The Incomparable

97: Everybody Loves Hypnotoad


  the incomparable podcast number 97 july [TS]

  twenty well [TS]

  welcome back to another episode of the [TS]

  incomparable i'm glenn fleischmann [TS]

  substituting for Jason L who is [TS]

  indisposed [TS]

  he's been disposed of somewhere in the [TS]

  Pacific Northwest right now and this [TS]

  week we're talking about futurama the [TS]

  animated TV series that has more lives [TS]

  than any program I believe ever on [TS]

  television to TV show that's one of the [TS]

  geekiest most scientifically accurate [TS]

  programs of fiction ever broadcast and i [TS]

  have with me tonight three guests to [TS]

  talk about the show and Enoch oh you [TS]

  know and Enoch oh great guy that guy we [TS]

  love him he's on many podcast you hear [TS]

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  Andy for joining us and also have been [TS]

  but knee-deep Brittany of Boing Boing [TS]

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  for its back ND and welcome to the [TS]

  incomparable I want to thank you and [TS]

  Dean has recently completed watching [TS]

  futurama back-to-front so he can talk in [TS]

  depth about anything that we forgotten [TS]

  how much more recently and i also have [TS]

  Jonathan self who is a first timer on [TS]

  the incomparable John is executive [TS]

  editor at a funny publication that [TS]

  writes about shiny objects that some [TS]

  people buy that are aluminum and pretty [TS]

  tight right my shiny metal Mac bite my [TS]

  shiny metal that's right so thanks for [TS]

  being on everybody and so the futurama [TS]

  was funny it's a I want to think it was [TS]

  an acquired taste that when I first [TS]

  found out about the show I thought I was [TS]

  the only one watching and it turned out [TS]

  that was sort of true at one point you [TS]

  know futurama has this crazy history of [TS]

  being on the air it comes from for [TS]

  listeners who don't know the show and [TS]

  you'll have a chance to explore its has [TS]

  had several seasons now those seasons [TS]

  have broken up in a sort of ridiculous [TS]

  way it was an outgrowth of some ways of [TS]

  the simpsons is co-created by matt [TS]

  groening a simpsons creator and one of [TS]

  the longtime writers and showrunners [TS]

  david cohen David X Cohen x not his real [TS]

  middle name who came up with this notion [TS]

  Matt back to it and they created this [TS]

  spinoff show that was supposed to run [TS]

  around the same time as the simpsons on [TS]

  the Fox television network in the end [TS]

  fox for some reason they had this [TS]

  strange antipathy for the show it's not [TS]

  that disrupted poorly but they like to [TS]

  move it around a lot so it first aired [TS]

  from 1999-2000 three on broadcast [TS]

  television with any given week you [TS]

  wouldn't know where you'd find it on the [TS]

  what time would be on that week because [TS]

  of football and other things then it was [TS]

  in reruns from 2003-2007 on cartoon [TS]

  network but it was did so well there [TS]

  after a reboot of family guy [TS]

  direct-to-dvd the Fox home television [TS]

  network a different part of box that was [TS]

  little clever 20th Century Fox [TS]

  television portion i guess in the home [TS]

  port heart commission for direct to DVD [TS]

  movies that later within aired on Comedy [TS]

  Central which they took over this [TS]

  indication of the previously our [TS]

  episodes and that's been on Comedy [TS]

  Central since they did 26 new episodes [TS]

  in 2010-2011 and the new season just [TS]

  launched in middle of june with a two [TS]

  back-to-back episodes in the season [TS]

  premiere sort of crazy and i had the [TS]

  opportunity for Boing Boing a few weeks [TS]

  ago to talk to David X Cohen about the [TS]

  show and and he you know he laughs it's [TS]

  amazing laughs first here's the show has [TS]

  not been continuously produced you know [TS]

  since 9i tension is produced in fits and [TS]

  starts but it's pretty amazing to [TS]

  survive that long and its tribute I [TS]

  think to the great great fan ship behind [TS]

  it so anyway that's the that's what we [TS]

  got to here now so this week we'll talk [TS]

  about [TS]

  the show more in-depth we like it's some [TS]

  of our favorite episodes of new episodes [TS]

  and in the future of futurama so and i [TS]

  know that your big fan you you're one of [TS]

  the folks who are advocating for [TS]

  futurama seemed uncomfortable episode [TS]

  what do you like about the show so much [TS]

  have you been a fan from the beginning [TS]

  yeah i mean you start off as a simpsons [TS]

  fan and so you just hear the same team [TS]

  that does the simpsons doing a new show [TS]

  oh my god are you on board for that but [TS]

  I really think that [TS]

  futurama surpassed the simpsons probably [TS]

  and that's not a slam against the [TS]

  simpsons I think it's just because the [TS]

  writers and approaches they get a break [TS]

  and enforced break unfortunately but I i [TS]

  think that they have had enough time to [TS]

  really develop the characters time off [TS]

  to explore other things and I do think [TS]

  that they invest far far more in every [TS]

  episode than any writing staff on any [TS]

  other great animated series ever there [TS]

  every to every time i'm at the end of a [TS]

  really great episode [TS]

  you're really aware of how they spurned [TS]

  every opportunity to take a shortcut and [TS]

  on so many other shows [TS]

  they'll come up the they'll be an [TS]

  interesting idea they lead off with and [TS]

  then it sort of Peters out for five [TS]

  minutes and they jump off and go into [TS]

  something else I think the futurama it's [TS]

  like they come with a really bizarre [TS]

  idea that's really great Gilbert and [TS]

  Sullivan style idea and then they sort [TS]

  of like stop that part of the creative [TS]

  meeting and they just sit around all day [TS]

  and think about what are the [TS]

  consequences of this like if if if [TS]

  bender really was able to create a [TS]

  60-percent scaled-down virtudes [TS]

  60-percent scaled-down duplicates of [TS]

  themselves at will [TS]

  what would eventually happen based on [TS]

  not only what we know about these [TS]

  characters but also what we know about [TS]

  science and they will play it out to the [TS]

  very very very and I was watching a [TS]

  bunch of episodes over the past two or [TS]

  three days and it really occurred to me [TS]

  that how many different times have we [TS]

  witnessed different characters or maybe [TS]

  the entire cast experiencing the [TS]

  entirety of the universe's evolution [TS]

  from start to finish [TS]

  I was that I was watching one of my [TS]

  favorite shows a clockwork origin and [TS]

  once again here's another one where they [TS]

  get to watch everything [TS]

  from start to finish was looking at the [TS]

  late Philip J fry in which they [TS]

  refreshments the time machine that can [TS]

  only move forward and they have to watch [TS]

  the entire creation and death of the [TS]

  universe three times they have a beloved [TS]

  kind of OCD that said no no we can't [TS]

  skip anything if they have a time [TS]

  machine that only goes forward this is [TS]

  the only way they can possibly get back [TS]

  the science is wonderful but and the in [TS]

  here again they're doing things in a [TS]

  really difficult way I I loved a [TS]

  clockwork origin because it starts off [TS]

  the way that you would assume that a [TS]

  very nerd geek oriented show would go [TS]

  over we're going to talk about [TS]

  protesters protesting the teaching of [TS]

  evolution and you serve clasping your [TS]

  hands are great they're going to really [TS]

  stick it to those people who want [TS]

  although textbooks rewritten to say that [TS]

  you know that the universe was created [TS]

  600 they're going to really stick it to [TS]

  them and by the end of the show they're [TS]

  actually saying well actually there's a [TS]

  possibility that creationism really [TS]

  exists maybe we shouldn't actually [TS]

  dismiss these people as idiots because [TS]

  there is a way that evolution and [TS]

  creationism can actually sit [TS]

  side-by-side that is not only a [TS]

  difficult thing to do [TS]

  it's a risk keeping to do it really is [TS]

  that idea that they always take the hard [TS]

  way out and they make it so much better [TS]

  for all that well I don't agree with [TS]

  that too is where they see everything [TS]

  through their conclusion they don't make [TS]

  a cheap joke and right if and you know i [TS]

  think another running joke in the show [TS]

  is never agree is that the number of [TS]

  times that Philip J fry dies he dies and [TS]

  dies that he beat doctor who you know in [TS]

  Doctor Who the current weather character [TS]

  pains Rory Rory dies many times but I'm [TS]

  afraid Philip fry has to hide don't know [TS]

  how many times for real and fantasies in [TS]

  you know with cloning and robots and [TS]

  reassembly really is a thousand years [TS]

  old so that was also he's also ancient [TS]

  writings of thousands been frozen for a [TS]

  thousand years i suppose in place should [TS]

  be cap the you know for people who [TS]

  haven't seen the shell there may be some [TS]

  incompetent listeners the show [TS]

  essentially follows Philip J fry is a [TS]

  pizza delivery boy on the eve of the [TS]

  terminal nem comes two thousand falls [TS]

  into a cryogenic suspension chamber is [TS]

  working in the year 3000 [TS]

  and meets up with his many time [TS]

  great-nephew dr. Farnsworth who is a mad [TS]

  genius and runs delivery company and [TS]

  hijinks ensue he falls in love so do you [TS]

  just watch the entirety of the show [TS]

  again the themes that emerged for you [TS]

  from watching the whole thing from front [TS]

  to back [TS]

  yeah actually there are few things in [TS]

  particular the way they the show changes [TS]

  after its in cancelled and brought back [TS]

  I and it like when they first come back [TS]

  they take they they come back with think [TS]

  season five numbers got weird to so i [TS]

  think the four DVD movies or straight to [TS]

  DVD movies i think are all supposedly [TS]

  he's like 16 episodes of season 5 mm [TS]

  technically well five on IMDb is the one [TS]

  with Jurassic bark and the staying the [TS]

  Farnsworth pair Farnsworth para box [TS]

  those types of things on that season I [TS]

  think technically that season four is [TS]

  not once a season 5 says five on mtv [TS]

  it's a little it's a little weird but no [TS]

  but I don't you start to let that was [TS]

  the last one of the farms work paradox [TS]

  this was the last that was part of the [TS]

  season was this 2003 yes one of the last [TS]

  ones i realized i was looking at my [TS]

  favorite episodes and several them come [TS]

  from the end of the last broadcast run [TS]

  and David Cohen said we talked recently [TS]

  reminded me that the show is really [TS]

  cancelled after season three and they [TS]

  had so many episodes in the hopper that [TS]

  the fourth season was bits and pieces of [TS]

  everything that they hadn't yet aired so [TS]

  a lot of good stuff showed up there but [TS]

  they were just trying to be running it [TS]

  out if you look at the production [TS]

  numbers for those they're like third the [TS]

  third season of production and they [TS]

  aired and what was called the four [TS]

  season and the season was mostly the [TS]

  fourth season production like it's [TS]

  really confusing especially when you're [TS]

  trying to rip your dvds and then tag [TS]

  them you have to try to figure out the [TS]

  dvds have them in the production order [TS]

  not in the running order so gets really [TS]

  confusing when you're watching him from [TS]

  the disk it goes from being kind of like [TS]

  I jokes about the future [TS]

  and things like that to this really [TS]

  think II season all of a sudden it gets [TS]

  very deep and it's talking about like I [TS]

  you know fries dog and it's it's a very [TS]

  emotional where his relation fries [TS]

  relationship with Leela grows it grows a [TS]

  lot and it changes quite a bit and then [TS]

  it kind of it stops again there [TS]

  we're not guiding a new Watchers to is [TS]

  so Leela is the one I'd we first think [TS]

  she's an alien the early seasons turns [TS]

  out spoiler alert [TS]

  Leela is actually a mutant from the [TS]

  sewers underneath the city of New York [TS]

  and she's the captain of the planet [TS]

  express delivery ship that's one by one [TS]

  by dr. Farnsworth and fries love [TS]

  interest but she's always rejected and [TS]

  partly because fries kind of an idiot he [TS]

  sort of a homer simpson great idiot [TS]

  within extreme streaks of cleverness and [TS]

  persistence so that's part of the [TS]

  running thing right is that this is a [TS]

  the tension between whether they will [TS]

  actually become a couple or not any more [TS]

  of a slob and Homer Simpson actually so [TS]

  he's got that going for him he goes from [TS]

  just kind of being a slob and being [TS]

  uninformed to kind of being an idiot and [TS]

  and Homer Simpson kind of does the same [TS]

  the same ah traversal there where he's [TS]

  just he becomes the butt of the joke on [TS]

  his own intelligence rather than his his [TS]

  ignorance or his like misunderstanding [TS]

  of situations and and it's a subtle [TS]

  difference but it's it's kind of [TS]

  disappointing i think to see him become [TS]

  like such a brew basically wasn't the [TS]

  problem in the simpsons to is that [TS]

  homeowners intelligence varied from sub [TS]

  Neanderthal to like almost normal for [TS]

  episode episode and sometimes he came up [TS]

  with a brilliant business ideas and [TS]

  executed them at the same thing with fry [TS]

  like if you look at the episode one of [TS]

  my favorites the devil's hands are idle [TS]

  playthings which fri does a deal with [TS]

  the devil and compose this opera this [TS]

  holographic opera but he has the ability [TS]

  to compose an operating extra [TS]

  intelligence just got the hands you like [TS]

  wait a minute [TS]

  he is such a sensitive soul and [TS]

  intelligence to compose this you know [TS]

  lyrical work and yet he can barely tie [TS]

  his shoes remember to swallow it [TS]

  listen I think he's more like Homer [TS]

  Simpson without the without the ability [TS]

  to get completely distracted and [TS]

  unfocused disease easier basic guy in [TS]

  his you know early to mid-twenties where [TS]

  he hasn't found his life's goal yet he [TS]

  hasn't found that drive and ambition I [TS]

  don't think he's in he's a super idiot [TS]

  he's just a little bit a bit of a [TS]

  surface surface into let's just say but [TS]

  but once he once he realized that [TS]

  something has to be done [TS]

  he's gonna work it out he's gonna get it [TS]

  done we've seen so many feature on [TS]

  episodes where he is absolutely [TS]

  dedicated focused and devoted and yes [TS]

  yes he has faithfully as a pair of lucky [TS]

  pants that gets any situation but but [TS]

  but but then you realize that the [TS]

  writers actually like it appreciate that [TS]

  because he's one in this episode in [TS]

  which they need to evacuate the earth [TS]

  there's an escape ship with a limited [TS]

  number of seats on it [TS]

  the government creates a machine that [TS]

  will evaluate how valuable each person [TS]

  is whether they're worthy of this thing [TS]

  of it was to go in there [TS]

  the professor's old old old man probably [TS]

  die soon anyway brilliant brilliant [TS]

  inventor pass your ticket delivery boy [TS]

  nowhere no or no valuable skills past [TS]

  here's your ticket [TS]

  I like your pads his really major [TS]

  accomplishments that are hugely [TS]

  motivated by leela like him his love for [TS]

  Leela like overcomes all these [TS]

  ridiculous like I detriments that he has [TS]

  he rearranges the stars for her he lets [TS]

  her onto the spaceship there he he's in [TS]

  he's in this in the sting he's going to [TS]

  die basically because you know he throws [TS]

  himself in front of this be [TS]

  that's this while be that's coming at [TS]

  them most of the things his when he's [TS]

  really at its best [TS]

  it's in the defense or in the wooing of [TS]

  this counterpart character will hit the [TS]

  things he's just so he's completely [TS]

  selfless a lot of the time like he's [TS]

  gets freaked out and does things but i [TS]

  think it's it's a weird character in [TS]

  that I'm that he's willing to always [TS]

  write throw himself [TS]

  whatever to do anything he gives up [TS]

  there's an episode in which it's the one [TS]

  with the spaceship gets a new [TS]

  personality that with the sigourney [TS]

  weaver's voice love and rocket fuel [TS]

  lovin [TS]

  love and I'm in little rock and there's [TS]

  a bit of course we're recreating part of [TS]

  the scene from 2001 and disabling how [TS]

  and they're floating in this airless [TS]

  space and space suits pushing out cans [TS]

  of slur much are like memory core units [TS]

  and popping them open and uh Lila's [TS]

  oxygen tank was empty and fri without [TS]

  telling your pops is chosen to her so [TS]

  that he might die so she can let me just [TS]

  and there's a thousand incidents like [TS]

  that in the show but yeah I'm i think we [TS]

  should talk favorite episodes before we [TS]

  get too far along i think we've [TS]

  introduced some of the basic concepts [TS]

  and characters of the show and John I [TS]

  think we've pointed at you lease so i [TS]

  think you should come up what's one of [TS]

  your favorite episodes of this program [TS]

  well you mentioned film or a second ago [TS]

  and the main voice that he does is [TS]

  Hermes Conrad who is the rasta [TS]

  bureaucrat who sort of runs the office [TS]

  and those all the paperwork and [TS]

  everything and he's definitely one of my [TS]

  favorite characters and there's an [TS]

  episode called how hermes requisition to [TS]

  his groove back and that you know the [TS]

  the title the title alone is great [TS]

  because it makes you think of the the [TS]

  movie how stella got her groove back [TS]

  but it's it's just this really fun [TS]

  episode with you know him and he's so [TS]

  excited about being a beer creditors you [TS]

  know that the whole society so [TS]

  bureaucratic and they have numbers and [TS]

  you know you you get promoted your [TS]

  number gets lower and and i just love [TS]

  the beginning of the episode that they [TS]

  have these you know pneumatic tubes and [TS]

  he says I look it's a letter from the [TS]

  central bureaucracy and it says [TS]

  attention Hermes Conrad you're about to [TS]

  receive a letter from the central [TS]

  bureaucracy and then he gets the letter [TS]

  from the central bureaucracy eh you know [TS]

  it's just this whole thing and it's very [TS]

  it's very Brazil like in the whole this [TS]

  this whole thing comes together and I [TS]

  you know fri has an affair with the [TS]

  bureaucrat who comes to inspect the [TS]

  office and then bender finds out so to [TS]

  cover her tracks she removes benders [TS]

  brain which is in his entire personality [TS]

  fits on a three-and-a-half inch floppy [TS]

  disk [TS]

  and she puts it in the tube and it [TS]

  disappears and they have to go find it [TS]

  and it's just just this great thing [TS]

  where he goes and he has to sort this [TS]

  entire gigantic inbox master inbox pile [TS]

  in four minutes and it turns into this [TS]

  big song and dance routine he's doing [TS]

  the scar number and there's lindo wing [TS]

  and everything and it's just one of my [TS]

  favorites and and the best part is I you [TS]

  know near the end he finishes everything [TS]

  and the the number one bureaucrat who's [TS]

  number 1 point 0 something like yeah you [TS]

  know you finished you did a great job [TS]

  but you finish with two seconds to spare [TS]

  and a good bureaucrat never finishes [TS]

  anything early so I'm demoting you [TS]

  something like that and it's just one of [TS]

  what one of my favorite as hermes is [TS]

  just such a great character and that's [TS]

  that 16 in my mind I really haven't [TS]

  explained vendor to listeners who are [TS]

  not don't know the show and maybe you [TS]

  should take a crack at what what is [TS]

  bender who is bender bender is a robot [TS]

  designed to bend girders he's like a [TS]

  manufacturing or construction robot but [TS]

  he in the very first episode he's going [TS]

  to go commit suicide with I he tries to [TS]

  get a double suicide and suicide [TS]

  telephone booth it's a suicide booth [TS]

  that shaped exactly like a telephone [TS]

  booth and fries trying to place a call [TS]

  so they are he's there to go commit [TS]

  suicide and I he and fri wind-up sort of [TS]

  intertwined and becoming good friends [TS]

  because they decide not or fri sort of [TS]

  help spender decide not to commit [TS]

  suicide and and they later on a bender [TS]

  ah electrocute is antenna on a broken [TS]

  light bulb and his programming is all [TS]

  change so he has a lot more free will [TS]

  then the other robots and he cannot he [TS]

  can be lazy and not be totally committed [TS]

  to his programming [TS]

  yeah he's the he's got a lot of the best [TS]

  taglines the show like my shiny metal [TS]

  ass [TS]

  of course [TS]

  smoke cigars alcohol is necessary to his [TS]

  proper functioning naturally so Andy [TS]

  tell me tell me sir what is one of your [TS]

  favorite episodes of futurama I gotta go [TS]

  back to something I mentioned during [TS]

  winter that others episode you're [TS]

  talking you're talking about we are [TS]

  favorite nerdy TV shows [TS]

  previously on being comfortable i love [TS]

  the God fellows episode so much hit real [TS]

  it really is one of my favorite episodes [TS]

  of television [TS]

  full stop what happens is that a bender [TS]

  gets shot into space irretrievably but [TS]

  he's leaving these leaving the [TS]

  university's just completely stranded [TS]

  and the the premises that there are like [TS]

  microbes that like circling his body and [TS]

  as has happened so often the show [TS]

  features a vendor course gets to witness [TS]

  the entire rise and fall of an entire [TS]

  new civilization as these tiny tiny [TS]

  microscopic beings go through evolution [TS]

  on his chest plate and of course they're [TS]

  worshipping Him as a god because he is [TS]

  their entire planet and he has faced and [TS]

  he can actually say okay now you're [TS]

  gonna want to grow crops and been free [TS]

  for how to bring me some beer and it and [TS]

  as is going to happen they they become [TS]

  into two different factions of society [TS]

  disagreeing on how to please bender [TS]

  bender because he's bored starts off by [TS]

  being the God but also starts off by [TS]

  being stopping the angry god saying all [TS]

  well okay I guess I can see if you're [TS]

  praying to me to save your kid okay i'll [TS]

  try to save your kid how about if i hope [TS]

  i get if i put more water here to give [TS]

  you something to give you make your [TS]

  crops flourish and of course you want [TS]

  some flooding out the entire village [TS]

  gets to see everybody died and there are [TS]

  wars on his chest and he's trying to [TS]

  stop and try to help things and finding [TS]

  himself in these increasingly futile [TS]

  situations and the Beast story [TS]

  what a wonderful b-story fri showing the [TS]

  sort of care for his friends that is a [TS]

  that is a constant for his character he [TS]

  knows that his friend is gamma rays you [TS]

  must be out there somewhere so we [TS]

  conduct this huge huge search to try to [TS]

  find bender and get him back though but [TS]

  at the end of bender story he's now it [TS]

  is the entire civilization on his honors [TS]

  on the robot or so has died out killed [TS]

  each other [TS]

  he's actually a lot sadder than you [TS]

  imagined he would be given me such a [TS]

  selfish individual and he winds up at [TS]

  the end of the universe to this sort of [TS]

  sentient cloud of whatever the fill in [TS]

  the blank and the subtext is that this [TS]

  could be this cloud is could actually be [TS]

  the god of our universe [TS]

  when do you see a show like this [TS]

  actually any show period that tries to [TS]

  tackle a spiritual topic without making [TS]

  it endlessly dreary like touched by an [TS]

  angel or any other intentionally [TS]

  uplifting or spiritual or God oriented [TS]

  show i love the early shows including [TS]

  this one they have sometimes you know [TS]

  there's there's always the A&B story [TS]

  thing like that's a traditional sitcom [TS]

  or short story on works a lot of [TS]

  different kinds of the theatre and [TS]

  television we've got a main stories the [TS]

  a story that's kind of thing you're [TS]

  supposed to be paying attention to them [TS]

  often subsidiary characters have Abby [TS]

  story if you're really lucky that could [TS]

  be a sea story with even like less going [TS]

  on and futurama sometimes that ad in [TS]

  East or either episodes i can think of [TS]

  where I'm you know also held Allah [TS]

  subway into one of my favorite episodes [TS]

  is the one in which frys all 300 big [TS]

  boys is the one in which fri decides to [TS]

  drink three hundred cups of coffee [TS]

  there's a it's a play on george w bush's [TS]

  rebate early this administration the [TS]

  Nixon who is president of course in the [TS]

  future mix-ins had had a jar he decides [TS]

  to take a show windfall from one of the [TS]

  inept captains of the dupe was that [TS]

  Brannigan that branding a voice [TS]

  originally intended to be voiced by phil [TS]

  hartman we passed away but but still [TS]

  very well for a comple done so Zapp [TS]

  Brannigan defeat some space spiders and [TS]

  take all their booty other gems [TS]

  tapestries and so Nixon issues a [TS]

  three-hundred-dollar of rebate to [TS]

  everybody and prices i'm gonna buy three [TS]

  cups of coffee and across the episode he [TS]

  does it so in that episode I love this [TS]

  because there's a romance going on [TS]

  between kids at brannigans [TS]

  second-in-command is long-suffering [TS]

  amphibian the second-in-command and a [TS]

  one and A me who's one of the [TS]

  explore express employees who's the [TS]

  daughter of the richest man think in the [TS]

  galaxy owns most of Mars and they have a [TS]

  romance brewing fries try to do [TS]

  something for Leela there's a whale [TS]

  involved everyone's got different things [TS]

  going on bend the professor uses stem [TS]

  cells to look young and falls in love [TS]

  you've got i think four or five [TS]

  different romance is going on you guys [TS]

  enjoyed trying to figure out what the [TS]

  secret of life is our happiness and at [TS]

  one point hermes has bought his son [TS]

  these you know [TS]

  bamboo still boots and they get stuck on [TS]

  these boots that take them running [TS]

  through town and the whole thing is [TS]

  crazy set of different plots and it [TS]

  comes together at the end they're all in [TS]

  one place at this reception where [TS]

  they're showing off all the booty from [TS]

  the space spiders that they've stolen [TS]

  and Hermes comes in sets fire to the [TS]

  tapestry lights on fire but the windfall [TS]

  is destroyed everything is burned up [TS]

  everyone's life is in danger and fri [TS]

  drinks his 300th cup of coffee and i [TS]

  think is one of the most beautiful [TS]

  moments across all the series of the [TS]

  show where this the haha music starts [TS]

  and fri his consciousness expands and [TS]

  time slows down any very competently and [TS]

  serenely he looks out the window and [TS]

  there's a hummingbird you can see it [TS]

  swing and slowly flapping and he takes [TS]

  everybody out of the fire take small [TS]

  outside they have no idea what happened [TS]

  but I mean I I really think I don't know [TS]

  if there was a G and H and I plot in [TS]

  that and they pulled it together it was [TS]

  hilarious and it was beautiful and I [TS]

  think it's something that maybe you need [TS]

  the the lack of limitations animation to [TS]

  pull that off could you do that in and a [TS]

  series in which you had actual physical [TS]

  factors where you wouldn't this would be [TS]

  enough time to make everything happen so [TS]

  perfectly [TS]

  it is interesting you mentioned that [TS]

  episode was based off of [TS]

  ah the bush rebate I I hadn't really [TS]

  thought about that I find I've been [TS]

  watching these so much later and I was [TS]

  like nine when the show started [TS]

  so what are you 14 known [TS]

  Dean is a young yeah you're making us [TS]

  all feel really able to on so yeah I [TS]

  guess we never really i don't know what [TS]

  it's never come up before but I'm no [TS]

  one's rs200 that is so dependent is [TS]

  podcast hello [TS]

  a gentleman never asks a lady never [TS]

  tells though I i I've actually been [TS]

  kinda disappointed and then the new ones [TS]

  because they rely I mean I'm so I was [TS]

  going to mention this when you were [TS]

  talking about God fellows on where [TS]

  they're making this really beautiful [TS]

  poignant I point there and it's and it's [TS]

  relevant to a lot of different things [TS]

  today and but it's not really about any [TS]

  particular on any particular instance or [TS]

  any particular thing in present day and [TS]

  I feel like the new episodes really very [TS]

  heavily rely on current things going on [TS]

  like yo wila the davinci code [TS]

  proposition infinity proposition [TS]

  infinity is a good right that mean [TS]

  that's that play on the California [TS]

  Proposition about legalizing or banning [TS]

  or in validating a same-sex marriage [TS]

  right they made that relatively quickly [TS]

  after proposition 8 right question [TS]

  finity being a outside [TS]

  that's a joke with the you know they [TS]

  don't shy from was asking David about [TS]

  this when i did the interview and said [TS]

  you know you could they seem to actually [TS]

  willing to address and engage political [TS]

  controversy because like all good [TS]

  parodies it's through the lens of [TS]

  something that's so ridiculous they can [TS]

  get away with it where maybe hitting it [TS]

  directly i would be seen as much too [TS]

  controversial for you know comedy [TS]

  programming or something besides like a [TS]

  late night stand-up comics right the [TS]

  early episodes that that approach these [TS]

  kinds of issues like a big piece of [TS]

  garbage where a a giant ball of garbage [TS]

  that at some point shortly i think it's [TS]

  like 2,000 I don't like the 2200 or [TS]

  something like that they shot all the [TS]

  garbage from New York into space and now [TS]

  in the year 3000 it's coming back and [TS]

  it's going to crush it's going to crush [TS]

  the city it crushed the world they're [TS]

  approaching that issue in in this [TS]

  ah very broad sense and you know what is [TS]

  what is it going to be like in the in so [TS]

  far in [TS]

  future and I think that proposition [TS]

  infinity is kind of a little too close [TS]

  to that and it's a little too close to [TS]

  its own issue and I I clockwork orange [TS]

  origin to where they're having these [TS]

  issues where it's about robots but as [TS]

  you know a thousand years in the future [TS]

  maybe they should have even gotten [TS]

  further beyond that at this point you [TS]

  know robots have been around for quite a [TS]

  while and they might be able to move [TS]

  beyond it somehow and have some sort of [TS]

  even bigger issue [TS]

  yes I'm of age as well too although it's [TS]

  it's sort of hilarious a current affairs [TS]

  are realized you know you look at the [TS]

  some of the most common guest actors on [TS]

  the guest voices of the show include al [TS]

  gore the runner sure that's the case not [TS]

  his one of his children was it was an [TS]

  assistant on the show I know if she [TS]

  still is for a period of time and that [TS]

  certainly helped but I'm he's you know [TS]

  he likes they did a cartoon bit for his [TS]

  inconvenient truth there's a cartoon [TS]

  bumper that they did for it but he's [TS]

  always on you know he's always on [TS]

  talking about being the Emperor of Mars [TS]

  and global warming inventing the [TS]

  internet and it makes fun of himself [TS]

  pretty tremendously on the show and it [TS]

  says in some fairly ki episode so there [TS]

  is a there's a tendency to have a you [TS]

  know just like having algo around as a [TS]

  guest voice to have a sense of [TS]

  contemporary politics there's another [TS]

  issue the show I think that I'm it [TS]

  brings people back again and again as [TS]

  you know we like individual episodes [TS]

  there's ones will does we call out i [TS]

  think there's a complexity to the show [TS]

  that the detail attention they take 22 [TS]

  at most times I was remembering how to [TS]

  look this up because I remember that [TS]

  from the very first episode they design [TS]

  multiple languages to be using the show [TS]

  and one is a simple substitution cipher [TS]

  so it's just every letter in Latin is [TS]

  substitute with the lab the Latin [TS]

  alphabet is substituted with a symbol [TS]

  but there is also an alphabet that I [TS]

  think they waited for people i remember [TS]

  reading a david cone back years ago [TS]

  talking about this they put it in there [TS]

  and they figured that people would [TS]

  freeze frame their VCRs at the time and [TS]

  then later they're dvrs and dvds and [TS]

  sort out how to decode this [TS]

  like an alphabet if I it's a wikipedia [TS]

  says it's a modular edition code with [TS]

  the next letter is given by the [TS]

  summation of all previous letters plus [TS]

  the current letter but i believe it also [TS]

  has code inside it so you can't just [TS]

  it's not just substitution and they also [TS]

  use other languages and there's an [TS]

  episode in which they wander in to a [TS]

  robot mitzvah and it's the in Hebrew it [TS]

  says today I am a robot of course in a [TS]

  manner because why wouldn't it be and [TS]

  why they're hosting the robots and spin [TS]

  them around but there are other details [TS]

  you'll notice when you watch the show [TS]

  you you say oh wow they're really paying [TS]

  attention to this and making this [TS]

  universe and making a consistent yeah [TS]

  like when they laid that that episode in [TS]

  which there's a body swap machine in [TS]

  which you can spot bodies with somebody [TS]

  else but only if that person had never [TS]

  been body swapped before and so hot [TS]

  hijinks ensue as well as the crew went [TS]

  up like trick each other because they [TS]

  want to do stuff and treat each other [TS]

  again too [TS]

  I don't want to i want to be a better [TS]

  response let me be the one of the guys [TS]

  body and so the solution to it of course [TS]

  professor figures out a mathematical [TS]

  equation to determine how many bodies [TS]

  would how many swaps would it take to in [TS]

  to put everybody back where they belong [TS]

  involving fewer than X number of people [TS]

  who've never been spot before and [TS]

  there's the the formula that the [TS]

  calculation and the proof is on screen [TS]

  for maybe all of like a second and a [TS]

  half but it turns out that yes that is [TS]

  actually absolutely correct because one [TS]

  of the writers on that show has a [TS]

  doctorate mathematics we actually proved [TS]

  this theorem to the satisfaction of [TS]

  everybody in the writers room because [TS]

  this is the sort of show where someone [TS]

  as good as AI excuse me [TS]

  clearly you're doing arrest of some [TS]

  algorithm there when the other [TS]

  scientists and span space nuts in the [TS]

  and David Cone was getting doing a PhD [TS]

  in mathematics when he got tapped for [TS]

  the simpsons and Anna you know leave [TS]

  akadema there was a first season episode [TS]

  in which of fries gets a little bit [TS]

  homesick and when he finds out that you [TS]

  can actually take tourist flights to the [TS]

  moon [TS]

  so this is great i could actually be [TS]

  where like Apollo 11 landed and of [TS]

  course you land there finally they go [TS]

  there and it turns out to be more like [TS]

  up the [TS]

  like a disney world theme park you're on [TS]

  the moon but it's like a disney world [TS]

  version of the Moon and they wind up [TS]

  just sort of like breaking out of the [TS]

  the place actually go to the lunar [TS]

  surface and they actually come upon the [TS]

  Apollo 11 landing site and I i remember [TS]

  reading a story about this that in the [TS]

  in the episode you actually see the the [TS]

  the descent stage and the ascent stage [TS]

  both together on the on the surface of [TS]

  the Moon and of course any nerd would [TS]

  know that actually it's only the descent [TS]

  states that would be bad [TS]

  that was left there really get leaked [TS]

  the crew went back into the ascent stage [TS]

  within took off and rica and redock with [TS]

  the command module and so I remember [TS]

  reading that there's actually a [TS]

  last-minute addition was like a plaque [TS]

  that they think they have time to [TS]

  reanimate the entire thing be enough [TS]

  time to put in like a little plaque on [TS]

  the things that a sense stage were [TS]

  restored hereby by bike bike by a [TS]

  unified by generous grant from the [TS]

  nitpickers of America [TS]

  yeah I think I mean there's the other [TS]

  running element of the show is this the [TS]

  number of them of things that are so [TS]

  unpleasant beyond the pale that you're [TS]

  surprised you'd ever see them on [TS]

  television and they try to make them [TS]

  funny like bender is so incredibly [TS]

  amoral I think someone of the DVD [TS]

  commentaries that when they shot the [TS]

  episode well as other robots which is [TS]

  one of the great things in Helena those [TS]

  are the robots which was in this and 9th [TS]

  episode was the first season that's [TS]

  right introduces a robot devil is a [TS]

  terrific character occurs but later the [TS]

  robot devil spins wheel and a fourth [TS]

  season has a list of every robot on the [TS]

  show and you realize there are hundreds [TS]

  of thought out characters hundred [TS]

  thought-out robots not to mention human [TS]

  characters and aliens who appear but the [TS]

  that I think it was hellas other robots [TS]

  because there's a bit in it where Leela [TS]

  and fry get tired of bender his wrist [TS]

  experienced a religious conversion has [TS]

  now become incredibly straight-laced in [TS]

  dollars drinking mineral oil instead of [TS]

  alcohol experience and they sort of miss [TS]

  his evening pouring sand and insanity is [TS]

  a moral behavior so they [TS]

  get them off the straight and narrow and [TS]

  I think it's from the DVD commentary [TS]

  where they mentioned yeah we had a staff [TS]

  member who wouldn't work on this show [TS]

  she had moral objections to it she just [TS]

  found it you know too vile and they had [TS]

  to essentially supported her in that [TS]

  decision but I mean can you think of [TS]

  that fellow's it's like that I'm the [TS]

  number of things that are just like i [TS]

  like the robot or uh Santa Claus the [TS]

  evil Santa Claus the future suicide [TS]

  booth what do you think about the fact [TS]

  that they push the envelope on kind of [TS]

  acceptable things by wrapping them in [TS]

  this way [TS]

  yeah there's a just last week with was [TS]

  one of the new season episodes in which [TS]

  every time friday associate take my hand [TS]

  Leland some disaster happens and [TS]

  farewell to her as a little bit out [TS]

  there the last the last season she [TS]

  rescuing her off of a doomed planet to [TS]

  take my hand Leela and takes the hand [TS]

  and then rise up ripping off her arm of [TS]

  the socket and then like 10 seconds [TS]

  later his own arm gets ripped off by the [TS]

  socket as well last seen the two ripped [TS]

  up arms swirly in space with pretty [TS]

  music playing and that we do we want to [TS]

  switch is lovely [TS]

  exactly sweet lovely but yeah well let's [TS]

  talk about you really should talk about [TS]

  the new season is I'm you know one of [TS]

  the things David said interview so [TS]

  they're going to i think there's just [TS]

  asked acknowledgement and we look so we [TS]

  could talk about this bit is I thought [TS]

  season I think it's number six the 26 [TS]

  episodes that were aired in 2010-2011 I [TS]

  felt they were weak compared to the [TS]

  first for broadcast seasons I I felt [TS]

  like I didn't feel that richness of [TS]

  multiple plot elements the interval i [TS]

  thought some of them with a very thin [TS]

  idea and extended and some I quite like [TS]

  there was something i thought were [TS]

  terrific like the creationism [TS]

  evolutionism a revolution parody that [TS]

  made a sort of rethink aspects of it [TS]

  when presented that light but do you [TS]

  think that as anyone think that that was [TS]

  the case of the first or do you think [TS]

  know the last two in effective season [TS]

  the 2010-2011 episodes were as strong as [TS]

  the first four I think that it's [TS]

  interesting because like you're looking [TS]

  at this show about a guy who's frozen in [TS]

  time for a thousand years and then he [TS]

  comes back to life and then the show is [TS]

  sort of stopped and comes back to life [TS]

  and [TS]

  when fried comes back to life it's like [TS]

  this oh my god everything is you know [TS]

  look at all these wonderful things out [TS]

  here and and I have to take full [TS]

  advantage of it and in the new seasons [TS]

  I feel like they're they they're also [TS]

  trying to take full advantage of their [TS]

  there we given time I guess and trying [TS]

  to like create almost cram as much in [TS]

  there as possible i'm like it's much [TS]

  faster paced they're bringing back like [TS]

  lots and lots of characters in for even [TS]

  like small parts like Zapp Brannigan [TS]

  appears for like a minute or two in the [TS]

  latest episode here where he's on he's [TS]

  piloting this this spaceship and he's [TS]

  just kind of thrown into it all mouse [TS]

  and they they're forcing these jokes and [TS]

  making like I don't you know just kind [TS]

  of pushing things a little too far and [TS]

  maybe you know if they relaxed a little [TS]

  bit they kind of be able to i get back [TS]

  to where they were back into their [TS]

  stride a little bit ok what do you think [TS]

  John you would you be as big a fan of [TS]

  the earlier later once you have a funny [TS]

  and substantial differences between them [TS]

  yet the you know the those first four [TS]

  five seasons whatever you want to call [TS]

  them [TS]

  I'm had a have a different feel to them [TS]

  they felt a little bit richer and and in [TS]

  some ways moments there was a lot of [TS]

  sweetness to some of them like you know [TS]

  we talked about that devil's hands are [TS]

  idle playthings and the sting and then [TS]

  one of the other ones like the look of [TS]

  the frying fish which is about the [TS]

  history of you know fri thinking that [TS]

  his brother stole his identity and in [TS]

  all things he wanted to do and you get [TS]

  these flashbacks and it's it was you [TS]

  know some really sweet stuff where you [TS]

  see like the emotion around around fri [TS]

  and that stuff seems like it's either [TS]

  missing or forced in the in that last [TS]

  season and the first to that that aired [TS]

  last week I thought the first one where [TS]

  bender has has a kid was pretty strong [TS]

  the bots and the bees and then the one [TS]

  after that that the one with the arms [TS]

  totally off into space that what kind of [TS]

  left me cold I just never really felt [TS]

  like you got going [TS]

  so it feels more like these [TS]

  the previous season then starting with [TS]

  this that they're kind of hit or miss [TS]

  and that the other ones maybe it's a [TS]

  nostalgia thing you know because they [TS]

  were so long ago already those other [TS]

  ones seem like classic and they seem [TS]

  like there's so much richness and then [TS]

  we can go back and watch them over and [TS]

  over again whereas those that last batch [TS]

  they really don't they don't feel quite [TS]

  as I mean there's still fun to watch but [TS]

  they don't feel like they're quite the [TS]

  same its kind of intermittent or you get [TS]

  some episodes that are good and some [TS]

  that are really not very memorable and I [TS]

  felt like the older ones you know [TS]

  they're there wasn't a lot of throwaway [TS]

  it's probably you know you probably have [TS]

  lots of really good ideas at the [TS]

  beginning and lots of stuff to put in [TS]

  and you get to a point where where your [TS]

  maybe forcing a little bit [TS]

  well you know it felt like I agree with [TS]

  you that I thought there was that thing [TS]

  the saying at the outset that I think [TS]

  this is has the most heart of any almost [TS]

  any show I mean you see this in some [TS]

  long-running sitcoms we're even if the [TS]

  show is sort of farcical or nonsensical [TS]

  they figure out a way to have a [TS]

  relationship or a kind of sensibility [TS]

  and friendship at the middle that makes [TS]

  it work and you know their shows like [TS]

  mash that are in other words ridiculous [TS]

  parts but it really was kind of a strong [TS]

  Center show and it's hard to think of an [TS]

  animated show that that could be [TS]

  anywhere near the silicates are a few [TS]

  that have that much are and you do the [TS]

  relationship like no one of another of [TS]

  my favorite episodes would be when I [TS]

  think i mentioned before is the devil's [TS]

  hands are idle playthings and in that [TS]

  that was a thought that might be the [TS]

  last episode as with so many times [TS]

  David Cohen said that Ken Keeler is one [TS]

  of the main writers for sho kin is [TS]

  written all of the finale episodes of [TS]

  futurama is up to four now [TS]

  corporate last episodes of the show and [TS]

  the devil's hands are idle playthings i [TS]

  think was partially intended to be the [TS]

  end of the broadcast run and there's [TS]

  this beautiful thing where you know even [TS]

  though it's sort of you know heat fries [TS]

  stupid and the whole thing is ridiculous [TS]

  is that you know he has this great love [TS]

  for Leela she doesn't always believed [TS]

  interested herself and she's not sure [TS]

  she's in love with him partly because [TS]

  he's an idiot that comes up again and [TS]

  again but probably because she's not [TS]

  sure she trusts the way the intensity of [TS]

  the sincerity realism that he [TS]

  as per business goes on over seasons and [TS]

  in that episode you know II he it's a [TS]

  great series of oh Henry swaps [TS]

  essentially one of my favorite things [TS]

  about it is that they actually define [TS]

  over and over again people call things [TS]

  ironic which are not and keep getting [TS]

  called out that's not ironic is ironic [TS]

  then finally when the final scenes [TS]

  something ironic actually happens and [TS]

  vendor speeds a dictionary definition [TS]

  says now that's ironic that they should [TS]

  teach in english classes but but there [TS]

  is this that thing there's a love story [TS]

  that's very strong and sort of sustained [TS]

  and then later episodes it just seems to [TS]

  be kind of an element fries always [TS]

  pursuing Leela but whatever i'm david [TS]

  said in an interview again that they [TS]

  were intending I mean I think there's [TS]

  some awareness of this on the show staff [TS]

  because he said this season is going to [TS]

  be more like the early seasons we're [TS]

  gonna sort of go back and they'll be a [TS]

  long arc over 2012 and 2013 which is [TS]

  centered around kind of finally [TS]

  resolving the leela fri relationship and [TS]

  I don't know how that will materialize [TS]

  we've got 24 more episodes to work with [TS]

  that on [TS]

  i am going to happen will prosecute that [TS]

  22 strongly only because there's so many [TS]

  shows I can't get into because there are [TS]

  deep profound season-long arcsight I [TS]

  can't get into Game of Thrones I can't [TS]

  get into so many of the shows because i [TS]

  feel as though if I start now I've got a [TS]

  lot of work ahead of me get caught up [TS]

  and then I'm sort of obligated to watch [TS]

  the rest of them I do like the fact that [TS]

  futurama exist you can dip into almost [TS]

  any individual episode and pretty much [TS]

  get it it's true they have I mean they [TS]

  have some mythology but not the same [TS]

  kind of thing as any other show there's [TS]

  not really too much of an arc you know a [TS]

  season-long are queer fri discovers you [TS]

  know the order of human beings were all [TS]

  invented another planet but but there [TS]

  you know there are there are [TS]

  consistencies others and you know i was [TS]

  looking through wikipedia 4 episode [TS]

  descriptions they talk about [TS]

  non-canonical episode was sort of [TS]

  cracked me up because you know what is [TS]

  canonical and a cartoon universe in [TS]

  which anything can change but I mean [TS]

  there are things like nibbler the Lila's [TS]

  little istock Pat turning out to be one [TS]

  of the Masters of the Universe very much [TS]

  like the Masters on a [TS]

  ah no ah in the Green Lantern's the [TS]

  people the blue man who control the the [TS]

  safety of the university's little [TS]

  incredibly adorable creatures are in [TS]

  fact the ones who who make everything [TS]

  work in that and keep the universal [TS]

  falling apart from john i know your [TS]

  music made and what do you think about [TS]

  the music on the show I I've always [TS]

  loved it to UW noticed is that something [TS]

  that that strikes you how they use music [TS]

  as an element across the seasons [TS]

  yeah I i mean III like yeah especially [TS]

  an animated shows the music and the sort [TS]

  of musical numbers a lot of them go over [TS]

  the top like you know something like the [TS]

  Simpsons family Guy do a good job with [TS]

  it but in vitro my eye I really do like [TS]

  it you know i mention that first episode [TS]

  with the with with Hermes doing his [TS]

  little little scar song and it's funny [TS]

  that you mention and now I'm drawing a [TS]

  blank to think of other musical examples [TS]

  from the show that that I can actually [TS]

  think of any right now but you but it is [TS]

  it does seem like such a big part of the [TS]

  of the show and the devil's hands are [TS]

  idle playthings is one of the ones i [TS]

  think of the most because that there was [TS]

  almost a musical they had songs every [TS]

  few minutes culminating with with price [TS]

  opera his hollow opera for Leela right [TS]

  he learns to play the the holophone or I [TS]

  think it's not always like a recorder [TS]

  basically but it projects Holograms and [TS]

  he could only do it when he has the [TS]

  devil's hands [TS]

  yeah that's right because he needs he [TS]

  has stupid fingers apparently no [TS]

  surprise [TS]

  so you know I think we've cycled through [TS]

  quite a bit about the show what what if [TS]

  we will be missed in this program we [TS]

  were watching and obviously all of us at [TS]

  some extent for I don't know how many [TS]

  episodes of shows had no hundred and [TS]

  twenty or something we're getting up [TS]

  there between those seasons and you know [TS]

  it's something that I look forward to i [TS]

  try to watch HD episode comes out what [TS]

  would still strikes interview about you [TS]

  know why we're staying well we stick [TS]

  with the show even though it's doesn't [TS]

  have you know our episode of a series [TS]

  long plots and things like that what [TS]

  brings us back to watch this again and [TS]

  again I mean it touches on so many [TS]

  different [TS]

  ah different things that references [TS]

  startrack references [TS]

  ah the twilight zone it's it and it's [TS]

  and it's these deep references that you [TS]

  can't you kind of need to know what's [TS]

  going on where they're referencing very [TS]

  specific twilight zone episodes or [TS]

  something like that and it touches these [TS]

  little things where like yeah I've spent [TS]

  all this time going back and and looking [TS]

  at these different shows and and and [TS]

  trying to find out more about specific [TS]

  things and you see it all reflected in [TS]

  the show where you know just because you [TS]

  understand these other these other [TS]

  things and it's kind of like oh you know [TS]

  they get it to they they are also on the [TS]

  same wavelength and they've also spent [TS]

  this time finding out about these [TS]

  different weird little corners of things [TS]

  I and appreciating them i think it's [TS]

  rich with illusion right as if you're if [TS]

  you're a geek [TS]

  you can watch the show and everything [TS]

  seems to be no there's a reference to [TS]

  omega man there's Logan's Run there's [TS]

  that episode there's to serve man and [TS]

  then they even have the parody the show [TS]

  with it and he was the name of the [TS]

  shower now you'll notice the is it the [TS]

  the closing door the parody of twilight [TS]

  zone the scary Dory necessary to write [TS]

  like imagine the world in which there's [TS]

  a guy no week has been my balls you [TS]

  can't read the thing and you know it's [TS]

  just everything is everything is like [TS]

  that yeah I'm so Andy interrupted you [TS]

  before I'm sorry no I was just going to [TS]

  say that I think that it's the reason [TS]

  why keep watching us because they keep [TS]

  that level quality way way way way up [TS]

  they keep finding little nooks and [TS]

  crannies wish to put extra little jokes [TS]

  and they're not just clever witty [TS]

  sayings but also if there's a corner of [TS]

  the frame in which they can put in a [TS]

  keychain that's a souvenir keychain but [TS]

  Lela has from her trip to the moon [TS]

  saying i'm with stupid on the moon and [TS]

  you do have to sort of like we're [TS]

  watching on TV is it wait whether what I [TS]

  just missed your scroll back in your DVR [TS]

  in order to get the joke it's it's not [TS]

  all about just catch phrases and [TS]

  pop-culture references and it also just [TS]

  comes down to the fact [TS]

  that they have well-defined characters [TS]

  each one in that cast and they have [TS]

  never decided to weaken that that sort [TS]

  of formula never weekend that sauce they [TS]

  so this is true i think of almost every [TS]

  single said comments out there [TS]

  eventually the producers and the writers [TS]

  they get just sort of into a punch the [TS]

  clock sort of mechanism where they no [TS]

  longer understand why this line is [TS]

  appropriate for this character but this [TS]

  other character would never say it [TS]

  they don't understand what the relations [TS]

  are between these characters they're all [TS]

  just about by the final episode by the [TS]

  final season of seinfeld and friends [TS]

  these are a cast these are five [TS]

  characters who get together every once [TS]

  in a while who don't like each other but [TS]

  they only get it to the only get [TS]

  together so they can they can like [TS]

  launches fingers at each other and yeah [TS]

  you don't understand why they keep doing [TS]

  this why they keep meeting at a coffee [TS]

  shop every single day just to insult [TS]

  each other about someone are really some [TS]

  profoundly painful moments from their [TS]

  lives you know what why do I keep coming [TS]

  here publicizes comment about the show [TS]

  that way before I can't watch friends [TS]

  anymore it so it's absolutely true but [TS]

  with futurama not not every character is [TS]

  designed to have designed to be this [TS]

  really deep involved character but it is [TS]

  always about fri who profoundly cares [TS]

  about his friends [TS]

  Leela who's responsible but it's also [TS]

  kinda kinda weird herself [TS]

  hermes who's the bureaucrat who can [TS]

  figure out an analytical way to get [TS]

  things done [TS]

  the professor who was absolutely dotty [TS]

  but creative and a fantastically mad [TS]

  science way and then why not [TS]

  Evan why not zoidberg that was a burger [TS]

  mean arrived there I things I [TS]

  environment last now things are at [TS]

  everything is heading Zoidberg yeah i [TS]

  mean it that significant that's a good [TS]

  to stick the distinction why one of [TS]

  things i hate's there's such a link to a [TS]

  whole episode of why it's family guy [TS]

  because at that hour talking everybody [TS]

  trying to interrupt but one that one of [TS]

  the running one running things on the [TS]

  family guy is that everybody hates that [TS]

  the daughter Meg and they don't give [TS]

  nobody ever explains why they hate him [TS]

  later but always just nothing but hatred [TS]

  and incredibly caustic abuse order all [TS]

  the time [TS]

  Lloyd berg has that may [TS]

  grow on futurama but somehow they write [TS]

  it so cleverly they just feel like well [TS]

  he's a kind of a stupid Lobster guy who [TS]

  if you get your arm cut off one up so [TS]

  your leg back on this place is kind of [TS]

  stupid [TS]

  he's always horrible smelly monster too [TS]

  and he's it's always like yeah he says [TS]

  he's a doctor but he doesn't understand [TS]

  the human anatomy and he's but what kind [TS]

  of girl are you your mouth [TS]

  no your other mom yeah their first [TS]

  appearance he's no he's trippin because [TS]

  he's a sad sack and occasionally has his [TS]

  moments of victory that's the thing is [TS]

  occasionally he comes through and where [TS]

  has no who's enjoyed bugs in charge now [TS]

  but yeah that's the out i'll tell you [TS]

  that the funny thing i think about [TS]

  futurama is my wife is not a [TS]

  science-fiction fan futurama is the only [TS]

  science fiction that she tolerates she [TS]

  loves the show we watched much of it [TS]

  lately because we don't have actual [TS]

  broadcast television anymore so we have [TS]

  to go through you know buying itunes and [TS]

  netflix and so forth to watch it more [TS]

  but but it's it's a show i think the [TS]

  characters like soy burger like the fact [TS]

  that there's so much in the show that's [TS]

  just you know they are the things that [TS]

  are conventional but it doesn't have [TS]

  that because doesn't take itself [TS]

  seriously I think that's why she enjoys [TS]

  it more so she doesn't necessarily get [TS]

  the layers of science fiction illusion [TS]

  because she didn't read sci-fi but she [TS]

  the show's fun it's interesting and they [TS]

  have characterization so it succeeds [TS]

  there yet even though I you know I love [TS]

  the major characters that some of the [TS]

  minor characters i think or what makes [TS]

  the show good because if you have if you [TS]

  have you no more both alien newscaster [TS]

  in there for a few seconds i'm talking [TS]

  about about how the earth is doomed and [TS]

  then you have his pepe sidekick you know [TS]

  laughing it off the core you know [TS]

  Calculon who is the robot soap opera [TS]

  star you know people like that and then [TS]

  of course you know you can't forget [TS]

  lower from Omicron Persei 8 out like [TS]

  those people you know they they can be [TS]

  an episode for a few minutes and they [TS]

  can kind of make they can make or break [TS]

  it for me and you know i love bender [TS]

  alone fry and Zoidberg but the little [TS]

  people mix-ins head you know and like if [TS]

  they go to the head museum and you know [TS]

  that just the stuff they can do with all [TS]

  the little side characters it it's what [TS]

  can make or break [TS]

  episode four me a lot of the time and [TS]

  that's when keep it going as if you [TS]

  throw in some of those it's it's like [TS]

  any other animated show we have all [TS]

  these little side characters and you [TS]

  know they get their moment in the Sun [TS]

  but that there's just such a weird [TS]

  creepy and bizarre characters on here [TS]

  because there are so many aliens and you [TS]

  know with it being a thousand years in [TS]

  the future you can pretty pretty much do [TS]

  anything you want [TS]

  I'm kind of like the fact that they [TS]

  don't make any default choice in the [TS]

  show it like nothing works the way that [TS]

  it should now so we know when they like [TS]

  the bungalow i love the bungalow that [TS]

  suddenly they go to Mars it turns out [TS]

  Mars and a half of Mars is a ranch owned [TS]

  by anyone's family and is you know this [TS]

  is the wrong place right that's really [TS]

  what happened it's and of course so the [TS]

  cattle people reading giant bugs sort of [TS]

  ladybug like things that are marked like [TS]

  cattle it's like nothing is certain [TS]

  studies nothing is normal it's more like [TS]

  they never take the easy choice of just [TS]

  saying okay we're going to make it a [TS]

  parking meter [TS]

  this is gonna be a parking meter that [TS]

  talks or there's the running gag that [TS]

  nibbler when nibbler takes a number to [TS]

  that he poops dark matter and that's [TS]

  what they used to fuel the ship and one [TS]

  of my favorite throwaway lines of as a [TS]

  prize that walking nibbler he lands a [TS]

  steamer and the police come to write [TS]

  about for a citation they say pick that [TS]

  up basis but it weighs as much as 200 [TS]

  songs and this little little clever bits [TS]

  like that you know you never just [TS]

  nothing is ever quite what it seems the [TS]

  robots have robots to help them out of [TS]

  the greeting cards the greeting cards [TS]

  have a chip in them that that mom of [TS]

  moms robots can mom the evil mother [TS]

  there she cannot activate a switch and [TS]

  greeting cards along with all the other [TS]

  robots on the planet must do her bidding [TS]

  it's just that there's never was never a [TS]

  default basic easy choice made in the [TS]

  show maybe that's the theme of the show [TS]

  they don't make the easy choices [TS]

  well let's not forget the real reason we [TS]

  all watch futurama hypnotoad rear [TS]

  hypnotoad if the new I knew that was [TS]

  coming it had to be said deed is under [TS]

  his power boat is the greatest throwaway [TS]

  character that didn't get thrown away of [TS]

  all let's just let's just replay what [TS]

  just happened here one person set up a [TS]

  line the second person knew exactly what [TS]

  he was talking about [TS]

  bye-bye making a sound effect a [TS]

  third-person recognize the sound effect [TS]

  and I'm to hypnotize to speak [TS]

  oh it was it's a great fit the best part [TS]

  is on the notes of DVD extra one of the [TS]

  early season dvds is everybody where [TS]

  everyone loves hypnotoad and it's david [TS]

  described as 22 minutes of show 45 [TS]

  minutes of payoff it's just tiptoed [TS]

  staring with some various dialogue and [TS]

  so for that comes we have to watch the [TS]

  whole thing only you can fast-forward [TS]

  through you missed some of the dialogue [TS]

  but the most popular show on television [TS]

  everybody loves hypnotoad but that's not [TS]

  all that's what's great about the show [TS]

  is like they can throw in the thing [TS]

  that's the most absurd thing in the [TS]

  world that you have these little [TS]

  romantic situations it it doesn't isn't [TS]

  funny you know one thing we didn't talk [TS]

  about how sort of hilarious but she'll [TS]

  like this the voice talent I mean they [TS]

  have some of the best voice talent any [TS]

  show that's ever been assembled I think [TS]

  you got Billy West whose do the original [TS]

  who are was original Stimpy and then had [TS]

  to rent after John quickly Lucy was cut [TS]

  from Ren Stimpy show John Billy West is [TS]

  done you know hundred million voices [TS]

  plus the long run the Howard Stern Show [TS]

  and he's got his own band these [TS]

  fascinating guy really naughty fell out [TS]

  but he's one of the best voice talents [TS]

  you got film are the green lantern and [TS]

  samurai Jack's voice and Trust McNeil [TS]

  who is the voice of a million million [TS]

  women on the show and on any damage so I [TS]

  think you listen to their stress [TS]

  somewhere [TS]

  um maybe five anybody have favorite [TS]

  voices from the show the Eagle like [TS]

  that's what I really listening for like [TS]

  frank welker or someone like that it's [TS]

  it's it's if it's one it has to be [TS]

  sapper and again but we do that all the [TS]

  dominoes will fall over like a house of [TS]

  cards it's really wet right he's doing [TS]

  exactly and again right hey guess what [TS]

  you can you're right you could totally [TS]

  hear Phil Hartman voice doing that [TS]

  character [TS]

  it's best ship you to write to him when [TS]

  up you know it's funny to you get [TS]

  Katie's the galleries of major you know [TS]

  she's a major sitcom star and she she's [TS]

  doing one voice in the show and she's [TS]

  been involved all along Lauren Tom who [TS]

  does a lot of animation voice but she [TS]

  comes in and does a nice with anyone and [TS]

  a few other voices for it some kind of [TS]

  just a or john dimaggio so here's the [TS]

  thing you find out when you actually are [TS]

  in the room with john dimaggio the role [TS]

  of bender which you think of as absurd [TS]

  larger-than-life ridiculous thing it was [TS]

  written for john dimaggio that was not a [TS]

  joke he is bender he is the flash [TS]

  version of vendor so the episode of [TS]

  futurama in which bender is reverting to [TS]

  the term investor says I've discovered a [TS]

  way to reverse internal the process and [TS]

  what demon arrival of returns bender [TS]

  from a in this fantasy scene from a [TS]

  robot into a human that's pretty much [TS]

  what happened the other way around to [TS]

  make john dimaggio into vendor not much [TS]

  doubt there's a there's a great video on [TS]

  YouTube where this Comic Con has [TS]

  collected a bunch of voice actors from [TS]

  different TV shows including Billy West [TS]

  and John DiMaggio and I handful of other [TS]

  people and they go they have they have [TS]

  the script of the first Star Wars movie [TS]

  of episode 4 and they're going through [TS]

  descriptive episode 4 with each of the [TS]

  voice actors doing different voices and [TS]

  in each different scene they change all [TS]

  the voices so they're doing and they're [TS]

  doing the ender there don't appear right [TS]

  it's it's amazing they do fri the design [TS]

  berg they then it and it's the whole [TS]

  movie so it's like an hour and a half [TS]

  and it will just go I'll just blow your [TS]

  mind it's it's unbelievable that is [TS]

  perfect [TS]

  well gentlemen I think we've reached the [TS]

  end of the time it's time to put our [TS]

  quarters on the string into the suicide [TS]

  booth and and sign off so any any final [TS]

  any parting words anyone good news [TS]

  everybody it's time to go to sleep [TS]

  let's go [TS]

  I'll conclude on hulu the broadcast day [TS]

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  pleasure i know your love for the [TS]

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