the [TS]

  ultimate villain the guy that he looked [TS]

  like the big black you know guy in black [TS]

  to a tragic figure that's why don't they [TS]

  see him as a rock is tragically tried to [TS]

  do something to read he redeemed himself [TS]

  did he really [TS]

  in the end but practically speaking he's [TS]

  done so many horrible things that this [TS]

  one thing probably just make up for them [TS]

  but at he's a tragic figure and it's sad [TS]

  music you know burning him and I think [TS]

  it's fitting that this same scene was [TS]

  using spaced to show that the post [TS]

  printable change that was pretty cool [TS]

  change in Tim's connection with Star [TS]

  Wars because it for Tim it was the end [TS]

  of something [TS]

  it was the end of Star Wars as this [TS]

  touchstone in his life and so he's put [TS]

  you know burning it is symbolic I'm [TS]

  burning Darth Vader is the end of Darth [TS]

  Vader the evil man and now the tragic [TS]

  figure you know we have a difference of [TS]

  opinion this tremendous you didn't like [TS]

  it [TS]

  no that and that scene by the way that [TS]

  seen since I watched spaced way after it [TS]

  aired I didn't really know like the [TS]

  timing of the things so I had no idea [TS]

  that that you know season two was [TS]

  happening around around around 99 i [TS]

  watch season two as it aired in the inn [TS]

  in the UK and it let me tell you it [TS]

  touch the spot my heart yet so I'm [TS]

  watching it and then they and they cut [TS]

  the universe was you know you're [TS]

  starting to a space pod cast they cut 10 [TS]

  space and make immediately cut to the [TS]

  torch scene and I mean you know exactly [TS]

  what they're referencing and it just was [TS]

  not perfect so i can't i can't see that [TS]

  see now that and you think like all your [TS]

  you it's kinda like Admiral Ackbar and [TS]

  and the breakfast cereal thing oh they [TS]

  found it they've ruined the scene in the [TS]

  movie that you love because all you can [TS]

  think of is the comedy thing [TS]

  no I don't mean space as deadly serious [TS]

  that isn't that is not comedy to me so [TS]

  we get to see our little ghost friends [TS]

  one last time they smile at us [TS]

  Yoda sitting on the railing and are [TS]

  there well yes because it's tiring to be [TS]

  a ghost and our theater now with them [TS]

  Anakin Skywalker now with them also i [TS]

  really enjoyed that that they everybody [TS]

  gets to meet up everybody gets hugs [TS]

  which gets yes hardy Lando gets to tell [TS]

  Jim Bako you suggest about how he threw [TS]

  the freaking millennium fawlcon now the [TS]

  death star was also did you see what I [TS]

  did came out of the fire to just see [TS]

  that and you open up and you know of [TS]

  which they also changed in the special [TS]

  edition to be just more soaring we all [TS]

  complain about jar jar and we have some [TS]

  complaints about the silly Teddy where [TS]

  he works and yet when when asked to [TS]

  choose everyone unambiguous he says are [TS]

  you been up all the way over that crap [TS]

  over any possible [TS]

  alternative and and and why is that why [TS]

  why do we prefer this ridiculous [TS]

  I don't dance i have a soft side over [TS]

  the other song but I Yub nub has a you [TS]

  know it's it's a terrible way these [TS]

  three fantastic movies and with this [TS]

  kind of ridiculous you walk music also [TS]

  hear it i'll tell you why I think I like [TS]

  this the oven up song at and and maybe [TS]

  not a good reason but it's a reason it's [TS]

  a recent here is that the the Nanyan up [TS]

  song the one they replaced it is [TS]

  entirely there and all the scenes and [TS]

  everything to tie it to the other movies [TS]

  that we won't mention and I don't like [TS]

  those on the movies so anyway that [TS]

  you're going to take something that I [TS]

  really like and try to connect it for [TS]

  its first fortunately connected with [TS]

  something that I really don't like I [TS]

  will not like you for all right but what [TS]

  if you just took the song and overlaid [TS]

  it over the original right and another [TS]

  set and now the second thing is I saw it [TS]

  when I was a kid and when your kid you [TS]

  like this stuff [TS]

  music I I have a soft spot for the music [TS]

  is why I really remember enjoying that I [TS]

  just don't want to see Khorasan tanned [TS]

  Naboo or you know I don't want to see I [TS]

  don't like the music of the the new [TS]

  version either i just don't let it's not [TS]

  just the fact that it ties to provide I [TS]

  plane just don't like the song it you [TS]

  open up is silly but I saw this movie [TS]

  when I was a kid and basically it is why [TS]

  i think the Jedi what i said in the [TS]

  beginning that it does the most [TS]

  important thing you have to do it ends [TS]

  the series in a satisfying way and it's [TS]

  a happy ending more or less there's [TS]

  still a tragedy of anagen but you see [TS]

  him redeemed in his ghost form and [TS]

  everything like that but the good guys [TS]

  more or less win and I think for the age [TS]

  i watch this it was nice to go through [TS]

  the end of three movies especially with [TS]

  Empire being such a you know such a blow [TS]

  such a shock to the system that [TS]

  everything was alright in the end and [TS]

  that's one of the things i think makes [TS]

  the Star Wars trilogy such such an [TS]

  enduring thing is that you liked it see [TS]

  it and everything's alright in yet [TS]

  satisfying everything gets paid off [TS]

  unless you watch them the the first the [TS]

  other some other movies and then is not [TS]

  a really sad [TS]

  what I really love about the the ending [TS]

  of Jedi is that is very small you know [TS]

  you don't have an epic ending well at [TS]

  least unless you're watching the revised [TS]

  versions you don't have an epic ending [TS]

  of yes everything's great but it's [TS]

  really you focus on the various [TS]

  characters and I like you but because it [TS]

  is kind of you know tribal and [TS]

  ritualistic in a way because you're [TS]

  joining joining the people that you [TS]

  followed this entire time and get wedge [TS]

  and Lando get mentions and and the [TS]

  droids get a little hat tip because [TS]

  they're really important characters in [TS]

  the journey but you don't you don't have [TS]

  the big epic space battle close out the [TS]

  movie you have this small group in a [TS]

  very small sort of ceremonial party [TS]

  yeah they're not celebrating on the [TS]

  bridge of one of their capital ships [TS]

  there you know what I mean they're [TS]

  celebrating down with the Ewoks and [TS]

  they're kinda hang out like you wanted [TS]

  the party telling you that was not cool [TS]

  that happen and plus explains have [TS]

  fireworks coming out of them so there's [TS]

  that [TS]

  yeah there they they save those first [TS]

  yes looking at jobs are equipped with [TS]

  this [TS]

  yeah that's the rebels the rebels think [TS]

  of everything they've got Holograms and [TS]

  they've got far that's why they want to [TS]

  run things Jason that's right they got a [TS]

  plan ever see the Empire throw up [TS]

  fireworks don't never to never not once [TS]

  never firebombing yes fireworks they got [TS]

  mad [TS]

  yeah typical well I think we've reached [TS]

  the end of Star Wars now we truly have I [TS]

  don't know what to do with myself [TS]

  anymore [TS]

  yeah i'm going to go back and watch them [TS]

  in order again I actually want to try it [TS]

  i know it's sacrosanct to bring up the [TS]

  prequels blood [TS]

  no they're honoring these there are no [TS]

  movies machete order i'm curious about [TS]

  machete order i have to say oh why would [TS]

  you do that we miss you don't need it [TS]

  now those movies i mean let me put it [TS]

  this way there is perhaps an interesting [TS]

  story to be told about events that [TS]

  happened before these three movies that [TS]

  we love those were not them [TS]

  yeah no yeah no but those were not [TS]

  seeing as how the movies that we're not [TS]

  talking about did get made [TS]

  although no I thought we were talking [TS]

  about them and I don't think young in DC [TS]

  or reorder he doesn't help i get i could [TS]

  come up with some very disgusting [TS]

  analogies charted frames brother just [TS]

  say that [TS]

  changing the order of this analysis not [TS]

  know [TS]

  alright any final thoughts before we [TS]

  wrap up this epically long episode 6 of [TS]

  our of our podcast series about Star [TS]

  Wars know that in the beginning I said [TS]

  this was the beginning of the end and it [TS]

  kind of was because this is kind of like [TS]

  a you know all those bad things that we [TS]

  don't like about these movies that we're [TS]

  not talking about it we're totally in [TS]

  this movie we didn't know it at the time [TS]

  but they were all there staring us in [TS]

  the face just turned down slightly but i [TS]

  still have good feelings about Jedi [TS]

  because it did such an important thing [TS]

  which is you know we all we've all been [TS]

  fans of television series like [TS]

  Battlestar Galactica something that have [TS]

  ended in ways that have disappointed [TS]

  some people were disappointed and lost [TS]

  like you get into a thing you're [TS]

  invested in a thing and you get to the [TS]

  good part of the middle Empire and then [TS]

  they just blow it in the end and they [TS]

  almost blew it with too much cutie walks [TS]

  off or whatever but in general the [TS]

  overall plot line [TS]

  Luke that we cared about his deal with [TS]

  Vader the space battle the resolution of [TS]

  a series totally internally consistent [TS]

  and satisfying and every possible way [TS]

  everything paid off everything nice so i [TS]

  just write do the only things had about [TS]

  it is that it's over [TS]

  yeah exactly and it's the it's the good [TS]

  kind of sad you know you and we're never [TS]

  going to see I remember walking out of [TS]

  the theater and think while we're never [TS]

  gonna see on Solo and Princess player [TS]

  Skywalker ever again until someone that [TS]

  will be rebooted well I I remember [TS]

  leaving and having fantasies about [TS]

  episodes you know 1779 yeah I would have [TS]

  rather seen those meet you [TS]

  well actually I mean there are many [TS]

  books some of them terrible some of them [TS]

  great you probably wouldn't have rather [TS]

  seen them if they'd actually got made by [TS]

  George Lucas no I think it's all I think [TS]

  it's all for the best [TS]

  yeah when I was 11 years old I [TS]

  definitely wanted to see ya oh sure I [TS]

  wanted to see one day I wanted to see [TS]

  what happened before them when I was you [TS]

  know 17 before before we knew before we [TS]

  knew before the dark time but that was [TS]

  before the Empire for the empire but we [TS]

  use more machine than they have these we [TS]

  have these three and we interested them [TS]

  and these three make a complete circle [TS]

  there's nothing is to be added before [TS]

  them and [TS]

  he needs to be added after them so if [TS]

  you're listening go back and listen to [TS]

  the star wars podcast again just put in [TS]

  a repent just keep on going [TS]

  yeah people wondering what's the correct [TS]

  order to watch the stores movies you [TS]

  watch a new hope and very Strikes Back [TS]

  and Return of the Jedi that is the [TS]

  correct all that's the order and then [TS]

  you're done [TS]

  Alpha and the Omega yeah you know it's [TS]

  alright well we solved all the problems [TS]

  of the world and discuss Star Wars so I [TS]

  would like to thank my guests in this [TS]

  incredible journey that we've taken what [TS]

  we do next I don't know we'll have to [TS]

  stop stop and reconsider what where we [TS]

  go from here for our epic link that [TS]

  movie commentaries but i want to thank [TS]

  Dan Morgan dan thanks a lot for your eye [TS]

  and you are you are one of the most [TS]

  devoted star wars fans i have ever met [TS]

  and I thank you for lending that [TS]

  knowledge to the podcast force will be [TS]

  with you Jason always thank you to [TS]

  answer any Caldwell so thank you for [TS]

  being here [TS]

  John syracuse aur the other most devoted [TS]

  star wars and I know and I thank you for [TS]

  all of your commentary and perspective [TS]

  on this too [TS]

  thanks Jason wow you just tired out [TS]

  you got no more lines yet I and it is [TS]

  being one more time I'm gonna call them [TS]

  online from the next movie [TS]

  Yub nub Jason yah and thank you many [TS]

  listeners to be uncomfortable for not [TS]

  just your listening to these lengths the [TS]

  episodes but to your great positive [TS]

  feedback about all of these star wars [TS]

  episodes that we've done the feedback on [TS]

  on Twitter and an email about the star [TS]

  wars episode has been remarkably [TS]

  positive it's been very kind [TS]

  we glad that you are glad that you have [TS]

  liked listening to us talking about Star [TS]

  Wars as much as we have liked yammering [TS]

  on about it for a grand total of [TS]

  probably like six and a half for seven [TS]

  hours so so it meant it's like a day you [TS]

  just spend a day with us talking about [TS]

  sir [TS]

  thank you for listening to us and until [TS]

  next time on the uncomfortable i am [TS]

  jason l goodnight and goodbye and good [TS]

  riddance and we're gonna go to sleep [TS]

  the bike at the editor deterred [TS]

  returning oh dude this [TS]