The Incomparable

112: Schrodinger`s Cat Box


  the incomparable podcast episode 100 [TS]

  well October atlantique well this is the [TS]

  incomparable duh-duh-dunnnnn our first [TS]

  contestant the master Otomo for a sec [TS]

  come home with us the people's chorus or [TS]

  the answer as a question [TS]

  two-time jeopardy champion and raining [TS]

  jeopardy champion in this corner no way [TS]

  to segment the boxing metaphor [TS]

  it's glenn fleischmann plan thank you [TS]

  thank you i'm still in position one on [TS]

  stage as you're in a state of grace we [TS]

  speak this moment it's raining jeopardy [TS]

  champion that's why we have you on the [TS]

  income also joining me I'm your host [TS]

  Jason L in this special game show [TS]

  episode of the incomparable not the kind [TS]

  where we do a game show we already did [TS]

  that one where we talk about game shows [TS]

  our next contestant from New England you [TS]

  know him you love him and Enoch oh come [TS]

  on down [TS]

  sure thank you thank you Jason can I [TS]

  just say hello to my wife Edna my son's [TS]

  a Dinkley and Fort Ord and and a [TS]

  kingston if you're still up daddy who [TS]

  says goodnight you should be codependent [TS]

  now I'm really excited about playing the [TS]

  game Jason and in the center square he's [TS]

  flamboyant but lovable it's steve Lutz [TS]

  hello hello I'm trying to decide whether [TS]

  I'm the whoopi goldberg center square or [TS]

  the point out of London the all your [TS]

  wallet your Paul NBA Holland pollen [TS]

  pollen all the way but it's that's there [TS]

  really is no good choice there is no no [TS]

  no not OD fields brassiere [TS]

  haha i can't believe i didn't start the [TS]

  show by saying this podcast was so [TS]

  boring they wants to show about blank [TS]

  too mad birds out bumpin into it so [TS]

  Glenn I mean jeez [TS]

  this is all about the fact that Glenn [TS]

  was on Jeopardy anyone [TS]

  it's a little crazy it's a little crazy [TS]

  ah twice the first one was a was a fluke [TS]

  uh I'm so the shock so you may recall [TS]

  that jeopardy tapes in advance so i had [TS]

  to keep this quiet for like ten weeks [TS]

  how did you manage that that's crazy [TS]

  it's okay because the incomparable also [TS]

  tapes in advance and we've been keeping [TS]

  this podcast episode on ice for about 10 [TS]

  years so intently 10 the magic of radio [TS]

  broadcast radio is now been destroyed [TS]

  forever [TS]

  thank you and a magical jeopardy because [TS]

  now I know it's wrong I thought it was [TS]

  broadcast live it's um it's actually now [TS]

  here's an interesting thing so the way [TS]

  jeopardy is shot so they actually shoot [TS]

  it as a live show [TS]

  it's essentially shot live and live to [TS]

  tape as they say I think yeah if there's [TS]

  a problem they stop it and they headed [TS]

  out on the edit out little bits and [TS]

  pieces here to fit into a lot of length [TS]

  but I hadn't thought of that aspect of [TS]

  it because the gameplay that goes and [TS]

  there's all this law about game shows [TS]

  because that is the quiz show scandal [TS]

  yeah and that's still I mean I cannot [TS]

  tell you how many pieces of paper I [TS]

  signed before going on the show I [TS]

  there's an hour-and-a-half briefing in [TS]

  the morning both you know each day you [TS]

  hear it because the new crop of people [TS]

  comes through and I there's just um [TS]

  there's an enormous amount that still [TS]

  harkens back to that corruption and the [TS]

  gameshow industry today is still trying [TS]

  to be scrupulously fair and Islam is [TS]

  federally required to be a scrupulously [TS]

  fair as they were in the wake of that [TS]

  and there's so much and some of these [TS]

  incredibly strange small things even [TS]

  that that still are trying to make sure [TS]

  people feel these games aren't fixed [TS]

  that what happens [TS]

  Israel and when you have something that [TS]

  happens like Ken Jennings winning 274 [TS]

  episodes in a row a few years ago on [TS]

  Jeopardy people wonder you know is it a [TS]

  setup whatever it's set in and I can [TS]

  tell you from the inside they take it [TS]

  all extremely seriously and they do [TS]

  everything in their power to make sure [TS]

  it's a level playing field and have [TS]

  outside compliance people there as well [TS]

  watching to make sure that nothing funny [TS]

  is going on i always have that [TS]

  disclaimer that says portions of this [TS]

  program not affecting the outcome have [TS]

  been added that so they want to keep his [TS]

  light touch on as possible [TS]

  so I'll get all the heavy breathing yeah [TS]

  yeah we're breathing issues Glenn they [TS]

  have great sound guys on the show let me [TS]

  tell you that offer some numbers at you [TS]

  so here's this is fascinating things [TS]

  about me so jeopardy 29th season it's in [TS]

  currently it is taped 6500 episodes [TS]

  which is the staggering they shoot for [TS]

  forty seven weeks of production a year a [TS]

  hundred thousand people audition through [TS]

  the online screening every year now they [TS]

  switch to online screening they get at [TS]

  three to four thousand people in person [TS]

  to audition in cities all over this fair [TS]

  land of ours and then they pick about [TS]

  400 people who actually come in and not [TS]

  all of those people necessarily get in [TS]

  the air if you have a long run like Ken [TS]

  Jennings that knocks people out who [TS]

  would be rotating in his place so you [TS]

  can actually have you know 250 or 300 [TS]

  people if there's a lot of streaks of [TS]

  winners so it's this massive massive [TS]

  enterprise to find a particular type of [TS]

  person and then they only take a subset [TS]

  of that particular type of person they [TS]

  find because they can't take everybody [TS]

  and you personally so far have crush the [TS]

  dreams of four people four people [TS]

  yeah I know it's pretty history's worst [TS]

  monster ma'am include well well I guess [TS]

  technically you you overthrew a reigning [TS]

  champion so that wasn't so bad was [TS]

  really no actually it's a little too i [TS]

  was very lucky the person who beats on [TS]

  wednesday night of this week I the woman [TS]

  who was the seven-time champion was [TS]

  beaten by someone else was in my group I [TS]

  and then I be the person who beat her so [TS]

  technically only overthrew Shiite IBT by [TS]

  the one-time champion [TS]

  alright that's good so you did really [TS]

  only crushed three people streams [TS]

  exactly it's really not quite as much as [TS]

  I would have hoped but you know there's [TS]

  still time [TS]

  that's ok you know you got you could [TS]

  keep on going you could be Ken Jennings [TS]

  you could crush the dreams of thousands [TS]

  more at this moment it's a shorter girls [TS]

  game show cat but you never know [TS]

  you still haven't beaten deep blue yeah [TS]

  that's right still out there [TS]

  what is shall I compare thee to a [TS]

  summers day I don't recall [TS]

  schrödinger's cat box recall the box [TS]

  well what happens is you when you look [TS]

  at you you're uncertain whether there's [TS]

  pool under the surface yeah until until [TS]

  you look inside it's unclear whether [TS]

  there's poo in the box both do need to [TS]

  and not change the cat litter [TS]

  excellent excellent point yeah wow how [TS]

  did we get here so so glad it's strange [TS]

  that we're at acting as if we haven't [TS]

  seen this episode but again we taped the [TS]

  incomparable so far in advance that we [TS]

  haven't actually seen these episodes so [TS]

  tell us about the experience of you you [TS]

  said you know you you manage somehow to [TS]

  squeak through and be be chosen [TS]

  there are many other people who qualify [TS]

  for jeopardy and aren't chosen Andy Andy [TS]

  I i was offered they said that it would [TS]

  break too many hearts that they don't [TS]

  have not catch anything going on [TS]

  it killed their ratings have the same [TS]

  guy weekend we got this gave me a lump [TS]

  sum check of 300,000 dollars to go away [TS]

  and pretend as though this audition ever [TS]

  happened to do not don't ruin the show [TS]

  have you deposited the check yet don't [TS]

  know [TS]

  oh no I i actually got them actually got [TS]

  that money in tires so just it's just to [TS]

  make sure that was untraceable [TS]

  its internal and her wax and preset for [TS]

  the next 90 winners here in New England [TS]

  you know I'm get full of advil yeah well [TS]

  so the the deal is I had dinner with a [TS]

  friend when I was in Los Angeles and she [TS]

  said jeopardy is a reality show and I [TS]

  said what no it's oh it is a reality [TS]

  show it's a very weird kind of reality [TS]

  show but it is it's you know it's as [TS]

  opposed to additional people you know if [TS]

  you do survivor or The Great Race or all [TS]

  of these other amazing dress but is it [TS]

  was yes they must be Giants the Giants [TS]

  but cooking show the big stitching show [TS]

  and project runway it because he went on [TS]

  this one show he's already being [TS]

  condescending to other people and other [TS]

  games shows its 60 miles only has done [TS]

  to you class it's time to time ship what [TS]

  is the great race alex new story I don't [TS]

  answer any questions let me tell you [TS]

  that what is desultory this unlicensed [TS]

  knockoff ran ecuador for two seasons [TS]

  before and shot down so so is reality [TS]

  show it is they are they're all the [TS]

  reality shows that try to heighten back [TS]

  like essentially most reality shows are [TS]

  looking at turmoil among personalities [TS]

  and as tasks of some kind of completed [TS]

  and tasks are presented and they're [TS]

  supposed to stress people out the same [TS]

  thing jeopardy is actually that which I [TS]

  never thought of that way is I thought [TS]

  of it as a competition and yesterday [TS]

  other competitors was really how fast am [TS]

  I how quickly my house [TS]

  Oh agile mi to make things happen but in [TS]

  fact you know you are playing against [TS]

  other people is not a nice elation and [TS]

  you spend on a tape typically two days a [TS]

  week in the tapes five shows a day so [TS]

  there is an endurance contest aspect to [TS]

  it to you have to you know be ready to [TS]

  go at any moment because they pick you [TS]

  randomly from a stack unless you unless [TS]

  you win in return you don't know that [TS]

  you're going to play the next game or [TS]

  not you can be kept over for another day [TS]

  you might have to come back in two weeks [TS]

  depending on how it goes so you're sort [TS]

  of in that state of anticipation and [TS]

  adrenaline rush and caffeine and [TS]

  everything else and your huddled with [TS]

  your fellow contestants and here's [TS]

  something I never thought about before i [TS]

  got on the show is we do all the [TS]

  rehearsal in the morning they go through [TS]

  we can talk more about details later you [TS]

  know it we're introducing this huge [TS]

  briefing we do rehearsal with all the [TS]

  actual gear they run through stuff and [TS]

  then you go out there you all the [TS]

  contestants are kept together at all [TS]

  times because of the game show law so we [TS]

  don't can't go off include or whatever [TS]

  there's always a staffer in the room [TS]

  with us who only deals with the [TS]

  contestants there's a wall between them [TS]

  and the writers of people no answers [TS]

  plus there's a chance you might hit you [TS]

  over the head with a folding chair and [TS]

  you want to miss that it's true way and [TS]

  you know if they only ran cameras [TS]

  backstage they would see how boring a [TS]

  polite we are but so you start out with [TS]

  i think is about 14 people and the [TS]

  returning champion and were sitting [TS]

  around talking get to know each other [TS]

  you drink coffee laughing apparent notes [TS]

  and you know getting the briefing [TS]

  whatever it's all fun and games you go [TS]

  out there you watching you rehearse you [TS]

  sit down the ice was in the separate [TS]

  rows we're not supposed to if there's [TS]

  family members there you can't even wait [TS]

  I didn't didn't have anybody there can't [TS]

  wave or talk to anybody not supposed to [TS]

  make eye contact with family members [TS]

  again to keep everything on the up and [TS]

  up and then the 1st game plays and in my [TS]

  case this would have been a monday of [TS]

  the week that we're in now the returning [TS]

  champion she came out and completely [TS]

  blood blackpath slaughter these two [TS]

  perfectly nice guys she's great [TS]

  fantastic player and and they were smart [TS]

  guys they just got completely destroyed [TS]

  and then they're gone they can't be with [TS]

  us or not contesting Morse they can't [TS]

  take it away they can sit another part [TS]

  of the audience so they can leave and [TS]

  now there's 13 of us and as the day goes [TS]

  on there are fewer fewer people who say [TS]

  they're going to oh my god it starts to [TS]

  get a little creepy and you don't think [TS]

  about that aspect i never thought about [TS]

  it [TS]

  I forgotten that contestants once [TS]

  they're longer contestants they are no [TS]

  longer allowed to be in our little cone [TS]

  of quarantine so that was a little of [TS]

  that part was surprising we're all gonna [TS]

  huh [TS]

  it's a little like being in Vietnam you [TS]

  just don't even learn baby you don't [TS]

  even need to learn the names of the new [TS]

  guys because he's probably be gone [TS]

  before you know loses it's either me or [TS]

  them babies either you're gone or if you [TS]

  stay there you've destroyed them so it's [TS]

  um but there's a lot of mutual support [TS]

  to everyone we are generally the [TS]

  attitude was we all wished we could all [TS]

  wind because it was actually very nice [TS]

  and funny and interesting and and so you [TS]

  are competing but i am not that [TS]

  bloodthirsty and I was really competing [TS]

  against my own ability to bring in well [TS]

  I you know I've always thought that like [TS]

  survivor and The Amazing Race those are [TS]

  we call them reality shows but they're [TS]

  not reality shows like the real world or [TS]

  something like that they are game there [TS]

  i guess they call them nbme categories [TS]

  the reality-competition program but it [TS]

  is their game survivor you know for all [TS]

  of its kind of manufacture drew [TS]

  interpersonal drama it's a game show it [TS]

  today their contests and people are [TS]

  competing and and you know your it's [TS]

  funny to think about that they're not [TS]

  that far off from jeopardy and i would [TS]

  imagine that when they pick contestants [TS]

  the to be in that random pool [TS]

  they're also picking you know that they [TS]

  you gotta qualify by answering these [TS]

  questions in these qualifications to [TS]

  show that you're worthy contestant but [TS]

  then at some point I'd imagine you're [TS]

  also being cast right there like the [TS]

  people we want to have on the area its [TS]

  casting oh yeah i mean they're they're [TS]

  testing the reason to do in person [TS]

  auditions with what they told me at one [TS]

  point was they said they used to do [TS]

  these cattle call auditions and my good [TS]

  friend Jeff Duncan has gone through a [TS]

  bunch of Jeopardy auditions and and he [TS]

  and I went up auditioning this time [TS]

  around at the same time which was sort [TS]

  of hilarious and they had 21 slots in [TS]

  seattle we both got called for the same [TS]

  expect was like of course and in so he [TS]

  told me he's been through he started [TS]

  auditioning in college even and the the [TS]

  way they used to do it is they'd you'd [TS]

  send a postcard to them or something [TS]

  crazy for even when there is the [TS]

  internet it's still send a postcard and [TS]

  they would call people are so no doubt [TS]

  like we're going to be in your area come [TS]

  here and take a test or you go to LA at [TS]

  certain times and then do it when they [TS]

  only did in LA and so they get a room [TS]

  full of people and they said they would [TS]

  hand out the test and you know this [TS]

  rapid fire thing to answer really [TS]

  fascinates score it and then they'd send [TS]

  almost everybody [TS]

  I was just incredible it was a Hecatomb [TS]

  they just kept you get a hundred people [TS]

  like what would be left a calling of the [TS]

  herd [TS]

  yeah it was pretty soon as brutal from [TS]

  the contestant coordinator 10.2 is a [TS]

  very inefficient way for them to find [TS]

  people who had both the intellectual [TS]

  ability ability to work under time [TS]

  pressure and who they thought would [TS]

  actually prevent one TV so this new [TS]

  system where they're going and much [TS]

  larger pool and they're there to I mean [TS]

  I can't tell you how much the people of [TS]

  all the shower all increase its a little [TS]

  Stockholm Syndrome sure but they are all [TS]

  actually really delightful it with me [TS]

  that much so they're all incredibly [TS]

  delightful people they really love their [TS]

  job and they're really fun to hang out [TS]

  with your backstage and they make it [TS]

  really i mean it's a game should be fun [TS]

  but they really make it it's clear they [TS]

  all people [TS]

  it reminds me of a chromatic macworld [TS]

  magazine everyone likes to work together [TS]

  back when was this year first attempt at [TS]

  getting on the show you just looked into [TS]

  it it was it was and I think you know I [TS]

  gotta say it's others a little biography [TS]

  like I you know I I i think i present [TS]

  myself reasonably well but it's also i [TS]

  had a couple of good stories I've got [TS]

  another very interesting background but [TS]

  I had a few good anecdotes about what [TS]

  happened I'm pretty sure that the [TS]

  50-question screening tests they do when [TS]

  you get there so the hundred thousand [TS]

  people do online that's a rapid-fire [TS]

  scheduled you have to like go online at [TS]

  a very specific time they tell you be [TS]

  ready have flash working and whatever [TS]

  that help and then you if you pass that [TS]

  then when the audition you get another [TS]

  50-question test the right and just [TS]

  answers no questions answer the [TS]

  following questions thank God and i'm [TS]

  pretty sure i got 46 or 47 out of 50 [TS]

  right which was much much better than [TS]

  they do the online test I thought I'd [TS]

  done horribly on so I scored well [TS]

  there's they may be a good contender I [TS]

  presented myself reasonably well and I [TS]

  had a few good funny stories the [TS]

  simulation game i did in the audition I [TS]

  think I did quite well with this there's [TS]

  a lot of game mechanics there watching [TS]

  if you can pick it up really fast [TS]

  because here's the other thing i didn't [TS]

  think about they're not only suddenly [TS]

  reality show or reality-competition they [TS]

  also have to train you for television in [TS]

  about two hours they get a room full of [TS]

  people most of them never been on TV or [TS]

  anything to do with being on TV and they [TS]

  train you to present on TV for a [TS]

  twenty-something minute segments in two [TS]

  hours so they have to get people who [TS]

  they believe they can try [TS]

  I mean to do that will follow the rules [TS]

  who won't burst out what burst out [TS]

  crying during questions won't start [TS]

  yelling won't argue with Alex let's say [TS]

  inappropriate things that make them at [TS]

  the stop and curl into a ball hot you [TS]

  know hunched over there the microphone [TS]

  but it's interesting isn't it because [TS]

  you think of any average population of [TS]

  relatively intelligent people you can [TS]

  memorize things that those would be [TS]

  reasonable reactions from some [TS]

  percentage all this you don't have [TS]

  people there's nobody there with a blush [TS]

  reaction you know people of involuntary [TS]

  blush reaction [TS]

  no one there had involuntary flush [TS]

  reaction which i'm sure they watch for [TS]

  and I'm sure the fact that you nutramax [TS]

  mom and his dentist probably didn't hurt [TS]

  so Glenn can you tell me a little bit [TS]

  walk us through a little bit what the [TS]

  experience was I mean you've set a [TS]

  little bit about being in the holding [TS]

  pen with your fellow victims none none [TS]

  of whom blush none of whom lunch rush [TS]

  they're all blush for all they failed [TS]

  their point boy camp test and they're [TS]

  all applicants he just said they don't [TS]

  blush involuntarily maybe they didn't [TS]

  really want her there was wondering if [TS]

  your conscience [TS]

  they all have voluntary blood control [TS]

  well so what they do is get some so that [TS]

  the process is really really well [TS]

  thought out because they've got a very [TS]

  tight amount of time so i think i was [TS]

  saying earlier they tape five shows a [TS]

  day two days a week sometimes depending [TS]

  on what's going on tape five shows on [TS]

  one day and then tape the next so [TS]

  they're catching up right now from [TS]

  summer hiatus where they're showing [TS]

  reruns whether they're getting ahead [TS]

  that already taped a few weeks of shows [TS]

  when I was when I got there and [TS]

  underwear from out of town lines up [TS]

  staying at the same hotel it's a few [TS]

  miles away it's very nice and then a [TS]

  group you know corporate rate so you go [TS]

  in the morning and there's always people [TS]

  holding extra clothes and they asked you [TS]

  to bring a 3 like wearing outfits ready [TS]

  to go on the air and bring a couple [TS]

  changes of clothes case you went and [TS]

  they need to pretend that you're there [TS]

  for another day or soil yourself that is [TS]

  not an option of these people soil [TS]

  themselves either i should have been [TS]

  involuntarily or involuntarily neither [TS]

  understand you don't you just get out so [TS]

  you go down to you know the area we're [TS]

  waiting the hotel runs the shuttle and [TS]

  they take everybody over there and [TS]

  seeing all these somewhat nervous people [TS]

  y'all gonna bust together and you're [TS]

  joking around you go to the studio and [TS]

  they should drop you off on this site [TS]

  wait here the corner will be here in [TS]

  your like did we just a joke isn't it is [TS]

  this a bit like a parking lot somewhere [TS]

  here you like wait outside of parking [TS]

  lot of the studies on the Sony lot you [TS]

  like really [TS]

  they come out they take you in and then [TS]

  you're with the contestant coordinator [TS]

  for the rest of the time of your [TS]

  contestant on the show and they there's [TS]

  several people they're all the if you [TS]

  read i read ken jennings book called [TS]

  Brainiac which he wrote shortly after [TS]

  his experience as a combination of it's [TS]

  a great idea for this show for [TS]

  uncomfortable it's a great book because [TS]

  it's a combination of his experience in [TS]

  the show interleaved with really [TS]

  interesting stuff about the history of [TS]

  trivia like why do we care about trivia [TS]

  as a category and some very funny [TS]

  stories a lot some interesting travel [TS]

  for him as well research he's a good [TS]

  writer and so I read Ken's book and also [TS]

  read Bob Harris who is a five-time [TS]

  winner in 1995 then came back for a [TS]

  bunch of terminal champions shows [TS]

  prisoner of Tribeca Stan which is also [TS]

  it's actually a lovely memoir that's [TS]

  disguised as a book that teaches you had [TS]

  a win in jeopardy [TS]

  so it's funny I and so a lot of the [TS]

  people here like Maggie is the main [TS]

  coordinator you hear her name all the [TS]

  time she's in Cannes book she's been on [TS]

  the show for 15 years [TS]

  she's a who she's hilarious you spend [TS]

  all this time with these people who run [TS]

  the show and you have to be separated [TS]

  from the writers because of the fairness [TS]

  things you never talk you never alone [TS]

  with anybody who's not a contestant [TS]

  coordinator you never have access to [TS]

  anybody else who works on the show and [TS]

  accepting the sound people come into [TS]

  makeup people and so forth so you spend [TS]

  a couple hours [TS]

  there's pastries there's coffee drinks [TS]

  and they get to your makeup and they run [TS]

  through all of the legal stuff all of [TS]

  the parameters the show how the game is [TS]

  played the answer questions and then you [TS]

  go and do rehearsal and you go up [TS]

  onstage and it's the Jeopardy stage the [TS]

  real thing and they run you through the [TS]

  whole process you get a test the buzzer [TS]

  e answer questions another guy named [TS]

  Glen axes Alex and runs through several [TS]

  games for the things they rotate us [TS]

  through we sit in the audience and we [TS]

  have some real time working with the [TS]

  system and then they bring the actual [TS]

  studio audience in about ten thirty and [TS]

  they start to shoot shows and they cycle [TS]

  us through that I have a quick go back [TS]

  as a contestant do you get full access [TS]

  to the craft services table or they just [TS]

  cut off a small subset of the items and [TS]

  hand them over to you it is not for [TS]

  craft services i'm sorry and just leaves [TS]

  us with a very nice fruit plate very [TS]

  very nice and there's a very nice [TS]

  pastry and bake goods played but you [TS]

  don't get like Alex Trebek ex-convict [TS]

  over cheese now they do take us out to [TS]

  look for their issue if you're still in [TS]

  place by lunch [TS]

  hey to take you to the sunny commissary [TS]

  where you may see such celebrities as I [TS]

  don't know how extra mentor George [TS]

  Clooney Alex doesn't eat they are one [TS]

  question when do they do they put you on [TS]

  like a data blackout as well because if [TS]

  I if I knew that I've got like five [TS]

  hours until i might be called I'd have [TS]

  like a card with like here all the state [TS]

  capitals here all the president's might [TS]

  be at least like looking at this thing [TS]

  recently like looking things up on my [TS]

  iphone just cram last-minute short-term [TS]

  memory facts into my head or do they say [TS]

  nope you can't have a phone in here you [TS]

  can have papers you can have anything [TS]

  they're not that strict they do ask you [TS]

  to turn off your cellphone's when you [TS]

  get on a lot and not turn it back on [TS]

  until the end of the day but they don't [TS]

  there's not a there's no they're not [TS]

  very you know rigorous about that i mean [TS]

  they do I think if they saw people doing [TS]

  something they'd say something of the [TS]

  phone rang it would be a problem because [TS]

  I would violate the rules but they just [TS]

  expect everyone to follow them you can [TS]

  have a book i had and i didn't see [TS]

  anyone doing like flop sweats flop flop [TS]

  sweat studying like no one was whipping [TS]

  out steps like your your fate is sealed [TS]

  your doom two might as well just sit [TS]

  there and take care either you pay [TS]

  attention American history class 18 [TS]

  years ago or you didn't [TS]

  yeah comes that point you're cramming [TS]

  where you just realize it's a completely [TS]

  lost cause and you just sit back and [TS]

  cried when it's time to it's time to be [TS]

  the ball [TS]

  although I credit the Bob Harris book i [TS]

  present to record Stan I credit him [TS]

  because i read that book several weeks [TS]

  before i was on the show and because i [TS]

  heard it had some strategy and it does [TS]

  have a lot of interesting strategy and i [TS]

  use the strategy and i would argue and [TS]

  have actually even email bob harris [TS]

  telling us that i would argue that I [TS]

  only I only did as well as i did because [TS]

  i read his book for two reasons one is [TS]

  he explains lashes several reasons don't [TS]

  call them but there's several [TS]

  interesting things the book one of them [TS]

  is that you can deconstruct the clues as [TS]

  they appear on screen to the part that [TS]

  actually matters because the writers for [TS]

  more complicated things especially they [TS]

  actually give you the answer in the clue [TS]

  if you read it the right way [TS]

  yeah so that's you know I think that's [TS]

  one thing so i would look at clues and I [TS]

  would sometimes be tons of words and i [TS]

  would do and he's also you read the [TS]

  whole head as fast as you can read you [TS]

  don't wait for Alex to read it because [TS]

  otherwise you're working only at the [TS]

  speed of his sound of the speed of his [TS]

  fast you can think which is obvious but [TS]

  it's easy to get lulled into it yeah a [TS]

  lot of jeopardy questions or I guess [TS]

  answers the questions in the form of an [TS]

  answer that's uh are are a very small [TS]

  fact connected to the category followed [TS]

  by a piece of trivia that's irrelevant [TS]

  right so there's a lot of like this [TS]

  Belgian entertainer once ate an entire [TS]

  mackerel right and you're like no no but [TS]

  the category is people named named named [TS]

  Jacques and it's a belgian entertainer [TS]

  and there's only one of those guys and [TS]

  it's Jacques Lemaire and it's him and [TS]

  and that antenna and that the fact that [TS]

  he ate a fish does is completely [TS]

  irrelevant to the fact because because [TS]

  you don't need that information nobody [TS]

  cares it's at first bit and that's [TS]

  really all it is like build an [TS]

  entertainer shock doctor clues will even [TS]

  be I saw ones that were like and I'm not [TS]

  recalling exactly like the category will [TS]

  be colors and it will be like being for [TS]

  the Perseus persistent immersion water [TS]

  this you know 19th century fish are the [TS]

  93 fish of this color refracts through [TS]

  blonde like it's red it's red like [TS]

  ignore everything with the fact that [TS]

  really just on you it's red or this get [TS]

  this crimson fish you know you like [TS]

  crimson fish all these crimson color is [TS]

  red [TS]

  yeah so his book sort of details a [TS]

  process by which you deconstruct clues [TS]

  and do it and i would say several times [TS]

  there's times when you see something [TS]

  it's and it's a fact you look at it the [TS]

  clue comes up and it's you know this [TS]

  American president killed in Ford's [TS]

  Theater you don't need to reconstruct [TS]

  that's linked in God [TS]

  alright was wearing a hat and a certain [TS]

  area and now had recently in a [TS]

  nineteenth-century crimson fish because [TS]

  okay all i know that guy Delta but [TS]

  here's the final jeopardy not from you [TS]

  know there's a site called Jade a shark [TS]

  on that has every single clue and answer [TS]

  every score every one about every piece [TS]

  of banter that [TS]

  alex said presented his game boards for [TS]

  the entire history of the show [TS]

  god I love the internet that's what the [TS]

  internet is for right there [TS]

  shadows are great aren't they I now have [TS]

  my idea for my next big bang theory [TS]

  spectra specialist Sheldon auditions for [TS]

  jeopardy and starts off by memorizing [TS]

  every answer that's everything my god [TS]

  that's perfect [TS]

  people do so one of the guys if you [TS]

  watch a determined of champions in 2011 [TS]

  had this guy named Roger Craig he won a [TS]

  total of two hundred thirty one thousand [TS]

  dollars over seven days he won the [TS]

  highest score dollar man i believe [TS]

  77,000 dollars in a single day in the [TS]

  2010-11 a run that he had what he did [TS]

  and they came back for tournament [TS]

  champions and he he did extremely well I [TS]

  don't think e1 I don't remember what he [TS]

  did uh anyway he did very well he won [TS]

  the no idea when the tournament 2011 I'm [TS]

  sorry of that year so here's the thing [TS]

  what he did is he was a computer [TS]

  scientist something like this some [TS]

  background programming he took the [TS]

  entire j archive thing instead of [TS]

  memorizing the sum total of human [TS]

  knowledge that falls within the [TS]

  parameters of what drop jeopardy test [TS]

  son he took the archive any test himself [TS]

  incessantly on only two things that come [TS]

  up in the show before and that's how we [TS]

  want because there's a lot of knowledge [TS]

  that they exhaust entire categories of [TS]

  things [TS]

  the whole point of the questions on [TS]

  Jeopardy that they asked the clues is [TS]

  people at home have to not feel stupid [TS]

  when they don't get it right that is the [TS]

  clue is the key to jeopardise they need [TS]

  peoplesmart enough fast enough and [TS]

  poison up to play the game two or three [TS]

  people on stage at a time will know the [TS]

  answer to any given question that is a [TS]

  that is true i saw it again and again [TS]

  but what they need to do is have clues [TS]

  that when someone doesn't get they don't [TS]

  go I don't care about Plantagenet [TS]

  politics [TS]

  what is monic they need people they need [TS]

  things that are common enough that [TS]

  people go all we can learn that 120 [TS]

  that's great where they know the answer [TS]

  and if it doesn't play at home that way [TS]

  it's not a good clue so the universe of [TS]

  knowledge is not all facts that could be [TS]

  in trivia bar trivia or something or [TS]

  obscure trivia contest right nasty [TS]

  things that people home aren't [TS]

  embarrassed to not know sorry Charlie [TS]

  this fish often contains too much [TS]

  mercury that's perfect that's part of [TS]

  stuff like that because it but hey I [TS]

  remember that commercial yeah i'm joking [TS]

  but they occasionally do through [TS]

  something in like there was a category [TS]

  called the Plantagenets and all of the [TS]

  questions were like it was when I play [TS]

  this was at several weeks ago and i'm [TS]

  watching this going like the writers [TS]

  went temporarily insane alex is looking [TS]

  at it [TS]

  everyone's looking at it's like in 1735 [TS]

  the Dauphin of France made this really [TS]

  was like dying because like you know it [TS]

  was there are categories like that are a [TS]

  little nutty [TS]

  yeah you know there's the the that [TS]

  awkward silence when Alex asked the [TS]

  question and there's just no answer and [TS]

  and it's like anybody want any any [TS]

  overlap hate and that's not good TV the [TS]

  category was fiction [TS]

  he says with his selection alex is that [TS]

  is a Dutch uncle he's the perfect [TS]

  definition of someone who expresses some [TS]

  amount of positivism but most of it is [TS]

  it's like slight reproof most the time [TS]

  that I thought that chuckles something [TS]

  completely different yeah so that was in [TS]

  your that was in your high school so [TS]

  Glenn I'm how did they pick the kind of [TS]

  semi ridiculous bits of personal trivia [TS]

  that they that they have during the [TS]

  segment where Alex briefly deigns to [TS]

  chat with the players [TS]

  you're supposed to fill out when you [TS]

  fill out at every stage of this process [TS]

  you provide information in the form of [TS]

  anecdotes not in the form of questions [TS]

  and they're they're asking i think at [TS]

  least like six different times they [TS]

  asked me to provide 325 interesting [TS]

  stories of things that happened to me I [TS]

  was involved with and i don't know if i [TS]

  use the same ones every time but i mean [TS]

  and i think i had to fill something out [TS]

  even for the online thing with it is [TS]

  testing you and then when the audition [TS]

  happens they send you something ahead [TS]

  and supposed to write it out and then [TS]

  you get you know before you go that you [TS]

  fill out paperwork and they asked [TS]

  whether you get there and they review it [TS]

  and they work with you on your stories [TS]

  they don't ask you to fake it but they [TS]

  want to have [TS]

  three items from you any given time so i [TS]

  had to come up with more while I was [TS]

  there because i want so and they'll be [TS]

  like that's not so good i'm like this [TS]

  happen to me they're like yeah it's not [TS]

  gonna play that well so what about did [TS]

  you ever was embarrassing thing nobody [TS]

  cares that your mailman once knew Isaac [TS]

  Asimov they don't you don't we don't [TS]

  care that you met you have they're [TS]

  asking you for joining they're asking [TS]

  you to do blending that's right i mean i [TS]

  cannot think of a more perfect role for [TS]

  you I didn't learn as well as I could [TS]

  have but I did Clifford so so what so [TS]

  not that I because i haven't seen the [TS]

  episodes that have already aired what we [TS]

  are what we are anecdotes that Alex [TS]

  actually asked you about Alex asked me [TS]

  about how I broke the first review ipod [TS]

  unit i was sent before they were [TS]

  released which was a good one and then [TS]

  he asked me a very because I you know I [TS]

  got an ipod about a month as you [TS]

  probably about a month before you try to [TS]

  update it [TS]

  no I put a audio jack and not realizing [TS]

  it was an extra long one and it broke [TS]

  the device that broke the circuit board [TS]

  and they're like will send the other one [TS]

  is very nice very nice [TS]

  it's a good story it's like I get one of [TS]

  the first ipods and I broke its that's a [TS]

  good story you know right our next [TS]

  contestant from san diego is no go ahead [TS]

  and then talk more generally about i [TS]

  mentioned something about how I rather [TS]

  like you know I write about technology [TS]

  and rather write about things matter to [TS]

  people and oddly enough he picked that [TS]

  one [TS]

  Alex ism Allison cat and I've read and [TS]

  write a few books that you know from [TS]

  these people been on the show while like [TS]

  Bob Harris or ken jennings have been on [TS]

  repeatedly or for long periods and [TS]

  everyone always wants to know what Alex [TS]

  like from people spent that much time [TS]

  and he's he's a cipher but you get [TS]

  little bits and pieces like Alex [TS]

  somebody asked the audience answers [TS]

  questions between during commercial you [TS]

  know this the results commercial breaks [TS]

  we have other touching up makeup and [TS]

  doing all that is the only answer that [TS]

  shot questions and it's a very personal [TS]

  nice guy and very very low key and [TS]

  someone said you know what's the most [TS]

  extreme thing that's happening when you [TS]

  got recognized as like extreme things [TS]

  seen things like I don't think anything [TS]

  extreme has ever happened when someone's [TS]

  recognize great like always say Jack [TS]

  about it is said but like someone else [TS]

  about cars i can't really into cars like [TS]

  I got any mention it's really a normal [TS]

  truck models like i like it because i [TS]

  can put 16 foot piece of lumber in it [TS]

  and [TS]

  when I go to my house and he's talking [TS]

  about like clearing which does the [TS]

  george bush things like clearing brush [TS]

  like he when he's not taping he's often [TS]

  his ranch in Laurel Canyon working on [TS]

  his yard I mean I think that's what he [TS]

  enjoys doing I don't think he likes [TS]

  technology made some comment to somebody [TS]

  it sounded like grandpa I was like yeah [TS]

  Jimmy you know the internet right you do [TS]

  something is that what city aspect about [TS]

  how email works or something you know [TS]

  it's his level of technological [TS]

  development is very withdrawn and I [TS]

  think that's actually kind of cool [TS]

  thanks there little man inside the board [TS]

  putting up the orange with the answer's [TS]

  no [TS]

  ah so someone asked them of course as [TS]

  they always do I think every taping [TS]

  someone said what about SNL do you like [TS]

  those he's like I love when people make [TS]

  fun of me I think it's great hilarious i [TS]

  love will ferrell he was incredibly [TS]

  funnies and he can tell he's not a Alex [TS]

  as you've seen by watching the show heat [TS]

  kinda weird it's hard to sleep a little [TS]

  when he has disdain for something he you [TS]

  can hear it that's not hidden so he [TS]

  clearly enjoyed it and he's talking [TS]

  about was great the last time was on [TS]

  they asked me on the show what a treat [TS]

  that was whatever and then he walks when [TS]

  he turns back looks at the audience feel [TS]

  to this theory says but I don't like [TS]

  Sean Connery maybe what was Sean Connery [TS]

  I don't like it or something like that [TS]

  i'm like a cancel it was a joke he's [TS]

  very dry also known as Joker whatever [TS]

  but he's you know he's in our he knows [TS]

  it's also Canadian by the way Canadian [TS]

  it's of course radians by many in [TS]

  simulators he actually recollected back [TS]

  to heat this is the 10th game show Alex [TS]

  Trebek coaster [TS]

  yeah I was gonna say my first experience [TS]

  with alex trebek was any fine high [TS]

  quality dice rolling basis series high [TS]

  rollers Cyril he had a big fro right [TS]

  when we add someone out there is so much [TS]

  here that Eugene Levy was playing on [TS]

  MCTV that's what he brought that up he's [TS]

  like I've been parodied by to you know [TS]

  well-known communications thank you very [TS]

  much [TS]

  yeah yeah that's funny that we did he [TS]

  end up on a on the show that is [TS]

  considered to be you know more [TS]

  challenging intellectual and yet I i [TS]

  still can remember that he was the guy [TS]

  who is like you're gonna roll those dice [TS]

  again I mean it was it was like one cut [TS]

  below card sharks gotta pay your dues [TS]

  man you don't guys are not in jeopardy [TS]

  you gotta start down there with pressure [TS]

  lock and [TS]

  move your way up oh I gotta say the most [TS]

  exciting thing this is actually most [TS]

  exciting thing I don't know why this is [TS]

  so exciting i go in the studio and who [TS]

  is there who is there [TS]

  johnny gilbert is there Johnny Gilbert [TS]

  who you know come on now come on the [TS]

  journal detailing their physicals and [TS]

  just got this is what jeopardy and he [TS]

  does it every time fresh that is a fresh [TS]

  he sits there they go wit goten they [TS]

  point to him and he felt something out [TS]

  perfectly every time he's a t-shirt sold [TS]

  it comes and he warms up the audience he [TS]

  talks the answers questions [TS]

  he's such as like this kind the old guy [TS]

  that he sits down and that beautiful [TS]

  voice pours out of and that's like a [TS]

  voice heard like Don Pardo's my whole [TS]

  life and he's saying your name that's [TS]

  awesome from Seattle Washington [TS]

  technology journalists from Seattle [TS]

  Washington out the glinting account so [TS]

  Glenn I do you watch you watch jeopardy [TS]

  or do you just go and take their money [TS]

  I well I so that confession is i watched [TS]

  I'm sure watched well over a thousand [TS]

  episodes and then we gave up cable and [TS]

  we RNA and satellite 1a TV shadow from [TS]

  wheeler at the bottom of the hill and [TS]

  all the TV transmitters are the top so [TS]

  it's very hard for us to even get [TS]

  broadcast TV so i didn't watch it for [TS]

  several years edition somewhere in there [TS]

  but i think i watch jeopardy [TS]

  we watched it kind of shows rebooted in [TS]

  1984 but I watched reruns and the [TS]

  original run with Fleming art Fleming oh [TS]

  my gosh great show and I think Don Pardo [TS]

  was the announcer that run or something [TS]

  everything all right yes because I [TS]

  remember because he also did the weird [TS]

  al yankovic video [TS]

  yes well on Jeopardy was all your [TS]

  plumbing and don don pardo you're a [TS]

  complete loser is watched I want to know [TS]

  from 1984 to probably 2004 I probably [TS]

  watched it earlier more but later little [TS]

  less but I watched a large chunk of that [TS]

  20-year history so I haven't watched [TS]

  much last few years I picked up some [TS]

  episodes they do a great job in policing [TS]

  because it's in syndication you cannot [TS]

  find jeopardy shows online and I tried I [TS]

  tried to find torrents or downloads and [TS]

  I thought there must be some weird [TS]

  jeopardy subculture that trades [TS]

  episode after the errors or any value [TS]

  don't release dvds must be something but [TS]

  so what i did is i hooked up an ITV and [TS]

  be ye TV and manipulated a 3d TV antenna [TS]

  enough that I can get the local NBC [TS]

  affiliate which airs i watched a good [TS]

  couple months of it before going on so I [TS]

  was up-to-date so my um my in-laws watch [TS]

  jeopardy religiously they actually have [TS]

  a a DVR season pass for jeopardy so they [TS]

  will sometimes have three or four [TS]

  episodes and then it's like just a a a [TS]

  marathon of Jeopardy Clause like let's [TS]

  watch another one right well we're while [TS]

  we're down there visiting and I I every [TS]

  time I see Geoffrey and I used to watch [TS]

  it regularly him i always think to [TS]

  myself oh ho i can answer many of these [TS]

  questions I should be on Jeopardy but [TS]

  you know I think one there's the reality [TS]

  that I probably shouldn't be on Jeopardy [TS]

  into I haven't ever even attempted to be [TS]

  on it so I'm I'm fascinated I know Andy [TS]

  has taken the the test and Glenn manage [TS]

  somehow through a horrible mistake to be [TS]

  actually put on the show I selected the [TS]

  reality very much like an anthem i [TS]

  selected the reality in which I was on [TS]

  the show as much easier than actually [TS]

  getting on the show the job so so I you [TS]

  know it's fascinating to me because I [TS]

  you know I i'm one of those people who [TS]

  just sort of sits back and says yeah and [TS]

  i know some of those questions I oh I [TS]

  got that final jeopardy right i could be [TS]

  on the show and you know maybe I don't [TS]

  know [TS]

  plant the plant attention its well [TS]

  enough for the vice president's to be I [TS]

  just I i audition only because i really [TS]

  missed taking standardized tests its [TS]

  little guys I'm solid for like five six [TS]

  years because I get to sit in a room [TS]

  with a tiny desk and a piece of paper [TS]

  and somebody will judge me at yes and [TS]

  and in the form of a number i will give [TS]

  me a number judge me in the form of a [TS]

  number with this is scantron i would say [TS]

  this though you know the other thing I [TS]

  got another thing i got from bob harris [TS]

  book i took to heart and absolutely [TS]

  helped me was i did go to memorize stuff [TS]

  i spent i would say 50 to 60 hours from [TS]

  when I got called to and and confirmed [TS]

  to be on the show too when I was on the [TS]

  first shell I least 40 50 hours i would [TS]

  have [TS]

  but start with I spent usually almost [TS]

  three hours a night after my normal work [TS]

  was done memorizing president's potent [TS]

  potables vice president hopes state [TS]

  matos they love wars they especially [TS]

  love the spanish-american war and the [TS]

  russell Japanese where I don't know why [TS]

  these kind of all the time things about [TS]

  them there was a question i believe it [TS]

  was the final jeopardy several weeks ago [TS]

  I might have been i did a lot of study [TS]

  on Jay archive as well to get a sense of [TS]

  how the flow of the show goes without [TS]

  why I could go through like a hundred [TS]

  shows on there so the question was this [TS]

  war was ended with a treaty signed it [TS]

  wasn't was this i saw that episode when [TS]

  i was at my analyze this is paid what [TS]

  was it was it was a treaty was signed in [TS]

  this city even though it was the tree [TS]

  for the war was signed in a city of [TS]

  Kittery Maine even though it went under [TS]

  a different name and you're like what in [TS]

  God's name is wrong with you people and [TS]

  the answer was it was the run so [TS]

  Japanese war yeah the treaty was signed [TS]

  in kittery it was called the Treaty of [TS]

  portsmouth yes decided portsmouth yours [TS]

  was named after Portsmouth New Hampshire [TS]

  one of the most baffling questions i [TS]

  understand i'm doing pretty and I don't [TS]

  think anyone got it but you're like [TS]

  could mostly questions aren't like that [TS]

  but i did they like Kaiser Wilhelm II [TS]

  like out of as Mark realignment opera of [TS]

  the seventeenth and eighteenth century [TS]

  arguments there's like it's but it's [TS]

  that's you know who's the audience liked [TS]

  our show people in their seventies like [TS]

  to retirees I think the thing was that [TS]

  kittery was a little bit embarrassed to [TS]

  be involved with that war so they they [TS]

  use portsmouth instead I think the [TS]

  Portsmouth is actually like Alan Smithee [TS]

  of the treaty signing locale all [TS]

  treaties are signed in portsmouth but [TS]

  but there are there are so many [TS]

  recurring themes that you cannot do so [TS]

  that there's a general guidance that [TS]

  they're asking questions people at home [TS]

  could possibly know the answer to our or [TS]

  kick themselves they didn't but they're [TS]

  not ridiculous and the other is there's [TS]

  a small enough universe so I there are [TS]

  many many questions i got correctly i [TS]

  got the correct question for because i [TS]

  had done this initial studying and I [TS]

  didn't poke other people I wasn't trying [TS]

  to psych me the axe I'm not that kind of [TS]

  bastard but i did ask around a little [TS]

  bit i'm not sure most people did things [TS]

  and much did that kind of memorization [TS]

  and this comes back to me i watched a [TS]

  early seasons of Survivor not the first [TS]

  season but a few of those with a bunch [TS]

  of friends we get together every week [TS]

  and watch it for like three seasons and [TS]

  after season 1 season 1 shows that [TS]

  people don't know what to expect no [TS]

  actually yeah so open-hearted where [TS]

  they're playing a game think they're on [TS]

  the real world and it's a lot of the [TS]

  same person is playing a game and wins [TS]

  easily after the first season what's the [TS]

  one thing you know if you are not just [TS]

  audition for what's the one thing you [TS]

  should go prepared for when you arrive [TS]

  before you arrive you need to know how [TS]

  to make tire [TS]

  yeah yeah how many people knew how to [TS]

  make fire in seasons 23 and 41 you know [TS]

  how to pay your first you don't go to [TS]

  jail [TS]

  yeah well that was yeah that's that's [TS]

  nothing was fascinating thing in the [TS]

  world that thing but Richard had Richard [TS]

  Hatch was actually the answer recently [TS]

  too in fact and for that questions I'm [TS]

  sure what this early survivor person was [TS]

  an idiot in vegas nexus and kinda like [TS]

  oh that's libelous no action that is [TS]

  exactly what he did so it's not liable [TS]

  because he actually did is contagious [TS]

  and sex is it back [TS]

  no you're right the baby was fundamental [TS]

  like what what is what here is a skill [TS]

  you need to practice and yet [TS]

  mind-bogglingly for the first couple of [TS]

  seasons people didn't practice the [TS]

  making of fire and yet once you've got [TS]

  this will actually why I stopped I [TS]

  watched the first probably like eight [TS]

  seasons of Survivor and I loved it and I [TS]

  loved it not for the spectacle part but [TS]

  for the gameplay part the strategy of a [TS]

  very strange game where you have to win [TS]

  individual challenges but you also have [TS]

  to kind of barter with your with your [TS]

  your your teammates because they can [TS]

  vote you off but in the end they have to [TS]

  get you the money so you can't you can't [TS]

  be too objectionable in your strategy [TS]

  fascinating stuff but the problem is as [TS]

  it goes along people learn what they [TS]

  need to do exactly perform and then [TS]

  everybody knows it and then and then [TS]

  you're in that i know that you know that [TS]

  I know that you know thing and it's not [TS]

  very interesting anymore [TS]

  a lot of shows like how they do you [TS]

  think like the was the show was the one [TS]

  with a guy cleaning millionaire wasn't [TS]

  always that show called million a [TS]

  million really yeah you can do that once [TS]

  apparently they try to date in like [TS]

  France they went to some other country [TS]

  to try to do people into it on a [TS]

  different season but you can't be a [TS]

  survivor became a show that lost its [TS]

  that lost that I like the four i watch [TS]

  later three or four seasons and I was [TS]

  fascinated by how interesting it was how [TS]

  anthropological it was and how clever [TS]

  another some key people on there is also [TS]

  some very interesting and and shouldn't [TS]

  yeah but you're like okay so your cat [TS]

  you know you're putting your cast on [TS]

  jeopardy [TS]

  hey we're going to be in jeopardy and if [TS]

  you're out of town they typically give [TS]

  you four five or even six weeks before [TS]

  your parents to make sure you can make [TS]

  arrangements [TS]

  what are you doing that intervening time [TS]

  you say oh that's great i disturbing you [TS]

  never knew my life [TS]

  yeah so I'm not criticizing any pics of [TS]

  any other contestants but in my mind I'm [TS]

  like I have the time i would actually to [TS]

  win and I would say that the my [TS]

  investment of time paid off and like you [TS]

  know eight hundred dollars an hour or [TS]

  something like that so yeah I'm not an [TS]

  obvious the first thing i do if they [TS]

  told me I was going on Jeopardy would be [TS]

  to memorize the president's and the [TS]

  state capitals and the state matos and [TS]

  all of vice presidents and obscure wars [TS]

  the year of the president they're [TS]

  actually because they know people will [TS]

  memorize president's they now have [TS]

  gotten even more granular this is one [TS]

  evolution of the show is they do stuff [TS]

  about like in 1751 or 1788 blah blah [TS]

  blah so they had i believe was the final [TS]

  jeopardy last year saw in the archives [TS]

  it was between eighteen between us 1841 [TS]

  and 1851 there were this was the number [TS]

  of presidents who were in office and [TS]

  you're like oh my god and the answer [TS]

  does anyone know the answer 1741 to our [TS]

  1841 rather to 1851 how many presidents [TS]

  were office during that period of time [TS]

  do sex to what is sex like six is [TS]

  correct [TS]

  that's very good you should be in [TS]

  jeopardy that was the only gas that's [TS]

  that's not crazy in there it's a sexier [TS]

  if it's for if it's a jeopardy and not [TS]

  double jeopardy then you will be allowed [TS]

  to rephrase like that so I always are [TS]

  six it's a condition that yet [TS]

  yeah you do every question was simply [TS]

  that so you're prepared and and and [TS]

  that's good now Andy I know you as i'm [TS]

  actually many people I know are big fan [TS]

  of another reality competition show [TS]

  which is the amazing race and i think [TS]

  one of the things that reasons that the [TS]

  amazing race holds up better than [TS]

  survivor now and I say that that pains [TS]

  me to say that because I've always liked [TS]

  the amazing race but i really really [TS]

  love survivor for a long time but [TS]

  survivor got worn out like i said [TS]

  because of this whole strategy overload [TS]

  and the Amazing Race you know there [TS]

  isn't that much and they've tried a [TS]

  little bit there isn't that much of a of [TS]

  a [TS]

  uh an inter interpersonal interaction [TS]

  tested gameplay there are more focused [TS]

  in jeopardy terms on pressing the button [TS]

  and knowing the answer not like you know [TS]

  putting a banana peel on the you know [TS]

  the person next to them so that they [TS]

  slipped and fallen Alex last them right [TS]

  i mean it's much more straightforward [TS]

  than that I think that's why it's [TS]

  replayable in a way that survivor isn't [TS]

  yeah there's no there there to there two [TS]

  elements in this is the album hope [TS]

  they're two elements to make it great [TS]

  and one of them is that you can I don't [TS]

  like about survivors that starting with [TS]

  season three pretty much by episode 30 [TS]

  ok there's six people that are in team [TS]

  boo [TS]

  the other one is already making [TS]

  alliances the house yeah it's like so [TS]

  for the next ten just counted as [TS]

  e-exactly until we get down to three and [TS]

  the best is boring [TS]

  whereas on amazing race there is no way [TS]

  to form on effective alliances there are [TS]

  specific rules that says that you can't [TS]

  if if there are eight back if they're [TS]

  eight tools setup for this challenge you [TS]

  can't touch anybody else inspector tools [TS]

  or else you'll get they'll get [TS]

  eliminated the only the only season was [TS]

  ever really awful was when they actually [TS]

  had a case when the teams from Survivor [TS]

  about bought Johnny boston or Boston Rob [TS]

  whatever and so Boston Rob so that was [TS]

  the only time that any team ever managed [TS]

  to successfully like interfere with [TS]

  another team but but the others but the [TS]

  other thing is that the producers can't [TS]

  do it really can't control the outcome [TS]

  at all right because even if it is great [TS]

  favor i always i always mention this [TS]

  because it is the signature of why this [TS]

  is such a great show [TS]

  they started off with the first it was [TS]

  the first season after 911 and you're [TS]

  really imagine that all my god this is a [TS]

  this is a show that's all about going [TS]

  from airport to airport to airport and [TS]

  now they have to do it with increased [TS]

  security how's it going to risk of work [TS]

  and you could tell the producers like [TS]

  you know what we're gonna have two teams [TS]

  of two teams of muslim muslim [TS]

  contestants one of which are designed [TS]

  that i'm totally totally ignorant of how [TS]

  people deserve that faith but there are [TS]

  some people who are reflected better [TS]

  word like a mark devout and so they they [TS]

  they wear the clothing is supposed to [TS]

  where they have the facial hair supposed [TS]

  to where they pray the time supposed to [TS]

  pray and one of these teams was one of [TS]

  these teams are going to go through the [TS]

  world a time when Muslims and Muslims [TS]

  are probably [TS]

  to be the most scrutinized and the most [TS]

  abused people in any in any non-muslim [TS]

  country and the first episode both of [TS]

  those teams got eliminated and so that's [TS]

  what tells you that it's ok for the [TS]

  producers to think they're going to set [TS]

  something up but all that has to happen [TS]

  is for someone to get a cab with a cab [TS]

  driver does not know how to get to the [TS]

  place that that person is asked for or [TS]

  someone leaves their passport behind or [TS]

  someone for someone decides i'll just [TS]

  leave my shoes here i'm sure that the [TS]

  producers will like collected for me [TS]

  than the producers don't collect them [TS]

  through the rest of the thing barefoot [TS]

  it's it that's fine but it'sit's I don't [TS]

  think that only survivors bad as big [TS]

  brother but haven't seen you in recent [TS]

  years they've done things like oh well [TS]

  you were voted off but you found the [TS]

  secret Idol that you follow the clue [TS]

  that only you can access to i will say [TS]

  this about survivors they they because [TS]

  they are subject to some of the same [TS]

  rules this jeopardy [TS]

  they have to set these these a twist in [TS]

  advance and that's again part of the [TS]

  problem is that they say well what if [TS]

  there was a an immunity idol and there [TS]

  was a you know and and it-it-it you do [TS]

  it to make things the storyline the [TS]

  varied from season to season but it [TS]

  actually isn't that much it's sort of [TS]

  cheapens it and and the variation in the [TS]

  amazing race is just the randomness of [TS]

  the act and because that show is [TS]

  structured that way it you never know [TS]

  what's gonna happen [TS]

  that's what got to be the problem with [TS]

  survivor for me i think i only got [TS]

  through maybe three or four series of [TS]

  that as well and the reason was [TS]

  there's really only so much you can do [TS]

  to shake it up and then the rules [TS]

  yeah remain the same and once they were [TS]

  determined by richard hatch in the first [TS]

  season he figured it out [TS]

  he did and then master i mean i would [TS]

  say bastard bye-bye rotten Boston Rob [TS]

  was made a wife who perfected it and [TS]

  then it was just this that same game [TS]

  over and over again i watched a project [TS]

  runway the first few seasons of project [TS]

  runway which i think is five seasons and [TS]

  I quite liked it because of my graphic [TS]

  design back when I thought it was [TS]

  actually a valid way to challenge people [TS]

  and explore aesthetics in the middle of [TS]

  this sort of game show sort of thing to [TS]

  and was funny is the first season of [TS]

  Project Runway everybody was playing it [TS]

  like you know it's the design [TS]

  competition we've done this before and [TS]

  there's one woman who played like [TS]

  survivor and it was weird is how you [TS]

  watch her do things and scheme and [TS]

  whatever [TS]

  and she ultimately I don't win but she [TS]

  was one of the four three finalists i [TS]

  think at Fashion Week and it was the [TS]

  whole thing was bizarre cause you're [TS]

  like this woman doesn't get it anyway [TS]

  they brought her back to their like hey [TS]

  let's contact about how the season went [TS]

  thing she was still like that one this [TS]

  big but you're like you're on a [TS]

  different show [TS]

  yeah you're on the wrong you think you [TS]

  won but what you do is you showed that [TS]

  like these strategies don't really work [TS]

  she was actually very good at what she [TS]

  did she was a seamstress shiso dresses [TS]

  all the time and just like one survived [TS]

  oh my god on Survivor you need to make [TS]

  fire on the second season of Project [TS]

  Runway people arrived within the third [TS]

  and the fourth with no hand sewing [TS]

  skills so she had great skills and she [TS]

  attributed it to playing the game sort [TS]

  of the hatchway the thing that I always [TS]

  thought was kind of interesting to [TS]

  ruminate about with survivor was what if [TS]

  Richard Hatch had played that first game [TS]

  a completely different way [TS]

  would everybody still model themselves [TS]

  after that but that's what I'm thinking [TS]

  you know i mean he he chose to be a [TS]

  conniving guy who who formed alliances [TS]

  and didn't mind backstabbing whereas [TS]

  pretty much everybody else in that first [TS]

  season was just kind of two wandering [TS]

  around the island failing to make fire [TS]

  and stabbing themselves in the foot with [TS]

  spears and that kind of thing I haven't [TS]

  watched haven't watch more of them i can [TS]

  tell you that there were there did [TS]

  emerge a couple other winner profiles [TS]

  the the kind of under there was one in [TS]

  four separate our who won one year and [TS]

  she was gone under the radar and and [TS]

  several other winners have come under [TS]

  that method which is that they they they [TS]

  lay low [TS]

  they are a a constant sort of they're [TS]

  not much of a threat or perceived as [TS]

  much of a threat right but they're [TS]

  always they're always faithful [TS]

  they work hard they keep that you know [TS]

  they keep you do not perceive as one of [TS]

  the leaders so they're not perceived as [TS]

  one of the enemies by the other team so [TS]

  when they merge together right and that [TS]

  was a winning strategy tube and I do [TS]

  wonder if people notice the hatch thing [TS]

  and and and but over the course of like [TS]

  10 or 15 seasons of Survivor turns out [TS]

  they're sort of two or three modes that [TS]

  might work and that was always the thing [TS]

  that I liked about survivor that kept me [TS]

  watching for a long time was that it was [TS]

  a complex enough game that I kept trying [TS]

  to think of what you know my wife and I [TS]

  would watch an episode and then we would [TS]

  spend 30 minutes talking about the [TS]

  episode not about like oh can you [TS]

  believe what she said [TS]

  not that it was like what would you do [TS]

  in that city [TS]

  malaysian what's the right play there [TS]

  how do you approach that much that [TS]

  they're not very many TV shows that will [TS]

  make me after every episode spent half [TS]

  an hour trying to debate we just saw and [TS]

  whether it's been that whatever its best [TS]

  survivor was that it's just that after a [TS]

  while it became so ridiculously [TS]

  convoluted that there was there was no [TS]

  point in Indiana and there's just only [TS]

  so much you can do to shake up that [TS]

  formula where is in the amazing race it [TS]

  before world is complicated by design i [TS]

  mean there's nothing you can do to avoid [TS]

  things being shaken up at every turn [TS]

  when you're dealing with travel and TSA [TS]

  agents and you noticed that the vagaries [TS]

  of getting on a bus and finding your way [TS]

  to various places or bad cab driver also [TS]

  you can't pretend to be someone that [TS]

  you're not so if you're going to say [TS]

  here's the person to portray myself as [TS]

  that will have to break down after about [TS]

  the second episode because you're too [TS]

  tired you're too stressed out that you [TS]

  have not had a chance to breathe and [TS]

  that's why the the signature when the [TS]

  other signature features is the episode [TS]

  number one they have like the the full [TS]

  30 second profile of each team you have [TS]

  the the hippie guy you know so you know [TS]

  I teach transcendental yoga and I think [TS]

  that's because i have that ability to [TS]

  connect with people by absolutely [TS]

  all right you son of a panic non-english [TS]

  speaking again yet you're gonna take us [TS]

  to the top 10 factor I'm like okay this [TS]

  is anyone to call them like i was [TS]

  thinking is you're talking about this at [TS]

  like any wonderful if there were shows [TS]

  that were you had the crunchy earthy [TS]

  crunchy thing of of showing how [TS]

  communities work together and realize [TS]

  there are so shows like that i watch the [TS]

  one [TS]

  several years ago I can't find the name [TS]

  of eights it was a i might in PBS but it [TS]

  was it was a high-minded as people were [TS]

  living as if they want a colony and they [TS]

  had to produce returned by the year and [TS]

  so yeah I should've been a few a few of [TS]

  those like 18 eighteen hundred house and [TS]

  it was like the 1600 settings because [TS]

  there was in the head of negotiate with [TS]

  local first peoples and then at some [TS]

  point at the end of the show hit the end [TS]

  of the show the you know the the [TS]

  colonial governor whoever was comes over [TS]

  the counter was it was like a company [TS]

  like the like a trading company [TS]

  organization they came over this ever [TS]

  broken your charter because you guys [TS]

  didn't do well enough my friend [TS]

  there's a front frontier house colonial [TS]

  house and met [TS]

  the manor house i think it was this was [TS]

  a house they are actually living in sort [TS]

  of a village but whatever it was it was [TS]

  I thought that actually came closest to [TS]

  saying like nobody wasn't an individual [TS]

  competition and I know there's been [TS]

  these in the UK Europe as well as is [TS]

  that you have to work against social [TS]

  experiment show yeah it's a little [TS]

  different and it's not eliminate almost [TS]

  like a documentary of a fake some fake [TS]

  documentary it's like a documentary [TS]

  reality experiment thing exactly like a [TS]

  nonfiction but it's it's setup and yeah [TS]

  that's very strange i I'm it's funny [TS]

  when you mentioned Project Runway that [TS]

  that uh my wife watch project runway for [TS]

  a while and she was I think like you [TS]

  frustrated by the fact that some people [TS]

  really wanted to play it like survivor [TS]

  and or or play it worse play it like the [TS]

  the like the real world and in the end [TS]

  and I believe that show changed [TS]

  producers and they actually changed it [TS]

  from a company that specialized in [TS]

  competition programs to a producer that [TS]

  specialized in you know reality TV [TS]

  that's what experiences at which point [TS]

  my wife said I'm never gonna watch that [TS]

  show again because that they decided it [TS]

  wasn't about the competition it was [TS]

  about people being bitchy and I'm not [TS]

  interested [TS]

  honestly I'm just not interested in in [TS]

  that kind of show i want to see people [TS]

  not pretending to be archetypes but be [TS]

  fairly real or you know a TV version of [TS]

  their real self but people doing things [TS]

  trying to outwit people or trying to [TS]

  show off their talent and be forced to [TS]

  be creative or put in extreme situations [TS]

  like the amazing race these things these [TS]

  things kind of interest me and it's you [TS]

  know jeopardy they don't starve you and [TS]

  and make you make fire but you know it's [TS]

  late i'll give you access to the full [TS]

  craft services table which as far as I'm [TS]

  concerned about the same so it's a [TS]

  gentler slightly but but still in the [TS]

  end you know it it's a competition it's [TS]

  a brute but it's a brutal it's brutal [TS]

  Oh instance was selling it as a blow [TS]

  dart gun they don't tell you that you to [TS]

  land them contestant with you [TS]

  situation uh and let me tell you that [TS]

  shit that chit chat where you're [TS]

  standing on your marks was fortunate to [TS]

  the end that is is just as torturous as [TS]

  one might imagine is just it is so [TS]

  awkward well I just be two people and [TS]

  that's great hey Alex how's that I'm out [TS]

  of your old mustache like what the [TS]

  bunion you keep it in a jar and your [TS]

  medicine cabinet or what if it's [TS]

  preserved also also if you had one [TS]

  you're going to be using it to get [TS]

  chemotherapy for your child oh that's [TS]

  hey I is that a Red Sox annual peacock [TS]

  with other credits over yet but the [TS]

  other thing is it is a brutal [TS]

  elimination competition they don't they [TS]

  don't market or package every that way [TS]

  it doesn't look that way of course from [TS]

  the outside because people come and go [TS]

  but you're rooting for you know you're [TS]

  like I wish that person went over the [TS]

  champion and they come back and some [TS]

  people win for multiple days and some [TS]

  win once but also one always wins [TS]

  although technically by the way I didn't [TS]

  realize this you can have a game in [TS]

  which everyone loses which I did not [TS]

  know if that happens in every under zero [TS]

  everyone is I don't know if you have to [TS]

  have at least you have to at least one [TS]

  dollar to go to Final Jeopardy or you're [TS]

  out before final jeopardy so it is [TS]

  possible i don't think this has ever [TS]

  happened that someone is one before [TS]

  final jeopardy and could go and do [TS]

  whatever they wanted to do but if all it [TS]

  in Final Jeopardy all the contestants [TS]

  have the same final dollar amount after [TS]

  the questions over there all champions [TS]

  two or three can tie for first place [TS]

  second place they do you know who had [TS]

  the most money at certain points in [TS]

  someone's second someone's third but you [TS]

  can tie for first and if you have zero [TS]

  dollars in all three contestants zero [TS]

  dollars will be back tomorrow with a [TS]

  whole suite contains you guys I think in [TS]

  a very very rare which is why they give [TS]

  you betting advice so you don't wind up [TS]

  with zero dollars so Glenn you are our [TS]

  celebrity to us but i wanted to say one [TS]

  of the things the other genre as a kid I [TS]

  watched a lot of game shows and I [TS]

  mention that you guys did too i mean [TS]

  that we we brought up high rollers which [TS]

  is not a not a favorite of mine and [TS]

  there was like you know tic-tac dough [TS]

  with the Dragon yeah was that it was a [TS]

  bit of the picture everyone was that [TS]

  text don't always ready was exactly what [TS]

  it sounds like how it was tic-tac-toe [TS]

  with the Dragon ease and about a win [TS]

  loser win lose or draw with merkandi [TS]

  yeah wild Joker's well with jack barry [TS]

  right [TS]

  you're a joker Elizabeth underwear my [TS]

  favorite was always the ones with the [TS]

  most obnoxiously garish set-pieces when [TS]

  I was a kid like there was one in i-i've [TS]

  always lay this out whenever we're [TS]

  talking about game shows with somebody [TS]

  and nobody ever remembers it but it was [TS]

  a show where I don't remember how the [TS]

  main round went but the bonus round had [TS]

  all these plywood cutouts of various [TS]

  monsters the show dollar and it was [TS]

  called the gauntlet of villains not look [TS]

  right and no the show the show was [TS]

  called and this is probably the reason [TS]

  nobody remembers it is because this is [TS]

  probably the dumbest name in the history [TS]

  of television [TS]

  it was called you unaware of this show [TS]

  ye glb I mean how could you come up with [TS]

  the worst day in the holy hell this is a [TS]

  great show it's called did you just burp [TS]

  know it's called this is a very [TS]

  complicated we usually give me answers [TS]

  I'd like this is my crime game time you [TS]

  in period was on from april of 79 to [TS]

  make the ATM yeah that was when i [TS]

  watched yeah oh yeah well so right i [TS]

  mean that was that was at a time when [TS]

  after the morning shows went off the air [TS]

  there was like three solid hours of game [TS]

  shows your kid home sick or over the [TS]

  summer the prices [TS]

  the price is right i mean i watch the [TS]

  price is right and it was gone for an [TS]

  hour I want to watch that I cannot [TS]

  imagine how many hours I spent watching [TS]

  Bob Barker and Barker's beauties give a [TS]

  new car right i mean blow my god amount [TS]

  of time lost watching people bid retail [TS]

  prices on products i didn't understand [TS]

  and this is probably why game shows are [TS]

  kind of a dying breed because nowadays [TS]

  meet up for me the reason that i got in [TS]

  the game shows in the first place was [TS]

  when you were kids sick at home or just [TS]

  you know shirking your duties for the [TS]

  summertime you know your TV options were [TS]

  totally limited yet the blocking our [TS]

  tunes in the morning and then you have [TS]

  this massive yawning gulf between the [TS]

  between that and the next block of [TS]

  cartoons in the afternoon [TS]

  yeah and and so there were the game [TS]

  shows right after that and then there [TS]

  was so popular soap operas in like [TS]

  reruns of F Troop oh yeah and I'm [TS]

  dialing for dollars and you kind of [TS]

  learned pretty quickly as a kid you know [TS]

  what ok the cartoons are over i can [TS]

  either you know sit here in my bed [TS]

  head and pretend to be sick for a little [TS]

  while longer or i can see what this [TS]

  thing is that's coming on and look at [TS]

  all these flashing light bulbs and [TS]

  poetic is some pretty big hair [TS]

  let's see what this is about and and and [TS]

  nowadays I mean you see you you're sick [TS]

  at home and you've got probably a week's [TS]

  worth of shows on your TiVo every TV [TS]

  show ever made right [TS]

  ya think I mean I got me everything [TS]

  stuff at your fingertips you could if [TS]

  you wanted to you could probably go back [TS]

  and find not jeopardy but some other [TS]

  game show episodes online to watch [TS]

  not only that but also the these there's [TS]

  so many formats of TV that were staples [TS]

  for generations but now they're just so [TS]

  played out you don't it's amazing that [TS]

  is it it's amazing that Sarah Night Live [TS]

  still does gameshow parodies not knowing [TS]

  that there is probably no one underneath [TS]

  the age of 64 room that is like current [TS]

  and relative television there's there's [TS]

  the there's jeopardy for and that's [TS]

  the there's jeopardy for and that's [TS]

  like sort of a really old trending show [TS]

  it's amazing that the price is right [TS]

  stayed on the air after Bob Barker we [TS]

  thought that they're gonna they're gonna [TS]

  bury that show with them i really think [TS]

  that reality shows of generations past [TS]

  were these game shows that this with [TS]

  this is the opportunity to see normal [TS]

  people who are trained Polish people and [TS]

  the only way that the 30 years ago they [TS]

  could conceive of putting like an [TS]

  ordinary person on the air was too [TS]

  let's have them try to like throw [TS]

  ping-pong balls at their husband who is [TS]

  wearing a duck costume right or you get [TS]

  the the combination with well we'll make [TS]

  them interesting by putting them on the [TS]

  25,000 pyramid with a celebrity and the [TS]

  celebrity will be able to interact with [TS]

  them and and and and make it interesting [TS]

  and I wanted to bring this up before [TS]

  before we we finish which is the the [TS]

  genre game show that I loved and that [TS]

  I've actually appreciate even more now [TS]

  as an adult and I and there have been a [TS]

  few attempts I to bring this back in [TS]

  some more reality based format but i [TS]

  always loved the the celebrity panel [TS]

  shows and MPs for me these zenith is [TS]

  match game [TS]

  yeah because than that because although [TS]

  there were contestants that that was six [TS]

  celebrities who often knew each other [TS]

  and sometimes I I think knew each other [TS]

  quite well and we're extremely drunk [TS]

  yes six that nipsey Russell and Charles [TS]

  Nelson Reilly and and Fanny wagon again [TS]

  and Brett Somers no idea what these [TS]

  people did but now that they're the ones [TS]

  you're a celebrity is by virtue of the [TS]

  fact there are actually I have a story [TS]

  about that when Charles Nelson Reilly [TS]

  was on The X Files I I practically had [TS]

  an attack was like it's and and and what [TS]

  it's like what do I know him from [TS]

  nothing except the match game and yet i [TS]

  was very excited [TS]

  that's that's what that was incredible [TS]

  for me though because you're Charles [TS]

  Nelson Reilly you only know that he's a [TS]

  celebrity because he's called the [TS]

  celebrity on game shows but then like [TS]

  you read a little bit about memory and [TS]

  you realize that in the sixties he [TS]

  originated roles in three of the most [TS]

  incredible Broadway musicals that define [TS]

  yeah when his victory fantastic actor [TS]

  monster start right yeah the people the [TS]

  people who we were celebrities that we [TS]

  didn't know whether celebrities they [TS]

  were all New York stars there or London [TS]

  stars and when you know and you couldn't [TS]

  see nothing [TS]

  theater unless you went there but this [TS]

  is true and Paul Lynde for me besides [TS]

  he's in movies but also he was a [TS]

  terrific stage performer and so is [TS]

  presented on TV he's a celebrity it's [TS]

  like what's he celebrating for well you [TS]

  wouldn't know don't worry back and at [TS]

  least for me those those two guys pol [TS]

  and Charles Nelson Reilly were really my [TS]

  first introduction to what it means the [TS]

  TV to be unbelievably flaming liguei [TS]

  there we call the flamboyant back then [TS]

  and and I mean that's really the [TS]

  normalization of gay people to me began [TS]

  with Charles Nelson Reilly is little hat [TS]

  and scarf [TS]

  oh yeah I i think that i would love to [TS]

  read a serious article about that we're [TS]

  in in decades in which if you were gay [TS]

  you the last thing you would want to [TS]

  know what is for anybody to know about [TS]

  it because you would not be employed you [TS]

  would be attacked in the streets that's [TS]

  how bad things were in the seventies and [TS]

  yet entertainment said it's ok for [TS]

  pollen to be that flaming it's okay for [TS]

  girls are probably be what was the rule [TS]

  that said that so long as you are as [TS]

  long as you have a cocktail glass here [TS]

  and ask and a scarf around your neck [TS]

  it's it's okay you're a harmless gay [TS]

  person you're clapping long as you're [TS]

  drunk [TS]

  I suspect they thought and they were [TS]

  probably right that most of Middle [TS]

  America with weed and think oh he's [TS]

  quirky you know they wouldn't recognize [TS]

  that if you Charles Nelson Reilly [TS]

  married married Brett's summers Liberace [TS]

  is so dedicated to his music I assume [TS]

  the Charles and Brandt are married they [TS]

  always talk in their little caddy toward [TS]

  each other but thank you maybe something [TS]

  had a nice married couple [TS]

  what we Brett Somers no I have no idea [TS]

  what she was known for marriage equality [TS]

  nothing extra America Jack click when [TS]

  she was on the odd couple yeah she was a [TS]

  bad rap singles she was am a serious [TS]

  oh she's a dramatic performer she was [TS]

  again an activity statements wikipedia [TS]

  of talking there is no Glenn but she was [TS]

  she with Oscars ex-wife blanche on the [TS]

  argument [TS]

  sure I remember richard Dawson from from [TS]

  match game 2 and nipsey Russell of [TS]

  course he would have his strange poet [TS]

  and Richard was the one they would [TS]

  always go to for the bonus game because [TS]

  he was the one who had his head screwed [TS]

  on straight he actually wasn't drunk or [TS]

  he can hold this lead was gonna say yes [TS]

  here at any level [TS]

  yeah it could I too was a huge fan of [TS]

  the panel shows largely because I ask a [TS]

  man for years engineers seen reiber i [TS]

  agree with you that that was the scene [TS]

  of the panel show and then I then I had [TS]

  a daughter in 2003 I first child and she [TS]

  was not an easy sleeper and so for the [TS]

  first couple of weeks of her existence [TS]

  she had to be held for most of the night [TS]

  and you could set her down for maybe 30 [TS]

  seconds before the horrible screaming [TS]

  this time bring the plaster off of the [TS]

  walls [TS]

  good times so yes a good till that time [TS]

  was spent and yeah it was spent with me [TS]

  sitting on the couch with my infant [TS]

  daughter tucked in my arm and I mean [TS]

  they were probably quite a few things [TS]

  that I would rather be watching but you [TS]

  never know you know if you're watching [TS]

  terminator on cinemax or something that [TS]

  you know there's gonna be a loud [TS]

  explosion in the child wakes up and [TS]

  that's pretty much game over right there [TS]

  so I found late into the night the game [TS]

  show networks black-and-white overnight [TS]

  huh which they were doing on time and [TS]

  maybe they still do where they would [TS]

  show basically fifties game shows all [TS]

  black and white and it was usually to [TS]

  tell the truth I was my audiences what [TS]

  I've got a secret [TS]

  yeah and-and-and I figured those you [TS]

  know it was basically just people [TS]

  talking and kept it a fairly low volume [TS]

  it was more or less like being in the [TS]

  womb yet [TS]

  Bill Collins house yeah so yeah [TS]

  Allen Ludden and cocoa and will help you [TS]

  yeah but the thing that struck me about [TS]

  those panel shows is that the panelists [TS]

  on the shows were brilliantly witty [TS]

  I mean they weren't just the kind of you [TS]

  know sort of humorous gutter with that [TS]

  that Brett Somers would throw out i mean [TS]

  they were just watch our shows are [TS]

  fighting words that you say a word [TS]

  against that summers I think she would [TS]

  be happy to be rude to be referred to as [TS]

  a gutter with yeah actually it seems [TS]

  right up her alley [TS]

  but he liked bill Cullen I felt madly in [TS]

  love with bill Cullen during that during [TS]

  those couple of weeks although some of [TS]

  that I boobs [TS]

  it was a very emotional period yeah [TS]

  there's not a whole lot of sleep a lot [TS]

  of hormones going on here but but yeah I [TS]

  mean that bill Cullen Dorothy Kilgallon [TS]

  who I guess died mysteriously some years [TS]

  later under mysterious circumstances [TS]

  bennett cerf betsy palmer who was later [TS]

  on friday the 13 you find out like what [TS]

  they're what that why they're famous [TS]

  right and even Hugh Hefner a couple of [TS]

  times makes an appearance so well this [TS]

  one is the publisher of a newspaper this [TS]

  one like wasn't not not a Pulitzer Prize [TS]

  winner but he was a finalist for the [TS]

  Pulitzer Prize for his third book of [TS]

  poetry right but yeah I mean I became [TS]

  very very sort of weirdly nostalgic for [TS]

  a time that I never knew when when that [TS]

  kind of thing would play on television I [TS]

  mean they were saying that they be [TS]

  snappy rejoinders were smart and they [TS]

  were based in some kind of you know it [TS]

  wasn't just boobs or Whoopi or you know [TS]

  whatever it was it was just a bunch of [TS]

  intelligent people having a conversation [TS]

  and maybe something that's coming back [TS]

  now at the podcast casting there you go [TS]

  we are the new matchday we are the new [TS]

  we that's it that we have our solution [TS]

  right now but you're right he like I'm [TS]

  still the nipsey Russell side of the [TS]

  fence there but you guys are pretty [TS]

  smart [TS]

  I think I I think I I think you got [TS]

  something interesting that this is a I [TS]

  wish that that that kind of thing would [TS]

  come back we're was there is a premise [TS]

  you can hang on there's some [TS]

  entertainment and there's really no [TS]

  reason for them to be there but the [TS]

  reality is they're there because they're [TS]

  interesting people who are going to say [TS]

  and do interesting things and you watch [TS]

  because of the of the people you watch [TS]

  because of the gas and the format is [TS]

  just kind of there to move to show along [TS]

  and there's something to be said to that [TS]

  and i would love to see I don't know [TS]

  what the modern equivalent of that is [TS]

  maybe it is a podcast maybe it's [TS]

  something lightweight I mean wait wait [TS]

  don't tell me I'm p on NPR is a little [TS]

  bit like that in a sense that the you [TS]

  know the people are interesting but it's [TS]

  still you know a little too much game [TS]

  show and not enough conversation so I [TS]

  don't know it's true i will tell you one [TS]

  final thought if you like a short one [TS]

  please [TS]

  and I still here always [TS]

  search in a formal question what is I'll [TS]

  take Willy Tyler and Lester for the [TS]

  block this is about [TS]

  Circle Square about money you know that [TS]

  you're looking at money always making [TS]

  your wagering whatever the the game goes [TS]

  too fast and is your too wrapped up in [TS]

  it i mean watch the game you see how [TS]

  fast was it the average is a according [TS]

  to one source i read is 12 seconds from [TS]

  question question in jeopardy and so [TS]

  you're in if you're playing it well [TS]

  which I did my first two games i believe [TS]

  I in a fugue state you know you're doing [TS]

  everything you can to manipulate this [TS]

  buzzer to watch or listen to actually [TS]

  include your brain is working [TS]

  there's display you can see up into the [TS]

  left of the board that has all three [TS]

  contestants money in the order that [TS]

  you're standing left to right the [TS]

  current balance so in the first game i [TS]

  played in the first party for commercial [TS]

  I don't know it's five minutes long you [TS]

  have to go through an average of about [TS]

  fifteen clues that period i had $64 one [TS]

  of the people i think had zero and one [TS]

  negative 200 I had no idea i knew i was [TS]

  answering stuff I knew they weren't or [TS]

  were but it was just like wow okay what [TS]

  just happened there so that the money is [TS]

  symbolic in a way that you know it's [TS]

  often funny like when you're dealing [TS]

  with money but you can't think about it [TS]

  as money it's a it it doesn't make any [TS]

  sense as money you're not just buying [TS]

  and selling goods points and then at the [TS]

  end they're like okay you get so this is [TS]

  not a well-known it's not a secret but [TS]

  jeopardy awards the winner or winners if [TS]

  there are multiple champions gets the [TS]

  cash amount that's on the screen at the [TS]

  end of Final Jeopardy the second-place [TS]

  finisher gets $2,000 the third-place [TS]

  finisher gets one thousand dollars and [TS]

  you get that regardless of whether [TS]

  you've won previous games always and a [TS]

  lifetime supply of Turtle Wax [TS]

  yeah I fear the box that I believe that [TS]

  are going to show up my house soon so [TS]

  the butt but so while you're playing the [TS]

  games you know you know when so you know [TS]

  your expenses you have to pay all your [TS]

  expenses to get there and and you know [TS]

  your expenses will be covered unless you [TS]

  booked some crazy hotel whatever so you [TS]

  know you're not going to come out behind [TS]

  on in dollars but still you can't you're [TS]

  not there's no time to think about money [TS]

  you need to do something numeric and at [TS]

  the end of its like I literally had no [TS]

  idea how much I'd one on these two [TS]

  programs until they're like here's a [TS]

  piece of paper you signed says what you [TS]

  want to look at 100 k so it's great on [TS]

  trying to be funny about it's really [TS]

  nice to win some money substantial money [TS]

  for playing in for her to 20-minute junk [TS]

  so far uh but you know it's still it's [TS]

  not it's from the outside it looks like [TS]

  money is how the game runs in from the [TS]

  inside there's no there's just no time [TS]

  for that [TS]

  so at at a macro expo for a few years [TS]

  that there was an on-stage game show [TS]

  that i was on and I even though no money [TS]

  changed hands in that in that thing and [TS]

  it was just for fun I've got to say the [TS]

  the audience starts to applaud and the [TS]

  lights go up and you're being asked [TS]

  questions and to solve problems and do [TS]

  you know tricks with the computer and [TS]

  answer trivia questions and I know [TS]

  exactly what you're saying it is like a [TS]

  fugue state it's just like you you [TS]

  you're out of your body you don't know [TS]

  what's happened and then it's over and [TS]

  you're like what wait what happened what [TS]

  just went on and that was just an Andy [TS]

  you were on those game shows to right i [TS]

  mean i don't know if you have the same [TS]

  experience but it was like I was it's [TS]

  adrenaline rush and other part of my [TS]

  brain kicks in and i don't even know [TS]

  what happened it was different for me [TS]

  because at with each one of those [TS]

  questions i had one of two I wanted to [TS]

  meet one of two goals either a get the [TS]

  right answer or be say something fun to [TS]

  do something do something to be funny [TS]

  when entertain people and so when I i [TS]

  distinctly remember this is why i don't [TS]

  think i'd be one of these people who [TS]

  would not do well on Jeopardy I don't [TS]

  mean that i'd lose I mean that they [TS]

  wouldn't be able to use the tape because [TS]

  the crisp crisp green said Chris Brian [TS]

  wrote the last one that I was on and the [TS]

  left the Final Jeopardy question was [TS]

  that you had to like it was Christmas [TS]

  birthday and using the computer in front [TS]

  of using the macbook in front of you [TS]

  there I've set up for you you have to [TS]

  wish me happy birthday but you can't use [TS]

  email you can use this you can't use [TS]

  that and the solution he was looking for [TS]

  was that there is if you look into [TS]

  address book there is an entry for Chris [TS]

  spring there is actually an SMS number [TS]

  you can use the seldom-used like SMS [TS]

  feature son of a text is my ichat which [TS]

  I did exactly that was gonna see but I i [TS]

  technically beat the other being my team [TS]

  technically beat everybody else because [TS]

  is like that oh he did the he the the [TS]

  way that he structured the question [TS]

  it's okay for me to just simply go into [TS]

  text that type the phrase happy birth [TS]

  hey Chris highlighted the microphone [TS]

  next speaker then select speak text and [TS]

  then when Chris like was like oh well [TS]

  that's not what i was looking for I'm [TS]

  sorry that's incorrect answer i know [TS]

  that i could have continued to work on [TS]

  it but I thought it would be funnier [TS]

  just to pretend that I was upset that [TS]

  you weren't accepting my answer yes and [TS]

  that's and that's why that and your [TS]

  inability to control your blush response [TS]

  are the reasons you have not been on [TS]

  Jack that's right [TS]

  if you cannot control you cannot that [TS]

  will produce be like if you pass the [TS]

  voigt-kampff test however you can sell [TS]

  himself will that's what you that's why [TS]

  you bring a change of clothes thats [TS]

  wheel of fortune I'm afraid oh I was I [TS]

  was amazed during like my the like when [TS]

  I we went to a ballroom in like in the [TS]

  park square building in in Boston and [TS]

  like 200 people got window down to maybe [TS]

  11 who passed the test we got to play [TS]

  the fake game on camera and part of it i [TS]

  was aware that you know every single at [TS]

  this point everything that you're doing [TS]

  is going to be observed by the producers [TS]

  including producers who aren't actually [TS]

  inside that room so the audition process [TS]

  is on right now and so they want [TS]

  everyone please I got an intern please [TS]

  stand up and say who you are and why you [TS]

  like to be on Jeopardy answer was like [TS]

  hi I'm I'm joy some of my work and I [TS]

  work for Raytheon and i'm an engineer [TS]

  and I was a big fan of the show this one [TS]

  guy I will never forget him because he [TS]

  steps up angry [TS]

  it says my name is Josh I'm a librarian [TS]

  for Harvard and I've passed the exam [TS]

  11-time that have never been selected [TS]

  and you can tell that was like oh haha [TS]

  isn't this a cool just like you bastards [TS]

  and never you you bring my butt out here [TS]

  you keep raising my hopes but I'm sure [TS]

  that if I if I act angry and belligerent [TS]

  in front of an audience of 10 you'll [TS]

  pick me to pee in front of a million [TS]

  people and I'm like okay it's got I [TS]

  don't know and I don't have to be 10 [TS]

  people instead of 11 people in my in my [TS]

  audition in seattle they say this is [TS]

  when they're winning system so just 21 [TS]

  of us in groups of three and so forth [TS]

  the very last person that they talked to [TS]

  at the very last in the last simulated [TS]

  game before they said okay thanks we'll [TS]

  call you if we call you was a guy who I [TS]

  swear to god he was a drifter he tests [TS]

  well the guy was not always i don't want [TS]

  him to think he looked a little shady i [TS]

  was getting a little bit of this or [TS]

  sling baby [TS]

  parts unknown that's our first [TS]

  contestant he's he's a drifter who lives [TS]

  under overpass [TS]

  it's so bad like I understand you want [TS]

  speed on electric fence that's right I'm [TS]

  a gnome rancher Alex ranch gnomes are [TS]

  also little fairies uh also another [TS]

  that's a handsome snake you've got [TS]

  wrapped around your left antenna stock [TS]

  there Alex it wasn't this guy was a [TS]

  lower key but I could tell it placed him [TS]

  last because they knew everyone was [TS]

  going to leave the room and they're like [TS]

  so what would you do if you don't ask [TS]

  you about money on this is actually the [TS]

  interview with Alexandra using every [TS]

  extra money testing for Daenerys ask you [TS]

  because they like to know people have an [TS]

  interesting idea of what they're going [TS]

  to do is sort of how to draw you out and [TS]

  see what you say when you're confronted [TS]

  with the notion of winning filthy lucre [TS]

  and everything and so they asked this [TS]

  guy everyone else been charming the [TS]

  massage therapist and students and IT [TS]

  people and people use a different kind [TS]

  of IT background and then also people [TS]

  involved in IT and computer program haha [TS]

  and oh and we tried and they're just [TS]

  guys like so what do you do it's like [TS]

  our been unemployed can't get a job like [TS]

  really so we do with the money [TS]

  probably nothing you know it's like what [TS]

  do you do I really watch tv watch [TS]

  jeopardy you're like oh my god and so he [TS]

  tests well clearly but yeah the audition [TS]

  process necessary to filter a few people [TS]

  out on that and spectrum and you they [TS]

  missed you got I know I know wow I [TS]

  didn't tell the stories I've ever heard [TS]

  it's like so I got to the screening [TS]

  process thank God very smart stay away [TS]

  from the German tell the family we can't [TS]

  we can't let you go without talking [TS]

  about the buzzer [TS]

  every time you read a poem from Germany [TS]

  is like here's how to use the buzzer you [TS]

  after fleeing after you have to be can't [TS]

  fool the buzzer [TS]

  this is the buzzer is the buzzer is the [TS]

  key to so right i mean you have to have [TS]

  actual knowledge but as I've said and as [TS]

  the contestants coordinators say this [TS]

  the books written about it say that I [TS]

  have now witnessed in person typically [TS]

  from in a good round two or three people [TS]

  on stage know every answer that's and so [TS]

  if you saw it all becomes reflex and I [TS]

  got some pretty good buzzer timing at [TS]

  points you get into a rhythm there was a [TS]

  blind contestant on Jeopardy few years [TS]

  ago he didn't get any special cues [TS]

  because he just new windows in the deal [TS]

  is jeopardy is it's not unique among [TS]

  quiz shows but because they talked about [TS]

  it actually [TS]

  they're describing the show at some [TS]

  point while i was there they said it [TS]

  would be really old johnny gilbert was [TS]

  telling the audience is saying it would [TS]

  be really difficult for people at home [TS]

  if Alex didn't get through the question [TS]

  if you read the clue and buzzed in the [TS]

  people up on stage like these people [TS]

  they can buzz in the thirst the question [TS]

  of plant shop and they can buzz in a [TS]

  tenth of a second would that be [TS]

  interesting at home now so for good [TS]

  television they structure the show alex [TS]

  has to end it adds to that tension to [TS]

  Alex was completely finished reading the [TS]

  question and there's a person in my case [TS]

  or in our case the guy named Matt Matt [TS]

  we're sitting there he's got his finger [TS]

  on top of button the instant Alex [TS]

  finished speaking Matt watches and make [TS]

  sure last syllable or group and Matt [TS]

  hits the button to manual process on [TS]

  both sides of the big display lights [TS]

  light up on both sides huge light setup [TS]

  and lights light up on your podium in [TS]

  front of you indicating is acceptable [TS]

  the lockout is off and you can rain if [TS]

  you ring before lockout is off your [TS]

  delayed by I think it's like two tenths [TS]

  of a second or one-tenth of a second [TS]

  it's very brief the system has sub [TS]

  thousand seconds response time so you [TS]

  can actually be one thousandth of a [TS]

  second faster than someone else and [TS]

  that's purposely designed that way and [TS]

  if you play the game correctly and [TS]

  sometimes I did [TS]

  you're listening for Alex you're not [TS]

  looking for the lights and you're here [TS]

  and go route and you bring and your [TS]

  bites go up in the blight slight bump in [TS]

  front of you and you know that you can [TS]

  answer and boom and sometimes as on [TS]

  famous episode of Star Trek you don't [TS]

  see the lights you don't know if there's [TS]

  three lights are four lights it's hard [TS]

  to know what you're seeing all you know [TS]

  is you're Alex's voice and you bring in [TS]

  and deliver the answer and you get on a [TS]

  roll where you've got the timing of sort [TS]

  of like he's about to wrap up and now i [TS]

  press and and you throw off everybody [TS]

  else when you get into a roll it really [TS]

  shakes the other competitors in a way [TS]

  that almost no the other because they [TS]

  keep trying to ring and they can't they [TS]

  can't they can't they get rattled and I [TS]

  saw a little bit of that with some very [TS]

  strong people i was playing against so [TS]

  the buzzer is it's a nice solid metal [TS]

  thing it actually reminds me a bit of [TS]

  almost like a flash like a one of those [TS]

  LED flashlights it carry around like a [TS]

  tactical flashlight practically and and [TS]

  it's got good action good action what [TS]

  Ken Jennings said in his book by the way [TS]

  is they didn't used to do as much [TS]

  rehearsal before he started winning a [TS]

  lot and somewhere in the middle of his [TS]

  run [TS]

  they're like okay we gotta rethink this [TS]

  and [TS]

  they had some big hiatuses while he was [TS]

  winning a 74 shows so he come out he [TS]

  came back a couple weeks and then they [TS]

  had like a tournament they had some [TS]

  other stuff there's actually a big break [TS]

  during a couple places he comes back and [TS]

  they changed out and we're trying to [TS]

  swap the people who did the lockout [TS]

  release button on the writing staff so [TS]

  he couldn't predict who you know who is [TS]

  going to do and they're also a little [TS]

  more erratic weather the timing was [TS]

  perfect and they also started getting [TS]

  contestants much more rehearsal time [TS]

  which I think reduces the odds that [TS]

  anyone will be a multiple day champion [TS]

  because the more rehearsal time you have [TS]

  the more even the process the lesser are [TS]

  I think when you look back through the j [TS]

  archive site it shows how many times [TS]

  people were champions you can see that [TS]

  since the Jennings days there's very few [TS]

  runs of multiple shows of more than you [TS]

  know a couple or three or four whatever [TS]

  there's very few five or more time [TS]

  winners so clearly that helped him that [TS]

  seems sort of odd to me because [TS]

  certainly when he was on his run they [TS]

  drew a lot of viewers waiting to see if [TS]

  he was going to go down that day [TS]

  yeah it's true the reviewers have one up [TS]

  something like almost twenty-five [TS]

  percent during his run and the show now [TS]

  still has over nine million like daily [TS]

  viewers like 25 million unique viewers [TS]

  over a week so still has plenty of [TS]

  viewers but it was getting I think i [TS]

  mighta been twice that back when he is [TS]

  strong what's going on stood to climb [TS]

  quite a bit but I think there's a bit [TS]

  like there's a fine line between [TS]

  watching someone walk across the type of [TS]

  wrote several times going man didn't [TS]

  follow those times in like 10 it's never [TS]

  came to walk across the paper up again [TS]

  ok and other guys walk fast typer again [TS]

  and again and again and again so i think [TS]

  there's a there's a tension between them [TS]

  wanting to not let people become so [TS]

  successful they dominate the show which [TS]

  is what happened with Ken he's the [TS]

  nicest guy I've met him he lives in [TS]

  Seattle man wish you happy like an ocean [TS]

  i'm sorry i called him up I said you [TS]

  know hey I'd love to you know if you [TS]

  don't mind apparently he gets emails and [TS]

  stuff from people was not that I mean [TS]

  there's hundreds of people you're going [TS]

  to show but after many of them seeking [TS]

  out and I did and had a very nice car [TS]

  with a very lovely fellow just as well [TS]

  facing as we hope he's changed his life [TS]

  so he can write full time it was done [TS]

  very well some books he's got columns [TS]

  and it's quite amusing on Twitter what [TS]

  is right is funny guy and family man and [TS]

  butt [TS]

  you know he's low key he's actually like [TS]

  a very low-key guy he's just bury is it [TS]

  just turns out that all these abilities [TS]

  are perfectly aligned with playing [TS]

  jeopardy that is that is the thing that [TS]

  he was a more individual a baby [TS]

  it's weird but like his reflexes [TS]

  knowledgebase he's not crazily trivial [TS]

  he doesn't talk about trivia all the [TS]

  time he just was the right person for [TS]

  that game now here's one other piece of [TS]

  information though you can never once [TS]

  you've been a contestant less you [TS]

  invited back for an invitation like a [TS]

  championship you can never play a game [TS]

  of jeopardy again [TS]

  the show is called a jeopardy with alex [TS]

  trebek if what if and when Alex retires [TS]

  is the 29th season and a couple of heart [TS]

  attacks he looked bad [TS]

  oh my god alex trebek got to see look [TS]

  good man [TS]

  holy cow looks good up close to even [TS]

  high-def when you're there with it looks [TS]

  good clothes busy smell like [TS]

  strawberries [TS]

  I bet he smells like strawberries just [TS]

  his skin he just did his home [TS]

  wow thanks it's pretty neat something [TS]

  special love between a contestant alex [TS]

  is forbidden love [TS]

  yeah but now you're you know once and [TS]

  once you run ends you will have [TS]

  graduated who knows all bets are off [TS]

  literally [TS]

  once you defeat which inevitably will [TS]

  after seventy wins you'll be done some [TS]

  point and something i will be defeated [TS]

  but as of this moment you are raining [TS]

  Napier's i am the reigning champion so i [TS]

  gotta preserve this moment amber in time [TS]

  thank you very much that's why we are [TS]

  recording this podcast so Glenn [TS]

  congratulations on your two victories [TS]

  good luck with the rest of your jeopardy [TS]

  run which is already reported but it's a [TS]

  secret [TS]

  I'm gonna take that with me when I go [TS]

  back and back and back at times the game [TS]

  excellence and thanks for doing this i [TS]

  appreciate this i'm glad we could put [TS]

  this in the time capsule uh you know [TS]

  quickly as soon as you got back from [TS]

  your jeopardy experience so that it will [TS]

  be frozen in amber along with your [TS]

  jeopardy experience and thought back out [TS]

  with when people listen to this so thank [TS]

  you thank you very much and it was great [TS]

  to to hear your your story and also [TS]

  joining me tonight with some other nice [TS]

  game show moments and also wackiness [TS]

  Steve lots [TS]

  thank you very much for being here it [TS]

  was good to have you back on its been a [TS]

  little while [TS]

  oh I'm sorry Jason the real steve lets [TS]

  was in fact and Enoch 00 sort of thanks [TS]

  but thanks for playing [TS]

  sorry we'll send you a copy of the home [TS]

  game Thank You the home game III look [TS]

  forward to that and any and I can't [TS]

  thank you very much i think we can agree [TS]

  that you would be more likely to use [TS]

  Andy not go then your wife however that [TS]

  would not be incidental I think I'm [TS]

  correct in saying to to the identity of [TS]

  any not go so i think that's twenty [TS]

  dollars more and to Dorothy Kilgallen [TS]

  I'd like to phone a friend you have no [TS]

  friends scams yeah what is a friend [TS]

  that's no I'm really asking i'm not [TS]

  answering the important question what is [TS]

  a little lifeline here i did a little [TS]

  until our next episode of the [TS]

  incomparable and until our next game [TS]

  show episodes we do those every now and [TS]

  then I think and those are fun and Glenn [TS]

  got lots of ideas when he was on [TS]

  Jeopardy x4 ideas so it will do that and [TS]

  that'll be using and I can be host to be [TS]

  I can be alex trebek oh sorry to watch [TS]

  jeopardy and see how gwen does on the [TS]

  next episode please [TS]

  until then though this is jason still [TS]

  signing off for the uncomfortable [TS]

  thanks for listening and have your pet [TS]

  spayed or neutered [TS]