The Incomparable

129: Prescription Salad


  the Intolerable number 129 februari 2013 [TS]

  podcasting the final frontier [TS]

  these are the voyages of the podcasting [TS]

  comfortable it's continuing mission to [TS]

  explore strange new books to seek out [TS]

  new films and new television shows [TS]

  to boldly go where no podcast has gone [TS]

  before [TS]

  hi everybody it is time for another [TS]

  edition of the uncomfortable and as you [TS]

  might guess we're here to talk about the [TS]

  original Star Trek oh wait a minute did [TS]

  were you doing Voyager instead see I'm [TS]

  in the wrong room [TS]

  apparently i is here for the episode 1 [TS]

  this is this is a fascinating collection [TS]

  we've got because I think we've got some [TS]

  people who take star trek back to their [TS]

  earliest days and then other people who [TS]

  have come to it and spend a lot of time [TS]

  with more recently for me it's funny i [TS]

  can't i'm always amazed when people like [TS]

  damn orange on syracuse to talk about [TS]

  how they can't really remember life [TS]

  before Star Wars and as somebody was [TS]

  born in nineteen seventy which meant [TS]

  that when i started watching television [TS]

  as a child was just when Star Trek the [TS]

  original series was becoming incredibly [TS]

  popular in syndication it was on every [TS]

  day is that was life before Star Wars [TS]

  yeah it was exactly at was on every day [TS]

  at five o'clock on channel 2 from san [TS]

  francisco and i watched it to the point [TS]

  where i can't remember life without star [TS]

  trek and I can't actually can't remember [TS]

  life before I knew basically every star [TS]

  trek episode by heart i have been [TS]

  watching them since I was a little kid I [TS]

  cannot remember what it was like before [TS]

  so I I guess through that I understand [TS]

  what they're thinking about Star Wars [TS]

  Star Trek for me it's very hard for me [TS]

  to even consider it like a regular TV [TS]

  show because it its I feel like it's in [TS]

  my programming as a human being because [TS]

  i watched it from such a young age and [TS]

  so many times because there are only 79 [TS]

  episodes right and they just kept [TS]

  running them over and over and so I [TS]

  would watch them again and again until I [TS]

  literally episodes i haven't seen for a [TS]

  decade [TS]

  Captain Kirk begins to speak and I'm [TS]

  like I know everything he's gonna say [TS]

  word for word [TS]

  annunciation for enunciation because i [TS]

  had seen them so many times [TS]

  anyway this is not a monologue although [TS]

  I could be because I could do my Shatner [TS]

  monologue right here but I won't because [TS]

  I'm joined by my fellow Star Trek fan of [TS]

  long-standing Scott McNulty hi Scott [TS]

  no Jason much like you i can't even [TS]

  remember a time when I did not love star [TS]

  trek i don't know i started watching [TS]

  Star Trek I it's like I was [TS]

  out of my mother's womb and into the [TS]

  hands of human Rand immediately [TS]

  immediately even gave the Vulcan salute [TS]

  and were placed in in front of the TV [TS]

  immediately exactly quickly quite right [TS]

  kids some Star Trek yeah exactly [TS]

  stat Tony sindelar is also here hi Tony [TS]

  hi Jason are you a long time star trek [TS]

  person or a recent original Star Trek [TS]

  visitor [TS]

  I am a longtime other star trek fantasy [TS]

  and a recent kind of you know I i also [TS]

  can't really remember not being aware of [TS]

  Star Trek the original series but I went [TS]

  back and more obsessively race recently [TS]

  tried to re-watch all of it so so little [TS]

  of each [TS]

  good to have you here and Steve lots who [TS]

  as we detailed on a previous podcast [TS]

  recently was started watching the [TS]

  original star trek with his his daughter [TS]

  right i did and she did and we're still [TS]

  going as a matter of fact we're midway [TS]

  through season three [TS]

  that's that's well it's hard times in [TS]

  season three but I you know what its you [TS]

  say that but will prolly get to this [TS]

  later but to be honest season 3 to my [TS]

  mind is not that much worse than the [TS]

  first two interesting interesting I i [TS]

  was making a list before the show of [TS]

  favorites + unfavorites are scrolling [TS]

  through the wikipedia page list of Star [TS]

  Trek episodes and taking notes and when [TS]

  i hit season 3i just move the cursor to [TS]

  the worst column because i knew i wasn't [TS]

  going to be getting any more best but I [TS]

  would be getting some worse but they [TS]

  seem to have unleashed Shatner a bit in [TS]

  season three and i think maybe that's [TS]

  where the problem comes in but it's so [TS]

  depending on how much you enjoy seeing a [TS]

  shatner vamp yeah that's that's going to [TS]

  greatly affect your enjoyment of season [TS]

  three [TS]

  there's more of him to unleash in season [TS]

  3 2 there was well you know he goes up [TS]

  and down he does is go down there are [TS]

  their stories about that but I to [TS]

  remember star trek from my earliest days [TS]

  in my case on I believe KTLA channel 5 [TS]

  and the Los Angeles the Greater Los [TS]

  Angeles area the inland empire as it [TS]

  were not to be confused with the cling [TS]

  the Klingons Empire yeah right different [TS]

  Empire entirely now it's not the [TS]

  Klingons it's a it's the inland [TS]

  there is no honor and living in [TS]

  riverside and I remember sort of vaguely [TS]

  enjoying it [TS]

  that was back when it actually meant [TS]

  something that shows only came on you [TS]

  know occasionally you couldn't just [TS]

  watch any given show from the history of [TS]

  man right on instant recall you actually [TS]

  had to wait around for the show to come [TS]

  on i think it was on an inconvenient [TS]

  time and in Los Angeles it was like [TS]

  right around dinnertime [TS]

  oh yeah well it was right around dinner [TS]

  time watching it out of San Francisco [TS]

  and channel to write and I just I i [TS]

  would like microwave a hot dog and go [TS]

  watch start driving literally looks like [TS]

  that matter you can microwave a hot dog [TS]

  in a minute so you could be like in the [TS]

  commercial break go get a hotdog come [TS]

  back you're ready to go [TS]

  Star Trek fans as a rule generally do a [TS]

  lot of hotdogs my hotdog microwaving [TS]

  yeah that's the way to go [TS]

  that's a that's a season 3 episode isn't [TS]

  yes and the hogs hollow shells just [TS]

  touch the Rockaway fighting with the [TS]

  replicator trying to get it to produce a [TS]

  decent hotdog my hot dog and coffee [TS]

  this is my hot dog and coffee [TS]

  I always found the show entertaining but [TS]

  it never really grabbed me I and as I [TS]

  mentioned on previous episodes not long [TS]

  ago my daughter and I were sort of [TS]

  starting in on the early twilight zone [TS]

  episodes and just offhand and we had [TS]

  just done the wrath of khan episode it's [TS]

  a good one you should go listen to it [TS]

  and I thought to myself well why don't [TS]

  we see what she thinks of Star Trek this [TS]

  is setting out for five minutes [TS]

  that's right is that what she said at [TS]

  any rate [TS]

  yes so we jumped over and and watched [TS]

  the first episode of Star i think it was [TS]

  not necessarily the pilot of Star Trek [TS]

  because of course I knew which one was [TS]

  the official pilot in which was not it [TS]

  was the first aired regular app which i [TS]

  believe is the mantrap yeah not that [TS]

  creative episode but that actually is a [TS]

  very good episode was your choice i [TS]

  think for the first episode personally [TS]

  because it has that the creepy creature [TS]

  right well that mean that you're right [TS]

  it'sit's well-chosen right it's not one [TS]

  of my favorites at all but it's it's [TS]

  it's got its got the twilight zone kinda [TS]

  feel almost to it right [TS]

  yes exactly and a lot of the early ones [TS]

  i mean there's some stuff written by [TS]

  Richard Matheson for instance and there [TS]

  even a couple of plots that I think are [TS]

  virtually identical [TS]

  some twilight zone episode yeah yeah [TS]

  Charlie and for some reason it it just [TS]

  caught on with my daughter and she she [TS]

  loved it and we've been watching it [TS]

  pretty much one tonight with occasional [TS]

  breaks to build California missions haha [TS]

  everything ready a fourth grade fourth [TS]

  grade yeah yeah we've been watching with [TS]

  with my kids and I i I'm I'm impressed [TS]

  that they are interested and this is [TS]

  this is a show from the the sixties [TS]

  right i mean the pacing of shows back [TS]

  then was very different and my wife and [TS]

  I were walking today and I was talking [TS]

  about about doing this podcast i said [TS]

  it's amazing that the kids i pay [TS]

  attention but star trek is in that you [TS]

  know Hollywood you know action-adventure [TS]

  TV series school and so there's always [TS]

  stuff going on and I was comparing it to [TS]

  like the 16 episodes of Doctor Who which [TS]

  are like like standing in a museum or [TS]

  something it's like they're not bringing [TS]

  happens for ever and star trek you know [TS]

  there's usually a fistfight at some [TS]

  point fairly quickly and dramatic music [TS]

  and so even kids race and dramatic music [TS]

  well that's true they couldn't you know [TS]

  they they just keep reusing it right but [TS]

  but even kids of the modern era I you [TS]

  know the old star trek there's something [TS]

  about it that they they they would be [TS]

  perfectly within my rights to say this [TS]

  is just 50 years old and is not you know [TS]

  I can't even watch this but you know it [TS]

  something about it they actually it's [TS]

  still pretty watchable which is colorful [TS]

  shirts with well yeah primary colors [TS]

  bright colors and some action right [TS]

  direction where I characters and I think [TS]

  there's something to be said for the [TS]

  fact that it's not too i mean it hasn't [TS]

  entered the area of of jump cuts and and [TS]

  fast editing and that kind of thing it's [TS]

  it's kind of the right speed for a kid [TS]

  right of that age who hasn't necessarily [TS]

  been ruined by music videos yet so you [TS]

  can you can kind of follow the plot it's [TS]

  not intimidating even if it's an insane [TS]

  plot and you think why why don't they do [TS]

  some guests right even though it makes [TS]

  it actually works better as a [TS]

  nine-year-old because you aren't asking [TS]

  too many questions about the plots [TS]

  you're just sort of accepting the things [TS]

  that are said and you also don't have 40 [TS]

  years worth of science fiction tropes to [TS]

  fall back on to go and that's not really [TS]

  how time travel works well I assume [TS]

  that's why work for me as a [TS]

  five-year-old watching it back in the [TS]

  day is that I you know some of the stuff [TS]

  just totally passed over my head and I I [TS]

  just you know the the other stuff the [TS]

  bright colors and the you know the [TS]

  adventure and excitement was enough it [TS]

  worked worked worked well enough for me [TS]

  and I guess that's that's a true today I [TS]

  just think it's kind of cool that that [TS]

  anything created 45 years ago on TV [TS]

  would be conceivably watchable by a kid [TS]

  today it's kind of amazing because you [TS]

  know it's so much of the stuff from that [TS]

  era the pit [TS]

  justjust the pacing stuff alone it would [TS]

  be enough to do so much stuff from that [TS]

  era is just a snooze even to me because [TS]

  it's so slow compared to what we have [TS]

  now but Star Trek you know I think again [TS]

  because it's it was intended as this [TS]

  action adventure show they push it [TS]

  pretty hard in terms of you know there [TS]

  are fights and there's dramatic music [TS]

  and there's aliens and there's you know [TS]

  crazy stuff happening and it keeps it [TS]

  interesting i do have to say that for me [TS]

  personally as somebody who does not have [TS]

  the nostalgia factor it is a little bit [TS]

  of this news sometimes haha [TS]

  Spencer what I the 99 school I struggled [TS]

  through some of the episode 31 yeah [TS]

  there are some long stretches of not a [TS]

  lot happens sure yeah and yeah they're [TS]

  bad they're very bad episodes this comes [TS]

  back to the the 40 years worth of [TS]

  intervening sci-fi but there are a lot [TS]

  of things that the crew doesn't get that [TS]

  you know you catch that with the [TS]

  nine-year-old catches you know 20 [TS]

  minutes before the crew figures it out i [TS]

  was just 4 i'm watching the episodes now [TS]

  in his first season with my wife who [TS]

  hasn't seen these episodes so it's [TS]

  interesting to get her perspective on it [TS]

  she is mostly interested in how much [TS]

  wrist the uniform show which seems a lot [TS]

  of risks showing so I i heard about this [TS]

  low-cut uniform shirts [TS]

  those were the days were quite [TS]

  controversial at that i was just [TS]

  watching the deadly years and actually [TS]

  some sometimes I watch the shirts too [TS]

  just to see like how tidy Shatner shirt [TS]

  when does he wear the alternate sort of [TS]

  his fat shirt and all that but he has a [TS]

  lot of shirts that each other [TS]

  it looks like the first three episodes [TS]

  he was like eight different shirt yeah [TS]

  but didn't think the deadly years on [TS]

  funny when Kirk becomes an old man they [TS]

  just give think they put some makeup on [TS]

  but they give him a big shirt i love [TS]

  that it's like he's so old [TS]

  his shirt is large now he's wasting away [TS]

  right right to get old and he's got a [TS]

  big shirt [TS]

  no no he's not qualified to command for [TS]

  the shirt that large are you kidding [TS]

  benefited shirt you can see his wrists [TS]

  no trust him i do like how he has you [TS]

  know I always made fun of the fact that [TS]

  they made an extra shirt for Kirk which [TS]

  is that weird like wraparound thing with [TS]

  the logo sideways on the side of it the [TS]

  command blouse i believe is what you're [TS]

  referring to it yeah except in the next [TS]

  generation they do that they eventually [TS]

  do that with Picard to give him like the [TS]

  leather jacket with the gray shirt [TS]

  underneath and like why do captain's I [TS]

  guess you're the captain you get a [TS]

  captain's piranha you get a bonus [TS]

  uniform for its is the home team you get [TS]

  you get to pick the jersey their tracks [TS]

  you get the better Clubhouse and roast [TS]

  week is a this is a halter top week on [TS]

  board the enterprise [TS]

  I'm just feeling halter this week [TS]

  unbelievable and shirtless fridays are [TS]

  also important party life before [TS]

  chairman [TS]

  so in the galaxy quest where Tim Allen's [TS]

  his shirt that's that laugh-out-loud [TS]

  moments was because in watching the [TS]

  episodes back like why does he just [TS]

  keeps not having a shirt on for no man [TS]

  and when I'm watching my wife she's like [TS]

  there we go again [TS]

  nothing why why you gotta give the [TS]

  ladies what they want [TS]

  there are an awful lot of those [TS]

  recurring things like like the lack of [TS]

  the shirt and that's a feature the [TS]

  predictive the variety of ridiculous [TS]

  hats that Spock puts on to hide his ears [TS]

  oh yeah roughly 30 seconds before [TS]

  somebody ripped them off his head [TS]

  yeah well that's yeah of course it goes [TS]

  without saying [TS]

  yes of course he's dead and you know [TS]

  there's a number of those yeah that's [TS]

  that's part of the joy of Star Trek [TS]

  those is waiting for the it's really a [TS]

  drinking game kind of show up way ahead [TS]

  of its time you know for sure [TS]

  four sho that was intended as a cultural [TS]

  commentary a lot of the time and you you [TS]

  could get you could you could think of [TS]

  it somebody described as well as a [TS]

  sci-fi show but it was during the [TS]

  sixties [TS]

  and they did a lot of idealistic things [TS]

  where they talked about issues but [TS]

  couched in sci-fi which was very [TS]

  influential for me because to this day [TS]

  that's one of the things I like about [TS]

  science fiction is the idea that and [TS]

  that's why I read mostly science fiction [TS]

  is i love the idea about talking about [TS]

  the issues of today but by putting it in [TS]

  another world you you get you kind of [TS]

  get away with more you get to talk about [TS]

  the issues directly without really [TS]

  dealing with the the details that happen [TS]

  in the modern Indian or in our regular [TS]

  world that comes straight from Star Trek [TS]

  but you could tell that story and people [TS]

  be like wow that's a real snooze this is [TS]

  gonna be like a liberal hippie lecture [TS]

  about the stuff and what strikes me [TS]

  about the original Star Trek is it they [TS]

  didn't take themselves too seriously [TS]

  right there's a lot of like wackiness [TS]

  happening on Star Trek and and it could [TS]

  have been like death right if this was [TS]

  played straight and it's not played I [TS]

  mean there are things that are serious [TS]

  in it but it's not it's not played [TS]

  straight there are there are like I mean [TS]

  to the point where there are many [TS]

  episodes that end with everybody [TS]

  laughing and then there's a freeze frame [TS]

  like it's an episode of Knight Rider or [TS]

  of I don't know some 80 sits on product [TS]

  of the time hardcastle mccormick yeah [TS]

  I'll hold steady in the chatroom points [TS]

  out interracial kiss that's another one [TS]

  of those ones that would come up there's [TS]

  there's no yeah rarely an episode where [TS]

  Kirk isn't macking on somebody and then [TS]

  later seasons they actually i think even [TS]

  bones and check off checkoff has a hole [TS]

  in the Western episode gets a girl and [TS]

  when his ex-girlfriend is in me in the [TS]

  episode my daughter always hides her [TS]

  face when those moments come up so oh [TS]

  yeah my daughter was rolling her eyes [TS]

  today when hurt when Kirk was a was [TS]

  kissing oh I forget even I mean there's [TS]

  so many I can't even remember which [TS]

  episode that was where you kissing some [TS]

  girl because that's what he does right [TS]

  that's that's easy resistible because [TS]

  shirts off usually it's just money for [TS]

  all the social commentary for all of the [TS]

  commentary on race and such [TS]

  that's evident in Star Trek as far as [TS]

  females were concerned we weren't quite [TS]

  there yet [TS]

  yeah it was interesting and yet for the [TS]

  time for the time [TS]

  it was actually groundbreaking in terms [TS]

  of feminists who got a black woman on [TS]

  the bridge is the communications officer [TS]

  that's impressive in 1968 yeah it's just [TS]

  now looking back you think that was a [TS]

  moment in the corbomite maneuver which [TS]

  is the like I said the first episode [TS]

  they shot after the two pilots that a [TS]

  yeoman Rand comes to give him his salad [TS]

  that dr. McCoy is prescribed which is [TS]

  very funny because he shoots of daggers [TS]

  like you know you're telling me that [TS]

  even fully formed the first episode with [TS]

  mccoy it you know fully formed that [TS]

  relationship and how Kirk is like McCoy [TS]

  you're ruining my life but it was the [TS]

  amazing thing about it is there's this [TS]

  weird exchange where Kirk says the you [TS]

  know if I talk to the person that [TS]

  Starfleet who assigned me a female [TS]

  yeoman and McCoy just immediately [TS]

  responds what Jim don't you trust [TS]

  yourself and it's like wow good [TS]

  oh ok first in the mantrap human r and [TS]

  delivers a salad to Sulu some reason [TS]

  that's what she does that was heard her [TS]

  jobs salad delivery dole salad McCoy is [TS]

  insane [TS]

  McCoy is prescribing salad if McCoy had [TS]

  his way there'd be no more meat on the [TS]

  ship it would all be salad all the time [TS]

  I always thought they like they [TS]

  shouldn't be eating on the bridge right [TS]

  like it like that can't be good for the [TS]

  controls and yet it yet in Corbin might [TS]

  maneuver Rand there's up to be covered [TS]

  and thermos of coffee is how confused it [TS]

  seems like they have real salad and yet [TS]

  when they go to eat anything else it's [TS]

  like phonebloks multicolored foam well [TS]

  they have a hydroponics Bay yeah I can [TS]

  grow their own salad [TS]

  sure okay you're not supposed to look [TS]

  very closely at the foam blocks outlet [TS]

  is is I mean again dr. McCoy is looking [TS]

  for the welfare of the crew if they [TS]

  really want meet it will be served in [TS]

  block form better but you can have a [TS]

  fresh salad [TS]

  anytime speaking of food is and talking [TS]

  about how the characters don't seem to [TS]

  get what's going on [TS]

  so Charlie x which i watch because i'm [TS]

  watching the first few the first season [TS]

  which episode I like involves a this kid [TS]

  who has powers it's an early shirtless [TS]

  Kirk really short skirt in fact I [TS]

  believe he gets shirtless to show [TS]

  charlie s a few moves [TS]

  yeah you can find out basically [TS]

  Jim yeah it says let's do some judo [TS]

  because you seem unstable first thing [TS]

  was that we take off the shirt that's [TS]

  that's yeah first order of business in [TS]

  any kind of Judo Charlie ex was [TS]

  originally called Anthony in the [TS]

  twilight zone episode but here he's [TS]

  totally act naturally [TS]

  yes it is exactly pretty much the same [TS]

  plot but anyway so it's Charlie exhales [TS]

  these powers and he in the episode takes [TS]

  place on thanksgiving and the crew can [TS]

  have turkey they have to have a [TS]

  synthetic meat loaf [TS]

  yes which Charlie x6 is said apparently [TS]

  so he's Starfleet sucks [TS]

  yeah but we have a real kale really k [TS]

  let me know thanks bro he magically [TS]

  turns it into Turkey and they report to [TS]

  the captain and he doesn't seem [TS]

  perturbed that magically their synthetic [TS]

  meat loaf is turned into turkey well [TS]

  card seems like the kind of guy who [TS]

  would let it go as long as it was just [TS]

  food that was young trans transformed [TS]

  that's all he gives con complete access [TS]

  to all technical manuals for the entire [TS]

  ship they're not very good why would you [TS]

  not let he'd ok he's exhibiting extra [TS]

  human powers but but he's making turkey [TS]

  series good took all right call me if he [TS]

  does something bad like more salad but [TS]

  otherwise I'm okay with that episode [TS]

  also contains the line where Kirk [TS]

  explains to Charlie X and he says [TS]

  there's no right way to hit a woman [TS]

  which is true [TS]

  yeah that was feminism of 1967 is that [TS]

  all [TS]

  yeah yeah no it's it's it's again it's [TS]

  remarkable how its managed to not age as [TS]

  much as I think it could and its own oh [TS]

  you know it because because it was so [TS]

  radical at the time and now we think [TS]

  that it's kinda queen but at the time a [TS]

  lot of the stuff that we we don't think [TS]

  which take for granted at the time was [TS]

  kind of kind of crazy radical for Star [TS]

  Trek i'm going to get to give them full [TS]

  credit but even so there are those [TS]

  moments where you're like you know how [TS]

  well here's my love that I love when [TS]

  they cut to Captain Kirk putting his [TS]

  boots on because that means that there's [TS]

  been some some some bed duty forecast [TS]

  incur [TS]

  and now he's done and can put his boots [TS]

  back on [TS]

  that's ok Captain Kirk yeah yeah that's [TS]

  right an Orion slave woman in every port [TS]

  every Starbase so I i love you know that [TS]

  we can make fun of of Star Trek because [TS]

  there are so many things and it also [TS]

  deals with the fact that this is the [TS]

  show that is the root for so many other [TS]

  things so that a lot of the troops here [TS]

  get expanded upon by other shows and of [TS]

  course have become famous and have been [TS]

  parodied in movies like galaxy quest but [TS]

  you know again I i have such a love for [TS]

  the show and I have to admit there are [TS]

  there are many terrible episodes and [TS]

  there are many fantastic wonderful [TS]

  episodes for lots of different reasons [TS]

  and i thought one of the things we could [TS]

  do was just walk through I mean we can't [TS]

  walk through all 79 because that would [TS]

  be involved I guess I believe there is a [TS]

  podcast actually out there on the [TS]

  internet and i'll put it in the show [TS]

  notes that is walking through every [TS]

  single episode one by one and Scott and [TS]

  I have discussed one day doing a wheel [TS]

  of fortune style a lottery style podcast [TS]

  where we just pick a random episode of [TS]

  Star Trek and talk about it [TS]

  ok I'm in for that good or bad all [TS]

  all-seer all also basically like if it's [TS]

  a really lousy episode of voyager too [TS]

  bad you gotta watch it right there [TS]

  watching but but it you know anyway but [TS]

  I wanted to ask you guys I asked you to [TS]

  before the show to come up with a few [TS]

  and Scott I took a few to me like more [TS]

  than the doesn't episodes that you like [TS]

  and then maybe some episodes we can talk [TS]

  about that are stinkers so we can we can [TS]

  focus in on a few episodes of the [TS]

  original Star Trek and talk about them [TS]

  so Steve do you have a an episode that [TS]

  that you'd like to bring up as as one of [TS]

  the ones that you really liked I've got [TS]

  a couple alright yeah there's a few that [TS]

  that I just think are cool because [TS]

  there's their places where I'm finally [TS]

  getting references that I've heard a [TS]

  thousand times like Mary for instance [TS]

  with no fool lease well just another [TS]

  email thread the earlier this week I [TS]

  said brain and brain what is brain [TS]

  you're like oh I get that now [TS]

  regrettably yes sadly he watched box [TS]

  braids i have a whole new storehouse of [TS]

  utterly useless knowledge now thank you [TS]

  very much you wanted the star trek and [TS]

  we'll sit right alongside the combined [TS]

  lyrics of ABBA [TS]

  thank you for that so i like i like that [TS]

  i like Corbin my new maneuver although [TS]

  you're right it is a bit slow [TS]

  ya know i love that that's on my list [TS]

  yeah I don't want to go too much into [TS]

  detail on max I figured you guys would [TS]

  spend about 45 minutes back [TS]

  yeah when Howard this is bad so yeah I [TS]

  like the changeling which is the one [TS]

  with the nomads robot robot that floats [TS]

  around the enterprise there's something [TS]

  real creepy about that huh [TS]

  I i wonder how much of my dislike of [TS]

  that episode now is because they remade [TS]

  it is the Star Trek the motion picture [TS]

  they ripped off so much of that for Star [TS]

  Trek the motion picture that it kind of [TS]

  lost its luster for me [TS]

  yeah I blacked out of my mind I am nomad [TS]

  in the commercial but that's the talking [TS]

  when he's not talking [TS]

  he's a little creepy is really creepy [TS]

  right here to it came up and he just [TS]

  starts floating around right i think [TS]

  probably of the stub episodes i've seen [TS]

  and again I'm not seen all of season 3 [TS]

  so there could be some real gems back [TS]

  there on the back there is there's some [TS]

  glorious there was no longer there is [TS]

  the next to last episode is actually [TS]

  really good I think my favorite of all [TS]

  is probably the finale of season one [TS]

  operation annihilate partially because [TS]

  it's the one with the ! and how could [TS]

  you not get that colon and ! oh my God [TS]

  he's got a colon to it's got everything [TS]

  and I think they picked up all the [TS]

  punctuation that a lot of star trek into [TS]

  darkness [TS]

  that's right they over they used up all [TS]

  the punctuation [TS]

  yeah I like that one because it has some [TS]

  kind of creepy horror elements like that [TS]

  the guys running towards the crew with [TS]

  their club shouting we don't want to [TS]

  hurt you right I like that it's kind of [TS]

  a nice precursor to some of the later [TS]

  zombie films which I've been known to [TS]

  enjoy from your time and then I like the [TS]

  fact that the bad guys turn out to be [TS]

  flying eggs over easy [TS]

  yeah yeah yeah I always thought they [TS]

  were more like pancakes but you're right [TS]

  it's there's something there's something [TS]

  freaky about that because that you know [TS]

  they attach themselves to you and then [TS]

  you go nuts and Steve you and I went to [TS]

  UCSD and although the this episode [TS]

  operation annihilate was shot like the [TS]

  RAND Corporation in El [TS]

  I it looks uh it's of that architectural [TS]

  very much might as well be sick shot at [TS]

  central library using a really good [TS]

  point [TS]

  tango and Kirk's brother makes a [TS]

  surprise appearance in that very briefly [TS]

  yeah it's pretty well I think he appears [TS]

  on the floor and that's pretty much it [TS]

  yes killed by a pancake yeah things [TS]

  never go well for people from his past [TS]

  and crew seems to have brothers and [TS]

  sisters that sort of appear and [TS]

  disappear depending on whether they need [TS]

  to have a dead family member for a given [TS]

  plot points right and there's even a [TS]

  fake brother i think the checkoff gets [TS]

  at one point during a an episode where [TS]

  there's a sort of fake war being staged [TS]

  on board the enterprise between the crew [TS]

  and the Klingons oh yes yes yes but yeah [TS]

  i really liked that episode is I guess I [TS]

  i enjoy the ones where they really do [TS]

  try to make it sort of a space-based [TS]

  show as opposed to this is a spaceship [TS]

  and here we have come upon something [TS]

  that could have happened in a regular [TS]

  show because we ran out of ideas for [TS]

  science fiction and now now we're going [TS]

  to have the crew escaping chicago and so [TS]

  that another one that I like a lot is [TS]

  devil in the dark which is the one where [TS]

  the oh yes that the large rolled-up [TS]

  carpet is attacking miners yeah the [TS]

  whore whore whore time thank you i love [TS]

  that I love that episode that is that's [TS]

  in my I think I've made a list and I [TS]

  tried to order it roughly in their order [TS]

  of my favorite and that's in my top like [TS]

  two or three [TS]

  no it burns messages with with its acid [TS]

  oakhill i right [TS]

  but it's such a it's such a beautiful [TS]

  episode because it is got the great [TS]

  horror movie right kind of tropes of [TS]

  land is it is genuinely creepy witch [TS]

  it's there are too many episodes where [TS]

  they they really managed to to do fear [TS]

  or tension [TS]

  yeah they're in those tunnels and write [TS]

  a monster is going to come and kill them [TS]

  in the gut and the guys get you know [TS]

  horribly burned by the acid and it's [TS]

  almost pre alien in nature really yeah [TS]

  yeah you're right right it's very [TS]

  similar to that in spite of the fact [TS]

  that the creature looks like a calzone [TS]

  that was left in the microwave [TS]

  but i also think it's probably one of [TS]

  the first instances where there's some [TS]

  sort of malevolent creature and Spock [TS]

  melds with it and they and when they [TS]

  realize that this thing is a is actually [TS]

  on the good side all actually arena [TS]

  might have proceeded as protecting its [TS]

  kids that's your desert great twilight [TS]

  zone twist though is that this the [TS]

  creature is horrible and not humanoid in [TS]

  any way and in fact silicon-based not [TS]

  even carbon-based life-form and yet in [TS]

  the end what we realize is that these [TS]

  jerks who are the miners here we are the [TS]

  real monster part what we have is real [TS]

  monsters not right [TS]

  the miners because them because the [TS]

  those little balls its eggs [TS]

  it's just a mother trying to protect its [TS]

  eggs but of course that's one of those [TS]

  episodes where you knew that like to act [TS]

  two hours before the cryptic that's true [TS]

  but i do love a whore omelet though [TS]

  order on let excellent rather than I [TS]

  can't even judge it though because again [TS]

  I i I've seen that episode so long that [TS]

  I don't remember not realizing the split [TS]

  the eggs so there's no way for me to [TS]

  judge whether I would have gotten that [TS]

  I've seen that coming but it's so it's [TS]

  just it's so beautiful because in the [TS]

  end this monster [TS]

  I just love that that moment where Spock [TS]

  you know mind melds with the Horta and [TS]

  and in the high pitch voice he talks [TS]

  about how upset it is and and then the [TS]

  idea at the end where we're basically [TS]

  these miners are all Jason and kind of [TS]

  sad that they've done this tour terrible [TS]

  thing and and you hear that the Horde [TS]

  and its babies have hatched and they're [TS]

  just moving around and everybody's happy [TS]

  and yeah yeah yeah that's right to its [TS]

  expand opportunity for Nimoy to [TS]

  monologue and actually show some emotion [TS]

  as i recall and oh yeah sequence and [TS]

  that's it that's a pretty good bit one [TS]

  of those one of those rare we're kind of [TS]

  things where he does the just a full-on [TS]

  emotion and yeah i love i love that [TS]

  episode because it it gives you that [TS]

  nice night that nice twist that you want [TS]

  where it starts out and it's this kind [TS]

  of creepy Monster plot and then it turns [TS]

  out where the monsters again which is [TS]

  your to go to twilight zone twist right [TS]

  but it wouldn't have worked seven or [TS]

  eight times in the rest of the series as [TS]

  well but at this point it was still [TS]

  fairly fresh i think that the taxes owed [TS]

  might have preceded this one but this [TS]

  one is pretty good [TS]

  yeah and this one features a McCoy [TS]

  proclaiming that he is a doctor and not [TS]

  in fact a bricklayer [TS]

  Oh with which one is the one where he [TS]

  says he's not an escalator I think [TS]

  that's my personal i don't think that [TS]

  might be the Gordon wasn't no he wasn't [TS]

  no yeah and I just watching that 10 but [TS]

  the bricklayer but that's a beautiful [TS]

  thing because he looked but it shows [TS]

  McCoy like trying to adapt to the [TS]

  ridiculous science-fictional premises so [TS]

  he's like I can get some like plaster [TS]

  maybe that'll work right all right let's [TS]

  try it it's like cause in Britain [TS]

  bandages are called plasters and this is [TS]

  a silicon-based life-form so therefore [TS]

  maybe I could use actual plaster as a [TS]

  plaster does anybody have any salad [TS]

  why we happen to have some after bone [TS]

  saves the Horta he has a victory salad [TS]

  that's right i get the impression the [TS]

  bones actually has all the meat on the [TS]

  ship and what he's doing by prescribing [TS]

  salad everything else is just taking [TS]

  their meat away so he can trade heat [TS]

  heats all of the brown colored blocks [TS]

  it's it's unclear what what the [TS]

  qualifications are to practice medicine [TS]

  in the future you know that computer [TS]

  probably does a lot of the work for and [TS]

  with you know you just have to be cranky [TS]

  he just has to kind of show up and read [TS]

  stuff that's a man I'm a doctor not a oh [TS]

  I'm a doctor right to call it bones does [TS]

  medicine is a bit of a stretch [TS]

  I mean you points little pussy and easy [TS]

  and you he was tension with a pen that [TS]

  is supposed to inject you with something [TS]

  and if if by some chance you are killed [TS]

  he will flow 2 d-cell battery around [TS]

  your head that makes it knows for a [TS]

  little while before declaring you dead [TS]

  but he also has those are the pedals in [TS]

  the wall as we won't happen again [TS]

  yeah he just got those at a very high [TS]

  cost its I have to assume that the [TS]

  entire crew of the enterprise has signed [TS]

  a do-not-resuscitate because he never [TS]

  even tries but it's just he's dead [TS]

  they're always dead by the time he gets [TS]

  there he gets there like 33 seconds [TS]

  after they were shot or hit with a [TS]

  rocket but he knows they're not going to [TS]

  make it he's that good [TS]

  hehe no don't fall he says he's got a [TS]

  lot to do you he doesn't want to get [TS]

  like hung up its you know [TS]

  it's just like that room no no he's lost [TS]

  it's not like they're not making a thing [TS]

  too much like that guy will remove [TS]

  always another one just like him [TS]

  yeah bones knows when to cut his losses [TS]

  right and then of course amok time which [TS]

  I'm sure will know later yeah with the [TS]

  pon farr not to be confused with its [TS]

  close cousin Jamie Farr know but very [TS]

  different or equally disturbed alicious [TS]

  parfait [TS]

  no well that's that's the episode where [TS]

  we get most of the Vulcan stuff which is [TS]

  that's it that's it for the Vulcan stuff [TS]

  except for the benihana like quarters of [TS]

  the spot well no there's there's a [TS]

  journey to Babel with his parents right [TS]

  which follows it up a little bit but [TS]

  isn't a mark time like the beginning of [TS]

  the second season so that's like [TS]

  literally the fans were in love with mr. [TS]

  Spock and so they didn't episode where [TS]

  they really like you wouldn't believe [TS]

  the first episode aired in the second [TS]

  season you know not in fact the first [TS]

  episode [TS]

  yeah but closer to close enough where [TS]

  they had done the first year and they [TS]

  realized that people oh they love mr. [TS]

  Spock all right we'll we'll take you to [TS]

  mr. Spock's home planet and you end up [TS]

  with this this uh you know actually [TS]

  pretty cool episode with a couple of [TS]

  twists and turns and Spock ends up [TS]

  having to fight Kirk and that in my [TS]

  maybe my single most favorite a moment [TS]

  in the series is when after after [TS]

  spotting she's killed kirk and two [TS]

  palaces live long and prosper Spock and [TS]

  he says I've killed my captain my friend [TS]

  I shall do neither and he's just like [TS]

  Spock slow point has been reached and [TS]

  these beams of course dr. McCoy while [TS]

  having a salad has formulated of a fake [TS]

  compound and complex gym [TS]

  I mean I really is good showing a little [TS]

  bit of heart and soul i know it and [TS]

  there's a nice reference to eighties [TS]

  music thank you Steve well you already [TS]

  mentioned two pals so I figured it [TS]

  needed to be done it it did it i was [TS]

  just reading on wikipedia that the lead [TS]

  singer of the band Tupou was ironing [TS]

  like a shirt while watching Star Trek [TS]

  and that episode was on and she's like [TS]

  an in-house she dropped in the bathtub [TS]

  she was saying how that's that's pretty [TS]

  that's pretty good and they named [TS]

  themselves and then they had about one [TS]

  hit [TS]

  that's a good episode 0 mach time I you [TS]

  know it's a [TS]

  because i love that that it's all like [TS]

  the bureaucracy of Vulcan sexuality it's [TS]

  like it's like well technically you know [TS]

  well he has to come back to Vulcan [TS]

  alright fine he throws soup nurse Chapel [TS]

  which is great [TS]

  he's very testy when a bit where he in a [TS]

  sexual frenzy crushes his computer [TS]

  monitor like it's a piece of plastic [TS]

  which it is [TS]

  yes which its but he doesn't number on [TS]

  that they're easily broken [TS]

  I know how he feels incidentally I've [TS]

  been there Spock [TS]

  yeah we all want to crush if my monitor [TS]

  was made of the crushable soft plastic i [TS]

  would do that all the time it's tough [TS]

  it's every seven years or something so [TS]

  he's so angry you think you think he [TS]

  would like put a reminder in his [TS]

  calendar and don't put away eyes [TS]

  yeah how do you think you're super help [TS]

  me chapel God Vulcans and bonfire only [TS]

  eat salads what yeah that's it what what [TS]

  happened is that he went to dr. McCoy is [TS]

  for helping me just prescribed salad not [TS]

  helpful [TS]

  that's note this makes it very agreed [TS]

  blood Spock you shouldn't you be in here [TS]

  it makes it worse [TS]

  yeah much worse anyway so that doesn't [TS]

  for my handful of favorites i could [TS]

  probably do more like you i think the [TS]

  ones that I like there are there are [TS]

  actually quite a few that i enjoy there [TS]

  are too many that sort of jump out as [TS]

  being best of show but those those are [TS]

  among my favorites least favorites [TS]

  pretty much anyone where the the writer [TS]

  said hey we're out of ideas and we have [TS]

  this that perfectly good Roman /o west [TS]

  side of Chicago City gameplay around [TS]

  those so let's have the crew get [TS]

  marooned their planet of the back lots [TS]

  will put will put spoke in a little like [TS]

  a beret or a balaclava or something and [TS]

  my wife and I were talking about this [TS]

  today because she didn't grow up with [TS]

  Star Trek really and she makes fun of [TS]

  the no plan that the Nazis planet of the [TS]

  gangsters and what I was saying to her [TS]

  as you know some of those episodes [TS]

  aren't so bad there are other episodes [TS]

  that aren't as well known that are much [TS]

  worse like if they had done one it would [TS]

  have been quite good so actually like [TS]

  like a piece of the action is actually [TS]

  one of my favorites because it's funny [TS]

  and it's got plot where it's not like [TS]

  the gangsters magically appeared there [TS]

  like it's part of [TS]

  the there's like cultural contamination [TS]

  that leads to the gangsters being there [TS]

  and even planted the Nazis episode which [TS]

  is not one patterns of force not one of [TS]

  my favorites but the idea there is like [TS]

  a historian had the bright idea of like [TS]

  well part of what Hitler did word so bad [TS]

  lets try no no don't do it right and he [TS]

  doesn't it's a it's a disaster but there [TS]

  are also this episode's like theirs [TS]

  theirs miri which is like we've come to [TS]

  a planet that's exactly like Earth why [TS]

  why is it exactly like Earth it just how [TS]

  much parallel development is going on [TS]

  here in the universe in the same sector [TS]

  that the enterprise happens to be it [TS]

  right or bread and circuses which is [TS]

  like it's it's the Romans or and there [TS]

  are a few episodes like that nose or the [TS]

  one with the Omega glory right with the [TS]

  eggs and the combs where it's that like [TS]

  they end up with an American flag and [TS]

  they do the Pledge of Allegiance that [TS]

  one that's bad that's obsessed what gets [TS]

  it like i can get the like parallel [TS]

  development like we can be as a world [TS]

  that looks that you know it's in many [TS]

  ways similar to their ancient Romans but [TS]

  it's like no it's exactly like the [TS]

  ancient Romans they have you know that [TS]

  they have in fact iconography that you [TS]

  know as has developed identical in [TS]

  parallel here where people have like in [TS]

  Jesus is also yeah that that my way [TS]

  Jesus you know whatever we have to be [TS]

  later than a lot better if they just cut [TS]

  it off like two minutes before they did [TS]

  that in the end it's just did not did [TS]

  not help i guess this is either it's [TS]

  either a trope of 60 science fiction [TS]

  that hasn't survived because it's [TS]

  ridiculous or it was just like what the [TS]

  hell you know it's sci-fi nobody's gonna [TS]

  nobody's going to care what it looks [TS]

  like with Miri I feel like they just [TS]

  didn't have a planet to use so they said [TS]

  we'll just say it looks exactly like [TS]

  Earth what why what why they were [TS]

  calling us what they I mean most of the [TS]

  time the excuse would be their colonists [TS]

  well most of the time but not all right [TS]

  not it not in miri where they just ran [TS]

  the planet that looks exactly like Earth [TS]

  is that night are you sure yeah we're in [TS]

  infected with some sort of virus you [TS]

  have no but the planet like the [TS]

  geography of the planet it's literally [TS]

  the same continent [TS]

  it doesn't make any sense i think they [TS]

  just didn't wanna have another planet [TS]

  shape so much so they a red ball or a [TS]

  yellow ball so they just had the earth [TS]

  again somewhat that with no clouds [TS]

  because they didn't really know about [TS]

  clouds a pair [TS]

  the difference there's no class no [TS]

  weather satellites that point uh yeah [TS]

  you know those are the ones but the like [TS]

  the Omega glory where he played me stop [TS]

  right where the literally the climax of [TS]

  the episode is Kirk reading said them so [TS]

  badly wrist reading the preamble to the [TS]

  constitution of that freedom is the [TS]

  demonstration where is where is so [TS]

  terrible those the ones that really get [TS]

  what why do you hate America has five i [TS]

  don't i just hate the Omega glory it's [TS]

  really bad it's really bad not only [TS]

  commies hate that episode [TS]

  yeah yeah the combs but so those are [TS]

  pretty bad and and i agree with you on [TS]

  all those points just the fact that they [TS]

  went to that well so many times i think [TS]

  is probably the worst of it yeah i'm not [TS]

  a big fan of cats paw which is the [TS]

  halloween flavor that's that's high on [TS]

  my list DeWitt elated that turns into a [TS]

  huge cat for summary there's a witch and [TS]

  warlock and a like bird made out of [TS]

  feather three pipe cleaners and it's [TS]

  yeah it's the Halloween it's not [TS]

  Halloween up as a halloween episode and [TS]

  it's it's incomprehensibly best dreadful [TS]

  it is dreadful [TS]

  even as a halloween episode it's bad [TS]

  it's so you better than that does just [TS]

  those limitations because it's that run [TS]

  around of like there's they have [TS]

  complete control and nothing is real so [TS]

  the the characters do things and they're [TS]

  immediately negated and it's a little [TS]

  bit like the squire of gothos with [TS]

  trelaina but that's a much better [TS]

  episode this one is just do nothing [TS]

  happiness [TS]

  yeah right yeah but this one nothing [TS]

  happens they just I mean it's like a guy [TS]

  with a cape and a color and the lady you [TS]

  need and jo it's so bad [TS]

  yeah catspaw so 81 again you talk about [TS]

  the plan of the Nazis all you like cats [TS]

  paw way worse [TS]

  I agree I agree I agree and again it's [TS]

  it's the reason i don't like those other [TS]

  episodes just because it's been done and [TS]

  it wasn't a great the first time oh yeah [TS]

  but the catspaw features a tiny [TS]

  enterprise that asks that is true they [TS]

  do shrink the enterprise down into a [TS]

  pendant you know what Scott is always [TS]

  actually kind of small stuff model [TS]

  yeah sorry in my mind they put it over a [TS]

  flame and wakeboard that model is it hot [TS]

  in here [TS]

  closing out my list uh not a big fan of [TS]

  either of the stupid episodes featuring [TS]

  Harry Mudd who might like to think about [TS]

  the deal of Star Trek O'Hara mode he he [TS]

  wears a man blouse only recurring [TS]

  character in the original Star Trek and [TS]

  could God why [TS]

  well so so much women has some things [TS]

  that are good about it i think i like [TS]

  the whole old lady's maid attractive by [TS]

  my self confidence and by self [TS]

  confidence in the end yes that's [TS]

  interesting my life points out the the [TS]

  only difference between the horribly [TS]

  ugly version and the beautiful version [TS]

  is that the their hair is better and [TS]

  they have makeup it's like a mole they [TS]

  stuck like a mold anything and and [TS]

  there's a filter on the camera [TS]

  yeah there's that same soft focus on [TS]

  whatever the close-ups [TS]

  yeah Jerry fishermen that the director [TS]

  of photography of Star Trek always took [TS]

  the women and put that super like [TS]

  Vaseline covered lens on there all [TS]

  barbara walters and i remember watching [TS]

  moonlighting in the eighties and [TS]

  thinking simple Shepherd looks like a [TS]

  star trek it turns out it's the same [TS]

  director of photography that's like his [TS]

  thing is so super soft focus on other [TS]

  ladies who ya with another future blurry [TS]

  yes so I wanted to say the the second i [TS]

  Mudd the second pyramid episode not very [TS]

  good but I it makes me laugh [TS]

  there are some funny bits the the many [TS]

  wives that appear as predictable as it [TS]

  is at the end is pretty amusing and the [TS]

  android it's like a parody of star trek [TS]

  episode in some ways where the android [TS]

  many episodes are parodies and assets [TS]

  the android logic in that I mean we did [TS]

  ours are our game show episode okay when [TS]

  did we do that last year that no I was [TS]

  really where nobody said anything and [TS]

  there's a whole segment in there that's [TS]

  that was called Android i'm a star trek [TS]

  android which is just it'sit's I mud [TS]

  which is that I but you said it was true [TS]

  and yet it is false ere our arrows are [TS]

  and then smoke comes out of these years [TS]

  because that's how you destroy an [TS]

  android is confused him and make sense [TS]

  also how you can destroy a computer it's [TS]

  their Achilles here and again that's [TS]

  that's another one of those things that [TS]

  they go to that well quite a few times [TS]

  over the course of the series which are [TS]

  Harry Mudd is just this brilliant broad [TS]

  I mean like you know I like the trouble [TS]

  with tribbles but it's Cyrano Jones and [TS]

  that it's like he [TS]

  he's road well he's a really really [TS]

  broad road right like way over the time [TS]

  and then lastly I would be remiss not to [TS]

  mention and I'm not sure whether to put [TS]

  this as a favorite or least favorite but [TS]

  the eternal struggle the the gene [TS]

  roddenberry Hail Mary attempt to launch [TS]

  another series at the end of season two [TS]

  assignment earth another colon based on [TS]

  time for work but no explanation no ! [TS]

  sadly I think they have used up their [TS]

  quota that was the trouble said that yes [TS]

  had they thrown in ! at the end they [TS]

  might well have launched that series but [TS]

  yes Teri Garr apparently exceedingly [TS]

  uncomfortable in her short skirt [TS]

  yeah and a fantastic hat for Spock in [TS]

  that one right right and it's just [TS]

  they're so such pathos in an episode [TS]

  that doesn't even really have the main [TS]

  characters in dinner it's very similar [TS]

  to what what the Brady Bunch showrunner [TS]

  did at one point with a bunch of orphans [TS]

  that showed up and they were trying to [TS]

  launch a spin-off there and it's just as [TS]

  feeble and depressing there does not [TS]

  want have a magic cabinet also it does [TS]

  have a magic at it does it move may be a [TS]

  girl but maybe a cat it turns into a [TS]

  girl and then doesn't and then yes turns [TS]

  back from ago Robert Lansing's I I [TS]

  wouldn't have minded a show with Robert [TS]

  lansing and Terry car doing kind of [TS]

  crazy adventures you know Robert [TS]

  lanschool my nine-year-old daughter [TS]

  actually said she wished it had become a [TS]

  shell believe it or not it [TS]

  it was an interesting idea and Robert [TS]

  lansing you know he's idea for watch is [TS]

  he on the equalizer he was really great [TS]

  I'm i think the equalizer really has he [TS]

  was like the control his control he was [TS]

  like his the equalizers old spy boss who [TS]

  would bring him back and Robinson great [TS]

  great actor but you're right i'm on [TS]

  earth is bizarre because it's a backdoor [TS]

  pilot it's literally the last episode [TS]

  it's it's pretty back door yet and they [TS]

  and they say maybe this could be a show [TS]

  NBC was like your show is not even that [TS]

  good [TS]

  apparently they were they were teetering [TS]

  on the brink of cancellation and this [TS]

  was this was jeans attempt to get [TS]

  another show started [TS]

  yeah it's like he's looking for work [TS]

  before he gets fired because he knows [TS]

  the end [TS]

  this is hanging over his head he's got [TS]

  bills to pay [TS]

  they're not that many episodes of star [TS]

  trek with recognizable guest stars who [TS]

  were like went on to do other I mean [TS]

  Terry guard Robert lansing are actually [TS]

  two of the sterling examples and the [TS]

  only other example that I can really [TS]

  come up with this mariette hartley 2 I [TS]

  mean that there aren't that many like [TS]

  well-known actors know it's weird [TS]

  because frequently I'll see a bit [TS]

  character and I think that looks so [TS]

  familiar and it's probably just one of [TS]

  those guys that was that showed up on [TS]

  every show in the nineteen sixties and [TS]

  seventies Miri's friend wonderkid kind [TS]

  of weird-looking boy that guy has that [TS]

  was that face of the does the perfect [TS]

  character actor face and he has been in [TS]

  everything I remember him from Roxanne [TS]

  he was yeah he was in that time I've [TS]

  seen him in several other things as well [TS]

  a bunch of mash actors are in Star Trek [TS]

  at various points in bit parts and then [TS]

  point to Clint Howard of course [TS]

  Clint Howard is Baylock in Corbin [TS]

  maneuver as a baby [TS]

  oh yeah so that does it for my list I I [TS]

  remiss if I didn't mention my nine year [TS]

  old daughter's favorite which is the [TS]

  naked time primarily because of fencing [TS]

  shirtless Sulu [TS]

  oh yeah except bit and she also likes [TS]

  the creepy part of the beginning where [TS]

  the the redshirt takes off his helmet to [TS]

  scratches or takes up his glove to [TS]

  better scratches nose and the liquid [TS]

  sort of creeps onto his hand in a [TS]

  precursor to a thousand sci-fi movies [TS]

  sense so really yelling at the TV screen [TS]

  why are you taking off your it's got [TS]

  pitch it is it's just much he scratched [TS]

  you know that the producers of the star [TS]

  trek the JJ Abrams Star Trek movie love [TS]

  that so much that they they built the [TS]

  whole thing with Sulu having a sword [TS]

  around the fact that he was crazy with [TS]

  the sword in the negative time [TS]

  ok Sulu can do something he has a sword [TS]

  yeah he's not all the suit was very [TS]

  competent having watched the corbomite [TS]

  maneuver today where Mr Bailey is [TS]

  basically a little river e most of the [TS]

  time when the enterprise is about to be [TS]

  destroyed and he'll be like shit Kirk [TS]

  shouting at him like plata correspond of [TS]

  course come on plot a course and then it [TS]

  goes Sulu it was like booop two buttons [TS]

  course plotted on like why do they even [TS]

  have two chairs just let Sulu do it all [TS]

  Sulu is actually far more competent than [TS]

  most of the command staff roll [TS]

  let Leslie competent and yes why he's [TS]

  kept at the lower levels and to think he [TS]

  started off as a bonus the ship would [TS]

  blow up if it weren't for sulla tony do [TS]

  you have a GF favorites + unfavorites [TS]

  I've got a list arm see removing things [TS]

  that were already mentioned probably my [TS]

  i'm looking at kind of also the list in [TS]

  in chronological order [TS]

  i think my first favorite episode and [TS]

  these are kind of episodes that kind of [TS]

  stuck with me that I saw both is kind of [TS]

  a kid and then when I rewatched them [TS]

  recently and I I like them both times so [TS]

  they kind of problem [TS]

  ideally they worked on a couple levels [TS]

  or you know where I'm not changed at all [TS]

  in 20 years and I still enjoyed them but [TS]

  my first one would be a balance of [TS]

  terror [TS]

  oh yeah that's on my list some of this [TS]

  so the witches you're the first [TS]

  appearance of the Romulans and its kind [TS]

  of your your classic starship battle [TS]

  it's our is a separate submarine all for [TS]

  submarine yellow submarine warfare with [TS]

  the the Romulan ship you know cloaking [TS]

  Andy cloaking in the ghetto basically [TS]

  kind of hunting the enterprise and you [TS]

  know I think there's a lot of great [TS]

  stuff in that would kind of be built off [TS]

  of in further stuff um som some elements [TS]

  of it don't work you know I mean one of [TS]

  the big reveals was that you know the [TS]

  Romulans look like the Vulcans and you [TS]

  know what we'll find out more about that [TS]

  later you get the racist crewman who was [TS]

  like fuck you jerk you you you look like [TS]

  them even though you showed them which [TS]

  is why would you be motivated to do that [TS]

  if you but anyway I hate you because you [TS]

  have pointed ears right yeah all right [TS]

  now dumb like a space and probably [TS]

  encounter all kinds of weird looking [TS]

  guys only bones gets to pull that stuff [TS]

  yeah yeah you know i mean it's it's a [TS]

  it's a little unfortunate that it is a [TS]

  relatively early episode and there's not [TS]

  really anything that kind of builds up [TS]

  to that right like we don't it's it's [TS]

  not like there's a prior references to [TS]

  the Romulans is being really scary or [TS]

  mysterious or anything like that but i [TS]

  just-i the the submarine battle between [TS]

  the the the Romulans and the enterprise [TS]

  always sticks with one mark leonard who [TS]

  went on to play xbox father comes box [TS]

  father is that is the running commander [TS]

  who is great [TS]

  there's a great when the the second in [TS]

  command of a century or whatever in on [TS]

  the Romulan ship gets killed at one [TS]

  point one of the [TS]

  attacks you know in Star Trek fashion [TS]

  it's like a beam trucks on his head died [TS]

  but it's not a phone it's actually [TS]

  really really he it's not like a [TS]

  supernumerary who dies and nobody cares [TS]

  he's just a redshirt kind of guy it's [TS]

  like the mark letters characters like [TS]

  really upset when that happens and you [TS]

  you get this feeling like they had this [TS]

  whole backstory which you don't get a [TS]

  lot in in seems like that again I'll of [TS]

  social structure to that's crazy [TS]

  yeah it's wild and i love that the Isle [TS]

  of the scene where they get all he says [TS]

  collect all the garbage basically [TS]

  including this insurance body and stick [TS]

  it in a in the two torpedo tube and blow [TS]

  it out like will pretend that we you [TS]

  know maybe I'll fool them into thinking [TS]

  that we've been blown up and they're [TS]

  looking at debris and i love i love that [TS]

  moment because he's basically you know [TS]

  using his friends body as a ploy which [TS]

  obviously must be painful to him but [TS]

  he's going to do it because he's he's [TS]

  trying to outwit Kirk and you get that [TS]

  that that you know they have respect for [TS]

  each other [TS]

  it's like you know almost like a hunt [TS]

  for red october kind of thing is that [TS]

  sub battle two captains just so it's so [TS]

  claustrophobic and and its really great [TS]

  which I think kind of a mean it builds [TS]

  for future kind of spaceship battles [TS]

  right that there's going to be a [TS]

  spaceship battles that are going to be [TS]

  kind of tactical and not every part of [TS]

  it is their limitation for special [TS]

  effects right they don't have kind of [TS]

  star wars are dog fighting yet they have [TS]

  these kind of like you know tactical [TS]

  data is it's a it's a battle of wits [TS]

  between the two captains instead of just [TS]

  being firepower right right that's a [TS]

  great one [TS]

  can you explain that the beam based [TS]

  shipboard design incidentally I don't [TS]

  recall seeing any beams aboard the the [TS]

  Federation ships it is not on this is a [TS]

  Romulan thing exclusively they got the [TS]

  big domi top and so there you gotta have [TS]

  been scepter Tina I think they build off [TS]

  of that later i mean i think in and [TS]

  next-gen you see a lot of you see the [TS]

  Klingon ships and they've got be my all [TS]

  kinds of Impractical player knitters and [TS]

  really people should be able to like [TS]

  walk through here and like that you know [TS]

  you think people be hitting their head [TS]

  on that all the time it's like nothing's [TS]

  right corner to be fair and surgery to [TS]

  cons half of cons people are crushed by [TS]

  beams to so happens on Federation ships [TS]

  to at least when they're hijacked by bad [TS]

  guys quarters are [TS]

  no our madness today and in the future [TS]

  and in the balance of terror I like the [TS]

  whole idea that they've never they [TS]

  haven't seen each other they've never [TS]

  seen the Romulan so it's kind of that [TS]

  extra who is going to get revealed [TS]

  yeah that's your cold nice cold war [TS]

  thing to it's like you you hate them but [TS]

  you don't really even know who they are [TS]

  I like that aspect of a lot of the early [TS]

  episodes though it's like they are [TS]

  really sure what they're doing yet as a [TS]

  show and so I think there's an early [TS]

  episode with the Klingons where half of [TS]

  them are calling them Klingons and half [TS]

  climb Klingons yeah the Klingons and [TS]

  then Nimoy i think is the only one who [TS]

  was stubbornly insist on calling the [TS]

  ship's instrument sensores until the end [TS]

  everyone else has moved to sensor [TS]

  readings at that point but yeah but in [TS]

  those early apps it's just like nobody's [TS]

  really quite sure what they're doing [TS]

  they didn't have a pronunciation guide [TS]

  what you know Spock was really shouting [TS]

  at the beginning to like me in the [TS]

  original pilot in the cage the menagerie [TS]

  he doesn't want the shouting every time [TS]

  he's scanning is shouting apparently and [TS]

  he does that and even in the corbomite [TS]

  maneuver when they went to series that [TS]

  episode he doesn't want to show you know [TS]

  20 meters you know everything since i [TS]

  was reading clear he's doing all these [TS]

  crazy shouting Spock Spock calm down [TS]

  calm down we get it we get your right [TS]

  you have you have the same source [TS]

  he's worked with Kirk before he knows [TS]

  what gets through ok balance of terror [TS]

  that's a good one balance of terror the [TS]

  squire of gothos is on my list [TS]

  ultra-clean yeah I i don't i like to [TS]

  Lane [TS]

  I like you and next-gen and you know who [TS]

  is there is only this area is equal yeah [TS]

  you know XD i guess except that tree [TS]

  lane can be defeated [TS]

  it's amazing how many episodes of stuff [TS]

  the original series are based on [TS]

  somebody having ultimate power [TS]

  there's a lot they roughly two-thirds of [TS]

  the episode him for help either some [TS]

  evolved race that through millions of [TS]

  years have managed to to become [TS]

  omnipotent or some singular force like [TS]

  Charlie acts or sterling one-third of [TS]

  them are someone who's can't handle it [TS]

  someone who's immature [TS]

  yes right those are the ones who have [TS]

  not evolved once you just got beer I got [TS]

  it by some other means but yeah I mean [TS]

  virtually yeah two-thirds of the [TS]

  episodes are basically wishing them into [TS]

  the cornfield territory [TS]

  well that it's that you know we we [TS]

  venture out into the world into the [TS]

  galaxy and and there will be creatures [TS]

  more powerful businessman you know how [TS]

  will we understand the minute in the the [TS]

  you know which is interesting right it's [TS]

  to say that would look these people are [TS]

  in the future but they're still not [TS]

  necessarily the most advanced race [TS]

  that's out here and we need some [TS]

  humility of course in the end of the of [TS]

  a both squire of gothos and Charlie x [TS]

  don't they end with mommy coming to pick [TS]

  to take the spiral the squire of gothos [TS]

  definitely does yeah Charlie x the [TS]

  ending is kind of very sad i think it is [TS]

  said charlie is a human that has left on [TS]

  this this planet and for some reason and [TS]

  these aliens raised him and given these [TS]

  powers a ship crash I think rightly very [TS]

  only survivor of a ship crash very [TS]

  stranger in a strange land actually and [TS]

  Australian these power so he can live [TS]

  and so do humans find him and he can't [TS]

  really he's a teenager and he has often [TS]

  he has all these power so you can't [TS]

  really control it he is he's swatting [TS]

  human Rand and so everyone's like he get [TS]

  rid of then the aliens appear at the end [TS]

  and take it back right [TS]

  he's like please don't make me go I [TS]

  can't touch them they're so elegant and [TS]

  like now you're you're bad so get out of [TS]

  here [TS]

  that one really is anthony it's [TS]

  virtually identical the kid the kid I [TS]

  think actually makes a mouth disappear [TS]

  1.2 shah these are new done not darling [TS]

  no ya charizard dude did it is pictured [TS]

  weird song stress [TS]

  uh yeah you know and that's the other [TS]

  thing i love about this early episodes [TS]

  they actually showed life aboard ship [TS]

  which they laid out obviously quite a [TS]

  lot on next-generation but in those [TS]

  early episodes you've got a lot of [TS]

  people walking down that the corridors [TS]

  got who are having some downtime singing [TS]

  with their weird instrument in the in [TS]

  the bar and there's a ship's bargaining [TS]

  with spot which you never really see [TS]

  again and then you know as years went by [TS]

  they kind of it kind of became the Kirk [TS]

  bones and Spock show the first few [TS]

  episodes of the first season I kept [TS]

  thinking this is mad men in space [TS]

  because there's casual sexism and [TS]

  everyone's drinking [TS]

  yeah just need to throw in some [TS]

  advertising and you're done [TS]

  but i like that element of it and i [TS]

  think i think the show kind of lost a [TS]

  little something when they they started [TS]

  de-emphasizing that [TS]

  yeah they like I said about the [TS]

  corbomite maneuver you there [TS]

  it's surprising how the first 20 minutes [TS]

  so that episode there's a lot of just [TS]

  sort of like detail about shipboard life [TS]

  and conversation and and things like [TS]

  that and it's not really about the plot [TS]

  you may because they didn't have enough [TS]

  but you get the sense that they're [TS]

  trying to also kind of tell this story [TS]

  that is you know the people on the ship [TS]

  and merriment on this mission and they [TS]

  have you know they want you to see what [TS]

  life is like in the future for these [TS]

  people which is kind of interesting that [TS]

  they they felt they needed you know now [TS]

  we take it for granted as well start [TS]

  recommending spaceship but back then it [TS]

  was like no no they're you know they're [TS]

  it's it's a little like the military and [TS]

  they've got their get ranks but they [TS]

  also did the route them far away from [TS]

  home and they have there are things that [TS]

  they do when they're out there and they [TS]

  really were trying to make an effort i [TS]

  think to the audience that was really [TS]

  not expecting a show like this to sort [TS]

  of show here's what life is like on the [TS]

  ship in the future which trail really [TS]

  make him to do that later they didn't so [TS]

  much anyways it would we were we were on [TS]

  supplier of us from Tony but but no no [TS]

  that's some no you idiot it's that he's [TS]

  like trainers like you and and like [TS]

  Charlie axis that same thing because at [TS]

  the end the his he's revealed to be this [TS]

  basically a kid of this an omnipotent [TS]

  race and mommy and daddy come to take [TS]

  him away man Danny they eat universe is [TS]

  a dangerous place it is I next on my [TS]

  list again kind of moving [TS]

  chronologically except that the list [TS]

  starts to jump as we go further past the [TS]

  first and second season uh it's not [TS]

  equally weighted the city on the edge of [TS]

  forever [TS]

  oh yeah classes Harlan Ellison yeah it's [TS]

  considered the best episode i think by [TS]

  consensus [TS]

  yeah i mean i think i think it i like [TS]

  that was one of a kind of first you know [TS]

  time travel plots i think i saw in [TS]

  only in science fiction way back when I [TS]

  saw as a young child but but they're [TS]

  still there's a lot to it just beyond [TS]

  you know time travel and having to [TS]

  preserve things and i also thought it [TS]

  was interesting they do they travel back [TS]

  in time but they don't just go to when [TS]

  the show was shot I feel like that [TS]

  happens you know later time travel it's [TS]

  like we're conveniently gonna go so that [TS]

  we could achieve today [TS]

  yes the president to our present day 24 [TS]

  for budgetary reasons paramount had a [TS]

  depression-era New York set so it's [TS]

  lying around [TS]

  haha let's do that do you think they [TS]

  also had a set like around with the the [TS]

  spooky rock with a hole in the middle [TS]

  just you know possibly have some people [TS]

  jump through that I think that was on [TS]

  the set of the price is right at one [TS]

  thing huh haha is the failed Plinko [TS]

  let's play guardian forever and there [TS]

  was a little space man that walked up [TS]

  and I know if you bet if you bid too [TS]

  high to fall off the top of the rock and [TS]

  land in 1942 and you know i mean they're [TS]

  all kind of super established ropes down [TS]

  but but even the idea that they have to [TS]

  deal with the life or death of the woman [TS]

  that McCoy accidentally saves and well [TS]

  I'm the Kirk you know who we've seen as [TS]

  being this kind of a ladies man putting [TS]

  on his boots at various points is you [TS]

  know with with if killer he with lots of [TS]

  you know time sort of passes here where [TS]

  we get the implication they spent time [TS]

  there and he really falls in love with [TS]

  Joan Collins again another person who [TS]

  went on to be lots of other stuff as you [TS]

  healer and and so you get that real [TS]

  tragedy that when Spock says Jim for you [TS]

  know for history to reassert itself for [TS]

  the u.s. to win world war two either [TS]

  Keeler must die and it's it's it's you [TS]

  know it is this really sad thing that [TS]

  the Kirk has to you know find out [TS]

  whatever you know it's going to cause [TS]

  her to be saved her to die in terms of [TS]

  the bones and they have to catch bones [TS]

  and stop him from from doing a good [TS]

  thing it was bonuses bones doesn't [TS]

  change history by being a crazy guy who [TS]

  does something bad he actually does it [TS]

  by being a decent human being who tries [TS]

  to save somebody and she needs to die [TS]

  even though she's good and is trying to [TS]

  be a pacifist it leads to all these [TS]

  horrible things I love that I love that [TS]

  tragedy along with the [TS]

  you know also the just the joy of Spock [TS]

  wearing a Steve here's your hat of the [TS]

  yes he has his little beanie that he [TS]

  puts on is right [TS]

  puts on is right [TS]

  and he that's right he's a talker and [TS]

  and he's got to stone knives and [TS]

  bearskins that he's trying to use to [TS]

  make his little thing for the tricorder [TS]

  so he can check the memory bank that one [TS]

  if i remember correctly no one rips that [TS]

  hat off his head at any point [TS]

  no but earlier he's got the cherry and [TS]

  yeah pulling the rice picker he's tried [TS]

  my friends obviously Chinese that's of [TS]

  course his ears its project mechanical [TS]

  device passenger notice the years [TS]

  they're actually easy to explain [TS]

  yeah exactly i'm trying to know yes and [TS]

  and then he cocky cold-cocked him with [TS]

  one punch you in the future all punches [TS]

  will cause somebody that yes pass out of [TS]

  course I just thought it was in the 60s [TS]

  you punch a guy once they go down don't [TS]

  say I used to punch a lot harder back [TS]

  then [TS]

  yeah lot of class jobs man or men anyway [TS]

  this is why Spock puts on the beanie as [TS]

  he can take that crap anymore so we just [TS]

  put I gotta be me now i have a doctors [TS]

  cap don't talk about my ears everywhere [TS]

  ok just be fooled everyone don't worry [TS]

  that's really the greenish tint of my [TS]

  skin yes Spock is really quite pissed [TS]

  off in that episode [TS]

  he's like I can't believe I'm doing this [TS]

  crap I got the I'm trying to do all this [TS]

  stuff on a tricorder with the like i'll [TS]

  need some platinum what do you mean you [TS]

  can't get platinum come on [TS]

  yeah I also like when they let DeForest [TS]

  Kelley just really go off when she goes [TS]

  nuts hear any screaming assassin and [TS]

  he's all sweaty killer [TS]

  ok this very moment he looks like third [TS]

  season Kirk actually super sweaty [TS]

  there's that this this and the one where [TS]

  did they get old and he gets [TS]

  particularly cantankerous oh yeah he is [TS]

  he is very very funny and in the scenes [TS]

  where he's kind of allowed to really [TS]

  just go go wacky and this is a great [TS]

  example of this such a such a great [TS]

  bones of such a great character in [TS]

  general I mean in the corbomite maneuver [TS]

  which is his you know is that is I think [TS]

  that's his first episode there's a great [TS]

  moment where he says you know if this [TS]

  keeps going on like this i'm gonna start [TS]

  talking to myself where he's alone in [TS]

  her home happened that's like I love [TS]

  this guy this guy is great because he's [TS]

  so grumpy and you know and and for the [TS]

  sixties to the fact that there's this [TS]

  character who's so adversarial to the [TS]

  other characters and he's just always [TS]

  complaining disagree [TS]

  yeah it's so great idea what we do you [TS]

  green-blooded Vulcan you know I never [TS]

  trusted the transport yeah all right [TS]

  bones are not helping the whole it's a [TS]

  good tough love that he dishes out [TS]

  though [TS]

  no they they when they take him in the [TS]

  court remember when they take him to go [TS]

  over to Balak ship he's like stupid [TS]

  gadget with its my atoms are gonna get [TS]

  scheduling that's both get on the thing [TS]

  okay get on the thing that's an order [TS]

  use it all the time [TS]

  fine what does often malfunction so that [TS]

  really isn't only the only instance of [TS]

  Star Trek doing time-travel competently [TS]

  that there are a couple other time [TS]

  travel episodes there's one where they [TS]

  accidentally end up in again president [TS]

  say see ya 1968 the slingshot effect [TS]

  they sort of accidentally discovered the [TS]

  slingshot effect and then one season [TS]

  later suddenly it's just Derek grrrrrr [TS]

  yeah yes yeah in that I guess the [TS]

  operation colon earth through [TS]

  programming assignment callin her final [TS]

  corner if yes yes when they're just on a [TS]

  routine time travel at observation but [TS]

  shows epic existed the dangerous in [TS]

  between of like time travel is now easy [TS]

  and we can do it all the time [TS]

  there's no rules yet right now they [TS]

  don't know it's it's it's done well in [TS]

  city on the edge of forever bones jumped [TS]

  through the guardian of forever and it's [TS]

  like oh crap [TS]

  the enterprise is going uh ok i guess we [TS]

  did you do something here right [TS]

  and-and-and yeah it's really great i [TS]

  mean i have the original i bought the [TS]

  original Harlem awesome republished as [TS]

  Original Screenplay and you know it's [TS]

  different and he's because Harlan [TS]

  Ellison is a incredibly cranky guy he's [TS]

  all bent out of shape about the fact [TS]

  that it turns out DC fontana did the [TS]

  rewrite of it and which he didn't know [TS]

  for 20 years reality what happened is [TS]

  that he wrote a really great script that [TS]

  didn't fit the characters of the format [TS]

  and so Dorothy Fontana fixed it so that [TS]

  it would make sense [TS]

  DC Montana's Dorothea Dorothy yeah yes [TS]

  did not know she is she's a woman and in [TS]

  that era she that's why she was DC guys [TS]

  herself as default and she you know it [TS]

  was like a guy wanted a crewman was like [TS]

  dealing drugs on the enterprise and [TS]

  stuff like that like yeah we're not [TS]

  gonna we're not going to do that I told [TS]

  my [TS]

  Harlan Ellison story know you have 1i [TS]

  dumar sorry [TS]

  and everybody's got one we share i went [TS]

  to see a real game and talk at a thing [TS]

  at MIT you know 10 or 15 years ago and [TS]

  it was him [TS]

  Harlan Ellison and peter david and i did [TS]

  not know Harlan Ellison was and he [TS]

  basically got up and apparently at that [TS]

  time I think he was suing LOL some other [TS]

  ISPs for that were you know effectively [TS]

  assisting people in distributing you [TS]

  know like plain text copy pirated copies [TS]

  of his novels and he was very angry at [TS]

  anything related to technology which [TS]

  included students at MIT scientists and [TS]

  electricity [TS]

  he did a little bit like you know [TS]

  talking about who he was and that you [TS]

  know in reading for himself but he did a [TS]

  lot of yelling at the audience and he [TS]

  threw a bottle I think it was a plastic [TS]

  bottle but he did definitely throw a [TS]

  bottle into the audience in rage at one [TS]

  point 0 and then I felt bad afterwards [TS]

  because there was a huge long line to [TS]

  get signatures from from neil gaiman [TS]

  from Harlan Ellison and then there was [TS]

  nobody who wanted to talk to Peter David [TS]

  and by his babylon five scripts that you [TS]

  are trying to sell [TS]

  yeah but I got no game signature on you [TS]

  know you know on a copy Sandman so that [TS]

  was good [TS]

  Harlan Ellison my introduction to him a [TS]

  guy who throws bottles at people yeah [TS]

  hehe is apparently such a jerk he's a [TS]

  great writer he really is as a short [TS]

  story writer i have his i have most of [TS]

  his short story collections [TS]

  he's a he's a fantastic writer he's just [TS]

  a very questionable human being I think [TS]

  there's a great documentary uh about hit [TS]

  wright with sharp teeth [TS]

  I think maybe yeah something like it's [TS]

  just an unrepentant jerk yes he doesn't [TS]

  care but and I guess we should say I [TS]

  think he's I think he's very old and [TS]

  infirm now and has retired from writing [TS]

  and but Bobby this river but not from [TS]

  being a horrible person but no but [TS]

  sitting on the edge of forever you know [TS]

  it is great and I think one of the [TS]

  reasons its greatest because of his [TS]

  writing even though he complained about [TS]

  it being bastardized all that really [TS]

  that is the issue of you know it does [TS]

  need to feel like a star trek episode of [TS]

  shit so Dorothy Fontana did some stuff [TS]

  to it and I don't think [TS]

  screwed up that badly it's still [TS]

  probably the best Star Trek episode that [TS]

  was made so for pete's sake [TS]

  alright so da Tony you you get that one [TS]

  good job [TS]

  okay well playing past you I got one [TS]

  more that was my eye so far i picked [TS]

  three from season one [TS]

  yeah yeah I'll jump to season two was [TS]

  like that we want to say about it but [TS]

  the trouble with tribbles does resonate [TS]

  with me as a classic but the other why [TS]

  it was ridiculous but but i love it i [TS]

  even i like the Deep Space nine Episode [TS]

  where they get out they put your back [TS]

  into it yeah yeah they they stitch them [TS]

  together I kind of liked that episode [TS]

  better but um yeah you know the the [TS]

  other blu-rays there's a whole disk [TS]

  devoted to the trouble with tribbles [TS]

  where they have the original episode [TS]

  they have the animated series episode [TS]

  that got the Deep Space nine Episode got [TS]

  a commentary track they've got all this [TS]

  stuff about i watched all of them so [TS]

  yeah travels well not my favorite [TS]

  episode contains my favorite moment [TS]

  which is Kirk standing model mares while [TS]

  a stagehand somewhere off-screen frozen [TS]

  waterfalls and services trucks already [TS]

  said they closed that door off his head [TS]

  the whole first two and a half minutes [TS]

  he's standing there talking so the [TS]

  beauty of the Deep Space nine Episode is [TS]

  that they that is that cisco and Dax and [TS]

  that be the one doing it in the [TS]

  compartment and they're scanning [TS]

  troubles to find the bomb that's been [TS]

  hidden and as they scan them when [TS]

  they're done they check them behind just [TS]

  over their shoulder which is what it's [TS]

  hittin Kirk with it it's great so it's [TS]

  like who who is why were those troubles [TS]

  coming out made a clerk in the head [TS]

  turns out it's our other characters who [TS]

  are doing they don't have bombs on them [TS]

  because they're yeah so there but it's [TS]

  so great because somebody's like all [TS]

  right I'm gonna throw all these pop all [TS]

  the Shatner's head that is hilarious [TS]

  because long after the bulk of the [TS]

  tribbles have fallen out and gravity [TS]

  would have necessarily push them out of [TS]

  high school other ones are flying out of [TS]

  the completely wrong vector the app [TS]

  towards the side of his head he's got [TS]

  kind of this sort of grin on his face [TS]

  the whole time [TS]

  yeah he's just trying to get through the [TS]

  ski yeah well it gets the memories like [TS]

  I got to fix first off you know get the [TS]

  Klingons and to somebody close that door [TS]

  right it's like why it's so I mean [TS]

  because that's an episode that that is i [TS]

  love it when [TS]

  series that take themselves maybe too [TS]

  seriously do an episode that is an [TS]

  out-and-out comedy episode and the [TS]

  trouble with tribbles you know is one of [TS]

  the few Star Trek episodes that is is [TS]

  just completely a comedy it's not [TS]

  nothing no chuckle at the end moment it [TS]

  is broad and ridiculous from the very [TS]

  beginning and and it's funny throughout [TS]

  and it's like the Darin Morgan episodes [TS]

  of The X Files are like that where [TS]

  whether a few episodes the x-files which [TS]

  was very serious and David companies [TS]

  over there are eight UFOs and model and [TS]

  then there are these episodes were like [TS]

  oh this is crazy [TS]

  they're just they're just trying to four [TS]

  laps here and that I'm a sucker for that [TS]

  because i love i love i want to show [TS]

  doesn't take itself so seriously that it [TS]

  can't say we're just going to do a [TS]

  completely just worried about the jokes [TS]

  folks and the trouble with tribbles is [TS]

  about the jokes that's all it's about [TS]

  best I can figure they're bored pregnant [TS]

  which is quite a time saver great great [TS]

  episode [TS]

  Tony wins yeah no I mean I would sit [TS]

  city on the edge of forever in trouble [TS]

  with tribbles are always what people [TS]

  mentioned but you know there's a reason [TS]

  they're funny ones funny and was really [TS]

  tragic and dramatic and has great time [TS]

  travel and I mean I is those if you're [TS]

  going to pick to those are probably the [TS]

  two right and if you're Tony some [TS]

  upstart they are going to Tony they are [TS]

  the two yeah there you go [TS]

  oh honey I did not put any episodes from [TS]

  season three on my ass do I mean there [TS]

  are some that are ok brain spray and a [TS]

  braid one spring I don't know I I always [TS]

  thought the Tholian web was kind of [TS]

  interesting [TS]

  yeah that's stuck with me as a kid I [TS]

  love that stuff with me as a kid also [TS]

  with the web [TS]

  um there-there mysterious those aliens [TS]

  and they've got the weird spaceship and [TS]

  Kirk is like a ghost and and I wasn't [TS]

  sure if it totally made sense because [TS]

  that the web looks really [TS]

  two-dimensional when they're doing it [TS]

  they're limited special effects and it's [TS]

  like a top-to-bottom this webcam they [TS]

  just go over it on but but I thought I [TS]

  mean that have some neat ideas to do [TS]

  especially considering they were [TS]

  getting their budget destroyed at that [TS]

  point so should i mentioned some of the [TS]

  bad episodes [TS]

  yes why don't you just want to open for [TS]

  police and we just mentioned needing [TS]

  three so sorry [TS]

  yeah um in fact all kinds of my listener [TS]

  from season three haha there are other [TS]

  bad ones but I mean and I i should say [TS]

  rewatching some of these there were [TS]

  there were episodes i struggled to stay [TS]

  with their bad ones throughout but yeah [TS]

  and I can't even remember those [TS]

  specifically but like there were some [TS]

  season three but the good ones that say [TS]

  view that are the lifesavers aren't [TS]

  there and see some three [TS]

  yeah i mean Spock's brain is I don't [TS]

  know how much we need to say about it is [TS]

  but it's painful rain everybody's breath [TS]

  you know Spock's brain doesn't it's [TS]

  stupid but it doesn't bother me like [TS]

  some other episodes do because it's just [TS]

  it's it's dumb [TS]

  I love the moment where were McCoy says [TS]

  a child could do it right like it's like [TS]

  of course brain transplant that's easy [TS]

  right that many fixes i love that moment [TS]

  so i don't know i mean Spock's brain is [TS]

  always talked about is the worst star [TS]

  trek episode I'm not really i don't [TS]

  think it is it's just think it's [TS]

  ridiculous but at least entertaining and [TS]

  bring his brain what his brain you know [TS]

  and yes some of the worst acting yeah [TS]

  but it is pretty bad at it from an [TS]

  expected i guess i just think it's funny [TS]

  i don't know i don't think it's a bitch [TS]

  it [TS]

  yeah yeah I mean it's week I i will say [TS]

  when I was rewatching them and we got up [TS]

  to that I we have been doing pretty [TS]

  steady in a couple week and we got up to [TS]

  that it's like I gonna be a little while [TS]

  before I'm ready to watch that one let's [TS]

  take a break in and watch some other [TS]

  stuff for a little while but then we [TS]

  thought we did it we got through it [TS]

  arm the unfortunately I think not too [TS]

  far after that the empath oh man always [TS]

  sticks with me and there's there's some [TS]

  interesting stuff in there but it [TS]

  basically sticks with me is like the [TS]

  episode that we want to make an episode [TS]

  without actually building any sets [TS]

  yeah and it could be kind of interesting [TS]

  but it's not is it all takes place like [TS]

  it looks like they're just filming on [TS]

  like a black stage with occasional props [TS]

  that they drop it but there's it there's [TS]

  not an actual setting for it could have [TS]

  been done in some kind of [TS]

  atmospheric way but it just kind of [TS]

  comes off as as cheap [TS]

  unfortunately no i I'm so happy you [TS]

  mention that because because when people [TS]

  talk about the worst episodes and they [TS]

  talk about Spock's brain I'm always [TS]

  sitting there thinking the amp at the [TS]

  empath is right it's like no sad Sam [TS]

  it's like hey we have there's this [TS]

  business lady who's a mime yeah and we [TS]

  could do an episode with her [TS]

  it's great oh yeah that'll be really [TS]

  good god we don't have 15 minutes with [TS]

  him it [TS]

  no no don't do it oh yeah I've got to [TS]

  tell you have a somewhat episode yet you [TS]

  guys have just really spoiled it for me [TS]

  oh so I'm gonna get the horn out i think [TS]

  you're right about that [TS]

  good luck Steve good luck with him it's [TS]

  you know you're in season 3 it's hard [TS]

  slamming that's just how it is that [TS]

  there's some good episode things he is [TS]

  only just short of 50 years old you guys [TS]

  still need to the spoiler warning so [TS]

  yeah yeah the impact she's you should [TS]

  have warned people have copyrights track [TS]

  down the spoiler orchard yeah the empath [TS]

  she's an impact [TS]

  oh but not like the android all because [TS]

  she's a mime okay yeah that's a great [TS]

  when I'm glad you mentioned Tony I will [TS]

  also mention and for the world is hollow [TS]

  and I have touched the sky [TS]

  I just think that's way too long for an [TS]

  episode i love i love you know in the in [TS]

  the depths of especially next generation [TS]

  where they had episodes that were just [TS]

  like nouns you know the the power you [TS]

  want like a little poetry like a short [TS]

  story i really started to miss the fact [TS]

  that they would take these quotes from [TS]

  Shakespeare and make the episode titles [TS]

  like for the weigh-in for the world is [TS]

  hollow and I have touched the sky [TS]

  I mean that's actually kind of cool [TS]

  episode because like McCoy when you [TS]

  started the McCoy thinks he has a [TS]

  terminal illness and he's just given up [TS]

  on life and he's going to go live in [TS]

  this hollow asteroid with this Pete with [TS]

  these people and you [TS]

  he's really not a good doc it's such a [TS]

  bizarre episode that I kind of love it [TS]

  because it's so weird and it feels like [TS]

  like you know they could have written [TS]

  out McCoy in that episode that literally [TS]

  could just like well good-bye McCoy and [TS]

  then he's never on the show again you [TS]

  know it's like i'm struck with a rare [TS]

  incurable space illness if only i had [TS]

  the skills to to dedicate my life to [TS]

  cure again if I have some kind of healer [TS]

  or doctor I could [TS]

  I'm a doctor not a little today but no [TS]

  right to the to the asteroid let's go [TS]

  yeah yeah then everybody was it does [TS]

  feel like my level that it's the same [TS]

  account needs an episode from a bone [TS]

  give him a girlfriend for one episode [TS]

  ok alright it's like that episode [TS]

  captain Curtis is with the native [TS]

  american tribe except in a hollow after [TS]

  all man [TS]

  another good episode but yeah but I love [TS]

  those but the titles because really next [TS]

  generation especially they just the [TS]

  titles got so boring for a while that I [TS]

  really missed the the you know take five [TS]

  or six words from a Shakespeare play and [TS]

  make it in your title just you know I [TS]

  want those long titles that were they [TS]

  have to wrap and have it be on several [TS]

  lines me that that's that's the long run [TS]

  give me that no more noun titles just [TS]

  crazy titles like though you're right it [TS]

  is a little extreme it's like yeah for [TS]

  the world is hollow and I've touched the [TS]

  sky that's like a Harlan Ellison short [TS]

  story is ridiculously long [TS]

  yeah so I'm about halfway through [TS]

  rewatching see the third season I think [TS]

  the only episode that I'm kind of [TS]

  looking forward to that I remember [TS]

  strongly in the the last chunk there is [TS]

  a let that be your battle your last [TS]

  battlefield sticks with me as is like [TS]

  somewhat of a classic episode if i'm [TS]

  remembering correctly but I've not [TS]

  actually watched it yet so yes well I do [TS]

  like a good luck with that one [TS]

  I don't have to go now to go have to to [TS]

  watch that was a little heavy-handed a [TS]

  little bit [TS]

  isn't that you know the late season 3 [TS]

  episode that sticks out for me and I [TS]

  actually watched it today is all [TS]

  yesterday's which I like it's it's it's [TS]

  pretty good it's not great but it's [TS]

  pretty good and when I say that season [TS]

  three was bad the fact that next to last [TS]

  episode was actually pretty good you [TS]

  know there's some good stuff in there [TS]

  that's that's the one with Mary and [TS]

  hartley and they go the ice age and spot [TS]

  gets all old old school Vulcan and and [TS]

  cranky and Kirk is a witch in the Salem [TS]

  witch trials for some reason but i like [TS]

  that episode that's mr. 8oz he's the [TS]

  world's meanest most passive aggressive [TS]

  library and there's some good stuff in [TS]

  there [TS]

  alright is that it Tony [TS]

  that's that's it for me alright so we [TS]

  let you guys go first because Scott and [TS]

  I presumably have lived here so long [TS]

  our Fox route time that yeah exactly [TS]

  that we let you go first astute say [TS]

  things that we're going to say anyway [TS]

  accession so I've just been checking on [TS]

  me too [TS]

  there's no need to buy find that highly [TS]

  unlikely so with Stephen tonys picks [TS]

  safely out of the way [TS]

  surely there's nothing more for Scott [TS]

  and I to say and that's why you can stay [TS]

  tuned for our next episode where Scott [TS]

  and I talked about Star Trek for another [TS]

  hour until then this is jason l for [TS]

  Scott McNulty Steve let's and Tony [TS]

  sindelar thanks for listening to the [TS]

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