Top Four

Top Four 37: Valentine's Chocolate Boxes


  hi everybody welcome to a new episode of

  top 4 this is our special Valentine's

  Day love episode anyway so um I thought

  we should go back to eating things

  because why not I mean we we are pretty

  good at it I mean yeah we are all right

  and nothing says Valentine's Day more

  than cheesy heart-shaped boxes of

  chocolates so my idea originally was to

  go pick up one of the you know Russell

  Stover is whatever brand you know the

  big heart-shaped box and we sampled the

  different flavors and rank the flavors

  that are inside the box well when we

  went to the grocery store today we saw

  that there were many types of boxes and

  Marco thought you know what

  we should buy all of them of course so

  yeah as usual we have in our head to to

  rank some kind of food thing we arrive

  we arrive at the food location and

  realize there are way too many choices

  and rather than cut back the ambition of

  what we were doing we just bought all of

  them you know and we're working through

  these you know individual chocolates

  themselves you know that everyone's

  preferences vary and everything I think

  it will be more productive instead of

  trying to rank the individual flavors of

  the chocolates to rank of the boxes

  themselves like which brand box of

  chocolates should you get is it the

  Russell Stover's is it the Dove is it

  the other one like you know that we have

  all these all these different brands and

  different tiers within the brands like

  Russell Stover's makes like nine

  different options yeah but I'm pretty

  sure inside it's all the same but

  basically if you haven't seen these

  heart-shaped boxes it's pretty much the

  heart-shaped box that a you know

  thirteen year old would give to the

  lover of their choice in school so yeah

  have you ever actually gotten one of

  these as a gift do men receive them

  usually I not I don't know I've never

  far as I know I've never gotten one as a

  gift I've given one or two I think to

  like high school girlfriends because

  they're super cheesy like okay so we got

  two different ruffle Russell Stover's

  boxes one is um wrapped in this red

  cellophane it's the same like like if

  you buy a Christmas cactus

  like the the pot is wrapped in that yeah

  yeah yeah yeah like a poinsettia yeah

  yeah and then we also got the Russell

  Stover's elegant collection and that's

  in kind of a red velvet box there was

  also the same collection you could have

  the lace black lace variety so I guess

  depending on what you want to say and

  was that one that came with the American

  flag and military camo oh no that was

  another Russell Stover his one yes there

  was an American flag and camouflage were

  a military like the digital America yeah

  so you know if your lover is into that

  then that's the box you get we also have

  a dove which is in kind of a nice tin in

  it's an unconventional heart shape it's

  kind of like a sushi heart like a it's

  like if you it's like the italics

  version of a heart it's like if you blew

  a bubble of the heart or if the heart

  was melting slightly yeah or a melted

  heart okay melting or italics or a

  bubble heart then we also have a much

  more any kind of pink and red striped

  standard heart box with a gold bow and

  that's by Hershey's it's called pot of

  gold and then the piece de resistance

  which looks like an old lady's sofa

  living room cushion more than the

  Russell Stover premium velvet one yeah

  because this has like the satin bow with

  the with the roses that are all curled

  up the ribbon roses on the front and

  it's all padded so it's really funny

  it's the white man sampler that's

  pronounced I believe so I think it's

  missing an e oh yes I'm sorry the

  Whitman's Wow all right so cheesy it's

  the one yeah I mean I got to say like

  there Russell Stover velvet one though I

  mean that's that's really something like

  I was like I was like heading it in this

  store like we should get this I reached

  over to get it that's why we got it so

  you could pet it this is kind of a night

  spot it feels really good yeah I think

  collection if I was to receive one of

  these I would probably want to receive

  that one from their Private Reserve of

  chocolates actually has it says a

  decadent nineteen piece Private Reserve

  chocolate assortment now

  what is that what does Private Reserve

  really mean for Russell Stover's Brando

  maybe they used a little bit extra cocoa

  in some of them because all right

  everybody make their Private Reserve

  until they ship out of the factory I

  don't know what's the regular Wednesday

  he doesn't say Private Reserve

  it just says fine chocolates handcrafted

  in small batches but they both were

  there both handcrafted in small batches

  I especially love that there's so much

  small batches there's so much of this

  chocolate there's no way this is a small

  badge yeah I think maybe small is a

  relative term relative to the entire

  output of the Hershey's corporation like

  maybe I don't know that our Russell

  Stover is part of Hershey's I don't know

  just guessing but yeah cuz they have a

  different box this one's made in America

  that's why it had the American flag oh

  one of the problems with the Russell

  Stover is that the one with the red

  poinsettia wrapping around it is that

  you can't see the labeling on the back

  so you can't see like ingredient lists

  or like anything about it yeah there's

  nothing the red film around it is so

  tall just has a big sticker that says

  assorted well that's okay isn't alright

  I'm gonna open this up alright so we're

  starting out with the Russell Stover's

  yeah this is like oh the box is even

  better okay so after you remove the

  layer of fresh red red colored trash

  then you kind of have like a shiny what

  would you call this it's like a no like

  glossy cardboard right yeah yeah like

  kind of metallic looking board with an

  embossed rose on it so there we go oh


  okay I gotta say it looks really nice

  when you open it up like the

  presentation of all those chocolates is

  really nice as Mel's good it smells like

  a valentine's job it does it smells like

  found hoods do we have any kind of key

  oh we do oh thank god

  okay they have some sort of key here so

  we have all kinds of different things

  like peanut butter crunch maple nut


  okay there's lots of maple nut butter

  coconut cream orange cream yeah it just

  kind of repeats so we can shout out to

  any chocolate maker that gives you a map

  or a key of what's what so you don't

  have to use guess based on how they look

  that is a huge wonderful feature

  advancement that as far as I know when

  we were younger didn't seem to be done

  really and now

  seems a lot more common and anybody who

  does that gets extra points in my book

  because as somebody who occasionally

  likes to eat such things I always like

  to know what I'm getting beforehand cuz

  like I'm you know I'm an adult I'm not

  gonna have a million chocolates unless

  I'm doing a podcast about eating

  chocolates and you know in other cases

  like I only want to have like one or two

  and so I want those to be really good

  flavors that I actually really enjoy if

  I'm only gonna have one or two I don't

  want one of them to be like coconut or

  one of those like big gross cherry

  liquid bomb hey now I love both of those

  things okay

  things differently but we're not ranking

  the chocolates we're putting these boxes

  against each other yes okay so let me

  can I see the map or the flavor key

  whatever it is what's Roman nougat I

  don't know I know what nougat is I know

  what Rome is I don't know what Roman

  nougat is anyway I'm gonna go for the

  maple nut butter alright first

  appearance it is defective oh wait

  there's maple nut butter and there's

  also maple in a cream which one do you


  Oh creme maple nut cream is the one in

  the very center right about 12 o'clock

  they look the same

  the maple nut butter one is defective

  and oozing out well that's pretty big

  strike again for us to like what does it

  say about your relationship or your

  intense with somebody if you give them a

  box of defective Valentine's chocolates

  I mean it's not really your fault

  it's it's not your fault if it's

  defective but I guess is it then you

  sprung for like the cheap one no fault

  but it is your problem

  is your problem Russell Stover did had

  the biggest box available that's true

  yeah we didn't get the app we got the

  second biggest box we got the one that

  was like fifteen dollars instead of 20

  all right the maple one doesn't taste

  very good alright I will try I love

  peanut butter but I don't know how

  common that's going to be maybe I'll try

  out the vanilla cream that's that's nice

  and basic yeah I'd try that this is

  impressively mediocre like it's just

  like cheap basic after eating one of

  these I would never in a million years

  think I would like another one of those

  okay I've gone I've gone ahead I have

  taken bites have a lot of these

  chocolates already haha just kind of

  plowed through I'm gonna go for a peanut

  butter crunch because in general the

  fillings don't seem to matter much I

  mean it changes the taste slightly but

  it's not extremely great chocolate

  but I'm curious I think we should put

  this directly against their private

  reserve I agree yeah this yeah the the

  regular Russell Stover I give it a

  thumbs down really it's really like just

  like cheap bland yeah it's very romantic

  to open no I could I could take off the

  velvet box also has a key it's covered

  in chocolate for freshness okay the

  little um the chocolate paper guard this

  one is dark brown with gold writing Yeti

  so the the interior like plastic like

  kind of rack that holds them all in is

  shinier and that there are there are

  fewer larger chocolate pieces in this

  one and they are much more fancily

  finished with different like colors and

  like icing squiggles on the outside and

  so yeah it's definitely it's visually a

  noticeable step up I would say generally

  you know assuming that these turns to be

  better if you're giving a gift for

  somebody like this I think a a smaller

  box of better chocolates it's probably a

  better option

  oh absolutely big box of the cheap ones

  alright let's see if we have any common

  flavors oh no we have like Oh some of

  the I don't I don't even know these

  words I think they were French they're

  in French to be fancy oh really

  I don't know do we get like the wrong

  sheet the wrong key does a key count for

  bonus points if you can't okay

  so there I think they gave them all like

  weird names so that they sound fancier

  okay so the signature almond cream

  all right that's that's Collazo

  raspberry cordial the monogram almond

  mousse comp Anjali

  that's all you I know when I speak

  French I don't even know what that

  saying alright which one is the Sigma

  cream creston refined hazelnut praline

  ooh I do like the Monaco raspberry

  caramel look at these names I want to

  try the the almond one signature almond

  cream right there in the middle did you

  seriously get yourself water and not me

  you one way street in the water oh I

  think I might as well make carried in

  the water this is our romantic episode

  and you don't even get me water let me

  try this than I'll get Susan this is the

  signature almond cream from the Russell

  Stover elegant collection Private


  there's curdled what happened in here

  yes it isn't a smooth cream it's it's

  very like grainy

  I wouldn't say kernel I just say badly

  made the chocolate is a little bit

  better it's better than the base Russell

  Stover thank for sure okay this one's a

  grainy - this is the mocha cream let's

  see say that word say the word above

  mocha cream I think it's Amalfi I'm

  trying the hazelnut praline which is in

  the shape of a giant hazelnut kind of

  nice okay so the flavors are a lot more

  nuanced than the standard Russell Stover

  chocolates a little bit better so that

  is legit

  but in general it's still not really

  really great chocolate I've had much

  better chocolate yeah I really enjoy the

  flavors in this one but the like they're

  very they're pretty heavy-handed on the

  flavors like they kind of hit you over

  the head like the hazelnut one tastes a

  lot like artificial hazelnut flavoring

  and not a lot like actual like good

  refined hazelnut flavor

  these are definitely better than the

  base Russell Stover and I would way

  rather have this box then than the basic

  roasted over box for sure but yeah I'm

  not sure this earns its Private Reserve

  designation and velvet box

  I think the velvety box cover is nicer

  than I just tried the coconut cream it

  was really good on the chart which one

  is that oh I'd really like some of that

  water looks really good you're drinking

  it over there how about you get someone

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  chocolates where's this coconut cream

  one and it from the Private Reserve one

  further and there's a lemon - I ate half

  of it this is labelled the Kon lemon

  souffle all right I'm gonna preemptively

  say I think this box might be the best

  out of all the boxes I don't have high

  hopes for the others the lemon and

  coconut that I just tried they're both

  good they're not great they're good I

  they're both again very very like heavy

  hand like hit you in the face flavors

  like the lemon cream was very very

  strong and very very sweet the coconut

  was like really like intense and the

  flavoring so if you like very intense

  like fillings and creams this is a

  decent pick so far this at least feels

  like you're eating something special ish

  yeah yeah like the basic four also

  Stauber box it just tastes like gift

  basket chocolate that's been like

  sitting in a gift basket warehouse for

  six years and it looks like gift basket

  chocolate there's nothing it's all just

  so monotone I mean they have a dark and

  a light chocolate and the original

  Russell Stover's ones but it's not

  anything special the shapes are kind of

  like mmm yeah kind of like poured a

  little sloppily the Private Reserve ones

  appear to have come out of a mold or

  they've been dipped in a special way so

  they're a little bit smoother yeah they

  still seem mass manufactured there's

  some white chocolate involved in them so

  that's nice yeah

  yeah like they're there it is a

  noticeable step up and I think it was

  like five dollars more it was not a big

  price difference so I would say no

  question go for those even the plastic

  that's in between them is a little nicer

  exactly all right what's our next box

  we have the Hershey's pot of gold but

  it's not a pot it's shaped like a heart

  box it's a heart of gold why do why

  wouldn't they say heart of gold missed

  opportunity totally missed opportunities

  wrong with them

  I think they're just trying to double up

  on their marketing for st. Patty's Day

  and Valentine's Day big ears like didn't

  want to change the template when they

  yeah they got the labels printed they

  just put the card on here let's change

  the color okay now this one has the key

  printed on the underside of the box it

  doesn't have a special little paper like

  the Russell Stover's did well I see I

  respect that move because then you can't

  lose the key oh that is a good point you

  know it's like if you still have the box

  which you almost certainly will cuz

  that's how these are eaten then you have

  the key yes that's nice after taking off

  the layer of garbage yes I mean that

  really the first rows disturber with

  with the point set of wrapping that was

  like clearly wrapping garber you throw

  these are just like you know excusable

  amounts of plastic wrap okay so these

  are a lot fancier these are definitely

  poured molded chocolates they have some

  striations of different colors they have

  colors of the chocolate they have some

  swirl patterns that are nice that

  definitely look like they came out of a

  mold they're much prettier and the

  plastic around them although thin is

  also styled nicely the only thing that I

  would that I would call them out for is

  that they are very monochromatic

  compared to the private the private

  reserved ones there's enough use of

  white chocolate here and there but

  either as like a zigzag icing or as the

  base layer for some of them that you get

  a nice like you know mostly brown with

  like spots of white and stripes look

  from the Private Reserve whereas this

  one it's just all brown so it's like I

  could use a little a little bit more

  visual variety on this one although I

  suppose Hershey's is known for their

  brown chocolates because it can't be

  that's a price but still a little bit of

  white chocolate even like some white

  chocolate drizzle just makes the

  chocolate look a little bit more special

  this is Valentine's Day after all yeah

  all right so let's see the key what what

  kind of flavors do we have like kind of

  like a fancy name for usual stuff for

  dark chocolate truffle almond cream milk

  chocolate truffle let me see the almond

  cream where's Carmen oh there's a pecan

  caramel cluster so like a turtle I guess

  but yeah there's not a lot of variety in

  here it repeats a lot

  the Russell Stover has more variety in

  both the Private Reserve and

  regular box but this her she's one does

  not have tons of variety going for the

  caramel and almonds option Hershey's

  chocolate tastes like nothing to me

  it always does the caramel and almonds

  option literally looks like a Snickers

  bar is the vanilla caramel just tastes

  like caramel here I tried the almond

  creamy but it didn't maybe that's better

  yeah the chocolate the Hershey's

  chocolate is just like it's just like

  hard crunchy nothing like there's no

  there's no depth of flavor there's no

  flavor to it whatsoever it's literally

  like eating I don't even know it's just

  it's holding together the filling

  there's nothing going on outside it

  doesn't add to it at all

  well that tastes like nothing yeah the

  almond cream is all is similarly like

  you don't say the cream tastes like

  nothing it's very it's very like hard it

  almost looks like styrofoam when you

  bite into it like there's no flowing of

  the cream it's like it just like a very

  like dry dense like you know you bite

  through it and it you get a perfect

  slice right there yeah I rather have the

  over flavored almond cream

  yeah and that whatever that was I feel a

  the Hershey's she's like I feel like I'm

  not eating much of anything yeah doesn't

  feel like a thumbs down for the hers it

  doesn't feel worth it yeah it's I would

  say the Hershey's it might I would we'll

  see we'll see how he into breaking them

  I think I might rank it slightly above

  the base line Russell Stover's but it's

  certainly in the ballpark of the same

  thing and so much of it is caramels like

  it's just caramels over and over yeah

  thumbs down this is supposed to be their

  variety box no you know they're their

  box with their box was pretty on the

  outside much more modern and the visuals

  of the chocolate are better than the

  original Russell Stover's but man they

  fail on taste agreed alright next I'm

  gonna open up the dev this is like a

  hard hard tin situation remove the layer

  of garbage and bow now this one also

  doesn't advertise much variety ah

  oh man the ribbons not even all the way

  around it's like fake glued to the cover

  that's hilarious day they couldn't maybe

  the rest of the ribbon that goes around

  the back of the lid Wow

  alright this essentially has creamy

  caramel caramels dark chocolate peanut

  butter truffle hearts and dark chocolate

  truffle hearts that's it

  it's only those like so at least of

  those four flavors in the tag it's only

  those though yeah but it says assorted

  chocolate so it only has three varieties

  of a sordidness yeah there's the tin

  situation I guess you could reuse that

  if you're a weirdo I think the the

  minimum number of distinct flavors for

  it to qualify as assorted should

  probably be something like six or eight

  yeah I don't think for qualified so we

  got stuff branding all over it it is

  nice that the tag has a two from on the

  other side so you can make this really

  gift tastic very minimal effort should

  when you are sieving one of these should

  should you need to label it or should it

  be obvious to the recipient who its

  affirming isn't it kind of a problem if

  they don't if they can't remember or

  don't know there appears to be no guide

  as to what these are is it just like the

  tag that has the guide oh yeah actually

  it is the tag that has the guide the

  plastic that they're all sitting in is

  clear so that's kind of nice and then

  you win

  this is a little cheesy you lift up the

  chocolate and underneath there's a nice

  little saying laughs often dove live

  passionately dove just seemed create

  passion dove we all love the small

  things dove a look a smile a touch it's

  just the same company as the soap or is

  that a different dog I don't know be

  mine dove that seems kind of weird for a

  company being it to be known for soap

  and chocolate here's a fail this heart

  isn't in its little pocket in the right

  direction share a secret now let me try

  the milk chocolate peanut butter truffle

  which is the light colored heart all

  right I'm trying to tidy up here a

  little bit and the Russell Stover box

  already broke so the Dove one to me the

  fillings are a little bit boring but the

  chocolate is significantly better than

  the other ones that we've had so far the

  peanut butter doesn't taste very good

  it's fine it's not it's not amazing the

  the the caramel was better it is

  unfortunate that there are literally

  only three only three varieties here I

  would like more than that

  but the chocolate itself I would say is

  very nice I think very is a very strong


  I wouldn't say that relatively nice okay

  it's the nicest chocolate itself that

  we've had so far I don't know I think I

  like the Private Reserve better but I

  think maybe ice because the feelings are

  more interesting yeah the dove just does

  not you might as well just get a bag of


  yeah the dove one like the chocolate is

  great but for the purposes of a

  Valentine's box of chocolates unless you

  know that the person only likes these

  three very basic flavors I love

  chocolate yeah and then you need to

  teach those people that they need to

  like better chocolate and get them

  something good from like a chocolate

  place yeah these are good but they're

  not particularly memorable the chocolate

  is very nice the fillings are just

  really boring yeah and again and I

  really want more variety than three

  flavors out of a box like this this is

  um oh this this franking is going to be

  like I think maybe one clear winner and

  the rest just I I'm forming some some

  rankings in my head alright is that it

  or is there one more there is one more

  that's what the white man chocolate yeah

  right mm-hmm all right let's see let's

  see that one when you put away this

  heart tin put on this pile of other art

  tins and box

  I'm keeping the Private Reserve near me

  this funny that's the only one that's

  been really great there's not even great

  just like less correct I think if you

  were to purchase a heart-shaped box of

  chocolate for your lover on Valentine's

  I think that so far that's gonna be my

  choice oh yeah it's so it's my it's

  definitely my number one and it comes in

  the black lace variety which is very

  nice that was a little weird but the

  soft velvet box you know you can like

  use that as a pillow afterwards oh this

  one is like alright so it's the white

  man sampler I can't quite get the cover

  off oh it's taped on there's like a few

  spots of taper on the this is basically

  grandma chocolate and grandmas are great

  maybe they like this chocolate they

  could always use some tape yep

  even the box is kind of like this red

  crisps like dated fifties Christmas

  color yeah it's definitely it's a very

  dated look for sure yeah basically

  like it's a made of dress remnants from

  the 1950s all right very similar okay

  the white man key and the Russell Stover

  key is basically identical let me see

  that do you think maybe it's the same

  company and is just like a different

  like brand of him

  we'll have to inspect it's it does look

  identically printed really similar yeah

  well this is suspicious because it looks

  very simple it's just like it alright so

  let's see so what other white man

  chocolate with flavors that we have here

  whoa okay opening this up it has gold

  plastic around it not really much color

  variety but still better than the

  Russell Stover's and they have very

  different types of chocolates in here

  you have some like chocolate-covered

  almonds and chocolate-covered it looks

  like they might be raisins they have

  there's a fruit and nut caramel there's

  a there's cherry cordial there's one in

  the middle called milk chocolate

  messenger boy which is a little scary

  yep there's a boy on it yeah chocolate

  buttercream is that a post made it sound

  like the original post made me I think

  it supposed to meet but maybe it's also

  Whitman all right you mean it's not it's

  not the white it's not wearing it post

  mate so close all right there's a lot to

  choose from here I think I might try the

  let's see maybe among lasses choo a

  peanut butter cream well I got to try

  almond cream to be consistent it passed

  me the Russell Stover

  because they have some sort of like cup

  cluster thing in here - yeah I'm gonna

  compare those oh my gosh oh very hard

  the Russell Stover ones very hard yeah

  alright let's not open this box anymore

  you know they passed me them the Whitman

  as you say this ruffles the whore box

  every time I open it's falling apart

  even more it's structural integrity is

  just shot the women's are very chewy

  like there's a lot a lot of like thick

  sticky fillings I tried like three or

  four of them so far oh my god I bit into

  the cherry cordial and there is just

  kind of this neon your hands are red and

  dripping pink lick

  you tripped on your pants oh gosh I mean

  it's everywhere you should go on the

  floor oh god no I don't want the dog to

  get it why is this so pink it's it it

  looks like I spilled ink on my hands

  it really does yeah why is it this color

  it's a scary amount of dye oh can you

  get my headphones off all right so while

  two free covers from that yeah the the

  so far the Whitman's is the flavors some

  of the flavors are actually pretty good

  but each one of them has some kind of

  weird execution like the filling is too

  stiff and sticky or like the almond

  cream had a really good almond flavor

  but there was also like a raw dry almond

  in there you'd like get through this dry

  almond and it'll otherwise good cream

  the little peanuts were equally dry yeah

  everything's very dry and chewy but okay

  I think that this box was actually made

  in 1950 mm-hmm but all right so my

  theory is that this box appeals to older

  people of a certain generation where

  don't have dentures because if they did

  they would rip right out but so with the

  decor on the box and the gold gaudy

  decor inside and the dryness and the the

  types of flavors and the little post-boy

  on there it's really making me think

  that this is a I don't know either

  extremely dated and and the white man

  company does not understand modern times

  or it's just made to appeal to people of

  a certain age that would find this good

  people who have mistreated as white man

  I think that's a feature on a bug

  yeah I'm thinking this is very I don't

  know because it's it's definitely not

  quirky nostalgic it's just a little bit

  sad nostalgic is definitely the

  chocolate that you would have bought a


  years ago and it would have been great

  because it would have been the only ones

  that you had but now we have others so

  I'm thinking not with this one yeah I I

  do like the flavorings of it better than

  the cheap Russell servers oh I don't

  know because have you did you retry the

  cheaper stores like after trading rooms

  try it again it's it's surprisingly

  crappy mmm well let me see the chart for

  the Russell Stover cuz I feel like at

  least their flavors are a little bit

  better like maple nut cream butter cream

  caramel where's the Whitman chocolates

  you just have like oh wait maple nut

  cream butter cream really the the

  Russell Stover standard one every flavor

  I've tried has been disappointing in

  pretty big ways the Whitman some of

  those actually tasted a lot better they

  the Whitman ones are worse better are

  they Russell Stover just tastes like

  garbage plastic and sugar like it's just

  there's no refinement there like there's

  nothing really you know smooth or

  decadent or advanced about them at all

  whereas the the Whitman one there's at

  least like somewhat like every one of

  those bites like oh this is kind of nice

  oh except for that dry part but like

  before before the dry part it was pretty


  like I so I think my ranking I think I'm

  pretty good on my ranking I think I'm


  um wait can you open up the Hershey's

  again it's kind of got a pic which least

  bad I do enjoy the care that was put

  into creating those chocolates the

  Hershey's ones yeah compared to the

  regular Russell Stover box

  alright well my number one easily is the

  Russell Stover Private Reserve the

  limited limited batch limited edition

  what was the official name of it and

  under that it's a private reserve the

  Russell Stover is in the velvet box that

  was definitely the best out of this

  showing although I got to say it like if

  you have anywhere near you like a nice

  like fancy cause a fancy chocolate shop

  yeah like a chocolatier oh yeah like if

  you have some point that near you

  chances are whatever you get from them

  would probably be more expensive but

  would also be a lot better even than

  this Private Reserve one that said the

  private ruler won for I think it was 15

  books that's that's pretty good for that

  and we did just go down to our local

  grocery store two days before

  Valentine's Day and we got to pick up

  everything was in stock so we just kind

  of picked up a box of everything um so

  it is all available so that's a benefit

  yeah yeah it's easy to get you know it's

  gonna be available everywhere so yeah

  Russell Stover Velda box

  Private Limited Edition reserve whatever

  it is that's the best for me yeah me

  it's my number one as well

  my number two I think would be the dove

  because even though I wanted more

  variety out of it and the and the

  fillings were boring the chocolate was

  pretty nice my number three is gonna be

  the white man Whitman whatever it is

  because again that the flavors were good

  even the executions was pretty bad on

  those and then my number four is going

  to be the her she's nowhere on my list

  is gonna be the Russell Stover basic box

  that I never want to eat those again but

  the Hershey's one is you know just

  crappy chocolate but decent fillings but

  mostly they just seem like candy bars

  but ultimately a if if the show was not

  called top four I wouldn't have even had

  a number four not that it stopped me a

  lot in the past but like like I dislike

  the Hershey's almost as much as I

  dislike the the basic Russell Stover if

  I was going with the typical top four


  I would only pick the Russell Stouffer's

  Private Reserve to put on my list at all

  anywhere because M everything else is

  just there's so much wrong with so many

  the other ones that it's really hard but

  guess if I had to rank them I would put

  Hershey's second hmm I would put the

  Dove third because they're just so


  and oh it's just such a toss-up between

  what's bad between them Russell Stover

  regular and the Whitman's the Whitman's

  just feel I don't know they're just too

  chewy nuts like I don't like a lot of

  nuts in my chocolate

  there's too much nut happening it's a

  fair criticism of them I'd say in the

  Whitman chocolate so I will put the

  Russell Stover regular as my fourth

  choice just because they're more cream


  and that's the chocolate I prefer but

  the creams like have you tried it but

  they're so ugly did you throw the

  strawberry cream it's awful yeah no I

  it's my fourth it doesn't there was only

  five boxes and yeah this this Whitman

  sampler man this is this is special

  listen to a hat well we'll try to get

  this episode out fast enough so that you

  all can go out there and buy the Russell

  Simmons what is it just go out buy the

  Russell Simmons private velvet box yep

  avoid the white man and yeah but if you

  have a neighborhood chocolatier go to

  them and sticks it's gonna be way better

  than one yeah you see is a shop local

  yeah and happy Valentine's Day I'm not

  feeling very romantic right now no let's

  let's go have something better like ice

  cream or better chocolate no no more

  sweets but ice cream who are you here

  husband coffee yeah that sounds nice

  let's go for a cuddle