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123: Ski Lodge Pick


  the movie for kids and you guys are dead [TS]

  inside [TS]

  the incomparable number 123 January 2013 [TS]

  welcome back to the uncomfortable [TS]

  podcast I'm your host Jason Snell and [TS]

  our topic today is it's sort of a twofer [TS]

  we have the recent disney animation [TS]

  movie wreck-it Ralph and of course [TS]

  record ralph was itself inspired by [TS]

  classic video games as well as modern [TS]

  video games and so we're gonna talk [TS]

  about wreck-it Ralph and also talked [TS]

  about in the context of classic video [TS]

  games that we loved and perhaps to love [TS]

  i don't know i don't want to judge [TS]

  perhaps our love continues to this day [TS]

  joining me to talk video games is this [TS]

  panel of a video game and animated film [TS]

  experts [TS]

  oh I use the nobody's gonna hold me to [TS]

  experts right I steve lets us here hi [TS]

  Steve it's me Steve vo avial I also the [TS]

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  icon it's john siracusa hi John [TS]

  I Jason and yes I'm the only one here [TS]

  with real gaming cred [TS]

  yeah oh yeah we knew that we knew that [TS]

  Monty ashley is also here hi Monty go [TS]

  west to text adventure inventory right [TS]

  now I wasn't on that episode I i missed [TS]

  out on my chance to to to do that [TS]

  south-south it's never too late South [TS]

  have that actually is kind of too late [TS]

  inventory all your inventory make [TS]

  anything up [TS]

  what I got the lamp z Glenn Fleischman [TS]

  is also here high glam up up down down [TS]

  left right left right ba I'm in charge [TS]

  of this podcast yeah but I haven't [TS]

  introduced an Frank old sorry do group [TS]

  by Jason good that's ok glad you have [TS]

  another wife [TS]

  it's good to have your dad you're not on [TS]

  very often because you're uh you know [TS]

  you don't like us but but but you're [TS]

  here so within ok he's nice and I don't [TS]

  hear a denial [TS]

  we're so happy to have ya alright so I i [TS]

  actually went I once I racket Ralph last [TS]

  week because Glenda to determine that he [TS]

  was going to do an episode about Ralph [TS]

  video games and I could be on it or not [TS]

  basically I'm completely irreplaceable [TS]

  and and expendable [TS]

  sure and so I went on a on a Monday late [TS]

  in the afternoon on a monday and saw it [TS]

  in a 3d screening where I was this has [TS]

  never happened to me before literally [TS]

  the only person in the movie theater [TS]

  know that no way really always sat in [TS]

  the center Center I'll you know halfway [TS]

  back and I I felt like I should have [TS]

  made like a cellular like phone call in [TS]

  the middle of it just because I could [TS]

  because who was going to report me but I [TS]

  didn't I was I was well-behaved yeah it [TS]

  was just me just me and the projection [TS]

  is too is a robot where you at the [TS]

  theater where they normally report you [TS]

  if you use your cell phone because I [TS]

  would like to go to that theater [TS]

  well they threatened they say that [TS]

  you'll be thrown away and into the [TS]

  garbage if they catch you using your [TS]

  cell phone during the movie but I've [TS]

  never tested it doesn't she just kind of [TS]

  wander up and wagging his finger at you [TS]

  in the dark [TS]

  I don't know I've never seen it because [TS]

  I've never had a I know people have [TS]

  terrible movie experiences where people [TS]

  do awful things in movie theaters I've [TS]

  never actually experience that people [TS]

  seem to be belt well behaved when I go [TS]

  to the movies so yammering on either [TS]

  yeah i know it's hits marine boy be [TS]

  fancy marin county original don't scream [TS]

  at theatre actually go two more movies [TS]

  and in Southern California because [TS]

  that's where we have readily available [TS]

  grandparents so I've seen since since my [TS]

  daughter was born 11 years ago I think I [TS]

  probably seen twice as many movies in [TS]

  Southern California as I have in the [TS]

  county i live in just because that's [TS]

  where the babysitters are so you know [TS]

  the free babysitters the grandparent [TS]

  procedure so conversely i went with my [TS]

  older boy band who is eight and we saw [TS]

  us at the same time I saw it and we went [TS]

  weeks after it opened and the theater we [TS]

  thought we got there early enough the [TS]

  only seats were in the front row which [TS]

  he was fine with next to a broken see [TS]

  like that's the only states left in the [TS]

  theater so it's the popular Seattle it [TS]

  is the rainy season in Seattle so you [TS]

  have to consider that that's all year [TS]

  it's not july right now [TS]

  therefore the rate rhenium for Amy yes [TS]

  so wreck ralph we should start there i [TS]

  saw the trailer for this movie and I was [TS]

  very excited about it because it had [TS]

  many references that i understood and [TS]

  all in the trailer pretty much all in [TS]

  the trailer [TS]

  yes there's a pacman go [TS]

  first and that's Bowser there you go [TS]

  there's your references not enough [TS]

  people were talking about their presence [TS]

  of the beholder from the dnd video game [TS]

  Wow mm I missed that entirely well from [TS]

  eye of the beholder [TS]

  I would be holier SI adventures on it [TS]

  this is the beholder that like the the [TS]

  floating eyeball it's floating is the [TS]

  big floating I has several small eyes I [TS]

  was really upset there were no space [TS]

  invaders honestly that was what made me [TS]

  mad [TS]

  come on space invaders are read an [TS]

  article that said that many of the video [TS]

  game companies didn't want their [TS]

  intellectual property loot used [TS]

  suggesting that they were you know [TS]

  down-on-their-luck that's why Qbert was [TS]

  homeless because that was the only video [TS]

  game character they could find where the [TS]

  owner of the intellectual property was [TS]

  willing to have their character [TS]

  portrayed in a somewhat questionable [TS]

  light which is funny because I thought [TS]

  Qbert actually came off really [TS]

  sympathetic in a way that maybe you know [TS]

  others didn't that was something [TS]

  watching the trailers that I should have [TS]

  realized but didn't when I was sitting [TS]

  in there when I got done with the movie [TS]

  like you know what [TS]

  why did I think this movie was going to [TS]

  be filled with a million video game [TS]

  characters because they have would have [TS]

  to either pay for get permission for all [TS]

  those but then on the flip side of that [TS]

  like the wait a second if you do [TS]

  something as parody isn't that protected [TS]

  and you don't have to like get the [TS]

  permission so i'm i'm confused as to [TS]

  what the legalities are about doing [TS]

  stuff but it's not really parody is it i [TS]

  mean it's more like fanservice in an [TS]

  actual parody they never liked to do [TS]

  peridot no studio wants to parody [TS]

  because if they do it then they enable [TS]

  others to do it so if it's defensible [TS]

  they could be hit with a lawsuit and [TS]

  then they're saying it's ok another than [TS]

  one actually you know step up and make [TS]

  it ok so you think they got permission [TS]

  for everything they use didn't have to [TS]

  pay for everything is because it seemed [TS]

  like there was way fewer references then [TS]

  I thought they were would be not just [TS]

  like that the movie hinges on this but [TS]

  so I went to the to the screening at the [TS]

  disney studios the presidio now with a [TS]

  couple of the tech I've people and the [TS]

  directors were there and the producer [TS]

  and they said that yes they went out and [TS]

  they got for most of the things they got [TS]

  permission from the you know original [TS]

  intellectual property owners there were [TS]

  a few places where they said that you [TS]

  know an animator we just stick something [TS]

  in the background and later on they be [TS]

  produced and say [TS]

  back is that and uh yeah but for the [TS]

  most part they said especially for the [TS]

  things that actually spoke her you know [TS]

  had some kind of a of you know the [TS]

  forefront of the of the of the movie [TS]

  overseen they got permission so but i [TS]

  think they said there were something [TS]

  like 300 characters from different video [TS]

  games at various places in the movie and [TS]

  they were all in that one wide shot [TS]

  right-handed one shot that's exactly [TS]

  what I kept I kept trying to watch look [TS]

  in the background feeling like you know [TS]

  surely there are references back there [TS]

  and and they're gonna want to get their [TS]

  money's worth and i found myself [TS]

  focusing on the background and all those [TS]

  scenes instead of actually paying [TS]

  attention to what was happening in the [TS]

  foreground [TS]

  I just know there's going to be sin [TS]

  estar waiting for a bus somewhere and [TS]

  I'm not gonna miss it when it happens I [TS]

  wait for the boss was the difficulty in [TS]

  putting in references because i would [TS]

  imagine that it's probably easier to get [TS]

  references to like to get permission for [TS]

  like old stuff like you but no one cares [TS]

  about any more right than it would be to [TS]

  get something modern who doesn't care [TS]

  about Qbert everybody loves Qbert well [TS]

  but the thing is the movie they they [TS]

  decided to aesthetically that every [TS]

  character in the movie would be rendered [TS]

  more or less as a coherent 3d [TS]

  incarnation even if in the original [TS]

  video game they're made up of six blue [TS]

  dots right so if you're looking for like [TS]

  the iconic little triangle anything from [TS]

  centipede or millipede I maybe you [TS]

  wouldn't see it because it doesn't look [TS]

  like the same set of dots that you're [TS]

  used to have to look like some sort of [TS]

  three dimensional crystal pointy thing [TS]

  you know so it was a little bit hard for [TS]

  me to pick up stuff that's somewhat [TS]

  defeating the point well I mean this [TS]

  they could have done going in that [TS]

  direction that could have done this [TS]

  movie as you know you are in the world [TS]

  of classic video games and everything is [TS]

  rendered like a classic video game that [TS]

  would definitely be less accessible and [TS]

  more like 10 just it makes coherent [TS]

  sense because you go through the screen [TS]

  suddenly you're in a 3d you know world [TS]

  where yeah exactly anything to look too [TS]

  d in our world would be already there so [TS]

  does it doesn't make narrative sense but [TS]

  it kind of wrecks the whole let's show a [TS]

  bunch of video game references [TS]

  yeah and not just references but like it [TS]

  you know like there's there are certain [TS]

  characteristics about the world of video [TS]

  games that you can riff on [TS]

  and one of them especially in a classic [TS]

  arcade is everything that was really low [TS]

  fidelity but if once you make that [TS]

  creative decision to have you okay no [TS]

  one in this world they'll all look like [TS]

  you know kind of like Pixar people but [TS]

  not quite as nicely rendered then you're [TS]

  giving up a whole section that you could [TS]

  have mined for interesting things about [TS]

  things being made of pixels or [TS]

  two-dimensional or electron beams or you [TS]

  know stuff like that but you know the [TS]

  one thing they did those they did have [TS]

  the emotion was jerky for certain kinds [TS]

  of characters so in the wreck it ralph [TS]

  game the citizens of the people live in [TS]

  the apartment building have that kind of [TS]

  jerky motion [TS]

  I'm not sure they had all the time [TS]

  either it seemed inconsistent and in I [TS]

  don't think any other characters in any [TS]

  of the other scenes had like a eight [TS]

  bitty movement feel ya [TS]

  that's because the record off game with [TS]

  our the fix-it felix game was the old [TS]

  one the other ones were were newer right [TS]

  there were different for different [TS]

  ranges the pop the tapper him [TS]

  yeah and tablet or anybody like that was [TS]

  in Congress to me know he had some kind [TS]

  of unique animation to him yeah he did [TS]

  watch out there right where you saw you [TS]

  saw beautifully 3d rendered people [TS]

  moving as if they only had seven frames [TS]

  of animation which is very in Congress [TS]

  like I know what they were going for [TS]

  they want to have their cake and eat it [TS]

  too they said yeah well we want to make [TS]

  the joke about how there's so few frames [TS]

  of animation and old games but we also [TS]

  want to look 3d and it didn't come off [TS]

  as well as it would have if they had [TS]

  gone on one direction of the other is it [TS]

  is ever call when they they were we're [TS]

  we're listening to the director and [TS]

  producer they did say that in the [TS]

  original concept they thought about [TS]

  doing the entire movie sort of like [TS]

  8-bit animation and they just realized [TS]

  that you know April animation is retro [TS]

  cool but you can't really do things like [TS]

  animated emotions and facial expressions [TS]

  and it just isn't it is interesting they [TS]

  found it just wasn't engaging also [TS]

  restrict the appeal for their soundtrack [TS]

  well it depends on who they're making [TS]

  the movie for they making a movie for a [TS]

  bunch of video game geeks that are [TS]

  therefore all the references or the [TS]

  yes-mo yes that's the key [TS]

  no there no and that's that's the [TS]

  problem that I had with the film was [TS]

  that it started out as a references film [TS]

  and then as soon as i got to sugar rush [TS]

  land suddenly it was a pretty generic [TS]

  right you know race through a colorful [TS]

  land hero's journey fraught with him [TS]

  actually more product placement for [TS]

  candy then there was for video games [TS]

  haha you know it was all candy reference [TS]

  and if it's so so our topic today is [TS]

  favorite childhood candies Milk Duds [TS]

  yeah which I thought was really funny [TS]

  because my kids thought that was [TS]

  hilarious because the there's no video [TS]

  game i think that we played more in this [TS]

  house then mario kart wii and sugar [TS]

  rushes mario kart you know and/or India [TS]

  it's a racing game with power-ups and [TS]

  all that but they probably understood [TS]

  the gameplay and so therefore the sugar [TS]

  rush concept makes made perfect sense to [TS]

  them even though of course it was with [TS]

  Mario it was just with a bunch of you [TS]

  know girls and this candyland weird [TS]

  combination candyland plus yeah Mario [TS]

  cut it's always difficult to make like [TS]

  the fit you know the fake TV show on the [TS]

  tee right over the fake movie and this [TS]

  they had to make a fake game and if it [TS]

  in the thing about games and i don't i [TS]

  don't envy you like I think they were [TS]

  more successful with the the game with [TS]

  the bugs [TS]

  oh yeah yeah that was outlooks what I [TS]

  could be a real game like you tonight [TS]

  ship ship that now well and a lot of [TS]

  those games are pretty generic though so [TS]

  it's it's not that hard to create yet [TS]

  another generic white yeah i think they [TS]

  had a pretty good concept like this [TS]

  somebody's you know that the light gun [TS]

  type games where you're standing up like [TS]

  time crisis or whatever you know they [TS]

  started craze of people standing in [TS]

  front of a screen and shooting and you [TS]

  don't need much of a promise to make one [TS]

  of those games zombies dinosaurs or like [TS]

  bugs that multiply like crazy [TS]

  you can make that game now and it would [TS]

  do well in the arcade but if you made [TS]

  sugar rush maybe not so much [TS]

  well I like the gimmick about the [TS]

  different cars each day that's kind of a [TS]

  neat way to get people to come back [TS]

  right we're unique sort of like erasers [TS]

  get ya come any different in different [TS]

  ages different races with different cars [TS]

  i thought the first person shooter i [TS]

  really enjoyed the fact that they that [TS]

  they did go with the premise to the [TS]

  point where there was a you know because [TS]

  it's it's like a shooter on rails right [TS]

  and they're actually I mean there are [TS]

  trails but there's like the shooting [TS]

  robot that is the champion more or less [TS]

  and it is the camera with the gun in [TS]

  fact i would like to see like a scene [TS]

  where the camera was a pain in the ass [TS]

  to move because it was you know just [TS]

  refusing to turn and whatnot action [TS]

  consistently but i really like that only [TS]

  no no you can't do it yeah word where [TS]

  the non-player characters here we gotta [TS]

  wait for the first person shooter coming [TS]

  through right and I thought that was [TS]

  really really [TS]

  good as a genre of games that I played a [TS]

  lot i thought that was that was funny [TS]

  and then there's a good i love the gag [TS]

  where you essentially have to get to the [TS]

  top of that tower in order to win the [TS]

  game and and that's exactly what what [TS]

  Rob racket Ralph is good at right he's [TS]

  good at climbing up the sides of [TS]

  buildings so he does it [TS]

  you know I and I was blasting holes in [TS]

  things yeah I think holes in in what [TS]

  looks an awful lot like the master [TS]

  control program [TS]

  well you know and i think that that some [TS]

  of these people just said it [TS]

  it strikes me that when I went into the [TS]

  movie I kind of went there thinking oh [TS]

  this is going to be great all kinds of [TS]

  really cool references to stuff that I [TS]

  knew as a kid but as you said there [TS]

  wasn't nearly as many of those as [TS]

  expected and what I liked better was [TS]

  really their representation of just [TS]

  things we all know about video games you [TS]

  know like you said that [TS]

  first-person-shooter thing and and I [TS]

  loved like when whenever i feel like [TS]

  Scott you know cortical killed he did [TS]

  the little dying thing and then pop back [TS]

  up the little in the other the jittery [TS]

  animations in some of the things i think [TS]

  that they they got that better than they [TS]

  did the references to old stuff [TS]

  I'm just kind of unfair for me to be [TS]

  comparing this but I think comparison i [TS]

  was always making and I think a lot of [TS]

  people are making and watching it is [TS]

  like okay this is so this isn't pixar [TS]

  but it sure looks about like a Pixar [TS]

  movie so let me compare it in my head to [TS]

  Howard pixar have done this movie and [TS]

  the movie i kept comparing it to my head [TS]

  was the Toy Story series yep which has a [TS]

  similar premise where it's like okay [TS]

  take something that's well-known like [TS]

  beloved toys like mr. Potato Head a [TS]

  piggy bank in the barrel full of monkeys [TS]

  or whatever and use them to build a [TS]

  story and the advantage to doing that is [TS]

  besides selling a lot of toys is that [TS]

  you can say okay we've got a story we [TS]

  like buzz and woody and they have a [TS]

  platen and you know we have some sort of [TS]

  promised about being loved by kids right [TS]

  but during the whole story you can just [TS]

  pepper the whole thing with every [TS]

  possible joke you can make about mr. [TS]

  potato head and his angry eyes and Buzz [TS]

  Lightyear Spanish switch and the reset [TS]

  pin hole like every you know just so [TS]

  many get such an incredible density of [TS]

  funny gags that didn't detract from the [TS]

  story but it's like this such a rich [TS]

  field so many jokes you can make about [TS]

  toys and I felt like this movie did not [TS]

  have the same density [TS]

  humor based on the premise like write a [TS]

  lot of money on the table and so I feel [TS]

  like if pixar did this movie they could [TS]

  do all the good things this movie [TS]

  dividend did do a lot of good things but [TS]

  also have that kind of like simpsons had [TS]

  early-season simpsons density of you [TS]

  know laugh lines based on the premise [TS]

  throughout the thing to this elevated [TS]

  know that that's a great point is is it [TS]

  wrong to assume that some of this is an [TS]

  intellectual property though because I'm [TS]

  my recollection is that there were a lot [TS]

  of toys that refused to be into story [TS]

  and was only with toy store to right now [TS]

  but I just I just mean like the ones [TS]

  that you have think about what's funny [TS]

  about boys in general like buzz [TS]

  lightyear is a made-up toy but the [TS]

  Spanish which is something i like I've [TS]

  had a toy that you can switch languages [TS]

  and a little reset your right you know [TS]

  right like you can you don't it doesn't [TS]

  have to be based on references like [TS]

  there's inherent humor in the idea that [TS]

  always it's a movie about the top of the [TS]

  main characters or toys like real [TS]

  physical trial here [TS]

  the main characters are setting a real [TS]

  video games or video games you make up [TS]

  this is so much more you can do with [TS]

  that [TS]

  yeah I'm reminded by you know there's [TS]

  there's the futurama episode that where [TS]

  they get stuck in a video game basically [TS]

  and that's in 22 minutes that thing rips [TS]

  off I can't tell you how many references [TS]

  including some that were you know this [TS]

  base invaders attack and they go back [TS]

  and forth and you have to shoot where [TS]

  they're going to be not where they were [TS]

  and fri one point is killed and [TS]

  everybody's very upset and then he walks [TS]

  back in the frame he said oh that's okay [TS]

  i had another guy and Q Bert Cooper and [TS]

  actually appears in that but yeah that [TS]

  was one of that was one of the year [TS]

  round up one so there was a house [TS]

  anthology of interest rates there was [TS]

  one third of it and then when they did [TS]

  there when they did their of their [TS]

  Kwazii final episode the one that was [TS]

  one of many going to be the final [TS]

  episode episodes they do an 8-bit [TS]

  episode segment as well which used a lot [TS]

  of the troops to and and the whole thing [TS]

  was a better overview or whatever that [TS]

  was kind of fun too i think watching [TS]

  that you can see why you wouldn't want [TS]

  to sustain it for a whole movie because [TS]

  it just run it but it gets wearing on [TS]

  the eyes so quickly [TS]

  oh yeah that's what I one more thing on [TS]

  the look of the movie I'm just so glad [TS]

  that they didn't do a thing that I've [TS]

  seen elsewhere which is you take 8-bit [TS]

  graphics but instead of everything be [TS]

  looking little square pixels everything [TS]

  becomes a cube remake the masculine that [TS]

  is the worst of all possible words i'm [TS]

  very glad they didn't do that [TS]

  John you said you said have your cake [TS]

  and you too and I mean a it's true they [TS]

  do that but it does allow for the really [TS]

  nice flat 8-bit overview of of the wreck [TS]

  ralph game and then you go through the [TS]

  screen there in the 3d world and is nice [TS]

  to see both of those of course record [TS]

  Ralph I mean essentially this is donkey [TS]

  kong or more or less right so it's this [TS]

  is the adventures of crazy climber and [TS]

  am I crazy rumors I suppose that's true [TS]

  too i was looking for crazy climbers [TS]

  rampage rampage is where i was going on [TS]

  interesting yeah i mean because there's [TS]

  so many games like that i kept thinking [TS]

  you know what I be rooting for him if he [TS]

  was Donkey Kong and that was and and fix [TS]

  it Felix was Mario maybe I don't know [TS]

  but it was nice to be able to to have [TS]

  that and and like with toy story they [TS]

  take these kind of archetypes of [TS]

  characters that are not this is their [TS]

  original intellectual property they're [TS]

  not going to you know make a movie about [TS]

  Donkey Kong or crazy climber or anything [TS]

  like that but they are they are types [TS]

  that you recognize even though it's not [TS]

  and then they surround them with some [TS]

  other characters that are more things [TS]

  that you recognize which i like i like [TS]

  that and the fundamental concept that [TS]

  this is a bad guy who's kind of tired of [TS]

  the road of being the bad guy and [TS]

  wrecking things and he wants to do [TS]

  something more interesting i love the [TS]

  fact that one of his suspender things is [TS]

  undone at all times but that was for the [TS]

  next Congress absolutely the better [TS]

  batten on thing and they used it [TS]

  cleverly I like to stand up and [TS]

  offensive as opposed to the the visual [TS]

  field and the callbacks for of the the [TS]

  amount of I call forward that they did [TS]

  in the film the richness of plot like [TS]

  I've seen it twice and I actually liked [TS]

  it even more the second time partly [TS]

  because I could look at stuff you know [TS]

  as things i missed the first time around [TS]

  I looked at but also there are a lot [TS]

  there's a lot of plot and it's not too [TS]

  clunky is a few times it gets bogged [TS]

  down but you know there's a main story [TS]

  but i think there's like a story bcde [TS]

  you have callbacks cuber isn't just [TS]

  showing thrown away he becomes actually [TS]

  important character and the baton on [TS]

  thing even I think they did the lovely [TS]

  experience having a really great joke [TS]

  when it opens with this overview of his [TS]

  of Records life than you realize he's [TS]

  talking about his life because the games [TS]

  about to his 30th anniversary in the [TS]

  arcade then you see all you know all the [TS]

  bad guys and all the bad guys are all [TS]

  good guys or bad [TS]

  guys we're not bad guys and you can you [TS]

  open with that it seems like a throwaway [TS]

  joke but then it's actually a bit of a [TS]

  theme that is a recurrence throughout [TS]

  that makes sense that they did it and [TS]

  one of the loveliest moments at the end [TS]

  of the film takes you know this very [TS]

  funny seemingly throwaway seen it turns [TS]

  into something serious and in kind of [TS]

  moving so i think the plot the through [TS]

  lines for it really [TS]

  they put more effort into that then [TS]

  necessarily making it a so authentic I [TS]

  think to the like are remembered video [TS]

  game experience that was one of my [TS]

  favorite things in the whole movie was [TS]

  the baton on i thought that was great [TS]

  mhm been a little bit with a pullback [TS]

  and they're in a room that little room [TS]

  in the middle of pac-man you're like oh [TS]

  it's just perfect [TS]

  now that I was a good gap you notice the [TS]

  thing that was a restroom thing as they [TS]

  walk out there assigns it to the [TS]

  bathrooms and they're like little lump [TS]

  on the 8-bit screen they slowly through [TS]

  the arcade side my solito that's the [TS]

  thing is that that whole bad and on the [TS]

  whole opening monologue section were [TS]

  great i mean they were rife with [TS]

  references they were almost like what I [TS]

  would have expected from it had pics are [TS]

  done this movie and then that all just [TS]

  dried up and and where did where did it [TS]

  go it became much more you know standard [TS]

  & M plot-driven for animated series of [TS]

  yeah that's right i mean i can I kept [TS]

  expecting more gags that were about game [TS]

  gameplay mechanics you know behaviors [TS]

  that we see in games like the the [TS]

  reference i made to that futurama [TS]

  episode were fried eyes and has another [TS]

  life right or I guess that's it ready to [TS]

  play player 1 has that gag to the novel [TS]

  where I go I got an extra life I got [TS]

  another coin here right and I expected a [TS]

  little bit more that we got instead we [TS]

  got you know King candy and and watch [TS]

  that first 20 minutes or so and I was I [TS]

  was really enjoying and even made a note [TS]

  i said i feel like i'm probably enjoying [TS]

  most of this just because I'm a gaming [TS]

  nerd and I was you know wondering if i [TS]

  was a non-gamer or a kid without the [TS]

  knowledge of all the basic nostalgic [TS]

  video game references would but I care [TS]

  about this or what i find this kind of [TS]

  kind of dull would you even know what an [TS]

  arcade was and then and then they all [TS]

  went away and lo and behold I found it [TS]

  kind of tell my eight-year-old or every [TS]

  part of it and said it was been singing [TS]

  songs [TS]

  four weeks so it plays for I don't know [TS]

  if we play for a teenager or 20 [TS]

  something but i played for me i mean you [TS]

  know i got into I got into the plot [TS]

  Steve there's this thing called plywood [TS]

  ask Glenn did your eight-year-old enjoy [TS]

  that first 10-15 minutes as much as you [TS]

  did or did they turn onto it when [TS]

  suddenly they were in Candyland they [TS]

  were driving around and play mario kart [TS]

  he was laughing his head off in the [TS]

  beginning he didn't get the jokes but [TS]

  the meson same with such that like it's [TS]

  just it was just the ridiculousness of [TS]

  the different bad guys and you know he [TS]

  finds the underwear in the in the [TS]

  lost-and-found blocks in the bar I mean [TS]

  there's a through enough nonsense they [TS]

  think they keep the kids happy but yeah [TS]

  I mean there's a point where transitions [TS]

  out of something that's more familiar [TS]

  but I don't that was intentional as I [TS]

  thought they were saying look this is [TS]

  the thing we're showing little walks the [TS]

  amusement park amusement arcade they [TS]

  don't ever give us a reason why there's [TS]

  a backstory we don't have an explanation [TS]

  of why these characters have a life we [TS]

  don't know if there's a wreck it ralph [TS]

  in 5,000 arcades are just here like in [TS]

  that scene and toy story 2 where where [TS]

  are all the best light years and yeah [TS]

  yeah and that's which is really funny [TS]

  too great existential crisis we don't [TS]

  get any that this is just one arcade one [TS]

  place it's sort of plays the US and then [TS]

  I think about it and that brings up [TS]

  another problem that i have with it ages [TS]

  us out in ages us old-timers out as [TS]

  introduced the new stuff i think yeah i [TS]

  don't know i think that might have been [TS]

  a mistake at least from my perspective [TS]

  because that was when I I sort of lost [TS]

  interest i still enjoyed the film but I [TS]

  i was maybe I was just set up by that [TS]

  those opening moments to expect [TS]

  something different and then when it [TS]

  changed gears it it sort of lost me but [TS]

  apparently it you know if kids like it [TS]

  then [TS]

  thumbs up but one could I think it I [TS]

  think it could have worked on multiple [TS]

  levels like the way the good pixar films [TS]

  do where you know that the parents get [TS]

  all the the background material you know [TS]

  and I'm even those pans you were talking [TS]

  about with all the characters floating [TS]

  around in the background there's nothing [TS]

  going on back yeah you're right mean [TS]

  maybe recognize you know since Star [TS]

  somebody floating around back there but [TS]

  but there's there weren't there were no [TS]

  gags when the games that were a little [TS]

  bit i mean like i wanted to see like [TS]

  somebody bouncing on a hitting their [TS]

  head on a block and having coins fly out [TS]

  the top for so you know I just wanted [TS]

  it's like that were like a video game [TS]

  logic and even even really obvious ones [TS]

  like that were in [TS]

  they're not not Americans whatever [TS]

  no-brainers he does use the konami code [TS]

  to open up the safe right which was one [TS]

  of the very very few references that [TS]

  showed up in the tail end it was a good [TS]

  moment although he had to spell that out [TS]

  like I was oh yeah i saw that i said if [TS]

  pics are made that there's no way he [TS]

  would melt the words no way nice i put [TS]

  down he would you just do the code and [TS]

  you'd and pixar would trust that either [TS]

  you're gonna get what that's a reference [TS]

  to in the two seconds on screen or [TS]

  you're not and move on but in this one [TS]

  they had to have him saying it under his [TS]

  breath he probably also wouldn't [TS]

  inexplicably sound like a twin for no [TS]

  apparent reason [TS]

  comedy for the story part of this with [TS]

  the whole like emotional problems of the [TS]

  racer who wants to be racer is excluded [TS]

  by the girls and record Ralphie like a [TS]

  bad guy like that whole plot line thing [TS]

  I thought that was competently done like [TS]

  I didn't completely get bored out of it [TS]

  like it wasn't her spring the library's [TS]

  i was i was on board with it emotionally [TS]

  like it didn't completely lose me and it [TS]

  wasn't dumb down to the point where it [TS]

  like i was totally disengages an adult [TS]

  that I'm not interested in the in the [TS]

  the plight of these two heroes and [TS]

  everything that it wasn't super [TS]

  complicated or anything but it kept me [TS]

  engaged and i have to say that if I had [TS]

  to pick one of the two things for you to [TS]

  concentrate on either get like your gags [TS]

  you know do a really good job on your [TS]

  gags and have a good density or make [TS]

  sure you have some sort of story that is [TS]

  not embarrassing to an adult and of some [TS]

  sort of emotional resonance I think they [TS]

  picked the right one of the two is just [TS]

  that we're so used to Pixar doing both [TS]

  of them that were now we're snobby you [TS]

  know that's the problem is they didn't [TS]

  pick one they tried to do both and they [TS]

  switched up halfway through and that [TS]

  yeah i like but the open it was like [TS]

  really i agree with you i mean that the [TS]

  narrative was was very good and I i did [TS]

  enjoy the kind of the emotional have to [TS]

  you know Ralph recognizing himself in [TS]

  the girl and all that and I think that [TS]

  that if they had to pick one to be [TS]

  heavier on yeah definitely the the [TS]

  narrative is the way to go but you know [TS]

  but there's nobody loved the symbolic [TS]

  logic behind the into Candyland when he [TS]

  opens up the vaults and it's all lines a [TS]

  flowchart it's great i love that was a [TS]

  great representation arrogant think they [TS]

  did a good that did that scene actually [TS]

  would like this represents the inside of [TS]

  the game was just you know abstract [TS]

  enough for you like I'm glad you didn't [TS]

  try to make this real if you're going to [TS]

  make it fake then you have license to do [TS]

  whatever you want that like visually [TS]

  Express [TS]

  is what it is you're trying to say in [TS]

  her little thing floating off to the [TS]

  side with sparking wires was just fine [TS]

  like okay that visually communicate what [TS]

  you're trying to say you don't need to [TS]

  do any more i talk about a plot twist [TS]

  I did not make a properly concealed the [TS]

  whole turbo thing where I i never was [TS]

  like I bet that King candy is really [TS]

  turbo from the old video game or do you [TS]

  wonder wondering why they spent all that [TS]

  time telling you about turbo earlier [TS]

  well don't be set up right because they [TS]

  use the phrase going turbo for a long [TS]

  time and then they had to explain well [TS]

  this is why we do that and I thought out [TS]

  okay well that explains it and you think [TS]

  that's the best the payoff right there [TS]

  and very cleverly concealing what was [TS]

  actually a not the reveal but the bigger [TS]

  reveal was later and I thought that they [TS]

  got me right now the guy I didn't see [TS]

  that one that's good i got it but like a [TS]

  few minutes ahead there's a point right [TS]

  watching I was like wait uh yeah but you [TS]

  know one of the things here in terms of [TS]

  the beginning the the look right though [TS]

  I love that when they show that turbo [TS]

  seen that turbo is like this sort of i I [TS]

  don't wasn't it but I know what that was [TS]

  i was like the original game was like [TS]

  even more primitive minute yeah it's [TS]

  like a knight rider on the Atari right [TS]

  yeah and it can only go in a 2d plane [TS]

  it's not even pretending to go to a [TS]

  vanishing point so when turbo makes his [TS]

  way to the other racing game he can only [TS]

  go across [TS]

  yeah grass can't go cuz like that was [TS]

  clever because we turn to be like oh [TS]

  maybe he could race and yeah but he [TS]

  doesn't exist and that other plan using [TS]

  the wrong planet that kind of bothered [TS]

  me actually because there was a video [TS]

  game called turbo that i remember [TS]

  playing in our means and one time when i [TS]

  played it there were no other cars in [TS]

  the game which was very disturbing like [TS]

  did they put it out of order sign on and [TS]

  unplug the game and kill everyone in the [TS]

  machine that next day [TS]

  that's like the theater that I went saw [TS]

  this movie and there were no other [TS]

  people in the theater the same i did [TS]

  think that I thought that was clever the [TS]

  way they did the whole out-of-order [TS]

  thing i did like that [TS]

  yeah but the problem with that is if [TS]

  they unplug the Machine and everyone [TS]

  dies there's there's two problems with [TS]

  that one has nobody ever heard of [TS]

  plugging the machine back in i think [TS]

  they're gonna go to the junkyard writer [TS]

  they're used for parts Adam it and then [TS]

  the other thing is if you take it at [TS]

  face value when we started closing down [TS]

  all the arcades we have unwittingly [TS]

  committed a digital apocalypto it's a [TS]

  genocide yeah [TS]

  Oh [TS]

  my wife committed plenty of digital [TS]

  genocides like just the number of tiny [TS]

  little lizards guys I've killed in Mario [TS]

  must be in the thousands all come back [TS]

  there were few nice touches in there but [TS]

  there's also what you know animated [TS]

  movie plot line that happens and you [TS]

  know that's what [TS]

  hey you live in this volcano mentos [TS]

  volcano randomly right [TS]

  hey you live in Spencer's volcana oh [TS]

  yeah parts of it were it was gonna be [TS]

  something but it never really got [TS]

  completely huh [TS]

  the all that information seemed [TS]

  extraneous at the time but you know met [TS]

  those are not really video game-related [TS]

  nothing that bothers me is when you [TS]

  relate you couldn't even believe I know [TS]

  what you because the gate had become [TS]

  candy game at that it's all wanted with [TS]

  your movie for kids and you guys are [TS]

  dead inside [TS]

  if you like this this so much in video [TS]

  games like you can even if you're making [TS]

  up your own video games you could come [TS]

  up with a better premise then like don't [TS]

  make it a candy basic premise for you [TS]

  know deus ex machina at the end with the [TS]

  with the beam and everything comes with [TS]

  an equivalent video games premise like I [TS]

  like the bugs like the idea that they [TS]

  all go towards the light at the end of [TS]

  their game to reset for the next player [TS]

  but then when you come into the [TS]

  candyland like you're right it became a [TS]

  candy based movie instead of a video [TS]

  game one right don't like that can see [TS]

  that the bugs that was actually with [TS]

  there's something silly like that is [TS]

  subtle and I like that one is when fix [TS]

  it Felix looks at the forgotten her name [TS]

  the OJT might be an offer Jane Lynch [TS]

  because it there was no attempt made to [TS]

  my brand drag from her voice or her or [TS]

  her appearance sorry sergeant Tamara [TS]

  Jean Calhoun and sure so Calvin so fit [TS]

  so there's two moments that I thought [TS]

  were just nice where he looks at her [TS]

  she's like oh you know you're so [TS]

  beautifully rent here because he's [TS]

  looking at them with real contracting [TS]

  but the other part I liked is when she [TS]

  says in passing all these bugs are [TS]

  viruses are just code their self [TS]

  replicating the they become whatever [TS]

  they eat and they don't know they're in [TS]

  a game and I was like that is a nice [TS]

  little element i don't think they played [TS]

  it up as well in some ways as they could [TS]

  not right but it was a nice element was [TS]

  like oh you know everybody else is in on [TS]

  the guy they all know and they keep it [TS]

  running because i don't want to get [TS]

  unplugged or whatever it's their job its [TS]

  other programmed but these things they [TS]

  don't know their viruses it seems like [TS]

  poor poor game designed to me [TS]

  yeah haha [TS]

  i'm reading one of these one of these [TS]

  jasper fforde novels where they the [TS]

  characters are literary detectives and [TS]

  they go into books and try to prevent [TS]

  crimes from being occurring like inside [TS]

  novels and it's very much the same [TS]

  premise which is amusing which is that [TS]

  the the characters in the books know [TS]

  that their characters in the books but [TS]

  they're kind of its like their job right [TS]

  i mean that's it's the same idea it's [TS]

  it's not that they don't know that [TS]

  they're in a video game they are it's [TS]

  just that's their job and their role and [TS]

  that you know they don't you know Felix [TS]

  and the people in the in the building [TS]

  they know they're in a game and yet they [TS]

  and they celebrate their anniversary of [TS]

  being in the game so it's not that it's [TS]

  just like their job is to be through [TS]

  that that role it's an interesting [TS]

  approach is very much like the the you [TS]

  know these books that I'm reading where [TS]

  the characters in the novel's you know [TS]

  they know their characters in the novels [TS]

  and but they have to do what's in the [TS]

  novel's when it's their time in the [TS]

  chapter but when the book is going on [TS]

  somewhere else they can do whatever [TS]

  because they're different story and Buzz [TS]

  Lightyear exactly whole premise of the [TS]

  first movie [TS]

  yeah exactly exactly right so it's kind [TS]

  of interesting but that a that she says [TS]

  that but then the bugs are not that [TS]

  right the bugs don't play by the rules [TS]

  the bugs are our bad cold virus with [TS]

  that a bad idea [TS]

  you're right yes a terrible well then [TS]

  expect together the game the programmers [TS]

  have no idea what's going on the record [TS]

  they can travel over the the power [TS]

  straight line and they didn't know the [TS]

  power strip is I've written I've been so [TS]

  many articles about the death of [TS]

  broadband over power line and this movie [TS]

  goes to contradict me there there's [TS]

  video game characters living in your [TS]

  power strips it's amazing [TS]

  and how did sonic in there exactly it's [TS]

  not an arcade character knows well he [TS]

  that's why he's in a PSA only right he's [TS]

  from console land right but he's hated [TS]

  on arcade games i believe huh maybe [TS]

  leave your games because you'll die [TS]

  why would why would the arcade [TS]

  characters have ever come into contact [TS]

  with him to recognize him even as a [TS]

  nyquil he so he's a star [TS]

  he's just thinking about that when [TS]

  they're growing up in the growing up in [TS]

  logic gates cool he's like the paris [TS]

  hilton video games i think that Naomi [TS]

  boards are actually dreamcast boards and [TS]

  they have [TS]

  post the arcade version of the dreamcast [TS]

  bored i'm getting my code name wrong but [TS]

  there was there was a console crossover [TS]

  with Maya with arcade games maybe just [TS]

  team sonic was involved and that was [TS]

  enough to carry his name according to [TS]

  that article that i read that was a you [TS]

  know protracted negotiation to you get [TS]

  sonic to use and it ended up being well [TS]

  will you let you use him but he can't be [TS]

  the homeless character will be you know [TS]

  and they ended up with well we'll put [TS]

  him in a in a in a PSA and like them [TS]

  into and what Nintendo characters do we [TS]

  see in this movie [TS]

  there's like bowser is it right but [TS]

  that's about it right and then there's a [TS]

  there's a mushroom at one point [TS]

  yeah yeah I was hoping for um I wasn't [TS]

  ready kilowatt instead of that little [TS]

  police character is the surge protector [TS]

  that would've been much better huh wrong [TS]

  idiom I know I just I I kept expecting [TS]

  to see something at the end where [TS]

  there's congratulate story you know [TS]

  hey and it's look it's donkey kong and [TS]

  looks at this guy and they just sort of [TS]

  never happened like they were they just [TS]

  hit the I don't know it's a song about [TS]

  the video game companies they just want [TS]

  to play ball with this movie like to [TS]

  make a deal with me and I don't blame [TS]

  the company so much like what my [TS]

  favorite parts of the movie was the the [TS]

  tiny that flashback scene of the jane [TS]

  lynch characters wedding and her husband [TS]

  is told from our blog and and then later [TS]

  with them with them with all absolutely [TS]

  audience with gun straight like none of [TS]

  that had to do with licensing that was [TS]

  playing off with toys started so well [TS]

  look we can't get Darth Vader right so [TS]

  we're gonna make this their got like you [TS]

  could play off the ideas that are funny [TS]

  about video games are about toys without [TS]

  having any licenses and I did that so [TS]

  it's like you don't need the license [TS]

  don't lean on that you can make up your [TS]

  own stupid bug video game and have a [TS]

  very funny segment like imagine you know [TS]

  this rough woman's love life and the [TS]

  ridiculousness of the enemies from our [TS]

  panelists feeling her husband you know [TS]

  the better one later when they do your [TS]

  dynamite gal you're dynamite guess and [TS]

  just in the big clunky uniforms in the [TS]

  cafe [TS]

  speaking of a Darth Vader did I imagine [TS]

  things or at one point when the when [TS]

  Ralph is underwater and he's breathing [TS]

  through a straw did they use the dart [TS]

  thrower and read a sound [TS]

  yes yes Wow yes shameless or whatever [TS]

  whatever source also was the Darth Vader [TS]

  breathing sound I mean that might just [TS]

  be a now been burned nights it i think [TS]

  you'll be different for created that [TS]

  synergy yeah yeah it's his scuba so do [TS]

  you think that in like it right at the [TS]

  last moment when the deal with me [TS]

  laughter that's probably gonna get away [TS]

  with it they sound like you can't find [TS]

  soundboard recording of the Darth Vader [TS]

  breathing like what are you going to do [TS]

  come and get us my big problem with the [TS]

  film was the fact that after seeing even [TS]

  one time the sugar rush song was a [TS]

  mental virus in my head for at least a [TS]

  day or two could not I would close my [TS]

  eyes and would start playing that music [TS]

  / and also what that the sugar rush the [TS]

  stalker was what i love about the and [TS]

  credit and that music right is they got [TS]

  they got a they got a japanese pop band [TS]

  to do the sugar rush song and singing in [TS]

  Japanese except for the chorus so it [TS]

  felt kind of felt nicely insanely [TS]

  authentic to me [TS]

  and we have to say they got Buckner and [TS]

  Garcia the authors of pac-man fever to [TS]

  compose a wreck it ralph and perform [TS]

  around sauce over the credits and that [TS]

  was that was great and it and it as as [TS]

  you'd expect it details the plot of rec [TS]

  of fix-it Felix jr. of course it does I [TS]

  in many have seen that menacing this oh [TS]

  man also have to stop it Ralph is a [TS]

  giant a man-child really [TS]

  stop this very land until his world with [TS]

  crazy [TS]

  his own business on the Dreaming can [TS]

  official release of paper saying him to [TS]

  win your heart building sand timers much [TS]

  to play man-to-man [TS]

  thank you around if you haven't heard [TS]

  the other songs on the pac-man fever [TS]

  album i highly recommend you have some [TS]

  out the Frogger songs fantastic and it's [TS]

  amazing that they could get Buckner and [TS]

  Garcia considering their difficulty in [TS]

  licensing character I i assume butter [TS]

  Garcia were you know not around anymore [TS]

  but they apparently reformed in order to [TS]

  record the call they want us back [TS]

  we've been waiting for 30 hitters they [TS]

  managed to avoid rock music fame and the [TS]

  way you mean that you mean they haven't [TS]

  been touring small clubs like a flock of [TS]

  seagulls for the last five years yeah [TS]

  state fairs I would watch a movie about [TS]

  the disney intern who had to hire a [TS]

  private investigator that's fine but you [TS]

  know i guess i'm bummed because i said [TS]

  like i saw the screening back in early [TS]

  October and there was no song at the end [TS]

  o the kill screen was not yet although [TS]

  they were still rounding up Buckner [TS]

  Garcia was easy to find ya know what [TS]

  they're talking about i just a medium or [TS]

  dyed his hair and then a bar serving [TS]

  mongolian heard you in the provisional [TS]

  as you said that massive music family [TS]

  looted them and they didn't descend into [TS]

  a cocaine and grupe binge and end up [TS]

  being taken from us but before they [TS]

  could put it before they could provide [TS]

  the song for this for this film thank [TS]

  goodness they failed [TS]

  yeah but anyways that is so some nice [TS]

  touches their to III the butter Garcia [TS]

  and the sugar rush long which I felt was [TS]

  perfect because it's like unintelligible [TS]

  Japanese lyrics and then sugar rush over [TS]

  and over again it's usually sing super [TS]

  peppy super you know it's just very [TS]

  sugary insane he shoots the room there's [TS]

  a lot they got right about the about the [TS]

  sugar rush game I thought in fact [TS]

  especially when they show from the [TS]

  outside and in the arcade I thought they [TS]

  really nailed that one [TS]

  although why vanellope would be in her [TS]

  glitch outfit when she was supposed to [TS]

  be a princess in the Rilla yeah [TS]

  oh you would like your chapters with the [TS]

  hair she wasn't no I think she was in [TS]

  her out i think she was in a glitch i'm [TS]

  going to go the internet available will [TS]

  you do [TS]

  who which wouldn't be a problem except [TS]

  they made that picture kind of a major [TS]

  brownie points right so I I you know [TS]

  speaking of lb I thought uh-oh summer [TS]

  was pretty fantastic [TS]

  I thought she kind of stole the movie we [TS]

  should thank goodness at least one of [TS]

  the voice actors in this film is capable [TS]

  of changing her voice slightly yes it's [TS]

  not helped by the fact that they seem to [TS]

  be that the animators seem to be unable [TS]

  to come up with a character that doesn't [TS]

  look almost exactly like your voice [TS]

  actor and 30 rock and giving giving fix [TS]

  it Felix the same down-home mannerisms [TS]

  that 30 rock character has Jack McBrayer [TS]

  slowly rock character just too cute by [TS]

  that's that's a you know they that's a [TS]

  method that that sometimes animated [TS]

  films use where they probably Williams [TS]

  Aladdin school of animation they [TS]

  videotape them doing their voices and [TS]

  now that's DreamWorks quality stuff that [TS]

  come on man i don't know i don't i don't [TS]

  like it yes it's Kenneth the page the [TS]

  the sugar rush levels like like when [TS]

  they're showing when they're showing the [TS]

  video the the different race levels i [TS]

  mean i could pick out individual parts [TS]

  of the race tracks that were references [TS]

  to I feel like specific mario kart [TS]

  levels or at least you know it's like [TS]

  well that's like rainbow road and that [TS]

  one's like maple treeway and like at [TS]

  specific and this one is like Oh what is [TS]

  it the the the ones go rush 2049 the one [TS]

  way you've got the the the snowboarders [TS]

  going back and forth as you try to go [TS]

  down and you think that was a dragon's [TS]

  that dragon's lair call back if that's [TS]

  from that we marry card level you're [TS]

  thinking of them there you have to go up [TS]

  yeah halfpipes to yeah exactly yeah yeah [TS]

  so that that that that there was a [TS]

  nintendo that rip that off there's a lot [TS]

  of lot of mario kart lobby Mario carpets [TS]

  and they're really i mean well those are [TS]

  people who played Mario Cart a lot [TS]

  because those were those are the levels [TS]

  basically or the essential parts of [TS]

  those levels so it was fun is the movie [TS]

  theaters at two different theaters i [TS]

  went to exercise and three theaters that [TS]

  were showing wreck-it Ralph over the [TS]

  last few weeks and they all had a [TS]

  vintage arcade games in the lobby that [TS]

  you can play that we're actually all set [TS]

  up and running in pac-man and so forth [TS]

  which was just a nice touch [TS]

  see that's that's another of my problems [TS]

  and I maybe I'm being too critical of [TS]

  this game you guys got some drama [TS]

  statements the black day but where where [TS]

  the [TS]

  jack is there working arcade anymore [TS]

  where kids wait around in the morning [TS]

  for the place to and retro places like [TS]

  that yeah yeah yeah but it's like fat [TS]

  before two-year olds that go in there [TS]

  it's not a bunch of kids who are excited [TS]

  to play fix it Felix again [TS]

  well in the mall they have the old game [TS]

  set up to and kids end up in those rooms [TS]

  you don't have been your welcome all [TS]

  like it'll be a bunch of modern stupid [TS]

  stand-up shooter video games that also [TS]

  have millipedes centipedes I haven't [TS]

  seen at an arcade in the mall in a long [TS]

  long time but maybe that's just a [TS]

  Southern California kind of think [TS]

  there's a bunch of stand-alone place in [TS]

  seattle portland has we just think it [TS]

  was the same poorly organized yeah a [TS]

  crazy number then but Seattle we've got [TS]

  on this thing called full-tilt that's [TS]

  even a change to barcade in 106 and all [TS]

  those things all but they have a mixing [TS]

  of new games they have new crazy [TS]

  japanese games and have no idea to play [TS]

  that are super console crazy things and [TS]

  then they have you know Lord of the [TS]

  Rings pinball and and pac-man miss back [TS]

  what is even less crowded places are out [TS]

  there but you need to go to sending this [TS]

  one that's where you find let's go to a [TS]

  ski lodge like that small place like an [TS]

  in New Hampshire Vermont you know now [TS]

  although that is moon crested the [TS]

  joysticks broken and they have pong pong [TS]

  on the glass table pong to right there [TS]

  around here you just look for a mini [TS]

  golf course and there's sure to be a [TS]

  huge arcade attached [TS]

  yeah we were my son's birthday party was [TS]

  the scandia and you know and they had a [TS]

  giant arcade ancient mostly ancient [TS]

  video games to you thought eighties [TS]

  arcade smelled bad though [TS]

  try one at scandia oh yeah oh my god [TS]

  that's bad is not good it's not good [TS]

  so at the at the screening what would [TS]

  one that actually one of the most fun [TS]

  things was that afterwards we went [TS]

  outside and they took us to this little [TS]

  dizzy [TS]

  there's a disney animation museum in the [TS]

  presidio here in San Francisco [TS]

  yeah and they had video games that fix [TS]

  it Felix video games so you can actually [TS]

  get this on the I ipad and iphone now [TS]

  but they had taken an original CRT from [TS]

  like 1980-something you know half blown [TS]

  out bad color you know when you go to [TS]

  one side of the screen suddenly switch [TS]

  switch shades of red and they they put [TS]

  the game in there and basically coded it [TS]

  for an old cathode ray tube [TS]

  was awesome it was great people were [TS]

  like you know they had set up for free [TS]

  games that but it was a real eighties [TS]

  like a you know donkey Conger or crazy [TS]

  climber type console with a with the [TS]

  fix-it Felix jr. playing on it was [TS]

  really cool [TS]

  now here's my question about the game [TS]

  it's called Fisk fix-it Felix jr. rights [TS]

  right now exactly Donkey Kong jr. has [TS]

  the bad guy in the good guys switched [TS]

  from the original Donkey call does that [TS]

  mean regular fix-it felix felix is the [TS]

  bad guy and Ralph others there's [TS]

  backstory members he got his magic [TS]

  hammer from his father Ralph says no he [TS]

  makes a good point though it's a [TS]

  parallel to Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong [TS]

  jr. than in fact fix it Felix should be [TS]

  hurling the magic hammer down on someone [TS]

  waiting plumber I guess carpenter at [TS]

  that point but it's more like rampage [TS]

  and crazy climber than donkey kong well [TS]

  yeah you're right right well but the [TS]

  junior yeah junior he has but I think [TS]

  with the backstory on the thing that [TS]

  will happen is in the sequel then we'll [TS]

  find out how he was once evil he was a [TS]

  bad guy bad the eye for his or his dad [TS]

  was the bad guy right he was bad guy bad [TS]

  guy you know [TS]

  fix-it felix and then can he fix his [TS]

  relationship with his lost father with [TS]

  his magic hands he will find lost father [TS]

  lost father is another game you see and [TS]

  and their console will be threatened to [TS]

  be sold to a collector will not in any [TS]

  way except happy yeah well I know those [TS]

  guys they have garages full of games [TS]

  we're going to japan i restored it being [TS]

  sold in japan now it's just going to be [TS]

  switched to a tabletop with people where [TS]

  people spill beer and everything all [TS]

  over it every day that's what they'll be [TS]

  trapped in an emulator on the internet [TS]

  to be a tear-jerking Sarah McLachlan [TS]

  song about when he only on ya little big [TS]

  man so sure [TS]

  so you know I enjoyed it i thought it [TS]

  wasn't a fun enjoyable video game movie [TS]

  was not the the thing I guess I had [TS]

  dreamed that it would be when I saw the [TS]

  trailer which was really like toy story [TS]

  4 right you know for video game [TS]

  references but uh but i liked it i [TS]

  thought i thought it was a as animated [TS]

  features go I mean it was not maybe a [TS]

  pixar kind of level thing but it was [TS]

  good i thought they did a bit of really [TS]

  good job i thought it was fun it wasn't [TS]

  as good [TS]

  it is i like you Jason it wasn't as good [TS]

  as I thought it was gonna be already had [TS]

  hoped it would be but it was enjoyable [TS]

  enough to go see ya [TS]

  I liked it a lot I i liked it alone just [TS]

  explicitly because john c reilly voice [TS]

  just kills me especially when he's doing [TS]

  what is basically his Steve Brule voice [TS]

  in the moron see Riley sounds like Paula [TS]

  Tompkins version of him the happier I am [TS]

  this might this is actually the first [TS]

  movie I saw was rewatching one of the [TS]

  Rings spoiler alert we will discuss that [TS]

  a future accountable recently on DVD and [TS]

  i found that I've been completely [TS]

  finally jaded by having an HDTV i use it [TS]

  but i never i didn't have a bluray so [TS]

  I'm finally hit the point where dvds [TS]

  look terrible to me find how the i [TS]

  noticed I've been trying to not upgrade [TS]

  technology was unnecessary and I we used [TS]

  to watch movies when their DVD players [TS]

  in computers that I carry around with me [TS]

  I would watch them on the computer where [TS]

  they looked somewhat better and more [TS]

  vibrant but this movie is actually when [TS]

  it comes out on blu ray I'll have to [TS]

  think about this may be what drives me [TS]

  to buy a blu-ray is to get wreck-it [TS]

  Ralph and be able to have that enjoyment [TS]

  of watching you know both at the [TS]

  resolution and be able to stop motion [TS]

  and catch all the jokes it might [TS]

  actually push me over the edge [TS]

  we finally got John had to happen was [TS]

  the 3d any good in this by the way [TS]

  because of you saw it in 3d [TS]

  yeah yeah I thought it was pretty good [TS]

  you know I I always assumed that 3d [TS]

  animated movies are going to be better [TS]

  at 3d because they actually have to plot [TS]

  the depth as opposed to many 3d movies [TS]

  these days which are shot in 2d and then [TS]

  converted which is associated in the [TS]

  foreground @ guys back about 30 feet and [TS]

  it's like a series of Colorforms you [TS]

  know you're like flat plane and then 10 [TS]

  feet back into the flat plane whereas [TS]

  with this you know you really did get [TS]

  that that sense of depth below for [TS]

  although although in that in that empty [TS]

  a grand central thing you know it feels [TS]

  even more empty when you're looking at [TS]

  the background looking for jokes that [TS]

  aren't there and it's just a mile back [TS]

  and there's nothing there it really [TS]

  jumps right out in your face [TS]

  yeah there's no jokes here where the [TS]

  qubits it what do you want we got Cuban [TS]

  pacman ghosts the only time I've been [TS]

  watching movies in 3d lately is if [TS]

  people make a point to telling me like [TS]

  with the life of pi [TS]

  you must see it in 3d otherwise people [TS]

  are just taking it for granted [TS]

  and I don't care yeah I i ended up in 3d [TS]

  in the amphitheater by kind of kind of [TS]

  by accident it was the right time you [TS]

  know so but it was it was fine it was [TS]

  not offensive some every now and then I [TS]

  see a 3d movie and I guess that's all [TS]

  right should we move on and talk about [TS]

  old video games now briefly why not if [TS]

  you do it [TS]

  I don't know how we want to structure [TS]

  that should this be a draft of all if [TS]

  you get that seems like a bad idea yeah [TS]

  that's like another week long as you [TS]

  have a favorite arcade game that i mean [TS]

  i-i just to keep that simple favorite [TS]

  arcade game from your youth that you are [TS]

  mad that you played it you played a lot [TS]

  of i played the hell out of this one [TS]

  game that was called JT 10 for it which [TS]

  I don't know what it's real name was I [TS]

  might have been kidney injury or cat [TS]

  ninja or something [TS]

  it was in one of the like lounges in [TS]

  UCSD there's a lot of fun [TS]

  wow oh maybe he's going from Glen choice [TS]

  was at a German game of suspect it's 10 [TS]

  / was Alice be involved at all this game [TS]

  was really what I wanted to console ever [TS]

  made and it was putting volunteers what [TS]

  lounge [TS]

  whatwhat lounge Monty like in the mirror [TS]

  last year college lounge wow that was [TS]

  just called JT 104 which may have been [TS]

  at secret code was a kid to get like a [TS]

  cop's I major make his own console and [TS]

  stick it in the mirror lounge nose la [TS]

  one but there was a psych experiment [TS]

  that was the name of the course i think [TS]

  i don't know all i know is everybody was [TS]

  always playing road blasters so this one [TS]

  was open [TS]

  John John just paste a link in the chat [TS]

  room to ninja kid to Monte i don't--it's [TS]

  jp104 it is it's ninja can do i found a [TS]

  farm [TS]

  Wow check that out there's a there's a [TS]

  website is gonna picture of its logic [TS]

  board [TS]

  dang sorry internet connection i pick [TS]

  two if this is not a draft type thing [TS]

  well the anything-goes ok so the first [TS]

  time going to pick is actually a ski [TS]

  lodge pick this is one of the things [TS]

  where I the only place i would see this [TS]

  game is when i went skiing with my [TS]

  family and it's one particular ski place [TS]

  which was thinking butternut or some of [TS]

  those thinking places and Massachusetts [TS]

  not a big popular expensive ski place [TS]

  small mole of the mountain [TS]

  you're very old lodge but it had this [TS]

  amazingly [TS]

  advanced video game in it that I'd never [TS]

  seen before it was called sidearms I [TS]

  don't know if anyone remembers that came [TS]

  but not by plenty of arcades near me [TS]

  where I live but none of them had this [TS]

  game and it was a Japanese game where [TS]

  you play you come on screen is a [TS]

  side-scrolling shooter and you play this [TS]

  thing that comes on screen is like a [TS]

  airplane / spaceship changes into a [TS]

  robot and you shoot you know guys coming [TS]

  at you from the right eye and you get [TS]

  sort of weapon upgrades and she'll [TS]

  upgrades and eventually you can join up [TS]

  with another player either actual human [TS]

  player or computer player to build a [TS]

  larger robot a two-run so you've got [TS]

  transforming robot that combines with [TS]

  another transforming robot think it's [TS]

  upgraded weapons and it's all Japanese [TS]

  and crazy and has cool music and I love [TS]

  that one and it was special to me [TS]

  because you only see it when you're [TS]

  skiing you can't you can't play at home [TS]

  doesn't exist anywhere there's no [TS]

  internet there's no ma'am you know so [TS]

  that's my first pick in my second is one [TS]

  that you all have actually heard of [TS]

  which was star wars game because it had [TS]

  better graphics and vector graphics are [TS]

  very cool lorde article recently about [TS]

  how all the arcade emulators and not [TS]

  properly reproducing what vector [TS]

  graphics are really like this is [TS]

  actually drew with the electron beam [TS]

  there were some pixels that was [TS]

  interesting and you know suppose any of [TS]

  this could see to play against all those [TS]

  years was that this started talking [TS]

  about the one where you got that you're [TS]

  basically behind the controls of a [TS]

  x-wing yeah and so did the second thing [TS]

  that's great about the game was the [TS]

  controller instead of just having a [TS]

  terroristic they had was like a steering [TS]

  wheel to to go left and right and it was [TS]

  a tilting two handles to go up and down [TS]

  and you're just controlling a mouse [TS]

  cursor basically but because you were [TS]

  controlling it with a weird-looking [TS]

  control with buttons on your thumb and [TS]

  your fingers that both the same thing it [TS]

  didn't matter and your is this like a [TS]

  rail shooter and you're shooting down [TS]

  these giant asterisks they were coming [TS]

  towards you which was supposed to [TS]

  represent didn't make any sense and then [TS]

  don't forget the little white boxes [TS]

  yeah and at samples from the movie in it [TS]

  you know you're all clear kid now just [TS]

  blow this thing let's suppose they go [TS]

  home you know [TS]

  look at the size of that thing like all [TS]

  these terribly compressed samples from [TS]

  the movie that game was amazing when you [TS]

  sat down it to the head the city and [TS]

  versions anybody I waste so much money [TS]

  on that John when I was in junior high [TS]

  man have you seen the Vectrex emulator [TS]

  for ipad yeah I say that one so niche [TS]

  but again it's on a raster screens was [TS]

  not quite the same i put that in the [TS]

  show notes a while that I put in this [TS]

  probably a lot of those early [TS]

  vectorgames they would blow up after [TS]

  like a month [TS]

  wow cool but they wouldn't actually [TS]

  physically explode but I mean they would [TS]

  that boards would burn out very quickly [TS]

  because they were generating so much [TS]

  power [TS]

  well I remember that vector exclaiming [TS]

  they had like colored overlay panels [TS]

  that you if you're playing a game that [TS]

  he's read you like take off the front [TS]

  put something as read in this plastic [TS]

  right and I tempest did that right space [TS]

  invaders that to it yeah and i read a [TS]

  review of the ipad app and actually [TS]

  people are saying it was pretty good of [TS]

  of the ones that they've seen that are [TS]

  trying to emulate this old look it [TS]

  actually does a pretty good job but I [TS]

  haven't tried it yet [TS]

  dandy of a favorite me and I spent way [TS]

  too much money and video games in the [TS]

  eighties I i love the star wars game I [TS]

  loved a black widow and used to Western [TS]

  a lot of money playing that one man i [TS]

  honestly have played so many that I'd I [TS]

  couldn't pick a favorite [TS]

  wow just just a lot of quarters spent [TS]

  yeah way too much i wonder how much of [TS]

  it your favorite has to do with like [TS]

  Johnson's about a ski lodge pictures [TS]

  just like what consoles happen to be at [TS]

  the place where you were you know like I [TS]

  played I cannot tell you how many [TS]

  quarters are wasted on crystal castles [TS]

  oh yea which was a track ball game was [TS]

  being a coolie jump over the trees and [TS]

  pick up the gyms get the James Bentley [TS]

  bear right and might the round table [TS]

  pizza that I went to in downtown San or [TS]

  other you would go to like after a up a [TS]

  peewee baseball game or after him after [TS]

  a seventh grade basketball game or [TS]

  anything like that that was where you [TS]

  went and they had like three games and [TS]

  one of them was crystal castles and I [TS]

  just played it endlessly and so you know [TS]

  if that hadn't been there would have [TS]

  been something else and I would play [TS]

  battles owner tempest er I don't know [TS]

  what but I play crystal castles because [TS]

  that was at the round table pizza and [TS]

  was at the tabletop virgin Jason knows [TS]

  the up right now I ours pizza head and [TS]

  had the tabletop and you know that the [TS]

  shame crying shame of it is that those [TS]

  games are you know you can get emulators [TS]

  for them but it's not the same because [TS]

  the track track balls are really hard [TS]

  emulate problem hey get the centipede [TS]

  and all that too it's the same deal it's [TS]

  just you can build your own control [TS]

  panel and black yeah i can get nerd [TS]

  actually panic software in portland they [TS]

  have a they have a pc that's built into [TS]

  an old into a console and it's running [TS]

  an emulator and they've got the all the [TS]

  all the buttons and a trackball in our [TS]

  choices and you can buy premade yeah [TS]

  like that as well that have the not only [TS]

  the trackball but also the spinner for [TS]

  games like breakout and yeah you can get [TS]

  them all preassembled they're kind of [TS]

  expensive for what they are right [TS]

  yeah if you really want to experience [TS]

  marble madness or crystal castles in [TS]

  their original form that's what you have [TS]

  to do I like crystal castles but not [TS]

  that much was a tempest to have the knob [TS]

  that's right did right Yeah Yeah right [TS]

  because you just be spinning around the [TS]

  outside of the little well yeah but you [TS]

  could really annoy people you work with [TS]

  by getting rid of your mouse replacing [TS]

  it with a trackball yet to speedily pass [TS]

  Steve you have a favorite oh man i have [TS]

  so many favorites i could probably go on [TS]

  and on and on but i will pick 2 i'll [TS]

  pick up very early one and a more modern [TS]

  one [TS]

  the early one is is super super early [TS]

  and it was one of the first games post [TS]

  space invaders that I think really kind [TS]

  of expanded what you could do with a [TS]

  video game because when space invaders [TS]

  came out I mean it was basically pong [TS]

  Spacewar space invaders kind of change [TS]

  things up and then from that point on [TS]

  from nearly a year there was nothing but [TS]

  space invaders with slightly different [TS]

  slightly different guys going back and [TS]

  forth right and some of them are in [TS]

  color and some of them had your the [TS]

  colorful overlays they would turn pink [TS]

  or green as they went down the screen [TS]

  and that was really the only variation [TS]

  that you had in the game and then the [TS]

  same company [TS]

  taito I think I just worked hard to port [TS]

  80 as I wish to call his here release [TS]

  something called lunar rescue [TS]

  yeah took what kind of started as a [TS]

  space invaders experience where you had [TS]

  a mothership and your ship would descend [TS]

  from the top and you would actually [TS]

  started more Frogger this was pre [TS]

  frogger he had to avoid the asteroids as [TS]

  you as you came down there was a bit of [TS]

  a lunar lander we had to land on one of [TS]

  these three pads and then a little [TS]

  stranded spaceman would run over and [TS]

  climb into the spaceship [TS]

  and then all the asteroids that you have [TS]

  been avoiding on the way down would turn [TS]

  into ships which you then were able to [TS]

  shoot at on your way back up to the [TS]

  mothership and it brought so much to to [TS]

  the formula [TS]

  I you know where previously you thought [TS]

  it was pretty cool that you know these [TS]

  aliens would go back and forth and down [TS]

  you could shoot him and this jizz was so [TS]

  expanded so many different concepts were [TS]

  brought in and it was exciting as a kid [TS]

  who you know just loved being in arcades [TS]

  and and and loved gaming go to see what [TS]

  might be possible as as more creativity [TS]

  was brought into these things and and it [TS]

  was clear at that point that you know [TS]

  video games going to continue to [TS]

  progress and and and kind of go down the [TS]

  path if it has led to today when arcades [TS]

  have pretty much sadly dried up and [TS]

  right yeah except apparently where you [TS]

  guys live huh [TS]

  absolutely there's even a cool part of [TS]

  the country [TS]

  it's really sad i think that that you'll [TS]

  pick the kids r kids will never have [TS]

  that sort of joy your closet discovering [TS]

  my kids already my kids at the joy to [TS]

  explode but 10 with it the I'm saying [TS]

  that that joy of running across an [TS]

  arcade that's filled with a bunch of [TS]

  games when video games weren't [TS]

  commonplace and it was just such a [TS]

  thrill like you dad like when I was a [TS]

  kid we go to Catalina Island and i would [TS]

  spend the whole day my parents would be [TS]

  driving around here the right mansion [TS]

  and go to the beach or whatever [TS]

  sure i will just head straight to the to [TS]

  arcades bounce back and forth between [TS]

  them all day and watch people play the [TS]

  games to take the ferry across the [TS]

  Catalina Island an amazing outdoor [TS]

  adventure that you would spend playing [TS]

  video games market because they had two [TS]

  great 1i made there are only like a half [TS]

  a mile from each other and I would just [TS]

  bounce back and forth like to go to the [TS]

  cloud for us inc costa rica and play [TS]

  metroid that's my you know where he's [TS]

  making a point i remember when i was a [TS]

  kid that whenever whenever we go to the [TS]

  mall you know there's always times every [TS]

  mall had a huge arcade oh yeah he's [TS]

  lying you buying you some got tough [TS]

  skins and you would be at the party [TS]

  yeah and you would like you always want [TS]

  to steer steer the whole steal the [TS]

  family towards it and and you always [TS]

  want to run in to see if there are any [TS]

  new games that were yeah you know new [TS]

  and fantastic that you've never seen [TS]

  before and that's something that you [TS]

  know our kids will never get now be [TS]

  interesting though because they're still [TS]

  the experience of playing on big screens [TS]

  and things I know that's moved most all [TS]

  of its moved home but i wonder if [TS]

  there'll be some kind of resurgence [TS]

  because there's so many new games now [TS]

  that are meant for our mobile devices [TS]

  maybe they'll be there will be some [TS]

  transition back people play stuff [TS]

  together in common i don't know what my [TS]

  kids and one of the biggest things that [TS]

  they got a thrill out of the last year [TS]

  is is airplane with games on the ipad [TS]

  yeah so like a driving game that you [TS]

  showed up on your your 48 inch TV and [TS]

  use the ipad to steer [TS]

  use the ipad to steer [TS]

  for them that's like they use the ipad [TS]

  they stick another video games but for [TS]

  them that was like wow this is really [TS]

  cool my kids really enjoyed just playing [TS]

  a the mobile edition of Minecraft where [TS]

  there you know they get to play in the [TS]

  same world and for them that's the [TS]

  they've done some split screen stuff on [TS]

  the TV for for wii games but they really [TS]

  like the idea like that one of them [TS]

  could be in one room and somebody else [TS]

  make me in the other room and but [TS]

  they're they're in the same world the [TS]

  three consensual kind of 3d world [TS]

  together building stuff for killing [TS]

  spiders or whatever they're doing and [TS]

  you know they really they really dig [TS]

  that but if that's a very different [TS]

  thing than going to the mall it was an [TS]

  hour drive for us to get to the mall and [TS]

  so we go once every few months and you [TS]

  know i would basically say that my mom [TS]

  you know have fun at the department [TS]

  store i'll be right here at the arcade [TS]

  and just stay there and that that you [TS]

  know that concept is gone [TS]

  well the whole idea of here is a game [TS]

  everyone wants to play and everyone has [TS]

  to wait in line to play lon [TS]

  after one out the other yeah okay [TS]

  quarter to die into second i still [TS]

  remember pacman coming oh man yeah [TS]

  scarcely knew what our kids will never [TS]

  understand its scarcity of things that [TS]

  are here in digital form yes [TS]

  yeah i'll be like I need a book it's [TS]

  like well there are an infinite number [TS]

  of these books you just need the proper [TS]

  monetary units exchanger piracy i have [TS]

  played so many hours of arkanoid [TS]

  beginning to our home who was too [TS]

  popular to let me play it [TS]

  arkanoid great owl no it's not it just [TS]

  break out our now as laser is our [TS]

  breakout breakout with lasers I am until [TS]

  Liesl Shakey's Pizza in California is [TS]

  that too might be going on [TS]

  no it's that worst if you that looks [TS]

  back it dried up for a while but it has [TS]

  it has returned in hell that kind of a [TS]

  mini chuck-e-cheese down It was as if [TS]

  they took the cardboard delivery boxes [TS]

  and spray painted red on them and then [TS]

  whisper the word she's over and call [TS]

  that are now but they had a shaky is [TS]

  what you feel after you eat their piece [TS]

  was in the city still do lunch lunch to [TS]

  buy it all we knew from pizza but that's [TS]

  where i played arcade games i can't [TS]

  remember what they were they also [TS]

  blurred together because the pizza give [TS]

  me the shakes barely yeah when do you [TS]

  have a favorite i'm talking about i [TS]

  played a lot of honorably missile [TS]

  command which is like the most [TS]

  oh man all possible yeah that fits my [TS]

  personality that would play [TS]

  the unwinnable the Kobayashi Maru Josh [TS]

  meroo style video the only winning move [TS]

  is not to play glad whatever missile [TS]

  command is in German that's probably [TS]

  missile your game console command is a [TS]

  very German game it is huge it is evenly [TS]

  attempt to blow away these missiles and [TS]

  then it's the end and then you pick on [TS]

  the end I was never that good at arcade [TS]

  games I was very good at computer video [TS]

  games when those stores first got a mac [TS]

  well you know playing commodore 64 and [TS]

  then on Max and other an apple to things [TS]

  like that would be great in those games [TS]

  and like loadrunner and although [TS]

  loadrunner yeah but you know everyone [TS]

  here to get you a whole episode about [TS]

  loadrunner one video I was never good [TS]

  arcade or something about the interface [TS]

  I never never meshed well with that I [TS]

  did much better with computer based [TS]

  games was a different thing right and in [TS]

  their windows pressure and that actually [TS]

  determine something about whether a game [TS]

  was good or not is like like I was [TS]

  saying earlier about dragons lair that I [TS]

  just walked away from that because i [TS]

  thought this cause this is gonna cost me [TS]

  too much and it's really it's really [TS]

  hard and I can get you know a couple of [TS]

  minutes out of pac-man that I can't get [TS]

  or whatever that I can't get out of this [TS]

  game and he shot somebody to shop around [TS]

  you're like i wanna i want to like spend [TS]

  these quarters in some place where I'm [TS]

  going to get some time and that set save [TS]

  my last quarter is to be like on the [TS]

  Senate Peter game i knew i could play [TS]

  for a long period of time of my last two [TS]

  quarters like i can play the first few [TS]

  quarters you playing games and never [TS]

  played before you stink at the last year [TS]

  like all right I'm i'm on a five minute [TS]

  game [TS]

  I'm gonna go put this in centipede i [TS]

  know i can live for a long time did you [TS]

  guys spend most of your arcade sessions [TS]

  kind of holding your quarters and [TS]

  walking around and watching people play [TS]

  I was fun taking my kids to the arcade [TS]

  recently and then them you know in the [TS]

  games were only 50 cents it like 50 cent [TS]

  pinball and whatever in didn't miss miss [TS]

  pac-man have been 25 or 50 cent so [TS]

  they're they're being nice and the [TS]

  pricing of this place they're really [TS]

  making the money on beer and ice cream [TS]

  at full tell but they it was fun to [TS]

  watch kids and they're like man these [TS]

  quarters go fast i'm like i know i just [TS]

  been twenty dollars in that machine and [TS]

  how many we have left there like uh not [TS]

  having not know [TS]

  well I was but it was better when it was [TS]

  one quarter per game once that once they [TS]

  broke the one quarter of Game barrier [TS]

  yeah well below that is that that was so [TS]

  bad [TS]

  actually I remember the first time I was [TS]

  offended by videogame pricing was a it [TS]

  was a [TS]

  football game and you could you you know [TS]

  is one-quarter to start playing the game [TS]

  and you get to the end of the of the [TS]

  first half hour or part of the way [TS]

  through the door through the first [TS]

  quarter and be like if you want to keep [TS]

  playing the game put another quarter now [TS]

  my what their oh well that goes all the [TS]

  way back to that are yall with a little [TS]

  X's and O's that you roll around with [TS]

  the trackball I mean they required to [TS]

  put in quarters for extra time so that [TS]

  that's always tracking the dawn of time [TS]

  let's let's talk inflation for one [TS]

  second which is 25 cents in 1975 when I [TS]

  was a small child is a buck seven today [TS]

  so yeah we had a good apparently [TS]

  well now because the games cost all [TS]

  costs a dollar now I'm gonna see the [TS]

  modern games they all climbed out of the [TS]

  modern games as a to monitor for today [TS]

  we've got the in-app purchases of stuff [TS]

  right business you know and and it's [TS]

  gonna be very much like the arcade thing [TS]

  and you gotta give those guys credit me [TS]

  and that the people who invented these [TS]

  games like like how brilliant was that [TS]

  to say to to build these artificial [TS]

  barriers in and then it's like that [TS]

  gotta have another quarter now [TS]

  hmm right it's like there's nothing [TS]

  there's no intrinsic value in it it's [TS]

  just as a life where because i was with [TS]

  them are pretty much like I knew that [TS]

  they took a lot of quarters anyway they [TS]

  were you know it was like a challenge [TS]

  you know you if you were good you could [TS]

  last like I could play tiger Helion [TS]

  one-quarter of like an hour like I was [TS]

  ridiculous you know you could get good [TS]

  enough to be good at the games they [TS]

  weren't unfair and I was with them all [TS]

  way up to like at one afterburner came [TS]

  out and it was fifty cents but it looked [TS]

  insane it looks amazing i'm like oh sure [TS]

  that's twice as good as you and i'll pay [TS]

  fifty cents but right after that point [TS]

  the games were no longer twice as good [TS]

  anymore but they cost a dollar i'm like [TS]

  right that is it afterburner wish later [TS]

  the centipede but the game after [TS]

  afterburner and you know it was not [TS]

  twice as good as afterburner so you know [TS]

  in the chatroom Clinton says arcade [TS]

  sound like the casinos of the child [TS]

  world how that does what they are now [TS]

  except you could never get a payout we [TS]

  went to Reno last year and in the casino [TS]

  they had a fantastic arcade they know [TS]

  what they're doing and it was the same I [TS]

  mean really was like take your kids here [TS]

  it's like gambling but it is it is [TS]

  gambling except you don't get any money [TS]

  back you just get tickets [TS]

  well they have casino games they don't [TS]

  have that happen if you've been in a [TS]

  chuck e cheese lately they're all they [TS]

  have gambling games where there's no [TS]

  video green you get like little coin get [TS]

  it [TS]

  yes you know tickets yeah one of the [TS]

  great things about ground control and [TS]

  Portland's that all the games are the [TS]

  original price and it turns out i'm an [TS]

  adult I can get ten dollars in quarters [TS]

  and it's nothing nothing on there like a [TS]

  nickel right you can play games for a [TS]

  nickel or a quarter and yeah probably [TS]

  yeah it's better because it doesn't [TS]

  matter right it was it was mommy's the [TS]

  pit boss and she only had ten dollars [TS]

  and you have to spend that over the [TS]

  course of like two hours while they [TS]

  played a of couple of rounds of bowling [TS]

  wow man that's how that's how I learned [TS]

  how to how to manage my money how to [TS]

  make sure you by the end of it you had [TS]

  lost every single night every single [TS]

  cent that you had just like the very end [TS]

  very end exactly time and you would [TS]

  stretch it out to the exact the exact [TS]

  last moment and you would play that last [TS]

  game which you knew you would lose [TS]

  immediately because time was running [TS]

  short on that final quarter [TS]

  well just remember i remember when they [TS]

  first started the quarter inflation and [TS]

  for me it was if it's a sit-down game [TS]

  just walked by because it's gonna go [TS]

  yeah [TS]

  fifty cents 75 cents for a dollar I [TS]

  think astron belt was the first one that [TS]

  I remember being fifty cents you [TS]

  remember that it was a it was serious [TS]

  games that was legitimate [TS]

  it was a yeah in fact actually dragon's [TS]

  lair might have been slightly before [TS]

  that was it that was a 50-cent came as [TS]

  well yeah because there was the first 1i [TS]

  remember there was multiple quarters but [TS]

  but with the whole sit down games it was [TS]

  almost like they said hey look this is [TS]

  taken up to stand ups so we gotta charge [TS]

  you twice as much I mean we're kinda [TS]

  like rides like the afterburner sit down [TS]

  move the game Maria was kind of like a [TS]

  ride you like to hang on a video game [TS]

  and i'm getting a ride and the [TS]

  afterburner game was more fun when it [TS]

  moved [TS]

  yeah wasn't firefox the other one like [TS]

  that oh yeah sit down the hall and the [TS]

  whole thing moves with you when you're [TS]

  steering the airplane yep that's right [TS]

  hang on where you wrote the the [TS]

  motorcycle and then move too much though [TS]

  I think he actually had to put the work [TS]

  into that one to make it proved that the [TS]

  other vegetables all those games that [TS]

  move broke because kids are animals [TS]

  yeah they are that's so destructive yes [TS]

  they are they [TS]

  yeah we also had the things where you [TS]

  just put a quarter in it was like a [TS]

  spaceship and it rocked back and forth [TS]

  there was no game you just got your [TS]

  fingers right yeah yeah exactly that's [TS]

  who needs a game just put in the thing [TS]

  and it vibrates CA everybody wins [TS]

  move on hope that keeps the kids happy [TS]

  hey [TS]

  Glenn you suggested this have we have I [TS]

  have I done my job or other things that [TS]

  you would still like to know I give you [TS]

  four new lives [TS]

  Jason oh yeah hooray but no the one [TS]

  thing I would say is that that I'm one [TS]

  thing we didn't cover and just mentioned [TS]

  very briefly as it's fascinating to me [TS]

  how you can get most of these games now [TS]

  in like new form like that joystick with [TS]

  the atari games built in which goes back [TS]

  several years when you plug it into [TS]

  those back i mean really before HDTV or [TS]

  digitally was a big deal and you get a [TS]

  joystick that was the original atari at [TS]

  me from the same molds looked identical [TS]

  with the games built-in you plug in [TS]

  albany and then that's migrated to [TS]

  number think geek did that I think it [TS]

  was a joke their console for an iPad [TS]

  because I've got one in my office yeah I [TS]

  Cade right and so and then you've got [TS]

  the Atari the greatest hits [TS]

  iOS app as well so it's funny to me to [TS]

  see like the nostalgia never laugh like [TS]

  people are still playing pong that old [TS]

  code has been it continues to be [TS]

  monetized to this day it's shocking [TS]

  there's a there's a 40th anniversary [TS]

  pawn app for the iPad and it's free but [TS]

  if you want to play it for any length of [TS]

  time you have to basically by in-app [TS]

  purchase stuff so they're still making [TS]

  money on this crap 40 years later all [TS]

  right anything else that we didn't cover [TS]

  I never said my second game was really [TS]

  wow i just totally i went into a haze [TS]

  there and I just do you talk for a long [TS]

  time and I assume there were two games [TS]

  in their potato head is Deepak man it [TS]

  was black christmas wasn't it was black [TS]

  christmas like it was at ghouls and [TS]

  ghosts actually which I think for me [TS]

  that I think is the pinnacle of the 2d [TS]

  side-scrolling run to the right two [TS]

  things that involves that involves [TS]

  skeleton spent a lot of quarters on that [TS]

  college that involves scale and armor [TS]

  zombies and nudity is there nobody [TS]

  yeah you hit me with your armor oh [TS]

  that's what's not need a real he went [TS]

  down to his tighty-whities he did but [TS]

  that might be the only tighty-whitey an [TS]

  appearance in underneath the video game [TS]

  actually [TS]

  anyway like that game it was good times [TS]

  and was apparently very hard although I [TS]

  never really thought it was so well I [TS]

  did you finish it you probably just died [TS]

  after a couple minutes think you got [TS]

  your quarters worth like all right now I [TS]

  finished it a couple of times [TS]

  well I found it very different in that [TS]

  it became very frustrating the second [TS]

  time through because the game actually [TS]

  made you play it twice in order to get [TS]

  to the end but I was fairly rude [TS]

  there are many games that i would have [TS]

  never finished if not for the magic of [TS]

  name because i just did not have ever [TS]

  have enough quarters never good enough [TS]

  to go through and complete the entire no [TS]

  never I i never got close to at some [TS]

  point I got too far enough and crystal [TS]

  castles that I that it tells you the [TS]

  secret warp location to jump forward to [TS]

  where you were without playing all the [TS]

  earlier easier levels and that was like [TS]

  a big that I think that's about as far [TS]

  as I advanced in any video game that i [TS]

  ever played in a way that's utterly [TS]

  brilliant because that means more [TS]

  quarters for us [TS]

  yeah you jump right to the hard levels [TS]

  and you instead of spending an hour on [TS]

  the game while people stand behind you [TS]

  are stacked their quarters up on the [TS]

  front of the machine [TS]

  it's 30 seconds that you did yeah i [TS]

  remember tempest would let you start [TS]

  again that like level 30 right give you [TS]

  a whole bunch of points to that was that [TS]

  was the that was evil and then you die [TS]

  yeah yeah so you think it'd know like [TS]

  you said you just feeding quarters in [TS]

  level 30 over and over again [TS]

  does anybody else remember that sick [TS]

  feeling you had as a kid when you've [TS]

  played this game for like you know 30 [TS]

  minutes an hour and you've been feeding [TS]

  the quarters and you have to continue [TS]

  screen and you realize you have motors [TS]

  and you're like holy crap you guys run [TS]

  to change her into the change machine [TS]

  during the countdown I've done that or [TS]

  you're only 10 seconds and you can run [TS]

  the machine if no one is that stick your [TS]

  building that you get flat on the first [TS]

  try and then you're gonna continue back [TS]

  out you're like no no no you like yeah [TS]

  like two tries with that bill that you [TS]

  know I got a pretty good at reading [TS]

  those bills well you know how when a [TS]

  quarter doesn't go in the right you [TS]

  don't give a little back spin [TS]

  yeah does that do anything that makes [TS]

  you feel good and purpose [TS]

  well I think it gives the it gives it a [TS]

  little bit more like stability like a [TS]

  spinning bicycle wheel so it's harder to [TS]

  perturb off its axis you know because [TS]

  the but is there a lot of room in the [TS]

  channel like there's only one place the [TS]

  quarter can go [TS]

  it's not like it's not just a little [TS]

  channels little channel will get clogged [TS]

  there is a bottleneck but then it opens [TS]

  up you open up the back of the Machine [TS]

  you see the basic fall into a big ten [TS]

  and [TS]

  so these things so a little bit of spend [TS]

  could help it lets the Machine know that [TS]

  she you've got style you know you're the [TS]

  kind of guy will put a spin on a quarter [TS]

  just because why not can't hurt i will [TS]

  do it increasingly frantically over 45 [TS]

  corners in a row i just imagined record [TS]

  Ralph type people and they're going here [TS]

  comes the quarter and let that one go [TS]

  through these little guys living in that [TS]

  channel for the quarter that's the [TS]

  sequel don't need to surround their [TS]

  break quarter motorized all the way down [TS]

  it's actually built like a tcp/ip stack [TS]

  so you need to like take 50 i mean if [TS]

  your regular while and they think that [TS]

  somebody stands there and pushes the [TS]

  quarters back out while they have a [TS]

  smoke drink and he was down in the you [TS]

  know transport layer [TS]

  yeah they're on break whenever they go [TS]

  straight through there's nobody there to [TS]

  catch now in candy for God's sake come [TS]

  on we've had a long gaming sessions [TS]

  about that one in campaign candy with [TS]

  the rest of red widow named yea wise [TS]

  King candy blow even almost does the [TS]

  ticker laughs at a couple yahoo i love [TS]

  like I love this video game you've got [TS]

  here all right [TS]

  yeah but it's really turbo huh/shock [TS]

  alright spoiler spoiler horn [TS]

  yeah we already but we did the yeah okay [TS]

  this has been this has been enjoyable [TS]

  and it's a it's it's fascinating we we [TS]

  talked about the animated movie then we [TS]

  talked about video games all works [TS]

  together come together i thought this [TS]

  was great so i would like to thank my [TS]

  guests who are all old men who used to [TS]

  play video games and don't have any [TS]

  quarters to their names anymore so Glenn [TS]

  fleischmann thanks for suggesting that [TS]

  we do this and making me go to the empty [TS]

  theater and watch wreck-it Ralph you [TS]

  have our Mountain are you speaking [TS]

  cuties that was for the Phillies [TS]

  yeah that was pretty awful thank you man [TS]

  this is a family podcast Steve lots [TS]

  thanks for being on it's good to have [TS]

  you back on on the podcast you went for [TS]

  a little while where we didn't see you [TS]

  and now you're back its truth and thank [TS]

  you you cherry chase and dot muncher [TS]

  oh that's designed for that up all [TS]

  that's the best one yet [TS]

  Monty Ashley great to have you back to [TS]

  thank hello hello welcome to the show [TS]

  yeah and Dan Frank's thank you thank you [TS]

  for having wow the old prospectors back [TS]

  and and of course John siracusa who has [TS]

  a encyclopedic knowledge about video [TS]

  games apparently insert coin Jason yeah [TS]

  so until next time on the uncomfortable [TS]

  podcast this is jason Snell game over [TS]