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133: Incomparable Radio Theater of the Air


  the incomparable number 133 a [TS]

  well-versed 2013 [TS]

  we are back for another edition of the [TS]

  incomparable podcast I'm your host [TS]

  Jason's now and today we're going to be [TS]

  taking a little bit of a detour and [TS]

  talking about a a medium more than [TS]

  actual work of art going to talk about [TS]

  audio plays audio dramas audiobooks [TS]

  whether it's an old radio serial for a [TS]

  month two years and three months [TS]

  yeah and comfortable now go now is the [TS]

  time to get professionals what I'm [TS]

  saying my belly is my shock mount let's [TS]

  check out the scores [TS]

  for what charges are pressed on these [TS]

  guys brought to you by don't think [TS]

  George on chocolate cocoa that's out of [TS]

  this world but last we left to me [TS]

  hellporno Jane women Scoutmaster Green [TS]

  has the rest of 3.14159 there with [TS]

  trapped in the outer reaches of the [TS]

  tallest moduli system in that ship the [TS]

  Copernicus their engine stalled their [TS]

  oxygen generator on the verge of [TS]

  collapse when suddenly [TS]

  gosh what was that Scoutmaster Greenwell [TS]

  to me that was a star going supernova it [TS]

  was like a big ball of light blowing up [TS]

  into an even bigger Paula light that's [TS]

  exactly right to me [TS]

  Scoutmaster are we in any danger from [TS]

  the supernova well Jane I think we're [TS]

  safe from that for now after all the [TS]

  oxygen should go out long before the [TS]

  shockwave hits the ship jumping chill [TS]

  pair that's what i get for tagging along [TS]

  with you [TS]

  galaxy scouts what are we gonna do say [TS]

  to me I think you're onto something [TS]

  what do you mean Scoutmaster let's all [TS]

  put our heads together and think about [TS]

  that over some cocoa Timmy who wants [TS]

  some jumping Jupiter hot chocolate me [TS]

  that's right kids [TS]

  nothing like a spot of jumping Jupiter [TS]

  hot chocolate to focus the mind when [TS]

  you're in a scrape the rich chocolate [TS]

  drink fortified with vitamins and chili [TS]

  pepper just like the Aztecs you [TS]

  stuttering what's your IQ bounced off [TS]

  the chance with a chuckle vitamin drink [TS]

  that's out of this world [TS]

  jumping Jupiter look Scoutmaster green I [TS]

  think I've got an idea what is it Timmy [TS]

  we should search the ship and see if [TS]

  there's anything that can help us [TS]

  gosh Timmy that's a great idea which I [TS]

  thought that lets go scouts [TS]

  what's this [TS]

  who are you a stowaway ASEAN story me [TS]

  Mickey I'm just making children she put [TS]

  her mr. McKeith what are you doing on [TS]

  board the Copernicus did you not [TS]

  understand that son i just said it i'm a [TS]

  stowaway [TS]

  good to meet you mr. McKeith I don't [TS]

  suppose you know anything about [TS]

  engineering i'll add your look I'm a [TS]

  ship's engineer i take care of the [TS]

  Copernicus when she's in drydock her zip [TS]

  drives busted and the oxygen generators [TS]

  dying mr. do you think you could fix it [TS]

  are you adopt their lodi I don't know [TS]

  what that means [TS]

  jumpin Jupiter what do you need to do i [TS]

  need to get into the jft tubes and [TS]

  adjust the Harlan elysian matrices [TS]

  between them but the adjustments have to [TS]

  be done simultaneously how many Jeff t [TS]

  tubes are there five but I'm only one [TS]

  man [TS]

  well I can do one and Andy and Bobby can [TS]

  each 200 Scoutmaster he asked if i was [TS]

  getting to you but that's only four of [TS]

  you not counting myself [TS]

  someone's got to be at the helm i could [TS]

  do that i may be a good lad but let's [TS]

  get to work mckeith a woman doing [TS]

  mechanical work I'll not hear of it [TS]

  Oh spare me your outdated notions of [TS]

  chivalry mr. you need all the help you [TS]

  can get [TS]

  now just tell me which leave it a pole [TS]

  just don't know it's chivalry or certain [TS]

  death Mickey what would a galaxy scout [TS]

  to scouts on my honor I will do my best [TS]

  to do my duty to true and galaxies to [TS]

  help other people at all [TS]

  you never give up in the face of certain [TS]

  do to keep myself physically strong [TS]

  mentally awake and hardly fortified with [TS]

  a daily allowance of vitamins chocolate [TS]

  and chili pepper [TS]

  what's that mean it means we never give [TS]

  up [TS]

  Miss Jane grab a wrench and let's go [TS]

  on my mark 321 and turn minds lit up [TS]

  mine too i love hit the gas do you mean [TS]

  the start button it's a metaphor [TS]

  tippy go go go you got it Scoutmaster [TS]

  gosh that with the sip right back in the [TS]

  old zip drive mr. McKee and look at that [TS]

  as soon as we started moving the oxygen [TS]

  generator came back to life [TS]

  hi as we rushed through the void of [TS]

  space the 4motion pushes air through the [TS]

  vents turning the blades and generating [TS]

  fresh oxygen are you sure i don't know [TS]

  if that's it that's brilliant and i have [TS]

  to say la see you did a fine job without [TS]

  wrench it really wasn't a friend [TS]

  oh sorry I was trying to avoid that [TS]

  asteroid jumpin Jupiter Timmy you gave [TS]

  us a start there [TS]

  I sure did Scoutmaster haha someones [TS]

  about the exciting adventures on Jimmy [TS]

  press the galaxy scalp in again next [TS]

  time when we have Timmy so why are you [TS]

  stealing away on the Copernicus mr. I [TS]

  was hiding from the deus ex machina for [TS]

  they've been after me for beyond I mean [TS]

  year [TS]

  deus ex what now in children [TS]

  that's next time on Timmy Preston galaxy [TS]

  scout brought to you by jumping Jupiter [TS]

  hot chocolate [TS]

  they only took vitamin drink guarantee [TS]

  to pounce and your step [TS]

  you're listening to the incomparable [TS]

  radio shows of the Finley quality [TS]

  network [TS]

  stay tuned this is a Gotham cigarettes [TS]

  news update and now the man with the [TS]

  news [TS]

  Carl Phillips Dateline Princeton [TS]

  Junction New Jersey have been multiple [TS]

  unconfirmed reports of an earthly in [TS]

  campus and glow emanating from the [TS]

  middle building on the pond at Grover's [TS]

  mill local girl Gladys Pierce made the [TS]

  initial report she also noted that the [TS]

  light was accompanied by a low humming [TS]

  or buzzing sound [TS]

  I think the aliens are back side Pearce [TS]

  resting at nearby Princeton hospital [TS]

  authorities are exercising caution [TS]

  considering the date now the weather [TS]

  there are chances of scattered weather [TS]

  over the greater tri-city metroplex but [TS]

  some weather stretching into tomorrow [TS]

  highs in the mid to high temperatures [TS]

  cooling off when they're not this is [TS]

  Carl Phillips for the gotham cigarettes [TS]

  news roundup reminding you to smoke them [TS]

  if they're Gotham and now chock-full of [TS]

  coffee presents the fog [TS]

  the fog creeps in our little cats feet [TS]

  by day millionaire playboy Simeon st. [TS]

  Clair leads a life of luxury a [TS]

  devil-may-care existence most could only [TS]

  dream of [TS]

  but by night he writes what others put [TS]

  wrong makes just the in just and clouds [TS]

  the minds of lesser man for he is the [TS]

  Far tonight's episode sing a song of [TS]

  murder the seen the new york museum of [TS]

  art the setting the Akhenaten room [TS]

  home of the museum's priceless Egyptian [TS]

  collection the reason in ladies and [TS]

  gentlemen Madame's and the shoes i [TS]

  welcome you to the new york museum of [TS]

  art for our 13th annual charity gala as [TS]

  president of the second foundation and [TS]

  your chairman of the board I seldom [TS]

  Harris the third declare the rebels and [TS]

  now to begun welcome you all to the [TS]

  allen tap hole down [TS]

  Mago once you dragged me to these [TS]

  ghastly affairs drag you simian the [TS]

  other one with the invitation in case [TS]

  you forgot you're on the board [TS]

  barely i don't think i've attended a [TS]

  meeting in years but you're right i am [TS]

  on the board [TS]

  I think you've answered your own [TS]

  question they just like having my name [TS]

  on the letterhead and the brochures and [TS]

  the same player gallery you hate it so [TS]

  much why not just stay home [TS]

  no mago one has obligations when one's a [TS]

  millionaire playboy Swan around town [TS]

  seeing and being seen [TS]

  it's a living i suppose i want to [TS]

  present the real reason we're all here [TS]

  to light the unveiling of the newest gem [TS]

  of our collection newly arrived from [TS]

  Egypt one of the earliest known glass [TS]

  sculptures [TS]

  I give to you the god Horus [TS]

  it's gone what happened someone is [TS]

  taking the glass figure of Horus God's [TS]

  call the police [TS]

  seal the room not again [TS]

  Simeon whatever do you mean this is the [TS]

  third museum heist this week and all [TS]

  glass sculptures [TS]

  where you going to see if I can help [TS]

  wait excuse me sir i need to get through [TS]

  there [TS]

  i'm sorry mr. Harris told us to seal the [TS]

  room I need to get some fresh air [TS]

  why are you waving your hand it you need [TS]

  to let me go past cut that out [TS]

  do you know who i am and I know who you [TS]

  are buddy a suspect [TS]

  now that's millionaire playboy Simeon [TS]

  Sinclair that room over there that's his [TS]

  gallery [TS]

  yeah well he's still a suspect aight [TS]

  where to go [TS]

  it's too big a figure to hide on one [TS]

  person so it's a cinch no one in the [TS]

  room has it on them on the other hand [TS]

  that should keep them all away from the [TS]

  fog [TS]

  the fog brought to you by chock-full of [TS]

  coffee the coffee with that extra [TS]

  special secret ingredient [TS]

  more coffee that's right the mountain [TS]

  rich fresh packed freeze dried beans [TS]

  that we harvest for chuck full of coffee [TS]

  go through a special process we like to [TS]

  call happy naturalization this infuses [TS]

  every beam with the strength and purity [TS]

  of 10 beans morning dear you alright [TS]

  I've got a big dad work but I beat honey [TS]

  my dogs you so tired their dogs are [TS]

  tired here dear have a cup of chalk full [TS]

  of coffee [TS]

  holy cats honey that's some coffee [TS]

  that's not some coffee that's all the [TS]

  coffee chock-full of coffee for that [TS]

  wide awake feeling all day long and all [TS]

  night too and now we return you too [TS]

  fog [TS]

  donĂ­t Simeon where did you go [TS]

  hey you that [TS]

  who goes there I could ask the same [TS]

  about you [TS]

  Margo trauma and I pursue girl Friday to [TS]

  that millionaire playboy st. clair ilyas [TS]

  however did you know no one can hide [TS]

  from the fog so you're here to find the [TS]

  missing horse [TS]

  it would appear so do you know who stole [TS]

  it [TS]

  the weed of crime is a bitter pill to [TS]

  swallow [TS]

  what does that even mean I really don't [TS]

  know go back to the party Mr mean you'll [TS]

  be much safer there [TS]

  rest assured the fog as the missing or [TS]

  is well in hand [TS]

  why you waving your hand in my face to [TS]

  the party Mr Hammond be gone [TS]

  I've you insist now to the matter at [TS]

  hand [TS]

  mmm yes three robberies three glass [TS]

  figures all the museum's here in midtown [TS]

  Manhattan there's a pattern here [TS]

  the question is where are the missing [TS]

  figures and how did the burger get in [TS]

  more to the point how did the burglar [TS]

  get the horse out tonight in the midst [TS]

  of a party like that unless of course [TS]

  Johnny we still gonna serve these people [TS]

  they're expecting food and now they're [TS]

  not even doing the hoedown thing [TS]

  come on okay buddy where you going [TS]

  please forgive me i'm with the museum [TS]

  and I just wanted to ask you a question [TS]

  or two yeah we're getting the food ready [TS]

  no no not about the food i wanted to [TS]

  know has there been any problem this [TS]

  evening [TS]

  well that thing we've got stolen kind of [TS]

  a problem before that out here in the [TS]

  staging area were there any problems [TS]

  with servers or any of the other [TS]

  contractors that really been pretty easy [TS]

  around here for the ice guy the ice sky [TS]

  yeah I brought this big old ice calving [TS]

  thought it was supposed to go out there [TS]

  on the tables there were no room for you [TS]

  know one of them right hand left hand no [TS]

  one knows what's what things and what [TS]

  are the ice guy do them well you got [TS]

  annoyed but he took this thing and left [TS]

  how big was this carving about three [TS]

  feet or so had a car we look around like [TS]

  so I took it down that elevator there [TS]

  one last question if you'll indulge me [TS]

  what was the ice carving of you know [TS]

  what I don't know you had a sheet over [TS]

  it the whole time [TS]

  thank you my good man you've been most [TS]

  helpful forget we ever had this [TS]

  conversation [TS]

  hey get your hand out of my face you [TS]

  never saw me I was never here [TS]

  whatever you say chief [TS]

  basement floor storage offices sundries [TS]

  and stolen glass figurines going up [TS]

  why there you are you big beautiful [TS]

  Horace you're a sight for sore eyes [TS]

  someone's coming I knew you'd come back [TS]

  selten Harris whose well the Far creeps [TS]

  in on little cats feed it sits on silent [TS]

  haunches looking over our marin city [TS]

  then the fog [TS]

  I should have known your role in you [TS]

  won't get away with this Harris the weed [TS]

  of burglary bears little spiky thorns [TS]

  what does that even mean never mind that [TS]

  now you are coming with me [TS]

  I don't think so mr. Fogg I can't see [TS]

  you but I know where you are and I know [TS]

  you won't shoot me not with all this [TS]

  valuable are all over this basement [TS]

  mr. Harris who are you miss jumping get [TS]

  down you won't fog the gases from the [TS]

  chamber could harm the paint on the [TS]

  walls old master [TS]

  not to mention the damage any one of a [TS]

  number of bullets and the ricochets [TS]

  could inflict you won't get away with [TS]

  his Harris [TS]

  oh but i think i will you see my sense [TS]

  of hearing is acute mr. Fogg I can tell [TS]

  by the sound of your voice that your [TS]

  approximately 54 10 maybe 11 and while [TS]

  neither one of us would dare to set up a [TS]

  firearm here I'll take a chance for this [TS]

  small men here that and miniature men [TS]

  year are long still similar to the [TS]

  stones used to build stone [TS]

  it's just a rock a rock of great value [TS]

  prices to the west people and again [TS]

  you're running out of many years mr. [TS]

  area all I need is one you were supposed [TS]

  to be over there quick [TS]

  this from it helped me time up how did [TS]

  you do that simple ventriloquism am in [TS]

  other words i threw my voice they're [TS]

  tied up leg [TS]

  hey where'd he go [TS]

  Margo what are you doing the fog caught [TS]

  the thief [TS]

  it was mr. Harris all along of course he [TS]

  had an office down here and as president [TS]

  of the second foundation he could come [TS]

  and go as he pleased from the other [TS]

  museums i bet he brought the horse [TS]

  figure down here disguised as an ice [TS]

  sculpture to get past the caterers [TS]

  how do you figure that nevermind now [TS]

  that's a shame mr. Harris broke the [TS]

  statue though [TS]

  oh is that what happened well it just [TS]

  goes to show the old saying people with [TS]

  glass horses shouldn't throw stones [TS]

  the fog a mutual production for the [TS]

  Finley quality network with dane marmot [TS]

  as simian st. player [TS]

  alifair field as Margo Drummond blend [TS]

  felt bar as seldom harris and Benny [TS]

  lucado as caterer number one and [TS]

  introducing guards brought to you by [TS]

  chock-full of coffee the coffee with the [TS]

  secret ingredient [TS]

  more coffee [TS]

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  quality affiliates catchy and now it's [TS]

  time for The Adventures of everyone's [TS]

  favorite teen sleuth genteel a girl [TS]

  detective brought to you by grams of [TS]

  matter tea biscuits the only biscuits he [TS]

  would fight to high tea tonight [TS]

  the secret of the red herring murder [TS]

  clue what's going on here [TS]

  what is the meaning of this you shot me [TS]

  why are you shooting me I ask you a [TS]

  question why are you shooting [TS]

  why are you hitting me over the head [TS]

  with that object in your hand [TS]

  what are you even doing here oh now with [TS]

  the kicking [TS]

  I'm on the ground you're picking me [TS]

  you're taking me as consciousness slips [TS]

  away and now I'm dead I'm dead and you [TS]

  edited me [TS]

  Martin Judy what's for breakfast [TS]

  mornin jenny i was going to say pancakes [TS]

  but judging from the radio news report [TS]

  just now I'd have to say murder murder [TS]

  Lou morning mr. Lane morning Trudy [TS]

  what's for breakfast murder pop now [TS]

  Jenny don't be silly i'll just be [TS]

  getting that mr. line [TS]

  I bet that's sergeant alone college any [TS]

  dear what are you talking about how [TS]

  could you possibly know that mr. laying [TS]

  it started Malone calling from downtown [TS]

  really Wilden mind if I turn the radio [TS]

  up Trudy don't bother me none [TS]

  this morning at the old chalk factory in [TS]

  downtown fox hollow the victim one [TS]

  jerrold hot cock was one of the owners [TS]

  of the factory [TS]

  you're listening to the exposition radio [TS]

  but that's sergeant alone is calling [TS]

  about [TS]

  well Jenny you did it again well it's [TS]

  all over the radio pop blasted reporters [TS]

  how do they know how well let me get my [TS]

  hat and we'll be on our way [TS]

  as District Attorney I have no reason to [TS]

  be on the scene but if I know you [TS]

  thanks pop let's go [TS]

  where it's District Attorney personal [TS]

  lane and his daughter Jenny hello [TS]

  officer Murphy what's the skinny McNally [TS]

  bakery across the street heard gunshots [TS]

  early this morning saw a car driving [TS]

  away called it in they recognize the [TS]

  cars belonging to mr. hawk [TS]

  he's the stiff yeah co-owner of the [TS]

  factory found him just inside the door [TS]

  looks like he's been shot [TS]

  I'll say all right to move the body [TS]

  detective go ahead Murphy may not look [TS]

  what is that it's a club spot on Jenny [TS]

  you must have had some chalk in his [TS]

  pocket looks like left us a message [TS]

  can we put the body down sir yes yes [TS]

  red I think it looks like red red like [TS]

  blood of the killer was wearing red [TS]

  we're like a reference party Murphy what [TS]

  would a Russian spy be doing in fox [TS]

  hollow Massachusetts spoiling looks like [TS]

  the other word is airing red herring [TS]

  what kind of murder victim leaves a clue [TS]

  like that victim with a sense of humor [TS]

  about this seems fishy to me [TS]

  what are you doing Jenny taking a [TS]

  picture just in case it may say a [TS]

  thousand words but I just need these to [TS]

  what could this message mean Jenny lane [TS]

  we'll find out after this word from our [TS]

  sponsor your team that will do Gervais [TS]

  wait what have you done with my tea [TS]

  biscuits so [TS]

  Oh Robert don't be silly coral these are [TS]

  not my traditional tea biscuits [TS]

  what is this world coming to try [TS]

  something new [TS]

  I think you'll like them I don't like [TS]

  this you haven't tried this [TS]

  I say that's a creditable biscuit [TS]

  very good sir very good they're quite [TS]

  splendid what they call generous grant [TS]

  from Manatee biscuits Lord right office [TS]

  tradition be damned grant amount of tea [TS]

  biscuits it is but the Lord what will [TS]

  the downward just say she would say that [TS]

  everything that cracked up to be [TS]

  haha haha dirty this gets the only [TS]

  biscuit you invite to high tea and now [TS]

  we return to Jenny lane and the secret [TS]

  of the red herring murder clue [TS]

  Jenny honey are you alright in there yes [TS]

  granny and developing some pictures [TS]

  course your honey don't mind me I'm just [TS]

  cleaning there later [TS]

  Julie what do you think this says well [TS]

  it's in cursive so it's hard to say but [TS]

  he wrote it [TS]

  Gerald hot cock the murder victim one in [TS]

  the same used last seconds of life to [TS]

  leave this message read read something [TS]

  herring maybe it gets just a little [TS]

  messy at the end but but maybe [TS]

  hello ladies mr. Lane any word from [TS]

  downtown top [TS]

  not a peep what about suspects Gerald [TS]

  hot cock was a well-loved business owner [TS]

  who would want to kill him [TS]

  maybe he's surprised a burglar but then [TS]

  wouldn't have written burglar instead [TS]

  pops right for once this red hair and [TS]

  means something [TS]

  so you are mr. Hawks business partner [TS]

  that's right miss Blaine talk is in our [TS]

  blood miss lane [TS]

  we both grew up in the business and your [TS]

  read Harriman read Harriman your [TS]

  partnership has a long history doesn't [TS]

  it [TS]

  indeed miss lane Harriman hot cock [TS]

  incorporated was founded by our [TS]

  grandfathers over 100 years ago we've [TS]

  had a monopoly on the chalk business in [TS]

  this part of the country for well over [TS]

  80 years now [TS]

  how was your relationship with mr. hot [TS]

  cock good good [TS]

  we rarely had disagreements and when we [TS]

  did we were always able to talk them [TS]

  through like adults [TS]

  you had no reason to kill mr. Hopkins me [TS]

  kill hot cock poppycock [TS]

  you've been saving that yes yes I have [TS]

  we're playing sad no mislaid Gerald was [TS]

  like a brother to me a brother in best [TS]

  friend can't help but notice mr. [TS]

  Herriman I'm sorry but what is that on [TS]

  your wrist watch Miss Lee no sir I'm you [TS]

  that just a slight rash that's all I [TS]

  think I might be allergic to the watch [TS]

  oh I'm sorry anyway yes [TS]

  anyway I can't tell you how today's news [TS]

  is shaking me but as long as you're [TS]

  investigating you might want to talk [TS]

  with his wife Rita we have cock [TS]

  I think she was planning to leave gerald [TS]

  Derek yeah i was talking with his [TS]

  partner Reed Reed would know the time of [TS]

  day twice a day even if the clock with [TS]

  broken [TS]

  what does that mean I don't even know so [TS]

  you and general happy together we would [TS]

  marry kid there was ups every dance but [TS]

  your passport [TS]

  let's see we were happy was this week [TS]

  one of those downs no way sister we were [TS]

  planning to get a town together go away [TS]

  someplace nice [TS]

  he had no reason to kill your husband we [TS]

  have a clip had a good life [TS]

  why would I want to miss that up forgive [TS]

  me for asking man but what's your name [TS]

  my maiden name [TS]

  heading why police work me I'm just [TS]

  curious [TS]

  yeah well if you're that curious you [TS]

  might want to have a chat with therefore [TS]

  my business manager Rodney Harrigan [TS]

  Rodney hair again [TS]

  yeah I had to be for those to harriman [TS]

  and Hakka didn't kill nobody [TS]

  that's a double negative not big deal so [TS]

  I don't speak so good I thought you were [TS]

  their business manager [TS]

  what can i say i got a telephone numbers [TS]

  so this beef Harriman thought I was [TS]

  skimming off the top there were [TS]

  discrepancies in the ledger thing is [TS]

  there were no discrepancies in my ledger [TS]

  that's another doubler were no [TS]

  discrepancies so what do you think was [TS]

  going on I think somebody made a second [TS]

  ledger [TS]

  who do you think would do that someone [TS]

  who liked living the good life didn't [TS]

  want no one else in the way someone lie [TS]

  you tell me miss link you're the girl [TS]

  detective here [TS]

  I suppose it could say read Harriman or [TS]

  read a heading or rod hair again or [TS]

  maybe really does save red herring water [TS]

  is ready [TS]

  who's having tape count me in Jenny what [TS]

  is it you t.o.o yeah I have some too [TS]

  distracted dear I still don't understand [TS]

  why he would write red herring just [TS]

  watched here you'll crack it in no time [TS]

  would you say just watch dear you'll [TS]

  crack it in no time [TS]

  pop that's it but Jenny what about your [TS]

  teeth and your tea biscuits [TS]

  you're probably wondering why I've [TS]

  called you all here tonight you're gonna [TS]

  tell us who done it right well yes you [TS]

  all know detective McNulty and my father [TS]

  District Attorney personal lane blue [TS]

  everyone now detective can you set the [TS]

  scene for us please George any as you [TS]

  know Gerald hot cock was found just [TS]

  inside the factory doors shot [TS]

  what you may not know is that he left a [TS]

  message for us a message about his [TS]

  killer [TS]

  what what unfortunately he found a piece [TS]

  of chalk and scribbled two words red [TS]

  herring but it's cursive writing and not [TS]

  all that clear [TS]

  so it could be a name oh my god this is [TS]

  preposterous [TS]

  here's the photographic proof red [TS]

  herring nothing any maybe can't pin this [TS]

  on me read why would I want to kill [TS]

  Gerald could be rod to maybe you were in [TS]

  it together [TS]

  oh that's crazy talk and you know it or [TS]

  it could really save red herring [TS]

  that's ridiculous what could that [TS]

  possibly mean well funny you should ask [TS]

  mr. Herriman may I see your watch my [TS]

  watch [TS]

  what well that's a fancy new watch isn't [TS]

  it a growing curvex coronae if i'm not [TS]

  mistaken [TS]

  yes but what does that have to do with [TS]

  it [TS]

  and the rash underneath it's an allergic [TS]

  reaction to the case or is it mr. [TS]

  Herriman please remove the while [TS]

  detective is not sets a child's game mr. [TS]

  Herriman the watch [TS]

  alright ha ha just as I thought that's [TS]

  no rash [TS]

  it's fish a tattoo of a small red [TS]

  herring [TS]

  yes it's from the war everyone in our [TS]

  squadron goblin they were supposed to be [TS]

  tigerfish flying tiger fish exactly [TS]

  black cock [TS]

  I'll take him away boys officer and I [TS]

  would have gotten away with it too so I [TS]

  was right about that second Ledger was [TS]

  not I think so mr. Harrigan mr. hot cock [TS]

  must have figured it out [TS]

  mr. Herriman might have just been afraid [TS]

  that he had you know Jenny now that I [TS]

  look at it I think it does say read [TS]

  after all [TS]

  brilliant work Jenny how about we head [TS]

  home and see if true he's kept that [TS]

  deewar oh gosh I hope she still got some [TS]

  of those wonderful tea biscuits left [TS]

  hello Jenny [TS]

  this has been another adventure of Jenny [TS]

  lane girl detective brought to you by [TS]

  grand the matter tea biscuits the only [TS]

  biscuit you invite to high tea in the [TS]

  quality work and you and Dateline [TS]

  Princeton Junction New Jersey following [TS]

  up on reports of strange lights at [TS]

  Grover's mill we now have a man on the [TS]

  scene taking away how a coke [TS]

  how are you there come in there is [TS]

  nothing to see here [TS]

  nothing out of the ordinary please go [TS]

  about your business how is it true that [TS]

  you manage to get inside the middle what [TS]

  can you tell us about the strange lights [TS]

  there is nothing to see here [TS]

  nothing out of the ordinary please go [TS]

  about your business [TS]

  Howie are you all right there is nothing [TS]

  to see here [TS]

  nothing out of the ordinary are you [TS]

  still there [TS]

  sounds like we lost him well that was a [TS]

  singular report from how a coke [TS]

  I man on the scene and princeton [TS]

  junction more on this story as events [TS]

  warrant [TS]

  you're listening to the Finley call [TS]

  d network a flash of light a bolt of [TS]

  blue and electric buzz filling the air [TS]

  and he appears this is another of the [TS]

  thrilling two-fisted tales of Tesla [TS]

  tonight's episode mr. Verne and the [TS]

  clockwork Zeppelin when we last left dr. [TS]

  Tesla and his companion dot they were [TS]

  visiting the art institute of chicago [TS]

  the year nineteen ninety-five so what we [TS]

  doing here doctor please don't call me [TS]

  nicola sure thing doc I mean Nick I [TS]

  thought we could use a rest after our [TS]

  adventure with the man droid army [TS]

  what better place than an art gallery if [TS]

  you say so [TS]

  can't you feel the creative spark start [TS]

  then got right [TS]

  surah Gauguin Picasso the very air [TS]

  crackles with visions beyond freedom in [TS]

  it [TS]

  do you see that see what [TS]

  look up in the sky or inside the gallery [TS]

  doctor I mean in the painting [TS]

  oh the sower vincent van gogh what about [TS]

  it that swirl it's it's movie and its [TS]

  getting bigger [TS]

  maybe you need to sit down doctor Nikola [TS]

  right i know that Vincent painted [TS]

  several different sources over the years [TS]

  but i cannot tell you how many times [TS]

  I've seen this painting in this gallery [TS]

  on this wall and i have never seen [TS]

  anything in the sky looks alright to me [TS]

  it stopped swirling yes but it's there [TS]

  nonetheless if I could just get a closer [TS]

  look [TS]

  I'm sorry sir please step back yes yes [TS]

  forgive my impertinence doctor you're [TS]

  going to get us into trouble [TS]

  I just want to get him that's all that [TS]

  what are you doing to the bake-off one [TS]

  I think he followed us doctor I know he [TS]

  didn't [TS]

  as long as the AdWords safe they leave [TS]

  us alone I hope so [TS]

  oh that's beautiful what's that the idea [TS]

  ah yes if i'm not mistaken for the [TS]

  multiple prima di little around shot [TS]

  there you are my pretty [TS]

  do I know this museum or what so hows [TS]

  about an English it's sunday afternoon [TS]

  on the island of the gong shop by George [TS]

  cela possibly my favorite painting in [TS]

  the building maybe their belt it's very [TS]

  nice [TS]

  look closely that walk up to it haha i [TS]

  think i'll stay back thank you very much [TS]

  if you look at it up close you'll see [TS]

  that so I didn't paint with broad [TS]

  strokes he pocketed the canvas one point [TS]

  at the time creating the illusion of [TS]

  shape and form and color it's quite [TS]

  astounding especially for the time [TS]

  wait what is it look at the sky I not a [TS]

  gain their deeds that shape but it's [TS]

  taken form coalescing thought by dot bit [TS]

  by bit [TS]

  what is that dr. don't get too close [TS]

  don't worry thought I can see it from [TS]

  here but what is it [TS]

  each in the sky over Ireland 1888 now [TS]

  over the edge of Paris and what 1894 [TS]

  you're right he is moving unless I miss [TS]

  my guess that shape that's an airship [TS]

  but how how is this happening [TS]

  this painting must be a nexus point that [TS]

  this quantum temporal juncture [TS]

  I'm and what does that mean it means [TS]

  george sara is painting that is ship [TS]

  right this second 111 years ago dots to [TS]

  that Tesla later [TS]

  dr. cool is it supposed to sound like [TS]

  that [TS]

  no that's more like it [TS]

  oh where are we going anyway parents [TS]

  taught paris in 1884 I of course we are [TS]

  just a few more minutes [TS]

  1720 to some people but still reside [TS]

  this dawns on still sells not seeing [TS]

  what in the sacre bleu hell didn't mean [TS]

  to startle you there dude are you and [TS]

  how did you get there and what is this [TS]

  this Chapel moment [TS]

  forgive the intrusion miss you Sarah I [TS]

  am Nikola Tesla and this is my companion [TS]

  dot module we have come to you in a [TS]

  vehicle of my own devising the test [TS]

  later but never mind that I need to see [TS]

  what your painting at this very moment [TS]

  do not understand what is it that's not [TS]

  fair well I deselect tell the test later [TS]

  it is a machine that travels from point [TS]

  to point in the quantum superposition [TS]

  that is simultaneously every possible [TS]

  time in space [TS]

  this was then that is now it will ever [TS]

  be thus so this thing in the sky [TS]

  what is it you're painting up there [TS]

  please [TS]

  scared hold in all the years I've looked [TS]

  at this painting hills and i'm not even [TS]

  finished there's never been anything in [TS]

  that small to the corner of sky but on [TS]

  lone cloud and now look [TS]

  sacre bleu what is that exact moment [TS]

  here it's stopped growing neck Nicola [TS]

  and yes because he stopped painting on [TS]

  the most areas you want me bad second [TS]

  bottle she looks fill me full not [TS]

  flapping flapping rough also this is not [TS]

  an any of my Skechers wanna when did you [TS]

  make this sketch two weeks ago and this [TS]

  object was in the sky about I'm all [TS]

  universities it is an airship of some [TS]

  manner as Zeppelin by the looks of it [TS]

  the question is why does it keep [TS]

  appearing in the skies over France [TS]

  Zeppelin you don't think it could be [TS]

  German [TS]

  I do think that got it could be a plot [TS]

  to change history and circumvent certain [TS]

  events which we should not speak well [TS]

  what are we going to do Nick was still [TS]

  too late [TS]

  nicola dot when you travel in time it's [TS]

  never too late to the test later we'll [TS]

  test what discover the secret of the [TS]

  mysterious airship stay tuned for the [TS]

  conclusion of two-fisted tales of tests [TS]

  law after this word from our sponsor [TS]

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  where we going Nick and why did we bring [TS]

  mr. ah i'm trying to pinpoint the [TS]

  location of the airship based on some [TS]

  sketches because I'm going to do what I [TS]

  think you're going to do what is he not [TS]

  going to do we are going to land on the [TS]

  airship and find out what's what happens [TS]

  if you miss been materialized in midair [TS]

  and will start to form and you're not [TS]

  going to desert we your sketches had [TS]

  better be spot-on is your home [TS]

  plz trust us dead we [TS]

  and do you see this do my eyes deceive [TS]

  me [TS]

  yes good day so what magic is this just [TS]

  a little quantum mechanism i found my [TS]

  name is Tesla and you are locked German [TS]

  but it's whatever running around the [TS]

  world and they prescribed number of days [TS]

  and I win that we're better with my [TS]

  comrades of the Explorers Club but my [TS]

  ship Millie glides through the Empyrean [TS]

  well yours does more and your name sir [TS]

  mr. Tesla you simply must share with me [TS]

  as a secret as marvelous contraptions I [TS]

  think not mr. so you don't know who i am [TS]

  then duels van [TS]

  are you kidding not one whit but one [TS]

  question mr. van if you were on a [TS]

  journey around the world wouldn't you be [TS]

  traveling in a southeasterly direction [TS]

  what makes you think I'm not you began [TS]

  in the South of France you have an [TS]

  eyewitness in Vincent van God and now [TS]

  another eyewitness mr. are places you [TS]

  hear about Paris much much later [TS]

  damnable artistes water the point if you [TS]

  were merely a traveler on a whim as it [TS]

  were [TS]

  then why would your air should be so [TS]

  heavily armed mounted weapons at every [TS]

  portal now mr. Tesla one never knows [TS]

  what one might encounter here on the [TS]

  Empyrean heavens Ned sees the girl we [TS]

  Mandel you grab time judge know what you [TS]

  see rang what's the plan destroying the [TS]

  road one country at a time for me to [TS]

  explain my depth his lap only touch land [TS]

  to can't give away with it you know you [TS]

  change he study but whose mine or yours [TS]

  who's to say what before they better [TS]

  thanks to my experience at the quantum [TS]

  superposition of time and space [TS]

  I say so cover [TS]

  look there Nick thanks got you in [TS]

  serious arrived a fine job with his [TS]

  flunky we um Nick there's just one thing [TS]

  just look [TS]

  is flying the Zeppelin [TS]

  miss your Tesla what is this bliss the [TS]

  art institute of chicago is that no same [TS]

  crime heart on the most prima di little [TS]

  d'elegance shot George sua mae we she is [TS]

  my money feat looked at the clock works [TS]

  epling is no more [TS]

  I should hope so this is not possible [TS]

  this is only clean no nevermind well [TS]

  when out we 1995 and cry hard this bunch [TS]

  of spoke of it is as if you up from less [TS]

  to place time to time while two-part [TS]

  putting it together as as the [TS]

  governments of shapes of abandoning you [TS]

  you piece together a fabric of reality [TS]

  we-we-we Misha that's about this size of [TS]

  it make [TS]

  look what is not those two figures in [TS]

  the painting in the distance under the [TS]

  trees i do believe that that is you [TS]

  Mademoiselle and mr. Tesla i think i [TS]

  will have added you when I get back to [TS]

  well i will be 0 just need to take a [TS]

  closer look before we go John [TS]

  lolz [TS]

  yeah you have been lifting to the tale [TS]

  of mr. Verne of the clockwork Zeppelin [TS]

  tune in next time to hear a mysterious [TS]

  woman say why Nikki on your life but [TS]

  let's not get ahead of ourselves not to [TS]

  miss you know that's for another of the [TS]

  thrilling two-fisted tales of Tesla [TS]

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  thanks again to the panel thanks to all [TS]

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