The Incomparable

114: When You Wish Upon a Star Wars


  the entire operable podcast episode 114 [TS]

  October 2012 [TS]

  back on the uncomfortable podcast I'm [TS]

  your host Jason smell and we are doing a [TS]

  flash podcast this time news has has [TS]

  broken on as we record this October [TS]

  thirtieth that I was absolutely shocked [TS]

  by it would blew me away i actually had [TS]

  to do some research because i didn't [TS]

  believe what I was seeing I did various [TS]

  internet searches is this a reputable [TS]

  website that's posting this thing and it [TS]

  turns out that today as we record this [TS]

  the walt disney company purchased [TS]

  Lucasfilm and all of its assets [TS]

  including Star Wars for four billion [TS]

  dollars and at the same time they [TS]

  announced that a new Star Wars sequel [TS]

  trilogy is in the works to begin with an [TS]

  episode 7 real i cannot believe i'm [TS]

  saying this to you all this is I could I [TS]

  was gonna swear I'd be rude to be [TS]

  released in 2015 joining me to chew on [TS]

  what all this means our people who are [TS]

  interested in Star Wars serenity [TS]

  Caldwell joins us from my closet in [TS]

  Massachusetts that hiding from Hurricane [TS]

  hi [TS]

  that's not true that's impossible [TS]

  hi also dan more in high no [TS]

  disintegrations and Jonathan John [TS]

  siracusa search your feelings etc [TS]

  oh thank you and Ben boy check I know [TS]

  it's a little early but i just want to [TS]

  say happy life day everybody know 100 [TS]

  already it's over oh it was over this [TS]

  morning so I you know I don't even I'm [TS]

  flabbergasted at this news I I have [TS]

  mixed emotions I I didn't see it coming [TS]

  I I i actually figured that George Lucas [TS]

  would keep a stranglehold on star wars [TS]

  until he died basically yeah and-and-and [TS]

  Moore was killed for me as well that [TS]

  would lead to he would be dead he would [TS]

  die if he was killed was convicted in [TS]

  the People vs George Lucas that's right [TS]

  now i'm still waiting for everybody but [TS]

  you did the death penalty mm I don't [TS]

  know you know I wasn't so surprised that [TS]

  the acquisition happened in fact damn [TS]

  was the person who told me about it I [TS]

  want to watch list feliz oh well it's [TS]

  going on and you told me through osmosis [TS]

  I when I look tan originally I'm like no [TS]

  you know what this makes a lot of sense [TS]

  because Disney and Lucasfilm have long [TS]

  been integrated with the disney parks [TS]

  and everything else I'm and George Lucas [TS]

  has been mentioning and rumbling for a [TS]

  couple years now that oh he's tired of [TS]

  making films and he's tired of the [TS]

  community and he really doesn't want to [TS]

  be a part of it anymore and he wants to [TS]

  retire so I'm like all right you know [TS]

  like I can see it I can see him selling [TS]

  I can see him retiring and then I saw [TS]

  the new Star Wars movie in 2015 and [TS]

  that's when my mind exploded [TS]

  yeah i pasted that into and I am to Dan [TS]

  and he said something like what is this [TS]

  likely he was is this some sort of money [TS]

  joke about this [TS]

  no not it's not even very funny i spent [TS]

  all day say like all afternoon going [TS]

  what what is happening what is going on [TS]

  right now I don't understand it's very [TS]

  confusing part of me is like using you [TS]

  know I i remember hearing when I was [TS]

  younger you know like a teenager about [TS]

  like all the all yeah somebody's gonna [TS]

  make 789 after he makes the prequels [TS]

  blah blah blah always seems like you [TS]

  know forever you know that was that was [TS]

  just something in the distant future and [TS]

  then later on older I got he denied it [TS]

  like now I'm never gonna make those are [TS]

  done and you know we got we got lulled [TS]

  into a false sense of security [TS]

  it's a trap [TS]

  I heard those same stories about 70 and [TS]

  i need to i was a kid which was far in [TS]

  all the old people that he asked that's [TS]

  been around forever it's like you're [TS]

  right after Jedi to know they're gonna [TS]

  make one two and three and seven eight [TS]

  nine and there's a lava pit in like just [TS]

  the whole mind yards with its we just [TS]

  you know that i don't know i think small [TS]

  true John it's altered true to keep true [TS]

  but it's like a month but it's like a [TS]

  monkey paw story we're like you get what [TS]

  you wish but it's like terrible chamblee [TS]

  liked me what you're doing you're like [TS]

  no monkey paw please no more I I mean [TS]

  Lucas himself said I feel like there's [TS]

  an interview for five years ago where [TS]

  he's like oh no I'm never gonna do 789 [TS]

  because the extended universe all of the [TS]

  novels and the video games and [TS]

  everything else I've already touched on [TS]

  that and i'm content playing in my one [TS]

  through six you know sandbox of terror [TS]

  and destruction [TS]

  I honestly when they said oh we're going [TS]

  to make Episode seven my first thought [TS]

  beyond WTF was what on earth is it going [TS]

  to be about the unless they recast it [TS]

  they're either going to eight storylines [TS]

  from the extended universe or they're [TS]

  going to do something else and d [TS]

  canonize the entire extended universe [TS]

  but they can't possibly use the same [TS]

  actors right well mean so there's a [TS]

  story now there's a story on [TS] but why I think some sort [TS]

  of a archivist who said that at one [TS]

  point uh mark hamill was having a [TS]

  conversation I think when they were [TS]

  shooting empire with George Lucas and [TS]

  George said yeah I'm going to do one two [TS]

  and three [TS]

  after a break and then I'm gonna do so [TS]

  i'm gonna do 789 @ & and you so I might [TS]

  need you to be in episode 7 and Mark [TS]

  Hamill said when would that be and he [TS]

  said you know like 2011 something like [TS]

  that and i started the series always pop [TS]

  them [TS]

  yeah I know I know but they were all [TS]

  ridiculous and and and Lucas was always [TS]

  like well I'm gonna retire you know i [TS]

  i'm not going to do any more of those [TS]

  and turns out it was actually i'm going [TS]

  to sell the company to a big movie [TS]

  studio and I'm gonna let my cat why [TS]

  Kathleen Kennedy right that his old [TS]

  producer that isn't she's in charge and [TS]

  you guys make whatever you want i'm out [TS]

  of here i got four billion bucks by [TS]

  that's that's the thing that's what [TS]

  makes this my initial thought was was [TS]

  the same as everybody else's my initial [TS]

  thought was capital and capital o no but [TS]

  then I stopped in several capital o's [TS]

  after that right yeah yeah no I really [TS]

  thought you know in a episode 7 and I [TS]

  thought I don't think they've made or [TS]

  could possibly make enough prozac tuned [TS]

  to make this right with me but then I [TS]

  got to thinking about it and I started [TS]

  reading a little bit and I read the [TS]

  press releases and started reading some [TS]

  of the new stories and I realize wait a [TS]

  minute [TS]

  II Lucas isn't gonna write and direct [TS]

  this thing prize find the Sun comes out [TS]

  well maybe I can almost live with I can [TS]

  all live with that side we've already [TS]

  hit rock bottom right like there's [TS]

  nobody you hope so they don't like yeah [TS]

  I mean there's a pretty bad i mean i [TS]

  think we all agree like the little [TS]

  here's the thing to think about because [TS]

  that's not my fault he was in the chat [TS]

  room right and no i didn't deny it as [TS]

  you know right this is the cautionary [TS]

  tale everybody and all the costas and [TS]

  we're going to release one new Star Wars [TS]

  movie every two to three years think [TS]

  about Star Trek one new movie every two [TS]

  to three years [TS]

  what does that mean forever until we get [TS]

  star trek five is that what has to [TS]

  happen is that you understand and we in [TS]

  the waters play out in the words of the [TS]

  immortal Phil Hartman from the simpsons [TS]

  until the series becomes unprofitable [TS]

  right about one thing is like they have [TS]

  seven behind you have an 89 fine but [TS]

  just they just keep going eventually you [TS]

  get you know the undiscovered country [TS]

  like it just happened you know how do [TS]

  you mean you can't avoid it and so [TS]

  that's the nightmare scenario is way out [TS]

  in our future hopefully by then we will [TS]

  be totally detached for this and we will [TS]

  just be looking at it as if we're [TS]

  floating above our own bodies huh what's [TS]

  right or we re blue outline ghosts is [TS]

  that what we are in this scenario if [TS]

  only the GI don't have maybe we've been [TS]

  replaced with our younger actress [TS]

  yeah i know i mean they said [TS]

  specifically why I listen to the [TS]

  financial call along with dan and Jason [TS]

  was in [TS]

  staying worst Apple results call ever oh [TS]

  it is often made for behind dollars they [TS]

  said very specifically that they were [TS]

  going to do 789 is a trilogy and then [TS]

  they were basically going to mind the [TS]

  star wars universe for other live-action [TS]

  stories so we're not necessarily [TS]

  sticking with the same characters [TS]

  presuming that we're sticking with the [TS]

  same characters to begin with 4789 and I [TS]

  mean I could see really interesting [TS]

  little stories as wanted to anyone [TS]

  the boba fett movie you know what I [TS]

  would watch the boba fett movies [TS]

  I remember everything about you had John [TS]

  88 movie yeah well that but I mean you [TS]

  movie i would watch a kids movie with [TS]

  r2d2 and c3po paddling around like I i [TS]

  would genuinely enjoy that if it were [TS]

  well written so i have a question which [TS]

  is we listen to a little bit they talked [TS]

  a little bit about some of the right [TS]

  stuff is is still you know tied up there [TS]

  are some production like deals you know [TS]

  for example some reason in Armenia Jones [TS]

  is because they're got some deals with [TS]

  with paramount now some of the it sounds [TS]

  like the originals are all tied up with [TS]

  fox right second question whether or not [TS]

  you know this is george lucas still have [TS]

  enough pull their to prevent ever the [TS]

  release of the remastered I don't think [TS]

  ever since I think always on the table [TS]

  III think it's entirely possible that if [TS]

  disney and and Fox felt that there was a [TS]

  market for you know a blu-ray restored [TS]

  version of Star Wars i bet i bet they [TS]

  bet they would do it but they could do [TS]

  it i don't know if they'll decide if [TS]

  it's worth it to do it you know anyone [TS]

  land only you know didn't they wouldn't [TS]

  running on that that's that's the dreams [TS]

  like the upside of this announcement is [TS]

  one George Lucas has no involvement [TS]

  doesn't write it doesn't do anything [TS]

  terrible easily the Creator consult John [TS]

  right well which i read as being that [TS]

  he's got his notes about what 789 would [TS]

  have been from like 1974 [TS]

  yeah that's great George and I added [TS]

  those weirdos out here and rough outline [TS]

  was more or less a creative consultant [TS]

  an empire and look how that turned out [TS]

  exactly yeah they know that is a guy [TS]

  who's Skywalker's father darth vader you [TS]

  don't find out into the middle movie [TS]

  then he's redeemed right thank you do [TS]

  you work now we'll take it from the only [TS]

  thing that makes me really hopeful is [TS]

  that star tours is perhaps one of my [TS]

  favorite ride [TS]

  heads of all time in a Disney Universe [TS]

  and that script is incredibly [TS]

  well-written even the new version which [TS]

  has prequel seems so I'm you know going [TS]

  in their bias to hate it was really [TS]

  clever really well done [TS]

  they know how to handle the material you [TS]

  know and so you've already seen what a [TS]

  collaboration between lucas r Lucasfilm [TS]

  and disney will work out so i'm curious [TS]

  to see if they can actually you know do [TS]

  that and as elegant as Jason said you've [TS]

  seen how the kate the big like the [TS]

  collaboration between say Disney and [TS]

  Marvel which is also in my disney worked [TS]

  out you know we've gotten a whole bunch [TS]

  of money some someone even yeah but like [TS]

  the point is that they they do try to [TS]

  bring in people computer before [TS]

  daredevil daredevil okay yeah well you [TS]

  know people talk about how well that [TS]

  they handle Marvel and how much better [TS]

  the mark how much better uh that there's [TS]

  a lot better than four miles from any [TS]

  sort of DC license but think of it this [TS]

  way i would rather have the DC treatment [TS]

  where you pick one crazy obsessed you [TS]

  know altar to do your movies for one [TS]

  flagship guy you Christopher alone and [TS]

  you give him three movies and maybe [TS]

  messes up the third but I would much [TS]

  rather see that treatment then the [TS]

  marble treatment like everybody gets a [TS]

  property you get a property you get the [TS]

  property make normal things present nor [TS]

  things of Luke though because if you [TS]

  look at now they're trying to start [TS]

  talking about justice league and all [TS]

  that but they saw it right making money [TS]

  on it pick a director give him three [TS]

  movies let him do a christopher nolan on [TS]

  Star Wars as we only chance we have to [TS]

  get only you could argue that that was [TS]

  what George Lucas did to star wars in [TS]

  the first place so our buddy uh our [TS]

  buddy John Gruber ask this question and [TS]

  I thought it was interesting speaking of [TS]

  directors which is what director would [TS]

  you love what is your dream decision to [TS]

  direct Star Wars again i can't believe [TS]

  i'm saying the Star Wars Episode 7 we're [TS]

  doing living or dead or 70 like real [TS]

  reality isn't like fantasy to the [TS]

  reality do person well ask me Carson [TS]

  well well mr alfred hitchcock's star [TS]

  wars [TS]

  oh you know what i would watch Woody [TS]

  Allen dude you're at all your beauty [TS]

  I mean I'm looking for going on and oh [TS]

  you're in tirana console let me tell you [TS]

  what do you mean I got a gorgeous you [TS]

  know I think I think you know obviously [TS]

  just sweden has been bandied about a lot [TS]

  of my work with just means i think just [TS]

  weed is smart enough to know like that's [TS]

  just a different he's gotta tell he's [TS]

  gotten franchises I feel like he's not [TS]

  he's not a good fit i don't think he's [TS]

  worried he's working on [TS]

  he's basically a down the Marvel path [TS]

  now right so he's on a franchise JJ [TS]

  Abrams who I think wouldn't be a great [TS]

  fit at this point again he's got a [TS]

  franchise he's on the franchise he's [TS]

  evil riendo those guys are kicking [TS]

  themselves now everybody's I know we can [TS]

  add star wars [TS]

  Oh dad who's the guy did his middleman [TS]

  javi [TS]

  yeah I don't know you he probably [TS]

  doesn't have the credit is not full well [TS]

  he's just told me he's just a writer [TS]

  really he's not a all director but I [TS]

  mean I'm just what I mean let's see if [TS]

  the group was on the David Fincher train [TS]

  adventure like future but I don't think [TS]

  features i don't think it's right [TS]

  the director doesn't matter as much as [TS]

  the script does because the script wants [TS]

  friends like what kind of movie is this [TS]

  is a dumb kids movie or is it like you [TS]

  know really smart like that the script [TS]

  is what really then all you need is the [TS]

  right director to a not screw up the [TS]

  script and be maybe enhanced but it all [TS]

  depends on that script because you have [TS]

  you give if you give like a not-so-great [TS]

  script to anybody it's just gonna be [TS]

  we're whatever you know it's gotta be a [TS]

  great script so I think the writer is [TS]

  haha yeah we saw it semi good with [TS]

  spider-man 3 [TS]

  yeah like it's nothing you can do like [TS]

  you're all you use all your skills and [TS]

  all your powers and it's like I got to [TS]

  work with here like it's just no good [TS]

  you know it's like it that's when the [TS]

  Empire pods guess the thing that [TS]

  elevates that is the script is just so [TS]

  much better and then of course yes [TS]

  everything execute and also understood [TS]

  but if you don't have a great script the [TS]

  director does not make it do about it i [TS]

  can rewrite the movies themselves like [TS]

  it shouldn't director can be the can be [TS]

  the boss of the movie and can exert some [TS]

  creative control and get things to be [TS]

  you know get things that come in line [TS]

  right that's something like the Nolan [TS]

  thing like where he was just that's that [TS]

  was his crazy project he's gonna reboot [TS]

  Batman he's totally serious about i'm [TS]

  sure he controlled every aspect of that [TS]

  thing and if he wasn't happy with the [TS]

  script you know go around in circles [TS]

  until he got what he wanted [TS]

  and you know because Batman Begins [TS]

  wasn't just a good batman movie had a [TS]

  good script not gonna name her rights [TS]

  back out at level script but that's [TS]

  that's what we need so I want I want to [TS]

  know who the writer is and i want them [TS]

  to take it seriously and write it like i [TS]

  said lord of the rings but like that's [TS]

  not that's cheating already had somebody [TS]

  don't let somebody hand Wes Anderson 250 [TS]

  million dollars for this the odds get [TS]

  this going to fit [TS]

  oh gosh russia says get it done [TS]

  red star wars Academy with the bill [TS]

  murray as the headmaster and the iso my [TS]

  all so somebody a grouper also mentioned [TS]

  brad bird who directed the incredibles [TS]

  and did the mission impossible ghost [TS]

  protocol which was actually pretty good [TS]

  it was fine but was the script to ghost [TS]

  Protocol all that awesome i didn't think [TS]

  it was I think it's the moviemaking was [TS]

  excellent top-notch moviemaking but the [TS]

  script was like man like example I i [TS]

  like the bourne movies better than ghost [TS]

  protocol and it's not be going more [TS]

  movies better made movies it's because [TS]

  these stories are better script was [TS]

  better right but all the bird has some [TS]

  good writing credentials that just not [TS]

  that not that movie like that he didn't [TS]

  write and write that anybody but you [TS]

  know the incredibles and ratatouille [TS]

  wasn't saying yeah like when you give [TS]

  the guy everyone think I'd be in charge [TS]

  like that wasn't you know he was reading [TS]

  The Impossible movie wasn't next Brad [TS]

  Bird movie right i'm driving was bred [TS]

  burden would be you know so so i would [TS]

  love to see a Brad Bird Star Wars my my [TS]

  nomination is duncan jones who directed [TS]

  moon and source code that's my that's my [TS]

  dark horse pic OH [TS]

  ah good good director like that yeah you [TS]

  right here and ok good director good [TS]

  movie but we're not here to talk about [TS]

  source code but i think i think he gets [TS]

  the genre and is a and is a very [TS]

  interesting director and would be an [TS]

  interesting choice i feel like the [TS]

  director for a movie like this unless [TS]

  they get some I mean I was just saying [TS]

  let's get some random person but [TS]

  actually if you look at the way the [TS]

  harry potter directors have been [TS]

  selected it has been a random [TS]

  cross-section of well-known directors [TS]

  and completely like unknown directors [TS]

  like David Yates who directed TV [TS]

  mini-series directed state of play right [TS]

  on bbc1's you right let's go to the [TS]

  audio to what I like Spielberg [TS]

  really i I just I don't think he depart [TS]

  can't be a lot of their story I don't [TS]

  want to do it like you do it either but [TS]

  it would be it would be interesting what [TS]

  he directed 30 years he's gone he's gone [TS]

  too soft to do what I want this wheel is [TS]

  on ya after Schindler's List managed [TS]

  just not just not hungry i feel like you [TS]

  would ever like he would make out we can [TS]

  focus [TS]

  he's gonna be like a little baby shine [TS]

  here the Empire the crystal skull [TS]

  oh yeah that doesn't matter [TS]

  those two old men Crystal Skull look [TS]

  what happened you can't those guys are [TS]

  out you guys got to be young I think we [TS]

  I mean all the people who've been naming [TS]

  also like doesn't have to be someone [TS]

  younger someone hungry what my mother [TS]

  used to studio director and liking [TS]

  others like hey you know we need we need [TS]

  to find somebody who's just going to [TS]

  basically do we don't want to screw this [TS]

  up so we want to find somebody who's [TS]

  gonna do what we tell them to you and I [TS]

  think that would be the most disastrous [TS]

  thing [TS]

  yeah yeah well I mean they took a chance [TS]

  on Joss Whedon for Avengers and it [TS]

  turned out really well for them so maybe [TS]

  they have learned positively from that [TS]

  experience don't learn live and don't [TS]

  well you know I i would love to see and [TS]

  it will never happen but i would love to [TS]

  see ryan Johnson take a whack at it just [TS]

  because I think he has a really [TS]

  interesting you of movie cinema in the [TS]

  world but who is he what did you do [TS]

  Luke Bryan Johnson did looper he did [TS]

  brothers blown i got no I so I've been [TS]

  avoiding that and the podcast with him [TS]

  on it because i don't want to stay [TS]

  smaller yeah no heat [TS]

  he is has a very good idea of how sci-fi [TS]

  works and works i feel very very well [TS]

  with complicated plots and good dialogue [TS]

  so you know it could be work and it's [TS]

  you know it's interesting given [TS]

  obviously how many directors who are [TS]

  around you especially younger directors [TS]

  and at this point are the ones who cite [TS]

  Star Wars is such a major influence on [TS]

  their life right you know so it is weird [TS]

  to think that you know you might get a [TS]

  chance to to touch something that that [TS]

  is that influential and i can see that [TS]

  being you know they're being a lot of [TS]

  trepidation around that but I hope [TS]

  somebody i hope they find somebody good [TS]

  you gotta do is not going to make a [TS]

  terrible mess of it already said that [TS]

  it's with Star Trek right JJ had the [TS]

  stance but I felt like that JJ Abrams [TS]

  Star Trek's area like I like that movie [TS]

  but it kind of has the thing of like [TS]

  they let him direct their next star wars [TS]

  movie but it wasn't it when you watch it [TS]

  wasn't like this looks like a J from [TS]

  story like he didn't that's I don't want [TS]

  that to happen like that was the was a [TS]

  trend was saying that the students just [TS]

  gonna want to have control I give it to [TS]

  you and don't screw it up but you don't [TS]

  really get much influence because the [TS]

  star wars star trek reboot that wasn't a [TS]

  JJ Abrams story just didn't seem like it [TS]

  to me or if it was he was cowed by [TS]

  whatever it is they wanted to keep it is [TS]

  directing job on it but like I want [TS]

  someone to really put their fingerprint [TS]

  on it now I don't have to crown the guy [TS]

  really fast [TS]

  I mean those are those are his those [TS]

  guys who wrote it and it felt Abrams e [TS]

  to me other than the fact that it didn't [TS]

  start with the flash forward and then [TS]

  say you know three days earlier and then [TS]

  tell the actual story that's the big [TS]

  Abrams part is missing [TS]

  I think maybe he felt like an obligation [TS]

  to the two I don't know if you'd call it [TS]

  to like to make it dance the dance of [TS]

  startrack yeah like sorrow I having body [TS]

  of you know and and that we're gonna get [TS]

  it and yet it's incredibly Star Wars [TS]

  like a movie what he didn't he didn't [TS]

  write it and he had his guy is that he [TS]

  had his guys who love star trek write [TS]

  the script and then he in [TS]

  yeah and then he tried to make it good [TS]

  and they it's an interesting compromise [TS]

  your right but and the joss whedon think [TS]

  maybe I you know an interesting example [TS]

  of somebody who's been given and before [TS]

  we didn't you know if you think of these [TS]

  things is not a single movies but as you [TS]

  know they are franchises but they're [TS]

  also almost like TV shows and that [TS]

  there's a there's a through-line for the [TS]

  plot and we're talking about three [TS]

  movies not just a single movie and with [TS]

  the Marvel movies first you had jon [TS]

  favreau kind of shepherding it from the [TS]

  original iron man movie up to the [TS]

  Avengers and he basically did a but a [TS]

  baton pass to joss whedon who's sort of [TS]

  you know basically the creative director [TS]

  working with the studio but you get the [TS]

  in a sense that he is shaping the [TS]

  storylines for all of these movies for [TS]

  the next cycle and so that that's an [TS]

  interesting question would they know [TS]

  who's going to be the driving force is [TS]

  going to be you know Kennedy and the [TS]

  people at at Lucasfilm corporate with a [TS]

  sort of like random collection of [TS]

  writers and directors or is there going [TS]

  to be somebody who is [TS]

  brought in and said you know we really [TS]

  do want you to be the creative forces [TS]

  driving it and I'm a little skeptical [TS]

  but what about I mean you know there [TS]

  have been some very very fine a [TS]

  science-fiction movies over the Pamela [TS]

  was the guy who was the name of the guy [TS]

  who directed district nine I've been [TS]

  searching for and I couldn't old Bob [TS]

  Blomkamp around camp and yon camp was [TS]

  erected was originally supposed to [TS]

  direct the halo movie that never happens [TS]

  if he would have fit with halo but i [TS]

  can't imagine like really gross aliens [TS]

  and uh huh [TS]

  district nine meet style yeah but I mean [TS]

  did you get hard to judge them on just [TS]

  the basis of one movie too [TS]

  yeah that'sthat's true you know these [TS]

  are yummy looking at jackson enough guys [TS]

  have done interesting step up [TS]

  yeah Peter Jackson's interesting example [TS]

  because you had like you know dead alive [TS]

  and heavenly creature or creatures and [TS]

  you're like who is this guy splatter her [TS]

  and then heavenly creatures and then he [TS]

  gets Lord of the Rings you don't know [TS]

  what the heck to expect that you skipped [TS]

  you skipped a couple really creepy like [TS]

  really weird movies in there too i was [TS]

  doing that was doing the endpoints yeah [TS]

  but I was writing and everybody meeting [TS]

  will write more on and the frighteners [TS]

  is like that was just mediocre and just [TS]

  not good at all it was like I'd rather [TS]

  you know it the other polls but you [TS]

  don't know what to expect when he gets [TS]

  the Lord of the Rings franchises and [TS]

  everyone's nervous about it but he ended [TS]

  up being pretty conservative with the [TS]

  treatment of or the ranks of it with the [TS]

  neil whose name I don't try to pronounce [TS]

  of district nine thing yet we don't [TS]

  really know what he would do if given [TS]

  like I would like to see him get the [TS]

  hello Francesca think that would be a [TS]

  good fit but that blew up but Jackson [TS]

  again is an example of a guy who's a [TS]

  director who is it was a somewhat [TS]

  accomplished director but also a writer [TS]

  with a you know with Philippa boyens the [TS]

  sort of writing team for four lord the [TS]

  rings and and you know that's the [TS]

  question is do you do you have somebody [TS]

  like that who can do both those things [TS]

  and can really guide it through or do [TS]

  you you know is having a very studio [TS]

  studio system kind of we've got a script [TS]

  and now we'll hire a director you know [TS]

  yeah I don't know we should say that [TS]

  there's there's other there's other [TS]

  stuff going on in the background here [TS]

  too because they've been developing a [TS]

  star wars TV series in the background [TS]

  here while and I don't know if that's [TS]

  gonna keep going i was a [TS]

  we mentioned during the call today that [TS]

  they're like they saw that as an [TS]

  opportunity right like television rights [TS]

  hehe market and that they're gonna do [TS]

  animation like they'd been living with [TS]

  doing animate right for a long time [TS]

  right Clone Wars has been around for [TS]

  several years now right but I I don't [TS]

  know it's interesting because now that [TS]

  you separate the property from the [TS]

  person who's created it right and i [TS]

  think you know all bets are off in terms [TS]

  of like yeah you don't really [TS]

  necessarily need like an all a single [TS]

  altar to do it i think you could get [TS]

  away with someone writing a good script [TS]

  and someone you know a solid director [TS]

  but i think they do have to be a team I [TS]

  mean you know no one doesn't necessarily [TS]

  write all the scripts for the Batman [TS]

  movie work something that sort of his [TS]

  brother I believe you know and i think [TS]

  there's I think they did tell me that I [TS]

  would see some of the I mean there's [TS]

  some great writers out there not just in [TS]

  Hollywood but in like you know comic [TS]

  book when I don't know why Bryant Bryant [TS]

  a bondsman name popped to mind but I [TS]

  thought about someone like him as a as [TS]

  an interesting example of the kind of [TS]

  writers they could attract this [TS]

  yeah i mean the one danger that I worry [TS]

  about is star wars is a definitive point [TS]

  of many people's childhoods and many [TS]

  current artists where they kind of got [TS]

  there there sci-fi/fantasy bug and I do [TS]

  worry about the being so reverential to [TS]

  the treatments that it you know [TS]

  overloads the movie and we're just [TS]

  getting nothing but references things [TS]

  like that i mean i think we kind of got [TS]

  a taste with that the prequels and and [TS]

  all of the other sort of reboots they've [TS]

  been going on in the last 10 years but [TS]

  that said they've really got to be [TS]

  careful to make sure to get somebody who [TS]

  you know can knows the material and can [TS]

  work with material but isn't going to be [TS]

  sluggish Lee you know in love with it [TS]

  and devoted to trying to make everything [TS]

  you know you don't want to do what Lucas [TS]

  would do so let's see what you got [TS]

  finding jobs think about what this book [TS]

  that [TS]

  yeah is this steve jobs are still alive [TS]

  he is done so is is this i mean [TS]

  unbalanced you do you think this is a [TS]

  good this is good news or bad news that [TS]

  that because because we've got George [TS]

  Lucas kind of stepping away which gives [TS]

  this franchise an opportunity to not [TS]

  being covered by all of these issues [TS]

  that [TS]

  people have with George Lucas and his [TS]

  bad writing and his strange ideas but at [TS]

  the same time they're making more star [TS]

  wars movies and that's scary because [TS]

  that who knows what they'll be so on [TS]

  balance is this you know is this news [TS]

  today good or bad [TS]

  to what do I think I think there's this [TS]

  there's actually cynical part of me that [TS]

  was like you know where the story goes [TS]

  like what are they doing but I i gotta [TS]

  admit I was feeling a little bit giddy [TS]

  all afternoon after i heard this i don't [TS]

  i don't know what like again all prior [TS]

  evidence suggests i should not feel [TS]

  excited about this and yet there was a [TS]

  part of me that like was that [TS]

  sixteen-year-old again who was going on [TS]

  I got any more stars that's awesome so I [TS]

  i don't know i mean it's i should i [TS]

  should be wary of getting burned again [TS]

  but i find it hard to believe that I [TS]

  won't be there on opening night I think [TS]

  it's universally positive because I at [TS]

  the prequels really just like severed [TS]

  any relationship I had like that that [TS]

  was that was the cutoff point that [TS]

  isolated my three star wars movies from [TS]

  the rest of the universe and now i'm [TS]

  just so happy to have as many other [TS]

  people have said that I always assumed [TS]

  that to wait for George looks to die [TS]

  before this with him I want someone else [TS]

  to be able to do stuff in the universe [TS]

  and i have no attachment like it's not [TS]

  like the Phantom Menace like I'm I'm [TS]

  totally psyched for new movies not [TS]

  because I'm not attached i'm not like oh [TS]

  man this again because I know it's not [TS]

  going to be the best movie ever like I'm [TS]

  bargaining at this point like I hope [TS]

  it's at least as good as JJ Abrams Star [TS]

  Trek and it won't lessen the other [TS]

  movies to me anything like that like [TS]

  it's just it's totally divorced and [TS]

  totally separate but there are so many [TS]

  possibilities and of course the other [TS]

  one that I'm excited about is the [TS]

  possibility of having you know blu-ray [TS]

  version of the theory releases put out [TS]

  right but but it looks like that the [TS]

  star trek is the doomsday scenario where [TS]

  they just make movie after movie and [TS]

  then just become increasingly terrible [TS]

  and just becomes a mess but so fine like [TS]

  if you might really want to do that it's [TS]

  kind of disappointing but i'm not i'm [TS]

  not attached to it anymore like that [TS]

  I've I bet is that there's a Chinese [TS]

  wall between the three star wars movies [TS]

  and then anything it's like expanding [TS]

  universe I don't get annoyed about crazy [TS]

  stuff happening expanding universe i [TS]

  have no idea what's going on those books [TS]

  I don't read them they don't bother me I [TS]

  it was because like the prequels were [TS]

  like [TS]

  going to be canonical by the same guy [TS]

  part of the same you know like it that's [TS]

  why there was a heartbroken and because [TS]

  we had to wait i don't know how many [TS]

  years it was but it was a long time was [TS]

  longer than damage live it was a long [TS]

  time we waited a long time so that was [TS]

  that was the most crushing entertainment [TS]

  blow of all of our lives and nothing can [TS]

  compare to that so now now I'm all like [TS]

  thumbs-up I hope you don't make stinker [TS]

  but if you do I go oh yeah they screwed [TS]

  up try again so I i want to start sir [TS]

  track again as an example that I think [TS]

  might be encouraging John which is so [TS]

  they made the original Star Trek but the [TS]

  motion picture and Gene Roddenberry was [TS]

  heavily involved and it was a stinker [TS]

  and the studio basically kicked him out [TS]

  of all creative control over star trek [TS]

  to and future movies there and they went [TS]

  on a bit of a creative success at that [TS]

  point Roddenberry was involved with Star [TS]

  Trek The Next Generation at the [TS]

  beginning and they basically kicked him [TS]

  out of control [TS]

  by the end of the second season which [TS]

  was when that show became noticeably [TS]

  better so I I think there's something to [TS]

  be said that there's some precedent here [TS]

  for having the Creator step back and [TS]

  having you know any any any Enterprise [TS]

  huh that that is creative and has [TS]

  continuity like this after a while you [TS]

  know it's the same people telling the [TS]

  same stories and you need a break and [TS]

  you need a new perspective and starting [TS]

  to sell me on Gary Lucas yeah so start [TS]

  with it needed to go so I I'm really [TS]

  encouraged about that because star wars [TS]

  now has an opportunity to have that [TS]

  creative refresh and like you said there [TS]

  are so many people who are not just not [TS]

  just like 20 year olds but people from [TS]

  20 to 50 who grew up loving Star Wars [TS]

  who are incredibly talented writers i [TS]

  mean i'll use doctor who is an example [TS]

  to when they brought Doctor Who back it [TS]

  was all the people who are professional [TS]

  TV writers who loved it when they were [TS]

  kids and we that the the movie industry [TS]

  is full of people who love Star Wars so [TS]

  you would think they have their choice [TS]

  of incredible talent to rethink and move [TS]

  forward with this franchise and you know [TS]

  that's so exciting because i like you [TS]

  John I thought that this was something [TS]

  that you know when George Lucas died [TS]

  somebody would say okay we can release [TS]

  those original movies now [TS]

  all because they were going to redo a [TS]

  episodes 4 5 & 6 like that will still [TS]

  happen eventually if we all live long [TS]

  enough someone will do the reboot right [TS]

  hope Empire and jedi-like and that when [TS]

  they don't be sad and mobile now begun [TS]

  in Chinese yeah probably will be ill [TS]

  that's all gonna be a firefly crossover [TS]

  you know all the cursing will be in [TS]

  Chinese let's go well I mean if we can [TS]

  extrapolate from this then we can [TS]

  determine that Firefly will get remade [TS]

  sometime in the next 20 to 30 years [TS]

  writer but this was different i think is [TS]

  that by doing this in trying to do [TS]

  episode 7 8 9 they're actually trying to [TS]

  lock in the original series because I [TS]

  felt like if you go if you go long [TS]

  enough because what they'll do is [TS]

  they'll introduce new characters that [TS]

  are young and exciting butter the [TS]

  children and grandchildren and related [TS]

  to the characters format instead instead [TS]

  of well be the alternative is to just [TS]

  remake them right i mean i-i think [TS]

  that's a it's an interesting choice that [TS]

  that and again to go to the star trek [TS]

  path they do that for awhile and [TS]

  everybody's too old and it's too tired [TS]

  and then somebody comes in just as let's [TS]

  just go back to the beginning and do it [TS]

  again but i don't think they're I think [TS]

  they want to extend this universe stupid [TS]

  people who love the love the the [TS]

  extended universe books and all that had [TS]

  feel feel fear about this being kind of [TS]

  crushing them out of existence [TS]

  I don't know well I think there's a way [TS]

  to balance it it just depends on how I [TS]

  mean they mentioned in the conference [TS]

  call that they got a pretty detailed [TS]

  treatment of seven eight nine and [TS]

  granted God knows how much of that [TS]

  they'll actually use but the question is [TS]

  how influence that is with the extended [TS]

  universe and the extended universe has [TS]

  always been kind of meta cannon anyway I [TS]

  would love to see i would love out of my [TS]

  mind to see Tim's and Thrawn Trilogy as [TS]

  789 I think that would be amazing i [TS]

  think it probably won't happen unless [TS]

  they recast the actors but you know see [TS]

  Mara Jade on still on screen would be [TS]

  pretty awesome from a you know from a [TS]

  lifelong fan perspective but I don't [TS]

  know it's I don't think it will diminish [TS]

  the extended universe i mean people [TS]

  there are always I mean there are [TS]

  there were diaries and extended books [TS]

  written for the prequels so clearly [TS]

  there's going to like that that universe [TS]

  is still going to exist if I doubt 789 [TS]

  will write it out of existence but let's [TS]

  not let's not put the extended universe [TS]

  up on a pedestal i mean they drove that [TS]

  pretty hard into the ground to a certain [TS]

  point so you know I think there's some [TS]

  things that are good and extended [TS]

  universe I i also like tim jones trilogy [TS]

  the first one the rest of the stuff you [TS]

  wrote was mediocre at best but that [TS]

  doesn't mean I kind of like the original [TS]

  dark Empire comic like there's some good [TS]

  stuff in there it's just but it's mixed [TS]

  in with law stuff that is not good at [TS]

  this point i read it would be many many [TS]

  years I read almost all fit at this [TS]

  point all the time you know would be [TS]

  over right at me because because of the [TS]

  difference in time unless they recast [TS]

  which I don't think they would do [TS]

  they're gonna say like with the first [TS]

  trilogy you know this this takes place [TS]

  30 years 20 years probably it will take [TS]

  place exactly as many years it's been [TS]

  since when they saw the original trilogy [TS]

  right yeah well in the notes on the on [TS]

  the Star Wars site they say like others [TS]

  about 20 years between trilogies which [TS]

  you know unfortunately yeah the actors [TS]

  have all aged out of that right because [TS]

  as what i hear is gonna be 30 years [TS]

  yeah and it's always more than that [TS]

  because you know their supporters like [TS]

  27 the first 10 i'm just thinking since [TS]

  since a return of the jedi right right [TS]

  yeah so like you know even if it was [TS]

  ii-in his early thirties at this point [TS]

  now it's more like 35 years later right [TS]

  and so well that's a hard life being a [TS]

  guy with a vest running around its tough [TS]

  life in ages joy one of those things you [TS]

  might see them in cameo roles but I [TS]

  think these are the guys you're gonna [TS]

  carry this picture more picture [TS]

  absolutely not no i mean this is this is [TS]

  going to be that thing where you see ya [TS]

  you see Luke Skywalker maybe at you know [TS]

  as an older gentleman and he's in a [TS]

  couple of scenes and people like who and [TS]

  then you never that they'll be like [TS]

  Leonard Nimoy in the Star Trek exactly [TS]

  so maybe less but maybe last year [TS]

  yeah hopefully they won't give him a [TS]

  long confusing camels at 80hz no no [TS]

  always in his sixties Carrie Fisher is [TS]

  56 i believe and Harrison Ford turn 70 [TS]

  this year i looked it up earlier two [TS]

  parts of camel or younger younger than [TS]

  60 however [TS]

  unfortunately Nelson at a terribly well [TS]

  thanks to reconstructive surgery at that [TS]

  point yeah but I mean let's be honest we [TS]

  don't go down the horrible path which is [TS]

  they recreate them all as young [TS]

  Holograms yes cgi version so i know i [TS]

  don't think i don't let it get a good [TS]

  that mean [TS]

  well the bigger question is how do we [TS]

  incorporate the star wars universe into [TS]

  the Disney Princesses there there are [TS]

  pretty common yeah and I later on we got [TS]

  one yes we have that we're going to fill [TS]

  that out a little bit we'll have a [TS]

  little section for the in tomorrowland [TS]

  it's gonna be a beautiful thing I there [TS]

  already i need to our lair are you mean [TS]

  Star Wars where yeah it's not it's not [TS]

  out of the realm of possibility there's [TS]

  definitely a zillion little minnie mouse [TS]

  as Princess Leia toys already existing [TS]

  my daughter's got princess layout toys [TS]

  that are made by the same like this [TS]

  company that makes the dolls with a [TS]

  little rubber close if you seen these [TS]

  random you're the only person might have [TS]

  seen these they have little stretchy [TS]

  plastic rubber close all the disney [TS]

  characters milan and stuff like that and [TS]

  they also make an entire Princess Leia [TS]

  said I don't know if these are all [TS]

  illegal or whatever but they're all like [TS]

  the same type of toys already my [TS]

  daughter has in her princess has been [TS]

  all the disney princesses and Princess [TS]

  Leia and Queen Amidala all thrown in the [TS]

  sea [TS]

  no this is something that made me laugh [TS]

  today is that is that in other [TS]

  circumstances a deal like this would [TS]

  make people aghast because Disney who [TS]

  would there there you know them the [TS]

  merchandising and licensing and [TS]

  everything they do and they bought this [TS]

  this independent company and they're [TS]

  gonna ruin it it's like well no it's [TS]

  it's Star Wars it's not there's not [TS]

  going to be with your licensing if there [TS]

  were ever a more perfect place for star [TS]

  wars the king of merchandising to [TS]

  commercialize Star Wars uh [TS]

  it's tearin shit figures of everything [TS]

  02 tuyos will become 3 toyota's yeah i [TS]

  gotta say on a tangential note when I [TS]

  was listening to the call today they [TS]

  talked a little bit about video games [TS]

  too because among other things a part [TS]

  LucasArts right now and they're like I [TS]

  heard them say we're going to focus more [TS]

  on like social and casual games and I [TS]

  was kind of ready to swear at them for [TS]

  that because there are so many like but [TS]

  they said videogame property's been [TS]

  totally botched over the last 10 years [TS]

  what they said they were going to they [TS]

  were probably gonna license out the [TS]

  console games and not because Lucas are [TS]

  they have a strength and building [TS]

  console games i think that's what they [TS]

  said you know how let's get them [TS]

  probably yeah right [TS]

  why I'm just hoping I think just in [TS]

  general as John was saying earlier i [TS]

  think the the net positive of this is [TS]

  just that you know to a certain extent [TS]

  Lucas was just keeping everything locked [TS]

  down in certain ways right and now [TS]

  there's a lot more freedom all the [TS]

  sudden and that freedom might be a bad [TS]

  thing right here is bad things can be [TS]

  done with it but it also has the chance [TS]

  to be something positive and we've seen [TS]

  what you know what the alternatives [TS]

  which is either yet nothing or we get [TS]

  you know gigantic pieces of crap so I'm [TS]

  certainly willing to see what Disney can [TS]

  do with what i want things for one [TS]

  thing's for certain you're going to you [TS]

  know pay a lot of money [TS]

  what you gonna do that anyway you're [TS]

  ready for you know it yet ready to buy [TS]

  your star wars movies again guys [TS]

  oh yeah yeah but again yes I don't see [TS]

  another movie at midnight star wars fans [TS]

  are happy to I mean happy to do that I [TS]

  think especially I i do think it's true [TS]

  that if they if they did the super [TS]

  restored original classics it [TS]

  ultra-expensive that trilogy blu-ray [TS]

  thing they would sell a billion of Meyer [TS]

  you know it's all those four five [TS]

  hundred dollars and they'd still making [TS]

  really yeah yeah and I wouldn't surprise [TS]

  me if they if they did that that but [TS]

  yeah there'll be more movies and people [TS]

  go see him and I'll I'm with John I feel [TS]

  like the bloom you know the bloom is off [TS]

  the rose we lost our innocence with star [TS]

  wars with the prequel so now it's like [TS]

  all right you know more [TS]

  sure that's more tries I'm optimistic [TS]

  because that we've hit rock bottom I [TS]

  think that's probably true and open [TS]

  worst movies there will be worse but [TS]

  eventually eventually but in in this [TS]

  first in this first set I think [TS]

  yeah i think there's a chance he hiding [TS]

  too sensitive better right to ya like [TS]

  they gotta know everyone knows right [TS]

  like everybody it's almost universal [TS]

  that that that people did not like these [TS]

  woods above a certain age sure you know [TS]

  and I I think you've got to be sensitive [TS]

  to that effect and you know as a as what [TS]

  was the guy who said on the financial [TS]

  call today something about like you're [TS]

  you know you're going to anger the [TS]

  entire internet typically have been [TS]

  there mistreating it we angry know where [TS]

  joyful jubilant it's like Scott Forstall [TS]

  using sorry that that's just another [TS]

  podcast look but my point being you know [TS]

  I think they know that there's [TS]

  incredible last sensitivity and I think [TS]

  enough fun has been made those are you [TS]

  know of one two and three that they know [TS]

  they don't want to go down that road so [TS]

  I think you know if they're smart and I [TS]

  think they whatever else you might say [TS]

  about them they're they're clearly savvy [TS]

  business people [TS]

  yeah I think they're gonna think about [TS]

  that you know when they're when they're [TS]

  looking at how to put this yet this is a [TS]

  four billion dollar investment for [TS]

  disney I think they're really [TS]

  financially motivated to make their [TS]

  money back and they know that making a [TS]

  good product is what's going to do it [TS]

  and and you know I'm encouraged by the [TS]

  fact that you know Disney buying marvel [TS]

  we can argue about the quality of [TS]

  specific Marvel movies but that they [TS]

  seem to have had some success and some [TS]

  creative success and we can argue about [TS]

  the scope and then Disney buying Pixar [TS]

  is another interesting example they [TS]

  brought them both up in the call today [TS]

  that where Disney is making these kind [TS]

  of strategic investments in in companies [TS]

  that have skills or intellectual [TS]

  property that it's fascinating to see [TS]

  that and and you know that you don't buy [TS]

  star wars for four billion dollars and [TS]

  you know Fox has the distribution rights [TS]

  for the old movies this is really about [TS]

  the future this is about disney saying [TS]

  that star wars is a you know has a [TS]

  future and it's worth four billion [TS]

  dollars so oh by the way the muppets [TS]

  also are owned by disney now so finally [TS]

  all Muppets and other month like puppets [TS]

  are under one roof [TS]

  Yoda and Grover can now appear together [TS]

  now I'd like that wouldn't happen so no [TS]

  i didn't i put a link in the skype chat [TS]

  room and the and the IRC chatroom it's a [TS]

  link to the one of the old trailers and [TS]

  from 2010 for the old republic [TS]

  look yeah unfortunately that game turned [TS]

  out great [TS]

  right so this i'm ignoring the games [TS]

  entirely and just saying the people who [TS]

  put together the cutscenes to t is the [TS]

  old republic but those guys make a movie [TS]

  because they they have the you know it [TS]

  is a runny nose like it was making game [TS]

  I'm just saying let's meet the cutscenes [TS]

  these kind of things [TS]

  hint hint at a like you're like I'd like [TS]

  to see the movie that this cutscene is [TS]

  full from maybe you would like to play [TS]

  the game the cutscene is pulled from but [TS]

  they have the look the feel of a non [TS]

  George Lucas Star Wars that i would be [TS]

  interested in watching it's kind of like [TS]

  the battlestar galactica reboot where [TS]

  it's like a little bit grittier more [TS]

  interesting and you know not too not too [TS]

  obsessed with the fetishizing the things [TS]

  that were good about the 70 series or [TS]

  whatever like that when i think of a [TS]

  good future of Star Wars I think of [TS]

  these videogame trailers but and and I'm [TS]

  worried a little bit about so the point [TS]

  at which i gave up reading most of the [TS]

  extended universe stuff was they started [TS]

  this huge sort of push to do this was a [TS]

  call like the New Jedi Order which is [TS]

  this huge sort of overarching story line [TS]

  that they did in the books for a while [TS]

  and lets the it was already out of [TS]

  terrible story line because it basically [TS]

  turns Star Wars into Star Trek like [TS]

  there are these aliens invading from [TS]

  another universe and they were coming to [TS]

  fight the Jedi and I you know I was [TS]

  sitting there going this is this is not [TS]

  this is not what's interesting about [TS]

  Star Wars you know and also they killed [TS]

  off a fairly major character in the [TS]

  first book of that series at which point [TS]

  I literally stopped reading about 20 [TS]

  pages from the end after they killed a [TS]

  character put it down and then did not [TS]

  touch a star wars book for many many [TS]

  years I was that angry [TS]

  well but and so I mean to the point of [TS]

  that somebody made the chat room and I [TS]

  think George Lucas made on on in the [TS]

  little video they released on on [TS] it's a big universe right i [TS]

  mean the absolute 789 maybe the [TS]

  continuation of the classic trilogy but [TS]

  you know it is that the original stories [TS]

  in The Naked City yes exactly elsewhere [TS]

  right [TS]

  elsewhere and elsewhere in that time [TS]

  period and tell other interesting [TS]

  stories using that universe right [TS]

  oh absolutely i mean i think that was [TS]

  would always intrigued me about the [TS]

  possible [TS]

  be the star wars TV show that took place [TS]

  sort of you know more in the seedy [TS]

  underbelly of Star Wars like that man [TS]

  that sounds cool already bad bounty [TS]

  hunter land is a bright center of the [TS]

  universe is TV series is farthest from [TS]

  think that mangoes that one but you know [TS]

  what i mean yeah i know i got you mami [TS]

  I'm not having that also one of the [TS]

  captains Justin Rogue Squadron movies i [TS]

  would watch that would be awesome [TS]

  alright man yeah I want sucker for [TS]

  anything without with back swings on [TS]

  Tashi station that's what I want like [TS]

  this year now laughing and panting like [TS]

  cheers yeah except there's people there [TS]

  and they're carrying power converters [TS]

  around like man you can't get any better [TS]

  places for power converters in taji [TS]

  station [TS]

  ya see what I want I want I want a [TS]

  romance i want it called hold me like [TS]

  you did on Naboo and I want it and I [TS]

  want it yesterday [TS]

  no oh first scene in episode 7 the [TS]

  prequels for a dream and even wakes up [TS]

  in bed sweating terrible terrible dream [TS]

  wait so you're the beginning of seven is [TS]

  the end of new heart [TS]

  yes that was thinking something else or [TS]

  maybe it's like autistic kid George [TS]

  Lucas is looking into a snow globe [TS]

  example actually planted that was in a [TS]

  snow globe the first thing is the glowy [TS]

  ghost of Yoda who hasn't aged because [TS]

  he's a puppet speaking to a young Jedi [TS]

  children around a campfire and says and [TS]

  and that story which I've just told you [TS]

  which is roughly the length of three [TS]

  movies true is not and then we go [TS]

  through what a relief i thought that was [TS]

  really bad and then they begin the movie [TS]

  begins the fanfare that won't be the [TS]

  father's favorite American yeah that's [TS]

  right yo begins with us seek yeah yeah [TS]

  true is not and then they don't play the [TS]

  full 20 Century Fox fanfare because all [TS]

  feature meters will be distributed wha [TS]

  I just need to know when you wish upon a [TS]

  star instead I got someone happy like [TS]

  you about the music when you wish upon [TS]

  ever when you wish upon a star wars Stan [TS]

  said you really liked dr. John Williams [TS]

  did when you wish upon a star [TS]

  you did it in Close Encounters so there [TS]

  you go just probably it will just reuse [TS]

  will just use old William scores will [TS]

  great i just bought indiana jones two [TS]

  but they've got a multi film deal with [TS]

  paramount for those so it's unclear what [TS]

  that means to say really bothered for [TS]

  Star Wars that's what Tiger said today [TS]

  was we really like this instance [TS]

  not-not-not Howard the daughters no [TS]

  Valerie ppl not willow not dark crystal [TS]

  about me all those movies will get me at [TS]

  some point you gotta you gotta know [TS]

  right like the bottom p you know they're [TS]

  gonna use it at some point because ways [TS]

  to do it i like many years it'll be a [TS]

  long time before they reboot like you [TS]

  know India just powered the doc howards [TS]

  i will take I will take that horrible [TS]

  Howard oddly ruined that was really like [TS]

  the end of my innocence [TS]

  Howard the Duck once you've spoken about [TS]

  Leah Thompson's career on this period [TS]

  podcast but i have yeah that film really [TS]

  kind of kind of twisted me that was a [TS]

  Marvel property to so now Howard adducts [TS]

  film and comic book properties are back [TS]

  under one synergy Jason late energy hall [TS]

  at long last you know that could be the [TS]

  real story here [TS]

  however the introductory reunification [TS]

  theory [TS]

  yeah that could be it could be a dark [TS]

  gritty Howard the Duck it's coming [TS]

  marvel's house that Howard the Duck [TS]

  appearing in in Marvel's uh-uh next [TS]

  movie with what's the one with Rocket [TS]

  Raccoon it'll be it'll be your Guardians [TS]

  already how the galaxy it will be rocket [TS]

  raccoon and howard the duck yeah why not [TS]

  why not [TS]

  I'm with you wow so what have we learned [TS]

  a thing we just calculated wildly the [TS]

  latter and the numbers were storage [TS]

  Lucas even uncertainty yet well know [TS]

  that so that's exactly right that that [TS]

  even the great mystery of the future and [TS]

  what's going to happen with Star Wars [TS]

  it's still one of those moments of kind [TS]

  of giddiness of maybe something good [TS]

  will happen to star wars because I think [TS]

  there's a general feeling that it has [TS]

  been a dark time for the Empire totally [TS]

  yeah yeah well yeah well yeah I open [TS]

  yeah [TS]

  2015 highlight my great regret is that [TS]

  they couldn't have handled Lucas his [TS]

  four billion in Ocean City New Jersey [TS]

  yesterday haha is that too soon maybe [TS]

  that may be wrong but I more than talent [TS]

  of a battleship [TS]

  yeah something yeah i'm just i was [TS]

  imagining a scene like you know from [TS]

  Goodfellas where where Jimmy Conway is [TS]

  telling Karen to go into the two into [TS]

  the warehouse to get the mink coats just [TS]

  go back get all the sugar you always [TS]

  just go down there that's your money is [TS]

  going down there just cook just go down [TS]

  there it's okay just go ahead [TS]

  see I thought you were going with the [TS]

  other one which is they ushered George [TS]

  Lucas into the room there's a picture of [TS]

  him signing with broad biker signing the [TS]

  signing the papers and I come on in here [TS]

  to sign the papers and goes oh no oh no [TS]

  now that I think he deserves props for [TS]

  giving it up before he dies i read [TS]

  sitting on it for not for not like [TS]

  saying i've got to hold onto this thing [TS]

  cuz that's been his big thing that's [TS]

  just stupid stupid lesson from the Rio [TS]

  don't hold onto the nice guys but he's [TS]

  taken isn't letting a disney's putting [TS]

  George Lucas back in the vault [TS]

  I think I think Kathleen Kennedy or [TS]

  whoever else is sort of like in control [TS]

  and she was made the Chairman because he [TS]

  wanted to retire or co-chair of [TS]

  LucasArts or Lucasfilm i think i think [TS]

  somebody and maybe it was her said [TS]

  George this is this disfranchise is huge [TS]

  and maybe was Bob Iger I don't know this [TS]

  franchise is huge [TS]

  it has it has a life in the future and [TS]

  you need to either decide to be part of [TS]

  it or you need to just let it go and and [TS]

  somebody kind of talk which I never [TS]

  thought would happen somebody talked [TS]

  sense into george lucas and said let [TS]

  this go get your honor easy good to go [TS]

  son [TS]

  no you know what I think I think Lucas [TS]

  had this in the works for a couple years [TS]

  i I really don't think he was one like I [TS]

  think he he just got to a point where he [TS]

  was tired and didn't want to deal with [TS]

  the fan hatred and didn't want to deal [TS]

  with the weight of having to you know [TS]

  produce and deal with Star Wars anymore [TS]

  yeah okay but to his credit he didn't [TS]

  sit on it right he said I'm going to [TS]

  let this go and and and let somebody [TS]

  else do it and let this thing live on [TS]

  beyond me when he could have been kind [TS]

  of mind early and said no no if I don't [TS]

  do it nobody does it and George but can [TS]

  we do to get you to walk out of here [TS]

  today with four billion dollars in your [TS]

  pocket for Instagram and we should say [TS]

  that Kathleen Kennedy has a very [TS]

  impressive resume behind her [TS]

  you know we're talking about the woman [TS]

  who executive-produced Raiders and ET in [TS]

  Jurassic Park [TS]

  I mean she'sshe's a frank Marshall's [TS]

  wife i believe and she co-founded Amblin [TS]

  yeah so I mean sheet she has some [TS]

  credentials and Lucasfilm is not being [TS]

  left in the hands of ? yeah yeah [TS]

  again like John said that hardens me [TS]

  that and the fact that they again as you [TS]

  said you can [TS]

  many of the Marvel movies were not good [TS]

  but they sure put a ton of money into [TS]

  those movies you cannot say that is the [TS]

  cheap out and didn't you know didn't [TS]

  have the courage of their convictions [TS]

  they just put a ton of money into all [TS]

  those movies you know the vengers alone [TS]

  was like a hundred and fifty million [TS]

  like and they made their money back [TS]

  the middle and the end with my client is [TS]

  gonna take it back after like you know [TS]

  all the other ones but event y'know like [TS]

  they did I think I i think every single [TS]

  one of those movies was within 48 hours [TS]

  back oh yes [TS]

  yeah I think so no you know I did they [TS]

  did you do not suppose yeah yeah [TS]

  whatever they don't make back on the box [TS]

  office receipts they will make in [TS]

  licensing and then manufacturing well I [TS]

  mean that's part of the problem [TS]

  part of the reason for having these [TS]

  properties yeah yeah the successfully [TS]

  Avengers also then has this back this [TS]

  backward glow on the other movies [TS]

  because then people like the Avengers [TS]

  and everybody wants to go see all the [TS]

  other movies and suddenly instead of [TS]

  having a movie that successful you've [TS]

  got like a 25 movie box set that is [TS]

  everybody needs to watch before they [TS]

  watch it and I honestly my kids and I [TS]

  watched all those movies because I knew [TS]

  they'd you know I side seen the Avengers [TS]

  in the seat theater and i want to show [TS]

  to them and we went back I mean it works [TS]

  it's actually kind of its brilliant so [TS]

  you know Disney is going to do that [TS]

  they're gonna put [TS]

  they're gonna they're gonna take care of [TS]

  the franchise because they spent four [TS]

  billion on it and they wanted to do well [TS]

  which is just going to sit through the [TS]

  bad movies first but the Avengers want [TS]

  first but 200 million dollars a good [TS]

  right hand don't just don't throw well i [TS]

  think by saying is explicitly than its [TS]

  episode 7 that's what they're saying is [TS]

  there they're not they're not gonna do [TS]

  like a half-hearted like well we're [TS]

  gonna do the boba fett movie now maybe [TS]

  we'll extend their like no episode 7 it [TS]

  comes after Return of the Jedi we're [TS]

  doing a new trilogy and it starts in [TS]

  that's kind of bold I mean they're not [TS]

  they're not halfway doing it that that's [TS]

  kind of amazing Mets that was really the [TS]

  one thing that blew me away about today [TS]

  is that is that their internet i had a [TS]

  soft pedaling it right [TS]

  yeah it's like boom new trilogy every [TS]

  couple of years start in 2015 [TS]

  wow wow see if they can hit those dates [TS]

  of course [TS]

  oh yeah well it's they got some time [TS]

  they probably built in some wiggle room [TS]

  there but yeah they got it they got to [TS]

  get actors a director a script like just [TS]

  I'd ever as far as we know they don't [TS]

  have any of those things that he seems [TS]

  like they would have announced they had [TS]

  I mean they haven't had any of engines [TS]

  together in an area screen in the garage [TS]

  ok I mean they've heard handle it no [TS]

  names from Hoboken there's they get this [TS]

  done and they'll get this time in 3-4 [TS]

  and it's gonna be tricky part of all [TS]

  Marvel Entertainment has I mean what [TS]

  they've done with the Marvel movies in [TS]

  the past what five or six years they put [TS]

  those out on an aggressive year and a [TS]

  half two years schedule and not all of [TS]

  them have been fantastic but clearly [TS]

  disney can you know rifle up who they [TS]

  need they've already got the script I [TS]

  mailed it in this afternoon right hand [TS]

  everyone start writing your spec scripts [TS]

  and what color with it comes to haven't [TS]

  had one in the drawer for 20 years what [TS]

  color was the gray on and off it it'll [TS]

  it'll be integrated stuff it'll be [TS]

  beautiful and it will be spontaneous [TS]

  it's gonna be great it's gonna be a [TS]

  can't wait for it is how's that [TS]

  yeah it's just you know and then you [TS]

  know that they'll do principal [TS]

  photography and about a week and a half [TS]

  and then i'll spend three years on [TS]

  special effects and it'll come out it's [TS]

  gonna be wonderful and it was going to [TS]

  give it to the old republic trailer [TS]

  cutscene people all CJ you don't need to [TS]

  there's you just need a script and a [TS]

  little but exactly dressed for robert [TS]

  zemeckis rated voices by the way yeah [TS]

  robert zemeckis will do it and everybody [TS]

  will have those creepy deadeyes flowery [TS]

  dress [TS]

  yeah it's not gonna happen [TS]

  I want to think about a doubt this is [TS]

  silly and we should just dunk it budgets [TS]

  for talking about the the idea that now [TS]

  the disney has bought them that opens [TS]

  the door for our star wars to touch in [TS]

  anyway with pics are I mean Marvel [TS]

  doesn't touch protects our that's the [TS]

  counterexample I another thing I thing I [TS]

  see is I see less of it being used like [TS]

  a picture is going to make a Star Wars [TS]

  movie but i would be amused to see [TS]

  something like a toy story short that [TS]

  had Star Wars toys in it or something [TS]

  like that I could see that you know [TS]

  something like they just did this [TS]

  direction help them right where they [TS]

  have all the video game characters and [TS]

  actually got a list video kicker well [TS]

  now they own the Star Wars character so [TS]

  now it's a lot easier to do things [TS]

  girlfriends but pixar wants its own IP [TS]

  and I mean do you don't see Captain [TS]

  America new Pixar movie like they have [TS]

  been crying but I don't think they I [TS]

  don't think I'll do want early but i [TS]

  think i think it would be it would be [TS]

  cool if they did i'm gonna be surprised [TS]

  to see Disney Animation do some sort of [TS]

  shorts maybe an animated series but [TS]

  probably not flexible but isn't I mean [TS]

  who's doing who's producing the clone [TS]

  war stuff right [TS]

  who is that that's W be active so it's [TS]

  an outside soon will that what will [TS]

  happen is that that stuff's gonna get [TS]

  brought inside and maybe that maybe [TS]

  maybe the star wars animated stuff goes [TS]

  to wall you know walt disney animation [TS]

  but in that they said it was there they [TS]

  talked about the disney XD network that [TS]

  they're showing Ron animated series on [TS]

  they mentioned that being a one possible [TS]

  outlet so yeah so cartoon network may [TS]

  lose all of this eventually because [TS]

  they're good because of the corporate [TS]

  synergy right but but that'll be [TS]

  interesting because you know even if [TS]

  that's not pics are making a Star Wars [TS]

  movie if it's john lasseter and kind of [TS]

  the pixar method being turned on to star [TS]

  wars animated properties that could be [TS]

  interesting it would be yeah it would be [TS]

  really funny if pixar were to do [TS]

  something like that but it doesn't seem [TS]

  like that makes any sense at all so [TS]

  right there they're gonna build their [TS]

  own things [TS]

  yeah i don't i don't see any any [TS]

  touching there at all except for [TS]

  attention maybe may be short but it like [TS]

  I would be more more likely i think you [TS]

  just like argues head in the background [TS]

  of toy story for whatever right [TS]

  sure why not right next to spider-man [TS]

  and although once again getting back to [TS]

  the video game trail like who stare dad [TS]

  always wanted pixar to do something [TS]

  outside their comfort zone a radar for [TS]

  realistically animated star wars [TS]

  universe story i'm just saying well you [TS]

  might die if that happens you might just [TS]

  pick my just mean pass out you might [TS]

  just have a stroke in the theater I [TS]

  United 200 million dollars radar picks [TS]

  are Star Wars photorealistic people can [TS]

  you imagine that happening i can imagine [TS]

  that up [TS]

  oh yeah i can imagine you imagining that [TS]

  happen yeah i like to do what has there [TS]

  ever been a radar animated movie sounds [TS]

  like Fritz the Cat heavy metal [TS]

  not only is it first it's like this just [TS]

  got a little radar [TS]

  no I don't think so that was the [TS]

  animatrix that wasn't released as a no [TS]

  it's a short thing but that would have [TS]

  been rated R if it was actually I'd into [TS]

  a full-length movie I don't like really [TS]

  horrible final fantasy movie was really [TS]

  bad [TS]

  I was not rated r is really terrible it [TS]

  was really terrible it was so any other [TS]

  any other comments before we go about [TS]

  this motivation making your sellers but [TS]

  wait i don't know i still don't believe [TS]

  it it's not true i still think I'm [TS]

  getting myself it's not really what I'm [TS]

  gonna wake up tomorrow I'll be a joke [TS]

  episode 7 is not a I saw it on business [TS]

  once i saw in business wire like a [TS]

  business wire probably didn't get punked [TS]

  but yeah and then i went to the Walt [TS]

  Disney site and they said we'll have our [TS]

  teleconference about by lucas from what [TS]

  oh it's crazy once i tweeted Jason it's [TS]

  true if you're just been falling more [TS]

  closely twitter stream you would have [TS]

  known [TS]

  Oh tonight and I want to know but I ever [TS]

  tweet that if it wasn't true I i would [TS]

  triple John I only John i only listen to [TS]

  your barber uh John John i think i think [TS]

  i saw it before you tweeted about it and [TS]

  that the the tweet there was the first [TS]

  there was the tweet which was what [TS]

  disney but Luke [TS]

  film and then there was a tweet from [TS]

  Reuters I think that was episode 7 2015 [TS]

  everything we want no this is it wasn't [TS]

  a real retweet it was it was a [TS]

  non-native retweeted my stream from [TS]

  somebody and I thought well that's [TS]

  that's complete fakery and then I went [TS]

  and found the press release and it says [TS]

  it in there and that ok [TS]

  this site may be a fake site let's find [TS]

  a real site that has this press release [TS]

  business wire has a journalism right [TS]

  there [TS]

  oh my god that was iight local source I [TS]

  brought all my skepticism to bear and [TS]

  this is it turned out is if it's a prank [TS]

  now bog Bob Iger and George Lucas are in [TS]

  all that's all I'm saying been a weird [TS]

  week guys can L very summer yet 2015 is [TS]

  pretty far off though I mean they're [TS]

  gonna have hoverboards by that point [TS]

  totally sure yeah a better flying cars [TS]

  to you know talk to my daughter my [TS]

  daughter with me well my daughter will [TS]

  be seven years old and 2015 i think it [TS]

  might be okay to expose her to episode [TS]

  seven huh [TS]

  but we'll see my daughter and I'm 14 [TS]

  but we'll see my daughter and I'm 14 [TS]

  and you're gonna have to you have to vet [TS]

  it we're all gonna have to get it [TS]

  yeah if it's pg-13 she'll be like [TS]

  whatever I'm 14 [TS]

  oh yeah I and what's the i'm waiting for [TS]

  the Impala incompetent broadcast on Star [TS]

  Wars Episode 7 with CQC and I'd sit [TS]

  around for two hours ago [TS]

  yeah well nobody that will be episode [TS]

  423 so state and some yeah i'll be doing [TS]

  alright well we are our minds are still [TS]

  blown we are still reeling more star [TS]

  wars coming we'll see who we could I [TS]

  don't want to say kid and get any worse [TS]

  because then somebody will play that [TS]

  back to me and 2015 be haha it did get [TS]

  worse but probably not so yeah I won't [TS]

  feel worse part of this way Jason the [TS]

  movies could get worse but it will never [TS]

  feel worried it will never going to get [TS]

  we're all gonna get like taken over by [TS]

  aliens anyways and yeah i know you know [TS]

  what we'll do everything pop lips will [TS]

  happen before that true sighs Lee the [TS]

  truth is John you're right I it may be [TS]

  worse but I will never be more [TS]

  disappointed rights right can't be more [TS]

  disappointed so there's that [TS]

  yay I've already experienced it the most [TS]

  extreme disappointment possible and it's [TS]

  all stars disappointment was achieved in [TS]

  1999 alright so that's our flesh podcast [TS]

  about the future star wars I'd like to [TS]

  thank my guests and more and thank you [TS]

  for being here [TS]

  may the force be with you Jason always [TS]

  and always really timing always through [TS]

  2015 and then every two years after that [TS]

  John siracusa every two years forever [TS]

  will be talking about new star wars now [TS]

  you won't that be great [TS]

  17 episodes you reach look as good you [TS]

  will not surrender Caldwell hiding from [TS]

  the man with the chainsaw has tried to [TS]

  kill her or cut down the tree that was [TS]

  felt by Hurricane thank you for being [TS]

  here [TS]

  well you know when you wish upon a star [TS]

  wars sometimes good things sometimes [TS]

  only when you face the power of the dark [TS]

  side [TS]

  is a problem ben boychuk thank you for [TS]

  being here as well [TS]

  stinking Jar Jar Binks now we're never [TS]

  gonna speak to him he's gonna be alright [TS]

  is cooler blob his corpse a bday if they [TS]

  put a bullet in him then then all will [TS]

  be well as forgiving alright and for [TS]

  everybody at the uncomfortable this is [TS]

  jason still signing off thanks for [TS]

  listening [TS]