The Incomparable

122: Recursive Clip Loop: Our 2012 Favorites


  the incredible [TS]

  number 120 through [TS]

  2012 there well welcome back to being [TS]

  comfortable podcast I'm your host Jason [TS]

  snow [TS]

  this is a special episode of the [TS]

  uncomfortable where we're looking back [TS]

  at 2012 but it's not a clip show it's [TS]

  not a rerun [TS]

  it's all new stuff plus a few clips from [TS]

  the past because it's fun [TS]

  we're going to tell you about stuff we [TS]

  like this year some of our favorite [TS]

  books and TV shows and movies and comics [TS]

  and stuff like that [TS]

  we're also going to talk about some of [TS]

  our favorite moments from the podcast [TS]

  from the last year so sit back and i [TS]

  hope you enjoyed this look at 2012 as we [TS]

  move into 2013 and joining me for this [TS]

  episode are Dan Morgan Clem fleischmann [TS]

  John siracusa serenity Caldwell Steve [TS]

  Lutz Lisa Schmeisser and Scott McNulty [TS]

  so let's get started we started this [TS]

  year with the episode 73 of the [TS]

  incomparable and we're going to finish [TS]

  at roughly a hundred and twenty-one and [TS]

  we make a lot of there's a lot of well [TS]

  he do one a week had cast that's a lot [TS]

  of yakin I was gonna I was gonna say we [TS]

  make a lot of crap but yeah it's worse [TS]

  when you have to edit them let me tell [TS]

  us that this is all gold the supercut is [TS]

  really going to be something so i asked [TS]

  on on the internet i asked listeners [TS]

  what their favorite to we still at the [TS]

  scene if we do a few there got there [TS]

  they're about to die as the world comes [TS]

  to an end but into them from Australia [TS]

  only likes me [TS]

  yes before they went they they gave us [TS]

  some feedback [TS]

  Adam world said was the Empire Strikes [TS]

  Back episode this year [TS]

  no it wasn't sorry that episodes every [TS]

  year James I guess we run it like a [TS]

  christmas story 24 has day it's a [TS]

  Christmas tradition it's beautiful thing [TS]

  about podcast you can plan back anytime [TS]

  he said he liked the jonathan coulton [TS]

  episode and like listening to John on [TS]

  miyazaki i was also on that episode but [TS]

  he didn't like to listen to me like the [TS]

  John part he'd like John's parts of the [TS]

  miyazaki episode Rodney simba Massa rear [TS]

  I think he said the TV draft and and [TS]

  casting was that this year it doesn't [TS]

  matter it [TS]

  and whenever here you also not this year [TS]

  but thank you [TS]

  where is it possible we shall molanda [TS]

  ourselves are so you're really good but [TS]

  after battle yes but Rodney had the [TS]

  right answer which is it doesn't matter [TS]

  it wins every year anyway so Dylan geo [TS]

  veneto says the con con and con- moment [TS]

  from episode 84 the film festival which [TS]

  actually was this year good which [TS]

  actually wasn't in 2012 good stuff [TS]

  german angel movies included he says [TS]

  blending yeah man going science fiction [TS]

  then into screwball then into cons but [TS]

  not that con right Scott Scott starts [TS]

  with Khan wear which games child and all [TS]

  this i hit james bond movie always a [TS]

  godfather is the godfather [TS]

  oh sorry ok well there we go kon Kon Kon [TS]

  it's it's really the con film festival [TS]

  at this point haha oh wow well [TS]

  Wow who are in terrible pain no that was [TS]

  amazing times after snow somehow also [TS]

  like wow but it was sitting right there [TS]

  guys [TS]

  yeah I thought of it too but I didn't [TS]

  say strength and you can see it didn't [TS]

  even see it while RR Michael Gartenberg [TS]

  who was actually on the star trek to [TS]

  episode said that he liked when in arco [TS]

  took over the Avengers episode and then [TS]

  several other people said don't don't [TS]

  you mean the worst thing that happened [TS]

  on the podcast this year that was not [TS]

  one of our popular moments in many [TS]

  places no no that was that that episode [TS]

  that that's that's in some ways my least [TS]

  favorite episode that we've done mostly [TS]

  because i felt like it kind of got out [TS]

  of hand out of hand and not everybody [TS]

  you know it became more of us trying to [TS]

  like debate with Andy rather than talk [TS]

  about what we were talking about and [TS]

  it's you know oh well live and learn [TS]

  when the avengers 2 comes out we'll do [TS]

  another oh man oh yeah we're we're right [TS]

  there [TS]

  it prevented our plan white christmas [TS]

  episode at any rate so yes it's got that [TS]

  going for it [TS]

  Fred he she or quiche depending money [TS]

  he's a real bad i'm going to guess it's [TS]

  not even i prefer quiche Frederick kishi [TS]

  i think i read his philosophy whole stop [TS]

  making fun of the listeners I feel like [TS]

  it started [TS]

  he liked uh he said very well-read hobos [TS]

  schrödinger's cat dare you mean the [TS]

  museum for sony that right not actually [TS]

  very well if i get a spinal tap wrath of [TS]

  khan the redshirts episode he's just [TS]

  listing all the episode like the mall is [TS]

  everything alright Fred had something to [TS]

  make me laugh Brian Hamilton said the [TS]

  Joe the joco episode obscure reference [TS]

  references and said thanks for getting [TS]

  me into jonathan coulton he says that [TS]

  was very nice [TS]

  you're welcome our work here is done [TS]

  Clinton Phillips the man who is making [TS]

  the Scot McMillan supercut I haven't [TS]

  heard an update on that in a while by [TS]

  the way I haven't given up [TS]

  it's been very quiet he's working on it [TS]

  Scott don't talk anymore you make more [TS]

  work for him he said he liked it [TS]

  kids have bad taste episode where we [TS]

  talked about what we what we expose our [TS]

  kids to in terms of what I mean I'm I [TS]

  was not on that the sound he didn't have [TS]

  any like yeah you didn't have to get out [TS]

  that was why he liked it so much it's [TS]

  alright it's alright Scott you have bad [TS]

  taste to and he he actually listed some [TS]

  favorite moments he likes when and he [TS]

  says the Avengers is like Michael based [TS]

  Transformers movies and everybody [TS]

  suddenly get irate again it wasn't an [TS]

  awful movie it was just your basic [TS]

  transformers two style on its 100 no I [TS]

  think you need to watch transformers two [TS]

  again he like an after-dark number 154 [TS]

  when everybody does an impression of [TS]

  Scott McNulty saying hello in tilling [TS]

  recording know that is a classic [TS]

  it angered me instead of saying [TS]

  recording we show [TS]

  imitates commenting saying saying hello [TS]

  Lou and he also liked the insular [TS]

  nervous fear episode we talked about [TS]

  john scalzi and the the Hugo's and [TS]

  sci-fi fandom voting for itself for [TS]

  awards like you know nominating feed for [TS]

  things and stuff like horrible things [TS]

  erik christensen said he enjoyed me haha [TS]

  finally somebody's on my side describing [TS]

  the scene in in return of the jedi where [TS]

  Luke is attempting to explain his [TS]

  relationship with her [TS]

  the force is strong in my family I have [TS]

  it [TS]

  my father has it my sister are you [TS]

  following along you're done [TS]

  he just wants to talk two layers so [TS]

  badly about this and she's just not [TS]

  getting the hint and he's like all right [TS]

  come on please I view that as being [TS]

  looks like what we will with the most [TS]

  dramatically I could tell you this I [TS]

  could just run up to it today I thought [TS]

  of your bases you doing there's a father [TS]

  God but no no no let me stretch it out [TS]

  let me make it a little more dramatic [TS]

  that's it the Darth Vader's here [TS]

  remember Darth Vader he's a bad guy [TS]

  yeah okay guess what guess what the [TS]

  force is strong in my family I know that [TS]

  seems unrelated wait wait for it wait [TS]

  for it [TS]

  Darth Vader's my father who no no that's [TS]

  not it [TS]

  oh that starts out the conversation with [TS]

  like I never remembered my mother [TS]

  oh my sister has it my name is Gail she [TS]

  lives in Oregon actually and the thing [TS]

  that really gets me about that is that [TS]

  let's try to process it all and I I'm [TS]

  really should and she says I know I know [TS]

  somehow I've always known anybody you [TS]

  know what she should be saying there is [TS]

  wait a second are you saying that Darth [TS]

  Vader is my father [TS]

  holy crap right now she's like I've [TS]

  always known and we and we made out that [TS]

  one time i do then to that was just [TS]

  getting on jealous he also loved John [TS]

  talking about the Jedi philosophy of [TS]

  pacifism so22 moments from our return of [TS]

  the jedi episode and he also credits [TS]

  leash misers laughs which is infectious [TS]

  and that is true we've all been in fact [TS]

  by Lisa's laughs hence the fires yeah [TS]

  there is no cure and and I want to [TS]

  acknowledge mr. Doug leak who suggested [TS]

  that we talked about movie trailers [TS]

  that's a good idea will take that under [TS]

  advisement and stupid ideas it turns out [TS]

  yeah exactly sorry Doug yeah so uh you [TS]

  guys have any anything that you want to [TS]

  recommend from being comfortable from [TS]

  the world at large from 2012 before we [TS]

  cast into oblivion [TS]

  I did my homework and I made a big list [TS]

  of notes here yes John you said 10 [TS]

  favorite thing or two from 2012 and [TS]

  favorite thing from icomparable Sean's [TS]

  totally the teacher's pet you always [TS]

  showed up with his homework done to say [TS]

  I come prepared of anyone elses takes [TS]

  his email seriously here's an apple [TS]

  Jason I got a big I got a big list here [TS]

  too but go ahead Johnson is daughter [TS]

  might do my quick so I never prepared [TS]

  for class my favorite things from 2012 [TS]

  Iranians are easy to guess but you know [TS]

  what's my number one guy's heart related [TS]

  don't know tourney come on [TS]

  love-40 during you get a videogame [TS]

  journey with the and stationary not the [TS]

  band not the incredible journey with the [TS]

  dog and the cat then we touched then we [TS]

  say yeah right so that the video game is [TS]

  specifically what I'm talking about [TS]

  that's the best game i played in 2012 by [TS]

  a long shot and it's easily in my gaming [TS]

  top 10 and depending on what I feel like [TS]

  when i wake up in the morning sometimes [TS]

  it's my number one so big thumbs up [TS]

  there I yeah I know you like that w [TS]

  scott did just for you [TS]

  we know we know what he likes you know [TS]

  he likes Colombo and bathroom humor [TS]

  alright the perfect together and and on [TS]

  what my second picture that things like [TS]

  this year is like I watch a lot of TV [TS]

  but if you go down like the shows that I [TS]

  have season passes for at the top of my [TS]

  season pass list or you know [TS]

  past present future Sopranos the wire [TS]

  Game of Thrones Breaking Bad boardwalk [TS]

  empire walking dead like those are not [TS]

  exactly laughfest there you know there's [TS]

  not a comedy in the but it's all kind of [TS]

  like pretty adult drama fantasy sci fi [TS]

  you know and I basically given up on [TS]

  sitcoms entirely except for 30 rock and [TS]

  stuff because a tina fey is awesome [TS]

  so when I look back at 2012 1 [TS]

  are they really stood out it's not all [TS]

  those other shows are listed there were [TS]

  great and everything but it's HBO's [TS]

  girls because it's the closest I came to [TS]

  something that was you know I don't know [TS]

  happy like it's not a completely [TS]

  comedies more of a dramedy or whatever [TS]

  but it was it's you know quirky and [TS]

  interesting and offbeat and people don't [TS]

  get their heads chopped off and nobody's [TS]

  a zombie and it's not about organized [TS]

  crime i and III really like it you know [TS]

  it's a nice change of pace that's why it [TS]

  stands out because it's like wow this [TS]

  other thing you know and uh the show [TS]

  could also be called like I yeah [TS]

  Lena Dunham presents lena Dunham's girls [TS]

  by lena gonna finally Donna LaDonna [TS]

  joints because she pushed her she [TS]

  created it [TS]

  she produces it she writes it and she [TS]

  stars in it all which I didn't know when [TS]

  i watch the series so I am a big giant [TS]

  fan of her despite her all for flaws as [TS]

  an actress and a rider and probably as a [TS]

  person they all just make her more [TS]

  endearing [TS]

  so those are my those my two pics for [TS]

  2012 am i comfortable pics quickly [TS]

  surprised the journey show you i was [TS]

  excited that we had a show I was very [TS]

  touched that everyone managed to find a [TS]

  way to play it [TS]

  despite not having Playstations and I [TS]

  was glad that everyone seemed to like it [TS]

  so I didn't have an Avengers moment ya [TS]

  on that episode when you will tell me [TS]

  was there was terrible and i really like [TS]

  every like the way music was that into [TS]

  that episode I think we should do more [TS]

  of that I said that is person who never [TS]

  had doesn't know yeah except yeah I'll [TS]

  take that under advisement it helped [TS]

  that somebody who was involved in that [TS]

  actually like sit sent me specific [TS]

  recommendations for what songs to play [TS]

  at what times that we're facing more [TS]

  wilhelm scream could help look at that [TS]

  I've contributed I tell you hear this [TS]

  here's the audio clips and here's where [TS]

  you put them in I go to town supervisor [TS]

  and I went to town you know that is [TS]

  jason and i also like Princess indiana [TS]

  jones and who cares what we think I [TS]

  guess I like princess diana jones [TS]

  because we have to talk about a movie [TS]

  and then we talked about a meta topic [TS]

  about the movie we should do more of [TS]

  that we have time like and there you go [TS]

  you're helping already [TS]

  yeah and who cares what we think I like [TS]

  a metal show that it was about the show [TS]

  how could you not a hundred episode you [TS]

  that was a good one that was on my list [TS]

  that's great i'm done i like the journey [TS]

  show to ya [TS]

  it was fun good episode damn yeah I am [TS]

  there are a couple moments I that I like [TS]

  this year we wrapped up our star wars [TS]

  trilogy like the return of the jedi [TS]

  episode especially I would went back and [TS]

  listened to it earlier and I like the [TS]

  beginning where we all sing the Fox [TS]

  fanfare oh yeah did you do digit digital [TS]

  ooh internet didn't did it did you do [TS]

  did to do anything where we make sound [TS]

  effects and noises anything with a horse [TS]

  with the head on it clearly I'm crazy [TS]

  but here's my problem i can't remember a [TS]

  lot of things that we thought we had a [TS]

  lot of singing and sound effects come [TS]

  from us this year it's very strange i [TS]

  don't know what's wrong with us [TS]

  I don't either but I think we might have [TS]

  some sort of collective disorder [TS]

  we have a probe droid an empire that was [TS]

  one of the yeah that's exactly I was the [TS]

  only comment was that this year i can [TS]

  recommend a TX is like one of the few [TS]

  moments I actually remember that was [TS]

  last year games one I think I may have [TS]

  given it as my favorite moment from last [TS]

  year on the west i'm on the wrap-up [TS]

  thing for last year so can I throw up my [TS]

  favorite moment moment from about yes [TS]

  please God I got you know I was racked [TS]

  my brains that it popped into my head [TS]

  because I just I love this moment and [TS]

  remember exactly where you put in i [TS]

  think it may be at the beginning of one [TS]

  of one of the Empire episodes which is [TS]

  everybody's impression of a imperial [TS]

  probe droid [TS]

  oh yes that's at the beginning of one of [TS]

  the Empire episodes and the other the [TS]

  other one ends with yes largely you [TS]

  doing your series of sound effects from [TS]

  you can wear story star wars soundboard [TS]

  and I'm a trap Batman around a proper [TS]

  irony and understand what [TS]

  remember we're already paying attention [TS]

  during internet [TS]

  after that nap yeah [TS]

  report trooper 020 girl got also [TS]

  throughout our live episode at singleton [TS]

  where we made lecture even talk about [TS]

  Indiana Jones despite having exactly and [TS]

  look [TS]

  Lex has and CNN alternately great and [TS]

  also to me why did you make me do that [TS]

  makes it because I thought it was funny [TS]

  I didn't think you just go about it [TS]

  would be funny to have you up there [TS]

  saying i don't know i havent what are [TS]

  your impressions it's alternatively if [TS]

  it's alternately hilarious and [TS]

  incredibly painful same time and Lex [TS]

  Friedman who hasn't seen them [TS]

  I don't know why I'm here max hasn't [TS]

  seen it [TS]

  that's that's Lex has seen many movies [TS]

  it's it's not true that he's not seen [TS]

  any movies he just hasn't seen any [TS]

  movies that anybody else has seen right [TS]

  i basically there was a large gap in the [TS]

  eighties and early nineties when if the [TS]

  movie was fantastical my parents were [TS]

  interested in they were the arbiters of [TS]

  what we got to watch at home so I didn't [TS]

  see it [TS]

  so relax and I haven't made up for that [TS]

  lost time [TS]

  what do you know about Indiana Jones I [TS]

  want to start before we start talking [TS]

  about the movies i would like to quiz [TS]

  you what you see that youtube video [TS]

  about the three-year-old explaining Star [TS]

  Wars yeah this is basically the same [TS]

  thing [TS]

  yes only on 31 yeah [TS]

  it's other that is getting this is what [TS]

  I know I know it stars Harrison Ford I [TS]

  believe Shawn consciousness will do that [TS]

  yes Sean Connery's i love is in the [TS]

  fourth one that people don't like that [TS]

  had the nuclear bomb that he hides from [TS]

  a refrigerator right i doing great so [TS]

  far [TS]

  yes it's like you've seen them in the [TS]

  first 1i think the first one I don't [TS]

  know which title goes with which movie [TS]

  but in the first 10 there's the big [TS]

  boulder that he runs away from yes and [TS]

  everything I know about the first movie [TS]

  i know from UHF and there's a thing [TS]

  where he's got a bag of sand that he's [TS]

  gotta replace the weight and he's got a [TS]

  time right after that the see you've [TS]

  seen the weird al yankovic parody of you [TS]

  guys either not the actual movie and I [TS]

  know there's one of the odm that I know [TS]

  that at the end the the Nazis spoiler [TS]

  alert get fried when the Ark of the [TS]

  Covenant opens I know that happens that [TS]

  is approximately he's basically seen it [TS]

  why do we not yet have a 30 style drop [TS]

  of somebody going [TS]

  Lex hasn't seen hey I'm thinking we got [TS]

  it [TS]

  plop in every given up aside I'm sure [TS]

  likes would perform that for you [TS]

  yeah as for things that i consumed this [TS]

  year it was a it was not a great year [TS]

  for a lot like television was looking [TS]

  through my television listings like a [TS]

  lot of good stuff i'm watching but it's [TS]

  all into you know second seasons third [TS]

  seasons cetera and there was really as [TS]

  we discussed in our TV episode not a lot [TS]

  good that was new this year and before [TS]

  that I need to go back to writing down [TS]

  the books i actually and movies I [TS]

  actually watched site lets can't [TS]

  remember anything i saw or read this [TS]

  year I feel very bad memory for those [TS]

  things but I did like there are a couple [TS]

  things i did--like i played some video [TS]

  games including journey which I really [TS]

  enjoyed and yeah I don't know it was a [TS]

  yeah I guess there is some good stuff [TS]

  and stuff i don't remember that's about [TS]

  it you're not disappointed i have very [TS]

  good i have a very good memory for [TS]

  certain things which include people's [TS]

  faces and names i have a terrible memory [TS]

  for things that happened in books and [TS]

  movies and television shows even though [TS]

  i like all of those things we need to [TS]

  perform an experiment both Scott and Dan [TS]

  read a book and then we wait a week and [TS]

  then we ask each person questions about [TS]

  the book to see who remembers less [TS]

  that I will I will I will take part in [TS]

  this i want as well just because the [TS]

  first question will be i read that book [TS]

  and if there's a movie adaptation you [TS]

  can put Lex in there i would just I was [TS]

  just watching just doing some catch-up [TS]

  on Homeland the second season which I [TS]

  hadn't finished watching I'd sort of let [TS]

  the last five or six episodes build-up [TS]

  turn my back and we're watching them and [TS]

  and you know I had to keep having my [TS]

  viewing companion like say oh yeah don't [TS]

  remember when that thing happened and I [TS]

  was like no do you remember that you did [TS]

  with it don't got that kind and they [TS]

  recap like the whole season the [TS]

  beginning of each one of those shows [TS]

  like that but they were like little [TS]

  details like oh wait did we ever learn [TS]

  that this guy knows this thing and you [TS]

  look at four episodes ago I don't know I [TS]

  have no recollection effect [TS]

  yeah right its name is a problem simpler [TS]

  then yeah there's not a lot of baggage [TS]

  there i like to live in the moment [TS]

  happy birthday it's my birthday [TS]

  Frosty the Snowman help everybody [TS]

  I don't think that here we go I don't [TS]

  think that's in a much better impression [TS]

  Scott what about you i enjoyed the [TS]

  structure to episode me too mostly I was [TS]

  a good episode [TS]

  this is City al5 I enjoyed that it is [TS]

  that was good that was fun we in [TS]

  addition to singing and making sound [TS]

  effects we also reality and this is [TS]

  eddie out 45 a lot at you as you do is [TS]

  study alpha 5 is a back with this is [TS]

  Ceti alpha five and one of my co-workers [TS]

  hadn't seen any of the Star Trek movies [TS]

  before the reboot and he said well which [TS]

  star trek's movie should i start with [TS]

  and I said clearly wrath of khan so I [TS]

  lent him the blue house and see what you [TS]

  wrecked it you should have told of any [TS]

  other film and then you something to [TS]

  look forward to [TS]

  I told him not the first one good god [TS]

  and and then the next day I said oh well [TS]

  did you like wrath of khan what did you [TS]

  think [TS]

  and he said it was alright and I said [TS]

  never speak to me [TS]

  we're no longer coworkers [TS]

  exactly I i like the the the game show [TS]

  episode i enjoyed the air force episode [TS]

  yes that was this year my god that was [TS]

  this year game show team old and Tim [TS]

  young team young [TS]

  yeah it's good i enjoyed that I also [TS]

  like the the the manic episode about why [TS]

  we do this that's good and I enjoy all [TS]

  the book club episodes because it makes [TS]

  me read things that I would have read [TS]

  anyway since I suggest all the books but [TS]

  still I thank you scarred the one we did [TS]

  on the how we read to it that's good [TS]

  oh yeah that was good that's good [TS]

  suggested by listening right so yes just [TS]

  as soon as keep bringing it in I feel [TS]

  like this is suggest very well-read [TS]

  hobos that was that's the name of that [TS]

  episode I was gonna make a joke about [TS]

  how you read show is one word after the [TS]

  next but that's not actually however on [TS]

  the show red so forget about the summary [TS]

  diagonally [TS]

  I don't know it's a live right in [TS]

  addition pieces and as for other things [TS]

  that I have a read or watched a [TS]

  television has been kind of lackluster [TS]

  for me this year yeah haven't seen many [TS]

  movies but I've read a lot of books so i [TS]

  could talk about some i think i like the [TS]

  night circus which read for an episode [TS]

  that was a highlight of this year for me [TS]

  yeah the brook by Daniel O'Malley is a [TS]

  fun book we haven't spoken about it but [TS]

  a look it up on the internet so not to [TS]

  explain to you the hydrogen Sonata in [TS]

  banks is latest culture book lot of fun [TS]

  if you've read any of the culture books [TS]

  even if you haven't read the culture [TS]

  books it's a good place to jump into it [TS]

  i spent a lot of time reading a a KJ [TS]

  parker books which I've spoken about [TS]

  before it like seven of them this year [TS]

  so check them out [TS]

  i also enjoyed more than other people on [TS]

  this podcast the cloud atlas [TS]

  yeah not naming any names but the book [TS]

  not the book i haven't seen the movie so [TS]

  who knows my book did not start tom [TS]

  hanks so happy about that and you know [TS]

  that covers it for me [TS]

  alright that's good Steve what about you [TS]

  I only put down one cool thing about [TS]

  2012 because just in general 2012 sort [TS]

  of blue for male don't like to uh the [TS]

  one cool thing I put down actually in [TS]

  keeping with last year's clip show [TS]

  episode it's it's another new thing new [TS]

  things [TS]

  yes that's right it's new to you that's [TS]

  all that matters [TS]

  this was the year that i discovered [TS]

  Star Trek it's true [TS]

  oh yes yes shortly after after we did [TS]

  our breath of cod episode I'd mentioned [TS]

  previously that my daughter and I were [TS]

  kind of going through a few twilight [TS]

  zone episodes and just one night I [TS]

  suggest you know second twilight zone [TS]

  I've been thinking about going through [TS]

  the original series of Star Trek and [TS]

  kind of checking it out [TS]

  you want to watch one of these said okay [TS]

  sure why not [TS]

  so we put it on and she is completely [TS]

  hooked I I nine-year-old girl completely [TS]

  hooked on Star Trek which is great [TS]

  because it means i don't have to worry [TS]

  about boys for at least another 50 years [TS]

  until all those nerd boys get up the [TS]

  leprechauns I know how to deal with them [TS]

  though [TS]

  yeah that's having been one myself and I [TS]

  can easily handle them [TS]

  it's the the football team guys that I [TS]

  wouldn't be able to manage but there's [TS]

  no problem there because she's a big [TS]

  star trek fan [TS]

  yeah in fact you know we get towards the [TS]

  end of the year here i would recommend [TS]

  night before she goes to bed you want to [TS]

  watch a miracle 34 street and watch a [TS]

  christmas show let's watch Rudolph let's [TS]

  watch how about a christmas story she [TS]

  would say no star trek and we are we're [TS]

  almost almost done with season two right [TS]

  now and about to drift into season three [TS]

  Oh Steve it's all it's all downhill from [TS]

  there I gotta say I'm prepared for some [TS]

  downhill site yes season three is [TS]

  another good because i have been awful [TS]

  lot of down hills in seasons wanted to [TS]

  have already put up with [TS]

  yeah you do 28 or 30 episodes a year [TS]

  which is insane like they did and and [TS]

  yeah it's it's variable but you know a [TS]

  lot of people talk about what if start [TS]

  record stayed on the air for longer and [TS]

  I keep thinking there's a reason it [TS]

  didn't they needed that third season to [TS]

  get into syndication to make all those [TS]

  other things happen but that third [TS]

  season itself really not very good [TS]

  yeah well I don't want to get into a [TS]

  whole episode here on Star Trek the [TS]

  original series will do that i mean [TS]

  there's a good chance that might happen [TS]

  sometime in the future eight happened i [TS]

  I've got the got the blu rays of the [TS]

  first two seasons and they look since [TS]

  they shot that on you know nice high [TS]

  quality film and then they scanned it [TS]

  all in it looks great it looks fantastic [TS]

  cam but it's funny we've gotten very [TS]

  into [TS]

  the original series of Star Trek and [TS]

  we'll probably once we're done with that [TS]

  because she's she seems to be still [TS]

  interested [TS]

  midway through the second season will [TS]

  probably continue on with the the films [TS]

  and then maybe on into the next [TS]

  generation generation sure we'll see [TS]

  we'll see how it goes i described the to [TS]

  her as like The Twilight Zone in space [TS]

  and it pretty much is in that whole [TS]

  first season fact a lot of the same [TS]

  writers and some some of the same [TS]

  directors pop-up and with Shatner and [TS]

  yeah and Shatner right he's in like [TS]

  three or four toilets and episodes so [TS]

  that's pretty much it for for external [TS]

  to the incomparable items in 2012 now as [TS]

  far as the incomparable goes i have a [TS]

  favorite episode and some favorite [TS]

  moments my favorite episode it this year [TS]

  it's tossed up but i gotta go with the [TS]

  criminally underappreciated game show [TS]

  episode which was already mentioned I'm [TS]

  proud of that because I that I through [TS]

  like every single kind of crap that I [TS]

  could think of it as the Sun yes yes i [TS]

  do something stuck to the wall the [TS]

  bucket it's a bucket show that show is [TS]

  full of it's more complicated than like [TS]

  risk it's like got eight different games [TS]

  in it happening simultaneously with a [TS]

  parallel universe and yeah so I'm glad [TS]

  you liked it because i liked it and in [TS]

  its it helps for me because I was so [TS]

  god-awful sick at the time that I can [TS]

  actually listen to it and i have no no [TS]

  recollection of having participated so [TS]

  it's a big surprise to me but I was I [TS]

  was kind of surprised you know we've had [TS]

  even some of our weirder episodes we've [TS]

  had a lot of feedback from people on [TS]

  Twitter and the game show episode kind [TS]

  of got dropped in there was just nothing [TS]

  yeah maybe one or two people responded [TS]

  on Twitter but it was it was pretty [TS]

  quiet and I thought it was a pretty darn [TS]

  good episode it was very entertaining [TS]

  I agree people who did you don't [TS]

  remember it you should go back if you [TS]

  maybe you're sick and you couldn't [TS]

  remember anything about anything listen [TS]

  again because you know it'll be new [TS]

  years to had so deep in the throes of [TS]

  typhoid was i that that having the old [TS]

  farts performance Cheech and Chong [TS]

  sketch seem like a pretty good idea yeah [TS]

  like oh man that's one back [TS]

  no well that's why people don't like it [TS]

  at some of those [TS]

  did you go well you just have to wait [TS]

  for them to it in the pre-show rehearsal [TS]

  it was it was snappy patter it was like [TS]

  you know back and forth it was funnier [TS]

  than hell and then by the time that the [TS]

  episode started the skype skewed kicked [TS]

  in [TS]

  you shouldn't you should have recorded [TS]

  the pre-show rehearsal and I could [TS]

  adjust with that in there as well hey by [TS]

  the way Jason thanks a lot for not [TS]

  tightening that up at all in [TS]

  postcrossing sounded sort of general and [TS]

  you're a very similar to be that was [TS]

  tightened w that's this city [TS]

  out-of-pocket this is exactly how crappy [TS]

  it happens I got it I got to be honest [TS]

  you but you may not remember it it is [TS]

  actually tighten up with all the help of [TS]

  five of bad skin 11 of one of you was [TS]

  tightened up this is the game show [TS]

  episode now you've made me sad yeah [TS]

  sorry but i will continue anyway so as [TS]

  far as favorite moments from various [TS]

  episodes first of all we're going to do [TS]

  clips in this shirt shirt on Syracuse's [TS]

  it's great when you drop clips yeah [TS]

  sewed and then i'm going to pick the [TS]

  part in the 2011 clip show episode like [TS]

  the Skeletor clip at my goal my goal is [TS]

  to create a recursive singularity loop [TS]

  and eventually takes over the entire [TS]

  annual clip show podcast if we survived [TS]

  watching too much Star Trek's these on [TS]

  tempo cornfield Steve I loved I loved it [TS]

  when we remembered how funny Skeletor [TS]

  was from last year in this year's clip [TS]

  show that look back on last year so [TS]

  listen Laurie liked the cancelled TV [TS]

  show draft but she says the TV character [TS]

  draft made her laugh from beginning to [TS]

  end so i guess my favorite moment steve [TS]

  was the drafting of Skeletor yes mr. [TS]

  Janus said I laughed so much of the [TS]

  character draft that my sister thought i [TS]

  was nuts [TS]

  well there's a good chance you're [TS]

  welcome me mr. Chad road in simply [TS]

  saying Skeletor house needs to be sick [TS]

  well i'm gonna go with one that's a [TS]

  that's close to my heart for various [TS]

  reasons and I know somebody's just [TS]

  raring to pick him so I better grab him [TS]

  now I'm gonna pick a pic Skeletor from [TS]

  the Masters of the Universe seems yeah [TS]

  yeah so I do not think you should be on [TS]

  the show with Tom servo well the beauty [TS]

  of Skeletor is that he can die every [TS]

  weekend yet miraculously reappeared from [TS]

  under the pile of rocks that he was [TS]

  buried under in subsequent holds so if [TS]

  Anthony tries to send Skeletor the [TS]

  cornfield what happens is back to the [TS]

  next week [TS]

  that's the intention of the show's [TS]

  spoilers no spoilers alright okay so [TS]

  you're you're pretty clearly it's [TS]

  crucial to my plot which which I look [TS]

  forward to making up on the candy yeah [TS]

  that's appropriate but it's Skeletor is [TS]

  the alpha and the omega of our podcast [TS]

  he won that draft by killing everyone [TS]

  else [TS]

  yes well I'm hoping this episode [TS]

  actually airs in 2013 so that i can then [TS]

  pick the 2014 clip show 2013 clever of [TS]

  me picking the clip where we played [TS]

  Skeletor clip [TS]

  good luck future Steve alright other [TS]

  favorite moments I i thought the quick [TS]

  the jonathan coulton cameo at the end of [TS]

  episode 98 was hilarious hilarious and [TS]

  cruel [TS]

  we should get more famous people to pop [TS]

  in and say one sentence [TS]

  well I want to say thank you to [TS]

  everybody hey for putting up with me but [TS]

  be for a very interesting talk about [TS]

  Jonathan Coulton so thank you John Scott [TS]

  and Greg thank you thank you x [TS]

  thank you thanks sure and that's it [TS]

  I don't know how Jason's these things [TS]

  hey guys i happen to have the man [TS]

  himself jonathan coulton right here with [TS]

  me and he has something that you'd like [TS]

  to say to you I heard what you were [TS]

  saying you know nothing of my work I [TS]

  mean how you got to record a podcast [TS]

  about anything is totally amazing [TS]

  how if only real life worked like this [TS]

  and then actually my real favorite [TS]

  moment from this year was probably the [TS]

  after dark from the movie draft is I [TS]

  think the funniest moments are the parts [TS]

  where we just go completely bug nuts [TS]

  insane and i mean that that particular [TS]

  After Dark has the the old prospector [TS]

  oh yeah and it also has the bit where [TS]

  where Jason realizes that the only way [TS]

  he's going to finally get get us off the [TS]

  call is to kill us off one boy which is [TS]

  just a brilliant sequence and and makes [TS]

  me laugh every time I hear that i have [TS]

  probably played that after dark more [TS]

  than that up I go back every once in [TS]

  awhile and play that because there's a [TS]

  lot of good stuff in that but that [TS]

  you're right i remember that that that [TS]

  was a great one [TS]

  I'm here to Georgia of the pie care [TS]

  through the primary points where is [TS]

  weird because Raiders already done I've [TS]

  done with my my selections but Alexis [TS]

  out [TS]

  that's okay Jason anywhere without me [TS]

  this will be the wildest podcast in the [TS]

  wilderness [TS]

  hi my name is that but why would you not [TS]

  use that beautiful rose gold boiler or [TS]

  that would be the fast it's the spoilers [TS]

  we are the people sound like someone who [TS]

  just like you're just got spoiled a [TS]

  movie and it will boil and boil and [TS]

  reduce my father was the wilhelm scream [TS]

  doesn't make you hang up first no return [TS]

  to know you hang out you and I know you [TS]

  I don't start trying to I know [TS]

  when when when I say so who's the sucker [TS]

  who hung up win [TS]

  oh go out but it was hired a rad cast by [TS]

  the way can be titled podcast this what [TS]

  happens when I don't cancel the podcast [TS]

  is that nobody gets up people just yes [TS]

  we just wait last one out the button [TS]

  no I'm gonna go talking about me I have [TS]

  to go home but you can't stay here [TS]

  I'm real survivor we have a whole paper [TS]

  with the guys know it's like survivor [TS]

  you never know who's gonna who's gonna [TS]

  go next last person to take the handoff [TS]

  the idol I i am as the initiator the [TS]

  call i can actually hang people up now [TS]

  so I'm like the god of the skype call [TS]

  Jason is getting you a tiny vengeful god [TS]

  you should have a choice [TS]

  back off one by one loss is that means [TS]

  on Syracuse's going did it like and then [TS]

  there were five that's it sentimental [TS]

  Indians this is a locked skype murder [TS]

  mr. his skype a transmitter for talking [TS]

  to god that's very clever dan-o who a [TS]

  little morons guy next let's talk about [TS]

  you in his movie sucked [TS]

  let's touch your fan baby still Raiders [TS]

  yeah it's not like they're really more [TS]

  and you really do that Steve what did [TS]

  you just sink parody lyrics so let's [TS]

  talk about sex i did and they involve [TS]

  Mellon oh no point I think I know what's [TS]

  going to happen it's just the two of you [TS]

  now [TS]

  hmm we are your favorites for my least [TS]

  favorites [TS]

  oh yeah one of the other I'm going to [TS]

  bow out now early without that [TS]

  distinguish between the wrath of i win [TS]

  yeah that was a whole great the whole [TS]

  film festival think that being much [TS]

  wacky of them i expected and that we [TS]

  have like six hours of content out of [TS]

  that [TS]

  yeah yeah well if you look at the [TS]

  archive we ended up doing a recap of it [TS]

  the next week when we had had assembled [TS]

  are our schedules and it says part 3 of [TS]

  two [TS]

  just like it's the increasingly in [TS]

  accurately named 21 episode that's that [TS]

  is very exactly so that's it for twenty [TS]

  twelve men had already much better than [TS]

  that other than that [TS]

  fair enough Lisa Schmeisser I i come to [TS]

  you now to ask things you liked sure uh [TS]

  let's start with TV i really liked the [TS]

  show arrow which which I i dashed off in [TS]

  like two sentences when we talk about [TS]

  fall TV I said it was better than i [TS]

  thought but it wasn't very interesting [TS]

  so tell me more i finished on hulu over [TS]

  a couple of days and I've caught up all [TS]

  the way to the ninth episode and there [TS]

  are a number of reasons i like it first [TS]

  of all susan thompson who plays Oliver [TS]

  Queen's mother is fantastic i think [TS]

  she's one of the most underrated [TS]

  actresses working on TV right now [TS]

  because she's also very good on King's [TS]

  she has a certain presence where she [TS]

  manages to simultaneously convey a sort [TS]

  of a professional warmth you know I like [TS]

  Gwyneth Paltrow who does pepper potts [TS]

  but at the same time you can always see [TS]

  the wheels turning and there's this [TS]

  undercurrent of menace in her [TS]

  performance that is just riveting so [TS]

  arrows worth watching for that the [TS]

  action sequences are great and they've [TS]

  managed to take some of the best parts [TS]

  of the green arrow mythos and discard [TS]

  some of the really ridiculous stuff and [TS]

  it's a little bit more intelligent than [TS]

  most CW shows the only the only the only [TS]

  quibble i have a battle that's a local [TS]

  that was yeah well now but you have a [TS]

  skillet easily quickly i have is that it [TS]

  once again there's like a cabal of [TS]

  people who run the who run everything [TS]

  and they have to be brought to justice [TS]

  and i'm just getting really tired of the [TS]

  one world conspiracy as a conceited TV [TS]

  shows but its its light entertainment it [TS]

  might be a good on comic adjacent way to [TS]

  get into the green arrow especially if [TS]

  you were to go to write like when your [TS]

  nerve the comic friends and say okay I [TS]

  really liked the show then the person [TS]

  consider great you know read the long [TS]

  bow hunters are great read the kevin [TS]

  smith run or what have you and it sort [TS]

  of fits into the whole continuum and [TS]

  again it's not thinking entertainment [TS]

  you know you're not going to watch and [TS]

  come away all of this is a metaphor for [TS]

  you know humanity learn something about [TS]

  the arrow taught me something important [TS]

  about man's inhumanity to man it's not [TS]

  what you know it's not only shows where [TS]

  people were our critics are going to [TS]

  endlessly with her on like they do about [TS]

  mad men or breaking bad but ya know but [TS]

  you know this is actually the year i got [TS]

  the appreciation for what I'd call [TS]

  mid-level TV or comfort TV because I i [TS]

  became a huge fan of alphas and haven on [TS]

  the SyFy channel and those are certainly [TS]

  shows where you can kind of dip in a nap [TS]

  there's a little bit of mythology but [TS]

  every episode is kind of self-contained [TS]

  with you know freaky mutant of the week [TS]

  I was sick a few weeks back and i was [TS]

  thinking what do I want to watch and I [TS]

  could have watched breaking bad i could [TS]

  watch mad men and i ended up watching [TS]

  season 1 episodes of supernatural [TS]

  because the fact is there's some shows [TS]

  that that you want to watch when you're [TS]

  you're laying on the couch under a [TS]

  blanket and don't feel well and the end [TS]

  it's not necessarily the highest art [TS]

  that you want [TS]

  yeah it's chicken noodle soup and [TS]

  sometimes that's all you want is it the [TS]

  end of a long day when you when you use [TS]

  your brain and then you had to match [TS]

  what the toddler and you probably lost [TS]

  then you that you just want something [TS]

  that's oh look it's the story I want to [TS]

  see how it turns out [TS]

  so other other stuff you have any books [TS]

  or comics or other things but the movies [TS]

  cake movies [TS]

  see I enjoyed the adventures as a [TS]

  spectacle a lot you know I realize you [TS]

  can drive from a Helicarrier through [TS]

  some of plot holes there's a lot of [TS]

  dependent a lot it doesn't make sense [TS]

  and you know fanservice fanservice [TS]

  setting up an item but it was a lot it [TS]

  was a lot of fun to watch and it was fun [TS]

  to see somebody charismatic and good [TS]

  actors in one place doing doing [TS]

  entertainment you know I've seen I've [TS]

  seen it three times now because i bought [TS]

  the blu-ray and yes you're right all [TS]

  that there are lots of cooking [TS]

  criticisms you can level at in fact is I [TS]

  enjoy that time [TS]

  yeah every time in terms of comics [TS]

  continue to really enjoy scalped even [TS]

  though it ended this year wrapped up and [TS]

  I swear probably person Americans [TS]

  talking about it [TS]

  I loved that loved lock and key which we [TS]

  read for coming and we're going to have [TS]

  to talk about the forthcoming to be in [TS]

  2013 and we'll talk about walking key in [TS]

  the next comic book club that's press [TS]

  and and love that and I should mention [TS]

  in case I don't mention it later [TS]

  since you're on the subject of comics [TS]

  that I i really enjoyed great pox [TS]

  extreme x-men which is a terrible title [TS]

  what is totally [TS]

  fun crazy apart parallel universe [TS]

  hopping x-men with a savior floating [TS]

  head in a jar and that's that's what i [TS]

  wanted my economics is is that level of [TS]

  kind of craziness any podcast related [TS]

  thoughts for the past year i think i [TS]

  think the podcast i had the most fun on [TS]

  this year actually was the parenting one [TS]

  and one of the reasons i did and pardon [TS]

  me for very into amateur sociology but i [TS]

  think that the practice of mothering in [TS]

  the u.s. is slightly different than the [TS]

  practice of fathering in part because [TS]

  there's so much media aimed at mothers [TS]

  and and the practices and and you know [TS]

  are you doing this greater you doing [TS]

  that right and it was so nice to to hang [TS]

  with a bunch of people who like if you [TS]

  know what their small people and we just [TS]

  do this with them I don't beat myself up [TS]

  over it i'm not worried about how this [TS]

  is gonna play out 20 years down the line [TS]

  and I'm not judging myself by it and it [TS]

  was it was eye-opening to it was [TS]

  eye-opening to realize that to realize [TS]

  the Gulf and parenting cultures as it [TS]

  was and and I enjoyed the experience of [TS]

  a lot so so i think that was my favorite [TS]

  yeah we got a nice nice comment from [TS]

  adam highland who has written to us a [TS]

  bunch as the proton k yes the real [TS]

  proton k or proton as we sometimes like [TS]

  to say and his pick for best 2012 moment [TS]

  was in the parenting episode which I [TS]

  thought this was nice i love despite my [TS]

  fears about parenting related podcasts [TS]

  and enjoyed least misers growing mix of [TS]

  delight horror and fascination upon [TS]

  hearing John Syracuse's plan for [TS]

  indoctrinating his children in the [TS]

  correct order and framing of the Star [TS]

  Wars movies it's the Nicene Creed it's [TS]

  true he just has this planned out like [TS]

  he had actually sat down and got all [TS]

  right you know how am I going to do this [TS]

  and this is what we deeply believe in [TS]

  something like you gotyou got the idea [TS]

  to maybe there were some storyboards [TS]

  there [TS]

  my main concern was to ensure that what [TS]

  they thought of as Star Wars was what I [TS]

  thought of a star and so I knew that [TS]

  once they came became school-aged and [TS]

  like got older all their friends [TS]

  who have parents that don't know these [TS]

  rules are going to be telling them about [TS]

  because the people and so I had I had to [TS]

  cement in their little minds that star [TS]

  wars Luke Skywalker Princess Leia Han [TS]

  Solo Chewbacca c-3po you know like I had [TS]

  like that is star wars so that by the [TS]

  time they inevitably enter the world of [TS]

  their peers in kindergarten [TS]

  you know and regular elementary school [TS]

  and all their friends tell the battle is [TS]

  pretty cool stuff that will be like like [TS]

  explain expanded universe John if you [TS]

  don't explain the prequels to your kids [TS]

  are only gonna hear about it on the [TS]

  street man hit us the thing i knew they [TS]

  were going to hear about it from their [TS]

  friends I just wanted to really lay down [TS]

  those tracks of like this is what star [TS]

  wars is it and almost didn't care so [TS]

  much if they were like excited like [TS]

  dinner whenever I just wanted to think [TS]

  of this star wars and then this is other [TS]

  crazy stuff and I know it's weird to use [TS]

  expanding universe to explain to the [TS]

  expanding universe is a real thing [TS]

  within the star wars universe but i'm [TS]

  i'm trying to say let's push the [TS]

  prequels out and right there's the [TS]

  cannon right and then there's the like [TS]

  sort of non you know not really cannon [TS]

  right and I was like those out of there [TS]

  push the prequels because this star wars [TS]

  games like they play lego star wars all [TS]

  those things like a nice nap so what I [TS]

  did was I showed those like the Star [TS]

  Wars version of the Nicene Creed where [TS]

  you just decided what's dr. no it's not [TS]

  it's it's started storing those are my [TS]

  biggest reason the star wars honestly [TS]

  believe we believe in one star in a [TS]

  galaxy far far away where Luke Skywalker [TS]

  is the protagonist believe in three star [TS]

  wars so i showed my on my son a new hope [TS]

  first it's the truth yeah you run the [TS]

  risk of having the ostracized kids who [TS]

  can't talk the prequels with their [TS]

  little friends on the playground when [TS]

  you like the kids who didn't have TV [TS]

  they're gonna start knocking on doors [TS]

  does anyone else have like imagine a [TS]

  little circus on the playground like [TS]

  chastising his is his fellow [TS]

  six-year-olds that like this is not [TS]

  pleased besides are only three movies [TS]

  and Star Wars of the unbelievers [TS]

  the unbelievers in the name of the son [TS]

  and of the father that's impossible and [TS]

  the force [TS]

  loading Yoda but uh but yeah so I [TS]

  thought his comment was great in the [TS]

  sense to that I was a little worried [TS]

  when we talked about parenting stuff too [TS]

  and I'm glad to hear his comment which [TS]

  is that you know he viewed with dread [TS]

  and then he listened to me and he liked [TS]

  it and I thought that was good i think i [TS]

  thought that was a really nice [TS]

  discussion about how how we as parents [TS]

  deal with what we expose our kids to [TS]

  those are great that's great [TS]

  a serenity Caldwell yes i do you have [TS]

  things that you inhaled into your brain [TS]

  and 2012 that you'd like knows about [TS]

  that the phrase that will stay with me [TS]

  forever now from our last show i am glad [TS]

  that I have been able to you know [TS]

  yeah give such a wonderful phrase to the [TS]

  podcast [TS]

  yeah i was looking over my list I've [TS]

  been taking pictures of all like my [TS]

  ticket stubs and things like that to try [TS]

  and actually remember what movies i saw [TS]

  this year because it's been a very jam [TS]

  packed yet I feel like I agree with Lisa [TS]

  and that there it's it hasn't really [TS]

  been a super fascinating year for movies [TS]

  and TV but I still feel like I as you [TS]

  like to put it I inhaled a lot into my [TS]

  brain [TS]

  despite all of that I came up with three [TS]

  movies that really stand out from the [TS]

  past year and I'll go in order of [TS]

  watching on the first I actually saw at [TS]

  South by Southwest at its South by [TS]

  Southwest premiere which was safety not [TS]

  guaranteed which is a very very cute [TS]

  cute little time travel film about a [TS]

  series of or a couple of kit while two [TS]

  kids two interns and a news reporter [TS]

  going out basically into the boonies to [TS]

  investigate a guy who's put out a [TS]

  classified ad to you know [TS]

  warning i want to i want to find [TS]

  somebody to go back in time with me this [TS]

  is not a joke must bring your own [TS]

  weapons and I don't know if you manage [TS]

  to get a chance to see it Jason it is [TS]

  very it is adorable it starts up the [TS]

  plaza from from parks and recreation and [TS]

  she she is so happy in this movie [TS]

  despite she still has her sort of [TS]

  trademarks cowl from park [TS]

  and wreck but it is at the same time a [TS]

  completely different character than [TS]

  you've ever seen her playing and it's it [TS]

  is such a delightful film to watch both [TS]

  from a good character standpoint and [TS]

  from a oh my god time-travel this is so [TS]

  adorable it reminds me a lot into like [TS]

  totally of of Johnny Five a little bit [TS]

  which is weird because they're yeah [TS]

  they're not they're nothing alike [TS]

  because there's no robots in this movie [TS]

  sadly but spoilers but it's still it's [TS]

  very sweet [TS]

  it's very adorable it's a commentary on [TS]

  both time travel movies and living your [TS]

  life and being able to let go of the [TS]

  past and how the past affects your your [TS]

  day-to-day choices I so I i really [TS]

  really adored that movie and seeing it [TS]

  at South by Southwest with the cast and [TS]

  a very excited full audience at the [TS]

  Paramount Theater definitely helped and [TS]

  I saw it again in September with dan [TS]

  Morin and a couple of my friends and I [TS]

  was like no it still is good it's a [TS]

  really really sweet film so i encourage [TS]

  everybody who did not get a chance to [TS]

  see safety not guaranteed when it's in [TS]

  theaters to go pick it up on iTunes or [TS]

  Amazon because it's it is a great little [TS]

  time touch that you you said I don't [TS]

  know if Jason you've you've seen it all [TS]

  I i don't think i've actually even heard [TS]

  of it so i would also seek it out now [TS]

  but I don't think I even knew about that [TS]

  movie I mean it was a it was in indie [TS]

  film that I played plead regionally I [TS]

  don't think it ever got full nationwide [TS]

  nationwide building in theaters down for [TS]

  the government out alright [TS]

  yes it is I'm so there's that and then [TS]

  my my other big movie choice would be [TS]

  Moonrise Kingdom which is another indie [TS]

  film but i think a few more people saw [TS]

  and that is like it's a Wes Anderson [TS]

  movie so when you go when you know that [TS]

  going in you know you're going in for a [TS]

  very specific sort of sort of tale but [TS]

  it was very it's very sweet it was [TS]

  basically you know fantastic mr fox west [TS]

  anderson was actually tackling more or [TS]

  less a fairytale but I feel like [TS]

  Moonrise Kingdom [TS]

  is the actual realization of him [TS]

  tackling a fairy tale where he decided [TS]

  let's make a movie about children and [TS]

  how children think and the imaginations [TS]

  and the fleeting you know we're going to [TS]

  run away and we're going to found our [TS]

  own place and we're going to you know [TS]

  we're going to be adults and the [TS]

  realization of how that actually [TS]

  translates in the real world it was [TS]

  utterly charming very sweet very very [TS]

  West Anderson but i like it doesn't [TS]

  quite top Rushmore for me which is I [TS]

  think my favorite Wes Anderson movie but [TS]

  it comes very close and it's it is [TS]

  definitely one of those if people had [TS]

  never watched a Wes Anderson movie I [TS]

  might recommend Moonrise Kingdom to them [TS]

  over Rushmore and be like this is [TS]

  actually you know while it is still very [TS]

  much a Wes Anderson movie i think it's [TS]

  actually his most his most widely widely [TS]

  acceptable like the the best one to sort [TS]

  of give to a wider audience and say here [TS]

  this is kind of what west anderson is [TS]

  about don't believe the stereotype so so [TS]

  yes I like that one quite a bit LOL [TS]

  tenenbaums is my favorite I'll overall [TS]

  10 monsters I didn't like that 1i like [TS]

  rush like Rushmore a lot of pressure on [TS]

  Wilson the cowboy hat that just gets me [TS]

  every time [TS]

  but but Owen Owen Wilson has great parts [TS]

  in west anderson movies I I can't get [TS]

  over him and he's in bottle rocket i [TS]

  believe is and then I have to tip my hat [TS]

  towards the Avengers because i really [TS]

  enjoyed that I love justin is writing i [TS]

  love [TS]

  well done big movie spectacles that's [TS]

  like it doesn't it doesn't need to make [TS]

  sense entirely once I walk out of the [TS]

  theater as long as you keep me engaged [TS]

  and involved the entire time while I'm [TS]

  watching it [TS]

  ya did ya yet he did it with a bullet [TS]

  that but that movie so easily could have [TS]

  been a legend just you know let's cash [TS]

  in just a bore and awful and I I know [TS]

  Andy and I co thinks that it was but oh [TS]

  yeah he put that down [TS]

  he put that thing on Twitter the other [TS]

  day like the 63 things that are wrong [TS]

  with the Avengers in under three minutes [TS]

  and okay yes you're fine and and again [TS]

  let's emphasize they put an archer up [TS]

  against the alien army but it was still [TS]

  so much stuff and it was a great [TS]

  yes yeah you can't help but get a little [TS]

  glee in your heart when you watch [TS]

  somebody firing and you know an arrow [TS]

  that contains a bomb at a giant alien [TS]

  ship and i was just reading Alan [TS]

  Sepinwall book about the I think like [TS]

  eight series that changed 12-month [TS]

  series the same yeah yeah the Revolution [TS]

  was televised is the name of it and i [TS]

  was reading the the buffy chapter and he [TS]

  was talking about the Avengers and about [TS]

  about serenity to not the one on the [TS]

  podcast the movie of the same name and [TS]

  uh get referred he reminded me he [TS]

  reminded me that uh that that serenity [TS]

  has the same trait that the Avengers has [TS]

  in that although it's not super serious [TS]

  or anything like that it's fun and I [TS]

  remember coming out of that movie [TS]

  thinking that's what the kind of sci-fi [TS]

  movie I want to see I want to come out [TS]

  being like God that was that was so much [TS]

  fun [TS]

  which is how I left like the Star Wars [TS]

  movies when when I saw those and the [TS]

  Avengers you know it's like that it's [TS]

  it's it's it's fun it's a fun movie yeah [TS]

  there's a common i read in Wired [TS]

  magazine about 12 years ago that's [TS]

  always stuck with me which said if you [TS]

  want to figure out what scientists are [TS]

  going to do 20 years from now you should [TS]

  read side fine now because if you have a [TS]

  set if you have a store with a sense of [TS]

  excitement and fun and discovery this is [TS]

  what sticks in people's brains and they [TS]

  want to do that would make up the same [TS]

  way that I think people who went to [TS]

  school the same time Jason I did I think [TS]

  we all wanted to be on the space shuttle [TS]

  and living in space for a while you know [TS]

  I think everybody have that that [TS]

  astronaut moment in the eighties from [TS]

  star wars in the space shuttle they like [TS]

  that and like you said there's it as [TS]

  much as i enjoy post-apocalyptic [TS]

  post-apocalyptic sci-fi and I run a lot [TS]

  of ye dystopia and and I enjoy that too [TS]

  there's a lot to be said for for when [TS]

  there's fantasy and adventure in sci-fi [TS]

  where it's like we're in space does this [TS]

  kick-ass isn't this cool you know of we [TS]

  that there's a lot to be said for that [TS]

  as a halt [TS]

  yes and there's a Hulk there's a whole [TS]

  group major major ups for solving the [TS]

  whole problem right just weed was like I [TS]

  know how you doing it well yeah yeah [TS]

  deploy him on a limited basis and make [TS]

  sure he's played by my [TS]

  Buffalo who at the casting in Avengers [TS]

  was just so good because if if they [TS]

  hadn't cast everybody the way they did [TS]

  it really could have been awful but you [TS]

  know if I'm not sure there's anybody [TS]

  would have recast now permanently [TS]

  watchman where you could take off half [TS]

  the cast and say that would have been [TS]

  better with somebody else in the [TS]

  Avengers right Randy have any uh any uh [TS]

  diagonally red looks that you liked to [TS]

  get their picture i have i have a couple [TS]

  actually so the the two that came out [TS]

  this year and funny enough 2012 was [TS]

  definitely a year for reading books from [TS]

  the past for me i have a lot i'm looking [TS]

  at my Goodreads list and I have a lot of [TS]

  books that i read that are actually from [TS]

  you know 5 10 15 mins behind 50 years [TS]

  ago yeah what was it what you consumed [TS]

  this year not what Kim yeah yeah I'm so [TS]

  the two books that i consumed this year [TS]

  that were actually came out this year is [TS]

  number one which i think is probably my [TS]

  favorite book of the year is erin [TS]

  morgenstern the night circus [TS]

  Oh which i still need to buy in [TS]

  hardcover because that that is the kind [TS]

  of book that I want on my shelf for the [TS]

  rest of my life and I want to be able to [TS]

  loan it people own to people that will [TS]

  because i think it's so perfectly [TS]

  it's so perfectly captures the the [TS]

  beauty of a good fantasy story and [TS]

  close-knit relationships it's such a [TS]

  fascinating book the imagery is so vivid [TS]

  the writing is almost poetic in its [TS]

  beauty and it like I i love that book [TS]

  because I can open it up and read a [TS]

  paragraph and be completely subsumed [TS]

  into the world and not many authors can [TS]

  do that well and erin morgenstern really [TS]

  really showed a talent for doing that [TS]

  and I'm i cannot wait to see where she's [TS]

  going to so like that that is my number [TS]

  one book I can't like I can't even talk [TS]

  that much about the plot because I just [TS]

  I don't want to spoil anything it's just [TS]

  more this book is amazing [TS]

  oh yeah and everybody should go read it [TS]

  so that's one and then another one is [TS]

  actually an old a new book at once which [TS]

  is to say it's some hope Larson's [TS]

  wrinkle in time graphic novel which came [TS]

  out this fall and I mean wrinkle in time [TS]

  has long been [TS]

  one of my favorite books and was one of [TS]

  my favorite books in childhood and [TS]

  clearly it was one of Hope Larson's as [TS]

  well because she pour so much love and [TS]

  respect for Madeleine L'Engle is work [TS]

  and adapts it so pitch perfectly like [TS]

  that is that is a very difficult book to [TS]

  try and adapt into a graphic novel what [TS]

  I mean you have the dark thing and you [TS]

  have you have picked the tesseract alone [TS]

  would be on my gosh [TS]

  and she she does it so well like i am [TS]

  i'm really impressed na three-tone book [TS]

  to it's not you know it's not in full [TS]

  color it's a it's black and blue and [TS]

  some shades of some shades of gray and [TS]

  she just does somet so much great work i [TS]

  mean i've i've been a fan of larsen [TS]

  since her first graphic novel but [TS]

  wrinkle and time is really really a [TS]

  masterpiece [TS]

  I'm and it's something I'm really [TS]

  excited to you know I i have some [TS]

  cousins who are smaller and it's very [TS]

  much i'm so excited to be able to start [TS]

  showing them this as a way to sort of [TS]

  get them hooked onto bigger books [TS]

  because i really think you know the [TS]

  wrinkle in time is a is a book that is [TS]

  ness you know not it's written towards [TS]

  children but it has a lot of big ideas [TS]

  and it sort of gets you thinking in a [TS]

  bigger world scape and the idea of space [TS]

  and the idea of multi dimensional travel [TS]

  and it gets your senses really excited [TS]

  and to be able to sort of start kids who [TS]

  maybe aren't so interested in reading [TS]

  400-page books like look here's a [TS]

  graphic novel it has pretty pictures but [TS]

  it also has really really interesting [TS]

  substance to it so I'm that's definitely [TS]

  am a Christmas present for several of my [TS]

  family members who this year [TS]

  yeah so the last set of books that i [TS]

  wanted to mention her sort of older [TS]

  older books that i started reading this [TS]

  year one of which was Jasper Ford's [TS]

  thursday next series which of which i [TS]

  had read the fourth book something [TS]

  rotten in 2005 on an airplane because I [TS]

  needed something to read and I'm like oh [TS]

  Shakespeare this sounds like it could be [TS]

  fun and I got hooked but then [TS]

  subsequently never picked up the other [TS]

  books in the series [TS]

  these and had no idea what was going on [TS]

  so coming back to those books starting [TS]

  from the beginning in 2012 was very [TS]

  strange and very delightful because it [TS]

  is a great series of books for people [TS]

  who love literature and love literature [TS]

  literary in jokes [TS]

  it's very very funny and very British [TS]

  and very well sure but uh but is it [TS]

  great a great series of books [TS]

  very clever so I'm I've been enjoying [TS]

  working my way through those I'm now on [TS]

  the second set of those books and I [TS]

  think again we have a jasper fforde [TS]

  podcast plan at some point so i will [TS]

  save most of my rambling for that and [TS]

  then Neal Stephenson's diamond age I [TS]

  just got through this year [TS]

  ah yeah that is a book you know I did [TS]

  not think that books at you know 25 [TS]

  still had the ability to change the way [TS]

  i think but a diamond age is really [TS]

  really remarkable [TS]

  I told you I told you I i know i know [TS]

  it's not that I didn't believe you I [TS]

  just had I had so many books to read and [TS]

  I finally picked that up and within two [TS]

  chapters i was completely hooked and [TS]

  just absolutely fascinated by it so I [TS]

  really really enjoyed diamond age [TS]

  another book I've got to get to put on [TS]

  myself [TS]

  yeah but broke my heart oh my god it is [TS]

  tragic and beautiful and fascinating all [TS]

  at once [TS]

  anything else couple TV show all right [TS]

  so when I actually just started very [TS]

  recently and just discovered is a very [TS]

  cute little british show called spy [TS]

  that's all I love that hulu right now it [TS]

  is on hulu right now and i had never [TS]

  heard of it and hulu got syndication for [TS]

  it for its second season it might have [TS]

  gotten syndication for its for the first [TS]

  that's yeah it's got all of them [TS]

  yeah well its got all of them but i [TS]

  didn't i didn't actually hear about it [TS]

  until its second season started running [TS]

  and so one of one day while I was [TS]

  cleaning my apartment i just got a [TS]

  television and I [TS]

  an apple TV so I hooked that up and I [TS]

  thought hey you know I want something to [TS]

  to play while I'm cleaning up in the [TS]

  background and this seems like a [TS]

  suitably adorable show and I play it and [TS]

  I i was hooked [TS]

  it's it kind of reminds me a little bit [TS]

  of space and a riddle a little bit of [TS]

  arrested development with a side of [TS]

  Spooks thrown in [TS]

  it's a 10 funny little amalgam of a show [TS]

  with great great character actors but [TS]

  the the basic plot is there's a you know [TS]

  30-something guy who has a ten-year-old [TS]

  kid he works in a computer store his kid [TS]

  is super brilliant kind of think Peter [TS]

  from ender's game and looks down upon [TS]

  his father as being a complete washout [TS]

  and horrible and so his father decides [TS]

  you know what I'm gonna make my son [TS]

  proud of me and also because my my wife [TS]

  and I just divorced I need to figure out [TS]

  a way to win custody of my son [TS]

  so I'm going [TS]

  so I'm going [TS]

  you go and get a better job than working [TS]

  at a computer shop and I'm going to you [TS]

  know rise above and so he applies for a [TS]

  job working for the government and on [TS]

  the day of his his interview he [TS]

  accidentally wandered into the wrong rum [TS]

  and takes an exam that ends up being for [TS]

  mi5 so he ends up becoming part of the [TS]

  service and has to covertly learn how to [TS]

  be an intelligence officer while [TS]

  basically being the bumbling straight [TS]

  man of this ridiculous 22-minute comedy [TS]

  and the music is also very catchy i have [TS]

  it kind of running through my head while [TS]

  i'm talking it's it's very upbeat very [TS]

  cute the the person who plays his son [TS]

  dude right who plays Marcus is just [TS]

  hilarious and has the best facial [TS]

  expressions and the show is so smart [TS]

  the this the series ender for the first [TS]

  series [TS]

  I Marcus just whips out the word [TS]

  habitude pneus is like how tenure so [TS]

  have a tunas I can't take this life [TS]

  anymore and it's like at that point my [TS]

  my heart was was the show's forever [TS]

  it was it's so cute another thing I [TS]

  haven't even heard of [TS]

  oh you have to you have to yeah it's [TS]

  very short I mean it's a series of 22 [TS]

  minute episodes and it's very funny you [TS]

  would enjoy it a lot [TS]

  alright i'll put it on the list boy the [TS]

  lists keep getting longer but there's a [TS]

  whole other year because you watch the [TS]

  IT crowd right [TS]

  yes some of it probably about half of it [TS]

  because you know that the boss on the IT [TS]

  crowd there are shades of him in the [TS]

  boss for mi5 and that that only makes it [TS]

  more hilarious [TS]

  alright new things new things new things [TS]

  are great and I also liked the hour this [TS]

  year although that isn't really that's [TS]

  less John room but oh god we have those [TS]

  stocked up on the do i like i like the [TS]

  hour although that was when a BBC [TS]

  america was not on my TV and HD yet and [TS]

  it was kind of painful to watch them and [TS]

  I'm then I lost one off the DVR so i [TS]

  need to hopefully those will be [TS]

  surfacing on some streaming service that [TS]

  I subscribe to so I can catch up or or [TS]

  maybe when maybe bc [TS]

  America will repeat them before they [TS]

  show the new episodes because I got a [TS]

  serious yeah I liked I liked what I saw [TS]

  it and then I kind of got away from me [TS]

  and you know it's never it's never you [TS]

  never get tired of seeing Jimmy McNulty [TS]

  speak with an English accent yeah you [TS]

  know [TS]

  dominic west and he's great and uh I can [TS]

  never remember her name but the female [TS]

  Romola Reimer I is great it's great it's [TS]

  great [TS]

  yes I i may have gotten series 2 from [TS]

  British and i will say no trailers [TS]

  screen only exactly to screen copies [TS]

  that series is really impressive and [TS]

  really builds upon the work they did in [TS]

  series one and i think is much better [TS]

  than series 1i it just I i am now [TS]

  crossing my fingers that they renew it [TS]

  for a third series because it would be [TS]

  very very sad if if series 2 was the [TS]

  last series of the hour so BBC please [TS]

  please me this show right [TS]

  do you have any uh what about the [TS]

  podcast any podcast thoughts anything [TS]

  you like my cast thoughts [TS]

  no I am enjoying no no podcast thought [TS]

  station i'm really enjoying all the [TS]

  books that we've been reading on book [TS]

  club [TS]

  i my my book reading list for the year [TS]

  has been better that it has been in the [TS]

  last five years and i've just i've been [TS]

  reading so much partially because of the [TS]

  incomparable and partially because some [TS]

  of the things we talked about lead me [TS]

  two more books that i haven't read or [TS]

  more shows that i haven't watched and i [TS]

  love the recycling and the you know the [TS]

  growing of new information it makes it [TS]

  makes me feel very very excited about [TS]

  literature and about geeky things so [TS]

  it's just sort of a general comment i [TS]

  really liked our our Indian Jones [TS]

  episode I like our sci-fi novel summer [TS]

  reading list oh yeah that was before [TS]

  that was a lot of fun and yeah i think i [TS]

  think we had a very good year for the [TS]

  uncomfortable and it's it has been a lot [TS]

  of fun to be on and I [TS]

  and i look forward to doing more [TS]

  episodes 2013 yeah Glen fleischmann do [TS]

  you have any favorite items from 2012 [TS]

  things that you read or saw or consumed [TS]

  in some way with your brain [TS]

  I have my brain consumers things [TS]

  sometimes i'm not even paying attention [TS]

  i have a number of favorite things this [TS]

  year actually a surprising number of [TS]

  many of which we talked about on this [TS]

  show because things that we like we [TS]

  talked about here and i liked Avengers [TS]

  kind of against my better judgment I [TS]

  haven't seen any of the lead in movies [TS]

  the avengers so I went in blind have not [TS]

  having seen Hulk Captain America or Thor [TS]

  or ironman other awkward man like 15 [TS]

  movies that fit into this movie and I [TS]

  saw it first in the theater and then I [TS]

  saw it like a lot of plane ride i think [TS]

  i like a seat back here is something to [TS]

  watch it you know i think it's actually [TS]

  pretty enjoyable movie despite the [TS]

  massive plot holes about alien invasion [TS]

  sure I thought I just like the character [TS]

  action i think they got such a great mix [TS]

  of people that anytime they're all in a [TS]

  room and I don't like that much better [TS]

  than the fight scenes i'm sure the fight [TS]

  scenes what's old movie to a big [TS]

  audience but there's great chemistry in [TS]

  the movie and and a lot of actually [TS]

  decently interesting moral ideas explore [TS]

  and I continue to like the relationship [TS]

  between four and his adopted brother in [TS]

  that mythology low-key and I maybe go [TS]

  watch for which I heard was widely [TS]

  ridiculed i kinda liked for again for [TS]

  the same reason the relation between [TS]

  those two characters and the two actors [TS]

  are just I think have a wonderful [TS]

  wonderful magic together that transcends [TS]

  some of the cheesiness of both films you [TS]

  know it's funny this episode is rapidly [TS]

  becoming a like our are making amends [TS]

  for our adventures episode where that's [TS]

  for me and he ripped into a several of [TS]

  us that you know I end up mentioning the [TS]

  Avengers that's the thing we like for [TS]

  this year but it's for all of the for [TS]

  all these reasons I you know I agree so [TS]

  that's yeah it was it was fun it was it [TS]

  was fun moving i'm a big wreck it ralph [TS]

  and I've seen it twice in theaters now [TS]

  both times in glorious student mentions [TS]

  I know people have probably an episode [TS]

  about we are going to do an episode [TS]

  about it [TS]

  oh yes that's right it's our next [TS]

  episode will be about and we'll have [TS]

  been going to have done [TS]

  i SAT there you go thing that was done [TS]

  we do pre-taped Nona which is doing to [TS]

  that from the past that's all that's [TS]

  right that's what we're time traveling [TS]

  shows so it's perfectly appropriate the [TS]

  grandmother was i I liked it because of [TS]

  the richness of plotting I think some [TS]

  people found it money and found you some [TS]

  of the plots a lot of it is I think [TS]

  rehash inexplicable but i don't know i [TS]

  wouldn't saw it just enjoy the spectacle [TS]

  like the music a lot like the core story [TS]

  like the secondary tertiary quaternary [TS]

  stories and it's actually persuaded me i [TS]

  finally bought a blu ray player because [TS]

  I'm like oh it's going to come out on [TS]

  blu-ray and I want to be able to buy it [TS]

  and watch it at home in something that [TS]

  approximates even the barest of what I [TS]

  might see in the theater as opposed to a [TS]

  400 line right ed I want to see [TS]

  something better so that's I I think [TS]

  wreck-it Ralph is one of my my top picks [TS]

  partly I mean I grew up in that area so [TS]

  i'm going to like it too but I felt [TS]

  didn't pander entirely to me justjust a [TS]

  lot i agree on TV I was a big fan of [TS]

  sherlock season 2i thought it was there [TS]

  was one episode I know what they do [TS]

  three up and three services a middle [TS]

  episode is never good but yeah but i [TS]

  still i like the show so much I want to [TS]

  cut cut them some slack and I just loved [TS]

  a woman episode i watched several times [TS]

  it's a wonderful actress wonderful lot [TS]

  about Irene Adler retold in the modern [TS]

  age loved Moriarty the way they [TS]

  integrate that character love the end [TS]

  when they have the battle but yeah so [TS]

  many wonderful things so much [TS]

  intelligence i also liked you know [TS]

  without spoiling I liked someone was [TS]

  completely other day about the problem [TS]

  of all of the movies that have [TS]

  ridiculous computer deus ex machina seen [TS]

  someone sits at the keyboard they tap [TS]

  away that even happens in Sherlock [TS]

  there's a bit in another episode [TS]

  Sherlock was like what could his [TS]

  password BL he's got a bunch of maggie [TS]

  thatcher books he's a magnet that's [TS]

  right the passwords probably i don't [TS]

  know what it was stature something like [TS]

  that's like know people don't set [TS]

  passwords that way and government [TS]

  agencies not only something the last [TS]

  episode Moriarty one was very clever [TS]

  because it did have the right payoff for [TS]

  that they made us word us for enjoying [TS]

  our little [TS]

  schadenfreude and then turn it back back [TS]

  onto us because they didn't do the [TS]

  obvious thing that was great [TS]

  there was something i think i don't know [TS]

  if we talked about it all this year tron [TS]

  uprising did that come up [TS]

  you mentioned it at some point in [TS]

  passing it's a terrific show I'd seen [TS]

  the preview early in the year of watched [TS]

  I don't have watch all the episodes by a [TS]

  long shot [TS]

  I watched many of the episodes i heard [TS]

  it might not be returning but it's [TS]

  incredibly interesting university [TS]

  created from the Letran reboot instead [TS]

  of it being a continuation of the story [TS]

  kind of backstory and ordinary what [TS]

  seems to be an ordinary repairman in the [TS]

  tron universities repairing light cycles [TS]

  and things he winds up apparently having [TS]

  some special abilities he gets topped he [TS]

  becomes tron to essentially replaces [TS]

  strong because the original tron not [TS]

  sure if this is told in the story itself [TS]

  in the the reboot movie is damaged [TS]

  beyond repair but he can [TS]

  yeah so this is this picks up from that [TS]

  where he's part of the ongoing [TS]

  resistance and it's just it's elegant [TS]

  it's remember when they brought back [TS]

  Batman the Animated Series when they [TS]

  brought that back in the nineties wasn't [TS]

  already rebooted it's that thing they [TS]

  use silence [TS]

  sometimes it's quiet they have these [TS]

  elegant beautiful scenes they use the [TS]

  fact that they're in a created universe [TS]

  to their effect as opposed to being [TS]

  constrained by the limits of physical [TS]

  universe being sort of mapped into a [TS]

  computer space and clever plots moral [TS]

  ambiguity real consequences people died [TS]

  and we're reminded me of most was to [TS]

  show that so few people know of phantom [TS]

  2040 from the early nineties dearie [TS]

  calling out i'm one of so many people [TS]

  who don't remember it [TS]

  I don't even know it says l36 episodes [TS]

  in nineteen nineties it was by the guy [TS]

  who later did aeon flux was designed by [TS]

  him and show again full of a crazy was [TS]

  about the Phantom that the cartoon [TS]

  character the Phantom having a welcome [TS]

  from cryo sleep or something in 2014 the [TS]

  world's changed sort of this topic and [TS]

  so full of of the kind of moral [TS]

  ambiguity you only find typically in [TS]

  difficulty novels in German and I like [TS]

  when you see that when they played out [TS]

  when they use the medium of cartoon plus [TS]

  the fact that things don't have to be [TS]

  black and white they can have all this [TS]

  shading and still tell inside the medium [TS]

  so trying apprising great show [TS]

  cool Oh actually I those two novels to [TS]

  is night circus and among others which I [TS]

  was exposed to is yeah there's a good [TS]

  devices of this program i'm sensing some [TS]

  trends in this episode indeed but night [TS]

  circus came up with Scott and ran it's [TS]

  the one I mentioned to people when they [TS]

  say is there anything good I should read [TS]

  i say night circus and then I usually [TS]

  say and if you like fantasy trying on is [TS]

  not exactly fantasy because night circus [TS]

  is it's nicer kisses fantasy but it's so [TS]

  for people who might be wary of reading [TS]

  something that's called fantasy night [TS]

  circus is just a beautiful novel and [TS]

  it's it's not that you should I mean [TS]

  there's an issue of labels not that you [TS]

  should avoid things that are fantasy but [TS]

  there's too many things that are you [TS]

  know have the predictable elements of [TS]

  elves and goblins and you know DNA and [TS]

  shadows it's like when you read american [TS]

  gods and you have to say American Gods [TS]

  by Neil Gaiman that is fantasy but it's [TS]

  not the kind of fantasy that you think [TS]

  about when you look at shelves and [TS]

  shelves of half cloud elevating it's not [TS]

  sorcery it's not a high fantasy about [TS]

  you know basically Lord of the Rings [TS]

  pain it's a very different kind of thing [TS]

  yeah among other spits into that to [TS]

  where it's like this is what magic would [TS]

  be like if magic existed in our world [TS]

  this is what it would actually be like [TS]

  as opposed to the sort of fancy love you [TS]

  dot know life is a lot more bloody like [TS]

  that one of the things about token that [TS]

  you have to like to I think comes [TS]

  through here and show Walton the author [TS]

  of among others is so well-read that she [TS]

  brings up that that notion she's able to [TS]

  take talkin like elements i think and [TS]

  bring them into the real world where [TS]

  it's bloody and nasty i also like how to [TS]

  read farthing I don't like the whole [TS]

  small change series by John Walton but [TS]

  I'm glad father and less glad its [TS]

  successive novel but very glad to have [TS]

  read farther yeah this is because 12 [TS]

  yes she was a great find this year I [TS]

  think for a lot of us is Joe Walton any [TS]

  other works strike your fancy or is that [TS]

  we covered it how you've been getting [TS]

  back into comic books and dribs and [TS]

  drabs with digital reading as so many [TS]

  people have I think so many people I [TS]

  know who have yeah and it's if I think [TS]

  with the 20-year gap for a lot of people [TS]

  sometimes 30 years it's like being able [TS]

  to [TS]

  an ipad not have to cart around find the [TS]

  individual stuff we're paying more for [TS]

  it but having essentially eternal [TS]

  unbroken you know clean access to it [TS]

  seems to be part of the appeal and so [TS]

  I'm doing a lot more experimenting with [TS]

  what i'm reading and I got sucked into [TS]

  suicide squad which is so improbable for [TS]

  me it's such a weird crazy violent [TS]

  series in the DC reboot not the original [TS]

  1 i've looked at some of those and I [TS]

  don't didn't like it much [TS]

  and then I got just sucked into this [TS]

  world of like Harley Quinn the Joker's [TS]

  squeeze inside quick after the whole [TS]

  crazy Joker stuff that happens which I [TS]

  don't want to get into it so unpleasant [TS]

  all that whole Batman thing but they [TS]

  have a Suicide Squad there's just [TS]

  something I compelling about the taking [TS]

  people who are absolutely beyond [TS]

  recovery there beyond salvation although [TS]

  some of them believe they have salvation [TS]

  front of them putting them together as [TS]

  this group of like they have micro bombs [TS]

  implanted in her neck that can be [TS]

  triggered remotely and they have to [TS]

  finish the mission a time and just blow [TS]

  up and government you know shadow [TS]

  government agency that controls them and [TS]

  has absolutely no regard for human life [TS]

  whatsoever they're scum their dragon [TS]

  whatever and the whole thing I find [TS]

  completely fascinating and it's a strip [TS]

  it's a sick pleasure i haven't checked i [TS]

  read the first page 13 issues and i'm [TS]

  not sure if they've done the next series [TS]

  of it yet but it's a really weird arc of [TS]

  the story [TS]

  cool very cool i'll check that out not [TS]

  not for everyone not for the weak [TS]

  there's certainly sounds like it is and [TS]

  back but that's cool that's a cool idea [TS]

  any-any podcast memories anything that [TS]

  you like to on the podcast this year and [TS]

  pretend a podcast this year of a few yes [TS]

  I do [TS]

  well I you know as as we've already [TS]

  probably spoken about love Hitler of [TS]

  course because we talk about it all the [TS]

  time we didn't ruin this is arranged my [TS]

  Hitler keeps coming up because we read [TS]

  those small change books and mr. Hitler [TS]

  seems nice and nose and it's gotten us a [TS]

  story about reading my comp on the [TS]

  subway and then we had let's kill hitler [TS]

  we write because the number who met [TS]

  Hitler facility yeah and there's [TS]

  something it's something there's a sick [TS]

  fascination with Hitler that I think [TS]

  brings them up as a theme as we always [TS]

  want to rewrite history and [TS]

  can rewrite we can make things better by [TS]

  turning into fiction are making the [TS]

  payment of ridicule or providing a [TS]

  different outcome or what-have-you so [TS]

  what somebody else wrote into US and and [TS]

  claim that are mentioned Hitler was was [TS]

  distasteful because he was so awful and [TS]

  I subscribe to the the mel brooks school [TS]

  which is the best way to have our [TS]

  revenge on Hitler after all of his [TS]

  misdeeds is to mock him and make fun of [TS]

  him as many ways as possible because [TS]

  then it's impossible to take a hit [TS]

  anything he did seriously and I think [TS]

  that's good because he was such a [TS]

  criminal that goes without saying [TS]

  and I like having a tree course of [TS]

  making fun of Hitler and and basically [TS]

  kicking his gravestone and you dancing [TS]

  on his grave if I think that's I think [TS]

  it's a good thing I i agree there's [TS]

  great kids in the hall bit that will [TS]

  make sense in a second why tell you this [TS]

  where they fully it's a very brief bit [TS]

  he comes out dressed as a woman [TS]

  actresses and some more choice she says [TS]

  oh she's not so glad thank you so much [TS]

  for this award like to thank my agent my [TS]

  mother [TS]

  honey you're my darling you're always [TS]

  there for me like to think Hitler also [TS]

  i'd like to thank the direct boo boo [TS]

  what and Ken McDonald comes as you think [TS]

  hitler'd i did not you [TS]

  thanks bit ler it's just a silly throw a [TS]

  bit so Mel Brooks wins an award for for [TS]

  the producers he comes out and he thinks [TS]

  that her for being such a crazy guy and [TS]

  I'm thinking he thanked blur it was just [TS]

  you know some kind of double joke there [TS]

  but I'm well my memory from this here is [TS]

  that we talked to get to talk about a [TS]

  lot of now that we are going to our [TS]

  third year the partially here this next [TS]

  year i think we we did some more meta [TS]

  episode which was fun and talked about [TS]

  you know the hundredth episode we talked [TS]

  about kids it was great to talk about [TS]

  how we introduce this material two kids [TS]

  I think one of my favorite episodes of [TS]

  the year was the game show episode you [TS]

  put together on a little bit of input [TS]

  into that and yes you helped a lot you [TS]

  hate you came up with some of the games [TS]

  and that was really you and Dan more in [TS]

  both and it was very helpful after we [TS]

  play we play scroll or created we can't [TS]

  remember but played a version version of [TS]

  that it was Marvel Marvel Doctor Who or [TS]

  classic sci-fi i think but basically [TS]

  basically that I i took that and ran [TS]

  with it and that was a lot of fun but [TS]

  and um any lost I lost I know what [TS]

  extremely I was on [TS]

  team old guy Demel guy the young [TS]

  whippersnappers beat us by I don't think [TS]

  we had a good Superman defense so we'll [TS]

  be working on the Superman defense for [TS]

  next time so that's the game show that [TS]

  you lost this year that's the name for [TS]

  it and then later i also enjoy the game [TS]

  show episode about blending about [TS]

  anything saturday onion with one of [TS]

  about seventeen podcast I've done in [TS]

  which i've talked in part about with [TS]

  integrity [TS]

  it's fascinating how many podcasters are [TS]

  interested to talk to people who won [TS]

  jeopardy and yes I was it was a this was [TS]

  a fantastic here for me tonight was a [TS]

  really good Glenn year and the Jeopardy [TS]

  thing was just so hilarious and fun and [TS]

  it was great to talk to you all [TS]

  we didn't you know secretly after I'd [TS]

  one but before to taped kept in the [TS]

  vault we'd be pre-tape like jeopardy [TS]

  itself which tapes way in advance of [TS]

  airing we we taped you and me and Steve [TS]

  lots taped an episode i think a week [TS]

  after you came back from the show and he [TS]

  just sat on my hard drive for a long for [TS]

  like three months [TS]

  that's right that was one there was a [TS]

  great way to do it was all fresh in my [TS]

  mind and Frank I've written a lot about [TS]

  it whatever but it's so funny to be [TS]

  inside a cultural phenomenon where [TS]

  everybody knows about it so few people [TS]

  relative to who know about it watch it [TS]

  they all watched it growing up and and [TS]

  so few people watch it now I was I was [TS]

  famous in my in-laws retirement [TS]

  community when they're like hey you're [TS]

  that got me with that guy who are you [TS]

  know that guy I saw you on TV this week [TS]

  for about one week and then I've not [TS]

  been recognized in public to the [TS]

  appearance but the best part is that [TS]

  usually takes six months for them to cut [TS]

  checks from when you take this is very [TS]

  traditional and possibly because of the [TS]

  fiscal cliff maybe they're being kind of [TS]

  contestants worried about higher tax [TS]

  rates next year the check actually [TS]

  showed up in December of 2012 so nice [TS]

  nice end-of-the-year one of the things [TS]

  I'm doing in this episode is reading [TS]

  some comments as we've been going here [TS]

  and I save this one for you [TS]

  collin de days d ass boy I really am [TS]

  like John in my inability to pronounce [TS]

  people's names and your refusal to [TS]

  practice ahead of time or decide on [TS]

  something that I'm not going to happen [TS]

  at ten minutes preparation is all I [TS]

  allow myself Colin says I really like [TS]

  the con episode and the Jeopardy episode [TS]

  code and this is the key part going as a [TS]

  nineteen-year-old jeopardy lover i [TS]

  really enjoyed seeing you on TV and then [TS]

  hearing him talk about it I wasn't aware [TS]

  people under the age of 61 but colin is [TS]

  a nineteen-year-old jeopardy lover i [TS]

  thought there was a filter it actually [TS]

  like a retina scanner check your like [TS]

  tree rings to make sure to check your [TS]

  telomeres to see if you were how long [TS]

  they were gonna know it's good it's a [TS]

  thing is still functional my son got a [TS]

  older son Ben got obsessed with it for a [TS]

  bit before and afters on so we must [TS]

  months of it together before and after [TS]

  might think he's moved on a little bit [TS]

  but it's there's something fun about [TS]

  having a time challenged you know [TS]

  necessity answer answer questions and I [TS]

  think jeopardise big problem as we [TS]

  talked about this because they're in [TS]

  syndication you can't really watch it's [TS]

  really an amazing thing that so many [TS]

  people are intrigued by in Canada [TS]

  actually watch it unless they get [TS]

  broadcast TV on the very night it's the [TS]

  air door it's gone forever it's actually [TS]

  a lot like a lot like sports even though [TS]

  it's pre-tape it's a lot like sport it's [TS]

  not online you can subscribe to it you [TS]

  can't you know you can't get it later [TS]

  there are no reruns other than the ones [TS]

  on a weekend that are from like a year [TS]

  before and so for those of us who tried [TS]

  to watch you and found out that there [TS]

  was a football game on instead we just [TS]

  missed that episode and there's no way [TS]

  there is no way to get it back it's just [TS]

  you know that's a jeopardy is like live [TS]

  sports jeopardise keeping keeping the TV [TS]

  industry alive [TS]

  apparently the other thing that was [TS]

  funny from that too as i found it after [TS]

  we did that episode here that it turns [TS]

  out that everyone i know knows someone [TS]

  else who was on Jeopardy at some point [TS]

  in their lives no matter how Justin so [TS]

  Ben boy check your friend of mine boy [TS]

  check who's been on this program he [TS]

  buddy of his [TS]

  so i think is a Washington congressional [TS]

  aide maybe was on not long after i [TS]

  appeared in one a number of episodes too [TS]

  i think that was who it was and then [TS]

  there's somebody else I keep funny [TS]

  people on Twitter who will say oh you [TS]

  must know is through a chain of two [TS]

  people you know you so-and-so is on [TS]

  jeopardy and we're on months apart so [TS]

  there's a very strange skiing of tech [TS]

  people people on Twitter people on [TS]

  facebook you know people are on Jeopardy [TS]

  no surprise but this was this was a [TS]

  jeopardy may have been the high point of [TS]

  my personal year but this was a great [TS]

  year for the podcast with a lot of very [TS]

  interesting [TS]

  topical work we had some some nice [TS]

  standard stuff and we did some really [TS]

  weird stuff like game shows and a film [TS]

  festival and with with some German [TS]

  movies and it thanks to you and we have [TS]

  a great track the dragon up so was a lot [TS]

  of fun at least as Michaels rested we [TS]

  talked about the theme of dragons in all [TS]

  the fantasy and sci-fi why they keep [TS]

  coming back so much [TS]

  yeah i'm very happy to to have you guys [TS]

  there were a few episodes this year than [TS]

  other people posted and it's nice you [TS]

  know will do will do more of those that [TS]

  there's some episodes where people [TS]

  really suggest really great topics and I [TS]

  think wow I i have no knowledge of that [TS]

  at all and you know I i'm happy to have [TS]

  a week off its nice so we'll have to do [TS]

  more of that in the new year [TS]

  I i I've got a little list here in the [TS]

  in the greater world i want to mention [TS]

  in the night circus i really like that i [TS]

  read a I'm not sure whether i read among [TS]

  others [TS]

  late last year earlier this year but [TS]

  that was that was a favorite really like [TS]

  John Walton i was at a Christmas party [TS]

  my wife works at our local library and [TS]

  so I i was sitting at a table with seven [TS]

  librarians and the woman next to me [TS]

  asked me what a librarian ask me what uh [TS]

  what I was reading and what stuff that i [TS]

  like them it was like it was like a [TS]

  podcast happening at the table it was [TS]

  kind of hilarious and I will teach you [TS]

  how people going Shh every couple of [TS]

  seconds apparently apparently went to a [TS]

  party with my family yeah so so exactly [TS]

  below their your extended family there [TS]

  librarians you're all part of the same [TS]

  library family right there are for [TS]

  librarians in my family so I so I [TS]

  recommended among others to her and she [TS]

  said I haven't read that but but have [TS]

  you read and it was Scott it was have [TS]

  you read the book of hers words dragon [TS]

  to wear hats nice [TS]

  no I haven't but it's on my list now [TS]

  because it's been recommended to me so [TS]

  and she also actually recommended [TS]

  altered carbon which dan and Scott I [TS]

  think both recommended to me [TS]

  mhm Marianna and I read that although I [TS]

  would that it was fine but but Joe [TS]

  Walton so I'd say is is is on my list of [TS]

  things i like this year and I I'd say [TS]

  you know TV why's that the the thing [TS]

  that engrossed me the most was game [TS]

  thrones that it's I think that was the [TS]

  one that I keep coming back to is as [TS]

  that you know I i well and that's an HBO [TS]

  show so there's no commercial so [TS]

  basically as soon as [TS]

  Sonia you watch it if you know within [TS]

  like half an hour of it beginning to air [TS]

  we were watching it wasn't something [TS]

  that you'd put on the DVR for a few days [TS]

  later when you got to it that was [TS]

  appointment TV and there isn't a lot of [TS]

  that these days in terms of the show the [TS]

  this fine fine high quality but podcast [TS]

  that that you're listening to now I [TS]

  liked art I like just talking about kid [TS]

  stuff i like the movies for kids episode [TS]

  and the kids have bad taste episode I [TS]

  thought it was kind of fun to get the [TS]

  prospective parents about how i do more [TS]

  of that actually considering so many of [TS]

  us [TS]

  ninety percent of our life is consumed [TS]

  by kids it seems like that's kind of a [TS]

  no-brainer [TS]

  sure and I could save time because then [TS]

  you know we already are investing that [TS]

  time and thinking about that stuff so [TS]

  and dan could you like borrow kid like [TS]

  you know the difference the PlayStation [TS]

  you know just for a little while and [TS]

  then you can come on the show he's got [TS]

  his young cousins right [TS]

  I do in fact where this this year I had [TS]

  a talk with their their dad my cousin [TS]

  who about showing them star wars for the [TS]

  first time so i think that will be an [TS]

  interesting experience [TS]

  now how did you guide them read the [TS]

  prequels they know nothing [TS]

  they know nothing these kids like I mean [TS]

  their parents don't really watch a lot [TS]

  of television and stuff like that so [TS]

  they are pretty on exposed to that kind [TS]

  of stuff [TS]

  alright so like the homeschool kids [TS]

  getting close [TS]

  I mean they go to school but they're not [TS]

  they're not they're young enough that [TS]

  they haven't quite gotten that whole [TS]

  like peer group level thing yet I i [TS]

  wanted to mention we we did to live [TS]

  episodes so we did the singleton episode [TS]

  with the Rolex hadn't seen it and we [TS]

  also didn't want to at macworld expo I [TS]

  thought that this hasn't seen no I was [TS]

  kind of fun to do episodes in front of a [TS]

  live audience [TS]

  I was surprised that there were dozens [TS]

  of people in both venues who actually [TS]

  didn't just walk out while we were [TS]

  talking and Steve and listen to us talk [TS]

  most of them are just resting between [TS]

  panels though yeah they're very tired [TS]

  macro expo you know they just just [TS]

  trying to find a seat at singleton they [TS]

  were drunk and also i enjoyed they were [TS]

  it was the afternoon and they were [TS]

  already quite drunk [TS]

  uh I also enjoyed we did that our game [TS]

  of thrones season 2 episode in San [TS]

  Francisco with John in / in person in [TS]

  the studio along that was a lot of fun [TS]

  dan and and was Dan and ren and yeah and [TS]

  we and we dialed in with dialed in Monte [TS]

  so it's five not in front of a studio it [TS]

  was yeah but it was fun to do an episode [TS]

  with your underwear some it's much [TS]

  better than the previous samples go [TS]

  ahead with look here Stephen Fry this [TS]

  evening for is as if it is we got into [TS]

  the audience great i was a very warm [TS]

  small room yes yes the film festival [TS]

  episode that you know again I think that [TS]

  was that was great just like we should [TS]

  do a crazy draft episode series every [TS]

  year because I just like the TV draft [TS]

  the year before I thought that was great [TS]

  game show i had a lot of fun time [TS]

  putting that together it was great to [TS]

  talk to Jonathan Coulton sorry John [TS]

  uh-huh and I just had that moment where [TS]

  I was we were talking about that episode [TS]

  and I thought it wouldn't be funny if [TS]

  jonathan coulton came on at the end and [TS]

  did the Annie Hall thing and I ask [TS]

  Merlin Mann if you know he could get me [TS]

  in touch with jonathan coulton and he [TS]

  said yes and i ended up talking to [TS]

  Jonathan Coulton for 20 minutes it was [TS]

  actually pretty cool like the hundredth [TS]

  episode and and uh I like that we had [TS]

  some new words this year we learned [TS]

  about Greg NOS told us about gays box [TS]

  the ice every call he had many hairs in [TS]

  his undies box men here's where in his [TS]

  case box this box of course which I mean [TS]

  they make a wax for that now he thought [TS]

  a gazebo was obviously a typographical [TS]

  error and it probably was short for gays [TS]

  box because a box expanded and then gaze [TS]

  out this year really was this year [TS]

  holy fuck I missed that one that's [TS]

  pretty that's pretty good the text [TS]

  adventure episode that case box mon [TS]

  store which is a monster who is your [TS]

  mentor which scott we in our discussions [TS]

  of the drowned cities and and a ship [TS]

  breaker mon store is your is he's a [TS]

  monster but he's also your mentor and of [TS]

  course friend nemesis someone who is [TS]

  both your friend and nemesis [TS]

  why can't it be both so those are three [TS]

  words of the year that we've introduced [TS]

  to to humanity [TS]

  you're welcome humanity look for them in [TS]

  next year's OED and they'll be a [TS]

  children's book that greatness and I are [TS]

  working on hold [TS]

  there's a monster in my gaze box [TS]

  and other stories of foreign embassies [TS]

  yes the French Embassy cycle [TS]

  yes book1 the monster in the case box i [TS]

  think life is already written that [TS]

  actually I'll while he was not on the [TS]

  show he knows that I had a camera in my [TS]

  gaze box huh [TS]

  I can't take credit for that word that [TS]

  was wrestling with but yes and I want to [TS]

  make a new year's resolution which is [TS]

  that uh in I I can't promise we'll do [TS]

  all of them but in 2013 we will at least [TS]

  color up here comes a star wars prequel [TS]

  Oh episode and wishing the world an [TS]

  archer episode one that's my god that's [TS]

  my new year's resolution [TS]

  yeah will be scheduled right between [TS]

  March 34 history because i couldn't yeah [TS]

  that might be planning further prequels [TS]

  also looking forward to 2013 we do we do [TS]

  potentially have a comic-con get [TS]

  together [TS]

  coming up so it wasn't hearing Steve [TS]

  lives in San Diego so it's really easy [TS]

  for you and I am going I am going to [TS]

  comic-con and if we can get some other [TS]

  people there it is not that easy for me [TS]

  to face that the stench of Leicester the [TS]

  68 convention that is true i actually [TS]

  put an application in 48 for a press [TS]

  pass I alright sincerely doubt they will [TS]

  give me one but honestly whether i go to [TS]

  comic-con or not the stench will get to [TS]

  me because it does the the the afternoon [TS]

  breeze from the ocean waters of the area [TS]

  pretty much all over the county yeah [TS]

  yeah it would be nice i will say if i [TS]

  get if i get a pass i will go i recall [TS]

  it flop sweat August actually yeah [TS]

  around here we have maigrey I and the [TS]

  August flop sweat [TS]

  yep this the scent of nerds mmm the [TS]

  smell of it but we may do that yes we [TS]

  may have a get-together at the very [TS]

  least Steve you and I will go to karl [TS]

  strauss isn't and drink beer now we'll [TS]

  go we'll definitely should do our [TS]

  long-awaited to beer tasting episode [TS]

  oh that's a good idea i'll bring my [TS]

  microphone there are there's a lot more [TS]

  than Carl straps that we can travel to [TS]

  now there are many many a tasting room [TS]

  that we can visit in mira mesa area [TS]

  alone and you think that these episodes [TS]

  go off the rails whole it would be a [TS]

  good [TS]

  oh my god Oh that'll be that'll be our [TS]

  country [TS]

  well this has been great we have we have [TS]

  we have time [TS]

  about the past and look forward to the [TS]

  future and I'd like to thank my lovely [TS]

  guess for closing out another year of [TS]

  the incomparable you know it's fun to do [TS]

  this podcast i say that even when i'm in [TS]

  the depths of editing despair sometimes [TS]

  on the weekend but you know it wouldn't [TS]

  be any good if it was just me sitting [TS]

  here saying things about the book that i [TS]

  just read it's all because of the I'm [TS]

  fortunate to have a lot of very smart [TS]

  and funny and interesting friends who [TS]

  are willing to be on this ridiculous [TS]

  podcast so and also me and also [TS]

  statements Steve took my walk so so [TS]

  thank you so well now you you wait for [TS]

  it wait for it so I'd like to thank [TS]

  let's friedman and you go Monty Ashley M [TS]

  night Shyamalan boo but sadly they [TS]

  couldn't be here so instead I'll think [TS]

  these guys who were on their world ended [TS]

  three hours ago John siracusa thank you [TS]

  for being here thank you jason i [TS]

  treasure my little award that [TS]

  yeah we're not going to talk about the [TS]

  major award that was one yeah we have [TS]

  something that happened this year one of [TS]

  the governor's award and that's the only [TS]

  time i would like that last time i got a [TS]

  trophy that was like a soccer when I was [TS]

  in kindergarten [TS]

  there was a big gap and now finally [TS]

  podcast award that's right [TS]

  no that's your right and greatness was [TS]

  actually kind enough to to purchase that [TS]

  was incredibly generated that everybody [TS]

  agrees [TS]

  thank you because I didn't think I [TS]

  wanted it but now that I have it now [TS]

  that I realized that was the hole in my [TS]

  life that was my canon I can't imagine [TS]

  life without it you know it's it looks [TS]

  great on top of my piano if I had known [TS]

  it was shaped like a star a star like [TS]

  colon polyp i would probably the Horde [TS]

  want to begin it looks kinda like the [TS]

  more you know from the exactly it is [TS]

  exactly sitting on top of my piano next [TS]

  to a little buddha most appropriate [TS]

  place to pick up we got it keeps stay [TS]

  centered [TS]

  yeah keep it all in perspective don't [TS]

  let it go to your head and for a good [TS]

  buddy [TS]

  yeah so so thank you that was all part [TS]

  of me thinking John by the way thank you [TS]

  Dan Morgan someday I'll be somebody's [TS]

  favorite moment I cross my fingers some [TS]

  next year because I'm gonna [TS]

  bringing up my game ok and you know [TS]

  you're my favorite moment Steve oh now I [TS]

  got to come to San Diego [TS]

  that's right I'll get out fascists [TS]

  moment Scotty healthy thank you as [TS]

  always [TS]

  no it's my pleasure and when they do an [TS]

  incomparable movie I hope I'm played by [TS]

  John Goodman it's tom hanks all the way [TS]

  down sorry man but I'm like Tom Hanks is [TS]

  like a a quarter of my size in all [TS]

  respects you wear padding it always fall [TS]

  not always back to all of them lift and [TS]

  a Hawaiian shirt that's right and then [TS]

  it'll be indistinguishable from you [TS]

  Lisa Schmeisser thank you very much for [TS]

  being here and all of your contributions [TS]

  this year thanks I had a great time [TS]

  talking with you guys and serenity [TS]

  called well thank you goodbye farewell [TS]

  another year by baby new year is about [TS]

  to come in the door [TS]

  ah we have to ax 2012 it stands gone use [TS]

  really acts used up and Fleischmann [TS]

  thank you for being here thanks for [TS]

  having me [TS]

  and of course Steve let's creator of [TS]

  2011 favorite uncomfortable moment and [TS]

  of course through hindsight from 2012's [TS]

  clip show about 2011 I guess 2012 [TS]

  favorite moment loose soil or that's [TS]

  right when we get to the point where the [TS]

  entire clip show episode is recursion [TS]

  back down to the 2011 clip show episode [TS]

  that's when it's time to end this [TS]

  podcast or possibly tomorrow at 3am good [TS]

  point [TS]

  hard to say you know who knows we'll [TS]

  only the listeners know for sure they [TS]

  don't know [TS]

  that's it for us we hope that the world [TS]

  doesn't end and we can come back in 2013 [TS]

  for more episodes of the uncomfortable [TS]

  until then this is jason l signing off [TS]

  goodnight goodbye good luck and farewell [TS]

  people of Earth here's the final easter [TS]

  egg this is one of my other favorite [TS]

  things from 2012 Mike dole is an [TS]

  incomparable podcast listener and he [TS]

  listens with his son and daughter so one [TS]

  night Mike leaves home to go out to [TS]

  dinner with his wife and as parents [TS]

  sometimes discover when they come home [TS]

  they're children have done something [TS]

  unexpected and in this case what their [TS]

  children did is record their own podcast [TS]

  in the style of the incomparable I can't [TS]

  tell you how flattered we all were by [TS]

  mikes kids making this podcast it was [TS]

  really great and who knows maybe in 2013 [TS]

  will have them onto the incomparable [TS]

  that would be pretty cool [TS]

  welcome to a podcast that about you paid [TS]

  to are discussing things that they read [TS]

  or seen recently [TS]

  Oh with the topic today the printer ride [TS]

  so Matthew the princess bride a beloved [TS]

  film everyone that I know loves this [TS]

  movie you i have class my friend Jonah [TS]

  about this and he said that it sounds [TS]

  like a chick flick which you kinda does [TS]

  don't you think yeah little how do you [TS]

  pronounce his name [TS]

  cary elwes Kerry Ellis carry elvish why [TS]

  is he not in Lord of the Rings [TS]

  you're just copying Glenn now aren't you [TS]

  know [TS]

  scoot over and them and then lightning [TS]

  sandwich in the book it's called snow [TS]

  sand it's like in the book we actually [TS]

  get to know what it's like to be in [TS]

  there and like it's called snow send in [TS]

  the book and it's like suffocating [TS]

  forever and it's like you never fully [TS]

  suffocate until you do and it's terrible [TS]

  you get it in your eyes [TS]

  normal nose and mouth terrible and your [TS]

  ears think mom and dad home [TS]

  should we put up we're heading pause now [TS]

  because this is way too long [TS]

  yeah hello see you next time on are you [TS]

  the princess bride podcast on the [TS]

  podcast i haven't named yet [TS]

  that's it happy new year everyone [TS]