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Top Four 36: Misheard Eddie Vedder Lyrics


  hi everybody welcome back to top 4 we

  have a special episode well well yeah

  it's our normal fodder work it's a

  little bit different format this month

  because we weren't quite sure how to do

  this but it's something that we've been

  wanting to do for a while so we're gonna

  just see how it goes and then maybe fix

  a lot of problems in editing yeah don't

  don't talk about editing so no one wants

  to hear that

  alright I'm gonna start it yeah hi

  everybody welcome to a totally normal

  episode of where nothing is different or

  wrong so anyway what we wanted to do for

  a while is some bringing something about

  the incredible unintelligibility of

  Eddie Vedder's lyrics Eddie Vedder lead

  singer of Pearl Jam although he's also

  done some solo work but I think he's

  mostly known for his Pearl Jam work you

  may have heard him from such songs as

  and then also the great hit did yep

  pretty much everybody knows how his

  songs sound but it's really hard to know

  what he's actually saying in a lot of

  them and I don't know the I mean I think

  a lot of this is just a style that was

  born of the early 90s growing movement

  but it was who he he he is definitely

  the master of just making sounds with

  his voice that sound good because like

  we love his music it sounds good but if

  you try to actually listen to what he's

  saying it's really hard it's our new

  favorite game in the car yeah whenever

  we put on a mix of like 90s music from

  whatever radio station the car picks for

  us because we are led by robots and

  whenever an Eddie Vedder song just pops

  up it is our favorite thing to do to try

  and figure out what exactly he's saying

  in his songs so we wanted to bring that

  joy to our audience and try and rank the

  top four most unintelligible Eddie

  Vedder songs yeah and this is

  surprisingly hard to narrow down because

  there are a lot of Pearl Jam albums and

  and even he

  has many songs yeah each I apparently

  has has good number of songs so it's

  what I tried to do is narrow it down to

  at least songs that people would have

  heard mostly from the first two albums

  10 and vs. yeah I think like kind of

  their bigger hits would be yeah more

  interesting for people to hear it's it's

  really quite something else to try to

  understand these lyrics to the point

  where there's an entire youtube genre

  called misheard lyrics where they like

  basically put like funny words over the

  song while it's playing in a YouTube

  video some are a bit of a stretch most

  and this is think most of them aren't

  that good most of them aren't that funny

  there and this is also a little bit

  unusual in that I think we're both gonna

  I think we already both know what our

  number ones are going to be yeah

  it's probably the same one for both of

  us so it's a little bit unusual in that

  but we'll work up to that so let's start

  out with the earlier album and the

  earlier song on it probably most

  people's first Pearl Jam song they heard

  even flow I mean just try to figure out

  what is the first thing he says

  freezer is a freezer its breather a

  pillow in a concrete okay it's with the

  freezer it's a cold pillow the he

  probably has a cold temperate aquilo

  because I had when my tempur-pedic

  pillow is cold it's very hard it feels

  like concrete so that's it it's freezer

  so even flow is about using a

  tempurpedic pillow in the winter I think

  so let's let's hear a little more


  maybe you'll see a little better set of

  Daisy said of days uh what is what is

  that that been dazed it's okay so it's

  just it's a really cold weak form yeah

  then again in been again ahead down

  these for getting familiar I don't I can

  understand some of these lyrics yeah and

  see this is specifically better like

  Queen you can you can hear like maybe

  every third word very clearly and

  there's a lot of just sounds in there

  like yeah or it's like it sometimes

  those are actually words and sometimes

  they're not

  he also seems to give the audience a lot

  of credit for being able to complete

  words for him in our minds because he'll

  often say like the first two-thirds of a

  word and then just kind of trail off and

  just stop it's fine wait

  so can't help but his happy looks and

  when is puffing oh his puppy yeah here's

  a Pomeranian okay they kind of always

  look insane Jack Russells yeah he just

  took a dump cleared his throat


  what what's like butterflies evenflo

  comes around like butter what is that

  what this is this isn't like I've heard

  this song a million times this is the

  chorus of the song I have no idea what

  it says I got butterflies but it makes

  you feel really good when you get the

  one RIT lyric though that you do

  understand yeah exactly you don't know

  we don't know

  he chases them away he chases away the

  butterflies well they're by a million

  while he's trying to sleep on his hard

  tempur-pedic pillow in the winter I'm

  not sure what he doesn't know yeah he

  doesn't know something he doesn't know

  he never knows he can begin his life

  again what

  oh he's repeating even the repeats of a

  lie and sometimes they're not like I've

  occasionally like throughout my youth

  and you know sing you know sing so many

  songs in the car I've occasionally tried

  to look up what the lyrics are to some

  of them and some of them actually are

  that tricky where like it'll be two

  things in a row that sound pretty much

  the same but are actually two different

  words I'm curious like do the lyric

  sites or whoever is like collecting and

  I'm never going to look up these lyrics

  because I don't want to know well that's

  neither toothy though there are some

  where it's actually funnier to listen to

  if you know what he's supposed to be

  saying because you're like really that

  was supposed to be that we'll get there

  we'll get there moving on to glorified G



  is this glorified version of a pelican

  yeah an American plant play it again

  play order I like it is like it's like

  about like you know manliness and stuff

  but like no get played again like I got



  horrified version of a pellet gun Oh a

  pelican isn't that just a bird I think

  so is it pellet gun it could be either

  really well I mean pellet gun makes more

  sense I guess but I like pelicans better

  what would a glorified Pelican be a

  pterodactyl that's pretty cool I feel

  the pterodactyls part it's probably the

  glorified version of all birds maybe

  like a dragon and all these years I

  thought this was about pelicans but now

  I think it's about guns that sucks no

  all right whipping don't need a handle

  don't need a helmet got a hard hard head

  see I didn't understand that don't need

  a handle

  what he's already bred

  don't need a panda bears too much


  whoa whoa we have what is loving can we

  do that verse again please


  all right doesn't it raincoat he's

  already wet he doesn't need a panda

  if they'd know don't need a panda bears

  too much you're so right

  with the whip whipping whipping I think

  this is on my list


  see the song is called whipping is he

  saying that there it sounds kind of like

  it would be


  we think is pretty good it's I can't

  understand the chorus even


  don't hand there's always a part

  attached there's all these arms to test

  oh I thought was there's always arms

  attached which doesn't make sense


  I must reach rust all these rusted rails

  mmm sure that's what he'd saying No

  see is it there would be the or their or

  their whipping the song is called

  whipping but I don't hear that no I

  don't hear that either

  you know a he's at the whooping gah I

  understand actually most of this

  it just doesn't I said most just doesn't

  make a lot of sense I might get him to

  give this an honorable mention okay all

  right there's also on the list of

  horrible songs on Vitalogy there's a few

  I think bugs is the worst but pry to

  nobody likes bugs don't play bugs whoa


  this is alright I think we were going

  all about this all wrong we were

  listening to the popular song so try and

  make it better for our audience but

  really the crazy comes out in between

  all the popular songs

  what was he just saying I don't this

  yeah this is why I can't listen to

  Vitalogy that it was a song put onto an

  album intentionally yeah like those

  placed it took a slot new album and

  right after that is one of my favorite

  songs corduroy got the one about the

  bear who loses the button in the

  department store it is that Paddington

  there's that something else no I think

  that's a train station yes with a hat

  yes the train station has a hat



  and see this is mostly okay but all of

  his lyrics really are on the verge it

  kind of makes you have that feeling

  where I feel a little bit smart for

  knowing exactly what he's saying but but

  you got a it's you've got a really pay

  attention to be able to hear a lot of it

  like sometimes all of Merlin's

  references yeah I think your brain is

  working overtime

  yeah you can't play Pearl Jam 1.5 X

  you'll miss it so yeah he'll cut off and

  have kids


  whoa what whoa that was a good one what

  I don't wanna what I got nothing from

  that I got nothing I don't know okay so

  what we're concluding is that you can

  sing along to a certain point and then

  everyone becomes that I don't know the

  lyric person and it sounds like it yeah

  I think he is becoming that


  what he doesn't want to wait for them to

  law and I want to lay


  what what pay it off in blood in IV wet

  I mean I played off in blood let I be

  wet it sounds like that but okay all

  right I'm gonna start looking up some

  lyrics this is going to be the official

  yeah look at the corduroy what are they

  what are they saying good song man okay

  it's that the the waiting drove me mad

  you're finally here and I'm a mess I

  take my entrance back can't let you roam

  inside my head I take my entrance back


  I don't want to hear from those who know

  what that's that


  he doesn't want to hear from those who

  know that's it oh I would never have

  gotten that they take they okay then it

  says they can buy but can't put on my

  clothes okay see that I hear that now I

  would never gotten there well they could

  buy his clothes but they can't put them

  on right Wow I don't want to limp I

  don't want to limp for them to walk wow

  I didn't even I never limp is there is

  there a like that was like I don't want

  to wait for them to okay this is is

  there any M&P sound in this I don't want

  to lay like he doesn't even try a limp

  he's not even trying on that word I mean

  poetry wise it's actually very clever

  but not saying these words


  Fiona near-death that's clear

  what is that I'll pay it off in blood

  let I be Wed what does that mean I don't

  know man it means whatever to whoever is

  listening to it is it cut up n I'm all

  going to cut up and half dead

  how dead I'll end up alone like I began

  yes some of those words you you can

  everything has chains at absolutely

  nothing's changed everything has changed

  oh my god

  there it is oh my god this is my

  favorite part of this song I've met I

  never cook so is that absolutely nothing

  to change or that another chains

  absolutely no that's changed everything

  has chains absolutely nothing and then

  listen to this I don't even know if this

  is a word okay take my hand not my

  picture spill my pink sure that yeah

  it's that's another word I was just kind

  of gloss over and singing along

  a tincture is a medicine made by

  dissolving a drug in alcohol oh oh yeah

  vocabulary I always thought that was

  teacher and I mean it didn't make sense

  but vocab lesson with Eddie Vedder oh

  man this song I have a good idea he is

  saying words that we literally don't

  even know exists like the he just he's

  teaching us you think all this time it

  just been like he has an incredible

  vocabulary you know much greater than

  others not that we're miss hearing

  things he's speaking like an archaic

  language and we're just not sure of the

  words they're not in our everyday life

  that we are you know the he's just a

  genius that's what it is all right we

  need to go back I mean he's definitely

  musical genius like we need to go back

  to even flow and I'll read the lyric

  we're gonna listen what we think it is

  freezer right

  yeah freezer rustles head on a pillow

  made of concrete okay it's freezin so

  okay close so it still could be about

  tempur-pedic pillow zanter

  so okay I think what he's trying to say

  is feels like maybe he'll sleep better

  in seven days but doesn't okay he's lost

  over a lot of same feeling

  it makes this seems like this is a

  person's name Oh feeling yeah like

  Ophelia but Oh feeling Oh feelin maybe

  he'll see a little better any days Wow

  maybe he'll see a little better

  any day are these what's the source of

  these lyrics see it just says Pearl Jam


  that's what he says that can't possibly

  be like the lyric he wrote in his head

  okay so head down faces some both hand

  out faces that he sees come again

  ain't that familiar what whoa okay okay

  I hear that all right there's another

  source it doesn't make sense that says

  that other line was a feeling maybe

  he'll see a little better set of days oh

  yeah okay not that much better

  all right oat bran he can't happy look

  insane Oh dark grin he can't help when

  he's happy he looks insane ok that the

  second the last part I think was mostly

  there sort of but Oh dark grin not oat

  bran no not Oprah and smash you smoke

  brand you got it yeah gotta go to the


  yeah it's just a song about his morning



  oh my god you've ruined the Sun oh my

  god all right we brought you this week

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  make your next move make your next

  website alright and then the lyrics to

  glorified G okay I like the way the song

  starts it's a great happy song sort of

  until you hear the lyrics just like all

  observers he's got a gun I mean right


  what's the second line even though like

  act I got to okay

  I got a gun in fact I got to okay that's

  I never would have heard that is that's

  okay man cuz I love God

  yeah that part's easy


  okay it's definitely pellet gun I can't

  believe you heard that I Laura fired

  version I've been listening to the song

  for literally like 20 you thought it was

  about birds shooting birds I thought it

  was about Birds Dick Cheney I don't even

  really heard the gun part like I mean I

  didn't pay attention


  is it feels familiar with arms feel so

  manly when armed when armed ok Wow these

  he really glosses really sick oh no this

  is a really kind of cool song I think

  it's a very anti-gun song oh it

  definitely is obviously but like so like

  after the but until this recording

  really after repeating the word Pelican

  which is really pellet gun 10,000 times

  the next verse is doublethink

  dumb is strength what that's double


  dumb is strength what well one lyric fat

  says double think other one says don't

  think so they can't even agree like the

  lyrics eyes don't even know no and then

  dumb is strength never shot a living

  thing hold on dumb is strength don't

  miss that ring that's a stretch that's

  head string I like dumb as string bet ya

  string is not very smart so the next one

  never shot a living thing

  yeah that part sounds fine though feels

  so manly when armed okay and then the

  always keep it loaded and then kindred

  to be an American what whoa I've never

  heard that

  okay that's been there I can feel your

  heart I can feel your heart in your neck

  I can feel your heart in your neck


  Wow Wow I never heard that before all

  right Wow all right that's a that's a

  pretty pretty bold song yeah I actually

  kind of like it now I like it better

  what whipping did we do that one this is

  the one where we couldn't tell if they

  were saying whipping in the chorus or

  not whipping add they're whipping

  they're whipping out of it

  don't need a hand there's always arms

  attached oh don't get signed I can fall



  yeah you're right I call that why must

  we trust

  all these rusted rails

  rales didn't I make a train joke before

  I think I actually might have heard this

  mostly correct they don't want no change

  we already have


  Wow there we go yeah not bad mm-hmm all

  right well there's also the last song

  that we should include his bugs no I'm

  just kidding no it's nobody wants bugs

  Marco I'm not sure I've ever heard that

  song all the way through because every

  time I play through Vitalogy or I try to

  play through Vitalogy I get like halfway

  through I'm just like oh my god I can't

  take this anymore I have to skip the

  song nobody wants bugs

  it's that is by far like I think bugs if

  we if we had do an episode on the worst

  Pearl Jam songs ever put on an album I

  think bugs would have to be number one

  and and there are some some weird ones

  in there so that's saying a lot but it's

  it's got to be bugs it sucks I come down

  on suction otherwise pretty decent album

  whoo anyway but the number one I think

  the master of misheard lyrics has got to

  be and across all artists not even just

  Eddie Vedder it's got to be yellow

  Ledbetter I mean just try to figure out

  what is being said here I'm not gonna

  spoil the first word because I actually

  looked it up a long time ago I remember

  what the first word was supposed to be

  and it makes no sense


  on the ceiling on the voice of glitter

  fairy that's yeah like that's that I got

  that's I didn't read that that's that

  I'm going on the so I don't I don't know

  it's like I know what it's supposed to

  be so I'm not gonna say the rest of that

  sentence but like that does not make any


  like it's not it's nowhere close well

  I'll just tell you I'm pretty sure if I

  remember correctly that is supposed to

  be unsealed on the porch a letter sat



  notes on the voice of glitter fairy

  that is totally it's like it's hardware

  I can't listen any harder to those

  lyrics and come up with anything else

  landfill I want to leave it again I

  would also want to leave a landfill

  landfill I want to leave it again ok on

  the feeling on the voice of glitter

  fairy landfill I want to leave it again

  it's like there's no it's I have no idea

  what that's supposed to be I think that

  one line I remember go for another line

  yeah one bizarre him one bizarre him



  on the beach whether slathered houses on

  the on the on a beach of weathered sand

  on the beach no houses he says house is

  how it's supposed to be on the beach of

  whether it's an

  on the on the Beast of weathered houses

  obviously what it is and I know he

  doesn't say sandy says houses on the

  beast on the I don't hear that B's don't

  I don't know what I am NOT a Mon Mona

  said Mona here Mona okay at the song

  about Mona uh-huh and she definitely

  wants to leave it again yeah we don't

  know when she left it the first time but

  she wants to leave this glittery beast

  on some sand she wants to leave it again

  no there's no sand its houses sorry on a

  wizard on a whale on a wheel on a wizard

  on a whale it can't possibly be that on

  a wheel on a weasel it's you know on a

  wizard on a way it's gotta be an oyster

  in a whale that's I'm totally agreement

  there's nothing else that that could be

  listen as hard as you possibly can and

  try and hear anything else please I'm

  thinking it's on a weasel on a wizard on

  a whale No

  whoa okay what on a cold

  I got enough is it okay is I'm not a

  cold night I I heard on a pill I want to

  pull out again

  and I called out again okay but yes this

  is a hard one day ok so I can't wait to

  read I need them and you called and I

  called and I called you back and then

  you call and then I thought I don't want

  to call you anymore it's like it what is

  that but different he's going phone text

  about phone tag on a glittery beach all

  right okay well the whale is there yes

  and a wizard I don't know we haven't

  quite figure out the wizard role yeah

  is the wizard the one calling well the

  song is not over yet let's find out and

  the wizard


  and the wizard on a leave a combine yo

  that says okay go back


  on the wizard I'm gonna leave a combine

  oh oh

  that's obviously that's what Wizards do

  on beaches dinner full of glittery bears

  or whatever this was again with the

  whale he doesn't want a whale in a box

  or a bag I don't want to wear a box or a

  bag no he's back to the whale is the

  whale glittery or was it just the Bears

  no the wizard

  well maybe the Wizards glittery and he

  put some glitter onto the whale oh

  that's his wizards can make sparkly

  things happen right but where is Mona

  can we do we don't have the power to

  like vacuum up glitter in a permanent

  way obviously create the glitter out of

  this keep playing malaria


  okay we're very clear about this box or

  a bag

  we are very I said I don't want to wet

  it to a boxer I know he doesn't want the

  whale in a box or a bag

  yeah just keep laying I mean it have to

  be a pretty big boxer bag to fit a whale

  in it


  can you see them oh yeah can you see

  them out on the porch yeah but they

  don't wave wave

  they don't wait you know there on the

  porch but they're not waving they're

  unfriendly neighbors they're jerks no

  wait who's on the porch the 180 the

  Bears no Mona oh ok so Mona is not

  waving to the wizard and the sparkle

  bears yes okay no the wizard is going by

  on the whale Ramona's not when there's a

  there's a team with sparkling bears

  following it and the wizards like a

  freakin who's rares there's no bears in

  this one all the other song had bears no

  this one has the sparkle bears no the

  agenda with the bears no I'm getting

  confused alright yeah this is it's hard

  to keep track of all these metaphors

  okay I don't even know if they are

  metaphors you might have actually seen

  this just keep going


  do you see them around the front way

  around the runway on the Oh uh is there

  an airport

  yes nation now they're at the airport

  okay wait maybe does the whole thing

  take place at an airport have a

  sparkling things he's seeing and maybe

  Wizards are like like maybe he can't

  believe that planes can fly so cool so

  he's like maybe he thinks the pilots are

  Wizards now you're just being silly


  I know I know I don't want to say or

  save now he knows he doesn't want to

  save the contents of what he just did in

  his document I know I don't want to save

  no make maybe why make me fries it's

  probably making me fries but it's got

  its a fly baby fly make me fly oh maybe

  it's making me fly

  well we're on the airport right make me

  cry make me fly

  I'm thinking it's cry I like making me

  fries yeah but it might be make me fly

  if we're if we are indeed back at this

  airport and he thinks the Wizards are

  controlling all the planes because he

  doesn't know how planes work then maybe

  he's asking the wizard pilots to make

  him fly maybe he's trying to buy a plane

  ticket and a really read about way okay

  I am going to let the letter on the

  porch was an advertisement for a plane

  ticket and he went to the airport and

  he's like look baby stop calling me but

  I'm gonna call you back but call me back

  and call you back and please could I

  just have a ticket to get on this plane

  it's gotta be right I don't know why

  there's something else maybe oh yeah

  that sounds pretty good

  on a combine on away unaware on a

  combine unaware Hatton okay

  then we're back to the combine I'm not

  entirely well-versed in farm equipment

  but how could you possibly be not aware

  that you're on a combine aren't they

  pretty large they're really big yeah

  they're probably one of the biggest farm

  equipments you could be on I mean you

  have to like you have to have drank a

  lot to not realize that you were on a

  combine I mean maybe he just was never

  told it was a combine he doesn't know

  where there's a box or a bag so he's not

  he's not aware of the box or the bag or

  the combine I mean do people usually

  keep boxes and bags and combines I've

  never been in one is there like do you

  keep like a bunch of crap in the cabin

  so you can like you know maybe

  castellane bags yeah he's an employee

  for the song it's a clerk and he's he's

  packaging things up for people

  he's just bagging somebody's groceries

  he's like I don't know where to put this

  I can't find a box or a bag mm-hmm maybe

  this is the combine like a store in the

  south and he worked at oh maybe it's the

  name of a store yeah who knows they have

  weird names down there


  he's asking me is he asking can you see

  a boxer bag anywhere anybody can you see

  there's a box or a bag can you see them

  that's it that must be it

  code on the port Oh easy backup no no

  he's on the porch and he's asking if

  they see the box or the bag out on the

  porch and they've so okay so he's hoping

  that the letter carrier will come and

  take the packages he's trying to send

  that he put out onto the porch but that

  didn't sound that sound like port that

  was like definitely not porch see

  there's no more port e that's port like

  so I'm thinking like now he's on a dock

  or pier alright so now we're loading

  things onto a boat called the combine

  that he's a grocery store clerk on this

  is like somebody's a weird nonsensical

  dream it is it's like oh you were there

  but you weren't there and it was your

  house but it wasn't yeah and we were in

  an airport but it was really a boat and

  we're that's whales there was a car only

  and there's this wizard on top of the

  whales that's what it is and we were at

  the grocery store but I couldn't find

  anything to put your groceries in okay



  but they don't wait


  round the wrong way I see yeah see if

  when I see them rat around the wrong way

  I wait you so okay so what's around the

  wrong way the Box in the bag is looking

  for know that or the wizard in their

  Sparkle bear I it's hard to keep track

  there's a lot of things in the song


  he doesn't want to sleep it off I don't

  want to say get out what oh I don't want

  to take it off

  I don't want to say it all that's that's

  a tough one I don't want to say I wanna

  say good all I don't want to say it all

  I don't know he doesn't want to stare

  okay so is it rude to stare at sparkle

  Wizards and and Beach bears well he's

  the people that aren't waving oh well

  why aren't they waving wouldn't if you

  saw a wizard followed by Sparkle he's an

  American pilots like wouldn't you they

  don't wave he that's he keeps repeating

  they don't they're just not waving but

  what's the Box in the bag

  okay he's an old guy sitting on a porch

  and people are walking by and they're

  not waving and he's just mad and he's

  coming up with stories up but like why

  they're not waving to him


  I don't want to stay I don't want to


  was that a word that's the last word in

  the song so i i i i think i'm even more

  confused than ever now like like when i

  first okay so look at the lyrics now

  okay first of all did i remember

  correctly that the first thing is

  unsealed on a porch a letter so yes

  uncie he is on a porch veal lid yeah he

  really draws that out when you said i

  want to leave it again then you said saw

  her on a beach of weathered sand

  hey i got it right on the sand and on

  the sand

  i want to leave her again okay so when

  he says sand yeah that's his language is

  are we are we making fun of somebody

  who's a really bad speech impediment no

  he could actually say these sounds yes

  okay i don't know there's no okay hold

  on no way weekend I want to wish it all

  away yeah that's really a stretch and

  they all and they called and I said that

  I'll go and I said that I'll call out


  I know what was that and I'll go yeah

  really and out that this is and I'll go

  and I will be called and I'll go get

  place and I'll go

  that's not even go it's he says will he

  says go I'll go he wishes it together

  play together he called and I know

  there's no G sound that's incredible

  again really that's again again and the

  reason I ought to leave her calm I know


  I mean I can I can see where I hear

  words like Gump and combine and wizard

  and it's like if you like I don't hear

  any of these I mean this is like okay I

  think we should change our top four okay

  so yes there were some other songs with

  misheard lyrics but this song is

  obviously the pinnacle shining star of

  the misheard Eddie Vedder lyric I think

  we should choose our favorite misheard

  line just for the olive or misheard

  yellow Ledbetter

  what is Ledbetter is that is that a

  thing I'm gonna maybe it's one of those

  it's like the Tincher I'm sure it's a

  smart reference to something or a drunk

  reference to something I don't know but

  it's like it's even hard to say the

  title is um it comes up with nothing

  oh my god all right so that's oh my god


  what said I don't know whether I'm the

  boxer or the bag a box that makes so

  much sense I don't know whether I'm the

  boxer or the bag that's very poetic

  it is poetic if you would have actually

  said that oh man see this there's no way

  that again yeah


  calm I know


  he does not say boxer oh hey can you see

  them out on the porch yeah but they

  don't wave all right you got that


  I see them round the front way yeah

  and I know and I know I don't wanna stay

  make me cry all right so let's let's not

  make me fries it's make me cry oh man

  or make me fly oh I see I don't know why

  there's something else I want to I want

  to drum it all away does on a comm line

  nope I want I wanted to rum it all away

  okay hold on

  no there's not even close but I wanted I

  wanted to rum it all away it's not even

  what he says though it's just not

  Drummond there's no like dr set like

  that that's not there


  he doesn't even say boxer no it's it

  sounds like where there's a box like

  it's not even hold on so it's supposed

  to be I don't know whether I'm the box

  or the bag I said I don't know whether

  I'm the boxer or the bag boxer right

  okay and definitely I want to drum it

  all away oh I said I don't know I don't

  know whether I'm the boxer or the bag

  like even with these mobile websites are

  saying that that's what it is I mean

  that like as a line of poetry that makes

  sense but the sounds that are coming out

  of his mouth like you can't like

  sometimes when you hear when you find

  out what a lyric is you can you can kind

  of realism and you can hear that lyric

  then like being said you just weren't

  like hearing it in the right way you

  weren't like interpreting the words

  correctly but in this case like the

  sounds that he's saying do not form

  these words no matter how you hear it

  it's not even close I'm gonna vote for

  my most misheard lyrics oh yeah yellow

  Ledbetter to be I want to want to drum

  it all away that's really good and that

  I don't there's none of those sounds in

  there at all and then I think my second

  I don't I don't know whether there's a

  bot I'm I was the boxer or the bag yeah

  that's I mean after that it's pretty

  much I don't want to stay I don't want

  to stay I don't want to stay I don't I

  don't want to stay I I think I really

  got a got a give a shout-out to on a

  weekend oh yeah that was really good I

  want to wish it all away yeah that yeah

  that's a and the reason I ought to leave

  or come I know that was also like the

  reason I ought to leave her calm I know

  this is even like I don't know whether

  I'm the boxer or the bed like that's

  there's just like no there's no sound of

  that here mm-hmm like there's so many

  completely missing consonant sounds and

  sometimes wrong and like differently

  inserted consonant sounds that like it

  wasn't just that he glossed over some of

  the words it's that he actually made the

  wrong size for different words and they

  called and I said that I'll go

  I said that I'll call out again


  yeah that that's transcribed as I don't

  I don't want to stay but I think you

  just kind of stops halfway through the

  first I don't and this isn't a live song

  like it's not being those live right now

  studio recording so it's not like he was

  having a performance no oh my god well I

  do actually have top four songs

  I mean yellow Ledbetter is obviously

  number one and then between Evenflo

  whipping and corduroy I mean they can be

  jostled around so III mean it's hard for

  me to pick like because I think I'm with

  you like you know it's it's pretty hard

  to actually rank the songs cuz so many

  them were more intelligible than we

  thought but a lot of them were pretty

  comical but I think nothing compares to

  yellow Ledbetter it's it stands on its

  own so far above everything else

  it falls on its own yeah exactly it

  stumbles over on so I honestly I think I

  might like my version of the song better

  with the Wizards and the glittery bears

  and stuff but it's Minh you know the

  grocery clerk who can't find a pilot in

  the airport like it and but for some

  reason on a boat also I'm sure that

  everyone can sing along to this song

  yeah really yeah it doesn't I'm equally

  unstable footing yeah because it doesn't

  really first of all no one knows lyrics

  when they when you're saying along with

  the group people are and no one knows

  that the lyrics actually are even if you

  do know what the lyrics actually are it

  doesn't make sense or sound like that

  so you even if you sang the correct

  lyrics it would sound like you were

  singing the wrong lyrics alright so we

  definitely have number one

  yo Ledbetter yeah and everything else

  after that I mean I guess we have even

  flow whipping and corduroy kind of in

  the same camp glorified G I thought was

  good with the Pelican but that ended up

  being pretty clear yeah get out pellet

  gun I did yeah even flow I think we had

  a lot of good fun with yeah so maybe I

  put even plot number two quarter by

  three glorified Pelican number four well

  what about corduroy oh no what about

  whipping whooping was okay I think

  Whitman was better than glorified G

  alright so you can rank so okay my

  ranking is number one yellow Ledbetter

  number two even flow three corridor a

  for glorified G what is your ranking

  okay yo

  Leadbetter number one Evenflo corduroy

  and then whipping alright thanks for

  listening everybody I can't believe you

  made it through this I can't believe we

  made it through this Thank You Eddie

  Vetter for providing years of decades

  really of amazing music that we really

  do enjoy and for hopefully not having a

  problem with this podcast I don't know

  whether I'm the boxer or the bag Marco

  oh yeah yeah yeah yeah