The Incomparable

130: And the Children Shall Lead


  I believe steve is going to get his kid [TS]

  on the show before i get mine on that's [TS]

  amazing all eat it smells yeah seriously [TS]

  the incomparable number 100 third be [TS]

  march 2013 so Scott lay it on me [TS]

  alright well so like I said there are [TS]

  reason I have very different reasons for [TS]

  liking different episodes and really I [TS]

  just like all of the episodes but I [TS]

  could really say that because that's [TS]

  just lame and now that i'm rewatching in [TS]

  order these episodes are fresh in my [TS]

  mind so I the first one that picture [TS]

  from the first season obviously I didn't [TS]

  like where no man has gone before mostly [TS]

  because Gary Mitchell oh yeah is a cool [TS]

  character great great episode may or may [TS]

  not appear in star trek into darkness so [TS]

  weird weird uh looking because it's a [TS]

  pilot so the uniforms are different [TS]

  that's all [TS]

  but but so tragic right that he's like [TS]

  he's Kirk's best friend is basically [TS]

  what we're told and because it's the [TS]

  pilot episode you know [TS]

  sure okay and then and then he gets a [TS]

  little glowy eyes and and becomes the [TS]

  murderous horrible killer best friend i [TS]

  look forward to seeing more of you are [TS]

  well and if the pilot we have our first [TS]

  instance of the man who suddenly becomes [TS]

  omnipotent yeah it's true and he has to [TS]

  wear crazy silver a contact lenses ouch [TS]

  aah when I watched it before I never [TS]

  really correctly that you know they were [TS]

  contact lenses now i'm watching it on [TS]

  the blu-ray and it's very high [TS]

  resolution and it is clear that those [TS]

  things must have been incredibly painful [TS]

  to wear their rotoscoped in some places [TS]

  but not others because that scene where [TS]

  where it fades out you can still see his [TS]

  eyes and that's because the rotoscope [TS]

  was still hair and made left it because [TS]

  it was super creepy but yes even the [TS]

  fade-out could not stop his eyes the [TS]

  eyes are pretty creepy i have to say and [TS]

  apparently he shared Gary Mitchell they [TS]

  had contact lenses that they had to [TS]

  where he can only wear them for a couple [TS]

  minutes because they are excruciatingly [TS]

  painful and he could see through a pin [TS]

  holes so that's why you had to hold his [TS]

  head back so he could see people which [TS]

  is kind of course it also features the [TS]

  tombstone of James are Kirk that [TS]

  well it shows that Gary was not [TS]

  omnipotent can certainly played a [TS]

  practical joke and said that his middle [TS]

  name was Roy and it wasn't also Sally [TS]

  Kellerman is in that episode and she's [TS]

  she's really great too [TS]

  yes so that's fun episode i also like [TS]

  Charlie X with the weird Charlie act the [TS]

  weird [TS]

  Charlie guy Anthony you know wishing [TS]

  people the cornfield mentioned that [TS]

  earlier and it ends recently [TS]

  space seed course of course column is [TS]

  introduced i watch that today to that [TS]

  that is a good that it's a good episode [TS]

  although the the sexism in that episode [TS]

  was really awful i have to say because [TS]

  they introduced Marla MacGyver's the the [TS]

  historian and from the very first scene [TS]

  she's basically terrible at her job and [TS]

  all she wants to do is be in love with [TS]

  the pretty man that they're thawing out [TS]

  of the Botany Bay that's what historians [TS]

  do [TS]

  she's a heck of a painter though I said [TS]

  to my family as I was watching it so [TS]

  moral of this episode is don't let women [TS]

  be officers on the spaceship [TS]

  it's really good it's so bad so bad [TS]

  great but but Montalban [TS]

  I mean it's if you put you could tell [TS]

  what episodes the writers of structure [TS]

  to watched before they wrote star trek [TS]

  to basically watch space seed and [TS]

  corbomite maneuver and put them together [TS]

  Montalban so good you almost believe [TS]

  he's indian you almost well I mean they [TS]

  don't know whether they change i think [TS]

  at least they changed his hair he looks [TS]

  could sort of like he could be siiick [TS]

  until he speaks and then he's got his [TS]

  his act normal accent rich Corinthian [TS]

  accent but but but he's so great i mean [TS]

  i say we i could see why you'd watch [TS]

  that episode and say oh this is is is [TS]

  Ricardo Montalban available because this [TS]

  is what we should do this is said yeah I [TS]

  remember my early days on the bustling [TS]

  streets of Calcutta although the [TS]

  potholes in that episode where where [TS]

  where kirtle gives him a sure mr. [TS]

  mysterious man who seemed vaguely [TS]

  threatening read all of our technical [TS]

  information and then later where he [TS]

  where he convenes this whole like trial [TS]

  only to say i'm dropping all the charges [TS]

  were going to be me down to a planet [TS]

  good luck [TS]

  you tried to take over my sugar no hard [TS]

  feelings because I think you're kinda [TS]

  cool even though you tried to kill me [TS]

  i'm giving you a planet seems weird have [TS]

  a feeling that whole scenario probably [TS]

  turned out okay though i'm sure it's out [TS]

  of here it's just hard but we discussed [TS]

  in the star trek to episode how most of [TS]

  Starfleet crew seemed to be borderline [TS]

  income [TS]

  yeah it's it's just it's strange that [TS]

  they get anything seats to fill seats to [TS]

  fill study out 45 seems fine it'll be [TS]

  fine [TS]

  the historian is is just an example of [TS]

  what it's like on most of the other [TS]

  ships throughout the powerfully truth as [TS]

  bumbling idiots [TS]

  yeah going through uh let's see [TS]

  Oh a taste of Armageddon i like because [TS]

  when i was a kid it just blew my mouth [TS]

  that they would have a the computers [TS]

  fighting wars and then calculate [TS]

  casualties and then people were just [TS]

  willingly go into booths and I that's [TS]

  good that's got a nice twilight zone [TS]

  feel to it to the whole submitting to [TS]

  death business [TS]

  I'm glad you mentioned that Scott [TS]

  because that is on my list very high up [TS]

  and you know in some ways it's the [TS]

  archetype star trek episode because you [TS]

  know Kirk is supposed to not interfere [TS]

  with other cultures and he totally just [TS]

  then he whatever worldwide computer [TS]

  controls your culture he will destroy it [TS]

  legend I love that I that is one of my [TS]

  certainly one of my top 5 a and it is [TS]

  because of all the things that make the [TS]

  original Star Trek break that it's got [TS]

  the social commentary it's a very much a [TS]

  cold war story i love the idea that [TS]

  technology has allowed these people to [TS]

  make war palatable and that Kirk comes [TS]

  and basically says I'm going to break [TS]

  your computer's if you want to kill each [TS]

  other you're gonna have to actually kill [TS]

  each other and he's so aghast by how [TS]

  clean they made it and how they're just [TS]

  going to send people to these this [TS]

  horrific idea that the computers like [TS]

  your number comes up and they just send [TS]

  you to the disintegration chamber and [TS]

  people go it's like well I'm a casualty [TS]

  I've got to go and it's it's just it's [TS]

  mind-blowing it's it's so great i mean [TS]

  if i don't go people might actually die [TS]

  yeah that and then so i'll just go and [TS]

  then is going disintegrated and that and [TS]

  that Kirk's reaction is basically this [TS]

  is crap i I'm gonna go bro [TS]

  I'm gonna break their society because I [TS]

  can't allow this to continue as more or [TS]

  less just a prime guideline in season 1 [TS]

  prime suggestion but he's totally right [TS]

  so it's got that it's got that's kind of [TS]

  social twist about about nuclear war and [TS]

  mutually assured destruction all of that [TS]

  that's going on and and it's got i just [TS]

  i love i love a taste of Armageddon it's [TS]

  it's kirk at his best at saying you know [TS]

  I don't care I don't care your society [TS]

  stupid studies really stupid and I don't [TS]

  screw it up and you're gonna have to [TS]

  figure it out no we only don't mess with [TS]

  the non stupid society I'm sorry yeah I [TS]

  who am I to judge [TS]

  alright Starfleet captain that's who i [TS]

  am i'm gonna ask your computer society [TS]

  stupid your hats or twice the stupid [TS]

  yeah yeah bad hats but what Spock ones [TS]

  one well we kid Landrieu we could lay [TS]

  drew involved and all the other admitted [TS]

  computer's been around here in norman [TS]

  they kind of have that the whole off the [TS]

  shoulder thing going in that episode 2 [TS]

  it's the inventory ins and all of that [TS]

  you know it's just like James Kirk is [TS]

  tired of your crap he's gonna turn off [TS]

  your computer and hey if you want to [TS]

  fight you gotta fight like for real [TS]

  that's enough to deal with it i love i [TS]

  love that episode so I'm glad you [TS]

  mentioned it Scott because I don't think [TS]

  he gets enough credit [TS]

  I i think i think we great episode it is [TS]

  it is so awesome [TS]

  yeah so good that i mock time we talked [TS]

  about yet mirror mirror i love because [TS]

  Spock is evil with the disappeared [TS]

  Oh probably forgot to mention that one [TS]

  the goatee so great of Captain Kirk has [TS]

  a machine in his crib in his quarters [TS]

  that lets you basically like find anyone [TS]

  on the ship and make them disappear [TS]

  which is awesome we should get into the [TS]

  cornfield the space cornfield [TS]

  yeah and it introduces the whole mirror [TS]

  universe which is just going to thing [TS]

  installed mine forever Syria did they [TS]

  make it a little too much but I just [TS]

  like any thing that happens in the [TS]

  mirror her universe they make it [TS]

  appropriately [TS]

  did you know that there are whole [TS]

  parallel universes where the American [TS]

  flag has red stripes or the white [TS]

  stripes shall be no worries II just [TS]

  insane [TS]

  I just love that episode because what's [TS]

  not to love about that doesn't like it's [TS]

  so great that Spock and spoke with the [TS]

  beard that's like the evil duplicate has [TS]

  a beard is no I think it's is the thing [TS]

  because of the success yeah this is [TS]

  another way that Star Trek is shaped by [TS]

  society [TS]

  i like the little twist there to where [TS]

  there's the one character in the mirror [TS]

  universe we don't know which is that [TS]

  curse girlfriend who's his accomplice [TS]

  and then at the very end she's been [TS]

  assigned to the enterprise i love that [TS]

  twist where it's like oh and now here's [TS]

  your mirror this universe it's nice [TS]

  that's interesting that the evil Kirk [TS]

  can have a girlfriend but the good kirk [TS]

  has the enterprise instead [TS]

  that's right that's his girl yep only if [TS]

  he were evil would he have a room in his [TS]

  life for a woman that's an important [TS]

  lesson for us all i think yeah and if [TS]

  you talk about I talk about episodes [TS]

  influential and the spin-offs later I [TS]

  mean the Deep Space nine producers could [TS]

  not get enough of the laminator of [TS]

  mining this episode and and quite right [TS]

  I've made it and made those are fun [TS]

  episodes too so yeah I remember when [TS]

  those came on i was so excited because [TS]

  it's like oh yeah because i love that I [TS]

  love that episode and in their [TS]

  universities like you know we leave [TS]

  mirror mirror and it's like Spock is [TS]

  gonna basically overthrow everything and [TS]

  make everything good which is great and [TS]

  you FaceTime we learned that leads to [TS]

  them being horribly destroyed because [TS]

  they're weak then because they're nice [TS]

  and yeah i mean that's great just to see [TS]

  you know these characters this is in the [TS]

  second season so you kind of the [TS]

  characters are established and then the [TS]

  picture because the opposite of what [TS]

  they are so it's an interesting take on [TS]

  it and apparently the prime directive [TS]

  does not apply to parallel universes [TS]

  either know he pretty much door except [TS]

  that one does not apply it doesn't [TS]

  really apply anywhere [TS]

  yeah it's not a big believer in the [TS]

  front directive is the prime directive [TS]

  mentioned in the original series I just [TS]

  yeah [TS]

  oh I always really watching next-gen I [TS]

  was just like I basically read it as [TS]

  like in you know don't be late in [TS]

  response to captain it's not not even [TS]

  our prime directive is really that to [TS]

  how often does it mention it is like you [TS]

  know a while have half of those Rome / [TS]

  Nazi / Chicago episodes are [TS]

  are showing the the unwise miss of [TS]

  violating the prime directive because [TS]

  most of them were caused by some dude [TS]

  from Starfleet I just feel like like [TS]

  even if Kirk isn't big on it you think [TS]

  like other people should be like xbox [TS]

  and have a thing we say like I know you [TS]

  do whatever you want but I'm required by [TS]

  protocol remind you that the prime [TS]

  directive you know now continue [TS]

  Kurdistan believer [TS]

  he'll give it lift lip service but when [TS]

  he can when he can destroy the planet [TS]

  there the computer that is dominating [TS]

  the planet will do it [TS]

  yeah you know so that becomes really [TS]

  important when they're stuck in ancient [TS]

  Rome for some reason it's well you have [TS]

  to draw a line somewhere [TS]

  yes well Scott ah well I way we did mock [TS]

  these two episodes already but I do in [TS]

  fact like a piece of the action and [TS]

  patterns of course I like patterns of [TS]

  force mostly because they're nazis in it [TS]

  yeah and it's always fun to see ya Nazi [TS]

  know you love that [TS]

  how do we got scott once again going on [TS]

  audio record for his patterns of force [TS]

  is not about again planet the Nazis [TS]

  makes it sound wacky and stupid but it's [TS]

  at it it is this is it is very is always [TS]

  kind of what it's about is a guy who [TS]

  gets obsessed I mean you hear these [TS]

  people that there were always people who [TS]

  would say you know in this really [TS]

  disturbing way like well you know Hitler [TS]

  kind of have the right idea but it was [TS]

  just a little misguided room he took it [TS]

  too far if he just hadn't done all that [TS]

  you know that you killing and all that [TS]

  stuff the rest of it was good [TS]

  the roads were nice yeah so John Gill in [TS]

  patterns of force is that guy and he [TS]

  tried his tries to work it out and no it [TS]

  doesn't work it does not work it's [TS]

  fundamentally evil it's not a bad and [TS]

  he's like decrepit and dying and then [TS]

  dead and uses a figurehead and its [TS]

  really it's not it's not a bad episode [TS]

  at all [TS]

  no I like it yeah I mean I'd it does [TS]

  kind of have a feel of hey look we have [TS]

  these leftover Nazi Nazi uniform she [TS]

  also wore to wasn't that long ago and [TS]

  you know even even still I think it's a [TS]

  pretty good and see my great you know [TS]

  Kirk and Spock Spock wearing a helmet [TS]

  the entire time to hide his ears natural [TS]

  and piece of the action is just a comedy [TS]

  episode like trouble I think I'd better [TS]

  i think it's funnier than trouble with [TS]

  tribbles i love the scene when he [TS]

  distracts the gangsters by teaching them [TS]

  for this Ben isn't [TS]

  yes that's the whole reason i love this [TS]

  episode except at night on thursday and [TS]

  it would and vic tayback from alice is [TS]

  in this episode one of the game's see [TS]

  now it's always good to see mouth and [TS]

  there's and Spock has a hat again and a [TS]

  suit and a machine gun I'd advise you to [TS]

  keep styling idea Curt bone full 90 yeah [TS]

  I recall an important factor Nemo has an [TS]

  SS uniform [TS]

  alright in patterns of force but in a [TS]

  piece of the action they're both done up [TS]

  like like gangsters with the with the [TS]

  pinstripe suits and all that and that's [TS]

  right you know and so and super funny [TS]

  and uh and Scotty has to translate [TS]

  gangster speak into under Federation [TS]

  speak heaters are all phasers are right [TS]

  i love that I love piece of the action [TS]

  the kid that like wants to be cut in for [TS]

  a piece of the action when Kirk like [TS]

  conspires with the kid to fake the kid [TS]

  like hurting himself and so they can get [TS]

  into the yeah it's that I love piece of [TS]

  the action is great [TS]

  that's one of my that's one of my favs [TS]

  and it's and it's really it's underrated [TS]

  because trouble with tribbles get all [TS]

  the acclaim piece of the action just as [TS]

  funny that's it's hard to be the trouble [TS]

  with a gangster [TS]

  it's your Vic tabak not as cuddly as a [TS]

  triple it's true it's a but i will say [TS]

  for patterns of force that you get not [TS]

  only shirtless shirtless Kirk but [TS]

  shirtless Spock [TS]

  oh yes you do because they have to get [TS]

  the little manacles off in the laser [TS]

  that's right thing [TS]

  the light ya light bulb laser and it [TS]

  work spoke is that good okay he's [TS]

  MacGyver Vulcan my god that's got the [TS]

  whole comedy bit with him standing on [TS]

  Kirk's recently with back and say me who [TS]

  tortured that's that's the episode also [TS]

  where they stand the planet [TS]

  I didn't I wasn't sure how that worked [TS]

  but is that a row in in piece of the [TS]

  action made likes done a whole city [TS]

  block right yeah from space you know [TS]

  no you're not yes you know maybe those [TS]

  people they all have cancer now but it's [TS]

  making you have answer yes they're [TS]

  gangsters but what you mentioned a space [TS]

  madness a lot in the first few episodes [TS]

  of Star i just i go i remember that the [TS]

  the stunning is conveniently green so [TS]

  it's like you know it's just green light [TS]

  all over the city block everyone [TS]

  I sure that red light red light would be [TS]

  bad in keeping with the gangster theme [TS]

  the entire planet now has syphilis sorry [TS]

  huh oops yeah minor side effect with the [TS]

  stun setting of the enterprise phasers [TS]

  that is a common side effect of of [TS]

  Captain Kirk visiting places so and Kirk [TS]

  goes syphilis frequently follows you [TS]

  know basic stuff up space syphilis what [TS]

  happens when the Federation comes and [TS]

  declares prohibition over the whole [TS]

  planet just shut down at us [TS]

  oh by the way again talking about tropes [TS]

  that are replayed later in korba might [TS]

  maneuver they do the whole you will be [TS]

  destroyed in 10 of your earth minutes [TS]

  which I cannot at the time i'm sure it [TS]

  was fine but I cannot listen to 10 of [TS]

  your earth minutes without laughing now [TS]

  you don't look for you know when you [TS]

  have a villain you want them to do the [TS]

  unit conversion for you yeah just it [TS]

  looks really awkward if you die like [TS]

  while you're doing the math on your [TS]

  fingers to try and figure out how much [TS]

  how many minutes is that inner 30 [TS]

  minutes [TS]

  yeah you will die in 17 orbits one [TS]

  doctor who that was exactly it's like [TS]

  the Daleks are not as as kind as as [TS]

  Baylock isn't that they're like you will [TS]

  be destroyed in 10 rels like what the [TS]

  hell're rels is that second is that [TS]

  minutes is that ours [TS]

  I don't know converted for hang on let [TS]

  me get on google yeah yeah they're not [TS]

  known for this rights reserved 17 rails [TS]

  in earth minutes your minutes are [TS]

  irrelevant [TS]

  sorry your earth minutes 4 minutes space [TS]

  dollars [TS]

  oh it's it's like it's like 40 years ok [TS]

  I'm going then we've got time you go [TS]

  right ahead with the seven rules okay [TS]

  Scott what else [TS]

  oh I didn't mention we mentioned Scotty [TS]

  and so just a funny aside the first [TS]

  episode where Scotty makes an appearance [TS]

  i was watching with my wife and she said [TS]

  who is that and I said that Scotty and [TS]

  she said it does have a mustache like [TS]

  okay it's scotty trust me movie Scotty [TS]

  has a mustache movies gonna have lost [TS]

  that is very large a TV show [TS]

  Scotty they had clean shaven know much [TS]

  for that mustache [TS]

  yeah it's important it's like a [TS]

  different guy [TS]

  it's true I stolen web I I pic right [TS]

  because I i liked the web and it also is [TS]

  a callback it's called back in [TS]

  enterprise [TS]

  yes which I like so yeah I was again i [TS]

  have always captured my attention when [TS]

  Greg moss and I wrote our Star Trek The [TS]

  Next Generation spec script in college [TS]

  narrates it feat it featured yes i get i [TS]

  said next generation spec script Steve [TS]

  I'm I'm conceding we had the foliage [TS]

  says that has the bad guys in our in our [TS]

  script because the Tholian web was so [TS]

  cool but they didn't like our script so [TS]

  we had to wait until enterprise for them [TS]

  to come back to steal your idea you [TS]

  answer yeah that damn damn right [TS]

  also uh I just I like the fact that Kirk [TS]

  is presumed dead and everybody has to [TS]

  like there's a really nice scene with [TS]

  Spock and McCoy where they're basically [TS]

  like talking about what they're going to [TS]

  do now Kirk is dead and it's kind of [TS]

  cool while and then of course all the [TS]

  drama sapped away by Kirk appearing [TS]

  floating ghost-like to curtail her while [TS]

  she's wearing her underwear but goes Jim [TS]

  up until then [TS]

  yeah that's a normal thing yeah this [TS]

  kirk you know as a his machine in his [TS]

  quarters but matter her Kirk as a [TS]

  machine that can make people disappear [TS]

  regular cancer she that lets it project [TS]

  his ghostly image and women's quarters [TS]

  yeah that's my Kurt that would that [TS]

  would be a good would you rather [TS]

  actually haha and my final one we did [TS]

  mention and it is heavy-handed and i [TS]

  only like it because the Riddler isn't [TS]

  it uh the Year last battlefield I just [TS]

  enjoy a corsa question Frank Gorshin so [TS]

  it gets a plus one for me [TS]

  alright okay should I go I got my list [TS]

  to Jason most of them have been taken [TS]

  most of them but taking I've been [TS]

  talking about the corbomite maneuver [TS]

  there's something about it it's the [TS]

  first episode after they shot the pilots [TS]

  so it's trying to define what the show [TS]

  is going to be their surprise surprising [TS]

  amount of conversation about like [TS]

  shipboard life but it's got Kirk at his [TS]

  best right where he's just making things [TS]

  up [TS]

  ok like like post box [TS]

  like well we lost the chess match [TS]

  against it's over and we're all dead and [TS]

  Kirk's like no not chess bak poker and [TS]

  he's and he's like kayln frequencies [TS]

  open we've invented a thing that's where [TS]

  rubber and you're glue and everything [TS]

  bounces off of us and sticks to you good [TS]

  luck and you know cut it to her and this [TS]

  giant species like tell us more about [TS]

  your curve right Kirk thinkers and [TS]

  request denied and Emily well will tell [TS]

  you to a planet then it's so great that [TS]

  he that skirt right he's he's thinking [TS]

  him self out of these situations it's [TS]

  why i say that starter to where he does [TS]

  the whole thing with the prefix code I [TS]

  feel like it's lifted right out of the [TS]

  corbomite maneuver and of course then [TS]

  you get this great ending where this [TS]

  this alien that you've seen who looks [TS]

  super scary but also like a puppet [TS]

  because it's a puppet because he's an [TS]

  alien on Star Trek is a puppet neatly [TS]

  explains why the puppet is so poorly [TS]

  pick that one watching when I was [TS]

  watching that episode with my lady she [TS]

  was like that is so clearly a puppet [TS]

  think that's seriously wait for it and [TS]

  wait for it once again audience you know [TS]

  several steps ahead of the crowd [TS]

  enterprise yeah you know it's a put not [TS]

  not just a puppet a crudely meet action [TS]

  without arms yeah really isn't the whole [TS]

  corbomite gambit makes perfect sense [TS]

  because baloch being worldly in the ways [TS]

  of the universe surely knows that the [TS]

  galaxy is ripe with people that have [TS]

  ultimate power and continueth whatever [TS]

  they want at a moment's notice sure to [TS]

  show up all the time and Kirk might well [TS]

  be one of the beings of pure energy [TS]

  yeah corbomite exactly sounds like one [TS]

  of these two lane guys that's that's [TS]

  great that's so great so I like that [TS]

  episode so weird but it's great [TS]

  Scott mentioned a taste of Armageddon [TS]

  love that a lot [TS]

  we mentioned a mock time devil in the [TS]

  dark city village forever i want to [TS]

  mention the doomsday machine uh which is [TS]

  a real action adventure thing it's got [TS]

  William wyndham as Commodore Decker who [TS]

  has a in a great like tragic moment he [TS]

  beams his team he beams his crew down to [TS]

  a planet so that he can defeat this [TS]

  horrible machine and then the machine [TS]

  destroys the planet and leaves him alone [TS]

  so it's due [TS]

  his entire crew to death and he's the [TS]

  only survivor which is the opposite of [TS]

  what a captain he thinks he's doing the [TS]

  going down with the ship thing and it [TS]

  drives him insane and so then he takes [TS]

  command of the enterprise and and and [TS]

  there's a lot of great stuff in the in [TS]

  the remastered version where they [TS]

  because they went back and tried to redo [TS]

  all of the special effects and CGI and I [TS]

  think they were pretty faithful and and [TS]

  did a pretty good job actually I don't [TS]

  have a star wars kind of problem with it [TS]

  no I think they did it well but that [TS]

  episode actually looks great with the [TS]

  redone version because they couldn't [TS]

  like their multiple ships and there's [TS]

  you know and and in the old model stage [TS]

  they couldn't do it and into in the in [TS]

  the remastered version it looks great [TS]

  it's fast-paced and windows performances [TS]

  beeping he's he's he's crazy but it's [TS]

  great it's i love that episode it's it's [TS]

  a it's a real great fast-moving action [TS]

  adventure he's obsessed he's insane [TS]

  he's extremely well acted as Decker to [TS]

  ya he really gives off kind of that mean [TS]

  he seems like he's in control and yet [TS]

  there's that kind of undercurrent of [TS]

  this guy is going to do something insane [TS]

  very shortly here it's much more subtle [TS]

  than the acting you generally can't on [TS]

  the air is right right and Kirk loses [TS]

  command of a ship right which is the [TS]

  worst thing for Kirk right whenever he [TS]

  loses command of the ship that is he [TS]

  he's really upset and decker outranks [TS]

  him to basically says I'm gonna take [TS]

  your ship and destroy it [TS]

  you can't do anything about it may [TS]

  finally you know relieve him of duty and [TS]

  he steals a shuttlecraft and kills [TS]

  himself and and in doing so provides the [TS]

  way for the enterprise to survive as you [TS]

  do and i love the idea too that there's [TS]

  and this is this was lifted by star trek [TS]

  for it's a very similar concept of Star [TS]

  Trek for where there's a machine it's [TS]

  coming from like outside the galaxy from [TS]

  a race of beings you know beyond our [TS]

  comprehension and like literally it's [TS]

  just sort of like they left turned on [TS]

  and it's now destroying us because they [TS]

  weren't paying attention anymore and [TS]

  it's sort of demonstrate for you know [TS]

  that the machine that threatens earth is [TS]

  very similar to that and I like that [TS]

  it's kind of creepy that it's not an [TS]

  alien race that's out to get us it's an [TS]

  alien race that so it [TS]

  advanced that their detritus will [TS]

  completely destroy us and they don't [TS]

  care because it's just like junk that [TS]

  you know whatever let it go with 2nd [TS]

  deal with it [TS]

  yeah you're society's garbage over the [TS]

  galaxy was like wow yeah that episode [TS]

  was written by Norman Spinrad who is a [TS]

  very good science fiction right yeah [TS]

  yeah there's a lot of great scifi [TS]

  writers wrote a theater sturgeon wrote a [TS]

  bunch of like at least two star trek [TS]

  episodes too so so you mentioned where [TS]

  no man has gone before [TS]

  balance of terror I like arena a lot [TS]

  it's the Gorn yet to guide a lizard suit [TS]

  but I like that they're at Vasquez rocks [TS]

  the rock formation that's been in every [TS]

  sci-fi movie and TV show of all time [TS]

  ever but this is like the core of it [TS]

  where Kirk asta that essentially the the [TS]

  episode is being watched by the crew of [TS]

  the enterprise which i also love that [TS]

  like Spock and McCoy they're all on the [TS]

  bridge watching Kirk as he does the [TS]

  episode and commenting on it mystery [TS]

  science theater style almost like if you [TS]

  can find some coal and some diamonds [TS]

  that's got it he spewed out without I i [TS]

  do something about that i love i love [TS]

  that and i'm also a sucker for episode [TS]

  shot on location because so many of the [TS]

  alien planets and start record the [TS]

  Cyclorama things where it's the stand [TS]

  stage and it's very it's like got a pink [TS]

  sky and it's totally fake when it's not [TS]

  it's the the hills just outside of Los [TS]

  Angeles right well I love that it's it's [TS]

  California or a soundstage that's all [TS]

  they've got [TS]

  yeah I love it I love it when it's when [TS]

  it's the grapevine or bass rocks it [TS]

  makes me sad when it's the pink sound [TS]

  stage right yeah I'm so arena is good [TS]

  journey to Babel which I mentioned with [TS]

  with mark leonard as as as sorry xbox [TS]

  father and Jane Wyatt as Amanda his [TS]

  mother that's a fun episode because not [TS]

  only do we get that the the Vulcan stuff [TS]

  but there's this whole spy planes lots [TS]

  of alien races and yeah there's like a [TS]

  fake Andorian and liking guys [TS]

  rather the Tellarites that the pig [TS]

  aliens were were quite quarrelsome and [TS]

  and the blue and torian's and like [TS]

  little tiny guys who don't say anything [TS]

  but drink lots of space alcohols [TS]

  boos yeah uh and and there's that crazy [TS]

  spaceship that's like just like a [TS]

  pinpoint of light and it goes like warp [TS]

  10 but you but it's a it's on a suicide [TS]

  mission and so let's get this kind of [TS]

  spy feel + + this great series of [TS]

  escalating jeopardy kind of things we're [TS]

  sorry has a heart attack and he needs a [TS]

  blood transfusion and only spot can give [TS]

  it to him but then Kirk gets stabbed by [TS]

  a spy and so Kirk a spot can't give up [TS]

  command because he's now taking commands [TS]

  Kirk's been incapacitated so then his [TS]

  father is going to die so that Kirk [TS]

  fakes being better it gets on the bridge [TS]

  to send spot to go have the surgery and [TS]

  then Kirk is calling Scotty to come take [TS]

  over for him when the attack happens [TS]

  it's this great sequence of all of these [TS]

  things leading together that I really [TS]

  love just as an action-adventure kind of [TS]

  thing plus the whole detail like Spock's [TS]

  relationship with his father and that [TS]

  just i love i love that that's a DC [TS]

  fontana special look that's a really [TS]

  great episode and then the other two [TS]

  that we haven't mentioned that i wanted [TS]

  to bring up are the ultimate computer [TS]

  which is great because it's all about [TS]

  computers and technology replacing [TS]

  workers which is fascinating [TS]

  given that the time period it's [TS]

  basically i've invented the computer [TS]

  that can replace Captain Kirk [TS]

  so let's remove his chair and put a [TS]

  blinking computer in its place and of [TS]

  course the computer goes horribly bad [TS]

  and next attacking all the other star [TS]

  ships and all that and there's dr. [TS]

  daystrom who's a mad scientist to who [TS]

  you know I've invented the m5 it's so [TS]

  beautiful don't destroy my creation but [TS]

  but in and watching it it blows me away [TS]

  watching it now that that what what that [TS]

  episode is really about is like you know [TS]

  workers being replaced by technology [TS]

  which is a really interesting thing and [TS]

  and keeps happening [TS]

  that's just part of the march of [TS]

  technology and like when it one of the [TS]

  machines better than humans at doing a [TS]

  particular job at what happens to the [TS]

  people who are replaced which again I [TS]

  love the star trek tried to tackle [TS]

  issues like that [TS]

  de-stress backstory and that one is [TS]

  really cool too because he's he's the [TS]

  guy who peach too early and yeah there's [TS]

  one thing I ever did could could measure [TS]

  up to his earlier discoveries and right [TS]

  you got a little reckless towards the [TS]

  end because he was trying to do [TS]

  something is as impressive as his [TS]

  earlier try too hard and he realizes [TS]

  finally but he's you know he's gone [TS]

  horribly wrong and of course in the in [TS]

  the store trying to to do some things [TS]

  that are groundbreaking he's he's he's [TS]

  black so you get that kind of like he's [TS]

  the computed black computer genius which [TS]

  is casting that's a bold casting [TS]

  decision for 1968 which i think is cool [TS]

  to not not until diehard we see another [TS]

  one of his yeah that's right and [TS]

  terminator 2 ok but but i love i love i [TS]

  love that one and and again in the [TS]

  remastered effects when they've got like [TS]

  five different enterprise class ships [TS]

  they don't have one model anymore in the [TS]

  remaster effect so they can do some more [TS]

  interesting things then then we only [TS]

  have one look it's a ship and another [TS]

  ship but they never see them at the same [TS]

  time and then the other one i want to [TS]

  mention is what are little girls made of [TS]

  which is a more or it's an early first [TS]

  season more creepy it's like a Christine [TS]

  chapel episode kind of which is weird [TS]

  but it's it's got a TED Cassidy as the [TS]

  giant android ruck and it's it's gotta [TS]

  with christine chapels old boyfriend [TS]

  Roger Korby who is a man again a mad [TS]

  scientist and he transfers his [TS]

  consciousness into work into an android [TS]

  body and they're down in caves and and [TS]

  they try to make a duplicate of Kirk and [TS]

  I had that has III that episode always [TS]

  sticks with me is having some of like [TS]

  the worst wardrobe f 0 cuz there's to [TS]

  remember the android I i want to call [TS]

  the dresses but that's not really fair [TS]

  right there one there jumps and a [TS]

  jumpsuit partial torso cover and this [TS]

  yeah and then it right and they didn't [TS]

  like the black and the green half black [TS]

  half cream [TS]

  yeah it's like everyone has slides a [TS]

  gray yeah he's in monk's robes yeah you [TS]

  know giant spooky guy but it's so it's [TS]

  so like gothic and weird and Twilight [TS]

  Zone II don't know [TS]

  anything wheel with Kirk on it sure yeah [TS]

  that's actually exactly [TS]

  yes that excess was actually written by [TS]

  robert bloch yes I'm not a psycho [TS]

  yeah that's right and apparently also [TS]

  the short stories upon which catspaw and [TS]

  wolf in the fold yes sorry catspaw [TS]

  interesting but uh but I like that I [TS]

  like that episode because it is also one [TS]

  of those episodes where it's mostly down [TS]

  on the planet and it's kind of a you [TS]

  know again it's it's like I said it's [TS]

  that it's almost Twilight something it's [TS]

  not about the ships and it's about it's [TS]

  about we put these characters in this [TS]

  weird situation where they're down in [TS]

  these caves that are like go on forever [TS]

  you get the sense and it's this android [TS]

  like rock the android has been there for [TS]

  thousands of years and was found by [TS]

  Roger Korby and he remembers the old [TS]

  ones which were this whatever the race [TS]

  was that created them that has since [TS]

  disappeared or died or turned into a [TS]

  being of pure energy like you do on Star [TS]

  Trek happens but but but but it's kind [TS]

  of creepy that like you know the humans [TS]

  are playing around with all this [TS]

  technology and yet there's this big [TS]

  hulking eight android who remembers back [TS]

  when there were the really smart [TS]

  creatures who built this place and you [TS]

  guys are just fiddling around with their [TS]

  leavings and I I i like that so I like [TS]

  that episode and the ones that I don't [TS]

  like so miri which is the planet that [TS]

  looks exactly like Earth but isn't earth [TS]

  and all the adults die but the kids are [TS]

  alive don't do an episode with kids just [TS]

  don't haha this kitchen like 25 year old [TS]

  kid all I know that's that's true it's [TS]

  like every extra from at any kind of [TS]

  like 30 movie of like hey there [TS]

  I don't know tell them Jim tell them Jim [TS]

  telling Jim know blah blah blah [TS]

  I i like i like the idea behind that one [TS]

  a lot more than like the actual [TS]

  execution [TS]

  yeah that's right little children of the [TS]

  corn creepy kids exist and the parents [TS]

  are gone in some way it was [TS]

  yeah it is is a nice idea and it was [TS]

  actually mind a little better by Star [TS]

  Trek a little bit later with the and the [TS]

  children shall lead them right branches [TS]

  which is also kind of a bad episode but [TS]

  also slightly better in terms of you [TS]

  know Mary Mary's got some creepy parts [TS]

  of it because you know once you [TS]

  over the fact that this isn't a planet [TS]

  that's exactly like her if accept [TS]

  whatever like they shot us get over that [TS]

  uh the other day he got you know it's [TS]

  it's it's I don't understand that it [TS]

  makes no sense but but but is it is [TS]

  creepy because it spoke post-apocalyptic [TS]

  world and all that but it ends up being [TS]

  I don't know it falls apart i don't i [TS]

  don't like miri so much I I don't want [TS]

  to sorry she's very nice but whatever I [TS]

  the i put the alternative factor down on [TS]

  my list of hate episodes [TS]

  that's the one with Lazarus you may not [TS]

  even remember this episode it's dunno [TS]

  there's a there's a guy with a beard [TS]

  named Lazarus and he's got a shadow has [TS]

  there's the bad one in the good one but [TS]

  that's it [TS]

  so it turns out there's also another [TS]

  Lazarus who's bad who's from a parallel [TS]

  universe and they keep switching it's [TS]

  terrible it's so terrible [TS]

  it's not actually called Lazarus called [TS]

  something else isn't it no it's called [TS]

  Lazarus and anti Lazarus yeah they're [TS]

  both Lazarus but yeah I think this is [TS]

  one of the ones that i did not quite [TS]

  stay away it's so bad it's so busy [TS]

  people again planted the Nazis not as [TS]

  bad as some of these other episodes [TS]

  catspaw we mentioned so bad the empath [TS]

  we mentioned terrible [TS]

  Scott I'm sorry let that be your last [TS]

  battlefield which is essentially the [TS]

  same episode as the alternative factor i [TS]

  love again i love the fact that star [TS]

  star trek tried to do social commentary [TS]

  but when it's literally one side of me [TS]

  is black on the other side is white and [TS]

  you the other side is black and one side [TS]

  is white and therefore we must kill each [TS]

  other [TS]

  can't we all just get along man it's so [TS]

  painful [TS]

  we are the best cheese on all and so [TS]

  preachy and will and literally it's like [TS]

  I don't know what's going on there [TS]

  yelling they're grappling now they're [TS]

  not grappling anymore it's very much [TS]

  like the alternative factor actually [TS]

  it's it's kind of nonsensical and [TS]

  preachy and I don't like sorry Frank [TS]

  Gorshin yes that's good yeah I always [TS]

  always took it the ridiculous premise [TS]

  and I heavy-handed this [TS]

  as a way of amplifying the ridiculous [TS]

  make you know the ridiculous idea of [TS]

  racism of racism is actually a few yes [TS]

  so ridiculous that we will make this [TS]

  ridiculous episode yes the episode is [TS]

  just as terrible as racism miss ya [TS]

  well put its that say it's very [TS]

  successful because it's like racist and [TS]

  then the last 2i have our again it's the [TS]

  episode that you even forget exist that [TS]

  which survives which is a third late [TS]

  third season episode which has nothing [TS]

  to command it's like a Cyclorama planet [TS]

  and then there's this woman who appears [TS]

  and kills people with the touch and it I [TS]

  I whatever 40 years later I still don't [TS]

  understand why there's a story there [TS]

  it's a it's it's it's terrible and [TS]

  nothing happens and in the end they like [TS]

  shrugging like well some people died i [TS]

  get it will go back to the ship [TS]

  you know some days it's just a mission [TS]

  you know you know you're gonna fill out [TS]

  the reports redshirt thailand it you [TS]

  know we got it I got a scan each planet [TS]

  they're not all gonna be exciting if [TS]

  you're going to talk about an episode [TS]

  that has the like prototypical redshirts [TS]

  dying [TS]

  I mean I guess it's the whole I mean [TS]

  right from from from the mantrap all the [TS]

  way through that which survives you have [TS]

  that but that which survives just [TS]

  there's nothing it's it's the most [TS]

  uninteresting star trek episode of all [TS]

  time it's just nothing [TS]

  it's awful it's just nothing blank [TS]

  emptiness pointless and then and then on [TS]

  the other extreme is the way to Eden [TS]

  which is space hippies including [TS]

  checkups girlfriend uh-huh and they come [TS]

  we reach right and Spock places like [TS]

  autoharp his Vulcan autoharp and there's [TS]

  some singing and there's like a hippie [TS]

  cult leader with big ears and it's a [TS]

  person is yours [TS]

  the sport no no no you given up this [TS]

  side of paradise which is yeah not a bad [TS]

  episode Spock hanging from the tree tree [TS]

  with a big grin yeah yeah i know i have [TS]

  had seen the way to eat another spoiler [TS]

  is pretty blonde girlfriend know the way [TS]

  to even know Steve you have so much to [TS]

  look forward to I've [TS]

  no way that is a that is yes it is space [TS]

  hippies that's that's when you really [TS]

  feel rejected technology but still on a [TS]

  space yeah that that's where you that's [TS]

  where it's like the Amish taking a cab [TS]

  it's like that kinda it's it's time you [TS]

  have to do it that's where you here if [TS]

  the sixties knocking on the door of star [TS]

  trek and said hey it's the 16-man pay [TS]

  attention to us and it's so terrible so [TS]

  terrible so those are the those are the [TS]

  ones you know i love this show dearly [TS]

  but there are some episodes that i find [TS]

  it almost impossible to watch and the [TS]

  way to Eden the empath i think is the [TS]

  worst one I think that's even I think [TS]

  that's the worst one [TS]

  so that's why I was and what I can't [TS]

  believe we didn't mention the enemy [TS]

  within which is a not a bad episode [TS]

  where Kirk gets split in two [TS]

  yeah and i just watched it was also a [TS]

  little dog little dog without before it [TS]

  gets into little dog in a very bad [TS]

  little costume yet for every pore space [TS]

  dog wedding you deserve a little horn [TS]

  strapped to your head you know [TS]

  yeah it's just weird they just use it as [TS]

  a prop people are carrying the dog for [TS]

  no particular reason doesn't have a fine [TS]

  name like is it do they claim it's [TS]

  something else or no it's just like a [TS]

  space dogs gonna warn they don't really [TS]

  badly walking around Italy just found it [TS]

  on the planet yeah so they took a test [TS]

  let's experiment on it by beating it [TS]

  through basic training don't I just if [TS]

  you bring a Spacedock home like don't [TS]

  bring it to the bridge they write and [TS]

  killing the space dogs thing that [TS]

  bothers me about the enemy within is [TS]

  that is i'm not quite sure what it says [TS]

  about gender politics and masculinity [TS]

  I'm not sure I can endorse it for what [TS]

  it says because it seems to suggest that [TS]

  that totally masculine Kirk is a rapist [TS]

  an alcoholic but also like bizarrely [TS]

  flamboyant and over the top and then and [TS]

  then other Kirk is he's wearing eyeliner [TS]

  when he's Superman yeah some reason and [TS]

  another Kirk is is strangely passive and [TS]

  effeminate in a in a different way and [TS]

  and can't get any management so I feel [TS]

  like I feel like when Kirk is split into [TS]

  you know both parts are kind of more of [TS]

  kind of questionable in terms of but the [TS]

  writer of the letter is certainly want [TS]

  to counter [TS]

  each other that they're have their habit [TS]

  you guess the lesson is the Kirk is more [TS]

  than the sum of his parts i guess so [TS]

  it's not blessed be his parts are bad [TS]

  I've got some questions about the gender [TS]

  politics of of the enemy within [TS]

  and one of our listeners in the chatroom [TS]

  asked about the Galileo seven [TS]

  I like that episode I didn't put on my [TS]

  list but you know that's the whole you [TS]

  know Spock has to deal with anti Vulcan [TS]

  racism and also from somebody other than [TS]

  bones for a change yeah so spot as deal [TS]

  with anti Vulcan racism the the burdens [TS]

  of command and also like abominable [TS]

  snowman girl of people who throw big [TS]

  rocks made out of a of plastic and it's [TS]

  a lot to deal with that the shuttlecraft [TS]

  and in the end Spock creates it doesn't [TS]

  illogical thing and and for no good [TS]

  reason and that it saves them which is [TS]

  just like in your face block that logic [TS]

  i like that i like so I like that [TS]

  episode that's that's a really didn't [TS]

  put on my list but that's a really [TS]

  claustrophobic episode right there in [TS]

  that there there's that short a small [TS]

  amount of space outside the the [TS]

  shuttlecraft and they're in the [TS]

  shuttlecraft and meanwhile back on the [TS]

  enterprise basically Kurt is kirk is [TS]

  arguing with a diplomat or a bureaucrat [TS]

  or something like he does [TS]

  we gotta get to our next place that [TS]

  happens like eight episodes where [TS]

  there's a bureaucrat on the bridge was [TS]

  like snap to it Kirk I got a thing in a [TS]

  box that i need to take to a starbase [TS]

  and I wanted there to yesterday so lose [TS]

  the ship and Kirk's like you're not the [TS]

  captain I'll tell you what I'm gonna [TS]

  find my people first and that's right [TS]

  tell you tell him Kirk you tell your dad [TS]

  I don't know why that's a thing but [TS]

  that's how you tell in the the one where [TS]

  Kirk is duplicated which we were just [TS]

  talking about the name escapes me the [TS]

  enemy within the enemy isn't exactly [TS]

  he's like let's just leave well I have [TS]

  problems with the enemies and all [TS]

  because you know Sulu and for people are [TS]

  trapped in a super cool planet yeah and [TS]

  they they check in with him every once [TS]

  in a while and he's like oh it's like [TS]

  negative 80 degrees and he's not wearing [TS]

  he's wearing his regular uniform [TS]

  yeah we should totally all be dead is [TS]

  that is that the first appearance of [TS]

  heating rocks with the phaser beam [TS]

  yes that's yes yes that's which is very [TS]

  cleverly beam down some blankets or do [TS]

  they split into good blankets and [TS]

  evil blanket it's worth a try to be down [TS]

  heaters but they don't work good work [TS]

  this one's got birds in it oh it's a bad [TS]

  black the evil ones don't just don't use [TS]

  the evil blankets people [TS]

  yeah you know the evil blankets come [TS]

  with with eyeliner their eyeliner and [TS]

  smallpox [TS]

  yeah Kirk was not in his native american [TS]

  format that time Romero would all been [TS]

  over pretty early i am Kira you're on [TS]

  wow that's so starts the 30 to 40 [TS]

  year-old perspect male perspective on [TS]

  the series if you're interested [TS]

  yes i would like to hear what you're [TS]

  doing your feminine perspective on this [TS]

  leaves a real series there's what [TS]

  happens to be one right here who needs [TS]

  to go to bed very soon so [TS]

  hello hello hello hello [TS]

  tell us what you like about Star Trek [TS]

  well everything that is the correct [TS]

  answer that's good [TS]

  are there are there certain episodes [TS]

  that you remember really liking well a [TS]

  couple of them but one of my favorites [TS]

  was the naked time [TS]

  ok so why do you like that one well [TS]

  mostly because when Sulu was short [TS]

  lesson he was roaming the ship with a [TS]

  sword and he was threatening to fight [TS]

  the crew i really like that to where [TS]

  he's like he's like laughing and and [TS]

  dancing around with his sword ness no [TS]

  shirt on and he's all sweaty he's like [TS]

  yeah very excited about finding people [TS]

  with this sword and all the people run [TS]

  away from him because they are cowards [TS]

  he's the only guy on the spaceship with [TS]

  a sword that's really scary i don't want [TS]

  to mess around with Sulu when he has a [TS]

  sword [TS]

  it's true it's true they could have [TS]

  stunned him or something [TS]

  you have other ones that you like well I [TS]

  like the one where they're in a time [TS]

  like Nazi Germany [TS]

  alrighty to good choice because Nazis [TS]

  are cool right but they're bad and they [TS]

  have to be defeated [TS]

  that's right but it's it's a complicated [TS]

  relationship exactly and Spock and Kirk [TS]

  at they're like walked up and they have [TS]

  to like use the they make like a little [TS]

  laser to get themselves out of the of [TS]

  the prison right at any other any other [TS]

  ones that you really like another one [TS]

  that I really like is the one where [TS]

  there's to kirks good and evil [TS]

  we were just talking about that one and [TS]

  that someone with there's the little dog [TS]

  that turns into the like the good the [TS]

  mean dog in the nice cool dog do you [TS]

  have a you have a favorite character [TS]

  well have a week a stinker who else [TS]

  could a choice right now I like mr. [TS]

  Spock but captain kirk is pretty great [TS]

  yeah yeah so even though this show is [TS]

  like really old it's like more than more [TS]

  than 40 years old I you know it i think [TS]

  it's really cool that you still that you [TS]

  still like it and that you and your dad [TS]

  are watching it [TS]

  yeah it's interesting yeah it's [TS]

  different from stuff that you see today [TS]

  right but yeah there aren't any other [TS]

  shows i think from 50 years ago [TS]

  45 years ago that people are still [TS]

  watching today really like people your [TS]

  age especially alright yeah there [TS]

  anything that you don't like any of us [TS]

  yeah what yeah what yeah what don't you [TS]

  like [TS]

  well some of the episode where they just [TS]

  then in different places in time like [TS]

  some of the ones where they're just one [TS]

  of my least favorites was the end of [TS]

  season two I think where they were [TS]

  trying to make a spin-off oh yes [TS]

  assignment earth with it with the with [TS]

  the girl and the and the guy who's like [TS]

  a spy and that and that black cat [TS]

  yeah yeah the the star trek people [TS]

  aren't in that very much [TS]

  are there there's just like yeah very [TS]

  confusing it's just yeah it's just [TS]

  rubber Berta and Gary seven and the and [TS]

  the rocket there's a lot of we keep [TS]

  seeing the rocket a lot in that way [TS]

  yeah and the cat little black cat okay [TS]

  well that that's great i'm glad that you [TS]

  could share your your your thoughts [TS]

  about star trek with us on the podcast [TS]

  that was really good thanks for thanks [TS]

  for doing it [TS]

  yeah and [TS]

  staying up late Saturday night well [TS]

  thank you for letting me talking thank [TS]

  you for telling us about Star Trek and [TS]

  how you like it that's good because [TS]

  we're all old people so it's good to [TS]

  hear what you want you think of it [TS]

  whoo that was pretty awesome Steve yeah [TS]

  yes yeah that was great i felt a new a [TS]

  different perspective was necessary [TS]

  since I think so i've been only my old [TS]

  team young and team extremely young [TS]

  yes keep your old to be slightly less [TS]

  old and wow and I didn't actually young [TS]

  yeah that's great that's great i love [TS]

  this is watching them but like I said at [TS]

  the beginning you know my kids have been [TS]

  watching them at kind of over my [TS]

  shoulder that they're like some stuff i [TS]

  watch and they just they just blow past [TS]

  with Star Trek they kind of stop and [TS]

  watch it which is actually does amaze me [TS]

  that that anything made that long ago [TS]

  could still be even processed by people [TS]

  born in the 21st century [TS]

  it's true I don't know how it's possible [TS]

  me neither [TS]

  that's great so you have a few episodes [TS]

  left right [TS]

  you and your daughter yeah we've just [TS]

  finished some of the day of the Dove I [TS]

  think Oh which is the the entity aboard [TS]

  ship that's causing the yeah mines gone [TS]

  somewhere to to face the 40 non trapped [TS]

  members of the Enterprise crew commander [TS]

  Kor one of our what three great Klingon [TS]

  commander necessarily it was fairly [TS]

  non-war like actually in this [TS]

  no no he's a he comes back in Deep Space [TS]

  nine [TS]

  you never know about this Klingons I [TS]

  mean they go between your basic [TS]

  wingard's slightly Clinton's or Klingons [TS]

  yeah sometimes they're slightly brownish [TS]

  and sometimes they're more brownish [TS]

  sometimes they have weird eyebrow [TS]

  sometimes they don't it they explain it [TS]

  it's not worth getting a budget the [TS]

  budget that was not the budget was not [TS]

  you know the enterprise they explain why [TS]

  the clans looking way they do and I i [TS]

  prefer the explanation in deep space [TS]

  nine where works is we do not speak of [TS]

  it [TS]

  just let it go [TS]

  they are Klingons we do not speak of it [TS]

  what is it is a little sad that the the [TS]

  primary a competitive races with the [TS]

  humans are smartly people they only [TS]

  really differ in a really eyebrows for [TS]

  the most part yes and ears sometimes you [TS]

  have to have darker skin people aboard [TS]

  the Enterprise [TS]

  so that's not really a difference well [TS]

  that's even in the trouble with tribbles [TS]

  there's the Klingon that passes human [TS]

  right you're right Tony that you get the [TS]

  it's really brilliant right the art [TS]

  Garvin is the easy clean and supplies [TS]

  yeah yes because trouble don't like in [TS]

  trouble [TS]

  yes yeah that's that's the great thing [TS]

  about troubles that's it that's it [TS]

  they couldn't get the feeling that the [TS]

  Klingons or the Clintons triples love [TS]

  everybody except for Klingon but yeah [TS]

  because they don't like eyebrows and [TS]

  purposes [TS]

  yeah that is the trouble with that is [TS]

  they don't like long as they have hate [TS]

  in their hearts for Klingons and that is [TS]

  the trouble [TS]

  shame on them horrible racist there's an [TS]

  episode with a Klingon who's got a lumpy [TS]

  head on one side of his body and then [TS]

  not and then another one where it's [TS]

  reversed and it's all about racism man [TS]

  yeah I get it [TS]

  yeah they really are the most hateful of [TS]

  spaces bath implements center of brushes [TS]

  yeah there are there a one of those [TS]

  called the the global possible some kind [TS]

  of pop thing there Lou fast group now [TS]

  that's not a loofah sponge type deal [TS]

  about the trip boys not a space loofah [TS]

  Wow [TS]

  now that's some sort of all you're wrong [TS]

  and ok i attack called I apologize to [TS]

  the race of triples [TS]

  I'm sorry troubles now who's the racist [TS]

  ones i know i know it yes who was on the [TS]

  other ones move loofahs tribbles they [TS]

  all look alike to me maybe you should [TS]

  watch let that be your last battle Fagin [TS]

  be your last battlefield who could tell [TS]

  the difference between up a powderpuff [TS]

  in a loofah I look a like to this guy I [TS]

  know it's all the same [TS]

  there's in is it there was an episode [TS]

  that i was just watching today that said [TS]

  it's space seed it's like well the the [TS]

  people on the ship or from all the parts [TS]

  of the world you know North America [TS]

  Latin oriental I'm thinking oh no don't [TS]

  try no but they don't know in the 23rd [TS]

  century they don't know about your space [TS]

  racism they are passed it man don't know [TS]

  about taboo words because they're their [TS]

  color to color blind society man unless [TS]

  you get stranded on a planet with Spock [TS]

  and then it's all out the window [TS]

  oh yeah the Balkans know they well they [TS]

  suck green-blooded you to be honest the [TS]

  blue eyeshadow i think is what really [TS]

  turns people off [TS]

  that's true we're trying to fool his [TS]

  it's box-yellow pallor appears to change [TS]

  a lot from episode to episode they [TS]

  didn't know what they were doing with I [TS]

  yeah it was very early episodes he is [TS]

  extremely yellowy except for his blue [TS]

  eye shadow of course and then sort of [TS]

  fluctuate and is and in in the cage [TS]

  doesn't he have like kind of reddish or [TS]

  even better area yeah I read about I am [TS]

  unfortunately red-letter day boys [TS]

  I think to predict what's bad girl [TS]

  oh yeah by accident I'm not spotted it [TS]

  was you know I are old yeah and that he [TS]

  later does i am science podcast yeah i [TS]

  read i don't know about him when I ever [TS]

  these are not of my own fees [TS]

  yeah out of my all of our Leonard in his [TS]

  own right yes I mean yeah well or maybe [TS]

  the ghost written i don't know but i [TS]

  guess the earlier versions of Spock were [TS]

  much more like demonic basically and he [TS]

  had he had red face it a reddish tint [TS]

  right and i think they wanted him [TS]

  have a tail but probably that wasn't [TS]

  explained all the yelling then do right [TS]

  people were not big on that you so yeah [TS]

  but then like you his best line in the [TS]

  original pilot is they they beam away [TS]

  they all get on the transporter beam but [TS]

  only number one who is major Barrett and [TS]

  the the yeoman the two women they beam [TS]

  off because they're trying to find a [TS]

  mate for for Captain Pike and all the [TS]

  man are still there with their rifles [TS]

  and as soon as that that moment happens [TS]

  Spock steps forward and shouts the women [TS]

  that's his big moment but women it's [TS]

  funny I guess a commentary on the times [TS]

  the fact that they they have this one [TS]

  alien character on the bridge aboard [TS]

  ship kind of like the key did the other [TS]

  you know well that night in the woman [TS]

  they couldn't make him completely Vulcan [TS]

  had be half-human athol for people to be [TS]

  able to still relate to him [TS]

  well it's so in the original pilot it [TS]

  was unclear whether it was half or not [TS]

  he was just a guy with the point of [TS]

  years but they had the the female first [TS]

  officer right and they are great irony [TS]

  is that that a space alien at on your [TS]

  bridge crew sets to find a woman [TS]

  second-in-command yeah we imagined they [TS]

  got rid of her better helmets to worry [TS]

  about they turned her into a blonde [TS]

  nurse instead [TS]

  ok you come a long way baby and the [TS]

  voice of the computer and voice the [TS]

  computer there are you [TS]

  that's true I horribly screechy voice of [TS]

  a computer [TS]

  yes still computer yeah computers [TS]

  Kirkwood's kill exactly [TS]

  yeah we could do a whole separate [TS]

  episode on technology in Star Trek the [TS]

  original series [TS]

  oh it's fascinating they got a lot right [TS]

  i mean a communicator you know it's not [TS]

  it doesn't go into space but it's a [TS]

  little flip out like foam me thing kind [TS]

  of but they have all the little bubble [TS]

  switches that get flipped which I'll [TS]

  I'll makes me laugh it's like to do this [TS]

  complicated thing any like flip switches [TS]

  group [TS]

  alright captain got it one-on-one but of [TS]

  the thing that actually amuses me the [TS]

  most of all the technology and star trek [TS]

  is the it is the the fact that they [TS]

  couldn't conceive of a network of shared [TS]

  storage of a computer storage so they've [TS]

  got these powerful computers that [TS]

  reactor voice command and that there are [TS]

  databases and all of that is we take for [TS]

  granted now but i think was really smart [TS]

  on their part and yet they have this [TS]

  real connection to like tapes and record [TS]

  tapes and you here's a little those look [TS]

  at their tiny right there [TS]

  they're like little memory cards locks [TS]

  and plastic which is cool because again [TS]

  that's really forward thinking that [TS]

  there's think these record tapes but but [TS]

  they're not there's still sneakernet [TS]

  right and and they couldn't get over [TS]

  that to be like if only we could network [TS]

  guys together somehow [TS]

  yeah like--on he says like it will [TS]

  recoil tie you into RR record tapes like [TS]

  oh you're so close to just use some [TS]

  clothes which is interesting because [TS]

  there are apparently like seven or eight [TS]

  places aboard the ship where you can [TS]

  take control of the controls and lock [TS]

  out the rest of the controls engineer is [TS]

  the best place bearing is the best [TS]

  player there's nobody down there except [TS]

  Scotty and the singles leading squad so [TS]

  yeah I didn't wander off a log [TS]

  it's the rest of engineering they stare [TS]

  at things and then when the ship lurches [TS]

  they all fall one and then they lead to [TS]

  the other self it that's their sole [TS]

  purpose the computer really runs the [TS]

  ship those guys are therefore honestly [TS]

  the bar to entry for the engineering [TS]

  degrees really gone downhill the only [TS]

  3rd century it's true all these [TS]

  computers yeah yeah it's all automated [TS]

  those guys are just their market time [TS]

  yeah that's friend waiting to be shot [TS]

  because there were red shirts scotch [TS]

  whisky is it his purpose is to claim [TS]

  that things can't be done while doing [TS]

  them [TS]

  yeah that's right this is impossible [TS]

  yeah then we're done with that beautiful [TS]

  go right i mean that with that would [TS]

  which was played up in in the episode of [TS]

  next generation where he saw and what [TS]

  else Geordie you didn't tell him how [TS]

  long would really take two chill people [TS]

  that don't do that you can you never be [TS]

  you'll never get a reputation it as a [TS]

  miracle that you gotta say no it'll take [TS]

  months to do that I fixed it [TS]

  honestly there's one one person aboard [TS]

  ship that should be concerned about [TS]

  being replaced by a computer it's that [TS]

  dude [TS]

  yeah fair enough major Barrett [TS]

  Roddenberry could very easily say that [TS]

  the engines can't take much more of this [TS]

  captain [TS]

  well Steve I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna [TS]

  say do I have to flip a switch and say [TS]

  hailing frequencies open [TS]

  Oh hailing frequencies open hailing [TS]

  frequencies important thank God you were [TS]

  here her it was great that they cast [TS]

  michelle nichols and she was by all [TS]

  accounts it an inspirational figure but [TS]

  especially early on in the show they [TS]

  didn't really have anything for her to [TS]

  do later she doesn't have a lot of [TS]

  biting the back of her hand when [TS]

  something is terrifying [TS]

  yeah but she just did a lot of she was [TS]

  like running the phones she was the [TS]

  receptionist on the enterprise which is [TS]

  not a big step forward [TS]

  does she in fact do the keening whale [TS]

  that accompanies the beginning credits [TS]

  or is that someone oh that's someone [TS]

  else's because I heard her i think it [TS]

  was the the Space Shuttle farewell [TS]

  ceremony and she was standing there at [TS]

  the podium has a speaker at that and she [TS]

  began by doing that there is a great [TS]

  photo of michelle nichols and Barack [TS]

  Obama both doing the Vulcan salute in [TS]

  the Oval Office wow that's worth it [TS]

  worth of you that's just one of those [TS]

  things like I cannot believe I am [TS]

  looking at this picture means of the [TS]

  President of the United States and [TS]

  Lieutenant over a both giving me the [TS]

  live long and prosper salute [TS]

  I don't know yes the Romulan candidate [TS]

  yes yeah well really as if anybody [TS]

  hasn't seen the John Hodgman bit where [TS]

  he is at the the Washington press corps [TS]

  dinner a couple years ago and does a [TS]

  whole bit about how the Nerds inherit [TS]

  the earth and and essentially what he's [TS]

  saying is is a Obama you you're a [TS]

  gigantic nerd right you understand all [TS]

  these references i'm giving you at one [TS]

  point he mentions the Vulcan hand salute [TS]

  and Obama unprompted other than that [TS]

  just does it and judgment is beside [TS]

  himself like he doesn't know what to say [TS]

  he's like I can't believe that just [TS]

  happened oh it's it's worth looking on [TS]

  YouTube it's a it's a it's a really [TS]

  funny bit [TS]

  alright I think we're I think we've [TS]

  beaten this [TS]

  this is like an eight-part episode now [TS]

  maybe but like Star Trek i think is [TS]

  what's become the star trek sucks [TS]

  basically it's not that good star wars [TS]

  is totally better and i think we already [TS]

  know is the great importance of star [TS]

  trek with without which it's doubtful we [TS]

  would ever gotten the ballot of Bilbo [TS]

  Baggins [TS]

  oh that isn't certainly for later Gary [TS]

  to every things that you made it to like [TS]

  removed from your memory and then other [TS]

  people just hit you in the face with a [TS]

  little i prefer Leonard boys recording [TS]

  of I had a hammer pero I had a hammer [TS]

  actually a highly illogically quite a [TS]

  good child highly illogical that way he [TS]

  combs his hair so so before we go one [TS]

  last thing I wanted to say because we [TS]

  talk about Star Wars and Star Trek and [TS]

  and the end the battle between [TS]

  and the end the battle between [TS]

  people who love Star Wars and people [TS]

  love star trek and I I like Star Wars a [TS]

  lot I a lot and it just wasn't the [TS]

  formative thing that Star Trek was for [TS]

  me but the one thing I'll say about [TS]

  where Star Trek cast the advantage is [TS]

  that Star Trek as a television series [TS]

  allowed you to spend a whole lot more [TS]

  time with the characters the original [TS]

  series as well as all the all the [TS]

  spin-offs that have happened and the one [TS]

  thing about Star Trek coming back as a [TS]

  movie franchise which I think JJ Abrams [TS]

  dinner did a great job of revitalizing [TS]

  it i love seeing those characters that [TS]

  the original series characters again and [TS]

  young because all the movies were about [TS]

  them being old so having be young and [TS]

  setting out in the first adventures i [TS]

  think is great but the fact is with [TS]

  these movies you know you see two hours [TS]

  and then four years later you get two [TS]

  more hours and there's something to be [TS]

  said for the time that Star Trek was [TS]

  able to take on TV to spend with these [TS]

  characters and that's something Star [TS]

  Wars you know Star Wars as great as it [TS]

  is [TS]

  that's three movies with with Leia and [TS]

  Luke and Han Solo and that's all we got [TS]

  less than six hours in total in the TV [TS]

  special rights less than six hours and [TS]

  then of course our podcast which were [TS]

  about 20 hours and this one which is [TS]

  nearing that yeah so so I i think that [TS]

  is Star Trek's great advantage which its [TS]

  losing as a movie franchise which is why [TS]

  I hope eventually they will go back to [TS]

  TV with some form of it because you know [TS]

  there's somethings TV does better than [TS]

  movies and I think the reason that so [TS]

  many of us have such a a soft spot in [TS]

  our heart so you know warm feelings [TS]

  toward star trek is because there are [TS]

  are so there's so much of it and we get [TS]

  to see these characters over time and [TS]

  learn lots of little things about them [TS]

  whereas with movies whether it's Star [TS]

  Wars or something else your left parsing [TS]

  little tiny beats you know one in the [TS]

  Star Trek movies these characters get a [TS]

  beat or two a plot point or two and [TS]

  that's it [TS]

  whereas in start in the series you could [TS]

  do you know sometimes good and sometimes [TS]

  bad but you could have whole episodes [TS]

  where there's a subplot about you know [TS]

  Chekhov or Sulu as simple as Sulu just [TS]

  running around with a sword right and [TS]

  Star Wars you have to guess when the [TS]

  characters are probably getting laid [TS]

  in Star Trek you know you know you see [TS]

  it started boots are off the boot off [TS]

  the boots are back and it just happened [TS]

  exactly if they cut back to Han Solo in [TS]

  the Millennium Falcon's go-to Cloud City [TS]

  and he's putting his boots back on then [TS]

  we would know the command blouse was off [TS]

  yep that's 10 to 25 seconds [TS]

  yeah but anyway that that's that's the [TS]

  one thing that I i say is that I'd say [TS]

  the big difference between Star Trek and [TS]

  Star Wars and Star Trek has always had [TS]

  more time because they've had episodes [TS]

  you know the street star trek original [TS]

  had three years next generation had [TS]

  seven years to tell stories about these [TS]

  characters and they feel you know it is [TS]

  a little less special but it's also just [TS]

  a lot more time with a lot more depth [TS]

  and you can get the corners of the [TS]

  characters in a way that you know Star [TS]

  Wars just can't do as a movie franchise [TS]

  so although that may change very soon as [TS]

  many way things are going now it seems [TS]

  like we're gonna get your story soon [TS]

  apparently shirts and inverted world [TS]

  yeah this town it could be AG 88 and me [TS]

  but the TV series that's right over to [TS]

  the Fox yeah I saw that show is called [TS]

  night rider yeah and the thing I like [TS]

  about star trek over star wars and I do [TS]

  like Star Wars I don't want people to [TS]

  think I don't like Star Wars because I [TS]

  do I love star trek I like Star Wars is [TS]

  that Star Trek is very optimistic and [TS]

  it's about the future of humanity and [TS]

  tries to deal with these things these [TS]

  these big topics that are important you [TS]

  know it's very is rooted in the present [TS]

  but it's set in the future right so [TS]

  that's the cool thing about star trek to [TS]

  me [TS]

  star wars they started off right at the [TS]

  back and say this is a galaxy far far [TS]

  away and long time ago [TS]

  these are not humans this is a [TS]

  completely different place they look [TS]

  just like us but they're not us [TS]

  this has no real bearing on the world [TS]

  now it's a kind of a fable or you know [TS]

  and so that's a different kind of [TS]

  storytelling but i think it's less it is [TS]

  less impactful to me because of that [TS]

  kind of separation from the world [TS]

  I just like the mini skirts [TS]

  the community cheese factor in the fact [TS]

  that my daughter and I have something to [TS]

  bond over [TS]

  yeah that's all good it's all good too i [TS]

  love i love that that a style even [TS]

  though it's not entirely sixties you get [TS]

  that you get the miniskirts and all that [TS]

  and it's like yeah that's kind of cool [TS]

  it's truly alien now not complaining and [TS]

  i will say the the blu rays are just got [TS]

  some of the original series and it they [TS]

  look fantastic era because they shot it [TS]

  on film so sure there's much more [TS]

  resolution than we ever saw on those old [TS]

  reruns and then they also redid you can [TS]

  watch it with or without the new effects [TS]

  but I can do which is great i think the [TS]

  new effects are nice and they did after [TS]

  well done a surround audio mix that's [TS]

  really nice it's really good they did a [TS]

  fantastic is CBS and paramount took I [TS]

  guess it's just us took a lot of time to [TS]

  get it right and i think they did get it [TS]

  right and of course it's great that [TS]

  they've included the original so that [TS]

  for you know the purest out there yeah [TS]

  can watch the old models if they liked [TS]

  to have seen only the cgi based ones [TS]

  because that's what streaming on netflix [TS]

  but this young I might go out and invest [TS]

  in the blu-rays just so i can play spot [TS]

  the fishing line huh that's half the [TS]

  appeal to me of the that's an easy game [TS]

  it is very easy looking for again it's [TS]

  one of those it's one of those drinking [TS]

  game items fishing line shirtless Spock [TS]

  i'm shirtless kirk spock sad he's dead [TS]

  yes I'm a doctor not a ya know about you [TS]

  and it's on the blue races where you [TS]

  with a press of a button you can switch [TS]

  from the original special effects to the [TS]

  fancy special rights which is cool [TS]

  yeah they did a great job finally a good [TS]

  use of blu-ray it's true [TS]

  at the end of Star Trek it always amuses [TS]

  me to see that it is a Desilu production [TS]

  I don't know why it just yeah that's the [TS]

  companies offer ever i love lucy just [TS]

  like early twilight zone [TS]

  yeah there's something about how they [TS]

  the yeah the the production company got [TS]

  bought by Desilu and then it was sucked [TS]

  up by paramount but but yes and they [TS]

  shot at the desert loose to do so yes [TS]

  Desi Arnaz I'm sure had a had a had some [TS]

  money out of Star Trek their bizarre and [TS]

  now belongs to CBS even though it aired [TS]

  on NBC because it went through Viacom [TS]

  and I guess paramount does the movies [TS]

  and CBS owns the TV and it's this weird [TS]

  kind of alliance between the two of them [TS]

  that they believed as he bought his long [TS]

  long trailer is specifically for [TS]

  residuals from Star Trek there you go [TS]

  so so yeah the blu rays are good that's [TS]

  a I i did a good job they did you know [TS]

  they had the film so the HD masters were [TS]

  there and and you can make it look [TS]

  really amazing like show that i watched [TS]

  whatever every episode 50 times and you [TS]

  see things that you didn't see before [TS]

  because it's that much clearer and then [TS]

  yeah they did the right thing with [TS]

  special effects which is they they [TS]

  really said what were they trying to do [TS]

  right what would they have done if they [TS]

  could have done it and a lot of times [TS]

  it's just some subtle camera movements [TS]

  it's the lighting where you've got [TS]

  objects lighting other objects where [TS]

  they weren't together in the other ones [TS]

  so they didn't and then some things that [TS]

  didn't make any sense that you like [TS]

  couldn't get a sense of where the the [TS]

  the ship was on the screen or whatever [TS]

  just little subtle things but you know [TS]

  did a really good job where it's much [TS]

  more kind of watching bullying and it's [TS]

  clear what's happening and then they fix [TS]

  some weird stuff like Sulu had a like in [TS]

  court maneuver he's got a countdown that [TS]

  didn't make any sense it was like the [TS]

  members were wrong and they just [TS]

  replaced it and now it makes sense and [TS]

  it it works again so they did a great [TS]

  job and even read the title select the [TS]

  topography in the the titles is super [TS]

  clear HD yeah that's right yeah [TS]

  kudos CBS the job as far as I'm [TS]

  concerned the the new ones can go pound [TS]

  sand Harry much shot first [TS]

  another and on that note I'm gonna close [TS]

  up this episode of the incomparable this [TS]

  has been great i had a great time [TS]

  talking about one of my favorite shows [TS]

  of all time I realized today that you [TS]

  know I always pussyfoot around the water [TS]

  my top five shows of all time I know [TS]

  what my top five shows are all time and [TS]

  I know for certain star trek Babylon 5 [TS]

  that Star Trek the original series is [TS]

  one of those five it just is how can I [TS]

  deny it [TS]

  it's a formal part of my childhood and I [TS]

  still love it today so I'd like to thank [TS]

  my guests for joining me talking about [TS]

  one of my very favorite things [TS]

  Steve let's thank you for being here and [TS]

  thank you for bringing your [TS]

  water along to that was really great i'm [TS]

  a panel is not a Walmart greeter dammit [TS]

  Spock you're welcome Jason and you're [TS]

  welcome from my daughter who is [TS]

  hopefully in bed at this point i hope so [TS]

  i feel like i should go to bed you know [TS]

  it had we not have this discussion [TS]

  tonight we probably would have watched a [TS]

  very bad episode of structure [TS]

  oh yes oh the way to Eden it's coming [TS]

  Tony sindelar thank you very much for [TS]

  joining us tonight was great to have you [TS]

  here [TS]

  there's always time for fizzbin except [TS]

  on tuesdays at night [TS]

  well then you have a half so that's what [TS]

  we call it shrunk it's very bad and [TS]

  Scott McNulty this is the episode that [TS]

  we were made for I i agree and live long [TS]

  and prosper chase thank you i think we [TS]

  we work this out that i'm kirk your spot [TS]

  steve is McCoy and Tony you can be [TS]

  Scotty if you like it's like it's gonna [TS]

  be a red shirt isn't it [TS]

  nurse Chapel you can be Sulu you know [TS]

  I'm okay [TS]

  I'll spin Richard ok i'll die but i'll [TS]

  serve the enterprise and some Johnson to [TS]

  the transporter room [TS]

  boy it's my big chance thanks to [TS]

  everybody for listening to us talk about [TS]

  a show that's almost 50 years old for a [TS]

  very long time [TS]

  it keeps getting older and it keeps at [TS]

  the longer we go the older it gets until [TS]

  next time on the incomparable thanks [TS]

  everybody out there we'll see you next [TS]

  time [TS]

  and Scott McNulty my partner in Star [TS]

  Trek and all things blow it in life [TS]

  oh this is the episode that you that [TS]

  that we were made for I I agree [TS]

  live long and prosper chase thank you we [TS]

  will we will live long and prosper [TS]

  together apparently since we are life [TS]

  partners in the Star Trek life partner [TS]

  aight no it's the 23rd century its [TS]

  there's nothing wrong with that [TS]

  which one of us where's the mascara [TS]

  secretly Jason likes goatee McNulty a [TS]

  lot more than clean-shaven the evil [TS]

  Scott is the work with the with the [TS]

  clean-shaven face is the Frog true the [TS]

  bearded Scott is the good Scott really i [TS]

  have you heard kind of wacky parallel [TS]

  universes this [TS]