The Incomparable

120: A Horse with a Hat


  guys I'm just gonna interrupt for a [TS]

  second with some good news we're all [TS]

  still here midnight [TS]

  oh it's true on the eastern o'clock [TS]

  still says a 59 there's a giant robot [TS]

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  saddle sign that's right robot thursdays [TS]

  the incomparable number 120 December it [TS]

  went well [TS]

  welcome back to the copper podcast I'm [TS]

  your host Jason L I realized as I was [TS]

  watching TV and seeing things posted on [TS]

  the internet and when I went to see a [TS]

  movie a couple of weeks ago that there [TS]

  is a ridiculous number of blockbuster [TS]

  sci-fi movies coming out this summer [TS]

  nickel and i thought i thought it's [TS]

  insane it's and I i actually imagine [TS]

  them as one big kind of like super movie [TS]

  where they were all it just sort of [TS]

  smushed together so what what i asked my [TS]

  panel to do is uh join me and watching [TS]

  the the trailers for these movies and [TS]

  talk a little bit about what we [TS]

  anticipate what we thought of the [TS]

  trailers and and just what we're [TS]

  thinking for fruit for stuff we're going [TS]

  to see next year so it's like a look [TS]

  ahead maybe even some predictions a [TS]

  crystal ball or or maybe not joining me [TS]

  in this exercise of look uh looking [TS]

  forward and looking back are my fine [TS]

  fine panels i could not have assembled [TS]

  the better group to stand here at the [TS]

  end of the world and sum up what we did [TS]

  as a species and it starts with Steve [TS]

  let's hi Steve hi Jason happy final [TS]

  night [TS]

  happy end of the world to you too ah I [TS]

  feel fine so far anyway it's too early [TS]

  to tell [TS]

  can't be sure damn morons also here hi [TS]

  dan I know it's out there is a lot that [TS]

  was the song [TS]

  yeah you're gonna you're gonna go out [TS]

  with parody song lyrics damn thats not [TS]

  like I came in I went out like that once [TS]

  it was fun [TS]

  John siracusa also joins us hai jaan and [TS]

  the ghost of science fiction movie [TS]

  disappointment future good excellent [TS]

  that's a great costume by the way free [TS]

  disappointed really tough to pull off [TS]

  you know it's all about the accessories [TS]

  you should have put some holes for eyes [TS]

  there tho ya episode 7 is not going to [TS]

  be that good but you like it ok compared [TS]

  to the prequels who the worthy ghost [TS]

  he's got lots of information but if you [TS]

  come from the future you don't want to [TS]

  be cryptic on and and I i neglected to [TS]

  mention the most important person here [TS]

  tonight which is Scott McNulty because [TS]

  he knows the future he comes from the [TS]

  future we do what we do what he tells us [TS]

  to do because you know [TS]

  everything I scott and i have seen the [TS]

  future and it is bad oh no that's [TS]

  disappointing [TS]

  our topic today is the future will be [TS]

  reviewing the future it's like it it's a [TS]

  letdown [TS]

  I'm afraid of it other not as good as we [TS]

  had hoped not as good as the book now [TS]

  no flying cars where are the flying cars [TS]

  where is promised flying colors yeah I [TS]

  want my flying car [TS]

  yeah I don't need a jet pack that seems [TS]

  dangerous flying cars that that would be [TS]

  I want to get back i just don't want [TS]

  anybody else to have a jetpack i also [TS]

  want to find car but don't want anyone [TS]

  else to have a fine car i just want the [TS]

  tiny little handheld device that allows [TS]

  me to video communicate with anybody at [TS]

  anytime anywhere around the world would [TS]

  not be cool [TS]

  that's what I wait for it yeah someday [TS]

  video calls maybe yeah [TS]

  Impractical never gonna happen now let [TS]

  me recap the the movie trailers that we [TS]

  assigned to you [TS]

  pacific rim which is a coma [TS]

  what is it a camera built del Toro [TS]

  dangerous google search by the way [TS]

  geared guillermo del toro automatically [TS]

  different couple gotta you gotta search [TS]

  it on on IMDb and don't go beyond that a [TS]

  Bolivian which is a Tom Cruise vehicle [TS]

  really heard that as a bolivia bolivian [TS]

  yes just one [TS]

  some might say the Oblivion after earth [TS]

  which is not to be confused with titan [TS]

  AE no one made that good fusion a saloon [TS]

  stands for after artists i saw that [TS]

  movie in the theater Jason I know what [TS]

  it is that I did to the i saw in the [TS]

  movie theater as well [TS]

  terrible terrible is not that not just [TS]

  weeds finest hour or so it has a couple [TS]

  good lines in it but is not a good after [TS]

  earth by the way if you're wondering [TS]

  directed directed by m night shyamalan [TS]

  show the trailer makes no mention of [TS]

  this know drew don't know but we'll get [TS]

  to that man of steel drill bit [TS]

  that's a Superman movie it's like the [TS]

  sequel to Superman for the quest for [TS]

  peace I believe or maybe not [TS]

  and the Lone Ranger was late a late ad [TS]

  and I just watch that trailer last night [TS]

  and then John suggested we we have some [TS]

  bonus credit by talking about a very [TS]

  strange thing called upstream color [TS]

  which will get to did you forget one [TS]

  there are no other star trek into [TS]

  darkness yes well it goes without saying [TS]

  John and so I didn't actually even open [TS]

  the tab because I don't even need to [TS]

  look up who's in that I actually never [TS]

  back is understood star trek into [TS]

  darkness that goes without saying that's [TS]

  why Scott is here [TS]

  that's right is to talk about star trek [TS]

  into darkness [TS]

  I wish we started we start with Star [TS]

  Trek fan since I forgot it [TS]

  yes are all begins with Star Trek it [TS]

  does it begins against the Babylon 5 [TS]

  star trek especially by travelpod five [TS]

  the finest of my favorite which they [TS]

  make that into a movie so I star trek [TS]

  into darkness which is a what the sequel [TS]

  to the search removed from i think four [TS]

  years ago it's been a little while now [TS]

  and it's say the same group it's JJ [TS]

  Abrams and his rebooted Star Trek cast [TS]

  and of course we get to see in this in [TS]

  this trailer [TS]

  benedict cumberbatch i like to say his [TS]

  name who is Sherlock from BBC sherlock [TS]

  and he has an accent as you know you [TS]

  would expect from an English actor and [TS]

  and yet it seems for sinister now all of [TS]

  a sudden when you're really picking up [TS]

  on the sinister accent dissected framed [TS]

  by friend by sinister I mean the he is [TS]

  English and it makes you think he might [TS]

  be a villain [TS]

  i Justi narrating in the very beginning [TS]

  of the trailer is that his 101 in the [TS]

  world through screen the full trailer it [TS]

  starts with Bruce Greenwoods Chris Pike [TS]

  basically saying to Kirk you're you [TS]

  you're overconfident you're going to get [TS]

  your crew killed and then there's lots [TS]

  of shots of of torment and horror and [TS]

  aaron who starts the narration in the [TS]

  second one [TS]

  no that is the second one alright so we [TS]

  started the narration in the first one [TS]

  but it's just for Benedict Cumberbatch [TS]

  and rights and duties are both trailers [TS]

  but especially in the first might think [TS]

  I swore that it was you know Jean Luc [TS]

  Picard his voice to listen to it again [TS]

  and see if you don't see Picard's pointy [TS]

  bald head and in your mind I mean [TS]

  eventually it stops and like I might [TS]

  always see that at least every nine [TS]

  minutes [TS]

  incidentally don't confuse bruce [TS]

  greenwood Chris Pike with chris pine's [TS]

  James Kirk because that could get [TS]

  confusing [TS]

  okay well yeah I can see later on that [TS]

  doesn't sound like the car [TS]

  not anymore but in the beginning it [TS]

  totally sounds like the car and was [TS]

  throwing me off [TS]

  I don't think it does say I think you're [TS]

  a line must be drawn here [TS]

  not that part and I like this trailer [TS]

  because when I think Star Trek I think [TS]

  CGI and lots of brooding and red plants [TS]

  lots of red rants and running i have a [TS]

  couple of issues with a star trek into [TS]

  darkness [TS]

  I must admit laying on a Scot it starts [TS]

  off with the missing colon in the title [TS]

  it amazes me that is perfectly into [TS]

  darkness deliberately avoided poulin I [TS]

  know but I find it incredibly annoying [TS]

  it's not really missing it's been it's [TS]

  been removed mysterious there's no need [TS]

  for a colon this is a star trek into [TS]

  darkness you're tracking into darkness [TS]

  got the trekking into darkness yes I [TS]

  don't like it [TS]

  the whole story is about how Benedict [TS]

  Cumberbatch deals punctuation [TS]

  ok that's Star Trek would suggest [TS]

  checking into light generally but [TS]

  there's a lot of darkness in between the [TS]

  stars is it dark students a dark star [TS]

  dark stone that is cracked it [TS]

  no its star trek into darkness there's a [TS]

  lot of darkness and space between the [TS]

  stars thousand Star Trek fan websites [TS]

  have not figured it out in one stroke [TS]

  we've got it [TS]

  it's a dark star that's right track [TS]

  movie got there and check it out Humber [TS]

  batch is playing a darkest time I feel [TS]

  like in the movie title could use [TS]

  parentheses to indicate better get [TS]

  precedence because we don't know it's [TS]

  our tracking darkness or star trek into [TS]

  darkness is usually some a comma [TS]

  somewhere as well if it's you know star [TS]

  trek into into darkness about an [TS]

  interrobang would be good starting older [TS]

  yes yes [TS]

  wow I still stand by my assertion it [TS]

  requires a colon and it makes me angry [TS]

  that it's not there [TS]

  so Scott do you have do you have non [TS]

  punctuation related have complaints [TS]

  about the trailer [TS]

  ah I to punctuation very seriously I [TS]

  when I was in college I was a TA for [TS]

  creative writing class and i spent like [TS]

  two hours talking to these writers about [TS]

  how a punctuation was important [TS]

  and I think they want to kill me at the [TS]

  end of it but I also i don't like the [TS]

  fact that the enterprise apparently is a [TS]

  submarine now [TS]

  yes it is it was in water i don't think [TS]

  that was on purpose it's based on James [TS]

  Bond's car [TS]

  well wasn't it basically submarine [TS]

  battle that was going on in the middle [TS]

  of Wrath of Khan when they're so it was [TS]

  it was it was they weren't actually in [TS]

  water the trailer the enterprise's like [TS]

  down in the water at one hour and it [TS]

  comes out its it that I couldn't really [TS]

  keep track of what was happening in the [TS]

  trailer it was to jump Cudi and yeah why [TS]

  do I always jumping off of tall things I [TS]

  mean they did the sort of outer [TS]

  atmosphere insertion because the [TS]

  transporters were conveniently offline [TS]

  and then the first reboot movie right [TS]

  now the jumping on anything high they [TS]

  see you let's go jump off of Butch and [TS]

  Sundance then going on in the future [TS]

  that's how you get places fun [TS]

  yeah Johnny's Jim what did he did you [TS]

  not see the guy jumping blues like two [TS]

  months ago [TS]

  it's already started there are guys at [TS]

  high up in a little suit jumping off and [TS]

  landing on the earth it is just waiting [TS]

  to feed 2013 is the year of the guy in [TS]

  the suit jumping off of a platform and [TS]

  landing on the ground everybody's gonna [TS]

  be doing it I mean no one's gonna be [TS]

  doing because the world will have ended [TS]

  but if we survive it will be because of [TS]

  the men in suits jumping from high [TS]

  altitude settings [TS]

  I'm not such a big star trek fan then I [TS]

  haven't been keeping up with all the [TS]

  Star Trek fan boards but it is a river [TS]

  is everyone going crazy over the parent [TS]

  dommage to yes Spock dying yes behind [TS]

  the glass ceiling [TS]

  yes everyone was everyone who was not [TS]

  already crazy is now going that's now [TS]

  God and say here's the problem with that [TS]

  is that wrath of khan had three seasons [TS]

  of TV episodes and years of nostalgia [TS]

  built up in the interim 44 that to [TS]

  actually have some emotional heft and [TS]

  this has one dumb Abrams me know I know [TS]

  it has all the same television episodes [TS]

  plus the original time that they did in [TS]

  the other movie another get you know I [TS]

  assume it mr. I think it's okay i think [TS]

  it's a fake-out I think that isn't [TS]

  anything from from JJ Abrams is that [TS]

  that you know they would they they made [TS]

  sure of exactly what they disclosed in [TS]

  all of these trailers and they knew that [TS]

  they would be there would be shot by [TS]

  shot analysis and I'm sure that that [TS]

  shot is an homage to star trek to with [TS]

  the two hands what we're talking about [TS]

  is [TS]

  so like a hand with a blue shirt on one [TS]

  side of a a pane of glass and a hand [TS]

  with a black shirt on the other side and [TS]

  then and sort of try to touch each other [TS]

  just like when Spock is dying inside [TS]

  attraction when he knows the law and [TS]

  prosper yeah but I don't think I think [TS]

  it's a fake-out I think that's not what [TS]

  we're seeing as i'm i'm not even sure [TS]

  this is actually a star trek movie [TS]

  I mean there's no way that they're [TS]

  killing one of the main the AI wouldn't [TS]

  surprise me if like Chekhov dies or [TS]

  something but I don't is actually the [TS]

  second into darkness film star trek is [TS]

  it sort of the second title right before [TS]

  the way the air as long as we're talking [TS]

  shop by shop right down to anybody [TS]

  noticed that check out his brain around [TS]

  color shirt [TS]

  well maybe resin quote maybe read his [TS]

  color but that's why I said check out my [TS]

  die [TS]

  yeah he's ready to wear your red shirt [TS]

  it's a bad sign me he's Russian [TS]

  it's a Soviet CD or the other I the [TS]

  other friends who think I'm assuming is [TS]

  trying to guess who Cumberbatch's yes it [TS]

  was going about their you always his con [TS]

  and always not Connor he's just I mean I [TS]

  assume I again I assume that's a real [TS]

  misdirect to he's not going to be calm [TS]

  when they get my name John Harrison [TS]

  Harrison who is the name of a recurring [TS]

  red shirt which does not seem like it [TS]

  should be an actual no I i think there's [TS]

  maybe a little bit of a fake out there I [TS]

  wouldn't be surprised if there's a hurry [TS]

  very clever like continuity twist here [TS]

  but it's probably not what what what [TS]

  fans expect right [TS]

  oh man this would be great if he was the [TS]

  red shirt who got off to every single [TS]

  episode now he's back to have vengeance [TS]

  on Curtis is why do you keep letting me [TS]

  die [TS]

  what a strange world we live in now [TS]

  where the movie trailer deliberately [TS]

  lies about the film [TS]

  well I mean it's a strange world when we [TS]

  spend this much time to sector at least [TS]

  misleads Steve Steve yes I yes I don't [TS]

  movie trailers have always mislead the [TS]

  audience and i remember there are lots [TS]

  of movie trailers that show scenes that [TS]

  end up not in the movie there [TS]

  I mean and then they do mislead right in [TS]

  the difference the difference is that [TS]

  that now trailers for some of the stuff [TS]

  like Star Trek they know what scrutiny [TS]

  fans are going to give it now they can [TS]

  talk to each other on the internet about [TS]

  it and so they're they're like trying to [TS]

  control the disclosure a little bit more [TS]

  but I think it's more about not [TS]

  releasing secrets than it is about lying [TS]

  about what the movies about I kind of [TS]

  enjoyed that makes into a game yeah I [TS]

  prefer that to the other one other one [TS]

  where [TS]

  the non nerd movies giveaway every [TS]

  single one point like if it's like [TS]

  random action movie with guys with guns [TS]

  they just give away everything in the [TS]

  whole comedy every funny lines going to [TS]

  be in the trailer like you know where at [TS]

  least in sci-fi movies they're they're [TS]

  holding stuff back [TS]

  well i can tell from this that I mean [TS]

  star trek the opening to the into [TS]

  darkness trailer you hear bruce [TS]

  greenwood say you're going to get your [TS]

  crew killed and you see Kirk you know [TS]

  running through the jungle with mccoy [TS]

  and they jump off the cliff and the [TS]

  enterprise's underwater and their [TS]

  genotype Pinker's coffins and flag right [TS]

  well so the coffins if you look at if if [TS]

  you were the kind of person who would [TS]

  pause the quicktime movie and carefully [TS]

  analyzed seen by saying on the most [TS]

  would do that if you might notice that [TS]

  the coffins are like cryo chamber is [TS]

  there like there's ice into the in the [TS]

  window besides which who would build a [TS]

  window in a coffin [TS]

  so you could look at what we bury you [TS]

  right so you can see her so you can show [TS]

  who's in it before you shoot out of your [TS]

  spaceship and so is that one stream the [TS]

  face of God when you go into the middle [TS]

  of the galaxy so so it's you know but [TS]

  but in the if you're not the kind of [TS]

  person who freeze frames it just it [TS]

  suggestion because there's a missing man [TS]

  formation kind of fly over and there's a [TS]

  folding of a flag and then they show [TS]

  those tubes and it's like you got lots [TS]

  of people killed and you know i'm pretty [TS]

  sure that's not what that shot actually [TS]

  is used as in the movie but it serves a [TS]

  different purpose in the trailer to make [TS]

  the story arc here really like Kirk [TS]

  you're overconfident you're gonna be in [TS]

  trouble and then the other part is [TS]

  Benedict Cumberbatch saying i will have [TS]

  my vengeance and that's your ass and [TS]

  collecting was with that Patrick Stewart [TS]

  I just heard i'm telling you listen I [TS]

  line must be drawn here but I give extra [TS]

  credit to the blonde screaming girl [TS]

  who's on camera okay and you get to see [TS]

  here [TS]

  inhale look directly into the camera now [TS]

  do your big screen that you're horrified [TS]

  it's like the most sort of [TS]

  over-exaggerated theatrical parody of a [TS]

  woman looking into the camera and [TS]

  screaming but it's so good i think it [TS]

  wraps around the other side it becomes [TS]

  like so bad it's good to very Linda it's [TS]

  very it's very James type shot someone's [TS]

  got an animated gif out there of that by [TS]

  the way but it's just you can just watch [TS]

  your scream over and over again poor [TS]

  Alice Eve unless you think the lens [TS]

  flares were going away there's [TS]

  no there don't worry and there and the [TS]

  rumor is that she's playing dr. Carol [TS]

  Marcus was of course the mother of [TS]

  Kirk's child and star trek to but I mean [TS]

  not just universe maybe not know it's a [TS]

  diversion timeline is as as we learned [TS]

  i'm excited about this because I really [TS]

  did like the the first JJ Abrams Star [TS]

  Trek movie and I like the cast and [TS]

  Benedict Cumberbatch is great and again [TS]

  Benedict Cumberbatch so I just have to [TS]

  say and dick Cumberbatch chandan [TS]

  Cumberbatch Cumberbatch yeah there is [TS]

  lens flare in this trailer so we know we [TS]

  know that that is gonna going to stay [TS]

  there [TS]

  so are you worried Jason that too much [TS]

  of this movie will take place not in [TS]

  space [TS]

  I I never felt I I've seen see are you [TS]

  sure you haven't been on the on the fan [TS]

  sites for Star Trek because this is one [TS]

  of those complaints that I saw in the [TS]

  message thread it at trek movie com [TS]

  where they did the scene by scene [TS]

  analysis the JFK style back into the [TS]

  left back and to the left of the of the [TS]

  trailer the crim criminology of the star [TS]

  trek trailer there are people like I'm [TS]

  tired [TS]

  doctor who fans do this to dads I don't [TS]

  I want to see space i don't wanna see [TS]

  planets I wanted to outer space iCarly [TS]

  you want to see the enterprise in space [TS]

  fighting space but it's in water instead [TS]

  you don't want to see the enterprise in [TS]

  what the enterprise is in space in this [TS]

  trailer and does n is is getting blasted [TS]

  I mean you can't tell what the ratios [TS]

  are going to be from the trailer but I [TS]

  like I can take some amount of them [TS]

  running around an alien planets and [TS]

  jumping off buildings but i wanted i [TS]

  would rather have more of it be about [TS]

  flying around in ya face where they're [TS]

  supposed to supposed to be a spaceship [TS]

  show [TS]

  well but the vast majority of the [TS]

  original series there on the biggest [TS]

  race just because that model is very [TS]

  fragile and they make the strings that [TS]

  held the break I think Abrams is smart [TS]

  enough to know that the enterprise in [TS]

  and of itself is kind of a character so [TS]

  you know in the way that something like [TS]

  the Millennium Falcon is so I mean I [TS]

  think that the the illuminating shot as [TS]

  far as that goes in the trailer is the [TS]

  zoom in over the bridge would like the [TS]

  empty seats and everything like that [TS]

  right i don't think i'm not too worried [TS]

  about it so I I actually you know in the [TS]

  the imax version of The Hobbit [TS]

  apparently has a nine-minute the opening [TS]

  scene of star trek into darkness in it [TS]

  and in that scene [TS]

  you know when they're running through [TS]

  the red stuff on that planet and jumping [TS]

  off the cliff I mean that's basically [TS]

  how the movie opens yeah it looks like a [TS]

  James Bond opening yeah but the idea is [TS]

  right it's like it's like a star TV [TS]

  series when we rejoin these people who [TS]

  we last saw on that first movie they're [TS]

  on a mission it's a star trek episode [TS]

  right there in the middle of a dangerous [TS]

  mission on a planet and so you get some [TS]

  of that kind of feel of like this is [TS]

  what they do they're doing their their [TS]

  adventures that they have and then the [TS]

  plot kicks into gear at some point and [TS]

  then it's the cold open [TS]

  yeah exactly exactly my main worry for [TS]

  this and it's going to come up in the [TS]

  other trailers as well as that a lot of [TS]

  these franchises I feel like recently [TS]

  have lost their way when it comes to the [TS]

  antagonist like yeah whatever the threat [TS]

  like they're good at establishing the [TS]

  characters and having interesting stuff [TS]

  them to do with into some point there's [TS]

  some sort of existential threat to the [TS]

  earth to the crew to whatever you know [TS]

  the the main bad guy thing and they're [TS]

  stuck in a rut of like the single man [TS]

  seeking revenge or just like something [TS]

  done that doesn't fit with the series [TS]

  like he wants to you know get all the [TS]

  gold in the world like wait is it our [TS]

  track you know that's where these movies [TS]

  fall down they get everything else so [TS]

  right and they just can it is difficult [TS]

  to come up with like what's gonna happen [TS]

  to the start guys mess they have to save [TS]

  the universe again I mean it in some [TS]

  respects at the television series had [TS]

  easier because like you know if you're [TS]

  out of ideas you can throw in a couple [TS]

  of Q episode is something our next [TS]

  generation and give yourself some [TS]

  breathing room but the movie they get [TS]

  one shot [TS]

  what is the bad guy in the movie what is [TS]

  the threat and it better not be done or [TS]

  we get sad like if I like be the first [TS]

  reboot star trek movie but the bad guy [TS]

  was like the worst you knew he was he [TS]

  was the worst because he was i made this [TS]

  comment when the when the first teaser [TS]

  came out which is I'm not sure every [TS]

  star trek movie plot has to be one man [TS]

  seeking vengeance which is at least [TS]

  what's implied here and there was a you [TS]

  know in the cumberbatch voiceover and [TS]

  also in the little synopsis that they at [TS]

  the studio released it's sort of like [TS]

  he's you know he's seeking he's seeking [TS]

  his vengeance and and really you know [TS]

  hopefully how many of these single guy [TS]

  who is very angry because Nero in the [TS]

  original JJ Abrams Star Trek was you [TS]

  know he was very angry and there was a [TS]

  really boring reason why he was angry [TS]

  but it's see [TS]

  it would he was not that interesting and [TS]

  I got blown up so dog and and these [TS]

  enemies loan guys always have the [TS]

  ability to orchestrate the entire [TS]

  universe [TS]

  oh yeah around like that you've got you [TS]

  know Starfleet the entire Starfleet and [TS]

  the crew the best crew of the best ship [TS]

  and then this one guys have like no you [TS]

  don't understand i 5 plans at all ahead [TS]

  of time and I've made it such that my [TS]

  one person in my two years of planning [TS]

  is now going to support your entire you [TS]

  know Starfleet de [TS]

  army of ships or whatever you like some [TS]

  this thing you know somehow Nero's one [TS]

  guy wanted to send out a million ships [TS]

  and blow up no actually he blues all of [TS]

  you up be slightly from the future and [TS]

  weapons are little better and that tips [TS]

  the balance likes you have how can you [TS]

  make him scary like that's like the [TS]

  wrath of khan work kind of this because [TS]

  it was more of a personal vendetta [TS]

  thinking about you know he doesn't care [TS]

  about he's not trying to take over the [TS]

  university just want revenge on on on [TS]

  Kirk right and so least the stakes are [TS]

  smaller but I get the feeling this guy's [TS]

  like I want to blow up the world and you [TS]

  can't stop me or something that that's [TS]

  that's the thing that worries me the [TS]

  most about this movie as much as I love [TS]

  small good Sherlock well I mean I i [TS]

  don't know i think i think i mean there [TS]

  is I think obviously there's the [TS]

  Vengeance aspect of it does seem to me [TS]

  like they're trying to make it a little [TS]

  more personal based on based on the [TS]

  little i've read from the synopses and [TS]

  stuff like that which which makes sense [TS]

  because i think if you follow sort of [TS]

  what JJ Abrams did with the first Star [TS]

  Trek movie it was very much a more [TS]

  personal show in area or more personal [TS]

  story in the way that a lot of the [TS]

  classic episodes are much more cerebral [TS]

  and sort of like sign you know science [TS]

  fiction from that age where it's like [TS]

  here's an interesting like more whole [TS]

  societal question that we're going to [TS]

  delve into but i think you know JJ [TS]

  Abrams is clearly i think he was [TS]

  influenced a lot by things like Star [TS]

  Wars which are you know have a more [TS]

  personal arc to a lot of their stories i [TS]

  think then you know the star trek movies [TS]

  i think no more in that direction as [TS]

  well they tend to be much more about the [TS]

  characters and about personal stories [TS]

  for those characters hour or about space [TS]

  probe showing up and really being like [TS]

  what up earth if we're going to screw up [TS]

  yeah but what about what has chris [TS]

  pine's Kirk done to to justify vengeance [TS]

  by me Spock fine Spock was you know how [TS]

  to hold seven eight movies whatever [TS]

  stuff and then you go back in time with [TS]

  young one but who is so mad at Kirk [TS]

  already that he's kind of like blow up [TS]

  the entire universe [TS]

  to get in my cheating on that test and [TS]

  everything one of the one of the [TS]

  suggestions right at least the trailer [TS]

  suggesting that he he gets you know he [TS]

  gets people killed and that might be a [TS]

  motivation for it but it may be that [TS]

  he's not out for vengeance against Kirk [TS]

  he's out for vengeance against the [TS]

  Federation or something like that that's [TS]

  a little less personal 22 Kirk Kirk just [TS]

  ends up having to be the you know [TS]

  they're the only ship in the quadrant or [TS]

  whatever because it's always only them [TS]

  who can stop the this funny how that it [TS]

  makes the board's motivation you know [TS]

  sound like high-minded and crystal-clear [TS]

  it's like one of the bar great do with [TS]

  the Borg do and but you know you don't [TS]

  look everything over right like it's in [TS]

  their nature but the people it's like [TS]

  you know you killed my father prepare to [TS]

  die he's got some kind of personal [TS]

  motivation it's making them a chase [TS]

  after this youngstarr fee click crew [TS]

  I don't know who were pissed them off in [TS]

  a transmission one day she was [TS]

  translated so she closed the hailing [TS]

  frequencies and they're really bird now [TS]

  i have not seen either i've not seen the [TS]

  first Star Trek film how many times does [TS]

  chris pine lose his shirt you know he [TS]

  doesn't lose his shirt [TS]

  this is an alternate universe but yes it [TS]

  is well they changed the timeline and [TS]

  now he keeps the shirt on a little bit [TS]

  more [TS]

  although he does do some some of the [TS]

  fist fighting that are that's that you [TS]

  know slightly Shatner argo tea still the [TS]

  sign of ultimate evil in this new [TS]

  universe to be dead i think that's a [TS]

  spoiler i think that's to be determined [TS]

  we were not treated we don't know you [TS]

  should watch the the rebooted Star Trek [TS]

  its side it's fun it's fun [TS]

  that's I think that's oh yeah a good [TS]

  movie it's funny but that's exactly the [TS]

  thing that they said in the trailers for [TS]

  star trek the movie and that was an [TS]

  ongoing not fun and I want to go on [TS]

  note note Scott little room as a kid [TS]

  that says yeah it's fun and that's all [TS]

  he has to say about the film and as he [TS]

  stares off into the middle distance [TS]

  exactly right [TS]

  that's fine fun yeah whatever can I go [TS]

  home can you give me my 10 bucks now [TS]

  it's fun there were lights and stuff [TS]

  no it's good it's it's it's a difficult [TS]

  job i ate it was really nice to see [TS]

  because i want to do a whole episode [TS]

  about that maybe as we get closer to the [TS]

  colon being inserted into into darkness [TS]

  so that [TS]

  hello yeah I know colon insertion so one [TS]

  of the one of the nice things about the [TS]

  JJ Abrams reboot is that you know we [TS]

  haven't seen these characters in their [TS]

  prime since you know since before never [TS]

  all born right it was since the sixties [TS]

  before America was in its prime they [TS]

  were already pretty doughy and punchy by [TS]

  the time we encountered them in TOS yeah [TS]

  and and then the movie series is all [TS]

  about them getting old I mean it was [TS]

  really like those with the themes was [TS]

  them getting old so to see and you know [TS]

  in the in recent incomparable i [TS]

  complained about how superhero movies [TS]

  are always about origin stories [TS]

  what is fun about star track is that it [TS]

  was an origin story we actually hadn't [TS]

  seen before we you know we never seen [TS]

  the young crew of the enterprise meeting [TS]

  for the first time and it kind of really [TS]

  i mean we work for me it really [TS]

  reinvigorated it even though yeah eric [TS]

  bana is kind of boring as the villain [TS]

  whose motivation is at what at the same [TS]

  time obscure and also kind of [TS]

  ridiculously simple you blow my planet [TS]

  now I will kill everybody [TS]

  ok whatever i have a ship i have a [TS]

  mining ship that also has lots of [TS]

  weapons because in the future [TS]

  mining is really dangerous and you need [TS]

  super weapons in order to mine things [TS]

  you want to get things out of the ground [TS]

  Jason it's best to do so from space if [TS]

  the miners from the Alien films had had [TS]

  superweapons things would have gone [TS]

  differently [TS]

  yeah so maybe there's something to that [TS]

  yeah Nero mining company are we sure [TS]

  this movie isn't actually an alien [TS]

  prequel could hardly be worse than the [TS]

  other alien prequel Damon Lindelof did [TS]

  write the screenplay with the guys who [TS]

  did it last time so he you know the man [TS]

  responsible for prometheus is partially [TS]

  redundant best to ruin every cherished [TS]

  franchise it is possible get a month get [TS]

  them on the Star Wars any other thoughts [TS]

  about Star Trek before we move on [TS]

  looking forward to it yeah me too me too [TS]

  I'll see it [TS]

  ok contrast think he's got your very [TS]

  well it got my must I contractually [TS]

  obligated to see well then I'll start [TS]

  into darkness you've scored one [TS]

  reluctant viewer Scott's gonna run up to [TS]

  the front of the the screening [TS]

  and and pencil in Colin's when the title [TS]

  comes on right so sir please sit down [TS]

  yeah don't write on the screen I let's [TS]

  talk about man of steel the the superman [TS]

  reboot because the last Superman movie [TS]

  superman returns was essentially a [TS]

  sequel to Super Man 2 and it didn't do [TS]

  well enough for them to continue down [TS]

  that path so they've got they've got [TS]

  Zack Snyder director of watch men ate [TS]

  the much-beloved watch men nobody didn't [TS]

  like that movie don't mention that I and [TS]

  I and actually yes that's true it was it [TS]

  let's take its controversial not not [TS]

  widely loved we might all agree on one [TS]

  thing which is it was a it was a great [TS]

  look in movie [TS]

  yes it was any makes grants trail movies [TS]

  that look great as trailers we also have [TS]

  to do is zack snyder director of the [TS]

  opening five minutes of watching yeah [TS]

  exactly and and produced by christopher [TS]

  nolan and screenplay a David Goyer has a [TS]

  screenplay credit so there's some [TS]

  interesting people involved with this [TS]

  movie and it is a speaking of [TS]

  superheroes with origin stories there [TS]

  are a big part of this trailer that are [TS]

  you know young Clark lifts a bus out of [TS]

  the river and his dad Kevin Costner [TS]

  tells him that if he builds it no that's [TS]

  not what he tells me tells me tells him [TS]

  maybe he shouldn't have saved those kids [TS]

  and he should stay hidden [TS]

  uh-huh but he goes to you know and you [TS]

  know he goes to the the Arctic and he [TS]

  puts on a big red tape as you do again [TS]

  with the brooding I mean we had Batman [TS]

  Begins and here we have Superman mopes [TS]

  I've heard Jason's complained about the [TS]

  origin story thing and I I mean maybe [TS]

  it's because I don't read any comics [TS]

  don't know anything about this but that [TS]

  is the maybe the only thing that's [TS]

  interesting to Superman to me about [TS]

  Superman is not so much the origin [TS]

  stories of how they become Superman but [TS]

  the origin of how does he decide and [TS]

  growing up as a kid but superpowers to [TS]

  what he's going to do with this life [TS]

  because once you make that decision then [TS]

  you're back into the point we have to [TS]

  say all right what can we do that we [TS]

  have to involve crip kryptonite I guess [TS]

  we have to throw Lex Luthor [TS]

  members like you have to throw something [TS]

  at Superman as the antagonist sense it's [TS]

  me you can't do that for I don't make [TS]

  one good movie out of that John you [TS]

  would really love the 10 seasons of [TS]

  smallville then those are just made for [TS]

  you yeah well because i know i don't [TS]

  like that don't like saying hey we got [TS]

  Superman and he's way overpowered and we [TS]

  have to put something in there too for [TS]

  there to be parallel so like we can have [TS]

  a romantic relationship being parallel [TS]

  you have the earth being paralyzed much [TS]

  rather see him figuring out like and you [TS]

  can only do this once i hope this is a [TS]

  good movie average pressure to see him [TS]

  growing up in figuring out i have these [TS]

  superpowers what does that mean for me [TS]

  is the person what what do i do with my [TS]

  life to hide them do i use them for good [TS]

  do I keep out of it do it people hate me [TS]

  do people like me because the emotional [TS]

  stakes of like his ego as you know not [TS]

  wanting to feel alien and not wanting [TS]

  people to dislike him but also thinking [TS]

  has a responsibility to help people and [TS]

  all the events along the way where he [TS]

  makes good or bad decisions about using [TS]

  his powers are not using that's like the [TS]

  only thing that's interesting about [TS]

  Superman for me so I that I want to see [TS]

  this movie I love this trailer i think [TS]

  like us on twitter i think this trailer [TS]

  is way better than this movie is going [TS]

  to be which is making that but i really [TS]

  love this trailer hit all the right [TS]

  notes for me it just looking you know it [TS]

  looks fantastic [TS]

  all the things i said this trailer the [TS]

  things i like about Superman so [TS]

  obviously you feel different maybe [TS]

  having read like origin stories a [TS]

  hundred times and maybe maybe you're [TS]

  recognizing the exact events these are [TS]

  pulled from the comic books and it's [TS]

  killing it for you but it's not knowing [TS]

  if Superman's origin is more interesting [TS]

  than most of the heroes origins and i [TS]

  have to say as somebody who's not a huge [TS]

  Superman fan i think his origin is is in [TS]

  many ways more interesting than once [TS]

  he's just all powerful right and that's [TS]

  why smallville mind a lot out of him [TS]

  learning to deal with his powers because [TS]

  those are interesting [TS]

  Superman stories and and and you know [TS]

  it's a lot less interesting to tell the [TS]

  Batman origin again which is that his [TS]

  parents died and then he was really mad [TS]

  for a while and then he made some props [TS]

  and stuff batman begins to still the [TS]

  best movie because i didn't know his [TS]

  like how does he decide what to do with [TS]

  the same kind of what this is about [TS]

  isn't it [TS]

  his parents Superman's parents dying in [TS]

  a planetary explosion yes it's true and [TS]

  in here he seems kind of mad he seems [TS]

  more like emo LOL then he's emo about [TS]

  about what he's easy about being the [TS]

  weird [TS]

  kid on the new grocery you never knew [TS]

  what she was really works on a boat is [TS]

  like the longshoremen of steel [TS]

  I don't know it for Batman has been [TS]

  about about brooding and and darkness [TS]

  for a while now Superman has always been [TS]

  kind of more light for me so it's it's [TS]

  weird to see this trying to be squeezed [TS]

  into that that round hole if he's [TS]

  invulnerable how can you shave that [TS]

  beard that he grows he uses lasers [TS]

  kryptonite raises his own laser vision [TS]

  to show you did you did you never yet [TS]

  you never watched Lois and Clark I did [TS]

  actually have a little mirror and uses [TS]

  laser vision to heat vision [TS]

  so yeah I think we can all agree that [TS]

  Superman is a pretty boring character [TS]

  but the the thing about Superman is that [TS]

  he's always sure of himself which is why [TS]

  i find this trailer so annoying because [TS]

  he's uh there's no god I've all-powerful [TS]

  what should i do should i should i guess [TS]

  Kevin Costner's right i should let kids [TS]

  die because that's right baby always [TS]

  what you'd rather do you want him to be [TS]

  like I mean even in the original [TS]

  superman movie yeah I want to see [TS]

  Superman beating people up and flying [TS]

  around shooting lasers out of his eyes [TS]

  I'm sure he'll do some of that but I'm [TS]

  gonna be arguing indestructible I don't [TS]

  want to see him handcuffed by soldiers [TS]

  hello unless those handcuffs are made of [TS]

  kryptonite [TS]

  yeah they all right don't you want to [TS]

  see him like you don't want to do [TS]

  something to help our they're fighting [TS]

  people all the time you want to see him [TS]

  overcome something like I mean think [TS]

  about the matrix that you don't see Neil [TS]

  be all-powerful to the end of the movie [TS]

  and if you just all powerful the [TS]

  beginning but Superman is always [TS]

  all-powerful Superman is lame you have [TS]

  to embrace the lameness because he's [TS]

  all-powerful so he can find out how to [TS]

  say despite the fact that the last movie [TS]

  was not very good the first ten minutes [TS]

  in ten minutes of it are actually pretty [TS]

  great in terms of these the airplane [TS]

  yeah i think that i like that i don't i [TS]

  like that because I think it's a scene [TS]

  of yeah you're all powerful but it [TS]

  doesn't mean you can't necessarily do [TS]

  write anything like he's trying to stop [TS]

  a plane from crashing it's like turns [TS]

  out that's really hard even if you can [TS]

  fly and you're really strong but he can [TS]

  fly backwards around the world and [TS]

  change drug never had a time back [TS]

  terrible every movie has its I I [TS]

  honestly don't have high hopes for this [TS]

  but as long as there's no Margot Kidder [TS]

  internal monologue [TS]

  I think it's probably much haha come [TS]

  before ya know i think it's i think [TS]

  there's something promising about it so [TS]

  you know one of the funny things is that [TS]

  and I talked about this on a spider-man [TS]

  show with with dandy superhero costumes [TS]

  are ridiculous right and with like the [TS]

  x-men they tried to put them in the [TS]

  leather outfits and and Batman sort of [TS]

  makes sense right because he really is [TS]

  kind of all the gadgets tree so he has [TS]

  some armor when he's just a dude to [TS]

  write raised just a guy so the Ministry [TS]

  of Steel trailer i really liked it but [TS]

  there is that moment where you're [TS]

  looking at a oh he's from another place [TS]

  he has power [TS]

  what will he do what will he decide and [TS]

  then there's a guy in a big billowing [TS]

  red k yeah I heard you on that show and [TS]

  I could not believe that you said that [TS]

  again I'm not a dandy is the comical guy [TS]

  and I'm not but it's my understanding [TS]

  that Cape in that outfit or his clothes [TS]

  from Krypton it's not like he decided to [TS]

  dress up like a crazy person to keep [TS]

  throwing up for all we know on Krypton [TS]

  this like a business type or maybe [TS]

  that's like nike athletic swear yeah it [TS]

  looks crazy to us but is there his alien [TS]

  close they're not you know him he came [TS]

  to earth as an infant in those gigantic [TS]

  close no they were brought with them but [TS]

  surely his parents packed clothes from [TS]

  the easier your baby you're going in [TS]

  this little spaceship thing off the [TS]

  earth and we're going to pack some [TS]

  clothes for you that's like our mats [TS]

  formal attire and crumbly just replicate [TS]

  to get a good education you should see [TS]

  is you should see his kryptonite rattle [TS]

  everything is all we gotta pack the good [TS]

  read [TS]

  big the new record not that not the old [TS]

  jor-el that old que no I got a new one [TS]

  down at the department store is that not [TS]

  correct comic book people i mean they're [TS]

  right there are multiple there are [TS]

  multiple merit versions of how the [TS]

  senile but that's what it seemed like in [TS]

  the original superman the origin story i [TS]

  read as a kid which was from like a [TS]

  polite treat paperback it was there is [TS]

  blankets from the shuttle and it and [TS]

  then ma can't sew them into establish [TS]

  cape [TS]

  yes exactly like Betsy Ross yeah but [TS]

  either way I don't think it's a choice [TS]

  like I'm going two hundred i look like a [TS]

  big old clown like when I I understand [TS]

  your mind that we've been known about [TS]

  the story reasoning I'm just saying that [TS]

  that you've got this attempt to make it [TS]

  a little [TS]

  bit more of a take on his psychology but [TS]

  in the end he Superman he's gonna have a [TS]

  big bill we red cape and you can't you [TS]

  can't get away from I think I think he [TS]

  should but what a tonal shift that is [TS]

  well they had a long talk I think before [TS]

  this movie about whether or not he would [TS]

  actually wear a cape [TS]

  no he's gotta where you can have [TS]

  Superman without what I'm just saying I [TS]

  mean I i don't disagree with that but i [TS]

  think i think they spend a lot of time [TS]

  talking about because this is sort of [TS]

  the Christopher Nolan influenced a creer [TS]

  it's like I was gonna be more realistic [TS]

  well would you really wear a cape seems [TS]

  like it's caught a lot of things you [TS]

  don't know they spent the nineties [TS]

  putting capes on every single person [TS]

  with a machine gun and sunglasses in [TS]

  every movie you think you're gonna take [TS]

  the tape off what keeps our awesome [TS]

  looking slow-motion can't flattering I [TS]

  mean so there's gonna have double spy on [TS]

  the background was watching the wrong [TS]

  movies in the nineties apparently i [TS]

  never understood why he has an S on I [TS]

  mean he's Superman but if that is his [TS]

  alien close why would there be is not an [TS]

  S they don't use Roman numerals the [TS]

  alien mother symbol of his family or or [TS]

  something huh [TS]

  it's it's a some alien logo and it just [TS]

  happens to look like our earth s there's [TS]

  a lot of redcon going going on that my [TS]

  point is just that it's a big tonal [TS]

  shift that that it's difficult if you're [TS]

  a filmmaker and you want to bring some [TS]

  more realism to it because in the end [TS]

  you've got a guy wearing red boots and a [TS]

  big red billowy Cape who can fly but [TS]

  because he was made in the thirties and [TS]

  that was the you know like it right like [TS]

  you're kind of stuck with that was my [TS]

  dad is the same way they try with that [TS]

  costume too and it's I think this [TS]

  strikes a better balance in spider-man [TS]

  biggest spider man when it's 2-2 like [TS]

  red tights it looks bad [TS]

  I and when it's completely black it [TS]

  looks bad and so does really enjoyed [TS]

  your brand really seems in both the [TS]

  first spider-man movie the same rainy [TS]

  one and the more recent one where he [TS]

  runs around in like you know like swag [TS]

  out sweatshirt hoodie footpath yeah like [TS]

  I like you know what I would watch an [TS]

  entire movie with a guy walking around [TS]

  that costume because like you're not [TS]

  gonna take the time to go to home a can [TS]

  make a costume [TS]

  well that fits for spider-man because [TS]

  that's his cat spider man's character is [TS]

  more like he's just kid and he doesn't [TS]

  know what he's doing Superman is [TS]

  supposed to eventually embrace his you [TS]

  know who he really is and he Superman [TS]

  comes with like his own kit of stuff [TS]

  from his home planet like he's got the [TS]

  whole what I mean a starter kit because [TS]

  you're awarded the big whatever that is [TS]

  its fortress [TS]

  solitude and his little girls got a [TS]

  spaceship and studies guys got a comb to [TS]

  get that little like little countless [TS]

  girls got DVDs and Marlon Brando I mean [TS]

  he's got everything in there [TS]

  yeah Superman hair gels the best really [TS]

  keeps it in place got great hold that [TS]

  spaceship was really equipped instant [TS]

  food what were they thinking [TS]

  yeah so anyway I still think this movie [TS]

  could be terrible because notice they [TS]

  don't show you anything about the [TS]

  antagonist maintain this could be really [TS]

  really dumb they doing they shouldn't be [TS]

  the generals on yak the Joker again it's [TS]

  a con on I think he's Khan I think so [TS]

  too i forget what if it was Superman [TS]

  fighting a dragon that's all I'm saying [TS]

  I would watch that to anything with [TS]

  dragons that actually would be a pretty [TS]

  cool reboot if they threw Superman into [TS]

  some sort of that like my sources again [TS]

  he would still be able to defeat dragons [TS]

  and whatnot [TS]

  yeah yeah what you mean Superman where [TS]

  can you go you if once you defeat his [TS]

  own self-doubt and emotional [TS]

  insecurities all you've got left is [TS]

  kryptonite and so like everything has to [TS]

  be made of kryptonite ok so let's let's [TS]

  drop them into a a post nuclear [TS]

  holocaust world or or maybe where we're [TS]

  at huge volcanic super volcano has [TS]

  erupted and blind certainly blocks out [TS]

  the Sun for most of yeah most of the day [TS]

  with me just find 1a by the way that the [TS]

  George the UH jor-el dvds are now [TS]

  Russell Crowe and not Marlon Brando [TS]

  russell crowe is the new general so [TS]

  that'll be great [TS]

  his father's his father's are russell [TS]

  crowe and kevin costner least I'll be [TS]

  able understand what the hell he's [TS]

  saying i'm packing unpacking some long [TS]

  johns [TS]

  yeah I'm a king inside the rest keep [TS]

  special occasion [TS]

  oh and speaking of Jason show without [TS]

  with andy the other quibble ladders with [TS]

  the and he's not on here with Jason can [TS]

  go in his stead [TS]

  it didn't and he say on that show that [TS]

  you're talking about what was the [TS]

  disguise and was the real athlete and he [TS]

  said that Superman's outfitted with the [TS]

  s and the Cape that's his disguise and [TS]

  Clark Kent is who he really is he's [TS]

  talking about who the real not the [TS]

  outfit so much as who the real person [TS]

  right the kill that's the kill bill why [TS]

  don't kill does the reverse kill bill [TS]

  says [TS]

  Clark campuses disguise and when he's [TS]

  Superman that's just wearing again like [TS]

  I said wearing street clothes from [TS]

  Krypton but and he said the reverse I [TS]

  want to know if there was some sort of [TS]

  comic book the justification for that [TS]

  interpreted he corrected me i'm not sure [TS]

  i'm not sure about Superman I'm on the [TS]

  fence about the Batman very definitely [TS]

  the Bruce Wayne is a put-on because he's [TS]

  this kind of millionaire jerk and that's [TS]

  not really is she's never like that now [TS]

  yeah no no I i I've say that the killed [TS]

  interpretation is correct from my [TS]

  understanding of Superman purely from [TS]

  the movies that he's acting like Clark [TS]

  Kent to the best he's not actually like [TS]

  that and that he lets that down and [TS]

  shows what he's really like when he puts [TS]

  on when he's super jammies from Krypton [TS]

  and yes this is actually me and I'm not [TS]

  actually a bumbling idiot who exactly is [TS]

  this keeps fundamentals you step aside [TS]

  right but there's no definitive I mean [TS]

  smallville is right is the reverse right [TS]

  smallville is the story of the of the [TS]

  guy but I but generally yeah those are [TS]

  those famous movies from the the late [TS]

  seventies and early eighties yeah Clark [TS]

  is a put-on he's this fake bumbling you [TS]

  know guy with glasses so that nobody [TS]

  knows that he is really Superman but [TS]

  look strikingly similar but the classes [TS]

  throw you [TS]

  let's let's let's go from zack snyder to [TS]

  guillermo del toro who has a movie out [TS]

  in 2013 [TS]

  if we survive and if man is still alive [TS]

  I called Pacific Rim which I had never [TS]

  even heard of this movie until I saw the [TS]

  trailer of it because my Twitter feed [TS]

  blew up with nerdy people going oh my [TS]

  god you gotta watch this trailer and [TS]

  it's a and then I realized why when I [TS]

  watched it because when i was a kid [TS]

  there were these toys called shogun [TS]

  warriors which were like big Japanese [TS]

  robots and then you know you had your [TS]

  Godzilla toys and they were actually [TS]

  sold as a toy set i think in fact and in [TS]

  watching the Pacific Rim trailer i said [TS]

  to myself this is a movie from somebody [TS]

  who had the exact same toys i did when i [TS]

  was a kid because it's a movie where big [TS]

  robots battle against giants sea lizards [TS]

  from mocospace finally answers the [TS]

  question that all of us you know my [TS]

  friends and I had when we were in high [TS]

  school watching a bunch of money which [TS]

  is how come no one's made a good move [TS]

  live-action movie with giant robots [TS]

  well this this is why they've never [TS]

  never been a good movie because that's [TS]

  not [TS]

  possible right it seems like way so [TS]

  negative so negative as much as I love [TS]

  all the things in this movie and al [TS]

  Malaki where the girl was a good [TS]

  director [TS]

  I know I really like him you know I have [TS]

  high hopes but like for first of all you [TS]

  know then it's from watching all that [TS]

  animate do you think these these neck [TS]

  designs stand up to the best neck [TS]

  designs from anime because i don't think [TS]

  they did not know looks kinda like the [TS]

  master chief doesn't know it looks like [TS]

  i don't know what it looks like it's not [TS]

  i mean really if you're going to make a [TS]

  giant robot why even really make it in [TS]

  the shape of a person that seems really [TS]

  what like if you're gonna make it a [TS]

  shame a person making the shape of [TS]

  really cool privacy okay filling red [TS]

  cape would be awesome LOL look at the [TS]

  casting this movie is crazy though it's [TS]

  got Jack's from Sons of Anarchy it's a [TS]

  stringer Bell yeah the type of celba [TS]

  he's awesome [TS]

  I mean by gladwell some reason yeah [TS]

  house for some crazy reason with the [TS]

  exact same voice which makes no sense [TS]

  same actress same vocal effect weird as [TS]

  very odd i mean it's clearly the fact [TS]

  that it's done so clearly as an homage [TS]

  like it has to be like I know that he [TS]

  hired her after out must have licensed [TS]

  it because that I got actors you know [TS]

  like the valve could sue them if there [TS]

  was this wasn't some sort of a handshake [TS]

  agreement at the very least because it's [TS]

  like trade dress you know you've got [TS]

  glad us in this movie I think we're [TS]

  seeing some video game tions real [TS]

  obvious ones coming soon but it doesn't [TS]

  make any said but what it has to make [TS]

  sense its shadow of the colossus vs [TS]

  Voltron why do you keep slow it's not [TS]

  it's it's more like a you know sort of [TS]

  occult demons coming from they're not [TS]

  they're not space aliens they're more [TS]

  like interdimensional portal right [TS]

  Hellmouth kind of but they're they're [TS]

  coming out of the rift in the sea [TS]

  godzilla-like I mean that's pretty much [TS]

  where Godzilla emerged yeah yeah and [TS]

  this that robots are basically ultraman [TS]

  will there's nothing there fighting the [TS]

  Cloverfield monster but what's this [TS]

  movie about though i did i did laugh at [TS]

  the at the narration the very serious [TS]

  narration the beginning of this movie [TS]

  which is you know I think intended Iraq [TS]

  against the weed there we thought the [TS]

  aliens would come from applause but [TS]

  instead they came from a rift in the sea [TS]

  ok dammit we were looking in the wrong [TS]

  direction [TS]

  I've decided like that makes all the [TS]

  difference [TS]

  instead what we had planned so [TS]

  thoroughly for we're looking in the [TS]

  wrong place [TS]

  I it's bizarre right and then and then [TS]

  they cut to the end but fortunately we [TS]

  have guys in drug giant robot suits you [TS]

  can fight them you know just in case i'm [TS]

  really looking forward to them [TS]

  explaining why it takes two of them a [TS]

  man yeah they learned nothing it has to [TS]

  be angsty teenage boys it doesn't work [TS]

  with adults [TS]

  I'm just saying eight-year-old me is [TS]

  very excited to see this movie that's [TS]

  what we need like my problems like what [TS]

  is this movie about aliens attack and we [TS]

  fight them off and they gonna try to [TS]

  make personal stakes but it's gonna be [TS]

  love interest it's like there's no plot [TS]

  that's what have you seen battleship i [TS]

  know i have I looked at this and thought [TS]

  this is this is the thinking man's [TS]

  transformers which I looked at this and [TS]

  I thought this is the slightly better [TS]

  property transformers because [TS]

  transformers are boring this could be [TS]

  more interesting but yeah this thing's [TS]

  got the same problems I don't do I care [TS]

  about any of these characters do I care [TS]

  for the earth gets destroyed they don't [TS]

  even transform them and there's know [TS]

  that they're there was that movie last [TS]

  year that was like the the robots that [TS]

  fight each other and the guys who [TS]

  control them know that Hugh Jackman real [TS]

  steel wheels i saw part of that yeah [TS]

  yeah so this is sort of like what if [TS]

  Real Steel was like really big and fight [TS]

  Godzilla yeah I often wonder what now [TS]

  you will find out I like Jax teller i [TS]

  like stringer Bell [TS]

  I don't like this mech designs so I'm i [TS]

  don't think it is like the other movies [TS]

  that we've done so far I think I'll go [TS]

  see those in the theater this one [TS]

  already is on netflix queue I want to [TS]

  move onto to find movies that i really [TS]

  am starting to think of as one [TS]

  additional after back-to-back as [TS]

  trailers at the hobbit it was hilarious [TS]

  after oblivia oblivia after looking at [TS]

  the end there's a Tom Cruise place that [TS]

  guy [TS]

  Lillian not to be confused with the [TS]

  Bolivians love with Tom Cruise is will [TS]

  smith son and his movies are going to be [TS]

  very different though don't you in the [TS]

  trailers the same but the movies are [TS]

  going to be crazy different probably but [TS]

  but definitely yes in one tom cruise [TS]

  will mug and the other one will smith [TS]

  will mug Tom Cruise a droid repair man [TS]

  Yama has long lingering shots that take [TS]

  forever and the other one will be like [TS]

  chop chop chop it will be totally [TS]

  different you know what channel movies [TS]

  are like they are not like [TS]

  increase action movies and tone i think [TS]

  i think the interesting thing about will [TS]

  will smith and Tom Cruise that they [TS]

  basically have such a similar you know [TS]

  presence in terms of the box office [TS]

  right there both these guys who was like [TS]

  well you're kinda gonna watch them [TS]

  playing more or less themselves in [TS]

  whatever movie there in because they're [TS]

  so big as movie stars now that i was [TS]

  just reading this thing about Tom Cruise [TS]

  the other day was like you know you're [TS]

  generally speaking yes don't but they're [TS]

  clearly in size they're a little bit [TS]

  different but it's you know the the [TS]

  you're not expecting them to go in like [TS]

  playing a particularly compelling [TS]

  character really you're going to watch [TS]

  Tom's Tom Cruise or Will Smith your butt [TS]

  said Tom Selleck or tom selleck I would [TS]

  I think it's all different [TS]

  I mean the mustache I think will smith [TS]

  is because does a better job of being a [TS]

  character you're right it is usually [TS]

  mostly will smith the like it's the same [TS]

  character he doesn't much better job [TS]

  being a terrorist Tom Cruise is there to [TS]

  play tom cruise like it doesn't matter [TS]

  what the character is they're all [TS]

  someone suggested like maybe just view [TS]

  isn't the entire photography from the [TS]

  last decade as he's basically Ethan Hunt [TS]

  undercovering the different prints you [TS]

  know when I saw the after earth trailer [TS]

  I thought he would reminded me of will [TS]

  smith from i am legend that's the will [TS]

  smith that i thought was in a movie like [TS]

  but you know i like that i am legend for [TS]

  the most part I liked that it was slower [TS]

  pace that will smith goes thought I was [TS]

  really hoping for the will smith from [TS]

  The Fresh Prince of bel-air you want a [TS]

  little wrapping smell you later earth [TS]

  so but i read i read something about [TS]

  after earth in that will smith is killed [TS]

  very quickly in the movie and it really [TS]

  focuses on Jaden Smith which you would [TS]

  never get get that was that was my [TS]

  guests from the trailer because I was [TS]

  not here like this trailer seems to have [TS]

  a lot of this kid who I don't know [TS]

  anything about and not so much will [TS]

  well dude do you like Will Smith because [TS]

  it's his son I know that knowing that [TS]

  this is josh hamilton movie even though [TS]

  the trailer doesn't admit that and in [TS]

  the trailer there's like a scene where I [TS]

  I could swear that i'm seeing will smith [TS]

  get blown out of the spaceship right [TS]

  obviously lives mass that right soso and [TS]

  then and then yeah they land on the [TS]

  planet and all that and I'm thinking it [TS]

  is this a ghost that only the kid can [TS]

  see is the hologram they did that one [TS]

  already just like well please state the [TS]

  nature of your medical emergency [TS]

  I gotta say I'm really interested by the [TS]

  whole aspect of the not promoting the [TS]

  director and i will say that because i [TS]

  was in a movie theater when they showed [TS]

  what was the terrible thing he didn't [TS]

  even direct it was the one he produced [TS]

  the one that's like in the elevator [TS]

  hello right right away idea and they put [TS]

  up like produced by m night shyamalan [TS]

  everyone you know I was in the theater [TS]

  where everybody boo'd and I was like [TS]

  I've never seen that happen as well I've [TS]

  never seen that happen to anybody else [TS]

  like to any other director in the [TS]

  history of me going to movies only one [TS]

  hour from the only seventeen times and [TS]

  people start to get cranky yeah like [TS]

  which is usually I think he's generally [TS]

  a very good director I he's made some [TS]

  some flawed movies but i think i would [TS]

  still take him over a Michael Bay or is [TS]

  brett ratner I mean like he's a [TS]

  thoughtful director who makes traveling [TS]

  so Michael Bay has has his core audience [TS]

  of meatheads who just want to see stuff [TS]

  blow up like but Shyamalan has like the [TS]

  sort of you know people who are more [TS]

  interested in like slow pacing in the [TS]

  craft and suspense epidemic into the [TS]

  same thing over and over again those [TS]

  people though like they're not they're [TS]

  not like the you know like the well they [TS]

  all like 26 travel and earlier movies [TS]

  better you know they're just everybody [TS]

  know but they don't like the sixth sense [TS]

  and they said i can go see another movie [TS]

  while this is like the 6th sense but not [TS]

  as exciting and we'll see another one [TS]

  while this is also like success but not [TS]

  as good like is there to it was too much [TS]

  sameness and every genre he did he [TS]

  treated that same [TS]

  way like this slope a serious thing I [TS]

  mean yeah they totally short but I mean [TS]

  like you could say the same thing about [TS]

  Hitchcock I mean right but Hitchcock was [TS]

  much much better [TS]

  he's got a crazy Hitchcock is better [TS]

  there's no question about that i'm just [TS]

  saying that there are a lot of directors [TS]

  who tend to make the same movie over and [TS]

  over again with the same tonal type of [TS]

  move that his style is very [TS]

  off-the-beaten packet [TS]

  off-the-beaten-path kind of like like [TS]

  Spielberg makes the same kind of like [TS]

  the way he directs his movies have that [TS]

  same feel to them but it's like a feel [TS]

  good feel and shamans feels like listen [TS]

  I know you might feel like you're [TS]

  getting bored but stay with me and if [TS]

  you lose you for a second you drift out [TS]

  of its like a riskier style you know but [TS]

  that night the fact that got to such a [TS]

  point that it encourages people to boo [TS]

  like that is not the reaction you have [TS]

  like with her oh i'm bored by this movie [TS]

  and you do it well he got offended also [TS]

  by the twist thing where it's like all [TS]

  right so that the first movie had a [TS]

  twist and you're never going to be [TS]

  retwisting like you can't out Chris [TS]

  himself and select the village had was a [TS]

  twister like I was not not this big [TS]

  twist the sixth sense you know like an [TS]

  unbreakable cycle that wasn't barely [TS]

  even twist because the sudden get what's [TS]

  going on here like he got me typecasting [TS]

  I don't I i don't agree with that [TS]

  characterization of his of his arc [TS]

  because I i think people hate him [TS]

  because of maybe because of the village [TS]

  but really because what happened after [TS]

  that with lady in the water that [TS]

  happening in the last airbender well [TS]

  that happening I'd forgotten the reason [TS]

  why did you have to remind me that is a [TS]

  terrible movie science was a hit [TS]

  unbreakable was was disappointing for [TS]

  the sixth sense financially but is his [TS]

  best movies signs was terrible to that's [TS]

  great your breakables agreement and [TS]

  science was a science was successful he [TS]

  kept making movies like signs he would [TS]

  be like michael bay because he would be [TS]

  making movies that make lots of money i [TS]

  really like lady in the water honestly [TS]

  and I think I've heard of that was I saw [TS]

  it way after yes when you can I don't [TS]

  see and I thought that is actually [TS]

  really good it has its problems it [TS]

  definitely has now and not before [TS]

  Giamatti and enter your expectations [TS]

  have been set extremely low at that [TS]

  point well because if you looked at if [TS]

  you looked at the the trailers in the [TS]

  marketing they did for it's totally not [TS]

  the movie that their marketing like [TS]

  that's the other thing that's very odd [TS]

  about is their marketing very much like [TS]

  horror suspense II you know like M night [TS]

  Shyamalan movie and it's you know it's a [TS]

  fairytale and I think [TS]

  if you look at it from a different [TS]

  perspective you know in terms of you [TS]

  know what they're promoting versus what [TS]

  the movie actually is [TS]

  it's a much better movie than they [TS]

  promoted it but I think everybody went [TS]

  into it expecting it to be you know an M [TS]

  night Shyamalan movie and yeah it has [TS]

  that slow deliberate pacing and [TS]

  everything like that but it's not the [TS]

  movie that was advertised and i know [TS]

  right i think this reminds like sku I [TS]

  relationship with the critical of [TS]

  everything and that's the big Swan that [TS]

  would be if anything is that his he [TS]

  clearly felt maligned by the critics and [TS]

  decided to take it out on them in the [TS]

  movie literally a really a really bad [TS]

  that was a mistake like cut that whole [TS]

  subplot in that movie is actually one of [TS]

  his best movies but the reason I boo and [TS]

  complained about the shower and stuff is [TS]

  because i really really like them [TS]

  breakable and that was such a high like [TS]

  this like one of the best superhero [TS]

  movies I've ever seen period and you [TS]

  know six cents was fine whatever not my [TS]

  cup of tea but after unbreakable I [TS]

  thought boy like you know six cents [TS]

  popular hit and now i can break was like [TS]

  wow he's really like this guy's taking [TS]

  it to another level and then it was just [TS]

  a series of disappointments following [TS]

  that and I'm like come on man [TS]

  where's that guy is unbreakable he's not [TS]

  so they night Shyamalan lives around [TS]

  Philadelphia some films a lot of things [TS]

  that explains a lot actually it went [TS]

  that's true and so I the happening he [TS]

  was filming happening in many locations [TS]

  in Philadelphia and so I was uh I live [TS]

  in downtown Philadelphia and there's a [TS]

  park near me call Rittenhouse Square and [TS]

  unbeknownst to me I they were filming [TS]

  there is one of the locations and one [TS]

  day I was walking to work and it was [TS]

  like October i'm guessing i was gonna or [TS]

  november and so I cut through [TS]

  Rittenhouse Square and I thought it was [TS]

  odd because it was the fall and there's [TS]

  a lot of people is not an lining the [TS]

  square and no III didn't actually meet [TS]

  anyone how who were season that dress [TS]

  appropriately for the season and there [TS]

  are people who are having picnics in the [TS]

  morning and I thought this is odd and [TS]

  they were not none of them were moving [TS]

  which I also thought was a hot but I [TS]

  kept walking through and some guy ran up [TS]

  to me with a clipboard he said sorry you [TS]

  can't walk through here and that's what [TS]

  I mean this is how you get to work years [TS]

  ago were filming happening for filming a [TS]

  terrible research [TS]

  just had someone to be this movie so [TS]

  that's my story is not very good story [TS]

  but i had to because Glenn would have [TS]

  gone to lunch with them I was hoping I [TS]

  was hoping you were going to see you [TS]

  know whole bunch of people like [TS]

  spontaneously hope that stuff that would [TS]

  have been extremely creepy that's not [TS]

  that unusual in Philadelphia either or [TS]

  group or just throwing em night [TS]

  Shyamalan that's true did I didn't know [TS]

  I didn't know I didn't know that [TS]

  happening was in Oblivion Tom Collins [TS]

  eight meets the matrix is a drone repair [TS]

  man eats meat after earth and buttons [TS]

  right when he when he lands on the earth [TS]

  he apparently which is which is there [TS]

  nobody there's nobody on the earth it's [TS]

  abandoned which is why Morgan Freeman is [TS]

  there with it or is a drive of 0 PE God [TS]

  so Morpheus jr. I like the fact that [TS]

  they have the trench from what he called [TS]

  from AI apparently in the distant future [TS]

  trenches are big on her tits well why [TS]

  not [TS]

  they're in yeah so I you know it's Tom [TS]

  Cruise it's even hunt in the future [TS]

  fixing drones 16 had not fond of any [TS]

  film that gives Tom Cruise the [TS]

  opportunity to be alone with the camera [TS]

  for like 30 minutes because he chews [TS]

  through the landscape is probably the [TS]

  trench came from a problem with all that [TS]

  scenery up with his teeth [TS]

  well they don't like him they don't like [TS]

  him to be next to other actors be so [TS]

  small it's like a for strength Robert [TS]

  things i like him to just be isolated [TS]

  and a scaled-down all the cg sets to [TS]

  make him look three make it look like [TS]

  you're 16 it's tough doing action scenes [TS]

  on the six inch platforms [TS]

  yeah yeah this is the director of tron [TS]

  legacy joseph kosinski drink direct this [TS]

  you know it looks it [TS]

  the trailer looks nice but he's got a [TS]

  great i mean because this guy's a great [TS]

  I I mean whatever else you say about [TS]

  tron legacy was a good look great yeah [TS]

  really great-looking movie any great [TS]

  aesthetic and you know I i think i don't [TS]

  know i'm going to give him a shot [TS]

  I I you know with Tom Cruise yeah he's [TS]

  not a great actor but you also know it's [TS]

  like it's like going to a foreign city [TS]

  and eaten a burger king it's like you [TS]

  know exactly what you're going to get [TS]

  right it's not going to be great but you [TS]

  know it's predictable you have to give [TS]

  them some something to run around [TS]

  frantically about yes that's all you [TS]

  need I mean I and I think that's if you [TS]

  know that's the target audience and I [TS]

  think that's what they're going for [TS]

  and Morgan Freeman is trying to straight [TS]

  steal my drones but I hope it's a good [TS]

  story like you mean you don't know what [TS]

  the story is so much but like I hope [TS]

  it's not but this one these things [TS]

  always fall down because we see these [TS]

  soccer movies like wouldn't that be cool [TS]

  and we started fabricating what story [TS]

  could be on her head and the real story [TS]

  ends up being dumb or illogical or both [TS]

  and you're just like uh and then you can [TS]

  I can enjoy the like that one of them [TS]

  scrubbing through this trail analysis [TS]

  unit from the producers of rise of the [TS]

  planet of the apes which for some reason [TS]

  i recently watched because everyone was [TS]

  saying that get booed everyone kept [TS]

  saying it was it was good and then I [TS]

  watched him like this movie makes no [TS]

  sense why why doesn't make there's no [TS]

  reason for it to make no sense like you [TS]

  when you're watching and go there's so [TS]

  many ways this could make sense you've [TS]

  drilled deliberately chosen not to make [TS]

  it make sense that it kills the movie if [TS]

  you visit your brain keeps engaging and [TS]

  saying no was why because things like [TS]

  transformers are the baseline now so [TS]

  rise of the planet of the apes makes [TS]

  ultimate sense but transformers made [TS]

  more sense than rise of the planet of [TS]

  the apes really seen transformers there [TS]

  was bad ones and good ones and they [TS]

  fought each other rise of the planet of [TS]

  the apes it was nonsensical like no not [TS]

  figure out what the hell is going on in [TS]

  any given minute to transform know any [TS]

  of those three films i didn't even know [TS]

  what I was what i was looking at John [TS]

  consider that a warning label [TS]

  did you watch all three of those films [TS]

  he I did not watch all of those ok [TS]

  gotten I've just 45 minutes of the [TS]

  second one on a plane and was and really [TS]

  was just ready to like my eyes out when [TS]

  you're praying for the plane to go down [TS]

  that's time to turn off their i hope we [TS]

  land so i can turn this off with I gotta [TS]

  say I think this movie actually as much [TS]

  as I don't like Tom Cruise much and [TS]

  through the scenery I i think it's [TS]

  actually looks sort of promising I can't [TS]

  tell what the hell it's about because [TS]

  you thought of a cool so you call you [TS]

  thought of at least two or three cool [TS]

  stories that could be the premise I did [TS]

  yes although I'm IM like you I'm afraid [TS]

  it's going to fall into the same old [TS]

  tropes I mean it looks it looks like [TS]

  he's working for the wrong side [TS]

  yes he's been lied to he has been lied [TS]

  to and there's the good there's a good [TS]

  clean white future world in the dark [TS]

  gritty other ones and the white one is [TS]

  actually simple one right and you know [TS]

  shooting like undesirables on tour it [TS]

  has potential i'll say that and I did [TS]

  not necessarily say that about some of [TS]

  these other films that we looked at here [TS]

  it seems like Arthur's deserted but [TS]

  really no one here on Tom Cruise's that [TS]

  everybody just hide will go away it will [TS]

  pretend that we need these drone strikes [TS]

  we can see him can't see us and then he [TS]

  finds them was like dammit we were so [TS]

  close now behind you a hundred and will [TS]

  hide again go back to your there with a [TS]

  small like a small plant at one point [TS]

  Wally like it's true [TS]

  Tom Cruise's Wally it's and I like to be [TS]

  incredibly well that beautiful women in [TS]

  this in this trailer [TS]

  yeah right like the woman in the white [TS]

  area she's like right out of a feminine [TS]

  hygiene product add yeah he's in the [TS]

  white zone saying that's Eva yeah summer [TS]

  series on ya have amazing hair and [TS]

  makeup in the future they do that is the [TS]

  future all clean and and happy and [TS]

  friendly and have drones to be repaired [TS]

  and [TS]

  and [TS]

  for their hair and makeup yeah i watch [TS]

  the watch The Lone Ranger trailer last [TS]

  night on somebody's recommendation and [TS]

  all you want I yeah this is it seems [TS]

  like a bad idea to me it is from the [TS]

  people who brought you the symbol that [TS]

  represents pirates of the caribbean for [TS]

  those who can't read [TS]

  it's like a oh I recognize that number [TS]

  it's got its got two of two actors who I [TS]

  actually generally i want to say i [TS]

  generally don't like them I said I i [TS]

  would say two actors who are more are [TS]

  often are often horribly misused in [TS]

  certain ways in terms of like their [TS]

  makeup and the characters they get cast [TS]

  as and it's all very temperate me in a [TS]

  way that I despise and that's Johnny [TS]

  Depp and helena bonham carter and i saw [TS]

  that she was in this movie and like oh [TS]

  great and you know johnny depp and [TS]

  helena bonham carter a movie together [TS]

  that's a that that's a bad sign Armie [TS]

  Hammer you know he's he's a guy he is [TS]

  he's there he's president he's got an [TS]

  awesome name but Johnny Depp is johnny [TS]

  depp is a white man playing an Indian [TS]

  and locking legs tanto from the fifties [TS]

  Internet has no race Jason it's and i [TS]

  just i cannot i could not believe what [TS]

  I'm watching it seems like five [TS]

  different kinds of bad Johnny barely has [TS]

  a gender that's true if he was playing a [TS]

  woman I wouldn't have a problem with it [TS]

  but he's playing Tonto and he says [TS]

  Kemosabe [TS]

  yeah I've never not have much attachment [TS]

  to the Lone Ranger brand that i'm sure [TS]

  many people are still alive do know i [TS]

  don't know i'm not sure that they would [TS]

  go to see this movie anyway [TS]

  no it's like The Green Hornet or [TS]

  something like it is invaluable Italy [TS]

  mr. Opry missed your chance i think [TS]

  there was plenty of Lone Ranger [TS]

  properties that when it was popular now [TS]

  maybe not the time and yet they remade [TS]

  dark shadows for some reason [TS]

  here's all I want to know which is is [TS]

  the is the team showing up the team that [TS]

  made the first pirates of the caribbean [TS]

  for the team that made the next three [TS]

  because the first parts of the caribbean [TS]

  movies pretty good next three are awful [TS]

  it's pretty much the same people i know [TS]

  it is but somehow they got they got [TS]

  something right once right that's my [TS]

  point [TS]

  they made a good movie in there [TS]

  somewhere they made a lot of bad movies [TS]

  and that might outweigh that good movie [TS]

  but it's possible they could make a good [TS]

  movie again the Lone Ranger character is [TS]

  established so they can't do too much [TS]

  with them don't know right times have he [TS]

  comes back from the dead but he has to [TS]

  wear masks so they know that he it's [TS]

  like The Incredible Hulk they must [TS]

  believe that he is dead [TS]

  even though he's actually alive and [TS]

  wears a mask and it seems like a bad [TS]

  idea [TS]

  it just seems like a like I said it's a [TS]

  lot of bats like why do this why do dark [TS]

  shadows [TS]

  I mean oh yeah well as Mark when [TS]

  speaking of bereft of ideas and has been [TS]

  for two decades right and these dark [TS]

  shadows had a built-in audience while [TS]

  you look back at pirates of the [TS]

  caribbean 244 the original point for [TS]

  example and it's why did they make a [TS]

  movie out of a amusement park ride [TS]

  that's been around for 25 years I mean [TS]

  why does hollywood do anything they see [TS]

  easy using what they think is easy money [TS]

  right we don't have to we've got this [TS]

  thing it's got ya you might not know [TS]

  anything about the lone ranger but you [TS]

  probably know who the lone ranger is [TS]

  right you get brand recognition [TS]

  hi-ho silver away exactly that's [TS]

  all--that's all--that's all they need [TS]

  these artists name recognition anyway [TS]

  yeah Johnny Depp is a sinister Indian [TS]

  Shaymin guy who resurrected mr. he looks [TS]

  kind of sinister he's guess i don't know [TS]

  i didn't I guess I didn't get a sinister [TS]

  vibe from i know i like there was a [TS]

  scene with that with horse but I had on [TS]

  his head that I easy zone [TS]

  wow I would so there's a birthday / that [TS]

  you're gonna love the minister and then [TS]

  like a person I don't know why is tanto [TS]

  now Rob Zombie I don't really understand [TS]

  where they're going with that because [TS]

  you're trying to be culturally sensitive [TS]

  if they're gonna do this they have to [TS]

  know where the pitfalls are right that's [TS]

  pretty obvious making his lone ranger in [TS]

  2013 is the first pitiful but they [TS]

  ignored [TS]

  they seem to have failed to avoid that [TS]

  one no but my point is if you're making [TS]

  that movie you gotta know like all right [TS]

  we're having Johnny Depp dress up as [TS]

  Native American I [TS]

  would think you would take the time to [TS]

  you know at least do some research [TS]

  maybe they didn't in which case I grew [TS]

  Jason that is a really bad idea [TS]

  well I think they're going the other way [TS]

  they're going they're going with if we [TS]

  make him as completely unidentifiable [TS]

  with any sort of Native American tribe [TS]

  as possible then we're less likely to [TS]

  offend any any specific maybe it will [TS]

  turn out maybe they'll twist in this [TS]

  movie is that he's actually just like [TS]

  it's like dances with wolves and he's [TS]

  just he's just a white guy jumped onto [TS]

  washington aged has a weird name or they [TS]

  could be going to feel like the meta so [TS]

  you know having it as a critique on the [TS]

  original Thomas yeah baby Missy's it's [TS]

  like tropical I was so culturally [TS]

  sensitive so now you exactly [TS]

  well I guess we'll find out we want [TS]

  because i'm not saying it several months [TS]

  after it arrives in theaters will find [TS]

  that out [TS]

  this is one for the netflix streaming [TS]

  queue oh man why I'm putting my money [TS]

  right now it's going to be a blockbuster [TS]

  hit that's all I'm saying what I did [TS]

  feel the same way about pirates the [TS]

  caribbean we hang out and was I was [TS]

  regretful later that i did not see it in [TS]

  theaters because it seemed like the kind [TS]

  of film that would have gone very well [TS]

  in a theater it was genuinely a good [TS]

  movie going experience it's looking at [TS]

  me like it's the exception that proves [TS]

  the rule though given the other pirates [TS]

  movies and given the you know haunted [TS]

  mansion with Eddie Murphy and some other [TS]

  and the you know [TS]

  yeah I I think maybe that was just an [TS]

  outlier could be wrong else this could [TS]

  be another outline Armie Hammer he seems [TS]

  like a perfectly letter for me hammers [TS]

  that you know I i was impressed with him [TS]

  at the moment where I realized in the [TS]

  social network that i actually knew that [TS]

  actor because i had seen him on a TV [TS]

  show and he didn't have a twin because i [TS]

  didn't realize going into that movie [TS]

  that it was not to guys like this one [TS]

  guy no yeah one guy that's impressive as [TS]

  there's some good work there so I'm [TS]

  willing to give him a shot because I [TS]

  hoped advising I think he's a guy who's [TS]

  a who's got a potential to be one of [TS]

  those you know i think is a he could be [TS]

  a headliner he could be a star [TS]

  he could be a star future right it's [TS]

  going to feature him as long as the [TS]

  world isn't it possible mr. futures [TS]

  ahead of him [TS]

  I don't know it could be nose and the [TS]

  the director who directed the lone [TS]

  ranger also directed mousehunt so [TS]

  maybe forever Ben ski [TS]

  mmhmm yeah he's got a great body of work [TS]

  i want to mention at least briefly and [TS]

  just since John brother upstream color [TS]

  the trailer came out this is a weird [TS]

  title for what is probably in a really [TS]

  weird movie i find it relevant because [TS]

  it's the director of primer which is one [TS]

  of my all-time favorite time travel [TS]

  movies which he made 410 like 10,000 [TS]

  bucks is a perfect the trailer for his [TS]

  movie would be just absolutely [TS]

  inscrutable like that's this perfect of [TS]

  course it you watch it and it you cannot [TS]

  tell anything about what the hell it is [TS]

  and what it's about it's a relationship [TS]

  drama or i guess or is it because the [TS]

  the summary is a man and a woman are [TS]

  drawn together entangled in the life [TS]

  cycle of an ageless organism that that [TS]

  summary sounds perfectly fine just goes [TS]

  off the rails at the very end you like [TS]

  wait what identity becomes an illusion [TS]

  as they struggle to assemble the loose [TS]

  fragments of wrecked lives that it is a [TS]

  baffling trailer that's two of them this [TS]

  to this two clips [TS]

  yeah watch the two clips and you you get [TS]

  that you get to definitely get the same [TS]

  feel as primer yeah primer depending on [TS]

  how i would like to say yeah whatever i [TS]

  think this movie has a very high chance [TS]

  of being a terrible train around Green I [TS]

  will watch it anyway i'm intrigued [TS]

  because shane carruth baby made a movie [TS]

  that I really loved and it's presumably [TS]

  he got a little bit more money for this [TS]

  it's a you know maybe 20001 i don't know [TS]

  and i think that the three seconds of CG [TS]

  and in the clip it costs more than his [TS]

  other movie almost certainly might have [TS]

  just you know rendered it himself [TS]

  I mean if this is anything to go on but [TS]

  uh you know that movie / was in 2004 so [TS]

  he's been it's been a long time since he [TS]

  had his cult movie before he has gotten [TS]

  another movie made but he's got it and [TS]

  it's in it at sundance i guess and you [TS]

  know it's coming out in march so if the [TS]

  world doesn't end and I feel exactly the [TS]

  same way John I i fear that this guy is [TS]

  here [TS]

  the one thing in many made it and a [TS]

  decade later he comes back and it's [TS]

  probably going to be horrendous but it [TS]

  seems to be a trend [TS]

  I'm fascinated yeah isn't it but you get [TS]

  you get the goodwill like you make a [TS]

  movie like like yeah I'm are you get [TS]

  I'll go to see your next movie like no [TS]

  matter what right do that then we have [TS]

  to have a talk and of this time I well [TS]

  but you that you know it that's enough [TS]

  goodwill to get me to see whatever he's [TS]

  gonna do is he's gonna show up have John [TS]

  have we talked to have we talked about [TS]

  that movie much because i didn't know [TS]

  that you actually liked printer primer [TS]

  happen when I i love it i've sought back [TS]

  way back when we should do an episode [TS]

  about that sometime and then we'll be it [TS]

  more confused when we end then we start [TS]

  because that's a crazy movie but yea [TS]

  upstream color [TS]

  watch the trailer and you'll be like [TS]

  what and watch battles of the trailers [TS]

  you don't either one helps [TS]

  no well that's what i watch that I [TS]

  haven't seen premiere so and I didn't [TS]

  even know who this was so I had no idea [TS]

  what i was going to see so I'm not the [TS]

  first trailer was like I don't [TS]

  understand no clear surely the second [TS]

  trailer will clear enough [TS]

  is there an inscrutable book that we [TS]

  need to read before this comes out so we [TS]

  don't know the Purcell I understood the [TS]

  cloud atlas farmer whose trailer so you [TS]

  should you should go rent or stream [TS]

  primary you can find it yeah you like it [TS]

  Scott [TS]

  yes you have to concentrate don't look [TS]

  away from the television don't read a [TS]

  book while you're watching movie don't [TS]

  be afraid to rewind a little bit in the [TS]

  beginning when you're wait what had just [TS]

  happened there [TS]

  good with it to my list of things to [TS]

  watch [TS]

  yeah alright so that's that's our that's [TS]

  our preview of 2013 in the movies that [TS]

  will see some of them some of them might [TS]

  actually even be good i'm kind of hoping [TS]

  actually the Mayans are right after this [TS]

  discussion [TS]

  yeah so if the world does end we won't [TS]

  need to see these movies and if it [TS]

  doesn't end I guess our punishment is [TS]

  that we do get to see them anyway [TS]

  looks like we'll be some good ones and [TS]

  bad ones i'm looking forward to 2013 if [TS]

  it arrives and we all don't die or [TS]

  get exploded by the Sun or something [TS]

  like that anyway let's think positive so [TS]

  I'd like to thank my guest tonight damn [TS]

  orange on siracusa Steve let's Scott [TS]

  McNulty thank you all for being here and [TS]

  thanks everybody out there for listening [TS]

  to the uncomfortable [TS]

  happy holidays and we'll see you next [TS]

  time [TS]

  [Music] [TS]